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W I beheld h se eve* of blue,
.1 lr.‘ t he drops aff^cti n drew;
1 ; aeath th ise blissful tears,
1 in -mile that pure Ix>ve ever .vears.
I ;.e \ i .let scents the m rnina’g brea h,
I - 1 : s enhance the fairfst wreath,
£'■ \ tdetyou impart
iieau y and j »y unto my ii» art.
I i :s tray thy charms forever rise,
. ^ • I ve gi’- s nilimr in thine eyes,
W Sr ■ "race and wit around thee play,
A. .mist admire their brilliant rav.
liy Glaucus.
I rvE — H ith <t lip)nlet on An brow.
W ith flie laurel on hi* br.w, my boys,
Aoi! K-ifip >re hv hi* A le,
t »1 Zf-k Taylor wdi show ▼<>*i h»w
I > y\ ashinot .n lie’ll ride.
1 n W ashing on he’ll ri'l-* my boys,
Hefore him all will yield.
As th d the t •'* bef.re him, on
K d IViena Yirta’s fie'd.
Then wav.- rtl -ft the starry H i r
AIh.vp the chieftain’s le ad,
!' t i! w d li tii •«’. r t over and crj'f,
And u\»V".i abovp the dead.
A id as it waved at M mterev,
And his ta!h . f..*s,
A\i uti, h i next elect:..ii day,
I ll- triumph We’ll disclose.
S -i i i. se i l l. y *'»r *a a’e:. word hi^h toy hoys,
And h l its echoes p?av.
A i I cheer tlie mtl 1 !• >n swelling hearts
\\ ; ; v t r f!ial or- it dav,
W ll "I Z ie . Irs 11 white horse,
’I > \\ i -11iii_jt• »!i shall ride ;
So cb ir • : • ir.c-k. oMZi k is up,
A id lb! hr. • by his side*.
II ill hurrah, hurrah, my h ys,
I : ■v’: • • •!]' a \ . v. a v.t v ;
• I! t ie-.n : !i c r.it-; leek, my boys,
(hi :.i \t * I er .'li! \.
t >n i • \t cl. c i »n d iv. my U»vs,
I lie p- .pit v- if e will tell,
! . • bill.’ fjoves tile i will sfllOW
\\ -vi hi-i vv. love so weil.
II ’s s!i i - d j> ri ur i e.a-is my boys,
III- i»a;i, : ..ar : ales;
And they l »v. t he. r his li mur’d name
Idle for \ o [ i s’, iv, ■ ai lids.
The fr i V II iu !. -1*.• m uds, my bay*
\\ »!! sT- .v ms pit i u ill. ll i.vers.
W arm ho..!- and hear s of ours.
Then pea
A itl let the v.. Ikin i i- _r;
W ave, wav •. uur ofardit *tl i_£ on li:^!i,
A id Tivlor’s pr • o_y.
Old \l i»:b .md 1( a Iv fought for us
I'liro* nnav a Id tody field,
y Ids ri .\v i tir turn i . fi_dit tbr him,
And ntv r, never yield.
tty 11. \V. Longtellow.
Maid, n ! with i!ie nicek, "browneyes
I-* u li s * orbs a shallow lies !
I .ike the dink i:i tin* evening skies!
Thou, whose locks outshine the sun,
(* .Men treses, vvrei thed in one.
As the >rai.ie.l stn aadets run !
S a:.ding with reluctant feet
\\ her.- tin* hr -uk and river meet !
\\ ouiauiuwid and child.mod licet l
G zing with a ti:111d glance,
D.i ihe brooklet?s swift advance,
On the riv r’s broad expanse !
D.. p ar.d s i!I, that glidding stream
tteaulitul to ilu . must s. cm,
As the rt vt r of a dream.
Their why pause with indecision
W hen hrigat angels n ihy vision
- ttecd-n thee to liel.is of Klysiau?
•See\t tli.'U shadows sailing by,
As the dove with stalled eye,
tSeea the falcon's shadow fly ?
IlearVt thou voices on the shore,
That our ears perceive no m ire.
Deafen'd by the cataract’s r >ar ?
Oh ! thon child of many prayers !
Life hath ipiieksands—life hath snares!
Care and age come unawares I
Like the swell of some sweet tune,
M -rn is risen into noon.
May glides onward into June.
Childhood is the b-ugh w here slnrnherM
ttods and blossoms many nntnlierM ;
Age, that bough with snows encumber’d.
Gather then each flower that grows,
When the young heart overfl »ws,
T i embalm that tent of snows.
ttear a li!v in thy hand;
Gates of brass cannot withstand
(hut touch of that magic wand.
ft r through s*rrow, wrong ard ruth.
In • Ikv heart, the dew of yotith,
t tu thy li|»s the smile of mull.
Oh! that dew like lr:l u shall steel
In o troiinds tliat cannot heal;
Kvi n as sleep our eyes doth steal;
V*td that smile, l.ke sunshine, dart,
lito many a sunless heart,
1 r a smile of G >d thou art.
From the Southern Planter.
i sr.s nr si'i.piiatk of ikon.
!)•'(! S r Tor s »mc tim I have taken your Planter.
ao,l from it h ive received many valuable hints on the
subjects nt u i:>•.i it treats. I now venture tomakosome
>ug^cis,1:i • ■ 1 the results of my own experience.—
For a I • :_r ' a it was my endeavor to devise some
in' ms . : f?,; ‘. r in stable in inure its most active princi
ple. :lt« » .ij. Tuis, I think, I have effectually
> i v ' .f sal: !» rte of iron, in common language.
*Vu; p >:*J my method is to make a saturated solution
ot ib ' ilt 1 ! y y v using a c munon watering p»i.
I ,iis d ;! r:e it the sta:»le an l the time is when the am
ir aiar tl gas ^ d- :e.Med hy ilie strong smell. On ap
j lying tl»e li | *.d, the air of thes’ahle will in a few min
utes -v a ■ ire even where the gas is in such quantity
n* ’• 1 b" ': v•' • ibe lungs and irritating to the nose. I
1 -era c.a . ; ne p-«r■ • ss is this. Tjie sulphuric acid
ot the -ilr'c :u <i s rapidly with tlie ammonia, forming
a>'l|ci.i'-": n i -a, and the iron is thrown out as an
• v . i\ ; s •, ,i amm »nia (sulphate) is very soluble
in water. : I t i _ • r • xtent inodorous. In addition to
t. de' it a -.! g is is ii) st rapidly absorbed hy the
v at r i . • s. :*i • m l arre>’ .1 until the sulphuric a
rid has time tj ave tiieir >u and unite with the ainrna
'ft is not perhaps ‘rally known how powerful a
is. TV m inn* r of ns action I
• mys. \ i ■ ! v 1 i !• r'\i id: ut this I know, that it
u i! usualiv i - i:i i : .us die most offensive privies;
be t1 ,• >:t >i mg ,e;.d* reiJ hack ass ion as the solution
jy'-ras it* apple d. I ilso use it in h »g pens ami such
. n p!a • > ..ii u ay perhaps * *’>j *<rt to ihe use of cop .
pc; a-1 . lie- authority • I .eibig. who is said to have as
‘ • r'a11* d ill it > :;*:i:t• • - i ir i in excess causes rust in
" a*. I in v b > i or may not; hut if The solution
e u-cd j 11 ■., • • i, > 11 -1 y, i h r * r e will in; no sulphate of iron m
!{l ' 1 t : it is .1 •• mijvised, and the resulting com
,• : ,i oxideofiron. 01
in i\ say that it is ic , exjvnsive. To lies it is answered
ti< h it i- V. ry cheap, n ,t mure th..u t\\ . *-r three cent.*
per p .i:m I.
1 1 T" r' '• "! mi 1. we .* ,»n hear of laud over-marl
*',L * > l,r:,f n t e.,|-jK*ris w. 1)1,1 aff rd a
rearedv: I r hy ai-ti.a! experiment | know that marl snh
j,-c.ed t“ the :i< I i:i - * i be s .1 i'j(ci underg-K sa most mu
•r,'r‘I : ■ • t is, 1 sn|»pse, a sulplnt*
ot iiiae (plaster if parts) carbonic acid thrown notf and
! X!,'*‘ "t ! »n. I'he .ic .! is necessary to the ornuth of
and the oxide of iron, to sav ihe least, uul hurt
i fnl.
I have thrown out the aiMve crude remarks <»n the uses
t Milphate . t iron ; if they be found ii-efu! I -hall fe*!
myself m e ili.in repaid f r my iruulde ; if imt, at all
eve is I shall n.. b-: disapp .'mied, but try to gel wha* in
formation I .••an f; i.n uthcrs u:i th * subjects alnve treat d.
MODI*; OF MAKING wool mvttre^rs.
The firsf thing to cm' ii’ite a «go*»d. healthy bed is.
! 'bat it must lie absolu'elv fl t. iheretoie all bedsteads
i should have wooden slats its ea 1 of sacking, which al
ways form* and gives a hollow. I’he wool is car .led (in
to bat-) and all knots and < xlraneotis matter taken nt.
I ne great point is to make it thick enough. *The iest
i b**d I ever slept in had sixty lbs. cf wml in it. hut the bed
was of a very large extra size. Half that quantity will
i make a common bed, but if you wish to lie luxuriantly
and yet hard, do nor stint hie wool; it fists forever.—
i l be covering is washed once a \car—the wool carded
and a few pounds added, and the bed is sweet and new.
\N e think it would lie an improvement on Mr. An
cruiu’s system of making wool beds, to form them as re
commended above in making cotton iieds—viz : have a
layer of cloth between the layers of wool batting, and
jierlia[is a stitch pur through occasionally to keep the
w Mil in its place and prevent its crowding or packing to
W ool is cheap this year and it is a favorable time, for
those who have the article to spare, to try the experi
•Ales*rs. I] btors.—Observing an inquiry in the Prairie
Farmer :ts to whether any in the<e parts had railed the
chestnut tre° from the seed. I would inform the inquirer
that Col. R. Gilmore of this county, has two chestnut
trees in his garden, of his own raising they have home
nuts the two years past. The plan of raising the chest
nut is this: the nuts must not be suffered to become dry.
: Plant them in ilie spring of the year. The first winter
protect them from the frost, or th*-y are apt to be killed
by th • freezing. The next spring transplant in the Pil
lowing manner : Select a dry s il, dig a hole I S inches
deep, :> feet wide : fill i: up with small loose stones and
clav Jo within six inches of the surface; s<*t your tree on
that; take car * of it and and it will grow well, and in
four years heir nuts; then protect your nuts from boys
and squirrels.— Prairie Farmer.
\ hrxirirru hkdgr.
I ' e liest h'-dge in the l Stales, says the Gennes
-ce Farmer, ext.*mls about a mile along the highway on a
plantation of 3000 acres, near Augu-ia, Georgia. It is
tlie Cherokee rose*, which is now in full bloom, present
ing a n agnifieent floral spect *.'•! *. and filling the itmos
ph* re with delicious perfume. No annual w ithout wings
can get over or through it.

Give salt t > bees by laving it on tie: corner of the hoard
iga front of the hive. They need it as much as cattle or
IHier animals; and when not supplied, they are often seen
jin the mud around the door.
MMlTcV ;*Kf'.smV,
h'OlllVMWKXi; .1X1) (’OMMISSI0JY
M KltC 11. LXTS.
Main Street. Lynchburg, Ya.
k RE now receiving, and have in store, a large and
i jL well selected stock of Goods, recently purcli ase
in the Northern cities, for cash—consisting in part of the
following articles:—
210 hags Rio, Laguayraand .lava Cuftee,some very
25 hhds. NO, P. R. and St. Cr <ix Sugars,
5 bids. N. O. clarified do
15 hhds. and hols. P. R. and N. O. Molasses,
1 tierce Stuart’s extra Syrup,
2000 l!>s. Sole Leather,
10 tons Tredegar and Country Bar Iron,
2210 lbs. Blistered Steel,
1000 <iu Naylor £\. Co.’s Shear and Cast Steel,
loo sacks of Salt,
30 hales uf Domestics, from 3-4 to 5 1,
10 do Cotton Oznaburgs, Nos. 1 and 2,
10 bids. Tanner’s Oil,
10 do Nos. 1 and 2Mackarel,
40 boxes sperm and talow Candles,
130 kegs Nails, all sizes, including box and lininnr
500 lbs. Hoop Iron.all sizes,
30 kegs R:fie and Blast ing Powder,
20 nests \\ ood \\ are
30 boxes English Cheese,
2000 lbs. Lewis’s White Lead,
20 boxes Stuart’s Loaf Sugar,
10 bids. Crushed and powdered do,
8000 lbs. Cotton Yarns, best factories,
10 tons Richmond Ground Plaster.
1/ cases Hats, including Panama, Leghorn, Palm
Leaf, ^c.
50 bhls Mountain and Recti fid Whiskey,
20 do old Rye, J. Martin Renhart's do
1 pipe Otard, Dupuy & Co., Brandy,
1 do J. .1. Dupuy Sf Co., do
1 do A. Seignette, do
20 hbls. Imitation Brandy,
10 do Apple Brandy,
10 do Rye Gin,
10 d » Boston Rum,
5 do Sicily Madeira Wine,
l do fine old do do
5 do Malaga Wine,
Including Indigo, Madder, Copperas, Alum, Salt-pe
(re, B«»r:ix. Logwood, Putty, Allspice, Pepper, Ginger
Pants, Tow Linen. Bleached Sheetings and Shirtings
trace Chains.Spades* Shovel*", Castings, Wagon-boxes
with a* variety of other articles not mentioned in the abov
(X/" WAN ITT).—Bacon, Flour, Flaxseed, Butter
Tow and Flax Linen,Ginseng, Beeswax,Whiskey,&c.
for which the highest market price will be given in
Cashor Barter.
April 20—ts
L V X I) r <) It S \ L E.
rfllTK subscriber wishes to sell his trad of Land lying
-M. in the county of Amherst, contaiuimr () S’ K
II IT N I) R ED k F O R T Y9 T W O
A C |{ E S. It issituated about four miles from the
town of Lynchburg in a healthy neighborhood. Tt lies
well and is well watered. About one lialfofthe Land has
been lately cleared and is now in a high s'ate of cultiva
tion. I deem it unnecessary to mention particulars, ns
persons wishing to purchase will do well first to view
the premises before purchasing.
F« r terms apply to the subscriber, at his residence ori ,
fillIt street—near the Catholic Church.
Sept. 14—wtlX
BY virtue of a deed up a Tru«t, executed by John C !
Shackleford and wife, date 1 tin 17tli May. lS-H, and o. J
record in the Hunting* Court Clerk's t >ili-c of Lynchburg,f
Ithe undersigned Trusti will j.p . « ed to sell bv w*y ofpiifc
Auction, at or up.>n the premise s, on Thursday'’.the 2d day of ;
Novt m h ■
ter,the Real K-tatcin *aid deed meuti >ned,viz. the nkw Bricx
Tiakmfat on M in S’r.et. m the said town, at present in
th. o . up in-y of said Shackleford, and LcwtlUnk Wil
kins j—also, the w .. <m:\ 1 t'.nkmfn r and the ground attach
ed thereto, on said Main Stri t, use t c a Carriage House*
adj .doing the Livc v stable d L Al. Bruce
Acting as •Trustees, the m I rsigned vvillconvcy euchfl
tle onlv, as is vested in th- -n bv the-..id deed. TVrrasatthe
Sept 25—vvt2N Trustees.
Pursuant to the provisions of a !> ■<• I >f Trust, executed to
me by I lenrv Hall an 1 wife. 1 ily roe >rd .1 in the clerk*
"tfice of tic Hustings Court of J ,\ neheurg, Ishall.on the
27th day ot the present month, - 'l up- u the premises at
auction, foreash, the II O I S K A N* I) 1.0 1’ in said
.It i d r-.n\evt*d, situated n seventh street, in the town of
Lynchburg. !• U-iiigibt -aim property now occupied by tile
-aid Heniv Hall a- a rc-idenee.
Tin title to t bis. property is believed to be undoubted. Hii
I shall convey su- h title oiilv a- i- vested in me by said d ed
JOHN WILLS, Trustee.
S pt. mlnr I \vt27 Si pf.
The *ihuve *•»!« is pi dp »ih I till i li*-» ‘2 toll Ouulnr
next. J.NU. H I! .LS, Trustee.
>8 >Oc
\\rOOL ROLLS.—5T* • Pine W., d Roll*, for sale
> \ bv M *C< HIKLK k SIMPSON
Aug't t 2 1—ts j
At N . Mlo, Mark.': Baltimire, Mil.
SN\ 1 l K the attention of wholesale and retaif purcha
. sc-rs i.i tht sr «• « k of G .kIs now open, embracing in
Kvery m \v sty Ip 1*'luted, Fiain andSitin Striked and
P:*‘i ; i •" .mere .d .M mss* line; Saiin striped Orientals;
L n ■ i.;ered C a-ii.ui res; rmh white and coi’J Dotted
Mnsims; i*.hi hr udered Ca>;i uere Rohes; c* d*d l.yonese
Cloths; Alpacas: ti. li arid low priced Fluid Goods; with
a full supply of met iuui and low priced Dress Goods,
and high colored Fabrics for children’s wear.
Colored Dress Silks, of very rich, medium and low
priced styles, of the la est importations
Rich high lustreil Black Silks, of all widths
Rich black watered, satin striped and satin plaid silks
-M Uinery s:Iks; satins; marcelines; tl »rences, ike.
Silk velve s. a very large stock of all colors
Shawls, Visiles and Mantillas.
Splendid long and square Cashmere Shawls
Rich embroidered crape shawls
Kinbroidered Cashmere and Thibet, long and square
plaid, riel, printed Cashmere and Terkeri, black and cu
lored silk and moOming shawls, of every stylo
bilk \ isites; mantillas; cloaks, ike;
Mourning Goods,
In Lupin’s very superior Bombazines
3-1 ami 0 1 black mousselines; 3-4 and 6 4 black cash
• meres; black f reach Merinos; superior Alpacas; mour
ning Cashmeres ami dress goods generally.
Also. English ami Italian crapes; gloves; hosiery;
fove veils, ficc.
French Merinos.
A full •assortment of Lupin’s French merinos, manu
factured expressly for our sales, from sample of colors
sent out by us.
Embroideries, Lace Goods, Gloves, «fcc.
An elegant variety (at our usual low prices) of French
embroideries, in capes; collar*; cuffs; Berthes; sleeves,
standing collars; chemizettes, &c. in muslin and lace
Linen cambric and clear lawn hdkfs. in colored, re
vere, hem’d and em‘>’d
It«al Valenciennes laces and edgings; thread laces
ami edging-; mu-liii edgings and inserting*; Lisle, E
gypiian and Bobbin edgings; belt ribbons; hosiery;
milts; gloves; 11 kite Muslin fronds; linen cambrics;
ong lawns, and small articles general! v in great variety.
In Linen Goods and Housekeeping Articles,
V\ e have a most exm.-uve assortment, including Rich
ardson s superior I ;>li linens, of the best fabric, made
expressly fur our sales.
Pill >w case linens and linen sheetings of every width
Table damasks and diapers, bv the yard
Satin dama>k tabic cloths ami napkins, of all siz s
Huckaback, Russia and bird eye diapers; crash ;
Dowlas; stair linen; drugget and linen crumb cloths
1 loor baize; table and piano covers
I lanneh, ot < very well known and approved make.
\\ t- have al- * an elegant assortment of Rich Embroi
dered Luce mid Muslin Curtains, (some really magnifi
cent )
Curtain muslin by the yard; lace drop curtains and
rich curtain goods generally.
Blankets, a most expensive stock from $1,50 to $15 a
pair; crib, cradle iml berth blankets
Splendid imperial M trsnl’es quilts.
Domestic Cotton Goods.
Bleach.il and brown cottons, from j to 3 yards wide,
of all the well known makes
Drillings; je..us; linseys; kerseys; plaids, and the vari
ous articles required by farm, rs and planter’s for serv
ant’s use.
Particular attention is called to our assortment of
Goods for Mens’ Wear,
which will be found large, elegant and varied, including
French cloths, cassimeres, doeskins, &.c. in great va
riety of styles
English and American cloths and cassimeres; vestings
Serges; silesias; sewing <ilks, and
Merchant t ailors’ goods generally.
Also, a complete stock of new style cravats; scarfs
Pocket hdkfs; hosiery; gloves, &.c.
Persons not in the habit of dealing with us, are apt to
think we sell nothing but costly goods;—such is not the
fact. So tar as regards our retail stock, our range em
braces every thing that is substantial and desirable, no
mailer how common—from silks at $1 a yard to calicoes
at 05 cents! xj- All our low pi iced goods we retail at
ihe lowest wholesale prices.
We can w ith confidence invite an inspection of our
stock from wholesale and retail buyers; a* in extent, va
riety ar.d richness, it Ins never been equalled in Balti
more; whilst the large quantity of goods passing through
our hand*, enables us both to buy and sell cheap.
Sept. 23—w3m
•X I* It asaut Residence for Rent.
HD 11B tenement now occupied by me is for rent the ensuing
X year. Possession delivered the 1st of December next.
Off \ bills, good No. 3 Mackerel. Fnrsale by
McDaniel $ lee.
August 7—ts
Wholesale anti Iletail 1* voter
25 LIkIs. Porlo Rico and New Orleans Sugars,
120 bags C offee, Java, Maracaibo, Lnamayra and
2 do nld Java, superior to any ever seen in
this market, supposed to be 30 years old,
10,000 lbs. Loaf, Crushed and Powdered Sugars,
It) tierces N. O. Clarified do very fine,
G,00O lbs. prime Western Bacon, hog round,'
10 lihds. City cured Side,
10 do and 15 bbls. N. O. and West Indir
Mol assps,
2 tierces Stuart’s pure Syrup,
2 > bales 3 1.7 8 and 4-4 bmwn Domestics,
211 do Manchester Oznaburgs, Nos. 1 and 2,
5,000 lbs. Cotton \ arns, assorted,
50 sides Sole Leather,
120 kegs Manakin Nails,
25 tons Tredegar and Country Iron, embracing
almost eveiy assortment,
50 kegs White Lead,
15 bbls. 'Tanner’s Oil, very fine,
100 gallon pure winter‘strained Lamp Oil,
120 do Solar do do do
20 baskets Sweet Oil,
10 do very li ih Vintage, 1848,
1 rase Laquered Boxes extra fine Tea,
20 chests and half Chests do
5 do Imperial and Gunpowder do
50 kegs Blasting, Dupont’s and Kentucky Ilifle
200 feet Safety Fuse,
•20 tierces Grmnd Plaster,
50 setts Wagon Boxes,
• 1 tierce new Rice,
1000 lbs.prime Western Feathers,
201MJ lbs.*Blistered Steel,
1000 lbs. east and shear do
50 boxes Tallow, Sperm and Adamantine Can
100 sacks Salt,
2 ceroous superior Indigo,
* 2 barrels Madder,
20 boxes 8 X 10 and 10X 12 Glass,
I ton Grind Stones, (real Nova Scotia,)
. 2 bags (linger,
2 do Pepper,
1 do Allspice,
10 pa-es superior mass Liquorice,favorite brands
10 do do stick do do do
15 boxes Tin Plate,
500 lbs. Spelter,
5 * > do American Sheet Tron,
500 do Russia do do
15 do Mace,
o gross Mason’s Blacking
10 boxes Sonp,
5 doz. Painted Pails,
2 boxes spiced Chocolate,
0 doz. Spades and Shovels,
•2M reams fine Cap and Letter paper,
2 Ikjxi*s I lavaiitia Segars,
IUU pair heavy Bn>gnns, &c., &.c.
A largo lo! .it Prints, Bed'Tickings, Pantaloon Goods,
11 i.idkerrliieF, S n'otiugs, \ estings, &lc., all of which
will !i« sold a barga;n.
11 is h i- nds i; i d riie public are respectfully invited to
call and « \ttuirn* bis stock before buying elsewhere, as
be is (let. rmi | jt, sell
April 21—is |
joz/.v a. McCi.hwm.ix, \
§ A51 now receiving my Spring ami Summer tuck ot
A Goods, laiely purchased, at low prices, consisting >*
pirt ot'ihe following ariicles. viz :
2X1 bags Rio and Laguyra Coffee,
25 do Oh! Java ” do, very superior,
30 hlids N.O.. P. R. and St. Croix Sugar,
15 boxes Loaf Sugar.
20 hluis and bbls Molasses, (some very superior,)
210. kegs Nails,
150 sides Sole.Leal her.
Ill bbls. Tanners Oil.(nest quality,)
4 casks Lamp and Whale Oil,
25 reams Uoolscap and Letter Pajier,
100 do Wrapping Paper.
10 tons Country and Tredegar Iron,
60 boxes Sperm and Tallow Candles,
50 kegs Blasting and Ilille Powder,
20 boxes Tea,
1 chest do, a very superior article,
5000 Cotton Yarns,
40 boxes Raisins.
2 tierces Rice, fresh.
Shad, Mackerel, Herrings and Roe Herrings,
60 bbls Rectified and Mountain Whiskey,
25 do Old Rve Whiskey,
10 do Apple Brandy,
12 do Imitation French Brandy.
French and Pale Champagne Brandy, (very supe
Madeira and Sherry Wine, (best quality.)
Porter. Ruin. Gin, Malaga, Sicily,Maderia and Port
I Wine, with many other articles.
C U M .1/ / 8 S 1 O ,V B U S I .V E S S.
My prompt personalattenlijn given to consignments.!)!
Flour, Wheat, Tobacco, Bacon .and all kiudscoun
; try produce. Also, to receiving and forwarding Goods
and Produce. No charge for drayage.
HAVE in store a large and well assorted
onsisting in part of flie following articles :
75 hhds. Porto Ilicu, Cuba and N. O. Sugars,
20 bbls. Clarified do
30 boxes Loaf Sugars, “Woulsey Sc Woolsey,”
300 bags Rio, Laguayra, Java, and African Cof
20 hhds. Molasses,
20 bbls. Molasses, a prime article,
40 boxes Hull is. Son’s and Taj low Candles,
2000 lbs. Sole Leather, good and damaged,
250 kegs Nails assorted sizes,
20 bbls. 'Panner’s Oil. a prime article,
20 baskets Sweet ()il,
2 casks Solar Oil,
2 tierces of R:ce,
20 boxes and cliests of Tea,
2 ceroons best Indigo,
2000 lbs. Madder,
1000 lbs. Allum,
2000 lbs. Copocras,
8 tons Country and Tredegar Iron,
500 lbs. Cast and Shear Steel,
20 bbls. North Carolina 'Par,
50 boxes 8 X 10 and 10X12 Glass,
500 lbs. Putty,
30 Grind Stones,
200 sacks Salt,
15 bags of Pepper,
5 bags Ginger,
10 cases Liquorice,
30 kegs White Lead, No. 1, and extra,
350 Ins. Shoe Thread, fine and coarse,
30 kegs Kentucky Ride Powder,
50 kegs 13lasting Powder,
^ 500 lbs. Hoop iron,
™ 45 reams Cap and Letter Paper,
40 bales 3-4,7-8 and 4-4 brown Domestic,
150 pieces bleached Domestic,
300 pieces of Calico,
30 cases Fur and Silk Hats,
0 cases Wool Hats,
With a great variety of other goods, too numerous to
mention in an advertisement, all of which we offer at
exceedingly low prices, for cash or barter.
August 7—ts 13RYANT & FINLEY.
VT Rules hohlcn in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Supe
rior Court of Law and Chancery, for the town of Lynch
burg, on the 7th day of August, IS48:
William T. Smith, and Rylaiul Huberts, Plaintiffs,
William 15. Averett, Martha Jane Averett, wile of Win.
B. Averett, Thomas IF Averett, Richard Jones, executor of
Bedford IF Averett, dee"d., Chiswell Dabney, executor of
Simeon Austin, doe\l., Robert A. Elliott, and Andrew C.
Elliott,partners under the firm of Klliott be Brother, Philo
I Lacy, 11 ill Me Craw. \N illiam Faulkner, the President, Di
rectors and Company ol the Bank of Virginia, Samuel (i.
Norvell and the Lynchburg and Campbell Court House
Turnpine Company, Defendants,
The Defendant, Andrew C. Klliott, not having entered his
appearance, and given security according to the Actol A-sein
| bly and the rules of this Court, and it appearing by satisfac
tory evidence, that he is not an inhabitant of this country •,
it is ordered, that the said 1 lefendant do appear here on the
first day of the next term and answer the bill of the Plaintiff;
and that a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in some
j newspaper, printed in the town of Lynchburg, for two months
i successively, and posted at the frontdoor of the Courthouse
| in the said town.
A Copy—Teste,
August 14-w2m D. RODES, Clerk
AT Rules holden in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Supe
or Court of Law and Chancery, for the town of Lynch
burg, on the 7th day of August, 1848:
A. 1. B. Rucker ami Jackson Rucker, tobacconists and
partners under the style and firm of Rucker St Brother,
a r: a inst
Andrew Elliott and Robert A. EllioR, tobacconists and
partners trading under the firm of Elliott St Brother, the same
Robert A. Elliott, in his own right, Andrew C. Elliott and
Charles A. Thaxton, late merchants and partners under the
firm and style of A. C. Elliott &. Co., Alexander Mortimer
and Samuel Mef’orkle and Charles A. Simpson, merchants
and partners under the firm and style of McCorkle !k. Simp
son» Defendants,
The Defendants, Andrew C. Elliott and Charles A. Thax
ton, not having entered their appearance and given security
according to the Act oi Assembly and the Rules ol this Court,
ami it appearing by satisfactory evidence, that they arc not
inhabitants of this country: It is ordered, That the said De
fendants do appear here on the first day ol the next term and
answer the bill of the Plaintiffs ; and that a copy of this order
be forthwith inserted in some newspaper printed in the tow n
of Lynchburg, for two mouths successively, and posted at the
front door ol the Courthouse, in the said town.
A Copy—Teste,
August 14—w2m D. RODES, Clerk.
Collon Yarns and Domestics.
•V\ bales Manchester Shirtings and Oznaburgs,
5000 lbs. Monticello Cotton Yarn«, assorted,
6000 do Hlackwater do
400 do Union do
On consignment and for sale low. by
August 7—ts • McDaniel & lee
Greatest bargains ever oflered in
, . i
\Y liilternore and Cm have removed to Warw ick’s buil
ding, two doors below Yancey’s Hotel, where they in
tend closing out their stock at great bargains.
We are now receiving a large supply of clothinrr
Cloths. Cassitneres, Vestings anil Furnishing Goods
purchased by Mr. Waterhouse in New York, previous to
our determining to leave Lynchburg.all of which we w ill
sell at a small advance upon cost as it is our intention to
close hpre as soon as possible.
Gentlemen in want of goods in onr lind may be assured
of saving from twenty five to tliitty ppr. cent, as we
shall charge no pr tit. Onr stock of Cloths, Cassimeres
and Vestings is very large, and we have made arrange
tnenis to have them manufactured into any kind of Gar
ments at short notice and in the liest manner.
We respectfully request all persons indebted to the!
firms ot Waterhouse and Whittemore, and Whitlemore
&. Co., to call and settle, as we wish to close all aeounts
I tinned ialelv.
Sept.—21 is W. & CO.
/ on /tr.vr.
r.P HE Brick Tenement, adjoining the residence of M
* John D. Murrell, ami opposite to Mr. \\ illiam Mays.
Immediate pos.-vision given. 8. B. THURMAN
Sept 25—ts.
.s. ii i).ii'i~\rouT,
DKM i> r,
OFFERS his service s to the citizens of Lynchburg
and the adjoining counties, at the following very
reduced prices, when performed ai his < fH v. on
M . y li K E T S T U E E 1\
2 doors above Mam. viz:
Inserting artificial Teetn on gold plat .each $5 00
do do do on j’ivMt •ock fr-'in *2t«3 00
Plugging'r *e’h with gold f il. from * 1 to 2 00
do da do I'm do each 75
Filing each 5U
Cleansing, from , i 00 to 3 00
Extracting, each 50
Satisfactory reference given by those for v hmn l have
operated. .
June 15— 6m
nr IN DOW GL\SS FROM <*10 to 16X21,
Putty ; Nails, assorted siz* s.
Carpenter’s Looks,
Plate and closet locks,
Mortice Locks,
Hinges and Screws,
Rowland’s Mill and Crosscut Saws,
Hoe’s Casteel Mill Saws,
Eleptic Springs,
Patent axes.
Doable and single Bench Plum s,
Fancy Planes, a good assutment.
Hand, Panel and Tenon Saws,
Spirit Levels,
Blacksmiths’ Bellows,
Anvils and Vices,
Stocks and die,
Ames and Rowland’s Shovels, &_•*. &<• . 1 » hand ami for
sale by GREGORY & ROY ALL.
i at H. B. Richards’old stand.
Sept. I 1 —tS
Iflaiu JStrool,
rvv 11 K subscriber lias opened t hi - line I Intel, !• > r the aeeom
X inodatien of the public, and will give it hi- undivided
personal attention It has been repaired from Garret to Cel
lar, and enlarged by the addition oi some
G. LVTDINING IIOOM, L. 11)1 US' 1>. IllLUR&c
The sleeping apartments in tiie new addition are large and
airy, neatly finished and lumished with
NRir J'Ullyi rum
the whole presenting an air ■ mattu-s and adaptation to the
comfort and convenience ol guests, seldom seen in the best
regulated hotels.
Besides the usual comforts ol a house of this kind, there is
a#Spring oft he ver\ best freestone water, gushing from the
rock on which the hotel stands.
It being Ltie intention of the proprietor to make this a first
rate? Hotel, in its conduct, and general arrangement, as it C
admitted to be in extent and architectural design, he hop - t •»
obtain, and willeudeavor to merit, the potronage ot the. pub
Gentlemen arriving in their own conveyances will find a
and for the accommodation of Travellers in the Canal Pac
kets,a good Hack will always be in readiness toconvey them
to and from the hotel.
OH AS. L. DIDUELL, Proprietor.
May 25—6m
f fUIR subscriber having taken into his business, as a
1 partner,
the business will from and after this time be conducted
under the name of Peters 6s, Stiirler. lie returns his
sincere and grateful th inks to his old friends and custom
(era, who have so long patronized turn.arid would respect
ully solicit a continuance of the same to the new firm.
August 3—ts
| ^AAA LBS. Superior Fnmilv Bacon.just receivep
; I UUU and for sale by LACY 6c GARL AND.
Sept. 21, J 848—ts
\Y e have recently accepted the agency for the sale
! of Ross’s Cast Iron Corn mill, a very useful machine
I ami invaluable to millers and stock feeders. Any person
wishing such an article, can be supplied on short no
tice, ami upon advantageous terms, with the privilege
of returning the mill if it does ru*i cine up to the recom
mendations, LaCY & GARLAND.
• Sept 21 — ts.
$io KrAYA»n).
RAN AW A\ tram Messrs. \\ . W . Taney &. Co.
on the lltlr last., a hiiolit mulatto Buv,
tipparenliy 28 nr thirty years uf aw, small, stature, and
rjuite box ankled, a Shoemaker by trade, and havino e
loped with liis tools, he probably intends making bis
way to a near lr"e State.
The above reward, of TEN 1)01,1. VUS, will be (riv
en for liis apprehension and detention in Jail,or his deliv
ery to me in Farmville,Va.
June 19—ts P. It. JACKSON
Itoliri'l 1. Knil.
.7 T T <) 11 A E V A T I. .7 IF.
All business entrusted to bis care will be promptly
atteiiiipd to.
Address, Campbell Court House. Y:i.
.July 17—3m
have on hand, suitable lor Contractors,
I T T 1200 lbs. Cast Steel, assorted size,
5,000 Feet Patent Safety-Fuse,
15,000 lbs. Round,Square,and Bar Iron, well as
•15,000 lbs. Western Bacon, prime quality,
8 Dozen •‘Rowland” Shovels,
A lot of Crow Bars, Slednes. Mould and Rope.
Sept. 18— ts McCORKLK &. SIMPSON.
have just received and offer fur sJle :
Tv 50 this. Common Whisky.
50 do best Old Rectified do
Also,superior Cognac and Champagne Brandies.
August 7—ts McDaniel lef.
HAA’IJS 11'. I A TEA).
f I |I1E subscribers wish to hire, fur the rema inder o
this, and the next year.
to labor on the James River Canal.at a point about 17
miles above Lynchburn, fur u hich the most liberal prices
u ill be paid.
Refer to Geo. Booby,or A. iJ. Rucker, Lynchburg.
Amtierst co., Aug. 28—is
I rinc<j;ar ! Vinegar !!
PURE CIDER VINEGAR—a superior article—
For sale by Me DANIEL LEE.
August 7—ts
rT'IIK subscriber is receiving hi- Fall and WintCr Stock ol
* Staple and Fancy Pry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Cap?,
Shoes, Sole Leather, 8to., See.
His friendsand the public, in want of < ioods, are requested
to examine his Stock, which is largt , well assorted, and at
prices to suit the times.
He wou*d call the attention of Tobacco Manufacturers and
others to a lot ol heavy 'l'weeds, Sattiuctt-.J- 1 and 0-4 lulled
cloths plaid Linsey, Sec., well suited tor Factory Hands.
Sept. 18—ts
4 BARGAIN to be Lad by earlv* application to
jY d. b. PAYNE.
March 23—ts
•IOIS PKINTIXt; neatly
and expeditiously done
at this Oilice, on the most
\nd Horse Bills and Clerks’
Blanks printed to oudlkon short xotic
Feb. 14—ts
!•’ \;,I, ‘•i k-s!<
IZrtiirtoljtU tlBenon 1'ollrar.
ft fiKl-uU St-.sii >:i ill th.s In si ii in imi will rsmini-ni-i ,
* V) cJ.icsdaj-, the ‘Jthof \u-.ist, IKJK Tin-l*rfc|.aratur,
1 ‘' >* ltiilpuwaj is! tiarivsburK, ji. C., w ill • .1 . ..
-llli.M.milin in .Inlv.
K u ri.rv ok coia.KiiK.
' s""tb, n. H.jl’risi.l. lU ami Prof, ol .M011t.1l «„a
A1 'iAI Philosophy.
Ihiv i.l I bin. an, A. M , Prof, of Ancient 1 *angungt *.
!••/.■ Uu-1 \. Ilia:, h. A. M., Plot, ot pure ami applied Mathe
R*' d t has. p Deems, Prof, ot Kxperimeiital Sciences.
h|"'1 !*• Lorprcyv, A. It., 1'utor ol Ancient Languages
an.I Mat h»mat ie
PHl.NripAl.s nr PHKPAU \Toi;\ st llot'l.s.
W m. I . Davis, Principal t the Preparatory School alCol
' D - it». Piincipal ot tin- Preparatory Sell. >1 at
llidgeway, N. C.
I’lia-. It Stuart, Principal ot tire Preparatory School at
(J.irty>lmrg, N
'Pile e illegi.ite year is divided into tyya*, scs-ion*. — The
first begins eight weeks after, and tin second *21 weeks
fore, the 2nd Wednesday i.. J ■. u To such as ilesiri t Muitei
College, it is important that they#be in attendauci it «tlu -
pening ot the se-sion. A short absence at that tune may
rdacc a stud-, nt under disudy antages which will impair his
scholarship throughout the session. Our course id study i
0 arranged as to meet the wants of young men yvho de-iie t.»
aeiptiru an extensive Luglish i Jii.ni!io:i, yy it liout study in»
the Ancient Languages. The benefit to be derived from thi
use of the Lit• ari. > and from utUnlanec on tlu Literary
Societii - should strongly induce such young men to prose
cute their studies here. In order I >r a student to enter up. n
tin Luglish course, lie mu- t lie 11.. •roughly acquainted y\ ith
Luglish < • railunar, ( L • .g* iphy and \i ithmetic.
The expense*, of t his iu-t itut ion are as follow s;- Board p( r
ses-iou > 10; Tuition and d. po-ite fee per m-s-ioii >22 f»n ,,r
>12.* lor t h c ill. giatc y ar, . \ -lusive I inenh ut?l expense.,
which in- 1 tde text hooks, lurniture.fm-1, So* tor room in t
lege.Pocket money i- an ext ra matter altogether.Mi r» than i*
ue-es-.iiv to meet tin- rea<oiial>le w ants of a student will prove
injurious. ’1’lie pr.o tice .•! e uitraeting debts w it h tiaih snien
hi the y trinity ot C- >i lege. i*. in the highest degnu* pernicious.
A lay\ ol tie: State .•! \ irgini.i, with a view to provide u n-m
edy for this bane fall Colleges, is to this cllect: That an?
mere.nant \vho-h:il I trust a Colhgv student, \\ ret ot t mui i ij.
Al'TXnum n:o.M nisi ai:i NT oil ol Ai:i>ty\. shall, upon run.
vieti 11 ot t he t a t, f l felt 1 lie tie! ■ t, k lie it hi- 1 if* !.*•< . aiul p;,r
1 penalty ol - - ! ) I .• t pai t ts and gu mliar.s havedtn regard
to t las layv. and y\ lie re it may he si riet ly necessary to . .j m an
account yy it h .i merchant, let the iiniiyidual be designated
and the amount *q»eeifu d, and the • vil w ill e ase.
PliJ.P\ li \T< >R\ I )KPARTM KNT.
Tlu-primary oh; ot tin Preparatory Schools, is to pre
pare young men tor (' 'liege, h it t lie ro.irse ot study i* -ucli
as to meet the wants of the neighborhoods hi which they are
located ami t > quality students b r t he ordinary occupations
of life.
The S V i >1 in the y i.‘mily of ('ollcge c«*nt inues umlrr the
• if vet i»n ol Air. \\ . 1’ | lay i-. an aide aiul successful Teach
er.aiul my oyy n immediate supervision.
Its si<ms n:i 1 va--.it i • i- are the Mine as thost id tin- ( .d
h-ge proper. The cost of hoard, i * a little less than a
student ot ('ollege p.i \ s.
Boarding and lolgi-ig in private families, incuding all other
nessary c\pen-« s. -.10 per month.
Tuition perse-Mon f.T ( I • --1 »l students. <*20 0
l£ £k f'-r Kliglish studies, 15 Oil
Kor the school at (Jan y-shurg, N. we have obtained
the m rvi- i s ,| .\| r. ( dis. B. Stuart, A. M ; and tor the •clitml
at Ridgeway, V (' , we have engaged the serv ices «.! Mr.
W. C. Doub, \ A!. Th gentlemen gradual ( 1 a few
years since at our institution, yy ith a high reput.iiioit, ai d
have been teaching witli eminent success since that tni*r.
I lie seholasti • y Lr will will he divided into tyvo *. -*i..n> <*t
o months each.
Expenses at the (larcyslmrg School.
Board in the he-t families, per niuutli, Ironi >(j t ■ 7 00
Tuition lor (ireck and Latin, per session, 17 00
li li Reading and Spelling, £t 10 (Ml
<c “ other Kngluli branches, << 12 51)
Expenses at the llidgcicmj School.
Boaad, per month, at tire Academv llall, >9 0
u iC in private tamiiies, S II
Tuition—Latin and (In-ek, per session, 15 0
“ Spelling and Reading, u 10 INI
££ Higlu r hranehe- of Knglish, 1250
1 In-sc Selin >1- are in dL/ihle I. .cations, in intelligent and
mural communities. (iarev.-htirg is in Northampton. N.
direct ly at t he jimeti n (d the P*»rtMiioiith and Wilmington
Rail Roads. Ridgeway is in Warren, N. (*., at Ridgeway
Depot, on the Raleigh and (iaston Rail Road.
I shall give the necessary attention to these schools, and,
export, in company with one of the officers of the College,
, to attend the annual examinations—grade all the students,
and admit qualified applicants to the different classes in Col
lege, without further examination.
Persons sending to the Preparatory Department, on selu»
lar-lups must send to the school in the vicinity of College,
unless some special arrangement is made with the subscriber.
July 17" 211
mu cii \ur.s c. m:i)>(>.\\
\rOI not bring an inhabitant of the C .mmonwrnlth
ot \ irginia, notice is hereby given you, that we
w ill on the 2C>:h, 27ill anil 28lh d.ivs of ()ctnlier in xt, at
the office oi .1. and 1 . \\ ills in the T »vvn of Lynch
burg and Slate of Virginia, proce *<1 to take the I)' ;v*!«i'
tions ot John M. Warwick and others to ho readasevi.
deuce on the trial of a certain suit in Chancery, now de
pending, and undetermined in the Circuit Superior Coiirl
ot Law and Chancery, for the 'Town of Lynchburg, in
the State aforesaid,-in which said suit Thus. A. Hranslbril
executor of Samuel Hransford dec’d, Pliebe Hranslbrd
and yourself are Plaintiffs and we are Defendants.
The -Mayor and Commonalty
ot (lit ’Tou'n oj Lynchburg.
Sept. 18—wlm
\ T Rules hidden in the Clerk's Office ofthe Circuit Supe
rior Court of Law and Chancery, for the town of Lynch
burg, on the 7th day of August, 1S4S :
S. |). ( rensltaw, \\ in. (i Crenshaw, J. II. Crenshaw and
L I). Cren.-havv, late partners under the style ot L. 1*
Crenshaw , Brother Sc ( o., aiu’ the said L. I ). Crenshaw and
U illiaiu (i Crenshaw, partners under the linn and style of
L. D. Crenshaw k Brother, Plaintiffs,
A*i \I\ST
Samuel G. Norvell. and William B. Averett, partners un
derthe tirin of Norvell N. Averett, John Wills, Charles L.
AI »shv, \\ ni. S. Reid. )r., Hubert J. Davis and Andrew (
Llliottand Charles \. ’I liaxton, merchants and partners
trading under the firm ami style ot Klliott fce Co.
1 defendants,
1 he Defendant, (diaries A Thaxton, not having enter
ed his appearance and given security according to the Art. of
Assembly and t h. U lies >>l this Court, and it appearing by
sat isiaetory evidence that In- is not an inhabitant ol thisroun
trv: It is ordeied, that the -aid Defendant do appear here on
the first day of the next term and answer the bill of the Plain
tiffs and that a copy of this order lie forthwith inserted in some
newspaper printed in the town of Lynchburg, tor two months
successively, and posted at the front door of the Courthouse,
in the said town.
A Copy—Teste,
August 14—w2m ’ D. RODKS, Clerk.
VT Rules holilen in the Clerk’s (’dice of the Circuit Supe
rior Court of Law and Chancery, for the town of Lynch
burg, on the 7th day of August, ISIS ;
The President, Directors and Company of the Bank of
Virginia, Plaintiffs,
Wm. B. Averctf, Martha Jane Avrrett, wife of Win. B.
Averctt, Robert \. Klliottand Andrew C. Klliott, merchants
•mil partners trading under the firm of Klliott and Brother,
Philo Lacy, Hill Mi Craw, \\ m. Faulkner, The Lynchburg,
and Campbell (^ourt House Turnpike Company, Joseph B.
Hanson ami Andrew C. Klliott, mcrehantsand partners tra
ding under the firm of Hanson k Klliott, Francis B. Dean,
jr . Andrew t . Kill .tt ami Charles 11. I backstop, merchants
and partners, trading under the firm ol Andrew C. Klliott k
Co.,and the said Andrew ('. Klliott in his own light, AA in.
M. Sutton and Thomas P. Nash, merchants and partners
trading under the firm and style of Sutton k Nash,
I A l. I 1 \ A l hni .
The Defendants, Andrew ('. Elliott, Joseph B. Hanson and
C liarlcs A. I hack-ton, not having entered their appearance,
ami given «ecurity, according to tlie Act of Assembly and the
Utiles of this Court, and it appearing hy sutisfactoiy evidence
t hat they are not inhabitants of this country : It is ordered,
that tin; said Defendants do appear here on the first day ‘*1
the not term and answer the billot the lMainliU-. andthat
a c tpy of this order !>. fortliw ith insert rib in seme m wspaper
printed in the town of Hynchbt.rg, t< >r two months stu-ces*
sively, and posted at the front door of the Courthouse in the
said town.
A Copv—Teste,
1). 110DCS, Clerk.
August 14—\v2rn
.a v,usaa.
H discontinued the Drv Hoods business. I take
pleasure in returnidg inv t hanks to my late customers and
thejmhlic generally . for tiuii liberal patronage.
Being- desirous to clo-e up niv business as soon as possible,
all p -rsons indebted to Burton K Rod* s. Bodes Se Burton, nr
K. I. Burton, are re»pic ted to call at my Dtliec oyer niv late
Store, and settle their ucoounts. K- J - BUR 1 ON.
June 5—ts

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