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_______ NUMBER 124.
I(M II %|g|» II. I ditor.
U V ATT 71. P.MJ»rr« Asmm’IrIv l.dllor.
Daily Paper pet auniuu ^bmi wbbmlv. fi WsaaLv,f'.».
always ia advnoca. Rri»utianc*»s may t« mad*- ai tin- risk of il.r
Publishers iu all ratSS where stt4«ss latsbrn of the deposits of
B toller IB ha fust Odka eowtaiwtag u»oaey.
Advertising :
t*BB riqosrv 115 liaea) or less.on* insertion.. ..
Kacli :»ihln*«nal ....75
tin* month. without alteration...trt 75
Hit.do.....It Ot
Twelve.do.do.35 i>0
Two Squares Three ..15 ^
S»» ..75 IM»
Twelve months.45 oo
fy- No advflthSMsat to h« eoo*Mtor.*l by the mouth or yaar,
ask *« specified oo the Manuscript, or previou.it agreed upon ba
tween tie* parties
{TdT An advertisement not marked on the ropy for a specified
BUinkr of insrrUoiis, will he continued until ©rdrrvd out, and pay
B»*nt esse tod accordingly*
irT* llrgular Advarllacmetla*-To avoid any mlsun
4rrsLii«liuy on ihe part of Annual Advertisers, it la »ul proper to
■late, J»Ittnrtlf, that their privileges only attend to their immediate
business. Real K*ute. Legal, and ail other Advert tor meals scut by
them to be an additional charge, and no variation
WT Real Kata to and Cenei.il Agents' Advertisement# not lobe
Inserted tiy the year; but to be chary, d at the usual rales, subject to
aurh discounts*! slisll be agreed upon.
Auctbmeere, ItookseUrrm, aud yearly advertisr-rs generally.
• nnriitf one or more aqnurva, with the privilege of change, shall
aol. on their yearly average, in any one week insert more than the
amount agreed ui>on as the standing rule under the contract, and all
• iceedmi ■urh amount lo be charged at tire usual ratrs.
AnvmntisiRTa inw rtrd in the Hem i-Weekly Whig at 75 cents
per square of 15 lines or leas, for the first insertion, aud 50 cents
per square for each continuance.
July 1st. 1845. _^__
rirtir. Friakhn Manufacturing Company have oa band at Iheii
1 I*APR. Mll.l.,ncai the lh pot of the Kombcni Railroad, a good
avvonm.nl of enn rflne, Hoc and common tetter folded and
flat capjetpera, ruted and plain; a too, medium printing, envelop am!
wrapping pai» ra. of varioua mac*. at ibc lowrat wlwteaate price*—
to winch they invite public attention. aauurcd lhal ia quality and
price the.r manulncturr will bear a companion with Urn production
• f any Northern Factory. They arc prrpaicd to ciccutc order,for
auy dccenptlnn or paper that th* market or tbclr turinim ii may
require. Mrrrhanta a ad dr.lcia are rcquuatrd to call at the Taper
Mill andciammc for thcmaclvea aih 14 tf
TX CASKS common, line, super ami extra
• e lanry Prints and Chintr.
Vim HnVa 3 4,7-H anJ 4 4 Brown HWrlmg* an-l Bhrrlinc*
3110 ('are* 3 4, 7 H. 4-4 and # H ,upir bkwclwd Bhiiliuga, l.ong
('loilia and Hnllinga
70 Ual.-a U.d Ticka from Ibe York, Metkuen A Amoakiay Fae
13 Care* rnmnton to mpcrf.ne f'otton and Bilk lldkfa
10 Idue.blk.brown and Fancy CIoUw ami I'aaaimrrea
3u i* cimituon and Bupeirtoe Fanlilooii itoffi
10 “ “ “ brown I .men*
I’ll “ lawni and Gingham*
Abn, paring • Hnagra. Halaorinc*. Organ.!* lawn*. Oinfliaui
KoIha. famine*. Jaconelta, atnpcd and rhrrked Mualina. Inah
Linen*. Hulling*. Coal aiulT*. Ac .Ac. All of which we will rell
Very low by Ibe |ncka*.- Tlie trade generally are ineiled u. call
• i..l eianut.e Ibe good* now in More
Foreign aii.1 Ihnncalie llry Gooda Comnumnm Mrreliant*.
j- No Hill, Mam Slr.it.
Brown A ni«'i»«'li<'tl :i-I hliccliiiK*. *' ■
1 I HT RKCKIVKH—Brown ami Bleached
#F 3 4 Bheelmgs; Apron and Fnrnilore I'hi-rk* lllark and while
Punt*—which we will aell at very low prleea.^ ___ #wi
Ill WK thin ilny anBucidtcd with mo Mr. JAS.
A. THU’K, who Ins ttm in my employment for several yeans
ftnd will cobtiRii** bu«:ne«* at iny obi stai.d corsci of I3lb and Par)
afreet, under the style of \VM ANDKKiktN k (XI., lor tie? t urposc of
rain ItietiRg a Wholesale Grocery and General PoiniUiOHis bunsi m,
•■ I the mb* of Groceries, lk»me*ik> Gooda, ( •• ton Varus. Jtc., as
well ns Hie *uipV product* awl minerals of tbe Stair . awltuivs re
p|ril Ibe fenfire* of Mr. DAVID ANDEKrtoN, Jr. to conduct Ibe
grocery, iron and wheat department of »anl business lltsctpcn
« nee and qualification* f<»r that branch of the business are too well
kir iwn tn mike it neret^ir* to state them and have alao iuad<* an
arrangement with Mr FKF.D. ANDKKSo.N to awl in the manage
no nt ol the tobacco department win. t.a* tout been familiar and in
Innately acquainted with tin* branch of business.
I.iberal advances will l*e made on consignment* of (ronr*, do
n»e«tir good*, lobarro. wheat, coin, |og iron, and any articles of
general trade. VVM. ANDBKHtIN, Ji.
February 1st, IH47.
Copart norOiip.
Wk liave itiin day tunned a connexion in Imaincaa, aa
a* a ted to aGova advertisement, and trust that the arranfement we
have mad* will secure f.ir Ibe concern the coftlwlearr of our w
iiiur'a Irit luls and the public generally. \VM ANDEBjMiN. Jr,
Pfb*| I* 1841 t .»18 \ rut I
OKOIIisi: KAKLi:, Ui rt liaiil Tailor*
H AH constantly on band, at his rtlenaive Tailoring Htore, op
posite the Htatr llouar. an elegant assortment of Firucband
English Cloths, t'aaaimeres. and Vetting*, re***ivedper late arrival.
•^Tlle conducts Hie esiab I whineron the principle »f sending
no garment* mil of bis store bill those of Ibe first quality, and it 10
tbus that be basso long enjoyed tl»e best run of custom m tins city
and throughout the Union lie would respectfully solicit a call
fi .ui gentle men v tailing tlie city. a»Mi ring them be will erectile any
orders entrusted to him, its n snpenor stvlr. and nt lower rales than
tferrtme qaabty can be had at any Htors in Hi** city. |my 4 —if
White l,eail. I’ulnf*, Oils, II iudow l.limt* Art*.
| 4 14 | MIS. Amrnran White f«#*ad dry
• ¥ and in Oil, of the u*o*t approved brand*, in
a ■coiled packages-^
poo Calls l.inwed till, wairanted putr
*JH Darrel* Hpta. Turf • nt ns
34 do. Hpan.*h IVbi'.ng
fi do. F.ng. Pan* White
*J <’a*s* Veid gns m im
fi iii. t tiro me Green and C’h Yrllow
4 Casks Venetian Ked
fi do. Hpaoi*li llrown
A large ase’utmenl Faint Brushes
Hiiprrtoff Varnishes
Chinese Vrrmillion
French do
Mc*ide many other color*, with our «»*•»! Urge giock of
embracing ft great assortment of sire*, of ■•i.glr ami double thick
ness, of - \Yin*l nr,” “Mulhcji" and other brand*, for sale low for
rash, nr on Ibe unit I credit to punctual cu«tonirrs
M'vai. * rtmrvn.ia,
my fi Druggot*. 147, Mam Huret, Richmond
Yh oihI Sii|»|»l% of Nprinu 4'lolliing.
WK hnvo by recent iirnvnln received it large
awoitriM'iil of Heady Made Clothing, of the arm tel atyle*
and befll qualities, mn«i*Miff in part aa follow*t
Pine drab Caalinwrot Hack*
Pine H ack do do
fine brown, grey and drab Rfmaartf
II mdanme gold mned do
Hold inued I'o«libngt^n Hack*
ItUrk French ek th do
Pme bmwn do do
Plaid, liwn. gingham. and other Hark*
It ark ttlk,anitn and Valenlia VrWr
Pine while Maraaide* do
Murk and eoTd Cuniii^rr Pant*
Camble', linen .umI «ottonad-* do
('ravata, Hear At, ftr., loo wunw to mention.
t*« r‘nn* w aktag lo porehaac a great deal of nothing with (Mb
men* y. ran ibi an l y ealimg on my .1 Kllf.1 k CO.
I IMP—Ukl—•§• nd« l«m*e remaining «n« ll i .«<n« r
4 Mount Vernon** cargo, for aiiofrom Dock,
ip t« _ _ MfHlk k WHITLOCK
i i UK i ok WRooHno cot oil.
SMITH’S Whonpin* Cnuph Cordial in now
rone dr I by nil who have nard if, lo bv the bed and mow #f
flear •Mia ren edy ever d»*-overe I for Ihta liufy ilrWrewivg Aw.ur,
and wl»#ft Iiw l arootWing 10 |he direction*, never Aid* giving inwani
relief, and tna abort lime perfecting a cure Thin Medicine, wliirh
I* m ike born of a pka»aal rorJial.can be readily administered to
the infant or chiM, il ta prifeclly innocent and tear mien*
and »*ene of th*' n»o*t trainable a* «rll a* agreeable remedre* now
••*# for rough* ami draeaaoa of the lung* amt air i»*a*ige*, nttirr
in rh Idrrn nr aduH* for r»In by P. JOHNHTON,
If l> _ No I li. Main Hire I
rpiIR iiinlornigii'd h»v.> rriuovnl from No. 24
H lo No 'HI. Main Mtreet, the home* formeily occupied by Me**r*
P«|n » on k Cramp, whet# ihey a*e prepared to l«irni«h ihe.r rut
•outer*, !»• heretofore, from a well selected Work of good*, by
whotemte or triad, ronaittmg In pari of—
l.1,(HM) |,b* Family Hir'H, lloground
tS.IMN) " Wrwern Hhmitder* and Hide* (new and old)
Mini " it a iimore Job*
*•’« llbd* N Oand P«’fio Riro Nugam
H Paf" t*kl Java, largunyra and Rto Cn*R>e
|0 IIM* N O, P ft ami Cuba Mm«**ei
|nn MM- N C gron* ami Nell Herring*
Id Ton* If tmmvrod ami Rolled Iron
I " American. Caw. Oerman and R I Ptral
Ql nn f.b* Cnpnn Vara
7.1 ltbi« ReritAril, old Rve and * Rnmgarincfa" Wbi*kry
Prrnrk Hrandy. kttklia and H M Wine*
Inn Rote* Hperm Ada mam in# and b#M Tafktw Candle*
T#.t. Uaf Hugar. Hemp and Cotton Line*, Hr., ft#
A eak from tl*»e needing the nfrove, ta *olifltnd
ap I JOfffER ft WCMTiitf
S' IT. ->10MM«kf i.ivrrpool firm Sail lor *»l*
fr—t m>* *mif kf
»»i rttwmn * iMvprmnr
IMBBKI — •* Aii*#,’. *• ffh .I.*, InMn fin ,•!.,,
' TMfl— *V MK»-KRNIIB<>l!OH,
mr l»—11 NOH» HMr R,«n
K I r h m u m il, Va.
rfMIIS uc w and largo i-Mulilnlimenl wan open.
M. ed by IhMubaciibmoii Ibr Hat laM .wko. with lite uaiatiiKf
>( Mr Mansat. >ate the kmi UimI indwell kRuan I'rnj.ininr of
be Farmer** Motel. 1a Fred- r»r ks .»»rg. air * •leriniisr J to devote
lieir undivided atumtmia t<> Un« comfort ami convenience of ibair
patnma. The lluiier i« ailua'i J in the centre of tbr City, on liar
imaud lately nmrad by U»« nosed ** *Md Hell Tavr rn. *• and ia
liamUomriy provided with furaiiuir «•atirrlv new. mtb sober.civil
sad attentive msisOiiU awl nvasts, ami w.th a ira*omtbk» shale
id (be iwatronagr of the senior s |«a ri net's uunriuun awl ri Irani vs
list of Obi friends and ac«|uaiaUitrea. and mtb three years aspen
race ia tbr Holliacbrooa Mot I, Patrraburg. Va , think they can
supply an e«jtnvalent for any favour bestowed on ihem A Stable
ml* (••'iiard ami provided, under Ibe management of Mr. Wm H
Wmd ij* attached in lie- thw* . al a convene'tit distance, ami be
ing himarlf the prvpitelor, person* arriving «nUi then own li >rsea
may be aaauiedot' good attend >n for tbein.
frT* Petersburg Intelligencer. National InieJhgencrr and Psion.
Washington, It t* . Kahugb Hiai and Standard. Frederickahurg lie
raid and Kecnrdrr. Norfolk Herald and Beacon, and KichmonJ
F.mpiirer, Warrenton Flag, tai l copy once a week for three weeks,
and send their account* fbr payment ds if*—if
C o m m i * > I o ■ n«rrknuO(
i »»«FRONT otrkkt,
iso. Mom roar, ) NKW YOKK.
LIltKItAI, advance* made nn consignment* of
Tobacco, Floor, Corn, kc
Jab. A Pattbson especially tenders bis services to bis Virginia
friends for tin* pure bane ami mb* of all kltnla of Merchandise
DAVID I nrUll. Kaq wil! authorize Drul> on Produce shipped
lo above House anli •i—3m
TIIK In t l^'KtadMlure litiviutf passed a law li
censing the game of HilutuU ilusia fo inform those desirous
of procuting milliard I'm Dies, that the umteraigued i* no*
merged in the manufacture of tlsrm. ami will be happy lo serve all
wlet may need them on aa moderate treat* as tin y ran be pincur*d
elsewhere in the I ruion lie baa Ind much eiperieace in tin- out no
factors* of Billiard Table# m the Honth, ami wrrmmtB B+luf+cUvn.
Hprclinens will soon be taady, ami tnty be ecu at the Cabinet
■lore of Mr. J. A. Kelvin corner (Governor and Franklin street*—
where, ala », orders may be left.
ap*:t—dMw P. 12. COBBY.
HAVK jiut received a large and beautiful a*
anriim-nt of French and American Paprr Hangings, Border*
Fire Screens, Venetian and common Window Blind*. Transparent
Shade*, Plain and Coloured Matting, with maty oilier article* in
our line of btniats*, which have been selected with great care to
Mill Hie la vie of tbu community We respectfully solicit a call from
our friend* and the public generally, a* we are disposed to sell on
as reasonable tenet as any one in tin* city ; and we are always pre
pared lo attend to any work in our hoe with punctuality and the
strictest desire lo give satisfaction- ap *0—dim
rp 11K Ml JTtlAL LiVk 1NS1 RANCK COM
X PANY or NEW Y< »RK. No. 56 Will street —*Thla Com
pany since its organisation on the first of February. 1H49. (9 years
and 3 months) ha* issued 1513 policies. The total amount receiv
ed foe premiums and interest wn investau nis, #191,907. yielding a
nett capital of #133.59*. after paying all its losses and expenses
This accumulated capital is rapidly increasing by the *d and 3d
years* premiums now I’cconung due, and by a vastly ntrndrd and
growing business The eminent success and prosperity of the in 1
solution has placed it id a strong position Its capital and resonr- I
ccs are now so ample as to inspire confidence in its stability, and
insure safety to its me mb* r»
The Company it organised uponlh* most approved principles of
Itutnal Life lasurance, and offers very great advantages lo whole
I Aft Policies, «»r msuiunccs for short periods, if continued till death;
without incurring anv personal rcsi*m*bilitirs At ike aspiration
of every five years from the dele of the Urst policy insured, (which
will make the first division of profits be on the tfrst of Februnry,
IM48,) the w not ■ of the proflu will he divided among the in mi red
in proportion to the amount of premiums paid by them, and will
remain at their credit as an accumulating fund, payable at the de
cease of the life Insured.
The progress of this Insiitntion thus far gives strong grounds for
anticipating large dividends to iu members at the staled periodical
settlements, and Hilly equal to those of the most distinguished and
successful Mutual Companies m Great Britain, where it is well
known immense profits have been made.
The importance and utility of Life Insurance is becoming a mat
ter of deep int* rest with all classes of the community, and is now
occupying much of public attention, asd beginning to make favora
ble impressions as to the great benefits to be derived from it; as the
published monthly statements of lives insured by this f'ompany con
clusively show ■
Merchants and Traders. Ofiteors,Civil, Military and Naval. Clnr
gymen and professional men generally. C1< rks and persons in every
station in society, may secure to their families in the event of death
• comfortable support and independence by making, with this insti
tution, a small annual investm* nt for an insurance un their lives.
This Company will grant insurances upon lives on the most fa
vorableterms- P« rsons may effect insurance on their owulivss or
un the lives of others.
Pamphlets <-xplainmg the principles and *Iwm*im the advantages
of Life Insurance, wiiii the ratesof premium and forms of apid**-*
• '' *— *• “ • i- lUiks nf this Company, No V4 Wall
street, or any of it* Agents.
New York. July 1st. IMI5.
T\m R+'t* »j tn-rmriHU #* Or/ Himdrtd tv. JW*. $ on * 5b*g/c I Aft, fe
t >m* I/*r.
h I ? t? sS £ S 3 l 3 s* & {t $ t *5
< C e- x U. J < C >• t > u.-2 < C<- x > U.J
15 77 M8 1511 30 131 130 9 35 50 1 96 *09 4 6(1
*0 91 95 177 35 I 36 1 53 9 75 55 9 3* 3 9 1 5 78
95 ion II* 9 04 40 1 69 I M3 3 SO 60 4 35 4 9! 7 00
45 191 1 96 3 73
MoRRIri ROBIN NON, President
PswriL IIanhat. Nerretnry.
The subscriber, Agent lor the above Company, is prepared to
receive applications for Life Insur.ince for any of the iiermds
named, v»r. for I year. 7 years, or for llfu; and for any sum not
ricerdlng #H» 04HI on a single life The ratrs of Insurance for all
of the mtcraiediate years, not noted m ihe above advertisement, as
well as all orlwr information mterr-simg to iho«*> desiring lo effect
Insurance, will also b»- ma«le kuowu ou application. The advan
tages offered by this Company, are believed lobe equal, if not
superior to those off* red by any other, either in the 17. H. or Great
Britain. II it OWATKIRY
rhysictan to the Society—the Family Physician of the party
wii"**1 Ufa tifM imM n 91—if
Xi A supply of Hies** superior Slippers ju*r received from Fhila
drtploa, which will be told low Thr Luln-orr lesperifully iiivit
ed to call. mv 15 JPHAII MYRRH, No. 87. west main Bi.
(( IIIIH > is NllLAMil n.—Itii>I
Molasses, in stun*, and for sale by
L1PS< OMBE dc BR(K K Iiivo juM recni?<
ed a lot of prime Kintllifielrt Itnrnn, of suitable size,
for family use; also some heavy Western for servants. Their a*
sniimrnt of Grorenefl Is now very rcmp'tle. to winch they most
rvNpecifully invite Hie sib ntion of their fro n»U ai.d the j ubltc ge
Alw», a lot of Nor liar rn l*i« klr*, by tin* gallon or smaller
quantity I. A B.
I IF \YK nmv on huiitl, 100 Imixp* CLARETS,
B comprising a general assortment. from a low priced article lo
"°"*e of the be*t brand a i in | toiled m ih « country, which I offer for
*ale at moderate price*. Person* who prefer buying Claret* in
cask* will And it to their interest to order the nine through me,ns
n»y Agent m New York is an excellent judge of lb***r Wines, very
careful in h»« selections, a tel buy* them only Horn first hand
My stork of genuine Imported Liquor* and Wines is also com
plrle. a* well as my stock of genuine Havana Negara, and I rerun,
ni’*nd sli these articles to the notice of my friend* and the public.
•P No. 9. Errhargr Block, Richmond, Va
WK have received Ihi. ••■••a by Kail Road and Hiram Boat,
from New York and Baltimore anti packet l.ynrhhittg. a
choice amonmi-nt of laidlea', Ucntlemrna', ami children. Hprtng
ami Mnaaar l>rr«u Uml>, embracing all the land rarielie. ol
.lyleaand fabric (bar have been imported Una temvon, among them
will be found—
Kirli Br cnde and Poulard Rilke
Plaid, .wiped and changeable do
Bda Tiamira, ll.iragea, Brillianline I.uatrca
Bn pet Gtngbama, l-awn*. lirgandiet
lonen d i., Prerich Jaronete
Mourning ami Heenud Mourning Uingbama
Jaconet. and lawn.
Prenrh. Pngl.ah and American Caheoea, from f.|e in 7a.
Luce ('apea and French worked Collar., great variety ami
Bilk Pnngeaaml Bilk and petrl Button.: graduated ilo.
Pmbrnid'il ami plaid Crape Hhaart.
Bilk aid Baraga do and Hearfe
Bonner rap and oilier Riband.
I'uibrrllae, Paranoia ami Bon Hinder, with a Bill aaooriment of
Bin pie good*, which tell! brand at a .mall advance on the eon for
ca.h, or acceptanrea in Hi • city
vai.rntinr, BRP.pnr.N a cm,
mylJ No. 917, Bread Btrcel, Hhoekoe Mill.
Exchange Hook-Store,
or Thr Moral Want* of I hr Wo»M wr lira in; Kjr Mr* Kill*—
l»f >rc Ml c»•
Thr Y(fitft of Pink rape arc by T WidHim*. Riq—Ml
Thr Count of Morion, or Woukhi'i Rnf.-nir-.Vt
Omoo . a mrtntirr cf Adrrntnrr* in thr South Hc.ia. t*y tfrr
mm Mclvila, Bag author of Typu, compute in 2 part*— I,on
Tin* Hrotirgr of Thr Ornn . a atrry of fhr Atlantic, by an ofTt
c91 of thr IT S Nary—2.1
Ilill Sidr ami BofArf Sketchr*. with f rfrm** nf thr Chmofa
an>l thr l.rnnmrrrmnr. by W II Mn a wall, Rig—771
Memoir*of Thr U'trrr.« of TranTr. by M»* Fnrhra |tu*h—9.00
Tbr fount!** of Saint Orran.by A Ihtmna— 2.%
Thr Imlnn Mral Soofe, rrni|>nting th« brat reci-ipt* for prrpnra
lion of that ailtrlr; by Mat l.rrltr—93
Tltrrr Divine Hirer* Taith, Hop* and Char ty—H7|
Arhr L y on (*r>iMrrn ; thr managrmrnt of f'btMrm tn Skkneva
and m llrahh. by Dr fl. Ach. rky—so
fbiMbtrll*. it* pate* fmify br«« nrd ; tl* prrib rniMrly obviated .
•" Mtennnt of an rfprrtmrnt rrrrntfy mad* tn laoodon. with
alhHMoVNto arvrral caw* tn tin# country, and a rkar ei|*o«itinn of
thr tr Phdotophy. vhowinf fhat thr |«im of rhtMbtnh may hr great
ly nuftyalrd tf no! rntttr y obviated, by tbr Author of tnirttartual
ami moral qualitt* a tran«tme*iMr Kerriwd and for mb* bv
my II V. T. FISIIBit, A«rr>t
Will Tf I I % l». On mid in Oil Wr n(T. r , «v
A lirgo »tork of American Whit** l.rad. of l^wta* and At
lantir (V* manufacture, m aaunrlrd par kat**«
DUVAL k rf’Rfr.I.L.
ApSd 117 Halil trrt
STt MtrS HtMJ AR.-Sdi»rTu l.c«f. Pulvnr
Med and Omnnd Rug at landing gar lute, a* market rale.' by
•p •*_MtMnNO h IMVRNPO0T
C*A||K uolnrribf'r M.intilnrlurca, and hnn (or mIb
* at bta Ware Mourn. Mnrue jewm, Prom., Paa Mi Hi Rrraw
CaUcra, Con* aad Cob l nt.be.. Vegetable Cutter., iK of approved
pnbern. Alun, a general amnnmenl nf Paitnikg ItnpVmeula lie
w prepared fin fnrniabtng I'awtiw. Bw Machtnerv. nought ha.hr
tny« H. BM.PMIN, No IV, Kill Id
ON mail aftrr Momlity, lit* llllli nwlant—
leaves R.ehmnml daily at... ^ r M
M avra Petns»*mg daily ai.’»! A M
Is avts Richmond daily (Hundaya exempted at.ft A M.
Uavti Petersburg dailt («Mintayi KirnHnl) at.4 F M
Leaves RirhmoaJ Monday. WidtNiay and Friday
mornings ■!..•••...••••••! A M
Petersburg same mornings at..••••&& A M
N H Tbr trains Wirt punctually at tbs Uni** silints u.rr»t by
Rirbnion.1 uhk 1’lltiMAH In »l> IMF All.
Ip 19 Sup'l TraM|Miftit*«
ON and afrei TUCHltAV nni (Ifilb mat) the boa ra of Ar
rival awl Impart* re of Trains will be as follows.
Jdatl 7Y«ia /#r AVsd#r*r4sbvrg
I waves daily at ft A M.
Arrives dailv at 51 P- M.
JtfaiJ 7Vsis /#t t'kmrUtUmlU, ^Unmtmu, mnd / y««AAsrg
Leaves daily at ft A. M
Arrives daily at 5| P. M ,
Fare to Baltimore, •“ HO
Iki Waslnngton. 5 50
I to Fredericksburg, 1 75
l*o (Ttmrtottessills, 5 00
I to Suuaum 7 00
Ito l.ynrhburg ft 00
mb 1ft Bupenutcndsnt of TraMpoctatiou.
\ i it <. i >i \ ami I .til BRIAN A LIBK l*At BUSTS
KSNIIK following Vottel*, rciiii|iri*in^ thin linr,
X are all of tin* first clam, with handsome slate ruont accoin
mudatioua, vrt —
Barque PAKTIIIAN. Capl- G«o. W. Alii*;
Barque H AdlCU III, (Tap! IIikaM lloaTou ;
HinjiK I'lKKNIX, Capt. N»rti*t. Borwu
IVabnvr Vnwl< wi'rr built rqirf li fur ibr trade between tlua
city and N < trteam. and »re rMnuuwtnl by iwn of lmi( esperw nee,
wbo will w every ri.rttoa lo five *iU«fact»nu For fn‘if bt. ot
|tu*t|r, apply lo Uk CapLun. ou board.
H AHKINH k. LIBBY** Line of Packets, brtwvsa Richmond and
New Orleans, will commence ibeir regular run in September,
and will be eonapoaod of (he following veas**la
Barque BACIIKLDR, t;apL IIiSaM lloaTog;
Brig ORI.F.AN*. Capt. W*. Haim.
Brig JOtiRPUINB, l?apt Jos. Roatssoa.
One of the above vessrla will lease this place regularly every
mouth We can, with confidence, recommend the above vemls lo
the public, as ibey were butlt • «i*easly for tlie trade ani! will insure
as low ns any other vessels, nnd are commanded by steady awl dis
greet men of long rx|»erir*ce iu Ihe trade. For freight or passage,
having very superior accuouuwlaiiuu, both for rabia and su**ragr
passengers, aiM y lu J. PBHV * BON.OI
llASKfN« fc LIBBY.
N. B. All freight from Ihe country for the above vessrla will hr
received and forwarded by us, charging only lh« regular drayag*- and
wharfage. L F. It H.,
ju 'it or ll.hL.
rrvr Ol.n AND ONI.Y Jj:
*B£ R E G IT 1. A R LINE.
saomr P1M AIH»NTAH. *«w> Captain J. II. Hhac*.
•• PATRICK IILNR V, tasw) ** Ham Chiiui.
•• f.HKKMVAY, Mw, 44 G. W. Covca.
•• r<il’KlKR. miw 44 II. Corm
•• MAUIKITA III HR, >«»| 44 V. Kmrr.
•• LYNCHBURG. 44 W. J Could.
•• MANCIIKXTFR, 44 J. M Mathis.
This line of Packets having been sustained by a general patron
age of the Merchants of Richmond, fur more titan fifteen years,
the proprietors! masters| solicit a continuance of lit* ir lavors.asstir
ing theirpnimns that every attention shall l»r given to forwarding
their giMMlssafely, and with disp itch. The Vessels are of ll»e first
class, (mus ty new.) command I by men of experience in the
trade. anJ Merchandise ran be insured by them, at the lowest rale
of premium. Pur freight nr passage, having superior accouimoda
lions, apply to the masters on board, or to
IIP.NRY nsilP.R, Agent.
>7* <;«mm1s to be rrshipped to New Orleans. Mid.tie. Apalaehi
cola,or any other places, will he received and forwarded from New
York, by the masters or Agents, at New York, free of charge, ex
Cei.i :srh as tuny actually incirr.-l oe R4
jn()R PlllLADELPHI \—Tk regular
t^b^jC r Unr packet -ebr Havtkb. Inrkiosoo master, luting a
miioii ol her cargo rngag* d. will haw dispatch For freight or
pAamge, nnplynn hoard in Isock, or to
my • HIND » MIL
jflv NH.NV YORK*-—The regular line
■ | «> t*-i **h« iiirmw.iv n \V Couch n.*»o r. having a
potuon of ln*t ano . nfacd. will lave d Ufa tab. Fur frnf hr <>r
pa,,afr,apply on buardat l.u.lUm1. „l,arf. or to
■uy V. _ IIKNHY Fli5IIF.ll
jjik BOSTON.—Thu regular packet
-S- whr Rainbow. H (■ Rofm na.trr. bat inf a fart of h«-r
ririfo Piifac.il, will lavp I't-vpilrh. For firiflit of n uiaindcr or
pa.ml!-, apply to mUKr on board al Firlc.la wharf. < r ui
■njl R WHIN tL WllirirOI R
jOy CIOR NEW YORK.—Hie good aehr \7
® its sss a. I 'liner master, having a pact of lief cargo rn
gaged. trill have de» patch Por freight«.f rtumiMlrr.apply lo uia>
ter on b-utrd in tl«e (lock, or t >
■ packriarhr Sarnia. Capt Dickinann anaairf. will bavp
dr.pmrh For hr if hi or pitajfr apply In Captain on Laid. or to
_ wy w i! inkin i Whitlock.
■ HAN, < apt. IViNon. haviug a portion of her cargo rn
gaged and gum* on l-oar«l. will have de«patcli Por balance of
freight. app!> ou 1* Aid in l>ock, or to
»••) 15 RAIfKUf A WIIIT1.0CK
nGLv Thr* regular packet ochr I.YNCIIBURG,
"■SC Cape Win. J Cl>c1 11, havmf mom of brr car,.I rnfafrH.
will lavp diapaich. For Irnfht or pn-*kfr, a.:ply on hoard, al
LatSan'nwbarl.or lo my 14 IIHNRV FHIIFK
1Yanted to Charter, a nuffiriont quantity
BmmC „f V.„■ 1, lo tarry ‘.’SO uoo buabrl. Coni from Port Wal
■ hall lo I’lnlai’r'ph a Apply to
in, 18—8m bankin' a WHITLOCK,
mil IIIU Ui.Y—I llivr VF.NOF.I,.
pgv The well known eo|>|»ere(l ship h’KANK
LIN, Capt. Stab wood, will lt„d at Ciljr Point for
Brrmrn. wiihmit drLy. For frr fht apply lo
IIF.NKY I.CHI. A*l k CO. or
Pr Lib-m ndvanrra m, !r nn rnnatf nnirnta of Hum, nr To
happo. lo a.Mrrmnr ourfnrndain Rrpmrn II. L. k. ON
mv I—dim
■DBUBfeL^ l*» M*AI|t rVI’Atf.— ’I’he Rteamer * '©bun! us.
hiving recently been entirely overhauled ami her speed much in
creased, will Like her |>lac<- again on lire line between Hus and Bal
tumor, on Haturday nr it, leaving llaltiiiiore ou that .if irm on at 4
o'clock Tl»e rocahf*atas will soccer I her, and leave ITaltiinorr on
the following Wednesday. If>th ie«t
The (' ilunibtis will have Richmond for Baltimore every Tuesday
afternoon at 4 o'clock, and tire Pocahontas every Haiurday after
m»on at sam** hnnr
r.image ami fare by ritber Hteamer.. .f;( on
Ttw freight, apply u> (mlt H IIF.NKY I.I IM. \M a 10
a ayt. ADAMS & CD.
Hahimorr, Phi/aHrf
«p4a.Afr.- Tart, and Patton
P A PRESS.—Tin* public nm inform-'
pd ihat «ph.iv, ratahh.h. .i a DAILY UNK Romm m2
inl,rnM<latr pare, to Rirhim nd, Filxtbarf. Kakifh. WVmniflnn,
< 'harkaion. fir , kr , for llw ronrrynnrp of Mrrrhanriir*. Hyprip,
Haff.fr. kr Wr l. nd- r our ilnt ka to onr roaloaar, fhr IIm
lihrral pjtronafp wp Invr rrrrivr.l, and tK>|k Mill to mrrn ih> ir
f ivmir
M B —Tboao havlnf roo.1, 10 apod North will plraar arnd ibrm
lo I hr officp, or Irave word by * oVh ck F M
Oflke No. 7, F.ich*nfp Biii'd<r,f. my l!>—if
I Imvp some very superior
French Calfakin ami Morocco, which I will he pleated in tnskw up
for I liner In » j«i of wmethlr* ri r.lly fine You lhal h»»e c >rn»,
l.tinlona, frm'y, or rhiirmaltc leet. roll; in fart let all that winl
llootu or Hho • made 10 anil ll.rir f, e’. call al No. 7. Wall Hirrri.
nwdrr llie Cny Hold Cuuniiy Mrrctianla can he aupplird with
eicelleol rlaarrl Un it ami Flora hy li e dr a a nr mhaiwne, at
low aa they ran If purrhated In Ihr city. Boy*' ahoca un hand or
made lo order al afort nonce
N. H—Reialrlr, (|" («ed or arwrdl .lone nearly with dmpiteh,
on moderate icrma my If) WM WAIdHI
II \ .11/ JAM KS \ CO.
iAt Henry Umet' *ld tUnd, An 167, JHmn 1)
M AVK received by recent arrival* aa extea*
. aire aam.iimert of FKF.FII FPRINO OOOfM.M which
ih* jr mvtir ihr attention of ih«- Town ami I’otintry Trail* Th« ir
Slock rntinai in pari rtf ihr f Slow Inf food#. ?n—
300 Hair* andl'a*** Oftnnhnrfa. I 4, 7 S. 4 4 and .1 4 Brown and
Wrxrbrd Sheeting*. Hiot nffa nr»l l*oi»f I Kiht Amruc.in ami Rn
*li«h a Ian, brown and hlmrbrd Drill*
** <‘a*r* Amrrtran, Frrnrh ami Knfliab Fancy and U Miming
rrinteaml ChuiUof Ihr nrnrn tijr^i
10 Ci«< Ammran. Scoacii, » I«-l« and Frrnrh lltaghania.
I«*wrtf ami Ha'ror nr*, firm rnwwwnn to ai^ >||r«'
VO • ia i Fanl Fluff*. I.IRKN, latnrn l*i line* kr Ac
10 " flrnia l.inm anl Wiwaird Toni *m IT*
S f'o««iriten ami r|i rn-‘IJ Vraitnya
10 " Rhm. Mk and flmry 13mli« and t*-a«*tn»rrr«
10 M lirary l«Mi#a flnmla B«fhi|w and Rnrkrsrot.
AldfO—Red I irke, Apr< n and Fwroltnn
Jaconrra, I'la n. Striped and » hcrknl Mnalma, Blocke, Dollar# R»i
•OHO pN.n and flinty Seek Tma and Mdkf*. I'nMa Ma.tra** and
SlOl Mdtfa, Ac , Ac
m nt la reapm-lAidy ant* Fed
__ *h *7 II t J i| JAMRRRi .V
W r*T ' nril I ssi < hhda ,..-t .ere,red
" * ml far nlr by
"•» 4 vs il l i vMe * MIMA
I teit f HIDIYH < APS. I hare j,ni reco.rrd a faw
■ M 1 • •••»' Rtdia, I 'apa. of ihr any Uieal alyl, for aula low al
•»* WWAR IWtlT, Kuban,, Mold
i’iieap. expeditions* comfort\iilk
PASSENtiKRS by thin route Ii-hvc Richmond
dailyalH A M . by Ibr Northern ran to Ibr Junction. Theme*,
with |>aaarn,rtsOom Ur- Notlh, by Ibr I-ou.ev ran In Coe
Jnnav die lo dinr, and by no-Va u> I fharfcrtlMvinr. by 7 p M
tram at .7 A M —dinr m Muuntoa, and i« l lomdaU. by 8 p. M.
Iran 11 I A M — braikfael al Ur VV iini .lira—oaaalnt Hr- llnl
al Hi A M Ihnr at Caihtthnn a. and arrive al tbr White bulidim
al 7 P. M llrrr lima dirrrte lu all tbr diOPrrnl ai.iiar- . and by
«»«*« liar raaiiauia, mart waul, artnrr al tbr Blur Mui|.lnii al 11 A
M urn day aad luKaat Idar lathe ryrn.n, Nrsl day lo Charles
i.ta before m«M. and Bib day al Cuyandollr. on tbr Ohio iiyrr,
mbrrr il Is nav .gable al all vaan for etramboata
Month Meat.
7*1 it Wyihydb- liar Irayra 'Linton on Toradaya, Tburadayaaad
HMurday*. at I P M —to Lrnartoa same aifbl brrakrial at tbr
Natural Bn.lrr and diaa al Pmraatir aril .lay—arrive al Ha lent in
the rvrnini. and alWylbai'lr the third rvtninc fowl Htninb.n. by
H P M. Pamehgrra by this lute for tbr Hnrel and White Hulidtur
d|inn(a. dinr at the formrt a a.I amyr at Ibr tattrr oa the rveaiay
of the ftbilay ft.on Rirhlnond
Tbr I.vn. hbury Irjy. a ihurtnltrsvillr on Mondays Wrdnra
days and Todays and thcntiyh in a .lay.
Tbr Orange and Cnlprper IMI atoy. leave CnrdoOTilb-on tbr
arrival of the cars from Richmond on Toradaya. Tboradar and Ha
**tr.lnva Till IH. Hit ARP.
J* 37 Huprrmtradti.tTranaiMirutHin.
NOTH K.—Tho water is to 1*» drawn ofT from
tb«* JiMra River Uul oo Ike l '»th aflJa • ni »c»ih. *jm! whib*
navifaiMiu »• (Ni»|>rn«b *1 we shall run a liar of four bor»»* Unrtai
fr* in KirbfnMRt) to f.ynrhburv Ih're lirm i a wrefc, via F.trmvilb*—
baring Rirtum»i«l Tuesdays. Thursday* and Hal unlay* at 7 \ A M
We atoll atari run a two borw Hinge by Powell’* Tavern. Goock
land C* II and Pvinberton to Farnivil c— leaving Kirkwood .M**y
<tay«. W* <lMrwlaya an1 Friday* at 4 A M
FT * Hire at Columbian llctrl.
Without Detention.
Iky tin* .laiut * ICivur A Ikay float*.
( ■plain. John Una I. nn<] J. N. Pr.sgh,
I-•■re; the Wharf at Rockett. alternately EVERY M'iRNINR
ISunday, excepted) at it o'clock, fur I'ort.oioutb ai d Norfolk, and
meet one of Uir Bay Boat. in Hampton Raid, for Baluarore. by
Norfolk alternately erery morning I Sunday, except. ,ij at it ock.
meet the Bay Boat ftom Hiltimorc. touch at all the lindii.(.on the
River, going amt returning
Pawenrer* going from Richmond or P, trrvburg by thi* comfor
lab> and chta|i Route, will bate a fiae view ol tde ap. mild Scen
ery on Jamra River, about Hampton Road., Poitemou'... Norfolk.
Rip Rap* and Old l*oiat Comfort h jrnie in BxlHmotcly C. o't’k the
ri'-xl morning, w ithoul any extra r barge, or lot. of «!e-p. an 1 in time
to take either nf the many route, leaviag ih.re that ne>ru nx : and
can atrive in VYakluugion Cay to brtukfart. or l-arwact a >!»>'. bu
kine.a in Baltimore and return that even ng at 1 o'clock, in the
mure Boat, and ar.ivr in fcieraburg the next evening by I o'clock,
and In Ktchtnond by 3t o'clock, making the rouml Ir.p to Baltimore
ami back Ur Richmond in ten Hun THREE HAYS.
Pavvagc anil f lare.
From Richmond or Petervburg to or from Portamoiith or Nor
folk. Brrakfaet and Dtanrr include 1, g| no
Froor Richmond or I'etcminiig torn iroar Baltimore. Bieaklaat
and Ulmer on tire River Boat., and Supper and Lodging
on the Hay Itoala included, grl ua
Richmond. May 17tli, 1047.
for Norfolk!
N ninl nflt*r Wednesday, the I2lb mutant, the
I' trs running in ronmiioa »nh Hi- line steamboat Mount
Vernon, will lease ilie KirhntnnI t Petersburg Depot every M,,u
•liy. Wednesday and Finlay mornings at 5 o'clock—passengers ar
living in Noifjlk at 1 o'clock.
R. turning, I lie Mount Vrtnon wilt leave Norfolk on Tuesday,
Thursday and Satuiilay muinmgsal 5 o'clock—paru ugn, moving
■n Richmond by I o'clock. F. M
Passage and fare, meals included, St.
my II Til In illAMRAP. Pup. R k P R R.
Spring mill Summer Arrantenieul-krit Hull
n«“d and stem m boat Line Re tween melt
muud, Norfolk mud Furniuuulh, via Fort
f L,» 1 k The Fiililio nro liereby notified that
AiBBHBm. ‘he splendid *eamb.iu MOl’NT VF.RNON.
La,I if.. Mit. iitii. is now running l.eiweeu Port WaUbsll and
Norfolk in roam etiun with the Tars iruiu to.-hmond arid Peter*
bun. at the km. rate of One lisllar including .tteialn.
Pass* ngeta k-avlng Huhmondon M, nday, Wednesday and Pi day
Morning,, at 5| A M, br* akfast on board In. Mount Vernon amt
arrtve at Norfolk between I and d P M Returning, the Mount
Vernon leaves Norfolk at St A M n Tuesday. Thursday and .*atur
da* utora.ngs passengers bnakfasiing on board Uir Mount Vernon
ami arriving at Port Walthall by I'd o'clock P M. and Richmond
by It P M
It will be perceived from lire i> ove. Ural lb.a comfortable and
Pipe .litmus line fives to prisons veiling Norfolk on business the
opportunity of rranurling it and rriurmng by the boat of nest
morning, so as to be absent from their homes a single nif hi only
Tte Mount Vernon will si *p at tie usual landing, on J unes
Rivet to lake iu and p,,t out way navel, and al any nUrer |a*,iiu ou
the river wbeie n signal it made.
The public may rest assured that it is the determination of tbe
proprietors to keep up this line permanently, and to accommodate
tiaveltrrs between Richmond and Norfolk in Ibe beal manner and
al the lowest rates.
For further Information, Tiekrts. or freight, apply at tbe lb-pot
of the Kir fins,ii.t and Pctrmbuif Railroad Company to the Ticket
mb 85
o k eat n a i e i.n r. to tii i: \oktii .
■ ar«* to ti.'ilfimoi-4- .... *7,00
’•’*» WanhiiiKloH .... ^jo
^1^** IVI',M,I.R9 tijrilm l.lnr birr Rich mood daily it 8 A.
-■ M , reach Waalungion all P. M., Balluoorr ai 7| P. M ., Ph.la
deiplua In ihe course of the nirtii. and New York by 1“ M ihe
to ll day—bring a/mjca Jag and t half and rtmeumet lev Way, m
“dr inrr tf Ikr yrutragrr, bt, Ur Riere and Ha, HauU. rtt aadrr
prrrrmt arrangrmrai,, arr detained ureal, fare hear, at Jftrfdlk.
Pare between Richmond and Hktlimnre.f7
Pare between Raltimore and Philadelphia. 3
Pate between Philadelphia and New Yota, by ihe early murmur
line.... 3
"y 1 A (ti nt of Trai.tporutroa.
N- B. For the im’irmuiion of ih»‘ public.
It 11 deemed proper to state, that ileo- are now three daily line,
from Waahinriun to Philadelphia—tin fir-1 leaviny Wa.hinfion at
ei A M , reache, Philadelphia by 3 P M.—the serond lea,me Waab
i nylon at 19 M . rear lira Philadelphia at 0 P M —and the Ian, tw
ine the creat mall line above oewtdw.li wlnrh lean-* Washington
at .11 IV M . and Itsliimore at 8 p M , arrive* at Philadelphia in the
rourse of the mrht The traveller by Ihe railroad line has, under
the*.- airauyenieni* Ihe advantage of bemy in Philadelphia in 19
houin from the tune of hi* leaving Richmond or. If he dc«ire* it,
may remain in W.iihinyiou during the afternoon and nifhi of In*
ar ival, and he in Philadelphia Ihe nett day In dinner, or may trano
art huaineaa ia Washington until 19 M neat day, and yctarnvt ,n
Philadelphia at an early hour in the evening.
W. (THAHLES house,”
On I9lli fclrcol.
TI1K Rubgrriitcrt, have rc-opcncd the above c.n.
tnbiohment. and bey leave to my to their friend* and th*
public generally, that they are now prepared to yiv* iheit undivided
attention in order to pleaae Ihoae who may patron tar the tioaw- —
flenth-men » filing Ihe city on hurmem will And it to Iheuadran
ny* to give u* a call, having ample sacs niodatKui* for lac r cum
foitand ronvenience , likewise, a viable within fifty yard* of the
bourn-, ool *urpa»nl in the ruy. To out friend* u a only r~eram
ar, to aay. lhat out Bar shall at all lime* be supplied w >h [ <piom
not inferior to any in the city A« we de*im ta patronage, and If
we failto pleaae. ttahail not be our fault.
srKtiAI. h JAB a BI.AKhY. Jr.
Riehmond. August 3. I84A. ,f
LVII,I* opened thia day, at 11 o’cWr A.
▼ ▼ M., when a free Snark will be yisen between Uw hours of
11 and I o'clock. Corner of Mata and Uth wrret-.
lit till RAINK. r, etor.
W. Jksstr.ftop* ini -rlent.
Ru trump March 17, 1*47—tf
I N consequence of the state of myhenlti I hnvr
■ fht* day with Jriwn fr»M tb* CobMittioN Rt *-|«» iih#
Wiernrdrd by Niy I Wo nephew*. Mr K C flwtthmey af » Mr W
W (•walhnvy. under lb. firm of R P mv\nmrv * i,» oho
will re am foe old rtainl near 1‘hoekrK Warehouse, whim I bate w*
lonf occupied
I he* Irare to w» f« ih** pafnnare of my nil friend* awl can
inmer* In behalf of ihe abotr meat on<*l him. awl w> 4th pa,men*
of Ihotr indeblod to me without delay
•Khmoad. I at December, IHd.
Snrrrwnra *f Hr. Ilnbrrt I.Hnllimrt.
KV. (}W ATIIMKY ami W. W. CM A 1 11
'• MKV ham thtaday formnla loparlaeraliip unde? ib. Arm
of K r I1W VCIIWKV ft CO.
Tftrlr hoarne*. will hr rrclurmlr a I'omm a ..nr fin Ibr ea/r
•/ I Credere yreerW/y—awl Ihcy ham aerated ike obi Wand
near Slmrlie tV'rifbiinr, «■ long nectipird by Mr gpieit UwalH
•wry, and hare I draw engaged the aiv iri nr Mr Tritip'e liwath
■wy, yelp, la an well known In the publie aa a Vrerwaa e/ 7>*«..e
Vyeab.iPbr pt. pared in grrnl retwin.lle advtnrre nn peeper » m
hand, and hope, by amoUnty and at riel ailemion in hneinrea, m abara
a fair portion of pnblie pnimnaga. H »>. «;W* | Hwr.V.
Rieknemd. let IW 46—If W W im rniurv
fun l>yatyl W*#h ftytH
l4*w « Brnwa Wmm** r Sttf
I ubm a Mipern » Mti«i fn
AHwond.imenral and pta.n r»n<, fto.p.,amiedi for mle
Okklii, by r dOH.MSTofg. Iirwin
my '* I IS. Main dr
Mg - IRI r HAS.— IV *iih«crittf>r.n have rereir
kadwll keep rnwelamly ok band k awppiy nf !Hm,i 11.
ike moat oeonomieal and biimant Hghi Ik pap
diNPi ft nWiif a non
anr>—tS4_____No N Wm Ma a «I
f^^OW PEAS For salt hj
“7 *« WM 7 41 MRS
tjjjk 1-^OR RKNT. I he house at present oe
^^7 * rupied by K T. WmaUia. oa < hutch llill 'corner of
Franklin ami J*ih street. ) The boum la larye and in one of the
must ptemwnl portions of tie- eny. Rent >arr Slide I at*. „« terms
apply to
_S' a<—_ JONEF A WI!«>m>N.
l^AOK. RKN F—A front rootuovei my ntore,suit
"*' able for as ulbc-.-. I'ua-aanu (i*ta imsi-diaiely
“I' , :t—,f JOHN M V AN t.EW
lie It door tube Ftrlusc-- Bink. withelyht room, asd
****** Sd’hra. Apply to aiy 13—tf KtiRr NllTT
*K RKNT, ami |n,«if -ion j.iv u lat
June, the h-Mise on 13tb street at pceaeat uceapiid
by the suhserituni.
*M 3—tf __W M A K. C IIARKtuoM.
tfe-Y L’liK RKNT—mill Pomm-smi-ii given hi a
N fear daya—A neal ami hand—rue reudeace near the
Curner of ad ami Mam •Irerla, suitable for a .mall family A| ply in
»>*30__ RICII II Mil.I.. Jr
rRlIlK desirable family r- wdeacc on I9rh arieet. now ocrupird by
® the siibaertber Pnaaesiion Riven imuwdiatety. Apply to
5 _HEN It V rUHtt.
KM I OR 8ALK.— A very desirable reni
aiiout oar ante N..rUiw.-.t of llu- city, wnh four
acres uf land attached. The bourn is well l uiit and ccnunodious
and within n fen minu-.. walk of the Rap-la I'utleye.
For terms, which will be made aernwamodatiay. apply to
_•**!_ RII.'IIAKH llll.l.. Jr.
The wooden dwelling house on Grace
Ft reel between till and 5th Ms., at preaeat occupied by Mra.
The real is 1230 and poaw wion ran be had a boat the 1st May
fli'e-- who wiati to rent ran we the houw- by calhnR no Mra drew.
__M !•*—___ FRV A Oft
M Ed1***^ RKNT,—The brick dwelling house
M. at present nrrupisd by Uu- Rcr'd Mr. 8t l«. oa Crace
Street Till, house lias Ihtee r um. oa the Gr.l floor, witli a diy
bnarment and 5 or li chambers, with a mull yarden, kitchen. Ac.
Rent •4U0. and possession may be bad on lat April.
m*1 >—H_M. W A J. J. FRY A CO.
Sjft RENT.—The desirable Dry Goods
***** * Ftore formerly occupied by Mr R H. Jenkins. corner
of Mam and 14tb Strertr. This Flore has three floorv. flmahed m
the bear Mylr. and with eyeryeony- no-nce for the Wholesale and
Dry t-reid. buaineaa. Poueasion can be bad ’mtuediately
mli 3o—tf_ JIWAJJ FRY A CO.
Id*OR RENT.—The upper part of Tene
*** *- meat occupied by J W Marshall! A Co opposite the
Richmond and Fredericksburg l>wpot For tonus gpp!y to
KM The beautiful, comfortable, extensive and
cosmiett houar and I *t ou Franco street, the lat** n*w>
d* ncr of Jiapf W fVcrmrn. dec'4. now m kickIIkI order. It wtl
br »K >m n to any r»«u* wishing to purchase with great pleasure i m
ntlirr ut the nu) scribd rs. and ifw trrm made known—«od s par
UcularexanunaLon of the premises will hr its bot r^r-.mmondatioa
J* 2—{J fagcatriiaad Executor of J W. P»*gram. dcc’d.
KM L^'U RKNT—Two STORKS under the
Exrhangr Hotel. well tutted foe Grocery or Fancy
Stores. Pomwiau given name JtaU-ly , appi> at lb » « dJicr. or to
_ ^ _ _ II W FRV.
roi- tin* K<‘itiov:il unit l'«*r muiir-ti t < nrr
of all IliM-aM-siiriyiiii; from an lin
P»*rc .Stale of l he liluod or Habit
<*f tile Svoteui. vi*:
'T'HIS preparation is a combination hitherto
■T* unknown in the kxory of Medicine, differing entirely in tin
character and operations from the various preparations of Karsap*
rilla which lave been at different ernes offe.ed to the pnbhe It
nets sperihealiy upon the whole system, thereby lunging it under
itadirrel and immediate influence Although possessed of power
ful healing effects, yet It is entirely harmless. no that it cannot in
jure I be most delicate roaxituiion When in perfect Health, no ef
fect » produced by its use except an .acreaae of appetite, hut when
disease is w-aied in the frame, and carrying fax its rictim along the
path of life, then its myxenour influence is felt sod seen it enkin
dies new life, and vigor, and brings health and strength to the suf
lertng and diseased
•• 7 ruth u StTtnrrr thus JViiua.’’—Let rkc F^rO spesu /be
Ihexrefecu.—lhe following certificate is only another link is the
gn at chain of lexuno.iy to its merits. Let the afflicted read and
be convinced What it has done once, it ted! do again
UltsaLnsTowa, Mass , Sept -*H InlS
1 his m\y certify Hat my nun. now aged seventeen, hat been for
ten years afflined with the scrofulous humor. At the age of seven
year* be had the measles, wlurb probably caused this humor ui
make iu app> art nr. ,n a must unguis, way, catering hit body from
bis head to h.s feet w.th small turnouts. I consulted a I Victor of
Medicine and be examined him three days in anceemioc. and not
understanding b.. rase, advised me to ronxilt Dr. Rogers, of New
York, I then being a r -si-lenl of that city. After a long and er.ti
eal i-xamuutma. basing more than thirty other imsLca1 geailrmen
with him at the time, he pronounced it Scrofula, or King’s Evil._
I lie eh Jd was then prescribed fur, and e :n:;ieneed taking medical
drugs frmn *hat lime. He grew nrorte until Jun- of la:«7. and then
his bone* became afferied in consequence of the mercury that had
been given luui. A piece of bom- nine away from his under jaw.
in tbe lira! p’aee. at tsrg< as an English sralnuf. a piece from his
forehead as large a a a sixpence, and a piece from near the crown
ol lua liend. U then went to the back and side, and disrharg.d in
three places. Prom thence to one of Ins limbs, separating in cun
sequence of the ulcertuon, the muscles and rnrd from the bone, of
the ankle joint on the back part. He had at oue tune fifteen ran
mug sores or issues from lhe glands of the thrum and three placet I
lave mentioned. In Idltl, I Used m Portsmouth N. II., and be was
attacked with a Rheumatic Psver. winch settled In one of hi, hips
which swelled k, large at three ofthe other. R mg under medical
treatment, they gave him taudannui until hr lox his reason. Then
I became .Virm.it and sent Inr a Thomtwnian Hi, medicine help
ed his lup and restored bis reason, l he third time he attack
ed with this fever in 19IJ, when heanug or Dr Sands’rlirsaparil
is. and being periectly satisfied that all other m. dinnra had failed of
affecting a cure. I sent and.pmcured six bo:lies, and by the time he
liad taken tl all I considered bun well. Tlione places healed_he
became bright and lively—color came to his face and lips_from
that time till the Fall of ISM, hit complaints never l-ooblrd lima_
At that time he became deaf, winch c i.il.nued uniil lax March wt.n
ba rigid eve became affected. Hon. that to In, left eyr, covering
the Sight of the eye no that he was in a great measure deprived of
Knowing llat Sands’ Sarsaparilla sea, lhe only medicine that had
een done him any good. I ,ppi,,d to Mr. Towle, Apotbscary. at
Boston, for more, lie |„, ukrn fift„ » dollars’ worth, which hat
rruiov. d the humor from hit eyes and hearing, and he now appears
to be cored, and radically w> I verity Iwveve all this tatter troubk
mtglit have been am led if I lad continued ibui.uigMy the use of
the Sarsaparilla when be was under its influence me lira time
I’bese are the simple suiemenls of me farts of the ease, and I
feel It uiy duly to nuke those lari, known to the public, tor the I*
nebt of those who may be afflicted ia like manner feeling a gYill
conviction the cure has been effected solely from the effect of this
invaluable medicine. IIANNAII IV REi K. gin Main X.
Srsrotg, Rosron, Or-rosgi IJ, in«i —Then personally ap
teared the above named ll.anab W. Beck, and made solemn oath
Ual ike above certificate, by her sm.sent.ed. and statements there
in contained.arv true Reiore iae,
— _ JAMES HUE. Justice of the Peace.
The follow,ng letter, received from I,'npr. Harrow, a gentleman
well known, and of the highest respectability, residing in Mobile
•hows eonelusively the value snd efflesey of Hsnds Sarsaparilla In
fMPiof Chronic rinnunnii
u MOBIL*. Ala . July 3d, 1*44.
MB««a« . »mr** Urmtt —| wt« alflmrd fur morr i/iaa trn ymri
Willi rbrunutivm, and it (• with tdraaurr I avail uiy*Hf of tint op
portunity lorxprcM u.y.Mj Um uhi ary aflrcl your .•* iraapanlla bad
«»a iar In Jananry, 1*44, I yurthurtl of your afenta. Mi nn
A0?* V * ruckcr* »**t>a. whirti I took afrrrahfy to th* nnnt
tddin dona. »h.rh rnlirrly removed the rompiaml. and I bare aow
erery reaaoa to beliere ray brink » p>rman*m* reco-wfwd.
Youra, vrry laapecuu.iv.
- s. II. C ARROW.
Pra.iiBB Timnn.-TV following n an viirart from a teller
received from Rev William Oaluaha
„ „ . _ Hibb«hib», Vt, Oct OTd. I«4i.
Mieene Siam I have keen afflicted with a mreie pain in my
•Kic. occa.toned by a duriard liver, for l*e lam twenty rear, aaf
wring at unri what language cannot convey, bmtince Liking your
Aaron.anil:, | have been go-ally rehevvd. ao much an ibal I have
lo »"en-l to my kaatarra, and preach occasionally for the
lam fifteen month. I wholly d,warded all other meaticine. and
thoroughly triad tin- Sana partita. which I can recommend in truth
and amcenty to all Ihonr who are many way afflicted wiih any ape
eie« of arrofnktua complaint* There bare ban aonae mmirktble
eur a e(Ireled by >tn uw m ihia vicinity. Mr* I Shaw, by the aar
of .it bottle*. wa. reakored to better health lhan abe had before n
yoyed for ten yeara ami Hr. W St - vro. who had born arverely
afflicted with l-ryau elaa, waa e«t.rriy cm. d by the uw of a lew
foara. truly,
_ . WM OAl.rSfM.
ror further particular, lad eouehim.u evidence of Ita .iipenor
value andemra.-y.wr pamphlcta.which auy be Mai adof Ag.mg
Prv pared an-l.d by A. R ft |i SAHHS. Drugim*. |0o Folton
m?'?' ' ot " ' “m- **" Tor* Sold ale. by llt’VAI. k
PI Rl P.l.lu Richmond. Rrwi h Andtranp. P. ui.l-irv li K l.y
m.m I.Tnel.bnrg J Co-k Tredenekabrog »1 4 P imoa, Norfolk aad
by luuggim. gear rally throughout ihr Tailed Statca.
Pne. Si per l.ottle—an bottlea for ST
P" p",',,t •rp rerie.,ed in renu mber that it la
Hand. tV,rm,uir,n. that haahee, and l. rwmantly aehievm* aurh I
remarkable eurraof iho mnald.lkeui, el*a* of ,1m, wh chihe
human frame it aubj.ci , therefore a.k for lAanda' Sarmpanla. and I
take no other no f 1
11 sr i » « I I V r 11 \ ' lion I nder kibula
•R e.preaafy fnr Sommer wear I4HI and examine at 114. Ma n
"Meet my 14_ All. 4* M Hit'll AMT.
I I *11‘ Tl tn I H—fa i .a. I .amp Plnmrr . . - rted wi
* »b» ‘ srpo.and for m e from yea., I
f JJ_R t \ M V ft Wllll l iU-K
A'<rr l*r STTBRIid ronnti v urrd It 4i < IN MAMS, uni ,,,,
, for family nan. for mle by
•*»'7 WnUTItAM. Morihrr * ■ .i
a an m Ml \ICO
A MM’ of flip \ slley tif Mi-4M*0 with Iho siir
r ■ round mg Meu.fvn. with a M.p of ibe roue between Vrm
l"nia Atvnraftr, aid P»eb*a. floe li ream J iet pu*i.,hro and
fat MI'v hg
1*' M» I IIITK 4 lh»l. 4M.— -0 bheparel uh, Vlao
■ gar, receiving ta More, aad ftr mle by
»» ' nlWSRI.I h MrTAIIMI.ftgfl
C'UNllTKS (5 botPR No. 1 Sperm
J *• bo tee Ho I kdvuanuve
*4 hotv« H.C*. r.trat
half here. FWH*. Pateei Poi mle by
HWkll PRY ft <X>.
t^OKKKK -1imiii lino, Km, |.Ajjua\rA aim! J.
‘ »* T. dee Tor mle by
I "».«* DAVtHPORT, AM.RN ft TO
^TMIh following raw* is of « tlcepl) mlirtstino
. character and haa attracted the earnest attest**, and
nation of •*-« era I of tha Aral phyat.-iaa* .if New York _
Captain Aanaaw J F. Tuna., nwid.ee at No. 7« Bridge aueet
"• enjoyed ,o>-,.,
health hat about three years amra. it liegan (radualty to fan .
general aiatata and UMudr •••me.I to came over him. acenai i
poaiedwilh d. proaseio of spin's Inner vopelite. „.,hlM,
a eip. Ac . soon Pillow, d Medical aaa . ante waa .ought, and Or
J..hn w r,a,.r,.. New Verb was r .n-U.ed m
mmliea. e,rh a. ropmu. bh ..l,ng, Ac . wars administered. thrmgh
Witlmul the desired rlfact. aa I aptain Tomb* shortly after frU dnwa
in the •<tee. insensible, with a aeeere apoplectic At tin partially
reeovenng from the effec-s. he noticed. fog the Aral time ihtt a
ponionof ha lefi ante waa ipp.rrnCy dead , and. on umber e»
AUlry, hia |ihyai.iana pronounced bis ease to be that .if combined
Apopleiy ami I'aralya • The pars’ytie aymp’om. rapidly larreaa
*•1—Ihr »rm« avid limb* aircfird—tndr.•»!. Hip whoV of onr
aide of the body waa I,fcle.s. aid .hortly after he e.peneaced an
apoplectic At. more aeeere tban the fi d. and for several hours bis
hie waa despaired of Aa matter, grew worse, physicians weiard
to do lei a lie wu tow unable to walk Without amialanee, and
enuM neither fuel no. dress b me If acne ; ha waa aaal.'e to arts
cutnte dintin' tly, and hia sight waa much impaired. Hi. physicians
alm.ng' whom were lie John IV Francis, of New York and Ihr
Wiu Ii Hunt, of llroohlyn. rnasidered lits cnae aa entirely Imne
lev. and bevnml human aid.
Much IS a simple ard u or rag ge rated Wile me at of the situation of
t'apu.n r.imha. in July lad. when he Ant beard of the Galvanic
Kings amt Magnetic Fhtid. Hta family wevv desirous to try th* eg
icmiaat. anl for tltal purpoa- pare baaed a i air of the Galvanic
Bracelets for llie wrists, a pa r ef the Pacta lor lb. ,.i ha. and onr
bottle of the Magnetic Fluid, fitfl Iriurs after uaing there irticP-a,
feeing *r** perceptible in the paralysed parts, and use p. rspirat.oa
bri.ke out la five days he was enabled to ia.se It . arm. ami use
hu hand, and m Uuee we as. he waa able to walk alone lie
now began to speak dot.nelly, could see clearer, and in every re
spret was unproved A period of over ug months lias now slap
*ed.during which time do symptom of Apopleiy hi. been apparent
— he I. enabled to lake regular eien.se and all lot impaired fhcul
lit * h*r»? bten
The following is from a clergyman, well known and of disUn
ru shed atu.nments and reputation
Riovar, !». J, July 13, 1846.
Dr A. II rnaimg—Dear Doctor I promised to coinmunieate
with you revpecung the effects of ilia application of ynurGalvamc
Rings amt Magnetic Fluid tu my own Case. The ume .. yet mo
abort to justify tuy .peak.ng [ewujve.y in relaunn to l’ie ,- rma
aency of my cur- hut lean say tint, since the application of your
Galeanic Itelta am! Bracelets, the whole sent s of my nervous com
plaints have been suspended. I sutler. .1 much from chrome rheu
malum bronchitis and dyspepsia, and fell aati.fi. d that those dis
orders were a!! connected with each other through the nervous aye
tern. I have bad none of the dyspepsia whatever since the appli
cation of your Bell, Ac., nothing worth mentioning of the bran
ch tia (for I haee been enabled to mumc the discharge of my pat
torial duties of preaching, visiting. Ac much to the surprise of my
congregation, i and have bad but a single twi age or two of the rheu
mausm. 1 have- eqjoyed. so far, more perfect exempt,on from iheie
maladies distressing as they are. than it haa turn n.y lot to enjoy
for years I cannot be too grateful lo God, who. in his provide nee
haa directed me to you
The immediate design of Una letter is to procure some of the
same kind of is-uurr. for two of my people. M.ny of my eon
grsgaiion aw ifTeeud with nervous disorders ; and should my cure
te permanent, many will be led to apply lo you I have the largest
country clrarge in the Rule and my cure has electrified them (so
lo sp. ak) mutely.
[Adetailof the eases alluded to he re follows.}
May God • • •'•■lor attend your lau table ♦ flirts, my dear Doctor,
and if you afford relief in these cases, there will be a vast number
of others who will apply. Very truly yours,
Robert w. landw
Several W-tiers have since been received from the Rev. Mr.
Iairli*. whose hea th has continued to improve sod many of bis
congregation have used the galvanic articles with equally happy
Tins disrasc- is of frequent occurrence, and oar of the most oh
■imate in rued »ea! practice The tlT<ci of Galvanism in its relief
is truly wonderful.
Nsw Vos*. July 41. 1*46.
This is to certify that for the past two >• ara I have b«* u artl.c ed
with tlie disease rail#d ihe Hip ChmpUiBLduring whreh time I was
attended by hr* Carter and Watson, of this city, without rrcsivfnf
any relief. The arventy <.f ihe diseaav was such that I was obli
geJ lo give up n*y but ness, and I have often lain several da vs
without being ab’e to tu n in my bed. Medtetne on*y made m«
4"6 * *a» da ly gvtusg more and wore helptesa. Early last
wmier I procured Dr. t'hrutie s Galvanic Oe t. a pair of Bands, and
the Magnetic Fluid, aul from th* time I commenced wearing them
I began to improve in beafih I am now stronger than I ever was
prsvions to my steknesa. and am now so far recovered that 1 can
suffer any fatigue. I would aboktata that Urn*. months after o^bi
ntencmg the use of the Galvanic Belt and Fluid. I framed the whole
of the timbers of a three story dwelling I r> ns.de. Dr « Uriaue s
Galvanic and Magnetic readies an inva’nito Utas-ng. and have
made the above vtatemcct voluntarily aul as a matu-r of duty to
the afflicted GEORGE GAITES.
No 190, Church street. New Yort.
A dxugher of Mr H r.:n Bud, rr,.tlx| ib U iili.inibur(b,
I wa» iJflicuJ will) a jrp ml ArTf-e lion for four ft ,r*. becoming n
nvwt helpke. from iu clT. cu. Tlx <1 .cur no coaaidncd lx
yoodcure by physciaar. A, a laat moit Ux UilvtKC Belt acd
Bu -ngUxniDg Plaaer were tried, and within two month. froai the
application of ihi* art.cle., Iirr own phywnxn. pronounced bee in
perfr*) health Tlx Uliy mi I trace been u.innl, anil remain,
quite frer from all cymptoui. of brr former cornpatai
Everjr column ia ilu. paper night hr filial wah -in.l,tr laatimo
aiali In nil Ncrvou. rnuiplarnln. no runtirr hnrr chrom, or wv.rr
ibry nuy hr. tbr efficacy of Hr. Chn.l c*. genuine Galvanic aiti
elra i. truly wonderful
IV Only agent* for Kietitnond.
Ol'VAL A Pl’Rf’EI.I., P,ugfiat*. 147, Main Bl.
For air in Uythevil-e, only by VVn. II. HnLnaa
_ Ex piano'or y pamrhtru may be Iraq grau*. mb 6
JUSI KKCKI\ RI),an uiiiiitiunial supply • > 1_
Bib ami brown dreaa ami true. Coat,
lllk and brown irrx awl rack Coat*
PUib *nd plaid l.inen Summer Coal.
Rib and barf t aoinrrr Paata
Bumnxr Pam. of eauou. qtialilie. and pattern.
R»Bn, Bomhaarae. Mrreailrs and Vakncit Ve«i in great variety
A ful axoruneat of eny tupenor Hltirtr. Cravat*. rltoeba. Col
lar*. (.love*, R lanoi*. fVxb«, Ac.
III. gool. ate all of bin own manufacture.and will be .old with a
guarantee. and very cheap for ruh. I ail and rr
jkluKi*. NKW GOODS. Received this mom
1W *■ By Fiprrw. new and beautiful Ibrw good*—
Rich I laid Grenadine*
do Balin’* I main Ua,
do •* Revorio
Btb Batra alnpml Barrage
Pari. Lawn, and Mum.*
Guighame and Gingham Uwm
*T"f* Pm’">“lerx.. ht , Ac Tbow i„ want ire invited to
1’nlrni tlrdlrnied India Rubber Parra*
S’Iir. niiuit iin Kirlitnt feature in Ihii. improve
nvnt i(. Ilm hey are peeewar u ,g.w*o tun while they
air.ir.1 .n me lent nxcl-aaxal rapport, and t.y ibeir atiinnknt proper
lx* nx.ntain a proper degree of wanutbin tlx part*, (bey nut only
ex cite Ux dire barge of i»-r*pi ration and other exlialatmu frt m tbe
• trfarr. but awo allow a free rarap* tbrougb the p'a. er a. fa.; a.
I1**1'*™ from the -b n. and the. prevent all ri.k of it* being ab
wrhed and taken into tlx ayatem again
Thra nreumataara alone wdlcoaarm Ux auixriorily claimed for
tnun over all other, known, and will cauw- th, in. wlxtevrr they
are intmdured. to be uiaJ in preferenre in aby other*.
For rale by HIJVAL A PTKTKI.L,
*_Hrnjgi.i. I t* w, , -
MASON S BLACKING—20 gross Mum'a
1VS. aupenor Chalknge BUca.ng—you reeeivrd.
4 V llM./..?, ’ T,1,U,”V HEM Ac. I
1 */ I'O/hN superior assorted Pickles
“ j* bo le. ftrah .Sardine.
S dr>*ro Walnut r.u.p.
S J ura M ualaronti do
Sd Joug aupenor London Potter. Juat received and fur
J fl. OLDNU.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in choke Wince.
_ ftctmaAc^
H AVE, in addition to their large assortment,
"* *• ,4*“ t)r,„ «*dr,r large nock (iradran’i m, ero
ftu|er Blk and Panejr Preach I'loiba
Blk D.ie.k,n and «n(ir miOrd Preach Ca — m. re.
Plaid and St iped Bummer do
Bkick and while Checked da
White and fancy lane,, Drill, 14a, wet nyt- •
Bilk and Balm Vrn,a*a aewrat do
P'lper white and fancy Maranlee
Hop r kih Drap De Ete
fancy ft,la and Vtaddrax Craeals
ftueprnder*. Glneev, lldafe. Ar
Ate, a full aeaonmem b.aciu J and Brown Sheet ,,r> and
ftlnr.mfa. I otlnn Oanahort-. Ar .all of whieh hare keen recently
pure here , and nee oflritd upon the meet re.waakle >erma.
WARItfN rARtftft A BRoWN,
m1 '•_ No IS. Mala fttreet
I vl Admaf A Co'a ftpre.. a lanrenamrimratof NEW KTYI.R
DRI-ss I),XUS we wo*,M like in hare eranfere vMrtinR the ehy
«nd our runimrera 10 call and • famine (>u, Mork hria« ee,y aree.
In order to redoee it. we me r Krnnt treat bargains —
Beamiful Imwne. fan rokua, ld| cl.
K'cgant Dree# «,ike. 7.‘c
**®7 other* at rirredlnRly low pnrea. too numerous to
a<lv*er„e, ran an I lak. a look before parch., vn« vierwbere.at No
Id.*. Katie Square Rq *1 BINfuRD A PRY
■ M err A Kanawha Uumle, apply to
20.000 "sl £j*2« 1 "««
fw nk few By my 17 II W A J J PRY A CO,
VV HITK HKW KR II \ IX. Thi* day re.
v v reived a Aw ra.r. Wblr Bearer Data .ummer Myk A ho,
a Aw raw# low crown broad kr,m While Inn . for a. W k w at
Wled-e.w nr retail by i Oot TIIRR a CO.
oppomle the Ranke
fill W INli SOAPrt AND RRISHFH — \ra
B' r ety of UhavmR fhmpa of the Aner, hoda- Guerbaln'e. R<v .
wf. and fate* Maret. I nin Aran* Am.rlraa and Repin h N,h
MO d». Low'a Whtie and Hiewa Wiadaw do. Ac. Am, rhiv aa
Bin.' e*. af niMieaiaatiH. Per mle by
'__ tbattnu ill Ran*
TRAN!—^ half rho*tn fine, and stirs “Pow,
chant’ »ad rakimlaaR" Rlarb lea.
9i half rBe.1. Bar sad ettra Du.powder Teas Pm mm hy
■ I h RHINOS INI) SH AD. I-,!• M U. No. I
■ ■ ri,pi and foe Here,at, »S h.lfharrek family Roe A Shad
,0 Whole and half barrels— rtevrof >orwHe by
rrmtn the m. O rxavuw. Mar |a
ntxrrh an I’n.Mu—Arrival a! V.|hb.
tccn—Kplnra of firg. I*nttcr«An, *r.
The alcani'lnp Fashion. Capt. |»y, arrived Hit* morning
n |.»nr ami a half day* from V, r* Cm*. By thi* ar v.l ww
»*• letter, from Mr. Kenda l to the llth mat Owing to
lh« lateness of the hour we ate not able lo give even a ay
nopeia of their contents. W e inter thai tl.e return of aw
mat y of the twelve months* men ha* *»n..Italy Interfer'd
with Gen. Scott** plan*, a* we expected would be the r*»*
We not ce tl.e returu of Msj Gen. Patterson m the Fashion,
ind lesrn that several ngioiertts of volunleet* were at Vera
I ru* on their way home Many of them l ad ambarked be
lore tit- r «-liion left.
G« n \v . ft!, wa. expected to enter Puebla on the 17th mat.
Ho reri.tanre was anticipated at that place There was
loaie axpectation that the army would match upon 'he rapt
lal, but with d.mm-hrd humb< r-. Tuc lows* sustained i»
the army by the return of enlunt-era. and the nereoary de
tachment* to guard the Clio* of Jalaps. l erots and I’uebls
would leave Gen. Scott a force amounting to scarcely six
thou'Snd to advance up* n the city of M x.co.
Haul i Anna’s whereabout* wa-yet veiled in myateiy._
The camp was full of rumors, at i« always the ca»e, of thw
purpose* ot the Mexicans and lbs movements ot political
a Hi military parties. These we w II scan more ctossly at
uur leisure.
The guerrillas do not give oar troop* (* much trouble aw
w*. antietpa-ed. The, a,e prob.b y doing ,he., clEce of
robbery ana mtniae upon the Mexican* them-elves.
We annex a list uf the pasnaitgeia by the Kashi.m
Pawiawtl*.—Maj. Gen. Patterson, U. 8. A ; Lient Cof.
Abercrombie, l.t Inf, and Lieut. William*. Aid* to M*i
Gen. Patterson ; Lieut. lierhy. Corp. Top, Engineer*,
jounced at OrroGorda ;; L eut. Gill, 4th Art.; Lieut.
Ward, 3d Inf.; (wounded at Csrro Gordo ;) Lieut*. Blutch
" F'eder.ck. and K'o.x, dd Pa. Keg’t. ; L.*ut I. Kagoct.
Mounted R flemen ; Capt Shaw, tT S. N.; Capta. M ore
Pickens, June* and Coleman, Ala. Vole ; Capt* Brook, ar d
aecraat, and Ur. U.v a. 8. C. Vola.; P. H. Moore. Quar
fordU**ter'* Dfp“tmen ’ Kcrrisoo, Wyac and Mum
The Fashion brings over man, of the frophie# of Cerro
Gordo and Vera Crux, such a* cannon, aland of arm*, stand -
ard*. Ac.
W e notice with sincere pleasure that Gen. Shield* it im
proving apace, and that his recovery is almost certain.
W « subjoin a letter from Mr. Kendall of the latest dale :
[Editorial Coreapondcae* of tie Picayune 1
J*Lxra, Mexico, May 11,1847.
Intelligent Spaniard* here, men who have ample means
of information, tell me that matters at the c.ty of Mexico
are daily getting worse and wone—*U is anarchy and con
tuaiou. It cannot well be otherwise. Conhiieaco is all
gone, money is all gone, hope has vanished, and in their
place poverty and despair reign supreme. The onlv chai.ee
left ot opposing the Americans is t„ raise a frenxy or en
thun.asm—call it which you will—similar to that planicd in
the early revolnt onista by Hidalgo, and it is to he doub'ed
whether tuetc is even virtue enough left in the country to
bring about such a conaummauon. At the celebrated bat
tle ot Las Cruces, fought near the city of Mexico, it may
b« recollected that Morelos and Hidalgo had an immense
rabble to contend against the lew royalists under Truxillo,
and luat auch wu the frenzy of the former that in many in
stances, during the hottest of the light, they rsn up and
•tutied their hats into the very mouths of the Spanish can
non. They cannot get up such a feeling now.
Gen Worth wilt probably enter the rich and populous
city ol ruebi* on Friday next, Gen Quitman accompany
ing bun. Mo one anticipa'e* opposition, but on the con
trary it IS said that the larger and belter portion ot the in
habitants are growing more and more anxious for the ex
trance of the Americana, fur the protaction they will afford
them againet the horde* ot iadroncamnd lepero* which liarn
a!way* infested that city. We hear nothing of the guer
rillas of late—'they are probably confining tb*msrlvea to
robbing their owu countrymen.
The reports in relation to Santa Anna are stiil contradic
tory. but all agree that he is at or near Ortxabs. He has
ceita.nly threatened an attack upon Vera Crux, and sti
upon this place, and there are those who think, judging
from his threats and actions, that be has become mad since
bta recent reverses The probability it, that he keeps his
force about him partly lor his own protection, aud partly to
to the ready to strike a blow should a levorable opportuni
ty offer.
Grn Scott will probably leave, with Gen Twigga, in the
coarse ol a tew days, tor i’uetils. His next movements will
depend upon circumstances.
Geo Quitman's appointment as maj H ganerxl meets with
the fud approval ol the army. The wound of Gen Shields,
*hich every one at first thought would prove nioitai beyond
doubt, continues to improve, snd the hopes ot bit recovery
aie stronger than ever.
I forward this by the diligenna. It is considered a very
unsafe conveyance, and lor fear my letters may be over
hauled by the Mexicans l cannot say hall l oiherwiso
should. Youts, Ac. G. W. K.
From Ihcfityof nexii o.
By the way of Tampico we are placed in -pomevsion of
our files from the eiiy of Mexico down to the 28th of
April—five days later than the papers we h»d pn v.ously
received although letters of the SOiU had resell*.! ba.e.
We look first lor news flora Santa Anns, and we find
him engaged, with the utmost diligence, at Oihtsba, rate,
mg tioops, lie shows, ss the (.tiers well »ay, incredible
energy in repairing the losses he has sustained. ami era
this ia uo doubt at the head of sn army very cons d ruble
in number*, however inferior in divciplme. He is, more
over, occordmg to the papers, granting perm is toguerulla
band*. Bein£ ilrailrned tor fund*, be i* said io have irn
posed upon Orixabaa loan of glfi.UOO. We give a trans
lation ol lhe first letter we have seen of Santa Anna sinew
his driest at C< rro Gordo. It was written on thr jtid ot
April from Onxaba:
llxauji'iKTEas or tbe Ccxnaatipim-itf-CBtEr. )
Oxuaix, April 22, 1847. y
• ‘td Excellent Sir— The night of the 17th 1 communi
cated lo you, for the information of hit Excellency the
President Substitute, the attack of Gen Seotx upon ihe prii
cipel point of Ceiro Gordo, and that ha had been repulicd
with notable loss. At present l have the pamful duty of
informing you, with the same view, that the general hav.i.g
repeated tbo al ack at dsybrevk the following day with ail
his troops consisting of twelve thousand men, succeeded
in forcing the pass, alter a courageous struggle of three
hour* in whico valor and desperate courage were disp'ayod
v n both sides.
l had aucce* ded in aascmbnug al Carn Gordo ih.ee thou
sand inlantry, permanent and active, and a little over two
thousand of the Nan nal Guard of the Stale ul Puabla;hut
the Utter wrie not yti well acquainted w in the use of arms,
and their ineipenence was fatal to us. Ttiare was also in
the find a division of cavalry, which l placed und-r iha
orders of Gen L> Valentin Canalixo; but the nature at ifio
•round did not permit hitu to operate, and lie retired lo Ja
lapa ihe moniunl the inlantry began to yield.
The loaa of men which we suffered into unequal a com
bat I am unable yet to team; because, surrounded by the
soldiers ot Scott, i touad mvaeit unexpectedly m imminent
danger, and I barely saved mi.all, with all ot uiy axis who
remained at the moment by my side. I passed the mg in
at the hacienda of Toaamapa, and learning mare that the
enemy was continuing his march upon Jalapa, I resolved
lo mow to this city, where 1 arrived yesterday evening.
It appears that iha enemv, improving his triumph and this
astonishment in which bo finds the people, dcs gnu to march
upon th-capital; but 1 am tak'ng measures m organise
here a respectable force, in addition to that at present under
tbs command of Gen. I) Antonio 1-con, and I can as.uio
the President dubsntoie that with soma aid from iha neigh
boring Slates or Iha Supreme Government itmll, 1 ahail bo
able lo harraas the rear guard of the enemy with • ffect un
til hie destruction is achieved. 1 have already despatched
order* to Gen. Canal xo that he protect with hia cavalry iha
tortreos of Parole, and to Gen. Gaona that ha place it m tiie
beat ataip of defence until I aan relieve him.
I cannot omit to express to your Kxeeiiency my as ton
irfiment at the apathy and selfishness of oar ciuxcna in ihn
present critical circumstances; and 1 now deem ilorcea
»arr, to save the coantry, that the Supreme Power* of thn
nation should dictate sever* and affective measures to en
force compliance on the part of every on* with those du
ties which society and Iha laws impose upon him. If this
is not don*—if the nation duaa not rise - a masse to defend
itt moat is,-red rights, unjustly and barbarously trampled
upon, infamy and acorn, with lbs loss of our nationality,
will be the rc»u!t*. for my part I shall spare no sacrifice
in hehall of the country ; my life and my blond, my repose
and. my fortune are entirely consecrated to it.
lor the present I have established inv head,juarters here,
where I shall receive the ord. rs which th* Supreme Gnv
ernmont nity have occasion to transmit.
Accept avanranca,fftc. God and l.ib-rty •
To the Mimeterof War and Manna.
A ahott letter which Sin's Ann* wrote the same day 11
President Anaya is hardly worth publishing. Me beg* l.im
not hi d- spur, not lo make a treaty with the enemy, and to
defend th* capital, lie begs moat piteously for t*.ma money
The same number of F.I h’rjiuMtran* which contain* the
first latter detend- the National Guard from the reproach
therein cast upon It uf the Iona of Germ Gordo. Sants
Anna s >p*e .flair has already |n*t much of its power Pul
notwithstanding iha evident dissatisfaction tall with h »i
I by I,* countrymen, the dupremn Government lias confirm
f<* ^’rn ,n eommind of ihn army
1 he necessity of auch an order indicates t->*i hw authori
ty had been r-verely shaken Th* A'epeMieaa# seorea Gen
Ganshin foy hi* d'sgrarrfut ll ftl>; call* for a root» aaar'isl
•P11' him, and expresses ,be hope that Iha affair wiM nut
be got over with, like iha investigation into ihe fail of M*»n
t«ti y. (In that rase *| will he ree*sUaeted mat -tenia Anna
broke up ihe email martial winch wa* examining Ampud a'a
eondart | Whsa t anil xu's awada t al Carr** Gnyd" was
impagxed in Congress, one of lb* mui'Vler* announced • la at
hi* command bad beaa taken from bun and be krmaab m
dated to dan Mania Tasaaaluran. NsrarlheWaa wa fln.l
kim aakaagaently Wav ag Paabla at iha head of hw egval’r
fore#, although liaa Alcona had baaa appoint* I lo super
•vds km*, lie iu loudly dan.-.orsd foy am having dsfex.l.
ed I.* Joya and Perm*.
Knelt step ta iha march of Gea Peon towards ih* -apt •
•al ta rhromalad, and iha axeawea of oar tra*p* ara de
noaneed in unmeasured bunt Wa bav* kn.hrd f >r a na
aacoaut of ik<so atcasaaa, tod *•** that eaa #*•** *g

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