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LAD!I* Hoot'S
“I* b#. N cmmI b# ’*•
Mr hM rtfS' m*M iiMgty
• Fain *i*il I | r»*M • parting kiw.
n •* lm» #•» It K» 4.-nr mi thl* %m
Fx p'iluM to li»« hoofed <lrr*« ,
Ai*4 h# *lftt«4 wul la dirt dlatr***
•‘Foil p«c#t ro*«nJ about -
Ab at It a«kr« ©•»* look to •tout *
And fall • #• «t#f»« It mgn#arr4 tNroafb .
Ok fwdn«M • mr : vH*l *h*ll I Jo*
W# r«n*l «’#• Ukt a l%«€ rabxf».
Mach U-«* apfwoa L aiih foe# to Htt **
M.* w«fk#4 ikr lady r»*o»»4 a»»4 round,
AH# I ««J u|i *n a u*«»wm4
A#rut«l* •pann-4 a»n| to»tl6#«l.
A • if #lt lot i r« 4c d.a^l
You'd mmf. tt rwi ikai lio-f «ho«M at,
A mirdio/> It >u roraul to b#.
II* ««lknl IN# 1*4? tot'd an4 roninl,
A «awA all Wrarjr on t*» annind
“I'M aJ4,H a j *tb »»*—••’ll* all no ffo—
O'* lot*, Non rottki ) «*u tatr Biv an *
FanrorH— .u forfipi Unit l‘il ra'f<•
At l#a*t Hul l UielMhwitikinp
II# w#ot to Call for-til a.
An J her hotip %hr w«tk<-4 awnjr
Tbr world on.*# ctlH Ur quit# Ih# fa a.
And aba wan baapnl in U'l likr on#
Aurh hollow hrtrt* •*<** *<*nr a trunk,
Ti»#y ilrrtt »<*tr n Ju KrttnlT cu*k
SAitrrTAA. — Wo limi —.»it i.uo. g (acts in relation
In saltpetre in a Ute ttuni'K*r ol tlie Baltimore American
Wa hare already stat-d that the lltli-h Government, it
coti«*M|u nice ol the i ti iicnae enn-umption of g iitpowd«
id IN Until***, and the gre*l advance that baa taken pi o
in the ttrice «»f* saltpetre, wit* «»t the main ingredient* «*
that *aplo«ive compound, ha* cut off by a prohibitory a«
th«- importation ol Hie salt from it# coltu.iw, The U»t *-i
vice* from Liiglsnd affmi hut UlUo hope that the pn*'
bilioti will Ik* removed, a* it is #ut**d llt.it the *l.*rk it
baud there i# rapidly diminishing. The #t*n*k in baud i
tins country ha- *l#o decreased. while price# lia\ea‘.
vanoed one hundred per cent. Heretofore neatly all t
talt|M'tre •!*•« d in the rmte<i States was imported fixer*
England and her colonies. Ol the twenty-six million# .
pound* received at our po. t# in lAo3, Iweuiy-four niilli*
w.-re front British pos*e—ions in the East. The reman
lug two iidllinn#, with the exception of fifty thou-nml
pound- brought lioiu Belgium, were imported fioni B.u
iah ports.
Siltp-'tre, though produced spontaneously, is le#e abun
dant than we «hould be apt to ^oppose. A- coin pa t
with the Kid Indie#, where it is loum! in great a 4
dance, thi# country is quite destitute ol the article. I
Kentucky and Tennessee, and w •• believe in #mne oi «
localiti - in the Cllited Stales, saltp tre is found, but it.
manufacture lien* is carried on to a very limit 'd ext
Con-id “able didi *ulty was experienced during ti e war » .
the U volution, and our la-t war with Great Ilritaiu. i
obtaining a quantity siifbcient to meet tike demands
our powder manutacture#. Dougrc#- in # »me o! it- eat.
session* sougiit to overc »:ne the difficulty, by offering
bounty loi the production ot saltpetre, but no impoi
rwsnlt# were achieved. We ought to hare on hand, li •*
•vcr. at this time a good supply of toe lugrc lient, a# i
tmal appropriations have been regular!' made by gov ■
men! for it* purchase and storage, for the last go yean*.
Saltpetre i- generally found in Cavern#, but xuin-imte
on the .surlace of the ground. It i* an ctHoresccuce found
upon limestone*, sandstones, marie-, and chalk- It i- f *♦ -
quentlv found uli-* •niiijt like the hoar fro-i upon the
brick wall# of old building# It i* ol-o generated in ol »
mortar, iu cellars, and may be found in some plant*. I .
Ceylon there are twenty-two cavern*, which pioduce mo
of that exported to England and tins country. In Belgian
Hungary, Spain, and some other comities t l* found upr
mf -U>I4'i‘ »»• l JflVUII I I IIV < J.'i » II'. J Ill'll Ul l.
fun product* m i efflorescence winch is swept off when a
sufficient quantity lias been gtthcred. in France it is
IS uni lac tired bv mixing beneath ashed old imrl.tr i t
earth, which i« interstratified by mat rial front the cattle
yards. Tliii is pil *d nuiiie five or six feet high, in kept
moist, and i* turned over once in two week* for two ve i.-.
bv winch time the material from the cattle yard# is triiu*
fonned into aaltpetre. The article thus obtained, howt-v
or. cannot be used in the mimifactme of sunpow ler, the
pure nitre being requisite tor this purpose. There ar •
ot.»er processes of in loufaeturo more simple than the L»
Specified. Hut in this country the Mammoth Cave .» id
older caves m the West are sufficiently rich in nitre to
make in production, at the present price, a profitable bu
The gnat hulk of the aaltpetre imported into the United
St ito* is consumed, not for gunpowder, lint in the art
—in the manufacture of acids, fire works, tliut gla>-, and
chemical* of erery description. A proportional** advance
in the prices of such articles as the»e may alsobcexp-cte* .
and doubtless has already taken place. The twenty-six
million pounds of saltpetre imported in 1853 cost ov.-r
one million of dollar* ; over two millions of dollars will be
required to import the same amount this year. Two mil
lions ot dollar* will Ir> pai I out during the current year
for w’.at can he as readily produced in the United Stab -
as in France or rise where. Saltpetre at fifteen cents j- r
pound can *»•* mad*- a piotilable manufacture in tins coun
try.—Louinriife Journo!
Ax I c san xS pi mi Uati-lr—On Thursday night as Mis- H
ron wa«* about leaving her dre—ing room for the purp i- - f
“going on” in the t*mr»h act of “Camille," -he w.i« hi; 1
denly seixed by an in** me actor named Joseph I*. T*- iv,
wliograsped her with one hand by the arm. an 1 the oth*-r
clutching her throat, he liegan in a wild and incohere. t
Style to rehearse a poin-.n of “Ma? *. th." .Miss H- mn
was of course much terrified, aui her screams resoun le 1
through the theatre. A young -i-»t**r »»t the lady He 1 |
assists ice, and several of tile company coming up rescu* 1
her, not without difficulty, from the madman's grasp.
Mi-s Heron was «.» badly frightened that she could acarre
|y proceed with her performance, and the incident becom
ing known to the audience, created cortsiderahle excit
ment. Mr. Terri *.hh left the National, arid w mit up »•
the People's Theatre, where hi- wih* i< playing an ongig -
ment; almost inun *1: itely on entering the green.loom, h«*
sei/' i his wife, and throwing her across his should ri*, *
rushed out into the *»fn***t, closely pursued by M**ek r and
Other* of the Company, in their stage apparel. After a
short struggle he was compelled to release her, a d half
dead with fright, she va* Liken back into the tlieati-.
Mr. Terry was at o ee liken into Custody, an i CO’ y. . I
to the Ninth *t ** ’t Stati i'i house. Yesterday morning uo
wa«* brought b *for* the Polie.- t'oitrt, iu l th** Ju lg-, h* rn
ing his u di»rtunate c » idirinn, sent him below until an in
outrendo de funatiro coil I lie held. Ilia a.iid that he
nas become insane fVom spirit rapping*.—t 'mcmnafi Com
nrrod/, Feb. J<*.
WtLlW»*«s* Pi. F f< 1 •.— r fr.ends and neighWa of l»4*
Jf il .'Jr.
•inner w.. *r*s pir:>c'i»a:>*d .n l*r Whig-. Ka wi4.
>0*1 I»ll D Mr. I g | hi *
so3i i-*irfi, V i I «i:nfl' <* ir-« of Min«r|f jtn I ff .|'ir!i.|r f r
* *r I ► > • »< r»r. | HrgHin* that hie r» - • mlir
•Umn .jjr«t .,Wi-. in t, Nv; •nnl.an I - »n«crratir- ||rd*t>r .
fated thr aw'-Ulco t It *■ que-t •• and out <•! Congress, u- .
1st-* • t • tnlla u« t •** ;> i'»b «>)<i rtionxl d v -t in* }(t l»« red t* \i
forn >*f ti»e \ ■ t’i I ; :w • . if f ■- .*» i 4’!, •*>(. 4‘ J i vr . i
aa brethren. H« *;••> « . .w«»4 t*ixt the If CnrV-r Hitler f • r
Waif Repra
doctrine in »t Beats* dai| 1 ba % Icnlttsd r« pits nf nr «*i g
Slavery as »».-• pe -|*;- / •: .■ . - Hr •!,. « .? »}.«-,,
the territories sliould !»*• It-ft to a*t. uf.rn »lr*'rd, f.»r ti.-- • • I
the’ atAcmpte .. r . • . ■
discount-11an.*ed ll'e remark* Wrre • li mar. V : r* ,f

■ *
ou this visit
How Cav«tu oBTxtvFn its Nauf.—The origin of 0 e
name t 'ana la is curious enough. The Spatdar J* visited tl.e
' r . »s, . . a ■vuv'i, it • • ni-i iv |inr ut'inr
Marche* for g >11 and «i| r, and fin-ling n ine, they . fr. ,,
Mid am mg them scire', “A'/ui -i i it," ithere t* n-rthiig
here.) The Indian*—who walche-l closely—learned lit la
Mntenee and it* meaning. Alt- r the departure of the
Spaniards, tli--French at rived, nil th- In-li in*, who want
ed none of their company, supposed Ui>*y w. re also S|,an
iaisl* e vine on the -11111- errand, an 1 w - r- in linns to n‘ - -i
them that theli lalmr waa loat liy tarrying in that country
incessantly repealing tho Spani-I, sen:, nee, “.|y«, 1
The French, wh-< new .is lirtl ■ ol apmisn a* the In ;
•lippo*.- I this incessantly -nrring so-,ml was th-- in n- i.t
the co miry, nu-l gave 1* tli© name of Fun 1 /,t, which it It is
borne ever since.
T--Masr «ti -•••T Stunt It-.-i.y* —Th-s ' |.,,|in,
"i'h to see tIn-ir "lords" wearing nie gl..-.y shirt boson.
will do well to observe tit - foll-iwtcg receipt —-“'lai;
two outlet** w its- gumatahlc, pow ler it m a pitcher, ■ I
pour on it a pint or more aater, according to T -■ -Icgre-- ol
it'englli v 1-it -»..-ire, arid then, having cm- . | it let it *ct
all night. In the iiioitnng filter it • ir-f-illv Ir- tn drug*
into a - lent l.ntile, t-uk il tin I keep for u*e A l-.hle
•poo-,Ini -.1 gum walei Mined it to 1 pint of March, mad
the uavtvsl way. will give t,. either wh t-- or printed ahnt* .1
look of newneas that nothing il-< can restore to theut al
ter washing."
From th’ fit /,,-c's It-p ,n of F.f, 111.
Tut Mi am -
that Uh
restoftheiinirl. it « of Mr Ii ,-d-in, i
ed. The inl untatiott ol 1 nir a-t -*t in I ,,|j:, tpoii ram
thi o-tglt a Pimm I- I d- nl III Vlt.nn-l in t - -m
reached thi* city. W I am troni M St-cg ,
of 1 tie N 1 th M - nit i rail - o id. t nil I..- 1 ■ 1, . |,, , .,.
a disjctcli f otn lync-riPe, dated the I jth, itatii « th .
the niui'l 'icrw Ii 11 ice I.. .ir-- ,t<* I. m.d n|, - or -■ f ..
Gov W light of In |- . 1 at in-l in I -. to tli ... .
and that parti * -■ml -nlly referring tnC.ipf, (' ntsint ha
pa**- d through therein pursuit.
nil.I.IM III ...
J, S I* F > C E ft SO \ .
j: a ftn y; v id Vialov srtmt skw route,
nrcKii tM waict; and fhi ndation i.m'f.
inn vi rt ra ivii s avi, 1 how vs,
nrH, tf-i I/O,'.r/-l I'lrt-.IS f-4bs
PF A p , rr*ff 1 fully Inform Ihrlf (*u«t<tftt*-r« (%*».) (f
Tr u!e. !».«• t»*. y hnvr 'iti lf ftrMMf* m *i»» wiMm l<>*dmr \
III FMl|i* hr *' » 1'tcf ff II f* «.y, . At «>,•*• irt. a* .. ft
notrlt? I* H • * Fr «tn- a fr w ., Mn*l f>>* r lr.j r<ivs | f,
ff*»m ! ! • f-| Iff |w|»»af «ty). •, « || 1 ft «t.| a |l,. ,, I . r.j.j.t* m
IrA-fe on ti» .rc utran'Kff >u« lrrm« Hint) nt.y otltrr II •* i if
tmalnei 1
Wf tr ml I, -iN'i, r*ll *t,fti»,p»i 1 * M 1l|?i»f« f»fii| n'lirti f.. if,, '1f|
• n<1 #|-l-.,fr1 *» . k Ml I If\ Ml Y <UK»|»F vfifcK wr liar* n< w
fla*rt and Ully wefrlnif. ■ -vitMifif of
RlMmni, F Ik* (Vtpei,
Or*fv U 99 TtrltMn M idtfH. H »f.«,»-r e«
Ftriw Mood*. I* -i« Tn« milj.fd, Arttff-'a! fl «rn
Mni.il U « I f ff r*. Il IditiiA, Hire*,
Mdl I I . \\ . !
AnAlUrf A *'f»ni"ht n' ' * f) «U*. r v|»*1nti of g .-l« i«rd tir| |l
All iimI M'lli'itff fmtiif w* It *.s»r fa- Itllfr* for htijinar • ,11
•W# «t Ip (f r At il** lti*r«f Mtrkti Pri<-««
frV |«(V f
J Karr <»n Ha *d and for •*!* rfi^p. • AAannmrrrd of ff tr
•n4 Aurika I. %• tn! I.M* ».r* . It in ••»•! Pla*** And T II r
Fair'll II •» i f nfinit,f - I fni'td Fa«
A I t
NaiU |gt.n i f M « l» *s.r Ft • <I and P arc* Aadi and ft *
F ill • - F*.»t I . »d 4 , »y
I %% 1 •%>!%« IMlffl.llf 4 «>% Is, ft ,*
lVa»* Fa '• *•••1 trdi »i rrry lo« |»rf* r« Thom in ffanl • .11 «
v«li Ir rail rarly
$01 ^ __ AFFWt A4f.»W|\ .* ill
| mu .1 > it % HON M n .
^ at. Ml) MldA t fldf-Sy || -rsf., - lcA«t • 111*
i v*ty I and f I *f»«, fuf M •
mm tr \% »*I .1
M3 •*•$) lAAVIkNIVHI. ALL4.V k CV.
£# 35 55 •:
i bAn r \i>KnfKK* .<.'■/> svt rwcnx .v.i/:.>i re
r.»a »*nuii. *wvwfcaa »R» u»mi xa»
f11 |R I v I DAI
| t- \ M
K.‘t«i.- . itr Vl». i.ffUMi A. M , and 1* M
j and arrive •• K’ ‘hm •• •* I I • 1 ** x* • • AM
It tegagv tfhrcka and Ticket*. flrvu through between Ru baton I and
4. x -i" * i CARRYING Till GRKA1 NORTH
* nl K-chmornland
M uhinni.m ...» m a I v anew of the Stmuibvat line
K»rt »*. tar or I. K .*M».»ud an 1 \\ .ahlngton N»
p Orm i - * J l» u- I al*<> - : ily.i 'id- fVv.p* p»»*
<vr# t,u l Uh-i* tvutc •*> of vmii >ff apparel, between th« LVpota. fr»e
o' dixrr . W*.l. «.>«plw time for them U take their tue. I*. whether go
N •
Throngl TtckeU cao be obtained betw - Danville and W««hiof>
t»»n at tin term I m* a of the K «d, now n. •'!/ c.»mple*e»| to Danville.
v , npnnjr i i • ■ ■ • • - " ■ *
tl e Uatn »u R.*vl, and attend tv their barrage all t»«r way to Dad.
i.fft -II el the Rail.ti,ore in pot
T!»e f »r« the aann by the mail line. a« by the old Steamboat route
There Itr * change of car* on the n«fht line, between Richmond
1 ' * —
lIV,/. .1- »•«•. . ■././'»*.. AN A..••*»#»•/ r. i v iKN<4>a. (,'mL -i.

! »k| *« • ATirar.
I*. « tr- a from Richmond to Olaunton, and tri-weekly from
. «. . . a ih Uw I* Fannian A t\» *a Vii7.v,ity /.<•»- »,-•
v l
■We Driuri'iD nl, from It > f.nn*nd t»* in. Ohio River.
f »
• , v - . I » l‘ 'l
• 1 I ■
I Parker* 1
tlet *rn * % .» L *ve St . »;.:.*n at SAM.
\ ti : » IJt
• ;..II time for p %- -»gtr* going S, tth to connect with rlthrr of the
v »the it » »•.
T „ \ , „• 4V R» >•'» 1 haa been • Ate* !• d and completed
! . - Ural of Staunton, aud laid with heavy Rail a J
r.. wax. w t‘» th-- * • tton ••! atr»ut .*» mile*, between GonlooavlUe
I Sftadw M 11*. w . * owv being relayed wW
Kail, and wt.I be %■< p • • >1 u» a few w* a*, after which the wh.*h
road* wdl .»» h r" * * «»rdrr, and or *t-eed. **frty aud comfort wdl
pare ar ti. ai.V Ka lroad in U»e l irU.I Si at. •
UK inoM) \M)Pi:rr.usKt in. it \n Rovu.
\\ I \T1 l All.; \N'«f ML.NT
ON . .
Road will run a* tullAWf.
triixx uttt atcxnioxp rofc rmx>*r*6
r M
x| •. v, U l - lay* and F lax* at ** ** A M
\ I •
rax a* itm rmt-rrM roa m.'KWoap
\ L JJ
>1 t *• •• •• x Sand ay *• excvpted.l 0^4 *• I’ 'I
x .*mmoda»!o:i nnd freight train Tr I-Weekly, rli
. W lowndavt nnd Fl tmy*. At ** A. M
atla< t.e.1 t the C xi Train wh.ch leave* Ri hiron l
*UIH Sunday'* i x. pled.) f»'- Clover ll.’.l At rt oMk, A M
Pa**x-»/ r-coming fro n Clover Hill by thi* train
,n! ,• „ S-. J.n.t »» p t by 1«' •• A M
rti« J .p m tralm will not Mop m ttfftny althcr to tilt ng 01
pu: down «*v p*M. • g*:r»
P. Mm t . -x' .1 p when t' re *r» pa«w« nger* t. take i p . r
put down at M . •. rentglc*. Rica-’*, Half-Way Station, Clover
HOI and Port Walthall Junction*
fj,r % , -am . 1 .t or. train will »top at all the r<-c.ihr Mopping pla
ce* when tl*ere arc pav-'enferm * take up or pat J.-wn.
n»e Expreva and M». Train* fr K' hmond connect with th»
s.' *1 her u I x:ti* .Xt V • r b..rg \ r U • R*b gh, W lmit.gto. . 1
Through Ticket* to W% Uon can ta- procured at the ticket oAce In
K1 hivou 1
. ..... P.ver.t. re >i.n«v-t at K .-hmond w'.th t?.»
\V whington. Halt luorv and Philadelphia, can be procured at Use tick
et offi ••• :n l*« tenburf
Far* for wM’e p-r... a #1 5C
- Child re' o%cr 5 and not or«r 12 ye ir« of age . .. s*
w Colored persooi
Colored |w-r-<• - w li n-.t 1 |»* mitted in the first .•!**« car* eX.et.t
when In attends: ten In‘ant children, or sick pTtvJ;*. *1'V lutrly
requiring their care, m which case the same fare a* for whit# person#
Will It* chargee).
A discount of lo run w.u he all owe-1 on oh h fare when t t
are purchased at the office, and to pe^on# g ttlng on the cart wherv
no tickets arc sol 1.
Servants trave l :ig hy thrvasclrc« tst »- fur: ished by their ma*
ter* wtth two posses, «*• that *»:.* - an retain*, d at the offi e. and It
must tv expressly uu the jwm that they are permitted to g
on the rars.
THOMAS OPAMEAP. Superintendent.
r. •'
* ■ y i K A RIIOA ’I \ t i. t s « \ .
trips to Hampton, A- .on WEDNESDAY next, Aug "- *
The Cars running in connection with the Augusta wll! lexer th*
K hraond and Petersburg Depot on that morn”.g at •*** oVlo A, and
minuet Imi it tU same 1 wrtvtryM lay,W ' - - 1 ij :
Friday Morning. It-turnh c. ;! • Aug **:* will leave Han pto*
dternaU days, vlt: Tuesdays, T* uraday- and Saturday*, at 6 o‘. 1<hA
\ M TJ c il »: will *: <p at all the regular landing* on the riser.
l*oth going and returning.
TIlOf POPAMF.AD, Superintendent
Ofl :: v . • . v _ _n M
871H K !€• II *1 » t• •: n : w IOIIKf ^ r
* IMST \ *»HOV!I>V\' E, !» »!r \NP. NEW 47 4 I*
M W • *1,1.E V > - >1 LOUS. »»AI.Yr -TON -AN
• r ■ A I every no A DAI
ii i Id l Ml\\
roWN. C »pt Parrish.
T M..,iNr» Y k M — - LCDLAM i PLEASANTS, will
forward* g...td» t*> th * line to all of the above-mentioned placesfF- •
of C<*tn:u.*- >ti. and .U the . w, -*. r - of Freight
Large v l . ..• ; lod.nut -‘ e l* h we »*een rr ■ ted on the Wharf i
New York, wh. r c -I-are • nt r- y prv-.evPd fr.-n :gury and nther
defacements, every care and attention it bestowed .u fv*rword
tng g ••» I* f*>r tran-hlpiuent.
Merchants *‘«>pp . e *.y this Sr carnal. Ip cat. always calculate to an
hour u*» toe arrival **f their go • Xs
Tie* ••Jvn-«t**w ** leave* New York ev» ry Saturday afternoon on
her return to Richmond. For freight apply to
o < r o it i ii : £ i».
r gi
0 To H Vn hi 4 «-• 1 To the Nat it al Hr,-Ire 4 >
Firs *t both Richmond and Lynchburg to Charlottesville, $2 6**.
•* *r -fled. *»i a fair trial, that ti e in j**rity of tr svel uu tl*r P »■ k-t
H< t* ar* better »• < orum-elated l-v lr \ it.g n ll*e even g. w»- r -turn
’••be old hour**—- »n and after the 22d Instant, leaving Kthmond
M idar. Wedne-d »> and Friday, at •*> P M . reach New Cat.ton at 9
t M 1 S .-ville 1 • M of the flr»t, and Lynchburg at l A M .
I H i 1 ,i «’i and 1- x.t g*. n at f. |» M. of the -. ond 1 »y
I. *t <«r i. Ie.\. It. !.a < ri at A. M, and Lyi. nburg at 7 \ P
M i W esdav and Friday, rea - : -. . si . ■ \ M
* M at 5 next A. M
The Itoat- ounect at N- w Canton with the Mage f*»r tlie In-Htutc
« 1 iluekmghaiu C. II., and iu Scott»ville w:th the Mage for Char*
;4*“ S • T me and P -‘ances. In Car«l t»e!..w :
i - ■ i
HV ft,lay • ruit Frfdtiu, at 14V*//.eo*/ny amt Friday, at
a /• yf I 7-* p yt.
«satrs at Tiwa mil**.* Aitaivr at Tint. utlss
'lanak nt- wn 9 r u 17 Maple-* M ils, 11 r m 17
i Jude- Ferry, 10 r * TI Itent Creek, 2 am JV*
M Ferry, ■ I | M 89
Ce! »rp t, 1?<( i m M Hardw , k*ville, •• 48
JtfTeraon, 2 ** Warminster. “ 4
P- *n»«e ' .0, 4*f ** 17 II war 1-vPle, k •• M
Colu’nbla, *• fit ’ Srottarllle, lOJf •• 67
N *> C : n, W •• M Vew Canton, 1 *, r w -
It.wart-v.le, S*< M 91 Pemberton, •• b
Wart ii uter. *\ »* 99 J.ff-r-en. 7^ »• 1* 7
lltrdsw. ktille, t»\ •• L*t C*d» Point 9 •• 111
Tv River. 6*4 •* P- M Ferry, ** 116
fli-nt Creek. ^*4 •• 117 J .l-'d’-rrv. 11 •• 1;*
Staple-* M ;jf, 11*4 rw 129 Mar i- Mown, H a m l i*
Lyn hhurg. fi aw 116 Rir'.n— d. fi •• l4f
! Richmond. October 1MV-V od8
fill ‘II \ \ r.t. M9A
S*»\P. * Admit’-d t*y the t)iou*xml« who have used it d irir.g
tie past twelve v ,r*t P • ifp anyth ng -ver 1ntrr>dur*-«| into th.*
r.’i'y 1 |rr>*«| a a nr T'<'rni • .nv-n^n*. ‘t l* agr-raMy p>rfurrte<|.
at. 1 w I | • I . . . I r* tr-ri.t In*! rr with • . ’ k •
«>r cold water, leave* :• •• **. r. *Ti. «,tli and nncloipp- .1. None r- nri
of vi.. nm k f art m l rj |
V r • «|- m v •• . y by !Tltr!:i.|., LA«»D A VO , at. 1 » it V. ooi»
If. N w Y* rk hr •>.* \• i• • »! v / •, lab .a-.-- «•. I -Ir ;z * •
M inaf*« *>:r• l l y J«*'1S it. \ iOJO'I bu< * a*, r !<• Vr . , \ y w'^r,
12 Cherry tire-*. Stw York. j*ll—;*u
COIMC \l. lif i(l< klOM! nil.I.SIMM ||
J *up- ...» up .felt In N * Yu * prefere . I I' -i
I •.11 ■ a 1 . T* • 51Ma are wet* **!<«{•*•■! h r all k’n-l* of rr nd
Rf. Ihtvi . ■ \ . f Mini I .»
• . lb- M I* fi I f. r. ill t a % lume -f •• -t »nnim —
\VHfrl... i.e f r Kl or. a id VI.;!t, 191 li .ar.e -tr- !. Near Voile.
| __
■« .I ■ \ \ (iiKi(iin«ND,im
V Y >M.r 1 rf.'1*- t then.ur
l» r,-. w il 9 « |> •!—fly wti the ll. " k pJ »t k road, «r.- *fitl * hal
inih • from »(• ■ ».d
T tr.i-t o "it . i?t * r^*—ih-Mt a r. t In * ■!*,of w» ;#•
• i
•it*** r-n thr l i I '■ • • r»‘« are ■•urnl mi.J highly improve.!, 1 aviii^
tw« n cultivate 1 hr him a* a market garden.
The place i« r i h* Ph/, nt.d l» • hi•ifhh'.eh-—d •■\r. JJrnt.
T» rr : a Writ « r lit r * r-T tff.tr ih. I well Off It - ..opr ve»r,..
i are of tlie ftrft i r'-:r, h ,vii • »^-n er-e'el within the U«t '..ur ti «r*.
; nt;. t.a-.r ... t - v
I *1 w-lllr.r V. feet *4]uar. , with two paa*aff-« it»d ilrw.iv*,
I with elegant port • .. V*rr. 1.1 r-«r. and ont» r.« * l.r — r.. «...
i W'»lj flr%- pH.. t.. ... l , .r nr t»d hy f |w ra, t- | f.. ,r
' . r ....
J mantlea and h- art!.*, and modern grate*, with the wah* hateUo&ir)«
! |".‘T l
P >• out-hull I,off* «re flr«t-rate, and eo'*«iat of a (d-tirfi and vtnre*
I room Of hr . k . , .r . | •!«. It r.g l.y a rohml way ; a Urge
| ari-l well »• lilt || , f'.r *ere»tit<. e«..it |'.||.>,y five , h if. I- • r
• ' • i Vfrg
* ' 'V ' r *•' h ^ .4 it/. *,ar. J <« large amount of
' 'rag*
T . ... i!r pr.ip-rty. It la only nrr- y to view l!, and
tli >.r | ['•••li p r h .. ar.* r* *p rfuily re4|.|..«ied to'to «o.
* f i ' • . • . »r dm l-.l p. .uil ** vi- w. .f pir-ha*
* u*n*tf r*,‘ mciUHi# nihh.
«•! 1 * »* 011 1101,1 It % k !••«. s| -iTT]
* • .T 1/ . ,i ~:a.~ li
,S'V‘, |TTt r
I “• ■ ’-1 III- ’.I.«r*v ..I. f..f,l. .. ...|. , I
, 1
, ’ r *' " •=' I.. >• ■ 1.1
'« .:•;« »>•-.■•••..»
.... , ’ ■ ' ' f-r.» I" ,• ... r. Ir <11 ilir • • ,
V’ 1 ' *' 11 •* * *1 ‘^11 11» .* to *1 i»rm. in IVl.r.
• ■'ii ' ■ ii «Mli« M.irlli, A.utli, Kaat , i.T.rrl'i
■ ... M « lfr .. . | l |. N <MI.
l"l..io I .ft. I>. , . r, V,
!*'4 ri!’ 11S HOMWtifcr .«!- by !| II \|AI HV A
' T
Jl;1 {"» •' «<Vi’,'f *•«*"'"’,i! .i.1"
.... ... i -
__> _ f-9
M i r icv i » • j.
|l i 'I »»fr ...I •**.
'• i p „ *i ex inn,,
„ ... . ■O'Mf r ... A m
H • I Ir.il . Vail. .. t
r 1 Nu lil '*TT»I. «Tll».....l. it
' | ^ *>•' «.l A « ' ' II A I , ,
i I..,.i. v. mi". tttrf 1 • '■
Z a.i.l ll-'iTr*. l .r'.ab l.'w'i’i’t ” * 'J',' ■ h>.i
non »i» r. , .
• I I T , W‘i II ' 1 ^ , X. -- /
OX 4 4> X « I U X H XI, I I.M.
n»ir.». ~ n •• .' i' ■ i
J **• ll»* pr me Rail L itter f r eale hv
,'n W'XT t IIH iTIlEK \
Ci uni xr> n tsn n. x > i. , “
■ . ■ ■! tM,cHJ Ptt \ '
IbK cm/, i»r »It by DAVtXP.ihf. 1 l0
I . M III IIM roll M \l \ OHM I lion
TKN POl.l %US10 MW H'RR INmi'lV. MFAid* \M» !*TATK
film ^ _
I s»»r, | •). 4|ll»lll|> J WII>rOW l*»|X 1‘ASRON,
leave* I; ha. el • • « N.e York every Tu**day even- W , JT_^*
lug. at 4 o'clock, ami City IVOnt at V oVUl aval jHMl
Tin KOANOKR Capl Haixaaa. leave* City Point for New York
evety Saturday morning. at 9 o'clock.
r«Mrign« desiring to take tbr Roarwvke at City Polm, must leave
H. mhwhI l»y the eaily Saturday morning train at the l*>l«T»bur|
IK p>t, s M.-ii I avc* at V A II., where tl*e Purser m an Agent of
the ship will le stationed for the |*urpoar of'furrtldiing ticket* to |a»
nger«. an*l lo give them such Informalmui as they may need
Those who pref« r taking the JauirMown at City Point, can in like
manner avail themselves ad the early morning train of Wednesday,
ah *i leaves t!ie |Vt«-rsh«irg |V*pot at * A M , by way of Port Wal
thall. The charge in either case trill I** the same by eltliei Blilp, say
f \ * I
Pa«» gvrs who may prefer to arcure their tarth* and tickets by
r I'.ri - tip at our offi v, south dJe of the Rosin, can do so during tlie
• l»% of tuc«d«y or PHday of each week, and il.os* who may prefer
g« tl .g on board of the Jamestown at the wharf her*, can do ao by 4
o', lo k every Tuesday afternoon.
■h> LL'DI \M .t w IffON
STKAMKR VIRGINIA, Cape. David Tati. Strain- ^
TCIIMOM*. lap ' 4T * Jfe.
St.air. PENNSYLV ANIA. Capl /. threat*
O1 • f tins.- superior Steamers will have Rich*
iti t. until further notice, every Tucslay and Friday. touching at
City I'., t s . I V r vlk to ro» ve freight and pa»«eng»*ra. Returning.
•Ms v i Philadelphia every Wtsliie^l.iy au>l Saturday morning at 10
T' .s- St.-amrrs are now In kne order. In. rva*rd accommodations
for the comfort of pasoctigera having been added, as al«o more room
f.»r fr* gf>t; and w, Isipr.bjr ivgulartty, despatch and care In protect
ing goods co omitted to our charge, u< re ive an Im-rease of patron
JfT1 No transhipment by th * lire.
Passage through to New York, and found . f** ia*
l> do Philadelphia, and found. 1st cabin 6 iM>
D» .1 ■ 4 *s'
Passage to City Point ami Nor'ortk aatn** as l«y the river boat*
; 1f~ Pa*** : gv r» by Ihb* line an |< in Philad. lj». la two or three
, m Nrw Yorft
il I PITOR, \„ R< ketta
1* WHITS TM* line la r ■ i-s i of lie fnlkwn <rp*.^fr>
•ds and - ills fr • i Itoaton « very Saturday :
Svl vs.ner STSlN. CaptainS fi K.giri
•• W ESTOVER. v tl C t logo re.
** J A Vl.LKN, " Obed lUker. Jr.
- COl hlKR, *• Seth Kelly
•• CRR1TO, •* W II Crowell.
- E NICKERSON, •• Cyru* Nh keraon.
N • J B
TIm-s,* vesarls are of the first class, built expressly for this trade,
arid hate superior act ouimo«ta:tors (**r paaertigera.
T’ v are onitnanded bv experienced Captains, well *pial fled f-»r
th** t* *de. and who will spare no exertions to accommodate They
’ « .! be tv • «*d cp an I down the river bv steam, and may be idled on
to sail promptly, as .advertised.
! . > u.ll Ih towed up and down the river by steam, and may he
•ail pi ptlj u alrtifkil
W- r ! at ;j» going Sort) or ordering good* from Ro*:>n. will find It
| to V • ;r interest to ship by this, as il is the only regular line, as freight
a always U- tak :i a* h w as by ar.y otU-r ic*»K and every effort
| h ", bv viade by the agents In Richmond and to give satisfac
W v rc*pev*tfully a % anJ hope to succeed In obtaining a full share
of patronage
TK vessels will U-? tn Rich mend at !! veketta. In Boston at Rowe's
I Wharf. DAVID A U>| CL'IUIIF. Richmond, i
f AL1.LN A WELCH. Boston, V Agents.
auS No. 138 > *
'■THIS new Horn Line Is comp «*al of tl.e following veaerl-, JR
Il 1 sails *mm New York ev«*ry three dtya. All owned
I In the city of Ki hn»on»l
. N-w S.: rcr DANVILLE, Captain W • an; N. i** n.
! New •• MANCIU.TER, Oi.rer Chi beatrr.
New LYNCIIBCRQ, " Bel C eat r
•• tiAl.LKtiO, ** AUxander tiailb.
** HAYALL. - C. II. Smith.
'• NEW VORK, - K VI Adkina.
Schooner OP.IANNA, " J It. Tuttle.
'• HirNRtCO. - 5 O Scrantoo.
“ IIP IlMoND, M W t Harr Is.
** MLKt IIANT, •• W If Winters.
Tliesc vv*h !* ar« all of the flr*t etas*. built In the * Ity of Baltimore
i-xpr *ud> f»»r this trade, amt hare super lw accommodations for pas
* * n»ev are command- * I by ex perkcced Capta.n*, well quail
• •• i or tb» tr i \ arul »h • will spar* no « xcrtlctit to accommodate
Tr • y w.U be to* rd up and down the river by •!*%», and tuay tv re
lied on to *all prvtnptly. a* advcrtl<*rd.
r .
it to t* r »tere%: to ship by thl* line, a* freight wdl al**y» U* tak. n
*• 1. » a- by . v ther hi* packet*; and every effort will tv made
by f ,• ,qr i.t* it. UichmiM 1 aiidNrw York to give satisfaction It»*u»
ra nee can It- effected in thv Richmond Fire Association, by tl.Ls Bn*,
at *t per .ent.
u. tfully a»k and hops to nkvml in obtaining a full share
of patronage.
«» «4* • .p|*.-d by thl* litre * N. v Y rk will b»* forwarded free of
Sew Orleans, Mol le, Ckrkkwit ftmamlk ar mj
•tli. rs ttliem or Northern |*>rt.
T: v. %», Is w 11 |i. in K ehmotid at R.*c*,*tta, In New York at Bertl
No. 1, Coffee House SI p. f«M»t of Wall street
DAMP A WM CURRIE. Richmond,)
C li PIERSON, N i i > Agents.
N Cl S>uth street. I
Oi.-irTcr.-d hv tlie LocMalure of Virginia Dec. I7tk, 1S53.
rim il rim thousand dollars.
r|^ill' INSTITITIOS r<v«..tc, on wl.. ■!, lut. rr.t t. p»I.I
B at i .'*■ rate of six per cent per annum *f remaining on dc|*oalt
six monila, and five per cent tor shorter periods.
WM G PAINE, President,
GEO J Sl’MNEfl S. cr-tary,
Wm. G. Paine, of U.c firm of Kent. Paine k Co.,
James L. App»raon, " 44 44 Goddin A Apper«on.
' , ^ v
11 l«:*rk*~Ui . *4 44 44 Barksdale. Stovall A Co«,
Tho* «* Ballwin. 44 44 44 Keen, Baldwin A Co.,
Robert T. Bro* ke,
IV". 11 Oir’iiiaot ** 44 *4 Christian A Lathrop,
lohn II Claiborne,
Jno. DfK'lvy,
Lewis G:r»ter, 44 44 44 Glnter A Alvry,
R B. Heath.
Satnuc. P. Lathrop, 44 14 44 Christian A Lathrop,
K. W McGruder, 44 44 44 ?. McGrudei's Son*,
JLinu-1 M Price, 44 44 44 Thos. R. Price A Co.,
Henry W. Quarles,
Jno. I*. R-’berta, 4 4 44 44 Smith A Roberta,
Geo J Sumner.
Jno. C. Schafer,
A. Y Stokes, 44 44 44 Stokes A Co.
tST* Uli *r at the store of Henry W. Quarles, No. 1* Pearl street,
Ri. bm..-i 1, Va__ ___ PC IP
t. W ii iwnu it
THE P*»Sl t *r ElCf RICHMOND, \a.
CAPITAL *1100.000.
FW1HIS Company w U . firs: U- BRICK DWELLINGS, Per
I petually, fra -ingle payment of 4 per cent. Time poll ieswU)
**ued ..f Buildings. Mcrchandtge, Ac., in town or country, at
favorable terms a« by any other responsible company
ALL LOSSES are promptly and l.berallv a<ljuste-d at this office.
O. F BRKSkK, Actuary.
Samuel Marx, Ca*hler Bank of Virginia. Richmond.
J. A Smith, do m-mer*' Hank of Va., do.
J.>«eph R. An.br*. n, |jq., do.
Messr-. lUxall A Co., do.
Henry M Brent, Cash *r of the Bank of tin? Valley, Winchester.
J. II. SUerrard, Cashier »f hr Farmers' Bank, Winchester.
Hon Jamr, M Mason, U. S. S., Winchester.
I dly _
MW k OSS Si Sill. I>s| !MM E compaai.
\r a m got the L ■ ..It *r j f Dir tors, at Hi thnu nd, for
t‘ • N •x York I. '• Insurance Company, on Monday, Feb. 4th.
I l-'*; th- '-.Rowing re-.>’utl..n w *- unanimously adopted •
T *i■. !• r- gnr-1. President and Dinctnr* of the Company, have
New Y k Life I
<’ • ip.my for fh*- la*! year, rmhr ielrg » full statement of »t* atf i-r-.
%*-- •.*. A .to the l*t J muary 1 ir.-| la- ; / *atisfl«-d with the
• sound condition of tl.e company, cordially recommend St to
the . • .-»r. ve*n. tit and * »pp rt of the wholerommunlty.
It... .tn'tirr-l ofo-ratioti* 1J y.-srs ago. With a cuirante, .|
* 4
v.-.te | ir, •*!»»!.• *• . ks «nd tn bond* and mortgages Mi. r.-<l to
und-.tilee»|ly g .<-1.
We k-. w of no rr.o-fe of Inventing money more profitably Th.
profit* are mntusl f-.r the Insure I. and have averag*<1 not lr«, than
tnirty per cent annually on the f*r in:urn* p-tld.
Rev rn», if Rr«i., -3
Wi O Vxvst.
Rev Jsq^* It TaYUtft,
Gto w Cl* rrth,
TH «a P Arnr-tr, *
Amount of n**-t* January 1. KA,
ImotTr • of r~--ipta f..r pr* tuium*, lrit-rr«t, A t. Jin.
I l
l»T ***■*■«» Wr «r*
|» . 1 !..•«• « hr '1 v*i. InfereM on «J.vi<l« ml*
wmlal! Mh-r al./M 19
1V.94.% 9f.
a nr v<4 V n I. Jvi’y 1 1SV1, fl o*y.n - |
I r funl -r uiforrn i* • n i»" I • ', lanafoi y I.c ok* apply a* X • .*•* i
V • r •. v«r Vlrg.o . It «• » *. to
w.nr yi % itf.i: nxi imm i to«in\i*
pRiNt’iPAi. >m« v. ru \rti>»TTK \ h i } va
CH.IRTEPU) i HTML *4n0,00ii C4SII 41 \H *l.’5.ftnn
111*! ► I > •* I It A NCI. ; n t. wn «r • *ry «n«! M i rin» lr. «<irar »■,
r v •.!T» • I on th» furnrahle term* with title • fnpany
itr All Loan** promptly arr-.r r* *l.
J*T»»KK.« k CO.. N<* VI P. arl atrr#tf
Ar-r»t*f»*r Ri«*hmnri4, Va.
1,1 ' 1 II III. INS! »! %N« •: f Off !•.%%%, Of
T « «’ • . . t. *» r 1 ipital *f f.'r-n,*-tfn’!.-« to In* ir. «r.tn*
11 * *
►il»l • .*».* ’•! r 'friz . •». I ill kir.»l< ..f ln*uri«t,|# property, nti
" ' ■ ’ ■ ■■■ ■ i \ j Ii h • .rn|. toUr* taay
«a>ti t f•• ,*• - * ikcn at t!,r A*> n<y,w.ll *«• » lj-»*t*-t e.fh prompt
ne«» ami liberality. II II ALOW IN. Afprfit,
No 1 It M «lu street.
firoivi.t: x r min rr*
MAX-FACTritMC v . ! I». »’ r In Ffor. Itariffe*. lf..t Air Fur
r o. J ip-inji-l. r n • r I fr •» W.*r* . |> .11**.- C , t n,
f ?.••••! -o * . P , . H r Rama . I ,1 P 7. t ; SU-t
lr r, % Uhol-Mlt an I Retail. No IK Mi»h afr-"t. It -btj»on4,
V f»,la.
f .«• "i work 4one to nrrfer. ffr4-ra promptly flll-4 JaH
r|Y;i» Pit*»Pitikr<Mja ok riir mh»h u. Joi iinal. pot.i .i,-i
i •' y o f ' wl.M. w- w-r. of lit* tiie r<l t .f«, lirnff
i ifter
». ry. »• fa- • M <| . f i»t*. M l » P • ’ .
LV '•fl ril«M«*OPF ANOMFOfCAl* ItrpiHtTRR. will'll Will l#a»i
' 'I l»r .f Iptlr n thr |*t nf t vmrj rr. .nth The ftrar No W II he
I ' Jai • trv INJft f».. Jnomat will »*. nor ln'llrl«|iial In
• i* -* t<i.| -i all-fi t-armir to r o'l-r It worthy of the patr.ifiaa*'
j .-fft'.*. r» i ||rn«|r.| to tJ»e cao« of ^f./t il Jo«irnnltafn Iri tfil*
4 21 Klf If M<>N|) A. LRftTR M. I>
O I If I . IV 1 / • , . >1 *» OAK •to' ' f F l' ■ T f>r#«* f>0'.'|*
w ** II f*.r tl i *i* •*., month*, oF- r at f for fVr*A nttr en•
tir. . »f * , /.•»■!« « •i-tlne in part of Pr t,|e4, an4 f ft ir-»l
N K t , I F' ytl-h. plain aa4 PlaM Merino’*, Plain.
jh -I. « t l 11—• • i !»• • ih«, « il. many .*t.*r **yf • a.|i»rri to thr pr
HINFORO. MATO A 111. A lit
A* •«k - t»,»* npjf iff unify to r-rj»ie*t our ro*tt*m-ra wh«»ae a**cotmt*
• nr It*-* . • *t.*1 jr • « montli* to makr tarty iuttemmf
I fl M A B.
»I1W| in mm is vie i m not nt % in i i.o
M W VHl yf» r. • nf ar»4 f t »• hr
M« LFWfF N wntB ♦ 00.
Cf f>% 1*11X9 ^s, n yo'injr I.a4y r-f N-w F* rtan4. e4tieate4
R rnffafl M
I ■:
* p»a! , It n •!--.• of I. tm-th n r. rr.pr**«a lW aeyeyal 4e
• ' F r •* . Fr-nrh, laMl.afrl Rw!1 naeflt# af M»»*le.
A l |r - M . | A HILL, Bihway, X. J orA~tf
\ll U Vlt.ll u MfTlII. Tlr ■•»*.•' ••»».*• r wl«hea to
• • fqfnr n Ha BiRiffy *-> I ■ MffB of >■ •
1 •- * . t, i « ji» .niif fi-url.-f |*|VHi M»b, Vhlrli Will II* M» flair,
•f Apr» \t r<. a r-ort-ina'i w-ii q.nlifl—I m leaeh the ancient
!* /* t■•*, f i m i a-4 >| itfomatlrr, a liforal aaliry will mn
F F- Rl
I j,»i* Frt'9er1ck*trarf.
\’ i: W it it i i ii ii. a
I',,. «m, |i. y i.i..
V”.. ..
II. w, .
.. " « .
*.. " H : »n<1
■ |... Vi... ii, , »if. i,A inll*
, r„r . KOI.'1 ON * CO ,
_ 1"‘_nr ) 1\ l>f.t,.I -iff*., lulilin.—■
« I.O*KN. | | MV MMIIIm rv HI M lll.lt
.<» f- \V’> %*<,««> 111 ANM.T
■ ' - « rHIi < <i . In. w n?IMili.,i| I* lli« ■U.r. f <-t< lo
M In m radii.*4 |,rlto Iclur* Km. >•*
(O-PARTNKHnIIIP notices.
nissiH.i •!«>>.
r|SIIE Arm o( KMITII * KoitKKTKi. ih.. .Uy . W1t~1 b, n,Miu»l
a MU.nl. Th... M *«>iUh t>ur. h.wd of J I1 M.l.i I,
■ u rulirr lnt*rr.l. Th« iHulnouof .hr !»'«• Oroi oil. hr w.llrd br
' «U .lour tir .uU.ar>l..| .0 In
_■ ■ . _ THOS M KMITII,
"** Irt, ISS4. J>0 P. ROItKKTK.
....... .. t'O-PAH r.> t.HNVIll*.
rSSHM. M. KMITII. I.to of .hr flrtn of KMITII A ROBERT*, ha.
a till. <l»jr .ooolol .lib blu. Ai>. *.1* II Raw*.. 11... \»
Wiuao ami ITu K llr.r, for lb. purvuor of cuu4unl.i« . crnorul
rirMriffl.*s?,oD»i n,‘“ •*»*•
Ttnr maarrikm have already received, and a ill aowtlnue fi oui time
te link* »«»teeuvw from the tuanufactur i«» of England and this court*
try. a large and well selected *U>ck of genera! Hardware. Guns.
**'' llery. !>• , adapted to the coming and would resins tfullv
Juvile tin* attention of the Merchaul*. Saddle,s and other. of Virginia
Carolina and Tennessee Ia. Inspect the ssurc, feeling *.*Urrd
Dial we will U able to supply them upon the m..il fa* or aide term*.
To the paln*n» of the old Arm. wo return our giateful acknowledge
ittetits for their l ta/ral atql long continued patronage, and would
most re*^ct fully solicit for our new Ariu a continuance of the saute
guaranteeing on our part to give them entire satisfaction
TtPM* M smith,
, , WM. 8. HURT.
January1 j,j;
« 0-1* l It IN El* NUU*.
PBNHK undersigned have formiil a Cw-partnership, to commence
M. on tl.r 1st instant, for th- purp«tae of conducting a f.T.VA**
AM/ />/»>* f/do/vi / Y/N»A*/7.VfJ, JOBMStJ AXl> ii>M
XlSSiOS RCSIXES& at No «• Oiambcr* and Tl Reade si rot*.
t«t the city of New York, under the style and Arm of Hi l l.. HRmiKs,
t*At*K A IN» ; and at No 19 I*, art street. In tire rut of Richmond,
' a . under the style and Arm of KLLKTT, WALI.KK. DREW KY A
Our Mr llell has just returned from Kurope. where he selected and
/•u-< t.i«e / our Pvrritfn <»<**/■ In person for nid
We shall at an early dsy pieptrvd to .-ahiblt and offer to the
trade a beautiful stock at b,,tli points, and upon as favorable terms
as auy house In thts country.
WM HELL, # of the Arm of
JAMES ti HlHbiKS. t Brook., lu ll A Waller ;
J IMIS T I* %OK, I |«te of the Arm of
ANDREW I. II.LKTT. | Willingham, ullett A Co..
RICHARD I* WIU.KR. t „ “f ,,f..
*1 Brooks, Hell A Waller:
January 2d, NN5.
rw\HE Arm of BROOKS, HELL A WALLER win not he dissolved
■ !?..*, w. wRI doav Ml tv Stack of Cl i* • i *
• n«i ti<»n at an early lay. to maae room for our successors, Messrs.
January Sd^HAA. B I >OK8, DEI \ \ W \1 1 ER.
fKYIIKutblerslgn. I have this >ls\ f «m». d s co-partnership In the
■ of Srv York and sty if BRI Mill L a
KtrVSTERS. h r t!.e p irtH s .w ... lucting a GENERAL Ct»dMI>
'l(*N III n»i. e part let.1s> lv '..r the sale of Manufactured
Tobacco and Hour, Grain, Coli n and other Produce, (.ocatlou.
No. ,r w a ter street
JlT’ Liberal advances on consignments.
R * iond, January 1,1AM. Jal BBm
EK1HE Cm. of S MERCH ANT A W KIMGKR was dissolve*! on the
I l«< Instant, by mutual co* sent. It* th of t!ie late partners are
• utl.. sod f use the name of the Ann in hquldatlou.
Th.*w having claims will please present them, and those Indebted
arc r*s| tested to call and ss ttlp with as little delay as p-wstble
« <»-»• %H miMMIIP NOTICE.
ERIIIE ut. lei *'inied on the l*t Instant entered into Co-partnership,
1 Vrth- transact n of t! e CLOTHING and El RNlSHlNtJ |>u.
• in *11 lu branches, under the Arm of MERCHANT. W K1S1
They solicit a continuance » t the same liberal patronage that luv
so K i a I«ee0 bestoWrd upon the immediate predecessor*.
llavuig Hscontlnuetl the Jobbing business, they will pay Increased
attention to the Retail department of their business, and trust they
s>U be able to please ll»eir patrwtis In good*, «tvle and price.
t» V WEI910KR.
Jan h. '<4 - ja4 CHA8 R DARRACOTT
NOTH i .
J %*.«■. Ill NT A It k N 11I. IC. Ill NT have con
i.ecte%l theuwlrcs under the Arm of HI NT A BR<V, for con
ductings c tier a! Commis *n Busluws. and Iwr* taken art otB e on
v'trgu v Ms -n Cary atrvet and th« Danville Depot, (rearof Messrs
Tiny solicit * oOsiguntgnt* of Tobacco. Wheat. Flour, Coro, and al.
kinds of country pr.niuce, promising prompt attention to all con
signment*. an l quick return*. jai—1«
ffl'lilh .:.<l»-r»igoed have un"cl themselves under the firm and
.•nductlt.g :n • * «Ity the above business In all it« bran- hr*. Tliey
vi- • :> oc- uf U-d by Hunt and Harvey,) and expect to have lo store
in a few i %y* an tx • nslre assortment of Groceries. to which they
re*|H' tfully Invite the attention of their friend' and the public gene
rally F\;>- i. . d metalers of the Arm will give their attention to
the -ale of Produce generally. and to the receiving and fowarding of
Tiie usual adviDce* trade on consignment. From long expe
n- n « in the different branches o'our business, and by prompt per
sonal attention, we hope to merit a portion of public patronage.
jal JOHN «, IPOI n
FHXHK Arm • ' WARUI V A PF.RKINS i« this day dissolved by ran
■ t : .1 consent. Ether party will use the name of the Arm In
it<juM«ttcn All persons Indebted to u« will pl« a-e come forward
and -- ttlr their accounts. Longer indulgence cannot We given.
jalO _ _ W P PERKINS
Fit r:
I AIM Eld \ i F.l.Y a-*i» the arrival of the • »rs every morning from
Ki 'hnu.nd at d P« teraburg at the Junction, tliey remain l*alf an
h* ur. in »: ler to give pa--e:ig- r* an op|»ortunUy for Breakfast. Pas
senger* .>n »•- ih roa I- wdl observe tills reguUti. n. and l*ear in mind
a Ane liKE \KFAST Is prepared for them.
S I* IH’RKF, P pi •
miip propiiii roKoi rm powiia* .
■ TAN Ht>l’SK solicit* the patronage of the member* of Z.J^JL
tii«- G« ral Assembly, and others risltlng the city thi* win, i-.3
ter, and promises to spare no pains in hi* endeavours to contribute
to their comfort.
Tht situal.ou of the h mse is so well known, and so drs'rahle, that
it need* nr. further commendation.
OTICF.—In taking Large < f the above establishment, I .
a w* ..id m.-st re-f>ectfully •••licit a continuant** of the
®rr pair. .« of the 11- t. i. an 1 t. my friends, I a-k of th«-m n 1 -.
call an l •- . me My table shall alw»y« r. ad with vl! tlw- i li
cacle*of the season. The •H-rvant* arc all attentive. The entire es
tablishment shall have the b- -t attention that I am master of. My
wifrw."*. .• that the ladies whe patronise the Hotel shall have every
wish gratfied, and all I a-*k n a 'hare of business. The house I* fur
nished in the very oe** «tyle, arid is locab-d in a quiet part of tht
city. >|y Omnibus will alway* be at the different depots to attend to
custom* rs, to carry them to and fro.
TIM I I KI Biol M . IVHEELINtit \ .\.
Da WAT.'ON CARR, Pa rairrwa
fllllW magnlAcent Hotel, situated at the corner of Market and
M Monroe streets. Wheeling, offers unsurpassed inducements to
the traveling public. |t is <oipplied with every requisite for the ac
commodation of ladles and gentlemen, contains !.’*• well ventilated
and capsHoua rooms, and i* within three minutes walk of the Balti
more and (Hilo Railroad. the Che*a|M-akr sod Ohio Railroad and
su-ambonT landing. The Post Office and Court House are on the
same square, and Kiprvas and Stage offices In the basement.
Pro •* only #1 So |»er day.
i ff" Omnibuses •* d l*<>rtrrs are always in attendance to convey
passengers and baggaee to and from this Hotel.
W. W. GIBIW*. Proprietor.
IP" Hack* rtn regularly to and from the Railroad Depot to the
■hi- ly
f WT“ An Omnibus runs regularly to and from the Railroad lb-pot
i MO ly
II. SM. ill < O., PK.-raivT-.a-,
A KMN!nrH«i> run regularly to and from tt.— Ka.lroad Depot and
\ P I With •' « bouse. ly
1,1 »ir in i r.-n.r -
•|» *-d f.jr m- No 117 .Main <rerf, and »l«o tl»«* upp r /‘ A
par* .-*• I.- tar* * N *.»'h »:, I «ir* •over Mr. A.I i —
• I .■/• i - .ft* r, uppotltr I" M O A A llir/tm-n** tn
Apply • * J l» it tv A NM.
i^T" I* v Mr .-«n ami Wvthevdh* T. kgmpti, |de.-»«e . py
an I forward Mil to me. f. o
Sr 41 If I I Oil 14 I \ 1 . 2
»n ik* i rhmyr In their fMioi.r.., would rent out their
. »r/* «nd » hIuiMi* Mo re. at tl < »-ner of 14th ami Cary atre. t« —
r» » • »i«hlng to n.ruif.' .n I hr firocery Buallie*', there :»»r in*
du< • • if ml tartly to In* Aid With.
JV’4»— If Conwr l <:li and Cary utmtu
IjW’ic iff*.Nrr. '
f* r »lir/ -f.«ii v The r . mu l ave lieeu rr, f utly p i- / A
p ml and painted T»*rma low JIUmL
J«99 MI7FH I PII ACP.?» Ma.ti-t
IAOII Hi; Nr. ItM r. • . . I » M .ry at pr. *. r.t nrr ,
pied by M**aar* ttract A Bennett, ■ « for rent for th*- pi
•cntyerr. TIIOMA.m W. KKKmOK.
J«fl | . • • r
IjValt ICI.N I'. T* »f la-/** and-onv*-t *-nt Ifm«e n
fi i r *•-*!. near th- rnrr of - h. kn* wo aa th**
* ^4
ta«M -I F r term*, A . apply to
HI > I. r« war.*,. .** a nn tie- In. k *Mt»l»k
f .r *• h i- . <• fa- tor;*-', at* mrrvr *« or mtr l ant’« .tor* ' AtL
I.VM KIM. I r<irn«r of
Main and I*, ar atr- •», lately occupied hy War-1 w* t: A It-id. Wi
r«r. j»A UM PAl.MFIt
I4Al#tl If I N I Th it ..'oily • • • l dw* Sling on
R ■ ho -o I Mill. ' • r.i'-r »»f *!'•• i md Fran i III) at rest.—
ti. >.«•* ha* )»»•» ben fh*»r mg'ly r>-paired paint, d and * J
l pa|**r«-d. and ba« on^ *.f the Rncat well* of w^t-r on tlie hill.
\l"» •' • dwrlliog at th* corner of 26fh and Ora* e atrrct'. Rich
m- nd IItil. wbn h ha« j*»'t undergane a thorough repair
: |* * radon giver. mini* <tlately Apple to
j dr.A C J MINTON A TO .Tf M i n «t.
9 41 It 14 I U OH I I I >f .
fBYMtT rone* i *-o*lv arranged and centrally located build * Apt.
| I I lift at* . BQ9[
I i agon ally * pje-alte the City Cmirthnaw. and in view of the Capitol.
vor prof* • *■•**» .1 men H nwnMnw •■eery cun? mien re, having ..fib *-•
Irla- h I. and il*n In the main build ng, the Hi* rlor «»f which ■« of m«»
Irrn •-onifrii' ti'in, w b two parloye. handaome mnrhl.' manttept* rn,
4 P». .. . i. t,f th. ! w • d*t i -*»< d off.' • • ifi !•*■ given at <*ir.-. • ti * I * f
*»ie mtire p»ro..«ra hy ihr ath day of |i* *inkr, at wtilrh time the
pre**-Tit term -rplr •. though a aatUfa to ry arr.mg* ment tnav hr
msdr to /, .r jo- •«« ..‘on at .-m ••*rlkr "f later dale, «« f am Infnrmrd
•*y thr pr. * ft» * 'ip.ifit. Mr IVm Brent, (of tbr Arm of (Irettrr A
Hrent,) * •. . w d ta. • j ' aaure In almw.ng the prnnlara u, any one
detrtron* o' viewing tVi m.
Apply t« >•i*h.*f of the Afraara T %f»Fl. RUhtnond.
Or to P 'f TABU. Jr ,Tnet*-e of WMUarn Mle-pard,
•etf tf Htandon. M* nrlco ounty, Va
if. f.uvt'* MiPKovcn o % now i/rrif, tni
A ■ OR\T, having many y r« . tper’« * -e In the rn inuhicture
Ida M| • r« r " fl* .* for It' 1 r« of all I* r p
Hull*. I< i« -• •»«!• l "I a mail fi1 ’ <y In tfil* city, where |»e Will man
*lfa t*lfe « ?'• *to Pir«-*ir* fli'i/i a of at! altec, for «tranihfiat«, loro,
•nofl .-. •. ‘-iV milk, A Alao, fi|.i«a Watey Oaug* « and le*eomotlvr
ft la evident that an Instrument ronatantlv Indiratlng Uii (aemrt
jrrt t*» d-ring U" nt, |« ** d* atderatum both to the engineer and pro
prletof. It enabl* a tire one tn inanag* fh«* Cram wV.b *<«• , and the
other t*. **r t; tt it i« 4« manag' d, and will not only pr. »nt egalnd
e*p|oeton«. I.* • by Ita every f-»y >•* promote In a high degree th«
eronomy and < ffl.-lency nf t'e wh<*|e ratabllahment.
The «h* vr Oaugi « rnrr worr iot> d
Virginia C.utral Railroad. Kk hmund »nd r>anvt|lr R illroad, Ta|.
bott A KV 'her, Murr A Ft»u.g*r, P»iUlp Rbrtn, ibram hnyl> r ftuifd.
»r«. atel ofR.-** of lie lti< hrr. .**d Vl hlg.
When drair- d.th* inaoufa turrr will attach *he (tmgr t • tl • h«.ilrr
for fall by FAR IFW # TAVf*OI
apM t9 Main vtrirt. Kicbm«.t»d. Va
nt MIIAIPS € %f.« INffl d M.M>I \,fr *«H
at I.AlfllTY A ffttill\j4i»N*g
)^f!t N« w Ime afore. |th and Fea*.kiln Pfa
c j hstos A ro.
frf M’r • ft 1 f * u’ ,* J %w 71 'I i •
% A rut f. \Vf It I •-A f i 1 a*«irt* "n* of varl- u* «tr , or
ff hand and for ’ thy t t MINTON A ro ,
9 g ft* C Par Aaw. Tl Malr treed
•J % Iff TIN’ it f a f% ». * .rl «over*d with leather. Whalebone
| J and t*teel It okator l.adiv , fer aalea by
1*4 7IMMKKU M.
R. R. R.
Lin: »m» uK irii.
it lit I'rimsiplt >t/ l lrt Mww u Lit JVJntW* ,.f
rai a a a. sxaxitv* *»*»t*s taa uaaar rowsa ?v» aacvai tv* taa
■trtaaa atsraa Niuta *»»» ura, abu go mi taa
avuxx rauiur ta«*a rm*. nan, axd au.
► o*i v laitaarriKM
orrcR/xv iosbasb b y mb r r r \s
k a i» \% % % *« u i: a u i at k K. a t: r
18 lo be u*ed lu all Cain where (her* U pain. The moment tt i«
Applied extern Ally, or taken internailv.it will allay the most tor
taring ache*, pain*. cramps. burns. **Aids, Ac . qwkker than
M • rph.nc. t'Moro'orui. Veratrlne. or any other auodyne or remedy
1 that has ever been used by medical men.
It Is safer than these dangerous reundlr*. The public will bear In
tulnd that Chloroform. M.uphine.Opium. Ac . only st.fle the pain by
«tupifyIng the senses, so that »he perveptlre faculties loose the power
of hi ling, and that after the influence of these narcotics have pass
cd from the system, the paui again breaks forth with lu terrible
pangs, with renewed % iolen. e.
Ksdway's Ready Rrlirf slops the pain, and retuova* the cause of
Ihe disease that occasions It; It liifiisr* new life Into the weak and
d'sess d |M»rt* It braces up the nerve*, and establishes in the tys
tern a reaction of health and streiiglli In place of pain. w. *kiirsi
and disease
A* a counter Irritant. Radway** Ready Relief, applied to the sur
face of the body, where there is Inflammation ,»r congestion. It wilt
instantly scatter the congested blood. equalises the circulation, and
in a few minute* the most excruciating pains are removed. Till*
may be seen lu cases of Lumbago, that! and Rheumatism. In their
mod terrible forms, where an application of Radway‘s Ready Relief
will restore the patient to ease and comfort.
(WitiWirtfl £A*«m«t#Jam -.Ins .lad frf /VMaf-Ji'd JUei
«y A is AVooeerjr TimMp »v*e of R R R - A HWferf hJ <*ure.
R Arm's I'vaisM. La . June ItMh, KV.
Messrs. Radwny A Co Railway** Ready Relief has cuiesl Peter
1 May of Rheumat.siw, when there was no hope of his ever recovering,
j I heard of his sltuAtlon and I sent for him. Ilia right arm arid Lg
was all perished II, had no use of them at all; Ini I by the use of
your medicine. In two ui »ntl»# he was carrying the matf from Cher
ry vlllr to Burr's Ferry I objected, lie said he must «|o something
I for a living It ha* bora fourteen month* since hewascured. lists
now well, and Is working on his farm, and t!»e whole cost o his . urr
I for your medicine was five dollars latAc lli uiu.aawxa.
u yiiw n> Ki:ui i.stokk.
We here »l»re.-t tl»»- attention of the )»uhllc to our iiewly discovered
retnevly— K \l*i\ AY*8 Rktit'I.ATOKS. they tin* great cura
tive properties of a purgative, cathartic, aperient, sudorific, anti
ly«|n |*tlc, corrector and regulator of the system. They are In fact |
the only perfect purgative or cathartic remedy that has ever been
discovered or given to the world. #
Railway** Regulator* will answer a bet trr purpose than calomel or '
murcurv. without entailing on the systtm the terrible Injuries of
ihes.- tuneful tl'ugs.
They sre in tin* form of Pill*, elegantly coated with gum. perfect
ly ta«N ics*. and •-sn l»e taken without sickening or u«u«e*ting the
patient Tliey are to l>. iimsI In all «-*-.•« alien the system Is Ol*T of
ORDER. or under the Influence of diseam* One "or two doses of
l U» t«v s v’s Regulator* has frequently etiev kc«l the progress t»f the
most trrrlldwdiseases, and restored the sy stem to health and regu
They « stshlish new and Improved principles In Mcvllc'ne, and se
cure the gre»* Mi,d imp. riant power of regulating to a healthv. natu
ral an-1 harmonious action, each and every organ In thr body This
gr. it controlling power has never formed any part of ihe properties
of the popular t'xthartlc. Vegetable or Indian 1'urgatlvc Pills that
have ever l*een In use.
Rad wav’* Regulator* rid the syslem from disease and restore thr
I winari botljr to health, on .an enti. rlv diff. rent principle to the w«;»
ken I ng. alckening and griping method of the common cathartic and
pui gatlve pills
One or two ef Radway’s Regulators will remove ihe cause that oc
casion* pain or stekn* •*. or an Irregular or unnatural action «*r con
dition »*f the organs of the bedv. qu *Ler. more effectual, and w|r|»
le*« trouble to the patient than *lv or ten of the common cathartic or
purgative pills. The moment Ra«Iway's Regulators are takrri Into
the system afflicted wtih di*ca*e. their e*| .aili ng efficacy begins ;
1 th#y search nut the rlrment* of disease wherever It may be seated ;
the} vet upon the wh le surface of the Intestines and bowels, attrac
ting the foul and morbUl humor* from the blood, glands, secreting
ve«*c1* andeiprlllrvf if e I« of d(*e**e from the body, rv storing a
healthy and r-rular act lot: to tfie I. leer. Rowels, Pancreas, Heart,
Kidneys. Bladder, Skin and all other Viscera.
All of the common p'lls of the day, called Vegetable, Indian. Ca
th vrt'e. A . claim that thev cure dim a-«- by purging from the bowel* '
This Is far as thev go—they act upon the bowel* by Irritating the
luuouou* uivtnbrane, and thus obtain an evacuation In the same
manner a* the bow.-ts are moved by eating something that dlsagret •
with the system This is truly an unnatural method of restnr nr the
syst.-n to health, l»v sw vllowlng p>Hs that di«*gree* with and Irritate
It Those wh«» have taker, these common pill# are sell aware of the
weak am! debilitated condition their systems are left In. after the
scouring operation of these drartrlr purgatives W over, the l*owrl*
llencc arise dyspepsia and a host i f dls* #«♦« Rad way** R.-gjlators
- ever leave the bowels In a roatlve condition, or occasion pain «r
weariuess In their operation.
Ml. 1.
TH*e*ts>s and comfdaint* caused Ige Exposure and Akaosplori
cal Changes, or* r rrti>A Rut tray's Ready Relief amt Kart
a a Cm Regulators pi**mess the *a«**/ rcmarktiUc curat ire
amt ir\ick trill readily yield to the R. R treatment.
<x»Ln* * at* rtvm.
When the system i* flr*t seised with a sudden cold, or a fever set*
In. a do*** of from three to six of Railway's Regulators *ho'ild I**
taken—this U all the medicine, at this stag.* of the d •*-a«e, that Is re
*1 til red : In a few hours the system w‘ll tw rc*t..red to «otmd health
But. If the cold and fever Is neglected, and roughs, headache*,
cold*, chills pain* and aches In the 1 tub*. Joint*. mu*cle«, bnnes.
•Ide and hack, sore throat, hoarsene**, difficult breathing, follow
the col | and fever, then Radway** Ready Relief «ho<ild !*• applied
externally, and a good d«»*e of the R.-gulafors taken. A* »«»on a#
the Relief |* applied a reaction will take place, and in a few hour*
the patient will l*e free from all pain or annoyance.
If these signs of the presence of disease In the system are tin no
tice*!. and violent frVera break out. In the form of Billon*. Typhoid,
Scarlet,Ship Fever and other malignant f. v,-r«. such as Pneumonia
Lung Fever and Brain Fever, a more rigid treatment Income* nr
e**ary The Regulators should l«e given eiery four hours. In larg
•|o«. • of from four to si a, tint 1 fr.-»- a*»«l rnplou* .|i*<*hanr» * from the
Ih.wcIs are obtainr«l The relief applied will produce a salutary ef
fc t up. n the *kin, and, taken In wat- r, will abate the frier.
If Inflammation* or congestions take place, Ka (way’s Re gulator*
an l R i !v R* Ue? should he taken in larg. d >«e* A cure will rj : k
ly follow the r i e In e.«*e# ,.f BMl..u»n« .* nr M ilignant Itillou* Fe
ver. or Ilillou* Pneumonia, R idway*# Regulators, given In full do*e*.
and the whole surface of the h.*dy bathed with Radway** R» ady Re
lief, will effectually and spwdllr cure the patient.
Attacking the joint* and lltnh*. Inflicting Its terrible piercing pang«
• •f pain with merciless rap'd ty —chan* ug about from Joint t«» Joint
and fr m limb to limb, or Lumbago, Neuralgia, or Gout afflicts you.
Kidway*« Rradv R lief, applied to the part# where the pain I* felt,
will q i rkty relieve you from It* excruciating pangs. Ba.lway'*
Regulators will rxpel from the intestine* all Irritating and corrupt
Radway'* Ready Relief I* not only a cure fot th#** Infectious ma
ladies, but will prevent those who u*c the Ready Relief and Regu
lator* *galn*t the Infection.
HV hare I seirn fAe R. R Relief rid trho/e neighborhnemfs of
the in fs ti>*n of Small- Rox and S.ntrlet Freer. 117 litre fiknris,
kncncii ship master* / '<» hare enrol the fire* of tleir crew* an.4
passengers, amt entire/ y jt rircu a tray the <maft- Rax and Shij
Ferer from thrlr ressels, fay sprinkling t\e Re*utu Relief through
their if.feet-d shi/a // /* astonishing t chat happy effects thi
Ready Relief trill A iv if f eeltj sprinkled in plans tthere the**
contagious and infectious poisons pr* rail.
We will guarantee that, if those who are now «uffering with fever
an*l ague, or it* . ffects. w II pla.-r thrlr system# under th*- Influenci
of Radway'* Ready Relief and R. gulator*. to cure them entirely of
fliis distressing malady, and to free th« m from the fever of ague ’ha*
Is now lingering in their system# and to render their bodies ague
proof against renewed atta k*. Tho« now -offering from Fnl.argu
ment* of the Kpleen, Engorgements of the Liter, and #thrr orgitih
enlargement*, nr*- promised speedy deliverance from their miserlr*
by the R R Relief and Regulator*
We tiow direct the attention of tl*e public to our second great dis
covery for lie cure of chronic disease.
NO. 2.
diseases that hare hem lingering in the system for a length of
rime, tainting the f trith impurities anti corering Vie tody
trith sores anti ulcers ; diseases inherits*/ hy he reel it ary de
*cmt% or i'Oitra.teif f y i nt*u-ulation. or transmitted lg/ other
diseases ; ocer all of uhich said diseases and •/isorder* in this
second class
P.orvsr- the m- •» t*o#itlve curative power*
11.4* performed miracles In the way of cure#. It has made |»er«on*
#..ond and wt ole. whose flesh wu one mo. of corruption, and who
were *o d>*flgur. I by dl»ea*e a* to render them objects repulsive to
the sight.
Chronic/riseases, St'r ifu/o /s and Ayphititic 1\ohiJoints,t\ai
mumt4ion.ant other afections of the hmgsand iXroat. halt,
rations and fh oamir Enlargements. Chronic Rheumatism,
tetandular Spellings, Hacking hry Cough. Cancerous A ffec
tion• Reeding of the / tug*, f>/epei*sja. Wafer /trash Tit
hxtereny. W\,U Spelling, Tumors, Fleer*. Hip disease*. Fe
mate t ■■ in j Jiti ids Hunt .Rickets Rronchiti*. ! ire r tom plaints,
The moment a t|o*e of the Itrsolvent Is taken Into the system In
fe »e«t With dl-e**r. the patient « Xp* rlerices the most delightful an
«ttlon«. for new life t* coursing thr * gh every vein amt tissue of the
h Iv enriching and purifying the blood—and cmstlog out all mor*
h'<l, <irrupt and ln*t! «ome humor*.
The Ref orating lte*olvrnt I* a positive mre for aR chronic corn
philnt- It ha* made whole arid - cmd patient* who had suffered
fh»* most terrible torture ili«< i“ *»mld inflirt ii|M>n the system, let
those who hive tried oilier treatment* and are -till um ur* d, givr
tl»e Resolvent a trial— It will cure you.
Price one dollar per bottle.
ft % IMV A A A ( #»•«
1^2 /«//«* A ft ft Sf" York
M »ld by Druggists, Merchant*, and Ftorekerper* ererywefe
priirm. i.add a co.,
_ Jallh- dawly R 1 \ .
l.lll \ f M US MU! : II f »*| or I I.!
»i:< KW ITU’s IM'MIYSPft PI IC 1*11.1.**,
after « trial of more than 25 year*, and sustained by certificate*
from f . n of tlir hlgf r «t starttll? g In »h« Culled . |« now ..ff« re*l
to the nubile as the IlFFT ami IM'RKST rrtnedy for Dy-p* p-l
T’ cs*- t*tll« (i.ntaln no Calomel, no mineral constituent* of .»ny kind
Ti er m purely vegetable, and to «*n*ur< a *|*-edy intr<«lu< th.u of
them into every fittmly, the Proprietor only w -hr* fl.i m to !*• !rl-d.
M--rf thin fr*?,l??*?» box*-* have ln*ii i| sposeil of, ami with an Increaa*
' log r* pul at Ion - and the Proprietor pledge* hi* honor i* a r/oin, ami
hi* r nut ition as a /'A_i/W«for Che safety ami efflr/icy of their
»e- If*- I .1* In hi* p *-•- .n h tier* fr .m such men a* Mirth’ Van
R irvti. Fx President I' F , II.ui. Ilmry I'otirr, Judg. Huprruie Court;
R R v le-vi .* IV'*, late lli-'mp of N C . lion GcorVe F ltadg«*r,
C F Hen dor. from N C. lion WmCPn don.late 1/ .* deflator from d.
I C Mg darnuel ,M< i’onihs, Greenville, Georgia, and a host of similar
p-r-fe age*.
T" l- h id in HD hmofid of Adk* A Gray, Purcell, I.add, A Co , and
Duval A Norton. •
rr Nwiir genuine without tl>e Wrltt# n the signature of
Proprietor, Petersburg, Va ,
mhl5- dly To whom all order* will he addr<*^d
|f Itimns,
FBNIIF MAFGNIC MlNt'AL A ».o k • ompanlon f«r the India
| ted. containing the Ri'nals of IWr M ioinrr, embr »" «l in the
Degffcv of the le-dgc. Chapter and Ptirampmcnf, *-m b« tli-hed with
( upwards of three hundred engraving*, t..g. il»er with Forms of Ms
•..file pirti'iM-fit*. Not. * Hong* Date-. Ar , rompib-d and arr>»rige.|
j by R< b yt Afaeoy, P*«t Master, I’/iil Gran t P* cretary, Pa-t Grand
j Commafider, Orand Recorder, A**., f1f|c*»,?h edltlffti—fl.
! TIIP M Adi F.It WORKMAN, or True M isonlr Gul l- Containing
; • hi. -Ia<l*m* of th- Fundamental Principle* of Frr# M taotiry, with
i . ui*. li -hf.»ef,t* -,rid . vplaftat-nn«, l»y I C Aiwn»»d—f l
TIIF. SF.W M ICONIC TltfFTI.K- HOARD- Adapted lo the Wcrk
*' i i I I- • «♦ j" < - i n llw badge# Chapter*, ( i • and
Km iniptfief.ts # f Kn (lit* Templars ti the United df*te«of America,
i.y Chaa W \f* ore fl J5
Hv John flora- f I *i"»
MAHONRV AND ANTI MARONRV A history of M«*onry, *• It
ha« • a ist*"d In Pennsylvania -luce ITW, In wMdi the true p» inciples
of the Institution are fully fleve|ope,|, and all misrepresentations
corrected. containing the prole*!*, speeches, report#. A** , by Alfred
TIIF FUFF MAHON’d MONITOR—CJ nfalitlng a delineation of
the Fundamental Prim lutes of free M t*ot ry, by / A. Davis- f|
For sal# by
_A, IfORRl 17 Main 1 *
' ''* nu ’ u£m\
MjflKsveDi^V f**t, thr ItXLiar w . ■■‘*S
only pi ir • in «ave V> |»ef rent, on Trunk*. Hoots, dimes, Ifat*. Tto*
brells*. Ar .either wl.oleaalc cw retail, as (I ha* been tasted by hnn*
drrds rtf »Id rustf.mers.
P,»Wl Wfitth of g-^fd Children's Flua**, only f4jf cent# a pair.
f'.,<.nn •• •• Brogue*, •' 2*t " '•
f.*, out •• •• Hal#. M 7ft •• each,
fin.fttgi •• Trunia, •• fl ••
All other good# equally cheap.
Direct Importer of fine Ffigtlsh Foie leather Trunk*, French Calf
fl/ifits ami Flow*, lists, Ac., Iftt Main strret, next door to the Ft
rhange Hank, Richmond, Va. del?
I III GOOIIN M« M Ml: win.||.
\F our stork I* urmstially large Inr the *e i«*n, we will offer great
bargain* In
K»eh Velvet Moire Antique. Rafin and Cloth Cloak* and Talma*
Plsid, long Wbl'e ami Rlaek andCol.*re»| Ttuhet and W'hlte Craps*
French M«rltfoe* C*«hmereg and Mon*rltn«
Plaid M* rlt»«^s P al«l Flannels at d Comforts
H J mid Ferfants* Hlanket*
P» nftentlsry at*d other Plaid |«ln«eys
I" ' **es *he«-p gr- y Faflriet*. Pulled Cloth*, and other food* for
frrvant*, will l»e sold a» great bargain*.
Al«», In Carpeting* , great reduction will he *tihntllle.f to In Rub
Tapestry, T-|frt and Hrussri* Carpets, to prevent carrying them
over totl»e next aea*on.
C »t’i por ha*- rs are particularly Invited to call, being tts ir l
that fl w II fig to th* Ir lnt«re*t to do to
a» <»9 Main *fr^t CHRISTIAN A LATHR P,
4t \ HMJM GfMHRT III rn.lt A Aue arG le for
Jk*9 faailly u##. L»«,WJ M. JONtA.
S». W Maiu Stiwt. lorurr I'ounetiilh,
Riunttan, Vi.
PI,Ht i:i.|„ I.ADU A 4 0. hare in .tor*, and are « I
now receiving, their FALL STOCK, embracing their usual ^Hfaf
large and well selected assortment, which they offer In lots VW ,
•ult purchasers, very low for ctaa. or on the u.uai credit to B
punctual dealer*.
WM*i lbe Superior Indigo
5»M> Iba beat Madder
^ hew* Sup Carh Hoda
th> bhU Spirit. TuiiMOlUne
40 bbt. burning Fluid
dal lb* Nutmtge
450 Iba Mace
hi bane. Starch
lff»4i bun Window Glaaa, /Vend
ft l*bU Camphor
IfUl the Powt«»red ami Root Rhubarb
ffial ounces Quinine
ffitno lb« Katract Logwood
10 KM, brimstone
10 bbl. Illake’e Faint
15 bag. I'epper
10 l>ag« Allspice
15 bag. (linger
40 bids Tanner** OU
•**» gallon, l inked Otl
*hai gallon* Lamp till
500 keg. White Lead
15 ca«r« Chrome tlreen and Yellow
to case. Pari* t)recti
15 keg. Red l.r*•! and Lltharg
lOOM lb*. White Zinc Paint
111 ra*e* Lump Mugnedt
15 boars Castile Soap
loti boar* Sweet Oil
1»i mat. Caa.la Hark
.lT^fTthrr * **rf* %ml general assortment of popular Patent
Medicines, Perfume*, Cigar*, Soap*, brushes. Fancy Article*. Ac.
Druggists, W Main afreet, corner Fourteenth,
__Richmond. Va.
Jf ihh/.h fure*/ .Aiwa FYencA Hr«»/*es. f;r*en ^.rrmifcu (/f/ir/er,
\ . i . . , . mvm carmlnnUy# .i,.l .t«machtc
th . bnwflrtal In rhwcMn, that .ItwOrwl .talc of
"’“ll* •? I’r.valenl In warm (Mlht, ami whkh
.?rnTl ‘iu.T.i ■*. DjraonUfjr. ChoWra. Ac. In.
* f,;.r nxllAm.-y, I»y.,n,pal, ami Uyna. .1 tV
' .. V.'* ,IU,rW‘* *>“•'* Ague prrr.il. ,„a ll . great
P i ^ • T*?1* r ho"l<- S' ta r ilmrn.
xdz^t.r< t,r.v'
vwk Till: subscriber t»g» leave to iiimi _
■1 Ylft ‘ al1 t,,*‘ ■Hentlon of In* friend* WjTlT|
Ctiitly .. In te-d by iiitu<M*|f la person.
II ronaiata ..Mhr.i.ual rarMy.aml will. In alyl* ami quality, corn
parr arlth any In thr n.arkrt.
Hr rcapvctfully tnvtty* pirrhum to g1 rr him a call, promtatng to
•rll hjr tl»r dear., or alnglr pair aa low a. any olhrr hnuac In ihc city
_ JNO. 0. PAOK,
•«* _ So. IS. Market bridge.
M W s r<H K or I AI.I. t.turns.
.4., Ml >llt W, l|l Hil l s, _■■■
HI l*h IV lltr.s. ftps. l«HH.r,WM9. •
f *.’ Ml"l- I . .|"*, tfu’ly
nn l.y. t„ thr public, mn
that fir l« now prrpare«| to offer to the public oiimiH|I^!iii»UuOi
inauditv .took* In hi* line ever offered in this city. Ili..tin k l« new
complete, ami ft* a»k« the attention of city and country dealers, with
the sx.ursn.-e ihst lit* price* *h«|| be satisfactory. selO
> i: \% s ro< k
BOOTS, SilOtS, he.
"o» opening an entire new .lock of Win- %
Uooi* and Shoe*, comprising a good s**urlrnent V
of all kind*, to which we a*k the ittcutioa of our friend* and
the public. We think we can «how the best assortment In Klrhiuoml
Among ••nr aa rtiuetit may be found tlie following:
Lstlie*' Hallers, of nearly every style
** Fl'te Morocco, float and Kid Walking Shoe*
*• Fine C«lf«kln Walking Shoe*, a .uperlor article
** White Kid and White Satin Slipper ; Black Satin do
" Fine Mo., Ktd and float \\ stk.ug Boots
" Over Slice*
Gentlemen'. Fine Dress Boot. and Shoe*
•* Double Sol* Calf Water Proof Halter*
** Patent Leather flalter*
Ml.se.’ and Chlldrtn*. Shoe*
Sri rants' Shoes, of rood quality, for men and women.
to punctual customer* okly.
FB10R 9UII5CRIBKR is now opening a m»«t excellent a**
B *ort«neot of Gent* Dress Wutn, of every kind tio«rBH|f
w..in. Among the many various style* may be found the
following : *
Gent*. Pat. Leather Dre»s Root*
'* French call 44 44 of my own make
'* ** '* WtUr Proof Hoots, do
“ Pat. leather Dress Gaiters
“ French calf “ 44
•• Pat. leather “ double sole
** French calf •• “ 44
“ Pat. leather Oxford Ties, 44 44
O 44 44 44 44 single 44
44 French calf 44 44 44 44
** 44 44 44 •• double *•
" " “ Br«»gan», double and single soles.
Which, together with every style of Bout and lllme usually kept,
*nak« * toy assortment better than I have ever hail the pleasure of
offering to the clilxens of Hlchmoud and vicinity. A call l* respect
fully «ollclte«l.
‘ Pill I 11* K WIIITK
4iUU| I* kill HBOGI I S. 1 in « uO
F™ Fw F pali Mi n'* Heavy Brogue*, of my
manu aeture, on hand for axle, an«i am making daily Urge quanu
tks They arc as good as any «vt r i.ff« red lu the Jiiate by any body.
II \ 1 N \>IM
\ I AM n«>w receiving large add.lions to my stock
Hat* ami Cap*, selected tin |*er^<-u) in the Northern'^CJ
4^” Hies, which makes tny smvttnrul Very complete, all,
or any of which, I am deposed to sell on accommodating terms, ai
whoh *ale or retail.
\% OOI II \ IV.
I IIA YE in store ami for sale, a* low a* at any other house
la the city, four hundred doseu Wool Hats, of all grade*. EH
from low priced to very fine.
to *s r»a%wst ox tms
II A \ A > 1 PLAN.
Cl.ASS i o.
To be drawn In Baltimore, Md., Saturday, March 22, ISod.
R. FRANCE A CO., Manager*,
JO,ODD Number* ! S—1,1900 Prize* ! ! !
• m iii mi::
I Prise of .$ 4.%.Is .$ft\2*l
1 44 lt»,nm» 1*. 10.14*1
1 " lo.iam Is . lOjOutl
i 44 :».<**• i*.
1 " . A.Uttl Is.. ft.tMl
lu Prises of. I,i**» are.. lo,'«Mt
M ••
IB “ -. SSJMt
4 Approximation Prise*of_l‘«t» are. 4441
H 44 44 .... 7.% 44 . . ... *41
* '* ** ....♦» 44 .’. Jtgo
•• “ -M “ . 1.20U
•• •• -15 44 . 2.t*4i
** M *• . 18,2(41
VM« Ti- ket* Ullp « (Quarter* $•#/*».
The two preceding and the two succeeding numbers to th<»ee draw
log the first 2**1 Prises, will l*e entitled to iht-Hsi Approximation
l*r se* g..r example : —If ticket No. I12AO draw* the $A.*».gSti prise.
«h<»#e ticket* numbered 112444, 11249, 11251 and 112.%*, will each be
entitled to #l«*o, and *o on according to the above scheme.
In the above scheme there arc 2u.nno ticket*, numbered from 1 to
Jn.isiu There are **•*» full Prise* ami 900 Approximation*, uiaklng
In all IjOflU Pr»Sr*.
The number* fioin 1 to io.n* n <nrrr-pond ng with the numbers on
the ticket*, printed on separate sllpi of paper, ami rolled up and en
circled with small tin tube* and placed 111 a Gla** Wheel.
Tic amount* of the different 21** full prise* almilarly printed ami en
I'"1 "" w.,^. , .virr rrT*iiTH |niif wnrrii.l
number I* drawn front the wheel of numbers, and at If* same time a
pris** i« drawn front the oilier wheel, by boys who are blindfolded.—
The number and the prise drawn out are opened and exhibited to
flu* audience and registered by the Commissioner, the prise I*.- i g
Blared ’gainst the number drawn The operation la repeated until
all the prices are drawn out. The drawing la then printed,and after
comp i»l«.*n. the Commissioner certifies to it« correctness,
jf'" I'ricc* payable In full. uiTitorr D«HC«*TI”*.
Address orders for Ticket* to K FRANCK A CO.,
Ba m • 'll
08< >.< KM)!
Hr Authority of the Htnte of Georgia.
Class 12 To be dmw in the cltyfof Atlanta. Georgia, on Monday,
the gftlh of February, KM, when Prices
amounting to
l ff~ % :i IMI MO mjAJ
vV‘!l be dlstr United affording to the following unsurpassable Hr heme
• » fln.ont.
lot) ratar* y.» «rrmiXiMATPiac.
Nfi HMA1 I. PltlZf > * Pltl/.M MONTH HAVING • *
Pan r«* or Th ary* — Whole*, ♦•’* Halves, f g/4i, »rt«r -. f 1,2ft,
Pr!*v* In this Lottery are paid thirty day« after the drawing, it,
' tying Hanks without (Seduction, only cm itnarakv
fi‘<t t.j thf ft Atl tnfiUtil t*thf j.ritf.
inn* .f .it MretH binks laiin at par. aii ratnmunliMknir
slrkily conBdentlal. HAMUKL HU AN,
JsW Agent and Manager, Atlanta, Ga
Dltuooisfft A i'ot'i ’l HCAHY
amp ’Vlllll.Kl’AI K llliAIAK in
H.l. I»e happy to receive call* from those In want of artl
rles in h • line lie has a large ai d complete aaaortmet*t ».
rfOARB RHI'Blf KB and FANCY ^RTTClJO, and «
U'W i* iyt ii»*r*r ta Ht< »»*•►* r»
;<#T* Main street. It. tween fth and loth cat
C 10»lGNMh\TK of Tobaccn. Wlo at, Corn and other product
. /ft spertfully solicited.
IFF” Office on Virginia street, neat to Fry's comer.
I! hmood 'I .t h ft. IW BM$ Ip
II \« l» N A lltNhl in II I
UW’KIVR consignments of Tidtaero, Flour, Corn, Wh. at, Ac
* and give their f»er*t’tial attention to sal. « of the same, an*'
I keep onatatilly on hand a large assortment of Groceries, Hee«|s. p,
At m)
I cncat.aa M'oarrma, • w ■'oatmir
H. tlT.lt I Mi ll's WON*s|
J nrrssvTH smear. nimw**wr> v«.,
I H*.licit consignments of COIlN, WIlBAT, FMM'R, TOBACCO, Ao
March Id, IHftft
I If Vf IN % . II O II I N s o N .
maaga rut can rtantau smarts. mi* aaovr*. es ,
mmriLLgln ht# personal attention to the sale of M|f FAT, COHN.
▼ ▼ TOBACCO, and all other country produce consigned to hi*
'*'* _ aplA
IMM.bl fT A nOI IIMlt,
t'vrntr of (Jartrnor tin*f Franklin
mmrilOLMIALie AND RBTAII. OF*IFR* In French and Ameri
▼ ▼ can Paper Hangings; Matin IManr* and Ham ask, for Wn
dow Curtains; Gimps. Cords and Taaarl# Hornle*-s. Rsnda and Coop*
l.ace and M valln Curtains ; Floor and Table Oil Cloths , Ifslr Clot I
an«l Plusf,. for Ms.'as: Curl, d Hair, Bufa Hprlng*. Twine; Ta<~ks; Mat
ting*. Window Hhades, best Cnrlcd llair and Hhnrk Mattresses
Feather Regs; bmtigr*, Hof * Reds; with many other articles in out
line of business, all of which will be *nld on the most reason*).i,
terms, and Paper llatiglng and Cpholsterlng puncdually attended to
In town or country. oe§
WINNTON A POHT Hk* (lror,n>, r*m,ni,«»n an.
Fartrtirtlln\j Vrrrhaut', i't.rnrr t.f ( arV omf Futrl #f.
| ke.-n constantly on han«l an assottment of Groceries. Wine* |,W|unr*
and Cigars, to which they call the attention of dealers and conm
S»* Nfl *11*1 I
# Richmond, bags I- are to tender hi* sincere thanks to a libers
I p *Mlc who patronised Mm beyond his expectations during the pa*
yrar, and w.mld respectfully represent that be wfll by rtrj happy t.
supply all wh*. are in want of ar’lrlee In hlallne for the fstore. It*
think be can glm satisfaction. at any rate, he Will use hi* best et.
■h-avor* and dry.de Ms whole time and energies to that end Jalft
E* V NO%F* nil mm mmh
■ Windsor Pal*. Ilonev B*’ap« of Low's Manufartaru and a ear .
ef • beepaoapr. Luhln's Rxtracts and Cologne Water of <*ur owi
make, said to be superior to Gerrnao, for sale by
uiRMti.i nux or i o-pabtni:h*hip.
riVIK '""'■on «l RATCUFFE. HOI'lllARK A INI wuMoA
I »« th* l*t >.f IH'lw, hr mutual eouaeol, Mr. TIIOMAR V
IKIPULAW b tt mg withdrawn Inna tha bualnr«e.
T V. IHilflLAtW,
KWhiaoud, October lat, ISOS. J.NO V HOCOLAJS.
_ _ __eo-FAH’l-MKHNIlir.
t» H RATCUFFE and JOHN V. HOUULARK hat* formed a Co
partnerehlp Uh'lrr th* naiur and .tyt* of RATOLIVVI A HOI IILASB.
and will coi.llt.oe th* bwnln*** formerly mo.lu.-tnd by Ralellfr, Horn
glaa* A On., and wUI collet' ell drbte uf th* lata narwt. and par
'I** llalllitto* of Iho t>mu Uh j a|gov IwdAg itiUmriinl lo um Ik#
oatuo of th* Arra U> tcitlement uf It* elleJr*
Hating withdrawn hum Uwbualnraa, I cheerfully recommend the
concern of KATCLlflk A DOl'ULAJV to our former friend* and
fBNiii: uudrralgnod hate h.rmcd a Cn-Parti.erehlp under Ilia Arm I
a and etylr "[ 111 RTON A I'RKI.NIIOtt, fur Hi, purlie, (tI run*
dueling a tlroeeey and Iumu\t*."<n'hoelneea. ,
Tltey liar* taken tbe lioute on ISlh.between Main and Cary MrreU,
recently or. up.cl by J M Uarlaud. Imj ,and will k'rpruiiMantly on
hand a g'-tteenl aaeortmet.l of Family Uroerrlea, tt fltee. Li'iuurt, Ac ,
and will give llirlr pcraunal aUewllon In the eat. nf all produce an
l"“<fd Vf Ul*,r c*rt‘- R M. HI KTON.
<K>*~I>R. C. tlREF.NIlOW
At. Il'Nk’N LKliAIT TO Till' UOIII.ll.
ttVcry one will a< knt.wl,dy. th* uaturally *up«i lor pcraonaJ
“eauty. Gumplraloti, and Furm of the people of Parle. Venice, and
UV. ^'T "*'*"* they attain thorn end", tie:
Form XL1,1 <-00.14*110.., Appearance, and
Fi rin, the Art of It Inning II* Affrellone of the "ppo.lt, Rea alao
aurr*Urr‘ ■nd «e**r-falling antidote lo Conception at plea
_**, J**1 ,<* l*'* Wo,ld *> 'he dralh of a Celebralrd tilpey Queen,
and Which haa been Ire,..milted , early all ..Ter the Kur.Ipr.nTvn
tliiettt by the Proprietor with unlterenl aallefactlou. It It tlmple,
yet captlt ating. and tali be arranged will, ear* and drllrart. ai d
any nue can employ tin- .am. meant wllh like remits. The undrr
.ignrd I. tlw Pruprlelor-e Age.,1 for On- United Rl.tr. and ,h, fan..
•1»d. and a* atteh will trewt all communication* confident lallv and
hm.oral.ly A feeuf One Hollar will be charged, receipt „f
which, a parka** with lull and eaplicli partleulare will be fora tided
rreprrtli.g the above. Thla w an opportunity which no young man
“r "®***n. ,lmrrl*'d m4n »t *»'•» -hnuld let |nn ulllmproved.
Addrrea CHAR. R. mil IIANDES. M. 0.,
. „ Opjamile Hr. Ural, dm I,'., Ilrnadway.
JsjW-gra_New York city.
caaatius a»»crmv«u, naamitiaai utow ucaaaua nnu. »
rtimii itttiT,
nAR ..n hand a large aaenrlmenl of beet quality, and cm Fash
ionable Rtyler, Coach.-., Coaeheee, Charrlultee*. Itarou.hea *
,y,d* **eal Top Buy-gya, and Buggy* wllh and wlibnui
I have alto at my Kcpoaliorr a large aaaortment of Northern mad*
l art tagea. manufactured by the luoel approved maker*, .anting
from U'C lightest *1 jlc of no lop Boggy, to pie Aural order ..f coael.ee
Tlv.ae In waul of carriage* will And II to their It,I. tret lo call and
eiaimtie my .lock. a. 1 am deu-rmlmd to rn.ll on the mom reasons
ble torma. __ uM
B\ the •)iIp* Aurora, Phldella and other ahim m.
fmm Liverpool. I am receiving my Pull ltiKk
Uf ll A I’. P W Alt K A CITLkMY. and !r. m the varh.ua jjjT
matiuUk tcria* at the North, a latgr Block of d«>mrwtlc
Good«. They are In part—
1'iM'krt und Peu-KnWea of approved makrra
Ivory, flag, bon*-, l»ufT.i.. and other handle Krsivca and Fork*
Kim. stock, pad, ch^t, till, cupboard, cbwet and trunk Lacks
Trace, haltcr.log, a. II and all other Chain*
Fender#,Shovel* and Tung*. And-Irona
Coal iVuttlr* and C1nd.*r Miovet*
Hand Screw*, C.'ar|»*nter»' Ttula I
Powder Flask* and Shot Bella; Axe* and llatrhrta
Single and doubir-harrri (2un%—aonir fine. •
Mv stock la complete. I respectfully invite my old and near rut- *
comer*. *ountry merchant*, farmers, tucchanli * and tl.c pukh. retie
rally tt give cue a trial. I shall endeavor lo sell at pn. *•* that | iruat
wt 1 »rc entirely aatlkfautory. TUKO UOl'KItTSON,
*** No AN Main street
M \% AMD SPLENDID skii k OF ' I
.1 O 11 N I) (> O I. E Y *
KERPECTFUL1.Y Informa hi* frlende and the public that r N| ,
he liaejurt o|H-u.-d I be pull Trade will, an , l.gaut and ' *
nto.t rktenalVr ...orlmenl of IIATR ami C.tPR Ac. 1
IDt at'.elc of Virginia Manufactured flood., whh h haa been gel up
on a very large wale and will. Itie grrate.t care, will he fouud to- ■
geilur Wllh III. Anr supply of Import, d artfcln, to mil taco rvtrv i
atylc. and to l*e unexcelled anywhere. \
Terras Will he .uch aa cannot rail I., prove highly eatlafaclnry lo
ruetoraera. (.«•«] bl Main alreel. Rb-hmond. \a i
K have t»een engaged for some time past I
ww In getting Up thr pattern* for a nr* --.
1*1..a . r»|«-cially designed f..r turning un i. r lh. V 1
hra\ .-t glow If. of Vegetable uintUr, anil w
have now the pleasure of Informing our frletnls, tl.at «r dunk we
have fully accoutplhl.ed that tnd.
We woulil call tlu itt*utlon of the Farmer* to this Plow. a< aril
a* to our large stock llow. of every si*r. Cultivators. Corn Weed
er-. N.w Ground Jumping Coalters, l.«rg* A Horse Cultivator* hr
putting In wheat. Harrows, Ac . Ac. All ..! which are made In our
own shops, by good workmen, and warrantid to give satisfaction.
UFO. WAIT A CO, Franklin street,
^_Square »>eh.w the Exchange. Richmond. Va.
rue 'iovi iti ii i'iri i. amiN itii u ritr
^ I 1HN E. If. It I! III logs to assure l.*r old cudo f
■ niers and the f»ub!ic that she has ju%t retiirtte«l fr.»ui xKiAu *
via** to il»e North, where she has. In person, laid In the Utpit
and most beautiful supply of FiU Mit.tixrat d»c h... . Ctrl .rn d . 1 ^
ill.m. Her experience is such that she will not allow her-* l: •ur
P««** *1 or equalled ii« the selection of go«»d*.
In addition to the ordinary supply of Milling!?, she has now far <
•ale an abundant supply of tmhrui 'cry, elegant aud la autiful
Sh. has In ator* • hoice and dcgatil pattern Hats and svirvthlna .
in her line *»f the latest and elude* *1 st*l««.
Ladn . who are Alting out f..r the Fall and Winter season mill And
II to their advantage to consult her before making their srlrcUoiis.
Ul I I M ill IIOIIM V M i
a.v ■ :«nd llur*< * have Ju*t art tied from Kentucky, a very t
Choice ami su|«rr1or |, t of stork. 1 have mule* well sulte*l / < f 1 I
for 1 r• is Masters, Railroad Contractors, strict and Plantation u*e, all <
for sale or exchange, at fair prices,and on acrotnmdatlng terms ’
At R ItlaiikenshlpN Htalde* I
N. It —I shall he In receipt of frrah stock, direct from Ktntu. ky.
every mouth in tin- year. Jyl* K.
PAttKi:il* MII.IIO A 4 0.,
No. 143 Eagle Square,
HAVE Ju%t race! red a second supply of the latest styles of Fancy
Good*, uch as—
Rich Strip***! S Ik#
D.. do Chen! Silk
Plain Black Silks, all qualities
Black ltlp Fllks
RUck I la rat h* a Fllks
Colored and Black Moire Antique flilk*
Pans Printed M.>ul«clatnc 1
Ftrip*d Eglantines
Muslm and Cambric Sleeves and Cellar*
French Wrought llahlts at.d Ft*eve*
To. k«-d and Fiuhroulere.l Cambric Handkerchief*
Thread Lace Collars and FleeVr*
Muslin Edges anil Inserting*
Cambric do do
Fwl*# and ('atnbrlc lUml*
Merino Shawls and
Long and Squarr Plsid Shawl*. Ac.
Also, a general assortment of Clothing and Blankets, for servant*
Dl if ■* K 1 A i Wm<>iks«i.r Dgst.ras exrluslvelv In
BRANDIES. WINEH and CIG AltF. would call thr particular
attention of the trade to their very large and superior Mock, com
prising. In part—
Cognac and l<ondnn Dock llrandles, Dark and Pale
Madeira. Hherry and Port Wines
Old M'lieidam Holland G«n
Old Jamaica aud Hi Croix Rum
Hock and Claret Win* s
Champagne of various brand*
Old Bye Whiskey and N V Bum
Cordial* and Cherry Brandy
London Porter and Mulch A Is
Hparkltng Tonic Ale
Philadel|dda Porter and Ale i
Chanipagnc Cider
Old Peach and Apple Brandy
Demijohns of all sites
Good* warranted purr and genuine.
no. hi ii A i> m t i< i; i; r,
n \H received lilts week another supply „f I,dies' and Misses'
Furs embracing every yarlrty t„ b, found at the Aral house*
tn tnc North. M llh IhMt alto ha*. anlved an .Irgant •.•i.nm.i t
of Mlsara' and Infant.’ black and drah bearer Flats, trimmed and
untrimni'd, and l.adica' and Atissr.' Mark and drah lu-avrr Bonneta
Theac goods haying hern selected will, the greatest care, are ,,f
Oie rery newest styles and eholrest description. ,lr21
IIKAII <il autiiiin i oh i aniiiiinahm;
FMTIIK members .if ihe Uglslaltire and strangers visiting lbs rltr.
■ are requested lo call at tlH old estaMIshmeni. So |». corner
of Main •ml U'lTrrnor Mrcp|«, arnl arrure thrm«rtvra an outfit fnr
ih.- winter, m the »ub«crther ha« on h«n«l a I* re- and eleg-int aMort
tnent of CJentlrmen’* Wearlnir Af.parel, not to br »urp««««d l.y any
bouse In the rlty. ’
As art ev d-nce n'tbe .iipertnrlt* of |,la Cloth'ng, he was awarded
the liigheai premium (• Hllvrr Med .1) hy th« Mechanics' Institute for
He keep, constantly on hand Ihe best of Cloths, Casslmerrs. Vest
lugs. Ac , with a score of superior Workmen. Hr derm* II unneces
sary, after a trial of Id years the nubile has had of I,Is gm d«. t„
more In Ihelr commendation (lie warrants all Clothing he stlls I
and respectfully solicits a call from his ol.l friend. nn.l lie pul.Im
generally. Htrlclly on Ihe one price system. F II HPKNCK,
_*f el No. 120 rurner of Main and fluvernor sta.
HETOVAI.I llli.llllt ALII IIITIOA Al-111
To Ihp People of Virginia and North Carolina.
jonix k Potts
H ave removed Ih.lr Wholesale and Retail r mltnr* Warn
Booms I-. " Corinthian Hall," Main street, near sth, Hlrhmnnd,
Va . (lies! door above Hooker, tr.tw.ro A Co ’a Carriage Warrlit o«e.)
where they offer for sale Ihe largest and moat vart.-.l assortment of
'Cottage ‘'handier Furniture" ever In-forc seen tn this tnarket —
Also, a .plcndld assortment of every alyle ,,f Furniture, all at gr-at
•y reduced prlres Our old ruitnmrra. and all other, wanting goods in
lour line, are invited tn call, examine our stock, and make Ihelr pur.
c^*ws-_____ o-4
4 I »K A\ll I <M O fill'll A K. 4 \Vl H. Best Ame, Iran
Wa II. Ancd Roll, d Car Afles. Ilanuuer. d Car and Koglne Axles.
(Stamped Peneoyd.l cut I.. length and centered Also, an estea
ipialitv Jnntalta Charcoal Asle Constantlv on hand and for sale Ip
In's ,n »"'< Railroad Compsnlca.Car and Knglnr Builders and edhers
l.y the manula. Hirers A A I' IIOBFItTH
nrt) Am Rroarl. below Vine str.et. Phtls.l,Iphta
Al fiqi.HIIKAA AA i I I s It |
I.TROM hla Irlstll t gnsla county. Ih. .iil.e. riber will All
■ orders, in any quantities, and for any part of the Culled state.,
for flits rcMwatrd WIUHKFV It was awarded a ru.eTn.sa
niptous at the Fair of the MechanW Institute, in Riehmnml. v
vember I AM Till. I.lqnnr Is intended for family and medicinal use
and for the beat Hotel. |t may be ordered of any age from two to.
Are years. Orders through the malls promptly attend'd to Ad
„ wri-I.IAM KRRR,
oca - .it y ____ fftaunton, Va
WIMII. m i'OI . We have determined to open In row
portion with one iwearnt Inlsluess. a Wool |ley'4, for Ih*
sale of W,ml. and have engage-1 the servleea of Mr. John Wales
hones, the former efficient agent of the Woolen Factory ,n this
elly Ills attention, If necessary, will he devoted escluelvrly lo Ihla
wwtwni. I
All Wool consigned lo us will he graded, to that each purchaser
can buy sirh Wool a* he wan's, and not he romyrib-d buy *u-b
as will not answer Ms purpose* Tlmre la grown in Virginia a tuf- 1
H. lent fpianttty of W.e.1, If concentrated and graded, to attraet tbs
attention of mnnufa, Hirer* and dealers to onr market; sn.l wa
hope to succeed In establishing a good market for the Wool grown
near home. *
for particular* mm onr rlrmlnrt mrMHVVAW A CO.,
flforpfi and Cofmnlartnn Merchant*, \
_ RtrhRMiM. V®. I
HI Ni'A MFROVIII »-Vr»V» \« It i 4 I
DRH.I. - The performance of this Ibill the last season was ett. I
Hr'ly satisfactory,and It was spoken ofln terms of high cmmendatloo
hy those who used ll; I therefore feel warranted In recommending It
as Inferior to none hitherto Invented. It Is simple in Its eonstrne. |
tlon, durable. and not liable to get out of order, atid the price Sf it r
tea* than of most other drills Those who may he In want the com
ing seamn, are respectfully requested lo forward their orders early to
avoid disappointment H RAI.IIWIT,
,r Its Main street,
VOTIC E TO HI ll.ni’.ltw. W, have In store a good
IN assortment levk>, Hinge., Rltnd Ftstmlnrs, Rolls. |lcrrwt
Finishing Tails, Assh Rallies, Hash Cord. A , which we offer for"
sale cheap Olve us a call CI.ARKHftN A ANUFRFhN
To. Iff# Mam dr*#i.
%fl ••*!. Mill stag,#;,—That valuable properly known as the
s»H Maryland fftesm Flour M lls, situated at ths lower end of «
AmPh’s wharf. In the elly nf Baltimore
The rapacity of said min Is innn, hhls per week; during the past A
month* over 2'*"' Mils have hern parked not There are Ap.tr i
French hues In the mill with bolting and other machinery sufPetrnt to
daoufaefuee fffrv bid* per day The p-e.ent proprietor, purposing
o remove rom IF* elf y will dispose of the property on Itborol terms.
’’•r further Information apply to Ihe undersigned at Ihe Milt I
’ • " n Jf>H p FFNRV
--2k IMIIHI I S Hi ll AAMISKA, (very superior
• quality), of rarloos brands, In ttort and for sale
)»*• M. JONH.

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