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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, April 09, 1856, Image 1

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Dilly Paper, |H per annum. fit tul Weekly, $T> Weekly, $R. alwayt
In • leaner K* tut (lances may he made ai trie risk of the PuUlshen
In all ca«e« where evidence U taken on the deposit of a letter iu th«
Post Office containing money
One fiqunre, tin lines) or less, one Insert ion . U
Each additional Insertion ... . tf
One month without alteration |C 4T
fkfM do d# 10 '»
Six da do *> «a
Twelve do do 9ft ta
Two .t«|uxrM, Tliree months...16't
fils months .. . .fift »*
Twelve mouths .......... . . . . 60 i*
ir* n„ advertisement to be onsthred hy lie month or year an
le«s specified on the Manuscript, or previously qr*<d upon between
the pmttrs.
An advertisement oot marked on tl*e r«jpy for a specified number
•f insertion* will he continued until ordered out, and piyim nt rxa« t
ed a '• ordluflv ■
;dT“ RMtti (R At*v» sTiseefcar* —To avoid any ralsunderstandin«
on lie part nt the Annual Advertiser*, It l« proper t*> state >H>4in> U y
tha* rhetr privilege* only extends to llietr irnm«dl*te huoiirM. Krai
K<t ite. levil and all other Advertisement* sent hy them to hr an ad
dill mat dure., and no variation
#T RjraJ Estate and General Agents* Advertisements not to lie In
serf** I hy Ote year, hut to he chare*si at the usual rate*, sutgect t«i
•h <H »- ayr. • I u| *.n
* Auctioneer*. Hooksrller* and yearly advertisrr*. inn* rally,
enr rein# one or rnoie «i|u»ns. with Hm- privtLg. **f * hanr**. shall not.
on rlie r yearly iverag**. In inf one seek, Insert more than tls amount
ay. eel upon a« tlie standing rule umler the contract, and all exceed*
!ng »udi i mount to hr chaffed at the usual rates.
Advertisement* Inserted In the fieml-Weekly Whig at Tft cent* per
square of l*t lines or !• ss for tie first Insertion, and far cents per
sq.inrv fee «• irh continuance
_ €* ILEN PA l< » OH is ,*i O.
*xi:am between
omniMftka ^
F.niNHI'KGII. a2.**Hi ton*. • • • Wt tVuuiNO.
NFW YORK. 2ia« *• ... ki«r. Oiua Ti'lrff
ui.tsimv, 1962 ... j.imm Dvocam. NRlISb
The UU«fo* and New York Steamship Company Intend sailing
Khfir m • and powerful Steamer* from New York for Glasgow, a*
MUN HI KoH, Saturday, 17 th May.at 12 o’clock noon
attics or rtattai.
F»r«t Claa*.. |71V.
Third Cl%««, found with cooked profi«lon*
kn eturrlencH Surgeon attached to each Steamer
fitr Xntclit or l*a—age, apply to JOHN McSYMOM,
17 llroadway.
New Tfit*i Oily Hill* or Gold only received for l*a*«agr
del 2—dig_
mill: s ii i i* s rouFKisnB i
1 thl* line are the WASHINGTON. Captain N. 4 A -t Lku
•Cavkmjv; IIKIIM VNN, C«pt Kow*ar> lltouta*
Tliew Wearorr* «mp at Southampum, both goiug
and returning.
From Swith
From Fri.ro ampton for
New York. Bremen. New York.
S-itnntau S-itu'tf.iy.
'Rgautx* .. Jan’y 2o ftfc'Jr W Fet/y 27
WkMttMiMV.* . Feb’t 2S March22 Mar 26
IIkmm i>* .Mar’h 22 April 19 April 28
Wtinwiuk .. .April 19 May 17 May 21
Iftcautxx . . Mav 17 June 14 June 18
Wa*hijiop** . .June 14 July 12 Julv 16
IIkmi*».July 12 Aug’t 9 Aug’t I*
W %-4»n>nr«>*. Aug’t 9 Scpt’r 6 Sept’r in
II taw At* Srpt’r 6 Ort’r 4 Oct’r 8
Wammivoio* .. . .Oct'r 4 Nov’r 1 Nov'r f»
IIbrua** .. .Nov’r 1 Nov’r 29 Dec’r 8
Wa*mi»<ito* Nov'r 29 Dcc'r 27 Dec’r 81
Snipping at Southampton, both going and returning, they offer
p**«engrra. proceeding to l^xidon and Havre, advantage* over any
wither route, for the economy of time and RNHWf.
riMiur r*..u xkw ai<kk to *»rTU*iirTo» a*i» aarure.
J^lrvt Cabin. Main Saloon, ; Ftr»t Cabin, Lower Saloon, f 110;
Hrff* »*d do f 60.
All letter* and newspaper* rou*t pM through the Fo«t Office
No Mile of lading will he nlgned or parcel* received on the day of
fjF ’ An experienced Surgeon l« attached to each *hlp
For freight or pa*»age, apply to C II SAND.
11 South William at , New York,
C. 4 IIKINFKFN A CO , Bremen,
CRUSHFY .% Co , Southampton
Salt—IrfW] u M mi i is Havre
Si it i ijnf ixm in'll i; i ihiimii. n.
Richmond Fire *».. uiioii.H« pioneer amnn*the,.mrrr< In
Ihi. rttate lor thl. It ml nf Inauran. e.lw.th a0,».b Ctpll.1 »M Hurplu,
of arc now prepared U> la.ue pollrlr. .>h Ihr live, ol 8Um.
Brin* .triellv » VIrfJnU ln.ui.nrr Company, II, Hoar,I nf Director.,
(prr«<,i, ally known to the community) holding their mcetlnga In lh!«
cliy, wl.rrr nil lo«eea »rr promptly .ml liberally arcuated, enlill.« It
to * llhrr.tl «h.re of the puldlr patronage 0»re |»t prrarnt) cornet
of Main and 8th atreei.
Moll*- .1 Raaiolnei, Dr. M Burton.
J AMR? C. CRASH, President.
Jon* II. B* Secretory, __Refill
lllliil in 1*1 Ik I' I. It. ", k,.|, ,*t*'ii> -I '"I
kw free!. nround Pla.ier, and our e.re In the .election. from tt«*
brat IVmdaor l.ump Pl.drr rtnMn u. to reroininr-nd II •< the treat
that can hr had. All order, left at .or odea on Cary ,lrret. prompt
ly executed. T ARIA FERRO * DRO
N. B —Farmer, ran be auppllrd In llirtr own h i*', al a re.ln. Hon
In price I. her.I dlacouilla to ro. rcl.aul., for ra.l^ J *-*
,1. H. 11 A R< 1H< >V I '..
(acocmmoa to ar»j pati*,)
a I' c r i « N »: e Ilk , , f
Wall under SI Ch<irU» /Afr/,
Rkhmorp, va.
m’mt'fl.L devote hi* whole attention to Ihc Sale and Hiring of Ne
W'jf grow*. Heal Ketale, Ac., publi. ly and privately.
Sale*-nail'factory or no charge mad*
Thr tuNonkfr respectfully inform* hii friend# that he ha* dlscon
(tinned the au-vjon bu#»nc*#, and basing rented hit oi« r to \|r J H
fSargr-»ve, take- pleasure in rgonniraending hi* farmer customer* U
gis* him a call BKNJ DA VIA.
July -*J
VIMiaNIA v lrN\|ss»| II % I I -
road -~CI«A*Or or lOIIROUIJ On and af fcV.
ter Decern her I. I-to. il>c Pt4#*<tgrr Train will leaf*
Lynchburg at T A M iHwolny, arrive at Lynchburg at r. Id P
If. r II HILL.
nn*n Otnml Aupsrtntcndsnl.
RARTimiiWANi , ( imi ivb hi.amn.
APRIIU, 1864!
ridlli: subscriber dTer# for «ale A very heavy Aftrk of Rnrthm
1 #rice, ihhui timl Ola-t, /.ooAYaff (//«f##s«, (Wi/.iri, /..rm;
an t A'fffcy (fom»f*, of recent Importation, and from Auction Tat*!*
To cash buyer# and prompt #l« month# payer*, inducement* all
be held nut fully equal to any that may be offered North nr sl#e
where WM f Mi ri FK.
Importer of China, Ac . Ik Main atreet
st V| VI I II 111 4*44 lllsli l t .
V.1BOVI hi* Dl*tllleric* In Angola county, the subscriber Will Af
r order*. In any quantltie*, and f«*r any part of the t’nitrd State*,
for thl* celebrated WIIHKKY It wa# awarded a tuq n i*
MPtoai at the Pair of the Me< hantea* Institute, in Richmond, No
vember ISM Thl# UpM * llA |M for firmly and medicinal u*»
and for the beat lfotel« It may be ordered of any agc from tw.< t.
dvr years Orders throufrh the malls promptly attend'd to. Ad
.dress WII.I.IAM KFRR,
ocS dt y AbMmAwn, Va
III Vi’s Fff PlllfYl.il rATLYT MIIF.A I
Ml DRILL. The performance of thl* Drill the la#t *eH«nn wa# en
t:lrel? satisfactory, and It wa* «poken of In term* of high commend a tlot
•F thoar who used It; I thtvcfare M warranted In recommending I
a* IwC-rw.r to
Hon. dors#4r, and tint llaMe to get out of order, and the price of I
le*# than of moat other drills Those wh.« may be in want the com
Inr *ea#on, are reaper dully requeated to forward their order# early tr
avoid disappointment H. BALDWIN,
•at if 14* Main *trcet
■ ft V || I VI IV li I 4 MO. We are now receiving mar Aprlni
I supply of Ouano We were unaNe to buy any In Ar*t hand
delivered in Balt'mnre, and had t hers fere lo take New York (Ioann
without any Inspection or analyst*. Out purid»a*e«, however. Wcr
made dlreet fr-.m the Agent*, Me**r« Barrel * A Niro , and do 4 loam
'delivered to our ve*#e|# on tbetr order# upon warekou#** In Nei
York, In good order. All of It Will be inspected here
We will be plea*ed to have order* at the pr. aent price, or wfh.mak'
engagement* at tlie current market price al the time the (Ioann I
delivered, a* our friend* prefer. CRPffSff AW A CO ,
mht North aide of the Basin, Richmond. Ya.
4 Vf |: H If 4 * Nil • ' % »• s. Tailor* Shear*. Trimmer*. V.a
/H die* Ac1**or«, Ae , of II W-ndf*# cefebrafed make, warranter
In quality. In new and improved pattern*, and the only complete a*
aoriment made, for *ale hy RDW ARD (N)RNfN(l A 1*0 f
HI John street. New York
Agent* for H Wendt. siWi Amo*
I B tsi Pl'.fll t’l % N 4 NO. Bag* be#t Pen.via.
If 'luano. Analv#etVand branded A hr Baltimore Inspector,no#
landing and far ante by WottBLf A CLAlfM’RNK,
mhSC No 11 Peart *t
IrATHLR Rf.LTlRH 4 N It N It lllkl. fill.
A We are now ag nt* f.«r the h* *t patent *fretrhrd leather hell
mg. Lsee feather and Lubricating Machine Oil, which we keep eon
Mantly >n hand and **tt at manufacturer* price#. All order* proper!'
mhft - If Comer Cary and Pearl At*
PI Rll R VP, We e*lt partlc»g-»r *t|rf|t*nn toour Pure Rye
Which We pronoun e unequalled by st»y t*id WM*ky to b
found. l»s superiority la known far and near, and order# aye now be
1ng t'ed by eoasoUmirt far Caltf rota order#, who want tbs he#
rega. die#* af pries For aals only hy l
m».t* »f WV.fPfDN A POM ► B I
PHI tff HI fTKH. —AS tut** (lo-hen, f«.r ##*!•• by
■HW . *o. 11 #mt! Hh*.
S M Pfrmuiu A Op. are ageaU for nvarly all th* Ntvqa|*rn
In tbv t'kM iMilri ami Canada* OEcva, 119 Naaaau *Ueet
New York, and 10 Slate street. Ikatc a.
sum I 8 L A X u.
office. n.. • joiin Mritrrr.
TwniMMiasrai.il HatiRwtf, Nit Yuu.
IHBltlK undersigned. proprietors ul this Ea« •Mlslmieut, hare for
■ a long tl e (the a-Uiur partner of tlie Brat, Nathan Harrell,
for tft years.) been prosecuting tlieir business at St.itm /•l.in-t
They hare spared no efforts ... expense, especially In the last few
years, to excell In all Die brain ».e* of thew art. and hare l.een *u
MM III attaining B high degree of lm|goVeir»eul, as Wrll u, 11..
machinery and apparatus fur dressing different rtf lew ufgnod*. as In
practical artistic skill In dyelug and finishing Ladies Bilks, Batiu
aud Merino Dress*-*, great liuproxeruenta hare been made In *
large proportion of cases, these article* are made, In color and Bn
Ish, very nearly equal iu appearance to oew y .-ls Crape Shawl*,
Cloaks, Mantillas, Velvet Garments. Ac., are also very successfully
treated Faded and Stained gn..d« restored or re dyed
lAie and Miud.n Curtain., Carpets, Rug* and Table Covers Clean
aed A K* finished. Dauia-k aud Mureeu Curtain* Beautifully Dyed
Also, KilM.ii*, lltMiery. Gloves, Ac.
Orders executed with care and despatch.
Goods received and returind by Express.
Good, kept subject to lh« claim of tlie owner, twelve month*
3 John street., 3 doors from Broadway, N. Y.
ja!4 d&u IP] _
M fin 11*1*0 IKON PIPE WOIIRS.
II-’ lenlrv drert. New York,
Manufacturers and dealers in wrought iron
Pipe*, Fitting*, Tool*, and every de*enption of apparatu
connected with Steam, Water or Gas, for heating aud lightuiH
Steamer*, ct.urcl.ef, Hotel*. Private |)w< Illngs, Hospital*. Village
Eart«»rie* an«l llall*
Also—Valves, Cocks, Purups, Guages, Boilers and Boiler Flue
made t«. order.
Our Screw Cutting Machine* are etitirelv new,and our own Patrm
waii iit«-ii is da dowbta tRa ml al im other liivsatlsa
'hder* Sidicitrd from ally**, lions of Die country, and prompt* y wi
i« ii-I* J to. jal l - - ly —4P]
IMIIIIW U A J fill I*.
STtlX k>«*l*«2t asp WiliMA, M*cat •PYX' WALIIXU, fcT\ ,
liiipt.ilpr- tin] Dialrri iu AliiufadurcD1 A r lie less,
N. H Agent-* ho Dm- Dm 'Woodiull aiid Reach Iron Work* ’ Steam
Engine, mi.| Roller*
l*r Exclusive agency in New York for ‘l^.wrll Machine Shop1
Machinist** T*m.|*. ac*9 ly]P ]
JjUMIy IP] JHJ Er.uit street, and 9»i Broadway, N Y.
Fi TELLE \ CO , Wonesiet# )lt • .patented ly Mias llowe, Ji ,
September l*Kli, Is lb Tli.-se Ma< hide- are warranted. (With pmper
*»■*• ,) in»t to gri ..ut of repair 11** > wie liudt In a good, substantial
xml workman lik* manner, and will do Tailor*,' Shoemakers' and
Saddlers’ work. In a mautter warranted to give satisfaction The
stli.-h will ml up any more than common *4.wing done l.y ham!
Call ami *ee them In operation al 14*t CIIKSNL T >t»e. t, Philadelphia,
up *ta»r* W. A DAWSON, Agent.
*•»>"•» dl> [a]__
II. I . \% II I I A »|v
rnomvK commission* mkiu'iiant,
J 4 FINER A L AGENT for Receiving and Forwarding Matmfactured
Y ■ Tobacco. Ii.Is. Ac . 4. . v. SuiH'Kog -*Lir. Hioim-ud, V
»n g* leave to t. tut ti In* sincere thanks to his frlen I* aud the pubhc,
for Die very lileml patronage bestowed ou him during hi* busiues*
connection* with Me*«r* Hooker A Watkm*. of this city, and re
•fiectfblly mlii-.tsx cutalitiuanee to his new b<*u*e In thu* ap|*-tr
u.g on th* theatie of husities* aloue, I do *«i wit!, full confidence m
me bwainrs qualification iRaI tflaterwrt ».f bomIrbabb vfllla
laithlulU rrpre-u-uted.
&r i.ib« ral cash advance* made on consignments of produce in
KukM r-» Messrs |«rwl* Wetib A Son, Wadsworth, Turner A Co.,
and Johns Hooker, Rsq , Rlcf.mond , John M they, Flsq , t'hl«wetl
Dahtirv, Ea«i , \|e**r* Peters, Spence A Co., and Messrs. McCorkle A
Jones, Lynchburg, Va. ^_jaN—tf
f|?HK Ht'RH'KIHEK having fitted up a suit of rooms In elegant
H stvie, at Corinthian Hall, is m.w prepared to wait on the pub
lic and furni«h them with superior picture*, at moderate prices.
The Amhrotype. being hermetically sealed lietwecti two plate* .»f
fine poltahrd gla««, (by a cement which not only secures, but gild*
and t«e.autifie* the Impression.) is proof again*! action of water nr
Acid*. or the varlaUous of cTliuate in lung «ea vuvages, and is the
only kind of picture that will rrtnain unchanged by time. They can
be taken from Dir sixe of full life to the smallest miniature, and in
one quarter the time of the Daguerreotype. They are not reverse*!,
can l*e seen ui any light as an engraving , hence are very suitable
for Pins, bgkrts, and large Frame-, as well a* Case*.
The exit erne potmlarit) of the Amhrotypes, has given rise to mu. h
i...uni« r». u- upon glass, tovi rni with Mark wrmsh,
are often sold for Amhrotypew. None are genuine without the pat
ent stamp The |Hjt»lic a re invited to call and examine specimen- »l
(tie Aups -Ttrs G«LLxav, C<>Riiihioi IIail, Main sireet.betw.■en 9tli
and I Util I- ► GIBBR
Richmond, January it. |<iM. «
S K U \ 0 H K.
ii;,iu sntiM. TRADE* in.’•«.
I J Near Broadway, importer* and Jobbers of
Invite the attention of Merchants visiting New York, to their large
and varied stock of
We huy for Cadi rx< Iutlvrly, and devote our special attention to
the alxire mentioned Good*, ^particularly DRESS TR1 MM I NOS AND
They are tn.ntly selected l«v one of our Arm In Eurnpr, which gHe*
u* superior facilities forohtaluing the iuo«t FASHIONABLE STYLES,
and eiial.|r* u« to oiler them to tin* closest buyers, at price* corn *
ponding with those charged for more staple goods.
j lit -ila ■ »• I _
HAVE In store and are now receiving a beautiful assortment of
the following Ooods, selected In Europe, by one of oar Arm :
English Print*
Manchester and Scotch Ginghams
Printed Lawns, Jacotiets and Challie*
While and Figured Brilllantes
Plain Colored, Black and I'rtuted Mnuselins
do do I*.man* and Challie*
Plain Colored. Black and Ratio Striped Bareges
Colored Craped' Rap*gnes
Jaconet, Barege, ant Ti**ue Rohr*
Black and Colored Silks
Ilia< k Alp n a* and Italian Cloths
White Cambric*. Jaconets, and Swt«* Mutlius
Cloths, Cassimers, and Vesting*
Irl«h Linens, BUy Linen*, II Jlands, Damasks,
Dowlas, Linen Duck*, and Drill*
Glaxed Cambrics. Mark and Colored Cambrics,
Ho«W*ry, Glove*. Gauntlet!*, Milt*. Thread*, A , Ac.
With a great varity of other foreign Goods, rutted to the Virginia
and North Carolina Trad*
We also have and will always keep on hand a full stock of the he*t
Amerl an fabrics, such a* Print*, l.iwiit, Bleached and Brown Shei »•
lug* and Drilling*. Detiito*, Cottoiiade*. Cottnii* Plaids and Stri|>es,
Osnaburg*, Heavy Duck*. Bagging*. Kentucky Jeans. Tweed*. Apron
Check*. FUnoels A.- . Ac
The facility afforded u* hy having a house In New York will rna
ble ii« at all time* to offer imluceim nt* to our customer* and the trade
generally, equal to any bou«e in tht* country.
nl' 111 I' Y A t It., HR'Hwili Dvalvr* exclusively in
BRANDIES. WINKS and CIGARS, would call the particular
attention of the trade to their eery large and superior Block, com
prising, lu part—
Cognac and London Dock Brandies, Dark and Pale
Madeira, Sherry and Port Wineal
Olil Bchrldam linHaud Gin
Old Jamaica and St Croix Ram
H'*ck and Clarrt Wines
Champagne of varlou* brands
Oi l Rye Whiskey and ft. E Ram
Cordial* and Cherry Brandy
London Porter and Scotch Ale
Sparkling Tonic Ale
OTilladeAphla Porter and Ale B
Champagne Cider
Old lYarh ami Apple Brandy
Demijohn* of all «isrs.
Goods warranted pure and genuine.
*. li DI Dl.ri t CO
V1 " II H DN. I % If II. A i .
IIUI.H0O lla Hide*, superior quality, corn fatted
|f*i,imo *• Shoulders, '* •• •• ••
IflO.OOO " llama, •• “ ••
Cst,0>4) M Breast pee.," '* •• ••
Jb»jka» •• Joie*. •• •• M *•
‘jo.«SMI '* Beef Round*. Rrnilinv and Chinttlnv
package* Ur>ft, In bNl , krg* and palls
for sale by f ROMWON A CO ,
jalO-altn JM& Baltimore and 'll Dranmnd streets, Baltimore.
Iiqi <iiiit i' Tdiqi % it• %\h A C# The sulacrlhrr
A ha* now In store
W Cases superior, J O A Co Stick Liquor leg,
II do do DeRixt do do,
10 do do Fshrira del Carmen, Has# Lluunrh e,
H do do K II do do.
lfrai lh« superior Wark Angostura Tonuua Beans,
S»>o do do Paro do do.
Also l'» Caaea OUa Roaes, for aak on accommodating terms by
"this Corner Cary and Va., sts.
CHIIIMI. Ill It If A l im: Mill,** H OI If is an
J 90 «u|»er»or it commands in New York a preference of half a
dollar a barrel Theae l|.ll* arr well adapted for all kinda of grind
lng Between Arty and slaty Premium M»-«lsis base been awarded
tn the Hills and the flour, and almost a volume of testimonial# -
Warehou-e for flour, and Hills, 191 lluana street, New York
J a 1 •» I tin
fflfl (OMTRI Ml ill ll IN IS.
■ respectfully called to the splendid aad entire new stock of
IUTN. ©APR A NO NTH AW tint lit*,
comprising eyrry style and variety manufactured for the aeason,
which will be *<>hl at wholesale an-l retail »»n tNe most farnrabb
terms. To r<»»l m Hooter# a very liberal diseount will be made
Oau. W In ksavaav, so long known to the trade. Is now engage,!
with its, and will he pleased to see hit old e«sf#«ert at anv time
aMfl No. 7A Main street.
C1 % N III I N. 7b hose# and half botes Mperm, Adamantine
J and Tallow Candles, for sale by
HI7FR A PH AI P. 94 Ha n st
01.11 M\f WIIIAKY. hi I4.lt Bet<.re brand ; 9§ bb»*
Hen brand for sale by
fllAHI.rrok roi.l. %•«*. stamped Tar let on Collars
| at tit and a quarter enls, for salt at the rash store of
( nonsnci i * oo
1.11 MX in III; ritlXTN. yrHI, iMrimnl «l
’ Pnrntlnra Print, fit. Mir ,1 (ha ra*b "turf of
■pi 0 HARTWPM. » OO
Ik 1 I in 1 X •• Mil I -nit. offt.rT IrvrMItn uni
q ••Illy, for Ml- by MM t* (HI » H M“ Main .1
%I.I’AI<4X till Itimil l/.IXIX. * Uryy aiol
»i~«l a«M*rtMwqi( Al|>a* <’a*. It.rnibaalita■, (111 MouMatn". Can
Ion rtn'M, |r . for nb by
mh-n r HIRTWRI.I. « 111
fill XO'I III all II. - ilia rr« rlrol an*, tor x|r tq
I «**7 « M PlI.MRk.
I It *»«# PI PPI N, far .ala by
■ X W mbit JOHN X OORfHtX
III I: SI I Tx. a I are bt Marl I an- Mt,,,. for „1r by
4 a>MI o. NAIflOl I. A IX»
< |.1 M K N H r«t| IH|> ila. aoo,bar .11,.ply of fra-f
■ Tamartoja, rrrlrr.l an.I for aat* by
I.IIDI.RT » Ritmxaox,
I apT Cbrmta,*. Ir„ ,,h ami Pranllin «,a
VI « VOMK IIOIII XI UAH. lamtlfu, ami fa,
ix Mb- b> iMTRxmRT. u.i.px » r<>
C1 4 1.1 IN •: M PI. AMT I. M. mo bbla fro tala by
/ mbM B*TJ[RP0RT ALUM A 00.
F»im XKILLIN, V IrKH'tlEK. OWEN A St'HEIX. Gasan*L N«w7
r»r*« Anturuaia ll»ta, No 444 Baobsiv, N«v Yuti.
n t: w
*i:%% m yiihi.i 111 iionos,
opposite iiil nr. Nicholas hotel
Wn. a moms is, importers and deal
ers in
Be* must reaper I fully U> inl»nti their friend# ami etHMMn, that
they have removed fmw P» arI Street, lu lh«lr New and Hpaetou*
Store il HlfUMlt AY, where they will to- pi* a«ed lu exhibit to
them Iherr recent Immense purchor*. of all that i* new iu Dealgii,
Fabric* and Style, ami which have been selected, bi.th hum the Fo
reign ami lluwie Market*, on term* the most advantageous that Cash
r«*uld * uuiiuand. and winch tin y are deiertuined lu aril at prices that
Will defy coiD|»«titlon Comprising a
Of Eoretfu and Domestic Carpeting. 04 (Toths, Rugs, Drugget.. Ta
Me and Plano Coven, Coir Matting and Mats. Adelaide ami Sheep
Skin, Plain and Kan. « Angora Goat Skins, togrtiter with every Art!
Cl* connected with their business, whkh they have determined »u
nil at
They have set aside a dl*Um t depar tntent foe
In which their celebrity is well eat «M I shed Their present Stock I tw
in* Urge. Weil assorted, and import, d direct, they are enabled to of
fer, on the must favorable terms, lu Cilf or Country Buyrrs. at Wh«4r
sale or R. tsd -in u,t .« s-,
It II (mi it I.VNt II Y
I). I* ill KlMl.N ft ro.
Water S’reet. H-ooklyn. New Y»»rk,
PATENT I t r Oir A\|i ItOlLkKS
The subsrrdters not otily a«»ert the su|ieriurity of Ute rnnvtrocUon
Of their lUaikl t. hot Will guai sutee l«r tr aitsmtl oli» Uord more poW
«r with the saiu. surface of holler, and hr p. r cent less pressure of
•team, than any other engine manufacture d in Ure ITnitrd States,
maintaining an eijual speed, wlUiout regard to amount of power ap
plied to engine
Also, from their long eiprrieoce and immense facilities they ac
knowledge no , ou>|tetitor« in the luanufarttfr* of
Si oak Mux*. Haw AVoGfefirr MitXk.Srs »a Pt wrs,
Mixian Pr tr*. ash Gkakixu rui Mia*.*, ■■'h a mao
aik PtitiM. Ilaaxv on Liusr • autixu.-. *at»
Mu i. M Ai'Mixknv ot Kvgav UKtcupmv.
Southern Planter.' attention la part., ularly directed to our r.ew and
tmpruVed sugar miU The simplicity of const#ocImmi, ritiaofdmaiy
power and great ilurabil.ty, rcnders.l decidedly ««i|teriur to arty uow
in use.
Order* by mail or otherwise attend. >1 tu with promptness ami
n r ai anox. i D. I*. Ill IIDOT A C'O.
H. a.CUMLU, v
« a. cuxgux S 44 tm. [r a. * J
s Evr\oKkiri LuXtuf;
Mr* s is Dow In Europe, forth*- ea press |Mirpo*« of sHeeting It*.
Veitirs for the Spring Trade, which wilt an.tr ami tte ready for In
spection on or about tire b>»tuf Mar.lt. Southern and Wt-s.rn.
Merchants ami Milliners are re*pr« tfully inviud to call aud examine
llie same before purchasing elsewhere Pattern Bonnets always on
band, and seut by express to any address. fe4 - 4m[v t.i>.]
l.V>R Mining Purpose*. ami for Igniting Charges, both in wet
r and dry Moling, of four different kind. Tie* r ollon aud heutp
Fu*«. also, the single ami double Tapi* Water Fuse.
Manufactured and «old by GLENN PI TMAN,
Si Liberty at . New York.
i^r Orders promptly tilled for all kinds of Gun Powder, of the
"lost approved brands. E.lg*-’s Eahihitional Fire W ..rk», Ship Hig
i v . a. _null
FOB TUB I *000,000s
■ III: I . S. PATENT VI Illlil.i: COMPANY.
(CAPITAL Sit;.1,000.1
•Via 4V" H> i«o/#r.r v. iwr. Wutkrr \trtet, AW York,
tHE prrpare.1 to eXe* ute all orders for M ANTLRN, TABLE TOPS,
tion of Hi tax a, Bko atki , |'» nasii . Nk trout**, and all fancy Mar
ble*. . <jual in strength, b. auty and durability to real marble, ami in
eitur mtprct* su|*erk»r lla reto. and at le«* than half tl*e L’nlikt
a.arbleiied iron, wood, or slate, it is wholly free from all vign lion#
which are urged against mere surface work, where paint, copal var
nish, Ac., form the (rm|M>rary polish and beauty of tin*article. Man
tle* fruiii f' to |pi Orders from Builders, Cahi(M*t Makers and oth
er* solicited, and sat is far-1 ion guaranteed. Agents tor iIm- principal
rlth* treated with. PETER RENNIE, Prr».
J.wxkh I.AMa. Her. LOVKL G MICKLES, V. Pres.
• octft—ly—tsvrae]
MltirtmiUt, SI AMI SS Walker Sln-H,
KEHPECTEt’LLY call the attention of titr imlilir ^ard 7 S i n
» to their spleinli.l aaMirtiuent of srtul-grand :»i yl'a5>v}|
•quare Piaim», which, for volume of tone, elasticity »4|J 0 J f I
touch, beauty of Qiiivh, aud every thing itiat renders a I'tauo |»erf« cl,
are unsurpassed They Were awarded the First Premium tor boil,
kinds, in competition with the most dl*tiii|rul»hed makers from Bos
ton. Philadelphia. New York and Baltimore.
\KW TKIl Mi'll.—Snisa n A N*s».* have ju»t been awarded the
Pir-i Premium thm. Mm>sl (over all competitors) at the late Fair of
the American Institute, tVystal Palace, tor th- Plano-Fortes.
...Is ,, J..1S-]
33 .Ylaitiru Lane, Nrw York,
%| >>i • u n ici.ns oi ■ in. vwiiii D-id:
Ballltuore Depot, i 4f* Pratt dtfeet.
•*6-ly HoUmi Ik^wI, 14 Howard Jhvaei. (v.4.)
iUHir.rm.iN, shothbri a ««».
Drug*, I’alnl*. Oil*. Dye*! Perfumery. Sc.,
170 WIT.I.AM STKKT, Srtc York
INVITE the attention of the trade n, their large and varied stock
of Drugs, Paints, Oils, Perfumery. Ac., Ac.
lu addition to their regular importation of Htaplc Drug*, they are
also receiving, direct from flic sources of production and manufac
ture, 'Upplic- Of Tooth, llstr and Nall Brushes, Brontes, Corks, Mor
tars, sponges, French and Engti-h Perfumery. I.ubtn'» Kvtrarts, and
many other articles u«ually rmbraced in Drugguu' stocks, which
they arc si... enabled to ofrr on (lie most advantageous terms
Orders, eKhrr In |>eraAin or by tuaU, will receive prompt alU-niloii
II H.s % M> H K.f.lMi.
Unce conutnntly on /inml, <iml imintijnrlure to order,
for «tll uses, and of every desirable style and quality.
They would especially rail attentioo to their unrqualkd facilities
SPUES. Ju\, Ac.,
all of which they furnish to order. In the mod approved style de
sign and printing, and with quick dispatch.
Also Importers and Dealers lu
and various kinds of Thread and Twine, both Linen and Colton, of
Which we are receiving continual suppilc* _ jrJ** -ly
•aoiM:Ki.i.p»:iis \m» hi %i i ns!
71 Fulton Street, and 71 Beckman Street, 51 EH' YORK,
PKIM( IPAI OfBcc, 168 Prom Street,Niw Tau, i.
M6,M7, arnL'CM Hudson Street, Jrrw; City. The Proprietors of
lids long and w«ll known •
Continue loprenarc the b***t Phitrmnrtuiicut /V*ir«fer# In use, fur
raising Bread. Biscuit, Tra and other Cake*, A. Tiny also prepare
Mustard, Cocoa, and many other articles of dady use in every fami
ly, which they oRc r upon the most reasonable term*. Catalogues
Sent to dealer# who request them
jy*0-lylv**] R II A J O L*IIAM.
N B Consumers advised to Inquire for llors MiUi* articles
%l.| N r«s %% %>• ! •» il» MI LL tltPM
fituiKM i.iiui r tup: nin ii mtatfm.
I The subsmiirr is constantly issuing nrw Maps ,.f the an#f
h*r/n/ an*l ttUtUr eAitnn tfr EvrsHraiarso ag»-r»i« ami sellers in
different p*rt* of the country are making front to f .*»*»• a y- ar
Any per searing man rsu make a permanent husiiftss with but
Ctrii <M,rv and letter containing full ilrwrMtont, term*, Ac , will
t»c «ent hr* to u good man wholaill want ofbu«lnrw.
ah Inqwtrkmivrrrtl hi rvtarn mall
ffrtiit ffhtmmtnU >ihJ Uf*rtil tslhntiinrr nuiitr !•> Aymt* «»«*/
/V*//«#ra tilmi-fy in tAc
MIEN OCT OP FMPlJfVMFNT, addrraa A II Jurat va. puMiahrr
of iStpnltir V i/*a in./ /I/hH* •rt'-,! sh*t*
No* W and fi*» l‘i Lfol i*TMtT, Nrw York
I t |
• i >st i< % ni r: on i.i» i,«
Q0 tm tTATtOUBtr* MA' i \ if /. i <trr,t,
HU UU«Nl>. V k
It W KNOWI.D, Afrnt.
Dr A ANFAD, Medical Adrlaer
Capital January 1at,|AM f?S7l.".dt f»
Paid divide nda during year lMfifl . M
Nett balance January lat. KM. ftf.Vki.ikiR 47
Total amount of dividend* paid to date f 7IR.4PJ M
Total amount of claim* hy death to date l;ttr..W 44
fl.Vfi.4aM 97
All profit* fn to the Inaured DivlJ#nJ« are ma«|e annually, and
paid whik- the inanred la Hying. H H K , Aymt
N It Alatfe* Inanred front onr to four year* in the Albemarle In
•wnnrr r< Mi|*rri»_fr|*
h | 0101 HttiBV,
(LATr or i.YMriikt nu.t
Ofllre l^th Atreet, one door »l«)fr Hutton A Winafon
Rvrta r«* M -**r« Davenport Allen A Co . Rlmond A Davenport
R.eon A Maakerville, Tlnaley, Tardv A Co. Richmond . Mmr*.
Ahank*. Pitter A Co . Col A Hupp. Aalem . Janv* F Johnaon. Farj ,
R.dn-It N. Relao. R*q Redford va . Me#*r* M l.aofhorne A Ron*,
Armtatead A Warwick. McCnrkle A June*. A Tompklna. PSaq . Ca*h
ler of the Farmer*’ flank, l.yncbburg Me**r* J. C. Wita..n A Co.,
I* PVaannta A Ron. Raltimore.
fell 4R - _
%K\\ Mcniru Jot n\a i> niontnm
FBNHF I’KoPRI FTOR.m tip HIP MFDICAI. JofRN Al„ potduhed

H ' A. I i»,r f. i• • R ar .iitd |«e dlacontlnued after the |«t ..f
January, are take thl* M» th»*d of Informing the Medical Puhlut
that we will continue to p*M|*h a .! •«» *» • all I the MONTH
I.Y ArmiOACOPF ANDMNDIDII kht 'DiTKIl. which w U b. l«*n
e*| promptly -n the |*t of rVery month The Aral No WlR la* laeued
mi. t».. i,» * iinnir* IVI I 1 ■ ’ i * *• *• i "
terpriar and we *•* til endeavour to rcn I. r t Worthy of the patronage
• • ndwfare eatended to ti>r bom >t• 1 1 il
• ■ ■ 1 Nil * WIIJRIN M D
| i III fADMHONtirm IAI.M. M Intffi. ,n
> Refined Rotted fir A ah *. Hammered Car and Pnylnc A«W*a,
tAtamt^t RrtM nyd.) < « ' i • a ' *1 ■ rnb re.| fifyo %n tytra
duality Juniatta flfcar< .»al A ah- f*oti«iantly on hand and Air aa|e lo
Mi to ault Railroad {V»mpante*,Car ami Nulldera and others,
hy the manufacturer*. A A P ROBPATR.
nrff Am Mr.,ad below Vine atreet Phlt*.M|.M«
nF. Ill HRM A| |>v ft PHOAPHi rr M»1I
tf!Wt ton* C It IWHmy'« Nu 1 Ammontat^A •opey ph..*pn*te
of l.ime. for *ale hy A M. ORCDPR** RONR.
mMA Rote A vent* for the M «nufa« turer
HlUltl'II 1.41N 1)41 N 14*4 If H IHMM lldh
for tale hy 0LARRRON A ANDPRRON,
•Kfifi No Ififi Main Mrovt
Ao. 22 /Vyr/ St rrt(, H>rAwtntil. I*i.,
HAVK bow lb ,l»rr. in. «r. nwlfinf frwi III.
mihiif«rt«rrn of England and ihl* <1van'rr, B j|
Ulge Bird Well *eUted i.-k ol (ImmIb. MM-tollf r
BilupUd to Dir Want* of thr Trade of Ylrg.aU.NoMl rUC^Aik-Ji
Carolina and Twhipww. ami we respectfully .nvite Mcr. I,ant-. ?*% |
dlrra and »thm. vUttlng this mark t. tu call and rliainr the nme
Our stock i* full atid orfuplete. i-»ui|*r i*ing Ml part a- follow-, f t
To«da for Car|<rliters. Mamas, f*addirr«. Tanner*. Millwright*.
C -’per*. .Hibllhi, Ac . In great variety
Bo I Id lug Materials, a* bock*. IL.lt* Butt*. Screw*. A<- . A<*
Heavy Good*. a* Chain*. AnvkU. Vices, Stee‘. Hull. * Ware.
Ailea, Spring*. Aae*. Ac
Bafrtjr Fu«e, He*U»es, Hnstha, Htones and Rifles
Htraw Knives, llay Knives, Brier llook*.
Fork*. Hpadrs, Hteiv.-Is, llaun-*. ling Ik n*
A Aue a*o»r invent Bridles, *oldie-, Hurrup*. II.tt*
Wlup*. Pal and Knaiaclled leather. Sheep Skins
Iktoe leasts, ft-Hit Tree*. Crimp Board*
Cutlery, of Ro.|gers*, IVuvUtihtJa'i, Butcher's and other
Quits, double and single barrel. Rifles
Pistol*, a g.M.d assortment
Fancy flood*, a* Port M.mnalew. Iteavisr*, Purse*. Ac.
mb 14
■FBIM6 inniR ■ % riiMi, nue.
W. S. A- (i. DON NAN.
15* Pearl SfM Ki< ItifDihJ. la.,
II % fill U ARK, M TU.in l>D 4.1 .Vs
tRk receiving hv ship* "Albert G* flat in." ‘Tirt at —-ramt
Wealeni," * Isa »• W right" and " El« eUior. -:J
I and steamers “Atlantic** and "Africa,** their
Iiii|M.rtatH>n of Birmingham ami Hh»fTl. Id llAKIt
WAllh, Cl TI.KKl and 111. %S; ami from manufa< torn-* ,n «,or n*u
country, a very full and complete assortment of AMKRICAN GOODS,
-elected with great rare, purchased upon the most favorable term*,
and embracing la ritrnt and variety a *t..ek worthy the attention'
and eaaiuinatton of purchaser* visiting our market.
Of Uood* adapted for tl»e trasoa, and In heavy article* particular•
ly, our *tock Is unusually full and c.iutdete, vlt:
Weeding aud Hilling Ifoe*
Oram, 4lra*«. Clover ami Br amide A jthes
Trace, l*>g,Cnd arid other Cham*
Fieri- -Cast. Double Hltear, Oerioan and Mistered
Hollow Ware—Pot*, Oven*. Hptder*. Ac
Horse Hito**, llorse Naila, Anvds, \ t,-es. Bellow*, Ac.
File*. U»k* and llinge*, Screw*, A*'.
A ale* and Springs, Fry Pan* and Curry Cotulr*
Pen. P»M-ket and Talde Knives
Kaa**r*. H>-i«*or* and hltear*.
Together with all oilier article* u<ual In our line.
We respectfully solicit » . •■ntinuanee of tl,« patronag-liherally be
stowe*! upon u< for a mamf-r of yemr* past, and a«*ur« M- r hant*
and other* of our determination to *e|| as'ow a* auy regular lotus
whatever, and that our (test effort* shall be u-d to give satisfaction
S> .. ss__b. . . w. B. A G. DONNAN
® Particular and prompt attention pvto to orders entrusted
w **_ ____ml. Hi
11 A RJ )WARE.
S P H I .V ti IMPOBTATIO.V. I 8 fi u .
P r. ’loom: a ««»., ini*>ru,. . .
» na-ib D*aUr* In FORKIGXat I \St_B ^*T
vEsro• hardware, su .r„,t.„,. 'Cx.Lv
/«**//, // M Rii , h,Tr IrvTllfj
| from tl.r iu»i.u!* lur.i« it. KiigUwl, * full «n.lSe I
*1 ' I |tiani .Mi 4RDM 4RI .ml
froib (hr m.nulmrtur.r- In thl, country. • Tull ntpf’ly uf Au.-r, .1,
rt«tod* Tlteir itwl Is now large and com|4rt«, oou*i*titig in part of.
Rodg. rs " and W..vtenho4iir* fit.- Pocket and Pen Ktuvra
Po. ket Knlvr* of I. 5. 4 and C blades
Ilu. k. Bone, plumy. Cocoa, and Ivory lia idle Knives and Fork*
l*or> Handle Knlvr* and Fork*, in u-u cfSI and pw-.c.
Razor* 4.f \\ tulr A Butcher’s, Rodger*. k <•■tenholm’s, and (Ireave**
manufseture. ,»f every style ami qual ty
Hr **or» and Hhears, of various make- and styles
Hlngte and Ihtuhle barrel tlun*. m.iuc verv superior
Pi*tol». Ride*. Bide Barrel* a?ol Mountings
Trac . Halter, |^<t Well, Fifth and Totifue Chain*
Ax.-* t»f Collin*' Hiuimons*. Virginia and other manufacturer*
Hand and Pannel Haw*, Hammers and Hat. Letts
Mill, Pttt, Cross Cut ami Circular Haw*
Hpades and Shovels of Au»e.*. Rowland. CUytuii and other makea
Anvils, Vice*, and Hmlth's lb llow •
Hledge and Hand Hammers. Blocks and Dies, and Are* Plate*
Shear ami Cast Steel, square and octagon
Casting*. Horse and Mule Shoe*, and ll<lr*e Hhos Naila
Wire Helves ami Sifter*. Coffee Mill* and Cards
Bridle Fillings. W«w.ted R. m» ami Girth*
Horae and Mule Collar*. Ilames, Ac.,
l*M*ks, IIInge* and St-rews, of every description
Platform ami Counter Bculca, Pal. Balance. and Steelyard,
Kug1t.il, American, and II. I> Pereu..ton Capa
Hay and Manure Burke. g. :l, and 4 prong
Hilling and Weeding Hoe., all alira
s-yllie made*. Snath,. Sick ic, Ac ,
Tr» Tray, and Wailcra—and all other gooda uaually f.mnd In Hard
ware Store.
Aa our good, bare been purrl,*«e.|,f..r CASH,on Ihe moatlfaroral.lr
terim. and •elecbd rg.-lu<lvrly f.tr Hie Virginia. Nortli Carolina and
T, t,ue-.cc Trad*, v. Ice! col.ttd.nl we ran otter utrolif indu.eulent.
lo merchant, tuning ihu city, and re.|«* lfoll) Invite them t„ *1. . a
emulation of our atork, ma, are determined to veil aa low a. anv
regular hou*r In lid., or anpof tl.e Northern clUra.
IV s -All order, carefully and promptly attended lo f.g.
* ASOERMX, Ml. |
.J 1"6 M tIVatTKHT. lMhiRr>iLs or Iliki'MUR, j
Cptlk>t, tit **. “Aucanu" BoLntfl Ron *an ^0Rg_
Kt-.k Ttati.* of ctrrry deaerlption, are n,.w in receipt
of their Spring .tick, embracing every article luually kepi in their
t«* »klefc they rmpeetfully inrile it., atleukioo of Virginia,
North Carolina and Tennra.ee Merchant, ei.itlug (hi* market. Irn*
tmrting direct, and purchasing for ca.h, rliable, them to aril a, cheap
aa auy V-uae North or South.
»•»!.!. Nl |*|*|. 1 ,
KRNIIE .ub.crtt.cr. are now receiving thvlr Pall a—
■ ply of IIARDWAKK. CL'TLKRV. (IfXS, A, —-.a
direct from the manufacturer* in KngUud. coiulating aMBT
In part of— Onv - — *aw
••Ro.lger.' " "Woatettholm’a,” and “W A S Bt-h herVMvTw^nd
T«blr Cutlery
**\l. ltut.Txr V t rlcbr.letl C. H. File*, i»f every variety an«J site
Do Firmer, Rocket and Millwright* Ch.**-l»
F%tent Enamelled and Tinned Tek Kettles and sUucr Pan*
Chain* of every kind
Mori Ice, Kirn, Chart, and all oilier l*orks
Hpear A Jackson’* H«»s, (,f every style.
Together with a cou.pU.c assortment of GnoJ* for Mechanics.
Farmers, Housekeeper* and others, which wc ..grr at low prices for
cash or to punctual customers. C. J HINTON A CO.,
1 rfiyn of il*- Circular i**w. 71 Mam at.
till'11 il ok'(• l k l‘. and
_. . Itl Main street.
Trie war in Kansas; a Rough Trip to the Border, an*mg new
home* and a stranre people. By O DougU* itr.werton fl
IIuiuIm It s Island <>t Cuba Itv H Thrasher. #1?.'.
The tire.-11 Mountain Girls; a tale of Vert ,.»m $1 gh
Thr Courts**-. of a Wedl^l Life The ftr*t .n.l second Marriage*.
Hy Mrs. Madeline iaeslte. $1.
McFingal;. modern Epic Poem. Hy John Trumbull, |,L l>.
P V| W|»°f ||ivprjf’ or * Tour among lie Planter*. By C. G.
Hpiriluallsm. the healing of the Nation* By Charlr«|,lntoii.
WMh-.Introtlucmm.n Appendix, l*y Judge N. P. TaJma.Ig.
Hpirllualisiu srknltAcjdly demonstrate.]. By Prof. Robert Hare
gtray leaves from the Book of Nature By M rtchele DcVere -
7 be.
A Weed of Otfl lo toy Daar Son, Capt Malt Page 1&>7 with a pre
face. My Ml.hop Mead* The.
Tolling and Hoping, UieSiory of a little Hunchback. By Jan nr
Marsh I .(hi.
Au Attic Phdoadphrr In Pan#, or a peep at the W orld from a liar
relt. KV.
Irving'* |.if, of Washington. Sub.,-riptioit* rrcelvrd. S rol* at
1 tai per vol
Documentary lliatory of the American Hcroliition^onaMIngof Lrt
Icr. nod r«|*-r. relating lo the conlc.t lor I.iberty, chietly iu Mouth
Carolina Ity I! W. Hlbbe.. vola , a tat
TV Mind of Jraoa. By the autv.r of" Morning and Nigh! Wild
M 4‘V . ap 4
*|f l(lit’s 1|| v| | n (Ml Till DIITIII II'S
**S MAtUZIRR. Kt»K Al'KIln recrlred at PRICK A C tl(lut/irs
•" > t* per .Ingle ropy, ..r f I pe, year.
Somme* of the Prald.no. . or Ihe Tellow Fever in Norfolk by
Rev 14m li ArmOrong. f't Sn
Inquirer Directed. hy Rev. o Winalow. J hr.
AWO-flliaiptlt of the Truth aa il la in Jr«u«, tllory of Ihe R<
deemcr, Midnight Harmonies, iii.l Atonement, by ibr *%me author
Thought* and Apothegne, froiu Ihe writing* of the celphrsi^f
.Arrhhtstmp Whatelry; !.<■*
TV- Ttooharical Encyclopedia, from the wotk of Hrraogg hy
lb.nehergrr sod others, |u»rl l*« 5«V
Krlrrul. of the R.ble Cauv and Sahl.ath S. b.cd« new vl.lllng the
city will find al our .lore Ihe publication, of the American DiM. Si
clety. S S Cnhoi,Tract Society, Kv Knowledge society, Pr. abvtei Ian
Roar.l. Ar , Ac.
^ vim *iim M i ni m s
Ay H<K)KA Physical Kx|»t.iratiot»s and Utagn.«i* of IWasss. af
feeling lie Respiratory Organs, by Austin Klmt. M p -g.t.
Manual of Chemical Physi..I.»gy, trow th** Herman of |*rf.**or
C O Icf.msnn M. D, Translated with Notes and additions, |.y J
t'hrsion Morris. M P , with an introdii* lory L*«ijr on Altai Force.
•'/ Hamel Ja< k«on \\ p.# Illustrated With f.,rtj w,.od cals |i.|R
H--colic. tions of the Table Talk, of Ham.n l K-v. re, to ghnb is ad
d-d Hortoniana $1
A collection of Familiar Quotations, with complete indices of au
thors and subject*. New Edition |l
Fdith Male . A Vdlage Morv.by Thrace Taltnon I.Tift
Appleton's Cyclopaedia. of R'ngraphy. embracing a series of or I
gtnal Memoirs, of the most |i«tinguish< d person«, of all limes Amerl
can rditmn. Edited by Francis I,. Ilawkes. l» U |. L D , with nu
merotta dlusfrations ♦4
AlJtO a large supply of other Nrw B....k«, for sale at
•P® ** wh Rh fa, No 9? M a hi si
\ » %% *111114 % | HiHikH, Hcmvni nil
ANP FOR AAI.K AT M-RNI*' HonK AFORE — flint no disc*
of the Chest. Physical Kaploratlon and P.agnosia of Diseases
A*Tlluflhe Respiratory Organs Hy Austin Flint. M IV Pro«rs.0r
of the Theory and Practice of Medicine I® the I'ulrersity of Issiis
villr . Ac In one baud some octavo volume, eatra cloth.
The reputation already acquired hy th* author, especially with re
lerence to his researches on di*eas< s of the chest and kindred topics,
as well as the Intrinsic Importance of the Shlij- ts treated cannot tali
to rentier this volume of very great interest to all American, brae
tit tow iff
Manual of Ohemi'al Physiology from th. term an of Prof C U
|<ehtu*nn M l» Translated, with notes and additions, hy J Che*
Ion Morrl . M I) . with an Introduetnry essay on Vital Force, by
Aamuel Jackson. M (» , Professor of Institutes of Me l cine in he
University of Pennsylvania, Ac W ith Illustrations In one ever y
handsome octavo volume
This work has been received thrrmghowt Furope a« the be.t digest
of m.»lert) do triors and Invrsttgati ns on th. mportant subject of
Too Chemistry la presenting It in an Fnglish dress the nummuo
additions of tire translator and of Professor Jarkson have re refer ed
It more complete in Its physiologic 11 aspect, * th the object of adap
ting It for use a* a left hook Inf the student of phv*toh>gv
||H I T I Ml Ml MAI, M 1*01| I'M, and other Mew Fnr
If lldill.-oki.at A M«>HR|.«. R.w>kstore
TV Ape. laf r. with a Riographical and Critical Preface, and K*
plan story Notes I vola , New Editions p On
The Prsmaiir Works of James Aheridan Knowles, f ml. . Ne*
Edition fA .si
Manual of Hnllsh Rur *t Aymrls conpn* r.g Rho-t-ng. Hunting.
0*nr«ing. Fisbirg. Hawking. Racing, floating. Polcatrian «-o. sn I
lhe Varbm* Rural Oatitr* «»f Ortal Rtua'p. by bOiobeiur, 4u'..-J <1
the <|feyhouml. jiHt tllnetrated p? an
Aunt M «ynr's Prevent for a good Il'Ue R..y comprising %««*.t
Msvnr's A lab * hr t, M lllie's Holiday. Clitl.b «,t»rey., Travels, M f.»t
and Mias Mar \ R.ynard the Fof, with eighty eight rnlwwred N1n*
t rat ions a?c
Aunt Mavir's Prevent for a good little Oirt, with vevenlv f-nr
colored illustration* *7,.
RnMneon Crwsoe,hy IV Foe, N. w Edition ts
The ApirH of the H.dly. by Mr* O F Owen, illuvtrated ft.
Rehastopol, the story of Ita Fall, bv tieorge R Emerson somethin#
*7 the
f^ngs. by Charles Wart ay *ftr
The M-ser s. Dvtphter*. a Tale by A tnswortb if
Rtdf, or the Narrow. Narrow World, hy Mr* tlnre A*.
Ilomo and Foreign li r.Is. a Rook for young children, printed .»*.
Mlteti, fully ■I1.i*«rstrd A7,
«t 1 at *-t and Wild Animals, a |no| for young children, prir.
tedonlJmn. »IHw»rat*d p. j
New Reading Wad* Fa«y. a Ftr*t R.mk of Usm»». i® owe and |w.. I
*ylla*»lr*. compiled an 1 edited hy Anne Rowman. print-d on bine*., i
' aptendldiy illuvtrat-d A7f I
A Rtory #f a Drop of Water, edited by Udy Catharine Umg lie
HAI.Tini)Ki: ■ <)< K IIOJil.IT/kl.,
rWSIIK r>l VltJ.H uf thia rrWif,i^| 1 t/«t Itutlub. uflrr, Iti. IU...I
■ **wtaln, M<re|j and only effectual rrt,»-.]* |„ t}4 world for
t*KCKET DIKE %.*•»>,
H.mwrrho*. (Herts, ftrlrture*. .Aerninal UVaiitr**, Pains in the Loin.
; t .institutional Debility. Impoteticy. Vt rsknru , i the Hack * • Litnlw
Affection* of the Kidneys. Palpitation ..f tl,. Heart, 4>y.|~ Wr
».M». Irritability, Diseases of the Head. Throat. No*, 0r Km *»• I *n
thow- serious aiMi tuelancholy dlsonb-rs arising from the m *
bahit* of ymith. which'leoiroy both body and mind TL<.» *.tr
at»d -dita«y practice* are rm.ie fatal u» their victim* tl ati th* snr
of the Kyreus to the mariner, of Uy»*e«. mating thrtr .^~t til
liant hopes or anticipations, rendering marriage, 4< . m . o*.ib*.
e*|a-. tally, who have U-* *»tu* tlx- vlrttwt* of Hohtar* YV t* atdrea*.
ful and destructive habit which annually sweeps li an u-t o e
grave thousands «f young met, of the iuoH caallad talent# ami Ut
liinl intellect, who Ui ght otherwise Lave entranced listening m,«Ui
with the thunder* of eloquence, or wak-d to ecstacy tie- living lyr
may call w.th full confidence * * 1
2!rr*V,,V1 Voung Men contemplating Marriage. Wing
,u/ ^Jf****1 **•*«•*■•* Organic DHulHy, Deformities. Ac ,
should Immadlately consult Dr. Johnston, and he restored to perfect
lie who place* himself under the eare of Dr. Johnston may reli
,n ** 5wnor M • HrnUemab, ami confidently rely
upon his skill as a physician.
immesllately cured and full vigor restored
Dr jOIIN*T«JN is the .mly regular Physician advertising U cure
Private t ..uiptainta lit* retriedW# and bssUieM are entirety an
known u. all others Prepar-d* r»m a life spent in the great If os pi
D»ir* ,n D.l. **.mntry, vis England. Prance.
u,e Hie- Aley of Philadelphia, Ar . and a more egtender preatIce that.
any other Phy*ir,an in the world Ills many wonderful cures and
l*u?*1* al “P^Diout are a sufficient guarantee to the
, ll., , Those Who wish to he speed.!) and effectually relieve*!.
sliouM Shun the nuneruu* trifling imposter*. who only ruin their
health, and apply to him.
<>»»|C«- N„ : UOITII PKKUKKU-K .XTRlkT. left h»od ,id.
“■« f,""‘ BAlllmoru MTrn U.u.r. fruo. Um r„rll»,
1C IC i/artkruUr In uWr»ln|f lh» mn, »„d nurolwr, or rou will
mistake lie place. '
^ TAKE NOTICE—Observe tlie nan,* on the door and Win
Member Of the Royal College . f sfurgmm*. London, graduate from !
one of the n,o«t eminent Collem * of tlx- United State*, and tlie greater
part Of whoie life ha# le t, .pent in the li.~p.ul. of London, Pari*.
rt,.!a 1* Iphia and e|sewlx*re, ha* • fl.. ted •orur of the must astonish
mg cures that: was ever known Many troubled with ringing in the
ears arid h-ad when ade«-p. great nervousness,taring alarmed at *ud :
den sounds, and baahfulnr**, with derangetornt uf mind, were cured ,
i mutctl lately.
When the ml«gui<led and nuprud.-nt votary of.pUasure find* he
has imbikwd tl»e snds of this painful disease, it too often happen*
that an til timed srn*e of shame, or dr* ad of discovery, deters him
iron applying to those who, from education and respectability, can
alone befriend him, delaying till the constitutional symptom* of vm« :
horrid dist a*e make tl»eir appearance, such as ulcerated sore throat, -
diseased nose, nocturnal pains in lJ*r head and limb*, dimness of
sight, deafness, node* on tlie thin hones and arms, blotches on the
brail, face and extremities. pr*«rt-*-ing with frightful rapidity, till at
1**1 Die palate uf the mouth or tlie bones of the nostr fall in, and the
victim of this awful d*.*ta«e become* a horrid object of rouiui.ort- ,
t!°m*to^ **Uti * Period to his dreadful sufferings, by send mg •
“That bourne from slietue no traveller retum*.,#
To auch. therefore, Ur JOHNMTON pledge* himself to preserve
the m.**t inviolable^secrecy; and. from Ms extensive practice* In the
flr*t llo«pital* in Europe and A men- a. hr can confidently recom
mend -* safe and *|ieedy cure to tlie unfortunate victim of this horrid
It l« a ux Ian. holy fact that thousands fall victims to this dreadful
complaint, owing t0 tlie uti*kilfulness of ignorant pretenders, who.
by the use of that dreadful poison, mercury, ruin the constitution,
and either send tie unfortunate sufferer to an untimely grave, cr else
make tlie re*Ulue of life n» srr&bie.
Dr J addresses all those who have injured themselves by private
and !txi|iroprr indulgences.
Tl'vwe are sonic of the *ad and melancholy rffr,t. produce*! by ear
ly habits of youth, fig Weakihw .,f the Back and Lutal*. Pain in
the Head, Dimness of Sight, lx.*s ,.f Mu*, ular Power. Palpitation of
U.e Heart, Dy-p. psia. Nervous IrraUbUlty. Derangv ment ..f the Di
gestive Puncthms, (teneral Ife-hil ty. Symptoms of Consumption Ac
Tl.e fearful clfWct* on the mind are much to he dreaded Loss of Me
mory. Confusion of (Araa, Dejireaslon of *pirtu. Evil Eorebodmgs,
Aversion to Hooriy. jirlf Distrust, Love of AoUtttAe. Timiduy. Ac .are
•ome of the evils produced. #
Thousaml* of person* of all age« can now Judge what Is the cause
• d their ne. Inline hMlt>> tl ... >i_ . >_«_l _ ,
and emaciated, have a singular appearance about the eyes, cough
and symptoms of consumption.
Or those contemplating marriage, luring aware of physical weakness,
should Immediately consult Dr. Johnston, and be restored to perfect
Hr thu great and important remedy. weak liras of the organs are
•fM-vdily cured, and full rigor restored. Thousands of the most ner
vousand debilitated. who !»«•! l«.-t all hope, have h*et> Immediately
relieved All Impediment* to Marriage. Physical or Mental disquali
fication, Nervous IrritatUrns. Tr« mblings *pd Weak»e»», or exhaustion
of the u»o*t fearful kind, speedily cured by Dr. Johnston.
who have Injured themselves by a certain practice Indulged In when
a70,'T‘~ • haldt frequently learned from evil companions or at school,
the e jects Of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and, If not
cured, renders marriage Impossible, and destroys bolh mind and
body, should apply I turned lately.
What a pity that a young tnai , the Vmpe of hi* c..umi>, and the
darhr.g of his parent*. -Mould l«e snatched from all pro-pect* audrii
Joyim ut* of life, l»y the couarqurnce* of devtatlng from the path of
bature, and Indulging im a certain aocret habit. Auch persons, before
ro u tern plating
m marriage.
should reflect that a sound mind and Uxly are the tn«>st necessary
requisite* to pr.imole connubial hapfdnews. Indeed, without these,
the journey through life becomes a weary pilgrimage, the pro-pe. :
hour^r darken* to the view; the mind lecutn«s shadowed with despair
and Ailed with the tnriancholy reflection that the happiness ofauoth
er becomes blighted with our own.
N B, LrtnofaUe delicacy prevent you. but apply itam«ltaw-ly,
either |- ro.r.»U> or l»y letter.
i*KIN DISEASE? speedily cured.
Tlic many thousands cured at this )iistiuiUon!withm the last ltf
year*, and the numerous and im|»>rtaut Surgical operations per
formed by Dr J., Witnessed by the reported the papers, and many
other person*, notice* of which have appeared again and again be
fore Ihe public, i« a suffleieut guarantee that the afflicted will find a
—ktlful and lionorahlr l1^
. . take kotick.
IM- will, the (rotad rrluctanrr C>»t Or. JOHMSTOX iwmlu hi, 1
. »r.l ... a|.|~.,r I- f-tr Ihe puLltr, Vlmulit, It unpr..f.».lollal for « 1
phy.U'Un to ..Irrrttar, l>ul ur.h-»< hr dM ihr .fllhlrU. r.,w,i*lly !
«r»ii|tvr».«mU nol fall in fall Into H\r hand, of Ihr many In'puJrtil
and unlrurtio.1 im|i>i.trr., —tlh tnnunv-ratdr falar nantra,or romblord
qoark.hop., .-arming thm: laryc flu*.. •opylny Itr. John •ton'. ,d
yrrllar, trill., or a.Iv. rtKlny thrin«Hvra a. phyalcUna. tlllirralr .hal
lo« l>ralnr.l Ml,,-., too Uty lo work at ilirlr original tradr. alth
“ *.rT l*r.“ '-r-nd **•«■ Itratr. Who. for Ihr |.ttrp..v or rtillrinr
and dcrrl.lny. carry .nl.,,t .1* n*.,.. oodrr a ..many diSrrrol
. *? ttamr*.to that ihr aflln inl .Iraitirrr raraptnn cnr. !> «urr to
tumble headlong into the other Ignorant Quack* with eimr- i
tnuu* lying certificate* of great and abounding cure* from persons
r». t to t*e found, who keep y«»u Uking large bottles of Llcorke H ater
an*I other package* •»f filthy and wort hie** compounds, cunningly
prepared to im|*.*c u|kori the unfortunate and unsuspecting Trifi.i.r
month after month, or a« long as the smallest f«e can be obtained,
and, in despair leave* yofe with ruinel health, to sigh over vour rail
Ing disappointment. 7 p
It i» thl* motive that induce* Dr J to advertise, fwr he alone can
cure you To those unacquainted with Ids repuUtion.hr deems It
nee. »*juy to tag that his credentials or diplomas always baag In hit
No letters received unless post paid, and containing a stamp to be
used f. r the reply IVr*ons writing should stale age. and send that
portion of advrrusrtnsnt describing symptoms. aptfl ~dly
itMXVN uaui KPWaap ; a- BMBM
pua r ma i ’ y. pr a •' n* a /. i 'hkmis rs a si*
phapr \> yrrisrs.
OFFER to country physician* and families a perfectly „ I
xsw an.I rav-i, w ,.1 pur,- and reli shir MFIMCINR*. MU
\ |Y
<k*>iv-,and all other thing* . il.e Drug ln»e, whi. It they wdl H
Sell on Ihe hr*| terms
I dF" Chemical and Pharmaceutical Preparations made to order,
and sent to any part of the country.
ocl7 New Drug «tore, 4lh and Franklin street*. Ri. hnn.nd.
I % 1C I v A SHIM .
74 V iis Rrtft, Richmond, F.i
Eire their undivided attention to all sal-* of R. M *nJ
W w
Ae , A. ; also, special attention to sales on Saturdays of.H.>r*rs
Cow*. Carriages, Wagons, Ac , Ac
Also, keep constantly on hand thr largest and hand*omr«t stock of
Furniture to he found in this market, consisting in part of
Mahogany and Ro*rWoi*l Wardrobe*
Do tl.i \t .rid* A U . ... O.U__
Xi.|rh«ar,l* an.I »
M'" I •! Xpf,ns Vat *.fa., T. m a T. tra, twaana ami Loui.r'a
Xpr’lnf X .at Parlor, Cam- ami Wtmlaor O.aira
Xprina I'ur’,1 Ro.-k.-r*. Aorual.lra, Whatnot*
AI*o. a taaulilul 1»* rtmrnl of Chanthrr Vila, ttwilhrr with a
Ronrral a««.irtmrnt of Hnu«rknplti| ft, ..wta.
Thr rity atnl country tra.lr arr lnailr.1 u> -tarn,or nar rnllrct.on. I
»• V •'• 'Iciriiuinaalto aril at a arry ainall a4aan,r „u roai
P a I.ARI A JAMKX N. 4111Xf A
I final la W. KERARR,
Will altrml In I hr aalr nl
ORAL KSTATP. ami rtrry .Irarrlption ot WfKCllAN Pl-tr
nahf. if IKII XrilKI.lt rt’KSITI'RK. Ac.
i « in V . XHtrCR)
taiuik asd niiAPrR.
mraTtawm araara. arrow.,xp. aiauiaia
%JRTOPtl» r.-.|—. t hilly rail altmtlnn to hia nrw atalranfXPRIVi.
W ▼ and XI MMrit IHNilaX.
rma w mmtm. , „ .rri„ ~
(.HI IIIIS A U'l'l llaos, I
AW 11:
SR war* Peril, ami a arrat faro ta ..f Maury arn.tr>. Prrfumrri
A. . at pri.ro aa luw a. tVa ran hr- husaht In Hi. city
J»x* OHtRRx a APPRRXOS, So MU »rna.| at.
w 11.1.1 % w mttm r,
inmarra aan naiiaa ix
_ ATo l« Mill afr,w. Rf. Imr.il, r.a. Jal»
ItlRPM I I H a ft S A in.,
MTI fa«.M TO
»«' MTI II k PNOIII Cl! AMI |.| >| H II
WW OOMMIXSIIIX WtRCIMSTS an,I tkraRra'n PrA lar.l.
I ♦ ittalrra rrapr.i fully lollriml, JalT- Xi»
a >«x»->. ,
ILCI HMH A in >aia.
»l llw»rr,-W.SrM(, »«•*«..
Ill Mia A in..
AS front Strrr-t. Srw York,
Xrrromh A Yaator, Xanii. . V.mahtra (Iriff. A Co , at |I
It '""*..,, W,»»m A On., •• ! Ihtt I. ». U . ura A bo '*
R..h-t H •rr.IKt 4 C. . R T . ! hml’nioM. ». * '
jail -lly it.nry (Vd>o. A rv> , Kha.kxv,,,
lilt ll AH0*0Ms
f|MI a: •*! III II Will PI.FAAI m: AM IS
R tnln.l that lhr first TSf (HtnlH arr atwaar Aralr.1 with tt-a
full ttynaturr of thr firm via
Rlt'/IA Rf>1"&, aVi Va- ,y OWl>RV
. ■» Bl l.l.tK'Rr A J R Irh’KK, kfrnta,
JalT-A n[P) AX Pin* Xtrrrt. S*w York.
1 * ^ O p IXk I.* - -lx khla. Lari tsi. in ator* an.| fua itla hy
■ * »•>* char, t Wortham a 00
SOUND l»i k
From Ike b.Hikte lime*, M.trrk 17.
Since we li*t called tlie attention ol inir reader* to the
question ul tlie S.»oi I 111 •*, t«j ate pi h ive Ihvn taken on
eitlier *ide of the Atlantic which will pnibaMy materially
facilitate the adjustment of the difficulty now pending h -.
tween Denmark and the United State*. It will be i.-mcni
■ red that the treaty between lliuae eon.•trie- which reg
III lie- I1,., due* to la* levied tt Rl-euoreexpire* on the I 1th
kuiil nett, and that tlie Culled State* had declared
that they wnuld permit no *ueh due* to In* pai.l hy Amer
ican vessels px**ing tlie Am-i-I after that day A* the
I all of April I* fast appi nidling, tin* friend* of peace
throughout the wo.|i| In-bnl.l with *• uu.- anxiety tlie |>o*
aiUility ol a c.»lli-.».. wbieti might agon involve Swope in
the calamities ol war-. I.ir it wa- w-|| kiewru that the Ilati
i»h lioveruuieul were reaulvcd u. maiuUlu by 6>rce right*
which have elided tor •** many ceuturie* which
have been ratified by *o many Irndir* and on which
loan* contracted by Denmark in luarign cam trim have
t>*en solemnly guarant*-ed. We learn therefore with no
•mall •atieb<-tion Irom Waeliingtou that the American
Government ha* determined to prolong the obligation* of
the treaty ju*t about to eipire lor a further term of two
■ nonth*. that I* to «ay, until tlie llth of June, on the ex
prea.* under*tandiiig that •oiii. thing will be done in the
iiieaiitnne toward* the abolition of tlie Smi d Due*. Tbi*
a reerdutiou which *liuw the existence of a •pint ofmcwle
latto" in the Cabinet at Washington for which, alter our
experience of it* recent conduct .1* regards Great Britain
we had not In-en altogether prepared. Sr much lor flu
-f.-p taken with regard to tlie Sound line* on ..ther
•nie ul the Atlantic. Ttie United >Ules are open to con
viction, and. instead ol forcing tin- Sound under batteries
of Umnhurg uu the ml, of April, they are content to
wait till the I *th of June, in tin- hope that the ipiarn-l uu
* inch they had entered with very .*111*11 provocation—tlie
whole amount ol dues paid hy American Vessels lieing. we
believe, 4,t*'ii|.—may tie diplomatically patched up.
On tin* sale the Atlantic a step has al-o been taken by
Denmark w Inch we hop.- may have the effect hot only .if
patching up tin* dispute between Denmark and the United
.'tates, but a- Unally settling the question a* regards all
nation.-, anil at the same time of securing til • freedom ol
the Sound and the independence ol Dciiinirk. To inanv
of our reader- the rough and ready way of regarding the
.'wiiind Duue laid down by Mr. Marry may -eem emineiitlv
alt. a tlve. The Sound Due*are a nuisance; let “there betiu
Sound Due*." To Deuniark, however, the Sound Due* «re
the stall ol life,the bread by which,** a nation,she exist*; bv
them her internal government ia kept up; hr them her for
eign obligating are punctually met and 'paid. It so hap
pens that a great portion of the DanUh foreign debt ha*
>•••*•11 conlmcted in this country, and these very Sound
Dues have been assigned a* a -eouiitv tothe British bond
holder. We have no doubt tiial even tills abort explana
tion will make many a reader sympathize more atrongly
with Banish independence than lie ha* ever done before.
1 here ij nothing tltat excites so much sympathy in the
hrea-t ol a bondholder a* th- prospect of tlie utter loss
of his security, principal and interest altogether. But,ri
sing from this narrow ties ol the question, it is of Kuro
P**» importance that Denmark should not be forced alter
nately to lean to this side and to thta, to bow to-day to
Prussia, and to-morrow to Russia, for the sake of propitia
ting either Power, a* tlu-y may manifest an intention ol
putting tlie screw upon her as regards the Sound Dues
The abolition of the Sound Due*, then, we uke to he ne
cessary tor the political independence ol Denmark, and
rupt. This sad fate Denmark little deserves, for she has
borne the crushing weight of an overwhelming debt with
the utmost dignity, has ala ays scorned repudiation, and
kept faith with her creditors to the last dollar. The 'solu
tion ot this dilemma is proposed in a recent resolution of
the Danish Government, and this constitutes the step u
keu on this side the Atlantic. Denmark, then propose.
t<> capitalize the Sound Dues for a sum amounting to 3.7
OOO.OtK) rix dollars. When we add that the sum levied an
nually in tin* shape of Sound Dues amounts to 2,3<mi,Inmi
riadollars,our readers will at once ace the aarrifice which
llewinark is prepared to make to settle this question and to
open the Sound to all shins. She will lose nx
dollars yearly, hut «hc will he independent, and freed from
the incubus ol Russian intrigue. In English money Bri
tish snipping will, we believe, benefit in the piuporliou
between 70,000/., the present sunt levied in the shape id
Sound Dues, and 4S,iaai/.. the inn-rest ot the sum which
it is proposed that England should pay in the wav of eapi
lilixjitioti. flow the tft.ii) is to lw ii no part of our
business to determine. Let the Chancellor ot the Excbe
«|uer decide. There ar. the figures,—70,(*X>/., now paid
as against 45.UUU/., to L. paid in future. Surely this is a
tmnlen on British shippi g well worthv the attention ol
th. Board of Trade; though its recent' efforts to abolish
tliose- dues levied in out own porU do not promise much
I arixvn or Dr. Graham.—From the following state
ment, which we copy from toe Albany Evening Journal
it appears that Dr, Graham was pardoned chictlv on the
ground of impaired health. The X. Y. Times insists how
erer, that when he left the prison on Saturday, acconipan.
led by two ladies, he was apparently in excellent health
and spirits ;
Gov. Clark, on learning from the highest medical au
thority that Dr. Rotten M Graham, who was convicted,
more than a year ago. ol killing Mr. Lorittg in a personal
rencontre at the St. N'icholaj Hotel, is so ill that lor.get
imprisonment would ha\. ,,suited fatally, granted a par
.Ion yesterday. With a full knowledge of all the facts and
circumstance, connected «i|h this application, we have no
hesitation in saying that it was a just, enlightened and be
neficent exercise of Execu'.vcdeniencv. Indeed, though
participating in the sentin. -ut which demanded Dr. Gra
ham- conviction, we hat.- I anted enough of the trans
action since, and of the resp -elite characters of tLe un
fortunate parties, to say th t the Governor would bate
been justified in interposing at an earlier day.
Independent of the afl'ra. w bielt resulted'so fsullv ami
ol the excitement which .tccasioned it. Dr. Graham' had
lived the life of a good itixcn and of an eminently useful
physician. His pardon * \< earnestlv asked for by manv
hundreds of persons hoi ting the highest official and social
positions—persons who. names could never have been
obtained by a man unwoi thv of the respect and friendship
of the highest and best tit -n hi our country.
Till: Betti or Kamawiii.—Situv tin- re-chartering of
the Hunk ol Kanawha th Bttik of Wheeling, several of
the State Hunk -t Ohio, the Ohio Life insurance and Trust
Company Bank. -I this city.and.some other hanks ai.d'hank
ers, have plac. t its papers on a footing with other par
currency: and i« now received and paid out over thecoan
ters. of these in-titutions. The Hank of Kanawha is pre
ai.lrd over by a g. itlenvin who stands high, liotli a- re
gards integrity i d capacity, in the comtnuiiUv where the
bank is located, . d the Hoard of Directors is also cnrnpo
sed of very goo.' men. This Iteittg the case, and the hank
having been ina .1 lined against a heav run, sustaining its
credit throughout, .mi its charter having tieen extended by
the Legislature,’.) which lat.lv its condition and the char
ac ter of its mat' ra were eloscly scrutinized, there Is
imlhillir that w.. 1 in.lil, ..... ... I___S_I.
receive iU paper »• par.—f.VB*t«wa*i Uiuetlf, Utfi «It.
U«i*l » Mtuiov\ibk.- M'me tiiuba Urisi la at the
present dajr, the richest | nua .Imma in the world. Mali
bran, I’asta, Runtag, Kn / soliin, l.igrange, all of them
infinitely superior to hei 11 point of art. are far fiom hav.
tug been a* euccoasful a. lie in a pecuniary point ol view
Mslihnui. who lor len >. rs together drew astonishingly,
died worth lutrvlv bllr tk Hand dollar*. Paata wisely re
ined, before hei tor tun u gan to wane, to her villa on the
t>snk« ot luikt C.moo. wivli an income of five or sit thou
dand dollars, tin fruit of eighteen years of toil. Snntag
lud the slenderc-t ol marriage portion* when ahe married
fount Ro*r<i. a no when, driven by painful but honorable
poverty, she sn -equelitly resumed a cartwrr which ahe
had abandoned ‘I hk*tily b» figure on what she wrongly
thought a mm . ougvmal stage, it wa* only by iricvwtaM
lalntr that ahe could Iced her hungry children, ami Heath
aliil found her trending to her tank Oriai ia a millionaire,
although she has |ti«t acr. pled an engagement at #800 a
S< nit t ra Msvtweaier*—The forger of the Schiller
manuscript* has tieeu trtc.l at Weimar and sentenced to
two years' imprisonment It waa developed on the trial
ghat II l manuscripts h . I Ireen sold by him, and of these
nut •!* wen- genuine being asked by the Court I row he
came in possession of so I irge a number of autograph*, he
*sid that bis father had ‘ .r a number of vears twwa col
lecting them, and that l> had devoted h.urleen long vears
to the same hosineaa. To the .location how they came
in hi# hand*, he gave the names ol three person*, a cer
tain Mi** V. who had been for some time housekeeper
in the house of Srhiller. a trailer of ohl hooka front Jena
by the name ot Kmpjk. and that of a former servant at
the lihrarj ol Weimar, Retnhild. Two of these per
sona arv deed, and the kb ini, he aaid, had gone to Ameri
Avomra Tamrtr Hi avr —The drama In Rio de Jan
eiro has received a severe blow in the destruction ol the
m Ignificicnt theatre, whi h w i* about the site of tie* As
ter House, of \ew I ork, which was dt-envered to he on
fire atwuit three o'r-loclt on the morning of the Jl.tb ol
January Thi* Theatre known under iHc name ol fkm
I'oi'ii de k lean tars, was built thirty two rears ago, ami
until the tmihbiiM of the I filers Mouse, some five years,
since, it was iisvl both for ihe drama ami tire opera. This
is Ihe thiol titm' thi* theatre has treen burnt, and the wall*
remain as when first built, being four feet in thickness —
The fire was no doubt the Witrk irf an incendiary, and ia a
subject of deep regret to thi* entire city.
A M<S« >ai rrr of Noble fo I ml , living near Woll
leske. last week while ascertaining if hi* rillc were loaded,
pul hi* foot on the hammer to give vent to the wind, and
hi* month to the nmol. , in the situation hi* loot slipped
and the gun hrvd through kia head.
Wuhuctox, April ».—Iii ihe Senate. Mr Pearce, at
Mil . reported a bill to remit the dutiea on goods and mer
eliandise destroyed by fire. The bill waa pasted Mr
Sumner reported a tall .upplimenury to the act to remit
tin- liabilities ol ship owners, ami Mr Mss.HI repo,led .
bill making furttie. satisfaction for Virginia Lind wa.rente
Mr Grier resumed Ilia speech on Kansas affair* Whuu
be rot ic toiled the Senate a.lymi rued
In the house, pending the consideration of tile Deficiea
C» Kill. Mr Z.dlicnller replied hi the remarks of Mr Smith
justifying hi* rote in favor of the new American platform,
at the Puiladelphia Convention
Hat ri orb. April 8.—There Iirs heeu no election of
ktalc olficers by the pis.ple.
Mr Saundere mad. , ,pecrb on the Efficiency Bill, and
01RI.V political *|»erche« were made, as will as other* ou
various subjects of no importance. Adjourned.
| New Hayvm, April 8.—One hundred and nine towns
ehun ft* opposition and ibi Democrats to the tloaaa —
Forty-four yet to hear from. The Senate ia doubtful.
HiRnoftii, Aprils P. —fbe S**n«u* ii funMin, and
t».e House ia close and doubtful. There i* no choice of
State officers by t he people.
Montreal, April 7.—At three o'clock yesterday mUTu
mg the puri.ying huuse of the Monhe.l li.. Work* blew
up. Three men were Severely burned—one daugeroua
. The explosion was caused by workmen entering the
builJing with an unguarded lamp to search for an escape
ul gas. The machinery eacaped without injury. The work*
were stopped lor five hours.
New j ore, April 8.—The jewelry store ol Meswrs. Ball,
Black K Co. was robbed this morning of diamomla valued at
The thief ia supposed to bo an employee at the es
tablishment, who lias been missing since the robbery waa
(. tlain, April b.—The municipal elections took place
here yesterday. Uwrer.ee, the Black Republican caud!
dale for Mayor waa elected by 200 majority.
| St. Is.i is. April 8—Home, the Democratic candidate
for Mayor, has l.een elected. The whole Democratic tick
er ha* been successful by a large majority.
Cleveland, April 8.—The election yesterday, resulted
generally in lavor of the Democrats.
Philadelphia, April 8.—The Democratic Convention
have nominated Richard Vaux as their candidate for Ma.
yor of this city.
New Tore, Aprils.—Flour ha* again declined. Saleft
to-day of common at ftt,3?a6.75; Ohio at f7a~.S0 ; South
eni i7.25a7.75; dofancy brands, at 7.87 l-2a8.75. Wheat
_ 7 nouuieni red al *1.69, white
*1.87. Coni has declined t«62eenu for Southern mixed.
Pork has likewise declined. Mess is quoted to-dav at
*16.30. Beef, Laid and Whisky unchanged. Virginia
sites 93 1-2; Missouri's 84 1-4. Stirling firm at 9 3-8a
9 1 2.
Balt'Mobk, April 8 —Wheat unchanged Prime white
tl.7Aal.Mo—very choie* *1.90; fair to g<*M| red *| SOa
I ..75. Coni 1. dull. A cargo received and sold at 46a5n
tor White; yellow at 54a*S. Mess iWk *17. Baron
—Shoulders 8 I -4a8 1-2; Sides 9 3-8a9 1-2; llauis 11a
12 1*2; I-ml it irnrhatigcd.
UsiTHi Statu Si'eatux Coral.— Ir.sA.'ayOm Apr, l
7.—The following cases were before tl.e C. S. Snpreme
Comt to-day :
No. 68. Kuphrosine Fourerque et al. vs. tlie city of
New l»rleans. Judge Caruphell delivered the opinion ol
the Court aftirtning the decree ol the Circuit Court of the
I nited States Eastern Di* rict of Louiaiana with costs.
No. 67. Michael Allen's executor's et al. vs David Al
!en et al. Judge Catron delivered the opinion of thecourt
anlrtning the judgment ol the Tircuit Court of the Wes
tern District of PtMitiMlvauia with co»t*.
Nos. 77 and 78. ArgosMo et al., daimant* and appel
lants, vs. the l nited Stales; and the United Stales vs Ar
guello et al., claimants of Kanalio de Cisco Bay, who al
lege title under one of tlie original founders of California
Don Jo«e Arguello The argument was commenced by
\\ m. Carey Jones for the elaiinaiiLs, and continued bv as
sistant Attorney General (iillct for the United Stafea.
The Presbytery of the District of Columbia met on
" ednesday evening in the Second Preshvterian Church al
Alexandria, and was opened with an appropriate sermon
from Rev. W. T. Eva, Moderator. Rev. Moaea JowrU
a as unanimously elected Moderator.
The Presbytery again met at 9 o'clock on Thursday
morning, and received statistical reports from sessions and'
eianiiiun] sessional ivconl*.
Rev Andrew I}. Carothers, Pastor of the Assembly a
Church in this city, was elected Commissioner to the Gen
eral Assembly of the Presbyterian Church to be held in •
the oily of New Y'ork in Mav next, and Elder W. O.
Know Ion, of Haltimon* wa* aim dueled
The Presbytery made application to and received from
the Southern Aid Society *500, which was ordered to
In- distributed between four missions in Montgomery
county, viz. Huolsville, Quarries, Ridgeville and Uartuu
On Friday morning, after the consideration of some pri
vsie matters, the Presbytery adjourned "to meet in Rock
ville, Md, on the first Monday in October next — Xat.
. *KO ,h<* ,K“1.’ of young Miss llaskell, ofl’ort
land, Maine, who was suddenly killed m a perilous sled
slide with a company ol her friends in Freeport Iasi win
ter, was recovered. She was about 17 years old, was a
young beautiful and interesting girl, and when recovered
from the froxen icc looked as lair a* when she met her
^ '?%!. ArciutXT.—Tlio#. WookJi K*tj , ol •
tioorhr? county, formurlr • rt p mart iu tire m the (ieor^iq
Stai.* I.firi«ftatiiiv. thrown from hU buggy on Thqvwfc?
The home ttocainc iinuiaiiigrabk ami threw Mr W
•faii.il a fence. *
Account* have been received of tin- total < let ruction
l.v lire ol the aehooner Louwine, which loft Savannah lor
New York on the iSd nil The L «>. loaded with cot
Ion. • 'ipiain and crew were «avc<l hy taking both boat*
hot owing to the rapidity with which the Hamea apread lei
all pirn of the ship, no property ol any moment waa aar
The total number ol .leatha in the city and county of
New York, laat week, waa ill
*"* 'ff f,°* ready u. All ordara for Ah*d ail | i^o _
earanl. harm. a. all lime, . „.rH, .oarlaam on hTr? V”
era are reapeethilly rrtptraled hereafter to mod the r lehrs addraa
*'1 *° JAMB W.CTM orilH. Preotdonl,
*H Center At.. Sew Tori.
. raicwa ma a oca
Prop Abet, ; t
Buck Shot, ih V Coal
lm Pa, u,d. »>, I
W*', iriia.i«*» uTttisiHsu. —
" OfBce removed to the Wore of Chrirt an A LaU.iop So. *» ttaua
At -In roitarwurnce u* the reWgnatu.it of (land R Crane Wat H
Chrief.an waa unaniatowaly elected l ather The oMre haa taaea to.
moved to the wore of Chrtotlan 4 lathrop Where drpo.lt. olll bo
m-a.ved. on .huh an m.-rrwt of « p,, ««l will he pahT.. ,R alal
*" n,on"'‘ « ...d Ay, per f.r *
ne.er low on, dollar, or fa.Wd lo pa, aV cer.lA^i Xn dm!
jntis TtlnNPAO*. Pre.de,.,
-hi. J. WM " cmi*nAS,OMMw,
Hi ON w riT,HwfRMy.
U>€V Ml ,f V 1 "OBI nr V
•AffMlI i'f» Irrtfp Rob**, nt Hi# Mwt NnMrtatlon. mi***
I **** .!2» TW k«|l«i tr* iovtt#du call iMta
I ____ Kichtei.fr IU(t*
rM<MI01«M|.»; STM AM HOtHTt. P m
fathloii.bl. tprme Atraw Bonnet., tor ladle, and Abh. eery
I cheap, S cam, Mtaaee' Leghorn .nd Braid Wafa, vaea anaep
0 * uwatrir,
| -?h*l_Oppoelie ftchange Bank.
I MIltIMS. en*. Mwmfa
A IT or. do 4a do
*' M-* **">'* «** WhIMy. he ah by
* "■ CHAR T WONTSaM a co
fVtaJ ? %*J '• r ‘I'»,ke, sm." OM and BeellAml
p,,'n' <a»‘Hea,“ AaMy T»ae, Pooler,
I taVoand So I Ptaeirr, fi.iano, 'Tt'ddee'h V So. 1 rtmnlKi, of
Ltn.e, for tale by rmmyma,e of
BtvrspnWT, tt f rs a 00
I I AIIIIS Hiridlta. LadteW Tea reding
* ‘ '• '"Vb-r Hay*, plain and furnl.hr.1 leather i jma ae
| netkolew, Main and 'orMthed Seedle H*> fnrnlthed Allb Poeaeo
tdaw and Waited, ann.e new paderoe. Aw tale low tty
Ida Sain rnenoy Hit Newt
TT.OAKA, T I MS, ( OStaBTA NPB Ml >«'.
rtta »sn spitRi. hi \sttrrw
TIIOP A PRICR * CO . oelte attenuate v. Me ah.ee tem-k ta
^ •* f»* *r"w*w <n f*4ntf b>*b»% ^A
|t°H f-SOT N Alfa. Melt. breoW'oBy latent, paart lata*.
■ ivory plain, wmrweo bwtber. ra>A bathe, and ether Poet
S ol. n a lea, f.eth Work. t. .lute, tee ante by
"• »>• AMII AI 1.1 AS*.
'IT bo*. Ral..more le.,-e»ml A porwetoa Mb bate «, a.
1 4 * s-auaa. land n* and '.w .ate by
•H NONBA.lt A CW1B0BSB Jin, It Paarl 0

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