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Uicljmonb Daily llUjig.
KiruAHU ii. 'rorr:it, tuiiior.
li vA r r ii. r.i.i.ioTT, ammUu i:iuor.
lUiLf Papri per tRniuu. ••*■*•! wiiui, • • VV««»i.t,|.',
Klwattf IB Ittvaarr. Remittance* may be nnrfr it llm n»k «if the
Publish.rs u all can* where evidence utalru o( the ik|Nwile of
• lettei in 1m? Fust* Mace containm* uu»n*y.
/%«l % orllsIiiK :
Dm Hquate ( I!* Inirti or teas.one him rlion...74
Rath mMiiion.il iiiarrtton...V5
t>ar month, wnh*»ul alteration.Vi
Thn » ...... .do. • • • • .do.••••••••••10 on
Hu.. • ••do.. • • . .do.•••••••. .VO 00
Twelve.do.do.36 00
TnuRquiiriiTbrcir uionlha.16 00
Hit month*.*6 00
Twelve month*.46 00
No advrrtiarment to In* considered by Ibr month or yrar.
• ni. m specif tad on the Minuteor previously agreed upon be
Imru (b** parties
An advertisement not mirbd on the copy for a specified
number of insertion*. will b«* continue d until ordered out. and pay
amt started accord.ngly.
ir^T lIcKiilnr Idvcrliarmniti.—To avoid any mirun
de rata ml mg oa tin* (art of Annual Advertisers, it la »ut proper to
•tale. diitmtsJm. th it their privilege a only extend to llwir iintuedi.itr
business Ue«| F.state. le gal, and all other Advertisements aent by
them to be an additional cliarg**, and no variation
Real Kstatr and Geneial Agents’ Advertisement* ne»t lobe
Inserted by the ye tr . but to be charged at the iiaii.il rates, subject to
•uch discounts as shill be agreed upon.
JT AucUone«ra, ttookseller*. and yearly advertisers generally.
• legaxmg one eir more aejaures. with U»e privilege of change, shall
not. on tlieir yearly average, in any one week insert more than the
aui<»unt agreed U|Nin aa the standing rule uuder the contract, and all
• ■rending such amount to be charged at the usual rates.
Anvsnnmsisra inserted in th«* Bent-Weakly Whig at 76 cents
per aquare of 16 lines or less, for the first insertion, and 60 cents
per square for each continuance.
July 1st. Ift46.
FI1IIR Franklin Manufacturing Company have on hand at their
J FATF.U MILL, near the I Vjn»i of the Houthern Railroad, a good
asaortm. nt of extra superfine, One and common letter folded and
iat cap paper*, ruled and plain; also, medium printing, envelop and
wiapping papers, of various sites, at tire lowest wholesale prices—
to which they invite public attention, assured that in quality and
price their manufacture will bear a comparison w ith the production
•f any Northern Factory. They are prepared to eirrute orders for
any description of pa|»rr that the market or tbelr customers may
fsquire. Merchants aud dealers ar« requested to call at the Paper
Mdlandrxai. n. tor UMMBMNfM »*h 14 ii
M.1XVF.U TOR r, ) $ dM# CedUrkdl Street,
tB9 NorthAtUkL) ( Phlladrlpliia#
FlltlK subscriber hi* just finished, and uff.-r* for sale.a handsome
I assortment of Vehicles of the latest style of teaAien, such aa
double or single Rockaway and ('ariyall Wagons, of various pat
terns . ( kar.ut ee*% Sul key », York H ug»s«. with or without lO|«, kc.,
which hr will dispose of on the most reasonable terms All descrip
tions of Vehicles made to order, and warranted to be of the beat ma
terials and workmanship.
Southern and Western Merchants wishing to purchase any of the
above articles, air requested to call and examine before purchasing
All Work coming from his Manufactory is raeraaisd Jer one
Having rrceived tha 8ILVER MLUAL, bring the hlghrst
premium awarded, at the last F.xbibition of the Franklia Institute,
for the superiority of workmanship in Irsline. among whicn was a
four wheel iWaa/e, be trusts that it will Im* a sufficient recommen
dation for the superiority of his work.
|t*9 North Fifth street, above Callowhill, Philadelphia.
1^1 OK TIIK I.AIUKS. We have junt opeuitl
- a %cry bfaunfut assortment of Boots nxl iIhi« for I Julias, of
the fo'lowmg k-nds—
Ijnliei bionti' (imlrr llnot#, thick wilrt
«to do | do do
do thick sole Garer Hoot#, black
do thick do ** Buskins
do liar white Halm Hbppt is, black
»lo white k-d *• ’*
do Moroceodrcss Hlippcn
do kid Clipper*
do Aim* drr>* walling Hh«*e*
do Ov«r r*hoes, different qujlilif*. All of the al*ovr arr of
llir brat quality, for nli by
de 15 PITNF.Y h. WAITS.
Ill AVK thin ilny nsm>cinlpil with mo Mr. JAS.
A THICK. wl»o has been in my rmp'oymciit for irvml jrmrs,
ui»d w ill continue business at my old -aid, corner of 13th and Cary
strert. under Ui< siy'r ol W'M ANDRKriON A I'O, for the purpose of
contact eg a Wh« desale Grnc* r> and GeneralComini*non bustm**,
f»-» tbr ««.*• of Oio. rnr*. Don »**t»e Goods, Colton Yarns, he . as
w. II as i|w Mi|iV piodor is and mint rn!« of the Hta'c and have en
gaged tbr serai e- of Mr. DAVIH ANUKKAoN, Jr. to conduct tic
l»rocrry. iron nod whr.it department of »uid business II.s ciperi
• nee and qusl lirat.ons for lit it branch of the liumtirs* arc to» %rr I
kn .wii to tusk** a i»« rr*e«rc to stale Ui«‘in . and have also made an
arrangement with Sir. FRK.H. AMiKKSii.N to aid in th«* uarnge
in* ot of tli tobacco department. wlio Ut long been familiar and in
tiuiAtely arqi unit'd with tins branch ol busincs*.
I.ib* i .il .iilr4iio'< Will be made on c *n« k rm ids of gr. ceric % do
rneatic goods, tobacco, wheat, coin, pig iron, ami any articles of
general trade. WM vANHBRtfON, Jr.
February lit, I>*47.
4o|>;irl nc
Wi: have tins day formed a connexion in business, an
Wa’rd in a tote advertisement, ant trust that the arrangrTio-nl we
have mad•* w.il secure for the concern the eoifiler.ee of curse
mors friend* ami llie public g» nerall). W.M AMil B<nN. Jr
»\b y 1*1. 1-47 i .1 N I I , I
• I •• ii 111 ii I l*r*Hs lloalw | ii wC Kcirhcd.
WK have Jilfkt ojm ihmI liy Adams iV Co. Kl
prrss I in*-, another beaut fol lot of Miles* fine French dr»»s
Root*. a splendid article We invite gn.ilcm*-n in w.ird of a »u
prnor and splendid artie’e »** g. v•- us a call This lot ol Ito is i- as
handsome, if not the hands**nH'st, hi Virginia- We keep a luge
supply of th-m on hand always ami of llir latest fashion Th y
*• M minis * WATT*
new noons.
|)i:«:KMhKR 3Hni.
FI'llF. Mil •critters have Just opened a further supply of—
-M. I’.aid Maw Hilks ami Rich Gala Plaid*
Fntrmnd Muslin Collars
l a lies Mrnno Jackrts
Fleeced Hi Ik I
I allies «h t • kid (Stoves
Mode col* urs ami Ida k Thibet Hhswls
AIAO.—A flood ripply of Negro Hltnket*. put lo haml. of good
si/re and al low prices «te 31 T II HR IfK A CU
C|S 11 K iiinli rMf'iic.l, former |>irlnrr* in Iiiihmpm,
-■ have again associated ll.emsrlve* together under the font ol
for Hr pur|»n*e of tran*a-ling
A Grncriil l>ry (sooila
We have sure* e*bd to the bonnes-of | be I »le Arm of llawcs. Van
lieiirsrn fc Ward, No •• I, Main Hir*et IIi I.iiiiikI. Va where w
keep a I all tin.** a g*ul assornm-nt ol goeds, nid will I*- pleased lo
see all our old fnemls an I cusCoruers, a* well a* Hi* - - of tttr late
atm rATrrri i*a ran if,
I site of the Ami of IlnWiS, Van lirursen k Ward
January Ith. In47.
We are just in receipt of a choice a***rimrnt of l iesh goo Is soil
*d lo the approaching season, p.irchnseit recently in tl •- ,N rihern
in irkeis; We invite t ie nt eiiinn <*i our friend* t > nn ( lamination
i cases of very beautiful Pnr.l , i.eivsty’r
Fink, blue ami white Tarlitam* lor Party die«ses
I'lain f»»iss Muslin*
Wh i.- KpI Gloves,all nmnbnrs
AI 8 * —Hkachel and brown Mhirting* and sheriings
Fiearhed hn ing-. Kenlm ky Je rt<
Mnsrrry, brown Hollands—Rlk Alpjccaa
lllk and rul'd Cambrics, hr .Ate
f** l‘J No f|, Mam Rlree*
^pllK RiiVitrrilicm mvito flip nlicnlion of jMir
JL rhaorra In llielr sock of CIRfHTtIBA, consisting in p-rt of
VA.mm ibs Racon el I ami n* w
I mi bags l^tgiora. Kin an I Java fofTee
lu hhds N *» Hngar
West lad .« ami N O Mol •-* •
75 hM<Wbi*key , RcctiA. .1 and Oil It).
5 Inns ns«orted Country lr.*n
T. a. I^taf Htigar. Pep|*rr. Ginger. Al*spice
Wmes of various -oris
lltamlr—French and A- pie
F«>ap f am!u < — sperm, laionr ami adorn mime
NaiM.ffc vrr Fir t, a , he
Toft Mils Norih Caio ina N* h II rung*
1*1 Apply to JoNI'H h VtINPToN
IMi rerfivrd, |*nr »rhr I m«>n, a lurgr
■- a* I wrll wKlwl HfiN-fe of %% lnr%« V,|^tlAr« aM M
• or fi»-t qualify—t.f.r»i. rnt rrty >,.» \,„n*
m II hr f Miit l
'•0 Ho|r« I him I <«r«p|, H I rfy t n'Mgr |H|J
VO •! > H,nfhlirc !H *»r1l« PchMihurf
III go Jr*hmnr»l rfgrr
|fi rfo rfinnwrin in M«mc
* l*»K" HoUoihl flu, Mi|N>finr qtu'Hjr
I rto Hr Ihivk l.tn
IV Half ptfo* purr old f’ofittr
IV halfattdqr («•!• oli Olir«f. I H|Hij A f*n, |%itel, f’aatiltton,
i J ard .‘ r tfHr.ir lt all of tha moat anterior
70,000 frnuinr lla vartan < igara. vannttr hraada ard of lair m
port at loo, whirh arhlr.1 to mir e fetter aupply of I art Madeira, M «
•an, linlill I'Mfi'jillom of Wiarc, l,^«rm and Tear, fee fr la*
•n»»*l me t in ami I hr ta«i* of u»e mo« fiHidiotif, and a) prlrea an
rr mn«nal| low for raah of good poprr.
y ii.v.Aflim a oijiNPit,
No 5V Mam ilrref.
1 •loot • at ore I’te f’lty llolrl
1 ^ • •• H We a r prepare I to fiira>*ti our riiOoot
era h'»*H No I I toner Her ! err? t.»w
It i r li in « n «l, V a.
refills now unil I hi go •■N(ultlUliinoii( wan open*
*■ *»V »hr subscriber* on I he* VI4 mat . who, with l hr umuixi'
of Mi RaMaav. lair ihr I tit l icJ ami will known l*r* |»r>• lot of
Ibr kirniri*' llutel, m Krtihnclukiirf, iw ileierminr I in «lev»*tr
ihrit umliv.de I attcnti n hi I hr comfort a»l rontramare of thrir
patrol >• The lliMie.* i« tllu.ili'1 in l|»*- centre of tbr f* IJf, OH ll*r
ground tat.-iy rottrd by ihr n..:n| •• old H- i Tavtra,M aail i«
handsome’)- iwotHlnl with furniture rrttirly nrw. with mhrr.ritil
*l*rnlltt :»Mir.imi wild M-ivanta, ai.d with a re.aaoonble than'
of III# patronage of ihr arnwir'a part net* numetou* aim! eaUMto.ye
li*t of obi Intmh mml a<i|uaiaUbm, an1 with three year* eap*n
• m ih*. Iiotiinghi <»k llot I, Petersburg. Va , tluak tl»ry ran
supply an equivalent fof any favour beUnwed on tb*>n A HtaLle
w. II formed ami ptntHlrii. under tin management of Mr Win H
\Vo«nI. m attach* d to tit** house. Hi e mtrrnirht d. stance. and br
in* him«r|f th*- proprietor, pt rnaa arriving with thru own burn
may br assured of good attend >n foi them
Petersburg Intelligencer. National Intelligent rr and I'nion,
Washington, 11 r Raleigh rttar and Hlaadafd. Pre Wnekaburg llr
rah! and Krrordrr. Norfolk Herald n! Hrjmn id Kirhti-ou-l
Knquifer, Warrenon »■* .»f. will rjrpy oner a wrrk for three tm ka,
and arn l their accounts for p«>men!. d« l.'**—tf
■mi. iiom mt %< i;.
PI9IIK labacnbrn, having b««oinr thr rib- proprh t -r* I r thr
■ air and dtep* •* imn of hr Banning'* Body llrarr for the Htate
of Virginia, beg leave to rail thr attention nt thr puMi- to 1?* great
valur m if»r relief t afford* to Weak l.ung- and Hplne, Palpitation
of thr llrart. hyspvpeta. t Vmetipation and Pilra. It it aU* a relief
U» public apeak* re, wrak and drooping children. ami lauira who
cannot rirrritr, a>d a prrlrcl substitute for tin? corset and rr
atraimng alionldrr bracr. Thr instrument can l*r U.rtl gratuitooslv
for two or tlir.r dry* A lady, instructed hy hr Hanning wil* at
trml to Ailing tl*r Brace many put of the City. Price. • 10 for |4ain
Harr. 91 • Cor thr hew*. Honk* cini'fn hr li%d.
Persona »lr*if.Hj- of purchasing Patent RigMa can do ao by i|i.
plication to thr subscriber*. who are prepared to furnish the lit a era
and Honka. ja I*—ta J II KIIWAPK b HuN.
ino, oai\ nt.,iokii:u or iiiiim., >
PH. TAYLOR Rf.mt.i tu’i.i.y Invite* tiik
• AmrvTms or Pi *« ntnaa to his Stock of Piano Foret, ai
the above Kal* hlishnient, fo-iing confident tf at they » i I give *.*»•>*
ftcli >n in every respect. All tun Pianoiare aanantnl.inli'bl on
trial, subject to l«* returned if n«>i £<**1 C<ni*ant adJitj uisemb e
Inni to | r» sent at ail t mes an r it* nsive nairtincoi, * mb racing all
the fashionshle My In* of fin »:i. both of K< ***wrodand Mahogam
II** al*o o(l«t* :oi *aU» Piano Fortca from a gieater vanety of nnk
era ilnn any oilier establishment in the Stale, tbu* aflo ding tb«*
(featrst advantages in the may of tele t oo. lie I- alaotole Agent
lor iIm* l»e*t ant in<Mt celebrat'd make rain Una country and in Get
many. No on * ran run the I s«t n*k in |»urr hating a Piano of I*.
II. Taylor. They are every th.ng be represents them to be. Power,
Swectaoaaard Brilliancy **1 'lone arc happily bhiided.and the *• e
ganc*. taste and durability of workmanship aie m tb<* high* >i ilat*
of the art. A written warrantee ia given with each Instrument
a ild by Inn.
Wr Orderi* from tin* country atten«led to with the greatest punc
futility, an I I.adtrs and Gentlemen. reodtng ai a di* anre, are as
surtdtbat wheat vrr lie m raninsl with on era |*rr letter. It i* no
'em hit practice thin h * i Mr re it. to send ►uch an instrument aa
w ill l«ear the *»*r cUn acrutmy.
Price* (including packing) $ Jill, 230,230, 3U0. 330, 350, 375, 400.
and upward*
I*. II. T. keeps Mum al Instruments, in g**n* ri», of tli* best quali
ty. A large m. rk of (?fa*sical and Standard Music always on band,
and be ia constantly receiv.nf th* newe.t pubheatn n«. fe 6
PH. TAYLOR, (Af;rni for ./. F. Broirm
• A ' // N
Strut, JtonJun, 2*1, Hr.mtUieey, .V. I . ha* ju-t r* Ce .Vi d a wup.
ply of very superior Harp Hint gs, whnli he «i»r-i* or ►ate at In*
PinuoFo.tr Wareiooni and Music Saloon. I'iO, Mtm St, corner
I •
To 1*1*y airlitiia*ivittl 4 oimtr) I'rariftiftom r» «•*!»«—
daily. — |{aiikiit£\ tbtirarl of Hit* Meriirnl
Sclenrrs vnlf 91,5(1 prr year—'75 tis. ;•»► ni.
HIF TIIK MEDICAL HCIKNi’F.H, In mg a Practical and Ana
lytical Dig »t of tf.e rout* tits of the principjl Hr Itteli and Fur op* an
Medical Work*. piihli«hed in the preceding half year, together with
a Critical Hep rt of tlw progress of M*dicin«- and the Collate ial
Science*, during lb* same period—«mb rat mg under their j r <{wr
Midwifery :
Diseases of Women an I ( Inidr* n
| Anatomy nod Ph)<*«»k*gy .
| Fore a ai c Medicine.
And Mairrt* Medica and Pharmacy.
Edited hy W. II Hanking. M H . Physician to the Suffolk General
Published m I .onion on Ike 1st of January and 1st of July, aid
in I'lnl tdelphia on the l»t of February and l*t of August of each
i I i i rt i! i i; v g. i
fe 95 Under tb * Ficlung*
Practical Medicine
Pathology mil Therapeut
Jii.l Ki'i'i'li ril l>> Vasil A WoimIIioiim*.
139 Mam St, Richmond, Va.
HY arrival of Ihr whooner Pocahontas, n fur
tier supply of Piano Fortes, from H*ndart k llunhatr. lias
If it were possible t» suggest any improvement m the iastruments
heretofore made by tli -• gentle men n h s been real /.ed in those
just receiv. d.
Praia* is r.nt b s owed upon the*** in«tnna«*nts. because it is
CUsluutarr, ai d ei|iecti J fr >tn Hi » * nIii *le il in P.an » Fort* • but
it it a* plud asth** result rt conviction, confirmed l y experience.
Mrengthened by th numcrmii test* and compir non-* in which they
fcavet** n anhjrcte *. th • testimony of erument l\ani*u. an.I ill.
universal satisfaction of fhoma who have hufif and mni them.
A’l lh«* r ipiisits wliidi constitute a Jfrtf r*/r I’m** l»itr will b**
found imbiacril m these instrument*—a beautiful round ton**, d**
I’glitful touch. sul •uniial wi rkinan>lup. good taste in finish, and
the late.ii style* Prices same a* the minufactureta—p<rsin*rr*t
drut at n di st a ace. may as aft I) r t*l**r **f u> as if tli«*y w* re present,
an I met t w nh .is l ivrrafi V terms in tli • purchase.
They may I • returned in case they don I prove good. Old P*anos
liken in eichangr.
N ASH a WoniillurSF Book rr!l( is, and dealers in Piano
Forte*. Hiatioti.tr> an I Mus c fr -5
TKI Akh! TKI ^kb! TKI
max fk.imks
Fi'IIIR subscriber lias just opened anotlirr supply of those aupr
■ n*»r FravrI mg Trunk*. 11...ile expressly t ;r hint, with iron
fratii' S, and made id the b«*st materials and in the best uiaarer. to
which be would call th- attention of all in want, as tliey will be
s«ild a*i low as an> other house tin* sole of the rotomne of ihe same
, M l \ HILL
\’ I N I N. \ 1 N I s .1-1 l; t 1 i 1 \ r 1 • v rrau'siq .
Ve^u, some of th<*ni a superior qualify black Hi Ik and Fa tin
double breh<« ed —received >rst rd.»y per Fir<re*a. and for sale by
ja 14 HPARK At l*Ot l.i«le*s Form v
M’rKKI"|{ IMHUO.—Superior 1‘arr.i < aa Inligo, just leceivrd
* for sale by l»1 VAL k PI’Rl’HI.I,, Uniffnp,
fe ‘JO 147. Main fitreet
K irs S \ I, V M V N I)KK SAKKS. Thry
are an Kn/rrfrsrfiWr guild agamM fi'e.
I—tf Agents for Bir|mK»n«l.
KBII, R\(’ON CO. lim n i’or hai.k—
ftl hb«l* New <>»leap*
*5 do Muscovado
M boxes brown and while Havana
!'• do \Vrvdsr>s‘ I awl
13 hh*!« West India )
V9 tierces d » > MOf,
IIHl btls N. OrVani \
103 hags Java
100 «lo and bhta I* Hie.
’••Ml do Ugimvp
V- hales Mocha
47 bags Huiui ra Pepper
130 sides Pol.* I^aliter
133 kegs rut Nail*
A tierce* New Rice
PJ5 boxes first quality Hp. rm i
VH st * llu’l fit H m aPatent SrANIH.RA
fiK 1I0 Tallow, approved loand* \
Vt park.ig> s <• I* Tea. pari extra line
17 lull chests b k do
35 bbl# No I Hhld
Mackerel, N**s I. V nn*l 3 in whole, half an*^«|f tibia ar.d
l » bbts Tar
IV bbla Tamers* (til
V I c*ska pr m» GosIh n I In cse
IPtIV and eilfi Window flh«s
Prim*1 new I lover Heed. In ig- . Madder
IVpperat. I»np*«r f s Powrler. Hli >t an i Hat f«ead
Prtm* • 1 ler Vu eg ir. •’« rn liraurs
r» nted Hu kst», Hboe Thread
Brown an 11 *n«tilr H wp. H i«t« !• d Ht*«I )• t’(l
SOI TIIKR .V CO., lev!. Mmn
H rl. r tr fh' Iff Ituvi Irt Ifl
Mum mm m pair* h« ini ir r pnMir g nrnl y lb I tlKjf ba*r Jnat rr
rmnl him Hum n un i b.» Vntk a f. » turn • .■! Irti||f«l llata
|f:il ami wm'i't patlr-rnl il> aijna nfraaMy to Hr h'|hr«t .i.titrlaM
of laalr anlfiahm Tkr H|r> ,.f lhl> Hal mm n rH,n Rr*
Vnrfc frnm Hi- In* Impnrird fa.I, nna a art i» itiiabiint rrf matin
fannm anil.mil) of form it lath. I**trf>ii
J K * •'*> hare, aim, rrrriTiil a rMrr l l rtf Wmt Hat ttaf
rattlfl wat r p r»>f Vm. an ntnitr *> I'kfi* tarirni.iatl- n«
rta til—If
HMI M t. tit, A<,
A 4 | If \Irl* Hi xrn til S11 iki 'h Nn.
'm " " i.\ tivrrnrw Hr ito
30 llrt rtttall" t t*iltrt.
to l* i rnlvriiinl, iln
For aaV by in 30
rnv k <*o.
1% III l II I 1i % > • IIH«»>/»
i further etipji/ «f I I* « f!*• ftaiure, * MtafiAH m»fto,
rer rally received frtm PhilaA pint al«o, a farther •op,.lf of I4
IIW a*t| error wfcil* Uni Hip,ere o which the m » r»»ton nf the
tc rriprifullf iwH»d. ilMMII MYRIlt,
1« • ’ Ha 91 Wm Ma n .1
^IPKKIOK M V\ \\ \ < Ui KHH w, hum
* ' Jii-I received a larfr *«»t of * ij>»» rr llaeaaa t ifarr am >i»|
Ihrm a few th ti«a»'l <h the ftlrhialrd Tontine* h *t.l lalktt
Uh therr are «' e tra of the ftn»«1 tjaali'T. the eh-l • mat >( a «t|ei
an<1 hetr#r aeanirnt at ih m *r hax e t rer before ntf re I
f«> rH V4l. * PI Rt Rl.l., 14? Ma n «t<r*i.
wnTint.«hr n»Enr.i«T.
ON nnrl utter Wednooday, the Utn iimlnnl—
mu. nmi
Rirhmoid tliilfkl. I P M
l^ivra IVuralturiihilyii.*»ft A M.
l^nfM Rirhiimwl dm'y 'rtumlay* »irrp(nt) at.4 P M
l.r*vra Wtrrwburf daily fHiimUyi rirrjilMl) at.H| A M
l<ravra It • ImtunJ WVJih *>Uy ami frnli)(
mornings .it.....A M
Prlriilimi «4IN« liiorMRfdl.*.*»l A M
Til* »M AH IH »l» AMKAI*.
tie 'j Unp'i Tnitaportalmh
ON an«l aH^» WKHNKHHAY w»i Vtii u»«* t llw hours of Ar
rival ami HffpartiiM* of Train* will b** ai follows
Jfsi/ 7Y«i* fmr Vrt4*rt*k*k*rg.
I«rave* daily ai HAM
Arrive* daily at lift P M.
Mmtl 7V«i*a /«r I 4arUfoei/^, *lmmni*n, mmd I mm* kkmrg
H A.
Parr In Baltimore,
I Hi Washington,
I Hi Fri-denrkiliiirf,
l»o «*liarl*'tt« avilb ,
I Hi HumhUhi
l*o Lynr liUuif
3 7 »
TllOfl. HIM IIP.
Hupermtendant of Trnn*ietiu»imi.
nil 1.(11 IMM ( l l>f: n< Kl is,
CglHK following VcrsoIm, comprising thin line,
-M. air nil of lb* Qrat class, with Uambfom* «ui« room ar« oiii
modalions. via
Barque PA Krill AN.
Harqur HA«T||KM»K.
Harijti- PIHKMX.
Tb«* above VrawU woe built
• ty an.I N. Orleans
wh » «a ill u«** awry
imonfe. apply to tin* Captain* «m hoard.
• ’apt. Km. W Ai l aw ;
• ‘apt IIisa* IlnR-rnti .
• ’apt Natm'L Hoi -if
•nlv i.r ibe tra<!»* betaren tin*
ttd arr command*- l bv m**n of Ion# riper.***nce,
irrtiou to give «.iii«iarUon For frr.gt.t, or
NASH INS A LIBBY'S Line of Packet*. Itelwern Richmond anil
. Nrw Orleans, will comm* nee tb**ir r* gular run in September,
and wiil br comp*i«**«i «»f th* follow me v.w*wi«
Barque ItACIIKMiR, I’apt. lime I!
Hri# oKLKA.NS. Cnpt. W* Hmm
Brir JiMKPIIlNE, C’apt. Joe. Robikwoh.
On** of th*- a bow wwli will l**av** tin* plar*.- regularly every
month We can. with conhdenc*-. rrr •Minor ml th** ai*ov»- %»•*». ;» to
th*- public, at they were built *-*im* -*dy for ihr trad*- and will insure
aw tow aw any other vr«a*l«, ami art- command* I by steady and «i.w
erect n-**n of ton# riperieacr m Um* trail*- Por freight or pamcafr.
oar mr very superior sceorauR*Utions. both for cabin and »tr* ra«r
paaaer.g -r». apply to J. FISHER A SON, or
N. C All freight from the country for the above v<-«wl* will b«*
received and forwarded by ua. rharfing only lb* regulardrava#** and
wharfage. J. P 4. S.,
Ju 22 or 11.4 L.
JJ. 01.0 AM» ONI.V J2.
4E*> R K (i U L A R L l N E. *S5£
II. Cot.
W. J north.
M Moult
ScAoontr P<s‘All* *NTAS, mw) Captain J. II. Smai
•* PATRICK HENRY, < new) ** Sent Cite*
*. I BN v vrw c. W.Cot-1
•• cnt’Rir.R. nkw>
“ M A HI ETTA Hi RR, 'new
Thiv line of Packets liavinr bern itutauwd by a #rn*-ral patron
age of the Merchants of Richmond, for more than fifteen yrarw.
the proprietors I masters] solicit a corn.nuance of th* :r favors,a^nr
ing th* .rpatron* that every attention tliall I** given to forwarding
thrir goods wafely. and with dm patch. The Vessels are of U»r first
claws. (Bins ly new.) commamled by nu n of eip*rienre in the
trade, and Merchandise can be insured by them, at the lowest rail
ed premium For freight or passage, having iui-tht accommoda
tions, apply to the master* on board.or to
VT* floods to be rrnhipprd to New * »r’>*ans. Mobil* . A pa la chi
cola,or any other places. will be received and forwarded from V w
York, by the matters or Agentw. at New York, free of charge, ci
c«*pt wurh aw may actually be incurred oc 2i
C*OR NEW ORLE VNS.—Thu fine fast.
1 «n lir c v* r HP \ I.KIN, C«pl. W alr. mlkinilr.
I^lch For fre g*it, apply l. Butri on I'..,III. m III. thick. >>r lo
jAvb*OK NKU \ (IIU\.—The Mi|>eriur regu
Ui packriKbr MARII ITA KI RK. Ileaibom,nnul. r.
li.i\ mr llic en :il. r por tin of Iter cargo . ngat* it an Igoti i on boor. I.
Wt’l birr Inpitri For freight ol .noilt pirkigr. apply nnboarJ
al l.udlain'. Mliarf. <>r lo rubJ RANKIN k WIIIFl.tM’K.
lor I'liilit.l.1 |.l..it,
eftv The new schr LEONORA, (’apt. woorr.
io». loading m ilie lh>gk. For fn igl.i or i j«g.-. ap.lyrn
boar J or lo mil IIF.NKY Fit'll KR.
B. new and superior br g PERCY, Cap! Fountain, caps
city 350 tons, now m read nsss for any voyage Ap.»lv to
mh 1 BANKIN’ 4 WflirLnt’K.
ft* *
rTLv FOR BOSTON.—The Miperior packet
Rchr R AINIhIW, Captain S. Kmin, loading at
I’ rkrl’aivhaif. Forfi.igbt or [lamotgr, apply on boant or lo
ft - 7' KNIT I IRIin
I’or I’rt'ltflil or Clmrlvr.
J&tp The new nnti superior Schr. \NDES,
fait Snow, can carry about 6U0U builir'. of corn, now m
. for ai > voyage. A ;ip . to
I'lir l*liil:i<lel|>lii;i.
jftk The Pat Lel Seiir. I, HONOR A, (’nplain
"■■k WiMii.tnn. t'l.iag a I'.rtion of tier cargo ergagrij, n111
l.avc Jr,paIcli Foi balat.ee o.' ft* tghi app’y on boar.l, id Ihick. ot to
1*27 RANKIN k WIIITlyM-K. j.
F(IR BOSTON. 'The regular packet
afefl*£ w*hr RAINIRiW. I'apg Rnfrra lilviag a portmu of lire
cargo < ng ig. I, w ill hr ready lo n > <■ vc gargo on r'aiur.lajr Ihr -.*7 It
Forbalamrol Inti boars Tobacco, apply lo
ft I; \ N K IN k WIIITI.IM K
^rfit I OR BOSTON. I hefin< schr Hi rai d
now loa.'ing in live liorg .,nd h.ivirg ihr molt of her cargo
rogaerd and goirg on board, in trr I> ck will .ail on Salurdayr —
For biltnco of frrigl.1, u auiab padiag..-. app'y to
efts The snperiiir regular packet schooner
• I'ATUU'K IIENRY. s ringer, tuaatrr. bavinz (It. j*»*alci
|..up.n .0 her iigo . nr in J »i .1 n ine i n hoard, will have mi
mediate dr.patrlit For fieigh of ‘ uu boi • M n if.rlurrd Tob.r
co. to rotiipl ir cargo, apply to matin on l.ontd. nl l.odlani'a w half,
or lo fr II R ANKIN k WIIITI.m K
The superior luig .MONTAtitIK, Shu/r
1,‘rr.ran lake lira bulk of .' no barrel, Fleur and ,nl nil
dia'cljr. For fingbl apply t-n beard, in Imck. or lo
(«» RANKIN k \\ IIITl.t t’K
uftb *R RIO.—Th . In
B- .Wurio, t’apt. Radcl.M. can take a few pavwnyrr* A
pavwncrrw Ap
R %NKI\ 4 WIlirUK K
I* \SS.\(iK TO Ol.ll POINT.
The S.eaincr ALICE, leave, the wharf at
Rochet, rrgn'ai’v every y, ,1.1 IT. W. ,1 .lay and Friday iiioainga
preriwlv at r.| oV . ck for Norfolk and will go l.y did I'onii each
day unul fuilhrr no<rrr.
Fa.aigr ami Fate. n.,a- mchtd. d, one dollar.
12 IIASKING % t.lltRV
fl; Pantapr to Hnhimorr, inrnlt mcluil
WPBMC nl, R | ,.«/»—/• rerv Tw.Uv A fieri,»on —
The* klwttirr (HM'MIII S. f 'apt I’*
iht« I’.tv »n I Bs’liiurw M ft paw
iftlMUM by thiR lifM* .irr • qual to th -
. «r*l i a*wrn(rr« leaving here *»
ainvf in R>ln«orf (H follow»
i« n**w runn nc brtwer n
fr af.it fare The accofnm »
i»f any i U.rr hrtwn n Ihr two
i Tiira.li> iftrm ton at I o*
r nifht. I ho« for Phil.oh I
IIENRY l.l flfgAM h CO
A HA .MS \ I II.
Htihimnre, PhiUuUJ.
*\> tr )>ri, ««4 h'ctl.
rs.i / n— i nr |mii»iic ;ir*% rr.<pcd. jjr y1
Ijr inf mu d that *r h*%<- rdih! iliril r.iir (‘Ifirt nt ho. 7 | ttli
i*:ceei t r*l r t» I'.ifltitK* Hording • nudilut tit • **• * »r«« r» rto
" f'-'fir* f'i4 ’iwlff llr mine of MllM It ('o wilt l»r conJndrd
u-»V» the iVrm o ADAM* A t o
H’ l..\PrK<H anan|inirni t% ill continue a« her. tofore, m rr'a
l»nn to I1..1 .•!»* prcet, and «c hnjir, 17 <'r f.*M afteriion in bttai
ir a. lone* tea i*»fral |ft#i»t^.v Ter nm order ng f.w ,|« irom
the lit ami Nuita atf tr(|iralri| (n «-r h r Ijr ,hl iih A 1 • I*
|»re*a St I »KM\KP.R * fMNKi.Rh
r»ni if } III■» aw I* anttnrte .1 o art ie oar Aged ia Richmond,
for the ttlNirtf n •> a I hue. nr**. <te 14—«ltf HAH
(jj All \T<HJ \ WaTKK —[(’ongrcH*
Hpnnf Water, in •|>i*rf* am! j nf« |u*l recderl Hired, for
wile hy ik*vai. a rt Kt n.t. i»if<*t-.
f* ^ 147. Mam Mayf.
(HIM Ml Ml VTION.— i:»ltloi»: I
•V oh#- reed • • »•*« tiro* ago a count imeat n 1 oerr th • * g nature
»*f •• A rareil. * *iat.ng that l*r Jay;>e‘* fr.. m V'i| rr (.irant hat
hern the meiMnf «aeing Ih • l.t.« of llfrf pf hi« chi r»«. who
were - itTeriff «*-erril^ n ,»h e\ >|» ng ronfH an I haeing, T *i« a
•h 'fl time Ma r, N mr of rrv eh dr»n hf that drradfu'mm
plaint, and h*e<rg anoiNr aal me on'r ehiM, ruffering ‘he great
«'«a »e«n« «tih the «.medi«e *• an I in hwrlp r«p> rtition «» .t«
death, I eti induced to f irrhve a h»dt e of it. and commerced na
mg il acrntding to the directi n«—and to the etirpn** of ad. tt h.
fan to memt m fifteen miatit • aAer t*» comma aeed u*mg it. and
the 1 hi d hie n »ie complete?^ ti rn»f rr I
I hare nt » ; m Miner w fh l»r Jx\f% hut I her»hy teturn h m
a bo*h.ird’« an-’ a fMh* »*• fia'rml a»4re»%*'. I emeu?*
f*hil*de>St«. AjidV.M. ie|i» J | |l|WPIII!4<t
Pnr m'p he ft Vfl I* Jti !*S I«»V l»ingfi««
I’OIICI |,\l\ I KK i ll.
^1^1) IIKNTIH IS. Tb- «tilw ritvr, \pi»nl (<>r
1 l*e mailer hie jiu' rteereed p»-1 I tprra* a fur’Ii *np, u of
three ceh hra'et menr »rhie Porcelain Perth, mat**# inf 01 Pate.
Tieo', M«dat, Ru u«| J, . malir.» a large and rem*U te laamiment
Tho^e hoeing hp the qeantHr he a late arrangement, ran he e »p
H'cd on (era term* than thee ran he obtained in Tloiadr tpl 1* Tfca
attention nf the prnh«n<m •« »• If tied Ale«>
Ati ey'« »r |» Hold P«hI
fh-mai fi>*. Pnifi
Tooth Rn< Digging i'te*
Ki'ntr nog ( acre, Ac Ac , on fatovah r term*
►** r ii>HNOoN Pmi»i
It'1'" rn lh'. cumr P«.(.n • Klr, «i» ■ \ » r.irnl ll i. m»l
■ 9 I, ironnJ fn, n|. t>, f, •> n il I. < WH ft IM \ IL1.
pASSKN(tKKH liv thin rout* leave Kirhinono
*' d»ilv»i«.A M by U., Northarn r,„ p, to, Jn notion. Tl.’ixr
U««*lM>> w.u. paaa,nt,rafratll lb. North by ,h, 1^,., car. to Go
donav.ll, In dm,, and by OMhn lo <l.arlolt,.v,!l, by 7 F M
l^»«, »l .1 A M —din, IB Htannlon. and to llovrrdal, by X r M
l^.vr ,l 3AM — brvnkfaal nl It., Warn, ,.,..,n« lb. Ho
ihr Whit** Knlphiir
al in A M Ihn, at I'aiiifban'a. and am. _ ._..
at 7 P M lie, l,m d.vrrg, to all lb.- dlrtWani a,.7,~a; arid by
""**• bn, rrnlmu.nr ~'«*a..l am,, al ih, It.., Sulphur al 11 A
M nallday and Imtuai law in lb, ,v,n „* N,«t day lo I harbm
l..« brfor, mchr and bth day .1 Cuyandott,. on ll., Ohio r.vcr
wh,f, ll la nav.gabl, al all a. aann. for .ivaiiitioata
Moutli Weal.
Til, tVythv.lt, l.n, laavra diam.lon on T..-»laya, Tb.ira.laya and
Hr. unlay a, at I f M -to l„na,t «n* „ b,,,kr.at „ lb.
Natural Brldye and din, at T.ova, , d,y_,„v. al Hal,... ,n
and alWy.hv.lt, lb, Ih.rd ... f„,„, Httunton. by
HI 'I I’aaarnyrra by Ih.al.n, for th, r w. ,1 aid Wlot, Sulphur
Hpr.naa, dm, at it, forme and arr.v, at lb, latt. r on th, ,v nine
uf tit* 4itoilay from Rirhm iruJ
l b, I.y n. Ji> urc a:aa> tear, a I hark.lu-av.lk on Mondaya Wr.loe
•layaand I'r.J.ya and through m a day
Th, Oranff, and fulpap,, C II .lay, barn Go, donav.ll, on lb,
arrival of th, carl from Richmond .,n Tu.-adaya, ThurnUy and Ha
,urJa>*- Tllfm. HIIARP.
Hu|,r.ni,nd,nt 1'ranata.rUiM.n.
■ l '1 i*n«i alter the l*t October, our Packet
X ^ I toil* Mill l^ave Richmond it U M Monday. Wednesday,
ainl Friday, and arrive in l.ynrhbuig next day* at Si p M.
l«* .iv»- Lynchburg Monday Wedne««L.y, and Today, at 7 A M ,
and arrive m Rnhinond nrit .Jay* at .'J |* V
Our fonirrt at « nrtrr«vdlr with the four horse Po%t «*oarb
l.ine to FarinvitW*. Prince Kdwatd, and Charlotte and •»» Kcotlavihe
w.tli Parish to * n.'s Lmr of lui Ik»*- Pnd Ooarbo* t» Stiunuin
^ 30, 18 Mi It* »Vli l.l-MuNU UAVRNPOKI
H«*lwren tin Imumt land Norfolk, Forlamoutli,
Old rniiil t nmlorf. Ar.,ri ••or* Wit! tint II.
j ^ which i* in Uh- iun«t complete order for botn a day and tugbl
line, and ui.Mirinurd in in r acroumi .datums. i* now running t*
tween Pert Walthall and Norfolk, m connection with the Cat* from
j Ki'hmotid and Petersburg, Uu Utc r*u •/ 75 cent* ea’y, ttnir
Pas*rnger» leaving Richmond on MhNDAVH. WEDNESDAYS
and FRIDAY**, at *'»| A M . breakfast '»n burd the tu|'j«u,tRi
' arrive ai Norfolk about I o’clock. »\ M Returning. the Augusta
leave* Norfolk at CAM on TTE««DAY8, Tilt RSDAVS and .**A
i 11 KDAYS. passengers br. ukfasnna on b.K&rd and arriving at Port
, Walthall al half past IS M and at Kirhmond about 2 P M
It will be |h revived from the above, that th.s comfortable aad
I • speditioua In.* fiv* « to pi rvinr veiling Norfolk on buxines* h»
opportunity of transacting it nnd returning by th* host of n**it
! morning,*o aa to be absent from their home* a single n.ght only.
Th** Augusta will stop at the uaual landing* on Jam*** River to
| take in and put out way travel.and at any other point* on the river
| where a aignai is made
The public may »e*t assured. that it i* the delernnnation of the
| Proprietor* to k> i p up Uu* line permanently, and to accofjti!i'«late
| traveller* between Richmond and Norfolk in the b«*t manner and
' at the lowest rate*.
For further information, tickr**. or freight, apply at tin* Depot of
the Rirlimond and Petersburg Railroad Company, to the Ticket
Agent. of |
, ~ 11K Kplenditl and swift Steamer
iiSMWw*. \ I 11 I . *
i Just uu ergon a tJi r-'Ufh overhauling i* now in complete order,
ant ha* c > mine need a r*fu'ar run in |* ace of the CI'RI IN PK. *k'
I 'ion.i t >. u uim ada>
t riilu) IRtmlBflil I. i -1
, ing.tli** At :, a will leave Norfolk every Tutrday Thursday and Sat
unlay Morning*, at the an me hour fl I ‘.'ncWh . amt touch al All
i I b«* lot* (mediate I«anditf*v on the River, both g. ir g and return ng
I (Tr Pnwije ar.<! Fare fn m R • Irnond or Petersburg to or from
Norfolk. meat* included.One DoRar. HASKINS to LIHRY
tT Passrrgers wi-hicg to go this route to the North cm d» m,
t ■
I the Haltaiiur* Boat. and r* mvi* until they arrive the nett mo-u
itig in Raltin»«<rr. without any • xtra charge Return-* the Alice
wid meet the Baltimore Boat in tie morning, a* u«ual. »»ibat u,r
!•>«■•> ngcr leaving Baltimore at 4 o'clock one ever mg will arr.v** in
Petersburg bv \i o’clock and Rich mood by 4 o'clock lie n**it event g
iPT Pa**-ige an t Farr ff.uii Richmond or Petersburg to or ft.uu
Halt.in. re, iimmIi*. todg.ng*. kc. included Sii In, I .u«. II k |,
p The acconun.'dat.ou* aud speed of the Alice are to well
known on James River, that it would be useCs to »a> that n* it tier
hue bem equah*.1, much lea* »urpa>»ed. by any opposition l-Mt that
hi* ever be* non the R.ver. de t»5
WHEAT U All. 1.1.1i: TO Till; 10UT II.
raro to K;iItiinorc - i?,oo
To Watiliiui'ioii - ^5,^0
^I'KAVKI.IJ IIM by (Iik l.mr kavr Ridtmood dait) 11 8 A.
1 M . reach W&Muoftnn at 5 I* M . U&Jt;Qi«.rr at 7i IV >1 . Phila
delphia in tlw- murw of the oifbt. anJ New York by I*.* M i;4r
, •••■*! <la) —A<i«4» al Vti.i u Jap aiJ «i half emj t.imetimea (r^ Caps .n
arrant* mf the yastrmgrrt bp the Hirer and Ha, Hoar/, ri umaer
pr,,mt mrrmuffmruu, ar, detained twenty fane Amti at XvTfalk
Karr brtwm Richmond and Haiti more.$7
Karr btlarea Baltimore and Philadelphia. 3
Far* between Philadelphia and New Yorh, by the early morninf
TlltH. *<iiai:p.
n** •><l ^ Ajfenl of Trareportati n
(rO~ X. 15. For tin* information of the public,
II ia deemed proper lo rule, Hat there are how three daily iinea
li..in Washington In I’h.laiVIph.a—11k |M leaving W«MyM at
li A. M . rrarbea Ptiila.b-lpti a by 1 I* V — llir rnonil leaving «'i.!r
inguinal IS M . reach,-* I'li.odelph,, al J I* M —in i llir la.u bo
infill.- urn limn lino above deeeribed which Iravn Washington
al It I*. M and Halnniorr al 8 I* M . an v- ■ al Philadelphia mUn
coil ran of the nifhi The iraveUet by in. railroad line iiaa, und.i
Hie*., arrangement*. I|je advantage of tieinf in Philadelphia m III
hnoi* from ill. I me of in* leaving K . Iiinond. if tie ,w.n<, n.
luay remain in Washington during ilte aneiii.'-.n and night of In*
ar iral. and be m I'tn adelplna ilte nill day lo dinner, or may Iran*
art bu«r..-a* .n Washington until IS M ui n day. and yet arrive in
Pln'ndelplna alan early hour in Ihe evening
■’OK XMll ill.lt AXM'mtKMIl ltd.
cii.wwE or mu rs.
QN iin.l nllor Friday no*t, 30lh instant, the Caro
U l.l ' I * i i, I /. M . t i ■
*i>0 Prisrslr it« |i«|hii rvvry Monday , Wr.lnraday *, rr..U> Muru.i>a».
at f'l o'clock.
The All oMMi'HATIuN TR AIN foe rMrm.ui willhave R,,tl
nxinit rtfr, day Sunday • cite), led, at t*k A.M
_w t*ut». TraaotMination
On lUili Mtr«*«*l.
rf1||l'. •uliwrila-n Imvi* rt*-<»|>t-»(»•«! tlie* alrovi* m.
■ tabinlum nl. and I...* Irave to »« to tl*< it fro-nda and the
|M1 bIec f. m rally, that ilh y are now po-faml t» *i»a tlwn ondie.drri
attention in unlrr to I‘lriff III. if. wlnt tint i>air.ui w tfir tnirar —
Ornllrniea vmiinf the city on hn,invie will dn.l it to ttr i aJvan
!<• fitr Uf a Mil. Divine amyl* aero modationr for tlie.rtom
fort and rnavrnirnci . Iikrmw. a stable within fifty y rd« of tlir
houw. not rorpawd id tlir r.ijr. To nmt fr,. ad. .1 io only mriw
»r> ■" »»y. 'Ml onr Far •hail at all timr, ho an,i|>'nJ with l...|uora
n*'t Inferior to any in Hie c.ty. All wr de.ire is 1 iir..n.iy. and il
wr fall to please. it aliaii not U car fault.
Riflinmnd. AtfdnM It. in in. ,f
^pHK *uli*rnter i« now in receipt of hi* Fanil
A Pupptv of »nn*M* .1 ftf h *n I f. nu.nr n*r.4. n r,V fmtii
Ilir I me r« nbl<«tir«fl NtHfa r of
ii • n« t niri.i may l« font* I Hi •
MKirr—I on nmol. far y Ttie
H'l' Ru l'i i’r»m ti^upar
i\N'- | . . ..
ClwKf Rr«i Kyo. I ii'ii ' Lima,
I-a rf» Wm.'aor
rMUi Mil 1‘ailf \ rft. l argr
York. Ilfitt - i anJ Rucm
l»mf, lMin»*i nliiff ifil IHitfh
•'•it y. i'ur'ni (•rtrn. K«J
EARRiiT—l imi Parlv
Iforr. A?tr nfhan. -f.rr-.fi .
r.M |.IKM>t\ » K — lUt t A
nirrm *.ai.man %r « ii» «
left!!.If* til fc I’o. All OllI
rr.i.Mni * h
ri I i’MHP.K—r.rfrn for
(Mcbl iic. I.uljr Piamr
l.rmVK K.jml
\\ , 1 •• Hr m •
trt *k n ami Rfd
P- »T MKK|t4_ A« o:i.i!
n:\9-ru,* r«?ljr, I %\y
rriiM Marrem at iffi . M.l
r aiiihii. n»MAmrpm \m.
hr h
AMO. l.^rmlrfih'- R1H Al. RK.
p Jt»n.Nf*ru.N, Hr c«i«i.
I/IVK III VHRrn Park. Iivrpoot Mmn p*i, f,M*ry *tw,l
ar«! in Pm rn1i 4t» !• «r« W»>«lntir< IV m enmity. —laini
n« ami for • , ? v WnRTHtM MrliRI'i f'R ft m
|}OKT<> RU O MOI.\SSI.ri
Rio amt I ifuirra IV* ••. f t by
IM>r.sro*T At.I.RN A <T>
i’l IMI'll TOO I II lilt I M|l« W. h , ,
• ^ «it inoi' rr parcr nf . r**r m rloit Sarfr.l I' . [.'hk'i •
maitr ri(rr—ty for ami ratnpr.1 mihnar a'.i.m Th. *r
hro-h-a hr . a rnaitr n.tli anr ihr hr « .. air ant liaVr In rmur
out. ami III- n« ». t ' on ihr tnr» th-i air r. o.'r.r.l fnprrrloli. to
taatfi amt hnvr a t Or- i I ihr m’>4 hack hru-hra, hr n|
Tima* i*traaanl a .il m iti irah
ii mi. a rvmn i. r>,„„ .u
la IS in Ma n -If. rl
■ |i 11 k 1 I1' lo'f a
■an" Ml i it i . I n 'ot aaV
f» M liORIniYj * .-KINK PR
I (Ml
WonlfCj <V >V no|»r\
It* Barrrl* «
i rwlyrr.arii
YU lloir* Hut ami tom paunt Tar.i* famlkr—R. ff .»n a
Ifw aa' h» fr» W 'RPt? III at l|RI pRR 4 IM
WICINIIIH I « nr Oil. A,-nnn «,pr, o.ata,
ltrarhr.1 Rprna <V (alia Polar Oil rnra rpia fit -<M>
(a I* I in-r.ll |M, I Ii r * raala Pal Pralua. I <"0 Pono 1 at rr
rrirofl amtfot atv hy l>t VAI. k Pi R FI I
► I* in Matax
<kl II flnnimiah. la llhiattr*. o -Mil Mon.a
1 ” phra Whirl')
fall - — IViatlil) tVILl.MM- fc II a X ILL
■ or I Ik- Kriintt nl iiikI t Cnrc
ol Mil IHvii«xiirj.iiu- from an I in
p««r«* Mult- of Ilia- ICI.,.,,1 or llultit
of III,- vi*:
Rorui.A '|R KIM; -I KVIL, Kill.I M VI IHM < >Rl*TIN ATE
<1 TA Sf:< il'K IKITPTIONH PIMrUMHIt pt tm'I.K* on
kin,; worm ,»k rirrrr.R, w *i.» hkah, km.aih.r
BOR.VI |.< i r* KVrilll.lTH; HVHI'n>MB. ,-M iatii a OR
1-oSf RK OR IMI-Rl llP.M R |N I.IPR Aljlo I IIRONH
yiNPim.TIU.AAL lilrioRiiCRS. A,
|»refmralii»B is h eoinliinalion hitherto
unknown m 'll- luafor, of M. Jinn*-, ilifT-rtAK entisly m ill
flura ter an«l opwrationa from tka TUI')*], preparation, of Hanapa
rilla which lilir turn at dilTrr.n' U.is off. r.| u, l|K pablK ||
net.* si-ecihcalijr upon tin- whole .y.trm. thereby Imaging u un.ler
lU.tirrcl »n.l immoluir in1u.ii.. Although pwr.. ! of
ful lirilun *H.itr, )r, it i, ritinljr lonnlrs. w» that it rinaot in
|ur« lb. newt ih-licale ...nM.I.ii,o When m perfect health, no ef
fetlproduce,! by it, uw except Jn urns cf appe, te but when
•li»a«e in f ated in the frame, an.) rarrjncf iu v run, along tin
!>aUl of life, then tin myrter,. hi* influence is lnit and area It rnk.n
dlrn new lile. act »i*or. and t.nnr, h-aUh and atreLgib to the s if
ten,if and dtat-nwl
•• 7en,* «|.|neee On, »Vh,n."—f tt lie Tell .peak /re
(Aewne/ree.—The foiowina certificate in only -notner link in ihe
treat main of le.iim.iny to Ha menu let the ailt.rled lead auJ
^ martacad. What It ban done onee, it wilt do arain
1'll.a, a-Tow, MaoP.pl f id. IMS
Ihta may rrrtify that my aon. now aar.1 a> .-nun. baa been fur
ten yearn affiiCd with tlie arrofubm. humor Al the aye of wv-a
year. h< had the lueaalea. wh.rh pob.hly rauaed thia humor to
make tu appearance in a tnwt. ngular way. euverinf lira body from
hi. head to Inn feet with .mall lontoum. I manulled a llnclor of
Medicine, and he eaamined him three dayn in aucrewuon. and not
und. Irtneiinf b.. raw. adviaed me to rorwutl Hr Roger,, of New
Vora. I mm he inf a renders „f that . l, Alter a tone anJ criti
cal ruminatinn, hamnf more than ihmy other iiied.ra' feutleiuea
with him at the tune. he pronounce I ,t Scrofula, or Kinf'i Evp_
The child wan then preacrihed for. and cnminene. d taking medical
drufa from 'hat time lie fr»w wore untilJune of Inj7, and then
hia hoar n became affected in cunae^uenca of ihe mercury that bad
been given him A piece of booe came awav Irion III. under Jiw,
in Us- firat place, an larfe an an Pnrl.il walnut, a piere from hia
forehead aa large an a tilj. no and a piece from near th. crown
Ot Ida bead li Ilien went to the bare and aide, and di.rhargevl in
ibrc. place,. From Ibraea to one .S’ hi, limb.. • ,«ntu r. in con
*e.| lence of the ulceration. the inuacte* and cord from the b ine, of
ihe ankle joint on the back |iatt. He had ai one tune fiiteen run
U.iw .or*-, or laau. a from the tlanda 01 the thnml and lies, pace, I
have treat.one.! |„ |s«u. | ,r„| „ Pormnjrum. N II . and he wa :
.tucked with a Rheumatic Per. r winch aruled in one of hit hip,
which aw. led a. larfe ;,a three of the other. Remg under medic
UealuM nt. they f ire him laudanum until he low hi. reason Tbei
I he. ms a arm .1 ,nd tent for a Th-.mnenian Ilia medinne help
■ one rht III • '. lie* te a I. v; ic,
ed with thia fever in l-H. when hearing of Is Sands' Sarsaparil
la. aud br .nf perfectly aaliafi, d that all other nicd.c nes had failed o
• ifcctinf a cur.-. I neat and,i rocured all tentlea and by the time It
had taken it all I considered him well. Ttio«e place, he a T - li h
became bright and likely—color cam.- In bu fare aid hpn_f„in
that time till i be Pail Of i-If, h.i comptatni. never tmuUad him.
- ■ M ah
hi. rtgbt eye t-camc affected, from that lo the left eye. coverim
Ur .if bt of the eye so that he w an in a great oruare deprived n
Knowing that Sand.' Sanopanlla wa> the only medicine that ha
ever done turn any g~od. I applied to Mr Powle. A. uh.cary a
R wtoa. lor more lie lua uaen fifteen doliara' worth, which ha
rem red the humor from bn eye. and h-artnr. and he now appear
to te cured, and radically no I renly be.see all thi. latter trouM
mifht liar, tern avoided if I list continu'd tUuioufhl, the urn o
the Saraapar.lla alen he was under iu .nfluen e the brat tunc
I tear are tor . mole ntaicmcalr of the facia of the taae. ami
feel It my duly in make three fact, annwn to Ihe public, for the Is
u-fit of ibo,* who may be artl.cud in like manner feeling a fu
conviction the cure oaa teen etfected aolely frmn the efferi of thi
invaluable m.dir,t.e HANNAH W BT.i K.it, Man ri
Srrrni.a. Or-rnaaa 13. |e|S—Then pereonai'y a[
peareii ihe above named Hannah W. Beca. a.el maJe w...„m MU
ihai the above rertihcatc, by her aubacr.hed. and autch.entv there
iO CORUiord. arr tnir. vtr.
J Kh E. JukiiO' of Uj** Prirs
Ih** f tllov* .n< ktt« r, rrcoived fiom (iarrow, a fMUrrna
w«U known, an: of Uhj b>|b«a> r«Npeeubilitjr. re«4iBf is Mobil*
•howt coDrlunre'y ralur atw efficacy of Sand* Har«if»arilJa i
raa* a of (*hromc Khruniuxu
MOBILE, Ala. July 3d. !«44.
Mi*'m s*,p4“—1 wr»« affl.cird for mor- than (rnvnrt
I w ith rt.* uru.it,#m. aiHi it t« with pktmrr I avail uiy«rlf of thi» of»
i^rtuu ty torypriM to you the «alu a ty etf-ct your >ar«apar;lta had
•n m** lo January. I-»i. I purchawtl of your afeni*. Musn
M.»»r y a. Turacr. Ji\^ h«»tik*a. which I took a#rp»*ab‘y to it** print
»-d dirrctiooa, which rnlirrjy rrx.ov^d tt»** complaint.and I have now
• very p-mod lo believe mv h.-a ih p. rmau^nily recovered.
Your*. »rry rv*pert;'utly.
* ‘ * —: f • i
r»*c« tvvsj from K« v William (*a.u»u
Bkkknuikk. Vt. Oct. 2*Jd, I“4i.
Mrws*. I hm btvn at8.cl*d «ilb a wvric tats in ny
• d. . occa*, i, d l*y a dnwated uvrr. for Utr !a«t twrr.t> year* ru
J.-ntif at trnir* what tanguife cannot coLvey. but *ioc»- lakinf your
^ar*apari.~a I h^vr U«u greatly rrl^vcd, *o much to that I hiv**
be« ii al»!e to atJ-od U# rny tu* irtr, and preach occa« tma.iy f.^r Uk*
lilt Afeen montii*. I wholly diffcarded a ! other m dieme. ir»d
I 1k>roughly tr rd th. darsapan:**. whtch I can recoir. m truth
and t ncrr.ty to all who arr* ,b any way artlictrd with any *pe
cie* «• trro'uUwjs com,.iai«iU Tht re hav^ hern mnr rtiuarlitb r
curt^ fff, cted by >u u*r in thi* vicinity. Mr*. I. Slaw, by :be uw
of in bodies, no restored to bt tt. r h*^a .h than .he had Injure eo
joyed lor ten year* and Mrs W .^scbs. who had be*-r. smrdj
afflicted with Erysipelas, was entirety cored by the use cf a iVw
bottha. Yours, truly.
ror furtlier pamculars am) cooclotlse evhleMW of lu superior
n!l'r aodt fhcacy. see |*ainpl.lets. w hich may beoUai edol .Afenta
| I rrparrd and sold t.y A. B a D i*ANI«, Lnugfists 10o Pulbin
9tr« rt. corner of William New York Sold al?o by IM'V AI. k
! I’l’R^'El.L, ktelimond Rawer it Anderson, Petertbor#. |» i,. L»
man. Lynchburg. J. t'o^k, Fredenckaotfry 31 .A ?aauu, Norfoti and
t»> i*t> g-, i-raliy tLiougU.»ut l.i- I'm ted Sutra
rnce • 1 prr t»ou>—sit bottles for §i
^ ^*M‘ public are re«{»ectfuliy req:;* -u-J to r»*tu» mber that it is
Samis' Sarsaparilla that las been and c.m.iantJy a.*hi- vmf «iKb
remarkat'le cure* of the ni>*»t d:f!u ,i'i c ,n ofi:,s»a«* •:<■» wh ch th^
hmuin frame is suhyect; therefore ash for Sands Sarsapartu ar.d
take no other __ Oo 13
I '•/.r.> I iiiitid Buck tf
lb iki do Pails
3 J«> d»» Tabs, rery st!p*>r or
5 Btiiik Ojl diiijfpipfcM if I fo *al»- by
1 1 II I BAGS old Java (’dice
■ "\P IN 1....... Tallow I'endi,,
4u blUCnlcr V.ovgar
^0 du T«i...vr« till in *—jusi r./e,w,| f,.r
.* pi> v i
|,'l ""HIM. 1(41 % 1C 1 IS
nir\r~~c «hpi iim.s.
12 !!• JENKINS «
* " •
**u»r •'*?(♦ lisgf at I .’h
lactam do I yd «, !**. alt; r.ce* from ‘25c and h.fhai
H «i*-* • ili $1 and h .Mi* r
ll< irlli R1144 fl do ,*,)
t*r- nit* ar><! R«iir 1 ‘ tduidr anJ litfhrr
for barfais- ca In. R !! Je-nhir»’ n«'vs *toir faig Square- j*‘J5
*»l Main Slrerl,
HAVING niadf liuee additions to their stock
. of |lnc<. RnlifUo P»inl». Oil. Or. Uma. Wi«A.. m.—
*f are now prepared to furnirh t'oimtiv M. rrlunu an.| oiherr i.
low a. similar anirlra ran lx piochiwd in tbo marl, t We in
v.tr How. wi limr 10 purenaer to call and rt inner mu at >r*
■ oioih a irnuoit
HI. s. vV J. DON NAN.
rail 1111 ixtrialioti llariln arc.
Hi tho 'hi|> "Hiuk '«.o." 1 i«t arrived inJaun's
RiSP*r from lairrrroo* wr air rr% • v.ncoor Kail 1111 pott.iiioa
of K»|li«b I lard wan at d Cutlery VVr have a;sj rrce.vrd By rr
cmi i r iiiii fmm the No'tli' rn Manufacture* a fw’l aMoniwii 01
Aim 'Hdn I lard war
t Mi miportaii t. ihr omtrnl arasroi. i* th largrsl *r* bnvr rv> •
niadp-. and i«rvrry say worth) Un itlflti n »l ptfrlmn W.
ha% »* I o«n carrful to c01 npth pattern*. •t*lr* and «)iiafitirs of ih
art • • adapt J to t»c wants of our tivv a ad w* frrl com» rat. %rr
• f |*«i a*« d to srM At prices tjiai wiU »»•• «aii.foctry V\> re-*
prrtfsilly inritr merrhaat* and our frtrn • generally pnrclmaiag
llardw arr, to give us a rail. U .■* a J (n *NN
► 111 Main Htrrtl
« Iftrliaiuui Krrllflrd U iiUkry.
r .*1 BBI.S. Old ('inrinnnli Rccli ied Whiskey,
• " for nle t.r no M WILLIAMS A Il l \ ALI.
r|A|IK t’lihlic tire kvrehs notified that the ijuick
am! beautiful Simmer Mol Hr VTRNi'M |« now on Ike
*re»! Mml Houle Utw.m Sequin t ree* an>l W.i.timgi <n
eo * • rill*S III IIP. Agent Tranep..rtaiion.
ICicIi 4 ;i.li 111 <■ r<-n.
/AN I'. Ca*o handsome ( .idimerc*. which vie
A." *« m rery In* to . ALMV—Hifb CMorMI t>mo ,(.i
Moualm de l.amee in *r, ul ear ete jort rarnve<l end for •».»• bj
rov’o KP.NT. kRAMMI.I. A toVMiK
CtOKFKK. I l»l big* prime while M.tractulio
•J CrSfre, reeeie ng amt fot role by
no 17 wrim, II si-on A ro.
W IN now til.ASS.
\ II SI P I! V • s 110
9 MS* Me *
*•• M WPHII R SO, -N A
. rret ire.l. m M. re .iml for
btriele I W S|>p -■ Hraulg jiiei
01 sari,| A StrC SSini 'Sll
nl.\< KS.MI I II S r(M)|48' U (’ h(iv«* in
* *tr hr* vatnaN f*r» il»« ;t . ««
An*|«a. V If *•«. I*f ff» IV,
ftneh >r l hiea.Pk.tfe ami lltml llimnrrv
llWf# KaiHi H«i m Pbwa Ra*; • * .* wfe.rh mt
<MT. f VHI ;a 19 W M J |m\\\N
rou Tin: non;*.
\l'.^ V U K I \ \!#.—Th«* anbai’rihrr ba* |ti*l
»r et**d, by »h« Ftpfr*# frrro Phi .iilflftlia. u tllfr top
fif "f • I *e*‘. m«ri' |H fhiHfrn’i Ou t » P.mIi a«<| <»<•<••. to
mfi, h he call |H* *tu M on •• n « f ■•!«»»» r « at I -he imiM c
if’- f iPf. »• mcy irr a h• "ihw a»vrl a imI *m 'f - • Iki, pn
l»*wl. a |'H»I of H(n>u and PNn, » h<« ,»mn nanqfif
tore. whKh. milh h « **• tttrert of Pi, »$e»| hit at*l pMVfi *o,fc
trvaVrt h i i • I tf nnf «w >eftfff r. tatnfr t<K inferior lo
aov in Ilf ftiy. 4” of atn«h * if •*M «« » a« ai any other
Horiae to Rf hfon.l II11.1..
Mamna> lurrr aoJ I Vale r *n *oola. i*bne*. Tnial# hr ,
•Iomi .W '• tor aalehf
WII.I.UM-a h
7 ,Vi oM io
3 \ *11* % iTodpih
W'll.l. will*’ IIiimU of Itfirgftm and Sal#,
▼ T r*«. .I- of r> I« I’rnco of ItliHwi, and Hki l<«
rt\ anrea on ihe m »o r»qa<iaM^ term* J^T Ofllra of>; >«,te <;<*
•♦on A WimNr'r, Ma>a • reel « to
TO t AltMCltV, « Ml >rin II K< II
am* com ns.
HeJm ilou hi t*eiilte>nlliar)r cciorr.
.. HI rrniirnuarr Hlori«.
'I'"* •Mbwr.hHT.fc, a late order of the Board u now able loaf
M Iff ftl frrallvrnlM^I ___
- frr ai greatly reduced prxee—
so,'° yard* heavy double wdlrl Kcnry. fur Negro Men a .lorb
.•ooo tarda plain and atripnd l.inaey,for Women. clothing
in Store for Kail purrhmaera ;
loo .»«»r read* made Kerary I nata
*0O pain d.. do do Panla
MM 0 pie rea Keren.. nob a tarfe aawtneit of roaraa and do
Htinea, equal to any .n Ibe market.
CmtftHm -c Of Wagon Harm-, for tw., kae, «,.h Ca.t and
M«i n« «• in portKiiu
Wtmnud Ai* ■ r*ry cup^nor
Am., Wheat Kana. Wb at Bag., Refngeratorn. Ward..,tea and
rr*«rrt ■■ of diffrr*nt kind*.
*"T m% P#*it*r,,*rr. » *'ry Miprnor nrlirl^ of Rurr Mm
^tonr*. W«r inf l»oyt. < art*. h.r
rb^ xbor*- nr* nfT<rr*-d on v»rjr arromiitndi«rii»f an.] pur
rha«rr» will ck» writ to rail at Uw P^iait. nttary, or it u.r Htatt,
14. A’Tiln.g u» Mayo r Hrid(r.
" 3—*f j AH. r: BPriTtV. Age a. Pen’,
MON1 \t«l K respectfully inform**
*hr*■*' Mho *i li lo porcha*** I'.ano Pafi**. itaac he n|>rr|4r
” 'll in <a lb m.irumcnte of the very be.t quality. upon
riMo*"0***1* ',rni’ " '**•* b,‘ 0,,<»in»'l any where n the
Th*‘ metnimenta which h- oiTere for n|r are made of the rear
malarial., by workmen of eipenenee. wl,o *e,.w ule.r iwuu.
VV"b regard to .l«ra*w,/, ,j mrekmaaekry and beea/y ,f yiai.t Iheee
I mime am tqeal to any inide m tbia country.
LiiIhdiw .-.nd eLaelaity of tnucb and equality and awo-iaere of
ion* throughout. arc werirg c'o/rni,.. of the mrtriia.* ma iflared
for «a> t-y the auba'1 her. Whenever a w .uan guaren*.ie u re
quirad. u w II begiyrn Or-iera frt rti any rart of the- Southern or
Waafara Siatea art. r,|„J l0 »,t)l nj,|lly j .p,lr|l
l ianoa lunrd in tin- In-* manner, by a competent bond, at abort
rat notice.
L M > »• c.onriant y for ra •• an ai-trtment of Ml dlCAI.
INSTRI'MENTj* of every veri-ty. at very low price. ,nd a co
lecti m or V r*|i;. rmnrac.ng all Hie publication* r.f the fnitad
Ptate* Nm V ine received regularly every week Muaic bound.
healer in Muaic and Muaical Ineirnuiecte.
H rn of *bv cioi. mi
.No 161. Vvn .* r el o p«- i« the IIink*
NOOO ICooh Mips
13 K( h! V til per nh?p Iowa, from Havre, via
I We \r» Vork—nlKtfJ n Fr.inrr ar.<! rtn! I y \|or« P.
rhot >» entire of Ft me.* but for ;h»* Ian 3 jr«»r* a rem, 1« ni of Viifi
m». an J praet caltjr a eq Minted woh the culture and manaa*-tn#M
»• * •
inuii tli** Kotrai N .rntrry GanVn nLuiCiJicuri; n* ar Fart*. and the
private rird.a of Iei11« Ptul.ippe
The i le. -,on con* at« in ;.artnf tbv -'nlluw ,na vaneiire
Chadinel Rlanr rbamp
ffoiriin.- rip. Vougot f
Vraia Raraal ’■ Purgundy
Plant dejum )
I'haaelaa Rouge
CliaieUa Blanc
Raie-n de Pop be
Ran in de trainee
Malaga Muecai. Madena Ac fce
Tboa. w bo anb to avail ibenevea of Hi a rar > opportunity n .11
i -a»e--all a on aa tbtroola niu-t be planted in a moniti to t.ear
Irud tbia para
* ^ Mon- Pic hot * ill give purebarere full -I reckon* about the
I untirand n.anagen..at of Uw roota an.J ri pe For ai’e by
fe la—dH.n Cbemirt and Hrjggi.t, 1p5 Kroa-I atrert.
m>'M tiHon-FHs Ir» KJfOH* KKPCT.1TIOJF f.V/t H .1H
H.i.vTFh >«» '// .i.vi) /.vf
\l « hull rail- and ICclatl:
AH T*I( *IIOK V—Cr» t-n (ilobf
While ('..ant
I' . Bean*—Larjre k. «ma’l Lima
Hnxp Bean*—Fail y China. ditu>
l*° E«r y M<>tMwk. do | moon
Ik) R^fuc*»* or i ui.(i to |
Bert—tariy HioAd. lurn.p routed
Ik) do Yel aw do do
Iki !*>nc Rm'oJ Mattel Wmuel
l*o \\ b te >, , .. in Fr*-tch.*rfcg u
Bri<oL—Wii t»* and Purple Tape
Cabbage — laxly and I ar*e York.
lUr > and !,atr* Bat . *»* Ear
If Pu^u'. iC. I^ar^r hrur.iheao,
Lar*r B rfer. FUt Iiutrh
!>nmdrtd .•‘avny. Gr<*n Curl
ed Savoy, Red Ihrch
( auti&mer—Earty aod Lam
Otery—While Solid
« arm*—L..«| Ora;.(r Lu&« Red
and White Field
| Cre**—Curled or P(*(p rir«*«
Cur uni be r—Early Fraux\ dnp
Cluab-r. L< tit Green Loni
Pr chly Gherkin for p.raiine
Corn—Far:v So«ar a.. Tu*raio
ra. do llolJ a i>idui
Eodi*e—Gret u Curled
B«f Plant—rurpW
Kali*1 -Blue Curied t?.i»e; an
(7dJn 1 ur^d ScuUl1- or
L-ek—Urge Scotch
Ut'uce — While and Green
Head, Rally CurVJ InCta,
While and Green Coe* Brown
Melon—Nutmeg, Gieea Citron,
Tim Apple
Water Melon-— finest kinds
Mustard—White and Rlaek
t'n on—While and B.d
Peas—Uodi. h a Kiua Earty,
Ear y May do Frame, Blue
Pru-«.an, Dwarf Marrowfat.
Bishop's Piwaif ProUk
1’anuip—Long S-nooin, French
I'aniey—Fine Cui'rt
Pumpkin*-Laire Veitow
Bhu: art!—for Tans
Badrteh — Loaf Starlet, Lon# “at
moa. White Turnip, Pcartel
Turnip. Blark Spanish
Salsify—or Vegetable Oyster
Squash—Early Bunch
Toirato—Urge Red and Yellow
Turn p— t vu.rted
Herb and Fiower Seeds
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lx atn.T to Cain o x, ox in Tuna Mu.i.tox Bin
Mr Paxatprvn The senator from South Cir lim l Mr.
* H-Bonx] ha* boldly made Ihe issue as to the authrrahipof
'W>r‘ ***• thrown the blame of it upon tha
preecnt administration. On the contrary, I believe him**ll
to ha Ilia author of it. and will give a part of mt reasons
for believing ao. In -eying this, I do not consider tha
march to Ilia Rio Grand* to haar haan tha cause of tha
war. any mora than I cunaidar the Bnttah march upon Coo.
<*ord and E,cxtngton to bate bean the cause of tha A mar , •
can rerolulion, or the crowing of the Rubicon by Catsar to
have bean the rauaa of the eiril war m Rom*. In all iheaa
*»*« •, I consider ilia rauaea of war a* pro existing, and tha
march** a* only the i fleet of the** r*u*r* I conaider the
match upon the Riol.rande a* being unfortunate, and cer
tainly ahould should hare adorned again*! it if I hud been
consulted, and that without the least frar of diminishing
my influence in ihe icttlement nf tha Oregon question My
opinion of Mr Polk—and ripertence in that rely Oregon
case ba* confirmed it—did not author,ae ms to coojeclur*
that any one would lose n d.ience with him by gismg him
honest opinions; ao I would hare adrised against tlie march
to the Rio Grande if I had been consulted Nor do I ace
h. » any opinion adverse to the President's was to base tha
• fleet of lessening hie influence mine settlement of the
Uieg. u question. That question was settled by ns. not
by the President. Hall ihe democratic senators went con
trary to the President’* opinion, and none ot them loaf in
fluence with him on (bat aecoun'; and *o 1 can see no poe
sible connexion between the facte of the case and the atna
top. reason for not interfering t„ save his country from tha
war which, he saya, he saw. Ilia rtavnn is to me unintel
ligible, incomprehensible, unennnectihle with the tact*
of the case. But the march on the Rio Grande was
not the cause c t the war; but the cause* cf thta *r*nt, like tha
cause* of our own rerolultoiiary war, were in progress long
before hostiline* broke out. The cause* of thi* Mexican
war were long anterior to this march, and, in fact, every cir.
eumstanceof wxr then existed, except the actual colLstou
of arms Diplomatic mt. rcourse had ceased : commerce
was destroyed: fleets and armies confronted each other
reat,*. were declared to b. broken: tha contingency had oc
cu.red tn ah.cn Mexico had denounced the exre enc* of
w.r: the tncorporatio., of Tex... w„h a Mex.c.n war ou
her hands, had produced, m legal contemplation, the *te.ua
ZH‘ b*'we«n 'he two countries ...d all ihl. had ceearicd
before the march upon the Rio Grande, and before t!,e com
mencement ol this admmiatration, and had produced a
state Ol things Which tt Was impossible to continue, and
which could only i.cetre their solution from arm* r.r nego
tiation me march lu the Rio Grande brought on tbecol
liaton ot arms; but, so far from being the cai<ecf the war
a was Itself the ertect of these cu-cs. The senator from
uih C trohna is the author < j tno*« cau«*t, ami therefore
the author of the w.r; and this 1 pr p ,se to .how, .. present,
by evidence drawn from himself— f.om hi* publrc rffictal
ad* tearing all the ev.dence derived from mher sources
from private ano unofficial acts, for lulure production, it
dee mt d nec ewu.-v.
I 1 he senator tro.u Souih Carolina, in h.s effort to throw ,he
altate the war upon ih«- PreaiCent. gets no further bark
m his aearch for causes than to tins march upon toe R.o
t.rande : upon the same principle, if he wrote a hnu ry ot
the American revolution, he would begin .t the march
upon Lexington and Concord, leaving out of view menu
year, work ol Lord North-* administration. No, the march
upon the Rio Grande was ant the cause of the war had
It not been for pre-existing causes, the arrival of the Ame
rican army on the Mrtican frontier would hare been aatu
ted With military courtesy, according to the usage of all ci.
vilized nation-, and with none ao much as w„h the Span,
lard.. Complimentary tutu, Jmnera. and fandangos
ball* not cannon ball*--would have been the salutation!
The cau.es of -.he war are long ai.torior ; and I begin
wirti ttie ueg.nning, and »how the atnator from South Ca
ro.ma an actor from the firat. In dotng thta, I am acting it.
defence of the country, to/ the Preaident represents the
country. The senator from South Carolina cnargea the war
upon the President : the whi le opposition follow him : the
bill under discussion is forgotten; crimmanon of the Pre
sidem is now the object; and ;n that crimination, the coun
try II injured by being made to .pp«sr the iggrcor in the
war. 1 his is ray jusi.iicmon lor defending the President,
and showing ihe truth that the senator, in'hia manner of
acquiring T< t . , « the true cause of ihe war.
The reset m 01 Texes to Spam in Ie 1» is the beg lining
point in me chain of causea winch have led to tuis war; lor
unlesa me cuuntry had been ceded away, there could have
been no quarrel with any power in getting it back Fora
long time the negotiant of that treaty of cession [Mr J U
Ad**-. Ot.re a.l me blame ol the loss cf Texas; and hia mo
tive, lor giving it away were set down to hostility to the
south and west, and a desire to clip the wings of the slave
holding smte*. At last iha truth of history has vindicated
Itself, and has shown who was ihe true author of that mil
chtet to the south and west. Mr Apius baa made a public
dec.eration, which no one controverts, that that cession was
mace in conformity to the dec.stou of Mr. Monroe's cabinet
* majority l: which wi» tiavehoidiog, and mionf them (ha
present senator trom South Carolina, and now the only sur
vivor of that majority. He dees not contradict me statement
ci Mr. Abxirs: he, therefore, stand# admitted the co-author
it that mischief to the south and west wh.ch the cession of
Texas involved, and to escape from which it became r.ecev
?ary, in the opinion of the senator from Jiouih Carolina, to
get oack Texas a: the expense of war witn Mexico. This
conduct ol the senator in giving away Texas w hen we bad
0 Vo u n“l"i*4 10 *et “'-f back, is an er.gms
which he hay Hirer yet condescended to explain, and which,
until e,piained, leaves hint in a stale of selt-con-radieti m
which, whemer it impair, hia own confidence m himself or
not, must have the effect of desiroying the confidence of
others in him, and wholly disqualifies him for the office of
champion ol the siavsholding States It was the heaviest
blow they bad ever received, and put an end, m conjunc
tion with the M.ssouri compromise, and the permxueoi lo
cation ol the Indians west of the Mississippi. to their
luture growth or extension as slave States The compro
mise, which was then in full pr gress, and established at
the n-xt session of Congress, cm off lie slave States from
an territory norm and weal ot Missouri, and s. u-h of 36A
degi.es ol north ig.iludf: the treaty of ISl'J ceded nearly
ail south cf that degree, comprehending not only all Terns,
but a large part of ihe valley of the Mississippi on the Red
river and the Arkansas, to a foreign power, and brought a
non-tlaveholding empire to the confines ot Louisiana and
Arkansas the permanent appropriation of me rest of the
territory tor the abode of civilieed Indiana swept the little
tUveholdmg territory west of Arkansas, and lying between
the compromise line and ihe ccssiou line; and left the slave
ffiates without one inch ol ground for ibeir future growth
Nothing was left. Even ihe then Territory of Arkanssa
was encroached upon. A breadth of foviy mi>. wide, and
three hundred long wts cut-off from h»r, and given to the
I'herik e., and there wa» uot u much slave temiory Iclt
west or the Mississippi as a dove could have rested tbu
•ole ol her tool upon. Ii was nor merely a curtailment, but
a total extinction of slaveholdiiig territory, and done ai a
tune when the Missouri controversy wm rsgmg, and every
effort made by northern abolitionists to stop the growth of
slave Stan e The senator from South Carolina, in hia sup
port of the ceseion of Texas, and eedmg a part of the val
ey Ol the Missirvippi. was then the most efficient ally ,.(
t e restrictionists at ibat time, and deprives h m ..i -he riglit
ol setting us as the champion of the s’ave Sta'e# now I
denounced the sacrifice of Texts then, oelievm* Mr
Aoxms to hsve been Ihe author of it t l denounce it now
knowing the aeusior from South Carolina to be its author’
and tor this—his Migrant recravucy to the slave interest in
their hour of utmost peril—I hold him disqualified for
the itfice ol chaiupion cl the fourteen slave State., aaJ
shail ceren.y require him to keep ou’ of M asourt, and to
coiii’.na himself' tu b»i own bai i*;ck*
1 come now to the direct pr >ora of the senator's author
ship or the w*r. and beg n with iha rear If36. end with
the month ot May ot that veer, ami with the d7ih die ol
that month, and w ,th i u* first rumors of the victory of Sin
Jacinto. r»« Congress of ihe United Stales was than in
session the senator from South Carolina was then a mem
ber of tins body, and, without even waning for the official
confirmation of that great event, he propoeed at once the
immediate recognition of the independence of Tetae, and
htr immediate admiaetou into thta Union, lie put ihe two
propositions together—recognition and admission and al
l"wed ua no further lime for the double eolo than the lew
daya wmrh were ro intervene before the official intrlli
grm-e ol the victory sb ild arrive. Here ere st me eg
tracts trom Inv speech on that occasion, and winch verily
what 1 vev, and ehuw that he was then ready to plunge the
c. untry ono il . Teian war with Mexico, without the
s. gh'cst regard lo na rreeiiee, its commerce, it# dunes, or
ite character:
•* Mr. Calhoun km of ..pinion that it t.iu'J add morn
atrergih to the nuw oi Teiaa |i> wail for a few daft until
fhey received ■ (final confirmation of ihr victory and capin*n
of Santa Anna, in order to obtain a more man ia n« von*
in tavor of the recognition of Teiaa. • • • ||e had
made up h.a rinnd not only to rer ign'er rhs mdrj emlrnro
Teiaa, but for her adtTtiaa.on nlothia Itfiinn ; and it tbo
IVtana managed their illvire prudently, they wmM aooit
be n rd upon to dectde that i|ue*t(on. There over# pow
rrtal reaaona tally Tr*a* ahou d be a part . f h ^ I nion
The voelhi rn tt'atra, owning a c1*** p pulari-ur, were deep
ly intere*t»d 'n pr»*enir>g that muntry fiom having the
power to annoy theui, and 'be natigaling and manutaera
ring mtereMa of .he north and ea*t were erjuatly tn'errerrd
tu making >t a par' el tin# Union. |{e thnoght they won <1
ao-n be railed on to deride theae quean one, and when iher
did art on It, he waa f u veiing nil both together—for re
cogniamg the independence of ret ie, and foe admitting
tier into the Union • • • If evente «h-*ld go on aa tbnv
had d ne, he c. j!d not but hope that bnfore the eloee of
thepnaent ■•raeia of Congrnae they would not on f ae
bnowledg- the independence el Teiaa. but adni't her into
the Union, lit h ped Itrerr would ha no unnerraaarr deter
—for in eurh n«. « detare were danrerniie —hat that ibey
would art wit . . n, y, and art prxnprtv. '*
Here, thru, la lb# proof of tbe fart that, ten ynera ago,
and without a w rd uf eipleoetoa with Mnieo, or any
rrqoeat front Teaan— without the laaot none# >n ihn Anon
rrcati people. «e time toe deliberation aarnig owrdetvan, nr
any ragard toeiia'mg eommerre—ha waa for pfwngmg aa
into iparant war with Mnieo I aay, inemm war ;for Mei
C > aaj Tetu were iben in open war . and !n me-rpora'n
Tnaa, waa In incorporate the war at the MOW tinea All
ibw the Senator waa then for. immediaretr nf'ar h<e own
gral'tiMaa caepioa of Teiav end long bat ora I'm invention
of ibe London abolition plot cente to opportunely to i t

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