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Lynchburg Virginian. [volume] (Lynchburg [Va.]) 1829-185?, December 09, 1847, Image 1

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•• I’iu* Kii;Wt* of the Stall's, a ml I lie I itiou ol I lie States
WTI. M. BMi'KK »K>». I.lilor. M UIIIII ttti. Ill I llsllll MOKMM.. |»|< KIKIK ft. |s|7. . %. .. .
— i<i hi ismn in .. 1 ,,lj* -IUI.—*©.88
/'( i nil ni
Rvi.ky Momiaa ami Tiii usiiav,
ti t'sifr Itellurs per it mum. puynble in advance. .Vo stih.
ssription will he receiv'd for u shorter tune than tier months .
mahiipiptr teill be dts tnltnued, (except at the discretion
t the Hditurs.) until all arrearngis iire pout.
*1 print /7N/vD//«V/W inserted at 50 rents per
square (or less)for every inner form insertion , and 37 J cts.
per square (or less) lor every outer form insertion.
j F.Uf. till JCIll'l* lilt is required to note on his .Mv.
hois long he wishes his advertisement inserted , an udm
ft.r ne it. not so noted, will be inset ted hit its discontinuance
st or dr red.
I'llll 17-. //»/. K .tin i:imsi.\y; the terms are fin
the privilege oftmo s / times, *l'» .for one square «$>-•* . fur
one sjnare, inner form «fc'•■’»• Kuery yearly advertiser inli
4 required to confine hut advertising lo his particular tin* oj
yf* .Kin /’/*/. V/7.\Y.’ executed neatly and expeditiously
mudonrtasonnh'e terms.
A DM I.M> l K \ H »U> MH'U I *.
A 1,1, persons h.jvi'io e|.tints against llie esiii'e of llie
JaieJ.is Dalniare Inirbv ii ijuesie.lt i present llie n
l^r s«til|einenl as s m i as |m->.: |e, ami .ill lli iso \\ In* are
indebted lo »uid e<lali* irr leijiiesled to eoine forward and
pay up ilicir iv>j»rrtivi* .lues. ns I• »iio» r indoljp ii**e • aiinoA
be jiMreii. I 11 . \ li \ 1 )l .NM.M. I I )N , Aihn’r.
Nut. 18— is nf James Dolan, dec’ll.
TO l~m 17. US.
■ R\1)|N(t Cases upon ('omiucicinl I.aw. decided
|j hv tile Snjireme ( "Url of I lie I niLtil Sjaii s, \> till
IS.ites and Illusir uioiis !»v .1 I* Holcombe.
Smith’s Mercantile I .aw, enlarged 11> i u ilm list K i
ghsli edition, by 3 I* I I deomhe and Win. V. liiiulsun
3rd vuh mi* nf (trail.m’s Kcjtorts.
Tale’s I )ioes1« d I u-h-x
Tatc’f Amrriean Korin Hook, New Kdiiioii Ike
,lngl received and for sale by I). li 1* \\ N K,.
Not. 18—is
II \ N 1 ,\ <» ret in rnl lr< in t lir nm t li
wlieie I lia\«•-a l» etc«l m\ < nmils in
person. I uin in iu if.■ oi v it .n«l <»
j * l'ii ” .1 \MV e\Uli*oVi ‘l.H-k »>l
CHINA.hi.ass k j:\jmiKN.
\\ AUK, ami a gr» .it \aricty o*
Fanr\ Altii lr* too trrlioiih t" ntrii- ■
tioii, all nl wli.' li 1 ntli i !<<r sale at i
Sfc-----w i.o I '.ill- all.I 11 tail. cheaper than
l,a,0vet ben oil -red in this niurlirt ; and Ido asm, tin
.,a|,iic tU.,t no pun shall b« spared to fcive pneial sjti*.|.i<
t,,„. \ad in olleiiii" tlie above. I do earnestly -o 1i. it a rail
run lha public, tint they m.»\ e\aiuioe I..i tlirnisci\i-s.
* ’ t I . I I l Ki;i{,
At the s»”»i ..I tin- |lij; lbteher.
I .vucltburjj, Nov. 1 l'' 17 ts
Sc% i*s l >i** Z4.1 i n ! !
on nnn, ,Ni K,: •VL,'S
M /l M t 10,'UJ I tin I nil. i|>
I j.ODl) tin.- t a/.nl r.is,
With a lar»e utoi-k low j»ri ■ .n ^ars, |i-t received «.n «*oii
»i«aia<tnt« Mini w ill be sold low by
*ov. 13—U M. UVNir.l. k l.KK
I'htr Copatic A t ft:i iiipiai^ii Itriiiuly.
Jl ST iceeiv ed It-z lit anil dai k cob mi s ol l.i\. o il« braiul'.s.i y
Oliiid. I tupii^ N. t o . l’init, ( ..stilloii k t'i. . TnrJun k
iiaiDoii, all ol superior quality, and Mime t lie vniiu^eol ls.'17.
furvaUbv Aid > V Nl Kl. k l.KK.
Nov |S 1*
A Vioakn
wk' I 1ST rceei veil a lot lit (».'lllleiiieii*s rii.lli Cloaks, of
w •" various j rices, s uih* of very line ipa'ity. Tli m in
■i want of the above article will do well to raII s ion, as vve
«[ are determined to sell t' om.
f \\ ATKItllOl >K k Will ri KMOKK.
I Oct Si—is
| hooks, s r.i rio.viKi, *c.
II F> 1V\ V \ K will oji-n. in a few days, his Fall *.ttp
1 • ply «»i lio. »KS, sTVTin\\KY. I'\M\ \K
1 i.luS, See., it ii.l respect lilts iin ites all w ho are Ion.I
lueh articles, t<* call and m them. \» most ol hi- w-nods
r« bought at the l.-w< M c.ish pi i< es, he is able to .sell as
r a* anv bouse in tbc State
let 2K—is
whiskey v nn ivnv.
fin Bm.s M.trv r\|\- \ NO Hit 1IMONI) UKl -
I Ml ri i iki> win >ki;v
jO bills A Wall’s old Use.
30 do old Spple IIrandy, o|>up iior «pi:»li*v,
10 do I'eacli oo do d >
‘or *alr by KOUKHTS 111 TIJ'.H
»ov. 22 1 i
LIQI~onn E
|| CASKS prime I .U^I OlllCK, in store or» eon
* " sioumeiit, v\ bieli will lie s id low by
Snv. ts KdKKKTS hN Ill TI.KIC
ri.vi: LIQUORS.
l’l NCIIKON pure old Jamaica Kum, a very' sujieiior
I pipe pure old I lollaml Ciu,
12 bait pipes French liiamly,
3 do do do do a very superior old article,
2 pipes old Mideira Wine, an c\t..i ti .r article,
3 bli!-. l'orl do ol »ood ipialitv,
Id do old Ilyc W hi*key, extra,
20 tierces I .mid • hi Fortei,
U .tor., a ltd tor sale bj ItOBKIlTS is. Bl’TI.KK,
4 .mv boxes very superior (irern and Illach
v TEA. J„tl received mid I’.r sale very low.
:N»b«-i< ROBERTS & III I I.Ell
Foil nun;.
i ' M.IMil.K OMIHI.N I I-It ■ apph While
l*rJ b al l.ync hburjs, or myhe.l, at I .• \incnion.
v «. * HO. Wlil Fi d I HAD.
>»v ?> t22l»
^ ^ ^ 1 ,,)a decree o| the 1 ondy Court I Cainp
,, ,.*i ’ IMJ I ’ a! *’* Nov.unbrr t« nn, IH17, we. Hie unler
"*l , oners, will sell at public auction, to the
I 1,11yr* in thr tn\Mio| Keisvillr, on I‘ue«da4, tbc
b’ t'lirrratt ,'L rn,^Cr’ ^^7, it lair, it not, on the unit tail
Srvrn Lilrefy Youwr MK; H ()ES.
r , •'*["' |Judy, a woman ; Catharine, a pirl; I.u
,mjU ^ 1 **>a stnall boy, Maek, a small boy and Charles,
n./*’ ,n'vith« time, r&cept so mu *h as w ill hr neecssary
' . • « o.hi* otsuid decree and sale,w hich will he cash.
Itl'inVKI.b I.F.F.,
*'T t ommissiotier*.
. F|„ l.artios Over Shoes.
A I-,-, ■ ra,e article of lathe, hiilia Uubb.r 0\fr Sine,.
'1r«!tWir»p bp
-1 ,5~U IM VIS, \BIl MI AMS, k CO.
r'ure <»r (nBccn.
.A. rif‘rR,,,,s :tm e!i'd with the iili.ivp mined disease
drs ah' 1'"cipit'llt nr of lunjr Mainline,
Inal c in ,fr fP U?* l»y died cal aid, wiil meet with nunc
'■v5?M1I“d:fri,,a T » m.■ a"wu
x,„ ".iW au.1 innocent, and charges reasonable.
- ; '* K. B. MOORE.
.4*- 111 Tt.Mornv >KEU.
(9 !;'Sllb'S TIMOTHY seed, (a si'am* ar
Y,v I *' Heeeiveil and for sale by
: -Jjll*,-- Mr('OHKI.E'& SIMPSON.
unseed oil.
'MU) v,b-Vy^^^ F,r,infi mountain Linseed Oil, Cr
JONN II SK\V, Druggist.
i o Tin: si non 1.01 s.
nO» U Ml I . NV . I . \ N I \ (i ul’ i in-, tin* public that
lu* > m p..NsrsS!iui of IUmI's ri'iikmI\ lor Ntofulu,
i s loo w .11 ku-.w n to tin* community to eon 1 mi m on.
I Imsr w lio :i• • alUn'toii may f..|| on him and he relieved
I lia (>ili. . in in ai New Stnri*. H ekmu im - ou >i\ . \ a
ii s Post Ollifi'. \* w stnru lUickinohaiu.
( huroe.s are moderate.
April ii is
Over Coals
\l. \ !l' i !* is oil incut ut >iu*k .t i til I’lllou OYKU ( OAl S.
11oiii >t»> t.» s.’ at
(> t II is. XX V TKlMlor*!; k WIHTT! MOHKs
/Press tm IP IP iP s for i.tiilies.
INYO l I.Orall the sfurinl a t iilinti . t lie I.dies to
my very exclusive assortment of Fancy Imu.sn
(loons, v i7 :
lil.U k. IIU l\ III. UK nd !•' AMY colour..I
>11.kS Innn .>7 } eeitis to f I per yard.
( \>! I M KU K*v Moii.-sIiiim and Merino K*v >Mis, rich
and • I- ' ini. from '.'A re is to $1 *JA per yard.
IMNM I' \ 111 A i: i s. Silks, Satins, llihlionds.
Flench riuwiTs no! | ■ fillies, as line (l tods as Wile ever
s. .ii in tli s markei, and uscheap lor the sty h s and ipi.il
Also, to tn v very el* n mt assortment of >hav\ Is. Sea it’s
ami V .si *s. lioin At t eenis t i AI .At I *i pt* *•*•, «ti tamly ihe
in-.m* in oiillieriit (I -»oi!s ever seen in th;s country -call
and see lliiiil. As I ha vr said no rharor di »w mg.
\YM II ll\ \N.
Oj p site I) II I’.iyiie’.s II ink >tute.
Oet. I I —is
**n: va n:iii: v*
r i u \ i n ii i .\ t; > r o 11 i:
f I x J! K > f !’.S(' It I I’l’. HS rrsj.eei |n!l> i I im the rit i/.* ns >*t
I I ueli hu i'.111*1 lli' st ii n cnnhi.g >■< on it i y, that t hey ,w ill,
continue the business forim* l\ carried n by VVatei house,
XX lot I (lio or N. ('*»., ami . • i > pi ••pared, with an cutiru in w
• i oel. to - ii|)pl\ i In i ir i it <aiiii s w it Ii any at tide ol
I !.. ii s’ hut t tolling is«|iiitc large and much cheaper
tli.lit e\ i : I.. | i. ,.'1. t. . I M o.
Cloths Cassinteres and Vestings
t if i .\ !•;i:\ i HAi itir rn>
which will Im manutai';<11«*«l toordei at exceedingly low rates
Terms cash.
w \i kuiiorsi: k winttlmorf.
Oct. 7--t*
< otton r.vt toiiy
f I x! | !•* -uh-ei iltrr wo'iltlitow iiit.um the .Merchants in gen
I era I as well :is lie puldii*. lh.it hr i* making, at tin If lack
XX at* i I . •ttojd' a. |. in . as go. •*! an article ofA ottoii Yarns as
is uiatlc in any establishment, he cans m l whose it In . and
all hr wants is |. »r a lair trial t»»lie made ot t in- vains to prove
lie-in '| he suits a |l». i is w ell aw .in- . I l Ii • dill. h i. •• m good
aiul had \ u ns. aid. in oid* i ; li.it \ m m.iy not he impost d on,
as vo'i an liable to h . try li.e \ mi .and it \ on can’t Work
tli m, | ist put tln-in tt|. is y on loiuul th* in, and make out the
durgr I ii c.i11 \ ing as W'dl a> n lurning. and the subscriber
will p;iy llo In iglits mi the delively olthe \arns to him at
t lie l a ' - \
\l*o. hi .o o' i .illy has a .4 ,0.! lot ■>! wad ling, sntt.ih'.e |'or
t oin h »i t», ■ 1 a iu o 1. a | o| w iiic Ii sha II he s. dd at lair nr ices
1*1 ease gw , him ;i e.dl w hen \ oil w ild any thing in Ids wav
d X v S. CHHXV 1 iM >.\, \g’t ‘
I ,V II" 1 do 11 g S. pi '1 lsJ7 )s
* fie I .c\oigti m, Along. Ion. and l’in«asth\ Va., and
I lie-hot.1.14I1, I ' mi. papers, wilt copy wtiw and forward
account to td* oili. i
E!;i(s mill C:i]>s.
r |,,!L "ill. i -ipned !'m\ t > nturn I i prati ful a kiu»\\
■ I*'i 1' in- i t t i In- 11|. i,. ts Mil t lie 11'11»1 n* jrrin i .ill y, t. • i
7“ " vt • . • • . . !. : ' .• ue • did t thi I ■
•i'ni ul (i.nucsSs :>titzi r. a I i. uv In•«* a «*.•■ iti>111;«n<*t* ul ihr
1" I-•Mi ruii^ nil till 1 lat aiuM ap hn-un - , at tlir
-aiur stand, in ill it s \ arimis Ulan-lie-, ami w ill imntin it* t«»
keep mi hand fine
HKAVKIt. M 'l ilS. Ill >S|A. IIIU'MI AM)
sii.i: n.rrs,
■ ■I .ill si,li i. iju.tbite> an.! |11 i■. i• ..I his mvn niauuf.i, lure.
wurrauti II ■ llililv,. >1 ui M..11.ly. tie is just unuli
in* his hill i[.j.!j .! i. ulh-iuen’s, Youths’, und U ,
llr.ivn Nuir.i. :s'.-.il,.111, r. l'lu h.-ilk and Cloth Caps, ..I
all styh-v. i| iimtirs and pi i-is.
<),•!. U| ts HM STITZKU
I. V SI I* Ol I,.
Vsrm.s ..r sn/nrii’i II in/ii /Urachal Lamp Oil,
. warranted pure, fur :il« hy
Oft. *21—18 JOHN II. SLAV. Druggist.
JP .f 9 Si f o .v s .
*17 null *-IH L;i!l and Winter Fasliinn**,
ji st in-:run i.i> .i /' rut-: ni.u .s/’.isp
mis s iiti;i:i .
l-'mn- iliHua nhort HIu hi ,S- t'Walkin'*.
rjlHANKH I. to my Iriomls nn.l the public general
I Iv . tl.r l he p itrona.ro horelulore liestowml upon mo
I ask a >|.I i nil til I. in idlin' sum.', I',i|iuu M,rc that 1 sha
'a- a il.1 lu phase tin1 most taslidti.us.
\\ II.I.I SM I'l.AS'KV.
U-..I ts
Birttss ana a non Boa mi rt?.
8.1IMHM. n incmtvi nicnt i*» prnsemie mv* business
at tin* Phouiix Foundry to advantage, fur want of
the menus hrce—nrv I’oMliat p.irposi , I have* made ar
rangements with Bugby innshaw, by which lam
u» he tunii.*»hi d hy them with the mrcssarv means, and
consequently, t'r. in and after thi* date all work done at
said rouudiy will oe for i In ir benefit.
I shall e lit in eto-urv >u all the hr mehrs of lm-inc<s
connected with the Foundry, in Brass and Iron, and a
M \ (' II I N K lll'SINKSS,
and would respi « iinlly so!:ett a colit immure of the patron
age so liberally bestowed on me hen 'of ire.
It is hardly mrossaiy »(» >ny any thing with regard to
tin* work finished at tins establishment, it having already
>tabl shed a r puiuUoii to secure a liberal share of pat
roll age.
I I ' ts \ t, DABNEY.
T.HL()Ul\<; ! T.IILOIlLVf;!
f III IF. ii ini- r- _ i I. h. i \ ng had Imig experience in the
I practice if mi nsui mg.rullmg and making up work,
ami feel .ng ei.t, re c . ilidence nt giving satisfaction to
tie .si whi may lav «r him with a r.ill, most n sprcifull y
oilers his Si-rvh i s to th.• eiii/.i iiv of I ,ynehhtirg and its
vicinity, hoping, hy strict attention to business, to merit
a share of palroiiagc.
Flic Fhkm ii. I’ 01.1*11 and A.mkiik \n Fashions
will, according to arrangement,hr received every month,
and. whilst adhering strictly tu the fashions, regard will
he had to smooth fitting, easy and comfortable wear
in* garments.
A few doors above M* • m (j\\ itkins,
and opp.sile Saui’l Ii. Thurman.
A1 .SO. agent for (\>sby%> Coinpiutid Hitters.
Oct. 7 - I twin
SILKS nt a great Burenin
F.NV and beautiful st\ Ip of Fancy and Plaid Silks,
which w ill he add v rv low at
DAVIS, A lilt Ml A.MS & Co.
Sept. 23- I*
William J. Willi*,
Auctioneer and Commsssion Merc hant,
iM'iihd Street, Lt/nrhhnru;, ,
I > K< I d V l .s on roo,>ij'oim ill, and «plh at auction, PK\
ll (.KOI KKIKs, II \ It I»VN Mil;. (Hill KK
KV. Kt IINTITIIK. NKCilC »K> jimI STOCK ..I aH kind.
Liberal advance* made on rnoM^ninrut* when required.
Sales ol Heal Fetalc. ,\. gr >^5, Kc*., made in the country ,oii
liberal teiai*.
Not . 25 tm
Wauled Immediately
filin’ subscribers wish to employ K or 4 first rate
| HUB* K I - \ \ KHS to work at Campbell Court
House. EorsMth, liberal \\ag*s will he pud. and none
ihci« need apply. F ,S*IH MAKI.K
<• lUM I.KI I S, |)| > Pouih A «
Ur 1 have n ivrd w il Inn il«- hut I. \\ d.i w, Urge add,
timi to Hill loiim r St.n k .d 4 ;.mhK mul mm othi (join
|*at i "i.s , .11 id (In putili> grocrallx . at low pi i «*-..i*ilhc, lot emit
"i barter, m on tour to j. ni. tu il riM.inn is
^ 1 1 * Ii I* N l *, I'< uto 11 ii. >k St t i. > i \ s 11 (i i rv,
.<»il h.,--, s. Him I- I’.uto llico, Maim aiho, llio, .lava, Mini
l.aguvra, t'olli-e*,
2'l hits iiml Ttereei W oo|m v *i l’ulvwtu «l am) i,r naked,
uml N I >rh-mn iMarifii-d Sugar,
I.» hdds and I'tricri, heat 4)ilmo* and ('.irdviia* IMo’ai
I.' I'ovrs \\ >I-| I and Wool-. |.o«| Sural,
2*) hov-i and ( In its I ra,
1 it* keg- \ lb,
h*'*»* III. blistered, east und si,eat M.. I,
I t* * Ills «.|tm , IiiiU, .Iisoited,
I** ton mountain I,at and Itieliuiond Tn di-.n lion,
2 '•*<> Ills | a w Is\ \\ Ini. I a-ail,
lit |. .\rs -v- II) ami It* s\i \N II .low t .lass.
.tl* koMs \ .1 I. III! 1111 lie S fallow t .indks,
:.Ol*t»ll.s Sole I ..It IIIl I • •. I In i vvith Dlngei, lVppei,Spier
H* ' . I ndi M.iikki. Mn-I.n i, I ..gw.|, ‘.«n I Oil,
Wrapping Fool«citp,, k kettrt Paper, Soaj , Calk ■ • Domei
• * s. Ih’d I n 1, ni<*. It I a II k* t-*, .Irani, I umt i . I lats, l a i *t •*. kr
\N e have also on (' o»igmiu nl
III I* tv>- \\ u.ilsevs S. S| iart'a I oal Sugat,
7 hlids. \ n Sugar,
a kls SuUi | .amp Oil.
Nov I is M.4l»HKI,l ks|M|‘sO\
V Sim Ii -ds.
I' ' V knu es mid Forks,
W :*lteis, | * l:i led a-id Candlesticks,
Nimll. iund I'ravs,
li' ll NIet:11 and I,.imelled Kellie*,
'I ' i Keltic*. Spi. e Mortars,
l dice Mills. Spittoons,
Seisss ts mid Shear*.
IliMuniinoVs genuine Needles, $*.e.
Received and lor sail- by
■ June in is CRKCoRY ROYAI.l,
4srift<‘i;il 4 oinmivesioiK
.1 .v D f. n o ( k n r nr s i .v/; * s
f ■ MI R undersigned having associated limn-elves as
I partners, umbo tin* style and lirm <d
for lh«* |Mir|*4>w of cotidiietmg a general
€ Omnitvvion Itushiess,
in Lynchburg, and having taken llie huge rim cnmtno
(lions house II ei‘111Iv occupied hy Roberts K Waller, mid
immediately opposite llie Hank of \ iryinia, would m *si
res perl fully snlieil llie pal r.uiagii ul llioir friends and the
public generally for consignments el ill kind* el pi urine*
such as
Toh;i<-c», I lour. Whiskey, Ac, At
Rylaid I, dir ih li.i\ mg brought into llie concern
latge and vuy desirable
stock nr (;HO( riin;s.
and llie new linn being drsiriwiis lo reduce thu pr sent
stork, iii order to di vote then attention mum partn ularlv
to llie ( irminissii n Rusmes*, will oiler great mduvr
limits to purcliHsers.
Kdwaul 11. Duller will givo his personal attention ia
Mimagement and Sale of Tohacc*,
roiisigut o to ilo ii < are. \N her.- no advances are made
•bo usual prieii < I .It eenis per hogshead will .o . hiuorsJ
fur selling and eollecling.
11^ h is been, tioiu early life, extensively rim i-r.-d t it
the Tonaci-o 'I’ladc. and W ouhl beg have to "el"r Imi
friends and tin; public generally, to lltu following geuile
uit'ii :
.1 I'm M W arw ick
I lair.
A lid. II. A r msvuil,
.s imiii'l Millrr,
1 )i. Jaiui^ .'“kiuihIpm,
M ! ..iii^lioiiiK -S »ns,
Siiili Hals. v.
J**:«iiui»*| M'CoiUp,
• I mu's I. ( l.iyior,
I ) iv111 W Ituri u.
HI l.\Ml l<< Hir. Is IS,
AnnnM 20 - P»m
u nonri.v i ( <>( (,a
supply ui S.mill’s Wimping Cough
. I mdial, just rieti'.ed ami fur sale, hy
JOHN II SI \\ . Drill- -i*t.
N v. 25—c if
( O.V.I ISSHhYHH'S .8,1 LK Op
Id'. \l. \M> I’l'.lfsi in \|. KS I'\TK,
6 £1 Its! V N 1 In a decree i I tlmrirruil supi riur rniitl
M uf law anil ... Or Amherst nniniy. In llm
i*asi' ill ('urimlms ilu. ami others pllf-., \ s Tliuiuas ,\
Kuhiinli, ami nl hi rs, deli miauls, pmuutiimed mi Ihr III iih
day ul \ugiisl, I -* |, . ilm niulersigi r I will, m Monday,
llm Hill day III January. IS l>.proceed ai IImhouse of said
1 Imm is .N I .uhank. m said enunly nl \ oilmrst, In sell
to ihe highest bidder, f-r rush, tin* f Ihiwtm
* 1 ■ •/ ,v,
together wiili any inrrense nl the female* si nee the IStli
nay ul IVhruarv. IS|:i, that is in say, I’liilaml Ins wife
I mry, Tem and bis wifi Ann,I > ivy and Ins .vile Dorras,
tlieir lliree ehihlreii, (iustavus. Jackson, and a youin-ei
child, and Dilsey.a woman.
And at Ihe same lime ami place, llm Til ACTS OK
KAMI, lull iw mg, thill is to say, 1st. Tim residence ol
said I,uhank, -‘ailed ihe Will miss, eoulamiiig .-oil
\t KKS, sixiy i | whirl) being James River holiuin.
dd. Another rraeleonlaming I I23 AC RKS, within a
mile of.lames River, and I I miles from l.ynehhurg,
tweiiiy \etrse| cleared I ind, the halauce good Tobacco
laud; and finely limhi red. This tract is n Hauled al this
time, and has upon it a small Dwelling and other out
houses, Hid. Another Tract pniiluiiiing&l J AC'RKS
all level land, lying within nneaml a hall miles nl James
River, ami luiirieen miles fnun I .yiiehhiirg. w 1111 good
hiiihlings lur a small lamily upon it, and is a very val-u
hletrael. 4 th. \nolher Ir-irt ennlaining dlfi AC RKS,
lying al, alsive and h dow, the T-dl house onlheMoim
lain Section ofllm.l. |{. hr K Canal. This Ir.itl has
Ill-on I'.a ' alnahle I'lslii ry, and llm Ktml R Timber arc
\alieihle heeaos ’ul 11ss lying upon Ihe said improvement,
olh. Another 'I'emt coiilai ong 201 At Itl'.S, near tin
River, just heluw Waugh’s I ', rry . ah ml 20 Acres only
'•hared, and plain minl'orto' le hit filings h-ra -mall f.nn
ily. anil III* Ton! era ml I 'lie Wood, la sides the s a I itself,
are highly valuable.
iIm* umiHrsigniMl rarnrKtl}' inviirfl purchasers to this
sale ol real estate, w Inn, lr<*m tlir size of the tracts, ill .s r
•d smaller means, as well as the lull handed, may j nr
chase te-mr s in a line neighborhood on or m ar tlm line ol
the gr«at central improvement; and ol the Mansion hot,s<*
Traet, hr w ill state his opinion, that such an estate is
rarely in market. |i will In* situated mi the black water
navigation « | ile .1 II and lx. I anal and w iihin fourteen
inihs o| Lynrhhui-jr, (about two ami a half hours drive
in a Packet-boat,) and tin* up laud, as well as the hot
tom, first rate. I jkhi the tra t a l \o stor ed Dwelling
I lousestands, with three rooms on a ll cr and two pas
sages, with all other neeessarv nut Houses, all in a gooo
state of pri sei vation. ami a fi.st rate Durden. 'l’lns tra t
may I" well divided and will I »• if desired hy purchaser*
a* ihere are all good plain buildings Nnllieicnt lor a small
family on am.ilmr p ri ol ihe tract. The real estate will
he sold on a credit ol f>, Ivj and I ** rmmihs, for equal por
lions ol the* ; ur hase m< m ) , to Ik* secured hy Ixiod, w ith
approved personal security, and tin* title of the land re
tamed as a Inrihcr security. Possession fir seeding will
he given forthwith, and lull possession, the 1st January
next. It is exported that there wil* he 50 bushels ol
V\ heat sowed mi the Mansion-house tract immediately,
so that the purchaser will secure a lair crop the next
P S. — It i he* third day of January, 18-18 is a wet day,
the sale will take place on the 4th of January, 1848.—
Until i lir* day of sale, ('apt. Thomas. N. Kunank, who
i* upon the premises, is authorised to enter into contracts
lor the sale t.l ihe ieal estate.
1 Ir K arc just in receipt of a lot ..( FHESII I'E. IS,
▼ v dir*«*i from ihe Pekin T« a Warehouse, in New
\ <»rk, u Inch w* w ill sell 1 ,w.
Nov. 15-ts MeDANIKU & I.KK.
II d C O . V a / ./ /.' h
Qf| 11(10 I'"' M's PHI.VIE WI.S PEHN RACON.
OU,UuU 2,000 do “ EAHU,
Kor «ale at low pri^»'« |or cash, hv
ViJ'ilbt 12- !i
• Vri'tf/ »V tmlrnn.
( (IMMl'MilN \ I'llUW AltlUM;
.V K II <11.1 .Y r s .I.YII .1 (. I; ,v /’ s,
I or (111' Male ill Mann|*y (lull'll liilimeil,
• V'i 'j; 1 ii:u s rut.i: i\
Ni.iv Om.i im.
Srpt .10 (im
lilVill ll.’ll'U.'lllls
In l ull mill VYlnlci <.noils.
IV M ll " I• I v i .I lli'llsne a.ssm 111.1 nt 111 HI M
I' Vl I .uni XV INI I,II (11)( 11 )>, I'niiipilslllgrit'ii
iaili ly n|'
l.ailii's Dress (Munis' rlntlis. i asshneres anil
Vestings, tor lieiilleineii ; > rgriies' ( l,i
tiling. III.min is mnl VV mil tints ;
lints illlil t aps l ir l.i'lltlilllen,
1.1 lie n t 'a III lil'lr 11 a ml Is c n lilils,
lliislcll (,Inies. I,aces,
anil a gieal vai ml i ul mn.n a m,|s siitnl m ih.. pres,all
siais.ni, nil nl ii Im Ii ii ill In s ,hl via y l.nv Im e isli, nr In
paiii'laal laidtiiiiiias mi tin- iisnal I. I n s; nil I ul I \ in
villi all pels ais in iiaal al rlr.i|,t;,i nls, i illna h>
vv noi.K'Ai.i'. nit ui r.vii .
hi call and rvinnn* my si..,I,. ,s I .mi iliaiaaiiaial la s, I'
as law ns any liause in ilia upper eniintrv.
>epl. ‘j; IS K .1 III It |'() \
MIX Ii K in i ni', | vl'll.'s
'IMTHFiN ever van want < , ■ t ,n Yarmy be sare a!
v v \i ays In ml vis* the alii geni lianiui in call I i i a,
liluck water ( alloil Varea I I,, i are guml, na inistaki
It spi-i'.l illy,
MV V I It KM DM IN. V;;, al.
I t neliliatg. Sept is
Jlt'M'liiuai Taiiloriuif
,/ O II .S' U ,1 K I. » .
.// the Ohl Shunt of ll ui »S* ./ OoAri/,
I I) r«* ,|»f *«•! I ii 11 \ 1111«• rin tli" eili/eus ol I > iii'Ii
▼ ▼ burn, and lliw public, that lie will continue In
conduct, at tile u|i| stand «»l himst It and Inother, the
m all Its branches. lit* lias now on liaiitl, ami will run
Initially k* op, a ImmiiIiIuI iummi linen t ol Cloths, ( 'a si
meres, \ i*sl|ii!4*4, iimi in laol e\ei vllmi;' suitable lot ton
t lc i ut*n *s wear .w bu ll In* w ill in ike up to ordei in the most
lasliionuMe styles, bands Hue (im and warranted work
uiausliip. Il« would invno tlie attention of the public
l® III-* Stock.
Cell. 1 ts
flllll'. Si list |{ I III IIS associated tliinsclves tbe
I 1st day ol*January list. I i tbe purpose of
under tbe name of Clippiu k Mont<|oiueiv. leave to
inlorm llu public that lin y areimw prepared to execute
orders lor all descriptions of (istiums usuallv made at
blast Cumnees. viz Hollow Wuie, W ater Ripen. Stoev
Rlates, Mill t n ar. kc
Vre respeetfully invited to • \ imtue tbe ,t \ le and mill
itV "I tbeir Hollow W are. whirli may lie seen al most
• I the stores in I .vm hhuri», or at tin Moos. I .lli*',,
Riehuiuud Orders addressed to the concern, at Klk
I’uritaee. .a \ \ \\ ,uio one i y, I .\uehbin::, will meet
with prompt attention
Al l. ju-i to baud, our well si 1- . t<*d stock of
srtuvi; .1 \ l) St MMllli (, units,
which will he sold low lor I ish, or in cxchunire for
it ram. \ W II.IITIN,
May 17 is A N MON Ct.oMCRY
si:rn:M/n;it turn im; .
IIIAVi; | nl r.iv.d by IXPUITs t|,. |..!lowmjr Huh
.on] Ufllltilul (• »ods to wliieli i im ill t lit* allcnlloit ol
buyer* :
IHcrtto Plaid*
Caiihrouleicd Ai de ('ohnrd Uoh.-*, a nuvv tiling oi tins
ilia i ket
1 S||U Plaid* in preat variety
P la id Moiidio*
I riUeii and l !ol*i,l Nhdvvlv
I ” J't lull Al l* Is (.i i !i i|)
l\ id I tlov e* ( e . u ti (I)
I u» in I, i 1U | lose
I lioel and Mobbei >-*• *init. ,!|
toj^r1 hei v\ 11 Ii a » re.it v .it lei \ ..I l-.«*d v y \\ oolen I «oud*-. ,u h .is
I* launH*
I .iitd>r*\ s
Culled < 'loth'
Satinet I-*,
niunkelH. If* kc.
A y ill* Hi > .N T (’ PI'. IT. US.
ICrnrrr < rrrl; r Flonst .
nnHK Sl I »’*■'( IllBKltS HHsuctiiled ii,' naelvi till
■ 1st of September last, for the purpose of doiujj a
• ?JT r r r a n / i / r ffS n s i #» e s *,
at tin- Lumber limine, (i mil s In low Lyuehburo, and
where the I urn pike eotnes to the ( anal, under the name
ol JtdmJ. M mtooiin rv N. ( •• ’l hey li.iv® just r<
reived a well assorted slock of
Als i, a supply of HIK )('KUIKS, which llu v ofl'er to
the public low lor rash, or in exchange for Wheat ami
( urn.
I ,\ ih*1i.illut prices will he paid for (.'r till and Hoods
forwarded at Lyuchburo puns.
May 17 ts A. N. MUNThi >MKI{\
lo \A illm I H1T> :—
f IA A K I1'. MlTI <' K, t hat w c idiall, on th* ‘JO h day ol | >»•
I crmhrr, 1H-17, al t hr t oui t-limis.' <>| 4.1 •••*n I «>inity, m
tlie Statu ol Ki-iit iirli \, | n 1 im il to lake Ilia d<*p ■ it ions . d ,}r .
1 sr lliindy, William 1.1 !•», Hmi v Nti ader, .1.1 I* <; i >.1 v 1-.
lk. .1'dm I lanlrn, K -In. rl spill man, .1 dm I', unrii, Samurl \
Sptiurr, \N ill lam 1 nil x . I 'ami I .Nolly , Will lain W si.„-|,
toll and William In' II' 1 '■••ii. .old it li' "ii a \ <• m,r the
, dr pi it on* nrc not la Urn on that d iv, I Inn xir shall p. . r,|,
1 at thr plar# .1' ■ na • I. n the i,’l li •! , \ • | | 1 . 1 ,11 h> r. | S 17.
t • tike t lu* niiur. and xx iiru roiiini n d, shall mill mil*-, li nn
■ dax to <la \ , until >.nd dip-i-it ion* an- . "iipl.lid, xx lu<h <J p .
1 *11 intis air to hr Mad as r x idrin'r, in t hr trial <d a *mt, in nx dr
prod in;.- in the t iirml Supri in t 'ourt ol Law and I haiirn \
lot KianUlin C.uiniv. in xvhirh you, j- ;r-ipiro ,.| Hartholr
I mew Curry, nee IMauiti'l. and xvr air Ih-lmdaots And on
tlirdfh dax <d January, 1 > IH, at I he pl irr abm * named, xve
shall proceed lo take 11111 ol the said deposition*. a* may not
h • taken on rit hei >.1 the ahox e n.iuird dax s.a ml continue (rum
dax to pay, until they air < omplrti d, to In.- k ad as evidence on
the trial o| said suit Yours, kc.
Nov II 4xv Administrator* ol Hubert Childrr**, ilrr’d
trust sale: or
i\u.i .mu: nt:.u, i:sr.n,/:f
IN I \ NTIim'KtL
virl'IC ' f n deed ld’Ti'l*t, e\ Mild ..fi the VJOth
i> I'Ylmtatv. IM7, by Ui j t .in W. ,N. ( dirll. tin
ttnd* red, 1 ul the I’l 11 ’• • - tin r- in until* *1. (.Jubli
ll. ii - . his ro Trustee. having departed tins life.) will
proceed, on \Yi (liicHilay, ihu *Lit day ol the present
niottih, to hi II, on the pr* mi-c-*, a certain piece «>t
(»IC M N I), on Second, nr Mam, slit t, to the lownul
Lynchburg, bring the northwest hall*of Lot No 1.1,eon
taintng .r> |tole.s iVont on Second street, by 8 poles b.t' k,
being the same piece of ground conveyed to the said
Cabell by Samuel.I Harrison,on the said ‘.Jt It It I'Ybrtiaiy,
IHI7. The undersigned, acting as Trustee, will convey
stieh title only as is vested in bun by the trust deed afure
TKUMS.—The property w ill be sold lor Cash, as to
s» much ns will dif ay the expenscsof tlie* sale j a id the
balance will la* denied into three npiai instalments, pay
able al l>, and IS inontlis, from the day of sale, ami
the title retained to sec me the purchase money.
ii.cn vun 1 \'ki:b.
Dee. 0—l20D .Surviving Ttustee.
AleUa 11 il l *\ 1.4*0
UWH received and oiler for sale,
800 hags It 10 Ci Her.
40 hhds Sugar, part prime,
5,000 I life. Coat Sugar,
All of w hich we ufl r to our friends ami the public, at
LOW J’fi 1CKN.
>• V __
M ns r VM K. UK It K.M \ It ks
• Viii/p In/ I rum .1/ 1'iei'ntt. nl (hit II ijlhrvitlr ( 'ml nil
limit mi thr I IIh tViirrniLtr
^1 ll I* Ill's I HIM*. I s|| Mil I II ll | M< :j*'|SH 11,1 ill 11II' Uil|t*
■I I tits I iii, vi'uihiii, juirlii'iil.i ily iii iliis Ini,' hutir, nun it
n a ill il rsl iin airs i in I sl:i I rii ii n|s 11 inili* liy tm lia i n Imrn
« i ll i‘*|Urlll I \ al 1111 .1 In In il nl |j„, ,|, t,,n,.t |
It I'I'imiiii's I limy | uwr l I mv , Iis VVI'II IIS III tins
Ihsly, illal 1 slimita stall', 11jvlttit'11 v ai'i| ri. t' t , vv 'i 11
Ml'S.mil l's ill , an I I||||||| vvllll JjrulllluS liny III,'
1 " 'I I ll , I. ' I III'' I 'll ,, \l, 11 I ,,l
'• 's mi l l*\ liiiil hi llm yum I' ■ ' i i| i, ,11~iui'i
1 . I.yni'l Im j 11 tlio 111 III of ll t. , i i i mil
I m inpluii 11,1,1, . is a', 'til | Hi nils, tin,I i|ir ,lullin',
'"•lu.'.'ii tin . im,' pul us, i ii il„. K, ||.in’, ( iriik rulllf.u
I '•’4 mill m a I, nip a .I II I.,,- . i s y in I.', m i i v mu ul
1 Inn- hv < n in p II I'll, survi'v I ills K.lliull'i u, ,1,
I m- Him,'I, V vv llivur nl iln.. ,,| l.n.lu Itm
N n\, In l.ikitin a Inn, iluvv it ('mnii'llv ’< In iii.'li, which
I ills lulu Nrvv Hivi'i a In m I l.iir miii s I ivvir ilwn, I
I'nnhl rll ,1 a sivni'p in ill si mu',, nl'niuii' Ilian six mill's.
Mill ;»x "1.1 tin* riiupuil I'lill'i ul I,till,' ltll I, ami ap am
III 11 If I I u u 'll* n *, 11V nil ulltltf rut ; I s', n tl,', J, fill , nil
ii'hlniuiial saving . t'iili.nlI 10 m I 1 mil . vv ,,,I,| |, ,,, n|r,
thus rniil rlnp Unt ih.if.m, r r msi.lrr Iv m lav ,r nl' ihr
fn II, lilt H th Mimtjj Iinrry In |.,,r,t i .. , _ ,! t> ,|,, ,
line I’ prratlv pi .I ii a l'ii,- \ lr u,, ,i bo cr.Lsg
I'll in Ihr lira,I ul' K.lllutt’s rirrk.al il pi.nl,', n ,| i .xrrnliil p
■'**>' Irrl pri 11111 ■ \v lul • liy Ihr i, p ul I V|i ||ni,ii, u
app, Ms"ih.al HU tin- I iii'pm , i -,lr, il,, ,, inuriliri
in,- mill- . ai l.ks irri t,, thr mil,' " IU ihr i, p m "i \|,
" 111 ll I h imp hi, ,.l a .. , mn,h I'rum I yn l,'.,,, ,
i ii., I'nmii lint*, it ipp i • ■ 11 ri1: i |,| | tun I,,
/>!■■ flu nhlr . anil hv Ills.ill llr, r airl’iill v in ulr, ,x,m,
■ I nip i In- a mu, i nt ,,l , \r tva linn, rmlninl, nn'iil, in isniu y,
111 III i "JP ■ ,Vr . II nlsn nppi'.trs lll.ll lln, rusl wullhl mil
rxr, rtl I h ii I * >1 Unilininls priirrallv I’liis rHlmialn was
mill, >11 ■ 1111 p Ihr pi, Hilrurr ul' lily It purrs; lull 1 fin,I.
I'V a l.i i ip Ills iluiiiH ami plarmp .. thr n llm priia'*
111 w Ii It'll III!' tvurli ran hr rxrr.iiii ,1 al this day. lh ,i i,,i
I sin pin Hark, vvnil a Imiivi Z rail, ihr imiil ran In run
hi i n■ * i *m I l< ir *11'. ,(MNI |>«• r niilr, Tliu r*'llmiii -., hii, ut
Mi riimnjiMnn, ilms riirrlully iniuli , | imiukIu, iIt^l
lr liillrnnlitluiirr, mid Iiiiih iii} Know |< tlur u| Him roiiu
'ry. I tun ‘..m-fir,I Hint ilirv r\rr ,1, uilur Hun Ltll
sliurl rl, Hir r< ;«lii v
, ' mi mi in- i in in- \ ,i in.- | .mill, i wav
I l'"" ll" ri'|Mft* nl various Ii ulma I rinii nations ami
"iliei ... i, I ii ill ih.ii tIih liii.il c ,i ,.| i|,„ „|,.
! 11 "" ll" H iii. i-|Hi«iii il i\\ i I,, il,,. || s |,;t 11,1,1.1 inn
I .,11 firt'nt iiirnl rr/w is, n'liriviil.i. ,lrp is. , gums, ».nv
.Iljnllly III ill. III. III! lulling n pellOll nl llnni
I nil In III Im m i mum, miiniiiitnil t,, .in u. n inn , t ;;; ;
por milt*. \\ ill, sir, a maj ,1111 ,,1 ih, „ mad* are il I.
, hack r,mils, , xi-mii 1 Mil when II nlmi.l. M, ,. 1 |M
1 ... . w In n vvn hail mil thelighlr nl i-\|ii'i 11*1111 : w In n
I priri'M Wen . ..Iv high anil hilmiir, ,| ,|| |,im|s, was
ii Ii ml, l"ii hi m thill nl 1 In- pr, Me vi 11 1.1I, s 11 a |( nlm.nl
1 ilti-n.vv nil a ih nl lil,- llJi.-k..hi have h,, 11 cuiislr.I | .,
I"1 mile. I auk am geiilleni:.. will,
1 Iln- auhjui'i, t" sav vv hnlhi-r a mail. vvuli a ningl,- ii.n-k.
I-Ulllil lllll Inivi- lieitil i-nllMtflli-li',1 mill■ r Iln- s unn i-irmnn
siam-i H, lui Viu.lllill per null-, innl il 11 emild |,,v,
his'ii uiaih- Ini lll ll Hum, whether Mi.lHHI ,s n ,1 ,„„t,
'* " ,ul * " ' II.Hir. h i in | ,n|, , lull, 1,11.In ,
I "In tills .IT. N I'll 11 V all ,.| ill,' r 11.1 I have I, I ||,,I
I" wi n 1111 ll- with vv I.lalmur. Vuv wli.il is tin 1. I
,.,|V* ' 1,1 l‘r< " an I slsvn I.. ' I p,„ this ...
*!• • I ran it1 vi v "ii :„, l atillinrily Ii' nn, 1,1. ., ,
Uli 11 It ,111 l'i 11 iihvIvti 111:1, w hn liaii l,is*n an, |u
ill III, inaiiuhi.Tiin ul linn in that Si ale. i'iivh slu,,i |.,
Ill,', ill 11 lilt'll slave I.l I,nr in \ iruina r , is ihem .>11
'•'■',1 I' - ■ limn w hue lalwi isisi ihen \l, < ,i„.|| n,al,, s
,1 Mill gt. an 1 ililt' 1 it. |„ Ins I | il, :l„,m ,1 1. ,, ,n
Il"' •*» 4lmUI.I Iln .1 nn, , Ii,, m, a .| |\ |M9M I, , I ,, ,,
I1'"'' , png, , 11 . In , ,’ in,all . I ho .. . 1 n, |„.
■" Ibis eali-lllall ill vv "iitil Min,,. |„r 1 .11.nil. I,
■V11 I.l HII I, ami I llnni, ilnii I allow a ven Ipi, , il n 1 >,
wlmn I pm ii al *!'i,iig 1 | have ihn ,1, ,. . , |'
sir, I Imp,' s.uixl "Tniilv In all, in n 11,. r,,a,| , .,,, |„ |m||,
VV 11 ll III III V < si I til l 1 us
Nil, IP ml' II VII I" in 1: IV" , I, M, I ,1 , nn|
' 1 : " m ""'mil In New ll 11
us In have 11 n .. 1.in with ll, u • | IH1,| |,|
“‘b 'I ' 'Hen ■' "1.. in, ' .1, |i„.hum | „
1 Hii" ii il Ii ’ "i I ,ln nut u . 1 1,1, ,. ,
1,1 "hi "|'|>'«ieiit»rilial mil I N,| s„. ,1 |n. inv win „
' '' ■' ' 1 ' " ' 1 - .. 1, . hi, v ,|.a
""I ' 11 ":h h!l"H avail. 11 sh ill have ihmn I. iln v, 1 v
'»> b" ul ; lllll. Sir, I ,1 , think 1I1 ,1 l|n, In
nl llial Iinpmveiiieiii urn null-,mulling their nun ini 1 si,
when tin 1 111 nn that snlieme ii|s,n ns. W e an n. 1 ini I
.. w I In, Ml . Ill'll III,' 1. I'rnttt 1»III ill,. I , S,„
Kiv. I is a |ir.i,'tii'Hhli- une. I umli-nlanil a survey was
made, till (tilth a rnail, titan 1 years ainee, liy Majnt
I MV v lilt, .1 gltltllt man nl ,1, ■„ i verily ll gli ri pul. a , ill
I iiiglllt of, I hate n, Ver SKIT, Ills rep" I ..
I"" 1 "d '"'" 'i- I’V a gi mil I.,1 tn w ll | , ,1,
Hilly rely, llial it ap|«nrs I'r, in ihal lepert, in, ln„,l
I’1 "iy hi "V m nil i|, a <■. i.i I.,, , n
lain. I have (evet been n V I Hi emitii ry ml l!i . lint
lint judging IlNNI III" gelt- 1.11 Inpnn I III, | I'l "iluri'H I
1'r*v<* ... 1 ' d. ,N -T H I.', i'l-., (, nil. nn n
sty, sir. that Majur t. ' y nn, ,w liny an ml,rail'd, ,|.
rlari'd tile rnllle til he puu-tiea In \ , , n , ■, .
bill HI' 11'« y ii w a re llial in llm, . ,| ,v,. „„ |m,..| '•
were tnl regarded as being very sell . ■ , . ' .
i' 1,1 ll 'I'd VV liy, air, -I' y| ,,,,- ■ It , .t HIm
lias Inlig I si ll Ht-knuyvledgiil IIH H.a,Ilium al I In- lie id ul
’b" pi I S a,. Ii.iislrill-led a Hull,a,I in I'enusy Irani i,
I'rnin Danulle til I* Nisville, havT'ig up.,,, ii s. v. , <| m
elnii'd p a'li s. and yyh.ll Itasls-en llu- ul, uI'that work/
1 lie limb,t lias t, lie I, the if in has been turn uji, lie
"'"I ..I .'I and Ills capital s ink ' K \ p, .. i,,,
slmWTI llial In, lined planes, InVnlving the use ul'slal.nll
ary power, are s,i ul'jreii nialili-, ih it al llu- present day, a
read witleli reipnri-s them, is tieeittcrl iinjinit'licuhlc.
V\bil tin n aiiwe railed upon In iln? '|, ahmdun a
-si'lifiii,'nil, nng an many advantages, and fur wlm-lia
i'l'aitv r ul the .. Idler.d r'laiuc it has already I,.a u
..I. I lie entire ptai-l teatuli t v ,.f whn-it i- a I,null
d, I , 'll" W ll ,1*1, l» uni sl| ill'll It lie pi icllealde, mill
I'll ttlileh Wi lull- Iln chat a i. H u, i r, we ale tulil
ilia! Ih I a gislature uev'i'i Ih ' ,'glil, yvliett limy granted
Ilutt charter, llial Him r ntd yieiiltJ ever h mad ; ,s,r.
I liave in great a rt i|M el i n nut Legisli., to hr In ve,
I'.ri'iie ii in. ueiii, ih.u they ever wmilil have graiued the
privili ges n, ulaiued III lll ll insTrnin"Ul, I r the pnrpuse
"I gelling rid ul the linp'irt'inities iil's|ieetilalurs. I ran
mil think they w.iulil Im guilty id'.sue It linys nlav as this.
I.r-I us look niivv at H'line ul the features ul the silieine
i".mr «mi in r ui me u.vm.ie road Me
nghl is given to the Hi dmiond and Ohio load to connect
\%nh n at any jxiii.t, and tin; Legislature n strives tin*
right to regulate the rales ul transportation. \\ r pro
I»«.se then I.. unite w iill Me I LuVllIc road it lie “m ires!
and in*•''I eligible point Ih-IoW I .\tiehburg,” thus m.ikiuo
dial r ml I In* “common stem” of a great s,sd»iu of runts
lor a dislaneo • - I so.i e NI to I i It) miles. Surely, sir, ii is
lo till- mleiesl of i In* I illnds oi dm I). ti v illc Ii iH ■ n. advo
e.iie a emiii'a'i ion wlti h uni *-« <*i! r« • lo them an immense
amount of trade and Inm l,w hi. Ii w i thou I t his connection
ill' s can never wnj »y. Then up | mpose to carry llic road
by Lynch burg to New Uiver, uti I as an inducement
Lynchburg oilers a subscription o| ,foiKd,H(K). | Tom New
U vrr we hr.inch, on the one hand lo the Ohio, outlie
oilier t'i 1 emit ssce. 1 lie scheme then stands thus. The
Danville road as a common stem for three great work for
a distance O' nearly 100 mil's, and the Richmond and
O.iio road as a coin i n fn i stem for two of them Aor about
I Id miles! Nr, can you oiler to capitalists any greater
i iducoment to invest Ihuir money in any of the p. ip .sed
roads than bv such a combination of interests as is here
olle.ed lliem /
Rut, s r, il is urged th,\l by adopting such a plan we
1 array a gainst u> the mighty mlluence ol'ihe James Riv
/il oir.pany. I lug leave tod if r with gentlemen uj* *n
this po in. Ry iln- pr.»vis.oiis o| llieeharo r . I Me K ch
in »:nl ami Ohio Rail Road, the Work oust be coin men
ei d at Lyuehomg, or at that point above Lynchburg
win re it shall most nearly approach James River, anu
complet'd tons western terminus, b'fnre the eastern con
ueetion is made. Now, sir, suppose the road coinmt'n
' 'd at Lynchburg, and to he progressing westwardiy, is
it not evident, that all the tonnage from it, for a Bones ul
years at least, must Uu throw n up m the Cana! ul that
paint ? ,\r mi, s.r, Mr. C a bell and the a Locates uf tne
; I'm,;:,,n! m"
-'"'ll IS III- f ml, ll Ii- n ii, | Ins r.r^lVwh. l,lHf
Ii iv* c.iinj-nm in Ins rslciilmi i, i 7 w" 1 ,.1"1
... l:,l*’"r aml '*■'<*■ rt-li.iTsvldnnt'sSf1
tlfit limy nimt friw* « ... , u* r,l» wr,
rr rTf.
v ,i , , . . * ' l,,r wimipc’iohat Dan
V , , " , ( in*/ limit l„ rut a (urgeportion ,4
ihr tnutr whir ft it nmr enjoys 6 ' r,IQn (y
\ "".sir, w- s-nir- ill- no nperalion „f Botnfourt
U Ill'll IN ••»»•! 11 I v |»ri, tlf-|',|*. •,( ll 7., * ' l11' *,ar,a,,»
■.. r«„iM,«,
. I , 1 A '.»• v * • fl Which (>f* I Is. r
|I"J Iii»nuf.irliir*,,firuii.) thr-.tijrh "hi
;!".. ... t.»
,{li;,l""'"''l (!"•••»,IS- sli* „ ll—ply inter,.s|IKJ ,[
'"'l ll"' ' ""“I "1 w-ll ssnfili,. r.,a I ) ( aim,la I'
,",l- .I>", M-nln-i.ln-rv, I'nisaki’
.' S "Vi'. " ssliin-inii. (iilt-s, A|*r,.;.r |>| ’
1 ■' -ll-. mill ill 1I1* W'-si-rn mnmi-s (I ,i! '
< 'm il. (."is,", I'l-vil. I’ 1 1,Is11,1. I’airicli aml'fienry*
77 ..'"""••'"I int-r-sl njfr-ally „UI fav„llr
li-hrv- sir. I'-il „nr 'inly I.is in fimnni„.
H sis, 1 ililnl, | have slmwii am not a'iIk—.iuimiii-ul
: i“'sS7iT5.1 ..'-I™
" • ll IS m .1 -as Iilu |, » ir- .inly jfw« will
1 ,7' i'll 7" ''""l Wlll,"« IMU.N. si-rnly
'7,|V.. """ ‘II — *l. »* Mill/ ,f rHiriull
ilisv-iisimi 1,1 -liter imr rinilis, «- mart /hit
1,1 r.-a-.r.l In r-venne t„ l„. fr„ln
'".'T".»• I •h«l"f.;li,la„ j„ in 1 In 1-In ..
I I- I" - siie eielv .lliai .M^y-rit,.,,l ,'sliuiai* „f iT,«
. “'"'-I' whiW I'.iss over llm r.imj j, , !
.V ''7 '; :V .>■* «*•» I..His. I wiU
!. ' " ll1"! 1 11 .. ....in); s nnc -aim
"77" ..I"'1"'. ...v,ic,,Iju'
I,, in mill,e an -sini:at- .. Ir.„|„ ll.at It w.mld
l,:l' .1 "P » 'I" ••-ntus ,,l I,sin nialilnir
iiiasiei "ii..
•Vi;, r rrr, tv m..< i-j. <.<w
!’I"'’ ' "" '" 11 "l* Hu* i-ajiilal invested. *11'•im'l/wuiTld
.....a,.I as ".'*■ "u
.. r"'"1 llm Oil in uu 'lliruna'lnnd
»l"l I HiiiKWitre |||H)|| llieullier. " ,a,,U
"■■^(.a.H'a Hill,. |,,,„.„,
..«'”• l"'s Inpii !!a„d
• I ‘i i f in ..tin r |» uti ms.,111|(. i "iiui m
--1.:,ki„g u«Try,w'"uo''
-Vi".:• ..M:."
• I*-..I..,), i i „ ,, ,,1,1 i
la .. rl.ru ..I»; ll . ; " 'I Inch
muni, and rnniaiiiN inCiriiiaii,,,! niiprnve
..lied Inprl, rl,'!!. .“ fri',n »"<*
Hkohnu, I'ii., Dee. 12, 184,5,
I ii ir I'm ' ist I h , i i.. , .
"'ii'!;,'rr,,m'l '"ll"r uf
■, "JiV's,1,ii'/,1i-hiii'I'c
ll"; .-."..|,aral.vr„l,l„y „| It ,il«a,’a .iml l"’,unhi’ 9'Utt‘"n
1 " "'I* 7;.■■•"»! prt'H III || ,|„.v „,B ,,
|, ,| ii,, „ ,1 ,,, , ' "iMIry.hm lung miice
. i.alut civilmcr ,| i|„. • ,llu
.. 1 'nv:' let us Imrin a, ,|,B
" ' 111 I' " "Ml"' ' "Utlin-m ami ir.1v,.| .S,,„i|,
.ill',! 4:1r?lM
l,"V '!.,l" 1 ls " i* m tlieCnnlin, in ilia—
"" '* '' HI.I f ill I.li;auOovrrnmunta
i ..."ai..,*•„
• . 1 ‘ ij" 11 is u«»v\ nutKnifr ;i KailruitJ ‘tOU
.. h l^tUuul to M ,n:rJ. un.l U ^ion i
iNi'l*. I l(*lll|o o||o 111(• s,|.i|i< (||s! in •(. I | *| ,
I i, ,i .i7. , i \ . v . , ’ ,,a ‘‘ ^liamplam.
v,l , ' ,l1"1"M'.v -Ms u,e capital in
' »'»' liranclip. i„ |,akn Kric. .
.jlu,'".li»if IIh -vlarg.. j;(8 f>;Xl IHXI
.ml Is, Ml Him I„„in,.,„. ,1,1 v.,I;,,s all her nirrmm, ,|,B
, 1 1 1 <■'"'*> ivaina. urr, Mu Ih’ mmt
', .. nil,I llicir route lufl f„r a
Itii ho,ut (•uiiiimi'iiraiioii to i|,,»
' '! '71l1'""1’ l,lm ^,llll"i T" ami ()lli„ Kail Uiad I,am
,. ' '! J',1'.... .. t„ ll,,, fir*
; ■' ,|,l,',1Vr■' '"V |.r,.-|,Md nfriMclimg Ilmir Ohio
1 " " "VUJ, "**> ( liMsapeakii ami <)!,„■
n'1 ' 1'' ’ -u'1 ri,aMliMil ,-v, n tin, first point, and Itw
«1,1 pr.i. M.l II «,.| r,.„,|, tin, la it,r, in lies century
Ml,", i, n,,w |i„»liiny a Unit Uoa,l. tlir,„|,r|, |,or tBrri.
'"7 ll'" l.'lliMM, /Kirallcl null, Iter Canal"
«,11,1.1 ,lire, i your atliuiimn in il„. „i «t important
"7 ... « "l, Him al. ,VM„,sta„M„a.l,a, ,l,n rail-,oad
|. , ;mi p,ir«"M, by ,l,„ several Stai,. ...
,, i" mu, p'llitical cniiiMHia,nr warmly ariruMl
H " 7' "7.. ',v irill'uo ,„aj .riiies; but,on the c.ntra
i \ ,.is ailnple, t,y Him uuanim ns action nf the ,,eo
,,lr thnns.lrrs. „l all Hasses, ami will, ml a a,Mary Voice
";"'1 111 •■‘V,,r nl ilu shanlele Canals.
I,,-I, im.ru Uiiylu lai a.l liicaj iiil'iv,.r „f llm rail v*
1,111 I pass in yum Mi.,,,n,y about tlio wear ofuur
niils :
U M have lienril Ilieul.l arniiuienl abnnl s mip Englislt
mill- having «uru util <. darks and tfHJ/XXJ inns haviinr
,1 uu mil nee trael., s,, olien repealed, tii.il ll nmv cxritea
only ,,iir ridicule, as „ur ,mu road gives u the lie. semi
ininnafli/. I. ,si year’s re|„irl. wliieli I send, speaks far
Ils ll. in I,milage and wear of rails,
I Ins year, IS Hi. gives these results:
. . , , Tons.
I utnl tonnage ot mail, Exclusive of Fsii^incs
».«! *■«'». • 1,561,782
• del, el i ve bars rpplared on whn’e
,innl. inelmliiiu double track, IS Ii. ‘.I in.
dies I",,n, 1,(1 lbs. per vd. J ^6
U l. ni lIn se l.iOG bars 262,2 Ions a $70,00
. 7,s' e . ’ *
\ aim- these 262,2 Inns, as ,1,1 inn a *12. 11,012.40
i .' j ’ i.»i 10 itKents per tun:: actual
cust $7,341,00
()l tin' ali'ivc 1 oHj bars. 75 per cent were hid dnirn
ami u.s^il in /union (x, making iheabove I i*s, mucli less.
I utaI tmiiM m ,,| Ituail during the 8i vearsof its oite
ration 3,801,811 ions. " r
W.isl tailhf illy yours,
(Signed.) ' («. A NTCOLLS*
I lere, Sr, we sno w hat our neighbors ar doing, and it
behooves us to ho on tin* alert, or we will a ion be left
out of sight. See what has been the result i t Pomsvl
vania of the construction of the Reading Rail Road—s-o
Uuw rapidly her trade is increasing! while the whole
tonnage of the road in 8| yiars has been 3,801,841 ton*.
m ill * la^i year, it amounted to the enormous sum of
I, »ijl.78J tons, and produced a gross revenue of a bon
$ I .'.KH ),< It l( I. In the* year 1820, Sir, ihe whole coal trade
o' llit* State ot Pennsylvania am muted to the enormous
•pianiity ot 3051 ms ! 'Phe Schuylkill Canal was cm
stMiCted, and «>ncof the a Ivoeates of that improvem *nt,
" ho indulged in the anticipati n tha at so ne future d »y
ihe Hade might amount 11 .SU.0U0 ions, w a laugh'd nt a
a v.sioiiary man—but it wig not h.ng before he turned
the laugh upon thom,f »r I flndf that in theyear 1825, when
the canal had gone in loop ration, the c*»al trade amounted
to 33,493 tons. In 1839, it had increased to 181,000, r»
I 1835 t • 555,936, and >n 1838 to 723.813 ton*, of which
1 433,875 tin* was the produce of t be SchuylkillregiMi^^^

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