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Lynchburg Virginian. [volume] (Lynchburg [Va.]) 1829-185?, March 15, 1847, Image 4

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—... »—--- ^
m a ciuiMim. r>» M
iy Miiv *w»wrn
Oh ' p scrty » a w« a.y thing. '«<• foil of grief and pain
(t k'wctil down the bout of man, and dulb ha« rmmf t*ra»n
li makrih esen the little chfld with liras y »ighs ie*»>| lain
The children of the ra*A* matt harm not 'b+it hrrslV* win
T<»ey marcels know how labor i*tJw penults . f *t»
Jwsan aa the lilies uf the field, tlw-s iu wher t »il n**r «pn
And rear by year, a» life wtin on. no s* ants havs !h*x t h* »r
In all thr luxury of the rank «!*• \ haw abundant *1 »n
They walk vioiig uh'* pleaaant wavh where .ill i*m k . d
Th« children *»f the poor man. though thes be r« . g *.n
Must use H« tin < each framing briotrfhe roing *• ,, .
.Vnd scarcely w hen the «»r. is ws th* ir daily ta*k i* !■ n»
Few things hare they to call th*ir cm n. t. • fill tHe »r },. art* with
Thr «mwhm« ami the « immi r dowers n|*« the highway «*lr
Aid their iwu fret companion-d ip ■>. healthy »mn, n* wi-ic
Hunger, and c.'M. and we»»ii •*. *he*e arc a (rightful three
But aMhet runt there t* lie*id*. that dark* • « pirertr,
ll may not have one thing to lose, h w small *uV» r t»
•\ thousand forks wer* *n the bill* a »b< ■ *aid fb-k *t»d
Feeding in stir-ham pleasantly . th * wen th. n<-k mar ',
stars .
There was t be w kd* one iitrtr lamb hriidr the rottag’ :
A Httle lamb that tested with thr children *nea»h the tree,
Thst ate. meek creature, fmmlheu hand*, aftd m-«:lrd to the u
fctww .
Taat had * pia within their heart*, one of the family
I*«? w-arl.even a« ar *ns»i naan came down up flirir *b<
TW father labored all uas k»*>g that hi* rtukho- might he t. d
.'»d cm* by their hmrh>U ft.mg* werr *dd *» (mjs them
* The-lathee, > d. ~nr**t .o. haathresb -M
ya-verty each j. <**ant thought had in hr* Wart . ;hcj
* W'bst i* the fiwU i'i lit* to u- •**.< *md ‘*us *
4 Ay, the—gb ib* rl- dr* n we. all day and with,! s«n dx.-1
isg bead.
D**li 4e* hr* *ma. (j'i m *miiuihrth hungri nrtnM ht l<d
A*d that, whack ku a janre !.< b*mg mu-* g>> t buy u*hrtad. -
It weer. Ok' part, r ha* a pang tfe ban’ *t h- art t,. wiing
Bet the Under **»l of a Lrtijr chill stub ferver.t hw c doth
^Ith lose that hath no fesgnasgx tals
Tnareiwe »w wrrn! il it wa«!k^*< children -mall to see.
.Ves * arrow ful to hear them fU-*d for the Lamb *. p*tcewi*U
*-Ofc ra< !m r dear. « Loeth u*. and ts lent h sale haw ssi ’’
*‘J «* * take him t the broad gmnhill m hi* iw j ti n-,!
•j*a i .
.^aid.amvt, him T th. hill* art w *de ainj
law ;
I know alitt't Afelwig I-Ure and w. ssiil k.«p him there
^ fa‘ I l * > t^.kthc link Uiiih. and straigh’-wav 1|«.|
him dow n,
"llha .in.ni! cor,) il.rj Urd l.,m l.t ,„J
And o« tlw M.iul It,III) inrl. Ih< V I11..I1 Inm I iibi i..wn
Thr UltV rbildrrn through ll,d,j, ai„| il,i,.„r|„)lrt »|| ,h.
morrow ,
l,rmn "V'H ll" Ih.11*. in mini Urn.I M , I
* otra 1 ,
Ok ! povertr i- > man llinifi, *U« lull ,.| Cn, I al„| , ,
ll kwp 111 .1 .«n the * ll , I ,, mil, ,,, |, , 1,11M
It n.aUetli nun llw litlli i hild mill 1,.
Wlirii liomimi \Vright. <.| N, « \,,rk. was e„||, ,|
upon toauiiimiss.kmathmi l> Sleetnmm as coluni I , t
a riving regiment lui Calif mm. In-up-.I u enrn h|h.ihI
• • with the Nrrelary .,1'Wiir, oligrimg tnHn
I irily <1 tin* proceeding, m the pmgri-ss of which'lu
avowed the following saiilinienls hi relation In ii war f.r
“It it redesigned to make mrr pres, nt war uni. Mi'Xiri.
• . i, "t. t, ami appropriation ..l ain pirl ul'llie m
•rilmi pr.ilesseilly and luilispuialily hen I Himl, (In ,1,.
•' om I am as ileetth illy an any m in
4ir Urn tsuintn . Inr pmcs-nting this wai w iih alt iIn r,,
I" Vigor atul energy In bring it t . nnaily ami sue
'erssful let iiiiiia inn; and III! so pr.isi viilinn ii, as mil
•uiljiin the e airsslisl lerrilniy mill jurisilli-T, n , i \| w
v., as within tin l niiisl 'Mntrs, .,r the territory m ,i,
•»«*< .. "" i"44 unlrit a Hut I would isum n
•I.. boVti! staidly and thslinrllv Miideralntsl Hint I did nnl
• made Hie terru.itv ,,|M, ve,, |.,r Hu piirp,,, ,,.un
•.pe-sl and ap|impi. itnni. anil that, s . tar as iheqo, „t ,„ls
•el boundary i» involved. I should !„ :,t all i m. ,|4
•e.ikea treaty establishing the same boundary uhn h in
•elaiiuisl a! the coinineiirelilonl of the the mu '’
Till. NOMI\KKM)|.>Kim\t. Mil C\| ||o| \
Ii was uutlcndond that the iioinnmliou ol Mr II. ale |,\
lli 1 aiqaliannoek Deniis-iatie I 'onvenlion wa*..i inumpii
< I the I'll valry—there having Is4, u a quarrel iheru out
light (Mwecn them and llte Old Hunkers, audHief.r
liiei having showed a ihs'uhsl I, smug In Mr. Ileal, . Hut
a' a recent ills 'ussiou Isdw ern him and Mr. Ni w l,,n, at
KuIiiiviihI ( i.uri I Ions.-, began Mr Callumn 111, si de
cidislly the “cold ahoulder. ’ The ardent young orators
" hqf, night I i him s,i icalously w iih the “Old I fnnki ra'
ol I .ipp.ili.imi K k . w ill I,, v. rv miifli a moved id this
le III, Buckingham dlslriet there is another eusc lo
ei.o chagrin anting the ardent admirers of the Ninth
l iTollman. The geatlemao w ho is the n oun, e lor llial
t engross,niial Dlslriet Ii is gone lie w hole las. u ,Ui Ha
Old Hunkers—w iv much loth* Uisa|q»iiiUui nt ,.i „iun
anxious fries,Is. A eorresisindcnt. my, -lerd.n s Ko.pn
rer. ora Hi defines his ptsdioitas follows;
Mr Boc S-I, “di pie,-alesand disapproves Mi Calhoun*
• .ni mam fest.it ions of hostility to Hie Administration j
and it is a matter within my o» n knowl.stge. that In
(Mr II ) is dcterniimsl to supp.rt I ,r Hi, IVsideney th.
/mm.nee of a National Conveiilinii, asking „i,lv that'll., he
a true H.qniMie.ni.mid a friend in th, Nmili „i, Hi. solijis-i
of ala very. lie ia a warm and sincere auppirn ,i ii,
pnesenl .. all the quest.. Hist dial
tin4 two (artiiK, and vindicates the war » uh Mesi o
Major John M Alim. I' s Marshal f..t Texas, ilie.l
suddenly at Galveittiii.tin- Hull innl. I ', w men. sat k
,ll‘< ivilian, have pa-wed nttu, eventftrllives than tln»,lv
•i‘*d. He was a native el Kentnrkv. entered lie I'
navy at an *rirly ;eje; led, u to lake part in the Greek
’/ ■ and waa with l.nr,I Byron when I,,' died.—
••setpienlly lie w as engaged jn’tlie slue.eh I r Texan
led, |s Iidenee. having ruimnamled a emir., r ... th.
M, Means al . ne tune.and heme.. lleme „ he. at Nan
.1 . ui,i. redeemed lie- fair domain lhat new mustimii .
ill ■ Siaieuf Texas forever fr. :n tin Mi Mean v,ike. ll.
1|"- ,irB' Mayor Id Galveston, atnl lots site's held He
< ill c tk v c* ral ti km h.
During- tin- first pnrt of tlir lust night's s«*#«sion of I on
grt-Hs. when the conhTenrf <*oiiimift<v iii.hIc it* report on
lieutenant Generalship. Mr. ... hsik the ll - r
ee l gave‘-the spoil* and |»,wer jiurty ’’ a good It uunilsr
,,l the hardest kinds „i I,lews’ In the ,,,uisr ,.| his
•If *''• *••• •>*'“«* ‘he 1'a I that two member., of that
11 mse had been appoint,-d to inp ut.,m . m<-.s. and
«l them, h, lalimalml. had been appointed on aeiMunt ,.f
d s stibaemettey. The two nu mbers alluded t„ were
Mr. I ihbatle, >|i|*iint<sl a C I mi l in tin Umv : and Mr
< harles J. Ingeraull, who had been tiumi„„lnl Mm.sier
I ranee!
Mr. Inner*ill ran aer ,ss Hie Hall al gr, at spe, .1 t.i n, ,r
win re Mr. Ashinun was,*-: k nj. and a-kisl lhat g, ml,.
• man what ho meant by the term suhst ivieitej!~ Th,
1! HJ*e laoglie l!
.Ii ih.i I.Ennit.'CD^CisE —ThH M..r)li.nl ll.*. ,.i
i t 1,-gaun hus tin* ra.*\ atnl ;it ih sun:** ti <
j’lauiuiotmly p.is*i <i u resolution “that the II *u has on
(it!iilini«»HH| confidence in the j»r rw >n »I n?»«! ..fit ini
my ol’Judjfc IdCgra d.”
Robert* A* II 7#//# r
VRI'.Mm Kid I l\ IM# \Mi OIFLR I >R
. >Al.K.
i : hi «l» Nt. ( rotl.Pf ■ R ten and N, V Vtfrsr,
*2-* hoi a in.J b;4* la«l aih\ ( Ur lied *1'*
!0 U4*. Povrd< red a d < nulird du
• >**4 hb-i*. and bt4*. M damr*.
rhag* | r>n)r orren Km Coffee,
l i> *• •• I ao n m d**
*i-'» ** bn«t <4*1 Java and M * 'ha *»*
1. Ml Iba Sw Leather (cheap-t than ever.)
7 nri »• < . Yarn,
1 fierce n« w liter.
!» \ * ami hail ’* IU *in*.
?J.'» k»V" part Hi l an.i ^ an If -oar .]
|it"» •• |tla«tii»*r aihI Sporting powder,
ltd l» \i * ** S |tl ami IfI x I \\ iiuh.w t.Un-4,
4 j* S I a (
.V■» k<. |,,\. I s i|t j in j*r •' *• r j
l‘J t.mi* ( i<u ?ry. I‘. toii»h ami 1 redeyar Iron
Vs \ la roe shek cotton >hirt £. Mim tieo an.
. i | . I ^ I
S Salt Pi \ i • ' (
.*< ■ _-r n. I.i fj. r. P ^ r VUpi . . V *t. Mir I
letter. Foohv.rp and \N rapping I*.tj»*r. I.rind Sionr*
shear. I -t n IllisUrcd Si eel. I r and \\» I II
■ I i S M Sb
1 iUL fit i I • 1 1 * it
Kasvi-s i ml Ko'k*. &c Na I*o winch they in % t U lli*
attention of win if friend* and tin puUw.
F. t>. II—u
I'onrardins »•’ (>>in m t ssion House
i li l It ..
N\\ INC. lak< n I I iuiM .*t» I hi K«i on. ti irtrr* In* *• n i< • •
1 hi* (r i< i»d* and the puV;i . rvr*l!\. in I -rw anling
M (tiandm *nd f >r the *ak -I «ii th« Maple *rte l< - I pr
.In e
I. II T.. in the sale .4 Tolw'-I . will 1** a**i*t.d In * gen
Uesian, who, fe«*n t<< »g rij* rn r*-» ami a^knowl. g ■!
nlgm. n» is f«ilie emir, tent t- • sustain 11.■ interest uf I'iu -
)(.-•< nr-e.^l F»h l.» .ten
Inollic r >t u A * pit* ml id \ssoilm«nt el
I MIC M If I Hi !(•* b rl gf4*rf>i| t ill* ir (rirmh and
the j - i gen- rally I >i tin- lib. t a I patronage, winch ha
sen »\t. r,;i*tl to tin in tti tin* bran* h ••( th* ir business, am I
• ■In a • >iMtuiiiait>'i <>f the same, uml« r a promise and with a
t Kti»»w ledge that, fr-*t«i the adiantagi* tlwv |J0**» *■- in
•f am ting Carriages id am kiml, loth* a* Well I»y them or
"•i (I ia • ly llotiM in \ itgioia, or even N irth, aftn p. \
. > ')* • this t>la< e W« are dallv » aiwi «mg ,■ |.u;>
• ‘ 1 I .a/* ' * • l ■ f I dr- Apt; u. \\ f.,. . UJ | -
t. w ill make .r a- rtim nt ai. I»ic and -iiali
nitinur t »M « net hr in ol the latest styles throughout th*
.* n But, it among our »l*» k He should not base am to
•ni M teat mg their order*, w* will procure it ol any quality
<vie or prii r, at tin my shortest notim
h l.aii i n liaiid several -• . uid haud f suites, auitahli
• >r llarka M>U. ••■u rjl fluggie*, all in go>wl repair ami
■ •mli*. n. wlw li wol h. ili*|Mt*ed ol i* \ i t \ low prices
W flier a 'li ha11 i a mI inti ml |u « pmg . g w-I supply
l * A It R V AI * J-di 1
hi * * !i da. t oc, w fui h will Is s..'d at l a* tori puces
W r are aC prepared to do am kind >1 repairing in tin
ib.\( In - W it h tie itiMgi nod 'h -pitch Wi deem it UIMmi .
in I a im 1 ht kind It a r nag i * w i ha . on hand, i* our a*
r’ nent will 11 w u » -u* ist I t hi latest md m %• tpprm ■ d
lea I he llaitn** i all I -iin iwr ffiwtinlaetiiie, our
11 ruges »ti ole to rdt r. ami With ft \ ff w to ruil in this sretim
' t'1 • ■ ii t* \, and as *m h we are w tiling to warrant Irth
t .linage' ,i i| IIat lie"
MIDDLES, nuihl.ES, TltlWIxS, \r
\N i Mi h » •: i 111 » | •• net 11« rriifttsur<ib to tindfff *t ami t hat
"" V*"ld|erv htlstoe I li-l t,. in o\«rl .iked oi n#g |. • t • d.
due In\ hind.i l.ilgi .iml well *eh ■ t«l assort
uh * • I • ' < rv kind o| good* i|si, ills kept hy *iinil»r est.ilitish
im ;d* in tin I mb d Stall *. I**•*h ol ready unde wmk and ma
• rials, w Inch will In sohl.w h di sale m ictall, on let ms to suit
th h.uae
Ml 11 ■ • p mi u i j ui t he all i\ • lined..Ml at tin hoi 1 id m d n t
t unitr\ 1'i.hIu ■«• taken in ev hang* lot am article in our
lim at i .mh mai U• t pi e i
Wi I ive, and will fimstaotly keep, on hand, .« -<ij»(•! % ol
I ..hi dan • * ■ u|U nt tp.ility, whi
h‘ f i « ill .1 p. I than tin «am< arlli li an he bought 111 tin
ni.nkit I'h ne i all ami examine
*n \t kuI'liiin ik i i.w i i.i i n
I »' Hit i 1 S.nldli ts will find it to tin li mb n -t to call and e\
Ilium out st.sjk helori plliehasing elsi wlien
feh |.i |4m Ski,
4 %XII for 200 U:4Jt<lf>.
1%’ K ill Ml III 111 irki l III Iiiirrhnsi'Iiur t ill snnnlv
ran sty to uur Iririids. and tin puklir grin-tullr.
dial ii i n ill pay I lir
MK.iii'.sr t vsii pint k
I'm ill \unlit ami likrly N I, I. I! (I K s t nf
Ill"*-' lial ill'J SIH-Il lusrll yy ill liml || |„ 11,,., r il,|,.res|
tu rail "ii i:u lu.iiiri- uiakinsalt-.
Thr...nt BI.AI KXWI Ills ami ( \ Ii I’KNTKIis
ant'il. Mi will ■: n i a liltrrnl purr litr t lit* saint
N H Ml niiiiiniiiiii-ati'ius Irniii ilia numirv. rrla
l|yi In ills a I Hiy r ili-s 11 pi Ion nl prnprrl V , Will .I yyi||,
pnimnt adi-ntum. 11. k D
July lH
\l.l. |n us,,ns lllilrliliil lii ll.ili-lii r is (in in nru m
. api-i-Uiilly mpnnlial to rail ami w-ltlr tlirir nr
•.lunts, as ii is ili-Nimlili- tn st-lllr up llir Imisiiii-hh ul tin.
■ -mi. . rn a s|ma tidy as mssiklr
*'*-!>- i1 u ii vri iikii tt (.iti-'.kn
.Wir 4 Onrrrti
r|MII\ mitlrrsiitnrtl liavr (liistlav Inmit-tl a rn parlnn
skip, mult r Ilm sty It- and firm id'
Inr dm pn r |.-St .,| ismdm-llng a grinral Diy i;,«„|s, (ir,,
-'' r\ ami ( ninmissitm iiusinrsH Tlmy liavr pnrrkasisl
■I I lair In r k. l.risn lln-ir rttlirr sin. A I iim.ls. ami takrn
llir ti-llrinrlit is-rnpinl liy lllrllt, mill a Is., that r,sa Illly
s-ritpital liy Mr \\ in. .1. VV dlls, vvluur limy will liavr
ma I, w wrt ks, a larjfr ami will srlrrlnl Murk til Dry
I. -sis and (ir.s-rrirs, in nfl't r I,, ill, ir ,,|,l limn,Is ami rus
I,mil Is ami (lir pul,lir grin-rally, nl prirrs In sml tin
I lutt-s. Purrlmarrs art tripmsi, ,1 t<, call and rXHUiint
In n si,irk before purrlmsitig rlsrw hare.
I llos M \\ n.klNSON.
• '•'I* lr> Is .1 V II VTCIIKR.
Mot .vr.u.y ( i.ni i:ii si.kd.
Ml) 111 s| 11 I ,s sturdy } >■ i mu Mnuntiim I I \ ,r Sml in
" " t« ( ( i \ til and It It sale Ivy
I IMI'HIII, 1 . II., \ V.
%% 11.1. prai'tliv in all tin* 1 uurla nl (‘am|tlh*11 1*111111
"" n, 1 III Qiiarli'ily ami S111m■ 1 mr ( imrla ut I'rank
lilt. I’ltt.-ylvanin ami llaliliix ( uimiipu.
I II ami .1. \\ 1‘agr. Iiuvinm ass, mi a toil iIiimum Ivi
ill llir jirai-lji-iMir llu I ,a\\ , will nttrml ilm ('miria ii
I im-lilnirn, Vmlii r-al.( ampin II. Kianklln. 1'iiM liani:
■11 al Halifax. All IniKitirsa t*iilrusU*il totlitar cttrii nil
liavi |irniii|it aiti'iiiinn.
Kit I*'. IK I’anr, aililrrss ('ampUrll t ||.
.1W I’ayo still retains Ilia ollioe in l.t m liburi;.
Krb. H-—La
II ’till's 1ilVm/,11,.
rlllllKIt't'a. S. IV 11.1.Kit nlli-r ti.r anf, , .'III 1,1.1.
» M all Ol.tlltVK Si. ltk l I'lKIKII M HlNIxl.A ,
llu, I *,i|i 'lii.r , lu an* ol cr pit, i, il in till* ln.itk* 1.
Jan 9.a- la
Uou r Sml.
1 himiki.s sruu i i.n I’Uimk .moi \
I * ** " 1AI\ ( I.O\ KH SKI .1). JUKI root ivimI on run
lit. nml for tu Irby IUUIKRTS\ \\ \|.|,|-.U
Ki I*. —ts
\ I .K( I l UhS tin thr Iisrsul lIn- Limios, with
^ illustrations. I )osi^U(.(| i;,r all Clav>t s of Uoadtrs
1 • v Suii»u<-1 s. I itch, \ M., M. I).
rnr 'al.- itV DI1.PAWK.
IMi. I —
W h ukry, It rant!) . A <
I .*"T| \ Hill -S M mi .i mi .out Kt lih .l \\ ht*lo ▼,
I •Ml .to hbls. Brandy.
./ L s n.
<>.4l Bn * \Vhwk»*y_. 1 nijtr • »*. 1 I! llautl (iin.I'trlH'h Bi.uuh
U.oii. <.i,J Matlrira. Si* ily «M.uIni.1 umt Hurt Wme of the Im s
«|• i i 1 i!y . ohl.Iitinaiu Bum. Ipondon Hotter, Jsu*. No , oil ham
.iih! (..r *»lr lnv% ,
Jail 21 !• Ill'll'.UTS \ AVAM.KH
»•# ( M.vwi.iir.
GUn< ins j.\V> * au,i//ss/u\* SU:n< ILLS'!'s.
H\ \ K reui.v.l ilu if aUnni U# tl*t larg# fire proof
!»’• »#»%f if M l#» low Mr. |) \\ Moor# ’a
< In n ^ l.la — si r#-. win r»* lh**v flow ofl-r to tin ir
Iricnil* ami tin (hiMw* gam rally, a la rye an#! w #llaelt**ted
assortment. up u l# rm*. winch cannot tall to |»l# »e —
Fhnr Mock at pr»*- tit consist* m part of
•J) hlnU imf inftr# *»t N O., IMficamJSt Crux
S»ig . r*.
|0 hh'* arM ’ ! Nil and Porto |{im Molars.
.* n< ' > * v# r\ *’i «m »r t i»le i M nip.
'2*1 * ;• Re.. St | kiinieg.. and Java ( fl>e,
w.«m j-», < itt <n \ tens, I .e.ilisvill#* Factory,
Io Urm( tonlry ami Tr# #l# gar Iron, embracing a
I**-/. 4*" kftMM iii of aim •?»: #*v# r\ mw. from
I i im fi t #J inclica round ami ttpiarc,
|im *a» k I .t\# rpH<| anti ground Mum Salt,
7 *•* :di> * 1 < Hi!#l upp r Leather.
2,**l !'•*» \ue m an ' list# r Steel,
.*•0 ( u»f ami Mn-nr Sf#-el,
■’* b v - and Mil* Stuart's Liaftud Crushed Sugar*.
*>#ni k# j* Nads ami llrad*.
71 fw\#s Tin plate \,
fiW) Hi- Aim ncan Sheet Iron. *21 and ‘25,
a a » d<> Nprfn r,
;*it do Russia do dc
|0 rass flats,
*J do men and Women's 1 .either Shorn,
."'I b \es very fiiitt l heme,
* Iwgs I’epp r.
r» d . Allspice,
“» do (itng. r,
VO r»-.! ns Writing and Letter paj*er,
2a do Wrapping ik»
o hlnL Stom- \N ar# . w#*ll assortisl,
21 t.ida. fim and superline Flour,
2*t k-g- blasting Powder,
10 do Rifle do
51 * \ - s‘p rm and Tallow Candles,
j #lo s -rip,
v i |s • i r SI i.is mg a'el Toil# t Siap. vrr\ old,
1 • !-. P ;re ( id#*r \ inegar.
V m |‘i s ry -up# ri«.r W<*d Holla.
.■<no ; , \\ ■ stern F« atlu rs.
V' k> : \\ !• •• L'-.d.very fie juality,
I r \ itli a i as-* irl in nt ! I) ii>#>tle*. ( :iliiN*#*s.
II 11 •. s ’!• rs. hr, vV.<- . ail .-I w hich
w- <*tf< r on uei oni,inflating terms lor rash rr l»art* r.
January I I — is
l \llli:son the New Testament liy
V \ rnold <V Lou in a n.
I I.- I* ii' i -out I!»«• ir j iiii' ijilf*, by F, II.ill
The !’<►«•!* and I"**** tr\ <-fthr Viwirtih,
< .• i\(i »n'** M. m>»ir hi* own Time*,
TIm Lad)’* Receipt link, l»v Mi" Leslie.
Just rtfdvrtl hv
J«u J. la |) R IVWNF.
i oi vr m iiotii,,
i.k.nr s’l'n/ /'. n.ii.TiMuin:.
urn 11 ii i. 11 Miti, t
I’llINKAS | | || UVION , ^ I ruprn lurs.
r«n 11' mull i igm d, having amrmlid the late firm
I ot Di\ $*. I -g in the |m »|>rn tondnp « l the Kotin
'i m 11 .III. HO | : g I lid V\ lde!v klloU li as one o|'’tile IMoHl
■ ill ill i1 h i 'ishmeu’M iii llnllimnre, take this nielli
od it ini aiuiiigllie irav filing public that, hi-id's the
• it impr* Venn ut madi Inn spring in tin addition of an
utire new w mg I i the Iioiim , hv W liieh a large uiiiiiIh r
I l.wlging rooms were added, as well as an extensive
H idling F.stithlishntent, th« y have rrrriill) had eon si runt
ed i new | di. Ordinary. litlrii up iii the most unnpir
ml Im-'mill'd - t y I • . and aU»a jninil' nillinu; ntfim for
lln xrittlrmrn% vfhich i- entir* lv tin- fr »m the htisi|f» nr
• i s anlv incident to tin m r* public parts of the house :
an arrangement highly desirable and which lin y llatb r
'themselves cannot tail to p|es«. . fn Connection with
tin si■ improvi in> ids tie w Hole interior of the house has
ii ode i goi it a t hr rough r< \ isn.ii. ivory thing app« rtaining
to the upholsterv "I tin est i1 li'diiw lit has hern renewed,
oid attendants for the chafi M-r* leeted with a strict
view to entire capability in every respite I Tin Tabli
will Ih I omul it ill timesfullv supplied with everything
tie market allords. servi d up in a superior sty le; w bile in
lie Wav o| will's, vN'\. liolhlllg will I if kept hut what is
>t t he Ih st ipialit V \.ld to these I ids the at lent loll and
'onrlesy which will L -rendered hv their r-sislanl.s art mg
under their ow n persona) supervision Th<*ae who may
lavor them u ih a rail they iJ liter themselves will riot
leaved l11-Th-d, :• s no |m o - 'I • \ |h-iim’ WI 11 Ih* spared
de ir pa■ !>• ■ • t t in wan'»o| tlu ir gin sts, and trust
i heir hopes ul a liberal patronage will not prove UllfoUild
I hii taken to and from tin- I lot* I fn e of charm*.
I . • JA—l*2w
fill IK siilisiTiUr. having purchased the interest of K
I (• Met lanahan. in the lab- flmi of MeC’lanahau
''Li, has tormt .1 a .-o partnership with Mr (Thump
'"ii, "I this place, lor tin put pose of continuing the
f.IKH I II) .LYD ' fO/.U/.ss/O.V lit SLYblSS
oinh r tin style and lirm «>! Met lanahan Thompson,
and w mild respectfully soh-n a eon tnm a nee of the patron
ige, so IiIh rally i \h udi d to the late eotieerii. VII r\
p» in lie* ut I \ r.ns. close ;itt. ntion to Imsiness, with the
• litire personal sitmtb>n •>! Uith partners, will. 1 think.
■ oa I* us to give satislaeiion to all who may lavor us
w till their patron,ljrc.
,1 NO l. M. ( LAN Ml \ V
Nov II Is

fill 11, suliseiil., rs would respectfully inform their
I Im uds and the pollin'generally, that they have
bn i uni a eo part in islup, under the sty h and lirm of
.'/r< i~i.yiiu.yk rnu.MrsiKY,
lor tin purpose i.| doing alietieral (inierry and ('omtiiis
■'ion Ih aliens, at the late stand "I Me( lanahan To.
t hir slock ol (iroeeries. I )omesties, 6n*., w ill Ih* found, at
all tunes, large ami well >. lerb d and at low prices
( oii"igunn-iits ot Flour, \\ beat, 'Lohaeco and all kinds
’• I'lodtn-i will receive our prompt personal attention,
t ioahIs received and forw arded. no charge** for Drayage
\\ e ri*s|H-etlull V solicit a share of puhlie patronage.
JOHN i. Mi ( LAN Ml \N .
November Hi ts
III \\ L this day opi inal a line lot of the above goods
to an examination ot which I invite the attention ot
'lie Ladles I) T. ( PKTKUS.
()ct. \*.t Us
I'lll Ks,
Kim e** .onI Folks, ..I vai ions kmil', by the tlo/.rn,
I i i Trays ot various patterns,
t aiiill.-st u~. SmitU-i s a ii* 1 Tray*,
Ri it a uia NN are,
NikIiioiis, (-oiitmon and line,
Nbox els. Tongs and I’okers,
brass and Riitama Spitt.Miji.s,
Curtain Tins, Curiam Rands, Kc.fcc.,
Lor salt- by CiUF.LORY 8*. HOVALL.
The Tdk I'reek •Hills and h amis,
FinilS properly lies in ihe counlies of \mlierst and
I Nelson, immediately on the .lames River ami ka
naw ha Canal, ami consists of three
• • ! £ UM'* attached to each
I I I £3 a Si..m House—a Manufar
Cr^'rfai^Oirtng Mill, lilt\ feet by tbrty,
with three nail of Stones, a \\ beat Mill, ( orn ami Pla«
1 ter NI • 11. 1‘lie tract of land contains 710 or I ACRKS.
imbedded upon Limestone o| the In'st ipialitv. with a
«1 narr\ immediately upon the Canal. I will* sell the
Mill, Sturt II ttw and Dwelling, with one hundred A
errant VVcaxl Land, attached to tin same, for tlte gup
port as feel, or I will >. II the whole together, as it nuiv
suit purehasers. Auv person, wishing to invest m such
valuable pr >perty, w ill call upm the guhaeriU r residing
within one mile of it» who will take great pleasure in
showing the same, and a great baignm may In- rxpecti*d
I will say it has the 1>« st eorn custom of an\ mill I know
of m the county, yielding from Ibo to *jtm barrel* of toll
year, ILEX \NDKK Ml NDY.
S, pt. JI ts
I e Hie nd Whig will pi* ose copy. and at ttd
account t«» tins oilier tbr collection.
^ 1' I « I)
Finil. SI list III HLR has rented, t *r tin' •’listing
I year, tin lluuw over Mugra. ik^ll & Huvkpr’iDii
»• *.. ! ,I 'I the purpis*-<«f keeping a HOAUDINti
H M "K, w lu r» he will Is* prepared to receive Hoarders
lh« 1st of Ja
l vl7tou the most Teas U.iblt t« fins.
I , will have one or two excellent rooms for families.
i»ot as vet engaged,
.von# r
f I IKK mi >s<Ti; #r takes tie* mellujd to inl«-nii t*c com
I niunity of I .ynrhbtirg ami tin sumnmding *' unify*
ill it In- In* UsMiftK* the purchaser *fa larg* interest
in lie Lynchburg ( ottofi l .e rv, xxbleb e-1 jblishuieilt
11* i’ll I r. W ben e .Ml
plctcd. he fc» Is mi.fidint ili.it h* will •* enabled to pro
dins' a* k md work a* any ustabliahiiH iit in \ irgiuta or
anx uthef State.
I ne av* iran<*e be ha* for mi ••* v in making Cotton
\ jri .*. \.e . i*,th*tl Irr has lor .1 mi ml.* r ul y« ir* be* uue
tiv« ly • gag* d in the Cotton manufacturing himines'.and
the la-*1 si\ \ * .if’ >n« -4 the nU im f’ . t lie ( liarl »tt«**xill*'
( < 1! ton .1 ml Wool I*’ail ii v. during which time t rrx\d*soii
N. Jones wen * elided to makt as g.*od < ottoti N arns. (as
3 n 11 in Im r I nr g » *1 «misi »m**r** in the \ alb v of \ \ 1 ■ m
1a. »■* wt|| as 011 tie east side of the mountains, will ree
>.l e •! t) as xx a.*. * x * r made m any eslaldtshui nil, and a U t
ter article i»t \\ ouJb u leans lor negTiM S, (o| th* kind.)
w.e* 11 ot Ui Im found 111 market. 11 Ii >p' s.tlier* 1 . that
tie1 (**■ *plc will venture Ir• * ly when tie \ trn - out,
and try them.as a trial is all he asks, to prove all lie has
said or may sav.
v. II —All thr Khutntr .4' the Lynchburg Manwfac
luring ( oinpaux having Uh ii Irm put tit the bands ot ilie
mi s ri H-r tor s. itlnnent, it is desirable that a‘l per* »ns
having elaitns against .-Mid Company,shut 1 I pres* ui them
I r settlement, and it is hoped, that all those whoowe
any tiling to said Company w id come up at once and
j*a\ of| their se veral accounts, > ■ as to enable the sulwn
r to pay off the indebtedness of said Com|>any. In hope
liter* I -re that the a ms units due th** Comjiany will lie at
t* nd***l to at on* *•, ( U’ tin siiIm* *rib*r xv ill riot have it in
bis p .\x * r to devote tint a short time to the settling of those
account*, and would insist upm settling up all of them,)
n f>re lie will I* under tin neeessiiv . (as it will be Your
interest.) to give up tli ’<• claims, as the Company must
have the r money to enable them to inert their engage
rieu’C avail x urseUes of the lir-t opportunity to call
.*' tli. I.xnenburg < ott. n Caetoi \, win re the subsertb* r
11.ax », (oiind readv f *r s'ttii’iii* ul.
Kei». 25- f»vr
.YKH ■ until. n.
I\ I )l Rs" P( Mi l’ Ct )I |t », some very superior,
A " Alei sxii r (nkstattds.
Not*' I’a nr. kc u.i*. For sale by
Jan. I—is ' H.M. DtW'rrr.
.V o #/ n in b n ;r /
sri.i.im; ni r \ r t usr \nd i.rss,
F O It T // I It T 1 />./ Y S U%YL >\
Adams A W ilkinson
11’’!!.!. this day mm lire s* IJmg their entire Stork
"" of 1 • ■ ids, al ( nut and less, fot thirty days only.
Persons in want ol Hoods at reduced prices will please
e.dl ami examine.
Jan. 2* —Is
1 CO//.V. delivered either at Laughorm \s Mill, or
at Heaver creek, ♦» miles below Lynchburg, oil the ca
nal. A. N. .MON I’HOMKIU .
Nov. 5 wts
Dissou l lo\.
r 111 .1'o-parlm rsliip Ik ti tolwir existing, under the Mile «»t
1 I .»•«■ Lx Hubert*, wax dissolved, by mutual aou.-cnl, <>u the
JIM ultimo.
I lo* name ot the firm will only tie used, hereafter, in set
tling the bllSUie*9 ol tin euueeni.
Ml person* indeltied to the concent w ill make payment to
eithei party .It UIN It I.KK,
( ommixMimcrS Siilv of l.ainl.
IN ptir*iittnec of a decree pronounced on the *2'.Mh day o
September, |S| , hy the ('limit Supcimr ( nut >.l Law
and ( liaU'Civ, lor the emioty id Hi dl> aid, in the ease .1 \\ hit a -
ly 5k al \ * Hu-I St.d . the tiudcr-d^ued, a-eoinmi*-i>uier, vv ill
' d t » ell, on thi 2(1 thday "I Mari h, 1s 17. it fair, it ti t
l lie next fail day, up«>u the pumi-r .. .it publie ami ion, the
liijihest ludder, tht I.VND in -.ml al« • i a < inent imual Said
I .ami heh >u»«'a| to the late (a •ij.r H u*t, a ml .id j> .in.* the land*
I Joseph 1* Wright Ik Co , I lorn and others, ami i* *aid t"
<•.>•>1 m idol ;»() \< HKS
TKII MS \ erealn ad six and twelve months, in eipi.il m
-tallni nts, tin pun* I m-ft y u ill” In >nd V\ It h \ a d -• u It V .
ind tin' title retained until .ill tin- pup’h.i-e ut.im y b p.u I
(it'd >10.K sTI I'TnK, deputy
for Nathaniel .1. .M.mson, s l». (' ,
Fih 25 t‘J6M and as such Com1!
(al.NI.H \ |,t n.M MINSK t.N Ml.Hi 11 AN Is
A lil' prepared m receive ST(I|»AHK on reason*
il aide terms, in the commodious tire proof W are
house occupical l»y them ©it the Dork, adjoining the ware
house of Messrs. John \. Lancaster A Co. They art
also prepared to I >rw ard I1 II < >1)1 ( Il V MHU ( /if. I.\
DIZIl w ith despatch, and on reasonable Utiiis.
al.tn. 21—3m
Jlcrcliaiit Tailoring.
./ n ii .v o.i k i: r,
. lltlic Obi Shun! of II ui. ajy* ./ (hikn/,
%%r(M LI) respect fully inf »riii the a-iti/eus ol l.vneh
Tv burg, and the public, that he will continue to
conduct, at tin old --1.11111 of himself ami brothi r. tin*
in all its branches, lie has now oil hand, and will con
tiiinally keep, a lieauliful ass.irtiiieut ail Cloths, Cassi
mere-. \ esttings, ami m fact every tiling suitable tor Hen
tlemeii’s wenr.w Iticlt lie w ill make up to order in the most
lashiouahle styles, hands'im fits and warranted work
mmslnp Hr would invite tin1 attention of the public
to Ills SttM'k.
Feb 1 —ts
FIllll' suhserilters are now* receiving, anti m a tew
I days w ill have in store, their entire standi ad I' \ I.L
\NI> W INTKH HOODS ; among w Itieli w ill L
hnuitl a fill I assortment of the most fashionnlile, liar La
du -’and (ientlemen’s wear, as well as a large .Muck of
W oollrus, I) ol nest ics. 11.its. Caps. Hoots and Shoes, and
most every article usually found in a Dry H-mkIs estah
Feeliug grateful for the patronage heretofore received,
they cordially invite tlu ir friends ami tin public to give
their stoek an examination, pledging themselves lo use
i va ry exertion and spare no pains to ph-asc all who may
favor them with a call.
September 21 Is
• firrclunif iauorknn
I.I> respectfully inform the citizens of l.vndi
▼ ▼ burg and surrounding country. that In lias taken
1 ho Molise, opjrosite .Messrs (•r« g, iy^v |{,.\al, w In >c lie
'intends carrying on the Tailoring lJusuitss, in all u>
lie has on hand.and will continue to keep, a benuti
tul assortment el Cloths, (’assiineres ami Yt stings, and
! «n fact every tiling suitable to (tentlenien’s wear. t..
w hich he Would call the attention uf the public. Any
work entrusted to his care shall meet with prompt at
trillion. C. \\ |.< >\ K.
N II.— The upper Tenement of Ins Niop. suitable f.r
a small Family, is for rent. C. \\ . L.
Jau. —Is
ITAKK this opportunity. of returning mv grateful
acknowledgement#to tny friends and customers, for
llieir liberal patronage « \teitdfd to me. and would ask a '
continuance to the new concern off. \V. Love.
C. M.-l V Kl{.
Jan, *25—ts
riMIF. <ul>*. mK is have associated themselves together, un
1 Uer the firm and stv le of
for the purpose of conducting a
II /mlcsulc imd lit lail (jrveery, mud Commission llnsi
in this plaoc, at the old iituiid of Lee k Roberts, and w ill at
all time-, keep a large ami Wi ll selected St.iek of (iro -erie-.
to which th. V most re.-peet fully iu\ ite the attention o| then
trieiuls ami the puhhe generally.
in i.wn in»ur.i{ rs.
Jjn_ 7—ts_ RICHARD I*. W \ LI Fit.
fl MIL claims due to th** firm of Parham & II. pL i
1 have bet’ii placed in the hands of Messrs. Ir\mg k
lloane tor collection. I’ho debtors w ill plrast come l r
ward and settle them—as no longer indulgence can lx
given. P \R11 VM *k Hopkins
IV. 31 —ts
%*!>) II HAV A RD.
Kl NAWAV I nun Urn sibHrriher, living at Cole**
ville l#««nT Ofli < . S'oken county, .North Carolina,
t.i th. night of the *22rd Novetnlx r la*M. a n _»ronuii by '
he* nam« <d
lie inbuilt thirty seven years old, low stature, thin
nsa »c, hi/h forehead, dark complexion. upjH*r front !**»•!h
nit. .juick spoken; in walking he lias a v. ry mo- .
non. is v ry polite, ami by examining his right side, 1
jr the ojt of his .stomach, will l e f und es» i.:ns. pro
ii . |;... T ftar Kinetic Ointment. When trot hcartl
iV.im. he was in R irkbrnlgc County. Va., in company
with a wliitf man who d< e.i\« <1 him off.
II t f* »k with him one him* broad (doth drcsscoat, a pair
,fi|„v. **i*1 aired w itstisl pantaloon*. a broad brim while
wool hat, a fi !»lI• , shceji skin and brimlle d*»g.
The above reward of out. hundred dollars w .11
■riven for his apprehension an I confinement in Jail, in
miv free State. si that I get him again, or l\\a:nt\ five
il dlars. if confined so that I ••an get him again, in uu\
slave State. JOHN L. COLE. ’
l-Y iruary I—wfiw if
TO Tin: !•! IIIjII'.
n\Y!N( • :>c ii upp tinted Affent by John Strutlu-r*
it. >on. <d Phil uhdphia, one of the larked iM’ub'isliiAent*
in h ? touted State*. |.»r the *ah-of M;uMe Work in general
I am now ready to till outers for
Arabian. Kgjptian, Italian and Itarditflia
.1/ .i it n l i: .1/./ ,v r i: l .s,
at the Imwi -I Cash juice, and the.r delivery in Lynchburg, in
sottiul condition, warruuti-d. Tomb Stones mid Marble Mon
ument* made t.. ..r.It r \| w df'i'^us may be .*««•»» trained at
tin—tore >i| 1) \V Mann , Main Street.
Just received, tlir latent *tvle ot finish f «r stueco cornice*.— '
Tli.eo- wi.-lonj; to have new ->r old parlors fitted up, after the
-tylc «i the .Northern Cities, van do so, l>\ applying to the sub
sea iber.
Jan. *2."» wts JOHN hOMi.
siihMvt.oFr Toel<>si:.
%r I III a view of closing our present busini ss on tin
" ▼ tli • ’ .* March next, we ofr* r our large and de
siia dr stock ot (• h >I)S, at greatly reduced prices, and
without regard t" cost. Those wishing to purchas • (jo uls 1
would do well to give \\% a call. Our customers are war
ticiilarly invited to examine our stock. C* >ods will he
s ild to them on the usual time.
Jan. Is—wts DAVIS. (OLIIOCN St Co.
Ill's llt iiriiiiM'V
i:.v(;lish . i.yd n.ir idi:m\\
l or A outig Ladies,
i.v>«.mu ho, vA.
FI II IE >il« S ssion of this Institution will begin on
1 M mday. February, the 1st.
’I"he course of instruction is extensive ami thorough,
both m English and French. The L it u language ami
i lie h gin r branches of the English, such as Parsing,
Composition, Rhetoric, Logic, etc., as h tlierlo, taught
by a competent gentleman.
Te ms Unaltered, viz:
1st Class, English, French and Latin,
$ I KIM I per session of 5 months.
2nd do 15.00 **
o'd do 1*2.50 ** “
Hoard —$IOj»*r month, half of which pad in advance
N H. Mr*. ]| has consent’ll tu begin on M today tb
Mb ol Fel».,a private elassof young g mu lent *n tu Freucb
♦ itlu r in the in ruing Ik lore licr School hours, or aft
the same in the evening.
February I—wtivv
Mlts M. ( . RICK is mu h grntifb d at tin liberal
patronage she Ins received, notwithstanding there
issimurheoiiijietiti.ni in teaching. She ntiers her sin
cere thanks to her patrons, to whom she w ill endeavor to j
man li M her gratitude by every exertion f r t te advance
up lit <>t their children, and by example, precept and jinn
c j'le, to make tliem useful members ot s.-cn ty. and pie
pa re Iiein I' .r any station or lot which 1’r >\ideuce may as i
sijn them.
\\ tilt regard toher discipline, she would remark, that
she has no rule, nor requisition, which she does not deem
almost inseparably eonneeted w it h the happiness and wel
tare .-I’In r pupils, tor which she labors m .st zealously :
and 11 in i it is tin- same as it was when in Richmond, Va ,
and hdi/.aiu tblown, Iky. it jirompted fjom patrons ami
jinI'tls thanks unsi-li. i r.l; and she is sure her pupils wdl
appreeiat n,\v!i.ai liny s i\\ have ainvi I at years ol
lis.T. tiuti, I *r w >• are all conscious of the inability t«i aji
l>, relate any go al n i.i.v . till sensible of its benefits or dr
pi veduf them; and this s!ie endeavors strenuously to
i kn |i constantly in the view of In r ptqnls, that thev ’tnay
h induced, wiii'o in '.he . nj .y nu nl of youth, health anil
j opportunity, to seek wisd >111 and knowledg* , and t .s um
indolence and ignorance, and escape their degrading and
destroying »1V> <\s.
Slip endeavors so to instruct those committed to her
uttion, that they shall hr* ma.le suit! Mentis acquainted
with their own language to prevent their blushing when
addressed m it, by not understanding tin* definition, and
j being ridicule d on account of t lie Misapplication of the
- line.
The progress of the Latin pupils is quite encouraging,
as it appeals to aid them so much 111 acquiring a kn >w
i ledge of the definition of their ow n language, by beitio
i. quainted with th derivation, ill ire < I th. Knglish lie
mg derived from the Latin th,an from any other langiuje.
w'hteli makes it as uuj»orlant to females as to males
I’woot tlnse pup Is are between N and IH years, and tin \
ean tr inslate and pa-sc Historia Sacra quite- well.
March I—w Iw
*v 6 ri c /;.
F I Ml K subscribers have employed Mr. W in. Duval
■ ( hristian, who has hern with them several years,
i . close their business. All persons indebted will please
call and settle, and those having claims present them for
payment. \\ I). ( . may be t .mid at our old stand.
March I wlw VDA.MS ik. WILKINSON
to thi: in huc.
F I M I IN is to inf. rm the public that the notice,which has
I appr ar- d.and wditch Mill continues to appear, in the !
Lynchburg \ irgiuinti, s-gned hy Tandy Jones and C'lai
'•orue <« Kulks.ofuiv holding a Howl of th irs, executed
"'I ’I"* - Ilh day *t November. I v jo, and payable to me
'I"' I -■ h «»t Nov< id< r. 18*17, for two Imndre 1 .1,1
I ts. is correct; hut that |H>rtiou of the notice, saying that
they ha'., tl's ts against the Rond,that are le+ul or uc
l\ii(nrlrtl_n <l. is not true, as 1 do nut owe any perso 1
beneath t he sun.
Nh'ittld I i*e mistaken,! take this nut hod of inviting |
all persons to whom I in y he indebted to come forward
with their claims, as lain ready to jiay them off. I par
ticiilarly invite Messrs, 'randy Jones ami ( . Kulks
I w ill further state, that on the first appearance of the
notice, I visited said Tandy Jones, and demanded
"I him those, Ms ts which ho had informed the public he
held against the bond. lie told me, he could not show
them to me on that day, hut meet with him at Res V,
Mills, on the 1 1th of December, lMO.and he would then
v >"U them 1 * me. | attended at the above named tint1
and place, but in ithersaw imr heard any thing of said
I’ainiy Jones. No tin public may readily infer, w hat I 1
know, that they have 110 admissible nffntts, even in their 1
own estimation, it so, they would have presented them, ''
I hrref re. in order to disabuse the public mind,I mak.
thi- communication. j
././.U/-..S mi i.n \ h. i.v. hi ii i cu.iii'.i. vi.
VTOT1CE is hereby. Kivcn that, lor tin imri.I clearmi I
out the depositee in tin Canal, rv|iauiiii(t the looks, kc., <
the "ater "i" ho wiltidrawn from the sev eral levels, mi 11,, i
l.'ili .l vl.iv II. VI .iii.I that it mil he let into the lirsi level. I
on or about tin 21d of th< sami month al Maiden's til venturi i
l >am on or about the 1st of June at tin 8 t en Islands K., .
,m ..r about the .u h ,,l .Inn, and al Hi. Tve Hit,a .,ml J,,.|,ua I
!■ alls I tains,and at l.yiu bl. irj;, mi „r about the lalliuf .1.. a
*’> order ul the President and I lircetnrti. |i
u 'V. It. t III rt'K.vilKN. Seeretarv. "
•>1 aivh 8 — w t l.tMtn • I
K \ I' K NSIV K V S S () H T M p \ p (, p
'i:u Mtoith,
*’ ftK VT DKf’II.N’K |.N PKirr.S.
N,.vvnds r I '.Mil, | S40. j
I ..'viii'jaii extensive assortment el’ \T,\\
B l.t ton's. Ismolii up.in a rapidly d, elinmomurkri and
alsu.d, prim s as will euahl ■ tos-ll them lower t
I n v haw mi Hold in ibis place. All ,iem.»s in waul
K-'rtr.n.u.are c.irni s ly re,p„ sled tocall and see'
I'll.r.. cyluiv. l
s F J. lirUTON.
Nu1 ‘9 _ is
uqroiiKR. j
I have in store, and will » II low for cash ur youd sixty ■>
...\ paper. I cases very line uussunil sii.-k I i’jiu.riee * "i
v,,,. < . PHi.I.l’s! I
-..l «.l.le an.Umol,. Shuck Mu tresses, made hy an •
i iH'tnl workman. J
Ivb. 1 is ( nil't.l's
MKDIMA; ~ "-—
\I Hu'.m held in I ho < fork's uh ii,» <
./ !,rt "{ *-3 • a,ui 1 !»•»'» ry forth* { ,um f i*ft,M,,f»"r|ye
m 11»»* Slit day ol January, 1SI7 • • 0
•*Sa:« id C. Young, ...
Melton I>. Y oung, .
in ( Hmctir. “*
I hf* Defendant not having entered his ainwaran •
• • nr.ty according to the- set ot Assembly ami tl„ , ul*^ f'***
"'.'7 uPI' * 'ring i»\ «atMuetory Jv idenee t,la(? ,f «•*»
M tnhabif.int ,,f thit < otutnonw,-alth. .»n the , " u (»**t
la'ntiflin ins romv*cl. it 1* order d that tlu- “ l .7 lK
!" aiV'**,f rules 1,. fo held in the said Clerk's ,,/»• ,hLi*
V*\ ,;l *IV Vri* •" 't. a id answer the Pfoiiitnr V? l,,*‘
1,1 3 ' "?> 1 his ml r i» ■ forthwith |nh'ish, -l n ^•D.arwl
"P r.prmt.-d in the t,wn of Lyn-hb irg, f ,r 7"""' ,,ew»
md pwtwlat the Rout door ol the s.
his county on sum • Court dav. UrWi-»Uaa „|
, ... . * Copr—Teate
«'J„, M <; , Anput C]^
*iryinin :
* T It de. held in the Clerk’, offi..
-VI .lit ol l.aw and Ch.it,rery i..r the Cmint," , ""' -,
«•'* in-lav, the 1.1 day of .Mar ■it, |M 17 : vd. ,N
J’''jr'"e I " ' pbeil. Shannon I». Catnob dl \, „
lamp..- . .enrue-l- Campbell, Mauri, e A ( ,a"' H
>■ . [n iia ( amybell, Alplamso Campbell 'y, Sa', .
i.niphell, Keiiiamui XX Cam... |r , .i,,/,,, .7. Mary J>,„
u. "lie, j„el Hight .IM,i \an,.,. hi. wile, P.li1,1 Sll,
a II. I1,|;.,i,"1 XV ( amplwR, .Nr., a„a VX ill,,,,,, j, " »'„p
Susannah Ins wife, ' ,M|»ht an,l
. a 1 bunt.ff,
1i'xmnnt »
II,”"1 c. Amieraun, f:,e,..ii"r,,r Nelwn \n,|,r. ,
” ilium N I..A iuc, administrator „l Samuel I ■ ’ *rV,
"-■ami,, Har.i., It.he., II. \ ,„l. rR,. ... f’' ■
Hov,I I„ U hit,,l.e,itl, William XV. Campbell If ,
h II, and tdem-e II. Campbell. 1 !I "" 1 1 i
In C iiihcekv.
The n,Ten,David C X udemi.i, nut bavi.
appear,.. and yu,-n .eeurity nee.mtiim to th. t l"r"1 In.
hly .10.1 tl,e rules,,f this,-null,' and ii a,inir 1' .'
i*\i'll nec that lie is not an inhabitant ol tfos ' l'*a,,ln/y
01, the motion of the l’laiutill', by e„un-el |,i .altl,,
- I"1 'I, h iulant, David C. Anderson. ,1,. 7'"'1- H,a,
1,,'t Monday in June, next, and answer th , ’"'he
I'l.iintiWs,and that a enpv ,,l thi. order h f,r,|, ’!'11 "l »h
msome new-paper published in tin-town , 1 T' ’1 'T
I >r In,, nioitli- su -ix-sively. and another
all he I rout door of tlu- court ho,lie uf On. ' i" » „•!
... a- A Copy—Ti;sfe,
March 1-wSm 8. H. I.DVUNO.Chrkpro...
Vii'lfjiiiii : -
4 'I'rules fold in th, < !crk\oni«-eoftl,e ( oeui's „
. V t D irt til Law HI.I ( li.iinvrv. h.r the* cunmti i
1,,i* "» His- 2nd Jay oi Fubru.u v, is 17 : ’ ° ^ ra‘*^
L.lcs I i. ('alii :ulc, ’ ,,,
. . Mamt,*,
filial list
Ma s' all Xvr-s and ltebc.-a Ins wilk.William I ,1 -
C.ru.Cnllic te, ’ , "> t>nO
In X ii ixi'KKy.
I I'' 'h i lid,lit., William Calli.-ote St I'yr,,. ('j|i, ,.
Iiaving ent -red tliei, a|ye.ira ,ee, and iriv.n ""
lit'-f'„.'he '■ t -I X 'iHihly and the rules ,.f RR, t . , '
• p,iaarih|r hy satinfa -turv evid-nee that tl„-v arena
la its ,.l ; ins nouenonw eailli; I In th, m,din n of f|,e
7,il.” '"I ' ::'lsaid ah„ „ dvl-mla, , ;
,1 run s to In- I,el,I n, the s.,„l Clerk’. „ iiee on the li-„ \ 1
"> Miy next, and answer t lie uluitililfs hill, ,,,„| .■
dllii. order he foithwith |,ub:i-l,ed in s..me new. ..n„-rVj V
-,l in t „• ilown ol l.vi •lilmi-jr. lor two mouths s ..Ko."
pasted at tin- ll lilt door of t lie < 'ottrt I lou.e
ly on some Court Jay. Ul,n*
A Copy—Toi'f,
.. , 0 M. G. C.YItPKJUTk
I* i l.i—\\2in J h
V I Ilf. I \ I 1
\ T >>'l I i» (lio Clerk’s ... ( r
Nip,Tier Cuiirtiif I .aw anil ( Imiieerv*. fir i| .
foiinily nl Ni Ism, on .Mumlay tile 1st day „f |iril;|I ‘
Ami, rsi,II M. While, Kliwilieili Whit,., M ruint |
Wlil'e. .I.ilni \\ . W lute, anil I ,nev lane While if,
last three nl win.ill are int uits nailer the mn ,,| , went,
'"e vi.irs. win, sue bv \i„lers,,n M. W lib, t|„ t m v,
a an i nst
\\ i1ai.I1 It. Mays, (in Ins own right ami as aihnmiv
1 interne Uinta mm,,I John Whin dtsiM.) and l.ncimla
•lls " 1,1 • I; 1 r,,i,-rI\ I.in,la While, win. was if,
aw \ i l'sa'.l.leliu While,ileeeii.se,I. ami ,Ste|,li,, |UV
■ l"hn H-nvles, D.n nl I! ,w les and .lerl Uewle, l,,., » ’
eartltes. and ll.iirv S. Prvloe. ( liailes IS |*att„,iawl
( Inn I, s I’ermw, securities „f the Kiiil W ilson II. NUys,
is adiiiin.sii.il, ,r d, imnis n it alert said,
Del', in a its,
I hi- D. lemlarits, .lehn liew les mid llriirv S. l*o\tr n,
ml lia. iug entered their appearance and given sriiri'.i
nver,line I■ i lie m i el Asminbly and the Units „f iln.
I ,. .rt. amt it ap|s-aring by salistaeiery evideuec ilia, they
ire n-,1 inhabitants,>1 this (Jeiiinieuweallii : It is urdmsl
dial they tie appear herei n ,,r lief re the first day of Vpril
lerm nest, and answ, r the lull ef the Plaint Us, a tint
l copy el ties enter he forthwith inserted in seme limit
[,a|«-r published in tins town ,,f I .vrn-hlmrg f,,r l we months
sneeessi vel\. and anelli, r copy liieriaif |«sted at the frimt
leer el the Court House ef this eismly on some Court
I ,}'• A Copy—Teste.
s ii. Loving, mrPr„tun.
Fell. 1—w2m
i T Rules Unldeit e, i In- i !crk’s nlhre ef the Cirvnit Slip .
ii -i t enrt ,t I .aw lied L uali <-i v ter the (‘irmly nf Pat
-, 111 - r.mrl House tliur. il,en the tost Aloud.,i iu Jai.
,1.1,1. tS-17 ;
.hems Reynolds, Plain'.,if
H .i.Icm It 11.111 > James Ingram. .Ir. ex’r of .lulm Hall, dee’d,
>amm l Terry, administrator ol Nathan Hall, di c 'd, Jermmah
Imriictl, Haul ( Ingrain, Jesse Corn, James Via, Jo*i p< How
,iril, executor o! M Samli l ir, Craw lord 'Turner and Martha
I larlHiur, administrator and a.InTx ..t 'Thomas I Ini hour,tin-VI,
l*arl«* and Marv hi- wile, Nathan U ood and I»«lila U
wii. . David Boyd, James Boyd,W,Ilium Boyd. Thomas Hoy ,
\Ic*validi r \\ nod and Susannah Ins wile, and John Boyd ami
Joseph Boyd, Defendant*,
In Chancery.
I lie I >. (endai)t* Haul ( Ingram, Jesse Karls and Marv hi*
tv lie, Nathan Wood and I Cilia his wife, David Boyd, John
II -yd, laim - Boytl, William Boyd, Thomas Boyd, and Harden
l» .1 la 11, not having i ntend tin ir appearance and given security
" "idiug tot hr Vt ot \ssernh!y and the rules of this Com!,
iml it ipji iii ing hy sati-faeton - videm-e that t hey are notify
ial.it a nl - ol this Commonwealth, on the motion f the Hluim
ill hv Counsel It „ ..rdere I that the said Defendants do an
,sf in April next and answer the
I la...till - lull, and that a ropy of thi- order he |, rthwithm.l -
i-!i. d io t he I nehh irg Virginian tor two months successively
md po-le I at the front door ot the Court-house of this county
in some court day.
A Copy—'Teste.
Jan. 2;>vv2in NA.Ml'KJ, CJ. 8TAJ>LES, Cl’k.
» ;—
4 T llu.f' bchl n the Clerk’s Office ol the Circuit Super . t
■ V I ourt ,.| lain and 1 hancerv. I.ir the C.mutv ol Nrl«ui>,
111 Monday, (he 4thday of ... . 1st; .
•lam. ' I’utuplin, Trust o and next friend to Sarah T. Kirby,
• Mm K irbv, John IWmuii, \\ iilium J. Kirbi and Benjamin
1 Imimon.l and Nancy Id- «if.-, former Iv Nancy ltowuian,
' ilium II. ltowuian, Fran. i» II. \\ , -t Sophia lii- wile,
»imei 1\ Sophiai Bowman, Sherrod Bowman, >usanna Bow
• tu. (.illitn W. Bowman,Joseph Bowman,Samuc. Bowman
ml 'Blu rt Bowman ami James Bowman, heirs at law ol
.inn s I.. Bowman, .1. \|, which said John, .Nancy, W illiam
• ***' ‘phia, Sherrod, Sus.tnna, (J albert W Jo-epli, Samuel
ml .I.uncs L, Bowman, arc heirs at law of (iiilnit Bowman,
Cl"“> Defendants.
I* Chwcf.rv.
lie Defendants John kuhv, \» illiam J. Kirhv, Benjamin
liurniond and Nancy his wile, John Bowman .inti Susanna
low man, not having entered their appearance and jfiven
•-• .nil, affording to the A t of Assembly and tin- Hides
I this (ourt ami it appearing by satisfactory iwideiicv,
•attli. y are not inhab tants ol this ('ominonw’ealt i : It
i'l< re.I, that tin \ do appear at Holes to be held in the <' erk’s
lli i r.l the said t ire.uit Super or ( ourt of I .aw a d Chancciy
•i tin county "I Ntdson, on the first .Monday in April ne' .
nd answer the Plaintifl’s bill, and that a copy ol thi> od r he.
irthw ith inserted in sonic newspaper published in the t wn
I I .yn liburjr for tw . n, mth* successively, and uostc.1 at tin
out door ol the Court-House ol this County.
\ Copy—Teste,
ShATtL\ Jl. 1 .t)\ IN(». ( Tk pre tinipore.
Jan. 2S—w2in
0 it red l\ hnnghornr, . J/ixandrr J.might rm ,
hnnghornr, J times hanglmrni , Henry haughorir . (>hs
It. Smith and,Inn Moriah, his wife, formerly ,hm a
ntih hanghonu', Thomas Poindexter 'mid S illy I o iuh r
ter, his %c ft, formerly Sally l.nnghornr, Henry lielTiJ nwt
Jam . his iriJc,formcily Jane hanghornc, Madison Smith,
mid hfru n, his ir.f , formerly Klcira hanghornc :
'VlI.l. T YkF. NOTICK, that l shall, on the 23rd f
1 March, IS J7, at the store ho ise ol Hobert W. Horner,
M lover Hill, Appomattox county, taki the dip Mti<*ns
I John Jiainc and oth-rs, between the hours of «• in rise
i l - m set, and o| Peter B. Foster and nth rs, at
nnhcrhind ( .11. \ a., between tin: same ho rs, on the
it!i day id March ■, all ol which depositions ari to be read
a s lit in Chancery, in the ('ire tit Superior Co irt ol
a.N ami < It in.- r.. I i I*, a ki.i”ham county, in whidil.as
ni'ttf and next friend lor Caroline M. Kaine, am Piaintili,
id you and others are Defen a d«.
Ill Hi I it MNF..Trustee an.l licit
friend t Caroline Al. Hiiir
F h. 22 w 1 m

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