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Il j. r.H aiM*rlrd ilia' il <• W It .>;i I sv.- a Ii
, , „f bi.it, hrinrlie* ul till i..v'1-l-iluti —but w , i »
p„j 3„ iipoil.m until rttrtlirr .dun *.
noticing I cmmum.-alien H«*«lt"-r.l
v II. ,,|..inl in .ut l»l" lff' "" "'J"'1
„ Iw as to rill tlo a' HUM' <•' tlf N Inti* "< 'hr <1
l„rd Idairicl to the n.r.** it .1 tu it iiltair \ h I !!
thrir candidate lof Congr.**. •«" ", l"1 '"•r* '1 ll,e B '
b„.„, indulge in ihr i„||i,»intt.xt.aoKltnary rrnatk*.
'■'I l.rrr is not a W hif in thr Oiaiiin • nlo t ispaMr
,, with Mr. I -■'*< »'•>"> 'hr
u t,io 11.11* will nut hr 1-0 ni.u-i lil'K a"1 r'" Oh,*. a*
, , nr rl ns I mi'll, r Mtrh a.. nl. rtal.lc
I'ntthsa lark. Il any ,Mill! nl that thurn-l. imtt
. 1.1.111(1 in Mirh a .. In II hr home in uiuiO
• ,7.1 ..ml, ... h." lie.I Ml. ■-•iko. hn.
\ HXII-O! In mil. r word*. lie :* I", .lunnn re our go* ■ •
‘ .„nr.n aarngac-d in an nnjn»i * .1 unrighlrou' win
l(l|i, a.. nl anil mi. Il, nillng |H..p'r, ami our
allaiii am )' h gag« d m He pn.ee' i.imt, ol that war, a
ji* lew hand ol f. hhrls and inurdt rria! !
We i-af* on r die idle vmhii that ilere is i.ot n W l.ig
in d.r I)ii>tfH ig **‘ Ji| aide i t wilin g to i a.tvi.ss w nit Mr.
| »*.ike ** Such a vaunt may he the result ol puny preju
iirt-rl ti it » xapgt rated i aim ale ol ihat petition.aids j
, (ittjpu; «,r ol He \* t lit «I | eisor.nl aupMiiitHiue with
the W htgs ol tht Dtsmci. It is calculated merely to
, jfjte a aiiiile*
'J he till.* r | art • f Hi* j orpgraj h, I mvt v. r. is . I' grnvi
j, n : t d fr-i.yht '«• m i kr ii in n |. r In In g. Follow
,, u ihe h ad “I 11 e "rk,,Mn ■'» !*nrl>*, Kej uh
I ( 1(l iiiMiucdy |’r«mulgaUN the ul*«, i!■««i to say any
llll(,jj touching the origin ol the wnr at present « v-tn.o
_l. uiiFailon i»s Mtess'ty or t'sj.slier is to te guily
,i H tub Treason. ’Ihe W hip cm dldate who. in *•;» i,
VRshMg thr Diatru-t. should asst rt tint the n.ov.tnnit
, | the atti.y tmin t«.r| us Cl.ri-li to thr Km Drai.de w.ib
ii,.t «nly unmount), hut a s'rcich ol p« wtron ti e pad
„l thi I’rr sub it, or V. I « fill' eld dine to a vow derjni n
i fiat our <1 Hi nines w ul* M* xini tn gin haw* hi en s. nl. d
I.V tiTgotiation— and 11 m, thereinm9 the war was tin
nrcersnry, is aligtnatin d, in advance, as one w ho lij.'^
(l..t only n^-mst Mr. hut “\DAIN > I 111>
( ol N I KY AM) l> I A\ OK OF A I \h O ”—
Wt, do not know w l-o n ay I e the rainln'ate tin \\ hig
party in that D strn t. |t I e he a lit chan j n.n . I \\ l ig
principles; ol*civil liherty; ol the Ire. <1 in ol speech and
ol die press; ol the right the people it, canvass tin an®
, ! their rult rs—he will Heat with scorn ai d cnitim pi
the itnptiiatioti ol Udng an eto n v ol his country, he
cmisc he does not U lt, tp in the mtallibifiiy of Air. Folk.
We take it for grant, d tin Whigs nl dial District in
lord to run a camlwlate. We hope the article in the He
I yhliraii will have tm « d.t r * 11* cl tl.; n t" hasten lie
choice ul ilicirii.an. 'Ihentiir l.e is m the fi. Id die
1,'itrr; nnrl w, venture to j ntlici tl at, on the hustings,
Mi I take w ill n* t dart lodtrntiict his c< mpetiior as a
‘1 raiior.
I.&sl winter ihe l ni« n aid ir.iir.y of tin Demoer:1. ir
.f«u tn hk* n a run r, c!» tun i reel as llmisli \\ l.i-s ;u ii
t uiiiii s I'Mlu ir t ituiiiy all vim t\priss*da villig
I„ps to have lhe On got <|iie stimi sell led,by li e « sla I sli
ii,Hit t»l ihe 41)lli dig rtf* as li e heubeinry, nr wlm did
tail rnainiaiti « ur “rh ar m d ui (jut sin tia >U righi in tlm
y |,u|e W-rrilnty. '1 lose, libe ls upon ihe i. t♦ I!i»_*» »■•••,
yoeid sei sr and pairioMMii id ll.e re.unify w ere- sndde nly
mm si»d I y tie I ii side ui ai !i(i,^l\ u ahii g a i re st iy up* i*
ihe v* ry hasia, in pre pise * r jtdvoe aic w hie h had l»ee n
he hi as fu v i * r 111 o British inter* sis al ihe expense ul those
ul vut ow n c* ui try ,hi d dene muni ns ir« asun accordingly •
I/!’. COL. C A It LAM).
11 given us g re al |l« astir* miiaisier In utir columns
die follow mg * xlraci nl a le;l* r tr » n M -n ervy, tn ih
N. O, Tune », ill w hie h this g t da lit • Hi er is sp leu el
in ihe h'glmsl terms. It will grant) h s miner us
I fiends in l lie neighborhood to know ihtti l*r lias lad
b*m ifirr * 11» ritei.iiy * I d;*i tguishir g hiu *>1 ll :
"On ihe left, «lie fighting was of it different and none*
pntigumnry charae ier than nu ihe right Ii was there ihe
men y I an 11 i ir In nvie si hire, atdeverv |» ini e.mld
l-e reinloie id | r* n pilv. Nearly eve iv h*nise was a lor
ire**, ai tl sluii wen flying in ev» ry quar er In in invis
ible t tir fines. I> was in lieh*wtr pari * I the tow ii, and
e ti I lie | lain, feu i fill I p * f e or lien w • re killed and
Wounded. There (’• I. (iarland I* d the I *t division in
t»i ihe fight, and commanded allot ii dui v ;.s in ih*
low'll on ilie til si *»l N pletnber, and w hilsl * fijerrf and
men were falling hy $e*ure, around him displayed that
species uf cool aid undaunted eon rage, so rire*, i Ii 11 ena
bles llo* mail (o overcome hi* warmest feedings of Inoml
ship. and eairie s lie * fiieei on hi his buy, and I* Inn
the storm * f i-aule, v h* ii his j* *'g* n ei i i* Is I iin I e
gains noi lung hy ihe con'* si, aid wlon lm i* repuls'd,
i" again return vv ilh the same m llu t hu g neivc tu ihe
The I\ M. (»»ieial his rrdtmJ by m e half de
charges for convey ing inioriiiHiion l<r ihe press by the
Washington and Halim « re Magnetic lilcgruph, and
nan unity ltpnnrdihi tlmgis nr Irt rr mi>n nnicn
lion. Mailer enough t>- (ill two columns of ho ordinary
*;a**d newspaper cun te liansn Hud b i abi u $8.
#Th** lines o! Magnetic Telcgifi|h, Ii hr png to |»r i
tbip ci mpanics m rib ward fr< in RiJuti • n , I axe ratio r
raisid limn reduced ilu ir e i nri;« s. 'They arc pi Un p
into hud uder. I lie xx ires are In quetilly out ol order,
ml gn ni cot fusil n {icx ails in ilo ir ti antigi n i til. 'i hi
liiuernn ♦ nt Teh gwi (•, « ii I e contra ty . i8 always in a
8’ait* 111 flici# cry. \\ r t| it k H gn ally tele regretted
il.ai tin- (>i x imu eni dt <s i ot i w ii a lint* Initi l»al i
liH ie to IJi sion. ii ts ci i (it!i nily ass ritd that u line
uf double xx ms, from f\ asliingioii io New V urh, can bt
«reettd lor $75,(10 and ihai lie nccipts lor the first
) «ar will defray the real tl cm sirulion aid ill the
« X| t nt-i s ol its n.ai apt n t ni.
Cr> The (• ivcrimre of K* mucky (Louisiana ami Ala
baina have, respeciivelv, issued proehim ilio.is iiivning
•heir fellow eii iy,ens to observe a day ol Th.uiksoiviog.
J hu«, stale alter stale is seen to adopt the custom.
OT* An Indiana pa pi r announces thm Mr. Robert
Dale Owen, at present a member of ihe ih useol K p
reseiitanvog, has been app.unit’d Mmisier ol ihe U. S.
to the Court of Rio do Janeiro, in place of Mr. W ise,
recalled. The announcement is positive, and ih nigh
••"thing is said upon the subject by the Union, in con
urination or contradiction, we are inclined to b Invc the
rumor is v ell founded. Mr. Owen is a man of talents
>nd acquirements — but lie is a foreigner, who ana ned
manhood before he came in ibis country,and really we
think offices of this kind should he given to native oili
* ns. l'w’o of the Generals of Volunteers, lately ap
pointed, are liishmen, and it seems foreign birth is n \r
a lecoriiinendaiion, if not a requisite.
It seems in tie pretty certain iliai A npudia lias
reiroat <1 past Siltilln, and that u is nut the intenti«i i of
^l(? Mexicans to make a s'and short of San l.uts P"tn
B*—a distance of about 300 miles from Monterey. I Ins
•s in pursuance of the Spanish pole y in the early si a
K'*® l»l the invasion of the Peninsula in 1808 — a policy
"Inch led Ou(tout from the Pyrreuees to the south of
*V*in and caused him to lay down Ins arms at Bayh n,
what was little better than an assemblage ol armed
Plants. |t is a|s,i following the poliey of Bussia in
The question arises, w lu'ther (jen. I ay lor, w nli
®ny lorce which lie can assemhle even during the win
ter, can or ought to advance. The country is represen
ted as, in great part, a desert, not at any time capable
•d sustaining the march of at army, and n>> doubt d» s
tiiied, in tlie « vent of his advam e, lu be laid waste by
Ouj Mexicans.
11>i i' v >i. v\ iii;:i vi di> | an |
U " ' - ■ 1! " . • * Hm » hi*
1 hJ :l 1 '' »• i. »» Ihe rtniNhi. . •
" •’ K r*"> Bk lb* Suit Sect#. la ib« D.tiritt Uttli
r» f cxmw d by ('ill liuerrani.
M ... nninuisTot. 4. I84fi.
M.*>r, l-.lil.ir>: I ami.,I a. .hr may . I drain
v v...r* v-...,
I I If i I t ll r I I KillK ( l Tl.r R . Km|
A . I I l..e s . I one n ll. he .lepnr.ed .hit life „1
V "* 1 "" " "" " "-e 3I„ ,|..j ...
, ,H '» • A 5 bV.ui-k, l*. M , ,|„. WJ .....
1.Is age. J
He way one of the ..Ideal reaiden.a „f ,,nn2„
, rig .......tv, i. hill,, , II, III,, year I >11 . I, „„ ||
»*-•* ( nniily, w here l„ ut - month#
•fi h ii.i \ • I r • hruarv, 118|.
t„ I he »d..|,u,.ri (,ur pr,■>.■„, j,,
I„ ltd, lot retertl yttra, iced ta Dcpu.y t , ■,. t,.,,.,'
,he ( ,.ur» in 1111» ( , uni v. under I,in Ii„. .1 s (la.laml
* ‘I
AMheli.si i> rtn i.f i|,r { irrnn Superior (', nil nl I ,w
‘"’‘I ( h"vr"v Nel-,", ta.iiNiy.l,. wHaappomiedi leik
... 'kill ( ourl.hy Hi, 11,.ii. I urns f. | ..
.1 "dye ,,l I lie Judicial ( Heim. II,. -Iiial
|„ rl iii.aoee ,d h,a il.ihea iltir.i.o uur Ihm S,,r.,..r'
when , X'r, me iliniM. e.iiiplltd him n, d, mm, and ui
ne, hi ail him ", I,,a he,I, nhieh he , x.-haneed nnly
I," ll e •■.le, |«. dill. P tauli." lie nils .. hit labours
An»ii • ID. .1 he had I, » . ll any. ,i|,ials. ||ewa>
(.. li'ki-r Setrelary lu every | ublie body h. Ilm conn*
I le o n« a n an .,( fn e si nsp, cm) p, s>, sn. ,1 niiiel, gen
eml H i. Ill III hai.ng e,.Heeled a huge ii.i»ie||tne,,iia
library dining bis hie umc.
|» ever had an mi my il is unknown to the writer
.,1 this article, w ho k i.ew him long. 11 is fim> h uci.il unal
ill’* wit a ml buiimur, * xhaustle-s in ihcirtl'W,
niude him »gn etude to every elide; in those assovirtted
with him tn I■ »i" n-’-s, tin \ relieved labor nl t's tedium,
and to the cl i iz» i s who \ isiird the i (Vico, they ret.
ilr r- d ait a11« i dm re th* le a pleasaii' pastime.
I 111 ii "ti- met I ni* ( Intrant ristica, but nut leas pmmi
tn ni and striking, el unil'inn ik. unwavering integrity of
| 1.111 sc, and I".in sly i t intention and conduct, ha\'e t-n
. l it il him iu haft i" his family :h> l.< rii.' ge of n good
ii:i m«- which ii" human being can or will lc * I disposed lu
in. r or w rt s' I ;• tut him.
II* I* 11 a iarge fame y, who lave the w armcsl sym
| a'bins . 1 i| s «vii.ii tinny in tin ir ; fl! • :it "-. A w nl
*'W ami >i\ mliini cbildri n w ill most kt cnl) h • I ilm l.xs
■ i a husband ami ftitbi r, ilm kindest, ihe most liberal,
(Ii muoi indulgent.
I he anxiety »d nur riny. ns as to his fate, and their
fni.ilm >8 lor him was in:, 1.1 f«>i. d by ihe untemttling at*
ti nli' ii w In Ii wax shown l im night ami day, during
I .* pintrai tid illm>s, and the sadness ami sorrow with
which tiny a-Mioldiil an i ecu. unlit d him lu his long
May he recoil* ii uni id I is lew lailmgs h buried with
Inin. \\ ho hats tin in Out ? I bey t ver h am il It) Virtue’s
(hirs he ihe gen'Ier w ish, the kinder task,
I'o give i he 11 mule met it in t d nut ask.
To mourn the vanished beam, and add our mite
()l praise, in pa) ment id a lung delight.
National Intelligencer w ill please copy, \V.
Not KM BLR 10, I MG.
Extract in.m ihe n iutres of Pendleton Division. No.
22. S I I*.
• 1 . i i-i n ini!!• e a| iinii ii i n tin* I >1 ii s*., charged
W I'll s' nil .I'll g SI,|| . t. If resolutions, r\|T(ssVI* of I III*
N HO' ol ill Is i I V IS Ii II, l: I*, ill llie ||I‘H III llllr if 1’s III 1111
her-5, lu g have lo make llll* follow lllg report:
\\ lo reus*, n I .iih i 1 • :i-• d Ilu* Nupren.e I'.ii riarcli, in
ihe i \' rein* ' I P's D v in* Pmv idence, I" call in nee our
w ell hi I veil liri On r. 4»eurge \\ . (iain* s; nnd, win*
w e si I mil w rh tearful religion i n to ilu* Divine Will,
w r || i I If n tin Y nil 1 III! I III tipi'll i'rt III testify III l|o
v' orUi, s w i 11 as in iIn In reaveil relative ol the d *e* ns
id. . iir high admiration • I li e xu II e. »m*d I eiuperaiii e
i 'j uiai on, ai ii ul ilu: mm.) Social virtues of our laie
broil i r:
Now, therefore, be it |{.-solved by Pendleton Divis
i*in, No. 22, N<ns ol inperaiice,
I' Thai, i i I * S imoiiy of our loss, llie official ami
private lr gal a «.f llie • Hirers and members of ilns I )i
vision fu* cluilud in mounting, until (he 30lh ol Nov.
2nd. Th at w e i If. r cur fond, lence lo lie* widow an1,
sister > film deceased, pledging lo the widow our conn
i • o a i o e it tut supp ri, through llie many d.lli ulims w Inch 1
n ay hesei In r in the rugged paili ol life,
od. i hat a ropy of these proceedings he handed to J
I'm rdiii rs ut thr *• Virginian’* and •*Hepiibln an” with
** * * ■ i p j * s i 111 a i ili* y publish die same; that a copy of j
!».* torw inb il lo the “ Itanner of T» mperance” al Kirh
nmnd, lor ptiblicaiioii, and copies ol llie same tu the w id
uvv and sister of d< rea^id.
Ki specllully Mibinilled by llie committee.
A. D. TV If EE, H. S.
Missrs. Editors—-I am uiteriy as'nni-hed al thedeci
si ui ol lli* ( 1 mil.on Council, m reno.vmg the Public
Nci'isto the bill. I am sun* Ihe cm/, i s of llie low ri,
u g* m ial. m.ii ii upurove m tlie lot a.sure.aud would r
spe. fully suggest 'I at a remoi.st rame ue goiten up
lonhv ili.riipii fglh meiiber tube ret i admits pres
enl position, or fixed on Eirst Ninel, li on Ilu* bill, all
ibe | mvt nd* r from A uherst, and a great deal of that
Iroin ( a npbell, xvi I . e obliged to be hauled up, which i>
i o small annoyance to our friends in ihe country, wlm
will be su!jecl*d lo so heavy a lax. Spn dy action is
necessary, as I learn the old Neales are about being ri
moved. A CITIZEN.
The Pr -cession, foi t e purpnse ul e ecting the Monti
incni in honor ot the laie Capi. Thomas A. Hoi
combe, (frusi rated on the 2nd insi. by inclement weath
■r.) will lake place ilns evening, al 2 o’clock, in the or
d r hererof re advertise.
N v 10.
wilt w.***.*—-**** i m ^ am wan"’ c i~--—l urm n i wwmmn n
li \ CHI Afii;.
Married, on ihe 12'h ins!,, by the Hi v. James (’.
( loj ion, Mr. Si'otsw ooi» Hew itt to Mis* 11 annaii
Trr k! u. b. lb ol Hedh-rd.
Dud, on the 27 ih of (lei Iasi at li is ri <•;.!< lie p in \m
hirst ( ■ mil v, l a |*t. lonfrll (iooim in, in ifip f>|st
\ carol his hop. ( : pi (tituilvvin w as noted I »r his lots
pilaliiv. ami for Ins humanity in tin so dependent upon
him. Sii'li was tils i r lend I y intercourse wnfi Ins miuh
bnrs and t« -low n izrns, if.at he departed without leav
ion \n enemy behind In n.
Kit SONS in w an I of a nr«i rate
one that will shell limn 55(1(1 in 1200 bushels a day, can
be supplied by ordering i lie km mu if os. \\> make
none f»ui what have t-eeu fully tested and are warranted
to give satisfaction in nil casts.
Richmond. Va
Nov. 10 wOw
I'n I’m«'m
%Kr HO lia*e much Block lo lied mid who need a
¥ ¥ (rood
lo cut their feed with, can be furnished al once by nr
,|, ruin n| os. We can pack them sn as In occupy a vi
1 iv Miiall si n-e. Sii llial tin y can he sent to any pari ol
1 tlie .’nerilrv.
Price $10. AH machines made hy ns are warranted
iD"ive satisfaction.
Richmond, Va.
No*. 15 w6w if
V(|W nil hand, several very liandmme WORK
1^1 I10XES, w ‘.ich Alii be sold Imv hv
Siyii of the li<p Pilcher.
Nov. 16 ls
nIAMONll POINTED 001.0 PENS.—An as
sortment of very sii|ier|or l)n:n "id Pointed UoId
pens, now- on hand, and wi I he s. Id I w by
’ I) W. MOORE,
S ell ol I lie UlO Pm III r.
I N ,V. 16 18
wmm • .m I «r ■ ■» --- -
I'V xrilltl ltlk TIIICKDI',
AVr(>i ic«, k ti.iint Snlunlay, JVutttmbt. It), 1840
llrl .rt w .* give a c.itrect U»i ut tin* u.arkrt lur llir |mat
week :
I o haem Lugs, 50 eta to 1,50; Irt'Jtf, iuI’eriot, $2,
■r,n l" ; • K». e.Minn,m, $3,00 m 1,01, middling, $ ,50 tu
•1,00; shipping, $|,(K) tu 0,00; manu laoumng, (cum- j
in.-0 $ v» i io 0,00 fine mail u lac lur iua $10,00 to
$15 (Mi.
II- nr — Kium waggon, $5 in 5,25.
II hent.— 100 pi |u5 ^t*.
(tnim -1'oni, 50 cent* per bushel; Ojiis, clean 25
r!s. per buNln , shoal Oats 50 eta, live, none in
( / h r and (,'rnss Seed* Timothy Seed $3 to 3,50
I'mrtsiun* Macut., 6 in 61 cell la, the at.irk not hea
v \ N.» demand I-r waggon bacon, our make! prm*
1‘ip.tllv supplied t r.in I lie east; llerf, $3 per hundred;
Mft! »0 eu. per buahel tmiu waggon.
~ Herrings, $t 50 lu $*» tor No. I, clipped )
I5tn.lt U $<■), Shad Mackerel, No. I. $13, No
2, $9,50. No. $>.
( ofl'et,— St Domingo, 9 lu 9 cenla per lh.; liio, 9
to 9 e. no, Lngutra 9 to 10 eta. Java, 12ft tu 15 cvnta;
Cuba 9 to 9.
S’luar. — lirown. New Orleans, 9 to 10 cents per lh
roil ) Rico, 9 to 10 cents nor lb,; St. ('mix, II to 121
mils per lb ; l.oal, 121 tu 15 cents per lb.
( undies. I allow . II t . 121 rent* per lb., Sperm, 33
to 3; 1 cents per lb.; Hull S*. Son’s. I 5 to 17 cents per lb
11 hisket/. — l*i let 9 range Ironi 27 tu 29 rents, ami
U little let ling,
llraudif. \ pple.new, ‘25 tu 26 eta per gallon; Peach
Hrmi ‘v 50 io 62* cl*, per gallon.
( fdlin 1 nrn> Lynchburg, Mnntioello and Lninn
Null ( arolma l'*nclories, ISets. per lb.
Iron liar Iron. $75 per Ion ami 111 demand from
boats, $*0 I mm Store. i’tg Iron $28 to $3J, areurdlng
tu ijualuy.
Steel. Mistered, (J t«* 8 rents per lh.; (lYnnaii. 15 t<- i
|ti cents.; Shear, 20 to 20 cents pel lb.; ( asl S.. el, 20
t.» 2.‘» els. per lb.
Oil.Linseed <11 els Lamp, $1.90 to 150 per
gallon. Taunt r ■*, $ 10.0(1 to I 9,00 pri bid.
Leu I In 1 Wood Stile, 15 to 16 els. pci lb.; Damaged .
S dr, 12' lu I l cents per III.
I'owdti. Masting, $1,00 lu L25 per keg; Ktlle, $5
0 to G.oo per keg.
II'1 Wool, 2Jj25 cents per lh.; Wool Rolls, 35 i
1 • |tle. per Hi
(unlnuU II. I III luminous, 25 c.Mils per hushel
Aiillimcitr, $\llu per mil. Oak and mixed \\Dud $
I 'M curd; Hickory,$ „*,j0 p»M cent.
A pples, ilrietl. (none in matkti)
Allspice (pi r III.) 0 1 i tu 0 17
Allum 0 til lu 0 10
Milter, No 1 (per I'd.) 0 |0 tu 0 12!
('IIrene (I 9 . to 0 10
lb eswax (per lb.) 0 00 tu 0 21
1 )eerskir»s (per lh.) 0 10 to 0 00
f'ealiters (pe- lu.) 0 25 lu 0 2H
flaxseed (per bushel) 0 75 lu 0 00
(linger, (per lh.) (I 10 tu 0 121
(imaetig, tmne offering, 0 30 tu 0 00
Honey, strained (none in innrI el)
I It*.up (per ton) 4 mouths 05 00 to 0 00
Indigo (per In.) I 25 tu I 75
J» ins (pri ) d.) liu sales 0 00 tu 0 0**
Lime, (I 95 tu I 00
I.iiis.y (pi r yd.) 0 25 tu 0 30
! dm II I iiw (per yd.) (I 10 tu 0 I 1
d". f'iav (pel yd.) 0 ,’21 tu 0 (Ml
Lard, N .1 yp< r lb.) 0 07 m 0 08
I .cad, (per lb.) () 05 lu 0 (Mi
Madder (per lh.) 0 |S to 0 20
M'dasse.s (per gal.) 0 35 tu 0 10
Nails, (per lb.) () 05 lu 0 06J
Peaches, drietl, pe’ld l 25 tu I 50
lYadit >, ilrietl, unpl’d 0 75 tu 1 (Mi
Plaster, (per tun) 6 50 tu 7 00 ,
Pepper, (per lb.) 0 121 tu 0 15
Kiee (per lb) 0 IM»1 lu 0 09
Salt, (per sark) 2 12ft to 2 25 l
Shot (per hag) 1 50 tu I 75 !
Seneca Snake Runt (per ll>.) 0 |0 tu 0 00
S.»ap, llruwn (per lb.) 0 05 m 0 08
Tallow (I 07 In 0 OH
l eas 0 75 tu 2 00 1
Kxrn \n<h>
Cheeks on New York, I per ct. pmn.
Raluiiioro 1 do
lh ih lull I do
Philadt Ipliia I do
Ne\v (Means par
bi. Louik £ lo 1 per ct.dis.
Charleston par
Nashville I i<> 14 do
1 .oiusville | lo I « do
(’meimiali ( to I do
Bank Notes Nor 1 li Carolina I peret.dis
South ( arolim I per el. dm
Tennessee (Z\ perrt. dii
T acini, lent (per hugshead) 0 50 lo I 00
Do. maun fact 11 red, (per box) 10
Flour,(per bid.) 10 to l‘^£
Bar Iron, (per ton,) | (Hi
I’ig Im, ('per ion) 1 on
Lead and Mi it, (per ton) 1 00
Plaster, (p« r ton) l 00
Sail, (per Hark,) 8 I
Fish, (per barrel,) 8
All oilier ( per 100) Re upj lOctlown
N. V. AlARkKT—Nu». 10.
'Pilings are hesitating yet.
I Cnitun, sales 1400 bales, prices same on before the
new s.
Flour. 5000 bills (inmenpre in P'tire at Id.l ’j and
• 3000 (iriuiesspH mi 1 lie w barf, Michigan, Ohio and
Bronklyu l.'iiy at $0.
W heal, Minples pk’iitv, (jennessei l20al‘J6c, rye 1
500 hu. to a « mill hr at 7 Do.
Corn, 70a80e; l"r a choice lot of 20,()O0 himhels
Nurthern bUc w as nil** ft il, out the geiieiul asking price h
mtieli lower.
I No sales id Flour. Holders ask $7,75, $5,0;! i offer
1 ed. No k-eal new
I will «erni you ilie news from Delaware il the Bain
nit re office rt in tins ttpen.
Hie udv.tn"i- 111 |] tur, Contended f r hy hoh’ers u this
city yet rday, has imt hern maintained. l io n* wo n
da) 1 mill 1,000 barrels H eel, firs
since lIn* e'i nmcr’b in «s, al $5,02$. lOiyem do mu
appear willin'* lo give more, and some di r only $"i,5U
1 he iolvaii'i in height* ami decline in exchanges d •
m i s, i hi 111 11\ mueli over $5 50, lo winch figure*
I think it will settle. Udder* of Ciny Mills ask $.’»,
75, wphoiii ert**i ling sales. Rye 11 rnr $1,25, Corn
M* al $d,75 p r barrel.
W heal has also d- 'lined. S il< s today of prime red '
at I 12 lo 115 ceils*—demand not aniive jpiime while do !
1 25a I .'JO. A sale of 1,000 bushels old whir Horn ai
75, y-llow is a orih 70a72, and new while and yellow
do 58 60; Oats 80; Rye67; Whiskey 23$ «24$.
1—««n■>■■■! 'mm**- i ■ ■ m—iutw im i «■ ■ wnu
Trustee's Sate of l.aUft%
BV vinue of a d»'i'd of Irusi cxecultd lu me hy t,'ri
el llilman, and Henry H. 10 wilt, hearing dale
on ihe 10 h day of Seplemher 1841, and nf record in
the roumy cm rlof 10 df rd, I w ill, on ihe 28th day of
December 1840, on ihe premises, expose losale, hy way
oI public auction, a certain tract or
with iia appurtenances, con
more or less, lying and being in the county of Ii*-«!f»r I
no ih1 waters nt Burnt Bridge Bunch,and u not lit r Bun
h branches ol Ivy creek.
•; 1KB.Ms OF SAKK.
4 i ash will he required to an amount sufficient to dis
charge ihe debt ami interest intended to be secured by
the saul deed, and the rusts attending ti e execution ol
the trust, and the sale; and, for the tesidae of the pur
chase money, a credit of 0 and \4 inmiihs, (for equal
portions,) will be given, the same being secured by
ii tics negotiable, and payable at one of the Banks in
I.ynehburg, satisfactorily endorsed, and the title of the
land itself being rttainid until loll payment is made.
Acting.as trnsme, I will only convey to the purcba
.-er such title uu is vested hi me by said dt ed ul trust.
'J’i tistee.
n v. io '-in
tin iillm i thus Heals .V Slu rs.
ON InMtlnv, lti« I'lh lint., in frnnt ufuor «h,’||„m
«•’ Will Mill, will,,,ul
I splendid Maliogativ N la,
I " It raking l Inir,
I *' I.onlitug ((Inks,
<» " M •hogtity C Il4|r«i(
rairs Kur mil ,s(lk I Ian,
Vi '* strong ll.ion,
K> «li i lad O'* Walkin' Sliora, (seal akin)
I fast* W oud (’locks.
50 bales Spun ( otton, assorted numbers,
T.lMtOT K I. AM Kit. Auet'r*
Kxc liuiigr Corner.
INov lt» Ij
Superior Hetuly-.Uad, Hot hint
at auction.
I ) A HI IA M .v lloi KINS Will , on Wednesday, tl.e
A IN h inai., oil. r lio n entire stork ol atipcitor
Kl \l>\ MACK l l ot HIM;.
M tini-li.m, wiilmul it.niyn, nl tli« • ul In III,, I A.
I.Hiiier, eonaisting 11 part ol
No pel tor black Du as and KinrR Con's,
t a‘•si nor i» n ml It. aver Olflee t '• as,
( anaitiiere 1’i.nta ol vari..us style* and qualities,
A »npi n..r lot id \ civet, ( AHhtiio re, .Nlttiuonmi
Nat in \ i >ts,
Nbift’*, l ollni*. Suspenders, Clovis,Stocks, Scarfs,
t inviiis, ike.,
Asopt nor Hittele ul Ipswich n ml Khinnrl Shirts
ami Drawers.
PAItliAM iv I (Ol KIN.s,
Sale to be •I'luJiictcd h\
I At. ItOl K IV.Nil’|i|, A net *11
Cxchango Coiner.
Nov It) |t
(Itlllist ll.lltl tV Itlll Ill'll 0 lil'lLIllll'f
. I T jW i TIO.X.
() N ’I in H'l.iv, * !»«• 14 ill i slant , I will Holla valuable
I * * "I II ,:*t|iii|«| an I klichoii I'll, nliu r«», ruiiaiatin"
nl I lining ' | ibit s,
S.-cr. ary nail |l M.kea*e,
I in Sale--, W iiuUur ('hairs,
Mi lls 'iiul Moilati aus,
I )n hsng I'ahlt
Table and k h 1,011 \\ are, &o. ike.
I ho fin 1 in I' nr nil urn of one declining Ii ju acker plug.
\N 1 -1 l" Utided Io 1 lie 11 hove sale,
‘2 tl<’/i'll lew ( mits Uoilom ( hairs,
I di noMic ( afpel,
it kegs 1'ieiieh llraudy,
I keg ( \\ li e,
•I d. »f n Plough I tinea,
•1 boxes Silk I Inis, $vo. ike.
til \KI.IS PliKl.PS, Auet’r.
Nov. hi 11
\\ I*, wmihl no m lenpooiltill\ 1 .ill tlm attention nl tlm
public io oil! sale O |{< 11 lyMado ( I.tilting ol
Messrs. Parham iv II"jd.iiis, Io lake plaou on Wed.ns
day, iho l^'h inHi , at our tiuiMlnn room.
I \l HO I ik h\MKI{, Vtirnoiif e(h,
I'-xchangt ( urn.r.
Nov 17 |t
(•mill it) .1 lo litm.
(\ nhothencp to a dirreoul the circuit superior cnufi
ol law and < hanoorv ol Amherst c.miiHV. proii.nifiootl
on llo ,'» h day ol September, I > I \ in iho ease ol 11 mi
hind *s Painplm and uihers, again .1 William W | Iml
Hin nml olheiH — iho uudfrnigued, appointed cntumiss o - 1
er lor iho purpoHo, will, on the promises, near Now
(»'n*g"W, on lllf 22d ol |)eoem>or, |N|t>, sell In iho
hlL'hfHl bidder, on six, twelve and eighteen month*
credit, all the mioroMt ..1 William VV llods.m, to n eer
lain tract or parcel of l AM) i.t said do. roe niontloiied,
adj lining the lauds nl |{ |,, ^ ,| |» (;..|t*mihi.
NV.M AI. \\ ALI .KM . SherifTof
Atnlierst. (.mii’r., by
Thou as W litlehfiid, his deputy.
Nov I«> w 12*21)
November !•.», MO,
I HKSli si I I I I IT TA.Xi 1 .UXIi
Mill'll' III)
Ill i I . Ill 1 1.7 II »V Vo.,
I \ M 111!I 1(0. VA.,
VH K NOW HIT I I\ INCj and 1 tailing their SK
M ( < A or I (.( ( OS,
for lh is M a 1 It— Nov. 121h IS*1G— puieliUM d in the Iasi
hw i‘n(h, hi d w ill hi *•. Id a 1 j.ri». s to please n|| nor
siiHWati'itg rt b I ly I I Al III I I. C.OOllS. The
n I. tilloii of ih« ir . ii' 11 'ii . is and 11 e public Is lespectlul
ly invited to the COOlJS einbfaced in the follow inn
I ml:
Fiuhroidcred Ombre Shaded Cashmeres,
d>> du Fruited dn
du du Solid du
I full M <nr.ling du
Ombre Shaded Snlid M -imlin,
do do do I*fInl«*ti du
(’ashmen1 Kobe*,
M< ii-lm dn
Superu r hla< k U an r# d Silks,
Flaid and cheeked Silks tor lining,
(‘terry rul’d Silks do
Spun silk Flaids lor dressed,
\\ orslrd do do
I’laid i w tiled I • ngbam,
F.inbroidered Tbibei Shawls, very rich,
do Stradelh do
Mali' mourning Fluid do
Freneb wurked ( apes,
lllack silk Trimming I .ace,
Mlnek silk \ elvet lor Cardinals,
Silk Fringes,
H nnei and S.u*|i Hibbohs,
(’a p and N»*elc do
High Mih.r’d Saiin and Kulevirihg KiLboii,
\’i IvPl II I'.bon,
Kmhtohhnd Muslin Hobew(whil«)
Silk h'1'l..i.s I r I,miles’ dtcHves,
Silk neck Tim,
M-usIm do
ami rnanv oik* r my les of (iOO|)S, llu-V will b*
pleased lo • xln il on lh* ir counters ami sell
oa |uW as similar (foods are sold any
\\ hern in thn upper country
Nov. 10 2i
$30 Reward*
KUNA\Y A Y from the subscribers, near Mount
- Mmirne, Iredell county, (N. C.) three negro men
ot ilic follow mg description!
a dark mulntto, 55 year* old, middle s ize, but lean, sear
n d ell the ruck ami lilt band.
24 years old, black, RtoUt built.guod looking, very white
leetb and of good s zc.
40 years old, yellow, <»f common size, but not stout,
w nil a large scar oil the bottom ol Ills left foot.
They tell ab»ul the 5 li of September and may mike
<;,r some frn Slate or Hedlord county, Vii, They were
formerly lire property ol .)• tin Mayliew d<cM. I
cHiiylil i,ut ol the State and >ecured a reward ol $»U
will be paid; if IU lilt; vicinity $10 f..r each.
N v. 16 4t if
l lalloiiii? .Vlill*, I lam niUK
VI ill*,
* m ' I'" are nnw nmkini; H new kinrl nf (•'la»!«■ uintf
»V .Mill, which will mi'Wir in the plnee nf (run
. H'laiirniTP, licinn. as we bpltpve.a* ilnrsblc ami tiling the
Willi, cuuall* a* well. Fur furlher ..lar*. address
Hiehiinimt, V*.
Now. 16 " ’ > 'v__
jMuiuyjH liv i n .
I In* 1 Airit.i! .\ni
I M \\ K just received a lew lot of lancv hOOJlS.
■ lo winch I re*|Metfally infiie the sHiHMlon ol tint
Hade. Among iltrui m.iy be luuiid lh« following rich
Ilidi Saiin striped .A*iicri/*//(i Si//*a, of 11.»• 1 • i* *ni
desioria, Willi !»«?»u11tui irnoii lug* to man , i teh
die* *,
Ilia* k and Fancy Silk Fringes,
li n k atlk l.nre*. aaa'd w idflia,
1 • • Ih I’liidt fl«*r 1 hildrcn,
S| lend id Tin el l{ •!»»•* I r parties,
( berry colored Florence,
Ik uni i and Cap ItihhonN, very rich ntylev.
In ndiluion to the above hoods, | have received I wit
pieces Superior lilark French elolh* from iclehraiid
MniiOlaeiurert—one jueee F.XIra lilaek Silin Yeatitio,
together w ith a line I .ol «d New Style I'tims and oilier
ample hotels. |>ON |\ (J. t*K I'F.ltS.
N.»v Hi u
• Vo/lfT.
f I * I IK Mihieribcr having pmehaaed llie interest ol K
■ h. M.-l lai.ahull, III lilt* fill* Ik r III ol .M'( ’ liiiiithtlll
N l o., has lorined i **ii parinerahiit villi Mr. ( . Thomp
a*m,ul ihia place, lor iliu purpose of continuing the
(■roccrjr .uni | ominiviinii llusl*
under the style and firm ol MeClattahati N riintnpsou,
and would respectfully solicii a ronlinuaiice ol the pal
ronsge, no liberally rate ided to the late w nicer n. A"
experience o| I'J year*, elute attention lo busnman, w ill*
the entire personal attention ol both partners, wil , I
iMink, eiuihU* to. i,. giv* NaiiNfaction in all w ho may !.*
i v III UN With thell | HI I lonS'j i*.
.) NO u M l I. \ N A11 \ N
N"v II h
IM W 4 OM4 i:iU.
^ I 11 IK Niihseiihi*in would ie periInMy inl'otm llieir
I liiemls mnl llie public g*m rally, llnil they have
bn iim *1 a c.i pm liter »*l. ip, tuub r the -*i \ le and lint ol
l *r llie purpose ol doing :i heueinl hror’eiy and 1'om
liiisnimi IliisiiiCNH, ill the hue eland ol .'lit l.iuili.ni is.
to Our Murk ol h rof Cl 14'*, I k IIICN le* No., W ill hr
louiol, nt i|| linn'*., large and well select* d and at low
prices. 1 ■ n .ipmm nt*. oi Flour, W heat, Tubacuu .inJ
all kinds i*| 1’iodtii'c W ill reetive oiir ptoinpt person a I nl
I*iM lou (foods received find lotw inieil, (to chill *n's lot
llinvrige. We icapeei lull v Milieu it share ol public p.tl
| f uuigc. MillN h Met I.AN MI AN,
November l(i Is
ritilliM, l IISMItlClCS it ml Icsliitga
4M// /..1//1/:// 1: i'll, 11*if».
n«:i.i., nia ur.it .v < o
l.i/iir/iAnrii IV#.,
KKSPKC l'l'i 1,1.1 an txim.inAM,m ,,|
I licit
( i inns, (\issi.Mi:unsk icsilxcs,
| l»y person* wishing to buy *ie h <• ».»d*, l».dieving n i.>
It iIk* interest ul those wanting handsome dual*, pant*
ami v» nIn to do so,
Nov. It) |s
fthmLets emit Henri/ II ‘nolit ns.
I‘#» .Urn. M own. mill riilldrrn
Nim i.Miuai I‘dm, 1810
Ml'll IIS k I I \N I I US viNilmg I y nebbing,
l‘»r tin* ptlivli:i"f <il Nipr (inndu, will find, by calls
■ i'll in*
a (•km.hal sto( k ok moods,
mutable lot aurvanla* wear,
A L S O ,
Three nml two ply Ingrain < nrpciings,
Tufted, ( heiieille nml W 11 to * Rugs,
llaU, Shut v, Sul* and I'ppm |,either,
tiruecnea, t'lockciy him! Hardware.
Keeling tihH* *1 mi r n»*nrtmcul is a mure goucral one
tban Is uaually oil.red in tin* nr any min r 11*.«rk> t w«
take great plenHuru in InViimg Kiirmera and Klmiiera lu
give us a call.
N'V 10 .,
I 1 \ virtue nf n deed ul Trust,r\»*etlted to tin* sulerri
■ • her ai.d Ramlulpli V llirk*dale, trust*, m, by Arm
i intend llaikmlale, I r eeitam purpose* therein meiihiuiei!,
j bearing dale ilie I Sib day of Mnreb I H ID, ivlilrb deed
! in duly refolded in die Clerk’s ofllerol the rntinty mun
i of 11;ilit • x• I *feilt proreed to si II, by way of public am
I tioii, to the Ih-Im m bidder.
Three Trent % eif lamel,
• herein inentiimed, lor e.,i*b. ( ouiiiieiicir g mi the I Stir
day nl November, |.S I0, I Will Hell Ilie ft K A t I til
I.AM) oil which Mr. \\ illiaur N, R.ukhdile imimrly
resided, containing
1*00 m
lying and being m the untruly ul ll.iliiax. np-n Catawba
erei k, neat .Met raw'* store, aboui fifteen mile* imrih >1
I laliiax ( • mt11 li ins#’ I’lmvcasiiif, given iminedlately
! And on Ilie 10th day ol November, |H|0, I will sell,
m the name manner and upon the same terms thn
Til ACT or LjLXI)
mi which Col. John Hnrksdnlo Inriiierly redded, run*
5<>o .ti nts,
lying and being in thn county ol Halifax, upon the \va
n rx ul Sandy meek, about nine utih-a \Ve*l ul Halilux
cmrrl boilve -possi wsimi given immediately.
And mi the‘20th of November, 1*10, m ihu same
manner and on the same term*, I will pro-eed to si II the
■ »n w hich Nathaniel llarksdale fnrmerly resided, contain
ing shout
800 a c it /; s,
lying and being in the connly of II i ilax, m ar ih- Kill
* ylvantn line, mi the loan road leading from Halilux
Court bmi*e lo I’lllfc) Ivmiia ( oitrl limi*«. Tile abov#
I RAC "IS OK I .A N I) a ru valuable, each having com
•nil ()i t Homr*. on them. TIiuri*
V\ Ihim III View ill proiiody lirl.ifc dm
lay* "I sale, will 111 f * *i s»* apply 1*1 Col, A rill I'sl* 1(1 Hark,
dale, nr Mr. Elisha H.irk*nhil»», Jr., will give any
intormaiion winch nny bn r«*|tiir«*d.
The Mile i«* 'In* above proper'y in be. nved lo hr good,
hill aiding hs Truster I will only convey such title as is
vrslrtl in me, Uy I lie Deed of Trusf.
Oct. 5 tvduN.
Tin above sale in postponed till Tuesday, Wednes
day and Tlmr&dav. the l4lih,‘25'li and .'»>• It da\n ot No
feinhiT. AI.KA VNDKIl TOMPKINS, TruNire.
Nov. If) tkliN
CAtill roiruTKoiA*
f IIIIK subscriber is still in market lor the purchase o
I any number of
sun trie tor the New Orleans market.
Persons having the above description of properly for
sale, will find n greatly lo their advantage by making
early application to him as lie is paying ihe
f Holiest ^larkit I’riccsia Canh.
lie also wishes lo purchase one or two CARPKN
K. M \ KRS.
Person* ai a distance having any of ihe above proper
ly lor sale, will bu promptly attended to by addressing
ill-. E. M.
Nov. li 'hll if
rote in;.xr,
ffir’4 THE fin* pronf Si**rr, ni piesenl occupied }>y
U«'Ij Messrs. Turner and Hirwell—one of thebe* s
Mu-iL business local ions in town. Poastt&ion given
time. For terms apply lo
Aug- ts
Hisltop yl Ihe Methodist Episcopal Church. |-\,
' U, M. DK Wl I I
O t. *J9 u
r, </.
1 flK > 1'OHK HO Ml, iruler ibo V'lrgininn
< lili. . wp.l li in] i,ji |ui ijusinc-5, vri.li a g'«*l
fin* |*t4<*e, |« f»r rpiil.
Aj>|.ly t»
TlfO* Dll,!, A Ilf),
Ai Ibe Virginian (JIB ■<’.
N ■* r. ia if
rain itivvr,
\ Hm;sK \M) LOT, tanly oc*
r,>I'd t’y >lr. Ititrru**, ana family rp»
*'!• !*•*«*, in lit*1 »tM2hb*irh«MK| i/| Win. M
lilvklord. K«*rj , ami oilier?. Puuet*
K !•. iiiiiiirdiait ly. r nr puriicuiiirs apply to
i. it I'AiiisKi r.
y..v i ’ it< ii
.* t. si* tunut\:
si r (im> irrri.y.
Just Iconi (lie Amlln rn Auction*,
(1 AM I M I ,It KM Bnd now myln Mmislm dn l.aiiiui
Ittr I .ad if* I I r mo(
11 I I \ I pf f t
I . pti.Hi, / phyr, Wool ■ tul every mher kimi ufMitt*,
It bbiii', I, pis, Jv.tk I'nitM.M ami (iiiii i>m.
A If 30
N'^ro (’ I ali'uo IHankoi.*, .>lo*ei, (Jupt and Hula,
l*’lJiinch, ( il i* • m, Vestings fcoM
All ol vv liitii ran unJ vv It to* mild vrrv chvrvp for
CAIH. JNO. J 1'L'UYIS, Ajf’i.
r s. A • Id 11 In 11 n I Mlp|ihr- III all I, I III! h of (JooJ)S,
will in rrrmwd d.rrri ii.ttn Northern Audi n almoii
every vvu k. J. J. |\
Nurrinbrr‘J Is if
^08H fc .
f B III K ■ o p i riiieisl.ijt, In ti 'oh re rvcfiliiio under tl.o
■ at)lr ol
.Mil l i lt y Itn Kl'.lt,
I w as ibis tl ly tin* .!vrd l»y moioil rtii'*nl. #|*|jo nnn
of the III in will fitly bollard lierrufler in Bdil.lijf
lor bualutMs ut iln* tMiovfii,
s\>n v.i. viu.r.H, -*
A h UL’i KKH.
July I, l^lii is if
\ n . it r ( u r. it.
nWlNli puirlMMitl ut Vliilor fc 1C ink* r, ilinr en
Ilif ,'lrrlt, wil! roolimu? l Ito ItiJsio ; olio d'lof a
I* ill* ii ''111 a!anl. io Hi*' Ioii,-> I i out \ '.ecupied by
Nirli da fc II- II, ,ih fi | Iiy (tootls a*ore fron ihe Vnri
• 11 .'I Oil o\ 'rill III || | . Im , , I ir it 111 f r H ll'ios.lf ill'll 11 *1
[ "i * l»r 1 «■ 1 j '• i • all win* may favor Mm with .'t
| Nov. I i ts If
BS ITS! II \ TV! fcE %TV!!
fllllKM IIS( Kill Kit it iii i w receiving hit KAKK
wh'rh m nnumially l uge I loving 11 nil•' purchase* vny
low . Ii* o . 11 i i li U-1,1 iliit hr is hilly |• i«'|hir* 'I to ytvo
• 'iiiiir -ill, i iii m I In- iju 111«v ai’il pncea ol 11 ala and
I ( Sj N
||f In - al-o a m It rh'il stuck id
/»/.*) (,()(>/is,
vs lii'li I.*•»imt*i uhn mlly !.• vs w I»i»*fi cnldc* Mm lo
i sell m |*tH* •• iliai r ii'iioi fail in plcnar. Timae m want
. f .i i» y Hllel* w lurli lie limy Imvi- will find it In their nl -
v.iiii tg- In gm In iii a rail, a . lie liilcmln lu sell • • r y low,
.1. If 1l UIIOI (.11.
1 .net ! oi j 1 i |o a ilir .M.illi' l house,
Oet, Mf» lm
ro irw.ri.hv ri\nsumovs
( A N A I ■ I’asL.N, lilt II MON M,
ilocher. ltioicia A h o..
I’m In i an-! ni il ( innniigiH II ,Vci‘i'luHitllt
fl $> Id. I- live lo inform ifinr friend and ilie puhliu,
■ • Hint limy are prepared to receive on commission,
a ml Hf 11 I r tin; best ndv’inhiire f»* uw lien,
'd ull Knots. They liuve ampin loom aleo lor any a
i lllOlllll III >loia„»r.
I lir* « f or h is lot < food* in this or any e t*'v»rn maikei
will no i i with prompt uih iihuo, and all coti.-cg omenta
i lor IliHh n, id I o im ecu, Kloiir, lion, t.iam and utiiH
Merchant)»!••, to I <wl, llioreu U. (in , No. II, Kopiei*
W liar i, ItiHioi), diri ih d lo our rare, will he i ruined lain
iy mu hded lo, nod in r.on* o eon- go ng m.iy irsl ussu
ied id having their ho l.o puo lo.il ) a l limit'd to, UU
• ■ t ■ nt ihi i i
U'jU ftf ! BI7»r/// /
8WIMI in Sm i large rjiH'iiny ol pool WIIK.VI*
lor whleti the I Mo t price a will tie given. Messrs
Nu ptoe Jk I ahalerro are > ith'irisml to huv lor rue in
my ahscoee, and will rrceive all I hoy. Timae hiving
good Whe.il will do will, to 8i n me or them hefuro
Imv ill | ose of their i rop •.
Heptpinhcr i) wtftlf
coiviivii ziortzin s 5Ai£ or ~~
W7 f.'ltni: s’.
Iii |{M \ NT iu a decree ol the ('irenit Superior
l i*ufl ol J.aw and ( ham cr y |\»r the County of
( iinpfell, pronmineed mi the 10'h day ol October, 18 Ili
iii Ilie cause id i’.iUe-mii vh, I aiiKltn ike., the under
Migncd, eoiiiiuiBiiioiier, w ill red l i c* h, on the 4lli of
I Ii veil.her next, at I lie Mur l<el lions-, in the town of
I *V iiehhurg,ihe following Mave-t in HJld decree mention
ed to wit:
KKW Is*. N AM \, nml her three children, Al.lt*F.,
NANCY, and an iulunt child.
I The title to said slaves is d< i iiiftl niopiestioiiahle, hut
i acting «m ( oiiiiui"! on i I doill convey such title milv us
, is vc.ocd III lue hji said iki Mi1.
O. C. c*|,AUK, Cnin’r.
Nov.‘2 will) if
Valuable I on n l*r»|.<‘rty
t'or &ah\
f B MI Is undersigned utters fwt t'e Out valuable prop*
K 11iy. m ihe town of I .yneli'nirg, long know u us
KV I KS tOilNKit.
Thm in one .) th best locih 1 Inis in lh« town, for
htistooss, and i* ciuineoilv worthy tin1 attention ol capr
lalM.s. The nod • «ned is anxious to s-*||, and invites
tin* application ol pun im crs. For tenns, (whiefi will
In- I hcrnl, and the title innilrt iiinloolih dly good,) apply
to l ImtlcM K. Mushy, w ho i-; aulhori .ed to sell.
'1 rusiee, ike.
Tin lot contain* 50 I*.-cl Iron!, running back the usual
depth ol town 1-m. and will he sold m whole or in sepa
rate parrels UN may bo ih sired. K. M., Trustee.
June *^5 la ll
\I«T« person** indebted t.» the !hr«' firm of
Il il LYf; Fit. I.YlvLLYx
nro Furnently requested m call and pay th*»jr amounts,
ms ii is Miipwrtan* that business shnn’.i sritfed.
Cloth « toaki and R»er Coat*.
VSt'l.F.M III) a«Hortuitoii of Clotli ('loaka ani
Over CualB, lor sale al leilwmi pricp« bv
NovemWof 0 if
km: i:i: vr,
TIIK 1101 SM AND LOT, on Court
A House Hill, ti.*w moupled by \V. II.
I mi in rsion, uik) possession j;ivt*n I lie
ft 24 !» of Noveuibt r.
Aisn, ih, TOBACCO FAC I <HIV, on the lot np
( posit? I* rieroi’s W an- llolls?, and possession niven ti,e
1st of January.
November 9 w is it'
«.%*n e »:c u uivAT.
r I MIK iinilsrs'ooetl is prepared to p«v til?
> lllt.ilfc>T .MAliKF. F |'i( ID lb lor
n ii /•: 4 r.
delivered al Ins Dumber Huus?, on ilia Canal.
li F. S.ACKfii lV
Ju1)' CO i»

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