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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, February 27, 1847, Image 1

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Richmond Daily tUIjig,
KK IHHDII. TOM' 1C, I J I tor.
WATT Iff. EIJJOTT, %worlat« Editor.
T R R \\ s.
l»ilLT Paper R* per annum. Mni arlllLT, f.V Wssai.r, R.*,
Always ia advance. Remittances may b« mad? at lb? risk of the
Publish' rs u all ca«s* where evidence Is taken of the deposit? of
a let In ia ho Poet Milter cunUimng u»«*n *y.
Advrrtisinf :
Om Square (IS lioes or leas.one lasertioa. ••• ..71
Each additional insertion...¥5
t»ne month, without alu ration.|rt ¥3
Three.do.do.10 00
Bit.••••do.do. .••••*••• .VO no
Twelve.do.do.•••••••••••••33 00
TwoNjoano Three month*.. 0U
His months.¥3 on
Twelve months. .. 45 00
FT No advetusement to be considered by llir month or year,
anleas specified on the Manuscript, ot previously agreed upou be*
tween the paiUea.
FT An advertisement not marked on the copy for a specified
number of insertions, will be continued until ordered out, and pay
■lent exaetrd accordingly.
iT lli gtilar Advrrtiscniruts.—To avoid any nnsun
demanding "« the part of Annual Advertiser*, it is sill ptoper to
itate, ^uiisr(/r, that then ptivttag* a only ritrwl to tii«*ir i tinned iate
buaiuem Heal Kuslr, l*egal. ami all other AdveitiMMio uts *• ni l*y
them in be an additional charge, and no van
FT Real Estate and (2enei al AfiiU' Ad .eitis* oienta m>l to hr
Inserted by tin' year ; hut to be charg.-d at the usual rales, subject to
•uch discounts as shah be agreed upon
FT Aurti toners, bookseller*, aud yearly advertisers generally
• ngiging one «»r nmv S'laure*. with tl»e privilege ol change, shah
not. on their yearly average, in any one week insert tuoie lhautfc*
amount agreed upon as the standing rul«* under the contract, and ill
at reeding such amount to be charged at l lie usual rates
AsuiTiHisim inserted in il»e Hetni-Wrekly Whig at «3 cent*
pci square ol 15 lims or li sa, for 111? first insertion, and Mf«kia
per square for each continuance.
July 1st. IU45.
f | IMF. Franklin Manufacturing f on i piny have on hand at then
M PAPER MILL, near the Depot of the Hnuthera Railroad, a good
assortni« nt «f extra stiperfine, fine ami common letter folded and
gal cap pa|*em. rub'd and plain; also, medium pruiluig, envelop and
wrapping pa|- rs. ol various sixes, at the lowest wholesale prices—
to which they invite public attention, assured that in quality and
price their manufacture will bear a comparison with the production
•f any Northern Factory. They ant preimred to execute ordeisfor
any description of pap* r that the market or their customers nay
require. Merchants aud dealers ar« requested to call at the Paper
Mill andexaminn for theinselsea aih 14 tf
m roil / s Jkw cwrwfcif ink,
161# North At* s(. s t riiilml' lplii i.
f 13IIF. siib'criber has ju*t finished, and offers for sale, a handsome
M aiMirlMH nt of Vehicles of the latest *fy/r #/ fask>«*. such as
doub’e or single Korkiway and fart)all Wngnns. of various pat
teins . * l/tr ot re* Snlkrft, I erg M u^mns, With or Wilbout tops, Ac„
which he will diS|H»*e of on the m< -4 r« asonable term* All descrip
lions of Vehicles made to order, and warranted to be of llw best ma
ter.ah and workmanship.
H 'Uthnn and Western Merchant* wishing to purchase any of the
above articles, are requested to call ami examine before purchasing
All Work coming from his Manufactory is ttsrrunttd fsr one
FT Having received th# SILVER MEDAL, being the btgh'-st
premium awarded, at the last F.ibibition o. the Franklin Institute,
for the superiority of woikiuanMup in hi* line, among which was a
four wheel t stunts, be trust* that it will Is* a sufficient irromnien
dai Kin for tb? superiority of Im work.
16V North Fifth street, above fallowhin, Philadelphia.
ae II
0,1011 Til !>; 1. Mlll.S. NY I ia vr jn-t .mil
•■* » very beautiful asset tau nt of Itcois and shoo for (.adias, of
the following k nds—
luidics bi'intc liai'n Boots, thick soles
do do i il ) do
do thick Mile Cai cr Boots, b'ack
do thick do ** lluxkins
do liar white Saliu Flippers, black
do w Into k d •*
do Morocco drrss Flippers
«bi kid SI-pi" ra
do fine drr» waiting Hhoes
do Over Mioes, different qual.Ucs. All of tin* al*ove are of
Hie best quality, for sale by
_ de 15_ PUTNKV A WAITS.
IIIAVK this <lay osttuciatril with mo .Mr. JAS.
4 'I RICK, who lot btci in n»y rmp'oyutent for evrnl year*,
awl will runl i,ue bmunr.a ai my .11 * aid. corner of I3th .ind Cary
etreci, umler tl*» aty'eofWvl A NIIE RHOM a* CO., f, ■ r < ||.* pur goto of
r nJuci i x a VVt.ole.ilc U iocer> and Urn ml Coaunte.ion burin.
fir the ral.- of f.i..eerie*, I'Ou.e l.c IliHilr, Colton Yarn*. Ac., ar
wi II nr the Map e product* and mmeraln of the Ru e . ami have en
gaged the re racer of Mr. IIAVIII ANDKRSttN, Ji. to conduct the
(iocciy.ir.ii. and wheat department of raid burineaa Ilir eaprrl
rnre and qunlifie it.on* foi Hi it branch nf the buamean arc too we I
kn wn in make it ik-ce,■ ir• tortile them . ard Imre aim made an
arrangement wnih Mr FKKIt. AM'KKCli.V to aid in the manage
inent nf ilie tnlracco di’.'ar.incut, who I at long been familiar nod in
tiioalrly ncqnninted w oh llua branch of buainow.
I.itrr r.il adeanrea will lie made on con* ( nent. ofgr.criicr, do
inrtkie gorelr. lohacco, wheal, corn, pig iron, and any nrtielca of
general trade. VVM. ANDERSON, Jr.
Fehrua.y lit, 1847.
Wt have llnr day formed a connexion in bunineas, a a
fact in alon mlveiti«em» nl, and Inn.! ihat Ilie arrangement we
have mad- will necurr I r the concern the rnniienre nf our ae
mot-* filend* and the public generally. VVM ANIiKKtU >N, Jr,
Feb'y tat IR4T—If JAS A TRICE
It-it it t.f ii I Hr.-an Hoot*, Juut liet'eiirtl,
WK httvo just o|n-nc«i hy Attains «.V Co. Lx—
prea. I me. (pother beaut ful lot of M-lea' fine French drera
Boot*. a apb ndid article. We invite gentlemen in want of a an
peri ir and rplendid article lo gvcuaarall. Thir lot of It., la i. at
liandanme, if not Ihc hnndmmeM, In Virginia. We keep a luge
aiipply nf them on hand alwayr, and of Hie latent fgrlnmt. They
fit bcaatifully da M it i n t v v vv 11*179
Dr.ctMPKR 30tu.
'/riir. *ul m rtWn I avn jn*i opened 4 ftnll.cr «U|.|>ly of—
-■ Plaid Raw Hilk* and Huh (iaU Plan'*
l'ntri>.i« i| Miiglth HolUri
l.nlir« Mr nnn Jack* U
l If fH f*ifk lloa
I at.' ki»l Oli.vef
Mod#*, cob.nr* inti h a* k Thihel Hhawla
AI*H<>.—A ffi*» 1 k-'ppfy of Negro lUmli^ia, j»i** to hand. of go**!
algMI and at l«w|. if* <te 31 I K MM R| 1511
rilllK untlcraignotl, fogin»*r p3rlncrg in hiisincatt.
I Mvr »(im »MOfnlol |l fiuw'lva** 1 tfrllor tinder fh- Arm M
for lltc poi|io«- nf inn artmff
% f»«*ti«*ral hrv liooih
We liavr n*irr* rtlril l»» Ihc hunrvea* r.f flic I ife Arm of llnwt *, Vnn
iN-urarn A Ward, No 91, M tm HUttl, KkIiiii tnJ, V*.. where w**
keep at all lime .1 ffroI imirniml of fford*, amt *iil lc plf.ipril in
•cc all our <»kj fro ml* and notcotcr* •« well a« IIm w of Ilir late
•. 1 \v» 1 1 1 LATHROf,
IgRfRof Ihc Arm «»f flaw *•, Van !Vur«en k Wind
i.11.01 ry 4lh. 1*17.
nooiw for tiii: ukason.
W# arc jutt in rc» c»pt of a choice a*«»rimcM of f r#hg •* l««oi»
•cd ia t*»e at»|'r.urlnri|> «ra*on, ptirrlaicd recently in ll.c North* rn
roirlin, Wc invilc I he nt •• iii-m r»i our friend* 1 » an rtaininr.imn
II ra-v • of eery beautiful Pnr.i *, iraityc
I’.alL lit'l wlolc lirlihro lor Party drr»t-<
Pfiin FW. ** Mt»^in«
While Kid Obtvr*. all mmUrf
AI fi l—Blearhc*.' atf* hrown Hhirtmr* and *hcctinr«
Ifwhett INIHI.W. K**nluckf J* n«
Ilnur). Ittarn l/ollinh—Rlk .\l|>4Cca*
HU and roT.I ( ami. '»ea. Mr
1 t | No 91 M . N|||
r|^llh milmrrilter* inn»' lh«% allcnlion of pur.
-■ (liiar* •«» tin ir I’.MKd, conaiaiiiif in pm i»f
•10 0*9 IN Harm. nIJ ami r*
IIM Img* l.nfti-M. Km an I 4*nfT.*r
Hi hhd* N i» Httgar
Wm Iml.a and N O Miibwi
Ifni urbi K*H
74 hi la Wi.Mkry | Ref.IV.I amt M I R>eJ
4 (»n« aitniHrininiry Iron
T. a. Imaf Piiiar. Pepper, (linger, Al'ap.f e
Winn of varloa* aorta
llrandy—hianrli and A*•pin
Hnnp .favM'ina—*perm. taiViw and aitutitvUiao
Na l». rif.vrr Pr-ml, k< hr
HOO hh*a Norih f*4To*ini N it iDrimv*
fr If] Apply to JUNM k WltteTflll
^1111 IM 1>A\ rwjfifi'd, per »chr I niop, n
X anil writ arlortrd Htork Of Wlatra, Mt|ftar« aM ( I
■ »«ra, of moat avp*f<« qtftlMy—hran la mt r.ly n«w Among
them will hr* f Hind
VO hoir* Dural flnipt Plltery Mmiaartif, y n'nf IMJ
fo d«» H,mrkl.ru Rfnrla Prharcbti’g
10 4 i Joh nnrrl r*|< r
10 do Pteinvtetn la Mams
0 pipe* lloRanrH.in. aripcnor quality
1 do Pehnrrdan
IV ha»f pl|«*i pom oM Cofttr
If half and qr raaka old <H r.l. Dtipoy A On, Tinat. f'aatitlmn.
•I i Dtipny ami mgaede brand*— all nf IN moat niprrtnr
fiOOo p n'itn* Vlnranna f’tfir*, varlooa hyaad*. and of latr tm
port at-on, nktrk, addrd to mrr choim* *up/ty <if I ml, Midair*, Ufa
lata, and all **earrtpt»«rw of Wine*. Liquor* ami l>*r, w« fe I aa
*u»rd a. ran auit ih» ladMf tb* mom ftadlmu. and a« prior* an
•r- mfmomlf ha for rath or good paper.
UAIXAfiflKR * Ol.DNK*.
No 4 i Mam Mrrrf.
* S doora ahoT'* Cm C'lty Motel
<d| OVRII IP ! |» \Vr a r prepared to fumt«h oar .t»oo
J rr« aHk No I Cbtm Prod, vary low.
fri MRrrrr.ii k ourrrRR.
T Kick mood, V n.
MIS new anil large cataMisbtnenl wm open
, w r*|bP ,b**ub*crifc«r*r n the tlx inst. who. With tkr umxanee
of Ml Kkiit. late the I' or tied a ad wdl known Pr. prietor of
Ibe Panne,V llolel, in Pred trirknSorr, nre determine ! to devote
Ihr ir iiwtiv*!* I attention to the comfort and convratenre of itwl,
,*ntioir*. Tin, llouao M allun'ut in ib« remre of iln C. ly, no tin,
ground Iniely covered by tint noted “ i nd lull Tavern. " awl ia
band.Hn. y pro,*!. .1 with furniture eatl rly new. with sober.civil
and aueutiva a*a,uania and servants, aad w.tb a n sawable share
or lbs patronage of lint senior's partners auras mu. and enriwive
lot of old friends and acquaintance#, and with three year* erpen
race tn the llo'liugbr-urk llot* I. Peleraburg. Va., think they c in
auiq lv an rgaivaleni foe aay favour to Mowed on them. A Hist*
well f limed ami provided, unde, Hie maMgesneat of Mr Wru 8.
Wuod. a, allacbrd to He bouse, at a c mveamat distance, and be
mg hinw-lf the proprietor, perrons arriving wall thei, own horses
“•y bv haamed of good aUenU*a for them.
Pet*rvburg fnle'i gencer. National Intetllgenee, and Vnem.
" itshingtoa,fl I'.. Kalngh 8:ar awl Kuadanl. Pie tsr.rkstmrg lie
raM aad Record.,. Norfolk Herald and Beacon, sad Richmond
.inner w»'r»i> on Piag. wi I copy oace a weak lor lliree weraa,
a rwl »• m I ib*ir.. -ml* f*»r vn.tnl _tf
r|lllP. kussent.,.. having become the .ole propel.I ,. f , u,.
■ tale and d.|,...,i,on of l,r Hatimng a Holy llrace for the Mute
of Virginia, beg lenva to call the attention of the public to na gre >1
valua in the ,r.Kf it alfotda tu Weak l.unga and 8tnne. Palp, tali m
uf tbe Ilian, l,y>|e,Mia, I’onati.iatma aad Pile#. It is il*ia relief
to public speaker*, weak and drooping . In'dr. n. awl lanes who
cannot rirrc.ar. and .1 perfect substitute for 1 lie corwt and re
straining shoulder brace. Tire iwtrunient can to tr.sd graiuilouslv
for two or III,'e dtys. A lady, inn,Uriel by II, Hanning Will at
lend i » A ting the llrnce any part of Ibn r'Hy. Price, (id fur plain
Brace, Blit for the b.s*. Hooks rann<so I* had.
Person. desirous of purcbasrng Pa'eat Rights ran do wi by a.V.
pile ilton t • the soli scribe,a, who a,a p'eparrd to furm.li the Hracn
sol Hook. ju 18—U J II UMTAOB Ik H'.\
IUO, :*IAI* ST., l'OKNi:il Ol* I III! SI..
II. I AY I.OR Kk'i-ki ti i i.i.v Invitko tiik
■ • Amnm or Pi «. uaagaa in hir Plnck (>f Piano Forte., at
"»• above 17.1 tdiaknient, fe-hng rnnUb-M "at "try will give mIu
lartMii ini very rerjieet. All tin Piano,are war-anted, and * >U on
"ial. aubjertio || teiiir util not g...I I’ ort.ii I a,llili .ruenable
him to |irwm at all t toe, an ritenrive aaanrtniea'.rm'.racing all
Ihi faabional.le atylra of tin both of k- aewi.-J ami Mahogany,
lie alMi oireir lor rale Piano Forte* from a g, el III variety of in k
er» llna any other retaldiahment in Urn Slate, t'ua athmlmg the
grealeal advantage, in the way of acle.-ton. lie alanaole Agent
lor ilie beil and imut ci lehral. d maker* in thu eonmry and in tier
many No on- can run the legal tiak m piircharing a Piano of I*.
II. Taybir. Tliey aie every th.ng he "-prevent* th. in In be. Power.
Suertrewa-d Hr.lln-ncy Ol Tone an happily bit tided, and the d
gaiter, t.aatr and dlirr.bll.ty of woikmanahip an- in the high- at Ititc
of the art. A written warrantee i* guru with iach li.alrument
a old by him.
CV Knb-ra firm the couu'.ry attemled to with the yrratcat punc
tuality, an t l.atlea and t.entlem-n. reaidiog at a di. ance, are aa
mired that wheaevir he t* favored with order* per tetter. It i, no
lea* to* practice than h * Intrreit, to rend *ueb an ni<trumcr.l a*
w ill te ar ibea-r eti at actut ay.
I ti c* incltd tg | acting gVOO,9311,930, 300, 330, 330,373, 400,
and upwarfa
IV II. T krep; Mnaital io*tnioienu, in general, of ilie beat q-iali
tv. A larre at*.ck of t la-.i *al and Standard Muaic a. way a on h.ui 1,
ami he laconaiantlvn ceiv nr th newert pnbbcati- ni fed
P H- T AY I.OR, (Ai'rnf fitr J. F. Uroirnf
M •* Oa. Utrp MsmM/aetvr. .V*. I* Jltraan* St, <■ ■ - ’
Slrift. f.aafal, uf V- I, /fee dir* y .V. I , ha* Ju l ll-ceived a .Up,
ply of very a iprr.o.- Ilarp i-t.iig*. which lie oil fer aale ai In.
Piano Fintr VVurrino.il an t Moaic Saloon, Ino, Mala Si, cornet
of Eleventh. ft. g;,
I o I'h) airlntin, n nil 4 oil Miry I’rrartt Ilona re ca’ie*
‘•ally.— Rnnklng,a thaiinrt ol i|ic Tla-tlicgkl
Scl • trees. Price..*/* R|, .0 ycr peer—73 rf*. pir ni wlcr.
t*F TIIK Ml-.HII-Al. St IKXl.TTK, in ,ng a Practicalanl Aim
lytical Ihg.of the com. ala of the piiacipal llriUnb awl F.uri.,« an
Medical Wo k-, pul'll.lied in Ibc prggi ding half fur, tojclher aaiib
a Critical lirp.rt of the progaca* ol M- dicioe and tie- Collate ml
Sc ene*, during Hie same period—cnit.ra mg under their | roper
Prececal Med.cin*- I Midwifery:
I'aUgoik y) anl ThrApcutir* ; llurtiMof Wnren uni Children.
Surgtry; | Ana tony and Phy* okf y ,
Chrtnisliy ; J Fo-tn. , Medicine-.
Aul M.itrria V»-.»ica and Pharmacy.
EdttcJ by W. II. Ranking, M. II, Pl.yneitn lo the J-'urtbik General
Il'MjM'a', kc.
Published m London n the 1st of January ar.d let of July, aid
in Pta I idri|>tii i on die 1st ol February ami 1st «*f Augutt of each
’■ * ' I T.tlrr h r.xc In of
hin^l l{pn,ivi,il liy A <><><lIioiim*.
I3'j .Main St., Richmond, Va.
arrival of thesrhoonor Pocahontas n fur
tl**r»uj»ply of Piano Fuller, liom Hiodatt k OunUair. lw*
reach* d u«
If it wen* |«albV ti ruy/rMatiy nuproveBM-nt lathe irslreoMBls
IH*rrtofort l*l*de by ill- g mile me p. it bi« bet-u real /.»*d in Uh'K
juat rect-iv d.
Prats* i* bot b a owed upon thrae instrument*. besaua* it i«
customary, aid expect*- I fr- ni Him* whndeii in Puna Forte*, but
it ir at |-lirJ asthe retu.l of conviction. f-.r.immJ by experience,
•trenj’tlien'-d uy iti • mi nt ions irate ami compari/on* to which tliey
Lit v<? tr I* •uhjrcu* ?, lb • testimony of eminent P.muts and I bo
uuiwrsa- rattafac inn nf tins* who havr it*fkt and fnrW them.
A I Mm r qoldtS Mb cb Cdaatitutd 1 Jtrpt raff / mm ftrb Will l>.
found rmbt.’ir-d in Um*** instruments— a beautiful n nod tone, dr
I itlitful fourh. ruI Mtantial ri rkmansinp. (ood taste in li|:*h..ind
llu? bled kyhu Price* mm* a* in*- miniiucturera—;ir:aonarrai I
deni at n di»ta*rc. may e* »nfrly ndr* of us. aa it they were pren-ot, '
aul in*** i wall .itfavorable limit iu tli* purebasr.
They maybe rrtumed in cate th* y don* prove rood. Old Piano*
t »krn in ct h.infrr.
NAHII k W(H»|»H()|T^F, R*>ok teller** and dole;* in Tiano
I'KI > Ks : TKOltKSS THt ak>:
nif>.v ritiMrs
PRAIIF milncrlber haa Juat "pene.l another mippty of item- aupc
■ nor Ttavrltiag Trunk,, untbt ctprrwly f .r him. with non
frame*, and made of tin- l-e*t male-tala and in Die heat mvnrer, to
which he would call th- .-.ttention of all id waat, a. tliey will be
•old aa low aa any or her bona,' Him aide of ilie Potomac of tin- ,amr
quality. |de3J AI.KX IIII.L.
Vr k'.NTN, VKkTH i i RRIIBIVKn \ Irrafe tap . -r
Vcita, N-mi- of them a aiiprriof qna'iiy hiirk Silk an I Satin
doutile bri-aa cl —rrreivi d yeal "lay per I'spn-ia, and for aale by
i * I* STARR k CXI, t.i,le'a P pci
SI’PKHIOR INIlltSO —Si. I - r-.-I fail , . a III igo, Jtmt leg I II. ,1
for aale liy III V AI. At PUItfKl.U Hruggi.la,
i- *• l IT. Main Sti.-i i
• nrr an irndfitrurtibir crnnl aputi l fi*«*
I* 4—If A|**nt« for Rii hmon l
W El'll, II \('()N kV C’O. tilTF.lt I'liK SALK—
f n hi ll. New I Mean. |
93 do Miiaei.vailo ImtflAR
93 tone, tuown ami »line Havana | 1 ' 'R
1% il* WouLtjtV Luf
I * hh*!- W* i IimIi.i J
W 1 rarer* do [MOl.AFflF.M
l«R) bbl* N. Orlean* S
10 * bigs Java
M»0 .I.* nnd bbl* P Rico
ICO do Rio p
:»'Hi do U|tinrn
« • do Minrnil'o
VI hstet M«K-hi
47 h*r< Muut.1 u Pi |.p«-i
ISO 'ItlflFoIr lc.Yll|(*|
111 *f|« cut Nmls
f* lu-ffc* Scar Hic*
ItS fir*1 quality >•'(»< rm )
VR do Mull * Mv *»Patent > rANDL!>4
f*H do T«i?«*w, approved l*t.ind« i
V4 pack.ijr* s (i P Too, part him line
17 btlf clients bik «lo
r> Mi** No I Hlxtd
Klarknrcl, No* |, 7 nn-l .1 m lulf an*l >|V bid* ind
4» bbl* Tar
M Mda Tanvtera* Oil
*•1 ra*\§ pc me f.’o«h(*fi fh« r*e
o f id* Fpcrm (ill
|0f f i nnd Window Rh*t
Prim* new I bivrr Heed. In ifn. Madder
Onppern*, Mnp«iM’* Pnwd* r.Fbnl »n«l IItr l^i<l
Print’ l Her Vinci If, I'ofit It- kS'ii.*
Ttil.tod flir kef*. Hhoe Thread
llrrfwn *n1 * nsiik Monp, V) i*frrr<1 Fieri. )a to
i T SOI TIIKIl A CO.. IK’, Mu in
" • f* r rl, if tin* I mil*. In** 'nn to in
limn inen paimea ami Co |.nMir y> nrr < I) lhi| iliry bare Jam tr
rn» il f.mu fined n uni hew Vnrt a I w raarn of I i niMnl ||ait
■full jml ai» f! halit-ral .1, ■■ no affteeatty in lie h flirtt aimdanl
nf laele enlfwblon. Tin Wy e of Una ll.r .... rilin hew
Yofk I mm III’ fr.i impnitr I l.Tlnoi.a a ol ini ilnakilily of inanii
fafl'l'r, awl br.vity of f rin, II lathe Pan (on
J H. h Co In*. , al—. n rr.,| a rh|rr I I of Wool llai . W1I
rante.l wain p nnf Aleo, an liTnier ot CAPH. varlnua pattrma
ilo H—If
■ ,IM| al fiAH, Ar,
II Ml Hnira of Utiaht’ii No. 1.
^4 V IS IHilaCm krd Hi do Ho
M In* Cm hed, Pine.
10 IPl PulvO'Mt I, lid
Pn* pile by _ Ja 3"_ FRY *00.
IADIlV I.I.I.HddT HHIrtXi: l.tiriu*. *
A furihii aupily of I jdie*' It finar flail* fa a hr up • fill an tele,
rr. rally tyeanI’ l fr. in PloifVpfila , aim, a flmiirr aipply of la
dmn* auforiny wlnl Pi.l HlipfOia—o whMh l*ie aPeatk-a of the
I a,I,on la raafoelfally ineltrd Jl'HAtl MYRRH.
Ja II No H! Weal Mam al
Qi PKRIOR II \ \ \N\ I 111 \l; S Wr hnvo
I l lad rareiyed a Nifr M nf iiipanor llaraaa rtfart- iwmf
Ihrm, a few Heniraiwl of the raMoated "Cnadta.” biaaH. lathe
lot Ihaea ara C (ay* of he Karri ynilny. Hie wludi Makmf a 'atjei
aad heWei aawwini al Ihao wo Rato ten baton eff-trd
*» W VAI. * FHRCIIJ., Ifi Mam Mira*.
ON »ntl after WiHlnwtav, the 9th inatant—
La-area Richmond daily at. I f. H
Lear- * frtrrabom daily al.It A. N
Lrarea Richmond dmiy IHuudaya race pied, al.4 f M
l-earra Petersburg daily (Sundays ricepted) al.Hi A. M
I-rare, Richmond Monday, Wrdaeaday and Friday
mornings at.at A M
Petersburg some morning*at....St A. M.
Till ’M At* DUD All RAD.
da 9 Sop’t Tran.p'.ril-on
ON a ad air. WTDNKHIiAY ne«i Wih mm > tha boar* at Ar
nrnl anJ Departure of Trains will be aa lotions
Mail 7Ya>a /er yVidmtialrr/
dally at a A. M.
Antreadaily at lit P. M.
Mail TV*,e far f'kMrUtUmlla, Maaalea, aad /yaiDer/.
MUM daily al H A. M.
Arovesda,ly al lit p II
Pare to Ba)tim-,re. 97 no
Do Waebmrion. 4 40
l»o Pre-'e.ickebMrg, 3 7J
Do niarb.tp-mlle, 4 uo
Do rlLaunlun 7 oo
Do I.ynebburg 0 00
mi t® _ Superintend**! nf Tranaponatmn.
rjlllK following Veasel**, rompi-ining this line,
are all at lie- llret daw, with Inndoom*- state room aeenui
modalHine. via —
lUnpic PARTHIAN, I'apt Gao. W Alan;
llaripi.- BAITIICIa lit, Capt. Ilitan IIobtoh ;
Barque PIKKNIX, l*apl Narn i. Bor.ii
T7|,- above Vessel-, w* re l.UlN rlprearlyfor Ihe trade between lb,r
rityand N, Orleans, amt are eoiuniati,le«l l.y men of loni rrie-ro-nee,
who will n*e every etertom lo five eiiivl.iel.cn Tor Ireiflit, or
l*a«aife, apply p, u,c I'apums on board,
fl f ASK IN.* * UHH\ -s Line of Pa k« u. b.swr.-n P.irbnioiid and
■ ■ Npw Organs, will lotn'M-urt* ik-ir n eutar tun in September,
• od will be cmnjbo-srd ..f ID# (..ll-.wili? vv* j
R.»rfj*»i« IIAl*111*1^ iR, 1‘ai-L Ilia** lloamn.
Hr*f oRI.KANH, Wm. Hkitb;
Bite J< iSF.PIIIft K, fipl. Jo*. Kna:*a<*M.
One of the above vi wif will Iravr inn pk»<*« regularly every
Muitlli. Wc ran, av it la coniki**nrv, rrrmiinacml U*»' above n-wb in
lb»* pubbe. aa tb* > were buill• iprcway lor tin* trad# and will in«ure
aa low aa any other vrew-W. at»l .irr riMttuun !«*d by at**ndy uni (],»
rrrri n.- li nf l ine eipcrh-nr.* tn Ibelnttc. For freight nr pep* »cr.
having very mpftior accommndalinna, both l »r rain* r. td »i«
paaatnfrra. apply to J FlSilFU * *4 IN, or
N. II All freight ftiMu the rouniry for tbe above vraw la wi.| br
received and fos warded ny ua. c barf mg w«-y Um regular dray nr *• and
wbarfagt. j, p ^ j*
** or II.* I*.
jC: «*».!» AM» ONLY jr
H K ti l! I. A R LINE.
ScWarr PHAIK'NTAS, new) Captain J. II. Sir,. •*.
•• PATItli K IIENRY, (mw) “ Hirai'inru.
“ CRF.ENWAY, azw, •• C. W.loirn
•.KIM. n« •• II
" MARIETTA HCRR, l»«w) •• V. Kn.rr.
•• LYNCH nURH. <• W.J.liwu.
Tina hn* of Packet, luring been ninAmnl by a genrrrl patrnn
kf«- of llii- Merchant, of Richmond, for more than tifte. ti rear.,
Ihc proprietor*| neuter* laohcil a continuance of their favorj.ataur
mg thrirpatron. that every attention aha!* he given to forwarding
tneir gmsl, mfely, and with di,patch. The \ neb are of tlte f,r»t
claw. | me, ly new.1 commanded by men of czperiencc in the
trade, and Merchandize can be inzurrd by them, at the low,.: rale
of premium. For freight or paazaze. having ruper or accommoda
tion., apply to the uia.tera on board, or to
5-T Honda to be reahipped In New < trleant. Mobile. Apalnrhi
cola, or any other placed will be received and forwarded from N. w
Y’ork. by the tnaztrr* or A gen *, at New York, free of charge, rz
eept »urh a, may actually be incurred. nr gg
C^OR NEW YORK.—Tho regular pack.
• i hcotHff LYNCHBURO, W. J. Go mb muter, will
few day,. For freight or luatgr, having good accent
I apply on t>- a-d. at Ludiam ■ wharf, nr to
I*OK BOSTON. The regular packet
•» Im It AtNHOW. Rn«i ri, litvi.ij a portion of In r
r«f «|rc J. will l«r r**ady lo ircctff rnnto 01 t*aiurd.i) ibr S?ih.
Poc h.nl.in c of 40<i bo ira Tobacco, apply to
1 OK BOSTON. Thcfinesohr IJkuald
bow loai'nig m tlic Dock ami havirg the mo« of her cargo
err AC c.l and Ro>njr on board. m ifcr Deck. will wail on Saturday_
For bjliner cl freight* of atuaP packayo#, apply In
For Npu Orlt-nnv-VIRGINIA AND Lori.
SIANA LINK—To sail on the 20.h inst. poanivcly.
jjtr> The regular packet Barquo BACHELOR,
“““ I apt II,ram Horton will receive freight r.n Turrday the
Ifl’i inn and w ill Mil a. above. F. r freight, cabia or rlrerafr
t .rw.ge, having niperinr accuntmod.ilcn*. app y to Captain on
board at Lnd .ant', wharf, HASKINS a LIIIUY',
The superior regular packet schooner
- I'ATRIt'K HENRY, 6 Cheater, miatt r, having the greater
portion of her cargo engaged aid going cn board, will have m
medial.' de,t>ntclil. For fieigh of 500 bozc. 51 nuf.eturrd Tolic
co. lo coirpl’-ie cargo, apply lo martcr on board, at latiUam'. wharf,
4*|v The superior brig MONTAGUE, Shutc,
~ " ma. er. ran lake the bulk of 500 barrel* Fleur and nail mi
med ately For freight apply tnbrard, in Hock, or to
Mill >155 YORK,
sgv The s tpefior Packet Schr. PATRICK
I1RNBV. Ce|rt S.Cheater, will bed.., ate bed in a few d.y*.
For Freight or Ta-Mge, having good acconencda'ion*. apply to
muter on board at l.ud am-* w h rf. or lo
jft> DBR RIO.—The line hist sailing i-rig Ann
■ - .l/.irla, (’apt. RadelifT, can take a few paawitgerz. Ap
ply ett board in the II ca, < r t >
FA88A(»E to old point.
The Sifsnirr A LICK, lf*»M the wharf n
KrwkrfN rnnlarty vwry Mt.ndav. VV..lm»lay and rttAay normitf*
prenwly at tij oV ock, for Norfolk, and will go by Old Point rack
dav until fu.liter notice.
I'.ungr and Farr, meal* included, one dollar.
■ > I I MYS
jftv I'ho splcntlitl regular p icket Barque BA
t'HEIaiR, Capt Hints II. cm, daily ci|.-ft-,t will .ail
for the above |*at with dnpiitch. For fre-ght or pi. age. having
•tiperior accommodation., apple lo I hr- ('aplam. on board, .it Lnd
lant . wharf. HASKINS M I.IBHY.
DAVID ti'itmi:
l' t HAS r. WOhTII \M
6yriviWf Postage in Itallimnrr, meals indue! -
f'f. only -litrey Twt'fav Afternoon —
Tie Stem ri O>1,1'51 HI S, t'apt Pa**t«ti. i*new tinin ng between
Ibt* City and Haiti,li re at SI, pa**a<r a d fare The acrommr
dvtion* l y till, line nrr equal to lli< «e -if ar y otset twin e. n the uvn
c tier, aid |twn|rn leaving here <m Ti.rally afternoon at 4 o'
rb*-k arrive m Baltimore the following night. Thow (or Pin'vie I
plug take tlte ear. the nett mornotg at 1* n'rl -eh
2A1 III! I'iVIKN.—The \ I coppererl n»rl
*■-“ * copper' i.t. o. I hip WEST I'll 51.1 5 t apt W. .. ...
Will bead nt I! moo,la Hondo I,for It einrn..mlrailab,nit loth 11, or
la-1 Flour nr other sum I freight tnben at a r. ..unable ratr 5
few cabin |*at« riper,can ain. le a rmnin.tla e.l Apply to
•• HRNRY MIDI HI 5 1,1
„ ADAMS & CD. -
* Ittilhm'irr. I'hihulcl. ~
AVr Ytrrk mmJ HttUnW
r, .1 # Hr,.>.V— I In* piihlir nro rrsporl.
filly inf mnrd IMt wr hmr rrtnliliiM -mt at Iff*. 7. | tih
Street, nml- r th** Ptchungr ntiMirg . ardlh.il llie hrentn herein
l»»r** ln»'«'.ci* <1 under lh<* mine nf Muni A Co. Will hr contacted
u*.det life firm of AIM Md A t O.
T|»e KXPMfPH arrang'inem * 41 eon'inne a a heretofore, in re’a
l * n to it r and p'ice*, .and %,» h* p*\ by i*i .grot attention m taM
n#fa. to r« retee a dm rai | In nag" I'* (Mini out* r ug for d« .rum
the Kaat ami N »rtli are n*|uealed lo order by Adtht* I* C » E.
•nm. hiinPMAhrR l pinporii.
Pm* '* J Rt • ate »• anft nnwdto art a« our Agent in Riehmoad,
fit Um Iran* •« * ’ * »" »•»'" de I «—dtf PAP
Ppr ngi \V4ier. in quart* and ptipa |hm firrel, fn
«*'e by l>UVAL A PCRCfCl.l*. Ii rfgtau,
if W l : V».n cirmi
C10MMI mcvTIon.-M. -t, Kdifoti: i
^ oh* rerd e*me lime ago 1 cotu-nur t nl oa Orrr lh* «tfoatarr
of • A Paten. " Mtaung tbal l*r iajne’a Indian Pt|»rtor*Tii ha!
I»*rnibe m* nn« of *aeirg III* l.tr* of three of hi* rhtl rrn nlo
nrrr aiiPhrlrg * e^rrly nth * iirop tr rough , and haet.ag. but a
rh ut time before, bwt on** nf my rht*drrn by that dreadfn mm
fdaint. and baeirg another and im only chiM. auPertng ihe great
rat agony with the •tm** di*ra«e, an I in bluffy rtp ruiion ot it*
dratb, I n *• :mlure** to pu cha r a lion c of »i, at d Miner red ua
<ag it accotdinf to the dif*eti >n«—and to 'hr rmprrae of all, it b«
gan to mend *•» fifteen nuntit * aft< rue «manured ualng it and
iPr cbi ll ha* t* w rowif’efrlr rrrorrral
I bare rn noj'i Vntonrr a th h Javn bn I her* by return nun
a btwbard'* amt a fattnr’e gtarefal acknowU derma nf*
rhtin*V*p'na. April Wd. J I. PIMPKINP
Por taV by fe 90 P JolINPI’oN, Ibngii*
rpt> DENTI8T8, Th« milxrriler, Avon! for
• the niikrr h«« Ju«* rtr*i*ed per lifgtn a farther auril/of
•brae cebbrnted mentrnptiMe Por ce Mi a Teeth. eon*i*,i*'f or Pair,
Pirn*, Molar, hira«v*d. Ae., mabirg a large and e< m, b ir * rent town’
Thom hnying by Ihe qnanlity, by a Mto ai inn-KM. can be ».»p
phrd on *e»« tfim than they ran be obtain*4 in Philadelphia T*.e
attrettoa of (be proto area 1* »obrlied A>*—
Abbey • tup ftaM f
Dental Pity, Pnrrt;«
Tomh If)*, Ptnfcing (ban
•■Mhetiag Cacea, Ac . Hr . on fav.w*b 9 term*.
** r ioHnrnxf, ivvfiw
Pi^wKR8 bV ,hi’* r,,ut" H*ohmnn.)
*■ 1**i,lr at *. A hy thr Nortbrrncaiuto (hr Junction Thence
*3*^' *'“* r*****'? fL,Qai NonJ*- "X ihe lew.., un to l;,„
kr «nehr. to ('liartouerv.llr. bp 7 P M
{"*'■' l * "J* Staunton, and to rioeerCnlr bp e P M.
at 3 A. M -br^k/ut at thr Warm ii(iC
i! nD““i r'yyr-* **d •r,,'r* »*»*• wun *uH>ha>
al 7 P M Here hr.. d..,r»e to all in. different ey.ni.ei. and by
' imn ai tbr Blue Bulpbu. „t 11 A
, "**' d*7. **d lane in tbr rurnm* Neat day to fharbe
whe,*^ ?tk||d*r “ on tin- Ohio rim,
where it ta ne ripe Me at all rtmu f,,r rte.nmontn.
Kotith Wi>a|.
- T**! WyttrlT 1*J*7 Staunton on Tueedap*. T,,.,™d.pn..d
Nw.^in J1. I^iiturton n.ph- n, .tf.w .1 the
Nntutal Bridge and dine al P.nca.i r nrIt day—, „ Bai,ni ,«
iM-”1*1? “* WrJrUl,ll>* ‘heUuM r,, n.af rrom Stunt.I,
B P. M. Paaarnjrr. by thialinr for the Swi rt od Wh.tr Bulnhur
SSilZrIZSSZS! ■' “• - ...
The Otanae and < nlpeper i; H au«r nuteea Gordonaytlle on the
toli'V. “",ro* Richmond on TueHay.. Tbu,wU> and M.
"J’'* Tilt >S. SHARP.
Superintendent Truicpnrtiii.na.
an.l nttcr the 1st October, our Packet
' , _ w " KwImikmk) »M M Monday Wnlacaday.
and Friday, and arm.- in I.ynrttbur. aril daye at r. M
la-a»i l.ynrkbur, Mondav. W.-dr -»div. and Fn.tny. at 7 A. M
an 1 arrive in Richmond next day* p y
<»ur Bon. o.nncrt 4t • artem itle wun the four bom- For Coach
r l'™" Kdwart. and Cba.lott, ; ant at ttcoiuv,
F.*i*U.* 4°"* *jn,‘ °r r,"*Hw*« Pom Coacke. in ,-t i,uon
. • *848- B 'VII ROMONrt II I1A VPN port
fall AN l» \\ INIEr ARR ANtsEME \ T.
!NFW lit 111(0 % II AND vri: A n ltd 4T | INI’
,lc‘.M,r*tn»*««1 Hiid Norfolk. Forl.mo.ttb.
01.1 I aim ( nut fort, Ac ... I'nrt tt it I dial I.
FAKK BKIH rl.ll Tu f oofn, INM.l'IHNt; MKAUH!
P L*» rM K public in hereby notified, that
tb** quirk and beautiful Steamer Af’GMfit
TA. whieh ip m the m<« compete ord* r f«* both a day and right
lin«-. and un«ur|iaMed m her krcunnimdaiioM, is nuw rut.r mg te
tween Port Walthall and Norfolk, u connection with the Car* from
Richmond nr*i Petersburg. at (Ac Uw rmu •/ 75 rnu r* * mdm
4*mf mraJt.
PaavrocR r» leaving R^hn oud on MOtfOAYH, WEDNESDAYS
:»nd FKIHAYd. at M A M , breakfast <>a board the Aucusta. *».!
arrive at Norf.dk about I o’clock. P. M Returning, tie* Augura
Iravffl Norfolk at 0 A M on TIJK^DAVK, Till EtfUAYH auJ S \
I L KMA\ passenger* breakfasting on b<>aru and arriving at Port
Walthall at half |u« 12 M and at Kirhmon! alM*ut 2PM
It wii! I*- (crreived from the stave. tl».»t this romionai•> an.!
«m|wh1i|i.hi« l.ue f sea to |«ra.nt visiting Norfolk on buc.n*aai tin
opportunity of tiantariing it ate! r« turning by the boat of nr it
im>rn;tir. so at to be absent from Ureir home* a single r. g .t only.
The Augusui will -top at lb«- usual Uodir.g- on Jai.M. It.ver to
lake in and put out way travel, and at any other points ou the river
where a s*gual is made.
The rub..r may ie*t a^ired. Uut it is the d« termination of ib
Proprietoralo keep upthis line permanently. and to accommodate
traveller* iM tw. ro Richmond and Norfolk in the butt uiann« t ami
at th« Iowrest rates.
Pnr further information. ticketa. or freight, apply at the iv-pot of
the Richmond and Petersburg Raoruad Company, to the Ticket
Agent. w |
P ftrCHK splendid and swift Steamer
■Vimv W E, A AI.K I . i ,:. n J N Bkot filt, tarih*
ju*t tin » ig.tn- a tlrroagli overba*ding. is now in eo-rpMe ord*T.
an 1 has <* mine need a r»gu ar n n in p nee of U*e CUR 119 fl’i u
leav ng th-Wlnrf aittockrtt-everr Monday, \% cdin siln ,
1 » ••• »> i•rnlift, i i -j
ing.the Auca will leave Non k cv»ry Tu«silay.Tliurs ayand-ti
un.ay Morn<nt«. at (be same hour »» 1 2 o’. ; ck . and touch at All
1 h • Inlcimediate Ur.d rg«oi Uk Ri\er. both goirg ar.d return nc
OCT Passage and Farafr in R etimend or IMer l irg to or irou.
Ncrfo'k.meatsinct- ^ed,Oru Do ar IIAi*KINH Jc I.ltlhY.
and rt-maiu on the Alive until tin* tell m> ri ng. wh ntheyc^n*o
on the Bal'.mTrr Boat, ard r»iaa n until they arrive the in: uio n
mg tu Baltimore, without an* < itra etiarge. Ileuirnirg. tte \iic
wiiiueettliR La'liv.ore lU*»i m itm. Uiain.ng. as u u.*:, eithal h+
pi mm nger having llahuu .re at 4 n’rlocs on- e*c on* w a:( * m
Petersburg by ‘.'c/clo, kai J Rsclimou.! by 4 u’cW» th. n ite*#mng.
P*‘ aB* f a.v from Ri« hmor d or IVt^rstiurg toor fiom
Baitiui re, meals, lodging*. |lc inCuded. di* l»oi n»r il * I.
P J*. The acconttu alab-oos and d of ibe Alice are so u-ll
known on James River, that it would be use esstr *ay ibat n« it .. r
have been equal ed, much turn surpassed, by any <>pyo*ition boat tluit
h«s ever been on the Rivrr. d« 25
F:tr«? lo IXaliimorr .... £7,00
To WaoliiiiBlou .... u jg 1
’ I'** 4VELM ll*t I) tins l.ire leave Richmond duly al S A.
* »' • r««h Washington at 3 P. M.. Baltimore at 7| P. M . Pi
ih lplua in the tonne of the night. and New Yoilt by 12 M. the
m it da) —ng aJita , a day sail a kajf and »■ times taw <uy> >a
adrvuci af Ikt pjutragrr, hy II, R,nr and Ra, Rvatj.trL>. aagee
peilratareaageaeati.aerdeU.aedfKeaty/vne 4( .Vee/efs.
Fare belwr**n Richmood and Cakiinorr..
Farr Iwiwcrn lUtimor* and Ptnladrlph*a.!.*.*.*,*! 3
Pare between Philadelphia and New Yorl. by the early moraine
line. ....’ 3
**'' l*'1 „ ... A*rot of Transportation.
0-v I>. r or the ini'ormation of the public,
it is deemed proper to stale, that there are now three dauy lire*
from Washington in Phiiadeiph.a—the first leaving Washington al
fi A M . reacres Philadelph a by 3 P. M.—the second Icann* tVadi
nifion al 12 M , r, aches Phi adelphis at 9 P. M —ami the last, be
ing the great mall line above desrribed which leaves Washington
at 5i P M.. and Baltimore at 8 P M , arr.vrs at Philadelphia in the
course of the night The traveller by the railroad ime lias, and, i
Uws. arrangements the advantage of being in Philadelphia in IS
hours from the lime of his leaving Richmond. <.r. if he dcain s it.
may remain in Washinaion du.irg the ailernoon and nigh: of his
nr ival. and be in Philadelphia the Rest .lay to dinner, or may Irana
net business in Washington until 12 M nen day. and yclarrive m
Phi'adeiplna alan early hour in Ibe evening
FOR MOKFOl.k -V\ i> i*i:ti:k*hi KCi.
{UN and after Friday n*xl, 30th insl Can
” * i •* Piurtm
AI'GL'HTA. ' *(.1. •/„ Milch* II. for .Norfolk, will Ira.c thr Richmond
• ■Ml Pelcrabttrg Lapol i rrry Monday, \\ ednewlay b |',„Uy Morning a.
at r. * o'clock.
The AC OMMni.ATION TRAIN for Paarrahurf willlaara Rich
naonal every day Hundaya elca-picdi al Hi A. VI.
“r *®__ Hup. Tranapuruunn
On I rltli fttreet.
«»il»#cril*’r* liavi* ro*opetiecl the* aHovr cn.
Uhl.PlimeM.ind beg leave In ny to their fner.to and thr
I'til.lif t* ru rally. II.al ih y are now i»re|iare<l (i #.% • thrir iiimIivkW
• tletit>n in order to plea*e Minor aim n.av jatr n ar the h<w«r _
iittmxh nn a r.ait.n# the r,iy «.n l.i vinew will find ,t to thr radvan
t^fe to jtive u* a fall, bavin# ample arm mndattnnv for their com
fort .ind roavrnirnee ; l.krw.ar. a *tatile n.thtn firtv vaM* ol the
br.MH.not rur;i!iwil inner ty. ToiHir hiratr it >• ouly n*rr«*
nry to any. that our liar •!**» at all time* hr aupphed with Ijqint*
m»« inferior to aay m the City Ail wr J* «ira ia p4irotu#r. and if
we fail to ph aw, italiall not l-e nor fault.
HII>iAla ia JAJ « BLAKET. Jr
Rirhomnd. Aufu«t X lft|A. Xf
K Milrarriber i* now in rrcripi «»f hit Fall
■ Hi |.;,lr a.f warraa.rd f.e-li ini genuine Gar.Vn Her.', ..
Lie I .at ■ e.vl.l .Irrd Muter y ..f M, ur. l.-.n.|irth b Co A u nlag
In geauriment .my hr hunt the m l •* mg r r
Ar*p \K Al.lI a gr . I l.l'K V-Re! a»J \\ h . •
rtEKT—Long RInral. Ear y Tur- I I CCMRER— luiag Cr.rn fo.
J"P ®” IPrrhrhHurvi parkl ng. Kttly Ptiw,
P.EV.NH Early a iwtrta'dnap, I.ErTl'CE M< yal Call ige.
Brown H|n--tlrd VaVni ne. Win . and (1 r. n Coe, Brown
Choice Ra.| Eye, lunge l-una. Lnicla
luirg Wire* *<rf NA*Tt'RTIt'M
CABIIMIK—I rlr Vortr. l-argr oKR A
Vork. Ban. t« a and Huger ONION —H. rn Hk.nand Red
b*af. Lrtinh a.Iand dal INneh. PoT IIEIIII'—Awo.le.1
Hav,.y, Curled lirrrn. Red PE AH — I tl'a Ea-’y. Early
Ifolrh for pickling Eran.r Marrow al large ,nd
CARMoT—Imng Orange, P.nly dean
Horn. Allringham - lor e-.ip. ' R ALIHII TOMATO HPINACM
CAI MPIdlWRR—Rattyk vlr be be
ay cala'rtguea giati* AIjBO. laandrrthe RCR %L RE
(7IHTPR n n.1 AI.MANAC. w I fa numermia eng nvit ga. for n-’y IV
rani*each P. JotlNHToM, in. wr*i.
i* * h
It"IvB lll'lfllRItn Hark. I Irerponl hl.iwn Hall fa.-leiy riled
. ar.l in line orth-t, in hot. a W.mdruffa rail aw candle._land
lug and for *a'e l-r )a * WORTHAM Mri.Rt'.'RR b IA>
f Near Rice
Rm and luagtiayrv Coffer r-r *alr by
A * !• AV RNPOR r, AI.I.EN b CO
yi pi itiim room imt MNRa. r
V* nl another parcel a.f rilrei aid wat ha eked r... |, p, I .lie*
made et|rr.*l> foi (l*. amt termpml with .mr a.tarrna | „
hnrrh • he ng intdc with wire, the beagle* are rant lull.. m . .... .
mu. awd lae ng w awl ..n Itm buck. iheg are reru'e-rd unp*rr.oaw In
wai*I a~d hiaa a I di ndr mage r( thr w. hI I a t I. u-h r, bang
q lira* plraaa.it a ul rone d iranir.
I I V Al. * I'VRl Et I.. Dinggi.la.
M IS MJ.Riig Nin
k)< la k I" '* Item;. P .-id I l.n .
nr" l"r An ab g c.d on I nr*, .or an' by
If Id I If'UK hii\PH M mi^ry At WiHilscy
N p N T .fowbir leaf Hngar
Ih Vtarrrw rmhr.l *•
III rt rvl«r vd "
AH Korea Mull aad Hop. rwum Tvl -w ian.h •—Rerrirlag
for wu kj fo* VV >R m AM. M'liRCLBR b (N>.
Ul PRHIOH l.(RPOII. Ar-«fo|.l. ..tn.wr.r
L I Vaehe.1 H.wfan IVd H-n gaiag Ho:*. g..t *vieg qnahty 9g|i
»• '* 1 'a-nd OB. pu'e. .1 raaka Hal Raaina | fn Pou.' ,-m re
eeifrd anal for a.r by IH'VAI. % PI R PI
B I* ' M ■
Of n Ranawgahila »* hi whey.—?* hmaod Mnamw
gwhrla Wb.atcy tS * ■■ R—
lb l« ■—Par talc by WILLIAM* b II AX AM.
|*iir«* l.ilcol Ui<- It loot! or llubil
of I Ik- Sv«I«iii. viz*
sK,£ll^SLU ■«»-•«*ATIS« ORffTINATE
d ,kl Knoln'- •mruH'ii Pt.’srn’i.EF on
i T?2f • '4,AI*D HEAn- Bnlarge
SuTu.m—OF 11,15 MANKF and JOINTS. FT! »
lj k.Hi*. !<V» iiiUTU'Sf mITi -MH. nJATICA OR
tMoiolJHrir ow£2^“ asisinci from an inji
MHTb'r ns A*Cfr** ' >" '«• WV, RX
coNffirnmoNAL disorde**. *, huonh
^1'*? prepuratioH is a combination hitherto
Ch.o.,11777 '“'h' h,fn'y ”* differ,,,, entirely I. ,t,
ml Ih 7 f,Wn "** *»"«*• P"T»o:.o.. of Fa,..,
fl!s which have keen al different tunoa off- e.l in rhe |,
,h€ *y“'“- ‘hereby br££u^Jr
tud reet.ndjmmediate mRuenee Although pcam-JdTf power
fnl heal.n, effect, yet it „ entirely hirmVw. that ft eaaaut in
jure the new, deljcau conw.tuuor When ,B perfect he.trh. nr. cf
l. ct » prodsced by ila nr except inereaw tf r..,, when
ir,rr, rf ■£*,o ,6*fr,m'- “«>•»«f»- t....i... ,n*
path of life then .r. myamr.oua rrrtuence .* f.l, atd men tt e»k,n
w‘bi7„.!j'J‘^d'‘*'“'- “J b,,*°*Klhl*■**“"r* <" '“e Mf
lr'Lk “ ®t7’vrr (Er. yve.r .mat
thc-ac/ma—The l .w.ng cerl.he.re one .oorber IrnlTln ,0e
717 tMUmony to I la menu. Let lbr ad|,cl«.l read sad
he convinced. W sat h baa done once. It Mill do t-un
„ . f'llant-Sarowir. Maaa.Srpt *ijd. IRIJ.
Ihw may certify that my am. note Mrd - rente*, ha. bee f,„
tea yean oul.cied fci'h lb* acofair . num-m. Ann. aye of »ey, .
m7k* 1 *“d tf>r Which piohahly Cured ill.a bomor 1C
h I held ITf*'!'’*.' * “"•'•'“•"‘•''‘AT.Co.enn, h atmlyfrom
ul 7" r"' »'“* “■*" «‘<uour. I cow-*ad . Doctor of
Med,cine, and be examined h.m three day. ,n rjcccton. and mu
um erataodml h» cm, idnmd me to rnn.ult Hr. Rimers of New
1 ore. I then be.n, . rodent of c ty After . mV and rn~
cl exam.nau.m. ba.ioc mora than thirty other medm.,«e. iemen
with liimal the tune, he pmnouucod .t Scrofula. or h,n* a Eetl —
The eh Id ma.Uien piemr.bed for. ,-.„.| cmoni .-ed -.ate med.cl
dot*, fr-.i.i r|,at urne He row WOC1 SI andlhen
hi. hone, be, .me affected in conmrpt.nc. of the mercury that had
een (lai-nhiiii A piece of bone com away from hi. under law
in the Hr., pUce a. ..rye a. .„ EnghMl walnut. a piece Tlmhui
forehead a. large aa a a.rp. „cc. a ml a p„ee from near the ernwa
cl hi. 11>rad. It then went t., lb. hack knd aide, and d.-barged
ihr. e pucea. From Uienrc to one of hr. limb.. - p, rat,nr n con
m. |iicnce or tie- -riceration, the mum-1-.ard cord fro® the hone, of
the ankle jo.nl on the hack part, lie laid al one t,ue- fifteen run
i„n« eore. or .uu- . from ihe rlan-la of the ,j„ ,, ao<, lb<K. place. I
I4»e mentioned. In I-to I li.eu in Portatuoub. N II, and be wa.
auacked wcli a Rb.-unu.r c F.aer. wh.ch settled in one ot hi. h.pa.
which aw. Wl a. Iirr. ax ther e of ,b- other. B. .n|t un.ler me.I.cal
ireatm, r.t, they nee him (aud.-ir.um until he km hi. r-a«nn ITmn
I became aanurd and mn( for a Tbomsoman. II.. ....dicme hem
" h * ,,,l’ »"■' c-tocd hix reason. The (h ni i.u.e he man attack
;”7k/k“f'y,y,n ‘'4*' when bear,lie of Hr Fanda'Farsr; tril
it. aa.1 br iar perfectly aaiiafP-d (hat all older medic aea had failed of
.ffecur * a cure I - ni knd.rrocured brnttes and by the he
liad taken tl all I cona.dered him wr it. Th.,«, pl.cet hea .--I— he
heenne I,nth: and lively—enJoe caste ,o h.a (ace and tirr frnm
ibal nuie till the Fall of Ih-H, bia rompiauiu never l-ouhle,i h.n-_
M HmrHorn be t-rcumdef. wh.ch continued until !a« March, re ban !
, 7*,U Cia* *'r 1 f™» that to the left eye. covering
.1. ».*ht of the »ye ao that be waa ,n a great meaaurs deprived of (
known* that Hants Sarsaparilla >u th. oniyiuedinoe tJut had
ever done hui. an, good. I applied lo Mr Fonh, Apoth.eary m
C slum for more lie iiaa uaen fifteen dol an' w.,rtb, w.,ch haa
r.moved the humor from lo. eye- and beano* and he now .ip,,,,,
■ ••• rtired ,od radically so. I eerily believe a H.i ait trouble
nughi hare U-m avoided if I had continued tUv.iouri.lv the ue of
UH...S*r*:ip*r‘ U wl"n *"■ **’ under ita indueace the u„. t.u„
lit at sre the ample ttatemeuU of the faeu of the caae and I
feel n my duty to make these facu known to the public. for the u.
nefit of those who may lx afflicted in like maane, feeling a ftiU
conviction the cure ha* been effected » u-ly from the ,:r.-et of Una
mvnlnahle medicine II A.NNMI \V BEt'K. **» Main «t
Srrvot.a. «». Bomv. Orroaea 13. |-.»3_Ti..n |>rr«.na'y aiv
peared the ahow named Hannah W. Beck, -.id made ton mu oath
that in- above certificate* by her entwenhed. and Mat. .,11b there
in contained, are true. Be foie me,
JAMES SICS, Jmuee of Ita Peace.
The f.ilhming letter, received 11 iti I apt- Harrow, a gent-uiun
well know n. an i of the I. *hs-s r - xeiahddy. rev.dir. ■ in Mo'.de
IOW1 r-nr'us.v-e'y the vile and efficacy of-and. SarmavartUa ,n
catetof Laronic kncumaiitta.
„ . mobile, au. July 3d. ib«.
Me-.at kv»p._am, —I »ua« ctedfor more than ten vear.
wn,- rlieu MUin anl it it win t leisure I avail mytelf of this op
po.-.uuiiy torture a Myou the aalu ary . ifeet your Sarsa.ianila had
J*°u ,r' l54* 1 purehaard of your a*en.-. Mini.
■ loee.'y it Tuck- -. five b ifiea. winch I took ngrerab'y in the pnnt
ed one ‘lion*, which entile V removed a,, comp aim. and I have bow
every iraaon to bcuevr in. oeahh ia permanently recovered.
Yvurv, very respectfully.
__ _ «*• 11. UAkltOW.
Trainaa Tung tar.—1 he foil >wmg is an extract from a .etter
received from Uev William lialusha
„ Baaa>maa. Vt. Oct- Sid, let}.
Mama- . <vw I uavr be. n afflicted with a arveic ps.u iu my
• .lie, occa.. HI d by a disrated hver. for the- l-s! twenty yeart. su.
lertngat times whit language rannvt convey, but vice,: unin* your
saisa partlla I have teen creaky relieved, to much si mat I have
beev abU- to attend to my 1 uenew, and preach i-as.oni iy for the
last mteen months. I wholly di-eacc* all other m dicine. and
tlai c uglily tried the r-'auapar. la. wh ch I can reccmoiend in troth
aik. tineerity to all those who are m any way afflicted with any tpr
cm. of aci "UK— eomptamu. There Have been -mw remain!, e
c Jfe-s ell, Cted by IU use in this vicmr , Mrs I p’ vsv by the use
of si a bottle., was reatorr t to bctlrr to - ti uian Be ha-* t. *
pvyed for ten yeart and Mrs. W. . -on. who had bee, severely
adlscted won kryvipelaa, teas entirely cured by th' .... of a few
botilen. Yours, truly
„ , t WM GALC8HA.
Foriurtb-r paiticulart an.! conclut.t. , v, . ae* of ita superior
vah-e and efficacy, wee pamphlets, which mav he ohtai tdo-'Arenu
Prepared and told by A. B. k. D SANDS. Druggists. loo Fulton
•areel. corner of Wj'iiam, New York S..id alto by M'VAL h.
PI RCELL, Richmond Kosser a Anderson, Peieitb-trf D K. Ly
man. Lynchburg. J. < .»,k. Fr-d. neksburg, M A -mins, Norfolk and
by li.-uggis-- -ens rally throughout the In:ted Stales.
Price (I |« bot!>—til bottles for $5
a T1” paW,e *r‘ vepcctfully requested to remember that it ts
Satida Sarsaparilla that has been met is constant ) v.-l... vtng tueti
remarkable cures of the most difficult class of diseases to wb chtbe
human frame subject; tb-refori ask for Svndt' Hanuparila and
Ulf no tMhrr
___ 110 1 *•
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3 do do Tubi, vfr)«uprror
3 Hariri* 0*1 daily rxpectru aixJ for by
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30 do Tamers' (*il bes4.—just receive J. for aale by I
_*■ * _ FRY a CO I
■ ,*ir>li|tlNt. ROAHDH.—IS.Ofti f„, 0D llw i,.^
* »'r by li*»_ WE!.#, bacon a co.
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petmra end Rufaat rrry reduced prices—
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In.-rain do I yd w ,!e. »l tr era from iSe an.l hifhrr
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Hearth But- S3 do do
Crumb and Itartr it yd wide '„v and hifhrr
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n \ \ IN'<r made large additions t<> their stock
• of Hrufa. Medrcmr • Painta. Oila. Hje Slab, WindowGlam,
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low aa aimilar ankle a cau tn purchyaed u tdia mark I We in
e.tr tlx me wlablAf lo puicnaar to call and riimlac our atneb.
W. 8. kV J. ihinnan.
I'nI• lm|»orlnllon llnrtlwnrp.
HY the shi|> **llnrkaway,”just nrrived in James
Rirer front l.reert—u we are rrreiv.nc nar Fall luiportalwa
ef I reb-b Hardware ard Cutlery IV e have a a. received by re
cent a. r.r.tli front lire Northern Minulu mei a lull aanor.ment oi
Airm an Hardw ire
i Mr importation ihe pre-cnl season. la Hie '.arfrat we have rv r
m . ! anl.-iwty eay worthy the alter t, not pmchaw . We
have t ren careful to ret upth pattern-, atylra an-l qua in. • of the
art . ea adapt-d tn It* wants of our Wade, tad w* feel conn eat, we
»| , • . .irrd to aril 11 pn.e* tk>l will ... paM'l ■ . ..y Wl tea
pe.u I y Invite merehaair and our frl-nla frnrrtily parchnarrf
Hardware, to five ua a call IV * a J ImNNAN.
_ 117 Main Street.
« I nr Inna I i Ht.'lificil Hhl.kry.
^ -*w Bill.8. Old Cinniiimti Uccli <h) Whiskey,
• «-B lor aaW by no I « Wll.t.lAMfl h ll \\ A!.I-.*
rlT||K Puhiic nrc hereby notified that the tinick
w a rut beautiful Steamer Ml 'IVT VITA 'A n now on tbe
freat Mail R wne betw..-n Afquia Creek aad Waahraft a
"" " _ THOS Sit ARC. Afent rranapona n
IC it'll A 'ltall illt'rt'n.
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• ' CofTer. receiving and for sale b~
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WINDOW (il.vss.
\ tier Role* *110
♦ R.'.Jn do lOllS— Pot wile by
till A N lt\. |7 parr , | y\" App'r llrmn y. ym
. received, in at fe and for ante by
** ninsFt.l, A McCAMniJSIt.
1B1.VCK8MI I ll'S TOOLS' Wo have m
■ 9 rAyofe beat warrant'd Snr lh< It. il.wt
•Arm*. Viera. Screw Pale,
Slock- a ml Urea. St dc, ,r>l ||.ymt lit rumen
Horae Ns In. II,a ea Oliva Raa,-. Ac . hr which we
Iter *ow )t 19 IV S A J luahVAN
■'on tiic i. ini
V Ell \KHI \ \I,.— 1 he subscriber Kin jtiai
•T re ervej. by II Fan .* >r -m Clnjid. ■ h a. «•
f if of la , mtw a' a <d rh.bin n'a Ga t f Room an I 8laws, to
wbKh be would call lb aticn on of h - rrtaa. ! t|,e nibhc
• c reraPy aa they arc a handwrtn.- and a f.-el ,, -e — Alnr, nu
b *d. n pad axfir.orat nf bo n amt Shoe... bra own rnati-ifac
•" winch, w th ...» « a time' I of Hi ’a pk a aa I Fa,tern work,
a'waya r n i* h « eo l rf |. i -apeyt r. rc mieN tot inferior to
any hi the city a*l of witch will be nohl as low aa at any other
home in Richmond AI.F.V HIM.,
Manufacturer and IVater tn Rckm. Shew* Trunbe ar ,
k > No 117 kfa.n t ,,t
Ii kick N|!t»;%. Hint! I 111Rt AND iOl.Kli- “
IB is bbt* n w bacon axl a
A At dn do Jet-1
7 do »M —> abou .b rt. %t ttblp
*■ I*__ WII.UADs A N kXAl.l.
i ini:< %. doddm
WIM* wnis l>»sds of Bargain and 8*is,
Iteertanf Trwtt. Power* at Artorney. and thy other t ow
eeyance* on lb* matt reaw.mb'e lean. k3r OS»c« yywi. ).m
4am R Shanlmr'h Ma a ttreel. g n j
TO rimfEHk. roi itrv nnoMim,
.. OTHKRk.
T ai I’•-■>limitary Mora.
,* •“*•*'>*»». by a latr orOr, „f Ih. Boa id. „Vw» .64a la of
frt at frrnily rrdurr J
T"*m *“**r •*«»«***• >-JW K«my. fm «f.tro Mra'f «|o*
**r4a »*■*■ *"pad Unmy, for Woman'. cloU.aa
In 8tor* f«»e Fail ptirrhaaoni
&*> hmry r-»dv m«4f K-imy I'otti
*■*« *•*>*> Paai.
... ‘ r*~** »•'■> » l»»t« a^rtma.t .* co.,- ,*|
Hbora. rq.inl to any in dm inula
** " V W**°" far im horn., w,lb Can !W
v> *«-•'» Haiuni ,■ ^HirtM>aa
^VurtnlH Nir*. rrry *iir*»rtor
r,:zr"b:?:;zz™el-*- w*^- -
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.oT!r_*->r:.*'! *'* »« »*nr <"«n».bu«, trim.. .ml pm
U. wrr-l>ad!^'u»<»iaX*,BlX' '°* “ fa* *«*. Na
,r__ ■»*«• n WPOTTW. Ar-m. p.„>
I.. MONTAG I K respectfully informs
"h™ ** h *° purcha-r Piano Forte, lint hei.nr.pat
..I .» rnmn* th-m w ,h ,..,n of ,he very he « ,uaU.y" u£.
tw! “* M U,T ““ he obtuntd any .her. ,o the
y*? "bl'b h‘ "!r'n fn' •»*' are made of tin ben
material., by workmen of eiponene.who t... Urn, turner _
r ‘ .,n •f a hit Q.u, ./ >.,r* the*
I an,, are anteroomd eq tal to any mid. ■« ib • country
l-rgbineu and elaeue, y . f touch acd equably and .weetneu of
ton. thr.,u*l o n, are urhd ycrWue.r,,. „f the .aetrun cm, , m,,cd
f> r u .- by Ue aub.-r.her. tVb-» r.f a wnlteu guana — ie re
1 J* 1' h-fr.n. order, fn,, rnyiart of the Southern or
vicmcrn State. atiemlcd hj,, ty ,|in>„ch
• «t nnTrV""'J 13 lfc* U’*1 ■““*r b> » cotnfqtent hand, at abort
I NSTttt 'uili comrant'y for ,aV an . .artment of MUSICAL
, „ " r 'r"y VJ,,,‘F- »* *"F •"» ,and a cat
Irci. ja of VI SI . .muaeng all the publication. ihc Untied
Mate. New Mu,ic receivi Jugularii every we. a. Mu.ie bound
Deal-r in Movie and Mueiral tiorrumeata,
S »n ■ f tie Got cq Lyre.
_" 1 1_ No I HI. V.a o S r o' •uum.te'hv Bint.
s«<*« «■ r:i!»<• Ilooii :its.I >.li,k
B{ l‘-IN I'.lt per ship Iowa, from H:ivrs, via
*■*' New Vctk—aeUctrd n Franrr. ami iirported by Mar. Pi
chot a naiiw of Fiance but for the la.t 3 ye u« a revob ia of Vi-gi
nia. ant practically acquainted with the culture and tcauuc*-m*-nt
• far ic. ant.
Th- cod-ctmn mare, of the rarer and m-.m chafes oualit.ca
from tile Hoy I S iren Garden at Lu>cniuour< m ar ftih and the
private Judea of Louw Philippe.
The c Slection conviet. in pail of the fodowinc varieti-a
Fhadlr.et Blanc Fhamp
Smrtiae Fir. Vuugot i
Vraia Garnet J Furnudy
Plant SeJu m )
Fhaw taa Rouge
Fhawlat B anc
Luca lie Po. Ik;
Rai*in do I la ntea
Malaga. Mu. cat Madena. Be., Be.
t . TlK"*' "howi-h 18 avail thamae Vet of th e rar • npponttniiv ur li
frudThi, ).m^n ”U"ro‘,u “‘M* h* plar-tcd th • month to b-ar
N B. Mona Picnot will give purel.awr, full d rvcuona about Uiv
planting am. aunt gemeut of the emu and eltpv. For rate by
te I—0 3m _Chemm and l>r.i«gMi. IS5 Itroad «revL
AR I.V (moirKHs < h' K.YtHi ,Y HKPCT.1TIO.Y. ,1.Y1> »p.m
■%l Mholt'Milr nnd Kcuaal:
A ik i icii. mvi.—on „„ Globe
A«paragii«—Wbitc Gnnt
l*«ie B* »n'—Urr>-k uni i Luri
Snip Beni*—Early China, citlo
Vein* Mg Week.
Ho Early Mohawk. do { moon
Iki Rriuj,r.or liuio to I
Heet—Catty Bio>1, turnip looted
lk> do Yet or Co do
|k» Iain* BWii Mang-I Wuitrrl
Ki White Siteai in FrenchSc-ff'i
Itr cull—Wh l- and Pu.pie Cap
Cabbage—Parly and Large York.
Ear) and Law- Bare ara Ear
ly Sugarloaf. l-aige IWihead.
Lirfe Bergen. Put Ihitrh
llrumle. l savoy. Green CutB
ed Savoy. Red Ihi'ch
I 'a niidj »er—F a -11 and Late
k- . ry—kVa Or aj
Cirrot—Long Orange, Lor.g R'o
aud White Fi. .
Cm*-~Curled or Pei.p r/>
CucurnVr— Eniia dint
Clust-r. Lrug Gre-n Long
Prickly Gherkin for pi - aung
Com—Early Sugar doTuararo
ra. do tJoMnt Smig
Endue—Green Curled
Egg Plant—Purple
Kale—Blue Curled S| he ran.
Or. en Curled Scotch Rape or
Leek—Large Scotch
Lctuce— White and Green
Head, Early CurieJ India,
W'blie and Green Com, Brown
Melon—.Vmni I, Gi. cn Citroo.
Pine Apple
W kier Melon—finest kind*
>'a*tuit u.n
Mustard—White nrj Black
1 'll ’in—White and Red
• 'Ira
Pia*—Lardre h's Eitia Ear'y
Eery May. do Frame. Blue
Prmeiaa. Dwarf Martowfai,
Bishop . Irsrarf Prolific
Pepper—Aw lined
Parsnip—Long Smooth. Frenc.,
Parsl /—F.ne Cur'd
Pumpkin—Large Yellow
Rhubarb—lor Tarts
Radiisb—LoagScailet Long *aP
■nou. White Turnip, Scarlet
Turnip Black Spanish
Salsify—or Vegetable Oyster
Squash—Eaily Bunch
Tomato—Leigr Red aid Yellow
Tump— Assorted
Hern and Flower Breda.
jk 26
'T^H K subscriber is now in receipt of constant
, »«•<■•><>. to tr. tun.:, cf Carden Seed,, fhm the well known
e» »W abater.t of H I aocr.ih of Philtdr'phia.
„ ar^lr,J » kkoee an others and are
" Vi T *nJ fan * •mphouyre.-don
1 L> ‘he dire chon of Mr Lardreth. are annually
all VfcTfrrVlWh B> lh“ tUrln* U*r f*n he ar.jr.dthu
Jlrfe.VTe "bT' a.,« w prwnbie m be
tu I w iVt ' !H;rth**'n< “> »a *«»'H woull coo
' by “PHriUd Ibcmtei.e. will. 1 andre b . Seed,
f.ox ill- rubncr.be. p JdHVSTON,
_ Draff at.
OE<xo raiuSiE' ^lorchanl Tailor,
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UMiSr.K 451.
ytr. c«ikl«'« Hraarka.
In our brief outline of the debate in .be Locoioeo Con
eention, sketched entirely from memory, aae elated that,
being celled away from the Capitol by outer dut. ..
•are depnaed of the pleasure ot hearing ihe remarks of
John 8. Caekie, Ksq. of this city. The ‘'Timee*’ of yee
terday has a full report of his apeech. which w. now lay
before our readers:
n before 'be quell 01 was pul be would
mak. a few ramarkn. A. a Dmn.crat. he wa. gn~.J at
Jf* V*10 ,h,nC*. At th«* oui*m h#, mm one of
tho00 cai^d Calhoun man, would t«k« occasion to m» that
f,u " •dn,l"in« bia Democracy to be upon
trial, and he could aenur- thu Senator from Orange, ar d km
coadj’iiora, that ociner ho nor they should meets* auhar
arew. or aott word. ,„„n him (Mr C.) No-wab .hem
indieidn.My he made the iieee, and would tight a „„t. H.
denounced them there, a. he ahould do etery where, aa po.
itical inceadiaraa. who were lentlcriog tirehraeds, and
prepared to consume the great Kepubiican edifice. They
«ou!d row the seeds ol diaaeneioii in ihe party, and make
■L instead of that united, invincible phaiani, which a had
Na n. a duutiiiad, broken band, fit only to become an easy
iT-y h. tie Whigs in the apung He beg4ed the ac.her.
duK.e.t members of Ihe Conve.it,on-for it wa. in then,
appealed fr m the intemperance sod madness af those
Who led ihe assault on tbe fr.enda of .Mr Calhoun—lo pause
•nurtaect upon coa*« queacc*.
J -t-eaf difference in the teelmge eihibitcd and
, W*ie b» ,h j"; "h‘» bad been acuve in thi,
auK I here were the S. na or. from Orange and bcolt who
Uirew off a|| cisguiw, and boiu!) avowed that the resolu
tions of ihe Commuter were intend* d to drive olT the Cht
rl r: V; !^*f ,"lled 'b“,‘ Tb«« 'hr Senator from
Lbcs.ertie d at. 11 unwi img to part. Aqd then there wan the
Senator from tauquier, who had made a labored argument
« P^°V,t ,h*! 'h*ro 'V'” no,hi''* 'he resolution* to which
'•r vtfhoun S Ir.CUtip Cilloulti fthi PI
4 At\LAQ* ,a,tl hc ht<* H U nothing which
should div.do the piny.
well-1no't'">« »««bl Ur dmd. the p.rty,
Bu, le, u. see elernly ,nd understand petfer.ly what th.
d, eTr,fuar,‘' y “• Hr asked gcnllr men to cons.der
Unued1l,lr“,rdf"ra',"ber ,be d«b,‘*- e.m
unued Mr. C. the Convention recognize a del berate pur
uTn ‘h* f:i®rda ul Mr C.U»«n Into the ,L«
unqualified submission to tbe other branch ol the party *-—
t*on4Uhnve*i"‘ ,lla' *l>0 drafted the revolt.
.Ott, have taken cpenal p.,„. ,0 make an ,»ue. and
I. d.ff^e^1 ®« «’, rr question shout which there
» difference of optn.ou ,n the Democrat* rank. 1 They
“Yu Lf““*Ul herc * ,'rin« resolution., to which .her
well know many ol ua w.ll never ;ouaem. In the lira.
Place, there .1,. “l.be.ty ib« pte . .. t0^.tuV,. n —
S«a~h°. e*t ,h,t rc—,re well aware that
there are a large number <f ihe members of th e body who
,hc •r,'t,n ,,f “>« ^nate in reference to Mr
^ ! d MrV*nJ * du W‘,h bberV o( m- Fre*-.
I, raid Mr L. d,.approve the course of the Sens e. Ilvd
I b. en a member ot that bad,-. I ahnuld bare TO,ed again.,
\ uiee a resolution ; but I cannot coutiteuance any voeti
gross extravagance as calling it an invasion of the liberty
o. the press, and pronouncing it on a par with the sedition
»*w o! the cider .Adam*.
The nest resolution, while I do not rrmember Its preciee
.ancuage,l" effect ueclares that tbe Republ,can party should
witndrawtn confidence from John C Calhoun.
I c^«ru.T,0,I“Th*,“,Ur l4nflui,8e mat I. the way
n„M,'i!:"Noui,c"J T0U kn'W we wou,d neTer sub.
mi, to it. I, said Mr. C., am proud to declare myielf heir
a -he scene ol so many ait.cks upon him. -he d. voted po.
Imcal friend of John C. Caih on—the great South, rn stater,
man, whose only m., „ the r.g*|, nboac only ,*ar. the
wrong Hiatnend. will assail that resolution here-ave
w’.!, ”r>'* rC u There Principle involved.
RV.brh’ rl’ sre we **ked; because of a vote to exclude Mr.
Ritehie from the fl■«* of tie Sent*, ta withdraw our eon
fide nee from Mr. Calhoun ?—a man whore character .•
above the reach of slander—wbcae talents are th- adtnm
'ten of the nation, and who is the great champion of me
great doctrines ot our party. If he can bo o trxeised tor
tbit act, then is political tyranny perfect. The Convention
must see in that resolution of the committee, introduced
with a :u . kn»wledg» that tfce.e were warm friends of Mr
Calhoun on this tl »or. and cand date* for election ia the
spring, the desperate detem.inatiou uf the leaders here to
drive us from the pary.
But not even that uose it strong enough. Gentlemen
T*'* •''P further, and requite a pledge to ahide the
decision of a Baltimore Convention; for the resolut.on meor.a
If* Wh*1. ,he cha'r,n,n f ,he committee has so imerpre cd
"• ^hat * Pf00f ha*c "e ‘‘'f* ol leug bs to wn*h there
,0 «°Jn ,:,ur •« opro the Cht
l r ■ J S' “ld bc. look ,he w':rd chiv.lry from tho
other aide, and uaed It for the sake of craven enec. Why
the exact,on of that pledge t. 1, hard upon m, .boo, i
can oard y think it was destgned to .'nke. The Sector
from Cbeeterfied, for instance—unlrsa, indeed, he has go,
new lights since 134 J. Then he and others, among whom
wa. my friend on my right, [Mr. Scott.] and rays.If. ,n a
pubnc adjreaa to tho people, entered our solemn pr.»t.st
against tbe organ z.tion of the Baltimore Convenlioo.—
We der.ared that it must be changed throughout ,ts very
trame-work beture it thould receive tho net ion ©f the
Democratic party. W e emphatically .aid that our support
or lU nominee was not to be quoied upon us as a precedent
Ami now we are very coolly ssked to p edge ourselves at
once to submit to its authority. The Sensor from Fau
quier can't ecftrn these th.ngs by argument. The sum
and substance of the business is. a. the delegate from Ame.
lie truly said, that these reaolu ious. which it is proposed
to pass, are such as we could no: vote for w.thoo* persons!
w-'Vf**h*V \\ld Mr C“ 14 t!,e pt^ttioo of the friends of
•MrGalh^unr W hy, we seek tho peace of the party. Wa
are the advocates ot toleration—harrooay—concession —
Our spirit is ibat which is bremked in those words, which tno
veuran editor of the Union has made so familiar to our
party in Virginia, “Bear and foibcar." We say, let us for
the present, ai any rate, drop these subjects about wbich
wc differ, and let u< all put forth our beat and our umied
energies in tne c >ming rpnng campaign.
Xow. said Mr C , tho question i* fairly before you. I
ask the d.sc reel, sensible men o! this Coaventton-men
whom, young as I am. I have been aceuatumed to tee tn
assentblagea of this sort—w,11 you take our ground, or that
ul our foes, ami. as we contend, the foes of oar party? Will
you go with m, or w.th tbe Senator, from Grange and
Scott— the C.arerhoiue and Dalzlel of Old Hunk<rd un
lit their attempt to force their new-fang ed tests at the point
if ‘b* *wo'd? That is the question. If a man I kt John
G. Calhoun is to bc driven Irom the Democratic pa.tr be
caure, on some subject*, he differs from the majority of that
party, and all wuo will nc join in the hat and cry against
him are to be denounced, then the terms on which men
are m tuture to remain m the party, must be anquaiified
submission, to ua dictates, whatever they may be! la thia
your plan? la ibis tho course hitherto pursued? Is this
rM.?rr‘icl,r w'°,for v,r*,n,a ,h* "•">* *f
Citadel State?—What madness is this! Mr C. said be
wou.d tell tbe Senator from Grange to go on: he had no
erms to make with Aim. but waa ready and determined to
carry on the contest with A,m. Mr C.. however, begged
the C e see a, ten , , ptn,e. «ld> m,y
tnon thia Couveotion. but not from the Democr.ttc p-.,tv
We shall stand upon our old position—tl* great Democra
tic plattrom, Ir.-m which wo fought in '44, From that
pl.ttonn you cannot dr.ve ue. W. stand ce„,re. and
all you can do is, to draw off to one »,de, and so leavs an
0ur ,,nka' '*>« Wh,g, m,y point the.,
attack and gam a victory! U the Convent,on propnred u.
pres, lorword to that disastrous result?
Mr C. wou d prra. ui soother <us, tnd sddrert it ,o the
conscience, ol those who heard him. Is. m,d he. yo.r
Loo.emi.ii test lair, just—aye, or even honest’ l»,d you
not know in 1344 ..Ur opin-ona upon this Convention ques
tion St Weil « you do n..w? Yes, with this Address [hold
p ,b* Address ol ihe friends of Mr Calhoun to the peo
m I?41 f lull U* fore you, fou • u*ht i»ur mi vicm in th«
Presidential cinvsv*. Tu«n, when at aim at « v«r? Court
House and cross-road throughout the State, the able, lard
inuat elA>quent of tbe W u«gd were encountered by tne Cb»v
ilry, non#* wer« tie»ur Democrats than wa. Y«»u gladly re.
e. rgnued ua ,-n the battle field. Mr C. aaid he would not
say that the irienda of Mr Calhoun had fought harder, but
they had certainiy fought at hard a* any porti«Mi of the Da
rn retie party. But, at d Mr C.. ail such ai uaionq to what
pc pie t.ive dune are uugraeetul, and I should not have re
ferred to the matter but lor the remarks of the tr oen
r auqtiier. While the gcn'lemm wtu talking ol the num
brr of ofl.ces gtven ua. I could not but thmk there wsa
another side to the picture, viz the amount r f work we
had done. When he t .M y. u»f three »:.lhmin men made
’’ **’•• 1 •kong.tl »l a ms s meetieg in htauwn town, [ene
of the largi Si asaembfagra I erer addressed,] where unlrsa
I forget, neery speaker was »( the Chiv.lry. I thought,
too. of thegrra. Ui.rlotie.vtlle State Convention, where,
also, ail Ilia spcikera. 1 believe were friends of Mr Cs'kaon*
I bese cases, by way ol exuup’e; and now, awsy with that
•ubjeet. W ha,ever we did, we did cheerfully and gladly,
without hope of reward.
Mr, C. •• d hs woald m.i be diverted ir >« prss*utmg Iks
question bef »re ihe Convention •» >»»• or fair dtlirw.
l»id not, be uk'd.p know <be difference beiwoan.o
and y.-o.on 'nia couaeniton i|ucation, whan tiering before
l»at kha i*» •ocraitc parly nominated .nd elactad *nm, * or
»ofoar w i>g loCimgremf la that an obj tt on i* w, w- ich
waa no bjecti n then I I aik tba juat man ol lha Conaan.
lion to Me d*. Can it ba poatbla that yon haaa all along
bar be rad in yotrr haarta tba deaign of antiling aa an thia
aobjeet, and ibat now.l- r tba Aral lima. an occa'ion • pro
aauted, on winch J. i| think you can pa/eip d . it f
Atn ih, r word, and Mr. C , and that one at warning. I
•*k yon an to rruiviubar. baconimuej, ibal it baa baan dna.
tinetly aeoned m wrnta, by ail who baaa adeooned im
raaolnlmna of tba r mmi'taa, ataapl tba rtanator fr« m Yaa.
ifular, aa f ba atitad tba tama thing by mpiieauow, tnal, in
taking ihia <■ oraa, ihay rapeatad aad pare prepared ra leaa
l*» Wafa I a lit Spr I eg | tm fat from 'fanning to fca a
modal, but that cataa ropba » ona apon whiah my pear
radian a iXmaaraap look* with bar tot. I tail gam >aaen
on lha orhar aid# that ihay trill ba bald in • iambi* .* «mt
fat that reaglt. [Xi y >« know tahat yon a fa fw<g f ||a*a
yon laokad ihp ngh ’ba cooat qa- nataf Alrtrdf t naaNnw
Yotk and Yrnnaylaania, tbn great dta'aoof K>a Neath, bad
■hair batlanaa wtancad, and lha Wh ga. (Urb. d ai b ana
eeaa, nta taming tbo.r gjita again*! tba anad I. I .at par
pvad and ragar to a amt all mf InaUn paw on * Mating

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