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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, March 02, 1847, Image 4

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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IN PA IXTiyu •
>n at (Ml UIMM >■( I ha** al laai *u
l "Kunaa* ratal that will a*»|> Wild C. aad ibll
Ml *oliah*.i wait* anon AaJ I cal oOki u in u
■h »*** 'hail* than lh* nld plan at jpollakaJ *wl .
k* a**a al lh* aura, at my aau’
ho NOTT. rainier,
lilolM Hnuar*
% * i» iior*E>ri<KiniiniiMii.
W M- B(H)TII If |»n»|*nr»*<l, an u am a I, to do al
▼ ▼ l.hili »f nn«1 11 OUST INiruishinf. m tfc* hn
iM al Oh» ROUfc Ilia Mork ®l elrgaat Punilun
llanginc*. Il»d«. M»tr»»■h.Wiadow n»t Hhadrs. • Ui«
• Ml MM|4< Ir Pa|’-f Imaging done willi 4«>afmtr h and ibUm br*i maa
a* f Th”mr aiH M*r not • laminrd hia atoek t*a afiing will d
arr»l in mil fenfov* purriwnni rlwwbrr* a; VS
h •* •••'«* raft, 'mi i. i moa A.^Ai •ustl
1MM » %< roH % .
I II h mihucribor in t«'ro<vin£anc
kN>p«fOMUiitl) on ha*«! nt wfeoirnale and r«
Mi) an«l m lhr lowrM pncwo,
PthiB And Japan Ti« Wafa, of twry dfwrif
Also, a f rvat mnrtjr of Htnvon, d* *,|n* J foi
burtunc riibn wood at rnal
Ni.ivr ri|«m. arvl rrmty <*tb«i aitirlr m bu
lm*'. mail* lo onlrr tl Ihf «honr«t anUf f
•rYA mrn ©. RICK
Mmi«p A|gn I'aliilrr tuid «.l«wler
Yfl( d**' la ikt Ptrkmni’* Hunk, Nfkmrnd, V*rft «M.
|| received ■ further aupply «»l I’tinU, «»tl«. t *opcl as»«l «»lh«t
I Varntabra, «mh ruator* Rnakea and llknder# Ana«nrt*
m »i ol Km r»« h and American Wmlow aiaea from Hi 10 to
MuiVtf mrl*'*, all of which be it deoroun to sell o» work up un lh«
IN IPMoMM*1 term*.
N H —\ hirer aupply of Hoop Stone rami, for aaie low, a *u
, R N.
UKSfKCTFULt.Y solicit the mcrchantx of
, Virginia. trading m or pnwmr through Richmond, to rxanunr
U^i, 9t.M-k oi I if ut* Medicine*. Patnli and Uyr tMuffa. IVy itr
prepared t<» offer wncli inducement*, they think, a* w ill make it thru
lag agi ■■ Um M t«* lUa |
Utaarai.Rrrtwil and I’lax-eed ukrn in rxcMauge for good*, at
ft** higheat market pner. *c P
I nml H liiil<'«alr I>ri»l«*r»,
| | lYK in More, nn<l arc now receiving, llicir
•lock ol Hntiffti. French ami American Dry tlowlr.foi tin
full trade, rompriaiug an (mutually large nml eilenatvo variety,
which will be anhl a* low at they can be bought in any market in
ihiacouiitry . and to which they re.pe< Dully inritr the attoaltnn o.
mJ*rpt X l«40._
HEW \KD—To the (terson who will
prove that Julr* llauel a V*f< table l.njuid Mail Dye
»• not the very l»e«i yet known in thi* country or Europe. Tbla
valuable dwrovery wil? enable a prison to dye i n* ta nta nr on *ly the
h*n or whipker* in a few minutea, Without the leant inronvt nience.
n>i« pn-paration ia warranted not to warh out. nor Ut injure the
tl.li ..I tl»e bur, ami retain all it* aoftm •» or brilliancy
Ite certain to a*k for "Jule# llauel** I. quid llair D>r ' a* all
• (her* are spurious 11 you wish for black, ask for hoi marked N
it foi brown. a*k for box marked B
Premium* hare been awarded to the subscriber at tire Fraaklin
Institute Exhibition For Mir, wholesale and retail, by the pro
pnetor Jl I.EHIIAI EL.
Perfumer and t’hemlal, 40 aouth 3d atrret.
Below t'hennui. Philadel|Ui.a
And by my Agent*, L fllnter. Duval At Purcell. R R Duval. R Du
nor Maia »t H U / i< hr.won. Dorn in *. McQueen. Broad *t,
K.rlimoMl; t hf.t orl.ng, Bragg, Tboinai At Co, Peteraburg andmovt
•Mill Dragt *T *> oRRfc Um ••
,_S |.rated Anihroaial Ron* and Almond Hit WINtS t'REAMH »k
fy comparison in America Of Fur. pe. No |*‘rwo willuar any otbri
fc»iei HI IU tbla Emollient Paste It ia the heal—the very beat.—
it only a k.n|lr trial, 1 do not aak any more to convince you
1 warrant it F«u sak, wboleaab and retail, at
Jl*l.R*t IIAI’BI.*H
Perfumery and t hetuical tflorc.
4t aouth .wl street* below l.besnut, Piu’a.
A ml by n? Agmt*. I. (imtat. Duval * Purcell, R R Duval. K Du
quean* Mait *t H M /ackriseon. Ihirniti At McQuaen, Bt"tJ *t.
Richrnami i*h». t’orlmg. Bragg. Thomas At l)o, Petersburg; and inoat
all tbe Druggists through ihe Union oc 3
u*y Tr< nmiint awarded at Die Franklin Institute.
Iiiiproteiueiit ol* 1*10.
rpillS new nml popular I.l( jl lit II Mil lO K.
I .nr. a. introduction, (>» m* > Mill. ut,iini|iM but m r.i
, ,j ib. •ub.rrUwr. would infunn Hi- public, .hat itill
luillH-r KOpiotcmcDI ba» tot.ly b..n w> Util u »Uhd- n w
uup»r.v. I-d robin Ul* ll*W nHH*r BUck oi Blown inrtan.n
ornualy. an. nntbrr w»>V, off or .oil, th. > oil... . and lusted of
in.urioc tli. hue.Hnpnri* u» H lb. Iwauiy and .la.',o*lt) <•! youib.—
|i, ,U|» il,.irtri-nmr. will b. ap|.ar> nl to cc.ry one u|«m a »ui|b
KM' lltltO’b
Thi' l*rnprir!or of thin NKVV ami iKraiililul pri'
parahon court l.nlly i.conun.ml- it a« havinr ■» »v*d/ inlli. woi d.
r. i inipaihnc a beautiful, »ort and gla«.y hp;,.aranc. to lb. Ilnir,
pi. 01.1,ng ii« fiou It and preventire I. falbnc out
* or l>re»«T» in* nmi Himiiify in* Ibi- TEETH.
1.V/1 ruHirViJra rut: t;hh.hu
Tim arlirlr will be Ibiimi invaluable, where
l«i an ruhjert to HoO.B welling or Bleeding —for whiten
in • .ind giving h-mbi-e to the Tertk and preserving tin hi from t*
I****, or decay,—for rendering a deheiou* treviin*-** to the
hi-Ik, neutr.vlmng the nd. ur front bad TeetM,-•“lie* bad breath ol
a«». • . ami jerMtn* who have di* »rd* re»| St mtactn- Thi* excel
leit and H il«anur I'.mr i* one in wlnclt implicit rehar.ee may *»«
an it It** the atroitg* -t approval of th' mo-t rcapectab'e Pity
i . , .n- ind Denti*t*. b..tl» in Europe had tie* United State*
I m *ak by Duval K. Pun e I. U K Duval. P. Johnston. J P Du
v.ii A. t'i. J || Fu*tac- AtStm.H. M Zachrianon. A. Leahe. A It *
«t. ker a Hro, Hukmmmi, Bpotawnod At Robert* m. C. Coning At
«*r / firilwy; B t*. Broaden. Ittnfkr*trr. J. Cooke, Firtiericka
Aar/» and by ab th« princi|*ai Druggiata ihrougl» >Ut the 1’ S or ol
P o C, A. Wnghl. Hok Agent* for the U. A, PitI*drtj>ki*
rarwcn of Virginia.
K have determined to offer every |v»i>il*le in
•larrmini hi the farnu r» of Virginia, up id tide water. in
li.ua !br*r proOMd In this mil r hr I : w« Ibvrrfiin: tr nJff our irmf m
for th. *.il# o? produce of all kinds upon tin* m&iuv terms with the
llaHimore merchant Oil rbarfen will In* for wheat 1c. per bushel,
rora and uaia 4c **?r bushel, when auld for cash : if sold ui»on
# irdlt ami 0-4111 red In fuaraniee nnies. Uh* uaual g unranie* com*
fnJaaion will In (turfed
The armor partner ha* had levrotrec year• eipertenee jn huai
liras, and 0j't* ra tmnarlf h<* can effect aalr» upon as food trrmt a.«
tint house hi iuia cilv hr » bn personal attention loiitii branch
f tiua.j • •» VV*t arr determined that no effort shall tie want.nr to
vriHlat entire •alt«faciiO0 to thorn who m»y patronise ua.
r.. our c *ton*ers wt a-k no char#e for aell me To those with wtiom
w. bate a«> acquaintance nr refer thatu lo Meavr# Nazal!.Broth* ra
k r«, Warwick At Barksdale. Capt Brnj. Mhcppard and John M.
2 doors below the (*ity Hotel,
a» 19—<f foanarly Bell Tavern *
y *
tn*eod.nf :o eviend the.r manufacture of Taper, wu: pay in
e .ahthe t. if hr at pr»ee for cotton and linen Raft. wh-te or coloured
I'ooatry Merrhnnta may forward parcels of rafa to tin. subacrj
her who will teuftpayiu* h'. aa b» may be directed
BupenaurndentFrabEiin Mu f Comp'y
l>*bannd, May |f>th. 1"I6
|» t *l> tNDYOl 811 %LLBB< ONtINI EU!
IV The annezrd ia «.r»e of the many proof# tlint I am dail> re*
r • 'Vif*r f'"in m> nutiHf ii euttmnrn from abroad that my V*wi
tuu Linria ll.it lira is the bent, the eery he*l. that ever aai
* a» a for it* nsmntaaeoo« effect it has over all d>ea that are now
Albany, fcept. 2J, 1"4C.
Flo 4*. ith %i street, Phi sde’phia
I rear In—The Vefe table I.kju «1 Hair Irye that I received of you
- -met wnh a read aalr and has fiven #er»era! satisfaction P-aw
•»el n.r a fii.-i.ier i«|fi> without delay, a* I am entirely out. and
base <taity < «fl« for if Yours, fee
P«* «a»* wholesale and retail by J< liH IIAl EL
4*» south lid at/vet. Philadelphia.
AM b' tmy Afents I. f, ntrr. Imva) At Purcell. H K Ihival. K l»u
«. ", Mao, n H M /tr tiriMon. Hormn At MctAuean Broad at .
ir r,«t*oi»d I'M Cortmf, Hraff. Thomas *• To. Petersbur#. arid moat
•it the I'ru^fiau throuih the I’mon or 3
1 \{ \SS CLOTHS.— \V r ure juet opening a
I t d of flruM Nkiitn Also—
tV*r*lie Hilt I Huston Thule
I lurry mill Elorrme
Knfh h t.i t Tin* At« f HATH BOP It VAN OEL'RMEFI,
it I .* No Rl. Mam FiteeL
(M)OPKfl'S ISINUL \SS.—CwifX’iV Aineri
-V ran ffflwd l-.rigl*** \ n making Wan* Manga, Tah'*' J* lli*-a
h- i .<*1 r-r# ivrd |.»r sal? by III VAL I* H R< KM.,
(r II llrtiggiH* 147, Main Htrrrt
i 4 «». k n..
l m mad* Hr if wr m Fn*aral« Nini an ai'*-Mij*'
to itl«i«tr* * iu* fir• prior o k* of Natural l*i». *»•*'|»li> I*y lln ai4»
H.r | r» iil«r Toy* an I oi Yoatti
Hilltd* Mid rdh*** I'wiio by Mary llovri I
f'» itm- i • r f hi»*n tr by John M fialf H I*. Phya*- nf» uf lit*
I malir '•, i ii of Vi gnita. at Willinuahurg
l,4» > i f hr • r. dn r * oUimhut ami Ainrr• ii« Vrurn. itn*
hnm-i t faatr atiw • W H* i • * hjr M • Jair Inti- i
f.» • . V « a of aI fliiH H r i>n|iti«in| a l» •• ripti n o
• • »*V l>rrn»ivmli viikuk Tabul.,i Huirn^ida, Ph|hi
I * • i,i tf,» I .-i tk - hr
.MM Mnl’V.I.A
«♦••»» *■ of Hal r •>' I, fr by Ihrkar.
HyU amine, by iHitm*
I * mVafmn a- d Afoiiemenl. I»y Mra limp
liipu il of HI I.... m*1 dt Jarnr*. by I <-ig*a*
I’ i in H ia.*»a i hf anbOf of 'l>n 1 boiiaarnl a Vm
it h f r * r#* tr iM47 r r ii in n
U if A(t«nl, under ifcp l‘i |»ai.gr 9f» f»•!
SI mi Kill \ AKNISHKS.
4 1(1 yell I nrriitur<* Jn,»ui n.imirnc
Iron Yarnt«h r.l • ijirr or rpiiti'y — »c»n*foilly on h»»**l f«»
• • in qn titiiif • In aim purrlwr- ra.
t i i •l»lv of all V *f/nah frarrat fed
m 7 IH VII. b Pf Rim 117 M nnalrrrl
1^1 MH IMI fflll %f»a»| M — Mrtr l»ikaa» H«far r^i.»»,
M t if • flap- Of, , r»« Mu i*»h in barrria, yrimp «i«»air» I'
l» • l u n llaraaiii f »far Jnnf Irroffd and f«»f n'r by
VV FUR. RAfoft h »o
IMI Mil *1 I* % H.
<1 Hf.li Tanaar ifl.l
in f a*a« I’m* Fil Oi f’<»? n»a ».y
d |. Mi. liAVINT.iftT Af.I.ftM 4 I O
4cii Iiih :•••«! 'l< (In id lt(>i»u»,
I SI.M 'S Pnlry'n A|flKy • « IfMlicii hi
rl (•» >.'Pl»i,»l till A,'nl rbfl| »!t|> irfttrntr l
hir'(i«.dr Hil mui Till* > (I Rdiii -it w >th •. I
. i,| I II I*.,' .XI Ai«*( • •« Pflili.wi «ril» r,tr(i.(T. U-\
Irui h| J>*. 4 111 lip.
lihdlMil • H.liMi I T'.MW »« llir Pin* flip MW (It r>. i
0 .inm mi argp I an f improv. <1
Imihaai m IM 4 ar«(p . f Ok Heart l.nrlufe» r*n nt'|Mlr 4«*n
i i' if w 11 In r«i iwariK fuiipf nn| 4i*aa«n of lit* ll•aru h
1 V I 4 in« tfl P. Faya** an n rtnH naif in lln n fc*- A
* on iln l!i«rt« a Prarticaf I'm* o nn In^amniioa n
• * i%a on. ant rninr n»«n nf If*p I'tnvna Uy J M Ifnivf M l»
Halt on Tar n«* or oSKtraliaat on ilia > •irabiiity of f .*n«n«nh
a, by a nrw.nrr anf fntnnaa mdr of i« aianiii By IM llai
*1 Nr • Oilr an*
I h# abntr Mri (m« Lo#» | ithual«r < *ni am foi n r by
j* ft* r r ri<MKR.A«rnt
I *4r< I hr lirhiiifr
Qt'RENh a ad POTENTATE**, upoa tli* dMlu fu *Ik
r imaft«f|fc|t«ftUl W» *k K .. or Mim..
. Akui.mir,. Mil *tK<»n,|".- rilK AMkRK'AN rftAtrrtr
honwof hi* |*r tt abiliiic*. tiluonliBary ikill, Iraramf tad n|i m
My RMMfrMril i* 'hr prndin u>« ©f tin most ftill. cVar.a mi.v It
u it.f .Mr Mil I I. 1‘WM liira troth wh eh a*c eat .»# imnlnn nodi, i
•firmer hmm rm rUhottird. The mihor 04 this « • lebialrd pmdu«
IH»II I- a graduate of Ihr College of rh)OCMM and Huigroa* im
nr tod with the 1'u.v* r»ity ol New \ oth lie is aim a I rol«
| «>( Hurgery and I lin eal M*dicme m % rlu'lrml nodical (oltrfr 11
, tin* country, and In* receive-f d.( .lotna* four mrrtlrmo«Rr.l nr
d»ca< sort«**•«•, I>ruilr numerous li'Aimomtl* ol the high* t respect
rriM ration and gratitude from the run ann Si mom
Jibuti* im> Cuuinin in Fun»tr ami America. This grea
onrh of Or. Hi-acti ■■ the r**cice of all the nodical wiener ar>
literature —*»f U»e rt.irri nee. and observation—the ducovvrtn ar*
impo'vemcnt*of the mo*: dHinfuuli'l and aurceaafui medical an
surgical writer* and practiboama of all acbools. of asc ent and m.*
«Wa tin e«. roni' it.«d with tin* v» r> extrusive i ipcrH'Bir, obsrrva
tion and practice of nv trly THIK I V YEAR* ol the Author per
tonally. m thousand* of ca*m in ih# city ol New \ orh— and ala
Creat Work, w h eft eoataihi airb l (oukurd man of val aV«
matter, i* rla^ihrd and arranged under appropriate hi adt in Niu
rear*, w nich “ embrace tin* (itatCTtl. 1 m ua Manoa* ami
TRtiTaitr ol the hiuouot Mn Womkn and ('HlLhaa* of all
* •••■a»a* rile d*ara*r it m each caar dew r. bod in the chare*;
and *i.upl«-»t mariner, and *o »!«*» nb-d an to be as readily rccogn r
;* oj-v *. gj Hi m< 4
giVitu; the lull, dittinct and unnmukeable description of the die
ea*e. the n inotir* are named—ria«T. euch a* an preaenbed by tire
«>U K h<* »l «>i Medicine, and by toe other van.his «»*trm« ol prac
*,cf • •*»d in the *a«oat> puce such remedies are rcconituendeJ a*
hae* been i-Mird to be the in wt safe, sure and «|*o«*dy in their opr
ratmr m etTectirg a cure-—a In. It rente In* are almost invariably
from the VEGETABLE K INi.Im »M— thus making th* servtceaof
I’ny*** mm necessary only in diflicutt. intricate and perilous raw*—
and saving to indivuluate and families a \a*t amount >f ripens*,
labor, troubl*. and especially from the pernicious effect* of uial
Th* Work 1* Illustrated with TWENTY TWO ANATOMIC \l„
TWK.N I \ Pul K MKill AL ant si RtihM inl ONP. III N
INt?s—tint* ami ng tli • und* rntan bug in the Mronr* *t. clear eat.
and nm*t satisfactory manner 1 in- numerous coloted lii k'lavmcr
ol a Itrg* part of the moot valuable Mnii nal PUat* winch ar*- un
common>> accurate and perfect, will enable any one to find them
w h« ever they mav grow, or drbet them when aeen. Besides the* .
tin* Work contain* 7Veuf*-f.*r »p.-ndtd • ng raving*. on ename'rd
|*aper. of f*ahi Meaal* and Sami* present* d to the Author by v • —
rrtfns of F.nrope. m ronanpicncr of the high and glawitig reconi
Hi' ndations which wen given it by sueh men a* tUron t* .i:»Srrt.
*r*l I'ktfirtmm to /^>a«.« l‘k iipf* Ike K. ** of the fVmi. Pa. •renmr
•f ike bWa*tpof l‘*ru.amu iktj Pk*etn*n •/ Ike Hepttai
of M Ijmhs, one of ti c first medical LighU of Prar.ee. who pro
no 11 need thia work, the “.fiAnrra /Va* .*»»«. g«," to h* • .1
aaa/yei*. am.i a M.iSTF.R PI Ft K Of .V K TNl >/». .*# Af/> .VA/>/
1 I/. A'XPKH/Jl«W 'P. **—Ay />*. I <>a /.agaric Ftrut <.>«*> mmd
Firet pkp*tf>am to kie tkr A’i«f II mrlr*mbrrf—by the
cekbratrd !>r. and Profrpeor t,n HnftlanU. known Umtt’Choul tin
world for hi* di sting Utah* «l m«*rit n the medical profession, and h .a
learned and highly valued wntinga on me*lictiM\ First pk%$i.*un .
An Majesty the f Preens—and w ho add*d to hu aoMc r*eo-u
mendanon a Diploma from the Ron.u M^lieal CMleft of Rrr,
■iwirdcd*to the Authrr for h * mer’torioua volume*—by l>r an*i
Professor /V II milker, l^rtry I iso. and A'lffara to bl« Mate f»
the him? of Rararia. w bo u)» in a letter to th,% Author, ~ your
j work ptoses tron in the rank* sf the mast ttleb-at.d antk rs sf tnr
1 —by tile great anl just ) honored Hr. t'ABI «. wlm stands
at the held of the ineiLr.Y profess on tn Puro|*e. with a repuuti n
•*f t v I ugh* st rrd* r in Medical an I Purgic.-d Hcirncc. and tab* i*
A>r»f Pkfstrum to hi* M^ **ty the A’i». . Sai.-ny—and al*» byitie
flecrvlary of the P.-pe »J a « der ap* ak«n< rf*tv tnr
ncan Prac tree, he in orm* the \nthor. that “the If.dp Father sr^ina
' I ad 1
• .v I
Mtac. of f»«/d.**—which Mi-Jalhcconpanna) Uie l»*»ter * 1 the See
'« unqualified an t ended pra .« have tn-o Uo' ^rd on this
•• itcda kb) x rm PhyweJm&stad8 urn— tub i> I
F.v*uHit *• >>f l*a»i- of Haiti m H.nm.v ind Prussia; tat*
Nipoieod Prod «or of lb Tbeor) u Prad • Phjrtb M.
diral Jurisprudent . and of Mfclw,f*ry n Nrn \ Arit—wb> \\r «•
tolbf Author—* Youi svstem, drar »r w ill not only innuor, i»
your n»m«- hut it t* th*- •« ip-- or *v stem over all Your rrputa >:»
•* now sufficiently rMit.lml.ol m both w r «l«. the nMan I Uk n*u
by jroor excellent worh, tbc "Avnu a* Piurnca «t MrdkkM."
Many tk**.** :* i»f persons have found. in«l will fir.d daily. the
fmtrit b< urt.t fi.un >..ur l • .v»iwm^, and I cannot do
« tb*rwi»- than r* mi*ih1 \.-nr remedies •• n!l person* ring
from dupwc—in ! I * nc» r. l% In*** the put* ic wilt mon and more
appreciate your \iih r i an Practice and) ir medicines. tor they
only rrqutr* to l*e **#r • -al.'p iuotrn to be nxr •#«//» myprwTtJ"
Bays t>r. CTAPBK
Ur surpa **•* any oiln r I lu*\« #\**r »rn. In all my f< rtn-r read
inf. for farenfy >«r>t | have r«v*r b**en bo fully ^a't^fu d u.lh any
Theory or practiee which basnet n»y eye. a* with yours.
Hays hi IViTtiNiiiuf irantUin.R I—I know not lios tort
prow, my frrat tude for Hie great benefit I have derived frotu your
invaluable writ rc« He- Aimn. in I rtfci, Hr. It ha# rrvialcd
tl»e urn* Art oi Ural.uf. both to Uir common i<r<»pie. a- well a« to
Ui*» prof*-** on A (• rule man t<» whom I recommended your work
inform* d in* tli.it it had Kiv*-d inn, m leas than a year, more than
••a/ kmmJrfU ti-’.'a •
Pays l»i T Rr.tt of the .Y:/». n.il / drurr—\\V ram ithr rceotn
nvnd every f'hy&ictan in America, or t Is* w h*rr. acquainted with
the Eng hi It language, ro procure l»r it * work as soon a* ;«os
h«* wilt adopt the l»r *• syste i We should njoi.« t» *ee th • l*ook
translat'd into all the languages m Use, and distributed am<>ti£ all
Hays hr. M:r»* of Poston, Mi,**.—I used'tiie remedies rreom
mended in your Medical Wo k for two year* or more m my practice,
and I am h fhly ph*UM«! with their effect upon th*' system, is fr*-*
kind */ i/ilrii..i . u. urt li SO th.it »<> *ww<*y cvul*l ta« . t ntc to rrfam f4.
Hay* hr Vnuiof Ht Josrj '■ t o.. Ii. :.ana—I hav* hv.l. on an
avsrajr, fr III srtml/m k**ur,4 to :Krte tk*n<a*4 y x.r*l* ..»***.
during the la«t three y*.» .. ;,i,d I have lo«t but four paticMsin that
time All th.* i* the result of i tgrlui- .W ... tm** pr«*M rile •' a, .*rJ
Prs / • M

cor era >u late th*- friends of m iieal science on the pub, at.^nof
he ha* already achieved by the pr^w. *> .»f hi* » a«» ca, |«n ard
laborious ttl'oru ia the cau» . uav«- ecund turn an eminent me lie
in th* tempi* of fame. lo»n.nty slm l tell the story of Ins worth,
w hen the administrator of t^m, k,t. rrr% i mlmwul and C err^siec >«k
timutr iliall live on y ontlu page of hot >ry
Hays l»* CtxiKK—Hr. Hi-ach‘»work w»* hope w t. * w». patron*
i*ed as it is one of best r»*«TH at. medical honks ever puo'nli d.
Ur. Mi Mattos, also t'athobc t ergyman, h..-t0m. Matt, wrrite*
hr Beach—• »* studied Physic in I and, and pract «**d there and
herr, I thank flod. with very consider*M« succeii I ronf* ** i»ow
rvt r, that I hair bad a | rc 1 let s tor your system these mint
year* jmsf. Within the last sis month* I attended re* *«*./*.d m.
wsrtjf nfrkr pnimf*. and tie.itrt » very individual muwf U y v*r
•f$trm uj yrtgrr „iu,mr Of tfi- at ve COn*iJernb)e ami. »r fr »
many do you tlm.lt I ;o*t ? MtTu.\E. Haw I n-.;. th*r»l r. z -wJ
reason, first, to thane A tn.irhty Col f. r tj »c<. -Jn« - and ; t, Lon
• ml you for the rsabi sl iu ntof th* Kr.FoKMri) ?* YSTKM which
*• ertdrnt/f l~nr$ the yum ever a*.' ouurg, if aiienLVt \y andjud.ci ur
!y foi owed
** I know the !.i»tio tnd J’rrnch )inrua;**a a* fairly as most other
infii. I studied the authors on Mein n* id ih. a- far a* .n my
power I never felt widded to any prevailing sy-i i or the opr
moos of any rnan. Although I arn much taken vv t& th moce the
French Pl.) »iCJin« use in trra'ing s .»: e diseases. I lave not faiW n
on any system *kut frart iitr'.j r0 Uu last , taftiy no /«i*/y, sad
.• yk,....*► y. ssjfu»r*,r«, if properly uniersio*^d ant du,y n>
lowed up.”
Ha>s the “New Wosls”—“hr. B. ach i* sell krowo as a Me
dical au h .r, by h * • American Pract.ee of M- d.c.n* Teslimo*
Bala in lavor of that wora were g i*t, b> r.*ar;y ah foreign luedica.
colleges of d stincii >n. and Cold Medals nave teen *♦ nt to .Lsauth r
by many Crowned Heads of Europe. We have no hesitation m
•vy.ng that hr Beach has given to :t> w* r d one of th* most valu
abh medical w'.rk* e&un ”
These ai«- but f*w of tije thou*c»n ii of g'owmg and >inqua! Tied
ftmId 'u.0 uu*o It) e.l am •
b w rk Where i^the M* nca Wert to b* l .und which hi* r*„
rstved such gr»kVen Inrsn such d s'jrcuistied pra.*e fi-irn th* h.go
| *s^ sources and fr* ;.! all cos*** n the mi w *r»i and in th* l« w 7
Aec/ mpaaying tte above Work. an* tb*- Rrro ! fur the rar . .»
diseases describe! thereto atd wb.eh are pr» . .*d :< r the m,-.
TIkw: art known by the rutneof
Itcirli'o .kcdii’iiicn,
f’nlike Uio* Patent rrnit iim an < r* cuaun l>y one llitoiii *«re
all dt-e;.- - acb if'miration is partirulariy de»ij»*ed to cure « in*
specific | s.ojnthi eoaipunt with »t« tram of symptomatic af
lections. Tl«ff arc amre titan thirty different kind*. which arc
compos'd of more than hundred different surie of ne* 1 c n.iJ m
g red rent* of the vegetable kingdom—isuch at gums. extract* of
bark*. Urn* * root* and bud*—of flower*. hstrra ani -«d» of
l- in which mercury, antinomy, a>» int op,«r. and otb«*r
i-fmonooi numerals. of .4*e character, have no p a .—fern* •.*«?»
which, if misapplied. no* not destructive to the patient, nr entail
u*«>r» him a l***t of other di*< -m# • a* * the r 40+ wiili •iieh deadly
••ni a- in* r u*y, arsenic, copper, and other fuiUeral*, or miner.;
The orff na* pi -pnetor of ll*e«e Mr Trine*. though a celebrated
author and graduate of a regularly incorporated l otoge of th* old
school—th* i|li a member *-f *ev* rat <**‘t*ngui»h< d llHiral ( olkpa,
.iik a Professor of t*urg»ry and * liniral Med c.ne in a chartered M*
d ral tViiieg* in iim country—has not, m view r»f the dignity r,f
•ucli » .gb honors. withheld :* careful mve-tigition %• to wh.it r.
the he«i, ibe oif* "f, ur d «ijfraf rt iomI for I «* air lit hiirriqt M
dical Work h* 11; i, I aav* spared r either pans nor eij.cn • to
•Cfiuire a ki. .w i*e rtf tie prartio of th- rno't noted Physicians,
retain 1 of from each »rrry tAmg vkirk / Snrt pr..re«/ bf ngrrirat* in
*‘r ticefM| I hive not thought It hem ath in* to conv* t«- with a*n/i
•ad Ion* OfK ioa«. and any other |#oon«. win liav* prof e eitn
1 otsrn nr»> valuable renwiy. or «i un;rov*d method of m »tmg
disc ase 'I he hnt* and sugg* **h»h« of • 1;* rir nc* I nur* - and fe
male i rarti:toners have not »s .» . 1 my notice—" Por,’ »ny« n for
•tier Prr-ntent of the Nrw York C »lh g.- »»f Physiciansandihirgeon*
* th* re ,* not .. mttim or remark of «i*g rcpcrir .<-*<« jrm*l>
Which IS rot I«sm d upon *r fa/A. Ivi'iiai />-.•. »/t/,*. T|.* > ar«
generally ddig#-fit observers Of future, and often r>o nt out tier indi
■ atior inar*irr*ct ..*»d mac eriy m.inner win h * Pen ‘ opi' in
the phymemn .»rwJ the fr.»nd- ot t .# pat enl I la • also aval let
mywlf of « very adk«nt;ge arising from a r*gitar course of-t jdy 11
’lie I ntveroty of tin .^lin- r»i Nev Yors B« mde«, an eiteo-ivi
prartiee Utr runny y nr* in the m* M p *pni in- «*»ty >n tar
ites ,V w York—wi ll repeated rofistjiiilion* siih lie riK*M tfia
’ .gm#lied surgeoar i»m! phy sician*, inre nth*rd* d «•* oj.,torfi:r tie
O' W!tf»e*Sl*g sol IPS* 1 • St* iriN, \*Hl«nrof M-S***. ash III
IRVfM; KVKKV VAKIKI V op raACTirr. I have Sl-o at
tende.t mmmf tkmmtmmd t*»f at the I N'Tr.fi HTA IKr< l*| IKMAR Y
where cor ant apptirat.on si- nis i1 f**r medK.il aid in Physic
r ilff ry.imd Mfiwnh r> Ihinn* tl*e f'.pid* niK Itie At*st « < |i»i!r
ra,> under the appointment of the New Yorli Hoard of If* sltli.
prefer bed for about aw tl .osmd rases «*f c}*r*leia, either m th
|f# monitory nr 'nufrtn .1 s ag• s Th*- infuru »ti**n whrn I Hav
1 err is ed from nth* rs. the opport init.es of rlin:r il pmcfKe. 'i 0
u»e prarliri .1! t|»* b* !• dr 'if tin* sicfc and firnprrrvemen's whirl
I IriV'- myself n .el*. hive hro .ght ineit.M Its p*»- • • tort of » j rac
l* « whirhlhnve f.'irel hylonfar*! repepr.l • rp*ri« r.er to b* ir
• iluabl* . an«l nit* g* Her uprrior In mat ptireueil |>y il.i>ti«rPlimli
* th M.oeral \ b>, ith - •. II n»*e**p.ithi«ts I n* nis-ifiuin*, kr . a
•if w h ch I hav* tr*t-d hy fpjeilpd « «pemu nl«'*
Th* e r* m* dn t*|nve t*« • n in use for many years— Jong before an
if In f’atrn Medici i* »kiw adv* rt »ed so generally h*Pilk Pnn
p* »■. Fitfirte Hyio », in , an' had a *piire«t a reputation unsut
I as*e<i by sny mb* *. but tit* propm-t* r. b* nf disinelineil t 1 giv
**.hrr Inn»•* 11. 11* b**nk. or hi* rm ilic-n* ptoa m* new by advert.gin
’lie vahja'de ipial lt»sof tl»e two bitter in the (taper* h sfnen*t« wb
hi ve «« t n nr.«i know * t»y II** ir * IT* cts. Ill* ir ir»e«iimible v 1 in i av
1* It that it is in - lo Ituina*. :y tsth* Ittniln « of t'*e land, to the a:
fl*c,led evrry wi ** to lay *• fore tin *n *h " an* of all other- tb
• adapted to prone*** th* p'lystf n* «Hh sad liappii v*srtf n j*i
**•?!> nml at tl*e s%rm time *1* ju*t|p*- to tie invslusl'te *erv>c* * «
»*ne wl-f» His IstiflrbsH to the very bcft jnppie' and *AppI f r th
t• »’*d of mankiod. It it to In |»oj*r<1. rl»« r« fm* , lint Ui«-m w* il tr c
1 nod es, the n iou*d rmi !• nf nearly thirty yrsc** ripr er^e an
.serration Of Heir misterly HlfltKIKe in Hie flife of d'S* a* w»
i*»*tet w ;ti that att'Otftofi whch th ir value, their ine*tmuibh m
fe*ftao« e to the uC c*e I d« mu d
7'tieir 1 .nne* ani '.set . e as follows —
n l M'iNUtV PtlWllPlt or **t HIT —for f‘o! Is # mgli* f*Ot
sumptir n Ppithrg of It *s>pun 10 'l»e hr* « t, a
AMT.lt A riVr. P*»Wlil H or HAI^'AM for all Impur «ms #
1 Or BL .nI — for Her *fu a Halt Klsmn fruM Me«4 Hl:et'iu*ii»oi
f.»t Mrr • n o. Py, ibl*c. and crop*ive diseases—Wild*- HwHng
f* vtr dor* *, riduhs. »nu .*11 rutanao««s adrrtions
Myri*KAT.Vh WIN I • I I'll H.u l*rsli Nrrvou* r*«n«, .nn»
>t*n rat Orb* i«y, l»y*p*:sna, W* »i l.-.n, .Hf*n •* - stiji'itir a«
I IT. VC P.I.M T*1 Alt V—*f€if II* in rrlonils or Pi* —sa ititemi
and sovereign ren*edy
NKI I KM.i/.IV; MIX rriBaad Nl R^KKY Ml l»M INK—Hr
t ’ho'ers M* rt«*» Mys^nterv l»tarrh*ra or Pomn * r fomplam*. as
fitt rrlsi mdindrea laduerd hy te* 1} isf or dent if • on
rr.VM ANIi Mil V. P»»WI»P.RA—for Intcrnolten'of Bilious f<
MAPVfOBf Ttf or PRV PR pi »WI»PUN— for ah febrile srvt li
hsounatory d sea ss
niritmr I»P»»PP- |Wr flravet and kl1 sir cilon* o' the K*«
ergs— f**r Cystitis. Ilpmsfons are! all t’nnarv disease*
ANI I HII Hit i* PXMII.V PIIYNM — a * ompiewr s«bs*i»ule f*
Mercury ia alt iI-ihs*
VM*KTAItLC I.Min iC—*oi tV>lde. Prim, liltAiuaui o com
MKPA I II', or I IVr.R I'll.LS— tar all Lifrt r—f'inia he
IMF.I M ATH* UUCIlMbr *li« untili tu. HfrtiM, Irfl
UIhm. A\ h »r SweB.tv*, A*ua n the Faea and Rren.t*, Fatal) ai*. he
IHW MATIC TILL* - or Ac ir «b4( hrmt Kbum.ii *ui.
C«4»*. F« rcra, lafUmju*t.o»a, Pirjrajr. Neut-dg a. RUtous Cobc,
WORM FOWDRR—f»t* Tin. r»p«, aal coautm Womu*. and
ala* for all anting from IVm.iia.
• \»l till ril.t.M.for OuUa; tVugbr. Hri nrl.a.a. Tam aivl Tight
.»•••• .n »hr t lH*#t. he .
NRKVfM i< I'll.I.**— lor Neuralgia. and a'l nrivoua diseaara
\ l i.t'l Alll.K ANTI llll.IvU M T1LI.S— f,»i all Biliary diaaira,
cat % « ii m. drop*). he
AN 11 l»\Hrr.rnc and TONIC TILL*—for Dyspepsia or Indi
(<<«i4on. Habitual Onativeaem. Aridity of iIh* (Momac h. Ilraribura,
Tain »■ Hi** Hrrast and Side. 1»>/x.nca*. he
t (HTUII DIOPH—lot Colds, Coughs, Stricture of tl»<* Lung*. In
flanioaiion or IrntaLon of the Ri >i.chial Tubes Consuiui tmn. he
IKKII A I INC PLA0TFR—for all dorp wnlrd |«m4, Uiliiimii
uoocf Infernal Organ*. Spinal lharaiM, Iv»OmhsI».// hcm. ac.
I’KMAI.K 1’ILI.S—for « hlor.au, ..nd other f< inalr complaints.
CAI ARKtl PUWIitRM—for Catarrh and all obstruct* nt m the
A I lb «c MrJicinea arr put up un Irr Dr. Bcarh'r tmmeJnu »m
prrr„u,n. aa«l bar® hi* UKmar and m/rn. xt/wa/sr.- attached to
< v<ry I *1, package, vial tuple, fee t> prrwi.t the pub ic front brine
imputed upon by spurious imitations, counterfeits. or auric, i t our
articles (ot up by Prugg ala, by in liter* and vender*of I'atrat M< d.
t I CAUTION El ga •
any article* a* ‘Reach's Medic it: oa." eice|>t auch aa have lua lilu neaa
an«t tr-tllm »i|ntlutr on each of the above named irraplua
M.»M whoieaalc and frlail by ANI'KKWS h CO., tirand Depot.
I.Sn Fulton Ulitft, New Yort, to a bom all orders mu-i be aikiiru
ed. fHftt fnuti.
For farther particulars reacting Dr. Itcach'a Hook and Med.
cuh-«, are P.vrnph'et. which may be obtained (rat a of a'l agent*
l»r UK At 'll S FAMILY PHYSICIAN and ad the M F.OICIN RH
arc lor aale by tin- follow me Agents —
J W Randolph h Go.. Booksellers and Hin.lcr». Itl Mam street,
Rictuuond. Va.
Caine*. K.cbee k Co.,
F. Waits.
W If II llodges h Co.,
A I* Rrgefosr,
F. McDowell
do ,
Lynchburg. Va.
IVtfiaburg. Va.
t’h»r'ottr*villc. Va.
Torsmouih. Va.
Farnirtllr. Va.
Fredericksburg. Va
Norfolk. Va. ja 1 ly
Ilitr|»er\ I’iclortnl lliblc.
JW. K AN IM>1.1*11 \ CO. would suggoat to
• all auhscribi rs to llai|*cn»‘ Hib'ethe pt«*j*C!et> of comp'ding
tlir a i k before it is too »ate We have a .dock on hind an I can
■apply lor the p .mil an\ number warded.
We bind th* splendid rook in a aupevfor atyh from • to 9lb per
copy. RookbiiKl ng of every description, and Blank Rook* kept for
-a'e :\nl tu nufactnrrd to Older, at No. 1*1. Main Street, by
UJ II ll.liRONi: SKIRTS Ac*.—The subscribers

mg Neck Tir*. and to-nUrm* n and Indies ll.fk Kid (IWir. •

Ill IIHDS. Nl’W OlliMliS
*■ ^ 8« Jn 4'nt<* MtitrovjU't
K*uM.’ rrAar 1 I^Mf
ft* **1 For • aV by VVKIIB. BACON 4. CO.
OLASSKS—75 libltt New Orleans
■ Mt Ithti* Ca’iimu
? do aed - j tirrn-* Trinidad
-! Fo» rllr by WEBB. B.4IMN k CO
X \II.S \M> I1K V1IS.
k. Kt J:
f KK(JS Cut Nails and Hinds, :ldy.
* v"\_Evx 4 4u.’v Bos aid P* nrmf Nmir. im. ttnl not.
tr -t WEBB. B MM.N * CU.
\I1.S—\N «• have iii store and keep constant
“■ ’ *1 Hi i
.1 ly \.i If Cumhrrlnnd'' bland
< Mnliini. Null -U li 4Ikly
Fin’iluny i d to 1 .M»
I'uIP|m.«i I. 5. lid 6 ncbi’t
Tobaccobm. I.pif* md VVirrhr11IT \ 11;■
< - wrtMfbl and llone N.(tmiyna Alt of wbicli
»'f »<li*r ii il.r low, *i pmr by k<i or . n(> prund
1 I II I TONS l.ump Plaster, pi~t received, liir
■ ' ” III \k\ i .siip.k.
d VII--.JO c. -ks Winter solar lamp Oil.
-i* lfc> an Sperm do do.
l-ar.dma and for «
' -r
■ land iif and 'i *alv la
l>AVENI*ORT, At.I.F.N «t CO.
•I JO Holes Imperial Tea,
an 1 r«»r «lr by
'EED—do bb , iirmiF \ yma I'loirr Af>I 'aidine
\1 •'< KI.RI.I.. m al • d- iiack ic*-f, number* I y and II Inilinf
• T ■ W KBB B AEON k i • *
Si 4 fe ID SIIKLS prime Clove: Seed, lor sale
* f ' FRY k CO.
C1 I III I II s| I II .w
arr »,ry cr.nr qual.ty, for fair by
KID ULO\ Ks. Opened ilii' morning white
. MS and Kii I.iov. a’l n.xoo
II- eh Palrbt Sk.rt/, a trw ail.cle
N*m Ft) Ira Spun* Pr.nta
Blract. .1 and brotsn t'.dinn*. at
t" I* #9. Mi in blurt.
HI?KK\ —i.oo (,bl« Kttutic'!. for stir 1}
'» bum! r, Hu>« a She* t Iron
S3 •• Iron Wire, aaaorud «•**#—I i ,ab- by
\ V
“ I<| Utkina C...|, I, BL*rri R
-- b..».Fi IIKRbP. Dl’NLnP. MONCCRP. k CO.
I* reeeived a few k< tt' Horse Shoes assort
'■<** for Fair by W. S kJ PONNAN.
117 Mam l*tr»*ft.
I _ _ ______
MOLASSKS.— Wo hivi in - ore n ft m llbda
li Ntformvi wfa v*
AUo. N’» w Orleans to barret*.
f* 5 <; BETTER 4 fiRfnTF.R
SI <• \K.t. 10 Luif.s While it4Vitim fciigar; •>
do Brow n do do. m ilcr*. f r «aV by
_ *’ »7_ • •
▼ ▼ Jmui.ea (.infer, v#-r> o», IOOU Ibt ** Fralui, 1000 Iba
Sap Ctrl) ^a>1a—reccivtd &ad for «a!» by
•• f;urBn?« 4 appkrs^on
S\ I f f ,N
Id T.i-rcer •• “ •* *• »*
^ FRY 4 CO.
*.00 Ca; <, for 9kiv ly
I* J"IINSTON, hruffist
AN \NA (.‘KiAKS, 150,00(1 Havana and
o’fier f’ff r- rir.trmnnff wsny **f tb^ beat brand* import d.
! »- wL' e a* Urge a rf>ck of Ui** qual J M we b»vc ever
lftr» J for ij.c tt mbolerakror rttbil by
f* hrurmu, 147, Mam t*t.
II.VoKfrlD «»l I . r nle l^y
III OKU I \ lot c.f : « Vnurrn” Drarsl of Ma-» Li
A cor f., a rncUy pna.e ar.»cie, for n'* ly
, U -1— to ->n- • K Tl ii'J.i ri n hi.%
L^OR RENT, v loi with stablofy etc# imme*
■ dra ely in rear of ounU*re
•J HIk ir;> 1: A "1
V o;« t Mi^rtr, S|»rrna C nndl«*«« Av.
H A 1*1 ItoieR \VooUey*ii Loaf* Sugar,
IiO l «»»#•• llu 4 Hon'* Ta'I'iw CaKd'er
5"0 k.'» Ioiih El* pinot R.ejr'if 3 l»i’—I indmf. for sa'c ‘*y
| K\A n 1 ». 1 1 i . tl r i.in
I ^ Choreh, r>n Hhff boa llili. Mr etilr. for rr nt for tin• year—
5 t. IEDON 4 - K INK I. it
4 * I o I IIS niM \SS| Ml It | S.
** II.EEPH uptown Clothm* »*tore, • fo<»J a«aortmem of
I f’loti* and ('afriiiiffef, at ri-doriil pr rr»
f«-0 I'ornrr of F.iclianf.* Hanh I.V, M i n *•
KLV;*LAMj HPI.RM rANIH.EM—50 boir. I’an W
landir e from * hr M.irntta Burr for *jte t.y
H i.fcet* (’biicpaf r.f f«»r rale by
fr VO
V»;W Oltt.EANH r»u bill* pviiwNO Mota —«
* ^ iniia i mu »< n i x w.i.
\KW ORLKAN4 Hi (MR —’0 hhda pnrt »*t»ei‘y , nut** N O
Po*»r, lor ■»»►• by f« *r> Wll.l MMHk IMXM,!,
Ml’. M.llW i N lm« r. moved to I llli fttriwt. No.
• • I (I war 51' mm Fry It * •» fr ‘df* —lit
1^1 OK S\I,K—9*1)00 Virginm St.il*. Stork,
IHHK) RirliriM»ml f.'iljr Htork
It II M M'RV, r.irli.mir atnl r'lofk Hr»li)’r
U i No I OH) m •«
1 ^ lahd* new K*» *.p atiperior quality
•i do do Jok«, ill For »;ik |,y
ft *dft WIMMMH h It A X ALL
CHI WIHKK H I’>< <i Knjfliah l.ifm
^ I' •* A fVIffitoB of t|i» I |»'o* • ‘t Fr il'iflmru of Rn|ti«li
AtiMfir# fift'o ih*- *;i»! i»i lotlie prevent tune, < onneetrd t.y .» f*n
:<■ il iml ft» "mvhrejtl lltvtory Ntii: I by Robert f?h ,'••!>« r». n*« »i
•d * y R"'nt i ’irr'iflierv qiH o'lKf eminent |* niioii^n To i»e it
nnd - rot m»inilii* m If# numi * ra, <it 4 » rent* rarli. lonomf two
iary« imperial oclav ivo'iim aof 7C0 page* « rh. double r old inn let
trrpr«“*« with upward* of *»of» eteyint llfuH ration*.
Jli> fourth f of tint work 1* ju» |mMi«h< ilaml prieeat* n
rkh ekrilMi #f author*, w.ih fine iil«f«trwtivr<* wo*d fota.anl a
»•» vil- iil in* r/ it r.t of Addi«r>n. in Hiftnm** heit atyV
The rnraorUmry d«mmd for tin work h»« ob'.itrd Ur put* «fi
1 o to reprint a’l the bn*-* nornt. ra, and nffav.nn am*) d* lay in »*
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Oil..—<; bole 'I'arimTe’ till, in good ord« r
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' I, 1C- «i IIA\ ) M'ollT. AI.I.RN k i ll
I * ^ rinty of r ABIH I.WMIIU of iIm
ru«f «r NSW oturAM*. -y—
I Atao, • «>i-lu.tr Of l|M Brtiul Facuty of Mai,'.ml. tor, u„ 3*
"l ’r“',rri >» °< l*a F* KN« M Mr.ltll AI.IKM'SK,
■. of -*!«»«■>€. in rail, .ml America hart raa
blmi UlM »rent b Hoc tor vo cure an, form or iLifr of aecrei J tare are
..a vv.y Jr.il but Mmubl. Urn Hu.a|r,a be on ,u.,d.
Hetuo, you jujy.mKum.ua fae* rrml . compb-m lre.ua. o. m cm
,* *^. '*'1'”' h*b »"«">•- »•"»<• eJoaif * cr—amt
u “ Stench ttoclor of lb. rtmch Mrd.cal Hum* in
8..u.h iWr.ick «rm, aule, lta,ilreee brfore.be bourn- P..c,
of tbe burA M Ceuta. Am.riml. „ member that tb,. Trench IVk.o.
wok.-, tbe only ui. Jicior which will cure atr.cturr Without bouaie.
ami restore tin potency to prune vigor with strict honesty Wriura
fuarant) and forfeiture If dram* Tnai mo.lerate
N lt-li.,.loma. fr-'ui the Med, cal racuhie. of Halt,mo re and
Tarn littintl IR the office.
, •'* •*"' **■ —There are two waya to mat a Hrcrri
1 1 •raw*, to* Drat to much IhmuhI of ia nu r*!y the temporary dit
appt armnee of thr •ytii|»H<«u% by mean* of iu rcury or copivia.and
rvqmrt a but a t'ay o» two, bat it uvery injurious indeed. thr second
may ia to eradicate It out of thr avat. iu. slowly, aalely aud aureiy,
without nrercury or cofMvia. Aa thr «M say—
Hound in a day or two.
Tla too rood to bo inir.
Th rty >e»r. of eaiwrience .a the aeientillc practice of curio*
jActei 1'wmr. m ran. anj Amenc. haw enabled the Enact
Itoctor of 1 lie rrench Medical llouar. UI m.mh Fredeticb rare. t. to
eradicate the moat r.ruenl diw-.w, no nutdec fn.i„ what can.. ,1
on* have or.*,noted, in a very .hurt but reasonable linic. w.lhout
Meicmvor lopjv.a, Vlctuna of «» ,mp,„p., „r,mie„t .ml wea
u-.t by <1 aappoloi'ircni. buy conivieniinl!) apply braon » h • have
iUjund thru health by a certain practice call* d solitary trier, winch
bungs impotroay. will H« rratored to pnm«- vigor. Tina is thr on'y
place in IIAL1 IM<»RK where ante curr can br bad on wnttra gua
ranty and forfrttut*. w .th sir.-1 honesty. and tr rms moderate Un
til «et respectable city references will be given Advice gratis
CONFRsVIoN —I. ihr subscriber, publicly conlrw that I have
Inrn Mtt.rtsd sih a tfccrrl Disease ever s uer l*.\l I halth-r
te» nr mi nr m physic tans, whose naairs are nrcordrd at the French
Medical llt'Uw. some of them abated the dt-easr. but it alwavs rr
turned worse than before, until it carried away both sides of my
throat and pierced thr top of iIh- palate. I a tan lost several boors
ol m> nonr, and was aim*wt blind« l an eye, and my face was cover, d
oithan inunrnae quantity ol scabs. between which the atm was
as fed as scarlet, an I I was indeed in a tu«wt deplorable condition,
*0much*0 that Uie learned profeasor H. pronounce! me incurable.
It was obvious to n*e, then, that a common doctor could no: e*tn
cate me from the jaws of death—for they all Mm* the same old
routine, with their train of mercury. tnit1ure*<«r pill*, m wilted by ig
mwance and continued bv cupidity an.l do no rood to any but the
venders S bvtal . rsons recommend, d I'1 lil i:r. oltti. Medical
llmis*-. So lb south Frederick atre. t. as a sce.uihe luan and n rare
gen us in those comp'amta I went to him. and be idrdgi-d Imun 1
to cure me on written guaranty I did not hesitate at a I on seeing
w» many l.kenrsses of pat tenia wh>» ar*- hvitur sv.dences of the many
wond. rftil cures In has perf umed in ahoo*t rveiy kind of disease
Then he bad my daguerrroty likeness taken, and I took tus medi
cine for nl*..4t a tear, which c. mplrtely cured n*e. lie toil then
my other !.•• ness uk«n. and b th arc m be arm at hut other
this meets the eye of »,mn wretched being in the grasp of drat
as I was let him fly torbi* pra sewoithy philwwthopist. whose dr«
know I dge ol the vital principles w hich nauuaie and move the h
man frame ar* known in both hemispheres, and I I. l.evr from u
very s*»ui not forgetting that I am on oath'that his exquisite gem >
w It discover as u..»ny hi v* and well appropimn-d remeda-s. as n«
•lisiisrs may be formed. IIFNR V ItKI'MMKK.
e'worn b. o»-r Justice W'm McJilton, the jOUl October. IS«
DEkTRITTIVE II \BIT.—How many youth tpuil tlioir boa III
bv iho hatrful »ik! ilan-oiou* pcacurr or aniilaiy in-iufcrurv I'm.
i» Tory iiOunoti* lo il*o inoivHlmlt, wbcwr complrxion. brcouung
I*-', and Ihrti l«alM-,fr. l>lo. ha4difo«i >n. ibair atoauch« Tory wi■
d* ami Tomr painaaro lobo foil in th. utommch, uuny !ito » m ibo
luoo ami rlwm.' oro, afoord.af lo tin- duration 01 tm. doMiuriiTr
TK« I ban >o. na arr-ivl many youth. .-artnod to llioir (ravoa bo
foro l». my -o-von yoiri of 3,r for nor lur.nf quit it. ami bo rrlioTrd
ttiudy (Voquratljr pr.«luco» Una alToc'.mn, > aro thr bond, atrnncly
utol. irtuai , lb*' oni.ro nciTou-ajratrtu. abbournthr rr isl.tllo pro
penot)* in tut.ir* to pursue th .* viceduring sleep ilrr.iuiaaif rndy
lo seduce Oh e* nwsof thr young victim. until hr involuntarily hr
t mr« guilty of th. w akr.rw, from thr effect* of winch ml tbr
•kill of thr medical profimnn hat much difficulty in saviug ii in —
It is (hit sen*» .. cirt umt %n.*r which gives tin to th** ciuk, thr
rrsull of which terminates in nocturnal excitement.
Dating my residence in Tan*, w hich lasted mote than a wore of
**art, I had «> ra«.on t • rsannnr a rr«*at many thousands of those
c.»w r which ac.; tinted me wnth all thr particulars of that detesta
ble and injuru'li. habit winch wM»n or la'r wrdl hill the patient, or
what is worse it . bnr - him to kill hms»*lf
Wh**n youth* avt th:a tlestrurt.ve habit, which in grow inf turn*
into* i:larypra ncr. tNn instead of crow nc eiuart. handsome and
b . omy a* they ceurralty do. they become pair. weak, languid. tier
%«.u« uniat V. ta* v *■ n»*rally bat* company ; they arr dull, taciturn
a*:dif far tdva *d in th** abominable practice. they are tourrdo!
Ihrir l r* y*i »r» nce that nnnv hill themselves, and frequently ao
b« dy In tin* wor d can account for ti:eir smcidv.
Am -nc thr very many which I have treated and cured there, I
rc'oll*ct a uia*' i fleeted withth.s miserable complaint, who on the
par of Mjicide c me to ***** me tb«* reading of a scientific journal
which I published at thatUmr. gave him tome raya of hope, and hr
iriaiW-d m* h a ocsiplamt an fallows:—
I *»ui a man of thrty oddyrara old. a portrait painter by trade,
and in ea*y circumstances, but the in«*«t miserable bnnf in mind
that ever lived, I never had i*iy intercourse writh any brine vrhat
- V r but nn»elf Fioni my boyhood I * ucht louety placet and in
dulged m this vice of nature, but wv>ti after my digestive orcana be
ramv weak and windy, hard digestions, let bhness. and above ail *»»
nervous that th* W-a»: noise made tne jump wnth tearfulness, though
I had no (rut
Vou were r chi. sa d he to cal! th:a romplaist nocturnal, for it wraa
it n:f ht that I indulged the most In that horrible pract ce. which
Sebilitatrd m« tiauch an client that I waa unable to walk half a
mile without ttk ng aomr reat; my parents were alarmed at tbr *uiu*
my hejitji. Mini a doctor, who suspected me of this practice, for
ie turned carry way »*> flad out the truth. I dm ed all, even the
tnowr t-dcr of;», hut resolved to quit it. but it waa in ram. for I resist
■d all thr day lor.c, I ut at n-ylr. the dr* ama came to w*ducr n.> an*
“ *and ruined me I thoucht if I rot married it tmchtchance thr vice,
rherrforr. a.r. I hav** come lo the concluaion lo put myself unre
« rvedly un cr >our care, and if you don't fit me to *et married and
avr a fnmi’y. I will »*on t** out of this world.
First thine I had to do was to re-establish tire disorderly oryansof
! erst ion. then to strengthen th<* d* bi! ut d orrans in quest ion, then
irotb* t kind of medicine t*» brea* the vi iated habit of nature,af
cr w hich th«* patient foun I himself of a more lively disposition,
;ot marru d and had evrnI children brfor I i**fi Pans.
I will nowr c.tr another case w h ch occurred latv.y in my practice
n Bait inorr. The paliet.t preatcUd m»- the following certihcatr
tiler being cured:
'I’o tlse of the* Solitnry Vice*
> ay hood to th** dtsirucive habit term'd Bolitary Vice; I have
earn' d it irciu bad 6*»>s anl practiced it for about ten sears; but
anv «Iod l have quit it and recovered my health and stiength oner
norr. Boon after the commencement of tins abominable practice,
ns'rad of grow.ng strong, hearty, and ! looming as ymnhs gene
ally do, toy he a tii .m;w..red, my 1. dy ferble, and tny dig* stioe d.f
Icult. It w as nr.t long before my parents wrrrr snm«*wnat a'anued
indsrnt fora pbyaicion, who pronounced tnr alfvcted with a Liver
-oruplaim—sev« ra! other docto s were callr«i in succession. * rn*
r* at»*d m*-for Consumption and others for d seise of the heart.
Uiwrver they all agreed that I had the dyspeps a When about
w enty y» ars of age | became fretfUI. trembling at the least noise,
md shunn* «1 a*l cotrpany. particu ally that of females. I choor-rd u»
.r a'oru though I was not company to niysrlf. and thousands ar.J
hous.ir.ds of times I secre'ly desm*d that death would come to nd
ue of my nnrrntdr rxistrncr t» > »v no more ) Tile perusing of
ilittk* treat]**-transited from the French which fortunare y frh
nto my han*is. nairucied tnr on th** tru»* cause of my suffering; I
hen resolvt d to quit this noctural practice an . acrordiLgiy did so for
h vt-ra! year*, but that infernal vice did not leave me and it com
ml • d its depreciations m my sir* ;*—-wli.lr in this p'ecarous situs*
ion I *aw a treatise on this disease advertised In the Bun. I bought
l and found that it exp.amed my d.» asr so nrnun-ly that I resolved
0 put in)s**lf unreservedly under the care of its author—I did rot
lesitate much, for h** show*-<i me several unfo tuaatc beings wh »
1 *d spot ed their lira th a« I d d. among whom was a young phy*i
nan. and the * a l indeed sjh»sc so highly ot the skill, ability and • x
l*er cnee of th • truly learned physician, tint I cannot but join with
them in rccocnim ndiug him. particularly in this complaint, for I
posit vely certify.!bat h» perfectly restored me in every respect, for at
Hus present time I weigh forty two pounds an l three quarter* more
lhan I did two years ago, and I sine* rely thank the Alm.ghty for
having thrown me in the way of this good man
drati or Marycasp,
Baltin as Cmr. to wit
Re it remembered, that on this •«! day of January. 1 RfV bef »re me,
thesulwcnber. a Justiec of th • T» re of said Htate m and for the
city afo’tsa.d. pcisoi.aliy appeared B* nedirt f* II firern. and u»a«le
oath on .h»- lloly Rvangely of Almighty Ood, that the matters and
farts set forth iti the above ann* x* d certificate, arr jus and true as
stated Hworn before JF^SF. CMX'fl, J P.
If Hu* publication should meet liter )e of any one who. m the in
discretion and imprudence atti udant on youth, sh* u'.i hive brought
on h.u.wtfany of the evils allude 1 to above, to such th*' Po och
|)r*< *or offers his services, ami pled #• the most ko vrah/fferuy —
lie believe* that be has the means of reinrdyng th ir suffer.ng*.
and of ribitioing for them a i rrmaoent cure, or no charge required.
{rT Remember, l»r Ilf in’, of th • French Medical House, 10
south Frederick street, near -M street, <\wn wees before the houw >
Advice daily from 9 a- rn to 10 p ut
Baltimore. Hi jit 6. IH4ti. |v
to do «m«;l xipriinr IniiMtion r.n,i .|i
r..r .»tH i.t <d« ia, it tv k j j PIV k rn.
1 'I "IKS mill ot I II l linv hr .'ll Hr ....
* ^ -V I--. kM fi„ .rtn.'iit of flunk, mil (lTrrru.1., Jtik ri cc ve I,
fo» Hit i-tirnp i.y 8 I IRS «. on.,
J* ® l.i'lr't Corn* r.
WANTKII.—10.000 biiMhilt of prune
yellow < *r»rn is wante I irnnie'lintely. and w ill be taken
from any go*><| landings on Jam - R ver, by
B H corner Cary and 15th Hi*.
Si ri.uiok oi.n j
o d Java, low jn If*
A V :»D Itiiirn Mipcrior
. . TO THE I’tlllblC.
I HANK a Hiipcrior article of Itrnnhpii from 00
m to iMiuu. very cheap for cash, wuh a general assortment of Psln
Gl'ssof th* test quaiity, sites fr*»m HilOto Wholesale
While l<end.|iard to l*r.tt, m k«-gsfrr»m lbs . 50 lbs ,to loo if*
Tie above artirl* - are of my own selection, and warranted good
OUntry g< ntlemen would do well to call and examine these
go ids and judge for themselves, at ROBERT NfflTO
Paint simp. Main street,
Next door to the Exchange Bank
\\ mmu hi. \nn.
nV the s< firs I’nmn ami Pafmo* we have received ad 11*01
out -to k of WIN I >OW Of, Al«d whrli we are selhn
usual at factory pn* s DFVAI, * PUR( F.LL, Druggists.
I* i-f
I W P'MJI.ANI) 1,1 »l—:i« l.ir It i.uria N K Rum. for
25.000 '* Regalia do-all n|
penor quality, and warranted to be genuine for sale on the
I KATIIhK.—2|fNI Hides gixid lluriugrd L» alhr r, per
IJ srhr M. Burr, fur cate hy
IR 1 If I % IHtl l.ve anl EmhVf Muslin Rohes
Wi it*- arvl * o ored TsrWIon Mu»t n« Bwis- Muslins. Itircgcs
and Batins, White K|«I filovrs, Hitk llo » ry, tu"
| jS 7| f»s Msm st
r\i’in i >u i on s nn u \ u in.
J w. K\NI)OM’lf \ CO., 1*^1 Main Mwit,
• " • In v* for • .,*• n h^vitl'OI ■••nrtm»*iil of Nntr P*f rr F.tt<k \+a
**-d P«r*» y Not Wnfrr*. *o«,.« of wlitfh nr* •nfir^ly orw «r>d o*v?r
b#forr*r#>n in Richmond J*7
P‘ »K Ml RICO HI fi AK—1 hb*i« prlm”.jnal artivrd for
• ilrfy J * M’ftlHiN * HKINKhN
kwjh hai.ipcthp.
1*1 »•*(■ r#f per
Ifio • O d J ,%r | f off.*'*
*20 llhdt Porto Kmo Hoi ***’*— rrr*ivinf «nd for »«t#hp
jn n fiAVftNPonr. ai.u:i * or>.
•if i i fN i ..*• - fcf i^mp OH winter Hmlrt rrrnrtnf
■ Ml for • »** t.y j, A HAVKAPOrr. AM.P.N k l!>
MIMlin, HllhKI.I, III a, Af.
*F HA p*p^« An*- < of nnr Hr«n«ly
f F A do «lo I -n do
SO Nfo'lClVKlOMIti Ratified Wli Orf
.10 do |. r*-.N V. Rom
l.on fon Prow n Htot.f. mrptart*
Ifo iPi do m pint*
i# n
for nlf l*p
WII.M4M4 k If A X AM,
JL F AN Y OF NSW YORK. No. M Wall Ml -Tfcw Com
Mr* lU ttiiniMlwi — IK 1 f «>wiik l»4t. (9 yean
«»4 1 month* • kM mmmkI 1*11 puJtctM. The total taouii i«c«it
•d t*H prtMiuiM id latsc—t «mi tIBI.M?. yielding a
•til capital of •ISS.IIN, alt* r paying aU iu in— n and «||wmn
This ac cu mu In led capital u rapeily lacreaaiag b y th« 9d aad J*i
yearn' yivwmiua now becoming due, and by a vully attended ami
grow tag biMMor— The eminsnl success and prosperity of I be la
solution baa placed it ta a strong potation lla capital aad resour
era are now mo ample aa lo inspire confidence ta iu stability. ad
laaurv safety to its in* tuber*
The i unipau) ta oigaaiard upon the moat approved pnaciplea ol
Mutual Life Insulator. aad odera very great advaatagea to whole
/•V* r«lici* a.or insurance# for abort periods, if contiaued till death
without lacurvtag ant prraoaal resi*»ns»bilities At the eipirstioa
of every five years fr«»m the date of the first policy laeured, (whirl
will ante the first divisiua of profits be na the met of February
1848.) the wuoli of the profits will be divided among the insure*!
in proportion to tin* amount of premiums paid by iberu, and will
remA:a at their credit aa aa accumulating fund, payable at the de
cease of the life insured
Thr progre— of Una Institution thus far givra strong grounds for
anticipating large dmdeuda lo its members at the staled periodical
settlement*. and fliUy equal to tboar of the most distinguished and
successful Mutual Companies in Ureal Hcitaia, where it ta well
haown immense profits have been made.
The importance and utility of Life Insurance ie becoming a mat
ter of deep mlrrvst with aU classes of the community, and is now
occupying much of public attention, wd beginning to make favors
bte impressions as to the great benefits lo be derived from it. aa the
published monthly statements of lives insured by this Com|*any con
elusivrly show.
Merchants and Traders. Officers. Civil. Military and Naval, Cirr
gyuien and profrmtnnal men generally. Clerks sod persons m ever?
slaLoa in society, may secure to their families in the event ofdeaih
a comfortable support and indepemlrnce by making, wtib this lasil
tution. a small aatiUAl Investment for an insurance on tbeir lives.
This I 'outpant will grant insurances upon lives on the moet la
vocabletrrma. IVrsons tuay effect insurance on their own lives or
on the lives of others.
Pamphlet* eiplainmg the principles and allowing the advantages
of lute Insurance, with the raiesof premium and forms of applies
lion, may be obtained at the office of ibis Company, No. 44 Wall
street, or any of its Agents
New York. July 1st. 1843.
7V AU'/* *j husrtw# — <>*/ Hundred mo a A'ing/c f.\
13 77 88 |&H :I0 131 | 3tl 9 3b 30 I 9* 9 09 4 80
HO 91 95 1 77 33 I 3d I 33 9 73 55 9 22 3 HI 3 78
H3 I 0U 111* 9 04 40 I do 1 83 3 20 till 4 35 4 91 7 00
45 191 I 90 3 73
SanriL IliRtiv, Secretary.
I bv subscriber. Agent lor the above Company, is prepared to
receive applications for Life Insurance for any of the periods
name*!, via for I year, 7 years, or for life; ami for any cum not
rireedlng flu ooo on a single life The rate* of Insurance tor all
of the intermediate years, not noted m the above advertisement. .«•
well as all other inhumation interesting to those desiring to effect
Insurance, w ill also be nude known on application. The advan
tags# offered by this Company, are believed lobe equal, if not
siii*eror to those offered by ary other, either in the lT. 8. or Ureal
Physician t» thr Society—<the Family Physician of the patty
* b<*sr hfr is in be insured oc 91_if
('*>■** \M.I l Alll.i; l\%V%i t- A.am,cl
wnb Sciotula. king** Evil, Cancer. Erysipelas, Okl Kires, I'l
c« rm. Te.ter, Mercurial iWasc. or any other complaint* antinc from
impurities of tin* blood, an* requested to read the follow tag test into
mala, in proof of Hie wooderftil pro|>ertiea of the ibotrnuMd u*e
Hm. Ie«t n simple state treat of facts night fail of convincing those
H bo are dally intp*wed «:i«>n by certificate* u h ch o%ee their et ■
tea**** to tlie I. rti’e imacination* ot Uie.r w riters a hvi if Witness m
the person of Mr Brook*, who** caae la mentioned Itlow. may be
*een at our office. No. I Murray atteet. New York, ah -re he ha*
• i*dly consented to remain for a few daya for the s* UafacUoQ of
those w h«* requite occular deuionstralioa.
A* Mr. H can remain but a short time from hia faiuly in Phila
•Wlphui, those who f*cian interest m such casesshoml call soon.
Kfittl ! K«*:ttl S! Kratl ! ! !
We, the undersigned, having visited Mr. Isaac to aoka, Jr , at the
office of Meaars. Kowaad Jfc V\alton. 376 Market stress Philadelphia,
consider lit* ease the most remarkable one we have ever w lUicasrd
or heard of.
Ilisdisrnsn was Scrofhta. and terrible must have been his twelve
years' corfl.ct with the destroy* r.
Hi* palate, the entire roof nl hi* mouth, iks e. upper lip, and lower
li«f of the right eye, have been destroyed, his face n any eatea up,
ar.d pail of th* jrw hone earned away. And yet «vc can five no
description of his caae.
Mr It inform* n* that in January last, th* whole interior of h:s
ruou h, as w t il l* the most of tnaface, was a maaaof deep and |uun
i»a tin* I libof January last, he commenced taking I»r. Cl'LLRN'B
INUIAN V hhhl \HI.R PAN \l'K \. wh;ch checked the disease in
a lew days, ami from that time the cure liaa prof reseed w ithout in
New rt* sh ha« supplied the place of the deep ulcers, nod though
badly disfigured. Ins lac- is aunul, and his grnrral la*alth isrestored.
We are assured that in th* treatment of Mr. IBooks' cam*, ro
Mercurials. Ointment, or f 'austic applicaUona haa been u*ed—to
fact, the Tanacea alone ha* »rough! this wonderful change.
t*haa I. Rowand, Meadnlto, Crawford county. Pcnu.
J. W. Jones, M. t». f*outh street. Philadelphia.
C W Appleton. MI#, 46 South st . do.
Timothy Chid writ, Marion county. Mo.
Wiw. Steeling. M l». Camden, N J.
J II Potter. Manufacturer of Mineral Tnrth, 109 South at . Phil
L. A. WoUenmeber, Editor Phna Uemocrmt.g?? North :«d at . do
flcii \V. Metz, bruahmaker. 317 Mnrki t st. Phila.
A. I). GlUotfa, pastor of I 1th Baptist Church, do.
John Bell. Erie at,Phila. North Arneriran office )
John W. Ashmead. 60 south 6th street, Philadelphia
T- S. Warner, lithographer. 116 Ch-saut at. do
P. ter Sk.-n Sm.th, Pd.tor Native Eagle, do.
Joel Bodme. f an manufacturer, Wilhamstow n, N J.
I.. II Cn’es, M. I)., Boston, Mats.
Kusseh Canfield, phyi.olugist, Phila
Thomas P J. Roby, M. |i, llarrisburgh, Pa.
I’cter VYright, VaU Markrt street, I’hila.
Wm. Une.paatoi St. Paul a M K Church, Catharine st., Phila.
Jno Chambers, pastor 1st Independent Church, liioad st
T. L.rt> ndera. publisher of Pledge and Standerd. Phila.
F. P Sellers, Ed.tor «»hve Branch. I»oyle»:own. Bucks co , Pa.
Jacob Finch, Ed.tor American Sentinel.
I*. A. CJodey, 101 Chesnut st . pub l_ady'a Book.
J R. Nicholson, pastor of Brickmakrra* Church.
Capt. R. Perkins, 4th and t hesnut st.
B. S Keifcr. Editor American Republican, I#ancaster. La.
A. Wilson. M I) , No. * Cedar st.
P.noch S. Reed. No. 177 Contrast
John Coates, printer, corner of Market and Wth.
C. Guilon, counsellor. 39 south 4th st.
Wm Yord. 1J noith 9th st.
Wm. II. French,corner Schuylkill, f.th and V#o# ust
Martin Sumners. George at.
Robert McCawley. do
Janira Gailard Ann st No. 7.
II C Fondeamith, Lancaster, Pa.
Samuel Ketch ni No hi Nolle st.
Lin Brink New Yo.k,
J.H Atkinson, t'amden. N. J
F>1 Hafson. I5S Front st-. Counsellor.
Tbe above named g'-ntlenii n (constitutmf but a small portion of
those w ho have visited Mr. Brook* at our office m ThHgd* Iphia an 1
who have cert.fi. d to the same fact* are well ktnwn. and tke.r h gh
standing in society precludes the idea of their feeding their name* to
carry on an m#|»o*ition.
An! here we say, without the fear of contradiction, that we have
Bui found a caae of r'crnfula or ollwr dr*ra»c fur wlurta w.- Rcom
ui«-ud ti... I Hum, whicti ire nMlirinr lur not «|.ee lily nrmr^.
*,a*r a* ,,,l* 1 » multitude of paiirnu under treatment. all
of alt mi an-d un* well Anme them • one of I’AM KIi, whieb
**' rf'uouner.! l.y pbyaiciaaa beyond the meli of aurfiral a.a.a
ur.rr but »h.rli frum *11 appraraneea w.ll be eure.1 ... f, w
mon tlis.
N It —A regular phyaician ra m attendance at our oilier, where
Ibe afflicteda e invite.lloc.il Adv.er fiati*.
Prepared only by RnVVANIr i. WALTON, propn. b.ra, 47ti
Market atteet, rtnlvielphi*.
Principal depot for New York. No I Murray atreet, Ure lira build
ing went of B oadway, op o.rur lire Park
!*ol.l nlao l.y E J. PIC.iT, Agrntfor Itrelimond. Va.
Align,t 17, leil)
UTAKClf. FAMILY VNI) l*ALK 80At*, (rom
^ “Bca« le’s” factory—for sale i y
mu r» i> \\
| > K.AUF.Ij* SOAP. STAKI'll AMI I'ANni.E*— 150 bo.re lira
* # dn.' Hlarrh, Hoap ,n<l Patent l'r> .labor < '.null.-receiving.
NM1K -lll.ai-rili.l liu jnet received a large aeeortmenl ,,
J- I.ndie# font nul seal akin Tirii mid Huakina, of a auprv
nof • 111 a 111 y. and of l*lnlailnl|ihia make—which the Intlica
are invited In cull and examine at No. b7.
"® 5 J. MYRRH.
* K \HK1R r.H-Jusl ri* i rn-il ;i |o( id Uraw
. w skiria, for alii* at
iiawes van nm-RspN a warii-s
^IIOBACCO) iii lil nmi «|r boxes, ol superior
quality, for ante l.y riultlniN a SKINKER.
I^IKh MUCKS—2(1,0(111 Fire Brick*, of stipe.
- nor finality, for uli- liy
H KANDY AND KDM. 2 half pipe* lie,.
* n*lf pip** omul, ! hi pry fc r0. (Irani?
* punrlirom »*»d Jamaica Hum
In ami * ill for outd low lo clow*, I y
*»° **» fllHHKLf. * Mri ANhMHIl
BI'HIIKI.8 CIIKSNIIT8—for wile by
^ ■•" ni. -*:i WuHTHAM. Me OR I HER a 1.0
r|' \ It 1 I \lt 1 !- - 'it bbla. in prime order, In
•lore, ami for •»!»• by
1 nis'Et.i. «, MiCANin.iHii
INTER SPRAIN 7.H UAMP oil,—fi eaak, very .ti|ierior
Rlaac In-.l Sperm f 11, for aile liy
* J H. BtlSTACr. At WiN.
IT unilEl.l.tM-l TUIUF.I.I.AAI—A lar»r antlnan
J of alt h it I,and al all pile-e, lo be had at STARR At irers.
l.iale't form r.
I * i i iia: a i n*r tit's ii \T*.«
t I II arrival fi in New Vf.it. S fVe* of tin- above ee'fhraieil
ived l.y I he la
mniinfaeliirers' Mac. "f ihe la Ir .( «t. I. ami lie*! finality, lo wh.eh
the alien!ion f.r e»-mI*-mm i, athered.
Alev, f M/I II I'APS, of all qnal lire .nod |>rirr*
no H JI'HAII VVERS, No. S7WM«lreri
( k' ri i r»«. mi IliitHiv
Half Pipe* fiend, fhiptiy At I n Rrandy. for ral ■ by
de 31
W11,1.1 A VIS A MAX Al.1.
IS utk pr'm* Cbrr«f
.‘ion |Aek (ffllqnrli Kmin*. in who'**, half ami qr. boi#
II t»crcr# | r mr Nrw Mire
l.nri'iir.f ihia mornlr<g and f ir ml*- by
nit. FRANKLIN, manufacturer nnrl rirul.
• *t in Ndrtbnn nmi C>»».*rn and Hbori, Trunk#
l^iihtr.l'iipp Huge an I Hhw Thu ,id«, gr
n° W« *15 Hrondihtwi Hfoo ho#* (fill.
(Jl % I OlfOVof *ii|Mrlnr r|«fNllty, |.fpj.*rpd urn1
* forerkliy jo I—if J II KOTACIE * HON.
SIW8. Mill Saw#, ( to * ( hi Saws, Pin
Saw* Hard and Pannell Saw,. Rip, in. Sawr. Tenon neil
Hath Saw* of rvrry i*r* option on hand, and man nf which ar*
very npernr .piaty, for eale al mo-*-- e prirta
|a III ff S» J HONNAK, 117, Vf.m Ptreet
<iRitiiM tir;xN • »i.» *mx • 'ii i i riov
■ IIIIVMI isoora.—J
■JliN rereivi-d liy Ihe anbaen
her. a further amply of ih' above Rrn’a, a very liandmmn ar.
..*«! arlifle. w(rich will be arid at a low price tier ilemen are in
v iad In rail and rtamine ihetn JI'liAII MVP.RS
P IK No A7 Wr,| Mam eireyt.
nii»v tioHHTir*rAi.MK(v mmrrrr.R.
—J'|*I received, a;, additional enpp'y of Mm.'and Youth'*
*1.1' akin *rwrd Hoofer. a fond arliele. whirh at I lie w.M low for
Ihe Qualify il'HAH MV ERA,
>* •« » No *7 Win Main al.
I HMNNEN mil ril l tin a**
“ J STICKS. for rale at very low poo* by
I'l.ANRSON * f. AhlfNP.R, No III. Rmad W ,
la •* Si|n of Ihe Head Raw
. . . w-apniia. pnngi nl ■
l**''**'■ **1 •**« fcaiiwun animate. clraaa ihr han M|Wmo»
**■ *< *—iMhto bngbi, ami nupann in n ihr driuair r>>(
“- llau waabrd w.Ui ibiaaitraci i
taaua a{ lha Bower.._
idoaaiagly wtfi aad luiuiiant in Ha growth nod will posatiraty bung
la arw ball oa bald hrada by lia uar. a ad ball that baa barn madr
barah, and ia turning grry «i fatting out. by ibr uar of aim it oiotbri
iai|m>i>ri inrgoiunH, will at ton br rr.tr.ird tn it* naluial coloi anil
brilliancy by a fra aptdicaliona of Ibr lUu l.uatral
U ia a prraaivalitr agalaal baldaraa. and an infallible eurr la all
afllKUoaa oltbe akm on thr brad, aa dandiut!—aud loi pieyrnung
lb r tailing off of ibr hall and tutainff grey.
It la ibr amiplr produce an.I iin itrdiatr r mart of auuir plants aalu
r>'T*i«a«w —' |||«HH nrbriini <1
ngagralbr Epld.ru.,, and Capillary tuba. „r t,„ ronoairr u.
V °' ‘ba perap.r.tlon aad of Ibr diy and dr.d particle. that II
drpuaite 1 bra preparation punOra ibr ban. and givra to u a brau
i i •b'' •<*« rmfying prrfa.ne
BVIOP.Nl b.—Nature ia an Inribauatlblr mmr, m which am
Iiracr andaiudy will alaraya find nwa to . ,carat, iiiaihal .mice
al. nr Which producer all that .nan call, invrnlion. aad which hr
would do lx tier, i*rrtw|w. lo name tdapuuoiw.
For xtlr, wholesale aad retail. by
Jl*la£H II AirKL. Perfumer aad ('bennet.
No 40 amith .Id afreet, Philadelphia.
Aud by my Agenla. la (Sinter. Ih.val * Purcell. K H |)U*a> K l»u
Uuranr. Mi n llivr,. M Aaehrl-Ote Ih.lninb McUurra. B.oad .. .
Kit hmond. I lia l oiling. Hragg. Thomas 4t Co, ratnabuig and m.tat
alllhr Hiuggm, tlilough ibr I'mon. ' 3
3T ririn, II.,. ..... ....,,,'.,1 u,r franklin Inalilutr
fen||1\ I urtiH>riihi|> lii*r«‘iufore Fiinting lx.twet'11
™ 4R* wUcribcra under ih«* tank* and «tt|r «f
Vu?.1? & CO < »/ H.rhmonJ, and
bmVIN JAMhS A CO..#/ I'tlnihuts.
It tliiarfav .1 ■•ohrrU Each partner it authouaed to u«r the names
..f tk> >rm., and ihrrrbv bind both of lli. iu.rot tin- UUIIXOT ,.r WII..I
in# U|. I hr bu>, Of m ol flip pattarrahip. .,*i f.„ pul|KH^ ,.f m.|k
mi. »fpp|.i n« ... pii !■<..,„# mb. , fol ,
lor potunu.*# Hi- jp.onmpW.two »p may bp .u to <«Uen
lh« o"t.l«nJm« d,bt wlutb I*.*, arpuniuUiip# dut.i., Uip
ptotpopp of .HP p.n.H,. wta.phw, hj.P bPP. ,,„P„..,7.„
k.nf .nu.t now bp p,.|b.pipd without iintpjH.Mblp .l»’n> W. J.k
lhPfp<b.»,th«(onr<]pbtrr..onp an.l all. w II p..m. r..,w.nl „„.i ,„v
*“ * ty 7"-and «"*f«‘«y npeunty f,„ . ,r
.Ipbt a.thPjr p.noot now .Iwclm,*,.. w, „01, „„„
if ptwubls. FI.KMINti JAMB8
u „ . _ EDWIN JAMES.
Hipiiucjo, V», IM Frbmjty, I8«7
T|IK f"**wcriber» have this day formed a Co
input'll f«r lb. rurpoM of coadupiia# . Ilpltprnl
f «“d ■•••P.lle ( •wntlnlra Kutlurw,
iu It It litMoiitl, »«., untior the firm of
«"'! *' Wltolt^iil,. |>r*
Hualnrn In Prlrnburt, Am., undt-r lit.- f irm of
K. fc. F. JAMES fc. CO.
Ki. iinoud, A ... I JOSEPH 8 JAME8.JR,
_ F.bry I. 18*7. J |fe 8—tf AI.EX AMtK.lt K. I'AKKI'H
rpilK imrtnemhip heretoforp oiitnintj Itelween
Hip Mtbjcribeip und. r tbp namp amlMyleof
IIRNHA .» A .All:*,' '
>■ Hu. ilty di. f.ivisl by ttmiual pctiarnt.
I Iip *.111.111.01 of tho ba.m.-n of aniU firm ha. I.ppn pnnfUnl to
rT A Joint *J. Jiinttm * Co.,
rft*i" * '•*» m nrotmtM-iplinr
Ut^" n" ** r:'"’ °* ,,M ««•'»*■«« »“•' patron.#, w u.n,
and lit e rally ntrnlrd to them. *
Tbp ran,.I of SIMM, wtot.h Fk Jfi Jan,., fc fc
bu.iiirf. of lien v Jam.., ,. w.ilt their conunt t,an.f.r.p.l to it,.
.Otip. rn of llpnry fc John U Janie, fc Co . to which Arm lin t liav.
..tn.J i.ip «ame. with t’ip un.l. r.tar.l.n* that it .hall not be with
drann untjl Ant yea,, .hall have p«,..ml uni... the „,J fi„„ „f
Henry fc John U Janie, fc t o .l»P bp ,|,molv..l. nnd ,ht n
only after taid Ariu adpbu are fully diachjrted.
.. .. HENRY JAMFjt,
IrbylM, 1817. F fc J M JAMFjt fc CO.
HHHK subscriber* have this tlay lorim-tl a Co
,fa4«*p for tne purp »•« of ronducinu;
U1T rut: ST.1.VD vctll'IEl) nr MRJfR )* J.tJSKS)
sdkk the FIRM DF
They invite the attention of iho Public general
I, lo their OTOCK. winch u.llat alt limp.be found tartTaml poo.
IT*nf;. Tr,,,y ^r^clfuny ask for a continuetmn of thr pair«y».,k.,
so libera..y ritmded brrrtofoie to th.- Arm* Of t $L. J Jt. J ^
Co . and lleury Jamea.
„ '!!n7 Jl*“ u ■'••"" * * Cb. t'i‘irc fully anlliorixed to ni
th th- bu.inem of ll.ary Jamea. th.w lolebted Hill ph-aie main
J. ayin-n*’. linn a. pia tirable. it bpinf veryd.-.imble to wind ui
tbia bu.me.a with the l. aal |io».blp delay.
_ _ J.NH U. JAME8.
FiBRt Aav Ut, 1847. JOHFPII H. JAMHH
► KU M-hrn (ireenway and Lynchhuru, \\t> arc
Fr.-«h Hpnng rnnta. new -tylea
Sujicr Grren llare^e
Frn no'i and Kuhenarn* Sewing Silk*
Itlack Si.k Sipjpr
Cotton and Gmcliatn lldkfa. new »tyI«-«
t’.»ate’E P|»ool Codon
Itlaffc and white W gmi
Fine klrown SI* rtmg«
Brown HolUttda
Red raddiri;., 8ail Uucka
l.a»ting and llrocide Coat Button*
Lanin*, ^at^u and ligured Silk Neat Hut ..at
Su«|M-nder Hutton<s o*«or • d
Patent Threads, hr.he, Ac. For aalr l..w by
75 1
lirkina Mounta.n Hotter
Bax fre»h Roll Hotter
lu tog* F« I’ii-r*—Jo«t rt-ceiveil# for Mile by
CASES Extra Pine R I* Tea.
4 Half Che*| lni|»cnal do
15 Do Medium 4} P do
5 l)o Pine Black do
■a!** Hy ja 30
'••w Slrn-k of K<ail).nailF Clofhinu,
XXI l{( IIASKI) in New \ork sinee ihe reilur
■- *» n of the Tantr. and made up once th- fat day of January.
1-47. and for Kite at reduced price.* at FLELT S uptown Clothing
Store, 158, Mam Street, rotn-r ahoer Exchange Hank. The fol
lowing an- norm of ih- new good*, vie—
Tweed, Pack nnd Frock Coni*, only i.1^0 to 4.50 and 5.50
I’loth. Sack and Prork Coat*, fr; 5o to8
New *tyle Tweed I IN Iravy 4 'oib 7 to 8
Hh« k r’otk dree* ardfrcck Coat* only 7 50 to *j 50
Fine Jo. •• French do. M 13 to 17
" do *• •• road*- op to order, 18 to ‘JO
Satinet Pai t«, only 1,751«* ‘2,50
Can.more M 3,50 to 4 50
Preach ** " 5 to 7,5o
Vim common fancy Veer*, only 75c to 1.50
300 Si k and Satm “ •• *2,25 to 5
100 extra line •* •• S to 8
*00 common cotton Hlnrte. 75c to $ I each
Al*o, a foil a#**‘>rtmerit of M* nV furnishing nrtidca,ronaia' nf
of fancy, black. Itnltan and p’aid ailk Cravat* with Pocket tldkf«:
Mvk and {da id silk 8lork« and Nick Ti» - m k an*I manno l’n*ler
ShifM and lo.iwer*. »nped no I p'ain r..tt..n and Linen Stiirta, beet
qoa'.t) Money Be t*; Silk Night Cape llntie >. Glove* fcr
Air*. .»0 fine drab and b'ack iron l*ourd travelling Trunk* pur
cbaied m New York at *25 per cent I«-«m than lutnufa*Hirer*' price*,
and f-.r eab* low- at FLEET S up I'own Clothing More, 158. Mam
•treet. corner of Exchange Bank fr II
I IMh* LIiV|K.---.‘Lr»0 enskfl of sii|MTinr *1 lm
maatnn Lime, hrarnled eblra, in More and for wile by
\V III I E ONIONS* \ !♦*w buofae
▼ * akin l»n*on arte for p'antmg. ju»t to hand ar d for «a’e I y
•“ *• F JOHNSTON Dnufi.t
SA N Ik S( Itlf %s—Ju«t f.-reved an anottinMit of Sand
Screen*, which we *tf!er for *ale vrr> cheap.
CLARKSON fc GARDNER. No m Broadtt.
3 Sign of 1 |»e Hand Saw.
HiirffHiiiK in
f Kb nr. IN I 4 rt». I*|7
Rll JI'.NKINS m ii| a* II #»fT flwap ihe following Carpeting*
’• Htupcd <*«r|>etinya at I9|e ml ‘Jo.*
lofia'D "—ftillona yard wnlr, all p»irr« from ‘die lo
37e, So an 1 hitli* r
llrarth I'uga from t! \ *n t*U an I high* r
Prihfr I H.ura 11 >d« a id**, only SOr.
Tin* »b<ivr art*rlaa wi'l br found f«• hf my cheap
I:It MKKO*—ISO I uahrla I lovrr for aaW* hy
II \V * I J IH Y A* i .i
RANIthS. 100 I’men Orangee in prime
oidrr, lending find for mlr hp
' HAtVO h indnd hitnhrle | um« I'liOVKK »:K|I, , if *,|r I. r
' W 3 WM PAI.MP.ll
I Kol Ml I’LASTKR—'2500 tierces Iron
a "l.nbrr Mill*," fur inle liy
< iii iai:,
IP^t'AHKS prime (r.mhrn Cheese, in store
•rfnr ml* hy jn 37 HI-MF.I.I. A M'CANIII.IHII
WA W. WO A R—40 Half botte Innf Sugnr
• 30 bhlt Crurlird do
I J* r.. 11 n * imd for mlr bp
VCON,—I *17 llhild. prime Western Hides, re
■T-T reiving per erhr liar helor dirrrl from Nrw Ortrsee, ir<l fnr
»lrhy (in 31) tVII.I.I AM ANIiKRftoN, Jr
•’ " '" "bp Jn 36 PR V A CO.
er iiiiij* prune N o moi.ahak^
lb Hilda N O nCOAR—run pr i
3 Caali* purr tVmtrr HI mind Hpr,
fnr mb* hy jn is
Oil—J'lll rrrrlvrd.
|lltAAIIV,“M.i h-ilf plpre »np*rir»r Prrnrli Hrnndy, landing
O end for mlr tip
|J AlHlNS, 150 whole, hull find ipiarter boxes
B ■ Helen**, fnrvnlr by
H 'lll'l'P.K CO A I, HOI'S—tVr bear III, linn I, I I *.nr non mi
V/ potlniimi, e frw serf miperln, Copprr Hndn. whirh. for dmn
btlllp. Will giyr nnlinfertion lo thorn in wnnl of ttir nrllr r
tr 30 tV H . A J. IVi.NNAN
flAWKNIV PIVP I n* hrnllrn nnd eeirrorl Antbn'ltr Coal;
a. SS Its IdKRp do—Ini'l ng
from af hr ino Stan, end lor mlr f nni Hit wharf, hp
W’inrtatfi (U<ut—Svif’lr and Dmihlr Thtrknr**.
IIK suiwcriticr* keep eonstnntly on hand ft
JL tarflr aln k of Cylinder Wind* w fil*aa ttf alrgle and fWmMe
tfiKkn a* of •• Wins i.w," Mtilhca,* and olb* r branda, embrace*
a N'fr a«>oi|(iiPM of orr«.
Th" f KUof theae » r n1< haa heart rt aneiirely ward in |b|a ally
»»*l :hrnii(f>o«i1 ih" Hi a r, an I hMfivrn an.ffriil *ati-faction li
it mail parked an I Mar# tran*fo I tl^n, 'f’li'ni »Hli hul Mt> if
aay ln*afr< m hteikag’* I ra/uUr «ir -a raomrrd lo mdar
N R—We arr a’** prepared in lurniah lo o dar, fmwii CJIaaa
ft nan tha t#dfnf I (Haai Wf»rba labirh Mw r a comm# nr ad n^«ra
ttfina WNh many naar imp <in»'»'i and ara nnw rnab'alm Oirntah
a Mlrr a mala nf rmwa |*«aa limn ha a I va n bafma pr tdnaad In Ibti
rotmlry Thia glaaa ia ml dmi > llnajinra^>tbR lirai qual ly Hand
ad ••Radf'ifd * and iha arrond * Rnranaa "
H’VAM. A PfiRrp.Isf., hniffirir
)a II M7. Mala Ptraar, i,r|»tfK>r i
I'MF.iV PP.Nhf KM—inti rt r« ivt <1 nnd for *air ahrap by
fa a rieARKMON 4 fJ A P l»* FR
f# a No III, Vtroad Pt ,Hi|h <rf ika llaml Pan
°* '■» «B»brn »f mil finrttn irlti'nnl from Kr» York
)rrlclda), ahrir M hu barn lb >ut III dry. arlarlino aMM
«fth» »«.i ml im-t lb ah tunable dr Ire of Kaary Umale import
•'* ***• "•"’*1 *nJ pure hut .1 ll vary |u» rule. wi b IMNH'I . .buy
“f Mapla w'lfW, (Unrri lluin IlMry h»»r Itrn | ur
rh .avd IwAxr rhra Kail— i inn of wliM I. an- rumor.ale I Im turn
KtulluaU l‘.a..1. 111. aril wooli.rnUlfl) nrn
IWldutaia and ai.au .ilk l»u .1., Marl ai)lr
Kiul.i"»l.i,,! HniM Ruhr. and IH.'iMaa While ml m cuIomii
acraad and needle Work do
Rirh Robe. ar.l Kir nr h Mn.au
Kirn, h Caahinrn- ami Mouairna. print.d ami alia.:A
Pcairn , do., in «ruai vatway and cheap
Hui.-r blirk fancy col d and (.laid Alpaca,
kirk aui|a-d blh aud blur l.ik Hiika aad Katina
Oo Araiu a lira da Cwu. ami fanr> rul'd Kilka
llravy black Malta lot kla nulla. ami tm ...
I»lk and ..cry old ..Ik ami „.*mcd Krte^a MIIO» ^
Ularpn. all width.; and I'oida
Rich boaiM't. rap and ,.|«.n mil. and In. R.baml
Rich I arl.m. rr. Tnrk.rl, Itabai and Net Miuwl.
I hr tail nr, M.nun. .11,. Lady I’m I .ml Lyon, du
IMa.d woollen and elradcd 7 . , ....
Udiea* aUk and .rival Nock Tm ami Cia.au ’ ' U *'
Uingliauia and Calico.**, in g.rai v.ilr.y.nd eh..,.
....rry i.Uid, air<|m .1, and fancy col d Tnrlrio,,
Ladira blk and war,.. a,Ik lime ....
Raw ".Ik, laiubannol. 1 li.bn ami Alpaca do
Mu.avian. anted brow n and whim eaten do
Ud.cn- a ilk, kAI a d li cl nr I (il„ vc. ami M.l’a
Uoira' ami (eui'a i li.bai and Calum ■■■ i . ...
Black and While Biuracl. Vc la, and blk ..Ik Ur. * ' “l*
Kkr'l, luck atd aide Coni'... (radua'rd Bulinna. ami ainrl hi. ■
ri.m tut an! blu. I r.bb*d ( A,
an I riH ilmi,, f4t.r> rul'd , , -
II w“- “ ..- »*• ..ed£,£,7. '**
llravy bcavrr ami On non Chub., vccy ,|„ ,,,
Plaul .uhI rainbow « I taAitif aud (.'ala |’Ui |M
WChT' *rJ- *"'mn “..lucky J.-ana
W . Ur, M*' a "r ' " ... ..
W.ili . Lu*. k nf r. near Woollen, ft*
/ ,“*r rvr’ ..»«"d »' any f. run, arn. ,h^„
» li be found a niiui'rr .d pan. of pUK. aaf c.nci— 1, .
..ired .• « .r.y tew p,„c li cbm.aid 1 ,,or "•••
• >ur .|t»rk leva never at any funnel waton Icrn aa r.,..... .... - ,
crnaiuly never cheap—all ct.Ur. ly new, ami , ,i , ,
Ibr be.1 of every Umi( imp ,.,,| .,r uudu in '
__ Wo- til Rmad i-irrct. hi,,, k . ii,n
No. I 5 E. I'rniiMrrH, nmr tin- Hridi-,.
imp** Tin atn.rur.. IUR.4K «r
l)lt. HARRIS
pKKSKNTS to the ulU.cl.,1 the m.mt Verlain
" n,'d,r* »nd **««« trenlnrent ,n a particular .1,...
chrouic airi-fUuni, lo hr oundin tins city, or the t’n on
thin inmtiti tio>,
,Mr'a* f0,'br "““r »*«• "f •aUbMuu. in m lh.ni.... .
m. .b-r the directum of skilful and regular pbiMcians .11. „ I' ,
public cnWccc which olhc, can a.,.,,,:
“ years experience coukl adduce .be gmiertil te.i„.,«„y ol • „ -
■ lh« have been cured through lo aim. iron, „mrn
€ * iti. n tim min ok hi mi,,
in front l i to 4" hour*. ,n „„|d form,; and ihr mott a».,B»,ird
caw. Neddy o-.ii.o d lo conatituiioiial enundm Il«v,ui m voted
thcl.c.l pnnorhi. life lo the study of this branch of »lcd,r
Ur. llama blands practical otaacrmUnn with theoretical knnwltds
aad amurcs the unfortunate of akiliul aid aad candid advic, with’
oul exaggt-rauuii, or nitomoa in charge. •
’I tllH Till'd
Dr. II. Ins been engaged m a more extend vo n-r,ndm.
lice than any oilier physician in Hu, coy r
The ureal .new. attend,ng hi. practice ha, been well .ire- i
by the approval of a discerning public. The ,c„„dre. * J
.remarkable for their speedy and cen„n .ir. “l are a.u. ldtnd
RgneahU* in tutf, At salubrious m uulucwcr—tl»« v ° *
mancni cure in a. many hour, a. .1 loruieil, d‘da,Tud
The tre.Unen |f>r. II require.no reverere.tncuon. in diet...
hindrance frou. ou.i»ewre-ui,de. ,la benign up,,.,.,,, duereive
Hr. II. abjure, the pern.ciou. ci.miiound. of M. rrnrv ire......
rew,'TT.L"*'',m "nJ untlure., .he n«
n wm of lire ignorant, oul through sweet and purifyin, veaelabta
re,n.-d,e.. drive, oul direare. instcd ol throwing „ |..rek t
constitution. cleansing the blood, restoring vigor to ihe oie.na and
strength lo the .y.teui. oi|.n. and
Ui-re imiHirum .eu.edie.are the ..-.uli ,.| clow, a,.plica.,.... and ex
traded experience, .be genuine offspring „f .cj£ur The*
live influence liaa been lelt and aeknowledg.d by untold nun,here
n, 0“,n,!0,U,■*"Uih''’**, *n‘l W' lr"». Ihe loll, mountain', lop |„ ||,r
huiiible oK.l.or Ihe valley-.,, ,. made vocal by the voice o^hre
Ur. II. may well cnagratuUie himrelf upon the benefit accruing
from hi. rere.relics and rejoice that he is ihu. permuted iod,.,» «4
a he.lie, balm loihe afflicted. a pusmon more ..viabm Hup ,lm
gilded throne of earth ■ proudest rnouairh
Let Ihe unfortunate devotee, of (hire plea.„„. be., |„ m.n.1 w ben
affliction uvcrtak.s them, lhalnoiime .ho. Id be lo.tm mak „» , „,|,
cation to a compriem physician, a. they not na'y obtain relict iron,
pain.avoid morufication. and elude xn-at cmttituuon.il injury, but
• nableihe., med,calnaa.au,to be more moderate ,n hiecha,
he could Justly be. where aymptmu. have heroine c,„,firmed ... ti,s
direare more widely diffused The ra;„d advance, . „ul.
nlyin« rfi•r®.*. ts •uSicimi lo strike terror iolo Uir boldrsi I.. m
horndreaulu.,e too repulcve to contemplate whs. ulcers t,o.a,j
discoloring blotrhra, with racking pain., be.,ay Ihe ur,
py victim Ihr deadly po w,0 preying upon hi. viial.. then and „..i i ll
then, do many awake lo a tall renreof.hvir danger While w. urn
with shuddering fear from ihe hold Wilde..»d denolal.ng path ol lb..
-c..ur«e of e,ring hunun.ty. let .1 n„, lorgmiea u»l .her,
other equally alarming though mor. .low an,I maid,our diw-are. ihat
continually Ihlealen the inipltldeul. how llllle iloe. Ihe Votary ol a
receded kak.i think nf the bed ofllmrnahe ,. preparing f... .ft, , i,f,
beguiled and deluded youth! look lu the iqwmng pm.i-ct. o
future we the black pall of premature imbecility, veiling d„h
nrn. the bnghlr.t hopea of you, life ! Mark the v. „U„t i..„.b of
thiwe who have fallen early v.eimi. to vice and dia. palmn. and let
the ail contemplation a mu re you tn a ren.e of yourfaiae aeciinty.
If you feel the nightly pama and daily proatiatmu of ib.a penucoua
indulgence, know that it i, undeiiuming your couaiiiuiiuu, and »ou
unnut too soon apt>iy to
■>r. HARRIS,
who haa discovered a aurr and imlaliing method of re invigoral-ng
the weakened bodyand re.toi.ng to pi,Him.- v,g,., i|„ o,ga„ ,,„d
reviving Ihe torpid facultiea nf the mind, enfeebled manhood' may
lirrr And a certain irMo,alive, and th. brightest t.ean,a of hot
ahallsnoadiaprlthe clou,1. of gathering gloom
4alt AA I.I..—CMTlIk • I'm. WITIIOTT OrgRATIilN.
I his jiainluby dtatri-Ming and lingering die are has hc.n long
considered by the Faculty a. incurable except through ih. dange
mu. uii-dium ol an ojreratmn. It. injuri.m. elTvcta upon the b- ndh
the conrtant luirery it create., and n. ceru.n t. n.lenr, to early di*-'
aolution, all icnd.-r. it the uunt liiqieleM and desponding of diteaavn.
Hut it i. now attorn of it. terror.. Hr II pledge, hiniar If. .u a ew
day^ wIthoutan operation by matruiuent, or giving the lc i.i la
relieve the wor.t caret and efleel a positive run
l*ilt*fl Clir<‘4l in One Oiiy!
Till, troublesome and pamflil disorder. Hr. II gnaranleea lu ef
frrtually cure without external application, an.1 mine day
Person, labonng umh-r atTectum. of the kidneys, pmsltate l.lad
del,liver, lung*, he., can be efle, tualiy relieved by calling on
who,from gradualion in Taitiliridge, and long and rucrcful pran
nce. fi-eU hi. claims upon public confldi-ore to be beyond animad
veraton From peeing .lemanda upon hut atlenUon. In- ha- .two
dated with him a HISTIMJI'ISIIEli PRAl'TITlifNER |„„„ ^rw
Orleans, lo whom he can fully ronMe hit practice
All nllection. of Ihe ski- or eruptions, speedily cured,
per Persons ai s distance may Ih- cured at home hy addressing
through letter, (|h>si |iaid| Hr. IIAKKIH, No 15 east Pratt sii.rt,
llaiiiinnrr—giving disruption of symptoms.
Medicines forwarded with care and srcuniy.
Allcommunicalionaguarded by profrasion.il honor
Mthcr Willi private ronaulialion rooms, adapted to vreunty
T-emsmoderate. Advice gratis.
PX other o,M-n from HA M. lo lu P. M.
Raliiiuorr, Md , July I. IH4A
III.ICATION 111 Tin: lirlti'ir.N
it t:m:ns.
|Vr \SH \ UOOimol SK nr,* Ak,„|h j„
’ Rifliinond, for (lie Anifnr in R* print** of Hi. Kotrifn Rt?
virWD I hfjr r<»ni|irtw*—
I Tlic in Qiuiicrljr R» \
‘i The FAiiritiicIi «!•
.1 Tin* Wrmmin«(rr »*•
4 The .Nor h IJrm»!i
5. HI if k wood'll M.n»;, / nr. Mmifhl)’
Trim.— Pn> mrrit 11 moil** in Rtlr.itwr
Tor any or.r ol Ihr Four Kmrwi, «1
For any two ilo rfo
For any th f« do <!»
For all fear <1 > ill ^
For lll.trkwinhI'o Hanumf
For U!;»i kw*»o«l ni <! ilw four Krvirwa HI
Tie- above Pen. dicala are rrpnnled In New York immediately
on lire,, arrival hy lire llnlith Plranrers in a I s,infill ele ,r i,,e.
°n f,n' w*|de pairer, and are fallhlol ropies nf ilo- nr if mil. *
Hln kwnod'. Magasine bring an exact far rlnule of the F.nnl u , li
edition. I he pi,re at w-h rh Urey an- republnhed is inn af mu one
ilnrJtf ibat charge.I'or II e foreign nlilmra awl while if., me
equally well g-.l up, tl.i y- ad-rj s|| Ihat ad van n3e to tire Jim r„cm
over th * f*j-/i.| leader. The, are delivered tn It chmood in.- id
PNAHII A IVnOI'llil! nl:.
M « l iw HOOKM
Pl^HKg, neral law. of Fcnnvylv,n.a, from lire year 1700, |, t
■ pnl it)l. |H4«i, < hroiKilof it ally arrMiifnl, wmli n »frp *t»r| r* li r
em'th to all th** dkn«MiiM of ihr Hiiptrmr t otirt of l'i mi y i %.« i»,
living ron«*rt«riion to »nnl Uo>. ar.if ntopU n* i r«.iiii<Mil l>y
Juror* Ihinlop of Pitlflhiirjr A lilUKilTof <lr HrnvM n? IV<
t*ri*nt*r> nnd R*-fi-try I awtof all th« Ft.it**« of ihr I u « n. - ni'.rn
ring rrfrroocoa to llir l*;i<!inf I'rriai in* tip n lh' *r m. j**i i -. m niont
of ihr Hull#«, t»gi tli*r With III- Fn iim of Arkttowlr.lgrn • n’. I'ro
f Mr. Rrlif.4jin.fi.nr M. Mr . fr«|Uirol hy ihr hUmli - of Rn.l m uwr
»n mrh, prr«*« it* «l hy a hnrf in nriM* on thr grrr*nl fill* » r* l n<* to
tl r niturr,»trrut on andopgiat» n of h«*d. .ml W.llt, anil i >.i..w
*.l l»y .tn \t»prndi» rf 1 ft * »no#» approvrd crn* ml form* of Dir** m
Mnitn* ni*. I»ring a priftirnl rrm.ml nnd gindr for f.a«vtrr* puM t
otheri«. nnd torn of r. i*mr««. hy J.mir* II TtFonYog, lute «*f Vn —
Jtirl publ>«brd,gnd for mlr by frh .1 |i|(INK FK It VfnKKIH
I II AN K jii.ti n few <*n»r»
■ of Ffpfifli llmi. will, h III point of hr-iulv »lyM
■ mI durability, purpa«a any thing grnri il'y i lfrml
in thi« market. and which I off* r for la*#* v* ry lota.
OHI’AK fill N I 7,
or 15 No. 4 Ktrhnnyr llf.ti I.
W»l rAI.Mf.il
■ nr.r.ii, 1.1 « nmi, lnr
' > lie 7
u mi:.
POH r, Clnrrt, Hicilv Mmloirn anil Miiln^n
Winr, f. r mil- by llAVP.NroUT. At l.rN A. ( it
I^OIt VAHYIfR uwla flint Itlng in
w roo^f'i Am^fKfln
Ffirari h-ninn. Van M*
Nutmrga. Maer, l*in» urn *n
norm, tiiftffrr. Hpirr«tfcr., fcr _„r o' the ft e,‘ qi;ir '/ irM|
for Mir by «lr ‘if f J M.NHK’N
V\/ nii'l f*ir a-iiv liy
A. hi. HI M.
K- Klllfl Irillflillir llij* III'.filing
lip 17 WII.MAM* At IMI A Ml
W FII4 f '.H— 11 to ft it rh Spikr* for «ile hy
** ** r.l>Moplt»A V'AV*Nr« RT
\1 Ol, % SSl-'.fll—f'r ir*i- Writ
IT I hy Hr ft
Iryiia. )'»• mmynl. ir>l ’or •
IVII.1.1 ft H h MAX M,|.
* fmr-jf •rlllrm'M hy NlOf NVI* IA tbr [>ir ml lor
Robert K lln«»:«nn Volume I, mnimnnf th« Hint ifjf of »|ie
lonjr loihr pMr«t of r«r»*. in I7fl1
V, trmrt Jrrm tkf .V*r/*tk tfar *14
M A yrniwni of IIm* lir»l VANdh< of thi« ih « work yv* f* • n
kIn( of it tn Dm* m< »> »|i{>roviRf Urma li in writ null n.
»!• ftiMkRf to he »?t»nnine»Y nr* I f«m I *r!y nrrytmintr** i
•in<ir/r«nl flint »rtr. *r»H f.flwl Willi Dm* Ulrat* f tt • interim* Hi
mvrhmt* fmni lir.l l.y hi- prnfeernaor* mm * m ol in'ffrentm*
r»*4mbif nnrrBtiTP i^aplH tn «lv* popnter Uitr."
For rale hj NAkN A WOOMIOH.4K,
J-»* l»* Main *r-'
SOLAR Oil,. UO m*|<- winter Solnr Oil,
tanHinc iihI for •tie hj
)i ** D A VF.NPt’AT. AM.FN * #«»
I III I H. HMKInH n w rfftji i f^iVKR MFFIl, Mikllf ptmi
® ™ "" " 0*»»iitir,r*'rrin»iif m«1 f »r -ak hjr
!• '* WHITMAN f%1 nffl'IiPN fc !.'<>. *

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