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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, January 25, 1856, Image 4

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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It l( II MON 1) W II I(i.
Hrvtr tv 'inpiyrf«l»n»H mow wtnrm huWn the »«mi ofhl-el
low Of* *lr»«t*. (hr m«lU, *nd pulling thing* out «»f Hum
f« **f My | h%« Uw faniiaM th- M««r w.th • them* f..r rhyme*
»n<l thw* help «| editor* mti of * in«rt, In which their aglmor*. * •<
w*u« nf wwhUcU" to «.pw ale on. Were in dinger of growing ru*>
" ilwtot thl* • hnrarterietie grumble of a bachelor
Twa **••»—Bp «• Jf-»*
I’ errw M**u. chill alrw, like thoae of a coquette
t'«na«Jlaii no** blur, and froaen toe* .
* lew«U* of gift**, o’er which tV w»lker goe*
Ph«'i»biing aborg. in agortw’w rol>l *weal;
I • Iftiid'* mow drift*. Into which tou fall.
At -ftiIon'* ri*A, and *adly feel
T»,e ft nd rheumatic through Wowr vitals ateal.
While fu»l..n* drtrerw at y.*ur lingering bawl;
Th- baain'* water all a tuft*A of »•"*; ,
II 4*~» *•» your bm»'«, thvl ne'er bad hole* before ,
K«l*en*lve *b gh ride*. c*IM by acbuol girl* nice .
T*» j.ugl.ng 'M-ll*, t»*e hfttik thftl «l|** VoU o’er !
An I tVw to feel iMl fully, fr***». and II»w
\ .t b.ii |»re< «ir*»»r* of a *pl a*hy thaw *
W '
In del g'iif'il contra*! to the above read the followlr g It I* like
whipped *yli*buh after aourkrout :
0% tub Mamb Pvaiacr— By «i Tottng I.aJp
|*e»r ' ain't it nice* O. w »«t a charming *»»ow *
II >w *weet It falla—*.. leatViy. *ufl. ai>d while!
>. ar of enchantment, fairy lik- and bright '
And In* the wind* romantically Wow
II. ir » .*# »r have a glorlou* «h l»h ride now*
\t uh lovely bell*, the ileareot little borwr?
And llarry. he Will go with n»e. of c<>ur«e.
And *■ «lli ctllop. I^*nl ' 1 . an’t tell h.»w '
We'll have il»« ride * H e'll l»a%e a splendid dance.
Ami *u|»|» r t*M». and aome «»f th«i tuulh-d wuie
And *f»-rwar»l« A#* d-ar. «|ev«*»e*l glance,
A* we cofo** back in tn«M>til.ght *o divine’
ond then one plravire | mu*t ne'er forg« l ’
Twould Heavenly V If w«- eoirld ju*t ut—i'
//«rrtiA / l HnJfil/,1 I'inn. d'fr.
Tin \i «i YoKk t *tiit itv bk It is with great pleasm
11i.t! wV tfiurtcr to mir columns tin' following complitm-ii
tv v iioticcnt tilt* New York Oba*r¥tr% from th * AI-\.»n
dnt StM/ittri :
Tii • New York Observer comes to us in mammoth pro
p«t. tio »s, presenting a type surface of :13GH square iucln -
ilius making il ll»e /ur</ra/ ttnespaprr in /Ar wr/rf. On*
lull ol th" paper il ciinBccnttcil to rcligituis matters, l!
ol It r bill to thing** aeculiar ami literary—eaeli depart
\\ T( I
lives up fully to its professions «»f tieing uncii cum-crib*
bv i i tow- limits ol par ty in Church or State, Nuti.
in P* viww « of public policy, Protestant in It* Christiatiit '
HI . Alt. r III.* Bible and nettling but the Bible, the fouii.l
lion mI its morality ami religion," atul as such, it afl •
ti* |ir>»liHiii'l pleasure to bill it (IikI speetl in this renew.
cfV » t to w i.l n tlie sphere ol its usefulness. It |g printed
wivklv at $'2,.V» per annum.
\Y are Authorized to stato that a c«uivolition of Delegates
from the different American Council*of t!.is t\»ngr*s«io .«•
District will be h.M at the town ol Firuiville on the Til
of February next, for tlie purpose of apftointiiig a De>
git til Alternate, to represeut the s«id district in the Na
tion »1 I'invention, which will assemble iri Philadelphia oi.
the 11 • l ol February next, to nominate American Cat li
d*t the Offices of President aud Vice President *
Die Cnited Suites.
C »i: oil* which have not yet taken action on this suf»i«*c*
a ' ic«|nes|f.| to do so speedily and thus ecnre a full te
pn**.* itatioii in tlie Convention at Fartnville on the Tth o’
February next. t
ii»i»nivrvit'VTs ij\* Tlie iMU’cinrvT
7*7 4t/i./ trith tin adrift and mnxrnt nf the
Koberl K Keid Surveyor ol t'u«touia at Puiatka, Flor
I! **»«•»! Kdgar (\41cctur of Oust mis, SltieU-boriMj-’
*l.-i ict •»! Pearl Kiver, vice I Livid \V. Johnson, remo
v cJ.
I-ASi) Ol UcKEd
M \ tinier I*. \«« demon, ol Iowa, to be register id the
land •! 1> ihti«|iie, Iowa, in the place ol lieorge Mi
ll- m t, reliMX e»l
,l.ii . if ol ArkniiMtw, to he register ol the I.moj
ofti at Lillie IWK, A • l. iu- i*, in the place ol Hold. A
W itki'i*, removed.
\\ .ii X. II vin*/, ol Arkansas, to l*e receiver of public
ino \ .a Hat. -% ill**, Ai kaicoo, in the place ol Joltu b
Cl.iilmriif*, eciiiMVed.
Pal’iii ■ i, MtENmri, in the place of \\ iiliaui P. Harris..it,
resigned. _
XV* in*, r . .. .1 ,, •.* I rr».* follow.ug . .■*•«• * a.-re before il.«* L'nito.*
- ”li|i> fin. ('.->|tl t«- •!;»>'
s . J. .»• v- il. Prv.»d**nt ml ll.iir.| of Dlrr.h.r
t’• M I. -ip- Publo r.-lto-.l* <'itrtiM i!(-liv»‘r«-i| (lit* • ni-. • .
tl*** I* hii.itlirfint.tf t!i«- jn-lgmv.it of the Etiprrmw Court of M.—
With «*..*-t*.
\ II r ni'l.i* m-l lie.r* «*f B-ojanc. Pordraa dt* L*i t*.|.
il» t .‘..r.T-f i*.-> iv •. f i,>. «.iiii Arc i>(t by Mr J.»n
tl. |- ..- .'.it* and M livnjmi.ri for t-l- fcrelint*
V |l J • It Oi « ifl.c * I r t *tl. :«|t|*ell4ltt- r* .!.>«* j» ,
Al-a m I . XV iN.m T .. argument w*« continu'd l*y Mr \|
Taylor I .r tU»* appellant«.
XI * • .1 m >phi.i * L *e, btielv of New York tin* p«»--. -
in b •; oa i tight ol o i.» hundred and fitly thou**ui*l -i
lie 1 •-•« *• U-* h ii iiiian, Imioii.—*. hv in.iriiigc win
t ••• K •*•»•> ! »»»■* b* XX i- cliter. t'haiuheilin to hi- iu(j—>x
the hi ig V.t Wnrt*‘ll(btltg.
I* I. tl N w Y«»rk .bom try *jj. Colonel John 1*. A
am*. I : ye;nLi • ! uitcd Stale** (*on.<*ul at Li^'iiv*
ra ll»* rein o i* will bo removed to lljitiiuoic lor tut * •
1 t• overtmrol Honda ban vetoed the bill which pi
th'd t i • I. ; -iit-irc id tint Stale authorizing Wert Flori-i
t• * u it- t.eiiiu«*i* with Alabama.
a -ti'sr* i.s t. m \ in i :s? xv oiu.,
* m • will a k -•»: I/- the naturally 4ujmi -r |*v
I* ‘ ‘ * ■!' xh.n. iH‘l K •' fU *-f tile I* <-plc of Par.*. \ vm» . ...
*» ■ * I* m ■ .ii* tferrt.y fliejr nlUiu ti.-.*« ru.li. v.t
i‘ H • ii> •«*<! I» *v in i’->n.p!r*ton, Appearance, «i..l
V •’ XVhiJ.r p il»«r AU tion* oi ttitr • |>j-*-.v S x j
ft* * . c «ranl«and surer-failing auUdote to CV..-ipOon at i*
*-’> f . Im-world a? the d ath of a Cclcbr.it. I Ci|-«> Q.i
a * * - •* • ii ir.imiu itt-d early ail ov.r ifo Kar.i^m i i
- Pr .pre-tor wall uulveml * 4tt»fic:ioH It i« d
> ’ -I*' '*'• -. and . a--Inr arranged w.:|» car« and debcacy.
1 ' • » ii|*i y '•*• »*• 4 ■ HI.-Ill- wall Ilk- rr«<|lt«. rhe UII |
/ - I . • Pr - n.r% \d •: * for tlir- t’nacd Elate* and t:. t , ..
di . I •* will treat .• It coiatuuulcatloua *onfl*lvt»tUllv
t • • x ■ * 'f It -- l» .liar viil ■ .-'larce.l, ..|>o(l le< • ;
" ■ » p * ■* »»•' w.tii foU and eSpiieit j* «r<t* ulur» will i*e f»»rw;»r.* -
r -t* if r i.i*. i. Till* .* an opportunity vi. h no young m ..
or *'•••»* >, married man or lady chould let |.oiu(ilio]trnM.
Addre * CI1AE 8*. (iiiCHAMlPS. XJ. |> ,
Opposite l)r. li.Mudr**tl<'*, Hr i |way,
i JX-.'m New York • tv.
4 1 I t Pb lTFII lOltkx. i
- ■ : cp ■ »< . Pork*. L idl ». Eucar l».d«-*; Creaoi Howl*; .*•
El*- » '-ilo-f d***i»«i»i*- Aihat.* (J»mn|*. for sal** In
P. * \ • .» MrKA.IfKHfti Soup Dtfntcn. f • c *
-r- I: !• -it. r* Vt la |l"il rr«. Kii.u.i* Ikd Eau*-- Poo,? .
n*i- b n i-. wilt U*il a p.nt of wan « in t tuiuutes. for sale hr
/.IMMM’M \\
I.**'. AJ • n.i-oritrr lit’i*ti.-:
f E * > .i i.s d U ilft xMU x XI) < ttXI. I l l
B t»lbE. far xafo I.y
It XX KNPOItT, Al.lt \ a CO,
Hu a i xi.x i.i» n xt h bit it.
‘ ' N• • 1 t«r-.4* N'-.rtfi Carolina ll.’rnncs
i'» do. So. 1 Cut ilo do
! •' N.. H in*-Imtu Ito.1.»n Ilarkrrt^I
-•» i»o. larg.- No S do <|o Portal*' hv
J H-t K. II PKINKKK k CO . Cary at.
n *» si? is. i.i.m im: % minimum. \i*i**.i
• •- 4 Hi: ANItX . f- r >uh hy
J • i-» JAMKH XVIN.aroN.
inn s. f.i:M im: am) M unv. ITICI
Am 4 HKVVHY. for * .l- hv
J % All - u INBTON
* P \ N I.IIA. I* % 1.1| | I III I4)|ft.%< i tl,
pi.- ...' tfita X- j . :ljr p, liar l-rai- I m n
k* 4, ... iihI 4 ud : r nlv i'jr |m\ b k CO..
i*K* No. n| Main »tr»*rf.
x< hs»imis» iMiai.i.s. x f.w , • .
■ » TIIKO ROlll’KTEoN,
I .- ift**r -I I || tl- 1 I". . r #- • t/! - -■(ill III..... •• il.r.u ... . .1
J*9 Oiflffjr, N<>. <*«.** M *lo «trr. t
• €♦> * I-11 I hi is. A full fc'M.rtmvtit : tti nhov*
w ▼ *; u ai"I for »alr cheap by
J*!** No lo« Main •tr. . t
IiltlN %l .%Nf I l.lts*—Of «»*ort* 1 for * .1- thruf*
No. It4 Maiii *treet.
y+ fi thi.u iiii.u i s ai i.i ns, ino--t i .
ft,* |,^j Main atr-et
TRNtfSS.f. *1.1 I a, Pren<Ji 14 tlb*w, A* a <*ru«», arid ot, < ..
■ Taint Mate, in ret*. Round and Oblony I'atterr.-. f.-r •.»!*• jr
M * -1 *1II A114 I Nill.A, Ini - Ilf T**-, njf *i
Lou tal* A >r Hi nl»v»; Hand Uuni' f Hrn.h *, Awe. *
In# and tlrartlt do., for *4lr a<
%\" • * lit IO kllltl A r ... I C.. k and \\ ,.| .
W W ** 1 I be f»l |'f" > W ' I f r jm i ) N . f. • Of* d <• |»|.l v m
rt'tUjj whit II*. y 4r»- ir|in>aiil.d I*. I***.
H M K BUTLICR. 79 Main «trrrt
II • 1 Hi N I.H % « I l h % I. II*.ft % Ml SO| hi
Kid * 11 •*! lift* Vrry <1** r*Mr and food art *r|e f,
•' rrlwf of nar-r.. and f.. I « «. r. ,ut f«»r iaf.no, f.*r «al I.
SI*I I I <ll>% 4* Mr •*»».» . Ufa*-. Iir t i d Iron, Japi'i'i*
Tin, and I arliunw.,rr Aptttoona, for «al* by
1/1|4 | HI Mil | s I |.o% » || s|.| o. r , .
SI'. M 0 1*1 I hniyy ,*t »>. I Apotht %rf. Ma

l»nnt*. who |* *tr..*tt«ed Into l** y.*nd In* ri|wrt«*n.na duritif il*> j. .
e*-4f, ami •.<»ild fe*|»- ifuily rr|*rr«r«t< that l*e will h- rrry happy
•ii|*|«!y all al*.. ar«- lit want r*f arttelea In ln«linr f.,r tf,r fjturr |
Ihinh In* * an fit*' •*»••«%« lion, at any r*tr, l*r w ;| u«r »,)« m .t ,
il« avor* ai»*l d tut. hl« whole linir and rnrrpi*.* to that tlxl j*|f,
ntnilC Oi ls. tlOl's. A . 4heard Jutr, flrttii*
II .|n* Ti»...r M *ta. II- m|. M*«|-« will* In* hm-ll* •, f..» li. ... ,
floor*. h*r -air hy
Hit! ’I 'll I A Hill si | ics,
IlMPflSShi* VfliRCIlWrM,
r*»H THT. A 41.1 of MAN I K4< Tl KID TOBACCO,
flol It, ORA IN. COTTON A.
> * o.i m i r K/t s/HKrr v/rn >•*#//a
air* no <o of At* A I. ff<<t rt a, tr»*r retldrnf |*trto*r in S,
4-lranOra o»i at.,pm »*ti will In* i,*#.nau| on M*. mi r, r
hy A I. K »y«trr. Hrtrthrr A Co , K-*:hmond, or ».y u«
lird r- It.r toril.tn* li, SrW Y.»rh will «!•.. rmirr . ,,r
HRCMMl I ♦ » r% ATI
lo* Itlil MAIM., i
A I. NoVAfMt. *
J It »t«»h>rM( |
New %*.rfc. Jati'y |A, W4 |al# dAwflu
4 1 VI O I NO ill M 'tllJ. I'a^taekt. p,-, . • m,
MR M n-uol f»r aalr hy
|4«V MVKNPtfKT. ALl.f.N A CO
r|1 II % i I I I MC I YVNHVM Il. MVRf llA
■ MfHItiTK A <'<• hate rr nod a «rn«ll lot of Tittr.ll
Vtohvf lla«. whn h ran hr « »rr-« *l ronrrmrntly In a rar|«r« l,»g <
wlfitii. I*r thmar MKNCIIANT. M riAloeR A <N>
i*W N«i 119 Main atreet
nl %l H4HI1IM* Tool ft.~ n.itt Ane.l*. V o. f
In*. hin*l ami •I dfr llama*, rt. Au>< k and lli-t. I'd* a a
Mr-|*« 1 <•» w* . | wdl ll )• •
Tnro nonr.iiTAoN,
laprrrr and Uwlw In F»*rrlim and Oow-Alf Hardware am
fa* Cutlery, No. 19 Rain at»ret
N^OI II I*. TTw »«.l arrlher h • vlitf evnplr.yrd %Ir 'am * I
Ut« xti-rr intend tht wtnnu'nrfnrinf departrwr nt nf h * l*»
new. nw|wi Hi.l * aoneworea that w will hare rwa.|# •• ord* i a
4>wr.pi.. **.* i».i,.w, fwnUrn*alh'f nr .hiMreo'* Ainw-w or H...*!-. n i
reit t*v» nwiwner ION HI VI Ml 4RI.VA,
, Ro 19 re#rl fltrmt
VIMliIMjt I'OTH kl It tll.HO.tU.
1 R Mi .5giE38ft3gZagSF
i.A't.ir xoxriiKKX .ix/> sorruxKx vail koctx
ro« siartuNk *«K*f***x »*t» • Mrui 'mnu*»
1\% | \ l: U4ILI . v Su«kI t» mghl (tl.t U-t wot Ii K . hiu »ud
■ and Wa«hmft..n City. * 4.1 (lord • *v -lie and Alexandria
Hour* uf departure at R*ehu»ond • f.*» A M„ *»••! ?.*» I* M
Returning leave Washington A M , and I* 'I
amt arrive at RWiiO"ti I I %• I*. M.( and 4 ' M
llaggafv y’lwvk* and TW ktU, given through betwevu Kichmoud and
W aabington
being It. excellent - I r. %• I t'AKKYINt) Till ORKAT NORTH
KHN \ND SOI’TIIKRN MAIL, *r ve the hc*t guarantee of alway*
••-curing .tknne* Ilona, *• l* thtivn by arrival* dally at Richmond and
U adiiitfiiin city In advance of the Steamboat line.
Pare Mwmi It.. MiioikI an*! Wa*hlngt«i» %•** £*'
It Outiai <* will Iw found al« rv olv.lo lake /Ar,»Wk/4 paaaen
ger* and tfwdr h*gg*rr «*f w. trlnf apparel, between tin Ikpot*. free
of chatge. with ample time for them to take thv»r meal*, whether g ..
»ng North or S.»u*h
Thn»iigl» Ticket* can be obtained between Danville and Wgyblng
ton at the temnnu* of the K id. now •..•writ completed to Danville.
\n ag<-nt of th« .mmpany w ll rer. ve tie check* of p%««rng. r« from
the t>4Uville K • »d, and attend to their bafgfge alt the way to Waah«
.ngton or the |t il.tutor - Depot
r?H- fare the tii,i hy the mail line, a* hy the ol.l St.-anils.*1 route.
There u t •» chai.gv of ckr* on tl»e ny’it line, between Richmond
and Alexat dri* Jab
YIICI.IMY <1 t I'll II. ll.%11.KO AAJ*
\\ KSTUn A| All. II 01 TK.
1 | 1 • • • t: '
.1 > i \»' \# /.« (’Alirfrdlia, I*'/ . f'<r
• */#!«• /.’« / •*/ .
Dally tram* from Rid nd I reel
Staunton t#* t*o«h« ii. Monday*, Wednesday* and Kr day* ‘on* ••• l•
t.g at • n Villi H t I* i’*k«t.H 1 O* N .1/.r,V .Nhij/r l > . . .
cording to the |r.*wc« klv 'I id .a'i .iligettiv lit. 4 L.pled hy tlie IWI r»f
rt. %• |k. |w4i t*n. nt, fr.ki'i K • hui.iit.l to th Oltln Km t
Cara leave II ud dally at

•a >i... . . Liam fa 1 \
W I I* irk .
Returning tin 1 • leave St union al t*. A 'I .
I arrive la M * • 1 %>
n full time (or |*«m *tgcr* going South to connect with eltlu r of the
Soul tier u Ihwi.lk
Tim \ Irglnla C *nir >1 Railroad La* been extended and completr d
. Goahen, I 11 * We*t of Stati ton, and laid with h ivy Ka
. v» ,». n th thi ex ptlon of »’ nil b mile*, b tween floadonavtlh
. ...
Rail cl* b pleted In a few we-ka, after obleh I a
. o »d w .‘<i be .’i |m i ■•. ; ordv r, and foi vpeed, *afrty and Comfort wdl
impart with a r Railroad n I el l Stale*
' II
|{ R 4 linOMI VMHT.illlMil U€. K All.HO All.
rantr. wta Egan ,CT l
0\ and after MONDAY,SoTcmber IMi m.:.. the Irate, 04ilhU
It.. W ill run »• full. w.,
thcS' LttVK aicuaosp roll rrrMuou’xo.
Kipr«-a*, throuv- l*.i-w. ngvr .1 kity at - S o ik, \ 'I
\ . unuodathkii and fre ight tr.i n vTrt*U*cekly.' ' 1.
.l..r>.Urv 1V..I. ■■-l»jr. »« 1 K iu ..r. nl ' •» " A '.
Norfolk Tia... M ... . .»>■ “ A M.
TEkiX* LXAVK PKTttRrarau loa UClUloxo.
R] '
M •
t • rri* Weekly
Mumlaya, AA “ A. M
Ht hmond to Clover Hill A pameng r > «» win b«
atta h*d
a . 0 ©* Ik, A >J
Pa«eengera coming from Clover Hill by tl - train
' Depot I A, M
fh i ip .. ii iin* will i i atop on Um waj i 1 1© t.*..
, . . . way paw | -
Tht Mall tral • will mop when tiM-r« arc pa**enger* io take up or
pat do* M - . K !! Way Rial Cl
i . -v
r . uodv tin will atop ii ill II *i »*.’•- tt©| i pl»
. y ■ . . pm down
Tim Kxpr©«* .*:.*! 'I »d Train* from Rk'iinwnd connect with tin
Southern Train* at I*, terdmrg for M Whui, Hah iglt. ATOtuinytor . Ac
Hi-tint.* nl.
rim mum train* from Pel r*b rg onm I at R hmond win ti«
\ r • - : . * w non. Il
Wadttnct iti. Haiti more and Philad* Iphia, cam be procured -t the tick
et officr m Pete* ►burg
Kwc for whiir jer«mi> .... fl o»*.
•* Children t>vvr .*» and no? «.ver 12 ye.tr* of age V»
•• t' - . 6ft
... X
requiring»b« ». •. .1 vh b can(Im saute fare , »
«rtil lar • barged.
\ . 'X X
are pur lilt- 'I at »|,e o!t..a . and t»> J- g. tling «•.< the ' U* U l «r
1)0 ticket* are ftoHI.
tWrYtub travelling by thrmre-1 ve# mud 1«- furn*«h«*d by their wr»*
ter* wttb t«- pa*** *, »«» tb »t an le retail)' <1 at the ollj • and it
um*t be eXprt-.xjljr »lalrd oil Hit- j.»«» tb it they arc permitted U* v
*»n the »ar*
TI1«»MAS OllAMKAll. s 4. rintend* 1 it
Dili . R A p R R Co Nov.
■ 1 II t. •* * . \ • IIO \ 4 l» l.l S! \, *
1 (Npt. '\ M i -Mini, ni ’ : - her r* fxil.tr Jv.fiv“j
np* to lla- plot), A on \VH)M>I» % V next, Am J"**u** ^ ‘
H \
Hie far* rann itg In fMitadk n u lb lb< Augusta w •: \. *1.
. 1 land P that » 1 I
, • ry Monday, Wednesday and
Pi i.\>! v
tlternal' .1 v!f T ie*.lay, I -ur* I ty» ai><1 S«lurd:.% •, *t d o*. '•- W
\ M f H it a 1 stop • ill tbt regulai intllngs
M.tb going tu.I returning.
Til.»- |KH> \MK\ll. Sup rtr.t- t..l. 1 •
• 1 ‘ •
S.14 v ilm 1 ou >1 m \ o;:<%• ,, ..
* p.**r«iN *‘i« »\ I hl'.Nl I Pi »R I I. \M». M- w -t. • r
MW OIU.K \ .N- ST 1.0 L* I -. ..Al.\rM*.N N r>r**a
K\Nf|-i * K* nr - /7 V. >77.1 VV/.7/* ./. 1.»//'•
r > l A /> t / t SEW VO RE- CmbeahlM 1 Nhn i*. I I
i n 1 > It \ \ ■ II.. I’l I ' ate- Mad St ,«W. |. J\MI>
foVVN r.|? I* t r * ;»i
1 LUDLAM t PUtAf ANTS, wll
i , . . -
• ,
1 . .- . : - - on the Wharl
New Y..rk. where j>~-1* are entireIjr protc* 1. d i< ••:. .-.j;-1 .. i ••••
1 it 1 ea m f.*-. •' I 1 »y care and a»t. niton »« hntswi I n fore* .» 1
ug r tr . .! .p.n* lit.
M •. - • ,
amir on the arm al i.f (heir >» l
1 New \ irday a
t» r return t.» ti Itnotid. f..r f». igbt apply to
bi LLECA ut-sa lm«
^T<*Str»ai'R Tu A^Y • ‘T i 1 * K IthAM. I- HUH.
.1 MKYK.R. Ja ,
J> H* fililj f' trr fi - - th r I’tt-t ■/ .Sf.. f, -.
oc27—iWm_Kx.. I I Broadway. N « V
Itit'nyutti, Od. bt •*. ISftft.
. Ocnrlcm-n of the t'ity, that be Iim f.u» it » «>r»* tie 1 tn .a*-:
tSD M •«( KKAilirrL a.vvi ximut «•* xc- m !.:? hi e rv«r i.fferr.l t.
IC ] lb t. ring 1.U u 1 by bit II N •
t Itb •• try, »•! f be hofU « w tb .tt l.-t»t MIM ta*te. In bis pr. «^nt u*.
• ’ x Paper II
• •: !• ... . . . .. I . I , ns Ilf Olll, Tel
t, M a • 1 • Da N
• cm, Cl rx. Uet .-.-i Mi -\ a Curt tins OalMonx* I'-.r-u Taawl
■ • 1 ■ ' I
Matt - 1 . tig - W low g • .1
itnl i 11 i *M1 Cl • ' h birge and an 1-. :. • :»* rttactil < I
Velvet, Tic «»rv. |tri).« U. Thr.-. -I'iy, and l*laiii Ir.g' tin <’ rjeM* .md
.. :
II .• • x I of u • •
. . ■> |
execute all work In a style not to be ex u*d.
1 j .is-f » ICKONaCI.T. 192 Main street.
>1 M 11UDI \A WillMiM.
2.1ROAI b,« h. ;:, ri - A ,tu • . f> . t*. ..th* Tiber wil; fill
1 - - 1 . -• • -I f r . » ).. 1 f tbe I - l -i
..»• ilii- •■’elirat.d WIIISKRY. It w.i« iif«r<!*al a )il<y t Uw>
.tct.. a. * tb. Fair .-fib. \l. t -• I •tit..»r, in KW-bir...tl>1. N..
r« mb . ftl 1 . I. qu r nl tided . a and ni d • In il ore
I I fage I
five year- Or Pr« through (be mad* pr..n.|- Jv attend^l t*» VI
lr-•- WILLIAM KKKtt,
«»e4— dir Stamin.ri, Va.
^**•(0*1. lit ni l , VV b .i .1.,.. .. ! to n|ieti. , . t
▼ ▼ '• tlo v. it j.... ,t W.. .1 th, ’ r ■ ■
• I V.
tniii«r. (lit fun 1 • r rlR. ietit .»*• i.t of tl. Woolen Factory i:i tbi«
•ity. 11 is attention, If nr* r—ary, will N-devoted exclusively to iMi
All W.. 1 cic ./• ! to u* ui!! Ih- grad. I. «n that • r». b p in ».a*. r
•.it* iv - 1 b W. ol a* ?»*• want*, arid n •• i^- - i.mp*lb-«l to buy f(
1 Vlrg
U !• ni rpianthy <»f W ,»*»l. if con' »-ntrat» d and grad'-d, to aitra11 tht
f 1 1 I 1 t tnmrl
bo|*e t.i *uc«vm1 in cvtaldisliiny a giN,d utark«t for tin-W<iol gruwr
near lioft** .
For par <'u1«n in .air circular*. f’RFNSIlAVV A f'O .
(il.- . '* and I <.tiiiiil*«b»n Mcrcfirinl*,
KI'.MOt 11.S III MOi All! |(l 11.0 II.tit
To tiic l'diple of i ircinia and .Yorth Carolina.
n'AVr rniim-l tintr W! .Iw.il- ni.-l 11-011 V .nit -r- War
. Rooms t Corinth ttl K ill.'* Mriill street, If-ir>lh, It t'h'i ..t)i|
Vn..(iievt *l*H*r above IP- Iter, tM»orn A Co '• Carriage H -ireh* ore,
wtwrr tbvy offigr for will Ifn i*rg.-? and rhwI varied aaortnmt ..
Cottage Oi«iwbrf Furniture ** ever before even In tine market
lie*. ••» mild assortment of every style of Furniture, nil at
v n<lii' *-*l priee* fhtr old rust.-mers, and allolkn wanting r.-o-fsp
lour line, are invited to rati, < xatnitic our stork, and make their pur
m i
HI MS I *11*110% I lk I'UIM Will VI
. DR1I.I 1 ,
tlrelv utthfi ’’*r.T, in-lit wn« •fMikdi of In t«rtu* of !• gh « otntaetHlalioi
by tlios. *1.0 o«*.a .». I f.:< refore fr*| w.irr-lilt* -I lit rco non -.•fit:*'
«* Inferior to tome hbb-rfn Invented. It l* simple In it- rotiftrur
tion, durable, a»»*l not buWe to »»-t out of order, at •! II.. j>rW *f i
r inf -• • . o. air re-|e • tfully re»|ne-ted to for war J ti cii r- * • • .»r iy I
«vol l'IN*Ppotnti(.<-M, 1 IMI.I’UJV
aulo — if SRNtlti rtrtd,
STOIC list*. * luff %(.f . I am |op red to r. v. »
mV Virnb r hoo .‘on tli.* lio.k,from thirty to forty 11.• .t,-..n
bushel- of Wi .'it |Vr*«n» i|i irons of having Ctclr wh* „t re.
w..ul.| do tttll • iik. • irly a|*pl„*||on
Ios.tr tn»e an U . fl- * lr«l at the lowest rate* „f premium.
r If MdVfN LiltlMR.
nk tu vn iM i% on. i u ins.
e ■% ! | I
■ Cl •♦b«. I » to ob .irrnt g merit* to sell h• • « ffi rfisntirn *ur»
/ •*'!«. Tl»** «f.. k >n «t or !• <« *n| '• U\ rptallt »i n stir pass* d. an
be prh t» at whirl, he • an afford to #♦!!, cannot fa I to give satisfy
J*ie i«lfnrt wdl *».• tnketi in selecting for order*.
II.- *t.e V i on*..1« of
FMKMl t»n fMiriiy. from 2 tolCfeet wide—t wpattern*.Oak
. rawest,y. 12 .*:-!• and T.b*
f \P.KM<.» toi* oil, Uf/lT*, on Duck*, Drill arid Muslin,«-n
o I, b d a* d plain -« rf «ee
. T \MI t «»||, CLoTIIF. I to A 4 wide, in the pte e and pattern, *
(wrtr.r to fh* ImitorP'd
!*T%IK DRI tit.hr oil. CI/tTIIF.Ac.
War. t . .* :» 4rcb*i . twtow T» d. Ph tad* fp! i. Pt
soa r.fo Til ft.- poTTh . M inufartnree.
ii. 4.ii % % *s i*n*ico%i n *f % no u:fin, III
ft MM iginir.
ft V
Ik's ' M r , i (, r , • f. r I: i, r- >d i
ibM, I.** r#t »*.i >1 i n,irntf-t( t»,y in thl* rHy, where he wWI nta
uftrtorr lo« nr. Pres ,tr. fj.iug. - iif «ll ft steamboats, |.»f
I N w.i
I .amp*
It i* evident th- «,i i .tr io. ,it constantly tml atlng th*press»i
d a st. am. r ’ ■» * ... i. rh ,rn ■(» r. am! with nrd ,ary rare not **,
p * t" d. r'»or o i • « l< • id*, atnm both t«» th- engineer and pi
iwtetor. u • t.-ibl* • th» to munag* the steam with eaae. at.d t
oth. r to a. r t»i ,t it . ... nm,, ig. d. and will not only pr ••• ft egalt
■ |d..'»..n* » it hr • er* ry d-.y u«s pro. .ote In a high d.grre t
„ eronomy and • ft, ** t tf.e wh- U establishment.
Tt*» abf.v. Oa ,g « ar Warrant, d
Tlrfltili IVjiinl |l«t', ivl H-hue.tel and l*ar vllle Railroad, T
brdt k ftrotier. H irr 4 F»tlnvrf. l»! IIIp Khnm, Ft. am I nflne flu,
er*. and ofti of the Re bmond Mhlf
Rt,e», i*. r.d ft^ man ufa. tur*r Will attach • lm flange to ft el,all
9I For ante by VAN |.| \V A TAYLOR,
•p* 19 'lain str, rf, Richmond, Va
l #i %4 II If % % M |; % if» ti t 11 fCMV *.
r ■ a
r ■ tVlr I .rr »f " k of t ,.a< h II ir lw.irc and m .l. riatr, which cr
a.i *»•»* In part of
RrlgM and RVacfc hli|.t Fpring*
Common Patent ,tid half Patent %v!< a
Carriage ar. I T re Rotfs, t'.aeh t a stings
It'll*.. Fp*.kes, h. Jh.e, -‘haft*. |h w# and F le*
Foam* b 'l. Rash sod Collar leather
k im. le-l Hoik, Ifu kram and (HI Carpel
Coach Lace. Tas*»!#f Tuft- Ffli ges, Ac
I HI te an t I*, ib Cloths and Coggh Llintigs
Hr »a* and Fllver Flated l.amps
. Hint* • lew It. Ifvidl. * Rn h* and T*r%*
Ivory. Filrer. Rra«. and Japanned l.tnmg Natl*
Mo** Hair, Tw- w| Collar* •• I Ut d* Ar Ac
ft ' '• » AO. I *1 11 K I II II, .»„ .1
•rtriwsi. o t-.it) m jono<
t . k. n ut. i im ton m:ai \ouk ihoai
FIAIII I if* and »oini'..«l>«><•• douM* vi.g ii« akk _ —
| whut . »'eaiud.ip JAMESTOWN, Cap* Piuiimi, X X
leave* KichnMhd foe No* Y**ck o«t TWlajf even
In#. «t 4 o'clock, ami Cut Point ai f u\i*. I ant iiR
morning. ,
Thr ROANOKE. Capt ikiUKIi, Want CtU Point fu* Nrw York
rvrry Hatunlay tuotnlng. at t o'clock.
I\»*fiirvr« tieairing to Lake the ll.-unok.- at ('tty Point, muat leave
R I by Um | * I** i» wfcyw
iVjol, which leave* at A AI., where the Purwf t»r an Agent ot
thr *lilp wlH te «t*t»oncd (or the purpoar oCfurtiUhlng ticket* to pa*
•eiutvra, ami to give them aut I* information a* they «na> need
nK"*c wht» prefer taking the Janvratown at City IVtint, an in like
manne* avail them*eive* of the early morning train of Wednesday,
will h !■•*%«** the IVtrralnirg IS|*ot at 6 A M , l»y way o Port Wal
thall. Tie cl.*-go in either raw will be the *ain«- by either Ship, aay
$1". through fr*»iu Richmond to New York
Pa—enger* who may prefer ft* •**. ure their K rtl»* an*l ticket* by
eltlier an Ip at our oftce. *owth able of the lk«in. can J.* ao during the
day of Tuesday or Friday of each Week, and lho*e who may prefer
g**it|ng on hoard of thr Jiamtowu at Mu w. arf hin, can do ao by 4
oM.* k evrrv Turalty afternoon.
STKAMKR VIRtllKlA, Oapt DtmTui B it r
A *•► KICIIMt n ' X •
Steamer I’tVNSYI.A AM A. Capt / Mim xi> N*. T- IT IT*
One of O *upretor Steam* r* will leave Rich
in..nd until further milky, every Tuesday and Friday, touching at
Ci v |V nt and Nor V>!k to rev ere freight a I |»a**rnger» Keturntng.
wave Phil i*l«-lphta every Wedm-wd at and Saturday uiortilng at 10
i o'clock.
Tti.-ae Steamer* are now In flue order, lt*orea*ed accommodation*
for the comfort of pa**ct grr» having hcti added. a* al*o more ro«.m
f.*r fre‘ght; and we Nope, hy regularity. dispatch and care In protect
ing <»od« committed to our charge, to rwv ive an lncrv*a*e of patron
iff~" No trandilpment l-v thl* line
Paaaarv through to N. w A’.uk. and found t*»>

IK. do do n..t found, fd cabin 4 tk*
Pa«-*air** to Ctfv Point and Norforlk aarae a* b% the river t*oat*
Paw*ei e r* by tlit* line . an «t..p in )*hlladrlpela two or thret
• lav - and then |*ct- eed to N. w York l*v the «antr tl« k«-t
it k n m i Ag n r k cu
Kit'll MONO 1NI» Host ON I.IM. OF *v.
PAt'KETS - Till* lure i* l ontp.*-.! of the following tree
•el*, and •all* from lluatoti vfcrj Saturday •
Schooner SI SAN. Captain S fi I'.-wr*.
44 WKSTOYKR. 44 O.C. Roger*.
M J A A I.I.KN, 44 OM Haker, Jr.
44 COC HI Ell, 44 Sett. K.llv
44 CERITO, 44 AA II Crv Wtll.
44 K. Mi hKRSON, 44 Cyni* Nlckeraon.
• New 44- *• J. R Roger*.
Tt** *- ve**ol* are of the Rr*t claa*. bnllt r*prr*»ly for tlii* trade,
* and have auperlor accommodation* for pa—engvr*.
Th y are commanded hv experienced 1'apiam*. wdl quAllflel for
the tra*le. and who will *pare no exertion* to a«< oummhI %»e. Tiny
• will hr towed up and down the rtvrr by •uam. ami may b• irhed on
. to *ail promptly, a* adv«wti*ed.
j Th. v w.ll be towed up and down the rl%-er by ateam, and may W
rrl «*d on to »a.l promptly a* adv»rt'**«l.
N| r.l ait* w .g N..|: t .or ordering g* d« from I- -ten, wil*. And it
* to their interest to »htp hy thl*. a* It t« the unlr nyiiUr line, a*freight
w ill at* ay * l*e taken a« low a* by any other v K and every rll.vt
i will be mad. by the agent* in Ki. hinond and Hoytou to give valid*,
AYe respectfully a*k and hope to succeed In obtaining a full share
I of patronage
Tii vnm l» will 1* in 11'. lunotid at Uo kett*. In llo«t.>n at Kovr'i
I AA’harf. DAVID A AVM Cl'KKlR. Richmond, t
• AI.I.FN A WELCH, It* don. V Agent*.
\ *
A I lit. I N I A IIM OF It 11 II RO.AD A M> NI.AA
PRN1IIS new ll.une Line - - rupo.«*J of the following re—eta. r,r
I *nd «a:N from New A'ork every three dvy» All owinnl^TjrV
In the city of Richmond. 4 ^
Niw S : • DANVILLE. Captain AA'illiamX(l«on.
, New •• M ANCVII n R, • oi v. * a I • iu r.
! New 44 I.YNCIIUrKU, 44 Seth Che**cr.
44 ti AM .IN til. 44 Alexander Smith.
44 II.WALL. 44 C II Smith.
44 NFAl YORK, 44 R M A. Ik in*.
Schooner OMAN Va, 44 J U. Tuttle
44 IIKN It ICO. 44 S it Scranton.
44 Kit ll.MUND, 44 \A C Harti*
44 MERCHANT, 44 A\ II. AYmtenk
TV*f Tv*-*. 1« are ail of Die fir**. clas*. built In the city »*f Baltimore
• X| i»-*.*lj f.-r till* trad* . at *1 have super. >r a.-, otnm «latten* f..r pa*
• ■ i:» i * "!.•>' are command- >1 by .-xpcrtrncrd Captain*, *. II quail*
?i« s f4 r Hi. tr vb . a*«d wh« will »p*re nu rirrllaiu to acvx.nui.«*late.
Tl. y *. II Ik- l a x| up and down the river by drain, and may l»e re
lied ■ u I* *a « pr. mjKly. x* adtcttbed.
M •• b ,i.*- . * »• \ ,*h. or old. ru.ir £•»*!* from New York. w'.Mflm!
it to tin ir Intel• «t to **i)p by thi* line, a* frelylit will alway * t- taken
»• low I* tv , % ..th*-, * 11„- of |.vk>i*. and every effort aillt**- made
by t - i. ■ . Sew York to git aatMtMttoi I
rat..'*' can l>. :! -. tr«l In th» Richmond V ue A**«*ci4tinn, by tin* line,
at *, |»er cent.
U r.-*|«ectfully id and ho|w In succeed In «4.iainitifr a full al.are
of patronare.
*' ' I -> brfl
iiuior**i.oi V %» Oil :t:>*. >|ohitr, <.*harl-«>on, aut.ah, or any
• ilia r kh.ailf -ru «r \■ •rthcrti port
i *• Ro k its. In Nr. Y r* xt B rtl
No I, Collet II..UK Slip. »..ot of Wall «trx*t
DAVID A US| Cl-UK IK. Richmond, k
C. II PIERSON, N. w V. rk. T- Apvnt*
N * street.|
Cl 1ANTG K < >K SCI 1 EDI 1 Ji,
t• c I <t if : tt J if.
r|i • i «t
H r. l.u. I^1. .n 4 no , T-. t!.- Natural BrUlpe t .**
F ' l*oth llichtno? land Lyi .d.hury t*» Cbarl. tr. *v111e, !
Sat ■•tied. ..I. a .... ti id. hat tie Hi ijor.ty ,.f tl Xt. I ut* the l'ik. t
Bo,t« ..»•• b v. r :i.-.*om»i dated by h it :>C in the cWnti p. We return
t.. the old hour*—.n and after the‘Rid Instant, leari:.? ID. hnioi.d
SI.. Uv, Wtdr . *vl .t ti.d f 11 txj. at A I* Sf , r•*.»»• I N'« w Cantou at 9
\ st , .! * : - . 12 M Hr i, and l.yi .t-me at R A M.
.i * sum at 6 P. U. nf tier second oa)
. k. M 2
'I '? • W.d.-- *i.il IV day. rtacbrc..:t*v»:i atD'V * M.
V • ' .t.l ■ .1 l , I* SI . nttd .rn\* h II . Inn ' d at R t • Xt S SI
I I - u» -t ,t V» UM. i i ihtl.r Mu; - f.-r thr IinUitu**
I 11*. vl. • ■» C. Il,4i»«l In S >lt«vfllc With the Stay* for Char
iot? • v lh
• > . T ro m I D uxncex. In Card below :
f ■ ■ - r /,*. ’ t If - / t-t r f /. tic\f ur<j .V.»<td(T*',
II *'<-• t tnu t /V*>i-m. nt • lIV-f »»«»*./. r y nut/ /ViV/.iy, .if
if r m
iftitnrr \T t?wjr. wiiCx inner tr rtwr vii>«
M , «kt? wn 1* r W IT Staple*' SI lit, 11 r M IT
Judea Kerry, 1" r w R' Rent Creek, 2 aw lb*
'! haux** Perry, 1*2 w HI Ty. Hirer, 4 *• H*
»• *.r I* r.t, 12V a * >-1 llardwi. k vllle, R* ** 4-<
.1 IT. r«oij, *.* *• :'9 Wnrtnin»ter, * «*V “ 4
P mUrton, 4 V “ 4T lloward*rille( s •• M
t'oljt. bla. tv. •• RT Sentt»v4!le, D»t^ •• Cl
N. wCint4.il, y “ Cf, N. w Canton, 1 »* * -
• . v * die. 1*2S r w TV CNdunbla, .. •»
H.-ward* % lie, •* VI Pemberton, R*4 *4 Du
st r•.dt, D, •• yy .1. ff.-r*..n, 7^ •• D*T
H. l-wbkville, r. 4 •» lo- • f.dai Point y •• 114
I veRiv r. f v, •• 1 on s|i, t. -ux’x Perry, •• 116
Iknt Cr.prk. **. •* 1 IT Jud«*% Perry, 11 •• 1*21
>?xp|e,‘ Sill*, !*2y S| ttixkn.toM n, V% a w IB
r d • 1
Rlchttiotid, Octoler IS. 1SRR. ocIH
w oicc i.n u;ir*. u.i fa m ri.\ >os.
IS MAT 1 M*I.f Nflfp
y . iff 11 )' l ■ ,n\*> rfi»«r. 2l*t .V’-r DMi.J
tvri»ut jsu r.s n.\d»', 1 •• r -ut..' t#».e . \i. b •
V 9 I f I .1,- . -tr.no I.t4 rife Itttrrt *,!!?
tt P»r - «• -town that American me. hanh*« excel th- European<
• o the ,rt». ufaclure »d pUtto* . un . we lM-lir%e t V* quite *..fe to -ay
( at no b tier Dm: .nr made III ai y I».*rt of tbe World than II c-«e
1. w it* . .11 \ w York • v We hate examined nvrral Inairu
lurtit* t factory of Mr. II. Worc.-nter that are eleyatit In
from, nt-d * j. ire and p-.w. rful in tone, that we doubt whether tl.ey
• MU’] Mod
[ yi<n ft X. }' t’muiutrri.tJ A'frntt**r, April :»••, ISSft.)
• a 1 *.:« *\ Plo - 1 r» xdm.tted t»y i?ie :u »*t cot »petent J i.lp * to
i rtanoa
1 *:.y Ik- mor. hitfhljr finbhrd. wit* n brouflit to tliU country tl** y are
• I to I • ifr. .,'ly li.ip:i!r^d by the *ev* rc lira* and cold, and the *ud
b-ii • li t: .•« * «.f t. |»erxture. But there ;»re Piano* nix.de in New
Y'.rxwh hr ilt • In..-t ui-trutiieiit* maiiufmrtur.xl In Europe, ii.-t
■»tily in -I ir .*. T‘ \, but . d- 1 . «> y «>f lou. It, anti .n *tr« ti/'h and pu
rity of t .1 • Piano* m*.!.* by Mr. II. Wor* • *ter. of fhixt lty. can
« .r.-»l% 1.. o-«-l in :tll tl.e ipiiklitiet th.xt render an itivtruiuenl
’A *0 - ft* y 1’ • ttnrltr nut A'n</»iirrr.J
U ..i.. *f-n ». I*i *• Th. o--tai.tly o. r. .• i.p r. jeitatlon of the
I* ti... Korle« inui.u .» lu.' i by \S t»m-*t* r, autli .r»«* .* o-.r r. iniml.nr
oiirriaderatii.it W..rc» ** r'* It: truioem* area* beVxllful mul erna
ii.et.t' I a- tl.ey ar. ..luittlt d to U un»urpa*-«d in tl.« ir more e*«etitial
• j’l lilt if* of m • X.-'ilelM e.
\y-ntn1Lt S ) ftm.urrcinl A>trrr1i*,r)
■ I 1 t•- V
not froii. .1 h iu«).i thr* it; but fri ;u .n« of ll.o**? wonderful p-»* *«
tneehai mi known a# “S r ter*» Planot.** A*wr biWMivltiil
1 l . .
vl -;».-i bio, the cwettest and ..1 pertbctljr uarmwiiloiia tod met*
dlou* t«».»e* that w* ar. a* .i-*..ii.r»! to h-teii i«»
/ ■ ) t ■ »/
w. were admtrli » <• « .1 - - • • •. 1 .• in n*t ifh t.* i-.< 1 • p
Plano I f tl»e Union Plate lied
vtrh.-ii. u|M.n an ex.ifoiiottioii of it* mlrrior, we wert? |4*.a**xl to 0o*l
ihxt it • tun* from (In* n..in'if ».-t».ry of our frb-ud \V..r •?. r S|r
Wlieeler, fl prop • • r • » otel nlurnifil tit tliat n fbelaHie
' - ' "
c» f«.r lilic** !l mix! I -. and tl all hud given th*- m* *t p r
fr. t i. ti hi \\ t f ile o'l nMti l. ai l ft1 take |>h .»«ure in re
|>eu!ii.g the truth, that V* «>i • »»trr*e iinirurmnt* are made upon lionnr
and • <j i tl u tny In ttH tnH i
I am •f«tantljr - i|»i»! • l eiih an .•»<»«.rtp»ent of Mr U\-r«r«ter\
P am- • I ;-.viv tlit- . •• .ti » f if.* -• ; want f really *u|».-r *-i
ll». * I -II .* I «t f: .* - I ■ . «»• Jir • r ill 111*1 • - ifllittc them.
Ah<>, >td*-h rated M.-lodmi!- eot •tatitly • n hand.
jyll A MOR|t|R, ?»<dr Agent, 97 Main *t,
f. II i; A T A I I II M Ti O A
rglllK srpJ*rR!l:VK r—i- -tfully ,»f..rm« the public atUryefha
6 Ih* ha* fitted iij» a K»***m In the at».vr Mali for the purpoae n
i i
I all't* l.rvnche*. and n » <*w prepared to furtil«h picture* In e vefj
•trie #»f th-art know in th * country »*r l'urui*e. II** mlla «p#*rta
• *'t* nt *. t* Id* t»ew •ttk I* * tur. *. < r Afnhr..t>p# •. oi* g ««, fur
* edlng In l--.iuty and durability any thing, ver la-fore made The««
hrtun • at*- not reversed a* Dagu*rr»atype* are. at.d may t»e *een ir
• t ■ v if • pert that I* / 1 met illy * • i -I * • t«* r
/I i* plat* - * i*. ’ ••ng i« »•-. ured hy |> tier*# P«t.-nl hi the Ctilla
**i . ,-.,i h*#ro|* . and owned hi th • * ty hy € * f It |«< only.
Th* >e Amhrotyp# m »r* pronoun.-*.». **y • omj i t nt ,,-‘.ge*. to hr th«
gran*h-*t a* hh veoiei.t m i« - Pi w-tograf -h *rt, h i* inf .« relief am
• ci. t• *ily a*'ofiiah*ng M vie from tl*- •»nalt«--t I** Ilf*- •!»#•
Amt.r- ty|- ."*!. r#-o*- <*| • ■ inu»i la- *e«r» to le* appreciat'd, the retie
being fully a* |*rrf«« t a* life
A1“ . th* 'r M* t graph* < r Pi. turef ..ft paper, front life The*e ar*
equal to tl.e lliirtt engraving*, and more a- , urate In detail. An;
rium»o*r fr«*ni a *u*f1** «*•* r.g—from one In a thousand either plait
; or nlore.l. in water or o|l.
r, (’ t»gen* and *trang*-r* ar»- invited in call and » (amine *perlm»ii
in tf• ■ varlou* hranche*, a* tf»ey are a**ured of |«>lite attention an<
i F K ()|
I* t* In Ainhr«*type« tlie «ty|e nf drapery nr the e«dnr of the ey
mak* - to* I IT- r. ncr, a* all ar«-»*i'ially w. |11 »k#-n Daguerreotype
oyded ntn linlfotypn ltd inMt permanent
»■ ► •*
II t > IM I IM> ( OI • I | .
f aiitr h wi,n jus i om:» t...w - n >• *i t t:. *.i * ct -1.
| *iv. ly prepared hy li*e *ui*« file r* from the /’* * »A Ron**, by
I V w (’lomi il pr.«> «*. of wi.ir h they are alone the Invi ntor*
In •ului.ittmg thla truly valuable article for ^n/^/c/ur«r, th
manwfa* lurer* have only »-«*ro|d!e*l with lie* urgent and unyea'ln
*-.l*rit at ion < of tl*- ju«tly eminent Phy-!*.an* of kur« |- and th
1’ it. »l dt'ite*. who, Iti the m«»*t dr- m |e*| term*. re.*ooitn*-nd it« d el
I Ir. Hi ♦ who are • -top* II* I. fron. Ifern a I nnei to t .ke |»ii
leliou, at* It •• *i fie.* -hly -• . of II,- ni<*d relithh and etf <
r* funl re'ii* l;. * yd .I.•*••-?♦ re*| for tie d!«e*#ra f..r winch it »• appiie*
I* l» * ai*o eiro».g!y y. --.»o.-ended |»y !».#• faculty at a »up* rlor m
II Irlclo.f* leverage for Ag.-d Fein tl* and t’l .Wlreu, p-trtlcularly ti-m
" of fechfe arid dclh-^te . <i»,«tlii»il«.n*. arid )« <i •ovefetfn reundy f»
r* all * *»• • of (i. neral l»* tc.lity, FUtuh ney. f»y p*p«i«, |t1«e<n« of tl
I.*ver and u nion* Aff- * » on* and Irritable • ond.tit.fi of the .“tomacl
r» .. i*. uer illV fr.tf'.We-l f.y e a |f# ada* Ire, A
^ The many th- •i*ind« who l*ayy b* en relurttfdly comp. I1«d t
(band it tl-. uw of »r.| t <ry t’off. • . owing to tfa aerimi* ujury d«>r
•*’ to th**r fienltli. will Rod ti .« pr« p iration mu. h •wf»#*rt#»r l#» tlie l»*
*' dava * *if- e, |*n*h In ta*fe end fl «yor( to fay nothiiig of |l« g>rnl at
icknowiedfe.l MedhdfMil ben# fit#.
The iotrthg. of portion of il*« commurdiy are •<» Well ac.|iialnti
with ll#e A|» it Inal prom #• *# ».f llandeli.-n, tlwy req -lre toil the a
•nran. e that the art,* |e * ffcred to th«mi l« a p-*re collection nf tl
tl- l»aiid* I»*•*• Knot wf.trii may i-e *ui»tnt»ted to tlie moat a-Ti e (.’hen
d • al a#»aly*‘* that will at >*■ . <|. »ernitne the g.-nmnene** of W t#|
MM A ItRo'F IMttDMJON rogff K
r- for ante hy (jwl7) IMIV K A 00
mmf(»i»MN i itim hoi; kviiiiim.w ,i>
I ▼ ▼ Fff Al» *i half IA»l* . - More and h r * »!e i.y
fo | I HIVfRPrJUl Iff.in nilAllU'S andala,
n' I | i %«> rtm. nt of * 1*gant Toilette article*, for *al«- by
A DIF A OKA V, Drugglal*,
I del?_ _ 1
111, % \ Off f >1. I MIIM Ttla Fn«h Vanilla Dean*, D
* . ry P.m d. >A lilt* IVp«.cr, r >k and T* m*parent 0« Ntlnf,Fhr
iand itivef l<#1figla«v, and rm'a Patent l>p«rk|lnf Oelatlne.for tala I
ATIIK A ORAV. Dmgfltrt*,
de 17 147 Main *tr* at.
KOM I, % All ** I* UoMf/rTO I f Of It--Family at
» filn Rupert!ne, Juft recafrgd and fnr rale hy
I d#Ax c r FdH altd Cary «ta
I g ri RKiMmn hi ok mim > • % i > iii i
ic.ll Tk R tvf r|k by
’1 ",17 • MHMWPMI *0210,
rm: mtirisii
. ■ 0COTT A C«> . New York, continue to publish llt« l«ll«vlof
| M. A% leading Br.ildi Pcrhafloals. via
I The I^umIoo Quarterly (Cuiurmtlft '
t Ttw Kt.ntuirgt. Review \Whlg )
N The S.irib British Rests* iFmi Church >
| 4 Pie WrUmmiin Rev ww * Liberal I
5 -BU. kvood’s I .linhurg Magas, m » f* rv )
The great and important rient«, Krttg.ou*. Pi4ltu al atnl MtMarjr,
now agitating the nali.Mi* of the Old World, give to thew publi.a
lions an Intrreat ami value they never before pnawnl They *k
cu|*v a middle ground between the hastily written tvras itero*. crude
simulations. an I dying ruumn of the newspaper. and lit |«ondef Vus
lotue of tlw hisiteiaii. wrltUa long after thr living inter. •( In the
fact - hr rovirdv shall have passed away Thr progress of the var
In the Kart occupies a large s|iare in their pages Kerry ruovnu. tit
S . ! - I all ah. tl
coming* fearlessly ptlakvl out Tlie trtters from the Crimea and
from tlu- H title lu HlarkWOed’s Magsalne, from two of its IIHMI po<Hi
lar contributors, give a more tntelllgihle and reliable account of Ihr
movements of thr great belligerent* than can elsewhere hr found
These |>er tod teals abiv repress tit the three great political parties of
Great Britain Whig. Tory an** Kv Ileal hut politics forms only our
feature of thrlr character As tlrgana of the most profound writers
on be cnee. Literature. Morality and Red-gion, they stand, as tl»ey
ever have «l<sd, uurtvall.4 In the world »»t letters, b. tug considered
lu«|l«p -usable to thr scholar ami the professional man, ahlle to tin*
Intelligent reader of every class, they furnish a more correct and
satts'a ;. rv record'd the current literature of the day. throughout
the world, than can be iH>Mil4* .4>t»incd from any other source.
Pie receipt of a trance sheets frtHtt the British i»ubll*!»er» fire* ad
ditional v aim* to tlu-sr reprints, especially .luring the present rt. Iting
•late of Vur.*|s v i a(T*.r*. Inasmuch as tl.ry c now he |4aced In
the hands of subscriber* about as sum as the original edition*.
TKKMH Pm lot m
For any two of the four Hev;» «s. .. .1 •*•
For any three of the four Reviews . T »•»
For all four of the Reviews .* «>
For Blackwood's Magsaln.- *
For Ills, kw.aul and three R. views . V
>4 18 •••
Payments to ho mad. tn all cases in advance. Money currnrnt in
th. 8u«r wln-re tsstitd will h« rec*Ived at |»ar.
In all the principal cities an.| towns, these works will hr delivervvl
f rr /~ug. *j/e When sent by mall, the pottage to any part uf the
I’nlted !*t..n-* will be but Twenty four cents a year for “Black*W.*od,**
and l*ut fourteen cents a year for each of the K. views.
K« mil lances f.»r an v of the aU.vr pub) l .-at ton * should always hr
a-ldr* «»ed, post-paid. to tlw Publisher*, laamard Scott A Co., No.
.‘4 Gold street, N« w \ ork
\ l \% PI III.IC .% I IO*N*
For sal. by GKO. M. WEST.
Harper, for January, 1'sN*, mingle copies 2N Y early *uh* nln rs,
if paid in advance. .*• .
II *i«irv «t the lletgti of |*h;ltp 11, King of Spain; by Win. II. Pr«
cott, * v.ds; #4 Bt»
Mitioc Litr. or. Before and Behind the Curtain . a series of narra
tive* by Anna Cora K tchte. (formerly Mr*. M..watt,t author of **Au
t«<i.;.<graphy of an Actress,** “Armand," “Fashion,” Ac., with lllus
tratlons, #1 i'.
Pla Talk and Friendly Advice to Domestics, with Council on
ll. no Matters, I.V
My First Season, by Beatrice Reynolds; edited by the author of
■’Counterpart*” aid ••Ctisrles Atsch.-ster,” Ac ; TV.
and th. Ki-'ormation. Proin the Germai By John G M^rr»*.I3c.
i Bit i By Ju i . I D D„ i I ". IB
A \ .. w of the S. r pturc Revelations rv»|H-Ctlug Good and Fell
Intel* By Kicl.ar.l Whatky. U. l> . fclc.
Tli. Oiri.t vii Life, it* Hindrance# aud Its Helps. By Thomas Ar
nold. I* 11; ft.
Ti*< v al lieautle* By Ml«s Panloe; SO
Tin Oi l For. *. Hanger, or. Wild Fport* India By Mgjor Wal
ter I smpK-ll Fditc-d by Frank Forrester. Gilt. #2
At lefor.l. a family history. By llte author of John Dray ton. Pa
pvr Nv„ doth TV
>1 ;*> Bunk?cy’s Book; $1.
Luther’s Christmas Tree. Hy Rev. T Stork; with beautiful illus
t ration* |*apet 12c . cloth gilt 2V
Camp Kirw* of the Revolution. By Henry C. YY'aUon; with lllus
trsiious by t.roctnr; |2
Women of tlnr Scriptures. Edited by Rev II Hastings WeilJ—
Beautifully llustrated. Plain . loth binding 8 i '<*; fill $< V, nw*
rocco atdi«|tK*. if*
Acetic* i t the Life of the Saviour, by the Poets and Patiilrrs; edit
ed hy Kttfi:* W Grl«vroh1, beautlhilly Illustrated Plain cloth bind
ing 81 V. g It f*2V. Turkey M-rmco Antique
I’rt.• r’* History of the Crusaders, with illustrations, |2.V, Mo
rocco Antique gilt 8»*
The l.l’e ot Martin Luther, and the Reformation In Germany, with
ii Intr. du il.m l y i!kt Kev. Thrvplolus 8t< rk, D. !»., Illustrated #2
h4 . MoTvm •. Antique 8-*'
V It. I am now receiving the finest collcctluti of Gift lL*ok* ever
vs ;{. it i vr.s* i r< li it i: iii:> over, nit:
The Christian life. Its Course, Its Hindrance* atul Us llclp*, by
tl.r Hir l>r. Arnold, of Kupby S bool. #1
I'titoming** II. ailing* on John. 7.1'cuts.
I p.hnd Uirlof WitUuburg; a picture of the days of lather
Mlunc I if. . by Sirs. IlltchU*
li l a. Ancient and M.Hlern ; by Dr Allen, 20years a Missionary
."aid itb Talk- ubout Jesu» . for children. <7 eta
Tt r Morning ?tar. «»r tlie Childhood of Jesti* 85 eta.
Mr*: I- m ti.-ntli im «« and Truth Xt c!«
i' Wundt rful Phial, and «dher Stories. cts
The >imtien House lathi; by Dr bp. ague and others. 57c. j»A
f H *|HF. su* - nl«er ha- on hand, amt will con
I :!nue t, k.«pa large and well tr|Mal*f»sL—
1 Vy * jjrrik A ■ '
lu *: h..L*..-h r'-.Sc la*atiicr Travelling Trunks
Do Iron Frame do do
D<* do pl.i|e do do
Do do Ladles* do do
Do S'lf Itrstler Valises
ImI.1i>**' lUmiirt Cases
Together w:tli all kind* of cheaper Trunks, all af which he I* »l« *
Sttally lou yrtetl Tl QM want of anything
n ti. - line Will do well to call at No. l i M uk. t li dge
i JOHN » pAGI Ji
1414 il HOHft ll.l/. t Alt !
n Rfchanfe Bans
One word to Country Merchants, the Traveling Puhhr. and the
Trade to g.*n* rul—*5 per cent, saved by making your purchases at
.he I; V/. \.\Il. wltere s 11 la* found, constantly on hand, as large and
omplt:. « >w*« k of the above liooda as were evrrofb ied In the Vir
Trunk and Car(*t Hug Manufacturer,
R i. Va
t Mt i it I . i latitf theli jjwi I u
Winter bhoes, for themselves or servants, f Wj j 1 i I
would tt!*.«t respectfully • ill their altefition^Jj^Vl'v ft\
to in) i*«wrUtieiit of Hoots and bhors, for whit I BkaJJ I.1J
wear, of my own manufacture. I am confident that they will find
it to »».. ir interest to examine my stock before purchasing, a* tin y
wdl tii.it it th« Im *t to seh cl froiu hi the i .1), and at pilem that can
not fad to please. ALFA HILL. Manufacturer.
• •• 11 No 1*7 'I tin *tr* ct, Richmond
a. , h i; \ i i.i ill Pit i. n i i
'.•*• AND MIOK ,'TOKr, 127 Mk - pk.
lh»ot», dlioe* and Gaiters of every description, and of the latest
*tyl»**, either of his own m tnufacture or of the lest Northern Wor t,,
at all prices. Call and examine lor yourself. oc 18
vriM k
_ BOOTS. NllOKS, Till \H8, Ac.
„ TIIK subscriber Img* leave to
VFkjf rail the attentli n of h * friends Wx! 1 >;i
JL?jC^Tmr f.d tl;* p :h ■ to h - St. h ,,f JlfTCAA
Bxit*. Sh • *. Trunk? 4c, n i'i i
. .
It •.*;■ * of tie .uu tl var. ty,and will, lu style and quality,com*
pare with nny in the market.
Hr r.*|>e.'tfully Invites pur hasers to give him a call, promising to
se II by the doxeii or single pair as low as any other house in the city.
JNo. C PAG*.
OC* N< 18, Market Hr
M A SHIi lv <>i I \! !. GOODN*
iii:m»v \i. <}i Uii is. _ r^werv
i»t.\lfi: in itatj*. caps*, iiodtp,
that be la now prepared to offer t.» the public one ol awf rt.tn*
mam!if g stock* it, hi* line ever offered III this city. Ills stock U ?*#**r
•Illplete, and he asks the attention of City B ;i4 « uanlry dealers, w tt Ft
I the assurance tliat Ins priors shall Im> satisfactory. *el»i
ffllilF bllltSCKIKFK I. n*.w jK-ning a niostetcrlVnt at . B
9 ti* ts Dr. * of . v. ry ku*«l i *KB|
i v B i
foiiow tic :
Units Pat. larnther Dress H.tofs
•* French calf " *' of my own make
*• " ** Water Proof Hoots, do
** Ps* leather Dress Ualters
** French calf
" Pat. Ia-*th.*r ** double sole
** French calf
*• Pat Leather Oxford Ties, *• **
. •h.jfle 11
•* French calf •• •• •• ••
*. .... double ••
•• •* *• llrogans, double and single sole*.
mail- n>y »**ortntr:tt In tier than I have efer had tin- pier—nre of
!T' * dig In tin i itiiciu of Km timnii'l and vicinity. A call i» r»*|»» i*|
fully solicited.
* III % ». 4.1. MS I Ml It III III MUIII.
SIM HKAI.IM. I'KC.-IKH C\N- T . - r l» r h..
I*ceti aptH.intcd l>y th* . • i* ur.nd \* • Vt• * k |'ni> in Can
Factory, their Agent for the -ti-' of lie.ir unrivalled
>77. h SKA / /S'(i rilKSKH YK * A AW.
The fuiis * »n I*- *t«« d every year, with no liability to get out of
order, atid combine economy with utility.
The iiIk vi* are offered at low rate#, and to Country Men hauls nt
Factory Hr'
Call at F. VANS' fk*|*ot **f F.irthenware, China and Ck*«. wb« re
every •» • le io hi* line can l*e bought at a« l**w Agwr* « *• an* house
In Virginia. with the Ind'u emeuia nf it htrgtr ili*»’*iunt Jnr cn*h
than rati be obtained any where else.
ocf J D. ft. WANS, 117 Main street.
fl <WUI1>tlK HUflhf l;s. I hive 4,«#w
W’^NlrNFNF j *»r M- - Heavy Itr• «r **f my oti
•r «r..i :»• »ure, on hand for sale, ami am making dally large ipiantl
ties Tb* y are ns g. «*l a« any ev* r off* red in tin- State hy any b***ly.
mil IP k WIIITI No. t Ma 11 - •
HATH Iffn I'APli
A I AM » w r- rivlrgl.r* a«l«ltt «■■ * to me at., u of m i|T|
II a' • d t •« le 1 Ml* per*..- it, * ».• North* m
* itl* • w!. hi tk* • *11/ I'iotu.ijil f ef/ complete, all
• *r any r.f which, I am disposed In sell on accommodating terms, at
winds «ale or retail.
wool. if vim.
Ilf \ Vp in "tore and f »r nilr, as low a* ;«t any other h*.u*e , *
. In o.e •. h * ir- i dniwn \y< * i lima, of all grade#, II
1 Voin low pelt e*| to very flr>#. 4-A
MIIH.a. I have just < mnpM.d l.*#» f* . r
It fm* i lit Si. . », nf my on >i mnk* T»*ey ar< r» »i
I# «eeg>, the N*r ever **ffer**| In thlv city.
A tine l**t Stunt Srireit Ketnnle Serritnl*’ H/n**, nf mui -rn moke
nef. 1*1111.11* K WHITE, No 7A Main rtferi.
* t|l:u a I If M 1C fill.If has now in #t*.»r the U * .
I and larg* >1 a**»*rt»nenl of ladies' and ti.-nib-in* n‘«M^H ■
r It**r»ts and Shoe*. *.f ever? description, ever • If* re*| for ‘"l,4| MJ
' retad trade, ao«| ar* nf the Arst i|uality, and at price* that can no
1 fail to atilt. AI FX .HIM*
orlS No 197 Main afreet
M M frTfM K
, B 0 H T M i M If 0 K H , fc r .
Wl are now - p oi«r an entire new «*• rfc of Win- A
r r Hoot* and Sloe s, r.iutpflaing a g**«**l *••*.rtmeuf *■
i, .t ill i -i I* will* I. w- a*k the iff# ntu.n of nor fro i d« -i- 1 ^dV
ile piMi* W* think we ran S'*>t the beet assortment Hi
AtlW»»ig nor as* rln.* nt n»*f h<* found |l*e following
* |-a l.rs' Unit* r*. of f.early every *ty|r
Fl e ..re. float and Kid Walking Shoe*
•I *• 9 tie Calfskin W .Iking Shoes, a fwpen«*r artkle
Whit* K»d ami M hde Satin SItp|» r . black satin do
d t Hid I (fool Walking fbmCa
i " Over Slews
Oraltoo* n’* Fine DffSt Knots and Slioya
•* Ii-.util.- Sot* Calf Water proof Halters
•• " Pair nl leather I* ilierv
Mlever* -ml Chlktr*n'# Sb**es
Servants* Shoe*. r*f good quality, for men and Women
All of which will be sold *1 the lowest market price# f*»r - ash. n
^ to p un <*i*l * uatniners OWI v
'■NIC %% f I.IM* Til M K Hi Tl
| bare a .ny 9 »r#- *t V r.f Tr tvefni ^ J- * 4
Trunks, of ill s, some very suj*eT *-r J 1
very larg. stf.-*, for ladles, al«->, flofiftet Ilnget |
amt Car|*e» Nags.
ro «.» mi i *.i *.
a,S*NF IIOOTS W- W..II Inrlt* all In want <.* B~>** of J
■ * really auperlor qualify, to give n« a eall We have a M
large assortment, !*,.♦». frees* *nd Water Prrmf. madv hy Milev
id A Son, at.d other makers Al**., IF.y#' H-.ots of all quamkv. for sa
I,N FMH'.lia %N n IIHF. IMO.Nn, Nrava pircilks
” and wlr* fender*. If *■• pH**hed *tevl a. ft t.ra«s l-r *4 Afe Iron
'• lii #**t * a • i -1 psir# « *|.te*r and japanned coat teat**, cinder sifter*
Ac., Ac , for #ak low hy C J S1NT0N A CO ,
• gr» of tba etrrular ttv, II Mala g.
U. H. It.
Lire A N» D t: A T .
//..•.'It I. IU ./ /<A MmN .. Mr I’rtH.-ll-lt
Tuft ft a n ftiftiMM rvmift* nu oriat Nftift tv *■%(■■ m ih«
MlMAft »tmft USALtU 4*0 UVMJ LITt, ARU *V VHA* IMA
Min AM 9AMILI Ift'R »»IA«, At HIS, AftO ALL
► 1*IM I*»IWWI1|»«
tilE AN r or NNESEN I /.VO //AM / /// A SO HIE MAI Hi >U
i >r < *f Nl.\ *• IH.SA’ASA 8 > rut N. N N *.\
it % i» \% a \ vs ia t: a ii k At ». 1.1 •: »
IS to »*e used lu all caae* where Ihrif Ii |nln. Tlie moment It |*
applied externally, or taken internally, it w ill allay the mo-i l4*r
tuilng at he*, pain... .amp*. i|UNlM, burn*, •val.lv Ac . quicker than
Morphine. Chloroform, Yeratrlne, nr any oilier ainalynv m t.un-dy
that hu Wer been used by medical men
ll O safer than these dxiigrinu* mut tiles. The publt. will I tear In
tuln.1 that O.lornlorm. Morphine, Opium, Ac., only stltlr tlie pain by
•tuplfying tl»e m-iikl w that the |h-vc«ptiv« faculties lm«ethr p>«rr
.4 feeling, ami that after the Uidn«not of these nar*«»ilcs l.«v« p«»*
rtl frtuu the •y*t-iu. the pain agaiti break* forth a ith it» terrible
pang*, with renewed A l.4rt»ce.
K . !•*>*• Keatly Relief stop* the pain, ami r« move* the cau*e of
• he tli»«**s that *»ct aslotts tt; It InfUars new life Into the weak ami
dt*v«M«l part*. It brace* up tlie uerAe*. ami establishes In lire *y*.
trin a rrAtlk'U of health ami strength lu place uf pain, weakness
anti tllscaar.
A* a counter irritant. Itsdwsy't Ready Relief. applied to tire *ur
face wf tire btaly, where there !• Inflamtuathui or cougestion. It wiU
Instantly scatter the rtuigested blood, equalise* the circulation. and
in a few minutes the moat excruciating pain* are removed Thi*
may be *een lu cam-* ol Lumbago, ii.uaI aud Rheumatism, in their
■hmU terrible km«, where an application of Rad way's Ready Relief
will rv*tore the patient to raw ami comfort.
(W/Mrkf eiM AA/Awit/hw-.ln* .i*/f /<y /VriaAcf .Vo Ao/v*
of AM A’nvrrry - /imc/p «** ••/ A* N A*.— A Norm/erfw/t'wce.
Lftrraa ranu Isaac mtunc**nr**.
Kirin** I'tniMi. La., Jim. Imh, 1<»V
Mrert H t.lw.ry A Co Railway's Ready Kt lief ha* cured IVtvr
May of Rheum «t ram. when tin re a»« no hn|ro .»f lilaever recovering
I h« ard of hu situation and I sent for him llu right arm ta>l l.g
a i* all |r«rl*hf*l lie hud no use rtf them at all, IkiI by the u«e ol
your nwdi lire, lu tw.r months he w«t carrying the mail tn»m Cher
ryvlllr to Burr** Kerry. I objected, lie said he mu*t do soMletliing
lira living ll Ira* leei fourteen mouth* *ince lie wa* cured. Ilri*
ti..w well, and I* working on hi* farm, ami the whole coat o Id* cure
for your medicine •»« five dollar* Isaac lit nnLasroA*.
It A II At Alt It It; I I.ATOKS.
W'r liere direct the attention of tlie public p. our newly discovered
remedy—RAHH AVS HHU LATOR> ; they pas t, the great cm a
live properties of a putgative. cathartic, a|*erie|it. «udortflr, anil
dyspeptic, corrector ami r« gulator of tlie *y*tem. They are In fact
tlie only perfect purgative or cathartic remedy that ha* efer her tt
discover* d or given to the world.
Hatlway'• R. gulator • will au*w> r a la tter pur|*o»e than calomel or
tuurcurv, without entailing on the *y*Uiu the terrible Injuries of
They are In the form of I'ilW. elegantly coated with gum. perfect*
ly ta**ele«s. and can be taken without *ickenltig «r nauseating the
pall. Ill They are to he Used In All cases when tlie system It tH T uf
(MIliKK. it under the Influence of disease One or iw»» doseft of
Rs.lway's K« gulator* has fr*queitily cheeked the progress of the
rtm«t terrible diseases, and r. st.ottl tlo* s>stent to health and regu
Tfo r e«laWl*h new ami improved pr'n li»lea in Medicine, and **••
cure lilt- f.e vt and Important power of regulating to ah. althy.natu
ral and harniouiout action, each ami every organ lu the body Thl*
gtv.it controlling power ha* never formed any pvrt of the properties
..f the popular Cathartic, Vfftvtable %tr lml.au 1'urgative Pill*, that
have ever I wen in use.
liadway** Regulator* ml the system from disease and restore the
human Usly to health, on an entirely difl. i. ut prlndf!* to tlie ara
ketiit g, *it kt t.ing ami gripiug Dhtliwl of the common cathartic amt
puigalive pills
tRite or two sf Railway's Regulator* will remove the cause that oc
casion* pa.n or iH'kiirw, or an irregular or unnatural action or. on
ditloti of the organ* of the IhmIv, quit Her, more * tual, ami wi'h
|e*a trouble to the (tatietit than *1* or ten of tl»e common cathartic nr
purgative pdl* Tfo- moincnt Katlway's Regulator* are taken into
tfa* system Afflicted with d I tease, their cq alks ng efllcacy begin* ;
Cay search out tlie elements of dl»ea*e wnereaer it may he seait-d .
they act upon tlie whole surface of the lute*ltii«* amt bowels, attrac
ting tie foul and morbid humor* from the blood, gland*, aecivtlug
vessel*, and expelling the *eeds of 1« aw fionr the h.nly, restoring a
h.-altf.y and regular actlor. to the Liver, Itomrl*, I'ancreas, Heart,
Kidney*, Rudder, Skin and all other \ isccra.
All i f the common pills of the day, called Vegetable, Indian, Ca
th.artic, Ac , claim that they cure disease by purging from the howeU
This is a* far a* they go- they act upon the Imwel* hy Irrttatiug tfa
miiAUou* tuemhraue. ami thus tihtaiu an evacuation In the *aiur
uiaut»* r as the toiw.!* an* moved hy eating something that disagrees
with the system. Tt-i* i« truly an unnatural method «»f restoring th«
*ysteiu to fiealtli, l*v swallowing pill* that disagrees with and lrrttan
;t Those who have taken the** common pills ate w.-ll aware of tfo*
weak ami dthiltated CAindUlon tfieir Systems are left in. kftn Hi.
** urlog operation of these dra*tnc purgatives I* over, th bowel
are #..re aud fe*hie, and ugain become* c.»*tive and Im.uh.1 up—
lienee «ri*e illstteosia lAlltl i hi.*t t.f Ii*. .4*, * IU.I«al,i IhsiiUlnr.
i ever leave tl»* trowel* in a costive cunditlun, or occasiou pain »r
weariness lu their operation.
AO. I.
/>i>r.r«r. iimf iiaM/Al/Nf* on*-. / /y FxfHWUrt tin./
c.i/ ('huj/f*,iuyr okih Ilotltroy'* Hnit/u Htliej ana Ho*t \
inly'* Hryuhltor* /Malta* fA< inoef rpiHtirkilblecui iitift jnUter*,
tiH'l trkirh ir»// rr«i«/i/y yirhl /«* (W /»' tmilnunt.
o»Ua* a Mr rivwtf.
Wlwn the system l* first sc it <1 wilt, a vudden cold, or a fever sets
in, a do*e of tr *m three to six ol Railway** K gula'or* should Is*
taken—thi« is all the medicine, at thu stag.* of the disease, that is re
quired ; in a few hours the system wdl he restored to sound health
Itnt, If the c»dd ai.d fev* r Is neglected, and roughs, hcadac-he* |
colds, cliills. pains and aches In the 1 mbs, joint*, muscle*, t>one«.
*Ule and track, sore throat, lioarserie**, •Iilln ult breathing, follow*
the cold and fever, then Rad way's Ready Relief should be applied
«Xtrrfinlly and a g«*Ml dose of the R«*yulat*r* uk-n A - *«-*n a*
the Relief Is applied a reaction wdl take pin*.*, and 111 * 'r* hottt*
tlx* patient will I*-free from all pilu or annoyance.
If tin se s'gn* of the presence of i|i«nw in the system are unno
ticed. and violent fevers lirtak out. In tl*r torui of Itdiou*. Typlxod,
Scalirt . Ship Fev. r and other malignant fevers. *u.-h a* Pneumonia
Lung Fever and llratu Fev. r, * more rigid tr« atiiHiil brronn « m
cinsary. The Regulator* should la* given cv cry four hours. In larg.
>iin>< * of from four l<» «n. untd free and copious discharges from the
Imiw< Is are obtained Then; ? apple d w It produce a salutary el
feet op*ui the skin, and, taken In w iter, will an.ite the fever.
If inflammation* or congestions take place* I* ad way's Regulator*
• M | nln dd I i t » A ettfo trillqu v
lv follow ti rir um* In c »*es of Biliousness or M »l g" »ni Blllou* Ft
ver, or lldx.u* Pneumonia. Hadw »\ *• IRyulator*. g veu iu fuUd.-e*.
.»od the whole surface of the t** dy bathed with Railway'* Read) IP
lief, will effectually and apecd.lv cure the patient.
Attn king the joints and limbs, inflict'* g it* t. rrll.le piercing pang*
of pain w\ li merciless rapidity—charging ab. ut from joint to joint
mil from limb to limb, or LutuR-ig . \« u» «lgia, or tloin afllict* you.
Radway'* Heady It lief, applied to tl*e pirts where the pam I* n It.
will quickly relieve you from its excruciating pangs. Rad way'*
Mcfuliton will eX|M*l from the intestine* all irritating and corrupt
Railway'* Ready Relief l# not only a > we foi these In'ecHou* ma
Udhs, hut wdl pr. vent those who use the Ready It- lief and It. gu
lalors igNttid tlx* Infection.
ll« A«ir> kmoru t\t A*. I! Hell ft rid irholp ueiyhborkoiml* of
th* infn tom oj SmoU- /’tor onJ .<• orlrt F> rrr. 11V hore tikeo • *■
kniom *AI;/ mo*ttr* irAo hore tore*! /Ac //re* of thrir erm* otitl
/tom-r t,yr’ *. iitnf mth c/y drirm otfoy th* Sntoll-l’oTiindS'-i
Ftrtrjrom thrir rewoe/s by mprinMny tht Heodthrouyh
the! • I ’ ft fe./ • bio* It in o*ton *■«-'. ii.J «*A*»/ A*iy-y.y rjtr* t* the
Hrtottj HeltrJ »• »// Aor* 4f jfrt*iy mjtrinkleil in phirt* tiktre thr*.
contoyiouM and inJ»ctiou* /**i*oi* /•#«roil.
\V« wdl guarantee that, if those wfio are tx.w *uff ring with fever
and .gue, or its » ffects, wdl place their system* under llie influence
of Rad* ay's Ready Relief and Regulator*, to cure them entirely of
this distressing malady, and to free them from the fever of ague tha’
I* how lingering in their systems and to render Ui«-ir »m*|k** agu.
proof against renewed attack* Thofe tioff su(I< ring from Enlarge*
merits of llui Spleen, FngotgctneiiU of tlx* Liver, and *ther organlc
erilargements. are proinl*«d sjxredy deliverance from tfielr miseries
by the It. R It*-lief and Regulators.
Me now dirret the attention of Hie public to ouf second great dis
covery for the cure of chronic (Rsrgse,
III'MOR**—4*11 RoMf IH8KA8RR
lM*t*t»e* that hore ftrn linytriny in the *y*tem f >r a lmyth of
rim*, tointiuy the Wo*/ tilth imjoiritie* ond rorrriny thr *i*t>,
irith port* oml ulcer* ; tlimnimt* iuhrritc*/ by hit **tttory dr
*cmt%or ctoitrih fnl by inorcuhition. ur trtlnmir itttd by idhrr
di*ta*r« . ofrf oil itf o kit A *oid dt*fi*e* and ttlaoriter* in thi*
ppound t hi**.
pf*i*row the m**«t p« -iiire curative power*.
H 's |>erfitrmed miracles in the way of cures. Jt Ui made persons
•ournl and whole, whose flesh w?»s «,(a»* of corruption, and who
were so d -fi/iired I.y d:*t-««e s* to render them objects repulsive to
the vgllt.
m'MoRfl—had itumi>
t’hronic binto***, St'rttfahot* ond -ly/*A//i7/c l\nniJ*i{v,l*.i'itn
mnmjttiioi. iiiol idkpr ojftt’fion* o/tk* l.nny*Otld ’/hi <*lf. fndn
it hi na unit f trail at //•’»... . Hkt Hntut/am,
libindnhir Sirrlliny*. Ibirklny It-y Fioiyh. I’li/iiyom* Affer
tf i H etdjny itfl/i, / 'iny*. lo/*j-r±-i>i. \V>ttn• U- o*h, /#.
/ist* r* >i»/, Whit* So tUiny. Tumor*. ( h rr*, l/i/t llimtopt*. Ft
mole I t’lHJthliid*, flout. Hit k it*, lb ourhiti*, l.irtr I •onjditihk*,
Tl*e moment a d«*sw of the Resolv»*nl U taWe*i ii,lo the *%> -veil* In
fe t«d w.th dl*ea***, the patient i tu*-’ i. i». i « the most d« 1-ghHul *en»
- »t».*:i*. for new laV ». • • ,f>ios through «*• ry vein and t*ssu^ ,,f tbr
*• dv—enrlotdng and purifying the blood—and casting out all mnr
hwt,-corrupt and lostbHome humor*
The Rer.ovatlng Resolvent Is a positive cure for all chronic com
the ni«ix( trrriMf torture lu. a** li.flirt upon the ayilrtu Lri
timer wl..» hare tri- <1 other treatment* and are *MU uucured, give
the Renolvent * trial— It Will CUft fOU
Prior one dollar per boUU
I! %ll\% \\ A i O.,
l«i ruHo,i Strrtf Stir 1W4*
Mold hjr Mruggiat*, Men h int*, nnd Btorrkeeprr* rnrrvv-rr
I’l lKTM, LAMM A C O ,
JalJ- dawly Richmond Va.
t.ll I • I N I US I list rill Oi l I !
■ in k u i ms V>I |.|»\M'| |'I I( nii.s,
0 w after a trial of more than 3f> yntt, amt *'i%t*lnrd hy rrrlifl<ate*
ffoiu non of the li**bc«» landing In the Cr.lt.-d State-, I* now ofTered
to the I. nbttr HI the REST and SI'REHT remedy for l>y*prp«la .—
Yh* •*" ’’•n« contain no Caloioel, no miller il roriatltiiefit* of any kind.
Tin ? are purely vegetable, and to enaure a «pe#-dy iritrodu lion of
them Into every family, the Proprietor only wi«he« them to t-e tried
M re than .% -'JIUU buses have been dl-p«.*,d of, and with an Inrren*
ing reputation—and the Proprietor pledge* hi* honor a* a miin, and
hi* reimt.ttiofi a* a /'Ay«f« b#«, for the «afrty and efllc-«.*y „f their
u*e ll> ha* In M» pos-*«i«rti letter* from aurh men a* Martin Van
Iturrn, I \ Pre-dent V. S . lion llenry Potter, Judge Hupr*me Court;
Ri Rev LevIS li*«. late Ill-hop of N C. lion.Oeorge K Badger,
1 S.Senator,from N IV, lion WmC Pr*_»ton,late L*. H S luter fmti i,
<\, Maj Satuuel Md'oinh*, Oreenvllle, fborgia, and a boat c.f rltnllar
To te- had In Ri bniond of Adw A dray, Por<«U, Ladd, 4 Co , and
Mural A Norton.
lffm None g! Iiuliie without the WritUn the -Ignature of
JOHN l(K4*K WITH, %f P„
Proprietor, Iklerat'urg, Va.,
mhllV -dly f» whom all order* will la a* Id retard.
< % 1(1(1 If. I s ! f % mi Ilf.lStl ( JTTfjg,
IbftlH RfllO,
raaauow w«*rr irrrxra, ngR*qt*«ai nrtow rn iu«<n inrrxi,
• mmiR kt aiir,
HAS on hand a large a*«ortn»ent of beat quality, and moat Pad*
fcmaWr Style-. Coachcx, Coaehec*, C'barrlotteef. Ilarouebe*,
Hre-kaway*. Slide peal Top Buggy*, and lluggv* with and without
I have *|.o at my R« poxltnry a large a a* off me nt of Northern made
C*rrt «r» . manufactured by the moat approved maker-, mtig • ■g
fr<ou the light* -t -fyle «*f no top Buggy. t*» H*e flne«t order of «■ -«.i* I. -
Thu— Hi want *.f carriage* will And it tr* thylr Internal to rail and
examine my *»iM*k, a* I am determined to a*d1 on the rr»r*f re««ona
Me teem*. •r9t
\ll rif i I n Ilf II Ml d'.
a*-..rtoirnt Lock*. Illftfea, Blind Fastening*. Boll., g. few*
Fim-hlng N »'l*. ft* at# Pulliea, flash Cord, 4«* , wht< h we ,.|f r f.,r
•aleeheap. Ulvr u. . all CI.AKKSttN A iNlilll-oV,
**** N't !«• Main afreet
%M €|« III II Ilk MIN MMIlOk tlil l
fl l.o lll I >(;.
r ■ 1IIF. mrmler* of the Ucfolafiire n, l *|rang. r* t!riling the flty
I 1 re requrafed to call Rf tlie «M e«<al.|l*f»niei>t. N* Ifi rnrt,.|
r»f Main and Onvernor *treeC*, and *eenre tliem«elve« an mat At f< i
tl*e winter, a* tl*e atihacrlher ha* on band a large nod elegant a**ort
ment of f|e«*tlemen** Wearing Apparel, not to be *orpn«..d by
houae in H e cty
A- an eyId tire of the rnpertorlfv of hi* Clotti ng, hr w*a award. >
the highest premium (a Sdvrr Me«fal) by the Mechanlm* Inafltntr fra
lie keep* ron«t*nt1y on hand the he*t of doth*, CxMtmerca, Ye*f
• \t • a ■ w f i - off of .'.p-.; r tori men il*- det wi»i» mne •
•ary, after a trial of Ifl year* the Inilillr ha* had of h,« g«„ 4a. f„ -M1
m. re in their commendation tile warrant* all Clothing he xelM,
an l reafWTtfiAfy -oliclt* a rail from hi* old friend-and the pul It.
^•'•rally St#icily on throne price -y.trm E. II SFFNCF.
•Ml No 120 rornrr of Alain ami Oovernor *t*.
k am m i: t» nv <oi vrin
40! OFNFKALLV I Wool I I..n*t reaper tfully *ay \*
toitHm. if tliey are In want of ariv llilt.r In the wa' %ki AJC-JL
of H* ot-. Sh ■♦ «. Trurik*. Carpel R «g<, Valt< > ■, V , tie v will pie*a
*en*l itieir ord. r«, and tlw y afa all receive my ptnmpf atfeniha#
ALEX Hill..
Manufa. tnrer and Mrab r In Boot* NmH, Trunk*, A . 4r ,
HttffNK HR Nl l.l Mini •* \ s ii 111»it -1
NAILS A Ana a*«ortment, for «a|e low At«o, lfor«e an
» I Mule Collar* wnd Blind Bridle* TIIFO ROBERTSON,
Importer and Dealer In Foreign and OtnexHe Hardware and
Hr Cutlery, N kfaln **r et
# I IV 11 II » I V k V t. r With Chin '
^ > aea*on nf the year, rati he cured In one tingle nigf.t by th
n amdlcatl *». of a few Art p* of onr Turf Oil.
», V Ant cured hy one H gl* appp. albn, we charge o .thing fur It
; A* H la put on. the painful lt d log . eaiea at hk'* For *al
by Purcell, Udd 4 Co . w. C Battaille, Jno. F Jflrk on, n+t
fb'4 DOVE 4 00.
■ ■ I I <■ MOI It's U|:.M im: rilCPAHATIU.M
Compound Fluid Extract Buchu
I* Att,. i11-..1Ar* ANl> mrruCTUAL kcmi.uy you hi*
k*!*31 OP Tint HLADKKK. KIHM.1!* IIKAVM., !>KOP*Y.
* “‘“"“Sff' *»»«*«*. >»WTKl Jnu.M. VkmViY
ll'MVl-AlMH. *■<*! *11 l>ia< *««-. ii| it*. Hniul OrK■ lie, *Fu-Uirr Iti
fruui wl.»l«Trr o«u»» Ihry lu** ha«* .» lctu.u.1, .ml
.%<> MATTKK or //<>« l.oxo STAXO/XU
TW* |m|*ul*r •■>.! rc*„,l7 1. Im. off,.,,.I t.. Or. *«lvlrO.
and guaranteed lv cure all the above complaint a It searche* «.ut
the very roots of the dlswasea, driving out all the dlaraued fluid* of
the Laly, tliua removing the cause and rendevtng the rare
This medicine allay* pain and luflaniniatum, which other remmsIte*
Itivariatdy cuum, and can be taken with less trouble and expense to
patient* This Infallible remedy has saved thousand* upon thou-ainl«
from the hands of
If not from premature grave* In case* of Infection, the I'uwMM.uml
Uuchu I* the only article worthy of the least confidence of U»e af
flicted In performing
It contalu* no narcotic, mercury, or olier Injurious drug, hut Is i*
purely tn^niLi u>Mh'UTii>9i It Is very agreeable to U»e taste,
create* tio percept tide odor, and may la* tub u by |eraiii.< of either
*cx without hindrance from huslnrs* or medical sdvlce, as plain di
re* lions for use a. company the medicine Reader, If you l»avr anv
of the above complaint* do not neglect them.
” medicine you can cure yourseil, and thus prerent all ex
This medicine «|wre«lil,v and • ffcctuallr cures the most virulent form
of **-cret diseases, and eradicate* every particle of Infectious matter
from th« *ystern, restoring the |mtteut to a perfect state of IUaltii
sat* n'irn Arid a* a medicine which must benefit everybody. fr«*n»
the simply drln ate to the confined and despairing Invalid, no «**iual
Is to lie found. It act «tg Imth as a
•f any of the alniee ailments.
nit.mi.\ n»M:MKAri:i)
For /.u t t fi/tt, j Me fif.mnt, rumoring tlU >/i4Mm orlming ft'oni
Very wry. at/mwm/w nmt fm/irm/ewce in /«>. cMrtmo
loadlfv/htwr/ «/Le«#*# arlning/rvm tin imjmr, «/«»*# tM.
£UhmI. on.! Me only rrH.CU t,mt rfntunl kntnrn ,„nnlu
f'.e vnr* of Xstt RH,uStlltl //**./, / /.e#.f/«on* « f
Me r. ns»f im/ /.eya, /WlM.#a./ StrsUingm ,y IM* It -tr*. J'+tU,.
/*«tnjJrm on Me Fore, amt nil S illy K,mj4Umn oj IM, Skin.
It IS gratifying to the pi oprlt tor of these medicine* to L- ahlr t.
i" ,ri* . 1 11 *■ l,ww nearly tliree years since Urey were first Intro
duel, during which ttiric they have lieen extensively used lu variou
parts of the 1 ulbd States, and liavr given to patteut and practith n
.r the highest d. grei- id - vtlsfacflou lu the various cases in which tU \
hav. im« n employed ; whether in town, country, hospital, or privat'i
practice, tin y have invariably given the most deckled and uuequtvo
ral *at Whet ion, and produced the most salutary and bcinQilal rl
feet* Numerous letters have been received from tire most dtstln
guished physicMtis in the country, and from the professor* of several
medical colleges, recoinutendlng in the highest terms tite value of
these me.lu-im - ami rliclr superiority over all other pr. p* rat ton* lor
•in li <’ornp(.lints a* the proprietor recommends Numerous prepat a
lions of Kirsaparilla and • f Hm Im ainl various modes of preparing
them have Imm n given, all of which of course will differ according to
the vnode of preparation which each individual may adopt.
rim** tu«iii bus reouirc considerable .are In the preparation and
the employment of different menstrua In successive operation lotak«
up the • xtractive matters, and, in mu sequence, are rno*t fresjuenth
lnipr..|H rly made, and tint unfrcipicntly much impaired. If not reri
ilered totally Inert, hy the injwdicU.u* and unskilful management «*
tl.os. unacquainted will, pharmaceutical preparation* It la, there
fore. °f the highest consideration ami Importance to tin* public and
to the faculty that there should In- standard preparations of utiiforu
it length possessing the must advantage* T.. effect this and oh
TT. ® have mad* a numb, r of experiments t.
ss.isVlIt? lUi* Xf*Ml9 l:1 * *lr*‘ n»«g «Ik Virtu, s o! the ***r
a par IIU ami lie Buchu. and to discover Hie most elkgllde form for
I. . -o "\n- , The r*—*rtiaeota have resulted most favorably, and
It win. much Pleasure 1 nut ..ffrr to the public and the fa. ulty n.v
Compound fluid Extracts, which contain all the virtue* wf Uwxrn
cl. s they arc rcproenied to Im* made from In a highly concentrated
form, and are the m.-st active preparations which can Im- made
Two tnh|rs|KMYi.fuls of the Extract Sarsaparilla added to a plat of
water is rvjual to the Lisbon diet drink, and otic bottle fully equals li.
strength our fvllon of Hyrup S.tt-«panlU or deioctiou as usually
made. 9
Fluid Extract Buchu, f 1 per bottle, or • for f-V
“ *' hxnmpartlla, •» »» *•
Cert Iff -xte* of cures and rccommendxtlons from distinguished pro
fessnrs «ml physi. tuns will accotupatiy each preparation. Prepare.
*m1 -nil! by 11. T. 1IU.\IB<)L11,
Pr.u-iU-.il <m<t An,ilj,u.;,l rhtmltt.
To Im had of Dmggl*ia and dealers in every section of tl** Imt.
Stale* and Canadas
All I. tt.-rs for ll»e medicine directed to the proprietor receive im
m-Hate attemlou, and safe deliveries guaranteed
scl J—dA» |y
< ’< >Nsi M PTI< > N
\ \ I* II 1C N ,
I TLI LOW f thr Roy il <'•■!!• f t I'by.k and lor yrar* ••
td'T Itiyak'lan in tin* laHidnn Royal It,Unitary for tin- ill .<vm
of tie Lung*.
In this age of |.r<medical aclencr lc»- contributed her ful
-hare t., the genera! welfare, and that which shine* r. splendent, th.
bright j* wel in In i diadem, i* tier l.»*t and greatest gift
.n the treatment of Consumption, UruHthtUa, Asthma and kludr*..
• tl. ctioh*.
A ' 'ItU.-1 • » e the ah-md.ty of trewtUig Consumption through tic
-t.iutaelt, by liliint* it with nauseous drug*. The disease t- u .i in th.
.i..o h,h;jt the lung-, and by Inhaling medicine In tl.r form .
v .|M.r, | apply the reme't.v directly t,. the 4l*m*«*l mgan-. there i
therefl ie no « a- -o lu.p. h— that Inhalation • ill not reach. I earn
lv .| p. »l to the . onuiion sense of all aitti. tctl with Lung di.-u a- •
to embrace at utict the adv-vi lUges of Inhdatloii I claim foi Inh a
latloii in the treatment uf Consumption, Ac , a plait amoi.g-t II.
|.ri. eh .* gifts that N ituie and Art hath given us that **our days n> .
b- long II the land." and a* the only aik of refuge for the con-uii.|
me A method n..| only i *th>r.ai. but -imple, *afe and •Ihca. iou
1 have pi. a-ur. in referring lota, hundred and -ev» n name. r.
si.tents o- New York ...d t e.gt h.»r|,n..d. «l o have he. n restored •
Vigorous health About »m .thir l of thr above nuuiUr, a corduu
\o tl e p atent* own sutelllelits, V« re t on<dd> n d hop. |. l» caTm
The inhaling method - soothing, safe and spu^y. and consists
. .
v.-y.il luto lie. Uing* in the form uf Va| >r. i, |.udu.i th«ii M|„,
at tlw-. a of the duct* l:* practical iu<'< r>* i- destined In revoli.
in.nit. the upiuh.ut of tne medical world, sml rstabhd. the etitii.
curability .if consumption.
| Applicant* will -tale if they hate bled from the l ungs, if th. »
have lust Uvsh. have a cough, night sweats and fetes turiis—whn
Hid how IUU. 1. Huy aat.ect.irate, what tl.e ...udUmn of Hair stum
%• l. and bowel* The necessary Medicine, Apparatus Ac , Will Ik
forw.tided to any part.
We, the undersigt.e«l. pra titioi.ers in flMici-*, cheerfully recoin
me,id Hr JOHNSON S llUcl’M :„*U.*l of treating di*. - ..f ih.
Lungs and 1l,r<»at •«* t',,v- u*sl and must effectual ever Introduced
into no •* i. ,).««*K., our conviction* are Immsl u|hu, having *rv»
I r *i ..I ...ir own patient*, . on dr met •otisutupflvr*, ». *tur.*«l m vigt.r
nu* health, alter a few uiontl.s treatiuetit by Hr. ROME
1 ' \
|»or>,” inhaled directly Into Hie Lung*, may be Justly loutulerrd
great boon to -offering humanity, rendering l\msu»uptloti apwrfevth
curable disease.
Hr Ror'E de-HTVt * well cJ U*e pro.eaaiun fur his strrnuoul and un
wearied ffuth in pin.g.iig thi* -uccessful and only rvliublr method
of treating Consumption, In such a defrer of |K.if«ctlon
Nuatko \V AVNE IIKICYYSTKR, M U.t New York
R ALPH STONE, \| H., ••
JON AM \V .\TT. M D , ••
And eleven other eminent practitioner! In thi* and nelrltUormi
cities. ' •
TkHi.i Five dollar. co.,.ulLtum f«; hal.,iCe a f.-. iwyablr s.,1,
when |. At lent* report themselves cnnval?.** hI
N n.—'The n«* lawtAge ivw r^.purts tha all letter* la- rkk run
. Vly correspondence la iuj; « a tensive, applicants, to ensure repli. r
must euclo-e
•»: L.vk-1 TKRATI1K ON CON1I NlfTION—prior *1
Ollkr SH Rrua.laray, Nr- York.
Mo.o y Irttora mu.t bo rrgiattrrd by .hr Pt .iaA.kr. Snob l.-tu r.
only Win a. my rt.k. Jyi«— 6...
1»HI «;*» ?|| f>|< )>.:s IMINTS, OILS, III LV
WIN IM, \% liL.lNk) Ac.
•No. !»2 Main Street, Cornfr Koiirteentli,
Rich Moan, Y*.
1^1 Hi, l-l.l* !..%!>•# *\ to, iiave iu *lore, and are «
■ now receiving. t»—„- K\l.L RfOt’K,etui,racingtt*«-1r u-avl isC />
l»rg.- irid Well *ek* h d naaottiuetit, which they (.Q. r In lot* to
-nil pm. !.»•• i», very |.,w for cash, ur uu the usual cretin to
putictt, il dealer*.
‘<l***t» ll»s. Mupertor Indigo
fsasi Ih*. |M-*t \| idder
•J«k» keg* Muf) Caib A*la
H»» litis. Rim it* Turp. nttnt
V* *-bh. Hurtting Eluid
fipti lb* Nailing*
4fs» IIH. VUce
&•» hole* MUr. h
letm hox.-s Window Hlass, /’rewcA
& l'M». ratnplior
lf*» It.* Powdered and Root Rhubarb
•bkf ounce* Ollinllie
S"*"* Hi. Extract Pywiiod
l• • Uhl*, hriftoton,
•i" btila. Make** Paint
tfi Img. |Vp|#**r
In Lag* AII«|U;-V
*r. hair* 'linger
4<» 14,L. Tanner'■ Oil
&*»mi gallon. Mn»«*d oil
ymn gallon. Lamp oil
fttet k-g. White |,e«d
‘45* i a*e. Chrome Orem and Yellow
‘2" rWf* Part* Orem
‘25 k*-g* R*d U**l and Lltharg
l*"***' ll»a. M lille Zln« Paint
In cnaef Lump M ignrata
25* lHnc<C»»lilr Soup
1n»» tinge. Swert Oil
Ifift mat a Canal* Hark
Together with a larg.- and general a.«*-rtmrnt of popular Patent
Mnll(I|H>«, Perfume., Cigar., Soap-, Rrufthe* Fancy Artli J «. dr
FCRCKLL. I. A 1*0 A t It .
Itrngglat., Pi Maltt at reef, Corner Fmtrf* *hth.
*"W_ K.. Va
n. p, nr. ni i* i. k •
1 )KUC<i ISIW A Poll I K(1AKY,
rilKMhALS A NT 2 PAM V liooits,
WILL In* happy to fere Ire , ill* fr*tn llunr in want of aril
I MU# -lea III h.a III)** He ha. a large and murph-t*- **»«*rttnenl *.<
> V CIO APS. HHI lirs and FANCY ARTI< I EX. and wdl a*dl ,
4Jgk <4*w nett it *r i tv lt« ntt*or<
{fT Main •tr**t, I. tween 9th atul ItHh f
4 «
2 J reap* etfully llrtf.-d
| X fT ofli. e *.n Virginia «»reet, nett to Fry'a c*»rner.
Hi- hi... Marrh I*sV» mMC |y
IB A < <» a A RAARRitt ILL.
KBCBIVE i f'liclgntnenta of Titbareu. Fhtitf* Corn, TVheat.de
, arol gire ffwdr pervnn^l o lien t km to anh-« of the a*mc; and
keep eon.t Mdty oil M^(| a Utr iW«>Smrnt of tiro* ertea, A'Wh. I**
r.,vl .„ Ouann.de. , f. /7
owaatae u'watrnaa, a. w aTuaii»aa
,J rirrar>7H ararrr. at, mu* an r*.,
Snli.lt eon-gnmenta <*f <N|RN, WHEAT, FLOCK, TOBACCO, do
March 19, IHMV
JOHN %. •« ft II IN HON,
mauta ottv on «t*oMN* aiarrra. an toman, ra.,
r ILL *,.• M perwmat alt* nfion loth. «al* of WMF AT. CORN.
I r r TollAt'Co, and all other • nontrr pr**dure conaigne»*| to hi.
*1 fticf>. PlidCM Bill % NIB%, warranted rmulne at d
• # r.f Mgh flivnr, J«iat rveetred. for «ale
If W k d k N I A | % A«e<rtet in a«»lr. quality and Material
NFNMf Fe y and Rlvk .* ,r.t.rt u.l Hii t
AYlrei., Fvnry a*.d B1*« k Sdk*. Satin. Ca*hei« r*- ar,d Valenfta, all nt
which W* are t** e|<.ag IHtt NoW la III** time fining, going,
arid g.*nr. In an? one dt«poae«l In fwml* them** Ire. wdh g<-**d g u
me,.*. ;,t * p,w prke OROSIIONO « TI I'M AN,
1lt»M n •
1*1 r.f *N I ON MO N OMITN BINfillf AA ini:,
If<iohftirthrt f frrtm Frtn.h Or/en Jo **»*tf* n Ot*vt.
Ner//2e (Prttnyt, i'ffron, *#« , 74. tt Vt*tr§ OM
\ REMARK ABLY pkneint wurm carminative and rinmarhu
atimulefit Mgtdr henaAclal In ehe*king that dt««*rdered .tat. ,.i
the etnwtaeli ,n*t hnttrla a*, prmlent in warm w.ather, and whirl
frequently, when nifhn'ted, produces ftramtary, Cholera, dr. It :<
al*.• a ratnalrle r* nwal> for Flitul* u*j, fty«pep.ta and Oenei al K
Mllfy peraana living In dtfltffeta where Agn* |»reratl* knd It a grea(
prevent I v*- Prl- r fe*»mt* per hfittl*, |f. \P r .h.gen
I ITT* Wliolra II st
IF** Afaln rtre* t and S Pearl afreet. Rtehmnnd
ftfii.f.i r i A ANorifsoi.
of Oort mot rfa'f rrtlnkh* *4rttU.
r MOLES A I P AMI RKTAIL OFAI ERS In Fr. rich and Arnerl
▼ ▼ ran P«p*t M m f t,g-, S.hn It. lanea and Itarmak. f« . W,n
d* w Curtain.; Olmp« C*»rd« and Taaael. Cnfftlce*. Rand* and Coupe
l^.*e an.l Afo*lln C.irfain* ; Floor «r,d Table oil Clotl.a Ifair Clntl
I Vid Pitta!,, for S*.'aa, Curled llalr. Sofa •prlng., Twine; Tackr; Ma
fltura Wlnd. w Shade.; h*.at Curled flair ar»*l Shuck Mattreaae#
Feather R* *l« . L*or/ra. Sofa Red* with many other arttrle* in our
line of huutrreua. alt of which will he a*ild on the rnovt rraannahh
term*, and P*per Ifanglng and Cphnlfteelng punctually attend* d t«
In town nr country ocS
A POWrfVN, Orortrt/H>mmf**on itmi
▼ ▼ A' .' rrv»r*ff*1J 1 ftrchnnt*. I'ornt >/1 <iry .r*// /V*frf *f«
k •+o.nrfaMly „n hand an aaeorfment of Ornegrlra, Wtnea. Ltquon
•nd C>far« to whkh they call the atteatton of (tea(era and men
•en generally ^5
iiihsoi.i film o» «<t-i* ai«'i ni.kmiii*.
FRNHK h.uuk ul KATCUFFK. DO Lo LASS A CO w....I.rd
I the Id of October, be mutual content, Mr THOMA8 T.
DtiniLAW baring withdrawn uum Ilia boaJ.ieaa
W. U KATUI.lt Fk,
KtctuaouJ, October TM, I Hi*. JNO l IHIIOL A88
« It KATCUFFK and JOHN V ItUI OLAS* haee futllMd a Co- j
p u Uni d.ip under the luua and at) It of KATCUFFK A DOI tlLAS.1,
and will ciMilluue liar buaiueae InriurfD conducted by lUlcIlfr, ll. u- J
(laar A IX, and will collect all debt! ul ibe late concern, an.l pay
liar llabllllhra ul the rauae, they alone bolng aulhotlaeJ to uaa the
naan ul U* Aon in aeltlruaeni uf lla alaira
Klchnauud, Oct. lal, IV* JOHN V DOllil.AHH.
Ilarlug ojlhdtawn Cruna Oar buali.eaa. | cbeerCully revomurml the
mucrrn ul KATCUFFK A lull til,Arts lu our f,.inter Irlenda and
patron a.
FBNIIK undrialgwrd hare Cmlord a Co partnership under the Dm
U. an.l alyle uf HI'KTON A IIHFFMIUW, for Ihr purpuer u. con
ducttcg a ftrucery and I'ufumlarh.n laaalneaa.
The* ha*r taken the hnuae on lXth,between M On and Cary eireeta
rwawnlly nceupled by J M HarUnd. l ~1 , and will k.,|. c.n.tai.tly ,.B
band ,r g nn.l arauatuiriil ul Family Urocefloa, ll lima. Id,|u.ua, Ac.,
and will glee their |er*onal atleidluu to U.< aah ul all prtrlu.e en
Irualed lu their care. K M Bl KTON.
^8. C. liltU.MIOtv
M Alt Y I..A N I > IaOTTKIt 1 US.
Utvkb or m Martuid Corruiipatrii Iaittuirb, i
A a a __ Bit-rumae, July let, ISM. a
V.:eT.‘ lktvT’'0,‘ i k.iiTii n a i'»:s or
V TuK,fT*y '* ™“ *rtii'Riaii ait ihr
KkYnAN ll.a.Y '. a ™* L" •MHt la or F. X.
raat i. ' ° Al,“’ T»» Ownaaciua. aau aa< .mere. aaa
Owing lu numeruna application, f,„„, all part. „r lh, ...nanlre Ibe
■* ’'I’-,•*» "«* ailing „f order, I,.,TVT
el* or l • rllBriU-a. in the Maryland l.ott*rte*.
IVri.n* at a dt»lan<e may C'.nBdruily r^|> u|hiu hath * their
wrtlrr* fttr Ticket* promptly filled, an.l the aUtetrU touft.lriu-«> ob- '
1?"w. l^ierie* «rr drawn daily In public In the City of Halt.,..ore*
under the »u|.eriutetMleu,-e of the Mate Lottery l\t..„„»*.|,„„r --
Heavy lhku.1. an- five*, to the 8Utr mm *«•, wriiv f.,r the ikaviuetit uf
«ll Hie |trier■ of W‘ht>lr Picket* are from f 1 to $fi*. Half
and Quarter Ticket* lu |*ro|Nirtion.
There are ura.rkwa than JX.iaai IV laea In any lu.ln ry, which l*r|.
•e» vary It. amour.I fro... *1 tu f Intl.uun, according to the peter „l l|,w
Ticket* For iiiBtaikfA—
Wtien tin- price of TWkelaU (I the Idghe.t |»,lm I. about U.w«
« »• •• :: :: •? r. • •• •• «
♦*' •• •• M
At •« tt .. Ill1 M M M " M f
ff** u ki •* Bln thin
ti lth numeruua prlaea ,.f tlit.aaai, $ft,.aai, gl.iaa. y-aai (pa. A. Ac
IVrmna can rwntll ... any amuunl. from ft up. arda. that they wl.l,
t" rrt. ! ICr Hr tnltiw In Tlcket/ln tl.w |
led let * d.e'gna'-O by the purdnccr. nr. If none be deign, led. ih. n '
«.UH- lottery that will he drawn afler ihe buyer haag.d th. ticket In
hn n A" [ 8.-»»-tne uf th.- l-.itcry will In .»nl with
all ticket* ordered. rarefully art led in an urdlnaryeueelnpr and ....
the .lay ihe lottery I, drawn the oIBclal Drawing will W aent. to.
.ellwr will, a a written explanation uf the reanlt „rth, purchaae -
rile Drawn Numlwra are ala., piihh.hr,I It. Ihe dallt „r .he
JjJjF 8*l|lm.>re, and In the Daily National Intelligencer. It aching
oirtl'inX^de^^eS" ““ W'" to — ‘F
Addreaa unlera fur Ttckrta In
- .. , F. X. IlIlKNAN.No. I Calvert atreel,
S2 IA,ly_ BaHIpiww, Maryland.
ini>iiovi:ik mavana plan uirruiv.
8* Authority of the 8Mlr of (lenrgta.
Srhrtlulp l't>r J.iinmry. |S5l!!
To he drawn January 8*1, I'M. In the city of AUanta, when Prlu-a
•tni»aiiti,iy to
lir~% :ii»,uun at
Will be dNlriWed lerordlnr lie foil... ,„c Inlmiuhle Sh heme - I
If y<*u draw the hkw**»t Prl*e ynM f, i t|lr* «*..«« ».f v»»ur
tk'kei, u it/tomt aud remember
every Pri*r U drawn ml each
_ drawitiir.
O N K p It I Z K To K V K H V T K N TIC R K1 8! t
s do Va. .re
11 i'*** <rr. . *2
Jd 11*1 »rr. i'i,,i
'• J” ir.,rr . ,;ire
*J • 5" an- . *,|SA
M »arv ,r.r.
v**1 <lo ... .10 arv y'lvar
M‘l •*" • • & are rt.ltH)
1 •’ ■■••• ir-.ftff
<>»i > lo,i«»i Nioavaa.
THrlr fft ; llilvn ♦ l*t; quarter* #1 *.’>
Hill* all ...tvn.t batik* taken at uu All.. ..
" ’ll ■ <oMeatlal XlMIII I. gw vs.
I1:*1 Ar-I«l and Mauairvr. Atlanta, lia.
KHOI HAU: SOl illl lO . ... .
ami him i nn iii us.
F A 1 * F S U PPLY,
f|H.i roCSTRV MI IIOIIANT? Can In.at rVAN>v»» IT
■ Ikfui <>( China, Ac ., a lull as*or«n»eitt of HimmIi «uit«.l\cS *^V
to the rountr* trade T- tfl
C«>mnion Ware In every variety
White ftranttc and Printed, hi every variety
Glass Ware, d„ **„
Chma, do do
Faney Goods, do do
Pickle and l’rc««-rvr Jars. do do
St..tie War*. at factory prices.
An.lan m.ll. . vari. tv ..f «... I *>..! cheap O.w.l., *> *•«*,.
r'&V- M-for<"‘A “u" ”4" *•>•»<# ‘"""v
Only iall and saiUfactmn will lie ensured.
™_ ■» n. n bvansv. mMain......,
» h i. ini*nic I*a riu v si
■ » V the «h | > Aurora, I'hidrUa and *.ther ship- , ■- , ,
■ 9 from IJv. n*»ol. * am re.elvlnir iny Kail stink
H AUUWAKK A Cl i if It\ . and Iron, tL. jMW
man ut act on.-* at tie .North, a Urge stock of ih.ntei.ti, SKjL^sI
(Io.nI* Tiny are In part
I*-n k(( and Pen Kn'v.« of approved makers
| lvoiy. slag, hone, huff h> ami ..ther handle Knives and Forks
Ki»n. stock, pad, *.1- st, till, . upUiard, . lo*vl and trunk Locks
Tr-nre, halter.log, w. ll and all other Chains
Fend* rs,Shovel*, and Tongs. Arid-Irons
Coal Scuttle* ami Cinder Shovels
lling. * and Screw*; Carpenters' Tools
Powder Ha>k* and Shot Belts; Axes xml II;«t* V.« ts
Single anil doublr-barrel Guns— »<>in. line
M% dock I* complete. 1 respectfully invite my old and new rae
! turner*. -ounlry in.-r. hnnU, faruiers, mediatiles and the puhln ipnr
all> t. g.v.- Du a trial. 1 shall endeavor to sell at prices that I trust,
w. I I-* entirely satisfactory. TIIKo ROUk’KTSON,
•r*' No. AT. Main street.
m.u \>i» mu mum stim k or
HATS. CAPS, &c.t
.lull X Dim I, K Y
■ B KSPKCTFt’I.LY Informs Ms friends and the public that
1% he has Just opened the Fall Ti««)e with an elegant aud \ ^
i most extender assortment of HATS and CAPS. Ac
Ills sto. k of Virginia Manufactured Goods. which has keen got rfp
on a very large scale and with the greatest . are, alii l*r h.ubd, ♦
tc*her with Ins flue •opply of itnjH.rUil articles, to embrace eg rr»
*tyle. and tu U unexcelled anywhere.
Terms will be such as cannot fail to prove fifthly •atUfaets.ry to
•ii*:<.in*r• • ti Miteglrxrl.Iltlilwtjd. \a.
IMIihl U. MtfTlO A tO.,
\o. 143 Eagle Square,
nAVK Ju*t received a second supply of the latest s*.y|ef of Fancy
(. ...I*, licit a*—
Rich Striped Silks
IK> do Chen! Silks
Plain Black Silks, all qualities
HU. k Kip Silks
bU« k lUrath. m Silks
Colored and Black Moirr Antique Silks
Pari* Printed MouVselalnr
Striped Kglantlncs
Muslin and Cambric Sleeves and CofTsrs
French W rought llahlts and SU«ve«
Tucked and Kmhroldered C ughrtc Hamtkrn hl«/s
Thread Lace Collars and Sleeves
Muslin Fdg» * and Inaertlug*.
Cambric do 4u
Swl«* and Cambric Hands
Merino Shawls and S* *r f»
l->ng and Square Plaid Shawls. Ac.
A1*o. a general assortment of Clothing and Blankets, for servants
•• xh
nl Oil HI a € It., M in>i.k*it s Da*lvrm exclusively in
BRANDIKH. WIN EH and Mo A IIS. would rail the particular
attention nf the trade to their very large and »u|*rtnr Mock, run
prising, in part —
('ognar and London Itock Brandies, Dark and Pale
Madeira, Hhrrry atol Port Wines
Old Hrlwidnin Holland (tin
Old Jamaica and Hi. Croix Rum
llock and Msrct \\ in* «
Champagne of various brat.de
Old Rye Whiskey and N. K Ham
Cordial* an«1 Cherry Hrandy
London Porter and fcotrh Ale
H|»*rkllng Tonic Ale
Philadrlplila Porter and Ale
Champagne Cider
OM Peach and Apple Brandy
Demijohn* of all rise*,
flood* warranted pure and genuine.
•*11_ Dt'DI.Kr A CO.,
1.1 II. SKOMIII A CO., No. m Cut •Irrrl, oUrr fo
J • »ale:
Ift6 hhd*. Huger, part prime
4nn Mil* Crushed. Powdered and Coffee Hngar*
bag* Rio. Lagtisyra and Java Coffee
W> hhd* good Reholb d Mnlatae*
9«mni tide* Hood and Damaged Hole Leather
*«* bids. new No. * Mackerel
2.%" I»bl« North Carolina No 1 Cut ami dross Herrings
t*m> kegs Old Dominion Nalls
111 tierces prime Rice
|isi lioxes and half <die«l« Oreen and Black Teas
4*» hltd* prime W «i*rn Macon Hide*
*•"* luixr* Adatuantinr Candh *
Nova S. of la Orlndstone*
fss*» bty* No I Peruvlati Ouano
V*1 *dJ* A A Mexican Ouano
tinge* Tin Plate*
V4> £"• I*'*". ' nniprWnt ■ full a«*.ir1m.nt nf R«r*. llnopa.
Hand and meet Iron
Mi ju*t
* variety of othnr foadt, Mill'll In th. rnnnlrr and n|f» trad?
anal ’
now now.
%%T K •'•»* h**n "nra*,4 f.ir «..mr llmr ,11.1
VV III '•III..* up Ihr palWriK f..r a ... * 1-gV—- • ^
r.p*rl.lly tlr. /m.l f.., t.lrnl..* Hl,.l.r llir iaA
••*"»'• •' *1 ' *ih nf t.v.iahir matl.-r, an.1 - tftaalVMKNV
ham nr * Ihr plra.iirr nf Infr.rmlri. mir frlrfulr, lhal mr think ir
ha rr mt|* anrnnil.lMiril lhal 'lid
Wn wool I nail ll.n all.mini. ,.f Ihr Parmrr. In Ihl. PW, aa writ
a* In on, larr* *lwli nl Pl.iara nf rrrrr alar, CulllTalora, Corn Wrr.l
er N» w Oround Jumping Coaltcr*. Large M ll. rse TuMlvator*. for
pm.lnr In whral. llama,, Mr., A.- All of whirl. art ma.ln in <,ur
own shop*, by ginnI worktM i, and warranted l*» give satisfaction.
firo WATT A CXt. Franklin *treet,
H«|Uare below the Fxrbangr. Rlrbmond. Va.
tmf* Novr hmi m i i, mi t rni trnvi:
\| iXN II, If. III! n beg* to assure her old cw*to g*»j*
vl*-» » -be North, Where she hi*. In l»fr*on, laid u. Ihr l»rg. X#/(.
and m.t m mfiil supplv of Fm Mu i rarer she ba* evi r furnished
them. I|er experience I* such that *he will not allow herself *ur
psMrd or er|i»all« d in the «elr« tlofi nfgooill
In addition to the ordinary supply of Milliner?, *be ha* now far
sate so soundant *«|.ply «f#si^rsw#ry, elegant and beautiful
•dw ha« In *tore choice and elegant pattern Itals and everything
In her line of the lafe«t And ehol« est attics
I.'iflie* who are fitting out for (!••• Fall and Winter *ra«on will find
it to their advantage to consult her before making their selections
' I
• MS4 m» IlflRkM. TOO head of Mule* e%
* v I and ll.»r*e* baee ju*t arrived from Kentucky, a very C *(
• bote, and superior lot of stork I have mule* well «uMed LA T 1
for Indt Master*, Railroad Contractors, street and Plantation u«e, gflj
for «ab- or txi hangr, at fair prt< e*, and on acrommdating term*
At R Blankenship's Ft able*.
N ft | *ball be In receipt of fresh «t«»ck, direct from R« ntu< by
eviry month In the year J?1I f w
\l \\ kollfi Ilf I IMS! MIX f. foil I* A Ml .
F. r ln*urance In Ihl* Company. call on the subscriber. *%
th* Msptiii Rook Deposttnry, No *»8 Main rlfret, square above tha
Virgin.* and Farmer*' Hank
The insurance In this company Is altogether Mutual All proftu
accrue for the benefit of the insured The accumulated * spUal is
now over f I,t*s»,i*s» for rate* and books nf explanation, call no
the /igsnt, a* above. Ml AH W ORTIMM. Agent
Dm A O Wiiam * u and fain Mias, Med lout Vsaminers
oelH dtf__
/MM nill... ..llllllll *tl H. Br.l A.„r.k«
* / R'An'.l R..II.-H C.r Atlr*. Hammrrrd Car .ml f..pn"A.ln,
!«(«.,ip.-) Pmcnyd.) ml la. Irnril. .ml Al«i. ... r.tra
<1 .*11.» Junlatfa Oaro.al Atb> ConmaMljr on hi.,.l ,n.| f..r «al» Id
|.a« in niff Riitr .ml O’tmp...**•■.Car ami II..IM. r. a...1 ihrrt,
•'J II"- aianufDctonr.. A * P ROHRRT8.
Ml Rfoad, l>.l»* Tin# Hf««, PUiUd.iphla.

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