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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, January 11, 1856, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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• utia vn v fl II IU» |
l».*u P.fwr. fa per annum; Hrni.W.s kly. $5. Weekly, ft. i.lwnep
Jn * '' ’ Ut'likltMia l*ajr »-• trade r.l tin risk *»f «>»•• I*ut4l*hera
In til .se« where evtilrnee I* taken nit tl»# 4e|wMtt t.f a letter hi the
T‘*»t ‘Mitre . ontatntng money.
One '* | i;ire, (I* line*) »*r leei. t»ne Insertion. 75
Ifiich mUMoimI Inwrtlon
One month without al••‘ration VI 2ft
Tliree «|o tin .|.i
Hit «!• i|t» . . • ill
Tw. Ire do do ..ift ml
Tw.. “«|>iare«. Three umtitli*. J5 i»*
Sit month* ..... *5 iat
Twelve m it the
v *‘l'Vl *1* ■ » etit tt» l«r • oiiaitlere*! »*r tl»e tuntttlt or year un
led* Ht*t| on the I|«ui|«rri|lt. or pierlou«i> *gre<«l *n|w.ti between
the 11 «r: *e«
\ > teertis. ntetil turf ma*ke*l on the mpy for a specified number
•f . w f| lw •oiitinu«-l until orderasl out, ml nuyinent I
e»l IVngty.
• ♦ It*-•*« i »« \i»T»-*Ti*»MirxTw.—To avoid anr mls'inderslamlttig
0,1 * "* lh* \ tin-i 11 \ l v-itl*r *, It l* proper to a*a!* i a< t! /
th*t ‘V’r p iettr-g.** only rttrtul« to tltelr iiimu*-lint* bu-lness. Hnl
T t . • l. -f tl inti -II otlf-r l*lvtrllvnfnt« wnt Ity them t«l*e art ad
• *< i ■. I II I Var attnn
'*r* d K" t’r nndfletteral Vgent** tdrertisement* not In he in
»e m .1 l»y •! t: >-.tr. lull t,i !»• - <i|f I at the usual iitrs, tulprt n.
•u -h 1. • if* ,i* *liall lw nrr-el -ipn
* ■**’* V •»••!Ion.«eT«, Bred seller» i -i-t yearly -<| Vert t*cre, generally,
C «. ir ... Millie - I't w .‘h the |i‘i«il*-?-* wf Cledfr. shall •»« t.
'I* it r ig , in • y ne w.. k, insert luorv thatt the uunuM
t •«|»>I| l* tie .'311-luif rul' indrr (lie font t. I, Slid all ek»*vr*|
Ilia *• '• 'mount tn I-- ••!,« r- d st the u*u »l rates
I ’ • i i. .i»- i*ert«d iii the >• • n We* kly Whig at 75 rente |* r
•T* ' I * ''.'fs or less for tie* ft• at insertion and 5*‘ relit* |*er
M| • for «• o h roatlnuam-v
« % I. » .> II A It I’Olt I N 5 «|.
. ». * J* T
« i ^ 11 ? i « ? i ? i i h
; 1 f 5 -f i I i 5 r» IfriS
* I £ :* £ = c. £ ;
i * i * * Jrir i s ;t i
’ * » i ii i? >; : < ;• i it u
I I M 1-. til IT -» Id li || ift |f |; ,»
....i *| /ft .| * I .ft if ... ^ ftj ft, ft,.
•- >1 i st »s -.1 .*■ .n
*T»«I >«. I ll.lt-T 1 1
<1 ■ T •.< : i -. t; ; »
1" ll|li n U I.** K I" 11 IS It II Ift It!
IT I- Id -.-t i| ift M tT Id 111 in ,*| fti ft
•I ift » tl id id i| ift if ,-T • d-.K id
M«».h . | tl
■ 1 l 1 d d.■'truant I “ ft i ft it
'• Id.ll I ' I : II Ift I d y I I! 1ft Ift
It. T M Id • •■I -i II ir. it; it '■ M
it .’I l.ft if. it -id ft ft| -ft. ;.l .ft, ft- ft,; ..;
u d| i. y i.,
Amu. I I ft OfT.ei* lilt
f. T; d d | II Ift f. r S ., |„ !,
I I II ift If IT Id Id Ift I ! || m IT
i > il ii il fti ift if, Id •.. ,i| -ft , i ftj ....
,ij *d id dI 44 il id ftd ;tt. 1!
Mtr 1 i S'.irrNMn I
4 :. f. ; - d iii ft t i f t t
II Ift Id II l.ft If. IT d III l| Ii i t II |J,
M m ft.i fti ft. “i fti IK u |, id ft,, ft]
ift if ST id id I dl it 44 ft.-. 44 ftT ft. id
!.. .! Hu.
Jr»K 1 ’lift f. T Id ■•» dHrk I S * I ft. 4
d d III II IS |:i 11 T d •> |„ || ift
l.ft If IT Id Id in il II l.ft |.i it I - !'.
Si fti I ift S4 iT S' 4! *■•;:: 4| 4ft. ft.; 47
i»*". 4' 4y t.i m
vn i ii iii:*r \\ i■ i. \
4* AAkm KMINHURtill, 9*** tons, - . - \Aw Crmtixo
0#a£,^'vv»KK. 9I*m •• ... Roar. Caoo
«il. A*UO\V, 11M9 •• ... .!,*♦» x Hr*.**
T'»* lit. |{um uttl Nrw York Slexm«hip Coiouitiy Intend •tiling
Hie If new .«m! power fu* Steamer* fr«m» N»-w York ?« r tJln«g..w, ,i •
KHINIll’ll*iH. Saturday, iOth l.-«nuary, at 19 o'clock noon.
NKit YORK, Sat-jnlav. 9*M February, ** 19 •• , ••
liLl^iOW, Saturday.
M lutw or ftMtaux.
FrilOiu .
Third f| .*• . * >und with C'-oketl provisions ' ’ y~n
An . toerietic* I Surgeon attached lo each Stearuer.
F«r Freight or Passage, apply In JOHN MrSYMON,
!W Broadway.
New A ork City IMU .»r (tol l otllv received for l*a««ngr
S* » MI'G l a >i l | 11 t. tOMPA.YY.
It mioifi FI • V*»*» Ixtloii.t »• the pioneer among the nffi . r*ii<
llil .,r for till- kind •» ln*ur>«n v.)wllh aCa«h t ipttal md S irptn*
• f * .*'• - ‘i, *v now prepared to Ittiir pollt-ie* on the live* of Slave*
B* t • Iv i A rr -ii* Inainni c t'omp.«nv. II* It., ird of l»ir.- lor •
npc. . . »lly known i« the c«» unmnlty) holding their meeting* in tin*
•.•it! here *'l l«.«*r• are pr« ipfly and lil»cr..lty **lju-ied, eatltl. * it
to * , U*r*l *hxre of the pubth- p .Iron age * *rt»• «* pat prewrhtl oruri
.f M «m and SHh *treet*.
F vain mgr, Mr. M Burton
JAMBS C. CR ANK. President
*.s u Ikggn, Secretary
a<• it i* i I I I it ki. \a kin.not m:.
F»l,lh Subscriber*. having removed to their n w Fa'S,,ry on C.*ry
K ''ktvl, t*efwreii IHh and loth Street*, are prepared t«# receive
a'** • II *• ol* Agricultural A| ichine* and Implement* «.f the
laiev 1«.| moat approved p«.t. rn*. * i.tch will f»r made uf the lir*t
mat. ritl* 0f .jperlor workmanship Tiny a*k attention to
‘ *1 ’ «r l «. 1|*i io.ihJe And tingle geared ||<'r •epower* and Tl.r ••lier*.’'
•wh litre taken h premium at every Fair ui which they hate Urn
«*lhd iiwd. \u,. i„ ‘•Cr..*».ill’* (1m| Ciudier.'* M »:,ny* Patent
H' |»*» .Ml Mower.” 1. . t**«t in u*. Fiwk**' Patent hi ,. »ml
r'l i. . .-pr. .1. r. highly tpprove I. Rl l,'* Patent Iron S~*in 1'low
•van . ** .ir M* I . y subjoin the opinion of the II *, \A .h am C
«IVC. of \e e Phiws. I • A 1.1 * AA 1 \ . C.AHMMKI.l. A CO
K- hmomt. February 97.
CuirLS lliu, l.lt'i lh ISM
C4.1 AAu. II. Sror*.trT>>x—Dear Sir: I take pi noire in re .rdmg
her*- pit J! »pr> hsio ■ of the performance of your p.ow (Rich** Iron*
and •> upleie than that of any plow I »ter aaw in ..iteration U for
1 hut * 1*. oe.| hy p w 1. v* ry g nr rally IS I tic Ire* d***p . I »U.(,t
9'» i i. he* u 1- 1.1 Ii *r I. close I md. slid moat elf. dually and perfectly
.-Ie4netl a.1t.no e .} the and earth fAllli.ff ba k Into It.
The tiH,| of ti e plow w t« witnessed t»v m my of my neighbors,
■* • ■ • • m P 1: 1, J. ||.
J *1 I »i*. 1 it l|o|dti i», f I 'lil !■ W tt«on, of I. il* • t‘* . all prac
tical "* ' ' i *'«*'•! ri clfmt j idg • of ngri« ultur.il iu»|4. ii:ein*, ami
there * »* but one I'piniou niHmg ih**in a< it. the superiority and un
except Cl till* l-f fo| III III of Vm r plow
AAVliii.Ky.Hi etpiai mi ., «* . n in making this v.aluaMe im*
,plem* ut 1 4V *ral>ly know 11 lo «»ur i;r oltural brethren,
I remain, v«>ur* truly,
fd !«”l >il 1‘l.kSl l H. AAe keep . i*l.i 1 If „ Mr 1
b» * VA*md«or l.iintp Pl i'ter enable- u« to re. om*n«-nd it as (lie heal
that c in he l.*.| All nrd* rs left at war .dflce on Cary *t n t, prompt
ly wggpnted PAM v» l MIU I itr* •
N It Farmer* can he supplied In their own tug-, at a reduction
Jn prfc* I. la rnl disroant* to merehants, for ra*h j»i97
| l*|l OlCak «.• l «k<|| k MI A >k, Ac -The -uhserb
.1 A l**r ha* now in store
A*» .* i*e* superior ”P k M" Stick f.lrortre
1« d. do -Cra" do do
1*» d«. prim. M... >|o
f1' do do do do
lb do do ^vF," .lo do
11 »|o do "A Of" do do
tO bag* prime quality Canary Seed
•l\S*cfc* do do H’*tnpiVcd
lh* lf!««-k .Arigosfura Totiqua It* ant
JO boxes Lnrerhig*' Double U tfSursr
" AtawgJuly • vpccfing T» rase* prime “II C" Mas* Mquorlce, for
•ale on » '*mini«Mlatlng term*, Ity
Jyl7 Corner Cary and Virginia strecta.
.1. n. 11 \ K<; K< >\ El
|.mion rinni i*»«ra,l
Alt Id \ I. I II,
ir.if/ »iw<br Sf <’T»rV* //. |g/#
Ra tiM..*I-, Vg.
gror*, ft. •») F.«tate, Me . |mb|» |? m.l prlratcly
I* 11* * til-factory <»f (III (Urgr llif.lr
I4T* lie luu b (niiTriiknt i»l:n-i for ke ping «l*r**a.
The «•!»•- rihcr r* jh Mfiilly Inf rm . I. frinnl* that V ha* dl* .»r>
ttf*u**d II.* « I lion bti-n tnd l-tv g » nt d I. * ..It). , (,. \|, J p
II * *• »fr,U tt pU it .»* in r#( mi lending hi* former
,0vr Mini a call. HKNJ
Jtiir *1
l'» ..IS UAIItlltq A « «...
.ill... >11- I.M> .I.NKIMI. COM»ll*>l.»N M. K. IIANTl.,
\rrf.NI» p-irtiliirly fo IW *alc of Wheat. Corn, flour. Tobacco,
, .1. . %nd k** p Vi-t »n«l.r -»n band a large **«nriment *.f family
<lr t«y th*-r wl'b I .line, Urono.l Plaeter, P.-rnelan and M«< i
rvi fl'ian... Tar. Orlii.l*(nio«, Tin Plate*, Ca*t Uteri and lr.»nt of all
de«.-rlptlnna and *»«♦•* mfrf*
. . . . M ISM ... A I «...
Wrotm ami Commission Merchiints,
»*««»■ otiv t*n IKfi etattcr*. item*)**, t*.#
■ 91'W leave to Inform their friend* and u«tonier«. fl.ai they bare
■ m rr. . lre.1 tbeir fall t»« k of t» H< »rf MIP*. IJQl )»Kd MIMIC*.
M-' . *•* . roifiprlaiug the Urfrft and beet «1ork they Harr efer been
•Me to get in. We invite eity and count rr dealer* to eiaailne our
gflork before purrbaalng. among which will be found:
1<k#» bag* Rl» Jar a and Legnayr \ Coffee
IWi libil# f. It M O. and Cuba Huger*
9in) t.t.I* Crutlied and Coper d<9
lw bide and t • Cuba and * O Wotaaao*
Ifki bid* N C and lUlifat Herring*
IWa* k* g* Mail*
•*■** Md« IHd Rre and Re. tilled Whlake?
fiO b» I# A.iithampton and Jereey Hr and?
fc* bbl- N f. Rttm
6 y p»p* • Ifenneeaer Rrandy, rery line
!• M pH**** trarlo*.. brand*) Rraody. Pale tnd Hark, rery
Arne 9
*f> H ca*k* Vberrr and Madeira Win#
bore* l*prr m and Adamant In.- Candlea
400 ream* letter, f’ap and Wrapping Paper
too aide* F«.le leather
5o !»..**• M.af Huger
15 tierce* |/ondon P«.r»er
Irtfl pa. kage* Oreen and Mark Teaa
1ft*» d. fancy and Plain Candle*
fto M»|e Cld' r Tlnegar
•W bngya french fllaaa
fliM doarvt Red Cord*
loo boa. • llr >wn and Pale R..ap
|ooo IV Cotton farm
**• .M„».ov N„
jpmrmi . imh..v -m.j.n,r,. ,,,ntT
iir.ii ivnn ii/» r,ivmr,.Tir,.> i.s,
rnoM h m rmrENuiLt. * c**.-* Krumi'in advkrtu '
iso iiorMK
!*- M I'trfuuiu * IN* tn *|*M* f„r 11.trl71.il tl*. N*-n*|.|H,*
lii lit** I niti il Mtalrs and Canada* oRfceew, 119 Nassau sire t
Ni w Yolk, au«l l“Mt*le iinti, BkasU «
SIMiKH'S Slrt I\li >1 W MINUS.
fllll I N| . H U HIM ^ <
I reputation In the Culled M*v- • Tn k iimr rum - • «»*t.p Mr
I**L I’M tri • idly been a«*nl*i| to tlinu at the great KtlrosiOon at
tl.« I*hIm< v ••rimlti try III Pari*, and thus they have tl.. World's v* r
did «•! superiority.
tirent tmprov uieuta harrjiiai been added, ao that th«-v run will,
out noise, a till ease In tlir u|«-ratnr at d'lilblr tlw ordinary speed, mi
Th* great*-«t r|*.thing and shoe «i«nst»rliir i<| «stablUtuaviita in
llo » ountry u**- ll. .«• m ichim • »icluslvrly. Th- yr are kompetrM t..
perform i Very sort of Work In tlie most perfect style
A« tlierr ate very gr- *t iiiii.iIhrs of interior nr entirely worthies*
| sewing uiscliloes -if the Lrrnw A Htslirtl, Avery . Wil on, Oiover a
Ha Her, ami ••tin r p • f • nt *, a hi* Ii !*a r • ia-eii sold, I ml « annul be u»* - I
to any advantage, we l*errl-y off, r to receive all sueli machines, ai-«l
also iiultupr«>v«d one* of our own mauuf u-ture, la hxttika... ».••
| Ml* •*!! U*»st 'tl-miUli Nu NIiM, «Ui liberal terms. AH old tu
rbine* thu* • be un- il l»y us w il In t.r-*k- n up and dtstrovrd fur
paitu lilsri 1 by letter nr |a-i tonally at our New York lMkos.
N It l^nral Ag» ots wanted to make sale* **f «*ur ini|u«»ve«l a*
'"f M,*‘ blm * To |s » pr<.|-er|% q islift- d tor tlw lm*u<ess, a r m
o|-|Mir(iittity f„r pr-.fltaldr and plsaaant etiqdoym. nt is .-ff. red.
I. \i MINUKK k CO.,
Prioripal 4Wire, -“t/M Broadway. V V
HKIN( II OFKIt'f> 17 II -Tee:, lU. I I. Cln-«tnut «• ,
l*lnl td.lphU; lu% |i «|iuin.r« • • * t, Baitmo-.re; ¥* i W all a s« . t .
. .i.n itl. s, fi, ttlr- *t , Nrw Orl.ans; Cilote aVille. N V . I I
Hroa-I street, Newark. N J. dr 27 — dim
i* f: •: Ik’s i* a r »: > *r
t 11 itoNoMhti:h i*:n< ; i n k.
MONlli 1 ,
* »Tt granted to John A It. New y. tk. J .ii V. I %V.
Tl* nature of llii» luipm• • m. nt • ••.«.*ta In the iw--m.se n/ immer*
iU ml per ent., and reducing the **- gi.t uf i),« Kngne ot.r »wit
n.e * «V*.*g -d iitrl is - 0- • trd by l.-t'ti.g tl#r Metiiu in oil both tde* -d
t.'ir cylinder . doubting the •»*• ol llte |mrt, and balancing •#»•- ptrs
u»e, removing (be fit* 1*011 and a. >gl.t of U»e si I- *MUe*, • e.« nt.,.*,
■ i • ■»• heatls. . ••nneetlog rn«i-. Ac Ti e ext evdu g simplicity
fi glue, render* ,t mu I mow durable md easily mat* geel tttai . §,y
• Her. when plw.-l up-*n tie holier with wheel* it I* uurtaUr
t’.nttff!. .fleet|ge. ^
li e. f . g r. rived tl- *, i |»mo ManaL at tlw-great h*l
»* thill It. Puls There ire »l*-.u: Meventy n»« of them now in .*•
lotion, ill gis iiig great sail-.a h-n.
I ll »r*e KugiiH*. - - • fl.'ei Boiler* and dtlings, - - - A 12ft
. .. « „
if. - “ • t" “• “ ;
Ali -»re* from I to l.oi*« |«-w.r at tl.r sln rteat nntire
Ah- . it--* I'* P.-e t > ntn P.i* p. the sittttd. *i and n.-st durable
■ f
knrtfier Inforruatiou may k lu : try addr--*sn.g
, nil Ml.rv A KURD.
del., -fiiu—1PJ 9.*, M .id* n Uin. . New k -.rk.
V N s A a BiSB C%
****** K>*.i»o* ami. »*ikuu, m*,y ki.r**' uuiio, Hi ,
iiiiporicr*. uml Mt.iit-is iu lluuui iuivr-' Aititii--,
^ N it ^,.t. ,,i- *J„ tl„- -u.„.lrun .ii.) It.-*,. |, 1 wu Work. * iM**atii
If No V*rt hr -Loti U 'I .
Mx lilnlrl. I*m>I». _ _ wVi* l>[»• |
iV'"l'>l T\.-K*:n, I I .,, hi,.. N,« l,.rks„**ll.. u,. ,|
T • *1... i i IV • «t« r > M . it. ,.ia t r.i* w -I,, ,
I Run-. « oml.N ll .ii, i-H.ilt ami ..i Ihod.. . Ladle*' IJeti
erluunry .-*• *j* »*., n M J. • *«.d |h ,d Iha- . let-. P.wket
**•» buttons l‘n.. .ni l Vmdle*, 11-,-k- ami Kv.s, \t at- l
•ru.« d n.\,t.I on! t.;,.** Ihi-.K V » U.n . . a. . | *,|
t mid**, i it*-*. IS ill .tnd Tn)* *1 rti-i) •!• —rp'.Mti **.
. *i- I'. l t'utlfty, trohl and '-ill J a by \« ei.!... ,* *.,.,! \ t..lti.*,
*" 1 s N IP* I . I ll »i..| %ny larg. tuck *•* hi.gl»*»i, Rjern l., and
• iermnn f . ■*•> ..I*, which will hr «..ld »t U.e \ery lowest pi t,. , |„r
• a*h or approv»d |n|ar
1.^'»r'l*-r* by l*-ts* U- ini •!*•! |it up in the ta-r*j tnatitier
UII.I.IWI fAMKhit. In l*a.k Plu-e. N. ** y ,k
M.— I'leaae cut tills mil ap4) dly— Jpj
•* I * INI 1.I.ANI I4 Mil It I S,
'»ti> s rM»\.r. ..* 1 -.».»* r Mw* ..k*
C1 U i ION n. - are s- utt r. . M ,, . - t.
./ i «t* -i Ail iuutiuta«^urvraaiid all»n mfri: gn.g will u* p)u**
* MKN't’ 41 \ I Sl |l . |{,
■ «» M It A l.l. A K1# .o \u«« ar.ulr.t rn'r i %«<t| ilir highest pre
m W
•-\tilii '.r.l I*y !!*•• i||stl>igui»hr'! rtieuiUls l»i t'hlltuli Mint |»iul J«»hli
r. rrv sn.i proijouiunl the br»t. For •ah* l.y the prim iik.I Uni*
t'*’' „ **r"" Pr-n .pal oil. ai..l Slur. Ills.)
*e® »• ■ ' Sew York tol.14—illy
Uf J k« KMIA A Mil,
J>"d —>ll> [Pi SI.. Front '.reel, and Irik. llroadway, N A’,
fa' .. . . M.a. him.'.- ai., j. 1,001.. n,t
A Tl.l.lJ. A I A)., AA or, eater, Ma - , patented ly Uku 11.ae Jr
SaptemK-r iirtli, 1 >SC Tl -» Machine* a.v ararrannat,(vl:l. proper
«a«,l nut lu Rtl oul of repair. Tliry are built in a good, aubwlantlal
and • .rkruan Ilk. aoi.ua, and will do Tallora.' Shoemaker.' and
sa.l lle,. work.m a u,.„naT warranted SO *.»r aalUfactlm. Tl„
"P »“y more than common aewlnir douw by band
Loll and .re Ilo-Iu In operation at UdCIIESNlTT .hr. et, PtiUadeSohia
"WVrM_ W A ^"bONARen, 1
A 1*01.1. *l | s
^ J* *■ i *K I'iK >Al.K the IkfUovtug hr«>> Cotton F*hri*
MKH i SOI.AND COTTON -All. LI CK « inche., all ».o* . har.l
.V, t. ...r'’ •n ,,ir **»t*h' Of Cv.VRAA I..»i,.,fa.currsi
»h» \ .UN-him . oti.prUh.g rtt ry variety kt.«.w«, U. the lra«ief an.i
i.O. roI alt the luWi wt lat. w
t- Nl I hl» ^TATfc> 1*1 MIT Ul t’K WcHwIlterry »n<l .Mount Vrr
MMI., » \lfj» A lull AtMirli'.iiit of tins "ill*rior tuhi'U*.
AA 11.1.1 AI .ANTI A' ArlTToN 111 r'K III. I-, Id, Jo aud iS, Inel. all
miml< I-, I..U.I and MU. Sola fabric wa< ..warded the Mel,,.1 i.,r
■'“i" '< >1 "• le.ndul. AVorlil’a Fair, .1-.. o ,,ur own -• ,,r
-•'I1IP -AN|r HEAR M.AKK Id i K I'l.dr. and iw.ll.d, umIiuI.u
lurol l.y toe l.rmiw. mP. I'oupinr, . -up. rl.o aril, le r, r |.,i,. ,
tenia. uwuli.Re. Ac.: ,Im>. Ainu .1 Arnu.i. Twilled u.t. n. Il„. ,r.l
IS_.,e... Ihonrer and P omul M.H.; I. rM lollon R.vena. |4.„, « t„
‘J. lu 1.; V a\ v «li. «lo
t'oTION Mil, I HIM A full ...merit.
drier Mi* *,*'|-TlNia—-J'l lo -Jl ,11. ll, lua.ie Very heavy, rvpreaaiy for
< )i; COVEMXO fort.' Daeva ■ n iMUr, fr,„„ so p p„
.“■■ V" ' r-' made rvpreaaiy for rwTvnr.R and r a.hl.u
I....I not. ..a, la larl-vlly and permanently water proof, and mm.
*■»••! f h*»r than the • vr itM*Sf.
> AAIM I.INI. I'.AN A v.'sh-.H.i* :ia, so, s;, and lbi Inrli plain and
twilli.i. III p-Vriy VJirtrty.
IIA...1 AMI lt.Aoi.IM, Of every dracrlpilnii. Seamlraa liar..
Woven Wool. . .11 -IXr, in lul. a ,.f IIVI, -Jia. and mar fombil.tl.e
'Irm^lU"I,,T ''lieapne**, for Rrain and iiir..l, ate unaur
Aiao. I.rwry t’oilon Sa k.nR, 4a> inel. Caneaea. K thread Vl .irn a. .
F.ll (. heavy iwlllnl. do 4o, U> aiul 41 ln. li
tA.nrL SAl KS—AVove.1 whole .11 aura, a new and drain 14,
felS illy
i . iii ii u i:»:.
! '.{!l w urK mk-it. \m \ tig,
'41 ANI'F A' I I KEII AVI. I'ltOPlkll l.»K Ol l.niKEFS A'FA<0
.VI ..It HAKINO POWIIKR, Imporw, and IhaUeTto
Cream Tartar.
I*«»h. C'srh. Hmla,
Caatlh F#-;p,
Wvi Irp.vI,
Brliuli U«trr,
R-fli nl |VarU»h Kulrrifni,
. „ C.a.kinR Evir.i. la.
.tc«—.lly._ Mai Iww ti . ■ I tA'aod.
mi l l A a it roll t a a at.
■ *1111! LORII I AHIi. 'I.arrrraia. N.. IS r:,all.ani at V. .
■ Aork So.- • . of Prr.a v <iwa..a la.R.u nu. .11. M ■ , - .1.
■11 klrotaor IAN l>PfS and TCRACCOP | e.r,For parti .
r.T *. •«" -I ly . i-lrraalr* .. al»v,
StatVT .... ",r uM *' <*» "o klml In ll.e I nlbal
-—__ fe1»t~ly
I A I I Min h
Tv? r -T Till: wkarrUvr htRa leave lo - I .
af'A ..ten. on ..f i,la r, i „.ia Ol iT)
Vi’"1 ,h’ p.ihib io hia .toft, r l-'\,rr.r\A
dWIW — l .Ola. ,a. Trunk.. . rr ^li l I 1 I i f
I re.,lly a. Oft. I l.y l.iaetf IV |n-ra,«n
ll . lie ,o,.d variety, and will. In atvl* and dualliy rom
p*rr With *11 y III t? I iiiark* t
lie revpea'lft.llv lovlira pur.haaera R.rr hi,., . rail, pramlal, r i„
•ell l.y ilw dovrn or •hirI. pa.raa low a« any nllo r hm.ee ..ay
_No. I i. A, ,rk. II
IgMM ).< »< »<)
" ” •« ■ •» I I* t I. O O II S
» r <■ «> * r mih r a a h .
*" 17 fi akl pfturr
A A l\.t mad- ,mr .rranynoenta, In w,ne*lnn will, nlhrr pay.
lie.. I.. open a ll*W In \e« V. rk 01) the 1.1 of January
■ neat. and |.. ..e h,,,,.. hrrr.wr I,»ve determined lo , low
out our pr. .,.,! .lo of Honda, whlrh ,r. ,r( ,h r„|,
d. Iraide A w II llwerf.oe.en , ,ri.r M .n.l.y, Ore Wd iMaUnl,
"ff. r our rnllrr alo A ill ....I, for r.>aA
I" '»«■•>.* •- 'me. of blrarhrd .nd brown
n.r v7 ^P'.lriinr. .flai.n.la. Uh-y.. R. Rkrep l tray a.
Blank. Ir. I Ml.non, P.ltlnrU, Krnlneky Jean. Prlida
Olr.fhaBta, Hrrea Honda. White Omulr. Alpne*. »r *r
• hie trend. and rinlomera ai.htny i,. bur or'order on ll.e u.ual
I rrrdita, will be atitqdwd al our u«ual nriee.
! W'„y.' fnr * ' «"'• d » Plannlnn full, d Clnlh., and
we will keep up I lie al.uk of Ihe.r food., and aril llwm a. w.- hay.'
I hrrrtoforr.
A»> anilely a rail from our friend, and the trade
"'** brook*, hm..» WAum
MICATAI AAA Mill lifl; .. | j
|BIIK\AII||<a AAri.BAAPlPIH I* I I I, h,
1 * ’ r ,\,r , " 1 • ’ I.y. mm. lie.
from m. n of the blph.-.l .lamtll t In Hie I tilled Plale., I. now nlK red
lo lheiml.ll. a. tl,e nrvr and M HIPT remedy for Hy.|..|ol,
IJ,r* * "nlalti no Calomel, no mineral ronallt.ienl. .»f ai.v kind
?}*T V* iV1'1*.' "7 If* * •pre.lr lm rod write,, of
55'" , ' r.u "n '' !',r '">lj «’.lie. Horn lo he tried,
Al.oe Ilian %al.iaai hoar, hare lao„ dt.pnwd of. ami will, an Increaa.
Inf rep,nation- and ihe Proprietor ptolfr. hi. honor a. a mo a. and
III. rrpui.<llnn aa a I'Kylrliin, for the aafety and efAeary of ihelr
E r. n ■?** Brn* , ' ' ' un h non aa Martin A an
2 a . ? P?^ Hr,IfP Poller, July.- Pupreme Court;
| 7}'.. ' e1’ " *' """ "rorfer lladfer.
I L • Penalor,from P f .lion WoiC Prratpn.laie C P Penainr fr-mP.
I r 'I.J Pamnel At, l „mh., Ilreenyille. Heorfla, and a loot „f tin,liar
prr*oo »(Tr«
r.T'’ 7.7'* ln BI.*hmond of Adle A flray. Porrell. l-add. A Co and
PmvmI <♦ >i»r»**n
! IW None fen ulna without ihe wrlilen the .Ifnature of
Proprietor, Pnrraburf. fa.,
*»*? To whom oil I'liliM Will »I, M.|,|re««0<1
I AttMIAI.lv' ( AM It I Af.l s ! ! •«.
Ai.rwrii rinh,
ciaatan* wiyrrirrraia, naa runaa anow ry.ttiana anrai,
ftnun irany,
■ MAP on hand a larfe aa.ortmenl of he.i quality, and moal fa.h
■ ■ hmahle Pule., Coarhe*. Cnarhre., Cnarrtottere, Bar our be..
Hnrkawaya, Ptlde Peal T.q> Buffra. and Buyer, wlo, and wlihoul
I hare atan al my Rrpnaltnry a larfe aasorimenl of Northern made
Carriage., mannfartured hy ihe mod api.rr.yrd maker., ,u,rn*
from the Ilf Meal .lyle Of no top Bnyyy, lo the Aneat ..rdrr of rearhea
Thn.e in want of rarrlaye. will Amt II lo ihei, mtrreM to rail an l
raamlne my am, k, aa I am drlermln-d m aril on ihe mn.l re.a..na
Mb *»f m«, «.
- - . . _
f|R *** *'N. Pea Urea., Willow and Oil noth T.Me
■ Mala, la tela, for aale by
VV 'a r"0'. V* 0,,•• "•“’f""* Mearhed ...
▼▼ *dar OH, Aar aale by ITBi'RI.I , I ABB A CO
. DrufRAata, P# Mam .ireei
ftiMl KcB.hru Kimhiim. »*f lo«* In •tori* «.,.t ^
»*'' hy riaamprm an
r«N » RMIH HIAI.A Hail).., Hultara, Vl.d.na, Plnira Are. i
■ denna, Ar , for aale low by
ONI III NDHKn RRI R. TAR, for a.|.
iU. winnoH.
• ™ 1 ItnmTMtw lufM, Hi* HIMiV
cra»kt. mw v« «■
* > D PIC T I li I. I It A >| E Jl AM T A t T 0 R V.
»«•*»* A« • % . XM.I.I It.
lit Kokp YTIt ffkMf. MW V«»HK
^ • '• •••ul I rail tl» 4tl«iit.im wf ■irtiNfpra vi«ilin(
WAKi KOOtJ* AN«» MtM KAt roin
In Ihw poBMlImi of UHniuallol f*. llttw*. ».*• U enab^.l U* rscrutr all
®f‘lrr* *•" V* bf«i. Tl.*- rr|.it tr Wltl.
»'•**»«*• ftp* • I'll* n« and m lult a M l Mil. 1,1 „f
Mof I.IMNii.s, Him till » ku > VoNiii*, «I4K, t| API.P, ZtCUttA
ANI» t| AN Y,
In rrrrf t«r**tjr anil • ol*»t*i.ll> ...I t . „I
• r» II* all |* *r(a of III. * Nl l M» fTATW \N |» I* AN \|i %>
rin 111*.I M u> prompt i.*>,a. j... W*-i «U|* ||. gr*ai*-«l of c..r.
A liVf.il «li-<ount aUuanl (4. ilw tr••!»*. II v >|<*I.KM
tM+ - Ami. ia.tr4a) *7. ft • .1 T1 K..r.,U* .iml l Yoik
■^1.*K “In. nr Purp-m. «fl i... i<...in„- i i.««r.. i-.il, I„ i.i
* *■■■• dry I.U.ll, C. ... four -I 8. r.ul W.. .1. Tim r.4lon and I,,,.,,
*UO alo., IIm- .|„<|. ■ „,».| .1 o,l.|r Tapr " al. f
Mauula. lur. t| atol 0.1.1 l»j 111,1.NX 1*1 TM,(\,
- W Llarty U., Xr. York.
tW Or*., ..pll> nil. l r.,r .11 k|,„l. , . p, ,|,r
■ W1 ,Hwr>*»4 Wraml*. ►*!<• ,:«l. o..l.w.al p,r.
*" Ac._ noli -ly via)
'I'm: i . v. i* % i im »i iiuii i i.ui'im,
(IIMTU cl li.i.lllMI.)
W B " I 0 • i
\ltk |.r I'lt.ill.. n. uta-allurd* r* ' r MANTI.ks I kHI.* Till*'
Ci.I.I 'INS. I'KllKsT M_». I'll.AsT.Its M.AI's . iu hi.il
I lion ol Si.ska. It*,.. uu, I*', a.a..-, N*,ai* ami ill f*my \|
I4r.; >a|tul 111 .trrowit , I- an'y ami diwabUny In r.„; ,,,,,14,, ami in
—rr.|aa l» .Uprrlor Ila n-lo. and al lr.» Ilian half il* on. I'nllkr
-.arhlrlar.1 iron. w —1..„ J*m. it |. wholly U from all nUrnloi..
Wlmhal. w(nl.,di..ll»,..u far- w. k. al..,. ,..i„i. r.,p.| ....
I'-li, A -, form th. Ir.ninaiy .11.4111. .1 .I-,rt,. I-. m„,.
U-- ! . n $* I. *».• Mr.l. 4 Hi. I.|,rr. I'M.io.l Makri* ami ofl,
rt- anH-ll-d, ami Mlufartlon foul >,| Amn.la for th- twin Ipal
rllm. n.alrd with. M.1I II KKNMR, Pro.
Ji«aru l.taa. s ' LOYEI. li IIIVKI.IS. V. Pm.
«a.»—I) —^»,t a J
13 Water Street, L.i-khn. \r« York
l» I’ it A ItllON a IO.
n'vls'’ ... h.i. I ... .•
i alnivr nai.it.I pi*... a. ... pr .] InManmacturr illkianir
! ' fill*! Mill-, rami
...I <.« tins h.i «. rk i.k M,iu.. SI,p„ll.-,.. *. . .i
i>nr«to fuitil-i* i'i«Uno ol rnry •• tt|*«iot, U. r«l] tf.*
•• * -:I" n» ; ■ ..I* . ... «.| .
lit. ,« pur Ih-.iI !»••• *»r -l.-lk I* I»»,r • fn ru tj.- I %t»- firm o!
: I • N I * > \ ' i ' M . .
Mil. n.it.i. •- -tr et* *1*ir«l>iltt hi’-I i»^Mtn*^c. u .n
. ) y ^ ....... | ...
iV" *.y ' ,,r* ,4* ' “ I- «• -« ant Til. r-, ni l 10 n..nl.i
, M M ,T' * *" ^* rv 1 If1' n i .»li f inn*-« tnwii
■ur to rortjr |i.irtc pnwer «lwa;i on h«n4. |» p H( K“ON.
1M.,n „ fV4Cl H. N roNKI.IN.
#h IS»—Hiu[\ 4>J *i |t roNKI.IV
STEIN \V A N * Si >N S.
MAM i'AITtlRLKS, I nil Sd H.,|Lpr SI rest,
■Wt AH tlRMAHWAt. MCW t.*WK,
| > Khp» OTP! I! t ,4| ,{. ....* **- ,-*-■
IB t>-Uhmi -|4 iof 1 icc,,rtn..-iii i.t «. :ui gr*nd .. trt,
•s • h ■ fT| i~»l
nr -...I «. ira.,.,.1 .1 n„. IVrrmnn, fur I...U,
*. 1 •• , ■ I n .k. .. boa II...
»«.. Hi lad. Ipblt, N«» I k and lltl'lraun
mi; rRH MPI< 2*T,i.awtv A Sox, Imt* idkt bnra sw4c4 Ilw
,vr ,' I. '...l 1 'll 1 11 v,-r ,.|| ,. Hi..I.I ,i i|,r ut. lair
(IIH-I ■ an lii't.luli-, I ryUai ISla.r, lor II.. > P
-I- • . “*
i iii:ap ii as i.iiiii r.
I I«iIIT « aIMPAN v *r. ,»r*parrtl to furni-l
UwcUtnir lloua - ^ , r
•f ••.rr.niu.l lo »H , .l..f.rHn„ T: . , urr ... .oularlnr.d „„.|,r
■ ,T' * * al' i i. ami ... II- ..niy uni. that Will r*la
«. ll ,1, . old .. lihrr Tim I. <1.1 irnmln .d . „r half than
Coal liaa and Im. than llm niliu.uinil Tallow I andl-a Th. ' ar.
-a*lly nianair.-l and ftm frnlM danyrr, and 11,* ,wl.-» i.*> ,--r Mil |r«.
than any .41- , mai lilii. « n.a lr Tim C..iuinn« ..tf-r lor aalm Siam
and lanimy K k-l,l. for nil th. S'alra All uld. r.ahoiil.1 U- uildtoom.1
u‘ , „ , S T AI.-lH*l*UAUoA«en, for tlw i on,tiauy.
.mlN—a-J :«! Broadway, X. York
*.. j . ■> i. n > *: i. i..
1—4 t g •
83 Mnnltii Lane. Yen York.
"I t‘%1 *• ! I< I.1SN (#| till lili l.lt-IC i *
U.lliui,Ilf I>. |a.t, ,4i Brail Slr.-et
—S- ly Botou Dtr|a.i, u lluirer.l Ann. a.)
MTIII I i 1 !.| i. BROTHERS A (JO.
Diu^y. KiinK Oil«. I)je.t Perfumery. luM
i to trrn.AM siast, r«e
INI Ilf (lie mundtNi of the trade • siifk larir* Mid wM «M<rk
"I tin.*., B.li la,Oil*. B.rf.iiti'-ry, Ac., Ar.
It. atltllll., . I. II,. o ui|a*talloi, of Staple Drufa. thee arr
alao rccrtvll.f. .Iirrvt !t...u tke ...-.r.,. ,.f ,.rual.l.-II. o ,1.1 m.OOf.C
IBK". , ,.| I'm,III. H-,.r .,,rl N . I Hi |t. , - I , r. . '!
tir*. }i|,,.i,r .. f r.-nrl. ,t.tl K.,*1,4. Perfumery, l..il,>fi'» Lilra.-!., hii.1
many .11,ri arn.-l... u-i»lly . nibra.-ed m HruiRi.ta' which
ir.»y ir» yU- rnaul*«( In r»(fer mi the u»o«: nlvaniitv* um t, nn«
r U* |N’*""n UT "HI rrCeltr prompt attention
n\as ami ii u.i.ni..
NO. ho WATER street.
near oi.ii 1‘i.ir nk»v vokk,
/Airr riiiii/ii/iriyyfi .in,/ utiihujticture to ortio,
it i«;m
Urol | l’ 'l'" i-all Itir attet.t .in ,.f Country Met. haul. u> tlielr
aaaorltui HI of
AND or
ii.i.iie** ii u.Sy
•K*Rr^r»e»| nn<l printed In order, rxpr.^-lr fur their u»e
Our facilities are such that w. *r» Mipplj- from
Also Importer* ami Dealer* in
(.1 NNY BAG8 and bagging
-f'". 1] g .1 „ ■
• IMBORT vvi I,.
Illll M HI I I'llls I Alim 11.1:11st
71 Fulton Si ret, jib! 71 Dirk man Street. MAY Yiiltk
■ )KIM II»A|. . . . I I’rirtit Strert, Nfw York ) s /
.* 10S c,,r .
Ciirntl' \\|> SPlrp I yTAIII ISliMI NT
I i.nllntM* !..pr. |..rr Hi- 1.. .t /■ irmo- t,,!, ,/ ... f„r
! "' I'llt Hr. t I. It —-,tlt. T.y it, I ...tier 1 ,1,. .,* n,.r |.. i r.i.yrr
M ..I ,.,l I (H“ t . .0.1 .1.1.0. ..’Ill . .. . -1.1 ..I, oa. , T,,v .
I r. .. - —
"• ' ' ■ . ' 11 ' I* r Mo,.!1,,1, 'I'*
k 1 ;n r, PA 1N 1: .v < <
laruina. *xn yt iiiii.r*ai r t.. u.t aa in
foreign and diaiis ric dry goods,
103 anti l«.Y, Main street. Richmond.
FALL TRADE. |n:,5.
V\'’ ‘ ln»-in Ittn.rtn ■ nr I. ,iH| .u.nri. ,i.„t wr
MJHMUX l.\l> IHI>1 KM ll |.|{\ |,(iilllS,
•; 'r/--- "K ..»i .1...nn.nl
Itiff ff* r Inarll •»!•!. !<• y* f t||»
IliiTtnr I.jr . vj»-r,.-t„ r th. imrir ii.tkkum mh. ,|,o,
r'' ... I Import i ..j,
« ?' •’V' h".Tk’* .. ..... and
,hr rslrnur ' ■* pi •. nl li.I w. nlll I...
m.l l.M l., „i|,r »i,«i in,I,i vmriit- In
W uli Iki ii »*i «| fRi ilities for frHi.1 v up
i<» t nt - >■ «m; ri nrimij,
W- »r;- p,-|..r .l * Mli , apIrn.lM Hi n (. . omprlrli,. , rrrr rnrlrtr
of t?»o latrat an*l meat approved *t«|«« * *
vjr,."r."."r O.II I u.■ ,‘,1. ..I Vinnnla. X..rth r,r,.ll.,.
""'I **r* •” 1 P"- nUflj Ih.iop ■rln. |. ,v, ,
. ■ - . „
wo ..I, .-,1,11.1. y, ,....I|,„ ll.ool. w|,|, I,, ,r,(
! r ^,.-. ’«i»•**•«. ,.»i*t|.n.,.., i,.» ii,rr(.«n <*■
tN'iir'd In Inla ittnlrr 7
*• "J .refully, and promptly attended fo
III hmond. Bepf I. Ihftft KKNf, PUXM CO
i*. h i; n i11 »:,
I)IIU(KI|ST,V \ IN »TI I K( ' \ | {\\
am* wiini.rx.u i- ihuiii ijf ‘x,x 1 '
niKMU’AI-X \ M» K \Net ijihHW,
2 " II I. •> l. ipi-r t" • >. «:l* (r„m .. n wi.ni «f
M1U .-Ml- .vlhNH \llTlf I M. and « 'I ~\\ »
U-a *- *** it. i ta Mt. M«..ar*
• TP* Main itre*-t, hi twren 1th and l**th _jjk J
A f •>..
TOBACCO INP Id'VMUl 0»M Ml^loN AfPllt lhNr«
C10JWIOXMI si' I I , ... ,
> r- ,|..,tfull. ...n.-itnl
t r" 'll* • ,.n Vlrflnl, •<rrrl, nr,l to f.»'« r. rnrr
" ' * v • •
II ll IM ,1 II ISK | ||l t| | ,
Krrfllf ,-™.ifi,muii< 1.1 T„l.»ivn, Corn, Whr.t hr
■ ,ml »irr ll,. Ii prrmnll .llmllnn to Skin. <*f t*i» ,,.n, ,,,4
krrt. , ,.tnHnllr nil I,*11.1 » l.,r*» •••<.rtni.nl i.f Ornnrrlr, ». r.l. p
malar* Ouano. A.
maai ta w*«iarn»a. - _
N. ’Ml. II I III ll’S SOS s,|
y iO\|Mt!«.«IOSI MIPCII 1ST*. 1
™ BflfRItR RH RVntll a4
P..II. II rnnrinimnnlr COHN. IVIII IT, rinl'n VnHMVii J.
W.rrh l(. KV
J II *1 S I. II M 11 | s SO s .
r«»r <,p ti»..iiu rrorrs. nmrnnsp, »,
%*T,II » rr »"• |-r«....,l ,11. nli.-n Inlln- ••WolWHIkt (YIRN
a ▼ TOBACCO. S...I all mho ra-'itilrp pm I.. r4 In Mi
**'* . .pit
I hi,» • t. » l..» .• k ,,f r irri i-r
T. ii la. of all «tr « aery t i|.-. «ir •
n X • .
ar.,| Cat|rrt Ba*r I
Tn i » mi 1 mi >,
■ TINT BOt»Tt would Inalfa all In want of Boot* of A
WT raafl? auparior qualtta, fo Mao «• a call Wr haae a M
larfr ataorfment h*«t*i Iffraa and Water proof, made hy M lea
♦ Bon. and other mak r* Alar*. B ^aa* B>w*a of all qnalltl' a fof'aalo
Mt (dr*.) pi rvrv. w%rfi« a rrrvrr
%TOri« f. I Ml ll.lfl.lt*. 'V, ’ aar Ifi atwfv a food
I aaanrtm. Mt U». Wa, llmfoa, H! »i l faat«nlnf« B.4ta. B r* wa.
j Piniahiuf RalU. Ba*h ratllfa, Bath C «rd, I . wfd-»( wo oflVr far
> tala cheap Ola« ua a ctU ClARK^N a kVprBBMN
HU ffi. lot Htia Bmi.
W. S. & <i. DONNAN.
'••* I!' IVtfl SI.. Uu;Iiiii..|k). I
IMfaiKTFIlIt tvu w Ifol.luMal.f l» AL».ff|* IS »l\> AM> III.AVT
n.M >. re eel rad by -)i |. *F drill," an.l M
Allan., " ■„ ! ■ l'. .|ll.i” fra.., Pj-ptand tlo .
I all lr,i)M#r!atnf II,rn ■ rU.n. and Pl.rlU 1.1 II Altll jBKr
WAJU CSTUtKYaaMl uCN«: u4 from . til -y>J
l4*rkr*. **•»» • ••UKtry, m very fu I au l • •Httplelr *•*.» . ,n.i ,.f
u|«.*i tl«e iiiimI unif»Mr irriiH, «i«*ltiultn- tig li »\t*nt ai,,| »«r •»%
a «t. . k w thy th. (ttetiiuHi and raaittiiialurfi uf |*ar imtiiiii
«*ur market
O' 4«. m1> « lApinl |»irtu ularly fur thf vtaaoCi, ^ur »t* . k m V»fv
full ai.tl > • li»|»I« te, \ ij
•***». Hu k« i anti TaIiU K’xte*
lfaf.»rw. N'lwair* aint (Om an
!-• • k» «<f all kind*
Hilt* ttf every i|.*4«'rlp!inri
Ili>!li>«r W are. Ointf, Hi.tr, ir.
M>c»e|w atul r*|a«a«l« •
!<aw», llamiuer* atul llat« l ets
*•*■*•• Rial Du«iI>!i Uarrc I «)«•••■ ar.d Rifl«a
CwhI If.-Ip. Hniilrri .in 1 CW.-l.-r Mftrra
Trace*. I-*?. Coil and oilier C'liama
***ee| nf lill« rriil klmia
Curry fwiula, try Pm». %
Together with all other art' le# usually Wi marline. amnnr which
*- tr- '*Ur *•»!» ruirataatly Ml l.at I a large amt u,l4e«#
■ *».rUneM ..I I fie »»• -d f|<i4|lty r^rpgmUf** .«*./ Hl.x. 7-Wa
*»n't tny U ■ r>f n.ti r
•..ll. lt a r.ir.tmuau. • of Ike patrona*- IllwnaUt be.
•I..*..| upm. u. lor a number of yrar. fad. an.l .....rr Me.■ haul,
and other*..! . or al.dliy and del. nuliralam in oil..;,,, .,
rr*..! .. I. no a I an *«r. a. d that our lo.i. If,.,.. d.aU lo t.. r „
»»U«.a.t "n. IV .u * (MINNAS'
> ». I art., ular and prompt .Mention r.nt m order* - I , , lied
I I I I SI 1*1*1 \ .
“■1HI » - ... ______
* I'T HAtllH'AHK. Cl'TLKKF. 1.1 \7 » ^
*.m.-.ilhemanuf^iurereln I ..(land oi..!.n..(^^j|IJ^^
"K -Ir-rd” “WortrnhnlmN," and * W A .* ll..lrb*r^*!!!T?^!!d
Table luUcrv
•*w\ BuMierV* celebrated C .« JMe*. of every variety arul . ae
!»• K.nm r. *•, ker a:*.J M.Uwr**" (Inert*
P»t* K« Ir.aii.elU i and T iu,..| Te* Keith - and .*4*1-* |»an»
f t. ».i * .,f every kind
Wmtlrr. IHm. t'h**»t, and all other
/‘I*4'*' t J%l'i«iit|’» S»«. of every nf vie
T.arMhrr mil. a -...npl. -.a aaanrtmmt ,.f0«,l, for Meehanle,
• aru,nr.. If.. ,o keeper, and nflirrt, w.' I, a. „o, |,,a ... r, *. ,
ca-l. ,»r in punctual .uu.ju.nr c J .•(.(,,\ a
__£«« nf «fcrCtr ular Il.w, Tl Man, '•>
FALL I >1 I10 R T A T I 0 \ , | * f, 5
|B fMlOKI .k .
i • 1 \ ^
* ■
/. -i/e // ii > ym. /.- .awmm /. r./. rr.
•..re. * from tl,. , ^ ,ufA. tur. raio f .jrta i 1.4 .11 . V i V>
from n,e mjMiufa. rarer, in t..i. cowntry. a :ull . »|.n|y ..f Ata ri, an
: 1 ••: ?1 -•h-* ... en «f.
Kaalfrr. and ll.aboMm'. Il . fo.krta.nl IV,. Kf.lrra
• --*•: hiiive. , 4 I. *j, 4 4i4f( 4 blade*
,U‘‘ *' n**»ry ilandl Km»e* amt Kork»
!»..»> UaiHlIe hi..vet. and ul ..| .i„l M
Kai r. ot U . I. A llut.-her*-, K.-1(n*r» \\\>+u nh«4m*», and (treeTv'r
n.aj.tlfv lure ..f , x^r} ,|%|, al„j qw4||ty
J •«»•* M.ear. an. iou. niak •■* and -rvlra
> fgle an I Uouble t* • v r* I <iun*. s..,,^ %rry s.;^flor
»i ;..U. Kitte-. Kith- Harrell, and \louniin«r»
Tra.e. Ilalter. |^w. U«J|v»,fth and anal
.*• V• ■« .f ( I «,| s ,U|t|ll - , , %k.»
t1. 1,1 1 ' ,l»oi«urr» a.Ml llat brlU
H U. fill. I.. .1 u .1 1 11. ular .«»•.
-•I id. - nd 'i ..irlr ..i Ann.', Ho—fand and ..llwr makra
*••"*■ ' I. *■•. and Mnllh'r Itrll.iw.
rbd,*. and Ifan 1 lUnmn r>. .**:<>. k> ,n.l lias, and S rrw piataa
. I..a, and • a-l Mo l s|uarr and n* tar >,,
V a llt.a- Ifors* and Mule a e.. a,..| II... o S>,oa Kalla
« S. it.-, and ra.lrra. l.'oSo* M l'. ••..( Car l.
Itrull. Pdllna-, Utr-ud Kell,» and tllrtl.*
L... k>. lime . ai d .<• rr... , f ew> de. rtpiu.n
naner.«l. — l. kuerr. ami •,le». all k.n.l.
I’" lUUn.e. a ,.| Jtlwelyarda
•.< el.-l . Auerlrau. and I. li |Vrr,im,« Can
I Ha) and Manure Fork., i. H. a. d 1 prune
j T * *" "'lar etaal. u.u»Uy found In Hard
. .. . r . * onfl.l^r.i «.- . nti ..flrf .tronf lOdui'Tmrtit*
.mi..,.'* "vu> ***• *
.r■" *■*
» ■.—Au •ravrti t-..i J. nfitlj aiifiiM to. maSti
IAy\l.l li IKIIU IRE,
tempt k ...
and TaUr Cutlery, of raiu.o. patter:,, liun.
*“ t letolr, a baud*.-me a-veoMUhnl. UulU,l,> Mate XTX.
r ,!• ■ I. a> la.-k., in,a-. r..., Nvi-. a ,^rt
'!'••<et!er with a general a.
O.rl „<„t of Fuingn awl l>.„„ed„ Hardware. -ait.l.l, to the *.•
the , In and Country Tr.de. Ale,. , be* ^ 'tl.
•Ilrry II tr-lu.irr, con* •ling of Btt», tfclrruiM, Hwkl»*« k. t • , * m.
lt„;. w1;^:a.*'"1 *"rut
->!*Tr 4lncl frrrr, the manufacturer. In
* “7 Aturrk*. u|*»u favomblr term*
V* 1*prr+ttc* of Ih* »» w *’*• year*, uf the want*
,1. rl.e . t.untrl trade. are Hatter mirodve. upon keeping tl.e beat a
^ t'la^Tnnd *^1^2*rnllio!1.111*1^ In *'** ‘'m.an 1, of the Virginia Ten
uTTolhd ftX-“ CwbUu* to he found In any one holm* In
We UoM nrop-etfuUy Inrlte an dbuHuatl- aim*** *,*) ,*u-r* b*
Merchant, and Other. rioting HU.rfc-t.f,,; < II,e ..nnilnTth?
*•' can a* tiny even th. Ur feat T.wnr -r,
W„ . Importer, of Hardware. No 1W Pearl Hrret.
and -^■,c^^.l^f^„>“ "X^'
< '()\si ,\i pti«)x
V A I*
I^IFI LOW f the Royal 0,11. ge , • PI.,. „,d for rear. „
nl, f III,tic,an In the Loud..,, Iloval li.flrmnry for llie dl.eaet
• *T tile l.llflffn
1 • M1 •' pt PWiMd ,1 • -I • 1 .. contributed her fut
•'‘"'..V1 tfencr.il w..|f,re. and that wl.ich dun.-, r -.plendet.I, Ih,
bright jewel m her diadem. i« her l ot anil *rrate.t *,'i—
afl-e".' .'''•'“'■d vl C'oUMiiup*tou, Hruo.ldt... A.thua and kindred
All nm.i o-e Il.e ah.unlit, of treat nr C..r.«iniptl- n through th.
atowta, .. I..v filling It m lilt neuaeoue drug. Tlie diwaee t. hot lu tn.
.ton. •• 1. h .. it, the lung., lid It, inhaling m -Heine tn the h.rn. ..
vap .t. I t|)ply Ute remedy directly t„ the 4t<raar.l orgnne 'lore te
th. I. fore 1. r„ C, b,.|*rtcm that I..halation will not rc.tcl I -*ru
ea.l, rpc.il I., the cotntiudi -eno- .f ,.|l itdteted with Lung .1 ... .
| t.. < wbrat e at once tie- ...I, ,, t ,g. . |„|. ,, | , |. lu f, , |„|„
, »i « * irralBirril of C'0|j«Ut„|)||, A ,a t,1, -r an,,. ... r
■ prl • h-e. tr.fl. that Nature and Art hath earn a. II,it „ „
hohne" tlte l.tlxl tl,. „:.l, „a..f„,ug, the con-untp
ttce A Ilf Heel not only rational, h.t- *lo.|dr. tale and , t!.. a ,..Ur
I n. id.ae.ir, .t.i.l, riing ’ la In t „ ■ . ,| a.. . „
V;''. A atk and ,.e C<lH.tl..a..l al.. I,act la-tn e.l I
Iff ,- le-nlli, A,...,,. U„„, ... ..a.ahe. ..
| t<! tlrt i-alteute own Man-mrnte. w...- . ..n.t.ler.d|,..|ah .. .
The Inhaling method Untotlilur, mfr and epeealy and ron.Hta li
tl.c Imint. raif.r. of me.li. inee in . „ I. , maaner that o»-y are r.-t.
r. y. -1 lilt.. Ill, l-.iafe in Il.e form ,.t >.,|~.r, and |>. .alu.-e th. ,t a. i . ,
, ' • ^ • ' .- .I t.. reteht
c^aM.o'I' '"Z.1^ e,.ur,
A,,|.l" ante .,11 .tat, if they hare hied from the lamfa. If the,
liat.l"., 'I.eli, ha,, a. I.gh. ntfh. ewrat. and It * er tu‘„. a!..'
" >; 'i- 11 * ... .1 ■ ,- ■ ■
f \a . . m Tlr nrr* •***.' M*m|»CUMT, *. , *01 »**
iorw,4rdi l in miy |»»rl.
Wt, lh^ 11111. rdtj.. cf. ,,rv t , r, \|. «» r nr. i-hi-crfo^y yr.-om
mrn.i |». JuiishiX .< Ko^K'w n»» ,.f tie-Afinff « frf «r,
Lunga a-ad TTin-at aa the t-et and mod if-rtualerrr i .tr.aluc-.
f .
ou* N* hi li. nftrr » ft w tn..|itf<« Irr4ttr«n! h% |»f
abort ,.e... .1 ,1 ..(-Mol.».o|A,
p..,.; ‘- el- I directly.. th. I. .... t- j nelly coti.al.net
fiital.!."',|i«''el4'’""' '“"‘""y.rendering t nmwip , ja . n,
i .ToTitTT’*" ... *..... .;
*»• lit hi 1 UK i’ofi*iini|Mloti, lo *u«'h .* 1. fr* » o* i‘rr,cR r-..|»
!*,..»«, IMIM llRI AA.nHt. M |t I'hVw York
K Al.l'll SfltM, \| |, .
JON Alt AA ITT M l> . ••
1 .-It* . ",hrr "n,n'-'" !•'».-! !., nr„ |„ Ihto.i.d Brifl.tiorini
Tmv- Flrr.lollar. por,.,ill,tion fry. halanry of fry „,,|,
wlirn i .i.rnu r, |.,wt ll,. naailtra . . «-rnt
n ll ThrMWMtaf* lavMimtlwl in toferavr»Nn
; , . *— ..... •
Kr HtiMV» TKtAriKl: ON CON-1 MOTION - pyty, ft
A,Mn** Johnson trniAKT iio«r,
I .. . Off,, , <11 nr.t»ilwi> N. w York
; Mon, f IttOr. mu«t bo rofi.iorort by tby l'o.t«,a«rr. f... >, Mi-r
... r-k
■ •Itlt.H. Ill IIII IM S, I’kINis. IIII.V 111 I «
. Mmilll, l.l lyy.*,.
10. Pi Main Stiff!. i„rnfr Fonrtffolh.
|®* *** * * 1 • I. 4 IM* A < t», t art In •t.ro, »n.l aro n
• rr- I Veil a. |« |» ,| •n fllllfM, I, . fT r lit ' >1 t., \m
• ’ 1 H« cut* rlor fti«| gu
!h« He* M t.f.frr
P*W kr*« Mup I’arH
Mm M|. Mp.rit® Ttir|m (iIin#
4 " M>l® K.trrifrr|T fliiM
l^®' !Ha N.ifm- g*
4V» It* \|«o,
«V» bole® Ml*r, h
1*«i t'ofr* Wt||«f, w (lta»«, f-rn,'!
f* MJ# ('tmpl.or
IN* lha Pt.njrre.1 an.I H%». t Hl.wharfc
ounce# Qutn'ne
8*®*** I Ha Firraet l.>* «*j
Irt HM# Hrti*i«t,.ne
*• HM# Wake*. Paint
W Hair. iVptH r
1i» t<ifi 4ll#|f,-#
W lupi i* infer
4*‘ 14 la farmer*# 0f|
?<•#* * •lion* |.ili®re.t <H|
P®*’ falloti# l amp Oil
>-• kr*« White U « I
f* <tf, 0>r '-'if Ore* n an.I Yellow
Ju ■ a#e* Pari# Oreen
•5 krf* H-.| l.ea«l ami l.uhara
It*®** Ilf* White Pm.* p« in
lit ca#e# I ump MafueatA
V* »a.ae#Ca#tllc M*. »p
I'®’ hear# M« r| Otl
iv* n11 k
Z".' ”"f !• of mo,-, p,i„,
M.- l I„. IVriumM, < »,r. n fan, t Artloi. t.
rrn,-»i i Linn * < ,
Pru*fi#u, W Wain •trrrl, corner Fourteenth,
•u" Iln hmoTHf. Va
row i.i % n.» nr*.
PW^Mt Ml ftMCmom I# I w ope- f » meat -i -lien* •# ^
■ taftinrni o* thnlt l»rr## M» , #. ,if uo,» kind nowCflf
»■ m ll* many ration# •»?!#• t.tav Hr fuut.J iuf| 1
folta.erne f ml
t4ent# Par leader IW k#ot«
French calf of my nwa make
W ater Proof Hoot®, Jo
P®l Leather |»re*« trailer#
M french calf M
Pat leather JonWe ®4e
French calf **••••
M P®t Leather Oahmt Tie®. •• »
" '' . " " ** Unfit •*
freoeh calf mm.. ••
" - - 4.mMe •
' " Pro#®** louhlr amt engte #.4e®
WMch. t. fether wilt, rrrry ®ty1e of IHhu a *4 Mkne t#ua'W kent
ttukra -my a«#miment h«lter ihau I haft e*er Ua«l rt* pt#«®ure J
finyull'-W. C "***“' - *b»«.,jt A call I. r»aa-..
M*4 uuu. x trana.
U.ll. ra.lMll||; 1.04 K IIOHPIT.II.,

kfcT ..
«• -In.It .ur. OI«rt Uraar . , k.r , lflt.
I • |,k| n,ua! !*•» i:i>,|».||«uCri»r«r |\r,A,.. . . i , . ., • . ' ...
I***,'** «■?"“* •*■•I uj.U.m'd "Lraan* t * from tu i -tru •
I.al.lt* of yuU». »LI h *b -troy hr»t|, Uaty ••.«! 1h*— tt|
aii'I NJiUry |iri **• r* a . n»orr fatal t.iilwtn i'tlni* tl.^n tl.r
..f tl,- .-/.Nr... t.. .1,- n.-il. -,. H,.,. Il„|„i„r .. ,
l.aul l.*d»« or a».:* ipatam* rm.tr* it v toarrlatfr. 4. . .1,4,
VMl'NtJ Mt.N,
r.^a.. .ally who Dr.,t.M fl* lift . ..f *41t*rj *» . tl.at «l. > a (•
fil aid l.*Nt «!|I.| a lit,u:* II) .«m.. t. ,n
*'*'• thousand*,.f y..ijri|f nr» of tl.r % , lf j.
1 ant l.iurlfait. •»... m»*M otherwise lia,. . .iraucr*! luin .. < ..j,..’ *
• Ull »l.r IliuiMlm ..f !. |Ottl«-r. .* w.tk .1 to r« -ta.*% tt.r , l,ir
n.»r . .1! .Ill, full COU0.V,,— ^ '"l1
B«rW v'*l|r M. ! .„..le».,,|,t|,., M.rrtur I —.. .
“**’’*' ,>f *1 Wr.kn,.. .IriTAt IK f,,f I- it H * J.
" l,r J.d.i «IH| •- t.. phi.
Hr «hu ptaon hlun-.f «IMk. It........ f |»r. j. ,„.r r.|, :
U. hi. I.«u»r u > ni'il'un, Aixl cun*irt.u> r»i>
upon »»•» skill aa a phy -k tao 1 7
il.iMir>llatrly mml and full rigor riati.ir!
|i. JUH.tnO!lblhi Irr-ruUr n«iMu ,
Prlv.b- lur.piainla II,. rtnixlx. »,„1 Irv.iui-.t ... -nlir-t/ u'..
‘"••J S* P.r|.,.f^irommllfc.|M,i H. if...,
"* U * -•um.-v . /
tlx- m-ki-y of h.iltUM.u,a aims .
* • ' >• • -
Imponam ,-«nr<Al ■ ,u»;. Mto Uw
. 71. r,,'T l“ '• -I- -•••> .li.l -tfwunll. rrltoVcl
U,,.uJ.| .hull tl.r nuiu-r. U» Ir.Ui.,* lUJ-.-ler., wlo. ....|* ru.K lh-ir
health, and «i-fir to I 10.
UJHCk y. : xjl Til IT.KDfltD h STR.CT.UrfT
iuie fr..11 MJlitnc-rr r~*t. «rr*-n door* from tt.r mrucr
tr- IK Itarticular o. ^OTTu| Ux- a, I „Uo.l- r. or
to I takr ti.r |4arr.
t Tar. ,lie.—,k,ort. th- auwa, Ux4>orw,d VV II,
A cl R.- TA ARRANT.:!., l|R \«> CIIARfiK. IN .'Rl.\| l.NK To
MKRPCRY <</.' :.M - A',. t .V OMCOS r.kiT/f.
Mrml^r of K.,ral C.„ I..,..1.,„. fr, fr,.o.
' •'‘••'"'•i1 • •"!,» I "I ,*ioi. aihI Li— ,rr,i.,
S*r 1 “ -I*-*" •».* H -K I*:- ... L.....IOU. l-.r.

la«m»o lhM •MeTrr kta.au i.„ui.i. 1 «„i. rmetne u, U.
.... ,..i -1,0 »■!-1 gi.. 1-r. .u-1.-. T,.i.r .n„r,„i „
, * haahfuli.ma-, a :f, drrai of loind. »r,r u»»*l
WI -« III, ml«u.dod , .1 10. .r...|.-. , T,.u,y „f ,4e,.ur,. Br.4. hr
,W,r‘ ""T ’ , • p.T,.*_l •! T1*, It ... I -
. ... „ I,-.. I - »: »r. , ,.r .Ir.,.|..f ,n„v,rr l.im l,ln.
1 *T'*' fn ■ • riuB-mtw» .. . tjr, cm
#a .,1 i- lr.K-i.-i in, <1 .y; ti*r v..f •tituti«/t.al MCititotUl of tbia
'PI* »•»* • • I %« '4«'T»'.fi • »rr tlin.a*.
— JM..I .1, ti.r a 1 and Imiha. dUnneaa of
• V t. d.atf,*—. . "-It-- • ? tie «l-:ti Ulrica an t artua, M strl ra ou U.
, <J'1" U * •,**1 " 'HI*' * pr..jrrraa. d •«:». frr^t tfu, rapiduy. ul! at
Vl */*" •"J1*1' ' ‘ '•*' • r *•••' * • «»/ U- ooar fall UJ, ao l Uir
»» tin. of th»* aaful ■Ua'i % horrid t or • ouun.acra
1 55S w * l-rr‘uJ ^ !..« d,mdful mCcra.f., by artMiliAf
“That U.time from wb-tH>- 0.. travHIrr ivturua.**
T.. MK-h. IfH-rrf.we. l#r JoHNSTtlN ,.^l^.. hUaarlf U, prr*er*
tl.r UA. -* vliAiilr jCT-rn y. and. Ire. I „ cxtebAiVr prartU ra in «,•
Kuropr mnd AmetVa.br
du l* * ‘ urr *“ Wl* 4iil.mut.aU- %». t.u; .if Jiia ItOfTUl
It ** • *.wlar.rr.t.lr fart that tk'QuixIr fall vt* tttn# tothta «trradf .'
«ooi|4«u.t. to tl.r omkkliiiiii' •« »,f Iftiurant prrU-udrrv, w|,o.
JJ ^ y*"1 lr% *dfttl p-* m-r.-ury. rum thr c*onatitutk>u.
I and r.thrr ml tie- .nfortut.au ..iff. r. r t*. an uraiu^tv itravr erriar
tl.r ibtiJui o' |.', nu*eral4r
T\K» pakticclak notice.
l»r J a ldrr*M . ail t|, • ho t,a«r mjurr<1 thnn^lrra hy n;.vatr
at.d uupr.i|r r ii. luUrrric. •
Ti.r, rtr ,.IT.r Ol II,. -A.I »T,.| nxUlx l...lr -ff-.-l, I ,
? .y.",,h- t!‘ " f.. »•- It* » AK l I. l-.ln II,
tl,r l|,x.l. D.I., — .' rl.l, I..— Uf Mu.-uIm Rover, Rslulutiol. ,1
tl.r Heart. l>>-T- :-,». \-rv„u. lrral,i . IK-ranem.-nt uf lUr D
fr.l,.r ... D-1.11,tj v.r.,.,| CoMunUlon, Ac
Tl.r irarfal »-IT»-rt» on t|,c mir,.| »rr tnurh to l>r <frrar|r«| U*%< 0*
*n« ry. Cutifty -in «>f M*-v. lu t- r» ..r <•». »♦»« v. > . . .
ftvroioi. .-t v. >. : D.-tru*. L- ve vt ss,..uj.i«. Tiuuduj. 4 .»rr
*©lO*‘ OT live evil* proitut'r'I.
T‘,oa.*i*d- of Prr^>«;* of all »fe* etu now judice what It th« rim
of their .t^Unhqr health Lo* r.y th^ir rifor. bwAmi-t wcfck, uiir
and • tna.'Utrd, hare a s-.nyuiar 4pp- ar*.,. - about the eyes, . our*
and symptom* of mt.--.iin|4.
Or tho*e . onusapuiln* marrlafe. tarn,* ...re of physh-al weakr.e*..
heaj1 h* Dr Johnston, and be restored lo perfe* t
„ . " EARN ESS.
.. it. and'Important remnly. w.ski,.. ,.f the orwans are
•per-bly cured, and full . a;.,r restored, Thousand. III.. u.0.i iM.
1 ' *'• ■.»■■.
TV* V Imprdlrownts to Man-laye. Pi >,..»! „r Mental d.«,u.l .
s ■ • -
of the tnoai fearful kind, -peel le cur-; he Dr. Johnston
Ym >'u men'
Who hare Injured them-In. by a ren,:: practice Induhred in •)»
y,"V. “'^'“t'J ‘-an «1 from eeil cnmpanu.l.s or at school,
ttu- rCeetsof which are htfl.lly fell. erefl when *,|e-p. and. If mi
cured, render- marrla*» lr.po-.tbir, uni de-r..». r^O. m.r.d ami
boly. should apply liui.—liar.lj.
d * r "••• ,'*t» 1 country. »r,d u,.
rd'^yof l.^parmtu. .u,*M be «o„-m from all nr.ot^u and "
i* U'7 C‘>h*e-,ueti»-a of .leriatli j fron. He- path
**'m ‘•‘Ut ■“»* P*~*. W»"
I-m‘‘„-7 ' tV “■ V"' *"'1 mrr «** «”•*»!,
rwiutMip* t« promote « .*miabbvJ .ia|.f4r.e«v Ibiral. vhhoat t»,-w
th. Journey throuyl. ii t—....... . . ■ rry ,,.irr r o- tt.. pro,.».
*J°4ri%1’t'A4rfc;r^* !° l*‘e ' '*rW* l*4*‘ hecoiur* -1 arjth deatfe ,
and fc-^* w.ti. the Iy »rdretlun that the happier** ofuoU
tT 1^-4.Iue« t>2 fhte-d With our own.
oracE%No.; tocTki Frederick street,
l*~ All M RGICAl OPERATION* performed X,r“
I allt.er 1* re.r.a'f. it 1-y letter. '
*rC SKIN illsEA.-tj; ((enlllj tired.
! T,‘r "”*"■* 'hoax' d, cured ,t tf.u .’.dilation Within the Iasi
. year*, ari l rhe numeroue ai.d Imp..nan! fhirw al
tornie-l o. D. J.. Willie —cd I y the ., ‘ j,,*' V 1
fjljy"aplu-a-r.1 art n and arllu ta
fore the p .l.l* . 1* a *j!h. tent kuarar.ln that the aiRictrd wdl find »
( aktlful aiid ItoQorahU- phy»i< .\j .
J , , take notice.
II I* w till thwtrrateat reluctance that Di JOH.hjtTON net mils f
car l« a) pe.. bet..-, • . , ,M . |.. .
I ' ' \,v ' ® "** l-d I .... tU afill d ...
■ 2 - ■
* quark* , p*. «w»rri.ii-ir U. r, , t v: ~ i»r
y«rttermrnt«aur advrMUii.f II* m«r!w« t* 1 v« ,
, l..w-hril>.-*l fellow*. laiy a. ik at I ... ym al trade' a
i «7e 'r:;:•?' vj
f*l- rAtiK«,*4i that th- af>1».tr>i itr.M.vr e^ a?..; • ..j,-'i- pi r **»
; ■ n
i.it-u* lyliqr • rrtu, *t« • (tr-nt 4.1 «>uhiipI nf 1 ur« • fr»p. t %
U.*t tr. »«r found. wt„. k-e;. y.iu i.i« i.ft Urffr U>uln> . 1 Licork - « !
Slid **«Jier ..f tilthy V..I u..r«Mr«i cou.pomtd*. runtiii..
prr».ir."Rl ti» I’t***** .,•• •■ ;iitf«srtus*ate at.tl urt*u*|a< tit c 1 :
• ' ** * ' .. t,r * »• *he a*. 1* ».» ,
4iJ.ini.ia . I. »t*« y»u With -u » -IticalJh.t
ti r l.»vpp iitmeM. * tjwt fr\
It t« th.. notice ttiatin.lu • l»r J t.» advert w. f.-r heal.iies.
T0 11(044 ' *1 ' 1 With hi« ; ,
1 r%‘fy X°**y l,:,a? dn.l...n ,» •Iwayihanr n 1
' *?}??,'"”•;"***'"■V" *' iofJ- mnd.ii. .tamp U. I
. u* I -r tic-r ].|y Pt /*• . 4. ,tr4k*. w.....-is.
"dflr.fr '. ft 1, )!• ■ ft orj. 1/ //, . ■ •
I ilf. I . 4 . M t.-ti %» , Ii . , I f 4 ,
B 9
ar l,, . ■. the - .l|.■. c-la-a- .. t . Crp'.tl . r r.
rhe.. nice-, rirc-tait ttp,,.,. ,*1 . ‘1'
1 1 Ki lnee*. N ......
.r.- rc from imptu.1. ... w„V* .. ,|„f
v'. ' •* •'1! ■. * •• '• '•>1 nn*. 1.
w^Wt4*w*:d ..rur w.titoai I111...1 »♦.. e to I u«ine«« or rr«trivti©n It.
l-r M.-r.r'.M f „e ...... It, ve^.p,... ,, ww ,,
V . r'1 ' •'* 1 - *' •**« » money Will le rt
! .ml ! O'l- |.rk.- . *m..Met Iff..,. D're i t. nr btler I
f • N i • AH
ald .e.1.. - A l>. M h». M» diplomas if. t .
I _**• —1T
II \ I U HKS roll ATI V K.
pI^iihckh-umtion, ■ • . , . . ., ,, ,
1 a ««»•*•••!• ...I «.«v •• r<» • •* tinpat.M, l. j |t
. .....
j tl.r I -.1 0 . ...tin t v ..la- ar d !?■»- vi..| i'ai.'iV.laV..’- V * ’.
hi.-.1 •,»' f. :i f i' • «.drly a. -atal.l h. || ,. tt, ,
' *»( l a t. i.l c..l , .
jj" • ' > Mcr. wib |I. hr» |. ... if . h.rt ,<rrTriit ifia natr
i nii."?*”"? " V'r
j 7..r., d«T.,.bm.
? 1'. Vr * ' ' * •i-rak wl.wtthry fcr.«.w, mc»t f.,1
m.j.v,! . .'-r “r, r,K.• • • • »■» *
. , . ' ..I. ' I.- ali'H .l any a*, a'l.lt-.)
... humanitT bt ram..yin* tt,.- -am „f fr, a. ,h. » alt. ...
! “fta ' .... fll-Vr...
nf r.l.tur* and rrrl ll air. Morr allu.lr.1 to. ran' h- hadT/Yiil 'arn'ia!
p. ,r » . _ P-.r at. .1 »'-* ' •' •« P 'I... .Jan 1*11 InV.
•hE7«.*am,?.;.."; ..'.v;'.vr;V :.;'r K,t..
r,.lto. . „ a, rVti% h" »rrf. «ic«l!rnt
• Ml. ... I | harrin . n.r,. d*3fr YnVMi‘'7’Yl7,|l''''7
„ t . , r « i. I-., ■ oiiiIImhiI. «m M« aim misrH
... at. ir^BMf. at.yd , l.a- ,• • .an., pi.
Paonr ofifmOr.hod,,, Cbnr.’h, B^mbatid.
. ._. . . r.ri. Jan I.ism
c.v an. ' . nr. tVh.1. n*ol|c"~l 1 rnu IhMcrtW
f*'Va„ .. . .nS?.M. r * ' m* '"<• •nrr tram* all
•; • ,r'»l Harrd my.».“Vt'.I.Y" ^mrhfr, ^STEd
' .v:/r v:;
. Y*7. ' ' ,r'*•' "P Iba prra. ■ t | „ .«•
.*■ V. Mark and nr, ,, . l and p... ... Z ..... f... wt, v
m >1 »a« ).»r.l an-l • .r.«f,al l.ttl, it,rr. ••« „t and that l.rtir
TV -VTT ' " ■ ’ ' •"‘V*' ' .rat»»* abamt
- , , ‘ • ‘ ' • 'Sait
«Mr,| h, any nf r h t „n. .. 4. . „ .*„ U ,
plaarnrr fn f». rd .hr r.n,M „f
| rnmmrndrd y .«r P, na-a.-n ,o ntbrr..an.| i, .tr-vfr ha. a l.T.
I •S1’ '-"’■".Y* ' . Y ,St rrtrnt*y Thr pr.-plr barn utM
^.rrUfo- .hmr '."w, .'."rJ" " *'• ">*d It hr-r .Ml
I , I 55Ti*' *** "PH» »"• arnt to a..
I !L. 1 !"r.*r-."i”rn ^Nnb. for tf.r tmnrlb „
ZT , Y l'"*: '• "* «*• •* narr r»a. „n, wn r.
■ "V * . *nfra,..la,r ym. that your forlnna, , and a lira- • •
alrrad, road- Wa haalb j n ,0^1, '
• i. -v „r,!r ' . * B'I'o*.. PraaMlata. M p. M T
kdlrraa O II w .011 4 Ol> pr,.pr.,tor. *14 Br .d.aa N-a
IYvtrk . M M ark^t «trr* t. <•( Uq «
ny *mr 4 .nay. nr,
* | nr H .
, rftbMb W . til IHI I k,
■HI nr u i r IN Mkra.” kA p'n.ra
¥ml SHOr. TBI NRy, 4, . rraprrtfolta
K*f« !• •»«* »• snnoiin • tr* *h^ p-iM*. .
t* *» * r • « l*r* P*r•* ' • 1Y. ' # , ► , . I*.. ,.«• , , ,
.»V», In M« line ffrrrat »n tM« city Hl« stock n*»
aampl. -. «n.| ft«k« rhr tltontl *n of clt« <n<1 *o««try <k«kri w'i»
the th«t hit ^rVc« sh«l1 He «tt'fAK*tor* w1i»
if 1 Y 1,1 •' » in r* h noi iRiin. . ..
■ » Warn-bad Winter Solar Otl, lor tala by
' MJWWIL. L4BD 4 OO nru«i au.
li 1CUMOND W ll l (,.
I'-arn from the ni—wjfr ..f Riirniiw M.m-h-ad ot.
.'^'* to tile I. tidilure, that.the rrr-iptv mi., i|,«
" * w*r? to* fe Haeol > <41 vwting th loti I ot < ■. .
uu-.,taft.;, amounted to $,.S.7n7 tv To ahieh the
r 1 Inneirr «i the |i>th .la. ,.f ivtot., ,, I- u.
'•t P11 i , 2 - . t. arid* *1, will make the »m,i "t vn 5 -4 2, q>>
The exp-miltur-W, including the tran-l* r> to ll , -.inking
at il -i liij* I lui.d-, amounted to $*h*V,v,I.<l 25_h-avt*.|* in
ll ■ Trva-o > on the I'-th ot October, 1*65, the ,un. ot
$25*7,721 hi
The state debt .. *5.9'.* 1.57 d 75 thm anuHlnt
f****V4a»afe held ti\ the S<Miil,eiii Hank of K.-nlu. kv
"" *:■«• ‘ W""' i‘ •- tauiod to pay. ami loi which I
ih< M il*' *-• I*ii< tl at atm-ont *.| iim k, ami $1 .tif.J.of.t 73 ]
.*r, I . hi by th* lto.*d ol p-iucuti.Hi, tl.e mtei.-.t upon
* oiei. only may U cm.aider, d a |m tp.-tual chalk.
|~.n the Sinking Pul <1. Tl*. actual <k id. fl,c tniut-i
|*al of which liaa to Oe provid'd for, i-. tin-refoie Si
021.*, 12.
Th le t* iw* a halaia-. ol Mb ja „„ |,aml be.
loigu u to the Sinking Pinal, ahieh th, tins.-,nor r,..
• Mitt,., i ,1- .hall le- i... d il. li e purcha-e ul Mai lloml*.
The S. ho* I P'.ml i.« irj.ir.l*-,| t , be in 4 I eahhy «.„t
I r*>.|H-M*us • omlitioo, a:.*i a piopo-lti-ru, ei.l.olilted b, tl*.
1- golature, to levy a U. ol Itnee cent, on *•%*. y hiitt.lrv*.
. ntie.1 hi 11.a.*- thai, t«u I.- ,,.
the vote. .1. lie- Stale.
H-- 1*,it ol tl.e Comptroller ol Maryland represent.
'I‘*- lii.aiicva ol'liie Mat. a- .1. a ve.y pro.pe.ou. condition
Ihe report .Ini,*ace. tao y-nra. Th- r-Cript* lie th*
- .l y. ar -riding Ihe 3,>tl. ol September I«/.*!, ,mount. ,
, PI.'2* V 4* SV, which, witt, the balance ol *..4.',,35", -
the Ti.-a-ury at th. < low- ul the fi-cal tear 1153, ma n
11,1 •• II - 1.706 19 ft,- public *-tp- niiturc.to
e auu.c period acre $1,176,581 21, leaving a balance i,
in- r.-a-utv on the boll, oi* September, ls51, „l .
-3 v»- *'• «*••* •“‘■■aI year 1855 there We,e’ t-..i„ an
,rm - tl,2'»t.7b2 68, which, a.l.lcl to theabove balam.
-*n- t. I*i*l.o*8,--4 58. The d.abu,aeine*.t tor the wain*
* • 1 ga *.:-.,* .1 , | a.l.m a ■ a
auce ot |aV2,V22 0S.
.... •‘°'l‘ 'binding toll., *:,v,lii „| the .ink
mg lu..d at the dow- ol tin- yea. lo55 «aa *;.4.6,-4"
1 the aggregate ol the pubhc u* 01 *.t th. an. * . rn*
'* Pin. ‘,*"V. The int-ri-l on $...7*-*,-,.1 r,.
••-....••I 1. (*a..i 1.1 tin* Baltin.oie and t.lhm ttaihoad, t .
*-|L* f a: , and T.dc \\ atei t aiiai. and liic Norther,
• iifiai K...!*.«* Cuni(i«iiii,pl
Irunt.g the pa.I two T-JI- tiler. ha. Wr, an ah-oeptio,
ol 1,1 l“c T«vi»m yt ami b» puicuat** lor the sink
• t*«lr«J.
}■*„. tl*. subject of State level,ue., the Governor i
*,|-p.-n-.l to any material abatement ol the re-ources H
uggewu, however, a repeal of the 'Sump Tax.’*
Th»< no- ik. l.a. „,i, |> I*.,ato liico.— A letter date*I
to Kn„. lr.ccn.bcr 17th. alb-, atmouncin,
. never*.- -hock *.l ail ea.tlnpiak on ll..* 14th. and th.- ap
• » immense briUhnil meteor*, siailil# f«, tw
nub on the night ol Ihe 15tli, .aya :
Th. official return- t*. the 13th u.*t. repo,l upward, ol
-or thouaaml a.-, of cl.oh-ra in tt.e Man.l, and about
two thousand h».- hundred death., o-a little more tha:
I’*' c 1,1 taking the average proportion ol new ca
. tl,. past ><•: day,, tbeii hove doubtleaa t*een. t*
.. near!. In,* thmeand caa.., ol which, p,..bal.lr
• bout lire same pe.celitagc before noticed have prov—
■ J ln* IflVAUtfU llV til V t X. •
,r*‘c*** - u',,,llv »-*tal Many sugar'eaUt. a have am
. *'c,‘-'y 1 >••»* '•< negro**, which mat aeriwual *
rl-n til* laainu ..rt the coming crop,
i hit plao . Pone- and May ague*, have ihui tar eacaixol
,♦ ».ll m many ol the amaller town* of tile Island bu
advice* from St. John, report the app aomce of the .p,
iviuic in (Ul OUT, much to the counteritsUiou ol its in
I'aaru or Dr. Chablui K. riv...n — Dr.Phaa. Rohinaa
r-tinleud-qt of the llt-ward Hospital in Sorfol
• ' - • 8. Carolina Us
• a-k. While on Ilia Wm* from Augusta C.s. to Vorfola
-here he intended to reaide [>r I! ... jn EngHahtnan.an
to Ihia v-mi.ti v trum the M eat Indie., intending I
,w ltl? 1 JIU|*** " **» Hu hm«n«i h<* h.*»m of pi*
1,1 ••'J *M.t ttrare to aid th* suit, ring in
‘ ’ '•''-••■it:.- epidemic there he went
:e Augusta. «.a .arid took charge of a lioapital. hut was r—
s -«n 1,1 s •'rlo:l‘ w‘*en he died suddenly in Charleston
K*ovn the Hnmabuigh Cor. of PuUa. Time r.
The democratic party ol Pennsylvania i„ Congress, -it.
Uonoraldt J. Gtancy J.nlSsad their head, di la
•...I wliole country that the democracvofth- Kev Stom
ate are all light on Uic kansa. »nd Nebraska bill. No
k t.. the Capitol t*l" the state, where the real sentiment
! I.. • p. ople are esprees-d. You fiud them elevating to
.« I residency ol the bens te . mm. who cm,, nearer to
, Galleon and Wendell Phillips school, titan anv other
rmbn Ol either house ol the Legislature! Mr Platt
:. r anti-slavery in all hi. view., and now stands a- tin
\„.v of d.iuoen.ey in Pennsylvania. 11,.w w,|| the Hot.
■•»!. .J Glance, Jon*a explain this on the door of Cot.
g.e*av \V hut a tarce !
y i atlLixiMt Aowt.—The •• K»* of the Gulf," has the
following ;
* - pni who hav
in.ination of the Florida Coast- and Kev., with ti
• * ol di-eoveting guano and kindred leitiliiing agent*,
a. recently returned north, prvpared, aa we learn, to
.. huge Miiantitie* of the lurtiier to northern lat:
.it- Tlu-igh the character of our climate preclude
. pH sumption that ammonia, so largrlv pervading tin
’ atm and Lola* guano, ran In- found to a valuable e\
. t. n.mg! .1 with the tertihxiiig agent ol our i-rand-. w
..i. » tli it the deposit* i«t bird* and the phospliat* Km
■" "“'Ct lot in-, abound u|*oii nearly all the Kev. between
■e outei chain ami the main land!"
i t. detick Miller, executed at CunihrrlamJ. U«t Frida,
the evi-cutton* were progressing, another nturd-' wa
ll nutted ill a di inking -al,. Two canal lioatroet..
. >. ypole ami diafter had an altercation, when *tey
i ,w a ki.de anil stabbed 11—I »r several times i
• »,mI.. the Wounds cau-ii.g death in a lew |„,ur.
. I’.-le was p.oiuptly irre-t- d and committed tei jail t*.
> anil **it* litoilglit inju.-i u« Miller was bcit g rulx-d
x. eulion. lie er.tereil whistling, with a swaggering
"• Inti the sight ot the convicted murderer at Ins L.-f
,1 . u.itv Se. mod to sppi.l the reckl -* ot.tl.4W, who .
- .1 i.i- cell and -link down instlence, pmlublv to nn .ti
de mi his own awtul position."
t-Mc'hutr, of \ ieuna, from I’otl au Prince, to \. a Yo k.
i with logwood and cutleo, came uslivte four mil. i
•it . ol ll.iri.ng*' Inlet on Sat unity la-1 Five bodic*
o, I- r.i biought «»n shore and were buried One ol
named lmho r Jervis ■ said Ur have
wile ill New d."k The captain says thrv got out at fu
nd that ail ham!- on l.narj eaoept himsell and the
nr.lc. were Iro/eti to death wh«u he run (he vessel
Itxanrfi Pni*jxiA,.v_Tlif Council IHuU K.icl* ol
I'co. n. .it*
\t *l- 11** inoning. kiilUt tin* mercur* in ih>* Ihcritofi -
l< t * i« >i..«»n to r a mod t>-■ ■»i;*il iI phetioircn .n
jht'at. Inch * • in the h-*v. c. The •nn rim
’ringing with |t 1* .. . ■ . •
» * a b 11« ,
a * i •
* true <1111 — lift a td.Mid a nn to m cell through tin* I tat,
**’ cold however that tb« mow »a.» not rfitlt'il.
H >«ai*:> K Taint tin*— In li e carl* part of S-ptem
>■ i niri I ring in K unpei count* in thin <tale,
• Uoae tiarn. w*a (Sreenhcrr? li'N-al, killed in an afl'r**, ,
man allow D«nn’ we heard but htv * now forgotten lie
«** arretted, xu I carried lielore lire propel authorltier,
I I'* tin a I nil*ml t-i 'ill. k tea night* Niuce whi V
bim**ll and faun If were a-Nted l*» fit , an unknown
perNo.. approar " <1 i* dwelling, vli lacing agon though
• mack in the w Jl, liccha g d n< cuntetil. at nim, whicn,
•■'tviing lit* head, Mattered hi* hrjin* it|>oii the than,kid
ng him indanilt,
•ki. elf.at w I* nude, we learn, to 6nd the perpetrator*
i till* horrnde deed a id bring them t"Jnetice, lint at la*t
jr.-on .|i. nn trace* ol them onld be to uid— kf.n
if'** ) Star.
Ili> Im ti»H Ciaanac*.—It ha* teen flnall* decided
to ii Induce the deunual current** all o»er lit* I 'itrd
ixifudom. Thr pouud will lie retal. cd a* the unit, and
h*idcl Inin one thonaaml j*ait* T.r hall rmwii will tie
i1 i-lir >*d— the abilling fill*. the «iipetu*e Iwcnti ti*w.
.1 a n » cin will ti* n tioduced tepirwetiling pie far*
nf* ahtl the prewrnt farthing will be depreciated new
»• - . :
•ic pi.'iltd »t. il" g. itirtcad of nine liuii'ltrd and *nt*.
Mt airi. tWT (>••**rtoe—I'avid Hunt. K*<| . ot Miwtis
•ipt't a 111 a great liieml <>t the cohwllatmu , au«e. ha*
(t. I* mad* • >h*natn<ii > t * ..*•.■ to the .klirntan t olooi
•lion .*k.cii *i In I a., i lie made a aiitiilar dm at ion.
* d.i tegular'* contributing an ualljr. lor #r**ral veil*
part the *«ni ol g.M«»
A Vital* \**n. *t"« k dowmea-l *kip|>er, with a
•*, **i* tr* ig to manage a aiutll *h»**p, when a raaaiwi
*i a l.ieerpoi I packet, who had '*een dodging out of the
• i*. mem-.* I at theii *wkw*rdta»*. call' d out
iwt wfuop >* that •" The Sail* trom Maine," «ried
'••Yankee "Who command* her ' “kk ell,' mid tha
kankee,** I undertook to, but I mow *lir'* Uxi much fo*
Poland ha* juni been herra*»d of on* who h*IJ a high
"lace |. her hleiwtii'c a* well a* in her *truggh* for free.
h*m Ana * ^f ic’Kiaw Kt died at Coiictantiuople ’out the
• of >u*'inl>**t, at the agv of. 7 Hi* name w** <at
*)ucuooa aiming the patriot* ol kmope He w*, born in
W I*a"*' rw*'v*'^ ^i* education at the L iltVfrail > af
OtrmpnuUw** nf th, H'A.y
,’*4'4** at the ties Hidfr through Know Drifts.
. .. „„ C«s«u.r»«s*iLL«. iaa. 7. UM
A-ds/or II —Alllmagl, for loon I.a ring r.«„ ,„|
"".. . nf ",r KW—ge of the HU, K. fo.
.M, II., temporary track eonatrwetod ,.T ,Wt>, HJ
.. s i < far ,h* accottimodatioo of ii.
the pr»|tr*,a„| tin- work .... the Illy, Ki lg.. Ro.., I cm,.
...d l.w. tu.iity „ sending you . n„*l ^
«.o„ of II.at perilous trip-, trip to In. ,eu.e«,he,e.| £
' ***—•*•— -rrry on* *1,., parto.* of u*. p..fJ.
' ,rU*,,4n°* t!,“ .J—°*" P~«g* of oar Vir
gima Alps.
W , I,|| St,...,tor, this ..■■truing about 7 a'elnak fo
the attempt. made T.—t„dav U„ .Uin -
l»ur (rail. r.Hm,U-d ,.f „„e p.-ne„,..r car. .*^,1
car. and too, lacamatHaM -
n,- morning ,u i„, ,|.* ,her-omeU.r
'"f *" U,*‘ '«W*Wl..aal o» , ,u in*oHl. ra.
-olting Upon atuw proceaa to kwep wan.. -know,,.*
tl.« Mall st.tr* u,..| fo bring up thw tempecOun. of tU.
tar. was ..„u,Kc.eid for this wonting'* demand,
4 '*»-• o'Bciatiug Host M t.utr.'
", in- Iroui Ik, p.t.wng,r car, to Ui* aparlutrnt an,.
...ally appiopridto to tile use, ol (JuWw Saw Tku snow
Uv oo a., uniform depth of afowt fifteen wea.a .i(i10U|tb
•i’lftnl ,n places to fir, ,U<1 -.gh, tlWl ^
•teed- plunged *p.tsmoiicwIij tl.ro.igl. n, l .■ sun omul.ng
atmoaphar* ... lifted up oy tf., «... 4 0.
-now, all ttrdiiaul with tb* refiecuun. ol mortri.u, a,.,.
light- '
in due rime are reached Ih, boa* of the wo-. la,..
Ife-te packing passenger* and . g-o*-. mad Is, ' . ,
t-u. k.-. Hour barrel, and butte tirki.is. .1!
ire -.r,d roach, .nd etchantf, g ,.u r..,
■ womotires fo. two powerful iM.ai.ta!I el.nine* i
Jr l. uly perilous esc nt. It aa.au., a in t"I*
aver. . oa board, moderni momentamono ,. „t
'•* 1 . tl- diacn-uji.. »„d fuo otbclrr.ct ,d ! au'au,
' • • nk 1 maj tatly ea; • ,
* . mX
' " " '' "8 ' he g ettenred ..t.. g w i.
i.sl sr.ow. and ice, ui.nl It „*m,da mirach-Itow ib* -n
Men were kept OH.-UidU ahead U. e..t yU; . i.a^g „ d
tiiii- gat i.;g s little ii omentum fo. a down grad, I , ■ M
■ m.g * heard the whole traiu would be buiied up u> taw
window, ,it ,snow drift: II wh. fearful fo wii„.« u,.
Mruggles Ol the moitsu-r engine, on some of the heaner
grades \\ lU. all the power the two could ioi.dlv etc
"Ur little ca. was .db-r, unable fo move an inch, and he ii
. memltered loo, that e,il„.r „i the engine was capaltla
.1 carrvmg, st ....Unary Uniea, lArre paeaenger ca.«, l„g.
g .g" lu.nl errs, Ac Two causes ot alarm were uuinirwt.
tbs. th* t.u-ei woi k might not hold out. and anoth
er that the whole Concern would alip from U.e t.ark and
tumble l, . J-loog down precipices an.r dechvdiea ol umra
Uiaii a tbouaatii] It enough to rusk* the
alcntest liea. led ol nl all quake a. we passed over these
, rt.nt't'nes. which hung us it were on icy till,menu
<»r tint ooiftrttf/ol tkieir construction could dot U.* dr Ire
t- i covi>rf(J as 11 try wrre liy ic« ami «do«i. But the amk
-ihuI the luinie, -e pressure, le-aring honorable tribal, i«
. .e >kil. and judgniei.t uf the eminent engineer by win.-*
‘- ”■'* *°*Uerful passage ol the mountain has I,, ,,,
achiaved. >
i Ilf jsUllimit III Pm daii..,i a., I_A_J .1. • ..
mmcU Un.i will. infinitely untie JO» and bop* than ',rr
ti I old Governor Spotteworai i„IO tl„ vailr. which ae
s i ju-t 1. It. Tire .0 lie fimo the top ot the' Blue Rnlgs
tins morning was u.cumpwiably more grand than anything
,*** ever siiueMMui, and, saving tbe inlet.-ilv ot tbe
glare which came up from the counties- acres ol outspread
• *'■*«" «f»*>rded •. t.-cal lor human eje. ewhl.-m
•• Ij-jye.i In I lace, the -1. iwr appean-i pile*! in drill to 16
" IS levt. K* — y t.ee wa, brilliant with pendant icielew,
*. s.eeii leal -liowu aul in deepened contiaet with
•w «l|spi rr«ilin( ii.uw.
de-cent »*- accompli.lied speedily and safely —
, koa.-nii.alh we_ met a straggling pasa. tiger f.Otli the .uj
» anl-bound train ol Sunday , whirl. had reached Ones,
wood Tunnel alaxit 4 o'clock this niorning. These pas
• I.ge:,, l ot satisfied with such tedious locomotion had
: to. „|exp. 1 ting the trail, ol today to ovmlak*
them W c hope they have had a good time g. tin,. ,
through the snow drill-, and keeping warm to. thcl.aiii
' * A"..f //... /./.ev rAe fun* 0/ o
*'1U thr kti/hi./—^ ociock !
Wf ivicIumI lien* «( at>4>ut !t o'clock r. i j ,
t.-,k ...is.il without delay lu iuv goo.1 friend Peyton's of
the "Kari-h House." The inner man was handsomely
provided to:, and the outer rendered in every respect as
comfortable as circumstances will permit.
H.-I.mc closing this hurried at.d unsatisfactory commu
nication, allow me to express iuv own and mv fellow-pas
S.u.ger- thanks to Oipt. Gooch.' the officer in charge ol
to-.iay - downward train. And allow tue -till fa ther to
bear t’*s'iii|..uv to the admirable management ot tbe Vir
ginia Central Railroad in all its department*. John li.
I .lobe: lake, K-»p, the very efficient superintendent, u w m
mug g. dden opinions from ail .juaiter-, tor the energy and
ability with which he 1- managing his pa.t ot the busi
ness He came up lust night with the train from Rich
mond. returned this morning, and will he hack again this
evening With such officers 110 company, otherwise pl0.
p.-tly managed, could tail lobe worked successful!*. The
\ 1 rginia Central Railroad i», without doubt, one ol ihu
best managed roads in the Slate. It ha- great claims up
on tbe people of Virginia, and when finished to the Ohio
n»er, must become the gr,-at iron pathwsr from East to
u est. It conmieiida itself to the favorable con-i.Uration
ot t ie people both Hast ai d West, and it sliuidd be ilia
interest of the Legislature to have it completed, with the
h ast p icticahle delay Its construction to the llliii. riv
er will open up a channel ot trade hitherto unknown in
the sun.* or the South, and trow but v. tv im(e-tf. ctlv on
..erstmrl or appreciated by a la-g- majority of the people.
We dll| Cm- t the le-vi-lnture will make some provision
tor cat tying it t'ui ward. We umlei-tan.l tin- lilac Ki igo
Tunnel can I- comp), ted in ta-n mouth- Pom this time •
thi- ro.,1 einbraring almul I# miles, including thctmim l'
• :.l pv.illy facilitate the travel. The Ce.1tr.1l R*i|r.«d
< '"ipiiiiy.wc I ave I moo, informed, will put their improve.
meat > > ililltM.ro by tl.lulling of Spring trav. l l.et
the friend- ol the great Improvetiieut 1 the Virginia Cen
tral and tbe Covmgton extension) winch should Is- the
friend- of the State, push forward the w..tk in dilec'mn
<•* th- 1* . ., and gt eater results will fi.,w I,.the applies
not. ot their cut to prise than hare *vet Iwen iumgine 1 hr
•'* to *' ard. nt advocates.
W’ilboul intending to aay hail in. r,.jt subroiit g
those lew descriptive and di-c-:i-e,v« ,, ms us
I a01, very respectfully. VIATOR
~S " ,UT* Mb' * man named Elias
Wood. Ol Troup com Ay, («.. sj. arrested in Columbus.
00 the charge if f. rg.rv I' appears-,] ot. the p.- *r»
trial tn «t n* i».\ i aUriupi•••( t t- . '.»if « •» »:»• f« %•
I 1 • »bj«>> *■'* E i«a-i r rrsrv -teees-vd, sx
t.nge l as maker, and that < f G ...ge A lfir* -v d-c—
, c , ts witness. In del.1 ib of hail, b was committed to
Two |)| «1> CHIU’KkV Fn(->(t l> , I'll.—On Wr.)•,.*
•*,*' • mx at Altoona,
• 1.. the d»4<l tiodiea ol He eh.IJr-ti, ag.-d »U>u: Uve and
t.TO ' “i!., acre form,I it ! I, • e,.cn(cd nr. ] ivj •*»*
L.i I If IK* childn n ol pool i/prn«an nuigrarla,
«h. •!*•! Ml tin in noliui ie.| fron. tipceaaitT. Th« r arr*
decently int.'imi hjr the cituci.. of Alto na.
t">»ri«Ar» Ao»is-i iha Pirna.—The authoririe* a!
" ••••’»•"••>. ... V V. haring Ji*,or.'rvd
»l «* In ■ 'PL.II » ....| acllrr* •i n -rlNng .Iii.i men*utv ap.
pointed a w.vni m.-n surer to pmc-rt Hi.. p«or. Thr » cvj
ai'lln* rebelled and combined, urni.-r the pei allr ol ten
dolI.tr*. not to offer for fate anr w.ard |V», the term ol lao
Psatii or Tow Tlll wa'y Pathcs.—The father of li«n.
Toru T iiul.. Mi Stiatton, al.o r.-.i ln| B.ldgrpoil,
Conn , ili-d on Kn.iar i frnii.g. Ilia mind l.ad become
diaordeJ. It i* ■nderatmal lint he had aequned a fort in,a
hr l. rv.i'nti.rti ol II,. lint general, which will now i*
dm.I<'.| In iaeni the widow; the retinw.ml dwarf and l.ic
two married «i*tcr*.
R vniarta flora Trama —The annual *rati*tica of tha
Rochealp, [\ V , 1 tfoutinc lm*iiir*a *how* that there ia
i o» inTr.fr | in null* and luaelilnerT gnat, *ai, and that
there air Igg III of *iniir rmployt^d. Tlir total ammilil
of tlou r«p,. IP,| it,, >1 g I he laat rear itlul.i; 1 hairel* of
whral nnporipii I,«»• I<■»;...
El I PM 1ST |)aow\,i> Tlir *leamrr Thomaa Swat, ar
rivpd at I narl-flo i, S l on Sunday morning, oating
elrare.1 at Baltimore no the *l«l with heir Kleptumta lor
NitIHii* Ctrcw* K nigh weather wa« riper lanced on Ilia
T.o ait' and one ol the aiomaia leaped into tile aea He
w i* Tallied at gi.iaai.
One rammer erening a gentleman called on a lade an
ac.|iianiUnee ol hia After the compliment* of the rye
ning, aheeipreaaed itrr *iirpri*e at hia appearing In dip
p-ra. ileapilr hia a-w itinn aa to their great want id lade
and conclude I hr rating, that aa f.rr her. .he H I
Ilk.' to are a gentleman with way th.ea W'-e-tt’
Tm, Show St,.aw.— Wr Inrn that the rodent .torn, of
Safurdat night • aa Terr ti.,.trou. to Hie *hippn g nn tha
in.I liare heard that arreral raari. wrecked on
the ahon aol l.rnnharen Hay and the Altai,He.
Onto Astana* Staia Uonr tario*.—Tire American
Stale ConetnlMm of Ohiw «aa< in Lied at i ..l.in.bua laat
we.'h Thomaa Npooner And i*o ernor lord were elected
delegate* to the Philadelphia L'onrrmion The I'unru il
fMowmended that her-#ft.>r purely Amerieai .rwnii.a
tiona ah.>uld he made lor Pr*ai.M,t and Vice Prewdent of
the United Stale*, end lor all State and Ineal .SB
Cot ueior —On Honda, laat. a *lcigh «• la,I.|. g O.aa
« olf and aon, enme in coll .to., with a train on thr LeMgh
Valh , R*i road near Cataaai.qua, Pa . end both of the am
rudanta were aererel, injured.

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