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tticljmcmb Dailn lUIjig.
IC 1411 %ltl> II. TOM’.li, editor.
WYATT HI. KLLIOTTt AmmkImIc ft: d it or.
T E R M S.
Daily Paper ftH per annum. dm wniLT, 13. Wimr.K;
always in tdvatier. Remittances may be midr at the nab of the
Publishers n all u«m where evidence la taken of Um ilepuiiU of
a letter in be Pom Oflku containing na nny
AlverlUing :
Oh Bquarc (15 liara) or Umw.oih? insertion.7ft
Kacli additional insertion.....*5
«»ar month. withoat alteration.ft* *5
Tliter.*..4o.do...10 00
Hu...do.do...,..t0 00
Twelve..... .do.do.• ••••35 00
TamRquare* Three month*....IS 00
Hu month*.......00
Twelve mouin*.45 00
yy* No Mf——I to he cuMubiitd by the month or year,
iQOMipmiwI oa the Manuscript, or previously agreed upon bo*
iwmMi the paiuea. •
AT" An advritiarmrnt not marked on the copy for a spectiled
at other of iMertiona, will be continued until ordered out. and pay
ment exacted according ly.
ftlriular Admllwncala*—To avoid any misun
derstanding on the part of Aunual Advertisers, it la «*ul proper to
elate, d.srm/r/y, tliat tbrir privileges only attend to thnr iiuiuediatr
buBitir*n. Krai Fautr, l.egal, and all«Hher Advertisements aunt by
tbrm to br an additional charge. and no vairation
AT* Ural 1 .state and Grneial Agents* Advertisements not to be
law rted by tin* year . but to be charged at the usual rates, subject to
such discounts as shall be agreed upon.
Auctioneer*, Booksellers, aud yearly advertisers generally,
engaging one or more sqaurrs, with the privilege of change, shall
not. on their yearly average, in any one week insert more titan the
amount agreed upon as the standing rule under the contract, and all
exceeding such amount to be charged at the usual rates.
A uvea USB mb nts inserted in tl»«* He •»♦-Weekly Whig at 75 cents
per square of 15 lines or less, for the first insertion, and 50 cents
;ms square for each continuance.
July let. 1045.
f 11IIE Franklin Manufacturing Company have on hand al tbetr
M PAPKE ft! ILL, near the Depot of the Houthem Railroad, a g«M»d
aaeortni. nt of extra superfine. line and common letter folded and
Cat eappaprra, rubai and phtin; also, medium printing, envelop and
wrapping papers, of various sites, at the lowest wholesale prices—
to which they mvtte public attention, assured that in quality and
price their manufacture will bear a comparison with the production
•f any Northern Paclory. They are prepared to etecute orders for
auy description of paper that the market or their customers tuny
require. Merchants sad dealer* are requested to call at the Taper
MnltlJtBMhMKf UMHMnhNM **h 14 tf
MANUFACTORY, I $ Aten* fW/-r*.// Afreet,
I OH North trill at* S I l*lklUulrlp*»Uk.
f|3llF. subsrnlH r has just finished, and oft rn for sale, a hand some
1 SMortmi st of Vehicles of the telest t fy/r •/ ftuktea, such aa
double or single Rockaway and I’ariya'l Wagona. of various pat*
terns . t kmr eos, fislfapr, York It sg*a*. w ith or without tops, Ac.,
which be will distM*** ol on the shui reasonable terms. All descrip
tions of Vehicles made to order, and warranted to be of the best ma
terials ami workmanship
Southern ami Western Merrlianl* wishing to purchase any of the
above articles, are requested to call and esaonuc before purchasing
All Work coming from Ins Manufactory is warranted /#e one
Having received the HILVEK MEDAL, being the highest
premium awarded, at the la«t Exhibition of the Franklin Institute,
for the su|M*rioriiy of workiuanship in Ins line, among which waa a
four wheel # Waste, he trusu tliat it will be a sutTicleat r» foramen
daiion for the superiority ol hit work.
I Oil North Fifth street, above (.’allowhill. PluUdetpbia.
ffjtOS THE LADIES. We have just opened
JT g very beautiful assortment of Boot* ami shoe for latdies, of
the following kinds—
Ladies bronze Gaiter Bools, thick soles
do do | do do
do thick sole Gai vt Bool*, black
do thick do “ Buskins
do tine while Halm Hlipprrs, black
do white k d “ **
do Morocco dress Hlippr rs
do kid Hhpper*
do fine dress waiting Hboes
do Over Hboes, different qualities. All of the above arc of
th« brat quality, for sale by
III.VYK thin day awiuciali'il with mr* Mr. JAS.
A. TRM’K, who lias been lit my employment for several years,
ami will continue bnainev* at my old »*ar.d, corner of 13th and t’ary
street, under the sty’e of W M ANDERSON klXL for the purpose of
conduct ag a Wholesale Grocery and General r«»finiii»oon bus.n* as,
fi r the sab* of Groceries, Dome tic Goods. Colon Yarns. Ac., as
wi II as tin* stap'e products and minerals of the Hr.ve ; and nave en
gaged lbs service* of Mr. DAVID ANDKE9QN, Jr. to conduct tie
grocery. Iron and wheat department of raid business Ilia expert
ence and quxbfktai'on* for tint branch of the business are toa we l
kn iwn to make it necesirr to state them , and have also made an
arrangement with Mr. FRF.D. ANDKKHON to aid in the manage
ment of th • h.baeco department. who has bmg been familiar and in
timately a q< amted with tins branch of business.
Ltbrrsl advances will be made on c»ns g »nn nta of groceries, <lo
ntestir goods, tobacco, wheat, corn, pig iron, and any articles of
general trade. WM. ANDERHON. Jr.
February 1st, IH47.
We have this day formed a connezion in business, aa
a'a'rd m atorv advertisement, and tiuat that the arrangement we
have made will arrure for the concern the coriiler.ee of our w
niur’a luc mb* and the public generally. WM ANDF.RPOM, Jr,
i ■ h y i -i i - < || J a THICK
•funtilnl Drcvs Homs. Just Itn clvrd.
WK have just opened liy Adam* Al Co. Kx—
preas Line, another beaiit-ful lot of Miles’ fine French drc*s
Brntr. a splendid article. Ws invite ger.tleinrn in want of a so
penor and splendid article to give us a call This lot of Ito 'is is as
handsome, if not the handsomest, in Virginia. We keep a lt»gr
supply of tli-m on hand always, and of the Inteal fashion 'Tin y
fit beautifully de I t rNP.V A WATTH
Dk ember 30tii.
atibiwriber* have je»t opened a further fiippl; of—
A. Plaid tUw Htlk* and Rich Uala Plaid*
Hnirimt-d Mualm Toller*
U1n*i Mrrmo Jackelo
Fleeced Hilk lloa*
I adtaa wh H kid (jlova*
M<Hle. rob urn and bln k Thibet Hhawla
Al.HO.—A fond ■ ipply of Negro Hlmkrim Ju«t to baud, of good
•MM MillMrpdMI 49 II I I pftll I A •
rii II K unflrr.i^nol, fiirmur partners in l.ii.inc**,
.1 have n(ain aMoriilrrt . . inffrlhrr u».l. r ih- Ann ol
for the parpnae of tran«arting
\ (.t-m-rnl Ory
We have tuccioded to the hurl area of the IUi* Arm of llawra. Van
llruraen 4k Ward. No 01, Mam Hirer*. Ri-hm>nd. Va . where we
keep at all lin.-e a |nni aaaor meat of go# da, aid will be ptraaed to
ree all onr old frieiida and ciiatoniera. a* well a« thr-ao of the late
Anil iwkitk LATHftOf,
I*ate of the firm of tfawea, Van Driiram h Ward
January 4th. IH47.
0001)8 KoR TIIK 8HA8ON.
We are joal in receipt of a rhorre ab utment of firrhg.m laauit
ed to tf»e apprnarhlng araaon. purehaaod recently in the Northern
market**. We invite Ih* at rati ut of our friend* lo an r lanimatum
;t ra*ea of very beautiful rni.tr, new afy!e
Pink, blue and white Tailataa* for Party drrraea
Plain Hwr«e MltdltW
Wh.te Kid niove«,all number*
AI M i —IItear bed and brown Hhirtinf" ami aheeting*
Pleached IhPbng*, Kentucky Jean*
Hosierjr. hmwn Hollands—Itlk Aljucca*
Itih and rul'd Cambric*. kf .hr
fe 14 No 91, Main Afreet
ei'IIIK milwrilirr. invito the attention of pur
J- rHaeer* to llreir atork of fIRf M’P.ll IK**, conaiatmg In part of
Vf),iwin tha Haron. eld and new
inn hnga l.nf mra. Rh> arel Java Toffee
10 hhda N l» Hugar
Weal Ind a and N O Molasaea
inn aaek« Malt
75 blila Whnkey | Rerritlrdand OM Rye)
5 tons assorted Country lr»*n
Tr a. I«mf Hugar, Pepper, f linger. A I'spire
Wmea of vanona aorta
ftramlr—Frenrh and Apple
Honp Candle*—aperm. tail .W md adam inline
Nail*. Th.ver Heed, gr hr
*90 bbla North Taro'laa Nett llernnff*
fe IT| Apply lo JtiNF.H h WINUfll*
JUS HAY rcroivrfl, |»or nchr I'mnn, a lurge
-1- ami wrell selected Htock of \\ |||f% liquor* and 4 •
(*»ra, nf rwnat superior quality—frmnda entirely new tmoug
them w iN be found
'29 boira fiural (Irapl. Hiliery Mrarnm, v ntage |ftu
‘>n do Apartling Mnarlle Hrharabiitg
in ilo Jofnnnr atn-rfer
10 rlo Atemwein in Mtiat
A ptpna Holland tttn. wipermi quality
I do fbharHan
• 9 half pipe a pure old I ogme
14 half and qr rash* old third, I’npuy kf'o, Pmrt, fa*fdtioa.
J J f I'tpuy ap| Peigr.ettr brand*—all of the rm*a* superior
99.94)9 f ranine llavanna I if arc. vairoua brand*, aid of late nw
imnation. avhteh added to onr choice supply of Port. Madeira. Ma
laya. amt alt dearnptirwi* of Wlaaa, l.aynora ami Tear, we fe I aa
•nrerl wa eaa auit the t safe of the most fast abuts*. aad at pnrea an
rawmdly law for raah or good paper
f)Al.l.AOfIF.R 4h nl.HNRR
No Sf Mam afreet,
^ * _ R duns* above the * tty Hotel
if RFMh We a e prepared to fereiMi o*« rintma
V> era with No I (Inver Heed, very low
** MtTfftft k ORIfTIFR
Rich in o B (I, Vi.
^gMIIS now and luigo <**tal>liHhm,Mit wan opon.
i d by itirwbirribrtiiin ibr Vial mat , who, with the m ('alter
o4 Mr Rtmir, lib- ihr km*, r ird and w* II known Prcpr.rtor of
III* Fanners' Hotel, m Fred ficksburg, are determine J In ilrvote
ib^if iimliv.il*>! attention In the comfort ami ronwm#iiri' of ibcir
h ' • >. r* ..r tar r ly
ground 'ataly Ctmrd by ih« noted “Old Ur I Tavern. “ and la
hiinltouw'y provided witk furniture mint ly nrw. with wlMf.eiVil
ami alirniivt ai«i<tanta and servants. and wiili a resaleable aliarr
of thr latroiufi* of »hr armor's partner's numerous and ttirra.tr
b»t of old friends ami acquaintances. and with three yran ci|)*ri
rncr in Ihr Holtmgbr oh lloi-l, Prianburi, Va., thiak they ean
•upflv an rq'iieal'ni for any favour bo slowed on Mima A HiabU*
well foruotl and provid'd, undrr thr rnaaagement of Mr Wn. 8.
Wood, i- attached »o thr bouse. at a c mvcnirol distance. and br
•"* birna-lf thr proprirtot. persona arriving with their own hirara
may br assured of good attach m for tbrm.
Pttrraburg Int'll-gcncrr. National Intelligencer and I’awn.
Washington, l» C., Raleigh 8tar and Standard. Frr Jsnrksburg llr
raid and Rrcordrr. Norfolk Herald and lira con. and Richmond
Enquirer. Warrtn*on Flag, wi'l copy once a work lor thrrr weeks,
amt arnd thrir account* for paytnsiit. do *J8—if
FIlllK subscriber*. having become tbr sol* proprietors far the
■ *•*« ned d ajK a uoa of Ur. Hanning s Body Brae** for tbr Hutr
of Virgiaia, b*g Irava to rail thr attention of the public in i » great
value in tha re'ief it allbrda to Weak Lungs and Spine, l*a,pitatir*n
of the H» art. Dyspepsia. f’onat. potion and Pllra. It it also a ralirf
to public spraacra. weak and drooping rtn'dren, and ladies who
cannot r across, aad a perfect ivMiiut" for the r or art and re
straining alouklrr brace The instrument ran br tr ed gratuitously
for two or three diyg. A lady. inttrn-tcl by Ur Hanning. wilt at
trod to a ting tha Brace many put of llie City. Pr.cc, lit) fog plain
Brace, • I * f ir the brs*. Hooka canatai l*e htd.
I’atsoas desirous of purchasing Patrnt R-ghts can do an by ap.
pH* slum to the sut ambers, who are prepared to furnish the lliarra
.hi i it.ks. ]% i‘.»—to J ii MJBTACB * BON
Bano forte warehouse,
IOO, H AM RT..COKNKK OF I ltll *(.,
PH. TAYLOR Rkm’kctkullv Imvitk* tiik
• Atticstio* or Pi ri iuskrs to bin Ktock of Piano Porte*, at
the above hliahwerit feeling fnn»i lent t* nt they wi I fire satis
faction in every respect. All his Piano tan* w nrranled. and sMd °o
t> isl, subject to te returned if not f*h*d l*on*tart ailbti msanibV
Inm to present at all t me* an extensive ni«ulinen', cm'tracing ail
the fashiosibb styleh ef fin n^. both of Kisrwi <td and Mahogany,
lit* also olfcistor iale Piano Fortes from a greater variety of link
ers linn any other establishment in the State, thus affording the
greatest ailvantsgo* in the way of retortion, lie i» also sole Agent
lor the he«t and iihm! celebrated makers in this country nnd in lirr
many. No on- can run the least risk tn purchasing a Piano of I*
II Taylor. They ate every Hong he represent* them tn be. Poster,
t*weetaemaid Hnllianry o| Tone aie happily bW tided.and the e!e*
ganre, taste a tel durability of workmanship an- in the biglcst »ut
of Uie an. A written warrantee is given with tuch Instrument
sold by bin.
0"/“ Orders from the country attended to w ith the greatest punr
ttality, anl l.adb-e and (•cntkuien. residing at a di« anre. are as
sund that when* vi r be is favored w itb on'ers per letter. It is no
less bis practice thsu h * interest, to send such an inUruiueut as
will t*enr the air cu at srrutmy.
Trirea'including pa king; #.*00,2.10,250, job. 320, 330, 373, 400.
and upwards
P. II. T. keeps .Xlus: al liisininieuia, in genera*, of the best quail
ty. A targe stick of f*la steal and Standard Music always on haul,
and lie ia constafitly receiving tlr* newest pubhca'.n n< fe 0
Pit. TA \ I,OR, (Apr nt for ./. F. Brotonr
• . H . 1'
•Mrrcf l.vnJvm, nnd •.'HI, /Insjumy. .V. ) ,) his JU«t r« rnv« d a »up.
ply of very superior Harp Sim g«. whuii he ofT-rs for sale al bis
Piano Poitr tVarrrooni an l Music Saloon, |f»U, Main St, cornrr
To Physirians«utiit < otinlrt l*rarttltonrrwrape*
r iltlly.—HniikmuN .\hsirai ( ul tin Medical
hcicni rs I'rtrt umltf # l,.»0 yrr jprae—7 .’» r/a. ftrr number.
|> ANklMi’S it a Li* \KARLA ABSTRACT
lit'K TIIR MKIilt’AL HC'IKNCP.*. beuv a Practical and Ana
lyticnl Dig* si nt (lie contents cf the principal llnlisb and Kurop«an
Medical Wo k«, pobli-bed in Hh* prroding half year, together w i'li
a Critical Report of the progress of M.dion* and the foliate til
Sciences, during the same pc-nod—«*mbra< in* under their pr per
I Midwifery ;
HiM'im of Women and Children.
Anatomy and Pb>»- rriogy .
| Fot'ena.r Medicine .
And Matrna Mrdica and Ptiirmacy
II Hanking. M I*. Pliysicinn lo the Suffolk Central
lltMpiia', Itc
i l.indnn on the 1st of January arid lat of July, aid
i on the 1st of February and 1st of August of each
C F FI4HKK, Agent.
Coder th • Exchange.
Practical Medicine
Pathology anl Therapeutic
Cheruiatry :
HdilrJ l»y W
Published l
in Phil idrlpli
fe 25
.1 n*l Itt'iTitnl l»y Hu«li A' AVooUIioiim*.
I3‘J Mam si., Richmond, Va.
HY arrival of iho uchooner Pocahontua, n liir
tier supply of Pinna For tee, from S odart k. Dunham, las
reached us
If it were i^wil.lr la suggest any improvement ia the it sl.unients
heretofore made by lliea* gentlemen H his been real /ed id those
just receive it.
Praia* is not b *‘owed upon these instrument, because it is
customary,aid expected fr ui ilio*- who deal in Pam Forte*, but
it is n; plod as the resu tof convictior. confirmed by experience,
strengthened by ih* numerous tests and comparisons to which they
have t e n tubirctr •. th- testimony of eminent Piannte, and the
universal s.v.rsfacuon of those who have hvfkt and tnnd them.
A'l the r« quints wli cli constitute a frit rat# ftmut Farit will be
found rmb:ac>d in these instruments—a beautiful round tone, dc
I glitful touch, substantial wi rkriiattslnp. good taste in finish, and
the latest style. Prices saute as the manufacturer*—persvn*rest
dent at a distance. may asafrly erde* of us. as if they were prerenf,
snl meet with as favorable terms In the purchase
They may t e returned in care they don*, prove good. Old P.anos
taken in exchange.
NAHM Ml WOODI10IJ4F. Hook se!b-re, and dealers in Piano
Forte*. Hlatmi nrv anJ Mu« r. fe 25
net AKs: TKI \KV TKI A Kfi'i
FB1IIE snhicnbrr ha* just opened another supply of those supe
I nor Travelling Trunks, made expressly for him. with iron
frames, and made of the best mr.trrials and in the best manter, to
which he would call the attention of all in want, as tiiey will be
sold as tow as any oilier bouse this side of the Totomar of ihr same
mix KILL.
\f l .s | s. \ i n i s i - i RRCBIVKD % trrsb
Vests, some of tlierii a superior qua’ity bl.ck Hilk and Hatm
double brra* ed—received yen niay per Fxprea*. nnd for sale by
jn 14 rABB B OO, Li*h 'a Corm r
(e 20 Y
-eii|* nor i »ir,i ro in igo. jum ircriv«i
UIIVAL *. PURCEI.U l>r«fgi»tt,
147. Mam Hirer!
nrr an indetintlWr guard a|ani«( ft re.
In 4—if Agent* for Richmond
hub, b acon \ co. ofvkr for sale—
New Oliosna
25 do MukmvuI.i
25 hriea brown and white Havana '
15 do Wool«r)*‘ teal
15 hhd* Wret India J
\ I
2*» tierce*
Mo|.\ ftNR*
IOO hbl< N. Or leant
105 l«gt Java
IOO do and bid* P. Rico
I MO do Rio
500 do laguarra
75 do Mararad'o
22 bale* Mocha
47 bag* Huma'ra Pepper
150 -ideaHole* leather
193 b it cut Nail*
ft infer* New Rice
125 iMiin finrt i|0alll| Bpetm
2M do Hull * Hon't Patent } CTA9l|t|«Rf4
ft* do Tallow, approved blind*
21 package* (J p Tea. part ntra line
17 half Cheat* b k «lo
.15 Mdt No I I*had
Maelerrl. Not I. 2 nml 3 in whole, half and «|r btda ami
4Q bbl* Tar
12 Mdt Tanner** Oil
21 rirtt prmie Ho*lien f *hreee
0 rati* Hperm f Ml
I Oil? and *110 Wind* w Hit «
Prime new flnvrr Heed. Inigo, M idder
IVp|^*r*a. Hnpor t • Powder. Hlioi ami Htr l«ead
Prime Ti.fer Vinegtr. I’orn Braun*
Painted Bucket*. Hh»e Thread
Rrnwn and<*a*ttte Hoop, R i*t» r» d Htre! ja 20
TilK I*ARA(«()N OF
• N Iret. f|i|»-** It- Ihr Pant*. Ir| karf 111
1r« I
fonn Him p*Hn<ia an I It f |>»M,r «• nrraf), lh.il ihr* ha»i> J««i ir
rrnrrd from Hail* n anil hr* Vml a fiw cam nf fccantifnl llal*
|fait and wm'ri patlrral *iH«a ' adrrrably in il,c hitim ■i.imtaril
nf innr mtfiitina Thf ay'f nf ihia Hat waarnat|n mlm Nan
Vmli from lha hm mipofti d fa-li i*a and mi dniahitiif nf manu
farin'*, ami branff of form itiaihc Paratnn
J H h I'n havr. alan. rrrr.ai.l a rhrdcr M nf Wool Mat war
rantail wal-r p:«nf Alan, an nvoicr nf r Arp, varimn paf'rrna
do 18—if
I OM al'UAMi *r.
i A II AM*’ Ilium oC Rftt »»tV No. I.
I* nk'al'rarlrd di da do
*ll*o Corah'l fmn
III IV1 r iltrilnil. do
Tor twin t.y la in f*V km.
d fnrlhar aty^f of Indira Binftv flatter*, a ka 1 uliAll arlirta,
ram ally rrerlrad fi.ni I'hiladi Iplna . aim, a I ml On ripply nf la
fin*' niprnor w»i|.> kid <Mipf#ra— o who h lha ai '■ anon of I hr
Indira la rrapmfally larnrd JUDAH IIVKM,
tm l« V. a; w,.i Mam at
l«d raralrad a larrr lol of mianar llaaaaa I I*air rinont
limn a fan I horn and of ihr rrtrhiaird 'Tanrna Rand Inihli
lor Hirrr ara I' an a of i,r fin-.t iinali'T. Hi* wlad- mat n( a ai*ai
awl hrflrraaaonin.nl than wr hair .an iirforr atf-tad
»r » Id VAI. a Pt'Kl Kl.l. I4i Mamalrarl.
wnTEii u(RiuiE.ni:iT.
ON anci tiller Wwlneitlay, the 9th mxtant—
M ill, TK4IH
Leavea timoad daily at....I P M
Pntrraburt daily a!.*»l A M.
Itirhmnnd daily 'HumJiyi ricrjHrd) at.. ...4 P M
l.eavra CHriihurf daily (Hundiy* eirrpted) at.H| A. M.
Uavra R rhmond Monday. WrdnraUjr and Fn«Uy
m triune* .-it......Cl AM
Petersburg *am« moramga at...51 A M.
da 0 dup't I'ranap »nat on
ON and aflri WKhNUHAV nest <Rtl» in*t ) ihr hour* uf Ar
rival and l»r|«rtur«- of Train* will fc* ia follow*:
MuU 7>«ia /*r h'rM»r%ck»kurg
I^atra daily ai HA M.
Arrive* daily at III P M.
M+il 7>me Jmr l kmrlmtiea+dli. Aunmea, and /.yasMmr/
Leave* daity at HAM
Arfivna daily at 111 I* M.
Fir* to Baltimore, t7 no
llo Wa«hia|tr»*. 5 50
l*o Frrdrnrtiburi, 3 7j
1*0 t'larlollrifillr, 5 0(1
l*o rita Union 7 OO
l*o Lynchburg 8 car*
nu* I* Pupenatendani of Traaaportai.on.
rglHK foilnn liijf Vessoin, comprising llii.-i line,
* *rr Ml of lit* dm cla«a, with Uilulaoiur alule room accoui
inodalion*, via:—
tUrque PARTHIAN. HapC CJao. W Allb« .
Itarque IIV:llHM*K, Cap! lliaaM Hortom ;
Haique I'lMKMX, Capt. Naiii l lloi.u
The above Ve«*c!« were built cjpre*alyfbr liar trade between thia
city and N. Orleans, and are commanded by men of king etpepence,
who will u«r every rteriion to give aaiivfarUon For freight, or
iwaaage, apply to the Capum* on board.
*r It
HASKINS k LIBBY'S Line of I'lrkpu. brtwpfB Richmond and
New Orleans, will commence their r< cnht run in September,
and Will be colutMMM-d of the follow in* ir«M ll
Barque RAClIF.IiOK, 4’apt. IIir*m IIoktu*.
Rriff ORLEANS, ('apt. Wn. Smith,
Brit Jo^KI'IIINC, Capt. Joa. KosixaoN.
One of the abort- v«-nrli will leave tint place rr|iilarljr rtcry
month. We ran, with confidence, retoruior nd the above v ease I* to
the public, aa they were built t-xpeemiy for tin* trade and will imoire
aa low aa any other vr*wl*. met are commanded by steady and ilia
creel men of lone erpern-nce m the trade. For freicht or |Nim;'e.
having very superior accommodations. both for cabin and Mtesrage
paw-nen . .o j FlliHER a. RON r
N. B. All freifht from the country for the above u w-li will l*e
received aud forwarded by ua, charging only tlie regular drayat** anJ
wharfaye. J. F. At R
ju 112 or ft. la L.
H K c; u L A R L INK.
t'aptaiti J. II Smack.
Set it I'uifrii.
(3. W. Cen t u.
W. J Gui ld.
J M Mums
M PATRICK llt>KY. >»iw)
•• GRF.F.NWAY. (mw)
•• Ctil KIKR. (kiwi
Tina line of Packets having been sustained by a r» n« ral patron
afe of the Merclianta oi Kichinond, lor more than fifteen >rar».
the propneU»ra[maatera) aohcit a continuance of their favnrs.a»-ur
inf their patron* that every attention *haN l*e given to forwarding
their (ooda safety, and with dispatch. The Yeaaelaare of the firvt
class, (rot* ly new.) commanded by men of experience in the
trade, and Merchandise can be insured by them, at the lowest rale
of premium For freight or passage, haring superior acconunoda
tiona. apply to the masters on board, or to
vrtT floods to be reshipped to New Orleans. Mobile. Apalsrhi
cola,or any other places, will he received and forwarded from New
York, by the master* or Agents, at New York, free of charge, ex
cept «ueb a* mav actually be incurred or 2f
rfkv CM)R NEW ORLEANS.—The fine fast.
r nailug *.hr HF.A LION, 4*apt. Wade, wi I have des
pitch For fre sjht, apply 11 ma<ter on boxrd. in the Dock. c»r to
n.l» .» IIANKIN k WIIITUM'k.
rgv P«OR NKW YORK.—The superior regu.
■ lar packet sc hr M ARIETTA BlltK. I uarbnrn. master,
bavin- tin- gn atrr j<orti->n of her cargo ♦ ngag* dand gnirg on beard.
Wi I have despatch. For height of small packages, apply onboard
at l.udUm** wharf, or to mb « RANKIN u WHITLOCK.
• or I’lii Iml <1 |>l»iit.
fjitv The new sehr LEONORA, Capt. wooid.
ro*. loading in ihe hock For freigLt or | jeifp apply rn
boarJ or to mli R HENRY FISH hit.
L,ioli I REitJH 1 OR CHARTER, the
r new and superior br-g PERCY, Capt Fount*in, capa
city SjO ton*, now m read nv*s for any voyage Apply to
mb I RANKIN k Wlliri.f i K.
FOR BOSTON.—The tuperior parkot
tchr R A IN Hf)\Vv Captain S. Ri ours, loading at
P.cket'* whaif. For freight or psnugv, ipply on board or to
■ or riTitflil or ( liarlrr.
The new and nuperior Schr. ANDES,
Ca;t Snow, can carry about 64)00 biisbe’* of corn, now in
read.ne«« fjrary voyage. App v to
For l'liilailcl|>ln;i.
The Fnrket Schr. LEONORA, Captain
Wooldon, haung a portion of her cargo erraged, will
have deapatch For fcslar.ee of height apply on board, in hock, or to
FOR BOSTON. The regular packet
*chr RAINBOW. Cart Rogers, having a portion of her
carg » engige I. will he ready to rrMict cargo on Saturday the f7th
For balance of 400 boxes Tobacco, app’y to
j?fe> FOR BOSTON. Thefineschr IIkbalii
now l<ia<’ing in the hock ar»«l havirg the most of her cargo
engaged and going on board, in the IWh mil] sail on Saturday —
For bslance of freight, of small package*, app > in
jfty 'Flip superior regular packet schooner
PATRICK IIRNRV, S Oiuisf, mxsti r, having the greater
portion of her cargo engigedard gim* rn hoird. will have im
mediate despatch! For frrigh of MN> box*** M nufaetuvrd Tobtc
co, to conn l-re cargo, apply to mrstrr on board, at Lu liaru’s wharf,
0V 10 fe «.» ■ \NKIN k \\ III rU N K
The superior hriif MONTAGUE, Shufr,
Wi. rt. t an l.iSr tv l.ulk of * oo harrrlr Flour and Mil iui
uirdla'rlr. For frrifht apply on ltrar.1, In IWk. or to
jftv pou RIO.—The fine hue.sailing hriji i
* .V>ir>., Capl RadrMT. .an lake a f»» |uiwn(rr>. Ap
ply on boar.) in ih< llork.rrli
f« « RANKIN 4t WII|T|.o< K
SttSM*.' PIH-AIIONTAS.—Tt, Sirnm-r Toluml ua.
having recently hern ent.rety overhauled and her epeed much in
erex*ed, will lake her place again m the line hetwc n th»* an* R.il
t mme, on Saturlay nril. leaving Baltimore on that al « rnrnn at 4
o’clock The Tocahonta* will sucieel her, and leave Ha t more on
ill- following Wednesday, loth ir.*t.
’The t'olumtiu* will Icate Richmond for B. I* more every Tuesday
afternoon a* 4 o‘cl<»ck. and the Pocah nti* every Saturday aflvr
im on at »am • hour.
I'awage and fare by rill ecfHeamc .|.A O'*.
For frs'ight. apply to mhl IIF.NRY U hl.AM k 4*0.
^hams & co.
Hullimnre, I’htlaih I.
,Vrr l>4, 4«W Patten
r#-l In hSS.— I he phhlir an* reaper.!
fu Ijr iRfimnrd KmI wp hivp -uir Office at *>>
Hireei. un«l< r the F.irhmifr llin dine . at <1 ili.tl ita«* (Miami #« hereto
(ore tranaaried under Ihe US me of Mnpilil'o will In* rondiirted
under t(»r firm of ADAM* H (i),
Thr RXPRRfM arrangement will continue ,i« heretofore, in »• a
lion lo time an I prirea, an.I we hopr. ».jr dl'igent attention in htiai
•e»*. to rrrr«vr a liberal pitn>rui|n IVrmm order n* g w .U irom
I lie Fa at ami .V*»th are requested to ortlri bjf Adam* h. Co. Ki
preaa Hit 'TM IKKR * iMNroRD.
Fmi if J IIk ibt it author nod to art a* our kgent tn RriimonH.
for the iranaari«*vi o'ad (NMlnea*. <te tl—«lif HAD
SA K VI'lKM W VI’KII.—Snrnlojj« [ ('on^rrs*
Mpnnf Wafer, m quart* aid p nta. iu*i received direct, for
aa»e hr DrVAI. It FIRCFI.I. |i.ugg.*c.
fe 70 I #7 Munhpft
C1()MMl NIT VTION.—Vlo^fn. Kilifoo : I
J oh agreed • •tue lime ag<. a mmtnnniral o» over lh- ••(nature
of '* A Fa'eii ' Mating that I*r Jarne’* Ionian Ftirctoraul Hal
been I he mean* of taring lh* live* of thr*r of hi* rlnCren. who
were • iffermg *ererrl/ with ohenp ng rough . an<l having, hut a
abort lime hefo e, low one of n*r rlti dnn hf «hal dreadful com
plaint, and havirg nmdbrr in I my onlf chiM. *m0< nag die (ie.it
eat agonr with the aime • tware. anl in hourly eipprhltnn m it*
death. I ail induced lo | u t ha e a h<*'i*e of II, and run in «*r red ua
mf il arnadmi lo the diorti-.w-aial lo the *urprt«r of a l, it (*«
gan lo mend in OfWn mlntth* ifter we commenced n*lnc if. and
lie rhi dhaanow eomplefetf recovered.
I hare no acquaint.)nee w th Dr Jtvn«*. hut I hrrehy return him
a hticband'e and % father'# grateful aelnowt* •Ifewn n»«
Fhiladctp'iia. Apnl 7Jd. IH}* J I. «IMPKI?M
For m- hr fe 70 »’ JirDlWOM. f.*t
^po HKNTIHTH. The mil** rilwr, Aronl (<>r
JL ih*> maker In* )« t received per Ftprf*« a further aitpi It of
theae celebrated infer ruptihtr l\»rr* I i n Trelh eon*fa mg of Taite.
Five*. Molar, Fxwvphf. Ae . naaling a lirfe ander mpk te «anifiv»eai
Tbi> w hu.ng hr (he quanto*. l-v a tol- arrangement, ran l*e «*p
plted on lm te»m« than the* ran he obtained in Ph»Mdr’phut The
ailrMrow of the prof* «|oa 1a aohcilrd A’no
Abkaya wp fluid F.*tl
Pen*at FiW, Force;*
T**rdh Beta Huggmg ('aw*
Kitmeiiag t am.hr fie . on far v*l> lerni*
* •* F AKIkHTiM, Dvaggwt
*• M*H piiHf Huron I**., iIki V, f«ml ll.miml
b ^rnnr.l At, ralrt., ft. H Wll.l. ««« k It H (1.1.
H' R\ITiar; PAPER ..ynoo r**nin>*, for mlt
V i*»7—it«i pavbmmit a..i rn * co
DASHLNfiKKH hy this route leave Richmond
■- daily at It. A M , by the Northern canto Uw Junction. Th.ee.,
loy.lii.r wilbyaawnycr.rrora lb. North. by tlia l/nunuit toOor
•hre.ville to dm.. and by coach.. in < ' ha riot tm ill.. by 7 P M
lawac at S A. M—din. in Xtauninn. and in I'loverdal. by B P M.
at 3AM — breakout at lb. Warm (Viny_t.a.Mny th. Hot
at 10 A M Hia. at I'allayhan'a, and arrive at the Whnr aulphur
at 7 P. M Here Unae dir.rye to all th. dur-vent apnaya; and by
aam. Itae eeatiaoiny areal* aid. amn at lb. Hia. Sulphur at 11 A
M noat day. and Imeuu I .an. ia Uw corny N.u day to Charira
lon before mybt, and #Ui day at fluyantnue, on Uw Ohio river,
tvbera it i. navifabla at all waaon. for •t' .mboau
South ttc.l.
The tVythvill. Im. loan-. Staunton on Tueadnye. Tbnra'ay. amt
Hv'tirdaya, at I P M—to Lennyt-m aam. nyht. iirolba at the
Natural Nridye and din. at kinraa.fi nest day nrnv. at Salem in
thr earning, and at WyUmlle tb. Hunt ev.umy from Htvunton. by
» P. M. Paaarny.r. by ihiabne for lb. Sweet and While Sulphur
spriaye. dm. at tb. fnrnr r awl arrive at the latter on lb. .v< may
or th. 4tb day from Richmond.
The Lynchburg May. Mavra HiartoUeavill. on Monday* Wedor#.
•lay. amt Pr.day., and llimuyh in n day
Th. Orany. and Ciilp.|wr tMI atayv warm Cordotavill. on ta.
arrival of thr cart from Rirbamed on Tuaadaya, Tburaday and Sa
_)* ** SupcriatradrntTraiiaportatinn
ami afler the 1st October, our Packet
' * ■***«* »‘ll al H A. M Monday. WrdnrBiay.
and Friday, and imrW l.»t.clibur( aril daya al i| F N
l-a»r l.yncbburc Mnuday. \VrdiM->d.i«. and Triday. at 7 A. M ,
arid arrive in Richmond neat daya al *4 I' M.
•►ur Holla rnnaert al l.'artrriTlRa nun Ur- four liorar pnat Cuarli
b. P.raavwr. Pi.mrr Edwatd. Mad I'lurlmbi; ami at Hcmuvi:
wdli Partali da l o.’a l.tne of fnur bmn I (Ml I ‘(Ml Irna to Hiaur um.
Kept M, 1846 HiiVII. KOMONft a. HAVENPORT
NEW BAii.no.tn a>i» srcAniiovr i.i\r.
Hrlwrrn Kit liiHvnd aaiial Norfolk. PorlMiinnila,
Old Polul I nmfart, At ,rt I’nrl « Hlliinll.
FAHi: BBtltrCEU T»J 75 < ruin, I.NCI.I DINK MEAL-:
ih hereby uotitictl, that
bciuuful Htramer AI’CJI'**
TA, wbitti is in the moat complete order for both a day anti nifht
line, and unsurpassed m h< r accomm*-JattonJ. is now running be
tween Fort Walthall and Norfolk, hi connection with the Cars front
Richmond and Petersburg, «? Ik* latc r*tg 0/ 7.1 emu n j, ttuiu
Passenger* lrivinr R chn.ond on MOW DAYS, WKDNRShAYH
arrive at Norfolk about 1 o'clock, P M. Returning, the Augusta
leaves Norfolk at 6 A M on TtTIWIlAYH. TIP RHIHYH and HA
TURDAYA passrngera breakfasting on board and arnring at Port
Walthall at half past lit M and at Richmond about 8PM
It will be perceived from ihe above, that thia comfortable am!
t'i(H*diliou« like g.vt s to pertains visiting Norfolk on bus.new the
opportune) of transacting it and n turning l»y the boat of nrtt
morning, so si to be absent from their homes a single night only.
The Augusta w ill stop at the usual landings on James R.ver to
take ip and put out m, travel,and at any other points on the river
where a signal umudr.
The public may test assured, that it is the determination of tin*
Proprietors to krep up this line permauentJy, and to accommodate
travellers between Richmond and Norfolk in the beat manner and
at the lowest rat* a.
For further information. tickets. or freight, apply at the Ib*|«ot of
the Richmond and Petersburg tk*droad Company, to tin* Ticket
Agent. oc I
r ^rJ^llK »|>li-inli<l nuil swift Strainer
-'1V [ T~~' k AI.M'i:, tipuin J N UKOL'GII. having
just un .. g.ifn* a r|t •rottgli overhauling, is now in complete order,
an I la* » >MsaAc< d a regu ar run iu p ace of the CURTtB PK»*R,
leaving the Whari at KiM-luittsevery ’lomlrt). Wsilurcdu)
sn l I ritlii y noritlngw i rrcw yatfl 1-2 o'clock. Return
ing, tiie Ain a will have Norfolk every Tu**.ia> Thursday and Kat
unity Morn ngs. at 1 lie same hour 0 18 o’clock . and touch at All
I'lie Inu rti.rd ale lainJirg* on the Kitrr. bolii g«urg ar.d return.ng
it?T Passage and Pare frvm K 1 ti o«.nd or IVu-r•burg to or from
Norfolk, meals included. On Dollar. HASKINS k LIBBY.
{CT Parsergcn wishing to go ibis route to the Nr rth cm do «*>,
and remain on the Alice unt I the u« it Born ng w m n ih. y can go
on the llaltimarc Boat, and r> nu n until i|ry arrive the ne&t n»o n
ing In Baltimore, without an/ nun charge. Returairg. the Alice
wi I meet 1 lie Ha nmore Boat in th«* m<»rmng, as u usk sjthat (lie
pmsenger leaving Baltimore at 4 o'clock on* evei.mg willarr.ve m
Petersburg l»y 8o'clock and Richmond by 4 o'clock the n**it t 1. u r.g
(FT* Passage and Fare from Ririinumil or Petersburg to or from
Kalimn r . menU biCf mgs, fec inciuiL i. Hu Ib.i ar*. II 4 L.
I* H. The aecomtnndauoM and speed of the Alice arc r«* well
known on Jame* River, tliat it would be ur- r-Hn x*y (hit n» itm r
hire br< n eqnalu d, nuch lea* «ui,a-ied, by any <»;tpo»mou boat that
lias ever been on the River. de 21
fan* lo Rallimnrr - *7.00
To \\ o*»liiiiulon .... ^5.50
'I'llAVEI.I.F.II«i by tbit l.me Iravr Rirbu on*l Jail) at H A.
1 M . reach VVa*l.u rton at .*» I’ M . Baltimore at 7i IV M .Phila
delphia in the rourie of tl»r nir hi. and New Vorh by 19 M. the
n»*\t day—hrmg shea t a day ««</ m half and sometimes tteo daft n
advance «/ the passengers the R$rer ami Ha t Hoots, rb*. under
prtten: arrangements, are detained twenty four hours at JVar/W4.
t an? between Hich.uonJ and ltul:m»*»n...97
Fare between Baltimore and Philadelphia. 3
Fa/e between Philadelphia and New Vora. by the early morning
n*» Agent of Transportation.
OCT N. B. Forth** information of the public,
it if deenKil proper to state, that ihrn* are now three daily line*
from Washington to Philadelphia—tin first leaving Washington at
6 AM. reaches Philadelphia by 3 P. M.—tin* second having Wash*
ington at It M. reaches Philadelphia at 9 P. M.—and the last, be
ing the great man line «bo*e dewnbed which lease# Washington
at .*»! P. M.. and Baltimore at dp M , arr.vcs at Piuladt Iphia in the
course of the night The traveller by the railroad lm« has. under
these arrangements, the advantage of being in Philadelphia in 19
hours front the time of his leaving Richmond, or. if be desires it,
may remain in Washmx.on during the altrrnoon and night of his
ar ivaU and be in Pniladelphta ilk* next ilay to dinner, or may Iran*
art business m Washington until 1*.' M. next day, and yet arrive in
Philadelphia at an early hour in the evening
roit \0Kr01.k a.vi»i>i:ti:k*hi ko.
ON and after Friday nexl, 30th instant, the Cars
turnon* m rnnr'ii.in with llir twin ana t<ir unhoat
Al’GCATA. Capt. / Milehrll, for Norfolk, will leaee the Richmond
■ nd Priarabiirf I».pot errry Monday, Wednesday * Friday Muru.n**.
at f I o'clock.
The ACCOMMonATION TRAIN for Pen-rebur* w.ll!ea*r R,eh
tuond carry day Sunday! r.lcrpted, at el A. M
°c Hup. Tranaponatton.
Oil l'-illi Mm'l.
rr^ IIK suliseriliers have rc-openeil the above cs
*• Icjl hahm. nt and hr* Irj.r to aay to thru friruda and thr
public generally. that th. y are now pr*|*«rrd to *iv« thru un.hr,drd
attrfilion m order to pb-aae ihoae wlto mar patron at the houar —
firutb-mrn victim* thr city on btiaim aa will And it to thriradran
t.i*r to (ire ua a call, harm* ample arro modabona for thru nun
fun and convenience ; Nkewiae. a .table within fifty yard, of thr
hollar, tod auriiaaard in thr r.ty. To our in.-ad. it 1a only nrrrwia
ary to cay. ilial our liar .hail at all linira hr aupplied with Liquor,
not inferior to any in the City. All wr draira ae patronage and d
we fall to |ileaae, ttaliall not he our fault
Rtrhmond, Attfu.t X IRid. tf
i; \UIH.N si .i.ns.
^pilK auliMTitter is now in receipt of hi* Fall
A Hupplr of warraninl fir.ti and (rnulne Gar.‘. n *eed». from
I iu|E ■ rabh.hrd Nutariy of Meaan luinJri th it Co. Alt on*
ijr be fi» \
lit* a«w'rfment i
AST \K Alii ~r*— I a»ge
HK.ET—long Bliiod, F41 jr Tur
nip Rev ted. French Ptlgar
RF ? mi w. .1- s*„4p.
Br»'»n fpr llf I Valentine,
• holtr Kr«l F.jri*. I.nrg« l.utu.
Ulfr Wi|»t!«(>r
f'ARRAGY—Karl? Verb. I nrfe
Vnrk. Rnttrrii 4 .*»nd Rucar
bmf. lMm>!t *<1 and Kai Ubirh,
y, Ctir'nl Orrrn. Rrtl
l>nl< h (.ft ptrll nf
CARROT—Unfl Oniff, Fatly
Horn. AllrtntlNn “forriilir"
(’AIMFLOVVLR — Rsr1» A *: •
0l!TCiu1o|ui « itnlM
HISTKII ami \ LSI A >i %* w Hi 1 on* pi| v
p j'>fw5I*•% n .
j* & Ri."h.,in|M|
1 ELl-KV —KrdnnJ Wh i*
Cl t CMHKH—!.*>!»$ linen for
ptf^ttnt Fitly Funif
LA MUCK — koyiii Cahiiaff.
" hi’r anJ H.frn Coa, Rr.»wn
<i\|oN—Hi'ver SI r. »i.J Red
r *r her ha— \« mir,i
PK AH Fairs Fjif'y. Fifty
Kr«s»e. Marrow.si li'fp «nJ
AI~«o. I.»n.lrettr« Rl R %l. RF
I^IVF. III NI»RFI» Asrlte I irrrpnnl Mown Ash. f.ftocy MW*d
R aixl in Rw nrd**r in botes Woodruff* Tallow randte*— Isml
rasdte*—Is tv I
nf sndfor s« V ^ \\ » 1 1 \ M I'l'H | m
• New Rice
Rk» snd Lariiayr* Cnftbe. For sale be
4+9 IMVKNfOlT. Af.I.FN * CO.
ke r,| another psrr e| of iilrn sirlsalhicIMTonli Rmi«Iws.
ms>t«' et|fe**!y for OS. ami stamped wtk otir arid r«m Trwte
brn*h • brief mlr With Wire, the br «1n are M ItihV ie rontc
mil. snd h* nf wi«f I on the Kart »le*y sre tv mV re. I imprrv-<u« to
wafer.snd hare a I ih- ady miifr el (Hr ■«* «d back hiu h* «, being
>| lira* ^leawaia.il m re .Ijrable
I V A I# A IURI Mil., f>* taff >*f«
Is IJ* I IT. Man y»r..i
t)||| | flI•*/. l*rto|' Rrd • •»**! l.t»K»
Ar" "r
H ii. t
W.Kilsejr .V 't ihiUi-v
10 Barrel* er» •*»«.! "
>• Antes ilsll snd fusa nsun Ts(ktw rnaadba Rereir»sg
Awash-ky fm W ’RTHAM M'titM'fiM A CO
yrri NitiH i.Avirnii. Ac-rm.
S’ IkutMJ dperm <V *4" *a«a Aolar Oil .rtraimit. «o»
n I* I low-, t Oft | me . rank. Art Rntoa I rotaah—trai re
re.rrAandftw atle ky M'VAI, k H'1'TI.I,
*1* 147 M tin at
4 kl H Wounniakrla W lit.kry.—.« hhaa od Mono*
A F *,h.i, « i , y, *,,
fell “—Fol alia ky Wlt.LIAMS h HAXAbk.
Tor I Ik- Kt-moviilit ml l nr*
ol Jill l»l«c;i,c« nri,iiiK from mi Iih
{••art* Kliilt-nl I Ik- III«»o«f or llsabil
ol • KkIi-hi, vlx:
< i'Tamsoui* kkcptiunis, pimple.* or prit-nn.iet >>.\
Tiir. pace, blotciirh, bii.eh, chronic sore eye*
BORN ILCERX RVPIlll.mcHV MPTOV.H sciatica or
HPIIIS pr«*;m ration in a combination hitherto
unknown id lb- history of MwfiriK, differing entirely in It*
rbaniUf ol 'KwreUoni from the inrptnlma, of Sanaio
nBa winch lia»«- been at different l.ues alt,-. r.l to the public It
■clrtp-rillcal y apia the whole -yitrn, thereby bringing it umler
'** direct amt immediate influence Although pow--«,dpf p,*.,.
ful beating ctr. tli. yet n mur-ly harmleae. wi that it cannot in
jure the motf delicate ronatnutioo. Win n id perfect health, no cf
feci la produced ny its ure eteept an increase of appetite, tut when
'• *eatcd id Uw frame, and carrying faat ita eictiui alng the
patb of life, then lla mysterious influence ia fcR ami aeen it enfctn
■lb a new life, and vigor, and bnnga heahn and atrrugth to the a if
fering ami diseased.
’■ Irmt* it Wena^er nUa PWtaan.**—l.rt Or Pacta apeak /W
Or manses.—The fn lowing certificate 1a only another link in the
goal chain of teatimnny to ita menu. Lrl Ore ain.cted read and
be convinced. What it baa done once, it will do stain
Ciuaiaetowa. Mass.Hept '.-Id. IRIS.
Thin rosy certify that my ton. now aged aeventeen. lias teen fur
ten yeara afflicted with the aerofuloue humor. At the age ofereo
yenra he bail tne meaalea, which probably cauacd thia humor m
make ua appearance in a roortamgular way, catering b a body from
h,a bead Ui lua feet w.th small turnouts. I cenanlted a Itnct-ir of
Medicine, and he examined him three dnva in surcemton. and not
untie rat.,ndmg bia cane, adviaed me ,o ronault Hr Rogera, of New
Vurk. I then being a ream, m of tliat city. After n King and rnti
cal cununatiop, having more than thirty other med.ral Ren’letuen
with him at the lime Ip pronounced ,t Scrofula, or Kmg'a Evil_
The child waotlp-n prewribed for, and commenced rah og medical
Jruga fiom 'hat time He grrw won* until June of IHJ7, and’hen
bit bom a became affected in consequence <d in. merettrj mat had
been given hint A piece of bone came away from hia under jaw,
in ihe Arm place, na Itnte at an EngLai- are ,.at, a pen "--at hia
forehead aa large aa a aixpence. and a piece from near tier crown
Uf lua head It then went to the back and aide, and durliarged in
three plbcea. Prom thence to one of lua limba. separating. in con
wi| 11 nee of ihe Ulceration, the inner le. ar.d cord from the (.ones of
tlie ankle joint on the back part, lie had at one time ft’deen run
mog aorea or maura from the ylar.da of the Uimnl and thoae placed
have mentioned. In IfMO, I lived in PorUmouth. N. II , and be waa
altarkod with a Rheumatic Paver, which aettled in one of bit hips,
which swelled at large at three oftbe other. Belng under medical
treatment, they gave him laudanum until he loot hit rraaon- Then
1 became a arm- d and tent for a Thomson an. Hia medicine help
ed Ita hip ami re.torrd hta reaann. The third time he waa attack
e t wob this lever in ICIJ, when hear.og of l>r Hand*’ Hartapartl
t\. and being perfectly tai.aAed that all other medic ma had failed of
atTrrtir.f a cure. I a* nt andjiTocurcd ata ho ller, and by the tune he
lad taken it all I considered him well. Thom* pUcea healed—lie
became bright and lively—color came to lua face and hpe_from
that mil- Ml the Tail of l«44 h a complaints never traqhladhint._■
Ai t .at time I., became c-af. which continued until laai March, when
Ilia r rht . ye b. came atf-cud; from that to the left eye. covering
the »-gtd of the eye an that lie “mu are.n measure deprived of
I Knowing that Honda Sarsaparilla wa« the only medicine that had ;
ever d<»nt him any col, I applied to Mr Kowle, Apilh,cary. at
Boalnn. for more He l.aa taken fifteen oouara’ worth, which haa
ten. ved the hauior front hta eyi • ami hearing, and be now appevra
to be cured, and radically to I verity he lev.- all tin- tatter trouble
nughi have been avoided if I ha I contino- d thorn.gbly the uae of
the Harm pari.la when he waa under da inlluenee ihe Aral time
Thra- ar. lit - n . I. statements of the fact, of the cam. and I
feel d my duly n> make item facta known to tl>e public fqr Uiu be
nefil of Umax- who may be an,cud m like mxauvr iVel.n* a full
conviction Uie cun- liaa been ctfected aoh-iy from the etjeet of thia
invaluable modteute. HANNAH W. BECK. Sra Mam at.
Ht rroL«. aa. Bum*. Ocroata 13, |H«3—Then personally ak
peared the abovi named Hannah W Beet, a.ul made solemn oath
that Ihe above certificate, by ber subscribed. and alateuientj there
in contained,are true. bofotr i„e,
J \MEx RICE. Juatic or the Peace.
The following letter, received from C»|it. t.arrow a gentleman
well known, am of the higle a respectability reaid.ng tn Mobile,
-bows concluaivelv the value and rdrcacy ol Hand.' rtanapunlU in
cat- * uf Chronic Khcamatntu
MOBILE. Ala. July 3d. 1(14.
Wt***a Saepa—Grafs —I wai afflicted for more man ten yeara
wilh rtii uiuatitni, and d ta wtUi plaaanre I avail tuyaelf of ibi, o,i
|o(tun.ty toegpretg uitoo m« aalu ary em-ct your Sarsaparilla had
on me In January, Idlli, I purchased of your agents, Messrs
Mnaeiy A Tucker. live bottles which I took agreeabiy lo Uie print
ed directions. winch entirely removed the complaint.owl I have now
every naait to believe my health it pi rmanently recovered.
Voura, very respectfully.
t*. ii harrow.
»o eiiraa frou a letter
Ft RTKIR T« T1M..*Y —1*he follow,ag
rrcuvnl froin Rev Willaot UilutU
Brrr.diri, Vt , Oct. ?id. 1*43.
Mkwk «. **ani*. | hive been artlici.d with a nveie paio in tuy
»id. . occasion d by a diseased liver for the last twenty vear* . #u:
uuitigai tin*,■* whit -anyuage cannot convey, b.it since taking your
Hifiawri' * I have been i.rat‘y rHievvd. •»» much m> mat I have
Urn a Me to attend in rn> bur nr*#, and preach oc-asionaJly for Uie
la»t tif ♦*fu month*. I wlin.U discarded all other medicine. and
thoouft*»y t..«d th*' HirupRtillt. which I can Itcoauatiid in truth
ami • ncertty »c all tl*ow who are ir any way afflicted w :tb any spr
eero:ii>4Ht* complaints. i'hrrr hav- hern sooi- rctuarkab ••
wure* * fleeted by it# use in Uu* vicinity. Mrr I r'Uaw. by the use
of «ii bottle#, uu rewore i MU.Uer health than »h; hid belor*- en
joyed for ten year* and Mr* \V. Htevena. who had been severely
afflicted with Krywpelaa, waa entirely cured by the u«c of a uw
hottka- lours, truly.
For further partreu'ars ami conclusive evdence of it# superior
value andedkacy. wr pamphlets, which may heobtai cJ01 At-.nn
Prepared and * id by A. B k l> SAND*. iHuggiW#, I CM Pulton
street, corner of William. New York s^old also by 1*1 VAL k
ri KrBl.L Birlimoml Ki>«s« rk Anderson, Petersburg It K. Ly*
man, L> nchburg. J.Couk, Fredericksburg. M A Canton, Noriolk and
by (•’ugf ;*t • gr if rally throughout ti». r ailed 8tatrs
Frier fl per bottie—sir boulea for 9j
fc5r Th» public are reefer Unity requested to rem* uiber that it is
AwuV Sar*ni-anila that has t*een aud is constantly achieving such
remarkable cure* of tiic most didicult class of dtnekws u* wli chthe
huruan frame is subject; tberefote ask for stands' 8arsapania. and
lake no other no | 3
I »»/!:.% I'.i iiUtl Hurk u
3 do do Tull*. rrry .0[*.r or
3 Baticla Oil daily cipretrd and lor ale l.v
kankim * wurri.ocK.
HAIiS olil Java Cutl’ee
100 bote* Tal>w ('andlev
4u bib t-nler Vinegar
30 do Tamers* Oil U si—just revived. for sale by
I^UIIIKIMi ItOlllDV—36 04IO frrt on the Doc», for
*»■*' •>» la -i HT.nil IMIMN k IX).
* 11111’ 4 U«P» I l>4.s.
13 II. JENKINS will sell nff bis stock of Car*
«nd Rugs at very reduced price#—
Htair < arp' tirgt at I?|c
Ingram do 1 yj Wide, al» ;r*ces from RSc and higher
H u**#*s do il and higher
H«*artb Rugs $1 do do
l'rwutuau4 Hsiir 1| id wide. 3 He and higher
For bargain* ca lat R II Jrnli.s' irs si *r»\ l‘jg,e Square.
Ao. HI Haiti Street,
W ING made* lar^c additions to their stock
of thugs. Medicines Paints, Oils, l»>e Stuff*. Window Ota#
kc are now prepared to furnish Country Merchants and others as
low as similar articles can be purchased in this market We m
rite thn#r wi»lung to purchaar to cadi and ♦ iint.ne our stock
W. S. & J. IIDNN \N.
■ nil im|M»riniloii Ilar4luiire.
HV ibe .'hip “llarkawa)',”ju>l nrnvcd in Jiuno*
Hire- from I.ivrrpool. wr air rrr. v n* oar Fan Importation
of Rn(li«ii llardwarr aid futlrrjr Wr havr »•> irtnnd by rr
rrnl a-nval. from (hr No'Urrrn Manuiacturva a fu I aiMtinrii ol
Aimrrran llardwarr.
t>.jr importation thr prrmn! warm. i« thr ’arjrrt wr tmrr rt-t
made, ami mrvrry #ay worth, thr attrnti n 01 P'lrcliawa. Wr
havr brrncarrful to *rt uplh- pattr rn'. »t>l« and qnalitrr, of thr
artir r, a.* .pt.-d to thr want* of our tradr. ami w, frrl rrnh rnt, wr
• rr prr an d to w-ll at prtcaf that will b - aatMfartory Wr rrt
prctiolly invilr mrrrhaat* and out frim'« (rnrrally purrhaainy
llanlwarr. hi (irr t>, a call. W !* h J luiNNAV
•r 41 117 Main Strw-t.
t'lm Innaii He.tllle.l Whiakrf.
BBI.S. OUI Cincinnati Recti ;od Whiskey,
for fate hy mi II WII.I.I SM8 * 114 kAl.l.
rI^ 11K I*n f»l it- arc hereby notified that the <|iii«*k
•B- and hrinuflil Mnwi MOI’JIT VIIW!I U newon the
|f«l MmI Route Lrtw.en lf<|uti Creek and Wa«ti,nf t->n
nol« HIM Mltlfi ImTimpMU ra
Midi I aihnii rei.
/NNK Cue hnndnoine Cambniere*, which we
'.■e win aoll eery low to el . Aljh »— II. |h Colored Inin, ami
Wotiahn de Lainea in great ear «y. jnai reerieed and fr.r •nl- by
_ »«*" KRtrr KP.?*nAl.t. * AlWAtKR.
ClOFl’KK. lift iMg* prime white Maracaibo
' Coffee NcnriM and lot mle by
n® wrm. r \ron a m
K llAl.r h
WIN now lil.ASS.
4o fm mm */
®*®*iMM % ft 17 hA'rrto I \V %Hnn.lt jurt
t+ct irml, m itorr ami fm mV hj
<t* *« * MrC * ft l>V,|j«tr
I.MK8M mrs TOOLS- Wo have in
N iMmnlH Hm IM H 1 *«r«
AnvtV. Vtftsi, H<rr« P’»tr«
ami IVi, HWfr amt Hti*l Mimnrn
ll.'im ft ait*. IIonAiin, K*-f *e . h- which »»
)• •• wpfti in
roK tiik i t mi *.
NI'W AKR|\ \I'The *ub»cribrr ha< jml
fa need, by lb# Ctprrr. from rhCaleR-ha. aaotber au|>
lie of fame,' and rhtklrrn'a flail , Root a ,nl db.wa, to
whirl, be would rail the attent on nf hia raditneo trd 'he yubtir
renerally aa they are a handaome and a f«d artteie —Alan, on
bmd. a food aaanrtmet.1 r>r Root, ami ffhoea. of h a own M^rhe
lore, whir b wub lua nr. rtmeai of fh ht Iript- a a„ I Faeiern work,
render* hr* roek tf nor M,ennr. r. itatnly an! inferior tn
kn. in lbe r;i| 4H of wbirh a.li he aolt aa low aa at any other
booee M Rtebwwmd AUM. Mil l.
Mannfltr infer and IValer in hai>l| «b wo Tr.,na« a f
de 3 No ITT «am .re. er
Bdl tlh kirn s Mini I III Ilk ARB JOI.BR—
It hbdt nan bnean win
* dn dn dn |nkp«
7 do oM da akoa drr. fnr ant. by
I" O _Wll.ldAU* • M At ALL
M1CI t i.imnn
Wll.l. write Ibod* ot llarghin find Sale,
IVedar l Time f wrri of knorney. and any other Con
rryatKeo on the moat reao ntbta letnw <‘<Rco yywN Rot
dnn fe Rhmber a Mam r reot WN_U
to r Aitni uv, < ot m ih nninmn,
IWni Man »l Pmllttlllarr Olarr.
I rwbarnber.by a lair nnWi of the Hoard. ia now aMr toot*
" frr at imlly rnturnl price*—
VWIO yard. b-avy double twilled Kamy, for M»*ru Mea t clou*
HnU plain and at m e. I Liaaey, for Women’s clutbinf.
In Store lor Fall purchaser# :
loo In-ary ready made Kriary Coots
201) pair, do do d-> Fanu
ii*i 0 pieces Hr"f in. willi a lar»*- aawirtnient of cnarae and An
**bors, equal to any in the uuih.l
Complete seta of Wain. Harness for taro howa, wall ('ait and
Wndnn Harness in pirlwaa
Warrantrd Aim, rrry superior
A'ao, Wheat Pans, Wh. il Hags, Refrigerators, Wardrobe#, and
Praam an of different binds.
For aate at Penitentiary, a rery aupenor article of Hurt MU
mooes, W irons, Ornra. Carta, hr
Ttie abrire am offered on rery arrominodating t« rma. and pur
*'11 *1° wrl* *o c*11 at tlie Penitentiary, or at tbe Htore, No
It. street leadinf to Mayo's Bridre.
► *—_JAt*. r BPtrTT*. deem Pen's
VVMONTAl»I K rcsfieclfully inform*
▼ ▼ the •»* who *i h to pure to •• Piano Fortes, ihu be nprr[«r
»-«i to lurmcfi tfi~m w .lla in*trvuicaU oi u»e very be»t quality. upon
a* reasonable term at they con be oMunfl any wbfi« in the
Th»* intuuwnu which b* offer* for nie are mid* of tl*e brii
rntlertaK by workmen of experience. who know thr$r bust***•—
Wrh rrfani to dmrubthty „/ worimmt**k,P and bsmuJy #/ Jknttk the*e
Piano* ar*- *qua I tr* anyuitrfe m this country
Li*h n*a» ami elasticity of touch an! quality and vwe*-uw*« of
fnna tbrniifh«ui. arc markr4 p*cuJsnr»si of tl.e inMru'r* nu r.tlarr !
for •*> by Uk atiliacrihfr Wlivorvcr a tv-iura lutnnic* i« rr
<4itired. it will be fir* n Order* fr» m any part of u»e Southern or
Wevtern Plate* atletdcd to w.Ui fidelity and d •patch
Piano* tun* d m the be* manner, by a competent hand, at abort
W is M baa onrtaat'y for aa t- an a»«>nment of Mf’SICAL
I.NrtTRt MFNTH. of every vsn-ty. at very law price* «nd a col
lection of MTHIf*. rtiibraciRf al. the publication* of the United
Matea. hiew Muaic received iffularly every week. Music bound.
Dealer .n Muaic aod Muaical luairutueata,
t* C n of the Col e*j Lyr*.
** No. 161. %f.nn tfifimt .. .pr»« !«• - ti* it ink*
nooo <ir;i|M‘ Knot* anil >li|i«*
L> ECKIVKl) j»«-r ship town, liotn Havre, via
• a New York—«elcct*d m France, sod imported L, So» Pi
rkot, a native of Pi alter, bill foe liar a year, a rreulrnl of Virgi
nia. and prart ..ally acquainted with llac culture and management
'fa Vinetatd.
nir collection tov 'i of ibr rarr.t and moat choice .|uali>wa
irwn the P.o/al Nijrnery ffanfen at Luaembrur;. near Part#, aril the
prtva'e carei n of lann# Phdnppr.
The rairrtmn eonmata in part ul [be following varieur*.
i'hail.net Blanc I'baiup
Nomine Clc. Yougot i
Vraia Carnet . Purguri.lv
Plant fe Jam \
f'haiw*i. Rou.e
f'n.'i*eua Bi»n.
Kuan de Pocbe
Rai.in Jr liamee
Malaga, Mureat. Maderia It 4c
Tbn#i a hn « i«b lo avail tbe.naelvr# of lb , rare opportunity w.ll
, . a«e call i-on. a. the n>>:# mum tie ptatntej in# mmili lo bear
Iruu lIn# ) oar#
B"* Fie hot Will give |.ureba#er# full direction# about the
planting and management of the root# an.1 >lip#. Kot #lie by
fe la—dim_< brm,.i aod liruggim. IBS Broad #»ren.
4*AKDI-aM seed,
FRI'.V f.ROIFF.R' Ilf A .yON .V RMPt'TSTlOM". -IJfli H.1R
Ri.Wtf FRF.sH .f.Y/t OF-Yt/.YK.
*t « lioli snl.. and Ketaal:
/m. Vsvirart—White Gunt
l'1^ —l*rgr k. MBft'l Lime
Snip Beane—Early Cn.na. ditto
1^' Ker'y M >ba«k. do J moon
l»o Rej'ui^- or IO<IO to |
Bert—Early Rk>nd, turnip rooted
lK> do V r 1OW do do
l*n Rlnni. Manfrl WutUrl
l*o WlHi> • inFri nvbSi.j >r
BrofiJi—W# t- anJ Pu-pl** Pepe
Cabbefe—Parly end 1 eric V»»rk.
K*r.y »o<1 Letr Bet e -o-e Rtr
lf SucerW.if. Urge l»nin»b*;»«l.
Lert»* B rgm. Flat l)uu L.
I>rmut.*»d Savoy, Orv»u Curl
cd Savoy. K«d Du*ch
I’laliHoerr—Ferljr end I .ate
Prlerjr—White Solid
t mot—I.Mn* Ure^fr, Long Red
j auJ White Ft* d
j Pf*— Curiei or Pepp»rgr.i*«
Cucumber—Early Pram*, dull
Cluitrr, Uo4 Green U:>|
PrrfllT Ckrtlia f.r Hrkh*f
Cm*—K.rljr !»ufar. ijo Tutriro
I ra, iVi Goid-n »t >ux
Eedur—lirccn Parted
Eff PUnt—Purple
Kilr—Biup Purled Siberian.
Gftuo Curled drotca. Re»^ or
l-'-ra—Urtr Crotch
Lettuce— Whtte and Green
Head, Early Cured India.
Wane and Crnn Co*. Broun
Melon—Nututf e. Green Citron,
Pine Apple
Water Melon—lineal kinds
Mirjia,*!—Wnin* and Black
Onion—White arid R* J
Pra>—Landre h-* Eitra Early,
Ear y May. do Frame, Blue
Pro -na, I’warf Marrowfat,
Bubo/a ftwart' ProLrk
l'ararui>--Uie( Bjioo!u. Frenen
P.r.iej—Pine fur ej
Pumpkin — I-arre Yellow
Rliiifcarli—for Tarta
Bad f»h — Lon* .Sear let Loa* F*l
mo a. White. Tuuop. scarlet
Turmp. Black Span.ab
Hawify—nr Vegeiable Oyetrr
r^uaeti—-Early Bunch
I nn.aro—!.ar»e Bed aid Yellow
Turnip- keetirred
,Herb and Flower Heed*
I ja -■>;
T,,,J2 subscriber is now in receipt of constant
. »dd.nona I" bi« yupply of Carden M from the writ knr.cn
eaiahfabinert of II. Ian. rath of Pmladeuh'S
J?T- 5TWr » fP—-»bor« »« mbera and an*
warrant^l t . hr fu.u a»t fcnuinr. and can be implicitly „ ,ed „„
L » ,,f *' Uadr-U,. arc annua'le
’ ' B> ,hl* >b«- public can be at.j.rd .«jt
all a- d. from the «b«-r.tcr arc aa re I a Me a. il i. pom.n'e u. be
MartetA.ardeorra and (ho . ptirehaamr in aell r?.,n wnull con
•UI their .nieortby ati;.ply,M them.c|„, I andreha Seed,
fuanth autaenber. P JOHNS Oif*
OCOv“«E BABLI:. Tlcrriiunt Tailor.
7.. i iif.-MT mcm. PHtt.AbCLPiiib.
■ A. (uBaumlv on h*n.i. it bn pxt*n»ire Tattormc iltnrf. op
■ notitr lk» Slbirf -_.__ _ 71 Y
_ .— ' I* ru»rr op
*" baaortmenl of Fir «cb and
BagtlnbCloiba. CMMmcrw. an.! Yratino. received per late arriral
ft3T He conducu tbc cats a .ah men; oa Um pr.ample ofarn-tina
no yarn., nia nut of bta nc;. but Ifcoaa of iftc Drat quality, and il ..
iboa I bat h; Laaao kit* enjoyed I be beat run of ruarom in Ihia city
sirssr,‘,h' r*r Hr wouM "•p'^upy «i...., c.s
from rcntlen.cn ...,uni the cry anroriayibem be aa.ll c.ecute ant
order, entnmcl him ,n , W(lrrior ,w| „ h,w„
the at me quality can he had at any Store in tn- w..y, [my a_if
500 nu*heN °VSTKR SHELLS. For sale
« *m Att.Rwa u,.a,u ,«**
ARI»..kotfa prime N... 1. Hint received.
• foraaleby ffe IT! O..KIM.M a Sk INKER
BBLS. FANNERS oil, prime quality,
for mV be t 15] IN Erl Ed fc HRnTHFR
■4.’> whole and halt
norin.K * SKI.NKKK
bofr». fr* nip r,y ^ ^
2(1 BOXES beautiful patent Sperm Candles
“ V for '•‘c '■r l*» I»I OOlli >N fc SKIIdlftt.
SH,'K THREAD- > Belt i^dtei a*
fotaaleby dc si UAVB.Nft >af. Al.l.PJd fc CO
^ i*
vv II. M k M-* k IIU VI. I
0!»DO7 rORTbH
d m d P'lity fetd WII.I.IAM* fc H Vx~Afc.1T
WANA Wlirlr. PPn tR—40 hurra. fur ., ,
M.t.rs * co
\\ s fc
MHO. All .. ,s, ,
'T . " * ' OOU m ft -K.SkKK
%» MU h . . VX'h.ir ft,,,,. to.
ml ■* >'SUM! Nil DAI SUN•* r
4 pe Ml MINI II •»,*« Wo t- mf n I ,n ,rr
<r.<l tor *a'- b> fr I# R WKIN * XX ftlrl.o, K
^nillRTI RVKKII.ir rala hr
Wortham V.-GKI |>KK * rn
I? "•* IN.—HI bblr K<«in Rif gala *y
__ f l>niffM.
| 'I IM I M SI I |>.
^ f«< WM Aftl'EMBOIX ft CU
HHI' Ki« -I'vmii Tire Bn
I.M » — ,.™ r„r Bn I. try, u. .... pa,,*.,,,.
■ Mfailr by fr I* fVll.1,1 A Alt, * MAX ALL
4 k* M I fill :.o
' *' i-« ft<f *■!>• by f. |f,
Olirr Oil i arfic>, land
PI>MI \|i likVRNroNT
S\l.T — HU jiuf arntr i
to IS
I lot nlf Ir m rraarl. by
1 ••• MHIM.s .'.» I.M. X,. I II. m,,,,. ,a ftar - r lar. lot
1 ' *" to l« Wll.l IIHikllu mi
»%S | If HHI( l: -ll nif Mm l.wr» rr t , .air by
* 11_ WII.I.IIMI a II AX A l.l.
I.’HI'II MIDI HIM I ITS rrrnar.i aa : fti. „»n,
IK I'M 1X7.
An. I -•! k a«r.|«nlr r
• • r <-t ij 1'irrii'nxacii ar
t Xo»TX>!X VABXS—I. „
* /
Mill MM S| | |i.
b»ir« M.r,f Srm . fur nU> by
i»WF.*rn*r ai.lkn a I’f*
| « i**Mi x hi r ri i<
” ■ »ala My f*,|,
10J Itt'hr'f I'knvi Rrrl lor av by
wilu 1X1 a 'n xx xi.i
IS A>|» |rnmo tivtkou Mnurr foi
vxrti.l ixms * m i\ xi.i.
-*MMf ra«*a ' l.nbr M i ... .« |
nxvKxroBr ai.leix a m
x ifi*rsi» ri i«rrii
* <Ir IX
xosiii > iiiiin I . ■ , Okral
Mfr,.,ffj ibi'M a- by Mr FR (MAS/.
AMSIAX Vrm lima la y'lar'r Mali. iff.I *b. r bo«».
«b by fib IT Fi PRANK
I f XUS. I0«U iw.i aad #f( Mufti R \f nifnaa ^aaiity Id
* “ fate My dr'. iVn.LI xxua * max xl.l.
I fl 1WW in Ira iWin* «'H XB Rial Mt Miad. lh» aafr b<
r»r a <•
(xnTTxxxi i ihxx-imiu»,.«.«i VuaiiUb~«i
s aXB dr I IfXVRSPoVT. A LUSH a l«l
H”imx» wturi: si tan. i m.. .r,.
I "fom.rt* l.tf fall by |a Id AVI.Ita. » lists a Cm
ft ;«I
TIXI.— S I iff Da.. I ria. Lm rala My
Iw uru to Me. Calhoun, oji the Tniik Miliio« Bu .
In ronformity *nh the arrretary’s letter of April I I K,
J«ia* limrn(« of tl»r irmy sad nivy wrr* immediately vent
•o the frontier* of Texas, and to the c >tat of Vruco —
- The venalor fr«>rn South Carolina, tn hie ro’!«*qtiy with the
| senator trom Tfii* [*»ftt. Hoc»TojtJ on Thuraiiy Ini,
i <eemrd anxious to have it understood that thtsr land and
i >•***! forcea wrre not to repel tovanrnf, but only to report
'hem to our government, for it* rep rt to Congr*#*—
The paper read bjr the senator from Texa*. constating t*f
our secretary's worda. taken down in hi* presence, and read
•ver to him for hie correction by the Texan mmifters, ee
'abl shea the contrary ; end ahowe that tl.e repaint of the
invasion wa* in the rneantune to be made And. in fart,
any other course would have have bfen a fraud upon the
promise. I*or, it the invasion had b*en made known at
W a*bingtt>n. and the s*ti*e «»f Coogroa taken on the qu*a
tion of re^limg it, ceitatniy, in the mean time, the nut
chief would In** Keen d *ne—the 'avail u would have been
‘uade; and. tberefo*e, to be conaiatent with himself, <b*
President in the mean tune ana bound to repel the mve.
■•ion, without wailing to hear what Congress would itf
about it. And tin* is what lie luniaelt U lie us io hie two
rnetaaafa to the Senate, of the loth and 3lalof May,
doubt leas written bv hi» Secretary of State, and both avow -
• ng and justifying lua intention to tight Mexico, in ca»* of
invasion, while the treaty ol annex it ion was depend ng,
without awarmg the action ol Congress. Her# am u
tracts from these messages ;
Message, |.jtk of A/ey - Extract.
M At i be same tune, it i* due to ray tell mat I should de*
clare it aa iny opinion, that the Uuitcd States hat.og, by b«
treaty ol annexation, acquired a title to Texas, which in
quire* only the action of the Senate to perfect it, no other
power could be permit ted to invade, and, l-y force of mime,
to p wees* i Ur if of any portion of the territory of Texas,
pending your deliberations typon the treaty, withoot placing
n a hostile attitude to the United States, end justifying
tie employment of any nulilii/ ui* ana at our disposal to
i drive back the invasion.**
.'Jrseegs. 31,1 of M*t—E*traeI,
•• In my rncaeagr; lo the Senate of ihe I Stk of this month,
1 adverted to the duly which, to my judgment, the signetuie
of the truly lor the annexation of Texas had impa-ed upon
me, to repel any invasion uf that country by a loreifn p .w
er, while the treaty wae under consideration ia the Senate,
and l tMuemilted report! from the Secretaries ot War and
•d the Navy, with a copy of the orders wntch had been is
•ued from thoee departmenta for the jurtuee ol enabling
me to execute that duty. In those orders, Gen. Taylor w ee
directed to rominauicalc directly with the i’revtdent of
Texas upon the aubject, and Captain Conner was in.trucl
rd to communicate with the cnarge uetfjirv ot the I'nited
States accredited to that government. No copy of any
communication which cither ..f thove officer* may have
made pursuant to these has yet been received at the de
partments from which they emanated.'
Here are the a7owal of the fact and the reasons for it—
that honor required us to fight for Trias, if we intrigued
her into a war. 1 admit that would be a good reason be
tween individuals, and in a case where a big bully ahould
involve a little fellow in the tight again al ter he had got him
self parted ; bu' not so between natious, and under our
constitution. The engagement to tight Mexico for Texas,
while we were at peace wnb Mexico, waa to make war
With Mexico'.—a peace of huameae which belonged to the
Congteaa, and abould have been referred to them ! and
which, on the contrary, was concealed from them, though
in session, and preseui ! and the fact only found out alter
the troops had inarched, nud thea by dial of calls from the
The prool ia complete that the loan of the land and naval
torcea w«i to tight Mexico while we were at peace with
her ! and this breomes a great turning point in the history
ot this war. Without this pledge given by our Secretary of
State—without bia reversal of Mr. Tyler's hrat decision—
there could have beeu no war ! Texas and Mexico would
have made pence, and then antiexaiton would have follow -
ed of itself. The victor of Sen Jacinto, who had gone forth
and recovered by the sword, and erected into m new repub
lic the beautiful domain given away by our Secretary ia 1619.
wae at the head of the Texan government, and was conduct,
ng hie country to peace and acknowledged independence.
If let alone, ha wuulil have accomplished bia object; for he
had .tread)* surmounted the great difficulty of toe hut step
—the armistice and the commencement of peace negotia
tions; and under the powerful mediation ot Great Britain
and France, the c.ietdishment of peace waa certain. A
heavenly benediction reau upon the labors < l the peace
maker; and what ia blessed of God must succeed. At ell
event*, it docs not lie in the mouth of any maa— and least
of all, hi tha mouth of the mischief maker—to aay that the
peaceful mediation would not have succeeded. It was the
part of all men to have aided, and wished, and hoped for
success; and had it not been lor our Secretary's letter of
A pul 13th, authentic facta warrant the assertion that Texas
and Mexico would have made peace in the apr ng of 1644.
Then Texas would hive come into this Union as natural
ly, and as easily, and with as little otfeuce to anybody, as
Kve went into Adam's bosom m the garden of Eden._
There would have been no more need for intriguing poli
ticians to get her in, by plots and tricks, than ttnre was
tor some old bag of a match-making bede-dame, w, h her
arts and allurements, her philters and her poliow, to get
Eve into Adam'* bosom. And thus, live breaking up of
the peace negotiations becomes the great turning point in
the problem of the Mexican war.
The treaty ot annexation was signed, aud in signing it
the Secretary knew that he had made war with Mexico.
No leas than three formal notices were on tile in the De
partment of State, in which the Mexican government
solemnly declared that it would consider annexvt on as
equivalent to a declaration of war ; and it was in alliwiou
to these notices tha; the Secretary of Sta'e, in his uotifics
non m Mexico of the signature or the treaty, said it had
been signed m rvu. vixw or au. ros taut io»«tot- t.vc*s •
meaning war as the conscqucuce ! At the same time, be
suited the action Vo the word ; bo sent otf detachments of
the army, aud placed mem under the command of Presi
dent Houston, and made bun Ute judge of the emergencies
and exigences in which they were to tight. This authori
ty to the President of Texas was continued in full form
until alter the rejection of the treaty, end then only modi
fied by placing me American diplomatic ageni in Texas
between President Houston and the naval and m litary
commanders, and making him the medium of communica
tion between a foreign President and our forces; hut the
torcee tbemeelve. were not withdrawn. They remained
on the Team and Mexican frontier, waiting for the exi -
genre* end emerge wire in whicfi they were to tight. Du
ring ell that nine a foreign President was commander-m
cniei of a large detachment of the army and navy of tha
United States. He was President General of our land and
aea forces, made so by tne senator from South Carolina,
With authority to fight ihera against Mexico with whom w«
were st peace—an oilier and authority rather above that ol
lieutenant general !—aud we are indebted lo the lorhear
ence and prudence of President Houston for not incurring
the war in 1644. which f«U upon u m 1846.
The tresiy was rejected by .he Senate; but so apprehen
sive was the senator id immediate war, that besides keep
ing the Jcij'..meats ol the ertny aud navy at their poe’s, a
messenger was despatched with a deprecatory letter to
Mexico, and, as teport sard, the offer of a Irrge sum of
money to purchase peace from her. by inducing her to ireer
for a boundary which would leave Texas within our IWaiw.
1 ma wae rep p; and 1 would not mention it, if the eenaior
waa not present lo conUeUicl it if not correct. Report at
Ihe tune said from nve lo ten millions ol dollars: from ora
ol M; Shannon's letters, we tnay eel it down at ten millions.
Be II ruber sum, it will allow that the senator was then se
cretly willing to pay en immense euiu to pacify Mexico,
although he now declares tint he does no: knowhow he’
will vole in relation to the three millions reaoinsibli' asked
bv Mr Polk.
The Mercury knew that h» hv! made war w.lh Me*t
co—that m accepting ibe gage three timaa laid down, ho
bad joined an icaua wi'U mat compound of Collie blood,
called Spanish, would redeem. I knew it, and acid it on
line door, ip saerrt session—for I did noi ihcn chooae to
».ijr it m public — last it' there wai but one man of that
t*»«M>d in all Mexico, and he no bigger than (Jeneril T m
Thumb, be would light. Senators will recollect it. [Mr
Maarten nodden aaarnt.)
I now come to the laet act In ihie tragedy of errors—the
elterntlive resolutions adopted by Congreaa in ibe last daya
of thf ician n of ltM4-’1 j, and in the leal momenta id Mr.
T» et'a administration A resoles, single and abaoluie,
Itao been made by the (louse of Representatives; it came
to this body; and an alternative resolution wee added, anb
ject to the choice ol the President. authorising negotiate ns
for the admission. and appropr.attng $ I 00,000 to defray thn
eipenaea of three negntia’ion# A senator iron North
Carolina, got now a member of tbia body, but who I have
the pleasure to sac anting near me, jMr (la . woo* | knows
all about that altrrnatice t'-oiulinn, and hta Ci entry nwn
hint good ihanka fof itia labora about it. It waa ronaider
ed by everybody, ihei the choice between these reenlot'ona
oe'.'Sged to the new f rreident, who had been elected with
I especial view to the admiasion of Triae, and who wee el
ready in the city, await ng the m •ruing uf the 4th of Mareh
lo enter upon the erecutmn of bia dunes, and upon whose
edmunatraiiun all the evne of a uuatska in the choir# of
these resolutions wete lo tail. W« all e(peeled the i|oea
tn>n to be letl open to the new President, and an strong
was that ripeetattoa, end •*> strong the feeling again*! the
decency oy propriety of inter erence on th» pert of the
etpinng admuifiration, lo analch this choiee oat of
the hands of Mr. Polk, that, on a mere suggestion
of the possibility of such g proceeding, ia a dabs'#
on ihie dour, a senator standing in thn relation
personally, and politically, and locally, is leel foe
the h >nof of the then Secretary of Stete, declare.I
they would not have the audacity lo do it. Audael'f
was the word and ihal waa ihe declaration of a gent enta
at' honor and patriotism, no loafer a member of this body,
but who has the reapscI and beat wishes of all who sene
knew bun. I apeak of Mr Melhrffte, and pro's bra words
as beard al ibe time, ead as ernes printed and pablwbed by
other* Mr. Mel>s<be wee mioapbmt! They did base the
audacity ! They did do it! or rather, HR dd it, [loobiw*
at Mi Cavar va,, loe it re ior.iatestable that Mr Tyler wan
noik itg. m anyibutg that 'slated to the Tsiaa taaaoaa
rotn tbs law of iba arrival of hia Secretary of bats.
(lie last act, in talaitoa to Tease, was iba seaway which
Mr Nafeua gate for bust through ibu weak Me'pbf ia
ay mg la right lo rend owe lores# to iba President af Tsiaw

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