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< *rn.. . •« the W hig.
Ilultimure Nlnrkt'la.
Moans v Kvtnuru, May 94.
I navp to rrpoit continued lirinnpap in tlM Klour raarkr’
there being stos to day of 8000 hhla Howard alrorl a! Aj’
wiili no change in City Mills.
Wheal ealiibita ctjual lirmneea. Piime red selling at
an.V. and prime while maintaining the rales last reported.
There is very little When m market.
In Corn (here la a further advance—eilee of prime white
ranging Trout 103 to 105 ceute, and prune red bringing 108.
I *»ta—Seles at €0 ceute.
Whiskey is io bettor demand—sales to day at 3k.
Ilrei Cattle—94 18} per 100 Ibe gross.
Kye Klour—Heirs at 9? per barrel.
Com Meal—93 US.
Bt’We here no despatch from Philadelphia or New
• Yoik.
A S the niiotls of aoine whtmn fricn<lahi|> 1
MM. teisr mu he bused aeravombly by misrepresent.Hons re
•peenog my being lamed out of burnoose. I lake lh » u.ctled lo
suit sani of lbs particulars, as nesr ss my rrcofleeiton will p.ranl,
sod if ooi la the idvaocal words lbs mbstsaeo is tbo saarr
Allot aa absents of anna ihsa a month. (by nlnam.) I tbootbt
I felt Mtuoi snougli lo return lo business. and ».« u> ibe
Wsleh IIoum- to go out on duty, when. alter ibe common islets
toms Were ended. Cap*. Jrnklas said, •■*... I well pat you an flu
lough. ” and thon neat into s detail of a complaint lodged sgsimt
w I 111 my absence) by one B. U. for dander, mb i also, m my aB
eence, was, with others, appointed ss sugiiisncs loth.- Wsleh ow
leg to them hav.ng beta recently so mtsy area and dep.eda
u »ns committed na the cumene.) f, aeeonliag to ley master’s
orders, teiuraeil borne . and also by bu orders, return, .1 sevantt nm •
1“ ,'M‘ Ws tea House fo. a toil investigation of the affair, (loi ted mo.
to n late ) sad winch I IBooghl was all salisfhelocilv settled H I).
e» d II so b in sons/erio>, sod of coarse I concluded ought lo
be t i aU o hm Bui Captain J. said, after nmehuia. (loo lenghty,
as I li.rf.iro mad. for a newspaper relaiioa.) mat be would rkea sue
prod me. us I had fold one of ibe Watchmen that it could not be
Ibr caas of ll. It that ho put me oa furlough si the nisi, neither
c.iU 1 .levies what ,i craft be, usleas ll was voting for Mr. Bolts
Uni had caused linn to act towards me as he (Cape J) had done—for
Ibe rase of II. U.’s I rosenburd as done away ; List Watchman
Went directly u Cap. Jenkins, tod him I said pss.r.ecfy ,t was vot
ing lot Mr Bulls. Tire Us charge was brought against me Ur ss
ssyisg, which 1. denied *■ having yssi< psdy saaf rs. hut that I oh
seined lo ibis Watchmin that 1 could hoi imagine what tltam/J be,
us’/.s K CU far swung far Mr. Bits—which was not pisi/ieWy
"f"f se—for I conM not presume so la sat. unh-se I had beard
- lap. J. my so h.mac If. But fo pucerd After Uung. miiainmg m
that Siiiianoa some days, 1 war suspended fioui the businem- Cap
Jenkins sent for me, and loU we that be dlachaig. d m- from ihe
w,,c|k sod on my wauling to know upon what grounds lie dm
charged me, what crlms I Ind committed—he replied ibe rase of U
!> anj my mcoiaprb ncy fo such an vihce, Ac , and owisg fo, de
Ikh n«y in my intellectual powers, (aa he understood.) Now if
• ’ plain Jenkins has Just fouod out. mace ibe election, that I am a
idiot, or Baaderer, it will prove foall prims who pumessilirre
grams of .ssad sraee, that he must be as great a fool as myself ooi
l» liave discovered the lick of it ia mo bcfoic uc. when I have
been uomi dialeljr under his auspices, and subject to every beck aud
rail, fur the space of an nr sews >esrs. Hist b. bad to wait us'd
b was tokl iliat I wanted capacity to fill such a post. I myself
s vei ikssgkr that lo be a Watchman reunited the laicals of a
Hia’esiuau. or au o slot from the bar to do one’s duly m keeping Uie
PKA**R. Ii.mucs from briag set oa fire, aad robberies fiom heist
minium d, sod if Cap. J. Lad thought 1 had not done Wy duly in
llui respect, s» much as in niy powerhur.it war kis doty to lure
mide co nptaiat of me.—but nune of Idas. Ihmgr be lias bad fo
allege against me, (that ever I heard of ;J but ihe petty_1
ws. iDcaparilatod fo fid Ibe office, for waul of rouiiiiju intellects
sod, as memory, ivcolleciwu, Ac. 1 have Wwo Ireaid the old
oa)isg that a ywr eictim is better than none, tut I think
nave been 1H-IU r, u II plainly shew* to Ibr w.ifld, aa I
liaae said befiin* br lacks, hlinartf, profound arnac not lo have .ha
coyrr.il Ibr will of it in aaa until bo was lokl it—a« he wl,
pkaacd lo mainualr ibo night bo |atna mo my d actwugr ,m
ho.wMir uf nerving under him. Bat at great a liar aa I am no aenac
aa I have, and as groat a fool aa ho thinks me. w.lli.ul any
Common intellect, I .nil have auAcieat lo be grateful to him fur
a.mir past favnra. and resolution enough lo shew to the world
ibol he liaa acted Inwards me in the most abominable (if not
lb.- w icbedesl! manner that one could hud terorded in the annals
01 h.sto.y, to turn a |eraon out of a berth where they Here gel
i ug bread for their helpless Infanta, merely because he had diacm
er.,1 .since being t.dd it) that I puaamaod not the talc ala of a Midi
*m lie Flay, yet at.II enough to know Dial Fa plain J.-nk lu ia nol in
vulnerable 10 renaurr and mat euch c .nducl will in time redound lo
. duadvai.lage and alllio' I don’t with to bo proln. yet I thought
I would, before I conclude, mention one more eirro.ounce, which
(kar, before Capt J brought up the plea, (for lie had not Usa
le-art It.) of my lark of intellect, he adviaid me n> resign, but aade
voat aa I am ol »lw and rrcollertion, I err-//erred unl *, m„ 110
ale. II have II III ihcu power hi say Uiai I turned my—lf out of bu
Sim as, and left my belpleaa family lo starve, i which they certainty
would do if no one rnukl help them mors than I can at the piearnl
tune ) Copt. J'a schemes were deep for the blame to be- thrown land
•bat by myself! on uiy ahmiMeea. but thanks be to God for averting II,
and I hope tbal lie yet will permanently hail where ,i brlooga. ami
a. I am a«r* au idiot, faults in uie (bad I been cm lly of Ibeni. oilglil
1.1 have t>evn looked over aooner than in Uio— of sens*_whereas
■ here are Ibnar in lie Watch lhal Ibe very saaae fauka Ckpt. Jen
kms arriiasw me id lias been proven on them and wlien lukl tnt'apt.
J lua reply was be liad limbing 10 do with il, lei the parties aeulr it
between Ibs-lli—lvts. (wblrh / liiougl.t llfb’.l and a.I ought (,
hers tbs way in Ibe rase of B. I). and myarlf.
PtKONOKKK, on Hip t'hirkiihnininy River 5
mile* Hun llie city of Richmond, on Uie Old Me plow Budge
hold III Hu* county Id II. nnro The Iran roataiah by rerent sei
Vry Ib.ee hundred and ntnnrty nine aura, ‘Jli acres of river and
e.eek low grounds, alaiut Co acres of low grounds, and to acres
of high land in wo ah The grvaler portion ol lire rivaled low
gio.imla are well set in timothy and llrrJe grata, yielding heavy
crop* I.f hay, much of the Mead >w cleared in Uie last t years, the
high land producing very good crops both of wheat ami com, hav
ing Been well improved by mnnnring, clovering, plaao-rieg ami Inn
mg The Kami, ia ita preach I condition, ia capable of making am)
in 1000 buali.'la of wheal, (I lo 370 battel* of rorn and 130 to 150
tK.0 pounds of llay per annum The l.uildiaga are, an eirrUen'l
la., atm oil brick boo—. 9 mom* from baaemeut lu garret, diseon
nreted by a few fret la a on • a'orled wood building with Bvr room*,
kitchen amoke house, k. . all well kwaie.l In a handsome grove of
•fees ol reveral acres, adjacent Ibe garden, both enclosed by eicrl
leu. laanng—a new fritim-.l negro quarter, 4 ro.ni a fraaie barn,
aisiiling for 10 lH.ra.-a.corn crib, two hay bouses, carnage and bug
gy house, extensive and permanent all. ding for Milch arid dry cal
lie Sonic Cl hi hundred choice liud Irena, principally Peach, will be
m lull bearing the neat year ; the old Orchard contains innir ban
fled tree* of various kinds, two an Iw ami several springs of rieel
lem waier. and aa regarila health, tin* placets uneirrptiunablr. This
faun, foe Hi air. min every respect a superior oar, such a one as is
rarely in lb.* market Tboae wishing to bay can vu w >| at any
lino—full powroaion given 1st January Ibid and the privilege lo
Ihc porch*—r of seeding n crop of wheat the coming fall, nr if de
nodi It will brdon* by the prraei.i proprietor* at the usual rale._
I or rLRMrt, which ran lie made very favorable, apply to
my87—ifrliw ... I. v»
fTIHK niiligrrilwr lit'ini; domrou* of <Miiigrntiniv
A to the tbinlh, wishes to nell h.e land whereon he now resides
lyu.g Pi the tounty of Funibi r and, upon the Appomaiinr river, 13
Holes bikiw Parmvillc. H miles fir m the ('onrthnure and 4 mde*
nts.ve Btorry Point Mills There are 777 acres, 110 of whirl I*
river low grounds, nk.HH loo in winds of original growth and some
870*10 pines, whi -li alli.rda an abumlanre of Umber for fencing,and
alsinl loll acre* of iniprov.il 7710**10 lots This land rtirnds and
lira on each aide of the Guinea mad in aa healthy and good a neigh
br.rho.Ht aa any In Virginia. The dwellings a.tuaied immediate
ly o" *•"* road, and it ia a good Tavern a<and, having him kepi for
i he '«*! 18 years aa such . a good stand fora Hlarkunilh ami Wheel
" right, and a good .hop flu each Pbe improvements are good, the
dwelling house .a large, containing 18 moms, and there la a good
k.irbcn ami all other nerrasary houses, suiliricnl for a large family,
a well of ihe Client water in the yard and a good Garden and Or
chard. Il is deemed unnecessary lo givr a more minute dearuption.
ns ihose wishing to purchase will rtinline for themselves; il will
suffice III say, ll ia seldom such a ailualion an I such property are
i. market in Una — etion of country. Them may be a bargain
iMM'gl»l in ibis property, and particuU.ly by ImmeJmlc application
The TPKMd will be B30IMI in cash ai d two equal annual insial
m.nl a fni the balance of the purchase money, with bnndsandgcod
pe-aonal seennly mi l a lien on th* land to —cure the twn last pay
no nt* . the purchaser having Hie privilege of sneding wheal Una
ball and fob pos .-.sum nt Christina*
Vmmt Negro.-* between III and 20 years of age will be taken at
fair market price* tot the largur portion of th - pinch.** mousy,
if desired by I he purchaser. WILLIAM B. CHoWIIKR.
t Miiil.f Hand, Mav Mill, '47. my y;,_t.**
NAY 115.
11 MOO: A Narrative of Adveaiurea in the Bomb Hen*_||y Ber
loan Melville, null! r of "Typer,'' cloth |85, paper Covert • I
Aitlitir Mail.a or the Mother • Tunis—lly Charles Hur.h ll, P.„,
Amt*. 1 of "Lilia llait," Ae, a bcaulifu. bill* volume—37e
Wiki Mporta of the YVrat, with legendary Taira .and l.nril Sketch
ra—By ih* author of "Stones id Waterlm," * pails_i rents
M upturn Mbiatraird l,y Iniristi ng Pacta, Incident a. and Aner
•'•He.—Hy Rev I 'heater Ptrhl, wilh :n Inlrmloc mo—lly Rsv John
T.hM. |) I), n bands,.'ii.- little vohime—7(1 c a
Pale;'* National Toeo.ogy. with arlectinns from the illnatiativr
Noiet and Ibe HiippVtn.'nt.t>y Dias, nation* of n,r Fh.aib-a Mrh and
lend llr. ug hum TM> whole newly nrrangr.1. and edited by Kb.In
BafHeti, M II, with wood ent», ami f.lfe ami Portrait of Aulhor 9
dpark a Life ami writings of George Waahiogiun. vol *_*1 3o
Tire I’irtorial History of Pnglaml, vol 8—14 .0, No 98 of Hie
•Mfiir ft#
Aik ,N<; BACON
■ F Hnpenor muntty cured Ba^on llama, *111811
■ire, Jou aa« lu I. vnp«M»l blown Halt
10 lilela Hi (*i«.it Hugar, prune qua iy
ISO half hru-a Woo'*7 * Hlinrl'a double ’oaf Mng.ir
10 M l« I rual»e«l and l’ulvrn**-.l
5 lif i!« printe Fnttn Rico Molnwi
50 f.oiea Tin ft«l«
Bweiea ami Country Iron R« railing and few aalr by
•n> WORTHAM, MrORCMKR h it).
I^KKHII Mtirin IIuIatiiiI* and Halnrl Oil, jti<4 rft*
■ carlvlof, nod lor aol* l.p | R i N IV/,,
tiff M No 7, Ktrhaafr IIIkI
riNAl.UJW i AM.l l-. - ill.M . .a i i. , | ,.i „ , . , .i
M lnr>. b-|.p m» VV Milt RAfON h I
I r l,i,r.|Hn Halt, lamliH, fiomrii llrrrnwap.
'/U Cam tail la'abria lieoibr, ImUM fmaai fatharinr Wilt
<»t, b III of talnrh *11 tr ro d Irom ihr wharf m a i ,w
">y«S W ANURRdiiN * INI
CtrhaalM llrrk.a.r.
Marl a Ihr Pnondl.af, eomptrto; 7»e
Krtltrr dr Mrdiaa, or ('wan of lu-adoa. l<y Ihr author of |.,fr
or l-ondoo," "Rlh-ii If liman.'* hr part I; W
•fhr Kmclitnf Matdriao.bp Air. Ihitova W|r
Mrrooaraof a Mi rah ran bp hi VSr
Pir lola ihr Prtonorr of ProrwrrN* ort'aptmiy f'aptirr bp I R
Vaiiatalhr with I or*ration* Mr
A IMIinoarp of Mndoro flardmiap bp atrorpr Wdliaoa J.ibaaoo,
w,'h I ■« w vad rut«, rililrd Orth noiM-aooo addition - bp It load
NawrooA Nna or A CWrrat nod rto VVtVr
l«,oillr Attrara, Moira onrtrr PI.Hi.i M of A,.aia bp Parr nr
fr the lOr
Part !W Brant* Nifr *• Merle'*: f%r
Joakiooia Ihr fWlh. a Dinar iirdi-aorr Shr
• rrrirrl no I for rolr bp [nap »•.) (‘ P PlatHPR. Afrni
Rereircf In n4rnRr« rrR Ur wk at
MONDAY, Mat 94.
No. 7 [Hwtey A Sou by Die ten, Ac
Prerbdb nr ibr I'm. mi i>i F. neat nils bjr X B Painlaar, new
nbb.n. w nh iBn«i >,l on—Wr bound 75c
A l<Kikiuiyuf Mn'r a llauV. iny, by S »V Jihaonn— lllw,d
'«« ndlbd. nil It addition*, by |i lamlreili
Med cl Mutauy. or ihnnyimu n( iln iwar uwpo'tial ylmi,
land 1.1 Mi dlciao tnih thru biaUry. ptopcibca. and iiuAiidtd
■MOftailua. by R C timMii. M It. nun iRaauMhuta—*3.73
<boon, a barratry# ut Ad, entire- lu Ihe Hootli Hear by II M. »
viHa. aulltutof "B>p«,4* Vvula—1,1 u
UaHituotr Weekly Wr.rern I'onlinen’. Art May It—He
A war of ( oorotetlon. ky Mr. Buiiav. tele Fanny Ramble—73
els. bound I .ltd
t'onvi raaliona on (lie Farablea of Ihe New Tmtamenl, for the
rhiUtra. by Ml lion laud Stanly—37
Fnlet into tfcy Chwel, ay IMe fbcabau I Wily Companion, cun
siatlaE uf Prayers ami oMeee of I teem, a adapted lu every alalo
«rtenml,.8tn of Ufa: by W Berr.aa. It It. kMWf Tr.nny Church.
Reasons why I am not a Fopiat, or lbe Onirehataa armed aa the
usurp, I ions. tee., of Nome, by Rev N S Riehar.laon—14
laiiani to lie Ri Key John Itufhea, Roman t'aiholte Hiabop of
New York, by KirwiB—14
My f.title l.eography: by Mrs I. t" Tilpill—75
Chapman'll American Hrawmj lluoh. Nu. I. f'naaary and Km
June No. Columbian Mnjaaine. 3 platen—I 43
No. I5M I.MeH4a Irtvlnf Ago—14c
No 3 B mu's Mayer's Mealeo—7Sr
Far)iiIlia AH aja ne the Moo,, unde, Phillip the 3d of Spain 1 an
histoml Romance, by K Scribe—SO
loMulon Punch and Pletoilal Tune, fur April 14 and May I. Toy
No S3 Yankee Boodle. for May 8—Gc
Hiwtun Weekly Star—ti
New York Weekly llerakl-Me
_Plu adelphla Saturday Courier. P.wt, and Oaaeltr—lie
LMITBKHI lllllk*. PURTU lilt tt kl iait. Pnum
R. quality fur ante by
—» *a___INI.OES fc rlRtirilER.
FjJ KKNT.—A small Imuso ut ths cur.
wr of I Ith and Marshal Streela, furtnerly Ihe residence
of i be late Mra Marta Biotvo, for further iuf< uniat ion. eaqaire of
_my 43—d3l_ Mr JOHN WIGHT.
DJ. W, .Tinnr)' A Co. .TIukinRcrw.
BAWN Noa. of Ale 11 loir la, No 44, May 44d. *
19 IS 73 10 53 41 30 34 70 *0 43 37 *1
Alelandna. Nu 43. f ,r To day Capital, R4U.0IM) Tickets *5.
Ptiaoa RStiOB. 3UUU, 24LU, igtf 1250. SOU. 40 uf 300. 40 of 143.
tec. 78 Noa, 13 drawn.
*40,000 Cap.taL Tirketr *3. 78 Noa , 13 drawn. Ticket, for
•ale al Manajen.4 ultice. City Hotel. my 45
For thin day—Two Fino Lotteries.
$ 1 H.000 capital—72 mm, I2drawn. Tickets J*5
8400(5 do 75 ma, 13 do do $1
LUCK’S OFFICE. Wall aired.
Drawn Noaol Pokomoke, 61:
51» I 30 75 20 IC 59 72 2 GO 6G 41 G7
Itruwn Noa. or the m-laware, class 194:
_44 47 19 32 60 59 19 G5 25 21 50 54
C'larkc’M Otlipp, u/A Strut,
lei «B l.ollenr Vender* jay vial (Ary way ;
Por BBLUNU Panaa, CUUiKK C.1KKIK& THF. D.1T! t
I>raWine of Aleiamlrn. class 94:
I'J 18 75 10 53 41 3G 52 7U 2U 25 37 G1
Noa. IO 32 70, at oilier capital of *400. nokl arid paid by Clarke.
Biawmf of Sustet, exlra, 41:
73 74 8 98 8 <16 7| 04 49 47 28 54 44
PI.AHKP alill nulling all Ihe f'npitaalw!
Drawing of Leesburg, 21. drawn last evening at Exchange
59 50 49 23 41 18 78 12 IG 24 52 27 71 19 33.
Noa. 23 5G 59, whole Ticket, $500, add and paid by
Splendid Scheme—New Jcrary.clata 41. Drawing received this
■■vimnj.Tui .rtiy May 85ih. Capital, IJ jJMO ts.OO. Ticfceti *3.
halve, /.in. qr. 1.45. To iwoermv. Wednesday. May 46ib. Capital.
*40,000. Tickets *5 Thursday. May 47Ul. Capital. *5000 Tick
ets *i till and 19 drawn Friday—The ttnuo Tickets *1 Sat
unlay, brilliant Scliriuc. *30,000, 15.000. lO.kOO. 60 numbers and
11 drawn Tie kela *15. for aa!e by III* lucky Clarke.
WJ. It ■ 14441: It A CON l.urk }4 Office— 144b
. Nt., opposite the A llinitilirn.
Let all UHlei) Venders boast of *»hat Urey can do;
BIO HUM 4- CV ran rente errata sad a ell /Vries Too*
For lo-day—Capitals §18,1)00, 6000, 2500, 2000.1500,
Ac. 72 nos, 12 drawn. Tickeia $5. halves 2.50. qra 1,25
Alan ihn little Lottery—84000, 1000. &c. 75 nos, 13
drawn. Tickets §1, halves 50c, qura 25c
Drawn Noa o| the Pukotuoke Lottery, rlaaa G1 :
5G I 3rl 75 20 1G 59 72 2 60 GG 41 G7
Drawn No*, of Deleware Lottery, class 120:
_44 47 49 32 Ml 59 19 85 <5 81 50 54
rI^IIK Stockholder* of l(ti* Hank, til iln ir Into
M. annual meeting, basingrnlertainrd a proposition to estahloli
an office of Iiikoiii t uud Deposit in the town of Ak-iandtta. and
the t*eneral Are* tubly having since posed an act authorising lire
f'tneklioklersto establish such au i ffice, anil to make up the capital
thereof from the asset* of Hie Hank of IVitnmac. a I'.-ininittee of
the Dttectois of thu Hank have visited Alet.ndiia to examine into
the condi ion of the said Bank of I*etc.mac , and tin- fouiimil. e
being satisfied, upon Investigation, that iu a met* ate fully ■ qual to
ila capital, aud Ileal il was eapedienl on the pail of tins Hank to
establish said office, so reported to the Koatd, and the lloird eon
curring therein, lias appmnted TUK8DAY the 25U| May m il for
a special nieiingof the Buiekhoi leis of this Bank, al the Banking
House in this city,to consider and decide whether to establish said
cities, and to do whatsoever may he nee. wary in the premises
The Hloekleildera of the Farmers' Hank of Virginia are, tln-re
fore, respectfully requested to meet al their Banking llouar, al 12
•■'chick, on the said ‘25th May, fut the puipow- nboec mentioned.
Apnl-.-uth. I8t7. j. o. BI.AIK. t’aah'r.
ap 21—Ila nut
hnaiw all men ha lhe.se presents, Thai -_
of the-dll hereby appoint- lu be- substitute and
proiy for and in -name and behalf, to attend a special meeting
of Hmckboldt re of tile Farmers' Hank of Virginia, to be hr d on
tin* 2.ith day of May. 1847, and In-name and tiehalf lo vole
on any questions which may arise at aanl inerting, and for the
rlerlion of any Directors then and there to he appointed.
In witness whereof — have hereunto set- hand aud seal
this-day of-in thu year 1647.
Healed and delivered i
in presenee of —:— i
On I 4lb Slrr-t-l, under (In- Ctrhnngr lintel.
Drawn Nos. of the Suren Delaware Lottery, Kxtra Clxaa
No. 41 :
75 74 2 38 8 GG 71 64 29 47 28 54 44
Ticket 29 47 75, another small prize sold al thin Office.
Drawn Nos of the Alexandria Lottery. Cdass No 24 •
19 18 75 10 53 II 36 52 70 20 25 37 61
Drawn Non of the Va. Leesburg IcOtfery,class Nn2l:
59 50 49 23 41 18 78 12 16 24 53 27 71 19 33
TUBHDAY.—Tin- New Jersey IziUery, class No 41. draws to
day at Jersey I'tly and the drawing will bareceived tomorrow.—
t 'apitals 925 OOU. .4000. 3000. 2b00. 1040. 10 of lotto, hr., he_
75 Noa. 12 drawn ballots. T.ckt-la *5. liaises .>,.40. qrs |,as.
WKDNKHDAY.—The Alexandria Lottery, Clare No. 25^ draws at
Aleiandfia on Tuewtay amt the drawing will be received here on
Wednesday. Capitals 928.000, Stum, 3000, 241 n. 1700,1108, to
of 12.40, he. 78 Noa, 13 draw s haikua. Tickets $5. Iialvcs 2.50
qrs 1.25.
THI KHDAY—The New Jersey lottery, rlaaa No. 42,draw* at
Jersey City on W.dnewlay and the drawing will be received here
on Tburwtay. Capi sb *220.000..4000, 24nn. 1088. to of lotto,
he. 78 Noa , 14 draw n ballots. Tickets 25.h atvea 2.50. qra 1,25.
FRIDAY.—The Va. Mon nsaha lottery. class No 21, draws
at Alexandria on Thursday and the drawing wot be received here
on Friday. Capita', 97000. 66 Nos, 12 drawn ballot.. Tickets
9.'. htlviia I, qra 50
HATI R DAY.—Ticket* only 21 —The Va. Leesburg Lottery
Ritre Class No. 12, will be diawn al N. rfolk on Friday and tlie
dian in: Witt be received here on Haturday. Cai ital 94.000. 75
Noa. 13 drawn ballots. r chela 9l.halves 50c; quarter* ?5c.
Also on HATURDAY —The Hnsaes lislsware IzMiery. extra,
faaa No 43, will bn drawn nt Wilmington. Un). on Haturday and
the drawing received here on Honda y Capital. 24,444 7A Nos.
13 drawn ballots. Tickets only one Dollar, halves 50, qra 25.
8544,04)0 !
(66 No Lottery. II drawn lulloia ineacli package of 20Tickrta.)
—The Venndna Lottery. cUre No. 22, will be drawn al Alexaa
dna on Haturday and the drawing will be n-ceived on Hunday —
Capitate *50.000, 14.000, 10.000,5000, 2,360, 10 of 12110. he —
TI chela 915, halves 7,50, qra 3,75.
VT Ticksu and Hharra in the Loticnes of which the drawing*
arrive on Hunday. foe sale at tins r iffiee pH 9 o'clock on Haturday
ivcmng and the drawings ready for ina|icction eatly on Moult*
tn orntnc
Outers fioni the Country rar.ioatng the rash or rf,t* Tickets in
Maury h t Va Isortenes promptly attended to amt the drawings for
wanted when r. quested
A liberal discount on piekage mica. Friars rash. <1 al sight.
_m,f _ No 3 Kxchange Place.
W^k KK'«V \IU>.—Striivnl Irom Ui6
aiibrenbcr on lire 6th of April, a smill bay
id* 4 1 mark, rt.iher low in oril. r. with Un- marks id Hie col
tar, and a lump on tin bark imm Hie Hsddle. and hnqw >h. „ „,ta.
mg in the left bind leg Any -me r.mining the rest Mats nr giving
Information so lhal I get her again, shall rrreitr the above reward
and the thanks of KRAHMIIH IMWKLfe.
Powelt's Tavern, May 21,'47. my 22—r*.ll4tif
r F—The Mare l( suppnecd in or about lire vKinily of Rich
■WWl jjt |s
<1_^^|4^I0)>I Iho Htnlilp of Olwny Smith
Jt* n" Basin, a Mouse colcnid MI'I.F. with a
' -J ' ^ h'ltsi. Man*, has a Mark slri|>e down the* left
ahmibler. and very Ion* ears, ami carries her head very h gb Had
a srne on one shoulder worn by tin rotar. ami her sides show the
marks of the gear. Wb «-vet shall And any thing of said male will
confer n great favor by rend ng information to her owner. John M
Trf»i I an, l».»rrr Villa, (Jonrhlmaf
Tin Dollars reward Will be paid for the return of aid Muir by
lh» cm off
Hy thr Lieutenant (iiwrrnnr of Virginia.
m.KKAH, Andrew MichfiH, Jr. .in<l W i|.
I'*m ' hnmprnn, ruth ... m hayr hr. n rkd.ll nn thr
‘fvn day nf April lax. Ihr ttrlrfatr i» rrprrarnl ihr I'minty nf Mn(.
fan in llir nrn l.r norat A»mnl> y, hrrr rralfnrd rarli h.a r.fhi
lil>r and . U ni m In rrprrrrnl Ihr aanl rnnniy and ha*r r, I
llx naur nf a will for a aprr,al rlrrtlmi in Mi ihr raranrr an rrr
Thr "b. rifTof Morgan rnnniy la ihrrrfnrr rr.pi.md in ranar an
rhtrl.na In hr Im’d In Ihr mid rm inly, nn ihr fhoith Tin radar in
Jimr aril, fora |trlr*alr in xip|dy ihr railraran.y.
I flirrn nndrr my hand aa l.kinrannt ffr rrritnr lariinf
aral Jin ihr al.arnrr nf Ihr flora mor from ihr aral nf finrrrn
wr^*. 1 mrnl | and nndrr ihr kamrrrainf ihr I’nmmotiwraNh
ai Rirhmnnd, Ihlr trnlli day nf May, la Ihr yrat |*|7
Ity the Lieutenant timernar nf Virginia
W HKWKAH a vnr-.nitry hath iKVtirrnl in Ikn
▼ ▼ flrnrnil Ararml-'y nf Hi-a Hlair. by Ibr rraifna nr* nf Pay
rim M. MuIlr.I at.- Ihr Prnainr foi Ihr IMatilrl rnmpnard nf ihr
I 'onalma nf Washington, NtiraMI. PrMi and Imr I h-HhrnlTa nf
lh« mid rouMmn faapradf Mr. air ihrmmrr .rfri.rd |n raaa* Mar
•torn in W hr Id on idir armnrl Tbnraday in July nr It. for a Hrral.o
l« aapvfy Ihr raran. y afarnmnl
t-> Utrrn nndrr my hand aa l.lruiananl Oornnor |ad.a*
\ t 'M ahmara nf Ihr Ouyriaur from il r mat nf flown
[ ^ ' """‘I »"<• nndrr ihr Iran.i malnf IRr I ommo.wniih. M
Rirhim.od, Ihia math day of May. la Ihr irar 1*47
m* H-»'d_ R r HAHIK.I.
MAljp HiTrw, w * IV allllAk i.-io.. ...
RMPhy my J4 ItAVBhpiiRT, Al.l.Bib ft CO j
JW.IUKDOLPII «k CO.# Duukicllrr0, SU
• *»—h. Ifoohbisdrra ami Maae Ik* Ore. Ml. M«,« «w-.
K>ciaw«i.tMtk A#*nt# fur the —Is of Dr Inch * (loot and Me
dlclr^a Tbslulow.tf ar* the a*tail prices -a liberal d»r< net
lu d : t« PuyaKuj. MatcUata. aad others, wloksya ta>g* iuaa
A UN-ucas Ptactar — Famiy Physician . bring tbs RcjenUAc
•y.iemsf Msdkiseua Vrgeuais Ttu* pl*». d«.if aod for all clss.es
—embracing the r|*ra«ter. cau»« *, symptom . *«J Its.laws! of
the dossass af am*. wuatra sad <l«.kj>« a of all d.auu^ by W.
Beech. M. II, with IM sagiavinn*.—pans R..UO
Tbr mom. us>s. sad price* o4 tbr Mtdaosrs arr as follows
Pwlw* narv Powder «* Hv:up—fo, colds, coughs, ronraaiplion,
Bp t iagof t*Asud,piia is tb~ l>vtsl,4e—76c
Pu'artatiy Hyisp—1,60
Alterative Powder or Pa Warn—for all impurities of the bk>ud—
for Scrofula. Hall kbruai. srakl head, ttbeuiu ills**—'or Mercurial.
ByphilUic. aad erupov* duwasr*-w bile swellings. freer sores. fl«
tula*, aad aUcutaneous aflrctioa*—76c
All* rativo Hytup—I 50
Restorative Wias HiU.s—fuc all nervous c in dalata. gearral
drhitlty, dyspefuoa. weak luigs. all fcasab- com, 4s iota, kc—1,50
Powders to make tiit'sr*—50
fib* Bo-ouaiy—for llctuorrl—nis of Pika—aa internal aad aov
« reigs remedy—1.00
W- utralisiag Mtlisle aid Nurmry Medicises fur cbok-ra Mor
bus. dysentery, diarrhwa or Summer cou.pU.nt. and for rvUi in
chiklr. a. iud rad by teething or death toe—50
Fever nad Agio-Powder*—lor Intermittent or Bilious Fevers—
Diaphoretic nr Fever Powders—for all Fcbnllc and lufUiuma
lory disease*—50
Diuretic Drop*—for travel, aad for all affect*** of (lie K «la* ys
—for cystitis, Hews ur.a. aad all urinary diseases 50
Anu Hil.ous Family I'bystc—a co tuple la substitute for Mercury
in all diseases <6
Vegetable Kmc tic—for colds, fevers, InHimmalory comiUinls.
fce — .6
llej etic, »»c Liver Pills- f r all Liwr coinpbunts, kc— 50
Kb. musi c luqind—(or Rheums tom. speuas. Spinal Irritation,
white swt Iting. ague in Uie (ace aad breasts. Paralysis—50
Rh-unnue Pill*—(or acute aad chronic rheumatism—50
Mudorilk Tincture, or Sweating Drops—for ppm-at colds, fevers,
Infl ittuuation*. peurisy. neura'g*. bilious colic, gravel, kc—50
Worm Powder—for pin. laj*e, aad conunoti worms, and also for
aM diseases arising from mrr— It
Cough P*Dw—for colds, coughs, bronchitis, pain and tightness in
the chest, kc—.*5
Nervous Pills—for Neuralgia, and all nervous diseases—25
Vegetable Anti Bilious Pills—for all biliary diseases, costive ness,
dropsy, kc—25
Anti Dyspeptic and Tome P.ils— for dyspepsia or Indication,
Habitual Costiveaeas. Ac <Ll> of Ui^uraiach. heartburn. pain in
tbs brea'l atid side, diaxiuena, kc—60
Cough Drops— for co.de, coughs, sUielure of tne lungs. Isflam
mat tun or Irritation id the bronchial tube«, consuiupl.oii, kc—50
liritagjug Plaster—for all deep ■ mated paias. lailimiuation of In
tenial Organa, Hp.nnl Diseaws. Dsafacss, Diaeinrs*. kc—641
Female Ptlts— lur chkiriais, ami other female rout plaints—50
l a tor rlt Powders—for catarrh aod ail obstructions in the bead
Anodyne Fills—for l rnn|M, Fits,kc—50
Compound Ilians Poultice—for liifLauiiuaUoa of the Eyes, burns,
u cers, kc—60
Expectorant Drops—for Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, kc.
Biown Ointment—for the Itch, Halt Rhcuui, tit Anthony’s Fire.
Composition tbr steaming, for white swelling. Rheumatism, Piles,
Medicinal Chests containing a portion of all the Medicines, also
for *ikat f-rice* from RIO to R«5.
rIMIK subscriber in Iwhalf of, an>l by authori—
A ty from ibe hnrs of the lair l’«»l John Ambler, dre'd, oflVrs
for sale print tig Itiat valuable estate rallrd WYstbam. aitiiat* d on
James River, about nine miles above Ibe city of Richmond, con
taining upwards of 1300 acres. This estate has barn recently sur
v*:yed. and divided into Hirer srpaiate farms . oa«- lying between
lire River and the public road, ktown as the River R*»»d. couiam
ing 5M acres, of which niore Ilian ‘JUO acres an* low grounds, and
lib acres of it comm* of valuable woo! land. This pan of the
r*>atr derivej much additional vab e from tin* extensive wat**r pow
rr created by thr abutment thereon, of a permanent dam (called
It r sj » recu d by the Jumm River lx Karawba ('-ompany —
1 lie residue of the property lying North of the River R* ad, cor suita
entirely of high Ian I. and has been subdivided into two tracts or
farms, each containing about .Hill acres ; upon one of which there
i« a comfortable but plain dwrl mg liuuse; on** o ' ili-*w last mention
rd Uarti contain* upward* of VOO.aad ihe other 174 acres of wood
land, including a considerable |Mirtiooof good ember.
The parties inWe»ted in lie above pr<»|»criy being very drsi
rout of «JT-cling a*ale, fm the purpow of division, liave authorised
me to sell the lamr, cither entire or in separate farm*, as above de
Knbei.for a moderate price, ant upon desirable terms, which will
he made known on application to me, at my office, nr at my rr*i
deuce, corner vf Marshall and I Mb Streets, in tlie city of Richmond
A |0ai of the survey ai*d divisiou will also he exhsbccd to those de
sirous of purchasing. KoBF.KT tJ. NM'IIOLAS.
ap 3«i—cif tf
JOHN R. /)• I9A 1 A/*\ lair of Iti/nr/ibur#,
H WING permanently settled in the city of
Richmond, lenders In* services t » his friends and the public
C* m rally, in the safe of Real Palate, lie will also attend t.. salvs
by Kxecators. I'matrea* and Administrator*', to sab a uudei m m •»
of t'ou'ts, and to ihe private sale of Tobacco and other product*
of tie- country. From In* long experieaca as an Auctioneer. a*d
In* knowledge of the value of property both Rial anl pen own I,
lw doutl* not lu« asrnry in all ca*es will give satisfaction llis
• ‘tllce uiay l*e found on I :l i Is Mrn*L (••tween Cary and Mam
Hirer, next door abuv^ Ibe Whig t »lhc«*.
Messrs. Wrbb, li.v ou 41 1*0.
Mosrs. Mh-iIJs At H.irntuvrsville.
Meters. Gordon 4c. Hkmker. ap 30—clOf
THE patenter of the (ioMen American Eagle
II■ II renl Tabb-a, with India Robber cuthMiia and IG.*> panocl
bed, mad.' by Snam Machinery, rcpectiutly inform, rlie public
■ Ixl b« ha, a number of tbrur beautiful Table, almoM Htmlic.1. an.l
>• au» tillin, up a room with three i„ ibe Kirbantr lloicl. Rich
ncmJ. Va , wli-rr il.me who with In porrbaae arc mr.tcd to try
Ihctn. Th.- puce ranch innrt reaaoratd - in pr.-|,irtion to Ihc work
lb.an ihc old tarhmncd Table*.
The ralcnicc, confident of ihc .iiprrioiny of the lied, and cu.li
ion, of hi, table,, will Haul for re anglt, agamoi ilic Table, of
aay ./Ice walrr for any *11111 from SI rill i„ Sioou, rbc ,n$k f„i iiui
purprm- now i'c|«,,.in| m Ihc l’iiy Hank
N II—Mr <Hr, Field, my agrni for Ihc >ale of Ihc Table, in
Virginia, i, hereby author.red to draw for the above amooal. il'nuy
l»» *n will put up a like amount lu Iv Hanked for.
uiy 13—Im 119, Pulton Street. N Y.
CI*|IE mibirrilicr respectfully nnnntineeK that he
-S- In, comiiirnrcJ llo-t.rncral nonim.xion bu.iucav, and loca
id hiouclr ai No. fill, Mater Mre-trl, llouton. where In
will be happy to receive rom.gmm nr, of Rond, of all d> >cri|.iinn«,
and l,c lni|ica, by rnngy and Ihilhftllnen. to give nrti,faction 19
lliow* win cnlru.l bun w nil ihc duporal or their good, II,, rnn
nceiion with liadn, in lie Mouth and Fart, give him viiprnoi facil
:lm, for ihc traiuartion of the huatnc*, Iq wh cli be lu, ilevotrd
Merchant, ami manufacturer,an rcpccl'ully requeued in favor
him with their paimnasc, and may lie .inured thru all conrigninen',
enliu.led to him .lull receive prompt and laithful attention
JOHN FIAIIB1.A1T. No 89, Water 8l. Ilwion
Bo,To*. April. IP17. my I—d rim if
N II—Cut adruneftl, if JtiirtJ, an t*nuignnn,tt.
SI RAY El) OR STOLEN, from «nir ntnlilc in
Richmond, a Stud MI'I.P., very low, .torn and heavy, nearly
block, with a war on hi, rump near the tail, lorounalion leading
to hi. recovery will be properly rewarded.
niyT—if T it R. CROUCH.
HIiAVK EVE I**iAN—Tat .lie by “
11 WH. r.\I,MER.
TH). *tiImpriin’rs otTer for sale a choice srlcc.
-1- tion of Lira Gingham*, plain and plaid, suttblr for Travt-I
ling dressing*— with a large uwoitu* nt of Frri.cb and Hrotrh Gmg
ha®*» WARD Al JKNklNH,
-y ^ __ 141 Kaglr Htjuare.
•loliu < . Kntlkcrloord,
WILL in future* attend the Courts of Louisa
and Fluvanna, an well a. Ihow of Goochland and Powlia
lan, in which he hat here toforr practtsril.
Port Q*ce al laKt leimon.1, Goochland np 13—ewBwif
A Valunble hitrin in !*»«» Iititn n, lur 'u|TT
rFHIK mihscriher wishes lo sell the tract of
-M_ Kind on which he now n ruH lying in the county of Tow
liaUn on the Appomnttot Hirer, 45 miles from Petersburg, ar.d
about the mu* distance from Richmond. It contain* 7 M acre*. of
which about 5200 acre* nre tl it land, noat of it vary fertile ; 5250 or
300 acre* of wool land, nod nn unusually luge portion of Improved
or minurrd land. The improvement* are veiy couif*. table a trry
good dwelling house and all neccmry out house* for th- aceoen
modation of a family, w rvants’ house*. Tobacco bouses, and an ei
tensive Orch.ird of rtno fniit. Any |»«r*nn wishing to purchair
will phase make application to the subscriber. at In* residence, or
address him by letter directed to Macon Port office. PowMUn.
3*|k* TKRMA of ml* will hr accommodating li this plantation
is not s iltl privately before the 52dof July, it wr*l be offered pubttety
ontfee pnm ses.on ti»at day Tilt >M AS PAfiK.
my 11—wulif
Another important letter from
BIVtRUI A—RP.AI> IT—Wi are daily rc-civina t.-.l.mony
like the following from Ih.- North Month. Tj.i and tVeat.
Mtttrt. Hrur x Urn—ikMInm—I wa» rltlrclrd with tathma
for li yrarv. and Ird tried ever, rrme.ly in ihe aonniry; I luid sho
hern lo peerral phywciaiM. and fnssd m relief whvrver. I vu
afflicted at iimraao >cv. irly, lhal the blood w.’Ubl gu.h from my
rn.ee, and my bieaibia, w i. il.Skuli. Indeed the diwae-had ga.n
ed w» murh on me ihai I despaired of r»«r |etl tig well, when I
chanced to get a tun lie of "Wiaar'i Ha hum of Wild Cherry." which
«d itala perfect cure, ami I now conanh-r myetlf pe if,icily anti ml
Tina can be proved by numt ei. of men in Pranblin county and its
vicinity, and I Hi nk it my duiy in let it be known
Frank in to , 6a, November 19, ISIS.
Kc careful and get ilie grnninc Hi W.alar'e Raiaamof Wild
t'lterry. None genuine, uaiesa aimed b, I. IIITTS A.ldr.-aa ad
order, lo SKTII W. NlWI.f, Hi Mon, Mam For .a'o by
»y *1 OA1 N 'K k \\ l M ill
10 ca«e« t mnmon and Mi .lmm
52 eager plain lllaclt rfilt
I cam rich Prrnrb Icory Handles p w sale low by
•* KKNT, KINl»Alsl« * AIWATF.R
HI. %4 K -1 5 I; 1*1! AN— 75 (pistols Vflnrfe Rye Pcs*, jur
received and fbr aile by
my 2J II k f.1IIVIV
\\ \ M i ll.
^1^*) purchase nr lure n jpkmI active female
M. House fevvanf. one that ran lie nett ire- nmi*twfed. apply to
•by I A— 3w No 7*» Main sfreef.
[if RS. M. E. AtOTTLKA In intr —
.Inee Ihe «• III • K INIOIAtl Hill Sf: •• to the rni
lent of Richmond . under her manigemenl ale h<»pes to make if
sgreeable to those who may favour if with their patronage Thr
•libation which if . ecu plea is convenient to the r it r »• geneiatVy.
I he woe fr» the in veiling eommu dy . and lo rendrr it a pba«nnt
H'MNMVNf; flOYTftr, will be her c midst* endeavour The
' HI CKIMill Ml llolfr R" ni>v be blown at the l»le W*fk
N*'*l: hut nr»d*r dt re w natni* and 'be mietyrus-nf of Mr • M
f M4lUp. H M offered fur the pair •!»*■>' of fbr coins of Rub
mnnd and her emn ry fro n Is my 14—elm
i*. e. im iTinn a ro„
IgrrnMi• In Mn. Bwalhmey.sl hlnnlil .inn.l,
scar hhhehor Warrhanw.
II MRRBI.I.AS—Tht, Say receierd a fr»«h mi-plv of Silk lad
J Bingham i mt-retla, dipret fro* Ih, mv»tit|c ory for *al» tow
at Whrtmah, or retail. my «l i MoirrilRR h ls>
V Y invite the .Hawn >n of wraag.ra vtaiiiiig tit cityioilw
.hove .. ebfale.l Plan. Forte, lor the aa'e of which we an- the e,
fafvaia ta th*. «.ly. We warianl Ih. m mi be .nlem.i lo imss
gear a»U in Virginia, and al lower price,
■r 'l KRINRKR h MORRIS, hi Ma.nrt.
(Mkmmm* l» J. Cl. ciregwrjr * l’*.)
onw «a icrnr nm. mcbmokd viboinu.
nitiulflrriii Hfhfwri,
WMO-H/im-l, UOO.
AI.RXANftBIA urrruv rla. N.. fa, 1117, lab. drawn
at AWtaadna. Matarday, May »!l, lit;
M Nl’MIiKK urrrRtv;
11 drawn Numb, r* la aarh Parka*, of iwraly Tkkrta'
I .. ftU.ooo
I. .4u.
I . .«*U. IO.CHX*
I . .. 5 »*oo
. r.’oo
■••of.. bun
Wrf. Soil
'*« Of.. SfIMJ
hr. Mr. Mr
TWlrta vi.-. lultrn T.so.qro J.M. nibiln I.H7 A mlih-Uior
■ package or '-•« Whole Tlckrt. *130 4o of balere. qutrtrn owl
tifUUiaiB proportion
Ihup, init.
6:15,000, 14,000. 10,000!
ALEXANDRIA LOTTURV, Clam No *», for |h47—to bo b,.,
Jum Jib, l»i;. 14 Huou Noo ta each Package ulM Tic koto.
Grand Scheme.
I rnacuf.»v,.in,u
1 ....4n.Itf.ooo
1 ....4o. 5.000
I ....da. 3.500
• rmr.ur.(isoo
*° ••••*>. IOOO
*« ••••*.. 300
VO ....do. 400
40 ....do. 300
I irart* mu—anarea >a proportion. i Vri.ftcal* of a parkaar of
JO Wbotaa klfo do. do. baler* »C0. do. do. >|Uan«la H.
• 30,000, 10,000. lOof 91000 !
AI.KXtNIiklA UfTTKRV. Ilwlg. for 1*47—to be drawn
Jut.r IXib. 66 So. Lou fry—13 Draw.! Ballou.
SpUndid Scbrrno.
I rrtxc of..930.000
I .. . .do.10.000
I ... .do. 3.000
I ....do. 3.300
10 Friar, of..9,1000
15 ... .do. duo
*«.... do. *50
k(. kr
Tkk*ca *10. halm J, qrt l.'n A tVrtideate of a package of
SH Whole Ticket* 1*0 do Tt halve* <3 do quartet, *7.30.
Kr <>rdrr* for r*ckagea. I art ilk.lee. nr einair Ticketa, la the
aboee He be mo*. addreaaed lo lbe uadrraigard. ahead. <1 in by cetera
of Mad ; and erheo requeued, an account uf the Draw lag* forward
ed no auna aa irceived Aiblreaa
J. W. MAt’RY k CO. Mauagera,
_Marc.h 17. IH47. _ R,chmoad. Va.
DKR. Rlehmuad, Va.
f |V||K alltullaa of Ihe I’ubllr la requrttrd lo
A the following ooagiufkriit l.o.lenea w bn diawn ia May. IM47.
under the waaagenaeal «f J. W. Maury b Co., auccamor* lu J. U
Gregory b Co.
•30.000 !3.bOU. 10.000.
AI.KXANDRIA Claaa IMS, for 1047, to be drawn al Alexandria
May HO, 1847.
00 Number Lottery and II dr*wu Number* in each Package of
HO Ticket*. Ctritei.*— 1 grand Cartial of—
•300(1".Whole Ticket*.«I3
1 of... 13.000..Ilalvta...7,30
I of....lu01)0.Uuartere.J.73
II. tele* nunrioua oilier* ! Hend your older* eirly by Mail enclnv
mg U»* cash, if you with hi secure a rw rliaie e* in the above
tpiendid Kcben.ee— poatate fiee. Addieta JHIIN M. CLARKK.
Mill Kiraet, Richmond. Va.
14/A Street, opjtotiie the Alhambra,
rilllFe ATTENTION of tin- public ia r»«iurait-j in Uir fwlkmini
JL Giand Hclirmrato be drawn ibis luon.b. May, Ie47, uukrllie
popular mar.ag«-uirnt of I). Fame Me.
930.000! 10,000!
drawn al Wiiuiuiftoa, Del on Saturday. May \i\nb, 1647.
7H NmS. 14 DRAWN.
(J h. GV/r C iriTA/.M
1 priXCOI
1 do 10.000
I «li 0 OOO
I do . 9.410
i» priir« of x (HW
I 10 do IMMl
| 10 do 1 too
I 10 do IfKMI
10 of SOO. lie.
Whole Tirlcli llfl, halves 5 quitters 3.50.
Wf have every day l«<Mt«*rte* frosu one io larnty dol ai-. and w ties
a reroiltanrr la made to us. targe or anisll, »c wiUalwa>« iitvesl iu
thr m*•»! popular l«mu rv> cut har d The draaingr sent, slen re
queeu-d.to all who older from us. The eaali for ail (*a|Nials can be
•mJ a» uatial at aigtt <hi all truer■ ***cin*iug cash cr hurTi. km
U*e postage seed not be | smI The Tickets in U*e above Lot'ern m
are remits!, aiid all order* addreoe.1 to us will inert it*- iuo«i
prompt and confide-ntial itirn.ua Address I.KWH W. W KIlH.
or I4’5f. J BIG«.KR Jl €30,
ap 80 Fnhnmtd. Va.
l-ri all the world say what Urey can,
For selling rn&ca. STRAW »N* thr ruin’
Drawn No. of Monongalia, No. 20—May 21.1:
53 28 14 18 65 47 29 20 1 12 70 55 16 23
Ticket Noa. 1 18 20, a capital sold and paid by
Drawn Noa of A’ex. No 24, Mar 22d :
19 18 76 10 53 41 36 52 70 20 25 37 61.
Drawn Noa of Su„cx Ex. N.> 41, May 22d :
75 74 2 38 8 66 71 64 29 47 28 54 41.
Ticket No* 8 54 75, a capital aoiti and paid by
Drawn Noa of Leenburg, No21, May 24th :
69 50 49 23 41 18 78 12 16 24 52 27 71 19 33.
*25,000, 5,000
Tuetday—N. w Jrnry, No 41. Capitate *75,000, 5,000, 3000,
•-•IHIO. 1640. Ill of loot), be 75 Not, |2 drawn. Ticket, *5 halve
2,50; qr, 1,25.
$20,000, 5,000.
YVednraday—Alexandria. No 25. I'apUab: SNl.ooo, 5000,
30041,2400.1700 1108. In of 1250, be 76 Nua. 13 drawa. Ticket,
05; halvca 2,50 quarter, 1 25.
$20,000, 5000.
Tlmraday—N. Jcrary, No. 48. Capitate- 0-O.OOU. 5000, 2500,
1066, 10 of luon, be. 78 Noa, 14 drawn. Tickrta 05; halve,
8,5u quarter, 1,25.
$5000, 1510.
Fr«lay—Monongalia. No 21 Capital, *5000, 1510, 800, eon.
500. 8 of 250, be. 7h Nua., 14 drawn. Ticketa *2 halves I,
qra 50c.
$4000, 1000.
Saturday—Leesburg. Extra. No. 12 Capital, *4000, lotto. 600,
be. 75 Nua , 13 drawa. Ticket, *1 . halve* 50 qra 85
$4444, 1227.
Saturday— Burner, Ex No. 43 Capital, *4444, 1227, 555,
be., be. 76 No, . 13 drawn. Tickri- (I; halve, 50: qr- 25.
fl.-tcuif itt'iil Salunie,
T<1 BE DRAWN 8:nh MAY.
uaxan irnTlla:
$50.0(1. 15.000. 10.000.
ALEXANDRIA MUTTERY'.rlaw No 86,for 1847,to hr drawn
at Alexandria, Saturday. May 2»th, 1647.
11 drawn Number, la each Package of twenty Tickrta •
Be heme I pi lac of *.’1(1 000, 15,000, lo.ooo. 5000, 2360, 10 of
1200, 6U0. 20 of .H 0. 120 of 800, be., be
Ticketa *15, halve* 7.50, qra 3.50. eighth* 1,87. A certificate
of a l-ick.ee of 20 Whole Tickets *130 ; do. of halvea, quarter,
and right In in propone n.
$3r Buyer* are referred In my lin of Prae*. which la registered
at thr Office, aa a proof of what haa l>een dune; and rvrry Draw
inr continue, to increase tlie nuui' er wiki ami pud by uie.
1 'rtlera for package*, certificate,, or single uckeu in thr, ho re
Hrht tnr«. and in all Loneriea, will be promptly attended to, and
draw ing aenl when requested.
Pleite addrern order, to N. STRATTON.
_n‘f 17 _ Richmond, Va.
I». »*AI >* eV
It icli moil<1. Va.
WHOLE TICKET NOH. IA 37 3H, thr Orand CapiUI of
*#.0*0 DOLLARS, wild and paid at tight by Pl'Rt'ELL
The tame nri'liant nicreas may be expected by ih.we who addrrjw
their tinier, lo us, or to C. W. PCRCEI.I..
Richmond, Va.
•70.0011— lo.ooo.
drawn at Wilmington. Del ,on Baturday, May 29th, 1647.
OltHP CkflTtLI
■ rnir ui (JO OIK)
I do 10,000
I do 6,000
l do 2,410
i •• ftmm of SOM
10 do 1500 I
10 iU 1400 I
10 do 1 (MM)
io or he
Whole TVk« U $10, halve*5, qr»
llrilliatnl l oiter* f*r fWi June*
$50,000, 5 of 10,000, 20 of 5,000 !
Ticket* only $10.
Bt WllTHI ANN A U/TTRR Y. Out No S8, to be drew* on Wed
•■relay. Jur.<-9th. t*«7.»i Hall.,ton
78 Nt'MIlKIU*—|g PRAWN.
Ciawd CarrrALj
I rutr or..■.mm on
1 ....*. in.iNio
I ....do. Illoon
I ....do. 10,010
I ... .do. 10 000
I ....do. lU.OOll
•jn |. i«« of..(Soon
in ... .do.loon
10 ... .do... Son
III ... .do. 400
IV . . . .do. 3oo
IS4_do. o.o.
Tick* n §10; 1%'vrm $S; <|«iar*»*r« I i >0
A Crnifkait of W Whole* will hr *. m for $19*
IV* 8(1 Halve* d* 1,4
I*o ‘it* Quart, n do 3^
VlrftlllwnC I>ol 1 <*ry for flita of Jaatac.
9'>0,(MM)! 5 10,0<M) I M of 95,000 !
BPBUlTRIIANNA UrriTRV. n... No ss_4o br diawn at
Balinnofr, on Wr.)n< «rtar. Jniw Mb, IM:7
«*» rimin
I rnw or.Kh imki
I ....do.11Mini.
I ....do.1(1,(1011
I ... .do.....IIM'OII
I ... .do....in non
I ....do.10 Olio
*« Prior* of.•voiin
IV ....do. SOU
in ....do. Ilhl
!• • •. .do. 30(1
in ....do. vmi
I Iran, nr, naiv.a ... ..trartora :>(i
('■iliAralra of pa.kagra of Wholrr.flfg
l*°.fa..Malvra. ... 4
I*1*.do.Unarlara ...
rarwinaonlafinf lip lb. Parkagr nap drdoar in, „i n,rro
Wo haw rwrr dap IrHIonra from *1 in *0, and whan a romit
*o**f o i* mada Ui ua. largo Of amall. rr will alway. tnvaat in iha moat
popular lourariaa on hand Tha .Irawrnga ml whan miuawod u>
all who Ofdaf from na Tha aaah f..r aN I'apilala ran ha had. aa
rraual, al a.rhr on all loriam anoloaing oath or pnva natal.. iha
poauga road not ha paid rill- Itrkria in lira ahora Ioltariaa aro
roaaivod, and all ordrra addr. an. d in ira. will marl lira iu,«
and runAdacl.al all. nln.o A.llr. aa
I* PAINKk PU.Mmifot,
k[* Id D,..- . *.
O* WAM.kTIIKKTi llPINWITBrlTV niiri l .
r|^IIK nnprppr«lpiilp«l M r k which hm AilPfxIrti
M. iha palrnna id Out nlRra, a raulion In lYhg. and IVnm
rant In . tarp lollop l.nak arda wo nr rhiar 1 nnmhar nr.ro.
ha ia n-.w ih. Napoli on of iha .lav, and .f iha it nra any who do
nirr a llngit v proof of fhia fa«l. a.ldrrm .in a.drr hu a IVkar many
«< fha follow mt hattrrM-a, 10 r H t.ll’K M.rhmond. Va
dpi r.NMfi 1*1 iii kry.d pop mu
(110,000 ! 10,000*
•IRANI) roN.u. 0 llil I F.|| UfTrk RT, liana No W in hr
drawn kl IVi’nimgion. IViwrra on da ni.liy, Wap |*«7
7* N'ld . If OR IWN
(•■anil t'aiufa'a.
I rntr of 1 U'.i'OO
I in innon
I «•»> •non
> *< MIU
10 piitn* of |!0M
I® *• I -.00
I® <•» t.?on
■ 0 Jo I i nn
in V 'Vi. Ar
WItaly Tvkna tin balaya 4, qra 2,40
*>■ The T.vtra in Ox- abnaa ha»r haaa racaira*— and or.Wra
lakhat Mryaay avail' " hi ilx aaOan.yaad aW aval a ah
iba IXT..I pr.Mxpi atiratioa. aalu aaomal *1 i|>a lia» >|! .rat a haa
i i'A«eatrd Addraaa f |. IJ'iR
N * TV raafe fnt all Capitala rax V had al am hi ti ,1-ra in
all aaaaa anally r.mA.h-ai.ai mT ,
C'I.HWTt --l*i l.artala Roaradih IVmaal. lanlmy M aala hf
Auction 0a!rs.
Ai'trnoN SALK BY cat aux; Uk:
®7U, 1617—Mill ru far*-1 hm J H Mr.mm
T9 VumUf M« City Karrk.nta.Dt Ike Irn4«
_ ®» lift* huiuual -
| HIIAIaf. mV. by CATAUMilTR, tK, best fl m, ag Day
■ and final i f ihr anna*, comer at Main and IMh Street. on»
alle l'ily Motel—
300 Parltngen .ad I ds ot Merchandise, rnoamtiag a port
fit naea'a Due lal k*ary R.e*. dn. hrognas. do Huana'a. la.liaa
Phoea. Hlipprra and 7 M-a. Ac . well adapted lo the trade.
Al.iur, 3g t a*ea men a assorted Mila, such aa Pur, Hilt. Rea ret
awl Angola, name of which are very eat pa nor
Alaw, aniia *56 pi, earn 6 1 and It t r*heeling and Shirting, and
1# plena Calico
AI»I. loo piece* CVatblog such as Hhirts. Vests, Paata and Cants
Aldto, Hold and Silver I .ever Wale lies, by celebrated make a a
aaime of wloeh are veryenatiy.
AI-AO, lull o* Silver Wary, together with an eiienaive variety
at valuable and Mtacettn neons gooda—ara r i la log tie
AM ot whrh moat bo sold lo cover advance, and rkmr cow gn
mrala. w.tboul any r* arrvat on
The goods will be arranged foe examination with printed rata
Inguea on the morning ot the mb-, which will commence at » oVh
and be continued nntil the name be gone ihroogh
1 ERMH ot Pale —All a ims of too and under, caah . over SMI
ntdnp to tint), 00 day*, allatimaor turn. 4 moa credit for appro*
ad paper. Ry ALEXANDER Nt/TT.
_»iJ^*«-«A__A net.
■ N the 1*1*1 net Court of the United States lor
■ the Eastern District ot Virginia. May 13th. 1647
Tb» AM ana Lift Insurance and Treat tympany | l.laiaanta
Two Piano*, part ot cargo of brig Ht. Piluoas and (
fieoag* II riaaderv and other., ) Admiralty.
On the motion of the claHaania and with ibe consent of the Li
b^lan'a. or.'eted that Ibe Marshal of this Con it aell at public sue
Don foe caah. to the bigbn I bidder, the two Piano* now in hi. cus
tody and referred lo in the petition amt Libel m Una ranae . two
ofeeba notice of time and place of Bale having been p-eviouaty
given by advertiwmeni in one nr more of i he daily pa tiers pub ah
«d in the city Itf Richneand. nod Hint afire deducting ibr costa and
eapenar* of *s> that be depoali the neit proceed, of ante in the
Uonk of Virginia lo lorn credit of Una Court.
A Copy.—Twin p. M A VO. Clerk.
In pursuance of the above order of Court. I
*baM proceed to reII, at Pablie Auction, to the highest bidder, for
cash, at the Cu tun Mouse, in thu City nf Ririimrnd. on MON
llAV.llae 7lb day of June, 1647. the two Plan”* mentioned in Ibe
abater oider.feat.don bi.ard tbr brig 8t. Hinton, a vessel derelict at
era. and hroiigbt into ibis port by the brig Keying, Captain George
II. Flanders, and libelled for salvage
_">/ -I—<4.1 El'MI ND CfIRIHTIAN. Marshal
B) ID Illusion Gstldlb, AucU
Coiiiiui%%ioM«»rV of
BY virtue of a decree pronounced by the Supo
r»i •out! Ol Chancery lor Ok Richmond Circa it, oa Uie 31m
day ol March, 1x47, in Uie suit of Pleasant* and olhera vs. Clarke
and mixers. Um underlined. Cnmmtss.oa.-cs by the said decree ap
point'd. will, on FRIDAY. lb. 1 ltli day of June, 1x47. at 3 o'clk,
P M . proceed lo sell, upon Uie prem-ses, to the higtwt bidder, al
pnldic aurt.un. the I-ot of Ground lying in the City of Richmond, at
tin- intersection of Prankim and Xlh u» Is. front.ng one aunlred
and talrty feet one inch upon Prankl.n street, and ok bundled and
ail feet eleven rochca and mu lenlbx of an mcb upon -th aueei.
Th* term* of aale will be, ok-thud cnah. and Um residue in two
equal instalments a l 6 and 18 months from the day of sale, the pur
chaser executing bonds with peieoni! security for the credit instxl
went*, and a deed of iruit upon the propcity Lo secure the puiiorui
of the amd bonds.
After the sale of the kM. Uxe Buildings thereon will be sold, to be
The title to this property is believed lo be perfect—but wiling as
* 'oara ms loners, we shall convey only such title as is veswd in us by
the na.d decree. JAM KB LYONS*. >
JOB JACKBON. Jr.. jGom'ra
*? 83--3taw3wiull<to Wsli.ishui * Loom*. Aurtr.
¥3\ virtue of a Decree of the Hustings’ Court
E# of the City of Richmond, pronounced on the loin day of
May. 1X47, in a suit tin-run le ading, in which Thomas B. Craw
i ltd aa Raasdiaaof Mai) k.. Sarah anJ lam.. Roper, infant chii
dren of Fred -nek A. Roper, dm ri.d, i* plaiuurT. and Robert D.lta
veaport and France* C R hi- wife and others are defendant*. I
•ball a* the commissioner therein named, proceed on WED.NKB
HAY. lip vti'ti day of the present month. (May.) at 5 o'clock. P
M , to srHI at public auction, to die highest boiler. on th- premise,
a certain tot ot ground, with a two story brick tenement lliert-.a, si
tua'ed on the eastern side of 3d street, between Franklin and Urace
sire--!*. iicubr g S3 leet oa snd 3>1 street and ruLu.ng back 130
feet, of which l**vid Roper died leiaed.
7i*ss os fin—tine fouiib cash . balance in equal insia'menls
al X. Id and lx months, for negotiable notes wiu. inu-test added, and
approved endorsers, anJ the tills retained unt l Uie purchase money
177* TV above sale will be conducted by
my*l—d d W Ooneia. Aacu.
Holier- ami I.ol for Malt*.
Immediately aft. r ibe above aale. will be sold, the brick b armen',
on the eastern r.de of 3d vtrset, and lying to Up- North of the above
described property. The lot on win. h it star.dr front, about '.*4 feet
and runs back 130 feel. The house n incomplete repair, and well
calculated foribe accommodation of a small family.
Tahir*—14 cadi balance at A an ) 13 month, for negotiable
nob s, (mints! addrd.) secured by a true: deed, nr tiilc wnb*e!d
my 31—id __W. Conpis, Atlclr.
In like 4 otiiity of 4'lieaierfirld. near Itar City ot
Hirhinoud, PUR SALE AT AUt.TIuN.
WIIJ. be suld isn THURSDAY, tne 8YU. day of May. 1847,
upon Up- premises, rwunirnciu al 4 o'clock. P. M that
behuuful aud healthy residence, called OAK LAWN, lying in the
rounly of t'healerfind, about 31 mite* Ic ni the city of Richmond,
adjoining the Un4e of Mr. Richard Archer and others. The tract
ci’h'nuM two hundred acres, about 60 or 7u of which is good arable
■nod. and ba< rsctaily been put under an ricr.wnt kw mclosuir.
Nearly lie- whole ol ih* lenxainder is in wood* of Uie original
growth, the safes of wood and timber from winch would pay more
than the amount asked for tlte tnitre unci. The build,ngs are am
pie and in thoiougk re|iau) lor th. accouiimslatioa of a large fanu
ly—a well in Um yard of superior water—a fine il .unstring young
orchard of up ward i of 3uo trees of selected fru-l—aa eicellc at large
garden A further deser ptioaof the said place is deemed urneces
sary. There will be sod wiUi the houses and buildings, loti acres
of land, of wii chabout 40 are well wooded. Tie? other loo acres
Wliieli u heavily t.iubeivd will be div.Jcd into lots of 10 acres
rach. Iiav.ng a front on the Westham Read.
TERMS —Id rash, Usance m <q ol mstahn. nti at G and 18
month* for bothi# irrurnl by a lru»l dertl.
Chesterfield. Sth May, 1847. SEMPLE ELLIOT.
Hr The ahove ale will te eonduried by
my 3—Sawtd-___Watuvimiy Lomus, Aocir.
Firtuiar's Sale ol Valuable u. tTl Properly.
I N pursuance of authority vested in me by the
*- Will of the am Then** AsQer/Wrd HUir. dec'll., I shall. „n
TUESIl A V, the 1st day nf June. 1847. at 3 o'clock. P M . proceed
enthe premises, to se I at pohi.e auct on, in the highest bidder the
lM Ol ground ly ng in Uie C'ny of Richmond, with the dwel .ng
and improve meats therron. lately in the occupancy of the aa,d T
R. Hair, aituaied at the mo caretmn of Leigh and 7th Btrteu. (ini
mediately cppnsite the iraldrnce of James F. Heath, K*q , frnniing
3vt feet «*a I-etch Birrel. and eitenling back 1631 feet on 7th Bt
to an Alley IX feet w ile.
A'*’, a piece of ground immediately m th.- rear of the above de
scribed property, fronting 94 feet OB 7th Btr.1t. and eatencmg tack
130 fed,which will be divided in'.n amiable sites for building lots.
Also, another r'«« uf ground fronting 40 feet on 7ih rrect, and
cil-nding back 130 feet, an ! situated tie' wren the re*.deuce of Col
Walter It Blau aid that .if the 'ale Ban.'I J Rim deed. A plan
of the said property may be s-en oa application to Mr Loddm
The TP-RMt* of payment will be Om- fourth cash, and the residue
in three equal pay men's. a< alt. iwrr'vc and eigh’era moatha, with
interest th-reon from the day nf sac. the purchaser earcabng ne
golraM- note, forth- ervdr. paym nts, and a deed of trust upon the
property in secure th* jayrn* nt of the notes.
B. lltng the property as Egern'or. I shall, as ostial in such cases
convey a tide with apecial warranty only, though the Mile ts believ
ed U> be perfect. JNO. RUTHBRFOORD. Eice'r
_ _ , of T. R. Blair, dee d.
P B — In several respect* th * property is partrulartv worthy of
allantion It is aitua'eil near the City Bpnrg Grove_a healthy
pleasure ground for children, and the lots nrc criaaxnchUd with targe
shade trees.
WtiusoTov Con not. Anct'r. my 13—ttawfwhdtd
rP H K nubtcriber* have just opened_
Ginghams, l-awr*. Jaconets and Cambrics of the newest
it)Its anil patterns
Beiutiftil Organdie Musl.ns
Elegant Tissues. Poulards. Isabellas, fcc., hr
Extremely beautiful Otenadtaes
While Stuped. Brocade, and Paid Muslins
Prench I’ve* and Collars
RtMoads. in great variety, for Bonnet*. Neck and tnmmuigt
of unrnuimon rtyte*. Ac
Cambric and Mu»lm Trimioff*
Thread. I.utfe ami French I .an a
White and roinrrd Glare i*iika
Citorra. Fan-. Bobbin Tntmnnf *. Ac
The stork is now complete and ia a tinge i her of such styles
and qualities in both rancy and. taple goo Is ss cannot fail to please
those who want. W* lavile ,a/y an exxmmatmn
T*1 THOM Art R. PRICK * 4X7.
IN Ihfl Superior Court of Chancery,'lor the
■ - Rifhnmnd rtrruit:
In ihr rauar of I’lmmaa T. S Taylor, Thf agyinat William W.
' *>t°*' l*N Ihnreta pending , Notice i* hereby given to thr crmliior*
of tit. iirw hi Taylor A BoUhc, Uui under an order of Court, da
trd thh January. |tH7, they ate liirrrie.l in produce Uinr repp*ell,r
etnirna with leg* I rvnlrnrc be ore me. m on ofl.-r, at any time he
fore Ike IlHJi day of July nrtt .nauntg M. H. INilTIMJX
_ “T '*—<•«'»JT_Mr «Wr.
have fur n . a baautmn tranieiKc. all anted w.tlna a lew fert
olIhr rorpnnboa line, north of the rity. and Ion yard* wen of thr
frty roil Mouar The dwelling .. , brick talking wuh if
and haw meat dory, a ti„* dining ukum —ennv. nnnl out Irnum. a
productive gal An. and a never railing writ, of delightful water._
t he hulki ng* are neaeelleai repair, and the p,op« iy well cottoned
(•am property w aufh n rnty oral the tui.incaa part of ihr e,ty i„
volt the enavenirare of any nae aatahiog In re.ile Hie roontiy
who may he Anna tun net, ihr city. Mr. Ilrniy Bimha rraldaa
oa the prem ,,,.1 wi I lake pra*oie in afmwmg it to any one —
Raid propery ran Im piirrh,* d at a Iota pne,. rr.KMt_One
third mail, and the ballanre in «. If ami la month* Apply to
IKilHiKt* Buy * pit,i,i aai
WT H—kawtf_ lily ll.u.i Wall afreet.
n»id r.t»nid null In pur. |,a*e iron.
atrewd In tram We air wiling 1,1 g,ve lot in,ni a fair mice
payable in ten et|it»l annual payment, from the In V neb IrM t
To arenie the payment of thr d. It »e me wi l nr to g ee a men
gage on the argror., and alan on rnl »er#r to a wifPnrat annum'
to uti.fy the ae'ler. 1 hr yegnvt to he deliver, d in Number l oan
ty. ati«.i*Mppi. hy the Am of (Vlotmr nett
Prrvoiy# wohing to aril wilt a,Mere, one er hnlli of u* at Pwkrna
vibe, Ala , hy or before thr IJ inly aril.
»!■ «-etlwJly I, a BAIMItAl.K
NKW ^ O K K ,
MrwABtuaj and XaMni lane
■tIIK atilarribrn. in ra|typm.injj th* ir rthltgn.
*■ lH,,-a fur the very i hnal pai > igr th. y have rernte.l m Hy
above writ I neon ami rgtrnwve K,t lUiAm at,t eg mo.' re.p. rtft,i
* «»f llw mm*, wth (hr rvi,u , ,|*. t,
*n •’*1 '• hvllrr eoPrwtatrd Miwt t- the comfort and
eon*rnir.y«r of lam. m at no orhrr Iwwtur will <rwt>Jft;Pk U
|IK yVI.Kg nr manipirtpii invaniabi.y m i.wkvb
public Atone
*P 1-eW Till UAR fc WIUTK Puuwnrtoen
Bern* Heart. P.vnen t'hrmi.eil*. t; nghaw. he reee.v.ng
«o«twain and m« me low by
•««f KWMIJ. k A rw a t I k
I M ORICK P\s I K I I j cum * L t'l 4 On.
■ • I ml Y nan it bramla. for til, kj
my ** WKBB, BACON * OO.
• w.aak Java'.above reermly leeriyadort !'■». . |_„_
•wd bvaWHul avwHim, m Of rnngea—a’l aktdva and .mL
_ tXndton 0alt«.
" ' ' ~_htti be pits.
”i WHlUm. a Ifail.
«mwu at Atxrnonr
Oe VVEDNHMIAV mh.MiI Mail, al llu>hr| «« •atlwi
IB In n at nui Aucuoa Sanrr—
Mtrtctky prime A Croi I Safari
do Porte Ikii Sugars
dil ute Maaeov.vto do
Retailing WeM I ml .a Mole* «ei
Pnom Near (Means do
Mficily |HI»X Green l .ago* y re Coffee
do (a Rio do
Priai- old Java d>
*•** old Maracaibo do
PlricUy |>iime Wert, ra Hi. cm Hide,
do do do do Hk.oaldaia
do '*o do do llama
do do do llog Round llncon
Ourd, Dupuy A Co. Cognac Uiandy
liuiuimo do
Apple do
F lira Pme Gunpowder Tea
1*0 do roavrboag do
Prianr lad go m ke;a
Manoo • I tnllepgr marking. Ac.
Tanam-Cnd,, •loo. tank. RIUO aad o*c». 4 man credit for ip
proved paper. my HR_W a II. lag
ttplaiaallal Durhigiii CrhITaad Ihoirr
Young MwIrp
RV.O lir Meed, ./ Jaw ffemra. Key . Me..I A.e.
Tlie g7ih May, al II n'clxk. at like Agricultural Bahibitioe
Ground. Riving Sun. on the llrraun.owa Road, about I mi ca nonb
of Hie edy of Philadelphia.
A pan of Mr. Gnurrn'a celebrated rtoek of splendid Durham C*|
tie the .election la targe aad of rhnie. milking rtock. coneicting of
Imported Durham I'owi ard Yoiing IMR llcifera and Calve., de
rived from Imported thoroughbred Durham* Among that'ours are
the ce ebraied DAIRY MAID. WAI.NI’T, VICTORIA.Me , Ac.,ad
<■ ***f. »Bl> nameroun cf tieu olfepringa by the cdebrelet Bulla,
PRINCE UP WAI.EH and I.EANDEK. a ion of Dairy Maid.
Abo. an me choice Young Swine, ran d for breding
a_f* Catalogue, with pedigrees wtll be ready in due time,
and the cattle will be on the ground two day* previous to
my )7-9t C. J. WOI.BKRT A CO Aoetn.
Hr navnaperl, A Mem A Ca.~~
CIoIIiIuk ut Auction.
On MOND AY the A let ibb'- al 9 o'clock, we .ball mil at our
.'ore, a large lot of ready mail. I lithe., recalled Horn ft. Yuvk per
•clif M Herr; -anmag ah chare—
JOO parr, ranta'oone. variety of vtylea
100 Come—frocke, aacke and dre e
*3 irir Shirt*, var.ety of pattern*
45 A a lined ami bound P I. and Sene t |la>,
TERMS—Lader 1100. ca*n. t upland upward*. 4 months credit
for approved paper DAVENPORT, ALUM a CO. Aucta.
Hr Inloaru A Btaiher.
A#, **, Mum «fm(
l in-in i nrc. Ilrum Clocks Ac.,
al Auction.
On FRIDAY Morning May 'Jbih, at 9$ u*cloclt, at oiir
store we will (all at auction a variety ul Cabinet F'uipi
lure, both new and second hand.
BRASS CLOCKS.— 1 (leases •• Eight Day*’ Brass Clocks,
best manufacture.
BOOKS—100 vola Books, including some of the most
valuable end popular works extant.
_u,y -u ___1NU)ES A BROTHER. Aucta
By McXaught A Ha^vter,
No I, ISUi 8trr«t.
On WEDNESDAY Morning. May 2Cth. commencing nl o'
clock, at tlw residence of Julm. Seha*r E.q who ta about leaving
■ Ilia cily fur Europe [I cation corner of Governor and Broad Si I
will l>e sold al auction, without leaervn. hia entile rnlb-rtion of
lloureboU Purniiurr, of beautiful and modern sjle rmUiaciac in
part— *
Mahogany Top Centre and Pier Tables
Secreury and Hook < use Card “
Extension liming Tabes, llur. au aad Secretary
Hide Roard and Ulunn Pieu*. Workstaad*
Extension Tea Table- , Astral Lamp*
Elegant Sofas. Loungra and Divans
Gie an and Pieneh M ihojaoy cushioned Chairs
t.one next anil Witidicir Chairs, Rocking Cha-rs
Toil, tie Table*. W'asliUand*. Hat rack w uli mirror
3 por-able oak Watdrobea, manufactured n Bremen
III easing Bureaus. Pier and Mantle Mirrors
Feather Buds. lUir Mattiasjrs. Bed Furniture
Bedsteads. Easy Chairs. Carp* l* and Rugs
Craiab les 1 JD-Ieiabra*. Hrunxe Frislers and Fire Seta
Br.w Fenders and Fire Sets. IUII and Parlor Lamps
I elegant and corny Mantle Clock
* reus of rich Dainxak Path.r Certain* and Drapery
Cut and plain dataware. Ch.aa and Clochery
1 very rich and handsome Sidehoard wdh Mirrors
\Yuh many other articles loo num rous lo name, embracing also a
desirable court lion of Kachea Furniture, Cent mg Utensils Ac
Finun I one mud farriag.-.
At III o'clock, will be sod, a fine rich tui.d Piano Fufte. in
hen Isom* Uo.sw.e_l cane, of modern sty e. made by i|* celebrated
"limber of lapsic " Also, an • pan I horse Family Carriage and
Harness, made in ihr In-si style and in perfect order—a verv hand
some and desirable vehicle.
The above tale will be conducted by
my 16—ids_McNAUGHT A ROYSTER. Ancle
It) l»tt vcnpog-l, .% I leu A to.
On THURSDAY. 27lh May. we win s.11, at lo o'clock, at ou.
Auction r*torr. an ajMnnin. at of CrorerM*, via
Prime 5t I'rm and I’orto Rico hagai
Pimie \V. |. Molaran
Green Rio iiwi !o»u»vra fortVe
Old Java Codec
Pori ami Madeira W.nct
Kxtra l*o*ar Uwp Oil
Hlark aad Green To. a
**•»*!' and
Wrapping Taper.
20 piece* Canton Muting
Co M Principe Ctfaia
20 coarn 11 at*
100 bttxo Id-mom, in prune order
A collection of Flowers, from ihr celebrated Carden of Rob'i
Hoi .Jay. Hail.in re—to be «dd at 9 o’clock.
Tim*—Under •mo. ea-h •100 and over. 4 menths credit for
approved | aper.
_ >»y »» _ DAVENPORT, ALLE!f R <T)n Ancu.
SaU- of IX Valuable I ran of laud ou JlllUc-s
, River.
T>1 RSUANT to the provisions of a tWtl of
a tni.i fiom l-nnan M Wxtk.es and N,vi.no Watkins bearing
date th« 23d July. IS-40. and of record in the Clerk's office of Cinch
land county court. Uis undersigned, ibe Trader* therein named,
will (ipcse to sal at public auction.on FRIDAY. TIIE fin DAY
l-eriy conveyed by said deed, being that valuable and well known
iracl of land called BENIhA ER. in ibed'ouxly of Goochland, ly
ing on James Ri.er, n.ar Dover Mills, about twenty miles from
Richin.mJ.aod containing a! out eight hundred nrrvaon the follow
.ng TERMS, to wu one iliml of the purchase motey in cash: one
Ifcinl at the end of one y. nr and one third at the eud of two years
from the day of sale ; the credit payments to bear interest from the
.lay of sal.- and to be secured by bonds with apprr.vvd security. or
negotiable no-es wuh approved endorsers, and a deed of t un on the
The t-ile to the above properly is i-elieved to hr unquestionable
but the undersign, d aeung as Trustsss. will convey such title on y
as is vested in them by the deed of trust aforesaid.
my II—did_JAB. M. WICKHAM, ^Trustees
vv. fr H. M’klM
Ko*. .VI and .V«. South, Cay Street.
Baltimore, mil,
KEEP on hand and offer for sale, at the Mann
farturers* prices—
Eoflxh SlwaihiB* Copper, amd aix-n, 14 to 34 ox > of an ap
do M unty Yellow Metal Sheathinf.amd aiie, t, n,yed make
Copprr B« l: Rotls
BnUMTi t Copper
I'opper a0-1 Co<npOMiH>n hin< Nai’t
Beat Refined Copper lufota for IItaw Founder.' axJ Maaufac
lurrr#' n*c
Far Iron of the rarioov uttt. flat, round and vquare
Iron Cal Natl*. Spike. and Brad*
Foundry and Forje rtf Iron of hem quality.
N B — Iron Boiler Plate* and I’aitern Slieeia made to onler.
my 1 4—d.lw
XI OLAWEfi. prune i aha. landing and fo« ante by
1,1 m> *4 IrAVENP 'KI-. AI.I.BN Aim
XI '■ ’'ABOSI —200 be ftMfe Mac iron ju a- l.nt and for
A bF Ft. CBAR7.,
n>y **_h Kachanfe Block
41 Itl YIAKI.I l.ktr.h HAYti-- pr„„e Fan,ly
llamr, ju.t received and lor mle by
PEAS...For mIi< by
^ -y M_«’M PAI.MER.
^pillS Eklablixhinenl, nitualed on loth street
-* » ioimnf the C,tr Hotel, w re opened hy the ..ihwr.her a.
Afent for Mra SCSANNA F ALLEN. ibe mother of,,*. Ed
ward N Allen for cvlroee benefit it will be eondu. letl
Tl.e former patrra«of the Hmtw. and the acquaintance the aa
dervtfo. J. awl the public feneraly may lew a wired of hi. hew ,,
ertrona to accommodate and promote ’he comfort of da eudnowra
Richmond. May 24U>, It 17—<w *
T^HE firm of Bienm.L «V MrCdRiiLiaii bp in*
-• ilmmlved hv Ihe death of Tlumi. C Hiwll the •.•harnher
will catiane a COMMISSION HI SINKSS at the uld wand corner
of < ary and I Mb Street*.
The bu. new ,4 BwarU A McCandbM, wit be ekwed by Ike »n
der. fired, lo whom all pernon. ha.iof af,inM ft,m ,
prvwn’ ihem fi.r payment. akdall pee^r . indebted wi l plea*- note
_ notice;
fjMtap 8Tran<;krs \\n the pi r.
rli«TM V Tl"wr INTER II ini; To FVBCfl ASE PIANO
FOR ri-e. are i..|e. iffi'ly a. ted to rail and erimine ntr a*w.r«
mem hefue p.rcla.M* elm wire re They w,n find la my Store la
• tmnientv r.<s rurtamed, and but rarely eqnaded in all the dci table
nqiii..4 .Of a fond Fiaao. which are ao often claimed hy newapa
per I’UTter. fi.r Hi Ve they haee fir, mle
Tmne ant liyvmf limrt the rffrrl of the .V. ILIAN Attachment
Will be wirptued at it. adaptation I. the Mvv of the Ckareh not
tnty »an d Is p'aye.l ami aouth for in. .aia'levt a partly at. hut It
ha. keen p need lo Ie of ..ilkoai power to «i.u,n a Choir ia a
nm.Ar.te y erred plaee of wonh . Tin Attaehm nt dm m ef
<cei ,n any de(>ye the tone ,4 ihe Pmwv „„ „ „ ,m,,fi*e
wiir* it* HKrhRFRM. • rro»tf>«i«*T «urpo4^l ly mmr Tbs
eva h. prmrvd to tbe mtkdbirUoa nf any ah, m l ,b, aw the l.ynv
lo call anil rtamiar.
F“* • '* "**• Manufteiure of Rnnaa A Clark w(t.c a I am ma
, w ilk Ike In, improve mem., hare leva nM ,« K ehm.ad
tor m .re than I • yearn, w Ih .a' re mitaf.etma. awl by other deaf
erv'niheptecisle.iwam i.*, mik like mtwrtv i,m i„ pur
rMet,, fin .owe than :« yearn F II TAYliOB.
Ibaler in Ft no Fortea. Mttnle ami Muwrti Iwsmmealv
" ■' -a rearm. IM, Mara Hi fotarr.i I lib
*'• Monday and Tuead.ty Kerning, natt, 2|if A (n>,t
"mT Tk* '" «< frs.a dr wa M.a River^le,,.,,
Z&ZZSSSni +*
Aad^jp C«>AnS F«t.,L Cap*. w,a mi TI’MIIAT Ram,
> > Ha. r iad B. nmlnwmMa aa aamak
Ticket*, fa rent* to b* had of
■«RWW > inn
S1’1 M ’ **" perm, W,m„ warned .
iwsfiNM Ppsrnt tHi, »4rrtMfl h*v*>, fc*t sslr by
my 111 UlUaHM * HAX4LL.
Unction Oak*.
_ _ TRII HI, ™
“> Rui.i.r, Rmttn A I a.
AV<TI >1* »ur. or rA'Rt WIN An AR|> NMRM.
**• niM,"r <*• i>« iaM . at lit t'tbrl. -a -ptc-n at Mt
"V**”: "X-d a. -anther IT* Hat hpa 1 aad HR
I .A. Sherry ..1 Pr, Wax agaad rat W« Nat Ingram
**tfeaX»«tm,w„Wiiattta« TV Ww
taa.Vta.rf M. aJa,, Rat. laa, V.uatt Nava. Yaavl
la. irJ Pwl
M/vta f pipx I. I aad I Vr^VaVv. w«. Magmtvl Aaaat.
r.uat Oar l.. r lie.re qaal.l y Aad
*• r*—* *'»»•». '• I. I aad i r fa, ryemfa.c be attra aaaat.
-» T. lap., a (V . rteaeai,
r.art i la.iam A Pa Itumna Ac . Ae
ICR Mt—I'adr, 11 Al. cab 1 oyer RIMaad avtaa R9ag t MB.
over Ilia 6 ana cmdtt lot >ppnn,4 aago'i.bV pq«
ItUNLor. MoN.IRt: a CO. Aar la
ratwut in u» tkcir na .a rtKSlMY tka fltk .at al la
o-finck. at mtr .Arc, »c -III —6, -thout rcg.td w ...Ik— ,
avl rearm I tmrnaval of Crucactra. r«a.N „ —,i qg '
7 J bvda pnat Sugar—Rt (.'roll aad Itamav
« bbta M.danra
•a package, loaf aad clarified Ragan
**1 baga 1-aguyra. R o and Maracaibo PoAbe
50 bole. Rune I. Raiataa
7J bntra Snap Sprat I'aarftca
Itdgo. reppr. Mudard
Gunpowder. latprnal. V. Iljraoa aad r» VC boat Team
O.a, t'.gara RnuCAc.Ac.
r«aa—t’ude. Rum. eta* , over Rio*, t math. ,„d.t f*,
peuard -r tubb paper P
My *» m m/if, mom i rk a fv» Amtu
Will be added to tile above mle—
* Haa.la. tne Ruggwa
mr ** DINLOT. NOM.1'11 A CO.
nr... AMilt*RRl.
Will b« idilH to tbe above eale—
10 eama I'aa o. rievtcel G.agr
io cava Tabht Glanl tapenorl
_**»—o'r-gtailAMMXavIr._D MAPn. Aaer.
■I) Wclllaglaa liaidla, A act.
ILL be miUI at Auctiou on TUKSI>\Y af
_laranoa. lbe Sllh day erf May. o. the i.remtar. leu. y._
17 2* 33 St »1 »« 17 *! w 3« ]| w u 3t j. n w ‘
*” Ji “ « « *' «* «3 ». «1 66 .7 68 " £ 7, £
73 83 90 91 92 93 94 91 96 97 98 99 too 101 IM 163
lot 1*3 121 1*1 IRR 127 1*8 1*9 13a 131 |Jg 133 l3, , „
134 137 13- 139 |40 141 142 143 141 141 146 JJJ a2
110 lot li* 1.13 114 us |54 117 |J6 ,39 Uo ,M
i07 *08 2.9 *io *n *„ gu „„ ' ' -
SSI *» 223 *24 *Si *24 227 *28 *29 93. *i, <At iW
*3S 234 *37 2 38 S3u *40 241 243 *43 *44 *41 *16 247 *48
249 321 32* 3*3 324 3R3 :i*6 327 328 3*9 IMI 331 330 ’ll
334 331 334 389 Jm, 3,1 39* W3 394 391 ,9« £7 £5 m
401 101 402 403 401 449 410 411 4.14 433 414 433 |M .-,7
458 419 480 4BI 46* 463 464 461 ICQ 467 468 46'. 47o 471
472 47 3 474 471 476 ,77 478 ,79. 1. lb. , U. n* ,ba T«. X
Hydery. mataim** rwh «mm* acre. (In* and »)b»v.
Them Ion ermmeaee oppo-.t, the read, are <rf Pa r Onunm.
Ir,. aad t it-oJ Wedwardly. aad are located foe 11— nnat ran via
e- a t.ly— mau> erf ibem beiaf very freirabv for building porn.— ,
or «a.all cottage reaid* ncce and marhat gatdaac. ™
The Bale anil commence al half pact 3 o'clock, re,.,.. mar
ahead the mle with ihe p-nner aaaaraaca lba( eyery lot ogrn .1 v.M
be c.M w.uiout any kind of hum.
TKRMS—| cacl.: balance in equal mat,(meat. at «. I* and 18
month, fur negotiable Mic. .avert added—meuted ky . nu.i
-bo PH ‘ '"ST C1" " l,y «Aag on lb. CUbeer b
. 1 r W'“ *,T® *“ ">!of“»uoi> I» regard 10 ilm »u,eb may be
By rrqu-at of tbr owner.
!V Tr?*"* W. anOMM, Auetr
.. .'** * 1:1 ,r w,n commoner w.u, lot No. 4«s, .ituitej „
Itover street. adjoining Mr. John fbaabertayu, awi w.U be L
, “*•'* "*• *■ *h» day should hr rainy. I hr *, ,. will Inks
place the neat f.ir day. at ibe aim place and hour. oa which .«
easton suitable refreabmcau will be furnished. "
I MMEDIA I El,\ lifter ihe alaivc uali", at <5 o'.
R- clock, P, M will t>e anld. wiUkiii' limit or resnvatlon that ele
■am Jwetllrg wnb the land attached, hwan-4 a Intle west of r„„
Coumu E.IJ and now in the occupancy o< Mr Ian,,; km. It „
of Ibe he.t materials, is nearly aew. cm,tarns lea food any romwv
h.s sy. ry deniable conveoieoce upon the premises, ami. atibottfb
ii lias no I,inklings or hnpeorrm -au hut wl.ai are iimiui ,5,
cmnfiui of a (amity, would r.»t, ,f,-reeled al Una liar, at lean Brtitoo
I am dthtmtmcd Lkat i r .bolife .sld, without reference lo ibe rum nb
umrtl lor it.
fBKVt—tliHHj ra*b; balance at him* awl two y.tra for kotril* or
M.ipA. u,.h nttbil. t.y n lru*idm].
Ilw a lie Will be cundaetrd by W Guddua, Aoct.
*>•*_ AGO A. MI CHES
By B II Uickluran A Itroiber.
Thin Day, al 10 o'ctnck.will be add U negro gil'.a, 1 nepro
woman and child,2 negro boes, and 1 negro man.'
mI i! Q Dm R1MM0B l'*o., Auric.
1YTOTICK.—The annual meeting of tlm Siock
XN holders of Il.e R.rhmoad. PreJrrir kshurg a Potomac Rail
Road Company, will lake place al ibe I fcc. of ibe Cimpaay al
Uirhmuni). the 3lat day ol May. at I * o’r'ork. M
*P34_c. w. MACMGRDO. Treasurer
Conans laalon ^ ereban la.
Nearrftkoekop WirriiwuM.
HAY 41k|, | 17 !
AV A I HEWS A: CO. Imve this ilav n»
N-A Ce.vrd by Adam,' II Co’a Express, direct ficm New Volk a
C-n rat variety of Ibe newest style, ol fancy Goods, seccud Out
u-n ibe last week, by Mr Gay u. peraou, fiorn the most recent.
pm 11lions, al (mcen quite leiow Iboae asked foe similar auoda al an
* allies period of Urn teas n
In ibeir Fancy and Dress Gooda Me part me nt w U be found _
Handsome Bilk Grenad.pes. PL id Zephyr, Usw iinml,.'.
I railed Faun nnpe and Plaid French Barrage, e-..w_'
lines Oigandy Fad an Pumpadnr. . 8aua uuadr.ile ilk I'msor
Black. Plasi and Kirb daun ligurod Armuiu dtla., EmbrmdarnA
Normandy Linen Robes {data and atnped Normandy L.aens. for
(aid e, iraveiling Drasar. , 8w„. Muahn. dotted, rmbrnslered and
f.inuour, a in white and colon: pki.d Freacb, Eng i.b aud Fc.dcli
Gugluuir. bandsouu- French wockaj Cohan, Capes ,nd ctnat
•rii,. Frertcb Corarrs; Canicn Crape and Berage Hbawls and Fcarfs
plan, open worked and t,lk clacked white aad brown Cniion Ho e.
nub aU the additional variety suited lo the tea,on and pretest dc
ruaiuf* of Favhios.
In their Ft pe Department «11 be fount an eitrniive arar.rtn.nl
n. n «iul and vl* »irabk* good.*. my of
|d''OR SALE.—We have for aale it jj.unl Saddle
-M. amt llaroera III ire my 18 I IPBCt IMRE fc BRI ,CK
< 01,1 ilKIA HOI si;, <'|iRrl«!i btrcel,
ftlnert Baltimore and lombard ItlieU, Baltimore.
■ lillH lin«R u lit lx <1 tap with ucw Fn.Mitt.rr. in good (site and
A. style, and is now open lo the public Tin IneabM keiag da
•irable. Hie propru tar trusts bat In. unremiutag nr.iru lo uWaaw
will secure buna | ortion of tie public patronage, resident as well
*i UiiuicnL prr itay, f| ?.V
_. .. n'- w 1>IX, late of tbr flm of
aP84-d3m_and Pn
fTNlir .Subscriber hnviug been appointed Age.t
M. for ike sale of He- •• M.nakin Na.U, " r. spectrally inform, the
public, that be is now receiving and wiU keep constantly oa band
at bis stoic on Uu Canal, opposite the Pubi,« Ware II. use , (mi
and complete assortment of these Natls, embracing an Use vanoua
*tar« in uar.
Tkt. Factory kav ng been recrnUy erected and alt of us Mac tun
cry betrg new and ol the most moil rn and approved dr script um,
IS capable o( making Nat's equal >n quality to that of any other
establishment in the country. Dealer, are as.uiwl that no .Oort on
ike pan of ike preasai prnptieion w II he wanting to furaiab suck
Nniw aa will fully men ibeir wants, and on as good terms as any
otbec Factory can supply them of nan ar quality.
Das..... *- B. TYI.ER.
Richmond, Va . April M, 1847. ap 8—3mif
tor-The Lynchburg Virginian, Charlottesville Advocate awl
Petersburg Intelligencer request,d to copy for three months aud
charge th»« iifflfF.
L B. fciPKMCE, Agent, huvn>g relumed from
*"** ‘•’e North, would r«*poctftil!y inform IBr eil.xom I.f Rtr I,
mon>t that to- ha* cow ..n hand a c-.mploto MinmrM uf NRW
Aouur» fllON.SIII.K < l.< n illNO adal.l,-dio Ihr Brkl.Nli AM)
dl kkl.K TR MIR, and throughout ttio u-um Will rerun adrii
1 •ooa1 rappliea. H* dock eompritr* in pail_
B ack, brown, and till** laahtn. nur Pro<k Coata
I to* ••kin. Fancy Cmr*nocro at.l WiR Paau
Hi k. Va cnc-a, and Marardo* Vnu
Togetlior With a full amirtawnt of Shut*
Cravat*. O<o*a«. Huvpondor*. Ildhf*, hr hr
Poolli,* fonftdon; lhai ho will bo abb* 1o gie, m.afrcton both
quality and pnj*. hr work. lofrernuPy „v.„ ,„'rJrZ iTt,
mim in w%m ttf art«ck • in hr* hae, U* n>« Mw»r nir.„ L..„ir_
tuiirig etatwbere. "*rnl ***
r *—ja* •**•"** tort ROI'OII ANT> BRAOY COAT*.
*P *n—«lm
T ibil«lmi-k null HihmV uiuimi
ME sunsenber hns jurt received a new min.
wiu bop^!k^iLi.,“w,,* ’ *n,, °*",r B°°“ ** »"««•
Will nr w*Mjow. mf 18_ AI.RX HILL
Anolhi r Supply ,*f slip* ug #l.
THK "MUcrioer hat put received another nip.
-*• P*r of MfCoidy * Slip*, whwh hr will mil ai *1 Uwira,*
M___AI.RX Mil.I,
W* RINtr SAt l\.S — Itraiiiilul Spriug
moiHa<k*of blk, arowa. dr.b ao*l mltod rotor* An loa
rind fiock foam, Paoi*. Vrw*. Hhir<«, Ur*won, hr Pot ah* throw
** ***1^1_ !■> »**!_ KRRN h I'D*
( 1UAT8, PANTS AND Msis. eve.
^ ,wt of Myte** ■ pfice. rhrap for ta»h KRRN h lYi
my IH 10-r Main drool
I A M tn receipt. per packet* Rochester. Courier
■ and Pair Irk Hoary, .d a bug. and writ warded nwh of Hraiaa
i.o. o*. and dnrirg iho work win roertor, by varum* rowww u at -
nw largo •d.lMrmw lo u in iking aiy Book, tbi Urn Huriag rn»
Srgto .ml .lonrahv mu,I, i„ o.amimiii.ni of »h,oh
I cr.pl.aiiy invito tha Virgiaui *ad North i ar.diaa Tradr
mh I * ahr _ F-agto Hqwara. No l it
liim i „iiii fifth Nt ns m ifimii mu yghg y(.
• »IIU S, hi Prlnco Rdward f. It.
■ wmmtt frwuft •» • . .* I tiinsriir* «HI Ihr ftp*
N day of Jon. aad >nd ,.n ih- f...ir.h Mf, dno lav of Arpi-ml o.
lultowing. Tw comm of •ludwa . mbraco* an iha aubpwu ataaiiv
taagiu in Ih- bo.i Homiaarw* of ihr kind Tlw bedding. aro la I*,
and rornan.li.nm. having toon orooird for l|<o pur poor of , drUm.l
rhr tooalKin l*p>*mai n I’aolf and dvrivoa many add.t oaal ad
vantage* ft.an ila vir.aiiy lo rB>wr l.ltrivry Indifaiama. Ii m aiM
cionilr rriirod. and holu-v. I lo ho a* to-auhy aa aay ia iho m,io
Board, mrludiag *i troimamdal.oiM, g
1 uiina m all ihr hraarbr* larlal ag Urn Aaciral aad
wn4*rn lARfuifet ...
Muvir with aw o' I annum-at ..
R*>»•■». •• amy bo madr to tho ftiltowieg grnUrmrn wha - iSr
havo had or havo now .l.aghtrr* or ward* ia ihr *o|w>rd
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