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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, November 10, 1853, Image 4

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m u ws *4 « *■* a*
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PKOU^tinnKa, Ck*i*i». hruii, ii««, Jitf,
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\MI II\\\IIJ.K lit UlialP-OFFS 1<>
OVtKUY'll. •*« Mil.!.'
On and after Mend ay, Oel. .Yd, ISM, the recular Pa«*« riyer Train
will run rw*|it«lf between Ki* huinud *uU **nr
h,r"i» Train will *1 >|* f <r iwwnjft* only >1 the fnllowlne point*
M«o healer, Kohl ou*a, Coal field. To.nih.ak, Puahalan. M»l
toaa. C'Ula, Amelia Court ll.ul.e, Wyanolte, Jvimnj.' Ordinary.
ll*vt'o*eh. Liberty Church, Mehernn, KeyavtUr, Draki** tlraiich,
'"iJeaVe'tlo-hiiinnd at T o’clock, * M. Returning, leave Overby*.
ChUJrrr. over 111 and under IS year* of ijr, half price.
Rerrant* travelllne hy themwtve. mu*t lie Iurnl*hed with Iw.
„„„ „, t|„t uuc c»n Ire retained in IliroOcr . and II imirl lie ev
[IrcMlj elated on the |'» thel they arc permitted to to on llu
°¥r»«-nirer» for llailf.v C. II. an I Danville ran me t Mr***.
Place A Ov’i four hurae mac he* at Overby** dany. IV
rnr*rv for llreen«l»roil«h. Ilernurl un, b.lein, Sall.hury. an !
OvVeilr, N a* . ean meet Mn.n Place A Co.’* « horae Coachr
on Tuealay*. Tliur.day* and balunUya al aiaerby** Par
for Oiartav.lle. Union, N. Carolina, aud Y tun;ville, r.a
VI ... M On •« Ooache* al Kryavllle on Tue*.lay«. Thui.-’ay
aud Ritunlay*. and for Milton and Ynlieejrville i r Play* * O.-’t
line, Monday*, We liteaday* and Friday*. »l Overby
I'll alli.ll* tf. l AI.COTT,
ftr4 t'line pup't of Trantportatlon.
Panaf Hie and l.vnchhure ran procure tliroueh tick.a Nail
aide Railroad ati.l Plage, Caldwell a C «*. Slav «, hy i
the tirkel Mi.I the Rleh.il .nd and Danville K-I.lr
Throueh Fare to Farmville .. .
•• •• to Lynelibury
*Y St
Gttr.tr »ith.lt » *1 VII. mu !• /.'• .» of
• h ( uk r > n u.Tt.V“i:t: i.v/* van i /*av /•///.! • «
III'I aftci VI >oilay. Itio loth in«latit, llnvuith lick. t> to Itailin or.
anil l*lnl*.l«*l|»lii» tin In* ohtainml of Ihla ComioDJ, over Ihrlf
rout**, via Wauhlailtoa, on thi followlca iiTuil, vn .
T ■ Ha Uiaara,at.•
To I'hila r:p'.iU,al.
which *C. ire I > III- !.»»•. Off » Iranait < < tc.f au-l l>a.nai;<
Ihroucl. thf clura Ilf Hoti'i.i-in »n.l Hvlllm rc. I ri-.-,.f at;> . *ir»
“SS:**.•>-*•*•*>.. •?» : «•* ■
Uc uii'J •*•.1 I’-.rk, at rale. »ar>ln« from ti to ♦ . for cacI
ttraielatf |no tf", ami prop wtio »f l> I r • ml clai. |>»»m
an, i>i- pablic can new ba m no loaa :or a cha i|i anil comfi rtawi
trip to Saw Vork
Tile tiif mi/Ii tickaU »Vivc, *j:..w » rcv« nvl .c ».j. jrn It
W.«fiiurton ami Hailnuoiv, without llalriluant l»* any l»i*vilv|f'
aouferriol Uy tlirin. , _ *“■ rl,t
Aj:* ul of Traiti|*or Utlion.
Onni*k R. K AT R R Co., I
jticimionJ, Aiuru.i li. ‘tM. i_l*"1*
U j
i.t if
i%t.i S* > ‘t fA* • '••'*/« my, 'it '**' /■ • •> t ••
U'** UUlk* A\mi day 1* • *i ”, • *••*.* —The**- H :«•!
of #1 a. i*re ur-m»b!.* r»r yearf, ami *rr ;
loan .»f nfi • inM *0 fte* h Jti«lr**t| f. ••.>»*..I •! lU • » ■ *
l fjf la < *. 4 a v.* t( it* la*t n •»». ui. • i .. ■:> * » ‘ v %* 1
bv Ihf l tlie «r'i * ' »**• **• * » > 1 • truwt
thread* r r.» * 1 un i *»*••» - ty »f t • C »|Mny. f ' I he \ r iwi,-t j. *,
. 1
Tin?* n i, to/eth*r with th<ir origin*! capital or three mitaon*
trill be d(K-ti 1*4 on the r-m I.
riu* ll • * 1 4r:.|r((‘1 I u • a l.ynchb v-z t > t K- I -mr .% e 4

lapr . 4 itsrxtemtlnt *•» U ni» • • • N'*
thereby tr ier. t:ie^»4t . ^ »*» » tvt-r--.a. * .»u N f
|i.m »Uiir >,41« %re «•»I. i r •.»» i« c *m *»*' • ’* :f
Nvirf*lk,e.ter#barf,and R* hm *n I i * M i*i- • • l* t*.»«
that p »r»! »n «»» *i St»t« r i-irkt.*..- r in
etltiril au I mln-ral ;»r-* tu ,n • * • I*• *
lncre&>.n< Ii^cqi'o »»••! '* *tr«f ••»> • -i ' -1 '*
It >t I ire *«iii(j(or that it e»l» * rtaiu > I’*
i.ue iiiti «eri
\V. ri Kt Mat. a i o ,
by ih« latd.y of J.-io.ry, ,v... >. • t\.
0f,«n ni our o.n c* 4ii I tn/ tnfv»rmati
bv Ufi UU t;>|iiiCAliiiU to C
fivica « tni» 4„u\ Jt« i. .
J uir or >-r*i*u« tlelotll , Dww «*l li:«* Klim
*ri*tfiz from ** IM«» lai'er »*r ^t«nna»
O'HivtipAtom*, Iiie4*<i 1**1 •, RuiltifgA u( Ui I * 1
ty of tit - s*to u *v. , X »J »*•»« *1 * ‘ Jf*-. Dia/tijt :•./ 1 ■*. * •
or W*t«t»i in the At.i-ii i ii, > ^ »* tali n* > r
at the IM of the M-iint >. tte.iui...’ *: • t. ii -* I, Horn, .i .t.
UiScult Brrathnv. FiutUrinx oi l c *»•*»»'. Cl*«*hi.u' r ^ .!! .
|nK- N-nwii .n» when In a lyin-r It.,.,. t \ .« I> '•
or W.I.. H-'.rv thr tvlii, I'.v.r *ui Hi l*o n In v ■ II ii, I'
civvy Pvra|»iratl'in, Vclloaliv.. «‘l li p Mol ;iuil l|i .. 1’i.n if
Ihr 81 l». n»i-V, Cli- t, Llmli«, A. , 8U.I .CI1 I o»:.i-. t 111 H ill
Ina Id till Pic ill, Oou'vnl looam".ai «> I >-I, •■I1'' •> !’• I,r *
alou of Pp.Pif.. I’nii n. i fT ■ .illy curi-l t*y 1*1. HlAlft IM1 f
CkiAiBKi rtn tiKiivi.vN im rny. y..r,j L) int.i. M.y.aR
ISOS, h ■. 1^" Arch -Irril, Wnl.otli.:
Tbrir jK»*r»-r over the «•»»«»%*• *li»«-4#*
tijr ary otiit-r pr«'p.iratl u in the l
tn many c**c* aftn .»k:.tu. 4*I*>»»• i%ru f»:
Tiie*e biin-ri *re » *rt:.v :t.• itu-iili
Itreat eirtu* * i«i the rreut. ■ imu" ••
jr!*nti«, r, .>ii»(f I*.* ru *>t ^ *iri • h* p
fev tiuii* of the :ik' *t*ve ore»«»», they jt.
r' RgA t> A\l> EE fV.VI7.Vi F'<.
The "P’l'I'Vloti't' ti**ttir,"i»)«> 1IfK- IIOOFLANI. :
ULiOl.t.4' UirTKUr.
**Il (• miOoiu that wf r cmnnifiKl what nre termed ralviil " •
rloc*, t<> the » uthl iw r and patron .*« ur r • ter-, and t
. • 1
ll to be >lf«lirictljr t.. i* T4t"> <1 t!i It »f UI • >{• 4-»f./ t tl. I •
Iruu ol ihf d«;, •tiitrr !•< r .;n f |« r .
forgotten after t.u-y have done : .• ■* »**d‘y r » — - ' . Uu.
■ •
the hearty approval of the (acuity Use »I."
••It!. Aefrurt *?•:
••|Ir. r Ox**tx Uttftirf, manufactured It T»r. Jv i
uoti.xre n *w rr«ofnrueu'l'‘d 1’/ '*ic of t ?.* *t j t.t
ber* uf the faculty a* an article ot tnu h «th u y .n »•*•*•« *• '• '
a lr4 itac ••<»« to healtft, -*» »•* ** ffuUJ t:
aa.tttary effect they » «• U|*«n *♦ «x iy*uwi."
J »,*•!' I - |
- •
•4 medicine t r a •- it'i-m diaeai- » * the a>.«l • .
truth testily to it# efficacy, it* nav** !-*ken the i tit exit* *f i*
bottle*, and »c biVcdr.'lful ia»rc i. at If*; . the ext* rtui*i.#
than w« derived |»r v» -urly Iruiu year* of a.. path.*, treatment a’
tfce hand* of «air nr»t plijrdcttn«>'
lion. C. I#. limchne, Mayoi uf the city of Camden, New Jer
Or**a* Dirrr*.-— W. hat* jceri mxtijr flutt* u: »
no’jA-1 -f tin a rnedi I ne, H lid the * ur«*e fr which th.y • »• i
were per*ua-l I t«» u»e and in *'* • y «e. f •and t; •; • 1 !*
actiuu up *n of the liver aii>J ti|fe *11• • '-r.- »ij, *i''l t*
powerful inflame# It exert* upon nerv u- pr -1-ati- ti, m re t. •
aurprtcin.-. It calm# an i Mreritfthm* the htvo, bringing th.;
iiiiii ■ »u:f of reiene, tnaki: r uleep retreahnur.
If |ht« medicine • m«*rc g* ii«r«..> ui
«ju)J Itr le«» liCkOrit, a* fro «• M»e **•••••»
tern, the great majority t r»». and •
Have them in a heal my • n I
epidemics g«*n»*r*:ly. I ln» • Mr*, r . »
n»r oar fri» who ar« at all it. »*; ••
recomnuud iu**lf. It •Uould.tn U t*t
Biedi- inr c tn produce lurh t vkictu e» of i*i» r<t.
For mIv, wuuieaale and retail, at
No 110 ^rch etreet, one dx.r hel**w H.1*1.; » ielj .'.ia, and I y
re#p«etaU*4i«*»ler» general/ through ut the country.
For aale by
1 y
lag r« and
vomanu(4Clur , which we will re»l -u !«v«>ra'’
loo ol our at -* * is ••mbraie-I in v» e fi f *.
o ke *p up during the »ea**o, *'» 1 *|*w;'
D I »ne public to give u* a tab
French Coach
II. Il-iumt *.«, IVrUc "».*■ • B 4
ur. r. ai»l 1> r«, V i!» S» _ -:r- • ■.. 3
t.-.ii... iwifii f t’»i «r
Bill m of • »" ■ “—
! »> ? f0®
Invite our frienut
Plckey seal K-e kawayl
Hi* Ht at CUrwIlffi
Do •• ft-ckawaj*
Four »**at J uuf land do
Falling Top liar > he*
ff Top r^rr.v
Top and U4> f.*p P e d *
Top and no Top lk^ict
I fecoud ha tel Carriag. *,«nd every deacrtpU*
Kt vr I'HV A I.. M
8AIM PM I' MHS /1 />/.- M tji
—Hv thr #arinu« #»• arner* an I |>irk«t •* ix*- ?r* i.« !✓ •.•} I. %*i
wool, iita«K -»»n l H t*f, • * ar- r- . I* rial • i
yoKhius bn r oooj».
For Fall trad#-*, ail of WhH?h w. re pjr^i.aa* 1 m * * p-.- j ;
tfch and C- Utii.rt.UI mar art*. ...jf i . j . •
nlor partner, • »#/#Vr/y /*" »'ii »* pn * 1 >
B#t now hr du|> .rated. <»ur »t « »'-•*«# »n i*Ja •• *
Pan. f and <# > In ;».#»« Fret * 1 <*• " 4
fartur**, irU t* <1 with p»rtiu#r I'-ffrt'i- c t th* trad* of \ #r
flnta, Forth Carolina ati • Trnr»e»ae»
We »ja»r alao iu »t«#re, a 'ill «••<■#f
ItoMMTIC litmli*.
The whole fl»* t.« wt rttfMltt and t; • n-lt 1 at f4 of ;
Drr t>-od« er-r t*-1 In t f|r'n *
We fiarr al# ■ a < "'np'* !• •* #v-*f
w' |rh I* miKti larf.-r t an • * . * > • • ' f
.tf.r#»uM> f« e, r»-itei# tap in the lie#* in am • r, I* ' • ft* •
and worfcfn*n«l# p
We rev— th»l-jr • *l»r|t a #*'• l from m»f -'lit m nr’ ' •»*
MI,IU<I hatr .I,,y lift <r % . r ...
aa#ne rm |* are oohl in ""y ' ^ *'• ' " * "■' l
I* AV % MltlV I " * ' H* • '»* • • M
wtiH a vriif'dl a* rimcnt ’•* I*"' 1 * H-»» ■ • I* il*
Monni*#, l iaar 4h*l Ft*»«#» r* • •*
Fl.lAF 1141 F,
act" P.JtfMatnat
fttl.MiriiM> IMI HKV.TII Ihl.M, f#»r < »• pm * ►
J and Maw-la, M« ^Irnen. Ir |i-MHi\ r»r ||#rrli|»raa • #
Whir* 4 li • fi< . A
Har hlan-l an t h alio pr« i • a, !*•*# Om r » i i It# *f <• * •1 pet
fame, at nnr* fr him* imI ii»< if i • n • > i.ftdri. -iti-i p >»f
the imhtlr aa a nwait «t* liaMtfttl eo titial .f H • r- •
Ita application *|»er |»lf r« v, • all IrrlUMIliy, r« Of* r.r*a f
haraliR*-** of tlie akin, n-ndm* * it »-jr c • *t.»t»t g*- dr ,1-1> w"
R. i-tf eowipoted of vi fetaf*la i■»' atanre*. a' l ffillfr if fr# # fr- •
■iii»<er«i or . «rr *aitr a'lmlatnrr, li i ? he no-’ wlti r »f- »f - tt»»
IwIwmI IwfatM, ar»«t trill hr f**niid i mjr • f?i -nt an-l i
afp w-*t|o». for rluflny, Ihfl «in< I, • c #t> »• a 9««t * j flare#, 4
Aa tte mtafn# n • *reaa» niN'R-Kfi, ir |« ri- anlf, a>>.| a< II -
tama time alrnp'f a>.«f ra»* f aM» »'• -1 Freparr.| - n-* If
mti ru., laud 4 mi f»rti#ri«t«.
Wlf Main at reel, H*<*tiii»»»r»«i. V *
tiro. M ni‘1,
IMi %l. IrW IMMha
]▼■ rh,na II a#*#l neat i Mfl e. - ft - • « ’ t.
fatorgMr term* aa ' rrl->f ir# , Mt diral H • aa vf ll»r l*r*t ««l ti-#tia
Faiatfi'i a##d W <hf*a Tfartlr# f Pi fair
Wood ^ Ha. iVa I lilte.1 Flatra IMtfWWalr'rf
Rirtr'#, and Pa* t’a, an I Ua |»eritrf'a Plifal ff
Toarw#*a Ohrmiatef
flraltw', Atiltrrr.* and Ollraon’a F.i-ferf
Marita*, CMiffhlll'a, |*ea#ra' and Karaatx.fham*a Ml4tl##rf
fhingPa# Uafdnrf'l, II .Mfn'a and 0*oprr'a M-dlral IHc
F* a-t- f and <)'#atn'a and t :* >n'a Anat«.»nf
|Md nt th# h*ff, W. at on fMIdfrW
Health 4 II -rwrr'a Ana tonal al Alla#
Th# iitavr ar# <ailf • #mall pat I #f lh# W«rt« on haod In fliia
Moir riAT»> ritnrr"
(|a«# fl«*l. A *»## > la* Mat rrrelte
r> RiMw-t and 1-aHie*. harther awf^tlea #.f atiprth
» «e# Plane F • ■ • • •
Si *Wk IM »« >Kr •» il.tim., ,n4 >i«r«
hi iMimvw
intur.iiM »i»»
^ fh# tala hf
Au t-taittla Mtl»l4aMaM and other •*. «t I*.
farf atreet
• PPIII ff haf* for aal# hf
otmroir, allbn * co.
l*K Mok C> iNMOOUkTlN • KU\1K OK CwKl'iAU
, H . • • *
Mr and n>ui«r«l kini>l»««, io »«•»*• h ol •*•**»* thiutf that ilittiUl re
store Off energies v*l the ortuoa anJ itiun uUr
•y stains, ailliuul (hr dtaab.ck ul »ub»«*qu«*iil prostration, which
ail ilmuUitU,! ‘iiK's,th<l lurtuUiiliaU livri tuf'i » rnitunl l’h*it
*.****iA«%*t» /*•* w r.-mm-l. It Is a yr£etab«r production, brought
from tli« »4lr de»«tit uf Aral is the Mony, by the «rlrl>raU>l
IN vies* .r M M »r*e, aril known a* a distinguished m« usher of the
hading a'i« ntltt« aot irtin of ll.r old WorJd, and r«|Uall| dislin
Kuolit J «■ a |*l )ik'lab| a chemist, a:nl a traveler. The Ju.< cs of
ihu !»• rh, ooiu i iiUatol anl « •tnbttnd wit:. other vegetable roedl
rUntU, ar« t»ow pivdm mg »«••»* a liftrUrforv unharj of.
In Iht* •»« any <ilk«f i«>uuiry. At Aral ll»w properties ait«H*ut«d to
Prof. V»ra 'a Klt+*t V * were (Irriunl tabu*
l-xa 1 hr piolk often dwylvrU • omUi Mi.r< the simple a*i*l
sublime truth* ann<Hin.'rl l>| tin* discover. Hut f seta, undeniable
fat*t* attested by aiiuiMt i ul the l»igbr*t o a** andcnaractcr, are
now ittm.iphing offer all doutds. INCKI-OULIT^ Is* OX fcft
riiKUU N, t»jr a iu4»« of tvsiimniy which u perfectly irresis
Th# t'liva rtn<tllc«, In all cases, the deplorable evils arising
from a misuse or tbuo ol the earl u« organs which mak« up tne
wonderful hum'htoe called man It reat«*rce t«* full vigor every
delicate function c enure led with that mystctU us compound ageu
cy of mailer and mind, nrccsffity to th* h«»a i*f
/v*. I o tM-rami »d frvMr muscular frame, or deficient in vital
!*• • r. it i« r • . lOntMtd 19 tht I IWIH A i mmuUmUb|
that energy which i» uecetsary »•» th. pr»q*er rij.-yim i t of all the
tiatu** 4| |*« tit«•, a* well aa th • higher mental attribute*. It*
h. Ul i fits la air not cotitln* d to « nh« i •• v • t«* a' jr ogr The
feeble »trl, the stung wife, the liatleaa, erurreatad y«*»th, the offer
worn mail ol t.uai* «• #, the victim ol nervou* d« |»r« miwi, the Indi
vidual suth riug from fritrrai ilrM!'!;. r I rout the w« •ktutrof a
single organ, mill all And i mood lit- and permanent relief front
the u%r oi iU » iucont|otr able renovator. To those who have .* pre*
dl»|>oatttun to paralysis. It will prole .t complete ami unfailing
M < .uinl against that tertiblc malady. There arc tunny, pcr
hap*, • ho hat •• so tr.u. d ailh tin u .« nstitutlon*, that they think

spair. The A ./< deal* with i/«**-«»*e <»* d »/nh, without refer
ence I » cau#< s, and will not. niy ... the disorder itaelf, hut
unit Ul Tilt. UliOkIN t*ONi*ITTl’TlO a.
The derail* meat of th« »y-t tu. Inaing to n« rvi*us disease*,
and the form* Of tn-rvxi dUoa»« i’»« lt, are »«• nuiucrou* that it
would require a Column to rnuiuiu.1* tlic maladlc* for which ltd*
preparation It « *|«e. a t». ’ «*»«<.■••> be Mmnrmti *,
»it. ucural|t>a, tic doUrraui, hra.l»» h*-. Incipient paraly »ta, t y*
ti rU, palp.tail, n of the he.»*t, • final aCccttou*,muwcuUr debtUty,
tremor*, t! itulence, a prickn r -euaatioti in the rt.**h. uumbne.a,
pldity f th liffer, »alo<t, fftakurn of Um will.
iudif>|»o»ition move, fatntu« a* alter e*crci*e, hn»Len sleep and
terrify iity dreams, mahility t.* r* uiam in one place or position,
w. uktiiaaol the procreative orjpi at vual iiu<4npetency, mt «i»*
ch<i|y, monomania, aibu*, Mmiitf At the *t •in.vh,l« tn»lc ir
refularitli-*, a ihr. no tendency to tni«a*ariUfe, emaciation,and
altCiMiiplaiota growing out of atre« lu.iu *cttce olthe pas»M‘n* , and
all harretim-** that doe* not proceed ft»*»o organic cause* beyond
the reach of medicine.
Whenever the or*aus to be acted ujam are free from malforma
lion or strictur al dUea*« a, it la averred that
will replace Wi-akncs* with »ir. n*t»i,«:. apaetty with efficiency, lr
retfularity wlthnufartuan.l natural activity, and tht* n«»t only with*
out li.U4id of reaction, but with a happy * rt. ct on t • ffmeral or*
iiau ta:i'<n. itT Hear in mind that all maiadira, wh* rer« r they
•»f i ir time* u( mot.ou and scnsutiou is j.A</*i<v«/•/••*/*. Bear in
mind also, that foi *very kind of nervou* disease the Ki.vir Cor
dial is tin-only reliable preparation kit wn.
Cl RK Vi M.KVui>
Ko lanpitp* can r< nvey an adequate idea of the immediate and
almost luirai ulons clianye at.n h It necasi«*t»a in the deceaa«d,d*
hilitatcti and >ha%ter. u nervous system, whether l»r«*k* u d-wn t-y
v v» *«•», weak »'.r i. iture, «*r Imp »ir*d by »i<kne«», the unstrung and
relaxed oryatiissti n Is at ouct* braced, re vivlO d .»nd • uilt up.—
Tfie tncutal and phy i •»: *; «:j t tu* ul crv.«u* disease vanish t -
• I Nor It
contrary, the relief is permanent,for the coidial prupeitie# * | the
medicine reach tf.r constitution itself, anti re#b*re it to its normal
coudttion. W«ll uiiiV I* • preparation »»<• rahed the
of the nineteenth century. It i«, as tie first scientific man in the
world would h *ve admitted,that miracle of medicine heretofore
SUpI“>Sed to halt no rxi*tct re.
It* fore i« nev-r expan ltd, as is the ca*e with cpium, alcoholic
pr«*|»arations, and all • flur excitants. The rfloct of th**s« is hr.»-f,
and it well mar be sat | t<| hint who takes them, ** The Iasi slate
of that man worse than the f.rsl.” Hut the Klixir i» all rxi.iia*
rant williou: h smyie drawback—sale in its operation, pci pctu.al
in it* happy influence upon the n rves, the mind, and the eutirv
•nrwutxati n. it will also iemoredepr«-a«i>>n,excitement, a tetult ii
oy to*- uah, slcepiessnesa, disliae of s«s.*iety, incapacity for study
C* nfns '*n, grid 'incss, r-»*. of bi<*od t tf.r head, melancholy, rnrn
tal detuilty. hysteria, wretrdiu>«, t oaghu of sriidestruktf n,
hypicl.* ndr:a«is, iy tp« p»ta, |{cneral pfo»xr %«»«.n.
ot the ||
. 1 >*t*
ir.'lursliBk fanctio
itation of tlie h« a* t, iin)*>UUt
nhapp* patunt. Hut
\ . K
a f If nom m in tne aiauriamedic* i.itlicrto unheard
.iain iucr-!.•»* bet-n admitted
P ainiaciultra, institutions ot fi t
: :m - d.*CfV.1 ti.e |-rodrcti>>n in
. dmi'uui .
h\ K .V ’Vii\! \N 07 j*V.N.«K,
a^orating y.
ma hkil-on?,
I fir,.I t! • ( r l.al alter tin y have used A bottle <T
if . rrtfe trial1 r I the system. I . all due. to,., 4r.
•‘•PI v |»ar.|.i*«f i.ili:.y ff-pr.n**, who w nild
i • f r this * xtra .r li».*ry pr« naratnti. An lit
.< h^n.t *rm»; d Iq «*.e U*e f r a lo ttlff nr two to
i,'.’ii>iftl 'km frota a pale, yeiam, tickly c«»
i»» ruk MiM.ribKD.
iTI.MI'I.AI r. » M A lilt! AO k.
•> *d and l-d> ar. the «...
»•»• " *1* «'
pH. Mi it*» )l'! r-«»Tl>- CiiJUiiAL l .iJ Urn COUTllrrflitr*! 1 • jr
In fat f* u,r Ci»ri!UI Wiin.rtvtr if «• |»r..;.r*rtnrf Uc
' iil.r |> ■ I « vt r t\r cork i>f «*>.*:. botltr, *ntl If.e t aiowu.g » rJ*
bhiwu jti 11.—
•*/»/;. /.\ VIG vl:.\ ~/.V(S
L'. II. K!NO,»h ikitr r.S.V.
• " •
r*iMn* i wry : .ii• of Pr. >in • i In vifc.-r&liiijr Cor
I r*.rf* it wt.l •», • f rjrrfJT.
i*r j */*,*
I*' - * lar —t! TU . f f* f-r f f
C. II. KINO, l> '»■*.'•• ■ I*»i Ifr- v!w*r. V V.
M hjr Drikv •!* throughout il*c L'ultrJ But«>, Cur.ada
A i;
I fi.i! A r.
ti*r»r.«irjf K-»rd .% ChiUti
i*ir*. J. II.
I l'''"01*1 »•«> III - ;•»»*:• r
* ® t- f »• \. r r • r t‘ r f.r . * I \ HU* *k
loll.*- ui< firm uill f>.~ t*** ta-.*. . .r i »r j..•*>».. nt. Ki:1 • r j t
Ofr c»b u»c (hr um*- I the firm In trt: ri. . • * ? Uj«ir «
K. PAYHIN KrlfclK.
tffMMT.TM Mr J II Kl.Vtf* r / :r ».n- • r
/ Mr. W. J{. 2*KAPK("iK, * ll.r In: t.rxn of .^KA
BKO<»K * MM ' i.. • rr,:- r• 1 ; i • ■ r»: *p mitf Mr. I I*.
BEE% E, unl« r if. . f Kl M K v 1)1. a IK, .id w.il • ntirnf to
carry on t A|r#:' - *ry - *! Pr „• bu-.n* .4 at t • .11 star.*! of
ftraliri rtll v.-. .,lh j- y»tr. t* ’u-u.-o t rnr.
"it 1 ihort ol Ibc p«:rvii*|e • > liberally-a* : ;*•* firm.
“ l*AY?ON l.H'W',
JOHN II. lil.AlK
I - 'r i rr .1 t . • • ,,4tr u» ar.4 tl.* poolir ff-OtriU.jr. if.# :.-w firm
I- • i Ck
II «.». MI'I II l\l •
FA LI. \ i |i.\
«IKtl- 11 \ \ A 1.11 lt»l* »
l'J * *■ '■
•Iff, af|*l Cllih
•I « MCIM.I I Mi
If Matting*. I "«f •• 1 Clothe, f*ta>i
Ciivm, »r..l i r*r -1 t • • m * It
IliOHI \ I M>\ >OSt Ml Ml* l»
Amii«fUrf nf.-l Offninr* f«l
elra Jffffi 4 •III. Un« Val«ah
' '
• AJ r..|. f oft ||if rlfufrfl |Ui| Oflf M
l»»rtifl.i tl.fi f .r the iM*te r*f lif#1i
| M/f
U i'i*. ft'***, M-»rl.iet
». #111 | jr
ir."*t i- »i nWc term«.»«jr Il f lifff » r im*-i v**f»lltf.
II K I’f \ Al. * ro ,
Kv }99 fiflftk fh|*tare, It.. f m'.rwt.
1*1 i l%l, vrfli I V» \nfk llrglnta
Sru i%
* * 4
I f'fi h^ar I ».f Htin
’ thC fi'-IHt.|,f . | ■
p*»reer« of the flilf**, »i
lue *^rr*n *****^*
.iMrrr.l"* Mn.l.
f |i ■ n»f, rill * ,t I# ^*'*A*f
[he CVifftf.anjr't rll III# Jitmtapnm
if •i-rnal i|rfffmftil *1111 the afeote or
ill U»f r' mjnfijr »*e reefnt *»Kh
fl.MiL.lt? A WAlM)?f,
mj r* » *»f ahi i -im* vi • ■ . „r . 7T
The nW»|».f • *,*».kf«l ? » a «njr fri r «• an*t the ptthMe
f .r the rrff Ifhe rat *«l| | rt I * I «• r e|rr,| fr-.rr» tl.hop* • that
they Vfl! riwHln^lfl M* V tt f • , direr tty t'.f
OI«1 A’and of If A I ih1*? «rh» r*- mny h f ond at*no«t rjr
•rttrte In the CkuMIftf and #*»•*■ rr line, m he intfiMi i«
ke-e c>n*tar»tljr « n U . | a l»'ff «t«H li .f It f»- of all «i|ri, H|... »*
of «tlt •», «m4 a general MiMimrnt of Oroeerle#
•-* n it o. vvAPfn**
^ IIIIPI* l*r|fne I (ila Vlnlniar# e*Mp •
flllUtmiMi A\l» rftcmuumu ftl AIIAMIAIl.—*»l \t
1% MKIA AHllAMiK.MKVT.—<x» ai \ after ihl date, the
d*parture of the Tratni will be as follows
Leave* Rt.dim.-nd, daily, >uiuUjr« tccrvUi', at t oVteek, A. M
Leave# IS u r.l urjc daily, Sundays rnYj'Ud, at T oVk* k, P. M
Leave* Rchm.»n<1 daily, at 4 o’clock. P. M.
Leave# Petersburg dally, at 4i% vVUk, A. M
Childrrn over three au«l not over It ;an of a(«—eervanta and
«*»l*.red p» r***»« fticrtiU.
A discount of lit ivnu will lx made on each far* when tickets
arr procured at thr office, and to persous frtliitf on thr cars where
no deferi* arr sold.
Through Ttcfe« is In connection with Miami A Dunn*# Western
••age Line, can lx pr.xured at thr otter to the following place#;
Or* , nr*Inn*>ugh. North Carolina, |i" ta»
Malem, do do It UU
LriliiKtno, do do It no
Malisbury, do do 14 nu
Charlotte, do do IT «*>
Tli fee ts to Weldon, do do » 90
Leaves Richmond Mondays, Wednesdaysand FrMtmt f \ A. 14.
far Fort Walthall, where It connects »»tl the •tramboat Augusta,
Captain William C. Mnilth, for Norfolk, Portsmouth and the inter*
mediate pl.%«*. *.
Fan to Norfolk, Portsmouth... ...91
Meal*, teach)...SO cents.
Tke freight on all article* for Norfolk an*l Port«month, and the
diff* r»■ nt landing* ou the Ritrr, mutt he paid In advance.
MerranU travelling by themselves must lx furnished with tw»»
pa-*e*, so that one can be retained at the ticket olBc*. an*l It must b*
riph-aljr stated ou the pass that they art |>« ruuttol to go ou the
rare or U* at, as the case mar be.
o* .*« TIIOM DODAWRAD, Mup’t.
uAtm Mii roi.K \mi riHii^nm in .a
mill M \I.1H\U. I.tkl The lx*1.1.
I Uvoiite steamboat AL'lil’MTA, under the com •
•f Capu Wm C 9ruitl*.t*o long and fivorahly kn*»
»r i riling * ••immunity on th* IVfoiraC and James River,) ha
• ■ I her place ttpan UwlliM t a P rt Walthall, after ktritigbtrii
th 0 *41(1. y rebuilt and fitted *»ut in the m.»«t elegant style, and
turnnli *1 attii Life Rat*, i . • Pn-srivers, Korea Pump#, and all
tl.- appliances required bj Die Act of Congress to secure the safely
of paste tiger#.
The litis running in connection with the Augusta, wi’l leave the
Richm«*nd and Petersburg lh pot on every M.unlay, Wrducsday,
ati.l Friday morning, at bt* nV .vk, A- M
»*o turning the Augusta will leave *..»» Ikon the alternate day-,
vi* Tuvsd .,y s, Thursday a and 9a tit days, at 7 A. 34.
Kar.- b. tw. en Richmond and Norfolk .Ot»
Fa^r ^ b* tween Richmond, C« k«-’*, Ring*# Mill and Urorc
Children over three years and not« ur tselve years of age.
I St)
vai.t# through
' ants to any point*
l HIM PUPAMI AD, Supcnntrn.lcnt
Mol •►.-PI HM-KIvt. HvHIlU AHK-Weare now in re".
ceipt of otar Itrge ami complete assortment of llouse-Fur
uniting ar' *cles, * (insisting of
Mrass. Pierced lr. n. Wire and Nurserv fender*
Poll*hed Pteel and (truss Head M.cvels, Tongs and Pokers
Copper, liras* an.I Jsppaned Coal ll.nis
Polished St* cl and lira*# Footmen
Jappat.«**l Fire Carriers
Hra s, Prom* d and Cast Iron And Irens
Rogers’ superior Ivory Handle Kniv* « and Fork#
Supeti m American Ivory Handle Knives and K >rks
Hwtiy, Bone, Buffalo and But Handle Knives au.l Forks
Silver Flated and Albata Tab « and Dessert Forks
filv P-atc.l, t*« rm’ti File. and Rnttstua Tea and Table Spoon*
Block T.n C% flf.*e IV ts,Tea Pots. 0 ffee and Tea I’m#
Me *k Dirhes, Oyster Tureen# and Dishes
U stem in tt* «»r singly
Bras* and W hite fletal Candle ftirki
Snuff r* and Snuff r Tray*
Cuitatn Hand* and Pin*,.* A*»*«#•/**/tMaorfmewf
T get her with Cooking Utensils of every kind, Ac , Ac., for *alc
Importer* anj lV.%lcrs in llardward.«* iflery, Ac.
Sign » f ti e Cro** . ut raw. 77 Main st.
m t.ii v. w \i i .
RKl'INT arrniU f*i»tc Ft «rti tf.r Non' , 1 am in n *
«*eipt in to t* e manufactory*, uiy Fall •u|>|»ly id
<3LAt>»>, FAxCY tiOOIh*. MONK HARK. Ac.
the * K .-alf vnd r Mil trade . r Mrp iU, N rth Carolina and
T ri:ir*MT. All in w mt of p' «4» in m> line areitivited to call and
«■**»• :i« the is.ioda tn l |>ricv«, bvfoi« parch*»i tig r »« where
*il»* No. 7H Vlnlit Hiv»t
I TTt*\ A- U H*>. 4 orurf I .llh •nil t'ar% Mn-rH,—
*1 •; <ite t! . C Umdi.tn 11« t*\> Wholesale and Retail Deal*
era »r> ( r -v. rie», having fro \ ed a por i«•*• • f their Fall J*t'»ck, are
• M
indue • rrt*—to « |.„ \> »e invite tl *dr attention, x.z:
iPH • NOf
C l» Cm.* . !, |\ •<Jr,i(i anu Coffee do.
N' l>oXi«!a>a: r .k*r
V"* <1 • «» 1 Java, lutpiayra and Manilla CV ffira
f ■ il » N * * to*'! Cuba •
I I* > • * :*n«l !** u’-Ur Facrn
C '« lo h uml Chpjvr *. llnrir g%
1 «• !«• i» Ki titl'd Whlakejr
13» tl" Tuv'«.<v»a and Ul-1 Rye do
* ‘ X I.Urmul)-; • -ir.t very fine nr..l old
4" ^ do do d » do do do
*2'* •> c:n «*T»| '|a.|. and ?herry Mine
4" ’<% t* • I* ‘ft, Cl.«*rry and Mn.i^ do
?-• Mil* N I! Rum
4*» «l • Ai pie Ilrandy
V*. do Ano t ican («in
2% c,*k« I .-t I.- • I. r Porter
do ( 1. r Vinegar
1 «• * ><ki t* Cli -re•.•'lime Wine
* l.de J.trnai> a Kam
I OO Him t I- »r*. « i cr !.lr«
.%• hof • *'4i>ufu tarot Ti-hurcn
4 1 r« «n.«> \* Her, l’,} ml Wrap} '.t.g Paper
?'«• d* /.-n Paint, d Puck, ta
N’ pa. h.*g. a (. I*, li %ri and Imperial Ttaa
4*^ ' k'*!*1 *'c,uvliuano
Ion I* \e» 1 w and Adamantine Candles
A - 8 P r. Cl late, £ol< and Cpj r Leather
Pepper, A1l»| K M »
th<»- 1 re. i. It! irking, Indig... Mateht -, KM a, Alum
C« |»prta«, I'l. I - ;|i*4, I'.r. . j. f. >’m, kir /Tol acco
C : ! e W i k, C tt n at d H* nip Tm iu** A ' Ac.
Al' f *' ich will !•« »• . I 1. a f..r ca»h • r t punctual mMoniers.
kJ >11 HI «' I'OliUtT*'. Iitiporlera i I * nrdnart*. Cutlery.
. a . . their Fall Ftork <*f Kn*
lir‘ . Km.i ’ . (•' i r ao and Atu«« nan Hardware, Cutlery, Ac., con*
• * C lilt.**,’* •Hall#,*’ “ArctcrV’and ‘•Virginia” Axes
pen and P ekrt knivrt
Kmvra and Fork*
Kr. * . C *.-t. m . k. Pad. Chest, Till andCop* ! l/x«k«
It t. Parliano-nt, T .* !••. M .v.-r tud eirop Hr./. -
*•»!«’. .* r •*” **W *ter»' liu's,' *‘t\adc k Itut her*a”
•* ft'ieyoi* and SVieam
\ * “ V %* S.,-, ire, K ml, half Round, Mill, Pit, Cro«« Cut
and Hand S iw 4
“ li.*r»r and >h*-e Ra#pt
C*' *• Fpv! •«,>**• vei* 4pd Forks
** y* iXV* **^lrr4
^ t ieand i*inirle Parrel F!».»t Hun* and Rifle*
1*N Moiiaehoieaed -iil.rr Anvi.n
V'-1 >.»inl Bn>.C tt«r K»y, and Flower Vice*
o" I'r jtitiith** ItelJ- w»
2^"" Trace, S*l.jr-, Fifth,l/*s, Oi, Bread, Hack an l Lock
lOi'tloti.i (Tall* r Chain*
2»*»* k» ir- 11 -r* M ' •«
4“ I .*•••«; riff • •••• H-.fr 51,0.. jf, it,
?•**» I*r. Iron Aal« •, 1 •* ?•• ' ir« •• *
II »? «*, Ten -:.. U l»h. Mid, Pit, Cmti Cui. and f".r *u!ar 5-« w«.
llar.Mier*, lit* h»t*, t r*. C‘o«. Dr.ivn.;’ Kiiivi'i, Ad*e,
Pun* «,*lh tct lr • ., Hr i • . nndltiff.. \X .• .*:• . (» c itoi
■ •
l»f i » ►•. !• dir*. Il> r. t?i I Mu - C. iur-. If $ ekin«, *'Aii
cli'.r I' t r c Cioth; together with every arti. !*■ uoiiilljr k pt in
Ti »e t-h.4* Indtig ).iirrhi««rd fo'e*«h in9hefH.i l, It rmin/ham.
Carolina and Ter.r>e**ee •u.-h inducerr.* r.t* purrl. •••• a* w ere
nrvrr *. f. re dT. red in thi« maraet. FMITII a KUltKUTe,
R 14 West Ma
|»r« • ,
Merc' i*t« fttiri
iei¥f u* * call, *i. l nomine
AXK* —Ju»t r fifed
V‘»» .l< t.-n of tlir il».vr mfiitinnH
/*•>»/, winch Wi* arc« tf. rio* at un
tHit wi'! flu*! It to their inter*** t »
r »t*<k before t»uir••in*.
Cr.»#« . ut No. 71 M«tu atr*-* t.
I. %V \>*» l I.MrWT. lie nbvr* havejott rtetired
a N
< LoTII.S r.\>.<|\!K!;KS AND VKRTIXf.H,
wl -h k'iv-ft.:r Udt*. I a.-U*t * < rf. nw* tl.e puM: —er.n
* \
- * ~ ill he tii* Jr t-. ..r.!rr on r • r.ili> t< rrrj• and in the i . «t aj»
rr.j^ctfu'.ly *»li< it tlicl • friend* to call and
Tf »•> liavr a larr'% an<l peneral rtmrnt of G* ntlm.ra**
It ty • i|-*c: to receive, In a few day*. a Urge and beautiful
*ortaicftt of
w i*ir.f nabDfMtured by nr of t!,e I e«t mnnafocto#
lIKNM.UMiN k BURCH, No. -2 Ha n at.
aju» Mili a t*
FAS II It, X. I /; A A t It, J HI X a,
HKOH -*T- to invite t».#e Ti-I»|rf I. bmnd during
the MATT A'.l'.u I 1.11 HU K AI K, an.I who wi.r to
r-t ft* full t-I *- o' th-:f ro r.-.jr In r* tl. t / tl,-n*rlv. a or
t*. r children, from five to aluteen yea** r*f »r*\ al l And t
to tt.-:r interest to wait until l» ay r**t to Itirhfnr.T d, .,r. •
r r- • - a n, at r .y VANI FAC IOKT. Hong th»ony t • n«-Vf t .
an. * in the .**tatr, it t*eft*»*»va» the t .’it# na to look t/■ |t*alr «.wfi in
• ' 1 » W.
*> * a . -nr y ,t 14 Main street, K hmond, V* . *t tt.e ICI< h.
r I Manufactory of
VKtt \NI» rein I# Ml fllMihr from the P iwofiiir liar
# N
By Per t riiia ttranur. Tranlitt lby Mary II ,*)•(.
;x-n t |J
M -n.»o JT ir-iraaif mw •»In f ir^pe. Rr K-wan 7#*rta
I'"' ' ' t, B’ ’• ; f.y ir.-l l.lt-raiur#, »<l « «• n mo I f.
v»r I y K* r-.rif, « • Hy fr m thr JMtnt».r;h llr«i»a. r .rrrrf. l,
tin*1 «lrd. — 1 i*g- I • • »n ! atn- r*'lir'* Hy ?*-Wm llarntl
- •• * - <ory mm/, ty Robert Tarn bo;*, I# l»
It A Vo t At., fl * •
IUyi*ltif«» AN ref, tranalotMl fiomUir frmrh of tBr
OeORGR sf Wr?T.
L'ndrr Ft hmf*- llot* I
\l«#»|tf * . . I f tl' II I IM, \M» \IO|.l\- A
i I*'!- - • it' n iti'l. 4I*># Inatfi'-t.on H< h*. Violin
Ht lof*. k ,1of - • |>F t.Mki* If AM:.
Iri.portar of H at *t,ra( Jrwrlrv. ao l F«'»ry G - -!•,
\LHATA ANfl JfTFrc »'|.4TU» WRRr -r.^ranl Caao.rf
i ' / lolit-.. « fab . la- -4-rt and fra Rj.
. Ct—
• .•,.** fl" T* .h.t»r r'-'H. r.»i b. fHOHmiMfrl,
K M /IVIWI'KMi!«, C«MH>r J/Jln and !*,h .t.
A!•»•».» - ,Mi (■ iTATOM
! init:] Ch».Ufi'tl.r* arrl t .f a.I.
M w mm
,mi‘'■ -x t i,**- t
'•-r ■ .;>!■!/ • f Tr- -» T-.ni» H.
e»ll i.i l< -ulrt, tm, i t,^i *„^rr|,
1 * e> Oftl. »• .1 — n. r I >.»■> . r. I.I. •• ler..l
’elf’) I- JOI|S<r,IK* Mlt'lTIITR.
II' HS.MO fLUn, A lr.
fi Kl, M *li-I s ■ |. jbf, to tl .
■ 1'' 1 ‘ I. . Ml,. I»,*,if«l|,rfll.. r,.r. ll
liMrj'f fa'll## II ' k f .f ml*#, */r.
Hr., *n’# Mi.| fin# f* , „oT.'rb#f
A N* » a, I M-. llb.l Map „f ll.nrl«» rmiM/, Vlrflr.ia, I,/ Pm.lb
f1 •T AFI flTMl, y», #',#*, H ##—Tw# < ..## #,f ,!•*>##
Cam,.,*> H :,i*ii#„hl«k,q,«|, ,ii.,
C. IIARTWn.l. A ro
( •
,r #'/»| KOTTOH .♦ Wl'irtda,
■ / lt:A PI l i I* * #n, )*,ft r* *■ l»#*1 * n #•,.
■ an > ”-p f#, i ,.,t.y
TOTTOk * wiKrrov
• > “1 A a - »#•!( • -Ai r f- r a ■ ,, ,m -• ...
" lirTTOA A H fkilTf,v
4 'Mi'ii .►»!> i. , Ar.A, ,.f prim# 'rtaiiif m
a J al„r# an I tor aai# bp
w «rrnw» a wimpton
n*.'T,'0 * n,T“ T* - •• r^,i*.r,i that baa# b»»n valtlna for
Hur,«i„f C-rala, ran n-.» rail ,,.1 tuppll#4
II INKY Ml Art A, eof. Main and l««l> it«.
jwohtwt stint- moon* mn
MU ANl* rOCtHONT *A .’mil (UMlwr n .-I
lue Kth -I the whose M< Alum will mu u on the3
r««U between KICIIMONlt AM* HALTIVOKV. * on wee ting at the
Utter pUi'v «iUi ill* Kiu-mimi 5kuu Pro|>vllrr, via CmuI to Phi*
TkrHKI.VIDKRK, Captain Ulflbr«l, «l!l rave lUHInurf f»fry
t»A Ft HI*A V afternoon. Returning, she will leave KichuouJ firry
TI'RMiAY afternoon.
The PlH'AlluNTA^ CipUin, Jonrt, *ill lr*if lUlilmorr firry
AVkl»NfcM»AY afternoon. Krturmny, ihf will lr»i* Kichtnoml
ftfry HATl'KItAY alternoon , ihui Mfonllnii Ihr merchants two
opportunities |*r r week between the taro placee. This rwutf will hr
| (iHUttl iwir of ihr most i rrUlo anti « i|m «lai»ui to or from Whrri
lo|, Pittsburg, OltKimuli, and Ihr Booth and Wril generally. For
freight apply to Ll'PLAM A WATBON.
kTKOIUIm Kor Philadelphia cier) Muu4ay
•u4 ThurWa) *U Norfolk and t ape M«> -.Vaih—- -
<*//*!* A‘/i 7/.V<,.N7,1 Captain NiU'hrll, »/•■»»**
VIROIStA% Captain Teal, and ihr dxiM/r //f.VA.1* I’/. I’dA’/.l,
Capt. Bajrniorr. — Our of these splendid steamships will leave Rich
•noii.l f.>r Philadelphia every M-nday anti Timrsdav at high water,
touching Cape May to Und passengers. Rrmining, Iravr Phils
drlphia every \\ ednesday and Saturday at l«» o'clock, A. M , until
Passengers for Ca|*r May, will consult thrlr Interest hy taking
this route, aa it is, in addition to being the cheapest, Ihr uaoat
e»|*etlatiuu* and f iulofl this.
Paarwgrrsfitr Va \ ork — We havrrnterrd into arrangrmenta
t«* forwatd passenger* thrt.ugh tt» New York, rither by eara or
atranirra, allowing thmi the prlvttrgrof rtntainiug in Philadel.
plna three or four days, or proceed directly on to New York, u|h«
Ihr arrival of thr steam* ra.
ahi|.prs in ihe Wed—Tobacconists desirous i*f shipping to
Pittsburg, will please bear in mind, that wr h.*ve niadr ail Ihr ne
ceaaary *rrangein* uta to forwaid Tobacco through at BV. per IUU
mdicr will br always giern in all thr lYailjr Papers in thr
then thr strantrrs will br rrady to rrccive freight, and thr
nt’urof their sailing.
N It. Hoppers will hrar in mind that alt Hilts of Lading must
be sent to the a liarl at Ricketts, to be signed before the sailing of
the steamers.
Passage through to New York, 1st cabin and f »und, $9 »bi
*• “ v* si*• Mt\. IM
Passage through to Philadelphia, l*t cabin and found, 8 Alt
for freight or pAssagc, apply to
J f*
Pt.ll.UI IJSK OP II.* IT** poll
_I, \ \ t il It I II Is.—The Canal Boat*
__ CLINTON, Captain iv.uahl, CNION, Captain
W II Plunkett, leave regularly ou W u^wo*. UKU.K, Captain
Johnson, PKPPATCII, Capt. C«H>k,tc**e regularly on i** vest** t a.
These float* are compelled to leaves* advertised, in order to
make their regular trips. Hiipin r* may therefore de|M-ud on
their regularity. So w.*y freight taken.
Freight for this line may br sent upon any day except
8*rt ai**v, after A o'clock. P. M.
mix impiiktatiov, IMS.
PT MOOI4K A ro.. /«.;-• f . .in./ /tr.iUr- ... roKFh. V
• ../ /».* !/».'//.- //.I/„•/>■* .I/.‘A. V.i.n U.V./, A*.• A
.«•/, I f., are In receipt, per *tcauMhip« mi<l MrkiUftnn |jv
h|hk'I, . f .*% lull and Complete MiMiilnirtil of Birmingham at..I
J»! d IIARBIVAKF, and fr. m the lu.vmtf tctnr« r* in thi* coun
irv luvr r»ceivrd a full *npply of American IIAltPW AUK,
consisting in par* of—
“Rodgers** an.I Wnsteoholm** fine Pen an.I P««ckct Kr.ire*
Pen a ml Pocks t Knives of various maker* and styles
Hock, I , i >. *i i . i f Hindi* Rain . ' ► ri«
Ivory Hand:i Knives and F-tk*, in aet»M and W piece*
Wade A Butcher** superior RaKot* and i*he*rs
S4 tigle and Ihmble Barrel linn*, •••me very superior
Pistol*. R.tles, Rifle Barrel* and Mountings
Trace, llalter, L- g, Welland Fifth Chain*
“Collin*,** MMnnn«n»," and Virginia Aiei
•*An.. %'* and “Rowlands** Ppasli • and Bhutrain
Mill, Pitt, Cr..M I'ui and Cncular M* •
Anvil*. Vice*.and smutl/* in Ili a*
hied grand Hand Hammer*; blocks and Hie*
bli«trr. hht-ar, an l v a»t £t> 1
Casting*. II »r»e Shoes a i Horse Nail*
llors. ColUr«, Blind Bridles and Hammer*
Bridle Filling*. Worried Rem* and Mirths
Uvkii arid Hinge* of every dew ription
Plain*, tTiUt I*. Auger* and File*, all kind*
Platform :»n«l Counter!H*alea; Cat. Balance*
English, American, and H. I». Per. Cap*, and all other goo.!* usually
found in Harp* ark More*.
A* t'.elr g<*>d» w* r- selected with care and attention, ami pur
chased oil the mostfiv.e»Mr term*, they feel assur.-.l they can of
fer stiotig inducement* t.> n.t r hatita visiting tlii* city, and re»|»*n t*
tally invite th«*in to an « x mnnation of their .*:■ ck, a* they are de
termined to •. II a*low a* any regular house in this, or any of the
Northern elite*. ’ au16
rlVW TI1K Tit 'UK. The »ut**rriber* have received their Fall
B arid Wii t. r ? ■ * • * R» a«'y Made Clothing. imnulacfurt d ly
tSeinsr . .. f.»r the \ •- • an l North Carolina trade, 1.. which
they « k ihe a tentior. ».i Merchant*:
Hrfjr <| >aM*r; l al«
CioU'iJ «i «• ,il<»
Kr.f ijliattil Ait r.f .n Tw«*rd
llravrr CMilm* rr !>•<• U»
i ; im|i ' 11 I \N »\. .1 .
II. a'.. Ink’ii.-li Mix’d do
Fifi«* Fr. nvh do «1.»
U« rn .11 H. an r do
Irtyilhh do do
Fr. n« h ilo do
Tallin! Ca»t« r do
Br«>«n 1 H>*k l:u«ine9B do
irer«-!i |>Avrr Over C«4ti
t'npli»ti dn do do
« I Captor *!<j
Fit*** KVtervham do
Mtdlumand :< »* ir^aHcdo
lilurMnd ItrnMliaiiket do
Pupilth Army do
Via d l*at«|o|*o do
irr K» rjpy do
(}* riMnii Bvavtr do
lUqulntaux do
i*l • i •»
KiivMnh linuMi* ilii
A it \ »r.. ty ..f > tinet. Tweed, Krr»«-y, French, R* wli%ht and
Awhh ii'.nn-l t n Ca/simere Pant*; V«••(*, of Katin, Silk,
■ l 1 t \
Cut Vi " VciViis, |r., Ac., t*-|t«ihir »lih a yr* at variety
I I f ' I • • • » • I I K
> ry, ll.iiuiil#i and Flannel ald> t*. !•«•, t • 1. ••lit* t«»r N*vr««•
W” * A «. IMt'.X \V Iti. hmo. d. Ylntlni .tr.'ic'rr?.
v v • iiv.fiif l*y il»*« •*.»' i n dan,*' ‘'Fidelia,** “l*alt.r, • nr.d
otf ir arrival* Irota EniriaLd, llirir Kail Importation «<f M.rtln 1»|
and IJ'*tn Mhin
And fr• n» the nianufa* tut* r» in oor own rounlijr, •% Very large *tip
\»'J «»f Ain* I i an • *o*.d*. together farming the largest and ni***t
c. tmn »n.i»t it rtocVt Miry !.*%*• e»*r had Ihr pleasure lo offer.
Our iiii k rui*«itlf in purl * I—
!»,"• i* • i »»•:• Kulvi « «n<l Forks, with Ivor)*, Huffalo,
I’bOtl) It'll ll* lif lf.l*tll «•*
«| z n P* u ami 1 .** Wet Knives, with 1, 2, 8, * and £ I lad* «,
15© I <£•■' Rjii' p*. i f "«i!*-4 butcher**, R*<d?er»*, Wosteviholm*!
and Hr* »vn manufacture, common, medium, and very tin*
2'-" i t }*• . and ?*•*•:»!'•, pirt very superior
$,N*» pair* 8trat|*M and Kin lj»i*t**d Link I rare Chains
»’*•*•• *i art* Pad, Chest, C!-*a* t, and Till hn'ki, assorted
irttMi i k h<l». R**i>rln1 *»f« «»
1»" * fi Hr .1*' I' m. l Msrtire (Dr.o*, White and
Mineral Kind**
2n* r.*« n Rowland** nn ! Am**** Spades and Shovels
Rmi i* tri, furry C« tnl-a, of nil *taalitles
8**0d'-rrn Ax -, if Virginia, Collins', Simmon*', and others
tr.anuh* rtair
incdiz*' ll-inimrr« a-d Hatchett
8i**i Coal llo*i», various sir**
r• l r.-. lira**, W ire, iti I I irreed Irrn
4.*,"W' I *. Nay.* r’r and M-.t hall's best St* el, Suuarc, Round,and
1,500 d. zeu Flies, eu.bra. u.i; every variety an*! site rf Hand,
C-- a Cut. Pit and "• I ?*v, .ind Flat ii.o'ard, among them
• Hutehc.-*.*,** u* w dill**' : t procure
8ft1*? • a d U uL * Parrel IVrouni' n Ount, )>ar. of fine
I Together with every other description of article* kept In the
Hutd*are lint*.
' Thr«* . imIi having been purchased forcash, upon the mn>t fa
v ruble trn a, the grt-.fc eat * * • p« *• l*le taken in their selection,
. • . i . .. r«n eafe« trade,
i we ran and *1 • with confidence invite an caaintnation and the
price* ? them, l*y in«-rclmt.« and oth* rs y irit.ne Ili* lim«*nd, a**
‘uruy I* • ir. *>f *.ur aLilii) nd dettu .nati**n totell aa low as any
rejrular liiiUnr wi thia or other r.i*rk*t>
W. 8 A <; DONNAS,
*-l N». I'd P arl Mrert.
BvDI \ III Ml'Ht HlUh** - Jurt rr.fireil at t -r hull* ■' e.i
l«a.n, N**rf<* k, Va , !»*•• r.-icrr lndi« Ruhh* r Khner, which i« a
|w*r: of our fall order*. I iir -I n k **f Hunlier* m the very l»mt
‘(uahty an*l w 11 U- w.i*r it *-il i tube affected by any ten.p* ra>
tur«-"f the weather. It» iiMdi-'f:
Men'* Ii.d a Ituhh* r I t%*. -rt ley*, lory do., and ***nie ea
tr.i i*>- £ f w i.iinir «nd Ki.*l>ini(
Mru'i lmli.% Kuhh. r Cl *p*, 8lipj*er*, Panda I*, Ae.
W ■ •,.* o'* 11i*li i Uui * . r I! Hoitti'i «, Ih. *ii.r, Slip, *■ rr, Kan*
*!al«. Cloy*, and «»V *-r t. i t» t «
Ladier f.n«* India H«i’ b*T ?» *.*«, flipper*, Fandat*, Ae , of the
m.**t beautiful and detifale to ike.
l • • t ■
« ejw.f ,:■>.*( t tie l.a f •• •' * i • Th*-rv ha* never hem any thing
I like Ui-iti out before, ard a* wr are the aye!il* f-*r the tnanufaciu*
ref, i • r dealei '• •. r . i • (• < f 1 .
N »th Car. dna can •*• I ll •• *n u» :* ** |.*ifeha** *1 thnai^ h i ur h«*uar.
n«*nd, at weji .i4 th «e r uritry m* rchants fr*.m Virginia and N.*rtL
1 «I > * | M< •• *| U
with tiir jr>r*i*li fram th a celebrated Ka«-tory. Tl.ev *re
•u|*en--r in point of di.-aMoty, b* %uty and style, to any others
t «t afe now made in t*.i« '•i.unlfjr.
I he ,*r. il* are uo» « pei» for inspection, and order* are respect*
: fully t' liclted.
1 l.aiiiea* Kaloon ft« at N. : Main street, Norfolk, Va., Fiyn
f ti*e l.nr, e Plate ti.a** W it *
W. ll \DlHNtfTON A CO , Norfolk, Va.
<«»»!.!.» t.K TK\ f MOOli-v WIN ti*«, 'Main'*, Ph*rp.*y’f,
and llemer't Anatomy
K rk in ! I'*/-!, Dtini/li* i'i arid Carpenter's riijril<»!cfjr.
IMh* n’# Pifiroit !»n«l M'llcr’i ^irftr*.
I »n* #'. Mllirnan'*. nr I P**khart'* I'l * ml* try.
I’ m * and l>onrH«otr- Mtlrii Medira.
M' .I.* 1 ur krr'#, V* 1|.* au**, Moreau**, Randolph'*, uni)
De« * • MMviffrjr.
AVateTi'*. |i inr;l#on*«, AC i4|*« and Pel’, and Pto^e*' Practice.
I1, *r'<, M< tr’« ('"• ly, Hiirir orid Wr»i,oB CMl'Irrn.
" I . fi'l tlartie'i l»m-nt itnry.
I* J'r ' - i-'r’*, II j“ r * and Palmer** Dictionary.
M ifnain'e and Plat**#.
A Med «• ! B* V* of ? < iI *1 had at 1?1 Main •♦reel.
A rrifit* I >f>i- of the tr*.«t a#«< rtment of Medicai W*.rki
to K » m» nd la fra-lv for niftrihutlon.
.i W RAKDOira
IA\U VM* \\»M I 'I mil 4N (HIOIM
. t- ’»• i f p*lrr* a*-*# t ■ ur »t«k of the followili* Good# :
Prenrh Merino**, all enloff
Knr iih do do do
P • I and **trlped M »'i*lln« and C*«hroerr*
Rk h Plp'ired do do
Pi »ii and i*rnal> Pi*' I l»e t tin*** for chi! Iren
Plain It!*, k and HU' K Pif\l -ilk.
Plai I an I Ki h Pit •' foTd Pilk*
lA'tl'*' Cl - thfl fof Ct"4*«, ill ro|nr*
and ( amine Ch*miretteaand f*!e.r*•
(’a-t**ri'*. I i'» *fd Mii«tin C*d.ir«
C- d Cloak «, |/.nr ,nd P piare W ‘•iPhawU
A t %**■ at• x*k ' P it- d V* It. *t, #; ,i . , (fimpa and ftrald*
A*’ of whi h w- «i|| tdl at the lowest | • •
«*1J WAftKKN* A PP.'tKINP.
\’P.* fhv\fl.ft\ MNTinOflAliAT v» ?•;
Tf/" *f 'f ...»r hW I**' tn.j./., V<yv
»/ T' • rihera liar- 'jh M l In the pfor< £
rf*t - » •• »| "P j M-. •• Hthw rth. Tirri**r A Co , an entire
It - ** •*. * WATCIIK.4, rMH'Ki. and JPW KI RY *.f rrerr do.
r ‘I' »n. • ah "fT r• • 'fully Inrlf* the attention of the
p'lhio- T' »\r •? k i« r.ejrrttenaire, an I of . Terr rarle.
it ' •' • • - ted with the trade, ar.d amnng theta r any
They i'ui'i' part.*- Ur attention to the fotlov ny:
'Mtt'IIK-' n t 1 r *i * 1. Patent l*#.**f, Ayrhor F« apement,
l«* |»,f»e at I Vt %t\r ('4*. Wn’rh+n
U I I .V . ho I O-.ard Chair «
ft . d o » « o •»' • arid einif«a
I*' f• ’ f f •• A** a* .f t, ftrae. lei#, Itrr a«f pi •_ Par ft.nft, Piny#r
P*nr«. f*»ff tir.t. T* or,u«. p • , H fine* arid Hg^-^f.trUt, Piter
Aim r., , i «i. a fne at^rtm* nt «>f PI, AT Mr It AM*, al
of •* hl ario/h-. (»ire . tted f»r ra«h, wl.l enatd* ttato r >mlee
•neh i'Kf«'**fn*-nt# f - n?«r^ha#*-r« aa are not u««ially m» • arilt«
Tney nr* .« • |-r • i *r*-d to frith** !*• or irr in* 4ir H'trrhM, and
eeery other artiei# m their line, at ahori notice, tine of the firm
t^lny a praeti* a • 'krnan, elll pay part-roUr attention to the
NfKfVI * flfMKp
O'- 1 fMfW r»f the | liiminand f*l»wlf.
<U 11II it - DlliKhP) INK i \
/ r* f.rin** d *r u, *he r • wly dl«roTer*d r* j-r #.f f »i • f«d|o of |f, '■/,
In it # jk •••*•!-fi i j Payr • C'dll^r, ron*ainlny nearly iw.-nty
th'ditand ">ar •< » j,« rorm rt» r #, «tfh a Mltn.ry *.f the Ata#** to
the Tifr.e, an ♦* do* M* n to e*» . play, a life* of the poet, et*
Hy J P«rn* f f. p (i a r ehleh are added O'o#t#.rlal and
oth* r N'.te«. an t t» r* «dlnp« of farmer edition*, a rol*. larye III
fro ekdh, Tf» rente #a#h.
AU .tte a" « *h In on^ Urir» Imperial A to Tofnme, IdhriPP,
•h»»l'|l'i5, e|«.'li|| Jntl pti».'i«h* d, f«.r *a?e l.y
JiMiH WOOr»llOfrpp. Payte P*|oare.
f|1IIP. IHf II A IK f»VP fhalon'# Mar. |»y.
J Th# Trir*4»aphe. K'^i*#. T* and lltorn r* IV%«r Dye*
Th» lr, and Indian l»pt
Ar»f of them will |r tfanfly *»d»*r red and yrey flair to a heantl
f'«l ** ^n *»r hla^h, vithout |r.( try to Ihe Iftlr or Ahin fr»r .ale hf
rCHCRI.Ie. I.A l»H A C o , Dntniet#.
Pi Main Ptreet.
I.V»K f II • PPPfi MM AMI If AMim-th- Call p- m or lUal
• or t’.e » | • r Amandine
Honey P ,p,A, for tele hy prirri.l,, I.ADD A TO.,

I A Ml* AVI AMI MIAf OilA*. '/«««• ratio r»a lamp and Ma
J hlne till#, f .r • «|e ; e try PUIORIX, Uli'i « f'O .
f>r.i/r<#t# W Main Pt.
I.AK ATM! Hi- If. haft Tennethee feather*, for aale h*
ii P II fftfVKPfl i' i r f ,fr.. r
II Htll A few *•£« M mntaln Putter, f-r #aie hy
■ » r if f>K INK PR. Cary Mreet.
f BAHt aa lf«Mt|*e 4 •"pp!y of the el«ea tullalde for thf* mar
■ kef, fuel 'ohandfor •# » hy C J PINtON A CO ,
Plpn of the Clreolar Pan, 71 Main *t.
DP • 9 Dht##. hf Mil hy
MXNT.-Vlitloo «»• the Springs may ri|>*rt m«rr
by ih« ro«t* than rtrr Iwforr, and tf thr ixai *4 nrax (a cmmiJ.
«*tl, no other route i4lrii lo«»r fare. Thr Ktatl ti open lo thr
Ha*e of thr Blue kldge. a tot thr rati* not* bring laid brtw*
Utn« «h»ri>u^li and tttaunton.lt will he in operation thla ir«a»
r Ac mUtyjm f««e 4* M»i*r 14# L. //r«aWi,a<
knuau to thr public.
Car* leave ktchioorwl daily at A. M , and thr Wratrrn tar*
minus of thr Raiinad at • 1H A. M
To Rivkhrlilfr Alum Spt mg*, far e .$! (Mi
While Sulphur, passing tur Alum, Warm and llol S|>i tng*, 10 fsi
fttath Alum..hih
W artn S|»lt>o I M
Hot Spring* . . .8 5#
I • ' ", • • 11 7 on
• 1 m»
1'uI|m | |h r c. || 4 {I
“Our hUgrtarrivr in Xtsuaton at H o'clock, P. M., ami Iravr
nrat morulng by tvaprvwi I due. at ft A. N. -spend thr night at
Woodward'* Jackson Rir«*r Hotel, and reach thr Whitr Sul|>*«ur at
10 A. M , *o'nH(| day front Staunt. n
Chart* red Coaches to travel a* thr party wUhea, rati hr an*
gaged «t Richmond, « n thr hdlowlng term* The Ittaldeof thr
conch can he secure if 0 *rat* %rr paid f*c. If lo *rat* are paid
for, it •eoure* all th# grata outsole and ln*ldr. with thr privilege
of t arrying the allowed baggage fur thr nuuk-r of pa*a«ngers
' Foe the farther comfort of passenger*, we shall run accom
modation line «»f tVache*, which will leave Staunton after break
fart, atop for thr night at thr Hath Alum or Warm Spring-, a«
they may desire, and reach the White Sulphur nrat rvrnuig,
IfwiniN^eriMir d.»f t’.crr «A«i// / e »•» moAf fmo/."
'•We will al»o keek at the Warm and llot Spring* each, a coach
to accommtslate visit*** going We*t orKaat, who may not hint seat*
in the regular hue,** WM. IV PAK'SII A CO.,
!•» J I H * 1 * n i , AgrnL
To Lynchburg, Mondays, Wednesday * and Friday*, going
up. far.- $| Ml
Set van • travelling witlnwit their master* mu*t leave a pa** witli
the Ticket agent, and al«o ah* w an. thrr to the Conductor.
An citra charge wnl U- made it pasarnger* do n*»tobtain ticket*.
F II. t.ll.l.,
Superintendent Transportation.
|W Washington |»a«*enger* may go by the Junction and reach
that city in?I hour* fToui St* nton, taking the night train of the
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac K*llr»*ad Company.
je*i ► II QU4 Sop't.
C'l •— I*U| *i»4 iMHfttrlf
W l»le bihrdnln.- TitIcf An’y r*.w Ri.Au.,tut u• .\Vw
Y"rt, trit.S .ist.f lAn>«^ fA# «i
^ ••/ IT-r±htHtfU+'. /ii•/!»»*.-sv .»*u» \m, fr.e .1/ rwfr.i
• A.ir1/r.-i>mnil «Mtr ll>r IMb **f Aufuil, the following quick mid
rctnf.iruhlr schedules will l*r ru» over Ihr inland roulr between
Hi*dunond and Xi» York Leav* Rt.-himnd daily at 7 o'clock. A.
M|. and H o'clock. I*. M., arriw in N\ w York daily at 5 A. M., and
Fare to Washlngtou, lil cl.iu teat*.,ffi N>
44 44 “ M M •• .. 4 «»
*• 14 Baltimore Ut “ *• . <141
M •* Philadelphia lat •• •• . > 1*.
Between l‘lilta<lrl|>l.ia and New York, tfiv* time* daily.) a< fV
and #d fur each first i Um |mm« ng« r*, and #1 U and $‘2 for ¥d
For through tickets to Washington, llaltiraorr or Philadelphia, or
other Information, apply at the ticket office.
|L-v.!c» tlic through and direct connexion named above, with the
klam Northern Route, through ticket*, direct, c*n he obtained at
the liej»»>t ..f the Baltimore and OI1I0 Railroad lYtn|»any, m W ash
ing t« r, for Wheeling, via the Relay House, at fV 5»>.
I* t*. The night train will tod atop t<» take up or put down paa
teng* rs except at the following stations- Cottage. Taylorsville.
Junction, Chester fieid, Mil.oru, Gaineys, Predencksburg and
N. I* By order of tl.e P<*tm**ter tletieral, no train will t>e
run U'tvrm Richmond and Washington on Sunday nights.
It ia derated pn |H'r, in addlth n, t atate, for the Information of
passenger*. that four daily line* are iti operation between Wash
ington and Baltimore, hy means of which the travellar, who,
thd-ugh bud ties* or pleasure, haa been delayed In Waahiugton, ha*
it always in hi* power to proceed, at a convenient hour, directly
on hi* journey to auy point north of tha» place.
•ul.*' ik Kl'TII, Agent of Transportation.
only.— The pwl-itc
I II\I.TI>IOItK.-«»n Mon
day of each week—Kara
r< by informed that theai *w*~7v
con»f.-rt and t \p« • iti* »• steanit r IMWII ATAN.y^,
Captain Char e# L. Mitchell, having hr«n entirely
refitted, enlarged, and itnptove«l in every re»pect,ia now
route h. tween kuhnioiid ami Haltiroore, once weekly.
Paaacngera i*y this agreeable ar.d economical line, will leave
Richmond by the morning train on Monday of each week, at 7
o'chvk, A. M ami reach Baltimore In the course of the night,
probably by midnight, thus securing a connection with the differ
ent title* oat cf B* timerr the following morning, in any direction.
Returning, passenger* will leave Baltimore <n the afternoon of
Wednesday of each week, at:t<% o'clock. I’ M., and connect at the
err* It on the f liowing morning with the train of the Richmond,
Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad Company, which arrives In
R chuiond on Thursday, at 2 o'clock, I*. M.
Fare in either direction. $£, forward cabin pa**cngcrs, (inclu
ding meals,» $i .V».
Fare for first cla«« passenger* hetwten Uaitimore and Phi'.adel
phla by tf»e New Castle aiul Fretichtown line, |2 %». For second
class d f 1 .V. Making the whole fare from Richmond to Philadel
phia l*y tin* m,v« cable line #• 2** only for ttrat class patsengrrs.aud
f l*. fo
cr particu! «r«,or through tickets, apply at the office of
the ll. -hj:;. nd, Pr« leri. k»burg, at. I Pot mac Railroad Company.
'• - • J. D. WINSTON, Ticket A| nt
It) ViUrbldi-M' TiM \ OM- **
h/a ju.t: is nc a Mint a r •• .r/:
i'£i A," Carr. J.‘ii> Bari*.—The CURTIS PECK1111 “* ■
having ju»t undergone a thorough overhauling, and fitted up with
life l-.'.i!}, pimips, Ac., 111 accordance with the late act of Out grea*.
will, od .mi ird y morning nest. 16th Inst., resume the regular run
beta.. r. lid*and Norfolk, leaving the wharf at Rocketts precise y
at 6 oV.ock every Tu« adny, Thursday and baturday morumg*.
I hereafter, at the same hour.
Returning,leave Norfolk each alternate morning, at the aame
hour, touching at all tin regular landing* on the river, g-oug and
r» turning. Freight taken as u»ual
Pa*»agc to Portatuou'.h or Norfolk.t*
apli .i< xVk I Nrf A LI BU Y.
I ViritK-TIVi T<» FYI1MMK-Wr Inlleveit will be Inter
esting to the FarT n rs l?» Virginia, to know that they can buy
Fa* * ■ R n 1 i 'ii.-: » Icma than they can la tity N r?j
rrn Market, and b prove the al» ve assertion, we have lately sold
several Farmers Furniture wl.*» have priced our good* and gone
the North for the j.ur|H-«e of buying, lait finding they could pur
cha*- on better terns in Richmond, they have r* turned and U.ught
of us. Therefore, w. call on the Farmer* und Planters to bring in
tliclr produce and take home our mauufaeiures.
•elJV Opposite Fvchar.gr Bank, Richmond, Ya.
S\ It ll l.l.ll \ . %Vc.—Ti e »uU-nler ro>|eflfklljf informs hi*
friends at. 1 the puMu* generally, that ho ha* taken the store
two door* bs-low M. wr Wehb. Ilar«>n A Co., where may be found a
large a»- i varicl selrt tion of every article in a Ra*Mlcry Ms tab!
metit of hi* own manufacture lie Uafirr* himself (hut having had
:■» rnty-five yeai r : . reetpi Ht nee In I la katlntw, that hit w..rw
can be rdie>l on. In addition to my bu-iiieas, I have ad-le-i the
utai.nf ictttre of all kind- ■ : II r«e and Mule Collars, which I will
tel ulow ag 1 be porcha* lat tlu N 11.
t- ur.t-y M *r ante will find It gri ally t their Interest to call and
examtue for tl • toeivrs, all cf which 1 will sell low fur cadi, or on
credit to punctual customer*,
tnh 19—dtf
i .■ , i !■ . for sale l»y LioYK & CO.
|h» flip Carb »*•»'!•*, bert Newcastle
lftfm O IIm C"|*p« ru, bripht (Jrrfn
!** birds Fir* l*i• «»l Paint; P.^mlba Indigo
1<*4i gallons ^*l«r Oil; <*•» lb* liorax, Wood's best
:i ca.»k* Nutmegs; M iddrr
!«■*• M it* 0.»*i«; ft font M Idt# |.» *«l, in oil; I c*i«l* Milestone
Su CU 'f*. M>"irU »i. hiii i* CIm wmp Tobacco
ft,«i«* pap.-r* Mnokinr Tobacco; 1" Mils Kps i*alts
I" til l- Alum; I'iU.N Verifet. K# d
IM» ih* Glut . Irish; iMi doften MiMtnne l.inimml
D«» ilnfrn Arabian Liniment; luW* 11 »s Tonqua Beans
Iktaiiht Mtra< i L gwoo«f
f**» II.* Paris Green, drv on«l in oil
Smith Chri me (irrrh; ‘did* IS* Chrome Yellow
8 ba'e* fresh Cloves; •.*•» I ten Vermifuges. ***orted
6 pro** Yrj*l I* «diip; 00 h'tn llulTe Sap
1« |fi !M YjiAm'S" I*; ?••«» |lr->wn Windsor ftnap
2 Palm f*«»*p; ft**' Il»* Hcotch Hnull, in p*|*er»
?ft dozen Pilot Pocket-. In Mil* Copal Virnbli
1*«l i|. * n T.H.fh H'Uilirs IUM ih#Srti Abating Brushes
1«» gr#*s llrandreth's Pill*; Imp ..«• Matches
100 boxes Transparent P«*ap; •** •• ll»* Ginger
1* k»g* Km* rv, a*«ortnl; fsa* •! *• n IVdopnes, assorted
If pro-.* .H htiitx and !*• da Powd rs; fti |L’Xrs, 9 X In
6 I Id* Brimstone; 8 cases Vanilla lleans
T**p» ther with * ur imu.i1 complete in.» ft .*f l>rnr«, MHifinn,
Paint*. Oils, fancy article*, etc., all of which we r.fTrr upon thr
, uana! time, at prices to suit both town atid country trade.
iKd i I CO
raqil f*411 Mll\ VI HriltNTK A*/.'»» s/ot K nF rfoTII
9 / .N *i /•’/: mt FA/./. Gf IH.VI 8. MKUCIIANT a
WKPIiiKK, V*. Ilk Main street, are now ncelving their K ill
Mock of m:\UY >/\/>F. i'/.OTH/.\U and furnishing Goods,
embracing every quality and varb ty. These Clothing ii** been
rnanutai tur# d i*y themselves, uml i* the I- «t stock f *r country
trade they hate ever offered f**r s.ilr. Merchant* nerd not go
North to * ,pp!y themselves, a* we wdl sell on as good trrui* as any
house in the country.
I Call and * itriune for yourselves, nt N 112 Main street.
Kl Ml LCH INI A "I IfllOtB.
IYIil.UbKM K IMI \14KVY III MM>S4.—The und* r*
signed litre determined to open a»* office f<*r the pur|#o*e of
conducting a basin’- ** *-f the above character, hrih ving that it is
called for l.y thr demand* of the times,himI mould be of preat ser
vice an*l advantage to the citizen* cf ICt% ? tn<*r.d. Ileinp well
know n In il.e community, tin y offer their extensive acquaintance
f<*r the undertaking, and pU iy** themselv# * to devote their untir
inp attention to the interests of their | atrons.
In addition to trie ■) re business, the «idleeti'*n of Claims and
the duties of mi Accoantao! and Berivintf vtll bo embraced In
their lal*ors.
C rnmunlcxtions addressed to AfUn ,t rVoncA will be promptly
attended to. WILLIAM G ALl.Kff.
Ojfl * Corner of Br<*%d and 9th streets, In the store occupied
. ms nee of this Drill the list season, was entirely satisfacto
h terms of bipli CO*n»emlallon, by tho«e who
re! warraiit#d In recommrrulinp it as infe.
invented; it is simple in it* construction, <iu
I*. p. t out of order, and flie price r.f if |e«*
IMIils. Those who may lie in want th«
ry, »rul i* s|K.k«n
use I it; I therefor#
rh r to none liithrrt
rabtr, and not II d !*
than that of
cominp s n, are rer|»ectfoDy requested to forwar#| their orders
early, to avoiddisapp«*iutmrnt. II- BALDWIN,
auili No. Main street.
Mir. 1i Ti.rIV* i>i» i oh tiii, f\ij,
TRAM'.—Wi* reap, .tfully IntiU the attention at Country
j Merchant*, Parmer*, Met hard*'*, and the pahlk generally, to our
Urge an I well aelectcd at«*ck of II «rdware, j>iat ’cr«|*ed from thi’
niannfmttir* r*# f..r» urn «m| dcniratlc, ami ail bought fur ca*h. Our
•fork e, n.Ut. in part r f :
Knir aiir.fi P«.rk» of almr<*t rvry kind
Til*> and Ten Knivt*(of R >* r»’, Wi.ilrnli'ilm’#, and other
Rmrnf ever? kind, h*'ni*ln hanjaome ra>rs
IViaaora of all #.*••* and kind*
Pl^k, Pa*I, C:.e«t, Till, CjphM and Kim Locke
Copper an I Iron Coal Rrnttlri and Rrinder ffhortle
Pire Imre In pair* and In of*
11*11 w Harr of all description#
TlnM, O «*ef», and Porcelain Rau- • Pan*
Copf.er W«ab K* ft* a
T « ,fl», hf, W II and Primp Chain*
Pifth, Halter, and Urea*! Chains
Hpa*» * and Rhovel* «»f • r rjr itnH, Manor* end Ifajr Pork*
II. if den a florae Rl.nee.rn I «.* Hina If. r# Nail*
llano era, Ifatrhrte in I Id** «. all kind a
II m l, Pmnel, Tenant, M II, Pit and C h Cut Raw*
Brae* an I Tin P| ltt*a,r,a. Itraaa M«lr R..I*
Cftinlrr Pc ale* and Pat It ,1m.. * . |» b* and fir.,ad Ate*
Tinner#' fu»|#|. ring Iron*. Naylor** C'aat Pled, all e»re*
Allea from I *. to A Inrl.e#
Rmgle and l> »t. e lt.,rr* I * In »a, « »mr #.f tnrm parti Milerly One
l»H»**w#, Annie, Vices, and all rie**ript»on« of Pll* a for Rmilh*'
Auger#, Chisel*, Mallet a, P.|u*rc4 and Beret*
Het.rl, and Mo ndlnf Plane*
Br ■•«, ft. »mh* r, ai d P.ltar Cand|e«tlck*
Itleaehe . an l Brown .*• f bread
Kearn*’ iMeel arid II* - d Mlaie*. with atfhnsl erery other art.* le
1 commonly offered in Hardware ho
nrlff hohkktao*, oatkj* a ratcmppp..
VKW tin POPI hHt WOKM A | r*r7 t„ K„ror, in
i^l W*l,l j Prof It r j Pilllman of Yale College, in f r-.l*, limo
doth,lllwtratlon*. #•/ ft**.
fVr/Vrwn'* Mori*, I' //. f/
Th* /e- l <>f Artfarr, l y R» I irller and Medlnrtr, IllUStfStfd hy
*iv l.nndrrd and ninety *even engraring* cm wood; ft *#»» and $9
fUftk //o*#c, complete. p..r ,at«- ly
aeUi OP.O. M. WPRT.
flAltPPTR CAR PIITP t^ lare a llof Carpet# left or er from
\7 la#t winter, M»- are > ffenng ft emit le*a prices Ilian lh«
tame greet* could he bought f**r thla fall.
■ dtl.l, tMl ttivn.lt *»T#M Vi HK HIMIT-. MHIICW till
reader* of the W).ig,hwth In Ity ar d countiy. to rail at »»wr large
and coneentent atore, known t i rough out the Plate a* the **lradlea'
Hah.on " It contain* mom f*»r all, Bool*, Rhoe*, and Trunk* for
all, ar.d ha«aef|iiiret| the repwtalh-n of giving bargain* to a*l *r»#r
awo.rtmerit |# co*wwrehen*fee and complete, embracing article# of
taste, • # well aa utilii?, In< iu ling Children and RerranC* Rime* In
great abundance and varltty, a Urge proportion*# which hae
been laid In at the h.we*t • a*n price#, and will Ire wdd cn the
•ante term* We reap.-«■tfiillg innte a eall frr.tn tbr**e In Want of
any thing In r ur line. WIIITP. A PAOK,
%/PLVPT CAXRIWFRP PANTR I bare Jwet rrcel?ed*ky tb#
▼ * Is saver Roanoke * kf VW9MN
H»wre Pant* Call *t theObHblog tmporium of
« /V MINK V HI4MK . HWMaln atreet
I l*PKlOft M%|.a II off, le| r» er. lipporta
M flow , Rordeoa Oil, "K*pper," *ery enperlr r, M *ait hy
aeVf riMain.lr.at
fi*®* TMR Y(Ht.lM\ MtUlMM-.
Through by Canal Pack*la to fcarhanan,
JJjJ »• U* Mrvj t«v*tl an I N*«l|
To th# While bul|d.ur,.l
r . » ’.u 1 M^maulaja •Mi-Ud.) and arrlv* In Lynch
**“'? *'» A. »•-. «*• *■»!»«■»■ >1 • f M. ut the ercood day, and
■ I the While hulobur the third day at • P. M
*► (**• «■•!* «*»** are oW, M •hi4rlath
B Uin.l,l.iiTM,,1, n,IIlft.. „,,h u,, hyiKltbur, and Ten
'JUUt'-nd. WllWdnUy all A. M.,arrlre .1 Htfuai h'l Bl
l > **' ** Mountain Hour. *r
i- .* ?« H' .“i L**'" “*»• *■ a n«dayll*M.nrrle* .1 It.r Rrd
*«rrt ..r Pure! t*|-tuna. «• mile,,) 1. hrrakfael, rod from thrnrr to
Ihr While 0«m.le..>by 10 A. M , la tear than daj.fr.*! Rich
m«»nt|, u i A C.H mUr* •»/ *hifcfiny.
*W-hh...tr.t dUtAt.ee b, lUl. on an/ other route than the
ah'** la II** mi Ira
Pnaaeucer* (or the Natural llrld«c. Le«ln*l,.a, K.<khrlJ(. and
nail* Alum, Warm and Hot t*|»rMig», tounnI with a Hally Lina of
utatfrs at Dinner'* Mill, t imlra from th* Natuial Hn.|(r, from
I hr in'r lo Urilii|(tm 14, and Irum Lrtington to K<rk Alum If j
nillra. Ua«p Kit limohtl at & l‘ M , and arrlv* at th* Natural
Bridge avoihl day at 4 P M . and Leamgton at T P. M.
Returning, Ivata the Whit* Mjljd.ur at 3 P M , and th* Hwert
and R« d M»*rl at 4 I*. M , and arrlv* at Hi* Mountain Ho«u« at **
P. M. I** avr tint A. M. at daylight, and arrive at BoiimiVi at
4 XH. and In Lynchburg by IP. M . connect thrr* nlth th*
&toaU leaving al> l\ M , and arrlv* In Richmond in*ond A. M , at
ft oVh**k, connecting with th* Northern and ttouthrrn Cava, and
allh th* Noth Ik Pleat.boat*.
I*a«»« tig« r* for CumbrrlandC.il., rarmvill*, and Him kingham
C. II., will h ave Richmond .1fom/kiy, and fVfi/uy. to
connect aith the i<t4gr*, tli-ar for Charloltravillr lea** /'mpm/u*.
7Xur *•/<«(, and SiirntJuu.— /'*»/ * $
>U« KliNM)'*U
To InuiKioh. $4 no.
** Natural tin i|(e. 4 ftU.
“ l>i«irxrr,«tyring*.ft fto.
** !•> u« M-ui#.3 .Vi
HM r»<•«* hii'iimi>nt>
•* It*** k Alum l*|*rliiK« R I'll.
“ HjhIIi Alum(*} rhi«> G ill.
** W. and II. f*|»r|iiK« . . . C ftu.
*• Hu**Italian.4 Ru.
I^AI’KICIV. — Tills Hue Is rmn|Mi«rJ «.f
)«he following »»U Mils from Boston j
•i vrrj ;
.Vlni.uir 1*1 MAN, Captain S. O. Rogers,
J H. R**ers.
J. II. Nickerson,
CyiusNh krr.,.n.
Ohed Baker, Jr.
*. *»u»ll expressly for this trade.
•• CUt'RIKK,
*• Ml ARON, *
Tki »r Tr»«( !• are «l the lint eli
and have »u|m rtor accommodations fur passengers.
Tliejr are commanded by experienced Cap aina, well qualified
for the truli-, ami who a ill aparr no exertion to aeeornminiate.—
llirjr will be b-aed up and down the river by strain, and iu«> be
relied %»n to sail promptly, a% advertised.
Merchant a going North, or oruering gtawle from Boston, will And
It to tlieir interest to ahlp by this, aa it Is the only regular line, as
freight a||| ala ays lie taken as low as by any other vessels, and
every effort will he made by the agents in Richmond and Boston
to give satifacti n.
" r respectfully ask and hope to succeed In obtaining a full share
of patronage.
sscls aiil lie in Richmond at Rocketts, in lbs ton at
aLl.t.s a u r.i.i'i
Mo. U* i
r «MI>. UAiit MiH>.Ul VI*K AK1, aa |o
. Jl with all the Impr
'. Richmond, * I
id Slate street. )
ttseslby WIlirMH’lLST,
V« im Ots of the present day, has won for
soriu vide reputation, gained not by assertions of pre
eminence w itbout proof «>i »ih h assertions, but, on the contrary,
by years of study and practice, adopting all the Improveuienta
which have so rapidly succeeded each oilier in this profession.—
Ur has gained the highest distinction as an Aitlst, hearing oA the
palm of victory when competing with the Artists of this and other
lands. Mr. H. has also gained that highest of all honors, the
confidence and patronage of the public, as evinced by the crowds
of patrons wl»o daily throng his Gallery for likenesses, which are
not only gems of art, but treasures of inestimable value to their
Stereoscopic Likenesses taken in the ra«*at improved manner.—
>,T*!r^.Vr*r,y Frames, l<ockela, Ac., constantly on hand,
»sl satisfactory price
()Al.I.KRY, 77 Main street.
•V*" York 1’arkrU.- This new Home
Idne I* comnnacd of the following vessels, and
sails from AVtr rrrry fArre tiny*. All
>wurd in the city of Richmon-l, vis:
Schooner URI ANNA, Captain l>anh*l Dodga.
" RICHMOND, •• Isaac Purnell.
•* DANYlLl.R,
Oliver Chichester,*
William Nelson,
W, K. U hippie,
G. W. Couch,
C. C. Ferry,
R.M. Adkins,
Both Chester.
M MkiCC’ll ANT,
Tlicse Vessels are all of the first class, buiit in the city of Balti
more expressly ff »r this trade, and have superior accomodations for
liwasetigcrs. They are commanded by experienced Captains, well
•justified lor the trade, and who will spare no exertions to accom
id* elate. They will be »• wed up and down the river by steam, and
to sail promptly, as advertised.
:g North, or ordering gtMwls from New York, will
t to ship by this lane, as freight will always
may be relied •
be taken as low as by any ether'line of packets, and every effort
wd» be made by the Agents m Richmond and New York login sat
W v respectfully ask and hope to succeed in obtaining a hill share
of patronage.
Goods shipped by this l.lnr to New York, will he forwarded, free
i»f commission, to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, Savannah, or
aov other South* ru or Northern port.
I he vessels will lie in lti« hinoml at Rocketts; In New York, at
Berth No. I, Coffee House Slip, f -ot of Wall street.
DAVII) CL'UR IK, Richmond, I
C. tl. PIKIiSoN, New York, > Agents.
No. 61, South street. |
rwaxi'l.l Ml- MIH lilt-: lit\%*|*MI«'|\ I IO\ OF
1 I’h«m ii.rmon ihe lll. hm. nu mid Petersburg IUIIro«4,on
»ii«! alter the l»t day of July, K'ci:
Hriairii Itichiniind mul
Kallinr Creek, 8A, Children ami cot'd |>«-n«ni. Vi
Halfway flat ion, 6n, •• •• •• •• gft
Port W uithad Junction, sft, '• ** •• •• <>•
Ffti-nlurir, 1 in, •• *• •• ••
llrtnrrn IVlrrwhtirg nnd
l*‘•rt Walthall Junction, 3>\ Children and co!*«l ixribini.
Ilatfwny Station, 0n, .. ••
Trmplr'i 1 uri.out, W, •• •• •• ••
Rich 111 olid, 1 lut 44 *• •* •*
A discount of trn cents on rath f.trr mill hr made to pa«*mger»
purchasing tick* t* at the- oilier in Kirhmnnd or IN tersburg, and to
those »1.0 take thr car* where no tickets arr sold.
Tin* rates for • I iniirii arr for llitar uvrr three, and nat over
twelve jears of arr.
A pi*-. nger taken up at a point nut designated, will he required
to pay the charge in.tn the laat draiirnated point, ami a pa»*rn
K* r desiring to Iran* the train at a |**int not designated, a ill pay
the charge to the ueat place designated.
Ptssrtig* r** tak* u up at any point on the road, to he art down at
another point »»n the road, will n»»t be charged leas than ft*» cents,
and charge will »*• made for any distance leas than Jft cent*.
No baggage,earept small carpet hags, ladies' travelling baskets,
Ac , that ire not likely to injure the furniture of the cars, will be
permitted on the passenger cars.
Nothing except wearing apparel, and the usual necessary arti
t*c!« s f*-r It kVcIIrrs, will |>e allowed to he carried as baggage, and
the company will not he r< sponsible for g.**!*, specie, bills, notes,
or j« we! i y, «*r anything but the passengers' necessary baggage, and
for that only when placed in thr baggage car.
Passengers are cautioned against attempting to g- t on or off the
car*, or passing backward and forward on the cars, when in
Passengers will not he permitted to stand on the platforms of
the cars when In motion.
Passengers are requested to KKKP TIIKIR FKKT Off THK
BKATB, **r from otherwise defacing tiieears.
Plea*.- report to the Sii|irrinl< ndt nt any act of incivility or want
or politeness on the part of the conductors, baggage masters, tick
et ag* nts, nr tdhers.
The l.xpres* Train, ruing elthsr way, will stop to take up or set
down pas** tigers at the Port Walthall or Clover Hill Junctions,
Halfway Matioii and Manchester, and at no other points under any
The Mail Train will strip at either of the following named points,
and at nooth* r places — S*wilt Creek, Port Walthall Junction, Pen
ley’s Cr* -sing, Clover lllll Junction, Halfway .station, Kmgsland
Crossing, Gregory's Crossing, Hue’s Turnout, Philips’ Crossing,
Temple's Turnout and M inch ester.
By OftlU m or thk Hoarii or l>iarrr*KA.
Jjr^O— tf __ ^ Til OB. HOHAMRAP, Superintendent.
ra^mtoi ini r» i>;\i>hT»\, wii mi ti\v\\ imuo
A l>ayw. In our Mail I'wrhrl li>Min, li) amlUdllr an<i l.yneh*
burg.— On and after thr 95th of October, our Packet Boats will
leave KtcliRioiid daily, Bunday* excepted, at the usual hour of?* |*
M., and arrive in Lynchburg in £4 hours, and in Buchanan in 4T
Returning, leave Buchanan at 7If A M every day except fan
lay. arrive In Lynchburg at t*>* I*. M., leave Lynchburg at *» P. M.,
and arrive in lie hinnod in h. urs, in tune to connect with the
Norfolk Boats leaving at ftjf A. M., and the Boulhern and Northern
Railroad Cars, leaving at 7 A. M.
Pas*, ngers for la*xington connect with a daily line of stages at
North River. Returning, leaving Islington every day except Bun
days, and arrive in Richmond in II hours.
Passengers f *r K*rinvtile, fare#?; Buckingham Oonrt House
(fare *27*;) Charlottesvilie, fart 09—-and Btaunton, fare $4, will
leave Richmond on Monday’s Wednesday's and Friday's Itoats.
Below sec Card of tliae of arrival at intermediate distances.
Vi>. MIU+. Tlsns. >’.ire an Fnrc on
While*. SrrT'tttU.
Cedar Point.....
Columbia. ..
Ilardwirkaville .
Lynchburg . .... ..
Prom Lynchburg to N ■*rth River
Bu* Lanaii .
. M
. f*0
. M
. 79
4* **
CH "
9* P M
1* "
•* M
1 P M
B* M
«1 91
1 no
1 as
1 fto
1 88
9 00
9 00
1 9ft
North River.
1 |
Prom Lynchbu g |o H<
lAf.lwick.viUr *..
8e«itt SVille .
Pemberton .
Cedar Point.
Pare through i
19* PM
4* M
2* A M
. 146
Pmesstle only.
Buchanan only
1 BO
1 19
'll* P II | on
4* A M a fto
1 9B
1 00
1 19
1 9B
1 69
1 7B
1 00
9 00
0ft on
4 BO
C1 a it it i \ a k*: i Mtm %<*•>»: a I rnKi»
J KISU% Franklin atrcet, rear o( Clip Hotel,f
w-.wi.l mvii- tl *n. fith-n «*f f.m friend* »nd the
S»ihli» to hl« large and tujtfrlor araortnicnt of Cit*«
IADK CAKRlAtit i* and llarn* • •, t!••• ilvtr and •|iialitjr of •hid
arc not «<|unllrd bp ai.p ••lahti«!.iiu-nt In thla nip. Ill* itockc«m
ildi in part of
French (Ni«rliri One hortr VUr»wlifi
(Ml »f»t CkvIoteN Two newt Korkawnpa
Firraeat Rock* wap* Alide aeat Tup Ruggiea
Four wal H>i'ka*i;i Boggle. without Top*- -a variety of
f.l|(lit Charlote • atple#
Tw«* Horn** Barooche#
Manuf^r'tirrd o*it of the heat material* andhp experienced work
men. It* In* largely en*am <1 In the manufacturing of Carriage*, I
am d«-t# rmim d l • tall niy work »• low aa tlir .ante «|«i •Illy Carnage*
ran he |#urrha*rd either at the N.rtti or Rotith.
Repairing «l ne In the brat manor r, anti wlih illapatch. AMkln.lt
c#f C"4rli finding* for Mir. fr*W 1/
I » ffr offrf a large and rofiiplft* *l«rk of Ihnhorr g»M*U at
eitra low price. Ju*t to hanl i rairfl *■««! Iit- t* to d Fhiriln*,*, at
price nf f,\+ < t« v, t yard. COX A MdNTAIIi r,
Wo. 99 %taln air
Mi» I III-. %•••*!• • I f I H AI
tint/ Vu<** rotiif tn/ hittny •
| Marble,'atIi
HMII h Ol \ll»« IM\
rhiit** llichvnmil at th'tt tim*.
I |.|t|*a'M Foi.ler for welding Cl.lna, lllao,
, and ho<i«r ware id all kind*. All aril
J >ifird with ('in Cement will hrrotnr hard and firm In It n •
id I ft vat r * affrr It in* j-dnrd, ami will leave no •tain or color or* the |
mo*f delicate ffihjret. Thl« Invaluable i nnij* aind *t mild he in the
pna*er*‘on of everp hotl*e keeper, m |.y I’* perullar tenacitp, It
rcaiat* the action of hot wet# r and acid*. Thl# article la mannfar
ftirtd aolcly at o-ir • *t*MI«hment for thia Ptale, ami perton* map
rrlp upon netting the gennlnt article nf u«
H It. IrtiVAI. A IIRO l»m**Ula,
a*?l Corner above the Rank*, Richmond. j
AtTH A HHiMViA ANI> gOXKH FOK VICM. Aborted ftre«,
I i Iff TOW k CO
Flgn of the r.rrnlar Paw, 71 Main tire* f.
J would rail riptrial attention to their atork of Carpeting*,
Ki< h Patent Tapeatrp Vrlrrl Carpet*
•• " M Rrnvaela Carpeta,of new aod hwaatlfal
Fr gltah and American Three Plr and Tliraad Carpel#
•• " Hop Ingrain do
fup Botch Carpet* In varletp#
I»»w prhed all wool and Cotton Chain do
Cotton and lletrp Carpet* from ffc hi WV the jd
Rich H«is*.Fof» Carnet* and T .ble Covert
H« pc, Manilla, and Vhtith Mat* •
Fhe.r Oil Cloth, 4 4, and •« 4 wide
Crumb f loth*, in f, || 4 and Id 4, long
Alan, lira** Ftatr Rnda nf ftftl, hollo# and orfagon ahapaa.ln ,
length* from Inehea loJH Inrhea.
The ah'.re fl* «*•!* are moatlp of otir o#n direct Importation, and
#111 he »o|d aa lo# aa almilar p»*»li In any market.
oe« CIIMIFTIAW A f.ATIIROP. 99 Main at
r|1 AWWF.RJt’ oil., Fu*ar llo«i«r M
■ Tea*, email papere, Rio i'aWrr, for »ale
C f KOI NH Af.CN FAhT.--Floe Pall. Marshall brand, for ralehp
m nelA DAVRNPORT, A 1,1 hN A CO.
CHUNK** (IONOR-Fultabl* for Molala, Hoarding ll uaea, Ao~
/ of Ana Iona, for Ml* bp HCI.RI.ITY A 0O.f
Held 1IT Halo ilratl,
K’KW WALL Am Uivm DRV UlMMM -Wc Lave rt
Cr,rr*1 •learner* and packet* from Nrw York, a large and
Vl,arlr*,r,l •U‘* * uf fuc 4l,e Trade. loan riawiualh n
«• tlkh w# l|fiu Mir Irkntla ami « u«|o«n#r*. ami iian hairn In
lw» and country generally. Tl»e Hdlowtng cou.titute a part of
Heavy Blk Oroade Rhine* and Taffeta* for ttrenaaa ami Mantilla*
Brocade Mlk In fawj co'or* and black
\ and % Rl. h new »tyie plaid Hilka
roull dr *4e, lilac#, and vmall checked Marrellne*
rr*>nf*> •®‘l Merino#* and Th.bel Cloth*
r.an.Cjr W 4 mnd •*Jle nald Alpaca.
Mohair Luatrea.Canioo Cloths and Bombast***
Tartan Maid,Orcadian and french do
Rnli french and American frlnled de La I nr •
flaln and Printed Caalnuer* and Per* an Cloth*—a I Color*
ambro. Monaaeline and Cashmere Rob#*
Plain and Figured M«>ua*ellnes and VWrrg* de Lalttra
\ and % heavy Mlk Velvet h.r Cloak, and Manil la.
Plain and Printed Opera Ctotha, all «olura
Rmbronlcred. Udted and Checked Itai.a Mnalina
Neck. Bonnet, Cap and Velvet Riband.
KtobM. Iletauird .(Itched and Tape ln rdere«| Hdkfk
Irlah Unrtia *n«l Pheeting*, and Pillow raw Linen
lira** Cloth, Corded. Wadded and Hrockadell Kkirla
Puffed, flowing, tloffered and KmbM Hlecvea
A large and choice assortment of Worked Hleev* a
Mourning and Second Mourning ftlrevrand Collars
Ladles and UenlaHlik, Merino, and Vigonia Veata
A complete Assortment of Ladle., (lent., Miaaea and Boy* 411*
■ *•"»«•* •«** Cotu nllo.# 7* mis,
u*ss&2ssJb** *“,chtj »>>>* *<*>•«> l.c.
and Cl.nl. Cul’d Kid (liner* (Alexander*. make)
Thread K«w Hllk U loves
In., rl1 }^L *''• C*III,'r"' •»»* Sulas Micin*. and Intrrl.
•V,T*W* “■“‘•.MIuCli., Napkins and boy Ilea
£per El « V* «"J T.I.I. CV.rr.
'.I,.' J • “r;,*n- ,,r"n a»d Cadrt Cl* * III
Woo'len, Tel“r« FI Ik (r.inV'ILV»"•'
Satinet.. W.*d ‘* J '
li..., .II.m.ii I. .I.. V * * • ' K»ntu* kjr Jr.n.
Iiraey an-wool Plain., Kersey* %mi l.lu~-v.
A large assortment of llal.it and furniture Calico#.
Arm ru.n, thotch and 4 4 fr. nch lllngham.
Brown ai-d llle-ached Ihiuctk-., Hhe«tine. iKlriiM . n
Otn tburgof all ui tn'ife turr* K *,h,r,ln«» *nd Oolto
All of which, having been tmrehaaed with r>.L _
wholesale and Retail, at a reasonable adaanre on j^ic.
w ^ vaLKNTINp, ckp.nhhaw a co.
W Owner Broad, »th and Oapllol alreeia.
Near Capitol Square.
rl,,'lc •“'Hit'll BKR“Rera u* Country Man-hauls,and «il.rr. In
'•‘0“j;l,,ete n.v.rl.n.nt „| it!,.,. J„.
- u firry tinJ /tim-p of h . dlrtmt imfnritiHtm
L'JSn new2125 - t*.«elh,r ..III
Te V.• r. a. ' , • '•< '•'*<*-. In eei rjr earie
tj, Ac A«. The MWI tin* nt. omprUe. in part the following
l>inti«r jldt, l>e«oraled, (lohi Band, and White French
Ihi do VYhlte.Oranlte and Blue Print, Flowing Him-, Pur
p!c, UamxBcene, Plum, and Lilac
Te* 8e* "lees. In Mta of Ht, *1. 64. t», ;j and »l pleeea, ear..o«
ir . n<. *n W*e from *3 U, *||«| ,„, a»t
”,‘rr Pilcher., covered and ut»c«i««-red
|la.in* and Kvtri; Toilet 8cU; Rich Vases
Common nnd Itecorated Mug.
Ctuniuoii Kartlii-tivarr, suitable h.r country trade
Plated UimmIs—Tea, besat-r t, and Table F|«,.na. Table and bra.
•T/1 •r“rFa, halt and Mustard hpoon.. Napkin King*.
Til r* ii Mu,,*"d »■««•. ButU, Knl*e.,k.nalrr. *’
Table Cutlerjr—lei.ry Unudle Table Pel., mf M ,,ur ,
Ibi do Knives nnd pork.. In diwena
C-mmon do dn du
Britannia \t are—Casters, from thr mist nimmnii to the best
■naliufarturrd, M-ons and Ladles, and Fair It
fluid Lamps
Lnnkliif Glaases—F|.!rti*lld (till Ornamental Pearnes, rren. h
•ko. ^ P fa*1* v*rl,*«** •ultKble for Mant. | or Pier
I>o do—Mahogany franua, m rest variety, *nd
Toilet GlasM**
Ulass Ware—Plain, Pressed, and Cut Tumblers. Wines, Pllcli
Falerra, Bowls. Preserve Duhi-s, becanlera. Ism
•■“.'.' I- II*«<1!“*e’».*b»b,rtn,Cha*ipnl»ue, H.f, lv
Pliilil Lamps, Water Hollies. Muller I'lalrs, ►) run
an.l Muias.es Cans. Fall Celeries, Cast.r Buttles.
Preserve Jars, Pish lilubes
lanipa—The Impruved Solar Lamp, of which the aubserlker la
the sole proprietor. Parlor, Hall, More, Pa*lory, sod
Hand l^mpa. In great variety
Chandaliers.'Of 11,8, 4, t, 8, Be. Burners hlrnlshed an reason*
Wallers and Tea Tra*a, Imnterns, Table Hats, Diah Covers,
Toy, Tea, and Dinner Feta
Stone Ware, at factory prices.
The subac* ll*er * ITeraall *d the ab«*ve lleoli on reasonable terms,
atul is satisfied that a call from Country Merchants, or persona
ronirmplatlnr il»use kcvplnc. will convlure them Uxif Alt ,f.* J *s
■ ia*eo oi Jiitt e, uuil/itp **r e.ir le/p, I y any eslal lislimr l.t
In the Male. Small Profits and quick Sales Is his motto.
Call at II? West Main street.
**•?__ JAP. D. B. P.VANS.
UI-OMII.I TIO.N OP lt>*l*klt'r%PHb||||>—Tl.e Parin.rsllp
heruiotnre ealsilmc h tween the subscribers, la inis day dis
solved by mutual ronaeol. All | rrsons havii*y claims a ll | r. srr.t
ilirm lor payrnmi, and all those indrbiedto us will fdeasr c* me
lorward and rattle Ihclr rr*p*ctlve accounts as *aily as |a.rrilde,
with either of US. K O. IIAiKINS.
flXIIF l*NDKn5ICNTD will coni inn** llif Ship Chun Uery at <1
■ <i*w»ry Ruslnrss on hlioao account, at the o!d stand of
IIAt*KINt* A LIliUY, Rockrtta.
Thankful for p-st Uvura, 1 solicit the continuation nfrurold
rutt<-nirr>aml the publu. lu itmrral, pledging m>»rlf to try to git«
general MtikfacUou.
__ tPTHW l.lKltV.
w ▼ periative Tonic, Diuretic, Anti-Dyspeptic, an«l Inviir.mt
in* Cor.lial.-ThU MtUinnul H« vrra^c la manufactnr.d by the
proprietor at Schi««Um, In Holland, amt it i< warrant* «1 hi t nn'jr
puir from every I injurious property anti ingrt dient, hut • f the I* -t
possible «|u«iity. Another supply of the above, Juat received and
for aale by U. R. DUVAL A I’.KOIIIMt,
mi Kaak Iqaan.
HU DK.MM)N> IH.OOD PYP.I'P of Iodine lly.lri. date of p„t
**. Citrate of In n and 8| amsh hareaparilla, for regulating
the htoiniw'h nrol |b wela, and cl*an»ing 11.« HU* d—founded u| < n
ttic principle that all diacare* originate direct y ..r in*.Irrctly ft mu
*an imperfect state of the blood. Approved fy the Medical facul*
ty. Pur aale by R. R. DUVAL A HKO..
*rS Druggist*.
CIMMtUMl IVNAilth Una htiDdrrd psrkagww, tka heal
t made, of the MWlne Rap,” Nectar, Rnaa Oron«eo, Ac , war
ranted the Aural Tobacco in market. Two hundred and fifty !«•*•
es g.**l equality Chewing Tobacco, In rma l raddlea auitablv for
the country trade, at low price*. We sell Tobacco at the Factory
ratea. BIN NUT A BKFIU*. Dru**aata,
*• 1 Ag pi* ("r ti.e Maupkit iwirt
IADIFR AND tTk.NTI.rMFN will And at the "Ladle* 8*1000/
A *»f *i// fiiar«t aa |»erfrct an assortment of Hoots ami 8 hoe a to
•elect from as can l»e found In any one establishment in this or any
other city We make it a |xdntto deal with all the manufacture r*
of any celebrity at th« North, ami with such only, cunrequentiy
we *et the beat Phoe*, and the new fashions at aoon at thev ap*
|war. We al*o have the advantage of an extensive nianufa*'torv
of nur own, enabling us to suit and At even the unst difficult. We
intend, should we meet with nicuuiap mrnt, to manntacturr more
extensively than heretofore, hellevin**.ur own work l< ho not only
the beet Out the ch opeal. Having COhfld flue that the public Will
appreciate < ur effort*, we thall »pare no pain* in keeping up an aa*
•ortm* nt of pxdi worthy of their notice.
aiIO WHIT1 a PACK, T8Mala «tr.. t
alula and Virth Carolina K>‘rrLcht. I’arkajrt*. and Parcel
The proprlet* r* bavin* t>ou*ht out th • entire Interest of |v>dg« ’*
Virginia and North Carolina Kxpr«a«. and maile arrangement*
with the N«-w York and Virginia Meant*, hip Company for the
transportation of their Kiprcs*between New York anil Itlchtnnml,
take pleasure in informing the merchant* and public generally of
Richmond that th«y are now prepared to transport with cere and
under charg** of special tneaecnger, every description of Knight,
valuable Packages, J«w«lry, Pprele, Bank Notes, Kvchangr*. Ac.—
The execution of all ordera, large or small, with promptness and
Adeilty, arid at the very lowest rat* s. Our Ion* experience in the
Express business, North and Hast, <*ur ample mean*, ability arid
determination to make tills Kvpre*« the p*ipu!ar one of Virginia and
Nwrlh Carolina, we hope, will he a siifllt lent guarantee to the nu r*
chnnts of this city to enhance their own Interest by giving us a
full share of their patronage; and the Proprietor* guarantee on
their part general satisfaction to their patrons, both in regard to
the expedition of their goods and the economy of their charges
Proprietor*, New York.
W>|. 1. MAl’I.F, Agent Pearl street, one door from Main, under
ToUr A Cook’s Uffiu.
WYI. I0. I* ha* this day associated with him lii the
Fxprev* business J At* II KINO, Kaq , an*l the business
will hereafter be conducted uniter the style and O m of PAltIRKN
New York, Febraary 14,1W*8.
The subscribers having bought out the entire Interest of Dodge’s
Virginia and North Carolina Kxpress, the business will hereafter l e
| conducted by Messrs. I'ikisu A Kisu, at present No ? Vesy street.
OTI4T& —Having disposed of my entire interest In the Express
business heretofore known a* "Dodge’s Virginia and North
Carolina Kxpress,” I take pleasure in recommending to the commu
nity at large the enterprising gentlemen composing the Arm of
Messrs. I’taissv A Kiao, who have assumed that business as Kx«
pfwFknrtMcn LKV1 DO DO I
Fehruarv 14. IM. Shift
fai.i, (aums.
FK11IF subscribe*# havr received '.he larger portion of their Fill
A lUirk of i)<»-N,nnil will in a few days liavr them irr^Pfril
In khflr new tMorth* use. No. 15 Pearl street, 8 doors north of thrtr
|>rri(t)t ftmid
Thrlr Ht.wk roniprl^f lom^ Aftern hundred packages, and cm*
brmfi all Uifl *|Hlii- • Of
etc., rtc., which, haring bt rn selected with great cnrr ami bought
on the beat terms, will enable thnn to offer a* great Inducement*
In purchas. rs a* any hnuar In thla country. They reapertftilly ark
an etatnii atlon of their stock hy the Merchant* of Virginia arul
North Carolina, promising their heal effort* to give aatlafacllon to
purchaser*, both as toatyie and price.
No. 15 P arl Street.
RicnunxD, An gnat 25th.
l*r niiuiti \m to mi \in.itTH) r*r i mu
Member of the Royal College of ftorreovif, l*omlon, pr«*Hain.* to the
afflicted far and Dear, that he haa discovered the moat certain spec
. dy and efflcacloua plan of treating PFCRKT MIAF-APF-A, that haa
ever been promulgated to the world. Hy hla plan, founded on oh.
serration* made in the lloa| itala of F.urope and An.erica, he wll>
ln*ure the patient a cure in a very few daya. A aure remedy for
weakneaa, ami all thoae horrid nervoii* sensation* which arlaefri m
a certain hatdt of youth, may he obtain* 4 of I>r. F.. Ilnet, Fr *i.a I»r.
I street, three doors from the corner of Governor, opposite the first
; Presbyterian Church. He ha* alao cured many tmubh*1 with ring
ing in the ear* and head when a*leep, great Nervonam •*, hemg
alarmed at sudden aounda, ami b.»ahfnlneaa, with frr»|Urnt Mu*h
Ing, attended *om. time* with derangement of mind. Mr. llt'FT
may he consults 4 in all ra-ea of a CFKTA1N MIAKAHF. Oonorrl n a,
(Herts. Htrlrturra, 8en»ln.»l Weakneaa, l*aln In the |>dna, Affe« t • t.a
of the Kidneys; al*ov thus* peeullar affection* which arl*e from %
i rerbffai j>r<u Mr* *tf youth, and which if not cure
rlagr ltn|*»*»lble, and In the end destroy* both i
I Person* affected with urethral discharge*, nr debility of the ti !•
nary organa, or |ho*e who are suffering fr* m the di*ttnctlve hi »it
e»f youth, known aa the lMltary Vice, ami * ho have been »Mn I n
ed to die by other physicians, may be ape. dl»y cured by applying to
**Vl<)NUHRllfKA will be permanently cured without the a !m*n«*.
tration of any mercury, baMam, or ether drug* which may cf r *e
tll/FFTlt are fatal to the constitution They lead t* stricture*,
| gr« at weakness, ami. If owl proper I y treated, are rulrmug |9f.
I If. guarante* • 4 cure, and A prrman* at oue. In a very *T»o» time,
I without the tsa« of catheter or burgle. _ . ..
Thiae who are aOJicled with any of the form* of the *acrrt tilt
ease*, aueli a* hMchr*, nod#* and »il* era, are majored, if they va
lire life and health, to rail Horn* diately
no fa la** modesty deter you from making your ra«r known to
one who, from cducatum and respectability. ca.i alone !*• friend y-u.
lie vlio place* him**If under Ihr lit P T, and hi# Ir* atmrnt, may re
ligiously confide in bis honor a* a gentleman, and in whose bosom
I will be forever locked the aeeret of hi* patient.
| There are eery few men In the world, In whom It I* *afe to rep*'**
I confidence, r*pe« »*lly In ca*e* of a delicate nature. The many pre
I lender* to medical science with which the ciintry I* Ailed, and f he
many dleapp»di»tnient* to wbleh the iinbwtunate are #nhj*ctcd f.y
I consulting *uch men, renders It a matter of mere Ju*tlc* to ran
I lion the puMie against them,and point them to the aure ‘haven of
C-.mRlalr.la ara awf.mftilly »».»!*.! »n, rur.<! by Dr.
I llnrl, ..r nop.) r.*|Wlr«I. _ ._ ._ , ,
Dr Herr iii.lt.. .in*.. rK.prlc. Ihflf r... m.y
• pp.nr, or »U»l»*.r th.tr m»f h., or tiow.T.r «n«nr RhT
I *l.l.n. or r.ni.tl... Ih.y h«.» lrl..|, I" pin hi. hoowlrdp. an.l •till
■o lh. I..I In an rf'imlniilbm nflhri »». II " ill r«M< Woo. o. I ‘lira
Ills office I* *o arranged, that lhaper**>n catling will *ee nanne hot
1 the IPortor himaeff, who i* m renatant attendance In hla private
rooms, ready ami witling to render relief to all who may give him a
f>r. flt'FT*8 Medicine* are entirely refutable; they are easily
taken without hindrance from hualnrea, A cure made In all eaaa*
to the satisfaction of the natient, or no fee required,
i All consultations atrklly ronAdentlal.
Apply at hi* Medical Oflce. franklin atraet, nearly oppoatta
I at Presbyterian Church, Richmond. Va.
I Hours of consultation from A A. M. until I P M , and firm
M until ‘4 P M , Sundays ricrptrd.
1 Prreina at a distance can be ewred by letter, post paid, ftatla
I ca*e and eneloaing a small faa. Term# moderata.
I All consultations *trlctly conAdentlal
Price of Medicine per package $5, which In moat rates prove*
sufficient to werhirm a cure.
|ffP“ All flargtcal <fperaM«>n# performed. l»o1 1y
■^V»R AAf.f PRIVATtl.T -An excellent Carriage Mrtvrr and
I kbit, porllon No, |. for aala by

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