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*> w« u« authorised to ujr tbalgJouu A. Uicmu,
Fwq. will bee candidate u>represent iba people of Henri
co couuiy In tha next llouas of Dsle<ilae.
NAVAL.—Tim Norfolk llaocon ul Weduaaday says.—
Hailing or do re ware received yesterday for lha U. 8. sloop,
•f- war Doeaiur, Com. Pinkney. Doaiiaauon the Calf of
It waa rumored that orders wars received bars yesterday
for the U. 8. ship Ohio to proceed lo the liulf of Mexico,
and that aba would sail upon rhe arrival of Cap!. String-'
ham, bul, from what wa could laarn, wa Judge that the ia.
port was premature.
I’lTTsBUtuu Kxilboap Mkxtinu —The Philadelphia pa
pers have the following Telegraphic despatch under date
ol tbe 25th inataPl t
The stockholders of the Pittsburgh and Cunnellsville
Rail Road met to-day, and adopted resolutions unfriendly
to the Baltimore connection, and favorable to tbe Central
Routs. They adjourned unbl the 27ih April.
Among the numerous and substantive amendments made
yesterday in the Senate to the Annual Civil and Diplomatic
Appropriation Rill, was one moved by Mr. Kvxits, (acting
Chairman ol the Committee of Ways and Means,) in pur
suance of a communication from lha Secretary of State,
appropriating Kilty Thousand Dollars for the expense* ol
Diphimelie Inlrrcaursc with Mxilco. Thi* amendment,
which was agreed lo without a word ol objection or debate,
is, of course, lo suable the President of the United Stales
to renew Diplomatic intercourse with Mexico whenever the
occasion shall offer; and would certainly not have been in
troduced at the suggestion ol the Executive, had such a
contingency born supposed to be beyond the pale of proba
bility. This amendment, with other important sinrndinenit
to the same bill, yet require tbe concurrence ol tho House
ol Representatives, in which body tho bill originated._
iV#|, Imt.
■Tom IHt'U York.
Correspondence of tbe flsltimoro Patriot—By Trlegraph.
NKW YORK,Saturday, Kcb. 27, 4 P M.
Tim stock inarkat continue*dull and prices rather on tho
The II >ur market continues firm; sale* ol about 3000 bbla
Cenesee at $7, and lea* than which holders are unwilling
to lake; small talcs of llxliiniore at $G,SO; Southern brands
are generally held at gfli.tiJi i3l>,75. Corn Meal 94,874
The t Irain market not quito so active. Trims white fieri.
e*ce wheal ia worth 175. A sale of 8000 bushels white
not prime juality, at 158 eta. Sale to a moderate extent
ol white Corn at 95 to 98 eta and of yellow do 98 eta per
budiol; oat* 49a50 cts; rye 98al00 cl*; Clovcm-ed 9 lo 9)
Tho Cotton market continues dull. No sales to notice
—prices on the decline.
Provisions remain tirm. (irocaric* arc in good request;
sugar* and tnola**es in active demand.
YVhiakey 28s284c per gallon.
exchange on London to-day rates at 5) per cent premi
The weather ia very disagreeable; raining all morning,
and is unfavorable lo business,
P. S. A despatch received since the above, informs us
that the (lour market to-day in Now York wa* very tirui.
There were but few sellers of (ieneeec brand* at the close
of'change for £7. A saleof30U0 bbla of Baltimore Hour
at 9ti,l>8} Corn Meal #5.
Corn wa* in belter request with sales of 20,000 bus white
and yellow at 98 for the former, and 100 cent* for the lat
Cloverseed 9«9| ct* per lb.
Correspondence of the Bsl uuorr Patriot
The Market.—Cotton without demand at the present
asking prices. Flour is held firmly at £6. with sales of 4,
500 bbla good brands at that price; buyers offer £5,75*5,.
b7L w ithout being able to get large parcels at those rates.
Coro Meal—holders ask &4,62£a£4,75, without finding
buyers. Wheat—no prune lota in market; good reds would
bring 125 to 130 cents. Corn rather dull, 4000 bua good
southern yellow in store, sold at 87c; Pennsylvania is held
at 90c. Groceries rather quiet although holders lisve in
creased firmness we hear of no sales. Hides, HIM) Laguay.
ra Bold on terms not public. Provisions not much doing.
Lard sella at 9|al0c.; Seeds, no changes. Clover is
worth £5f for 64 lbs. Whiskey held at better prices, last
sales 2?a28.
FA 11C AI C XION.—4 ITY HALL—On Monday Premier
at 71 o’clock the Lades w II have an Auction of their nm.vnmr
stock of useful and furyarlic’if As their sales hivetoen unusu
a ly dull. n«»f of their prettiest things are sti Ion hand Those in
want of htndsouie Ottomax.*, Mall-, Ac will do well to call. Auc
JTL'im the generic name of the spider tribe iTrltoriaq its
w.ird texture is denved . and the web of this insert was undoubt
edly the first specimen of srrrui- which the world ever saw. Rude
as the specimen may be r inside red. it is as n« ar an approach to the
fabrics of our looms, as the crude n inedtes of the tarty agi s are to
tie* inunipha of modern pbaru. »cy lu the dfcj - of IIipfOCimlCCa
root was dug at a part culir time of the mo<m. and after being *«»ak
ed la cold water, the fluid was administered to the patient. Cool
parr i Ins powerless effusion with the happy result nfc< mbinUion and
concentration attnined la HinM'iitKoriiii u The detergent and
toaic properties of the ruost valuable of all roots, exercise through
Ibis preparation tbnr in wt per.ret influence . and the consequence
is, that ail diseases of tbe »k n and other integument*, as well as
those of the flesh and glands <including Hcioiula) yield readily, u.
alsinst every icsta< er, to its effects
For further larticular*. and conclusive evidence of i‘j superior
value and cfhcaey, see pamphlets, which iuay be obtained of agents
$3T Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and for e i portal .or
by A. B. A D.BANDrt, Druggists, loo Putina strict, corner of Wil
lism. New York sold als* by Ilf VAL A Pt'RCELL. Agents, Man.
aireet, Kichmor d. Va.— Price, 91 i*er bottle or six bnttlea for %b
YT Dr? Ooaia it Auetloa, this morning, by DAVENPORT,
ALLEN A CO., Aucls. mb I
(Lr 1 bo committee, appointed by tbe la'c meeting of
cmxens, to collect money, &c. lor the relief of the Irish
People, will please meet on Tuesday ne*t, (March the
2nd) at 12 o'clock, at Dr. Chainberlayne'a nflice, on Frank
Jm Street, neerlv opposite the United Presbyterian Church.
“ 5 Public Let Since.— Mr. II. A \\ kSllI.101 IN
will deliver > l.rcture at the Armury, at halt i>a.t 7
o’clock. mh 1
KtTt'Itt'il In u<lvu»«-«? ami for .ale at
131 Af A IN STR i: F.T.
IIV J. \V. It AN DOU’ll A CO.,
Ouilinri of Natural Philosophy, for the us* of Bclioolt, Ac , by
C L.s«—:• i c
March No. Columbian Magazine, w.th 3 plat**#— 25
" Indies Nati v at ** * 2 **—25
No. IB Piciorul History of Fnglard—25
An Author’s MmJ.a Book full of Bor>k« in on**, by 51 F Tupper
I'.obabililict an A»d to Faith, by M P Tupper—25
No. II Braiilma to’* Heiroipeet of Pricttcal Mrdicmr and Bur
Cinq Mars, or a Conspiracy under Louis Mil. an Historical Rc
iiiaice, by c unt Alfred dc Vigny,of the French Aexdcny, Iran*
No 0 Tillers' lit t'try of Nap Venn —12
Taylor’s Gobi and Bilver Coin Examiner, designed to contain
fac siimlie rrgravmgz of all tb*- go’d and silver coins—25
2d supply of Nos P .ini 10 Martin the Four.d mg and part 2d
Pore«qoe, by Knowles
Yankee Doodle. No. 21—A
T.ilss of Woman's Trials, by Mrs H C Hall—25
No 12 Chambers' Information for the Pro, le—25
No. Utt Liilell'* Living Age —12
New York Illustrated Magazine for March. IH47—25c
Next ol K n, a memoir, by Mrs (lore—li
Philadelphia Baiuidty Courier an I (Zaa*tte for Fel». 27th
PTIHK verv drsimtde Store, No. “7 Main »t„
■M- Tor man, yeaia occupied by u«, for rant. Term*, lo a good
tanani. will ba moderate, and pn*i.-.«,on g aan iminriliata y
Will br |te« formed HlMki|8'«rnIi Tragrdy On S Am nf
OTIIi:i,I.O. Vfoor of Venire.
IMbe'lo, Mr Korrrat | lag'. Mr G Jamie >n | Oradeimne.Mr* C Pope
Af ar Iba Tray. Iv.
To ronrlial' with lh“ Karra of
IK IT A laid
IJOWDER.—1000 kegs Dupont Sporting,
Bleating and I’annon Powder, warranted lo ba eiiual if n..|
aupenor to any mnda in Ilia Knitr.l Htatea. for tale b«r na a* Afrnt*
(dr llaponl. n.h I WnKTII AM, MrtlRI'HKR * 111
• * quality, for ulr
W E Imvr removed from our old Mnnd. No. 77
Mam Elr# e». to lire large Wafeti'Mia*. No. 11 I ftii * r. #•',
nett d**o, tn II W A J J Pry It Co . where wr are opening a lirgr
and be luttfht nee*»rin»*nt nf entirely
«I»KV*<4 iiOOIDH,
m'***lyrd by rerenl arrival#
We ehall h • happy to are nur frirrela and riittnnier* ;i» nur new
•taml KP.NT, K KNh Al.l * AT W A TP.R
Marrl, I •* 14? ,,
NllIRTh! ftfIVKTft!! BlflKT*!!!
JUS T received, n Inrjftt nnd well aeleetrd na
•nnuiant of Rhit a. compritiag all *t,le. and qnalnlaa, from
73 cant. np. It nhlrli I wntld urn the nttratmn of all In warn
Pleaaa rail and at innne at 114 Main tfiert.
mi.r.v i»(H» r*t.
rpilK autiRerilxir hnn jnal reeeived from J Milea
A- A Hon.a auppty of OfBt'i Pme C*itfekin l»rr« Hnbta a beau
tiful ant a««p»riov article. (Jrntkin n w fh>rf a bandenm* fit a*e
l«VM IfOttfl Jl I) Ml Vl\ Mil
roar I 87 Writ Mnm afreet.
«*l. vm. VII.N** atl fl Iff ott m.IPPIM*.
JI’MT rpri'ivptl, j»rr RtprrM, n «M|»ply of <»m
tlenten’e Mhpp* re, a #opennv an I Itanlmme article, mnde by J
Mlk«k Ron. Hentl 'men are my tied to rail and fit them wire*
mar I JI'OAII MYKRH. H7 Wrtl Ma n affiri
I fill ,t(,XKs RAISINS
A v v IS 'Raker'*'* t'lmfn'ata and t'oroa
* flair Khe,t,,aiy inprrlnr Young lly.on Tea
la Pirklna ynma rioahan Rutter
R Baba Aral ton llnp*—Jnr rrrelvad for *at« ky
■tit I (JllROuN * HKINhFH
American blankets.—Fancy Endi»nf.
• rt'l fHarhet#. tht« day rrrr .id and for et'e by
mti I W A I* WORTH, nrK N F.R h CO.
ntlVAL \ IM'KCKI.L, nKAt.ERS /.V
Km*, and ttrdli hira, I'.ttlif*, Oita, Dyr
Nlnfls, U Indnw (ilnae, Ar. No 117 Main mat,
| Richmond, \ \.
CVAI.LAOIIEK <v OLllNEK, wholranle nod
™ ret,it denier, in A.a Wine*. Rran-lita. Oln. Will Any, Runt.
an.1 In,on «t r l.n|iiora. Tea. an<l Ana Kaiaily tiro*,rw*—St M tia
atiart J., , |
CARES It NMoKKU BEEF, |nai received,ud
■ f.w *.l# by KM I R AN/..
• Not Kicli.afa Block
V«tl •( HIckBMi.
k, < || f. Jk
8chf M.nchrXar, M.lhawa, N.w Yuik, •uiiiJiim.
** May, Hubbard, Baltimore, do.
“ Jew, Boat, Newburyporl, do
“ Barah Klmb. tb, Sumer*. New York, ballaai.
0“ t. C. Uuriou, Sandy, I'hila , coal to Haakina Sl
** Sea Lion, Wade, Ailakapaa, »ujj>r and luotarece to
Dunlop, Moncura St Co.
TtMImoai) h now K<htIvp4 from
Ttae follow i rg k Urr« art pew tiled witli a »rw of more fully
•Iniw.ng the opiniotts of Physicians ,n relation to lbs Medical value
l»r Hwaybb—Hear Hir Having u»d your Compound Hytup of
Wild I berry, sitenatvsiy in my pracl ce, I was rcque.led by jour
Agent. Hr Crutcher, tneapreas my«»ptriH>« in wriling of ila proper
lies aa a remedial ifeut, I most cheerfully comply, aa I fa I by so
doing. I will discharge a debt I owe Uk community al Urge, aad
Physic an. .» particular. Aa tuurb aa I del* at Uoack Rented Ms
sad Patent N ostiums. I «at tad need from a fai are of tbs moat po
tent eaprctoraida, ircomrn* tided incur uuilrrut lurdicas iu soil e
cases of (Hieaarf Lungs, to try your Prvpiratioa of Ptuaus Vu
gima or Wiii» I'aiaav. It is tuftioeni to oy tliat I wit to much
pleasr with the result of (hat. aad subsequent ttia’a that I now pre
sertbe it ia prvfvrrace to all other Rein* d.ee wbetr an eipectnraat
ia Indicate<f In tbe much dreaded Pneumonia or Diseasr of the
Lungs m the alarm.n< form in whieti :« appeals m Kentucky, I re
gard it aa an invaluable Roo«dy in the treatment of tbtt disrate
To all who know tire I have sj.d enough, but aa tb*. may he seen
Ly persona out of ti e vieiaity of Franafurt. I will tint fly add. that
I hive been engaged in an active practice of my iMu'tMioii of If
years, and am .» Regular Ciaduale of Tranajlvana and this I«tbe
first Pat* nt Medicine I ever thought enough of to eat ress an opinion
III writing J II I LI UN |1 M D
Jan'ry Tib, 1047. Franklin County, Ky.
Famaiuat, Ky , Jan'ry 7th. 1*47.
The above certificate is from one of our Pbyritiana I vinf a few
miles from hers, he i* t'omg a very gonJ pract.ee, and is ronatdeted
a good Physician. and standi lair ; b* is, as li iay. i r* inlar gra
dttntr. UK. \V L t’Rl'Ti IIF.R,
Uruggid and Apothecary
W ^>nce tbe introduction if my aitick ui tii public, lli-r* hare
a number of unpnaciph d md.uiius.a got up mvstrmm. . winch they
amert ronliin VYiun Cuanav. come are called *• B itsams. ” “ Hit
tera, ' and e%en Hyiup of Wi d « Kerry, but mitts lathe o'lginalaed
only genuine prepaiatnm iver nrinduced ti the public which can
be piovrd by tb« puhhr Records of the Commonwealth of Pei nay I
vaum Tbe only safeguaid against imposition is to s> e that m>
signaluie iMWllMli DR. ■ 0WATNI
Corner of KghUi and Rare Hu, Philuleiphia.
W r For sa c, wholesale arid retail, by PBYTON JOIINKTON,
I li, Mam atrert, Richmond . King A Toy, Noif-da, Bragg A VVilmn,
Psirraburg. fe 3
y.VHH Ut/fU.
TEE At MBNTOK Ml SC A l: ll I AGE kc
Up A . M . M A UktCKA U %
I* r 0/0 $ s 0 r 0/ iPueasra #/
km men.—Ju*t I'ubliiud,
Price fine Hollar
-K. centsined thoegh cf a nn'ure strictly iM'nVJ for lire Mai
ru*d, yet to ttxwe contemplating marriage, it is equally unpoi taut.
To (lie M.i*r « l Fcnu v of delicate or nrrvnui fempert ment. of
great debi'ity. wli.fr health imperatively forbi.li of an increase of
*amaly beyond the capar ty ol her sin ngili 11 la of the uiiocnI con
•rqu# nre. to h'ttielf, to her childtee. and her husband that »he
rliould avail liersrlf of the g eat French discovery the will here
II ltd.
It 1 * alw ay «• impoi taut to ths mini* <1 female to be cnab'ed to de
ternon* her situation. to prt v« nt that perpu my and atmety ol
mind, arising from unceitointy or doubt, which often* leads to se
rious consequence*. The sit n«. symptom*, kc . therefore, are #0
clearly indicsfd as to leave but little room for d »ubl. w.th the pro
per mode of Irett 1 ont. subsequently
To the married unb'e.srd with ch dren i»me facts are present'd,
evpianaiory of the causes, mode of trvntimnt. kc., whe h are cr n
elusive, that inmnrt cast, the causes are rrmovable, end that those
who have ful *»w« d the advice hrrein contained have realised their
To the female afllitel with the various complaints arising from
a stoppage, irregulanty.decline, or reu-ntion of the M»nse*. it is in
valuable. a* containing the can* s. symptrm*. and the most ceitain
reinedi* « for ths removal of lu r ronpluni*.
The limits of an advertisement, an! the nrture o' the subject,
make it impracticable of presenting more fully wh t is dealt d of.
being strict y a private * M* dical Companion " e*pe. tally inti nded
**for the Mari ied, or those a* out to be married ** Price $1. Hyen
cl vstng which, it will he srnt to any |art of the Un led Htate*. Po*t
age 9 cents. AdJressDr. A. M Maunceau. (po«t paid;. Boa •*1924.”
New A'ork.
A M Mo Rinkv, Professrr af itueaset 0/ f I‘t/wm, Office 64H,
Broa-wav. V A'ora.
Dr. A M. Maur ceati can be con*u*t*d. on sll compUnntt inciit nt
to fema’e*. Ill* eiperience and know I dge acquued in the Frmaie
Hospitals in Furope. in the t readme at of the.r various complaint*
enab es him in all cates in removing the cause* which may occa
sion them.
The cel bvatod “Portugu« * Female Till#,” inrrn*ej by M. Deto
tm-aux. M D , of Idibos. Portugal, w h ch never fail in affecting a
cure, in all ra«es of irrcgularitie •. stoppage, or mention of the
menses, [for uhcli Dr. A. M. Maunceau ha* the exclusive agency
for tLis count™ ] can be sent t y mad to any part of tin* Unit'd
Htatrs Price $ • a package; pottage ID cents. All letters must be
l*o#t |»aid, ard addressed to Ur. A. N Maunceau. Pox •*1*224.” N.
York. fe 13—If
A Al l Alii I 1 ill < AVION A I WORKS,
Lalrly I*iil»li%li4»cl.
^ K. ARNOLD’S Latin Iluuki> fi*r Schools
-R- • ai.d Colleges, now ready
A First and Second Latin Book and Practical Gnmmar. one
volume, I goto—-price 75s
The chef obj*ct of th;s werk [wh ch n founded on the princip'es
of imitation nnd frrqu nt repetition) is to rnable the pupil to do
exercises from ths frst day of bis beginnirg his accidence
The First ok cto be bad irpar-tciy for Junior Claasei m
0CIk o'i-pr.ee 5t»c
A Prarn*a1 Introduction to Latin Proie Campon: on. 1 volume.
12mo— pr <-• Si
I h * work 1* a'sv f >uud* <1 on the principles of imitation and f re
quent r* petit on It is nt on*f a Syn'ax, a Vocabulary, acd an ex
ercise Ih* >k, and const e able atlent on fits b ea paid to the *u>
ject of Hynonjin-'s.
This »« .les of l?Usii.*al works hss attained a circulation a!
most unparalleled, brirg introduced ,r.to nearly a I the great public
Heho»'*and lending E«'ucational Institutions in Ergl.nd They
ar* also v» ry high y recommended by some of the test American
Hch dars for mtiod.cuon into the ('lisvical Hrhoo'j o- th' United
Htales For sale by NASH k \V< »o|i||i it HP.
11 1 B era 139 Mala Rtr . t
1IIII 11 ' 11 BO\E8 W mj v VA
JLW SUGAR i" ban 1
Pulvrused ** Amer.can Sheet Iron from No. II to No. 2d
Bo b r Plate, best quality
19 Tltfcee Goal PR Oil, raceiviag aad for aa*« bj
mh I WoKI'll AM, MctiKI OBR A. ( .»
new and superior hr g PKRCA\ Capt Fountain, caps
erty 350 tons, now in read nes* for any voyage. Apply to
H INKIN a. win 1 LiM k
LI Mill KCi CHEESE—A Tew pounds ofLim*
bu«g Cheese, Ju»t i«cc ved, and for »i!r by
mfi 1 i n t i» \n/. No9 RscJtaagi hi *ck
.9. W. 7111 Kl A CO., Tliiuaifprv.
F^iilC This ^loriiiug.—lL0t» Capital, tickets #3. 75
Nos.. 15 drawn
Drawing rrce.vid at 1*2 o'clock.
ThU Kts'iiing.
New Jcrsry, No. 17—Capital*. 915,00.), 2500, 1500, 1250, 1160
kc. k<* 71 .No* . 19 4 7
03rTickets, ke for sale at MANAGERS* ( FFD'F.
mil 1 No 1 City Hotel
j\l \\ VGERS’ OFFICE—I) Pa'ini 4 < o.
If 1. Fot
1000. 20 of H00, kc. 7H Nos 13 drawn. Tickets 19.
AI*o. tVODkkc HO Ni»# 12 drawn. Ticket* fit
Drawn N« s of P<ik >mnkr. 25.
53 (13 7(M» 6 til 19 75 16 9H .V 15.
The drawing nf a cplei did **hrnr* lake* place at the Ei
chinge Today at 111 o’cWk. 9(1,000 <’apit*l—Tekrii only
93 00—•hare* in proportion- 75 No* and 15 drawn, mrkirgthe
nak on a package of whole* only 930 an
" " “ *• halves •• 15 95 ) rrr*on* luvmg an
“ " " " <|r• " 7 61 $ MFatraM 93 note won d
do writ to call before II o c’ock and purch.i** a Ticket at Pend e
ton** office. No. 3, Etching.* mh I
CILARKE’S OKI ll*l . 14th gtrdftf* Rk I
S Virginia. For To hay iMarch l*t a. Facbanfe Hotel —
• II UbO. ticket* on y 3 75 and 15 drawn (-all before II o’c‘k
Tor To morrow, (March 99) New Jersey lottery—>915,000, 5 of
1000 75 No* and 15 draw n. Tickets only 4.
I >r awing of Butaei. 95
69 43 59 40 94 96 ol 9 76 44 46 9) 9 71 97
Whole Ticket N •*. 91 43 59. another cat cal void by f’Utke—
iiitk>ni 5 capital* mild by Clarke in a few Jays, (’all at f'lark*’*
Hank of Prl/e* mh I
nm-t Crmmitttrn Mfrrkmnt*. make liberal ca»h advance* on
con*.cnrn nt* of tirocfrlta* khiH A, lint*. Ory
A c A c._ fe 97—lot
I •« fill llonka for .Ylrrrlinnli J1'ial>l|*ln*«l.
Manual of commercial terms in
Fiencli and Fnglifh, or rollertinn* in Fnfii*h an! French
of the Term* and Form* of Cot.merre in ftrr.eral, of Banking
Hook keep ng. Hto-k Richange. Itu* ne** the ru*t>m« Political I*.
e~nomy, Fiehangr hr . hy A Hp. i*. Prof, nf Fr*'i*h of the Royal
College of lloiirbon. ami author of lie* Fngl ah and Fimch the
Ilrdyard on Marine In urance.or a Tnatneon ihe Pr nclplea of
the law of ln«ur*nerr, in 9 part* On the f’oti raci it*elf between
the a Mured and the ■ ■voter. of the r.iuwt which vacate hit rnn
tract In whet raw a the a**uier i* entitled to recover hack the rnn
• d ration paid hv him—What •« tie remedy provided by the l..iw
for either party agaiotl the olh. • Jutt received nnd for ral- by
C F FHHIP.B. Ag nt.
fe 97 Crder tlie Etching#
Hull Time*.
|»rn MINN detlrou*of havlSf their fNothing made to mea«ure.
Wifi find It In their it»«cre«t to call dunnt tPe dull time*, ai d
leave the r erder* at PI!.AS MERCHANT*
N M — .1 n«€ lereivrd a *mill aiwortment of btk French t’loth* and
Ikmfciw 4 aadmereg. fell 114 MAIN RT9RI
Wll.l. ilnlivrr ..no cmirne of Lwiuro* [t<»
nf iIm- "KM1IN OK I.IPI: in pNn'iiiM Annul., nn
tfnndny, ■ nr.ilnv and Wrilnrtlnf nmI.
Vfnrrli lai. 2d nnd lid.
Im IIm I'onrorl Knout nf lln> l.xrlinnut
open at 7, ihe f.tclnvr comm n*e«f 71 precisely.
O^T Admiwloa 50 rt*. or a Tie he* t» He 3 I r t trr* 91 . each
Lee lure i* compVtr m itaeif
llhi«t ate I by I #1 spIrn.lM full *l/rd llfr-llkr
TfwifrVng r* i »* *• nfiti! Ihe w hole Human organttit m . o«ti|d< t> r*
Aer% «y*frw*. aid ml rrtry ttmgt »f <#<*#/« men# f Th** beat ty and
perf etion » t lh» w* ’ 4ffc*e/e« of .in" e#ttn<d he conceived by
ih*r who have red *een them The w.»i drou* Organicttion and
Ongi «at on nf the llnni.in Body i* etpli r,1 by Hem In tbe newt
f«tnt tar manner, avid **» that no ore can fall to in <ler**ard it
There I retire* have tern given C.ver cae km*4-c4 limit in New
York and I’hi’id-»| hi*, an I in Wa*h ngm*. in private cli*«e« of
frnmtmri, tkfr *^e»**. amt ether*
To the Man « f Ketone#, aid to the adwtrer of the woe.fr * of
C’r<**l on. the e l«er urr* will he found of ab*orb>ng latere* , ir.|«
pendant of their vahi* In pointing out ran***# of dt#r*a* ami death,
to which Ibitnttuh fei* now *nH)trt th'onghthe r ignorance
(Yonti* not adnv'tted ) fe 97—4l
I ROW DKK.-..Sporting, Hln.lmu nnd Citnnnn
PnwA.,. maniirariii-.l h, I r.iwHoi r«m|«»nj,
tjr tnt a. I., ... n A,.nt. of ihrlkaaixn,
* *7—1*1 liAYKND >RT. AI.I.F-N U (X>
TIIK Rucmenl ROOM of the house that I
MW occupy, am Oonraoi Hint It • matKtamOy c.mm.
*»'• ood w»s«.l.plod lot u Ottcc. rulttwr iufrouMlioM Ud im
tr no. us b, toccr slat d by sppliutloa at tbs host.
fc2«—St saAAb.NA Ixt.XAANTP.
UOR RENT. A good market garth u of about
X J st tea. wi t a tma'I dw-lnr, os iL at lb> k atluT Bukbsr
•Us-t, pttloipco r rwiart. To s food Mnaal lit. tail wi I ba
uiudoiatf fr !« WORTHAM. McOBIIl>KB b CO
» oil HKirr.
«PJ A comfortable I’.KICK DWELLING, on
a«to Srttl. bttwtta l.'i«h sad Clay ttrrclt. Tbs hou r baa
fltc r* list and « In fc«»4 repair. A arreant maaln lh» hum will
•bow it to a»y oae wwMnj to rent, and ia ihe am buna* Ittcly
swnad by KB Had. Apply to f» *J JoNrft b WllhHItlN
ton lti.nx.
«That largo brick House on the corner of
Clay and Adam Htrci., ,,, pome -<i Laks'a t.'baycl. wi h
aa act# of card, a at-acbed To a «<•<«! icuaniibe rent will ba
mod* tat** Apply to Bal'. HamMbln, Hot karilcta. Btuad Btrrct
fa fi—d3w
M The Ix-autilul, comfortable, extensive and
■Ml. aonvameot housr and bH on franklin atraat. tba lata real
drnaa nf Jamas W. Paaiam. dac‘4 sow in sirctlaot order. It will
br shown to any one wishing U) yircbaw wiih gr» at plrisurr by
either of Um sulwcrih* rs. inti Um Lrruia imiIc known—«nd a par
dollar elimination of thw premiers will hr ns best reeom me rotation
)e .'3—dtf Executrix and Executor ofJ W. Prgram.Jec'i
toM^ TORK FOR RENT.—That very tletT
k 7 rab'r Store and Dwelling House, on Main Ht»eet, for
nKrly occupied by Mrwr*. Htnilh. Drinker It Morns, and wow in
the >>c<upa»C)r of rul»n k Catkr is fir *ent. anl p^—■■ion will
be given on the Arst of Apr.I. Aj.p'y to Mr Clatke, u|*oa the prr
tnitew or to tb«- subscriber.
fa 4—If B. SLADE.
i ou mmm *.
CJfe Thw upper part of thw Hotixw we now or
S4 cup) which has been newly papered and put ia Aral m'e
orxier . and as* tl»e l>l>r under ourHtore, whrh is IK) fwt deep,
aid would suit Arst rate for a Ito'ttug establishment Kor terms,
- t W, Maia Muwt
fi’il OR K K N T.—Throe Tent*nw»nU on
r ClMffCJl H H. iff ft >1 rr.s t. • j '.i M.-for tfiiill fsiir •*
Alw». twotmemenis lately built, wibH oxhim and hare meat, with
in ten :itinutrs walk of the « enter ol business. Alan, a Hi nr on
Main Street, with w«:ll finished rooms above
ja '23—fiiii Office oppnrole Cordon k Hkinkrr’s
Ft ia IBM I
fra^ A very ronilortahh* tlw. llmr house on
MMfM. t’hurcli Hill, suitable for a mia l family.
Also, for wale pnvate'y, a v» ry sup* nor driver and a Kami hand,
and for hire two very likely boys, J* and M years o!<J,;waiters J
jail OSct opposlli *. Md r Ik Bkitlsrlk
■'or lifiil.
1 4.'. V The dwelling at the upper rntl of Grace
* t l Sirrd, b«t«rro N F Bour and r II ilait, in food rri*air,
and iHiw ui U,, ucrupanr, of C IV Muctn'irJo. Fomi-mioii given
nn the lit Feb'ijr. Term# iu driarie.
fcpv CIOR RENT—A Farm nn tin- Brook
* ■ Turnp kv, about one mile fiom the city, contain ng
nr—ly awn fa i . RICHARD HILL Jr
|ns| turn RfcNT—Two STORKS under the
Eirlmjfr lintel, well suited for Grocery or Fancy
Store*. Pononoo gtven immediately ; apply at ibtf < dfice. or to
)a2!»___ II W FRY.
MORE MINISTERS an'/ Recommend
1" R Dr. Smith's I'ii.La nun all othbbs.
Tin* is to certify that I Have u «d the Sugar Coated Pilla man
••f ictarrd By G. Benjamin Smith.of N»w Ymk f. r a huptunf, ml
believe them to bo a gin*! m«d cine. and also, fiom inquiry in tins
• ity. I am per»iiid* d that he i* the origual inventor, and therefore la
entitled to the benefit of tlie inven'inn. S WILLIAMS,
Pastor Isi lla|tist Caurch, Pil'sturgh.
Fr»m the *' Hlme Hrn'g Ckttiru." (/Jr/ )
We mil the alien ion of our rtaders in the certificate of Rev. S
William*. Pastor of lot Baptist Chun h, Pittsburg, in relation to Dr
S,ruth’s P,ll» We can ourselve* bear testimony to th; excellence
of tliew Pills, one of us having used them and expe rienced go at re
lit f from tb« m
{Or The above in the best (taper in thee tote of Delaware.
{nrGAYNuK A WOOD, General Ag r.tsfor this Slate.
For sa’e by J. P. Duval A Co., II Street, and E. J. Picot Main
street. n.b I
I^WK IIIKI', — A firrt rat* \
B7—tf \ la Baaia
|V’ AILS—We have in store uml keep coiiMunl
L v ly on I and Nai’* of all descriptions, vis
ibly Na Is, “Cumberland” brand
Common Nails 3d to 40dy
Finishing “ bd to l .My
Cut Spurs 4, 5. and 6 inches
Tobacco tot, hnisg and Warehouse Nails.
Also, w rourM and Horse Nai’rof every site. All of which
we offer at the lowest pnee. by keg or single pound.
ft *7 W S k J IM.NNAN I it. M, I
L( Ui© Th© lire, i r lx twi en that pi ic<
and ilie Ex-banc*- lloTe'. on Thurslay night the 2Sih met. a
sma I Pocket Book. containing a foot many papers, of considerable
importance to the loser,and also, a small amount r.f rn >ney
Any information concerning tte -am* wiB b- thankfully recnv
ed. and i suitable n ward given. Communicate with Uns office,
fe 27—21
1 f H I TONS Lump l’i.i«tcr, j i-f rvr-fivid. tor
OIL—‘JU c i-!.' W inter aol ir lamp < lit.
• W l>o do t*pertu do do.
landing and for sale by
i- -• DAVENI II: ILLBN a .
■ • half chest fresh Imperial Tea.
• do do Gunpowder do.
5 do do I'ouchong do.
25 51h* Cans Igondon Mustard.
20 boxes I* ne Apple Cheese.
30 do Goshen d t.
With a general ass'rtnirnt of all kinds foreign and domestic
W me- ai.d Liquors, for sale by w holesale and r* tail, receiving and
IMPhRIAL TEA.—120 lloxes Imperial Tea,
landing and far sale by
u » BE B \ \ a.
ILf ACKBBBI -is 1,S and 3 I
- T ■ WEBB, BA< ON A < »
| 1M SHKLs) prim© CIovei 8©©d, i«*r talc
by FEY A Ol»
PERIOR fa mil} Flour, for sale by
^ fe S7_ PEY A OO
n Fl\ E tlhds prime Cardenas Ain I ass <8

W UGAB© i.
^ 50 •* •• dr> N Orleans, receiving and for sab* by
(r 27 WEI IV A(
WK %PPIN(5 PAPER —2000 reams, t«»r *.ili
by ft 27 —10t PA\ BNP >K r AuLEN a I •
l ort » It « » sugar.
HIIDS 'Dukey" brand, prime q tal.ly in star* f »r sale by
IV: O I U K.—A gentleman who in an experien
-1-N red Collector will »ave \ irgmia about the 1st April to at
tend to the settlement of some clx m* m Alabama, and wnuM be
w.lltng to ao«lcrtake the tninxgrrnent of bi-me,- f r otlierv. inthit
State or in Truritcr and Mississippi Those wishing to (lace
business in hi* hands, can obtain satisfactory information av to
competency, Ac . by enquiring of us
ENTLK.MEN wishing a fashion
No. h7, wImit, at all ttnirr, can be found an
a wort ni<nt firm t|»f ninaC cetrbratnl factories.
JI DAH M Yt.Rf*.
•r No. f>7, \W i Main Plrrrf.
SPRING a l ^ LB—This ds> ri
fnvrd by Pi prr#*. 4 frw raifa Hpnnc and
Humou r *iyle. «li eft for t*aui> 01 linisli cannot br
»u rimmed.
Al.so. a frr li supply of n« w style Cap Hpnng
^^fitinn*, a beautlfol article.
At %u. I <lg Mam *t c4t. opposite the Rink*.
ft li J. gem HI.K *. OO
Wl ' havo for mlc. on nrcnitiniotlatinK lorm*.
I!» WaruM with 11.11*. ami Mu r. in wolk thr -un on
tbr strreis
Alw.. th« Liror.se. and Drivers for tbr above tbr prrsrnt year —
Any our who w is! »•« to rnfc* in thr I u* m «« will hive 4 gonl
opportunity. to . •.»« •( 11 W * j j fry a ro.
I with all 111. Future, he., on I’arr tfrrrt rc-r l.r i*b. rk.»
Fo f> • t II tV h J J I lit hi"
NO'I ICK.— \il person* indebted to Tito*. I*.
A inter, will call ami I.ltlr w.u.
noniiin h HARW.ion,
(' * IRcn Of|MWila II ir<1on h Miinkpr’a
37M FKRRl'ARY, 1017.
HROOKS. IIKI.I. .V III I>SON urn now re.
reiving hy ih* sehr Marietta Hu»i. from N’*s York, imf liy
Ailsms A i ’o • Eiprr». addition* t, ih* ir Spring H osk ; eon rating
in part of the fo low.ng good*. m
New «ty Ir pad spun Silk*
I I'tanl Tan* Print.-d flareyrs
I’nlM cmbftWdf red Mu* ms for dr •***
New alyte phid Uinghum
French prm rd I’aruhrirs an* Jaconet*
Fr. neb worked Cape * an I Coil »re. entirely n w pati* rns
White, h’fc and re I’d Ktd (Hove*
l.'nrn ran hnr and Frrn*h lawn lldifs
SuprH* white and crimson emh'd Can on crape Shawls, from SO to
tare*, Both n Fdgmrs. ami Cap Nett*
C<»a»s* white, b’ack an I c l*d s hS Cotton
Large «fo*k new Hprtrg Print*
Tan * ml fancy <' i*»imere*
Mine. Mack and farcy t*H d Clotba
Sewing Sill. Twlaf radd'tif and Sail Puck
Hand** ii,r Mourn eg On gh »r?»*
Hi k and cot'on l‘mhre,,n*. a iat|r *t c*
York Krem'in* snl o ber sum nor Stuff* fo? n.«n « and hovs* wear
M• hit s, I’rajrr lt« oka, Ar.
I W. U WDOU’II tV ( (). hive for tall* i
v • fihesctf ah sir * at price* from 9Sc to f *n
Ff tso) nl Trayer B« <>k* " *• fin
Fampy Fvayer Bonk*. by wi>*i* am bora
Hymn Fo k« for all iVi «*m nation of Christians
A targe *toeh of fheoingteat Rooks fs 91
*>Cw linns. TRINIDAD MOI.ISSKS. prime
“ • " 7U,I.IT. for wlch, IXUiF* h RRuTIIFR
< 411111:.
| O II MIS l.iigiiiiyrn
I4J |7A An Fo
It* .to J.v*
V*J do Morba
AS do and D hbl* Porto Rso
In most, for *«* by
** W WFIIR Mi'nM * IX). (
A THKNTli rrv ol lb* Waaui ala'cweal, it tai been atiaat
*d leforr the Mayor of Near Veil
I hereby certify that for tha part Uuitaoa ytm I lata baaa a*
»• taly a in icla I with attacks of Kb. umaiiani. pnac. pally ia tha
bufa aad 'uub*. accouipaaird tank ynat at If*. a* of a* Has joint*
ItuMUiiM the puna baaa kora m |r<» ibat I bar# ban, uaabt* la
ana*, and wy |aaata> baabh was a'm* at completely Aaarntpad I
taai troubl'd with law spirits, toy brain teas arriaaaly alb-clad, aad
Ibn lacra.ar.l and aearta |lma I often endured mnda we fopmatsA
ly wak fur aa end of Iny a iff- r ays by dram I think ao liiitntn
bain* can imay.ne wy tortures. for ra ief | tried alawes rear,
tinny— n I ai) rainys went tn rl»a dtidora. In lbs various pons
of Europe lo tain h I taf sail'd, inuybi medical advKo. ml was
for a cjisaslna'rc l me under the cam of the moat cetot rated phy.
alctan in Liverpool. but he did me an yn A. tin my at.ival ta N.
Vork. last I'epotuber, I ana ob i*ed to l-ave ait ih p. aa I was un
atln to walk a step Bn I bout ala -tiara ltd in otter reaper is was in
adreadini situation, with the renewed attacks i was taken to the
rny Hospital, and pul under the care or llr Mnrei. In lloirmaa.
kil l some Other physicians of Hie Hospital, for the spare of an
week' . but. aa I only yot worse. I was taken to the Pei man a lino
pltal. al fU « I'laid. when I was aeseral weeks nnderaoiaf a
pri ces, of Mercury. Tbta nearly kil'ed me aiel ihe dod-i a told
ilia I uniat auoa dir As I had read the advafttonaasa'a of Hr.
I bria'o- in lire nans- apern, and l e »re,i . urea that w.re aa d lo be
made by Hie Galvaeic article', I A-1 mimed, aa a !aal h i| n. to send
lo the tjfbc*. and yet some tin aa'int rny case, tin Galvanic
llanla for the wruta ant liniha were r* commended. awl the May
n*i'*e flu -I The p. opto at the Ho p tala liuybe I at me for yn my
them, and told ate not to ah w them tube doctors Hut I put them
on and used Hie Hold for the first tew boors I felt no ch in*- .
bul lb*' nr it moraine Ihe a ffnr.. m my I-mbs wu a-* and
Hh- pain waa b aa. Hy aiyh'. I tel’ belter in every respect, aa-l
leas Ual lice e*rke / fe/l lie Me.pflaf rafreefy rare./ Hiace llltl
inn. , which •* mar* ih.n * year. I hive barn to the hot I. dies,
and from Hie no to An'weep, and durmy si. thil time I have |,ad
no attack whatever of Rbeuma iain or any mbrr pi in, and my
health has bees pe.feet in every respect, Heniyh I Rave been dpi.
ed to ail the vtcimi'udea of c ima'r from liemy ao ui-rk Hint I
could hardly titnd. I have b». ..nre aa air >»* a-1 b any aa at any
period ot uiy life, and I ft.inly I el,eve that Uvea.- happy aad won tor
ful real! ta have been aecon push'd antoly by the pm. r or doctor
t'hrwtle'a Galvanic Banda an! Maymtic find.
No. 335, Pearl Hired. New Vork.
Oa lha ICtb .lay of Nneratir'r. one HmoaanJ e.yht hundted and
forty ail. appeared t.efore me the witbm named Henry John«io, ami
made solemn oatli that the above statement la aul-tanual y Hue in
each and every particular. A. II Mlf'KI.K,
Mayor of t'« Cityof New Vork.
New Voak. April 13 !•!«.
Hr. A. H. Cukirr:t—Iiear fir I feel it a duly to aisle, for the
benefit of the public, ibat your G-lvalue Reined,e*. aa applied by
Hie Kiny* ami Maynetic P nut, have entirely cured niy vna, now
eleven years old. of Hie no t severe and a>arnunr flu. to which be
baa been subject for the last an years He has often bad from i d
t-a IA ti'a hi i ne dty, aoim times accompanied with Ihe moat .trend
lul aerercli.ay—al the tame tune a chokiny in the throat and pain
tn the riy.on rf the heart Ilia mother and tnvarif have biry de
rpa'ri'd of hia h e, and a rrleaae from such misery could not be ta
menu d. Hut itin.uyh the rtoana of Provid.-occ and your remadea.
HE I*4 NOW QtlTE WiLf.. and I firmly beheer hia cure will
l.e permanent. We pul on the rny* and npp'ied the ft nd in one of
lua moat violent orient, in*. a ret it toon paaard off for the sue
credlry few days he had merely some sympln ns of the complaint ;
and now. for a period of seven month*, t .ere baa been no symp
tom whatever I teat w-e could detect My ns look* better, eats
bevriry, sleep* soundly,and is certainty in every respect aa a.triad
child I am, very respectfully, yuurs,
The following ceitahcnte t« »r. ru «»•*- lady of Capt. J. F. 0trvn,
one of the moot respectable citiun to Albany. N York
Aliart, Marrh 9, 1440.
Tina is to certify that I have been afflicted for several year* past
with the rick iteidacbe. which distorting complaint baa ron&ned
m- to Ik* bed Ur tu oat* to two davt in tlw week dunrg tint time.
For one month pa*t I have worn Dr Christie's Gtvanic Bing*.
Mel occastorally used the Magnetic Flu d I am happy to My that
I have not been trouble*! witli :lie »»cfc headache *ine**.
ANN F. STRAIN, t*7 Dewitt *c
M U\ Ol s D1 II N BM*
The following ia an extract from a letter received from a dist.n
gui-hed pbwieiau in tlu* State. The name la witiiheld by request
of tin* writer
“A. II. Cmm-tik. M |i—Tlear Sir One of my patient*, un
known to ■>«. obta red your Cxlvan c Be't. wr.ththe Magnetic fluid.
m •• Pm (•■ was tlHtf .i
lidy. »hn« nervous s)stem was rnu'k disordered. anJ h* r g*-D«ral
le»lth poor Much *»» done previous to the apphcati n of the
Belt, but wi’h very littie surer a* . and I feel r cnly right lo tell you
that since she comrrrncrd wrearmg ibf Belt, but a few week* ago.
• lie ha* entirely recovered her heanrg, and her geierxl health .»
better than lor several years. II* r friends are rejoiced beyond mea
sure at this happy result. **
Dr. Chris te woull state that the above is not a solitary case.
Many persons who have quite lost thetr hearing, and have been deaf
for years, have recovered it by W rtM means. If the organ be
not injured, there is alw ays a fa r chince of rcenvery by «b» appIh
sooner the application u tlw better.
Kve»y column m thi* paper might he Ailed with simitar testimo
nial*. In all Nervous <Ymp!amt*» matter how cbrrnic or se
vere they may »-\the efficacy of Dr Christ * • genuine Galvanic
articles i« rul> wonderful.
JO" Mn y Agent* for Richmond.
DUVAL 4 PURCELL. Druggist*.
147. Mam 0'reel.
For sale in WytheviDe.oaiy by We II Frutta.
(Or Explanatory pamphlets may be bad grat s fe 15
DR. Cll iUBFiRLA rXEl 1 :o one
ol .Mr. Norman Stewart's n< w bu dings, (noddle tene
ment) on the noiith side of Franklin street, between 7th
and 8th streets, nearly opposite the L'nited Fresh,terian
Chorcb. fe 1»—if
lO* Officer in the basement.
HA\ ANA CIGARS. 150,000 Havana and
oilier Cigrrs embracing wany of the beat brand! import d.
the whole an large a stock 01 iiir fjnrftt quali'y as we hive ever
offered. Pol pile st wbolciaieor retail by
f’’ 45_ Itruggtata. 147. Mam Si
g INSEBD Oil..—100* ge.ils. pure Linseed Oil. for sale by
* ‘ DUVAL k PURCELL, 147, v . .
■ IC*RH Ei*"A tot < \ i i r. broad of Mass Li
M-J concr, a strictly p’tu.e article, for sal*' by
fe 44—tlw JNO. R TRIPLETT fc RON.
FOR RENT. A lot with triablca, etc. itnine.
diatcly in rear of our store.
ft W THIr trice k c >
LOST —On Shoekoe Hill, on Thursday even
ing. brtwr. i. Mr. Dorn.a's ar.-l the City Hall a Hk.it F/.F.T.
with lire initials of R E II engraved on it. The finder will be r*
warded by leaving it ai the office of
fe 47 —.Jet G DPtW k HARWOOD
l.oiaf kugar, Sps-rui 4 undies. Ac.
XA H ALF Boles \\ imi|«i>v’* Loaf Su^ar,
Ve * e So boar, *| erm Can 1 e.. 4. am! *s
50 boie. Hull k Son*. Ta’low Cand’es
5no ,a Ions Elephant Bleached < »i*—landing, for saV by
fe 47 EDMI *N I * k DAVI NP K I
linti runr slrrrl, opposite the dloa emsr’i House.
KOOMS of most ticnitahlc character, f>>r lh*‘
accommodation o Fani'tiee, are now vacant, and may be
had on early app .can >n Transient* can be accowmodslwi in
verv p easant rooms, and th*- heal ttfirt to render ibm .Mpp.ng
will be made by B. I. MEADE, the superintend-nt There ia an
etceli-i.t ruble near at hand, for the accomami, ,,f th who
may come in pr.vate conveyance. fe 07—ffccltw
Ilnrprr*. I'irtnriwl flihlo.
JtV, R A N IIOLI'H vV CO. would su(*{*est to
• an sularribemto liar • rr i ib. Um propr r. , , ... ■,. d
the work before it i* ioj late We have a .took on lurid ar.l can
»U| p'> for 'he p'eenl any numb' r wanted.
We bind tins spiendit llook in s anpenoe srjV from 4 to H5per
copy. Poc.kbin.ling of every de riip n.n. and Blank Book! k pi f.-r
.ale aid m nufacttired to oi ler.st .No. 141 Mam Street, by
■e *7 d W RANDOLPH Is OO.
U’ •« A • FIIUM: NR I It TV A c.-TIi* subscriber* have
received a rilpply of the WhalrWotie •‘•ir-niar Skirt*, mourn
ing Nrck Tie*. and Gentlemen and Ladies Burk Kid Oiovee
gfe 47_ THOR. K PRICE fc On
A HHDS. New Orleans
*■ ” to Cuba Mmcovat'u
Doublr rrOru I Ieoaf
r r ..» r v WF.nn i« \i »n 4 ro
fit OL A 881
*^» ■- 30 titufi l.'aulrna*
7 do aril 95 tierce* Trinidad
fe HI For sale by WEBB BACON fc CO.
C** VI. k 111(1 t 1.14(1 ORII K.—so Case- on con. grim- nl
y lor rate by fel. 43—At FRE-TtiN k EMiKKt*
f Ol 111 KKGS Cut Nails ami Bradi!. 3dy.
® a 4 , y Boa ard Fencirr Nule. awortod ■ is-s
fc 44 WRRB. it Ac, in k. GO.
PKW NO. !»!*, in th* I tiiti'il Preabyterian
Chnrch. rn i*lmckne Hill, (Mr dtil* s for rent for this year —
Apply lo >a I.Vtf GORDON k OK INKER.
/dTOTHs ITB l\SN|T|| HI w._on hand and for «re
at FI.EET*|4 urdown t'tothing r*iope. r good assorimeat of
Ctotks and Cstsuneres, at re.luci.1 prt es.
fr -'f’ Corn- r of I.t.-lsinge Bank, It*, Ms n st.
I > \Ct'N — ,’n bh I, prime Baron t»id< i.iSii Vs c.nnl It ,ms sn.1
■ * hogrourd. for asleby fe 1% WILLIAM** IIAA ALL.
KING*!. AND *PRRM CANDI.E*—*.o hoi-, pperm Candies
. landirg f*rm schf Mam Its Burr, for sale by
I 'IIAlfPA'.XK—v'.v fl.irtrt* rhanipatnr for ia>r by
Ii H#KH — I II rub nr nr JoVr in •({ rr for m' '*r
fr « AVIt.t.l AIM A IIAXAI.U
IWl-W ORI.F.ANl* Mill. AddlF— 3(i bb!. prime X I) M imi
IM f .r - VVII.I I VVu a || \\ \ |.|,
\’KVV oRI.FA.Na IM’fi AH —.Vtt lihrie pan nnri y prime X O
huf tr. for mb- by P* fit WIUIVMKk IIAWLI..
H BALDWIN • removed to 1 Ith Rtreel, No.
• Ill near M. ..i. Fiy k i .. f, is-3t
I>OR SACK—§*000 ?irgini« Huie Stock,
llOHi lidfuiiiKl (’ ir Wofl
R II. M Al'IY, F.i tungf ad-I k Rftvi#r.
fr I? K v i • v ii ••
BaKiI ( h-yolii"
At'nramn iw i'amlk**.
Mr* B Millr? i *up*rtrr Tobttto
I'M Irtph W ti:*krf
HrbMjntftm «Jm in Jtif* llinni Rp|m
i* • **» n* « htmf'fti|n . **»•• <* f*rr Wm • hr . rrmr nf h «
ihjr, «n frraf* and fm mW Rr
AAU.AflHRR k oI.unpr
f# fVairr* in rtttr Vftpr* and l.ijnor* k ,.W, Mam **.
|\j KW IIU ON sines and JOCKS. J*s
Ll qua li*y
V da do J In,. .It r<tf Ml, by
VVII.I. IK ft It \x All.
/Ml VMHKR'd t v< In) Iia i I Knyliah Litrra.
in , A Ar'nlien ■ ih* • hatrrei ProdnM*.., of t’n<li,h
Author., f.rm lb, rati r*t otlie prrwni nmr, manacled by a I'm
i<al tad R- .»m UK,! II."or, Fdtni by RoV.i rhimVr*. *M."
rd by Robert (Vn'brn ami a her rmitieet fentfr inra To be i,
triad armi mnnil.tr m It* rum’ at fl crate ra. h fonwlnf itro
le'fe Imperial nrUeoyohn.i tof Tip |»fry r»X dnublr rahima M
ter are a wi b ii|»war»t« -f "'V ft fin’ IPnrfraitnre
Thr f.mrth number of Ifcii woik ir Jar puh'Hb I ami prearate a
rirh a ir non .1 airborr » m die muMra'ivr trout rma ant a
bra it nlaar I'M af AdJiraaia *knaa*t baalaty’r
the rt’rt ..r 'a ry .1. oiimt for ibi, work ha, ab if r J ibr puMiab
rr* to irprmt e I Ibr bark aaaMnv aad on you..' -
-uof .h.o.imb. m tape I, r»» fr yr,p „ (MN| ,^'w.vl
to • newer .11 aa. order. pr -mpr, Ronkmttrm .ad Afrau aw»l,
rd aw Ibr mart librral rim, at ibr N rakwarr of
i MIX*** * MiiRRIA.tT.mamat
( ( K’SI.O I I'I.kv in j.|( K,
os wallvthi;i: i. oitom ri < it* hotel!
Tii* following brilliant B. hrmo« for (he month
nf Mae. M are o»r*4 to e« fee owl mi. r.ch aal|.w T- Ma.
wbo an OppfcaeeM fur Ike want if Mil N L V by r*ni<g a anal
twMial of n*»»y w Ik Lack way okuia ibiataMi nf ItolLaia—
tbneky relay a* 'ben, of all Ihe.r rc.ponvh.liuc. So am* 4 eon.
ike *00.1 fortune which ar w awaita kiaa. It can be in altar 1 uaiy
tkroufb the a*r ncy of Lm
A f'wpllwla Of tli.ooo, I Of 7immi. ion wf IOOO!
flratel Uw table! l-otrrv. claw III. lo b- drawn al W.lai.Bj
loa. Del.no Malaria?. March Srb. I"47 76 Non . I 4 drawn Grand
Mekaaaa—i lap lal Pioaiof I I.OuO each I nf 7t»»n. leu".2.733
3 nf *300. I3un. 100 of 1000, |no nf 300 TMkata 113. halve.
7 30 quartern 3 75. CcnOcalc nf a package- of VVhn'ea ||44 30
all tree in proportion
*32,000, | 2,000. 6000.
Grand I'oaonlabied Lottery, rlara II.in he drawa al Wilm nt
U n. flel . ow Palardat. March 13. IHI7 73 Noa . 13 diawn Grand
Capiiiie— I pure nf *1-1000. 12.01.o, ror-e.Mini) 4000 3360,14nf
1*30. 600. 400. 300, 200 of 200. r|r etc WlwMe Tirkell (III
holera 3. qra 2 30 I artiOcalr of e peclefe of 25 wkol • « i lo 30.
•btfct in |>roftj,Uon
9311.1100, 15.000. 10.000.
Orand <'-net.'iJaind l-oiu-ri ran 12. b> k< drawn al Wi'um
Ion. lu-1, r n Malurday Marrb 20. 1647. 76 Noa. 13 drawn l.rand
I’apttala—I pme of *30 ooo. 11.000, lo.ouo. nooo, 4»nii. S i HI.
3 . I 20011. S3 nf |*30, 300. 41 0. 200 of 273. ale . ele. Whole
Ttekeia *111 hylvea 3; quartern 2.3o. l.'erUAcale nf a i*cka«r of
26 W'bnira *120—aharre in propnaUnn.
* 93'M)00. 8000, 100 of 1000.
Gr»rd Con* l»Jat 1 tort rry. dn n lob# draws at Wi'm.ag
t»n, IVl,9a tfalirbjf M»rcli *7. 1*47 7S No*., If 4rawi Grand
l*chei*»e— | prise of •in.oOQ, -WW 4000, V544.9MM, IjiM. loOof
I - l I i . .
catr of a pack-fr* of Whole Ticket* ft) Xu—eharee .n proper
I on.
Persona ordering by the I* a c Rag*- may dednet the price of three
Tic he to
I have every day Lotteries from or# to tweaty dollars. and
when a rniuttaace I* ma«te tf> me U r ornali. I will alwaya la
ee«t in the uioit popular tottrnea on hand The drawing* tent,
w b» n requested, to all who order fr»m» me. The cash for all f'api
tala can be h:»J as aaual at Right, f »n all kt *-r» en<*k»airf ca*h or
Prire Tickets, the postage need not be paid. The Tickets m tl«e
above toii’erte* ar* received, tnd ail otd era u llnased to m wdi
n>eet the mos*. prompt and confidential attention.
Address C. B. LICK.
»ii»i I
IK PAINE \ I ’ll.,
Itirliiiioiicf • la.
HPlIK rams bn I ant attraction at heretofore t ;re»*Med to the
■ patron a of Fortune’s Home. Fo* (rand <‘aptia*aaad pr-mpt
pay. address C W. PI'RCCLL. Agent
ror the Macager*. Bichm r*l, Va.
Splendid VIh uica for .Harch.
Grand Conarl d«i d Loturv. claa* .Ho 10 to he draw n oa f*al
ufday March 6th. 1647. at Wilmington* IlcL 7<s Nos, 14 drawn,
l.rand Scheme!
« 1*0*0
15 H 0
I pr>*« or. 3000
I.. *733
3. asoo
3 1300
loo..“...“. loon
100. 300
> vi«, «.cruic4te oi a pacaag* or
Wh j'n 916ft 50—ibirri in pr*>(oft on.
We have every* day Ixnier ea frooi 91 to 20, aryi when a remit
tance ia made to a*, large or nnalt.w* will alw«y« invest in th* mos
jH>;»ul3f !^>tterre* on hand. The drawing* writ when requr*c*d to
all w ho order from u*. The cash for all Capitate can be had, aa
usual, at sight. (>n a I letters • nclosing cash or prise ucfceb, the
postage need not te paid Tb* t ekets in the above Lotteries are
received and ail order* addressed to ut. will meet the most prompt
an-1 confidential atuntjoc. Address
D PAINE II CO . Manager*.
__ 1 Richmond, Va.
>«>. I 10 Tlain
CfMIK (Allowing brilliant Schemes are present
-M. ed to atl. Order* add*etred to me will meet w ith the mo*t
prompt ar«l c< ntdeaiia: autn ion
JOHN B BIGGER. Richmond, Va.
Hplcndid $rli4‘im>w for Tlarrh.
drawn on Saturday. Nar*h -:h. 1-47. at VV: inington, Delaware.
orasd m Him.
1 Capiu! Prise of.915000 1 Prix* of..95.000
1 ....do. 15.000 1 ....do.2,713
1 ....do.15 000 3 ....do.2.500
1 ....do.15.0-9 3 ....dr..
1 ... .do.15.000 i If 0 ... .do.J 040
1 ....do. 7.IWU j 100 ....du. 5fo
Tick*:* 915. ha ve* 7 50; q taiters 3 75. Certificate of a pact
*2* of Wholes 9l6d 51* halve* and quarters in proportion.
•39.000! 19,000! 8,000!
GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY, naa* No 11, to be drawn
at WUmiog'oa, Dr*. on Saturday. M ireb 13. 1447.
i rnic oi.viThVUO 1
! ... .do.12.000 I
1 ... .da. ► 04)0 |
1 .. • .do. 6.000
1 . . . .da. 4.04m
1 .. . .do. 3 3*0
-o rrizeJ of .VI dSO
Su do. 6no
• o ... .do. 400
iu ... .do. 300
Soo ....do. doo
Me. Mr
\\ i oi# TirktiaVIO btlveas. qua rum 2.50 Certificate of ^ck
*g- of 25 Wbotef lliu halve*and quartet* ^r>»rortn>a.
S3o,ooo: ls.oCM.i: 10,000:
at Wilmington. Del, on Saturday. March 2i . 1647.
7b N(»s*.—13 DRAWN.
i rnzr oj...
1 »o.15.600
1 ....do.IO.wOO
I ... .do. 6.000
1 ....do. 4.000
1 ... .do. 7.3*0
i rr.ieof.l. ooo
25 ... .ilo.1,250
•5 ....do.....■•••••• 500
25 ... .do. 00
200 ....do. 275
Ac. Ac.
n I*- nracu VI" raiiri * quar.er* . OU. t rnmcatn OC *6
I ' ion.
:lO.OOO Dollar*! ino cf lOOO Dot ar«
GRAND r«>.Nj*0 LI DATED LOTTERY. Qr« No 11. to b*
drawn at Wimncon Drl. on HituriSajr. March 47, |i*47.
I t nzr or..13" mmi
I ....do. 0,000
1 . . . .do. 4.000
I ... .do. S.&4U ]
I rnsr of.fj n» u
1 ... .do.i.Min
loo Pfur* of.i.uen
114 ... .da. 500
■ inn* mu mim a. quart*ra * so. t . rt.ti. aie* of package*
of *5 \\Tmler 5 120—atiure* >n propo*lion
CT" If Pns.» are warned it > t. reaaarjr iha< til order* .huuld be
a.1.1 re»ed n> JNO 11. BIGGER. Richlnotd. Vi.
ST The caihfrr Prise* will be paid at eisht by BIGGER.
. jpOrita iTi . my ideamrad
in aroilier column by l>. PAINT, a. CO- Manager* of l-oHrne*.
will be promptly attended to, if addrese.il to
ft n I 9EI.I. HI iGRB h.rhnwnd V.
I-e! all Ihe world ray w hat Uiey can.
ForarKiag Pniea.FTRATTU.VF the nwn’
Orawn NO' >f I < e*l i.r. .Vo. 4 Feb’ry 22
23 76 19 2.i 24 50 29 4s* 28 27 4 42 37
T.ek# t No*. 19 23 25. a pr re of 040u f B.ih wild asd pa J by
« IV 25, •• •• 1004 STRATTON.
Iirawu No* of Fumes. I'.vra. No. 15, Feb'y 20
67 63 3:. 19 2 44 75 22 9 o'5 3- 69 24
VVbo'e T rketXc* fl 44 67. a capital wud ltd paid by
II iwn N.w of Fumrt No 25. Feb 27lh
62 43 52 40 24 26 64 2 76 4t 42 21 9 71 27
811.000. 3.H00.
41 n.lu» — l.re#bi:rg No V. Capitate Vl I.00T. 3ntMl. 1300. 2 of
4250. 4 of aim kc 73 No*- 15 drawn Ticket* 5.1. halve* 1.50,
qra 75.
81',000. 2500.
Tuesday—New derw,. No 17 Cnni'ale 515040. 2Sl>0 1503,
1250, 1160,5 of IOOO. Ro 75 N 13 Jrawn Titled ft.
title** 2, qrv I,
#20,000, 5.000.
Wwlnewlay—4*tandr>*. No 9. Capital* 520,000, 3000,
9500. 1094, 10 of loot!. 10 cf 50o. Rc. 7* No*. 14 drawn- —
Ticket* 55. halve* 2.50 quarter* 1.25e
810.000, 10,000.
Tlilirndav—New Server. No. 1*. Capital* BlO.PPO. lo.OOK.
33*10. 90* 0. 10 of of I0|U. Rc 06 No*. II drawn 1 icketa 55
halvra 2.50. quarter* 1.95.
#6.500. 1500.
Fralnv—M >nons*Ha. No V. ('apita * 56.500, 1500, 1950,
115(1. 11*30. IPSO. 9 of SOP. Rc. 66 No*- II dtawn Ticket*
• 4o ha’vp* 1.25 quarter* 62c.
#10,000, 3,000.
Saturday—F*met. No 23 Cap.ta *—910.000, 3('0*>. 1*27, 5 of
1000. Rc. 73 Not. 15 drawn Tietec 53, bare* 1,50, qra 73
#4.000, 1,000.
Fuii.il * N shl—Fuawt. Bl No l» Capital* 94000. 1000
3t3 Rc. Rc 73 No*- 14 Jrawn Ticktta tl . halve* 50 quar.er*
#60,000 IN 6 FRIZES OF 810.000 EACH !
A4.KX AN09IA 1-iiTTEKV, No K. In be drawn Ma ch 61b.
1347. Capiui ti of 510.0pp. 3300, 2340. 25 of 1000 ip of 400
Rr 75 ho* 13 drawn- Ticket* 510: halve* 5 quar ei* 2.30.
ST Bn 1 era are referred In my l.«l of Prae*, which it rr fete red
at the Office, a* a pfiKif of wh.l ha* l»-en done, and every Draw
in* con* nue* to merrier th» number wud and paid by me.
JtT Oidvrk fur package*, c-eiificate*. ore ogle nekrt* in theahave
F. h in •* and m at' Imltene*. will be promptly attended to. and
drawing eent when ri queued.
Pleaw addrraa oedere to N STRA7TON.
_ lnfl * Richmond, Va.
OTIC V. -4Jra» rmm a e Ufornnl that by ‘eae.ng ih'ir ntn
•ute« with u«. they can have a fir* rale suit of rW the* made
t.i mtmn in Ra: m Iff, at fcaipttci « thin *ueh suit* neuaity e«tt
AH carmen s warrant'd to rtf or no »a e l«eaee p*mr meugrr
w.th feb I? K **FN 4 Co . |otf Ma>a at
\IKMIKI I |. of Hooka* or Thlr.jr Hook* In
On#% UiU l hj It r ru|»^ff, Cm), >1 A. author of Tro
e-rbial Puilo »vby r» vk nf Oo\l
Probabilities an Aidt-® Fai h tv same .vi'h'r —
" Cl II »t thou t*e**ui.te • rnr la be a t'hnstia* *
%Urt. Tina Mir . or a I'naepiraer nnder Lou,a *|||. aa Hiafor
cal K ®:®wn by Coot Alfred IV \ ,«■*. translated hr W.iham
II isleli. F«g Just ; uM.abxd ard for m , • hy « f KHHt ff.
Afer t, iin«*fx Ibi fKMn|r
\ 1 "I 4881 8. ft w i M
L ~ ■ BAVWffor ii u \ i on
■ SOPH- (I Naira <lt»l • r. Hop* lan.iirt for mo
* * ,r f‘ __ ■> » \ »
CiOTTON 1 \KNs. iwortrd Nut.. from th«>
' I nma" and " Moatirrlio" fartnr ro. f»r «:• b,
fr J, — ipi BAVn RT. AU.M | CO
\,«Hr nail A tiildrruo Hn«i«
It 8 I rrrnvrd prr rrhr Idivrll, from llminn. a
•apply of thr »Noir» Root., » rrt Namtantr ml imi »i. ch
*tR l» rod to* tot ttr aualiiy Jl lull MYKAA
® *® N.» R7, Wm ¥■ n ftrrri.
'|'IN I’l.lTK. SIIKK.T IRON. Ao.
A t «* B« ■ Tin Ftaie 1 it
IM " Bright and L'a.b*ddo for RonAng
*5 M Rttra sites '•
|f»l Rtindis Amenranand l>*l «h Ph*ei Ir »a. from No |*J
•o f?
5 Run !‘o R (ti|,
ICt»0 I.** Ri s ers and hyprr
Hbeet Lea \ W.n*. Rfoeh n« 4 4- in store '.w m *
by i 1 • • • fl n a v n | i
■ ptimr o'» ,iO| Po lo Ri. • 'al,n yT
Wil l.I AMR h II AX Af.lt
aa 9, do .011* )c«« i« irr.i tM nr ml* Ny
fr *» <;<>R(*OR a DRINK PR
COOK FOR IIIKK. Onp pltin naik for hup.
Apply lo (f* 19— If) RH H D HILL, Jr.
—juuuuu sung.
_ Mil HI BATA ^
of IUOII !*>•«'ki«c<-« Huolt, Mi«»«•«. Hon*
l*aIni, l.i'ihurH. lur nnB Wool
/^UMHKISIVi a general aoorlnirnl of frrili
^ Good*. ud ail he nkl without nam. .«a
f'KIUAY. Match 4U», IS47—caauuea. a« al »t o'clock A M
17 ami II llinmi ana. Ilaliaaic
_f«ll—id. III M V b Gli\ *;R. Aorta.
Hy ('notion A Vic-lioUon.
■v.. s» .urn so south ch.uu.ks stmkkt,
EX TEN 81VE 8ALB Of chin'v' UI.A88 AM)
virtue of an ortli-r of ihr Court of Chancery
■-* in th. can of Moon rotter a fain! Kdwatd M Km. tb*
■*-r'* i*4 Here iter trill gOi lie 0 al Public Auction, at Ike
akiee of P. M Kerr A Co. No i»0 Hiltunor* at.. Hal-.more. lb*
entile slock m trade of K M Kerr A C» cnwittinf nt about lioO
i-actaf*. • f China. <;*•• aa4 Uueoaawa . The area .lock wiU
be anil m to .mt pureha-er. the balance m lb- on« nal crate*
TA> nl- a ill coat into a' More No 1J0, on Mi iNbAY. the
"th day of Much. I«47, at 10.r clock A M. and Uo com.and until
IV who# br *nU
i tulnfur* W lit hr prwf »lH 8 Q 1 <kl(Vrrfftl |« rarly a* l»r ad t irabU*
TKRM* of R*V»—I'm* for til «uru« «ip to % 10«i ur Ituiw . foe
»»l »um. Nttwrti Slim yet* |3G4I, 4 month*. tin I or ail Mini. jhov
R.Knj. n ramttw Th* rr.-dit p*tm#nts to carry iat* r#wt from Jay of
■at* ar d t*» b# mrutt* by aoiw*. with 'nJorwr*. t» b# approved by
the un>l#r« fn-*.l OBO. M GILL. Receiver.
• it 1 « ANNON 4 NH IIoi H4 »N A acta
M) Mill in in* A llavall.
Om WMVMAT li RJMNG IVKJ '<»« f. we shaU
■*11, IB from of our Aurima M ore. al 10 o'clock
Pn«T# Wrti In'i.-t Htiyara
IK) New (Nkto do
IV) do do 'li)Uoei m bairela
Ivt I*ai>ivra <'off.«
tV> R»o do
|v> i rid Java do
l*o Halt more cared Bacon J,.l«*
IV) do do do Join
fkaH. Dipi y k Co. tVfn«t BrarJy
In ution Brandy in half pipe*
Old Rye Wh «%*y
Loedoa Ivmble Kiowa K »ut in quail*
lv» do do do in piala
Bitra fine Gunpowder T#a in half rbe 14
l*o do Pcwrhonf do do do
Moanin' superior B lack mg
B-m ?* #rm Candle*
Very A jperior Oo*4. n * he#*#
Vrry nptnor lad g> in Key*
A n bal#a Noith ra liar.
Teem*—I nder 9100, ca*h . 9 sou and over tuur months
f- *7____ WILLIAM* k HAXA | .
H> I)ii veil port, \ I l< i: .Y Co.
On lUUWDAT, 4th March, w** will »e i at our Auction Bum*,
an assort meal of yrorenea, at 10 o'clock —
Pi Hue \V 1 Molatsrs
Rio Coffeq
Java do
Pperm snJ TaTnw fandles
Winter Rotar Ump Oil
II <iwn Poqj> No. I Starch
lad.ffo Wrapping Paper
RUufe, G P and fm,«*naf Tea*
Rum. Imb. Brandy. Wm.ky
Madeira ani Malaga Win*
*o*# i- | urraJ. IhlhBl^kt
TF.RMR.—I'ndrr 9100, cash fionaiid over, 4 month* credit for
appmv. : ; i^i nu 1 IMVKNPoRT kf.LSN4.fO
I ruvi. . •» n*l#* of \% kkounu Mow*, naTctj Ac.
H\ virtue of a deert of tru»t executed to the
wl'icnbfr 7th Noeeni"er. 1*46. tor pnrpoww 'littein nen
boned, by Terence O'B icn. and duly recorded in tk- clerk', oiKe* of
tb. ll«il n:', Court of thic n y, I iball ictl. on TI'Br«|i \Y Match
id, in froit <• f the Aucb n tttore of Ke. **. A euiaucr. coaiiiaenc
inf at 10 o'clock, all t e property Mentioned in caul deed, ctiibrac
ipf in pan. Sec wisoa, and ftarnen ; I cart and fenr 10 rn t'en
i work hone, . I wide hoiae . I hroed Mar- aod coll #». cowa.
Ac Ac Al o all the houae and kitchen fum.tur* m-hUcu-d .a
Mid deed, r >n<niisf of tw ■ f..deNoardi; one Pr«„ no. Hur*,u
tb-ee Prather Bed, aod t'urniture ; two U J.'eadi one Act.a < ane
■eat Chain. Ac NATH ANiBL GLINN Tractee.
Bale I'udno'cd hy hit.tt A 1*14,11 n.h 1—ddt
Hr Dunlap, Moncurc A Co.
Cargo Sale of Plantation and Refined
g'kN FRIDAY, the ftth inatant, at 11 o’clock, nt
,r Waiebousr at R cke'x without regard to wratlwr we
wiIIkII eve corgi of the Hr g Perry from New Orleans, consisting
of—*50 hftde Sugar, prime quality
ISO bbU Molasae,
ISt bill and boi' • ft ap, crash'd a tel powdered Sugar
■5 tiercea at.J i do clarified Sugar.
IV1// be added to tie uson*.
37S bags Rio. Lutu r* and Maracaibo Coffee
Hu boa* e Sperm Caod'ea.
T*««—11'nJer *100, cash, over • I Off. 4 tnomhe cridit for ap
proved nego-table paper.
»'* 1 DUNLOP. M< INCURS k CO. Aueta.
ZT Petetabnrg Intel igencer will insert the at nee, and lurae 1>
M k Co.
Ur I ii I ore A Itroitier.
.5, S Marm street.
At Au< lian.
On TIM RHP\V MORNING. War. J 41b. at 10 o'clock. at our
Storr we will *e 1 at auction, without resrnre, a large aa*3rtix>mt of
superior new Furniture
£7“ Pot « iam.ri\u ri on Tu-wiiy.
k HR Auct,
HY virtue of h deed of trust executed to us on
ibeSotfaday of Mareh. Ie46. by Alexander Grant. Jr. ant
HambVten A 'renit.au and duly ircorded in the Clerk-* Office of
tLe Uouaty Couit of llennco. we ,aiu fox the purpoara ihetc
in mentioned, on Tl BAD \Y. the 16tb Cay of Mvcfa nex*. in front
of itoe Auction Store of Alexander Now. in tfae C.ty of Richmond,
proceed to .eR at public auction, to t: e fa.gfae.t b dder. for cash, all
t .at tract nr parcel of a-.d lymg in the county of Henrico, near the
• Thnc Notched Road, wbicb was conveyed by Rirfaard Willis m
the s.d Grant and Crenshaw. roatamipg about one bundr* d a.-o e
Sebiag a, uuueea.We ihaM con ey o. ly inch i.t, |,„ p., „
conveyed to ut. HENRY' L DROtiKE. i
JBS8SB snrmi. jTruaUeo.
By Iluiilop. ’loimirr A to.
Senannal.le I>rj ..Ii-at Auction.
Oa Wfn.NKSIi.AY.tfae 5.1 day cf Match next, commencing at 9
o'clock, at mu axle, room, tup itua) wc wdl anil, without reaetve,
a large and eeoural ae.wtmenl of SaaaeMMe Dry needs, firsts and
vey deurable. tog. her wta the balarce of the at or It of goo.li, re
miming frrtuour UK «al* . roa*i*ung of
Wool b k. oli»o. «mi invisible green ri.>tLa
Ib» do dr* •km anti fancy Cunmert *
Dark muxeJ Fa t.nett*. Km ucky Jran*
Eng and Amor can Print* pa«i »<mfkirn*
(h ck iamb re*, u 4 J^.-ontu
M.ikinr plaid Mu-i n*
kit.'jff-.ftoff* Drown Noland*. Fi c*Aa*
lko ln*fi Liorm an 1 Luca Lawn*
f> 4 Lm*n Fhe^utg*. 15 I f»ama*k
Bird's Eve Djp>r. Preach Toweling
Fupcror Linen t’anit IHaf*. a niing*
Wh tr -cartel m«l >> torn FUncc *
T - and 4 4 beached Fbm:ag* and Sheeting*
IV. do irvwn do do
H ip« ut:n \ otirfa, grera Mre»««
Rcmrar nea. pin d Alpaeca*
!*< k rA*tifT- e and rnuo* lio- cry
Extra « k bit and «h e Olor«<
lw.ee Edfirg* Thread lacei
Fii«prnder*. bm«i ita .xn Few mg*
Blk «labfK, Ciktoa Ifdkf*. He He.
1>rma—l nder t 00 cash over •loo. 4 now credit for approved
r.egot able paper frit DUNLOP. MONC1 kR k GO . Au u
*- «■ tbe e**. are requested to try wime of llar.'gmve'a and J B
AVn'a fine old cbm tg Tot aero. •) highly approv.d of by all who
have need it—and for mJe by p JuHN'STON,
**__ Drugtiat
OFFICE V. F. M. I. GO., >
_ Kuhxosd, 20th February. ltM7. \
npUKroguiar Annual Election of 17 Directors
A of tbre Inetili.tion for the enaumg year, will be bold al the
Company's OAee, <m MOMDAY, the Irt day of March. agreeably
to the t tuner. THUS. M ALPRIEMD
f- . _Bs»V
I .ATII* OIL.—Ti'o ga'ls auperkot wmter bleached fpe in Or
AJ 600 " “ - •• Solar •<
.a alow for role by IH'VAL A rt'BCBLL,
fc - * ___Druggie-e. H7. Mam «.
Attorney at l.aie. RichatonJ, la.,
"P RAC IISKS in all the Courts held in the city,
■ ar erntmaaa to praepee .n the Courts of Mannerr Odira
oTvr tbe Sieve .if Merer* Smith A Harwood. Mam St. fe «_lm
»|1KN DOLLARS RKWARD .«.,irer«-tl forth.
A. appro bene on and de'lrrry to u*. ,n the City cf Birhnvn.1
of a itef t.» nut «tarr named WILLI (M. whom are hired to Mean..
Bear *> A w arlee. brif» nntr • and layer* of tbi* uty. ahoui the
6rtl of Jan. try laet. a *1 who without any tauw n busier led tbe.r
arrricr roearal week* ..are aad <e no doubt lurking in the nc ;gr,
bourtwr ! ae h. wae wen on Srntay ee. n*| taet op.oeile Mr Po.
uat.a Bol.ieeon'e 'arm on the W,.iham Rond. A fellow w-reant of
bi« n hired to Gea'I Win II Richard* m. and haeawi'eat Mr Bdwia
llill*. in Hranco, where be wae i rohably go ng wh- a al, seen
and h' ha* a relitrokat Mr Mann I \ ah Mini'* in me roaw conn
ly. by whom It I* believed he * hat* drew Wikirta ie aboui Sre
feet ten or . even m »a h gu .mot male. a I.sit*, kaoek bne d. fel.
fa«e. ernno**! b . k ekm, Of ratter g um eountenvnee art when epo
»ea hi gvne-ally an*w re enw’y H.e n th na ent ireoOected. ri
cept aa old ew crowned hat. w inch be usually were, and which he
bad oa wh a tern on Sunday law.
Philip V Tabs a aoji.
, OtBew oa Mam carrel.
Ik 16—dtf Opposite the Bivdange B.nk
lloston, AV/d'r 10, ISJ.'i.
To lha* Mick .-trill A trite led.
I'P.\R SIR—I take pleasure n e-mmaain mg in oagh you. to
all whom it may corveer*. ard tbe pub ic genera ly, the aeion>akm(
adect vov truly wn-,lerfiil n.e heme hi. had up.,a me. I hare on
■oyed perfect health lor four nr (lee years Thysicuna -old me my
■'Ter waa d vra ed, ard that I m f ht aro.e day die ntih coneuuip
l«t September. ISIS. I tooa a vi a at co 4, wh cb produced a
bad ng cough he continued until February. IS4J. wlea I *'.|ed
am 'her cod , my cough merry ed. I anon loet mr appetite, and ray
wrenfth ■ u'ed Por eta week* I craid mil* upon on side I
*we*i very m ich el n.ght* r*i-- d cor*iAiabee flood dur ng ibe
winter, and ouM not speak a l u I word f. r two wre t. With a I I
lb**" had *yn pt m-e. I had • eere pun la my e. Ie tn I be(we*a my
.boekfer* g> i.-rel dehi ty fb tow-d I was cor ard to mf ropI11
about eight week* I lad buried a »i«f*r aad meu*r. (orb dred
w. b Coneimp m I ettecl.d to dre w.erif m. frvnde aw da
•vairrd of my i.fe At tbt* time an uncle, who had been henerided
llTT.u nr* '»»«*«•’• lire law ra* o#
I* tlrl (berry . I eeeoi.i ngly pr< cured a hortle. io*a ,v end
felt wane belt, t obtained am-iher. amt a third Ike* I craw l to
n red and my cough wae much belter Mil my dtreser we* wt deep
rotted. I a . obliged to onnmu taking tbe Ralmin urn I I bag '
„** •**'" bon'em I can hnresity and Irmly aiy, k be lire* Dr i
^ letar’e Retiei of Wi d Cherry rased me Rf#
"» ire pern natty aegero-iMed w tb Mr*, fj. lU, M.,.ied
rere of k-r fur ag ker .lekm ro. keleee ,™l Iw.w ike aimer ..ate
muni to be tint. Mrs p c. PRBtM'trn I
MBS S A Ubi tIKI.lif R
*•« I. Ht
Honor Nm*., ^f|M If. |«0
f*i UI»H u» at* • I F» TPB nn in# wr»?p«v
fflf «• i ly fl AYNoR h W ** »f» fr y|
FASHION Kuu spring hi.
14 V"4' * '** N I Z will intrncliicfr the Krtaltinn
A ^ of liter'eaeea'e HATS r , Sp,1Bg |«»7. oa amt eher Pes s
**ia at Mo I IHHIItor Horn Rlebroew I.
’’ ** froroery AMIUUN d
My IMiHfrrt. illnM B IB.
%n. llou «• « «l D»i l.wd(.
On .MONDAY, Mardi lat, at 9 oVWk, w«
•ball wt,. (I . tir 4 arta,a 1 * rat a amnia' liailaii' .d totm*
•■*11 yl'nli "dvi •dmI W tba pleat M M I k »a IT.. a
Sotae ml M 'oak ate
1 * *»• * l Hiu«a Mwaf id Hi,an, iaa« aad n«m ikaaa
» 4. T a aad « 4 blast Vd Hh.it.««. .ad 4W.I*|I
ilba'Vd Bad ki •—a ration Je.a. <ad IH Jir,.
A wn»ljr«# frui.
**»“». M i.i life! Jiroirt MmIim
WhiM *t*J crIM iWirki
A t If rtf Of Urn Kd( «. In*. i.aMa
Indi l inen, rind aad plan. t> a *, k iratait
Lade, nary iltaaa II Infs ml r« ata
Moa. -I- Ion- Hdk a. Red I ,.li,r.
Wonlt4 icJ H Ik HcfjF
fl‘k «»<i eo4M tMk %rv! w» ton «;•»*«•
A rariatyof Mute. Laake anal Hraaa .ad Vou
nine, h k brown .ad anted A i am.
Mine, to d ni ted anil yray mod Kroturh, itam
Faaey I iitimrrr*. Tweed
Pnatril dean. Knaaer l imb.
ford plain and fancy tlrqunl ptatd llantio..aa
fiMon I mini and l.taan ml brill.
It* mine., .tlk and wornled
Alparcaa, l tonra Linen,. U,„,
Huua- and plaia. Ada and fancy Marry. Hhjwt.
fat Bilk Velaal Veatint and Hi Ik Veltet
Cotton.H Ik. Wm.ir.lod *'admtere line.and I ||<ia
Nan Simto. Woralad ' omfrrt,. ,««eu .• with . ,raa. »r
Mker irtKtoa deeael uanar.-aty n, n.,n:*t. ’ **
TBRMH-AII mm. "nimllM rad, tml „,,w<nK «
crv«ia for approve pap#r.
1,87 _fkAVEWFOKT. ALI.MW b TO Amu
If > . l.nl din.
•toaleol Hanna aal l ot on Hroak 4 Trnur
\V"-<‘ MONDAY, the Ut .lav of
T M*r',l ul',n >be prenit—.. rnmn.-acia« at | -Inck ih,
Horae tad M on IV Wed .tor „f Kr ra Ayenne. near , oppram,
IV Groce, y Store of M r Tboma. Turner of which Will,am
Vnto, d,.d aa«-d ,».l ptmawd TV m a,|| b. d,v«l.d ..
pur-ha*,,. Terora—<*. third cut. talanc- la equal iadal.u.ai.
Mtotrlh'lld'^M* f0r talofartl, .o'
MW* ff.ifiMtta!. fly rrc tjTBt of th* owerr
rrt 17 ___ _ w ggihhn. Aaci'r.
lonatinlwcrt talaal Valuable It cm I K.tat, ,
in Ibr tlij of Hlchtuoitd and (tinnli „l
Henrico, at Auction. ’
1> Y' virtue of a decree om the Court of Hustiim
of iv f,ty of R.ebmnnl.in rtaneayy amir, ..mnoonrel ....
tv nth Cay at Feh ry. HI7.,.,v raw ,Vo, ,
n^l , ' '*■ ,|f*8rr,l<Vd. who were IVreh^p
pt.il.Pd t w.il rtpoa* .« ,v by w.y nf j.iov an
upon the pn*mid*. re,p,ri„r „„ MONDAY, the l.t llay of
Mnrcn neit rommrnona at IS o'clock M , v real .f n.,,,
Benjamin rrank Is. ata of iVeuyof Rnuomd dia l wo d ,mi
poa-teu d. ami dear riled the ptoeaedmy, . f ntd a, r, u, iar«.
A lot on taa Wed .if Br ink Ayr..,, o, wh tb IVm
dand. a a ye br.c* 1 ,n,v»i, node*I,t iapm.D.. no an «ad„„|
ed moiety of* hrtrk tarem.ri cn tv Fan ..la of H,nok Atynte
I. the occupancy of V, Henry La,,,*.,, , us on iv N.trtb Lt,
oi Bacon Uuar.cr B an b, calm! tv -kejt„. led ” r..ota.n,ra
3 •«"* „U « tola, lot ami the ixpcae„nnl.
on a lot in Data a a At on. on wbicl; a uoaK framed Tenement
\T“‘ H-Uiuoa. to which mni Beni.n,
.Z lt .T? p 1: ,,«!M "* !•«"—>» ami . at on I- .v„,b
•da of the Br ok rurapikt on wh eh a bnck Tcl. nant aiaad.
‘J Mr Al rTj Frank ,n
_La . S ■» «V*»' inktaltucatv at «. |i aad IS
""^“dbl. tor. iQIan.t aCddl] Mcutrd by a trim! dee, I
Tl*« raid raa ratal, w.il V ninreyed prlot to ura dty r f rale, ad
tV yacaat pan of ,t la d off into .unable «.»• boil lie. i„m. a
pit of nh ,b -III V tv bitad a: tb. t,»a of '-t,, ' A
•di' "1' 7'*°M,r on Jsr Of tale abou'd V .jch a. to make „
mo'. r r*"’00' *“'* °( «'d '«*' '«<** it will lib* ,,too.
the first (air day ifietaaMar, at the hour .tiled a bo,,..
... M U. brook F. t Com'n.
\\ . f*r,noiM. Auci'r. f- 11 .«aj
_l*V it. Hill
Will b* aofci by urn the iu->tMt« at 10 o'clock, 9 aecro men S
n+gm boys, a n l » nrgr > girl*
!?J > i: fc < n MU ’ v,.„
THE subscriber lakes this method of inform.
f'" >-ie public fene ratty. that he ku epenr-l an
*v **>D conjiiwiiw mii sr:.f„Mi„s,i.
'1 K, ‘l S*11'" »»« «•*«» He lUt.e a km m% f,nn> h. lone e.
'*;**“*• 1,1 of »uch prefer y. to be ah'e to *ur. .<-n.nl
Mill faction to thoaa* elm n.aj think proper to entruat picfxiiy to
bo nitr .ir. ment. r 7
Hi. o*c« ia on Wail Sir.el. In tear of ibr f ey Hotel
fe i l Srn_ BR IS JAM IN D A TIB.
I Bunions. Chilblains,
/ tn4 Tn> Nail*, (roavicf aio the rl,-«h.
cured wi bout the lout pa-n. in ft n j to IP
^- -- u. nu r*. l'«n. noift ^arU. if.. ky | nrw
• jrovrry ct a Veg»t*b:e Com;<w »on .n po««*mioq of fc*. FRANK
LIN. l.'turopoiliac. from Nrw Obtra
Lade* and Jtkif«fn can t- waiffd Q(oa it tb«*.r own r«*w
4cnce«, by leaving ord r« at th- CoLraat** Hi m.
XT Mr r haa an infinite mnrdy tn« will c«re t7«t TOolM
•%CHE m 5 tn.r utra. received from Africa t*» '$ q
On ll'OH.I Mrcri anr ih* Itlrhmoml, I'radtr*
irkabtirir A 1‘oloiunr Ruilrund lirpoi.
THE »*».vb rst-.blohm ni .. now in compl te order f r the *c
eotuin dUt-n ..f travelers TV- proprietor sown Uetue
tout of his oM frier,d. and the public generally.
Board per rfaj ll.fS.
JGrTrav.ler* (nut* in the Northern Cars will lind Cits* must
convenient place to l.-dje rad Or. ak'aat at. being wi tun a few ysrda
of the t'cp>L BirakCsl only JJl cent*.
V°ri(d:—The und r igw «,.|
lx testament of Edmund ' teaman. tale of Ute cay of Th tadn
pbia. deceased, hereby notify an wfom it may concern that ly
virtue of their power* r* Emu ars s* aforesaid, and in pursuance
of the Act of th*' General Asu-nibly of Virgion, eit.tted - An Act
to facilitate the transfer uf Ati ck ta the joint stock ctiaipann * of
ta s S-ate," piss, d the 16th day of Jon taiv I8i7, they wtl! oa or
after the IS h day of June nest eauso to be tran»fr,nd. to mrh
pMson* ai may become I nr purchasers mere,if. all ibe stock in the
Richmond. Preticrirhibor* ft Potomac Ra.l oad Conusni itard
ing jn ihe bock, of and Company in the nstna of tne -aid Ed
mund CulemaB. dec'd, GEORGE W ASPEN WALL, t „
fe if—Am_ IA A AC IIAZLKIil R*T. \ “ "•
DI^SOLl TION.—Tlio Copartnership her**.
totore cxistuid under the Arm of Warren ft Faroe, tv ihia
day dissolved by mutual ccasent. Wm E Warren and Tt<w R
Faues are both authorial I ’o use the naan- of the Arm in elosu^
up the business. WM E WARREN,
Feb y I, 1847. THOS. R. FARl.n.
COPARTNERSHIP.—The undersigned have
tun day fJinied a Co artnenh p under the style ard fan ,f
WARREN FAR me ft BROWN. fur the purpose of ernduenng
a arnerai U liulnali nutl Itrlnil Dry A.omdu bum
net* ard wit dui ng the presrnt ret sen make a-ge additions u>
the usual stork of the old enneera. to which we respeeUUUy innia
the election of our friends and the public gen rally.
CouiniMUn Merrhanu,
N^ar Hhixkof Warrhouw
LI .711* I*1.A*TI K—Mo ti>n« l.amp Piawer. «i mk War*
Houjt os Basis, drLvrreblc to Caaal Bantu, free ofdrkyur.
iuv ml* by
fe *—Iftc t m HENRY MJDLAM k CO.
To V. T. DA LTXiy: “
WIR—^ou will take notice, that. U[w>n the lHih
KJ >lny of Mart It. 1847, between the n .are of 9 AM, and A. F
M.we shall proceed to lake, at ihe t ou .tin* House of M.aass
Kelly ft Ccnyngtiam I'onnritmion Merchants, in th** csy of New
Orleans, and State of Leu-.,ana, the depcscions of llsrvey Norton.
F.lis* Russ. Wm. R Scott, Edsrard Thomas snd others, to be read m
evidence ta the suit of McGill and ctber* e* Dattr n‘s Adouhistra
tor and others, upon sn amcaded ard supplemental hill died io mod
suit, by leave of the Cose, on the 8th day of February. I 847. and
now del*, ruling in the Cirru t Superior Court of Chancery ft , thw
Richmond Circuit, in which we ard others are plaintiff. and yow
and outers are defendants and If, from any cause, the mid depo
sition* sbo Id not he commenced or dnisbed on the said f th day ef
March. |et7. the mine wit tie continued fiiwday to day between
the same hours, unlit comp'strft
A M Nathan, and Margaret luswUa,
fe lit—did_RY OOlJNitKL
Mm y for Lloyds.
have Keen appointed Agents for Llovda,
▼ * at the Port of Richmond, and it being pan of our duly k>
report the arrival and departure of w e .is tr im or to Rurrpe and
to attend to the survey and dm.*4 of gods os vessels dair.tg. J
in winch ihe une’e,writers at t r-e.ta mat ta Interested, master* of
vraselv. shippers, bad coasiga.es, will ytesw notify us in all iurh
ait* ft* >d WilliAMtt ft HaXAU
Trie'* IRltft-alftl liirlcv uf the*
JN Pnxt and will h«> issued on the 1st April
REFt'RrFR.d. ir„m Washingtonu» Id Grattan. men,or. • ...ft
Raya, Octavo, containing > comptet* lift of ihe Ca/es. r-raug J
alphabet*s ly. both u to INa,stiff* aad IVlendanta. with refetevr,
l IIW |age where they are cited. Vol 1st will te ready fry lal
March seat. DRINKER k M< RKI-v. Publ share,
fs ft—Rm_ »7. Mam H rest
l*»rlr:tit l*Hintlnc.
TO TBS r*T«.iMx 09 TBS MM* tin.
VV ti. BROWN, of London, politely informs
» ▼ Ut. Ciiiiene uf Richmond sod vie inn. that he ha* rw
opeaed his Studio and Eihibilioa Room over A Han ft BrothaC*
I •« Msm street, where spec.mens of am An can he see*. Anton,
them are the Portrait* of wveral liatiafuished ladivataak w>g
ta«wa in thi* City
Rooms ..pen from » A M to • P M lodiassad witleasa ut
lavit^d to mil «• |7 Ire
I lk*fikA OM Bk Ai BROCK t»ke thi* riteihod
M.A of rvurain* their thanks n the r friends tad tbe peb * g-n
erady. tor Ore eneonragem.at they bass rrevivvJfn 'he ‘a.itwerea
moaih*. and w..u .1 laiotm them ihtt they have RF.MtiVF.il io ore*
of the sew stores nearly rpprmi'e Mewr* Vistutr H.eei’ea k
I n Whrr the. is'end keeping t’ kll times a fteaeral tasof llieni nf
tisisilly d.rvMrrlea, tad liopa, by street attsnlina t . t-iM.neea,
In m fit i aftaro nf pairont|r tm jg_
I N r«in*eqtiis|»re of the slale of my hcnltk, I haro
■ this !at wit lain wn from th* ictsintoa Rt-statss, *ad wtl ha
SI e, d bp my tw. aeidwwt. Mr R I Gwttltmey in-1 Mr W
W ilwa-hno y. sa.ler the turn <rf R V GW\niMEY ft Cti who
will rv ain tha nldsiand nest Shnekoe W trek.owe which I has* a#
tang ecu pool
I be* leave tn so' e,t the pat-oaage of my -dd (vends .ret raa
tom It ia l.eba f of the iso meat .med fee. and to %st ptriwoos
of the** i ode tiled Ut me Without delay
Richmond 1st tree mbar. I*4i»
Xs*. l essors wf »lr. Rskerl l.wittliniey
Ur. (JW.lTHMKk it II. I V\ W. (JW\TH
'• MEV have tbit .lav form. I . I partnership sarter the grm
| Theis basiaew wiN be ete'u* rely s Commioai a -me Aw ihe safe
*f < eaat'v F'Waee yesees./y—aad ■■'ay have sec oral rhe nsd stand
near htee-twe W irehrvtw wi long nreup ad by Mv R. fwvt Gwwb
me r. sad have I hew tee eagated th* aeivi ** nf Mr Temp s Gwavk
avey. Who .a on well knows in ihe buhfts as a Worn #f FMave*
tv * shal be peep* ed ut grant reiawskh *•!** res sa prnpay y as
hsrsl. tad nope, hr sssMunv swd atnei sonaswa u> bow anas, m awsrs
t Is.t poerow Of ruhbe Miiowags | r i.WlfNarr
kirkmoml 1st t>*e 4« -4* W W H«YaT»iMB«

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