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Lynchburg Virginian. [volume] (Lynchburg [Va.]) 1829-185?, February 07, 1848, Image 4

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From th* ihMi*
Were I til Ins own wife, 1.»gmr?d amJ to guide him,
j *T * little td* sorrow would I* 11 chi my dear .
V chain rev -low hnre verses, stealing hrsid< him,
S* fault and «o u odcr Ills heart u«u d hut heir ;
IV .11 »he v ih. hiuesoin* lion, valh y aim lugi and.
And .ltrrr aline fict J would h*y il.»*»n ill V wo,
i "d *•■ o him the song* ol nor ®’re-k< n l-!.u,.l,
lid ins lira «4i fin wnh a ]..%« hkr ny own, ,
There** • rrtm t»T his »'w dliitg- fd lewd the UnKMirar
Thai Ire dj^it liur fl wrrs when the dimmer 1*. mild
come •
j i!Nt > I 4sicp in his hall I w mrjd s«:d,e Ms
T*..r hr must hsve rrustc i brighten hi* I u r
\\ i f’ | hot bis own wife, to guide and it* guard him,
Tis little of sorrow si ion Id i«il »h» twyrhar.
For every kind glance n y whole life w.» Id nwsn
In sickness I’d swlkt' ami in sad in sr Pd chi cr
Me heart fjfiut ter King upward f.rrsnr—
When4 think «t n*y trm love hy nigh; or Hy day,
’J>at hra**: keepnts faith Uk• n f.i«i flowing river
’WutVftk g todies forever and *i g* on its way.
I th tight* full of p»arc for In* sou! to r- j- s» in.
Win 1 hut In* own Mile to Mill and in won
O d sweet, 11' I lie* night of misfortune wrre rl -mg.
To ris like the morningsiar, darling on you!
I'riMu l|i« S ulhern IMaidi r
,V»\ JJHilor: S-.no lime shut I ndvocn'rd a tliC"T\
(framing turn perpciualU from tncemmirirm in a or ,
tain wav, vit pn-parmj lb* lard well, as I n win at '
H utiij "in jHi k.aitd vetrlua. :»l ns, partridge p .a« !
, ,,o peek, and about tin .’alt ul M \ Mini I lie w li< •:« n
anti jdanl ctffft ict the bark. Ilati ;• In on pmumli d I -
How wheal, 1 had, «a* Ciuirtr, to u.Mindon the iheon,
fcgtiri’U mV * HI Vlas season w ill* first Iliat I
have l*een aide to give a partial trial nl It, and I ih»w
givt the result. 1 ha piece ut land selected wav in good j
fuirl. hut owing to the dry spring I hud to rut <>11 ih>
■ve'clms, and llis* press of bti*irie»s prevented my attend j
nig hi the experiment until the la: ol July, at w Inch lima
a second cr«*p of clover, ribwort and some veichos,w hich
came a second lime, Iroin being cut bs'iorr accdiii;*. in all
a'Mi t twelve inch'* high I run a iw • h *rv Mirruw.
• tJ mi the In It tom of it I dfilli d tin coin ijuilc thick
I then turned three furrows, make " ihe lows stand in
i ie four,k furrow, or ab»M!*. lliM e h ot ap;n l ; and after alii
w as p'ai-UoJ I rolled the ground well and hit II In u :
t' w tiavslt ennw up ami grew . If vert i inidU. Vs s-hmi
as it "as s \ i no In** high I t-«'k out the imuI i. ( th ot .,
three eortierwf harrow , mid straddling tin corn onco uvi i i
Ihr* row . fallow ed w ith lln* Il t, j'i»l hhav mg the spurnj
i*-i tv or ii l lie hif!*. Th**** »'Jht atious wire rrp uU
once w hen wtisl high, at Im*fore. save that h small hat (
row, drawn by one horse, ran in ihr spaces previous. i >
4 towed rye and a lew Vi lehrs, a* many had rmne rp by 1
this I urn* and xx'evedest roved. The corn filled ns w* il
as that flsntcd in spring where the diMaim of ilnet hy
oee was observed. N\ here n wasihn Urr, il did not mi j
or fill so we 1. Il* re is ji clear experiim nl of niv theory,1
so far a* capacity is concerned, h*r lln g run ml is fdl ol
x eirht*s aid r\c, ready to Im* rt jm iu*»! . 11’n* rt *« ary. a I in
fmitntn. Could this i xp< rueni have hr* n oiade thirty
days earlier, 1 have no dunbt that lil'y I nisi re In per ar>«
CoMril IjS rttny ra:«e.J| wlie:i as I dnl not a\i r.igi ;
thirty fixc. and that not ti* t r cad, though fine i »r fit !
It lotijf. The rum ws* Mr Dieken’s yell »w , yx hlrli j
conic* three weeks earlier than ihr gm.rdM-t.l II y\i||!
be perceived that neither plough imr cultivator « ver
broke a r -if. and the ground cjutiuui** rven now as inel
low as oudd he wish'd. ;
My aiUMUum was first drawn U» lln* plant by disc .v
ering a lew plant* in the garden Next I to o, ull tin
little soil meaming on a gulled spui and laid sonic v* urh
uhi-i ,»n It to p>p thriirv-lVi*s .mi, atr l alii-r oblui nng the
seed l*-ft the vinm there, w hnr* they r ttrd. This wa>
I • r years since, ami nothing was ever put tin tin* spot t
aid it I' is now covered cl scly with r«d aud yxhn.
* l.xcr, and hid* fair t» keep oh tor I .or or more y,ar*
' 1 rr titan n st Nest I lurked int
t in* treat.ut Arthur \ uung un that and other j-lanls.
and hr gives vetches, ol which there ore thirteen varu
tics, the Irani rank in forage. JI. r.marks, that f.'rcai
Hriiain could not (at ihr time) rats* as mud, Urfaishe1
did by more than half w itliant thr aid uf fins rich h"n
fii ikiuserop II<* u>»e I Ihrct- varieties only '■!, gray
and black, which are the wint«r kinds, and a large kin*! !
winch are s xvu in spring, as.iais, l «r summer sailing -
The two farmer arc ahunvaiit on our Janes Iliurl'W
g* wind*, and ilie other does n *i suit .>ur climate
In the Planter s ,m lime si ir a \y nirr on sheep advo '
eated tbe ib«>ury that legumes \x ere the best hid f.i i
sheep, because lh<** plants con 'allied all t couMit ueii!
*d wool. It ih.'S Ik- imr, yvh.il must !«• the y.tlueol1
Vetches in sheep husbandry ? |or as food tlo y are In yoml\
• tin U s! rtf ' o : t< Speiking to \|
Mr UUin^of y* g»*i,iole iiiem »ry j about them, l.e ,<
ina;kod. xxtut a singulir t md tin y ware; tor, says he. '
f*xei) tn\ > ! I mare, so haid to her j' 'il mg, no >- ninri Ik i
gmstu teed on tle oi than sin fallens up and *eem* young
r.gv n I have tried against e .rn and |.shier, and tv.in
. 1 hay, aud know them nlme to be tar superior t.» both i
for mm§. Fed gr«. n, they in as good s n y thin • fur
♦"•il*- 'J ,5“ *'■•••> «r< fi te feed t »r chicki is, Arth i
Young consider* them the best crop to precede ule-oij
winch catnc ttndei Ins long and \ aned ubs. rvan .n
From ill” 'Miiiliprn IManier,
I HIM. OF A.MM vi.s.
Ihp quanta) of lt.].ii.l manuro |.r ..lnced by on..
,al)> « f'-rlilixino on. ;imt „ nlnrt|.r s ,.|
l>r<»ind( |>r.«lu<-iu? a* .luriblo as ,|„ u,,. * ,|u| L.vai.
uaiioii.. A riirii of l.mmuiuraln, ,vji|, „rn„. ,s ,
' . a r,.M of lb. !wl roll' ll .1.,,.^ |, h
•‘bo cvai-iiaii.iiiH, ii.Uuiltiig Ilie litter at” k, ol ..
“P '"P'lJ '•> loam, ,i lias b”..,,',b.'v'
XMli manure land in |.roporiion by bulk o! .rvrn o,
MX soli I. «*llle lltfir artiwl value is as l«„ i„
Oiw liiindied |» imd*ofe.iu’« urine all .id i|„rn flv,
|.imiiU '.f ilie iii'>*t ii iwerful M|u vx l.i. l, |, ,v,. 1Ver Is ,-,,
I.S”,I by farturrs. •J beaiu.ple via,,-:,
of diff. renee in value ol the a.>li I and
Ol a cow. sboirld impress Iijsin all i|,e „
MOB lire Iasi in preference u, (lie first ; lei ..saved
If lbs iKjMids coieained nalurallv peine, lb, y noobi Is
spjdted sbme. Ii ,* ,l,e wsnl of H.at ir,„d,„^ prmcipl,
Which toaehr, that saluxud g.lne s|IIlul,| „„
band, wkicb lias Sonielimes led I,, results ,,, ,|u,
Hon of Ilie lujuor, which has tfivcn this substance a bad
Corn meal should never lie ground very fine. I, injures
Inc ncliiit se t.l it. J
CI.OVKU NKl'.l).
, K.x pertinents performed in Ki,gland Ii.it,■ ,l„,v, n that I
Clover seed doe* hear whm, but very slightly eovered ,j
very near or at ibnsurface of ibe earth. Thirteen com
partmenla or le d* H'tfC Sown, the seed in each so . I
. ve.nnr Woo buried a quarter of an inch de.'p. r ihnuiht !
preceding ; and varying Iruin merely eprialtlm. ,|„ i
surface in three Indies deep. Thu Ibllow “umbers j
inrl.cate .he nu „ber of plant, which came up i„ each bed I
Irom an equal n.imher of seed, each Mien ,.,iw on, be.!
n<ln nrn n""whdw‘p*r:~17' 1 '• D, c. I. 1.
* . ,0,0. I* rom nodq»?h til about an iudi. tlu
seed mostly came up ; but two inches ,h ep and dene,
none came ,,p. Hence ,he impolicy of cover,.Inl
se d Willi a heavy harrow; washing in by ram .7,, {r'J.
We have heard, among r|,e idlers tt ho licit like drif,
wool «ui the surface ofs c-iely, .. empiuou, |].„ ,
those »h,»e hi nragu is (oil. They tin. at ihc
■call ihr hard md *«ari|it Itund **l 1*1">r. Uut llti \ I ng* 1
that id ail mat ia <<* lul. Iuximi.*** of liea«tif*d •*« thi*
i earth, lull l«§* la i n tin creator tied d un the »•»**
1 pal.ice io the whit* knl jjUn *•» of tin tMii.ira noisi *
j walking rgn, all ha* hern wrought *u.i by limnan !»•»“*!*.
! Much ..t it t<h». at a paiultil .m to human hcarla Nr more
j -oHittiiv* i>f' ihi' real digury of instill **d titan the tno*t
; hf.l'/*rrHMi and perfumed * f tin*** morner* of lalv*r. I
. m t|i«’ tot I of thru** hard It a min that ha* re-rod oinptti* '«•
tin old, and planted republic* it* the w jMf'fiie** of a new
w .rhi that lift* In w n tin r*k in t|.. ijuarry mill hmlt
i the tr nph* i t l til Hiimt'M * I nail .ns that ha* aolncv
• ■ I w ha ’• Vi r fain#* 'm* lungs to genus*. wit h tie- Si ml plot a
,-heo j • • f’moUi’s pm* d h ■ •«! I hr I'-iri'* pen that ha*
w iii " it the «*eei»u with white sub and exchanged tim
pr il.mt* «»| *‘V«*T V Hm.o—llint ha* tnraaurrd th- ctri h x
• 11 th« tun aml.p'o»n»-d the lightning to dearcad «»}"*n
xr, te« ami I* the new M* r* ur \ « I flu woild.
f mnn ' wliv.iuatiot idlm*-*. I.tlmr on-kid you t*
lb*- «• m«lle and In. ft >ort»he*l vur pitmjw-red 1 if* with
out it, tor wuf* n at Ik* and wool i'|*»n your hack would
In* ,n tin uiik W ifiu's in’*! and the tie* re* hi the *lo p
In r * 'll h\*r the inrm t thing that iutm»*rM» t * *
ft not* it want, vx\> the «ir of heaven, man is indebted to
t..d. x »d evr u the nr, hy f • » I’n wise odioaii "i .i* hr* ath
. \toh |a!v.i |t t* imiIv lit* dr*uiee who toil not. who
inlr.-l the hive* of activity like mam* % of corruption and
dreai. I he l rua of the **nhire the working nun,
w i. ..in l Mii id • * cast down at their will, and who retort
tin mi* i r of tin 'nof’i haiided'’ hi puittiittg in their
..■lit, , \\ hen v. t nfl, science, civili/.atii ii afld liiiliiAHl y
rue know n. Work *.u man *»| t* il * thy royaftx is )et io
. ark i. ■ w I* dg«'d as In tv r riais* t- waul* the throne *. I
,v.wer W oil. in. ind, in the language of a tfu# pu t.
\ o],,dolts ii an ’ and lliy reiioit n shall hr
Motue hi tlie w unis and w a * r* tbr igh all lima,
Win . there'* a ktel In carve it nil the ecu
I i"in cltmi't »clime,
Or f. d oni.i.n* that Ini t.sf.M is i.rimi!
'MOOtt'Ff.f.V *V ,P/.//r/7*V,
■ HMk mill I oininifcsion Jlrr«,l» milii
N\ \ I r* ii.mm I l" tlifir ( Mil Si.hmI, « i « t'uor IhImvy
I iImi’N \\ iri I I II, \\ |m N 111 * \ Will kll‘J’ COM
%t:111'IY mi hand a wfdl Holvoltd Stork of
<.roi i ric*. lloiiic*li( «. »Vr.
I In ir I Ion-' havino hi mi nm hiI y h |*.iim*«I and mlnr
,i, rj, lit* V arc mmyv |• r< |mr( i 1 lo rrt*it\r cotmii* nniMitu nl
l 11111rv I’i'mIu. • . and Im.|m hi rimvc a th&rt1 nl I’uhln
I’ M" ' V -
Jan -fl
i oin inivshtiirr** Siilr of
/,*/;.ii. i.sr.iTi: .i.vi> si..n i s
H\ % nl hi la i|n in |-i • ii mu i tl iii 11 ip suit ..I .N n pH
ti v« I* n N..vt , hf I In- rauiiU 1 "'lit ol \iii
In 1st • in I l.r 17 I. .I.iimmi vt IHlS, tin- iiudnisignrd W M.iji
| •••ini». .1 at .Mini- i. in 1 t .• sill t |,i I .a ml and Slavism I hr
lull 1111 ntji'iird , and in |iin*nmi r nl tin drrin lit- 1 >fT. 1* loi
1,11. , pi n .it rIi. t In Tit \i I t>lr 1.ASM,in \iuln ml'•ouiiiy,
« > 111.11 m 11 |r
ini 1.9 t< m:s.
"M w Iii h I'.ivrifr II N"r\rll Imvi rrsidrs It ia distant
li"tn l.iin-ldiiig all nil sit nnlrs, and adjoins tliu lands
nl I'.dinm I \N 11 in( 1 in, S \ | v 1 sir 1 Hill lord, .md olhna.
It i% 1 ".ii in- nt t" ,1 ^ mmI M ill a id KU< kaniithN Shun, and it.
w .in 11 tl lo lawn t rt rk I T mn II* • HI ^ to I • N r 111 ’ N
Mil KM \« It I s n« h alf.I, tlie halaiirr WHOM I.VNH
I. I 1*111 i'll N \ < III .S mi hi he 1 u rnlei ad Iii st-1 sta
iimmiImu Y ! I \ m wishing In |>I||I liMtt will In sin till tk’
| i. iniso* liy ,Mi i II N..11.ill.
Tl.lt MS
I hir I 'iilli il t hr |hi i ilia'» im-•m«* v in r*"li, In,, l-aianc* im
I Ii t **«• •«| il nisi. 11 ttii ills nl six, twelve ami rig liin-n nwiil ks, ;
I i Mil- i I-- tlx ti i1 Ii g ■ -• -i I |-i | snli.i I sec tli ill Hill In; i ri |ii i rri I,
in I lie title- I lln land ilx If H it lilirltl itnlil I lit |>.x\n-t oh.
irr made. I le u l«ii i-llwi s, .it | • 11 ▼.«t e sale, on * c rod it >1 mv
lioiit lit,
si:n:.v suites,
-'insisting of instil, h Hineii and rlnlilren , I In pun hater gn ing j
n g -t i.ih'r nut - • «ati*l., t-n ilx endorsed and in at It mi iah e i«t
ii- I t hi in I i nr lih ii-g
Ans 'in w i-lnn-g t" pun li.i»t tin- I .and or Negroes, ,x n
j i- -ii -It" .idtln s« iin- .it ! .i ur liburg .
Jan.SI «• AY M il HOANK
Ttt lilt hli'oirer* of Toharto in
I llli. I.VI. I
'■'Ml ond. i - ig m I, having .1 smi.it'd tin ms,lx. 9 logrtlin
I hit lIn pr-tM-rulinn n! tin |
• ml I * mg - I ri t m.iki tin iiisi lit - u*. lul, in p • iu<.tn.g
thr i.iti ii-st id |h .si- \\ Imie l.ihoi lurliithi--. th- stajdi rxjimt |
• I tin Stall , .m l s' |>plies tin nut. rial t"i tin- juolit.lhle ,m
phiyiucut id ui'irIi i apital and l.ihm, wmild suggest Hu
mean* as thcx hrlnii ol tcmeiH ilig some di |. ts intlupii
pi f it lull I t hr \\ i .1 t.'i till' Ilia I kit I ..it t ri I \ it ll.lt hr' "ini’
1 hr - i«t i: .iln.iiig I'laiitri', t.ijiai k thru Tohui t o so lig hilt
4t t -nod i it intmly uiiMilte.l to |iiiditah|r sltiiimcnl, It*
nn-.'lit im i I Ih l. --Iti n i.itigiug limn *«♦ HI Hi* to 7*'tt II*** , by
hIii- Ii tin* rli n g i s sii< Ii a» * I .ii age, dctii n \ I loin \\ urr house,
dray age, lu ight. I.n waiduig, liglitct.ige and ilituiaure, air
in.i-h to x iiry limn Hi tn -II |u i • ■ id, uhoxe tin i;itr ol (air
aii i igi hi iglit tin light lihii. ol I'tKI Ills rusting a* intirh
i- l«lk) Ihs oi I.»iM liis ix. il.l and so tin IM.mtris sidling
' ir niaik- t. m i pi.il i x. - s ol i-'-t |oi runiage, iis|»ecHt'ii
■ nmission for telling by i . iii ,at ia now very piir
tom.nx, and nn>i« ox ei limn the want .>! r"in|iariuess |o « \
elmlrthr air it tin i ii. > 11 nadily iii.mills, tints destroy ing »t
cut i re lx so far is uiannlartm mg is nmirernnl, and iteaily so
tor shipnu nt I hr v.ry grtn t.il r.imjilaint among buyers, has
mainly nnliind -ix pir*ml <>i.i x n xx s to Hit |ixilili< , not
douhtlug till! W Ill'll attention is gix m tills Sllhjert, tin- errm
w ill be sjn'.'ddy r »i re ’nl. 11 mil) so iinieli as wh« rnjuisiti
• • ' tu.il wants was linn pit |ini-r.l, ami t bat ol MiitabU-tpial
dv I i. -ii-il.i -tui ing, it \x -uid only i|U rt tin glower to the
• *fcnt cl Ins evtin cai • iage, cn.ijii-ru-gr tunl <Miumi**i"n. See ,
lull when applied In all giaih • as at |ursriit, the pundi.iser
turn ful d his in ii t mu t buy a- nt u It lowet as will
-1 ri Hie turn «*>« d juteenlage and i xti.i ri*lt in bolding it —
• mm It more It.iide to injuix than it in.nl. beat irr. inail
\ i-ing .i rhangr in thl« li sjiietlln y would avoid the otlici
. xtri ine, .-I ton bfiix y x\. glit* by w hieh the color is injur
1 I and is made more ditli- nil t ■ - scim i ate, r a using it t.i work j
waste! lily K.ir# us, f d I’oba o, I In I llnl. shut.Id b. ntadr j
t-i rmilatn I2U0 to | IlHI ||»- vurii ns our manufacturers n
•I'm i* and lit.>n i n It all i brow it Im slnj'inciit should not w riyh 1
.it. \r 1 .•«HI hint lln , weigh.-d in \ very omninmi fault '
exnt* iii the king o| the casks, xvlnrli are .'lt.ntiMiuiu. il
bdg'd. ami ilr t bill and tru.li i d a \ es, thus r \ji< >* ing t In
ai'i' • loth d ' iiijthi'ss o| t In .itin.iplnir and |iii:\riding that
iu'.i'ii.'s* so essential to an artirlr. tin sightliness ol xvhirli
. -Iitiilnitt - so miii'li to it* wort Ii I it tin cask* lie mad*
s' i.-n j; w nod, a* le.uly T.light as xx ill i nunr tin pinjier i auge
I -1 the Intidii g -t the bo -p' Maxes thick and uinlmtu in
"id'n, with ••ti.lightly jointed rilg» , in inet as nearly water
1 " 1 1 • uid |urlVelly dry Very liitl. additional la
b -i ii x j >r i i*i xx ill ui'Uir thi', ami nun hr a v.,x ing f. • t he
IM.intern, tix the additi u.il ju i. i jmuI in eiiliscipiruer .1 its
• 1 ' 1 ii Injury Another t etiei t««ijtu "tlx hurtful, is
t li.it i - I r xlir-m- -I i \ i. ►, . i d in 1 \ . lest i • > v ing its elastic it \ and
i cnilc ting it iuijuar ir.ihh- !-• yxmU witliout enlianringits val
ue i -I any JMirjinM- W lialcv cl .\oonc Wishes it *sn soil a - tn
him it to in-'ultl as ii. - Mt xU’s 11 c u so di \ as to eiisuirit’
"i raking and <|.ending \ rri tain degree of sn|ijdeiu'ss i*
iputi essential hu any and mix jiro, ess ol uiaiiula. ture ami
will hi t-H uid adx .iiitugeous to (lit giowri. A little smoki
•»|»|i!n .1 t.i it in tb. pio. i ss ol di x mg w ill rnnlei it more tmigl
a ml less Inti, i thelattir ijunlityid inueh ronijdann-d ol In
- -uoihh is. and lumislii s an nnj'ortant rea-mi lor then sub
dilution <d nth* t Ttihaeeo, in many irsin rts inlenor to tin
A irginiu I -»h;irr.. Tin- nirn i lin v-i I t licse v u w s xv r iu\ iti
the roiisid. r.ittoii ol all w li-'iii it interi'sts ut«d I'StieriuUv rr
niiiiiiiunl tin grow ei > to consult t lie dealers in tin* article lo
a r mfii math ii ol mu x irw * in the ierommeudatimis submitted
ut>HKu rs k in i i.ku
I r 6 bn
<*i:oit<*i itAI-itv,
Al Ilir Mori* hitrly omtpird by
n.H'tn\ i ini.vsiLm’s cjrtkr.
OIK F.US lot -air a general assortment of (IllOl I'.IMFS,
lit S, ko , to wliieh additions v\*ill frequently
l» •made
Hi* trieiid« and f inner rustorsars, as well a* those of tlir
hie finn. are respect fully invited to gi\ e him a call.
Jan 31 tv if
\l.l. person* na\mg claims against the concern of ItVti
l’.\ ^ ( 'HF.NMIAW, and CKF.NslIAW, IJAHID
N ( \K I I If. will utea*e present them loi payment, and
th .‘e indebted to either linn will please mah« payment as.
' ' h ** possible, as cir* umstaue. s n quire an early settlement
ol 1 lie buxine*'
Robert \N ( icnsh.iw, one f the partner*, will attend to
i hi- mlliM*titm anil .■! 'in" tin Ini-mi -., ami i-an Ik- l.mntl al
I In* Old Stand id
L'HKNsIl.VW, mom Si (MKTKU.
Jan. 31 t*
Trn«t s ;i i<•.
I>\ \iituc ol a Heed ol Trust, executed In the subscriber*
I# bv James It. Saunders, l• ji entain pur|m*e* therein imHi
'■ioih d, on the 4th day of December, 1*17, and of record in
tin t luh’> i'lb col the Hustings (Vimt foi the < irporation
ol l.ynehlruig, we shall proceed to sell, on Saturday, the
I'.bh day ol February next, in front ol the niaiket house, in
* he town ol l.vnehbutg. for cash, or on such terms ol credit
is may lw agreed upon by the parties interested, the follow
iug property:
A N I) II K l( K I V K ( II I I, I) |{ K N ;
.t yarn noitsy ir.it;u.v, rout
iiohsks, ch'jin. -s-r set.
John ii. iiAKi.wn
u r c\ i'Ktkhs.
! Jan tl'JF
V , • lit- ulei an \y ill niny.
Vifirc -our and all ! !
H\\ \ I \ t j nxaoriatrd myself vi itli M-wa. Bayne
\\ tillers, of It ihiiiHirv, I would hereby give
tt Mr, that I lull' ^ Mil on I in y entire Stork ni (foetJa hi
A|r I |t*f * r n I. I 1 who will coolimir the buMtnxe
in ilit suno luuiM I Would n.mi r< np'H'i folly a*k timer
ot my Irn iHla wl»o Iuivi «*i III* rally pal hrtiwd Tnr, to
i on mm** the Mima to him, liehcving him to lx every way
worthy ol it.
VII persona indebted In mem to tnc late firm of Hu
nr-lh. |{ van. At ".no* n <pie*le«l to come forward ami
Mill1'* their respective claim* anil all person* l> whom
| may tx* indebted arefMpteafcd to present thetf Haim*
lor payment- w ithoiil delay- tin I w tali to have for Mill
Uni..re, in a w»t k or two.
Jan 31 (• WM, II MV AN
A ( lltll.
F B II11', •'ilwritjr r, having pur chaw d of Mr. \\ hi. II
I M v »u hia entire
at a great, jstfiti wcrit/'re, i*» prepared to give gr»at bar*
gain* to id peiMoiiM in w:u I ol floods and in order to
tr.lun bl» Al.H'k, tx f.ire he receive* lua
will mil many description* o| (inud* without regard t«
( oMt. I respectfully solicit a call from my friend* of both
town and country assuring tin m t (<ai t 1 will sell them
foNida up»m auch lerint to give entire satisfaction ~
I Mease rail and nr e
Jan. 31 —3w IfKNItV L l>! FIT.I.
Highlit I \ilnoble I'nrni
i it it m t ■. r;
|t\ I s||t,, «r-l I Mir farm, upon .l.o k«ouV rivnr and tin ,
l -llll.p Nptiiij; Inn, III tin rolintv ol Mh^lliliV I hr
I>iii I i' »11 ..I' I at*.ml • • vi*n imh * ah". e i ..\ m^t > •, tin*
l> ^«'d l«rnim<i* ol the James Hivcraud Kanawha < anal,
■ \\ O I IIOHKll lid
I'lVHity-l'uo Am*s
alime-t * he vv I. l» "f w hu'h n av be ronsidi red uk arable, ini,
nlnl*l si vrial hundred a. m s i* inuiiiitaiu land, il is exrcrd
mglv leitilc, alid admirably iidaptrd to tin- growth of To
t».i. . n, and V'ci v little «>1 it Is too Bleep for cultivation. Srun
Imi itl i» d and t w cnty two j'M el I lu* said I met I* t hr undi
vided half ol IniirtM-n hundred and foity lour acn-s «f land,
I Iieh.isrd of |»r. Thomas Mumh- Thi Farm can hr ennvi
j nn ntla div nh d into thirr trai t-.'and it ucci fsaiy ,to suit |»«it
rha'ri s. will he «l i« i«l« d Allot it
Tliroc II11 ml r««l ;nnl ^‘vcnfy-l'h'c
Acitk is nt‘iiiTil luml.
.in*l <>| the fintA1 quality, in good condition, and well fenced
in , I )i« i . »t is In a \ ily limb. i • d The 1«»iiU upon Jackson's
11\ n i» misurp.i - r.| ('it
.1 ltd I li.it up. Ml I lu |-‘.I I ling Spi II>g uUll, I it ( il as.s, W bent, |{ |r
and ' hits. Then ate t Wo huge
irru; oiicn.mns
OF \N III. M'.FF.f I F.O I K! IT
TIiia farm ran he made, l> v Hearing, one ot the most val
uahlc grazing larms in Western Virginia There is also. J
contiguous to it, an aliniMt unlimited i.mge, which gieatly i
rnham r.s its value us a stork farm.
The Mwrlling is a two story
I.Oti IlOl'sF.,with .» Kitch
en, Smoke Minis. . |»unv and
, lee llous* . i.11 \ i ine.it I'll, j _I
St.ilTe is giHHl, and contains eight stalls-, the Irani huge well
limit and in good repan I here are
rim l.iuei: Toiuci'o ikh ses.
ir. ntlv ricet'd .a Hlaeksinith's Shop, and quarters lot .Mini
fit) negiiH's ; a l-'loui . (iiisl and Saw Mill , tin two last m
good i epair, the tirst a. anew hat out ol order.
M\ In.-ml, Mi dames ( os|.y, ie-tiling upon the pn*nii«cv
w ill show them to any one wishing to purchase
I lie terms will he urcotutrind.iliug, and made known upon
ii'ipli' a" l .11 to the Mtb.H. t i lu i
John is rnni.v
Staunton, \ it , .fan 17 2in
lllH'liillUllJIIII I 4* III il 14*
CO/. Is Is Ell I Is /.V.S II T 1 T II
r ■ M1 K In *t <• hart eie.l I-'email College in \ ii gin ta will he re
ft opened on tin- lath February licit, under the chaig. ..I
the subs, libel
Tin circumstances oftlic closing, and unlortiintac sal •-oi
tin- Institution, air not unknown to the public, nor is it un
knotv n, that .hi * Hint w .is hr nil to In- made, less than two
v. ars auo,l»v Ii• \ Nath.mu I I liomu*, lor ils lesus.-ii.ition
Its ilium ions tin-.ills will rejoice to know that that cilmt. in
■ . short at line, has ht-rn crow lie.I with ahiindMiit sucre ».* -
N u is ilie y,< al ot such less ardent, because, mi a lortm t oe
■ i -i hi, its do. u s ivcie . I used, and it s * \rw isc.s cut short hv
tin g.-utl* lap ol il.* -Ini .11 - I*.niiim i
In .iMillions ..I higlu-i pi< t* ii'unis. and now among the first
t oll. 7. s hi the I uiled State-, h.ivi- suit' ie.1 uiidei simihit
dtsal.iliin s It i- Imi (air topi. *>iiiiii* that tin tin ml* ol th.
In-lituti . st*-i ring ele.n i.f the io. Us. mi which (thiough a
z.r.il, now piesume.t to hav e been inisdiroctc.l,) their ln.pi s
w i i e w i . Ue l, w til tn mg I hi* enterprise to a happy issue
Foi tin collegiate V' u ot ten months, b turdin •,
ineluding lights, (m-1, w ashing, room i» nt, 5ir *» 100 U«'
hint mu in I d. mi nt i\ branches, .10 U0
Knglish and t'la.-Mcal »i*ui-e, -10 (HI
Fieneh, 1M IMI
.Music, with use of Piano, -10 tMt
Painting, I hawing. Shell and Needle-Work, 10 (H)
Making just $2IHI tHt tor a young lady in the Ing'.ct class,
ind learning every branch taught in the Institute
One hall <d t In above pay able in adv a nee, t he nt hci half at
I he cud of t lie term.
Though it is *1* sited that yoillig ladies should he present at
I lu < oiniiu nccinciit ot t hi- exeieises, yet, in emnddt t at ion ol
eire'inwl a lues, ui'iissarily connect, d withthe first opening . >1
u sehotd.a pi <q*oi t imiate deduct ion will lie made, fot sneli a
cannot arrive until alter the nessi.<u shall ha\«- advaneed
JOHN < HIM K\\ 1.1.1
P S ('munmnieations addressed to Key. .1 t Him k- I
w cl l, (.r.i \ el I Id I, IJ-.iek iiighum.w ill he prompt I y at tended to
Jan. 17 7t
Y uliiuhh* SI;iv«*n smd IVisoiml l*ro|»erfy
roit s\isVs.
V virtue of a deed id’trust made by Samuel Pars!,
on the Dili clay ol' February. IS 11, t«• tlu* sul*seri
la-r.aml ol record in the l lerk’s oilier* ol’ KoHJn nine
county, l shall proceed at the Tavern I louse ul said
Oirst, known hy the name ol the
Him 111<liiv Inn.
| near the mouth ol tin- North river, in Uoekbridire, on
Moinl iv, the I Ith dav *d’ February tu \t, to si II at public
II o>’ 13 young ;nt«l Vsilnalilo Slaves
id lx it li sexes. The public arc especially ins tied to attend,
as it is not often tlmt so liktlv and valuable a set ol
Slaves is throw n into the market.
At tin* same time and place will also he sold a consul
erahle ipiautiiy of valuable properly, consisting of
rioiMc/iflld »V Kitclun I'tirniliirr,
The above property is in good order and of the best
At the same tune and place will aUu in* sold a tract
*JtM> irres
ot wood land, granted hv patrni to Win. Krwin,adjoin
j mg the tract of Hugh l\i\ton\s devisees. Also all the
I interests to which the said Samuel Da rat may lx* enti
! tied as heir of his deceased daughter. Lucy .Iordan, who
was one ot the legatees of Benjamin I first, deeM., as ap
pears by his w ill now on record in Itwckbridge c unty
Court, in the estate of Benjamin Darst.
TKKMS.—The Slaves and personal property will In*
sold on a credit of six months, for ail sums over $"»; the
aero tract, and Lucy Jordan's interest in Benjamin
Darst's estate, will In* sold upon a credit of 1*2 months.
, The purchasers giving bonds with approved security.
The sale will commence at 11 o’clock, \ M.
I will only sell such title as the deed vests in me.
Ill HH I. WILSON. Trustee.
.Ian. 13— 11 II'
’I'riiM Nalr «l' Y.-ilicihle Cropt-ilt
1 B ^ virtue ■ ! a deed ot Trust, executed on the Ititlt
1 I# day of July, hy \udrew ( Klliott and R.».
\ Klliott, the undersigned,(the trustee (herein named.)
i "til proceed on Tuesday, the‘2*2ud Kebruarv, I "IS. Ih*
; b*rcthe Maiket I louse in the Town of Lynchburg, to sell
by public auction the following
Witaabte Stares
to wit ; one Negro man named Merchant, one named
i Peyton, one named Doctor, one named Randolph, one
. uam»*d Andrew, on9 named Billy, one named 'Pom, one
named Africa, one named George ; also, all the
Mfiews itml rixturea,
i uartl in the Tobacco Factory lately o< copied by Klliot
ami Brother.
1KR MS.—To defray the expenses of the trust, the
sum ofnltout $t’>Oft will tie rerjuin d to lx* paid in cash.
i I nder the provisions of ihe deed the creditors of Amlrow
1 . and Ro. A. Klliott,named therein, will he entitled to
| o|Wt their claims again »t the purchase money for any
propeli\ Uiughi hy them.
I Ja:i *21 — rj'2l* RICH TYUKK. I rustic.
Hr*, lilikpiiltlrk
^l^FNDFI/N tier urstuful mxrow lodgments to her.
I ,
that s|i.* will n»iiim«*11« i 11n f of ill session of her 1* <*malu
Academy, on the I*t of Ki bruriry.
Tin course of instruction is *\nematic and thorough,
embracing , very braneh taught in ilie* host wlmoL, to
C* *bcr witii Music ui>«I Fiunch. Mrs K trust*.'.hut by
renewed ex* Minus to promote the U at luterttts *»f her
pupil*. as well naby a rrict attention t» their general
manners and d< |mrtm<-nt, she will receive increased en
coungf incut from the public. I lor present location, on
f l.urdi atreel, ill olio of M arwnk’s building*. i* central
and plc.is nt A lew Hoarders caft bo received n the
f'tiiily Ter n.«as follows:
H'ftrd at 12 our month, for five months $t»fl ‘HI
'i'll 11 km in Knglish-, 1st class 20 00
do do 2*1 class 15 (JO
do do 3d and ith classes 12 50
French 10 00
Music 00 !
J»n 21 !>1 w
iiissom fioiv.
f IMl E <<i I’AlU’.N KHSHII', hereto hit v einding tinder the
1 alyls a id t*n in ol Lwwet tS. Euglsdoie, 1 ns day die- :
• lived tiy mutual nmi< iit Ml per* ms unb illed to t..r r m
• < in are r«»pu*t*<| to malts ji.i?meat to Bsej II I .r wi«,wlm '
i^ulone authorised to collect, lie hating niindiasud l he entire
iiiteie*t ol Mr. \Hred S Englrdov* *1"li< liuvmg < l.iima
agsinat the i'oncrin ill |>re0Siit ilisin to him lor paynunt.
I lie name ol the coiie.srn will be ussd only 10 aettlmg the
hiiairims of ihr name
Jen. 31 w3w A 8. EN(iLElJOVE.
If/.YJ. ii. M Il ls
At tin* Oiil Stand of Lewis A lOnglednvc. i
UT*M LI) iii.mt i aspect fully return Ins thanks t * hi* .
inends, and lie puldie pern r.ilh , lor tin very lilicral
patmiiug* roinnl Iiv tie* firm *1 Lewi* 5*. Engledotr. and j
i rfpnwt.. a iiiliri'iaue.r of the ‘mine to tbn New ( oinvni.
The M-.elt ..I Moods no hand, comprising a great variety ol
aliro-t svsrv aite lu ill the lb? Mood* line, will benifi ied at |
r iltt mrl? low pi iru*, pirpurslnrv to I he reception ol • N.-w
Stock, tail? the e ii vi. in p ‘pi mg Those wanting po ids at
will pMajie rail, aa bargain* will be offered.
Jan 31 w3w BENJAMIN tl. LEWIS.
r n bent
fill IF very desirable stand next door to Messrs. Me
I Daniel $ Fee. |: i* in the centre of trade—and
will hr found to lie one ol thu Inst stands in tilt' place for
n large Dr eery Commission business. Fosss smn
given 1st March.
fill IF corner Douse, (under part) next door to . 1 II •
I Seay's Apothecary simp -ami immediately rppo
si e \lassi* Hiyant Tinsley. To it arc attached some
3 or 4 Nlorsge and Lumber Houses, winch rnultrs ii a
desirable stand lor commission or other busmens.
Fur terms apply to A. LIDO AT.
Jan. 31 wlin
i\ olive.
■ lYxirtuo of a deed of trust, executo*! by .lames (J.
I m Christian, to the Siilwcribrrs, bearing date, the 22d
day ‘-I November, 1 ^ F2. ami duly recorded in tin. Am
hurst ruuniy ( ourt, we shall, for the purposes therein **x
pressed, proceed lua«!l, for ready money, at Amherst
( "ini II mst?, on tie 2Dt day ol February 1848, that
Leinj» ( ourt day , two .N Ft • lit > \\ I )M I .N , Frances and
Sophia am. their met rase since tlm dale id and deed.
Acuiig a*Trustees, wu shall convey uuly su -h title as is
vested in us by said deed.
J * n 31 \V 3 w T nutees.
l or .Sale.
VYOCNUN ugro woman and 2 children, all very i
likely. Apply tti
Jan. 31—w3w liFZIN LAZFNHY.
Hr.I N L desirous nt removing to llie West. 1 offer lor sale 1
the very valuable
I I? Af r OK I. \NI>,
Ml which I I I-Slih. Mt Mill eil nil 1 h* Lvnchburg anil Salem
i'urupikr mail, six uuh ■ I uni the town ol l.yiu hlmrg. In
the .11-1 tr id there are
o.yi: iir.Yi:ut:i)
Firry nro
One liumlr <lnlwhieh i* h'.ivilv timbered ami tinn ft >.
It \ l' i' O l.\Nl> 'The cleared Land i-* in a high *l.iie (d im- ,
nrnv tmeiil, mi l ol .1 quality susceptible ollming made, in a
shut t tme , a- valuable a* any lauds Tin huii-li 1, * ate good
.mil the land well watei d the ah >v c 11 act, il not sold jiri 1
v .itelv, w ill he sold at auction on I he I 11 h day o I !•’ I«i tt.tt v
m-\t. Possession given the first day ol Mar.’li following. 1
I Lit vis made Known on the day ol *alc.
Jan. 27 OIL P\\ IP KAHI.LV
,s 1 r. 1: . 1 it it. i.v« 4 . ti i;.yt.
'1 111*, subscribers 1 expertfully inform the Public that the
I will licit atlri 1 nil I lu il line ol Stages between Charlotls
ville k Si otlsv die,as followvi/: They will lcave Seottsv ille
ou l uesd.iv , Tluiis,L\ . and Satnnl.iy at S o'eloek, \ M .
al d reach t huilottcsv illc to «linner. t hey will leave < har
nottesville on Mntiduv, Wednesday utld Friday it h \ ]>l >
and rca.-h S- otts\ ille by dinner
Lvci v arrangement has been made to insure the coininrt
and accommodation ol passcngeia.
Jan. 27 Is
•> i it it 1 YAltpSol t \ Lilt), lor sale cheap, by the
t/jUv "U piece, apply to W J WILLIS
Jan 7 2 Is
Si iiooL < omSjiss7(xyj;rs of Bedford
%'ttl arc leipic'ted to meet ;it Pedloid Fcluuaiv Court
1 Business ol mipoitaiici will I>« la hue the Hoard. Surli
cf the t ommissiom is .is hav e not heietotore repo tied the in
iligcitl ihtlditn, will ilo so al tluit time, to the undersigned.
W M. LL1 I W 14*11, Jr ., Supt.
Jan 27 ts School, Bi dford
H lint IdtIK.S, Dry tiooilh ike.
11’ !'• hav e necivx I w it Inn the last t, vv days, a laige ivddt
f * turn to out toi niei Stock ol <»ood'. and now oiler to our
patrons, and t lie public generally. at low prices, t it her for cash
or barter, or on tunc to punctual custonicis ;
20 hlids. N tt . Porto llieo, k SI CruU Sugars,
200 hags .m. Barrels Porto llieo, iMarac.iiho, Kio, Java, and
Laguyra, Codecs,
20 hb* and Pierces .\ ooL.-v's Pulverized and Crushed,
and N. l)rle.111s Clarified Sugar,
1 •> hdds and fierce*, best l >1 leans and Cardenas Mala*
L» Imxes W ooLey and W oolsey '» Loat Sugar,
20 boxes and Chests I'ca,
2 »0 keg* Nails,
•M00 ||,> blistered, cast and shear Steel,
1*00 lbs. square lion, assorted,
10 ton 111 tiiiil.mi bar and Bichinond Tredt gar Iron,
'-.>00 lbs Lewis’s W lute Lead,
40 boxes KX 10 and 10 xPJ W indow Llass,
JO boxes Vdauiaiitiiie k fallow Candles,
.lOOOlbs. S »lf 1 .catlie 1 l og-tlier with Linger, Pepper. Spice.
Hi e, Indigo, Madder, Mustard, Logwood, Sweet Oil,
W rapping Foolscap, k Letter Papi 1 , Soaps, Calicoes,1 tomes
lie*, Bed Picking, Blanket*, Jeans, Linsev, Mats, Capts, kc.
: *■
V\ e have also on Consignment
10 h..xes W oolseys k Stuart’s Loaf Sugar,
7 hhd*. N O. Sugar,
a his. Solar Lamp Mil.
It oik's, Hr (I Curtis, .IV. A'r.
Ur F have taken the house on Market street, one door
above Phelps k Perkin*’ Miction Store,k are prepared
to maiuitueiure all kinds ol It me, ol Manilla and 1 lew rot'
ted I letup, Med Cords, Plough Lines, Twine, ke.
corvm mKuril \.\ts, kaumkus,
. i *v n u v h \: it s.
w ill find it to t heir interest to give U* a call hi fore p in ha
Ml work warranted In give satisfa lion
'N »■ will also keep constantly °n hand, and make to order
< i iu.i:i> lum nmi sun k m.itthicssks.
Of every description and si/.c.
, All orders,lelt either at our shop or at Phelps k Per kills"
Mi lion Stole, will be promptly attended t..
Ml It pm k LfGGON.
We will pay the highest cash price for Ilemp — a good
article. MFUPHY k ldLGO.V
Jan. 17 — ts
.a s i WEi WEED,
\ I b »/. POCK LI K NI \ K.S, s.,iiie \ ry superior, w hirh
r'l" w ill he sold cheap hv the do£. W .1 WILLIS,
I Jat». 27 ts Commisainn Merchant.
ci.or i:i< si:i:i».
Oik l»l SIIKI.s M >11IItniII Clover Seed, rlcnn and
f luc trum till impure S.nl. For salt* bv
sl.iit. - 16 JNO. Ml C l AN V!! \\
. 7 X Circuit Superior Court »! !...•«• nml < hancry,
A rono„„.ul liy .djm.rn.nenl. and held Ut the county
,7u,Zr*'.n' tins Conrili .esc. on Saturday, the -d day
Ho^.Kive*. administrator nf JiM. <-^rk»;;,. d«cM.,
W illiam M Waller and >aumel M. <.:irl:.n.l admin
is’raiors ,d I l.-.vid S Garland, dee’d ..lane II. G-irland-,
wide" I t lie said David S. Gar and. deed and tie
same Will,am M Waller and Sally hliailf . I .U’ Sally
(J.irlar.d. G.istaviis A. Hose, and Anne > his wile, laic
v„„. s G.nhmd. .lolin l>. Cubtia and Jane M Ins wile.
i„e Jane M. Garland, Willi#® H. *»arh.:.d.. r.Jward A.
< Hull and Mart l< III* wife, late Mary I,. Garland,
Samuel M Garland. Patrick II. Garland, t ar,dine Gar
land |.anil,m C. Garland and l. unsa K. lua wile and Al
Cabell. George K. Cabell, David S. G. Cahill,
in,I l.ew is II. Cabell, the I'mr last infant children and
iieiraof Kli*a V. Cabell, dic’d., late Kfitts V Garland,
by David It ules, llie:r guardian ad Inem, Samuel Gar
land, A Habertaon St Co. and John L. Harris,
It appearing to Hie Colin that n w ill lie necessary to
take an account of I lie dehla due from the estate ,.1 Jesse
Clarkson, dee’d., which are In be paid out of tile fund
u |,nil coll’ cled, the Court doth order that it lie referred
to one of (lie C niiimssioiiera ,,| this Couri, to lake an ac
count of the trail actions of the Commissioner, Charles
I’errow, luuehinn the eo lections made hy him, also an
account nf Hie debt- due from Hie estate of the said Jesse
Clarkson, dee’d.. all which iiecomils the said Cornels
sinner will take, slate and settle, and make repirl there
of to llm Court, with any matters specially slated,deem
cl lu rtiuent hy himself nr required hy llie parl.ea to !»• s ,
stated. A Copy—Teste,
Commis.sionfr’s Office, i
Anihersi C. II., 7 th Jin.. iHt^. J
The parlies inlet,'Sled in ihe tinsg »ing decree will
take tiolii’e ih.it I have appointed Tuesday, the ‘H'Jth day
. it* l'*,’t,rii:irv, I b 1M, Li com in once the ace .mils I to rein lit
reeled, at which time ihcy are requested to till ml ai my
nllice. with I heir accounts, vouchers and evidence, pre
pared for examination and gelilemeut.
Jan. 13—w l m
A T a ( trcuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery,
2 m. continued by adjournment, and In Id for the coun
ty of Amber*!, at tin' Comiliouse, on Tuesday, the 31m
day of August. 1847 :
Hubert Lb>ll, .lames Burforl and Eliza bis wife, Jcs
Rc Kelley and France* liia wit-, J till \V. Nirvell,
Nancy L. Norvell. Tbomar, S. Norvell, Kverelt H N r
veil, Margaret I. Norvt-ll and l.ud.muu Norvell, infant
elilldren of Thom is Norvell, deeM , under Ibe age o|
twenty one \ears,by tin* said .)aim « Hu*Tord, tlietr broth
er in law and m xt friend, Siimiel Swearinger and J >se
I'benia Ins wif» , late Joseplienia Doyle and others, ,
T am ills,
Benjamin Norvell, executor of the last will ami testa
ment of Spencer Norvell, dec'd., and trustee under the
will, for the testator's son, Spencer I). Norvell, and also
m In* own right, ami as a legatee of Spencer Novell,
dcc’d., Wilh.im k* ut, executor of William 'Turner,
deeM , Natnaii (ilenn, Spencer I). Norvell, Ludiman
Norvell. Nathaniel Norvell ami James Norvell, sons and
legatees ol Spencer Norvell, dec'd.,
Di femlan s,
In Chancery.
On motion of William Kent, executor of William
'Turner and Nathan (ilenn, tin* Court doth order dial it
be relerred to one of tin? Commissioner* of tins Court, to
settle an account b*t\\een them and Benjamin Norvell,
show iug lie* amount paid by each on account of their *e
euritv ship, and die amount now remaining due, and ol
all funds liable m payment thereof, and report the satin
to the Court. 'The said ( mmissioiier will also e.ucpure
and report whether the portions of Benjamin Norvell ami
Spencer I). Norvell are liable to be applied to tli« re
lief of the said Turner’s exo'r. and (ilenn. pursuant to
the rule awarded them ou the 2d day ol'September, 1843,
against the said Spencer I). Norvell, ami Ins trustee,
Benjamin Norvell, James i\l. Daniel, jr., and James M.
Daniel,sen., with any matters specially stated, deemed
pertinent by himself or required by die parties to be so
'•tal«*d. I pon taking said accounts, notices will be ne
cessary to be saul Kent, (ilctni,Benjamin Norvell,Spen
i D. Norvell, James.M. Daniel, jr., and James M.
Daniel, sen.’only A Copy Tote,
Commissioner's Office. /
Amherst C. II. lUdiJun., 1848. $
'Ibe partus interested in the foregoing decree will
i:ik• • notice that I have appointed W eduesilay, tin* 23 M
day of February, 1818, to commence die accounts there
in directed, at w lindi time they are requested to attend at
my oilier, with their accounts, vouchers, evidence, $o\,
prepared for examination and settlement.
JEssE A. 11 ICC IN 1SOT1I AM, Com’r.
Jan. 13—w I m
\ ikgTnI \
A I Hull's lirbl in the Clerk’* Oil ice of the county Court ol
J\ Hnltord, on Monday, tin 3ril day "t January, 1818 .
John A. V\ right and Hubert W Wright,
•lames <’ Kasev and Mary 1,. his wife,---,
W illi.nn II Sauuder* an<l Sam v los wile, (ieorge Pearson
and l‘oll\ los wife. Holier! Hardy, Joseph Hardy. Jonathan
llaidyaud Jana si) \\ r ght. (the last ol whom is an iufan
under the age ol twi n' s one years, Defendants,
In Chancery.
The Defendant, Jonathan I lardy, not having entered his
appeal anee and given “eeuritv ueemil mg to the a.*t • t \**ein«
luv and the rules of this Court,and u appearing hy sali*la<ator\
evidence that he is u<»; an inhabitant ol ilu* ('oiniuouw> allh
H is ordered, that the said Jonathan Hardy do appear here on
the to.ut h Mondav in March next, and answer the lull of the
1 ’l.« mi ill' ; and lli.it a ropy of tin* order he forthw ilh insert
ed in some new spa per pub.ished in t .lie tow'n ol I .ynehburg for
two months successively, and pitted at the front door ol i lie
Court House ol this county.
\ Cony Teste,
Jan tO w2m JOHN H sTKPTOK, Cl'k
VT a ('••■cult Superior (’ourt of Law and Cliaiicerv, con
. tinned by a l| iiirmncnt and licit! tor the county of \m
lnr-t,at i lit? i ourt I louse, oil Wednesday, the 1st day •»! Sep
leuthcr, IS J7 :
Luz-ibei h Rowan, Margaret \. Rowan, Sarah J. Rowan,
Ksthri Row.maud Kliz.i \|. Rowan, Plaintiffs,
Samuel Carland, • vent r ol John \ Rowan, deeM, Susan
\ Rowan.w ido\\ .*1 the -aid I •hn \ Rowan. \N illiam Claw
l atl and .M.trtlia 1. hi- wlie, Robert, .loloi, William. Marv,
Martlia. I'lii .dot. , Margaret anil Klizah th t'rawford, their
luldreii, tin hi-t -ix ol whom arc infants by 1 * RihIi s spe
cia.lv assigned their guardian, Defendants,
Dn t he motion of David Harrow, who hath intermarried
with tin* Defendant, Susan \ Rowan, he is made a party de.
leudant ; and. on motii.n ol the -.ml Davi I Harrow and Susan
\ his wile, it appearing that more than two >car- have
clap*ed -inerthe qualification ol the Defendant, Samuel (iai
laml, a-executor o| .iohn \ Rowan. deeM : The Court doth
! older, that all persons whomav have claims against the estate
ol the said John \ Rowan, deeM, be required to exhibit the
same to this ( ourt tor settlement. at or before the next term,
and unle-s legal claims or debts «diall appear against the said
• Male, the Court will decree distribution thereof amongst the
di-trilmti-es. w it bout requiring refunding bonds,and that thai
order be published lor eight week* successively in the Lynch
burg Virginian, and posted at the door of the Court House of
tins county, on two several Court davs.
A Copy*—Teste,
Jan. 17 w2m ROBERT TINSLEY, CP*.
//Uiclihiirs Arnilcni)'.
rlMfK subscriber, havitig assumed entire control of theat>o%*
I lu-titutioii, heretofore conducted under the supervisien
"f Dan Smith, Jr . will continue to conduct the same in the
hasemeiit story of the Ma-onic Hall, and respectfully solicits
the eiicoiiragcmwiit ol the public. The next session will
com mince on'I he 1st of February.
Tuition in Ihe elementary branches tR) (Mj
** in the higher branches of Knglish 13 00
‘ in the Languages and Mathematics 20 00
.Vo/ ire.
(|^() tlie citizens of Lynchburg : the subscriber Inving
I made arrangements tn have OYSTKRS up^netl
cvi-ry otInt dav at Richmond, which will Ik- received
by every, I'aeket Until,a, treshaml as good as any ()\sters
nsi-il in Riehmtind, lings leave tn Knlinit the pntrt>nn<>e ut
Hotels and Private I-amities, (batnan bn Inrntsbi’d every
other day, with the best article during the season,and
at the lowest price, witliout ebange to nil who will favnr
lu:ii with engagements to take the seaa.n, delivered at
tlietr lliitiset..
Orders sent tn \Y m. H. Garnett, will rrenive prompt
attention, at the Uot.gb 4, Ready, next door below H e
r raiiklin Hotel.
t; -Y Is.* a variety ofFRK.MI KISH, 3 times a week
„u,. "UAX9“X "t -'-MM.lUV '
A T Unit,, lR.lrt. il III tlK i:itrk*< tlrti,.. ,"""7"“™"^
P*r,,u < iurt l,a.T .thick,II tr, i' ' ' lr -ii ,,,
K'r'mbt'r! M« “... U"" *- ’
°*,r** St.plri, of Jolin lind(.lU(ri il(i. (
.niiN.T ^ ^11’ijT
Jovph ST PililHlr.Irr, Kirli.nl |.. l.„l.„|I
lmn,[, »i1rl.l.„.t. I'oimlt.i,-,, J,„ep|l!S m '£*'■ 1 la, |,
U-sl, 1,1, wilt, llwlur.l M,U, „„l Jn.iit), 1 ” 4 “ I ,,,.
Napier ana Kmily his wif 7 , ' * * 'l M
IN CHANCKRY * ‘l'n,i41'<\
Tht l.tft„,l,n(,. |,s. I'„i„d,ltri> j
and Kli/.ahi-th hi* wife, not having enterrd their *p!i*t
-nd given aerurity according to I he ,\et „t , |l|’lHj'»npe
rules ol this < ourt, ami i‘ appearing by suti-f, . ' ’ a Hie
that they are nut inhabitant* of this i :„mm
motion of the Plaintill by eonu.sel; It „n|, r, *i ’ ‘1 H,c
said I >eicndants do appear here on the 1st M,,/i ' tin
wmey nett, and an* war tbr Plaintiff's bill and'7| **• l>
this order br forthwith published in the I .Viiehbnrt'v.*' ' ‘
for two months suoesMvcly, and |»osted at tin- ff "Kl"i*n,
the 1 ourt Ilous« ol this county on some Court day'Ul *Uur »*•
A Copy —Teste.
S.VMtKL G. «T\PI l-u
I>tc S3 -\v?m u cn
y llifilM V : At Hulrs held in the CInk'.- nn
T Circuit Superior Court ol l.aw and ( liaM,-,.,..1" "f l,,r
sou **0(1111 y, on Monday, the Othday ol l>eceimH., jsl,'lr
Williams H.iving, administrator ol Samuel i, *
who was executor ol Stephcu H alts, dec’ll., ami vv"
I hgges.ljte Slier ill ol Nelson county, and as *„cl, j han' “
tor de boms non with the will annexed of said v.,, f“*mi'';Mrs |
dec’ll., wphen \\ aUs
. »laitniH,
apmnfit •
Silas P V aw tor, (tnitteeol the trust estate,,I jan^L’ n • j
tian,) ami lli/.ulxlh Ills will-, the said .1 riues Christ 1 ^
Cordelia his wile, and George 11 Christian ^
( hristian, Char’cs s. Christian, William It. ( In iml.'™.,''
• rt IleasU y and Marthn A his wile, forint rl> \i .
( hristian, Sully J Scott, formerly Sally J ( hristian /* '
1C Christian, Samuel II. Christian, ItulusC. ChristijJ, -,"f<
A Scruggs atul Amanda Ids w ile, lormerly Aniaiubri "* I
tian, w In h •ai l Kli/.abcth, George It., Stephen \v , iriv'
I. illiam It . Mrtitlm A., Sul.y J.,.fauns It . SjUlu ? o' *
ItulusC. and Amanda, sire tin sur\i\iug ehild . n ,,| j •
( hustiai , and ( buries 1. ( hristian, udmiiiisirat«,| (|( ""' !
non with the will annexed «>t James Murphy, div\| .' V'!1* !
Ii/.aheth Murphy, said Charles I.. Christian. S;,i,| •'
Scott, 1 i iim i Iy Sally J. ( hristian, Samuel 1'UI, ^ J
Morphy Purw», and James Luckey and Sophia In. u
said Klizahcth, Charles J, Sally J , Nainml. t' C
.Murphy and Sophia, being dei isees <d James Murpl,,
and W illiam Horsley and Robert l. Jel!er*un. tiust *' '
deed ol trust, bearing date t lie day n| 1 ls a
IHI , from t harks Christian, lor the benefit ol lurnxrll ( *
!ih\ w'th remainder to the children ol James ( hn-ti. j
W illiam I lorsley, and Paul I loihli y , \\ ilh> 11«,,,. |M* '
tha lus witr. lormerly Martha llondcy, S KlhnJ.r,. | 1,1
and Mary his wile, lormerly Mary I lorslev, w hn-fi ,JI(j j/'"." I
Martha and Mary, are the chi.drcu ol V\ illiam f j J'‘ '
In Ciu ceuy.
The Defendants, Samuil II t hsistian, Sally J s.-.,u
Samuel I*uia is. .lames Luekey ami Sophia Id* wih-. not lut
in«r entered their appearance and given security aceonliur ,0
the art of Assembly and tlie rules n| this Court, ru.l ,t "a.,
pearing by satislaetnry evidence that they are not iuhabitam!
ol this Comuioimealth : On the motion u! the plamtifls l»
counsel : It is onlered, that th« said delendants do app, ltr |,r,r
at rules to he held on the tint Monday in April next, ai, 1
answer the plaint ill-' hill, and that a copy <\ this „rjrr \,t
| forthwith inserted in *ome newspaper published in the \ n„
of I .yurhhurg, and posted at the front door ol the t ourt-houss
ol this county. A Copy—Teste,
iiovvkll l. imm\ v nk.
Dec 2t)—w‘2in
1. (». Ia*«“,
OFFICE uii ili»- rriiss Str*«-l leniling Irmii Main St.,
to ilt« W'asliinglon llulel, anil o|i|»p*iii> th* |*,„t
OlH e, vvliern Im is |irc|iareil lodoall ujitiHliuiis in l)tu
lisi ry.
I )ec. 0—w I 'im
\TI K( *1NI \ At Rules held in tin < h 1U *» < >ih « <.i the
( treuit Superior Court - I I .aw S*. ( liant-erv ,f»r the eouu
ty ol Nelson, on .Monday, the li h dav ol December, IN 17
Christopher T. F.stcs, Ptaintift,
David W Burton, Charles L. Mushy, exo’r. of Thomas
\ I loleoiuhe, dec’d., Pi/ario F.drmuuls, Kciiben B. l’atte*nn,
Vlhert II Harris, Floyd h. Whitehead, B Chard Phillips,
i Sheriff of Nelson county, and as such, adm’r. ol Isaac Paul,
dec’d., Charles Pcrnsvv, and Hubert Whitehead,
In Chancery.
The Defendants, Pi/.urio Kdmonds and Hruben B PatU
son, not having entered their appearance and given security,
according to the art of Assembly, and the rules ot this Court, I
! and it appearing by satisfactory evidence that they arc not in* j
habitants id tins Cnminoiiwca.th ' It is ordered that they «iu I
appear hero on the tirst Monday in April next, and answer ’
the bill of the Plaintitl, and that a copy ol tin* order he forth*
with inscitcd in some new spa per published in t lie tow n ol
I .ynehbui g, for two months successively and posted at tha
trout door ol the Courthouse ol ibis county.
A Copy—Teste,
Dec 20 -w2m
VLL persons are forewarned from hunting, ranging, or
otherwise trespassing on my Land, on James Hirer
abuat seven mile* below Lynchburg.
riw. undersigned bon* have to inform his frienu*,
_M. tint hi* has taken an Office on tin liusiii. for the
purpose of conducting j Cioneral Forwarding and Com
mission husinfss. Particular attention w ill lie given to
the sale of all kinds of Country Produce, also lo tlie pur
chasing uf goods to order in this market.
Richmond, D«c. 13—vv3m
Itrjrrcnci s In/ ftennissinn.—James ( askie, John Jones,
Alex. Duval, h'.sqrs., ( id. Ro. Picket. Iticlmiond i Mes
i srs. M. Langhorm* .Sons, F. II. Deane, Jr. Kx|. IF F.
j Scruggs, Ksq., Lynchburg.
4 T Rule* held in the ClerkV Oflicc or the County Cmirt
I ot B dtord. on Monday, the 3rd day of December, INIS;
John Payne, W illiam Payne nud t homas Whurley .uul
Hhod.i hi* wile,formerly Klioda Payne, Plaintiff*,
Pollard Payne. Thomas Payne. Henry Payne, Paschnl
Brown. Joel W horley and Cynthia his wile, fnrmerlr t m*
' t hia Payne, Thomas Brown, Jesse Brown, Daniel lliowo,
K izabith Brown, John Brown and Vlvm Brown,
1 lefendant*,
In Chancery.
I lie above named delcndants not having entered their .ip
I pea ra lire and given serurity according to the art >>/ \wnihly
i and the rules <»l this t ourt, and it a|>|iearing by satisfactory
j evidence that they are not inhabitant > ot this C !o’niin«nwealth:
j it is ordcird, that the said defendants do apncni heie <>n t)•«
! fourth Monday in March next, and answer the hill of the
j plaintiffs ; arid that a copy of thisordci he Inrthwith tnsfiml
in some newspaper published m the town ot Lynchburg for
two months successively,and posted at he front door ot the
i Court House ol this county.
\ Copy/—Taste,
Jan 10 — w!m JOHN it*. 8TKPTOE, <Tk.
Virginia, to-wit.*
\i Holes held in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Supe
rior Court of Law and Chancery, for the county ol
Franklin, the 7«h day of January, ISIS:
Caleb Tate, William M. Burwcll, Wiley IV Woods, An
1 drew S. Brooks, Joseph Hires, Hubert T 'Woods, Washing
ton F.ood. A must rad L. Burwell, and Joseph Dickinson, •ur
v iving administrator of Pleasant I bckiiison, dec'd,
James Lanier, Moses G. Carper, John R. Burwcll, Josish
W. Dickinson and Martha his wile, the President, Director*
and Company of the Farmers* B.mk of Virginia,(at l >an*
Ueuhan Hopkins, John Dickenson, Samuel and William
Ayres, James Lindsey St Co., and Lindsey George,
I.N fit A NR FRY.
The Defendants, Josiah W. Dickenson and Martha bn
wile, and Lindsey George, not having entered their app«»r
ance and given security according to the act of Assembly and
the rule* of this Court, and it appearing by satisfactory *»'•*
dcnce, that they arc not inhabitant* of this Commonwealth,
on the motion of the Plaintiffs by counsel : It is ordered, that
the said Josiah W. Dickenson and Martha his wile, ami
Lindsey (*eorgc. do appear at Holes t > be held in the Clerk *
office, on the first Monday in April next, ami answer tbe
Plaint Ilf’s bill, and that a copy of t hi# order be forthwith pub
lisher! in some newspaper printed in the town of Lynchburg,
for two months successively, anil posted at the front do*»r of
the ( ourt.house ol this county, on some Court day .
A Copy—Teste,
Jan. 17—w2m M. G. CARPER, Cl’k.
.To Messrs. Howard Houma, James I). Bonnet ami
Christopher L. Bennet.
KKING non residents of this Commonwealth, ami
having no known agent in the same, yon are here*
! hy notified that on the 4th of March next, at the officeuf
1 James Irvine, at Cmnphell Courthouse, J shall proceed
| to take the depositions of Maraton Clay and others. t°h«
read as evidence in a suit in chancery, now pending in
I the circuit superior court of law and chancery, f'»*
county of Campbell, State of Virginia. If the taking of
*aid depositions shall not, from any cause. Ire
ced or completed on said day, the taking of the same
be adjourned from lime to time, till completed.
Campbell no., Y.i.. Jan. \j 1 — w lm

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