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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, April 09, 1856, Image 3

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< irrro.au to Ixarxc-tiox.—C'apl Splk* of Die a.-bunker
^%ry , of N«« York, rrolalwd tha Inapceiura on Mon
day in Hampton Road*, whereupon tin* pilot. proc«--l»*d to
Hampton and ware promptly rvinlorred be the “tiuarda"
ol Dial gallant Town ; the achooner waa tiu-n boarded and
bitaigbt into So-folk The Nawa aaya that tba Captaiu
aud crow aro under arrest
Tux Coxxxtiox.—The Alexandria Haaetta learn, that
an arrangement baa been made betweau lliu Orange an,|
Al.-iandii* and Central Kailiuad* by which there will be
a iv gulai lntii.mba.ion ol mail* and paaaengera, that no
In.liter trouble will lake plire.
V* X Taxx Rati.ao.tn,—We are happy to learn that |
tin- \a. k Teuu. Railroad la rapidly pmgreeaiug toilacntu- I
pint inti. The rare now run to Marion, and the track la
laid antitc tour mile, wot of that town. They will gel
his., it |a thought by the 4tli of July. — .iii»yj,ii Lh.no
Rav. Juux E. Ena .ana—Letter* teccired Iroiu the
K.-v J. E Edaard-s ol Ihia city, dated Maraail. •a, Franco, '
M nvh Milt, repreaenl that he anil hi* companion* were
w. II, and enjoying thi-ui«.-lee* hugely. Mr Edward,
tu.-tclie-l one Sunday evening, while at Paria, in the Wes I
le.an Ch«p«-I. near the Madrlame, on the Rue Roralc.
Ei ualk CoLLxuitTK Ixstititk —A recoot revival ol I
religion at the Female Inatitute, Rockingham county, h*. j
bot-u productive ol the m»*l gratifying rvaulta. Ofllii
pupil*, mote than Inn are protemiiig rhriatiati*.
Urtuvixiu.—-Th® nMMii occupied l.y (lit* Circuit
C«Hirt, in (he Sutc Court House*, has Ihn-ii cnupletcly
r«*Yt»itiii.mixft|—(hat i« to say, every thing haa l»ecii fum
ed round. The present arrangement of the room i» much
ut'M»• congenient than that her tofore existing.
Kmkwid.—A party of negro a(cah*m on the other aide j
of th® Ohio river vein pounced upon lately by rertsin
citiccii* of Guyamlutte, Va., a;id ■Ntvcrvly dogged The
at»«j|itionisle in Ohio aro very furious on liie vnliject.
▼UBIMY, Aran fn.lsM.
Dt Cur.l. floorKlanil , V McUinaki, Afuhrr>l . H K Mr Alexandra
N.-l* hi . W II Jour*. M I. lUrrU J L Hf«*ii, Lvncl.bur*. C l»
Hslfiuorr; T Snuai ». Pl.lla ; J 9 gvO, K J KrrMi,. Hi teuoi.4 I.
Vit. f,u. Nr or tlarra; 1C Kudin. T H 8*iu|>l<- ml M/. Ilxi.otrr, j II
N. * U4U, UrAUfi; W I* Farl», Charlottesville, \| I. Walker, P8 Cub »
AIU..1I tfU A P Abril, Htauntou, U Kruihle, I. el. a*. IV,tl,u (]«,,
l» %u4cr* •»», b»ik«4 , J P JuKiimih. PilUyI vani• , W 8 Palloo. Pan
viil« . J J W-..4*. Mn-liaak** , r T.’ii«nr an I Ud> Chari.—
l.*srti. dot . Prof A J It|m.id, ll.unlton ('nil g.?, N Y , li 8i«r«urr.
U.«. * »• IUifIv ami la.ly, Mi. Wliliaiu*. J 3 Mitlfew., (. i| Mun
f * .1 C «*ate«. H II Cumin*. N Y . O II TtlUr, A Mohh k Uo*>o
J «i li.Htrh. k’luv «nua . T J 2Wic< r, J \V M .r*». ill. T I \| ,r*h*|l %
H« I.,. o.l daughter. I II \Yftw.li, T 8 JeUtiinjU. W »' Pugh. Ch*.
I >11. VV J lltrUldp. Antrlu . 8 4 MoarKam, C M \-lltluK.it. Tim*
J*.1. .«i i. W ll-./l.vHalifax , K K M- ad-. iMciahunr, J |i 8ao4rr«.
3 - n '!•!*• l-fl K 8 llt-wilt, C iui|4j>:ll , Mi— Fainter (•William*!
If 'V.IIUukw, |* Mlfcbrll, SC, J I. iv.lt...,. Ju4*e J J Allen, J l'«ui|>
Ml^H-iUtlHttrl; T «t M. II, \Imi.k-I m. , \|.«
* .11, W O Autttau, U L dluti«a«k, Wjmheville; W IV. f .n.r, M>-ntxui..
r.y; J I Fry. UM«Sg Mr* C 3. . Staunton, W N Berkeley, |M.u
dou.t. C C.HKf, I'ovtiolao. J (I Jrffrrauu, Am-1.«
*1 C IV LAW Book S.
Publciar.1 by A MllKKIH, tl \l.... .treat.
KoMXSOX'S /'A ! « r/('h\ I V«Miea—2
r«^*u I'Ku riu incuiTKisor Jinmo iNfr >ui.\.\ii am.
M. k Ilk* L'Nlffk'll STACKsI, by Con way ltobm««.Q ,,f Hi. bn.or. I
Am/ i.i*. V..|utiH II, treat!. c .f tltr •al.j.xl mattrrof jo-m-nal a
I or.*, i.i oiltrr «< r*l. wf ll.r rl^i.* of action T».f irv tilo In thv tl, •:
v lurne a# to Hit plat*r ami i.inr of a traiiaacilon «.r prAa-vdi.iF l
f.ilb.wrtl ... thr *r.aod, bf nttr rrlxtinf to Ulr cl r rum Hauers ol • »*.
Iran •am n. or tl»r I u.attrr of the |.roc« • tlli.tf Tl.i« 4rcor. I
vi»lumr, Irvol 4 vntirrljr U» iHrrunal action*, treat. ..f tU k-xi.i . t
I. tin *a-4li-l Instrument*, or u|K.n a Judgment or decree
Y Da b.ll* «»f ct htnjt. pro.u.»»oiy note* anJ utbrr unnraU-I In
8 Un pr..ut.*c« frucraUv. tiprru an.I la.|>lir.|
^ lf» oa.tvr vf axtiuwt an aJvrrav daiinaot, or afaiu«t m
6. A|Ta«Mi*t a wt.ii.tf ,|u,r
Order* fiotu ll.r c. ui.Uy ad4rr«ar<l to ll.i- | i.Mcb- r. rmlnwin^ II,v
prlc. ft*, and tl.r |K>.li|rv, fji cent*, will uict t ».i--n.|.( mttcniVu.
Kit." mi-1 and Ihr tinted Slatra, h, Conway II .btn.un. * .q \ „ig„„
I, I. to ih* Ida.* and Iliur ul a Uauaa. linn ur uw-Rdiw, u.ain*
cliteO^nfU* Vmilitl of Inti, tul it* Statute uf Uioltanoui
i. iMax*v m.ii.uT or no: laws or hcai. I'Roi-rrty
Oe.;er*!ly adopted and tuus* m the linted Ntus, toy John T*»
lor U> u vx. L. I- D . Judge ,.f the KtgfcO* Judicial Circuit of \ ,,gt
u>4, one of Uni Judge- uf inr huprrmr .-pedal Court id Appeals, and
formerly |*rul«r»«u< ol I. tar lull.- University of Virginia. .Votiit
vlli.on. Kevi e-|, currerleJ and greatly rulargtd, u, d *0i- n.v-l
• v»i l»ri. «- 14 Ah J
* bis c-litvou, embracing as it does nearly all the recent Kngli»h
an.l %iurti.-an den-ions upon th«-same subject, may Justly be »on
staler** I * be Wirt valuable • ..inp* iniluiu «d punly American law uih.iv
the wltjnl of K«al Pr.i|R-f*jr ever is-urd iu th>» country
t HiM'u.ns x■ x9*it nrmui or tiik woaa
“Thia Work applies as sdl to tbe law, Itsph tiug Heal l*r»p*rty in
tb-- I uit. >1 Ms is as Iu Virginia Tin- work is ii|*o«i lire uvodri ,.f
Crut-e's liieesi, and »l uivjr sr. II l»e iecuinmended a*a Valuable i*ddi
lion to ilw l.awyer s Library."
Ill.toryof h MU In Tqtllly, a. pro-routed and .Irten.lrd in On- Vlr
r»‘» **■«• <’.WO, and in Ihr I’nll.d (teatea Circuit Ciuirta.br Atea
a inter II .Salute, ► q , Cuuna.HI.te ai Law, Kirbinuud, V.t . I «ul un.I
• n. Mu I'. null V
Tin- Work I. in noted I,. Mpply Ihr J uui.it lorn uf Ilo- text I lif.i
fes««Mi wnb a band book *•» gu-d il*ein m tie* prosecutlou and d*
frn.r uf Mil. in Iqulij Iu rrln. Mr Iu lhl» ul.j. .1, Ihr Writer Ira
su*s i-*e history of a *u I in K«|i«iiy from its beginning. through Its vs
nous stag «. Iu a final drerrr ..f appeal, execution, A. Tti «pjtet«,|
is »*** drs Coiitatniug a vutuuivi v .d legal JccUtoos by the \ irgtnis
Court oi topp-al*. A. . affecting K.|i.iy pb-admg ami practhr, cm,
tains a variety of lorius of Hills, Answers, liemurrers, fleas, |L
cre« s, A. , Ac. Tl«e pra* lical notes a>*«> found in lire Appendix Will
make the Work a valuable r./if# mn it in t«. rf»r practltinner *|.*i
Ruse wood axd mahouaw.
subscribers would Inform the cabinet manufacturers, piano
K forte makers, and tdhera of ibis city and vicinity, that tin t
l»aVe opeuwd a yard will, suitable building*, at No »fi» Wa-hlngfi n
Street, In live cl y of New York, where they have on hand alary.
• n 1 Very -up. rior stock ol the Anest wood to l»e found In the Umnd
States Wt- offer
1!W tNNf ft. tine and extra fine rr>srw.*od vmrvrs.
frijaai ft. do. do mottled mahogany veneers
f^,C*s» ft. do mail gany shaded veneers.
ft plain do do. do.
6.',.%.! ft. mahogany crotch veneers, various *jr**g.
6 i.tsaf fine do drawl utt veneers.
yu.tSNi extra line uvaliozaiiy, do. do.
2\isbi ft flue Mistered Agmod walnut, do.
, 4l» UMI ft. mottled Jo. do do.
6*».**tsi ft. walnut cratch veneers, draw butt cus.
{*4.00*1 ft. do do do various do
«*»,*"«• ft flue and extra flue satin wood veneers.
•J.V'sm ft a. bra veneers.
47,n»»'» ft. curled and bird’s eye utaple veneers.
.”J' rnacwood. mahefii.y, ml .aim wood
board*. plank, and jni.t of all Ihkbnra. Plano and Cahinrl M..nl
•In**. d IT r*m pattern*. all al Vrry I..W prior,. an.l upon a. f,
anrablo li i,tea a* any other ..ul In I ho country. Urdu.
will be filled with the utmost rare and dispatch
No MID Washington Hired, hetweeu lhach and Nurth Moore st
•p¥-d4m NrW Yl>rk Cllf
H*X % AAA f It* tolls*—Just received some really prune
and very chr.vpCigars, at
,,a^ * 4th aod franklin streets.
Ifldlf l)l< IMM iftni v uid Is
1YM becca hasj.’.st arrived .n the dock with th ,-e fln.* New Jersey
wfuu* Mercer Potatoes. Por planting or table u-e, there are n< ne
superior for salr by
t A .|,|,l?’lf OEW.mWB TOViRTWAW. Aaaawrf.
* • lOcnf iu.'ladin, Ihr mini popular prrfiirnr.. rnrlnj and fur
*•■'_New Drug *torr, 4th and inuilllii •><
Kiu k M’h im. HI TI.-50 bhla. Mfh ..l.raHa
1 Hi fur lobacro mannfarturrra, fur .air by
___0«»rn.*r Prarl mud Cary armi
I fill o»i\i *• i >«-• iso i*l INI « ill l-.-.i:.
s -s- r < air* nnr q ualify, ]n.f laudrd and for rate hr
\ _•»?__ C..rn.T f. ul ..,,.1 Gary Mlwrlt
I.WWW I.I.M INI Hr. an, an.I White (Tlmlaor. and ll.r
a Irur KuiaWn Kr.an SO 4 PS. for .ate al
N-» Dr ur Mloir,
4t« «nj Rnailtfl •im t*
Wl > i f It’S II % 1*01*11 IftON,
lifhlful ami br«t fhsrlnc f*oap« m r av*4, for **lr »*r
■I* Me , 4th an.! franklin «treefs
KIMil.llH I I I I I .IV. »r. I havr J...I ,w,l„d a
n..r .....rlinri.l .,1 I'., k. I 4.1.1 P. , .. .4 It ,tor
nr.*}*, A-1 , direct from the Fx.-ior r. Mi. Hi- M
„ lllfo. RORfHTHON,
Imp-'rlrr an.l llralrr In Rortlfn an.l Itomcftk llar.t«.,r an.I
Culb-,»._M<. HA Main *rrM >| #
tyoai i kiiiii ii a aim’s n ri.nn. i
... .h*Vj"V n|»nr.l .llr-d (mm Il.r Ra< b.ry, a b. a.illf„l
*7,' 7."* P'"'kr' *'"1 I rnknl*r», K.f .r. and VI....rv «M.t, I
• It a. tl at a aiuall adranrr TIIKO HOHIII TpaiN
IniHIr, and l>,,l. ,m I'.irrlyn an.l Il.,inrali.' Ilar.l.a.r an.l CuI
l»rf, .’fu. W. Main afreet
HlHIUku!.'!!! I' irl.n.n- ,.l All-ll.an.l
*7 T*-' ■'poimh.Ii,,.! |r. It,,. yt. iory, a|,kli I
• Ml ftdl km. THRO KURA KTPaiN.
In.p..rtrr an.l Haalrr In Tarrlf n an.l li. iur.ll, ll.r.l.arr an.l Cm
brry.JNo. «S. Slain rlrrrl apt
%|Ai(Mitis ion mi HIM nil. Tbr
ilrtrlun MiiaWiaR, a l»i«r »anrty Ihrrrai*. for anlr by
_ *I'W _ SSSI II*. Ma.n alrrrl
P» 11 vr rami mu.u * •. • -..
*'* _ Mo II*. Al tin alrrrf
In Isor rar.rt, Car
, , p-ni. r . Pr.irlla and otbrr Itra.m* M.lnl,|. f.ral, an.pl tr,
Ju.t rirtlrrj, an,I f,.r aalr by AS si PATTI.rH 11
Jrr._ Wo. Hi, Unto tom
HHI SSMI S. .. . .. , I ... ... , 4 , Iiuahra'a laryi
rarlrly In atorr, and lor aalr by '
l'*9 _WM bATTIUl N., II*. Alain alrrri
S,'mV«iHivr Ii’riV MM II (It in A III >1. anii
. 1 RIAIIMII MIRI.R Phar|>'. II P rnnihlma a|mtdI. ill „r
fonOrnrltaan, raptdil, ,.l ftr'.ng, and r,!r«..rdi-ary lailfr. ..il, ,.,r
frrl arrnra. y and anrqnallrd aafrly. Roranlral
. *?'____ !• Pl'THrRI ANIPP
•» Rnr Marab.ll" and I
, n * n«r*»* 'T«nd lyaai .arbr flround Al.iai Krr
IST **_t»*** 1 _ IMVKNPOKT. AI.I.RN * OO
,7 , h,’,' ’S""''*- »' •" M»r»#. from *.", rrnla i„
ra. I, ala,., bl In ara ,„• a.ylr R,.nnrt HH.bn,,., ..prnin, II... m..,l, ,
* , « * ow«tkimh
J’*’1___OppnaHr Rlrbanfr bank
44*.',*?* *'* W. Hr, arr
l" I ad ”''r' ..'<"»« 'nr II- ln.,-.l„.„ „i
.. T c. A. IMA ATK IN,
* Oppaaltf RAadMuafr Rank
I raw Call, oa, al 41* da.
I do do, el I It rlr
1 4m it**. fet| colors, *t f. cts.
I do jrerd euh* fiet.rh I.*•»»., V rants for |l
. ***’ C k l*vs IlKIS. o|i|nmI|p ft. H i r.li
WM M Tl Kk, snd prefljr f.lk Menilra
" ■»" ( IIAITtlLLI cn
IIIIINTS ANIt *.•>(.*• A «fN. Wr. and prrl.y rlylr. I ’
Prlnta. and oirybamr, Inr aalr by C IIA RTAV* I I. A *NI.
.•',7 C’arbPtnrr IIS Ri.aad rt' |
PTO Till' MIIRI IIa hi I'tnUINM,
T ( AI.IIWU I^ Afanufa. t„rrr Ay-lrnllnr.l Imtdrn-nO,
* <, K ..r SA III,,,,, . ..,1,, Va . rraa-rlbilly rail. Ibr al
•rnaioi. ..I Il.r fan.. !. ,d A iryli.'a l.. I, . .
T. . and ... ,.„n.,,„,ll„|
»'T any nabrr Krai—r in Ibr raaai.trv
A .orklnr mndr| „f il.r r.a, bi... a ll i- , ,, ,,, t, r a
llTr UTn.'h 'VT* "! K "'* *"■' »n l ts -r AA .11. n. k„ ,
anr ratonih* ..f April ami A|», |p| jB|, •
•'*.» J»JI»I aHmIU II. Rarr, ]
rib aid a^TIr 1*^? al?"'h r"«'’ rn.bra, ,n« lb. m Ja I
Irrin. a ? *",n *"•'••«. am.inbinf nkr «
^ ... . b,f,,r' mlr. imn.
*pl IMNRT IHARIR. No lift Al.,n aarrrt ]
J * AAMTII Ml PIS ia, Rr barr ,br
re« of id RiirM s-r* rim. M of fin .Of (U«sin» i r Fai fs tr l,.o
""""• I' "I l-'rt a- ,- a., „m a
rbawr, S*PA) R AkN. BAUUAA IN 4 OO
* letter to the New York Evening Poet, alluding
to tlm Mrlh of young Napoleon, aaya that the brat eon
gvatnlaUmw luarived hr Ih.- Kmp.-r.ir were i.ff.red p. him
by a Kuerten I'ounl (Irlnif, li.-ailng (hr camion I mum
mg Im mi tin* Invalid.**, i.impti! limn hie conch, at ail lu
tlm UMjrultig, put ot. litkumlo«tn and aithout waiting fm
t.ia carriage, ran to llie TuiUerlea—hi. viait waa announc
r-l to the K n|eunr by t'oniil II u-nuc.'il ju-t aa Ilia M.«j<*at)
*'■ K'dDg '•» be.1, in aaarcli ol the repoac an n.-craaa,r to
him alp-r the f.-a.lul anil.-tie* which hr had undergone
during the twruty-luur hours ; lur he had not Ml the Km
prea*' loom aince the paina of labor Hrat aaaailej her —
ri.ua the tint congratulation* were pnur.il into the Km
|M*rot a ear by the wily lliimiau, who, by propoaing Pali a
aa the seat of the C.nilerri.ee, rommeiH-ed that arriea of
loaineuvrea l.y which he hope*, aootler or later, p. effect
a franco Kumnau alliance agaioat England.
I mk Im-tatat. in vii.—M. iiatllardot, in hia letter to
the Courier, aaya the name of the imperial infant ia Na
fud.-on Kuguin- lamia Jean Juu.-ph, the two Nat being the
namea ol the Pope, Jean llaitui, anil the tjorcu Jino
phiim of Sweden. The tide uf King ol Algeria haa not
vet been announced The child waa baplixed with water
hum lha river Jordan ll waa prevent* I to the Kmpreaa
t>> one ol her niaidg of honor, Madame de Sanley. The
water had buun kept in a atate ol greal purilv in acaled
ill.l Mr*. Sadll.-r, the nmlher ol the g cat defaulter,
John liadli.-r, haa tx-cornu altnoat « maniac ||... .fungi,!
ter haa Iweo tor aomc time in a private lunatic aavluni. •
and Kitchen Famllur. al Auction Particular an.nllow la
r..|-i.d .1 P- my aal. Ih.. an... mg. ..-muieo.ii.g at lu uYlu. k al lie
Oap-.W lluua...Mi~-.lt. th. Cu.lu.hlan 11,11, ul all ih. Il..ua. h!dd .U.|
R licit'it rurpkuitylil w4rr uf l!t« I rutim.
»P» THOU A* w. KKBUK. Aucta ,
tJf* mvVl'fuf'f,' ‘l! Tilt: KI If'I'll or
vaw Ilk--“HI i l«AI Xul*«A*ribrr« (.1 th- lllNNKk m i|.~
8fn 1 1!OTrAU#ICi,*i,J*wAJl.?l>JV "**M»*»* l<U» ln«iAiit,)tn ht.iia.r
ol tie- ....nancy of I IK* MV CI.AV. can bialn llck.t. wn apphealkm
w bran, •■■nut A PrLLua or P Ca.na A Co a|*~.C~a
Mil At l*li MAPK hast tt Cl y..ur .having loud, lu
rhbrr e-M wafer, pouru« two nr Uirm-drata
Il-I.n ol a Thousand II..*. r-." rub llm beard u.U and II ail,
rnakv a l~-. itlf.il anlt lath. ■ uiu. I. facll.la.it,a lb. o|e ral.un of aba
ring. Price nulv Fitly Ceuta. Fay.iia., A Co . propel.tura
... . BKN.XhTr. BKill* A FISH IK.
”B|°* A|fpb'». aihI nil UruintltU.
HH! rm I ruMIM.KI.iS „,lt ,
VVaA *»> u«lli| llir ••/<.!/»« f#/ ll AbifiilNi/ ATtifir* " ||
will f. Hhifpf.#A, j'l.njJe* 4ii*l fert llr* from tin* •km, It of a
Ati.l roA tie ;.u* Wrt a tow-1, |M.ur on two or tlnw tlroi.., au.I
WAuli liar fw* r ntgrlit ami tttoriilt.y
_ Afvuts. aii«I all l»tuicitl«t#
___ l^«» lb- Mo»toi« SAtur«lmy Kvmiu|i lifftrltr.l
ri.ItH MKIi UUKATII.— Wliat Iml) or ir«* nth-man
-2L WihiI.1 vrmalli uu-l-r tl-v < ur«r -if * iliawrn-iUp br-Alh
»lon At u«i«i|( tlgr ••/<•»/»#* i/fl Ai'iiufN./ /*/uKvr«" at a dmllfrU «
wtHtltl nut only rmikr tt *»ivl but lt*mv« ibr trrtb wliiir an alaL*»n-i*
-IIany lAriM.iif* not know iln*ir btratli U bail ao I iIm ntobj-vt t*
•Mtcabr Uirtr IrbiCMl* will ur»cr io.nt.uf.it. Pmt .
tbe ' lUlm” ou )«u i.mili liiuvli At ol am«I. llir U*-ll» blftti an<J morn
"‘If A llll) CVUt bottle Will Uwl A VAT
—’"'HAW A|Trni«, Kiitl %|| Uli^)f|.|«.
iT mui rc i iii sMevoNB
^3 VNVIIIIM. ill 1 III Kin UlJH'tlVKRKD—riunrrkt
»»*. b • a.*l III** i**«iiot| In riiiU-l.*l|tiitA liri'r <lm.|- t| In fAVtir , f
l»— * H.KI'TICICOII.,” UiA«l- htr l»r lMJr*th, of PtoU h l|.|,la fill.
“l».«lratli A t o *w h<A|n, Oil It |# m»» i„ |H. ha.I, whol—ah- m l
mail, of PUItCKU., IUn» A CO, IUrtim«m«l.
»<T flKi...* A.k .11 tb. aklpping bou-.. In
Maryland, n. l .a... and PI. ia.|.-i|.l.la wb.i b. i.
tk.un-.ari L f i kc* Pi-da-l. I|.l.ia, f-t..uary kg, l-Ca;—1|-aar*
IfvtlRttH a Cn, —I I.IU-I yiy. y.». ilu- ... and prat*. ..I liaviny
It, to-at remedy in Ihc u.,.IJ f„. nix tt ten | ua. renanl. r.,1 pad
CCnV-ry l.y all, my a..u,vK J til.ax, merchant, .- t| Market .I„.t,)
aa a la«t r.wurl, •-I.t for your n.,n.lcrful -Klc. lrl. it.;," and u i
liuv.il It.. |U,||. Win. I. a., m. -I ii.h.l. rable.(li,tt,iu..,.t ..y Hi., on. .
ilam.l u. »h..ul tea minute* I had ll.. fi.l r .i.tlaur.1 l.ui « .h
lun. .a,. I ... cur. d Till* ll.l I. ih. go ah.I Id *..i,g ku.au n.
...an I hay., acui many |* .-„n. In. ll, and I k*.,w ll.a- they bar.
wrii < ur« il by it I mu well known, mini my «ulTtrin|f wm xl«,t
itll. wii, id I I llAYl no ••»*) A ll.M.- t . MOjr you QU) in tkr ..f tl.if
•• ll.l Oil CAnuot In* too litcltly v«ttn«Air*l. \Iime 4i*luo,
Wo.mI mi.l Colli Ib-Alrr, V. M irO.Nit t.
f •**«. (Iityir In au .11 « UlUrii, aihI llkr nil who I,ay* I a J
fr» •• ir.itefOl
Otll . <51 .*MAUtb A.irhlli *t.“r-', U-loW CltfM.u!. Pl.tu.lvlt.hu
by ni«aMt .11 .t-A|A'.-aUf .1 Aid-.n iii-li. inc
Tl.Yf.uum till hAN the AAIIY..S b.ynutuic» of LK-tirutli A Co.
»* ft —Tin t genuine; *’Electric Oil" aill unt mtiim, and U r*-*ll%
i ■■ »- iui • • • *i lo lofauu ,llt .
'• «* rin vo-ri NHvr 'ruBoiti ui
tL'*w» 4 RICHMOND I iivolii ii.il by one or forty friend-. I
. ..**«D » • hoIhUu for Mil III) F of tin . ity 1 hat* n.
had f.-ur years' ci|n ilrr<it in tin county or ulot in th« city, hut
coo* id • r my-r|i compel, nt lo di»ch*ige the duties of the office, and
volicit jrwur vote* for the miih-. K. -sp.-* ttollv,
I* UM \ 11\ | I V
• <» * III. % oil Ms ol fill fill
BV' RICHMOND I «««p*ctrull> announce my-. !• ,
mdidair for the oilier of MfhKIFF lor ll»r city of It,, loo.I at th.
ensuingelection Should || |M the pleasure of my fellow «Itisen-p.
c..of. • ilo-other u|M.n me, I think, with nine nan experience a
>i». I.lf and Deputy, I shall b.- able to di-cl.aige il»e duties with sat
Ufa. ta.iCS lo tl.rm and credit to toy -slf
aah'-U -i.le_^ ALRX N III It?HMON
M'RIM. SI OI h niO0 »: PKICI |CO.,A
^ ••*** **» *»y L* Ihelr cu-tcoer* and the pnl.lt.-, ||,N|
il^-y a<* ni rec eipt of a vny great variety of a«w rnisiH. and »•
onr «f tl*e llou-e wdl la* in inalfc.-t most of llpHeUul), buy el * liny
b. u-.'ifed of finding tie- n.< «t DEM R A Itl.F stTYI.EP at all times
1 complete assortment of Family Linens, Cottons and S r
! ? '• -1’ M M
SA l.i;,-We ndrr (or sale several l|..u»e# and
■ »* l*oui*;t Court House. Alsu several Lots of
l..t» I.. ••iilaiuing from 4n t , fs» acres each. Tin* land will l*e V-3
edj With or a flout the buildings attached, to suit purchasers.
As these 1-4.1- .»f I-tod nijuiii the Court Souse proln-rty ami are
Immid.aUly on the Va C. C II , they would make desirable I.**
Dons i..r per-.ns w.intlng -mall tract* of land.
For terms, Ac , apply In
Lou.-aCourt-House, April H—iawtw a|»^
H4 llll \ AUK •!• Received and u|*cning, several packages
new and fashionable C.LOTII I NO, direct from our itunuU.
l.»ry. adapt*d to the present season, and rendering our as-ortmei.t
la»g- and < on.plete We have on hand and constantly receiving all
that i- lira ..r de-n able, and pledge ourselves t«* -.11 *■ low as aucli
(’lot l. mg . .,1, be pul ell It *1 in any market Call and amine st.a-k
and p*Ices._l*l-V] KEEN, II ALD A IN A CO.
4 f fill. 44 ft® lllt.lv | . iw-of \ |g
svB ginls, of a Civil nature, and of a peimatieiil character and
gener .l operation. IIIu-Crated l.y Judicial Decisions, to which are
p fflvr.l l|.e Constitution Ilf the Colled t*lale«. with Notes, and the
n. w 1141 of l(gt.l* and Constitution »f \ irglma, l»y Janies M.
Mattliew*, author of *• (inkle to Commissioner* in Chancery , v*.l l.t*
S vo , ilt pages, |C , or $0 .’ti by mad, posl paid.
. „ ,. HI Main street, Klchmund, Vs
• +7 vo.uiue *24 Is In preparation. „|,y
ClAKDEft ME EDM loll APRII„-ln April tlmfo -
■ lowing Bred* m.«v he sown . Artichoke, Asparagus, HeeU, Hr
r,*l'» H ans. Ilou.-ab. Cabbs/v, Cauf.ll • wer.Celrrv, Corn, Cress, Ca
rol*. Cucumber, Kale, Leek. Lettuce, Mustard. Melon. Nasturtium,
llkra, Onion. Peas. Par-lev, Pepper, Parsnip. Ilidl-h, .“als f\,
•p.iiach, JJ.pusli, Tomato an I Turnip A .omplHr a *. rtm- i.t ..e
ll.e above in all t!*lr varieties, and tome of the rarest k il ls, r«
reived and f.»r sale liy «t i* rGMI'LK,
*1*^ ^ _Druggist, Main street
\ 4-0011 111 1'4 lll ll may Aim! employment l.y applvu.g
___ __ lt«>in II mi
\o:« I II I II N .41*1*11 ItRAlVDT. 10 bhls.. Just
received oil consignment and fur sale l. w to ,-|use sal* •
Corner Pearl and (*ary «tr*-ef•.
\l 4% RPR I v €• LODIIa,—We are In iccrip* ttf « very
large and beautiful assortment of rich retailing Spring Go* I
Sinhra. it.g a variety of styles of l adies Dress (i«ww|«. sm hasMlk
and ll-irvfe R. lws. Rich l*laid tfilks, Plain ami KlgM Bareges and
Tiroes, Organdy Muslins, Printtsl Jaconets ami Brilliant.-, Dntlesl
and Fig’J Swiss Muslins. Ac . Ac., with a general variity of O. -Is
usually kept in a Dry Goods .-tor-. to which we Invite the attention
of our friends and buyers gen* rally.
I *.*• Fagle Square
SI II I. TIII'A 4 (Mil’, We ar# constantly receiving a«l
ditious lo our stock of Spring Cl .th.nff Atnl Furuishii.g G.—ls.
re mb* ring the assortment at all limes Urg. and complete We Invne
attention to our Fancy Casdioere Coals, Pants and Vests, tn suitst*.
match, as being very desirable ill style, quality and prt.-e Th..-e
In w itit of g ».»d and fashionable clothing, at «ati«lart.>ry prt«es,a|||
consult their Interest by railing on us.
•I* KKI s BAI I * in l\ \ « •
A 4s A I ft ST |«| Id. I. %HS—FOMKTHING
\ —Just arriv*s| dire. I fr«.tn Hie p »t.-nl»e, f«»r sale only at
J?***r*‘* *-» *»•«• Exchange Dank, the D«»l It I d
l.<)CK ROLE 1.1 ATII) ft THI’S'K The proprietor Iwing llu* .«.|e
agent for the Male of V’.i rinls. has ibf.-rn.ii.. .1 in.lUiu.^ .fit... .1
lock Trunk, at co.t, with Ihr balance of hlk .lock. either at whole
't.uii [>|A] it. ovmiMi i.ii
\'l:MkPAI*I'll A'll.E*. P...1 Of#..- Dellrrrhra. Pap,,
n ■ gl.ta, (-.•lemlara. Paper Kacka. Ink Slan.lv Sand Ms...
» aferr. and Newspaper Pile., all kite., foe aalr low I.*
fRNHI I Mil It SI I IH, , | w|t t|| in |
■ L\l.oN,i",Tr,N T,l>: city *»e Richmond \ a , /nk
PHR HI NT Till, old established llnlrl, I. offered for Rent.
fr..»» llir !•* April rie*i It is §n will suit fsvorsMv known n.m s
I. lallfil il«’a<*r>|iliuii is cofisMrrrd utinriv*«arv.«ulti.• a los«v iIimI Us
luTAliiin vlilch Is l entnil anti convenient to Hie principal ilcpois ri..i
aharfr«, as vrll as its avprrior Acorn tm*l it tts.n, for s Urffr inimhcr
r»f prrg..,M, n. ikes it a «lcsiraM« opri«:nff for unr wi't.inr In until i
lair the nninsir.'iiit nt of a lir-t C1««* ll.tlrl
The Travel an.l Hu-Incas through the Clip la dallv Incrra.lng. and
II.r I nilni Slalt s Hotel only rrquirrs tl*«- iiij»fisg«*n»rni of a rnrm~
lent prr.no t.. ensure it a Wipe proportion of Ihe Iran.lent, and |h r
iirrj’L *n'1 "n ***■• ,,,,k ■<> h..- n..iei., for
" hi h Ifn hn.on.l t. noted The liar ha" "Iwap. loa n pndllahlr. and
there la a Hue .lahie attached .
I T!e ,’o*,n*ar* *rv III perfect urdt r.and pu.araelon map h. had
? . * **" • ** Vliirh lime Ihr rnltrr Purnilntr and Outfit of ihr
Hotel, ertrnnoard of a larfr and raloablr wh«,m tm. nt of the Iw*nI ..f
ir.’r. !l"*ft***7 lhr < nmph I, furn .hlnr of a PI,* claw
Hoi* I, viil be sold at Auction
„ ■" "pp'rlonllp la „ff,r,d f..r renting or I .rasing
il.a Hot. I and purchaalng ll.e Purnllu.e alp. .rate ule
"« In.lie appllrationa fcp letter or nlh*rw..e
■ en.Ha_Real Palate Agent, and Aarth.neere
%TVti't * V,1 ' 1 1 ClfOPl || | « I on v
▼ .All Tic ■ omtfitMhf.ns and «rl| r«tsh|i.|,. | U'Alt fc:::
red for .ale will, all Ha I.ding.. Ut. ... ,„d Fopel.,'.
•fronting . rare opportunity to a person who I. praetlrallv a.
piainted with the bu.tnraa praruranv a.
7. "r'Tr *—‘•**'» parlor..anting room., Ac.
«ar and Millard Hnoa. It, a huild.ng rrmoved from the main hn.i.r
Ttwre are etlen.lae FT A HI PF lnd Fhoda Wl.li I, have In.-,, lor llw
(.a.l four peat* rented aa a l.ive.p . .tahli.l.tn. nl
w"nnl. rf !!"■ V'"'” "'""P* '^n ff'»st Prom F,.rlng
.. Pall II la Filed In If. nfm.wi rapacity with vl.ltor., attracted hv it.
.e.lthp and advaM.p. no. location and the pleaaantnmw „f th.
■roiind. andaecutmoodafIon. It t. 0„|, fr„m g,„.
|..ler W Idle Futphnr Spring. ; and with a Railroad In llw place. ,f
ording flick and unbroken cornmnnlcatlnn with Richmond and
» a.hlnglon. attract, mane from the rifle, and lower contra I.
n.gt.l he made eetp ealuakle a. a teanrhof a Clip Motel.
Al Ike wit of Justice of a large and wealthy county, it terrier, an
tlen.lrr patronage from Ike atlmdanl. on Ihe earl.Court, in
oldltlnli In the pr.mei.rnt hoarder, and Iran.ient travel
Per.on. Inlere.fe.1 are Invited toevamlne the pen.-,tv ,n.l R.,i.
n of fi'Hts f».r the li«l five *ssr«
T..«. for the Real P-ta.e a-h . the remainder In an.ual
•avmenl. during a term of erven pear. The deferred payment,
rllh l"lere.t go he secured upon the pi ope.Ip which I. to be foil. In
ureal fHlier property might hr taken In put parment If desired on
ale term. Immediate piwaraa.uh given If d> Orel.
... . «0 F. MOODY.
mMS daotw Warrenlnn, Ya
I Alii All! A I OICCC. ?i«i hag. p.loo Ugnarra C..f
4 »e, reeeietng and lot .ale lip
i.pwi* n wphf a 00
PI'FT received l.p atrim.I.p Jamestown, Mi ht.l. CRPtM AlP
*••*■ A ANTONI,
FI Nicholas' Fa ten.n.
I ’III c*t|:, Whole, prime N.w York Plate, la. d ng .i..| for
A wile hp tVlIMIll.P A I'MIIIORNR,
No. II Pearl efrs el
H* •• **dC ••lllll:w. Anal re .ll.d h» p.preaa, another
'm.1 rail .L .. 7. "" •knd. we
■nhl rail Ihe attention of our rurtmorr. and the public In general
... niniKY A joiinfon,
'■* No ltf» P.gle Square
/fWMk lM"' MR A I l it « I til vr.
Jame. Rite, brand quality war. anted g .nd for
DAVPSiptRtT SI l VN « fit
I)? eorratm.1 MIMHONSt. JeM
..I . ' r ' ■*®,,'"V'" «> Drew f,homing. „.d R l.h
r..!1 W r CPRKMF A CO.
. -__ No |if P »gle Square
v ■ ling Alan, a lew plevra o Hemp Cir,w.t„g. ,, i„w „
f ctrrinf a ro.
*•’* N III I .,1 .
•A rJl.!* '*’***■ "" ANCIMi INlW it* It o
P*» « »,' O p FeeWp fo, ..l. h,
HORACK L 4JDTT. rrmUmt. | WM V ISAAC*. Amatory. '
I.KW W W EHR. i Vtaalrnor*
nuvKMi:M> »» M'EAt »ti:am:u«. —
•-«»»• *»■ nan.
!i . V’ "• » York. Certhar'ua. Ac , April 1
*• VurD. S«n.»uan. Aerll Y
I !k2b 2'* Uterm-d. April « i
\:r\ I.l v«r |mm4, April t
iST* le Ur#rp«4, April I*
' Hle k Warrior. New Yurt. Havana. April It
[ HreiMlt, krr Ytrk, London Ac., April 15
W.p.ium,,- o'” !•**• Ur.rp.~l. April If
£,w Vork. HrAnirti. April It
A ma |Pr | Nto Turk, Harr*. April lf
Lan Nr. Vork. Aapln.ell April *n
dIlu a Urrrp—I April „ ,
_u, "r» Vi»rk, |.t««r|mm»I, April .
Nr. York, Uvrrpoul, April to I
Waah.nvt.-u, Il'ron n. Non York rl* Crtn. March *Y '
Laa.hrla. Liverpool, Dorian. Marrl. *9
"’••“r L'rerpu.1, Nr. York. April *
Alm a. Urn pool. Near York, April 5
Am*". Routhainptun, Nr. York. April 9
Arabia, Liverpool. Unrl.oi. A lull It 1
ICr..'*o.u, Urrrp.H.1. Nr. York, April l«
JVrrla. Lrrrpod, Nr. York, April 19
llrrnian., I*nuih .n.pion. Nr. York. April m
Urrrpool. HmUou, April It.
AUaalla._ Liverpool. Nr. York. April *>
" ' " » III.,U Mtffcft Y p g '
*'5K1\ H».
KJwarJ WadiiIIm. ptM^MphU, ml, Hatnorl P
IVhr. H%lt|mor*>, Htiilltp*. H.iiiitioro, nHw, W |» r.ikrttn A Cu
£!" w-Tuo '•"TV >•'« Morr'. 4 Tanrne
IS Lr Xoi ul. || »|||», ., I olfit luiulrd-r. I: K * p |j K l «>
*"d K'b^c*'u,''‘- .n. potetnea. Ludlaw'A
M*r. lUntllW, i knlrf, Nrw York, unltr, D A W C'urn*
Hct.f ...MW *>ck. Dink, W last own. l.u.«U.n A
Mir ll»b< rl T MalWr, U»ply, York kiVrr.corb, Lofui MaUrr
I* klloRD,
mrvorr R."u..k.\ Rklnnrr, f*t»i "mouth, to vrpair.
H^tor. H. WMrrv, prttrkwtt, H*l»l«u.»rr. in t«r. I.mlltiu A W«i».u
f Sw»ti * ?*! J ,H • down IW* rirer, t«. |..«.| with lumber
for p..ila.lrlpl.la
Rchr- Ami., Ja. ktr.au. It...ion, mdar, D A W Currie
Srhr. C.*)urlle, Skl.nirr, York Itlrer. Petit
ILI*r. Pklella, --.coal, Ptnl i.lelpn.a
Tin- arliixiiirr Mug. Warren, frrtni New York, loaded
* ‘ill I5*i Iona guano, for U.m.m Thotuaa llraiieli A Son
aml Jului U.ml. ii & I’o, IVieraburg went -chore laat
».vk mi W air h. peck, Aecun.ae county. The rnwlud
rargo mil proven total lv«. I port the cargo, are ai« in
loiiucd, there iv Iroiii'Uiaiirp.
The l.iglit Yea-.1 011 Koiith'a I'oiiH, Potoniae river, an.)
thil al If .toper *4 Slrail-. entranee to Tangier Sound Here
relumed to iheir -lationa on the gstli ol March.
The Kog II -|| al Tape llemv naa rvcenlly ao much in
jur.al ill a gale ol mini, >. to prevent it br ing u»d >1
fMIK tun
I1.1 ''V'!’ ' l.rrrrra ant Proprietor a
JMl T Mil'll kolr »l,never
»l*n ul llir N III..rial Thenlre, Waal.liumui. ami liar IL.IMav JMrrel
TUfDiip, Hdltiuiurr
j ue knurr person .. . si,rR,urn
MISS At. \ hS |{| HIKIM si iV
•ar a ill »rn ,a THIS EV t:Y|\fl ir T«u ixnaa avw niera.
Tin. (WRIlNaSUAYl PVPMNO, April 9:1., Ihr P. .fururalue lo
cruimrncr a.lh Ihr farce »r
ANi AI. A It »l I Y I# Ntl imitr.
BobTlrkrl Mf Jonu.
Af.er which the protean piece ..f
r it i: (ha Ai i i. ■:» y .•
vi.'* A«aliacanok.
To coar lu.l.' will. Ill,- Mu.leal Faliy Pxtravavanvr, entitled
l 111: I.Y t INIIII.I: piiiyi I ,
l ." U,"J" Miav Eoararaoa
JlT- PRICIS of tllMlSSIIIN -11-,.. Cl-.le and Paraurtte f.l
■ ■’ v,,iU* *•» imtre t««ll.i) cent*. Fasten*
nailery rents #
i*r [>—r-..p,u at T, performance to ...mm nee at a o', lock,
w ^ui J OIB- e o|*en from 9 A \| until S P. M , where Kill may
IN Hit'll MUNI).
% t *■' h a r r i m Hi
IW* leave to announce that In ct»a«e<|u-nce of the ralraordinar v j
su>'Cf <*, which hat atten 1*^1 her C.itiivru In tht. city, «)ir lia. dr
t« ruini.il to tlrlay Iter departure and will yiyr a
Tlll'ItXDAY KYKNINt), April Idth,
On which t»c. a.inri .In- will In- l»y tlx*eminent and favorite
f t»nl ratio M'ur Vmi » I'nti.Mim.^ n.:in.| j<m I The
dlwtiuyulattetl lUaint*
In rector a ml Condo. t.*r, M »i at. » ?«t* iio-CN
Tltr ,.r. cranfor will In ,ni.ap|.,....!..Mr ,Ul.nra. and vart.tyl
and will Itichttl.-. Iteaxl. a rent* from the »rr.--»t a»«lrr«ufcl|ialcal,
■‘ red am! mlt.ell simuhi* u»u«U . tl.e .el, Prated French Nsttowal
Sunflty M'u.k lh» ui, and that ~-ul •tirnnir American National .
Hutiff hy M'llv l’»a-.M. and M'te .**rauim m, with the rryatr*
I Ah iimn AN Romanst from tin* Prophet, by Meyerbeer
III -Jerumlem-’ ilo.,i tie t k.lle.t the Prophet., m. rct Aria from
Pt Paul l.r M< n.l*lwr.hn
I. 'll..It Mother Ruble n.v 'uot.lrpc Ifuctt from Malta'. Oucta
Maritana,*- toycihcr with Mine. Ma.a.„.ii
V The Mlr•, Mat*,' Ilyinn
VI The mar Tpanrt-I Banner, toRcihrr with Mme , Rtrakoarh,
Mae Amur Pern Praia.h will .in*
I Tin- I..',..iti• u| aa.’ml Sa.|t "Are Maria" by tlhubert
II "Pay yea Pucy"
III "Within a in lc of K.llnborc."
!*M. I t. » .am *111 .It,.
'.. "I!'1 <' •<" “» Paul." Mcndclmohn
II (linrd Ariafrtwn Inert/.la Hnrffia"
Mr*rs*s -m m will perform the Ml .winf of bU compos ICon
I Th«guartour from I -I'unlaid,” IU Hu.i
II “The N ytitliifahr*' :t Woodland a-nit
III ••Prayer fr..„» on. Il.»" ,11 ...InOfor the left hand alone
It Fania»le «m N.itoual Air*
ADIIWIDN to nil part. ..f the llall Rl.
k^ JteaU mi? In secured without rstra chuff* at the H--ok
. tore of Mi J xp.Mii.e, nhi> al«-t lit. kindly furnished the two
mnvnifl.-eiit I’iamdort • u*rd this occadmi by Mr Mtrakosch.
l--r particulars, see .mall bills
{ ^ Doors open at T , to commence at S o'clock apH At
Hr,| l * "I III ICI.IA .
▼ ▼ A .11 //.I .Vr; F A .V/f it’ll, a:* TU >.V t t A Ah F,
14th *1 , opposite the KSahai.ffe Hull.liny,
Richmond, Va.
of * x^%*n**> N-4r-, Coin. Ac , bought and a..!.!.
C Tr Collect ion* oil the cities of ' tiffinia and North Carelika ruade
t.u favor* Me term..
Utr Hltak, U.UXl d anil Mild mi commission.
i y* l-H.i.l Warrant, wanted
M«rra<* m
Mr««r4 K II Chatnlterlalne A ?*ons. Banker*, Norfolk. Va.
H W. Hodden, F*o., Cashier Hank of Virffiriia,
Me*»r< Maury A Morton, Hanker*. Ktrhrnoml. Va.
MiMr. C. W. Purr-11 A Co, ** *• inhl.'V— Am
Kl). I). KI-il-ildNO.
•tent no a m» m an Fit ooodk.
fl’sT Iff lie.lt la rye lot of auperlt.r PI,.the, Pawl are re. an,I ;
*..ilntrc, wtilch hew.il make up in the lw*.t manner, on the
II1..UI rcMw.n il.le term*, anil al the .Iwirtesl notice.
A leryc anil well .elected lin k nf Kent, \|„|e Clolhlny, which
will compare with any in thta or any oilier market. Our price, a. !
T PorntahUi* Honda In great variety. aocli »• SI.Irt», t'raaala, Srhuli,
lie intli.. Me frlen.l. ami ..there who are In erarrh of really .leal
ralile good. m rail anil rlanilne III. aloell. Bil.'iS
snimii. mu nuimi i s,
*1 , *V,r' **.r- »■!"»• Pmaaylram* Training S h«.l f..r Idtnllr ami
■ htMe ml hN I'blMrrn, l.x-nr.l «i UrrinAntiivn, Pi., (Wlililii
PTiiriJ. Iphis city limit*) call* the attention of Parent* *11.1 Auardlan*
to l - r In«titufIon ft U tnorp ,r sled hv lhe Plate of Pennsylvania,
and i« ?iry ph-a««n(ly atlnated in one of the m..i healthy m ifftit».r.
IhmmI* known, his n r amide Around*. Wmsdland. Mr Th. Traloinf
ao.l Mum Ion of hnh.. lie and lli.iic thil.lrm at Ihta ln«!fistion,
i* now |»u»Mied itfH n the inixt approves! principle* known in ih<*
< ourilry, or in fesrope The Roml of DlrvrtoM havmy hern -u.
rs .aful In ofctalnlnfih* ffrrvice* of practical T< achera and A**Utante, i
..rwort* to sir Vs lope Use Physical and Intellect ml qutliiis-a of
their pupil*, will tw entirety riven to list* Instil.ition Term* will I*
made known upon at plication* dim tut to Pmn-vlvanla Tratnior
»gs h<M | f..r Imlsecde*. Orrmintown. Pi
The Ivlluwmg . onijMier llir preeent lin.nl of IMnvtor.
hi a rar.u.a.T.,
Iwar fMllne, Ji. C ll.in.lt,
H 11. <* W Woodward, di~ HatrUon,
lion II. SI Sln.u.1, SI W Baldwin,
S Sforrl. SValn. W.tlar Sfnma,
PMIi|. S /ii.ilec, Ri.-h'rd M Mar>hall,
Pugh. Hr Tl.o. S Kirhhrldw,
John Horten, Win l> Parrlth,
* I. Fle*»n. Sf |i H,.h |i smith.
Henry M Alm«tesl.
Al.ri FI'I.I.I HTON. Treasurer.
Faixn "Tor.. ‘..,,1,0
niiim km rnniiin a ussniis tstioeV.
Kl MH.Sll, Vk,
A RROTHPIt. I'loiitiriiir of the iIhiVp v.irhi art
■ wow huiMitift POKTARI.K HTPAtf IMil.NM, of an improved
construction. of ill *itr . fnmi tit Is* forty llorre Power, auitahle for
C*r. ukif Ha* Mill*. Thmldny M» hlnea, and other purpose*, whteh
llsry (litter ikmialtps are fully equal if not #up* rior to any Enffin*-*
ever built here or rbs-whs re
Tt,ey will almfun.i.ti -TsTIONSCV STFASI I SIIIMS frnm tea
Hor*e to any required power
©met* I, AH HAH MIIJj*. of the a*«v«l «p)tr>vrd construction, and
of eariou* •■»«*.
SSIMe and IRONS for Sill Simla
RSIIItoSIl ISoRR of eaerjr deerripOon
TOHACCO PRnvKS. FI. STTFNINO Mil l s and all artlele. u.eil
Tut.,ee... log.'her wnh r.r„ bind of MR SSR and
They areal...the Hela. fr Ma. nf-ctiirera. In thia rdy. and
( Ml XIIFK, which It ey confidently rrcnnimeml In Ih. Ir matnmerf
and friend, a. auperlnr m any Mill of the bind with which the* are
ieS'iOnled,a ...fply of which will alway. he b.pt on hand, for

IsnSsnl ,S,,MK •• MOM 11 Hsimiim.
" fHinnp 1 World recpeethstly Invite the attention of purs ha
•rr* to nr larye and choice a*«ortment «.f Hentleman'* furnUhtnc
• »sv d«. whteh I off. r at price* that cannot fad to *utt It I* not pi.*.
•»h!e n an ndvertteernent to specify nftirle*. hot «Mlt the fr title
men thdt mu. I. rr* title at Ism ansi pesdtihlr adrarifaye wilt *c rue to
them hy an . aim.nathm IIP*RY Hit u rn
(Wrier Riln and 14 h street*
I*' ' • ' 1 "Mil":
Onarihd f.ampe, fne hn.la, faefnrlea, -Inerf. A, for . ,|, |,.»
a,N till | SHIP, S)I hw.ea P.i-Paawtty Soap, tandtfw and
" ,,V* N,. II P. „IMreel. ,
IHI.RFTTn rilHUKI. f „r im. eel. h,..ed '
T"*ae, n, hw aale hy ixirr A CO (
I s*s S I , S -mall .. enoo-nt of pare «nr a.h- hy
_ Rn It Pe.fl .|re. I
1 • ri •• »s 1* s s n. b.„M. ni-.s ..,t
Oay P,.«. for a.I,- hy WoMdl.F A if SlRORNF
*' Ro II Pearl dreel ,
«»,** r IM III ms 111 »Nl». n.nm. ..pe.t.d S
for aale on rramnaldr I. ,*n« h» a
wossni r s ci.iiiiornf.
•P* *« II Pwnrl or eel 1
n *• «*«•«»■£, ATTORN** AT LAV.Wo
t ■ ""•L'*•*•■. C"*nvv. A < C..«. u - Mr■« kUnburg 0.1 t-ro-t,
* *p •— If
W7‘ V*. *T uw.tMo.tM
mi l*'.t OAre, Charlotte Co . II. , V* ti.l IT_ly
HK'«» '»'• TAKH 1*11. ATTORNPT AT LAW. Crtr
auu.,11. 0«nr II'*'**. Ii . out prato-e the ,f
• *n.i.Hlid, Rockingham And Prime Rivard ,| ,„
W *• •*. HI Hlll l.l. ATTURM'Y AT I AAA
*' H" “.- -
Prompt atlrnikiti «Ji br yml u tU rulWliun ut all c|ain»« rn.
tru««< «l to Mm «H*.« coriM* Uvferuor a-d Main m . m* r th» Warv
" • wHI ly.
Cy,A,*,,m,:,‘ o' ATT,»«N*T AT LAW . N. HM.'.u,
Ih» t«wu of llm city ..I Richmond and
U«r QHimWi of Hrnrb-tt ami Hanover
_ OHh. corner of Main ar.d Governor street*. over It H
Worwrr . clothing More. m Td ly
nl t™’**** *T I.AAA AM. Ml.
U TART Pi HI.,C. from il, all the Court* of Goochland
HrnrW and the city of Rlehmnnd
l«T ttlBcv on llth Mrn-t. hetoren Main and Hank ml lA-ty
fj. mi. I, ATTORNrr AT LAW. w..,i,r., V. 0,11
• at'nnd rrgolnrly all the Court* .1 Ale. klrt.hu,, Lot.ndmtg
■' " t,T* -ly
S' •' • *«»* * N.kl Mt|;t|*. ATT..KMV* AT l AW.
A™ *AAI MlK'gT, A A .will give prompt and grid 111* OlliQi to
an> M«oon,iruan| to thc,o.... tl.e count-* „f P,..,kp,. p.tt.,1
van.a. II*nry. Palro k and Rloyd
l*r- Ad-lreaa, •• Kockjr Mount, Franklin county, Va **
ru«a.*Ag -.vaowwa.
W» I. ». ■ » ’I OUR i: N , 11. at.i v og IVtcve**.,
having ...Ol to Ro-hmorol. 'To. hi. ..
trne* in the IWt. of Ai.pr.l. and In tin- Circuit Court. (..I tin
ittale and of the I '"led dlale.l held In the rtly lie o>|l ala" give
np'Oloo'. and In nth. r re.|e. 1. *. t a* • It.lutier t"ot'«et
tr IMtAce at rnldetice,goothvrat corner of Ala,:, and ftevonlh
• Chtrle. Cl«». cu . Va . p.a, t.cr. I..* fe...,,. I,. al||t„ enurt.
<11 Charle. clly, Janie* City, Neo Kent *i..| Henrlror.mntle*
*t* ly
, '*• W'"- ATT.l'lNkV AT I.AAA. a tl
* f , Pra*-ticw in all U>e Court* of thr Counties of Hauuirr II. ...
rl«.., Carol ne and «..w-r,!nmj
Aildrru. Waah fAdlajr, Manor rr co., Va. Jatl_ly
■ n . Sil l R A K| H. imiNIY at LAW. Pm
■ (i-m H us. V*.. win practice in tfw Court. oftl.r
Count ie* t*f I Ituylvamaand Franklin, and will attend td, the -
lUllUa ,U Ul* CwmmIWw .4 Urdford. Henry an.l
e Immediately owrall* the C..urt |«. w. In Um- room
formerly .h . wpied »*e Joarpfc Martin. Jr orf.V *
J1 • ** * (j »:• ATVOKNKV AT LAW. LviraMM. V* .
* • h*4 fr«**'*cd hi* oA<e to Um* ruoiu in rear ol the rvieyrapt.
■ m • l- w the Fi
li V?If*a!?! A IMMMII X11 It, ATTORNEY* \i
*- , h* y . Kti liMtAMU, \ * . Will practice «« Partner* in Ur-t ittr o(
Kp hmoi.d, ami m lb* . ouuImw of Ch.-*terlbdd. Powhatan and Amelia
I yT om,r in l..%le'* buildiny, corn, r ... M .... and in», mreet*,
nrwl tlo.., al-.ke -tair* Klt'IIAK.iW FOM KMjV,
I.*W, **"N •' KLTIII lir.."K|i
A and JOHN H. HIV h*»- aMociamdin th.* Praetor ..f l.kW
•lot odl practice Ul Ule c..*nlic „l lirnn hUud, LuuWa. PlutatiUa
lUtinver a * id Powhatan
■ *' lae-h lortiolid, Otun hlatiil. and Ihel.l
Idand t . ..rt || aul ly
ItW.ANHI.IY • llrtn %*, ATTHKNPY AT LAW ,|.avi
.* In i.rat rt.) w,ll pr net tee .1. the Cou.t* nl Richmond <11V. an.l
m Ikri .mntlPT ol lit nrit .. and Cla^terArlil
iW-'rtZinn the W hiy Uuildtny, near the Htate C«>urW...u«* Kh h
amnd, Va.___aul 1,
M I < M X M l» || X \« I S,
PHAITIOI? in the rouitUn ol Kiitf William, Riny k Quern ami
Add re«a, Rn field F. O., R g W Hlaa roanty •p'W dly
I^HWXRD K CIIAMHFKS and \ H LiF hare a*« ■ *te.| *.
J partner* m tl«e Prattler of l*au, and will if ire prompt alien
lion I., all |m..fra*...rial hu*iue*a cntru*U<l to tlM*rn.
A * *•• ** Kl» K CHAM III:ICS at lt..k.|i..n. and A J* UK at t lark*
rUle, MeeklenAunr ro., Va.
■ X \% Mllll | .
ondei .-• • l In f, Aled U
■ l^w, under the atylg. of (UNCOCK A HUHNALL Ther aul
pra.Mo*e ,n all the Court* of the City ..f R.lm-ml. and in U*e ruUii.
ol Henrkro, Che*t»-rReld and Giae hlaml Partn ular ettentiou paid
to the roller tMtn of delit*.
Ofli.e lilt, Htreet, neaHr «,ppoatle Oudrlm'* Hall
S It Will.am llanroek. N.,tary PuUU, will a tend t-. all m.ta«,
• i i r ; k
kNI» I.XNII Xi 1 H It I N I H.l M \ .
■ aRKANKI.IN M ATTHEW.® ofT.-r* hi* *ervlcrt to • laiiuanU entitle>l
■ to rriKlobi ami Land B*»unty und« r U»e late a< t* *»f Ct-nyre**,
1'itoric or mi mu ha
■ TAN llo( **K solicit* the patr..nar<* of the member* of/"A
the (Icneral Assembly, tNil other* ViMlinK the city this *iu
ter, ami promises U» spare Uu pain* in hi* emleavours to CoOtrd.wi«
to their comfort.
The Situation of the In.use is s*t veil known, and so desirable, that
it needs no further commendation.
hoi i im.iiicimik iioti:i.«
OTIt r. In takttiy charge *.f the above establishment, I -
would most res|M «. tfully solicit a c»ntiuu*ute of the fur- frA
mer patrons of the Hot* 1, an.I to my friends, I ask of them tu JQB
call andI ace me. My table shall always be spread with all Uie dell
• aciesi.r the season. The servants are all attentive. Tbe rnlire es
•al.lishm. nt Shall have the best attention that I am master of. My
wife Wl'» *ee that the ladies who palTofita* the Hotel shall haVeeVery
wish gratified, and all I ask is a share of business. The house is fur
nished in the very oe.t style, and is local**.! in a quiet part of the
city My Omnibus will always Ik* at Uie different depots to attend t
customers, to carry them to and fro.
jyl" tf jo-h HH L CAUKINOTON. Pr *
MU 1.1 1(1. 1101 si., %% III.if.i st., \ \.
Ila WATSON CARR, Pa-raiim.*.
uiairnifi.nil Hotel, situated at Uie corner of Market and
■ Monroe streets, Wheeltn|f, offers unsurpassed inducement*, to
Uie traveliny public. It U supplied with every requidte f„r Uie ac
commodation of ladles and tfenUetucii, contain* Iftu well ventilated
and capacious room*, and is within three minutes walk of Uie llalu
uioreai.d Ohio Railroad, the Oieaa»ieake and Ohio Railroad and
steamboat landiii* The Post Office and Court House are ou the
same s4|uare. and Kxpr«*» and Sia** offices in Uie basement.
Price only #1 .%• |*er day.
|«r- Omnibuses and Porters are always In attendance to convey
passengers *iwf bag|raee U» and from thl* Hotel.
,V Tranacleot Vbllcri $1 1 per tiny. ^1
fe‘21 — dscly
a. smkap. l r ci tax
OMNIlU'S.*K.u run regularly t., and Iron, the Railroad Depot and
Packet Landing eounected with thi, bvur
s i* it i \ i; mi 1.1.1 \ i: m ,
F II CHARLTON. (Late M.mRmp.i beg. In a. jp-v-.
— " S —*in tier old cu.tuwer. lit,I .lie lia. ju.l returned 0 JU
111 In ilie North. where ,l.e l.,» 1,1.1 In, for ea.h, Ihr no .1
: 1.1 ll.e l.l.ltl.r ul
WRING Mil l INFRY. llrr experience ,n the r> lection of good.
i> fUcii, that .he Will nut allow her .ell tu he equaled ur .urparted l.y
,n>. and lia. In wore, and will o|en on M..inlay, the 7th ii,.i , the
l.lcl Pari. .lyle. of PATTKRN IIATS. which .hr w.aihl u„ .t ,,
•peetfully requeet the ladtrv to call and el,mine before purchaaiug
elaewhere. a. alie can .upply ihim ou Ibe nintt aco.nuuotaltng
Alw., an elegant aaanrtniehl nf IMIIROIHI KY. with almoMerrry
other article required l.y ladlea, at Ihr oi l .land above the Bank,
between Vth and Inth, SO XI7 MAIN >TKM'T '
aph— If
TOO — If y. u ,rr .1I..I.V fT .1 where Tnu rail get P-i-CX^L. ■£}
the CHKPIS<T AND IlKKT PIAN(Hj,,.i p.,.tp, , the lY f f I I
matt, r until you car. take one of F P VAMPS „n trial Yoa can
retain the money until lh. pi,no ha. glern ..llafaclloii.
II. I. willing to give bond and wcurlty t., furul.h you wiUt a su
perior lli.tiumriit at a low price
Order. v.prr.ally enliu.lt .I to our wlei'llou alway. receive parth
cular care.
K P NASH. PI,no Forte Dealer.
Sd, Sy. .more, corner of ll.,i,k etr.el.
“I® Prterdturg Va,
■ IlfflHLANMKK will stand the present season, one
half of tu* Hum at Purklnyhatn 4\.urt llou«e, att.l tlie otfwrtdhii
('urtLvfile-, Ht #/«* l»y tl»- «e**..n, ami f •• to insur* the mare w.ih
foal lliffhlaiolrr I* of the Morran and Mr««rii|r*r si n k of h r-»,
t* a deep hay, full f» feet !•» incite* high, arid combine* wrest nni*« „
mr urrnyin me Mio«t iiltrlr* |Mloliati|«- • ) mmetrical
l« »• th' uiiivertal <>|I'||H>U uf m my of the »ery hr*t judtfr* in ||, •
Country, that f**r tirtinn, rntrsuyt'i 4ml »«*• |« un<urpin«-i| |.y
any hor«r that ha* ever trodd* n tr,.- *ol| „f Virginia | hare arm
mod of thr imported horoe* ttiat have«t*od in thi# country, anl f» -|
iny«rll rhctly jiMt.rt* d In the a**ertion when 1 *ay that I hire yrt
M-en none tuperior In him
lllyMand. r ha* many foil* »—>•»» in the count!.-of Halifax and
Ch irh.it.- -«oi»f thrf* and other- f#r** year- old thi* »nrin\i .and
M.ave nryrr yet mo or In ard of the 4r*t alone aan.iift
I dee III it U»ele*« to aa? nu+t f..r him, a- thnwe wiyhtn* to breed
fram him Will, nfrour-r, deal re to *re him h* f„r. dnlnf in. and a . /o*r
mu/ . rttir.it rJ-.i/f./a./f*oa p the very tie-t recommendation that
••ui.I .-.Mr h- fiv, r, him
%lr Norr.ll Cede!., who » able* at lh»< liny ham Court ||.oi«e. will
fiarr eharye of th- honr, and to- w.lt to* prompt to *e- that .ill near*-*
•* nf tot Im mil be properly attended to
\A \| t AKHWtll.
^ ^ it I Nff|||.§, IIO-I , A • 111m r ..r ||..*r,
MV inanufa. lun-r of ll.e If. mp- a , he.* p S
ind eardlent auhatttute for Leather amltfiitta per*
ha It la—|*r« tally recommend.*.! In Planter*. Nuraerynien, Fire
i'ouipanir*. 4tramb*at *. Manufartorte-*. Iiw.-tltnjr*, A. It «o«t*
ie** than half the price of leather, i* liftiter. -tanda a* much pr. —ui*
* a* dm aide, and ia hut -objrv t. d f..r it* preservation to the rM*. n»r
i»f oitiny or jrrea«lnjr. neither i* it injur, d by i,v*i
For -ale and order* for importation rnriml in **te* fr« m 1 to ?
Iiuh. • in dlam«te<t.y ril.AKI.F4 I I N7MANN, .*4 Cedar *1 . New
I 1
roio Alfred tlaro n. F*ef Chief Fnrincer of Ho* N. w Vnft Fire- |>.
»anment . from Jam. * MrFartan. F-., , Chief FnyUircr of the I 11 on
Ferr y Company, and al-o from uth. tal authanti,* of «omr of the l«rirc
•IIM of Fnrope. *^4 ^
> K *» I ttC PI • It Al.s
■ VAI.ICM JOHN C P%«»F.Jr.thi. ji*«
ee tiyed a targe fi'pfdy of Traveling Trunk*
I at-re* amt (biiprt ft er*. to whH h t.e m.
1 1 ' ' I f I 1 I I I - rl . Oil- I
>i«t* of all tlee d,ff. rent e|iiaMty and «tytr* FeihraMng
A«.h* leathe r Trunk* l«t and 7.1 ^uatMy.
Iron frame do I.Jandftd ••
" •* Ftiate- do Mant t ••
futile* elrraa Trunk*.
thde leather and Iron fram. Taller*,
Carpet B*r* of eyery epiamy. all ,.f which h *- ju«t t.r*n -elected
»y him*, if in per«oi. and houyht at th. loWe*t , ,.h price*,*!,'. h will
*° "* r l"',a' •"•••M* lo «w*n ha-er*. tfnUe in want
nil likety «ave iu..i..y b) giving him a call at No IT Main •♦ree l
*•* * Joll* C I’AOT, Jr
I «III I S* <111-« I* (Oiri H., I r
4 ..... ,| . • of 1. . I II,,!. M, L. ,, „| , >; l.K
•rt. » M«IK .n.| *•.»«-. ,.>I. »r,„ fc. ,1 11 :.| Th., ,1.. l^.,
have eyrr *een at the |*c* e f t hary'ln* In ladiwa* art I . hifdr* tt'f
'l,».«. r»tl i>" j c j,
•I*4 *«. IA Main
Ill'll—1 li lll'l II s %T s| ..mi h'IIH
4 H A PH % N^fl |» .Vfl p « of I 1 I • « i ter*, «r l h
» |*r»re «< flJWt a pair, whk h I w.ll warrant n<>| to rip r l or.t
tyrry pan Dial 4..ei to. I wdl el tr dkn in pta«* of them.a- I hay.’
nade arr«nfi ment* with the At .nufaeturey to thi* rfret. by paymt
• im •little m.iff for them, on I ran return them to him If they are
etw?ned to mr. 9
1%1111’Nf f.IV art (III |,*ai. The U.He* can ^ ,
4 And at Al FX HIM *4 N \ •: At. ,fr,, t< ,M th
Itflerrnt k'tid* of flatter*. 41 pp. t« and Tu - ai.,, \| , ,
■Mlerw*. TMwrr,. ,f| t|„ ,,,4
,M. •!,!-. W,.f„ IM. A,rli„ II. .ill .,11 Mw ,b
‘•r «->.•- «' f.*»> !»»'<•*■• 1. p.B. fu.1 paT'n* rmtnawr.. .
Sl’ltl NO < U »OI)H. | Moth ~
1 Urr *'"' nM"1 w.fimmi Ilrt.1*.
rt «M* l|S.i IMS.IV. *Mrh ,„ ,„4 qo,„„ l kl,„„|
' .,MI I., WMrh *r ,nr ,. . .Nl .,,r„1,„r«, h'„, ..,,,,,4
,*V ” *"• *nr|.«~r.l h, h..uw Mr.
Our -ark of «hllr «n* rol.wr.l I .,. n m l o»t..n fh ri.
*" "*’•' >»"• I" u*. »t.| b, I hr .. ,.,.M,nl
" r'Urrn' ",'K'h * "** ,M- •' ««rr«.t
|W 0,1,1’. m ...... !,».« , ,1 .h„;.,„.| C.AMr.
» eeery variety of *ty|e and warrante.1 to |i
. *i’iio e owrvA.
“ o,.|.m i, Amrrlrsn ll.4»l
MkeUI Mi l IMIMI I. .% <> l.,rr,l. 1 1
I ll.tf,, .,,1 A| I.. ,„4..„
tor l.nrrpt.A.1 r h.t « lo r|.... i,,
... S, „ tjf*e H MaTTHTW. A aom
•I* ^ *« It *•—*/ » Whs.1, Bsliitnorr, *4. 1
'I’ll' JMIMHOR ,.rw ,
", •d bu»' NEW YORK Balarday eeentn* (aar 1*4 rff 1*
*1* '•“‘•'■I*. -II p»*. her. r r N.. York. ....
T». 4.1 iknuM, ih* 1 .‘al. imi , a. i u'.ln. a jMIhL
TW RMWIlt, Cali licnnt, n| umb, i*, for«.r . n,
!—«*.. Nr* York and City Point.
W*1 *’'• K PIM'tllUYTta, POM a -r -n
3 Hki.nMi.itr. . II h. Sr,r o.. Pmur arnTwaV.
on l*«tu«<A«jr •Krrnotxi. jiAUiiaCSL
* I.L'IrLtM A Watmin
r » ► YK Tie I N,, 1 "ram.hip VIKIIINIa. f
i »|M H K'K.w, *• now f-olv •«. fM'Ptv* rrcttftii. v
A' Oa** on Today. A,.r,l I Ith . at • o'clock.*
r.o frrl*l.i nr paaaace, bavin* rupee".r ac oonn.-lain.o. anti n.
•»*-* H. R. TtriTl.lt. Afrai, Rockett.. |
fivmai: u iiinm ui.nikk t» >: v f ~*-r
■ r’*» frei*ht for Ihr .lra.oat.lp J A MEPTOW N ... *t. T Lna
N... York. .Ill pt-aae make .arty appll. a Bt.e ml .TF',,
MaMtl aril, and Irarr Tralai afternoon al I o'rl,et. IS Inat i
Y I, \% I n It K . The mprl< r fa. aai'tn* />.
• nrfir. Kill. BIKB. Cafd Week a, havln* a p>nle. ,.ftQh
tor car*., . d, .ill a.,1 .Ml, ,, ,t. -k dlap.lrh P..r h,
j frr.*1.1 apply lo
j *'• »' l> OOlrQCITT A CO
I.V Ut Rua rilt riRar \ **.«Et k hi i . i
H—loo 1,1 ne of P.rkada — Ttr eaper-nr f..t.,.|i , * ,, , rri.
, ular packet aehe k'MTill EK. Ca|d Tl„an,a lluy, l,aVl,.* ,*?Tn
Ip rlk.ii.d lei ,-at*o en*a#aal and * on* .... b.rd.oill . I mlh alt
pnaatMe «!,.patch, for e „f frrl*l.l apply to
■I* D 4 V III A Mil CUttRIP
\IITH I,-TV Steamboat CCRTIa PECK , ft --
Capt Jno. Uaaia, .ill, after TV l.r t.eai. Ilih " Vl _1
April, al.p rus.ln* hel-een IP . and N..rf..lk h.r a* |VJ.r ‘
■ under*., near repair*. palm. Ac Hue nottcr af alaHmr a
1 * * " I'l*) K ,i IM-KI-. -
Hiia rtiY.-opiRinr vekjiei. h . i,. . „,i ,„-i .
Bo" ,. I.loe of Packet* Tl.r aopn.or, f.. . .- JY*.
1 AMIB* I.AWRENCI, Captain Jolpey. |„*di* . I,-* *■ &
porto-n of her car*o rn***-.| and f*,| on hoard, mil aa.l arlih a
|oaaa.h|* dlapateh. I’.-i balance of frrtrht. apply I..
David a wm. cckrie.
|0"« MAI,TinOM»:. Tl.e auperl.d l,e* f.al a*.
■ aallla* Schr BITTERKLV, Capt II,....I . - . Iffifl
laolno, of he, ' ar*o rn*,*ed. mil aail o n, u.„ek dlapaleh^TS
l>ala, re of frr,*1.1. apply lo
**" W D «Old)L'ITT A CO
I^IIU llltlU l antN. a. C. *
■ faat-aalln* arhr RICHARD BCI.I.W INKI.E. O,,,., JTN .
• Oiler, harm* the (realrr |e,rin,n of l.rr rax. rn*,*ed X
mil .all for lie ahull |e.rt will, quint diapa*ch Eor balance nl I
frrl«t.i, apply to [apl] \v D. COLQt'ITr A Co.
■** *°» »«*»•» r».« rut nrftixo TUROV.
®y " t$md lirt.iil, it muyuijl, rnt »imm.r1in*nt n/
and every other artk-le Brlonr",* to hla Oornte..
III. at.•* k of Vir*,l.1a o>anufar,„,.-| *.eel« la tie tar*ee| and a,..-* I
• hnrant rvrr *.d up by him. and .III I- found fnllr equal In an. I
ihm* mipurt.-d Ilia ltn|n*te.| at.- k alro la more cried and .
lartp-r *-ale than I. ha. ever before ordered, and eaniMi fall I..
uea-l. In every reaper!, the requ.renirnU of merchant, ami other,
m PRICT irE II ATP ANIi H.«rT> - Prom 16
lo .*n per erut aaved hy haqnn* from J II AN.
11HIN Y. Cidumhlal, Hotel In,,1.1,,,* -
Moleahln llala of Ileal quality. I'lrlia fi,, aceor..
quality, (A.iAr, Pad..aide .' Ik Hatl.tth
l-.H.kli, s.r,l Brnda. »d.V.. C..n*re.a Halter
H*adr. f i.V*. Pine I'alfaklp JO act ]t|,oea. $*.*.*,
J tl*ANT»to.N V liaa m.dr arran*enaenta mil.
orar of the I .ret mater. Ill lie- pity of Phtlad. Iploa
"ipply him mil. a hat,drome and auhatanlial
Caldin JO-.rd BOOT, .hod, hr Bill aetl .1 Uo- un 1
|.rr..-d meal l„* price of TItKhk ImiI.I.ARi>ANU
A IIAI.P. -j |
mowkn a row eh..
eoaoeCe'e -P A k KU\, . r... . Jr.,I t/l,
71AIII Jl HHlIlltER.' are p, aetn-al .orkmen,.,th —- ^ . ,
1 Ion* experience aikd devutio* the,, r'PLeW^,
a'lcni.,1, lo a I work done n their -lu.p, r„i,Q.|eotly faT-^e v>
“T themrelve. to the pohlr-for Ihr mar.itUclore n. _e W
orjrepair,,,r nl Carr,a,e.. fur .1, .1, th.y have .„,mrl.„ f»,
They haar on hand at ll,l« t>mr, nf fArdr o*raa m,ia„llfrfarv. .
-to-k af Carhapfc K-.ka.ay, Hur*i.a, f.,ln„. a,- .of the
*l,l''“0'J,J'J,ca, to which th.y inr.tr th- attention of U„« in .,,.i
K-i-alrin* executed in Ihr bed manner and on the moat reaannabl.
Urm-*___mt,7 — I y t
eaaaiabk macr„vraai. -xa cqciaa an.", iichki ■.crxt j
itoilii araair.
I ■ Al aa hand a l.ree uautae, .1 C_.. . ... ,
■■ "'"*bl'' Coach—, Coaches-., ChatTtottees, Barouche
H..in ay, Slide Seat Top Huggjs. and Ituggr. with and without
1 hare also at my Repository a large assortment of Northern made
t arnagrs, manufactured l.y tt,, m„«, „„ker-. ranging
(r.m, the lightest style of uob.p Muggy, lotto ttne.t order of
”"*** |M *»"' of carriages will Hod It to their Interest t„ call *„,|
examine my stock, as I am determined to tell mi tla> most renu.na
*** ‘-"O'-_ .egg
Hil l I* It » II VI,
EAliLE EUl YDKY. Kiihmoi-ti. Yirtfinia.
_.... c**' -yasrr, ntwtn nt.ai. sap rirrssaTM.
def. Railroad Cars, and all descriptions of Kail- « |1
roa.l Ma> loncry. Stationary Engine, of any required -m-'rik *
|e Wer Also. Portable Engines, will, a decided Improve mSS?
nient over any others heretofore made, tfmtu to to horse p , '
on wlieels, atol Well adapted to farming purpose*. gelling In niter
Ac , wtu. improved circular Portable duw-Udl. atta.'-d. ,.f 1-t id
anil dd da.. Mining Machinery.Grtat and Paw-Will Machinery.
Forgings and Tobacco Factory Futures of every kind, also. It- ...
and Iron Casting, made to order. p K % IIM
MR. P KAHlt. a"rt A“*“~ C '
•r— Having in u»r, since Jane loot, one of your Knritie* kc.I
?«*• Mills, I have no hesitation in •usyinp it }»erfoniis in all rr%r»- t* I
to uiy entire *ali.fact»on An.l although It was a novel thing to ..ur 1
hand*, we have not kxt three hour, front work bjr anything g, t
RespectfulJy your*.
mU,\ ___ _C. W CRAWKOKD
I AM now ■ owning a large assortment ol HARD , „
" ARE A Nit CCTUCRV. of Foreign and In...... J-- r
I tic manufacture, all of a Inch hare hewn 1.. .ugt.l on
| tl.e moat faroralde terms for caaa. I deem it un- .Wir 0-uT
lo-cr—arf Is, enumerate Suffice tt to aay. that my slo k lug. . .
complete I Invite my ol.l customers and friends, and the publ ,
generally, to call on me and examine my g,**!. before makingtl.cir
Imfsirter and Dealer In Foreign and Domestic Hardware and
f"*8_ Cutlery. No. 61 Main -
Till: .Til SI. ATIIKE.
P D V AYlstK would remind his friends and the
• public generally that Ids store It now on lioV.^^^^ZEBS
rrnor stiecl. Where rasy hr found PIANO FORTES.^^^I^^ffll
ACCOKPKllNS, of the best quality and at the lowest prices lie Is
Sole agrut In (his c:ty for the sale of the cetetwated Nunn's and Clark
Pianos which are not surpassed l.y any other makers, and equalled
but by few Also. Gale 6 Co.'s suprrtor Pianos.
Mr* flultar and Violin STRINGS of the beat quality.
He ha# the lasgr.t slock of Ml'MC to be found In this Stole, and
Is constancy receiving the latest publications, which hr will sell at
u» most reduced prices, and upon as good terms as can be I tad rise
IV Pianoes toned, repaired, and let on hire.
IV Hid PI,too taken In part pay for new ones.
SIMtlx. slot K. »■ ■ /-q
puhll. to our large amt well selected stock It alde-t Vvh
Jewelry. Stiver Mare and ftpcrtarle*. con- .ting of all IheJCA
latest Styles. Among our -sirttncnl will W found ‘
Cameo, latj. fiold. Stone, and Mosaic Jewelry
Gold and Silver Watches, by the hc*t maker*.
Alan. Watches c.f our own loi|K>rlatlon. made l.y the celebrated F:
l> Johnson. London.
The public are res|.ecifully Invited to give ua a call before purchas
ing. a- wc are confident wc can > (I. r inducements seldom met with
■M» MVFRS A JANKE. tt* Alsln street
Islll si'iilAI, biiiina !
AMI GF\TI.F'MEN*S FIRM jlllVG t.iMIlfo Ti„
i YJ
Gentlemen's Fum.shlng (l„.|,, *. well as a Urge ,nd be»m, '»
till s-srrtmenlof piece flood*. «.li« l',n,.i, a„.l Fngtlal. Clotn-,
. .-uuo .es ami Aeslmgs. ,.f errry style and fancy.toss' ch hr would
mvHr I hr »!trotH»ll of bU fnrntU a»il |U putilu gri.rr«nv
N'*' lid, coflirr of M.tUi slid 1 wt*
nUTNM N| II v.
menls I.f 1.10 Dress Suits for Gentlemen ever . If red i.. v#»l
tire ,,t,ten-of Ri.t.mid. eml.rs. ngrrerr Color and grid- Vj
of Cloths t.. to- I Olid III this o, olio r . Oimlrii W, . I all, I «
It.rite Ulnae in want to inspect these gkod*. assuring tlo-n. that w
1.1> advantage* tor procuring material and manufacturing . I.uhu.r
Wind, are n.u surpassed l.y aay toms.- it, the fnlon
uihSf. lmj Main si.
1,11 N I (Mil ns si Ilk, We hat a.
b* autiful and . ompletr sto< k of Fin. Itri-* and Fro.-k
f oats. Ills, l an.l Fan. r I’, t*. Plain. F * u, d , Yl
• « *. namamir ruroian iram-v Mar*rWe»an.*flilfc Ve*t* U
• l.lcl. wo will *11 a* |..w a* the • nue ipaMla can In- bought anywh* r.
Call 4i*l e a amine for your trite*
X» mm. n
HI II II I I I. III! I SS IKOO IS. Mil. t> a
VI \ KI M. arc opening a nrv ayppty ..f it,oar b. *u « fl^.
Iifol Pre*a Pool*, ma<l. eiprr«*|jr to our or.h r. ti. i.tWiur .
In want ..f *>.iu-flung that »* nice ami po«l, w.|| g.*,- •, <*m||
I< ® ^ If l"<’T I l*T f the Itprlng Pa«?i >ti ofO*>ni|« T|
m*n’a Ifat* an.l Capa of all the t**.ou« atyle*. to which I \
Invite the attrntion of pur< hawra. prAi
• COK||»>,

to it* luagmArent arrangement* ami *nperlor arrutnmo.|ii.,.ii> -
Tf** fur»illure i* made to combine utility ami conventm, r w.it. loan
non* * »ee ami l otitfort The ,|r .wing room* are mo«1 .hrvntlv
iminhd ilie *i|ite« of room* w. II arranffog for familt*« ami large
travelling pvrtic* . iIk *W* p*Vig apartu.cnf* commodt u* ami Wt»|
vrtiltUlnl, ami a laigr pmport»un of them awpidcl «.11. Cm buu.,#
wal. r •mlgt* Avery . flort will hr iua*!r by the proprietor !.• • or.
tribute U* tlie comfort of h* go. *t« w|..k Vojnwrnlnf at M* h..u*.
i«V ro4*n<>t l.t.MTIi* KICK. I*r»pv,«t,.r
<11 % It I. tH IMVKI1V,
A Hi ’HITKC l\
<OfVK . »a AA • <*i*ur. a Cirt, ft C . P. nnayivan a Avenue Orn, *
ia » % |l mg* i A* hi Btltkf.ng, h . • f rr*' .
%1 f .n * l» >rn« and l*ian* for fill Kt'IIP,* <T(il I*
▼ ▼ roH\ I|I»I>M a- f All I \4 IM III. fit | HIM .< ;
an Y ih. %.# tile ration* of #*<’/ .With full w >rk tr,g t|rw
lug*. -ier.Arvti. il* an.l •uprrinii mJ*nce of the «ame umm written
or iwMonal .ppHeatWn
A t if My of i oinpletr #el|g of plant ef t’AmvAs* an.l gprnfl ».
t"»n« on hand »p| godlfw
II M 11 n ° X 11 < W A l l II % Mi lilt I
If riINU MTAltll-lIVU M ft I* a A act fa | that the owl* get
"Or article of fl.'TTI > St»|»A AA ATI K n a«fe in »h*. ntv i* , , t
1 f x' x' ' '''Y'Vf \* k • • flatter* I • . •
to t. w th any manufa. low either N..rib or A.nth. I.av.ng been rn
gag.d In th htMiuea for I lie |*«t nine year*
Hr I* now «*on.looting the above hu«lne*« in all It* branch** for
Vlr Aim I* I A f>f>, amt tike* ft |« method of intonate* M« nttntrr.oit
fr tend* and th* patron* of hu . M eataMid.menf. that nothing on M«
part *1 «tl !** Win'ol to *ii->ta r' ta form** re|*t*lalioo
*^ T" rn. *ent i*»»p»**itio«. t»* *ore to rail for \| a'«*K >1 a« h ’*
tfT <01*1 WATPR, A I P an lPoRTMl delivered in all wart, of
It e rit* fr*e of « !•*• gr
l<v All order* f*.an ctly of country nnlowrrr promptly att* ml. ,|
to A«hire«a
•P* *«» HM r |, A DP, Pearl at . . #| M» ** H, , ,,
* ^ .
•feanrrr. my dock *f flpriT.g ami <«timwrer fVtait... whteh m II ran
•lat of all th. newoat i|**lgn* of path rna and atylr* »,f cut thatr'.*
market aft>trd* My «t.<ek la ample ami w«|| aborted, an.l I tMi | |
am aife In *ae>ng will compare favorably with any In !M« . py .*
to gw Aim*naif/, ami / #. ea % call I* reaperf fnltv .1 ..I
you allH Main -tree AA M lK \ SMITH
' ” ettat r*e« lv**| a An* lot o< •pr inf t'a«<ini re* «n.| Vr.i y*.
• I vh I w <1 make l*» . r»t*r at ah >*t i,.»th*e <nd in Woekmanlik* i
f,rr Win
n* • l.l I f>. In conar*|urnc* of the Varlahh .bar
acfrr of tV Parnlog HuM. iAitalne*l from the Morth, w. ar*
m>w matmfariwrlng our own, whirl* we warrant to h* r.piat b up*.
f"«»» »M ..f I.. „IM|, , S. r,k . ,
i oW rm*.,mrr, ■».» r,.» „,,.v
MU I o.tiiiN ,,
. MIIM.M *
N"» I»n,» Mnrr. 4ih ,,H| *,,!.*lilt «i.
WeillKI. IIIMIIN. NH.CII.NT WrlKI.IPR * (.» ,r*
.<> »Mck it,,, v.Hil.l r,<|v,-<fl,it, , ,n Ik,. •Urn.,on . f .It th.,,. n
!*,»», Ik.t.Tr,, .* „ I, .„,( v, h..„. |„ „,t,
,t,m„i. i,,* MtHCuvr wri-|iir„ «
N„ II > M,<„
l|.,| s, . »>M, | T. , , . , r . , f
i . 4 r« . j « i. i|,, , . „ , ,
T* .**.*»,4l ... r,
* • riHKittt a.
»T ua»«apht, ai.ua a ni. a«.ts
€■ f.I!4**f 11 ^ 4 ,V* «. niUMIHV,
m I dll April m ■ will aril at I • ..VUrn h. «t ..Ur au.U,U
a—rtBH «l of t.K«M Kft|Kj« vt, Aoatoo.au
♦ lMff« Plrlwse Ur«u l’. 4 «
*"* Kio .1*.
ItM Jasa 4.
M4« 6>Ch ftlfara. “ %.** H” and **C."
Hi1 ImiI' < h-«U tlut»|»>w4*r Tea
lw do HU.k .to
* * Hon. . Old Kir UK .Ir
Preu. I* Mrao-lv. in half |»|> v|r pipes a**l -ivhth -asks
W *mnW filow , yHit• h*-.< iM,|ni
T>dm-o . H raj^ins H.|irr
l*r ood Alum J*«*||, «.• . 4.
T*««- ( r #1' «* «*••>. #!•*• and over • w ai».« rr «fit f«»r ai>
pe.e-»|p*p*r t» A \ *\»n ,|t r kl.I.KN 4 Co ,
*'■* i.nm.,.
nr CHA». T WORTHAM A CO. Aai.i.
Ci «m.o - «i.t: « 1 hi si 1. ik A n,,| issi s
J <><■ TKIHAV. Aprltllth. al Ihr lower .|„l * Ifu- fbu-k ...
I", lluAdwk A M. w- . i: ..„ . ... m . hr.
*• »-•«-• wr.H- II at. . lo
t A hS>|a. pH. a- Mu*. «v«d . M .(«•*»«
ft* * -r«*«a *t» lo 4„
1M t.hi# do lo
T.a*. n. ... nn |.r ,|<w. r.di ; n„, f.ur
iu««n*t.« credit for •f|*rotol netful *t»le paper
«»»* CIlArt T WORTH %\| A CO \
MV OfllHifN t lltl MO* \
lr 11.1 HIM II tit %4 Iff I! 10 1' % \ f • fKlMlii
▼ TfNI'MKNWTlIhHiiii.uN ha sTKKk'r. KMK I'KTKRw
M KU lift HOT ► OR<ALr AT \l CTlOX - W tl *. .. Id w. Till E
t. A V. .hr . .1., ..f April. KS;.. 1
.i. I.attf-vltt •!•!-half acre I,.I V. fi* 0„. I.a- of
. . . , ..f M.r.l Ihrrr. and .., .. ,hr P.(rr Mill. front ...
. ‘. '"‘"V • ‘TV "• l-rffr Tr.ni J Trnfmrul.
f. I.. —I . «>.M. to ...it pnr hum.
• r.- . . • 'slAii •• .1 .1, fi .ml I .wulb. or tifffi.ti.lilf noif*.
", _ • .ff‘l l.y > l.u 1 l.-duT 'Itlr retann.1 Thr U»e.
' * IW •— p«~l I.J ilr pn eh Sr
’■ U«mum . APPKR-ON. 1,1.
I.VaIaa MIKS All | III A A| | A HI.I It I'll
j K;r.fi iv r,nir, or ri.hmom.
*I«-IM*'« . Ilr prrmUr,. In Ihr
..'.Iff ndTfrti-pi , .» ...U..W...» V rjr r. . i.l. ,. ,| ,*»«.. brlonff<nr
Irt A lot A*lll. %i, ..ll .. .Mr thr- ... fA ..
-44, ££,*"'■ * •*, j" f.n::,;;:h;
tirl A r ilurl.lr A.I l,1ml .* A ml ..*|) . ,t,.lnr V4 frrl mi tl.r
All A lAfffr Ihfrr -..rr h, k lr. -..r. • ,.n tl.r . -I |„„ ,-h, h. .
r, ’ ,',*',iC,rr Vr~:*- f- -• ■- ' run..,l..,-k l«. f,
. ,_ ' **lu* . 'TZ brl' k thr r.«tl, .hi, .if Crnal.
h-t. r .. Hi fhh Aff .. tr. Ulr f-. .IrnCr ,.( Al f
M..U "J..r ffM"!' y *f,H f^-. ,ul„, , k
PM '*■ '"i . »•» «b-T-. i.onlln, ..o Onnal
m' • rwr** '•"■k Uh ",rr' "■* >*• »'• alh-r.
Tltr AU.rr rr.| r—«tr U l.r abrl In pari, of ih, rlljr whrrr II la r,.
ffarilr.1 a. rrrj Taluahlr
T..«.-0.ir «f h raah. halanrr ,1 A. ||, 14 u month, for nr
ffoliabh. n,,tr.. Inlml mihlr.1. tn-urr, hr » IniH tlr^i
T>«. t»kra fur the prrarnl yrar u. hr pahl by thr pun h.u-r
- .. L*WI.« |l CRKAIPIIAW.
apt-Ida__ft-«'.f of Ju. Bnatirr. ,lr. -,|
CinUliAsiiiM Kv s a i.»: 01 % a 1.1 ahi i
CIVTATill«T4n,t' .,N,TM> r,TT "r HI'-TIMOND. A Mi AU
,.NT T!1 Htr . •I.mi-I'illrr. app.minl by a drrrrr ..f
Ihr I if. < nurl nl thr rrty i.f It, hm.uul. In tl.r tw uftf.Ajt'i rA
mi*.r .y.liiK O'Nrtl. Ar . |.r..»i..uir rd .... llu- l.'xh Mandi, IhM
1 ; r! •> iTVk «» ti kpuav, ihh, Apru.
’■ at . u i I., k, P M . If lair. If ind, ilr hrtl la<r day. uti Hr- |.r.
,n i1- "T*'r »d»rrt.'.'l. Il.r fullnwintc TalilaWr Krai fa1 air. ,n
tlr- riiy ,.f Kirhmnnd and . . .inly of limn. ... ,lwu,r all Ihr rr»l r.
lair ..f at,lot Mrrnanl .PV. II, lac. uf it, u.,.1 ity. dir I -■ ar.1 rA
|.| Altai portion Ihrrrof d null lo I.l. I.ndlo-r kl t.arl O'N.t
1-t A nm brink »„,| r,,niir front lr.ir.nml on H.nad .Inrl a.I
jotninaihr <Mitral Htllnml drp.,t now .. . up nl by L Aubrllo.ll
■ T * l>u«M» and lid on A alloy and Arnabo* atrrrU. urcwplnl by
Joliu Iftran 1
■t A houar a- .1 lot on A alh-y and A’rnaldr aCrorta, occupied by P»t
Uonslioe and others
4 Two •mail t-newi-nts «,n Vmshle itmt, in resr of the shore
of'johiTlArlddy”* ^ V*U'T
C A Ion.a, and lol on Valley atrrrt. n>ar Ihr „id dlatlllrry.
. A ra .nl lot on tin? ra.l .nl, „l Valley aUrrt. nrar do
4 A ear ml lol on the raal aid, of A'alley .iron, near d.
V A tuant lot olA Itkh Slr-wt. m ivir ol Mil IascI Hurreil
In .me rr-aul lot on Poplar alresl.T, feet front, between 11th
sri i i ttii t'rr-ti
11 On- lot %u<! impri.r-tneot* th-reon, nesr old disllllerr
U Une Im.u4- tod lot. r.«sr old distdlerj
It On- lot «nl mipcoe-to-tite lh-r-«.i, .»n ITih *tree« near do.
. dV°Ur **r*141 ,ol< ** ,rr! oil east of \ alley street and todk
of Christian street
IS tin* vacant kit on east of Adam* street, on Union Hill.
14. One vacant hit mq of Pleasants street, on Univ>n Hill.
It One vaaant lot north of Pl-»« %nt. street, oil UuioQ Hill
la Or- ln.un and lot on Union Ulll, -tupl.d by Jitn AA'uod»on a
•*ol*»r-d tttan
Tmms -th»e fourth cash ; hwlan *e at 4. «• an I 1* months, for netfo
ti^lde uotew, interest wt.l-O. a,..I title rrtaii»wd UM last note is paial
*»d a convey a wee ord-r-vi l*y tl.e court. Tl^ Uses for the prevent
year Pi be paid by lie psrehaser.
>! A KM A lil'kf JuIIVniV .
»pt _ H W CRI MP, , -•
'•> *'•’!..% w : kU m MONDAY l£ ia ..T
on «,.• |.r«iii»«,cnn>i»n>. In, .1 1 oVI. k P M . that ,,lu»l.w
V.r".PTr”,"" s"r!' *1''' "f V',,)r “W«i'r Gw ORunbisa
ll. .I-I, on 11.. U. .t th, .l..rr„r Vl~.r. K.u lllTxA ..
r“ V •M.lulil.* l.»tk alxiut es Tort to an aU-v —
II will Ix dl.xlr.l lot-1 Iota of Miilablt »iic. H.r old l.rl.-k. tbmun
Will l-r sold separately.
rD»M>—Onr.fourtli cash, balance at 6.12 and la mootl.. for t»«.
got table note*. mh-r> «t added. *.vurrt| by a trust deed. The Uses
f.»r the present /car to he paid by the frtjrchaaer.
apt-td«. GOlMtJN A APPERPON, Aucta.
rpKVMTFKN SAM: or % 41.1 AVtf.R KRAI
•rtc>>NuT.,t:.ON T,,,r hA*W,N AN’n CARY 5TKKKT, IN TIIK
i IT> • »K Kh ll\|oM) _Aa trustee in a certain dml of trust dabd
»||| January, 1«W. -xr-iKwd bv Dr W S Rcott. and dul* rwaord-d
**• hr.iotMl Hustings IVort, I shall, in execution of tlie said trust,
proceed to sell, at public auction, on tiw prrmitr*, on TIH'KPDay!
the 1 • il day of April, W14. at tl»e hour of If o’clock, M . if fair if
*-oL* lb* u**x hlr day. h*> «-,iaA. the fallowing vt-rv valuable Real
Kwtate. » « A certain I-.t fronting fit) feet, more «*r less, on the ha*
• n. running b*. k t* feet t.. Cary street, [being |vsn of lot No. 414.
and n-.w occupied as a coal yard by Mr. Janie* Dunlop; ,U», tfc»i
certain brick teneiuent on »he basin. »>ecweeu loth and lllh street*
now in tb« occupant y of H n. P. Co*.
The title ID believed to be j«erfrct. but the trustee will convey with
tl.e usual «pecial warranty The U»e* for the present year It. he
fund by tbe |Mirrhaser. JOHN A. HELDKN. Trustee.
P t* Although the dead requires a cash sale, yrt an arrangement
will i»e made so a* to make the terms as f >llow», v » cash, bal
ance at 4. •» and 14 mouths tor negotiable note*. Interest added, *r
eured by a trust deed. tiODDIN A A PPKKjM IN.
^ ._ . Auetkmeers.
Y i*. After tbe foeefrr*it*r aate wl?1 be sold that very Valuable l»ru k
Lumber bouse, on tbe Ka*.:i bank, adjoining tbe Toll-house, now in
the occupancy of Mr. Thomas J P, vto... It !* nearly new-it |. ,»
gold repair, and I* adintra -ly adapted to a large coutnPssiou hu»i
ur+* Trnus accommodat ug, and mad- known at tin- hour of sale
OODDIM a imOUKNI, An to.
tri vri i.ksu.r or yaij him: iikii. i.k
A J* tri STKK. iu a deed f trust executed by Edwin Farrar and
w fr; ,%lj4ni- ry-W-». July recorded in Richmond
Hustings Court, we *|»aU, < »t the request the creditor, thereby *e.
cured.i pruceeil to sell at public auction on the premises. f,»r c«i*A.
on MONDAY. Uie 4th day of February. K4. commencing at the
h.oir of 14«»I’lselt, M . If fa . if not, the neat fair dav,a portion of
the valusbie square on whi* the »atd FarTsr now reside*, consisting
uf tU half acre lot. on which the elegant lark* dwelling stands at
tl.e corner of t.race and .'•» -tree*# . also, the stable lot vm H.e rean
at «ljr earner of Broad and 2%U» street*. fronting *1 feet, running
back l» feet to an alley
Tl.e ..hove property t»J«l*H« r. ganlcd as among the tuod dmra
blc of any now in market. The title is believed to he perfect, but the
•uhserlbrrv acting a* trustee. -eill C«OVry w th the usoa! special wmr
rar.ty. Thr U*e* and in»u ~%acr tor the preswnt year to be paid by
the purchaser. r 7
Sale conducted by Goddln A Apperson. Auctioneers,
_ . JAit W PUICK » T™tr*‘
Tl.e H*->ve >a<« was f*w«t|.,,i. d, bv consent of tbe parties inPrestol,
to u.r loth April nest, HBC * 4 o'dodf in tl»e afternoon
flllfl AT|:| v All • III %' A ft. | 1111,1; Kill
S CHUEI i mi i r,
''T* tf- !.wl tn'*,r r'4i*1? Farrar and wife. f».r the benefit of Jo.
•iah Will*, now deceased. d*r d VJ March. 1%V2. duly rec.nled in
Richmond Hustings Court, I *t dl. In earcution of tlw «aid trust, sell
^subject to th- prior deed <»f t «t rt ferred to In the advertisement of
Messrs Goddln A Price, trust Vi tbe following valuable real estate,
on ti«r nr« tuts, «, «>n M'»N |» \ l . t».r 4th *lay of February, at tie
hour of 14 O clock. >| . |f f^jri Dot. the nc*« fattdav. Vt* A ltd
front.t.g 44 fret »ti the North • le of Grace, between £7th and Mth
street*, running back IW feet . an alley *. feet wide . also, a lot
i ^ ^rrt 0,1 North «»|e of Grace street, running hack on
the West s'.le of 2Sth strret 1> fee* to an alley ** feet wide al«.
Allotl»er lot fronting IA4 feet on the North ..de of Grace alreet, run’
tiit.g back on 4F»b street |«i: t rt. i.umlerrj lg* the plan of «a.d
cdy. also, two lots the '*i ath side of Rr..,d, between 4Tth ar.d
4*th streets, the Ord fn.n ig II te.t on Hr. ad -tree!, and tlir *e
. ondi 'routing 4«» feet on Hr. d street, ts.il. running back \U> feet u
an alley 4' feet wide.
I0**1' . ..... „ JO*r.ni M*TO, Tru»ta».
tsr' >al* conducted by A! -*srs. Goppi* A irm^v Au. t*
|alF Siwtdi
P»».wrp«»M MFNT In . nsequence of Hm- in. leniency of the 1
Weather, and . .th tl.e Cuu»< i •»( u, - jMri.e, interrstcl. tbe foregoing
sale is p .«tpoiNd Ui>til Till UPDAY, Hie It’ll. April. 1 <45, at 4 o’d'k
P M . f fair, .f n the t*ggi fair day, when the term*, which willlar
acc. no mods png. a q b. m*.u ktiowi.
€ 1 *k i’f V *1 " rV' 1 ^ % 1 1 «»* VIM A»*>.l
HIM ks comm «• toners. under a de,ree of the Circuit Court of
K» hn < t.d, made . the .*4ih day of March. K*4, in the mail ..f
•• II. i! si.d wd* « n*t K.yanni. A .” «r shall •ell at public au.
liuli, u|nmi tl« p. <Hi*rv, respectively, on Tri3»l»tY, tt.| day uf
April, K'4 in (hi .|cr nano d Mvt, Hie real . state of which Ore
r.-rv Uotruij.i die. • d, namely
At IS o’. Ul M . Itrh k T nement ami led, hoMiny 9A feet on
th. * -il» *» le of K> mklin Vlreet, ..pj-.cte to Trinity Church, and
adj.> ulna luiUrd llutrl, now occupied by N Netitrl and lleroy
lmm.il.at* ly th. r after • ill U- *nU. the Tenement al iKc corner of
Frank.in m I \\ .1, known the •• Whitehall ” corner. front
»i»»r I. f.. i «t. I rn rainy hack to th* II til Street Hotel pr.j- riy
Itw In .he ifte ..->11 ..i th* mitt day, ronwriMtar -t IS, o*. h.. k
I* M wMI f- .. hi ft,- II u«* and l- i .... I t| rf .t(Vr,
oi rear «•( tire u. a tl.iruMi .i » hurel an.l now orrup*d »•» Mr J It
M ift’ii Tl*»* property will be d.vtd.d ... at to lay . # several build
•tiy loli, s. pirate from tin-» urn
Traa - • J*iiv Onedhlr.l ash, and th* balance <>m '« err.I t of f.
and li twoiitln, with inter* i from day of aale. for lovodsMr note*
and title r. lain- .| until con finer I* >1.. r**«| hy the Court.
Tain and insurance for » d* year h* t»e pabl l>y purchaser
II I CL tllhiKNK. » .. .
_ _ C C.MiktK, irt.
Tavi or A H iiiiw* Awrt *. u»hi»—tdv
*S »*l I I I .N4 DAWS Aiith.rmr.
W ' I LltOI k, 0*1 C 10th inn . at ft* ..*ck>« K, we w.ll «• li i
in k ’*/ , ! *’ l1 *' * l,k,,T > 9 •»«»•." ami I wi
. hil.lj n S.»UI I » order of Ko A I iii. oto Tru*t««
I I U I kM A l»kVH k •«
W 1,1 1 «•'•** I k l»l It III I lb II) ••€•*!.
?. I»* » rtu. « d.iJ trw«i M. I.1..I by John Lynch i d
W.ll.oi. N.krn i . mp. ... W.lttam p„ n*y, •« trustees. h, art tiff
* tit- it"- 1 <r | d . kpr I lull. 1 vl.all, •« the surviving truster n
*i .1 •■♦ I *.n f .It'- SHAk . the iltbof April. 1 <4. at the Hour *>»
Aorbu k F M . prmml to .*11 at public auction, on the nrvwiiscs.
to th* toy tie «t bell. r. for cm!., a lot of «t.. •*..! in the cdy of Rich
tout'd, conveyed by «aal dr. I. fn.nfmy on 17th ..r Va'by street forty
f.Mir Vet, irol Nniiiuy bock one hundred ami I Went/ feet to a ten
. ' *' *’.*• t'"* known o« N !» anJ 4 of square No. Id, in Attaint*
• ' I hy virtue of anoth. t d*ed of trust evertiled hy saut John
I vi. h and W-M'vm Diudr ye to myself ami «a»il Wiliam F*nn*c.
a« trustees. I^arir.y date! , ««m> *lrd laf of April, lalf. I shall
also mi lh «om* i4th day „f April. K4. al the h«wr of A»*rtork
as the s«irviviny tru«t»* it »«* la-1 mentioned *le*d. uniml to s*ll
if public awcli.iti, ..n lb* | femes, to the hiyhct butder. for e««h a
lol of yrouml III svi.l cHy. nreyed by tire *«» I ,h-ed. situated** the
West stile of \ alley street. what was .-*11*1 %dan»s* Valley. fr,.|.t
my mi said «tre*t hi tw>, fe*t. and rumd iy ah.ay the I.tie of
, V* " u . ?,rr!1 unr,r»? 'rrt? *,mI iwenty-tlve feel, and pari*, ular
If ilescrih.d in the sa>d d- I i»f trust
Ir.Ill* Ir I Si.n on.r; wk Ii«. ... lb, .„M prep..,,
'V'v v..„ th,
,h'.’ *,t'' **«.<> »r, ■1,1, n,HM i. ih
r*r' * ‘ "lr > 1 ’ur* "* M'i.Iim*. ft.r .h, r t. „f n„ I ,, |
Ih, vr.-.-n, »* ••'.I b, ,.)■« (,«■ it,, nf J,,w. (■ Hru.
or of J.no • "fih r. Ih, ht,l.|,r of th, (Mir. (o MTtir, Ih, |>.|
u—n. .furrof Hi, .ahi .ho.l. of .ru-t *rr* ..,ntto1
. i MKOWI. >%..
**> o'o. hrriilni Tri—to*.
^1 fl H If,II I HIM OI iri;. for to. A, toh t.»
I. HIM *Y *
N,» f>r..r-lorn. 4th am, hn.nUH ...
ririui vi.t% ,, ,i ■ ..
■ Milan • k.'Hi>!hin
nrm n.uc 4.0,,. 4th .ml rr.i btf.
I || I I II K I Ih %>lf TI Ith l:\IHil I' lull |
* A ftll'.s. HI'1(4, >14 OI •• HOI 'I'll 1 O !•■,>>
* ’ • w
-ft 4 IMK. HlliToN
bi**** ' * * ' *• " i4-.i,, ...it o* ,..,nt n to
■, rt-rtn, Th, .1, :,. m »..,*■ op.,. •, .h|,. ,.,h-„ ma.lo ..
* (’HI llt'V It. 1,11. IV 4 ,»
|(.! * I. •* M I 'III*.* Ilf- “ ,| -10*0 ,0.1 -1 «. r
■■ 1 >■• M«.nI, n..|. .0,1 H. hr,*00 ..mb in 4h-r
*t»r sal* h*w hv •
<11 I NO. f'„4‘ h •*. h,*. IVro, t «f, ,
s v . . •'
*1-0. b»»« !*4ip,r Kbo.ph* « o, Lttor l.» <ah b*
■ St’«H W, r«T * HO!»».
* •• * % . ”
• -WL
, *. "■ •' * *•*•**1 PM t r Air 'f koi rha_.
i felt «|.j, lk«t ••Inal. . iM| Ao« th# »♦«*
nn .. ml. W.-m U. lt,-'5r .,T
*■3 • *rj *•» »«■ f'r rh, at h. .ami** Wj"***r
I hy lot IroMla Iw«, ihm l «rV Tj fc_, ^ -__
l.rlhn. bri hom-a. o.r.,-d Ski,5?.**“ " *•*<
I ■'‘”5 ">^1 •*, Am a rut, .... .._.* *?)
. .0.14-(ally fcr bnlll a*.*. *a»l« r>~ !..• a.Ii a. ..l-_.5l . *****
' • « M«« <» >•, ,«hlh.l..| »< Ih. lam, ,J „h. "**■
| .. T’"r J“* *'5*" 1 '• admirably ad.p.,4 M
, * '* OM I i ,11am .1 ml «...
_; *■ halamra al I « .ml If amnia. IW an
«•• i* .1- lam ad-lad. ana»f ha a irw Jmal Th, •_
f... Hr prnMnl J..r u. ha pal.I h, Ih. n„ham,
BV THOMAS "I V V11 « SOV«. Arrrmnaaaa
**l«l . (Viarthtirf
! ‘V , m“A. * •" w«»n«jhiTy. >*. *l 4.,^
f.LKvL- tr,K
1 .1. .. K ^ ‘ * T ,*‘4 ,,4*« »«••• 4 |M> Km < h|
Will M «nlil In a>» .Hint.a 1. -nil wtsrrkaa . ■ t. » . * ' '
. rr, f. Tm . hut itml ftM| fOjr
• .1 . V T " ••• ■ N in . l,«k .up ,.r . 111.1,a
1 .* , .» ' rsN-»«Wr.| %.»*.•. M Mm|i la„,
" ',,""r* "“* '* •“•H im ..I ih.,,.i.i1w:
j Tt.. ,..p...,,m,„i. ih. .„.«• I hrr.l acol.. and .11 in mm
!£ntr2^T ,,rT '• '"••'-T'' hr • Mrnnf ..tmtarZi
■■Ut.k f,n.-. Th, r..rl.„.-. la h,,w«,hilly fcwnu.1. mauinln,
I'.mt" . .laai fml oh „tly. ami l.< I, u,„.p,i ... _
Xm'la Kltrhvn, Su,.k. II. am ami Ih r; n,„|.j Tl..r. ,?!
IW..| ,r*r turn,. Ml. »• An hy It. f~i with four , *
.ml w.ll T.i iJiud *!ahh. » c«rri»«n Hunaa. it,. ,„i',*l ,
Ilmi . I .... .... Pawn. I,-.urn-,, w.tl, bn. a rhna,,.,^ l.w Ihm
» or. I....I cl.nl,. rrult T..a,, n.ia hr,, n«. A m,,
llal .'il .nP m.,1 at Ih, ..IB. . of T H.aia-h A San.
On i tnnrtli . laUui-, If, 1, ,m| i | mnniha, in I.ran,
_ . Kotin KT HI ■»!»
n.ht-ftowi.1,__ M,J«,.Va
O®. , a Ih <>„. J S .,,111.1, Nn. pi. p,a, I Oraal.
r JTHI Ml I *h v a I a; a.t' ••«.! Mt HOI In tan
I KITCHItN yl-RMTI ll« AT al-a-Tloy
.iMnn.uf , d„.|ur , ul.4 ,.y „ „ Monr a and \| K C.
in, I, um . .IP.I ,h. ..I Hum. M .in iml. hmwrn n »,h and
Huh ainh, and m-H' Cnrlnlhinn Hall t., mil .1 mdMi, *
tn III tial^l hiddrr. In, ra*h. Ih. pmp,.|y .J.... it, . . . *
..1.11,.- Hall dmm ,.rtw ,
..m. Km kina Chair. Arm Chair; .. mm M.lVo.aT,
fl-xir; off art .»f l»i* (>rl*lnt. (M»o*!oo ami . n OBOiHi/amK
T«l4r. Iinr «M| a 4Jl for . Ihfw U». r.*iurr. D,„
T*h!r* 1 tiiull Uklo; I |»rfp MVotfinr T.l»:. lU mof Ri^mC'a?
|M>t. ( htrtm W*rt ami Coft-rr. 1 l»nor*t. i m e C% TJr* I
i|LV"Jru<:ri!l,ir ,l,r^ W*"*» ***M|»: iMoio'tf Kuo«o
*rwl lk-.i Ka.hu CU*ir*; two I. uiAtf. ■. .Ml- Coo. .mi- Kiu Imha a*ta.i»r
our Cl.ri k »w.» Urtf. K - ku.r Arui lu-ir 4. r4U„*
JZl'lTiSiZ??' r*"iT2. *«l B-*tii.lhr- K.iVu
1. TmhlM: 4r ,w" •: *»M |*,;r M.i.r*. tUrrr Slr.w
M«urt..tm,kd thrr# lr*M.rr tk .1. »»«• .a„i ||* ..f cu^ a.
''***{ »• rtiikrorM, *11 (if H. aa-»..4J «u<| kllckn. 4a,.
"Ilurr. i.f sort kt. J 4I.|J •|r«.'r||it Kill oliAt. Wrr.uf thrift, the
klnnru. and all,, in tlmlr inrarwim.
. TIIOS. J. EVASS.Truatr.
Sal, comtarlrd hy Tn au W ku.m Am !
TI1K CAPITOI. HlltsK IS you KrNT-P «*m.n ala,. il_ nn
«f April. IW* T»„. llnma-l. ., d .• n.nimlC" Ini L.Tn
.rpt a« a .rr.ar.lmn hum. and, Irani Ha Incatlnn and a a, I* ad*, ra
*.*» rmlrd for Ihalpurpn-r. .nr l.roia appl. h. Mr- Unarm, aim
m-rupka th, hnum, nr la Mr. Uurwrll J m,. , „ J(>0r ^
HYJtlOKiriSON. MIIX A CO. Alarm.
154 i>k'^2?^! *' T' ! ‘ «W h» aaM,M
9 • ,rr ,!5'«'"r*r "■—»*«■« m Urn. Unr. .ml Owl. and
w “HICII Uni* lAUUrrft.
■**_ _niCKIVS.lV mu. A CO . Am u
BY PI LU A VI A llAVIS, Anrhnmp.
\*I *. KOils. TJ.k Day. al In .,VI... », a, ail! mil ar.nl
Likely Yount N.*r.ma, M,n, Hi. apdlilrlf.
Ma^lU. 181 I. The brick Inr.ltlnir on Sth, Beu Ora,, an
atrrrt. cunlalnli.y a runm*. Pnamaalun (i„n al no.-r B
Apply In W. D. COUll ITT A CO .
*|,l~,f__Nn IAS Cary .iml
TUB: U III I t si 1 •••■■ ■< aaruiai - .....
raiH K death of the late Jinr. ('alarHI, the principal proprietor af
M tfrta crlebr »t.-d watering |dace, having rendered it ue ruary
for a Irltlruflil of h»* rtlalr, that thr Bruprrtj itwuM hr roltl ||w
nwnrr. ha»r Ui.tlrd in cuufrrrtna on thr ulolrrugnn) tuU IMIWrr to
To farllltatr thr Mir, a lihrral rhartrr ha. hrrn nhtalord fr„iti thr
l-ryl-Uturr of \ irylnta, authorltti.* Ihr p«rrha*rr* to hold thr
prrtjf a. a joint Work <-oi»|.*.iy, and rramli.it il»-iu ryrrj hy,
that I. hrrruary foi It* mod Tull and proDtahlr ri.jo.mrnt of It if
Wrll a. for UMiiularlorttir purf-nr. morally
III pur.uanor o' thr authority ronfrlrnl U|a.n thrm, thr un.lrr
..m.nl u,I otfrr Ho- pro|. rty for aalr, rlllirr lo in-ll.Hlual, or to a
ropipany to hr orno inl un.lrr thr rliarlrr.
Tlie "hit,- .Unit hur Jtprinr* haTr aurh a w.d.--*t.rr»d rrirbrtty for
Hour mr.li.-mal qualllir. and a> a |darr of fad.. rraort. Ihal .1
m .Ireturd ui.iirCr.Mary lo a y rnm-h In rryard to Ihdr altractloua —
lor i.rar ha.f a rrhtury they haTr Im frrqurntrd t.y rrowda of In
valid. and [or*on. In qur.1 „f plraann- and auHnrmr.,1; and th.y
may to- ri-rardrd a. .rcond old* to daratoca In thr 0unitor and laah
I on a hie character uf their visitor*.
Thr mean, uf a. romioo.latlon ha»r Urn ntmdrd from tlmr to
timr, and arr how .ufBctrnt to rntrrlaln ahoot ut.r thcuiaai.d rural.
For many yrar. |aa>t, howrrrr, tl.ry harr protrrd t.. hr Inadrqualr to
mrrt Ihr drmai.d of thr [K.I.U.-, and It I. haaar.tu.y null.l. < lo uy
that If lltry had lorn .utfioh nt to arcommodatr douhlr that t.un.hrr
thry would all hair horn pr.-fltahly ocruptrd F..r inorr than half
thr «-aa»n of rtrry yrar nun.hrr. of apnlkam. arr turi.rd
dally for waul of room to arrotnntodalr thrln.
Thr aerra. to tl.rar FprlOfa ha. I.rrrtoforr lorn altrn.lr.1 with con
..drral.tr delay and fatlyur. al.llor. briny romprllrd lo traarl near
u.orty niitr* 10 crowded .Urea, But thr Central aad Coaiurton and
Ol.h. Rallroa.1., both of which arr now in prutrrr.. of omuruetton,
• II »od.ii furtiitli ait unbroken line of railway communication from
all the Eastern and Northern cities to th* station-house within the
cartiV-ge of the Hprinrw W.thln the last three month* the Central
Railroad ha* hem extended An miles West of Staunton, reducing the
stage travel t.. tk> miles, and avoiding the Worst part of tiw road In
a few year, the other -exgion* will Iw finished, and visitor* can then
laave Hililmofr,Washington, Alexandria. Richmond an Petersburg
In «iw morning and take tea at the White .«ufphur. Whru the Wes
tern section uMhe Covington and Ohio Radr.asd |* completed, tiw
acce** Iroiu tiw cwuutry bordering on tiw Ohio river will Lr equally
c*»nvcnrent, jud it will l*e difficult to fix a limit to the numlwr who
Will annually resort to these springs.
Tlie White Sulphur t* situated in tlie county of Greenbrier, on thg
\\ esfern-lo|w «>f the Alleghany mountains. The Estate lies in the
fertile valley of Howard's creek It contain* tU.ut 7,iaa» acres, (se
ven thousand acre*,) extending along the valley about three mile*,
and stretching across it from mountain n. n.suulsiu. Th. re are more
a"*' •crr* uf meadow land In the tract, and more than
double that quantity of good arable upland. The residue of tie
tract consist* of mountainous spurs, well wooded and fund l .i.w
giaid range for stock. AVI the supplies of nwals, grain. Ac., Ac., ne
cessary for tlie us.- of tiw hotel., can be readily ral-ed on the
The buildings (or the accommodation of visitor* are conveniently
arranged, and many of tlwm pusuass much architectural Iwauty — #
The grounds are eminently picturesque and beautiful, presenting a
surface diversified by hlli* am! dales, and grove- of the original tree*
of the forest. It has been described a* - the Paradi** of watering
places." and there are few who are acquainted wuh it who will fsd
to scknowltdge It* claim to this distinction.
Tlie receipt* ..f the establishment are now very large, and H I* be
lieved, by enlarged **-« onim.-Ulico*, and with energetic ami tudh
clous Management, tlwy might l*e Increased many fold
The sale of the water, which Is In great request in our cltrsa when
|rnt up f.*• tran«|setatH.ti. may he ra-lly made or ir*Wf u. furnish a
very large Income, and in pr.qwr hand* the net profit* in a few ut
Would reimburse tiw price st which the property c*n be purchased
Tiw ah.de country contains few suhj.t vg, if Indeed it doe* an other
of equal resources, developed as Uwy could hmn be hy enterprise
and capital. ^
The title to the estate is believed to be unquestionable, having be
longed to the present proprietors and their ancestor* for more than
seventy /r|r. T facilitate the transfer U. the purchaser, and in
av...d difficulties which might result from the death «* any of Uia
joint owners, the Irgal title )uw been conveyed to one of IU under
•ifhrd. who will be prepared to execute tiw proper .le*ds In ilw our
chan-r r
Th* «ale will emlwac,- all the furniture heretofore used iu - tinar—
tk»n with tiw property tor the act ount.odatiou of visitors
Person* desiring to purchase air reqnesfgd to coa.munlc ite with
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Tnr National Intelligencer wilt copy. fe**- dActf
Fish Hooks A Fi-liiti" Turkic,
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G I ’ \ S AND S H 0 K T t \ G K |» P \ R | T 1 N.
Powdrr Plssk*. filtot IV It*, i • -title Hag* Pert*u*sian Caps, Dri •kum
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tan rocarr bxivks Ac
iv- All of which I oder at tiw b-w. ,t Utioh-aie Prices At
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pleted through !*p*.n and P i tng*l, amt l-lun I nw«* m| itn wil
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at. rarttiiil h» hia rotnfufI, at W in tl*e-e ream trie*, a« j..ur tom * "
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n>. .1 -tl genth man wrHr« fr.wn M «dr a-to ht» tooth* r in th* t.n.epro
ft«*mu at Wor«r*ter,in thr followuig t»rm* "Tell Lit A P.aatM
that'heir tom r i* highls appro.rd m In Im. and that It k>, it. a»y
op.nUn, the uio-t p*!al *bb a. well a# thr meat wtode^twar *..*# •*
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demand whirl* da eirrVIrtirr haw f feaied ha* to*I I*, many non at** n«
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tuwy to known t.j tto name, of “LRA A PRKIlINC, to ng i.u, r,*^
U|**'tlthe patent NteUhr . «p«id- «. or patent gin#* «t.inurr uf the bwt
Is a- w-U a.the label* and wrapper
Ih.lr Agrbt* for the I lolled Hiatt* JollN Ul'NCAN A !M)Nf,
hrav, Rew \ \
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To to drawn in lit* 4a4. 114f of Cuba.t
CAPITAL I'RIZF fthi.iawt.
I Fr’cwnf frv. •«»»; l.N priar.„f. 91a*'
1 •• of - **»"*•• I *• - of _ *4WI
1 *• of 14.»aai du - „f
1 •• nf 141 « ,.f .... *MU
l‘» *' of f.iaa. Id Apprna'maituaa ( an
4 ajmwalimkftwtH to the ft "n»» of fP.» earh; 4 of $ m.taai
4 tr f I4,i.a* I of i». t.. fviaai
l¥T~ Whole tt-’keia flii.ta*. Halve* f.\« o. Qwarter* fJ/ai
rnae* radk at clfM at 5 per mil darount
Mill* *»n »he Hiid« of Richmond taken at par
A drawing • II p tor warded aa «o*»n a. ihe r**«|i lemma* known
Cot-muni, a* .na *H-h*. I to fwiM ROhftf4;i ft, rare nf ORf
Pi»*«. Char Won, 4. C.,l until the I.Nth AurM, w it bt atteR*|. d to
1*1 MKCT1 A Ml >N|a,
hasw In .forw and <-gkr tor .ale j
N It , (’■ Ay. OarIftod. loaf, Cru*tol and Powdered Angara
N O an « Cuba %foto«4ea
Rt*.. I wgvajra, Java, M*«rha and Min.«. to. 1 .dire
... and 4e* t.«..| WHi-kj
Rr mh. P*.-h an l A»*pte Prandy
A4 * leirv AI.errt |h*/t and Hr*l Ral«ga Wing
Ooen, IN». k. and f II Teaa
M« k»*r*l, It- on H-to, II «m* and .ahoubbra
ItofTniMrm* toal*. »r Pwinfed Palla
T »H.iW, adamantin* «nd to rm Camllea
W rw|*p«nr. Cap amt Le|irf P.pey
44.1 ger. P pfrer and flpWitil
tlr.-nml 1.10ger P* i*fe,r AM«f*W. Hnp.mt n ard Plntr*
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RwR f.ai*, Ihi. «.m • P. wdrr, 4'ntfm* I, ie
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H- iued tar«l kilat I-. Ctower teed. C*tgar*
p....hr., T.-«.*l. r.. *. «. **fT-4«t»
(1 I . ' * ’ <■ I » ' • * I * . |
4 r'*l» final** III d *..#• no ante I.*
n.hgP p M. i.HI IHtg - «• i«tp
f|N% k H»HN PAI1 » MX I* Al l I*.. > w tory
■ • «« lOITUB, IW Hm «.

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