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II ic UNION l> NV H I<i.
tv ~
P'mm ih' /.'»*«/»** TV##**, IfarrA 12.
!#•' night (!••* I. » d Mato* ami Luty HaiorM* enter
lain**! M- Bach«m*ii, tbv American Minister, and *
hct p*rty »i diuoat in the Egyptian hall ol lh« liainioti
ILmw. a* a iiuk uf r«**f*«*cl and ronw lnalido ou tin* «*•
ra«ioii of hi* leaiing England aa tha rwprvavt dative of the
I'mtcd otaWa to return to ha#native country
O i the removal ol the cloth the uuial loyal and patriotic
toast a a me drunk
The Lord Mtyor then aaid he had among hia vial Ur*
that evening a distinguished gentleman and ail illuetiiou
fair—rr. ih# Mutidar ol the failed Slate* [Cheer* |
That gentleman wa* about to leave thi* country, hia *uc
cc*M»r to thi* Court having been appointed, and being dai
ly at pec ted to arrive among u*. He should liave hi: it a
great reflection on hi* mayorality and a maniti -t detelie
tloti of duty if he had «»iuitted auch an opportunity **i
showing that laark of respect t»* the Minister of the Cl it* 1 1
Stale* which ha had it in hi* power to bestow a* tha Chief
Magistrate of the city of London. At all time* the citi
fen* of London had received, and he tni«ted ever would
receive, with more than ordinary plea«ure the representa
tive of the great transatlantic Republic in this country;
and it was in that »eii*a, aud also because he wa« about to
return to hia native laud, that Mr. Buchanan wa* pci
harly welcome to partake ol his hospitality. |Ch«vr*.| i
II** knew that he would carry with him the beat wishes J
of the people of this country tor bi« happiuc*.* and pros
perity in his own land, and he hoped he would return ,
there with no other than a kindly and abiding recollection
of the great people among whom he had been so long — <
rvddent. He gave them “the health of Mr. Buchanan."—
[Loud cheer*.]
Mr. Buchanan responded to thia compliment a* fol
My Lord Mayor, Ladies and Centlomen: I receive
with profound and grateful feeling* thi* testimonial tiniu
tli** presentcompany of the regaid in which they hold my
country, for Ido not attrioute it to myself. I can
hosever, in all truth and idncetity, that 1 shall ever pit
serve a grateful memory of the kindness w hich I have in
variably received iu England. 1 have vet to meet tin
fln*t English gentleman who has not treated me as it I had
be*-n a countrymen of hie own. (Cnecrs. I I say nothing
of the ladies, because I ought not to .-peak of them, al
though tin y ate the tail eat part of creation.
I a i ill carry home with me every sort of grateful feel
ing toward* the people ol this country, among whom I
have never felt myself a stranger. Speaking the mud
language, having lead the same book*, having had inter
course with a kindred free people, 1 have always spoken
my soiititumU freely and respectfully in every aooiely ii.
which 1 have been. I have invariably touud that an
Kiglidt gentleman treated me kindly,and if we difTeied in
opinion we have had a fair argument, and we have alw «v
part' d in peace mid hiendahip.
With regard to the two countries, what a dreadful mis
fortune it would be to the whole human race if they should
rver again be involved in war! How* it would injure and
throw back the Cause of civilisation and human libe tx !
How it would delight the despot* ol the earth to find tho-e
two nations destroying themselves, and ill that w ay d.*
Striving every hoped progress to mankind! [Cheer* j
I hiHd t that there can l»e no political slavery w here tin
English language i* the language of the country. [Re
itt*wed C'Ucei* ] It is im >o**ible : and, so far from there
being anv jealousy, so far from it* bciug proper that there
ahouid be any jealousy in either country oa to the honest
and fair extension of the frontier* o| either, it ought to be
considered a blessing to mankind that they should have
liic opportunity of extending their freedom auJ liberal
institutions over ail the unsettled parts of the earth.
I Cheer*. 1
1 am sorry to «*) that, with all these feeling! and senti
ments, from the tint separation of the two countries then
ha« unfortunately always been a group of unsettled ques
tions. There is a cloud now impending orer their rela
tions: tmt I (rust in Ir.id and 1 believe that that clou 1 * ill
be speedily dissipated, and that the sunshine of peace and
friend-hip will become mure and more bright between tin
two countries, until ail the dissensions which ever existed
between them shall Imre passed away, and shall only live
in history as a record of the lolly of two people- all
could for a moment suppose it possible to engage in a fra
tricidal war. [Loud Cheers.]
I thank you again lor the cordial manner in which you
bare responded to the proposal of my health, and 1 t- g
to assure you that I shall ever legald my residence in Ku
gland a* out* of the bright p-wiods of my life. [Cheers.)
Several appropriate civic and othe toasts were pro,ms
ed Innu the Chair and responded to in the rourse of (he
evening. Mr. Knehauen, in a facetious and complimenta
ry speech, gave "Tin- Ladies,** and the company sepals
ted between 10 and 11 o'clock.
A lloauiiiLe Tiiaukov.—The last chapter in the hisioty
of the tragedy involving tile death ol Stevens, clerk of the
Ohio U-'lle, and the dissppearance ot the murderer, lias
not yet b en ma-le public in this locality. The Memphis
Wliig say - ilia! after the murder w aa committed, the in .
Jones, the perpetrator, w as beaten and (oiiured inhumanly
liy the crew and passengers, ami tqal he was iheu Ihiowu
otciliusrd, with Ist heavy iron weights lie-l around his
neck, and drowned like a dog ' — .SI. X—I-S luhl.
The Only Scavtvoa.—Mr. Thomas W N'ye, ih.- only
survivor id the ship John Kutledge, arrived nt Sea- Ft- I
ford, Mas.-., un Thursday morning, in a propeller from V, w
York, all-1 was visited hr many people while ipiug at tin
wharf in his cabin. Afterwards |u> was removed on a cot
to the house of his father in Fuirharen. Though mi-wa
bly emaciated, and with his legs Irozen as high as the
Junes, strong hopes are entertainrd of his recovery.
Vkssu Si nk in tiie Potomac The schooner Mary L
Johnson, l apt Bohannon, from the rappahannock. with
8,!>;I0 bushels ot Wheat for Alexandria, [says tin- lit
xette,) sunk, [probably was blown ashore and I dig I) on
or about -JOtlt ms-., near the mouth of the Potomac.—
The cargo is said to be so much damaged as to am aunt to
a total loss. The cargo was fully covered by insurance
An OKitioiiaaeiitCAi. Emei-YK.—Alluding to the new
Conard steamer Emm, a coteiuporaiv say* that the word
shuold lie spelled Emu. This however is not occoid.ng
to Webster, who gives the wrord correctly written JCwti, ot
E new, (preferring the Former)—“a large bud ol New Iff
land, rescmnhng the cassowary, and ditTering from the os
trich, having feet tlilee-toed.”
Is Live —Mr. J. Brown, ol Hart county, Ga., who is
described as the fuller of twenty-nine children, has dis
covered a rich vain o! gold which yields from a small pan
ful of earth a penny weight of gold. The old man and
his little boys, with their mortars and pans, make irutu
Ave to six dollars per day.
Gov Metcalf, In New Hampshire, has appointed Thurs- i
slay, the loth of April next, as the annual Fast in that
Madrid journals announce the death ofMatinez de la Flo'
as, lormcrly Prime Minister of Spain.
Jno. 0*b-rhard, a (iertnan hoy, fell beneath the cars at
Wheeling on Wednesday and was killed.
K*v. Bishop Brown, the Catholic Bishop of Livnpoo!
ta ucmi.
I.amuel Henly, of It K-kinghatu county, who lately ntua
e<l total lor 42 'lay*, in dead.
The Arlington Itank, a liogii- concern nl Washington,
a aahl in hare up aItop."
Kimhaloona county, in ti,tHgia, w a*, liy the latt l,cgi<hi
lure, changed to that of Wedaler.
TIIEUHeir It (UN I AN ItiriEnV.
Yrtry ni')tti«r .u»ul,| litre a b,.r In the liourr t.anJjr In
af Blmi* to the children.**
RUIUMK)*! Rt itrtft SftLTK.
II l« a R.»w/»»i remedy of thirty year*’ • tandmg, an«l i* r» -ui
mend. | by phy*i«i*u« It !• a sure ami upoedv cure for Burn*.Pile*,
Boll*, Corn*. F-lua*. Chilblain*, ami Old Sore* of every kh d f«.r
Fever Sore*, I'lcer*. |Ub, Scald llead, M**ttie Ka*h, Bunion*. '‘•re
lllpfdv*. ( rec-oram-ml-d by uuraea.l Wnulosr*. Stir*. Fe*ter* Fhi
Bite*, Sphler Stmc*. Fr-'ien l.itqh*, S.i|t Rheuui, Scurvy, S-re and
Crashed L'p*. S »re No«r, Wart* aid F!.-*h Wound*, it m a m-*t th
luable reroe fy and cure, which can be t*«t fle,| to by thou*amI« who
have u*r*d It in th- city of Boat »n atid vicuify for the l**t thiry
y#*rr In mi InHan-v will Mil* Salve do an Injury, or Interfere w »•
a ptiydnW* preacrlpfmi* It l« made from the pure*! miter /-.I*,
froto a re e*p*- brought fr on K •*•!» of article* yr .wing In t|. -t
country *vl the proprietor* have letter* from all rl.«4M«*, clergy
men. phvdoan*. *ea • ap!am«, uurwi, and other* who bar.- u-.t| u
the n«elve«. an f rvcornmend It to ulher* Re.|t||ny'* Ku**la H*l»» >«
put in |*rg- tin b .t.-* «tatu|*e I on tliee,|yrf with a picture -r a l..»r*e
and « d * iMed •••Idler. w ich i -tore I* at*o engraved on t) • wrap
per. Pan • l‘> C«*r- 4 B<*i 4 »t.| at all the *torc« Ic towt, or * .>411
try, or uja> be ordc.eij of any whole* He drugr *t
Rf.DDIXtM ft CO . Proprietor.
Hl.NN FTT BF.BRS A FHIIKR. AgenU . am! all Drugg «t4.
fel I-dm
l’ 1 B< i: LL, l. ADD** 1 "
l>» ato K.- IN
PAIN'O, Oil,*. ItHN %1 IN DOW (jMW. Ac.
M2 Main Street, turner fourteenth Street,
Ri. nut•»» ▼*
S>ai lb*, prime Indigo 1 hid ItaUam Cap*via
5 ■ a*k* lail Madder 10 ra*e* t,nmp Wtgn**ia
§,»<«> lb* F.itrar t U.gwood V» ca**« Macrart-ftl
10 gro C< d l.iver • *11 1,000 gallon* l.ln*eed 01
fci bbl* Burning Fluid Ft* key?* While I^-ad
Sb hM« Yenet and Span If « a*e* C'hrmue llreei- at'
Brown > • -
Rfrt ounce* Sult»b (Julnlnr f» ra*k* Sweet Oil
pi 144* Tanner** OM t .ViO gall-r.* Oil
fft MU Amer an and Inah 10 raae. FrglM. Mu tat>1
Oloe BO hole* Caatile S«>n|>
f W |b* R*Anr/ Bora* W' keg* Sup Carl. Soda
if bbl* Putty S5 bbl*. Yarnt*t.e*
ff. M4* CaPd Oil *B bbl*. Alcohol
f.i |,M. Spirit* T'lrpenMn# ft'* < aw* Cooper - I - ngii •
1,l»«n lb. Tonka Bran* 9 ra*e* Rbubafb H—t at
ft MS* Camphor Powder
fn BM« Fn*om Salt* 10 kef* Canary Seed
|.YU bo*e* Khirdr.nl** Btarrh 1 bale l^ ng »*rpt»e»
,Yi I* n« fir’d fling r, pure 1,fW* Muri Wind •* fit***
%i M u« fir'd Pepper, pare 4-'. gr.. Ma*nt«'* Hi *' U hf
IS bag* pepper f**» grn Vey*t Puwdrr*
9n bag* Allepire yofi/a*» Cigar*, all grade*
t-n m*t* • ’■.«*»*
W th m.rty other *rti. k«, embracing a general •■aortrorf.t , ffrr
In lot* to *u»t. ve-rv lop inf e.*4» or on r»eu*1ef»dH ♦« pun* ».tyl d» 1
•r* Pl’RORM* I/ADD A CO . Drugg*«*,
WiMt W Main vlrre*. corner F ir«-ttifl
I i*h llonltN A. Ki*iiiiu I aeI*I- .
tu rvr.Ri nr*u.’RH?nnN
« h\-|-TIN * IV pABT f»F
fh(p. rf ntI'oI Uteri h r .» . | f„e, . * \ tr«lt a S*
ana l.^» H .k* 'k *1 ♦ r. I «. .0! Cotton
4»,..*n M afklpg f'• a . 1 J Mel R..I - -I*
«'Im ft, de* l#r« fl*t* R-et. 4e«rW.dPBr*.
• 1* S% rtot1.it C .eB-ed. X.’. • . ft.
41 *»
d(K f 1 N It |* II K I I Y 1. \ P P 1 N I I I X
r»«Jrt flMRg. 0PM BvM •»•'* b.g* fn.a-.4i. lap* »»rt »
flH-k A.
fV>/ rs a vn ••thru Putins
r* * • at* an* 1- ft.
rfP 49 t4 wbteb I 4S*r at tin* M* *t \\ t 1 eb- PrU e*
* m*THRRI.AM|i Itp i.r
fob11 * »M Rtln t^Ow. F^gl *.|aar*
tllll RMWtf Molaaae* • pvfWkt •f krle. f. r
M| CIU« T W lRTIlYM % «
H‘“ 5fftMf* ‘IMII h Hw Jk i Ho* •* Si - -. i«bf 1
AfMkff ___ __
^rnbvt )%fH> N r.oftiHO
• r|a
65 W -i " JC '. , u t*~ • vr^f
,.kk*t \'>i:nmtx a.xp »/rru*ux mail
*« i >w«rRk. Mx timiA ikp »Mt»n mmikw
'|1\| |« DVlLl . vStimUv night r xewpted.) h#«wvwn Richmond
| and W **hu*gt..n City. ri*i t*»*rdon»vill# and Alexandria
ilourtof departure ai K • Smoml 4 4ft A >1.. ard i fc* I*. M
Ketamine leave \Va*Mi»gto«i A M . and P M
ind arrive at Richmond 14' P M . *bd 4 A M.
X axe age Oueki and Tv krtt, given through between Richmond and
Keltic In excellent nnln. a lei CARRYING TIIK OKEAT NiiKTII
KRX AND SOCTHkRN MAIL, give th# he*t guarantee of alwa>«
>. • Airing »««ttn tit»na, ai I* shown bv arrival* daily at Richmond and
It •«hiit|l»n cltjr in a Ivxncc of th** Steamboat line,
rare between Ki.hmond and Washington .... 0ft ft*'
Ax OaviKia will l*e IakiiiJ alwayr* read v. to take #4m«pA |»«i«rn
and Ihnr bvggage i»f wearing apparel, between the Ihpot*. free
if charge, with ample time for them to take tlielr me.la, wliether go
ng North of South.
Through Th'Io’Is can he ol.talne*! between Danville and Washing
•n at the termlntta of the Road, now nearly completed to Danville.
\ . • « * • (MCWtpr* from
he Danville Road, aud attend to their baggage all tlie way to Wash
ngton or th# Raltlaaore iwpot.
Ttir fair the *am# by ihr mall line, aa by the old Steamboat route.
There U r> change of car* on tlie night line, telweeu Richmond
ind Alexandria. J**'*
g*iaf#r .4r'•«/nyer. »#*•/../roM IficAwiHi/ rut Sbl Ktwion,
R’1.it* < ^/»riNy«. ArgiVtiiry, <'A.f r/#W*»n, I'd., #o t\*
Ohio I4rw.
Daily train* from Richmond to Staunton, and tn-weekly from
Aa union to Go-heti. Monday*, VVeduesdkv* End Friday*—connect •
og at Go*hen with Ww. P Faaataa A CV* ** Mail USay* lint, ac
ordlag to the triweekly Mall arrangement, adopt#*! by the Host OL
l* • lb-part men t. from lllchmoiid to th# Ohio River,
t'ar • laava I . n at (• ** t Kfl .
ti l »rr.\• Rfnaaldiil • l*44f Mu
to dinner.! and there connecting with *l*e Mall Siage Lluea to L#x
ngt«»n, Winchester and Parkersburg. Va
Kcturning the train* leave RaunlOl at . 4 A M.,
md arrive in Kk'hxtond at ..1 A*
n full time for |»a»»e*iger* going Sooth to connect with either of the
louthrm Road*.
The Virginia Central Railroad ha* been extended and completed
o Goshen. tilca Wr*t of Staunton, and lai*l with heavy IUd all
he wav. with tin exception of about ft tulle*, between t*ordo«»»vi:ic
md Shadwell Mills which -pace t« now being relayed with heavy
tall, and will h, ..inpletcd in a few week*, after which the whol*
ium! Will lie III perfect order, and for •iw-ed. safety ati*l comfort will
ornnare with any Railroad In the l'nurd State*
||\ and a.ter thi» date, tlie trains on till* Road w.ll run a* f**l
If low
traixk uivi aicNMoxt* r«>a pgraanarna
Cxnrr**, through Pa**engvr dally, (futulay'* cxccp
ti.i.'».x ovrv a m
Hail, through I'aia iifvr, «lally, at.® 1 I
Accommodation and fr»l,l.i «r»lo (Trl-Wcekly.) vti.
Monday*, Weditcwlay* anti Friday* at .**V ** A M
<fotfolk Train Mouday*, Wednesday*and Friday* ** A. VI.
TBxVa Laxvx rmx*rrw roa Xloni4*t».
txprc*», through Passenger dally at ft M A VI.
•* ** vS.inday> excepted.! ft V ** •*
ommodation and freight train Tri-Weekly, vlx.
Monday*, Wedneialaj • and Fridaya, at ." AM
Richmond to Clover Hill.. A paaaengvr car will be
att* Ned t*> the Coal Train which leave* Hi* hrootid
dally, tSunday'v excepted,> for Clover Hill at C oVIk, A M
Pa^wr.g r-coming from Clover Hill by thU train
• I# M A> M
Tin Express train* will not atop on tlie way -ither to take up or
put down wav passenger*
The M»u trull., will .Injurheii iln-tf arc p»*«eniror« tc t»k- np or
l>ulJown»! M i:i. !w.irr, Trm»ilr., KI.V,. HJI-Wjf Suitloo, Clover
lllll ,tul Port W»lili»tl Junction,.
Tlir .ccoiuroo-Utlon tr.ln »ill .top »t »I1 the rcirul»r ttopplo* pl»
rerrhen there .re p».-erop-rj to t.ke op or put down.
The F.tprev »:'.l Mall Iraln. fr.mi Richmond connect with the
Soutliern Train* ,t IVterahtjr, hrr Weldon. Kalel,h. Wllmlnirton. Jo.
riiro.iffli Te ket* U* WeWon ran he prixured at tile ticket o®. e In
Richmond. ...
Northern train* *.«r Washington, Baltimore, Ac. Through ticket* for
Washington. Baltimore and Philadelphia, can be procured at the tick
et office In Petersburg
Pare for white persons .f l 85
- Children over ft and not over 12 ye »rs of age JO j
Colored person* w II not »*e permitted in the first class car* except ]
•hen In attendance ou infant children, or tick person*, ab*«4uUdy
requiring their rare, in which cate U*e same fare as for white psrsons |
will l*e charged.
A llscovyit of I** cent* will l«e allowed -m each fare when t X.-ts
are purchased at the office, and to persons getting ou the car* where
no tickets are told
Scrrauts travelling by themselves must be furnished by their ma*- |
ter* with two paases. so that one can be retained at the office; and it
must be expressly dated on t!»e pat* that they are permitted to go
on the car*
THOM A® ODAMEAD, Superintendent.
Office RIP.RR.Co. March 25th \<*
'ilil i 8TEA.H (BOAT li'nTSTAt d
1 Capt. WM. 0. SMITH. » II resume her regular LLSwfr Metrff*
trip* to Hampton, Ac.,on WEDNESDAY neat. Aug. im ■■■■ 1
The Car* running in connection with the Augusta will leave the
Richmond and Petersburg Depot ..n that morning at 6|g o'clock, and
continue to leave at the saute hour every Monday. Wednesday and
Friday Morning Returning, thr Augusta will I - tvr Harr.plot!. n the
dterriate d o *, vit Tutf*«l*) ■*. Thursday* and Saturdays, at 6 oVh- k
A M The Uo »t will stop at all the ref ular lauJmgs on the river,
i»otli gu.ng and return.ng
TIIOB. DODAMEAD, Superintend, r t
Office R A P R R. Co., Aug 80. lsflft 9u22
To ASP VIA SEW YORK—Can U *hipj*rd every UOMIW
md II t'.sftllk by the United dial* * Mail Steamship JAMEfi
roWN.Capt Parrish.
Thr Afenu .1 New York \|e**r» LUDLAM A PLEASANTS, will
r..rwar.l* by this line to all of th- aUtve-iurtiii«>ued places!re*
ofCoJUtni*- on, aud mi »i*c l*jVe»t r:.*es of Freight
Large arol cotOUtodiou* *!*«•«!s have keen erected on the W Itarf it.
New York, where goods are entirely prc»ie« tad fratn .njary at..1 -her
defacements, and rvery care aud attention is bestowed lu forward
ing ri»«l* fur transhipment.
Merchants shipping by this Steamship can alway* calculate to an
hour on the arrival of tl», .r good*.
The 'Jamestown" leave* New York every Saturday aft-rn.*>n on
her return to Kichu*>nd. For freight apply to
f BNO Lynchburg $'t 6»» < To Lexington $1 "9
1 To Buchanan 4 uu | To the Natural Bridge 4 flu
Fare front both Richmond and Lyn hburg to Charlotte** ille. |r .V
ba* •ft.-l. uu s fair trial, that the majority of frxvel on ti e p . k. t
Bo:tts ur- b—tter a*«onim.Hlated by leis.ng n the evening. Wc ret art;
to the ..Id hour*—on and after the 22 I Instant, leavinr Ku hntond
Monday,Wednesday and Friday, at f, P M , reach New Canton at 9
\ M.. and dcotfsville 12 M. of th* flr*t, and Lynchburg at f» A M .
and Buchanan and Irvington at 6 I* M. of the second day
R •turning, leave Buchanan at 6 A M . and Lynchburg at 7.V P
M . Monday. Wednesday and Friday, reach ficotuv. lie at lt»V A M .
New Canton at 1 P M . and arrive in Richmond at b next A M
The Boat, connect »t New Canton with the Stage for the Institute
and Buckingham C. II , and In SrclUvUle w.th the Stage fur Char
fie- Time and D.stances, in Card below
A core Richmond M ndny, l e n r« Lynchburg Mmday,
Wt lncmlity and Friday, at | Wrdnfday and Friday, at
5 p. M I 7»g /* M.
aaaiva *r tiuk. hi lip* taairt at Tins. tear*
Manaklntown 9 ru 17 I fit a pies* Mill*, 11 ru 17
Jude* Ferry, 19 r w *2 Bent Creek, 2 a * 8*'
Michaux’-Ferry, 12 u 81 Tve River. 4 " Ha
Cedar Point, 18V ah JW llardw.oksville, &M “ 48
Jefferson, 2 "89 Warminster, t% " A*
Pemberton, 4 V " 47 l|ow*rl*rille, S "56
Columbia. 6 V “ 67 1 Scottsvllle, 10* “ €7
New Canton, 9 " 86 New Canton, IV P i **“
ficottsvllle. • HV Ft* 79 Columbia, 8.V " 9**
Howanlsvllle, " 91 Pemberton, b\’ " 1<tfl
Warminster. 4 V ** 99 Jefferson, 7.V “ 1"*
VlaHswIrkville, b\ •• 1«R Cedar Point 9 " 114
Tye River, 8?% “ 1"*» Mh-haua'* Ferry, 9V " H8
Bent Creek. §V M 117 Jnde’« ferry. 1! "194
fit till. S'M.II*. 11V F u 129 1 Manaklntown, V « “ 129
Lynchburg, 6 ah 146 . Richmond, 6 ** 146
Richmond. Ortoher IS. INflft. c* 18
1111 I MHM IVD >1 \< HIM NHOP »'»ll
town "f Wilmington, North Carolina, now in »uccea*fnl operation,
are off-red for sale «*n no -nmtnodating term* ; or an Interest w II lie
4 ild to a iitati of exj-etivuce in tlie business, who has capacity to su
p-rli.lffid the same.
The property < ..n« •»« of a eaparlou* and well arrang—l
VNI» OFFD'ES. all w»ll ■utit.l *-,1 witi. I<1«. and i-i.hI.I- of •!• '
work of any kiln! that can i»e done at first class shops. The bulkl*
1 trig w-.ll 4■ • oiiirii' dv» »» hands, ami the prra* nt tools are *ufli lent
f>»r :w► • men Tiie land and water front t* of mlBcirtil extent toad*
iiitt of »ny enlargement or addition that may t*e desired
The present demand f*»r Work Is *ufh rient to keep the establish •
ment euip**»yed with a force of *>*0 bands, and will increase. The
pri r» nht ili.rri for work are such a* to lie profitable to the proptetcr
and cotnpuri favorably with prices at other |»olnU, to the pur
|ti addition to Hie many advantages possessed by this location for
tlie business, fh»- opening of the Cape Pear and l>er|pRlver w «rk«.
slid the li'iiidt'ig of the WilinlngUrti. Charlotte A K itht *T**nJt*»n II.ill
lt..sd aid < telite additional demand* fur work, and furnydi a supply
I of fine quality Owl and |r »ti.
If the wh«.|*, or 4ii Inter* *» is not *o!d hefors the 16th day of
I April neat, the pro|*erty will Im» offered at public sale on that day
| ofi the premia *
A* the I oiihlistinient will continue in operation, orders for new
work or rt pairs. «ill be atut <I»d to as hereto ore
Any Inhumation tliat may l*r desired, will be promptly furnished
by ipptlnation to tie subacrlher at AV trulngW*fi, V. C
, mhU-slilftA A II v WltoKKU.KV Pf • < I Vf Co.
the Richmond and f> mvllle Railroad C •muany have had the
ir*i*f rtune to l*r*e their frelglit house In Richmond, a* Well as a p-*r
• tion of t»*silr rolling **ock. they are cottsfr sli 'I for the pr*-«ent to
I deliver nil down qe*yht on tin- siding of the r road on the depot
' lot In tld« city, a* *»-.n a« |be train* shall nrr re . said frt-'g* t *n be
immediately rr ■> v.*d by lho»* t*. whom it in*r he consigned m b
1 long, it the t’ -mpt ir will n**t b»* r**«pon«lhte ' r th» **fe ke p or of
I tlie same . and th. p .me* st.-i. or In an .• w »y coo *n»rd, w!l
j therefore t ik** notice that »il down ffr gt,t, a - Irsfore stated, will to*
• at their risk a* soon a* unloaded from the car
if P»if»crlntend',nt «f Tranvportallon.
(1fSII I If A IN. K*t to I and from liirtn glum. 1 I f» 19
*J 4*IF* M* and *»*I6 Coll Chain, wldcli I t ll *ell at a small a4*
van* e oncost Tll»0 ROBERTSON,
I porter and l»»*alrr in Foreign «*•»■! |»*.n#tlc Hardware and
mill9 Cutlery. No, 6ft Mam street.
1110%. i
Hand and tloop Iron, •* *•
Scroll and Oval Iron, «• ••
Half*round and l*lo<«vh Piste Iron, all •!*. *
II .r*» ftme and Ar.gle Iron, •• -
K Attron.l and Fheet Iron, *' "
Al» English nod Amer r**, |tl,«ter**1 f*'ee! r sale by
mbit EHWIN AAorthaM * CO
I %mr III I I CslMlIIN. (V.o.pra ngfif ill %*r,rtMefit *.f
V* J Arid Carr»i*r
pit'* . P lid and lotted P«1*s Ain* ns
Plrqed and Check t*amh*|. •
Hook and Nain«nok Mud n*. A*
Of oqr own imp .rt at ton, just received and *of sale hy
■ ENT »• a l v* i 0O
I 9 FTP Of SQperOir quat **y, for sale by
| ■** __ An inMOln *tr*rt
I All I I l\HI «*.. i ••!.» r iff i* ill* 1„...
" f«* t »..• • i | for a
j ini.i* noMRir * n.MiwiRAr.Vn n pM,i«
I 9
•»h*F WOMRMC A CI.AIB >RNE. No 11 pearl «t
A ’ A 'l * III r It I M*. 4
;V * , !e I.« if fr tv tv M\| pf. | 4 Cl AVItORNg
mt fA tt p „t .♦
Ill* IM IMI Is I. Hfl.OM kl OAK o
I — » f
"'•Vf It At »N A HASH I:|: v ||.|,
f r|AJ \ \ Mi *.» M A l*|-| >«. r A 1*1 II ,,,
‘.•'I* JltllS \ llr.n' MN
* llfklk iiiiiAf.i* i , i.
J* *t ' w I fMVKM' IRf Al I ►* , ,,
■ l»* hi' ■ 1MMOI.1 irri tl*l\
"» A. > II *\ 111 i ll II. f... .i,
ml,'. JlARiWIA IDA
- I ,.*••»* mi iiuinno m i-i irimi
i »S* “ ' i
m,'0 1 *• W'Mi|,flS|piif
Sl<« AH. linl.M. s o R,„„ rii,t>ri.in|.i,i„ I
■ 1 ...... .1. I V f ,|r b»
"•"W CIIAR r WnRTIOM t O')
• 11 * » M > mli . . H,
, ■ • in. I, y h i iah tt
'• "k-'< UlAi 1 VAitRfH AM A Ct*.
f. *1 mil. LINK HKTWKVN NR« mill, A
FBNIIK large and . oauuodlous 4.*ublr engine able _
E «ieW steamship KOANOKK, l'«jk Mnu«.
leave* KVbmond lw New York every Ttar«(«jr mti ^T If tT"
tug. at I s'vlock, an4 City Point at 9 o'clock MstHHRBi
morn In#
The J AMESTOWN. Cap( PsaaiM. leave* City Point for New Tort
•very Haturdsy morning, at 9 o’clok
Passengers Jnantiy to go bv the Roanoke ran get on board at
her berth or wharf ai K - t.-tu mry Tuesday evening by 4 o’clock,
and those who may desire tv* get on UoaiU ml.n of Uirw it City
Point, must leave here by the Petersburg cars every Wednesday and
Saturday imwumg at 20* oVAork. The chargv iu either case only
|tlm-ugh for cabin possewgera.
Tickets and b« nh* secured at our office any day during the week.
Th<*«e steamers »iop at Nor>«4k going and returning Passage to
Norfolk the same as by the Hirer boat*
g«>r further information regarding them, inquire at our office,
gouth side of Basin,
slu Hteamer PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Davip 4
ruL,8i earner YIROINIA, Oapt B R'-»u*.
One of tlivw superior Steamer* will Wave Ri<'h- vMSinHl
mond, until furtlier notk-e, every Monday and Friday, touching at
City Point and Norfolk to receive freight and passenger*. Returning,
leave Philadelphia every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 10
These Steamers are now In flue order. Increased accommodations
ror the comfort of |»as*eugvr* having been added, a* also more room
ror freight; and w» hope, by regularity, dtspat* h and care In protect
ing goods committed to our chargv, to receive an Increase of patron
fffiTT No transhipment by this line.
Pamagv through to New York, and found .$4 0t'
Do do Philadelphia, and found. 1st cabin 4 rtO
Do do do not found, td cabin 4 tn)
Passage to City Point and Norfortk same a« by the river boats.
Passsnffrr by this line can stop in Philadelphia two or three
lay*, and then proceed to New York by the unw ticket.
ti \ n nil. IgMkMarketta
PACKETS.—This line is comp'«ed of the following ne-|£tt>
a*ls. and sails from RosCaui every Haturdsy :
tV'hotMHT SUSAN, Captain H. O. Rogers.
•• H»TOYER. “ H C Roger*.
“ J A ALLEN, ** Obed Bakrr. Jr.
- COURIER, “ Heth Kelly.
•» CERITO. •• W II. Crowell.
•• E. NICKERSON, •• Cyrus Nickerson.
Nr* **-- " J. M. Roger*
Pwe vrssrls are of the first class, built expressly lor this trade,
and have superior accommodations for passengers.
Tin v are . onimandcd bv experienced Captain*, well qualified for
the trade, and who will spare no exertion* to accommodate They
will 1«• towed op and down the river by steam, and may he idled ou
u> sail promptly. *• advertised.
They will be towed up and down the river by steam, and *i*y be
relied on to sail promptly a* advertised.
Merchant* going North, or ordering goods from Bouton, will And It
to their Interest to ship hr this, a* It l» the only regular line. *» freight
will always he taken as l. w a* hy any other \e**rla, and every effort
will he made by the agent* in Richmond and Boeton to five satufas •
We re-pectfully ask and hope to succeed In obtaining a full share
of patronage.
Tile vessel* will lie in Richmond at K.H-krtts. In Boston at Rowe •
Wharf. DAVID A WM CURRIE, Richmond, 1
ALLEN A WELCH. Itosum, V Agent*.
au.1 S« IM Slate .ire.» I
riNIIIS nrw Mom- Lint i. .-..itipm*.! .>f thr folio win* v«« -la, jrf-_
I ai .1 mC.I. from N*-w York rv.ry tin— d,yt. A1I
|n ihe city of Richmond.
N, m M,,.»nr DANVILLK. C.ptaln AVUU.mStl-on.
K<■ M ANCHITER, 0!:rrr CtllehcnUr.
N., •• LYNCHBCBU, “ SVth Ch«~*rr.
*> GALLEGO, - Alexander Smith.}
•* IIAXAU.. “ C II Smith.
“ SKAV YORK, “ R M A Ik in..
Schooner ORI AN'NA, •• J. B. Tuttle.
•• HENRICO, " 8. 0 Scranton.
•* RICHMOND, “ AY C. Iltrrl..
•• MERCHANT, •• AV II At Inter..
The* tcmcU ar» all of t!»r fir*t das*. built In the city ot Baltimore
express!} for this trade, and hare superior accommodation* for pa*
s-t-gcr*.* They art command* d by experience*! Captain*, well quail
fl^l for the trade. and who will spare no exertion* to accommodate.
They wtil tie U>a ?d up and down the river by steam, and may b« re
lied on to tail prv mptly. as advertised.
N NrwY d. will find
it to their interest l*> *htp by thi* line, a* freight will always \*r taken
a* low a* by any other Hue of packet*, and every effort will be made
by the agent* i»i K hnioi I andSew York t«» give satisfaction. Insu
rance can be effected tu thv Richmond Fire Association, by this tine,
at S per cent. »
We respectfully a*k and hop* to aucceed m obtaining a full thare
of patronage.
Good* shipped by thi* line to X. * York will l«r forwarde l free of
cnmmtadcn to New t Irk an*. Mobile, Char baton, Savannah, or any
otlier Southern or Northern port.
Tlie vessel* will lie In Rl* hmond at Roc*-tU, In New York at Berth
No. I, Coffee llouar Slip. fo**t of Wall *tre*t.
DAVID k WM. CURRIE. Richmond, 1
C. II. PIERSON, New York. } Agent*
No Cl South street. \
F\ s V % #. 1 ro MHII MI h. v ■ e*
v will leave the wharf at Rockett* every Tuesday,
Thursday and Sxturdav morning, at 6If o'clock. a precisely i for Port —
m >uth ai.d Norfolk Returning the CurtU Peck, will leave Norfolk
every. Monday Wednesday and Friday Morning at the «an;e hour,
ftk o'clock .touching and returning at all the regular landing- on tho
(aiOd.KS f’OTI HlxMtlA % Ml I Oil W All HIM.
ni.lK II IMN*
Corner of Cary and Peart Street*.
Hank In Store, and are re. Mug from the North, their Spr ng
S-ock of Good*. which w II be large and varied when received,
to which they call the attent on of country merchants and the trade
generally—among which will be found
—U b^g, R «>. Laguayra. Maricalho and Java Coffee
G7 Mid* V O. and P R Sugar—-ome very choker
d * package* R* lined Sugar- -all #orta
112 hbl* N *» M.*!*—!* and Refined Syrup
.%« hhd* Cuba and Mu«ct»vado M la*-e«
*il«» |>n. k ig*-- (■ P.. Itup rial and 111*, k T-a
216 U»\e- American and French Ula*»
»i"* Side* Sole leather
:*•*• iioxr* Tallow, Adamautine an • Sperm Candle*
40 bbla. Tanner’* and Machine Oil
l.n (i keg* a**orted Nad*, ^u* -*t approvedbran«l*)
6 haH pipe* Hennessey and Otard, Dupuy k Co. Brandy,
vintage lvli and K-»
6 p:|»e* choice Holland Gin
C> 4, and w p«p-* F Brandy, Pale and Bark
l«*i hbl- •* P re Rye” Whi»ky, warranted Id to 13 year- old,
1 unequalled)
2D* hbl* Cincinnati WhUky and Alcohol, daily expected to
1M pa* Wage* of other Whisky'* and Wine*, too numerous to
40 ba*k t» Champagne, 9o can* Claret
9U9JMM Cigar*
Pa nted Pall*. Grindstone*, Wrapping P*|*er, Spice#
Wood Ware. Ac., Ac
Which they w.ll *rll low to punctual customers. mhll
i. <, wiNffi<»> a 11».
Grocers and Commission Merchants,
coftasm caiT asp Urn aTaarra, ucumosp. va.,
■ 1KG leave t.* Inform their friend* and customer*, tliat they havt
IS receive*! their Fall St.-s *.f GROCERIES. LIQUORS. WINKS
Ac., Ac., rorupr.s ;tg the large-t and be*t stock they have ever hven
able to get in. We luvlte city and country dealer* to examine our
■took before purchasing, among which will he found:
1000 h»g* Rio. Java and Laguayra Coffee
» hhd* P R . S 0. and Cuba Sugar*
2* nj hbl* Crushed and Coffee do
liW hbl* and tc* Cuba and N. 0 Mol a #10#
!.V» l.hl* N. C and Halifax Herring*
6»m keg* Nall*
200 bt»l- Old Rve and Rectified Whiskey
SB Id 1* Southampton and Jersey Brandy
fio hbl* N. F. Hum
6 H pipe* Hennesaey Brandy, very fine
10 K pipe* ivarious brands) Brandy, Pale and Dark, verj
V) 4 cask* Sherry and Madeira Wine
300 boxes Sperm and Adamantine Candle#
♦•m ream* Letter. Cap and Wrapping Paper
gnu side* Sole Leather
fill lioxe* lx»af Sugar
26 tierce* London Porter
lUO package* Green and Black Tea*
16*1 do P »ney and Plain Candle#
,V> l«hle Cider Vinegar
i«*i t«<xe» French Gla##
Dm dotrn B-*d Cord*
Dm box*'* Brown and Pale Soap
Dam lb*. Cotton Yarn*.
ALSO—Broom*. B i k-t*. Cotton and Iferop Line*. Grain an*!
Ground Rta< k Pepper, Ginger, All«pk-e. Nutmegs. M older. Splee*
Starch. Cigtr-. Pow l»-r. Shot. H tr Lead, Soda. Salt Petre. Indigo, Ac.
Ae —nil of which will off, red low for ra*l> nr to punctual dealer*
gt 2 I 0,000!!
To Ro drown In Kium, (into of Cul»».l
1 Prtxr of #5.1,000 15 Pn«e» of .... #1.0 1
1 •• of . */•» **00 ' VO *• of
| •• of 14,0# ! AO »• of . 4*1*
I •• „f III M «*f ih
jo •• (>f *4,000 irt Approximations 4.^»
4 approximations to the #rt »,oot* of fpm cacti; 4 of |M»«n #M^#n
f of #*0O to #!*"..; A of *4'" t #*•.««#*
pT" Whole tickets #10,00; ll*lve« #5.f lhf Quarter* |*/.5o
Pnte* ca*h at • g*<t at 5 per < »-.t i* "t»n|
Rills on the Banks of Rlclltnond taken at pxr
A drawing will I* forwarded as s»mn as the result become* known
Communications addre*#e.| to DON RnDR|r)t V.'f, tc»re of Cttj
Po**t Charleston, f C.) unttl the 15th April, will b* attended to.
in it ___
Br Authority of the Plate of Oer.rgta.
Will be drawn m the e»ty of Atlanta. Georgia April ?4ih. 1*56, whei
Pr *»•* amounting to
30,000 DOI.I.AKK !
Will hg distributed.
a 7 . SOI
I'pios <•* Tit ers Whole*, #5 , ll.ilrri, f , Q trier-. #t,t?
Prl*ea In th’s Ic^terw are paid thirty dart »*!• r the drawl, g, u
bill* • f specie-paying Hank*, w thout deduction, only on //rc*en5i
flon of Hi It ft inWtf.1 thf prin
Bills of all solr til banks taken at par Alt communication
•trh tly confidential. PAMl’PI. H" AN.
m’ /■*• Agent and Manager, A'lnota, fla,
J'#f The next Draw nr n this lottery all lw lias. 15. %f »y 4Vt»
i- i . • f
Hit % > \f III I IPITRVI Nfl i-Nl H IM
AIRTIGHT CAN T» s useful, Ing-fi and cheap CA!
having l«ee?» thoroughly tested I# offered f" *be p«|bl with tt.e a — .,
ratir* tl it it can be relied upon as th- itiml i^-rfe tig Alright C’a
in the market The top of this Can Is drawn between the surface ,
the nil* and •< rew of the tmtalle cap forming a perfectly alr-fgt
j .»nt without 0»e use of wax or cement, arid d-p* using With the u«o
mode of soMenng the rap to the outside of the can.
This Cap Is n *de of a frit tallc substance whl. h < antmt effect tl,
fruit In the |ra-t fitery an !• warranted gold hv all dealer* \
♦ be country Pu’e Manufacturer and Ag t for tt.e city of Me
York oro. I loin; I fTP. 16* William Ml
fi t r'ght* to manufacture Rr .nwhite'* Patent ( an In <#tl»er plan
apply to A CONNER A C« . W Broadway X*s York
I • _
rill If % A I >f. so A V.
mrROOM a rowi.KRm wai,*ct ot». mimtary piiaviv
▼ dOAP. >« admit I • d by the t►.• .■ %nd« *'• has* u<rd it d .nr
| tin’ pa«t twelve years, to *urpa*e anything ever ltitr<e1ired mto th
j j branch of the toilet, and to render igrer«h|e an np«*r*t no a-nst'
consider* d s boat Tt>e form Ncmi Ten tent, it k> agreeably per fume
and w'tl pr . luee a coptou* and prrri»at*ent lathee with either bai
. or cold water leave, tie* -kin •month and un h irtie>| y»*i. g .,i
1 »,<■ * w it the «>f ,.»t ir« i fuc * i»..It. . *.* V*. - e .% p..wi m lif1
P Ml. . . 'ty t.v PI'RrPf.7* 1,Ai»fl 4 CO , and 1 R W#Mj|
If. \ *V York I'V the Jf tl. p.lhtmyg tel* h,.u*ea attd dfttgf1«t
, %|. Ufa- lurr • by .MMIN H VHOOM, «o« e«< „f to Yfootn 4 fh.wlr
T# Cherry -tr,«t, N* w York Ml Am
'■id m m»i shi in liiirvitk, t» .r.v .* » ..f
•tnfr.1 v|> . in, lduru.tr toy vi*lt III tM« city | hy y.<ur lb r tl |»
*r .• *rf».IV', • r.t j. i «.f tliyt In fti.ud < <-r firm* ott mv y»ai
It 1 ■ a % r t flat l * d apf't n|.*t . mJ. n< t.ttr ag» ti*et,t ft
• w.l'plv etie ii. . *'itust| .'i «taiidl*.g 5 -* in my |tmfrs*Ni
Aery K ep. tfoilv ymrrs. A ,
* A i* BROWN,
t'ti imp'nn Card Wri'er
gr at tt r Exchange ll.del m> 7 tf
I "jj •••*' * t M*l II a • •"•rr. 1tw| I
•Il.ri K III. K wnni.i>*IIH,R
,, I 'till l.4lll>,i<i« r.«iwl|*r .i-M
wifirw wooi.mipok
•20 IflfM* . It If tl> N I l* t xt, lust |»« e*V t I*er •’ sn
mb// wadi: w v\«mi.dbidni
■ AS. C. Ill NIX A UANIM. N. Ill NIT Hare con
fj wected lhrm«rlm under the Arm of HI’NT k RRO . for o»lt
I dueling • tenoral Commission Muthtw, ami hare taken an on
I Virginia, M»r.n t'arr ilrvri and thr Danville Depot, treat of Mrmrs
11 . > » w \ «
They tolled on sign (lie Ills nl Tobacco. Wheat. Flour, C**rw, and all
. omlalai prompt aNettimn *.• Ml •
Til K under signed have united themartvea under Ihe Ertn and
•tyle of klcDONAl.D,FPOTTF A IIARVKT. for the purpose of
conducting in t * city the above business In aM Ita branch*-# They
l»ave taken the large warehouse No.D Pearl atrvrt. south of tViry.
trecevilly occupied by Hunt and liar vrr.l and espret to have in stole
iu a fear days an ratenstee assortment of Grocer tea, to which they
reapectfully Invite the attention of their friends and Ihe public gene
rally. Fai-ertcnccd members of the Arm will give their attention to
the sale ot Produce generally, and to Ihe receiving atkdfowardmg of
Ttie usual advance* made on ronstgmurnl. From long eape
rletice In the different branches o* our business, and hr prompt per
son a I attention, we hope to merit a portion of public patronage
John c McDonald,
jsi joaui t. MonL
f|AHK Ann of WAKKFN A PRRklNN Is this day dissolved by mu
1 tual consent. Either party will use the Game of the Arm In
liquid stlon All persons Indebted to us will please come forward
and settle their accounts. Longer Indulgence cannot be given
jalo_m P PERK INF
FMNHR undersigwe-l have f..rn»ed a Co partnership under the Arm
A and style of RL'RTON A GRKKMIOW . for the purpoae of coo
ducting a Grocery and Corarilssloti business.
They have taken the house on Iftth, between Main and Cary «tneU,
recently occupied by J M Garland. F-q , and will kwp constantly on
hand a general assortment of Family Groceries. WlM*. Liquor*. Ac.,
and will gire their personal attention to the *ah of all produce en
trusted to their car*. R M BCRTON,
MlA-ly - 0 GREEK MOW.
>lcl»0\UI». SI’OTTS .S. HAKVKl.
(.HIM Fils t>D l f»vi qishlOA nUH HANTN,
BUM Moan, \ A.,
HAVE, ami Will keep «n store, an rXtetulvr assortment of GRO- |
CBRIMs to which they re spec t hill r Invite the attention of their
| friends ai l the public. In want of good* In their line.
Particular attention will be given to the sale of country Produce,
vnd to receiving and forwarding Merchandise.
The usual advance* made on consignments.
JNO C. Mi PON \l l>.
Ml JNO <i spOTTS
WaLUAMN A 4 All UI M. I O),
SOOCKOSSLIP, A'/. ttMO&D, r.i..
Give particular attention to the sale of
T o B A C C O. V L <■ i K. W 11 BAT,
asp avirv nmxirThu or o>mst rsnurn.
J'F" AH pa* keg** of Merc hand is.-, Ai , forwarded with dl«t»atch.
uiM d». !m ^
wu. a nassa. of Charlotte. »n»t*. w MMOIiIM
Js«* It -scva. late of tike Arm «»f Booker A Watkins, Palrsmsn
MAN* FACTVKKK and Dealer iu 8t*»vr», Ranges, Hot-Air Fur
nace*. Ttn, Japann«s|, Copixr and troii Ware. Kmlless Chan.
Forcing and Auction Pumps; Water Raius. lx-ad Pipe . Zinc ; Ah ret
Iron. Ac—Wholesale and Retail. No. I Id Main ■trert, Richmond,
WRB1 wsrtt 4wt to nr tier Order* pr.Mnptlr EMM .i B
( 1 ioPER'S
HI'I IM.D Nine I 40 IslMd.lSS
To be obtained In large or small,qu«nt|tles. with dire.
lions for using, of th- principal Grocers and
Drugg.-ts ibrought »it th- I Ra I Btali .
fe?f» -4An [P.) Nsw Yobk.
JOHN >. 4.014 IVON I | III SI 1(1 I I. M Alt
thr Fv hang* Hotel, has in store and offer* for sale—
A cirri ;xn Hammer**! -IRON.
English and American tolled j
English and American Ml«tered Steel.
Broad Plough Iron. 7 to li inch.
Flat. Round and Square Iron, all siara.
Oval, hall Oval and half round Iron.
American. English and Russia Sheet Iron*
Band and Hoop Iron.
Nad R«*!*. Aim • lean and Swede*.
American and S*n!r* Horne Shoe Iron.
Ilorve Shoes, aasorted.
Tin Plate. Pig and Bar **1n.
Sheet Zinc. Spelter and Spelter Solder.
Sheath! g. Brazier'* atnl Bar Cop|»er.
Stmt, Pig and Bar Lead.
Ground Wagon and Cart Boxr*
McCormick'* and Palmer Mould Board* |
Wooden Bucket HandUs.
Bucket Far* and Kirn*, tinned and black.
Tin I'lntr*. variou* *»*r*.
Hardware and Wrapping P*|ter.
Cotton and lletnp Plough Lines.
Sole Leather, g. « d and damaged.
S|*eim. Adamantine and Tallow Candle*.
Soaps, fanev and brown
With a general assortment of Orocerie*. mb? 4
> I b KK'M l >4. f.noiiv.
WW T E have now in ,t»*re a choice selection of Fancy arth le* for
wv Spring, such a*
Plain Striped, and Plain Black Silk*
«|o do do Colored do
Bla* * and Colored Silk K. •»*.*,
Grenadine and Berage do
Organdie and Lawn do
Plain and Figured Jaconet*
White and Printed Brilliant*
Plain and Printed Mou«*rlalQe
Ca»hmer« Shawl* and Scarf*
\t*c«t style- P*rl* Mai tie*
Embroidered Mutllr and Cambric Collar* and Sleeve*
French Wrought Callarvttaa and Sleeve*
Mourning Collar- In great variety
Mu»Lu and Camhrlck Hand* and Trlunomg*
Inlant* Frock YYal*t*
Thread Edge* and Lace*
Alexander** Kid and Sdk Glovrs
l.obr* Kid and Doe Gauntlet*
Black Thread Tell*
Fancy £.>ufll«* do
Crape and Lore do
Mu«)tn Cap*
Embroidered and Revere lldkf*
Mi**es Glove* and llose, all S «e*.
We are receiving our Stork of Staple and Fancy Dry Good*, in
part, of our own importation, and the remainder from the various
markets In this country, purchased on the most favorable term* —
77.e #rAo/e "tort /»e/*»jy entlrriy n+\r amt /iSjiA, we offer It to the
trade conll lently assuring buyers that great Inducement* to »y he ex
pected. It consists in part, as follows .
\ 1-4 5-4 Hro. Shirting* and Sheeting*
Cotton 0«n»burg» Cottonade* and Nankeen
I.* rye Stock Bleached Domestic ail width*
Plaid, Strij*ed and Plain Cotton for Servant*
Kontucky Jean*, Satinet* and Tweed*
Ticking*, Fi rnlture and Apron Ch«*. k
Bleached and Broad Tahir Cloths, and Dat:ia«k*
Large Sunk Irish l.men*
Cloth*. C**almer* and Vesting*
Large Stock of Print*. Gingham* and Lawn*
Alpacca* ami Canton Cloth*
Printed Challle* and Berage*
Plain delaln* and ChalH***, all grvle*
I am, ChallU'* ami Berage R<>b< *
White Camhrlck*. Jackonrt*. Swi*a and Mull Muslins
Mantilla*. !.arge Slock, and Cheap
U e, Mu<lln and C.-tmbrir Collar*
Lace, Collar* and Sleeve* In Set*
Linen Camhrlck, Silk and Cotton lldkf* . with a large
stork of other good* not enumerated, to which we a«k the attention
of our friend* and the trade geuerallv.
mbwiu.i\*.II im i FARDY
• Ml 99 M\l\ STREET.
Ctllllisi i \ > A I \ i 111101' DEALERS in iv
/ GOODS. FOR CASH —woiihl invite an examination of their
Spring Stork of Good*, suitable fur platiter*, famllle*.and purchaser*
generally, being well assured, froui the p**t twelve month*' exi»e
rieiHV, that their system of * llinggood* for email only, enable* lum
to offer Inducement* which th«y could not otherwl*e offer. We -hall
he prepared with a large *tock of Planters' Goods, such a* Cotton
Osn.tbtirg*. Brown Shirting and Sheeting. Striped Oznah irg*. heavy
•Cottonade* and Drill*, l.men Drill* a id Duck*. Plaid ll..rm-*tU*.
Blear!ie«l Shirting*, lid Bleached Sheeting, Print-, Printed La Win.
Jackonet* and Orgatid e«, llerage*. Ti**ue*. Grenadine*. Foulard and
Canton Bilk*. Canton Crape. French Silk*. In blaek and color*, of
neatest de-ign*; Challle*. Mouaellne*. Gltigfiain*. Table Dania-k.
N tpkln*, Linen Sheeting*. IMlow Linen*. Towelling*. Dunlin *. Cur
tain Ylaterial*. White Cambric*. Muslin*. Lawn*. Ac. Novelties in
Embroider1.** of Lace, Mu*l|fi and Cambric*. Stnnrniny (»«•*/* of
every de«crlpttnn, of tie- l*r«t Fabric* imported. Also, a splendid
assortment of Eng11«b and Atnerlcan Carpet*, of Rich T*p» try,
Mru-flU and Velvet, Three p'y and Ingrain; Kay Carpet*. Rug*,
Drugget*. Yfatt* and Floor OH Cloth*. Canton and Coco Matting.
W« have one entire (»a»r devoted to thi* department, and will make
It to the lntere*t of ca*h MfCiiMeri to make their selection* w|l|» u*.
H.KH I I I I H A I \Y Yl< lllttf v| .
flYlli: Sul>»< r la-r*. having removed to the^y new Ki*< torjr «»n Carf
or-ter# for ull kmd# of Agricultural Machine# and Implement- of the
latent and um«t approved pit tern*, which will he made of the heat
material* and of superior w..rkutan«l.lp. They a-k attention to
MCardw«U’# doulde and #lng|« geared lfnyaepowvrr and Thresher*,"
which have taken a premium at ever) Fair at which they have liren
•ShlMWd Al*o, to *'Croak III** Cl-*d Cmaher,'* Manny’# Patent
U. ajrr Ntnl Mower.” the »«e*t In u*e; Fawke*’ Patent Lime and
fluatio Spreader, highly approved, May Pre**e# , May Hike*. Corn
Shelter*, from fill to g.'V-. Smith’# Patent Rtr»w Cutter. Oram f’ra
dle*. 4r Rh h** Patent Iron-beam Plow; of carious ala***, Re They
•ul.join the- -.pi,lon of the lion Will am C. Rive*, of th«*e plow*.
Richmond, February *7
Castl* lliu., lfith Dec. 1HM.
Got W* It ftiovogr g-Dear Rlr: I take pleasure In re>*>rdlfig
ere my hn|wr#don of the performance of your Plow (Nkh'« Iron
Beam patent i at Cohham to day Hie work w«* far more thorough
and complete than that of any plow I ever mw In operation M«rr.
The furr--w opened hy it wa* very generally IH Incite*deep and ul*oul
§n Inrhr* wide In hard, c1o*e land, and mo*t . IT- • tu .lljr and perfe. tlj
•lear.r.1 out, none of t|,e sod earth fallltig hack Into It
1 TI.. trial of the plow wa* w|tne«*ed hy rn toy of my might , r«,
irw.ng whom I will mention Mr*«r* Frank It N.-l*on, J If lienett
I If fa-wl*. r It Ifopkln*, Tlioma# W»t*on,nf Loul**, A- , all pra
tk al men arid n»o*t excellent Judge* of agricultural tmidenient#; and
there w.i* hut one f»philon am-mg tlrern a* to the aupenorlty and an
) 4# . p*i..f, ,l.|» j«» rforui4fi - of y..ur plow
WM.ing you eq»»| at* el*ewhere In making thl* valuable lm
pWmeitl favorahly known to our agricultural twethreu,
I remain, your* truly,
• I. 4.11 ! \ *N IMI’tfOt I I) t| %N4MI» 1 l;fl9 nil
% ■ BRAT, haring many year* eypertepre in the manufartnr
■ kl • f M in .?!»• *• r#, ' r Steam flange* for Roller# -t a<l d* *• rip
don*, ha# eatabllahed i fact If. « oilman
• ofac*ur e Ms Steam PreatOfe Oaugea of all after, for «feambo*te. loco
motive*. «aw mllla, Ac. Alao, Olaaa Water Claugrt ami Lorotootlvi
’ lern.p*
■ |r la evident that an Instrument constantly Indicating the preamffi
of a «t- n a reliable in It* character, and with ordinary care not *ub
1 jert to derangement. I* a dto#hle-*tum both to the engineer and pro
f prietor, it • nat-h i»e to manage the steam with ease, and fh
• other to *ee ti nt It I* *o managed, and will not only protect egalna
' eapt->*W>n<. h'it hy If* rory day uae promote In a h-fb degree th
economy and efRetenry of tl»e whole establishment.
p The above flaugev are warranted
• irmttfM:
r Virginia f’entral Railroad. R»ebm- nd and Danville Railroad, Tal
hott A Brother. R.iry k Fttmger. Pliillp Rfuim, Rteam Fnglne MM
• er*. and oflb e of tie R»- hmood Whig
When *|e#lr»d,the manufacturer wdl attach »be Oaogr to the hallei
for sate by VAN I FW A TATLOR.
i|kl It Matn sferad. Richmond. V*
• \R r noi. |#|,|*fi i , We have determined to open, In ror
/ \ ▼ rie« f •*if i with our |wee.‘tit >m#lre •*. a Wool |>* | , for lit
. agll * *ervl.e* I.f Mr J<>lit. Watei
v honor, the former efklenl agent of the Woolen Fa-tory .u thl
I, etty Ift* attention, If r*ece**ary, will hr devoted efcluslydy to IM
d business
l %»J Wn#d e»,naignsat to t»s Will lw gr ided, so that *•#« h porch**
• can hoy *.»eh Word a* he want*, and not be compeOH h, h t?
r -I* wilt i • annrer hi* p irp.o*- There I grown In Virginia a *u
fl rit quantpy r.f W«*.,» if oncentrate.1 *»-d rrad-l. to *’»r*e| •)
r. gttgmlof. of manufa- hirer* and dealer* to o«r market; and a
h ,pe * .»»■ - red In er .M th'f.g a grw.d market 't« the W»»ol grow
" I ’Vor .^th nUr* are o«r . ircwHr* CRFVSM 4 W A Cf» .
I llrwvn and Covamlwtltm Merchant*.
• ...
I.KI Ml .. tllPI > XI » l«*. * > ;*
Bf |4.I» •• Jti-I e-»-*el. »ln I. »r. «»•«••' U
„ .. > i . .int.l* . i..|. »n -.1 », «. w *■ *n
1 „ M-rt Hm . «r>r., iit. l-r
I 4 |n t | I 'I
,i .|». M 1.11I n. Ii«,rf III ,r Proelwi t- I. ->« > ... . .r
I T,4- .» .Il l v*»,ll. I .. K»,ol.-.rfc K4»l, n.tlMi'.li Ttiriiiji
■» .,l|| llir lru mnfl. T.lfli |.«, ll.e'. ll.lfM T.r.'lri ml ll ..*K'
I Hind*. Aff nb h, * V *r«l*l>.
i ml.X '• ’ " — e*
„ g I ra <iV- .iF.i.x’-n. i iii’i f i * 00.1 X
I I V w iiritnixu-.j. .1 r- • ■> I ■ I - •> -■»
“ ,l,7| -tm Al.rx \V*IKflt X «.*. f*'M
« o A »• xm i x • xiii.isH xiiM.r iiia.Xi *
" W* W 1 i to 2J, for #akr by
«,h*il iDHM ?• OORDON.
H. R. R.
ntrnHTtvr Hi:\i:i.tnu\<n
In tils chapter we will show how Ktnwav'v Rasnv Raiitr and
RtnwAvS RaotrisTwa cured a terrible attack of Chronic N>-um%
IHM.idrt ftflmi Pli,T«H kan« III 8rwll i MHt r, U, had It ted iKrtr
Alii in vatu Alao . how country Doctor* car* Ihelr nalk-pts by
using Radwai'j Riaiolir* l**» one who u «Rktol with dl*
ease lead thD advertisement Let all who dealt* a g*tod Purgative
and Cathartic .Medicine try one doer of Radwav's K-gulator*\ let
thoae roverrd with Pimple*. Hlotchea. tore*, and whoa bUd .» AIM
with bad humor* read the «■*•*• we here publish ** tvwtK Kiipv
Kanar. RtnwatV Ramura'iaw R«i>i*nt, and Raowav's Kauris*
Toa'a ate the only remedies required In step the most inrtutuif
pain*, cure the mod terrttde and frightful disease*. and to keep the
human *y«tem In a regular and healthy condition P|utr»g lh«ea«es.
If A !> * A T'S If Kb VIA TO If S'.
iht* AryvAlfW /ter *#»#g uiU Me n+.Jt ifry
1st. Thev are the tuoal pleasant Medicine to take. In the form of a
PHI. In use
W Thev are the most sah* Medicine to take. In the form of a Pill,
for tliey do Uot Irate the howela costive, nor deplete or weaken the
Cl They produce Ihe moat del'gktful effects, upon |K« Bystem, of
any Medicine in Ihe form of a Pill All who lake them hate a regu
lar discharge of Ihe bowel* at a regular period of time.
4th They remove all bad feeding* from Ihe mlud and corrupt hu
mors ftom the body Every one who take* them rejoices at the hap- 1
t»y effects they produce upon the bowels, Uver. Bkin. Kidneys, j
Nervi*, Ac.
Nh They produce the same happy effects upon the Liver, as they i
do upon the bowela ; up*Mi the Skin a* they do upon the Pancreas ; l
upon the Nerves, a* they do upon tire Kidneys ; upon the Absorb
•nta, as they do upon the Lac I cals , upon the Lymphatic*, a* they do
upon the Glandular System —via. Regulate each Organ and Byslrm
to a healthy and hannonlou* action
•*th They are mild |p their operation, pleasaut to take “They
never turn one's stomach,"aa an old lady once remarked to us, nor
do they gripe, or In any wise render tliemselvr*disagreeable In their
Tth. They are entirely Vegetable, prepared from the Active Prin
ciple only, of Aromatic Gums. Plants. Root*. Balsams, Ac They
are highly concent rated, nothing inert l* In their composition -they
are mild vet act|se. One R* gulator Is more powerful. In eaptllliuf
from the System diseased and acrimonious burner*, than <lt of the
most apppoeed pill* In use, and yet there are no violent purging*,
no grtpirg pain*, no sickness at «l«unach, or other uti|de%satr sen
aatlons creeptr.g over you from their mm. Tl»e fact Is, their fiealihy
properties. Instead of merely trrttatlng the bowel*. spread through
out the whole entire system, rvguUHug every organ, and Infusii g
health to every tl*-uc. Drastic Pill*, Salts, Sena. Ac , act only a*
drains, and merely Irritate the horn els to a h*o**tie#» Bo, reader,
you see. an I If you take a few duar* of Regulator*, will feel, to your
J»»y, the great dtlTeruu'e h*tw»en Radway's Ktgulator . that act up
on the whole »y«lrm, an«l common pill* and oilier dr* trie purgative*
that cause, hy U»elr Irritating |»ropertle*; a distressing discharge of
ihe bowel*.
January TVlh. |\M
Mmh Riuwat A On.,
I hav« been agent at this place. Paltun»vllle, Scott Co , Ya . for
all the he*t Pill* in use, for nine years, and In right g<»od faith your
Regulator* glees better satisfaction In these mountains of .Vott.’v* .
thau all the Pills I have s«dd. Everybody tluwu lure call your K. gu
lators “The Good Pilh *' Janie* Toiullnsoir has a sou that had been
diseased with the Chronic Kheumattsin.
Killeen different physician* ha* tried to cur# him, but could not
do it, SO he tried at a venture, Radwav's Regulator, every night, and
In two week* he was completely cured I have l Urr.| a great many
l«eopte with your Ready Relief. Regulators and Resolvent, that our
he*t doctor* down here could not touch- and I tv here that where
the doctors down her* do make acute, they do It hy the use of your
111•-« 11 ^ MM I truly.
Jirum, Mis* . Fell |0, KV,
Mes*r* Radway A Co A few days since I bought one dollar’s
worth of lladway's Ready Relief. I u*eu It for Neuralgia, and. to
my astonishment. It gave u>c almost instant relief
/>*•*#raAec JMA, ISSft I Dacgtfpta Xlst. ISAft
.4 Srier* F*lU—Isjnry fo Hr A'aee /*.ra -JT/v-m < /Alfa* —
7Tme/y Arrintf—Surr* Mntr^ of ffn/Utsiy'* If naif li»tt*f
1. J ft'PI HA OARDINIER of the above place, do pub!Id., that for
many Team I have h rn afflicted wit!- Rheumatism. and on the even
Ing of l»ecentb*r FHh, while w-ilkttf In my yard. 1 fell with
great violence on tl»e Ice. bruising the knee pan very badly 1 far
ther certify it.at »»n the above day. Mr John J Benedict, a traveling
agent r«f Railway k Co . arrived at thl# place, .in.I hearing of itiy
heavy fall and the terrible complaint that afflicted me, recommen
ded tue t« apply Radway's Ready Relief, which I did. and lu a very
•hurt tune the palace ierd, thw -welling abated, and I am now .*!>!«
to walk without the u*e of ray cane, free from pain. I have trie 1
several other remedies but found no relief. In c «*« * of eatrenie pain
Kadway’* Ready Relief la far preferable to all other R -medic* , If
any one doubt* the truth of thi- certificate, let them call on me at
my residence, or write to me at Dresden, Tenn., and 2 wdl give
them lull Information.
For year* Mr. Oardinier had suffered the torturing pain* of Rheu
matism he wa-unable to walk without tlo* I rip of a -Ink On the
?Vth of December h»- first tried the It It Itellrf—ou the 81 m he could
walk without any aid and free from pain. Let all who are crippled
or bed ridden, think of this.
Radway'* Ready Relief and Rid way Regulator*, are Positive Cur
at ives f-»r Ague and Fever. !**t th. »e afflicted take from f U* ft of
Radway'- Megulatora ev« ry night, and a t» a«pH»nful of Ready Re
lief, n water, on rising in tl*e mortting. and twice during the d «>
these wdl soon free >our system from the poison of Ague
Spring I* a tran«itlon •rimo of the body—a* well a« of the year,
and the economy «f the system demand* that the surfeit of the w n
ter he carried , ff. to enable It to withstand the depressing effect* of
• uintner Radway’* Regulator* are a* necewgiry to keep up the
health of the l>.dy of man, a* an ocraslonable nibble of fresh gras*
ia to the ox nr tl*e horse
'Inch pain and mlsrty. si. kite*- and long suffering would t*- pre
vented If, outlie first indlcaiitm of the sv-tert* being out of onler. a
do«e of Radway'a Regulator* were swallowed Every do-e that ht
taken will Infuse new life aud fresh strength to the weak ami nervuoa
If those who are subject to or aft1i<‘t«d with Fever arid Ague, Head
A* h«-s. Skin Disease*. Breakings Out. Piinpl**. Blotches. Pustule-,
Tetter*. Rash, Rolls. Humors, wdl n-« our K R Remedies, we will
guarantee tliem p-oteetion again«t the visitation of thr*r maladies. nr
if affliclrd, a *|«eedy arid --flectn.nl cure
l«a positive cun- for Humors, arid -11 eruptive 8ktn Disease*
The preai-nee ..f Pimples, Blotches, Pustule*. Tetter.. Ra»h. Little
Sores, Painful Itching*. Hot Flush*--. Ac., are sure indication* of t*ie
pretence of foreign ami in.pure humors in the »y*t hi. an«| ifal
lowed to mingle with the hh>»d and remain in the «y*tem. corrupt
ing the him d and filling the -ewer* of the body with troj urttlr*. jk-re*
and Ulcers will break out, aud cover the body with their repulsive
p resence
The Skin, under these poisonous tnflu»u-*e*. becomes an eruptive
Volcano. exhibiting to the eve the disgusting lava of disea-e, |u tfie
form of Salt Rheum, Cancer- Ulcer*. F. v-r Sore*. Putrid EU*h,
King’s Evil, and the most Frightful K 'upHon* of th* Sk in
Rad way's Renovating Resnlvcirt ha* cured the most terrible of
Skm Disease* and llutnor* : It will never fait In the worst cases.
PA TUB v\" M lii.'
rahwayh ready relief
lla* done aiore to relieve the afflicted of Psln* and Allies, and the
torture* inflicted upon the human rare hy dt«en«e. than Ml other re
medU*. or the -kill of *he most eminent physicians and surgeons In
the world. Tlte moment Radwaj's Ready Relief la applied to the
part** where pain or itnea*lne*s i« seated, it* soothing effr-et |« felt,—
the sharp- keen darting paroxysm* of Neuralgia the severe and tor
turing pain* of Rheumatism, the torment- of flout. Lumbago,
Sprains. Strain* and a. »** of every kind, will quickly give way on
the application of Radwav’s Ready Relief. The most terrible of
acute Inflama'ory disease* have been cured by a few application* of
thl- Ready Relief. The l.ame and S’IF-Jointed, the crippled and de
formed, are soon restored to perfect health by its u*r.
//•nr th* /.* R R R*nt**ti*A rai**d Mr*. Sarah A. i/ough from a
t'/ iy»/Ve/ «r*'/ i\mdUion, to Mound ff*uUh, oft*r th*
•diu of Atnr of th* irumt t*orn*d /"hgdrian* in .Veir York hod
fad* Ito Aer, 0r+ Park*r, Amm, WardU ",t./ tfrfcJc
JtXrtRT 8, 1*sVi.
Mr.—a-. K*i>w«v A Co.—I tried your Ready Relief, and had my
joint* ruhbe* I with it. and I never felt pain after the first tgn minutes
I was rubbed with It up to tie present time. S«r*. I do not know
what to compare It to but a charm, for It l* a my*tery to toe I was
* cairn.* »< a two tears, aud had not the proper use of my thnha
for three year* I wa« worn down tna skeleton. I then commenced
the use of ymir Ready Rdlrf, Resolvent, and Regulator*. The pain
left me in ten minute*, and 1 lefsit t** gain strength very fast, and
could Walk with ease in a few W«-r*N Lefore I heard of your Reme
dies, | wa* taken to Dr Parker. I»r. Reese. Dr. Wardle, |>r. Maclelan,
and manv other physician* In thl# city, I cannot now renwmlwr. I
w** completely pulled to piece* by them. My constitution w*s
broken up with medicine, that did tue no good 1 could not put a
f«*ot to the ground, nor pick up a pin. I w is lifted and carried up
■«nd d wti stairs like an Infant ; aud now, thank (•«•!! hy the use of
yottr Remedies, I am a* strong a* ever I had the common rheum*
ti*m—Inflammatory and chronic—and the pa1*y. You ran puhltah
thi*. if you like SARA II A HOUGH.
ill 86th street, between tie 7th and Mh avenue, N. Y.
Fifteen to twenty drop* of R. R Relief, in a little water, taken *ay
• very 1ft to 8»» inlnii'e*. will (pitrkly stop the m«»*t distressing dis
charges of Dysentery and Dlarrti® * It will In a Rw minute* slop
the pain
II II R Remedies are sold hy all the Druggist* In the 8 a»e. and
by Puregl!, Larfd k Co., Richmond . also, hy A<U* k Gray. Rich
mond RADWAY k CO.,
jali — dawly—tnh/3 16tf Fulton street, New York.
II •»! to the public, relying upon H- Intrtnale egeellence to aecure
It favor
For all Dillon* Attach*. It may be truly and axfelv relied upon a*
being fully capable nf removing the dl*ea*e« f.»r which It I* r*-cmo
mended, an I fur giving tone and vigor to the general *y-trm
l«- qualltlr* have fern hilly tr*ted In a long practice, hr the pro*
prletor. Throogti the urgent aollcttatlon* of many who h.»vc ti*nrd
and heen benefited bv If, the proprietor ha* tern Induced to pt*"e It
be'ore the pnMtr. For all lllltnua Derangement*, Hick Ifeadachr,
Chronic fHarrIht.i. llihtiial Co*t1vene*«, H‘Hou* Colic, Dv-p p«la,
Pain In tl* Stomach and HoWtl*, Ogneral Debility, Female Weak nr**,
For -ale hy Dr >gg'«t* generally, and hy PVRCKIL, I.ADD A CO ,
N-k W corner «' Main and I Ith at* , Oenttal Agent*; and by Aleg'i
Dtifal, Mo ISA Main *tr«et; it. II White, IT6 Broad rtfret, and al-c
J>y Hanford A Co., N. Y. fed—ly
Util NS 9lCld A HO% STI.ltN,
FldOrR, OR AIM, COTTON. %«* ,
so 11.1 wa tku srttrrr va r York
^lONSIONMPNTH to th above dbe** will receive the »perl*
^ J altcntiot, of Mr A. I,. RnffTtB, the realdrnl partner In Ne*
Advance* mi ahtpTTjent* will be negotiate*! on liberal term
by A I*. Roy*ter, Brother A Co.. Richmond,nr by u«
Iff Order* for purchase* In N*w York will *«l*n receive our at
Mrw York, Jan'y H. 1V4 halt-dAwfim
PtlATpOAl flFYT,- It *• with regret that V bat# to an
noimre that mv Distribution Fnterpr1«e cann- t take place o(
the Md of February The onmal hardnrM of the winter ha* pre
vented me from *• ring and «ettllng w,th my agent* A* *oor a* I mi
•ee them I *hatl Ax upon another day. not later than ah«n»t the |«
of A igii-t.at which time Hie drawing will certainly take p'ace or tl
ticket! i ailed In at»d the money refunded ; and almuld the **le r
ticket* Ju-tlfy me in doing *n, I thall Ax u|»on an earlier day, a*
am an*ton* to have the drawing take place at the earl>e*t
| ttm« JWV. T IIOPRIM*.
fe1 A tl.tAng _ UMflf* ▼>,
|A% HIIV.N. < I 11*1 I* vm.li l II
mm * I ItihM. Apt-1* Br.rnty
r.i Bolf. MWtrkullr Pr->* O.n.ll-. 4 <!'•
liil.M. Mi* 1 Marti* Carotin,. Bhv»
It* r««r. Mil, he. In Worn! ,n>l p.p, r llo.f..
In .tor. .n.l for ..I.- hy
mhW _ M JiiMPH
I — •ion*, nil <o miok*.for
. * mi*,i jamm him-i'i
■ riri i.rtnm iiindh. im r- ,i..-,i
■ a Hn» lot ..fft.n,in, C,n»ti«.. < • li-.nty nf ftamp ,w) Hi,
a th*- .Hfriliori of puri'ha.fr* I* «1M, for wlf hy
mt,-ft IM Main, foniff 0*1, .trrola.
' IO HI un PRPPF.Mi lor ..I. hy
? I f P mhWI JOIfM N »0«IM1N.
» •»» him un om * m» in pm *i:r
' if 11 JAVA r.lPPPP. for .air hy
W» > r I*, hy thf month.. Br»t r.l« ..off h mil *l.t
pff>rml WIMBtflX 4 WWW
I Of V«t. I .10.11 lot III «o|orior I .l'« |'l«l In. for -■!» hy
mt.,1 HINffilV k rowWRB.
I %| \i HI till. Mo t In klm. f i • .1 hv
JVl n.t.fl M IMAMS’ 4 PlIWMIl*
■ » II It. In l.arrola, krf. awl |n It. for >«>- hy
| 4 .ai.,1 ‘I/I W 4 Pf|\np.»t Miin .(
’r ■ in 1 I I t «• r«»H »■ 4 »f»y .n|ffl*f lot I WM.ky.it »
I t on. hrvvf.. which w.ll <oM fh»ip to thf n-t.H trail' of tl
",y M fOMK4
' I tVl i orn >'.-J.yi r. -<r .. to.,, .n.l P.«w >
• f .t - hy ;, ,M4| fflMOWO. I»4T» MpOHT »_C<»
a i | , . -0(1, In n-iof. .nJ htuf. nf .hlf for O ».l PI** B*
inhlt * *' ' * RDMONU, DA> ANPtlBf A CO.
,N»n/f 'Ui I s 41
_ SOOT»'fttfe*VfrtU Ike.
HUM TIIK ■uUnh.i b.(,l.,y. to
,h* *"r"'. of hi. IrWi.J. KJI 1 T)
jMm L8L^...%rrtv,^r r\;'JbSB
cently wtmn by Mms»U la parsou
II rAMkU* u# the mmI i«rW». and will. In aiyle and quality. • «m
pare wuh an v in the market
lie re«|«r< (hilly Invitre purchaser* to pr» him a rail, promising U>
•ell by the doten or angle pair aa low aa any other house In the cky.
a00* No. It, Market Bridge
Wl are now opening an entire new dork of Win- #■
a^^^^ter Boot* an.l Bhora, comprising a good assortment A
of all kind*, to which ae a*k tl.e alt. niton of our friend %
the public We think we can show the he*t ntadment tu hu htuotld
Among itur a*>>itment may be found tl»e following
Ladles’ Halter*, of nearly every style
** R'd Morocco, tioat and hoi Walking N»oe*
” fine Calfskin Walking Blioes, a superior article
** While Kid and White Batin Bltpper . Black Batin do
** fine Mo., Ktd and tioat W alklug IVm.u
•• Over Bl.oe*
Hentlemen’* fine lire** HtMtU and Bhoea
M Ihtiible Bide Calf W‘ater Proof Halters
•' Patent Leather Oaiters
\li*ae*' and Children’* Hh«»e*
Bervant*' Wmr*,uf good quality, for tnen and women.
All of which will be *<»ld at the lowed market price* for cash, or
to punctual customer* oilt.
dot IM TNfY. WATTS A I'l'TNfY.
fWTHf BI’BBCRinfH 1* now opening a moat excellent a*- _
m. aortment of (lent, Orca* Bhoea, of every kind uow Aflll
worn. Among the manv «arl«>u« style* may be found
following : f IK
Uenta. Pat. leather Dress Hoots
french calf *' “ of my owo make
— ** *• Water Proof do
** Pat- Leather Diym Halter*
M french calf •* M
** Tat. loalher " double sole
** french raif “ *• **
“ Pat. Leather Oaf><rd Ttea, M “
** ** ** “ ” single “
** french calf ***••* u
“ ** *• double '•
" “ " Hr«*gans, double and single sole*.
Which, together with rvery style of Boot and Mu*e uaually kept,
makes my assortment better than I hare ever had the pleasure of
•■trrriug lu ihr cUUcn. uf KlcUmunJ and vicinity. A call U mtwvt
fully •elicited.
I rr.(.rt-|li,lly III.Hr all In waul of BOOT!*, Wl I ID
O* SHOW ..f any .1,1,. to call at .hr olj WCTW
r.l.kll.hnl Stand. 1.1 Main Strrrt. My Mork ha. ,11 %^HjLU
h.a-n .ct,rfr<l or orilrml from thr bed Manufacture*. or ha. to . i
tnaiiufact ired by tuyvelf lr».n thr moot ,|>|iroTrtl malt-ri tl., a ml rin
La*l‘c*. A|is*e*and children**. Hoolecs, tiaitrra Ac.
Children** Bronsr. Black and Fancy Colored, Halters, Polks* Ac
Youths. Boots. Ihkoter*. Calf. Kip and heavy
Hr tit*, Dre** Uttoo, tiaitrr* and **aford Tie*
Hetit* and Youth* Patent. Lea lire** Shoe*. Ac
And a Cumtdetc a*SortUMnl.of BervanCs Blioe*. Trunk*.Car |*ct line*
and Valise*, all of which wdl he sold a* low a, at any house in Rich
__ JOHN 0 PAUL* Ja, IS Mala st
IIIMI4 W. 4|1 All l.l'.h, 4.
SHI 1»T\LFU IN II \TB. C\I*B. l:nt»TB. AMT *
f 11 BlIttFB. THINKS, .» . respectfully
l*vg* leave to announce to the public, SHSHH
that hr i* now prepared to offer to the public on^Tth^tno^^on
matMliug stock* In hi* line srer offered in this city. Ill* stock I* n»w
complete, and he ask* tae attention of city and country dealers, with
the assurance that hi* price* shall l*e satisfactory. selo
TATHTirFi —I do not know whan you will get
!• another *uch a chance* to buy TKL’NKB, «>f a* Kj;1 I m
fine a quality, as yi>u have now, nt the *aiur price*. T_<u H
a* I have just received a eery large a**ortment • ‘ ^atLLLiJ
Trunks, of the best quality They were bought the Br*t of January,
before the late ri*e of leather, and consequently wiM be sold st th*
for*ner price* Among them are Trunk* of r*tra *l«e and qualltv -
All in w*nt will do well to call and rffhmtne for thnnsrlvra. Al*«», a
large and handsome assortment of Trunk* at all price*.
nkl Mix HILL. No. IfT Main sir*t
\TOlin. TO LIMT I TIIIV.-Ihau ju*t .*
a. w received a lot of HentL-tnen'* fine calf sewed Boot*. Iml
In.iIi •t*'gle and double -ole*. which 1 will *»-|l st the h»w f 11
price of live and »i* dollars a pair, and I will warrant 1
them to be the beet B.*ot in the city at the price, and warranted not
to rip MIX HILL,
Manufacturer and Healer In
___ _No UT Ma»n«*reel. Richmond. V*
I Aims AMI <•«■:.> ri.K.Tit:!\ I—I have just |
I A receive! a lot of Over-?h »e* of every description, for ll^
Lsllv,Oentlemn, m «-*' at i B- ja
AN-*, Over •Short, with liwli, suitable for ladle*; ladle.’ he«l
Sli'K* and Gaiters, for sale low t*v Al.EX. If I LI..
tail ___ N*. WT Main street. Richmond. V
1 A amis* «ftOU«M « «ft \>l> III.BK M* ^
A*lam« A C«» '• Express. I am In treript of the above splehtlid Root*
t'uul*. in the late«: style, which are worthy of the attention ofthr l. »
•lies N..e, l.a>l « *. you can go it' Hoot* that arc Hoots, and .it
low price, l«y calling at once No SIA llroil street, Shock* e II I!,
next door l»el**w the dry goods store of Breeden A KuX
Ladle*' Boot and Shoe uianufa •Hirer,
r. >: \ d le«;• • n B it gi I Shoes
g 1 »; > r i i mi >'> Kin i oM.iti as
^ U GAITER?.—The subscriber has just received •» *Ap
ply of Gentl«-tu.-n'» K»d Congress Gaiters, a very »*»n and pleasant
?h**e, to which he w.*ul I call tin* attenti *u of all In want of some
thing very nice In the way of a Shoe
s < i \ IIIM N 17 M
M \1 YOUK I II I l>M X \ M i: MMII'IW.
VT a meeting of the Local Board of Directors, at Richmond, for
the N, w York Life Insurance Company, on >|on.lay, Feb. 4th.
1£W», the follow in# resolution was unanimously s*l* pted
The undrr«<gned, President and Directors of the Company, l.av*
examined the report and exhibits of iIm* New York Life Insurance
Company for the last year, embracing a full statement **f its at! »n*.
asrsrte, Ac., to the !«t January K’A a»d being satisfied w.U* th*
l>ei fret sound condition of the company, cordudlj recommend it to
Gie encouragement and •opp -rt «»f the wholecotiiiuunliy.
It commenced its nprrat! m If yewrt Ago, with .* guaranteed
cm pit itl **f ffat.iaai, whi* h has accumulated t*. ♦ijM.ts*'* €6. all In
vested in ?tste stock* and in bond* and mortgage* believed to le
undoubtedly good.
We know «>f no mode of Investing money nmrr pr. litaldy Tl.*
profit* are mutual for the Insured, and have arerag«d not I* «• than
thirty percent, annually on the premium* paid
t.KOKGK \A Ml NKORD. Prca't
Rev Cm **. II. Kb it*, r
Wm. G. Psvxr, j
Kev. J«w»> It Tvyiaia, i
(In*. W. Ci t trsa,
T»h P Arurm, r
Amount of **«et* January 1. 1HM, TO
Atnouuf of receipts for premiums. Interest, Ac , t«» Jan.
1, ISftd. |*T9,1M 1«
Disat RsRxixrs.
Paid lo«srs by death, interest on dividends
and all *>tlier expense*, til .840 19
Accumulated Pond. Jan’y 1, 1HM. R.iW.md ON
For further Information and explanatory honk* apply at No ¥trt
Main street, square above Virginia Ranks. to
Pi;i:i.N LONDON LRKIIN 4.1 >4.1.11 WOK.
JfanHfactnrttf from FrtiU'h Gr>tj*tm. Grttn Jnmtiira Gimtfor,
S+rUU f/oisyr, ( Y/VM, ih' , Thrtt }’r<##« 014.
A REMARKABLY pleasant, warm carminative and stomachic
stitnul* nt highly beneficial In checking that disordered state of
the stomach and bowel* so prevalent in warm weather, and which
frequently, when negl.- ted, produces- Dyscnlary. Cholera, Ac. li l*
%l*o a valuable remedy f*»r Flatulency, Dyspepsia and Genetal De
bility. Persons living In districts where Agur prevails And It a great
preventive. Price f?» cents |rr bottle. V* l*er do>rn.
I'fT Whol* s Ue and Retail Agents, Messrs BENNETT A IlKER?,
Wo Main street and H Pearl street. Richmond. -• tf
o WILL l*e tinppy l«» receive caili from thu*e In want **f arti
APU . I. « .!. hi* III He lias a Urge and complete a-sortroent of
TW CIGAR? DR1 NO! kRTlOLO, aod vtft aril a*
4A Low A* AXT Hot -** I* RlCHMoSp
nr Maui «:reel, l»etweeii 9th an ! l"t’
|M»> > % > A 4 4 )•«
CdONHHlNMKNTH of Tobgcco, Wheat, Corn and oilier produce
J respectfully solicited.
JW Office on Virginia street, next to Fry*# corner.
Rklit 1. Mai • mbit !r
KKCEIVK consignment* of Tobacco, Flour, Corn, Wheal, Ac ,
' and give their personal attention to sales of the same; and
I keep constantly on hand a large assortment of Groceries, ?r« d*. IV
I ruvlan Guano. Ac.
I OHmALge aCoavnaa, a. w m'omuou
H. M’l.lfl Bi ll's Htns,
X rtrrxiurrn ■*T*rrT, mtmu«<xn vs.,
K*.licit conslgmmtiU of CORN. WHEAT. FLOUR, TOBACCO. Ac.
March 18,1AM
JOHN % . It O II I N NO N ,
ODftgRM CART ARP VIROlgl* HTRV.rT*, RK'gM«*Wt». »!.,
Will, give hi* personal alU nllon tothe tale of WHEAT. CORN.
TOBACCO, and all other country produce consigned to hi*
tare ap16
iMM.t.i r r a %Nm:itNON.
i'omer of ip*rernnr <int/ Frani tin *fr*efa,
cari Pap*-r Hanging*; Satin I *1 ne# and Dam**fc, for Win
d<*w Curtain*, (limp*. Cord* and Tas#rl« Cornice*. Band* and Coop*;
Lace and Mu*I1ii Curtain* ; Floor and Table Oil Cloth*; Hair Cloth
and Pln«h, for Ho'ar, Curled llalr. Sofa Spring*; Twin*; Tack*; Mat
tings; Window gbad<-*: »*••! Curled llalr and Shuck Maltreaara;
Feather Bed#; Lnii-ge-, Sofa lied* . with many nth* r article* In nor
line of burin.•**, all of which will l*e aold on the tno«t reasonable
term#; and Paper Hanging and Upbolatcrlng punctually attend. .1 to
In town or country ,M *
fVrnrr of Front *tre*t, N*w Yorr.
iuatim mj or
HI A gl per ct , Alcohol and N F. Rutn
Alao, Manufa. turer* and Healer* in the following arthl**# of the bed
quality, ang olfrrrd at the low eat m irket pi I • •
Burning Fold, y^rlclta Turpentine, Tag, Pitch, Borin, Soft and Hard
Tarpentluv, Bright Varniah, Coal Tar, and Naval S *rrr n every
description, S JENNKV. Jm .
, ,f. .. I I! . I'M /'
BflFNItf !N€4’» IV% I IM i >1 % Ml* f on riMI %NP
III it f. i \ it PMIHM Mil n.
i FWNHE great Interest manifested by the public to pr»»cure more
| preN** t aerwriiy from Ft re for valuable piper*, 9*<h aa It • »..!«,
II Mortgage*, Herd#. Notes, and H«*or« of Account, lhan the ordinary
SAFES her. U-fore Iti u«- had aff r.l.d, in-luredtheSnbarrlher* to de
a large tmrfl.ro of tim- and altentln . during tl»r pi*t f>n>it*n
|ft*$r* in m ilinyjmprorfnftitn, onJ ///worer/es f>»r tht» o'derf,
, | and they now beg leave to assure their tiunief.-u* f*b ml*, and the
, 1 public generally, that their efforts l.avr l»een crowned with complete
*m N *. and ro.w offer the • IMP IOVF.0 IIFRHIMCS PATt NT
l | C* I f A M PI ON safe of TIIF WORLD.
p It % V 1*0 RtR* AWARPVP V*U«P< AT R««tH TMR
i World'* Fair, London. 1861, A in .Yew York, I86!l,
I A* tuperlorto all other* It I* now, undoubtedly, entitled to that
- * appellation, and areured with IIAl l/H PATENT POWDER PK«m»F
ISK’KS twhich alao waa awarded Mrpaia aa above,) forma tin mo*l
perfect Fire and Burglar Proof Safe* ever before offered •#» the
, Pub fie
1 Tli*- Sul**cr1ber* alao manufacture all klnda of Holler aod Chilled
Iron Bank Cb-*t* and Vault*, Vault Door*, and money Box*-* or
Cheat*, for Broker*. Jew. Ilera. and Private FauifllM, for Plate D*a
tn-.nda, and other Valuable* And ar* alto Patentee#, thy pur. haat)
and Manufactorervof _ . _
SILAS C VtRRRINfl k CO Patenter*,
flr**n Blr*ck, Mo* I SB, 1*7 A IS** Water *tewgt.
VET tgcr.t In Richmond, KNOWLES h WALF#»HI» f*F «m
811.1 Rl( MBDU. FOR 1866.
ra,nr i(ir Ur .!*"’— *»r»n#-r- Tl-litnf ih- Hty,
* tit r«ll ,1 iht nM Vo lilt* 'f n^r
itf Moiii nr,.| (I ttr nt.r uni. •k-i.it Ih.mwlr*. «i> milfli for
llw , M,er ,• *h* • ,1.. rll.-r ho- <n hnn.1 • I-ff »*'<* -l»M"* »*•■>'<•
n,*ni ..» n..,flown'* Wo.rln, Aftpir-I, no. fn I- «nr|.«..*.1 I., an,
house In Hie e|ty.
' A* an ev'd -nee of the ailptlhtrlty of bl* Clothing, he Wa* awarded
the hlfhe** premium (a Sliver Medil) h? Ibe M* hanhV Inatitute for
I NY..
II- veep* ronatai.tly .*» hand the bed of Cloth I ...l„,rrr* Veaf.
** ||,g«. £. , with # • 'ore «.f superior Worktueg. ||** tie* m* It am-erea*
•ary, after a trial of |A yr .ca the public h«. had of In* m*4». t.. *ay
im.ee- 10 their c..ff« nen latlop ill- warrant* all t'Mhlng he #Fll#,)
and reaped fully sollr.t* a call from hi* *»M friend* and lh** PuMie
g-r> rally Bll- ilf on Hie on- price •y*ter». F B SPENCE,
«te* 1 No I9fl eorney of Main and Ooveetmf at*.
rillkl lit noil tOIIMIlTlB. In order that the
W* put. 11 map not b- mMed by the varfoti* ml*repre*mtefkwia
that are dally le-lr.g made by the eimm-e* of «>ur famllv die Smith*),
| deem It mt <lo*y. t* one of It* prominent representative*, to •late,
that 1* I# n t tf»e that I hay- given my valuable aerv'ce* t*. the
* v ffl**wa plebtan purwil**. a* rejected .and more parti, nlarlv «« a
man of p-a- *. do I deny having take . -barge of that vi|lan**U« V Hi*
,f fe.W.fvr, h-H I wld. tl.y.ri to r*-m# nb r tn*i I am the pr..prl**.»c of
that - leganf H..t» I, the Kur -|»ran plan, k*i >tn a the Mall .rd'«
Hotel. In I he new hqB-tlrig .-|»|»-»ait» the Eaeh-.*tig*- Hotel, Rl hm -n-l.
I Va . ami -n future that thev may UfClltgutah inf from the M r*-af of
mankind " 1 hope they will adJr*** me aa
v Ai.r > n.x» « wn.
mhl7 No. 99 Bro»<l street, Valentine Square.
mBTE arc now t>r« pared to manufacture and repair evtry da
yy acrtptlon of Agricultural Implement# tow used. Wchave
gone to tio • ui ill rxpenae In putili.g up tl.r different machinery re
qulr- d In carrying on our hu«l"e«*. We arc pr. pared to repair In
aupertor atyle the various llrijara now u».«l One very Important
feature In our hu*lncx* 1a, that we aril no Implement* hut cur own
'• manufacture." and they •• warranted." We call the attention of
the Farmers *'• our " hr at Thresher. Cleaner a r I II- rn Power, w Met
• • in every re*p- «*t equal. If not su|>er|or. to any • liter now used \ t
a (.roof of what the? have done, we annex the certificates of a ■» w
gentlemen who Lave given mir machine a fair trial W-aU-iici
the l-herty of rrfrrr ng toother grntleiuen who have uaed the m«
chine :
We |wjrchaaed of Alessr* Nrbaojt A Mtrrr, Inwt season, one »
their 90 In. hruui Mtraw Car. ler and 4 llorae Power, and in our hum
hlr judgment, we con aider their Ms- bine a pert* i t <»ur We U-K#v»
that the machine used hr u« w.ll thresh faster, cleaner, and break
|esa grain of whe*t, than aov other that wr hate earr teen or nerd
1C * * NT II. STVLL.
Ilenrlco. 14th Nov . MM JOB J PLEASANT!!
Messrs Nat*a»x A M"ir
(#• ntlemm Y -nr* I* tr.r.g fait Mepternhei 4<dh if to haoJ. and i
hasten to reply
I h i vr used your Me- hine h r two sra*ofis, and most cheerfully re
mmmend It a* the b»-*t I have ever uw-l—the draft ra*y, and lh«
motion given t - th drum •»»- ». as t-- get all t»..- wheat ftom the aWitw
Regretfully, your otal't servant, KlCIlAUIt Al-LlN.
larmvktte, pt if, IW»
Hr* xtxoiitu Co.. Oct. 4th, isfift.
Mesara N«t»*a A M<»tt .
tie Ilrtneti Votir favor of ?nth September. I-Oft, was reCfived r
few dav* ago. fob-g to the wrong »• • at ■ fli My poet i-ffh e is Nr«
Htore. Iln- kioghsm cmintv, and I d*» wltt- plea ure tend yi*u the ao
neted certificate fUltra, very reaper tftillf,
Oto. W KTtr.
I hereby rrrtlfv that I have need one nf Mrs*r* Net*’* A Mott*
Wheat Threat,mg M %ch\n* s the |.r* sent year, snd have he* tailor
tn saying that It came up to my expectation, and Is the beat f eve
worked. Given under my hand this 4<h G. tot^r. 1*<A.
I pitrrhasrd one of the above M r- hlnr* of M«*TT, l.awrs I W'rUJkrw
arid having ihre*hed three rr. pe with It, making the amount thrrahes
I f.,taa* * Ms , I do without hesitation pronounce It one of the led ma
. hires | have ever uaed. believing that It will ihre*h cleaner. tester
and break Ices grain of wheal than any I have ever used
llenrtco, Nov 14th. HNt HPNRY fOX
CmnavrilR, Sept !at, Sflfi.
Gentlemen |* Is wllh pleasure that we record ottf evldenr In fa
vnr »l your Threshing Machine It r*quires less pow.r for Ih work
II d -e* than any w« have ev^r seen. and is remarkable for itwlmpli
city and durability W> regard It cmphallcally the •'farm*'* Ma
chine," and moaf c4rer/Yr//y rr. i-mm- nd It to the farming Mi mu
Mr T If Adam* and Tap! It !>*via, who are nice obeerw*. and
-*! • •*• wheat our Machine tliraahe.1 this year, are v.ry mu- B'cased
with Ita performance Very respectfully.
J. V. CRT*
RFEKRENC’EH -f»e« Ifoltyhecker, Amelia. W.n AprV Coefc,
Cheaterfield. U rn M llsnlo-n, Richmond, W in II riop*nKT»»rlea
City; ¥ H w 4|.person. Chart** City ; J J I vry, Apysivtoy ;
R.-r.j N Robinson. K'ng W illiam, ¥.% President John TyfeOharle*
Cl»v G Austin, North Carolina and rrlberx
n.MT Ml Main Greet, Rtrfond.
To Ihf IVoplf of t irKinla »ik1 Vo.IIi (arnlin
>AVE removed fltelr WM.Irwale and Retail ¥ -r.lt. Ware
Room* t*. *• Corinthian Hall." Main *treel, near eth.‘hrvu.tMl,
Va .(nett dr*».r above Hooker, itshorn A Co's Carriage Wkh. ase.y
wlrere they offer for sale the larg*at and a,sl varied artrro-nf of
i . .tiage Chamber Turn Hum” ever before seen in thiwirket —
Also, a •pb n b-1 assortment of every style c*f furniture, «H great
•y reduced price* fbtr old rtlMotneea, and ill others want! good* In
\omr line, are invited la call, examine our *t»^k, and aiaMwtr pur.
hssw •
CunnHH »vi»Vwiw rii^niA rr*.
j -We have lust recelv-wf. ..f our oWn Imnortathta lot of
Oa abrto and Jw.*# Embr.,i.»eied Collars, do iVnhnuel Sw«sy
' OnHwrs and Slstvea, In set la
•bit 0. NAKTW! 14 CO.
THAT ronmitinUy irruml .11(1 t-wuUwlly l— .i^ bw.M
ikrN I i umrr uf .ml Mlh .u , JM
4l«*..l.»llT .-WO.I1. Ik. CHJI Cuurtliuiur, »,.U In TWW i.f Ih. f«|.llul
r..i |*.uf*-..luii.l ....11 II r-onihm*. ...» t conT.ul.ui..
1.1a. hw.l.ar .1 ,!o. tn Ik. -OTlntmlldlti*. Ih. |„t, ,iur „| »(.„ h |.»i mo
J.»i. .'u«iUu- ll..i.. w.lh it. i-«rl..r«, hau.ia~.ii.' uuUr uiai.tl.|>, .»•,
Ac l*»aar«»i..., uf the tw.» d.larkr.1 i-wu !.*,»,., al one.
Ih. rutlr. |W.U.1~ T hy Ih. Ml, day of th-,-...,!..,, winch Urn. .1..
|M.~ni l.-nu •-11 ■ * i *"•, lh..u*h . ..llTfuct.try •> r a,.*. niei.t uih
W.U.I. I.. (Irr |N,«u«....n at an <-a»ll.t of lal.rUai. •• I am Inf.-ru, -J
hy llw |T..nl .u-. ... Mi Mm Bi.ul, ,of u«- n.n, uf , A
HI.I.I.) wl.o will uac Iiluoaui. lu al.uwlu* U.. lawuun lout jua
AaalruHa wf Tlawlni lh*»n
ApHr lu wither uf Urn Niawi TABS. Kl. lm.on l
Or lu I* M. TABB, Ji . TiutI.. of William Nmuanl.
lf IUwihIiu.. HmiiIcu county, fa
It A: S Til. .cly .l. alial.lr ilw.lllli* u»» Ml.
■ -licet helm.Til Urwee and Trankll,,, a.ljolnli.y Lctui.
I.-.UI of l nil..I Pi. -hy Irilal. ft.ui.-li, ..* held, .om B-'3
fcilahl. rvoaul with AII.-Ih-i, allachnl. an.l a la.*, liald.u, au.1 «.~l
well uf water
The hollar ha* hreli thoroughly repaired.
h>«araluii given 1st, March, Apply to
_ _____ _ No f*9 Cary •tree*.
■ .lirlt II •:> ■‘. — The Htoreon INili street lately merit- *
Ur p.cdbvu. 7
WOMBLK A CLAlim* NR, 1 ~!i
_Nw, II Pg h
LIOM HL> T. -Thr newly erected Hrb k T n.mthi i-n 44
r «»»h ktieet. IwtWreu Oaf and l-elgh. at pres* lit np|,,| JM ■
by the subscriber It Fa- gas and wattr In the chamber*-hr 1, k
k'tchen with four room*, green-house, ami other out bt use*
A1 Ho- T*<r WtHMlen Tenement neatly opfNMdtr, In width the \|',%*.«
Lamlw-rt reside. !*«»■*aaloti given Hlh April nral
For further Information, enquire of
... J M BTROBI A, on the premises;
mhlf—dtf_Or D^Uiwnaar. at Edmond. Don port k Co.
LMIII HAl.t <••€ III > a. A desirable hrlrk dwellh r
M on ¥<l street, between klsin anti Franklin, containingelel.i Bi
rooma, with kitchen and other out houaea In.medial* pot**sX?i
given Apply to
flllll! Ml list'll I |||;i< Intending to discontinue p^mw
■ hla prearnt business, offer* hi* entire st,M k t.f good*
at .rreatly retlured prices A>c rtraA ,J,,
The assortment Is large and complete and will la Bold
without reserve. Country merchant* will And a saving of It» or lft
P*r ct . he calling and making pnr< lta»c« of him
lie Will take off a discount .if \'i\ per ct.. from the regular wl ole
-Bale pneea. Buch good* as remake unsold will he put up at auction
N«»tua —All brr*«»na Having accounts again*! 1dm and wh‘.*h
FiM\e Hot he\ n rendered this first of January, will please bring them
in promptly and those woo are Indebted to him will In- kind enough
to settle forthwith. frg
IIIT< IM <I< K A OMiniO.
No. ill Ma n Street, Richmond. Va.,
»AVK III St«.rv a large assort Hi etit of floe fash- m s^, *s
n.nab|eC«ik('III.H,CAKUlA«.M. Ill titm>. rCM
>1 I KV\H and IIAKNK.HS. (suitable lor country an.I
» lty use, made of the Iw-t mat* rials, and pul tu
gether with much care. whkl. wr will rrcotutti. ikI to our frl. nd. and
thv- public, and n il on such terms as will *r. IIn. tl.* Mll„Ulll „it.ie*l
of all who favor u* with their patronage.
From long experience lu our hiiBlnes*. and by prompt personal at
teotlon, we hope to merit a continuance of past favor*. Outer*
promptly filled and •h’pp'd to any part of tl* l ulled State*
«H ItOSlIMt, PrcctssHi or Jamm Itf-ura yj
• lla* on hand, a large assortment of Carrla- fEy'
k*e« and bar tie** Aroor<g w hl< h may t«e fmmd some
One Coaches with nut*i.dr He*:*, I and •• s* it It, . k Mfc v -
..ways, Mllde Heat Buggies, and Ib.ggirs with and without top*, to
wh‘ch be particularly invites the attention of ihnac In want of *jty
article In the Carriage line, as they will b,- despoted nf . n ae. ,.m
iiKMlatlng terms by application at hi* manufactory, S . r’4 C. met
of \|aln and 9th streets Jal4—ly.
If It l< UOI Ik TlAKt.s
HINFORD k PORTER have »n *tnre at thl#
time, the laige*t «U- k of Kh hnmud made BBS]
FI KMTL KK to b. f.Hjnd In the - itv Tld. furm- CQpSmSHT
• ure I* «U|»eili. hulit by the |>est w ork i.-rn III the J 1 1 ‘ *|JP
<•otititfy.ai.il under the immediate sup* t vision of the proprten rs,
who are tfior.iugf.lv arqualnt.sl w tfi tbe busiu«-w« Hplend <1 W «rd
i..»rtiali*. Itedsteail*. X . Ac , • qu <1 to any mule in Na-w Y- *k oi
■ U wlirre, iiiai le had of them. Their determination is ui mill!*
rf.elr Stock tiy sile* at very small nr, fit*. Lrt the nmole route, si.d
my on a l,"KUI'. for tl. best arl.de gf Furniture in
HUhtuoiid at tlir moil reasonable rate*. j*‘iC
N I \% 1*1.«»W .
WMLT' E have been engaged for ••'me time past y-e
▼ V In getting up tl.e patterns for a »■-«*- -y
it«.w. .specially designed f. r turn* g under tin ^
tits', .tst gr.atli tit segrtsMe u.ilni. .u..I a flADCsBKbsASsj-F'A
have How tl*e pleasure oi Informing our trlrtii*. tl.at wr Uur.k we
bavr fully UccoInpllsiKd that end.
We wnui.l < all tin- attention of the Farmers to this Flow, as *i II
a« t.» our Mife «t..tk of IM •«■* of ev-iy . Cult; v a»or*. (l \\ ,, ,|.
er*. New (Hound J ui'.piuf Coaltt i s, l.arg l|..r-r «ulli\at.r s. f.r
putting in wheat, Harrow-. A. . A All . t which «r« cade In our
wn shops, by good work then, and wan lit* d t. gi\» satisfaction
OEO WATT A CO . Franklin street,
*e-‘J Square belt a tin Ft. liHiige. K.ftmu nd. A a
Tin HUAI III II llll I AMI \ I I II \t • l \ t
%l IMS |!( II, HI!Ill begs to assure her old cast.,
a. ▼ ■ mer* and tf.e put.lle that -he has just returned from aKA^J
visit to the North, where she ha*, in person, laid in toe 1»t g; *!
and most iM autiful supply of Fku AIiiuasms she ha* *•» * i fm t..died
them. Her e\|»rncu« e i* such that »lie will not all w tier self sur
passed or equalled ill the ««lection of gtaid*
In %it.litlon to the ordinary supply of M.llluvry, she has now for
ssle an abundant supply ot ernhr W</#rp, elegant and l^auliful
Site has in store rho.t r and ( b gaut |tallrrn Hat- and «vn> thing
In her line of tlir latest and choicest styles.
Ladies Who art fitting nut i. r the Fall and Winter w ,11 find
!l to tli* :r advantage t.. .It her Iwfore making th* ir *« 1. diont
or Id
1 %M» ItUH^LS.-fM' head of Mules r-s
W ▼ ■ and Horae* hare ju*t irnvol from Kentucky, a Vt r> O wIV
cln.it« and su|*rrior 1.4 of h.h h 1 have mules wdl suited 1
ft.r Iron Master-. Railroad Contra* tor*. «tr*.-t and Plantation u-e.alt
for sale or -i hange, at fair prices, and ot. a* . otnttidatlng h in.*
At K lilaukenship's .stable*.
N It 1 shall l*e In receipt of fresh -t..cL, direct from K< iitmky,
every month In the year. jyl7 E. W.
fl F AIR HIRM.I I’M, — I have 4.U0M ^ .
if A ""fAf pair Men's II* *w brogue-, u<> . u i
manu a. lure, oil hand ft.r sale, and am making dally large quanti
ties n.rv are as gtosl as anv ever offered In theHtate hv any U«ly.
QC&_FillI.IF K WII1TF, No 7* Mam str.e^
II I I S % Ml € \ l*N. 1*0
a I AM n..w receiving larg. ad«Iiti*.ri« to my thick of
Ha's ai.d Caps, selected i tl i |»cr»<M.) In the N .Tiber l,
» Illci, which makes tuy assortment vny complete, all,
t.r any of which. I am disposed to ****tl on acv'otninndatlng terms, at
wholt sale or retail.
1IAVK now opened tl eir entire stock of Bpring and >umtuer
to which (hey Invite the early attention o' purchasers The.r Hood*
were purchased for ca-h. and early in the »«a»oh, when they had
choice in the selection from th • largest and handsomest Hock* lu
New York
below we enumerate a portion of our purchases, vn ;
Kdlliant*. Chint*. Jacone's. Organdie* and Lawn*
Bareges. Tissues, Challle*. Frr-tal.s ai d Chaii.l»crry
French, Ki.gllsh, Fwiss and American (In ghams
English, Trench and American Prints, all price*
Jaap I Foulard and other summer Bilk*
F • hoff’s extra Mark Bilk* and ftg'd do
Black Alpaca*. Mohair and Canton Cloth
Tamotan Cloth, Patent Argentine and Dt Bege
Cra|*e D'Espngnr and Spring DeLnihe#
Gent's Bimn.n r Cassluirr* s, f>rap d'Etes and Doeskin*
W'eUIngtori Cord. Farmer'sFatin ami Crape Camlets
Fla it and flg'.i Bilk. Marseille* and Linen Vetting*
Ca-hmeretts. M»tim> Cas>tmere«, Ac , f*»r boy*' wear I
Hootch, German at.d French Linens and Drillings
Blea* bed ana brown Dama«k« and Thble Cloths
Linen llurk and Damask Towds and Napkin*
Kcotch and Russia Diap«-r and Itlay. Linen*
Linen Flic tings, Shirting- and Fdlow I.ltn n
III. ach.d and brown flg'd and striped Linen Drills
Brown and bleat bed Fl.irting* ami She* ting*
Cottonades, *Vnim*, Cotton t’uck and Garuhroon*
White Cau.l*rtca, Jarobrts, tape and Fwl** checked Muslin
India Twill*, Dimt'y and L«pprt Fklrimg*
Nainsook Muslin. Bi-hop Lwn and Bird F.ye Duper
Cambric atol Fwi** ItJr.d-. Flouncing* and Trimming*
Finh Mti*lin, Cambric and Eugenie Sleeve* and Collars
Linen. Cambric. Hr* akfast and Mourning Cnltari
II* m'd and eml.'d Cambric and Lawn I Id's f
Gent's hand Wrought and c.dot*d b*.rd« red Csn.brlc Ifdkf*
EnglkslwTtnead Lace and new *t«lr Tissue A ril*
Yalleticiennes and M«lte*e l.aceMlrevr* and Collar*
Bilk Mantillas, Basque* and Spring 81. aw I*
Gent's Muii.n.rr Block*. Tit v Cravats ami Collars
m «*. , •- ind Cl Idn d*« Hothry .r d UIovm "
8dk and Gltigharn I'wihrrllaa and Parasols
Mohair patent and hooped Bklrt- and Grass Cloth
Bonnet, Bash and Cap HiMon*. newest styles
Alexander's Kid Glove*, fresh and all si*e« and color*
Ixtve'* Corsets, Moss Trimming*. rrrj»entloe Itrald. Ac.
Ilaeing made a large purchase of Irish Linens, of Rlrhardson'f
celebrated make, from » house in New York dosing out their stock
of the article*, we w.ll offer e*ery grade of them to those wanting
Linens for Bummer or oilier use at a real inducement.

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