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|n <i .Hawing table, wherever ilte vo'e of a conn
,, n 1848,is given in fid!, u is copied fr im Ihe onifhi
avT' S3', transmitted bv ihe <Mm:iiissi'ir,ers ofelee'iun
t tht G vern.ir of ihe 8ij.e. Where mij rititt, mere
>, are given, they are taken from the most reliable un
oili'.'.ai data in .our p»ss^s»i m.J
l'\>!r t‘ir VrcAid m I'll ami IS4N.
1544 1548.
C at. P Tk Tayl.r. Cass
I ,f Wight 95 479 105 37'
.N ,r:'.!k City 634 4"3 652 ft
\ . ..on nd 3*11 444 311 48*
I’t -es* A-ine 3-471 251 373 47*7
N y' 627 390
> u ha upton 325 391 333 3*'«
> a 144 325 -4 47
5jrry 118 168 94 15'
Total 26 11 25 44
Van II r ii's naj 21'' 1’ , Vs :nij. 4-31. Cass's maj. 225
P.-ters'iiirg 376 336 392 33
I): . w:d.i.e 470 31S 454 44'
14-11-,- Vk 191 403 413 337
N ittotvav 137 134 117 14'
Greensville 83 146 79 15'
I'r.nc- G-'-ege 139 246 14? 21'
Meckle, arg 276 613 312 47*7
Amnia 159 47 4 ic3 4'.'
T.tal 1634 2508
Van Bareli’s maj 6 14. I* » s m.aj. 321. Cass’s maj. 36*
H. 'X 344 1041 395 54:;
1 . amt 833 635 834 55'.1
if. y 306 458 315 251
l'Miki.1 ■ 619 67 4 60S tioO
Patrick 309 356 115
T .til 2176 ' 2991
Van Bureu’a maj 40. P.dk’s maj. 518. Cans*# maj. 22
\:,:s.ma*t"X 490 342
I. nenhnrg 196 "'A? lt>9 2,4
Frinee Edward 4*4 7 211 253
< ,/it- 337 346 27*9 4" 3
« mi."i hind 474 207 233 164
F \ :i:l":t 305 445 471 17*9
C .-H ' ■ t liv, 791 551
li. i n 548 590 344 v
T tal 2757 2759 250* *117
Harrison’s maj. 225. Polk** mftj. 2, l.iylor** maj. P7.
1 Jl' 1 11 DI.STKIC*
\ tarle 917 *1)2 833 619
A i-'c-rst 4ol I'll 4
li-.if.rd 911 639 8-5 4 4
(1 4 60 300 63 2i 0
M.t its iir 65 512 09 4
\ 41! 21*1 39 * 229
Ora ge 239 288 29*j 2c l
Total 31 >2 3193
Harrison's maj. 117. P,ilk’s maj. 71. Taylor’* maj. 120
JJanaver 553 4'3 19) -127
Louisa 36 1 525 307 411
I’.wuataa 215 210 151 ‘2*14
I .t.-rii.-Id 333 604 :2'l
l< t-hlatid 1(75 319 168 251
II c n r u*o 578 405 592 393
Rn'linioiid Ciiy 847 282 1 (JO 1 315
Total 3065 2827
Van Huron’s maj. 190. Clay’s maj. 238. Taylor’s m. *29
M tilt. w< 172 222 130 1 ~ J
J ones City 103' 39 99 37
Warwick 67 24 62 15
JN irtliainpton 240 116 170 95
Aero nae • 500 472 211
> i K nt 198 177 ' 176 101
('ll irlis City 202 43 142 5p
K i/.a'."l; City 133 123 133 120
illtatU'Liwro IV» ml 47 ■ t
Glomvsior 233 220 185 197
lurk 113 109 26
Lai, aster 139 99 137 107
X irlhuuiberland 1?5 276 73
Total 2117 1970
Hu'risjn’s m ij. 1522. Clay’s maj. 447. Taylor's in. 525
Essex* 229 186 186 135
Middlesex 131 118 116 (25
K mg is. llueen 250 323 224 258
K rimnnd ( .it iiy 2|42 154 32
Westm oieland 305 07 249 (it)
Caroline 476 *03 367 42r>
SHittsylvania 438 442 '413 405
King George 165 117 149 112
King William 109 337 93 £34
Total 2305 2212
llartison’s maj: 72. Clay’s maj. 93. Taylur's maj. ?5.
Alexandria 539 225
Fair tax 410 391 489 820
Prince William 159 457 207 412 i
i.iuduun 1505 474 1453 420
Culpeper 396 298 354 3!>|
Rappahannock 359 31 1 304 230
Staff*,i 233 840 230 255
Fatpjuier 761 607 685 503
To'al 4219 3185 4261 2092 j
Harrison s maj.901. Clav’s maj. 1034. Taylor'e m. 1569
Frederick 865 887 793 884
Hampshire <37 3 09* 581 657
Berkeley 663 539 608 544
Jefferson 725 624 738 594
Clarke 199 220 9
Warren 129 321 T'22 285
Cage 50 628 69 595
■M rgas 183 216 188 201
Total 3126 4129
\ . Buren s maj. 821. Polk’s maj. 703. Cass’* maj. 650
Rockingham 290 1716 395 1655
Ra-khrtdge 697 542 665 501
Augusta 1398 (365 621
Pendleton 409 552 285 30S
Highland 101 242
I lard V 533 272 254
Shenandoah 170 1 372 1 76 1404
Tti'a! 3494 5120
V. Buren’s maj. 1259. Polk’s in. 1623. Cass’s m. 1568
M nr e 425 4450 4 S8 409
B 'Vt..prt 394 C95 462 GS3
R *an ike 177 279 183 249
M.in 'sjuinery 361 345 31
Pulaski ' 166 174 131 141
Floyd 124 297 44
Giles 267 350 Co
Mercer 173 177 10
Greenbrier 709 37.1 653 S' 3
Pocahontas SI 227 106 212
Kogan 123 177
Ik* ne 51
Bull 196 250 152 124
Highland* . 101 2SS
Alleghany 114 ISO 104 7*9
Total 3405 3962
A . Bure: s maj 397. Polk’s runj 557. Cass’s maj. 99.
iv7th« 309 '553 347 33t>
Russell 415 416 166
s'muh 275 371 326 309:
Carroll 121 263 179 2 0
Xiravs.ui 150 331 103 200
T z well 100 627 342
Washington 371 723 485 670
Sc,.tt 276 531 . lei
I .ee 237 57 8 202
T tal 22.53 4393 i
^ • 13.** m j. 140/. L’Jk s maj *14v’. Cast’s maj. 5J4
Richie 104 254 1*34
Kanawha C83 442 5*30
P ifnim 10 *
J t 5 son 217 3)4 3
Mason 415 363 75
(5**41 287 340
Wayne 190 1>4 16)
L-wis 329 €81 188
H«rn~,n 479 769 443 611
Braxton 186 156
W • 5:33 33) 430 322
Wirl 12*4 13)
F.iyeti* * 249 163 15*)
N '-i las 17) 117
T "A 4172 4P*3
Harnsoub maj. 235. C lay’s maj 39. Tu3 >r’s maj. 563
Rarb«'ur *j2. 46** " 210
Br ke . 427 513 15
M i Tiga! 4 393 7V 1
M trsntil 5*gl 554 *»1
Ohio K)7 4' ‘2 277 *47 8
Pre*t«m 382 5 11 *5
IT i l,»h 207 199 201 213
Tyler 411 511 40
Mart .a 2s6 677 32?
Tayl r ’-414 259 260 '.*<
Doddr dge
Wetzel 228
Hancock 164 ^ >6
Total 4022 4897
The following is 1 despatch <i tied* Cincinnati, Novem
ber 18. in the Columbus State Journal;
“ All the counties in Illinois are heard from but fif’een,
■a’ '1 the Whig gam is050*3, b ur it is not sufficient. The
State lias voted for C i<s and R itier.’’
J lin. ngav * P>.lk 12.982 m-j tit. The Whig gain
of 9596 would leave 3336 to i>e over *«>me in fifteen coun
ties, and reuuire ait average gain of 223 per county.
, Tii- New Orleans Bulletin *-{*111.* 15th instant says:
We hav**’carefully corrected oiir returns received
! ffuin the different parishes, and find that the present
f'aylor inaj rity is il58, leaving 10 parities vet to hear
from, which, in 1 "4 1 gave 550 inaj irttv fir P »|k. We
>half probably induce that iiKj-riiy to 3tK), leaving, on
, ih- full returns f r the tri.oie Stale, a majority u4 40011L
2^5 ) thr Ta\ lor.'*
T 1 ?• suit of liio election in t:.i® S:.a4n 4s »:ill in
I l-i‘graphic des utch ; » th 1 .’ambus (Ohio) S'ate
Journal, dated Cincinnati,Nov. 18th, is to he I

’• T ; r'T Du? <%.untie® in- Mt-'.^ippi give 9 V ig
'gam of 5.')••». The State is conceded to Cu*a hy a
Mm.ii :.i .j »r.:y."
< ’ • Aug tsta tr. Se : » I* of (he
20th, says :
*• \\ r . >v t v that the last Montgomery Fl ig, ( D m.
classes 11 i> .'Vale a'ii"ng tl*o®* wbifii have certainly v>»
I . We
of the tac1.*’
A letter from Vicksburg to the %. (4. Picayune, da
ted N >v. 11th. quotes the following from the Jackson
**Miss!«<sini»iair’ (Democratic) of hat dav.
‘•'I’he Flection.—We have not sufficient official < r
reported returns, t » enable us 1 . slat.* posi tv< ly the n
suit of the eleett .n, in this > ate, •fro n all th • inter*
maiion in our possession we arc led to the conclusion that
M s.-.i-sippi has given lor vote tor iavfor and Kilim to.—
From the - ffieial returns contained in nor table it will
be perceived that large and astonishing accessions have
been made to tie* ranks of o ir opp »nent-j, and that relia
ble though unofficial returns in this city, from the detn
ocratic strongholds, fully justify the belief that we have
suffered an overwhelming defeat. ‘J*;.:-- is truly ast n
ishiug ! A r- **u!t which can b * accotmte ! for bv no or
dinary mode of reasoning, llowcver.it is a tliincr more
pa wondered talked a t. IV • 11, n'im
' Our Whig Iriends can call at bhaw's and get
their hats.’*
A postscript in the Picayune’s letter,sav5:
“Passengers just ill say they have no doubt the State
has gone for'Fayb>r. Returns from twenty seven coun
n-s, and the gain is 2*13 vo'es. Tnis is • ffieial.—
Tippa and Ttshammgo rep.»rted as having gone t »r Tav
I t. They will not'bet ib^re even nor in Jacks ui, ou this
State, \tc’>c g ii
lours, 5Lr*.
The Charleston Mercury quotes the following from
ihe Mi-ssis-ippian of a later date than the 11th:
“From all the information in our p •-'Ses-i m, we are
led to the conclusion that Mississippi has given her vote
to Taylor-and Fillmore ”
Alabama Kitcfvui.—The Montgomery (Alab.) State
Gazette, of the 17th instant, states that the returns have
been received from aU the counties in Alabama, which,
footed up, give Cas-*.625 majority. The Gazette says
the returns arc nearly all official.and with one exception
(Cuflee county, which is set down at 23 majority for
Cass,) may be rdi-d on as correct. This sets the ques
tion at rest a* lo the final result in A a jama.— C.'iar.
A telegraphic despatch from Albany gives this fol
lowing information as to the Presidential contest in that
Stale: —
Official and unofficial returns f*u» the whole of the
Ntate leave been received, and give the foMowin" re
Taylor 218,538
Van Buren 120,376
Casa 114,583
Taylor over Cass 103.955
Van Buren nverCass 5,793
AH the counties are official except Albany, Catarau
ga. Krie, New York, Rockland and WestHiester.
\\ iscoNstx.—it the following list of Congressmen
elect tr-om \\ isconsin is correct, each party elects a mem
ber m that State, it is taken from a despatch from Mil
waukie to the Detroit Advertiser of the 1 hh inst. Acce
ding to this, the members elect are as follows ;
1 Charles Durkee, Free ; beating W114. Pit4
Lynde, Cass, ami A. Finch, jr.. Taylor.
2- Orsannw Cole. \\ big; beatingG; IV. Crabb,
Free Soil, and A. h. Smith, Cass.
3. James Dinne. Cass; bearing Stoddarfc JudJ#
Free soil, and T. O. Howe \\ «itr.
Gen. TaVlor.—Our readers I ave probably remarked,
that all the General officers of our army, as they returned
from Mexico, with the exception of Gen. Taylor, have
.been < rdered on to Washington. The People, however*
not un lorstarrlmg this kind of pariality, have now or-,
ifnre.l G>*;j. Taylor to proceed there likewise.-*-.V. O
We take great pleasure in m.king public ibesubj *i;i
ed r irrespoivience. Our readers need not be informed,
that in til* lav war with Mexico Cofmel Steptoe acted
a most dtsUnguisbed part—winning by his o-*iLintrv a
grade in tire service which has rarely been attained at
so-early an age. The complum:;- design ! is ren i- :*d
more appropriate by liie fact, that Col. Neptuc be ng a
m mg the last u ho readied this country af. r the close of
the War, did not participate as largely in the pubic
honors i*s many—less worthy—who had preceded him.
Lynchburg, X jv. 8, It 48.
Lieut. Col. Steptoe:
The undersign? 1 have been ap
pointed, by a portion of ihe citizens of Lynmiburg, a
(' •mmittee, to tender you in their name a CoinplnneiUa
ty Ba’l, to be given in this place a* -uch time ns y mr c<m
v- ;i;.*:!ce m iv designate, They desire by this method t •
tes ifv in some measure, their ad.nira i m arid gratitude,
as Virginians, towards one who by his deeds and de
portment as a soldier and gentleman, has illus rated tlie
ctiaracter of ooih, and shed new luster upon their native
Willi sentiments of high respect, they Lave the hon
or lu be,
l our fiiertds and Obedient servants.
3. K. IR VINO.
.1 NO. M. SPKED.
D A. WII>ON, Jr.,
New London Va., Xjv, *£3, irlS.
I had the pleas ire to receive t > Jay
your letter of the 13th inst. len-ien.ug me. in behalf of
a port too of the p^ pie. of Lynchburg, a complimentary
Ball at such lime as I may de> gnate.
ltcccive my sincere ibauka lor thte» a*. ci ktoduev, and
believe i pray you that it will afford uie gr.~al bappi
ness to meet i t so pleasant a wav. a people for whom 1
have ever entertained the highest admiration and re
# A y lay of the next week will suit my convenience
perf- rtly.
W i h assurance of high re gard, I 3m, Gentlemen,
Vour Obedient servant.
T ■ J. K Irving. <$*c. Committee.
The lii 1 \*ii! begiv*n at the Franklin Hotel on Fri
day eve.nng, the !si of December.
From the \Vashi-igt<v» Battcrv.
■•*.2 second Daniel has come to judgement!” *' Oh, mo ft
learned Judge
So fi;i *iisly earnest lias our venerable neighbor of the
G iv*rnment "rgan been, aim »st every day for a month or
two back, that he was a political prophet, in whom the
pe.,■)!-■* might p'.ac 1 uplcit faith, when he declared that
u *nl Cass icould, and General Taylor would not, be
el* c -d Presi:*it. we have deemed it right and proper
: - p) ice in th* c du;nr*j of the Battery, for preservation
f itu e refer*nee, the amiable old gentleman's very
•st_« pp dictions a;ul declaration*, as we find them laid
d • wu, day following dav, in his late editorial lucubra
U ns »
We have not sptce to give al! that wo c«*uld wish to
preserve on the subject. Here and there we cull speci
al as follows:
From the Union. Oc'ober 20.
Vi *t <rv s certain, tor ihe Democracy are now amused.
Eicii man is buckling on his ar.nuor for the desperate
eonfii *t. i ne Whigs are entering the field with their
spurs tipjted wi it silver. They have used money co
piously in the !aie eleeti »n tor the purpose of corruption,
and 1 hey are about to ply the same weapon.
# * * * * # #
We, on.mir part, exercise our privilege in reclaiming
T. uiisiana and Florida from the hands of the infidels.—
This would run Gen. Cass up to 170 votes. W e will
not yield Tennessee, Maryland, North Carolina, r.or
Connecticut, nor New Jersey, without a tremendous
From the Uninn. October 21.
Vet even a temporary defeat on the lOtl* October se
eur-’s us a g!.»ri *us victory .*n the 7th November. The
♦ * d Keystone i» roused. She is animated by pride and
patriot is n, and by everv honorable motive which can in
s;vre the brea-fs »»t* freemen, to redeem herself from the
hand-of the Philistines. She is pe.feciiv safe, and so is
‘♦■•I". \ l wiih these three g^ai States to begin with
we must carry our cause.
X'ruiii the Union, October 22*
Jfr. I'i'i’U'tncm*.* Speech.—rWe re/fce that Mr. 15ueh*
•<nan (•('•••! s thr A iM to commune with hi* countrymen.
Ilisc1 j;! spc ch in this morning’s 4 uion gives us
1 the sitr ;: assurances that Pennsylvania will redeem
iT -• It* Asoe - if our correspondents? say*, too, it was
■ • • 'i’.d t<> make lh» heart of Pejinsvlvauifttii* beat with
priii'* to le nr th • high eulngium which was pronounced
1 up mi th K -vstone hy one of her brightest s ms.
1 Di l it make tin* heart of Pennsylvania beat with
I pri 1 7 Y- s, that pride which resolved her to be revenged
up.m her deceivers — ti tilery J
From the Union, O -t. 25.
Vkn.v-yi v kni t wn Om.).—We can scarcely be mis
taken i i the results of the election in these two powerful
Slates. We have seen the s'ronge.st assurances fr mi sev
eral quarters of the irresistible spirit which animates, and
the brilliant success which awaits, our friends in the
Iv ystoiie State.
•s # # * *
We put down the vote of Pennsylvania tlieref ire, as
unquestj . ile. A 'ii nsand circumstances confirm it.
With P -vlv mi l. Ohio and Virginia, then, standing j
I together with Maryland, North Carolina and Tennes- !
-ee, (;.cither of ubi :!i was with us in 1844.) brighten- |
ing l»ff .re u-^ : and with the new Suites which are about '
0 give their virgin v *te«; and wish the other States ( 1 1
ways excepting N. York) which rallied with us four
years og •, wliocan despair ? We assure our distant as
: s<«ciat**s every where, that we havd never seen the Re
publicans around us m .re animated by hopes, and more
, inspired by enthusiasm,than they are at the present time.
For the rest we dismiss all fears to the winds.
Our prospects, indeed, are brightening every day ir,
'iVnnessee. We have the names of four gentlemen,
•t* great weight of. character, who have gone from the
M big to iho Democratic ranks. Among these is the I
gentleman named in the Knoxville Standard of the1
lOili instant;—“the formidable and accomplished Whig |
Representative fro n this district in the Congress of the !
Lotted States 1 r.<m 1837 to 1"’13—the Hon. J. L. Wil
ha ns. Air. \\ illiaius is a man of decided talents arid
great influence—ilie son of a distinguished, man,who was 1
t -r ic-rlva Noiator of the United States. Air. J. L. I
Williams was a Whig—a friend of Air. Clay ; but be ;
was also the friend of Texas—the friend of the Mexican j
war—a friend of the rights and honor of his country; and
when lie saw the \\ higs themselves throwing Air. Clay j
overboard, he thought it high time to leave their ranks, t
and to c » opiate with the Democratic party. We wel- j
come him to uur ranks.
From the Union Oct.. 25.
1' h'more’s letters are working a powerful revolution I
amang the reading and thinking classes in North Caro
lina. N • enthusiasm prevails among the Whigs, nor
can the area wire pullers arouse them to energy. We
see in the excellent Democaftic auxiliary, the Mecklen-1
burg Jeffersonian, allusion made to a truly mournful •
article in a late Raleigh Register, deeply ‘Teorretting to i
learn by a communication just received from a friend” I
residing in one oi the distant counties, that “there is not
enough of energy and activity among the Whigs of that
•sec?ion.” Rut h >w can energy or action be anywhere
infns'ul i it . a party that has no principles to conlen I for?
Cannot Fillmor -’s letters fire up a proper spirit lor the
Whig ticket in th it quarter?
\\ e learn, indeed, from several quarters that the odds
are turning decidedly against the Whigs in that State.
We received the following cheering letter from Geor
gia by last utglii’s mail:
Macon, Ga. October 13,1848.
“Yuu have already had the pleasure of announcing the
late victory of ilie sterling Democracy of tins Stateover
their Federal opponents. \Ve have carried the State by
a popular majority of several hundred. We say this is
a victory, because the Taylor party of spontaneous com
bustion were certain of carrying the State by .thousands.
1 bey rallied their whole strength. Georgia will give
her electoral vote -to Caw sud Rutitrr, T his is the opin
ion ot good judges on the subject. ZAC.”
M.ir.ri; u. in l.'>viiiosio*i. Nelson Co., «in Wednesday,
\ v. *22. -y liev. Join \Y . M. \\ iUinne, Mr. .Jordan
'.I • Martin, «»f Lynchburg, to Mrss Jase Elizabeth,!
Daughter f YY’ifs Peters, Els j . of the funner place.
ISimS.' _ ;
•* In the midst of life xce arc hi death ”
I hi* pic i - -11 Al nighty <» Al to verily the truth of this por
I tiou ui las In.ly word »u the deal li ot ir amiable nnd lamen
t-d y V: fn* ml, C.lAKLES EUGENE MeKlNN'EY.
" h 'sc u itimely i . 1 has cast a melancholy gloom over our
i t«- \n; > i 1 over tlie hearts ot those wh » knew and loved him. '
a • b»ud of -to r w and atRietion that can only be dispelled by j
I the \\ ithering inline nee of time.
It i* impossible, with-) it unutterable feelings of anguish, to i
j <* eitemplate hi- sad and mdanch >ly death. Turning then ■
, from this paintul re!le:tion, let us c-iiuemplate for a few in >
nirii!> tl;- ipialitie* that adorned the su' ject of this notice I
whilst iir wa-living and moving in our midst.
II lia l arrivtd at hat age in life when the youthful mind I
is wax t ) rec- i\e and marble 1o retain the impressions that
lorm the el). lraeter of man—and his chief aim seemed to be to
properly guide his studies and perfect his character. He was '
po.'s .--ed ui passions and affections which he was endeavoring *
tu cultivate a.id ext rcisein or-i r tosm >»‘he the thorny path
of file—t> diminish its calamities, icduuble its pleasures, and
t .fit bin lor a -are r of usefulness and hap ine-s. With this
vie v he chose the Legal profession, and was qualifying him
5-If. u *dt r a rigid, systematic, and self-denying course of j
mental r. iltire, for society, social intercourse and intellec-j
t l tl r-fi ic merit. lie hid formed many endearing connections •
a id .t v ined around Ins heart many pleasing ties. The sa-,
cr* d duties of iricn lship, founded o i km trod m-cling, cement
ed by virtue and stre*.gthe«ied by time ever yielded new and
itVTca-ing j -vs and p'easures to his warm and generous heart. |
Tiie lust n •: f hi* f if - was the faithtul discharge ct a simple
duty f )r a distant friend.
Thus gifted, guided and directed —having youth, health. I
an] all tint t!i world esteems—with what hope and equi
tation did be look f »rward to a long, u-tTil, and h »norab!e
life. B it how did rent was the destiny that awaited him, in •
the eternal purp >se of Him wh) creates and can destroy.
Let his ex.a u de encourage us, and may our advancement ]
in life, like his, be marked bv a patient perseverance in n
course of u ire mitt mg diligence, t > form our characters and j
adorn our professions, for the promotion of ihe present and fa- |
tuix w elfare of oui fsllow-mrn — and winL out hcaits *re •
deeply afflicteu in the loss of our lamented young Irieml. who j
has been removed from the probation of time, let us seek the t
consoling influence ..f tile Divine Power—lor it is from this j
h-#ly source every coni tort and consolation must flow .—To His
service,then, let us offer our talents, devote our strength and j
the residue of our da vs—ever remembering that we should
henceforth live not unto ourselves, but unto Him who du d lor
u* and rose again. W •
Corrected for the week 'tiding Saturday, *Vor. 25, 1848
Reoeipts small and prices unchanged, we quote Lugs $l 50
to 2.50; Shipping and Stemming Leaf $2.50 to $5 as in
quality; Manufacturing from $3.50 to $7, with hign
prices fortiuer descrij>tions which have become scarce. :
Flour—4 1-4 in demand
Provisions.— Bacon, very dull, G 1-4 cts; Beef, 3
lo 4cents; Corn Meal, 45 cents.
I Client—White 90 cents; Red 85.
Grain.—Corn, 40 cts ; Oats 25 cents,
( lover Seed- 4$ 50 a $5.
Whiskey.—Sales at 29 to 31 cents.
Beeswax—18 cents.
Butter—Rather dull, 10 to I2i no superior in market
Brandy—Apple, none offering ; Poach, none offering j
Bar Iron—$85 assorted and $89 GO when drawn to
Coffee—Rio 8 to 9 cents; Laguira 8ito9 ; Java 12* I
Mocha 20. •
Country Lmens—Tow and Flax, no sales.
Cotton Varus—Sales 15 to 1Gcents.
Feathers—28 to 32 cts.
Flax Seed—Sales 80 to 85 cents.
Fish — Herring*, No. 1, 0,50; Shad, old 7 5
new 8 50.
Ginseng—25 cents.
Hemp—None and wanted
Linseed Oil—70 cents, 4 months; in demand.
Lard— Scents but little inquiry.
Molasses—West India 35 to 40 cts per gallon ; N
O. 42 to 45 cent*.
Plaster—Lump, $8—Ground $10/
Sugars — Ne\vOrleans7 to 9 cents; Porto Rico 8 to ^
cents; Clarified 12* cents. Loaf 11 * to 12\ cents.
Salt.—$2i and $2|
Tallow—9 to 10 cents.
Tar —$3,50 per bbl
W’ool—23 to 25 c»s. dull
W ool Hulls—Sales 33 to 37s cents.
Checks on New York, * * to 1 \ per ct. premium
Baltimore, ii to 1 * per ct. do
Boston, 5 to 1 '2 do cio do
Philadelphia, i to 1 \ do do do
Bank Note# N. Carolina 2 per ct. discount.
•• S. Carolina, L do do
“ Tennessee, 5 to G do
“ Wheeling, 2a2§ do
Tobacco, leaf (per hogshead.) $1 00
Do manufactured, (per box,) 10
Flour, (per bU.) 10 12j
Bar Iron, (per ton.) 1 00
Pig iron, (per tun.) 1 00
Lead, Pig and Shot, (per ton.) 1 00
Plaster, (per ton.) 1 00
Salt, (per sack.) 8 to 10
Merchandize and Produce, (per 100.) 8 to 10
To the Inhabitant* of Lynchhm-^
and vicinity.
M3.1.11 ft. TO A' A‘ .111.1.11 S,
RESPECTKULLY return thank* to the ladies and gentle
men of Lynchburg and the surrounding country, lor the
liberal patronage bestowed on t hem during their residence in
this place They are now better prepared than ever to take
having procured from the North, at considerable expense, a
large wheel for polishing purposes, together with all the other
recent improvements, which have never before been introdu
ced in this State; and from Mr. Hamilton’s experience of near
ly five years in Virginia, and repeated visits to New York
and Mr, Adams’ experience as an operator four years in the,
first establishments in New York and Philadelphia, they are
prepared, with the aid of a large
to produce miniatures, which for depths of tone, softness of
light and shade, beauty of coloring, and easy and graceful po
sitions# will defy competition. Ladies and gentlemen are re
spectfully invited to call at their rooms in the Cabell House,
and examine the specimens.
Likenesses inserted in Lockets, Bracelets, Breastpins, kc.
Likenesses taken of sick or deceasea persons, dwelling hous
es, country-seats, in the bc:»t style. Portraits and Daguer
reotypes accurately copied. CHAS. F. HAMILTON,
N. B.—11. k A. would respectfully inform the public that
they have been taking Daguerreotypes by the
for two years past, and with their Gold-enamelling process,
their miniatures are rendered imperishable in any clime.
Nov. 27—lm
Dissolution of Partnership.
fYlHE PARTNERSHIP heretofore exiting between the
i undersigned, under the firm of LEE k RICHARDS,
No. 93 Maiden L;il)ev has been this day dissolved by
mutual consent. The allairs of the late firm will be settled
by HENRY B. RICHARDS, who continues the business
upon his own account, R. P. LEE, JR.
New York* 11th November, 1849.
The subscriber, having purchased out the interest of liis j
partner in the laic concern of LEE k RICHARDS, New ;
York, will take great pleasure insupplying his old friends, as j
well as the public trcnerallv, with any article in the line of
at the cheapest JYew York prices, both wholesale 4* retail,
and will guarantee the safe delivery at Lynchbu-g, of all
packages that may be purchased or ordered ot him. He will
also attend to the purchase of articles out of his own line for
a small commission.
'PERMS CASH, or tn punctual dealers (? njoctlis credit.
Address H. B. RICH ARI >8,
. ££o. 93 Maiden Lane, *J»ew Y.or {,
Nov 27—wGmif
China, Glass and Earthenware,
THF> SUBSCRIBER ha* just received and opeBed at his
VARIETY STORE, a splendid stock of
.China, Glass and Earthenware,
equal to any thing ever offered in this market; Granite Wart*
of every description, Blue Printed Ware, a very superior
article; Flower’d blue l)jQuerSets, very handsome. A great
variety of Ckwaa Tea Sets.from $1 50 to$*20 per set ; Win
dow Gla«s from 10 to 21j Brt’a Castors, 'lea and
'Table Spoons, with a goo 1 assortment of Cutlcrv, Looking
Glasses, Looking Glass Plates,Lamp VVick, 8tc., with near
ly every article kept in a China Establishment, which will
be sold extremely low tor cash, by wholesale or retail. 'The
Ladies are particularly invited to call and examine the stock
be-fo/c purchasing elsewhere. I have also on hand, a lar«re
Ld ui Richmond STONE WARE, such as Churns, Bu ter !
Pots, Milk Crocks, Sc*,. UVAJILTOX B )YD, ;
Next door above McDaniel Sc Lee, and nearly opposite Pe- j
texs and Stigler^
Nov 27—w4wif
1AM receiving a splendid stock of
Black and assorted Fringes,
Cherry co'oured Silk Velvet,
Velvet Kibbops—Bonnet do.
Ladies* Dress Goods,joew styles,
French Collars, large lot atfii cts.
Thread Laces and Edgings—with a variety of other
new an l scarce goo-ls.
P. S — \ second supply at splendid BLACK FRENCH
and BELGIAN ( LO I HS, just received —Also daily ex
pected, another supply of Linseys. Flannels. Blankets, k-..
Nov. 27—itts JNO. J. PURVIS, Ag t.
sonimiHR new '
MAY hr* found at l.aey k Garland's on the Basin. 12.I
bushels ot Mountain Evergreen seed, the best improver)
<*i the soil known to the present age, as will be seen from the I
leKcr appended, trom one of the largest and most successful '
farmers in Wythe county.
__ , Wythe County, Vn. Mo., 12th 1S4S. I
Messrs Lacy k Garland,
Gents:— In relation to the Evergreen Seed, mv own ex-*
pcriencc satisfies me, that when sown it conjunctio i with
Clover it excels as a renovater of lan l.anv thing 4 have ever
seen; and in addition surpasses anv of the Grasses f .r late aid
early pasdwage. 4t needs hut a trial to prove what I say.
Yours truly.
Nov 27 ts
blank bonus Foil saLl A f iTjjS OFVl^;E. 1
w e are moat happy 10 say the report of Mr. Clay’s I
death is unfounded. The Lexington Observer, of the !
l^ih, 99fs that, although feeble, he was convalescent.
I, *<ran trives 29 majority f «r C ass, J}uddrdvre 109 de.
Giltuer 107. These majori’ies place Cass .326 ahead.
Braxton, which gave Clay 30 majority, to hear trorn.
This.State seems still doubtful, though we think it has
gone fur Taylor,
Cass’ majority about 200.
/. »*.vt insi ttu. !•«..
HWr. IN STORK and arc n.nv receiving a large and de
sirable stork i.l (iO()t)S, which thi v will ■*> i I nv l >r j
cash or in exchange tor country produce. The follow ng
compt ise a part:
20 hhds. N O. and 1* Rico Sugars,
It) do and bbls. Molasses,
123 bags Rio, Laguira and .fa\a Coffee,
10 Ix'xes Woolly’s I .oat Sugar.
10 bbls. crushed, ground and clarified do
200 kegs Nails from 4 to 441 dy.,
30 do box and lining do
30 boxes 8>< 10 and 10x 12 Glass,
12a s'des Sale Leather,
10 bbls. Tanner’s Oil,
20 reams cap and letter Paper,
30 kegs blasting Powder,
20 do Kv. Rifle do
30 boxes adamantine and tallow Candles,
10 do bunch Raisins,
2 tierces new crop it ice,
HO reams wrapping Paper,
130 sacks Salt,
10 bbls. Mackerel,
1120 lbs. blistered Steel, \
500 do shear and cast do j
20 boxes Cheese.
*0 bbls. rectified Whiskey,
10 do apple Brandy,
1') di) American do
Otard, Seignett and J Durand Brandy, Hum and Gin,
S. Maderia, Port and Malaga Wine,
i, j, 4-4 and 6-4 Domestics,
Niw. 1 ami 2 C)?nabure;s, Blankets. Calicoes, Checks, ;
Bixits, Wool Hats, Caps, ike. See. They respccttully invito 1
their friends and the public g. a. rally, m want of CHEAP
GOODS, to call and examine them.
Nov 27—ts
Laurel Hill Academy,
TM1E uadersigm-d take-this means of returning his thanks
to Ihe patrons of his School, during the last t wo s■•-sions,
for their liberal encouragement, and again solicits their pat
ronage for the next term, whi h will c n.iurni e the loth
January next. He will still be assisted l*v Ins lady, wlio
w ill conduct the female departn - .it as heretofore \ • > g
ladies and gentlemen wishing to atl.-n.l S h ■•>!, wi 1 ! • re en
joy the advantages of a Collegiate course, unattended with
the many vices and rxtravagai --sof towns ami Colleges.—
Terms o! tuition s25 per session it) in >ntli-, for the Latin,
Greek, French and various higia » bramT.es - .1 Mathematics
and *20 for the English branches. In additmut.. the regular
studies carried on. Declamation and Compositi >n are •ttcml
ed to weekly, and every stimulus is used in mder ti> a Iv.iuec
tin pupils in their studies. Circulars « h ing 111" grade of the
pupil- are eiv« n monthly. Hoard ran he bad ui the n* ighbor
bood for sG per month fnchiding evciy thing, or f.l w heu the
boarder leave every Friday evening, excluding ashing.
References—Air. E. IS. Rucker and Dr. D. l’attcson ot
Amherst, and Mr. A. B Rucker, of Lynchburg.
Address—Elen 1*. O., Amhcr-t Countv.
R \V. \\ ATTS, A M.
Nov. 27—wit if
Republican will please Copy.
POWDER--ldlO.l K.--rs Blasting, r
500 do Mining, l
54)0 do Sporting and Hill*,
100 bhl-. 15 la-Hug— 100 lbs. each,
Warranted of the best quality.and f r salt by
Agent- for the 4* Hazard” Powder Company .
Richmond, Va., Nov, 27—Gt
Ground plaster - -300 ('asks Plaster Irom the
T “Lubtc” Alills. warranted. *l> r sale by
Richmond, Nov 27—Gt Agents for llie Manufacturers.
To The Tad FUR
TTTTE have just received by Adams St Co’s. Express a beau
▼ * tilul lot of Ryan’s best Shoes, made to order, which
we should be pleased to show the. Ladies, as follows :
best Black Lasting Gaiter Boots, thick sobs,
“ French Leather “ “ “
“ Kid ^ Morocco Busk ins 8t 'Pies u u
“ Misses Kid “
A beautilul article blue Lasting, and Silk Gaiter Boots.—
Also,an extra article Gents’, Ladle's aud Alisse's Over Shoes.
Call and see them, at
November 27—ts.
Cleanse, Purify, Strengthen !
' v;
It is notour wish to trifle with the health of (he communi
ty. We desire to he governed by a sacred regard to truth jn
whatever i* here stated in relation to this extraordinary med
icine, and it is this Ieellng of sincerity and good faith w hich
prompts us again and again toc^ll attention toil. We be
lieve that no article lias ever been discovered that has confer
red a greater aijjOr’int of benefit on the community9 and tbe
more it is tnovvi* the better is it appreciated.
Couchs,Colds, Fever, if eudach. Dysentery, <fce
Kxtract of a Ketter fioiu Williamsburg, Kong Island.
# * * 1 have used Wright’s Indian Vegetable Pills iu my
family for more than three years, and in a great variety of
complaints. Coughs. Colds, Fevers, Headach, Dysentery, kc.
with the most complete success. In all cases, Wright’s In
dian Vegetable Pills \iave folly sustained their reputation.
V ours, t rul: ^ W2>l. S1AJPS ON.
Aug. 9, ISIS.
as a cosmetic and purifier at the blood with great sucres*, rc
Woving all unseemly blotches, external sores, and ciHuueotus
eruptions of every kind.
New VoitKj Jupe 1 &, 18IS.
To Dr. Wright, Philadelphia-:
Dear Sir—Having been afflicted with a most dislrrs«ing
humor for many years past, and having used every means that
afforded the remotest probability of relief, I was at last induc
ed to try your valuable Indian Veget able Pills. I am now
satisfied that I have received more benefit from the u-c el
them, than from all the medicines I have beret. »f. rcDkvn.
I therefore take pleasure in recommending the Pills to 11
w hoaieor have been suffering from any humor, believing, as
I do, that they act directly upon the blood, and by their pu
rifying virtue, will completely cleanse it from impuritv.
IIENRV (iREKN, 31) Norfolk street.
W right’s Indian Vegetable Pills speedily and permanently
restore the declining powers «>f the human body This may
at first be doubted, but uo fact is better established. Ti»ost
who use t*ke soi disant Saisaparilla lor this purpose, over
look, in doing so, a medicine far less expensive aud jjaorc ef
vi.i •• i!:'; j v :iaui 1 u y i\ ■ >. . s . a on. v>, A * o
Dr. Wm. Wright—Sir: For the lust 4• »r four jc.ir- I
had been gradually running down, and finally became so
weak that I was unable to perform my usual labor. 1 was
advised to try your Indian Vegetable Pills, and I am grati
fied to state that by the use of three or four Ixixes I began to
feel like myself again, and am now thoroughly restored.
From mv own experience, I can commend your Pills tothe
afflicted, with confidence that they w ill be found a medicine
of great eiboaey and value. Yours, truly.
Look nut for Counterfeits !
This is the more needful as unprincipled persons in ala I
parts ot the country, make and vepd them.
The genuine is tor sale by
I>. B. RVVNR St BilO., Lynchburg; !
Janisf f. Callaway, Brooknea’;
\V'. N. Jenks, NlarineCs \ ie\\
In Bed toad County by
William Gd-sh, Cross Hoads;
Wright St Matthews,Cb^ubli^>Uurg,I*.0.;
Alex. Casey, jr., Kmeus;
Bassett Siyitb,; Joppa Mills-,
W.Lortwiedi it >*on, Otter Bridge;
And generally in each C(*unty seat.
Olttees devoted exclusively tothe sale of Wright’s Indian j
Vegetable Pill*, wholesale and rctail, 16D Kaee street Vbifa
rielphia: 2¥S Greenwich street, New Yoik, and JOS. Tvcurmt j
street, B>i*top. *
jSoV. 27- 3p |
[No 31]
Walduboro’, Maine, July 30, 1848.
Dear Sir ; Having experienced great benefit irom your in
valuable roed rme, I l«cl it my duty and privilege t<> let the
world kn»v\ what it has done for me. |Vs-#*««ed of a strong
r institution naturally, 1 h id enj wed p*-rl«*• I h.«*th previous
to the spring of 1W43, when I was ir> nhled with a .l.fbculty
in my left side, attended with considerable pain. mi* time
in July 1 was violently attack, d with a rough, which continu
ed until fall ; then 1 was confined to the hou-e . gl t m ’ >*h- ,
during which time my cough was very severe. I li< cju* ntly
had s|x-Usofcoughing which lasted two hours ; dailv taised
large quantities of disagreeable matter, accompanied with
blo.»*l Sometimes l raised a quart of hi *o«i at a time I con
sulted three physicians, all ot whom did their best to restore
me ; gave me up ; said they could do no m-»re tor i*«*t ; I must
die ; it was impossible for me to live hut a short turns. One
of them said mv lungs were gone At this critical momenf
when eminent physicians had exhausted their skill, triend
despair-d of my life, my uwu hope ot recovery at an did, i
When 1 had taken one and a halt bottles, those s.-vere sp.dls
ot coughing were removeil. 1 continued tal i ’u the Bu'>.i i
unfit »|}i-mg, IS44, when I ceased to bleed at the lungs, mv
lie alth ..nd strength improved so that 1 lelt the h • •*» •. hit
was not able to work for a year. Now ny health is good.
I am ab'c to do a dav'*work every' d.i' u mv hum
See Dr. \Yisiui:s treatise oil Consumptive. to he had of tho
agents, gratis.
None genuine, unless signed 1 Rl’TTS on thu Wrapper
For sale by D R LYMVN, Druggist, I.j irhburg, \ .*.
and hv Druggists gttuerafly throughout the United Stale*.
Nov. *27—it
Ujficc Ljynchburg and Ttnnccsec Rail Jiomt (Onuntni/, t
Nov. *27th. dK <;
Vfull attendance of tin* Stockholders in this C.-mpane
i- requc-te»l tn-il.iv. As ttn* is the regular annual meet
ing, all the officers are to he elected, besides o'lu r impoii
ant business to he transacted.
The meeting will take place at the Masopic Hall, at 11
o’clock. \ M. F. G. MORRISON,
Nov.27—It Cl I KK
» KOHSlF.IU.Y TilK I'XIilN, j
Wain Sired, ^
* i.VjXchbuiu;, r.i .
riMlK subscriber bas opened this fine Hotel, f, rthc aeeoin
1 nK'dation ot the public, ami will give it hi- undivided
personal a*teittion It lias been repaired trom Ciariet to t cl
lar, and enlarged by tbe addit ion of some •
rictkk'.n Bt:i)-uooMs, a i.aiick a\h mi.k.
The sleeping apartments it1 Hie new addition arc large and
airy, neatly finished ami .unu.-hed xviib
.v/:/r FUUJW'rnti:,
the whole presenting an ;*ir ot np.’tiii and adaptation to the
comfort and eouvvpienee oi’guestseldom mui in the best
regulated hotels.
Besides the usual comforts f.t a house of t hi- kind, t h. u t i
a Spring ott lie very best tree-stone v\ ater, gushing lioin It.,
rock on w 1^> U the hotel stamls.
It It. ip ■ t he intention of th- prnprietoi to make thi- a first
rate Hotel, in its conduct ami gem '-.il ariangi meet, a- it i
admitcd to he in extent and arehili • tnral de-ign, he h- p> • t
obtain, and willcudeavor to merit, liiu potroiiage ot tin pul
(ientleipenarrivingin their own conveyances will find a
and for the a>-c .nmu> lati-m ot Tiavell* rs in tic (\n:al rac
kets.a g-..:d Hack will always he in !• a diners toe..nvey them
to and from t he hotel.
CllAS. I«. 1>11 IKKL1*, Ihnprielor.
Ma c t2."»— 6m
rpHF SUBSCRIBER respectfully lr forms hi- friends and
A the public generally, that he is now receiving his
i'aU assortment of ftootfs,
in his line, \\ hick, together w itii his «m n in muf.i<*t are, mak,
his stork complete. His stork consists in part ot
Saddles of every description
Caddie and Medical Bags
Carriage and Barouche i larness
Carryall and Boat do
Cart and lNra*ron do
Bridles. Martingale* and Collars
Riding apd I hiving W hips
S4irrup* and Bridle Bit a.
Carpet Bags, Buifaloe Robes, Spurs, See. $•« •*. -See.
targe assort tarn f of 'irtettr.x.
both of his own and Northern manufacture, at very n dm
price*. fit Mat tv*s hjmselt that, in J’/t/C/.' and tyl .11.11 !
his work is not to t>e surpassed any win re, having the vtiy
best workmen and materials.
ie r. i* A I El i \ a
done with neatness and desuatch. Orders thankfully rcct i\
ed and promptly attended to.
Nov 2—it’ini GEORGE B THURMAN.
Wj.itST <'.5 3. t.!?
l\. 1 dissolved my conBexion with fjie \ i r g i n i .• n. !
give notice to all indebted to the old firm, to » cm- toi w.u
or meet me at the CuirN of th- adjoining Count i*.-,
payr th ir ole arrearages, i.i n f: w terries, or t lev mud t' j«- •
the claims to he pu* iu a K j:i! of • ■•k.i \n i> J
genec ot twelve moots is sufri m at, aU in k b . d v i‘l a !no .
on as small claims as pi iuto rs’del :.ml ! . m..' >p.jre J
tiiye id'travelling aroiriil to s«v t !*.•.* i * l>t d ag.-m. < •
1 and after the 1st. dyy of next C .u. u . ;ill n..t then- paid. \\ •
be put in a legal train ot collect i-u, without li-t .u • i .l* • .
person. CH AS. VV . STATilAAl.
Nov. 16—tsif
rows itn.vT
gffi TllF. lm'KI.l.lNO HOOF. ..n Otmrh Si.
f recently oocvimeij ov CuI. S.ran m. Ai• 1 v I"
-Ubi. ' " M. HALIT.
On 19-ifis
i»c:* 'risTijy.
S’. P. l).lVFr.\P(Ul T- I )KN’l 1ST,
Oh 1' MIS his sorv ic(\s to fihe citi-Z'Mis of Lynchburg
ami the adjoininjr eMuui::t the loi!o\vn,<r vt-:y
red*iced prices, when performed at his office. on
J/.7 It K i: T is TU EE T,
’2 doors above Main, viz:
Inserting artificial Tee In qu gold plate, pacli $5 00
do do do on pivot'ock from 2 to 3 00
Plv^aine-Teeth with a«dd foil, from 1 i0 2 GO
do d.j do JL'in tjo i/acli 75
Filing each 5u
Cleansing-, from 1 00lo3 OU
Fxlraelinsr, each 50
Satisfactory rtferenee ghven by those fur whom I have
Juno 15—Om
a /•; iv a o o I) ,s\'
rjl Ilf) subscribers are mi r.j>t «<f a large portion i »L
JL their Fall Supply *1’ Goods, which will he sold to
our friends and the public generally, *v\yho iyay G-vor iis
with their custom,) as low as they ••an bopr«*cured in this
Our st« ck being large ami we’! assorted. wo are pre
pared to sell, wholesale Goods ou 11m* most liberal terms,
and would ask a call from (\41ntrv Merchants.
The following comprises part of their stuck :_Chuli*.
Cassi.ueres and V* stings. French M- rin \ Gala Plui«»
and M' UM-laip.es, .French Cashmeres and I.amar ij.
plaids, splendid \ elvet ami M iiuo (* leaks, (new sf\}-ry t
French \v uk C..|*-.s ami Ck.bars, (a); kinds) s:J,; ; . k, ..
Gimps and Hutt* n*. .M* tip* Sim* Is. ujede-ud lam.
colours, A1. areas. Sdk war-, U„.k a.nd Guv do. sum r
l.tf»e\ dies-, silks, S'" eli plaids, aid Ginghams, be
Kid and Silk Glov.-saud Mgynti:. 1 ink’s, Seulet, hi in
green and mode colored FrtAGt ^leiiuo, Shoes, IWot
I fats and C:* ps, &.o.,
S-'le Coat her, will \ heavy s‘o< k of coarse Goods. « f
every descriptiun. Cad ul see.
. rj/i KiiS AM) STIC I.FI).
Sep'. 21 —*a.
have tin h. n !, suitable for Contractors,
Y Y J2vi(l lbs. Cast Sim I, assorted size,
5,1)00 Feet Patent S'k'l FtlaC.
15.000 II®. Round, Square, aud Ifof Iron,
15.000 lbs. Western Bacon, pdme qualify,
8 Di zrn ** U(,wi .,.!'” Shovels.
A lot ef Crow Bara, Sedges. AJoidd and Rope.
Sept. !8—t$ ' McCOKKI/F. Sc sJ.MPSON.
IV V A N P to )»iye 30 MEN ami BOV S, to work on th
M lU 'laiu ^*H.-4iti» of t*»e Canal. The work is dry
aiiodiuger from blasting.
In my uh.senee from town, Mr. George E. Kolierts is
sntbortsed to ac in hiring bands.

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