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Wo have heretofore hail occasion lu make our ac
knowledge! ents lo the \\ esterr. C >ntinent for some beau, i
tifal extracts that we have taken from i's columns. In
the number tor last week we find the following poem,
which the reader will peruse wkh pleasure, and, we caa-,
Lot doubt, confirm the taste which selected it :
A Hebrew knelt in the dying light;
His eye was dim and cold;
The hairs »»n his brow were silver whit#,
And his *Und was thin and old;
He lifted his bo« k to his latest aun,
. Fof lie knew that his pilgrimage waa don#;
And as he saw G"d’s shadow* there,
Hi* spirit poured itself out in prayer.
"I corne unto Death’s second birth.
Beneath a stranger air, ,
A pilgrim on a dull c Id earth,
As all my fathers were;
And m^ii have stamp 'd ine with a
1 feel it is not Thine,
Thy mercy, iik»' y-n son, was mad#
On me as tnern to shine;
And iheref-re dare 1 lift mine eye
Through that to Thee, betore 1 dit.'
In this great temple built by Thee.
W hose altars are divine,—
Beneath yon lamp, that carelessly 1
Eights up I . me own trne slirin#,—*
Oh take tny lrest >:i**rifi ••• '
Look down ar.d make this sod
Holy as that, where, long ago.
The Hebrew met ins God.
I have not caused the wid >w ’• tear*.
Nor dimmed the orphan’s eye; 1
I have not stained the virgin’*year*.
Nor mocked the mourner’s cry;
The songs of Z in in mine ear*
li^ve ever been uv»st sweet,
And always when 1 felt The# neap.
'.My shoes were « tl my feet.”
I have known Tnee in tlie whirlwind, '
I have know Thee on tlie liiM, 1
I have Known Thee in the vuic# of bird.
Hr the music of the rill;
I dreamed Thee in ti.e shadow,
1 saw Thee in the light,
I heard Thee in tl. thunder-peal.
Anil worshipped in the night;
All beany, while i: spoke of The#.
Still made my soul rejoice,
And ;ny spirit bowed within itself. «
To hear Thy ‘still small voice.’ 1
I have not !Ht myselt a thing
Far from Thy presence driven,—* 1
By flaming swmd, ui waving wing*,
IShut out from Thee and Heaven;
Must I the whirlwind reap, becau## y
My fathers sowed the storm ?
Or sink, becausean<uh«T »imwd#
Beneath Thv red right arm ?
Oh ! inucii of this we dimly scan.
And much isa!l unki: >wn, *
But I will not take my curse from ■ #*, j
1 turn to Thee alone !
Oh! bid my fainting spirit live.
And what is dark reveal.
And what is evil, t.li9 forgive,
And what is broken heal!
And cleanse my nature Irons a bo*#
In the deep Jordan of Thy to##.
I know not if the Christian9# lieaveo
Shall be the same #s mine***
I only ask to be forgiven.
And taken home to Thin#;
I weary on a far diui strand.
Whose mansion! are a* t>*ml»#.
And long to find the father-lan 1,
Where there ate many homes.
Oh! grant if all yon starry throne#.
Some dim and distant #tar.
Where Judah’# lost and scattered #ue#
May love I'hee from afar.
Where all earth** myriad# harps shall be*i
In choral praise and prayer.
Shall Zion’s harp, of old so#w**"t.
Alone be wanting there ?
Yet place me m thy lowest tea*.
Though i, a# now, he there
The Christian** scorn, the Ghri#?i#n9# j*§t,—•
But let me see and hear
From some dim mansion in flie #ky.
Thy bright ones and their melody.”
The sun goes dowrr with #udden glean>#
And beautiful a* a lovely dream,
And silently as air,
The vision of a dark-eyed girt.
With long and raven hair.
Glides in as guardian spirits glide.
And lo! is kneeling by his side,—*
As if her sudden presence there
Were sent in answer to his prayet.
(Oh! say they not that angels tread
Around the good man’s dying bed?)
His child—-his sweet, and sinless child!
And as he gaz^’d on her,
He knew his God was reconciled.
And this I lie messenger,
As sur? as God had hung on higla
The promise now before bis eye,
Karih’s purest hope thus o’er him flung.
To poini his heavenward faith,
And life’s most holy feeling strung
To sing him unto death :
And on his daughter’s stainless breasi ^
The dying Hebrew sought his rest.
#Plato calls Truth the body of God, and Light hi# '
From (lie Southern Planter.
Mr. Editor—As the time is fast approaching when in
the course ot' farming operations it becomes necessary for 1
the farmer to commence putting all things in order to
cart out his winter supply of manure to be applied to the
com, cotiuti. potato and other summer crops, perhaps it
may not be amiss to give a few hints in regaid to the!
mode of application. There are. I believe, three distinct
modes of application, viz : broadcasting and ploughing in,
eurlace or top dressing, and drilling. Each mode has its
objections, as they are generally practised in these dio
fins. Let me say. Mr. EJitor, in the beginning, that
write not for controversy, my object in writing this1
piece is to pointout, in mv humble dpinion, the errors'
committed by farmers in the application of manure to the I
land and to induce Pi n to test the above named modes :
the present year in ine cul ivalionof the various crops,and '
then let themmake a faithful and impartial report of the
result of his experiment next fail and winter. This is
. the way, Mr. Editor, to make the Planter a more useful
and pridi -al journal. The advocates of broadcasting and
ploughing in, generally carl the manure to the field, de- '
posit it in small heaps, permit u to remain so until they
they liave hauled out their entire supply, then the ate
very busy, all ItanJs employed in spreading the nilnure;
after they have spread (and very frequently very irregu
larlyi the entire numoer of heaps.they commence plough
ing in-der the manure, covering i; from three to four inch- j
es. There are some serious objections to this njode.—
First, the small heaps of manure are frequently exposed
a week or two to the deleterious influence of the sun and
aiv, and frequently a hard shower or tjvo of rain.it is then
spread and the emire body of manure exp-sed for days
before it is ploughed in. Let us examine the land after
it ts ploughed and you will will find here and there hand-1
fills laying exposed between the furrow slices, and it is ^
placed at such a depth that it will be subject to disturb- ‘
snee by the plough throughout ih“ cultivation of the crop.1
Top dressing, although iis advocates may claim that it
is the course pursued by nature in renovating Isnda that
the unskilful hand of liie agriculior has laid barren, yet I
it 's without doubt a slow mode indeed. It cannot ba da
rted that manure duos nut lose more by evaporation than
by sinking. If that is so, why are farmers so blind to
their interest ? If manure sinks, why are farmers afraid
of the dead subsoil ? Ii manure sinks, plough deep and
keep it near the surface—dj not regard the subsoil.—
Drilling nr manuring in the hill, has two serious objec
Ifoiis. F.rs', it is very difficult to obtain a stand of corn,
•otton, or any crop, where much manure has been ap
died in the drill or hill. Secondly, no man can improve j
iis farm when he applies manure in the drill or bill, the I
irop will not be as good as it would be if the manure had ,
lave been broadcasted and ploughed in deep. And if the
irmer wishes to seed down his land in wheat after the
x>rn crop is taken off,the land is not in a projier condition
0 yield a crop of wheat, because there »s only a shovel
ar so of manure for every tour or five teet, and the corn
crop has taken up the greater part of that which was ap
plied. The inquiry will na’urrdly arise, how are we to
apply our manure ? \\ eil, I will give you the mode that
1 generally pnrstie. In the first placd, I “watch and ar
rest the thief, evaporation,” as tar as it is in my power,
at the firm-nard, coir.prst heap, and wherever I make
manure. Having done so in the making and preserving
of my manure, and when the time arrives to cart my ma
nure to the field, having had the field previously laid off
in squares so as to deposit the manure regularly. I com
mence hauling out. After carrying out three rows of
manure, the hands are theii divided so as to h»ad, haul,
spread and plough in at the same time. One, or at most
two, large two-horse ploughs will be sufficient in the
field. Just before the ploughs are ready to start, begin
to spread from either of the outer rows—let a hand fol
low with a basket of plaster and sow it on the manure as
it is spread; then start the ploughs and cut a furrow slice
at least eight inches deep. By adopting this m»»de, the
manure is never exposed m »re than an hour or two.—
Some may object to this plan, because of the quantity of
plaster that will be required. If I have not plaster suffi
nent to use in the field, I use it whilst digging up and
loading-, in the farm-pen—although it will riot answer as
good a purp<ise as when used in the field. From obser
vation and carefully pract sed experiments 1 have become
Convinced that if we will use every means in our power
To preserve our manure fr-m evaporations that we shall
discover mode# of fertilising land beyond our most san
guine Impes.
Fuv fear, Mr. Editor, that f may tire Joif or some of
the readers of your eacelle.it journal, I w ill furbear. I
may »t some future time give you my plan of making
manure from fattening hogs.
4)he that Loves tcv xaie Maviii.
U'oo<1 Farm, Sussex, Jan. 45, 1849.
Tmm the S tmhern Plantet.
Th» e«lt i*«tion uf these roots lias called my attention
fot *>nie time, and as you ask how l raised those.by \ou
called “th# larges! and he*t fiivored you ever saw,” ♦
answer, first, by obtaining good seed. It is a tact wor
thy of much notice, that of all things sweet potatoes have
the worst chance. If we want good corn, we select the
largest ears; if good wheat, no pains is spared to get the
b#st§eed; but one and all unite in eating up all the gtnjd
potatoes, and keep the dwarfs for seed, and the wonder is,
ilwt they have not long since run out. Of the red vari
ety, the seed of which may be had of 8. Dicken, Esq., I
have 6«en twenty-two sprouts from a single eye on a
good siz*^ potato, while the little ones cannot be relied
on for a 9prout for every eye. Potatoes,an inch through,
ar# the smallest that ought to b# used, if perfection is de
sirable. I made my hot bed with about a foot of horse
dung, an inch of earth on top, then lay the potatoes on
this, and earth about on# and a half inches, on the top of
all about one-third or half an inch of fine charcoal, to
catch the gaa and keep in the warmth: the plants start
at onee and are ready forth# first season. Should the
weather not b# absolutely dry, the plants may beset out
any time they are well roofed and watered with black
•bower, or liquid manure of any kind insures the crop.—
The ground is selected where it is light, low and moist,
bu4 not wet. The higher the potatoes are ridged the tall
»r the root*. I hat# raised this kind that firs hill# would
fill a bushel.
I Hever plant potatoes until thirty to fifty bushels of
Itme per acre ar# spread, and after once preparing, ft turn
in the vine# before they are killed and this keep# up ihe
fertility of th# patch.
Since I found out the virtue of lime for this crop, I
h#ve never tailed but once. Then I obtained seed, the
largest of which, was not larger than my little finger,and
most of the rest not halt that size,and you never saw any
thing #o much like Uieir Ueur little parent* in *11 your life
•a this crop wa«.
The remarks of you? youthful correspondent under the
head of “Olla Podrid»,w :n the December number,(who,
by ihe way, need not have signed his name to it, for ev
#ry paragraph carrie* the fullest evidence of it* identity,)
reminds me of an incident in the Congressional life of
John Randolph. He had made a tall speech on th* sub
ject bef-re the House, and was, as usual, to the point,
when UTi individual,who had several times before snarled
tt him, aro#e,and having made olla podriJa of his speech,
■nd in ihe twes# had r.ot trade* single point worthy of re
ply, Randolph row*, and with that significant nod, which
no on# whoever saw him in debate will ever forget,
thea pointing hi# bony finger* at theeuf, •atd,Mr.‘Speak
•‘The little dogs do hark *t me.
See, Blanch and Tray.’*
Hoping we tnay both, Mr. Plante?, live as lonf as w#
•r# u*#ful, l remain.
Your*, fci*,
Genera! assortment of Groceries.
Suitable tn the wants of Merchants and Fanners,
WHICH will be sold very low for rash or to punctual
customer* on the usual time. Farmers alons: the canal
will find it to their interest and convenience to purchase their
•upplies of me, as they can be shipped free of dravage and
with more dispatch. Gump and city Ground Plaster
will he furnished at the .Miller’s prices for cash.
Richmond, Feb 8—2m
JUST received at the Book .Store, a Map of the Internal
Improvement of Virginia, adopted by the General Assem
bly of Virginia, 15th March, 1848. Price One Dollar.
Feb 5—is D. B. PAYNE & BRO.
Bacon sioes, neu- rice and coffee.
&500 lb* prime Bacon isides, free ot bone
1 tierce new Rice
50 Bag;* new crop Rio Green Coffee, a prime article,
receiving: and for sale by GLO. BAGBY.
Jan 22—ts
II*.#«#> i.IeVCTiO.Y.
nCHF, \V AKD ELECTIt>N torsi. Aldermen,and six Com
mon Counciltnen, in each ward, in the town of Lynch
burg, will take place pursuant to an act of Assembly, entitled
“an art to amend an aet entitled ail act to divide the town of
I.rn hhurg into wards and for other purposes,” passed Feb.
19, 1810, on the first Tuesday in April next—and will beheld
ill Lynch Ward No. 1, being all that part oI said town below
the 1st alley, extending from the river to the 12th street, in
the house next door toMcCorkle k Simpson, and own-d b?
Alex. Liggatt; and in Henry Ward No. 2, being all that part
of tow® above Ft alley, extending; from the river to 12th
street, in the house lately occupied b-- Carter H. Irriii"- as'an
Apothecary, nearly opposite Jnu. k M. Hollins.
r eb ‘-b—13 % Ser^’tof the Corporation of J.ynch’g:.
D. \V. MOORE. R. B. GKIFf'l.V
To Country Merchants
BALTIMORE, 15th. Fkb’t, 1849.
’f HE undersigned are now receiving direct from manulsc
® turers, a very large stock uf
Boots. Shoes. Hats. Caps and Bonnets,
which have been bought principallv for rasu, and adding
those of our own manufacture, makes one of the largest and
most complete stock ever offered in this market, to which we
beg to call the attention of Merchants in t'erginia and Ten.
to se" 18 luw « ™y house in
tbt LwNiCL-V. Please call and see for yourselves.
8*9 Baltimore street, Baltimore.
Feb 26—2m
TILIMDS H\1J\ ted.
HF snbscriners wish to hire, for the remainder of
this, and the next year,
to labor on the James River Canal, at a point about 17
miles above Lynchouru, for which the mosi liberal prices
will be paid.
Refer to Geo. Bajrby.or A. B. Rucker, Lynchburo.
Amher9t co., Aug. 2S_ts
Engraviiigs by Marinin.
WE hsTe )“8t received a specimen copy ol the first Refor
»» merspresenting their famous protest at the Diet of
spires, engraved by the great artist, Sartain, which we will
furnish to subscribers at >3— the Philadelphia price
Feb 5—ts_ D B. PAYNE k BRO.
— a fresh supply just to hand—for sale br
Jan U-ts JOHN H. SEAT, Druggist.
BY virtue of a deed of Trust, executed to the subscriber?
by John W. E Buckner, bearing date November 30th»
1849.and recorded in the Clerk’s Office of the Hustings C*urt
for the town f Lynchburg, I will proceed t • sell. at public
auction, on the premises, n Saturday, th. 24thda? of March.
1849, at 4 o’clock, P. M.,the House and Lot. conveyed in
said deed, situated cm 4th street, near the old Baptist Church )
and lately occupied by said Buckner. ’1 he House is nearly
new, witn a good Kitchen, Servants’Houses, See., 13 a
very desirable Familv Residence.
, , i .. .fsalp 1 he title is nenev
1 erms made kn iwnon the day of sale- , ,
. , , i i ., .n(T as trustee. I suall convey
ed to be unquestionable, but, acting
i , * : . d hi me b\ the suit! deed.
only such title a> i' ' e?tta ^ , , ,,
If on the dav designated Cr the above sale, the weather
should be such’, as in the opinion ot the subscriber, to render
it improper to sell, the said sale will be postponed until the
first fair dav thereafter, Sundays excepted.
WM. H.‘LANGllORNE, Trustee.
March 1—t24M
Enchveer’s Office Southwestern Turnpike Road, ) '
Wytheville. Feb. 22d. 19-19. £
BRIDGE Builders and Masons are hereby informed, that
a letting will take place, on the 8th ot March next, ot
.Tla&onry and Superstructure of
Til m; i: am nit. is,
on the Wytheville division • t this road. The spans are
each 120 k-et.*«n the w .i"den arch principle. '1 he masonry
of each Bridge w ill measure from five to six hundred cubic
yards. Experience and skill will be considered in deciding
upon the contracts.
Plans and bills of timber will be exhibited at tiis office,
until the letting.
Feb. 29—t8M Chief Engineer.
THEeubsrnber has tauten up the notion that allthose who I
have Wool to be carded will find the Blackvater Cot
ton and Woollen Factory tube the place where it can be j
done ripht, 11*1 if M il wcil carded, ur should it be spoiled,
that thev will get 50 cts. per lb. for it—the wool being sent ,
well cleaned. ' Cards now in operation, and working well. !
Xahall b« ready ti* a few days to weave Woollen Cloth and i
: Jeans.
1 June 19-t« __ J S. C.
,vt ir shot: .1.vn h.it store or
I. W. &.S. U. RL'.MBOUGH’S,
' Of Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, Trunkg^ Velicts, L'arpct
Bags, Satchells, I'mbrellas, s*.c ^e.
rPHEY would call the attention «,f th« ir friends and the
* public to their -took, which is very large, as they arc
confident a look will satisfy them it is the place to get bar
gains. To the 1 ..adits in want of articles in our line, we
would say, that we have spared no pains to get that which
will both please the fancy and render service. Tj Mer
chants in want of Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, we are satis
fied we can offer them such inducements as will obviate the
necessity of their going anv farther to buy—they will please
give us a call and satisfy themselves. Besides Beebe’s Fall
style of Hats, we have a beautiful style called the i'eoinan
Hat, which is much admired. To Manufaetuiere and otli
, ers in want of home made Shoes, we would *ay we arc hav
■ in? a very large supply of stitch downs made, and will fur
nish them very low.—Also, home made welts, fine Boots,kc.
1 kc. can be bought very low at
i oi-tufi—1« ' ,i vv. & s. i) lU'MHocGii’.y
EE If noons .iHOVE.MEh.Ol s* GH',1TKTJ\’H
! J. B. EDWARDS returns Ins thanks tu his friends
and Publ ir generally, fur the verv liberal patronage ex
! tended to hint previous to his Copartnership with W E.
j Lee. and during that time, and would inform his friends
and the public generally, that he has taken the busi
ness into his own hands, and hopes they will continue
their custom with him. AH care possible will be taken
to have work inlrustei to him, done as well as it
can be done elsewhere. JAMES B. EDWARDS.
Sept. 14—ts.
Shatrl*. i'ritte*. Sark*, Jfc.
WE call the attention of the Ladies to our stock of mate
rials l.»r \ Cloaks, Sacks,Sue., such as Silk Me
. rincs, !• ringes. Gimps, &.c., of every style and variety. A
few re*dy made extra fine embroidered Cloaks ami Sacks, at
reduced prices. PETERS &t ST1GLKK.
Nov. 6—ts
Sto»’*•* Stove* I Stores:
HA\ IN(» recently become the agents for the sale ol Ran
som St Co Js Iron \\ itch Air M ight Cooking Stoves, we
will have constantly on hand a good' supply of the different
•n^es and will be glad to turnish any of our friends, whether
in town or in the country, who may need a Cooking Stove.
We have proemed the services of a gentleman who is per
fectly acquainted with the Stove business, to superintend the
putting up of all the Stoves we may sell-, who will also give
all the necessary directions for the management and using of
the same. We warrant these Stoves to give entire satisfaction
or to be returned. It is useless for us to say anything as to
the great saving of fuel in the use ot the Cooking Stove.
The Iron Witch is the simplest, latest and most approved
pattern now in use, and has never failed in any instance.to
give entire satisfaction, and we have sold several ta gentle
men residing in town, of which we have heard the most of
them speak in the highest terms.
March 1—ts LACY k GARLAND.
Fresh Garden seed.
I 'T'HE subscriber has just received bis Spring supply of
X Garden Seed, which embraces every variety of seed usu
ally wanted in this market. They arc directly front I.an
dreth of Philadelphia, and are warranted fresh and genuine.
Descriptive catalogues, with instructions for planting and
cultivation, furnished gratis, on apjilication to
I Feb )5-ts JOHN H. SEAY, Druggist
W* have in store, a fine supply of I be various kinds of
. ^ * Grass Seed, which we are offering on liberal terms.—
I 'V e would call particular attention to the Mountain Ever
I green,and will pianlcc all that is said of them in a former
(advertisement. Phev are not the same as the English Blue
Grass Seed, as a kind friend on Main street endeavored to
persuade a farmer to believe, and sold him the blue sra<s in
their stead.
March 1—ts_ LACY k GARI.AND
By .Edams'* Express,
First anti Second Volumes, just received, By
Marrh I—fs
I lxXxX 150 sacks Salt,
5 tons country Bar Iron,for sale hv
March 1—ts JOHN G. McCLANAHAN.
II *tutted!
A .Matron at the Ann .Worrell Asylum.
r|’HE Constitution ol the Institution requires that she must
be qualified to instruct the children under under her care
I in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, and in every description
' of Household Work.
, Sealed proposals will be received until the first of April
I throngh the Post Office, by MRS. JOHN M. O 1'EY ’
I March 1—3t
WLREAS all account ol certain difficulties between the
subscriber and his late partner has been extensively
published, it is proper and right that the fac t—that SI ( H
wise be published. The subscriber has recci* ed lull protec
tion and indemnity against all liabilities arid losses in this I
The business at 93 Maiden Lane, wiir be conducted
with renewed energy by the subscriber, w ho hopes that bis
old friends and patrons in Virginia will take intu consider a- ,
tion bis recent troubles and patronize him largely, and be
assures them that their orders will be thankfully received and
punctuallv and faitbfullv attended to upon the best terms ol
either CASHcr CREDIT
Ncw York, March 1 —-It H. R. RICHARDS.
I^OR SALE, or Barter for Country Produce.
fiiXl tons Lump Plaster,
IOC do ground do, in bhls or loose,
Jan 1—is
Grass Seed.
£} ATl | BUSHELS Herd’s Grass, Timothv and Clover
e—1 eJVf Seed,for sale low by
FH» 1-ts_
Highest Cash Prices.
WE are wanting 20,000 BUSHELS OF GOOD
V\ HI I E WHE t T, for which the highest market1
price will be paid in cash.
September 4—ts
SOTIfK. v , . J
THE co-partnership, heretofore existing under thc dis_ !
lve.i bv the death of the 1,.j ._ Tt le u„
that the ooucerus of t ia na^y J ol| a|j pers011s indebted ;
deraigned u i l.e^varj w jthout delay and settle up their se
veraTdebts^*and a!1 Pcrsons having claims against the firm are
laired to present them for payment.
Surviving partner oi S. Gug^euhcimef Is. Bro. j
Deo. 7
THE undersigned will carry on the business hereafter un- .
der the name and style of N. GUGGENHEIMEK s. L «». i
at the old stand of the - -Id iirm. They l ave now, and will ;
continue to keep, a handsome assortment ul
consisting in part of Broad Cloths. Cassimeres, Nestings,*
Cassinett, Fulled Cloth. Ji-ans, S.c See.
Also—o instantly «»a hand, .1 .-h -ice assortment ol I.adies’
Dress and Fanev G > .ds. l.ik wi-e. Hat', Caps and Shoes;
all of which will be sold at reduced prh « s.
Dec .7

Clothing, establishment.
rpHE subscribers have ntered into e-i-partner-hip under
JL the name and style of N GUGGENHEIMEK Is. Co.,
for the purpose of conducting a
General < lotliiai:; Establishment.
They have on hand a large and handsome assortment ol
of all kinds, adapted to the present season, vv hi h they offer
low for cash, at their store, next door to K. Tyree's office,
Main $tre«t, Lynchburg. N. GUGGENHEIMEK, ;
Dec. 7—1« j
HAVE united 111 tike practice ul La.v, and will reg
ularly attend tlie Circuit Superior and County j
Courts of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Campbell and
Nelson, and the town uf Lynchburg.
Address—Lynchburg, \ irginia.
JAMES GARLAND will continue, diligently, to
practise in the Couit of Appeals.
Oct 19—tf _____
^laici Street, Lynchburg. Va.
.undersigned would respecttully inform the public that
I. lie is well prepared to accommodate day, transient and ]
permanent boarders, on reasonable terms. From an expert- !
ence of 20 years and unwearied endeavours to please, he)
hopes to obtain the support ot bis old friends and that of stran- ;
gers. His house is conveniently located and contains excel
lent rooms for families, lien!lemeu,arri\ing in tlieir own j
conveyances, will find an rxi clU nt stable and carriage house.
Cl l.\S. 1. ldliKKI.F, Proprietor.
Passengers in the Canal Packets,intending to take the
stage for any point, promptly called for.
Jan 1—ts
Electro Daguerreotypes,
•Ill Exi yuortlntary iiaprott aunt.
■ rpHK SL’BSl BRIBER begs leave to call the attention of the
X public to bis new Daguerrian Gallery, which he has just
i completed, and furnished in good style, with an improved
[SKY-LIGHT, the largest South of the Potomac, and so
j constructed as to graduate the light to any degree access iry
j to ensure a perfect likeness.
Mr. \V. having successfully applied ELECTRICITY to,
his former process ol making Daguerreotypes, is now ena
bled to get the action of Light on the subject,almost instant
1 It, so as to catch even the in i-f vivid expressions of infancy.
This is a great desideratum, as it does away with the here- ,
tofore long and tedious sitting, w hich rendered it almost im- |
possible to keep the mVuiiiy ut features. These Likenesses!
are far superior in point of beauty and life-like expression, to '
any heretofore produced, as the olours are permanently pre- i
served, and the picture can be seen in any light.
Mr. \V. would beg leave to sav, that he was one of the first
to fit up skylight.t'.»r Daguerrian purposes,and being one of the i
first that introduced the profession in this country, and his |
success, both North and South, particularly in Kichmond and
Norfolk,where hehas received almost unlimited patronage,for
the la*tsix years, w hich has enabled him to employ, constant- [
ly,thii teen assistants,and he is now taking annually from five i
to six thousand Likenesses, which he deems a sufficient guar
antee of the superiority of his 1 faguereotypes.
Particular attention paid to the taking ol likenesses of infant
Children, Corpses,copying of Paintings, Daguerreotypes, See. j
Great Depot ol Daguerreotype Materials at the Richmond
Gallery, and for sale at New York prices.
A call i« most respectfully solicited, whether you sit fora
likeness or not. J. if. Will l KHIJRST, Proprietor. 1
(.’all east side Main street, a few doors above Franklin Ho
tel, Lynchburg; 77 Main street, Richmond; South Main I
street, Norfolk; And West Sycamore street, Petersburg.
P. S —Mr. \Y. respectfully offers a Premium, to any Da
guerreotypeist, who w ill produce an advertisement, purport
ing to make Daguerreotypes by the ELEC TRO G*iE fVl
AI( PROCESS, prior to his own, in September last,
i Jeceml.er 7—ts
e.r.vcnitiisa. ••«.,
HAY F. IN STi )RF. and are now receiving a large and de
sirable stock of GOODS, which they will sell low tor
cash or in txcliange lor country produce. The follow ng
compi ise a part:
20 lihds. N. O. and P Rico Sugars,
10 do and bbls. Molasses,
125 bags Rio, Lagnira and Java Coffee,
10 boxes Woolsty’s Loat Sugar,
10 bbls. crushed, ground and clarified do
200 kegs Nails from 4 to 40 dy.,
30 do box and lining.do
30 boxes S* 10 and 10 x 12 Glass,
125 cjdes Sole Leather,
10 bids. 'Fanner’s ( Mi,
20 reams cap and loiter Paper,
30 kegs bla-ting Powder,
20 do Ky. Rule do
30 ‘mxes adamantine and tallow Candles,
10 do bunch Raisins,
2 tierces new crop Rice,
80 reams wrapping Paper,
150 -arks Salt,
10 bbls. Mackerel,
1120 lbs. blistered Steel,
500 do shear and cast do
20 boxes Cheese.
50 bbls. rectified Whisk try,
10 do apple Brandy,
10 do American d<>
Otard, Seignett and J. Durand Brandy, Rum ami Gin,
S. Madcria, Port and Malaga YY iife,
if, j, 4-4 and 6-4 Domestics,
Nos. 1 and 2 Oznaburgs, Blankets. Calicoes, Checks,
Boots, Wool Hat-, Caps, See. \ They respectfully invite
their friends and the public generally, in want of CHEAP 1
GOODS, to call and examine them.
Nov 27—ts
For ( oiiuhs :mcl Colds,
WTnSTAH’S Balsam Wild Cherry,
T ▼ Mrs. Gardner’s Balsam of Liverwort,
Jayne’s Expectorant,
Thompson’s Syrup of Tar, Stc.
Pea?’ Hoarhound Candy,
\\ :ley’s Gough Candy,
Jujube Paste, ike. &c.—For sale by
Jan 4—ts JOHN H. SEAY, Druggist.
\ i:Tf* ,v #/ o i>
At Old Spring Ware House.
THEsubscril.trrespectfully minims the cit izrns of Lynch
burgand its vicinity,that his
Wattoii-makiiss: and
are now in full operation. Ml those who want ~ood’nice and 1
cheap work .can get it hv calling on the subscriber who is i
prepared to do all kinds ol v>,.rk m both hranr.lic., with
He has a large stock of very superior seasoned timber In!
commence with , and his workmen are equal to any in the
Slate ol Virginia. In hi- Smith Shop he lias fir.t-rale Smiths
3 good and neat Horse Shocrs, and always has .nr hand a <n>od '
stuck ol Shoes and Nails.
Lynchburg, March 13—ts
The subscriber Iras i very superior UOAI) WAGONS
finished off,and several Carrvalls^ new and second-banded
Several Second-Hand Road Wagons'
and will in a short time have and keep a general assortment n
All of which he will sell low.
Farmers'Hotel, Lynchburg, JIarch 13—1»
i he preceding future is {riven to
represent the' I.YSE.YSIBLE
PERSI'fU.ITIO.Y. It it the
prea- K VJiVI'.iTl(JlV for the
impt rities of the body. It will
be Lotioed that a thick cloudy
mis; »>sms from all points of the
•mrla o, which indicates the won
derlil process {joins; forward
within. This perspiration flows
uninterruptedly when we are m
be.i.th. h it ceases when we are
sick. It >honUl he the care ot ev
en ..no to -it that it is not check
il. Lite cannot he sustain d wchout it. It i- thrown off
from the blood aid other juices «,f the body, and disposes, by
his means, ot nearly all the impurities within us. The blood,
>y this means only, works iisdi pure.
Would you give phv-ic t » l NSTOP the pores ! Or
would you apply something that would do this upon the sur
face, where the ob-truetion actually exists ? Would not this
be common sense ? And yet I kn w -t no physician who
makes any external applicatior t ‘effect it. The reason 1 as
sign is, that no medicine w itiun their knowledge is capable of
ioing it L nder these circumstances, L present to physicians
ind to all others, a preparation hat has this p iwer in its full
est extent It is Ale. it Liter's .Ill-Healing Ointment, or the
It orld's Salcr. 1: has I’OWKH to restore perspiration on
the leet,on the head, around old sores, upon the rhe«t, in
*h>rt upon any part of the b *dr, whether tliseased slightly or
severely. W hen the perspirat m i- restored, it has P(> .V HR
to penetrate to the lungs, liver,or any other part of the human
system, and so to act upon them, it they be diseased, as to
separate the irritating or uiurbil particles therefrom, and ex
pel them to the surface. .
It has POlf’ER to cause all external - res, scrofulous hu
mors, skin diseases, poison.- is wounds, td discharge their pu
trid matter and then heals them.
It is a REMEDY that sweeps ,.iF the whole catalogue 2
cutaneous di-orders, and restores the entire cuticle to its heal
th; functions.
It is a REMEDY that forbid* thf; necessity of so many
deleterious drugs taken into the -toniaeh.
It is a RE.MED\ that neither sickens.gives inconvenience
or is dangerous to the intestines oi any other part ot the body.
This REMEDY' is probably the only one now known, that
is capable of producing all these great results. Ils great val
ue is in restoring, at once, the circulation of the fluids w hen
checked or deranged by cold or other causes. It preserves
and defends the surface from all derangement of its functions,
while it keeps open the channels for the blood to void all its
impurities, and dispose of all itv useless particles. There is
a reinarkal)le harmony and co-eperati.-n between this medi
cine and the vari.-us functions.
The above valuable ointment is for salt . i New York, by
James McAlister, 1 11 Fulton .Street, and by
Jt>l N II Slv\Y, llRL'<aiisT,
OnlyAgent for Lynchburg, \ a.
Feb. 22*—w 12m
JVo. 20 Light street} (opposite Mercer^
THE undersigned, proprietor of the above •*
tablishment, begs leave to call the attention of
the public to bis large Assortment of
numbering three hundred different patterns and
flavors. The extensive arrangements which I
have lately introduced into my manufacturing
department enables me to afford every article
in the ( ANDY LINE at prices which cannot
fail to please. Every article manufactured is
and guaranteed to KEE? n any climate, and
Mv Fruit Department com prises every ar
ticle in season of IMPOR7ED and DOMES
with a great variety of Jelles, Sauces, Cat
sups, Pickles, Preserves. Wines, Oils, Ju
jube Paste, Chocolate Drops, Chocolate
Stick, Rock Candy, red white and yellow,
imported and domestic, together with every
kind of NUTS, &c.
53“ Every attention paid to persons desiroui
Of examining my stock and jrices.
All orders promptly attended to, and satisfa#*
tion guaranteed in every instance.
53"*2fl goods shipped free of charge.
Baltimore, March 1—It
JOILY G. Met /.. ,.v.///./. V.
1AM now receiving my Spring and Summer tockof
-* Goods, lately purchased, at low prices, consisting in
part of the following articles, viz
200 bags Rio and Laguyra Coffee,
25 do Old Java do, very superior,
30 lilids N.O., P. R. and St. Croix Sugar,
15 boxes Loaf Sugar,
20 lihds and bbls Molasses, (soiie very superior,)
210 kegs Nails,
150 sides Sole Leather,
10 bbls. Tanners Oil, (best quality,)
4 ca-ks Lamp and Whale 0,1,
25 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper,
100 do \\ rapping Paper,
10 tons Country ami Trsdegar Iron,
60 boxes Sperm and 'Fallow Candles,
50 kegs Blasting and Rifle Powder,
20 boxes Tea,
1 chest do, a very superior article,
5000 Cotton Yarns.
40 boxes Raisins.
2 tierces Rice, fresh.
Shad , Mackerel, Herrinjsand Roe Herrings,
60 bbls Rectified and Mountain Whiskey,
25 do Old Rye Whiskey,
10 do Apple Brandy,
12 do Imitation French Brandv.
French and Pale Champagne Brandy, ^very supe
Madeira and Sherry Wine, (best quality,)
Porter, Rum, Gin, Malaga, Sicily, AJaderia and Pori
W ine, with many oilier articles.
My prompt personal attenti in given to consignments,o.
Flour. Wheat, Tobacco. BACON.and all kindsenun
try produce. Also, to receiving and forwarding Goods
and Produce. No charge for drayage.
POST < 0 14 111 *.
From Lynchburg hy ChariUasmlle. in connection with
the Louisa and Richm nil and Frederick shune
Road to Richmond and JXorthern Citiis.
Fare to Richmond $.■» 00
Fare to Junction 5 00
PASSENGERS hy this line leave Lynchburg on
Sunday. V\ ednesday and Kri iay mornings ; ar
rive at Charlottesville same evening, where they spend
the night ; and connect w ith the Northern train at the
Junction at9o’clock, A. M., reaching liichmond ,t II
o’clock, A. M.
Passengers going North arrive atW'ashington city at 1
p. m., Baltimore at 8 p. m.. Philadelphia in the course
of the night—being ‘it hours in advanee of any other line
leaving Lynchburg. Passengers are assured of a reiruiar
connection and no detention.
Office at Franklin Hotel, Lynchburg; Richmond and
Fredericksburg Kali Road office, Richmond, Ya.
Jan 8—Om
Brass andirons,
Common do
Brass and pierced Iron Fenders,
Shovels, Tongs Is. I’oliers,
Coal rinds,
Cinder Shovels,
Brittaoia Spiltuons Sec. Jec. received and for sale bv
At Richards’ old stand
Nov. 16—ts
• llore inglif.
THE subscriber continue* to keep on hand a regular sup
ply of the “PHORGKN K GAS,” and LAMPS for bur
ning the same. This <i VS afl.rds the best li&ht note in use
—it is both brilliant and beautiful, and at the same time soft
and pleasant to the eye. The Lamps are so constructed as
to render them perfectly safe. They consist of Chandeliers,
Parlor and Stand Lamps, some of which are beautiful.
Camphine Lamps of the latest patent, and small Taper
I «amps, a useful article for the chamber. A supply of fresh
Camphine constantly on hand, for sale by
Dec 1ft—ts JOHN H. SEAY, Drujjjjist.
\’T KG I .M V: \t Kules liolden in the i ,
Circuit .superior Comt ol I.aw tl T.
town «.f hvnchhurir, on the f»th das - y. \ "'"‘'.V, |,,r
The President, 1 *irectors St Company , »\'l’ lw'''
“ ■ k fvir.
aganist 1 liluXiff»
\\ B. Averett Man
liwt. Andrew C. Klli tt, Philo Lacy, 1|, , .j '• '' *. El.
haulkner,thc l.ynriiburp and Cau,| .11 ( *V**W, tt».
I'ikc ( onipany, Joseph B. Hansen is. A. ( j . ” l t:rri
under the firm ,.t Ha. i. Klliott, Kranti u"i '"»a
Andr, w C Klin tt an 1 ( harli - A I hast
C. Elliott b. Co , Win. M. Sutton and 'l'i,, v'"1111 \
der the firm of Sutton anil Nash, \\ d! -p s . 1 1
Roberts, Thomas II. Aveiett. Ri. hard I ' """’ R?Und
Bedford 11 Aierrtt dn-M . ml 11.mi I ,„J, ' v 1
and as administrator de honis non with tl„- n'm’ ’"'-he
Simeon Austin, deci as d, ,, !' : ’ .1 r
The di 1. iidants An,in w C. F.lli .'t, Hanson ami'll! '
A. ( . Elli ,tt S. Co . i ot bavin*? i ntered their am 1 ' A
given Security an i Hoe t i t lie Act • l Assen l
Rules ot this Court, a *1 i? uppr.irinij hj • W l* th*
that v are not ii • •1 is ,' . . y j i." e
I’hat the said defendants do appear hire outlie tiroa'^
tlm next term and a. -iwi the am .ml, ,I hill „| ,; „ ‘ >' < f
and that a ropy , l this ord.-i In lortl with ‘
yicwspap, r print, ,1 in tlm town ol I.vimld. ip . I ,u ‘ ' *'1 :t
successively, and posted ai tin- trout door of th,.!l»
ill the said t. iin, A C.-pv—Teste, UUll h"“«,
Febs - «-••■ I). 11, IDF.S.Cl’i
!>«■. Had in'*, fur^aiivc |*sj|.
A MKDICINK. holt A1.1. SKAX )N> AM) sip..
T^E moat superficial,.- s that
cause *f disease is ( ON III E.X'ESS By tin . , ‘
takiiis of a purEative, the lives ol hundreds an ■
would .,i!i, m i-v have fallen victims t disc: i
Pills arc highly recommended hj many Physicians ■
the painphl, l which I,"I a:, olilain gratis ,,! our V, ,t,
A LX) —M \Ul IN AND \\ 111 III K\ > '
tlm het remedy ,.l in .IE El . I.S'l) EE l Ell an,I live
PEPSl.l K r sal. hv .1 lm H. Srav, l.vnvhhL ,.
Vbite, Pittsylvania ( II. I Archcr,Su.o Danville . ii’J
1 luzltwood, C-dsllt' Crai«r, •
TpII 1> ' best remedies evei
public :n Coughs, whether arising liom Colds ,.r ft*
!! hooping 1 kn gh, i t at di < ad
r ew remedies,in the short Cn.r it ha- heen’be|..re tlieimhl.*'
have e.fl ' • nianj I •
receiy mg orders t • it at .1 di- ancc . ai cl in-i 1 i; < [tv n ,
t: • v have been highly gratified to learn its good tfleets Ti *
, Bi-hop of the Protcrt.mt 1. ; ..1 Chinch ot Marvlan?
| (the R'ght Rev "»l W. K. \V hittingl.iun.) ha- authons^j u,’t ’
say he has use d it in his wn pel on with ...
M. ft it
| '7“'- "1 the best it incdit > in Citosumpt i. n. Krone h it i<, Asthma*
kc., vv Inch they have ever in* f w it 1. The lolb vvirfi*[s
a highly respectable Pliy-irian <» i Kent Island, whom
made acquainted with tin preparati'.n :
/y t' Island. (iMd ) June 22, IS 17
Dr. Mai tin -Dear >u . >im-i m v 1 «*t urn h. me. I n,, s.Vih
ed vo ,r sviit V or irn.j) < limn y i„ [
one in particular, a a ca-c -d Ctsthma « i long standing m
boot 12 ye at J
has ncvei hern benefitted by any Medicine which she hast*,
k. ", and tor the la.-t \. arm two -lie has been . mtim-J rilfjn.
ly tothe house. 1 do not know that she has had „.1
ni- lit s rest for a
.V"’»r M. diein. . (and ' . has . , ly taken one buttle.)-!. js rn.
ab|. d to go t ) bed and sit cp wt il alt night. 1 thii k the M<
dici’ ' and hi
to give it a tail- Inal, lb r hu.-b.r d. Mr. Rh-d. ri« k Karirk
1 son, i- a merchant here, ami ays if you will -n .! him some ‘
of it, he will act as vour agent Yours,
I ... ' SAMI Ml. IIAKPM1I, M
l’r.i'. J.-I cents |vr bottle \romicl I'.i- li bottle them is a
j aliort trci.ti-.- ..ti I >i ol ll.i- t'lu-t.
Her 21— wTinT
* ' 1 1 *s
the town >»l Iwm-hburg, on the nth div of February isJ'»
C‘ts'v' n l>l)e ‘ Plaintiff
•bd.ii R D Payne and .Times A Turner, late partners un
der the style and firm ot Payne and Tomer, John i\ Jjr;c,
l . Ntt vt 11-, Plasant Dabby and David I' Pavne,
Phe dt lrndant Jam* < A Turner, h. t having entered In*
appearance and given security accoidit g tothe \et t.f.\«cm.
bly and the Rtil ol tin- Court, ai d .' appi .ring by sati-fa
t tv evi
It is ordered, rhat the said d t ndant do appear here on the
first day of the »< \t t -tm and answer the bill of the piaintifl,
and that a copy ot this order he t rthwith insert-d in some
new- a per print c 1 ii t h town of I^ynehburg, for tw months
successively, and posle 1 at the ti it door of the * - irt-housc,
in the said town. A Copy—Te-te.
FebS—w2m ' 1). ROD! s} CPk
rivHK undersign. d hase I rm d .1 • n-part er*hip, for t
| X P'lrpos. of,-am ,,-g ,’H the <.lH)li:n\ .t.VU CUM
.w.ss/o.v hi suriiss. ;.v this run t:, at tu
OLD ST.LWl) of txraithsun,Steptuc St Co ., , pj site the
, Fanners Bank,) and they are now receiving, and hare
j in store, a lar«re and will -cU.-tt-d stork of
Family Groceries and .Staple Dry Goods,
together with an extrusive- assortment id l/.Z/.s. i.tl'S
I HOOTS SilOKS, and also a g. A a- .rtment ?
j I i*1 It It li . I It hi. vv Inch, u itli the addin i •• that 44 i.i cmitm
tie t-» he made i t tluir -lock, \\ ill liable them t ih r t.» their
custom, rs and friends generally. •» v« rv dc-irablc stack,
I 4Yl)i.di t h. y are <h r. ruiint (1 to -(11 cheap h.r cash or approved
credit. Particular attention will bw given to instruments
, ol produce id all kinds ; jiroii.pt returns rendered, kc
I ln-y respecttully so’.:cit their friends and tin-j nhlic gen
erally to give them a call lie fore purchasing elsewhere, as
they arc determined t.» please.
They 4% ill s. I! T ,ha • . ,t FIFTY CF.NTS per hogshead.
When advances are made, the usual commissi ns wili be
charged. 1 hey have a good a i ti. rieer to at'cmilc the
sales. \VM T SMITHSON,
k<-.:kkt statu.ym,
Oppo-itc the Farmers*'Bank, I,yn« i.hurg. Va.
P- S •—Particular at tent i* m gi \ in to orders. S. k S.
Jan 15—12m
; For the Fail and Winter of 1848—9.
BNVOL LD rcspeetlully inlorm the citizensLynch*
- btirtj, and the stirro indinir nmntrv, that : North
ern and French report of Fashion?; has just eorm to hand,
as issued by Thomas Oliver, of New York. The? aw
I very different from any thing heretofore issued,and ireio
hue taste.
I hanktul for the liberal patronage heretofore extended
to me, my triends and tin* public may be assured, "i’h
the advantages I have in being agent for one of the best
reporters in the Tinted Stales,of getting garments cut
n the most splendid
I as they may l.inry. All work,intrusted to mv care, shall
be done with despatch. JOHN OAKKY.
I Jan 4—wts
! ?^VE.L. TT.ree- wm.O. k. 'i
New Grocery & Commission House.
fplH' BWf MBf.IvS liav fog t ri li i'll the lin’i-r one di-c a
| Dove Mr. Richard Tyree, and one in 1 .w Mr .1. l>. fil
ms’China Store, beg l ave tu inform their friends and the
j Public generally, that they have just . |
f resit '*(o el. of 4*rorerics.
to which they respectfully inviti the attention . t ail. Thev
] would he pleased to receive and I ..rvvard goods, as th, ir house
| IS large an-l comm. dim*, ,.nd vv. II adapt. .1 t , that business
, I'hcy would also sell any produce sent them at ..hear..*
nt'l SAM’I. Th UF.K Sc 11KU.
' h eh 1—wts
•sio. uj:\vasji).
RAN A WAV from Messrs. \V. \V. Toney & Co.
on the 11III inst., a bright mulatto Boy
| apparently nr thirty years ot age, small, pttPrfP, and
i quite box-ankletl. a Hiueiuaker by trade, and having e*
, lope.) with his tools, tie probably intends making his
■ way tn a near free State.
The above reward, ufTF.N DOLI.ARS.will be gif
en lur his apprelietisiun and detention in Jail,or his deliv
O! nryto me in Farmville.Va.
June 19—ts p. ][ j\CK50N
fok saijeT
\ Market street, I.ynehhurg, Virginia, two doors ahov«
Messrs. Fhelps a. P. rkins’ au stion store :
Curled hair and shuck Matresses
" ool • “ ditto ’
Cotton “ “ ditto {batted!
Mo-S 11 ditto
New Feather Beds—Tarred and white Ropes for eon
tractors and warehouses—Wheel rope- f, r merchants; all«f
'yl'ieh article*shall he mail, as durable a - auv in the I'nitrd
I States, l'i l h i\ e one lai rcd vv heel rope of mv make in 'b15
place that lias Im-.-.i made 17 vear«. and is n.nv'a good rope—
I persons wishing to see it wi'l plea-e call at mv shop. Cor
dage of every description—sewing twine, sample twine, cot
ton lines, tow lines, p m lines, See. l*crson« vvishingto *'«
my work will do well to call at mv simp and examine it f»r
themselves. Ml orders for making and repairing undresses
shall he strictly attended to, with neatness and despatch.
8c?- Republican win pVasecopy.
Refined Gelatine.
A • i PPL\ ol refined Gelatine both in sheet* and shred*
also, Extract of Lemon, Vanilla Beans and Kx tract '*
mlla, lor flavouring custard*, ice creams, ?ellie«, &■»*. &1’
Vcr sale by JOHN Jl. isfclAY, Drugg»>*
Dec. 4—ts

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