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l,tH. VI. BLU kl ilBII. editor.
■ »• ”i» .Mate*, unil (hr l tilou «r thr Htntri.'*
■AAnilillUii, TillltMIU <IO»M\U, 1:1. js|7.
vol. kxv—m*. u
Eveky Monday and Tiiiiisotv,
,, finir Dollars per annum, payable in advance. JVo sub.
pjinn trill be receivedfrr a shorter time than siir months ;
set "" P*Prr eUI be discontinued, (rcre/it at the discretion
xiht Editors.) until all arrearages are paid.
' ^P .U)EEllTISE.)tH\-rs inserted at 50 cents per
nstart (or less) for every innerform insertion and 37 J els.
„ square (m less) for every outer form insertion.
f.YEll Y .ID EE It TISEIl is required to note on his .'ft
h,a long he teishes his advertisement inserted . on adver
tisement. nut eu noted, loitl be inserted till its discontinuance
S, ordered.
Toll YE. IIII. Y .till Ell TISl.\y; the terms are ; for
the privilege oj two squares, «^10 . for one square j’ur
,u square, intser form %33. Every yearly advertiser trill
Ss required to confine his advertising to Ins partivularline of
ffs Jon PlU.YTt.YU executed neatly and expeditiously
and unreasonable terms.
■Stray llor*c» !
f^STKAYKI) from tin* Rev. Dr. \\ illian \. Smith’
2 at Randolph Mactm College, Mecklenburg county
Virginia, alrout tin: blh of April last, one dark l7rown
large size, very heavy made, and a little swayed back,
mill, I think, one liintl loot white, and perhaps, somu w kite
hairs abntil the forehead, and about 10 years old.
Alai, a GRAY MAUI'., good size, very spirited,
highly formed, ike. She is S years old this Spring, and
trots very high and hard. They bolli work w, II, Iml are
very spirited, so iinieli so. that it requires a good ■< ms
man to drive either. A liberal reward will he paitl to
any person who will deliver them to tin Rev. I >r. Win.
A.Smith, at Randolph Macon College. .,r to the sul-seri
her in Lynchburg. M. TALBOT
May 10—21
i oit Tier: i,A im s
cheap EOK THE t ASH.
milK SUBSCHIBKHS rcspcctfully inform ll.c La
I. (lies that they have rcccivi d the fillowing (omhIs, ;
which they will sell lower than any olht r house in town,
in the Store formerly occupied hy Messrs. Talbot is La
nier :
Barrages,a rrixul article, 25 cts. per yard,
Law ns, tfreal iwrgaiiis from Is,
M Idle Linen, 25 cents,
Muslin Inserting-. Ill cents,
Large assortment of (’aliroes. from Gi cents,
White Linen Handkerchiefs, 12* cents.
IIooIm SIiucn.
pi Gentlemen’s fine Calf, Morocco and
1 I _ patent Leather BOOTS. SHOPS and
(.AITLRS Philadelphia make.
Also, Ltitlies' Shoes <it every deserip
lion and quality, just received and for sale low hy
May 10—ts
MBtiruerreotype lAl.cm sscs
BAIIL Si BSC HIIH'.R would respectfully inform
tin1 citizens ot I ,y nehhurg amt sut rounding country,
hat he lias taken the rooms, nearly pp isite the prank
it Hotel, formerly occupied hy Mr. \\ . A. |{, e,., r, an,|
ecently hy Mr. .1. II. pitzgibbons, where lie is prepared
0 execute MIM ATI'KK LIKI'.M’SSKS. with all
he latest and most important improvpmee. t.
Miniaturestaken in any kind of weather, and all pie
uros warranted a I'ae Simile of the original.
Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call ami examine
peeimens of this beautiful art.
N- B —Instruction givenin the art on moderate terms.
April ft—to p. k. GIBBS
112.000 winth «( Crockery, &e.
.IT , l WllEll COST TO Cl.OSH !
^ \V ith a view to rising my
present business in this place, I
am still silling niv large at nek of
C HINA, ui.ass and
at and under cost.
'Those who may want any
thing in my line would do well
to call very soon, and nuy at ju ices low wnal lias ever
been known in V irginia.
Country M erelianisare particularly invited to call, as
the canal will be closed m \t week for s une four or six
weeks. The assortment is very l arge and complete.
Sign oft he Rig Pitcher.
May 10—ts
BY virtue of a di*ed of Trust executed tome by John
S. Langhorne and Sarah E. his wife, I shall sell,
at public auction, on Thursday, 1 befit h day of May next,
if (air, if not,on the next fair day the rentier,on tin j»r< in
lying in the County of Amherst, on Stovall's Creek, ad
j lining the land of Doct. Flood, ( has. Mays. W yatt
Pettyjohn, (J. Warwick and others, and containing alnjut
The said Land is within 5 miles of Lynchburg and a
mile of the canal, with good outlets to each. A large por
lion thereof is heavily timbered, well watered with sujie
rior water power, w hich can be cheaply applied to
either milling or manufacturing purposts. It is well a
dapted to the growth of Tobacco, VV heat, Corn, kr,,
and is worthy tlio attention of those engaged in hauling
wood, or who may want W (Hid Land convenient to
Lynchburg. It will lie divided in lots or parcels to suit
purchasers,and will he sold either at private or nubile sale
Also at the same time and place, I will sell twoW aggons.
(•ear and Fixtures, otio Ox-Cart , one set Black Smiths'
Tools, and sundry Plantation Utensils. The title to said
1»roper»y will be undisputed,but acting as trustee agent,
shall convey sueh title only as ve sted in me.
A credit of une, two and time venrs will he given.
March 22—t6M VV. T.Y ANCEY, Trustee.
The above sale is postponed until the 28th day of the
present month, and at the same time will be rented out
ilie Saw Mill adj linieg the above Tract of Land, now m
the occupancy of Mr. Williams. VV • P. V .
W M. T. V ANCEY, Trustee.
May G—t28M _
mi IE snhscribers have this day entered into co part
X nersliip for the pitr|Kise of conducting the
in all its various branches.
They have taken the large brick tenement .lately erect
ed by H. O. Sclionlfield Esq., Marke' Street, and will
give their personal attention to the sale ef Heal and Per
sonal Estate, Drv Coeds, (iroceries. Horses &.e., either
in town or county, and hope by unremitting attention to
business to merit a lurtion ot public |<atn>nuge.
Tuesday, Tlmrsdav and Satnrdnv mornings, and
Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, llirnttgb
outtbeyear. CHARLES PHELPS,
.1 V . i SI It.
(III.MILES PIIELTS returns his sincere thanks to
7 his friends and the public generally for tin very hb
eral patninago extended to him, during the last
years, and respectfully solicits a continuance el the saim
to the new firm.
May 3—;»
! t v n f. e a- /• .1 n n ^
1 I I ApI.v'of"St ,<‘Cl'iV"J U"'ir aml S"""’"'r •up
Superior Reudy Made Clothing.
I comprising ('very ar.ie.-ess,™ lo complete a gem|e
| man a Wardrobe. Gentlemen would find n grvally i„
tliiMj advantage to give us an early call h }
-May 10—ts
15,000 low by ,U* *°r *S'°
rpHE Undersigned, h irstofitro, partners in the practice
ol Law. have this day dissolved by mulual consent.
I lie business on hand will have their joint attention
1-nr notice.
UAV111 n. Branch * AVm N. Held, Jr.
1» r. tame il a partnership in the practice of Law
anil w ill attend the Courts of tins Corporation of
Lynchburg the comity ofCami.bell, Appomattox, and
Amherst. Also the Superior Courts of lint county of
Rockbridge. All htisiness committed to their hands w ill
oc dmgenlly attended lo. Office over Capital. \Yin. D
r air s, at Market I louse.
Address -Lynchburg.
A pul 15—ts
Coiiiiiiinsioiifr's Snic of
«u<l .Vcjrrof*.
. ‘ ‘ > I to a decree ot tlie circuit superior «**urt
ol law and chancery, for the county of Amherst*
|.r;.»ounml on tlic Vfn.l day of Ajiril. lNl7.ii, a
" 1 "'atigt, and William AriniaU a.l an
plainnns, Hif.iiiiHi Tlinnias K. Waugh, John Crawford.
\N illiaiii F.idsoii and .lames Gilliam, defendants ; the
utulcrvgin d commissioners, appointed by said decree,will
pro.reed at \\ utigh’s Kerry, in said county of Amherst, on
the < ill day ol .lime next, to sell to the highest bidder,
I r cash, the follow iug Slaves, viz :
li illunn, Aclxon, George, Sifocy and *h1dison.
And at the same time and place, we shall sell, to the
higliesi bidder, the interest ot the said Thomas E
\\ augh iu the lb al Estate of his father, James Waugh,
dee d., which real »state is situated in several
some lying in said county of
Amherst, and others in the
, county ol Bedford. A more ^
pariieular description will be given on the day of sale
I he Land will lie sold lor cash enough to dr fray tb<
expenses ol sale, and for the residue, on credits id 0, 1 J
and IS months, to be secured by bond w ith satisfactory
personal security, and the title to be withheld until tin
purchase money is paid.
\\ e shall, at the same time and place, sell for cash,
iIn* interest ot tin- said Thomas E. Waugh in the down
Slaves held by bis mol her, the said MaryJ. Waugh,
description of which will be exhibited’on the day* of
II the said 71 li day of June next shall not he fair, we
‘dial! postpone the afiove sale until the next day, the 8th
of June, 1 Si7, w hen it w ill Ik* made.
'The decree under which we act requires all persons
w ho may have possession of any of the said Slaves, Wil
liam, Nelson, George. Silvcy or Addison, to deliver them
up to us tor sale win n demanded, and we hereby inform
them that we shall send uu agent to receive them a few
days before tin- sale.
ROHEK I M. BROW N, ^ Commis
JOHN THOMPSON, Jr. S’ sinner*.
Amlu rst C. II. May 0—t7Jo
T BUIF. pnncrrn of .M. H. I.avimlor & Co . i. il,,-. .in,
■ dissolved l»v mutual consent. .All persons having
claims against the concern will please present them for
payment, and those indebted to the concern will com*
forward and settle. The name of the concern will In
used only in winding up the business.
May 1,1817. May 0—It
lActv Concern.
Fill I FI subscriber will continue the GROCERY ami
I COMMISSION BUSINESS, at the stand for
merly occupied by Bryant Young, and recently by
M. II. LavinderSi. Co., where lie will, at all timef, keep
on had a good and well assorted stock of
to which he particularly invitee the attention of his old
friends and tin* public generally, promising them good
bargains iu bis line of business.
May 0—4t
iim ito,8tli May, 1847.
Sir:—A public meeting of the Citizens of this Town,
held yesterday at the I’nivrrsalist Church, pursuant to
notice, to consider the propriety of recommending a suh
script ion to the stork of the Richmond and Ohio Rail
Road Company, adopted unanimously the following res
ulutions :
1st Resolved. That it is important to the interest of
the Town of Lynchburg that, in addition to liberal pri
vale subscription,the Town, asa Corporation.should suh
scrilie for a sum not less than one thousand shares, con
ditioned that the road ho commenced at the Town of
2d Resolved. That the Mayor of the Town he and
is hereby requested tnappoiut some suitable time, not far
distant, and direct the Sergeant of the Corporation to sub
nut the question tothr lawful voters, to determine wheth
er the Common Council shall subscribe for one thousand
shares, on condition that the Richmond and Ohio Kail
Road Company shall commence said road at the Town
of Lynchburg;
And made it my duty to transmit them to you.
Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
To Daniel l. Warwick, Ksq., Mayor of the Corpora
lion of Lynchburg.
8 N pursuance of a request made by a Town Meeting
of the Citizens of Lynchburg, on the 7th day of May
inst. I, Daniel I. Warwick. Mayor of the Corporation
of Lyn diburg, do hereby direct the Sergeant of the said
Corporation to li’dd a poll, at the Mouse lately occupied
by Messrs. Turner Burwell, on the 21st and 22nd
inst., to ascertain whether the Cor|>oralum shall sub
scribe for 1UU0 Shares in the Richmond and Ohio Rail
Road. I). I. W ARW1CK, Mayor.
May 10
B11KNRY ni NMNCiTON, Sergeant nl llic Cur
^ |«inuion uf Lynchburg, ill pursuance of the almvc
order of the Mayor, do hereby notify and reipiesi all the
voters of the Cor|ioratioii,who are eligible to vote for the
civil oflicers of this Corporation, to attend at the house
lately occupied by Messrs. Turner Si Burwell, on the
21st and 22nd days of this month, (May) and there re
eord their votes for or against the Corporation subscri
hintr for 1000 shares in the Richmond and Ohio Rail
May 10—t22M Sergeant.
rortcardins A' Commission House
L. II. T RIU(i,
HWINH taken a House on the Basin, tenders his services
t, Itis friend, and the puhlir generally, in forwarding
Merchandize, and for the rale of all the Staple articles ol pro
dure. - ... , . . ,.
la 11. T., in the sale of Tobacco, will be assisted by a gen
tleman, who, from long experience and acknowledged
judgment, is fully competent to sustain the interest ot I Un
Jl*c!imond, Frb. 15 3rn
jmilKCO I*Alt I MKItvinr. I,.. ...
■ dir the style el ’I iIIkH A I,amir, was dtssolvi ,1 by
mutual con sent, on the Ifnh mat
, MKLVILLK taluot,
April 26-ta KO. V. LAMKK.
•II. T .1 f. If o f,
A l. c T 1 O A E E It n ml C O It M I 8 8 I O 8
LV.wum ua, ruidixu.
■IirOI’l.n respectfully inform ilia ciln. ns of Lynch
nuiy anil the public ecu, rally that lie lias removed
; '"s ‘l>e l«r«c brick leuemeut on the cross
street, just almv,• the market Inume, u here lie yy ill be
| leased to receive cnimigmmml* Horn Ins friends and the
| public generally. All unsettled business of ,1 e I.linn
I "I allsit .s, Lamer veil I hr closed by the sola rilsu
i:i"' lllN pufbeular attention paid to all business.mated
April 'do—ts
j h.Kih.s • cunt ilIui:s • ■ auui nun s ■ • •
^1^^' KIlll .KS invite tin- attention of thrir
jL"‘W«- >" wr|,‘ ra^< •<> ihrir tifw
' k *1' (.HOC I'.UIKN. ijuw riM-i-ivril I'rum
Uic N .rill, rn (IIM, wlii.-l, t|„.y offer r.r sale, at the |„.v
i'M niarkrl pricca.ott a, t'uminud.Hinij terms. Tilt'll .St,« l,
comprises in part :
■SI (t VK l.> hints. N. (). ami l*orlo llico Sueur, shim:
rior quality, ‘
I J boxes A \ aiu! || I,oaf Stijpir,
5 tierces Clarified do
H* bbls. Pulverized do
10 “ ('rushed do
( (>l I' l.h 1.0 bans llio, l.uumirx ami Java Coffee
MOLASSKS 10 I,lids. C uba Molasses,
10 hints. Porto llico do
S “ Snjinr 1 louse do
CJ(|M»K\s\,lCP_;i bbds. N.U. (■olden Syrup,
1 *• ' —-Blial! chests Impel inlTea, vaimua grades,
4 > trill chests (imqtowdcr d.» do
‘jo loir ..I,. Sis Black do pa J 9((|H ,IU|#
( AMH.hS loti hexes Hancock Malm’s »u per lor
Adamantine Candle*,
100 taxes New’ Bedford Sperm Candles, assorted
si/( s and approved brands,
SPH ES—Linger, IN pper, Allspice, Nutmegs and Mus
lard, ot various ipialuies and packages.
OIL—15 hhls. I 'aimer’s (Ml,
N VI I.S ; KM» hhls. Nails, asserted si'Acs,
10AC ON I >.000 lbs. supi tior Huron.
1 bey will also keep euiistnutly on bund, n OOO'I utid
tfcnerul nssorlment of STU’l'K 1)U\ (,U(I|)S. to
w bieb they ask an exumitiulion trom tlieir enslom.TS and
pureliaser* ircin rally. IhiiIi w hob-sale and re altogether
w ill: a general assortment ot II \ 111 > W A |{ K.
April !fli— t*
Dancing srhooi.
fPHE undersigned will he in Lynchburg in a few
da)§ to commence a Dancing School.
April 47—Is
■ ^(>( l’( )R T. W. E\V INli inform* the public that!
I W lie is in possession of Boyd's remedy lor Scrofula.
H is too W i ll kiloo n to (Iih romniuiiily lo comment on.—
Those who are afflicted may call mi him and he relieved.
Ills ()/liee is near New Store. Buckingham county, V a
His Punt OlIi*e, New Sit.re Buckingham.
Charges are moderate.
April 44— ts
iroi \<* i.M ieoBic
iiL cn.Lvt.w hotktovut vor.vrr.
llev .1 Mr Elroy and Mrs Mr Elroy.
P n I %j m m A m. «* -
j% 1 B. and MBS. McKhltOV will open, at Bu ban
i ▼ 3 an,on the 1st of Mav next, a
Voting Ladies Hoarding School
'I'lii number ot B -arders w ill lie limited to thirlnen.an 1
the whole to t w cuts live. Tin health, coin fort. thorough
instruction, true piety and refinement of the young La
dies, w ill Ih* the objects of the* constant aim and efforts of
the Principals.
Term* for Session of Five Months.
Board, Washing, &c. tMI
Tuition, including English, Latin and French, 47) 00
Music extra.
Payments in every instance in advance. Vacations in
April and October.
Bishops and Clergy of the Diocese of Virginia; Staun
ton, I Ion. Judge Thompson ; Winchester, Hon. James
M. Mason ; Albemarle, Hon. VV. C. Bitch; Fredericks
burg, Hon. Judge Lomax ; Biclimoiid, I ion. Judge Bald
win. VV . II. McFarland, Esq.; Halifax, James Bruce,
Esq.; Bedford. Dr. Win. Davis: Botetourt, J. I. An
dersnn. Esq.. James Woodville, Esq. ; Roanoke, VV in.
M Peyton, Esq., (*en. Watts; ( lark county. Dr. Ran
dolph; Lynchburg, Win. M. Blackbird, E-*q.
April 4:4—ts
10 hlids. prime N. (). Sugar,
10 eases prime Mass Licorice,
10 baskets Sweet Oil,
yi hags Rio Lrecn CofTce,
4 halts Eastern I lops, in fine order,
1 hhd. very fine St. Croix Sugar,
0 ton* Tredegar Iron,
Receiving and for sale, by
April 22—()t if
12 hhds. N. (». Sugar,
2 tierces do elarilicd Sugar,
0 barrels pulverized and ground Sugar,
2 do crushed do
12 boxes t\ not sc v Wfxilicy’i best I .oaf Sugar,
150 bags llio, old.'lava, Faguayra and Maracailm Coffee,
20 baskets Sweet < )il,
15 barrels Tanners* ( >il,
40 boxes Window (class,
40 do 'fallow, Sperm and Adamantine Candles,
100 kegs Blasting and Sporting Powder,
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Poper,
200 kegs Nails.
Nine nests Wnodware, H nests Measures, 00 reams Wrap
ping Paper, 100 lbs Caudle Wick, 30 lbs Cotton Twine, 50C
lbs Copperas, 5 do* Axes and 12 boxes'I ea,all «»f which, to.
gether with many other articles and our former sl«»ek, we of.
ler l »r sale at the’lowest market price.
Mare hH l»
30 harrr.sTanners’ Oil.of primequality, on hand
am! for sale low. liRY AN P &. fI IN$LE\.
April 19—ts
WE are now in receipt of a largo assortment of thr
above named Goods, among w inch are
Black French and English broad Cloths, all prices
Brown, Green, Blue ami Olive do
Black French Doc Skin Cabsimeres of every style am
Do Boujeans and plain English do
French, English and Americana-Fancy do
Fancy and white Linen Drillings.
Black French and English Satin VESTINGS,
Light and dark coloured Silk do
Gold Tinsel and white figured Silk do
Figured and white Marseilles do See. &c.
The alxivc Goods will he manufactured at prices to sui
the customer, provided ho is not too hard to please. A
any rate we are determined he shall not say he can d<
better elsewhere. Call and try.
All garments warranted to lit or no sale.
April 29—ts
iCvaity •timte Clothing.
fl1IH\ SI i,si iiUJIUs liavo now on liatul a laujo
Jl stock of
s *’ K I N «• A N l) S L’ M M K It
wliieli they w ill sell at less priee than were vvnr Mi .re
1,1 I vn lihurg. Alining wliieli may ho found thu
l.'llowm'r articles:
11 lack Drrusaml Frock (twits,
Tweed dress, tV.sk and sack Coats,
lllsek Alpaeoa do do do
Croton, kremlins and Cntlnimdu do
llrown, plaid and white Linen do
lllaek and h alley f.isaimero Pants,
l>n I trap ill I’.te is 1 trap de Vienna do
I' Miry and w Idle l.lnen do
kremlin and Cnttonado
Ida-k Satin, Silk and Itnmliuamo Vesta,
l.iolit coinured Pitney Silk du
l ane) and while !\| rseilles do
* , A I. SO,
I II w*^ a**°rl"tent ol t mulshing (.foods, aouipriaing aa
MumImn anil rolling CnllarH. Shirts. Slitrl ('..Ham, M,,a
1 ",l,;r Niplii SliiflH. Drnurrn, Nipla r«iw,
l mralM, Murks, Tim. UuntK.Cr.-n il SlllVi'iliTa, (ilnv. s'
Min|hu„ its, Sns,Himl, r Kmls, I*,x k, t I Inn,lk,'„ Link
-Money ll« Its. Money Purses, \.r.
(•iiitloiiUMi wishing any of tin- shove article will Jo
will loom- us u call, as v\ «• an- Jetermiiioil lo^ll them
ss cheat) ax lin y ran ho bouoht in \ numin
nn vn.imoi sk, \\ in rrf.MouK & c0
April \*J u
^IMIK uinlrrsionoJ wish to pun-hrse from ono KunJird
i" two hundred Nooro Slaves, the n^rof none to***
• '•a J jll years. \\ « are wilhno to jii\o for p- a * ,1‘
prior, pay ahlo in Ini ouual annual p;»\'* ’,l* H°m tho 1st
•Muroll, |S p,l.
I i hiviii(• ||io pay un iit ol ilir Jrhi wo uro ''illintj to
»rlv. .» .. > , • ••«.« neoroi s, hihI also on mil cxhttc lo
asulln-iout amount to satisfy tlu- vclh r Tho noyruoa lo
ill- delivered in NoXuUe l 'oillltV , .MissiKMpni , by tin-first
of < h-lohrr nrxt.
I eisons wishing to sell will address ono or bo'li of us
ut Pickensy tile, Ala, by or brfore tin- I o July m-xt.
Al nI I A li \l.s11 \ I 1'
| III*. sul>si*riU r has nn iv«*• I a I'rrsli and extensive ns
surtmnii. 11«* particularly desires a cull tVom Couii
1 r V 'I* reliautH, and the |mldie gnu rallv, hef.ire piuelia
aa he thinks* he emi ulh i i xtia inducements
April \~>—u
•v#;ir goods.
ri^lll'. SI IIS( Ullll U is opening, in the house re
J rcnlly occupied hy Davis, ('oilmen fc* Co., a large
nnd general assortment of Staple and Tanev
»r> ... (•lomlex, Hals, Shoes, Ar.,
wlneli he «>lh is on the most liheraf terms, and at
prices that will lie certain to please.
I le would ask an examination of the following articles
( h ilts A large assortment, among which are extra
line black, blue and fancy colored Kr, ueh ( loth*; Cassi
lucres, a g,eat variety: some extra line Ventings, a gen
i*ral K'K a in lent, Hoi tie very superior.
I he Cadies are invited to examine his Usunrlnieut 1.1
i,M|Ss v#noo*.nmm%Uh«o!t|.e Very latest in.norm**
A gooil ass irtment of Kml.roideriea, and l.ace Moods.
A low splendid erupo sowing *ilk and other Summer
Shaw Is.
Also, a large assortment of Heimcts, Uihhons nud
I'"lowers, and a great many oilier articles suitable lor
the season.
Ills Him k is large and complete, and will he Hold ns
cheap UHnn\ I louse in Virginia, and those in want ol
cheap Moods, w ill find ii lo their interest t<i examine Ins
assortment In fore tiuying.
I he fi n uds and patrousof the films of I )avis k Hrotli
r. and Davis, Colhoun &. Co., are particularly invited
to give him a call.
April 12 ts JOHN T. DAVIS.
N<»w Hook*.
A bell,
I •’Israeli's sketches of Fngliah Literature, new edition,
Lord's I'.ipiintion of the Apocalypse,
I'<lue.it inn ami |\ now ledge, hy Kd Everett,
Life of < 'olumhus, new edition,by Irving,
New Titnon,
Statesmen nt \meriea, by Mr** Maury,
Spaniards and their country, by It Ford,
Thi* Wylilht, «, hy Mr* Markay,
Philosophy of Magic,
The t 'huiTlwnan’s Reason fir his faith ami practice,
'J’hiers' History ot tin t'onsulateoi Napoleon, 1 ?«!., Ice
Just received at the Hook Store of
April a—ts
r| Yl IK subscriber,it graduate of urn* of tin: first inft'itu
I lions in i lie city of New York .and a practitioner at ’
the liar of Philadelphia.i« desirous of obtaining a School,
in this or any of tin- surrounding counties.lor youths.
lie im fully ipiuliti'-d to give instruction in nil the Ku
glisdi Branches, a complete an 1 thorough course of Malli
cmatics, including Algebra, Geometry, Conic Sections
Kr.. which lie will teach on a new system, together with
Book Keeping, Plain and Ornamental Penmanship m all
its \am us styles, and will give private instruction in air
of the above named branches.
Ills certificate can lie seen on application to his brother
at Phelps Perkins* Auction I louse,of whom all particu
lars mav he had. ISAAC N. CABDOJ6A.
M i V 3—1 in*
■ O It It K K T .
opposite tbe YY ashingtoii Hotel, 'l’erms
moderate and poasession given immedi
] ately. Apply to
M:.> :: it J.T. BURTON.
fir cal Cure of .W'.rvmm I [rudnchc hy Ihr. Improved /.V
Di. lv nx. r/r. inu: 'pills.
MV daughter endured almost intolerable snfliring with
the Nervous Headache furtive years, and nothing seem
j ed to give relit t. I hud the eiiriositv to get a box ol I h»et« r
Smith’s Pills, ol G Dexter, in Albany, and gave a dose to
, her, from which she derived immediate heiielil. (.’oiilidrner
now taking the place ot curiosity, l obtained the agency of
i tlicse good Pills, and have sold a great many, because I can
honestly recommend th in My daughter is now perfectly
well, and is attending the Albany Female Seminar*.
Ka«t Albany, N Y , April, 18-10.
The above, gentleman, a respectable merchant, is known uni
rsu bany.'
For safe in Lynchburg, hy
JOHN H. KF.AY, Ihm^iat.
March 22--0m Agent for the Proprietor
mo i oitt:i:.
o fr BAGS I’ltl.MK lilt) COFFEE,
O.J |ll“ blk. I’rpiier,
ft “ Allspice,
| 5 “ race Ginger.
Just received and lur .ale by
; April 12—tg McDaniel &. lee.
11' tent thu Maltimcro American nt yotti-rilay. j
a mm vi. or tiik <• vi.kooni v
n.n.h' .1 mo.yi'ii i~rri:u 1'ituM numwE
I'hr ale.nner I'ali-deiim, w nh ,lal, a In tin, Uhl, uli. ur
riv.l at II,Niton yinUmlay iimining. Thu follow mu uru
tin* In test market* :
I ON I ION ( OH N M VHKKT. April lit Thwugl.
tin* last loitni)>lit a heavy lumine*s Iiiim Ims-m trammel
u,l bull, in VV hunt, rimir nu,l In,Inn, t'orn, an,I tin, tin
.. w hich him prevail,',1 in thu latter end of March
Ituajfivcn way in litioyaucy and activity.
I lie uperatiuim m lert-i^ ti wheal were tnmlurate on the
■llh, mill thu ttaiisuetiiiinr elleeled were tin ndviineinu
t, rum Indian uorn was held lirmly in c,i ..nut ol
llm mure vnmnrny|iiia repnrU from thn I’ruviuetul mni
In town made Ilnur sear ‘cly itnvlhinu wnadnlto, nor
» ■■>» *lier» much demand I'm Nurli.l'k, llmmehnld nr other
inaitN, hut Amerieun wan In decidedly iuipruved icuuuat
linn.I hran It la-mu nnlv .. :t; In -t-u
Durum Ilm ni ck i iuIiiik un tlm I'dth, triimmrliniia in
nil nrln'lia nl llrcinlalnll' were in n umilnraln cu. ut, nml
rlMI"U ' tf<Mi«*ri»llv |»<i'l linldrrn I,, |„iM nlimlHiu i„
nivi pt pri vmm. ran-,. On tlm I .Ml, \\ l„ nl mlvmm, ,1
Irnm V! In U aliillinijM pur ipuirlnr. nml I'lmir nml cvcl
Innl iliMiinml nt lull r:itr-». In,linn umil wh .pin t l,„i
liirllmr udvaui'i' ut'uliu aliilliny prt mini tel in n Imnl tnuk
plni'o mi tltu I till.
I".lian I'lirn ia tail.' 1 , mamiunt
i'xIiiiiihI' ''"''Ml' in tlm ill mi niiliini nl tlm Muck
.. ill it tlm priri'M nl' tlm In si krnmla
urn full mm Kliillmn per blit, alaivu tlm prmi'a nl tlm
I Sill.
Viali r.l n \prll I'Jtli, tlm inniki't wna tlm at'i'tionf
null'll ...ami immljf all I lint nntuii anli'a wan
ratfi'rlv britii({lil npnii I'rrueli nml llidjjinn ..in nt u
iiwul pumampnl In aix alullmnn |hh uiuiitrr uver llml
*lny Mi’i’li In mini riri'tiuiatamv mil'll an nilvnuri'
niiglil liavc nimli'n I'uvumlilr unpri-umi mi ilm Stuck l''.x
I'liaiini' Iml mill tlm ri'Virmt in Ilm I'uni'.
I.H Mil.I, ( OTTON MAUKKT ll.'|Hirt fm
iIh- lu ck ending April llilli In eun-i-picitcc uf neeumil
I'rum (lie 1 State- In tlir earl) purl Ilf tlm ivuek there
Man mi improved demand I'rum the Uncle ua well an I'rum
-peeiilnliiis. at mi alliance uf mm clglilli uf n pi n
ny to uno ipmrUir pel purtml, upnii Amcreun dc-rnp
The II i-tun -learner arrived yr-lenl'ty, and llm inliir
maliuii trim brought uf the great and -mlilcll falling nil in
lie i« reipt-tif the jrurtM a-compared ivilti the la-l year,
pr iiliiei cla very animnled demand and llm market cluxed
mill liiiniiiji cm ndvnnee iipuii last neck'- ipuilation
nl i! lu i penny ii|<uii American, and ) lu J penny per
pnitiiil mi all nlln r kind- Speenlnlnmhave Inkeii V'i,(!lkl
Vicierinin, 1 .HIM) Kg) plum, and d.rINI Niral, and e\pm
ler- I .I’lfill American. Till lYrii.iinbin o, fill Marnidieni.
and 170 Surat Tlm -ale- u! tlm m-k are liii Kill
A pul liih and I'jlli,- The ilenmnd fur Cutiun Inn,
Im'111 mull nimlei lie -ilire the H'.lli, Tlm Mules du mil
exceed ilNH) lu NHMI halee Kriees lire receding, and lie
imtrkel hn • a i|uiel appearance. Ve-lerdny llie uale- re
purled included IHMII) Amcrcaii at II,! In 7 \ |ieiiiiii - ; Hill
I’eiuamliiieu nl 8 pemiie-. |IMI K.gvplaiu nl7|:i8',. \Y,
may lurtlier eli-tvc that the mill In i clu-e- full) uno
eighth u| a penny per pound Inn er -inee.
I.IVI'.HI'OOf.CO'l'rON M \lllx KT, April I'lth
I' air Unwell (icurgin 7 J to 7 J, Muhil 7 1 tu 7New Orl
can- i i In 8,
I.OMIIIN MONKY MAIlklVI’, April I'l - N„i
n illittanding the ndvimi'ii in the ('urn mail.ut ihe market
wan better. Cun-nla njuaied nl 8('i| lu |,,r J .. v and
ai'i'niml. Muncy -lm k me, found III he nr.e.niid h.iee
il vim wurtli ns imieli Pn present iriinsfer na liir time_
Cun* it are now H7 for money, nml 87 toK71 fur time -
Uedtieid llm i -‘l| in.iVd, Tpi r cunt pn liiiniii. t'mi-nl
.. Viji »«> 1 per ct discount.
W • have very little change to notice in Storks. Sunn
ish nml I’orluguiMc eoiue lather hrtiei I ruin Vmsleriluin
the H’.lli. hut remain lu re without change.
The rejH.rt of tlm condi lion of the Hunk of !\nghind
exeeilo 8001(' attention, lltld among COlltUU'rciu] Hull. In*
intlr degree of alarm; the bullion is disappearing rapidly
In keep it at home tlu* rule of interest i » raised to mullin'
on net |«\»r< i »n exehnugeN.
'flu-re it :m improved tel ling m the manufacturing dix
triets. At Manelicster a better impiiry ban sprung up
I’.r goods and yarn, and a lair Iminiuchh would ho dune it
spinners and mamituclnrex would moderate their expecta
tion* ax to price*.
I (OSS OK Til K I. W 1 OVK I \« Kir refill* IIOI HluNTk.lt
The Hoeheatcr, Trueman, from LivrrjMM>l to New York,
on tin* morning of (ho I Mli iiiNt. Hlruek on lint Norili end
of Hlackwatcr Hank, between Dublin and Wexfork,
within Hi iiulew of the latter place; *hc immediately tilled
and it in feared kbit will become u total wreck. A great
cr par’, of thn jiasscngers wore carried into Wexford by
the Aekclono, and the remainder wore being *av*d by
other l.oati.
'I'lio Hibernia arrived out ot» the I4lh tilt.
'I’he proceeding* ol Parliament nil ice the mailing of tho
last Hteamer possessed little interest. Ilnsimss will he
wound up a* Npr-mlily a* | inhibit* in order to prrpar for
the difiaolution which i* to follow in dime or duly next.
Perhaps the history of Kngland for a century and a half
does not present a litno when It-:* party feeling pravuil
All.umn I’ortugal are approaching thu cltmnx. I lie j
tedious, unsatisfactory struggle l>etwcen tin; insurgents i
ami Queen's force* in draw ing tu u rinse. The Queen’s ,
troujM Neeui unable to meet the emergency and lliu pro
tcctii-n of Great llrilian liaa been solicited. I'Vars have!
Iiern entertained that the |s;rMou of the Queen is nut mth
in tin* capital. A rising is anticipated.
The Prussian general diet was opened hy a speech 1
from the king at llcrlin on the lltli. The king made
an extraordinary, mjh cch and us lengthly as it was
The United States ship of war .l.imesluwn. (’apt. A.
Y. Forbes, laden with the hrcadslufl'N nud provisiutiN lur
the relief of tho distressrc’ Iritdi arrived at Cork on the |
|2th ult. on her mission of mercy,
The lady of Mr. Ilrancorft had the honor of di 1
ning with itiu t|"iun at liuckingham Palace tho 15th
'Phe West India Royal Mail Steam Packet Compn
uy have purchased the Gloat NYi.-blciu fur i
Jenny Land had arrived in Lotrlon.
(lur accounts fiom Paris are to the I7tli, hy which we (
learn that the contemplated extension of tho present
system of free trade to the olst, July, 1848, is now all'
Certain death, and its eonoomiInntfl discontent and dis
order, are hourly increasing in France.
Letters in the Paris papers mention the failure of an
attempt made oil the I .»lli to induce the iuhahituiitM of j
I the Portuguese hut tied town of Yeloca to pronounce in |
| favor of the insurrection.
M. Rouge is undergoing a month's time imprisonment I
at lireslau fur preaching w ilimitt j>ermission of the author
A good deal of discussion and eor’cspomlcneo has ap-1
peared in the papers since the sailing of the Cambria, re
spirting Mr. Frederick Douglcss, a colored anti sla
| very lecturer, who went out passenger in that vessel.
The state of a flairs in Ireland is improving. Matters'
have reached the ir worst, and are now mending. The
latest nccounla of Mr. O’Connell's health are very unsa- i
The St. Landry Whig says that the ent worm has
been at work on the cotton and corn, and that there is
evciy probability of a failure of these crops this year.
LJV. O. Delta.
The Cheraw Gazette states that Mr. Jonathan J.
Gove, w ho owns a plantation on Little; River, (S. C.)
near the lmo of North Carolini, has obtained 200 lbs. of
sugar from an eighth of an acre of cane. 'Phe grain of
| the sugar *5 said to be good, and the flavor pleasant.

I'roiHlhe, llicltinuntl WVny.
tiir iiotktouit district.
Messrs. Kditors The nnnonnrrment of William Hal*
I*'CHtuir* election wit) curry a thrill of gratification
i i tin* heart i*l every \\ lug m tlw State. Although ho
-Ini nut rut. r the ..ti nt until the niiddlo of March, and
j although itio District is nearly three hundred miles in
length, and contained a Detnocrilio majority of more than
' nix hundred, yet In* is elected hy a derided majority uf
, inure than in w liundrs ! totes. Tins victory find* not a
parallel in the nolitnul .minis of the nation—a victory not
uidv coveting un< brow of I im vi lio aelnewd it with i resit
nnd unlading laurels, but proclaiming that the spirit of
dais gone by tbe spirit ot intense and fervent patriotism
is aw aliening in the hud. and uttering in strong and
emphatic term* a decided disapprobation of the measures
! of the present A>1111111 intration. Tim writer of this brief
urtiele oxpenmiceN u degree <rf satisfaction st the result of
I tills eleelioil. Hot to Isj expressed in polished periods or
| rbelorieal phrases a sntislaetioii not the mors eon.se
! gueiico ot any warm attachment hi the liotioicd champion
icl thr Whig party in this district, but winch is utlribu*
tabb* to and finds its origin in an uhidltig confidants in ths
I correctness and irutlitulm ss ot the principles so succn.s
i hilly vindicated, and s warm devotion and uttacuiuonl to
a cause which, as lie believes, ih intimately identified
" hli he* proH|N‘rity ot tin- Republic and the maintenance
• d the pi iviNioiiM ol lbs Constitution in all the fjeslmcse
and Vlirur ol ullu.r liim i
,TI"' l"sTl"‘ l"f*y W.\\m ,!f sink.ru .l.vo.
.u in ti t . g) VtilikVitutiou mid ilu* whole country, ami
viewing ih. giesii «|ii< HtinuM which now agitato limnation
with It i lings Inc 111 mi I lie bias ol parly piedjuduw, d#
luaixl indignantly nml loudly n hisiorv of tl.o iiicasinos of
llio list I ougioss, and a sfulniuciit ol tin-reasons which in
llm•need the comb ct ol tlioir rtprcsciilativcn. Wliat was
tin olijtviol llio voto by w Inch the hem ol llucna Vista w at
to lit ilcpii\t-d ol IiIh Inti I earned lamclsf W hy wots tlis
ilutirs iijhmi InijHirlN tcdticod, w Iii-ii war, with till its dirt
mid do ad consHpiencrs, wnxagilnttugthc land/ And why
tliih vast i*\pend it un- ol tin* Ih*w| Ij|<nh.1 and iron rum of the
nation m the pioNCculioii ot a war, undertaken without
ean^r, and eoiitlueli d, ho In as tin; Administration is eon*
eerueil, wiiliorit ability i* To these question* no nulislhelo
ry answers have ever been made. And the peoplu, well
t y ami disgusted with profctiHioiiM ot patiiotism, have do
termined to hurl from pow er this weak and nrhilniry Kx
eeutive and his corrupt and prolhgnto su purlers. Thu
name ol frcsidont folk will go dow n lo posterity either
KimiM'ii w iih ilu* imputation ol the high eninc of violating
the ( onulitntioii, or covered with contempt hy hir total
ignorance of tin various and eomplicuted relations of lht»
t lovniinu ui. A kindly I h ail will east over him I he man
lie ol chanty, and attiihule Ins inisi rahle conduct rathur
to till* III) In i*l 111 \ ol Ills intellect, and the HUggctilioiia of
uiipriueipled adviiers, than to tin* dictate* ami ptoiupl
mgs ol a hcait mailu eon mil hy tho pin-wcHsioti ol uiicx
pooled Jhiwer mid iiuthorily. Hut the nmuo of (ien’i.
I ay lor, eiioitch’d with the halo o| unlading splendor,
‘ hull ho written in letters of hlaxiug light upon llm fndu*
mig i olumii ol Vimncau renow n, the udmirution of iiiou
m all coining Him s.
I lie jusiph u mlo i stand the m uives of those who Hough I
to filch Irotti Cien. I ay lor his Itloot) Itoiight reputation,
hy placing over and uImivo him a mail who is irniu
celebrated l ,r vainly than Ii n sly ot eharaetur, ami
laying all |>olilicul animosities up.n the altar of patriot*
i mii, they tire determined upon the ls*stowd ol the high
i ist honors o| their country ti|x»n tlm hero which ho *uo
r‘ •I'nll.y d< lends its Hag, oven in an iinneco .s.ry war.
W hen \\ in. H fr« stou hIimhI Ihrlh at the bidding of
I the people, and with an eye o| unerring sagacity detect
‘*‘1 tin* direelioii ami j rogn «.* o| the poj tilnr w ill, mid du
lei mined to ciilist under the h inner i f llio conqueror
'‘vrho never iurrenders,M you, IMrssrs. I'.diiorw, it I mis
take u >t, legarded it ill timed and premature. Hut sub
siqueiii events have proclaimed the wisdom and nri>
pMi lV.ol’hi«* . 's.v., .... eiujiumnig*
ami i lot|!i nt vindication found a w illing i< yp».nse in eve
ry heart animated with generous and noble impulses.—
T in Hi.ink « ol'ihe w hole country an* due Win. I), frci
tiiii for ins brilliant tiiutnph, and the lusting devotion of
tlm \N lug party lor his many saertfh-e* and strenuous ex
ertions. We hid him oiiv. aid in his libjli career. W <i
award him the homage of a sincere mlininti >n; and ws
say to him, this 1.4 hut tl»r- Is ginning of his high honors.
\ * 111 ull the puvate i> latinmi of I lo have 1 ver eluslcred
aioiiml him the warmest alleelioiis of all who knew him,
; so 111 hispublie cure* r may the ndiniiution ami npplauso
j of the whole people attend his every movement ! And
| may the Voice, ever «Inquent in la-half t f tlm injured and
ojipressi d, lm heard in the council* uf tho nation, pro
claiming llm lights of the people, mid assisting in tho
great task of bringing back the (rovernmout to the stand
aid ol'genuine litid establishing once more
friendly relations with all nations m whom wo are now
hostile; so that peace and prosperity tuny once 111010 pre
vail over the wliolo land, and our country advmieu oil*
waul and upward to the liiHilmeiil ol it* high destiny.
April 20th, 1817.
W e last work announced licit a treaty Imd leen made
lie tween the I niled Slates and the kingdom of Hanover.
Wo thin wuuk give the substance of the treaty fur tho
lienelit of mcichaiils, and cotton and lubnrco plait
li r«.
'l’he chief provisions of this treaty are—after establish
ing eunpleie equality in duties, and charges in the ports
uf the countries upon shijw and cargoes, whether un
der the Hanoverian or the American ling—as fol
lows :
Art. VIII. In order to augment hv nil the means in its
Is'slowal the commercial relations between tho United
States nud (ieriuany.il.e kiugom of Hanover hereby agrees
to almli'di tlm i.oport duty o;i raw cotton and also to ahol
isb the existing transit duties up >n leaves,stems and stri|>s
of tobacco in hogsheads or casks, raw cotton in bales or
bags, u bale oil in casks or barrels, and rice in lb ret s or
half tierces.
And further, tlm Kingdom of Hanover obligates itsslf
to levy no Wescr tolls oil the aforementioned articles
u l icit arc dcMim d for • r larub d in ports or otlu r place
within the temmry on the Wiser; und it moreover
agrees that if the States bordering upon the said river
sli d! consent at any time how ever soon to alroliah tho du
tier which they levy and collect upon said articles des
tined f r poris or other places within the Hanoverian
territory .the kingdom ot Hanover will readily abolish tho
Weser tolls upon the same articles destined for ports or
places in such .States.
It being understood, however that the aforesaid stip
ulations shall not he deemed to prohibited tho levying,
upon said artieb s a tax sufll’icnt f«.r defraying tho ex
peiiso of maintaining the regulali ms respecting transit
goods. Hut in no ease shall sueli tax exceed eight pfen
nig i Hanoverian currency, (two cents United States cur
rency lor one hundred Hanoverian weight, (ono hundred
and four pounds United States weight.)
The treaty is to tv nlinuo in force 1*2 years, and
as long as neither party shall give notice of twelve
mouths of a desire to tninitiate it: but this duration is
“upon tho eondilion hereby expressly stipulated and
agreed that if the kingdom of Hanover shall determine,
during tho said term of IJ ycaas to augment the existing
import duly upon leaves, snips or su ms of tobacco, im
ported m hogsheads or casks, a duty' which at this time
does not exeted one thaler auJ on© gu tong road ten vet
one hundred jxjunds Hanoverian currency and weight,
(seventy con is per one hundred pounds United States
currency and weight,) tho government of Hanover shall
g vo notice of one ye ar lo the government of the U. States
before proceeding to do So ; and at the expiration of tlist
year *-r any time suhscquctly the government yf United
Status shall have full power and right to abrogate tha
present treaty by giving a previous notice of six months
to the government of l lauover,or to continue it (at its op
tion) in full f*rcc until the operation thereof shall have
been arrested in the manner first specified in the present
Art. XI1. of the treaty agrees to extend its provisions
upon like terms to any of the State* of the .German con
federation that may signify officially their desire to em
brace them; and, accordingly, the grand duchy of Olden

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