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FORF.It.Ai Si'.W.i.
itv tho arrival of tin- I li'wrsii.i it Njw \ >r, wcliivi
and i'iTrr|<unl |«ip.'rs of the Kill, \|uy. \\ ,
main up Irunr the papers the lulluw no aunmuiry :
Ci'luliuTrinl ntintr» have in snine i’i ['nr impr vnl.
Tr.i.lt in Kurland In * Iwt rrspn'iaMe nrul muni y h.t
In ell ph'nlitiil. Cottuii ha* ileclini .1 ' I.oii all ipialii'.u
amt fair. The iiiipiru uf f aton hail lii'i-n omihiiI i tlit> -
Flour aii'l Sujjar remain in prim s pn tiv Mcady.
The French lit public 11 i the 5lh of \| iy . the S’a
don a I Assembly hark tip III • s'l'ijci ..f I'hviin; a I’n-.j
dent. A ahort discussion eusu I as t > the liirati.ui ifhis
functions. It wisnl'iniVi'lv c.mli nil 1.1 mi.- ...
Flie voting \us as follows ■
M. llucllt'?., 31M
M. Trelnt, *2 51
M. Reeurt, [)[
M. lJuchez was atm miihv.I t.» !*> the Pri**i«h»fit.
M. Cirnier Pages tlefnie.1, .m the 8tl» May. the firnn
CCS of the nation. II • <|.*direl that the revolution h.nl
Hiveii tho country fr un Bankruptcy, aii.l th:t his snores
snr would fi i I th 1 ni inn veil r m liii,n of tin* country !>.-t
trr lhan it was wlion ho look charge of the financial con
On the 9th May. the Assembly proocoileil to hallo’
fir five porsins ln constitute an h.v ecu live ('ommittee.
. .juiibor III voters , [
tso.iitr majority o'JS
An go 725
Gamier Pages 715
Marie 7*12
Lamartine DI3
Ledrti 11 illiu 453
So these five persons wen proclaimed as having been
duly el«*eti-d members of the Kxeeiilive Committee.
This election h is mo *h surprise I ilm press of France.
11 was c mfidently ihouglit that M Lamartine w mid he
nt the head, whereas the above voting places him non'
the foot. Various chh*s aro assigned fir tito d
Lamartine’* popularity. Tlie expresdon ot his desiie,
that M. Rollin should he a member of this Comm.Ui c.
operated much to his injury. From the tme of some of
the papers M I .am irtine w ill meet with a verv decided
opposition, ft is in contemplation t > do away with tie
o!lict» of President altogether, and to sufisl 11 ute f»r it a
Committee of the National Assembly. Phis w ill It • op
posed: and the presumption is,tint the ippositi m will rs
taldish a Presidency, or something similiar to it.
1 he Government has issued the following prodaiua
lion :
“PROCLAM \T!0\.”
“ 1 he N.atioiial Assembly, faithful interpreter of the
sentiments of the people who have elected it, !»• fee
commencing its labors, d dares, in the nam** wt the
French people, and in the face of die wltoln World. that
tin* R* public proclaimed on the21h of February. I.'HS,
is. and will remain, the firm of Government «f Franco.
The Republic which France desires has for ns device,
liberty, equality, fraternity. In the name of the e.mn
try. the Vssemldy conjures all Frenchmen of all opinions
io torg**i their oM dilT*renres. and to firm henceforth oil
ly one family. The day which unites the represent!!
lives of the people is for all citizens the festival of con
cord and fraternity. “Vive la Republique »”
I’he Republican Clubs of Pari--, on i lie Dili M v. came*
h} acclamation, to a resolution, to solicit the National
Assembly to interfere immediately ami actively in Im-Ii d1
ot Poland and Italy. The papers speaks of an noth • ar
my ot 1 >■ l.n fO men. and, in addition, ot tin* f irniation of
an army ot reserve. A demonstration in Paris in favor
ot the Pole*, it was apprehended, Would be made on the
J3ili May.
Important from Rome.—Pope Pius IX had been re
quired to drelare war against Austria. Twenty fnur
hours were allowed the P ipe to come to a final decision.
Io lUcresult of his refusal, a Provisional Government
was to lie established. The Pope at fir<t refused to de
dare war. whereupon the ministry resigned, hut the
Pope would not accept the resignation. The pope, it
Heeins, ia his refusal to proclaim war against Austria
was iutluenced by religious considerations. Me consul
cp'd il incompatible with bis ( lirisiiun laitli to go t > war
against lii*- brethren in another country. This led to
very tumultuous proceedings on the jurt of the people.
On the 2l)ih ol April, the excitement was exceedingly
great. No mailer how this stale o| things mnv result,
1 lie determination was, that the Pope should retain the
title ol lhsh 'p u| Route. On the 2d. of May, the Pope
with much n luctauce yielded to the w ishes of the peo
ple No change took place in the Ministry, will the
exoepti til of AntoueJIi. Minister for Foreign Affairs :
M.itniani took li Ms place. The Ministry was clothed with
full power in relation to tin; temporal Government, and
in relation in declaring war against Austria. Tim Pope
entered into a formal obligation to sanction the acts of
the Ministry. Flic Austrian Ambassador at Rome had
been ordered to retire. A publication was to be made ot
the Popr\ determination to nllav the public irritation.
Ih«» Pope’s determination seems to have given rise to
much dissatisfaction and disorder. 'Pile Pope, it is re
lH,rt''l. fin illy rep nted of his consenting to hostilities n
gainst Austria, in c imwpicnce of which 1 lie people li ol
risen up in a body against him and de postal him, virtual
O' ‘‘"‘dining hi in to bis palace. I he entire ex-eutive po\v
,r '** in tin* bands of the new ministry, without any re !
striinttrorn Pius IX, li i* ruin ired that a Republic lias j
Im i n proclaimed at Rome.
Kngland.- 1 lie weather on tbe I3tb May wasbenuti
ful and highly favorable to crops, which were affording,
liironghoiit the entire I biited kingdom, ample hope of
an abundant harvest. Report* in regard !• > failures in
the potato crop of Ireland are designed lor elTeet.and they
should be received with caution. The accounts from
1* ranee bad an injurious efleet upon public securities.—
1 be final action of the French Government, in regard t
Poland and Italy, was awaited for with inijatienee.—
%^U^cms the French have ordered, iliat the whole of the
coast b.ie shall be put in a stale of defence. The ..bj.*i*i
of this, is, according to conjecture, to prepare against a
hostile interference on the part of the Knglish (iovern
‘n^ni. Hence it is inferred, that the French pc qdc are
planning so.ne enterprise, which they apprehend may a
rouse the resentment of tin* F.nglisli: fu.as yet, Ivigland
allown n i disposition to interf. re with French affair*
I "der the circumstances, the m iventcnbs of the Fr-mch
are rather regarded by the Knglisb as a throat. It is
generally supposed, that the list of (lie French Minisir.'
contain ? no master spirit. However, tin* individual char
tmter of the ministers is not regarded as of much impor
tuiee, as tin; ministry is a mere instrument in the hand
of an uns* tiled and fi kle people.
Hungary nml bohemia are in a state of anarchy.—
The nobles of 11 ungary have sided with the peasantry. -
rbn C'b dera was prevailing at \h ppo, Marmara and
some other places, though in a mild f rtn.
In Spain, an insurieetion took place at Madrid on the
Tilt May. After a hard fought battle of several hours
duration, it was suppressed. 'Fin* number killed, though
n >t positively known, is stated to he considerable. All
he prisoners taken were sentenced to death.
Prussia.—The elections in Uhenish Prussia passed <dl
quietly. At Treves, m lb** I May, rt »t- broke out.
which were not quelled till mischu f had been done
rri.o result of the elections shuws that parties are nearly
bdanced. In the duchy of Posen nil is anarchy an I
bin wished. A sev* re eon diet took place at \ionz, on tin
2dth of April. Tne poles lost 2f)0 men killed and wotin
ded an I 70fl made pris »ners, 'The killed nn.l wutinde.!
ol their opponents w re about 10tl. Though the IVI.
had a much inferior force to the Prussians, yet, by light
ing with desperate valor, sustained themselves w ll. A
similar fight occurred at Mdo-hw. The Prussians sail
f« red inn oil, i-speei Ply t.i l! ■ it 4 tFi . by th P h
\ - i ' '
l \ ' , 1: ■; ■ I
^ " " 11 refused 1.1 leml his aid m allaying the exasperation
•I the Foies. \ pi i l nuttimi hy the Foie* has been m
sue !, calling i «r 1 ■ a. r il insurrection, which put iruii,
%\. lid eh 11< 111 'ii in n,oil.m.
Iitnriniiy the elections di >\» (hit llie I .iltct-ils h tve
I fit *j »rtty \\ t !. 11 i ih it ri v« hi: i.ni ii \ in Yemenis in
i s uue plaees Weie undo, which, in all probilubty, will
end in hlotid'dic I.
Austria and It dv Fhe \ostrian*. wo understand,
wvru heal, n in four *evera! places *n the ngbl hank uf
'he \dig ••, on the u oming of the 1st uf M ty. They
met w ith a *»( ver* j • ;s in killed and w »utided, and in l *0
The Steamship Flitted S ates an te l at New \ <rk m»
'll oUt «i| May. She brings dates fimu l.tverjHHil in llio
17th May itielimive. Breadstuff* have, in a small do
gree, improved in price. Cotton h is advance I M.
In I' ranee some turbulent proeeedi igs were carried oil
| by the muh.f r the purple ufi \t ijting I'r mu the National
; Assembly measures in favor of Boland. N Uw ithstand
I in?, it s'l’ins that |*ohtical and c un nercnsl matters were
gradually bee uniug settled.
I'alv. king ( liatles V laert, le nh r ul the confederate
I trees,tii'ight a > vere battle Willi tin Vustrtan troops lira•
V i rotia Both nrni.-K f Might w 111» great bravery K nlotx
I. \. the A u*titan (' an nan.h r. w is partially d l ah d
(■cimral Sales, an \o*triau etli or of standing . \vn* kill
• •!. Ireland ttul Spain are report 1 »
Thus u would seem, that F.nrop an coimtiies are in a
very unsettled eoiidition. W hat is to lie the final result,
it it8 <11Hiti11 to predict. From present indications, we
i tuny e\|n .■ i .mieli blood shed, which may lend to a slate
"I anarchy m ue to Im* tire id. ! than absolute jhiw er. 'Fite
great d inger in the e lablishiuent of IC'juildies in F.uro
pean rutin trie* is, we fear, a disposition to attempt loo |
much in foi. ittg p-uper notions uf liboity into thu i xtremo '
of l.bt l till sin.
i t i: s.
1 ■' nlihj / 7*tmper. Th*» grenh I
in lit** is a l».til lumper. I is a great waste of lnue to
e .m|.Imiii nf nlln r people's ; lIn* best thing is to amend
our own ; and then-xl best quality is to leant t - bear
wiili wliai we meal III others. A bad temper will al
way* tire itself out, if it find no one to resent it ; and !
t1'i- very knowledge is worth a trifle. Irrnscibiliy is ve
ry injurious to health ; ami m, in fact, is every morbid
Inilul ■ u *e of out inferior nat trt low spirit*, tm laneho* '
tv, dillidence, disineliiiaiioii for ordinary dulie*, disc-on |
it nl, tretluluess, even down to mental lassitude, indo- .
leuce or des; atr are all very inimical to the enjoyment !
' f file ; ami every possible ellbrt should he made to cast
them all to the winds, and look unblushing m the truth |
• if the fact. It is astonishing what a little reflection will 1
do the bars are mostly imaginary, and with ouodash *
ol resolution may all im overcome.
-( -d. I'iit is about to resume his explorations
in Calif»rnia.on bis own aceotint. wiili a view to a fu ^
lure publication, in eontimiancc <t the valuable matter
whieh his industry, enterprise and talent have already
turiii.-dud the country.
-Indian difli mltirs on nnr Frontier..—We learn by
i letter Iron* ( ol. I pshaw, the vigilant agent for the
< liiek.a-a ws, dated April *J-r»'h. that conflicts have recent
!y lakcu place between s tine Indians of the lYairio tribe*
an I lhe citizens ol Texas, in the vicinity of Fort Washi !
ia. (.’ol. I writes us lint a party Wacoes killed three |
Surveyors, citizens "I ’Texas Subsequent t" the murder*, }
a party ol Rangers surprised them while tin y were dry |
mg the scalps ot the three white men, all of whieh par
ty. four in number, they kill d. About the same time j
a detachment ot ( apt. Johnson’* Rangers b II, in with I
a party ot Indians lire ! u|>ou them, when commenced a j
brisk fight which continued until about twelve of the I
Indians were killed, and a number wounded, when the
survivors fled.
Fob I is also informed, upon good Indian authority,
that above I'Ji > lx lek ipo is crossed Red river, eighty mdcs
:i 'oVe Fort \N asbita, a short lime since, all on foot, evi
»J«• n11y a war party, Their destination is not known.— j
1 I * ir march might have been interrupted, no doubt, had I
| here hem any dragoons a* Fort W'.sliUa;hut that .garrison
i- not o ily deficient in Dragoons, not more than a dozen
mounted Infantry could he raised for that service.
!), lieve that ( I. Upshaw has been fora long
time urging ti|m*n the war department to station a parly
"I Drag sms at that post, w here they are more needed
than any other point on the frontier.—
/ . It. ,hk. Intelligencer, A/qt/ 0.
-The crash in the galleries of the Loco Focu Nation-* '
al F-onveuliou, reminds us of a precisely similar scene,
which occurred in the same place when the Whig eon
vnuion was held therein lsll. Then, however, as
now, if was a false alarm, arising merely from the ere i
king of a bench. Men hi crowds are javiiliarly liable
to sudden alarm.
Ithodv Islond.—'The legislature of Rhode Island
adjourned in Ihe.ith inst., after a session oI'Jimr days.
11 hrevi'y' be the secret of wise legislation, as it is said
to lie of wit, Rhode Island must Ini a singularly fortun
an* and happy stite. The legislators of other slates might
follow the example ot their Rhode Island brethren with
honor to themselves and profit to their constituents.
-‘*1 admire an energetic speaker; (said old Roger;) I
graceful action is a grand help to graceful words ; but I j
uni t s\v that I do not like to see a man become so wild
in declamation as to knock a by slander’s hat ncross a
ball, b .tvmg its contents of dickeys and doughnuts to lie
scrambled alt* r ami trampled on. I don’t like it ; and
I have cause for not liking it. for I was served so once
my si If.” 'There is some reason in what the little man
said. Many a good speech is spoiled by overstepping
tin humid* uf nature in it* delivery.
( Hnslnn Pu$l,
During the transmission of the Foreign news by the
Caledouit on Sunday last, lightning struck the telegraph i
w ires somew here south of Springfield, M iss., ami with
such diet as to burst the magnet of be telegraph ma
chine there with a report as loud as a pistol.
.1 lie 'll Captain Y story is told of a valorous M i
liti i Captain, whose exp rieuce in war horrors was con
fined to lighting with jMiwder in sham fights. II was
■•nee in a real battle, and seemed to enjoy it with a keen
zeal. N lung could exceed his ardor; lie l! mrisli* I
bis sw rd most li *rc *|y; marched, countcr-marche I, and
I hlaz d away with great z*al. Suddenly a bullet w hiz
zd through his cocked bat. At first, amazement stupe 1
fi" l him. his brains scene d carried awa y. Then un
'’overmg, le* gaz ••! at tin* bole w inch tin* h ad in rfora
led in its hasty lour through bis chapeau, and with a
voice indicative of the fi reesi indignation at such I reach
try. he ex "I.aimed By thunder ! '/Tin/ are firing
hall s'” and flew as if i thunderbolt was chasing hi n.
-’The I ’nioii say* dial Gen. Cass is in hi* 07
' year.
-Judge Bennlsf y, • f New V->rk, has decided that
railrmd n mi pa mes cannot he made to pay for the rattle
; killed hy being run ever hy the car*.
The lee siou tm doubt a curr< et ono.Farnu r sb >uM
t die proper rare of their cattle, by fencing them in. in
' s'ead of allowing them to stray about to the great in
convenience ami danger of the tra*piling public.
-A young man named Il irp r.h I' .Nashville re-cully.
having in charge a married sister, whose husband res
d <1 in Clinton on., M i. On tlm wav l» ill brother and
sister became deranged. Mr Harper disappeared, anil
the sister, a raving unniae, is at Madison, I .a. \ man
who, about the same time g »t on board a steam r above
Vo. I,oijis displayiug most singular conduct, and after
wards jumped overboard, is now supposed to have been
I larper.
-We ! irn from the Hanford papers,that a much
respected eiti/eu tIn re has Ihuni iIiMeefnd in llm f rgery
of a phy-iei in’s eeriili-ate of In ahh, by means of which
he obtained a policy of insurance f r on tin
life of h;s wife, who was then ailing and has siuei
died. . ih j <itizell.
-The Bight Ucv. II isliop Chinee, Bishop ol
1 Natchez, has gone t • Uoine to he present :»f a soleiiu
Kpiseopal ( b invention to U? hehl i lmr«. lie will In absen1
| dining a year.
J/r. >!k ,h\ (hitsiflrr fPi»e following wa
1 ile» only allusion made i i llm Democratic ( onvenitou l
Mr. Folk, prior to the reading ot Ids mother epistle
Alter dial, s uiie.hug seemed tube ah- lulelv m eessi
i \. 1 have he. n pass’d i»y in t>ial silence. v\ oh
i have been mm* n pula ile than a t .»llle:i:piooti.^ releri m i
|| ,i. ! ; -! i vi ‘ b • Mi lug t g ' e t ?»• 1 ' '
I i d*«li u u i h i r. wii'.-’U it - !i i tp • U mg -s e li- ! d •
IM I t 'io • »r.l lu.n, f . f iv ,ti, ,| |Ji,* ('onvonti.m w ith In
' letter;
“Mill**, <i| Louisiana, opened waili a fintott* avuiiiIi
Ujvtii it, ^ li • t w i I !n | is iulr) ill denouneod it is hi It
Uem.N-niie. in i it it* • v 111 » i iijhitt party usagi’H and dig
• 11 %• -tir» » hi its « , u 11.* oliif god that the «pltt among
iho N w \ ir U I h-iu.HT.n'V . or. w .-ill nt tin* adoption ot
'f'I tub *\ the |gi»* v miniUmi, in.| if now adopted,
'**I*''* s*,-ile; would • «11\ i.i i ind tile :istvnd«Mti j ot tin*
I'.irlv Jill t ill J«s»p ird v lilt will'll hr Oil*-' to sp'tU of
tin* noini'i ilii'u of eandidiies hv that ruh*. In' made a
lot that i .u-. *1 the house II d id.til'd tll.lt Its idlrcls
would hr to I id How »- H did tour years ng •, to the
noiniirUMu ..t i t oiilsiih t , w li mi no one had thoti^lil <1
t 'to. «n I thus th»' wishes of the Democracy may l»e do
I. aiod.
"This allusi 'ii to out > i hi $, was mot w.th a furious
>'|dv linn How.h-n 11 Mahatmi, who denounced tig«
form applied t.» Ihdh an I Dallas, as in the highest do
ti1' e insulting to tho party ami their last candidates
I hoy wore tin* stieeos>ful and faithful roproaontatiteg ot
tlio principles ft the party, and five thousand years hence
the youin» dein«*er:Vs of Am riea would shout, as the an
oioni champions thoir faith, the names of Ji lft i*ni(
d.iekviu, I*.»Ik | rrentondon* applause J
rr-*m D ’ ». I’he St I,mis Republican gives
the particulars of fn-sh tr niMes in this remote territory.
Tne s tilers if r I hi r i i Mir. I by tli • mug Ii'muI jug Indians,
and have had I uir hard l.m • bt h tiles with them Dr
\\ hHrii»au\ M i. i,i\ establishment has boon sacked
ail I dost i f \ rd. I*li • D.riu, bis \\ it • and nine other
j persons wore m i virtr.l. I'lio women and children were
Ithen captive Sul \ ib" i nrr; in* iiilcicosstuii Mi.
D^loii of the 11 listi llay (hmipany .they wore surrnid. i
j « d by tin1 Indians unhurt.
\ 1' oiio i a I mu w iib all ili I iliin li .bos in tbit pur
[ ti r is aniieip:i od.
M M . who hriu rs tins int 'H getico is on liis way
to \\ .: font the (govern in hi
I K irh II /lie 1
./ mi>r having heat 1 a very **!• mjh**I charily
'■•'i nun I'vdai n (I • This vtiii "i so strongly prove* llie
duty ul alms lli,at I have .almost a mini! t** l»og”
On leal of Santa .tana at Jamaica. The line
park i t hi ip Hlam .roan, C.ipi. F«*cko, nnived at this port
yesterday li nn Jamaica. Hy this arrival \ve an in pn
sesTul of Jamaica papers to ill** lthli inst, inclusively.
The ( ».. 11'*5 in ole a \ n \ .juiek v■ »\ age having hem ah
sent from this pert only about forty Jays.
— irrivat i / Cji n S inta . /nna. This distinguish
.Mexican (i hit a! arriv 'I at Kingston on the fit h instant.
In the Sp uiinh hue Martini/., I he (icneral has taken up
his residence at a splm Ini urau.-ripit nnar the race counm
at Kensington. The Despatch *:»’>: "I* is said that the
tieneral will spends I vv month* m 11»U city, and pro
eeeil nfterward » to Venezuela.”
I wonew Stars have boon s o i in the hoavstH. Due,
discovered -ill the night of ihe 27th of April hv lit*’ Irish
Astronomer, til ihatn, probably belongs tn the group. *f
small planets, already so numerous, mtuaiod between
Mars and Jupii- r; the other, nbseved m London hy Mr
llimi, does not manifest any peculiar motion, uild seems
to he one uf the lived Stars.
- . tnvC’totr of' loltnson \s soon as Johnson had
completed the last sheet id* his Dictionary, thedel.ivnf
w Inch had ipnte exhausted the patience ot Miller,the I look
seller, the latter nckiiuivl slued thu receipt of it in the fid
lowing rude terms: “Andrew Miller si nils his couipli
incuts to Mr Samuel .1 ihnsmi with the niuney for ihe
Iasi sheet ot ilie I dictionary, and thanks l»od lie has done
with him.”
I o u liieh uneonrteous intimation the Doctor replied
in the following hitter retort “Samuel Johnson returns
his co upliiuents t > Mr Andrew Miller, and is very glad
to fiml(as he does hy his note) that Vndrcw .Miller has
the graee to thank (iml for anything.”
The Commit fee appointed hy the eitizeusnf Lynch
burg, at then meeting held on the2filh iimt., to wait on
the IT v. David S. Doggett, and to roipiost him to deliv
er a Funeral Sermon or Eulogy comiiieuiorntive of the
death of ihe late Uirhnrd II. 'Toler, desire to apprise the
citizens of Lynchburg that they have per forme* I that do
Iy. and that the ITv David S. Doggetl has kindly con
tented In deliver the Sermon as reiiiiested, on Sunday,
ihe lltli day of ibis month, at the Method 1st Episcopal
Church, in the town uf Lynchburg.
'I In* l.adir" giogose linving a fair and Supper nt tlie Tax •
•m ul Mr. Daniel, at Amherst Court Itou-e, oh thu rveniiig
>f t he ‘2'tnl ol t lie pi cHi-nt month, and oil th- next day, (the
Mile) a Dinner w ill be furnished fm tin Masons, and all
• t III 15 xvho max hr phased to attend. The profits ol which
ix' i 11 he u«rd ox aid of building a < liurch at tin- Court House.
VY illi such an object in \iexv,and witti cverv disposition to
iive satisfaction, they hope to meet with liberal tncouragr
im iit.
•I U lie 5 t*i3.l
Vojtrofi! Xi-jfi-m s ! !
.X" i: a n u /•; n / / /
■ \M now in market to purchase a tall supply ot NT.
Jl (*Kt)KS. I will pay tin highest market eauli price lor at
I'nnii IO lo 40 yfarw Old
Persons having any lor sale w ill do asc.11 to call on mu bc
fore making sale, as no doubt the highest price Can t*e obtain
ed !M IIAKT.
I xvill give a liberal price for one nr tx*ro Kl.irkamitli* and
Carpenters, good Workmen.
\ I* IVrsons.it a distance having Negroes for sale, will
he waited on promptly hy giving a description of the ployeity
Aug. lit t-if
MAY 93rd, l^is.
IN TFNDINt to chnuge my present hm-Miiess liy the
first . f ( h IoImt, I idler my entire
STOCK of coons
Ot Cost for ('ash only !
Person.-; in x\ nt "I (f loods will find it one of tl.n most
desirable Stock ol (« mils ever "if red ill this or any nth
or in irki t
A T ( O S T.
(0)1 N r •{ V M K II ( || A N S
and ntln r.s, wishing l<< purchase (woods to si ll again,will
find it greatly to their interest to cull and examine my
Stuck Inf re purchasin'* elscwlu re.
May 25 -tn- if
not toh tt i/jooms
L V N ( II * S II II I L I) I N C ,
Opposite Friends' It a rehouse.
May 15 - w Gw if
.VO 71 CD.
Ill \ \ I '. j»Iacr.I ill ( hr- claim* due to 1 lie Lit* firms » f \Vm
ll Hv.m. an l Hoards, Kxhii n. Co., m the hands ol
t* i. Win. Mi n.ipli. K»<|., who alone is authorized to collect
tin in .iml t > whom immediate paym-nt e- n <pn sled to I*«
made, as hfnper indulpeivr cannot hr piv* n Mr M will
alxVixs he bund at Ins oilier, oxer the Post Ollier.
May IH 3w if WM II KY \ N.
<; o% i» s : ijooiin:!
r« vmii:r and npfounp, af the house formerly occu
pod I>\ Win II Hvan, iiinmdr'telx oviposit*' lo Messrs
I*n x ue S. Mi i d liet N Mooli Sioi e, a handsome and rxtrnsix r a*
soitinenl o|
.s/v.’/.ny; sr.MMt.ii f.oo/hs,
wl-ieh will hr louud, on examination, to hr xiiy cheap
r ii d fa 11 x mx ile all persons 111 want nl piettv and rheirpOood
lo pix »■ m« a •• »l» Im Ion pure has inp elsewhere, as l am deter
i in rnd to s* lit h- • f r—iils ii|s.n such tarms a« cannot hul to
c ix»' peitrial xalisf.i-dion.
I i* uard ii as uuneees..ny to enumerate the article*, nmv
stock <•<>mnr|S| s a 1 most * x • rv dem riplion «dpno*l» usually found
in a Prv «i «»ls nsiaWishment.
\« 1 jiropo-i scllinp t• onrls fur r«»h, pood harp*in* may be
|,ad. * .ill and mc them- no charge made for cxhihvtifip
fj.m l.«
March fo if tdp
/ / ',•' JjlMV nll.s
,ijW| o itlo-i - of superior winter Idpirhml I .amp mil
»|\ fi r > -lir < M, warranted pur*’, Hr sale hy
it MIN H SK \ V . Ufujf^ifrt
I f . in i
{•nrrectt t for the ir. *K « ilri; S'l/ur./iy. ,/y.nc 3, I54£
j 7’»/# ifw. -1 ha .*rvi»s| (ho jvtat week 310 hluU agniimi
MO hh,!■< iMrrea^iiuliiig week hi IH 4T I imperii, ms I
. 1*1 June, I s |H, 301 *«! hilt!', Iiis|mvII(Mih to | *«| June,IS IT ,
| \ V Imm;Oe t.lv Mirkel ((till fur ahippitig •ml *te.n
! hliNg 'Jtl Oltl( -4 W . ip| te | .tigs ,f I ‘J.l til 4-', i i till I lit »l I
I ■ 41. 4 ' • i i; M i. i 1 i n ■. v ; > i • i I, t • m 11 H11 |
41 It* 4 Ml 'till- 1-t t|| lug i|M4t‘| IplI.MM It I til tlt.'lll'lllil .
ii * *3 * i.l II I | i 11111» 4 i lli 11 >. 11 J to 410, with oera
Htiitt tl lM.gihe.tOs higher.
b'Lntr l • ‘ nr.il 1tle< f'», wHIt u■•**« >1 tl • tUrf :it
higher r*le*, a ty 4 ' I « 1
/*M»eiii.i/t* II i.* mi. stint tl "»| It ^| eouU , Heel*. 4
to 5 e.'lils ; l orn Mr.tl, l.i rrul •
Wheat No Sales, Miller* linking il.tj r.l gun ling (\n
ho oeas.»it.
(Ar te* A/Vrt». 4 I eU ; OaU to ¥7 oojit*.
L'l<»t*cr tie si I )»ill, lit 1 Impair j.
Whiskey *2S to V • enils.
Hvciwax *20 eettln.
It itt.t l{ tlh tr tl ill, 10 t i 1 e tnt«i, 1* t i q<nilii y
It 1 1 l f \ t »l •. ti » 1 • 'I'.ii* , IV 1 *h, it 1 i,t tilI'ur 111 *
It if /r Mi I ) ill it f >0 11 ) |t .( t.,r|
( » / *•■• tl » 0 \ 1 » 0 0VU«, I. t; III 1 ) t , l o. J IV 4 | 1\
Mm'llll i'»
(',11(1-1/ /.limn C.nv Ul ..Hi. .lull, Klaa |.-,
I'i'ltolI I II II S4l«'H pMTIltn
b\tit her $ ‘?s t,i;»•» ,-is.
riar S’, / il m s t j,, k.", ,
Vuh 11 • i; -. S • I . 1 . S',, I. „|| $7 50
now f»0.
(•niv/i: Vi H-n|,.»s. a
//«■>«/» •*» t
I*inwi nil OSooiiN, 1 ut.mtli4
I MV.I No. I , * »\ I I r OOllH
.W•/.»*•« \ n liidi, l.n I I otspir gillui, ; N
I) Id In ...
I'hutrr I. imp. J > I ir mini J 10,511
S.,n ,ra NiuvlMi'i'i.; .. I'.nl,, Itirn s ,u y
mi" i.CUmi ,1 I '1,','HU I. I'll 11 i lu I cuuls.
ft.ill J .' a I jii i S i,-I,.
/'i limp II ill :ii O) mills.
'I\ir J 1.5,1 per lihl
II mil ..M (u d.i els., priiiei pally Harter.
II „>/ It ill* s ,i-I ;t;) I,, | ils
n""k'. 1NV" v rlt. II i„d per ,-t prninimu
"oil.re. I | n, d per el do
lloslof,, I | I,, d do do do
I’liiludeiiiiii.i. |; i„ d do do do
li.mk N-,1,-1 N « II .lul l d pel el. discount.
** S K.trolniu, 2 du
Tennessee, 5 ,|„
" " Invlni/r. d id I do
Klll'.lliiri’S I I' INI) lliHV Y TIIK t'.VNAl,.
rolaeoi, le ,l'( per ImjrsHc III.) 7j ||, | mi
Ho luamilaolurcd, (pet lion.) HI
l*'!*inr, (pt b!d ) 10
liar Iron, (jn r loll.) | 00
I’itf Ir.. I (HI
I, tad, I’io and Sleit, (per Ion.) I HO
Planter, (pei Ion ) | no
.Suit, (per sack.) |0
Mcrclmnliiu ail,I I’rialupf, (per 1(H).) to lu 10
NK.SV VDUk .MAIIkK. IS, IM.,y dH, |> M
I1 lour Sales ,d I ielies.a tiiaridsat prims umpire from
V1 5*i a J.MiSH I, O',III |5 7f> a $5 '.HI 3 I Soiulm.i
Kloiir IK lleld a Ji '► | d I S.
\\ Ileal S.des nl prune while al I IS a 151 rents
I orn I'rnne yellow .Il-s al 55 mills pi r IiiihIu I
I olton I’rires Inve nIoHiIv deelined.
IIAI.TIMOUK MAIIkK, I S. May ;m, |'. M.
Kloiir Tin, ilia tin" is heavy to day. and lie him.a,
.I,,ue I, i, been ai a ah/; In ciin,', ... 1,00 Imrrela I low
ard Streei I- lour met with pureliaseis tins men,ion al J.,
50, and IIHIOIiIiIh rny mills rhanpcd Hands al Jo' 70
lie I slier lira n,l is now held nl Jo 87 I d.
I oiii Sal oh ol prime white al dCadS els, and of pome
yellow nl I5.i |C, ,-ls per liuahel.
< )als \\ e uole a lies lo dav al dl I els per lioalo I.
\\ liieltey Sales ol III,Ik al dd I -2 add I 2 els per rial
Ion. 1 h
si .Ti.rtiisc hit nuts
Tt) UK si i| ,| i i IKK.
I"|ISI 1*1 IIVI8, \g’l, has Iihi laiKe a Sleek." Sum
’’ ..I.I lei III.' season el Ole ,,ai II, will
! Im" '- ", '» "» """"I, el June,.lull and Aiiru.,, le. ,
V,"'1" hl,"-k ol loon-' Min>. (<. ,v, u m> s'. , ,, ,T,
I ,Sian,,s.an,I .. lies s , , ., | u ,s, „ „ „
Miens iu'. Mr., al greatly red,lend pnees.
I am now rwcitmy per tie, Canal Ileal, “Paul Mm
r,we,I Hells, Un ,•„ llarem-, I .adlea’ k id I ilevr., all « m,|r« el
lone,, l imliriv ll'dlnF,, f (rrnadiltra for I.aditV Iheirc at
II, 1 per yard Mr., Me.
AI.R'n A net tier aupply „f liman rhran Furs i'll Ituoal)
t l.i*l rm, ricw styIf, l.iuluV Skirts Ptc Jkc.
■Illl'u f’ lot JOHN j pl’t(11.8, Ap'l
• i I.IISitT~
1 I "IM, do. i,III,uni the |l,y <;,„>ls Imaniesa, I lake
• I pi. nor, in r, tiiriii.lu ,„y llianka I , ,,,y l.,te i ,enters and
tn* j'ulilir pcncr:ill\, l.ir (licit lilit rnl fnitruiin^'i'
I" in^ i|i s|j mis t.. i I.,,, 1111 inv Iiiisiih n* an «iimii tt* iiunwiIiIi ,
u!l | ■ i' ■' 11 a null 1.1.,! (,, r.u.ton K l<o«kN |<.„Ih K |l,■■(„„, 1
1 Mini iin, nr., i. r|in Mtcil t,j mil at ni) ( Mli. c ,.v, r mV |.,u
ffH.irf. iiml sctdf tinii iici-.iiintN. y; j tlUHTn.\«
.lU Ilf: 5 tS
V A M I I, Y U K SID K N C K ,
I\\ 11.!. pi II, tin ih«• |»r#M11i-l.iin Tlmrntn v. .fiinn I nil',
(•••mmfncinjj :it t • iN-lin-k. |»rct-iwly, without limit or i
rnsurvf. on r» rr*'<litiil *’», 12, IS «nr| 24 uionthn, utjfo- ;
tiablu tiofi's, srituf iftnrily cndor^tti. an.I th»* tifIt* »if tin* •
pr.}»« rty H'lainftl until sanf p:«j*r*r in rnnrrlloil, that trry I
F.LMU.r m:sil)i;X< F,
KNOW N AH T I! V. C O T T A fi P. ,
at present fi.u’upird l*v Mr. If If Kiclinfds. The house
contains a Parlour, I fining Boom ami 5 Bed |{ • hiiiis,
.ittaehed ih a K itehen.witii two #crvanU*f rooms above it,
There is also a pood
Smoke House, I’mi try anil Store Hoorn, unit covered
For rhea in front.
Barb and at one end of the house, also an excellent
well «*f water, a fine Green House, a Stable, Carriage I
| and Wood I luii.se.
.7 FIRST R.iTF. f lltllUV
Tin yard III frnnl <d" ibe liiMar- in ntN'Innnd wilb a brink
wall ,iml diaiinmd fmmn, is larnn and baitd.nmdy laid
trill hi walks, wilb valnalibr
to• sr*.s <ni> sum snrhrt.
Tlie front rrrlranee from 3rd street, is a II feet alley,
ihe entrance to die Stable, Wood House, &r., is truu
'.hh alley. The lot contains lather over half an acre, lie*
iri‘4 fit* feet wide mid 172 feet deep. 'I he loevtion of
the place renders it free from the difsi and hustle of ih«
I town, nnd b♦ irfn hut a short distance from Mom Street,
is convenient to binirrcsc. I*he hoiMioy/^ are in jjood re
pair and the nriKhltorhood mo xcepfi'malde. Possession
lji veil on 1 st July, nr sooner it required, Persons tti-di
mjr in View the premises are invited to call nn Mr Bit’ll
aid* before tho dny »»f Hale,
•f line .ri -iIsaIu Auctioneer.
VI \ 1111K (♦»! of Cfi tel fy >nd (1*1 tt t <x
Ml oreat «> t on e.>t siormtent.
\VM * Will IV
[ fun :> i m
^ sr: nr r , _a _jli ■> jg)
.v.f r i « v.i #, r / /f r r s.
Ul I . 1 • Ini'll a I I \ ,M Mill It (• , mi I* i iila * • x • 111 njr
•lull. ». mil Sail ida> at 1 .. In. U, I' M , nn.l at 7 I *
Hf , nml INI id.»y the 12i|i it 1 V M . > I 7 |» \| it,.
liil*.h i '11in iti ni w Ini -It tins •■ * I. I iatr.l * t it'll- Vttiiriif li .ar
T""*d in.I Iml.L, nm-1 |-,n i • iMi, t* nt I \ 11., t ii t li t \fn .!.
" "|.ti...» t t airut il 11 it il i t l .i inlia11 nt , iini iit i \ i ■ x r,1. . I
■ulx. I tind hi (In t'llt' i n.l impldi !• i hi, t |ln i,i..( i\
11 a, 'i.li nat \ aii.l xx i h 11 'it i ihim x . i i nl ■ m 11 a\ i 11 tin: c kill
' iIi.mh, i. tl, ml. .1,ili,u ||l„ >x lx i. t i . In. li^ lit ii.^ lln-.
1 w hit’ll is t iti| i omit*
'• lllr hi-.tulillll I' ax llll, i in a In, i ( oi i , t i I Nil \ it t,|||
Il illi'y
i m oik in run,
Hi, lia.-sl in Ih. t .ni, l SI II. ., XX.|| ' iiii.I. i III. III. t, ,,
"1th f* I, lu.it. I
Mr IIK II V Ul) w | i us.
Mtiit.tnii .1 tin- h iiij- lliiyh |*|.i\« i
1 -1' . , ’• ,•> 11.. .... hi,,n. i
1"' ... ... . .... ..n ii,. ,i i.,i, „i i
\n.f,an.I ..| 11,, I ,,, (■ ,', it.- tt I
1 "" 1 1 M ,r , - I, I 1' ,M, ' I i|„ Ul I |„ ,,,|,l,,I
1,111 M '-1 ''“I mini. I ,i,„ . i., i, . , i,,
... »„l,l .1 ,,lin . ■ Ih, ,,i ,,l , .. |,.,„ ,m
.1. " ,k. ii In imiII l Ii, |.i i,:. I \i nl,, ■, tin. ■■ I.,... I*iim I..n,|
.,it,l hi.,,,,-i-, ...it lit. .. 1.. 11 ,* , | , 1,11,1
X' xiimi's i*ii mm xi. ii.i.rs i ha i im\k,
X,.- g,>."i„ il„ I..IU |. .m|ii,,. i, ,i ...
","k">H I ■ ,'■ -I il„- .I., i • i ni.- ...
I - 11„- mm. I .1 ll„ | . ,,, : ,1 ,, , 11„ I , It , | , ,,| „ 11|(
t » Im- x\ it ni sxi-, I
C /• ll> *1 IIS OK | MIIIUTIHN t)
In thr i%It«• i Ii i.m, K i n ,.t 2 Iiml p. * I a mnnm ,.,in
"*•*>*, ‘‘ at ,.Y!i.i-lt lull, Kx.-ninj* (In- Kunis .'jm-ii at 7
1'tu f,u m iitiM ('uniitnn . nt 7 t |,.i ti
/* won rrwi k v. * / \ i s
6 t'"i 11 »I t I ,M 114 i s*, lai ^1 lull,lh.t |.|||||||,h ts
Jlllll’ > 'it
CIUK l--(ll! III All 1(11 (»I-'. X \\ All It\N H--.ll.
.vo cnti: ,\n r.n
1,^ I 111.11-, III ti.tlv ,li*.illt-il .,ii il,,- nmii.H,, |,. u
i 1,,-rrv. nu,I «.irrn,ii,-il k, uur,- I ..., or ..
rulUiltluil, A I J, I llill.lt I .,I ,H| (MtHl^ri,|||,.|,( |,y
\\ M I \\ II I.is. '
-r’ ■* ,M ,.l,,-i Sin.,-..
II II I.mi i XlllltUUl.S, • “
11 \\ ill-nv ( ini i.n
:i *1 '/ Mill*. I II.ml,ill,
t'l ||,| ( llttirH, tlHHnlti ll (
5 ’In I'ny \> . ,
.lint ii «•’ iv. (I nu c,iimit« iinnnt nml Ini Hr\lr nl
rmluriil pit****, hy \YM I Wil l.IS,
.1 him• .* N M nkct Stri i t.
If Hi IM tny limisi-, iii tlii* ciMint v "I ( * M it» pi m’1 I, n III iy I.t
hliH’il Ihnj //iifir, nh>mt r. Kit lilyli Mi ha* a v< i\
crookril nm*,' ninl a * wtr in In* ruri hn.nl ( mi utn* nl- Id*
J1WS IH JI hrnnlxin • mil ururly .Irm.l u|». fur wlilrli hr IctH
hnrii r**r*’iitlv h|u*l in tin* ihm’Ix I purrhaMuil him thirn
ar Iniir ilayn ntyn, Ir-uii ;i Mr Oraham, Imm kriiturky .
w lmli.nl !iilmv“nl liumns.nl (amplmll ('uurl 11,him** -
Any iiiliiriininiii ruin’i riiiu’; Inin w.ll hr tli ml,hilly r.1
r*’tv»nl nml lihrctlly rnwm.h il.
joii.n ii n.uiNKY.
Junn f» .‘It
Arw riiii*'« iii
.‘hul I 'ua/i for II fo id.
f I "I I Ih *iMhsiTihrrH hnvint.r ;mauninl -.1 thrill u'Ivcn tlinlrr
I tlm limin'uf
.Ttoiitmutter(/ & ilrother*,
fur tlir |mi|i”UHu| MiTnliau.liy.iny and Mil liny, w ill k< i|*
I'uiiNtmitly mi hand a u. II Hulm’ind ,t..«* I, uf
I h if (i >toils nml (troerrira,
wliirh will hr suld luw li (’tinli ur llirtnr. I’lin Inyli
• ut ranli prirr will hi paid I n wlnat dillvnind as lulluwn: 1
At Si aplntun Mills, Ih j'vm ( r i * lx, •• r in l.yurlihur^r.
(ji)- Oltlr*’ mi Man li H<piaru, in thrtr utur* , furnuTl)
n****iipil'd hy K.J. llurhili.
.1 I Mn\ I (.OMKUY,
.lunr 5—1.4
HL.lsTL\r; mn in:u, \c.
I<HI Ixi’ys lll.mliuo I’uwdi-r,
5imi yds. I’uw and Klax I •nil'll*
lot) piilTH dtuiil Nuwt-nl llruynn-*,
5 Iimw Tri duynr lmi|| aHsuftml, llit, roililil nn.l
hi hhlx. T.miinrs1 Oil, vrry fmr,
lli i'i I villi' and f.,r sal low hy
(.‘Ko. HAt.lW .
•Iinlr 5 -t'lt
riAlJIIU) HKqi iSITION i,i,i f Klrm'tni
I • *1 til 11 "■ l \ hi lilt I’ll I Upil< ■ 1 Mllpail) , till V*! <*| ill rt il
that tin Stui-Uhut ! i in - ii.I l ‘•mipany, I n li <jllir«il to J>a\ a
tlilld l• • | ii'll mn ul II v. dull,.i j i ‘ |,.,ii
SuliHi-rihci s t -, | tii- It . I will 111, a-, p i v tip t li<-ii ill r- aia^i s
In tin- Huhs.'i lln i vv it limit ih-1 a v . a** I !»•• \\ th Ita . hi'i’n put llli
di-r ,-> i id i ai" 14 mid tli< I ii . i I xx 111 hr ili • h d 11 HUH -i I hit nl \
June a dwil .1 VV. I»l • ill > I. V , TmaHilrct.
Tier,st sam: or
■ XV virtim "I two d--, ih at Tin ,1, r\ -1 it««I hy JatUnt M
I # I lamii I, Ji . I• i- 11 >1 xv In- h a11 11 i ii I, d iii I In ( 'h • k’»
• Mhia ,d Aifiln iM r-iunty . in tin- lit >t -I xxlm h, Sam’l M
(Im land i I’m - i intSu nilu-r. It * Kh*rUiiri li Ti u •
U-n, and in halt id who h t Iii mn Ti ■ • id I .mid im-uiii rynd.
\V . ,■ i I . i \ - 'i nt || , tli 11'11 -!.i x ,• .1,11>i ,
I ■ h- tier I ' ' Ih* lit I" it lii*' !• t liir c.iuh( tin I ».«■ t
nl Land ' Mix 1 y«.'i| l»V '•al l dm •!-. It M i iilsiih'lnd » \ *« 1 ■].»li|i*
Tract ol L-'iid. I.n Iii tin- nuunty "I Amln-isl, is nuji|ina<'d
t "out a in T Mil i III s ni v n and I- a a i i i s \i HK.N, and is tlm
damn mi W liu'li t In said .lann" VI I >anil I, .Il , lately Ti-Sdnl
And ;it tin ‘aim- ttint- and pla-•> and ,-u III.* ti-rtn^.lhn “aid
U * S tn-lt nn xv il I. hy x ii t m* uf a d'M-I n| rril«ti»fiirr*,anl,rn
ii-utml t,« him, srll t-, tin In-lu-t lii-fli r, I't) I It Sl.VVLN,
t(f wit . a Mall, VN.'UI III, liny nild (.ul. MiVnirll llorsis,
(’•»%¥“,« S (ni -1* u| llii-^s and all t III’ I luilsi-li dd and Kih'lltn
Furmtnri', nud I’lau'at n,n T>• ,|s ntiilu a« i I in , and rmivryi'i!
hy, said di d ,,l Trust \ I in^ a-» Tiilst, cd \\ *• ys-||| unlv run*
\« y sin’ll t i' h- as is x i-ktri| m n.s I*y 11n- dm-,Is tlmln w hu ll wo
11 1 . SMHI.Kl.N, < 1 rfislo,
J.lnr 5 tlC,.I
r 11 ii k nnWrihrr h <!• uiimil in Amelia Comily Torn
I few <layn, by tli»? • Hirmn* illnoKn ol |ij«s rimMnr
III* School Will he re Millie m lie'! iiioinrfil I hat
his ntiemlnnce upon h Kick, mcl probably dying paront,
Will pcfiml.
.fiinct 5—It \Y It ft ft ATI I Kits TON.
mmikiim. pour m m.ms'/a . nr.n wijor
Til ft Must ( IIUM/K <*i ’ \ 1.1 II |,s \m i
A SIMPLY UK ( I. \UKTS, (|| \ M
I’AM-NK. Ill lli.l \H\. (|| \ M ||
r.iiiw ami urn km \m\ks;
nun ok iiik iikst
(»K. NI INK \ m» o M M •
IN \I. lilt \ M)S
fl’lulltil s;
A ftp
\ U. • .•* fkiippl v
uoi.iwn tn\
\ \ M HH>T t-KK\( It
\I.AKSOK | K|), .mi M. K
Iml, I t, H MOW Kl.l, IVWIK.S
I'll ll tllCWl (If .lt.lill, K.I inly til sillp.M-i .
11 !!ii’ hr:lfl I‘l Main III rt, ifvcn lly m>.
1 ,!l t iTJii i , till *ii. Tt-iu s
i 1 i if i A '
| * ' I. 1 i' X W I IM'V
LOW Fltlt'E*.
Salt iMwder* I2| ft*, the bo*.
SiMiilnt Powder 25 ct». ‘hi
Tooth Himhm f>5 eta. di*
Sweet Oil 50 crt*. do |*cr bottle,
< iHl-it Oil, an,nil hollies, 121 2 f< lit*.
Tooth I Jrnwef.*, ,fd.
PiH-krl Instrument*. |7.
<'i<rin* \\ me, |iini IfittFcs, 50 ef*.,arul many
other arti« I h eoually low, lor sale by
.lone 5 tMii HONVRL DAVIES
% %9 III. la *old, privately, a lot of ground, fronting <m
T ▼ fnsi at reel, *evc*nty five feat, thence running back
toward* M un street, on second ally alaint thirty *rve>i
f«*-i. Thi* bein ' the comer lot opposite Martin’s Ware
houve, tt I* believed t » In* otm of the most den table wi
ll.Hiniiafoi it tiiiinutiicturtiit£aigltl in th«i town of Lynch*
I oi it rut*, witudi will be nccomm ulntinif, apply to
.1 nne f. w '!w if
111' .HUMS \ CO.'S I'AI’UKSS.
.11 M UKt KIVKI),
S' >I i n ,i I n pii.tii Silk Mno,
Al-n.iriM llrlL,
I1' HI,A *n,l pl.iill I'lll*.
Silk S. rr, r, |„.*t fjinlity.
Silk I'ttid, Ikr . Sr.,In
.1 line 5 lull'
\ m hr r « t Hill i 1
rou S.11.K
I4)|TF.U br^-ilc tln> n!».,vi* pice* of property, ft is
illumed iiiiiiiriliiif.lv mi flu* ('anal, nlxuit 14 mile*
I l.ivx Lynchburg. I’ll.-I.mis w ill lie a sin.ill part of
Un* pay in c.i .h, ami a r .c.'liable credit f »r the balance.
Jiim r» tm
' iruliiin to-w It i
\l i 1 iieud NiiiH'iii.r Court of l.nw and C'banccry,
b. oioi mid bold.mi for die county el Patrick. at tbo
t ‘oiirl In 'Use thereof, on tlm "I .t .1 iv of April. IHpC
(. ill', M St:»j |.AdiniiilM’tutor of J bn Poindexter,
dcwM.* Plaintiff,
at! iiin.it
loscpb S I*,• inde\ t.-r, Rn'burd I. Poindexter. Jnlm IV
Poindi vtci. .l imes Pollttfcxh r. Joseph S Staple*, nut
Kli/.ibnli Ins wile. Milliard Milh and Judah In* wdc,
'ltd M . N ipu i and F.unly bin wife,
I > (cndftftt*.
It :tpp* irinp lo the in i eduction of the Court, dial tha
subpoena l Hed III dlls cut me Ills liorlt executed on llirt
home di fond un I* mure dm 11 t xs* i mu tlm, and dial the or
der o| publication up mmi die td».enl <1. feudaiit* lias ty*eu
dillV reported ;iiid published, and ill tbo defendant* hav
mo ( lib d lo appear and answer the Plaintiff's hill, thrt
Mine i- taken for eonfexsed.
\I'd now ibis day tins cause enuie on to be beard upon
the I*1.11 ti1111 h bill, mid u as ?ironed by corneal; on eoiiHid
' ration w lieicof. it is adjudged, ordered and di need, that
die ( omtumsl sior ..I tins ( imirt do lake an account of the
mlvmice incuts made to the si Vi ral I ). fondant* by their
aiieoHtoi .l.liii Poindexter, in In* life rime: Anil in (n
kino Mild uVnUnf the said ( io|iinis<iii.iier ia iiilliori/ed lo
examine die * aid I-Im vndaiitH . ,|i on ill. Ami il i* further
adjiiilo. d, old. red mid decreed, di ii die same Coriimui'*
sinner do take nn aecoiiui of the adminivratioil of die
PI "•dill, oil the .Stale nl . I-1111 PoilltlcX UT decM., ilirlll
di"*f tlio Inro ol sI iVom find n uts of Ian In which have come
lo the hands of die Pluiiiitll since the death of the stud
• I .bn Poind, xi. r \nd dint the *aid 4 i.iniiiixsioner re
poll ili. siid amount to the next ( .»urt, vvidi Hindi mat
t. iH as may In* deeii . d pi ilnieiit by Iiiniseif, or niny^bu
rispured by either nmy lo Im» specially reported.
A Copy Teste,
MM I, (. M’APLF.S, CPk.
I In pnrtic. inteii ted hi die loti ifoiiio emit and derrert
xx ill please to lake notice, dud I npp'inl, T(iurs.lay, llirt
I.Mi.lay of July lu xt, In(HiUUMciice flirt cv.lilliiiatIon ami
stalenienl of die .accounts by the almVe decree referred In
me, at my Ullice lit Patrick Court Iioiihc, when ami
\x here 1111• v are tcipcHied lo atleud w uh all aucb p«»rti
ru i.i proof.-., voucher x ami Court pipers as they can com
MF.NJAMIN J. ( AIMPUfcU., Coui’r.
June 5 XV | il)
f IJit nu n i i s nMONA
It. lollowbo.' n 4ii rxlr.n'1 ol i letter received from Hcv.
\\ illiam < i.ilti-hii i
Itk.iiksi11uV,, V r., Oct.'i'l, IHtj.
M us Mau ls I lm\e Imm ii alU l. l w .lb u severe pain In
mv sole, o. e.iMoned by a diseased l|y.l,for the lust twenty
years j soil, ring ul litni's vs hut Ittnguiige ciirifMit convey, but
sin.'e t.ildilg II M il ..ipanll I I I.UM been greatly relieved, no
■•••I*-Ii lli.it I have been able to attend In my hu.sincM, am!
1.as| .nnlly f..r die liM fifleen month*. I wholly dia
■ .ode.I all oilier niedieim nnd I hoiongfily tiled the Nana pa
iill.1, ss lii.di I can lecouimeu.) in truth and siuerrity to all
•hose ss ho are in aits Way allhcted with nnv upceim of »en»f
»Uu*comp lints flicn Imvi been mm* rnnarlnbli cures
. Ileeted by its us. in this vicinity. Mrs. I. Shaw, by the use
'• ,,x ••"tile**, was restored to better health than llio had he
loie enjoyed for tm sears, nod Mrs. W SteVens, vs ho had
In*, ii seven ty alllietad with the h.ryMiie|*s, was (mtirely cur
ed by (lie uncola few bottles. Yours, truly
Price *»l per hot lie S.x Ixittlcft for
Pn-paii'.l and sold by A It fc. 1 >. !S AN I >S, PrugffiaU, 100
Knlt.ni street, Nrw York.
I >HUu.nnr,
And hv I bu^gists frrnrial!) throughout tbo 1'nitod Ma'as,
June 6 It one
1,4 Pp, nhflorted nml vs ill lie sold in lot*
to unit,
|(H> bids, bent quality Rockbridge I,hue,
50 do do do Crturtfll,
75 «lo No. I. I IrrHngs.
A I, S o.
Iiiimnand l.yncblinrg (iroit ul Plaster,
In stofu and for sale by
Un fire Damn.
May I tM jf
lo the Ptibllc.
H\ \ I NO hem unpointed Agent hr Mra.«rs John Strtithfcrt
Ss, Sop of I'hiiiid* Iplon, one ol the largest rstnhlishincnt*
‘•i the 1 nited States, lor the snip of Marble Work in general
I am now ready to fill orders for
A fitlilii Qq&yp l>tlan< Million nn.'. ISariliffllA
M ■'ITTIt i, /•; .if ,i .Y r fi fi .S
■ Min' Inwi'.i ( n*1. pi in-, an.l l h. in in I.vnrhburc. in
»,mn.ltii.lil mu, warrant, .1 .Sl„n, « an,I Alnriil* Won
inimit. ni.1,1,. m .,r,!i:r. A r, w iti—icn* may bp nm at tbo
nt'iri! .if l.'arj, r 1'uoUer, Mim Slrurt
IMnHcriiiff ! i’lsixlrriiiij !
I he. subset iber, from llalt imorc.havii g Ibeatiti in this plae«
l"r the puip«■ v ofeanying on the at ove business, is new
pn^'a* nt to execute any«»tders,li-*in tow n or country .either* for
1*1"'r* or Ornamental Wnrh. Stuernihg «lont w ithimitations
■I Mar hit* and Uinhile, in the rnbxl approved style with tho
late discoverii x in eetneut. Just received from Philadelphia
t lit* latt • t iiumUlx
Knit IWRI.Olll. ( III. tl( II AND C01/BT
llrntlemeti ninny distance will have thrii orders stterK*ed
to piontptlv aildthu t*» st materials furnished »l fi e Northern
Cush pi►**■•*. J0IIN LONG.
K«b. *-’H \V 1 iitif
Q l* ININK, Citrate ol (Quinine add frnn.
Iodide ol i^niiiiue, Morphine, Pipeline.
Iodide of Potash, Iodine (HVdrosublnnat ed.)
t'Mrstr **1 Iron, Calomel do
I’.lur M.t-s, London Superior, Chlorof trm.
Ci'—otp, Croton Oil, putt t.arturaiium%
Plttltli'im, Nitrate ol Silver, pure.
In fttotc and l«»r sale low, by
. i , . 4. , n. * ltma*
I May 1 tvtim it
1,000 i lls su i*kh't a rbon ATT." bTTOI
Ala. 1-wRmit O R. LYMAN
*J| k P..7 SuperiorSalftH Oil, fnrsatf Irw hy
Mav I - whm if
O /Alk/I KI>> (Vir't I,iaii. diy ar*d itlail,
'J " 11 l h' .1.'.' T . I ;4v w. hr
j ^I-V | .. *

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