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Lynchburg Virginian. [volume] (Lynchburg [Va.]) 1829-185?, February 10, 1848, Image 2

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H *u*t» f.#r lb** in« ry *t( .iM *<> \| . >iil«li ff«|t it il«r
If**i'Cfnan ht*f rrawf:»la»J taHi a littl»- Unit** in *<r t*
jvr<(, h* bar«* | -a .d that PnaniMii A*-u* t*a
c^tr-om ratnj ilwj rrry /'»r it Ui* Vh
#t». timl (lift kc f»4W*rd ih H ump i«< tu*t 1»*J« . *-bo
* iJlNt *uvivut lliein i>r nol n th« y <M"*«
f«ir l*hc tiiaanre <krrr>fu<v.
aiiii » », «v#uin burr.***'.
f, i ffc* g**mjmi i omnp Kited *• ib' \A htg* f»r giv
* , *»t * in hi iii ilir M iK’js* .'ni olihog uui wpui v
Mi .'full, I'ecau-H iheir Sjn*fs*b--» w**te read. a* he-ml,
•f * ltr*aii "I th** M**\»c-iw Juie * lira drawn upon the
J o.. XX h>, u*o *W get*t*nee»i think **o Imle «.f hi*
• ’ \ o 'jk'flieti: and »I qono wpee.h a« t*> sopp*** ilts, th«*
£liu»: mail aiivli car tie dlbc weak and dull speeches «(
• i' b,»d ujl <wrf«"d In* I a* l did lie nipp*^ tie
Jin cua* (M-.flu ikil udi wlurli had the must weight^
m i r* ihr r* | r aetitauv* * <d American I'm no t* •* *v
cs* j jv-d from ihr liStrty *f§penh lent what they * »
fers! on that I? • r sh* old rea n ihr Mi mean twin pa’
Mr. G bad ►npp*. «J,!.« ret I r , dial hi* mMpsfoc %■ cii
f tr fThrrtv "fspctcb and liberty • >! the proas . hw 4i "Srrni
.-J Th it tin* gentleman had Gn ly endorse*1 if. goo I ol*i
Auqlti.m doctrine - f jms* tre oh« dt< nee and uo*4*re%ni «*re
yir. (».. f r the gi i I• man's mpcial hi vs mi 1*1 f* id
H«i.g a scrap *»r lvio «.f A'-airian .snh'id 1*). JI«r«iiw *>.
Hu'f! <v the form of a c.itocli!*>M tu*» :
1 stio'n. Wit.il must s 1 y . ns at>inm from. | U'oul*
fusson ?J
“Answer. They must f.om talk is* un'-sia-ma
Lly on thr rvrnt*«**l thr ut4:.
Xml w lit n >
1‘.Answer, 11 * a use, y< thry nr * not aware of the ri al ■
s'i.rt.rnsU .r.s f >vo h event*, they eaiuly.iMit d**ce \ e
tl»e popular* w t > their ihan»er»e.
‘t^ue.'iiou NYhat uiuv and c*»u 'try pr *j*l»
d 1 ti 't tu hr snap ■ t*-d ?
‘■Answer liry t.iisl krep quietly at li mi. mind
jliHir OU ;i luj* "*>a. work and pr.i) ’* j Laughter |
XX ** ‘Ami tv hst tin* L’i nili man w 111*1 hav •* *1* do ?
Wan thal lr.* d 'Hir.iu* for NX tug It* p r** n anv* -. • I1.1t
ihry should iwl *I»IW tm reason aid v *l«be ivenUot tin
war," that l 11 ) clsotlld *(»tay al home, w .1 k and pray
w hile lln g nth .11; it and li»- party ram* here and dr
n^Aiucrd tinm. rmd r mipared them t-*rr.*lis /
A)iom *«wo vvliv Mr li wattled innrr llir in-lfr o ^
4i »m lb* k**' hi «t» lm*nu -i I e de»iri-d i« kn w
%\ips4<4«r tin1 Vo* d**nt lit«l g v* 11 instruct uni* which war
faults] Uu* t r 1 tdr inrulcati n *.f 1 In l»"in n ( a h- I c
4 ad li ami w r»lup ott r*ur ti )•** ? *X i c In r th* h r
' 8 t.’r tjl lh > 0 n • 1 * * "f t*i»■ It .. li < • • r« li v* ,t- I»r
*c-*e—T*l, lv I 1* **rtb r, at * lie* point of ilu In • - in t, up n
Auu ricatu ruliHi* d *r v I t *lr* n • / 1 1 If p "irvfv ■ '
4)a itur-«c v . ’. In wMtlusj t«* bring n* tin 11 tr r i f 1 It
«vu<unil!t».e nor 4*4*1 nt lw 1.
Mr.G.f.^ n ;i4 *k t ll'*winjf fum» s)u IV it* s’.i 1
4hyA*if I >» .m -*r I f^li.ni w l,n-f* an arnd* w -
e*q it i truin Uu N. . i t Anni ' in, j liblssl.rd in iMnl
<1 drj|doa
‘*V\’r 'r-rl v f* ! re otru'ivr1- "/ Wnh
>*erj*ant XX tli-e. ft - '» Company oi l*li I nl I
q*hia ttaipe I*lr Mn >t d* ;.i. I* t as 11 j arriv. d al
i.'t.in- on l ■n«* ‘ j* .10* XX •» r..rfirn»h tIn* a r. u .l
hi term p*)hJsirs: w k >*«,u. ■ f 1 #** f •'.** *1 k *•• l.ng *1
trio Awrv iu l tu r.» ih*» 1 r/V< / r //••*/. hi ordi r «»l
• 1 ■ I :
MMte ue*'i<-. Si li.- ortb* r **f th* <!ts, t -*1 It '•frit, ol
' I I’
jar* and vohtntt **r*. * fli- cr* and iin-' , w * n 'vinjx Ih d t*»
* * \ il*eorder st peril ul Hhh ?ed A 1 II 1
|ia*e .j t*v . th mrii wore IiAittg’hf t »pr*»i ! arill*, tfiru
•«>rop;«*d l * inf km c, tfie bayo’Wt faring t.» llie gr-.uiul,
•itie hut 1 *-l ihr 11;i«ek< t r*-served m*l* r ihr rglii arm,
while Ur lift fiait.l I; I led lln tap Ir mi the lira*) ami
•iwing u iipm ll*** is*, k fil * mu* k. i I In* m* n w * e, I
•duniijr the w h -|e morning, drilled to Hi 1 «• n n iin>nv l*v
*1l*e i.rti* *r* *4.' 1I0* j 1. rd 'I'ln* men pr H*- 'rd The ofTm f
s»l the fruar lt* plied ‘Air < nhr- nr** to ibi'H v.mj I . tin
»rrf. runner o' .ku ilu V ll T**u i**fin»« ll p* i’-•• 11a*ir<
«4i',fou knot, lie * m*t* fp.r ( ul Iv-i n ii km »*lrd|
down with ihr men.*’
Now.fi* wtHved to rull aft* itliuti t<> the fail that Iw-i
v hile * nr gltri *»«. ron*i|*mi n. •
JU r I i X L X I X * N n *. r upi* *1 ; hut
Mr. <»UtiC.|N declined v-**Idf asking ihc oeutle
Juan. a*.i matter *t favor, m pfiml him to g nm |f h<
4**d mad*- my ailttsion to tin g- ntiemuu he would i hr* 1 !
lully gif ww.
Jfe vvislu'.l l** call the nil rr :i.m <4" the ll-.o*w ami I'r
*<»suiry to ihr fart, iliot here, f.r the fim umr, had th*
aiirmpt horn mail*-, mnl* r thr lout r\ of mir gluiimis e*<n
► UlilUi.n. vi «-|i «!** ' . c l' i I r f)er>!otti uf **|h**s Ii, the
freedom <<l Iti night, Him Ii, I m • t religion s 'mu Id hr
prracreed snored anil illV1 Into to I p il» Ko'nd oils of HI'inm
n«>rii'l abecalorsufnura wlm I' tighl anil blul at Hunker
a 1111. A ofUtown, Monin utli, and Trrnion, w lm Uupira
Hied Iln* nebrnl heritage of ninilituUomil freedom lo
Ihpii deterndanla, llial llmri na »err to liovi in,
janinifar religion furred dow a ih< it thuiat* at'ihc norm
<*l Hie bavomi. I|c s.od nothing ng no* the ( .iih.iliv
■ndtgtmi ; hreypreanrd noipinioll llpio lll.1l; >HII ll* iln
mienm, (i tj l» ii i in o!p lo r ■ o,vl the ahmy, nr any pm
\,,*tSV,v, epn .vr ih, I'r am leliginn, lie would
have pto.ated agalkA it wttb equal waimth Why,
‘vital would tin- wiviH, iln mm, the in Htivr* ll, >v
w hum hr held d, an s'and above all other* -il,i k iha:
Im.Und’, brother*. ah I sun.-, in adilliinii lo the hardship.*
Ho y w, re railed upon In un'h run in fighimg Ho naliie
,-f liuir c .untry,should be railed tu Iwar llirar indmiii
rip* si ihp jv.mi of ilip bayonet.
Um lo« eolleo,.ie (Mr Hnlinger) said hat Santa An
na w»« adiuii'rd mtn Mrxieuf r thr sake o| "grtiing up
a row,” i i , ni« lm own language.) Had it oume ihia.
that ihr Adinitiiaira'nn) uflhe (mvcrntne tit, that the
Preaident ,.f I hi I 'ni . I Stale* "'id Ills ( aim,el had nuih
‘ o ni’-r I. do iluio lo rauy un mg.' oil Ions by which
iheexijed Preanlrui ol ,M. \n*o, w ho was ,-,.g ijt“d III III,
; »warwuin uf euel-fighling si Cuba,then,V t
bf.night Imnir and lon...iioa ,| mi,, hisr.iiniiy f.r the
1 1 r ! • o’ i » r.w r TLia, lo . Mel, )mM
r—p.,1 to tin IVuhIpiiI and his ma.lj,,
'' A * ni'* ) 1 . :r! gala-- I.a our who occupied (In
M-ctii.ve rlftit ,rf this roumry. '• I „ kirk up a row
fmswlh l A : l, up a row.” Yea, Mr
I’otk, (ll Ilf m oi l Ihi i„ riuiiud lo kdl.m lot roll,* mic
Ins pool,. .I ll oliis.) after Sjo’a Anna I,ml g,„
• "oorv ifi. r iIn* baltli III Ho, ;,a \ mi. t «ri lUurd .
aiu, all the blood and .- linage r, rolling, might he soiuhj*
lit to hare rl,met musings someihmg |,k,i this—
" Ah, lie is indeed a eaillle .’lllel.
And well In war can Hamit Ins banner;
i’hmisxnd* brave will me ihn hour
! gam imr fur his Santa Anna.”
An ' del lm colleague rmlurae llie suspension ol lien
eral Se.,111 A\ as it Ih.* tdj.a:l now, on llie eve ot llie
I'r,aideriml t lection, loams loal pi aid, nuhle, gallant
Id hcru, j.isi a si ll llie lime he was g nog to IM1,el a
t- ace,, I” bring him h me , hat the gliny of th si achieve
meat might enure to another ! \\ , „ the adinitilstra
Han aim'll lu I,rug him In me. to)! wing ihec .uise wlneli
'hey had pursui d low aids Sania Am.i.u,’’kuk .par.m’
in llie \\ lug parly > Ii gem emeu ihuughi so iln v o.is
Wok llieir man. b. n. Sett was ,M the man |„ hr ns,d
fn iiou purp ae. N«, (and Mf.O.) beta a Virginian .
mi I claim him um ■> j A irgimaii inerelv, bill aa an
men can. an Aii»<rican |*alnot and r.n Am»riran -r.*n. r
al; n* a cil.aeu la long mo, like ben. Taylor, mu lo any
8-.1UO0 o| the country, hut like the gallant hern ul P.,h,
Alhu Huei.a Vwla, and a hundred other Ii Ids, wlm was
t.irn down in In. dlalnei, as a gallant eon,in under, no
lde vv lug general. They were Wings, a, d the t), ,n
, , mnii on \\ |4ltr ^.-npralH.
u * u»=* uni 1 Ilf tuan iimrethan i*fn Scmii
t« twirl- ahum diJUiHilii* mtho Whi.r ranks, hull,,.'
wuul.1 «A »«a,« tf („u r Mid be the j„ „ eaRnur
tire gallant lu ru Soutij.ul at llt.s particular time ’ 117
lli.t lUe i n«l. lit had thought admit S.uita
Anns trite M< tieo lur Utc purj.isf uf '•getting Ifp a
ijr. UEDINGKR inlr,|«wj, and (Mr. G y|, Iding)
n.d lie merely «tailed In state that he had nut and that
the ubjeet id the President in suffering Santa Anna iJ
Ilea nur aptadroii at Vera Cruz was.kielt up a r w ”
ale had and that we had nmltiiig in tear frem Santa An
tia, because, in ih« uurdsnf the gentleman frem Mi -is
atppt, (Mr. Tovrtnas.) Ilia rapaetiy was shunt mtial in
ilia Management of a Buck-fight. ‘
Mr GOGGIN. resuming. and he left the gentleman
anti the cuun ry V, distinguish between ,1m rarn.ige nl
the and that uf a eeek fight. I le referred I.
* j ®* her*1 A martian skill ;«n«fl cmirri *p had
'l,,HISh with fearful I.HS of life,
V , ''' Mu*.ten, eunmtaiided and atiinalateil lu
Bffjr. by Wa Ausa.and ask-d tfha were such a man
x* ns col league an pp« wed him to be ?
'b“ ",e ^retidcu. uf the
Vn ted S ate. ha/I c nr,him tested to H,,«se uf Reure
JL‘!tlT 1 Slr,>" '•• Mr. Slidell fi.nl
,nude will, the p, Id,ethereal to be made known and
.11 the facta relative to the admission , f Santa Anna into
A eateu. Now. nothing had been given relative to t'„
.eturu .1 Santa Anna, save that |»«s wl.ieh was t,.ariosi
-J.rtr he and e.atfi len.ial” As if the ebjeu „f *P p,"
id* ut w :« m thr w dll*' hi iIip^p* -4 il»** prstpii . when
diis 11■ uw *a'l*s4 luf ml-iriii.i i ii in r-li i*M.4,i in tli** i*
, imu *il S«MMt A«mn», mH *thrr wti« tidjtit
,4tTiYt* he* « miff'd iUi • Mein* .. 11*# |V*«ld**nt,«f •*»
I S»Tf» tary ti ?%♦.■ *■ ii nler In* dir* rdmi iuitMi"H*utei! m
I irma i it lue+jarJ tut liile l»*y whu < him* hm««t %% •1 It
l.irm, IVnu<f«K,|u<i ntti tn ii «-ntirt*l\ i« mu iiUimi a.iyilniig
i Aim >i«i* iliym, a d (hr imat - I generali win*
%«« f • |«nrir»»»'*t* ti return widt Saul* Anita, and win*,
when i4»e\ '.itid.**! a' I rr.» ( Hi*,w*»rr fenited m l a»i*Jsl
the > oi u| .Mir t> • .'Hfi, hut atm I die iuml««t hfushea •»(
i .•■•wtr •*.} i, r / m< r. vt In : M n* ( 1M1 ;^li I • had i In*
'•»**- lr«- n I*nsid* nt in In* pm Art) thai he did not
ii** d tl t *-t t,, grem t" i noir ill • ila An a w at mi
*d **njrh hr r uhJiiate Mar.i-d lit* \i*w»«l which
tmiUmmJ Ina |*ef4on.
* mr. he w an! il t.i rat?! lh«* nltenliin uf lh»* I Inti se and
U* ruiinlfy In the rriMffc iH« diet I* am re made in llie
* *1 ii i*mi * * u| die Mdi A ptil. IMd I i»d» r naedit .ml
h*a-l, dial j»ai* i ul dial dl.r, fi*|« rnnjj In die C’oiirinf lira
K<l<k I nut * iid :
•% 'Tonling 11,31 journal thru fl'TofU •eriions or mr
Ii* p iMicin part \ tti \I1\H0 had. al tli*- 4»i »• d:ir*. r
v.lreij in m*He s in ;i Anna t«* return t*» Af* vie.* and a*
«n»n*' the (iWliMin ef rlo*d <d ihr Cejwhhran |*3fta
'l **i 1 r • Hurt had Ih« n n- rivetH*.»v,rr.iIdy by the railed
11*-re. 1 hm. tvaii a pMpmulnffi made from .Vrxiro “l <
in»ii»* S nl t .AniM 1.1 f**|Mri»’* an I *\i-*n nr llie p isilinii of j
Hm f t the K* pi blie.iti pirty *’ lie W an c.i I led bark ,
n**I bv Mr I’*lk alone, bnl In* united, It apiMafr.,1, with I
Ho Mexicans in form-lilfig tl **111 this "aid and cofwfffP’J
hi iln* |n ram of smii's Anna
Ag-*m. the *‘l iii*himo| thcO'h of April f $ n*fl 11
trai ts hoin 111\an.i, w he h sa v, under date of 1 ebruarv
"The ex President (Sant* Anna) ha* hi* emissaries
g mg ln**k ward iiit'l t rw aril innHoually 1st wren Ha
\ a 1 i.i and A|« x*e and hi* rr .Minister* trhfi m t here a
Ions irith him, an* Very sanguine t,l hi* return to Ills na *
»1 * *• land m»rh tmnnti than mn$t penjite ar.* aware of.”
II* ah • rad an e\ ra*t fr m the "(niouM oftQiSj
Fr**To*r\ , 1*W, w lnrh • m I : * 'l l • Sna Anna part y
it growing *ifnn„ei rvrry fin in A ■ ra (rot It ta con
fident 1 v avi • * r * I t ho t if he wo r t * mtke hi* appearance ,
at any time Im would !►*’ Keppor?<**! hy an 1 ***ti pro j
ti«ir*'-|s one ”
I lere, with l!i x f m i* (e •!»!i med Nlr (» ) ,*!nrin; the j
A I o 1 n in* on n tin 1 . * . md knowi g that Snut* A»
ua ' nl i In I 1 led ns the deliverer I In* country, ibis
! r « . biv. • ever heletts I i ( "in ( nmier not to iio>
'r v 1 ,t:i Aoea.h’il to "allow hull to pass.” .s«trn
\ a a«*i* rdoij'y hind- il, an I, ns w mil J be *cen ty lin* .
I'i n I Angus Jii, !i* "/Ii ers ot 1 he garrison o| V era
( ri re. >'■ • 1.1 r I 10 I. - I ivor. ami 1 xpr*>s*d a purp mr ‘in
»r,jo to chtinrf the rhauutrr of the true and that (
“Viola A * 1 hoi In glory to r-l •bliali ih« K public,
w Intev*- r may ln\r Urn In* r rr - m . hi w ns a linn sup I
u . • 1 \ national !. n if. Fof Otm 11 •
pi•4-1 i n him h a h r of 1 It * gre.it emcr prise.’*
1 1. 11 1', ,: • • 11 . 11 (Santa Anna) hid taken
111 * h'.1 ud yylo ti h* hud is->ni d his pioclamaiion.aod de
el,jr. I hih otjeet* he Provident and In* party bring
>! irmeij, .0 it .1 m.iHii r spin/ had h* e . Conjured up l*y 1
Hi m t i h ad our enemies t'o'-i xx« n ibe *oti lone* vuii }
winch I lie* * I nioii” *a|nltd us:
"1 is inpo-s tor*nji. tore y\ hat • IT-rt w ill lie prinlu
red h i 'll.- M X ran jsilu y hy llie nurd *d > 1 li ft Alina.
II ’ , 'UIU . m p .VV M *• IIIIM lltil improiMllU . lit
in n imlilit r by prijcMinn. A Inmitii* Mem* to share h i
•• i iw l*. mi..I he Iruiii iIt* first lias fully t oirimiin tl Inin
•« If on tl»»* ipie-iiimt i.f irtii for 7 Vjmj • * • |i i )•*•
( \ uniistra io'i ot Mr. polk) must negotiate sword in
Ill r a I other extract* limn the I nion on tin* subject,
• •in ut w Inch, mi h r tlate nl St-ptcmlmr 1 l«v hi, tlechuetl
that l »rt was m* I.Himl.t;mn l o the rumor* all iitt reK|iert
mg tl"* jm »s said lo !*• Inthislied Santa \mia hy tin
|’r *s d-’iil of th e I ’idled S'ati ».
Now, (said Mr (« ) tin re wa* some ncceswily Idr cal I
mg I »r inform it ton in regard to these thing* -for fjol*
which the c iintiy hud a right lo know, which might lie
locked up in tie her ret* of the Department and withheld
Tmin the public.
lie had hut little time nod must Ir.iMen on. As thr
gentleimn fr'in Maryland (Mr Mr I.jvnk) had thought
pr 'pei lire otlu t tl:i\ to i tmilure into this dehate die
■•on.!net <rf (i. n I'm lor, nml charge linn w ith prolonging
tin* w ar, to him Mr. G ie.nl what G> n. Taylor said a i
few'tlay* nil* r the liattle i I Palo Alto. This was part
ol a let lei 11 nu (t. n Ta v lor lo the Adjutant General 11 1
the arm) . at Washington
“ J I* V l*ul UTI.HS A KM v Of Ot 11! t Allow,
” ( illy *;/ T/u/<l»»ioitin, Tlay IS, IMG.
'Vin . I have the honor to report that mv very landed
means for er. sxiug rivers prevented a complete profit cu
n'ii tit the victoiy ot the lit11 instant. A jum'i it tram,
thr liter nnity if u-kirh I rxliilntr tl In llu I )r pari men l
hist year. Would have enabli d the army lo have crossed
on the evening f the fiat lie, take this city, and all the
artillery ar I atofex of th- enemy, anti a great uuuiher ol 1
pns<.on* in short, to dcsti. y entin ly the Mexican ar
This, tin*, had Wert exhihi.nl to the Department a
year Itelore , And die President and the Department—
v\ ho eompl.him d of Cmngr« s* that they had f illed to do
their duty—though apprized of whalwna necessary to
I** done, never thought primer to take this step
It was said that Gen. i »yI r advised the march to
the llio Grande llul the fact was, that Gan. Taylor
said if die it in Grande was to lie insisted upon at our
ultimatum, then In* would ndvev the iinrrh llting riot
thr rlmrnr (kikI Mr. I. ) ii|»m n 1‘ajiur . I lilVlny !
brought oil or prolonged the war. 11'ever a patriot heart I
heat in a patriot Imsum ; it ever a soldier showed that he :
wa* the friend ot the constitution ami law* of Ins
country . (ini. Pay In had show n it in what hr would '
""" " a,l ^ h»n lie had reached Corpus Chri&ti; when *
he uad plant'd lit* army on the western frontier of Texas
wlu'n, lt«,*r.had he In-cii an ambitious man, and desired
t i make for tiio,.-* !! ’• name ami lame at the expen e ot
hi* country, it might lie «,;>:"i paled that he would have
l*ecn anxious to push t uwaid ami ..*• et die enemy, t Jen.
Taylor wrote, under dale ol August l,‘»,it' ]•*» : ".Nor
do i fear that the reported concentration of troops a* 1
Matanmraa it fur any ptrrpavi ui invasion.”
I |o read extractn iroiu other letters of Gen. Taylor
w hde at < otpufi 1 hii»li. under bah s « I \ugusi “(I, N*p
teodiei <>, October II, IMA, and January 7 and Fehrua
rv Hi, IMG,all announcing that every thing was quiet at
the lti > (•lamle.xa*-rilling the rumor* and “exaggerated
;ov nuts o| \h x can preparation* to n*i*t our advance,
it not tmleid lo attempt an invaatoit of Texas,” “to per
fioiial inleiest* eouneeiial will the stay of lire army lure.
s"d ' 'pressing the Impv"thtU they trill rttrivt no at
ttnUon ill thr II nr Ifrpurhntnt ’ This was the Ian ,
gu ige ( said Mi. (■.) of a patriot ol :t man who knew'
duly, w ho had fioioediing of the true citizen soldier hi
him, ami who would not involve his country in war for
the sake of any laurt Is which he might thereby heap up
on In* own Irow. Heals i referred to tile fact that Mr.
liuchanan, under da'r of vi7di January, stated the fact
that th* army had been orderedf *rward to the Km Grande
hi anlit ipuUtm ot the iijcrimn of Mr. Slidell and holi
c d Vi-ions oilier fart* going to show that ih« o d»*r for
the advance of the army did nut arise, and cotthl not
l ave arisen, from a know ledge of the rejection of Mr
Slidell, or any real danger of invasion by the Mexicans,
i or of uistui banco while our army lay at Corpus Chris
i G.
Uni he wished In rail the atlcntiiin nf the Mouse and
he country in ilie |».aiii n taken l.y Mr 1‘ulk in his an
mal message in Deucmhcr, lN|5,m w hich lie muunuiii
rated m the nunlrv a reniarkahlelari, w hich seemed m
« (• re it measure, t uliave been overlooked. After apeak
i"U ul having sent ‘ a strong squadron” In iIns const? nf
Mexico, and having ordered our army lu the western
frontier, ami stating lint ‘ ilie result has lieen that Men,
eu baa mad' unairgm>ii'emnmn»il,”aiiil lint “the |i«ace
"I the two republics has nut been disturbed,” llie I’residenl
said, after • liev had reuiamed m t!u* sitiiuliun fur inanv
weeks, willn.nl any niuvenieut of a hostile character on I
the part ui Mexico, •'/ ilremnl it imimrtwit, ifpntiihle
to put annul lo this ttaie ul tlnn/iu ’’ WhalVn ilus
State r,t things ! (asked Mr. (ft) Why, a slate ,.f peace
a state at quiet, a slam in which Mr. I*.,Ik himself seem’
ed In r. joie. : yet afterwaids, forgetting himself, hea.iid
lie deemed it necessary tu put an nul ui “this s'ateef
things; ’ and Ihcicfui lie cum mini moil Mr Slidell tu no
m his “great pud g uni frien.t,” tin I'rcs dent cf Mexico
Mr. Slidell presented himself, and the M, Means a.-ree.i
to receive him as a commissioner ; hut_
Here the hammer fell, and Mr. (J V hour expire I.
Jhrnnmentt communicated hi/ the President
Weepy from the .National lot. Iligeneer. the I'.ll.m
mg als.trae.Uif certain interesting do.. communi
eate.1 to the Senate, on Monday, hv the fVesident nfthe
L tilled Slates, It *i ill be perceived that (Jen. Scott’s
requisition f. r an army of .nO.IKHI men was only predi. a
led upon the assumption that •all tlu Stole fapitnls mid
principal cities'’ are to be occupied; that lie wantsHoly
oU.IHJO mi n(whiih lie now has) in Irnld plans which lie
already has pusses.ton of, and seige the Almimr D, sir iris
W wfdii.'Mi, aurj that with 7,500 ru n, h can h ,Id tin’
capita, ayitiiki • \irrii.i| nlia* k or internal iupiirri<r'i*iii,
Ihr* rr.iwu g tr«f j*- , wd.un il.t Ifcih .Vpn«Mnr*.
« *\« i.jir. It, u ng adequate to maintain all ihr
I**- ,n ftr. mad l«i \ # ra (1. 7. Thl* exjunction of
fir n r.»J «/.hi ftle-u* that vlir pi. |»*.i!|on tr
••rra- llir atiwf f* f#*n regiment* of r**ff dar*. and twenty
•f twlwrttrerft. M Jan» aoitMinl lo the |»4n y «,( enl-ju/aUng
md ktrj'Wiz Hie h* Inniory t*f Al« mu. It e% 11*400
lartlnr, ihal all thnt b*» l»* en *.**id artmiii Ihr iin *-**ny of
«l«e ir^eh/ of the army, r* nothing mure than
a f! Mtftftbiitg rhetoric .
4> sf.N.A I F.
Tl.r \ 1 e f*ri>-4id< »il lard brl.ife llir SrW8»#i a
I.'uni ihr JV »id* Ml of ihr l lilted Slat#* rwntmilled in
1 Mnpl *im «* mill a raanliiiioii of ihr *«£Hh Jao iart, n*hi ,y
win’her th* genera!order An. J7f5 iviMnuid r. rider in
fttrurliima fr in ihr \\ ar { ‘ ^*r mMurt. &.r.
I h» Seen larjr«.1 War %a\\ that “t** partmdirf fmiruo- ,
»I"M# have linen git fit lufJen Soon fur ia-mmy «4#r order
rrf. rr»d lo twit 11 i* preprinted that he haft lyhen llial mep
in r. m« ipn rn r *f 1 In* general ii mff net n»#f* eivm to him on
ihr Hiiljr*t of few mg t uni r Htiiiona and «»f mtUing ilm rr
*■ turrea «.l I lie .uffiv’» rninTy available ;i«> lar an may In*
w '* •* • I cmnju «t w arran , f »r the luamteuanee
• •I our u.H»|w in Mexico and dr fraying itie i s inci
dent to llie present stale of hostllltr *. '*
I he Secretary gn>» a an extract •from G»*n Scoti *« d»•*
|»*«,h, dated Itfih September. I *4?, wherein the c. in man
tlrttp Gcneral submit* certain suggestion* to the livrern
m» ni w Ineli ere in effect an follow*:
f'ieini»>ng * hart he lias no tdli< lai informations* in the
Mornlw^r •»! t-roojiK ordered muc. the march ol Gen. fVroe’a
ri. iTfh.iu rit Util a**umiug the f„r, P f„ ,<nx(r at (>.'410, and
il at *1 *K-HJmurt an-soon to follow theG* neral*in cliiefsiate-»
ihal he can iudd the capital ..garrisoned by 7fVH.I men,
agaihal any external uttick or combined with an inter
nal insurr ctioii and bate an ample surplus lore#; to occu
|>y Puebla, Pernte, Jalapa.tlie ,Na i- nal Pudge, Uic Pa |
to do OUya*. S.rnta l-’i ami V, n Cm*.
A« a tii'Mlili a Mon ol thts plan H m added that with a
total nf 30,(X»0 ilie principal tinning district of the couu* j
try may aU<. be non pied an<! a S'rure transit given to
K"ld and mJvttr bu lion, wlir«h paying i|,y customary du
tic* Would cuter a conswhrabie jmrt of the expense* of
Ic iu'ra! S oft furring iruggcvrej hat to augment the
nrmy t<» .41 tH4t, w< old enable it to occupy all the Slate
•aj itjU and pr nr pal cities,todrive guerilla* and robbing
pui.n * li ail t -c great highways of trade, to seize intoour !
ii in Is all the ffVcuiM H of the country, and to hn p the
■ru'ral government in coim'aiil mutton and alarm until I
r ns'inmed to sue tor pear*.
I - wnlir.iw die army fiointhe interior uf the country
i d urn py he k r >r.g p >i its w itnm the bouudaiic* w hicli
■he I hiled Stan * inn nd to hold |x riiianently and, in the
®(*l i f retiring, to hi «W up the i Uadi I in tiie capital, tin
I -'if. *,»•* <i| ( Inpoln p e, Perote. San Juan dr I Hun,and
lh« walls ..I \ era ( lie/., (unless it la? pr. lerred lo gain
•* i t •• Iasi two.)destroy all lion guns i aptun d, and car
ry «4l all made t ;»ra»',wnh all orciumen slor* s of value
[the only tamoit loiiiKiry m the republic wo have al
ready destroy ed,) and a strict blockade of Lite ports not ‘
iiHtriHoind ay our troop* would of course la* essential in
the connueM r*f a jfner.
1 he \ ice I lestdi ul also laid before the Senate a com
minima ion fr>>m the Secretary of Warm answer m a
r* solution of the ^ I'li ins'ant. calling lor copies of letters,
report* and other c.>nmini icuiioii* referred to in the h i i
icr i-l Ifcu. I aylcrr, dated at N. Orleans. ‘.JUlh July |,v|r>. |
Tins communication gives :\ mini!., r of letter* uddrested 1
l>y (»en l.i\l >r to the Adjutant t»eneiul, some ul' which I
ii** h sided ennfl leritial.
A'«o, a mms.igt In .III the Pr*sid**nl of the I ’uited
Stales, commumcuimg h :i report o| the Director of the
Mint, allowing tin ..pei li ons ol the Mini and branches
luring (lie year IM7. From this docmnenl it appears |
ih.it I tiers have been deposited during the year |H<|7 at !
the Mint and it* branches $£t,Hr<MK)n in gold and silver
while there tins been coined during the haute p, non in
H'J ,:i8A; m silvi r i. ir»o;iomi ugoid, mi 1
v» r and copper coin $SJ,6~>7 tbi I IiO.
W AaiiiMiToN.Fcb. lib, 1848.
i:. s. m:.w i f.
The Senate w as ocrupud during ilie innrning hour
wnli InihinehS mump riant In its character. A bill hav
mg lor t h object tlic improvement of the Savannah river
w i* parsed
Tne Seoa'e.on mnt|. n.proceeded to the consideration of
the order of the day, viz : Tkn IDuimknt Him..
Mr SfcVH li Unng entitle.l to the floor, made a spin eh
m favor ol the bill. lie ib fended the President and his
party from the attacks of‘the W hips- pronounced the
Mexican war a just war; and approved of the manner in
which ii had bet n conducted. Mr S. disclaimed for the
Adnnnisiiatio.i the project of 11>• entire compiesi of Mex
ico hut said that he preferred even that result to the
withdrawal of the troops.
Alter Mr. SiviK.n had concluded Ids remarks,
Mr 11 rvTi.it rose and signified It's desi:e to mldnss the
Senate, hut gave way to a motion of'adjournment; and.
On motion, the Senate adjourned over to Monday next.
N ations motions were made to amend the journal of
) esterdav.
On Mf. Km stvr.i.i.’s motion, the House rcs(,lvtd it
self into a coiiiiiuttee ol the whole, and look up Private
Hills—a large number ol which were passrd.
A communication was received from the War Depart
men l# transmitting (mu. Taylor’* reply to the rebuke ol the
Secretary of War, for writing the famous “(iaincs lu t
ter.” (teiieral Taylor says, in Ins letter to Mr. Sec re fa
ry Marcy, that lin would, did iiccasiun serve, w rite again
.is he had w rnteri to (ieucr.il (mines—that lie is well
aware of tlm hostility ol ilia administration towards him
sell —feclh conscious ol the rectitude of‘his purpose in
writing si* he had written; ami, finally concludes by sta
tmg that he avks in. favors, and blmnk* from no responsi
Motions we e n-.ndr by several members to print five,
ten and fifteen thousand copies of tiie l.ettrr ofOenersI
Taylor hut, before any decision Wu* had ns lu the mum
her to t>o printed, on motion,
The II use adjou'iuo over to Monday.
To the fJi’oirci’s ot' Tobacco ia
IIK. undersigned, having gssoeiatrd themselves together
JL (<>r the prosecution ol the
and being solicitous to makt themselves tir-clul, in piiuuotiiig
the interest ot th »*•»■ whose lalvor lurnishes the staph- export
of this State, and supplies the material lor the profit a hie cm
ploynient ol much capital and labor, would suggest the
means as they believe of remedy ing some dele Is in the pre-I
paiation ot the Weed tor the maiket. l.atteity it h.i> become
tlie custom among Planters, to pack their Toha« cn so lightly
as to render it entire y |iH**uite«l to profitable shipment, its
weight pei 11hd. oticii ranging from f>tMt ll>* to 7DD lbs , by ,
" aid* tlie charges, Midi as storage, ilcliy ei v trom VN arelioip-c,
dray age, freight, lorvv urding, lighterage and insurance, ure i
madctovaiv tioni 30 to nO per cent , above tin' rate id fail
average weight t he lido I thd. ol 000 lbs. costing as much I
as 1200 lhs. ot l.r»00 lbs. would—and so the Planters selling
in-?ur market, an equal excess ot co**t loi carriage, iispeCvJoit
and commission Ir silling by the llhd , as is now very oils-1
tomary. and iiiorcover trom tlie want ,1 compactness to ex-1
elude the air—it the more readily moulds, thus destroying it
entirely solar us luanut.icturing is uouceitil'd, and imarlv sol
loi sliipinciit. The very geneial complaint among buvci-, has,
mainly iiuliiecil us to present mu views to the public, not |
doubting that w hen attention is given this subject, the error
will he speedily cmic-ted. It • mix so much a> was requisite |
lor actual w anis was thus prepared, and that ol suitable uua.
it\ lor m a mi tact tiring, it would only dlwt tlu- grower to the |
extent ol Ins extia i .image, eo-iperage and commission, Jkr ,
hut when applied to all grades as at present, the purchaser
being can hi ol his intercut must buy as much lower as will
eo\.r the increased per erntnge and "extra risk in bolding it
sn lunch more liable to lujmv tl.un il made heavier In ad
vising a change in this respect thrV Would avoid the other)
extreme, of too heavy weights- Ay which the color is injur* |
«<1 and is made more diliicult to separate,' ausing it to work
wastelullv Lor useful Tobacco.’the Iilid. should be made ,
to contain LiOO to MOO lbs.such as our manufacturer* rv
quin anil more rich and brow n lor shintneut should not \\ cigb
abor l*>00 tiOOlb*., weighed in \ very ooinmon fault ;
exists in ilia king ol tb« casks, which are often too much
bilged, and adc thin and tender staves, thusex|M»Mug t he j
article to tii dampness ol the atmosphere and prov l ilting that 1
neatness so essential to an article, the sightliness ol which
contributes so much to its worth Let the casks be made ol
strong wood. a« nc:itly straight ax will ensure the proper ran-e
lor the hunting »f the hoop* Staves thick and uniform in
vv nil h, vv itli stiaightlv punted edges, in lo t *s nearly water
tight as may hr, and perfectly diy. Veiy little additional la
bur or expense will insure this,’and may be a saving to the
l lantern, by the additional price paid in consequence ol its
safety finm injury Another macticc, frequently hurtful, is
that ot extreme drvnc'*. entirely destroying its elasticity and
rendering it impracticable to work without enhanringit* val
ue tor any put pose whatever. No one wishes it'so soft as to
cause it to mould as none desire it so dry ax to ensure its
| breaking and criua ding. A certain degree ol suppleness is
quite essential lor any and every |#occss of manufacture and
wil be found a.haiiUgeous to (hr grower. A little smoke
, applied toil in the prim** ol di ving w ill render It more tough
! am* l'llUl "‘he lait* i quality is much eomplaiiu-d ot by
| r,,|""mci-s, and In ruin lies ; u imp..itant rta .m f,.r their tub
xtjtutmn of oil" r •|,„|n,(.eo1 m many respects inferior to the
Virginia 1 ohareo. 1 he coructiu -s ol thr*r views we Invite
tlic rni.'idaralinn nl all wImm il ililrn «l* and mmrrlallt ri
ommimut ht- fnrai ri l.i i .m-iill l|„. dralrm in the arli.-l,- t,,r
a r.mnruiatlon ol out u wain the rm iMnnirndatimi* viihmitud
1V«. C 3m
/ the A" fl ric*4fum, J,tn *J8
J i0O %rrrlrt Inter from the ( it if of Mexico, <m l tin
litter frtwn <J/rrHun>
Ilw \ 8. «t«au) ship Kditli. C’aj*'. Cmllard, irriuil
la*.t «*v4*1 »4M|r front V**ta ( ruz, \\ liirfi plter tdw Ml on il»r
‘JHth mat. fly hrr «r ha?*- n*ceivnl our Irtirrs ftitd our
fif•*>* from iIt* ( i»v "f .Mi .mo* I** the I Jili inataii' and from
\ **ra ( ruz to iht* dap* of the Milium. #l*he moat import
aiit fi atur** offlit* inti Ilmen, e hy iln« arrival r» la*»*a to
tlu riliiiora of |M-ac«; ami an ailrinpud inxurr»*c:i.»n in lift*
ci*v *.f Mrxiro.
( of. W itlo r’a rommand. alimit which our Ian advice
I* It "Oirw* anxiety on the j uMic mind, arrived in safety
at Kent del M onte.
A defat huirnl under ( ul, \A)tik<N'p rapturnl (*»*n
\ ils.ria mil Ins nil), anil Col. Ansia, at tin- haruncla nl
Hie former, 'IVpij r.i, on tin- I si m*i. Cnl. Wynlomp
was in pursuit of Jaraula ami lisa at ths time 'I’lirso
rsmpstl him a frw hours only (fro. Val ncia a ul Col.
/trivia w * re releasf.fi .si pnr.Je
Pols. J orr*>»o. Miihmi mid 4inimI were shortly after
wards captured at Amirova, near Puebla, by I hiltiiiigticz.
< aptatn ol the Mexican spy cumjiuny in the scrvicu ol
' the I nitrd Suit* a
Den. 4'adwiHlader’s command, consisting of the 4th
•Vnillerj , Inh, 5ili and I I th infantry. left the city u»
Mexico on the .hi inat. f*r 'I oluea. ’I he troojia were in
flneapiriie at tho pro*|»cct of active service on**# more.—
I hey had reached l.erma nt the last accuuts, without
On the 411» iofct Major Taliaferro arrived in Mexico
trotn R*’al del Monte, with a detachment of do* thh In
tm'ry and twenty drag* Mina, in charge nt one hundred and
lilty thousand dollars m silver l«r»*—a pari of the assess
.on.! levied upon the State ami Fed. ral |)t*lri t of
The rumor previiled in the city of Mexico that the
Me*.’’an Comniwsimiers had offered a plan of peace— ha
k*iIujo. .Mr. 'Trial’s propositions at Tncuhaya whieh
l ad hfi n so ,f on to W ashington city. The departure
from the vlliiiu1 Tm • ff» r d hy Mr. 'Frist, was *up|>ostd
to In a demand |o.r i 1.,r the territory propo
sed to bo surremh re«i !'• the United Slate*.
W e regret to learn Ida* the four regiments which ac
romps nied Den. Ilutlcr to Mexico are suffering much
limn sickness.
Fiom ;» hasty glance at otir Mexican pipers, of which
w* have a full file, we ran find nothing .'tore than Ucoii
tained in the newsof our Correspondents.
We* xtrac the following paragraph from 'Fin* World,
of (itiadalnxara. umlcr d it of the 171 ti of Decent lx r.
In a Inti r from Tepir, dated the I I th of December,
\ " 17, it is said, that news reached Mazxilau that 5tHI
ranch* *ro8 of California had attacked the Americans who
were ill possesion of I .:t Pax and San .Jog”, had defeated
them and set fire to tho*.* places. On tlie^d, 3 Ameri
can vessels lin.l left M c/.atlari to render assistance, and
this occurrence would prolong the blockade of San Bias.
The following is a list of passengers m the L. States
stranishij! Kdith, fiom \ era Crux.
liteut. A S. W nv,Deorpin Bat ; Kieut. Iverson : Jo
seph Johns, discharged soldier, Robert Smith and Cap
Fhe Kdith brought over forty sick am* discharged
•milieus iwn iii w tioin on Hie pas* |'i—aini tlm
ImhJ!••*< < I lim t'.llowing deceased ■ timers ;
Brevet l.ieut. Col. J. S. McIntosh, 5th V. S. Jnf;
< apt. MrKeii7.it*, 2d Art.; Capts. M. K. Mrriiil and
W hippie, 5th Inf; ( apt ft. K Smith, 1st Ini’; Capts.
M. J Burke and ft. A. Capron, I si Inf.; Capi. S. II.
I hornlon, 2d Dragoons; Capt. J. N\ . Anderson, 2d
Inf; Capt.C. Hanson, 7th J lit.; Capt. (J. NY. Ayres,
Jd Art.; I.unts ( ||. Daniels and W. Armstrong, 2d
Art., Lieut. .1. P. Johnson and J. ft Irons, 1st Ait.;
Lieut J I). Baron, fitli Inf; Lieut. J. (■. Burbank,
sth Inf.; Lieut. S. Smith, 4lh Ini ; Lieut. NY. T. Bur
well, 5th Inf.; Lieut J. ft. ftarry, .'Id Art.; l.ieut. S
II"liman, lat Art ; Limits. J I1. Smith and ftrastus B.
Strong,5th Inf.; T. Crosby, |J, S. \.
I hese bodies w ill Im!conveyed this illuming to J. 1)
(Quirk’s Camp street, where they will lie properly be
stowed, ami jtrepared for their transportation.
NY e ran only make roo n fir the subjoined letters.
[ Special ( orrcspomlencf of tlir I'irai/uuc |
Mexico, Jan. 12,1848.
You w ill find hi one of the letters ol the gentleman
who emitmued his corit-spondenre with you durino my
indtS|Hisitioii, an aeeount ol the capture ol (*cn. Valencia,
the renowned heroof Contreras, and Col. Arista, at the
liHoieiula of the foitner, lit this valley, by a party ul T- x
a* Kmgers, under rmnmatid of Col. NVvnkoop, id'tin
I'emisyIvama Volunteers, ftroin all I Van ham, tin
expedition was managed in the most successful manner,
and the part) came very m ar laying hands on I’adre
J trauti Inn well’, w ho has been busy in this vicinity some
w eeks.
City or Mexico, Jan. in, 1818.
Dn Monday last the emnmtittder in chief was inform
id of i mow ment designed Ip re to attack the quarters ol
t he • 111 ers of the army, and, if possible, to tikuthcin
prboueiHor kill them. The plan «a<, that the |H>pula
lien, or so much ol it as roll Id In* induced to take part t •
the cniitpi racy * should rise, and. assisted by n hdy I
guerrillas which were to enter the city at a certain hour,
make the attack.' During the day the commander in
chief informed all thu duel "Dicer* oft lie in tended attack,
designated rallving points for the different regiiuenis,and
made every disposition mces^ary to defeat the iusuriee
tioii, A> night scarcely a Mexican con Id he seen in thn
sin ets show mg that the w hole population had a know !
edge of w hat w as to he attempted. The precaution a
dopicd, it is sitp|x*scd, prevented an attempt to execute
the plan. Tim projectors of lim insurreetion were eitht r
I blind t • tin' • flVts of their plan, or foreseeing them, must
have hi'cn utterly reckless as to the consequences which
would result to iheirow n countrymen; f*r, if the attempt
had been made, there is not an « Ulcer in the armv, tint
j excepting the commander hi chief himself, who could
nave rcRiraineu the troops from sackn g the city. 1 )u
ring the night, I deni, (laker,of the 5th Indiana regiment,
commanding n pntmle.ramr in sight of two earls near the
I'lnza dp » orm, in the south eastern part of the eity,one
of which, containing one hundred stand of arms, he cap
lured; the other he was utiahle to come up with before
tt was placed m conn alment. Whether (im. .Scott has
the names of th« parties who originated the plot, or uni,
I do not know ; hut it \a pretty well understood that the
chief conspirators are among the soldiers of the Mexican
army, w ho assumed citizens’ dress w hen our army enter
•d the city, and have rpinaimd here since. A f w days
may reveal more m relation to the matter.
Aon will, perhaps, learn before i his reaches you, of a
similar attempt al I'uehla, which tlm promptitude and
determination of C’ol. Childsnipped in tlm hud.
_ I).
Vuliiuble Slavci and IVimmiiiI Property
roit saij:.
11V virtue of a deed of trust made hy Samuel Darst,
JLp on the 9th day of February, 12^ 14, to the sithscri
her. and of record in the ( h rk’s otlicc of liockbridoe
county, I shall procepiJ at the Tavern House uf said
l)»rst, known hy the name of the
HI ire Killin' 1####,
near the mouth ot (lie North river, in Hock bridge, tin
Monday, the I till day of February ne xt, to sell al public
I I or 15 yomiK mid Ysilrublc Slaves
of b. ih sexes. The public a re especially invited to attend,
as it in not often that so hktly and valuable a set of i
Slaves is thrown into the market.
At the same time and place will alsi he sold a consul 1
erablc quantity of valuable property. Consoling of
Household .V Kitchen Furniture,
The alnive property is in good .Tiler and of the best
At llic Mine time and place will alsu be sold a iriet
9<M> Acre*
«f "'owl land, granlrd hv pnten! to Win. Krwin, adj.,in
mg the tract of Hugh Paxton's devices. Also all the
interests In which the said Samuel Durst may Ire e<.ti
lled as heir uf ins deceased danghler. l.ucy Jordan, « llo
was orient the legate,-* ot Benjamin Durst, dec’d., «s ap
pears hy Ills will now on record in Rckhridge c imtv
Court, in I he estate of Benjamin Dare!.
I HUMS.— | lie Slaves anil personal properly "ill he
s .1,1 on a credit nf six month., for all sums over ,$.ri; the
21HI sere tract, and l.ney Jordan’s interest in Benjamin
Darst's estate, will la* sold upon a ere.lit of l*J months.
The purchasers (filing la,rids with approved seem it y.
I lie nate will commence at I I u'elnek, A M.
I "ill only selI sneli till,* a** the deed vests in ine
. llt'AJII L. WILSON, Trustee.
Jan. 13 tl IF
roiu u.\ ivn;u hhuh k.
14 p4> s i-rn.it ntoM i-wi-A.vn
'I lieM.-amf'liil' A^tlit. C«|H nrrivr.1 in Ni»
t.irkpi U.Mite.*! 12 • II n.ght. ai.u ail
rhored. . , . jg
||«.r t«lviee«fr»m l.ondmi arrto the I »«», and iron*
| .iveriiool to the I5il* i*l January
\Ven.|.\ fr.*m ih* iJtliimore Atneriran the following
summary of lilt* Acadia’* toem-e.
IliKI. \ M)
\\ Dundalk 72'J‘rtiiients Hrul Irnon taken out and *2
a lilt ,i' • 11 a I eject went writs hwl Intn issued i.y tin* .Mar
(jois i>1 \iqf|e**a. Ill iHi* null i ) of Wexford eMermina
li,.it ! \ ej etinen* was bring cafrinl i». to a friaiifful • x
t. »,i. Tto* famine awl irrnernl distress were daily lieCiwi
mo more severe and :i|i|ialling in the Siotband West.—
\ coroner’s inquest had been held at kminsre on iIre bod
• ft of fair children who had died of starvation on the
mads.de. I« was given in evidence bofire l .#» jury that
• iIm* ileren«e«J U4U !hwi uemm i»v t *jii <fiiiimjic \
n inf fh«* K i mm re lionruof <»< ir> r-11. • its «.f* t Irr l\x»r.
The |{* [> :il# rs. of Ixith llie old arid Voting serMotlS,
W# re, ;t f file la-*l a'To*in<jl. mduljrilljr In ihe UViSf dis
I Lffuroful squabbles and rt crimm.ilioii*. T«»w ndn the en J
of llieyear, Mr. Hay made an apjM-al to lhe members
throughout ihe couniry, which br>>u<rhl in for the first
X\ 50, and for llie second week £'if).
John (I ( oiuii’ll wns invited lo he present at llie great
dinner given in Paris in the nreasiunof the c. lobration of
the nlmpquies in honor of his fuller
A split bad iiikeii place among the \ oung Irelanders,
which ended with the willidrtwiil it' .Messrs Moeholl
and Itedly troth the editorial management of the Dublin
Joint O’Connell had originated an attempt at I,oner
iek to reunite the old mil young parti, s of ||, p,. ,|, rs. hut
Mr. Smith O'llritu would not consent to am thing short
of the dissolution of the present asgocialio i, and the form
ation of new' soeieiies. to Iregoreriicd hv a dill' rein set of
rules. There up in llie moVrinml ni' Air. O'Connell
proved an entire failure.
FH W( K.
I he reno-i ned chii f. A idol K nl> r, lias surrendered to
the Duko d’Aimnlo. (ioveru .r of Algeria, on condition
ol Ins reiiring to Si J. an d’tere.
I he dcha'cs on the a l.hoss .sever to the , *>ccb
l4>m the throne, ciimmcnccd on the I (fill „h. TlmC'liam
her of Deputies assembled on the rid uh. Aiming me
Hills presented was on ■ f„r the dimimi'i .:i »f il.e '"duty
on salt, to lake I If. el III llie year I85'l Anitlier hill
was offered invnlitig f..r the reduction of posta.m.
Some sensation was excited in the Pails II lose’, among
.. ‘I biters, in eoti-equenee ol a report ol' the King
having been taken suddenly ill the previous day w lole
at Ins dinner 1111 ! that lie had been bled. Three per
cents fell to ,' If. lie., hut revered t, flit otic, there not
being the slightest shadow of trull, m the report.
I he licalib ol the Queen of Spiin e in a critical state
She is altliriod with epilepsy, w Inch is exprrled to prove
final- l iter Immediate cuusequi tires in ease of her uealb
cnnm.t U» foreseen.
Sc nor Sahim tnca is t> he impeached f.r malversation
lit the Treasury.
Seller Ksparloro had limit d at St. So'astian,after an
ahseneo I'r. tile country ul five vars. IPs reccpM 11
w as of III.' Ill st etnliiisiasti-' dcscripn ,u. a „i I,,. ,s , lUJ t ,
have sltetl tears as lie lauded, lluleftthn next mor.i
ing for Madrid.
I lie retirement ol Narvaez is reported as likely 11 take
A further reduction of tlie ar nv of oeeu 1 ui ,n his
heel, unit red by llie Direct iry. S' veral rehgt m, est, ,
..have been ordered l,. pay large sums lo the ,.,v
eminent. ”
'I'lte Pope had addressed tie I),, t, complain ng r.fi*v
ernl sacrilegious acts eomuiitted by the troops in the late
Feder.il expedition.
Austria, Prussia and France, have de ermiu I tmle
maud llie withdr.i ml of the Fedenl troops ft, 1111 tlo: d.l
ft*rent Cantons, anil t , rest, ,,, tli.-ir imf-pcn ience.
sta and Hug-land have not declared their lueu t.iusm ins
1 r.w.v.
I *»po Pius L\ progn-sses with Ins rmsiitiiii >na! re
form measures to the greit N.iti-f.ieiici of h » *ii j..,. ^ __
V Ministry on ihe m st comprehensive phi h is been
lorined. 1 in* Miuis'cis hive all Si.ilt app ii'itium s.
with till except i m of Car lin ih an i N i .cm
’I waive hundred inuskeishad arrived n» frin . . in
pursuance of an agreement entered into bet we n the It .
•••mr», Tuscan mid .Sardinian governments, to pr weed eo
meidcntly on the subject of r«*t r n.
An inline lia'e r v..It w ns e\pe, te | in Naples; 10,0*111
Student* had heeu banished from the Cap tal, hut the
ordi r was siil-s, rpiently revoked.
Ihe b iSlile feeling again-: the Vustrian (• >v> rniueut
j was daily gaining ground, and little d • dr is entertained
«d ns e.-mple'e final independe ee. \uarmv ofoli*eiv.i
•■on was Iretug I' rined uudi r to ns. Ihruiv and Modena,
l .r the purpose id keeping Austrian despotism in cheek.
I he great*st enthusiasm p evailej.
A . nn iete had taken place in It .me, the seem s of
which were something like th *e enacted in Pip* at the
rl »se of the fa*t year of the ring i of Louis XVI . where
the nioli, headed hy ( yeerori, hr Might up mi the lirsi day
a long demand <*d rmlm-aud coiice-v-Min- n seuihhug tin*
livc JM.ints of the ()*('onnorite* charier. The civic guard
comprising'.HUM) men. Were call, d out for the purpose of
meeting tile supposed in.surr.ctlolilsts.it the gates of the
IJuiMnal. The doors III the city weie hair 'd, and ever)
precaution taken, but a heavy run dispersed the crowd*,
lit tlie meantime one o! the Senators, Prince ( orsmi,
went through the s'reels haranguing the moh. The
nioh gathered ar Mind the Cluboi Cireol.t It.man:, from
lie* balcony of whudi the Senator addressed the people.
•’Silei.z* c, ’ hiw led oiii a brawn/ fell *w, and all were
Iprct. “*JY|| tile Pope,’* cunt in led the man. ’’that the
people arc lor him, and I r him alone; that ildie it* e.us to
the seotiiidruls around him, and if lie does n -t send them
I . tin- right ahoiil, tin- Itomau hl.ide w ill do the business.
Shouts l< llowed this War like speech, and the crowd tl!
innately dispersed.
'flic report of a collision between flu* people and the
military at Milan is confirmed. A sangumarv massacre
bad taken place, whi-h was aepareully m.pmsed in hy
the superior authorities. Tie number of iuliabiianU
killed and wounded hy the Soldiers is stated at from
thirty to one hundred and fifty. Auiongiho killed v\a>
the aged ( umsellor M.vziniiia, nearly seventy years of
age, a very ven* ruble eitrz* u and universally respected
1») In* fellow 'itiz u-; he w us erte I! v murdered hy the
soldier) w h ie in tin* act of j.» ie. fully entering his own
residence. '! he auntie ar sr out of lough u-age gi\t*u
to the military hy the cit z* t.s, at;d Itad hem sin ulder
ing fur s .me lime.
In in*1 1\hu i • r.» lirrald < f \\ edncvday mornino, re
cHvt-d hy A.Jams & IV\ F.xpress. we »,;• vo full dT-mils
»»t the advices i»\ tin Acadia. \\ r sidy in some items
of int* rest, \v nil the lat* si comb mi >1 si iirini niH :
IhHihtid, svain-lrioa,,' Avuin<r has hn u totally
lost. 1 lie sunder id life has la i n immense; only lour
oui.d i.vw of 270, viz ; Licit! F Hooke; .Mr. I .ark
tnan, y inner; Win. 11 ill. steward; and James M Hey,
a !>“)'. having- liren rescued from a watery jrra vp.
^ 1 Bril Ii Baik I !> It ■ *. <>| L ndofi, bound for New
■ "rl I ":,5i *"h,i u,,b live of her crew and one i>ut4eu>
kr r; '
^ I th r from l onion, of Januarx Tih.savs;
I he authorities Imv* r« c***i\ • «l instruetioiis relative t »
A >d el Kail- r aiul his family. 'The Kmir is tone trails
ferr.'d to morrow I,. L-n Lamalm,,.. u ith his mother, his
three children, and his hrother-in law, Musiapha 15. n i
1 ehann. I heoilier Arabs now at i,azarrUo are to he
smt io Fort Malbon«ijnrt.M
TI.P spwl. „f M (iuiz ,i in the Chan,hpr ..f Tiers on
W.dmsdny, in tin- p „,rsp..I-11,. ... ,|„. .,.-,;r,..s.
i-. iii'pirluiii, ns piiiit.uniiio an Pino-i'ion < f ilu- twlirv „i
imp r rpurli irovrrimunt will, rf^anl to tho .. nipol
""" U"'''-'on lor ll,.- Iil>p ration of Italy. I ls n,
agp n 1 tin Italian I’riiicits to orant no,liin-r t,, ,|„.
lnt'li H oy ran possibly »itl,l,old_i„ fri .hip., it,.' |-.!,„. i
liy coiijnrniir up a phantom of ... am| jI,i v
ami thus to endeavor to brino him into accord unli \u>
tria.miil to justify Austria m "takinu pr. pauti .ns”_
that t» tunny.,n uvprruu.iin.r Italy with troops to nut
down thp r-I .rit, „„.vi.,„Pnt, ,f ,t cannot h« out down
ny any other means. 1
r imawnuM . ..— r.
tt-irgrrtins! itargetins!!
•\ S'!‘f 7'"’is f;' aJvanr. ,1. the folloiii.ig good, will be
/m s. *t*i at very r. d ie d prices. !
!• roneh (’ajlimerw,
F-njrlish do
f laid and plain Alpacas,
jMciino Shawls,
Cishmc.rr and Merino Hose,
Knc Comforts for Ladi***. hv
l'h ‘ “ wMcrmjp 1
1 “ *«»'!*■:« !■•«-: WtttttJUne -
p > 'I ! I /,/!,,,,.. II ' , I Was
r«R abomhon si-eakkh «k V„p m,, '
OK iikpkrsknTATIVk,,k "°^k
WilTHINfi « I diik-Ii dltlnrlm ,1... v
i.tter.l parly.ns i|„. .. n„.(r ' r" ""mnf|
f"*- <■ •r ■‘-11**11,mill. \|r W,.* 1,1 «..
ker .,1 ill' ll■ el l{-pr.»..1„a„v,., v1,’,;” V.i
cl ihe dr. re*. .1.1 res, l,e .San\, “'""li
') liMinwinr Ihemuelvrs r.. , ^ ' r">-"t pa r
" •annmiiteds„,n r '\ >«i c,.
yrir- Tiv..-•
ad'-.l) eansi-d severalof iheiu loaddrrss |e„, r.P*'",'l,‘ lias
I) .d llieir CMHiInrl, « Hit a view Iif.p,al,|*"al ■
/ '*"* and wed-ubt u, ' f, *MI,
Dreed lu du likewise. ■>1 U1liters ni|| ^
We are mu sunwise,) tberefwr nl ,)1P ...
iuf ihe Itirhm.md Whi r ami ibe Charl„,„s,v m'"'I ,,lr "i
In palliate Ibe mndnci uf l!,eir.*,nthern r ' A,,T'«iie
a.,.1 p irn.■„lari y ,|,a, of Mr „f„,p
.MOa! Ibairtel. I ’liable In deny ,hal Die „| C""-r'a
,1s a a„,| -|eaUr
i enemy lu the Snub II, feeling and in aetiun I"1'*"
j nnwiir'liy of heinw trusted hv s„„,i *"J o-n*.
i.i11 vi s, lliese j-omals ailempt to find a /,**"!'
fir I lie e|i Chou id siieli a mini, i|,e v,„ . P,f<«/«iJ
DeciMcrnls l-r John \V. Davis. „r Indian . , " V “’""'►f'i
... Kiev aiCv.;,’;,
H inllinp, l„r Hie antislavery clau.se i, L 'lr
Mil. ,,r? l‘ri*tr.»||
lint are the eireilnis'ancrs cunneeled will, o,.
me a!.dun,n whig Speaker, Mr. U mil, "f
ern supporters ihe same ur ar all ,i,„d,ri
e;,.e w mid have its readers Iv'iev ,| 1 '* Adi.,.
I l,r, r’ rr"'1 :'-r linsl ns al». Ill ,n Sneaker IS n! i’".y ohW/w
. 1 ''rri' "Will ..If nee and u „ 2 "
is atiempled In be ni.-de apjiear |>v ibe \dv " l> is
evidenen id Mr Winllir e's aMirnm ' «;""‘v
u old duulnlens have lie,-n c.iin|vnalivelv"h u".!”', Il"',e
trirdn. it. lint it nmsl lie ii,.,i;..,|. Sj"ll»n
Advocate ilnti Mr \\ ii„hri,{i is. and alwsiu'h'*" 'u «“
(ilniiitinmsl ami ninny if U,r S nilh '■ i, I,fie i» a
ed himaell „r repealed neei, dons I.a if'.c i:,,v »'
ainlsennmenlsa.nl In ,,'ril.r ,lr„rn Hr r, , ""‘‘"If
' ""■ninitwn in reran to s’,I in, ' Wl. ■ , " V
Mlvorate kt-p llieso lacu Pm „ ,• 11 >«*Ul>*
IVrl.a|H thru j mrnal is f„ „l „fsea.
I lienee ill such eas s? Il's i wv ml.,. n ~ 'r *!>•• evi
emg itnnraeNes, and .-tilling- the aueiui-i of
; call* ti» n : ,IL > lvu
I * 1 s 11 • f’-hrmiy 21. dnrimr :i ,Inhale , , „ ,
Hi 'Mm'i'mT* ” ,,eeurS!,
V r ,"'“ ';“l " i l' 11,11 ""'I'Viml n » i,
.. SV' “I 'In. W.NTHKnej ..t'T
Hu«!«»;» ' | unlr.n ilu., ... ,
I'h.i.iimihle lialli". He u mi’d leave it ‘
r"1' ..-U t, ;;r;"
.... ■'i'j-e.. .Im
I lore ii will h s.-.-ii ihai Mr \\-, ,
>’"rrr,. .. restrict Ilf CwlSfi 'T. '!n,‘'r]r
rinmiuMe ll njfic,”
' I , I lie «a,ne ves r.l'Vhrnn rv 53.l,fl|,e fi.lhi.ii,,,, ,RS„,llti „
llelser I'm il.. „ ,,r il:,- I i . . . U Tli "> Mr
••TI, ,. elV rts ef the ah .Irnmis, „r oihcr*. nude lo
""1“'<-""~r,'s' »•' m'crlere null v,.l v
li Hike liirinionl steps n, relati.,., , J,, r, |... ire n:ilei,l„’ie.|
ml 1" me III ,*t alarm,„._i a id rl my-r ms eieue-s
a,el fiat all 511 -I, ell ,,1s have all inn i; ,.i, e tendency i.i
. "Kl1 1|1" 11 I p '«*>• • 1 'la I e,.|'le and . lie.a,met dm
St..'"lev and | ennaiieiav if I in 1'ni.n. and i.e-ht noil,.
h '' uuienanci-d liv any friend i„ „ur political limti;u
II w ill benlis, rveil tint lids rs.liilam lakes stnmir
s inil,era ir.imiiU a eiiimi die aUil.ii a, ,.fslavery, am' il,n
lamitealil. • - if (hr-ah ittionist*. |, naa parsed byilm
1 ■ majority nf II , 2.1. I , , \ miimii . ,|,e avee ami
" "-• «'•• r,u'i 11 * * * lliH Dn>l ici title Speaker, .). In, W
H.IVIS. v.,-, Jar it, ami I lie .VMt/mu llhig S/nil. i,
M,. \\ I„ihr.i|i. in rim,,|iinv will, hi* aboliturn aimin'
!'■’*■''» 'I' *>rs .A/,,,nit, j|- ( o , voted rmrii si
it 1
I I die same year Mar,-I, 22d. Mr. Dr jujjo ,le fr„,n die
selivl ( ,i:„„i,i,,e „„ rosulllllohs Ilf die I., ii.sl 111,[is . f
' 'd'.i'a Hil l Alnhiina, in r B-,1.1 Ul * line HI.. . ,„
d- 1 Htsiif.iii i i. r■ *, til", alt itilinii of s'are ,rf, run,,
proposed bytim I,.| M issa. h metis, made a
report. nee m|m„I j-veral resolutions. „n win I, |,u
■ •all.d f.r the nyess',1 n .es, in ,I ,1, u,a,„le,l the previ..,,,
,|ns'„e, \m ii- the resolutions „>.Mr. Dr..
the Pillow in-: ’
** /, rsoh'ttl. sS*e . Ilia’ the title estjlilislied in the e.,n
MiiiiMi.n its the I lists ll r, 11. SI aitatii „ and iltr.et
ta\ ttli.it,. ri-srihnie |r..,ii a spirit i t rsirteeBsi..,, and n„„
prnmise essential l.i lire fririiialinti :nnl preservati.m „f ,|ie
11111,111 nf die Mules, Iiuglil l„ he held sacred by die friendj
ul iht» I nir»n.
lirmilrrd. That no priijsisiiinn In alter nr amend the
c.instill,tinii i.i relation to re| f •eiiiatiiin and direct tin
attun a nil I„J{ llie Mutes, ouolit 'o he ..ended hr
( inmr. -v. In,, that i very soot, propositini, nnohi he u
pr itntitly and deeisivelv condt',,||led.*,
* tn the first nl these resolutions, affirming principles
ree ien srd hv the ( ..nsliiutioriuintl so essential to the per
manency of,he 1 'ni.'ii and the security of die Sitlli.fla
Vote stood ayes IW.nai* 18. In the list of the f.irinei
Is recorded hit name nl the lhmorratic M|a-„k. r Mr
Ihivts: and in the latter, that of the .ihnlilim IDliio'Sin
her. .Mr It inthrnpt °
poll the s.', mid 1 these resoliilions.tae Vote stood.ttyrj
127. tioea 11. Among the forme,. is dm name of ll* I
Dnir.rrnfir Speaher. dr Dav's r,,,,I vn,o,„r ,|,e lattirt*
the.fr/iis; Speaker .Vr lllnthrop!
Mneli other l.sttmnny, in proof of nir. ., mllirop’s r /i
olilnmitiin. could lie adduce,I.Ini, die alaive is suHieient to
convmee every uiiml. In eieli of I lie niSUiucis to wlueli
we have referred, Mr. \\ vntcil will, the JlnlilimisU.u,
op:, s It in t, the Srdh an l the CmniiroiHue* of Hie Con
ilitutinn, while Mr. f).,\j3 voted invarialili uit/t tho
T ii • Speaker. on I riil.iy, laid before i|i»* ll iute n Mo
sage In,m i| »> |’r< sub nt of the I nitf d Slates, n intMini*
rating the follow ii;g Doruti ruts fr. m tf.e W at Drprt
11 1111 • " ' • n ] batice w iih a n solution » f tin 1 Kuse *1 the
3l>i ult.:
*n f'i nriMrsr. \\ ns I it j»u n, Fik ?>. IHf.
To the President of the i'nited Slates.
Sii: : In compliance with tour directions o lie furnisli
**d with “a coj.v ot (M iieral Ta\h i*s a» mw i i" the M*
ter dated January 1:7.1847, w hie Ii was addressed to
(•■ii. i aylur by ilie I luii. William I.. Marey, Sec testy
"t VN ar, I have tin* honor In submit Herewith a copy '*
tlm letter referred to. The letter frnni tbit. Departmiicnt
it the If/ tli of January, 1847, was laid before C'ongr**
pursuant to a call at the last session. The answer to
now submitted, was not then written and did nut r»arii
this Department until more than a mouth and a halfalkt
ilu* resolution calling fir the correspondence wiili f*”11,
l aylur was answered and Congress had adj Minted, k’*
r> ii »pectfuliy, your obedirnt scrT,
He vd<u'vrters Army of Occupation, J
Agua Nueva, Mar« h3, 1847. S
Sir • I have had the honor to receive your (?• min11” 'a‘
lion ot January *J7th, enclosing a newspaper a ip* 8M^
i\pn -sing the I* grot of the Department that thuk|l'r.
c< p oh io ili.it slip, and which was addressed hy n,ysrt
lo Major (o n. Caines should have been puhlislnd.
Although the lelirr dors not ci/nvcy the direct
censure of the L)« p irtment or of the Picsiileiit, yet, " h'*11
n is 'akeii in (Mum ( lino with the revival of a paragraph
in lie* regulations ol I8'J*>, touching tin*-- publication "
private letters concerning op.* rat ions .in the field, I :,l,l
not permitted to doubt that I have become the s 'hj'1'1 "
Kxccutive disapprobation. T<»anv expression of it com
ing with tin' authority of the President I am hound hy
my duly and by my respect for his high i flicc patiently
to submit: hut. lest toy silence should be construed n't" *
tacit admission of he grounds ai d conclusions set t nth 111
your'Ponimiiiii.-ation, I deem it a duly which 1 “
myself to submit a few remarks in reply. 1 shall b« |wr'
dooed for speaking plainly.
In flic liist place,the published letter bearsup*n it^n^
•bo ni »st com In-sive evidence -foal il was intruded " 1
I r private perusal, and not at all f r publication* *l " J
published without my knowledge, and contra9) 10 ^
"isles. Surely, | need not sav that I am not «" 1 *
ha hi i mI writing I ,»r the. newspapers! The letter w is a
liar one, written to an old un itary trio.el, "i'h 'Vil

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