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Republican vindicator. [volume] (Staunton, Va.) 1849-1857, December 26, 1857, Image 1

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in li'vai!' r,
Uep u b lit tan lli u vs i c at or.
"PERMS:—The VIN l> ICATO !U’ i* pnfdish
cd i art/ Saturday worn it*;/, i> Staunton, At tin St.,
t -■ (> door* Kant of Union Unit, rit Tu n D *>//prr* per
a mt it in. if jut id in advance, and to he d isclrri rffcd» by
the. pai/mrnt of 7V o Dollar* and tifty ('cuts, if de
layed till after six month*. Ain paper n HI hr d'^m
-tinned, except at the discretion nj 'the editor, unless
all claims are adjusted.
'A D VKli TltilJM ENTS of ten Una*, (ord*r<:/;■ in
serted thr u: time* for one dollar -it > hoeuiy Jtre a nts
. or each suoseqitcnt continuance, f.arger advertise
ment* inserted in the same proportion.
.1 liberal discount made to fliosv ndto advertise by
D> ofexsional Cards,nof exceeding serrn lines, trill
inserted for one year for$i) 00 0 monthsJat
'One square, ten Hues ] near
squares -
i' i .
6* mouths
3 • ‘
G month*
3 "
1 yiar
6 monthS
3 '<
r, months
3 “
h months
Aff ndrert i*i n q for a less tune than ih
• trill he eh nr t/etl for at the usual •rite
(Die **!ir*d column
One column
ft 00
12 oo
8 00
ft 00
- ] ft no
- 10 00
7 oo
Is (Ml
- 12 00
- ' M 00
- Ml 00
- 30 00
$100 per
square for the // rut three i usc.rtions, and tuenly Jin
cents for each subsequent issue.
The abore rat 's trill he strictly adhered to. The
circulation of tin D D'-.\ ft! K ,■ is. one ofthe! •
qe •i, the. State, anil hence one of the best advertis
t)i <j medium*.
JOlt WOUfC, of nlb*du*criptions promptly
tended to.
1 .1. I! OFF. Pealer in Oroeeries anti Flour
IA • Op; o-ite Iiif r s.-en^cr Oepoi.,4Kfni near the
\rnerteau I!• »tt*l, Staunton, A a.
HA Y I.OK A KAYMH1. A ten e. v m. to . j ■*' Hi c
opposite County Clerk’* Office.
I> F. POINTS, Heeler in Stoves, Tin and Cop
per Ware, one door above l uion II,ill.
(1 I’. WOOD, n.a no fart and dealer in Car
J • ria^eand lluiryy Harm ••, Simp on the cornel
opposite the National Hotel.
IMIOIJA , FaViiiona’.de Tailor, opposite old
j* Cost Olliee, Main St., Staunton,'\ a.
T. A KKKKTSO.V, Attorney at I aw and N’t*.
J • f.ir v Public, V* ayr.esbnrnu;:h, Ye.
/ 1 F. FLICK, Saddle, ITai tie-M, and Trunk ina
" kei, under* Vindicator Ullr e.
I.VIM II COIIKS, manufacturer and dialer i
Hoots .V Shoes, one door wet tot Mai bit Yard
\ b* M A V A I’KT.K. .Uhn Iicy* at /.oe , OHicc op
p• i• ite the Court House.
M. IIKI.L. Votary Puhlic and Pomn i--ionei
• to settle A eeouiits. opposite Court llou-e.
O’HKAIi. M' reliant Tail »i, unJei tin Vmdi
cat or Odiee.
H. KVA VS. Hc-.d-r in Tobacco and S<»,h.
Main St., Sti'Uiiton. Ya.
J I». \ VTO.VI, dealer in Confectionery A Fruit
f* • Main St., St..unton, Ye.
j I*.. St'll lib’KK. t o f. Cm, r,
•J • ker, corner of Court House Alley,
j \COIi I-OI. I, ITZ. Wholesale >nd IOH. 1, , J.
* hi beady-Madt Cbdhi",, * •. t - . I Hotel
j JtK;\ VHKiC.i;,. A* t <>.. dealt.
t) • and (’ i ot■"i :e■, o po.-ite Va. Hu
A ] OKiJlS A <JOO-; r lr.nl,
Tr«idr*, >'»n‘Kaney and Staph t
c* ries, opposite the Yindicatoi Odtc
iiv Pi y * ood
nod (tenet a
O.ids find til'll
K . T-J'.Oil', Atte.f „ev at Law , Ollii e on ('* ui t
House Iv< v.
V. roWKI.I. A CO . Family Cnoee.s A rioui
.Men ant umlej I ’nion I!all
2.. Country Pr**duov l> »ut.ht and ..old.
'PrilK A CPSIIINO. Atielioneei
» A yell ts. tllid •)
and 12enei.il
t nion Hall.
y S. COAKTKU, Auction* -er. Colb i tm . ard
■ • Cetieral Ajient. imjuireat Vindienf: r Otb-e.
V \* FKM Al.i: 1 VSTITCTK, Staunton, . a.
r Key. 11. H. I'lli'iipjj. Pl iieap il.
li A K K M A X. YY .o'.rsule ini rh*ah,i i
" » • Tobacco an -Sejjara, opposite Va. Hotel.
f HIAUTKK OAK Life in-u.a. Co. II. W.
• x ’ Shelby ii^'eti* *'ppi -ite o’ i'• ooli.ii itaiiK.
|>Oi;i . (Hi NsOV A SO V, Cabinet milkers and
f®. 1 ml-i takers, (iosptd llil!- South .*ul*\
J V M lv !. SKMJ, \ttoiM>"" at lain, Montcrc
♦ f lliirhlii’ d count v, X a .
<> .1. (. I.F. V |) Y , dealer i:i Tobaeeu. S * *'r >./*..»
li. See.irs, New A. reet, (. . 1'. c .u oum, rn .
f I N K A K S V V I*. . driojui-t and dealers in
1 J I* lints, Oils, I)\ e utls, Ac.. Main St., St a un
ion, Va.
I i i
art.t ifutvl.
Sale Staldes
s t* u v // s i h <■:, m a / a .s r u i i: r,
M a unton, Va.
r 11 K sul>sri*ilu‘i\ who w.is rcoputly l'ro
* prietor of TA V MHi’S 1'iOTIC, Wiurhestci,
M' leased, and i> now in p< sse.-.don ol Ihflft will
know ii ami popular House, the
in Staunton. Thi.» House has been so long mol ta
v ■ alil\ known that little need be said to rail the
hi lit ion ol the public to it. Ilav'i- wi| consol ei
ibl-experience in his liii.-iues.-*. t nr subset iber hr
'••■vof that he will hr able, by undivided ami assidu
*h attention, to make his patrons comfortable
\v hil t under his 1 oof.
To the people of the county, especially. he would
'■i v that his means of act ommodaliun w ill he found
f" be exactly suited to their wants. Ilis table will
i .jual to an\ in the place, at all -easons of the
' ii. II is sen ants are well • u ililied and attentive:
iud hi - Stabling is unsurpavd in tois region o!
•ointrv for its extent and e*.\ Ih nt-atrung eiuent.
II therefore invftemr. In. s otreol tneloeal patron
a . with tlo* tiillrst coniidenee that his quests will
r id ei erv thing just ns they eouid w ish. For tlo
in roiumodalio-i-. rf the traveHi.r* • public, an oinni
oils w ill alw ays or ■* rMtendam e toe Depot oq tlo
ii i iv.11 *>f tlo* trains, and will convey the passrn
_■ O' •<» and from the Hotel free of eharjfi*. and ii
amide time for prssvo/ers to take th *ir meals am
.• i to the ears in time to scetue tlirii tickets an<
. at>-. <,hn* *"*s for Dinner and Horse teed, if pai«
U-t Ho1 time. r/1.. if " a - •» /its.
./an. 7, 1 hA7- tt. \VM. D. <i I I K KSO\.
lies. i. Mien IK. ,i vs. it. sk in s i:n. .t.c. viirnn
Mlt HH'!, * K I \ X Kli & M 5 &i1.11'.
ST A l TOM. V A .
•a: \ V V K formed ;* pai hier- hip for t nr p -r Hire ol
I t law ir all tlo v. arts of \uLiistu < <nv.,; v, and
til'- 1 . S. Dist i« t Com t for Wesln ii Yii inia.
V r Miehie will ittend,as heretofore the Courts ol
adjoining counties.
JOH N WU’IIIE will praeHee in the Cir
cuit and County (hun ts of Highland.
All business entrusted to him vv i'l he promptly at
icmJi*d to. July a. 1 Hbti (into.
ST A I'NTOX. \ A..
A!S:s. ill A It Y V. BBIWY
* jMU ( t:u. and elegant Hotel is now open foi the
I a> eeptio'i. .%i;u accommodation of v i-itors.
i hr Proprietress assure* tlo* public that every ef
t‘i i t v\ ill hr made to please her guests.
hr.-. • lue, <if .UAKMAN . lifioW \ d CD., a.
i i\ • ■ and depart from this Hotel, where their only
office is to be louiul. (<lun. 21, IH.i7 II.
A T T () It N E Y A T L A W ,
Wll.I, I’KAVTICK IN' Till: cm NTI1S 01
Augusta, Itockbi’idgo, Until and
.1 ulv 25, 1557.
is. n. leossi.i: i>io.v
Wl LI, pract ice in the County* ml Cii cuH Com t
of Hath, Alleghany, Pocahontas, llagw.nd,
and Augusta.
To his old cllenUln Augusta, he would v in;..
he will always be in attendance* «|v*i» tfie Cm \ i v
and IT n t nsnS rvr ks Cou uts hoi. pkn a r.w r.v-*.: ...
May d, lS:.»t>- Town pa pc j v...>py
I,IIS. M.imhi'.t
Ikts, just rm-iv
r Cuttfin > :irn, nil nuui
id uiul lor suit bv
iutAM)i:in:n(.A co.
Nov. 7, 1S57
rpjn-; 9xihw.twr3-ure TXAs n eiving their I’AIX
| JL (iOODS, i»nd wo ran with confidence say, that
we have decidedly the most attractive Stock \ve
have ever ottered in Staunton before. Our Ooo.i<
Rave beer, bought at least 20 per cent LOWKIt
t>oar. .usurp, owing to the money presuto at the
: Xotfc} ., "on-r {Uontlv we can otter great induce
| merits to buyers. We have all tllC various
StylfiRumi Fashions in Dress <iooiis, some
entirely new and elegant. We name below a lev\
kinds to wit:
black (Jo be Rhine,
Poult be Soie, and bayadere Sfri] ed , ^ ,
Plain, black, and Fancy Silk lvoh--s,
Hlegant bayadere, all Wool Delaines,
Side Stripe do.. Robe a QuiUe“,
Satin Figured Alceom ,
Satin Striped Poplin's,
Printed French Merinor .
Fren6n Plaids, French Marenoos,
Fngluli do.. Solid b ool Delaines,
Common Delaines, Valencies,
Fmbroidcries, (Jlo ,
•’beiiille, bay State. Scotch A Stella Shawls,
Fvery variety of Dress Trimmings,
la Setts !■ iti*, from $•'» to
bleached and brow n floods,
200 pieces Prints, Linseys,
Cloths, C’assimers,
l.adics and (Childrens Shots,
Hats and ('aps,
(piecnsw ai c, Ac., Ac.
I We w ill take great pleasure in sbowingour -lo<
■ and uo effort will be .“paired on our part to please
! all PIPKIt A FINKIIOl Slilv. !
Wet. 10. is:,7- - Spec. copv.
rail ami IVinlcr < lolhiei^;.
71 111 l-l subscri hi r, having bought out the intern t,
■ ol'S. I>. Hi.man in ili»• establishment of I.owkv
| > r k i \ A Ki.Kin, will herea Per earn on »l Iv.i .
,.i*ess.rt Hit* old stand in'hi# o • n n m . .teliasi
.-iv»m| I,is ?(<<•• /,f FA M, AM) WINTKl: CLOTH
I % It. tin.* largest iand finest pvr brought Pvtii.
market. Mi- .-took embraces l-’in»* ('loth Coats ol
e .tv description. I>n iness Coats, (-hi s’ . Mantle .
Kuglitus. and <ih *r Ov.-roats : an endless varir.y
of P*hi<*- . , from tlie finest to the most rommon:
v,‘ s silk-|*lu.“li. velvet, .satin, cashnei «■, eh I .
Ac.. Ac., nf nil colors and rules. « iso, Hit-,
Cro . Cravats, Stoo1 s. Tainlk i». rH . (i.-ntlc
iii.o < fi loves a ml S" v\ o *Ti mil- s, (k.rpct Hags.
I’oeKet Hooks. lieVO: CIS, K .. A < . Also, a very
exl-iisive assort inent of .NK(ilK) ( I.OTHINtl.
All of which will he -oh! on ‘.lie iim.-l reasonaide
terms. (icntlcmen of the town and country arc
i iVjieetfull y reijiiested to call and sen no charge
for how ing tie- goods whether sales me made or
\ (},. Cnnnfty merchants will he suppli d on >
g<»«*u terms as tin v can purchase in anv »f tie • it
ics. * A UK \.ll A \l 1 WAV KA S’l MIN.
Staunton, Oi l. .’>. 18»7.
Nciv Scgnr and Tobat t o SIoit.
n I’ I 0 S I T K T II !•; V I K (i I N 1 A I! O T I I.
d «//«./a i»./ An mo r> r* s ./» irfiry St< o » .
J’Olli io\. r- of til-' Weed, and chew. I. ot T"
i bacco. I h. | a \ e t o announce I tiH t 1 ha ve op -n
d a a\/; .i,\/> nn; \crn rsr \
)/ /• A /’, at tip- a ho y e mention. I f and, w h ■ i e ,i i .ill
time-. tear be founding.,r- «*t all the ino-t <•!111ii • <|
Hi and . ot imported and domestic inaiiUho-tn.
with Cm wing and Smoking Tobacco of lie v iv
hr -I kind. \ pi aetieaI .• .pel i< nee of manv \ • -
hi the uhovc hu.-im-ss. and a thorough know ii d>
d I he a me. in. »i in • me in s;iv ing.tli.it I « an .-apply
ill demand and admioistci tothe tat.-e of lie un> i
int cl•’! ate tobacco rh«-wei>and .ouokei. I hope m v
■cany Iri o,' will i.e me <• trial, end .hen kind
- up} mo i. i ii ny endeavor to establish nr. *|| ]
• i onii.-ii'gf licm-s; .• tiict and IMfnfuIreiten• i..u to hu.
W II.1.1 AM IiAi.lvMA N
May *fft iVo?
v \ I I.UldOhlMA,
* IMI I’ suh • r«hei - h i\ i opened a large \\ an Hon
■ n» ‘no .own o| HtiiUnfon. opposite .the . f{i. n
gei I )epot, a ml near I be mei ie-„ n i ioi .1, w* ei e t
an* pi epared to giv t'> higbesl C'iisll |'Vll V. for
Coin. live. Oats and Harley.
They will also k**«*p n.ii I null V on band ii l.ir;
0 pt • . . >i go..«! Will S i\ h \ . w bi eh t hi i il ■
eli.in e toi el . n. TheV v :ll >■ >o»i he i'Cild\ to fur
ni h tiromnl IT; >.er to r'.n tneis.
. T ’ash will Ik- pa n» lor *>U0 i Ii ri ft \ I - ek l> .
il A U M A A d P.\A!T.
October 1 I. IK.I(5 - tf.
VI lV i£% \\Ck
subscribers have nw.de . rrangenemr - with
1 Messrs. K. lianeda A I'm. t( receive tin ii o !p
pl V of t • ||-I II o ill i - season th ft rt f fun th t II • h n
/>/./.../v, and are tbcrehv enahh d' i«.-oifei the arti
ie to their agricul mil ti .ends at low * i pi» •
than it (an be procured in anv other iiiufaiK r.i i..e
/l».*v am dailv expecting tho.xhips ‘*Zo| liyi”aud
“Ca.-tilian” from tin* Islands.
Th isc who desire to do so, er.mnmv engage to oc
deg- (>••{•«’ Iron! fcheir ships on t’ieir ai riv al.
vow hi: a co.
Ale.vandiia, .lulv 1ft, lft.'»7.
JK ST received a Krcsl supply of Drugs. Midi
cities. Paints. Oils. Peilumerv, and Kuliev Al
ton . at. t.' c I>■ "g Store of
HK. 11. KIXMvY A
A -t. IV, ISeV.
* *TJ.J l» rli4» host Rcreu t i rind stones jn■-1 »• « . i\
■ n't. (fiic 't li.'in tht* 4|uan v, at inm'ii .<r
pri«*<*j»- tliiin before offered in this munot
Tli«*\ are fully warranted tube nfl*ho»vi*r> be.
quality, ami can be rci up.u'd il they d:> not yi\
-aiis!acto>11, Also, Cranks ami Friction Hollers lb
b.iiiyiny them, some of very superior patterns.
(;i;o. ic. puht;.
Staunton, Oct. 17, l.sr*7.
‘ i V ! KXP i X .. lea vo Staunton in a lew d. \ >. 1. "
umlctsiyncd lias placed the bonds and «<■*•» nuts of
WIIITK A- I* ATT ON mi the liatds of Mr. John
P \ <: is tor collect i«>n. All win* know tbcinsclve.~ in
d bled to ..aid c oo crn. arc most earnestly solicited
to call on Mr. 1’iivis, either at the sUit'u ' J. I*'. .1.
White, oral the Circuit Com f Clerk's nllic \ with
out delav and settle. \VM. T. PATTON.
April 1*7 ls:»7.
licallm* lU tliiitf.
1F.ATIIKR lb I tiny, for all kinds of V*»r incry,
J from I Cinch, to 1-inch, wide Ice I .e. :
Copper Rivets : Patent Oilers, and Wire N ppeis,
at the new Hardware Store, under Cnion Hall, ol
l). W. KliNN 1.1 >N .
Staunton. S.-ot. 1ft, 1^57.
J J(. Ji / .
I 11 AVI! just received anotlni supply ofth<
1 perioi Cci ian Matches that never mi
Foi Sale b\ the
» lire
" U V. .1. <;u:\ov,
Per. C. T. Coi'Muan'.
Staunton. S(*pt. !!t», 1F7»7.
I |-*»l l''ISSg!*
JCST rcccive-j froi i v-j ply of J’e - I*,cl reel,
put up in Kilts and half Ram i , al.- « ;i ’ . !’ i
i els of nice Herrings, which we will -ill “.a
i Sept. CJ, P r. -Spec. copy.
sT/k a \\’ ( rrri:i:s.
.yWUXS Pati*nt- Self Sharpenin'! Straw ami
i ■ x Stalk Cutters, for cutting Corn Stalks. S.' \ ..w ,
lf;iy, Su(;ar Cane, At ., at •txKNNF.O
New I i .i rkw a re Store.
I Staunton, Oct. 17, l-.<7. Spec. copy.
HlThANI) N V 14 IT I* X, Si UA R
4.Ml bids. Portland Sv rup
I fin bbls. \ Suyur
just received ami for sale .*» IVctorv pr'nv, by
VOW l.K A CO., A-;em. .
Alexandria, duly 18, ls.»7.
fitiii'l.Wlioit rtoiir.
\\rK have just received a few Rays of nic • I luck -
\l Wheal Flour, put up in \|iiuniili« • V. . v»u
siuv si/e fa mil v. STAPUiS, MARTIN A CO.
Oct. 17 , If*.*7. Sp-'-e. copy.
n/a* no(;siu:.\ns <'i:ori<i:i:Y
asd (t>rr/:xs\\ai:i:.
1 ! ST received and offercti, a larye a.-s<»rhm nt of
♦ I 'lb a Setts. Pinner W are, Snip Tureen-. Cups
and Saucers, Ola-s Tumblers, Pitchers, Howls, Ra
-ins and Pitchers, Ac. Also, Stone ware, >u*h as
.1 iiyt». Jars, Churns, .Milk Ra-ins, Ac . r.ll of the
best qualit v • J N 0. F. J . Wfl 11 !!.
Oct. ‘JI. |s.»7.
III A V I! just received dim I fi out Oa! o*i I A
Son-, maniila.■•lory in I hiladelphia, H> C. • ,
embracni.y ; II the i.ilest .-l vies and kinds, Slouch,
llunyai iau, Fur, Mole Skin, \\<l. Ac., d e. Al
so, a full a- ortnient olTM*n A lb \ a\ . p-. For
sale cheap for cash. JNO. F. J. WlilJh.
vAc. 1.., 18 > V.
*)A y.-VCKS dam, Rayaira and Rio C'dlVe, m-'
OU received at d f >r sale bv
Stauno.n, Nov. 7, 1 S,~»7.
IlKIXIiS Si tit i lion's A Cell in’- W ana n ted Ax. ,
* just i fee i ved at HR A N DFRC Rti'S A C').
Staunton N< v 7, I 'A7.
TUK iniiUAi r \i: w. )Y or Tin;
-I SFASFS. Olundular and White Sv.oF:n£,0<ii
f i '*, Malignant rlet i 'Mini Old Sons. Tet »•••. Salt
Kheum, Opthalmie, Dip disea.- *, *>:. 'tlolchea
on tiu; Face, and all dl.scusc.-i uripbiaOiie; in ai ini
pure slate of the Mood.
K FFI* Til F I!FOOI) 1’ 1’I» F Strengt.lien and in
vigorate the system, and von remove nine-tenth.- of
ail causes of disease, and escape miirh suffering.
i>i:. r.oi nskfkk v \ co.\s imffkiaf df
IT H ATI V K, is e peci.illv adapted to hdlil all those
important particulars. It purities and enriches tho
blood, invigorate.- the whole system, and relieves
patients from Ih<> many disagreeable feelings eon
ii'-riml with a disordered state of the livi-rand
;oiiiai\i. As a Tonic it is invaluable. Females of
a w mik and debilitated habit. w ill liud it to be a val
ualih- medicine for rcinvijjorntinjftlie si>\em. This
valuable medicine is used e.'.ti-n.-ively bv the pin
prietmsin Don ..-If known and .-iieei--..-fill freat
i A \ CFKS, SDK 0 IT 1, A and ( hronie i)i -
s'-a.-es: its jrrejit sneers in elh el in" cm • i , tin -e
id.-, tine ■ i -.nd jirtint'ul diseases, ha- estaldi.--lied if s
value a. 1 pophiai ity wherever it has been i sed.
Those iibiiL' the Imperial Depunttive, will receive
me,; r.d r e f w »n 4he pitrn'ipal o/liee in
IMiilad- I-■hia. eaeli hottlii beiii" accompanied with a
'■heck ho that purpose: and hv attention to this
matter, tie* most difficult eases can be cured. For
k le at t1 i> ’Uio*- .-'tore of
Dll. w-m. vor.xji.
Staunton. \ a.
\.<nf al " for I.Ot \ S iu:i; 11 A & CO.’S ANTI
Fbi < M i I ST I o \ I I, II FA 1.1 Mi SAFVIb
A ue . v , Is;.7.
Tin ii-’id Coppersmith,
A ND DlbV i,,vb !,\ STOVFS,
I.S1 ’p;"| |.-' F|,Y i.ifm iiis-'iii friends and ms
>'■» ton!, is. t hi* I he ' • -» - n*i hand a "ond as.-oi linen t of
TI i\r .1 .! A* /;. d'r. ,
‘■”s '** ‘in. "very b dr in u.-<\ and that he w ill i*\
ef'Vife to order ani "v.- (\ i i hi- line, at Hirrhii-fe;- 2
nutiee, I on reaso;.,>b|c t erms, lie keeps eon
atas.-.li on ima-d. a van iyofC ookinjr Stoves, ol the
innate.-1 pattei in- and mo. t a)'proved form, and iuvi Ies
an examination of his .•tuck. a lie is confident the
pi ice of the article.- cannot fail to be.-n.li-lai ^ ry t<
Tnaiikful for lie* patron...j-i».heretofore extended
t'* him, lie r<. peel lull y solicits a emit inuanee of ti.e
a me, and —in m- the public, that every exertion on
his past will he made t<> u ive . at i. bieiion, both as
to pi ie.• and w ni kman.-iiip.
' > . Call on Main Street, at tin Old Post Ofiiee
• i J <>11 N C. CKO \ i-i.
April II, 1 ;,7.
\t >' La ui*.»and IIari imuA ui #.
H\ \ L IH'W nil ham' a UM'tl ; phot !i 1 .apply ol
! ‘ ;• 11.« n ami A t * - < i i an M a i tde, \\ hieb the v a re
in a mil no*' M r. tr' r it" tombs, W i»'! m »TH It1 ' ' i ;t (" ml
■ I’b»o1 SI om s . Ta I tit* a ml illi t ea tt Tops. A I-m .miiie of
very in a I , I a nd »»»•>- t t h ,i I ■ jut H ••! i: > f««i ( eniel ery
|<ui|m w ill* l.s 1111 • imhI <* Jim • !«• v - • • •< l to
(•111)1. w.i'h Lamb .11.m ulln t (!• 1 1 • r.!i‘i <• l, t<>
la; <-ii ten "Ivrv, I .lint. 4 nd Midler tonne.-.
• ' - nth on liaii'l. Having bad a lone rsperiene.
'n ill bu iiuv-, ami wmkcd in tli • mot ditlienl
ami «I "I * i‘»i t •• letter carving, iiiib <j|eat . nee.-4,
lin y lei 1 .1red ‘.b*t the 1,1 te n| the most fastid
inn uni In* pba-ed .11 tlmir wind.-.
'I ln \ It n •* ta renth oprm-d a binitifli of tlmn
e -1 Mi him nt in t lie 1 o\\ ti ul Ha ni,. mbiti j*. 11 M re
nit. tif . ne pa 1 1 in 1 .* i s rend v a nd y epund.bi e
• iv. imi! 1 . All ileitt*.:! i. pr nii’*:j\ attended
I n.
Stm: n. on, April I2!fb»«5..
• I'the late Inn: ut K. (J. I •■rinerly of AIb-ona 1 le,
A \\ . I). rl nmpk i n •. in la to a pa it ner in I In
l;ielniM'inl. \'a., and Inc- 1 nee. i n «•! Stapler Martin
i.i«*i Iv of Alin'!i*hi1t. A Co..Sla*mtun, \ a.
11. 1). TO M’KtXS .V lino.,
£ommissi-ou illcnhanM,
0]>jio>itr (!.<• Hour S!:«lr.Casin Cauli,
soi,Kir coxsiii\mi:nts or
Alueir, Tot«!•'(», ’Via .tl, Coni,& I’roiliict
(•riirml y,
AudypveMi ii pi nniji pei -«iiial at t l.lbm to all j
l)lt ill 1 litl II. ted ,1.0 *’ t . i.
Lilti i'll! Allot Ilf • r.X - 'r-‘ ( if.UU'iIf.'i
S!'>r. .
y ’ eTnb'M< i J, 1 .11 . - I V.
v Oi! N 'is. 'SC MERER.
ht'< < .*> a-a vc to .say to bis old eti.-tomei and the
public generally, that lie is mm in 1 et 4 l i t l.i.
Sprint- iippl> of
(1 l’tti*(:ro •. ('nu ferf I < ’ f < I / l.s*, »fv\ ,
iv Id eh have nneii bought low enfiviilerin^ tin- pin
n. state of tli • market, and whirh will In- .-old bov
Ini- Ca b. mi- mi a short eredit l<* piinemal cu.-toni*
im s. lb has on haud a j*-reat variety nt' l-*«ii«*y \ r
lieh's. Toys, Ac., Ac., to \\ liiuli he would m" t’.
attrillion of the puhlie. 'J!i: if: Id! for pj.-t f.i.ms,
I: - pnniiiM's t! at no par .1 on bis j ail .dmII be spai
ed to ninrit ;i eoiitinuanee of the > ;nic.
C rilKSIl 0V1 TKI.IS -111 e bad at from «:
oYinek a. m. to Id o\l.T;k. p. ui. dr .in- the en::re
:. .I'Oii.
.May !>, 1S57. ly
I I! i:s;i \ r in v \ I. of
A S i <vi\ '•<! Jiis Fall Stuck,
thin.tr iu tin' wav of SI! OKS,
I r cash, am! to prompt cm.
on four nionihr. IT" .-'till
cu hrarinjr v\ i
v. iii' h he will :
Main S‘.
Wm. V
,iiiul’aclure HOOTS au.it
at l u-liiiiu'.x Old Stand,
and has in hi* employ M
\ ho*i
. dTl. -
HA'Y!\i: |«u< » csr-1 f Mr. AliSAl.OM KOIX
. Fit all tin; Notes :•••.! a-- - J-.ic him *t ♦**•
*• Republican V indicii l nr” r r tiosci ipMoii ,d
advertisiuir, I Hike lhi.-> uiethod of infoi mine- an
t hose know im.r Ihem,selves to he indebted, to come
forward and pa. up. Mr. Alfred will receive all
mom \ which mu' be paid at the oMiee.
PTi 11 K • n n>oi itor !:a vim: -old and assigned to Mr.
fi TH(M| \S .1. Id'll K I! ;•!' r • \ a, ..;,l ,a .
e* tints due V.e “ It epuhhcu a \ md.e.iior ' nfliee,
t In • • e ind* I • I * d l o l lie ollii e for sulwri.pt inn pi 'no lo
tin* I >l ol .11*! \-, ami lor ad veil; in*.- pi or to tlm 11(1
oft*, lo* , /i.s.iii, \\ i •1 p! i • pay their respective
at ' oiiutr t<> him.
'I'lio.-e havin»r account - a.'raiii t the otlicc can
tie w ith cith i Mr. I>ui Ue or my.-elf.
11»• ■ ■ emher Hi, ! Sr (J A I >S A Id '* M lv0 i X r. it.
Ml "oz
t i HOMS N". 1 New York Slate Cheese, for >.du
V h, ST \ l‘U:S, MAH n \ a- CO.
Nov. •’ 1. ls.vr.
iM)/r\ in \ \ \ w ecu \ s>'i ns. Mii
... Ne.rroes. for sal* hv
( UA \\ FO'i|> d ( O' II! v v.
SI aunt I n. her ... ls>T. 1 n
nni.MMi I'M m a\ ;m \ oc \i:\ m
j ) al\va \ s on ham! at IML. \ 01 ,\ <• S.
St aunt on Nov, 11, l h>7.
v%rkk i.i\s!•:i i> oil. k wiutf u.\o . *
4 iccct e!:t I-:;. VI-MSS.
Slituntou. Xi v. It, l *7.
AO SUM S ot I** t Sal- i oath <
» )U for Sale at .-mall profit . hi
Kit A N'OF.iil
Stuunion, X '*'. ’ *
. CO.
M.- X- Ik&JIM.
'| S now r coivisg ..N i rlo Stami, on the line
I of tin- Yra. Cett.rtTi Railroad, at Goshen Repot,
| count v of Rockbridge, a large and lioavv stock o
sri:i\(; ,\.\» MAwmacooits,
nh'ti rr pretfully ask id CVstoniers and friends
generally, in the counties of Rockbridge, Hath, Al
leghany. Grcenbiio. .Muuroc, and I’ocahonUis, to
favor him with a call and • vamino for them Ives, ns
if. will at all Mecca 11 <>r<f nim great pleasure to exhib
it bis <' -r .Is, being confident that ho can and will sell
s low as any I Ions* west ol the Rlue Ridge.
His stock consist.; of <tiI kinds of Goods auually
kept in a country store, such as,
Cloths, ('assijiK.Tos, \ of.tavgs, all khuis of
Dross Hoods, Sill' y Ac., Sheeting's, Tick
ings, Drillings, ('ojfon Yarns, and Ser
vant’s Wear of every doscription, togeth
er with a’general assortment of Hard
ware and t^ueenswa«e, Hoots and Shoes,
Hats, Caps, Dyes, Diiijtt , Oils. &C.
1 have, also, on hand a good assortment of
r i: a i» v m A r> k rkgtin xg,
which has been carefully selected in the Xorthern
Markets, that lie will sell at a small advance much
more reasonable than he has ever before offered.
Also, n general stock of Groceries, Coffee, Sugar,
, • \ I H AST HR, MOhASSKS. RIG 11, TH AS,
every thing warded in a family, all of which he will
sell as buv a- the same qualities can be bought in
Richmond, with the cost • »f freight added, either l»y
Wind sale or Retail, for caMr or to punctual custo
mers,or lake in exchange all kinds of Country Pro
duce at tdio highest market jo in's.
Thaukfit! Ibr |*ast favors, and hope, by his low
prices to merit a continuance of the .-ame.
July I, IS.',7 -ly. A. S. KARA.
< heap licocn ics.
vxder rin: rosT oi'i'ia::,
rI^!I A N K l l'Ii for ji: ■ i i , r\.■) o3v!‘u'i.y • n
■ forms the |it»M;c. f at lie’lia- now on band as
eiiivU* or <hi:aim i: an assortment of GROCKRIKS,
ns can be found in Star i toil, const A. >g in par: o'’
Fine and Common Sue*; r .
do. do. Coffee,
Mola.-si-s, C’."ese, Kish,
ri ( t'anfili ., l*n,oins,
Ruck i t s, A c.
!u short, every article usually foUnd in a wjk’.c
sale Groverv.
_ also,—
A cbolee «,-lection of lie- lu st hiquors,
Ki eii'di. and Apjd*' Rrnndy.
Gin, Old Rv< , and Monongaliela YYTiihiy,
\Y iin*, A e., A e.
\Yiii* li Ire will id! as i.ow if not t.nwr.j*. than anv
' tb* ll**i! in Town. Call unu see b.lbro leaving
M tv: ;** .•. F. O.
| Oct. i, ii.
iAiov (Oiiiiisj.Nsjoa E?ou-it*.
T | ^ 111 en*b i- i ; ii *l have lids day as cei.ited tliem
* dv niidt r the ,-tyh ol Rowcoek A Rrowu,
j for tin- i’nr|»*ol conducting a general CotnmR
j Mon bu-im' s, and r* sj»eetfully so* hut eunsigii
i incuts of produces4 d,y >*; net | firm ml it. r •» * -
j t ""i t" bu.-im they ln»pe io men. . rare of the
i public | itronage.
i I.ihei.il i*Ivaue. s made on Consignments.
Oi Albemarle. oi Albemarle.
N R • Of’ice on Carey and Twelth Stmts,
Richmond, V.i.
Sept. RJ, ls;,7. l v.
U iRMRiiiHs: uii o3i:r ir ; i!
1 <-A !!, Cotbv' and .Mole, s. S»H. Rl .-‘
1 ’ S J • f *• A •! . Tb epfi* ' h.-i* «*, finest Gr< • n
• ini !»'.«■. Teas, perm, Adamant .<• and Tallow
Gandies. Mi' a. i, ur.-.a < ;-m .half bids., Cotton
hi," :*f all r.umnej'. i rmeincler Chuns,
\\ i••■•I.-ii W.ire of e\ cry d- script hm, »*tid a vr'i tv
' : I h r ;• i 1 . i• - I i■, ii:, . to »*•«•••*.'«• * ih h
we will s«J| low,- '.-Jill hch’Iv U u call ’bedure pur*
clotsing i Isewhi-re.
ST \ Tid'd, M ARTI X A (jn
Get. . . pee. copy.
S humic
STOICS!- &***
\Y 11, L T A M S11T1V
I FA.'J jii t n,inm.e;i from 111 * v' ; with one f»
I t tin- hii -i and liin’.-t • i '»ck' or HATS.1 A* l’S
•v -i hrouuht to tljitf market, w bioh hr otter for.stlo
al priory that cannot fail t<* | l nse. Hav ing laid in
in In (iiioilsiili till* Ihv-I t"i ir -. lie can vi* - •II to tin*
Ttnde, so that retailer* ran buy of him ami make
a co11:| profit. Ills St"« k cm.-i.-ts of white unit
rq.irk I*. I! A V Kit: u hit- ami black lit SSI A: «>T
Tl.i. : black ami white SILK, a ml all kind.- of II U,
ST.OlTil. i ad '* '<M)L H ATS. Hr I- . . r?: Pen
al o. all kii'**.i ot STliA'Vi 1IA\ .! ? fi . JAi’S of all
>i/a -i ami *jrmh s.
lie aid oih tin fact tire* \\ooi and Kur Hai.«. hIiMi
he u ; i i .nt* ‘ 11 be c<|Ual t.* the he.-it city •made, lie
v. ill ;.l- > L u \ Furs of all dose rip fi (nisi j at the lollo\v •
. .The hiuhe.A CASH price given lor nil kinda
of II IIS.
• Stand jo iirlv onpentito the Virginia Hotel
Market St., Staunton, Ve.
April IS, 1867. ly.
spraer 11 :ii. Ainrusia i omit*', 1 <i.
f Mil K -Im"' re • • y ;' r".• iih ^ I.; • 11• • n«1 -•»
m anti tTio public tli,it 1m- is now emra.it hk.
tabli.-hment in Sprii v iull. An n-t.i Co., in the
uiami'actui e of l A U I.! A (i! IS, U COILS, (’.'vil
li \ ALLS, LOCK ANY \N S. A«-.. .11 of whii !i will bu
mule to order of tin- vcrv In t iiMiirrial by supe
rior wur-kiiit'ii. ana w ill bo sold ut price:, that cannot j
tail to I».• .'ati.',lai !«>» \.
llcal. u keep- on bam! a sup; ’*• (-1* nil kinds of
(! \K ItlidK A M) IlKiliV IIAHNKSS
ol ii *3it tir.is.i a-; re y.en.l workmanship.
Ik inv-iles the attention T purchasers to7.is splen
il; I »e-k n hand, ?.ih! i.» ctail»;I**V Mint he i 'n sell 1
Ck!'. At* MU ha i, . ii v id; cr establishmoTt. of tin* kl • - I
in tlio county, and lie solivits *. call before puralias- I
\'*w work whan vd for old and old woik l*e- '
paired on mod i ate tel jus. \
Nov. un, 1 h,. ly .1. A. CUN HI) IN ST.
Avi.LV/; a J A V ,r,
hiili r 'i'hv Viiffsiria EZuicl.
HA Y INC < vnpl t. d t tixm .,loek for FA I,I, A N •>
NY | N T K II W KA K, '‘'ii Id call I he a t tm Ion of ,
i ,*isan- in want of (kinds w< 11 made to their a.-sort
ment ol COATS. CANTS, Y l’STS, CLOAKS, A N l>
OY r.KC > NTS, all cut in the latestst vie. and ol’the
h u u ii, lv'•jinOi’p, •V-o.Alii'e varii t\ of Cent’omen*’ ,
Ft UN 1SJIINO i’.Oiil) - , compr:.-i,L Sh*i k, Vr'.y.-- '
« rs, Collars, (il"V' . , Ci; s .■ is, Ac., together with i
SliauIs and Cla ukets al? ni^'noh they otter cheap ,
fur t ii. All \vni k guaranteed In ^ive satisfac- 1
tini. Ik'i'iiviujLj i w «jonds every few dn\s. !
(kinds ordered at tin shortest notice.
S taunt on. Oil. 17, lh57.
N 0 TIC E!
n\ S re-opened iii-' Hoof ami
Shoo Store in thoSinro
Koom reeenth occupied I>y lieu;
v.'. r'ljii, ?'*}*■* 1 > t’v'
h.Uiill.K VAIfh,
where lie will be ready as ever '
t<> please his eu»tomoi*s, and all
that may he in want of <*-nt*d
work. As my moans are small,
and heather is very hi**h, and a 1
eu h article, | chilli h i compelled
to do a cash bu.-int '! \ nhuet ,
is ♦<* ivo ffotwi work ami eaiisiai t’nu i > all.
\ ■. Jf knk\ )*i cfni:;
\l rF. rr.-jicrifull v rail vmir a11• nli«*n to our lar^o,
»> I': lull, mi«I \ ill »♦ -.1 assortment cl l>.uu>,
M I »«• J !.»• , :.I I rlffllllOl V . It will j>ei h • p;? be
I Ml ml r. if Mot quite r..> • J*.MV Stofk hl»
I ,\ Mil i ho liluo Kitl^e aiul the Ohio lliu r ! Wo (
, •«/ In hii r..':- It, though. We UIO willillU' ll»r tilt*
I * •.. I»5 i * • to •! • ei 11 • •. hit. T II. K I V X ICY & (10. i
t e . '' . !>•;:' .
r TONS Iron in o rul I r sale loft
*• ) I.v UK A N bKlil.liti A. CO.
0 Mintori, Ni v . 7, 1
V KK r meo ,v>« -ttm nt of T«iMte Snap. lor
STM1) I S M Mi UN \ ni s.
A v,;‘
$15,000 WORTH
HAVIN'*' drr mined ro •>'\ inc nr-' prr» •(••it bur- j
inch’s, as soon as practicable, I -n*.0. <.omm -nro !
from this day celling out my CNTILE STOCK, j
at Prime 'os., (’.>/• f'rtsh, and im The pri- \
ccs named, will, jo p.H t-sscs, he the fi"*t ••■)'/, mi i
•no rthctoment, except for temnauLs and lots of
flood;;, to eh sc ■< tit. In this stock will be found a ;
great imvny dcsirahh* foods, viz :
100 pieces Calicos, Tied Tickings, Jlrown and I
Pleached Sheeting and Shirtings, $1000 worth of
mows JiN'f) SHOES,
SbOO worth of flATS and CA PS,
Sr>()0 worth ( f China, Class ane rp*.opn: ware* and I
Stoneware*. Jilankot ’'lam el-. Cloths and Cnssi- |
nuns. Linens, Pocket Hdkt’s., ICbbons and Dress •
and Fancy foods. ALSO,-—a.lot of lion end Steel i
and Castings'; a large stork ot If\RDWAUK, con- J
listing of Kni.e.' and Forks, Spin ns, Lo< k , Hurts i
and Screw s, Shovel & Tongs, Andirons, if c., Ac., j
making altogether one of the most desirable stocks
ever ottered in this market, for cash.
-r.r. All nel sons indebted to me will please come j
forward am! settle their accounts, cither by Loth! j
or prompt payment, ns I am determined to close ,
lip my business with despatch.
,1 NO. F. J. WHITE.
Staunton, Xov. 21, H57.
v A M A H1a: FA R31 FOR SA LL 1 A
\ CC LPMPKil COL’.NT V.—As tie ag- nt of the j
Hon. Jas. F. Strother and John A. Parker, I will ■
sell privately their valuable FARM, lying within .
one mile of Mitchell's Station on the O. A. A. hail
road. Tire road passes through the farm in lull j
view of the residence. This D ct contains '12 A .
CUES. Hoof which !ts c '..ed thi.be- i. '
beautifully, and is in a very good .. onlition :ri> ;
time for cropping. There is u-* better g-a.-sor'
wheat land (naturally) in the Stale, ami i‘. produ- i
cos corn and oats well. The fu:.: es an «"i -r..hl’
good, and there is water hi t*e:v; 'mid* The Ruild
ing is ph in but comfofia'ale.
i pi * r.utboriy.ed to sell this fi rm > »r S' 10,000, 1
he paid a?1 Follows: when possession i> given. ,
(which can be had at any time.) and the V*.dance
in l, 2 and J equal annual instalments, interest paid
annually. I w.i a.-sure the public that a ureal bar- '
gain v t flered in the above tractof land. It i sit- j
natch in a line neighborhood, with rood .•chord-, j
eliui obe.*, . *orc . shops*,-an l nr'ls, all eonreni •: t. j
Any oih Wr... may desire to examine the premi.-- *. j
will please drop mo a line, and 1 will meet him .
.DitchoH's Station any day he may rle-iui ;.le, and j
iff e wants to buy land, he will not hesitate (in j
my opinum) to contract for the Pirni at once.
Address meat llrandv Station. CuIjh per un- ,
•tv, Vn. DU.* C .U i! All LIS, Agent.
Hopf. r., i*v».—tf.
a large Fotol Ferlumcries, consisting in j
Fvet. Frangipafmi,
'* Geraniums,
11 Fair!.
** Magnolia,
“ Violet,
“ Rose,
“ Musk.
“ MignionetC .
•* Heliotrope,
“ Mellilleurs,
*• Verbena,
' Vr-V 'V, vn H.IV,
• W h*?‘e Filler,
“ I,i! .1«•.
“ V.'v.*, Kwi,
“ Connli.1,
“ Wall Flower*,
Fur . ale at t?!L* Fi 'Tiri'u ' rn
I'll. V.
M. iill- ;j. < t t. ‘-'J, ’-v.
Kxet. Musk Ilo-o,
“ Spring Flow.r.-,
** Jest a’ nine,
Air O,
Turkish K. nee,
Oriental Droj s.
Otto lb
Toilet Waters. j
* ologncs, _ |
Ft iiM^tpanni Sat eh ! I
..,k. t Kx tracts,
11 air Oils
Jialm White l.i lie-, i
“ 1000 Flower ,
Sweet Ft a
Jockey Club,
XTAF..U•’ AND FAXCY <-<><)l)S.
T . 'i in Fttf !•• •«•*}'1of iuv tari'e k, -u
I ;'ri
t lanrn is. loanM,.',
(’loti..-, < L • -i'Mi-M ,
» iHsimtft. Lin.-ey ,
lirown and Bleached Sheeting;*.
Tickin-s, 10'; and 12**| Sln - t d g ,
1 ♦ pTces V alicct . from r' to LJ,
Oinghams. Mereiioes, (':>•' nui>',
Mu.- flu Lain.y, Dices Ti inn mgs?,
(ap Buttor:.-*,
J i’i n H.mki r. .fri.m C*11 to the Hacst,
H. It-. Sark Flannels,
Kihbond, Fan.'.
Aik! a great vr.rl t\ "fother (Jnoib. Alitor fall j
vi■ rv low to suit fhu times.
Oct. 24, I->7. .1X0. F. .1. W'lITF. |
.V<>I'IMiitMt 7 th, IX. 7
M’HIIS <l.iv receiving at th • (TIFAP IIAKD-j
1 \n Mil; STOK::. * .' th v, ;.,n lfail
]'* flu’. * irginta A\e.«, a* r- ted fire*.
> do*. S:’v». ye Stutters, a superior palletn,
2 iliv.. I'utaiu ■ >*i in .uirc. bin, >w ,
'1 11u/. ('.ill- '1 u,i-r. !>,
11 liro - (’hip Fins. Spu, patt n.
- W.ijjmi load Fad F ckali .>i/. > u.ui Mi pi >
I "t Shovel aiul Tongs, Iron Rivets*
JI inges, Nails, (.’un S..u.-k.,,
Prophet's Ki ller Pnchb Btlh!o Kitts,
15i Li! 1 Fill’ays, S.cidli* Tree. ,
Spjioiidi. S'limnerset and Sie.-j,
10,(Mil) ( 1) Perec ii tt ( t; a
M)00 American V.’utor ' ; . .
• ,000 Cock do.,
l.ai :<* lot » 1'Ii< n . \!(from n Buggv to a -i\
horse Way on h*, Shaving B v •* ;• i 1 I
Ac., Ac., t r ether with an everlasting assortment 1
of everything kept in a regular Hardware and hn- j
p’eniei t Store, v.l.irh v ii be . I * 1 unusunllv lu»v I
for ea.-h. 1>. \Y. KFNNKhV,
Nov. 7, is.',7. Fuder Hid. n ilall.
o vHitiiM. ii liters
/T.lir I.V.'/.VSI M-'illiMft [
*.j» «* J>. %J .*■ Mk *.»• M ^ . V A ll ,
\T 1 COLA BATTI S'l !. w ii known f •• hi* n-w ;
l\ proees intridue --J into (hi «-ount rv lor DYF
1\(J SILKS of fVi'i \ kind, having been enelm d
by (Fibtiel Hirsh, lias opened the above .ibiL-b
mint and i.> ready to exeeiit orders fur *! e i' \ i is, ;
OK S11 i i - < . s.! 1 . V . , L • ,
I i . i1 . • t;
Wi;vit, , e., in a (wrfwti n ho alone ha.i attained.
/ H work guaraute* d.
Orders ex ‘c-1 j>r« i: p»!y end at a nx ! r
Siv.uftton, Hoc. :», 1 s,'»* . -:i:u
II .1 77 ’///■..S', ,/A’ 117/A (i r, ,S7A I A7J
I W. MKUKDITll t . u.-.l .11i! :. i i: I
• crrnfdete stock of Lie- .ll-.’WFI. ; \ A W.\T«' U
fv', of new and beatr; -ul <rylef ard » .itt'.'rn.s, v, hi '•
will be a<dd lower tbe.a cvcr h-:fv»r.- i»Ae *. ..
ilia i ki‘*.
Ft* respectfully solicits a . h.wv /!’ the pub’ie
pat onage.
W VTClIlkS A ! 'AVI.I. V r. paired i,.d !
Staunton, Nov. 21, 1 ", 'l a.
Druggist, I’m: .' "5th uuA JS'. . i
I N ' j 'EH . tont,i<m of Meiehstii?* Fa in • .
. ami Faint' rA> Ii - ,-'mv f 7Fi .it. , (. . >
White Lead, \ arnishes. I)i i t, I t.n -i d i
Comprising Yellow •, (inviw, Jlrd-, tTnb-.Ai'.,
Ac., Patent Fycs, I’ru- i.ut liluc, of best <jua1 ity, j
Window (Has- , Putty, Ac., Ac. All who at c in :
\\ant o* ai tieh > in tlii.' line will du well to call be- ■
fore pm i h.i.-iiig clscwlicrc, a-• " d will be sold i
rcry loir /ur ..« //, or to punctual dealer.--.
'■V. 1MN.7. |
iIOi:st-:#.e,VT 5 OK Kf ',1 T. |
GITCATKI* in Xi-.v . 11,,'. - -a
Id fr .a I , Any rate wistiing to : -nt will plc..seap- j
p *e .’i,r Scim.i.t, in mv an -nice.
Tec. 12, P-07 H. * r. W.SHOTT.
V J “ il’KUlUlce ot a d 1*1. vr . ed i e i .
t'or.ri *. f A uyu-t:*. in • e e;. • • f !\ ,di a n. Ac.. . '
J. M. Pitun.ii, Ac., 1 shall pro; *. d, in St aunt r.. 1
on l st lit; / i-i'.!•! a mi r ■; nr <f t . * at public ?; ■•, i
TWO \ A LI Ytili N Fl«U< :■a li..v ai.-l a
TFKMS :— A creditolVi v m nti a, - be Sv-eurcd i
by well ctuloracd lie..■■F.;hln r.c-i .
Nit ItO. K. TUO ( T,
Dec. 1*2, i s.i,. ; - Ciiiii’r. i
011A KKFI.S Ci nulled and ('. 1 «.(!'#■<• . ,i. ae
lor -alo by STAl’LFS, MARTIN .ft O.
\ o v. 2 J, ) S7,
liMin It IFN I \ ! _ ■ ;:d • • omus I ; 1'
I1 FI F llnl'H’, i laid, ■ . • • -icnci uftwo
s«mall families, in i .4,n , ...id d. -nable paitcf
Stamitr-n. Fh-ju ■ . : ti*o LiW" a tor Olluc
Dee. > IS»>T.
‘NO SUCH VY OH i) A S 1-7.1L.’
Circular to **»«*
The first lir-sy.ir:iI surgeon? rnd *>'-di'enl }• ubli
cists of Europe admit I he unpajulleh 'I arti-inl! am- :
governments s an< Ii< 1. i0- u » in ! i’ Oftval nia
military services: ;.nd Hu- musses in this country
an i tliror.o-iioi.it ih* world n jiflfo Hie ulnm.st eon
fid eace in its curative p; oj-ei It penetrate
the snrirc of in ft;:nm .-it ion and corruption whirl,
underlie flic external < \«<1 • n?-« - of dis« a e. a; >’
neutrnli/e the fiery clemen'.- which feed nod
perntc the malady.
Kl’cuaiatl. v*. firr f-n Tlr* e.
These ar© km -"g the imc- t -w* rible ri d mi
King diseases of the m.i- fie.-h v fib: e and ,
the .skin ; yetii them worst form?, and when
seemingly incurable, tliey invari.-b!y hi-a >pei*ru i -
tier .i pei severing application of thi->• ti■ 1g
healings antid at ain and
Sr It r.I*v »m.: z < r. Piorc.s, MliV • oil Is.
In CtLses f-b uU Unci' :r, \ -'ere no- Iu-.d writers. i
, and
proved i- le-^3, t’-.e (bntnien! ■ s ill a> • nopli.ha)
thorough cure. Firs or Sore ♦ h-ml quickly ujHl r :
influence, and its r*. lr.:.ing elicit upon coutrac- ‘
ted sinew-- bs truly w* -idcrf'ul,
1H:fharsins l"ICrrs.
r v e-t ,r.i kable and happy rhanu i ' ; redu
ced in the appearance of malign ::,r 'the . • 't
few applications of this Dintin'nt. T.u: m i mrud
hip M ilm- vat,isle ,i;u! grn. ml • • 1 •-1:! 1
b'-giu to take *h • pi m ■ ot ,;-e -‘i ! . ;• ■>: v:iM w.
Tt'i.S piT.Ce <;•<:< .■ Oil -I* h - •' I'M -idly Hilt! I t;.e
orifice is filled up with -<>un«] in a:.. and the ni
cer radically cm ■ !.
A Wt) ’ID T ) Hr TIIT’Rfh
T? »vrf: r re [' ■ m it sn ff : I* ■ o ,
external injuri
have this healing pivpurati i c >i.suuii%\ at hard.
It id an absolute sp L.- o . : i ; ■ "
Iv re.coves the i.•!•-. !«-t d .-■* s whr-ii . >;oe; 1-.,.
.iahg.ure the lie.id - .:> • childrv.v.
sigmvr\ i nri’e
This Ointim :*1 •- ..nivm>aliy • d • i
Atlantic aid l‘n*dltc whaling* fleet a< a cu: o
-corbutie affections, an I as l!;e ■ • t p i!'i
d\ for wound.' md 1 mE- . io -n; . . • :r
key for hospital jiurj escs.
Until tin Oi iltriiUll <hnf L Hi
la l!u J Jl'jK'i "j st .
' * U111 * i i i ■ .
1»IU li',
Mercuii;»l lirii; ii- ns.
I * i * e h ,
lllfii i.ntism.
Sill iilu-uni,
S- . a’'.
r i
iSui ■ IK-a.Ls
j ^ n‘L' T’i t
• >ori‘ nt all ! *ii*l .
! Sprain*,
St5 ir.lv, in tr.
T-:; •,
j \\ iUiVrt! Snr--.'.
j\Vf>nn»r i.l'iiil kind
>J ■ (A* 1 I ' ) \ ! „ lalillt1 !U,i
words ** I full '•••//, A'' Y< • ' A •'/>#/’ are
differivMe r.» p, • • . in < > • ;*v i al of tiiu
bool, i.l Jb ; r.l:r.-: . i l . •:« tiii p •* orb - ; * bo
fii'iin* in; y jo f bnnfv • n b. '■ H- , ' _ .« ■/' _
■ . iv. • i ii :<ui r It
detection of ,-riy jv.rty i i..:b •» eru'.tinL
llie niudri lii' - r *o- tfiiyr'ih. . 1 u■ »vv.j;r ?! >i
to be .-pill »
*** Sold a! }> ana fact ii'V of J'i V or I’ d
i»)W;iy, 80 Mrioi ; ' A • ' - : : Itli
pec-table l>iu;y\i r.« il !>«r.!i. i: M
throughout t!i.■ LAiitcd rdnl s and the eivilh <i
world, iu )■ olf .i‘. ct'ii.-, G ;- cuts, and I * .• h.
There i-: a conMd able b/ tr.fcir.f
tli ■ 1 ir»cr sizrf.
X. Iv — Dire; lion.-for ?V guidance * f p.uieiAs
in overv disorder an* ;U v ! to vaob pot.
d u!‘Jo. 1 ''.'•7.- ! v.
Y \ ii tuc <*f a I' • d : Tn:-I ox-vnt u I r.
} the !’*Uih d:iv of.J;t ■ ) M 1 »<i, • \ 'i ’v. it ! 1
1. I- & Wif s dot r> C d in :1k- ; ?! O
tli*• (' unity Court of I -l<;dl on v -»
thori*iu convoyed, to wit . it Mink C.,\i»-. .
dStock II,,;. I ; i': J J’ioti:-! ... . . i n ■ ,
Shove! |-*iiHf.!«.-», 1 C.-’p- *: 1 !* ••. •* ,* ' •’:»
ami 1! n-u •>, 1 IS , . t . V !. •: t ! u.
1 ( om .Sin Her. J A. «. •-Snovei-5, 2 -i Clock an.I
1 *iok 1 i 1 'ii >.n!'!l *. 1 Cn t a*<>! «*. • •• mi
ll ry llnnvl' and Tul»«, 1 \YIj* row. - »ii. • V* h at
and IIye. I (Iray 11•»s », 1 id n ci i lil.ivk
ll'M-H-’. and 1 drav ' i"i .~e
Till.’ ’ S II. I'll? \\ ‘Hilo- f-‘. d-' f ;•! >.
v I. . Sd I : ,i i\ I'jjn
LKc. T>, I >7. Id,;.
ON hand about ! "* or M) ton - n t •’ 1 ■ mp
III ON ; al.-o, nb ut 4,1-: M I'.-M No. 1 ii
CAST 1*1!’at l nion !■ :>••. v Wa •• n '
Au.-u-ta c uutv, ^ ■ . .lAMi ' IN I U \ t
IM . A. I -", i a
!j INS! 1 L’l'i i.LY in the ) - !' St
E. STOCK Eft 7
r,ftor .!'■ .s'lift;.'
i . ivl;, i . I." l
■Or, tli, I
r !r,- will t;:„naf‘
!■ t ....ir.-i-i■!. 111
. Liiili,'.- mi.I (ia
( * ;.ori!i •:<; r;i s-v;; <' '• 1 in- ;
’V_- a -1...»11 lot • {■'. inIn •’.it'1» \ » .
vvlit«*lt wa ill .-•..•II s ..tv ion* ; also. Fiuo (’
I * .1 it 1 - ami \ • -I. . *t * v •!•’■ d, 1 .
Blunl | . :
(! : . . !, v. ill !:• :•',! ! i i
by WO A * .V A ! ’ *
v. r the > ...... In U-l.
St turnon, 1 \ 1 .'7. -dr.
C«ns"rti>'NJ.“ uvr •> -• vc
rV of a rnlii.fi i • titer/;-.
I’iVt* rsuii lb: , Ac., *. >. I. i . \ .,7
bv the'"iivuil ('"Ult of \u;_ii i cm»>. v, i vs ill ■ *<
!.’t i lie - I • o ,•••-. -t •: ,1 ! t, on tin
j i'C’iiisi’s, in the T wu • f Stau:U'U, on a u- .
J< "■■?/ 1
v sjyp
'f -.•..•. ‘»rorjic 0. . • i:i-1 ■ . v!i •! ...» i ■ i
] !.-■ ' I, lyiu- and \> dme hi New T. -.ii, in ilu*
.mid Town nfStunnfon. a-.!j itdn<* tin- 1=»t•> of M>.-.
Wimble, M. il. McC i ■. . . I ..lii
Ti. •.. • " s \ ■ .. l:» ' _11 !i’•’ !•! t"- i \v •
post * of nit ami and t’ • balance mem a civil*
;li f nno . mi t\sv \ • .a ■ \'i s' ri ml . - kin y\y.
ciiii-'er ifivl. a:ii<l .•vith p»od r .nits- ami a Ivn
•■'1 f. i: ; ii-: *r: v ' c\* i - • l a* ultimate ■' .si's.
'VM. n. il A i M A .V,
Dm*. >, fs.v;.-t Is. -;.f:r ..on Coni'i'.
O :••! In, S .■ ■
vi-ntt fttci! Fluid ! • -
’••>t Preparation - ■.t.: «t ;
for (t ii «t L-i M • : . whirl! it ■ li ( I 111! :. *! l * 11 (I. V. ■
know ihi*- b> be . n 1 d » * tin* D-nj: K.
l iaiii «l' DU. T. I.. Kl. A 1 >.
i j. TiTN;':;. prior, or v : -op.
At ST M NTDN. V A. Titui. too, Dub ,i.,
Klutr. V'olin, lira -- l’am! , Drrlo.-ti a, Ac.; a! .
Uallail Sit:-ic.^. I'i.\. ■ t u.. it iu tin i • i a-••u
ratc luaiui' i- wr.'T.ailed, f'civou* to In,/
I’i -n.. ' \vd> il.- v ■ I! n> dt \. .I. ’!'• i;m I’ '< > •
j'Urriia .i •_ , a.-.1 ; i<n ,«m uia> • bv It in nuiv in* 1
l\ nlicd upi*n. Ucaidciui 0| p. • :..■ l'v ;■• , i.
\ov. 11,1' *>7. 1 v.
P!in 1 I MKUIKS AND i- IM'1 :•' - \ • >
{ypentr-t nbuM<U«i .• itU. A Ul \ti
i ' ill and i
ami .-•
Staunl'Mi, ,\< v. H, 1
I U’\ ’ ,irn:\ v.-,n. U ■
F I Llai : .. ! * * i I.m »«11 • .it
•Siauuk"" N’< ' . |1 l 7
iai sm
■ did
\ 01 v.
S- >'WAN -y CO.’S OOTTEl’IJ,'
?,i \f*>N]liej:k r semen;:
»(% o. o o o; i: ,>.r
The foJloNV'uir .S'/bi ui'1 will I*.• <1 r-*wu
,V Co., M;• natr< rs r>l* fh«* I «>rt AcaOeo'v
factory, in (*:»(■!) of tlici ' I»•»11eri For .fjinum .
1"i, at A l'('U»STA, C ■■ i>r_i: ia, to \* Lien •. ity tli* e
lwivc i Liuov; *! their Principle Office.
CLASS «*►,'
To be dratenin the city of Augusta; <. ,t., in |>ub!,
SATUtPAY, .TAMTAi;V ‘.'Hi, |s;*
4'jFiJRSS 2 0,
T" be drawn in the city nf Auy iuta. t i ,i., in puliii ■
‘kvTLRDAY, J AXi'ARY Otli, list/ ■
«XASS 71,
T'i be drawn in the City of Ally usta, tin., in pul.dii
f'Sj^ST 7iS,
*’’•» ■•••■ mia'v:n in the City oi A u£tu.iK; Uu., in jntMic
't'ATI'JiDAY. A AX'r Alt Y S-i, i ■
(L'SiASS 7%,
T.- h drawn in tuee‘tv of Au^u.-'a, C.i.. in public,
(Jit the J’ltm of Singh Number*.
5,400 PRIZES!!!
A* L«’ d ;a w li Cuh S A J 1 UI) A i :
I no
i*t: • • i-f Cyy itj> n to c*»b,i.u.) prize .1 ■
• 0,000
! .000
4 do 250
1 do 200 u
4 do J 50 d<>
i *! > 100
4 do 75
/*•<) on |in
i0,0(M; prizes ?.
O,0o0 do d*
5.CM} do d>.
■ • do d >
2,000 do <!
1,500 do d.j
l pi; 1
{1 no
*! Prize: ;i 1 ■ Ui*I i' l f- S-i-03OQO
V/aole l’i A it3 310—Halve > 5 Qu‘ vh2l£U
I’l.W OF TP F hOTThl’.Y.
tun I rs ra 1 > ' ; K>
ili -e Vurberson tin* Tivlo-tJ iwhited . r •par',
.-in of paper, are undid u with Y fin Udm. a.
piao a! in one \\ !u'-r 1.
Tiia fir?*/4*52 Prizes, dmilarly pi nted and er.civ
cled, rre plr.ced in r.notbi r wfietl.
The w} ‘m'M are Y — v ol !. um ' nr.: .V.
drawn ir*m tie c*!,eel of A umbers, at t Jo--.11110 time
.. drawn iVi.Uil tic i Y 'TV. ':••• 1. The II lu
ll ;• .11,1 Prim drawn out are opened and erhtbiU'i
to the audience, and register d by the CmnmiMon
er.-’; tin* Pi Y- beinjr placed against the Number
ft a -v 1 i. 1 i : - op- ;ait ion • i v • ea ted mi li. a. li the Ik :
A(»|>ro.\ii*ialion Pi 17is. Tt.•■*»piecedi*
and tiie • a •) .-uceec-.i V tinn-e* - t > >.
the first 7 ITi'/-swill be emit! *d l* .\piwo.\Y •
tion Prim.. F-.r e'- 'tuple :f i* ‘ < i A1 i.
draw ‘1 o prr-.e, tho'-«» Tickets nnniht. i • ••
J1 *2'-. H, I j i j.- i, li .52, ft id each 1"- tit .! u d l*
Si no. is i .Vo. r " pi:
th--* Tickets 1 tmioi-n-'I 54*-, 515. 551, .552, ...
T1 ■ a’ : h; : . •.
Tl: ' .oU'J pi i: . .oi,'.y20\vF;’,(•-.let',;n 1 b\ lb* r
kb,r.-.'c of the Va tuber tl. :t dr a vs 'M . c \\...
F if the X tins * . r diTwin the .pt.o.Ma*
!’: i/.e ends w *th V■. 1. 11 n i h-h« ic v. i• 1 »•
[he tuituli ! • •) ■ in 1 will h • e**tilled to s.’o. 1; l h
N'lijnl* i . •- with Vo. 2, th u all the i u h- l - w 1mm •
hi Vnu '• r end in 2 will hi entitled to $20, and
Id at t! «. follow
Y. . : F. Y. n-llk.
tiir rates wltieh is the t i- k :
.vcate of Faeka^e 10 Whole Tickets
d >. do, 10 Half do
d .. do. lo Quarter do
do. do. 10 do
fti in::': '( k v s ri'f
Fachi. e r munov to our addre. f o the T* •..< I •*
• t d •: d. ■ u reel fj>t of ni hi eh tht\\ :il be foi w at dud
v tir/t until. : eb.Her-eau !• r c‘‘iekel > eud*u»
•i n* ni i :• iney tuny d • :y'„ ie.
1 f t. of Drawn Nendows and l*r!' w: " 1
• nt to pyrth.a.-ct itn.ia diitclv af'Li r the draw :t:y.
i'ltrchjsers will elec-o write th«-ii -i.-nafut» plain
ml 9$ ' • !h - : 08$ C •; i* . -M
ti'-iiu inbct* thfa ptl. • i u raw a .:e.d p-i.wd \
n full witiewt dedueiion.
All pri/. - i l,bU. and w " r, } aid it*> media t 1
f;or the •'.rawing--other p» iat the usua! tin.i f
hil ly* days.
A if eotu::: uni cation5 Grb: !y ' wk ’cnt: '•.
Order; for hieketsor C ; ;c;it .-can be old re
•d id s. s i.w :< s co., .1 ti,, t,i, (/<..
-tj; Pors ns it'blip r near Monfo-ojn.tv. Ala.,
■ v Atlanta, (i t., can have tueli order-- iilRd . 1
-ave ti i". by a«i.li ain*( S. Swan A Co., -it - alh
•r of those citi- i.
A list oi' the rumVv. that .ire dj . t: from
:h.e \\}:eel, with the anioin.l of 11;<• pi i. ■ that • h
u ? i:!! 1. • i i to, v ill 1c pnii! i - hid : t vt' every
li iwie-. . ia 1 Y* IV Pov i;y- s]"W- : — A< < (h •< ■ •• •
. Mu->!.!•: H 's'iner, i'l <• |<.n >'* • i. .
•■!!!>■ f/fi •;•■//,-, .l/ oi,i in . A\ - ) • f 11 •
’./ I*' l So rutin,tit Mu 'ins A«l.o, u„,(
NT •*. '2d,
'-UOLiC 3 ALE.
$ V |Mirsuanee.t.fr. jireree. fth* Circiut Cbur*. *f
i Au^u.ia, render*1 ft la^t ierut. in u mu; mi
whi- h 1. as Ti-u-tei of TT -a, * • P. lh- i ».! ua
nhii. tiff, a* *4 id Esirrid'je, nn 1 » *» •credif ■
in )ii,i i i s' f Y i: f fo n>e, w. -■ ,h u i b.i: ' , i ;.i
H .-e autih.n, to th.- !.: :h < bid-! -r, ,d I i
’ ’• \L A. M.. oil Mutt! -.*•/, - u I ‘ ■; .• . • •./
. : . irotu of tic? ( .nr iio.u- , in
he 1R
» 1
( Vo. 1 10 ) of 1 i • ui auc
' tin- said K-*. i-R -n H
t ,. l i.’h- f p ur meo ( ■•'inpituv. T h.- iii-'ii .me r i
the .-u a oi i.e.H), ami was iuntie -*n th ■ 2Mh F h
m try, l>5 S : tn • anuu d premium . >>1 [ iwr o.v
half of wli’cn ,t note l; yearly tukeu h\ Pu- Co:.
I .. A -. *ep . ..JH, or o*i a Cft't il l>t !
m -ail. ', ;h • pnrclu. ,»• e.veeuUn^f to me Ilia b »u *
? 5i
:i -IKii.S WANTia' 11
7 PUKuA ,.V:1 I..- ,1 ill • ■ Il • ,-i II..,.. i ...
J llviniltMi h'N.il, .it if ' . A Cl'intt III' nlil
t *■ 11.- vill 11,. I.-L.t .It til,. Hi * 1 !!1 !'• til
ii iif iltigs; 'i Iuhhi nhn ■ ive lit,,, i, ill -.. ■
til ■ U1' ' , i - 1 it'll ,1 . i, , " 'r ",
\\ At. ,1. illUAlA",
ri'M. . Mi'! , Ji.|. ;,i. MU! V I
IW. IS, is;,7.~ Jr.
I i; .vt.- v i.-.m: iv.t-K • »». ;•
L’ ; r ii \ , - ■ i i .'i, next in iv ,i ■, «hi, ,
v. it! i-nl rh .1 •. Dll. V. II. KIN > ,i' .
St mni ,. I ■ n, Ik:,7.
| a i i 11 |.ii'Ci-'t. luvi by i. ii if i i. , i
i. tv . i ". ;.I ..'.
i»u. voi \c i. oi:; .
S’taunt, n, U, ls .7.
r \ 1 < f 19 \ /1 v< r i
• \ :Y * ; t ; . \ Vi > . .
rywv. I'iiin; \\ cash, wiu, a*
I i* vn> : n,i cl; w I.:' \ \ ;> n> * m .
! i \ (»S Al THIS UK’ICK. .! >n. IT. Is>7.
i)iU4 -A' KS A-htmi .‘i;i Mil, ,;ll
■ V- tiiui i..f; i. v. i,v
HH.VNDKfit’uC <’<*.
*• • Anut-<'n. Vov. 7, H »i.
4J| k Si »> AS ji; i.iic A.»Krl th , 'V ..
O V 1' Cli. * 3 U, ji! | Hill lit! -, Ur • hv
Sf Al i !!S. MAMTLV A. CO.
X« v. til. .v>7.
] i S’i ■■ •• t>i\
?! i I ,i
iv .1 1 Half* Mini \i i
ik - \Uu ••
ls*> 7.
Ik'iiu s|;i*, itl iv
Milt" A CO
• : * * S \t > lit'Vi. • ; ' f « ,. n;t I •' •
• * .,i. u ^ Ai : ’ • uu • .\ '
\ ■» IH .

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