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rroos Ik* N. <». PicayuM. r*b «>.
ftaoit tu lio Uimdl—Th* fallow lug burr teller from
our spoctsl costs* pondeut wab lb* army has come In hind
■me* our la*i publics!.oa. It cum by ibo Heroin*, wbicb
Ufl Brazos on lb* I b.h instant t
Urn*/o*Hsatisu >, I'd). 13, |||7.
(Jen. Hcotl i* uclually packing up hi* dud*, and will go
on board Ibo Massachusetts this evauing or lo-morrow. Il
I* mid. loo, ibat Worth's di«i*:on wilt *11 t>« on bourii by
lb* ilOtb Thi* cun hardly bo *rcuui|iliahrd, howevar,
ry»n in good weather, aad w* ahull not have four lair day*
in aui-craaibh. Vrasal* have aimed wilh ibo Mississippi
and a portion of the New York yolunieer*. They are eu
cliorcd in the i ting.
It i* now alatrd poailiyeljr that Cassius M. Clay waa ta
ken priaonrr, aa well a* Major Uamea, wilh Borland's com
maud, al Riicaniacion, ou ihu ‘dJd ulL
They had a regular ataniprde at Mataaoroo the day be
lore yeaterday. and went to work like g...,.l I. Iowa (the lal
Iudiaii* volunteer*. Col. Drake) and fartilied tho pleat and
prepared far a (rand tight. Hut no Meaicana appeared It
would do that regiment a gnu* deal uf go »d tu have u hot
fight with the Mexicans; they would, alter auch nu evant,
Itel ah i*o the apeeie* ut amusement they hate heretofore
indulged tu. There ta no nnatake hul dial Ihe Mean-aim
between lirre end Parras ere rnueb bolder than they have
heretofore been, end they begin to ho acllve in their valua
ble oprraiinna. They have it in their power to annoy u*
very much, and aeein determined to do ao.
Co-ieeponJeuer of tl.e f lrtyu>e
Cauaauo, Mexico, Feb 5, IH17.
My D*ar Sira—When 1 wrote you list the mule tram
waa III Clun k by « ranciiero force near Alilama*. Colonel
Morgan, ol the Ohio volunteer* who i* the commanding
officer of dim place, upon the receipt of the inielligencii
immediately mounted a pirty ol hia men and proceeded to
the eccnc of aclion. When he arrived there he found die
train and hulled, and wailed a reinforcement. He order
ed it lurwaid and proceeded two day*, and when witinn
3 mil** ol Cnpidaro lie cue imped lor Ihe night, placing lim
mules (about 3001 in an enclosure, w.th a guard over them.
That night die ladroiiea or robber* tired upon the guard,
stampeded the mule* and broke lor die chaparral. A par
ty pursued them aud recaptured all hut cighly-two. Col.
Morgan, with a party ol tinny men, next morning started
on tho trail which, winding al mg the bases ul the moun
tains and through the chaparral; led m tho direction uf
In In* route he pasacd several ranchos occupied and own
ed by these I ad r ones, and used by them as rendezvous and
depots. Ill several ol die in he louud pistols, knives, swords,
saddle*, die. Ac , all of which he directed to bn burnt._
Thus he contiuucd on until tie reached China, and in na
suburb* lie found a Urge rancho, which waa well known
from it* elevated position to be one used by these people
as a lookout, and far other purpose. This, also, the colo
nel burnt, lie was about to commence bis operations on
the town, as ho had traded tho party into it, and was only
induced to dcamt bv tho entreaties of Ihe alcalde and hia
offers to return the samo number uf mules. The colonel
remained two day, received eighty.two mules (hotter than
tb we he lost,) sent them to tho train, which he directed to
pass on to Monterey, required fresh horscelorhi* men, pud
the alcalde for what provisions they wauled, and left with
many protestations ol‘ Iriouddiip from the alcalde and pntst
—always the two “head devils" in every :o.vn «.f Mexico.
To allow you what a lavorablo impress.on the colonel
made upon them, when ho spoke of tho probability uf
vi-iting th'-m again, il acts of a similar nam e were re
peal! d in his neighborhood, they told lum that ho need nut
put bin a If lo tho trouble of coming htmirlf, but just
send them word and they would do every tiling ncceissry.
In China they cstuu near grabbing the famous Cairajal,
one of tho moving spirits of all these depredations. Hr
was silting in the house with the pneat—they had just re
turned Irutn mss*—when Morgan and ms party enne in
aighi. and the sentinel on the lower no doubt communica
ted the fact lo him, and he “rumuard."
Kxpeditiun* of this kmd are the best concilitory policy
wh eh can bo adopted w ith auch people. In the neighbor
h mil of China, Montcnionllos, Ahlnmas, Reynosa and
Mier are regularly organized ladrones, to whom the al
caldes arid priests give their countenance and support. 1 he
parly that Col. Morgan was in pursuit ol won not leas than
two hnndrod string, and the alcalde of this place has a
son in the band. From their farmer habits of smuggling,
rn'TJcnrg and robbing, they hive acqu-rcd a perfect know
ledge ol all the mountain passes, roads, paths and trails in
the whole country, ami thetofore you can imagine how
easy it is lor these robbers t> escape pursuit; wo must
therefore tail on some other pi. n to prevent their deque.la
loir. (Jen. Taylor, I am to d. has now in Monterey hos
tages from the lutle town where Lieut. Ritchie, with des
patches, was taken; and further, that the licncr-l ha* given
■ho authorities three weeks to produce the actors ol this
tiagedy, or he will level their town to ihe ground. Let this
system he kept up, and in a rhurl lone nothing of tins kind
will occur; any other course is fooling away our nine.
Captnm lien McCulloch is again in the fipld. He, with
shout twenty picked Texas h'hojs, joined lien. Taylor a
few days since at Montrrry.
•*«rl ol 1C l< It inoinl.
ft - * M »''r P. M.
H^lir Sar ill lUiznU t!'. {kU'ia.
NEW YOKE, March I.— Arrived, «chr Patrick Henry,
Cho-ior, 4 d \» Loin Kichmond.
I I l>rj -Auei N Not i r
of the trade te respectfully called lo our tale of Dry (!o»d<
i > r imtnence ihil morning m 9 n'cloek. bt <mr Wiki.miiii
The Morlnuml will he lound dueiraLIu and worthy ihcir
flNcerln at Ain llim. -HV •hall • It lb • amra ny. at
10 o* cinch. nnrtly I>r ir.r Huyara. " Ililey ” brant , prune New . r
b-an» kutaia;do M.daatct, in larrelt mime laiyuayra aod It to
Orrrn I'oif. ; old Jin lo; |.r m • new Htroa Hitr. .Ill Joltt. t*og
11 e anil tmiltiou llrandy ; old Hy, Wbialt j Uhanipaynn ; | r n.'
«Jo In'n and Ki ll Hull tr; prim • limlwii I'krcrr n rail. Ill.rkiar
Indigo Pepper, fcr.. Jtc. WILLIAMS ft II AX ALL,
“h J A lie la.
<TV~ ►'rmn ib* gracrir a law ol Uh I Ir. n r< Itm i tin
word intltir.' it ili’tivi it and the w ,• of l!m intert iv.it tindnuht
rdly the linrt tprci.,1. n ur rre.iriag which tbs world fr« raw Itude
a.it.- ajivrinirn majr to c in tide re J. n it at n- ar an appr -ncli in Hie
fabric, of nur Inomt. aalbn rti.lt* iclnrdirt .,f ihr rnrty a,i« air in
•he lriuni;dit of modern pharmacy. In till’ da)« of llipporratrt a
tool Mat dug at a prrteulir tine oftlir im mi and after being tnak
td In ent.1 e ater, the fluid wit adin rilrli’ri’d in the patient. C'o-n
|iarr lint poweilrmefTi.u, ■■ with the happy remit ofn ni'nniUon a ait
eoacentnttioi altaieed laBiiM'ftutnuu > The detergent and
tnriH* prop, riire of the mo.t valnablr , f nil mote, rterettr through
thta preparalloa llir-r in i«i per rrt mtl’ienre . and the confrt|uenrr
It, ttitl ad dleeaara of rhe .a n and nihrr iniI'gumeata at well at
timer of 111- flr.li and tl nlt (including Hcnifltlai )ieM readily, in
allunal every intla ee. I • lit rtfecln.
I’or fiinlnr pninruUrt, and rnnrtuaivr pvidenee ofi'.t superior
value and etheury, ace paiupb. it. whlcli maybe obtained of age nit
tty Prepared and told, wholetaleand retail, and Tor rt^ntaiioa
by A. II ft li H A Me*, I>rnggitii>. I ill) Pu ton ttrret, corner uf Wil
Inin. New Vote- arid ,tlw by III VAl.ft rt'Kt'KI.!., A(I :.tt. Main
aireel. hi. I,limn,I Vi — Plirr. • I |>cr bout l tl< loittli « fm g .
N c n it o oks,
It4-rt'iv«'<l in iiilvniire* unit for wall* al
111 I IU A /'V STREET,
KV .1. \V. It M>OI,l*i| A CO.,
Parfcrr'e Question adap’rd lor .lie use ol Mnrrr'a, Mitchell'*, OP
ney’t be liragraphiet; gjc
Tl r True II liever—ina rbararivr. duty and privileges—eiucn.au d
■ n a tereinf daenumrt, by Krv Am Alihan. .Mr
A System • f Inu l'cetutl riiotoi hy. ly Kv Aaa Milan I .an
li'laiai l.'< Ann n t e» rf l.i erjlurr. nuttuny ot tkelcl.i t of
rli irnclcrt of P.r girth Literature,'J vnlt I.Sti
Inttiiulea nf Medicine, ly V. 1’iinr, A M M (I, .'.Tj
.■'ll supply No !l anl III Matlin the Founding IVc
-d tupp y Nor 113-1 H uiktpea t. dnc. P.i.t. ,<(ue, J’e. t .nq
Me a. ,c. all I Nir IP llia’nry fitly It I d, .’.Sc
Hpu n Ini proof imprra.ioii of a e.tol Fo: trait of J bn Hampden
Peumili—capital likenee —I.iiO
I ti* itamb er In Meitco, by t; J f.atrnt, ■. il?|e
Jau'y No ttnulbein U arierly lleview. pub.,,bed in ( liatiritnn. ft
41, at gi per yeai: Hubertuimne tie .ml
f 1HAROOAL.—The siibncriber withoi
tiacltota large ry,i entity of I'll At ruA!.. to h delivetrdia
ttircilyi.f ItiCtitnun I, and It pr*ptrrd lo te.-rive t ropoenta for the
deBeery. _mb 3-d.iirit It It CWATIIMKY
^PtlK sii(i>cnl»< r him ri-iiinvud to the nrw Hlnro
No in. I.'t i atrrrt, briwfrn MainardC,irp atrrala, oppotna
Hr* iir» I ily II .irl lit* rfTi'M for ra > In. u. ml a.aoMiurnt of
... ... — . *7 ....* * »**. i nri. H’l *n * III. II. ml m
II *•«, Imilirr,Ar cna*i« i r in port of ihr fnl owing
For Mine Tinker*.
H iV laitbrr. bunt an I Wat |ipj*r la-.nn. * C'a’f Pkma. Hral
r»nn. Inning and Hindu* .“km., Bom ant Irfd.ra Moror-r, Poor
Tbrrada »f all ,|ualii m. Awl>. an I T. gnnrral'y
I’or Mini ;iaru«>«« Tinker*.
Ti# -■ '>f. <; HU .ml Hirnnrg
WrllM. Hi k •»n.l 11 Md lltinr-a and lljiJr |.«-alli r. IV# r Hair,
fllark Vain «li. Le.
For Furring* .Tinker*.
Maro-rn Okma rhoitr llalr., f u win and I'aianl Ualbrr. Itnw ,
Ban.:., Ailaa, *pnafa, depa, l.amia Mom, Daniaak f n I i.ingr. *r.
For Tnmier*.
eiaiif . or Hulas and Veil Flint, dp.m.h llidrs. Oil an I Cameo
For T|nc|iitii«f*.
Ban.1 and lairing l,raifi«r. Al: 11 whirh o n be nkt <[„„« t„,
r».(i w inM |«pti. f IMI.i i: i n np..
mb .T —raft No 10. ISth .Ini', Rielmond. Va.
I KR0HK8. - (H»00 Kuiouci in I. vary
*--* hoa’.hg.anl ingnod road llnr,. \Vli-n irqnirrd. tli gran b.
•Mil lla and a»al mU p top di.nui.-r m :l.i > am'rg. Fur . |.<
mb S I’KVrnN JCill,INTI IN. riingg.w.
g <l>\( III * U \ | I.
l'"iglfn Wilrf, qm ami p nw warran r ,1 frn'inr. d rrrl
fioin l*w propr ia i of ili" Hpnng; jn.t lo band prr M.ik’jr.i, ,,
aridfutlatp mb 3 I' jnllNKl'ii.N. Ilrnggioi.
W I’KINd i I.O I’111 Nil. —Juat rtctlTod • Itff
T- ' in rr of Hot r handaoar nriv • ) I * o ’ I'rib Vrfti for apnng
M iti Al»» an ategaot aaaonni al Ilf it hKo Vital! Can .r,,
tnkomaand I'lnih Hn k*. for ante c !»•(? bp |*T AI K a in,
"■b * Lm Oi ran, i lib M.
. N i I Mark-rel, |nd af llna dnp
■•■r nib i itn.irr.i. fc *.- AMii.iaii
J d'i'1JK—■bolt and go lull koirj Ir i -,wf
I IdMfPngar. labblarm N il
I <• bp
niiMKl.i, a
LI K K N K 8 .s
the Into John ■litinprien V*len*nnl«.
A N r\< Hri-ri^mv.il I’nrlrnil ohho lal< Joha
« » llampIri rkami.u -pri'1'• nrrd bp ihn~. wh . am* bim In
ba Ilia brat priiik a pri (I F r a. I. bp
N A-’li a wrniiiiintMR,
. "•b T no Mam street.
J\ hW VVi)Hh,by ihn niiilmr ol 'Amy Her.
1 * Bill’ll Ml'l.ni IV , ,! || .f l All,>ll,i
lir:l, '»( In V v la —|i»|H-r | on. .1 ah I ill
Alav | lit piibinhid--H.I.ntin R I’aifiboa |d.lrrihna from III
Fatb,-r.| —lm I* rr, ngia* r'nmnia I ‘leri •,*. Hand Hint ••• in na'imju
rrmr.i a Aradrimra—bp llrurp M Mao-i
N A I. * AVI n, II llilflf’,
1 .'l*l M 118 ■if**' I
■ fro Ann I- Ip lai for in ,1.) |rk dr on'p .A, abarr. ,a prnpn
•*»* Tit I •§•9 01 unfl' lii'krta .nr «tlr tin'll II oVIirli. al
“b * FFNfil.ltTiiN d or» li F No^Farbanfr.
Teattniony la mow It<•<'«■ it «•<! Iron)
Til® foluwng kltria «i« |i rMbifd W»th • V w of more fully
•hawing ih« upiarf >m of flip < tiu in rvltMaa o Medical value
of In KWAYMhrf < OMPOUMa «YlUf OF WftLtl LlIr KUY:
l>i.H»»im—Ictr Hu ll.t.nf uartl )«<ur ('oop>n.4 Hytup of
WiU t It ny. citriMiirriy in any yit(lI wai r*%i|e M b, ><>ur
Agroi. I f i'ruuher. toetpae • my wpm on It writing of ||« proper
l'rl *• * I* •!« 1, I in el rUrauluily r uiply, *• I fo lb, »«»
doing. I wdl ilurUlgrt J «l<b. I OWI Ihr r< tiiaaifluiy «l Urgi , and
flip r uu« in imlaular. As uiu. It u I dr|.-st tgusrk knutgin
• ini I’au ia Nuaiiunia, I was iia^uc «| fiooa a failuis of the too*lpo
I'-aat tl|Hflonala, iKoauM |M an onr anaU nt uardu ts io ■ mi «
c ■« of Dbuad Lungs, lo uy >.ui Pm p ollim • f Paunua Vu
«*»»•» *" "nu Chirrv It ia fumrirot lo way (list I waitn much
»bc »«‘*«aU of Uaat. and •. bsequeol Ilia a that I now pro
Kitba ii io |tfvlri*nc< I» all otkvr K« him! .-a atu »r an eiprcUiaaiit
M iudicair t l» i Jm* aiiurfi dr* ml d I’neuin on or Di««ar of thr
Lunya, tat aha a'arm n< foma m w|»i« Ii .t ap^r «ta ta K« mucky I re
gard it as aa loiatuabk U*iu*dy in li e treatment of lint di«»a*e.
To all wbo Know me I have aa d enough. but a# ih s may to* seen
ty P'rooaw out of the vicinity of Frant'ort. I wdl tin fly add, that
I law# been saga fed m an .in ve |i aili’r of uiy gra'mlan of If
y»a«-. aa>d am a lt*gu*r Graduate of Trjoaylvaaata an I tins it the
fltat Pat*nt Mvdtcinr I ever tfoougl t vnoegu of to aiprrsaan opinion
an writing. J. II KLLMON.M. II.
Jao ry 7 111, 1B47. Frsnkliaa County. Ky
FlARiroar, Kr , J.tn ry 7tt|. IH|7.
The above c-ititiratc fo froua one ol onr Pb>»KMav I ting a fow
anil* a from here hr is t'oing a very good |iracticr. and is cotaaadeted
a toad Pb)s.cian. and stand* fair . It is, as lit aays a r»guUr gra
ok w L. OBUTCtfl
Dnifgitt and Apiitncary
Hioce tbo introduction of any felticls to the public. Ih* «e have
a number of uapiiac<| I d iMl.uidua's got up rmIhiw, wtiarli Uiey
•Mil < • r.t |g Wild * ns i . . r • -i • .. ' It |j.g , | .1
lers. • a ad urn flfiup of Wnl « Ifry. but iota# isth o iginala d
only f. name preparation ever in roduced I. the public which can
be proved by tl e pub! c Records of lie Common weal til r.f Per n«» I
van .» Tl.e only aafrguanl against impos t on u to we that any
signature is oo ra« to hot’le. |*K II. nW W.NK.
Corner of K glith and Rare Ms.. Philadelphia,
or sa c, who!«wale und retail. I*y PLVTn.N JOlINflTON,
115. Main ft reef, Kichirton 1 . K tig Ac. I ny, No.f Is Bragg At Wilson.
Petersburg. fr 3
k'.MHH Ufa.
Prof*g$0r •/ //• strata mf
ftwmrn—Just r«iblm:,rJ.
PflM Om hollar.
Tiik important secrets here
contained lb<»URh i f a nature stneUy intend for III • Mar
fird, >et tu cont* ts.|> atmg m image. t( w equally important,
ToiIh* Mairvi Fema'e of delicate or nrtvoua iruperaiufm, o(
grr^t debility. who c healt'i mi;*er« ively fiNtudi of an mcrrav* of
farm!? beyond the rapacity of her strrugth.lt i« «»f lip! utmost c »n
M'pi nee, to ben el T, to her ehiluteo. and her io.aband lint il.e
•h t'tld avail h»-r*t If of (he g-egt French ditrovery she tail here
It - always important to the niirri'dfemale to be caah'ed lode
trrtuine her mtuation. to pr« vi nt that perpleg.ty and aimety ol
unnd, ana.iig frc na uorsitaisty or doubt, wbleli often* h ad* to m*
riotn ror.arq cnees. Ttje at#na, •)iu,»t«»u»*. be . ihereto e, nr- a.)
clearly iadicili d ae to leave but little room for djubl, w .th the pro
per modi* of trust* ent, subsequently
To the mam d tinb'e-at d with eh dren a«>me facta are prearnt-d.
evplanaiory i f the rauara, mode of tnatm>nt. *r.. abi'h are con
elusive, that in m« at Claes, the raua *aare r*-movable, and that those
who have lolow«d the sdv.ee h-rein contained have riahxeJ th- ir
To the female artli to I with the various emu^'amt* anting fri m
a »t< ppage, rrrgu arity d dine, or ri w-uliou of the Mr uses, it is in
voJuihl-.aa c ntamoig the caua a, aymptriu*, and the uical ceitam
icutedi**s for the truoul of h* r con plnnta.
The lum a of an advertisement, an 1 t‘ie n-tura of Die subjrct,
in Ah.* it ianpnu tteuble ol pi testiin mori I liy what is ttealnl i
b«irg strict y a petvale 'M-dical t.'osipanioa.** eipeciady ml* nded
"•or the Married, or those about to be lain ied ** I’nrr Si. lycn
cl wing which, it will be *ent to any part of »u« United Btates, post
age n cents AdJrraa Or. A M Miuhcc^u, '|o t paid}. Bui ."
A. M Mai si< sai*. Pnftstmr mf /tirron <*/ Ifcatr*, Office fi|f,
Broa’wav. V Yora.
I»r. A M.Miurrcean ran be consu’t-d, on all complaints incident
to ft nia ea. Ilia experience and know I* dgr acquired in the Female
Hoap tala in Furope, in tin- tre.vment of tb*-ir various cmnpliiLts
enab ua him in all ca»ca m removing the causes which bay i.eca
a on I he til.
The cel brsted “Poring u* a Female Pills.** invent! by M. Peso*
meaua, M li, of Mtlmn. Portugal, which neier fail in affecting a
cure, m nil rn«e« ol irregular.-n?i, stoppage, or ret* ntion o the
menses, (for wlich Dr. A M. Mauriceau la* the eiclu«ive agency
lor this country J can be sent by mad to auy part of the I ml d
• 1
|axt paid, and add.eased to Dr. A. M Mauriceau, Hog **1:114,*• N.
\ Jt _ I t —|y
2teameks coli mhi s \NI»
AHO.NTAS.—Tut Steamer Columbus,
having leceutly been ent rely overt au el and her apeej much in
creared, w i I take her 11 ic • again m th** line bc*wuc u tins an * Hal
l mo r, on Batur lay n* it. leaving ll*liim«rr on that af • rn'on at 4
• 'cl ck. Th** Poca’tontas w ill tufrceJ h-r. and leave Pa.t m le on
tin- following \Y«dn #day. 1« th rat
The C’ •liimhitt will have Itichmorv! 'or It It more every Tuesday
afu rnoon at 4 o'clock, anJ the Pocxih nUs every Saturday after
n* on at same Lour.
Passage an I far* by eitle-Htramc'.%i on.
For freight, apply to mfi *) NI’.NKY LUDLAM a 1*0.
i ok it.ti, ri no hi:.
Tito Sicniiicr I’tK'AHONTAS will
>:« Ih * afternoon, ai 4 o'clock For freight ap
ply «•> HENRY LI Itl.AM klU
HOT anil Fair !o F,1 inr •mi, :i
prmm U< hall hirer .Vm/sr, .fyri/, lflfi.
UflSTAH’S HAIab.Ul or YF11,11 ( IIFRHY.
— 1 hi * modteine, prenmte I l.y a lrnr«sper:enf«-d and »hdf il
Phy * n in. u ttc l and approved by a g*eat cumbe*- of i-m Higeat.
dncrim i atu g ar t! r p **Ub|e permits in v nous ptrtvnf the onm
tiy. is now ter* ivi «1 and used w. h eat rc ct nlAJer.c- an 1 with gr it
aurreat I* t*uwe alhi t d w tti pulumi ary to rplamn. It i« a’»o
reeommriHl'd a« a valuable medirms f. r other d - n«e«, aich aa
colds, cou ln. and (articu a ly diaraiei wh« w: Irni-ucf it t o con
suiupttoil. Fhoulal Ha «ITicary ron'mue as ithaatf.ua fir been
proved in van »us obstinate cast a, it wl l mdi td bi a int>*t invalua
Note g* n nne. unless signal I. Ill ppH on the wrapper.
For anli* by <• A\ N» Ml A WOOD, Itirbmon t, \ a. Uih 3
X i, FOK Ht lluol. I.IHKMtIF.S A.\l> GKNKHAL 1EMI
No. I Tito Life of (Sen rsl Francis Marian; by
BiUMMi R ; . *, ii || ..*!,, me I \ .i |9mo Bill edit
No *.* The Life of Captain Joba Bmith,of Virginia, by \V. tiii
Puiuani : c n'am ng mary
r b# fore publish* d. b> Wil
mer- Fur.ma Faq , w ith illustrations.
No. a. The l.i'e of tSer.rral lari
Anrcdo'eaand Ineidentu in bislifr. r
ham ('utter w ith rdustrat o«s. J vol 19m<
No. 4. The l.i<e o! Il«n>aaiin Franklir. by
(uat'atmns. i vol. Ifmo
No. 5. Incidents in American Hi
s<urrrft,t.) J W Harbour with ilLnti.it on
No. d. i he Life of Den Na’htnicl ()ree>
I i.r alH.ve Ho...a are row m eour>i* t f publication, and will be
sucre* del ty other volume* of the satu- Aim ri'an eharact r.
No« I. ‘J and It are r revived and lor »»h* at the It.* k*t> re *»f
DRINKER Jk MORRIS. 97. Main t*t
L IVolley . with i»
. c« mpded from nuiltentic
Will b.- pc:f«irmi<) l*btk,{Mara>, li.ii jy (in 3 Ac!* of
KIV«: I.EAR.. FnERK.-n’
Erf*«..Mi 4.e > Jitiiii.im. | <’nrdriti.>| . (•
To cogriiitl • with th*- Farce of
lil.KIKI l»E. with I4»i:(*.V F. .ML STAYER
fry Mr FortrM » II To morrow an I Friday
.1. W. *1 Yl Ri .V < <>.
nf I. ' .000. 3000, ‘i: HO. IIIH*. #.c
Ticket, 93. UiaiVinjL rrceivrd ;.I ! o'cloc
Tlii« I'krnlMif.
New Jar, y. No Ir* Ti f/c. of 9l0.ii.il' :iloo, lo of L000. iu
of lino. Il< 04 Numb r*. 11 drawn. Ticket, 93
Tickrli, lie for ul. at MANAGERS* OFFICE.
No I City llolcl
Ina, No 9 r, tc, I
s Nuiobet^ 14 drawn
ANAI.KISS* Omi K—U. I'niito A 4 o
U G(i
f I MO. 3 of 300, 30 of
3CI). IU0ul .no kr (IS No, III Jmwii Twirl, 4.
Alt' Ihc lloilar l^iltrry, 50*o ike 7S Nc. 13 drawn.
Drawn No, of I’oki mnkc, c!,r, ^6:
17 Id 34 5 13 57 31 til 5G 13 7tl
Drawn No, of Delaware, c'aia 51:
90 31 it 9 6 19 65 51 13 ;,s 59 ^7.
II 1 K’S OFFICE.—Drawn .v ». of Grand
X CoD.o'tilalri(. No 9
10 3 II 01 .'J 69 73 39 33 S3 fit 40 4
Wl,.«lo Ti krt No. 10 it 40—a ynrr of 91010, ni loalady rr
•Idinj in Ruckiaibam couaiy, Va,and will t»r raid, when pr. • nt.d
by p k „ UJCK.
17 IS 34 3 49 37 31 St 6 13 72 II 06
l>- lawarr, 31
SO 31 14 0 A 19 b* 31 13 30 39 27
Two Rlrnliil D'lrrki for III. inormr*—I'oknin ikr I.T.Iery,
I * a a N o 7 7 Fire, 910 (»00, 3«ti0, 3000, 9300. 1104, 3 o li"ii]
Sof 300, 3 of 300. IIIII |.ri/.c, of o I*., c I, I ■■ u>l 3 N • |r,„-!
SO No, in,lawn. Whole, « I, I r. 2, qr, I. AI«o, Hi* Ik. I mar
IsMIrry—93000, 1200,0.0, Ac. "h No. i.ldtawn r, t |_
Ca* at 13 i R‘S Orticc Ihi* mornin, before 101 o'clock, if y oi ,rr
In w ant nf ra.h. ml, a
t« LARKKV OFFICE. 1 till (.trrrf, Rtchm. nd.
* Call aril ritminr I i.a.r . Book nf I’mio* and you mil |r
•alialird that hr 1a thr Inrltit’il man in lown. D >n'lfar(tl,
The ilrawinc of n ,|ilrndid irhrinr will br flffiiril iln*
riny—Wr.ln * lav, Mach 2J—„lr, c!o«r at It o'cl.ick. 78
No,. M ilrawn. Capilal, : N.’ll.lHili, 5(100, !|0(i0 10 cf
I0OO, .V r , ami Tirkri, only $J
M. :r Lurk, n, uiiinl, ai Ci ('ITire !—Two Capital,
Drowln* of f,er*!>urp, 9 — drawn yr,Irrilay at E« llolrl •
ail 411 44 II G.r 50 6 3fi:.3 <1 37 33 3'.» 03 7 J
Nor 31 G3 65, whole lickrl— 33 63 73, half n. kri —
•U'.Sl 13 G3, apnirol $.’l>0—all,old ami paid by
f*nw*r* of Fnw i.Ftlra 17
30 3 6 3 IH 3.1 30 74 43 30 97 90 29 0 17
No, 17 29 33—another Capital .91 by CI.ARKR.
If y n want a prU •, call on CI.ARKK-lie dl. more
rapilal, than any other man in town. mh 3
H I KV KN'8 will give h » fir-t .IrvitMi.r
IT1 ■ •«> M Ai tain, m WMidl n \ i ,
Miffh .I|.r^II<v,J Mr ftitu* l Mtfh Firrr •> • tol moan aii
J> r Tifk. It 91 . Mr, ro bo tad at Ih- M- ,.c Pin,,. „,j
Hvl K I larmkt'a NnoMnio {FT* hi 4,oo f,«r
Thr flfrr » < of ihi own n» «,lt rim « of a vatl.if of I'm
Infnrt, Tr • l>n»:i» k- . Wi h in otroption or loo, r.-,or i..f,„o
pffWlHH to 'h‘« fMHiraiMjf f1,f, y, .^|
Ciurrr.R—rorrrr.-.. <ii >*. r... io,.i.,r,. „,i Jw4 (W
^ fro tna rrrrivint l*»r mV h/
mil < IV M IJIWTH iM k <n
I )P.ITKII A Nil niMlPR—ft ka|« Popr**
lit •* fl‘rfrr fir mlr ^
II !| 1 WM tNARIKIR * I ■ I
K.txu. mFumk
J.t l>*** row oioji Prar I P»r«r, Ur.lioi an I for mV h»
m*i * iiavkni'i ir 1. Al.l.RN a ro.
* AHKH mii| ir |.mn|> Oil.
“ " " .on hag. iav i iiif prk
«o •• r»m m
tl» hhV N I*. M M 'aid na mil lot a.,In l«
*•* llAVUNntBT, AI.MN * I'H
I^OR RENT. A sood market garden of ttmul
•* » «'•«■ w»'b a hmii Jw.l.ag •> «, at Um b.»4of Hut. Ik>
arr«-t, ]hi o|>|> *i « CbtWai. To t good unaat ib* r«»i wil bo
•' f- *« WuKTHAM. tlaORI’Om a in
#U| A coiufurlalit ■ Hi(I< K DWELLING, on
A. 4 th Iffttii klwttk Ui|k io4 CHjr ltr«rt< Th<b»u r Imi
fttr r <*.» • »» r-oJ vapor A vniftl imi ib t|* inu«- »ii|
'•* »«• <“»« to not auJ ■ t.m ••.» . h .u.r Ivey
d«urtl by U*.*. A^lylo frtfl JOM0A WlNHHiN
i on m vr.
l hul lofRC brick Ilou*<» on the corner of
* V’mf »r*l Ad* m Miettli. o*>j««4le l.rk+'m I hup*-1 mli
• i» •< ir ol ff *id* 1* at art,- ! 'in • jml triw»nt »l*r r» »*• w. | b«
modem! . Ap. Iy lu It*! , IUuu!d4l lint li^:iii«,lir(iiJ rirfrl
1 lie beuulifiil, romfortuhle, eitenaive anti
r«»n\•■tt.riit Ifiuar on I I it ou I'ranVIin rtiret. Ibr Itlr rro
nrr of Jopk> W, IVgt.rn drr'3. n >w m rirc.Wnt order |i Kl'
Ik »lK'«>n to any on* oohi. g to ptirrh.iar will. great ybannr by
citliel of tl.o luliicrib* and I 0 trrira m iJr known—.ml ■ bat
titular cuiMuul.oa of tbc pua-ar. will Ik ita beat re. oium. ooauoa
VIKt.lM A I*Kim AM.
Jr JJ—dtf Ktrcnlfiiand EirrntniofJ VV. Prirnm. drr'd.
Mkfc WTORK FUR RENT.—ThaVvery de.i
I ' rub'. Htnra and IHkoTItag llouae, on Main Mil.el, for
airily occupied by tine Hu. lb. Itrlokr. b Mo.nw. and now in
tin- occupancy of tVhrn a Clitkr f.,r >«nt. an I p on will
!><• «... n OO Ihr lire of April. App'y lo Mi llaikr, upon Ur pir
tui •••. or to the •ubacntvr.
r" *—tf ^_ H HI.AUK
ton ki. vr.
The u|>|>er purl of lh« llotre we now oe
copy, wineh liar brrn reoly paprrrd awl put in flint la'r
order and >'li thr tel'ef OLdrr oor Hint. . whlrb .a 1.10 feel deep,
aid wotiUJ nun flint inle foi a Bolting eti b'lwbmrnl Koi tern.e,
appl.r In UAI.1.AUIIKK k Ill.tlNKK.
h 3 \i ilu B ... 1
JTntj OR R K N T.—Three Tenement* on
• t’hunli II It, in g. ml repair, luilable for ruiall lain a.
Alno 'woteaeioea’a lately built. Wl I. a iir.miand baieiuent. witli
lea nut uu-s waiii of the real v i f luMirw. AWo. a Hirp 00
Mam H.itti, with well fiui*h««i roua.a abovr
j* <3—Cm Office r|ipo* |p <2ord«>n k rknk-r*«
1 (Ir iii-.N r.
fcjll A very comfortable dwt'lling house on
Church llill. auitahV for a nna'1 family.
Al**, for ailc privately, a v< ry auprnor dnrrr atd a Kami haul,
*Lil for lure two VPI>- likr.y boys, and 14 yn,r« old, 'waiter* J
UODDIN An. IIA It W« Mil).
jk 11 fHfifpnppn*n*r <;>»rd'>n k FkinkrrV
I Ol 1C 4 * 111 a
Th© dwelling nt the upper end of Groce
Hiri-t t. Uian ti N K Bowc an I F II llari. m r"*>l rrj.a.r.
and nnw in tbr orruiat rr of (’ \V Mann rdo. Pnarwioi givm
on Um* l»l IVb’ijr Tmiiu na Jpiartr.
• IPBftTON k. Clt Mfv
fipl I^GR RKNT—A Farm on the Hrook
■ Tump kr, about am nnk from tbe city, contain nf
rva |«] Rif HARD HILL Ji
€»?!% L^OIl RKNT—Two S'l'ORKS under the
Eicbtniti ilotrl, well auited foe Urnerry or Fancy
ttiorra. Posm mon liven itmucJut* ly ; apply at tbn> 1 )fTicp. or *o
fc| TO RKNT, am! potieHkion ^von unme
diatrly. two neat an! cotnf utAbk b.ick tern* jirnU. at tbe
upper « ml « f Cary Street. ju*t beyond t!»e Ituiita • f the rrrpiiration
one con am* two room*, and tin* other th*ve r>»o:ii* and a kitches,
acd both have food iinlcnn attach'd to them. Apply to J. Prate*,
near tin* pmuisea, w ho w illaii w tbr toaa. a—or to the ribtcnber,
d«? lb—tf RICH HILL, Jr.
L^OIt RKNT.—A larj»r and comfortable
rw« llinf llou»e, tituated c«*rnei of 1 o u»t and Frank
linMeets. Apply to ltl€ ll*|> IIII.L. Jr
d** 3 Coiu*r beF w thr liankn.
(UK It CM,
rvi li E upper part of the lloii '.e formerly or
Wl*» -*- uptelbyUe Jimn Hivrr i»t Kimuha L'miyuy
»" ihtir (Mice, on Main at, and nut door to the Kirhante Rack,
detltp KOtlKRT NUTT.
Ht'tuetal anit lor Item.
UN. HI I ISON, Dentist, has Removed his
• OAC4 IKK h- Buka b iwni llw mtdcpc • "f l»r lias
all and John (a. tllur.
flT* The (Mice (or Store) No. :*17, Main St.,
nW term’ y orrup td by the eulipenber A‘n.1> li «u e and
otTic** at prraent n-eupint by l)r l liini'» r am- of wbicti pom-i
Min may be had f.otn ihc In to the loth ptoamio Apply to
fe •"—2awtf K. N. IlfllAi N.
diil VfffhMf Pull,*’ iSuntr foaled arr crnaiii y dome tutali
|oc«l »n the who © country. at.d air highly rate* m d, if onr |»;klf ,
true that propie write and ray ab u. th*in 'J luy antaocaty .n
their opr ration that all like th in. The editor eftbe North* n Mat •
Journal onr oftte Urgent and Led pa; era in thr c*ut- ol N Y.
write* a* follows
W»nn0*>, May 31. IMG.
Hr G Pen) Mm li—
hear J* r I »n laid up with a bad cr.klrom© tiuir *ini r m> re
turn from .% \ . ana cum: a my tilnet* I mice trial of your pill*,and
I u.u*t any I Imindibnu rt *I ent. 1 liry arr the be»t mol c m f ir
fir purpoM • tbry a r tub n led. tb .t I bate yt l actn. ltcijo-tit kr
pil». but I ft und your* entirely free from lbs objictona to wli.rh
other pil a an* liable I hope tin y w 1! e mliRUe to be a * uic* -if
proti' t9 you, a* I doubt not they w.U be a in an* of relief to iLe
arflictrj on a lar^e »cak*. Your* truly,
J green.
lilt re hi\e bf'n r C'lVfdat tin* Principal o&rein New York,
p; >b;»b.y near .UOUi«->ii...biu.»— til M'KEli^ ilut tuve nc\v« been
publub* J.
Frinn Dmri Po*t It Will a of Boelnater N Y.
Y’our ImpMvr ! ltd tan Vegetable H g«r f o«l d I il! aie very |»o
p-ilir brie, pnr o'jlatly among tbe ki.hcr claae r ergyntrn and
oilier* have • »rd tit m. and think thru* dmded.y pn f ui.; i,t any
•*U.*i pul* Wr »r I more of yo i «than a I other a put t.igt thrr.
Voui* truly,
PtJGT 4. Wll.l H.
il / GAY'WOR 4. WOOD, Get era I \ grill • l»r tbi«9tit>
For *alr by J P Duval 4 t o II ilrrcu aid E J P»cot, mam atn«*.
i'oiintiy Mrirlutu are nqur*r«-J to ration Mtsin (hyror 4
Wood, General Agent*, a ad gel tin* Agency of the above l*i t* to
irll on romini**ioa. n li .1
4 0 hi hi ■ s « i o it n c r c li;int«,
"l[T< 111» front street.
lonrniRT, ) NEW VOKK.
I IHKK VI* advances made on conM£niiicnt8 of
Tobacco, F • ur, fern. It*
J** A Pot* on eip caly trr.b r* hi* a« rv.ee* to In* V.’emla
fnen la lor the i iiThaw and *ile of ai k nda of Merchandize
l»\\ IO I lil KU, II*.) will nuthouse hr.ftc on Producr -hipped
to above Ileuae. mh i—3m
IIIKI is of vari.iu* knip, wInch, for beauty and p<<n,t. cannot
b-ri.-alhd. Por pair at AI.I.EN'S AI.IIAMtIKA.
,nB - Si.n of ihc Pen, inn ifett
IICCI.K |N|,|; >IIM 11(11 him. I (Mtl’ tM.
r|MIK undersigned willriruvt* Propieals for
lit- Lra»r nr I urchin*' of the Rclle l.h- Mat factu ug
W'niti until Satuiday t.< f. II. • tith m«t. » In n in, y
will be f.nillj acir.1 upon \V( li MACPAKl.AM).
»>' S—'• _K H fl AXAl.U
^ I’1 / Mt) .-ir Schajdam i,.n in ,t'>[H* Jun,. jup; ri-<• ,v
i tl avd Inr nah- by
liAU.AllllKR k nl.li.xr.it
AS. Main str, «•!.
ICAMI II TO I I 1(1 II\s| — H, .n .
* ” i; i .. v ho i
Idlin'- M.i i)», (r A|i;dyal K II Ifckiliprn k Hr.'lh^r'p rf *.■
mil'/—:« H <1. (I'MOIII XIIKO’S
ynitiivi \ 'ioi vnn m.oviir
* Ni:r.l». —l.r» tilii>, a r.-rjr »ap ri r article. Ir. c <if
imprr'r.Hone. mil 3 «'M. ANDRRSON .V CO.
rjpiiK very deninitde Store, .No.
I arnip. id a id
fur manv yra-p occupn d hy up.
Ir nanf, w ill be nv tie -ate, pn I p urn n» |.vi-n in
Tr» ID SIll.I.S ( i,(l\ KK SEE D, prune
qualify, far pile.
»'!' I WORTH\M. MrCRI'i p.R fc
O I ICh—By the drath of Hugti Cnpertot
I* Pp| iti- firm li i'.li, no R Crump bap Inn du» |„ j.
I The lutinem iirreteime conduct'd hy llicm will be runduri d I
Ei. tnid M I* uniji.oiieoflhetur*l»int parin'rp, will w imluplt
hunnea, of Uy firm, mil upe I*, nani* in c'o,inr ihe olJ Ira a,a
K MCRI MP. Surrmr, Parto r
A TC.APRIl Pun, Aiiryiyiai Parlrer.
March lit, 1“ la. Rmi 81*011 of l|. | |p,r1 n.
^1^111 - tin<lrr*ignnl have tin* day formed a Co
•*» liirtni nrdnr ihr firm of
fur Hn- parrot* of corilarnn, the HRCM'EKV ar l roMMIsr ion
B ttinrr*
Tf r htj* nc * of CapMftoa At Crunij* Mill bf r > I thr >n, Ii Ibv
muifiof ih.i tionw. K M rui Ml*
A T r%PKH r.»N.
Mtich l<, 017.
rPKN lM)U.\Us UKH Mil) i,r><
-®* ni-i'^hrw.oa {ml (ic'ivny i t n«, hi |U R eli uon4,
of a T,«ffn man -law non t WIM ,.,vr J,*.1 MMp^n
ft 14 nr>«. hnrk nukr*. »»d U>rr« : i .i« cily. about t<*«
firft of JantRrv |*«t, n i I mhon Hht i«t an) C4iw ubilnw ♦ IJ.1 ir
•orvirr *«rtMl nrrk* .iika, and l« no dmiM | oh m in Ihr imgh
hourhor.l. a« I-# «... mm on ?*iin »ay m nmc * *i • |» o«itr Mr |*m
In t R. lOrnm • Uimon »fr \\ ««'‘iriii P«»vl ,% inionr .rrvint of
hi ii inr« 11 • Opb'I Wm II Mi- hard.m. irtl hli | »i ml Mr hlwm
lltliV. in Vtrfiriro, ohrrr hr nr*, proh.iMjr fn r.g ohm »*•» —
An Ih* In* a » l l.onai Vr Mann K Vn. in the annif foun
ly. hy ot. m II Mhlirvf ' I - Hiftaured W.lnm i. *t -. n*r
frr-l Irmr ♦•'Mm inrltra h s h ■tmn naVal MV knr. h kne d, n I
farr, ani» t*i I k -kt i.efniber g uaifmintmilMP, ar .1 w fir n
ten to f»- * a!lf rn nr t« iimif. VIi« cl Ihtif mm rm niH, n
tfPl *n 0*** •"* ' NaI. winch hr no; illy w rr. arid miurh Ite
Ind on Alt n u rn ..n ..unday It •
rmup m r %».m * n<>N
Olfirr on Pam Hrrrf.
fr 10-.Ii: Opjwwcr llkr F»rhj,nf • II
I-' Flirt'. ' i horn'atr ml roc .%
t* Hi f l lrMiu y ru;» r 'T Younf llj«on Tea
|M r rk pi 11 no flna'trn Htillrr
M Balfi hr.* Mill II — Jttat rrrrivr-d f r Mil* ly
*•* HI»t»N 4k HklNki R
1 MKHH’ \\ lll.ANk FIX—Fancy Kn.l l)„r.
i m. Hi II at Iria. ihi« d*y r« fr. # d an I for or hy
\v tf .- wonrn. ri'RNri m. rn
nc'a mu'Ki.u nr.M.hRs j.v
llri'l iumI "cdl'lil i. l-iilMti (lilt. |i)|..
Mnffti M union UIkm> Ar< At 111 Haw rirti.
( rn iimowd, \ \.
(1 AI.I.ACliFK «V ol.OM.U. Mlmlitilc and
■ " fil il dflhif in Air U imi Pn nhu U n VVhob*). Run*,
a* d m m *t f l.iQ- ora, Trai rnd Anr I vm't rrrf—At M«ia
atirai. mi |
Crook FOR IIIUK. Clin* j-lainci t k for hue.
' A, ply t.t lit I i—1|| Rlt lt'ii llll.l.. Sr
*1 IIIliad old Motif miti |*tiin Humify, jn»t re
rA fliTiil iM 1.1 atV '-i n* on •*, Ail , * it: »
» IMI.l.tlllllA * I'l.flMCa SI mill'll
|>KIMF. rOKTO KH 'O Ml (J \KM. I,hit*.
P i i'«r n*a rii^i F«*rio Niro Attfir* fo» oh ly
* ** Mll lMkHl IMUI.I.
i.orri.uv vi:roi:u,
• ;»» It it Hi;. i I k .-, Kithmtmd Yirgutta
rPHE following ipl«wlM HebeoM* for the
*- BoMh "f Much n« ii't.id In atv.a urr re. ud .^i >>M
»• *ri arlionlund. All uat 11 ncHnry to •arura on. <
"*•*■ ta In lot* aid an •• dw, rac n.,o* <aah w *»- ik*>I'.i»
EKNItLEI IM Nuir parti iail|r tiv « bica taf IW I jtft—to < ih
duimn, 4H|niaraaf «0M. Or < it W. alan, lb. naa for tba rut—
lo.oun ■ 14 dra* a train!'. Allird. « adJr.aa. d to u.* afalrratf n.d
taut lurrl n rill 11 ir* nr tl 1'inritj t at r lit. Ola.
»: II H:\tll.KTtlIf, ItKhaoad, Va.
ty~ f *—Ordria ia all um atn.il/ eooOdaac*
M %U< II, IS 17,
AI.FXANI'KIA LOTTERY. 1 law K. (or |»«7, to t* drawn
Mai.ti «. |S|7.
mtaata a liana
. . .do.K.HO
. . .do. 10.00*1
• • .do... 10.Ml)
i I’fixcor.«imo
•• • 1.0(H)
*00 ....do.*u0
73 NO. LOTTBUV—13 I K AWN H \l.l> ff H.
Tirhr!, til,, halve* 5 quarter. JO OrtlftC: INC Pf.rk*f. . of
V3 M IkOte IIcht la 9l I vr» ia*l quar era m i»r<>}*otljo*.
AI.RX ANDhIA I//TI KKY, C'ltv* I*, for 1017—to be drawn
March I3ih 1-47
I »*rw of... .•lo.eon
I ... .do.|V (MM)
40 Pntr* of. ‘.MOO
1*0 Ffrtraof..
•»(i ... .4u. joo
71 NU MirTKKY— I* 1-kawm HAM/VTH
Tiekru in— thin - in proportion IVitfieant of pitta*.. of
•' H I >W 111 Mm Ml quart- n ,n |. | Uoa
ALEXANDRA LnrrTKRY. Clna. M, for |e47, to be drawn
March dll, in 17.
I I'riiv of..•RU.U'III do Prim of..Rl.oiio
• ....do.I noon | do l-nif. of. suo
I ....do. 4.000 | do ....do. 300
Tirkr-a lu—.liti- • in proportion OrtiOcaltr of parka*.* of
dd Wbol Ti p't 100—hrlrrt nod ipinitcm in proportma.
AI.RX ANIiMI \ IXTriKRY. itui N, for lt<47, to bn drawn
March dT. 1047.
inuiin a. in
I ....Oo.i".ooo
I ... .do. .Vooo
*i l*rtzr«<>f......... .. ?."00
« rn«i Of.JI3-.0
3U ... .do.••••• COO
40 ... .do. 4(0
I" .w. I.VMI r.n i—11 i Kin.1 H AM.< n.i
Ti-lin. IU—ibii'i m piu'KMi. >n Umtalia ot |«rkafr< of
W Wbo> TkIiiU l*U—balrc* and quafter* in pruporuo.i.
9y~ In addition to ihe above, Uwir are amallcr arhroie*, Capita!,
ranarin* from »4!«M1 In t-Jll.ouu. and Ticki-u froul I to (:_draiv
tnfaof whirh am received daily
{iy~1 'rvlen for Tieki tr and r<liaree. and ('ertiOratea of Par tu.f
in Hie above vpu odid Lottariea. will receiveitaa moat prumpi alien
turn, and an acernaul of each drawing will be amt when p.ju.au.1
I >all who order TtckeU from E. B. PC.Nlll.ETii.N.
Riclarunad, Va.
irJ~ °|| all letterv endoamg eaah or 1‘nac Ticketa, the poaugr
(aa naual) reed not be paid. nib 3
-M- THEXTM ITV of the fo'hion* iti'e&eat, it bu been atles:
ol li iorr Uk Major of Mew \ rl
I hrrrly certify that for tile i-a*t thirteen ye. r» I hire bem ae
vrrrly afflirie-1 With Attack* of Kbeumatism. principally 10 tl»<*
liarnf* md limbs, acc<Hupan.ed with mit it fff»*«#o' ail the jou.t*
Hotiwtimes the puna have tern »o rrmt tint I have hern ucable to
move. a> d my fri.era' health was a.uie at compktel/ dcs'ro). 1 I
*4’ trniiM d with | .w spirit*. u»y train wai srriou»ly afTcctd, and
ih*- mrr* a*t and arverr (kina I often endured nude me njieated
> w**b for an • ud of my auth r.ngs by death. I tb.nk no human
truiK can imagine ny tortures. Pur re irf I tried a'mrnt every
Unne— a I n y a rings went to the doctors. In lb* various pons
cf Europe to whi b I had sad d. »ougLt medical advice aril war
foe a coot-d-iab!e tui.r under the care of the most c« let rated phy.
•ician in Liverpool. but he did me lo jo d. On n>> arrival m N.
\ oik. last ^epiambtr. I wa« <»b igi d to I ave my els p, is I wai un
awle to walk a irp without a»s »ti»e* and in Other resj*c • was ,n
; ■.
fity llowpral and t ut unfer the can- of hr Tr. Ilolfonn.
and mine other ph>»iciana ol the Hospital, for tin space , f m
weekA, tut.a* I only *nt wore-. I w as uk* n to the Kcawsn's H«.s
pital. »t **la on l-laid. worn 1 was several weeks und rv•) ng a
prices* of Mercury. This nearly k. cd me. ami the do.to s told
im* I must S-...0 die As I ».ad read the advertisement of hr
4 briatie in the news; ape ra. and t e great cures tbit were *i.d in be
ma V by the (•alvane articles, I ikt mimed, as a !an |p;r in tend
to the office an 1 get tome On stain* my rise.'he Ckivame
Bands f r t w i tsi.nl limbs were r emunerded. aud Uic Mac
netic Plu .1 1 he p ople at the Ho p Uls liugbeJ at u e for get ier
them, r.nd :..ll to* nv. to eh w t eiu t ithe do:to a. It it I put t: em
«<n and Used the Fluid For the hr*: few hours I tell r«» charig*-,
but th** m il tnorniuc the *t flnesa m my l mbs was decreaseJ. and
I tb*1 pain was Uaa. Hy Dislit I tel? better in every re«|j« et, *rd is
lent riun lew tr*>Lt / I'jt (Ac ntirr/f emrtti. j*.nc* t|ist
time, which »« imre Hi u a >»ar. I have b-* n to tbr UV«t I die*,
atul from itwh e to An w«*rp. aul dur ng al tbit time I hiv. t ad
ro a Lack whatever of Kbeuua i»iu c.r ati> other p ie. and my
he. it.*, has: - eo ;. ect in * very t. ; et, •ii-iifh I lav. boon osyos
el D ail the vieis ptides of c unaie. From br:n- to week that I
could bar ly »t%nl, ! have teenne* a« atroi e ard li sry as at .my
P* ’iido' »»y hfo, and I furnly t Hievc tl at these ) ap y rad won U r
ful tesu ts have Urn tecum pin bed sob y by the i^iwer of Doctor
t'hr*stiv’a haivan c Bands and Magnetic F u 4.
No. 33\ Frarl ?treet. New Yn k.
On tli** lf»tb day of November, one tbousan! e gbt hundred ai.d
fortv «u. a> pcarrd h-fore me the wubin uxoi Hei.iy Jobn^or. a ml
made solemn rath that the above »uien eai i» #u st.inttal y true in
each and every part.eular. A. If Ml* KLF.,
Mayor of the C.t) of New Y rk
Nsw York. April 13 1M6.
Dr. A II.CaiMTil—Drrr Bir I feel it a duly lo s ate, for the
brn fit of ihc pub.ir. dial jour O.lvanf Rented . «. a. applied by
tin- an.I MiiwUe F uid, Lave rt urely cured my wur. now
eleven yctrsoM. of ilircolirvnr and alarming ft r, to a j,. & p,
ha- been subject f. t lb. Ust m year* He ha. of en la I from I:
i > 1C li » m i n • d .(iu uu.it a timpani.'I win lb. lots'dread
fill sere,cli tg — ai ll.c to i.c I nit a choking in II•• throat and |ain
III liar rt gun if Ifee teen llu lur.tlirr and min If h.-ve I rg d
*»* »' *• ‘ I lu< !. e, and a (.base from stch misery null tr>i te la
nun*.! Hut Ihrengli ilia m an* . ■' 1'air.d. n. n::l yenr retried. .
HR la .VJVV ul'lTE IVt 1,1.. am] 1 firmly believe bis ran u |i
In- pi iin • rei*t \Vr |iut ■ II lae r.nji ai d at |. led U> • 11 nl m . ni
tn» most violet t c. nvulti ns.siul it soon |.d ntf F. r the >uc
eeidiis ft n d. ). I ■■ Im I nun |y arm »y ,ti| I.I Its of the r nip pa: id .
and now, for a |i. riud of ».-v. n tnonlhi, I ere fas been no s>nit
t-.ro whatever iliat nr eniibi deli ct. My sin hxdti better, eel'
I., inily. sleeps soundly, an*] t» ccrta nlf in every rr*pe-t an a I ted
cli.ld I ant, vety r>spec.fully jours,
mck iir..\oA< riK.
The f.i low .n* re t ticate n ’roui the Lady .f Tapi. J. F Htra n.
one of the- mosl ic'ficctable o net s in Albany. N Ynra
Auut, March •••, lelii.
Tins .s t.i.erhiy that I have been afflicted for eif at years past
w ith U r -.1 headache, w hich dist'cssing compla.nl has eonfmed
in II He l..d fn iimte botw.i dais m the m.-ek duties tli at lime.
For m e me mh |.i i I lair worn Hr Christie’* Hi earn- Rings.
. .1.1 i he Mr ruche Flu .1 I am I I| ., | .
I liave net been troubled wiUi the • I k headache -mee.
ANN F STRAIN. 6? Dew.ll st
M'ltinl s URAFNEXS
The f.i-l.iwirf it sn eatiacl fr- m s letter reec.vcd front a distin
fuubed pl.yncian in this Ante. The name u withheld t v reom-t
of llic writer
"A. II. t'naisnt. M it—Hear Sir One r.i my r at leatm un
known to ire obia.trd your •:llaan r lle t.w ihthe Magnetic il • d.
for a «ci,mis afT cunn of deafness. Th • va-e was Uni of a
ii.iv wh -. misi . Near w - . irb dis rdned mi hit gaaeral
hetl h poor Murh was done | rerlous to lb<- apy’.eaten ..| lie
K. li. hut w. h very hltie -iicrcs. and I fe d r i nlv rich! lo tell vnu
Hal S.n.e si.- romo.rneed wmr.i.f ih B. I. but a lew wee». .ig.,.
ill - has rntiKly recovrrrrd hi r I .an: g. a-.J her (eieril belli ■
bet e. Hun Are Si veral years ller friends art ir oicei tn yond m.a
sure il IV. I aur.j result '*
l*r. Chris .e aroal I stale that the above is not a solitary ease.
Many persons who 'lavequitt lost their bearing and b-.. Men deaf
for years, have i.cvrred it by the .am- means. If the o-gan I.
not injured, ibere is aim vys a fair rlnnee of reroTrnr by th.- apple
Cali.in of (ijlvaa.cm. It should, however, be lent .ottered that the
sooner ihf a.vp’icalirn . made Hie brttrr.
F.ve y . ‘iisunn in this gaper in ghl be filVd with sim 'ar 'nslimo
rials. In all Nervous f'cni.t'aiM- no mailer howchivniror sr
V. re lin y may be, the rd,c.acy of Dr. Chris .. s genuine Galvanic
artie'es is ruly wonderful.
JGT < tn j Agti.it for II riiinond.
DUVAL. A PI'RCFI.1.. Dn gg.su.
IU. Ma n Arret.
lor sale in Wyllcst 'e,oa y by Wn II Srtii aa
itT Etplanalnty pnmshbd* may be ha I gr.il . fe IS
hW. d II l if It i;It I, A h - hi v,,'
ol Mr. Nor man Stewart's ill w huttings. (nmidle true
ntenl' <>n the s nth stile of Franklin street, belwoen 7th
and Ah streets, nearly opposite the United Pr. shylenan
C’hurrh. i, 18—if
tT Oftice in ihe iiasemenl.
I i,(HI III If I .
■ Thu. ya HRockr.NnRoro
fe ST—If
Noillt si 'e I'.ssi
RK’HMOM) llor'SE.
l.overuor sf reel, o|>|>oailt' lire liotrrasr's House
13 00MS sii mo«t tlrnirnlilt' character, for th.
* " *<
had on ratty app i'-ati -n Transients can be nceo nmodated u
ve'v p'easanl rooms, at I the best efTot lo rvn.htr di.w .tvpp.n
wt’l be mtde by H I. MR ADR the su. er alerd.nl. Tn. re •»
i reel!-nl fliblc near al hand, for the accommodation .1 those mb
mav cenis m ir.vrte conveyance. fed?_'Jie.Am
^1 I’KKIOK thinrly Klfiur, lor .ale t»v
^ (' «_ PIT * CO
n FI V E Hhds prime Canienu Molassi
.4? hhta i«a.ri (*|l4 -
f *•? FR* a CO
Mw1 H ARP „ | .1, K.co
“ " dry N i 'rleans receiving and for sab'b
fe*7 Wf tn. BACON A CO.
UK M'l’INf. I' \I’KK ...200U redin'!, for anl.
bs fe s: in II v\ F.A Pi |R T A..I.F.N A IX*
I’orl Hon Angar.
QT HIIIV* Dskay** bmni. pr me <| isl ty in stor* fw me by
*•'“ fe VR tAll.t.lAASR A IMAAI.I.
oriCK.—A <renfli iimii who is an puprricn*
A. e red Co'iecior w . ,v.- \ i.gmia abeui the isr April to ai
lend to lire iiirnwm of wiete rli lit. in airlair.a and would be
w Iliac lo usd' rtske the mvitif- me it of bi .liters for o-hers. in that
Mats or in Ten*, se e amt At s,Tho.e with,rg lo | lice
bus ness tn b.s bsnls. can old.v n satisfacloty infon.wl.on as lu
comr.lsncy. Ac .by soq itr.ns < us
fs 1v kCNT. KP.NDAf.l. A ATWATFA
M ATS \.M) ( \|»S. AT Nil. s?
> i * KN I I.KMKX widhini! * fn«hion
«I.V Mat rt r»|«. ran t> • • | rj Ky r»l i I At
No. ► ?. ob rr, *f all I mr«. r«n h* f.un.l vi
L - Mortal' i ifi n lhr mo*t fftrhnfrd fcr<flrir«.
* ilTlMIl V\ KR**
N* Ht IV t Mur trrw
WiUiMi HliI.K.— lb»« C*nv rr.
► ’ ci.» • fiprm • fr« , 4"* »*,•' .* t
*•'»**•« *i ►' fe>aul» of ia»b r«ni**t hr
I \1 '*«» a ftr h m• of n w r«lt rap £jnr>j
fattr-na. lift t ful « f , W*.
MU Hf |, *r th»
j t* « * »i»
FF hiv** t»»r »•»(«*, i n *rw<tniii)'Mliittn<{ icrma,
l» n .f"«« with Hv* and tt,„ a(nk ,.m.
ik« I v — and !•*>*,„ fo, iv ,k, p,.^M r, _
Amy o»r *k • via • • ••■ mw»*« n Ik- ku. ar*. *i> have a ■.■id
of^anuan^ \,f>) a **f — ;f IIW a i J r«V % ■>»
o\ wai.i. 'Tiiuvr, tippmiTKUTV ia«rri:i.!
I me following brilliant 8ck«iii<'i liir lli« monlh
"f M**"' »' "TPeBlonB f»- tad near. r.b and |«k' Nimi
»t<» are oppr.m«d for the a m of Mil N K V. by I«tu| a Mj
amoral “f “•■•••y » >•> l*k. way Obtain til narde of Imlta-a—
lk«>«ky rel.v c* 'brill Of all Ibair re*pon„t,,l.u. a No oor knew .
Ik* l*o.l |. nun* wt-.rn a. w iwaiU bum It can b* leti.aed only
lhrm(li ill- afMiry o( la . a
a < or na,000.1 <>i iooo, 100 »r 1000!
i.raul Cano lalatel la.iicrr.rlaw m lo In drawn al W.lmmt
to:.. I cl, oa Maiardar. M.r I, - I, IM7 It Naa. II Inrn lira ml
H«l»«»-3('»P,lal Purrin' ll t.boll each. I 0171100 3000,2.733.
2 _"f DM. I MO. 100 Of I ••'>«» I in of inn T.ctett »I3. halve.
7 30 auntcri 3 73. Certificate of a package of Whoet fine 30.
aii ura ia proportion
• 42,000, 12,000, HOOO.
Crar.l Uooaatidaled Lottery. cla - II.lobe drawn al Wi'nnnt
ton. Del. cafi tirdar. Mariii I3, dl7 73 Not. 13 drawn Drard
Capil.lt—I pine of • 12.000. 12 0m). -ol-o.boon Inin I3nn. in <>f
l-iln luu 40". lw. fill Of •.•no. ,t- nr Whole Trim llo
ha I vet 3, r|f* I 3ll. I . rlOralr of a package of 33 w.'inl. t •! 10 311,
thareo ia propn lion
•30.UOO, 15,000. 10.0110.
Ora rid CnaaaMalad Lottery clam 12. to tm drawn at Wi'.i.m*
inn IM.cn Saturday March 20. Ifll. 73 Not. 13 drawn lira id
Capita la—I pure .,f »3o non. 13.00V, 10.non. MOO. toon. 33-in,
* »l MOB M ai 1080 3m 400b900 •< 273, ate. Me Whole
Ticket, 01"- f-.ivea 3, quarter, 2.30 Certificate Ilf a parkare of
-6 Whnlet 4; jo—aharea in prnportroa
•30,000. 90011, 100 of 1000.
Crii.l Oven I. lit I I e It., ry, ra • 13 In In-drawn af WVm.rg
inn. Del.. n bali rday March 27. 1147 73 Nna . I • drawn tiraod
Scheme—I prite of •711.000. mon tnno. 2310. 21 »<1 1300. luonf
|no° Iff r,f 307. Ticfcrta 111, tulvea 3: piincra 2 30. I’ert fr
rale of a package of 23 Whole Tie he la 4120—aharea in proper
P'nvint ordering by the I'athafe may deduct ihe jirire of three
&T I hare every *lay Imtterir. fmm one to twenty dollar a. and
wl.en a remittance it made to me. targe or arnalt. I will alwaya in
vert in the moat popular lp.lt.-riea on band The drawinxa aent.
whan repeated, to all whi order from me Tlie riaii for all Copt
tala can be had at utunl al titbi. On all let’er. .re-lnting catb nr
Pure Tick,la. lb- pai.-.r, need an! be paid. The Tirkete in the
above Lot true, are received, and all or l-ra addremed lu me will
meet the amtt prompt and cuntadcMial turn'ion
Addict, C. B. LUCK,
r,,1‘ 1 Bichniond, Va
l». PAINE a CO.,
ICIcIt in<kiitl, Va.
P|7|IE ram. hri I ant attraction at heretofore it prerenied to Ihe
9 iwi-ona of Fortune's Home Pit- fraud Capital, lad prompt
pay. aildrct C. W PCRCKLI.. Aaeat
for the Marafen. Kichmnnd. Va.
Splendid KchPinit lor 'litri li.
(IRANI) CONSOLIDATE t LOTTERY. (.law No lo—to be
drawn on Saturday. North Sth. IS47. al Wilmington. Iieiaware.
7d hil'MHKKS— It DRAWN.
• • *4f)«........... 13,000
•. .do.IotiO
• . .do.15.O' 0
.. .do............ • .000
I .*i?33
3 . . . .do.a.ioo
llo ....do.I (MM)
100 ....do. 300
I .cact* *1 . ha vc* . 30. (j iuun 3 73. Certificate of a pact
of Whole* tliri 30. halve* an! ., .iruri m proportion.
•33.000! 13,000! 8.000!
tlUANDCO.NAOLtOATEO LOTTERY. Uaai No. 11, to he drawn
at Wilunm oa. Del. on Saturday. March 13. M47.
73 Nl MIIEKS —13 HR AWN.
wk**D cartTaL*.
id- him j au Trira* of. | jjq
Id.oou | ad ....do. 8i!0
socio j tu ....do. a.«i
ti.000 I so ... .do. 300
d.noo I duo ....do. J00
W ov TickelatIO; halve* 5, quarter* tt-Ml Certificate of park
a* of J3 Whole* till', halve* atiJ quarn r* in proportioa
830,000! 15,000! 10,000!
nKANII CONnOLIDATKTl l.'iTTERV. I I*, to he drann
at Wiltmi glon, I si. on Saturday. March to, IM7.
78 N<«<.—13 DRAWN.
. • . .'to.
V3t» «m*0
•do.*•••••••••• S|OOQ
•do •**....•■••• 4 ,WHi
• do.*••••.«••.. ?.3.U
I Pr.xc of.tJ.OOQ
M ....-Jo.I.sso
ss K.O
•-‘J ... .4o. 4io
*fc0....do. s;75
« Of
Whoir# $1.0—fhar#"* in (imponon.
lUl.OOo llolltira! e*.iM UO «.f looo 1| ar#
r.RAND i.NSOUOATED LOTTERY. l a , N : i. u> br
drawn at V\ i m ne on l»ri r.n -iiturdj»v, Marrh i", 1*147
1 ... .do. f.lMHt
1 ....do. «.mo
I ....do. 'J 5 ) 11
Ii vi.u or..(.'.sto
I no Prim of...
I 114 ...d-. JoO
of Whole* $ •l>—>shares .n propution.
H r hare .»rt> day Um« n f.oin »l 10 go, >n ! ohm a remit
Ut cr ..nmleto up. lar(c or an a! ,*r w;!l ahrajra intwai in the tun.1
pof u ar I. ti.ru • on band The drawirar wr.i when requeued to
all who or* r from u« The cajh f„r all ('apiula can be bad. u
u.ual. at tight. On all IrOrrp «acloaiag caati or prue tictru. tor
P°* age »"■: not ttr i-a.J. The t rk-'.i m ih« abo»c Ixnt.tio ar«
treated, and all ordrra addrra».-d to at. will meet tbc moat prompt
anJ c-.abdcniiaJ attention. Addict
D. PAINT fc CO Mar.ag.-n.
*llh * Uichrnoid. Va.
j. W. MAI i(\ & (0., MANAGERS,
(Knrrraaora lo J.(i. Ungarr A Co.)
I % R< II. lalT.
AI.EX ANDR1A LOTTERY, CUa< K for 1:17, to be drawn
March bin, 1847.
riMotip mat
>11 tl.ltMl
7SNO UrTTEtY—13 iiRWY.N H U.I.. >Ts>
r r».-, « ......... ,, , « . ut Packacc <S
V\ hole Twlria Ills. i]u, lulvi** ml (jiurirn ia jtropoitioa.
ALKXtXDRIt WTrmX'U 1847, tn be Jnwn
March 13th 1817.
V lU.MMi
...T'rk1" *IU—^,4r'',n rnpo tnn (Vrt.fioir .,r njrUu ««
\\ .1 W* 1 icfcpu 9 l*o. do tia Vfi an 1 qr§ in propor n
UyrT“Y’ l*“ M fnl «•«. ‘O •>, On..
I Pnir of.. I.‘U>,U0 j VO of..
'••••'. 10.000 VO.O’..
*••••“... 1000 I o of.]’
..T 'kr:: looi-ornoo Crmfkair ofpaekatoU
VMmlr liclrutloi Jo lav • »rd ,iUar. r. ,r> propoft _
' ‘ P« S.fo, 1-17. tr drimn
BBllt.!**T •CttKKK.
?*• of.... . IM'JO
• u Of. ft 00
Twk.i. tin—rl.ar, « id pr ri-in CemiV-a'c of parkin* 9«
Hhur Trkili ll'.'n do iMtvn ini qi« id proportion
{0",,i r« (o: Patkifi «. r •ftunj,,. nr am*..- Tfckrl*. in tbe
. ,,
of Mn.l r.ud wli-n reqoc«t.d an account ol thr Draw ,o«> forward
ed wiawon :.a received. Ad !ro«a
J W. MAtTRV A CO.. Kiitt|,n
M,r"' ' '-4T Kich^d Va.
1*1 all tpn wnrl.i ut vital tb»p ran.
Foraellin* Friz. a. STRATTON* Uie man:
Prawn Non if I rebuilt. Nit. * rel/rp
23 76 19 36 3-4 5o 39 -IS 33 -.7 4 40 37
T.ran Nun. 19 S3 US. a pun of film ( Bulb w.'d aud pa d bp
4 19 23, - •• (oil ) 9TR 4TTl>N
Prawn Nun of Sunwa. Ki ra. No 1:. Frb'p v’O
67 1.3 35 19 3 44 75 22 9 5«- 3* 63 34
Win..- r riel Ncn. 94 44 ' 7. a ea,. t it nod anl paid by
tr 24 SIRATIV.N.
Pram a Non of Arainlna. No I F. b *7
09 13 3 14 19 16 40 43 59 37 15 9.
Who* Non I* *964, a pr 1■ of Btfd. mldat.d |a d bp
9 rRATTiiN.
Prawn Non of |^..bur( No 9 March 1
20 49 44 II 65 50 6 36 53 34 37 33 39 63 73.
Twirl Non 14 37 50 a capital noU an I pan! bp Strailoa
Prawn Nn«. !*jrn ra 17. FeVp 27th
30 3 63 IP 33 50 74 4' 36 37 39 39 6 17
Ticket,Non .1 19 36 l Two inotr nitd and pn.l bp
“ * 3 36 1 3 ) P I R M’ln.N
#20,009. 5.000.
Wndncwlap—Atniandria. N> 9. Capua In * • non Mma
•'<>«> P'"- 19 of HUM. Ill if 500. Or. 76 Nun. lid,awn —
Ticirta balnea 2.30. quartern 1.15c.
$10,000, 10,000.
Thnrndar—\ w Jervrp. No |« Capnnln tninno tonpn
'.mm. an. ■ 1, ,f c.f |p, 66 Non II ,|r,wn TteBria B5
halrwn 7.40 quartern 1.23
#6,5440, 1500.
Fmlar —Mononja’ a No 9 Cap tan B* 500. linn mo
IIVP. 10-MI. ln.50. < if 5HO. Be Mi Now, 11 drawn lirin.
B/.40 halrcn l.a*. quartern 6ar
# 10,000. 3.POO.
Fit irdir Sanaa 1 N. #a Cap laN (in oou 1 no |-.>? 5 of
106 - fcc 76 Non IS drawn Ticket. B.l balnea 1.36 ,,,.73
#4.000. 1,000.
9.ii, ,d , NfV-9aa>. < N I . . ..m $m$, IW*
.1^1 *c A< 76 Non. 14 drawn Ticaiull h.on. 5.1 j ,,ncm
#60,000 IN 6 FRI/.Rg OK $10,0"<> KACII!
AI.FX4M.RIA Ltrrrr.RV. No K. to be dr.wn Ma’cb 6-h
1647. Capital' 6 of Bia.OuO. 3int, <i .9 i nn j , ,• ,„n
* ’ ' ' '•'•"<> IVM Bid; ka.rrn i p ar . in 4 39
jrr Hr.rm air rrfr,,,! p. Mp l,.t of Pr«, which .a rr«.«nrcd
at thr (Nhen. an a 1 roof of what hu been dow ml.r rp Praw
mi cone Born to inert-rap thr run' er nold and paid tip me
rr Oidnrnfor ,1 ki*m reruHer*. •« magi..uckci. ,a theab re
Wchrmr*. and ,n all lu-ttenen. will be prvni| I ) H i nted 10. and
drawma arm when rrqurnrrd.
F>«w a drrna ord- r« to
N 9TR\rT>'*I.
It clmmrd. Va
► Ml Hrhoonrr* Munrtu Hurt anil l'«>cAki>n
**• we mir frff.vit g
* »■' «»«f» Sill 1 V .1 . t <Sn> tr Ri nr I'rkra'a
Vrro Ik ru*»|., f i^* Po•tf* tl»l K initaiM IMkf,
H«.p-r Kv« rnr«h« R ehrml<l I i|> K S' n«
• <*'J I'll « l-M« IH * I I to ft Wt f|)|(ii 'll fi :| C|| ret
• Tati i«. Wh «-j f r, , ^||
-17 frr.O -jr M’Vr RI 4
4 *i iitrni «• i« *
I lT f,t cr»!»r*te»l r«'« or* r
•rhr P^afeotH*. *i» f r «i« h, \^e 1
pa* »o I amf
P JoRWYl*. h
•J nllfiMrn\ li«tii I alUkln Hr|«i| grlt1,
■ l ST rrrrunt jier wilt f.om-il, tr. m II ,(on.
•» » ■*. »* of n K ola, «k fk w I t « tn>4 inw Tl..'
•I* kind* uw an good Jl'ItJIHMVKM
*" P7. Wan V| n kmi
Unction Bales.
n ti hr n\v«.
GBR4T 8KMI.ANM W. ui litis s\f.i;
«»l IUOO Purkagm Hoof*.Ihor., Him.
•»* lv 1‘nliu. I.« (li»ru. I nr mill Wool
^|»«»rihu' llah.
^ Ml\|I'KISIN(i a £<*i^f4l aworlmonl of frpali
^ ,i4 »««>»•»**• •» I b* nU, vmM inn**, on
FRIDAY. Mirrb -»lh. I«|7—<i«umK bk«i »| o'clock. A fefl
i? and IV lUv.vn vr«pt. IIa i «*»<••
_f» 11—rnoiiraoH * oovn v ,..
It> < ii >i It on A Mrliulion.
aw. *« t.'fn n» soi m ch.im.k* stkkkt.
II' virtur of an uriltrrof I he Court of Chancery
■ 9 ,n ihr Oh ..f Mima P ter >cm.na< Edward M K»nr. ibe
u*dr . tnnl ttrrriv.i «.i| -dfc-r fur wy ml Pub'ic Auettnn. ml Ur
'•< M *i-rr fc ' o No *511 H.Uiw.rr Ml. Ujl imorr ih.
«•»«» '» 'rmda Of Y. v Kan a < o of mk.Mii Hurt
pulifo (»f Ihimi. Okar tmd u-’nenammte Thao-, am mark ait
bo and in -o-a In amt purr hm an.. Uin ha mno- m li,n or « nal rrmtn.
Til- Mia Will tnaiaaitr ml alma No 110, on MONIIAV .|ia
a,'« toy of M.irh, l-«T, at Ulo’clmk. A M. mod ha roaflamd ..Mil
lip1 »ho> br ml |.
* will pfpfireti tn ! ikhvrrptl as • arly as practicable.
TERM.-t of Fain—'.ar, for -,lr an,,,. „p u, % I OR „.r!„a,*«* f.r
m'l rum. l,.twaao • mod «toll. 1 o-onll... and or a>t aum. .'mao
tJ'Hi 0 moot ha Tb- rradit pm, m-r.la u> tarry im'-ra., from .lap of
am a mr.d lo bn anaurrd bp Mra a.lb an-iortcra, to bn appm.nd by
the urutan,cn»l UF.-t >t t.ll.L. Ka<a,..r.
'r ' < union 4t Nil H tl RON Iku
Uy Pswport. \ ll< ii a i o.
On Till RRIIAV, tilt Mar. h. a- wdl • a.i ml ia,r Ancbon Rtom,
an *aaorta,an> of crorarinm. ml III o'clork —
Prim* VV | Mtilaasp*
Pjwrm an*l Ta lov 'ir'Ups
\V.n*er i*«h»r lamp Oil
II '*w« Poap; .No. I ?*».-»rrh
lEtlif«» Wrappmf P.ip* r
Hia'B. Ii P. and Imperial Trat
Rum. »Jib, Hmndjr. Whitfcy
Mad«*n i »i»1 Mahfa Wmp
8o> Leather Pepper Hboe TmpsiI. Itaf- 4*.4r
Tr.RMH.—I’ultr 9100 cash tl0<» ai»4 over. 4 mon h« credit for
l» ». V KN Pi »H l 4|.|. •. 4c .
ih i»i »''• ». fl»acnrr A i o.
tar«o Naif of Hlautaliou anti Kflint-d
FRIDAY, the 5th inutant.at 11 o’clock, at
” , 4r " arehouse at Roche s 'without regard lo weather we
wills^l! the cart? of ILe Br g Percy, from New <>r>ans. ron*»tinc
of—i-0 bids **i*ar. prune <jial*ly
ISM btu Mokasaes
151 btl. and bnmr. H »p. erimkad and pnwdnred iu«mr
tierces anti I do clarified Pugar.
ITrii be added lo I be above,
J75 baca Rn». I-..- , rm ant Maracaibo iJnffnn
IBB bo a . Sperm Ca*«d ***
Taa-Cbltrliw, COM.; o».-r lino. I montlu cr.4,l for -tp
proved D« f > iut>> paper.
r”** * nt’Nf.OP. MONCURE A CO. Au<-u.
M ^.Pflr,,bu’f ,otr‘ will insert a ovr. an harge D.
By ■ nlorm A- Krotlipr.
AT.. M Mom etreei.
1-AKl.K AM'-.RrMK.NT (iF~
At Anrlion.
Or nil MOANING Mm k « I .• i . , „ „ur
Slom. w« will am I ot aueuon. with >ut r*-. -r»n. « la aamottiocnt of
aupnnor „nw Fwri,dure A,n>n« «l> rl, mm ih- f.,ip,«t,«. .rticia.
Ei.*at.r Marble Top C.h.n. t Bureoaa
^priric ('cat CttlbMM ^ofu
W*t<if»oy Bureaux, pl.uaand Scroll Pattern
“ l*iljr UtMirtioi! Rocking * ‘hairs
kl irbie Top Pier Table*, do. do W.«|i taads
M»t> kf«n> and Maple Bedscear'*
C4De \».l ^oodsesi Chairs, nffice Cba.rs
To.lett* Tib m \V«i1|h4di2i
V*:(».« Top Centre Tables
Cuerry Tat fv,Ckiiir*M Clairs. Ac,4c.
SCT Now for «iinmii.ua. I.NlOEJ* k. BROTHER,
I*y iK iit. A \I\a;i(«-i-.
I>r\ Uood" at .Aiit-Uoii.
"n I HURSUAt, I 1'h meant. at y o'clock, at our bales' Room.
Wf Will w l without ti*m, 1 Itrcc end beautiful aaaruaent of
frr»b and dr* table «;oode. ..uled to the preaer i and approach,n; »
tom- l#*’ ■ * nt an invoice of rich 10 «4». told by ord. r of the Trua
tee w th w h ch the Pa r »ui comm. nee.
Paricular. ia future adveiturioett.
13\ virtue of a deed of trust executed to us <>n
ihe doth 'lay of March. ie«6. by Aleaan.lert.raEt, Jt ant
Ham eir n A. t 'renauaw, end duly recorded in Hie t'lrrk'r Other o«'
the I outity Cou 1 of Henrico. v*» .hall for the (.urrenes thetr
in III n'.rnrd, on Ti MU AY. the Ititii cay of M i ch m*a». m front
of the Auction Store , f Aieiander .Not!, m the City of Rcbxond
proceed u ae ; at puvic auction, to hr h *h—t b dder. for caah. all
tnat tract or p.rc.l of atd inn* in the ecuaty of Henrico, near the
^°<CI"'1 Ro'‘1-' "tilth "»• conveyed by Richard Willia to
the m d Grant and l>a.u» i . nnlainir, about ore butdrid a. rre.
Prr.m* a. tnur.ee>, we .hall ci u ey o.ly tuch Ine a. La. be,,,
C inTrjfdio u« - --
JESPP.F. BNF.AIr, $ Truateea.
N ■ • < HI INU TOBACCO_Thelovers
i o the >r;J are requeued to try Home of flar crore'a and J M
Aim • fine olj ch. » n* lot aero -a h ft. y appro..d of by iR who
Irate tired n—end for mb by (* JGHasiNJ.V
_ ,r **_ Uniact
I IIP oil..-: JJ, . a
■-* a«o - - B.4,, -
in atom finale by DUVAL A PURCELL.
_tr 85 Druecire. H? M:-m «t.
AtUirnry at Lair, RUkmonJ, I'd..
13 RACTISES in nil the Courts held in the city,
* aio continue, lo inch* m the Court, of llacov. r OSkr
over tbe rAiore of Mrrnra Smith A llarwood, Mam St. fe 6 i„
Si AR < OI M/ will introduce the Fashion
ct Ueat’riu.n'. HATS t r Spnnf ISI7. na and after Feb'v
>. « EXCHANGE HOTEL. Richmord.
_ toruierty AMiiRi.VB.
“Aibritiarir" A|yV* lor Aik by
«; EIK»N it SJtlMKER.
new crop, free
wm r\;.\ij:R
\PPI.W —JO bb
i* 2
Ql *■ aR. OIL, isD COFFEE
^ 3o Bov* »hitp Hjvinu Sugar
«0 “ W 4. W Loaf
To Bb'j Tau^e ** Oi!
10O Bag. j.: me Java Coffsr—I todinf aod foraalt by
^ | « IV I |« | I

( J LOVER SEED—250 bushels
^a" i ' 1 0,1 ■—**
and tur sale by PK fRANZ,
■Vo j. Eichasye Block
1,'IAI lliin.tr. .t nit.I i ,ii | ,
■ U r u ut or. nl and for mb* freII. k. cl .a i|h* Uock. bv
Will. aU the E. tree. Ac, Oh Cary Mrert. ceir Ihe ftlrcboi
touad- ly *c *.* I_ It tv A J J FRY A CO.
X' O I ICE.— Vil persons mdcbtetl to Titos. I*
An ... -a
, OODMM h lltRVV .in,
< if e o |<n*t*e l.ordon h Sa nkc. .
plate, SHEET IKON,
ISS Bel., Tin rtate I 3a
lilt " Bright and leaded do for Rc<>fiof
S5 “ Extra aires “
tih) Bundles Ameri.-iu and Bogjiah Pneet Iron, from Jio. Ii
t Bundle* Ro.ri i,
tCOO I.h, Bear er ind Pheatbire Copper
Street Lead. VV,re. Block Tin Ac Ac in More for ml.
r * ' SI 'Rli N h 'KINKI'H
130" I*ER....Sporting. Blasting and Cannoi
* t .wjcr nianufaclu-i I by lla.ar I Powder Company, constant
ly for mw !•» it* a. Agenu of the I’, o pjtiy
f,k?_lm MVWWOT ALI EN A i n
I Oil I 11'‘"'f11 Woolaey A Wool*, double lew
“ Ciuebrd ■»
Putcr.wl •• A ir erica a Pbcet Iron from Na It to No. *ds
Po.brPla’P be*! <j Mlitv
lu r if rre* 1* «t Pit Oil, recetviBf and for «*> by
Wl>RTH \ M Mft.RlpF.B k. TO
A is*
—1000 kejjs Ihi^onl 5*pi»runij,
sikI Cannon FnH4.r. In be n|i»| jf t,,i
ri|>-r I l 1 »ny nu.lr in lb* I'nil. • Am hr nV ti i:« «,r ,f
f<H l> ,».nt mb I WORTH VW VtrGRrnKKRCi).'
KEM(>\ al:
VV K have removed from our old M&nJ. No. 77
T T «■ • .• W , n 11 i «■■, ,
mil door o II » M J J Fry * Co . arbrre *r. in MniiM | Uric
fc^vjtjrw *«or?in»nt of rnttr* ty
I’KIIMI M’HlVi (.001)1.
r«»rr. 4 be rerant arm a la.
W e .Ual> l-• b-i1 ’> Ij *r« our ft-, r.1. ynd ettvemerv 11 nar Rf*
_ M»rch la). Ml?
SIlIRTv ! Mil | KTl!! Mill KIR |!i
I I S I rerrivril, « larm- aad well lelrclrd ni
'f lb •«>)» « *n«l i m i’.e* Or in
■ J on. n;. ( > wbr, a I wmid n»n ilr- attiRi. >a . f all in mal
r^a— rail m.i mimw at ||« Man
mi i c iiini is.
rpnr siilnM-rilxT * ... Ml frVFtyrd from J Mil**
■ fcdoma cape'* -. .. .. . fa.- «*al .a „ l-rcmAni*, ,
i.fi.anl »,-in ai..<u. as. „• „ w .i, . , , unJ~me * , t
iif.lcl locall. Jt'DAtl MV FIR
-7 Wmb„„a„.t
'•» 'll I ’ll AM HI HOIK Ml.trPI M
I ( > I received, pr r F.tprcn*. « topp'y (.f
SiT'.i * *•' h*“ • <*• «•* n i
ib.fciViB Gen. mean n, cl to .-ill and lb l!r.;».rl*a.
":r 1 JCIMII M\ TIM *7 W»« VI, n Hr.,,.
V‘ N -. » • i. \ r 11 |(,
J ** J*pt« Tu*p Mip
I h»i »’i, j** • #( i • j .4a'l ri **
•M' *'r nit. ,hi
Rf»"» <M, !*l Ilf 11; |
!*t*nb Mj.l cr—J„,irr- .l,.j (jf ntr tf
,, i" v II • 11 i * l l
l>r II?
5(1 l'°'l s *"|>* re r Kin/if.rM rim) < >r,
■ ^ ' *'""•« (' • ■ ■ i capretaRr f. oar
I. i
fy \n »
‘rn . , amt |rt * nni I Ini n|
UAl.UAiiMRE a oLliMKR.
' *•» » '*V»at
I U. KVMH.I.ril <V to.. 141. Morn Si.
I * " :X' . " •r'MJ ^r,.o I, I*,.,
»n i vv,*9*1*11 a,
> ihc h.,m und*
can. ar,n( *u ,ea. rnn
« r.*cr J?* ... *.1 *Mm
m ernre - 1,11,«H ,1,
a*M aad Pm r.*fro* ,.ti u ,
r ■ ol«rap ** H I *o | la 4
1|>C. Tatwrtaj, b.a.ld •koic%,n<,I . . , „ k a
HM* nr* ■Maua.iur,,. pRn v w 7, *T
Auction Sale*
Mr William* * Nanll.
ObWBMIB*DaV **• IHW Mxr U* NaMlink
all. ■■ font at ant A or 1.0.1 Mum, M I* o'rkar*
rti ,, Warn I*.-* |j(m
U» \fw 4a
IH> *> 4i M<t«m i* ko.roH
I*1’ Ujoirjl
I'" Rmi do
IK* Mill i«v« A»
l*» Halt Mtocw cir*4 R»rm *,1*,
•*» *• Jo 4 • lata,
IwUIi Itr.ivV !,*« r,„,
• >4 Mr- Wh
Ur. <lo* IhtuM* Blown 8 ,vi| <u, ,,
l>« do Oo do in p,k).
«’>»l<>w.r Tr* lulf
1*0 do P< o -Imnf 4., p., j,,
Oil*-. ■*' Utwk.ng
*M 8 *>rm Can.li.
v«» •opan-r Ihil.a Cbooaa.
Vrrr an;or or ia.1 « • m Kr:l
Am. A.' loin Nwui-tn liar
T..n_l tJ>>< *100. rnali . tloo .*j or,, fj„, „
Wlll.lxva n MAX \ l I
“» I*. n«». „r.- .» t..
*raMimbl« l»r> Unad>..iH ........
wruxMi»v,.t, m m
oc**... .. „■ *«r;2r *
r*ry d-oiraM,. b.f, Jw, ■* I . .fa, kafa». lb. 1 . .' ' *?
■Minim r m a ir lari -»w- -onoiaung ^ k “* •»
VVro' bA. aba, .fid lar'riki, tr,..n cimb,
n.1 do dr, akin and n.nny
•**r* mn,J Sa l natta. KrnmeBy Jan
!ri:v;nv-";r>n pr,M* *■*'
< ti rk i amtr.ro. it « Kim, JncaaMU
fti'laal Mu. ,or. M,„jn.
duprrftr, limn a Hi l and,. mV,*,.
»>.. Irian Lianna an I lni,B Moan,
•■4 In ana Sh„i,.f. i* |
Bn' - K»n Dap. r Kr,n<*h Tow-In,
.nuprr a, Lima ••.mb Hdii'o. Knntinaa
»li I, ararlrt and >, Iona naan.!,
•°*1 V ^ "“"*■€• *»•« Shaaiiafa
Ba .In brawn da d> ^
S ipar aatin Veati*(*, it,,0 barn< a.
nro. pl.a j Alpatcaa
Bilk. • aahn i r ami . .unn lla.mr>
Katia ai.k bit an I wtt.m «;*oa.
Inna, r.1*it*. Thr-nd l«rn.
Hnaimnd. ro. b,«. lu.iao Paw in*.
B k i inibn.. c.Kina Mdkf.. a,
""oa, I tnlcr B 00 .*01 li onrnr 01 na i .
nnfoi abl« paper, f. ii Dl'MI.. „< M^rmuHcn *£,’£**
l*r K II Dlrklnnmi ,v llroihrr.
Tl . . '••HriMa.
1 Jua dor, at 10 o'clock, will l»n a,,!,l ii w.i
5 likely nn«r., airla, 3 ne». , m, a i “ * "**ro
mh 2 R II ?wrT-i v ‘ "",,n,n ‘"d ^ikI
— --K »• DtCMNSON A HRii, ana.
JBr K* I». A 4 . It. Hill
... 12
*** w,u ** * *•**■ ni .rniif at 10 oV7<k. ■« ..k.,.
«"**■ - - -«^ h
N B fc r B HILL. Aiicin
T , BubKribwr take, thi. mmh.-l of inform
C.r Beal Kata', .ml Hlarr. II‘ r"' 'h' ■*•>"
xr fjrzrsz; - *
h.. m.ru- r U,“* pn>**'‘r «* niumar prepart/ la
W*" 10 '**' of "HI (< r H.1.1
-:_- 1 KKNiAMlv rm u
#~M>RNS. Hiiniooa, Chilblains,
%u 1 I Nai's |rn«ir| .n o tb«
rur+i nti be .t it* l in p»J0, ,0 „ i(n
"umi:. Alan Mold VV»f. _
s ?
«o» of P. FRANK
• iicofrry if i »• 4 t tb »* * cm o«i ion .n j«>•»
L.IN CWropoJui from N*w Otlcar*
L*o.m »nl ff«ntem,n can be waited u;naat then own r-*i
d»rce.. by leat.r.* ord n u ik« Couiaiua IkitL
Vr/ ' * *h i0,l! '' •- "■» : •« *>
*CHE ln *. • r—e »*<1 f ern Africa f,
«».. Ilr».d street Brar II.. Riel, trader
FRM.r V ,rSA ,otom<‘c Mai I road Ikepot.
I m ■ n. » ,0 t M nrdeJTu Ib*
M. comm d.u.n of Irevren Tb- pin.,„,i,)t lbi
leu* of hi» o*d fn**n<lj and tb** ; uoJtc lateral:* *
Board per day 91.25.
vCT Tray, Hera |0a{ .n the Jfoitbem Car* ml, find , » m.*t
Coa»en*t.l Pla-e If, l«d«c ,0.1 hr,., *«, be,ttf w, hm , * .
of til- Dtp <t Hit ifcfu't only 27 4 cecu.
_f«18—*f _ w J TAYLOR
X'OTU i —Tha Radei ... .
i'l «*Umnn« Rto.,1 » o»# nan, „U of U . cuy of Ph MV
t ‘ !c'.V - M r ,U mfOM “ •riyc.nc.io Hut b.
*ir **" °r p«"r'-r. a, Eie, u or, a- afematd, and mpu'vi.anto
Of Ule Aci of Ibe Gerrra) Aanlnnly of Vrg.ni>. n , tieJ • \n Act
to facilitate ilie trar.afcr of Sice* m the join . oca capti,,. of
, P,",J ,#lJ' d»r of IMT. Ihrv «,| ,a
after Uie 15 h day cf June neat, him 10 re tnmferr d to >u h
pe'«,M *. -ay Income .be pu-ebunr. ibc-.f al „*« „ „ „
Richmond, Pled nrk.burg A Poioomc Rad.oad ('em • n „* j
in* on lb- to i d ra.: .'inipinc in >be i am• of tie -id Uj
uiuni Cch-nano. iced, GEORGE IV A.-t-IN WALL. I
|»_l'\.' BAZLBaUlsr, ) Hi r.
niSS°LI I ION —lii” Copart oerchip here.
loi'ore eai.iir-* under Ibe firm of Warren t Far' , „ ih a
day d.aaol»ed by muloal .oian,: Wm K Warren and Tboa’n
Farirt arc bclb aulborje l o u.e the name of the dim ,* cto.iua
up tbe bu.ice.. WM E WARREN,
tehy I, 1811. TIIOS. U. FARI.*M.
/"NOPAR r.NKRSHIP.—The undersigned Lave
tbie day fotmed a t o. aitnenb p under He *.,l.i ard fam of
" I *- * ■■ WM ■ , . ! J.",*
» fnera' W baleaale and Ketail Uay 4.«o.U bu«
neea. aid will .bir n* tbe pie* nl iiina o abe .a f a ldiuon* u
ibe U»ual itor a of ibe old conerrn lo w lueh Ue r. speetfady lanoa
tbe attentii.n of our friend* and tbe pi hue fenenhy.
THiiMAfl R. PARI**.
< oium Itbion Men hau it,
Netr Sbr.f krw* Wirrhoiitp.
I I ’ll' PI |\M » Wire
•-d liou.e o* Ba,.n, debrvrabl•• to Canal Bt an, free ..fdraya.e
fof nte I./ *
feg—dfrtlm HENRY LI'DI.AM an*
Tn V. T. DALTUX: --—
Vi IK—^ f,,i will take nnlire. Ihat. upon the- Ifilh
F J day of Mareb. I««T. between lb, n Hire of A AM and ». I
M. we ebai proceed lo ink-, a’ Hie I ountiOf lloua-of *1 • e.r«
Kelly a l •>nyu*h*n. t'.unmiaaion .Merchant* in tbe city of N, w
tir eaosaod Suit of Loa.Mana.tbe depr«nioo* of Hirer, f«.,rt..o.
FJiu Kua* W ,. u -CHI. Edward Ttonia. an>l oiben. iv r* n ad o
er.dea.e ji iiht *uu of McCill and other* r» Halt n a *dmi..et.a
tor and other*, upon an amended aid eupplem-gtaJ bill filed in od
will, by leave of lie Court, on tbe -i.i Ci, of February. 1*17 and
now de;-endin* I* the C.rtu.l Superior Court uf Chan, -ty f. r bn
Richmond Circue in v»b.cb w.- ard oUier. are pUmi IF. and von
ind cither* are orieudano and 11, Horn any came. Hie *a.d 4epo
•■•tom .*-• *1 nol be comae need ot nniabed on ibe wid If th day i f
Mar. h. |e«T, ite ante wtb be continued from day lo day, bdweea
tbe tame bourn unto comp eted
A M. NATHAN, and MARGARET hi* wife,
fc 1C—lid BY CULN8E1.
K have been appomieti Ajjtnfs for Lloyds,
Rf Ih# Pfk. t r\f U. . I ...i a. » . *
at tbe Po.t of Ui.*Iho«>oJ. anJ it tiring put of ajr Juiv t#
repoit ibe arrival ai d J< pat Mr. of vet <i* ir im or to Eurrpe nJ
lo attend lo Ibe nirvey and diet va: of find* or vewcL rtaua«ed.
io wbicb the unrVrwnti » ai Llryd* ruai le iMeremrd. matter* at
** *te *, thipper*. and cua»i*n< r, mil plea*- nm.fy u* m a I acb
*****- * l- W11.UAMB a ii atrat-i
Tat**S ftii;«.n|«.(t Iiicla*\ of lli«>
f N I’rea* and will fie issued on IhQ lat Apnl
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