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Virginia Stork.
A New York paper re|>orts Virginia sixes at HO.—
We know not whether this he an error or not. If
true, it goes to show that capitalists abroad arc gel
ting a little shy of the Virginia Democracy. We
will not undertake to say that there are n^t grounds
for distrust; hut if the decline is liased on the ap
prehension that the July iuterest will not be |>aid.
that we think will prove a mistake The Hanks
will he called upon to relieve the Slate again, as
they have lieeu before, and they w ill no doubt do it
- -though in so doing, the merchants and farmers, for
whom the Banks were intended, will have to suf
This is another illustration of the wisdom and com
prehension of the Democracy, who warns! for nearh
three mouths upon Institutions, which hail saved the
State from protest--and which must be relied upon
again to save it
As all State stocks sold for less 'than $100, must
be sold at the loss of individuals and not of the
the State, we, as citizens of Virginia and taxpayers,
are not specially concerned in it Hut when out
bonds—the bond* of the people are offered for less
than par at the Treasury—when they get down to
$8«- —and the office holders must go without thcii
dinner, or the people must be shaved to the tune of
15 per cent; wc shall raise our voices in lavor of din
ncrless office-holders. Sooner than sec the laboring
population of the State Hayed to that tune, we would
go ill for selling out the whole ol the prmountl of
the official corps to the highest bidder. We dmi't
know that they would bring much. His Eho-Shin
Excellency might possibly command a $1000—tin
price set by Judge Mason upon the Dominican Mini
ster in Paris, with his clothes on. Elisha is a large,
likely-looking fellow, and might pass for a Xo. 1 —
Mr. Treasurer'Stovall might make a good jobber
aud command a proportionate price ; and the rest of
the Basement would doubtless bring their worth.—
Mr. Secretary of State should command a fancy price,
on account of Ids poetical taste, and the feeling which
he throws into Moore's melodies, particularly,
Oft in tbe stilly night,
and. especially, in that moving stanza,
I feel like one who treads alone
Some ban quel-hall deserted.
The Tenerable attorney General might be thrown
in for good measure!
The question of selling the People's bonds at less
than par, or which is the same thing, shaving them
off at usurious discount, w ill come up at the next
session of the Legislature; and the people will be
compelled to submit to that exaction, or to another
duplication of the taxes, or they must eject from
Power the dominant party, which for year.- has been
maintaining its ascendancy bv selling out the sub
stance of the people for worthless, log-rolling schemes
of internal improvement—which, when completed, if
ever, will pay no revenue and he an additional and
permanent burden on the treasury.
From the indications, last session, the tirst device
will be to issue state bonds bearing more than legal
interest—say from 7 to 10 per cent. That's the fa
vorite scheme ; i( will make less noise, and create,
directly and on the instant, less burden on the peo
ple. The hereafter, though, is quite a different at
fair. Whenever a man goes to a usurer and suhmil
to a share, his pecuniary fate is sealed. |t’„ the
name with a Stateand when old Virginia gets
fairly into the hands of the sharpers, it will require
no seer to foretell her future. Besides the ruin it
foreshadows, the -State, sfieaking through her laws,
reprobates usury and sternly interdicts it to her citi
zens ; and should she, with such denunciations on
the statute book, go into market and encourage the
crime she abhors—her conduct would be but little
in keeping with her precepts.
If the dominant |mrty, who of all tilings are most
intent on getting money out of the people—shall fail
to effect their object by putting the State into the
bands of the usurer, they will be forced to fall back
upon the alternative ol last session, an addition to
the t>ues. We prefer this to the other, because it
is more honest, more straight-forward, is cheaper in
the end—and will cause the people to watch their re
presentatives more closely But unless indispentn
bit for the discharge of obligations already incurred,
we are op|>oKcd to both. The people's luonev is
safer in their own, pockets than in the custody of the
reigning powers. If contributed in the hope of see
ing it applied to useful public improvements, it will
be wasted as it has been, in log-rolling schemes,
vs bicli contemplate more the ascendancy o| party
than the welfare of the Commonwealth.
The Happy Family in Tumble.
Being a strife-hating, peace-loving individual our
selves, we regret to observe the ferocious manner in
• which the various members of the “happy family"
—the harmonious Democracy—arc pitching into
each other at the present time, and all in conse
quence of their undying love of the spoils, for
some time past, we have actiially*)ndulged the sill,
hope that, as the South was in danger,’and as all the
rival Democratic aspirants for the Presidency are
said to he perfectly sound on the slavery question,
the brethren would no more exhibit hot tdood to
wards each other, hut would do, as they are continu
ally in the habit of inviting Whigs and Americans
to do—unite promptly and fraternally in the great
work of prostrating the Black Republicans, and re
storing peace and safety to the country. We thought
we saw no necessity whatever for patriotic Demo
cr*t* ~*‘,r men who so love the South, and who
would aacrillee so much to serve it—to he falling
out, tod wrangling, and pulling each other’s ear.’
and tearing each other's hair, ami filling the whole
country with their clamor and their slang, and all
because they can’t agree as to whether Buchanan, or
Douglas, or Pierre, or Hunter, or “Bumhershin’’ i
should receive the nomination ai Cincinnati We
never expected to live to see the day when the '
“happy family’ would make noisy devils of them
selves right in the face of the whole world, and
right in the far e of the great, vital, pressing fact that
that South which they alfect such perpetual and ex
travagant devotion for demands, according lo their
own dally admissions, the most perfect good under
standing, harmony and concert of action among .11
men and sll parties, who would no| see it ravaged
with fire and sword by the ever active and iintrlent
ing fanatic, „f the >J„rth n„, jn w,|jl# #
great and formidable Abolition organization is conso
lidating and disciplining it. forces, and making am
pie and effective preparation for a furious and deter
mined onset upon tlie rights, the honor, the verv
t*fence of the Hoolli, what do we witness* Wliv
the Democratic party -the self constituted „i
boastful . k.mph»« of the South instead of . „,d
ing the alarm and appealing t„ Southern men o, ,v.
ry name and hue to amuse from their lethargy and
confront the danger that menaces .. i« engaged
in a Inter mi I disgusting contention as to winch
ene of «i'M four or He, s.dlj.1, ante erupt point
cian • shall have th- distribution of the . f„r
Beit four years ' Here I« patriotism here is have
of the Eolith, with a rengeance'
Wtrnl hoots u, W» beg to Inquire, Whether D m •
Is., Pietcc, Huetumaa, Hunter, ot ‘Viirzerd-foot"... ts
tke Mminvljon at tWinnal., if the rr. ,i
Ike com iiif canvaas Is |u U oisdc against Uie Black
Republtnuvs, and if all of these impatient, intrigu
ing aspirants are acceptable to the South, and wound
upon the iMMum that'uiost vitally concern her? W hv
arc the Democratic )>oliticians all over the country
-o exercised in respect to the Cincinnati nomination,
if. as they contend, it is obliged to fall, in any eveut,
111 vs >11 a sound, worthy, true man ? This I wing so,
why can't they demean themselves with more pro
priety ami courtesy towards each other, and i|uit
plaguing the public ear with their crimination* and
recrimination* * Why should they be so disgust
ingly naughty and ill-bred a* to be insinuating
against each other that they are influenced by iro
pn>|H-r considerations in their preferences for the
Presidency? Why, for example, should one brother
hint to another brother anything at all about the
“Clerkship of ttie House of Ke|nvsentatives” Pub
lic Printer to the same, ditto to the Senate, Miniater
to Sardinia, joint editor and proprietor of the Union,
and even the eoUectorahip of the port of “little Pe
tersburg'" Why, we ask, all these curious and
touching allusions to what appears to be one ano
ther's weiknesse-s unless the bitter and anxious
struggle now going on for the Cincinnati nomination
dives really involve something more than the rights
of the South or the preservation of the Union ? In
short, whether the tpoilt have not more to do with
the matter than anything else ? That is our opinion,
and such we believe to be the opinion of the people.
In conclusion, we trust the “happy family" may
become more and more happy each day between this
time and the meeting of the Cincinnati Convention,
and that they may worry each other w it bout cessa
tion until nothing is left of any of them.
Buchanan Again-t the Field!
The Examiner goes in for Old Buck strongly, and
tells some plain truths touching his unworthy rivals.
But the estimate, which the Examiner puts upon
Gen. Pierce, is marvellously small ' Paid in advance,
ten times over, by the nomination in 1852 ! Well,
are we Whigs much to blame in not being able to
appreciate the admirable President, when his own
friends rate him so low ?
The Examiner undertakes to reconcile Douglas to
Buchanan. We apprehend our neighbor will miss
it there. Suppose Old Buck elected now, what be
comes of Mr Douglas'chance in IStiO ' Are all the
candidates to come from the North? Until you give
that assurance, the Little Giant will not give much
heed to your racket.
Erom tke Examiner.
Wc are fully await- of the unprecedented exertions niak -
mg at Washington city to poison the public ear against
Mr Bui Italian ami till the minds of the people with pn-ju
-lice against him. Let us examine very bi icily the charges
•is they aie conveyed to the country through the question
ililc aluic-'S selected lor their dissemination. It A m kern am J
iliat Mr. Buchanan was hardly wound on the slavery ques
tion because certain Freesoilers were willing to support huu
lor the Presidency, liicon-cqucntial as tire conclusion seems
m be from the premises, all the little breath ol vitality
shirh the malignant imputation ever had, has Iveen most
completely kicked out ol it by the letter ot Mr Buchanan,
! which we publish above. So "that cock won't fignt;"
ihat guu is spiked; that dog is dead. Be-ides, we should
like to know il the Frvesnil wring of the Democracy of New
A ork would not vote lor Mr. Pierce should he get the nom
Again, it i* said that Mr Buchanan is not *i«aif on the
Taritf question, d el, the united voice of Virginia voted
lor hint fifty time* as candidate tor the Presidency, at the
last Baltimore Convention, when his tat iff opinions were
oome a little more fastidious since? And if so. what on
•nrth has caused the qualm ? Why, our worthy anti-taritf
gentlemen who " can't go oM Buck," advocate the
“rlmmt" of Mr. Pierce to a re election; whose adminis
tration stands on the record as advocating a most ubnox
ious tariff through the Secretary of the Treasury. Mr. (iu
tlirle, and committed Imlh by the speeches and reports of
tile Secrvtaiv ol War, Mr. Davis, to the building ot a Rail
road to the Pacific Ocean, at a cost, we should think, of
at least five tunes that of the whole American navv. This,
nio, we think*, i* ‘‘a cock that won't fight." For whom,
then, shall Mr Buchanan he postponed ? For Mr. Pierce?
Without intending to disparage this gentleman, we must,
nevertheless, can impartial journalist, declare the opin
ion, that the idea is simply absurd. _ The Presidency will
never again be filled twice hi succession by the same man;
nor in our opinion ought it to be. It was well enough In
the earlier stages of the government, when the count#\
was small and uuw. with an iusignificaut amount of patro
nage to bestow All that is changed now, and the term ol
service ought also to be changed, at least until we find
such men in office a* those men who have held it tor eight
vears. We cainiot fit* mistaken in supposing that the Pre
t sciential office for one term is ample reward tor any and
■all the services which Mr. l*ierce has ever rendered the
country in all Ids life put together "Uratitudf" of the
>outh ? Why, good gracious, was not Mr. P. paid in ad
rum-# ten times over, by the nomination of 1H5•> *
Shall Mr. Buchanau lie postponed for Mr. Douglas* If
there is a man in the Democratic pa’ty who, all things
considered ha- a good right to stand in the atilude of
honorable rivalry with Mr Buchanan lor the Presidency,
it certainly is Judge Douglas. Except in age alone, he i
m all respects the equal of the great Pennsylvanian. Ow
1 me to the position which he chose to occupy during the
whole id last year, however, he yielded the vantage ground
' lo Mr Buchanan. We admonish the friends of these
I iwo gentlemen not to consent lor a moment to stand in the
J atitude of Amli/i/y to each other. The aim of their op*
j laments i* to plant discord and irreconcilable la ids In—
tween them, «o that they may fall by each other hands and
their berritage be divided amongst liieir enemies. But we
have satisfactory reason to believe l.iat the plan Uperlect
i ly understood by the friends of each of those gentlemen
i and is another "cock that won’t fight.”
Tliif Washington scheme of fomenting strife among the
j friends ol all those who are worthy lo be President—that
ihe unworthy may with certainty clutch the spoils, is al
ready a failure.
Maj. l>out*l«on.
The following letters in testimony of the patriotism
ability, and statesmanship of the "greasy Tennessean"
a- Brownlow calls Maj Donclson, will speak for thenisrires.
The first i* from Mr. Mason, of Virginia, Secretary of
Stale under Mr. Polk, and addressed to Mr. Donelson, who,
in consequence of ill hi-ulth, was compelled to give up Ins
I office of minister toTexa*. The second is Iron* no less a
' personage than Frank Pierce
WisttiNxrrov, Ang. 7, 18-15.
Mf! Orur .Sir —The president Ima received informs
bon on which he relies, which has induced him to direct
, ine to send the accouinanyiug despatch to you—a copy to
(ion. Taylor, and one to Col. E A. Rhodes, the Vice-Con
sul at Galveston, with directions, if you have left the
■ ouiitrv. on your return home, to regard the despatch as
addressed to him, and lo proceed without delav to execute
its instructions.
If thi* shall find ton in Sew Orleans, the President
wishes you to exercise your own discretion in pursuing
your journey home or ill returning to Texas Vour j
vour coiiciU'ioit.
Tli<> services which you have rendered your country in
tin- delicate ncgoti itions intrusted to you, arej.istiy appre*
ciated lour prndrnrrl diii'letiou anil ability, haw in*
spired the i'resnicnt with a confidence winch would make
him fed much more at cane, if that delicate task could ba
in your hands.
Hut y.uir sacrifices and risks have been already so great
that Ilf leaves >our decision entirely in vour hands, and
*nu need apptchend no disapprobation on his pail, if you
determine not tn return.
It gives me great pleasure to assure you that the publi
cstion of your official Correspondence wall give you a mntt
m iabl* reputation f'tr tA* hybrnt ijaahtirt t,J a
mail anil dip/oiiiat
The President unites in the kindest rega.ds, villi your
J. v. Mason
Mijor A. J. I>oNri*tov
Co*coai», Mi? 30, 1360.
Mr Disk S,k -I rejoice that the le* ling rugaii of
our party is now ^ under yom control, s;id regard the
clisrige as most aiisplcinus at this Juncture There i< a |
great hattle trefore us—a haltie lor the I'..ion—a battle
lor the ascendancy of tlie principles. Hie msinUtiance of
which so nobly signalized the adndnialraijon of Oeneral
Jackson Tlie /mrr, rigor, and tlalrt lan liki araip
Which you have brought Pi the column* ol the .. are
not merely important, lin y are nb-Jut.l.dupmtable
in llii, crisis. With respect, vour friend .nd servant
— - - -* - - - __ _
Mr. Fillmnrp in Tennessee
from sil III. accounts we daily rceeive font Tenn. *o «
lire cause of fill ..ore and Honelson is progressing finely.
A* evidence, vr subjoin the following Irib ite p> Mr Kill- |
more from the Memphis Hullvtin, « paper which has no I
sympathy whatever with the American organization
llie reputation of a public man is a property which It
I. -lisloyai P> iui|Hoich. uni. as upon good a,el solid ground.
W hatever may ln> Mr. Fillmore's alter career-whether
the recipient .rf new and fr.-sh honors, or the r|.dented
candidate of an "n-uccewMul party—It „ indubiuM. and
imltwoivUe that h. In». f,„|v earned the repotation upon
which repoacs thee-a, fi denes ,A l>is ronnuvr en II.. I.as fair
ly and liilly »•«. the title p.tull t,„-t in h„ J,.y,|,lv to the
. O..S,„u,.o., p, full fait,. in hi, integrity and p.-hce aTl
statesman toward ,,|| -ecrlons of the Republic ff he ha.
'’''w-r 01 tn’ ui
■I»y an act ..I Hod, |,e Wat placed In , position which
V""“’ ''‘S',"' k't- V.Me lotegritv HI.I I.. „f ,,„f. I
hi. fr. ling, all In. prrjud.f.. „„ „ ■
...... had been . . in the mould ot . ... ,1
the t ..sod his oath ol office i nl illertuglv hr... 1
I* I-Uk,.«lv under the inrt . nee o„|, „f lm„e.i . .
• lemr a .d «n enl.g'le.i. d mind the mar. ol a ...
was Iran .form. . i .to He man of the ..
r davs ..I l\ ..hi. cl.m, ha. tl. ... I* .,, a • .... I M , ,...
.Vih.".;I!,!,'Tf" 14 ‘,,M* "•"""•'«'s»um. eihilrit.-d more |
Ith. fsrit of . ,|Ual and ..art j.,.|ic,. p, all ... of |
ol lie r nif . ... of If,,. ( mslifuri II,
s .C Ids reft e.nent from office, there ha. (wen no act
| of hta to tarm.h loh, ,. „„f when rl.e
I to. .cord,„ find the
' »'••• .nrpie. u, it do s ifseR
| - Of mffirt/ng s.ti.ou tbo pow- ,
Principles and Policy of the American Party—Ja. 8.
To quality a people lor a Republican government, they
must uut wily have intelligence and virtue, but they must
undergo a avwtetu ol training and instruction in the piin
ciplua id liheity, and in tha practical workings ol free in
stitutions They must learn to reverence Ihe law and to
obey it. They must acquire sell-respect, and sell-conH
Jeuee, and understand that tlieir well-living is inseparably
inter smell with the peace and good'order ol society —
They must comprehend that the rvatraiuU of social organ
isation, are not the arbitrary impositions ol tyrannical
i power, but the voluntary surrender of a portion of their
natural liberty, Ibr the more secure enjovuieut ot the real -
| due.
Without such a training the efforts of our ancestor* to
, establish our present lortu ol government would have
proved air abortion For more than one huudred years,they
were educated in the principles of five government, un
der the fostering care of the mother country. Widely a«
paralcd from England, the colonies were necessarily en
trusted with the powers of legislation, subject, ol course,
to the supervision of the supreme governmout ol lireai
Britain. This led the colonies to staudy the principles id
freedom engrafted, during a long succession ot ages, on
the British eonatitutiou, and to practice them iu the reg
illation of their own a flairs When the cri*i*,thcrrfore, ar
rived in their affairs, caused by the attempt of the mother
country to violate the rights of the colonies, they were
prepared to understand the wrong that was about to be
done them, and to assert the true doctrine* ol liberty io
their own behalf.
The protracted struggle ol the Revolution, and the dan
gers and suffering* incident to it, also tended to enlighten
the luiuds of the people, aud to fit them for the high re
sponsibilities ol (heir position. !>i*cus*ioo was Ihe order
of the day throughout (he colonic*. The ablest men of
the country were busilv engaged in explaining to the peo
P1**. in oral Inn rangin'*,and published addresses, the nature
ol the evils with which they were threatened. The whole
, country was aroused to the highest pitch of excitement.
Information was greedily sought for by all classes. The
works ot Milton, Isx-ke, and yatnpdcn wen* in everv
hand, and iftere never has been a day, when the mind of
a nation was so thoroughly aroused, and so well instruc
ted, not only in regard to Ihe particular qaeatiou* involv
ed, but also in regard to the abstract uature of the rights
l and duties ol (he government and the people, as wore the
| ivlonists at the close of the revolutionary war.
I Thus taught in a seven years' school of trial and adver
sity, when they came to form a government, they brought
; to the council chamber an amount ol knowledge ol the
true principles of freedom, whirh, 1 venture to say, no na
i lion of the present day could equal. Rut with all these
advantages, it was after long trial ami tribulation, that
they were enabled to mnsolid-ile their liliertie*, by the
adoption of the admirable svstem ol government under
which we live.
Is it a matter of surprise then that Amtrieaw#—the dc
•Ci-nUents of those who accomplished this great work, and
who have learned, not only from history, but from the lips
ol their fathers, the danger* ami trouble* bv which tlie
country was surrounded, and the difficulty with which
they were surmounted ; should look with jealousy
on every thing which tends to put their priceless heritage
in peril ' Is it to be wondered at, that, knowing the com
plexity and delicacy ol the great machine entrusted to
tlieir charge, they should Ik- unwilling to see it surren
dered to ignorant, incompetent or utifaithful hand* ?
How is it powuble that foreigner* can have the same in
terest in, and attachment to, our countrv and its institu
tions a* Americans * All their early recollections are as
soctated with a far distant land. Their traditions, syiupa
ll.ic*, and affections (if they be good tan) are all with the
homes of their childhood As Archbishop Hughes re
marked, with equal truth and beauty. *‘I would not ex
change the bright memories of my early boyhood, in
another land, and another skv, for those ol auv other man
living, no matter where he was born."
Who diK-s not concur in the noble sentiments expressed
bv Henry Clay, in the Senate, on Ihe 7th ol Feb , l<tr?-i
“The searcher of all hear Is,” said he, “know* that every
puts-iiion ol my mi ri -1 bests high ana strong in the cause
. "urmcr n is »aie aim praciiraoie, I de
sire to see every portion of the human family in the enjoy
rnent of it. But /prefer the liberty of toy airn country
to that of any other t>eonIr, and the liberty of my own
rare to that of any other.
Shall we then jisrpard the liberty of "our own country”
and "our own race" bv entrusting it to the custody of peo
ple '*• foreign countries, anil of a race alien to our own v
But let US now turn to the statistics of pauperism,
crime, intemperance and vagrancy, and see what revela
tions thev will make in regard to 'the virtue and intelli
gence and capacity for sell-goverunient of our foreign
population. .
The report of the superintendent of the census shows
that, in I85il, there was expended in the United States,
of public money, for the support ot pauper*, $2,954,.Hub.
Thi-was, of course, independent of all private charities.
The number ot paupera supported was 134,972, and ol
these, 66,556, or more than one—half. were foreigners 1
New 1 ork had, iu that year. 4",56n foreign pauf*ers,
and only 19,275 natives. Iu that State, oxe ix h eri'
sIetexx of her foreign population was a pauper, whiLstof
the native population, but one or evert one hcxorfc
axil twextv-sevex wag ol that elasa.
In Pennsylvania, oxe ix nrrT-roCR of the foreign pop
ulation was a pauper, and'oxs ix three hixored sxn
EuRTV-TWo of the native population.
Kami other sources, such as the Prison Discipline
Journal, American Register, American Almanac, kc the
following tact* have been ascertained •
Lrotu 1627 to 1640, there were 8,671 persona relieved
and maintained in Massachusetts at public expense, and
ol this iiumber 6.I04 were foreigners!
Th- number received into the Baltimore Alms-house in
1851 was 2,150, of which number about 9'sr were Dish
and ftciruaux. In 1854, the whole number received was
2,354, of whom 1,398 were foreigners; 641 being Ger
mans, and 593 Irish.
In leiuisville, the number of iumalas of the Alms-house
were 164, of whom 135 were foreigners!
In Buffalo, N. Y , the returns ot commitments to the
I WoRR-Hocse are as follows :
fiat tea. Foreiyn. Total.
1852 254 7<>8 96*2
1**3 316 fc52 • 1,150
1864 344 851 1,198
1855 360 l,lr*2*» 1,882
Total, 4 years. 1,276 3,416 4,692
In Oiainbersburg, Pa, the Transcript says that, during
a period ol nine month*, 553 paupers were received nt
the poor-house ot Franklin county, ox whom 522 were
lii New lb leans, the number ol commitmeuta to the
city R rrk-hooas for two weeks, ending 3d August, 1855,
was D»8 rd whom, 92 were foreiywrt /
I might extend those details almost indefinitely, but
those that 1 have given must be sufficient to satisfy any
reasonable mind, of the character of the mass ol the im
I have already, in connection with the letter of Mayor
W ood, and to confirm hi* statements, shown that more
than half the criminals of our country are of foreign birth.
I will now add a lew more specific facts from the differ
ent States.
In Mas*acliu*etL* there were, aieordmg to the table* of
I65n, 7,25(1 convicts, of whom more than half were for
eigner*—and throughout all New Kngland the propoiliou
wa* about the same.
In Mi*souri there were 908 convicts, of whom 666 were
In Connecticut the whole number was 650, of whom 805
were foreigners.
I., nr..- ,1... _1_..... .
In Maine the whole number was 744. of whom ten were
Hut without going more at large into the subject, I will
Mate the general laet, lhat according to the census of 1880,
the convictions among Ih, natir, population were but os*
in every IIII n s iriNi.arn aso iiohtt—those ill the for
' H" population were oar in every |U5
In ilie four cities of New York, Brooklyn, Albany, and
Buffalo, the numlrer ot convictions in 1882 was 8,783, of
•brim 2,*n*2 were foreigners!
Ol Ttmrti-iicsiinKir san o*t arrested in New York, for
drunkenness, in the tir»t week in August 1855, two hi n
1'fr.ti and riTTT Two were foreigners 7
Hut f ps*' from these di-gustmg details, to consider the
indirect effects of this population on social and political
No argument ran Isi necessary to show that such elo- j
iiienta us those d»-acnlied in the statistics ntmvc cited, 1
must necessarily create disorder, riota, ai d violation* ol ;
Isw in any community into which they may be thrown
The tables themselves show that fact, llut such persons
bring other and iodjreet evils on the country, which, il
possihln, are more latai to iu security, |b*"n those to
which i have referred. When limy become invested with
the right of suffrage, candidates lor office will seek their
votes, and. In order Pi get them, will pander Pi their pr>
jiidice», consult lluir plea-ure, and adopt cv-iy means to
win their fsvor To do this, Tin. orvtca in visa ut sT
SINK Tu thei* LCVrt.. He must promise to do what ac
cords with their wishes and t isles He muat ssaociate with
them, drink with them, flatter Ihein, and if need he,
hrihf thnn ’ fn tin* way the Candida tea b,,on„ pronti
tutn, unit Ihr rtpmrntatimbfromrrorropl Aflcr election,
•sung smion* to retain (heir places, their eyes are cqnstant
fj fl «cd On the Tolers, and th-ir |egiaj«p/e action is shaped,
not by s regard P| the principles of the Constitution and
the welfare of the country, bill by a <|e*ire pi conciliate
the faror id this potential element in electron* ' And
having made large sacrifices Pi secure their or at* they
think it but fair Pr s-ire the earliest opportunity Pi reiiii
hurse themselves by plundering the treasury, under the
Kui*e of sarnie contract or claim on the ftovemnnnit '
Have we iiot ev, o Ixdi' id the hurnihstmg ape# (*. |# ,g
1 lididslc* lor the f’rcsidency courtu g the foreign vote in
the moat open and undisguised manner ’ And whsl are
»l| the homestead lew*, aralpre-emption laws, and land I.■
Hihution laws st nominal prins. hut palpable, ai»l I l,a I
• Imrist -aid eiirrupt lad* by political aspirants for llie ft,,.
'(HI vote! The dignity and indefx mh i ci of the officer is
■•sm di -trilled hv nrai lire# It*. Ih. -e, and he -non Oe
■uue s -uppS. pa,f iu the hands id an Hica ruptilnu* run
Tlie I.e,| -Icpi. Iro*, mJifrrt In it in, I t,i||*err fn
-ti*.f ol inn . «.d wind* whufi du mil -sl|afy hunger or
linmeat. ad- for no n wl.o would tie oai la/y to wink tlictn
I they had them money read* runii-i. will Is* demand,
d yea, A.is/.seii. ami a a, mini’ tali • Pi • ufien
l-insinleil, a- the puce td vof'-*' |flt|* MSHli-y |- road
in - leiiiei.l in polos al e.ao. *t-, and w. alo sdt ts gin I
■•••• iu out ii piddle III- germ id II. »f ere.upturn who h en
dll. .| Hu fo . Igo I’. im.au baud- to put up If. impcilal
•man of Home at auctiiiii' Continue Pi import I or-lea ol
guorew and deprave I for. ig an.l .|.,ti, Hun. with Hu
'■—live fraricloae, and the day |a led fai li-t.iut whrr. the
l"»H» IImI curt roifiHmiHl lid- ntft<1 nnt>n t ml' « «,i |Mv«
ll" 'h-cli.. Old ..f loop-ill s fit ji.l.t, Ho m. fir
anti rlu i h s It.at tin y an buying If., u p. *i. iacaesvi
Itir all. luative felt them is con upturn or ag. a. isi.isin
Bui thi* I. not the only form In which the evil ol for
oen influence on political affaire develop* itacit Maur
id the educated lorvtgom bring with them the nvM die
iocusl vi«Vi of ih« etufc vnl vi«w| oI •octal urg«tii/*Uoo.
■auy of Ihcfti are infidrU, allivt«U, mialirti an<J a^rari
ans, and by their wild and demoralizing rdt-wa corrupt the
vert fountains of Uberty. Mormoriisiu ie a .trihiug rllu*
Iration id thi* specie* ot foreign Importation. In it we
behold the mnat disgusting exhibition that the riviliaed
world has ever witueaaed of imposture, irrehgion and
Iw-astlv lieenliousnvas, Introduced into the heart of oor
country, and auatained by the aid and influence ol fur
|iolilieal and religious—or rather anti religious the
1 "riee of many of the tier mans, are quite as shocking to the
moral sense id lbs mass of our iteoplr, e» Ihs practises of
the Mormons art- revolting to their idea* of decencv aud
I propriety.
It U well known that some years ago au association was
formed, under the title of " Free Germans,” having its
head quarters in Iswiaville, with branches in all th« prin
, cipsl cities of the Union, which entertained and sought to
give efHc.ency to the most dangerous Slid anarchical
doctrines. In March I Sot the branch in Richmond
| published a platliw si ol its principles, and the measures
| dcstgiied, to carry them into practice This platform is
now In-lore me, and I would gladly incorporate it iuto this
article, did not its length forbid. But 1 hope that during
the canvas* it will be republished at large, so that everv
j Virginian may see and reflect upon it.
It denounce* slavery as a “roLITit'jfl asp mosaL Cas
s'** —protest* (lowfkjtf tbr extension ot slavery iwfo ssy
I -lev territory—demands u repeal of tbsfufUisi slew fare,
| n ^woni/irtsi) dwd dryradmy, and us t'ontrory to hu
I sun riyAfi ami to tbr constitution—and insists ” that
\ in national ajfairs the principle of liberty shall be strict•
I Ip maintained, and erew iw the several states it be more
and more realised, BV ulAKAL zxrXHMIH sTIo.s or sLAVk
J *T." It further affirms that "in fieeStales ihc colob or
j ms stit csxxor ji-.nn a mnmati ix huh
I aionrs.'"
Tliis pisiform also hold* that “Sabbath laws. Thanks
giving day*, prayers in Congress, and Legislative owth*
upon the Bible, the introduction of the Bible into free
schools,” ke., shall lie abolished “a* an open violation ol
huiutn rights.”
It also demand* a free cession of lands to all settlers.nu-l
llist citizenship must be early acquired, and that new set
tiers shall be aided “with national means"
All elections to bo liV the people, ami the people,to
have the power to recall their representative at pleasure.
Neutrality in our torasgn relations to tat abandoned —
Woiu.-n to have the same political righta and privileges
ss men ; and the death [umally to be abolished in all cases
This is a summary ot their avowed principle* ; but as
this is a picture ot their doctrines in “the green tree."
let us see how they exhibit themselves when more full*
\\ itli this view, l submit the following attract lioin a
German paper published in St. Louis:
"The first and must principal mark whereby we distin
guish ourselves irom rvligiou* people is, that in a hell-1
on a God, aud that which coiiiiccIm itself with this ht-lirf,
we recognize a destructive cancer, which for thousands of
rears lias been gnawing at humanity and preventing it
from stuiniHg to iu destiny. No individual can live as a
human being ; in no family can true happinem flourish ;
tlie whole human race is hastening on way* ol rnor so
long a- tbr most abominable bohr/oblins GOD, FUTURE
there lore the great task ot every genuine revolutionist to
pul fin th his frost power* for the destruction ot flagitious
wo* trio, vii the lloogotthus, GOD, FUTURE EXIS
No revolution i< more tlisn lull executed unless ihc ri «/
werr- ol tin- great AKCH-MONARCU BEYOND THE
STARS 1> CUT ASUNDER; every attempted revolu
tion is vain if the uimstcss or thls monarch are not ex
terminated, as we are wont to exterminate ruinous ver
Can horrid blasphemy like this need a word of comment
in a Christian community! And yet we find men denoun
cing tlie American party as “hostile to the cause of civil
mill rcliifioud IiImtIV " lN<rmi4p th**v ar»* i.nmiHaii* to so..
wretches, who hold doctrines like these, elevated to places
ol power, and trust, and dignity, iu this land ol religion
ami liberty!
I had proposer!, in this nnraher, to present some views
of the bearing of foreign immigration on Southern insti
tutions; but as I find 1 have already transcended mv ac
customed limit, I will reserve what I have to say on that
subject, until a more convenient season.
Mv next number will b« devoted to a consideration of
the true relation* of the American party to the member*
of the Romish church; and to a vindication of it from
the slanderous charges of intolerance, religious persecu
tion, and a disposition to prolate the rights of conscience.
Ruiiuonu, Match 28th, I8S0.
f/r tar*. R. .1. Hootlitl, and other*—Surf oik :
Gentlemen —I received, yesterday, your polite invita
tion, to be present at the proposed ratification meeting to
be helJ in Norfolk, at an early day—to eudorse the nomi
nation of Mesars. Killmnre ami Douelson. If practicable
it will milord me great pleasure tube present, and address
the meeting. But as the day is not named anti as I tear
it will not be iti my power to leave Richmond, during the
present week, will yon nlloWtne to a^k ol you, ami through
you the “conscientious, conservative, constitution-loving
Whig* of Virginia"—one question which should, at this
time, sddreas itself to every true hearted Virginian ?
/* the Union Worth pretend ng / If it is, how are we
the people to accomplish the desired end except by eleva
ting u> power in the State and Federal Government, con
servative men, correct iu their views, firm in their prin
ciple* sud inflexible in their integrity ? Such a man, is
Millard Fillmore. He needs no eu ogy from the pen ol
any man. He is, in the history of his recent administra
tion, the unmistakcahle type of his own laiue. Above
faction and beyond the reach ol selfish ambition, he has
ev.-r sought to *erve )ii* country, with a fidelity equalled
only by the direct niatdiiies* ol his policy, and the dis
interestedness of his devotion tw the constitution and the
And nil not Virginia m/ifort him f She loves the
Union—and i.s ever true to her own pa*t renown. l|er
sons are loyal to her soil, and bound, by ties too strong to
*>a broken, to her dettiny a* a Slate. They are not ultia
in their view*, or visionary in their patriotism. Shielding
the ».icrcd du*< of WASHINGTON, beneath the impene
trable fold* of Her Flag, will nol Virginia throw over
and around the altar of the Union, the legis of her ar
morial pride, in this, the darkest hour of our national des
tiny ? Ill her infancy, ** a State, she nurtured the Fede
ral compact, in the cradle of it* weakness, and trill she
not now. in the matined strength of her full-grown pow
er, rescue it from the destroying influences uf Abolition
proclivities, on the one hand, and wild party frenxy, on
the other ?
The present i* the auspicious crisis. The hour of (rial
ia at hand. The dark shallow of >11*110100 overhangs the
country. The time is pa*t for the use of party catch
word.*, or political legerdemain. We are in the midst of
a lestful, social, sectional, governmental revolution. The
elements ol political power are sadly changed. Constitu
tional and vested rights—chartered privileges and defined
power*, are becoming daily leas secure. A new principle
of political vitality is being in*idiooslr infused into the
life-blood of the body politic. The spirit of the revolu
tionary period ol ’Tlli* fa*t mingling, under the dominion
of party drill, with the insurrectionary tenets arid demo
ralising rendeneie* developed in Kuinpean tactics. The
stable worth of tried virtue, and the tested value of jarli
tical wi*doni, are idly bartered for the illusory phantoms
of party ynxotisrn. A foreigner, who cannot utter one
intelligible sentence of Kngtish, is, in the opinion of some,
pronounced a better American I Inin the desceiulaiita of
revolutionary ancestors, who are not sworn licgeoien, in
partv livery, and democrats, bv right of buDti*in li.’the
pool ol caucus iplrttmiiity.
Wc tremble—as a great nation—on the abyss of |sditical
ruin. Tlie past is full of solemn aiirnonitiims. Tire pre
sent is surrounded by a tl.sand perplexing isstn-s The
future—over it is auspelnlrd the daik anil still darken
ing cloud of pnlitiral ilrath Is there yet no safety* Must
the Union c.-aac to exist? Are tlm HtaP-s, in llitiir sepa
rate political sovereignties, to ho thrown iuto the chain
nf government dissolution' liisl forbid As a hope—per
haps the last one—full of bright promise,the great political
eouaervator of tlie age, Mill. Mill KII.LM< >KK, is pre
sented In the American p.-ople with the olive branch of
peace in hia hand, rind the chaplet ol constitutional victory
on iris brow. Then let ut.With a united will,proclaim him,
in the voice of historic Irhlh, the champion nf the Union,
the conservator of the rights of the .Statin, the hope ol s'
greet, i, free and pi(trjotio people; ami as such, let not
I irrjinianr fa? frightened Irom his support fry "new is.
sin • nr false metaphor-; lei her sons,in good fsilh battle
for the Philadelphia ticket—Inltllv. proudly, but enur
ternisly. K>»r otre, f promise tornntnbiito the beat rffoits
of mv poor alrilitie* at all times, ami in such manner as I
may Ire able to iln, on proper occasions,
Uespectfollv, JUIIN H, flll.MKIt,
Till (Tfir f.vwa ID Star Von*.—Tlrg X V- Shipping
last, of Hatordwy says
The eflort made to aMngate the Usury laiwa In out
Htale le gislature during Its present Session, h«» proved
futile, but the I .'ham tier of Commerce nf this City, at its
regular monthly meeting on Thursday, recommended a
nntinuanre of unremitting i fTorla to disaetnlnnte informw
tirrn as Ut the evil inflosiirr of these relics of an unen
lightened age The ■ Ifnit failed, mainly in Comwtpienc*
nf the opposition from memtiers representing tlie fonm
try districts A common error prevails, that the removal
•f legal restrictions upon the loans of Money is a ( milling
levlc" of f i|y ' spiralists ami Money-lenders,by which hrt
n-r opportiinllv would lie afforded fhetti for prat-fi-frig e«
lortion upon the credulous and unwary, who, wanting Mon
•y, would he willing to sutitml to an r (hot hi taut shave to
cltevc their necessity Usury haws, they look upon aa
i ifeguaids and protection, helit hi, idly designed by the
l/egia|atute In interpose between the unfortunate ami nee
ly Issioaer ami the grasping and iuieuu«iouatde h*mler ;
.ever wss there a greater mistake. These Usury leiWs
ire by no manner of means the piarr man's hlends ; on the
outrary, li.ey are his oppressors the I sir r irrs Iw'tween
him arel the Money purse of the cspflaltst, which. In Ms
•agio ga/s-. are like the P-mpting viand- were Pi Tiiitlliu,
0 full view, hut just Iw-youit his resell. Thev set Ve as pad
-s fcs nr,.in tl.,. Mih . , y iiiifv- of (tanks and e•pit'iliet* - I
Itiei sit- llama against tin lice eipttlistofi of Monel |key
indt and ertnfiie* the use of that which s|,nnM he as free
■ ml got. sti u p >| i - any other Inti icliaiigi slde rnnmnahlv
check ents-rptfae i||si nuiage Imlu'liy, oppress |Muir and
imped-1 Itie gem-i it prn-peiilv Uolilii ol eeoonini-ts have
i. lil- J the theory of ftii i|iu-s|)oti (nog ago K<'I’h'li-II
01 ike ik* nl Mont) dra-s r„,| answer the purpose de
-igned , the laws mutt | d against Usurt are cousfautlv
•v eli I, and where there is a violation of law involving a
(oi.ultv llien- is always an • i|iilvaleilt ifeittnmhwl, r,v wav
|I cofn|iWi-authwi Ttia capitalist, if III- fcn-ls -,t all to the
needy ItOTittwer, letHls at a rat., of fnterwst which is sine
IO remunerate him In, tin- nsf, to-incurs by imtafing lie
law. a d I ratling to those who roav avail Ihein-elvi— of n
legal I. I. e- Tm - tf el I. in 1 ,h Ii ii.ifttelnd -I |Sv
••*si, I.-.1 ■ n . . i It IS t n> dene.r -kit- ssHi. lt, i-el-r
ring an li.ihitiyal diwtigwid to all the laws ol thu Htalir 1
Bui *o deep-grounded are the prejudices against the remo
val lit all restrictions on the use ot Money, iu the winds
of Ihuee who uke a superficial view of the auhj.-ct, that
it will lie an arduous task to eouibat those prejudices sue -
cewalullt . still, it can be doue, ami by auhmlltiug the ques
tion t • the good swnae and Intelligence ul each auocwsaiva
l.egirlatu.«, we liava no doubt ot the iuerilabla remora
bom our Statute Book of this absurd relic ul a barbarous
—• _ _
1-tnia or a Scicidk.—Cornelius 0. McAuliffe, the
bookseller, who conimiUod suicide iu New York on Satur
day, left s letter, iu which he thus eipi tins the leaaun lor
ending his lilo .
"The reason of tuy determination is simply this that
sortie yeais sgo I toiiued an sttaebuient, unfortunately lov
ing not wiaelv, hut too well. The object of my idolatiy
prvired unworthy of my affections, hut this could not alter
me. nor weaken the spell that bound me to her. I have
used every exertion in my power to obliterate her image,
but iu rain. I Suit, alter change ol sceiut, Ac., nothing
can effect the purpose, and that it is altogether out ol the
question that I could ever love another woman. 1 am
indeed desolate ! Vo hotac, nor anything rearmhliug It.
The tour walla n! a bedroom wlieu I retire at night;—what
is there then to toil for? Fruitless and unproductive,
what good am I to society and niym-ll! None , I am only
in somebody's way, therefore I shall retire.’*
The unfortunate man was highly educated, and is rep
resented as |h>—easing talents ol a high order. Ilv had a
host ol warm friends in New York, although he was origi
nally from lamdotl.
I Mixauaoi’Mu Km until.—A passenger by the above
line arrived ill this city on Saturday last, having had a
narrow escape from the United States Marshal at St. Al
bans It appears he left servitude in Baltimore no the
Iftkof January, and made hia way towards Canada as far
as St Albans, whc*e ho found employment. On Friday
las;, his lormei master aod a United Sutea Marshal ar
rived at the latter place. On making inquiries for the ob
ject ol their pursuit, they were kindly informed that lh**y
would he more succva-dul in securing Ihe prise at Water
burv, Vl, than at St. Albaus. Meantime, the friends ol
the “colored brother" transported him a lew wiles furthei
north iu a sleigh, and placed him on a freight train. In a
few hours he was beyond the resell of United States Mar
shal-, sale on British ground. — Montrra! HrraUl of 31*/
luou Dcusaxua.—By a recent artiral at New York
wo have tho billowing additional particulars ul the riots
at Domarara'
"The noted street preacher, J, S. l»rr. U tter known ill
New 1 oik, and other parts, as the Angel Gabriel, uas
created great excitem -lit in Domarara, between the Por
lugucse and blacks, so that the authorities have dispatch
an! U) a number ol islands lor vessels of war to protect the
place. 1 liear dispatches to St. Vincent, from the Gover
nor cl British Guiana, lor vcmcb of war. No war v.-a
sols in port, and hut lew troops—mostly colored. They
have taken about 1500 or "on rioters as prisoners The
negroes have pulled down, plundered and set lire to a
good many Konntn Catholic churches .tnd Portuguese
ships. Tin* Angel Gabriel is taken prisoner. The health
of the port is very good. Times rather dull, as all inei
ranlik- business is suspended, on account ul the not. A
long boat, coiilaining the captain and crew of hark Mary
llaillet, which sunk about 1st 6= N., lull fy ° , Iroiil
Callao, hound lo I-mdon, arrived Feb. 2n. The M II
was a British vessel, and belonged to I otidou. Thu au
fT*** iWMOO well a.I v ancvfi.
A\ Kxsarix roa Vibuikia Fauukbs.—The laatGolda
bmoiigh, N. C., Tribune says: “Just as we go to press,
a freight tram is starting for Wilmington with a Urge lot
of splendid Western hay—as green and fresh as when
collet ted trow the meadow This hav will now come into
competition with that Imm the North, and, we trust, ulti
mately exclude it from tie- North Carolina market. Mere
in is seen -ar ol the great advantages ol the Central Kail
\\ kk.ut of Ccal.—Bt an act of the* l*t«* Lc^i-Jaturv of
Kentucky, the wpight of a l*u«h«*l of bituminous* coal ha*
been filed at eighty ihmiiuU, while that id cauncl ha-* been
noiuceu to it'Tt'iiiT pounds. Corson* who are familiar
with coal «y that there is but a very small quantity of
the Pittsburg coal that will weigh 76 pound* uudet the
measured bualiel, that being the required weight under
the preseut law.
I. ATKH mom Santa Fk — Advices to the gad of Feb. u
ary state that Lieutenant Johnson, tried bv court martial
was acquitted, and that the case ol Major Blake had been
postponed. Lieut*, Clitr. and Morrison, of the 8d infantry
had, arrived I mm the States with recruits. Col. Chan
dler was still at Fort Craig, Gen. Garland, Colonel Gray
son and Major Blake returned to Santa Fe on Feb
ruary 20, from Alhaqucrque, where they had been for
a lew days on official business. The legislature ol the
Territory liail adjourned.
Tm. flan at Galkxa, III., of which the telegraph ha*
already informed u*. destroyed 82 buildings, including St.
Miclurl's Catholic Church, which was valued si fs.inni
and insured. It originated in the stable If M O. H’ul
kcr, of < hlCAgo. Ol the houses destroyed, 16 were on
the north and 16 on the cast side of Main street. The
Galena Courier office auatained a l«*< ol fi2,oOo, hut was
insured. The total loss ia about |25ii,onu.
I ill II ai tiaii.hi: fiai:—Tin- IhiHimurc Patriot, of Mon
day ereuine says:
The rmuor that was prevalent last night in regard to
several men tiring buried beneath the ruins is totally uu
luunded, as w.- have taken particular care to ascot tain ihe
truthfulness ol it, and find that no one was even injured
by the (siting walls, though several escaped very Harrow
Three weeks ago a Portuguese officer passed through
Lyons, N Y , accompanied bv an orang-outang, which he
had captured in « loirst ol the Brazil*. The height of
tin* animal is nearly six English feet, and it walked up
right, without anv appearance of discomfort. It was
dressed in nankeen trousers and a straw hat.
I xivess.il Aorktltcral Exhibition in Pabis —There
is fob, a grand public exhibition in Pari* un the l*t of
June, at which will be admitted all kind* of agricultural
produce and i imdemenl* from all part* of the wo. Id Pre
mium* varying from 11M i to 11 h s i Irancs, and gold and ail
ver medals will tie awarded to exhibitors, according to ti e
order of the prize taken.
IIkavy Payment —The Mobile AJifrtitr, of the 2d
ill*!., says: Two hundred and sixteen thousand dollars
orineipal snd interest, of Mobile City Bonds issued in aid
ol the Mnhile and Ohio Railroad, and secured by the •»
I percent, tax on the n-altj of the citr. matured and weie
I l>r,'"'P|y P«M yesterday, at the Rank of Mobile.
They fired cannon in N'ear Bedford Harbor, on the 1st.
msl , to make the people believe a whaler was below and
lot* ol boats put down to meet her before their navigators
thought of the peruliar.day of Ihe mouth.
.. Ai ,'J? Janw* T. While of Npoiuyieanta on
in WMl -““r AARONC WIITK. Ill Ihe Mdjesrof hi. .rr
l>r. While ... for i.mi.y year., a popular so.I .ur. „.fu| p-Kllli.nrr
of me.llr.ne In ihr ounty of Carol.nr, where his memory is „ratelU|!y
cherl.he.1 hyIhr■ 1.1.1 Inhshltant. who elperlence.| hi. kln.lnr.., «,,,|
*ffp p»| hf hi* "kill To the *trlctr*| lutmttv gn.i unrirf.f
nPT|,n *V» *®**l®n,r* w,lh fallow man. wrre »fMr,i « , hetrfullLi
of .11.,. -sil on. ana ..oily ,.f ,u inner, an.rlRhllli,,.. orVonver,.
h ™d? h,n‘ * favorite with Ihe ol.l and the youn* l„ l*.
.|o.ne.i„, e.r, !e. he was all ,ha, hi. Invinr ami .,lmlnn, f.,n l/eouM
flT i.1.' t""1 hw" * "“ibi of Ihe d.«--||.le« nr chrltllan
,n ,he "*b
nr Ns.hr He Tenn.-s.oe |is|i;n |>e,v copy.
r|Vft: » iin.ui t MiNiniiy or truiriv
WZ11"'* "T H"' P ’Vo^M^JaVs
rr..»i many com.ne~f»l<,rjr nolle,, m the secular and rrllalou.
f' V*;• w<- so nea e.tract, from Ihe two follow in* new.psm.rs whirl.
Will furnish • iu*t ’<lr« «f ihe icom %nl meric« of ihr hm!k
(From thfr BlckmftiH) ChrUiiM Advuc«i«.1
Another , irglnla Bonk. exhibiting s m.,,1 Important of
. 7; "" Tr" , ""W *'•* colon latllon of lb* fir*
i p*o|.l* ..f rotor ar* prnmlH wdh gr.pl,lr power. Tb* hl.tnrv „f
lb. r„i*r|,r,a*. In all It. Virginian a .peer. and relation*, I* truthfully
. '• "'•l' priwnlrd In Mr H laugh ter'. work. >V* rra.l |i win, rnin
'ZZ :VrT' c"mm'" «» !,ur reader* will,
rf|nni conflilfficr in>l mrnp«inpM
[From fhr Fouihrrn rhnr#hm»n 1
Thu book ripply * d«Mk|er»lum In VirflnlA hMnry. Thr m«
Url.'U Cf.mp •Inc II lor.* br*-n jodlrloii'ijr put t„c. tl , r »ml w|.l, .
d^r. r « ,.•Mil., Mjrtiljr rnd.UMr U> JJ -i.l^ .nd '"L lo\h
Him g*** i n ‘h* r"n'''".•» "«• hi.n.rjr of lb*
Hlal. For ..I, by J.VMF.H WriOllllfll'HF A CO ,
— ' _____ Hichmond, Virginia.
I omio> POMTBRr By i 4.foraal* by
J '?*! IMVKbpdRT, in i', 4 PO
I I Ml 1,1 4 lll.l s .1 II | || || V >. hi agl a. tan
’Hr FN.ll.IHII HIIFKT (HON, for ail* ly *
SIS ions w. QfiRnoN
OWBBRia IRAN, •«»■ nla by
_, join BOtUMIN.
*J I S !r.?i' ' ""V"" nwiMriM - .4
T 1 .1II lll:N Tirol.s. k full ,m..,tn,.nt on hand, adai
' m *bo»*l.. Make, fl ird*n line. Ilar-I. n HI., ar., reining HI,, a .
Tran-plaining Trowllt. Urubblng III..*, H,...l* fork. 4c ,4 ■ which
we offer at low price*. C J HINTON A f'il.
n* _ _ WffR of lira Circular Paw, || Main it real
I I 4 I III II III.!, ■ I M(. W* off.r for .ale * con,pl.t*
4 .~..rti„. ni "f Pal.id Mm I. hr Hlr.lehed l.*.H,rr Inin,*....
•orl*.| Width., from II., winch., MachlnlN'a, M Her**, H.iwtrr’a
ao.| .11 who uw ib* article, ar* lnrll*d lo e.lt *„.| **ar„ n* before
purchnalaff. C. J HINTON 4 09 ,
•“ H gn of lh* Circular Paw, 71 Main *tr*rl
<14 NOII.n PI, PC. IP OUT. for Imparling an .grtrablu
J p-rfum* lo II,* brralb, for .aI* by
*>* _ _ Chnntala, Pc,, lib^n.l Franklin at.
O"' * » mi > n mi n.
for .al* by I.Atlll.RV 4 ROHINHON,
ChcwMf, kr , 4th and Franklin mi
M4V4N4 1 If. tils. Ju i rrrrlrrd aom* rrally prim*
and rrry chop real Havana Cigar., a|
1.11 lil.FV A ROHINHON,
*F»_ M*» Drug *n.r*. 1H, And Franklin ...
‘I Mil Will M HU. I will •
•• Be. on Till KHfl* v neat. In In* , H raluabl* fe,„,l. tlarr* w.l.l
by dir. rtion of tb* Admlntetralor ; On* Han igcetl.ni bon*. **r
rant, and Ib* other* (girl.) ara *up*rlor .amnoewi
K' muni, p n in. w*» ,,M
llw nubile generally Ibaf w* ar* now, and ha*. f„* mm.
I,m* ..lluig Horning Fluid al 7A cent* per Oatlnn, retail rail a* M
Hr„ad.lr..l ORt HRH 4 APPFRNON
\T fr HI If*—IfmpRPg N F Hum. landing and for **t* by
PII'hBRVl ('4Hni.BR, l"» bio liirid • g an.| k.r
•ale by HAVFNP.i|ir pl.l.k / A (to
1*111 HA NIP I S| p* ar. |.|H in ..f of Ib.lr 111. I'-g .oto
4 py <4 tplenllrf II urvKinn *n.| Mtll'HItNV I'I'llNirril F
...'ll'"’, r.a.rini'nl of OOff*0F FI'HN|rt'RK, *,nbr*. lug
rrer* arll.de n- -.«ry lo furnish altno.i a,,y kind of a private R.
•id*,|. *, i lb.'., nf l.'nunOng R mm
I'iil* n. and Hot country Ir.d* In general would H".| II In Ibrlr
•dr flag. In r I....IM* onr ainr* hah.re pu.rha.lng el.ewi.rre, a. w»
me da'r,mined In mil on term, to mil ,l,e lime. .,> _,r i
4 fk 1 k H . / , P I I VFl II III I HI Ik! . do*
llrlr I «. I. -and Can. an I R.r< L. t. c ,r.|. . ,
I. .... I, .# l.nd.r.g and for aal* l.y HFI.HPN a MII.I.gR.
•I'* Corner P*,r| and Cary .Iren. ,
I 11 nr mi r.s fHi.n r p-hp.nii hi. «i ini r.
■ Ml,, loll'. Caudle.. Adamantine C.nn|. .. ,I.od,. |
lot «*l* ty Pl.liPN A MII.I.PR,
Cnn.r, P, .,| .od C.r* drwll |
HUM II V.ri'r* Pee Rbal.iy r.rn and hi,,k T*».
. edlo.n gl.bl, Pi. .hi •io.ry.nl Mo.le, . Wh.*. , |,ur
g.i . I, I* »i Win a of low and irwd on. f|,i.in.e. j„.i i,r, i..| .nd .
b.r -.1* by HFM'RN A Mil I FH
•|d Corner Pearl and Cary airtela I
. Ora*a u» a*a Warn, April », UM
' lfT**i* Maa* »>a Lading a|> lu New Tot. and Ida .ale. wild!*
**• T*** J*J1 haaa teas anuaually laigw At Ida Mac and Auard.
an Matarday. AU.WU men aahl at AA)»—natter1, aplma slaty day.
**•***»• T*** Aoard, *».■**> aara aodl on aaaaa I arm., aad
A-V»i al *J\ Tha clualag price »n Ida par. ad lug Monday aaa AA — I
Tha lalagi apd raporl. a.to. la day al AUlg.
According lu Ida Aacralary of Ida Huff Ho Hoard af Trade, lha I
alia la Ida graalaal grala atari and depot lu Id* world In MSA. Ida
raoatpl. of grain «“d Aour .mounted, In Ida aggregate, lu 9S.dM.IIf
buadaU Th* moat Imports,! rlanl uf Huffnlo In Ida t'nMad Alalea la
W-toago. ndera Ida laealplaaf aU klaJa uf grata la IIU. amounted
to lA.An.SM bushels ll to Haled that nu foreign grain port raealaaa
more than nine and n half million, of buatnda annually, and Ida!
Hainan million, of kuahel. af whaal, corn, on I a, barley, aud rya,
changed haada In Hug.lo lam year
The Chicago Paaaa paMlahea lha following Halam.nl of lha guan
Uly of lour and grain la Herr on |M April, lu that i ky, cum|mrail
with that on hand al ika am data far two fret loon eoneana:
_ ... April 1,1994. April 1.1995 April I.IAM.
Hour, bhl* IA.AAO M.ROH 19.1*9
Whaal, hu.il . VMM Mt9.n*» IV. Hum
Jr™ . «*>j« !«>'! *n>«
. AAI.TSA W41A lA.kuu
“f* •••. |l«.#n II.ISW 9..kal
"•'“A W.iau
Tulal Itewlu. buah .1,119 A99 WM.79M IdTim
Hour in OraUi . Ml.gJo 99.115
Tulal egulraleni In buah MM£TS AAA.AM 9*M»
Th* liochcalar I'uluu Kat bran making togulrtra at tha teaarnl unlit
lhaaa. and ga'lirrt lha following aggrrg.tr. af lha Hock an hand —
Tfmy will nol aary much from tha Irwa finding
Hour, Idda. loaiai
The mow paper mO.Ii :
lhT "* w!r* *™ “*kl"« fr»«n Canada, and nor ,.f
re^en.ii I?o^ ,h*u m.aufa.lure Iheta >m.ll
recw | *• HmaI m thv mivu lui bn u fur felili.f fl..Ur forward by
uLo-u.^ tr- r-*'— •'<
1 Oo ln lh* KjkMern «»•**•€•, or lu »«or« ihe AUtutk port*.*
Th, New Turk Cuurler reatowa Ida proapecte far breadduA., al
follow :
dir^uiSS*. m brTiJ1.'“,’ ,n °T *»«'>••» AOJ TM-ch markrla ha.
mU^?ilfn* >**n h',*> 'ml unleaa tha neat newt proaaa more
teaarafdajdk ngpnate will be conAned to Colton and ProehUona. and
Foreign kkchniigaa will again da tear, a Tbl# unfaaor able turn It
renil fur Utelr Urfe puntutri of forriru *lry rood a The reu**l of
prohibition of evport from the lUlUa iiMrleta? It •not*, hoe p«a| %
llth^T”1 E*0*-.*1 In the Kreuch wwrkel.. oblfe from
iH «K * 5?kch •pevtlUlore, «w »re of ih*t fact, are elreedy huyli.*
l^or^^r’^te.'T^ p,or* — •«
Kali la aery abundant ami cheap I. New Ortoana. and can b, pur
chan«l Utere at from flny u, seventy (We per . rot lew then In .New
i«hW or tkitoo. Tl»e Crrecent My i
lar»'^teTkj!jte^*!!!!*'*!£** to *** '*r,tr importation* of aall, of
“*** k*,r* *>»*lb« barn intde, to nrriar, and Hint l.»tea in a large
amount would remit from Ida oaer Importation*. Mailing tall al bo
J" “ck,““ •b- » loHng bue nra. somewhere, earn If
nr,r^l*Ur "1 ''I1*’" ,r~ “ “ * B»* inaettmanl at p,..*„,
Pmcyw, th->ufh the Mock le unu«uelly heavy The inii>»r tel tout el
ih«£^le*“c# U,r *r’1 wf m,trr u#,» UP to lh« 8i** Meivk,
Ih* POM five yeere. were ee follow a
Mr,nLLj . W. ISM IHM. im
Tur7? |'li.rd .„d all «*WA» 47A.MA
aider kinds, bud. MA.SSO tAA.SA. 101 1ST ■*»< TTS H| a,*
u -inrrv**' ',hu »«r
ll appear, from Id, Juurn.l CVimmercr ihni the total Import, of
foreign g.m.1, nt New York In March I. Ml U.g r than for
^cTdO,"-?ui‘*‘ rr Thr '“U' '*•* Uhcc month,
reach A9I.S. I,**, uhkh it »!«,«?o,IM9 grm,,er ,h.n for .halhree co.
ra.pon.ling month, of lad yea, p„r the ..In, moollm of lha Anal
year, commencing W.hof July lart. the import, amounted ta A|«l„
TMl,114, or f9iMi*9,A'.| more than for U.e anma perln.1 of the latt A*
cal year. The ciport, uf Bwrchaadlta and product, for the nine
month, of the Ate.l year, are AM.idl,;** greater than for lh, nmr
tltnr Uwt jeer.
It l« Muted tn e W«di!nftou letter the! the receipt* of the Uultrd
Kmiea g ...rumen./or f*, uv,4 before lad .kewedad cpendilur. .
hy the .un, of »l,4-kljai|) A. the .am* rath, f„, one year the rC
orpla would cicecd th* <A|mndllui>. ft i.iam.iaui.
r.„. . r lnD'LT.I',0l«* MARKfrrM. April S.
, l*' Tor Tlunr lie market thla morning a a, dull Tlnrcwa.
an.lcrcfK.rtcdo" Xhaige fMObdls. Ilowanl Mtrcrl al tli T.’i and
5. sLfiwi«a-»",‘o'
W 1'.' I!,V1,71*1'1n 0f ,*br*' W; rr nboul M.dOll buthel. Prlto.
V V. v " ” tIr‘!n' a* " for extra rt or at UtLk,
le'hl elllhirY* *5^“ *»r ftmlly floor couM bar, I-jet,
*oW *' cu ,of wpvrfiue flour Wheat the market la dull
PtutHMw —The Provision dealera aa a body, m conformity will,
* *rfor the rrr1"- ?,*,lr ,hf'r *'■•***»»•»' on -Orange tlT, u„.r„
I'™', -'..le .,n rcfareeented, the member.
** ‘wdlng hou*ea being prraent. There wa. » br ,-k
inquiry and aome pretty large tranaactlona took (dare The market
*ale, oV.--l'».; Ihehuik sHel nn’Vlw^^r'jj^UriVf. hM.' d!!
«^.aa'm^amr «—• w. aaBIb, from II tol4lg
domestic markets.
uJIJ7IT.SrS.te1.! !i“ '«»' to note a httle more a,
tltrlly In this article lo-dxy, Ihe market atlll conllouea unwilled For
mlulT "w '[•' market I. .|,|| dull, »„.| ,|,e de,„.„.|
limited. We quote prime real and White to-day at (I door a 1 va
l«I«’r atS'm^lum
t Wf«»- With light receipt, for the aeaann, and an acllre demand
from chipper*, there It a further improvement it, tl.la article lo-dat
and w. noie wle. of a-.eeal U.l. at t\r , for good to prime
nrle^f<V<>“T. T'*" »-r/ light for the and
cr ,D “1,1 mmo l' ’ A a the great hulk of tlie
Top It •dll hanping in the Uim umo it mu.t U 'ini.
he or. the rece.pl. u,.l be by an, mean, hi..; "n comlTn l«.
f MV" V" mht^la*aaaavT,rr‘ *' IMttramaion Ian and
fair to very good 1617171.. com. on leaf |7uA7la tnlddnnegH6h.fi u
.;,d f.;r ," wM*.,* o, tb, qauttay rutumg 'ij
market it much lett than Hie detuwml. *
auJLXt"e*°T,iif1' Aur" Bale, today of KM bb|. „
T*"“w ‘Dp- *I‘J I1,*" f' r hard, bring an advance of cla
bM *, iTtk im Furl her.ale. Saturday uf V.7
It’ VSiV of L6U »' «">c price
fo.it —We note the receipt of a care., of 1,3011 bushel. whl. I,
. ',■"•fell hgnda at «"l da per buahel flour— Tl.ere la a good
ply of Wilmington and Fayetteville brand. In market, and we note
The W,ne|,eater Republican chronicle, the aa], 0f g farm on lloge
creek, fur the aura of #S,nofl, equivalent to ca.h The land .oh! for
#d37& twelve year. ago. Ernm the game paper we learn that at a
putlie aal*. on Monday lad, two hundred and twelve acre, of the
lamta of U,e late Henry Mytva, about two mile, northeaat of Win
cheater, comprlai I the original Sank* tract,brought #61,4 . per acre
Mr Myera paid $A7,v7 per acre for II thirteen yraraagu Both thear
farm, lie upon the route of tlie Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampddre
The LoulXTlIle Journal contradict# tha statement, ,copied In Uw
W1 Ig, a few day alnce,) In regard to the tale at low prh-ea of a block
of build,uga In Loulatllle. The paragraph repreaented that Urn tale
referred to all rdt l a fair Indication of the price, of raal retale !i,
that ettj. Tha Journal mj«
“The property alluded to brought a very fair prlea con.tderlng the
"/•“I a1"* <»»r “f Ihe hull-ling., and Ihelr proalmity lo g aoap far tort
filling .he air with all aorta of nolaome and noxlou. gear! The,;
w.. a public wale of real eatale In thlt city upon the aame day at.,I
one a few daya prevluua and one alnce, at all of which price, were
obtained r-jti.iderahly in advance of the price, of laal apring In fgrt
much log er than at any prrvloua time. Taking all the recent aide.
Into consideration,It I*evident that real eatate lu Louiavllle ha. ma
terially Inrreaard In value alnce laat spring—
The Frcderlckaburg Herald aaya:
••We were In error the olh. r day In etallng that Col Warren had
,1,!1A7l'nd"h;'*'•'* •' *>0p*r»«* •< a..i.„d
of nui lo lK*la««re that hr t#>ld ”
Ti,e*c, O —The break* for Ihe paal few daya hate been light, hut
the pri.|Miit|nt,h>o«c tohaceo offer mg ha, been larger than uaual
W • quote l.nga, heaay, Ac . Ac.
Whvbt —The market waa very dull t i-day, few If any aalra having
hern efferted Thei, I. no diapoaltlon to tray lnf-th,r wheal, and
rhoi, r lot. are earer.|lng y rare- We quote red and while at # I In
91.10 par good lo prime. A superior article of white would com
maud about I at
Fl/itm —Aa stocka continue to gcrumulatr, and prlrra In Ihe
Northern market, are giving way, holder, evlnee more readiness in
tell, and to-day err. offering renal supriflnr at 7 aa It arrlvea —
A rate of fra* I,hi. aa. made on terms not reported, hill probably at
lh<.ae figures Wa qu da ahlpplaff auperflne at 7 V, from Ihe Baal,,,
and ’N66f -a from Store, fancy brands 7Vh#Al», Eitr , . Kya
Bt o«■**!> Noiisu* -kiuri Dunlop, Moncure A Co. sold ihe
cargo of the thig Amo* |.*wrencr, till* morning, constating of 1M0
hhdt Hugar. fair In choice quality, and lAtibhls. prime \|.,)a««r- —
Tt.e A„gar hr.-ught LH»«/V If, «y. ,aging M 70 A few hint. of Infe
rior quality Tie- W..Ua4rs was all taken at 4Arrft4V cent*.
Coair — Wr q.totr at 0 rtUft cents
Co«» Meat. Wr quo«e at 7**<f9*40 eta per bushel.
OiTa-Wr qoote at AfK^bJVt rents.
• l it ASI, ftM-Oll Milts.
April 9th Fair In Nrhui runty of Idhd*. lota, negroes, etc.
1^,1 fin Frankliti sireit.tMtwr.ii Wall and tfMh -ts , hr no rly or
cup*,.I by J WomMr's f*>rk bouw. at I o'clock I* M
tin the premises,at II o'clock, «l,e '* Wakefield " estate, l\ miles
from Petersburg—In lots to suit purchasers. Pale post tier
l°th Truster*'sale of houses and lots on Orwre and Hroadstr.,
Church ll'll, at 4 o’dorg p M
I |th.—Building lots iwi North side of Cary street, opposite Cnlum
bum Hotel, at 1 oVbn k p \l
HV*h -GowMnlsstanera' sate of eighteen Items of real estate—h. u*. s
and lots In the Valley, etc . (Ilm late H O’N. IPs.) at 3 o'cloc k P M
Ifth — Trust*.-'* sale of lots on the fl*«in and Cary street, (now
0»ed aa ro il yards I
99»l.—Commlsslatters' kale of a l.rlrk tenement nppo.if.. Trinity
Church, nil Prankltn ««r*-el, ar».| other real estate, at j? o'.hwk if
al*o. house and lot on IV Ion II til at f^ o'. lock
?4tb Trust.', s' sale nt tw., lots in Ad^ra*’ Talley, fronting or.
I Tilt nr Valley street, at | if .dock PM
Fscptifor's sale ».f real estate (late Jas fl. *h. r*.) on Mh and 9tl*
sf< . hetw.cn Main and Cary, on Canal street, between Ith and 'll.
•ts .etc.
»7th.—Half acre Ini and tenement on 9th street, near Petersburg
Depot. at 1 oVIoek |» %f
” Commissior.er’s sale of a tract of land In llanoeer county,
container 4* acres
Vug l.'.th Fate of a farm of r»no acres In Flueanna county, on
I ■ • .
V6ih Male of U*. • Pitmvra Wills." In Fhivanna county
Jun* A A Irac* of 1,173 acres of land on the Fouth • de of Dan
ns. r. In llallfat county, Va to tw» sold on the premises fire adf't.
ns.-cratr-*, rrr.
d/o f/inth- Assortment of Or.M eries, %» auction story of Daren
port. Alh-n A Co., q |t» o'clock
I Ith - -Cargo tale of t'uha sugar and u*ula*art, by C. T Wortham
A Co . at II o'clock A M
If l•Ar, mdahm.
■ • • Ant* ht.ls , " A, " B " and " C ” brand*, for aalr by
w 11. i. • « »i a. ..hi i •
WATCHMAKER AMI) .1 K W K i. r,v R,
.Vo 44 S Srrofol sf whore f’Aeafwwf, l9kil<olrl ohio
nAV|Nf| r,.rierd a superior assortment »f Wat. he*. fTL
trwrlry, Diamonds, t*l| er-ware, I would a all alien jf/V
lion to the following low prices :
Oohf Wat. Key^rom fNlttflW
Flleer do i " Fft
Bllerf Tea Fpoew* 94 to 919 per Heft.
Hold Pencil., (‘ha|ns, Thimbles, Ac All soods warranted a# rrf>
resenkd. Call and raamioe my st.wk before porch**ing elsewhere
Wa»cbea and Jewelry repaired In the mod idlstk style
IfJ i - WW 4 IIRAT. is MouthFecend at
rimirfuiLL I rurriimi.
No. I No
Jinn Mii r. i loicNioi/r.
T4s Td*
SMOiiImi.i >OX *.*.». •>. . It 4X|, TWIN.
Tl.r 1H.1..1 •<?!.• <*, M. A,. 1.1. l|„ .,1. „f ||„ ||
., nrandf a. OonMii.f . r llarl «... , k «i.,l or Hli, lk®rb,
Mvrrf.iiaf.nflf 1.1. I,anil. an.) •,*. r f..r «lr, alt S... fu.in 1 t„ |„ _
'I-.IWIII inanMffal .Ror. ..M.r* X... .aai, „.H .am, o.*i<.n
Im VaiM the* r>. ati nun.n. ia, I». M, |«, ..a ta Inch.a In
li.HN roi.r. IirATf .I.HIIfT, ...I RXTR. RATH*, rona.afi.tf
of. It.i.-f fu|ortot to al.f ..lt..r it, a,I,
II C R* ACM 1 CO .
•*_ ft Hn# R,M
j if.
t .1 tVn.f.l RMirr.ad Co, join for.».
*>**» Houn. Mort«ami Hih J. Va atif. Tn.n Ra. . 4 0".
•V' | M MAURY « CS.
Most Extraordinary Rraedy Known.
V »: a mm KxrmiR.M'r m u, My
IvS u. XHUTHKIV HMI.AM-r t l llTH."
Kao ulitA.xl niihat thr»r In outhlaf known to tW m«4w al
whkh will al .U cuwiwir With IkM. TV,, are Idw. rmlwtoi .1
Um anrWay tmiiA+r.
It ma, Vr aaU of them, without I war rf cmtoradtclloa or p,-of to
U>, rottUar,, that If the, are applied al aa, time pte.iua. to u.
aelual fldny of lha brenal. lha, will promptly alia, all InAamalloa
raliata all palu and present lha braaal horn yalbarlny, and la..’
Ihanaora. If lha breast should actual I, rise hafora th. chub. c«a ha
had.tha applicaiion and constant waarluy of Iheai will ps odors »
n cwodltkMi ul lk« brmat no U* luowrr thr -|n ji—l pw«n»t4« euro
hear, mother do odd harp lham h, her. aud follow la their a a. lha
dirac Iu.ua, which alas,, are aawl with lha, awd oar ward for it, aka
will ..raw know what it i, u. hare arrlou. suRbrtny .,n. hw a.-!.—
tAT A rradltaara of •l.iM, accompanied b, It caoU worth wf
poataya .lamps, will arrwra the prow^l trwwamlaatoa b, maM of a pair
•f thm* cloth, to aa, part of the United Mateo.
The, ara lor sale rkcluslvrl, b,
ADIK A ClItAT, Wholesale and Retail Ayeata,
*** Wain street, Klolvnond. Tlrytala.
Ml dlrawtlona for applylny Urn Cloihs, old acorn,.an,
Jt s«=s» n» « «l XTMi SKMOMim-A.
wwlnc la rapidl, ad.anclny, ar .l merchant. fr.u„ th,
. ouut,, I,.,. Itcyan t. suit this ell, to make II,sir porrha.es. ..
late no little pleasure in rallluy their altenllon U. a rr.al r.aiif
Wald, me—on* that Is lne.luat.lc lu all rllioatra and al all senuuna
oi.e that has prtfornurd more rental kaldc auras than an, other eras
du.oser.dion. that can be taken b, all eumlUlime and arm with
prelcil aaMy-and oue that stands ulul.all.d for thr cure of D,s
pepsin, C Ida aad Ceuyhe, Colic, Neraoaa Ay.ch.n., y neral d.bJll
nuil Ih’fft, nit«l Nrftuua llrn«lnrl o W«* - *y . ■# >
Jit. RIIRATKD PRKMI. M M1TTFH.H £.,*sj",'£?,.* W
soh.laiteaa, ami therefore entire I, free horn all niluaral .ubslaoer.
Whe« ell other remedies hare failed, a alt ylc botlle has bran known
lu core the worst D,s|n pale, as errtlllrd to by lha late Ho. p New
■ hills and freer*, as allwstsd ky Km II (Irryury, of Hrnrleo sod
i4her« -Nrowouo ftlttiUclw, ni rcrtiflni ky Mrwri u
.. -i*-.- o-y. and msisrzssssjirst
owu cillarii. smart, who used ll with yraat aarrrsa durli.y ih, presa
lenee Ol the Ch dark lii Richmond, and wl„. immediately clickJd
nod uprooted all symptom, of that horrhl dlarase ha ihr irmTn^_!!r
MAKMCM I KI NIlhM IIITTKRH Indeed Wr doubt If there baa rasr
di^ciarrad a Tonic of ao powerful and ,»f ao suothlnw a i.aiurr
aa thaw Hlilara, which ».a rontniu.il. administered lu child,an with
ilw happie.t result. TIh* Fro,.ecu ,hm Slml.an^im
hers them known Ihrouyhoul the ruuutry, ami lor ll.l. reason will
put them lu Ooui.tr, M.r, l.enls and oUmn.by the wholesale .1 smli
,ulces a. cannot UU to plcaw. AU are 10,1.1,1.,,^.^,^
"r Cue : “V,,U r", »' lh» Wo*luy ptarr. at .V, d7
^ Kl’k'l.ls, l.ADl> A CO., aiu) oUwn, in ihr cltv of Hirhmssn i ..a
fodd k Christian, Fcr.Oanr, V. , iHalihr * JouT. ^ .Tl
.'*• 5'“* A To, Njufolk, Va . tin,lick A (Iwalhmay, PorUnmu’lh Va*1
Dr k. lamm. tkilli.niebury, Va.; Johnston A Wallace, FyJJdcriikei
airy k a ; J. Hfalluui A Co.. U.o.Ule, V. ; HI.., A Ch«U,„ 1
'b Itrrlliiit, W ; Thuliioi, Ad outs A C*n . Hnilliiflrltl V* Hit.I a U hi '
Ch,r.;dha:"V,k. : t’p.AJ.R. ItoiS*££}
UliaHrl i':o,‘.nar,V,n wl':c, * • w " ••‘I'ldlt. Ulln.lnyto„, NT^
Uliorlr* J*ioti A Cu , Htthlofi.m city; CauU-v A Hrii-i. u.u..
Wd.Vutek.ee A Miller, cos.oron.lrr:
(MarwlMnilll lo E BARRA,
■ht~4* _ Richmond, Va.
H»:»ti.kU Al l. I,,11 hi :
Wrman lh,ri A Oo. »*»'•«<«•• l»M, **h Fcbruar,. l<«.
Juru. Dip, a man In this place wa. alHlrlrd with Khrunall.in
ehoul * Teals, his lluila were so much contra. Ird he could searral*
uioVr •(••riff. nml» (hr vh«4«of thl« tluar. at limtiumfliiitl to i...
led uuablr lo more Id. Va.,, u L.hl u. h. had SSlSlw IV,to
iujs. and Vrnyhi aaary rema.1, Iw couM hea, of and a.led u., ll w,
MUII.1 r.-eoiamaad any Ihloyou which hc-ould rely and wl.icl.wa
would worront Ur ooltl hln Hirer IwHdro of your I.IMMI’NT «u4
;uM himi|f |It«lld n«l ctirr him. wr w„uM rhor*, him uwthkaw, U woo
hrit lit IkiI, in (rn dojra Irom Hiai Mint hr wm wyik.i.r About m <1
n“w u u ,h- .
**'“ _ PAVineoM
_ CAIIUKX NFl'ila.
W— IMK!," ANI> omtim-wiioLiesALt and
A*r tHAUc*—White Giant.
AWTHNokB—Large Glob
Huu-Urfc Lima; tuiall do;
H**l Cranberry, tVaiVi Kuiurr*.
llronil W Itnlanr
^n.rliMM-F.rly Yrlh.w. *.x
.lo Mohawk O China;
*• \\leul|n« ; do IUK Moon
•C- hi*, v link) Ui cue Ued Cran
|ikkr-> Parly Blood Turnip
Rooted ; do Yellow do. |.«n.*
ltlo.xt . French Fugar Mangel
*ur»«. I
Ha«•...ii — Purple Cape . While
t'*i.i.*..» - k'arlv Yolk . Large
lo, rarly Sugar Loaf, do Balter
M-a , do Oxheart . Flat huU h .
Brum Head ; l.ary li rgen .
Grevn Cur Ini Sav..y . hrumhc* 1
**pvoy ; Red hutch f..r Pick I In*
Cai Liriowam — F a r I y and
C»l» at —While IVdhl . Red do.
«‘*kw..r-lan.g Orange; early
Horn \ltnngt.411. , Whir Field;
C a a a * -Curlrd or P. ppri
*r »*«
ClilMBKB* Faily Frarur ; do
!>lu«trr, U.I.* green, lain* limn
So ih*ate . Gherkin
Cna»—Karl» Sugar , do Tua a I
n.ra . do Yellow.
Famva—Green Coiled.
laa II tar.
K il « -Filtertan Curled.
LkTTtva—Royal W htlr llrad;
lee hriimhead , Hr«.wu huulr .
Curled India or Ca|«e.
L»n—Large Scotch.
MruiX-Hrrni Citron , pin*
Apple ; Nulling.
" 'Tea Muon—Find kind.
N.i*rt ant n
MriTiXD—Itlaek and Whiia.
Omx<IK—Silver Skin ; Whit*
Portugal . Veil a and Ued
Pin -Ultra Karl; ; F*rlj
May , Waalilngton ; do Frame ;
do Cliaileloli Ilaart Illue Prut
xian ; ilo Manoafat . III t h op
llaarf pi oil in
I* nxxir a—’Long Smooth
French . (la rnay
Pa >an —Curled.
Pereaa-Lar e Hell or Hull
No*e , Tomato ahaped . Ciy
Pcarsix—Large Yellow Field.
Km • i an—Victoria
Hanuiui—Long Scarlet; Short
Top, Scarlet Turnip . White do,
Velio a do; Long Salmon . Mark
StLnirr—or Vegeiihle Oytter
Small—Round Leaped.
Sail a>u- Parly Hu-h ; Itell
Tnuaro—Large Kcl , do Vr|.
loa. Kgg
Ifnair laity Flat Hutch; do
K’,| To I .a i ye While Norfolk
While lllotn. Hoola Hag, Dale'.
II a a ■ a —Aualte Cxrr air;
I avender ; Sweet Haail , Itoae
may , Soge , Summer Satory .
Sweet Marjurutu , llriie
%I * HI!KM.-Inn irroaa, f.»r »alr by
PI 1(1 \ I I > 4«| % N O, | Mil!, (<||0| Nit 1*1 4 s
Tt.K. TAK % N D ORINItfTONkX. t.r aaTby *
HINFOR ■», J1 A V <> A HI. A I n ,
NO. M3 MAIN 8 T H K E T ,
Rl< HMOX., Vi.,
tRI imiw rrrrtviiif thr larfr*l and liy far lk« m<mI ilnlikkla
atocli of STAPLE AND FANCY '
ever heretofore brought to Ode market, and lu wide I, tl..-e invite in.
«(!• ntton of purchasera
•'‘rntlon of ladlri to a Urge stork of
*■(-N TiLl.A.S, of the latest Parts styles. .|,s_|(
■ I 4> U A It It A I I II |. It N 4. .
^.r^iotT'"" ..- —«-»-2»«- Jo
Particular attanllnn It also given to Trimming
A call Is respectfully .ollctled .(_j
(4 ICO. M. WEsm l>| Ul.IC'ATIONN.
* fa TUIK'I'SV, .trail 1s>tm.
Patton A Heath's Reports uf Hie Special Court of Appeals, coo
taming n the same volume a Dig. .ted Indra of lirattan's Reports
from vol l to vol U inclusive, printed on tl.c finest steed and . .I
tendered paper, VS-'page. »0
Os Wst.Mxi.iv, Aran SAru
"Richmond lu Ity-Cion* D»\*t" Urlug the K«uilulscrnca* of an Old
0.11*4-1.. 1 to| , 12 urn . 2*5 pagra. |1
AIimi, m atvrd thl« day and for *alr
fttahofr'a CVuitneiitanr* on Criminal Law. rol. 1 |6 60
l>-Tu,ou* ot ■'>« l’ s Supreme Court Hctsnrts ; SI eolt.—
For iBlr.
ATKEKTM, FOR MAI.K—The ■td.scrd.rri are authorised to sell ll.at
rerjr desirable private residence Inc.ted as above, n..w ocs ..pled by
Mr Ecwis II.II. adjoining Die residence id Mr. Conway K. hmsr.n —
The lot fronts IfO feet, runs back 194 feel to an alley, and abound. In
fine Shadetree Tin- d. fling la In ekcellent order, and has auipia
arenraru.,datums for a large family. The terms of paymrut will ha
ma*|p accommodating. Apply tu
KOO.VfM t Oft KI.NTt-^For rent, two good ruoou orrr
»»y atorr, No. HUH Main slmt.
32 ________________ CHAM. WORTIIAM
|4,V', V1 ‘ l OTM >11414 KN. A .I ,..„,,n.e,d of
M Fancy Cloth Frock*. suited to Die st-n«on. »or mH|c by
•I* _KMtW. BALDWIN A CO.. IDS Main at.
J DEIIEn 8i;OAR8.-H«. bids , for salehy *
gill! |4>\ tmim ; WBAPpiiiii PAPEH, all
f,d sate by"* U',U',‘ Vmm • *•'•», asaorled ; Mlafch , Mated
i ' V n I'l Avn w iVruelan <lu«no • P.es
W-' H round Alum Sail, Old arid Her 11 Red Whlihy ; Sain, Puw
Powder, Kettncd and Coif, e Sugars, Klo, L*gua>,a and Jarn
• • •lf»*r ; fur itlr by
da and Hralcrx In all klnda ol Eoretg" and Domrailc l iquor#.
Wine-, Teaa, Ale, Oder and Cigars, corner ISO, and Care el reels "
c |*i*t 01 Min HI IK II % NTS * isrriM. Ol It
■_ CITY —InlriKltnf to 4* *l n.I.MvHr tu |.w|u.*r«, Wlnr*. Tea#
1 *,r a,r' mr dl*pO*1 uf thr rrninant of our wtock
■ f (iroc<*iW-« At r/*w for or it,Ur, mi t«. bunrtukl rut
,,,nn a_j__ * T WlNl»TUW A CO.,
OmrhNIoii Mrrrhantf, and Dralera In l.iquor*, VTtnra, Ar ,
—apV____Curi»tr IHth ai.d Cary *trrrt»
fi vr nm:ivi i»>
in bM# Cbani|>«ync Cider
Id do I'rime .\le
Ad,(tnu Ciffara
S'AVy Mll.i.i ,» < lo,M COATR. Ho. i ...,
mere Coala. made from a ear let, of qualities of Honda foe
Spring * ear, al-o a large aloek ol Pan.y ami Mark Caaalmrrr l-anla
•"lb d lo Hie season, llo s-orlno-i l emhraeing H e necessary .1,1,,
and prl. es. In order lo make llie same complete Kent# mlier our lo
• HI.. MAIN StRPPT, and while I hr Slock la large look In and
Xaioilie lie* ahead, a, kliAwl.dg. d au,rerinr tinea uf Henls Clothing
»f*d riirtdrhlnir Ootid#, o|«« lift hy thr -utmrritwr
«P* IIKOSlInNO A TUPMAN. llo Main ,1
IMIST*, M.Ak*. NHI klips,
*«/onpW Mill PINCKNKV A Cl ARK.It* Pillion si . New Tor ft
WW Importer, of CHANCES’ PNHI.ISII Sill I T AN|1 PR* \p||
II.AHA, Will fP I., AD. ZINC’, ar.. Ac.. M.muf.v lur.-rs of IXTK A
ANIiiiroUND PAINT lilH'sllpy, PNOI.ISII and AMPEICAN Ci|.'
MIHS, ilr, nod ground In oil,Impor cd expressly f,w Hie trade, which
#•• off.-r on ll,e most favorahh- terms
,*f~ ill good- wsrrat.lrd n# rrprrarntrd OIIDPRS SV MAII
UEPIHI.IPA* I A M* *» A li fa * th. I...
. Opinions of American Si a I,Omen on Puretgn limn gratlnr kemg
I ...lieeiion of Siati.iir a of Pepulal ori^Paopertsm, Crime; hy John
P Sanderson, of pidoMphtn Pro - fl.r.i
l.lal. Itan.lalrd fs,in Ihr Herman hy fl A Millie A naw and fat I
liable w -rk Price ff I
The shore new works, reeel,r,I on ,eater,la, pe, expreaa. are foe
tale at Nu. Jo* Main atreel.
MtllSPAMI Mil foils All f,M M LA'f,"
••S.5T 'b' upon whlrb there la a small
name Dwelling adjoining m, rrsidenor, on sth sheet. North of
ladgti atreel, fronlmg on Slh atreet thirty.aeeen feel ftee Inrhea, and
etteriding back one hundred and twenty feet lo an alley Terms
made known on application lo me at my rr.idenrr or at m, late
office, In Ooddln ■ llall, corner of Hank and llihairr la
•P' " P V DANIEL, Jn.
'll I NT .11 If. I- illMllt. Mini Juh p Tube., Mudb r,
L.moiiI Squergera Nutmeg Hralrrs . Ic- P|. At , |, e Malleta
lee Hrat. ra ; Tumbler Dralmrt. and Liquor Mixers, for ml* be
'1*111 I irg.-st and heat ... TrarrMlug Trunk a new is
■ Richmond, or that hna e,er been, I ha,a now In Sir ra A
woo Id most re-necifull, .all the attention of oil In want of Trunk#.
Carpet Hags, Valters, Ac , Ac , lo m, assortment
^asWamwTT^so^ __ *fl. It7, Main atreet
MLVII'A* III ANll. A eery anperlor lot of A A Meal,
eon, lending end for sole by
•P* WflMHI.K A CI.AtRORNE. No II Pearl M
IAMk I.I.'N Ml H, he* bids of this anperlor Enui, for la.
tmrcohlats, landing and for sab* hr
"P* WiiAIIH.E A CLAIROENE, No. II pearl at
III TTPH, Ml Inns and tags Hoshen, fl.r tab by
■» ■"* WOMRI.E A fl.AHMIRNI, No H Pearlat,
||ll*intl*li LHIII Nil PI.ASTPH. A full sun
■ W pi, now grinding ir«m a eery superlor cargo «t lump far
•b-'f WOMRLE A * T. AISi |R - ft,
' N II Pearl afreet
J tLLiiN I l.tlt M. P«| hbl. , l„ Store ». reals kr
~ »P* WiiAIIH.E A Cl. tmilRNR. No II Pearl d
IlVr*' I.AMII.-IZI hew. and I bbls . landing
d ai.d Air sale b, AVOMlil.E A CI.AINnRNE,
_ Wo. f| Port i(irp|
JW'Af.r till A Mi p * A f I»S crop of IMSA, fermle Ira'
* 9 *»'IT ( _ _WM PALMER
M ’ ril HE*. Ii you w.r.i .mil, i, it at can- i
A’l „ b. Ann, I. Ibr oa , of II . . , 4 aim,-, ..„„ , . and t
im rsl' J"" ' *2A' 1 IBS .sham, d of, nor Wi u.d I b*.
1*1 lb.,,1 »1 ing by whom .lie. III y
ALEX . mu., No. Ill Ml • ft.

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