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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, May 25, 1847, Image 4

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H AVI MO k«a *1 **■»' »«a*w»» »4 MMi.l ImillMw
mfcl ■» ■ Farai that wilhaar WHITE., ml ttlw
(«U< w »h* b*«* M»—id wkrt* km AM I **•< *Mt Ma ma
liHakM • awkM rlMM ihk. lh» cMd pma af II mart —
l,MHam«a haaaaa ad Ita ■■»,»!■> aaw»
mu NUTT. PriMar.
mi It OMr Haaair
nn RorMt«ri'iniiHi]i6.
WN. BOOTH in prr|,ar«d, m imueI, to do all
Ink ml llilikam mad Hanar Taramkinf. ia Ik* ham
■A* uH •< (ha abort**! aauca Hla maak af atataal Taiarrai*.
P*«nt llaaaiaa*. Had*. Make—*. Wradow »liad*«ad Hhaitn. n larf*
»ai i 'imk'» P«r*rkaaElt Baa* milk Aiwmlrl »ad ia lk« bear maa
mmt Thaw mb* *•• aar atamiaad hi* atari iki* apt.af mill dm
wall u. rat ball** raachamaa rk*wh*«a.__U **
■ •I'M 'Mi'll I-**. Mil.kl I MO. »■*«•
TH K EulMrnhrT i« rer«i»in*aod
bar»a nniiallr "i1-1 *‘ akUmliM i*
•»4 *1 Ik* lowam pOTM.
■In aad JayaaTta Wir* af **»ry daacitp
ANo, a treat aaitaty of Shraaa. k*pk fur
banrint *l«b*r wood or roai.
Mo** P,pm amt trwry lit bat artirW la hi*
liana* ll|B Palaiar Md Ulaaiar
tin d**r la Id* Kickaar* BmmA, Nrrkmnd. rr*/ta<a,
Hah I*r*l»*d ■ rui»h*i *up,>ty af l*»ima. Oil*. « n|i*l lad mkai
VirmalKi. villi Piuiltr'a Hr««b« HbaA r*. Ah twit
m*al of Pranrh aad Araaflra* WiikWiw Him *it*a from »il® la
tUi'M lark**, all af which b* M daaiaa* uiaallwi work *p oa lb*
nwtnmoMbk irnt* _
N H — A large •%i|»|.ly of Hoap Htono Taiat. fo» low, •
panor paiatfor Tib or Hkiaglcd Roolb ■ "
RK8PECTFITLLY anlictt tho merchant* of
Viidaia. tikdlkl ia or (Mimint Ihroufh Kjchamod, loritmla*
ibaii Wocl of I>i»l». Sadlelaoa. Phial* ia.1 l*r» Hmfll Th*y ar*
nr*pared lo nlfar with iadnr*m. nl*. limy «•>'»* »• ,n*kr »*
awronur rowAlt* Uwir daaliaf* «!««*» way *« Un. piker
Uiaarnf, llaaawmr and Plki***d. Ukaa la richaat* lor foo.la.at
Ik* birlmai marlri pftf*. __m *
W hai.k—
*9 Hint*. Hi Cfoii. Porto Rico and Orleans )
Ioo Package* Woulsry** and leaver;i»gsl*oai ( j
Crushed aad Powdered j V8UGAR
Orleans l*onf. aad 4'lariBed 1
90 Rotes white nad brown Havana j
•»h5 Rag* Rtn, l*guayrm and Java Coffee
50 llb-l* Rolaw*
40 Parkage* Gun Powder and Imperial Tea, pan strictly prime
5 Halt Chew* R'ack Tea
140 Rote* Hpcrni and TaHow Candles
• Adamantm* ami Patent t*|«nu do
175 “ Raisins I bale Almond*
50 " Rrowa Hoap
15 ** Baker** Cocoa aad Chocolate
10 Tierce* Rice
400 Hides Hide Leather
50 •* Rusaett **
500 labs. Mm Tliread
500 Ream* Wrapping Paper, various aixeo
ItHI “ Cap and Letiei l*apet
300 kegs cut Nails 3 to 4<My
** Finishing, fence, lining, bog, and spike do
150 llag* Hbot
50 Kngs L>u{tout’s Powder
“ Blasting
I1bd« Bacon Hide* and Hbouldera
7tl Bushel* strictly prune Clover Heed
Broom*, painted bucket*, neats tub* ami measure*
50 Hags !*ive gee*r Prathers
ViHI Nova Beotia Grindstones
300 Hack* Halt, best brand*
34MI Hoxe* Tin Plate
75 Tons Hwede*. P.nghsh* Tredegar and country Iron, near I) all
sire*, round. Rat and square
HhreL. Band and lloop Iron
Naylor's Cast and Hbeer Htrel
American and Eaglub Blurred do.
Mould board* and Hollow ware
Bracer'* Sheathing and Bolt l'opper
Popper. Pimenio. Ginger Nutmegs
Indigo. Copperas. Alum, Ha tpeur
Hops, Wick. L-tuip Oil. Packing Yarn
lilass.^xIOand 10x18. Bed Cords and
Leadimr Lines, kr . h.c
Improvement of
THi’S new and popular LIQUID HAIR I*Y E,
.la ir.'.rnti jrtiitn. hu mri taith ubi t unpU d but merit
ed wurcrrm- aw) Ihr *ub*cr;b'-r* would lufonn ll>r public, that Mill
furUwi improvemeh.' !»*• late'y been made. ao that it aundi n ’*>
unparallrJed It tolora thr Hair nlhrr Black or Brown inauntr
arouaty. and nritbrr waahev olTor amta U>r * othca and in-tead of
injuring thr hut. impart. to .1 the beauty anucU.rtic.i t of youth.—
Ita au|«iio! txcrllrnct will b« apparent to rrrry onr upon a ainglr
Th** Propririor of thi* NK Wr and beautiful pr**
p* ratio* ronfl V*»r rvconmendi it i» taring m e^umJ in tlf wor d,
for imparling * beautiful, soft aad rl*»» appearaacr to the Hair.
proiifotiBf it# grow b. and pr**v» ouug .t# faU.ng otit
im. Jackson’s balsamic elixir,
far l*rr*e*r% ing and llraulllflng il»«* TEETH<
.1 J€D PVhlh'YlXU THE MtEjiTN
Thin article will Ik? found invaluable, where
persons are suhjeet to Hoft.Pwel!ing or Bleeding Gin*#,—for whiten
ii>{ and giving flimiMi to ll»e 7WtA and preserving them Iron h
ii»i<5 feosc. Of decay.—for rendenng a delicious freaftoeas to the
krfrith neutralizing the oduur from b*<1 Teeth,—the bad breath ol
kmc km and lermns who have disordered M tnacii* This excel
lent and Balsamic Elixir i# one in which implicit reliance may be
placed. *« It has ihe strongest approval of the most respectable Phy
sicians and Dentists both in Europe and the United Hute*.
For sate by Duvil A Purra i. K R Duval. P. Johnston J. P Du
val Ax Co., J H. Eustace a N)a. 8. M Zaennason. A. Lmlc*. A bo
decker sx Bro, hu hmmnd Hpoltw ood #t Robertson. L Corliwg at
Co., Pn*r»kmrg, E. C Breeden M'tarAtstcr, J. Cooke. IValmtt*
tmrg; and by all ih* princip*! Druggists throughout the U. 8., or of
K * O. \ Wright, Hole Agents for the D. P., Pkilodclgkui
no W—tf _
^'tAHIl POR RAG8.-The"Franklin Manufacturing Company’
i*u.odiug to extend their manufacture of Taper, will pay in
a ash the highest price for cotton and linen Rags, while or coloured.
Country Merchants may forward parrels of rag# to the sui.sen
bar, who willremdpayment ns he may be directod.
SuperiBiendeniPraukhn Mm a g Comp’y.
Richmond, May Iftth. !H4ft
rPHE Parlner*hii» h(*r»MoforB existing between
-M- thr subscribers under lb* name and style of
F. Sl J. 8. JAMES A* CO.,o/ Richmond, and
EDWIN JAMBS ^ CO., of Peteralmtg,
1# this day d’Sinlved Each partner is aiiti)or»ced to use the name#
of thr firm*, and ilirrrby hind hotliof thru*.for the purpose of wind
ing up the bunaesanf ihe partnership, and fur the purpose of mak
mg. accept-ng or eniorsmg japer, cither for the said late >rai. or
for continuing iiie accommodation we may now be giving to others
The outstanding debt which ha# U’cn accumulating during tin
wiNirnre of the various firm# in which we have been interested so
long. *miat now be collected without unreasonable delay We ash.
vberefore, that our debu-rs, one ami all, will rome forward and |»ay
all trey can, and give aaiitfaeiory security for such portion# of their
•ir'hi a# they earned uow ihscliargi We wish to amid law suit#
if possible. FLEMING JAMEH,
Mu inform, Vs., 1st February, 1847.
rXIHK Miharribcrn havn Ihia day formed n C«»
X. FarinrrMuit for the trtirpme of eondueliair a l.nirral
i arri|» nitd llomnlir I miinilt.inn Kiiaiu.ua,
in Huhmniid, la., under ihr firm ot
and a 0«iiir:il Wholenitlf l»r> Clood*
Ilii.iiM-M in I’l-ferulriinr. lu.. under lilt- , inn ol
K. & F. JAMES St CO.
Hi* nuituit, Va., J J. IHR I II H JAMEH. JR.,
Frt.'ry |, IH«7. J|fi-7—if ALEXANDER K. PARKER.
i ARIM’NTKR & CO., I’kopkirtor*.
r|HlE uiideriti^iietl proprietor* of the above
S W.t,a,. rrapeetfuliy aolint the aiicMioa of then emtomen
Itnlihr trade cm rallj, t., the,, l,,(« nock of HTR AIV GOODH_
turiudmx eeeiy variety of Bimn.tr Oikonud f'.-tlin Im| lute
Art drral fltiarri,. Ribtioiii. kr„ entiiiir jin u. MnttneM twirl.
eneiM.ve and dev I ruble Hun rrn heforr ,ilf„r»ti in Ole
Virginia market
Tire,, UeHlMm fKe on nofart infix »n an pit-naive wale, afford,
litem every advat.taxe to offer Ihr ,r too tv at i.r.re, that will favour
Uhl. rotnirarr with any okber inaikrt. vtht'e their htox rxprneiirr
•It Ihr huviuer. and aequaihtince w.th tha Southern Marketv . n
■ t.le .hem I. inlrodnee 1‘TVLEH OF (JOODA that are lururukuly
ml,j*od !<• the trade
fherr aaanntnrnt will he ke|U |>erferi Ihrnuglt the arawni by ad
diO.tnv direct from Ihe Mannfariory
W fk E F. CARPENTER L fit,
mh 10—'thrill. No I, Pirliaiif. Hb.-k R.rliow.iel Va.
II VKI»\\ \ki;.
■ I %v(n<; rficnivftd my Nprinic Supply of Kn- I
■ ■ fl*»4i and Amrri( an llxidwsre I am now prepired to of- |
Il f r- '-li offtrry variety m n»y line on \h* most reasonable terms i
f^arpewters*Tools of n'\ k.n.1* su< h a* Flatw - Kd«c To>d*, Hatch
♦ i*. Mamroers.dswt, Fib-s.
Fad,Coevi.Cuphnard, Till, Trunk. Km.h. Rim and Plate lerrka
Ameff Hpadrv ami Bbuvela. Illarkamiih'a T.n Ativihi. Vwea.
Heiinwa, be
ll’.uve k..t.,tf Art trie,
t b#sp low*.at Ol**i##, hr
Brndev. every Mhe, article uvttafly ralh-d f.,r jn the |,n.
No l!l Mam Btreet, |
mh '4 -In,_ M ,.t. • ftrel(e
Ill'OHJfiK.— 24 * ■»“• e Liioncoot the • Y our
-M i •# i rsad, j'ist landed, and i r« ■* «- l y
WEBB, RA( «JN A ro
Aho nttiHil,
41 esaasof lb# J I A Co hraad, daily rrpertrd anil for «vle as
« '"nil mu.
I UriT mreived n line lot of Ibnl drairatili* elyle
*W at /W« hr,*,,.* |,>k Pana MR which * annum, ,n <1
■ca«4 la thw mark*,, in which I ante It «n iimrnlin
mT " 114, Mala Mini
'{j II || I1-88 ?*hould»*r and Mi Idling Itacon—
m* • '• ihleifl A ii.iui k
I>RIMf '(! ' Mo
l*o la|ii«|in Coltrc
a prim CanAIr*
r«ho* Twin*
tMn heap lawAinf «M Air aalc
no « i*AvrhiM«r ai.i.p.a a m
Mil ***** ■*■ *a on* mmi, i»« n> ar
•**» ay li lAMiRA • n*<mip.K
\» W »M * Ik, la half barrel*, t >r a* by
a»r n enaon* a •>mui
% ' IIK unrieraigrird arr prepared (<> ftirniah Coal
* ftwat tba Aar He*#* P.o a* lb* bA<wlk| rat** —
' a.« a*a la tea*. n*ii*«r#<l)
MtA II 4v An. para hi* the I a of July aaA
Aanawtp. in feat anA r**paa«iaii ewawna c» Apply in
ah ■ I ISM A Wr|KAY*r>N
UolRrR** M'«4«n—leaf. emM aaA Poa»4*f*A
*■ m ia sat tor **•» by
W K mM link tkr uimm at Um
fkklK- ip u mmi 1 ■mt my —ynn
■prcunrM at (ImA My HD W mdd >1
«lt Ibotr.
No family or .mltvi f**a» to with
out no** »»f ik*» Bulls At oarr an porno
uvr 04 NMk romiA.it ami imabb
I We reaper lAilly lagfra a a early rail
amt oi«l»T« before U*r warm ereolher arU
in. fai mle by
k 79 Mara at.
mb Hiya of «• ilt ritrbrr.
IVf have just received fr<>ua the luinafiiflntjr, a further supply of
(turn iJa*t* H'ltinf for driving machinery of every dev
rnpO«»a. warranted w>l In stretch or s ip on the pulkva, and lo
maintain a prrt*c« equality of width a ad ih»chae«a This supply
niHhn niiraa.uiwrat of sixes Iroaa 11 Inch to 19 Inches wide,
very complete
Wr have also a small sapply “f Goodyear's Onm fCt+jt* fWlisf
for Steam Boilers awl Hie am Join's winch la pronounced by akilfUl
Engineers, lo be superior lo all oilier article* used for that purpose
V\ Il.l.l \M8 It IIA\ 11.1,
inf 19 Agents for the Manufacturers.
PIi | HHI.S. No. I dipt N. Carolina Herring*
tJw lo Jo Family Roe Jo
Receiving f«r «t*e by
Genuine farina cologne water.
rotMkby rvsovu. fc UUW
»u> *» Druggist*. l#l Main «ir»Ti
CANTON anil French China!
Flowing llluv. various patterns a l>inr*et H. ta
Blue printed and while Granite *
A rare awl choice assortment of Ten China
Rich Toilet Ware, in Bet* awl pieces
B|4endid t'hma Wdeboard awl Table Pitcher*
Parlour. Ilall and Bu» pending l-mip«
GI t ami Silvered Girandoles, 1,9 and 3 light*
t'ttstnrsof various »t) let
Pier awl Toilet l,oo4ing Glass* f. together with every ilescrip
lion of Rich Tut. Pressed and plain flint Glassware, may be found
at the China awl Glass Ware K**001* of
ap 90 97, utatn st. sign of ۥ ill Pitcher
BRAZIL SCGAR — OO Bag* new crop Hrmail Bogar. laml ng
for ral** bj - DAVENPORT, ALLEN A • • •
THIS Ink has sl.xxi I he lest of more than thir
ty yeare’ttul. »nd .lunne (hi. turn- h»» b«rn conrtamlv in
rrens.ng in public favor and imironage. and is now the leading ar
ticle in the country It flows with freedom, becomes per man. ally
blaelt. and will mu mould under any circumstance*, and 1* adapted
to both quill and steel pen*. Those who may he iinacquaiuled with
its sti|>eru»rity are int.icd to read the following testimonials, selected
from many of a aim..at character, and to make ina) of tt them
bank i»/ the Mats */ A>tA fansfma. |
Raliiuk. 4U> March. 1847, j
,V*oci. M*y**- i A .Yeyo
Gentlemen—Your Writing Ink has been in a'niost constant use
by the officers of llus Hacking bouse for the last fifteen years, and
has always been preferr* d to any other brand It flows freely from
the pr n. and doe* not mould, and the color, though somel-nirs pale
when a bottle is first opened, becomes a beautiful permanent Mack
I have been a regular consumer of it myself during this tunc, ri
cepling when curiosity has led me to make trial of other kind.*.or
I have been compelled to in consequence of not bring able to find
yours in tin* market, and *ake pl-asure in being able to speak so
favorably of it, and trust tliaimy opinion, founded on such long ex
perirnce. will induce mart who may not be- w well acquainted
with its menta to give it a trial Youra respectfully.
C. DEWEY, Cnabier.
Memrs Mathaip A Nora*
Gentlemen—Wears happy in being able to say that we entirely
concur in fh* opinion etptrssrd above of your writing ink by Mr
Dewet, the > ashirr of this Institution Respectfully, your*
DlTNN CAMERON, President;
D. DlT PRF.. Book Keeper.
For sale. wbo'e«ate apJ retail, at Manufacturers' prices, by
mh 11—3m DRINKER A MOKRIH 97. Main Bt
IjAPKH HANGINGS.—The subscriber hu
- just received a large and spiced d assortment ol French and
American Pai*e» Hanging* of tfe ia»e*t pattern*, const ring of Gilt.
Velvet, Pres-or and common Paper of every description and price
Abo. a hami*onM' assortm*»at of Fire Screen* and Bordering
Puuj «hmg Ware Rooms No. 140. Main Butei
P. 8—Room* and Entries peered in the neatest tranter, in
town and courtry. on tic most reasonable t-rm* «p lb—d*m
VI« 1 ORMI( K*8 REAPER.—The subscriber
ITJL i. tuitfiorixrd to r-vf irr order, for ibi. popular M.clunr —
Turn .Do may b. in w»m tbr cumin, icmb are irqurttm 10
furairh ibrir ororre wilboal delay, thal tine nay be (inn to .apply
(item mm] a.mj diaafpomllHent H II ALPIVI.N,
ap9l No. 19.14(11 St.
ALLEN r. CAPERTON. as exec’or of Hugh
Ca peri* r ar.d in hi* own right as one of the survivini fart
• rs of Caperton a 1 'rump. Its* tin* Jay sold to Richard M t iuaip.
the other surviving porter, a 1 the interest **r the •• au- of Hugh
Caperton and <*f th *a*d Alien T. Capeiton in the tate firm of Ca
perton a Crump .*0*1 all the inirn at of Alien T Caperxoo ut Uk
firm of Crump A Caperton All peneoa La v ng claim* against eiih
• r of MtiJ firm* will pit sept 'heru to K M Crump, and ol persons
indebted to raid firm* viU make payment to him. aa the said Crump
alone is aulbori&cd to dose the business of said fi.ros
Richmond. March *0:K 1847. R W CRIMP.
R\1. C'Ul MP will conduct a general whole- ■
• nlc c,k«.n E|:V and Commission business at the *u>rs
corner of Cary and 14th Streets, toe oki stand occupied two year*
•luce by (\ip« non At Crump. aud woir ircmt y by Mrnr* PaiWso*
At Burr He solicits the patronage eikWed to tbe Uu firm of Ca
permit *. t rump- iOr «'asb advances iuaJ: on consignment* to
tbe. usual amount. atb 83
FRF.sU SMOKED BEEF, )u*t received, sod
for .lit t.y FR TH AN7.
mb I Ng9 Eici»*ngr Block
Clothing at 25 per Cent* less than mi>> other
More in Town at Ibe Ac*%% Vork Morr, 15B,
Mtnu St.9 Corner of Hit Ituugr Hunk. »ti« b
uioiul. Va.
HAVING purchased at the North a large lot
. of READYMADE CLOTH I NO at peremptory Auction
Hales, ran »*J ai 20 per cent let* than maoufaemrv s price*. Tbe
following ire jU’i reeriv^J. w<—•
Far* and Frock (\«b from 5 u> t'»
CLOTH IIRRHR COAIH • 7,50 i t $10
Fine French Cloth •* N 18,50 lolffi
Hummer Pant* •• I to $:
4'•■••inure and Cltth rants" 8.541 to 9 4.50
PtJM) Toots loll "
Huir.n et Cost# •' 75c u> $1,541
Blk Hkei.eton Faca Coats" 8.50 to $.4,541
ALS<>—Blurts, Cravats. Collars, kc.. for ss.e al FLEBT’H Cheap
< ’ash CTotlnitg Flore, 154. Mun Ftreet, Corner ol K.ichatgr Knot,
Richmond, Va- my I
WARD tV JENKINS. Ill, F..j{lf Square,
would respectfully invite tbe attention of strangers . itiLDg
the nty. In then Urge and entirely new flora of Pavfiionat le l'f>
Hand- recenl y purchased, coreist ng of all tbe lau»t style* of For
t-igu nod ItomeetT fabric*, both for l^ndies’ and gentlemen's wear
my 14
l 1 II VEkTntiR.
THE nubecrilier h:i* now on hand a full and
complete a*«r>rtjnent of iVths. Csssimeres and Veerings,
winch he wilt manufacture to order, at fhnrtesi nolir* The kit*a
lion of all is,.-sited to examine my slock, at I I I ’In In Mreel.
J *oo " 1st quality Washington afloat for sale by
London porter.to <-a«k.. hLh3m
Club ' Porter, in pints—landing |**r sebr Lynchburg For
-ile by my ll WILLIAM* k MAX ALL
I *- Mill* W,-rt India M' il.AHBES
I O V> boir. B.dlotil P|«m CANM.EB
Flier t IRON, assorud from No 18 In 8ft. receiving and for
salr by my A WORTIIAM, MeGRUfiSR k CO.
fTfl III 4 l« IV m i:\TK4 I INI. 4.1 \ »•!# \% ltl.fi
9 P II v ,
est emeJ a«anlc»e* nf food f »r invalids and all oth*'s requiring
a light ani nutrit out diet. They are neatly put up in half pack ,
ages, wr th directions for Use. A supply received by
rt'RCKLL k LAI»l» lirnggtsu.
I $ I. M*in Ftr»» I
IONDONf DROWN 8IOI I—10 lif-rrcH, in
3 quart# m store, for sal* by WILLIAM-4 k IIAXM.L
SALT—500 ssr'kn best Liverpool filled full! bJeacbeiJ
sacks, lor sale afloat per schr Oreenway.
my 13 WM. AN DKR80N fit CO.
HACII^I.Mwiv M lbs prime W* etera Bacon, received iiAorr
this day. «*4 i >t - i i t y
Hf kf kf a LBH prune Mountain Bacon Cx sak by
A M M f H WRil F11
NOTH t TO 10 MiOfcitlS.
ei'A II r. a>itr«i rilwrs liftvp |ll*t rrrPivril tin- follow.
M. mg Hml \>ut Onoili, v IikIi Hi* > ofT» r at f» if pfK^r* —
.’i. ft. 7 and M meh Carpenter** 1/ *k«
4, ft aid 7 iii'ii AiMrrtrnti kn<d> UKki
f *j»r ght and Moriie* lx**fc*
Kiviii nn-t Tlnimh Iti'elM
Nari'i* fa«' md >r> mrii Hut •
Rroti) 'ait and l-rnr joint iJoti*
Mi»(i aMMi^k fl«i> Muifi* and II ■»>*• n.d Hing*c
■trniwl aimrr .n»l fli' Hh>jtf*r and lad Bonn
Hrnill^r and da*b fmeamii
H'-rm* rttii»hi»j t *,1 ini Wrought NiaO«
_If1 O Nn 111 iJfrid itu H Aign o# tlae Hand*riw
n m i%i nn
lillLS. No. ) llvilifai N|.i» k»*r#l
* do Ho J do dp—in Htiii*. and for
M»ir to eloM t.jr rnf I fO-ffF.M, ft Met Aflfil.lt H
III KflMM All! H H
*\| || | HHLd. not! North ( arolinn
l*» * bl) i |’o*« "f.Matan" Herring*
In t'lotr and dadj «ipeft#4laarrt*f.
3*,fth0 lh. Hie .n W. «!*»*, Hogr) find and dnnhtieifl, fut nk on
nrrnmnodat’hf tenm bf
ii loftrn ft
Urt' M.rlc-AI f*»r )*» Pr)rM
j VV *,,IVC now •*< Storp »o«l a.p rpppi.ine liy
” ▼ abanai »*atpMM from Phila4oipb>a Iba Itrpart .*4 pr*at
'* nlwl "• TraarHiap Traat. an4 larpat Rapa rhai r.aa ba
fhai»4 ta lha art* W» bam all Ilia n* waar *pba aa4 Raal appro*
a4 ialaraa...f ail t.i a an. abapoa. W« raapa.iuallp »»> rta labrr
noaal lo rail an4 a. ..... par. Itrpr an4 praal raoa'p. N
Pr*w* r»« parkn a Papa. RortaMa an4 aiea Praaaa. Tpaaa TraMu
app IT.a4a pipiaaaip for n• —for aa r varp Iota.
_55 __rirnrv * watt*
IH HHOH pTlMa PI l I'm l 4..par ,oal raCPWM hr palp bp
my i» H W b t i r.y b CO
a MkN of IW *A«I «r rAMia ij«.» «f
•MM r*roily of NKW lAl.fANA k«nMw Ik* Mmlifol
K. (Ol*. mm. Mi*, of ik* «*1 ramhjf Ak>. a *iWuoi* .if tfeo
IMfeil ,ai (1ww<*<l fKMi of kUiykal wo* Um Si of A
pni. IKM. u rio h* **oa ky *o UifeAmMi »h*«h Ul fmaari Ik
Am oifc*<*. *oi *ao rk.iritikmia **f uo r«wk*»wi mKMCM
iri i y -hKI'i.KK THK H«M'AK,\VKikr OIOK ol Ifer
NKtXl'AI. men of every *|« were convinced (tel (te ku«M
life to um »te( »•» acquire a Use rough knowledge of every brooch
of (te* Medical Science. hence awn devoted iheu attention to Mur
cevv. ..thera to ntetetnv. other* yvt to the teavt of a particular
organ rucliM tte Kye. Ui.4c.ui order to obtain a perfect * uo* l
olf« of it. wterh re it Jr i« thrm successful.
I»r lirtrrroaafuNv convincid of this truth when te coumshuc
cd his Medical career under l’iuic«eur Bee la r, of TARIM, who Jr
voii<d lie whole life to the tieauoeol of Iwumk* ncy. Or- II. was
an ardent adept of that learned Professor, and tea ever since IW
lowed the wmc practice, and devoted hie wh»dc attention to the
treatment of disra— ariaing ft.tai a necret practice Also, laved
unttty Kaiianoo*. produced by lacivtou* dreams, or while at ►loot,
which weatena both tte genital and digeetive or van*, ami gradually
bring* on mental derangvmant. coo—aciag l*y lownaaa of spirit*
and followed by imoterance of ideas, kiss of memory, desire of
drsth, and even to commit lutcidr
1*0 «sch l*T. II. pledges In oiar If to rent on* ttem to prime vigor,
on guarantee if desired, for te is the only PhvaKMn now living who
understands thoroughly these peculiar nervous disorders, and who
also make* the only medicine, extracted exclusively from French
dower*, wInch wrllcurethoar conahiau.
Mcarcely n day pasw* that he does not receive application. per
•owatly and by letter, who have been mated—some of them by
tteir own family ph van* tans. otte rs by tte head doctors of the
!*utr in which they Itfh—-but tte grewlesi part of them have tried
all the quack medicines of Krw York and Baltimore. having been
altered by boasting promise*. which result in nothing but bitter dis
Again l>» VI repeals that te a tte only one who understands
tbo— d■•order* thoroughly. Again he tnlla you with a k»uJ voice,
be makes the only medicine which will restore you to prune vigo ,
on written guarantee and forfeiture if desired.
HKHTKrtTlVK IIAHIT—llow many youth spoil tteir health
by the bat* tui and dangerous practice of noliUry indulgence This
is very iqfurtous to tte individuals, whose complexions become
pale, and thru bodies feeble. b«d digestion, their stomachs very wm
dy and some pants are felt in ik« ^.'turh, many times in tte
lungs and elsewhere, according to the duration of this destructive
vice I have seen a great ruauy youths carried to their graves be
fore tw* at y sewn years of age for not having quit it, and be relieved
in time.
Mtudy frequent!) produces this affection. ■ ace the head, strongly
taxed, irritates the entire nervous system, although iter** is little pro
l^-nait) m nature to pursue this vice during sleep, dn aiua are wady
to asduev the aenaraof the young victim, uaul te ineoluntanlv be
comes guilty of the weakness, front the effects of which atl the
skill of the med.ca! profession has much difficulty in saving him.—
It isthis aeries of circuawtance which gives use to the cause, the
result of which terminates in nocturnal poiuuoa*
I Hiring my residence in Pans, which lash d move than a scow of
years. I had occasion to examine a great many thousands of thus**
cases w hich acquainted me with all the particulars of that detesta
ble and injurious habit which soon or late will kill the patient, or
what is worm still, bring him to kill hi roar If.
\V lien youths have tk:s »t« strut tire habit, which In growing tarns
into solitary practice, then instead nf growing smart, handsome and
bloomy as the) generally do. they become pale, wenk, languid, ner
vous, irritable, they general!) hate company . they are dull, taciturn
an<1 if far advanced in this abominable practice, they are so tired of
their lonely cx»su nee that many kill tteiuwdve*. and frequently no
body in the wor'd can account for their suicrds.
Among the very many which 1 have treated and cured there, I
rr collect a man affix ted with this miserable complaint, who on tte
eve of suicide nine to see me; tte reading of a scientific journal
which I published at thattimr gave him souk* rays of hope, sad he
detailed me tus complaint as follows
I am a man of thirty years old, a portrait painter by trade,
and in easy circumstances, but the most natsrrable being is nund
that evvr lived, I never had any intercourse wuh any being what
ever but myself From my boyhood I sought lonely place*and in
dulged to ibis vice of nature, but soon alter my digestive organs be
came weak and windy, hard digeston*. feebleness, and above all so
nrrvous that the least noise made me jump with fear fulness, though
I bad no fear.
• on were r gn;. sa.u rs.to can in is complaint nocturnal,(or it vu
at night that I indulged th« mod in that horrible practice, which
debilitated me to such an rstrnt that I wn unable to walk half a
mils w ithout taking swe rest, my parents wren' uaruieiat the state
of my health, called a doctor. who »u»t>ccirJ me of this practice, for
he turned every way to find out the truth. I denied all, even the
knowledge of it, but resntved to quit it. but it was in tram, lor I n nst
ed all the day long, but at nighi the dream# came to srduee my srn
waand ruined me I married to relieve myself of this vice, hut ai:
my boj»rsof happiness were doomed to disappointment. Cursing
my fate, I resolved to put an end to my existence, but I now have,
sir, pul myself u er your care, who, if you can reheve me, will save
a miserable being from self destruction.
lie immediately commenced taking my treatment and after taking
one bottle of my chctn cat juice of flower* be found himself ol .1
more lively dt«p -sdion lie continued improving until be hod usrd
eight bottles of it. which completely cured him After which be
got married, and had srvrral children before I irft Pant
I will now eit» another caar wh.ch occurred lately in my practice
In Baltimore. The patient presented me the fohowing certificate
after being cured
To llxc % fflivied of like Nolilary Tire,
I am a iuau of forty years of age, and have been addicted in my
boyhood to th- destiue ive habit ternwd R-ditiiy Vice. I have
learned it truui had boys and practiced a for about ten vrar*. hut
If ank God I have quit it and recovned iuv lie a lib amt stiength once
more. Soon alter the commencement of in** avwsunabie practice,
instead of growing strong, braity. and blooming as youth* getc
rally do. my health impaired. m> body feeble, and my dtgestror d t
ficuiu It was not long before my parents were somewhat alarmed
and scut for a physician, who pronounced n> it (Leo d w >th a Liver
Complaint—sev« ral other docto s were called in succession. som«
treated me for t \>i*suui,*n>n and others lor d.srase of the brail,
however tliey all agreed that 1 had the dyspepsia When about
twenty y« an of age 1 became fretful. trembling at the least noisr
and shunned all company, particularly that **f female# I cboosed u»
t»c hione though I was not company u> myself and thousands and
th jusands of urn* • I secretly d« sired that death would come to rid
me of my miserable existence (to say no more ) The perusing of
alfltle *rea::*e transited fro® the Trench which fortunately fell
into my hands, instrunsd me on ’he true cause of ay sufsr.ng. I
thesi re«o»ved to quit thi* noctural practice and accordingly did so for
*»srral year*, but that infernal vice did not leave me and it com
milted its depreciations in my sleep—while in this precarioussitua
tion 1 saw- a treatise on this disease advertised In toe r*un. I N>ush,
it and found mat it exptata *d mv disease so minuirly that I re*oi»r«l
to put myself unreservedly us*i-r im care of its autbo*-—! did not
hesitate much, for he showed m«- sewrai nafoitunatc beings who
had sp 1 ed their hex th as I did. among whom was a young pbysi
ctnii. and they all indeed st-oie so highly of the skill, ability and ex
pcricncr of this truly learned physician, that I cannot but join with
tbum in rcnunmending him. particularly in this complaint, for I
positively certi.'y.tfcat be perfectfy restored me 1aevery respect, for at
ibis present tune I wmu tony two pounds and three quarter* luou
than I did two years ago, and i tract rely thank the Almighty fur
having thrown mr ra the way of this gruoi am 11
Rtati or Mastlaxp,
Re it r. mrmbe*ed. that m :hi* .M day of January. 1*45, before me,
ihesuiiscriber. a Justice of the Fever of mm! State .n and for the
city afartwtid. personal.)-appeared Benedict G 11 Grero. and made
oath <ra »hr Holy E» angely of Almighty God. that the matters and
1 facia »»-t forth in the above ann. xed certificate, are jus* and true as
stated Sworn he fun* JIWE U.M'f*, J p.
f or Dr IIIT.TT of fli«*
Fnasiu al II01 **. Faxpxau.i 9r , R»i.niAii
I do hereby certify. Tfc~l I had been a v.ctrai of the sol.lary
vice for the last four y«ais, wh* n I found it to atstirue a dangerous
cliaracier, with viokir pains ra my tack, para in my lungs, lot* of
strength and appetite, digestion hard fr.ghtiu', and a w radv stomach.
ai»d 1st of all failure <>1 nnnd. shunned company of all kinds, and
hid all the symptom* of # quick term.nation of life.
I one day iuw his adveituco eni in th* Run. DR. IIE'ETT, 16 R
Frederic,-* street. Ualitmore. and fcavir.g l*eard »• much of brai on
my vuit l*» N,w t »rU .ns. I wa* deterunned u> iry him. I set out
from Cincinnati » > IhtUntor. apd received hi* advice and medierae
at his bouse above m* nlioned I » ra*nu.nc«.d using the medicine,
but nev« r ripretid to recover lie (‘ucouraged mr to keep „n
taking it, and to my surpr tr I began to regain my former vigor and
a..ilotion. and this day I weigh ten pound* more than when I cum
rueii»ed. * c^m -led taking hit mciicine. nd I am n»w perfectly
restored. I this day cahi J on him. oflenag him gratitude and friend
ship as a rescuer and restorer of to* hsaith. I now feel entirely
well in every respect.and trust that ail who wi I read my mtrtneni
and who a re alflir ed with solitary vice will uukr use of that v.iluii
N- moitCiO.'. a'nd " « l». nocal Juice of Flowers, ** before it is too
Lite i allow the stno iwiClobs publish* 1 many pap*r he withe*,
for the hen* fit of the adbctrd If .mjr pwrson wishes any further
knowledge of ruy case, they may apply or writs to mr.
Front urrH. between Main iJ Walnut iu, Cincinnati, or at m>
brother n «» a, corner of Kua and tfiiih af», Cincinnati, ©late oi
But* nr Ma«ti **n. Baltimore «*ity, to wit On this eighteenth
day f November, in th* year of our l*ord. 1846, persona My ap
peared before ihe subscriber, a juaftce of the peace of the Bute
of Marytan! n and for the city of Haltim«*re. i hun M Hnadnam.
and bum* oath on the lloly Krangejy of A in «b'f Hod, Hint the
facta and stall rnema n-n.im- in 'he above instrument of writing
arc juat and true Hwom to before KKECK,
Justice of Prave.
If thia publication should meet the eye of any owe who, ia the in
discretion and imprudanc* attendant on youth. M»ou*d have brought
on liirir.f. any of the evil* allude! to above,to which the French
l>oclor Ollen hie aeivu^tf, and pled e* the rao*t AeaseaWe grertag —
Hr believe* that he ha* the i».*ans of remedying their suffering*,
and of obtaining for liiem a permanent cure, or no charge required.
TAKK NhTI' K—T!»at l»r lll’KT will not advertise any more
through the pub .e pr* lor the Cure of Heeret lii*order*. from the
fart tnat lie it w> wrlf knnwi to I s the: only I’hyetcian in (he l oited
Kile* who eradicate* tt»e vencraaf potidn o«n of the eyeiesi what
soever alarming, on written guarantee and forfeiture, a* in the m*e
of Mr Brum in r ard othnr* who were givra up lodie by number!***
pbyvrcian* of high randng.
{Or Remember, Irr IM'ET, of th* French Medical Hun*.*, 16
south Frederick street. near 8d street, ftwo tree* before the bouse ,
Advice daily from st A M to 10 P. M
Baltimore. Bepg. f» IP46.
ffT Person* at a di*Ur>« e may tie rm*iU*d by letter, post paid,
and have the merit* m* *ent to them to any part of ilw countr/.
I»r Hcrrr ia *o well known ihrooghoot the s>vM that hi* cor
respondent* need only direct their letter* a* follow* " In HI'ET,
Baltimore, Md.” arid they wilt come safe to hand ap A
M. Am*«ican PRINT* i
French " > In atmovt every variety
Knghsh ** )
LAWNl*. several ca*. • of very handsofo*- rlyle*
bINMI AMb. French, Hcotcb an*l Herman
tlemani R»»be*
Toptme Rrorha
f ' AMHRIf H. Plaid, *rop'd find plain
Mt’HI.IN RMRM. rat’d and whin and emHyo’d
F*v» I'ee** If tbf* Cluwb »mI Heart*
f ‘Id fl IIH for • •*’.« a**l I'*ntalonn*, iit great variety
c**s me e* Oamttfron*and Tweed*
V*vt ng* m M*r«nii»re I .ten and Ht'k :.n4 Wool
*»>* k IM»'« »nl H*-ar'« («.f f#■ nt'ff-vtt* n m |re*t v*n*iy
Half ff'*sc f,inert and cmion 'wb.te. hmwn and cold,
Bilk md «• **iio*i lldkf* very low a* well a* fine
1,/NF.NH—Ineh l.*n» i.« manufactured fo-m gar • fir**
C?,op ait.cn- f ,* f*r '|rmen'f Hbtrt*
Br.yWn Ikr.l'a every j.,* *y
1 4, 7 1 i'd H brown iMl gra>u I.men. very rheap
liowia* h Burial'* rr**h and Table r mm
Kentiny* lonefil' Md*'*
Nik and eoT4 Thread* of ey»ry kind
7 he Hr .r k i* ver* hrgt a«d v in* 4, awl W ill be offered very I ,w
mb -I __ F» ff. | «.N|K»N
I1THI I 1.1,
W I** ,,,,vc jwrr '>(« n'-H a • (•••■» f.f To a winch
!(▼ v
w* •#■—«< < H t, , , I H * I:PI I C|<
> \ I IA I * - * *11* |* U VI | . , nl„.r
ha* beeaappoir fed* .> A feat far the Blair of Virginia for i i*e
| sale of tlrs Patci i 1**44 fa*M. which r» mi** nor to f Hitch metal nr
French leaf, anc »qu*l lo gold e»f for ail k nd* #*r interior oraa
u»e*ital wora *sry BtKk » he* per. and quite a* durable
ruh 19—<1 P M 7.A» lim-HON
f’hemr*' *nd h igf.al Nc* Mr ,«d*r fthrek e Hill
WH. 4 hONNAN bav^ r«w’.*!ivr<J by r#.
• r#n« «rn„l» KWl nf Hardwire aM CM*rr
afttcJa .a iWir »*•».•< aM Ama.va* ma
■ufartnf, imi fon4> har, y»a, por<ha-«i low. awl tr, 'iff.# uwoi
IM *ai# #>« aa r*aa ,iht» |.,iri« aa aoy r»,«laf hoow whal>*.,
W. rvapactfoll, #,#,.,,*i M.r#aaauaa* p«w#», ,.#■*#.H, in#,»
*•< #',# Aat hntnt- purrhnwng- IV* A I fff**ffA*l,
• I /O I n M. M
VI ALAUA WINK—lb.if. pi,wl, la^lmff m,<l
^ • for mle by
• dahpnwi am i . a nn
KfOWMlT fl A*Tff l.-r Ml* l>r
'i0 »M ' WII.UAN PAI.MK*
* m*mm mm msrM
By I>r. opium's Vrgulsfcl Elniu
pared by Ur A. I'rdaa, M IK, Man Ywh. a nyrtai Maraibl
I rayaar-a, who deeolaa kia nitration elmoat entirely lo thud.aeaer
TV Bkeclnary la aa ia.Nl remedy, aad wik cm aay oaa* ol
Pile* eilVf Hired,a« or III,ad, laiciaal or cuaraaK and iV only
I thing >ka« anil. II la very ml d la Ha operation, awl way V mica
| m ,-aare ol IV moat acute laBannloa unborn daa«ci. Allealrr
I aai appliealnwaaic ia IV bigVot degree d.aayreeabla. mcoacenmM
aad odeaaicc. and from IV aatate af tV dwcaac Icmpora,) ia lkr„
I rdkrW. Tkm medic,a, attack. IV Jncae, al IU nourer, aad rcawc
, ■ ay iV eaaar. ren.b r, tv rare crrUUa aad permanent la Ir,flam
amlaaa. eurenrm Mad ukctalam of tV Mornark. bom ta. kidaeyr
ktmbh r. aeeerr I'm.n nov and for ihr relief ol Marne.! Indira.
H Mike beat and,one ever diaroeercal
I iiaonn 1*1, aa—A nockmaaia IV IlUaa llooac. al t'ambndge
[ pact, w bo bad the Pilra AAraa yrafw eery eeeerery. aad naa con
| ala Bile rtyo—J lo IV ,nn aar Val of a fUiaae. . and greatly redue
ed by IV d-earn., reel end great irlwf and a Anal cure by IV aae
ol Ur I'pbam'a traaedy. TV eaar naa a eary obiUaao oae. on
lo IV .mure of IV occupation, and tV drrangad condition ol IV
Ht.aan, ao !*i caa.—A ye alia wan in Bedford. Maae. who bad IV
Diced,ny I'dra many yearn, yreally ribauauag Ina ayetem. naa in
t'rely relic ced of ikia dianaming anddanyeroua aymprom, by La a, ay
a Ink dine of the Rlretuary oaee or Imre n wonlh
PaiMau or ear Bona, a—A prraon afll clod mib Pilra and
Palling of I lie tin wen. 10 aurb a decree that ao eeacaamm could
V had nabout lying flat upon tv floor.nia entirely telieend and
cured by lb,a Medicine. Th* eaar naa a eery extraordinary oar
Picrvia*. I'ti ana Be —In Ike norm raaea of Pdea, where Pip
■ ulna. I'lerra ard raeeranua ho lea mat. IV Bbetaary n alwaya an
'“•ary >n ,ta eHx-eta, and if peiareenayly need, mil ptodnrr a cure
Two or ikree cava, where a aurgtral operation naa thought lo be
nreeaanry by the Hoc,ore, hare been cured by Ikia Medic me ll ,a
a perfect remedy for Mrreurmi;dlaaaaaa la Ikr inieauaao.
{CX Ptlee • I per boi —of twelve doara. with fun direction., anJ
othei informatma reap r ling tv treatment and rare of tV d lore or.
Hob! Wholeaale aad Retail by Wyatt B Krtrkin. Htl. Fulton
Street. New York; aad ky p. JoHNSTUN,
me IA—Awtf_ IHuygiat. Kiekuaual
Keg nine kaal-Bwkly Supply of
j>nr and Fathomable Music,
CONSISTING of the most |h».
paler Sonya, klarebea. Waltaea, Be —
Amo nr «t tV collection may he found l hr following
The Moon « 11 me mg ‘*n w nra—I Or txnut.ful and favor Us
Melody of ** l»eare*t Mae. ” isung by Um “Uarmonsons') adopted
to original words; by J II llawtU
When Eves are lleamtag. « the Pirrwll Bong, written by II#
ber. and dedicated to Mtw M. Barrav. by M ke ler
Orphan'* Prayer, Poetry by T II Bayty Music by Hir Henry R
With thee I now will weep—Bung in tire Opera of *• Loretta,**
comp *rd by L Lavrnrr
t>n ibis c rid flinty ground, a beautiful song, composed and sung
by Hrakam
thrr eaiicd Fathers, wrtten by the Kev. John Piennont and sung
by tbe Misses Mvcomber
Hong of other days, composed anJ respectfully dedicated to Mrs
Jamrs R. law n nee. by II K Hweetland
Hsrti Lily of Liriini', written by Mrs Crawford . Music by R*
car do Lintar
Forget thee, never, as sung by Mr Myer, written and composed
by Mathias krikr
Farewell, thou hast broken the Cham, song composed and most
respectfully dedicated to Mias Caroline Tileston, by Adolphe 12
What Enchantment. Hignora Pico's Hpanwli song, ciobelisbed
With her likeness
Isghtly won i» lightly held. IHiett in ike Musical Drama of **Tbe
Young Pretender. Music by Mrs Beckett
Well a-Day. Duet, by Georte Liody, Esq
Tbe Yienamae Ik no r*. a truly beautiful Walls
Ashton Walts, by R It Alien
Ho rn Drop Waltz by Estelle llewitl
Lilian Walts, by Joseph lahitxky
Anything, a new Watts, by John Hntub, jr., of Arkansas
Warner llall Wal z by Praaci- Busk
Rosetta Tolkt, composed and dedicated to the Ladies of Boston,
by Gustaac ItVum r
lac ha Polks c mipoaed by F Kalkbrraaer.
TIidIc haioon, I GO, Haiu Ml.,
mv 24 l oriMT of EIpi piiIIl.
NEW Ml 810—NEW Ml 8IC,
Jiml Rt*rph p«I in .idvniipp, at
.Vo. 161, Main Street.,
Ily \k 11li:«iu L. Honlngiis.
B IT L L K T l N, M A V 2 4th.
THE MOUNTAIN BOY—A beautiful Ballad, translated from
the German, by M V l.amer
MY HEART, IT THROB* FOR THEE—Composed hy Keller
• It throbs for thee ' it throbs for Ihee
My feet may roam o'er earth and sea ,
My hom*- m couil or wiki may be.
Hut st.U this heart will throb for thee1 "
MAUREEN — A sweet little song, poetry by Barry Cornwall the
Music c«>ni{Hwrd by Walfe.
Drains of " The Youuf Pretend**!,’’ by Mrs G A A Beckett
• Lufit y «vnn »* lightly hekl.
'Ta< s so from urn's b* gmnmg ;
And love that's not by lose rep* lied.
Is never w*orib the winning
Hut I have lovtd the# long and wall.
Too l.irg for thee to doubt roe—
And let this trustful moment tell
I would rot live with.Hit thee"’
" Mount.*in and Vsk might lovelier be.
Rut doom’d from Ibre to live apart—
How lonely all would art in to roe '
M> home must i-e where’er thou art-’*
THE FARMER’S D Al'GHrP.K arranged hy E I. White —
This is a really rhtrmirg song and is destined to become exceed
ingly popular
R*-Sid«s the above I have received s large assortin' at of othrr
Music oi every description, to which I would isvite the attention of
Strangers visiting the eity will hod Wm. L. Mosttgue’s Store a
drrrable establishment at wh ch to obtain the Latest and most
fssh unable Music Publications Call a the
Iw. RANDOLPH CO., 1\!1 Main street,
• Honk teller,. Hinitrn. Mnliimrrv mikir »l
l a nr V r, lor *»k. a lari, aiucknf ■•<iu».larJ Thro
logical H oke. t.**«»dss tbs t.illcu ing New Work*
Bcnptute Illustrations of Liuriy of Episcopal Church by R« v H
Hale—37 cent#
Thankf Ureas and other Essays; by Rev J Hamilton— 37c
Fattvson A McFarland on the shorter Catechiarn—42c
Barred Philosophy of tb* Hensons by Revds Duncan A Greet,
wood 4 v. ls—93
Tayb r*« Holy Living an>l Dying—ll
H#adley*f Hacred Mountains— VI .94
Memoirs of Mrs. Fry. by Rev TTioipson—75c
Three Divio** Histers Faith, Hope and Charity by Reverend T
Adam# *91
Anglo Hat n Vision of the t.ospeis; by Thorp A Khpvlein—9l
Puritanism not Protestantism b> Rev A U UhapiQ—Ctc
Scripture Reader’s Guide, by Caroline Fry—37c
Mtd.utmiison M's Prayer by Rev W flare A A Bonnet'.—50
Ttie Great Sapper hy Rev Js 1'atrchdd A Magili—37c
M'-niorabilia of Swedenborg. rdited by George Bush— 50c
In Jic 4I10OS of a t'realor, by W Whenrril, ll D—25c
Lectures upon Purgatory, linag* ,, Saints, Ac . by Rev Dr Pise—
High and Low Mass of Catholic Church, by W llogan—25c
Persecutions of Popsry, by F 9bobett ~~95c
Keiormers before the Reformation by K tic H<>un**chose—;,Uc
An Inquiry 17 tknariaace of ChrMha Reader, by Rev Dr Ma
nor row ■ niotr in nyain*—jvc
B iliop Whateley's Krrorsof Romanian)—t.r»c
Mifklst'i Jetuili. edited by C K Jester—SOr.
Aipbien of Apostolic Hurcosmoo by Rev il G Cheever—'9.1c
Gospel I . eloped by \V H John* »n—10c
Hot ry of Trinity Church in New York i*> Rev Dr Herryan—
l-atrr Prophecies of l«aiah by J A Atruatlrt—|iyO
Pi.neeo n ThnsFogicol Essays. Id •rries—9*1.*.u
D * ling's II tat or y of Romanism—93
LorcRt'i h .story of ti.* Ir ^niboa—Ul
I. rd's Fj position of the Apocalypse- I.’
Neal's History of th« Puritana—93
Re«.lienee in Persia among the Ncstonan*. by J Prrkms—91
Pmiuas and their Principles; by R Halt—9l
Tm Church Universal, by Per Hr 19 one —11.15
F.ve llttsdrol H ketches and Hrlecions of A rm ms—Tl/tO
DwighT* Th« ology, 4 vols. new edition, sp binding—97
Clement of Home , or, ciirwtianry m the first Century. Ity Mrs
Courthnian's R. asons for his faith and Practice, by Rev'd N H
D*Aub>gne * liisrour**-sand Essays—*s7c
Yr Ail new Works of merit received in advance by
J w k ANMIiPn a * 11
V Off’K FROM KENT! < KV !—I have been
afttieti j woh DYAPPPHIA m Ihe mmi aggravated form for
three years post, ami I found norvhef until I used l»r 42. Benjamin
Huntl»'s Improved Indian Vegetable Pills. After using si* kites ol
said valuable pills, J am entirely cured They are a g* ner.il remr
Padut b, Ky., Nov. 19, 184'!.
We rynify to the above farts I>r . Hfosth < pi Ha are universally
esteemed m tins vicinity.
VM’tJUK. OIVKNH II Of)., Merchants
(Prom Dr. Bingtetnn I
Fnrrm **r». Kjr, Feb’ry 14lh, 1040.
Dr U B» f*j Hiu'th—D« ar Hlr Nothing Its* ever been tntroduc
••4 that h is m.|4 si wall and given sueh gem rat latsfkction. as your
Improved lrxli.iti Vegetable Pil's. Very resjwrilolly you**,
f From Messra. Sail M Aiden )
l«ot ivvimk, Ky , Peh. IS, Hit
f»r O Benj HniilH —Dear Hir You will please nerd us twelve
gross of your valuable Pills. Fraui prrsent rndfc alione we shall
ssd a large anmuntnf ihem We lind that they go very quirk. Mr
Yamt Iris nds, HULL M ALliP.N
(Fr*n» Wilson, Htarhtrd M Pimih J
ls>t isviixa. fob. 19. |H4fl
l»r Hifiilh— Dear ftr About two week* ago we bought two
grr»*t of your lr»d in Vegetable Hugar (Vuind Pills Though bust
nes- dull here at this tiai* .yet we have sold them an You will
| h- tee send us lea gross through Memr« I aw renew M Keese. of
your nty. who will forwarl ilKi'i to us via Pittsburgh
Yours, respr riftiRy.
iffFiee |7b, flreeaw 'h street, f large brirk htoefc >
RT1 Always ask ler the Improved Indian Vegeta his Pills
frT And see that #1 llei.j HmHh »s rof/es with a pen on Ihe
b'dtimtuf IV hat*
fry- For -tie by #.A\ N'»R * W* s ift Mat* Ht ,
J P Duval M Co .MHt ret and P. P Pimr Mun Ht I mb A
T|»r firral Central AvsemMy of Ihr l*rrnlsf«
tenon € hnri li of Amerlra.
I T i* r xpfrted that tlvr* will lx* h*>r»» on lb*'
lO'h of this month the Itrgesi number of strangers ever he
f**ye tvrm-iH in ih*s city, pot lets than four to live hundred Mtnts
legs will be m attendante, t •gith»t with thousandsnf the members
of ilia Church, and other* who may be drawn hither from all parts
•A the e mntry, to mn in with thetr fronds on this or*-asln« I
-.t mild, iher* fore, call the rUntrs of the Delegates, my fr.end*.
and strangers gen* rsl y, to my *a»ge and general asnortmeni of
Hunts Hhors erel Trunks, eousrstisg nf the best yet all letmmtM
to |*e found hi the city—over iw e|v« thousand pair I now bur on
l*a».d and many of them I have received m the pasl few weeks aN
were made by the best maaufirtarer* in ihe cotietry. together with
a great variety of my own maanfaMiire, suitable for Indies and
gentlemen of most every drs:nption. . nd at prices that shill be u
od'icem at to call on ms. tf they should be in want of the above
goods. a« my oM stu.d No 91V Broad BtrvH, ne*l done below tbs
My Goods Hiore rA M«sort Valentine. Breeden 4k Co.
my to Manufacturer and dealer in Bmys a nd Bhoot
C10M7MBIAN INKS —H«*»y B*i«* Harri.
^ son's f’nfntnbisn Ink rAgiyfWnf an aasortmentof fDack.
H a* Be I and Brarlet colors, in vurtno* et* bottle* Also, alwayfl
*n hand a DtH supply of o»b*r American Inaa, from ihe mnn• ap
j Oved makers, andihs British Inksof HfeyMns, Arnold and Walk
den NA0H M WOOfifDNfBB
my If Mala 09.
VflPlMblv I’blvmiil PI L L (| ■
ftlrcMc'kcitliiac ParnUn and a
TIIIK luipou of ihc American A|{cuIm arc fur
■on- Ibw realised. by Hit ramn of Ur UK any IT V »gs
<•**• I’nivrrml I’lhaua thisside nf Ibr AU.niir Nrrrr M • ■»
dM!M rpring law rurh immediate popularity la i»m ibar Uuoa
ittuulhs rigM Ihoomad luties have been il^nrol nf; aad rectii
rauaui . am prrrtiimed ay Ibrai mrirrd Ana upwards of foot
bunked person Tbr ruirr embraced a grral aunrbrr of dcseaam.
but ibow wblrb predominated were Hiltons Prrrr. Iblir. Ilsbuual
CorUrrM-aa. Byaralery. I—of Appetite. flaluk-arr. Worms, and
I am arm of Kpints All persons a bo labs l hen. agree that ibry
air Ibr superior In every other medleiise Ibry Ned, la lb# mildness.
Iba energy, and Ibr rflkacy of thru action . Arc Ibuagb Ibry pro
dure neitbrr gripe or nausea, they an upoa the srerruoar rrPb
grral ilutriam, lores, and rapidity . aad aa a purgative Ira re noth
>■€ to be desired, llui tbrir grral peculiar rxceUeare, aad ■ bat
which dIMingurabra them Aum all other purgatives hi tbal tbrir
operation Is followed by no rr action Than unrivalled purifying
aad purgative porj-rtur*. for which they are indr Med lo tbs smears
of XaMpanda. aad other ingredients. bring controlled by then high
l« Ionic nrtura. derived Aom the ritract of Wild Chary, they do
ant drain tbr digemiev organs Into action, ns is tbr amdr of opera
Hon with other cathartics, but oa tbr contrary strengthen them taio
atinm Thus all other purgative medicines produce more or Was
subsequent costive item. and slnggistiaem of the gnstiic juice, while
Hr. Ur Roy's 1‘ilb b-are all ibr machinery of Um- system full of life
asd arlinty, ami ibr '-oweIs ojirn and natural "llancs." writes
lb t'breseman. "they are the only anise purgative which I can
recommend with mnMenrr. nud wiibont alarm ; Aw they remove
nothing but wliat ongbl lo be removed—neither rark. nor strain—
occasion no apathy or dehiluatiow and lease the bowels Ass. open
ami vigorous" Bui Ibr great virtue of lb Us Roy's Pills—lbs vir
tur which baa spread lheir lame over the two hemispheres with a
rapidity almost miracahuis—lira in their puriArauon of the blood
line ibry not only eland altogether unriralbd. bat All up the uses
■re of dram- They ni oner arrest the formation of bad blood, by
reams mg all impurities Aom Use chyle. of which Ike khnul la form.
<d . and moreover keep It clean, by toning and strengthening the
digestive organs, to aa to bo abbs In rtrUule Aom H all mallet of aa
inuuirmua nature . and then they purify the blood a'rtady la cir
culation . and never ream- operation until it la entirely Aee from
every 0.1 nous panicle, and Bill of beabh, his and. vigor. Tbs won
drtful eutue. of lb. Ur Roy's Pills as a ponder of Use Mood, rend
rr Ibem Ibe brat of bison n remedies in diseases of Use shin. In
fhet. so powriAll la Ihvir healthy inltaener on Use vital llunl. tbal
Useif effect pa t he area almoet aa anon aa IMt; lor all |seraoas taking
them give sprr.ly rvsdrncr of tbrir brnrtksal oju-ratio ns in Ibis IS
•pec*, by the bnchlnevs of the eye. and the clearness of Um com
Harms . they aim feel a strong rtw» of animal spirits a const—
quracr that ran only he the resuit of purs blood, without which
thrrs can be neither hrahh or r sasAsrt in the hutnnn system Tbs
Aamnraa Agenu would rmithlcnlly add. that the Ural of a single
bo 1 la all lhai it required in obtain from any person Use acknowledg
ment that lb Is- Roy's Vegetable I'airerml Cilia ate not only de
wiving of the encomiums which hove been an liberal!-- and unani
mously • (towered on them oa both inks Use Allantic, bul that there
virtues are beyond all praise.
Price dd ns per boa; for sate In Richmond, who lean Is nml retail,
by Memrs Ituval h Purcell; Raynor h Wood, Aamuel K. Hove, la
ParaiviUe by W. II. ('happen, and by Hmgguis generally
mb t*—dm
o.l with Hcrofuta. King*' Evil, Cancer, Riy«ipelaa. Oki Horea. Cl
errs, Tetter, Mercurial IHwmc, or any other complaints arising from
imparities of the blood, an* requested to read tbe following testimo
amis, in proof of tbe wonderful properties of lbs above named me
Hut, lest a simple stair msnt of farts might foil of convincing th.M«*
w ho are daily imposed upon by certificates which owe their ens
trace to the ferule imaginations of tbcir writers, a liviug witness in
tbe person of Mr Brooks, whose case is mentioned lekiw. may be
seen at our other. No. I Murray street, New York, where he has
kisdly eonsruled to remain for a few days for tbe satisfaction of 1
tbosr who require occutar demonstration.
As Mr. R cas remain but a abort time from his family in Phita
dslpkia, those who feel an interest in such casra shout 1 call soon.
Read! Rtutl!! Read!!!
We. the undersigned, having stalled Mr. Isaac Rinoks, Jr ,at the
office m Mi asra. Kowand k Walton. 376 Market stress Philadelphia,
consider his case tbe most remarkable ooc we hava sver witnessed
or heard of.
Ilis disease was Hcrofhla, and terrible must have been bis twelve
years* conflict with the destroyer.
Ilis palate, tbe entire root of his mouth, note, upper lip, and lower
Ihlof the right eye, have been destroyed, hit face nearly rstca up,
asd j*art of the jaw bone carried away. And yet we can give u«>
description of his case.
Mr H. informs ns that in January last, tbe whole interior of his
moi k, as well as the most of htsface, was a moss of deep and pain
ful ulcers.
On the I lib of January last, he commenced taking Dr. CC LI.HNS
INDIAN VEGETABLE I'ANAl'EA, which checked tbe disease in
i few days, and from that time the cure has progressed without in
term its ton
New tlesb has supplied the place of the deep ulcers, snd though
(Willy Clangored. hie face is sound, and Ins general la-alt ti is restored.
We an assure*! that in the treatment of Mr Hiooks* case, m
Mercurial*. Ointment, or Caustic applications has been u-ed—in
fact the Panacea alone has wrruugbt this wonderful change.
Cbaa L Ruwand, MsadnHo.«'rawford county, Penn
J. W. Jones. M I* . Houth street, Philadelphia.
C W Appleton. M D , 46 South at-, do.
Timothy t*aldwell. Marion county. Mo.
Win Hireling, M D. Camden. N J.
J II Potter. Msnufsclurer of Mineral Teeth, 109 Routh st, Phil
L. A. Wollenmebsr, Editor Phils Democrat.277 North 3d st , do
Geo. \V. Meta, bruahiuaker, 317 Market st, Phita.
A. D. G i Hot la. pastor of 11th Baptist t'burch. do.
John Bril, Erie st,Phita (North American office )
John W. Asian* ad. 60 south 6 tb street, Pkiladalphia.
T H. Wagner, lithograph* r. 116 Gbesnut st. do
Peter Hken Hnulf'. Editor Native Eagle. do.
Joel Hod in*. gloss manufacturer. Williamstown. N J,
I. R t'otoe. M D, Boston. Mass
Russell Canfield, physiologist. Phils
Thomas P. J. Roby. M. D , Harnsburgh. Pa.
Peter Wright. 239 Market street, Ptula.
Wni. (Tr»c. pastor St. Paul s M B Church, Catbanns st., Phila.
Jno t'bambers. pastor 1st Independent Church. Broad st
T I# Hyndrra. puhliaher of Pledge and Htanderd, Phila
f P. He Hera. Editor Olive Branch, iMylesmwn, Bucks ro., Pa.
Jacob Finch, Editor American HrntineI.
L A- l.ortey, I0| t be soul st, pub. lady's Book.
J R Nicholson, pastorol llrickJuakcrs’ t'burch.
C’apt. E. Prrkms, 4lb and f Iwnaiit st.
D- H keifer. Editor Amrr. au Republican, I.an raster, La.
A. Wiiaos. M D., No. 6 i odnr si.
Enoch H. Reed, No. 177 Comcast
John Coates, printer, corner of Marsel sud 12th.
C Guilon. counsellor. 39 south 4th st.
Win Yord. 12 north 9th st.
Win II. French,corner Schuylkill, 6th and locust
Martin Humners. George si.
Robert McCawley, do
James Gailsrd. Ann st. No 7
II. C. FmolewuiUi, 1 wo coster. Pa.
Bamuel Krtchom, No. 62 Node si.
Lm Brink, New Yo.k,
J. H Atkinson. « amden, N. J
Ed Dafann. 13* Front st . CoungrUor.
The above named gruilwiiwu (ronstittiling hul a small portion of
those who have visile.! Mr. Riooks at our office in Philadelphia.and
who have certified lo thu same facts) are well kr own. and their high
Handing in soeiely preclude the idea of their lending thru names lo
carry on an imposition
And here we say, without the fear of coutradictioa. that we have
sot found a case of Hcrofula or oilier disease for which we rrcom
ue-ltd the Panacea, winch the medicine lias not spec lily arrested.
Wc have at this tmi** a multitude of patients under treatment, all
of whom are doing well. Among t lie in is one of CANCER, which
was pronounced by physicians beyond the reach of surgical ueais
tance. but which from all appearances will be cured in a few
N H — A regular physician is in attendance at our office, where
the afflicted arc invited In call Advige gratis.
Prepared only by KOWAND A WALTON, proprietor*, 476
Market street. Philadelphia
Principal Depot for New York, No I Murray street, the first buikl
in* west of Bmadwrmy. op. otile tl*e Park.
Hold also by E J. PICoT, Agent lor Richmond, Va.
August 17, IH46
(«Kl) BBS & Ar PERSON,
Mo. »l Mai it Mired,
HAVING made large ailililioiin to their nlock
of llruf :t, Madiainaa. Paint*. Oita, Ilya Hinds, Window Class,
Arc., are now prepared to furntth Country Merchant* and others a*
toff ia fiiniUr atOelM ran be pure bawd in this market We 1a
rile thoar wishing to purchase to rail and riimme our stork.
oai iim it imuoi
LII’SCOMKK iV BROCK take thin method
of returning Ibrir thank* to their fnrml* and the public gen
eralljr, for llie encouragement they have received for the la»f twelve
momlM, and would inform them that they have RKVOVKD to one
of the new stores m arly opposite Messrs Valentine. Breeden k
t o where they inteml keeping at all limrs a general aanoiiinrnt of
I itrniljr (•ro« <*rie%« and hope, by strict attention t«» business,
t<> merit a share of patronage fe It'. 1m
tILOWER 8EEL).—A choice variety con
sistirg in part of the following—
fNHjble larkspur Oinpaauia
Zenne Hard Uoriopsi* Tin#lon«
.Sensitive plant lissom hoe double
Marvel of Peru, difT. roll.
Amaranth VYtunr while and purple
Piilott Mundii Bweet Basil
llibisrus. iso coloured Air . Ac
These Pnc-da ar,- grown and eollerted by a practical Hardener
about Richmond. and warranted a* represented. t»ml fre*h, for nob*
by » M / \« MUM >.Y
mil 99 f beiii.*t amt Druggist. Hhockor Mill.
MB M.liWI.N. In* lor Halo Agricultural Mu
• rlnnaa and Itrplairanl*. an ah a. Ilnras Pnwiri, Drums.
\Vh#sf Pans. Btiaw (‘utters, various patterns, CJorn -Her*, sad**
hill, tubsnil, and .fiber Plough*. Com and c##h finishers, Hhove1#.
Mpa«le*. M mare Forks. Ifors Rakes, Churn*. Hey the Hludes, t ratfle*,
he he. Also. H ilary ami other Pump*, Darden P.nginet. he I
mi likewise prepared tofurntsh at short notiee, Castings for Ma
rhir< ry. Ploughs, he.
•p id Wo 19. 14th street
|V% It %hO|.H AWI> lUmKTH.
Ol’KNKIi a iHHiuiitiil Hi«ortninnt of I’arasnl*,
fin»lrl>M, Him Him lie* and I iinbrallts , China foil, Hnl
land Pedal. I*nce and ft imp. Bonnets. Bonnet Ribbons amt Flower*,
H ind Botes, hr , for # its at wholesale and re’tll, by
ap |7 99. Mata Bfreef
M i CRp.fi— Dr Itphsra s Vegetable Pteeiusry. or Internal Re
me ty for the Piles . and Dr Wood’s Har*apanlla an I WiM C'hsf
ry Hitters—a full supply of these popular Rernedie# rrcrlved a»*d
lor sale by P JOIINHTOW, Agent for Richmond.
• 11 MnK BUSH
|| | R \<fS<rrcf*n Iditfintym < ’offi-c
w " M f ,011 Hid# * . in. I" and' damned” leather
13 hhd* Bacon Hides
90 tierces Ho ar l.nrnp Oil
• cases Cigars Landing and for sak by
my 10-101 DAVP.BPORT. AM.KN k CO.
nlIII,KM, Ac.—J. 'V. RANDOLPH \ CO.,
Ill, Mam Hi rani. Morn for uk TaaUmania of nil nm from
<1 rani* lotlJ , MiMa.fr, in »S» rn . Iljrmn Book* f,„m f. rani*
lot.-SO Common Pfayar Hooka from #H ranis to *11* family
Prayai Bnoka, hr dilf, raal aathoia, from #Sr to *! ,.Vt> Boot a i.l
Pit'liul Bnrmona, bjr vatkm,* anilmr#, from Qit to I* , fimman
af|a* on I ha Hibla. fiom tit lo *1* . Hilda I'on'ordinaa and f»l«
I mf ii
KAft001-101 * CO, l#l, MamBl hara foi anla Prartylanan
Pminw and Hymn*, of la,,a and amaU n«M. In raoooa binding, al
prtttt from Ma in Vf.V*- Alan many *Hm honVa puklWtmd ky lha
rorkylarin Board __ W *
rxil.ril A CO , I**. Main Hi. Mr, for ■ tarfa dork r*
rnaoiofiaal Work# of lha anrtana Daaonnn'mws of f bnsttam
who h will ha arid al low paiaan my *#
SOLE LEATHER- i<HI autos --good" nnd “ft*.
ml,ad" Imalb o #or anla ha
wr ,i nAvp.Npoir, At.r.fM h rr»
\lOl.\HMKH. -it» ticrcarn Cantonas MoUnnca
J f I for sata by mf 4 BMKiNO h DAVBHPorT
•JMCAB LXH'NT*. labuv Motel
■P * _ fnl) AwteX
ENT1.KMEN w..hii.K a f*ahiau.
P / AJ tM> Hal vi Cap. raa W t.ried by ran tag at
l **“ W. aktir, at all Uama, raa ba fad aa
RUE amviuarnl float ibv uaml relsbralrd Uc limes.
tr *♦_No »7. Weal Maia Blrsst
FlTESTl spring STOCK
^-■s J. SOUTHER & CO..
I Mamufuclurtrt and to’kolrtalr Drat
take this opjiortunily to call the
^^^^^^attrntiuii of the trade to their stock
mi HATH. CMM AND CMURKt.LAM, constating of ovary sanely
fad 1a ib.- market. tbr non ot which being atom own am a* be
tare, we feel aaaarad oar pries* aad ter am eaaiax bu to ptaasr_
We bar* a targe assortment at aew alyls* Is suatmsr wear, cob
ststiag ta pan ot Panama, leghorn, Prdaies. Rutland. ItuasUbl*.
Kngiuh I .heart. Berate it aad Palm Lrat llatr , also Mtm-s r-i—
l -saf. Boy a and sstsanta Katland, Padals. ard Bice Pearl Capa aad
Hats, Ac . *r_ wtmetaisg entirely asm ia Una starker llarug
beeaaptsdatrd Agents lot tbr tele ot Gtnasd Milk sad Ufemad Cloth,
are aie prepared is fursitb to deslera at auaubclaiara prices, at
IM- Mala Htreet, sppuaitr the Hanks. aa ■ It
MTIt.L I.ATKH AHBIVAIJt . Manta ISth. 1*47.
KHOOKk, Ht-I.l, * Ml'IkStON ars rvesmag at thmr
Mtore. No. 143. Ragle Mqntra. by lbs -Thm R. Thompson " of
Roman. Ibr "Courier" aad Riprrna liar from Now York, fmihsi
auppliaa ot Mpctag goods, making ta all about 300 packages, coat
pnriag the latest alyls*, which nearly complete* their apflhg assort
Then nock ot plain sat fancy Milks, Preach. English and Ante
rlcaa Prints. Acuteh Glngltam*. lawns. Organdies. Jacnnetts, Kent
gea. and other a.ylua of LAIIIEM HKKrtt GOOD*. raa not be bur
pa mad for variety or beauty la Ihnor any other markri
They hare in addition to the above roods, an aaoaually large
stock of all the best Myles of Bleached aad II row a IhsneeUe*.
Cloths, Carmine rea, Vetting*. Preach Ltncnr, Irish Linens and
Ah eeti ago. and a large stock of cheap Mummer At off., for metis sad
hoy*1 wrar. They aak the a lie altos of country Merchants as wall
aa Pbrnwra. and the city Unde, to their LARGK ANII COMMAND
INI) MXM.'k. pledging the time lees in offer goods on the most faro
rabl* terms, for cash or on Urn usualcrsdil to punctual J—1—
mh 15
W El'll, BACON iV CO. (.iri-'KM fob halk—
133 lihda 1'i'rtu Rico
M 4o L'vb.i Muscovado
4 do Hi I'roll
UU do NrwOilctu >HII4JAK
•°® packacva loaf. cruabcd. sod povdrrrd—
Wot»!■*)■'. Hlu.nl'. and Uivrnni's
37 hh»l» l 'anlrnaa )
3 libd. nnd *3 tirrcrs Tim da.l > MOI.AFHRM
1.7 bklt N <>rIrons \
3*1 Kata Rio I
300 do lo(wm
loo dll Java > txiKKEE •
50 do Maracaibo
50 «lo and 34 bbla P. Rico J
40 bags l*ep(*er
3 do Pimento
I r ok CVtYtt
3o botes Orange*
Holes Raisins
100 boxes Hperm |
Do Adamantine
IKu Tallow > CANDLKH
50 Ho and hall boxes Mull - Patent J
Brown and Shaving Ro*p
50 par kgs Gunpowder and Imperial. part superior l,_
20 do Powehong do \ ibas
hOO u«k)i Hole Leather, various qualities
Bales Shoe Thread
liiOO k«*gs rut Nail* sad Brads
4 tons Blistered Steel
500 sacks Liverpool Blown Halt
10 tons Nova Scotia Grindstones
500 tierces Lime
10 bhis Part i WINE
2 half pipe* Madeira $
Barrel* pure Cider Vinegar
20 hhls Tanners' Oil
It) do Isauip do
100 hhls North Carolina Gross Herrings
Barrel* do Hhad
Nos I an.I 2 Mackerel, m whole, half and qr bbls
Barrels Tar, Rice
75 dor. Painted Iturkats
mi dox t \>rn Broom*
550 hag* Patent .am! Ruck Hhot
Bar Lead. Hu (Hint's Gunpowder. Saltpetre. Hops, tmlign. Mad
der. Ground Logwood; Oopppaa; Alum; Chocolate. Boons. Wn
ting, I setter arid Wrapping Paper; Bed Cords nnd Lead ng Line*.
Cntloa karris, (.amp Wick, Wrapping Twine, Winflow GU*sHilo
and 10x12. Manufactured Tobacco, fee fee. nih 27
VS^K 'hi. .la) rverivin, bf Ailam.' A I'd*. Fiprraa, om
"" aerond tuppb of Spring nrd Hummer Goods, comprising
many new nnd superior styles ol Rich and elegant dress goods, fee
such at—
Grrntdine* |
Phil de Chavisr's ! „
Hamny and >SILKS.
Fcu'ard J
Hi k Tissues
Hilk and Kid Gloves
Print* of new stylet
Berages, Baizorines. Linen Cambric
Linen ('ambries. do laswna
Faria Printed Jaconetu, Striped Mutlms
Mitts and Hosiery, Crape Shaw's, fe*. fee., together with
e%«*j article in the Dry Goods line, which we are offering at unusu
ally low prices. Call and examine, before purchasing else where
It IN Ft i It I) fe FRY,
,uy 13 No 145, Eagle Square
I HAVE now m Htore, on mns«grruenl, the following choice
biaidt of SUGARS, which I am selling nt low prices, by whole
sale nod retail —
nuoo small siae Plantation
50(H) I pman Havana
5oo() Washington Pressed Regalia
5t)t)« do, large size, very (be
turn) la Kmpns Havana, do
loootl I'rlloo, brown and light
■Woo t'pman PsnltiQa*
4000 Negro brand Prtncips
5000 Oscaro do do
500(1 Hti amtboat do
tuou llernan Cortes' PamtiUa*
2500 Liiidnn Dos Fa mas, very old
V5«o Trabueo, do
1500 ILer a. rich dtvour, do
5000 WondviDe Patiitiltas, 100 in a bos
50 dozen genuine ScafarUtu Smoking Tobacco
I0O do Oroaoko do do
lot) do Mrs«rs. (• R Miller fe Co's do do
Person* m want of a gr.oJ smoke will please call at
aiy 14 Wine nnd Liquor Htore.
(111, Engle Square)
OFFER a lull and coin|>lete unsortinent of
Mourn.ng Goods, via—
Alpacca*. silk and cotton warp
Bomba/ nea. Lupins, test make
Mousehns de Laines, Grenadines
Plard and plain Bareges
Hemanis. Muslin Ginghams, U«m
Hhawls. Crapes. Co'ltr*. Hosiery, kc, kr
Those purchasing the above named good*are respectfully invited
to era mine our stock. my 13
■ 64i. nin br.,roK«:Kor mi, si.,
PH. TAYLOR KiiricrmiY Invite* tiik
• Afranno# nr Pi UNmia to hit Htnrk of Piano Poriea.at
lb* abov# Katabliahment, feeling confident that they will giv# aaU*
faction m every reap* el. All bia Pinnoaare wnrranlml, and rdd on
trial, auhject to be returned if not good. < <>natant addition*enable
bun to present at all t « an rtfrn*ive aaanrirnent, embracing all
Hoi faaln unable style* of An-*h, both of KU aewood and Mahogany
lie alan offer# Un cafe Piano Portea from a greater variety of mail
era iliaa any other raf*bli«tia»*nt in tl»e State. thua #lfording the
greateal advantagea in tb< way of aelertio#. ||« |« alaoaole Agent
for Hie hot and mo#! celebrated mater* in this country and in tier
many No on* cajt run the t*a«t nab in pnrrhaatng a Piano u4 P.
If Taylor. They are every thing he repreaenla them to We. Power.
Awertnravard Hnlllancy of Tone are happily blended, and tin nlo
gance. taate nnd durability of workmnnahip are in tha higheat atate
of the art A written warrantee »• given with raeli Instrument
nokJ by hid
9Tr tlrdera from the cmintrv attended lo with the irnte# pttnc
tnality. nnd I ndlea and Oenttotnen. reaiding at a dia'ance, am av
aun d that whenever he i« favored with order* per letter.lt la no
lea* hia practice than lua interrit. to aea«l auefc an iu«triim<nt an
will hear the atfictrat ar rtttmy.
Pncra/including par king * 99(10, 930.950, 999, .131, 1**0. 375, 400,
ami upward*
P II T. kee|»a Muaical Inatrumi nta. in general, of ihe brat quali
ty. A large at* ck of t'l*«a|cnl and Standard Mnale alwayaon Irani,
ami lie i« ronatantly receiving tb»- neweat puhlicallon# fe A
l*inno«. I’lniio*.
rr apart fully inform*4 that thay ran obtain rirrlirnt
mrr.ii at attiamrly low firiara. at tha itora of tha anbarrihar Tha
inatioinrnta whi'h ha off rt for aak ara mada of tha haat malarial*,
by workman of a fparmnaa, who know thalr httainaaa Wlthraftrd
to durability of wotkmimbip and baauty of Aniah. ihoaa Fianna ara
warrantod aqua* to any mada ia tbia country
Litb'naaa and alaatiaity of touah. and aqualily and •wratnaaa of
tnna ibrnagbntit, ara markad partiliaritma of tha matrumanta n&t'd
for aala by tha ailarrlkrr
Owing to an nrmngamattl affrrtrd with tha roanufaatarara. tha
f'tbare.hrr .a ana bird tofurnnh »ba«r afdandid inatnimanta a. mt**
a arirr than thay can ha ohtamad q*y whara alaa Hootb af N*w
fork, and at tha am bam ha warrant* »b*m tiN AT »•
tha rah* Wlf Is WOnTaOV*.
rvalar in Fianna, Muatr and Wnataal laafrmmanta In faaarml, No.
my a »#d Ham WKiAjk of tha Ooldaw Lyra
fa An at
. *i of Nmaofo
tn An of Rno»
^ » ,|| h« ftitmll »V*«M, .oov.nl.ol «n<l .friv.M. ortl.lM f"l
O.vnnn. Ifm OMM CMWl. FVO.fc*., f« MV by
^ PHYroN jofiNirmN.
mr || [>ra„ix. No. Ill, Mot* Nw»«»
DR. 11AUU18,
PKKSKN IS to th« atHieltd tk un»i ccflain
«» m»Jtn tai iMiiHMfti ta a Mvucaki lhj
a«e<Uona. lo W loaodta thm city. ... Ikr Paloo
Am tkr May yuan of aa aatabliafcn.eui in Bkkuaoro. bra a
~nl ^ * lAa dun ima at akilfwi and ragula, ybjaciaaa, uBata a claim
apua pablac maMbacr which mi Mbyi raa aapua lea. Tka part
aicbt yaata rip— rould addur. ikr c.trfnl —laMwy of ¥•.
*"* k**D ,UrrA Ihiouab Irraliaral lm»i Ikla uMca.
. a.r, S,: »**“*»«» Oit NO AUAIgUK.
la A«. IV la «h Mata » roiM for— ; aad tkr Mat H|,...a4
tyml^rr4‘ rrmton4 “ '“—‘"•“"•o' aoundaaaa II..— dented
T.**.** “"*y oTtAt* broach of Medical Anew a,
lit llamabw-ada pracilral aba.rralma With Annual ba.Trtrd.al
aad nano rra iha uafoctanalr of akilAil aid aad traded ad.Ka wlth
aat raacgaratioa, 01 ailormoa ta rbaifaa.
Or. II. baa brra aacaird ia a won titnaln aarrrl dlaaaaa praa
Uaa Ikaa aay other pkyaKiaa ia Ikla ally. P
Tka giant Mem. .Heading kla pt.ei.ee kaa bee a well .u.-.d
by the approval of a dlaeeraiag public Tka rra—di.. b. hl *
(mma.kabl.ro. lb.,. .,-ed, ami ctm. Mfco.) — *12
agmald. la lama. a. nhtbcicw. - ,-|«me-tkry parimm . pa“
UCoaT* ***" ** ** **** lMH,r* M »» lotuiaily equated day. aad
Tka Unaunaa Ilk. II. rrquireomi severe rvatrir irons iD dial aa
h.udmncn from naMwmr-under it. b. n«n oparuioa Ikr dlarotivo
Aiuctiona a>« aot Impaired, no airkening . rucuiionaor tainted birmh
nra produced by hw medic,net ' •**
Ik. II. abfuree tka pernicH.ua compound, of Mercury Balaam.
Turpanune, llartrm OIL aad Other d—uat.na amturea. tka cuana.m
roaoet of the ignorant; but through awaat aad puniyiag veeetakla
muedira. drive, out diaraar. laatead of throwing it back uoua tka
conaciiuuua. daaaaiag tka blond. rratortag v.goi to tka ocaaaa and
atrongtk lo tka system *
tkaae important raMdm.ua tkr rrouk of,— application and ...
trmhnl aipafieaea, tka graulna odbpr— of aciroc. Thau anal
Uwm mfluriKe ka br«n ft* and •cknowkd*rd by unlokJ auaibrra
fton waUi,aoatlb, mm and w«ai IKm Um> lofty mountaia'a top to iba
—Ilkkrootaof tka vurny-mk I. mwte by Urn voiro^rol^
Ur. II. My wall roagralalalr ktmaaif upoa uw benefit
Aoak bia reran retire, sad rejoice Lhal ka la —aa permitted to diaper
b**“r“U- —^
glided thrown of earth a proudrai mo natch
I.K tka unfortunate dev.dee. of fkk. ptean,, bear la mlad
aMicuoa ..vvrtak.a ilea, UnlMUm abo. Ida. lorn i a maSm.
cwuok to a compataat pkywemo. a. tkay wot only obtai. „imr iZm
pain, avoid uioctiBrauoa, aad alada groat cotwtauuowal inlurv boa
v-hktk.i.mwlic.lMiMM lo be more modem (a
be could juatly bo. where symptoms have become roultrmnd or iha
diae— n— wnkdy dimmed The ropul ad.a me. of un. traly be
rify— diaraea ia audeieat lo atrtke terror wto the bo Idem heart ua
bomtl results am too repuWv. lo coaiempiaia, when aleeraUoa and
dlaetductng blotches, with rock— pains, betray to the onbnp
py viriiui the deadly poiaoa prey— upoa Ida vitala, lima, and aot till
than.do May awake to a (till wose of Ifca.r dancer While we lara
with shudder— fear from the bold air Idea a ad drautelincimik of ikla
rooorce o' *"— Human,.,, tot It not be forcouen Hint iker, are
other equally alarm— tkou(h aura Mow awl in.Hl.oua dweaae. that
roatuiuaUy threaten tkr imprudent bow hula don tka votary of a
asefaded Aakt think of the Imd of thorn, be u prop.,,., f„, TZr, ut*i
becuiled and deluded youth I look lo tka opvatnc proapeete of iha
Aituro—sea tka black pall of premature imbecility, vail— ia dark
neaa the brtebleal hope. of your life ! Mark the verdant tomb of
thoaa who bare fallen early victims to nee aad dissipation. and let
ike awd ^contemplation .roue you lo a aeue „f your faiae Purity.
,f y«* frolthv ntcbtly pain, and daily pctwtralioo of th.a pc,we,On.
i win Bence, boo nr that it ia uadcraun— you, coaatltuboo ami you
UDDOtUMNOaipply to 7
nr. IIA Kit IK.
WI» baa discovered a ante ami unfailing method of lelnifonnag
Uie weakened body and restoring to prMtine vigor the organ., and
rvvmng ■ be torpid IkcnKn . of tbr nuod. rnfeeblnd mnnbood 1.
here And a certain rv.ior.uvr, and tbe brightest beaaia of Imp*
aballaoon dialed lb* elouda of gathering gloom
WRAVKl,.—Gketain rtra* wiTnotrr ont«TinN.
TM* painfully distressing ami lingering diiraee baa been lone
Considered by the Faculty as incurable except through the daag«
roua medium of an operation. Its mjnnou. effect. open, the health
the constant misery It creates, and its certain tendency to early din!
solution, all tenders it the moat bo|ielem and desponding of diseases.
But It la now shorn of iu terrors. Dr. II. pledges himself, a law
days, without an operation by instrument, or giving the least pain la
relieve the worn cases and rlibel a positive ere. '
I*Ilf* Cured iu One Dn«!
This troublesome and painful disorder. Dr, II. guarantees to *f.
factually erne without external application, and mane day '
I’erwine laboring under alTeetions or the kidneys, prostrate bind
dot, liver, lungs, Ac., can be elll-rtaally relieved by calling on
who,from graduation in Cambridge, and long and surreaaffcl prac
tice, leela hia claims upon public confidence in be beyond ammad
version From pressing demand, upon his attention, behasamo
emied with him a MHTINGl 'IHIIED PRACTITIONER from New
Orleans, lo whom be eon ftilly confide hta practice
All affections of the skm ot eruption*, speedily cured
Persons at a distance may he cured at home by addressing
through letter, [poet paidl Dr. IIARKIH, No. IJ east Frau .ireeT
Baltimore—giving dlaeription of symptoms. 1
Medicines forwarded with care and security
Allcomniunicaiionaguarded by professional honor.
Office with private consultation rooms, adapted to security.
Teems moderate Advice gratis.
£7* office open from 6 A M to 10 I' M
Baltimore, Md, July 1,184*.
k.I.YTElt FHKSH .I.Yf) fiE.YII.YK,
Al U'holrtalr and Ur mil:
ARTICHOKE—Green Globe JI,,-rt—I-arge Scotch
Asparagus—While Giant IIs-tiure — White and Green
Pol* Beans l-arge A small l.ima I Head, Early Carted India.
Snap Res ns Esrtr China, ditto: White amt Ureen Cos* Brow.
YeHow Hu Weeks Dutch
Do Rally Mohawk do I moon Melon—Nutm. g, Green Citron,
Do Refugee.or limn in | Pin, Ap|>k,
Beet—Karly Blood, turnip rooted Water Melon—finest kinds
Do do Yrl'our do do Nasturtium
Do l*w« Blood. Mangel Wurtael Mustard—White and Black
Do White Silesian French Huger Onion—White and Red
HrocoU—WU.tc ami Pnrph< ('apt Okra
Cubage —Early and I arge York. Peas—Irandmh'e Kitra Early,
Karly and Irate Rat erma. Bar Frariy May, do Frame. Bhia
ly Hugerbiaf, Iratge Drumhead, Pnnma Dwarf Marrowfat,
Large Bergen, Elat Dutch, Bishop's tlwaif Prolific
Drumhead Savoy, Green Curl- Pepper_Averted
nd Savoy, Red Dutrli Paruup—Loog Smooth, French
Cauliflower—Early and Late Sugar
Celery—White Solid Parsley- Fine Curled
Carrot—Loaf Orange, Icing Red Pumpkin—Iraigr Yelkiw
amt Willie Field Rhubarb—for Tarts
Curled or Peppi rgram RaiUiali—lamg Scarlet, Long Sal
Cucumber—Early Frame, dmu nion, While Turnip. Scarlet
Cluster. Long Giren, Irang Turnip, Black Spanish
Prickly Gherkia for pirkling Salsify—or Vrgelnblc Oyster
Corn—Early Sugar, do Tuscany Spinach
rn, do Golden Hkiui Squash—Early Bunch
Endive—Green Curled Tomaio—Irarge Bed and Yellow
Egg Plant—Purple Turnip—A swirled
Kalr—Blue Curled Siberian, Herb and Flower Seeds.
Green Curled Hcoteh, Rape or WM PALMER
Cole Ja 86
POTATO88 f POTATOES ' !—20 bbls *u
petior Planting Potatoes, in Store, and for sale by
OI.il KOI NT A IN WHIkKEY-JI bbls " Abney V’suj
Inor Old Muuotain Whiskey, in store, for sale by
ap 19—IM Nortlr-sule Basin Bank
Inginn nisi his Generals, by J, T. Headley, vol. let. Just
published and for sale by
JUST recpivwl per achr Conrinr, a fine assort.
nient of blk and blown DRESS ERUCK COATS, an article
well ■uited for lhr prrtrot •••••on. (•rniicmrn in want sr« re
quested fo call ami rlatuiue tliriu— they arr itor cheapest aitirlr of
the kind ever before offer id in this city
»ff,» I1 *11.A* MKKlIUNT. No IlfMim.i
O PLi | BOXES or new ntyles, jusl to hum), per
OI sc hr Mani la Burr.
ap 13 No. I Exchange Block
■ IIAVKa superior article r»f Brualicn front 00
■ iu o««». very ehoap for rath, with a general assortment of Pal*
of I In* bpn quality, §194*9 from HilO lo Mi 20. Wbotoaalt
•r retail.
Will* I.rad. hard to hral, to kry« from 25 tha . 50 ll* .to 500 Ihi
TIP khtivr artirtea art of my own FtrrUon.nwi warranted fond
oeatry frntlrmrn would do writ lo rail ami e in mine theaa
(ooda tad Judge for thetuarlvea, at H« tHPRT N« HT H
Paint ahop. Mam street,
Neit door to the Rirhanfe Hank
AT the ii|i-town N. Y. ('lothint! Slnrr, lf*rt
Main street, ran *h» found the cheapest Mhtrt* In town —
<»nly llunk all fduen Hhtrts wiling at 99,00 each, and good I'otiuo
Hhnts at 91 and 11,40. Also, a few non brown Frock and Hack
Cotta, at 910 rack—at FV.KftT'M I/p Town nothing Htore.
ap 70 • OftOf ot Rttlatfo Hank
mm. ffttb
Hit VI Fancy Prints
Paary Marow Htriprs
< 4hlornia Print* and Robes
New style run plait lams
Patent Thread*, he
Just received by WAUMWORTH. TI/RNF.R h CO ,
ap tv lni|Miftrrs and healer* In hiy l><
Filin. ntHKilli WOMARm Prltnle Wedlfnl
1 rtimpnnlati, by A M Maunrean. Professor of the his
rases of Women ; just publialied—price 91 For sale nl Ike K a
change Rook Htor»* sp 15 CJ F FIHIIKR. Agent.
C1 HEMIC A L8« Fhospbili Inunooli { Hj
t drmd.Polnwaae, Iodide Hilvar, Iodide '/.me. Iodide Iron, Hytup
do do; Citrate Quinina, do do. and Iron. Ammon Tan Iron, 9f.—•
For ante by FURCRLL h LA hh. hruggist.
tp 14 101 Mum street.
SI’PKRIOK HAI.AI) Oil.—Wo hn»o Halml
Oil of eitra hoe quality, which we recommend to those who
wish a superior article for table use.
fvf/VAV. h Pi’Ri’F.M*. hniggfct*.
Ap 7 147. Maui Hire, t.
SWKKT l*OT\TOKS.—r.OO bunhrtla Hwrrl
fnlunra, fm y mntiMg mil ruUng, in dim1 f"' •ik «• it'
r.dninndalinf ttini. R- R CRUMP,
■ |I V Cntnrr nf Cary ,n<1 Mlb ■)(< «la
« ill I ■ PINK 1.1 •mi l(
Tpl 1|| | KKKT of N«i. I, 2 nml 3 while
• ff.VPNT® * Pnw bwirda dally I-1IK-rle.1 par a. hr KaafhW,
from Raih. Md , and In, ml. from linrk by
ap l« RANKIN k Will rid ICR
W*Hi:iini H: NAM.* 50 krya Wardinnan in'.
I'nmbriktnil brand, (<>, rate by
ap 13 F0MON0 Ik OAVFNPflRT
‘I IIII Ilia. Ilrir-il Applrn, 7 hag* do. do., 2 Irng*
•S drlrd Pfarhay. fnraala by
tp Id _qOHHf»W k PlilNKPR
SMOKIN') OIB Al l *» — Ixrnabnib k Ainn-tcad a 'anprrlor
nil Hmnkiaf Toharrn. pm up in half pnund pawn, for lab* by
af 13 HP.NRV l.l'IH.AM k i<>
WK hRVP rrrrivnd an nddilniORl «np|il) of rirh
Pao»y Oooda, rmdr.la* otir »tnrk of PUpi. and Fancy
Oooda equal, In carry rraprrl. ro any ryrr offyryd In thlo market, M
wklrk nr particularly reqneat tbo attratloo nf morrbanka
Impnnrra and Tn-abra In Dry Oooda.
oib *1 __ No 75 Main afrarl.
CtlrOVKR RRKO, rriliirnri m firirn. -A* (bn
> .raaon la far adyanrrd brr rbia arllrlr, r»» will arl «• or 7i
buahria al a eery rndnird price
Cioal rn "M '
/ »IMH> fabona Coni Pit Oil, for min
| M *> WORTHAM, M-fjRUDKR A 00,

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