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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, January 15, 1856, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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Ii 11 II JI If 11 Ii 1 f 1 II I Ii •
T K R M n :
Ddlv l*«|n*r. fn |Hr annum; Sentl-Weekly, ff». WeHly.fi. *lw*yr
In a Iv umv Remittance* may lie made at the »,*k of ih* I'iil4l*hri*
In ill «• « where • »Uriu*r l* taken ou tie* d. -poalt «d a Ictlrr In tl»r
l*..»t tilth** out and tig money.
One J*.|«r»rt, tl« lineal nr Itm. one iii«ttiuti. TA
Karl* additional inw-rtUiu. t’«
One month without alteration |K 2A
Three do do . . . id mi
1*1* da do .•.*•*«**
Twrlee do do . 4 IIU
Tw«. * |*iirv«. Three month* 11 tai
Ml* month*. .. in
Twelve m iiith" An t*»
l*’ N »dv* ; tie n»enl to I-- • i»ii«id> rod l.y the mouth or year nn i
lr«- <t-«l on the Maunaeript, or previously .tgrerd o|a.n In-tween
Of |> • ti.'«
A*« 1 % • rti*« me*it not marked on the >*«>py for a •pr«*if|rd nuiahrr
•f iii-iMon* will Im* i'uiiI inu* d until ordered out. ami p-iynn-nt • *a« «
el i • dlngty.
;yr* lie... I II .\iir»:aTiaKS«XTw To avoid any luUuiMleratnudltig
on : - part ..i tin Annual Advertiser. It lr pru|wr to dale*tUti*•Y/v
that tli.or p lv||. K, • .»n1y evtrtidr to their Immediate tmdne*« K *1
K*t »♦ I. : il and »ll other %«lverll*etoefit* rent by them to lw an ad
! It* -1 Krtate at el ti.-neral Air. 'it*' Advertisement* not to he In
•eri.- | *»y i'm year, hut t• • Im* .harg.«! at the u*>ml rate*, autfect Io
* A*» Mlom-era, Book seller* md yearly advertiser*. generally,
env .el-./ .»ue .»r m.iir spiarea, with tl .• prt»l|eg« ai . hangr. •hall hot.
on • •• v «r!y average. In my ..*ie w.*-k. Invert more ihan the amount*
ag»e I ip..'I «• tlw «tanditig rule under tlie runkraet, and all exceed
ing - •• h .unoiiit to Im- . haiged at the o«tial rater
\ Iveiiis-mrtita ln»ert.-.| In the Mend- Weekly Whig at 75 «'rnt* j* r
*«4 iar-of 1 • Hue* or |r*« for the ftrat li.arlion, nimI Ah cent* |n*r
m| tare f.»** •> r li outlmmnre
4 11 1 Ml All rou IS .*,11.
• l 9 f In II It
Ii »4 IA IK 17 Id Io
td | r» m Jl 2*. *»K
27 2* V 1n Ml
Fva acaav 1 o A rarer
s i a : s o
M IIhi li ii IA it;
17 I- lit »i *»i y; yt
*i »7
Mur* t
• i •"» ii • h Mtcrrcwaua
• In ti I • li II IA
17 In lit .*• 21 22
21 2 . ;tj ii 2- 2*t
to t|
Aran 12 8 4 • Orr.iora
n 7‘ - i» I ll l »
li 11 If, IK 17 Hil»
2 • 21 22 2i 21 2A 2*
27 24 2'* *, •
M*r I •» i NnvRMara
I A * 7 a 0 In
II 12 I t II IA IK 17
I* n* 2»i 21 22 * l 24
•*. *2* *» M 29 t • ,|
Jvxk I* 2 d I A K 7 Dnuin
- •-* In It 12 4 I 1 l
IA 1« 17 !«• it* »i 21
22 t 2 4 4A 2*. 27 2'
2i» «*. . I
«ti: % »i hi: rn im
N K\V YORK & <»I,AS( 10\V.
4 riUNRCRHIl, taunton*. • - . \Vn Crusixo
m hiiui, *k<“ * ... k...t
hi. h'Uhv. urn* •• . . i»r .. »*
Tlieiili-. « I N * York Sr. «iu.lt||» Company int* i..| nailing
th.-T.irw .»it-l powerful Steamer* from New York for Ola«g.»w, a*
KI»|\|tl Ki5||, S uur.lar. 2Mch lanuary, at 12 o'clock noon.
NKVV \OHK, Saturdav, YU February, " 12 •• ••
UL.lSkiOW, Saturday,
kltM • •* riMliil.
Fir«t Class f #ft.
Till d Cl*.*, ! Hill With *’*»«>ki-d provision* fHu
\ '
For Freight or Passage, apply to JOHN Mr.HYMON,
Ml Itroadway.
New Y.*rk City It II- or Hold only received for I'toire.
4. _
Si % v i: 1.1 r i: nsi u i>« i: (otinu. The

Oil* *1 ifc for tills kind of ItiMir.in e.» with .i l’a«li Capital and S o pin*
of f 2„*.V**n, arc now piepu.-l to i**ue policies «wi tin lit,-* of Slave*.
Belnjf *?rlcly a Virginia Insurance <' nip»ny, It* It .ard of Hire. tor*.
<p. r*.»mlly known !• the community} holding tlo ir m -< ting* lu till*
city, where **U Ivftrr a«e promptly and hb*rally adjusted, entitles it
to a lilieral sh ire of tl public patronage. Oftj.-e (at present) c«w tier
sf M «iii and 2th street*.
Medic-il Kviiu.ner, l»r. M Burton
JAM!* c. CRANK, President.
J *i> II IkMiik, SvrrUrjr. d. :t0
M.lCIt I I II ic %i V% %HI HOI SI .
FBMIIF Sot--, rltw i *, l..»viii|f rrniov.-d to their n«« Factory on Cary
order* fur »|l kind* of \grl« ullur.al Machine* ind Implement* of the
Ut. *i m.I m«i«t tpprovi- l pa'U-rn*. which will t»e i.iad*- ,,r th. twst
■ntf.-rUI* and of -op-ri-»r workmanship They a»k attention to
"Cardwell** .l.nihte a..«l sluyl. geared II r«rpnwer* and Thre*l..rs,"
wh. h ha ye taken .» premium at rnr> Fair it wht.'h they have hern
exhibited AI*o, t.i -‘i’ro'kill’s (’1*1 f'ru*li«-r,’' M mny's I’ltcnt
Reaper tud Mown." tin- la-*t in u*.. F.iwkr*' PaUnt l um and
Ouui.1 spiv I l»-r, highly tpproved. It h'* Pah nt Iron u-atu IMow. ,.f
vari.m* • ir. «. A Tlwy «uhi in the .pinion of the Mori William C
Rlvi *. of litre IM..a* IIAl.hW IN, t’AllhWhl.l. A CO.
Richmond, F.Writii) Jl.
0\*ti r lint. IMh !>«»• 1ST* I
Col. W'w It SrooiiNTtui—hear Sir- I t tk«- pleasure In recording
her*- my itn|ir.-*«ton of the fw-rforinanee of vnur Plow ^ Rich's |t m
H*»"i pilin'I at Cobh am to .lay The work w»« far more thorough
and o.nplcfe than that of any plow I ectr *»w in operation Iw-fr.re.
The f.irrow ijwiml i»y it w •« v« rv g- nrr illy 1 ‘t Indie* .hep and about
2" m . w h in harl. «d..*, I m l. ar. l m<.*t . if.vtu illy and perfectly |
•de Vied oi|t ii iiif nl the >m| earth falling hack into It
rile ti i «| of the pi. w wa« wttne*«*-«| » v many of my neighbor*,
•anronr wii. i.i I wIII mention Me**r* I'rink II N. I*nn .1 II th-'«tt.
I II lerwi*. r It ll-.pklti*. Flo-.it. W »l*on, of l..m - . ill pro
et al in- n and mo-' * i ell,-rit judge* of agi icultor d implement*, ,i,.| 1
Cl.erc Wi* t- .f one opinion iin.iuir then i- In tin *.ip> i i.o li t and un
wx. |Ht.Ti iNe p. rforman. r of y«>ur |»l >w
Wishing | <ai ..piil st|.*r. .* rU s Iwrc In making this valuable lm
plran.'i.t taveraH% known to our agi n-ulltiral hypthren,
I remain, yours truly,
gT no. m. ri.isl i ii. -v
he*' Wind >r l.-unp I1a«t. r ciir»h|. * u* to rccomm. n l It a* tin l**«l 1
th tt > *-i h-had Ail ofilct* left it our nfllcc on 4* irt -tie. t. prompt -
N li Fanner* can In -tpplo l In llielr own hag-, at a reduction
In price l.'th ra! discounts to merchant*, fhr c i«h. j*27
IH|I Ollll lo t l»>t|l % III: \ as. A The subsert*
A ler ha* how In «t.ir.
Irt .1,. ,!<> •TnC ilo do
10 do prime "PIP* M.«*a do
•J*» do do “J c a Co" d<» do
10 do do • T K" do do
11 to do "A It C" do do
In hag* prime i|n illtv Canary1 Meed
f.-. k- do do llempA^ed
f,oo llo liltrk Angoaliir i Totimia lb hi*
Jit l»..ie< l.«.ver*nv«* Itoiitde l*.:ifRng ir
V'*» HulT • ij*r f mr '.** <•*«.** prime "tl ('** Mm* I.u|oorleet for
•ab » i -i«Tonintodatl»»ff term*. by
|f11 Corner Cwrv ml Virginia Mfwll,
(<r(\ Wii T»» Ml/.
a i i i i it > i: i: it,
W-itl mire ft, under St. Char If* Hotel, J
Rh fiaoan, V*. J
Wll.l, devota hi* whole attention to tl*e Pale and Hiring of Ne
groes, Real Kstale, A<-., publicly and privately.
Rales satisfactory or no charge m oh
| fC Hr has a conrrntent plac-r for keeping dare*.
The «ut>«. nlM-r respectfully Inform* Ids frl-ndy that he has dtacon
tlnin d Itie a art Ion business, and liar.eg rented Ids office to Mr J |t
Hargrove, takes pleasure In recommend luff hi* former ciMton.er* to
five I*.m a call. . HKNJ l)AV|g.
July HI
ro biMi i hi >.
Nrr Just opened a aptettdld lot ..f the *b-.vr lb» d*. M
ww made b v ll'l s A Aon «lso. Dent lenten** F.ne |i'o4lgL
ant Water IWfMlo.es and Haller*, all styles, mad* in (lie RT^
best style they ftl nice and wear w. II
well . rtTNFY. W\TTM A FI TNFY
i;itui> %% fin > •• % *■ a t tt„
\TrYNI» particularly to the sale of Wheat, Corn. Flour. Tobacco, '
%r . and keep ron*» intly on hand a large assortment of Ftmlly
Hr. cries, together with Id me, Hronnd Plaster, Peruvian and M**i
can It ii no. Tar, HrlmUfonea, Tin Plate*. Cast Rtrel and Iron, of all

tiroccr* anil Commission Merchants,
*»'■*«■ C»«T tap ll*Tn aimwnwp, r. ,
nrn 1..*. in Inform ihrlr »rl-n,|««n.. rii.tomrr., th,l llin» But.
r.ft I.-H Ihrlr fall m... k of ORiK'l HIM. l.lifl'oK.*. Slant,
C . ***» mripfiBnf IB- I.rgo.t ktt-l )w.1 ,(o. k th.jr have ,rrr Br.-ii ,
•Wr In frl In W. .nvll. riljr «n.t . ..utifrv f<-,.-r. lo r,*mln. nur
e<*'k Hrfor. Bo.ina. amnnf whl.B will .»• fnaml:
Uk«i Baa* in.' J iv, aii,I I C«(r,
Bt* llltil. I' It . V O, an.t fill., Hnanr.
Wo BI>|. Cr».l.wl .11.1 f..ff.-. x.
|no 1.1.1. ,i,.l r . fob, nn.l N O M.Umm
1MI BBI. N r an.I II,Ilf., Il-rrlno
«v*f» I'f. V .11.
Ml BBI. Ol.l lt»r an-l R.-. tm.,. S'M.krr
fttl BBI. tt*.nfB,m|0on l,ra. Prntilv
Bo BBI. N B Knm
B V I’ll" • llf»wo<| Br,n.lr, rrrr (In
in H pi|-i. If,non. Brand.) Hr ,n..jr. P.l- and l>.rk, vrr,
It cask* Pherry and Madeira Miuf
%at bote* f|erm and Adam inline t'andle*
4«a» reams letter. Cap and W rapping Paper
fttn shies Mole leather
fin bores huf 9nfir
V* tierce* Icndnn Porter
1«» pac kages Hreen and IVfark Teaa
1f*> do fancy and Plain Cart dim
P-' bb|. CUI. r vinegar
* fnn boves French Otaaa
firm doaen Red Cnrda
K*» boVr* fir. wn and Pale Roap
1600 lbs ('niton Yarn*
AIAO_ kr/H>ni«. Itu kM*. Cotton and Frmp Unea, Drain and
Ormind Rl*.Prp|K r. Hinger, Allvpire, Nutmegs. M*dter. Mpl. es,
Rtarch, Cigar*. P#w ler, Mhot. Mar lc*ad, Moda, Malt IVtre, Indigo. Ac ,
R. all of which will Ire offered low for rash or lojmnrtnal dealeys
l\l *' * ,?* V? 11 **’ 1 % ■ It. Pers..„* visiting the Fair w ll do
| M
large ami desirable «e|ecfion of Cl.,thing, for Men and HoyC wear
•f toy own make, and eipresatv for thia market
y™_ M WM IIM Mm
•> \ nut v • tt.i %% Ym .
'+*__ VAR uiN-cyoN
H»f %vs v. ||R ,.o„s
a full assortment Rrass Piatr Rod#
. i (ith-o\ a iv|.r*M4>v No KM Main st
I .AVIV Nil YPIIMIN. Mo«itatn Rntt«r, prime quality
r i«M rgealvgd ard f.r *«le by W 9 F
1 Ulf H lUUiKlLUTlh.m
moil m m pmrxoiLi. a ova nmhhfai'I’r ai»yihtis
* M PrTruuiu A Co *r. art-eta for nearly all tU New*p*per*
in tlit- I'mUtl Malta ami Canada*. 119 Na»*au •treet.
New Yuik, and lu State iinri, H*t«i« «.
STATU ft I S L A ft 1».
i A>n n% mi. • vi uii imi him.
«>rncr. V. 4 JOHN mrIt KIT,
t*v imutu imuI H*"u<» *i, New %->aa
PBNH1’ umlrrilfiiol, |»i•>|>n«tor« of U<>» IttnUi.Sinrhl, httr fur
■ » lotitf ti rr .the artilor partner of the Ann. Nathan Harrrtt, I
for Hi year*,> Urn iKoerulinf Uair Autihea al .Vhi/#* /W.rn</
ri*r» liar. -pa'..I *«• . ffuMi «»r rtp-liw, ***|*ev tally it. the |a«t few
(' **•. •*».-. II in all It,* hr .ii.'t.** .»f then art, and hare U- n a«i •
e«afuil lu attalnlnft a hi#h d.ftie** ot Improvement, a* well In Um
machinery and apparatus for dreaaln* <1.9. rent at»lea offtuod*, aa u.
prn< tl« al artiatn ‘kill In dyeliift and Ant*hliift Lad.*-* MIL.. Satin
N| : I .
I:*rre |.r< |m.itton of . aa. *, theae arte Ira are made, u, . ,d *r and An*
lal., Very nearly e.pial in a|.|a*aran< e to new good* Crape Shawl*.
l%l..ak», Vlant.lla*. Wltet 4. arm-nu, a , are al*>. eery »u.«.-»*fully
Ir. a to I Fad* d a» >1 Slanted »-*••• I • restored «»r r.*lr*.l
I «.an.l Mu*dui Curtain*. Carpet*, Ku** and Table i'or»-ra Clean
•e l A K* flnUh.-l. |taiu«*k an.l Moreen Curtain* It. autifully Ujrrl.
Ala.., It ill. .1. a. If..* rr) . Ill.it. a, A •
Order* e*-ruled with rare and de-pat.'h.
<io.*d« re.eiked and relumed hy kl|>n-M.
Good* k. |*l *uhjevl to tli« elalin *f the owner, tWelle month*.
ItAURFfT. Nkl’IUW > A O*.
M John »tre* t , ft door* from Bioadway, N Y.
timeii.i.«» ikon mm %%oiikv.
MKURIL 4 .1 AiJl'KS.
11• frnlrr MrerL \vw V»rk,
|*iI*.-a. | .tlinft*. T.M.ta, and rt deaeri|*t|on of apparatus
1‘olilii ct**»| with S.coiii, Wall r or (ia*. f.-r lie* It lift and hfhtlnft
Steamer*. Chur !*e«, Hotel*. Private l>welliiift«, Il .-.i.:t*l.. \ I! .er ,
Fa. i. i • « and llatia.
' alrea. Corks, Pump*. (luaftev, Boiler* and Itoder flue* {
otirSn * Cuttiiift Machine* are ent'irlv new.and our own Falent
warr .ntr.1 to du itoutdc tl.r work of any other invention.
Order* solicited from alija*. dun* of th** c.mitre, and |*rnni|.tlv »t
tended to. jail- 1> t'F.
I* %Si:it*H MUNI Flll.ttll »l N||.% I lf
FI. ATI! It KOSKWimHi. VI Allot;\N\ A Mr BLACK %%' M.NI T |
S II o U t \ S K \\ NIC K It 0 0 >1 S,
f, „ v.« >.. i.
snow t -asks nm.it \%• m Jt.tvtx i rans.
Order* |H*r to . ;l with * iijr reference.* promptly attend..1 to.
J»19— Ini—[I*
^1^11 I V| t| 1* 11 I N 1 N li«vr lo it ft »M»taui. d tJ.»- h »'*!• >!
■ reputation •», the I lilted Site. .. Tm* m*-» rain . on umi
i*4L itn. r.-. enlly t»eeii awarded to tliem at the ftr.-at KkiNtdlioti al
[h* !*.•! ••*'«»f Indu4r> in Far**, •••nl Ihua they have tl»e World** v*r
njt tim*e, with »*a«.* j-. the tip r*tor 4l doidde lie ordinary *p-ri|, •«•
* x - Ml . \' ORK - XN II DOM iN x DAI
Th** ftr.-.-»i -*t • l.dlitiift .o-l *i.iM tnaiiulj.'turitift • aiabllaliuieni* in
iti»- i*ntiiilry u*«-il iu:.« ltii,r. i-tclutively. Th. % ..re c»ni|ielent to
|wrf..rio »k.-ry **«jii of »*.rk in the moft p. rf»*. t atyle.
\‘li,.i. II. kery ftr.-al liuioh.-f ■ inferior or entirely WO(thl*-*a
• M.tft Hi4 h. . f II.t la > * k lilodftelt, Avery. %% li*t it. tiioker A j
lltk.-r. Hid other ptteltl*, whit-li hav* bee|| odd, t.ut * aitlinl tM*U4*«l
" •*•** *ni*'K*. a !.*ri*hy otT.-r to ie»-* lke all *tlch tnadiin*-*, at d
|J*-. no•inprov. d ...... „! oUr 4IWI, in u.uf.n ture, i> u.mv.i » *
mi 1 in riwM. -i»iiMiniio> ..n lih.-r*l leriu.a. Alt old m •
• tin.- (d»t;. III. <| t | 114 Will I411k. il Up .'lltil destroy 0*1 Ini
' • 5 •* ■ ■ tpi Ij by 1 Itei I M . .,t mm Kew % wrfc UR •
^ ^ Ce>« *1 \i - nta a Hit.*! to mak* - il* * of ..in iiMproke.l *»••
• k uia'-htio « T.. i- r- .n* pr..|H *lT «jiuliil«*.| for the l»n»iue««, a rar
i*P|h>itiitiiiy f.»r |>r. t'111.1 dr and plrwuit rtnployn.* nt i. . IT- red
I. VI. MNilKIt * C«t .
Frlui ip.il tMBc . J . Hi....da.,4. N. V
UK k N't || ill! |i') 17 ll.novrr atr.t. t, II* -1 •. Ilil'lir.tiiiit *1..
- 1. . w
■I..1.1U. I - \ S- I III...1, N.W ltilc.il., (aluvt- .till. , S \ , . .|
llr..».| -Ii.-.'l. Nr» irk S J. JcSJ—jau.
0 1; 1: i»*s i* i 1 1: > -r
< 11 K< )N< >M KTKIt liN't i I N I ’..
Plllil- I.i.|u«.\.*.1 steam Kiiftine, f..r which l«ct ter* Fatent

r»*. nature I.f I II t • ImproVi 1. nl * u|i*i‘t'* iu the #»i. . «•/ j m • 1 o*
»l»..ul '!>• p r . ••nl., and r*du<-nj< th** w.-.ftt.t the I i((r n»- on*- halt
I he lift ,.| tml 14 , IT., t. d tH I. ttitift The *|. atll ill ..Il hotfi ..de, o|
III. • ylindi r , doutdiiift 111. ‘Ifc* of III.- p.ut, and hala net lift the pr* %
•ure, reiuuvil.ft t»M- t. . t»on and wriftht Of the -Id * Valve*. .... uir*. *,
, eo%. lie .d*. 1 outlet*!il.ft rod*. Ac Tfir e\.-«*. dlnft •luipli.-lty of till
i iftrr, u d when placed upon the l»* »Ur with «h«*rl» u l« poiinlili
lt.oU|(h * ffrclitc.
r»M .. » I.c t.r* receive*! t».. Kirvt Pnirr Mrtvu. at the ftrat Exhi
“* " ** »rr almut Svrniy-five of tl>. m now In ..to
ration, alt giving *«-eat aatlaf action.
PRU i -
1 I! »r* Engine, • • • fl.v Holler* am! tit11itgr*. - • • $12?.
2 •• ** • * * 2uo. •* •• ... Urn
* * ** * * * . - . *»
* ** “ -•• -4»*».
I*1 ** ... &l(), •• •• ... ^<1
All *»*'•* from 1 to h*o horse power at the thort> -t notice
ll*o, Kccd*g Patciii Bumum Piunm Uw ■Ititrliwl and noaldiunMt
on.* in I*.*-, for raising • tl« r or supply mg butler*.
Further mformatlou may he had by addr, •-mg
i i* - rm Tot M.KY 4 KEKD,
d’ » l**J » M Od« ii Lui<. V - York
<■-*’< >.M M ISSIoN MKH( J I ANTS,
sTItA U 1 Yul\M AMD MLIlA| Mini MtTs' |UHrf iutljN.;, kTC.,
lui|NirIriN ami Drains in HaMufaitur<T>' Arlirfot.
NO 07 1*1 \ I. MU l;T, N K W \ (IKK
N U Arn,l« l..r tlu- ll>H *W....IruH O..I lb I „n Work. 1 Klr.li,
Engine- ami Itoiler*.
irr K v.luuve agem-jr In New York f..r *Low«ll Machine j*h«p’
Mac hi mala' IPnok__ *HfV- 1y[p.J
* O.IIttHf I Us, \Ml » IM | ClOOMa
%%rl** *"* I t>hl K, 111 Park PI o e New Yurk%lnvile* the al*
w ▼ .
*i Fan-. <*mh< llm. 1. Hi and N «il Hm-hen L,d..v Krleulw.
I'erfuimry, S* *p«. Pt.ri* Motmair*. Jet ami IU* •«! Urn-let*, p... k«l
It.M.ks, Huti<<:i*, I'm* nhd Xcr»il»i», lltNik- and t)r«, Watch
"*1'- " ,x* * ,,f «• *••** Hi*’*- Ih •*!». Nt • kl*. ••. A India Kuhbrr
i oiith*. t .me-, lull-, and T*>>- . f every dt-« npt <»n. S . -or-. H i
:. r- in«l I’uilerv. ri.dd ai.d hilt J w.lrv, A. • onleona amt \ inline,
ncludii.g - C-ioral ami \«i) lug, iU» k Knglidi, Kirin h, and
1 t *'»• > *•.I*. * hl» I* » ill U -old ul thi* III) loWrAf pi hr- foT
a-h o^ ipptovt.l |m|" r.
• E' O'' * *•>' leti• i *rl». t, .1 ami put up In the lent manner.
W IL1.I Ol I A>KKH. hi Paik Place, N. w \„rk
P S i’le i-c rut tl.ke nut a|*TU dly |pj
I' I TI M I I. WI M Sll IIC I’s.
mtm i ratxrv, a** 1 f«r< i %v * ran r. arw y nk
t1 v.1"" N
4. I 'MU All n,,i.., ,. iun ,.il. II. i .nfri' .- p .III I.
.ii.l . ..otli.K lu ton _ [f] rtill 1»
i in III.SI it ktir i»\ i .
nl! o M BAI.I.AR1IT vim..
.* 0“ w. iM-m, ...I .. i. I,..in.,i.. »i.„. ,, u ,,
» , I l.y III. ,IKUi,|(u|.|,r.l .1. ,.„-o. Hr . lull..ii .,,,.1 |",„i J. | „
r.wr) , *'„l ... ,.l ll.f I. I I... ...I, ly II,r twin. |>,...
" ' • • ■> •' |l T,.„. I|..l oil, , .„,| M, r. Ills ,v
.(HI Iw.n,. N « V.irk i,,1.14 - . 11 %
.1 K h sok A SON,
▼ » • l.RAn \ND I'lNKIR NIARKHS,
j.‘I .llr ll*J JU> Trout rtnu. v,.t !i t' llr..,.lw.y, N y,
A lll l.l ■*<•'." 'I . . |MI. I,.l I ,' |1„. ||..a Jr
s |A. iiitwr l*,h, IM(i Tins 'I. ■ I...... ,rr w.rranifsl, iwHt, |.,,.|s-.
is,I not lo «■ I nut ,,f rrpttr TIm » nr.- luiitt in . .. .„tr>lrtnil,|
iihI worknun, lit. in.nnrr, ao.l .,11 d„ T.ll.m.' pl„» mako,' ,ml
*.,|.|I.t? work, In n inan.wr wi.rrani.,1 t„ p,.V Mil.r»i-tloi, Til,
illf. l, w.ll .„•( rip ,,y niorr ll,nn ,,,1.111,,,n ,, w„ip ,|..ni |.» |,-.t„|
' ,11 ttiol s , tin.,, In „|.r«llol, *11 bull ON I fitirr.i Pl,,u.|, |,.|„,
ipHalr- M A OAHSON. Aprnl. '
n.j'J .lly [u|
io\ a roi.i: ti i s.
|hKK*lt KOR AAI.I. lln- l.jl.iwlnp bratjr Cutlnn K.lwlrt.
MW *:N(!I.NN0cotton raii, hick »i.„i,«.>11 n.w i..r.i
v .. ' ’* 1 ' *n‘,u'* •*» »•««*? I IIIVH'R Iiianiifn. twrt.l at
hw* k uMi.Iihn-1,1. • ompriaii.f r\. »y variety known to the trad*-, and
iffrn-d i«t i)o- low* «t rates
r.MTKh RT.ITKR PILOT DICK W-H-lherry and Mount Ver
non. ¥ Xtr* A full -1—ortin^ol of this suiM-rinr fabric
U lLl.lMANTIt CtirniN 1*1 « K 16. 1-*. !*,*• Rll,| «. Inrl., all
uuml*T«, hard and m>fl Tld« fabric was * wanted thr hirhrst i.r.
iiilum at thr Loudon World’s Fair, also at our own R| ,t. Fair
Rllll* AND I'fcAK MIRK IHVK Hal, and twilbH, manufac
luml hr thr Wrovt.wood's Company, a superior arth |«- for Itatit «ail
irtits, awnings. A- also, Mount \crnon Twilled lUvms ||t»w*rd' I
PU.nr.-r ..Ml Pu.cnlx Mill.. I.igld Colton Raven., plan, « t„
It Inch: heavy do do.
COTTON S ill. TWINE- .1 full .«o.rlmrnl.
Irlrr Mi. FFl.TIXli - Jn to TT Inch, made very heavy, eaprei.ly f(,r
CAI! POVKRINO—Colton Canraaa. all width,. from RD to On 1
Ineh*., anti all nu.nlu r. made ..iwerwly for roverlng ami root.,a
K. I.f '.l car,, I. imrh.tly and pcmanently water |>rnaf, and more
rnd-iruiir than the # ar Itself.
I.V IMH.I.INll CANT AAA-Rn.RS, a.% and M Inch plain and
twilled. In *•»* iy variety.
ItAt.S ANI» AAOl.INtt tlf every «!.■«.-rlption Reamlc R e.
Woven whole, all .lar, In hale# of Hat, ami Mute, rontldnlng
rt,wdh’ y f,,r S-*1" M"1 nmal, are una.ir
Al.o, heavy Colton Swelling. An Ineh Cmva.., R thread Warn ami
PiRIng. Iie.tvy twilled, do tl,,. Jo, tl, AS ami AA Inch ‘
HOOI. SACKS -Woven whole all .tie., a nr* ami de.lrahlr
fr 1.—dly
i . it. to it k
• ill# w«r»a Rtmrr, nun v<>tl
OH It % KI MO I’OWDFK, Importer and Dealer in
Urraftt Tartar,
Rub Curb Roda,
Hal Roda.
Oaafll* Rasp,
Wark lead,
British l ustre,
Rrflnnt p. arlash hibratni,
„ _ Ondrtnf Fatracis,
,'*r/ ** M,t. I... W i« and Wand.
INN I A * I N II Hill II I I),
»»THI Id Hill I nut. N„ « Chatham* s.w
York. Roi t f «s«ir of l*rrsn A Oaaanir Isiatt i tati offers for sale
III kind. otSNI rrs ami TOIIAfPOS lo general ...r partl,
lae., . fVtee # 'Nrrtnl can I- oMolned hy addrrulng a. above
Tin. e.tald».hmenl I. one of the oMr* of the kind In It* Cnlted I
“"T,_ [.W lv
I *1.1. RUM K
ROOTS, nHoRm, TRI'.NkS, kr.
WW| , •». UIE •tthwrlhvr t >r, leave to „ _ --
•roily S#|e left h\ him«rtf if |rr«..n
It eon-.n. ..rim ......I variety.and will, in rlyle and nnaRly, com
parr with anr at . .ark, i
.,|,Lrr.l*a! "n' '« *'»' him a . all, pr. ml.tng to
•ell hy the doaefi or *»t«*l. pair a. low a. any nth. r h..ii*e In the rile
-Sf __ No |a. Market M,l.lge
©«(>,( II M I
» o m r ii o * ik h * ti won*
at roar rnR run
n ROOKS. HR 1.1. * w ,\ LLER,
*1 I Nil made mil arranrement.. In ronneiton with other par
tie., to open a llono- In New Vork on the l.t „f January
Beat, and to mntlnne our honae here, we have determined to . low ,
vnt our pe.-n ,.t Mock of flood,, moat of which ar« fre.t. aod reallr
il. draMr Me will therefore,..!. at,.t*kii. r Monday, Ih. Wdln.tant,
ower o.tr entire *.«-k ,tf .vi*.
Ihiycr, will Ami In the nock flue lino, of hleaehed and hrown
■meeting and Shirting., Flvimlr. l.l.iw;., Kerpev*. Sheep flrav*.
Slanket*. Ptothv. Cawlmere., S,ttln.tr, Re.. Jean., P.l.,1.,
Olngt.am., I tee.. IA....d«. RM. Oan.li, Alpaca,. . *
.II - *"'* fnMnmera wldilng In hnv nr order «.n the 11*1,1
rr^dlts, will hr s*.p,.||.wd il our u«*»»| prirr*.
- .?? ,hr f”r ,h*‘ H 4 ^4 HtMinton fulled t’lofhs, mid
S***** ** ^ f*HwN, And •rll thrwt •• w# h*T**
We aotielt a call front nor friend, and the trade
UrmtE "A" M MAR,
S*lO Davenport, AUtN t CO.
i «iWJ «.»*»a«i t'lnamitg n >ra, v atmuc
rrrgtrv, vvw *.»aa
■ *ii'oiit nr ro nim
the last three »>*r«t !.»*»• !•(* fl rti| l)’r'l ll» a ht|s,r,»*s%,
B* known onl) to n >s*lf. an.| ti.|»aralivrljr, % •• w ott r«. wl.-m
I have instructed f„r the »uni ..f each, wi h has a* i *g J m#
at the rate of fruiu | i.'Wf to per annum, and bating made
l»er sill Who Will remit Ui •* th-suin of 0>» IbatsB I atu mJuel
fnun tlie mkcvm I have bean favur«0 with. and the many happv •**
l I
Art. and who are ng« making fimu in to f JT» |t«r day. to give every
h r**'i* a chaine to come Into piamlon of Ini* valuable meant of
utklnr v hmK fortui r There is n # lit aaco almol (lr bu«ma«t
herein alluded to K' fprrhi-fi uf Ulf he*« « ||), »e- V » •!< .*» f
gvrds t* character. and I m at* • r-vr t.. p. . s..|.* in Philadelphia
as Well a* in this City. Who hate, a ttain f* ur month* embarked in
th*- Ui*ine>s and who will t* • ti'y that they an luakh.g In in fl to
♦ day at the •am- It Is • l.u«l*<e.. in w»... ». . th* r I nll-s p*
¥■ ultrtaien can eng »g* , fid atthp* rfe. t . *%. make a v ry hands..uie
.ii.'ome 7*erervl ladies >r> various |*srta of pear * yl vanla and Nlar*
laird, whom I have in«it< v.-.1 1. the Art. an r»-w «1-at u<g fr»n f*
are r*«|uind •« start It f p .n receipt of fl. I w.t| unmcdiatelt
■ ■
Hi the Art, Vhkk wUI bv pevft tl| wdei ,
Address t T P A UPON*.
■ a- N hi. West Mi ftnet, Hw Yorl
LOOKINO-Ol, ass ks
A Si D NIT l It K I |{ A M t >1 A ,\ I IUTUIIY.
ii.ot ter: v. sii.i.m.
%l IR • II • !• ^s w .uld rail tt.e attention <>* *trangers visiting
A*I th»
H Alt* KtHlkl.-s ANI* \|AM I ACTOin
In the <*f unequalled facilities, Ik- is enabled to execute all
order* on tl •• lowest |M.«sil»lr terms. Tlie P.tlrn»om« ar* replete with
«hoir* s|*e* Ituens and a full assortment of
KICII *• 11.1*1 Ml IN A 1.1. IT** IlKASt'IIM
Mill'LDINtiH. Kit'll 1.ILT. KU!*I: Wotili?, tr \K, M A 1*1.K /.l KKA
la every variety and ct*i staidly n hand.
tinier * fr. n, all part, of tl.e I NITHi t»TATfc* AND CANADA#
ettvuUli with promptness, pack. I with the greatest of . are
A liberal discount allowed t«* tlie trade. ||. V S1«*I.KK.
n.>9—dm—t*.va*J M, 4«. ainl *1 Korvjrili «tmt,N. Y<>ik «
Iih)R Mining l»ur|M.s. .. atid i »r Ig .g < i .rge. b* t!i tv. w. t
Wl and dry blasting; of four different kind- Tl.e .«(•*«• and emp
Kuae. also, tl.e single and double Taj*e W ater fu*e.
Manufa* tun d and m.|*I by ill.INN ITTMAN,
'i l.'bertV »l . New y, rk
f Order* promptly fili* >1 f..r all kimU of f»uo Powder the
most approve*! brands. ldg-*» Kxhlbitiooul lire W rk*. H.ip Mg.
• aU. a- a.
rod Tin: i.ouu.ooo.
Tin: i . v. i* i i ini *i iitm.i: < o.nr.ui',
1 C OITA 1, >1116,000.
fl .i y, , J
%RK prepar.d I*, ex*, .leallonier*for M.\.MI.I>. TABI.K TOPS l:
• Ohl MS* 1*1 DK#1 \\ v Plh ''II It' P| IMP A | '.i
I.on ol MI.4A4. Ilat* atm, PtUAXrxM. N*.*h»i ii an, and all !.»nc> \|.»r
» le. * «|ual in strength. and durabd ty i„ real marble, and *, '
* .lue r. *|ws t* superior tb. ret... nml at lr.. than !.a!f th* . *.*t I . I ke
marhleised non. Wood, or date, ,t ,s wlitdlv fr.e from .ill ..1^-oi.m, .
whu,‘ *r« U,K**«I tgau.st men* surface w..rk, wlnre paint. . opal v:»r
•*lvh. !• . form th. tirmimrary |M»lis|, and beauty of the art.. U . Him
tlesfrotn f' to f |*» Order, from llu iltler*. Cabinet Makers arl Otb
.■r> solicited, and satisfaction guarautes-d Agent* tor tie- pnn* ipxl
• itte* treated witii. Phil.H IIKNMK, Pm.
1.1MB pec. L*>\ 1.1. o. MICKUP. V Pr*-v '
Ig t^.'Arl
mcoou i.\ n tin
l:< llaler SI reel. Brueklvn. New \ nrk.
I*. I’ Rl ill ION A Co.
| | AVISO r- ..Illy nurd U|. Ih, rilen- vv e.UMflm.etit at .he
•' Mean. II Irra MHb.Sas uiSflrM Makrsm
Oeannr •••rkii.K l-ullcy., ,. ATr .ir,
|.,re. I.. ...M.J.I, , I.V.IV .1. .. r; We w ..u|.| rail lie ,
..f it., f ii l lanl. r. |. ,rti. ul .,lr to mir Suy.r Mill.
IU< ...tf l>urcliax I il.. , ,.ur.- ...d ,.i rui,,,,. i|,r i.,,. , . l
' J *'"• s A... ... ...
•* » *1. u..i. b .s, streogll., durat'llit) and ii.-atneaa. ennnot U- »v j
•elhd by any *M4l o.t n.c d in Males A I... g . xp* rw nc. n. t»„
, “ >•“•1... .. -tl... y.vi.lr n i,y -J.l.r.. an.l .v w.ail.l '
ajAln-llwK,,, MaeWevry !. fu, u. a . all .a„n»r. Iro.u
lour u. lorty liur..- leiwrrjalwayf ou hand. |> |- |||'H'>IIN
... M.».l ONKMN,
nif«T I'HIMirM (il)Lli MI HAL M ANo nmil-.
^ I I -« > W ,\ A &• SONS.
MAM KU11 M.KS, >4 AM) jj.s Ualker »Slrt*H,
K»j»i,h,rm.i.v .all II.,- -.-_ir^U
i.' tiinr •|<i< ixl. i M-Sfiiiu. nl ».f mtui-graii'I >n l
■ ) * > 'jT 4 I 11
.. • ' ■ • '• • I'VOjr It, .... :: ..., , [»f .
arr ui.au,imawsl. 71,ry a. rr .war,I, I II,r Kir., I'rmun fLr ta.tl.
I'Ti' "v‘ * 'A*1 l!‘r m '*' l.iak.r. In,in Bn.
lull; Plitla.I. Iplna. Nrw \. 'll him! It .Ultiu,,.'
Nl.\\ TUI L M I'll > 11 in iv n x pus, !i, t r ju-l Irrii awai iti-il |t,«
r-t I rrni.uill fi ll 1. Ml, ., |.'%, r all ii..i,|-rl||„r.| .1 tlir talr | ,,, , f
till tmrrirau lnalttulr, l'r> «lal I'.U.r, t r tl,. p,
i« Iw—II -la.ta.j
I IllilP ti ts l.llilll',
■ i a . M
s^Unnb •*», Ku.Ir i.l Motion*, *, 11 . v, Mt.t.uu.
“r'".r“ nrn‘'"' ••• *?'' Tlwjr arr uianufarlunal n-alrr
P. r. M lalriit. Hill II,. „,,, . tl,.,t « ,n „„
writ ...kl Wra.hrr ll.r l.,Kl,t |,r.-li. ... half rlKIMT than
* oal *•***! •••■»* Di ih the •*onnii<turst Tall. tt 4’*n*t|.« are

than aii>* oilier ma< him - iumJr Hie Ci«iii|an) »»£« i :.>r ««!<-!<tat«*
•tnl louutj flight* f..r .11 the ,<i»irs. AllorJcraaftMuhl l»* t<hln «•< .1
*° , f T. Mi iHX'ii Al.l., Ajr>*tit for thr Cutnimn».
04 ,51 ®,n l*.V4aj ::j| Hroa.lway. V York
• . J •* I» O \ > | |, |, ,
)M M I ss 1 < >N M KHn i ANT
I l ii I'Ll It I. S T K L E I' .
f'oiitA /r»M ir.ll/ xt, ,,r, .VA M' York
I • (
■O Maitlru La Hr, Aik \„ik.
"• * *< O Its «>l i i.i \t oil I it.it i.
all NlWiMi Ml IlnMIK Mil.-. UVK t tl l.lf.i
It alliiiii.r ■- la. |M.|. , Ct Pratt Ulrr, |.
**»• 'y lii~u.il 1,1’p.i. U llwwanl Htm i («■ ».)
ni ll li ill i.i a, into i il i ii a A ' o
llfilifa. I’miiK Oil*. Lhi'i, lYrluimry. Jkc.r
170 tl HI.AM xlt.tl. V/li Yurt
INV,? 11 .... >
• t hnV', hiiiKO.I- I*, rfu. rj. A., A,
It. wlrllli.iti I.. lU'ir r.yular .'..pur tail,,,, „f Anulr llrur. II,rr arr 1
,‘ n- tr .. pr.rl.icti..,, „,a„ufs,.. j
lltrr, >up|il.. tl,., ....I Si.llUu.i,,. Ili.nrr.
... •••" .fill. I Ii p. rfuiurtr. I.
tuattv I.tlirr art.. I. . ... -I ,. It, .in,",
III. ) ,.1-n ri„l.l..| In „ffrr II,. ,1, „.t
aii:- li'irV-l 111 * iu»il. will rn. ivi |.i.,u,|>t altriillan
ii u.s as it it tt. i.i m..
.V i» \ K S .V U H ITT L L S K y .
nkak out ."i.ip, st.ty yoKK,
true cnlint<i tl^on /mi,,I, ,1ml m,iii u f',u tii re to ortler
Ii li.a
mm*'." i H .i
f ▼ a- « rtnn nt iit
am» t»r
M II.I.tills* II XtiS,
ilrilptnl an.I print. .1 li. ur.lrr, rapr. a-ljr f„, tl,rtr u«r
Our (a. till Ira arr aurh that w.-. auppiy tnun
bar* p*r day, , T
Alto Importer* and thaler* in
StggSJtt*kTSSl^S} ZgjE*’* ..*£$&,«
mil si:ki:i pins %m» nr:ti.i ksi
71 Fulton Street. .m.) 71 Heckman Street. \EIV YORK
PRIM IP.I, Ii.l .. Xlicr., N r w y..aa. Factory Si*'
H«.u,.an.l** llu.1*.,, (Mrael. Jer-jr Otyr The Pr. pn.Ton ,.f
mo i.’ti, anil w- II kiii-wn
COFFI t ASI> SPICK »T Altl.lxIOll S r.
rontlnne lepr par,- the I* »l /’A.„ 1 /w./rr. in f, ,
> •• Tea and thwC.kea.Rr ,*„Vf
Mu.UrU.lot o. ,„d many otlirr article# of daily n«* In • v. r% ratal.
iy. which tbe-y off. r u|»on tf»e moM n.i* nnbl. term*. ( .tnl am «
wtit tr* d.-al.-r* who r«*qu« »t tfirni.
, *• II A J II II*|| 4M.
N It 4 onwumert utlnw .i to Inquire for ||.>rr \f It Mrti«-|*
KENT. I’ VINE «V <’<>..
nreoKteKH t.ii.wiionutu nrtt rM i.
to*. ItiJl .Inil |«5, Miin Street, Rirtimnnit.
FA LI. TK A DB, 1855.
* *■»* leave to It ',»rni ■ uf fri.-t I* m | . net..i.,.«ra, that v
▼ ▼
ComprUInjr thelvr*. «f, i »o«t varied. and d.*irild« aamrltnent mr
bav. i m been able to y»t up
llavma »•-i t by . %|*.rt,u,.. it,, oarir »nv »armm to be drrlv
■ 1 ...
lo that iMMiln • . III.I havtiia purrliawsf our *t k of Mar k, ft and
V4o»«|rfi G***. I* at tbeextft rua ho* jr. r -of la«t Sprit**, tfi II la.
ruahbd to off* r freat in i »..m. t.t* in tliewr
44 t»li liKfov** -I fa dit*. • for %■ ttinf up
Iff 4119 (MmitM.,
We ar»* prepared atilt s *pb !♦ I fturl.rornft'lkliif . eery v^rMf
of the l itvAi nn.l nn-tf approved «iy|e<
We t ordiall* -•*«» r Do to. I . , * .1. ,»f x iryinia, N.»rth Carolina. 1
and Ti'finewtM m l p*rtti nlatty fho*. whh have never patron1*# I
lh»« market to at lcv«t l<>4 throuah our Si.m i. *«««irinr them that
w. .•aii exhibit an a««-irftn. nl of Good« which. for v art* tv. «tyl.. atl
ev trill, cannot be «ti.pa«or*l. arid at price* I* low i« tf.»v .an hr
bouabt In Iht* roiiutrt
tinier. .! 1.11 mill • r.r'nllv. prcmpM. all. nde.l
Ra hm*n4, X- pi I, I*» h» ST. P .1NF * CO j
Roots, ft H oin, hr
*' iw • tt «• • n»w •! k of Win ft
H iMtuI ^ ' |.r • n* a a *i awwortn cut M
ef all kind*, lo which w. a*k fl altentl. t of .Mir fr ., |« and JM |
the pnblir 44 e think We . an «hota the I*.«« a* >fment in hichfoTnd
4m .rtff one aaortment may be found the following
I .ad tea* flatter*, of nearlv rttty ,iylr
Pi ,r MuTArio. Goat and K>d 44 alkmf f«h.u*a
fine ('«lf«kin 44 atkmy Win,*. a aapev *r article
Wfiil^ R id ai d 44 hit. Slim Slipprr . Ufa. k «*tin .|o
Pin. 4|. . K d an.| Goat Walkine Hoota
(hr. i W*.#
OeiHhnvn'a Ftur Dr-o |t,...f* and fhtoea
•• Houbt. dob- rail Water p..sof Gattera
P itenl leather Galtrra
4ftM, «* and (’MMr« n’t Ph.^a
an •ln**dy. for men and women
. *" :f. ^Irh *' * ^ "°M ••,h^ ,oW,*•, "••riH palm for rath, or
It Mnrftial pngnmi r* oai v
TRtmtAh TRI AHA, «,
hare a e.r» lar«e Week „r Tr it.i n.
Trunkof all vt*e«. «wine very nipertor and
very larye tt«. «. to ludtea aim, ftonnet Hoar*
o* rLTSfT. watt* • FUJI If.
§ 41.1. I *iimiim i i ios. is;,:,.
W. S. <V* ii. |)()N N AN.
|?* IV.irl M.. Ki«‘)iiiPi(id. la*,
IIIKIHUIIM I Illin % > II 1.1 \s,
n %\l rrtr.v.J by ship “ Fuletla,** »u>l -- , ,ra Trt^
• Atlanta. 4II<1 p4. tflc." fr.*rn Fr.jflsn.J. tf.e.r
I ill lu.pot tat ...n .>• H.rm y\ ui at. I .Miclb. 1 ! HARD mF&B*
U Ai*K C'l TLI.I(\ *1 <»I‘N.”* } fr m totiiu'a
tiKMp. .1. uui "Wii cotrtitry. • very full an*l • **«upiete n*tori<u-:nt .,f
AUFKR %N tiiSlIlf*, »tIc« lr-1 with ifirat 1 *r*, porci> iH>i fo» • *.h
up.li the ,1*0*1 fiKiMMr tertii* abl etuhracif,g ... .|!n,i i(t.| variety
a «tovk worthy the attention and naiiu«li<.'i of pur* li*.rrt v.wtinjf
uur market
t>f il m I* vlvpte.t particularly for tl,r eraam, our stock la very
full aii*l * ..,opl* te, vii
Pen. P - ket an.I Table Knives
Kat**»«. A an*l ittear*
lee k* of all kliul*
Ftie- i f evrfy i|e*.*ripttofl
Mali'S H are. Oven*, Pols, |«*.
.1K.»r|. atul ."‘pNllee
Ai*-«. .^asi. Hammer* and llatehel*
Socle attd lh.i*hle Carr*-I tiuti* ar. I |{ flet
' II 1 ► • •
Tra' e*. Cic.roil and other Chain*
Ft«e| of *|i(f* rent ktn*|«
Curry Coiub», Fry Pan*. Ac.
T .feth»r with all other article* u*ualty In our Cue, arm r-r which
We are particular to keep constantly * ,. hand a l*r*e an l omulrtr
■ •-.rttim.t ..f tl.e lo-.t *4uality * *iri»+mUr'* .1*1/ ft., i ./,.,/A’. f.mJm
•ih>f Hiililitu* Uitrtltftir*.
Hr r**pet t fully wJltll a 1 ontiuuancr of tile patronage h her all v be
*towe«l upon u. for » f, lit,her of r*~»r* past, ami ioi.rr \Rr* hanl*
and -tier- of our ability an l d.tertiiinatU.n to • II *• low a- any
r*ru!ar • *i«e whatever, at.d that our lies! e|f..rtii .hall teuoi] to r *V
•aUafactlon. tv. * A l*t.\V%.N
N 11 Particular and prompt attention t»«1. to ..rder. «ubn.lttnl
**_nur*_ ,
1 ply ,,f IIAUDWAttF. CUTLERY. «.( s- a T
V 1 r/* U tf‘* ,u*nuf* lu,*r* IU Ki.gUuU, . ..n»t*i.:,y
-Eodf*r*\" H ..*tenl.*dmV’ nnd “H A« But. berV Pocket and
Table Cntlciy
•to llui. Inf’." celebrated c. t>. /Hr., af every >.ririy .i„l ..it
■J" Firmer. i*..-krt and Mill«rk(*.i. lli .4*
I .t.i.i 1-t.aii.rllr.l .ad T nurd T.-» Keltic* and e.w r p.na
U..I.. ..1 ea rry kind
M.-rli. .-, Rltu. diet, and «|| L.i,
k Jvlng', Bawa, .,f errry .ijlr,
' I * ■ .If « - Mr. • .I.,,
• ".keeper, nid «i,„ h wr .1 1 ...
CWi ur In ptiii.tiul .lukairr. C. J. BIS'TON 4 l .> ,
w * _ Bigi. of tl.r Clrmlar Baa. 71 M.iti ri.
FALL I >1 P 0 K T \ T 10 .V . I H 5 5 .
Pc - *0*01111 A 4 O.. /m/mrf.i. .11.,/ .
Mf-ir ijARi.n . . vSlg?
4e i V
j**** eearlaa 1,1 ..1 Biraainpham and MteUald II kKl>u .
i....antry.a lull (apply „r Aaarkiui
!• I?***1' k I. I..,. 1 .ry. .1,1 , „mpM.. „.,.i,t,.,y .,. p.rt of
l...lyrr. .n,| «...Irl,l,.dnr. Bur P,H krt III,I IVl, Kilirrr
p,» k. l kMr. „f l.s. :E. 4 ud 6 l.lailr.
!': 1 ■ t-1""1.*- *•'.» l.,,ry llan.ll. Knlre. and F..rk»
■ • ry llaadk ki,,„ and Farlw, la MUelftl »„•! U plane
lUrr.ul t Ikul.lirr-., R.alyrr., WofU-ntii.li.,'.. and Grearr’.
• n.Inir.c.,|r.*, u( •■..■ry .tylr a',.1 quality
B.-U^ r. ai.iI Bbrara, ..f rarl.iu. Uiakr. and .1} Ire
NnyV ni l Ik.util.. Berrrl -,nir ., ry ilur
l*l.t.4', Ridra. Illfl. Ilarrrl. arid »l..unllny»
rrai.. Il.ltrt. I..*. H. II. inn, and T.myue O.aiin
4 .raid I dim.- Had Biiuiii.,1,.' lil.kr
II. I ami r.nrii I d4a., Il.mm.r. and llat.l..tla
*1 ,1 l*ill, 1 ri».. 4Nil an,| I Nr ular B. a ,
Bpadri aart Bli.ivrl. id k, ,. K„« land and other make.
' ■ • .'..I .'...111. -
S' '* ' G.minrr., Bt.« k. and !>»., and Screw Platea
. n.ar ar I r a-r Bn -1 ..|,irrr and o. laynn
11 r" 11 I siulrSimt.. and llorar .<!..• NsUy
H it b. -.e, and Bad* r..i \|,|1. »„d i„a.
Mrkllr * illmy.. H’.|.|e<l R. It,. ,,„| (kirtti.
L.. k-. IIIOM ail.I B. r. . .. ry dr^ rlpllon
Ptan- . l Marl. ».iivr, and Pike, all kind.
Pal Bala ref and an-rtrar!.
i.itli.l, \nwri.-a:.. mill. I> P.r. ... ,n i',,, ’
llav sr,«l Mmiuri-F rk. -r l .. a » ... . - v
T ' wan *" “'In r g.a«l. umally fouud In IUr.1
' ■ CASH, on
lmV ;.r*‘ '.Vi k "a r •" '•» Indur.nKDl.
owr,-t„m.»»lllny It. I* cHy, and r. -lanti.di, intMa II.. .n t.. .
I * '** •••rrfully %i.1 |»r«>iu|»tlT m>rn|. «1 to. *„*.
* • “I
i’o ka^f au«| T^Ur « tuirry. uf T»rivu« pnUrnff; <iu&s
:*t. i I i-t. ts-..rtn>< »v Hull r»r Mae
iW I
nu.ll. ,. Ma.lnm.i and »auurr«' u-. I.amher wiiharencra'..
o.rt,. ..! of Ku.and.HouK.il. Hard..,.,......».u
■ .. . i . I iA Abo, a larye and rieab Mock of Sad
ui«T) ii inlvarr, . ,f hi.rrui.* BuU, i ,• , . v. ,
*** •• ****
**ur laurliaM . hare Iteen made direct from fl.e roanufarlun ra III
r.Ur«,|M 4IM| AUHIL I, U|h>li UtHidUlp t.-yuja
II .> mg had II.c r,|„ ,1... |.,.J u„ „r vf „
of I he country trade, arc Halier our-lira keening l»K I,'
turlmcd ..I llardaure .uilah- I., the demand. ,.f the \ .rrmu. Ten
* —'*»• Men ham., to la- f und In any one hotue In
KY mrni rwenect fully Inrlt, an examination of.to.lt and prk-ea.by
Merchant* and mhc»» v.ailh.y thl- market. feeling the a.-uranre that
we can lati.fy av«n the lary. .1 cUaa of cu.tor ...
, hUlf II 4 ROBERTS,
H ii_ Importer. ,.f Hardware, Sott Pearl -met.
.,dlra,SX,'l,,",,to"1 u!
< 'l ) V Sl' M P'l’K )\j
\ A I* ti II a,
I^Hl oH of tl.e Royal College of W.y... and for year* ae.
o. „J , V " *" "*r London ll.iiral Infirmary for the dbeaac
-I !*' ‘a11* y* ,,f m^1:a* +■***<* K**.. ntrttmtr,1 »,rr full
I R-l.t j «,! VtVrVl f ' V* 1th?1 •I;kh , the
' r1 1 J 1 lor d "I. a., • h. r I i«t und L-rrutrM g (| —
afW,(k'in'"**,,lrn* t’“,‘*u,‘’p,'..n. Hronchlt... Aathma and kindred
Allnm-i O - the ah.urd.ty of treating Conautnntk.n through the
.I..O... I., hllil.tr H a,If, naurcou— druir- The dueaM- .. ,lollu He
.l. iua. h, hut .11 (hr tuny*, amt hi Inhalu.y n,. dinne in 0,c f.,riu of
r7'l..l» directly to t», | „ .-.lory,,,.; there
1 th"r VV‘*rr ‘u,“ *rM lulialal.:.n wdl ted reach. I . urn
. -II, U|.|e Ui r.. tie- common «en.r of all .III. i.d will. I.unr di.caae. !
.. cul l . , ,i„,,.. iik adranuyeaof lnl.alaik.ii I rlaioi l. r li.I.a
nV.d ‘.“..ft* Lon.unit.. a.- . , ,d..r a:.. |
I I. 1 - gift, that V.tur, tiol Art l.ulh y.rrn u. IJ.al -,.ur da, . u. ,v '
Iclonr " lie und u. the.. ark ,.f refuge tor 1.0 . oi.uu, ; I
II „ ,”l . ”“}> r hul ,.l.,|4e..afe and etUeacem. I
, Idcamre m ret, iring to tw,. I,„,„ln .| and-ev. „ name., re. >
' ' " L *nd neigl.lu.ilK>.-I. al... hut, lo-en re.tored to |
. '"■•“'i Atom ..hr third . f II,. Hi,.... I.u«.rd.ue
t" it.. |..l„ i.|. . -i itrmn.ia, w.r. ,. i h..|_T--..
TW,|i>,,ld.g"|.itKul .. un,thing. .,1. and -I-Cly.aml .ou.m. In |
the a.lui.nl.tr,li„u ,.l tm.liclnr. i„ ..,<1, a manner Urn He, ,r. . on
r.y.Hl into ih. I.ung. >„ the l..rm ..f v ,(u.r. and |.,..lu.. ih. ,r acin.i,

'‘ * , . " «•* •ihiIh jiI vortil, Mil i »'lMi*li liar rlilift- I
«Ufr.Jnl l> lit vUU»UlHpti4ffl
l *u,r I'1*y hate Ued from the Lanya, if they
.mil '': , ' ;• o" • —at. and fere, tjn.- wh,.
an I, He t. rat., what the ..Idem of the.r .ton. ,
f rVrnl.V;' . .; ,Vr? ''cdeilo-, A|.|ut,,lu.. i, .w,ll le |
«e, lie under.,gne.1, |.ra. i,Ilone,. it M.d„ ne. . h er'nllt reeom-l
i*.ei,,i Johnson s Rusk s .... .i ■ ...... ., __ , .
ing-and dual u. the b. .1 arid m...t . ffeelual evrr introtlo. . .1 |
Into .... Ileal frac kv; ..re laud ..haw. t„..t.
ral .,f. ur "»n l at.e'".. . nurro.-l oh- .iptit y.l.r-d i. u, ,
OU. I.eulih. ■ ler ■ I- a ,,,..,.11 . It.um.r:.: t.. Hr H.l«» i
In He ah,.re nann .l do.H„ a|.|.|frailon of • M-liea'ed Va
|U.|. Oihah.l .lir.elly Into the Lung., may la j.t.tly ... a ;
yr-ti t. m 1.. uiverluyhomanlly. rrn.lerlny I'm.amoptk.r, a il»
Mr 111*0 * -r,r. .-II ,.f llir prof. .. ,
"■ "if «'<■ ..fui ..,.1.I,i.,M,„*,!...i
, of tri.iih* t.I.. I Irfm „ .
t<lu«Kv U bYM HIOHSTKIt. M ll Niw Yorb
II 11.I'll >| |l
JllNdl* U ,IT, »| II , I.
... „ CYRl'ft KIMiH.KY, M II,
cllir. r,,rfn °lh,r '■<nl"*f" |ir«. IllUiu.r. In II.» Mid nn*1.l>i>rlli< 1
Yum. riYr di.ll.ru ronmluti. n ft. , h.l.m-r off,, pa/ahlr muIt
«b,n pal mil. ri |x.rl Ih. nnrlii. . i.iivdr* ■ nl.
... „ Jl«;-i I.w r,.|uir.nl ,i .11 Mlrr. b,. r«» r«ip
■!u.lrn.iJ!»ul3’a*r " * . «pplu-."l., to ru.urr rfplkr,
l>r Hiiftl: * rRLATIftK ON CONftl Wl'TIIDi prim |
.. , IMBfi Hrt.adw.r, Nra k -k
'f".T r',M,rrrW ,u ri ••
4 jy»t> t»u
.’••«ivw*«isrs.r- »>■»•
na .Main Mlrrrl. foriirr I'piirtrnilli.
I__„. __ Ricn*..p. \ i
a? h# 111. i i mi ,k i ii.
, '"'71' *’ "r» *i i ... ,. .i.i
. ..MM *1 ' Art nAr In Li \W
Y'Mi ii>. ftnpnl..r Irnhffri
Ih. hr.i M.d.lrr
ft.' bi »• ftnp l'.rb ftiola
ft* hid. ftfitnt. filr|M-ntlna
4n l.hl. Hurnlnp KluM
ft.l |h. k*
4fti Ih» tl., r
ft* l.'.r. ftfan h
i*.i K-.n trinih.w m.M, r-vn.-t
ft M*l. Camphor
Iftn Ih. Ift.w.lrrml »n.| Root Rhubarb
Ri.» nnti.-r. IJHMnr
ft.ii Ih. b.lrarl I ,a ,.,|
l» hill. Hr,,.
IRR. Hl.br'. p„„|
»ft hI*r |i|w r
III Ibll.pl,.,
lift l*ap. ii inirrr
4.1 MR. T»n.„f. Oil
*i*n r»n«n. l.niMrR oil
ft..' nil.... I. imp Oil
ft-' br*. W'hdr u.id
ft*. 1 .. Orrrn at, I TrlloW
If" * «m * IS»•# (irrm
k.n M. 1 1. .1 and l.,ih,r« *
in... |h. Hi. /,„ p.
In . ... * l amp %| ijru*...
h krn’i.iii, a,,,,.
In* Kura a«rrt Oil
Ifti m.i. r.a<l. Hub
*'"/ '"fit .••■rlmrni.r p,,r„i„ p.irtki
MynIi, m««. |. I flint, «. ( f II* X t|.4 Rnxbet Pen, y Art le« A
M RCPI I . i add A m.
ff M«m «treeI, corner Ponrteenib,
Rb-bmowA. V®.
row m > n i min.
fBAHi ’'IUh’rihik «m« • Mine • ir ».% riimt •• »
■ -rtf, hi Pf ftrnt. |*r 4 . f ptrff k I.d m.wglH)
Mrntr Per leather Prc*« Poof* I
Pffficb i-ilf " of my own make
" Weler Pribatf p,
“ r*i lumber pr.e« Matter*
M Prcncb ,%ff •• ••
" 1**11*. r " ilonble e, |c
" PfWIl-k 4**|f 14
M hi leather lhfnr.1 Tic«, •• ••
** '' M M M afnffle ••
Prrncb ealf •* »• •« ••
H M '• ikmHr '•
•• .4 (fouWf an A tlnfle eulea
wMcb. ti>®ether wttb *eery «ty»e of bool amt fboe aenally kept.
•*«♦• my a««ortment better than I bare eeer k*J tbe plee«*ire of
of •«* • •»'.7^
rmi' 'ri.
__ - -_
HAI.TI RIIHt: IIII K Hlisl'l • tl ,
i >u. .iojTnston.
f J ^ *iri.i«tr.| In.ntuloi*. the mo«t
.**-« KKT DIUA'I.'.
Ilof.orrf..** Ulweta. ftTn-lure*. gemitial Weak tieea l*% r.* in the L« in*
l\jt.«titutiutaft) l>e»..l,ty. luip-jtn. . WrKki*~ , . »,* • ai.4 Iml *
ATT- l .!.« «>f Hie K. in*->- uf ti*e •!*, t, J>y *pep*.« \«|.
*w*« IrrmbHit). Dimwi .*f tl.p He»l, Thr«*t V.*. >w.i *rj *i:
U.oh wrfioud irxl Twlxm hoi/ 1 *w l. r* •»/ ...i v fr uiu the le*ti ,4 i.o
h*Mt* .»f ywath, Whl-h «i««ttoy tfotli iimI nirid H.o*e *r.:ret
un.J «ot<i.*r> prg. U< e* grr Wu.rg fatal to tl**tr rl* that, the
of the Sipij. u ilir tuariio-r • of I i**..-. ti.gt.tj. »|.».r m..«t bn|.
l.afit hop* • or unU. I|*utiu«ia ru.ilrniv iu«rrU|r, a . ioipo*«ll4r
\*>i \i. Y.t V
e*|«e< ,ally. «t... hare !»x ..roe ti e Vk t n» l.r V, lllV Jrvtd
fuJ aiei leatru. n*e bahu *1.1.1, guuually «»rep» ui.i.^1.
grade tliOo*ar,<|a of y.nii.g nteti of tf.e Uio*4 et.tlte-l ! aI. iii* at -I hfi|.
»•»«* Dltrlha r. who fcuigtit other* »-e |,MVe eiilram .*1 I--let, l.r ,.%t* .
With tire ll.umlera of rt-iurtiir, „r mxk .1 toei»t*. » tin- living lire.
Uiay rail with full cotiiliifih.
W.in-vl P-ro.n..nr Y-tng Mm .-oalrmplatlnr Man-lag*. Uung
aw.r, .» Pt./.l,,! W..kr-—. ilrgv.,. lot., I „ inform,,-.. 1.
•I...UIJ luuurdlalrty roi.-ul; l»r. JubOalon, awl b. rraloml i.. wi, t
health ^
llr wl.o plan-, him-lf undm Ihr carr of I>r. JotmMnn u.a. rrl
gn.ud, . "i.flil. n, I,.. h..nur a.a griitkaian, awl ..mOurntl* rrlr
®P**»» hi* okfll a* « )»hy«}e|ari
itnme!lately • ur*-.| ami full vigor r.-*u,re,i.
llr. JOHNSTON to il.nil r.-g.dur fkpUM a,lrrrtl.lt,g b, rurr
Prtvatr Complaint*. II,. rrturdlr. I,..,.I ,rr rn.ir.lr Ul.
«“*•; “I uthrr*. Pr.par-d fr..rn a llfr *1-1,1 In tl,. r„ .t ||,..t.
0 1.1 ur'.’’" In1, n,'“ i" ’ *•<*»«'».»« r .Mtlawl. Kranrw.
Ihr IU~ ktoyto I hjliiMphla, A, *.. urcalti,
a..j n.hrr Pl./.i. lan In Il.r world. 1|„ aouiy won*, rful rur— and
Important « jrg al oi-rallon. arr a .ulli. MU rnarat.br i„ tl .
‘i?5 ,.? . TreetrhowW. to I- .[-..III. all. r-lirvrd
.‘...til l .hub Ihr niimrrou. tr.nu.g Itnporlm. win, old/ruin Ihrlr
hcallti* *Im! apply to him.
"" . \ : NM rH PUDEMI a RTRKR1 n hand - a
mgfruiu Ball... wnnd«,f.(r„M tbr r.
.e- lb part 1.alar In .doming tl,. name awl u-n.brr, or yoa . I
Uii -I o> tire |»lg< e
! re- TAKE NOTICE—Hl.*rrTr thr naa. og thr d.n.r and IV
w* 1 "H -'.i r*f>rn /‘/in;* rsto
Dll. Jolls.-TON.
M-mbrr oflhr B../.1 C .IPw- ■nrw.n., Lw,don, *r..| .aw fr.un
nu .1 ILr U.O.I mdlMtd « If— of Ur- l nitwl ,-lalo.. and Hr mil,
D.- ■'■"•<* Plr I... Urn :, ..Ul. „t I rill.lull. Par!..
e .adrlpula awl rta. alwtr. I,a. • d t*| -f i,lr „ ..t, .
.*” ,“'"i »*rn ***"''• rr,»' t.rrrirti.nara.laui,/ ...
unin^riu", 41,1 *,li‘ drratigmmit ..I ui.nd, wrrr ,ur -.;
I.urn l .1.0 1. mil. tn- r .. a. uh -rib-i ...rr throat,
I' '•■•-',U".al pallia .1. II , n-a l and lit...■ - .III..I,.I
>.*.d. . ... ti.alr. . tl.. ,1.1, I. an.I art,,.. • . . I—. ,.n thr
1.7 1,1 •? i"01' ”• '•r'*r—'n* with frightful rap-1,i, till at
M* i Vo* "‘UT “r " »•-* f>H Ul. awl thr
na i* ol J-*- '«rwn-.l rrid . t of r. mm-ra
bdn'to'U <W*U‘ ^ ,1* -fr-w-irnl aug.rlng., bj awwl'nr
“Tfiat U.umr fmm whrnro na trar-’h-r T—turri. n
T.. •nl..tl..„;„rr. Dr JOHNSTON pl.-U-. him-If b. prrwr..
‘ r- -, 1... rUcnatrw practi rw In thr
r.r.t ll.npRal. in Ktropr and Amrrlra.hr ■ an ronD.lrntl. r.- i
di- .V **,C *'"* ,urr **e unfortunate tlrttla ut U..« horr.J
li I. a tl Irian.'tolly fan th»i tn.u.and. fad rhtiau b. ltd. dreadful
rnniptaint. owing t.. Hr- un.k.l ol,.,f .gnurani prrbndm.who.
h/ hr U- of that 'lr. i.If id n. Ul. r.-.irr, ruin thr .
a . l MlWr o mI It., unlortunab ...dn-r b, a.. u..,.m.l/ grarw.arttar
Ui*ke the re->tfu, !,». til .. r
... .. take partiiii.ab notice.
I»r J ftSdrr*oew Ai| if.who have ,i,iUr—I ll.> ia«*-Ivet hv nrivat.
gn.t tn*proper i.nlulg* r,. e*. J w*e,er, ny privat
‘ .Unrlmlg rdfr. 1. p.-l . I I., . ,r
.. :* 1; ‘V ' ' 1 s- • ■ '• •• I' wn Pall , • ■
| 1 *' I'1. *f- [... i N. , ., ] - , . ■ • I‘ ; . . D
»r.|,». ruin't ..in, lirnrral Ini.,1,0 Sj iapt. m. nl lot„uu,|,t., „ a
Th»* fearful eff.^t. or, o.e min.i ar. m i l, to l«- .|r. a<t<M , f >f,.
'•" * 1 1 ■ <’ :• • ' t . ►
criU |*ro4i<<vil
Tl...u.»,"l- uf prrr.. .11 a.r. .an t,„w jud.'r .hat la iVuw.
*' •»" r» r.r.K.n.ny w..h, pair
"! ' }••*» » -.nrular an.arlur abaMd II.r rjn, coot,
knd .yuptoni. of roluaimpll, : * ^
married persons,
‘■'“■I »»»" nf phyaV .1 Wrakn-r*.
U.lth ,n"u"l““r!r Hr. John.tot,. and hr rr«„r.*1 to prrf-t
H>U.iayn-ai and Important rrnualy. w*akuc.. of th-oryan. arr
ap*. I.lv cur„l. and full »... ■ ,„t..rol Th..u*«. ,.f ,. . J. “ ow
> , ,1.1.1., : ,1-1. Who had In* hupr, l.ar, i-. -. ,.a,.i,t,;,
‘ ■ M . - >•• . • • ,f
B. itton N.r ,„..|-ni.n. ir.,,.,...,.,.. Kr^m, of .at. anal. u
or thr nioM f.arlul kind, a|.roi,|) . ur.al I.. Dr JohOMoi,
yocm; men
W|„. ha.r■ nylirol tlntm-lre* hy . .vrtali, prarUec Indulgy-l in wl-r
-•* — —
What a pity that a.,..,,,,* mam tha ho|- of hi. com.tr., and th.
Joytochta of ntr. hy tl,r ron—aptrnrr. ,.f ,|rv:atir,y froii tin-path ,f
“ * "rUla ^ - *“**• ^ lEg
•houllrr#-t that a n.ut.,1 inlnd ar„l tely art th. met
rop," le to proin.dr . ..nnuWal happlnr.* In.lrol wltl... t tl.-,/
Ihr jw-rnc, threufh Ilf.- ho nour . .-ary pn.. :.a»y, thr pia't—
houru .l.ia.,..,..thr . * . tl.r n.uKll-. oir.ihmlX*l wTth .ir.MtJ
and B.lr.1 with thr mrlancht.l, r*d rt:,.r, that thr happ ,.,.* ofat.Lu',
rr bvA-uuir* MijcMta] with t>ur uvn. UMI
tr in Sl-RGICAI. OPERATIONS prformrd
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'KIN li^KA>L> «)*c«li!jr .-urtij.
..e TV'f‘•-•-I** th,. elltcti. njwlthin the laat U
7r»r«. a id tl.r r.umrr«>uf « ,J , : iar.i p , » . -i ,
h.rlnrd i) Dr J . ., ,, X>.r^
u« hr, ... , tnva.f . .. n fan ..ware, ... ,! , V.
oTfau,':jh:;,H.;.rhu*';:::,1'n*r‘,',"!''*t "** .
II l.w .-h ih.-fr.at. .t ,... tan. - that Dr JOIINETON prrmlta Id.
phy.iciii, t,, advrrti—. hut m.l.-.. hr d J ihaaAlvt-d . ,i|f
•tranyrra,. ,-ul.l r.-t f* it,, .'all in:. ||,P hand* ,.f thr many um.
and unh-arne.l mp-awa. wj|. innui ra>:.
sua.h.|...,-.*aarnni yth.- lary. , 1 ... ,.p„„f |,r Jnht .u.n'. ad
t.rt»r„,rnl*.ur ad,rrt • , r ll.rln. I„ . a* .
hrtiM MIr.). t O laiyio.orh at ir.-.r ira.lr.
X »r.w ..|.-h. l-y..ml th, hr* wh< . f,.r tin pnrp.,*. ..• rt.trfln*
ar.J .1. > .,11.a.. arty onBirur • > f umhr a* many .1 U. r. n ,
la!-r nai... *. ... that Uir att. t*.| *t,-ai,., r r-.apiny onr. la aurr to
tun,I I. I.rydh.t * ,.||„ thr nil,, r Imorinl VI ,a v« w,U, mor- I
inrn-riWrain of Rrcal »nd artoamdlnc nm from penwaa
T hk'*P <nu taV.nr larwr tr.ttlr* „f lje..rkr tt „rr
aid „.l.rr Va....d HI,), »,
Ha J.'tV ^‘,T U,,W,' X!,r u,,wtu"'u' • “* ur.»us- * tingr Tr /..i
. -
rc:.:«p,r,.r^G",,o“ ^ »-»*“"*« wn«..y* ».u:
.-unV u"’r,oV|,r.!''*'"**'“' r* ”r } •JTyrl.u.. f„r hr aloorcar.
,ur. you. r„ II,..*, anacR«alniy*| w.th |.,( rrpuUtmn i.,,,,
....■royry t.. any ,!,„ h.a rr. ,1, t.ual. . - nlwayi h.ny .n hli
\.|l.l‘r-‘ 'r.-.r.lunlra. ,*.*• paid, and ronwlnlnr a .tamp to I
1.'.-I ..., ti . mjy. Prraona wriilny ahoukl autr ay. and a, n.i that
* ■ - [' ■ . ajmp .. *•
n !: ,1 // ..
lit l.a ( a 'I* RH ■ iGltll- rr. .,,, » >,l |lf„.
,»|.r,m In *.r,t .1 a.,-., all air,.,|, in I,
anlrr . „. In thy f,.l| .. „*.| .. syfd I . C .
I"." “f thr la>ii,a and hi-,. N.* af, cl,,.,:a. anal all dl-arr.
ana y ft, m Imp;:.-I, • y In a. „..... ... h. n.
I» rvtj'ilfiwl tnontli«, «u*t l.r w if,iiri klo u,,.lrr (orffltan t<* ••ir*
IIP* , . Ill C hour* Will out Mn.lm.Kf to hutlbcM or rr«tricttoft in
, .. an.l ...» h,„n.hr
A )..rlof tUln.v.lS-Vr. |* • <1f' p.r park iff
In allm«r« whrrr (Hr p«iirntiarr -l.-Mtitfl.d th- m«»nr> Will K r...
|« w *rr.»t>trm| (o rum. t Tour Irllrr in '
** ' «* *•»« ....rr.AIA. , .
’ ttrmlAim i , Dr. M. haa hit .. .
****• ___" If
8011E TIIIX (1 I n OLD A X D A < ■ r n i;
I’KOI • VHIII O (Mill's
h \11; hkstohativi:
• Mil » . * ’ r I'ly w I I t.. rno»l v* II c, t • M. | low? « '
Ibr l itr>i T:il(t.lUl»ri4H., .'J H r«t | I i |>l8r .1* > r
IM. ,r.n„ ..nywi , „ ,. frn»rT,.h,rr.l Thai II. ,**„l.„.y la
•""I "I"" ' • —My*. rylah: ... .1 ..y*. t„,t p ,, fl, ,
. II .....ai.y . ...y h .:r l„ ,t. natural
•lu.. • In..iri.ni (i..*il. n|M.ii ll* |, .,|. ,.f n,, i,4m ,i. •
(rum falling ,<ff. a.i.l v.*i) ... , . f ,
fl. .rill. natural fht.l. an.I that m.Arr ihr hair a.'.n al....».!°,i
».»y..l..tr..y .li<ra>« ..( 11* « .1,.. 4n.| ....I An.Ar .e "h, , „ n
r.tr. ..(. ..tin.., .1. Jym.l, ,,*„ anA l,.h. . p,“t „(.hr 1
Ify. **',» l.arr ir*«l l(, an«( thrrrfnrr «i*ak wl.al O.rv'kt • .7,
ly Mkrrt Thai hy a rrn|*r n* ..( th, K aloratlyr tl'rlrr ,t I
ma.I. .Main ar.,1 ..... , It. natural .... ,lm, ..'any
' ." rrn ..t.i.y Hit ,| *».. (r.n. Ihr s ail. nn
arnl ihr" rnf TW"1"'11 ■"rrmltr.iif, .r.lal. ..( t|J,
ot nl'lof* «in| rrrttfl.jtr* t<rf«»rr allu-|«'«l In. »-*n hf |,,,j (1» m f
„ _ B« * tri«t f. M... J,-, tats t£s
»n«'*i. an.l « rot*«Ur»t fernlm. f «»chlr r
r wV* ly’, ’,V m cUUn" mi *•••«■• rra*irt5
Bn Bihar arlK-l. alth .. ,’t’hln/l.iVth, ilm,"Hr»«.',r'^BrfVnm
Tnur.lrulr J K RiCmuV.
Pa^nr nf Ihr Orthn.1 .. Otur.-h, Rrnrkfl.lA.
frnf 0 J W.. r| War Bn r«*wi.«»7 .r,V J%r< 1' ' a
. tl. (Ilrr I- a ' illy hahl a I .... ti y*. .t .« .rttifl
fl r rrai.-rjit ..* '»* • • | .. * ,f •' Iry , a .11
v:,r;.. ;•
rwM!T.'M,v,n.7,,!,,;Mrl'*' w** *" - «'-•' r.!.i
"■ \ • • ♦•••■ - • ....ior ...rt?.h„r;:v*
.C-* «'%r’ ’ *. ",r% ,h^fr 9*m ,,f «. ■»’«< Ihif lull#
hr,f **• ^*1*1- .* ' *i II* I 1,11 u-e T. »»r K« •» » It ,K. .
^,l'’ i'll' L’*".1" 'J PrfW*. hair ... r..,u, I,
* * , • *uil „f my r.i*rirnor I havr rr
romntrfnlr.il nr t .... •. nfhrr., anH II alroaily haa a lara*
an I arnrral .ilrll r. ..Ihr Trrr.tny, Thr p. all hrrr ,t.
•T U.lrlhivr MUf n II Al. a hr. I a, r urr.l It hrrr a It
ro.r. I. « th rnr In anal | ,rr vr.tt.n Tin .... nl, u, „.
a. th. a . .,h afrn,. f, t t .. Tryr.t.ay, la airra.ly r.ha.tMr.1 an.I
'••'I. ...... , , .j . , . . ,
ry I. f.»r-nr rrturn t ...i thank. f.>r II* hyn. fit . t, ,
» rrfa.ttlt l.aif 'lr.fn'rr.t. I .-y, I. nff .yn, nf rrrr » Hr ' ,na any t.t. h r.
•ul, I nninMair y..u thyi your f.*iunr , >, , l.ray „r* , .
alr..Aym..lr T.mry, ha«My. j w ,tllV0
r rm . f H I ♦ kr,l «. Itrnry .is <1 V,wl .| r
AiMrya. 0 If «tnt|» . Oft f*..,**!.,,.. hr r.la.y v.«
Turk, ami 114 M«rkrf airrrt, flt W,t ■
Tnr «alr ,b Rt. htn. n,l. hy 4 |t| I' 4IIR4T. PrnryM#,
'•*" IM.
'» « >* *«M h ill I % l l l.iinpy.
aA, III >M A «, 4|I AM I I m. fl MT
■■I ' IU >11 IN M s r- W8FT
f 1.1 ,1H**I I KI \ K r, A r ,,..11, —ATaLy
Bff«lf«vri.. to ti„. p,»ni,
lh*l W *1. w y>n P«rr.t |.» rfr To p«M). .
m*?f.ltngr Hork« (n h\% I Inf r frr • (frm.l in IhU rlij II* •!««« k •• b«w
umHrtr. «nd hr atk* ihf *TT#r,fi. n of otf tn.f A'ouutry kl^ilurt. wnk
tkf Mnir«n*f that M« fnhr% tb*!! h* «ail«f*rtor7 8rl<>
HLr.Af MCD Ah ■ ATI H AAfl AM AiT.HT««nl
loaa RlaachaA Wmtrr Mar Oil, Ihr ..I. hy
H’lCILL, LADD A i» .gg ••*
Tiu Viaoixt » Cuxvkxtiox or 177*—A diM-us-ion
’"■**» lll>- P B. K Society ot William and Barr, t.y H.
li Hr»£•>#%.
" « liiir received a copy of lid. production, just issued
liy J. W, In
press, ha* swollen Iu a volume of -Mu page*. W* have
im time for ettendud remarks to..In The reader may in
ter the iutrre-t we louk in its pages liom the Is. I, that we
peruse J the wjiole al a single -stling We suspect it will
command * more general circulation than au* book ever
issued Irotii the Virginia pr.--s
"e make riaiiu lor the follow mg -peciun-u of it, mat
ter ami manner, iu treating ol the society ol Colonial l\ ,|.
nalnshurg :
i hate alluded to the cliaractrr id the unricty whieli mi
loug adorned this city in the Colour and in the Common
wealth. it wa- *ucli as was almost unknown in *nv idlier
i olotir and was lar.iy ai-i passed else a lief I*. -1 r it
i."till ra.*c by the wand ol the vlielianter the Ha-nil M-elu-s
which wer.acted moru than eighty ycats ago iu this
I in. wliat a vision ol high tivariag. of gentle evurteav, of
•-orniniitiding intellect, aud ol dazzling beauty, would
.bur n. the ravished sight.1 The almuble Holdout l, des
lincd loan early gtave, is yet iu vigoruu- health, and is
holding one nl bis gay entertainment* in yonder palace._
He bad recently received giad tidings ft tun the muilicr
country, and had communicated tliem to the liutgcsacs
a ho had responded to litem iu a .pint ol uoucilialioii and
|trace; and every heart lieat high with joy. Vou wee him
*• Ite stands, with a Muiiw on tils lace, at the head ol his
suite ot nsitus, arrayed in the costume ol his oni. r, the 1
.itu.s uf llritam aud the amis of Virginia, il’iiwu with all 1
the honor, of heraldic emblazonry, fondly entwined and I
- t-pei.d.- I altove him, and e he extend* to his guest*
tin gtaluiating hand. Ht-ra council, Hnrwcil, Corbin
Wont ley, tb« youngei Nelson, Page, the tmlri
Aielt Nrl-nli in their midst, are -Ulid'iig lu.-4t.Jc Uilu.and near
I tut clad iii their rolies, the President ol the College. Joint
' *111111, the *ucct-wsor ol Blair in the office ol Commissary,
and, a- *uch a member ol the Council, celebrated lor the
real and ability with a Inch lie had long upheld in many a !
wr II-Colitested field the claim* of hi* class, and Ins rever
end -isMs'i.ite* liwatkiu and Henley, who were ere long to
oppose the scheme ol an American Kpucopale so warmly '
cherished by tli.-ir principal, and to receive the formal 1
thanks ol the House of lj*it^.-*ses for their wisdom and
murage. I on s..- spproaclt tliu rlegaot Pendleton ,yet |
iilitouch*-d by time, u'ike llic pnde of the bar, the light of I
the senate, and the grace ol the social sphere, and vou ^
natk the imptessioti which lie makes as he salute* hi*
noble host. Vou hear the cry of •‘The -Speaker_The
speaker, —aud you behold, bcuding low a- he make* his
..Itetsancc, the -talvly form ol' Peyton lUtidolph, his
cue. lily wile, who Was ere long to weep in a di-t ml citj
.t the liedsidf ol In r dying IiusInhiiI, and to pay in this
Pul! the la-t sa,| tribute at his grave, resting on "his arm;
W Idle the grave treasurer, Holieil Carter N icltolas, i* at
on.- baud, and the Clerk ol the House, the modest Wythe,
al the otln-r. \\ lio-w-, vou inquire, is that commanding
figure, attired with scrupulous taste in tin- rich drew ot
Itie petiod, that isjii't anuoiinceil, and is approa.'liing the
host. Ids partner mi lib- artu, In.-r early beauty beaming
-till, si,.: who was to -bam with h-.tr liushaml. ere that
--•sun latl.sl ih [jUi* lame that human viitue ever
wor. and who in the fulness ot time was m place with her
own hand- the cypres- «,n that sacred br..w—the virl*>r
will, armies vet utiraiscil—tin- chief ol an empire whose
eortter-sfone wa- yet imlsi.l—the peerless model for the
n linnniHHi «»i \**t iiiiiNtrn—1 not l'AUi«* hid
r inn*. Now Iw-h.dd the thick-coming throng ot i la lilt's
which Virginia will never "willingly lei Oie.” Tbr j. ed
Blond, moling -lowly, ^-olute. the host, who advances to
gi vet him. Arcliiliwhl i .irv, hU small stulure anil delicate
l-alures veiling Inun the common eye the him spirit
that burned with. . .loin* Kuieiolpti llo* Atloriiev tieticral,
hi- noble form Mill erect, hi. ch.-ck yet unmoisleur.i
w ith repentant teals; the brilliant brotherhood of Lees,
the sprightly Jefter-on, hi- great Ilertaration ami his
greater -Unite- aholi-hing priniogcniturc and entail- and
established chin vii yet unwritten; John Tyler
the venerehlr Marshal ol the Colony, supported by low son
John, on whu-e useful aid lione.t htce the Anglo-Saxon
and the II ugtu-iiuls seamed to struggle (or the mastery; *
‘ arter. another descendant ot a president of the Council,
-till ! . w.-it r on itise.ciil<-lieon the heraldic svttibol whence
he deriveii i.i. Homo. Still—-till they come;—the Bur
well-. tie- Scott*, the Digg**,' Cabell ol Union Hill, Pst
' .11, Mayo, Carrington, Thompson Ma-oti. Jones. Hutch
It.issett. Read, l-cwis, \\ oodson, Starke, I'oythie.
Karhour. Ball. Hnldick, West, Newton, Walke, Cocke’
Bwi'i-icr, Baker, Moscly, Mata'dc, Johnson, Gray, Wilson
and conspicuous even in that gallant IrnnJ was the Iwrtiig
uant face of John Biair. But they came not alone.—
" oiitil that I could draw aside tin* pail ol lime, and pre
sent to the view of their lovely di-ciudaut- the mothers
and daughters who shed their brightness and Iwrautv over
that fairy scene! The music sounds; aud the courteous
host lead, oil tin- dancing train; and the .lately Randolph,
the gay Pendleton, the gallant W ashinglon, lunis. theu
in the dawn ol his splendid lame, but in the fulness of his
gigantic proportion-. Utchard Henry l.ct*. smiling as he
elh-rs hi- only hand to toe fortunate iair, join in the mirth
lei dance. But that dance i. done—the last note ol that
delicious music ha« died away—the scene ischwcd.—
Kvcti thejov which it inspired, w is short-lived \ protii
gale ministry had deceived the candid l.ut credulous host;
and soon that crowd gathered around hia grave. Years
half passed, aud the curtain rises once more. The vice- 1
•g- rent .-I the British king no longer dwells in his |>alac,— '
he is gone— his very pa'ace i. in tutus—thu ao-ptre of his |
ku g ha- been broken. The kingdom has passe.1 away. j
The Republic ha* ti«en in its place and "beams herself
in all her l- auty before us. New views and fresh feelia -s
inspire the general mind. IJU-rty — Independenc.— P.-am
— l iiiini—arc the magic watch-wor.Is ol the age. V^ um
asscml.hu in this city, behold the gladsome tinting.' The
blended arm* of Britain and \ irgimaareno longer seen sns.
IHtuled trout the wall. The |w>ttrail of the king loo is
bjl * "other is seen Ix-side which the Image ol the |
pmude-t king that c.er tilli-il a throne grows pale. A
familiar face it was aud long had been in the street.ol this
city and at its tircsijvs. But it •»- face whose induem-e
"o ("niliatity could impair; for it was the lace ot hitu who
hud led our arnrie- in war. who had succeeded in ,-stan
li-hmg a federal anion. *t>d who was in the first t mi of
'• * 'o^' administration. Grateful tidings tiom ah-oad
wl'u-hhUeil every breast with joy. bad just been proclaim
ed. Hie sun i.| KretMih Hlicrty—too soon set in blood_
« v-s seen on the edge of the horizon. As the |H-oph-as
semble, no loidlv minion, in regal arrai, stands to receive
their homage. Imt,.in his stead, Ivtioalh his own r.wd, the
nuwtcM III.""r extends the cordial welcome. Klcvafcd as
" " ,HV"- honor* of tlie federal judiciary
l.e wear* not the simple robe of hi* office, but appear*
*« »... was. without disguise, like justice herself, whose
ster he wag. Again the found afl marie la fewd
" Mdum. gallantry and twuuty again move In the mvatie
u.a/e* of the danea, or share in inure scrious.mood the
eutliti*ia«iiii of the kindling scene. Ami that music, too. I
I v t «f away, and all those hraxe men and lovclv women j
nave retired to their homes—and to tlieir grave*. Hut the .
n . iiu»rv of tlieir genius and valor, of their social elegance
ol theii Usuty .rid their worth, which diffiued ...king '
over i!,i* eity their eliariuing intlueuce and which ia felt !
to tli'»« hour, still live*, ami with that n)«*mory the image
otlllair, as lie appeared iu private life, U iDSeparabh In
* The young Tyler in the text is the father of the Kv
w R ITU RR A T THR 901 m
The F.dgetichl >. A<lr*rti*" of the yth hist, says
U Imv- just I •cell \ Mtrd wjtk the heaviest sleet that
h*s o* • i.n I in thi* secthui of the country fora good many
yvats Tin foiest* were literally Umr«| to the car tn in some
n.'igM«»rhood*. "Tices of cimsiderahle size tell in rrjreated
tn«t*t"«« U neath |Ih* impending Wright of ire. and «ap
j ’digs innumerable were l*cnt donble. The free/e lasted
i fhiee «lay«, to the g-ent discomfort ol man and l*ca«f.— I
We fin*l it * the winding tip of the rainy waaoti The
weather «* now bright ami ticauftfiil."
The t'heraw *//<, of Wednesday, «axa:
*'Frtun (*bristma« morning up to the present time, *e
have bad almost incessant rain. On Friday night last it
< oinmenee id> tiling which did ro t ceaoe failinc till Satur
-1»\ r«t*i*tnr. wb. ir a slight fall of snow billowed Night
In fore lot we i i ! am |i«**r slight fall of bail The grxmnd
is still cofered with h-»T. tlur river, ih.m^h consjderahlv
Op, has nnl reached anything like a freshet."
The Orangeburg S l > *avs .
It • oinim-ire« d raining here about midiugbt on Friday
l ««t. and a« every drop of rain, except what reached the
t vtb. , med fo free/*- »« it frll. after it had fallen for some
tbri * hoot*, the w*'i|'t.t of ire became greater than most
vf the i • « could h« * . 4,. tf.it from iIh ir thre* o’cks k,
fire breaking of the lindw, the snapping of thr4fr rinks, and
«« caslomtllv uprooting of the shade and forest free*, under
the constantly accumulating weight of the ice, cotdinucd
with searre an instant's mt •ftinsskm untill morning —
the eatirc ol it wa« l»y m» means obvious, from ihe extreme
•Urkne-e* ol the m^bt Wifli the morning < vine the rxpla
natron, and probably no one of I be pi t-senf general ion ever
**w just such a se^ne here. The day w** gloom? nml «un
le*" In every direetiorr the ground w»* -frewed with the
• let*.i*of the nolde dole Slid forest trees not one of which
c-cAped with..tit some rj'iry, ami mint of them were left
«f.«"dittff like bare pole* without i limb foi sevwnty feet
Hut on Sunday tf* wrung. under the Influence of a bright
S'id eh*, lib** sun, a «« one of gorgeous splendor was pr«
seated to the eye wbirb no nnaginatron could hare eon
reived, and which we are wholly incompetent to desenlw.
Every spire o* gti«s, and eve y brwtgh and sprig of the d*
ehleous trees, and every leal and straw of the evergreen
bad been thickly encrusted with ire. ami with pendant ret
ries fmni three to fis •• i*»cl'fs in length, so that the le.tfl •**
t ref seemed ^irrml with a splendid work of burni'i.ed
viler-, and th.- mixture of transparent »Ce with the given
of the pane and other perennials, pres*-nted a arena of i de
ser bwtdc beauty, which inwda u* forget the ruin tvarywhere
a ox* ml us
* Tha injury to the pitta timber iu Ihia Diitncr ia ineal*
c 'l»l> - .*.1 oil <-tilv 1*^ estimated by million. The ,o.d,
• -.e rendered almost impassable. and *« ot-erved hut two
larnage* a; our t ouit House on sale day."
Tin I.asr Aaoarna RavoMtio*—7*A* Hunt* «,rA
•*' /"dhrwa—/xrfAcr Otyr-Uul.oHM—Fmll */ .SeAu
" /.'rueo. .lure, - W* have news |ro,u Beunos Ayres to
the 17th «t November. The Uvt attempt at revolt, turn
ha. turned out « failure. As to the movements of the
leaders „r (|,e insurrection. Hu-tou is •uppored to have
gained the North of Flore, and B.Ilar, nothing ia p.„,
liv.dv known Tile Oriental Government has ordered the
Argentine emigrants n. In- retired from tin. coast
etm li l o t*. Beetle and leu u have r.. tanned
Alluding t.. the late battle between lien Horn.* and the
Indians, the Packet w«
It i« inipomabh- to read the despatch of General II,h
‘'m-n. ...ml r ot the SlUh ult., witbowl .
• ri ng Tin* lilU1 wi.'i pnw|M (*| of (JioSuU «i*r«
<#K-r more suspended on his lane... The rf.ven enw„.
dice. perhatu. the trea. lterv, ol a part ..I his hare, .Us,.,
deprived him ot ti e gh.rt of a decisive victory Bui like
another Thertuopy I*, the drawn Iwolo is new, glorious to
the <.. nenil than a victory wot M liavc lieeu in other rir
to tin* inci<l*MtUl j|<lirii*»innot n rontd*«mM»rarr
tin- Trilluti** of SiiimUv U*f, in 4 Usuling article, tin* rt*U-*
live loros opposed, on the 2«ll., were I.immioh the part
ol the Indians, and list on that of the Government, alter
the detection ol the militia lorce. Tliia i. a fearful dis
proportion; anil we perfectly concur in the opinion elm.
ted in the article referred to, that raw millitia forrea im
pressed into the service, are wore.- than useless in such an
it is not nnBtely that there may he au understanding
between the rod in, ('aci.pies and the leader* of the late
insurrectionary emeute; and the fact of a »im..lU»eo«*
movement in the Capitol, and all along the line ot frun
Iron* tin* Aro»vo<iel to T«pn,«|ue( Itkym
a doubt on the point, ft ia to tliia aspect of the case we
would direct sjiecial attention. ,\s alr.-.dr observed, tlie
hostility ol the savage tribe* it in itself auAciriitiv formi
dable, in the hands of a politU-al taction it becomes ten
time* more ao.
Bearing in mind that the Indiana are amply supplied
With horses, there is a leartul disproportion in’ nuuiecM-al
strength, and it is imposaiUlc not to tecl a shudder ol ap
prehension on rontemplating the evp.eu.-d >Ute of our
Southern establishments, with their acallere.1 and scanty
population. We confidently expeel from General Honest
all that man can do. but with his present disposable force
It IS unpo-aible that he can do all that require* to be dona
--that he can guard all the points that reouire to be guar
The following is the latest intelligence concerning the
movement* of the Indians :
On the «tli a party penetrated as far as the Arrnyo
« loco. In,1:1 Tau.let, twelve or tour teen leagues inland
burning, destroying, and carrying off c attle wherever the’
eame. HI the extent of their depredations we are -still ig
n-.rant; Imt it is with reason Icared P. lie the most dbuts
trous invasion that ha- vet taken place. We have this in
formation from -our.. - that h-av. no doubt on our mind as
t-. its truth; and we hold it both cruel mi l impolitic, to eon
ceal or disguise the real state nl the cam.
The sensation pr.Hlur.-d in Buenos Ayres on the reception
•<t the news that S. ba*t..|H.I had tallen. waa intense. Tin
Bnli-h, French and Sardinian resident* protmsed makim.
• 111. ...nil .1. Iti.iii—tration in honor ol the event, tine
patrn.ii.. gentleman authorised the Packet to put liii name
down lor #o,m.ai towards defraying the necessary expeu
Ai <it at a (ti i.) Hacks.—Tlie race last Kridav was a colt
.ukc lor three year olds, two mile heats. The Chronicle
thus describes it :
As the snow .a- fallen rapidly from the commencement
to ti..- close nl the race, it was imposeihle to see the horses
with sufficient distinctness to place them in running, ex
TPl ll"‘ sls"d We cannot therefore furnish a descrip
tton of cither heat. We can only give the placing at tho
•tart and coming out Caffey's colt was an easy winner
in ‘wo 1,rau. iu dm. 45s. each. This wa. thought re
markably tine Him to. the condition of the tr,rk which
was Covered with .new nearly an inch thick at the dose
, r first heat »e well contested throughout, except by
luMir»Sp,ln.an. who w«- distanced. The second was'a
mere trailing race, iu which Iodine was distanced. Cnl
tey s cult never lost the lead iu either best.
II. Caffey’s b. c. by Sovereign j j
T. Puryi-ar’s b. c. Moidore ,
H. McDaniel's b. c. Frank Allen • u
W .^W . \\ oodfolk's ti. f Iodine t dis
J. Campbell's e. f. I .aura Soil man
Nkw Kk>t, C. II . Jan. a y 12, 185d.
At a meeting ot the American Party, held at New Kent
' ourt House, on Thursday, the loth instant delegates were
appointed to attend the Sute Council, which will meet iu
tt.e city ot Richmond, on Tuesday, the 15th ol this
month. ' "
A meeting of Native American, will be held at this
place on Thursday, 14lit day ot February. It is much de
sire! that . very member will be present, as buaimam ol
importance will be presented to the meeting.
_ _ _NATIVE.
Makimi a Nkkolk.
I wonder if any little girl who may read this ever
thought how many people are all the time at work iu ma
th.- tilings whicti she every day uses What can be more
common, aud you think more simple, than a nvedlr' —
* **• 11 vou '*'» know it, I can tell you that
It take* a great many persons to make a needle aud •
de:d Ol time too. le t us take a peep into a needle
lac lory. I,, going over the premise, we must pas, hither
and thither and walk inn. the next street and back again
and take a drive to a mill, in order to see tbe whole pro
cess U e tind one chamber of the shops is hung round
W“h coils ot bright wire, ol «l| thicknesses, trum the stout
kind, used lor codfish book* to that ol the finest cambric
nod e* III a room below bit* of wire the length of two
needles are cut by vast pair of shears hxed in the wall
A till die has I we n cut Oil, the bit. need straightening for
they just route off from coils The bundle i. thrown into
a red-hot furnace and theu taken out and tolled back
ward and forward on a table until the wires are straight
I h.spioecss is called "rubbing straight.” We saw a mill
tor g>Hiding needles We go down into thu basement
aud find a needle pointer seated on his l-etich He t-L. -
"P or w ol the wires and roll* them between
Ills tliuiuhaml Ills Huger*, with their ends »m the grindstone
hr.( line end and then the other. We have now the wires
straight and pointed .1 lasth ends. Ne,t w a machine
win. h II mens ami gutters tin- heads often thousand wee
ill. - in an hour. Ultserre the little gutter*at the head of
»"'ir needle Next conies the punching ol tin* eve*, and
the t.iv * ho doe* its punel.es eight thou-and an hour, and
.odor, it so Ust your eve* can hardly keep pace with
.inn T. e splitting follow*, which ia riiuuing a tine wire
Ibto't^h . do/, i, |h*ili.ip* ot these twin needles.
A woman, with a little anvil before her. files between
the head, and Separates them They are now complete
needles, but rough and male, and what ia worae, iber ra»l
4 b ■ ' A I.lie you Will say. But the harde
ning eume* in vt. They are heated in batches ia a furnace,
and when u d hot ar. thrown Into a pan of cold water
Novi they must lie tempered; and this i* done by roil,
ing them backward and forward on a hot metal plale.
I'lic polishing >tih remains to la- done. On a very coarse
c nit. in edit s are spread to the initiiU-r of forty or fifty
thousand Kniery -lii.t is -n. wed over them, oil is sprin
kled. auJ the cloth i* then rolled up, with several other*
ol He .an e kind, thrown into a suit ol wash pot to roll to
in.I In. tor twelve hours or more. ThevcoOM out dirty e
iHutglt. toil after rinsing in clean hot water ai d a Um
"• “'<■» '•>* as (.right as can be. .wd .re
i.ady lo sorted and put up toy -ale But the sorting
ami doing Up in paper*, you may imagine, ia unite a wmk
by itsell.
Bui « vv A». in.\r. is flag vr Bat rata.—front the fs«
of January to the hub ol June. Mi,,, th* total killed t.y
arei lent-on railway* in (ireat Briisin and Ireland, Oc
CM l,"g to oft), Ml stateuieuta in-t published, wa- I Ik ami
II. j ited. ol which three were killed and |n7 injured
Irom causes beyond their own control When it is re
im-mtierrd that ia Otv-aV Britain there is nothing like the
number of nolcs of railroad travellctl oa hr this country,
and pruluih y not near many persnn* travelling, the
snlrtvof .ail nod* ill that country would not seem anlie
any greater, than those of the t'nilmi State*.
Tl.e St. Augustine Ia...*/ f’.Vy, -av*
• No little otii osir,cos ha* for several day* past prevail,
e in our eommuTiify in regard t.. a rumor that has obtain
etl some eurrem y here of the krllina ol the I S. Ripr. sa
..tier, between H.ad.prarteM .4 Tamp, and fmt Myer. f„
th- Indians. This ruruo has. taking into ttew the recent
firing on a dot* ... troops t.y th.ee re kl.-.s pemde
something like probability to support it, and the Tampa
mad. which 1* now some two tripa due, will confirm or pul
It *1 rest W .• await with anilely tl* arrival, for manv o»
our citizen* are engaged in surveying and other pursuit,
on the rum edMte Indian border*.
Ib.v.rtn*--/ ... A - . y,.,k /■</.*, />,*., w Th. p.fot
twMl Sylph, No. I. came up to the rlty yesterday, and
reports having eipern nced « ti. i.i. i,,Iona gal, on the north
east on Saturday night and Sunday, during which and
while lying too under her Irvooil she was hnardwd by •
yea which broke her rail, stove li e boot, and swept over
board two ol the pilots, named James Jnlmam and 1 harlew
White, and the b< ail keeper The letter got hark on hoard
but th* two prior* were not seen afterwanl*. The plkd
bout Julio, No I A,was mil in the same gala, ami loot her tor.
sail, tlove l.ulwarks, and washasl the aeal* oat of th* rack
|Mt> A’. V. r
Mi-r.». vhoi r vs Drkat Hr v*. The Hangar Wkrg
tell, ol a man who, af tire opening lecture id the Harr an
Ilk- Association, was much annoyed by atieauMul young
lady in lire gallery near him hold ing a pair of MuaRju'.*
Ivuttle* Lay tor* U*r ayenvlvnmga greater parlMtv .4 Ik*
Madam* Jenny Lind Uoidami.it I* about giving up hnv
bou*e at Uresden. ami. in eon« <|ueace of ill health, pay.
poses spending the summer at a watering pkMe

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