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tluljmouft mails tUI)ig.
WY ATT n. Kl.I.IOTT, AsmtIbM l'dltor.
Daily rapes RH per inn: lUaiemiY. RS. WnnaLy.R*.
aleAft IA iilravt. Hramuaue M|r be mail.- «l lire nak of Ike
I'utdisbers in kll raaea where r Ynleare le lakes of the deposits of
• letter Is he I'oet URre containing soiJf.
Advertising :
Use Squire (IS lines) or less , one insertion.71
Rach sddtuoesl ..*»
One month, wilboat alteration.R* D
Mn.do.do.V« no
Twelve. . . . . .do.do.. ... 15 00
TwoHqltare. Three months. ..15 00
Mu months. .*5 00
Tarelve months.t5 00
IT No advertisement to be cunentered by the month or ynar,
■ nleaa apeeiited on the Manuscript, or ptevtonsly agreed upon be
tween the parties.
IT An advertinemnnt not marked on the copy fu» ■ specified
■ nmber of insertion., will be continued until ordered out, sad pay
men! rise ted acroidingty.
iy Hrtgnlar Ad vertinennenta.—To avoid any mleua
deraundiag on ibe part of Annual Advertisers, It la but proper to
stale, daatiactfy. that tlt'dr privileges only eitend to their immediate
hunai-ae Ileal Ratate, legal, and all other Advertisements sent by
them lo be an Additional charge, and no variation
Mr Real I’aute and Oeaeial Agent. Advertisements not lo he
Inserted by the year ; but to be charged at the usual rales, subject to
such discountsas shall be agreed upon.
JTr Auctioneer., Bookseller., and yearly advertisers (snerally.
voyaging one nr more nqaurea, with the privilege of change, shall
not, on their yearly average, m any one week insert more than the
amount agreed upw an the standing rub- under the contract, and all
nireevlingsuch amount to be charged at the until rates.
AnvlRn.ie.irrs inserted in the Me mi-Weekly Whig at 75 ssnl.
per square of 15 lines or less, for the Rral insertion, and 50 cents
per a pure for each continuance.
Jills 1st. 1045.
f IlflF. Franklin Manufacturing Company Hava on ham! at their
ft PAPER MM.!., near the Depot of the Honthern Railroad, a food
aaaofiuienl of extra sujwrflnr, fine and rommon letter foWed and
flat r«|ip3|ere,rulo1 and plain; also, medium printing, envelop and
wrapping paprfa, of various nines, at the lowest wholesale price#■
to which they invite public atteulion. assured that la quality and
price their laanulacUire will bear a comparison with the production
af any Northern Factory. They are prepared lo execute orders for
any description of paper that the market or their customers may
require. Merchants and dealers are requested to call at the Paper
Mill and-famine for themselves. _wh 14 tf
« pi CASKS coinmoii, fine, super and extra
• *3 fancy Prints and Ctuntx
VIM) |t*tea *4.7 M and 4 4 Brown Blurting* and Sheetings
:iuO Cases 3 4, 7 k. 4 4 and 9 H wiper bleached Plumngs, U>ng
Cloth* and Drillings
70 Rile. Red Tick. Croat the York, Methuen A Amoakeuy F»r
IS Cs*es common to sni»erPne Cotton and Bilk lldkfs
10 - blue,blk. brown and Fancy Cloths and Casainiervs
.10 •* common and superfine Pantaloon stuffs
10 - - " brown lonena
VO •* fjiwn* and Cine ham*
Abo, packag'-a Itersgea, Baixonne*. Organda l«awa*. Ilinghaui
Rniir*. t*amhnc«, Jaenneita, *tri|M»d and checked Minim*. Irish
I.inen*. Drilling*. Coat stuff*. he .he. All of which we will sell
very low by the (lackagr. The trade generally are invited to call
and mamine ihe good* now In score
K«*re»gn and Domestic Dry flood# Commission Merchants.
ril|, •» * No. 169, Main Htreet.
Brou n A Hlearlivdt 3-4 Sheeting*. Ac.
I I'ST RKCKIVEU—Brown and Blearbsd
• 4 X 4 Sheeting.: Apron ud Furniture Cheek. Rtaek and while
Printr—whirh we will wit at very tow price.
n.b « H A J U JAM EH fc OO
\ r.w Auction and commission
TIIK sul»«r.ril>er Ink*** tliis metltod of inform
ing 111. friend, mid the public generaUy, that he lia. opened an
Al g-riO\ A Nik (OtiniWtIOX M4»l *F, for ihe Safe
of Real lUtate and Stave. He flatlet, hitnwlf. frnni hia long e«
periencejn ihe rale of .ueh proper I>, to be able lo give general
nii.faetion lo tlMier win) may tbink proper lo eniruit property lo
hi. management.
ID. office i. on Wall Btnet, in tear of the l.'ity Hotel.
IIIAYK this day aaaociaCed with me Mr. JAS.
A. TRR'E, who haa been in my employment for arveral yearn,
.nd « ill roatinue buiunew at my old eland, comer of I Jib and Fary
•ireei. under the rtyle of WM ANDERSON it 1X1, for Ihe purpow of
conducting .1 Wledeaile Hrocery and Oeneral t'onum..lonbuameaa,
lor the nk of (frocenea. Dome-lie Honda, Onion Yarna. kf , aa
well a. the «tap!c product* ami mineral, of the Slate and have en
gaged tin „rvira. of Mr. DAVID ANDERSoN, Jr. lu eonduel the
grocery, iron nnd wheal department of »anl bumnc. Ilia open
enee and qualiiicatmn. for that branch of Ihe bueinea. are loo wall
known to make it nerrunrr to Mate them . nod have alao made an
arrangement wuh Mr FRED. ANDKHSON to aid in the manage
meld of the lobarro department, who bn. long been familiar and in
Innately acquainted with thi, branch of bu.ineea.
Liberal .dranee. will lie made on coiuugninenl* of groceries, do
nie.iir good., tobacco, wheat, torn, |Ug iron, and any article# of
general trade. WM. ANDERSON, Jr.
February lat, 1847.
Wr hare (Hi* day tormed a connexion in busmens, aa
Wald in abnra advertisement. and Huai that the arrangi-nirnt wr
have made will secure for lire concern the conhdrnre of our ae
mur'a friend, and the public generally- IVM ANI'KRrU IN, Jr,
Feb'y |» 1847.—(I _ JAH A TRICK
«-loiC«-l lltKI.i:, nerrluinl Tuilor,
Hah c.m.tantly on hand, at hia extensive Tailoring Ktore. op
poailr the mate llouee, an elegant assortment of Prenclt and
Fixhahi'lutlia. t’aaaimrrea. and Veatmga, reerieed per late arrival
jy lie mn.lurlj llie oatalilmhiuer-. on Ihe principle of sending
nil earmrnta oul of hlaatnre bnl those of tbfl drat quality, and il la
ihue that he basso long enjoyed the beat run of ntsinu) in this city
and ibrnnyboul the t'nlon lie would respectfully solicit a call
from gi-uilenu n nailing the city, assuringthem he will riecutc any
orders entruMed In him. in a superior alyle, and at lower rales than
the same quality can he had al any Htorc in the city, [my 4—tf
While I end. I'nlnt*, (Ulu. Window Ilian. *c.
d || || | LHM. American White I. rati dry
•iU.l/VV and in Oil, of the moat approved brands, in
Itvirti'il packages—
000 Dalit Linseed Oil. wairiDlfd purr
Barrels HpU Turprntum
.T* du. Hpansli Wiii'ing
ti do Eiif. Pant Whitt*
*2 Cant Vcrd gnu in Oil
tl do Chrome tin rn and til- Yellow
4 CaiIi Venetian Red
A do. Hpanish Itrown
A large n«*(.itine»t Paint Broshes
Hnprn.ir Yar. i«hes
ftonesr Vermillion
French do
Bi'fidr umni olh* r colors, with our usual large slock of
rnibianng a frrat a**ortment of star*, of single and double iti.ck
RPU, of ' Wind IW,” “MuINrn" and other brand*, for sale low lor
rash, or on lire utiiil credit to punctual eastomers.
my A Ptuffiftls, 147, Main BUrit, Richmond
NiM'ourf Snpply of Mprlnu C'lotliintf.
\l\/ K have hjr rrrcnl arrival* rnrfiTrd a large
If a*ntmert of Brady Made fTbdhiag. of Ihe aewrsi stylet
and best qualities, consisting in part a* follows i
Pine drab Cashmere! Hacks
Pine black do do
Pine brown, grey and drab Erma nris
llanJsomu gold miicd do
Cold mi ted foddmgt ju Hacks
Black french cloth do
Pine brown do do
Plaid, linen, gingham, ami other Hn« k*
H ack sdk.satin and Valenti* Vr*t«
Pine white MarsalAr* do
Hlaek and rul'd Cassia ere Psnf*
f'awrbb , linen ami eoliowade do
Cravats. Hi arfs. Arc , loo numerous to lorn top
FrrsNH w sbiKg lo pnrehnsr n great deal of Clothing with httle
money, can do so by calling on my .1 KEEN At 1*0
at iiyy I'Ol'iKtf KCl.Kt:TI'! HCflOOl,
2J . HO HOOHH -J W RANlMil.ni tk CO* MM.
Mam Ht , 4frits for Virginia, have just received an roMitional sup
ply (if copies of Bay's and McUufTey*s Kc'rsiir Hrhml
Kook* The br*i and lu st v*lnnh‘* rcrHirVi r published Copies
given lo all Teacher* who will u*e them in their Hch *ols my 7
I>ATKNT BKK VlIVKtf.——Wr Imvn a l»*w of
Ihe above win* li ire proof against »be moth and Ay, nidi le
pnrim* nta U» fob lire Ronry fkitho it destroying the Bee#
Ml 1 FRY * CO
lit Millt KAK'S <*HM KI.AHTir I’AI KINO
gnu *ti:*v* rxfJOF*.
r|7||l* nrllrlv iu of grciil t talitr. mm any *f*»
I rhincM who hav It will ar. nnwlwtgr It la iisrA on Blithe
Nmih-in Wail Hnv.1, ami Hleaml., ami in all ihe m w Hiram
Mill. A vmail quantity hns hern rrfilwl ami left* ‘ah by
an IS Agun<* for "w Mannfcelurrrs
r ow yair r W iSiu. "
Efi I I i qaltn Otto Madeira Wino
• * H»i 4» Marsailb-s An Jo
in 1 do Ate.ly itu da
•JO J An Pnvi An
J.1-1 If ci-itcA, amt for ante Inw by JOHN 0 OI.UNP.l,
mv X M Ma n nun
AKTfn.KH FuK nil Toll.IT- V Kfo.il
vaixiy « aniflra Ww I hr Tn.hi, Hurt.., Knaps. OM, rmat
mini fnt ihr ban. Fan l.uwral. Fan Ar Venus, Fairarw ».« Ihr
MnAkrrcWtf,hr he— Fmaairhy PI'MCRI.I. * l. A|»|t.
mf S IWI Main «
Richmond, V a.
THIS ii«'w uih! lurg. >>«Uiltli»hinonl wav op*n.
r«lby (hr Mbunkraon (hr HIM lost , who, with (hr mnUiirr
of Mv Hnui, laic (hr long Died ami w* If known Proprietor of
ike Parmer** Hotel, in Fredericksburg. am determined to devote
their undivnlr J attention U» the comfort and convenience of their
patmr.s. The House t* actuated ia the centre of tka fMy. on the
ground lately covered by the noted " Otd Hall Tavern. ” and is
hatMWimcly provided with Atnutur* entirely new, with sober,civil
nnd auanuvs assistants and eervanta, and with a reasonable share
of the patronage of the armor's partner* numerous and extensive
list of oh! friends and acquaintances, and with three years sxpcrl
race la the Rothagbmok Hotel, Petersburg, Va , think they can
aupfily an equivalent for any favour bestowed on them A Htablr
well formed and provided, under the management of Mr Wm H.
Wood, m attached to the house, at a convenient disinner, and be
ing b i nisei f tbe proprietor, persons art I v log with their own borers
may be assured of good attention for them.
Petersburg Intelligencer, National Intelligencer and I’wion.
Wnahinglon, II. €?.. Raleigh Htar and Htandard, PreVncksburg He
rah! and Recorder. Norfolk Herald and Beacon, and Richmond
Moquirrr, Warrrntoa P'.ig. will copy once a week for three weeks,
and tend their accounts for payment dm Id—tf
Cosi m I a« 1 • M Mcrrkaali,
;r;V;-’u. f 104 front strkkt,
jno. nonrroaT, ) NKW YORK.
I IBKRAI, advance* mode on conaignmctiU of
Tobacco, Flour, I ’or n. fac.
Jab. A. Pattbson especially lenders bis services to his Virginia
frlends for the purchase nnd sals of all kinds of Merchandise
DAVID I HI'RK. Eaq. will authorise Drafts on Produce shipped
to above House nth <—3m
TIIK IukI Lrginlnturv having poaaed a law li.
c-naiag tbe gains of Billiards, this is to inform those desirous
of procuring Hill lord 'Taxblew, that the undsrsigucJ is now
engaged in the manufacture of them, and will be happy to serve ad
who may need them oa as moderate terms aa th«y ran be procured
else* her* in the Tnion. He has had much experience in the ruanu
facture of Billiard Tables in the Houth, and vrrrsslr r«fu/sdi#«
Hpenmens will soon he ready, and may be seen at the Cabinet
afore of Mr. J. A. Belem, corner Governor and Franklin streets—
whin, also, orders may Iw left.
ap *ja—dHw P. G. COBBY.
HAVE just received a large and beautiful a*
•or truest of French and American Papcr-flangings. Borders,
Firo-Hcr. • ns, Venetian and common Window Blinds, Transparent
Hhadra. Plain and Coloured Matting, with uiaay other articlrs in
our line of business, which lure been selected with great care to
suit the taste of Uus community. We respectfully solicit a call from
our friends and lire public generally, aa ws ars disposed to sell on
aa reasonable terms as any one in the city; and we are always pro
pared to atirnd to any work in our line with punctuality and the
strictest destrs to give satisfaction- ap 80—d'Jiu
JL PANY OP NEW YORK. No. 56 Wall street TVis ('on
pany since its organisation on the first 01 February, 1849. (9 years
and 5 months) has issued 1513 policies. The total amount receiv
ed for premiums sod interest on investments, 9191,997; yielding fa
nett capital of $153,592, after paying all its losses and expenses.
This accumulated capital is rapidly increasing by the 2d and 3d
years' premiums sow becoming due, and by a vitally extended and
growing business The emmunt success and prosperity of the in
stitnnon has placed it in a strong position Its capital and rcsour
era are now so ample as to Inspire confidence in tl* stability, and
insure safety to us members.
The Company is organised upoulbe most approved principles of
Mutual Life Insurance, and offers very great advantages to whole
lift Policies, or insurances for abort periods, if continued till death;
without incurring suv personal responsibilities At ike expiration
of evsry five years from the dale of the first policy insured, (which
will make ihr first division of profits be on the irrst of February,
1840,) the willies of the profits will be divided among the insured
in proportion to the amount of premiums paid by them, and will
remain at tbsir credit as an accumulating fund, payable at the de
cease of the life Insured.
The progress of this Institution thus far gives strong grounds for
anticipating large dividends to its members at the stated periodical
settlements, sod fully equal to those of the most distinguished and
successful Mutual Companies in (Irrat Britain, where it is well
known immense profits have been made.
The importance and utility of lufe Insurance is becoming a mat
ter of deep interest with all rlasors of the community, and is now
occupying much of public attention, sod beginning to make favora
bk? Impressions as to the great benefits to be derived from it; as the
published monthly statements of lives insured by ibis Company con
rlusivety show.
Merchants and Trailers, Officers, Civil. Military and Naval, Clrr
gymrn andprrdk-saional men generally. Clerks and persons in every
station in society, may secure to their families la the event of death
a coiuforUbk- support and independence by making, with thlsinstl
tntion, a small manual investment for an insurance on ibeir lives.
This Company will grant insurances upon lives on the most fa
vornbletcruis Persons may effret insurance on their own lives or
on the lives of othrrs.
Pamphlets explaining the principles and showing the advantages
of Lils Insurance, with the rates of premium and forma of applica
tion, may he obtained at tbs office of this Company, No 44 Wall
street, or any of ita Agents
New York, July 1st. 1845.
TV Nairn aj /nsnrsncc #a Om Hamdrad l*»llara w a Stngla I.\ft,fur
One Faar.
& c 2 ? T e <= v c J J 2 c *r: ta c? J 2 e
< C > i. > b. -J < Oh * > a- — < ,> a, j
15 77 H8 156 30 1 31 1 36 2 36 Si* 1 96 2 09 4 60
90 91 95 177 35 I 96 1 53 279 #5 $ 12 321 5 78
25 109 1 12 2 94 40 1 69 1 83 3 20 6(1 4 35 4 91 7 00
45 I 91 I 96 3 73
fliitriL If tv* at. Feeretary.
The subscriber, Agrnt for the above Company, is prepared to
receive applications for Life Insurance for any of the periods
named, viv for I year, 7 years, or for Ilfs; and for any sum not
exceeding $10 000 on a single life The rates of Insurance for all
of the lutarsiediatr years, not noted in the above advertisenn nt. as
well as all other information interesting to those desiring to effect
Insurance, will also he made known on application. The ad van
(ages offered by this Company, are believed to be equal, if not
superior to those offered by any other, either in the IT. 8. or Creat
Britain. II B. 42WATOM BY.
Physician to the Society—the Family Physician of the party
whose life is Mks insured OC 91—if
M J A vipply of these superior Blippers just received from Pbila
delplua, which will be told low The Ladies are lesprctfully invit
ed to call. my 15 JITflAII M YFRB. No 87. west main Bl.
CnillllMN 3101,A***:**.—*20 kfills prime Cardenas
J Molasv«*. in sloru, and for sale by
L1PS< OMBE tV BR()( K have just roc6iv
ed a lot of prune SmiIhfield Iff is < on. of suitabk* siae,
for family u*r. also some heavy Western for servants. Their as
sortment of Groceries is uow very ccniplrte, to winch they uwist
respectfully invite the attention of their friends and the |ublic gr
Also, a lot of Northern Tii klew, by the gallon or smaller
quantity. ap 27 L. k H.
I HAVE now on hand, 100 boxes CLARETS,
comprising a general assortment. from a low priced article to
some of thr best brand* imported in lira rountry, which I offer for
•ale at nuidcnilr prices Person* who prefer buying Clarets in
•'a*k* will find it to ihrir interest to order the same through me,a*
my Agent in New Votk i* an eicelient Judge of the*** Wines, very
raroful ia bi* ■elections, ami buys them only from fb*t hind
My mock of genuine liuponed Liquor* and Wines ia also com
plrtr. aa well a* my stock of genuine Havana Hegars, and I rreorn
mend all these articlrstu the notice uf my friend* and the public.
ap .10 No. 9, Kichangr Hloek, Rjchmond, Va.
WK hive received this week by Kail Road and Steam Bout,
from New Vnrk and Haltiinorc and packet Lynchburg, a
choice a**ortiu<*at of !-*die*\ tb ntiemen*', and childrens Spring
and Summer Drew Good., embracing all the latest varieties of
a ly Ira ar»d fabric that have been imported this season, nmoog then*
will be found
Kirh Urxadu anJ Foulard Silks
rianl. striped and changeable do
Silk Tiiain. Kara get, Briliianlme Lustre#
Super Uinghams, lown*. tHgandinr
l.mea do., French Jaconets
Mourn n| and Second Mourning Gingham*
Jaconets and l«awns
French, fngl sh ami American Caltc »e#. from G|e to 9a.
Lace Ua|*es and FrsncJi worked Uollats. great variety and
Silk Fringe*and Hdk and pearl Buttons, graduated do.
Koibrohl d ami ptaid Crape Shawl*
Silk aed Barage do and NcarfW
Bonnet, rap and other Riband*
Umbrellas, l'ara*d« ami Hun Shader, with n full aanottmenl of
Staple good*, which wil* be «o d at a small advance on thr coal for
ca*h. or acceptance* >a Hie city.
my 11 No 9|7, Ro ad Street, Hbockoe Hill.
Exchange liook stun.
in Th. Moral VV.nl. of ll».- Wotld nr live in. hy Mr, KH.•—
prim Ml r i.
7V Ymilb itf Plntr-p-in1 by P Williama. P#|—'I
‘IV i'nnnl nf Monon. or Woman'. R.rrnf.—,V0
Oman a nariattv. nf Vd.rmnro. In ll.o NoiHh N.a« Iiy ft.,
win Mrlnfr, Koj author of Typu. rmnylrlr in ¥ part*— I.W
Th. Hfoiiry. of Tn. <>rnan ; ■ ato*/ of lit. Allantir. by an nib
..r of iIn* 1' it Nary—M
Mill Hiilr ami llonlrr Hh.trh.a, with l.|r,'i of lln> i'h.viola
amt Hi. I.amin.rnintr by VV It M.iiwnll, Kaq—77|
M.woranfTh. Un.an. of Pranc-. by Mr. Fnrbr. ttn-h—‘?li0
Th. i'm.nlim nl Haiat (li mn by A Ibilnn. -9V
Ttr. Indun Y.al Nook, rrni pram* lb.- boat ron-ipM for yirpata
torn of that a 11,1.; by Mia. I.r.li.—|t
Tb... Iti.in. Nt. .r» finh, Mop. amt Otar ly -071
A,It. b-yon f*MMr.n ih. Ihamf.nmnt of rh>l.tr.n in Ni.kn.-a
amt in llhalth. by !It ft Arb.rt.y-VO
t h.Mhnlh it. pain, froatly tn.momrt it, p.ri>. rntlrrty ob.iat.il;
b.ino an arrnnnl of aa .tp.tlm.nt r...'hlty ,a l-omt-m with
aPnrtnn- to aaa.ral ram. ia Ihla rmintry, amt a rt.a, .tpo.iiinn of
tb.tr fbilnaopby, ahowla* ibat lb. paina of rhiMbinh mi, hr yrrai
ly ,nittfal.it If ma rntirr'f nbviat.it by thn Am hot of intrtinrlital
•nil moral ipuhtw, traMni<mlb|. R.r.ifM amt lor ml.hy
my IB r Y YfHHY.II, Afrnt
Will r»; |,RAD, Dry tan* tn DU — W» niko for ak
a taifr Mork of Aw.rl.ao Whit. I.oal. nf lawM‘ink At
htatlr OtY maaufhrttir., Iw awovamt parkay--,
w v ai. a fiTtrai i.
Catwra, i'nra aM < o* Cm.*.., Vkf.lahl. IVaitrra, all nf kppin*ml
yali.rn. Alan, a f.n< ral aWnnooM of Yaimtaa lmyl.nt.ata it.
toyrrparmt for farnmkimt i'aat.nf. f.w Markia.ry, rvm, ho hr hr
my It M B ALIjVY IN, No 10, Hth Hi
Ntw 4kkaiui:ih:it.
ON and afl»*r Monday, lb« 19th iiMtant—
man. thru*
l.aavra Rirbmuad daily al...,,,.7 P. M.
Uam pvtrraborf daily at-.>1 * M.
Laaaaa Rahnuad fcily iKaa^ya el«plali >1.1 A. M.
Uam IVi»i»L'iifda.lv IKaada,a mqanli at.4 P M.
laaara Rivhaaoad Mnavlay. Wrfnvaday aad Today
luucainfa at...3 A M.
fair ratal if aami- iimrninfaat.51 A. M.
N. M Tbvltalaa aurl i-ia. taaliy at tbr now advartiatawai by
Rivbmoad tlnac. T1IOMA* INIHAMKAB.
ay •• dup*t Tfaaapuffl.lain.
014 aadaftai TlIBHiAY Bail (I Mb iaat) Iba boar, of Ar
rival aad Hcpartan- of Traiaa will ba aa lullowa:
Mail Tran far Trt4ant kakarg
laavaa dally aa A A M.
Amvaadaily at Si P. M.
Mml Tran far ( kartottroa.Ua. (Uaalaa, aad Ifwitai/,
l.aaara daily at 4 A. M.
Aroaaadaily at St P- M.
Para to Raltunora, V7 <4
llo Waatuaftoa. S SO
Ho Prrdenrkaburg, 3 7S
Ho ITbarlMtaaaillc, S 00
Ho tttatinuin 7 00
Ho l.yaebburg H oo
mh 1# Bopariotaodaot of Traaaponauon.^
VI14 41 IN IA AMI 1.04 IbllXt I I7K l,A4Ki:T««
THE r<>llowinK Vi-hsoIh, rnm|>ri*iiij; tliii# liiir.
ara all of I hr Drat claaa, willi baodauaar auu- room accom
nandatiooa, via —
Barque PARTHIAN. I-apt. Can. W. Allen;
Barque BACIIBUiK, Capt Ilia.a Hoa-roa ,
Barque PHfKNIX, Capt NarmL Boi-a.
TTae above Vraaala arara lualh riprraaly fbr the uaile bctwwa tbla
tjtj and N. i irtrana. and are eonnoaadrd by men of loaf eiprriearr,
1 wbo will uar every riertioa to five waiiafaction Pur IViofbi, or
paaaafe, apply to Uae Captaiaa on hoard,
IIAHkl.Nrt A l.IBBY,
HAHKINH It I o I It It Y ’H l.iRioflVkaU. between Richmond sad
New Orleans, will commence their regular run in Hcpicubcr,
•nd will be composed of the following veaarta
Barque BACHELOR, Capt. HieaB Hortom;
Bn* ORI.KANH, Capt. Wi. Harm.
Brig JnMKPlllNE, Cnpt Jos. Kosmsos.
On* of the above vessels will leave this place regularly every
month. We can, with confidence, recommend the above vessels to
the public, as they were built expressly for the trade aad will insure
as low as nay other vessels, and are commanded by steady aad dit
crest men of long experience in the trade. For freight or
having very superior accommodations, both for ratua and steerage
panes tigers, apply to J- FIHHKR h HON. or
N. B. All freight from the country for the above vreerla will be
received aad forwarded by us, charging only tbs regular tintyage and
wharfage. J- F. h. H,
ja 22 or H.fc L.
•B* R F. (I ir L A R LINE.
Sakaonar PfM’AIIONTAB, (aaw) Captain J. II. Bmr*.
44 PATRICK HENRY, (asw) " H«t»i ('uibtcr.
•• GRKRNWAY. iniw) u G. W. Coiva.
•• C*OrRIEH. (saw) 44 II C'ot. n
44 MARIETTA BURR, (saw) 44 V Kurr.
44 LYNCHBURG. •• W J C.oi i d
44 MANt'HESTER. 44 J. M. Mathis
Thin line of Packets having been sustaiued by a general patron
age of the Merchants of Richmond, for more than fifteen years,
the proprietors (masters | solicit a continuance of the tr favors, a»i»ur
mg tbeirpatmns that every attention siiall l*e given to forwarding
their goods safely, ami with dispatch. The Veaarlsan* of Cfie first
clam, (nios'ly new.) commanded by men of experience in the
trade, and Merchandise can be insured by them, at the lowest ratr
of premium. For freight or passage, having superior accomiuoda •
lions, apply to the masters on board,or t«»
JT Goods to be reshipped to New Orleans, Mobile, Apalachi
cola.or any other places, will be received and forwarded from New
York, by the masters or Agents, at New York, free of charge, ex
ceptsurh as may aetualtv be incurred. or ‘.M
pOR TOE DISTRICT—'Th* achr 80*
H. HAN, *'apt Wilson. Ittvior a portion m b«-r cargo rn
gaged and going on txaril, will have despatch For balance of
freight, apply on hoard in D«>ck, or lo
rflLv The regular parket whr 1,V Nl’ll BLI RG,
Capt. Wm J fJnrt o, having moat of her cargo engaged,
will Itave dispatch. For freight or passage, apply on board, at
Ludlanta wharf, or to my I 4 HKNKY USUI K
Wanted lo Charter, a suflicieiit quantity
of Veswla to carry 2^0 000 bushels Coal from Foil Wal
thall lo Philnde'phia. Apply to
IOII lilt I.Til N- I III9T \ 3S3S •
The well known coppered ship FRANK*
■* LIN, CapL Sianwood, will load at City Foint for
Hrrmrii, without delay. For freight apply lo
IIF.MRV l.riil.SM k CO., or
VT Liberal advance, made on ron.ignmenu of r*tem« or To
baeeo, to addreMof nurfrirndatn Itrrmrn- II. I*, k 111.
my I—dim
J&L jetOR NEW YORK.—Thu Bnc packet
F KtirlDL'KIER, I »|«l II Cough, will commence load
ing at l.udlam't wliarf lo morrow Friday) aid will Mil with dir
lunch For freight or paMage. ,|»jily on hoard, or In
ap SI* ll*NR\ FIHIIRR.
agvrpilE good achr MBGUNTICOOK, Shiblea, mas
■W 1 ter, having a largo portion of her cargo engaged
and going on board, will have immediate diapatch. For
freight of remainder to complete cargo, apply to mnaler on
board in Dork, or to ap 29 Ra.vkin St Whitlock.
jfthrpilK regular packet achr COl’RIKK, II. Couch,
•BC 1 master, w ill be ready for cargo on Friday, and
having a large portion engaged, will have quick dispatch.—
For freight of 400 boxes tobacco to complete cargo—or pas
sage, having aupenor stale room accommodations, apply lo
matter on board at Ludlam'a wharf, or to
> i 1 WBf* FIi ■ ^ PPCAHONTAE.—Tkt Hlramrr < nlunibus.
Invisf rrccntly been rntirrly overhauled ami brr «perd much in
rrrasrd. witl ukr her |»Ucr sca n on the like brtwern this and Hal
Innorr, on Hat unlay nrst, leaving Haltimorr on (hat afrrnoon al 4
o'clock. Thr Pocahontas will succeed h* r, and W*avr tlaluinoie on
ihr following Wrdnraday. I nth inst
Thr Columbus will Iravr Richmond for Raltimnrr evrry Tuesday
ift« rnnon at 4 o'clock, and thr Pocahontas rvrry Halurday after
in «*n ai suiih* hoar
I'assafr andfarr by either Hirarner.95 on.
forfrtigM,ippUjrlo mh 1 HRNKY LUPUM MOO
- I supply of ** Klh hrn% |WlMI
/ prepared Cocoa," a »rrsb article. Also, a supply of frrali
Chocolate, just received and for ask by FR. l*K AN/..
■P ® No. 9, Rirbangr Block.
WE linvr received by late arrival* direct front ilie M .mu far
tory, a lot of fine French Cloth l*rrv» amt Frock CoaU, the
rnt and style of which suriwas any before offered is this market.
Jw*t received, cut ia the latest Hylc nml ni.idr of No. | material* —
New style n || IHTj*. Cravat*. Collar-.Row »iu» Hiu|m-nder*. Cloves,
hlk doeskin Tarn*, kt ,kc. Call and rvaminr at No. 109.
*P 15_ _ K KEN k CO
CIOFFKB—50 hart prime Java Coffee
7 30 d«i okl Miracaiho do—jn*t receive*! and for
sale l.v QR ft WII.I.IAM.-* fc HWU.I.
CMIKK8K—A mipply of |irirue (ionhtMi Cborne,
^ Jua retvivitl and for sale by FR CgAN/.,
ap o
nun i n i tin* —
k* |, mr.|»eiitly rfprrtrd, aa«l for sap* by
n.v i k MpCAfVnLUIfV.
A Nil allll anollirr—Ilia *it|»|»lf off Ilie Knnifl
Ion p« for tlhilealnii and Koffli'nlnr liar
Maud*.— I fie i.tpid sale thi* article lias met with M Ur bail
tr*t of it* efficacy. Hurb of our custouiers and otb* r« who haw
been ws ling.ran ii«»w k supplied TI’RCRI.I. k I.Adp,
ill* I i dri+gfist*. 101 Main flffTVft
Wl Mil ^
eav 11K Riilmcrilmr wi.nlrf mrwrt rr«|>i r||iil!y in.
JL foirn ht« ft if nds, rir«t-»mer« and I be public g* nerally. that he
has now on hsntl the largest and be«t selection of Travailing Trunks
ever off.red In thra oily, of both lr»»n and wood frame Also. Ru*
veil Trunk* off a vety *m prior if»i i »fv, and **»i»ie off ihrm make ei
prvssly for laidfes. to which he would call the si entmn of all ia
w ant. as they will be si M at s price that ran** t fail to pfeite
Al.F.X R llll.l.. No. If7, Main Hi.,
my 8 K ■ bM0 v »
nKVKR II \TH.—I hn»i* <>n hum! a ipirnilirf
lot off fine Reaver an«l Mole Ml* llat* which for beauty and
style cannot be tfutparw I, and wh ch w iN l*v ••Wt low f**» ca*h. bv
ap 00 on-ai omijm, tfl N
*%I.T AND Htt’RI
*>S\OKH Liverpool fini* Sail
•S * .A ' *. KM. I. o, m .t -rr tnrl Trir r, S,
■b l* rt’M AN<>!•*.•«>•» a in
(WV lev -IM h|< qii.ll, | I,nrr, I\i4r,, ImmH
_/ >■<» fin ««V Ilf
IIMI; l.l MU . I.l, l.illl. HM.hiBf MB, >M ..f a. h K»Bff
4 Mnttnt V.fana • r.f(o, for from .raw I l*m*
rmmim * wimoni
SMITH’8 M hooping Cough fonlml i. now
roBcnM hf >t| mho w* ll, to br t|io law «a4 mom rf
mmrAf *rr, 4irimt,l lot Him tiulf Mm«t| H.wbm.
• b<I whan bbb4 jrfoilin* In IK« H,rart,oit« aaaaa toil, *<a>aa ibbmm
br4 IB a i inaa RilVlii,«r,ii 1*» Misln.nr. wto»B
1.1b l|K fotht of ( flrBMnl rotJial r.B V. rr«4llf a^ai bwi.iibI to
lh» MIMlVM ib/.b! Of rhlM, 11 IB IKlfrrllf IBBM'.BI »b.I hnnkn
bb4 i.on. of ibr too.i i .hiiMr a, w.ll ,. aataa.hla ram.Hi,, bow
ir mw for .o««b, ta4 of iba Mar* ,BH an r*wa«n. a«bn
i4 rbiMraam .4ab« Tot aaW bf r JoHNaTON
■F '* N. Ill Ma»Hi,m
P ASStNliKRS by thin route leave Richmond
daiiyalH.A If , by lb* Noilb* ta rar. lo lb* Juartioa Tbraw,
UgrUMrr w.lb |«ar>«'il fnxu Ibr N<xtll, by Uw Ixjuial can lo Gor
4m»v>D* lo liar, aad by roarbr, u. I barkjUm.il*. by 7 P M
•wa»* al 3 A M —rim* ,a Huunlua. and la DownUM by a p. M.
I war* at S A. M.—bmakbat ai ibr Warm «|ti*g, |wag th* llm
al IV A. M l>ia* al I'aHagbaa'a aad amn at Uw White Muipbu.
at T P. M. Ilata Um divaig* lu all Ibr didamaa winp . and by
maw liaa ccaoaamd wateward. arnra al iba lUoa Hulpbur at 11 A.
**• aril day. aad Iwcaal Iwaa ia Uw .vmag N*xi day lo I barkw
ma be for* aigbt. aad Sib day al Guyaadmu. oa Uie Ohio nrar.
when* U in navigable nt nil *-u»m for stsaittboats
Month Went.
Th* Wytbrin* liar Icarra Huantoa oa Tueadaya. Tburadayaaad
Hatardaya al I P. M—lo l-r..*gt/.a maw Right: bmkfaM ai lb*
Natural Kridgr aad ilia* al PiaraMi* aan day—am»* at Hakm Is
Ibr rn-amg. aad al Wytbrilte lb* Hurd earning from Htaaaloo. by
H P. M. Pateragrra by Ibubar for lb* rtwret and Wbilr Halpbar
dftrlaga. diaa al lb* forairr aad amn al lb* tetter aa Um araai^
of lb* lib day from Rtebawnd
Tba Lyorbbarg wag* Ira*. • I'lurkdianille on Mondays, W*dara
dayaand Fridays. and through in a day.
Th* Oraage and Ualprprr V. II aug* tear** Gordooarillp oa tbe
arrival of Um van from Huh mood oa Ta«wtey.. Tburadav aad As
ia rday. TtHM. Mil ARP,
J« W RupenateadratTnaaportalaab.
NOTICE.—Th« water in to l»e drawn otl' from
Uw Jinwv Rjvrr Caaal oa lb* lath nfU. • mi alb. aad white
navigation u waipcadrd wv (ball run a line of four bon* Goarhrv
fruai HirhumaJ to Lyavhborg ih**r luurs a vrrk. via Karuivnte—
haviag Rxhnwail Turuluya. Tburadaya awl Saturday., at 71 A M
W« ahaH alao rub a Ivobor* Hug* by Powrira Tavrra. Ooocb
land II and IVnibrnoa lo Farmvil'r— Iraving R.rboiond Mob
daya. Wiolnpadaya and Plldaya al I A M
IT i ittice at Coluaibiaa liutel.
W it h out Detention.
{MF.u.n amh i.onutMO utr.i.uoKD,>
Bv the Janirt River A Kay BoatM.
( aptalnt John Davli and J. N. llroagb.
L*ave| Ihr Wharf a I Rockets alternately KVKRY MORNING
(Hundays excepted) at Sft o'clock, for Portsmouth and Norfolk, and
meet one of the Bay Boats in Hampton Ronds for Baltimore, by
3 o’clock. MCTTJRNINU. the CURTIS PUCK m d ALICE leave
Norfolk alternately every morning {Sundays excepted) at 5k o'c'k,
meet the Hay Boat from Baltimore, touch at all the lendings on the
River, going and reluming
Pavsri.gwra going from Richmond or Petersburg by this comfor
talde and cheap Route, will have a line view of thu splendid Scen
ery on James River, about Hampton Roads. Pert-mouth Norfolk.
Rip Rap* and < Hd Point Comfort. Is arrive in Baltimore by A o'c’k the
neat morning, without any extra charge* or loss of sleep, an l in Line
to lake either of the many mules leaving there that mormng and
can arrive in \Ya»liiagU>a City to breakfast, or transact a day s bu
siness m Baltimore and return that even ug at 4 o’clock, m the
same Boat, and arrive m Petersburg the neat evening by l o’clock,
xnd in Richmond by 3| o’clock, makinz th** round trip to Baltimore
and back to Richmond in lew than T1IRKR PAYH.
Pnsvngc mud I are.
From Richmond or Petersburg to or from Portsmouth or Nor
folk. Breakfast and (tinner incluth.il. tl 00
From Richmond or Petersbuig to or from Halumorr. Ureaklast
and IMnncr on U»e Rtvcr Boats, and Supper and Iwodgicg
on the Hay Boats included, $0 OU
Richmond. May 17U.. IS17.
I N and after WcdniNiday, the 12(li iiulant, the
Cars running in connexion with Hi fine steamboat Mouiu
Vernun. Hill leave llie Kir Union I ft Petersburg Depot every Mon
day, \VrJne»Ja> and Frida) morning* at "• o’clock—passenger* ar
riving in Norfolk at 1 o'clock.
Returning, the Mount Vernoo Will leave Norfolk on Tuesday,
Thursday and rtatuiday mornings at '* o'clock—f»a»srngert arm ing
in Riehmond by I o'clock. P M
Passage and fare, meals included, tl
my ii_Til POD AHEAD, Hup R AM. R.
Spring and summer Arrangement—New Hail
Itaad and Nteambaai l.iun Kflwrrn Hirla
ntouU, Norfolk and Porutnoulh, via Port
»» ^ The Public are hereby notified that
JBStfBBK. IIh* apkBdul HirimU.il MOUNT VERNON.
' apt Z. Mm UfcLL. is bow running h-lwcca Port Walthall and
Nnrtolk ui connection with the « ar* trow Richmond and Peter*
burg, at the Ioh rale of One Hollar iutliiding Meals.
Passengers leaving Richmond on Monday, Wednesday and Fr day
Mornings, at 5| A M. hr. ak fast on biarJ the Mount V. rnon and
arrive at Norfolk between I and 2PM; Returning, the Mount
Vernon leavea Norfolk at Si A M on Tuesday. Thursday and H.iiur
day mornings, pa«vnger« breakfasting onboard tlse Mount Vernon
ami arnviag at Port WaJthaii by 1:2 o'clock P M, and Richmond
by l! P M.
It Hill be perceived from Uie above, that tkis eomfortable and
exprJitious line gives to prisons visiting Norfolk on business the
opportunity of transacting it and returning by the boat of next
morning, so as to be absent from their homes a nngV night only
Tti- Mount Vernon will st ip at the usual landings on James
River to take in and put out way travel, and at any other i<jtnt* on
the river where a signal is wade.
The public may rest atsurrd that it is the determination of the
proprietors to keep up Uns line permanently, and to accommodate
travellers between Richmond and Norfolk in the best manner aod
at the lowest rates.
For further informs Don, Tickets, or freight, apply at the I»<pot
of the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Company to the Ticket
Agent mb ‘JS
okiut.hai i. u.t i: to tii i: * oktii.
Fare lo Baltimore - - - - *7,041
To IVanliinirissii .... *a,5o
t|tHAVR|>l,F.|lk by this I«ine base Kirhuioul daily al 8 A.
M M . teach Washington ati P M . Hall.mute al 74 P. M, Phila
delphia in tin- course of ibe mgbl. and New York by I* M ibe
hell day—bony a/«-«;>« day mnd a half and uprlimi lav days ia
adoanee aj Ike passengers by the Hnrr and Hay Hoots, rho. under
yreornl arrangement,, are detained leeary four bears at Iterjelh
Parr between Richmond and llahimorr.$7
Pare between Baltimore and Philadelphia. 3
Pare between Philadelphia and New York, by the carle morning
line. 3
Till 18. SHARP,
n|y I Agent of Transpuruisoa.
N. B. For the information of thi* public,
II is deemed proper to Mate, Uml Iherr are now Hirer daily lines
from Washington lo Philadelphia—ihe first leaving Washington nl
fi A. M .reaches Philadelphia by 3 IV M.—the second leaving Wash
inglon al 19 M . reaches Philadelphia al 9 P. M —and Ihr last. b«
mg the rteat mail line above described which leave# Washington
at i4 I*. M, and Baltimore at 8 P M . arrives at Philadelphia in the
course of i lie sis hi The iravrllrr by ihe ratlrnnd line ha a, under
lhr» nr range me a is the advantage of bring ia Philadelphia ia 1»
bouts from the Imre of Ins traving Richmond or. If be desires it,
may remain in Washington during ihr anetnoon and mghl of bia
arrival, and be in Philadelphia the nrit .lay lo dinner, oi may leans
set business ia Washington until PJ M nett day, and yet arrive ia
Philadelphia at an early hour in the rv, rung
On ltiili Rirrrt.
’’IMIK *uli*oril>or8 have rc-opencd the above p*.
tnbMahni* nt. B.I t»»* kavv lo way to tbrlr fn. uua <»1 Ihr
(Mlblir gr nr rally. Ih.il thry irr now pic^nil lo|iv« tli»-n undiviilrd
attrition in ordrr lo pirwwr I bow* who mm patron w the bon* —
ilflMtk rnrw vf'itiny the city on buwtnewa will dm! it |o thru advan
iag«- to give iiw a tail, having ample aero 'modatton* for their com
foil and eoavettiener ; lifcnwlnr. a aubtr viIIni fifty yard# of the
bouwr.not wurpurd in the city. To our mend* it m only uar. m
ary t» aay, that our Kar •hail at all time* bv auppind wub l...juort
not Inferior to any in the my AH me daira la patronage, and if
wr fail to pfenar, ittaall not kovi fault
Rirhmond. Anguwt X 1940. tf
VV,, l‘ ,M* Opened thi* day, lit || o'clock, A.
’ ’ G »i*en a Peer Rnart will be given between the hour*of
II and I o'clock thMnsPof Mam amt Mih street..
BOOM KMNK Pr.prtetnc
W Jeer. Superintendent.
Rietinosp, Msrcb 17, 1847—tf
Atcvlll-r in I ottnirr 7lcr. Iinnta.
rPHK riiImitiImts arc now rri*4'ivinK their «|tnnir
supply of Poreigs and Domestic IMRHWAHF. t'atlmv.
Tools, and Hritanma good*. tn which they rest ertfitlly invite the
allrnt«>nol Merchants, and o hers netting Dye city
CI.ARK81 IN h. ti AHItN KR. No III. Broad 81,
between 8th and itlh 8ts . Rign of the Hand Raw,
",fl * ' Richly owtl, Va
£ini:i i.im;:
500 rA8KH t-’ttKHH I.IWK. ,.,.1 nt I,ami.
* per srhr Mount Vernon ami fot sal* from crawl m
Imck, by ap 8 RANKIN a WlirfliM R
HttNNKTR, RIRHoNR ANI) rid >WKRR —Wc have m.w m
Rtorr a large and beattural **»nrtmenl of Bonnets. Ribu.ns
amt Plower* I adn s ran he supplied wuh ihe latest Rprtng style.
■i'i No m. Mam Rt
8WRRT t»ll.—80 basket* nf fresh Rwe el Oil, smy tamlii* and
for ante by PR CRAN7,
sp * Ifo I, P.tchaisgv Block
7 HUMS, piimr 81,4'mtt Htigtir
40 hints Pmtri Re,. Ongyr—Jnsi irn ivrit fns aak by
bib Jl PRV 4k m
IjlHCNll AIIII • A A I. nl III, lain N|. NH.AR
MRRi'HANT >* i'nt n» irf«'|il nf Another hirjje wrgw lot |prr I
the Manvhwniwrlnf b»« HpHnf 4an* r 1'tMinnf. t » rrbifh be
in v Mew tin and ait. at \ II Mum dt reel a|» fi
•I ('.ASKS W iLCACHRI) SPP.44M O^, fm silo ~twtj
low tA'cloo* a rotisighmiui
r|'N1N|nA|l Nlll ' HMsTrtaiAod Motsar*
I switaMe Ibr rvtaill*| Isndisg Ibia day. and for ea'e hy
my I RIRRRI.I. * Mel ANM mi
g 1W AIW VAWMtt**"*
* ’ tnRtorc, amt for sob- by
my t RIRNRl.l. A Ucf1AND!.\«ll
nOf HI.It MEH.Nt ,1 88PRM I ANIM.PR — A lew bores .8
ettra r*lined Rperm I’smlles nf superior quit ty, which wc
sRnoll be pleased to shew to I hose ia win of a mpsrie. article
F«r I lit* Krmoval iiusl HerHmneal€ar«
of all l>lwa»e« arlilaf from an Im
pure Nlalr of (he Blood or UahU
•f the Nviirn, via:
scmrt'LA oa kinh-h kvii„ kiielm .vi'ibm. omtinatb
THIS |irpparati(>M ia a combination hitherto
unknown in the history of Mode-me. differing entirely is as
rhinder and operations from lhe various prepsra'ions of Rarmpa
rilla which have been st dtffhreat tiaies offcr.1 to the public. II
acts specifically upon the whole vysleai. thereby bringing it under
IU dnuct aad immediate influence AHhoagh possewel of power
(Wl healing ekflt. yet it M entirely hsrwlsu. so that it cannot IB
jars the neat delicate constitution When in perfect health, no sf
facto produced by iU use except sit isnrasr of appetite, but when
<*11"i**1 •* seaud ia the frame, aad carrying fast iU victim along the
Rath of llfr, then IU mysterious influence u fall and ares il enkm
dies new life, and vigor, and brings health and strength to the suf
ferine sad dimaaed.
“ /rwk is Brvsagse (has PWXwa."—Ess Us Am speak /ee
(ksmirfres —The followiag Certificate at only another link in IBs
gr-st chain tif testimony to us merits. Let the afflicted read aad
be convinced What it lias done once, it will do again.
Cntat arrows. Mars ,*ept- IBIS.
This may certify that my am, now aged seventeen, has been for
ten years afflicted with the scrofulous humor At the ageofsevea
yeart he bad the meattsa. which probe Sly caused this humor to
nuke tu appearance in a moat singular wty, sneering bis body frasn
bu bead In bis fret with small tumours. I consulted a Doctor sf
Medicine, and lie examined bun three days m succrmsoa. sad not
unde lets ndmg his case, advised me to consult Dr U.ig.rs, of New
York, I then being s resnlrnt of that city. After a long and end
cal examination, having more than thirty other medical gentlemen
with him at the tune, be pronounced it Hemftita, or King's Fell.—
The child was then prescribed for. and commenced taking medical
drugs fiom 'bat Uwr lie grew worse untilJane of l<C17, and tle-n
hia bone, become afle-ied in consequents of toe mercury that bad
berm given him. A piece of bone came away from his under jaw.
in the first place, as large as sa English walnut, a piece from his
forehead as large as a sixpence, and a piece from near the crown
of his head. It then weal to the back and side, and discharged in
three [daces. Prom lhears to one of hia limbs, separating, ia con
sequence of the 'ikeratiou the muscles and cord from the bones of
the ankle Joint oa the back part- lie had at one tune fifteen run
mag mree or wanes from the glands of the throat and those places I
base mcstioned. la IB40,1 lised ia Portsmouth. N. II .and he was
attack'd with a Rheumatic Feeer. which settled ia one of his btpe.
which swelled as large as three of the other. Being under medical
treatment, they gase him laudanum until he lost bis reason. Then
1 became alarmed aad neat for a Thomson ia n Hia medicine help
ed h ■ hip and ri-scoied bis retain. The third liaw he was attack
ed nun this fever ia IBIS, when bearing of Dr. Bands' Rarmpa r if
la. and bring perfectly satisfied that aU other medicines had (ailed of
«fleeting a cure. I ami aDdjprocurcd six bottles, and by the time hr
liad taken it all 1 considered him well. Those places healed—he
became bnghi and lively—color came to his free aad lips—from
that time till the Pan of IB!!, his comptainu aevsf troubled ium.—
At that time be became deaf, which continued until last March, when
bu right eye became affected; from that to the left eye, covering
the sight of the eye so that he was ia a great measure deprived of
Knowing that Rands' Sarsaparilla waa the only medicine that bad
eves done him any good, I applied to Mr. Powle, Apothecary, at
Boston, for more, lie has uken fifteen dollars' worth, which has
removed the humor from hia eyes and hearing, and he now appears
to be cured, aad radically so I verily believe all this latter Double
might have been avoided if I had continued thoroughly the use of
(be Bsrsaparitla when be was under ns influence the firm time
These are the simple ■taicinenta of the facia of the case, and I
feel It my duly to make Umae facts known to the public, for the be
nefit of those wbo may be afflicted in like manner, feeling a full
conviction the cure has been effected solely from the effect of this
invaluable medicine. HANNAH W. BEi K. WB Main st.
Hrvvot-a, as. Rostov, Or-rosaa 13, IBI5—Then personalty sp
pear.-d the above named Hannah W. Berk, and made sole mu oath
that tbs above certificate, by her subarriOed, and statements there
in contained, are true. Refuse rue,
JAMEB IIICE. Justice of the (Vacs.
The following letter, received from CnpL Harrow, a gentleman
well known. an I of the highest respectability, residing ia Mobib .
•bows conclusively the value and rflkary of Bands' Rarsaparilla in
cases of Chronic Rheumatism:
Mfitui.K, Ala . July 3d, I**44.
Miiui. Sands -(ims —l was afflicted for more tuan tea years
with rheumatism, and it is with pleasure I avail myself of this op
portunity lo express to you the salu-ary effect your Harsa pax ilia had
on me la January, 1*4*. I purchased of yuur agenta, Messrs
Moarly k Tucker, live hot lies, which | took agreeably to the print
**d directions, which entirely removed the complaint,and I have now
every reason to believe my health is permanently recovered
Youra. very reaper lAUly,
Pra i hsr Tsvtimoht.—-The following ia an extract from a letter
received front Rev. William Galuaha
fiaaasutaa, Vt , Oct. ft*d, 1843.
Maasae Sisns I have been afflicted With a aeveie pain m my
a*U\ occasioned by a diseased liver, for the last twenty years . suf
feriaif at times what language cannot convey, but s.nc. taking your
dampanUa I have been greatly relieved, so much so that I have
been able to attend to my business, and preach occasionally for the
last (diet a months. I wholly discarded all other medic roe. and
thoroughly tnod the Sarsaparilla, which 1 can recommend in truth
aud sincerity to all thuar who are to any way afflicted with any ape
clea of w rofi;!-his complaints. Thera have been «uor remarkable
enrea rflirctrd by its use iu this vlcutity. Mrs. I. Shaw, by the use
of an bottles, was restored to Utter health than she had before en
joyed foe ten >ears and Mrs. W Strv.-os who haJ been aeverely
afflicted with bryaipclaa, was entirety cured by the use of a few
bottles. Youra, Uuly,
Por furtl^-r particulars and conclusive evidence of its superior
valu* and efficacy, see pamphlets, which may bcobtat aduf Agents
Prepared and sold by A. B. k D SAN’HS. Hniggists. loo Fulton
street, comer of Wilham. New York. Sold also by DI VAL 4a
Pt’Ri’ELL. Richmond Rnaner k Anderson. Petereb'irg l> K. Ly
man, Lynchburg. J.Cook, Fredaneteburg M A Santos, Norfolk and
by Druggot* generally throughout the railed Sutra.
Price 91 per hotlie—sit bouies for 9j
The public are respectfully icaju* .a*u u, remember that it in
Samis’ Sarsaparilla tbit has Mtn and is ronataatly achieving such
remarkable cuiea of the most difficult class of diseases to which the
buiaan frame is subject; therefore ask for Sands’ 3a rm pari la. and
Inks no other
~ NOTIl'Er
I N consequcncr of thr stale of my health, I have
■ tht.Jay Miui tra.n fi.im tbr Oanau.ioa Kni>t». and »,11 be
J ti) iny into nephew., Mr. R. V. Gmilaej aud Mr. \V
W.Gwathioey. under the firm of M C. GWATIIMEY a. Ol.ak..
will retain Hie aldatand near rUmekor Warehouse, wbieh 1 have to
Ion, neenyied.
I be, Ivave to solicit the paennaye of my old friend, and cna
lomer* in behalf of the alev. mentioned firm, and lo .L,k payment
Of those indebted tome without delay
Richmond, lit December, 1146
*>ll< i c«.ur. nl Mr. Robert tiM nlhnicf >
• MRY hat i Him day formed a Copartnership. under the firm
IVit bu.toe*. will he rxcin, rely a t'nmmttwton one for the itle
»/ CoWare, Pnr~!ttr rmrrotfy—and they have secured the old «:.ud
near Sbnekoe Warehouse, w» lour neetip-ed by Mr Robert Gwnth
mey. and hare I kern tor enamed the aery,rex of Mr Temple Gwvh
mey, who it to well known to the public a. a -Uunn e/ Tekaere
We aha I be prr|uu,d in riant rraaonaUe adennees an proper, m
hand, and hope, by aaa:duii> and anti attention to kmnrw. in .hare
a fait portion of public pair»oa(c K C GWATIIMEY.
Rlfhnwd, 1st Pm.*4A—if w w gw 4THMRY
II & J g JAMES fc CO.
(.ft_ Henry famrr'sU am. ft* 167. Mm Strtft)
N AYh m-**i»ed by recent arrivals nn exten
der aakortmcat of PREAtl SPRING GOODS, to .Inch
they incite the attention of the Town and Country Trade Their
Sum* cobsiMs in part of Ibe follow,ng yooda, tit_
JOO Rate, and fane. Oanabarys. 3 4. 7 8. 4 4 «nl i 4 Browa anJ
Mracl.el Slieeiiaga, Shillings and lu.ng Cloths. Amnnrau and Kn
fl'.h aWi. brova and fclearlwd I'ulw.
** run Arp- rtcan. Preach ami Knglinh Fancy and Mount,ng
Print* and Chinn of the new. at stylet
1» fa«nn American, Scotch. Knglmh and Pu nch G.aghama,
Imwna ami Ra tonnes, frmn common iu .uperi.a.
t vara hat StolK l.i.ien* Linen Dr.i.ngs, ftc., ftc
I* Ileal* I.Inca and AVoratci Coat Mulls
a '* Common ami .plrndtd Ventings
10 " Ulue. l.lk vnd fancy doth t and Canoiaere.
10 “ Deary Linen goods. Runup, and Buckrams.
AI-SO —Bed Ticks. Apron ami Furntium theca., Cambrics.
Jaconets riam. Striped ami Checked Mu.lina, Stocks, Curiara, Bu
•on... plain and fancy Nock To* and lldkfa, Cotum Mudra.* and
Silk lldkfa. ftc , ftc.
ty~ A call is rraprctfufly solicited.
*7_ _ll. ft J. U. JAAIKS ft (v.
’I'llK undftFftigned hurt- removed from No. *24
A 'o Nr. 30. Mam Sued, ibn bouse formerly occupied hr Mean
Cape non ft Cramp, where limy are prepared to famish their rut
totuers. a. her. lororr from a well .neced Mock of good*, by
wholesale ,.r retail, ronnoi.nt ia part of—
Ih.oott Idin Family Bacon llogrorind
iu.iOHi ** AA'eMern Shoulders ami Sides laew snduMi
Aotin Ha lunore Jnles
IIM. N Hand Porte Rie«. Suynm
.Ad Ha*, old assa. Imguayra and In CntTee
It) IIM. N (I. P R and t ub. Mol.men
Ian RMs N t* fro*, and Nell ll-run;.
in Tons Hammered and Rolled Iron
I •• American. Cast, Herman and K B Steel
*«oo l.lis Con .0 V.rn
7S Bulk Re,tide.a old Rye and * Humysrdncr'. " AVhi.key
French Brandy, Madeira sod S M Wines
MUt Bores Sperm. Adam.mine and bent Tallow Candle.
Tea I amt Sugar. Hemp and IXdtnn lone, ftc ftc
A entt from those nee. I in* the above, is snhciled
W M-T.— 10O0 Mick* Liverpool 6no Salt lor sale
W ft ni the wpan by
ft:NT lAIII I t|dl, AAM.A - It and. received,
and fof sale by
mr 4 WILLIAMS ft IIA X All.
tlBHV ItllllAt. 4 41-s. l have j.,M p-ccirvd a fevr
J La lies Ridisy Caps, of the very I rsu My>e. for *h tow at
ap« OSCAR IOI ATT/. Ktrlmutr Hotel
SI'PKKIOK KAN* \ SOAPS—Tfty Iota *1*
*nat INysnal Waah Ban*
las'. Browa Windsor Boat
Imbnf. .Upesmt Mas* do
Almond. Oriental and plain Fancy Snaps .m'led fer ah is say
quantity, by p. Ji'HNSToN I'tiygisi
my 14 Ms lift Mar* Si
<rAS.—Tut* auKsrnhsr* have rsc-Piy
c^ ar.,t»i | ae, p rdWIiMy on bind a rapplt of .»pteit tiff,
Ibe most econcMw.r .1. ami bnOiant li»h> >* i*ne
ap 47 —4Pt Ns 14 West Mara »
IU III 4 ||b» M % IN ft: *4 AN.—W bb:n pare Cuter Vine
* t»». receiving ia More, and Bw sale by
■J I BlrWFLL ft Mc4. ANDI.WH
Aft |T,( »R RENT. Tbe house at present oe.
*» K T »• *'hotefc Hal (mean of
rraulia aad USth oreeia | The house w la rcr aad is m of the
mom pteamnt ponton* of the elty Beat n,r moderate, or I.rsw
apply to
ay *4—«f_JOSH k WIMHTDN.
RENT—A front mom ovei my store, suit, I
M. .Me for .a »S«. roaoeammi (.yen aaamedmiaty
_ “t 13—“_JOHN N VAN LBW.
•r» ■*« *•« 40 Ike Kickance H a ah. walk raakt room, aad
a Mac kitchen. Apply ua my IJ—a SOBT NUTT.
M |T*OR RENT, and poMHeaaion given 1st
**• hoom oa 13th atraet. at present occupied
ky Ike sukerribara.
***F 3—tf__ W. M. k a C. HARRISON
Aft Ir'^R RENT—and porwcgaitm given in a
* r'm —A SCSI awl ha ml.o me rraadrarr near Ike
roraer of Sal and Mna aireets, suitable for a am* ll family Apply to
J? 30 __ tlf'H’D HI LI- Jr
FHlIIR demrabb- family remdeaea oa IBlk atraet. bow occupied by
N Ibe aubaeriher Pnaaraamn given imuarilialely Apply to
— *__ IIENRV rwno.
Aft I tJR SALE.—A very desirable resi
shsst ose mile Northwest of the city, with foar
teree of land attached. The bourn m weU bul l aad commodious,
awi within a fr* niauirt walk of thr Bapnai Colirg*.
For Urm». which will be made .v -ommotUtuir. apply to
__ IICHAlil HILL. Jr
Aft The wootien dwelling house on Grace
Ru'"r< between 4Ik and SUi ala., at prrarut occupied by Mra
_ *T'h*' r«bl '• CJ'il) awl poaaeaeioa ran be lud about Ike lit May.
Tlaiw who wiah to test raa are ike bouac by calling oa Mra. Drear.
_ t lu—lf TRY k CXI.
Aft Et^DR RENT.—The brick dwelling house
at preaant orrupied by Ike Rev’d Mr Stile*, on Grace
KUret Tkia bouae baa three room, oa liar Oral floor, with a dry
baeetnenl aad S or 6 chamber., with a wan tardea, kite lam. ke
Rent •4U0. and poaaraaaon naay be had oa let April.
mb 3—tf , II. W. k J. J. FRY k CO.
Aft |d^(>R RhlNT.—The desirable Dry Goods
R,°'« formerly orrupied by Mr B. H. Jrnklaa. comer
of Main aad 14lh Street*. Than Store laaa three floors. flaiahed in
U* bew syle, and with every conn meace for the Wholesale and
Dry I*on«l*buaiaeaa. Foraeaaiun can balaai itunedialely.
_nik du—a_H W fc J J FRY k CO.
fd,°R REiNT.—The upper part ofTene
*- meat occupied hy J W Marahall’k Co. oppoaate the
Richartoad aad Frcdcrickabuic Depot rue lama apply to
Aft The bcautifiil, comfortable, extensive and
convenient bouee and lot oa Franklio street, the late rear
dmee of Jatara W. Cry rain, dee'4, now in exrefleat order It will
beakown to any one wishing to purchase with great phaaurr t_
Cl tiler of the aui.acnhrra. aad Ike term a made known—and a p*.
tic ular a I ami nation of tk* preaiaaea will be its be* re< nmuar wlauoa
Je 93—dtf Executrix and Executor of J W. Fegram. dec’d.
npOR RENT—Two STORKS .in, W The
■- Eirhange Hotel, well aulted for Grocery or Fancy
Store. Pomrai mu given immediately , apply at Una t Mice, or to
l»w_ II W FRY.
THR following case ia of a deeply interesting
character, and haa attracted the earnest at entinn and csaute
natron of several of the fink physicians of New York —
Captain Annas* J F. Tessa residing at No. 70 ilndge street.
Brooklyn, is in Ins 7fit|i year, tie Use generally enjoyed robust
health, bat about three years sines, it began gradually to fail; a
I* nural weakucw. and taaaiiude teemed to come over him. acconi
panted with dej r. wwn of spirits. Isms of appetite, inability ta
• eep. foe, noon follow,<1 Medical aaa.s:ancc was .ought, and Dr.
Joba W. Francis, of New York, was consulted. The usual re
medies, such as rnpiotrs bleeding, foe . were administered, though
without the desired effect, as Captain Tombs shortly after fell .town
ia the force, insensible, with a seeere apoplectic lit On partially
r> covering from the efforts. he noiired, for the first time, ihai a
putt Inn of bis leit side was apptrenkiy dead and. on lu,trier er
(juiry. bis physiuans pronounced lua case to he lhal of combined
Apopn-ry and I'aralys.-s. The para'ytic symptoms rapidly mrieaa
ed—the arm. and limbs became atfrcied—md<ed, the whole of one
Sid. of ihe body was lifeless, and shortly after he nperienceJ an
apopieetir fit. mote seeere than th« first, and for several hours lua
Ide waa despaired of. As mailers gmw worse, physicians seemed
to da less lie was now unable lo walk without amnunrs, and
rouU neither feed nor dress h mwli a erne . ha was uaah-e m art I
culale -liein tty. and his sight was marh impaired. Ilia physicians
among whom were Dr John \V. Francis.c-f New York, aad Dr
Wm II Hunt, of Brooklyn, coasadered his case as entirely hope
has and beyond human aid.
Snrh is a simple and uneiaggerated statement of the sitoatioa of
Capum Tombs, in July hast, when he fine heard of the Dalranic
Kings and Magnetic Fluid. Hia family were desirous to try the eg
Is-unss-M. and for that purpone pare based a fair of the lialranic
Bracelets foe ibe wrials, a pair of the Hands for the lanba. aad one
bottle of the Magnetic Fluid. In '■!* hoars after using these articles,
feeling was perceptib'e in the paralyzed parte, aad the perspiration
broke out In five days he was enabled lo lattr h s arm. and use
lus hand and in thrse weeks. In- was able to walk alone lie
now begin to apeak distinctly, could see clearcr.snd in ereiy re
spect was unproved A period of over s.i months haa now etap
fod.during which lime no symptum of Apoplexy lus been apparent
— he is enabled Intake regular exercise, and all his imputed facur
lir« have hr*a reatoieU.
The following is from a clergy uiaa, well known and of Jistin
gushed alta nmeats and reputation
EtPntr, N. J. July IS, !9«.
Dr. A. II. i ua.ani—Dear Doctor I promised to commimlcate
w.th you respecting ibe etTectsof the application at yourHalvaaic
Kings and Magnetic Fluid id my own ease. The tune is yet too
short to justify my spanning positively iu relation to the perms
mtir,- of uiy core, but lean say lhab since the application of your
Hslvaaic Bella and Bracelets, the whole series of my nervous com
plaint* have brea suspended. I suffered much from chrome rhea
uuUsul bronchitis and dyspepsia, and felt sou.bed Dial those die
orders w, rr ad cuaaected w uh each other through the netvous sys
tcui. I have had none of the dyspepsia whatever since the appli
cation of your Be.I, foe., nothing worth mentioning of the bron
chitis for I have been enabled to resume the discharge of my paa
lonal duties of preaching, nailing, foe much to the .urpnac of my
congregation, and base had but a si^le twinge oi Iwuoftbe rhsu
matisui. I base enjoyed, so fat. more perfect exemption from these
maladies dist rawing as they are. than it has been my lot to epjoy
for years I cannot he von gratnftal to Uod, who, in tun provide nee.
Las directed tie to you.
The immediate design of this letter is to procure some of the
same kind of as-istanee for two of my people. Many of my con
grrgation are affected with nervous disorders ; and sbouklmy cure
b«- permanent, many will he led t . apple to you I have the largest
country charge in the Stale aad my cure haa electrified them so
to *prak rotirelr.
• • % • • • •
[A ticUilor i Re cat** alkiO-d to hr re follow * )
May Hod's blessing attend your lau table efforts, my dear Doctor,
and if you afford relief in these cases, there will be a vast number
of in hers w ho wtM apply. Very truly yours,
OfT S*eve*al Irllers have aince been received from the Rev Mr
Landis, whose beanli has continued m improve and ininy of bis
congiegation have used the galvanic amors With equally happy
Thu Jivin' it of frequent occurrence, and one of the mod ob
atinau* in md teal practice. The effect of Galvan mu m ita relief
i* truly n underfill.
Nbw Yoaa. July 91, 1*4$.
Thu ulo ceitify that for the pad two years I have born at* c ed
n<tb the di«*-asr calbd ibe If ip t'oinpUint. during wlucb time I war
attendedby l>ra leaner and VYatnon. of this my. without receiving
any relief The nrventy of ihr ibvau wav vucfc that I wa< ofch
*ed lo give up my bunatu, and I have oAen lain several day*
without being able to tu a in my bed. Medicine only made me
worae. andl »a* .la »y getfirg more and more helpless. Karty ltd
n inter I precu’ed |lr. rbreii#'* Galvan* Re t a pair of ftanda and
the Magnetic Flanl. ami from the time I commenced wearing them
I begin to unprove ,u hcailh I am non Mnrger than I everWU
prevH>u» to my sickness. and am now to far recovered that I caa
naffer aay fatigue. I would ako - ate that ibr* e iw nth* after com
ni-ncirtg the u«e of the Garv in* Reft ami Fluid. * framed the whole
of lire timter* of a three vtory dwelt,ng I consider Ik t hrmlrv’a
Galvanic and Magnetic f* u> Ji-*tan inva'uatde blessing, ami Uav«
made the above statemest voluntarily an I as a nutter of duly to
the afflicted. «*BnRG* QAITRi*.
No 190, Church at feet. New York.
A danfhter of Mr Hiram Booth. residing in Williamsburg*.
I . was atRicinl with a r*p ual Affection for four fitrib umwaf t>
mow brlpb*«s from ita effete The J tease m vomndered t*«
vondcure by yhy«*>,in« As a la*t rynoit the Ga van * Rett awl
Rirengthenmg Fts« er were n.J awl mthin two tuontlH fr un the
ap|di«att#a of the an, Je# bet own phyt* mm pronounced her in
perfr-t health Tbe Indy has «mce been married, aad lemamo
quite fr»e from all symt tom« of her former complaint.
Fve'y rM,,mn in this pope* m ght be AMed with ^niar tsetuno
mak In ah Nervt u* complaints no matter no w chmu * nr severe
dry n»»y be. the rtftcscy of Dr. Chr*l«e * genuine tialvamc art,
elen i* nil/ wonderful
<*nly ag1 nt* for Richmond
DTV A I* * Pt Rl'F.IX, Hniggwf*. 117. Main At
For tab* in WythevifV. only by We. H Bruts*
F.ip'aun»o»| pctmrhktv may be bad gratis. mli A
5ooo ii'iirr"’’ rtr-ss”
J00 Ik vttra do llama
Just received ami for mb* by
*s nanii. ft acAmun
17 El KIN Kll ,h,.n morning, thr* Spring alylr
■ S of II AT. r.oni Rrrto * « w.i oMm apy.nrri mtm'ifir
tnr.r r. .l.b, for ►» v ,y »oi, Aumb.Nty, m«»< b. n«M Ham
Urn. « wok.tvi • • •• »»!?»■ Hal. «|N |>bm.r rail at No HI.
»l IM« NVKM. No -7 WM «
«uitiii'ii:i.i> rtrot.
I i I * ’*• h"« NmlM-M Baron
■ xF yoon IN. ... . ,l„ to
inn Ham. «,i to—tm Nun. and Im nN H
"■> ■ __ fil.-WKI.I k Myl'ANUMlW.
■ M<IKM NRl N ivi Mi l. . M..R.4 . .. ,1.11'ffM k
s 4 nmt -laan^.ro' .) mi rteliteAk.t, a OH1 Hr 04 llw tin.
!*l.pp»ta a.I T>». ter lain »bok •>» bo wol a< only (l ...
raw aril ju'pah mvku. n« »r w«»i Mate m.
OlTA u*TN. Ian ryrr,rrd k law kateind
ktmbrN ot Ryu- Date iTim
a, .1 MteniNM k NN.n K
n\ EXPRESS—VVr havi* tin. <1 tv tci-'irkd
I can of Sr.uuful R.r* a«l) k n Prarl knatte
ANd. Frrwk « aiknna.
Oantna < 'rap. Hbawte, ami
U>< Mu. I. Oiyynter Nktraa—wbirk May w team, M
t LATStOF k VAN Mtl RH'N i>,
•I« No IHUaRmt
i 1
■ LI r* kS Ha/ttnune. PKilmdtl
pAm.Mtm id ... fcial
EXPRESS.—The public nr* inform-'
<■4 tint we have e.taLimbed A DAILY LINK rwnTTmM^Id
imenn-J.aic place. 10 Richmond. Pclcber, KaW,,a. W.'m.aat- a
f hartewoa. for . At. tot Urn etmreysne* of Merebaadte*. Sperm,
Ha«<a«r. At. W. trader our ibaak. to our <imtom.ro to, Um
liberal patronage we base race• red. aad Wipe auil to mem tb.it
N. • —Tbow banal (oedo lo mad North wtb pleaae ami them
to llm orhc.. or laare word by 'J or lor a. P. M
_ PHILIP J Bl'c-KRY. Areal,
ttfoeo No 7, Kirhanf* Baildtaf. my lb_tf
^i ■ lmve oomr- very aaperiar
Preaib I'alfokm aad Moracro. which I will ke phased to make op
for lLae* IB earn of mmmthwf really Aba. Voa that ha** Cora*,
btrawaa. foniy. oy rl.nematic feet, call; la fact, let all that wear
Boom Of Shoe, made to eutt their fret, rail at No 7, WaU Street,
•ader the f ry Hotel I'oenlry Merrbaaie raa lie sappiied with
eie -llaat rtaanel Houte aad Sbo*a by lb* do ana or Otherwise aa
low aa they can be pure bawd m Um eity. Hoys' more on brad or
“tad* lo order at abort aoticr.
N. ■— H.ralnef |prffml or wwed) dea* neatly with ■ lil h.
on moderate low my |Q_ _YAM. WAl-ttei
jV'«»TI*:K—The uatler.ifar.1. lUernion of lbe mat will and
^ ■ te.tatnecii ol Kdward t'oieman, late of tee coy of Pbifodei
phia, deceaeed. hereby notify all whom M may roarera that by
eirtue of Ibetr power* aa Rieeaiora as aforesaid, and .n pursuance
of the Act of the General Aewmoly of Vtr(,am. entitled “ Aa Ae|
u> facilitate the transfer of Stork ,u tee pent Mock rootpaaie. of
Una State." paaw d Urn I Ate day of January 1847. they will on oe
after the ISihday of June neat, ranee to be tranelerr. d. to nu k
persons a. may become the purchasers thereof, ail the much ua tee
Richmond, Ptrderickabaif At Potomac Railroad I tinyany. .und
ine on the hooka of mid Company in the Banin of the -act Kd
rnund Cobunaa. doc d. GGUKGi: W A SPIN W A 1.1. I _
f* 9—W 4m Dl A At; IIA7.UUIIiRAT. $ E* r'
T«Jabn,Jaaayh,Pally,kally aad I.ncr iarrar,
childrea of Flraaing ■arrar,der’d:
'A/'OU are hereby notified, that you art: interest.
*d in a mil now depending, nub. c.rcuil superior court of law
and Chancery, for Neiaon County. State of Virginia. in the name
of Wyatt Hare against John Maiwll ard outers, the heirs of Per
rta Farrar, the eater dee d., and that un i s you make inunrltn
known within yia months from Hus day. you will, by presumption ■<
law, be take n for rfev», and Hie n.taw of met Perrta Farrar tb*
ekferdec'll, be dis'nhu'ed accor tiogiy . tins nonce ugl.en by order
and decree of said Court. You will, therefore, tf alree. cummitm
cate the fact to me, a'ao tlm place of your resnienca. ant your in
terests will be secured. Direct to (.'ha*. Pc-tow, Lonncitna, Va.
Dac.SSih, I84A. I 'll AS PF.RROW.
de 79—w-Ani_ Com’r.
JN Hfoiiover Circuit Superior Court, April 7tb,
William N Wei ford and Bebeera P P, his wife. Pdfs,
William Aruiintend adm'r with the will anncied of Wdliam Boyd
dee'd, and other,
ll appearing to the Court, by satisfactory evidence. that Edward
C Mneby. Elee r of W limn Chambr layne. m-c'd. xuiln iahaUi
tant of tbi» < -1,11111,onerra nil i >a ihe mot on of the PUinuffa It ia
ordered that the rmd Edward C Moaby. Eree't.aa aforesaid, Jo ap
pear heie oa the lirat day of Oetoh, r term aexi and anewer the b,ff
of the Plaintiffs. and that a ropy of Una order be fonhwiih laarrt
ed in the Richmond Enquirer, ir Richmond Whig, newspapers
publi-hed m the eity of Richmond, for Iwo mon'he suecrmirriy,
and Hint another copy tv poated at the front duor of the (hut
Hook of this county A Cup> —Trate.
V IKCiINlA:—At rule* held in the* Ulrrk'a of
▼ fire of the Ciceuit Superior Court of law and I lummy for
Buchiegham County, on Monday, the 3d day of May, 1817
Cejige W. Kyle, p,lf
Richard II Gilliam, adin.uiatramr of latUrbrny llardiman deed,
and John llantiman. llfu
The de't-niant, John llardiman, not havi^ entered bin appear
ance and given avcnrlty according to uae an of Aaaerably and the
Rulea of Una Court.and it appearmg by aatiafartory erdearr ihat
he ie not as mhabiuoi of Una oouairy It ta ordered, that the raal
aberni defendant do appear at tbr Ruin m he tn.dea for the ..id
Court on Ihe foai Monday in Augnat nett, and snatver ihe bill of
the plaintiff; and Um a ropy of taw order be forthwith n wiled ■■
nnme uewapaper publialied m the city of Richmond, for two rnonrba
aucceamwly. and posted at the front door of the Court bo ik of Una
A Copy —Trate
my 11—w9w__ R. KUlRllK3R.C-C.S C.
VflKlilNlA:—At KuIpm held in the Clerk’s
▼ * Hhce of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery
for Blirbingbani Couuty, on Monday, the Mb day of April. 1847
CharkSie Forties adiu'x of Aicx Fortes, jr. dee d. piaiauff.
John llardiman and RicharJ H Gdliam adm'r of Lit tie beny Har
d,maa, dec d. deiendnaia,
/.v CH.fjrri* r.
The defendant, John llardiman. not having entered his appear
ance and given m-rnnty. according to Ihe Art of Assembly and the
Rules of Una Court, and it appearing by mlisfjeiory evidrnre. that
he ia not an inhabitant of this country It ordered, Thai the aaul
abaent defendant do appear at the Rules to be hoIden for the aa d
Cihiii on tie- brat Monday in Jnly m at. and aaeaser the bill of the
plaintiff and that a copy of Ibis order be forthwith inserted in aome
newapaie-r published m Ihe C.ty of Richmond, for two ui.intna sue
oceeively. and poMed at the front door of ihe Court House of ihm
County. A Copy. Tote
ap!3—w9w_ R. KUJBIOGE, C. C. 8. C.
IN Hanover Circuit Superior Court, April 7th,
James B. Corbin, PIO.
William Arm,ate ad. Adm'r with I lie will aaoeird of William
Boyg. dec'd, wlei waa adm'r wan the wiU anaeird of Richard Cor
bin. dee d and act.ng Etrc'rof Rebecca P Corbin,dec'd. who was
Executrix of Richard Corbin, dec’d, and other, Oita
ll appearing lo the Court, by saliafarmry evidenre. Hut Edward
C Moaby, Etec’r of Will,am Chaiubetlayne. dec'd ia not an mhabi
lam of this ComnmaweuHh: Op the motion of the plaintiff, il ia
ot tie red that the mid Ei C Mushy Eiee’r a saforcra d. do appear
here .id the hrsi day of October term neat, ami answer ihe biU of
Ihe plaintiff. and llial a copy of this order be fonhwiih inserted in
the Richmond Enquirer, or Richmoad Wb'g. aewapa|>ers published
in Use city of Richmond, for two months success.yaly. and that
another copy be poated at the front door ot the coorthoitaa of this
county. A copy —Teat.
_»P *7—w9w_ PHILIP B. WIN8TON, C C.
VIRtilNIA:—At Rulrt held in the C’leik’s of
•re of ihe County Court of Buckingham, on Monday the 3d
day of May. 1847.
lawwui U. Tyler and Elisabeth hit wife, formerly F.liubvlh
llardiman. who ia one iff the heirs at law ,nd diMnbuu ea of
Little berry llardiman, dec'd. puffs
Richard II. Gilliam, Adm'r if LulcWny llar.Iuasii, hcrunf.
and —— -. the Adm'r of William llarduuja. dee.’d, fiber!
llardimaa. Ribsa llardimaa. AamT G llardiman. Prance. Walker,
formerly Prance, llardiman. and her hn.band PI.jab Walker, Mary
Mcf^aly, formerly Mary llardiman and her bu.l.ind Neiaoa Me
Cauly, Anna Tnrberi. firinerly Anna llar.itman ami Gerrpe T Tor
hert. her heel.end. P.ltubeih K.demon tarna-rlr KhraMih Hard.,..in.
ami William II Robnnon, her b’labaad. aa • Wdiuat II llardioiau.
of William llanliman deeraard. ih. hem and diaUibuiee* of
Wilham Hardiman. dec'll. John Hardiman Anna Maddoi formerly
Anna llanliman. fbai'e. llardiman. Uriah llarJman. Geo rye W
llardiman. Chartr. U H.niiuiaa. Puma HanUiuan, Jotia II .roman.
Aamuel Hanliman. W.lUaai llanl nun ami Gaorfo W Hardimao.
childrra of Aamuel R llardimaa. deer and.-. the Adm.ain a
mr df 7 buna. llardiman deeeated. and Aadcrain Ilardiamn. John
P. llanl mar. W iliam Hardiman.Thome* llanliman. Aamuel Hard,
man. Judith Annth. formerly Judith Hard.maa. and Imii huahard
Aamuel Annth Anna t 'rowdar, furmetly Anna Hard.aun. and hei
hu.hand John Crowder. Mary tin**., formerly Mary llani.iuan. lrd
hrr b .«vand Harden Griff., Aumnaa Hae.dano. formerly Hu-aauu
llardiman. and hrr htaahaad Rra-iu. M Itavafsna. Riitaheth Hard,
nun and Auoan llardimaa. who are the rb,alien, rrpfrmrniatirr.
and Wyatera of Thomar llardiman. deeraard. and ail uf Hum r ■
erpi the drfrmlaat. Richard II Gilliam, and the odm.ni.tralor*are.
uifelhrr with the female pU nlif, the kit. at law aad diau.buu.-o
of Utileberry llardmma, dee d l>|\a.
The defendants,- - --..the Adm'r of Wm HarJrmaa de
ceawd, Ether. llardumto. Rifort IIIid.man. Aamuel li Hard,man .
Praam Walker, formerly Prance, llardiman, ami her huehind
Elijah Walker. Mary McCauly. farmrily Mary llardimaa. aad her
kimimad Nelson MrCauiy. Anno rorbert. formerly Anra liar liman,
ami Gruff* Tnrbert her huaband. Kllxabsth Roberaoa formerly Pli
aabeth Hardiman ami William II Haorraon hrr husband, and Wm
II Hardiman. *on of Wnham Hardiman. ihe hem ami distribute**
<d Wuium Hardman, d«eraaad. John llard.ua.. Anna Maddot.
formerly Aaaa Hard, men Charlea llardimaa, Gmirga W Har iimao.
Jiha llardueaa. Aarnue. Ilardiamn, William Ilardiamn aad Oro W
Ha id man. children of Aamuel R llarduuar. deceased,-the ad
to,monster of Th. ni.a Hard man. dee d and Anderana Hardimao,
J ha P. llardimaa. William llardimaa. Thoau. llardimaa. Aamaei
llardiman Juduh Ann, li, formerly Jud.th llardimaa, aad her ha*
band Aamuel Am.ih, Aaaa Croorder. mrnwrly Anna Hardiman. and
her husband J <hn Crowder Mary Griffs, formerly Mary llardimaa.
• ad her hu.hand Hard** Griff*. Aumnaa Hnr.lsun. formerly An.
anna Hardman, and her huthand Rraarua M lh.vid.nr. Knaabeih
rlaid.iaan aad Aumn Hard,man. who are the fb,Idles, represent.
n».-a ami k fates* of Thomas Ilardiamn. dee'd. not harmf entered
ibv.i appearance ami fivra accanty err utlmf in lb* Art of Aa
rrmhiy ami the Rules of Ihi. Cieirt. and it appeared by ml.f.i'otr
r*Mlerce that they are ant ,11 habitant, of ilaa couaUy It woukred
that ibe .aid ahmnt def. odaa.e do appear here on the #rw day or
Aufud r ourt nett and answer Ho. MM of the ptami.ft. and tbai a
copy of Ihi. order h* forthwith .mwrtrd in mar new.taper publwh
rd in Ihe cdy of Rtrtotnond, for tw.i immth. wccemivrly, and posted
at the front d««>r of the Cou.ih.mao uf ihr* r-mrly
A Copy—Tna
my II—w»w R. MUHUDGB, c. R i
IN thfi 8ti|wrir»r Court of Ohanrery for ikn
■ Richmond Circuit —
Wilham Jeoalaf*. p'fir
Aubleti Ml) ruder ea'or of 7nehinab MrGrrahrr be cane. I ami
.CJoem, deft.
In ibw couw. W.liiour R Wren, one of the 4. (radani. nut ap
tearmf lo be an urhabiioat of rh • Aiaw. « her. by publicly mu die.I
lhal I base appointed Aatnrday, the tYtbday of Jnae nett .nei.ua.
<IA47.) lu commence an,on thrreopoa. under an coder of Cuara
innfe oa the l« .lay of Pebfy IA47 —on ahirhdhy. ki Ihorlorh
AM and ,n me <>«**. he m repair'd In altead with eaebdaru
twate and evideoee a* may bo umful and oecemorr
M H POrnAt'X. Mr drama«a't
R.rkmoml Mae 11.1*47—ctlX.bJ.ine
J«'AP HRCKIXR40—A mmb Mof Havre <cm.ro Coder dhole
I eipeeoeiy for hummer weer CM sod eta mm* *4 114. Mna
Hi reel my 14 All AA MRRfH.ANI
d20 000 MNK PRIN< ,PK * “,xRs
Pee mm why my 1? M W h J J PRY t CO
Aurr OP M PRRIOR cuaaar* cared RACoN HAMA pal am
tar fam.lT am. tar ml* by
mylT WORTHAM Mfll. Oil % cr.
A^IAP of Ih** \iltry gf Menru with Ik* »Mr
. ruasfiaf M malaia*. wHh * M.p cilia* roam betwieu Ream
eras Alvarado, aad Push * P>KS tl aw Jam puM.etmd aad
tar aT by
rnr Id 0R1NILRR ft MUftRIR.

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