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■■■“.■» tv !y.' 'g——
iPMEsflC I XT l U. IGEXCE. -_
The f-.il .wing important r rr <p.r k.*v« Iriwrrn Mr.
Knakar Be,mm and the Pr*: r it ./the I'lrtwl
came t.» i s in ihe \N Sfriuagt si jnpers of test* n’av
Isflttr from .V». Utnlofl /Vcsufeit/
VWlHIiriTOC. March 0,1*17
Sin With wt waiting t r ihe formality it being pie
armed wtUi fthcHSomut mu n vl Urmial »«i the
army of the- United States. I think H right to inf. rm v.m j
at once ihal n»y •cr^ilaiut: 4.1 refusal ot that high ap
imminent will drprnd cnMrrly up n publican! ra
tional considerations, of which You. yum# if. W,H be the
judge. Personally I e;ui have no wish f r this ‘ flW}
hut if you Vlic-c that I ran hr of armor to the country.
1 am willing to Ibregu all private o.>n#idrrations—w j*n
nto myself’ from my family under painful r;Teum*».*mcca
resign mv place in the Senate, v hich »n *••* dear m n *
an! proceed immediately t < the th nfr. • f war My on v
stipulation would Sr f.>r the piwer* which I dot in necr*
wrv t.» tnceea# j and these w •ul*l 1m. both intliuiry ,
ami diplomatic—inc command of the army and authority j
to sign preliminaries of peace, baaed upon terms \ rev tons
lv approve.! L.V you.
* | W you to behave, sir, that nothing selfish or pc’
a na! Delates th.s prop a d stipulation Thr re is no vich
thing in i: It proceeds from a thorough conviction that,
with a aubicdituite command^ I c»*t Id do no good in the
army: «J k!>c contrary that my icosnne* time would,
}*• impr.»|«cr and um-chi.voua. !• r I am h i wn, fr.un n»>
puMio sjieechcs, to disapprove ihe plans, h»4h-< t!s*
1 itc and^the pnwi nt column nder thr • • f. usm p ' 1 \ * I
the one and th* S;i»Juan ol I i > ttf.i. I. I the other and
tfiia bdug kn »t#n my j •• - "• • would iprraU t# an
plied reuMir. on the two jr-era!.-, and might tuahe fixe,
in Viiitc of myself, the nuclei)*. I <<<■*• nU'nt and iusu 1 or
din.ition. The command of the army, therefore, is tin
unlv military position which I could hold in it
Authority to conclude a per.ro, >-r at hast t., **gn the
preliminaries of peace, I deem highlv .svmi nl to success,
as it would enable the commander- in-ehirf to take in
f lar.t advantage of all pass ng cvema,military or p litical,
t i close lhe war
Uum shed with these purer*. I am wilting to turtle
the sirr./i •< s, and t«* in nr the rcspwis'hilili# s this high
r inunaad, hut I leave it t«» vm. *;r, f* ■ r your free and li
nal decision; cons, hr mg it as a nation il <juesii n. and a
new one. on w Inch there is n .commitment on nthi i side,
j.i any 1I11M4 tint 1. is jinss-il.
Whatever may Is* the decision, my thank* m 1 grati
Hide will n.«t U* tin h h* to > .>u f >r y *.r »m - .11 11* I noini
f.s’iirs of iu t . lii.« high app liniment, mu *, • the Senate
1 >r its in 'tan t and un men *.■ confirm iti«>n of it. nor to tin* (
H wise of Heprc.sen’.auvi•.« f r 1 » three times virtual «lee
lion of mo to be the commander i hief«I t ur army in
R >pectfullx. t r. your friend and fi ll w < itiien,
T'1 the Tar sipimt.
Thr PrtJ dtat l" Jit Rente n
\Y oiiix.T'o. Mart h 9, I* 1?
S». I have given to v Mir I* tu r of the Bth instant tl e
r ms'dt rati n wliielt tl»i .iporlati.<• demau.% In lender
ing to V'tt the apji ititni m ol'M.t • i i ii’nrntl 111 lie army,
learn*', c <md tin' iht e. 11111 r \ sln-uld nav • the tnl
vantage. * f y....ir eon t did ability an 1 iniliiarv know ledge,
*»f your intimate anpuin anee with ih« Mexican «har.tr j
l*i ami ytMir lam.1 ar.iv with tlntr h-gutge and political
Imnvibli ly after yottr tun itinlt- • x* ASjor (•eiinal h.vl
Veen unanimously confirmed bv tin ^'»mile, I eat* fully
examined tin <|u«-Hu»n wl.rlh- r I jw**eiu.ed tin pnwirto
designate i u- a juni- r Major (•«ti«r:.l *•» ilie rim I
command ol the ,i tm \ in tl • fi 11 * Tl* *• imult of tlnsei
amina’ioi is, I a n <• »m i mini i nay. a aidtlml e *n vi*iiuti
fit my m n ! that mu -h p >\v» r baa not been conferred upon
fur v llie ex sling law «
I am ft lly Mum bb of the exalted pntrn lism which
con Id alone have lmluerd Vnulniii.ake the p* rsnital sa>
rth*ef to which v«. t w uUt U mi • :•»*!* d in a * Httinijeven •
the chief command oflhi •irtnv tn Meiiw-; and I duly
appr elate th rea ion* v* n h:i\» a ■ loud, nud which1
r.'av. I tear, pp-vr t v» t« from accepting * *nr nppoitit
moot a-* Maim ti«v.«-inl. It on fuitlier relleetioii, Mich 1
•hould ho \ >ur decision, I shall l»*arn it with *I*ep regret 1
1 am for, with hiyh e in tdeainm. very respect fu II v .
your obedient sot taut,
To Maj .r ti t . nl '|’h . u* . II II -nt <n, Washing ‘
•Vr limt'm t<> the President
\\ *xitt.si,Toa. Tu. diy K\*n no. March 9, I HI 7.
Nir . Your letter of ill's day’s date is just receivul .
and a.'rdttg no reason f.»r further teih elion. and wishing
to avoid nil delay in officering lit* :mnv,l ha\c w ritten '
a note to tin Adjutant t■» ih ral. t I** *li livcred at It s of j
lice in the morning, declining lo accept tin'app itlniont
of Maj r General in the ar n v, hi kindly off i -.1 to me by j
you. and s* honorably rottfinited by the S«uiate.
I have the honor to Ic, hh. with great resect, y. ur |
frten<l and fellow ci i \.
'To th PaxstrxsT
*Vr dr e/'.Vr Ren Inn to Iht Adjutant (itnrrnl
AN Aaiii.si.TON, l ues lay Kveaing. March V, IH47.
Sir ; I ha«l the h*inor t** r* reive \« ur n. fe ot thet»th,
Inal., w ith lh» commission < f Maj. r Gen* ral in the ar
luy,and delav*sl (he anew* r ol acre plane*- ur non aerep i
tan v until I sh Mild receive an atiHW* r Iroin the Preanh it I |
t » a n »t• • w hich I address* d to him in lhe morning <1 that j
day. That auswrr is in w received, and euatir- me tu 1
answer your note, and lo sav tbit the commission ,s n i
Please toaer.pt, » r. my thanks for the Kind terms »>f
Vour n.ile. and lor the ihotisand courtesies w Inch you have
extended tu r:» in tin course ol our long and friendly «•
M At truly and rtap eifullv xmns,
To Ailju'tnt General Jones
Navau.—The new sloop»*l war (»*.iman/otrti. (Hut
minder liuehanan, Ik« id I» ih. i.ult of Mexnv, was
t<»w isl d, w n fr» in th* l • sp *: mn \ y y ard on \\ * dueKilay
at erttcon to ihe a*iehi rag* »Ii tin* .Naval H spital
*i he • Kina and SUambidi. n. w l-itgs rccctitlx lilted
oul alllte C itarl* stow n N;\ \ A ai.i> i.i How ton, ready
f m, were lo sail » II ’J luttrs'iiy |..r the liult. The
.Ktns tx ciinmand*d by Corn ti .1 V an Brunt,and the
SlMiuiiuli by l oin. \Ym. s. AA alkrr I heir gu is \v« r.
east by Alger,at S-*utb B wion.w* iglii each about I l,.*4HI
pourn's, and \% ill carry a shell yve'glnng s*>tm* w • {Kinmls.
It in staled that —
•• These guns will entry M least half a mil* fur her
than those at the ensile *.f fSatt Juan, oftlie name s Ac l»ut
r(« tdcnblv light* r I hew twuv(ss**ls will act tn cun
nmcUi-'n with iyy.*thatnir fitting out at the New A urk
ti ivy yard, and wlucb will carry tab a gun similar to
The L’ailrd S'.ales steamer Hot ter 1* ft New Orleat s
ajjtiin on th*- 1st towlaul fur theliulf cl Mexico. The ac
ridfftil which caused her r turn to j*urt ax as not s" st nous
as was at first suppised.
'i he T. S. Hchuoiter On ha hy t. Litul, Berryman,
• rived at IViisaecIa on tho *dd .instant, from l liagren,
after a very boisterous pa-'sage of J ur.evi dais. Nie
bring** so uc\Vb uf mum* til.
The New \ <>rk Courtier des Fiats 1 nis publishes
private letter from the city if Mexico, via Havana, which
s airs that, under the influence • f ila* elerpv. a reaction
was in pr«»gw«s*tu thatcouirry. Finding the church prop
•rty in danger i lUcation. the clergy. according u
this letter, have dctcfmined to throw their influence it
the scale of jiea^e—and to this t mi are laboring to i flee
the overthrow of the present Cong res* .and the investment
of Santa Anna with tin* powersol :i Dictator—in whom
mitwi hslanJiug his* seeming concurrence in the recent ur
lisn of hat Cungroo*. it s.'cin*, tin \ expect 11 find a«
.ffi cieut ally.'{ he Courier says that the pMillion of its
c ^respondent gives weight to fi:« words and it henc<
infers that another revolution m Mexico, having the res
fora lion of peace with thelnitcd .Sales for its piman
inject, is n t an improbable event.
The Union tells au anecdote cf General Jacks *u
which is perfectly characteristic. “W In *u,” mys tin
l.'nion, “Chief Justice Taney adi».ni*i*red the oath o
office to President Van liurcn, Gen. Jackson, * and.it;
by, remarked w ith bis chara-eft ri»t.c knowledge of the A
inoTwan jm» >ple,—“There is Ml chief justice rejocu-d b
flic Swntc, swearing in ns President-M Y tnimaterto Kn
il ltd, likewise rejected hy tliat conclave." Here is tin
assumption, and the denuto,a ion. “My Chief Justice,'
41)d “my Miiibth-r;" and the ua'.e “a rourn.ivi. !**—
And Wf dare say. the I nion think-* this was all Von tin
hi**, ami appropriate, atidrcpokIvan, amp<lr>iuoa!i( '
•11 r V*:t*U
*1" ■ t--~ —
Afaj Gen B"tl#r, a warn f iend t Hie Admin #t»itiou
an i i*iirs«l itafavorite flic* r. I»a- mrwwly arrived in V a
Orleans, "ti^brmg greatly, it ia said, ft m tin wound r«
deivml m the bai:i»M f Vlo»,t, r< \ Th*- f Mowing H r *
'ing Mier, fiuin New Of lea s, whi*‘ w ft d in ycsfer
day* National IntrPignnoi-r, itifcrn'aija that Ginll «f#
n li' with (irj I nMiR i>oMr r m ho-jt in i ipr
i the mode of condo, ling ihr w ar ami w« Lite no d mhi
that the Adnumsiraiim*, w it »s< *uj>p>jiirr» bar. di noun
<*"d Gnn T*\ h r and Mr Calh .tin f r sng renting that plan
w Ji be u’tmatcly Compelled to ad<.|.t it I he letter li
otherw 1ST very inU renting
Nr.w Ont.r. %m, March 1 1**1?
AJewsrs(tales N Srau\n:
Or.\a siRk I* n. Butler arrived here v* atnrday \
m ng the I .nding i c r.a . f news ;a the r- p i '#•! cv i Miatiou
of \>ra CruT. by or h r•TSanta \ ms As r -gird* the city
I #!i* Hid thud* thuu ry pr liable a* t!,» , i• ns- o • «nhl
out defend it against Gen. N *.» t. an I the trm jw ot which
ihal garrta n in rn:njNi*od will lie of men; nrvi i with
Santa Anna, particularly if hit contemplates an attack on
Gi neral Scoti, as n n, probable he do* s.
Gentlemen wb*> l av#conversed with Gon Butler s.i\
that he Irm ly eiprreRe# hi# opinion a# to ilie proper, in
deed iiulv moil • of r inducting lb* war, and w hich coir
eide# with the lew* of Mr I alhoun to take am! f.irl l'i
by |'H * a I:nr «.fternWrv, and cither capture or hi »< Kad»
their p~t u. wnlxait any attempt to penetrate into the in
Utiot The line to lie taken, he trunks, should he the
on» (whatever it insy In) which the Government intends
m insiei on *s ilie jw-rmanent boundary IxiW' cn thetwf
r* untries, and he my# I r> ,()(*) me n w rhl ' ■ PiiDl' it fit t<«
h"l I and protect j? (> ,m the Gull t-. lln Pacific.
G«n Butler justly any a that, admitting \n advaim 1
mi ' tin* r untrv with every success that could he < \p ct
ed,and even captured the city 1 I A|ciicnfit would nnth.avi
any material•(feet on the• nemv.nor place ic any near r t*•
peace than wc n *m are. and w» ah id I nev* r command
any more territory than what ive m tnallv covered will
nr bayonets, and w uld Ik* nnstanllv surround- d by a
h. al le |>ipiilation. and th M> virans would hav< nothing
i. ) do hut to avoid fighting, and let our nrmv wa to away
na it rapidly would do, by fatigue, Piekruns and a cuu
«lan' guerrilla war.
If seems to think •! probable that Santa Anna lias
moved w it h his while t mu m \ i ra ( ruz. and with a
View of giving (Jen s*e,,ii 4 grand fight; h ugh, hi says,
if wmild be imp line f* r h in to do so mid* r any circum
cane l ul that Iim plan should l>e to let our armv mi
vanee into the mtirior willvet 1.along a gem ral
battle, hel mi irly t-i I arris** thi m, and cut • II straggli rs
*r detachment* Any serious repulse to an advancing
army would he fatal l" them undtf the - mm.Man
I lu* \diiii»**!T.if><in Imvi got thenmelv,n an,I the mun ( 1
i v into a tn awkward predicament as to Uii* war, m 1
Idindlx a ml rashly undertaken; t <t ns recently observed ;
-n tlo Senate, wr have the wolf by the ears and it i* ,
e,jnally dangi runs to h dd on nr to h ! him •» •. Thru i
tin doubt i t the lad tlmt, sootier r later, w« will hnvi ti
emu, to the plan > f holding on to what wt lnvi.-nl tin j
j» , va ling opinion with the army is, that w< sli old ym
Uji tl e idea it p-nel rating into the country 'Pile \ ir- w h (
and inlrnimn*. however, ol the administration are il.lh r
eni, and they at' .«• *111<i11 > at tins moment calculating "n |
.vimhan • n| (ic;i T.ivl r l.mn Salti l •. and ila-ir n • s
•if'* w ill finally result in s .me serious rmsfortun •, that .
w ill run*.,1 tin mdignx11on <d otii w!i do e iintry
Ad do* Iflcer.s fioin M, jum speak m high terms of tin
Mexican raralrv, ntid admit tin y urn fully e«,ual to « m
mounted v dimiei rsmau lor man, and gr, ail\ out uumhri i
our 1 ree of that if s •riptiuii.
I do no| he|if\, wo shall hr,', an» decisive intelligence j
frnui Vera Cm? till t> war<! , thr I »so ofdns month. n the
r ttduc Mon Wurth’* Irnojs will net leave ihe lira 7. h
I rl i • the ' t!i i ''I li instant and the w hole fur » cannot 11
Ci lla-ted at I.. is an I Tampico let' re the l dth and il (
tin y w • n* hrail on that day , il w< u!d Im at h ast tin MOlli !
h*rc ill! y Would prol ably ie o h \ r ra Cruz.
Tln«e who pretend to km.* list, a.jy that tin* eiMh j
cainmly he ukeii l»v Iiouih-.rJment; ami lint if the gnrri i
s ai is | r prrly supplied n will I. vny d (limit to lake j
it nt all, and at any rate w ill repute a long time to do
It ip d 111 u!t, fr an the conflicting opinn nu, to f > in
any correct idea on the mihj < t, hut 1 hall imt hr surprised
it it should ! r an e asy cciiour st.
111! N () PieayHIM- records the names ut ile* i-fficers.
belonging lo Km rn xlnj s ot war. who siymd '/.ed them j
nelf<s i lie .r noble and Mueeeseltil enlcav ra to lesi tie I
the ti(fi e:s and crew ol the I . S ling Somers, when |
ih.T unlucky vessel h.umlered in the Cull , I Mexico. ,
V\ , dii not see why the.e nan cn nIiomM n i U* Ida/, ined (
ill th*i newspapers, an will :s these ot im n wins, hero |
isni is <1 sjdayed m the dreaidul Wcinct human sluogli f
l.n;h')i Mm el W si Frigate Kiulytmon. cum inaml
esi t \ ( apt. t.Mirg 1C Lambert; frigate Alarm, ( apt j
I'runkland, !T'p Hsi mg .Coin’r limy I Matson. ( Mliois i
• •t the Imats ot these vessels which went to the sure i I
ret n an ' < ffl era wen J \\ ‘1 urloh n, lat I ■ .
Vli’ Mit ol tlie Kiicymi, Il Mr. Wood, liautenout, "Ntr |
kiitlu iiv, gunner, \\ m. I, II dlund, lieutenant of lln* j
Maim, K: hard \ Wtlleu;'lib\ 1 o\, mn si tpu an id t) <
k icne i Men , i \\ u Hrg M» retire, ci n iennd, d l\
( apt Dul ut, hi.y Py lade, ( oui’r Ln Del>o\cre Offi.risj
in Hiring, . I iln- bonis Lieut PeUt,ol Merciifo, w ho had 1
the w lialc boat, \ Saliz, midshipman ot the Py lade
Spanish Men «i Wir. ( orvette Luisa Fernanda,
commaudml by ( apt Mamul ile Im 1 *u nte. Officers in 1
charge e| hoau—Angel Orcvro and k’ulgeneio Hryant,
k' tif »d tho mnn «fficeiv who cotnnmiuhd the boats
wen midshipmen. Lieul Petit was in charge of the
w hale Unit th.nl went to the leeward and saved t, n lives
the most daring leal p, rfonued. 'I'ltrluion haalccn pro
nio ed.aud Ins *»> ue to Kiiglatul. 'Lite Spaniard Or, vro
ei mute a lad.
1 In* 1 iiimi ol Plum las n.ght contains a Lag list of
military appuintinrnlv. made hv the President, since ihe
adjournment ol the Senate, \mong them we observe the
f'llowmg from \ irgima: .1 dm Tiler, jr. to tie l aytam
(* ^ Clutter t » bn first Lictcnaut; and Cdiarles Hadv
mmaki.t a Pole, hut lor some time a r sident o| Hicli
io wd.) m amiT« i i.-ti. d li.May, J K.S aughtet.
W 11 Scott, Lo en« i Luring, .lames l Preston, .Lio,
k UKgerald, P U Page, M P. Hunter, d. M Patt.>n
and DougL-*» Lavue, ol \ irgm a.
a —
A h iter derived fmm \ ilna, in Kuss a, states that a
j rolcsvc r had U t n r, uitnissiom d to go to Munich to \ ur
cIi.'iho a iel«-M* pe. ( r which lie paid An.i ( P, lutrrcimat
• t Mr k’launli, tier.the maker, to give him n receipt for
iJJKAI, which he did. Soiuetime after the proiessur ie
lunud iu V ilna,a fiol U man | n, einlc'd to Munich, n;.d
|U ehnsnl ot., id* I In same dimensions ns the professei’s
i* r which he pH111 10,000. The Astruiioraical Society,
finding theius< Iv«sw iudlrd out ot $ C(H;0, t,.|d tin* pro
Irssoi that the iioldeinaii wns iiib rmt ,1 l»v Mr. Fra,in
h'dl i that he only paid phihH). The result was a duel
IkUw<-eu the pr. fesfti r and the noble,non, in which f c
f»ru , r was severely w. uiided, hcsidis being eon,jelled
u» relund ilu |h.t.( V and le lmj r.B, nevl lor tim \t.irs,
1»V or ei l f tile i*iii i*«»r r
e utuit rstand that in eonseijueneo cl the lau* t vota
Ule- adieu ol tlu- leg:s!atur« s d Maryland and Vugum.
ih«* contractors u| the ( In Knf< akc ami ( Mno Canal intend
i umkuig arrangements !• r an erulv resumption ct thr*
work, with a determination to complete it to ( un.hn
and at the earl.ist practicable ]mtiocI.
*ilrr fiasette
A / birrite ( (invention, held some win re in 1{),<h1c l<
laml, r*ccn;lv passed a resolution d* n uineing the t xpul
ston ct Mr. liitchie fruit Ins •*«,# at in tin* S natc >1 the
1 l uited Stales.’’ 'I lie resolution indicates a verv accti
rale know ledge cl Mr. K tchir’a position
.N* I’. Courier.
Mr ( aliu.un, ujusi his arrival at ( i,r*rli st. n. Satur
( day lout, was root ived with warm demci Mrations of un
1 abated attachment from his Nnth Carol.ua In uds, who
remain taiihtul l him while in every quarter there a t
‘ the signs et desertion, h*cauae he has dared to <pi< v.n u
• lh»* propriety ind exp* dieney cfci rtam proce«d.iigs uf the
adnnnistration. I he ( ity ( < mieil ot ( l.ailcs'cti outer
lamed Mr. ( allioun at d. iner, Mondav evening. II
was comjiellcd to I n»v» tin table it an early hour in e. n
\ •**|Uence of tndis|M*4i!ioti The same ruus induced the
poatpoiicuioni ot a public meeting on lied tor Monday e
veiling, at which Mr ( alhotin. Ml h t\..-no - i
ul tin rc preterit a ive? in (\ingress were e.\j»oottd t i
N* 11%+i- t Th% v cetiug w a m.l etT i 11 T*» • «. ;n ■ * n
Tnmpi •<». FV/i. i Ht ] |;.
(.1 NEK U. OKI KIC- No io.
Th- .'A»wr.il iimsIh. f i»fw-u<e«* to the irmv the «*-.f
tlirro « nonr - atta hid ti» g. re nl h**i qua ruin m ftlt
fh hi.
D'/mrimnit •ftn>,nr» — I 'n*t I i.«|t II |. Ss.it. '.'I
li»fi \. at'I d« ran p a <1 a< in g .• ti*i:,int adjutant g»m*
ral. I hi I /I u .'ni I William*. lih artillery . aid <l« , m.i.ji
let Idem K •* Scemmon. Typ-igTiipHteal Knfftfwr*
v11eg aid imp; and 2d l.mit. Y\ Key,full Jolhrtfrv
1 military seer. lar v
fimern! ShK/ (Hfirrra. — Idem Cnl F. A. llitch-- k
td Infrftifiv. nethk* inspector p.rural ; Captain Jane*
M-t*r-. * th Infantry, acting a*»Mant in*j»ei i. r gneoal
( <1 .1 t» I He. ,.c< irj-n I iKngtin ■ rs: Maj \\ Turn
Mill, acting ciiirt' i t T,.|H,graplii' al Kiigitjimrs; ( aptain
H 11 n'*er. ii’t in r eh if - I Ordnance, Major S Nf» K e,
n-itng - duel nt the t^u.u lerusaHt* r’a I )»?jartment ( ipt.
I It lira .* 11, tin ! ehi* t ..f the w’uhs *t< nrc Depart
1 went, and Surg.iiii C*er,. T Lawson, chief of the Shd
:cal Department.
The seni r officer of Artillery, r.d, .1. Bankhead,
«M A rt 11 , will enter upon the duties of chief of Artillery,
| as «H)ii as there shall he occasion for planting heavy bat
All general atafi'officer* will he mainly otmd ycd in
I th. or n H('**elivi departim ilts of duty and"any orders that
! any che f of I )• partrnc nt may :>is. in relation t-» his p«
rjnr dutii s, in the name *ii»*1 I,v the auihority i f th*
■ m H ral in - hief of the army, w ill he promptly olx-yed.
My (xiinnnnd of Major • ■« » »ral Scott
II I, SCOTT, 4 a. a■ o.
From On DiiHini'tre American. \
It ii intimated bv b t!• ri fnm \'. ashington that tlx
l’r< H.dmit am! - tin i. fileinh tlx r< r n!i i tain tin* confi ?c it j
i x pedal! n of a speedy pcac with Mi vice*. 'This lehef ,
man approaching pacification iw said to lie founded on tin
on that is to bo made of the tbre< mdl.ons intrusted by
-j i • d apf r 'pruition to tlx IV i lent.
Having no confidence, lbroiir>wu part, in the pneifie
liMj.ni.ii ot 111o Mexican pmple, none in Santa Arina’s)
p "(r,it In Ins the will, to aivi j t such overtures as we
vr* pri pared to make and tin fieri nun* , not the slight
•st, in the "|Wedy eonrl'i.sion • f tie War, W e IfK Utioil lhi
rum i" from Washington ns indicating. w« bar, rather
die hi dies than the coir. wtiun* of ream liable and well in
formed men
It in < n!y in-, an to plan oursrhis for a moment in j
be p notion i fthe Mexicans, mi l then allow to them
vv hut w would obdm foi ourselves the |h *-setv'iii of tin
loHin synpaihiea and sentiments of men. to nndi rat and
ibe e\ i ,• rail'd hostility with w hich tin > mi. t1 • amm* |
id and hlm.r'.itod to resist tothndiath the powerful mv a
• • i 11 tin'll country. \N ecnm <t » \p< d pet plo <o sin h
Upon US when Wo jnvc Jll*t proV. I i d tin m by hl< w .
1'» rom ibalo and to fight tin same paily. at one and the I
same time, would be |. ndi r all« Il’ r's both at lighting !
ind at e. nciliation ah rtive I loner the inrurirlus v e re J
sultnolMr Folk’s u anugemi nt of out difficulty wit!; I
M e\ico And tin infatuation w hi. h p< :•*< km d hitu when |
be plunged into the war. and which has marked In* I
course in tlo po'Secuti'ti i f it. h* »*: us t*» accompany him
n'i!|. Ho ih in w f : I of the project ot flu* l|irou million
!>'!' money a ridiculous Hclieme w liteh must end in dis
The Vdtniiiisttation, we believe, ban never yet per I
< rived the really m ri-ti* natuio f this Mi xi^an war. In
so far as it lel.Ui • to |hditieal int* i-st*. m the way • fpki 1
eiug vast patronage in the l’res.d< it’s Imuift and furnish ,
mg profitable •'••uiractH for the mward "film meritorious :
< r f»r tho oneour:o;eiiiont« f tin wavriiu/, it hn . probably
been appreciated t * t^e full. It it then* are other points
of v iew m w hich ijine, not part anus, may be disposed to
regard it.
We find in tie N.-w Vork Journal of (’omtm rce some
vxtiaets fmm a letter da’ed “(’itv of Mo-xieo, dan. V",
I V1?appaieutly writliu b> a Sfixuan »f intelligence
The following paS'i.igeN air not without inter st:
Vi.u will discover■ our ReiiHO <1 injury to he great, by
the prompt punishment received by tlmseofour citizens
w In* have by f ir« - attempted to resin' the will of the Jun
ta m the matter of tlm I .aw r luting to church pr *perly.
Tin n- is, then. ns 'i f ue r: luaikal, Ini' smdl ex pi e tat mu
that the two nation:* will he abb toe. m- to turns at
present, notw iihstaading tin h'nrm appeal . 11 be gather
mg for tlm subjugation of tho envoi V m Cnrz. " *
* The I reed loan up* ri, or so xurc . s mhi.c call it, of
tin (‘ hurt'll property, iii defence of the nation, \ m w 1
understand, i. imf cair. .1 out l" impair the usefulness of
the Church itself 'I In proper, v in <pn stmn is pronml
gated tube the gift of individuals of tin* nation: H is eon
side?i d tsatio »:»1 |n.petty, ui.dcr (iod 111 tin* custody of
the (.‘hureh, lor use in just Hitch an enierginicy as. it
thi* time, threatens tlm independence of the countrv.
• * As tin agent of Heaven for good to iis, to
w I mm can we turn in ia prop* rly in the Imur of no u ssr v
than to out f hureh/ ’ * 4 * * * * * •
I I use a « but a few >.f tie appi als uttered in defence if
tie I " rile ixigenev - file ease impels iherarrying
! ' lit of i measun , which, under different etuumstanecs.
I here w - uld to 1* vv ;.ne ng us nisjiosed to sanction. • *
No no call tin l.aw a steidogo; others say, it it is tl.e
I nitnl States tier the tuttrnvj it fat Ji--re in# upon tm
the nri easily <7 peiji rmmg it
Tlu* fault then In a at the door of • ur sinter Republic.
I )m " it or does it imt/ * • The tunny gi uorous mu
I imieiiti dimwor. d m many «>t the pr* ten s and in the
S|H*«chisot the incmtM is . t ('nitgrevH of the 1 . *Stales, I
w ill lx re take < cession to < l«crvc, engage our attention.
They arc a relict to us under the circumstance*; hut the
relief of mere langtiag* , m a lew, has lilt!** of satisfad on
jin it. no long as the nati it itself i* eppo&cd to us. *
* * * We are not » * hlinrh d by our eon
viction that we are ■ ght, ns to bo i.u spshh: of cotnpre
I heading ti e ii * .unn ntality that proents itsHatisfacto
i iv a< know l <tgnx*nt on the part of tlx I lilted States.
\\ o believe .t novelihchss the ilui\ < inn elevatcil j at
riottsm that we sh« uld out -rcr soon thing lik« an adui.s
■ion of the w rung d* in* i<s, not f.r the linelit of our own
repu -i.o ms rely, i til |. , the |< ss s« llisli niotiM that tl e
p- a s’ that must! eveiitusilv arrived at, may be found
i ed upon a durable basis. •
Should \ era ( juz be taken, our nation vxill m i ne r. n
ij u icd. * • It even a march Imj succeSHtidly
loicod t' our cap.tal ni \ , w c shall still not lie coixpicifd
oiirTncmy will be m stale ot sx gem our v» rv midst.
# N\ hat is to happen undit theseeiiouois.a.i. i .*
it is imjVyfsible to know . \N c shall, howi \t*r, do « ur
i host lik pr <led the inter* sts involved. * *
A .ingle re . i rse will place the army of our euemv in
j a critical [With u. That deniable ohjoct efiietfd.it may
then ho necissary and | r« per to* Ih r tlie alternative we
hesitate t ■ yield on eompulni n. * * Lhe In n
, or of out nationality d» inand« of us the tit im ndous s. c
rdices under which wesufi'er. It’weoir in pr./. ng tbi
dig.my ot that.it will be an i rrm tor which poiicrity
w ill not condemn ua. • * • • •
(•Mural Mtuoti is at the head cf a bcdv of picked n.rn
and encouraged hv Ins bloodless vicloty will, if we niis
lakenoi. vM teloaid fium again. And who is (»Mirra
Minn.ll (hie i l tie lliiriv \< t« rati » IHcms, principally
( arliss, \\||i profiting by the amucMN it’ the l^ueeu »
Spain, pn-elainied after the downfall of the Htgrnt, tin
Duke ot \ iciuria, visited Havana, and were there inducts
In Santa Anna to embark in tins war, tr in the n Mills u
nnIiicIi so nmeh might be expeend. He has mlrobiou
“Ko the M( xie; n army the recent impruvt mi nts hi cav
\ i \« ms1 which tiencml Scott thought m* in purtaut
tliat he sent, n t« w year* since, a com mission ot officer?
.1 our army to Kurope. to test, hv | ctm trial » bservat on
i s.s theii.sidus . i the j'rai tical minutin' fur adop
tion tn ( nr service, (ieneral Mi non In- invigorated tin
hear:* of the soldiery'.and bus imparted tv> them the di tai
i of the ipirrilla war, which basin no instance tailed to li
success! ii | hum lie days of the defeat of the great Duki
ol Unround v, by the .s*N\itzirs, in everv country nn f.rte i
has been nia in t.iiiu d. ’flu (ieneral, too, nn as sullcrtd
lik-- Niula Anna, toeutci M< xieo for the avowed purposi
■ I t fc . . y
passport Ir in Mr. J\dk—Nor is this all.' AN e hav.
fatlii n dlr. m emiu rsalioli with otic w ho kru nvs. that» n .
( 1) pack, t Jr on | I n ana i;il%« s ovi r oilier . dicers, Spanish
I rench, and Kru sh. anxious to join Mi non tmd uiiucnn
; the Mexican |S'ople tor victory. I Ins we learn to lest
trom unquestionable authorit y . and w e nn udi to km nn it tin
(•oNcrument will |*»r*tst in calling tint watch. whicl
1 permit* anus, men, and suppl'cs, both of per.totie/am
matrruJ, to pais i4f a blockade. Indeed* 11 •• Amer.cai
I icsidi tit has strange ideas o| c.,* dueling a war. wi en In
send* the enemy a (d m nil. supples ihal ticnc' .1 will
money, ami tollers his recruit* to pass unmolested ilit
blockade «f a.hostile port.— ( . N (;,tz.
A NNoman was hreught Uf i« .t poliiu n agistratc ii
If vtiiu a short time tutee f i U mg mtuXvcau d, and the
, judg, uskid hei if .die had , vir cm in the la.i.m-ofc.n
II cl*,n- ■'No w r." she repfn I • ut I have beenn
tIl'l thnt'$ hi'U>t •• r< n <’f, f ,r '
f hr I- is np point <4* m »re mjvi rs.il agrormert am ng
p.mt»»l |*ruj4c# rnn.ifks on ofour ejmhanf •*. *ha : the
JM*i* 'taiicr t»f ndvi rtising Then «n "11 8**1 sud *!-b
ilfri ■ J • ty ah m ‘ ' ' I ■ 1' '
adv. iliving i« the printer id:hiV read and butu i.S*"’ "'J
it Ins made mm ItH <<s Ilian any other i ni* thing, and
• S• p»lr'iv* «| none hii }>« tli |an.»H am hilictiitfd by •
The fright n!rf« ls, the vast hnorlit which flaws Ir-m it
to ! usinniK men and th re iau.» n ally dark *idej !*
'•arise no one ran bo injured by the amount spent in »d
verti* eg, under any eircuiiu«tanr» * It »«rtainly nv'er
In-sent d any man’s kuaimas, no matter how «r what he
advertised,and that is more than can l-c said if any other
expense to w liicli hms •iihject'd. Adv* rtisiug will alwa\*
r tin ti iIn* >• .m( at lurur; and judicious ihIn »rtising, in nine
case" ‘Hitt f ton, will mak< hummon and a Uifiunc. 1 he
■f '• v\iy is. not to just diildlr iu ll a little, hut to take
ag.Hid poll- expend Home hundreds hall your store rent
or s armihirig like that. It doru more than any -’and ot
hu Hinoss. :irul will make a stand that was not g h d More.
!) ii.*t dabble. You might as wall buys single piece of
calico, and expert to trade m it a halt year, < r stock up
with n pound of sugar and two candles. and consider your
f rtunr? made, as that /he or six lines • f advertising will
firing you custom and husim ss, as a jcrceptil lc naull.
Spend money f.,r advertising to make money from it, is
good doctrine.
The time has pant, for pooplo to sit on elly iu their
stores and trust to c:rrumst.ui<i\s alene to hung them ••us
Laniers I In -aspect of hiisinr ss has been entire ly changed;
ihc old land-murk* have horn removed,and new ihaniuls
I * i< d Panpf* do not now sit quietly and gaze upon
he dust gathering nro«uid their wans, but with becoming
<h rewdiiess tlieV place their pi ns i n paper, enumcrat ■
heir articles. and announce through the advertising col
linns of s uiie widely cir ulated paper, the quality ot
!ii-ii articles, and when* they may is* found —Men ot
.mail capital long since discovered ibis sure road ot
.vi-altli, and he who dor** not toll .w in their ake w dl
iud himself distnnc d the? busiinss completely out ot
Ins hands, and his isimpetitor*. through the migluv mtlu
micc and in ineiidous power ot the I'tvw.the wealthiest
n th« conn try.
|i is an undeniable fad, that thro' gh advertising may
ic h cu the sure and spi oil\ way to suicicd— lh« Mcr
•liant, tlie Mechanic, 11.« I'ruhssu.nal man—every class
dTlio community should keep their names, articles anil
• cation, hethre ihe pnrlic eye, that thus, when others
nsv stand in nerd of arneh-s, they know, without the
.vnste ol tunc and imqu.ry, exactly where they may he
wind— L<ru ( (ru.
'rim \ \ .1 urnal of (’omintrce • emj ti?es that, w ith
n t!ir 11st year or so,the citizens ef New \ rk have sub
*crilud to new ratio ad i nt» rpriarn to tin i \tcnt d ncarly
♦cvi ii millions of dollars. The di tails arc—
Now \ ork and Kr.e. sav $i,7-»0,IMtO
11uds.»n river railroad, snv ~,7f>0,(HK)
New \ ork and New Union, any 1 .iihii.ikki
t )thrr roads, say .>0(1,000
Total. .i7,(XM»/K)0
The hiiAscription to the Mexican (*nlf railr ad, which
* to connect New Orleans w ith tlic (*ult, < n]\ wants
fiCHIsliarcsty he romplr'.rd. Kverv obstacle to a direct
" iiiiniinie.iti1 Hi w ith Kuropi by regular linos of pteamcis,
will be removed, and eveiy facility l .r the expert of the
iiiiiiiciisi accumulaii mis of the products of ihe great vaI
lev «>| ip.* West will he all irded hy this connection.
The city of <'liarlcston is also making great i If r s to
connect itself with the upper districts of North and South
( ii' lm.i an.I Tennessee I• v mi ana of the (irecnwlle rail
road, . fie link of the cha n liiai im to connect tin (ireat
West w ith the seaboard at ( liarleaton. It will t\si a
million i f dollars, and ’2,1 M HI shares we re taken up hi two
i!a vs.
The I .eg‘datore f Wisconam has granted a chruter
f r a railroad t HiuectKaki .Michigan with the I pjer
Mississippi, and .t s tin light the stick will be readily
take n.
1 he following tibia exhibit* the healthy conditioned
tin lloKtun ai d All any railroad. The receipts are upon
freight chipped from tin* Fast Mhnnv depot :
1843 Is 14 1*15 l HU*, 1817
.Ian fcf.,t;20 72 1 :u’.7«. d2 20,211', 2S 2il,7 r.* os I os2 tit;
i.i. vst-t 17 n,02s 2t i2."s; ir.2 22 1 .11111:1
Tilts is a very handsome incre ase in so short a time.
The amount r» reived in the iiieiith of January alone x
aim. at equal to that received during January an 1 I'«*h
ruary last ve r. The increase ties >ear over Inst is $14,
Jti2 34.
Ksj)l *i(n at the I S. . It aerial at It cal I'rotj.—'I his
un.iiimpr, alnnit IU o’clock, an explosion n ok place in
one • f the buildings at the Arsenal, m a r "in devoted to
the manufacture of the Ten loch Fuses and Homh Mu lia
winch destroyed all the fu>c comp, si lion f blew tut the*
w mtlowh, and injured .more it le*s, nearly all tin* work men
engaged in that department. It ;s supposed to have hern
c aused by a buy s;» pping upon seme ul tho compos:t:< n
which lay upon the brick fljur of the room with ab it
w Inch contained in n tacks in the hu I '1 Ins ignited and
, xplcded all the comp si lion in the: r»om, amounting to
1*2 or I I p Hinds 'The «xpl.s> 11 c u-cd a loud report,
.lamng. d the building and ad it on lire.
Th. ie w i re about twelve or liftcm persons in the
room, Eleven of them art* bcvtreh njnicd, anti three
it is supposed cannot survix c.
M. M. Martlet was I low n through a w indow hcf< r<*
who h he was at work, and thiywcie : II set 11 running
m various diieetiona, with their clothing torn nil er oil
lire, and tin flesh and hair of some of them severely
burned. Some iinmed atrly plunged into the snow, ni t
nily ti txtmgutFh their hurmn. e] the*, hut to allay then
i \e!iic:at:i g uflerings. Many of them are i ut ai d n an
gU-4 in 1 shocking mam ei Most of them are boys 01
? Hing men without families.—7Voy I'ost.
Among the rioting ie.ci b nls < I tl.e tension off ongres#
ust .xpind, w as 1 nr which has hitherto lent xMtlnul
precedent. The Reporters and Correspondents of the
I ’re s. admitted to seals m the hall, drew up, and had
engr ssetl upen parch inert, a written testimonial . I’tl.eii
regard and gratitude to the *pi nker of the I louse for Im
uniform urlanity and genth manly deportment tow ards
them, both m his oflicial and personal intercourse.
Kii.lt, tiii m.si rter— A letter front iampico u
the Picayune, dnud the l(>th says:
There wa.v an arrival last evening trout Kraz* s Santiago
Tin* fam mis deserter. Kiley — the man who fir* d lhe“liis!
gun at Pott Prow n” -came hv this anival. \ uur reatli it
\\ til remeinher his d sgno ctul conduct, as well as tin
losses and rehul.es he reecivtd ly his old outrides at tin
• vji nation of Mi-uteri \. I low he was captured 1 cauum
say—probably le was spying, it such a vvre eh conk
have the eour. gt to act as a spy; hut be that ; s it may
liar that he has been sent here tote shut. I hen is cu
sympathy h r the oovvaid.
The Vh xaudria Gazette says:
“The werkuu u wi re \ este rday busily engaged tr
putting up tb wires for tho Magnetic 1 elegraph he*
tween Georgetown and this place. AN e learn that the
1 batteiy will he | ut up at the s atii n l.cie in a few elays
when we shall he favored with a direet e> innuinicanoi
v\ ith the northern cities.*’
Tlte WadiingtoMi ^Yrn .vpoiubnt ol tin VA big says
The new public printer is elide avuiing ti* I uy «»ut Hitch
m vV lleiss. The diflerence ill \ rice is ab lit ten lh*u
sand dollars. Anew Ct.ss paper is to be established
whether the l nion sells mt er not. The race will he
between the two papers, the- end » f w h eh can be oasi y
for* seen. The I’nion can stanel the e mj etition as Ion*.
1 as the* money they have rarnelhe re l;s‘s; I ut the pumi
' ol the \lbauv reoeuev " ill be more than a match I <r i
j in the long run. Tin pirstii.ii with the* Albany peoph
is re'duoeiJ to this : whether it is cheaper to 1 uy t he I n
ion out or break it down by opposition.
Within a lew days, the Government lias purchase!
up a large j art of ail tin I 'uniiturc Cars in Cincinnati
1 »r the use erf the* Army ! 1 hey are intended f »r llrs
I itnl If a«;<'ns, m carrv the w< untied anti diseased $ I
tin tv. Tli. y arc admirably auapted to that purpose.—
Constructed very s.r lv, with g« eel 8e.nngR.and n con
vejiieut size, tt.ey are just the tiling, l'hcy will be
covered wuh canvass, and the sick will V* protected frt u
the* s in ami rain, ( ineirvuiti ( hrenic *
Due of the* m >s animated and exciting contests, that
Ins t \i i taken place in New Hampshire, has resulted in
the election 11 dared \N . Williams, | I .<*•>. | as Governor,
1 by a iti.ij-orifv of about ‘J"VV) over the axgreg.ite vote ol
all « ppuhing * a ml id a: i s. lu twm of the four Coiigreawon
al I > str uts, tin re is no elmii e, neither candidates rrceiv
• ! a hcj rity « f all Votes given. In the * tie r two. ( has
II lYaslec and Jame> 11 Johns >n ( I .ncis») rrc eleetid.
It is belowid the I ec-t :• u havi Y.» :» fruritvin the
' 1 W ■“ ithir
P UO PRI p. to its.
lli:i»K>HI) l OIATY
Mrksrs. Giggm and Lrske „,ll n.,et the people of
Bedford, in Mimlay next, being March Court. There
will no doubt be a got d attrudanue of the |xtople. It
Hill lx- net’ll that a mooting . fihe \\ lugs will beheld on
Ilia! day lu lake slrj s lor the«jlicient organisation of the i
party. . |
UV are rn|nested to stato that Messrs. Goggiu and
I.take hare made the fdlowng appointments, by a
iituUial airaugt men! .
Wrdn With March at I'odlar Mills, Amhrnt.
Thursday, -T> It AJaich at l.mg Mountain, do
I- rida \. ^tith March at Trnijuwnnrr, d.>
Wednesday, 31st March nt Madisuu C oiirthuust', instead ,
of Bouton's 'lanyard.
*■1 m vro.v
thl mere lad of having boen nominal ad
as a M.-.j r General « ill : fTix f r life ihe title to the S n
ator from M ssouri, th. ugh he enjoyed ihe Commission
i f.r III roe u -vv Iiissonii promotion, however titu
lar, to he enlh d General instead . f C, lone).
\\ I publish t he cor rcspondencc htlween the m wly made '
General and tin President. Ii is e.u'nently cluraclnr
tslic ot bull. I lie arrogance, sclti duress, and conceit of
till: one are not more strikingly displayed,than the shrink
intr from rcs|ionsiLility el' tho other. IIi.nto* coolly
n ils the I’r.sulenl that he ho* appointed him a Major
General without |,j8 solidiati, ir. This is probable
i in ugh—tl.e I argain la w con them was that he should
hi a Lieutenant General bud clothid with vice regal
[towers, lie tells him also that m a subor.iin.ile com
maud lie cuild do no good in t lie, armv, and that Inspr,
seller might he uiincliievou.s. This wo think also ex
irnmcU pi, I aide, and we commend the General's np
preeiation et liiinsr If and the circtmuilauces ui.d r whu h
lie w, ulrl have been ihrusl into il... servieo. \V» may
not coincide with him tu Ihe opinion that he would have
done belter at tlie bead , f tho army—hut there are
hundreds hi the country who would make as good Genr r
als of I )ivis.on.
" * l,aVu ran Iv seen a liner specimen of self conceit 1
thau thu idea set firth, that because lie was known
to disapprove of Gen. Tvvi.ok's plans and likewise of the
expedition against Sun .loan do Ulloa, tho cf.re, his
presence would operate as an implied censure upon the '
two Generals, and might give rise m diseononl. Were
lie actuated by a disinter, sled and glowing patriotism, in
stead of a tu-llisli political ambition, he w uld have ai
on., gone to the field and exerted the military talents, j
which have lie,-n,somewhat gintuhouslv ,as Hied tu him- i
j and show ing the first duly „l the s ,Idler, prompt „,d
! /P|*'"U* tibcdiciicc to 1 rJcrs, said nothing about Ins own, i
: or any ether, plan of the campaign. Inst,ad ef this,I c pc’
: rcmp.er.ly demands net only the command in chief,hut to
he invested with the powers ,,fa negotiator. The whole
scheme 0 , 111, I lieutenant Generalship was gotten up for !
|iam and selfish ends,and it ism,*t fortunate for ihecoun
! try that the firmness of the,We prevented the army
- Iron, being placed imd.r tl.e command of a mere political
■ mb r, "who nsver set a sqnadm, in th. field," and th s
at the . xp, use of the feel,, gs and rank of ir ed and
successful Generals lhu ,lBm|> lh(. pr„,iHe||,
W,s will,I g to supersede Generals Scott and Tari-on,
provided G,ingress shared the r.wj».risibility bv passing
an act aiillioriang the creation ef a higher military rank
than any known to our service. ’1 Ids scheme failed,and,
notw dl,standing, the President made him a Major Gen
|,,ral.' " !l*;'her 11 "as "'‘"'lied i-s a mere Compliment,
Willi the loll knowledge that he would not accept the „f
I ';rP' ,,r h"" «' I'nwdcut really ml, ruled to give I, m.
the command in duel, we need ii, i stop In discuss Op '
I’ siti,’n in ""expected quarters, u issaid.inade the I'res !
id.nt r, cei,aider ids res. lull, n to s, t aside the Generals'
! !" 1,1,1 llcl11- ani1 , e ^egan tu , xamine the miestion as I e
;savs,v*luih.r he had the power to confer ,|„. cou’unand
m due, upon a junior M y r General. The result vv.v,
■ a conviction that cxistiug laws did not mv.st him wi.h1
the: iMtMT r.
1 I" 10 is ""thing in tiic "existing laws," it is true I
«hi, h rxpnasly confers such a pniwr-Lui j, J j
i ihc laws. Hit party considerations ami public pinion
prevented ihe aF|miiuimnt. Had he President 1
clusi ii lo t he the responsibility of outraging public soil
1 «<'C, mend i here is nothing in lb, laws, or reo„ !
latinos ot tie a.my, w Inch would have prevent, d h„n |
Horn placing Kunlun at the head ofthe f rees. He could
""t have f reed N „TT, er Cnvie, ,, Tvv, nr. to
nerve under him : but lie eon Id have detached them, nr
| “rtl''n''1 llu,'“ ' " th" *'ut of Government. I le might, i„.
.deed, have dime, an the ease ,f Scott and Tvnon
,what ho did with resjxvt t, (luMrs-phec,I them
under arrest and assigned their command to a junior , Hi
111 h 8 ls "f frequent occurrence in the Naw —
Scarcely an instare, can he found nf the appointment’ of
a < a,dam to tin Command , fa squadron, which is not in
derogation of the riglnsofan old,r, flieer. CulMinodor,
i.n.iiv has just sailed to supetsede Corn. Cossru, as it
IS reported. 'Pile right of R. niorily lo cni| loyni in ihe
i held, or afloat, is not absolute. All governments must
and do lire a discretion—ami the fault with ours goner
• ,at m,n' st'l,iority is too much regarded. 1 he
age and rank, and not the fituesa, ofthe officer are allow !
' '■> mil cnco a lection. We repeat, therefore, that
vv itliin the Piesid, nl *s l.gilinate p, vv, r. to have'
assigimd ( ,,l. Heston to the e, mn.and . f the win le ar ’
E ;hgl’0n,e W'l are
U ad lor lie welfare and horn r ofthe couutrv ami the ar I
"a,h di.1 -t»it we deny, hath, via. precluded
Inin doing so ry any existing laws or regulations. He I
was restrain,d in part, probably, by pi,Hi umlon-bn,
tlmre ts no doubt that po...lousy had mud, ,0 j„ !
‘VUhhl®.. ^Vhalevtr the motive, w, rejoice that
""'n,n ... country has unloum’.d e< nfid,nceare
r-mam at ,he Ha,I of ,|,e army, and that „ ,s lu be
21 l l<! ^a"br| ro,ls precedent of being placed under
Hi, cuiiun.ii,J ol a strong party man, for avowedly party
purpww, and that man utterly inexperienced in military
The correspondence was immr.li.telv printed hv Hen
Hr TON amlsem.imhefrmnfaciieular, >, umnbirs'
H • enate and Ian House of Representatives. W hilst
It disphvys Hosted arrogance and exquisite vanity , „ ,1 c I
r, " Senator, the c, rrespondonce do, s no eruli. '
to be Ires,dent, as i, shows,far. avowing a do
I *' lLt' l'“" lllr head ul the army, he lacked the
nerve to assume ,he re,pi sue responsibility"1 ,h‘
I „ /’'t"'’*’” * Kings; may ha’ve favorites too
wh i n' v", V'’ f7lT'Wd- r,heved at
■ 1,, j ,.k r"' 3 "H-mre lew,on him and his
• xrial trioad ... ssmin, even though Whig Gen
oraH arena vv whatever laurels may be gathered in
&>■ W. are e-onq , lb d to def r.until our next, the \,|
Jreaaof lUlft.A t.T K.„ .
Democratic party, .. „1:, " ,
'• i •< ; ov vf w.,.
TV new* of the paaragof the I ana! , , ,,
lisa diffused great p-,y throughout the Valley. pu .
meetings have her n held inacveial place* and more" '*
u> ha held. The adjourned meeting of the pe,,p|* J
tetemrt t>» k place at Mar It Court. In taking the ch, '
the Hon. Knw *ri» .loitesTos alluded tn the d|fa 1,1
"frit which ar.iu ated the people cf that eountv rn it"
aecaaton, compared with that wh.rh existed a oMmih u"
lire. Rimilu'iona i f thaiika to Col Jon x T
sox, for the manner in which he performed the duta p
'•spec ial del gale f .r the county ofBotettmrt,” were a,|
ed. Resolutions, to the (ffeet that ll e extension ,f
( at a to l!ui lianan was a sure guarantee of n |,r,,tr
lion to the Ohio, were also adopted. A commit rw **
ipp.intud to j roeure the exeoiilirn of the guarantl^
bind*. ’I he bonds w ere produced, and in a few tntnutm
security fur abont one hundred thousand dollar* w*a
lainrd. A gentleman fn in R' ckbridge eiprrmi*da pv,
that Botetourt wuuld not give all the guarantee, ) ut ^
twit his county to participate.
Tho Lexington fsazctle dies not exactly ||kc ii.,M
lends, and would as soon Ru'ctuurt should monop, hxntp
honor if signing them. It says ;
‘•'I'he Fast has at last \ irldrd totlie petiti, na jitcl a,
ressilifsof the West,altlimgli Me must sax t(lat ,|)(|
lone it ra'her ungracefully, in requiring that aertin't'
should he given toller that the money that al.einxvsDe t
■inongst us shall y ield to the Stale' a pretty g od par cam
urn. I’erhaps it may If said that this was a pr pnsitiu*
if our own. True enough, f r we saw that it i,3g (
nothing, and we were thus compelled tog're»ur Fjmfr,
arclhrcu an earnest of our confidence in our assi rtlons aa
to the inereaa si prosperity of the improvem-nt as s«in aa
it was made to tap the Valley. Util we will hol|*
mg ni rs upm Ins subject at present, we are note m such
» condition that we are glad t i get the impmvenmni no.
in any terms; perhaps it w ill not always beau. 1
We have, from the first, said the guaranty was am,r,
hunti ng—that the bonds w. lild nevi r be enforced „,
matter what the deficit,and lhat no risk would tie run ]a
ligninothorn. Wc did not expect, however, that tba
mask w, utd so soon he dropped. If the pa'agrxpli ,|Un1w|
above means anything—it pretty clearly intinntot tl,*i
measures will hereafter lie taken to icpeal the pr.,r », ,,
n some way. to dis -barge the rcanonsd ility of t!i»
rautors. Wc certainly admire the tranknras if tl.ep;,
rettiu ThcGatjlte further stales :
I’pun Friday, the day on w hich the annnitnrrmeiit of
the final vote was made known tine, a grand ,alut» WJ,
fired in honor of run- lietnnj—o»e ntore glorious, and or
lainly more pr ditahlo than all the triu nphs yet achisrsj
»< r the Mexicans by our army; at the con lusioi, of tin
nlutr. three hearty cheers, which made the welkin rine
wnre sent up by our citizens assembled on uur pulilir
*qu*re: anil then, tu shew that they ctiuld condole wuK
die unfortunate, the crjwu separated with three groan*
ihr Lynch: ttrg.
The Weal has reason to rejoice in the p image of the
:ll —wc hope thn:r m a sanguine expectations mu |«
realized. We find no fit It wi h the drmonstMiima or
oy I film citizens of Lexington, recorded above_but we
llitnk their "three groans lor l.yn.lilurg” not in terr
food taste. Our town st.nds in no nerd of tluir nym
pathy, r r condolence. She is n„t, n* tl c people ufLai
ngton suppose, | r -stra'e I. She lias intti'ligenc", enu;
prise, imliisliy and cap tal, and, however unfavoralle th«
legislationof the xx .titer may I avc L« co to lor interest!,
the will continue to flourish. She thrived lief .re the ft
ml was made Loluw, and theextensinn of the impru»e
nu nt does not deprive her- f natural advantages.
Commanders to bo Captains—Charles Gantt, William
Ramsay, Henry Henry, Samuel \Y. Downing
Lieutenants tu be Commanders—Henry Pinknty,
\N m. M. Glcndy, George I’. L'pshur, Georg* T. Blake,
Z. F. Johnston.
Passed Midshipmen to the Lieutenants—William I,.
Blanton, Benj. S. Gantt. Hi nry A. Wise, Callender bt.
Ge ngo Noland, Ed. C. Anderson, Rood Warden, Win.
H. Macomb, S. D. Trenchcrd, W . R MrKiuniy.
To be Chaplains—'J'. C. Stanley, of Alabama ; Ed
win Eaton, of Ohio ; J L. Ltnhart, of New Jersey;
John Blake, of Maine.
First Assistant Engineer, A. Beiteck, Jr., to lei
Chief Engineer.
First Lieutenants lobe Captains—J. L. C. Hardy,
Geo. F. Lindsey, I and< n N. Carter, and J. G. Rey
Sect nd I.ir utrnrnts to be first Lieutenants—Joaiah
Watson, II. B. W a's< n, 'I lu nuts A Br: i'y, J. T Lough
tv. M rn. A. 'L. Maddi x. Win. B. Mack, Jno. fc*. LVflin
and Algernon S. Taylor.
To be second Lieutmants—Janus R Jones, of Del*
ware. Edward Mel). Reynolds, of New York; William
Unite-rfield, of Illinois; Henry Welsh, if Pennsylvania;
William F. Perry, of Ni w York; Joseph K M« Rar,of
Indiana ; Tlmmes Y. Field, of Pi nnn lvania: ( harlei
G. Met aulev, of Louis arui: James A Buchanan, of
Pen in ssee ; Israel Green, of W iscor.sin; Freeman Nut*
vi II, of Michigan; am! Jr.t < b Riad, i f Georgia.
(?>* Tin* Republican rails upon us fur our “ntitlmntt"
in barging the Gowrimrnt with the “intention" *f
sfi'lf i fr Gen. Taylor 1 y Mali,.nine him at Monterey
NWnight, with<ut a tpach <■!'cuurtrsy, defer giving
tiur autl.t lity i.ntil ti e Re}ubliean, u coin] hance with*
like request on our part, adduitd me single f et to»u»
tain an a^fcrtiin which it lately trade alxut the coiin*®
ut the \\ hig press in n'lation to G< n. 'J aylor, lift re slid
after the Units of the bth anti 9th of May.
But we wni\e all th h. Intrntirn, whin not isvown!.
can generally he inferred only by tcls. The roiinr «f
the Administration, ft r six montl.s j ast, has plainly indi
cat<«! a desire to get rid of Grn. Tayh r. 1 he nnuusntl
in chiet w as taken trim him I y (rdcring Gen. Scott to
Mexico, to hr ad in j rrson the main army destined to .,
t mte against Vtra Cruz, wi;ilst Gen. Taylor was left in
the ci mn.and of a wing w hich it was not intci <1 d to em
ploy in offensive cperatii tw—and w hich no one appre
hended would he assailed. Sul sequent events show that
this may prove to be a iniscalculalh n, and that hard
lighting may yet be seen in tlm neighborhood of Saltillo.
No otic, we presume, will now deny that the object of
the Lieutenant Generalship was to drive both Scott and
Taylor from the lit 1.1. The tflicial organ, in so many
words.says that the President wished the passage of th®
bill that hr might place Bernen in or nin and oithe arm.',
and the President in his letter, published to-c'ay, avowi
ih« desire ho ielt to place him,tin ugh a junii r.Mijor Gen
eral, in the same tlTicr—had the laws pcrinittrd. 0(
course, l.r* could not have assumed the ci minand ,,n,|l
Senit and Taylor were ordered home- and bad he g n‘'
as a Lieutenant Gen* ral, no one ran suppuH *1 at the'8
vetorans would have served under hum In thr alsmce
all feelings of wounded pride fc. military honor,they would
have l.een justiffrd in refusing, upon the very grout* *
which Benton, in bis letter, assumes as those which nit*
dr ied it impossible fur him to serve under them.
As to ihe w slit s of the Ujvi rimeiil to sujH.rsf()f 'n,i
ilielf nut oi.lv Gin.Tavlor, but Gen. Suit I'3’*
'•illy t,)say they art* now formally avi wc d, and there’ >8 r'°
necessity of argument to prove thoir existence. " •!'
the wish thus avowed to get rid of Grn. 'Jaykr,
think the intention of the Government in trd»rifp him tn
remain at Monterey, win nail the active service and ha»
fighting were exacted on the const, is apparent cnoi-f •
Mr. J. HerFii.au, the ngnut f r the Suit hr rner. t* n‘ *
in town,procuring subseril’crs fur 11 .at excellent r3!’
T he Somlurmr is a weekly newspaper pnblt^,fc
Richmond, l.y .James M. Crane, ai.d is parti* nM.v
vulctl tut he support «f ihi: great «:m«t «.f American t,M
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