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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, March 20, 1856, Image 4

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A Hi i i. To *rhopter 192 of th< CWr of IVyona, »•
<i • more rffrttn tUtf to prevent ike roeop* of i/nro.
Paaasd March ITih, 1954
I lie il enacted by the general uwmblt, that the 24th
V5th *29th 2«th and 29th wctiofll of chapter 192 of tl ▼
Code of Virginia and the aauie are hereby amended and
re*enacted so as to read at follows
M<il Any fiee person who shall carry or cause to be
earned *>ut of anv countv or corporation anv alave without
the content of his owner, «»r ol lt»e gusrdiau or committee
of the owner, or who shall attempt so carry oft. or aid or
Connive at, or Ire in any wav concerned in the e^*a|u
of an* slave, with iriteud to defraud or deprive the own er
of such alare, shall be prosecuted therefor in such county
or corp (ration, an 1 be confined ia the penitentiary not !»••*
than five nor w»<*re than than ten year*, and shall tuon o
▼er (in lieu ol damage*) forfeit to the owner double the
value of the slave, and pay hiiu all reasonable expense* in
curred by him in regaining or attempting to regain such
slave, and the jury, in it* discretion, may also condemn
awch otf'uider to be publicly whipped, to such an ftUiit ,
and at such times as it may eee fit. 11 the person so of i
tending shall at the time be iu command of or be at it. h
Co a vessel, the same shall be forfeited to the t'ouiuioti
*• j 25. An* master «»f a eeawel trading to or bound for
a port beyond the limits ol the State, having a slave *» J
burl, without the written consent of the master or own. \
thereof, and going with hint beyond the limit* of an* eouu •
ty, and any lice person traveling by land, who shall aid
airs slave to cM*ape out of any county or corporation, shall
b- conudered as carryingofTsuch slave, within tlieinean- i
itig ol the preceding section. Any master of a vessel, own
isl mi whole or in part by ntixcns of this State, and u % i
ng t » of pUing exclusively between place* within the
Stale, knowingl* r«cei*ing a slave on bitnl and g j
with him heyo id the hunt.* of any county, without the 1
written content of the master or owner of *uch slave, shall i
• pa* to the injured party the full value of said slave, ami .
in default 4*1 payment by the master ol said vessel, the same |
sb*l! be held liable therefor.
•'j; 2t*. II the matter or skipper of any vetael know
itAjrl* receive m l*«*ard any runaw a* slave, ami permit I
bin* to remain on board wit bolt proper effort to
apprehend him, he shall be confined in the penitentn >
rv imX leu than five n»*r more than ten years, and *!■ .M
iu *«■•■ vi*r forfeit to the owner the full value ol the 'lav*-, *.d
pa* him all reasonable expense* incurred by him in r*
gaming such slave; and the jury in it* discretion may »!**
con 1 nun such offender to be publicly whipped to such .»n
extent and at such times a> it u»ay see fit; and if *uch dive
be on Itoard such vessel after leaving port, tiie master or »
skipper shall l»e presumed to have knowingly received |
him If the master or other person in charge or com .
maud of an* vessel belonging in wh.de or in part to a cit- j
iaen of another *♦*!•», or commanded by any person mu * ;
reside tit oi cititcn ol this commonwealth, permit a -In. f*» J
go on t»oard hi* vessel, or employ or trade with a da*t
without the content ol the master or owner ol* such sis*.*.
given Mini mmitw »< ..... --,
the ietme tiv name, lie shall Ik* tilled a sum not less tl.i.i.
twenty dollar* nor more than fifty dollars, t.> be recovered
by aeiion ol debt before a justice; and on failure to pay
sal l tine and co.U, he shall ih- confined in jail until pay
ment thereol, or until released by order ol the county or
corporation court within whose jurisdiction the oft. no
ws- committed; or proceedings may be had against the
e(.s^<|, winch is held liable lor the payiueut ol -aid line
anJ all costs and expenses thereby incurred It a-ls>e
be found on board any vessel aforesaid in the night time,
without written authority to that effect from his tua-ter
or owner, the per-oti in charge or command ol said vess.-l
shall he presumed to have knowing!? received him wf .
illici t to carry him off or to a. t him to escape out ot th.
st.it.- A slave violating any one ot the foregoing provis
lotn, shill, Oil conviction thereof b-lure a justice ot the
you'd V or corporation, be punished with stripe*. and toe
costs thereby incurred to be paid by the master; or if the
slave be hired ou;, then by the person hiring the slave at
the time of hi* committing the offense.
27 If a freep-re)u advise any -lave to abscond from
hi- III7-ter, or ai 1 such slave to abscond, by procuring for
or delivering to him a pass, register or other writing, ot
furuishi tg him money, clothe*, provision*or other facility
or I.’ in any manner scees-ory to the escape or attempt to
escape nl aiic slave, he shall be confined in the peniten
tiary led less than live nor more than ten years and Hie
jury may, in it* discretion, condemn such offender to I—
also publicly whipped to such au extent and at such times
*• it may see fit. A slave convicted of persuading, aiding
or conniving at the escape of another slave, with intent
to leave, or who actually leaves the State, shall bo punished
w ith Stupe*, and sold to In* carried out of the -tale; and tin.
til > 1 sold, he shall be confined in jail, uni."*- hi. owner or
eo:ne Other person lor him ahull give bond wilb security,
satisfactory to the court before whom said -lave was tried,
conditioned tliat tie will, within thirty day- thereafter. -II
such slave bevond the Itiuiuof the State; and ill case of re
fusal or failure hv the owner toaell such -lave.or in default ot
bond a- aforesaid, the court convicting him may hare him
Sold beyond the limit* of tile State. II .aid slate A bro lgfit
again into Virginia, he shall be apprehended and tn*:
belme tlie court ol the county or corporation
wh -re found wlio upon pr.rof oi the fact, sliil
cuu-e -lit slave to be agun sold beyond the
limit- of the State, and the proceeds of sale, alter .ledOct
tug the cost- and expenses thereby incurred, shall 1.,
paid one ball to the informer, and tlie rvmaimle. inter tlie
Treasury, P» be disposed of according to law. Anv l.c
White person who will give such information a* will l-a.l
to tin- eonviction ot a tree white person engaged in carry
iug off or attempting to carry off a slave, or in any mao
Her coticer.ird in aiding or persuading a .lav.- ur escape,
or stremptiug to escape, shall ire entitled In arewaid ol
five hundred dollars, to be paid by the Slate, on ill • ol
der of Ilia court convicting the part? ol sueli offence, pro
vide.f, such conviction be procured by other testii.mm
than that of the informer; or il such testimony be u-e I
upon the trial, tliat the same shall be su-tained by other
corrobomting tacts oi circuufatAnce* to b# certified by sji-I
jj 28. It any owner or keeper of a ferry or bfi.lge
across a water course separating this from another Slate,
knowingly permit a aiave to pass at such ferry or b.iUg
without the consent of his master, he shall pav to the par
tv injured fifty -loilar-, and all damages occa-ioned there
by; aod if tlie slave, by so passing, escape, such owner or
keeper shall moreover be confined in the penitentiary not
le— than two nor more than ten years.
'i. This act shall Ire in force from its passage, hut no
whipping be-eiri provided for ahull in any case exceed
thirty-nine lashes in one day.
a mi l
7*,, -e/uiwfe the Sf.rfe from the lolni'e. ho *l —te of it. .r... t* tin / *■
to, titol the ilppliiviiion of the jirooeeit* to the rf/ntif/tii'’t of the
J.o’tltr it, 14.
I’*-...I—March 1 -Ih. IsM.
t Be it enacted l.v th* t.encr .1 As-eioblj, that t'.e Auditor of P .1
Ill- Ac-nunt* 1. . it.-I l.» Is hereby authorised toil directed, uti.lrr tl..
supervision of II.- Governor, lo -ell tt.e «in,-kt l.el.1 In the bank-1-*
tl.. Comiaonwealtb, wbettwrr .landing In the name of the C-m.... ..
wraith nr ot the It ard ot Bubllr Work., or ot any other departtueut
of tl.. t v. ri.nie.it, e, . lit tlie l.iterary runs
2 Ti.e -ai.l —le. .ball lie made from Mrue to time, *. the «tu.- ran
|>e e(T et.d HI (sir price* provided, that none of the said Murk- -hall
In Mild at le-s Uian the par value thereof and -u.-l. • prett.-un, •«
may b-ar tn tt.e .aid proportion a ratio of the surptu. nr coidiutrei.i
fund of ...el. bank »! .1. la.t quarterly return before the pa-.au- of
If.:* act tn at. whole capital at.e-k pro*..led, that to. *tn- k .hall i-r
smd it te.« than tt« current market price and pror.ded, that all • t
them shall l*e -..Id m not more Ilian If.ree year* from the pas-ay- of
tin. act
8 The sever*! bank, .hall have the prlv.lepe of contra." r.g f-.r
the put. ha- ..f the -locks, ..r of anv part of the Mocks, held hr ll-e
C-'tnm-..wealth. In each..! them respectively, upon tin- follow v
condition*, In wit line fourth part thereof to he l-mifrhf and pail f. r
within one rear from UH^pass ure of tin* art, one f-.urth part tber-.-l
to la- b .u/l.t and paid f -r within two >- ar.froti. the -ante d«lr. .
f.i'.rrh pan tl-ere--1 to l.e h..-iebt and paid for within three rear* fn-tn
fh- .*ui- .I*f,.| n,- r-.-.due within four yearstroin the .ame die
*»r Ih- pay.n* -it* raav he arranged at .t.orur dale., if .o ile.ir.-1 I.
the hank laird./ pro*, led. that ll.e Mvrchanu' and Meehan.. •
B.t.k -.f yVlteelo.e may al oner purchase on the term. I.err.i.l- .<
named the «tnrk held therein by tlw Commonwealth. The pi. e t.
be pai-l foe M'h stocks -liatl be equal b. tlw- par v.lue thereof, al l
the addition ot such a premium a* mav h-ar 1.. ll.e tai l par vain*
a ratio ts|u*l to one-half the ratio of the «ue|-ios nr entiilt.trc.it fun*
of su-1. hink. at us la.t q . .rterly return In-fore to* iis.-ar- of if.t
act, to it* whole . aptial atork pruVMel, tint no ato k ahull !«e *ohl
at le*« than it* current market price
4 The pMfreli of the «ale« of the hank atn. k* her* by dm > •. .1 m
hr noi l ilriti he p«H info tlie unking fund, to he applied to th»* *» y
ment and nd’-mption of turh part of the Htate debt «• may r>
deemaNe ami if tin part thereof lie redeemable, tie n t« purrli» •*
and * meeting *«ieh out at a ruling liondt or crrtifl »te« of Hie debt of
Ihla Ootnm •nwealth a* were l-med prior in the 1 at day of Jati-nrv,
|<#i In pur. haring -u»h honda or ' ertifl iv. uf debt, thoae »
are redeemable at an early date ahall te bought in preference t->
tho*e Which are redeemable *t •% I iter date proVi<te*| they «*j*i to*
fcought at the «*me price Purchaser* of the Mild ftorkeinat. r
thr.r option, mike p« ment thereof to the tr- **nry • Ui«r in lawful
money of the United JM*tr« or hi any honda a>r rrrtl®< **e« ,,f debt
/if thla Commonwealth, at the par value thereof, which werr l««ti..I |
prior to the 1«t day «»f January, KVl
f# Ibi miak a* one-fourth p »rt of the -aid atock* In an) hank ar«
fid I. only threr director- in the «aU mother l»ank, and two in * a* h
of the hraneficf. ahall l»e appn tiled on the part of the Mat* . and
•non ii one h;ilf there*.f l- -«»!d. only two d factor* In the -awl im.t • r
hank, at d one In each of the branehea, -I.*11 be appointed <»fi the
part gf t!»e l*tetr and an aiau a« three fourth* of th* • .* «1 -t ■ V •
fold only on*- dire* tar In the mother hank, and iio*>e in the hran
•ball be appout«i| f.n the pirt of tlie M« ite , arwl after all of th* • I
rjulre whether the law* *> pitrable n.thi cinl banka hate been *t»,. t
ly nbwrvH
h All law# or part* of Uw* Inrotial-teot herewith are hereby r»
T Thie act ahall **e In force from ita paa-age
the \|ill« .in.I the Hour. »n«J % volume of testimonials —
Warehouse f*»r Flour, and Mill*, I'il DiitlW sire*!, Itff York.
the Hi * ini and Danv-tl— Mailr id Company h *te had the
mi«f«nune to !«•*• ttieir freight liou*e In Kiehmotid, as w* II as a |*nr
tlnn of then rulh'uf •♦u. k, they are r>m.ed fur the present to
delayer all iliiWii ff’oftd Oil the s',i|i|if of their road Oil the ile^eit
lot ivi tld* ■ dy. as «*m*v) as the train* shall arrive , sa l fr* yht t«» he
irntnedl itrljr removed by those t«, whom it may he . or.* piol er he
Ion#. as ttie (\iMpanv w.ll h»»t le respnn* Me for ibe safe keepln# of
the same : and th part mo itjt. irltol. or in any w iy • oncer lied. w II
therefore tak* notice that ,h down f#e|ft.t, as In fore stated. WiH he
at llo-ir risk as aorrti as utduad* I fr< tn the > ars
c campbfm*,
I a?! tf Riperlntendent of Tritifporialinii
Iiqi ORH I loMfl \ III ' >S A . i
J ha* now in *’oie
,Vi c • •-« *•»;»er» »rf .1 h A Co B‘ ‘k l. »|u -n *,
11 do do l»e»:,4« d*t do.
In ilu do Fabric# del Carmen, Mi** l.-inorke,
. V. *"'ZW >,'«iAan,,»',"r§■* "**"*•
Al*n I * v i** • */»• * Rbte*, tor *
John \. funftrnO:
a i ... i i* . v i v i
Mil M Ilf flfllf < Olllll.f lf |». I*, order that th.
r poMh may not l*e misled hy the tarings m -r.*pr. sent*' > r.*
tliat are d i:1y Inrltiff m.idc hy the enemies of ogr im lr (the Btn>th«h
ftn hhd*. P K . N <» and Cuba Mutf-irf
1*a» Md« Crualted and Coffee do
1W» t.bl<* and tea Cut** and N O Ml.**-i
Ifet Mil* V C. and II tl.f.ix Herring#
fee* k- f\ S' «*l«
'Mb i.M* old Bye and Rectified WMakey
fe» l i ! 4 >» . itlianifdoO and Jer»»-jr I'.r «ndy
C#i l.hU N fc it tin
f» V, |.*|>* * IlniDNM'T It. an dy. very fine
In ^ )>I|e* (rarloultnu<|i) Brandy. Pale and Hark, very
Vi t, .-h‘1 « Sl.erry at..| Madeira Wine
V*v i. .# ■« Hpervn «n I Adamantine ('an il***
♦••* re#tn« Utter, Cap and M tapping Paper
‘i»*i aide* Hole leather
fid hi.ifi |/*af H'jgitr
'i% fierce# l^omlnn porter
l‘*» pa* kagr# Oreen and lllatk Tea#
1ft#* do Pane/ and Plain Candle a
fe» Mill Ce!*r Vinegar
/•#» le.te* PrenrhOta##
|«#» doteii ft- d Cord#
l*#» »k.#. « Itr own and Pale Moap
1 i##t |t*« Cotton Yarn#
AI.mo It .in-. Hi »*-t4 Cotton and Ifemp bine#. Oraln and
Oroand ft! * » Pepper, #• :f• /»r. AI1«plee, N’itni*r*. Madder, Mplrei,
k• - Sit"hr #».,.*!. «!»; Bar l/'*d. Matt Petr*. Indigo. Ar ,
ielO V. T WUrnttAa'ipalfr*.
funs s. f.(»iii>os iiiii sntki r, imii
the f!<rh;inge If <4*1, off. r# for aale--~
Mw* l« * l
riff llm attention, if nere«*ary, will l«e deTotid e* • turlVely to ;M«
All Wix>l ron**rnrd lo u« will lw graded, tl*»i • a* h p«ir<1iMrr
ran l»uy «ik I. W«»ol a* !••• want*, arid riot I-** compelled to htiy aueh
a* will n d an«w* r t»l« pirpoo* There i« grown in Virgini.i a auf
ft tent quantity rtf Wool, If roneentrated arel graded, to attract the
attention of inamifa- turert iml dealer* to our market, and we
hope to aorrerd In eatuhluhiug a food market for ll.e Wool giown
near home
For particular* are our circular*. CMKNHIIAH A CXI.,
tlfie era and Cnmmladnn Merchant*.
Ilh hnmnd Vi
\'0 f It i:. I do not know when ». u wiUg*t i • .--e>
moth* r mii» t< a rhar tr» hujr Till * f a* Yp^e,!
fine a quality, »• you hare now, at the Marne prh e». \*^
| hare juat reeelred a r» rr large aaaort inert of *»* ■ * 1JLJ
frank*. of the he-t a lit > They were tonight the flrat of January
before the late riae of leather, and eottftequently will he told at lh<
former pr« e*. Among th« ru are Trunk* of r*u* *lie and <|uahty
All In want will do well to rail anil rsatnlne for Ihrmwlfw. Alan, i
la»g>- and tian<l«oMe a«*«otment of Trunk* at all pfb*ea.
mill AI.FX HIM., No Vf7 Ma.n afreet.
<1 OOII M \V«||I f.IMkfl Nl \% > ! f—l.oiie-. fh. .
■ te autiful III irk Italian f'loth Congrera and l.aie ft titer Boot
that f >u h ire been wading for mo long, hare arrived, and open ftr
«ale thl* day Aim, a h lutlful artr le of Child** patent l/allK
Hump* and M- rnero J«*nny l.tnd Fhoe*, wldrh we will •* 11 « heap l<
*+>•* if fop wMi a t*argaln In Hoot* and Fhoe», ju*t go to M it at**’
get it Th« l|>.,.»,•» .| jtiti# Saloon. Wlfhra«h In hand. and ynurai
mh*t ** * "•* Main gtre«*t, Rlehmond, V«
i mi sll I. tlilil % »ll 111. \ tW't

riiMiRii ir in ssi %> hi mim.
I*" "Fvery mottt«r *b»Hihl have a box In Uie hott-e handy in »*e
of wrlftnlt to the rh'ldrrn "
Kihihii/* Rr-ait fn,ri
ft l« a H‘#-t*»'» rente ly of thrty year*' standing and la re* ntn
mended hy phrflctan* It I* a *ure and *j*eede cure for llirn-1* I. *.
It .IN Oorfia, fd*M. CbtlWalna. and fRd ( ro of every kind f. r
Feeer Rurr*. I’lcera, ItA. H-aid Head. W*thi R ;ah. Hu ont, re
Nipple*, (recommend'd hy narw.t Wl. d..w* i*i^«, fMf. r<, l •
llllea, Ruhfer Rllnff*. Fmten Idrahw, RaH Rheum, rtrurvy, R»,fe ,mt
Cmclied Lip*. Rore Now. Wart# and p!««h W«. und«. It I* a r»,« »J t
ImWe remedy arid cure, Bhhh can hr testified tr» by tl,<Ht*and« »
have u««. I it In the city of H* «ton and vicinity for the U«t tl.ir’v
arear« I • rm In-tan e will tht* Haler do an Injury, or Interfere w »
n phy-lc an’* prescription* It l* made from ihe purest matem.i.
(from • fecwtpe hr .udht fwtB R i*at* of artt. te* growing in that
cowotre - ao»l the proprietor* have Mt*r* from all da***-*, I ryt
turn. phyal ’iao*. era captain*, r»ur*-a, and other* tlm have u«. -i it
lhrm*rler*, a*. I r* OKl'iHMl It loothen Redding'« Kn««ia Hilve •
put Iq large tin h .« •* itanped on ItK^OftT e'Oi a picture of a h*»r*e
and a di«ahl*.| •oldter. whirl* picture i- al--> n>frite1 mi thr wrap
per p»n r i.‘> i!r«rr A B •* Rol I at ad the *tor«w In town or couu
Irt. or mat l*e ordei.-d of any wholesale itniffM
Mri»f*!M«>* g Co Proprietor
lilNNl rr HflllH A Fl«lf Kit AgeBl* . ami all l>r»«f.«
felt Am
SPI IMIIIM tin I V INI A, AfeWp. r juatrr |f»|
#r.*n» an i on, and will he *41 low t.y
WM F. BCTLVCI > Main i
\U #M 91 %a HI l» Mil I N A dl VI IU I, 4, %•
.▼I gnat,a an-l K t ft e. f«»v *a1r ».
mid4 ri»fl1 IV Him AM A Co
I x It 11 hi % Nil. it harmi* A A dry M. «
*vB • * .. ill vh.re, f« r *a • t'V
phi* r if hRINRI'R A CO ,C«rv *t
SIMM NIliriNA WfM:. I half, p a..i , iar
t, t , «d> f .1 -ale 1,9
■khto I'HtftlNll. llAVRNFORT 4 t •»
t ill «#l IN •••! Iff*. fall .ft HRrara TV. .1
■I • •' •>«**, 4 f If 4 o fi*« /elehrahd mifc- * .>i . I
In tfualof . t and ri|. real P ,t|er»,«. and III ' ’* i,,tete a
Wr.nn.lmil f.4 mIt I f I l»W A HU * "KNl Nt* A i u
fl John atre.l N a , »
Agent* f i If NTrfidf ni»R--»o,,
C 41.01 • H S| fl. V-t »* *-*, I- III In* * - a •
^ vaVv » II -KISRlfh t Ct» . > .1
• «• . til* fMit * O II ft <l S| 4. \ »« s. • !.’ I
l •! .t.ty,|i«H r,vc.e*il. f. > • i M
that it If n»f tr ie that | have gtr<u my vain ihte #rrvti ' « t » the
rartou* pMitan pttratiit*, hi rrprtrkif, and mo parttrularfy a« a
man of |#arr, do I f*jr iiav tif taken rharg* o' 'hat i Hi'imi. gut.
I»,wd«*r, lent I wi«h them to rtme*nh« r that I a n the pr<*|ir>*t«»r of
that elegant IlM' I, >*n (hr Rimtiriti plan, knotfl aa the Ballard'*
Unfa ' i 1 g- Hotel, R 1
Va . and In future that they may diailiignifh i from the •* r»*t of
mankind." I hope they will adJrrw tin* a«
i J. WO Mimic • Mini
Kiat im iif i 11> m no. ii • viif« Him’*..
.1 ./*!•/*" " O'lirio 1'frrt from the |*e iTlHfl hriffrODirfil
A genii' ffirelmu e. for *ale tn arrive t»r
marl N". II Pearl etreel
HI Mill I. f MN I'CIOUPII % l l lll I Mil . 1*1 -
rovltft No I O iano; ground Planter, (mfjweted and branded
No | by the i*at* I • tor f«»r flea rity. i Rir-e, Orang**. Java Cnf
fee. I.- to na. H rippiiif Paper, all «lfe« . floe an t from I alum Halt,
for tale by l» %N PNPORf, IU I N 4 CO
IjNtkll lie: AT. Te g I lerlg og It rey the fb.fr f
* the#,I rite r, .roer of M i n atMl n-h .t,r •
mi.i r it hpf.ncp
If 9 > 1 M % Nik •!!»• I,!••>«. |*l m a, I M»
■ 9 -I II MM. \NI» h\MI i,MOK-of Halle
Ju*t fere!Ye-1 « g • | «• ortfoeot of t|. • above g -ef« W> I# ti I « „ of.
R %1 Mr Pi
w»*/l Corner of * h and Urn*! «♦*.
H% k II. »* % N M.HIIMl MM MR (Otl*
r\* * 1 .. W) ,r# lf, • ml of
a prfte/ Xnr at a h-W . • re, to ,• .It on mr at rnr ter of *h an | Br-ad
II IW'v nil 11,1 O, I .. '• i.r my
■ e
-.t 1. r ..I., ....... i.r tl,. ,1 ,,f r- ,
•I lo «i.i. I. I 1 • iIb- ill. i,l. .,1 ,,t ,.
.1 i. H iTti.lt n
mil r..rnr. of - t. *ol it. ,.1
I|H It .lil.llt.lfttl .111-1 1-1 I H. ...
"» -If'.' 1 1 *' I • II < 1.... . I', • r 'it.. t,j
">'•>" rt.-Mill t I'UfAlim . I, |-..«rl t...t
<*•», tint ., - 1 . .. U..I ..r«lf
tl.lMHIl « Cl tlHHKNf,
No 11 I* ill .fr»«i,
PI t|| HI *». «UM.I, (B,r* ... 1 f.i/t.ft »..t *1 • ,t Tob«..o
r. for Hi- b, vinMiil k t Cl.iOH-il!.>iK.
■* i" \ 1, i- ...... 1
UI'HOilt TltHHOY - KltH ft j ”..
• ^
« r.irttt n.. uik. c. i 1.. 1 t- *., .... t*.
| HttM C * , ft lltlN
ttypoi.'.. T.\.iti.ifr Honk.
An., ah I• n»im ret| VIBUN.
Ki ghat, and Amen- in "JH S
Fogl-h arid Inert an Mi defer! ,«tol.
Broad Klimrli f r» *i. 7 to t'i Inrh
Flat. Hound arid Square Iron, all da*-*.
Oral, f.asff Oval and half round Iron
A tiler i in, KnglMh and Koala Sheet Iron,
Band and Hoop Iron.
Nall M**!-, American a»*d Aw^-dea.
American and Swede* ll .rar Shoe Iron.
||or«e Shoe*. aHor'ol
Tin Plate, p'g and Bar -Mo
Sheet Ztnr. -prltrr and H|*|fer Bolder.
Sheathing. It’*«lgr‘a and Bar Copper.
Shot, Pur ind Bar l/i»l
(•round Wagon and I'aft Hoar*.
M ( orrnh'k'* and Paln.er Mould Boards I
W-K'deti Bu< kft Hand!* •
Bucket Kara and Kirn*, tinned and Mark,
Tin Platte, rarlo ia n»rt
Hardware and Wrapfdt g P*f»er.
Coital) and llemp Plough l.me*
fol, l^-ath* r. g• e»d and damaged.
f|#rm. Adamantine and Tallr.w Candle#.
S«o«p«. fan. e and bftifn
With a general a***»rtmeot of Oror*rvea J*a
|k IIHVI a t III d 1 > I f> I # %M»i,|;*,re
• 11 F •»ogfor«a|e
Rif tPlOafH.MIH >lt 1*1 As | | Iff. P » ground
t from rrlerUd lump, for *alr hr
mhld N*> II Pearl «tr*ef
Pl| I *IJ III T V f it. \ lot of •uperWr Mountain Butter,
jnat reretred on consignment, #•»* ale b?
i mhlf Cor Carg and 1 At**
i |kik HlllS. N. I*.. If I If In *to»- ' f-« *alel.g
I 1 FT f null » f Wl \atom k on
#i|k U lit II ri IIA HATH! I % Mil V IMP
(It P IIFN If TTIH. for aale by
f Bi kl h lllsf.s. H owl N, for aale » /
€1 If • A T II I Ml; a I O. B'PHifr, Wswor* * IN- ar.
w awning » ff /re.t bargain* »• Ur «« C-at* Hu«ln»*« Coat*,
Ov, r r . •• li'irk ,nl fr <'«*d«te-r Pant* ('ill aid at 'bit"
- \ .
If| k . ) * At
R N P " Ml V, |er «tea». r P I.- f .r <,I In r| ,l 't t)r«
' 'mliT RATOl.trrE . bOl’Ot.M.
■ plete aaanrtfocnt lual rivclrM. among wM h ar- '•» »li
rare and ratuaMe k».d« AM of thec* aredflare perfectly fre*b an
»mrntnt* t l«arg* Bergen Cabbage. Karl/ Knaatan Cu.'umber. eai
He«t known. F.atra Dong <J on Turkey Cu* umh* r, |4r|< U-4 W*f|.
erdtrld Onion. Dwarf Mm Pn»**1 »'• l'*A. l/mf tilmnn Kadiak, Kiri
Tohrd«k an l Wyatta Victoria Hbtibarb. Karly flat Dutch Turnip
fur If Ihrbn ft one Turnlpa, Dale'a Hybrid TuraifM, and ill cthe
kind*, fiit «ale |»y F. P- FKMPI.K, Drugfiat,
,„I * *•! Main Fie* I
IX it it % b ii v im» omi mi: wit ink*.
t • If* Half |Mpe« Otafd, llenneaaey, I'nlted Propertlerand 4
B-tgnett Brandy
fn eighth ca-li« Imitation
/.*, M U Imn Hound Malt and Rye Wbuby.
por fteamer, for aale by
■ m,»\ s* # f ,ft*V III Bf J. We nare r> elerd the largai an
|> . ,..* beantlfM Fork of fb»y«* and Oi»Mren', flt.ti. v re*
id We w '<•••• fulli nrltc »M • ••*,
I*. Hvr • all MKRCIIABT. * KIM'tKK % l> ,
Bn IIJWfl4|n*Wt
| % % I •» «t, Hill All r,Ba *• **».*.o#ef lip or Fit* I fan!
la H nd and OWong P-.*.t lli»h«, and Rath lb . I.- '•* at«f|e<
, f" Tale b.w by mb* 7IWWKRWB
•a ■ | f | pf | %f , Rn/C4l b*i»bef« Bran and - ft«,d«B.r i
g t l|s|g I. B HI •••»!. ’» k t ... J' " 1u,v- J »
^ m f rlvr- I .1 t If tale t.r
, r„M„ rl/rH A PIIAfTP. 24 %fvn «frd
ii.iiii imo.’i'iiMMOi omi- "• . i
I ■ t.| r. Hr I«fi and Jolea; R«*.||ega pr'-nr I e I. *r-l f.
• 1/m: I PH A
I wt.Ki V* M itfi <V<
I ikt, Id Mil ,.*» V" If I *11 « »•*, m **P:ll
I 1 P« v . I- II ,« IB " nl! , ,'|A ' t M» t »
ml.)i i.iwh v wrim i n
g llill a »»* Mil l , (•HIM, ,»•»•! » *
■ «o *•?£*_. , ,
II,i .to I*re1 Pwirh-«, fit
marl **» "*"**•
|| lllMN. i |««tr, In prlinn orA.f, Or *»*
Spn,ur,. i fi.A M nf »r| hip P«ht Pr** J*
r *i Ifet ind*of bf
*Vt; VB RAfFMCIt. HI Wm Wf.
c f | tft i fv, % » • .r u# * of H* ' N lc «d iVAl'
V/ . *t rn r1r**d and lot • by _ . ...
*,,1$ C. d. FIBTOB A CO., 71 Main Wit
(* » W «
/• .ViiRru/rn v i v/» s<irrriKK\ mail Havre,
e« vwtrnaa*. . ■« (Nias *»i» w**r»aa umaui
f|AU It i: DAILY, i Sunday nigt.t.a M. I.iM*.., I; fcoumd
1 and W*«hlnfi»n A*»tj. rbi and Alev iii lna
Hour* of .lepaiture at K • hnsoud € Aft A M„ ar«| IA' I' M
Rr:it«t1;i( bare Waahaigtoa AM. and P M
! and arrive at Richmond . . 1 N1 * I M
Baggage Checks and Ti k*t*. gleet* through between Rl huswod and
i. ,.t iu ri t ;ui wrd aa<| CARRY'INH Till URKAl NORTH
KRS AND DOCTHRRN MA1I *■ »e t*..- boat naruksof always
*.., wring t-oaaa Ilona, aa l* shown bv arrival* dally at Kkhmoad and
U taMufftvii cHjr ui advance of the Steamboat line.
Fare between Richmond and Wi«li«ugt.>n fN 3a»
Aa Oubiocv will be found alway* teady.tv take p***er»
ger* and the»r baggage of wearing ap|«arel, between the IVpoU. free
of charge, with ample ttme for them to take their meals, whether go
ing North or South
Through T.cket* can be obtained between DanvlUe and Waahing
ton at ilie termin i* of the R~a«l. now nearly completed to Danville.
.An agent of the company will receive the check* of ganagvci from
the Danville Road, and attend to their baggage all the way to Wash
ington <>r the Baltimore Dvpct
The 'are the *ame by the mad line, a* by the ohi Steamboat route
Th*-re i* r*t cljtnge of car* on the n'.ght line, betweeu Richmond
and AlraaLdrla. JaN
H'. afe A ft* hik**./ rt. I ,Nf,» •• >./.••», <».**V •*,
.» > s .
< *AA» ffiiyr.
Daily tram* from R- hmond to Staunton, and tri-weekly from
Staunton to ti.»*b. M ri lyv*. W 'l-.. *d »%• » >d Frhlay* « nn. t
• Iig at <} >«hen with AA a I* Faant-x A O* ’ If »<• >'.»/• /nr. »
Cording to tlur tri • klv 'I id arrangvtio nt, adopt.-J by the Po*l Of
rt e Department. fr»»m Richmond to the Ohio River.
Oar* leave K hmond dally at € 45 A M ,
a * f m
vl«. dilutee.) and there connecting with *l*e Mad Stage Line* to l.- \
R turn ng t* e tr tint u *ir Staunton at.< AH.
and arrive In Richmond at 1 *»
in full time for )»a*«c*kgcr» going >*>uth to connect with cithei of the
Southern K.w-I*
The Yirgin a tVbtra! R» Iro * 1 ha* l»een extended and complete*!
to (halirn, “f* ••* AA . *t of StaunUMi, and la -I with h« avy Kail a'l
the wav, with the « xceptton of about .A tntlew. between OoHotUVlllr
and Rhadwell Hdla, wbs h *pace W n.*w being relayed with !o\**y
Rail, and will la- •npletrd iu a few week*. afU-r which the whole
road «iU I* m |*erfe* t order, and for »p-o*l. safety and com'or t wiU
compare w th any K i I road In the l*nitr»l State*
OS .-. I ah. r MONDAY. November l*th t»*t , U.e trains on this
Road will run a* '• Ho**
mu* tins atCMM«ixxi r*>* rrr»a-rt *•»
Ear « **.thi. fh Pa*a* tiger J ally at ''S -A M
Ma i, •• - Sunday** exceeded, i a P. M
A - da* n and freight ti » vTr Weekly,.! m.
\. lay*, Al alaya ou«& I lay* al $94 " A 'I
' ■ k. M
ran** tsavs rrTsassrwo r. m anaosoxn.
Lapr.-**. tbrowgh Faasei.ger daily at * “ A '1
%|».|, ** •* iSoi-day’* excepted.* «V‘* *• F. M
A nt *l*v n ar.d freight tram Tri Weekly, X *
M lay*. AA rdn«**da«* and Friday*, at 'S " A M
Rl * mo?. 1 to Clov.-r Hill A pv*:^r car trill be
att i ■ I.• • I b theC.-al Train which leave* Richmond
1. v ' i i .lay * * v cept 1 for f rrr llill St C .’Ik, A. M
Pa*«ene»r*» coming from Clover Hill by thi* train
most t»- at Summit Depot by . 10 •• A M
The lixitrm tra.u* will n- t *t«»p ou the way eitner to take u|* • r
put down w*> p%*%engrr«.
Hie M »: trai l* will UiWtrhm there are passenger* t t ike up vr
put «l au at Manchester. Tr iple*. Rice'*. 11*11-W ay Station, Clover
M 1 and p .rt W althall Junction*
The atv-oramodat ou tram will *tnp at all the regular stopping pla
ce- when there are passenger* to take up or put d a.

Southern Trail** at Petersburg for Weldon, Raleigh, W .. alufrtoii, 1
Through TiekrU to Weldon can tie pro- ured at the ticket ofBce in
The same train* from Petersburg connect at R 'htnood with the
N >rther •• train- W aah’.nru H m re. A Through ticket* •
Wiiii ugt*>?«. It wit - K>rv and Philadelphia, can be procured at the to *•
et ofllce tn Petersburg
** Chil Ireti over 3 and not over 12 ye »r* of age .
•* C-d-wvd person- In servants* oar ... ...
Color's| |Kr« n* wjl n.it lie perm." •! i the fir-t U«* *'ar- ex. rj-t
when in attendance on Infant ch.ldreo, or • k p^r*t a*, absolutely
requiring their care, in Which catc the same fare a* for white person*
wtli he charger!
A .|i% ut.t of |n cent* will tw allowed on each fare when t»< ket%
are purchased at the olhoe, and to person* getting on the car* where
Do tickets are *old
Servants travelling l*ar thetn*elve* mug tie tambbet by their ma
ter* with two pass*'*, so th.it one can l»e retained at the fli'*. and t
rou-t lie expressly »lalrd ou the pa** that they a*e permitted to g
on the car*.
TlfOMAP ODAMEAD, Superintendent.
OiM R A P. R R. Co Nov. 16th 16S5.
rnill I Nil \ Mini AT II film* g M**f|
I Cain. IVM C SMITH » 1 r,--.me her regular PWAiCU1
trip* t«» Hampton, Ac ,on U KUNISDAY neat, Aug
The Oar* running In connection with the Augusta w?J! leave the
R< hraond and Petersburg Depot . n that morning at 6’* «<’ lo. fc.ard
continue to leave at the same hour every M iday, Wednesday and
Friday M iruiug. Returning, the Aug i*U will leave Hatr.pton on the
Alternate day*, vt* Tuesday %, Thursday * and Saturday-, at 6 oYI k
k M Th B .at wilt *t p at all the regular landing* on the river,
both going and returning.
TII«!» DOtlAMEAD, Supfrlotcndrnt
Office R A P. R. R Co., Ajs *•. ls» *uSl
< BO«Tt» -Rl.VlDKM't I'v-Hl I.ASi* NEW st.1'.
\KK. NEW ‘HVI N. CIIAH1»TIPN MuHll.E - If t—
NEW OKI Y\v«. >T tons. *;a!.VEFTON. SAN mHBr
,n-l I I I •».. A \ l.jr ihr L'nlte-1 Fl.tr. M > 1 S-rnutl.-p JAM 1>
|S»\VN. 1 *pi Parrish.
The tent- its.'I York Me**r- LCDLAM A PLEASANTS, oil
fwi VhdIi g*Midff by till* I fie tu all of the aiK)Ve-til* l.t'.ol.ed frn
of C*iinmi**ion. arid at the h.w.—t rate* of Freight.
L*rge %ti | -'uiatamllou* ahed* have ls-en rrectH . n the Wharf -n
\. * \
lefacqiocnt*. and every care and attention l* bestowed in forward
ing go -l* for transhipment
Merchant* shipping by thl* Steamship can always calculate U> an
hour on the arrival of their good*.
The 'lJau. •town” leave* New York every Saturday afternoon -in
her return to Richmond. For freight apply to
O 4 I O ft I U J J IP.
rB8<> Lynchburg #3 5" To Lexington $1 ov
B T-* B-ditrun 4 •*> j To the Natural Ilt.dge 4 i*i
F«re fr *ui uoih Richmond and Lynchburg to Chtriottetvllle, fv V
Satisfied. *iu a fair tr.al, that the majority of travel ou th* P« ket
p..4t* are better accommodated by leav.ng tn the evening, w* return
t • the old liour*—on and after the 22d tn stunt, leaving Richm- r. I
MwndttV. Wcdnevl Ay at.d Fr.*lay. at !» P M . rea« h New Canton *t J
y M.. and >*otUviile 12 M. of the fir-t, an l Lynhburg 5 A M .
ai.d Buchanan and Lexington at 6 P M. of the •n'ond -lay
U »t urn mg, leave U whanan at 6 A. M, and Lynch i»u rg at 7 k I*
. I \ 1 ■ 8 ^ M
N-w Canton at I V* P H at-d *rr»ve iri Rirhtn *1 at % next K M
The It .at- - «inne<-t at New Canton with the Stage for th. I. *tltute
and Buckingham C. II., anJ In Scotuvllle with the Stage for Cl^ir
lottr*. die.
d. e Tme arid I» -tan. »•». n Car ! f*el..w :
/.gore Hichwud , /. r >t r * /.yn- A/»wrj/ Monday,
W 'flu flay and Friday, of j MWne-./.iy and Friday, at
5 P. M. I It /' -V.
Mauak mfown 2 r « 17 Staple*1 M ID, 11 pm 17
Jude* Ferry, 1‘» P m ft Rent Creek, 2 a m H4I
Mlchaut'* Ferry, 12 m 31 • Tire River, 4
Cedar Point, 1234 a m 881 llardwick*vllle, &>*, “ 4 1
J.ff.-rv.Ti, ‘J " 88 Warml&*t*>r, 6 V* ** 4**
p.tnlerton, 4^4 ** 47 H..waid«villr, « " M
Columbia. 6H •* M i«cott*vllIe, l‘»>4 “ 6*
New Canton, 8 M 66 New Canton, IV** *M|
PcottiTlIle, 1*34 pm 78 Columbia, 3«* “ 8"
II .war.Dv.He, " 81 Petnberb*n, •* 1«»
Warminster, 4 V* M 99 Jeger*«»i». "J4 “ 1»»7
II ar.l* w iok t Ule, ?.»% " 1«« Cedar Point 8 “111
Tve River, “ 1»p* Mirhaux'a Ferry, 8V* “ 116
Rent Creek. " 117 1 Jude *Ferry, 11 “ 124
6taple%* Mill*, 11*4 r n 128 Manakititown, a m 128
LynchtMATAT 2» am 146 Rkhtuotiil, f> *• 146
Richmond. Ottober !•. J-W. or 14
I III Nil \ \ |M, st* \ P.
SOAP, »« vlrattled by the thousand* who have u-d it .Itirl’.g
the pa«t tw*4ve year*, t«• %urpa«* anything ever lutr-du- ed into thi%
brati. h of th* Wilat, und to render agreeable an ofe-r.t .»n usually
• oii«i.b red a home I e f.»rtn Is convenient, It i* agreeably perfiiiin l.
and will pro*tuce a c«.pious <*nU |iermanent lather with either h«rd
«>r cold water, leave* the %*-.n *uiooth and urn hapfR-d. Noric gn»u
uie without the *yi.Ature, tn f.*• -ititile, of \ tu»M A I «wi in 1 ry it.
For «d. in ihi«. iiy bv FCKCELL. LA*»1» A CO.. ho I I ll MOOD.
In New York l-r the principal fan. y g.»od*hoUM»s and dtnggi*t*
M «n if.rfured » v J.HIN ll VltOOM.vb.. . lo Vr -u» a 4. wbr,
72 Cherry street. New York. jail—4m
g (OYII 1 f. KfI II 1C V| (l> I »f . I l.s I 1,01 II • -
8.7 i«i < ,p^: >r it .-oiuminrlfl in New York a preference of half 1
-l-dlar » barrel H*,.e Mill* an w. II adapted for all kind* of gr-n-l
ll.'•«. . *■ Afle MFi.l stale P.FI .HItil U.-bl.I.AO l..ru >r lw<
• . mail i.im: h»:tui:i:t ni;w iomiu
flAHR large and .omumdioui dv*bt< engine side ^ ^
1 wheel iteamthip KOANOKF. Capt Skisvkb, 'r
UavH Richmond fur N#e York every Tuesday tvew-C T tT.rr*
lag. at 4 o'clock and City Point at F o'clock nat
liM JAMESTOWN. Capt Pvaatau, Wavn City Pulnt for New York
•Very >«tuida> UK*rnl'tf. at F o'clock
Pa**enger* dialling to gu by the Roanoke can get un hoard at
her MUi or wharf at Rockett* every Tueaday evening by 4 o'clock,
and those who may desire to get on hoard either of Uew at Otty
Pornt. mu*4 leave here by tire Petersburg car* every Wednesday and
Saturday morning »t AV* o'clock. The charge In either caw only
fin through f.»r cabin (MMriifrr*.
Tickets t »d berths arcurwl at «ur office any day during the week.
B» et earn are atof It H ng and returning Passage to
Norfolk the same aa bv the River t*.*ats
Fur f<trtl*er Inhumation regarding them. Inquire at ©«r oft*e,
South side of Badri.
at t. Steamer PENNSYLVANIA. Capt tin Davip ^
TeaU Steamer VIRGINIA. Capt It Room* W it>T»
One of these superior Steamer* will U-aer Rich TrtP\PflA;
ruuid. until further notice, every Monday and Friday, touching at
City Point an»l Norfolk to receive freight and pwasenger*. Returning.
l« ave Philadelphia every Wednesday and Sat unity morning at 10
These Steamer* are now In line order. IncreRacd LYoaanoiliUoBI
for the imuiIimI of |*ase.nger* having Utii added, a* also mote room
j for freight; ami we hope, by regularity, dispatch and carv In protect
ing g«a*d« committed to our charge* h* receive an Increase of patron•
A#" No transhipment bv thl* line
Passage through to N. w \.*«k. and fi*und ♦ *» 00
Ik* do Phila.IetphU. and found, l«t cabin . . 4 no
Ik* do do not found, fid cabin 4 *■»»
Parage t»* City Point a: d Virforlk same a* by the river boat*
( gr I’ovnp' r* by thl* l‘t»e can slop in Phtlad«dpeia two or three
d n*. and then |woc«*-d to New York bv the same th k.-t
ll ► TUTTLE, Aft t, R k« ta
liinanoMi %n ii iiosniA i.m: or jv
1% PACKETS T.’.i* line is c. • »p.*e.-d of tW following rwwWb
•els. ami sail* fn*m IL*st.*n every Saturday ■mat.
js hmuier SI SAN. CaptalnS G Roger*.
“ WKNTOVKR, - U.C Rogers
•• J \ M.LKN, - Obed ltaker, Jr.
*• COURIER, ~ Kelly
•• CERITO. “ W . H Crowefl.
•* K. NICKERSON, *• Cyrus Nicker*oo.
New - - - •• J ll Roger*
Ties- trseb are of the first -l***. built e*|*eeasly for thl* trade,
and have *«i|s-rl>»r ac'onnnodatlon* f«*r passenger*.
Tli* > are luiuandrd by eX|*erteiiced Captain*. w*JI qualified ho
the trade, and wh a ill spar* no exertion* to acrvmrasaJU*-' they
• II u to*e*1 up and down the river by ilram, am* -•T1**
U» sail promptly. a« ajrrttl**l.
They Will lx towed up ami down the river by steam, and may be
rrl led on to *all promptly as advertised.
Merchants foil g Nortli. .«r «*r*lei mg good* fr»*m It "ton. w ill flml It
to their Inu rest to %hip by thl*. a* it U the only regular line, a* fra Ight
a «!m %yr* u taken *« low x* by any i*thrr vessels, and every *rt -it
• dl b* made by the agent* a Kbhmoud and Hostou to give sgttsfac*
We re-pout fully a*k and h,.pe to *u> <ml In ol*talnlng a full share
of patronage.
Tl*e v• *e«ls will Ik- in RK'hm«md at R.*. Letts. In Ho«t. u at Rowe’s
W harf DAVID A WM CURRIE. Richmond, 1
ALLKS A WELCH. IL-ton, v Agent*.
• ul N
\ IIII.IM I I.IM. 411 Itll IIMOMI A>u M M
fMYlilS new || . I i.e I* . .ml- —d *»f the followilig Vessel*,
R and tad* ft. n N*-w York every three days All ownol aiTr*
New Scho ner DANV1I.I F. Captain William NVlaoti
New •M aNCIIKTER, • Oliver Chichester.
New - LYNCHIIURO, “ firth Cheater.
m i.illli.n “ It. % ai.iirr Smith «
- II WALL, ~ C. II Smith.
•• NEW YORK, 44 R M Adkins.
? h u*: OR!ANNA, 44 J B Tuttto.
•• IIKN 111 CO. 44 SO Sranton.
*• Kit IIMONP, 44 W C. Harris.
•• MERCHANT, 44 W. II Winter*.
•* Hanoi fr, 44 w k w hippie.
Tie** ve**» l* are all of this first ola**. hull! lu the city of Balt 1 more
expressly f»>r till* trade, and hare superior accommodations for pas
*. igir* Th* y are c. n.tnai.xf d by r*|«rrtenc<rd Captain*, well quali
fied for thr trade, and who will span* no exertions to aooo tutu .date
Thty w .11 be tow -d up and down the river by steam, arid may he re
liel on to *all promptly , as advertised.
V : ! a i« ► • $ N h. or ord* r ng g.1* from New York, will find
It to tfc. r .iterest to ship by tills line, a* freight will always !•*• taken
at h «* a* by any other !w»e of packet*, and eeery effort wUl be made
ts in I and New York to give «*•. ifkl on I -u
ranee can b* rffrvted iu thv Richmond Fire Association, by this line,
at *, per cent.
We respectfully a»k an l hop* to succeed In obtaining a full share
of patronage.
I - . , by i ■ • v * v x a .: • - • warded
c< rm.'.««i..!» to N*-* Orleans. Mobile, Charleston, Savannah, or any
Th*- u- i» w 11 lie in Richmond at Roc^Hta, In New York at Berth
No. 1, Coffee House Slip, foot of Wall *:rr. t
DAVID A W M Ct'KKIE. Richmond, )
C. H I’iKRSON. New York, * Agents.
No 61 South ktreet. )
tl«, w ’ leave the wharf at Ro ketto rxrty Tuesday '■
■ N
every. M td»y Wednesday and Friday M- ruing at the same hour.
A \ ' lock,touching and returning at all the regular landing* on tho
River. R O II ASK IN?
By Authority of the State of Georgia.
T.» be draw in the city of Atlanta, March 2.*>ih, l*W
I’m »« •* Tii tn* WlxJti. |5 . Halve*. #>/-• ; Quarter*, fl.'iu.
I*' j. * in tlo* Lottery ar» paid thirty day* after the drawing, in
hills ..f *;••-« o* paving Bank*, without deduction, *»u/y vn ptf+nta
fi**»« “J the Ticket entitJr.tt" th* f,rUf.
Bills of all *olrrut banks taken at par. All communications
Agent and Manager. Atlanta, ita.
I, mMB
[/"»***#/• Vi* AVm* York * •• swt/vi*i/.i'/r^rf*wr.il«t AV. I**V» 1
aa’Otil L* I I If4* 1*1 l\ON. The result of the ex h
in the manufacture of pint o« ; an I w« l»«:l.-ve It is quite safe to *ay
that uo better loan >t are made iu any part of the w^rld than those
now ra*de in New York < nv We hare examined several instru
ment* from the factor) of Mr II Wor*eater that are tn elegant in
from, and so pure and powerful in lone, that «« doubt whether they
can be surpa*M>l
[From Me X- Y 4\Ad t trtimrr, Aj>rit 8n. 1 ]
A wean I*i a jor* are admitted by the n»u*t competent Judg-s to
be the I*.-** f..r u-e ,n th.* 'lunate Though some European I’lanos
.. hlc j ftnlshed, when brotight to this i MDtrj Um| tn
s.tl.l to le greatly impaired by the severe heat and cold, and the sod
loti . hang- - • f tein|»erature But there are F. tti ■* made in New
Y rk wh h rival the finest Instruments manufactured in Europe, not
only in durability, hut In delicacy «f touch, arid in strength and pu*
rity of tone P it:. * made by Mr. II Worcester, of this elty, can
scarcely Ik- «urp.ia***-l In all the qualities that render an Instrument
[From tht X Y Vttnrirr ttntf Rruptlrrr ]
Woarrviri!4.* |*iim* The rou*tantly Increasing reputation of the
Piano Fortes manufactured by Worcester, authorise* our reminding
«»ur read* r* that W-.rv#*trr’* In-trutnefit* ar*- a* le-autiful and ortia
iuent.il a* tliey are admitted to he un«urp***rd in their tnorw essential
qualities of musical excellence.
[From Me A*. Y. • ••imifft iid AdftrU»*r\
“Those dukrt strains” of which “very truly y«*ur*” »]*eakf, came
not frotn a human throat: hut from one of thwge wonderful piece* of
n.e. h*nl*vi known a* • Worcester’s Piano* ” A* we have more than
once »aid. they give forth, next to thr melody of the voice In love’*
whispering*, the **eet**land most |**rln tly harmonious and tnelio
•lious tones that we ar<- a cudoUKil to listen to
[Frvrn Me .V. )'. Errntuj Jf/m/r.)
We w. rr adtuirlng. a f* * day* slure, a very magnificent he.klng
Piano Forte In the elegant drawing room of the 1’nlon Place llutrl,
when, upon an examination of It* interior, wr w.-r*- oi.-a*e,| t<> find
v 'lr
year*, lie had bought »* many a* a dwten Piano Fortes of klr W..r
< • -ter, f..r hirniM If and fatrnds, and that all had g.vethe niost per
fe t *atl-f *ctk»n. We have often said, and we take pleasure in rr
{stating the truth, that W <>r< e*tcr’s Instruments are made upwn hr-tiur,
aiid equal to any In the world
I aiii constantly supplied with an arrortroent «.f Mr Worcester’s
Pian.•*. and Invite th- attention of those tn want of really superior
Instrument*, at moderate price-, t-* call and examine them.
Al o, celebrated kftlod.an* voiittantly on hand
jyli A MOK 1(18. ttoto Agent, k* Main •!.
I . I . U I NS I ON A 4 O..
Grocers iiud Coiumis'.ioii tie rr hauls,
rossta cur »»r» lHtu -rsxrr*. tu.iu'-xn. n ,
■ 1FO 1 iv- to u,r. rm t friend* •• I istomers. that they hlVi
I I 0 received th* r Fall ?* >d ..f GKOCERII^. LIQI’ORi*. WINER
i«. .1 ornpr ng the largest and bet! stork they ».♦* ever keen
aide to get in. We Invite c.ty and country dealers to examine our
•lock Leh>re |eircha*itig. ani<*f.g whi**h will t*r found:
PAH.*. Ill > r A ItlMKI M. Ill ST h.<- .m
luciel lh<iti«>trr« under the Am of lll’WT A BKO , for MB* I
•lu* Hi k a general Cuinmlulon Hu. teas. ami have taken an oiBce uu i
N Intiiia, b. teri-n Cary afreet and tb Danville Depot, \rear ol Mcaara
Hat wry, Wood A t\» >
They nulk-.t roiiilfnntrnli of Toheto. H heal. Floor, Cvrti, and all i
kind* of couutry pi mime, prvui«B prompt attention to all cob
signn i i.t«, ar.-I quick return* )*4 (•
IIHIK un«U r«lgned have united ikmuivrv under Uie Arm and j
■ atyle of MolH»N ALD. SPOITS A H AKVRY, lor the parpo*e of
conducting in t a i lly the above bu»Uc« lu all ita branch*-* They
have taken the large warehouse No YN Peart vtroot, *outh of Cary,
^recently occupied by Hunt and liarv«%r.) ande%pert to hare lu ttore
in a tew day* an eatenaiee *«*oitn*ent of Urvcrrkt, to whkh tb«y i
i***pe« tfully Invite the attention of thrift friend* and the public gene
rally Ktierimcnl member* of the flan wilt gtre their attention to
the *ale of Pr«*duce generally, and to thv receivlug and fowardlnf of j
f ood *.
The usual advance* made on eondgmneut. From long eipe I
rteuce lu the different branche* of our baatne**. and by prompt per
aonal atienliob, we hope to merit a portion of puUk- patronage
joiin c. McDonald,
j wilts C- iapottb.
mill: firm of W AKKKN A PERKINS lathi* day dtaaclvcd by mu
R tual COWl. Either party will u** the name of lla Qiiu lu
liquidation All persona Indebted to u> %lll |d«-aae couie forward
and wttlg their account*. Longer Indulgence cannot be given
|a!> W f PREKIWI
no ricR.
PRYIIK undersigned have formed a IV Partnership under the Arm
I and style of III KTON A ORKKNIIOW, for the purpo*. of con
ducting • Orocery and Conmtlaslon bu«lm-s*
They have taken the h%»use on ISth,between Main and Carv street*,
recently ovtt^iel by J >1 tiaitand. K«q , and aa 111 keep constantly ob
hand a general assortment of Kanitly Orocevte*. A|*H>es. l.iqu«>ra, Ac.,
amt w ill give their personal atteutkib to the sale of all pr.»luee#ti
trusted to their care. K M HI'KTON,
kKHMOka, V V ,
n\VK atid will keep In store, an extensive assortment of UKtl- i
. CRRII3S, t*» which they respectfully Invite the attention of their
friends and the putdtc. In want of gtunl* in their tine
Particular attention witl be given to the mIc of country Produce,
and to receiving and forwarding Merchandise.
The usual a li.vnce* made on couaiennknt*
JNO r imsWAID,
t ie. C. SPOTTS,
» • ______ •’N” 9 bpotts
||flr I I AHS A t Alt It I Nt. I tl>.
SiltH 'A*f 'A Si ii\ Kt* 'HMiIM..
tllve particular attention to the »«)«* of
JET" All ps
• a a. uaaax, of Charlotte. run. * u> r ■*».*, Ktchmoud.
/•/;<</>< I A't . > VV/.v»Y< V A K< 'll A X 7X
KU'IIMOMl. \ A. Ir*l—*ni
Jv.i K« sir. late of the firm of H<»ok> r A Watkins, Salesman.
VEOMVR s i A It It I l I ,
AN* KACTCRKK and Ik-aler In Stoves. Range*; llot-AIr Fur
4*1 BAMK T n. Jspatmed. OtfpW and Iron \\ an . Kbdleaa Cl \ b.
Forvlt.gand Suction Puni|M ; lV»i<r Him*. Lead Pipe , Zinc ; Sheet
Iron. A. Whole-ale and llctall. No. l4'» Main street, Richmond,
CuWmu ar.»rk done to order l>rder« promptly filled. jaH
t'O! )PER’S
iii:i im itsiiHi n imm.i isv.
A OitOI* »xp I'llltf AUTtl'U »' K
To be obtained in large or smallN|uantltlet, with direr
list)* for using, of th«* principal Grocers and
DiUfgi-t* tluoughollt the United State*.
I* CTKK C ifo I* L K.
1' New YoU. _
11* It IN Extract*. Soap*. Pomades, Toilet l*o« ler, Lavender, Ac.
A LOW'S brown and white W Indsor $oap,0> Marrow and Myrtle
LOW'S Holier Tatdets, Ry|M.|4taguii. Slitrinf and Palm Soaps
CLEAVER'S llonry Soap. Shaving Cream, Clarified Marrww, Bear'*
Grease. A«*.
MOTTEf > Orange Folwer Rosr Water* In bulk and bottles.
HIM Mi 1 > landkerrhlef Extract* and Toilet Vinegar
LAt’KKNCITS Hair Gl-vr*. Straps, Rubbers, Bath Gloves and Wa
•h nr Pad'
TOoTH *.«l NAIL BRl’SHK.'* —French and English, a large as«ort
II NIK BRUSHES —Etigl 'h. French and Gorman.
CI *»TH. !l \T % d SHA\ INti BRUSHES 111 kind* and style.
TURKISH a*OW E!>.—Toweling, Dusters, A
COMIH —Buffalo Dressing, all prices and style*.
SPONGE Mediterranean. Paris, Venice and Turkey, a large as
sort tue ut.
TAYLOR'S hmilon Mustard, in keg*, can*, foil atid bottles.
F XYLOIUS Arrow Hoot. Hoimepathic Chocolate, Brain, Ac.
PIVEIVS Itlur Pot Pomatum and Toilet Powder.
Imported, and for aale at h.w price* by.
Wii.«l»siiu Dat itui-r*.
No. J70 Willlam-St., cor Beektuan St. New-Votk.
luhll—lOt [P.]
• HO. 99 'I UN STREET.
(t II it is i i \ > a I. V I lllttn* DIALERS in DRY
J tiOODS. FOR CASH —would invite an examination of their
Spring Stock of Good*. suitable for planters, fatndies. ami purchaser,
generally. Iwing well assured, from the past twelve months' rX|M
riem r, tiust their ey-teiu of •riling goods for cash only, enal-lea them
to oil r Inducements which tin y could not otherwise ntfrr. W e shall
be prepared with a large stock of Planters' Goods, such as Cotton
Otnaburg*, Itr w n Shirting aud Sheeting. Striped (»xnaburg», heavy
OoUonade* and Drill*. Linen Drill* and Duck*. Plaid Domestic*.
Bleached Shirtings, l'i-4 Bleached Sheeting, Print*. Priuted l_«wi.»
Cantou S 'ks, Canton Crape, Fr»n h Silk*, in black and colors, of
tiraie-l designs; ChalUe*. Mousrllnea, Gingham*. Table Darna-k.
N »ps.n*. Luiet. S.’ieeting*. Pillow Linen*. Towelling*, iHmities. Cur
tain Materials, White Cambrics, Muslins, Lawn-. Ac N.»v« Itles In
Embroideries ..f Lace, Musliu and Cambrics. Mourning ii.umta of
every d •*. r ptioti, of the !>e*t Fabric* Import*.I Al*«>, w «pirml».l
as-orttm-nt of English and American Carpets, of Rich Tapr.try,
Bruasell* and Velvet, Three ply and Ingram; Rag Carpets; Rug*.
Druggets. Matts and Floor Oil Cloths. Canton and Coe*. .Mattings
W.- have one entire floor devoted to this department, and Will lit tke
it to the Interest of cash purchasers to make their selections with u*.
u.im i i l l ic ii. \i \iii iioi si .
fBRIII *•.*••« Tiber*. having removed to their iu-w Fi (-ejr uQ C«rf
H Street. between 9th and loth Street*, are prepared to receive
order- '.»r all kind* *>f Agricultural Machine* and Implements of the
late«t and tn«*-t approved |»attrru«, Which will Ik- in tde of the l<e*»
material- and of superior workmanship. They a*k attention to
“Cardwell's double mod single geared Horsepower* and Threshers,”
whi' n have taken a premium at rvrry Fair at whi. h they have been
exhibit*! Al*o, b» **Cro*kiH’s Cl'd Crusher.” MAnny’s Patent
Kea|irr and Mower.” the best in u*.-; Fawkes' Patent Lime and
Guano Spreader, luglily approved; Hay Presses; II »y Rakes; Corn
Snellers, from ♦ 1 •* t-» f Smith's Patent Str** Cutter, Grain Cra
dir*. A- Rich'* Patent Iron u*nm Plow, of rari<*tr» -i*. A They
subjoin the opinion of the lion Will a in C. Rive-, of these Plow*
Richmond, February ¥7.
Cs*tlb Hill, loth Ik-.- 1%M
0*»L Wn It St*>t'oitT»•* Sir: I take pleasure *r* recording
• «re my mipr« **lon of the |e-rform-slice of your Plow |Ri* I.'* Iron
Beam patent> ,.t CoLham t.» Lay The work wa* far m**re thorough
and complete than that of any plow 1 ever * «w in .,|H i «tiort 1* fore.—
The furrow .by It wa* very generally H incia-sdrrp ami aU.ut
9* Inches wide In hard, close land, and most effectually and perfectly
cleaned out, none of the *od earth falling l»ack Into It.
The trial of the plow wa* witnessed by many of iny fo-lgLL. rs,
among whom I will mention Me**r«. Frank K N.lson, J II. fir nett,
J. II LrwW, C It II .pkliis, Thomas Watson, of Louisa, A . ill prv
Ileal men amt mo*t e\« client judge* of agr* ulturnl implement*. and
thrr* was hut one opinion among them as to the superiority and un
exceptionable performance of your pl<*w
Wishing y u e.pial sucres* elsewhere in making this valuable im
plement favorably known to our agricultural brethren,
I remain, y..ur* truly,
n GRAY, having many year* experience In tl»e manufacture
• I M
ttons. ha- established a manufactory In thl- clly. where he w*ll man
ufacture hi* Str um Pressure flange* of all *ite*. for -tramb.uit*, lorn
motives, mw mill-, Ac. Also, GI*j»» Water Gauges and Locomotive
It l- evident that an Instrument constantly Indicating the pressure
of a steam, reliable in It* character, and with ordinary care not sub
ject to it. rangenirnt. is a desideratum both to the engineer and pro
prietor, it enable* the one to manage the *tean» With ea-e, and Hit
other to see that It I* to managed, and will not only protect .-gain*!
esplost. ii . hut by its every «luy use promote in a high d* grre the
eci.non v ami r-ffl. Icnejr of the wi. .|r establishment.
The shove Gauge* are warranted.
Virginia Central Railroad. II.. hi.mm! .md Danville Railroad. Tab
hott A Brother, Burr A Kiting* r. Philip Rbaiu, Steam Engine Build
er*. am! ofTh e of the Richmond Whig
Whrn di «ir*-d,the tuanufa. turer will att*. h tin- Gsuge to thel^ller.
For sal* by WN I F-W A TAYI.OR.
ap t 19 M tin Mrret, Rlt himmd, V*
tlrOO|, DEPOT. We have determined to oje*n, In con
T V ii.« tioti with ••ur pr» -. *.t Ini-in.■- . a M » I D» p-.t, for the
•aTe of Wra.1. and havgeng .gi I the service- of Mr John Water
hr ... the form, r rffii i. nt as- nt of H \\ lei. Fa v tl.l*
It. It. It.
/A-i/iA M IS* trinity* of t.u* Aimim U IS* I*r4m 4mi* iff
rna a a a asvtniia ha«u* tmb uu*t rwaii vo *wccaa v\> ni
■imam ti«iKM aasLTa tab u**a Lira, and no rasa tni
■ imam • a mil v »a»*a paims, acmk*. amd all
•♦in tariaaiTiAa
orrVRtXQ uisbasbby tub u bus
h a u \% a \ ** it i: % ik % i< »: 1.11: r
I J* tv be us* d iu all ctirt where Ibm I* pain. Tfor ui-Huent It la
applied vkUrually. vi taken luUroAllT.lt «r>ll aUajr Ibe most tor
luring ache*, paint, cramp*. i|>a»wi. but us, scalds, Ac . qottkvi than
Hviphiur, Cl.loroformi. Veralrloe, of any other anodyue or remedy
that has eve* been used by medical men
It is safer than these dangerous reut. dies. The public will bear In
mind that Chloroform. Morphine, Opium, Ac . only •titfo the palu by
stupifvrlng the sense*. «o that the percept I re faculties loose the power
of reeling, and that after the Influence of three nar.ullca have pass
e«l from the syst-iu. the pain again breaks forth with Its terrible
pang*, with renewed violence.
Knlvay's Heady Relief stops the pain, and removes the cause of
tlie «li*ea*e that occasions It; It Infuses new life lulo the weak and
di*e«srd parts ll lirsivi up the nerves, ami establishes Iu the sys
tem a reaction of hwalth and strength In place of pain, wvakuraa
and disease.
A* a counter irritant, Ksdwsy's Krady Relief. Applied to the sur
face of the b»*ly, where there Is Infl turination or cougeetlon. II will
Instantly scatter the congested W.hnI, equalises the circulation, and
In a lew minutes the most excruciating pains are removed. This
may be seen in cases of l.umtmgo, Gout and Rheumatism. In their
most terrlbl- forms, where an Application of Radway's Ready Relief
will restore the patient to ease and comfort.
irits U\*Htn»ih»ui Arm it ml ! /Vd*t#d-A’«» tojo*
*J \»* ffnvrrry /Ymetjr use oj A* K It A W%*ml0ffml (hr#,
trrrirw raw iaaac Nimt>n>in
Hirin'- PtatSM. U .June ItHh, KV
Messrs Ra.lwsy A Co : — Radway's Ready Relief h*« cuird Peter
Mil of Khcunuloui. wlieii there was no hope of his ever recovering
I heard of hU -liuitioii ami I sent for him IIi* tight arm and l.-g
ws* all |NirIshed lie had no use **1 them at all . Iwl by the use of
your malklnr, in two nt mths hr was carrying the mall from Cher*
r|vHito BttrRflcvji laldaiw n. %. inRIm
for a living It ha- bees fourteen months since hr was cured licit
now well, and I* working on Ids farm, and the whole cost of hi* cure
for your medicine was five dollar* Iniitf llrtnu
It HIIHI I A-rotC*.
Hr here direct the Alien*1—• -r me public to our newly discovered
IMcfl) KM*" kl A aWI LATOR8; lit) IMMMI the great cur a
live r-i*vtlrs of a pitigatlve, cathartic. a|«crtent, sudorific, anti
«y«|ivpttc, corrector and regulator of the system They are In fact
the only perfect purgative or cathartic remedy that has ever been
discovertd or given to the world.
Itadwny's Regulator* will answer a heller |>urpo«e than calomelor
murcurv. wlUioul entailing on the system t»w terrible injuries of
lhe«e baneful drug*
They are In the form of Pills, elegantly coated with, gum, |M*rfoct
ly tasteless, and can be taken without sickening or nauseating the
path nt. Th« y are to be u%* d in all • ••* - when tl*e sy -u ni i- of*T of
OKHhR. or under the influence of disease, tine or two do-**- of
Radway's Regulators ha* frrqueiilly checked the progress of the
•u.*-t terrible diseases, and n*t«<i«d the •«stem to health and regu
They estahlIsli new and improved principles in Medicine, and *e
» ure the great ami Important power of regulating to a healthy, natu
ra! and harmonious action, each and every organ iu the hodv This
gre.it controlling powvr has never fiwmed any part of the pio|>erttrs
of the popular Cathsrtle, Vegetable or ludian Purgative PHI*, that
have ever t*een in use.
Radway's ltegulatom rid the system from disease and restore the
human body to health, or* an entl.rlv dill* rent principle to (lie wea
kening. Sickening and griping method of the common cathartic and
purgative pill*
One or two *f Rad way's Regulator* will remove the cau-e that sc
.•%-lon* p«m or fticktie**, or an Irregular or unnatural action oroon*
ditfoa of Nic organs of the Mv, quicker, more effectual. and with
less trouble to the patient than •«* or ten of Oie common cathartic or
purgative pills, live moment Radway's Regulators are taken Into
-> -1• •.i iflUcttd with disc***,their »«i nllslBg dieicy hgtoa
they *earch out the clement* of «il*e.i»e wherever it may be seated ;
thev act u(»*»n the whole «urface of tl»e iutestincs and bowels, attrac
ting Die foul and umrb.d humors front the IiIocmI, glands, secreting
vessel-, and expelling ttie seeds of d<-ca*e from tie t*-ly, restoring a
Itralll.v and regular action to the I tr. r Howrl. Pancreas. Heart.
Kidney •, HUJilrr, 8kku and all utlwr Viscera.
AM of the c«>mn>oti pills of the day, called Vegetable, Indian, Ca
thartlc, Ac , claim that they cure disease hy purging hum tin* b-.wel
This is a« far as they go—they act upon the In.wels hy irritating the
tnucuou* membrane, and liiu* obtain an e vacua tlou in the »atnc
mariner as the bowel. are moved hy eating something that disagree*
with tin* system This i« truly an unnatural method of rtatiiring tie
system to liealth. hv swallowing pills that disagrees with and irritate
It. Those who lu»ve taken these common pills are well aware of the
w* ak and debltitan-1 condition their systems are left In. After th,
scouring operation of these drastrfr purgative* Is over, the t*owel*
are sore and feeble, and again become* costive and bound up.—
Hence arise dy*|ie|»«la and a host of disease* Rad way '* K» gul it or*
never leave the bowel* In a costive condition, or occasion pain »r
w.-arincss In their alteration.
NO. I.
lH*ea» * amt complainf* ritiiW hy Rrposure am/ Atnaa.hm
cull #'A.i’n/r*. .»rec re ArcA Rati tray* a Reatty Relief ana R.uf
sCIV** Reg ul.it* •/*• /nmicw the inomt rema rkithte enratire parses,
rintf ir At. A trill re*otily yiebt to the R. R treatment.
khv rav*a.*.
When the system l« flr«t sekted * th .» *udden cold, or a fever *et*
In, a dose of from three to mix of lltdway's It* gula'or* should I*
taken—this is all the medicine, at this *tagv of the disease, that Is re
quire,! . In a few hours the system will l*e restored to Bound h. altl .
Hut, If the Cold aud fever I* neglected, and coughs, headache*,
ct.lds, chills, pains ami ache.* In U»e I mb*, joints, muscle*, bone*,
•ole and back, s*»re throat, Itoarsetie**. difficult breathing, follow*
the cold and fever, then Radway's Ready Relief should be applied
externally, and a good d*vte of the Regulators taken At «*-»n a*
tV Relief is applied a reaction will take place, and In a few hours
t ir patient will be free from all pain or annoyance.
If iliese *lgns of the presence of disease In the *y*trm are unno
ticed. and violent fevers break out, iu the form of Itillou*. Typhoid,
FWarlet,Slop K«-s«r and other malignant fever*, such ;»» Pneumonia.
Lung Fever and Hrain Fever, a more rigid treatment become* ne
cessary. The Regulat«»rs should Iw given every four hour*. In large
d.Mies of from four to six. until free and copious ills- barge* from the
lw.we|« arc obtained. The relief applied will produce a salutary ef
fect upon the skill, and, taken in water, will abate ttie fever.
If Inflammations or congestions take place, Radway's Regulator
arid Ready K.-lief should be tak. n In large doses A cure will quick
ly follow their is-e In cases of Hlltousne-* or Malignant Hiliou- Fe
ver, or Hllious Pneumonia. Radway's Regulator*, given In full doses,
and the whole surface of the Imm|j bathed with Radway's Ready Re
lief, will effectually aud speedily cure the patient.
Attacking the joints and limbs, inflicting it* terrible piercing pang*
of pain with merciless rapidity—changing about from joint to joint
and from limb t«» limb, or Lumbago, Neuralgia, or Gout afflicts you.
(ladway's Ready R- lief, applied to the parts where the pain l* fell,
will quickly relieve you from Its excruciating pangs R.dway'*
Regulators will expel from the intestines all Irritating and corrupt
Radway's Ready Relief is not only a cure fo» these Infectious ma
ladies, hut will prevent tln.se who use the Ready Relief and Regu
lator- against the infection.
We A<rr, knatr n the R R Relief ri.t irhote neighhorb.mml* <•/
the infdion oj Small-Rot an*t Shir let Freer. We hare /iinriv
kn.nm ship matters tcho hare ■«»» </ the lire* of their creir* amt
jHiMMeuger*. atot entirely •hireu <iu.iv fAe Small-!\*r anti Ship
Ferer from their remnela. hy *p. inkling the Rea.lt/ Relief th rough
their infetat *hin*. R is intoni*bina irhat happy efe.tsthe
Realty Relief trill hare if freely */.rink/e.I in/la. «•* ichere th**e
contagious a tot infection* />oisnn* nrerail.
We wdl guarantee that. If tln.se who are now suffering with fever
an 1 ague, or its effect*, will place their system* under the Influence
of K*dwav'« R<- *d> Relief and Regulator*, to cure them entirely ..f
this distressing malady, arid to free them bun the fever of ague lhat
Is now lingering In their «y*tem« and to render their b«nl:es ague
proof aga :ist renewed attack* TTn.se now suffering from Enlarge
ment* of tlw 8pleen, Eng-.rgetnents of the Liver, and *ther organic
enlargement*, are promised *peedj deliverance from their miseries
by tin- R R Relief and Regulator*
Wr now direct the attention of the public to our accoud great dis*
covety for the cure of chronic dl--ase.
Nil. i.
Iflmeaae* that hare been lingering in the mystem for a length oj
ehne, tainting the Hoof irith impurities amt corering the bo*/y
itith sorea anil ulcera ; ill*ea*e» inherits*/ by heretfibiry .le
arerif, or contcict. t by ino--, ulction. nr tran»iritte*i by other
.ti»e*t *• * ; orer alt of ahich mail •llsetise* amt tfiaon/er* in tin*
| seem. I chi a*.
i P<e-sKMMK* the most positive curative powers.
! Has |»erforrnrd miracles In the Way of cure* It ha* made person*
i sound and whole, whose flesh was one tnas- of corruption, and win.
were so disfigured by disease a* to render them objects repulsive to
the sight.
i'hronic l»i*ea*est ScrofnhniA amt Ayj.hi/iti. t\nniJ*»int*, t'on
aittit/livn, a mt other affection* of the t.ung»amt /7,,..at /tutu
ration* an.I tfrganic /Enlargement*, f’bn.nla Rheunuiilsnt,
l,laiohtbif SnelJing*, Hacking tfry I’ough. I'ancerou* Afe*••
tom *, ft ee.ting .f the lung*. lfy*pep*la. Water Rra*h, Tie
bxlereny. White Su tiling. Tumor*, t’/cei *, //./> bi*ea*e*. Fe
nolle i 'omplaint* tiout, Rickets, lb onchitia, l.irer I ton/.faint*
The moment * dose of tbc Resolvent Is taken Into the system In
feted with dl«ease. tl»e patient ex perl# nee* the nx-t d* lighthd rn
«atton*. for new life I* coursing through every vein and tissue of thr
ho ly—enriching and purifying th-- blo.»d and ratting out all ntnr
tiki, corrupt and loathsome humors.
The Renovating Resolvent is a positive cure fur all chronic rom
plaints |t has made Whole and sound patients who had stiffern
tic most terrible torture disease could Inflict upon the system. I<r
thnat Trtn Pitsfrlrfl irthg If Inniliand main un.-ured, g»v
the Resolvent a trial—It will cure you.
Prloc ube dollar per bottle.
II % l»%% % \ A €’«.*
I9i Fulton Street Mete York.
Bold by Druggists, Merchant*, aid 8b»r* -keeper* rvrrvw.-re
nll.sIMIIII M's n« I,.Oil ITOli I • i • • MOM ;.•!
e»| lo llw public, r« lying upon lit Inlrlntlr excellence to «enr
| It favor
For all flillou* Attack*, It him? In* truly mi l «afely felled upon a
being fully canabl, of removing tie* di»c«>e* for which It l* rerufn
mended, and for giving tone and Vigor to the general «y*ten».
Ii* >|<ialltlea hav* Iktu fully teMel in a long practice, htr the per
prl* tor. Through the urgent Mediation* of many who have u*»
and been t*enef|led t»y it, the proprietor ha* been lndu< c«l to place
le-forc tlie ptiMIc*. For all llillotn Derangement#, Hick lie ,dado
Ch'onU lllarrlso**. Habitual Co«tlrene«a, Billon* Coll*-, |t»'pepd
I'aln In th«-Htotnach and Itowtla, General Debility, female Weakne*
F-.r *ale by Drug* «ta generally, aid by PCRCEIX, I.ADD A t’O
No 911 rorner of Main an I 11tli *t* . Ocneral Sir- hb . and by Ale*
D ir ,I, No Iftft Mnri at reel; H. II White, I f.“ Hr .ml 4treet. and at
by Hanford A Co , N V f«*» ly
lllll II t| l.l. A ICOVNTFKN,
CKJNWlONMENTH to the al*oVe addle** Will rccc.ve the Apecl
j attention of Mr A. L Bovutm* the retWent partner in N«
j yjr* \drance# e,n ahlprimnU will be negotiated on liberal lerti
by A I. R-»y*fer. Brother A Co . Rtd.motof.or by na.
f #T“ Order* for purchase* In Nrw York will al«o fwtclve our I
* <'<>****' *
, |iut m» i iM ofiorivi: axi.fn,
Refined Rolled Car A tie*. Hammered Car and Engine A*1
(Htarnped Fenroyd.) rut to length ar,d centered Alar,, an e*t
r *l'*allty Jonlatt* Cbarroal Aale Constantly on band and for *ale
, *° •**•* R dlroad Companlea.Car and Engine Hnllder* and othr
f "f manufacturer*. A A I* ROBERTA,
o.-T9 Am Broad, t*>1ow Vine afreet. Phl1ad*d|,hla
1% fill s \ Ml l.l \ I I • »I | , g
J r- elve f a lot of Or r Wh*...* of every description, for ■ Nl
Ladle#, Oentlefnen. Mtaac* and Huy# Ik
Alan, Over-Hhoe#, With heel*, vuttahfe for ladlea . l adle** b«
HI»oe« and Oaltera, for aale low by AI.E X. IIIM-,
J*#1 Bn. I IT Main afreet, Richmond. V,,
B bare for aale, deliverable at abort notice, on the ba«ln ban
BHIjgg! good, hard and well burnt brick E«r sale on aecomrwodi
r Mg term*.
' "•*»* RAfPtfEEK A DOfTflf.ARA
I n \4m N|ff)T«ju*t received per fehr IfanoTi
•F* FN W and for aale l,y
»imn %s,i>, i onu s j,.rt
• F" ■ crlved |M r ateanirr, and for *ale by
w,r>r w wrKii.r>Hir»ir.
n» m ««.'* *, ei-.H riots,•„, rr ,.,n,.
’.Vl Inn* <• H I ..Mur,'. V. | <’nnl,.H|n| *«|mt r>,
• | ..f l.im-, (,„ .,lr I., « M UHl UMI . ■M.M.'f,
I *atl*l4 Wr Spill, fur Ih. M "i.Htl.r tnrrr.
ijininroD (snot Noi't.orf ii. tmi«n,.i
■ a ..i* t.f r it •KisKrn * on.
".''I 1 ,n M fur, ilfrM
Ki;»i ,. »»,**,:,* «i:r,. I,..... oi
"r H**fa, beautifully decorated, font received and for «ale hy
.*t o * MI'TI.MH ;. M*m '... I
<inon: mmmh, i«n m.i. r..*r. „
other brand*, landing, for aale.
C1 n is ih. v»i>w. r»■„e.»n,4 w.I'.rm,
J I mHi.g fr..m ateamei, for *ah by
aaif r h prink** a <-o. c,r,
ftnoi.m ,,r,i„iV«i*.-A fc* m.
t .a «V»,»Tl Nu I cIf, l.lr I.T
"'I' ri.wiN .Vfinrii.M 4 co
VI 1 > wi os 1 1 e««i %I.4.IH,, otiiri r*
mW ■ 1 ,r. mn I prr|.,r*l ('<1., ,. <n «•. 41 . 1,1. < r .<
, */ W, P«Tri,RR,
b)>IT r»lnl Ptf.rr, 14, Main 4.
_TRUNKS, tc._
I II I. M»H h
TIIE Miba rltHT b|* ltsv« |« ---
■BrnHa call the atlcnUvu of Ma It tends
^■KIT^Kaud th# public lo his at«M k of
^flHB^^illooi• >?• .*. Tiuuks, A, . i. ^_
cenlly net-ini by himself ta person.
It consist* of the usual variety, and will. In style and quality, run
pair with *njr In the market.
Hr respectfully Invite* purchasers to |It« hint a cull, promising to
•ell by the doacu or single pair as low as any other house In the city.
___No. IS, Market Bridge
Nffmii • -
B1HHS f*ct. the Hataar Hitsi- is
unit place luav per cent, on Trunks. Boot*, shoe*. lists. I'm
brellas, Ac .either wholesale or retail, as It has tern tested by hun
dred* of cld customers
K-i.tiuu worth of food Children's Shoes, only 14lf cents a pair.
AA.tiUU •• Brogues, *• 90 *
| " " Hats. M 15 •• va.h
•*t,0W “ *• Trunks, ** $1 **
All other goods equally cheap.
Direct Importer ol fine English M,4e Leather Trunk*. Preuch Calf
Boots and Mhoes, llats, Ac., IM Main street, neat dour to the Ex
change batik. K'chtuoti.l. Va del?
U. HOO l s, HlltU H, TNI NKNAr. ,
^ I respectfully Invite all In want of BOOTit, |LJ'l | |Tl
OR MIIOKS of any style, to call at the old jMn TT7 \v|
I established Miami, t.4 M tin Street My stnek has all
Hu selected «-r .»r.| t* d 5§g lh« bug! Manufactures. M Rgd »*,. ■
manufactured by myself from the most approvrd materials, and eru
I Ladles, Misses and children's, Itxilic*. tlalters Ac.
Children's Ur oner. Black and Faucv Colored, Halters, Polkas, Ac
Toutha. Bwota, Bootee*. Calf, Kip sml heavy
Uenu. Dies. IkM.ts, tlatt r* and Oxford Ties
Hents and Youths Patent Lea Press Mh»*e*. Ac
v 1 * int*. SJi.h *. Ti unW *,Cat i*-t It ig.
! and Valises, all of which will be sold as low as at any house in Hi. I
**** JOHN 0 PAtlK Ja. U M sin .t
STOI K 411 I'll I t;04IDS.
iii:m«% m. 4|i uii.isaJMM
VII |,kVLKU in II \TS*. CAPh, ItOtlTH,
f ■1 SIPH>. ntl'NKS, %. trv.lt> ■a/fTmi
"■ t.. . BHESHib
that he Is now prepared to offer to thr public onTolthetnoslcotu
mandii.g stocks In Ids line ever offered In this city Ills *tork Is n*w
I complete, tnd he asks the attention of city ami country dealers, with
the assurance that his price* shall be satisfactory. seltt
WTE are now o|»rtilng an entire new »|«»ck of Win- B
Hoots and RgM, cnnprUlug a g. mm I asaortiurnt 'M
of all kin Is, to which we ask Uw attention of our friends ai.d^fr
tl*e public We think *e ran show the Inst assortment In KUhnioini
Among our as- rlment may »— found in* following
I •.tu*' Haliers, of nearly rv.-ry style
- Flow Morocco, tloat and Kid Walking Sh.*e*
'* Fine Calfskin Walking Sine*, a *u|**t i.>r article
** Whit.- Ki.l and While Hntiu Mlip|*-r . Bla. k Matin do
'• Fine Mo., Kid and tloat Walking Hoots
" Over Mhk»
tletilleturii's Fine Drea. llo..i* and Now*
" Double Mole Calf Water Proof Halters
** Patent Leather Halters
Misses' and Children's Niue*
Servant*' Nhoet,of g.>.«l quality, for men and women.
All of which will be sold at the lowest market prices for cash, or
lo punctual . ustomers uffLV.
TNHK SITintCKIHER U now o|»etdng a most esceltent as- ^
sortinent of tletils. Dre*s Mimes, of every kiud DovREjl
worn. Among the many various «t\lr* nut l*« I. ui.d theFmi
following " WkL
Uents Pat. leather Drews Roots
" French calf •• ** of my own make
'* *' " Water Proof Boots, do
" Pat. Leather Dress Halteis
" French calf •• ••
" FaL leather “ double sole
" French calf ** »• ••
" Pat. Leather Oxford Ties, M •«
“ “ “ M " single ••
rrencn can •• •• *• ••
" ** ** “ *• double •*
" liiogan«, double and siugie sole*.
Which, togetlver with ever) style of Moot and 9U..r usually kept,
tnak. « my a*«ortmetit better than I have ever had the pleasure of
• ff- ring to the cllltrns of Richmond and vicinity. A . all l* rosi*^ t
fully solicited.
\OIH i: TO €*■ \ III *11.N. I la... just J.,
received a lot of Gentlemen's fine calf »rSn| Moots, Uf
I hi* h single and double sole*, which I will sell at the low fll
price of five and six dollars a pair, and I will warrant 1
tlwin to be the best B«h>I Id the city at the price, and warranted not
l«rlp. ALFX. HILL,
Manufacturer and Healer In
Boots, Stioes, Carpet lUg*. Trunks, Yaltccs. Ac ,
No 1*1 Main street. Richmond, V*
M:\Y lolik I I ti: INSI IMM I. ( (MIIMM.
VT a meeting of the Loral Hoard ..f Director*, at Richmond, f..,
the New York Life Insurance Company, on Monday, Feb. 4th
lH.*ui. the following resolution Was uiiauiinou-lv adopted :
The undersigned. President and Directors uf tlie Company, hav.
rxaniit.nl the rcfa.rt ami exhibit* of the New York Ufr ln-uran. •
Corn|minv for the last year, embracing « full statement of its affairs
asset*, Ac , to the Ut January InTiA, and being satisfied with th
|M-ifect sound condition of the company, r«.rdla!!y recommend It t.
tlie encouragement and *up|H»rt of the whole community.
It commenced It* op rations 1* year* ago, with a guarantee,
capital of 4*-.,in*i. «lit. h ha* accumulated to ftljAtf.iait 6J». all In
vested in Rtate stocks and In bond* and mortgage* believed to I*
undoubtedly good.
We know of no inode of Investing money more profitaMy. Th
profit* are mutual for the Insured, and have averaged nut less that
thirty per ('em. annually on the premiums paid
Rev. Cm**. II Ka*P, c
Wm. G. Path,
Rev. J*ub> II Twlor,
Gan. W Cum a, £
Tma P. Aiowt,
Amount «>f assets January 1. IshV., 7‘
Amount of receipt* for premiums, interest. A.* , to Jan.
1, 1V«4», |X7«,1*C 14
Paid Into s hy death, Interest on dividends
a ml all *thrr rx|ien*rs, 9*1.*4** 19
« -K4.945 9.*
Accumulated Fund, Jan'y I, K'6, |l .uf.y.on** t*
For furtlo-r Information md explanatory l*o..ku apply at No. -*•'
Main street, square above Yirgiuia Hanks, tc
i ll IRLI * WOR1 ii \M Agent
Miinuf*i*ti*reJ /nun AVeacA oY.i/»e*, Gram .Armwf. a Ginger,
.shrill* itning*, i'itrtm. tt*’., Three IVlra OU.
A REMARKABLY pleasant warm carminative and stoma, hit
stuiiuleut hig!.l> beneficial In checking that dl*ordered state of
the stomach and bowel* so prevalent in warm w«mtl»er, and which j
frequently, when neglected, produces Dy notary. Cholera, Ac. It h
also a valuable remedy for Flatulency, Dyspepsia and Geueial De
hllity. Person* living in district* where Ague j**v-vails find it a great
preventive Price cents per b«4tlc, %!> |a-r doarn.
t*r Wholesale and Retail Agent-. M.-*.rs BPNNETT A liEkR.v
19ft Main in I •• I I Pearl street Richmond aelft »f
> . #• . s »: n P I. I •
DRUCHl l S T it A I *< )T 11 KC 3 A HY.
AM. WIIOl.f.SAl.i: DK'AL.'U IN
o WILL t*e happy to receive calli fr.*m those In want of artl
YJf CIG ARR. HKIYHKR and FANCY ARTICLES, and wtil sell a
AJtt LOW AS AST Hot L IN lilt NM.iNli
Main atreet, between 9tli and 10th. iil
inn > w A < <>.,
( 1 UNRIGNMKNT8 of Tobacco, W'beat, Corn and oilier produ.-e
J rcpectfiilly Solicited.
(W Otter on Virginia *treet, next to Fry's corner.
Richmond. M 1 tnMf* 1 v
f; K N F. R A L C it M M I RHI O N M F. K C HANTS,
UECEIYE consignments of Tobacco, Flour, Corn, Whrat, Ac.,
t and give their |»er«ofial attention to sale* of the saute, and
keep constantly on hand a large assortment of Groceries, Reeds, IV
ruvlan Guano, Ac f./7
at a at as M'oaimaa, a . w H'flusn
s. VIHJRl Di li's SONS,
J rimctNin -«rto.lt, an hmord va.,
Itollcitconsignments of CORN, W HEAT. FlJlUR, TOBACCO, Ac.
Join .% . ii on IN SON,
r«>aNxa c*av van viannm f*ravrrs, airm«o*n, va.,
ttni.l, /Ur I.U prison ,1 ntt.-ntloii to the sale of W HEAT,CORN.
v v TOBACCO, and all other country pr»*du«r consigned folds
•■tie npIC
i\»mtr of Gortrnnr >m>t Fro nil in street*,
Ur HOLER ALE AND RETAIL IO M.EKR in French and Amerl
can Hanging*; Ratio iMaiir# and Damask, for Win
•tow Curtains; Gimps, Cord* andTaxset*. Cornices, Hand# and Coops,
Lace and Mu*lin Curtain*. Floor and TaMe Oil Cloths; Hair Cloth
•ml Plush, for Rrfas; Curb d llair; Hofa Rprtng*, Twine; Tacks; Mat
ting*; Window fHhades; V«l Curled Hair and Rhuck Mattresses,
g.-athrr It'd*, la.unge*, R«»fn |trd# . with runny other articles in our
line of business, all of which will V -old on the most reason a ld«
terms, and Pa|»er Hanging and Upliolsterlng punctually attended In
in tOfl or . ..unify
not lir.ADYl MOTT A Rill NPAGi:,
(\trner of Front attest, Naw YoAM.
pntii t hm or
*** A per ct , Alcohol and N. Y. Itmu
• Alan, Maonff tur. r« and Dealers »n thr follnwloy srtklH *»f the heat
• prilitv . an«f off. red st the lowest market prio r,
h'lmlnpr Kolft, .spirit* Tur|*e»itlne, Tsr, Pitch, Hnstn, Itofl and llartl
Tnr|*er»tlne, llrlyht Varnish, Coal Tar, arid Naval Ftarea of every
1 description, H JKNNF.Y. Ja .
1 Js* -eowAm TIDIF. ItKTTF. frUtUttr.
triSVlON A 1*0%% fills, tiro* m, 1\.inmt*»i/m a r
I, ▼▼ y.>rn.ir,H>,j Merchant*, turner *\f Can/ *$*•! Pear! *1*
k««-p o»n«ltnily on hand an assortment of <h .orrle*, Wines, LW|iu»n
, and Crfar*. to slikli th.y .all the attention of dealers arid consu
i meys yenrrsily def.
' i hkhMntCAp \n;vn n % virion i iiii: ami
FBAHFyreat inter> manifested by the puhll to prinMifr un»r.
| prefect security from Fire for valuable papers, such Bond*
M'.rtyay. *. Deeds, Holes, «nd Books of Account, than the ordinary
FAFF.'tlo'retofi.re in ns** hail afforded, induced the Subscribers to dr
»•** s rsrye poiiins of rime and attenthAii .*«•*»».« the pa*t t m/if* n
V+ir* is *+.*l/nvtnn/tr\rrrmfia*, aryl • h*< *>re' i/* f,n *hi* t
|| and they now trey leave to assure their numerous friends, and th.
ir public ye, .rally, that their efforts » are been crowned with cmnfd* li
succe**. and n..w off, the • | \f p -tnVKD II IK HI NO# PaTFM
t- tuvtvo ata» swianrn uttramar both rna
World*** Fair, London, I HR I, & in ,\ftv York* ISM,
As • ip nor to all other* It I* now, iif>dotihtr.l1y, entitled tot ha
appellation, and soured with If Al.l/H PATF.HT POWDKK PROOI
MkHJI, t which al#« was awarded Mroim as above.) forms the mo*
Prefect F»re ami Bsrylar Proof Psfe# erer before offered to th
■ BfaMle.
', The Ful.scrlhets alto manufacture all klmla of Boiler and Ctillle*
ra Iron Itank rheata an<* Vault*. Vault Door*, and money Bose* n
lr fhesta, for Broker*. Jewellers, and Private Pamlllea. for Plate, Dla
’•« mocids, and other ValsaMea. And are al*n Patentee#, (by purchase
and Manufacturer* of
*ILA§ V. It Fit RI NO A 00 Patentee*,
Oraen Block, No* 1«V, |*7 A I** Water *treet.
^ IfT A pent In Rkhun.rd, KNOWLK* A WALFORD frt Am
el IILIIIIfALA IVII all \ n.
11 K*l btda Ho. I Hrrth Carolina Cot Iferrlnya
Jttjf do do do Roe do
In do Family Head For sale hy
> | mMO WOVfBI.K A CLAIBORHK. Ho II Pearl at
ouhi rri:u
■ Fn hhl* Whtt. M.rr.r Pofatrww.
In 1,0 Applra and
L In Kn* h.a, OnHan Rtilfar
T< r Jon rnritml, And for aal., hy R. 0 IIARKINR
y .MAN I I.ATKP RIOAR.fnf.Al.hr
,, NS loM r. H RKINKFR A no,, Carr afr»i
Ml IIHIMi All, q«< Kl.lll l., In brroh.o
half harr.l* Nova A.oI>a ll.rrlop. ; H7 harr.l. No R aod
arr A.r.l, latidloR on lira IlfM-b, fro« R.ho..n.r Munr.t, for ..i
IK OH or. - In Cam f, k 0. Ma-a Mrorb-a. In Alov., f.
i vnlr low lo rlo.., hr OKO. RAflRT,
•v mh!7 —Iw OIRrv at O K P.akvV
fl flk HAI.r.R HIT I O>. for aalr
■ u mill' JAMFA WINRTflN
fl flk "Hi.R. 01.0 « OR OKI, tor .at.
id IllHIM kllC k. Canarr Rr..d<of, pin. Tanarr. for Rio,
■ • l"r or pr« ar d Morklnv Rlrd f’aFva, for >alv hr
•wf. flMMRBMAH
A t I N I II \ •.» i |»
™ ^ B 'W, and a fresh lot of Canary Feed for sale by
* fl# # . .• P- HI I'lT.H. —FA ttih. Oo’hvn, laollov and ftp
■ Wotflll.P t f,,A|R VRNF,
•"''IA N.. 11 IV,,
fcim II UIH Pirruini T.r,„.,„,.rFr,.„ i
W t and K'lfttsb Pa - Ian, and other Chloa, aome el.-yantly c u M
D '■ for .air hr WM F HfYf.FR,
■k” 7t Main vtrwrl.
IjVMI HEYT.-THa •»<■!«• and dwelling pari of house
r us*» upled hy Wr No HI Main ilrnl, and also IN upper AM
|»ar« of the h.Miar b- lwr, it »«h and |inh gneft, over > Ad j*3L
Jtaftoa'i »dk«, wppssHr to Mews O A A baigsm u*a t,u n<wr
Apply to J D. b KYANP.
tW* lUnv.r.r Republican and WylhetiUe T-I*gr*ph. please copy
tal forward bill t» me.
"■ill AT conveniently arranged and centrally located build M
m tug, •ituaU-l ou tl>e N. K. corner of Hioad and 111), aU , JA.
diagonally opposite the City Courthouse, and lu view of the Capitol
r"' IKofeaaloual men It combines every convenience, having ott «s
detached, and also In the main building the Interior of which i.ol m;
dec, .on.tr uctlou. w.th two parlor*, handsome lusibk manllepbcea.
A IWu.un ol the two d«lacK<d --Oh e« .an U givru at once, and of
the enure p,euiltes by the *th Jay of December, at ohkh time tha
pr««t«*t Uny etplres, though a Mtiilnb.iy atrang,meat uiav be
made to give pussrwsfoa at an earlier «r later date. m I atu Informed
by the present oc» upant, Mr Ww brent, *of tin flim of Orettei A
brent.I who will take pleasure in showing the premise* to any ..no
Arsiroos of viewing them.
Apply to either of the Messrs TAHH. Richmond. I
Or to P M. TABB, Jr., Trustee of William .*Wpard,
^__ Waodoti. Henrico county, Ya.
■ .TOIt HENTr-TItv very desirable dwelling on Mb
r strret tu-tweeu Orace and Frankllu. adj.dnlng Lr, lure
room of ended Presbyterian Church. containing Krtrn no i
for laid, room* with kitchen attached, and a laigc tUrdett, andgood
well of water.
The house has heeit thoroughly repaired.
Poase mlon given 1st, March. Apply to H
__ B. H *KI*«kr 4 CO,
____ No W Cary street
li^HH Itl-.N’l*, The ft tore uu loth street lately occu- .
i1 P^byu. ArX
rrU’ _ No 11. Pearl stte, I
t.TOM III. VI.-The newly « reeled Hn« k T bemenl on Jug.
6th Street, h*tWren Clay and l«,gh, at pt> sent „< « utd. d
by the suhM'rlber. It la* ga* and water In the chambers- brh k
gdc» en will, four rooms, green house, and other out house*
A IPO The Wooden Tenement nearly opposite, in whbhti.e Missoa
Uainbrrt reside P«**«« -stun given Ml, April n« at
For farther Information, eiuiuirv of
nn as# .. „ _ ^ ** PTK°lll A, on the premises,
,,,f <»T l> U»>n. ,1 Mul.llK,. |>.Tn<po,l Jk IV.
a.S,,„ N.ei.r. on »«,;■» I . A ilr.irnMrK.i. I .t«rlii.
■ ..II *.l ,u, ri. twtwrwi Main ami Kraii.lm, , Bil :
riHinia. alili kil.ln-ii an.I oUlrt ...il l.ou.ra ln>mr.lial.' ....... .tT?!
linn A|.|.ljr lo
11 MNB OUTS ton
N| lts< It I It |; |{ Intending to discontinue
U. hi* present husln,•*». off, re hi* entire »!.* k ,d good*
4t rreatly reduced price*/or- craA e-rc/w*»>,/v "WO V
The Rs*orti„ent Is large and Complete and will I* -old
Without rr^-rve Country merchant# will find a saving of 1"TT 10
i~r «*« • hv rilling and making purchases of him.
Ile'wlll take off a discount of I jv» per ct„ fron the reguls, whole
n* A*r|| r* l'KK*‘ •• remain unsold will be put up at a in lion
Norn’a All tM‘r«mo having account* against him and whlclj
have md been rendered this fh ,» of January, will phase bring them
lu promptly, and those w.,o aie indebted to him will b. kind eitougki
««» Settle forthwith. fed
.it . . , r, IWHIHTEHs
VN liolpiaJr and Itft.il Dpaler in American ami Iii,u„unJ
J,S»|WUNM ,11,1 riMIIINU ^
et Cutlery. Walking Canes,
Bella aud Port Mottles, Per JB
uaalou Caps, tlunpowder,
l‘at. til SUd, ItalN, PoWthr Fl«%k#. Pour he* and llelts. Bird FUg
N'lpidrs and Wrenches. Washing Rods and T-. klrr*. |n.g Chain* an.
* dial s, tiun Msker** Mate-UN. A. a- Revolvers and KiVr Hh.*ot
f* J*t*TIIFRI.AN|l,
No. 18*2 Main stint, opposite Faglc N|U..'e.
i*9_ l. V*
HIM IHO( K A OSltoitN.
No. *1« M% „ Street, Richmond. \a.
n AVK In store a large asaortincnt of floe Cash o
ionableCOACHKS, CAKKl AtiF-S. Ill '(101F?*,
•"Cl K'lS an.I II A KNI£aS. suitable for countr* and
•'•ty use. made of the Iwt mat-rial*, amt put to —
g. tl.. I • ill. mu.il care, w l.l. h a #• a ill r.-# otni.o i.d to uni fri. nd* m,
the |ait.11«* slid sell . o «U h terms s* will set ore the mutual Hit* i. a
of all who favor us with their patronage.
Fr..iu long . \|*erirn.f In oui business, and l#v | i..iupl personal at
lentlon, wr h '|h* t,. merit a continuance «.f past faVois Oi.ler
promptly Oiled and -hipped to any pait of tlw Cnite.l States.
( AlllllUaiS 4AHIA4.I*.
Kll BOSHKR. Snt*ii.<«4*a or Jams.* It..-mam ns
• lla* on hand, a large assortii.«-nt of Cam*
ce. and harness Am..nr a Inch in..y b,- found -..me I %
bi»e 1*..acl.es « tl, <>uis|.|. K at«. I ali i (, .. at It. . k »W„
Hide Seat Ihigg t«. and H iggles with and Wlll...ot tops, t
• In. h he particularly invites the altmtioti of those in want of an
article in the Carriage line, as they w.ll b. d. »p.-sed of on ar.-oiu
• iiodating terms by appl eatloti at Ins manufa* lory , V. r.*t Colne
of Main uud 9th street* Jal4 -ly
K U I< N l T U UK,
K INFORD A PORTKK have in store at this ^
time. tb. I «rg- «t st.M-k of Rlebm,.t,d mad. QK|V|kiKlt>
KCHNITCKF t.. be found In the city Tl ,. furnl* WcJ$F9vT|NKg
ure Is su|a-rb, built by the |H -t workmen In the ^
country, and under the Imtuedlate su|a rvisiou of the proprietor!
«lo* arc thoroughly acquaint.-d « th the businews Splendid V\ art
'ol.es. Chairs, It. ds'ends Ac., A . equal to any made in N. a 1 ,.ik «■
l-. wt.cre, may be had of thetii. Their determination i* to i.due
their stock by . lies at very -mall profits. Let tlie people come, an
rely on IIINFt»III) .1 PORTFR h r tl. hot article of Furniture I
Richmond at tin.* most reasonable rates. jalf.%
'1RO 4 01 M in Mi:iC4 IIAMA.-M.nduM.fN
I of Virginia and North Carolina visit tig tins city toi
•icr supplies, are informed tl a1 we are prepared t.. !ur:.i-b Jl^ ,
lirt. th.ld Slid Silver \\ st. dies. S(w.tt. |es. and eVrrv description i
lew.lry.oii a- go.*d terms a* such articles can I** bad for In tin- .
«"v of tl.e Northern cities. Our stock will be found to lw n« ntn
VC. arid to consist of »* great a variety, a- can mierallr he Men »
• i" "lie establishment. Merchants purchasing to sell again w.
c.naotl tl eir interest by giving us a call Iwfore pur. I.a-lng, as w
• re determined to offer our good* at thr smallest possible pi ..tits
We w II take gleat pleasure In showing ..ur st... kail will u-e ever
effort to please. MV Fit- A JANKF.
fr-9 No. tftjf Main street.
m:u pi.ow.
UT K have been engaged for some litur past »-v.
In getting up the patterns fur a new
Plow. espr, tally designed for luruiog Ulidei the
fc'f- wti, and s'ffftBBflNttR
have How the ph-axii# of i n foi inuig our friend-, that at think «
have fully accoiopllslied that end.
We would call the attention #.f the Farmer* to tin- Plow, a* a,
»* I., our large -t... k of Plow* of rvny site. Cultl* ator s. t\.tn \k m
r-. New tif.-und Jumping Coalters, Large H Horse Cultivat..r«, f»
putting in wheat. Harrows, A< . A> All of which are made in o«
■wn shops, by g#»o*i Workmen, and a .in ant* <1 t.. g ir satisfaction
(JFO WATT A CO . Franklin street,
S.-29 8-iuare IteloW the Kxcliange, Richmond. Va.
\W INS »:. II. Id. Ill begs to assure her old eusto |9|
iil luers and the public that -hr hasju-t r* turned from nRyj
visit to tl..- North, whcie she ha*, ir. person, laid In the largest
an t most beautiful supply ,,i F*i t Mii.iismo she has r\erfuriii-b.
them. Her eV|*er len.-e is such that -he will tad allow herself *u
pa«%# d or equalled in tlo selection of good*.
lo addition to thr ordinary supply of Milllnvry,-he has now f
vie *•». sbnndant supply . f r»/i' r«iderv, elegant and Uaiittful
Mie iiss In store choice .ind el# g mt pattern Hat- and aver t thlr
In her Hue of the latest ami choicest styles.
I..adie« who are fitting out f..r the Fall and Winter season will fir
it to their advautnge to consult her lwf.,re making their *e|. • ti..u*
o**l2 _ _
^■1 l.l. a A Ml IIOlCNls. •iki brad of Mule* __rf
a v | and Hoi *#•- l.a* e ju*t arrived from Kentucky, a very \fSS^
choice and «u|ierlor lot «»f stock. 1 have mules Well suited /-A I
tor lr..n Masters, Railroad Conti actor*, street and Plant «tion u-e,»
for *ale or hang,-, at fair price*, and on »<» otiimdatii.g t# i ms
At R. Hl iiik* li-hip’. Stables.
N H --I shill Ik* In receipt of fresh stock, direct from Krniuck
every month in tlw year. jvl7 I "
I'AIK llltofil KN.—I h»ve 4.WN1
qR FR FR F p.iir Men’s lleiry Itrognr-, of my >vn^R
manu acturr, on hind f..r sale, and am making daily lirge quan
tics They are ji* good a- any ever off red III the Stale by any Inal
_ncft_PHILIP K WIIITK, No 7* Main street
II t ls AM> ( APS.
a I AM now receiving large additions to my stock of^»
Hats ami Caps, sele# ted 0" person) in the V. rthern^^S
cities, which makes my assortment very complete, all,
nr any of which. I am disposed to sell oti ■•ointood.it mg terms,
wholesale or retail.
\\ 41411. HATH.
Ill A VK In store and for sale, as low as at any other honor m
In the city. four hundred dou-u Wo#,I Hat*, of all grade*. I;
from low priced to very fine. C *
i:udrrr, w \u.kk. dkkwki a. («.,
HO n i i m:i STBBKT.
UAVF in store and are now receiving a beautiful as«ortment
the following floods, *• lectrd In Furope, by one of our Art
FngRsli Prints
Manchester and Fcotch flIngham#
Pntiteil Ijiwns, Jaconets and Cliallles
White sn«l Figured llrllliante#
Plain Colored, Black and Printed Mousellnt
do do P«-rsians and Challiea
Plain Colored. Illark ami Hatin Striped Batrge#
Jarnrtrl, liarrfr, and fiMUf Rohrs.
Ida. k and Colored Silk*
Ilia- k Alpaca* and Italian Cloth*
White Cambric*, Jaconet*, and Hsltt Muslin*
Cloth*. Ca**imer*, and Ve*tlrg*
lri*h Linens, Hl iv Linen*, II >iland*. Daiua*k*,
H..wla*, Linen Du. k*. and (trill*
hhtrd Cambric*, Black and Colored Cambrics,
l|. -'cry, Gloves. Gauntlet!*, Milt*. Thread*. A , Ac
W ill. * great varily of other foreign Good*, tulltd l«> the Virgil
and 'forth Carolina Trade
We *1*0 have ami will alway* keep ..n hand a full dock of the t>
A11 ■ r i • m fabric*. »n< h "* Print*, lawn* HI. allied and Hr viiHIi*
iiigtand Drilling*. Oenlim, C. ttonnlf*. Colt >n> Plal.l* and Strip
•i. i.i'in. Ilnrvr |)n l •. It .*✓,ng* Kf fit n- k v Jr an*, Ta < . d , At i
Che. k* flannel* Ac , Ac.
The facility afforded n* l.y having a h..ti«e In \ew York will el
!*'.• h. »f .ill lime - t«* ofT-r Inducement *to our rtiato inert and the tr «
generally, equal to any houae In thl* rountry
liquors! f
Ml III 11 A I O., IVIMMILI Hr«tKR* eidu«ivrll
BRANHIM, WIN*KM and C lli ARS. would call the partku
atteiit'r.n of the trade to thrlr v.iy large and *u|hi inr Stock, «<
pria.nr. In part
t <.gn*< and L.ndoti H... k (handles, Hark and Pale
Madeira. Sherry at..I Port Mine*
Old Me held tm Holland Gin
Old Jarnak a and Ml Crolk Rum
Hor k and Claret Wine*
Champagne of varlou* brand*
Old Rye WM-kry and N P Rum
Cordial* and Cherry Brandy
London Porter and Scotch Ale
Sparkling T«nle Ale
n.HAdelphla Porter and Als
Champagne Cider
Old Peach and Apple Brandy
1 Demijohn* nf all «fs*s.
Good* warranted pure and g«nntna.
-11 __ Di;i>!.rr » ro
V1 " »'. 'I IIKol |t| |{ | | . P A N K K It, MUM"
A” < <> l>a*r I.I.I rnorland Ihr nrwr.l attlr. i.f Morin, Fml»>
dery,such a*—
Mtr*lln and Cambric Ifahlt* and Sleeve*
Mutlln ami Cambric Collars
Laee Collars amt ,-leere*
Mn*lln and Cambric Rands
French Wrought Handkerchief*
Swla* and Jaconet Rdge* and Inserting* K]
in o» i|i iim no ion i,01110% iiii i
FB1MF m-mlrr# of ll.r In ,,.lat.irr w.i.l >1ra,f.ra Tl.lllt / Ihr r
■ ar* rr(,nr.lr,| In nil .1 Ihr ,.l.l r.UMI.hlw. „l So 1.1, , nr
Main and (Inrr.nr.r atrrrta, an,I arrnra Ihrawrl.r. an , ulfl,
the winter, a* the *uh«*r|t>r r ha* on hand a large and rlegar.t a*«
mrnl of rirnll.mrn'. Wrartnr A|.|.arrl, hnl In hr .t.rnawrd I., ,
h».oar In Ihr rll,.
A- an r»,4 -nrr nl Ihr t,i|»1„.,lr nf hi. Onlhln,. hr wa. iwa,
;^"C. " |„‘ w.l.tn. (a Mil., r M~lnl> l.y Ih, Marha,. |„.t,l„|.
Or k. r|.a rnnalwntl, „n han.l Ihr IrM nf Clnlha, ra..l|n..ra V
Inr-, Ar , will, a •.',»(• ,.f auprrtor Wn.kn.rn llr .Ir,tna |l
r •"'T. • .rial nf HI yo„. ll* ,.„hllr ha- ha.| nf hla ,... .I.
In thrlr miw»rn.l«ll..n ill. warrtnia all Cl..il.lr,, i„
an.l Hull, anlkrlla a rail fr..n. hla ni l f,|rli4. and Ihr Ml
fnn.rallr Mlr.< ll, or. ll.r ,.nr prlrr ayalrm F II Ml*. NI'F,
1V" rn^rr of Main an.I llnvrrnnr at,
hkmwvai.i m novu.it Himovu n*
Tn ihr Proplnnf Virgin)* And .Infill fAi„ii,„.
MAVF rrmnrr.1 I half Wl.nlraalr a 1,4 II.,all F , nll.trr W.
Rnnma In •* C'.rlnlhlan Hall," Main atrrrl,nrar nth, Nlrhtm,
va .inrat 4n..r ahnvr Hnnkrr. I(a.„,rn ICa'i Oarrlar* M arri., „
•V';; "*rr .air tin- larrra. an.l n....l .ailr.l a,a. ,lm.r,
CnllafrOiamkrr Furnlturr" rrrr hrfnrr arm In thl. n.arka<
Ala., . •|.|. n.|,.l aaanrtn.rni nf rrrrF M,lr ,,f Furl.llurr, all at
. Mtrr. ptlrra <»„, .,14 .-«at.,mr, a. ,„4 all
■ ,,r l« , »ll. nanlnr ouf «,.» an.l makr Ihn. ;.
| KlOICF. <4 I V % <•»» I r.F.-*..p.Tkm.
-fofn J«y« Oufe, receiving, for mi. by
I J2h,t l iwii. N v»*nn , rn
#)!... ( aoru.fr; noae.-Mbo. -.Vh.i.d ...... ...
dovi * co

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