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Mr. Fillmore The Cincinnati Contention.
Wo still indulge the hope that the Cincinnati Con
vention, which assembles on the tirst Monday in
June, will have the patriotism to ratify the nomina
tion of Millard Fillmore. At all events, we cannot
but anticipate that the Southern delegates in that
body will exert themselves with becoming zeal to
accomplish that end. And why should they net ?
A crisis is impending over the South and over the
Union—Mr. Fillmore is acknowledged by all, except
a few bigoted partisans, who are as filind as bats, to
be completely and thoroughly sound upon all tin- |
disturbing issues of the day—he is a man of expe
rience, integrity and statesmanship—he has been
tried and found true, and all just and liberal men of
all parties and all sections feel that the institutions
and the interests of.the country would lie safe in his
keeping Besides, his election would he the most
mortifying and effective blow which could po-si bly
be struck at the many-hued Abolition organizations
of the North. This whole pestilent set of fanatics
hate and fear him both—so much indeed that they
would infinitely prefer f.ir the Presidency the mo-1
rabid fire-eater in the South. Mr. Fillmore, too, is
already in the field ; and even suppose, for the sake
of argument, that you succeed in nominating a sound
and acceptable candidate at Cincinnati, why perpe
trate tile huge and unpardonable folly ol introducing
needless confusion, discord, and distraction into the
ranks of the frien Is of the South, the Constitution,
and the Union? Can you not perceive—will you |
not acknowledge—that such will be the inevitable j
an l disastrous effect of your putting forward a third
candidate ?
IVe are in deep earnest on this subject We want
har.ntny, union, concert of action among all those,
whether at the Sorth or at the South, who are hon
estly intent- upon the common object of preventing
the ascendancy of the Black Republicans. We want
to restore and perpetuate the rule of safe, capable,
patriotic men, as the only means of delivering the
country fro-n its perils and bringing back the ship
of State into smooth, secure and prosperous chan
nels. We w nit a skilful, steady, tried pilot at the
head of the government in these troublous times —
no mere man of straw like the present Chief Magis
trate, hut a statoamau of intellect, grasp, courage,
firmness, and known fidelity—one in whose sound
ness of judgment and comprehensiveness of patriot
ism the whole country, without distinction of party
or section, would repose a willing and implicit confi
dence. And such is the conceded character of Mil
lard Kilim ire, the People's candidate for the Presi
dency', who is already before the country, and whom
we proudly present for the adoption of the Cincin
nati Convention.
In aid of the suggestion we thus make, we a're
sure we shall have the influence of our neighiior of
the Enquirer, who is sorely exercised at present in
reference to the protection of the rights and honor
of the South, lie concu les that the Black Republi
can organization is really formidable, ami that it i
the duty ol all Hie friends of the Constitution anil
the Union to unite against it, in the coming strug
, gle. We think so to i; ami therefore it is that we
urge von nut to distract and weaken the conserva
tives and nationals by bringing forth another candi- |
date, the only effect of which must necessarily lie to -
“play into the hands of the Black Republicans, and
thereby injure, to however small an extent, the sue- 1
cess of" Mr. Killmore—the only man likely to he 10
the field that stands any chance of an election hy ,
the jieople. And would you, too, by persisting in |
the idea nt nominating a candidate at Cincinnati,
thus run the risk of throwing the election into the
House of Representatives, where, it is hut too pro.
liable, your own party friends would adopt the plu
rality ruie again, and thereby elect n Black Republi
can President, as they did a Black Republican
Speaker ' We cannot believe that nnr neighbor ol
the Ehy«irrr. nr those acting with him, desires a
consummation so fatal to the rights and even the I
very existence of the South. But it will evidently
he effected, unless that silly, factious, and even trea
r.unable idea of a nomination nt Cincinnati is nipped \
in the hud. We invoke tho Enquirer to kill it at
once, if it has any respect for the Union or love for
the South.
We shall continue to urge our patriotic suggestion
upon the attention of the Southern Democracy.—
Unless we cease to regard them as patriots, we can
not give up the hope of their adopting Mr. Fillmore,
and thereby aidimr us in the creat nnnroachim.
struggle against Black. Republicanism.
Melancholy Confession
Tlie Penntyltanian—the special organ of Old Ruck
-speaking of the Abolition sentiment prevalent in
the Slates North of Pennsylvania, says it every where
finds modifications of what, according to the varying
fanaticism of individuals, i» rabid Oarrisonism, or
passive Abolitionism, or simple Preesoilism. It adds
"So general is this sentiment in the States north of
us, that many prnfetting the lie morr otic name an
in fee ted, and the masses generally, even those not
organized in the Black Republican party, are borne
away by the popular current. It it a melancholy
eonftttion to male, hot the /tannerary —or who!
ought to be the liemnrrary—in th ae Htotre, it o4
thii tune generally de feated by Hloei Hepubhean- j
ttm, or It ditorganiied by thr FrtetoiUtm within it* j
own ranit There are thousands, of course, who '
have not bowed the knee to the Black Republican
Baal, but thr wo** ho* been deluded and temporarily
tnitlrd For illustration, what New F.ogland State
would sustain hy its vote a sound platform like ours
of the 4lh of March » Would New York even’’ New
Jersey, wo think might, for she seems orthodox hut
what other’"
Just as we have all along contended. The Democ
racy *• tho North "disorganized by the Preesoilism
within its own ranks!" liven the great "mass of
them has been deluded and temporarily misled" by
the “Black Republican Baal! " And yet to hear
Nnithern Democrats jabber one would conclude that
there was not a Democrat in all the North, in the
slightest degree tinctured with Abolitionism. Hot
th* Ptnntylraninn, a Northern Democratic organ,
makes a “melancholy confeuoiou" to the contrary
American Victory.
Th* l<oui*ville Journal tint* chronicle* the great victory
ol the American party in that city last week
"ftnec more " we have met the enemy and they are
our* " The election in this city on Saturday w»s another
brilliant American triumph, as every election here trill lie
Cl long a* the American party remain* true to itwlf and ail
It* pslrioin principle* All the American candidate** re
elected. In every li.t.ict and ward In the tit- hy
larger mipr.llie* than have ever treen in l.oit.tdlr t'te
candid ties of any political part*
P«t|‘.1st* pe. ri.ei* to the election the Sac \ ,rhta
were NSlr engaged holding meeting* and m«iili n, no,in
nation* in opposition to the American candidate* |n or
der, if |ee»lil , lncrt*n*r- the tin* *iv, tie name of Ite-no
crat Was alnwwt eoti.clv I ml **4I,., and the Sag Nielli ran
dtdale* *er. announced a* the •• iiid.-p.cd,-,it," the “peo
ple • and. at l**t. a* th" “reform" ticket Seen I Nag
Nirht owing, were held in almost every ward, an I
thrdr ptm* ,4 operation were *i-er. tlf agio-d upon |t
Wa* aspect I hy utr opponents that the AlMtlem part*
Wrn*| | t*e lott. f into * feeling of security and they intend
*d let lake a Irai.tag of It* •opium"** and lif a l«M ■ (Tut
th-v hop- d to "Verts-i |u doting *orn* ol thrii Hefonn'
cand dat.e tin Mi* iw< string .d the cps turn the Sag Xicht
.paper* .sal .•*•« .*t appr-als to 'hr f.dlo*.-i. .e Msg
Alriiu* to conic Ui |h* .rtctv, and to over stirIm Uit
hatred Know Nothing*, hut, without producing af.v an
thiiMMiu whatever In their own ranks, their vehement
call* only *wrv*d to put tlia Americana completeIy ou their
Fillmore im New York.
The A litany Statesmen tells Wa that almost universally
is it the tact that whrrtrtr the Americana were over
Imkiht in the late election* in New Nork, it q;a« effected by ’
tha “aaated /ore** ol Democrat* and Kcpubhcaua'** It
adds the following cheering news
“To tha close observer, the fact is as apparent as the
unclouded sun at noon-day, that the American Party will
carry tha Kmpiie State next fall. There is no earthly
power that can prevent it** having a large pluralty, if not
a clear majority, in the State. To nobody ia tins so ap
parent as to the Republicans and Democrat*. While to
them it is a fact disheartening and chilling to Americans j
it is full of hope and well calculated to .iu*|Hrc confidence
and renewed energy for the good cause.
I The Kmperor of the French.
We extract the following from the Xationa/ Intrlligm- J
err in relation to the present French Kmperor :
“It the first Napoleon deserves, by hia genius and ex
ploits, to Im* entitled /Ac (/real Napoleon HI, the present
Kmperor of the. French, may with equal propriety Ik? call
til tkt fibrlHnuie—>a title aiicieutlv ascribed to Priucca
renowned for the success which rrowued their highest en
terprise*. History has preserved the record of a few
lives more surptising for the vicissitude* by which thev ,
have been checkered than arc tho*e exhibited in the per- I
sui and career of the remarkable man who now sways the
destinies of the Ficnch nation, and who, from his exalted
|NMution, send* out a power and an influence which per
vade ami modify the politic* of Kumpc. It would Ik un
sound and unreasonable, however, to suppose that Napo
l«*ou III has won bis present place among the Sovereigns
ol the world by favor of the mere chances in the lottery
of hie. It i* not enough to play high in order to win a
ptise like that which was the object of bis ambition.—
1bough it may Im* said ol him in a limited sense that lie 1
wa*“hoiii to greatness," Vet Ins present greatness was not ,
“thrust upon bun;** he had to “achieve** it The true man i
ol destiny is not lie who place a blind confidence ill For
tune, but who by the power of a strong will and a strong
band lead'* her captive. Ue make* his fortune; Jie is not
made by it.
“It need* but little insight into the cause* of thing* to
discern the logic of the events which have conduct«*d ,
Uui.« Napoleon to the throne he now occupica. That
throne may, in some respect*, be deemed l(*e first in >
Kuro|M*. It has been admitted by public writers that the .
present civilization and political condition of Kurope have ,
been determined by the agency and influence of France
to a greater degree than by any other nation. Consider- ,
tug, then, the relations ill which the present Kmperor ol
the French stand* to the Ration over which he presides,
and tile intiiieiice lie exert* on the iff air* ol Kurope, bis 1
personal character and anb-ced* nts become not oidy Mils
Joels of lawful curiosity, but of grave historical value.— I
\Ye have, therefore, been much plca>cd to learn, from a
source the most authentic, that certain rumor* which I
have beeu circulated in this country prejudicial to hi* re
putation durn g the *hort sojourn he made in the city of
New York in the y* ar 1887, are not only wholly without
any foundation in the truth, but, on the contrary, that his
character and conduct were such as to command the es
teem of *1! the virtuous and respectable to whom he be
came known.**
Tax Naval Mldical Board, which convened at Phil
adelphia ou the 1st of March, la*t, have concluded their
examinations, and reported the following Aitioni *4.»r.
geons in the Navy for promotion
Will. F. Carrington—to rank next after Passed Assis
tant Surgeon Jutm Ward.
Jamea Studdards—to rank next after Passed AasisUnt
Surgeon Fiancis M. Gunnell.
Jaiues F. Ileustis—to rank next after Passed Assistant
Suigeoti Edward Sliippcn.
Arthur Lynali—to rank next after Passed Assistant Sur
geon James V Ileustis.
Samuel F Cones—to rank next after Passed Assistant
Surgeon Arthur Lynab.
Charles F. Fahs—to rank next after Passed Assistant
Surgeon Samuel F. Coues.
Jacob S Dungan—to rank next after Passed Assistant
Surgeon Jacob S. Dungan.
George Peck—tft rank next after Passed Assistant Sur
geon Chan. F Falis.
Junks Harris Otis—to rank next after Passed Assistant
Surgeon George Peck.
Fred. Homer, jr.—to rank next after Passed Assistant
Surgeon Junks Harris Otis.
Tbe following-named gentlemen, arranged In Che order
of their relative merit, were found qualified for the odice
ol Assistant Surgeon of the Navy :
No 1. II A. F Washington of Virginia.
No. 2. Kiehard C. Dean, of Pelllisy Ivaliia,
No. li, H Iui wrence Sheldon, ol Connecticut.
No. f. Philip S. Wales, of Maryland.
No. .7. Alte-rl C Gorgas, of Pcunsvjvania.
No. 6 Alexander M. Vedder, of New York.
No. 7. Delavau BiooJvgood, ol New Yoik.
li A. Star.
To* Eve hi re —A less.ni uny he dnwn Iroin the pro
ceedings of yestenlay in the Senate, that should bu duly
reflected on tiy honest people at the Noitli who liave te en
I d to sympathize witli the so called Free State party in
Kansas. A lew Java ago General Cass presented to the
Senate what purported to be a petition or ui-'inorial from
the absquatulating tuock State Legislature of Kan
sas. It was referred to tbe Territories Committee. As it
embraced the usual arguments of those who sympathize
with tlie Alsiliiion party of the Territory, speciously set
forth, of course an cfTnt was made to supeiinduce the
printing of a large nuinlM-r of extra copies of the paper at
•he ro-t of the national treasury, for circulation through
out the North. Yestenlay this motion to print was de
bated in the most animated discussion of the session. In
the course of the debate, it became so manifest that the
pa|*cr was a forgery, embracing so gross a fraud, that the
role to commit it was reconsidered by a vote ufTio veas to
:t nays, a Political event unprecedented in the history of
the legislation of either branch of the Congress of the
United States. So indignant were lip- Senate, that in
stead of cither laying it on the table, or “chucking** it un
der lie- table, it was determined to return it to tire per
son who handed ii to General Cass for presentation to the
Senate. Or, in other words, to kick it out of their cham
ber.— fl’i s A iiigtah Star, t'riffaV.
The Si.avk Tkvi.k in a New Form.—The Journal of
Commerce publishes a letter from Swolow, China. Trie
writer says that his ship, which was about to sail, had on
board 7<H 1 coolie*, and expected to take 2'HI more. He
does not conceal that they arc kidnapped, ana says they
cost from $1.7 to $2o per mail, and sell for $2.70. A nice
business, requiring, we think, immediate suppression.—
/fsvfori dl/ar.
How would a few of Miss Dutton’s rifles do in the hand*
ol tin* poor eiarlii at Where is Ai//-am*s benevolence in
this extreme case of human outrage, misery, death?_
Win-re are Itevrchei's prayers, and whpre if the Brooklyn
society’s sympathy? The Rev. Mr Dutton's deacon had
better open his Irible and shoulder his rifle in the cause
ol the poor Chinaman, instead of enlisting under Gover
nor Robinson, who is enjoving himself at one of the best
bote's in Boston. Ifit be |thc spirit of true christianity
tlial moves ye—Beechers, Stillmans, Duttons, Killams—
il ye are not lying in t/ir rtry fare of heaven when ye
turn vour eve* to llic Ktvrnil Throne „l„,v.. ,,,,1
(list lor It* giorv .iliiuo ye labor—(o execute Its will, nn
lv, ve strive—your voices will be raised for the succor,
protection, salvation, of your poor Aaialic brethren who
are stolen, smothered, starved, drowned, and sold into
slavery by thousand* upon thousands, while your pohhral
tear, are running in stream* over your lantern jaw* for
poor Kama*—Kansas, whose only danger I* in your gra
I'litou* guardianship. Hut it ia not for the immortal soul
lhe«e babbling philanthropist*—these noisy, roistering re
verend*—these pert misses—challenge the attention of
the world, imt merely to subserve the end of running,
selfish ambition—to gain party power—to feed the file of
fanaticism; to do this they would immerse the bible in
hl.sel while declaring llieir garments ** white a* wool,
• il l yot be /if <ie«f to the «!»rifk«f of rt< 1/ aufF* ring hiiiimii
ity as the adder whose slimy course they follow’ —H,
ton /'oil.
From the Snrf'Jk /feralJ, April 11,
firsurtirt.— The vigdant eoniinitlee from the Vary
\srd, appointed to oipn intend the municipal election iii
Portsmouth, have faithfully executed tln i, duties. yP.
lerday, leane d, that nineteen men, wh i had been em- ;
ployed in the var l, had received their w ,11 mg paper* and
it i* a remarkable coincidence that these *. nineteen
vo*Pf| f.»r (hf Ano'rtruti ticket.
Ahl writers on Ih-mocrier sav that th > poor laborer
h** an equal voice in the Stale because he is a constituent
pa. t ol It. ' ll is not a /ifhii r conferred ii| on Idm because
I"- i* pirticulaily well qualified lo exert it, but it Is an in
hrrrnl tight And so the deiuocrstic h iders believing
that a laborer hi* tin kunwledgc to direct l.im in the e,
einseol Id* inherent right*, envider it incumbent opon
th. ni to lay down the law for him in a few ,-asv le-on*
which are designed lo teach him that he is at iiberlt to
vote a* In- plea.... provided he i. pleased to sm.portth.
Ih-mocralic ticket; hut (be moment he dr lines pi do so
or even upper* Pi waver in his fealty p, the partv it is
all up with him. and unle** lie can obtain permanent cm. j
ploy men t from other sources* lie may star,.* for all his so '
peitor* Cire shout the matter.
This i* the Ih-mocracy of the Oorernni< it as it exists
at the present day, tint we hope that the lima is |ar dis.
taut when it will In-come general through .11 the branches
ol tm-ine.s -when men will trouble iheme-lvea p, enquire
a« 10 the polities of a day-lalmrer heforv tliey deem it nc
i • *<ar) to ascertain whether he is a proper person Pi per
form the wo k required lo In- dme. *
i "" T»m.r.* Rrxi i t.—There was a grand row
lai- Iv at a lecture m I’aiis. I’nlice agents In plain clothes
were present, they ma le a mark with < hslk on tha (racks
of the most uprosnous of the students so ihs tliev might '
b- known and arre.p I when thevlclt the hall; the .’indent* I
ilrtrcp-d the msnmivre. and sl,|y chalked the ,Mdire '
sgellts. when the "filler* k|l the place, the Serg. ... ,|c !
..*' est.ilthem, kslg.-d them in prison, anil lu pt the,,,
llifT** Tui »« day anil a flight.
<iroan^ H satmt i an Kngti*hman, nmn.iltlad *ui< idem,
Hat.i-.I.r fttvatmah. lie had la... kMl|r „
fm **nne weeks previously, and emlad hi* hi, by swallow
mg laudaimiii
K II r*ivr. wl... mnnlcreil. , f.-w We. k, since, tha , di
Pn of th" ... » t%ron,rlr, lu* been a.nstel
m wadium I si|*h, I.,, and is mw in jail.
Toe Hoard Id Ihre. toisof the Hallimor ■ and Ohio f{si|.
lot’l 1‘omp, ,v. h, 4 v,,te ,,f «.. ven teen lo twelve, have
akqK.il rewdullou* in favor of loaning Pr the Xu-thwe*
P-rn \ .rgtn,. Kadmud ♦Vm.ltOUof |t,e UriPmofa c|tv loan
crewp-d under the ai t of |ar,|
It ,* ...id lh,t A I fiiliner, ,| linilfmT county the
A'M’,—Vi,- iimniiicr lor Governor ol Noilb Carolina.
, Frnm Ik* A vsriiwy T*iryi«i«w.
We published yesterday a fkelch of the speech made
In Iwmisville, Kentucky, by Kx-Prewiilent Fillmore, while
on a visit there in March 18&4. Its perusal is well calcu
lated to revive a recollection of the iutenacly excited con.
ditiiui ol the country at the period llie compromise n.eas
ure* ware under discussion, and ot the liappv effect ol' the
legislation which loliowed in calm lug ike atonn aud rwaio
ring tranquility. In ISIS—'4 V and the early part ol 'SO
the country waa agitated and tost like the ocean in a tem
pest. Fanatics at the North and Fire-eaters at the South,
both seeking to break to pieces the tabnc of the I'lmun
were lashing the public mind into wild and maddened ex
citement. California was threatening to set up an inde
detideul government.—The people »f Texas were in anna
to maintain a disputed territorial claiui. and llie troops ol
the tederal government weir on the marcl to resist and \
subdue them. The country stood on “the peril;.us edge"
ol civil war. (Sen. Taylor came loiward with a schonie of
adjustment and |iacihealion, to which Congress, deeming
it inefficient, would not assent. Congress, on the otlici
hand, under tlio lead ul the venerable statesman of Ken
tuck v, a ho hail been called Iroin Ids retirement by the cii
ms, offered a comprehensive system ol measures, which
were accepted by the conservative sentiment of the coun
try, as an equitable, satislactory and efficacious settlement
ol the whole controversy. This was the poelare ot
allura when Mr. Fillmore was called to the olhce of
the chief magistracy. The principles ol the party whose
representative he wi«, as well as Ida own sense ol proptic- 1
tv, toibsJc an active intervention ot the Kxecutirc to con I
trol the (.egislative l>e|iartuient ot the governuient; but il
was definitely uudemtood. not only from the character ol
the cabinet he drew around him, but from such indications
id his wishes as lie could without a breach ol official pro
pricty give, that Mr. Fillmore approved the system ol ini-a
suns dvvised by Mr. Clay, and would give his signature j
to the various bills embraced in it. The Constitutional
question, growing out ol the denial ot the writ ol //u5e<n
I'vrfiHt to the airested fugitive, presented itself to his
mind, as it did to many ol tile .nost distinguished juiUls ol
til*- country—but this being settled he gave his lull, nronipt,
and we doubt not, hearty sanction to the whole scheme ol
adjustment. llow these measures were received by the
better poition of the people ia well known, llow almost
universally they were cither approved or acquiesced in is
shown by the fact that at the national conventiuaa of the
two great parties, into which the country was then divided,
they were made the basis ol a national creed and the plat
form ol a rresideiitial canvass. At the Democratic Na
tional Convention ol lii'2, llie follow tug declaration was
put lortli:
“That the foregoing proposition covers and was inten
ded to embrace the whole subject ol the slavery agitation
in Congress , and, therefore, the Democratic party of the
Union standing u, on the National l‘!atfuim mill abide bv
and adhere to the faithful execution of the acta knowu s'
tkr Oompnsmiss Mitnm mUltd by Ikr last Cumgrrss, the
act for the ■(•claiming ol fugitive* trout service, included , ;
which act, being designed to carry out an express provis
ion *W the Constitution, cannot with fidelity thereto, be
repealed or so changed as to destiny or impair its ctlicieu j
At the Whig national convention held during the same
year, it was resolved :
“That the aeiies of measures commonly known as the
the Compromise, including the fugitive slave law, are ac
quiesced in bv tile Whig party ol the United States as a j
settlement, in principle and substance —a final *ct£
ment—ot the daugeiuus and exciting questions which thei |
From these resolutions we see how universally satistac- !
torv Pie adjustment ol I83*> was to people ol all parlies '
and all sections of the Union. To have approved aud to !
adhere to those measures were considered «,tutarinrv .
idence ol -oundtiess on the slavery question—in ao much
tbst the Democratic party did not hesitate to go into the
heart ol Near England, tue very hot-bed of abolitionism—
for a Presidential candidate, regarding it a Mllhcient
voucher ot his fidelity to the constitution and the rights
of the South, that he favored and would abide by the com
promise. At that time, then, it was not allowable to im- 1
peach the nationality ami trust-worthiness ot any man j
who stooJ on the- compromise platform. Did not Mi |
Kill more stand there, and a as lie not, thus standing, pro
nonneed hy the action of the two national conventions, a
with an unanimous voice, worthy ol the confidence ol all j
sections—the South as well as the North ? Undeniably and
undoubtedly this was so for not only had he appiovcd
and signed the compromise hills, but he had UithluHv en
forced the fugitive slave taw, in which the South was
most interested. Nor did he rest lieiv, but in his annual 1
message to Congress in December, 1SJI (before the nice
ting ol either convention) he earnestly enjoined upon the
country a strict obedience to these in* a-lire, styitig ;
"I cannot doubt tout the American people, hound to- j
getll.T by kindred blood and common traditions, slill die- |
iisb a paramount regard for the Union of their lathers; and
they are ready to febuke any attempt to violate its
integiity, to disturb the compromises on which it is based,
or to r.-si-t the laws which have been enacted under its
"The scries of measures to which 1 have alluded are re- !
garded hy me as u •rtllruimt in principle and luhstanee—
>■ tinal «rttlemrnt of the danqrrou* and cxcitma tuhjrctt I
which they embrace."
This was the standard of National and Southern ortho
doxy in that day. I« there* man in the Union wild came
more fully up to that standard? Does he not, at that time,
“land en loi-sed by the concurrent action of the two great
N ational Conventions, authorized to declare tlicseiitiiii. nl*,
:tnd expound the meed of the parlies they represented?—
Tile conclusion is incontestable. Hut it has suited the pol
icy of the Democratic party to set up of late another stan
dard—-that of approval of the Kansas lull. As friends ol
the South we refuse to abide hy that test. It is one to
which -III advocate of squatter-sovereignty, a frcc-soiler or
an abolitionist can submit; and we are not willing that the
interests ol the South shall be (faked upon it. We donut
profe— in know what aie Mr. Fillmore's opinions in regard
to it Nor do we care to know—because il he were mi i
abolitionist, lie could approve it, a* does C. C. Canibre- i
ling (because in his belief, it will make all the territories I
ill tile l lilted States tree) or it tie were a Southern rights'
man he could disapprove it, as does Ex-Senator Clemens, !
—because in his judgment it establishes squatter sover- !
eignty. We are better content, and we think the people 1
of tile South will he, tu stand by and rely on the standaid
of IS.'.g, adopted hy both parties, when they utnletstiaid
their duty to the country fully as well as they do now.
drum the Cincinnati Hail road Jhcord.
In the table of population anil wealth of the United
•State* in Isifi, published in our last iiumlier, it w*»*hnwn
that Ohio had iiicrcasod in wealth in a degree equal to, il
not greater than unv Slate in the Union. This may at
first sight, lie attributed in some degree, to the new mode
of assessment ; hut this is not so, us we shall now proceed
to prove. We must hist mention, however,one ot the
great and leading causes of this increase ot weslth. as
it is directly connected with the lending object of the
Record. This cause is (he fact that Uliio is now
traversed ill every direction by railroads, leading to
great maikft*. *,7ti0 miles of railifad in Ohio, are con.
nected at once with the great ccntial market, (Cincinnati)
and witn all the Atlantic market*, from lloston to New Or
leans. For example ; the products of Ohio hogs aie ex
ported to Wilmington, (N. C.) by it* connection wi'li
Baltimore, and to Columbus, (tia.) through Nashville,
(Tenn.) Nay, we have this spring eaten fresh shad from
Charleston, (S. C.) brought by way of lialtimore ; and
while the New York paper* were announcing that shad
time would come atiout the first of April, we were quietly
eating the nicest lre*h shad from Charleston.
Now, the immediate effect ol Ohio railioad* has lieen
to double the value of every acre of land within ten miles
ot the road. This is a well aaceitamed fact. Nothing
can be clearer than if the railioads of Ohio were all ta
ken away, the land un their holder* would not bring hall
their present value. In producing this effect the vnluc ot
the slink or bond* of the company aie of no moment._
If the roadie running so as to carry off the produce ol
the country it i* ol no consequence whether the stork of
the eotflpany be valualde or not. lienee it is that the
rorninuniiv often gain immensely by a railioad, when the
■tockholders actually suffer. Tune, however, will n go
late this inatti r The stock of many a railroad company
now despised in the money market, will be regarded in a
few yeais a« the lmet valuable aperies ol property. We
liave examples of this in the Heading and the Little Mia
mi Companies.
Having premised this much ol the leading cause of in
creased winllli in Ohio, we proceed to show the reality, by
the increased value of animals. In the specie* nf proper-'
ly the mode of a<*e*»iiient make* no difference. Ani
mals are alwavs assessed at nearly their true value. This
Iwir-g thecsse, we extract from the lust Auditor's Hepoit
the iiiitnber and value of animals in the years 1962 and
1866, by which the comparison may be seen:
1862. 1866. Increase.
Hors*-*, 402,695 624,716 65 per cent.
Mules, 2,992 6,HIS Ho do
Cattle, 1,093,218 1,791,189 63 do
Hogs, 2,498,792 2,196,769 Increase.
Sheep, 3,050,796 4,337,943 4o per cent.
In this table there is an immense increase in the aggre
gate nuintier, hut a falling off in hog*. The reason of
(His is quip) obvious. When corn (which feeds hogs)
cannot be carried Ur market, hogs are almost the sole ron
•unier*. Tin y inio-t be raised to eat the porn, and driven
to inaiket on loot. But when corn can be rallied to mar
ket, and has a cash value, many farmers will not be trou
bled with them, preferring to Hell their corn The great
increase is in cattle and horses, which the railroads great
ly enhance m value by giving them an immediate cash
1s t us now compare the moneyed value of these ani
mala :
1862. 1855. Increase.
Horses, $ 16, *63,795 $81,415,*8*4 9" per cent.
Mules, 123,925 84*8,125 14*1 per Crlit.
*'sttle, I**,**97.858 IN,VM2,*8M Ho per Cent.
Hog-. 5.621,190 8,531,562 I*, crease,
fbcep, 8.581,885 5,664,829 «u |e*r rent.
Aggregate, $31.21*3,754 $66,615,620 6** per cent
It appears, then, that the value of animal p*tt|n-rfy, in
Itliio iiicir a-t d Ally per cent in three yi a*v »" increase
mueh le'Vond th ii of the population, of even sif flic g nr*.
* si Wraith lit the Slat- in that time Now; "t wish to
mark,In emineelion witli tlita paiallel increase in rail
r« -el«. Tnri ihp back to 182,1. fbi- tear preceding literal
nation nl 1852, (which was nude oil the Mul .., 1862 )
* Ami tliai piioi to file valuation ol 1852 there waa no
r nlrirad eoimnunirstion between tft-iri ami the Adanfic
nniket*. Neither the Lake Shore Itailrnwd. the Ohio and
J’eimsylr mis. the tMiin f’r-utral, Hie Petrnsvlvania Central,
mii lire liillim>*re amt Ohio were completed Tie* Install
talaarris ami pnw.ffnli- ft1 imi.'' ol ; > eph-th-g the*i- eom
inuincstions on tin wealth and commerce ol Uh|o, C$n now
■ —i ■ I' mmmmmmmmggm
dtollnctlv Men. The unu Influence extends, though
in • less deans-, through all the mtuor connecting roads.
The value in tho mile* of railroad in Ohio is to the
Sute not leas than too hundred and flftr million*; although
llw actual oo*t does not exceed one hundred iniUlous.
Hut we mu*l pas* on to a conaideralion ol the vipoil* ol
animal product* from this State
III the Record, Vol. I, No. 6, we estimated, (from the
annual commercial rv|mrta) the expiut* of animal pro
ducts from Ohio, iu UO J, to be a* folluwu
Heel and Cattle f2,M9t,7&o
Truk, Lard, Lard Oil, and Hog* Pi.WM.2W
Kulter, Cheese, and Tallow 76t>,iMH>
Wool a.Tim.Wtal
Animal Products ptX.ifiy.iMn
On the «am*> ilata, with more accurate statistic* ol the
Slate, wive the tollowiug estimate lor 180, til.
Bed' and Caul* fll,S7n,<>O0
Pork, llog, Laid, and Lanl Oil V,I Aii.immi
Hutter, Cheese, and Tallow 040,0**1
Wool , s,ismi,ixiii
Uoraea ft0»,DOO
Aggregate Export *1 i.Vtin.noii
Thi* ia alsiut In per cent, of the aMH~eed value ol the
aniimil**. Hut it inu*-l be r» ntcmliercd that the i-x|h>«1 val
ue id animals ia not the bare value ol slock animal*,
young, old, good and bad, but is the value id lat ani
nials, and ia tlicrclorc llie export id corn grass and
talvor. The export id a lat hog tnuu t'li'.gpistl, in
the shape of pork an-l lard, is about six fold Ilia average
value aa a slock bog, and hence we find llie cx|an l value
ol liivga o be double* llie value of all the atock bogs. In
tin* above estimate ol exporta, we have considered the
iiutiiher ot animal* expoited to be about thus
Oimail* on a Jvinik ia Saw Oai.a*sa.—During llie
examination ol a case connected with the late contested
election lor >heiill tu New Orleans, on Wednesday week,
la-lore .lodge K.itiertsoa, ol tin* District Court, a man uaui
erl Daunoy intruded himts-ll tty-tween the Judgi**s seal
and the Clerk's desk, and upon being ordered to stand out
of llie way by the Judge, refused tu obey. He was ac
curdiucly loicibty expi-llial from the Court by one of the
deputy Sheriff*. There was some dtlficulty In accomplish
ing tins measure a* Daunoy forcibly resisted, but Judge
Knla-Itaou Clicd out “remove him, and it then* ia any re
sistauoe made, kill him. * The Judge then wrote out his
commitment for ten days for contempt of Court, and m
dered the deputy to excite it. Iu the meantime, the
Ineiids id Daunoy had asaciuliled outside the Court, and
bad determined to prevent tile arrest. Mr. Kaudell Hunt,
the eminent counsel, seeing thw lbreatauing slate id al
laita, n il is* .I Judge Robeila*>n (o accept the apology of
Daunoy. Accordingly Daunoy was called into Court and
on disclaiming all contempt was discharged.
The next morning as Judge Kobcrtaun was giving to
Dourt, lie wa* met by Daunoy on Toulouse street. At first
tbe conversation assimi* d an amicable tone, but Daunoy
suddenly changed Ins manner, and said, “I want you to
apologise lor your conduct to uie yesterday.” “Apolo
gue ' replied the Judge, “you have mistaken your mau
il you Suppose I can apologise lor pc.forming my dutv.”
Daunoy immediately pushed him oil to have him within
reach ot a veiy heavy loaded cane, with which he struck
uim a tremendous blow on tbe head, w hich was followed
by others iu quick succession. Thv Judge tried to diaw
hi* pistol, but one hand was occupied iu parrying the blows
and he could not succeed
Two or three trieuds ot Daunoy then jumped upon the
Judge, cate lung his aims and choking linn, while the
chief assiilant continued his assault. The Judge at last
succeeded in drawing Ins pistol, but it was rested from
his hands at once. The beating lasted lor some time.—
One ol the Shei-ilTs deputies, who was fortunately pavi ng
by, came up and rescued the Judge Irom the g.'ip ot his
•oea. The wound* indicted are said l.> be very severe.
Phils DELPHI A, Apiii 11.—The entire losa by the tire
■ *>r uigm ■* e-mnaitu at tverv part o! the
Artisan building was tenanted by work-shops, with valua
ble machine!y, driven bv an eighty horse engine in the
basement. The building was valued at $60,'MK»and insur
Messrs. Cowperth»«ite A Co., publishers, had some
fl.'O'MI, hoitli »•) «t<i#k among the various printing and
and binding establishments, which is mostly insured.
Duval A Co., lithographers, estimate their loss at $|iMJ,
"0°. on which they had but $30,0*10 insurance. They
hud forty steam presses and a laige stock ol stones. Ac. in
cluding the lithographs of Com. ferry’s Japan expedition
lor the government, and plates worth $6,000, all complete
and reaiiv to be sent utf.
Other occupants, as far as ascertained, lose as fol
lows :
Walts, silversmith, $3,000 ; Gaskell'a book kindety,
loss very heavy ; G. W. Simmons A Uru., jewellers, lose
I'iu.nuii, insured tor b,oon.
The tire was so rapid that scarcely anything was saved
except Irum the lower doors.
The I'nited States Hotel was saved. It was only slight
ly damaged by lire, but was Hooded with water.
The Hakes of fire ignited tile roof of the old Masonic
Hall on Third street, alaive Sprues*, and damaged it to
some extent. The property was lecentiy sold, and was
Miss Mary Ann Christie, an elderly ladv, occupying the
house adjoining tile United States Hotel, died during
the fire fimu fright.
PllIt.AliKi.ruiA, Apiil II.—Iii addition to the other sul
ferres by the fire of last night, should lae mentioned Sam
uel N. Foster, who loses about $3,ihm>. The aggregate
loss is now estimated at #343,0(10. The steel |dptc* ol
the “Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans," belon
ging lo Messrs. Kice A Hart, are in the vault beneath the
pieiuiscs. It they are dstroyed it will add $43,000 to the
lows. One of Herring's sales was taken hum the mins
this afternoon, containing $40,000 worth of jewelry unin
jured, •
sIIUNO OK THE Canada—The steamship Canada,
Mile I from Boston lor Liverpool, last Thursday, took out
on fr< ight $io],<n>3 24 in American gold, and $143.', in
English silver. She also lakes to Halifax $9700 in English
gold. \V. Williams, of Boston, is the bearer of despatch
es to Loudon.
Canadian Leoislati'Kk.—The project to pas* a pro
hibitory liquor law for Upper Canada has tailed; md
this is the end of attempted legislation on this principle for
this session. There is however, very lilllo doubt that a vpry
Stiiuguwt license law will be passed' a< a compromise.
Jot’ll W. Argyle, an old and greatly respected citizen
of Tall iliassee, Fla., died at his residence in that city, on
the anth ult.
The Kioiit Rev. Risitor O’llxjLLT.—Our distrust of the
repoit thul Bishop O'Reilly was in Ireland on Feb. 6th,
proves to have been hut loo well grounded A gentleman
who artiveil in t'ip la«t steamer states positively that the
Bishop of llnilfurd left Grvshslll's hotel, Livetpool, with
hi* trunks to go aboard the I’ac.fic. There remains, thcic
tore, mi doubt, tliai he is tin- "Mr O'Reilly" whose name
is recorded aa one ol the unfortunate passengers. Such
was the usual manner in which Bishop O'Reilly registered
his nume —Were York Yrmotin' i Journo/.
Washington, Apiil II.—Sine*1 the mail closed this *f.
ternoon the excitement in relation In the burglary last
night ha* increased. Officer Boss arrested John W Dr
main (the young man employed in Forrest's store who hid
in the closet) and John E. Bailey on suspicion of their he
itig concerned in the transaction, and brought them tie
fore Justice HoHingsbead. Search being made, console
rable property was found in po**e*>jon of tmtn parties, ami
identified by citizen*as having been stolen from them. In
1I<7II<<M< <M MUM <■»<!! <IICJ IB C1. OI III I I <C < 1 lor ft lUf
ther examination.
Aditltkr«tiox or Milk.—The Bouton Traveller la in
formetJ that milk ix now adultereil in thi« country hv a
chemical, of French invention, ol the coneiatence of t»r,
giving the milk a color ami boily of which it hail l>e«n de
prived by a tree live of water, anil »h|a that a peraoti haa
lately vi<itcil that city from New York, offering to teach
the milkmen, lor a "conaideratiou," how to u-e thia new
Waatii.aorox, Apiil II.—The auhject ol the appropiia
lion for the Potomac aipieduct lira over till Mondav; but it
wa« »|0itr evident from the whole tone ol the diecuaeioii
yeaterdav in the llouae that the appropriation will br-made.
Many of tlmae who were originally opptxed to it coneider
that it ia a i|ne»tiotl aellleil try lormcr legislation, which
they are not diapoaed to nullify. A party of about airly
member* will via|t the mouth ol the Great Falla tomor
row, in company with Capt. Mcig*.
Ohio *xi> MiMiaatret Ibltioto.—The Cincinnati Com
mercial aaya arraugemeuta are completed to place the
Ohio ar-d Mi*-i-<ippi ll.nlroadin charge of a new compa
ny ol New York capita lint*, who will fiuieh it without
New Rnrrr Aokxt—The Pnatinneter-General ha* ap
pointed Mr George Fox, of Philadelphia, on the day line
between that city ami Waahington, at a aalary of #l,oo<|
jyeai. vice Chailea Biady.
Tin. Canal —The Cumhetlaml Civilian aaya tinaineaa
on the Clieaa|ieake anil Ohio Canal haa commenced in
L-arnear, a numtrer ol ImaU having left with coal lor lha
eaafern market*.
Tnr C'aoea.—The account* from all part* of the interior
of I #«nt»p)rl% wills rfprmnl t.if grain field* a« pr«*n«*riCinyr *
fvry prmnititig appfaninor. Winter sown wli*at in grow
ing rapidly.
In Aifnda. It*# iHrrVin of th* Mechanic'* Bunk and fit# D)r*r
tor* of th* I’nlon Bank, hav» *affh d*ctar*d a •rtnl annual dividend
nfgvt- dollar |»-r ilmff, ttr.d lit# Heoryla Railroad and Hank >r*y
Company, a •’ml animal dlfkk-fd of four dollar* p*-r there, helny
at the rafr of elyht p#r r*nt p*r annum.
Tl»* ’Hiawatha” reading mania I* b**omlny f*ar'ulty tiwralml,
M'*• triara iMrltiif, M « Rlmherlv lh# nrtreaa. and Mra Julia B# n
n^t Borrow, ar* at pieaeut «-it*af~d in reading thia poem In different
neighboring eft lea.
Bt-trtfwa On ve«t*rday morning’# down train from Oil* ago, du#
h*r* nt two o'clock, a melanrhoty f»w of iul<id* tne.k |.|ac* A
•wma, nam* unknown, jumpe d from IM window of th* aaloot*
Th* car# ff’ff In full apr*d, and ah* ff*« Inatontlv killed Bh* had
with h**r fnnr *hltdr*n. At thrtlmr alw aid* th* fatal Jump, I la* car*
• • ■ <*. ' t4 « tr.i ..f Pturjr* pv • • BnaynMi tpf wataw n
hlMi*l Itf h»f iliflnf lit*- ovrnlny, th* pa wreny*r* think ah* tiairat
hee* lr****n lrr*«u*. The • dilldfr•»», w* ar* informed. hae* been pro
perfy flfrtl 1nr l*y th* peered* of iM« $Ny — t/MfWl I'mmmtr
il"f, April*.
Tla* ‘T t,. ,rtila.tr TaM» mi." at Ih* Broadway Th-afr*. w V’ fk,
ontiitrww t»a mc| rjttip l r< »uwrk Th* . i.trrtainm*-nt, how* rrr, ap
|**or- In h Wa If e«t*MMi*d hy th# puhllr
Tla* By la* a«'d lUrria.ti f»|a» a» a c*mpany gae* a WtHfWl at (1fn ta»
net t.fi in* 4th mat laaha Bjrwt •«< of. ict.la-d i« th# nlyhf before
the da-[at, Ufa* r,f t| • trou|aa fft ill Bt |*aoi«, hy th* rwmtM r 4 e.f th*
orrh*«tf 4
Tf*r Mi—IM. Miree.r -Th* report that Bl*bop fl'Reitiy. of f| .f«.
irwd. I'nfuif' l-riit. w .« i || in Ir Uti l to f. ltf'iofi. U ***h*r»die»««|
hy ih* f frtm tft'i Journal, WM.d* *af* tit* rr l« no doubt irf ld« h «% h g
token |in*itp on ft* trtWng «!*•»«• **r Btrlrt
In Irerrtrhlwiry. Va .on Ih* 19 h ..f March. Bd»*p Barlv Hon
TIMIMA.4 IiIVKIU m Olhrr <*f Crrettfrrm from th* \f. mj.l.t* tT* tin.)
Dteirkd, and Min 1,1 (TTf B, .laughter of Cwl Tbnwiet Hillard
RI i*
O i Wwttday, thr ISth Inal . Bl.1,4 N , yortny**! daityMr r of Janwa
Thr? f. trt.’f# of th* turn ly ar* lnvlt*d I- a|f> nd h*r funeral, from
Ifpt raodtihr of her father, at 4 o'eloet B. H Ihla day.
COMM F R r I A L .
MOKktabt «nd romtumi.
Duct or iii W*hj. April It. IMA
There were no Mbrlngs of YtrgftahtA'a at the New York Kidaigv,
Second Board, at Thursday At the First Board, m Friday |AtM*
were sold at 93 q aud M.'AW at W ft * the highest price obtained
dor tug the week
The Alemandrla Uasetle. of this morning. aavs
9 nee last an k. we notice a gradual change for the better In our
in.nKtary ifilr*, although oar l» inks/till discount b*u a aanall |wo
Uon f the iA-rings The Adilug business. |vs which many «*f our
ettiten* are largely Interest, d. and In whftrh three la a large capital
in feted, has been very bark want this season but wr look fora
derided improvement in this Important branch «f >Mir trade awi>,
and In consequence a return ef capital, which must alni our mon
ey market famrably
The Baltimore American, of to day, says
The operations In Stocks this week hav« been heavy the aggregate
of »!•* sales at the Hoard Is «b out |4iO,tMU, which Is an fbcrrasr uf
41 *>.»**» on the business of last week For alecks generally the mar
ket through the *c«k hat been l*u«»yant, and all the principal an url
the* have advanced materially. The I*-ad lug speculative i Baltimore
And Ohio Railroad) has Utu In brisk demand.and the market for tbla
*lo«ks eloeee to day at an advance of fi.Ift per share oa Ike clos
ing tl/Uff »4 last week
The general condition of the money market Is unchanged There
Is as I. almost always the rase considerable demand for mooev. but
the supt ly of capital Is abuudant. and here as wdl as at other «om
lueevtsi |*oo*ts ii..uiey la very e«ay Such And clam pap*r as |« .4
ferine la readily placed at per real nmg>e name p«prr may
be quoted at fiotu 9 to 12 per cent. The banka continue to discount
IlhriMl y. and ller* la every prwspbri for money continuing e tay h»r
*«»<• «»*»*e la come. Call Imns rsn be readily iuade at 4 pee cent
Tt«e English papers chronicle many failures among the grain mer
chants within the last two month#, lu Glasgow where the stuck ol
grain was proportionately above that of any other place, there are
report-d thirteen case# of Insolvency, Involving habtllliee to tho «ky
teut of two ailUona of dollars
The exports of anthracite coal from Port Richmond, Pa , for the
week ending ftth instant, amounted to d.kklons of which AM were
ahlpped to Ateaandrta, ami Aft? to Richmond, Ya. Total exports
thu year 127,791 tons, against 284*899 •nut lime Ust year
The following la a atatrment uf the lm|»*rta of Sperm and Whale
oil and Whalebone iolo the I'mtcd Stales for the week ending
Adrtl 9. iVvft
bbla an. bbls wh. Ibi bon.
Total f w the week . I.V HAH M.thai
Previously ft.Adl Ti.luft 441,*>0
From January 1st to date .. 6,7*3 SI 493 vtl.uiiH
Same time • a»l year 10,MP» 82.27* i'A.iluo
Wc anuri a comparative statement of the Importaof a few lead
lug artK'les Into Cincinnati, from 1st !f**pl. *ftft to *U» lust., and aamr
lime last season
ArUei—. i\ut • reek T4*it Laet year
Apple*, gr . bbla.. 2.192 *2.9^1 18.741
Butter.bbls., 2I3 7..M4 I,l*i
Bolter. Ark and kegs, 9 I.lO? 4.lft2
Corn, imsJ.rU. 81.573 fton.l** 4ftt,?l9
U»rn Meal. Id T.taii IT tail
Cotton, bake. 941 l».4*'2 7,87o
n.rnr. bbla, lU.TuI 341,423 19ft.7>*
Fes liters, aka , 174 4,12ft ftJWI
Hog., he «d, 3,2V) 348,9 ’? Ihm.ftY*
Lead, pigs, 1.293 19.19ft 24.367
Lard, btda , 6,n4u 44.37ft 34.497
do, kegs. .90 ft.4t*4 9.943
Molasses, bbla , ft,- *8 4i,IKbi 3ft,7|ft
Gats, bushels. 2.941 Ipft.toet 244,*?ft
Pork and Bacon, hhds , ft** 3,494 .^’sM
.!<• I * tv * . 4* 2,.V»| 9*4yy
do do bbla, l,9ftl 13.ft?* 29,11?
Pork lu bulk, lbs , 94VI63 6ft6*.79ft 14.264.222
Iron, pig, 2.721 23.taj3 11.ft.*
Rye.busliela, 2.3lWl 134,018 .M.fti*
Balt, aka . 2.W2 6 .32? 311,4:11
Tobacco, hhdi , 9ft I*ft9x *.ft*u
do bat and kgs 6ft* lft.241 1 ,3c*?
Wheat, bushels, 4,l”t» 769.740 121.919
Whisky, bid#., 7.a6u 19ft,o4l Ibl.tkci
The following li a similar statement of rsports from Cincinnati.
.4'flc/es. !*a*4 IW<I. 7of««/. /.■(*/ p*|r.
Apple*, gievn, bid# , 37ft ft.HaJ 2,836
Broom*, .lot, l,o72 17,163 lU,tf?3
Butter, bbls , 32 |>/4 639
do Aik sod kef*. ftCc 13,4?*I 13,3.*2
Coru.sk*, 6.133 32,7 72 26.v***
Cheese, bo xsa, 2,716 bd.iM 78,b4l
Candles, 7.286 112.143 62,12v
Cattle, head. 238 6.376 ft,>64
Fh>ur. 6.636 821,638
Fruit, dried, bushels, 2.is3 2*.760 lo^Htl
llarses, head, 61 1,427 tfyj
Lord, bbl* . 2i»3 22.17i» 37,6*4
do kegs, 17ft 81.827 414**6
Pork and Bacon, hhda., 1.722 14,722 24^»1*
do tea., 1.46* 16.473 f.,776
do bbls., 2.744 76,6*2 72,6.0
do boles, 1.684 21,0^4 22.164
do, hulk, lb* , 1.M.UUO V7.».H26 48.*,428
Sheep. head, .... 2 <k>8 2-al
WbUky.bbl*., 11 X>ti 137,761 141. *41
The *up|»lyof Bex t Cattle this Week ha* hern large, Mini bead hav
lag loiue Hi Tike driuatid was active, and they wrre near I v all dis
posed ft within the range of fV and and $ 11 p r lot* lbs TnelatUi
price was only realised for extra prime qiahty. Cow* and Calves
ake in fair request. Bale* at 23 ami 6*V*. according to quality —
Veal* arc in demand at 6<*^7 cent* per lb llog> —The rei^ip >
••*••* up for U»e »rrk <*mi head. They were n»o*tl> all sold at f' /.*•
tiftV per 10U lb* Sheep and Lamb* ami are io r* quest Bale* ol 8^t
4i*uo bead at $8 and 3.3* each, as in quality and condition
The sales of real estate during the pa»t week were more numerous
than for any previous week of the present year, and, with one or two
exceptions, the prices obtained were as satisfactory as could he «i
pcxrb-d in the present condition of the market. Most of the property
sold. Is eligibly located on Church lllll, m a pleasant neighborhood,
aud the improved lots offered there, were principally competed for
by person* design mg to erect private dwellings. TIk* sale* of coun
try lands were at low prices; In one Inslan ;e almost amounting to a
sacrifice. We suljoin our report of the week's sales
Hy Jfrasrs *rW./in .#■ A/>/xrm>*
April 7lh.—A tract of 8 acre*. In Henrico. I ** m. fn*m l(ich«
tnnml. adjoining li Hanes', with small budding* thereon ftAftn
A tract of 113 acres, in same county, on Charles City road,
Sin below Richmond, per acre . . ... gi,
8th.—llrick dwelling, etc . on n. * of Clay, leism. Adams
and Fouthec st* Lot fronts 8*» f»., and runs bv k 163 ft 8,**i|
Itktlu—Dwelling on Grace street, between 2ltb and 29th sta.,
fr..utlug (b) feet on <), and running back 133 ft. to «r> alhy,
(E FarrarV) .. . 4.1 tt
lait fronting 13 ft on each Side of the above, -am*- depth . . "S M\
Lot at corner of Grace and 28«h streets, west side, 41 feet on
G , depth 135 It., (with kitchen thereon.). 1,111
l-»l fronting on Grace street, adjacent to above, 42 feet by
” fc*I to an all y 1 ff
Lnt fronting on Broad street, 41 by 133 fret on W s of 23th
■ i
l*d adjoining the above, 4** by J 3 ft., to same alley . ft*'
le t on Grace street, between 2Mb and 26th, 88 led on G ,
Lot a«ijolntng, of same dimensions . 247 \
Two lots adjoining, of ««me dimension,; together 46.*
Two lots t*i w . s. of 2Aili st , between M and N streets, front
ing *8 feet, and running back 189 fret, p.-r foot ... ft
One lot fronting ltd feet on r. a. of 26ih and n s. of N. st.,
lllli—A tract of 162 acre*, in llenrlcn, 12m. above Hit h*
tuond, near Chick tfiomm? Swamp . for tlie tr irt Ci^u
Hy M/mnri. Tiyior it Wiilimms.
Aprd Ith.—A tract of 34 acres, in Henrico county, near the
Williamsburg roa*l, about V m. from Richmond. 1 ;1
Tnaxcro.—'The market has undergone no change since vewterday.
Fine manufacturing rontinuee in active request, and a tale to • lay
at #17 was made Messrs Winfrre A Watkins' quotation* of of ye»
nrday. *ay : — Lug*, heavy hogsheads, for export, at *3', t.C , line
lug*. 61{ft7; common leaf #7>«{ft7't . middling, ; g.ml.
S<i69** . An** 1»»U<T612; Extra qu-ditle*, for manufacturing our
pose*, f 126(,I6 p l**o lb*., according to quality. *
Fl*u a- The market wx* very dull to-day, In Cwnsequ -nce of a su* I
1*9* on of receipts hy canal and the Indisposition of dealers t..o|a -
ra»e We continue to quote shipping superfine, from the ll.stn 67*. 'C
•V atol fnitn store, fancy hratida, #7 ‘^*1, Esirs
I Hy II Uf
n»e receipts hy canal during the p«*t month were 17.064 hhl» .
a/ainst 11,258 l»h'* for the c*<rrr«|»ondl«tg period of last year.
Wiirst.—The dullness heretofore noticed still continue* to pr«. •
vsil. and we have head of no sale, to day upon which wr .night tw%*.
quotation* Choice lots only air saleable at prrsefii, sndb vers will
n t gi ve over #1.7 » f„r red. and ft I .an for white Cash sale* are
•Ith dtftn uliy efT eted at tl*e*e figure-'
t*«»as Tlie market Is itltigat bare, but twice* remain at CufiftAftc
for White and yellow. 3maII lots of dole* bring a few cents above
tlkese flgurev.
■r«i. *»p rwaaivAL r/ntr.
Afril 14«l*. Building lots on North side of Cary street, npimslte
Columbian lintel, at 1 o'clock P. M
•fttb.—Commissioner*' sale of eighteen Items of r**al estate—house*
and lots in the V illey. etc., (the late ll G'Neirs,) at 3 o'clock I*. M.
-—Trustee’s sale of lots ou the Haaln and Cary street, tm.a
uae.1 as coal yards.) M
22d —Cotnmis«iffiier*' sale of a brirk btismani
Church, mi Iranklln #treet, am! other real ea'ale, at If o'clock M
*1*0, houae ami lot on I’nlon llill at 4S o'clock
^Ith -Trustees* .air of two lota in Adam.'Valley, fronting on
17th or \ all. y afreet, at 4 nYlot k IV M
Kierufnr'a aale of real estate ilate Jaa. Ro«her%) on Hth and 9th
•t« , between Main and Cary; on Canal atreet, between Ith and rth
•fa , etc.
ftlh.- Half acre lot and tenement on 9th street, near Peter«hurr
Depot, at I o'clock P M
J9U. —Cormnl.aloner'a sale of a tract of land In Hanover county,
rontwlntnl acre,.
W'iy 15tb — Pel* of • farm of 5*10 acre, in Fluvanna county, mi
Jam*, river.
•Jfld, Mair ,.l III* •• Filmrra Milt,,'* in Fluvanna e.uintr
H.~A Ira** I.f I,IT* a*r*. nf land ..n Ilia H..utii • d* of l»an
rl». r, In tlalilaa rouuty, Va.—to be aulil on in* pmul.r. it** adv't.
uwu-raiM, arc
April I5ili. - A.aortinrnl of Orurerlea, at auction Mora of Kunlun.
Moorurc 4 Co., at III o'clock.
\(l «»'• * III ItllAI'l.fC I'A.NDI.FM, 4'a and
•J"r C i, for Ml* l.y vi j,, % y.
Id | HMDS. lilt ON NIDEN, « nice article. In .torr
NF ;* M lONIBt
»lll MMI.lt. f'l.AHItlFD < HUH VI N I li lit,
! !'■' ■■*« by ______ '• JONH*
I" hbil«, Jamaica Rum, l.igb flavored
Ft hbl, N*w RrtgUnd Kum, for vale by
: 4» ,f _ m jama
Hi s i ri ii i \ i t > t.i \ \ t», \
In.pection. branded A, for vale by
| *1" WoMHI.f: A CMIftORNr. Il Frarl .1
\DA.UA.VriNI i »M»it ,
a In autlflll article, for vale by
*P" WIIMHI>. 4 fl WllitRNK. II (• ,,i ..
Kit IMIOND I.HIM MV pi ISII II. Raw rr ti I
’ l"» at John II Claltiorne', mill, for vale by
*pl» WOVBI.F t CI.WROfOtR.il Pearlrt.
■ •'•f.ft HAf'O.N *11111 f.DFIIN AND lllfla,
B landing per vtramer, for .ale by
"I'M WOMRI.R. 4 Cl. A THORNK. II Pearl rt
HOOKS Tor aaleby
■T" J W RANDOI I'll |«| Main g
The Pvmh<.| of tilory, showing the object and anil of Maaonry ; by
Rev O (River, fl. f> $1 9
Tf.e Anfifpilttea of Fr»e Ma.onry, by R' e. O Oliver, D l». |1.
The Mplrtt of Matnnry, by Wm Hotel ln«on, F AH $1
The Afar In the Fa#t, hy Kev Oeo Oliver, Il II fl
llarrla'a Iliac.ur« on Maaonry $1
f'almtt'a f>Ur|nl«ltionf on Maaonry 91
Miat>*rlcal l.indmarka of Fri-vmaaonry, by Rev O Oliver, $/„Vi
Tli* MyatW* ('.*. I* ainl American Handbook of Maaonry hy O*o
H. Oray.Hr $1 5ft. 7’ 7
Mackey'# Lev Iron of Free Maaonry if fill.
The True Ms*■•nlc Ottkb; by Roliert Macoy. $1,95
Htuart'a Free Maaon'a Manual $1
Hovf'a Mi aortic Tett Book fljft
Dove * History and Ancient OonatltutIona of Maaonry 75 eta
Oove't Roval Arch Tr»t Rook $1.95
The Free Mn. n i Monitor |1 JMl
fJrnaa'# Templar#' (Thar! $1.
(Vfiea'd Mimnir Chart $1
H utert' Carftet and P'ploms 75 cent#
Light# and fthsduws of Free Maaonry.
N»w Via...»•! Trestle Hoard #1
T»te Ma«fintr Offering A gift fftr all #>aann#. fl,V>
The Anal.fgv *»f An* lent Oaf* Masonry to Natural and Revealed
Re|*gb»l»; ay Charter Rcott, AM $A
liana of tbe An tent Maanna In Virginia $1
Fr.. Mimik'i Library and Oetteral AMman Rp»>a ; hy Aamuel
Cole, F M \U' * aplH
MKI.Ootl !
IT V •• |« | l 9 III > Ilia IN VII (r.RMTk To
J Pf'Rf'M %-F HVF FHFNCIf OOODff AV|> I If HU | |N»S’P
Nrokard A llafton, »h* i~svtr*t import* r # of french f|n«»d« in fhf«
».«•».irv rrrt ntf« ■old in K»# Ytffk, under the Kammer, a Very heavy
•«o« b »d Frefn I. (i*.* d*. $h« ,iaa. •«. two • (»;*
II iving pun baaed i i<g. ly at lh!« «ab , wr now «.ff.*r rhi rn to oar
'rind# ail km'>•(**••», at wholesale or retail, at a rorr* •ponding
m rifi.i, a* the MlrrUftig Will at.f.W
Flrg«ut (ill . rd*<r«l plain Ib-ragra at nine pence, worth rent#
F»d ndid rl*b jtthfied (rrgaf.dte MnHItta at Ifc , .bean at 9.V.
fut rich It, i »g.' 91 tWerrd R«die« Very dirap
I fUrt p a .1 an I flgurt d Rlhhr.fM, very cheap
,V» »rer P luted Chall #«a at nine' |a-t.ce
Abo, tM.wgh* a* n»b* r k#M
I « a** lr»«H l.uten# d Jh retde
I #tn Rner do at Si do and drier ktnda.
$ ff <»,tr friend*, r.»#t .m.*r«, and thv puW,.* ge i raRy. are Invited
to car and •• e these ba. fa ln« C \ (MV ATRIT, |
•P * Opfundta Far bang# Ran|i
I |kil U I.Xll tot MtN
Mt a^f JAMP1 WUI.nTOR.
A* MDIHAHrC fTMOERinu urtlillkv
-dlW4 iMiiwiy I'iK. |\*4 (
4 1 fU U "''/.moJ fry (A*. (Wsctt V ('tty |/ JKoAmoaJ
* ‘l,4J «a»«* ■»'* h*. k ar other wheeled ear
k*»* •» -"I**!** I. ukl City for hire, d.rec.l, or la
Mr*, dy. walem lit* .ran u* kwrprr lh*r*«f ukl.lu hum th* Cham
tortalu a Ik-ultm itorefu. Th* lime lor uhlrh ihe Item, or I. u.u.d
i',;',*!.|U" d*T »• >•“ -J*ulh uf I'rbemuy mil alter ih*
| 1 ttclur. mch Hint Ii luwl. there dull to given hr ur un
foi.alf uf Ito appllcaul. ton.I tu Ito .urn uf Ihr-e ‘Trht/i.llu.
A« .act. ul hla vetoed.a. payable tu th* . tty ul H c.im.ud. ul.h mrr».r
*l l*"",'l *>y the Ohamtotlain, .und.lb.in-d that ttor, ha. torn
WIN to .foti***ml to th. limn, uf th* city lata a trim um^i tol
■Uimhr. and raiur ul th* rrhiclr. lur which lh* llcnm la Uru|
U“ >»< «hr driver*. and *alur uf llnr tormiur ulto, an I, ml.
•»' »•'“» »' *•“ drlrrra, ..fore th.y air darr.,1 and uf I hr hum.'
and harnum, h Inn-lug ttorrlu -r aad n-e.r.llh, and Ih.l Daan.r. i
adl hr mad. uf ito lair* un aald ratoel*-. d. Itrra, ai.im.l. and har
arm fur ito year lu which lh* I .raw l. ..aad. and H al ll.rr. ah.ll
hr faithfully tran-pwrtrd ami drlir.r.d all -.H.cle.vi.UuM d lull*..a
Bgr.karpar ur drier wt any alien tuhlclr during lh* lur at .d UrUum
aud ad p rwm. lawfully lal. u in ur upon Ito aaiu.- da r lug aal.i t.m.'
and . uinlltluttcd ala. that Uu slat* atoll .Id* ur to carrlml |.. tt>
upon U.r tarn, durlug raid Irrm. with.ml Ito arlilm cuuacut uf hi.
..wuar, ur of Ito guardian ur cummlUr* uf ll* uanrr Hr,
•U.'h hund, auUa naay be hr.mght from tim* lu lime |„ ito uauar ui
Uir city fur lh. ton. HI ul any pvrvun Injured by any breach uf Ik.
ond llou, aa ,.n«n aa any ruck hi each may to alleged, uni I damn
jj^d,all be racuTercd lur am h tuuachri wpial i« u. pan.ally uf ito
I a Whfttor ito at*hie uf the utter ur keeper, or th* rml latm
..I eh* driver, *1 a,u rehwl* to ur to uul w.ihm ito e|iy laaan |„
revpeel ttorrnf ah.ll to aurur' and paid If Ito vehicle to a. in
nupt.-v.•! In Ui* «,|y lur h.rr. Hu.I. Ulr. ahall to on lh* va!u* ul
•to vehicle ami uf Ito hum* ,.r olher animal*, aud Ito- U.r mar b.
lunging therein or u-.| there will,, and un lb* value uf Ito drl»rr. II
h* b* a alate. And If to to uul. ttou,-In rraprvt tu the dilrrt,' i,
n* ha* alkanird tin' age >d Ivrul; unr year*, a la a uf auch am.mul aa
I'lnipnard mi «*,!/ free male luhab.laul of Ihla.lly, who haa al
tallied I he like age.
( 4 Tu* cl.amtorlaln ahall keep a r,filler of rrhldea, atow n.
II,„ numtor uf rack, ito name uf lb. perauu obtaining >to toeuar
and f..r wlml. and Uuar tl.ii.gr ahall be amt. d m ,he llcwna*. Tl,.'
lurutir. to* ore th* cutuplriumuf hla hut ul parvuual prutu, ly al a'l
annua lyrtautln, aabl .rgmler, and If there ap|w»r itonby lu to
retort*. win. I, me nol charg d uu hi. book, he ah.ll ruler Ito
U« aald hook, all.I make a |tr.|*rr a.nauuri.t ul valur.
( 4 The owner 1* k ep.r uf every hecuved vehicle Utah ha*.
im.ul.-d tl*. r»ui, it. numtor and U.r Inni.lr ul lu o*„r 'a name In
uul bto than I I* Inch Haurr< and Inlvra, tu thal Ito name mat to
e.tlly rva.l Tl- value atoll to- pamled. If the vehicle to a d7a». u.
each ahall, nod If II to uul a dray, uu each aide, unleaa Urn aide, to
ble. In whirl, earn ll aliall to painted un the flame on uaal,
ule. aud II a hack, ur ..Iter llceu-ed Vehicle fur Un Irani,mrlalluu
*' !*••-■»*> f*. »*.. uu table glam uf earn lamp, which lamp .hall
iiwtjf* Ik light* d si ui«lit. wikAii uu the street.
i « l»f any In-rue* under Itila urdluauc*. there may to a transfer
uf ihr uueapiredlerm. prurnled the Iranafrr to rvulci.ecd by an eu
lu.vrruenl Ul, Ito I,Crater. ,u.aimed lu the cl.aiutotlaln, aud p,„tid
al Ito aaa.gi.ee give auch ton,d aa u lucuUunrd In In* aecuud accliuli
I new Ii. eur r. all ll»r rr u |*ejll to- l**u,-.| lu the am if nre lur Ito uu
• ipir.d term; ami ll tl.all to r, g ained according lu Ih* fourth a*,
null and lh* aa.tgi.re atoll .'.lur ito numtor aud Ids lu.llala lu to
|A*liiMrU sa was ,r *4*4 Wed tu die csss ol Mm* assignor.
J I A pur am. aim atoll keep ur employ ,u IbU clly, for hlr*, u
cart, or Wlmlftl carriage without obtaining s lic-ti**
h«i«lor, or who hail Is I to lists U«r number and untie la t*slniv«J
hvreou sr r. *jutrvd l»jr Uus onliiwucr, or wlto »i.sll have such nuts
•rr sii l toilisas painted uu sujr Dot embraced lu a |,.t delivered to
lh* as—nr, shall pay lur r»er jr as* I* ffcnce s fine ol nut has thsn
tru uur tu*»rr tlisii iw«*titj Uoilsrs.
i ** Wl^-lk. r s (MuvUr Ik Ihciisv*! or nol, nvlilirr coal nor dirt
li«UI hr trsU»|H*rl«'<l thvrriu uulvo ii U* soti^iit slid hsvr such a Lsll
•osfd thwrrou as writ prevent thr w*.tr ol the *-osl or dirt. For
nwi violation o! tin* SOClIon alisll hr a filir of fl»r dollars.
i V n»R ktwprr of lli« City Hail and olhrr city pr*ip. rty. nl.all
»s*r the custotiy ot U*r bod it* of the two carts to which llo* pin
4‘S a err flVrn l»y tl*r CoiuiillUrv of tfir coUIaHI sp|K>inUd uii.|«r s
■vsulutlou of lit* tflst of Jt»T>, l>ta*. . Slid h« shsll be the ii».|k* lar of
->.al carts, wsKixis aiM utUi vehicles.
i *" iiispecuw, Wiisfl applied to, slisll eiauiine any cart
vafoo, or Other vehicle, and if uu ro* h c&sunutttou lie U..«l Idotse f
ast (hd In doing so, be »l.*ll give a «rrufl. »ir that the v*hiclr I*
i**ti‘, and iu |hoper order t.. p. a vent the wa*le of *o *1 sud if ll I e
kcarh tl*ai n contain* twnn>- tlva- bashrls wiieu hot loa«l^l ^
"•r""™ «• nui lUe.sur.'-or loading. and la mad. a.
»>« UMN»»U«rul4.Ml b, .4. U„ oU«., „| Um t.o c.lta
arul.unrd IU U« |MM.vdlli( avcliun. »1,J U „| ...M._.
Iwlo. lu point ol rib. iruvj, . and n II bo uo; , c„, Uu, , W4r>„ 1
•ihrr .rhino, that It conloMuo a. Hoar aa in,, br to raid tu.rl.1
(II It any coal, of coke, bo tranaporird uu k Mfool or public ml
ey, In a cart, 04(011 ur other ooluclo, tladr-u therroub lull,.. ,11, ,
OithoOt MO-li cortlAcatr a. la U4. ulMoal 111 ihe prrcodiu* aartlun
N|»||.( l4.ru ublalurd In rr.po< t In micIi cart, Oa(uu or v.i, , |,, o il,.'
11 the 1 hire III.,utl>. next pi reeding Mich traurporiatioli. tire OWI.CI
•r k re per 1.1 auch carl. «a(ol. or ..Uier Vehicle, .hall, ul.le*. tl.r c..a.
, 1 ran. pur ted lor b.« ihnueetic cuii.ui4,|ii tun. pay. fur e vri y M4.1,
• deuce', a line uf ace dollar*. And II cu.l nr coke ho aa.tr.I on a
amt ur public alley ..a cart, vror other Vrhirle, and arheth
r it be tran.porietl lor >101110.110 couauiupilnii or not, llie 11.tin 1
•i-vp.r of Mich wa(on, call or other ceuiclr, .hall, lor every an, I.
ffruir, pay a hue 01 live dollar*.
( 1* Tlie In.pevlor may at any time examine any catt, vacua oi
oner »el.hle, lu reaped to which auch certificate may hare been ,.b
1 ainol, ami II no auch ntoi.ii.t on l.e .hall nw:tr tain that ,1. .iae I,...
.ecu Iraoiel M. .. not to contain Ihe proper i)i4antlly wlicU IvVelh.l
0 1 hr mark 0/ lull tuename or loadiug.lic .ball irporl Ihe led to the
;b imberlatn . and thdicelorlh tl.e lice K lor auch cart, waduii . r
•*U*vr vrlikir, shall U- <t«ruud for fell* d.
) Id- Unless before a load is laktu uni wagon,dtav or a cart
.•wric be a different bar gam, Utc |*r»oti for whom th* load la earn. .1
. .all be chtrgcd then lor no higher tabs than arr al>o»rd by the n.|
.•wing Iftlluii . and ||« >hall pay at tho-e rate* or sign a ticket « &
,we«.iug the place f.t.m which and th* place to which the 1..ad ts c»r
fwl A prrfrxii refusing a*, to pay or sign, »>r the owner ur k.«ito
d a vehicle Who, CM wli^r drive., charges a higher rate, sh li lor
wry eu It olleu«.r pay a A<*« of not lea* than ft%.* nor IMC.r* i.,4i
wcniy dot la i a ; a..a a l k. One shall br imposes! uu the uVi.cr or dr»*
cer oi a wagon, dray, cart or other vehicle, for the retu«vl of hun or
.i« driver to carry a load or a part of a load, upon the prvti&i U*.i
o* is et.g.ged When auch engagement <a dn.ietl tl.e buribrit o
provi. g ». shall h« upon hitu, but m no such case ibr |.r..|*r eharg
or rallying shall b p.tld. I. r«quired. In Urr the load is dehv red
i 14 Tltr rales lor a load In a wagon, dr.iy or c*rt. •hall be, f,.r
arryiug it five square* or Us*, la uiiU, and for ra. h square um
dvc. I c ut additional ; except that whm the distance t> thirty «.i
oofe squares, the charge shall he for Iwtlve -quares, In cent*, ai .i
>.r ea* h additional square, 2 cents ; and that lor fuel, sand, brick•
•ml pavu g stoi.es, Uic charge shill be for ten square-,2ft cents, m.d
• r each additional square, I cent. The squsre* shall |« counted Mi
die Most direct travelled route ; tlw Counting from •quart* o square
Holer tins or the 1 Mb section, shall be with reference to the map
prepared by hl.cajah Hales, mentioned iu the flr»i .,-rtioti of th.
itarlrr of the city, or to such a reduced plan of that map a* is
Hereinafter mentiou* d.
i !•* Tlw load for width the said rat.-sm.iy he charged, may Iw a
•obow«, to wit . Ol twba.rco, 1 li>»gal«v-ai| , of d.*ur, l barr* Is t ,,| salt
. sacks , «»f sugar, 1 hogshead oi bam Is , of liquid*. I hogshead
•r I |».|mp, or 2 half pi|H»,or two tkrccs or ft harreU ; of Ash blur
rels , oi he* f or pork, ft barrel ; of bacon, 2 h. gdu .m- ; of wotal.
n tlf a c..rd ; of coal. Coke, sand, bricks or paving stones, 2ft bush. I
«nd of other article*. |f»«n lbs ; ncrpt that in llie cast* «»f fur oil nr,-,
hairs, bx.se-, | so per or light srtales ihe load wul u..l be accurdii g
tx> w« tglii, but according lo ou!V. When there it cart led more than
.s he* et*y de.-lare>l ly Ik* a load, tlir re may Ik- charged a proportm*
tie rate mr whatever Is *o carried l»- y«*n.| such load, provided there
»- not (’trrlvil more (nan t* allowed by the following *e« tlon.
$ Iti. Kxcept witwi tlw load is t x. lusiv* ly of cal. coke, Band,
ion k- or paving stones, (whereof tn«*y • e carried 2ft hush. I- and ,,..
more.) there %ha 11 not br carried in a siret-i oi public alley nn •
art, dray or w*fun. draw u hy sue or more m les or h«.r* *, a
/rratrr weight altogether thm *<.»* ptniuds. unless the body of the
v hide l»e •uiqs. rteil on vlwt-h w.th tiers at least four Inches wM»r,
in Which case* there m.iy Is- carried thing- Weigh:ng altogether 4ftis*
p mn-ls, hut iio more : Provided, however, that it i> not inlentl.d t..
p Chihli t»ie carrying of machinery, at *u h articles as weigh more
Ilian 4ft*B» potni-l*, and cannot b.* divl led , also, tliat ehpt'c spr.ng
wagons, wiih whe I- with tires of less width than four inche
•nsy Ik- u«rd, bui iu no case -hall a greater Wright n an 1 fiftn p,.Uu«ls
►•** carried oil them The owner or kee|*?r «f a cart. dray or Wagon
in or upon which there l« carried iu a stm t or pul I c alley a o»d«f
• greater weight than is allowed hy this seclioo, sliall, h.r «v*-ry »u. i.
offence, pay a fine of not less than ten nor mure than twenty dol
jl«. After the fir-t day of January, 1«<VT, nothing *hdt he carried
In 1 -treei or pul.lic al|.*y, on a carl, w .gun or dray, unfa.* Ihr h. dy
..f th.* •HIM? t.x •upfMWlrd on wheels, will, tires at feast four in. t. *
wides, unless it »*e a cart •Irxwn hy a single hitrsc or male, «vn| loyrd
t-v luuvrty In i.autlng dirt After the -ildflr«t day ol January,
Km. Ile.e shall Hot be In a •tree* or public alley, .» car», dr a?, i.f
Ir kWii by more than tw.» mules or hor*r-, egee(»t ouly in th. case of
1 .-sny i- g . or vcltb-l. r..r transporting machinery or suchatilrb
as Weigh tnorr than 4AtNi |moiimI«, and cannot be divld.l (• this
♦.eti..n be violated in any r •|m*x t Um- owner m t. rp.-r of li e v»ln
•|e, whe«eby the MIM Is violated, shall, foi every d ty of su.h vlofe*
tlon, p iy a fine of not less t'.an ten nor more tb«n twenty «lollars
f I- There -hall not N charged for tl*e use of a ha k or otn. r
eh> l«d srriage more than the billowing rites K„r carry Inc a
pers.»n therein r.ot more than 10 rquurcs, 2ft cents ; for each adl -
li.»nal *«| iare, A cent* provided the whole charge f«r carry ng hit
i». rwiti to any part of the • Ity shall not «im«l ft® cod- If more
than one |m r*nu Ik- carried, there shall be • hs'ged only half of u
ih- ve rate f.»r a child over A and uiolcr 12 yea/*, and tu.thlng h.r an
infant under three years. The charge for carrying not umie than
four grown j»er-<ins. or <Mie or two children and three other |K*rsnn
shall nev. r for tlMt whole exceed one d.dUr, uufe*« tuorv tMn an
li .ur Ire employed and then It shall he only a dollar for the find
hour, and at the rate of .V» cents per hour for each *urrteridig hour.
K.*r carrying a person hriwvtn lu ».*. feck at night and daybreak^
there may he charged fat per centum addMional upon I he above
rites, and n*. more For argagt* the charge shall h. not more than
l<V cent- for each trunk carrrerl outside, and nothing at all for any
art tele carried in-lde, or h.r ary carpet hag or basket.
$ 19 Under the direction of the comm tier of |mlice. the < haml.r r
lain shall have mad.; from tl.e map prepared hy Mn-sjah Hates, men
llowed In tin* first section of the charter «if tl.. city, .i rcdu< r«| plan
•if the c.tv. ami copies thereof. With print* d c*»p'es of the rates *1
loWrJ l»y thl« ordinance , thi.-e for wagot s drays and cart# bilng
«ep»rale from tho«** for h »rks and other *rh. eh-d carriages. A copy
•d #m*h reduced plat*, with a copy of the rates h.r the former or the
Istter. as m tv Ik |. *it e.t. sh «li h*- deliverr*! hv ilw /-I.>fnk_.i.in ...
•verjr owner of a vehicle or other prr*nu il ormr II, u|m»u hlapayl: g
U.. r. fur iff rent*, which ahall go to Ihr credit of the city to imb mnl
fy It for the eiprhw of the cngtav ng and printing.
> A copy of koch rcdu rd plan, with a copy of the rale* for
hi. ka and uth«r wheeled carriage*, d. .11 U- kepi In rveryauch ha. k
or cae* I age. In a par* them f *o coiiaplckma that the aante may Ih
rea.Hy *er»i and the rate* ca-lly read. If (here he a ‘allure In k. i
ihe a une in auch .1 part of Ihe l ark *.r carriage, nr If for carrying h
peraoit or haggag, there he charged more than la allowed by the
l*th erllnrt, the owner or ke-fn-r of the vehicle ahall, f..r every day
»f *ueh failure, or for every l ute of *u* h charge, he Atied not I. ••
than flve nor m..rr than twenty dollar* A like line *t.»|| |H- lm
p«.*< .| on him tor lt»e r.fnail <>f hint or hla driver to.arry a perron n
hi* vein le u|»otj the prt test that il U engag'd When auch rngag.
rnent la d* nl. .|, the I. rdrtt of proving It •hntl le upon him . tun m
Mich cna-III* pmper charge aha'I be paid. If resulted, before tl.«
•ame I* performed.
t il. kv-ept III paeatng a-rnaa the aide wa'k. front or to a |,..u«
or l<»t, to or from a «lree| or alley, there at.al not l*e pit* ed or ut> d • n
• • le-w.«lk of a *trcet or im’lc alley (tl « carriageway of wh ch i*
p,ved) anv wlte.l harrow, hand barrow, handcart or band carriage
other than a h imt rarrh.fr to carry * child for every vl. lation ».f
thi* ac tion there ahall b a An- of not h »• two nor m.i.r ik»n
lw*-idy dollar*.
$ ti There ahall I*.- a like Ane ..n a peraon who ahall within lire
•j^T. run a h..r«r ra e or canae If I*, he run, or ahall role or drive a
horae Un rein at a greater *|e rd than aeven mil#* an h ur. or -hall
•ufTer a barge In g > at large lle-rgn, or ah »i| rk a Imrac ora any part
of a aid- walk whether on a paved a re-1 or n it.
I if Tliere ahall b. a like Ane on a peranri who on any part of a
•i*le walk, whether on a paved *«reet or n A. •hall lead a h*.r*e or
ride on horarhirk or drive a wagon, dray, cart or other v#hl» le, r«
rept artoti a«|ch part a* ,a a*rang d for h«r«e» or vel i.*le« t*. p.«a
I hereon between t» e rarrtaf way and an ’Ijacent lor or a -I t.
walk Which h* paved III. « ahall Ih d< em*«l fob, ... arranr.4 *»#dy
auch part a* I* paved With atone* or wdh granite fl . gg . g
f S4. there anal! be a Am- «,f not le»a t an Av»- nor more t* an
tw-nty dollar* f,.r pe md lug th* hor*r*. m ile* or »nima|„ ».y Wf I,»
a wngnti. dray nr cart ia drawn to g . In a a re. t or | obll. *fh y fa —
ter than a walk,or In be fed therein, and f ih dr vcf rornmdd’ g
the offence b- , .lav- h • tiny l*e pintahed w th atrip* * (Torfer I hla
and Am m—ling o . tin. tb -h v., of th. viM le aft t ti. «wm r
Of keeper tliere.,r. may each b* Amd for every an* h off. »•
f 'A', Tliere ahall b- a like Ane or p.ini«hment If In a *t »e o* p,.t.
lie all* r which la paved, * wagon pro —d with a wh-rl Ink cl aft. r
tl,i» ,a f«.rh'd hy a p l»c# off,.», or If the drive ,,f # v. hl> le .1*11
wantonly crack hi* whip to the annoyance of other*, or ahall -uff r
M« vehicle, when not receiving cr dtachaiflng a h ad. *0 pa*# *.r
autid in a *»re -t or puhbc all y. w.th .tn hol i ng i!m» nl'« in 11
hand*, or ahall, when hi# v. hicle I* atanding in a afreet or puM|. *|
by, and a police «.fffl er ord* r# It* removal, fail to obey •«, h • r, lira
H*i.», order, Wlwti giv -n by .in officer, .hall he for atich removal m
mav aeem in Ih# * fit . r mu*t co riven lent for peraon# piteal g
f iff A driver of a Vehicle m eting an tlwr vehicle In a afreet *.y
piM c alley. a»,all a-naonahly drive to Ihe right hand, -o that ra h
may p-*aa the other w|ih**at tnl. rhrem e And when in a afreet , r
puMir alley a vehicle.)* overtaken hy any other vehicle, th driv. r* f
the former ahailtwar to (he right, ind the driver of Ihe Inner ahall
hear to the left, until the I «tr-r ahall have p**«rd In nolnatame
•hall a driver of a vehicle atop the tame In tbe middle of a gfreet or
tmhllc alley, or oppoa.|*> to an intervening etrret *»r alley, or up*n
any granite cr*>aaing, but he ahall klway* at. p th. aame a# near »*
tf»e able walk a* l»e ran, wlthotit being **n II *»r In the gutter f r
every violation of thla aertloti, there aball le- a Ane of not leaa that.
It" tine more than tw«rtdy dollar*.
f ‘IT. An offb-i-r of lb# p dice may when any of the offence* rvn
Honed In th*- tl-ree pfr.-rdlng te*tlona la committed In hla preaenee,
arrett th-off-n |ef amt carry him forthwith he fore the mavor or
*mne other Juatice, and may of Ihe aafe keeping of ll»e vehb le dur
ing the driver**abaence, pay tw«ntv Aver# »»*, which ahall be inch)
d-d In Ute rotta, If any, recogere*! agalnat ihe off-*,d«*d
| ■/■t The mayor may, from time to time, ran*# notice In writ ng
l i»e given to th- own* r or keeper of a tlcvw—d vehicle of the n me
nr anv p raon wIk», In hla opinion, I* an Improper peraon to drive
•be «:%ine If after a»».*h notice the aame he driven hv awh per*on,
there al.al* h* a Ane on th- owner or keeper tor ev*ry day ,.f gu. h
f.ff-nre »,f not leaa than Ave nor more than twenty «MI*r*
Apr.I 1« It
i||i| HiM.A. 1 i;m 1 mi miimi iii.it m 1:
I " " W WIII'K V. of ear low* brand#, in at«.rr and f .r a,l, hg
Jiplff_ 'I fowl
Is b l|N«(MNItA l*f»M T Uhl:
" r Vo *jr caaka Madeira Wine
111 Md« Apple ftrandy — In *tore and for aale hy
M mwrji
|||i| IU ft li I • h fifth lb, in »t*ir. tor rale
"Hr "pH HlNKT.iW
•(I k Hi WIH,F,W WffMr.-A-ortedawca. fny agbhy
• pwrapll JttllN N i.MNIitiN
%ni«ii Pdf.r.iwiip. ivnirM
**** JfkffW fff
•2IW *V*'"**»••»• «• *>•* H..BU1*. ri,
Am 1 1 I MTf, fur gal# by
" JOHN n noiiHm
| **»*n», pj<me piiht.1 Hu ., «i*i*n,
• r rfrrlru.f, (or Ml.- I.J
*r'« hacon * bjbkkrmil.
Swl Rilraonlliary Rrardy known.
jf^^st'ria ■<■:»: i kahm umiBior m tt* uw w
tvJ5 *^ »<i<inii H'<iHiii «f.T n «na»><
llu Mlhlolultel there la Buthtng lagva la Ihr madk al World,
whkh will al all compare with them. They are Indeed rvmlorlerr of
the aaeday rwlllee.
It may ha raid of them, wllhowl fear of conlradlrlkia or proof lo
lha contrary, llml If they are, applied al any lime prvvtoue lo the
arnaal rump of lha hreaal. they will |>ru*iptl) allay all Inlamatlou ,
rellaae all |olu aod prevent ihr bi.a.l from gathering, and lor
thrnuure. If the bread alioold actually rtar before the cloth# can be
Md.MM aptdmauoa aad cooa.nl w.o.ing of them will paodova am I.
. coudlllon of lha becaM aa lo loaorr the .peed lot pomibie cure.
Kerry aaolher ahouhl keep them hy her. aud follow lo Ihelr uer the
lire.ik.oa, which alwaya are arul with Ihrm, and our w.od for It, dee
will never know what it la hi have arrtoaa eudaring will. I.er beea.I.
fW A remittance of $l.iw, accompanied by Id cento worth of
pootogv alampa, will aecure the prompt Iraiumitaok.n by maU of a pair
.1 lhear ninth, lo any pari of lha Unltod Stale#.
They are for aale rartualvely by
AHIK A URAY. Wholeaalr and Rrtoll Agent.,
fr*T , 111 Main atrawt, Richmond, Virginia.
1ST" full direction# for applying lhawa Clothe, will accompany
JSvovQ .prlnc I. rapidly advancing, aid merel.anto from :he
country hare logon 10 et.u thla oily lo make il.clr purcha-ie .,
I. he no lllllr plra.ure in eklllug Unit attention tn a great k.uile
that |« In valuable In nit cllni»l«« «im| at all »rw»on» —
!!!!.. ‘-.n more retna.k.hkr cure, than any Ml., r ....
h* •*» »1 cnr.dltlnn. and m.e. .lib
•“*“'elv aml ni.e II..1 aland. ourlralled I... the eure of In..
...1 .let’ll.
/aiam?nnPk>Mirn*M?!VLyUt>* Wealtwle in HAKIMS
l tl.t.HK .T* III kVMII M JtITrPKs, rompnaed enllrvly of \.*.i»l.l.
..ib.taiKr., and there hire entirely free r.„m all mineral euboiat...
When all u-hcr rcmcdlr. have failed,# alngl, holt I, haa been known
on. I he "or.I llyap. |ola. a. err tilled lo by the late Kn p N, <
Mil. and freer., u aite.l.d hy M m. It ll,e.,„. , r VlLl,... * .
Iher. Nrreou. Header he. a. reHlIted hy Mem/.' Ilaynca Mi'-ore
IWet. .ml other. .ml Code. UarrkmmT^, I'm/dimt. .
.•*" *''l*»»* »•*"«. wbn u«,l It Bill, great .u.c-e during the
l«-nrt <lf the lit Urn in Rkhuiond. mM| who IwwnlUlrlf f)»r«k<d
l-ml uprooted ,tl| symptom* of lh«i hot rT| disease, hy ||w |f,T Ul, #
ItAKKR’M IKKMlOu HirrURP Indrwd we douM If £rwTaJTv*r
ill,, ovrvr^l •Twile of a.. powerful and yet ao soothing a nature
V thy0, RlU;r*‘ »***’* fOll—lly ..III,ini.tr.r.I to rhlMmi, with
»»•• hM«|HCal r rani I Thw ft*roprtrtor of thewv Utflm ii idiIsmIo
have tliem ktiaiwti throughout Ihr country, ami fur tliia rrawii till
put Un-in lo Country M« n hauls ami other«. by ihr fhoWtslr at am h
,l»7 Uil l? plrVr' £** »ry the tltrrtaa
•ml Judge of thrlr merit*. Tor sab* al the following bUcww
|*TC holllr :
rand ,B ^ r,,y of R‘cbn»on«l; arid
r.Hl.l A thrlatlan. IVt-r.burg. \a.; Mahler A Junes. Cywchburg
*■ *"* * T“T. Nurf.dk, Va., Uarlk-k A ll walhmr y, PurtomouUi Va"’
K Pawn., Wllllainaburg, Va. JuhnMon A W.ha.e, V.'k.!
'■•ffi Va ; J. K. talluu. A Co., ilanvllle, Vo; Wheal A Chauune
W'lleellug. Va , Thuiuae, A.Um. A Co.. muilhBrld, Va.. Illbh A Will.!
I harhdtraellle, Va.; T »• A 1. Ii Kakrklge. Staunton. Va W alter
II. Ml.kllelon, Par iuv I lie, Va. J WT. M. Llpplll, W iln.tug.ou N C ■
Lharlet Slot I A Cm, Waahlugtou city; Cauley A Haiti, liallimnre'
Md, ik-deker. A Miller, Covlugton, Ry.;
Order. adJreMci to K. HAKKK
"**♦—*»_Richmond. Va.
r,,l; XMITH AHlirr Ol H
a a"? V. a Rkmwi.ki.. April llttll, IS&6
During a sleigh rlilr thia wiwlar past, I discovered my homr'a l.g
raw Mini (hr akin off a piacr Urgrr than luy haml, from Ihr tr»« ra
r.bhin# on Ihr inanlr of hia ihtgl, I applinl your Turf Oil. ami iu
a Jay «r two h« was well. AimOirr caar. A mulr which I waa
working fo any dray brcainr unable lo walk. On rxanmiing hta '.r4
I ilk'ovrrui a nail atm if two inchra long up lo th« hra<| kl% (|r|
v-r ami tlm nrIghbwrw aald l»w would bw g*hmI for imUiing !Jr, w
ihr nail out, inserted a purer af lint and your Turf Oil. »mt .*>t him
l work al one*-, ami from that lumurnt hr lia« not loat, one lM»ur,
Nut i# • |iN«l ai rrrr l also saw a horar b .dly aiisggr.l on the
utnlilr of hi" thigh In two placra, our alnuit two in. In. Uvrp and
f »ur iu.lkTR wnlr, from wh.cli hr wa» aDff • day or two )oUr Turf
• 111 Waa ap|>lii*d, and It hrt»ugbt them out rutirt if aouitd. |l truly is
of ll»r grralrat rrmnllra fkr aorwa I hatr** cvrr kiiuau, ami I
iiatr liwrd In a drug »l«*r.* for arvvral years. t’«« this as %«>u think
- Very truly, J. II ttk'lMOfr.K
ail'll MOMP, VA.,
4 I,u* rreelvlng li e largest and by far the roost desirable
4rn Itock of hTAPl.K AND FANCY
r> it y a o o i> s
I vrf heretofore brought to this market, and to which they Invite the
attention of purrhaarr*
r.-I*^*’c,,,*r,y ••ail the attention of lailies to a large stork of
J/.l A / // / .t > . * 11.. latest Harts stylet *|,j (|
II O \% A II II A I I It I. O \ <• .
A | K on hand a *u|ietb stock tor Cjetitli rm ij's wear Cutting *
* ■ vxtculed to fit and Rear with ease. Fleganre in *tyle of Work
itansinp strictly <d»M*cyed. Moderate print, and warranted to
please. l« tht It motto.
Particular attention Is also given to Trimming.
I » -1* r • ' -I
(11.0. Ms WI si s PI III at ITIORfh
M • a TMta-spAV, AraiL l»*ru
I'atton A Heath's Reports of the Ppecla! Court of Appeal*, con
taining In tire same volume a Digested Index of tlrattau’s R« ports,
from t id t to Vol 11 Inclusive, printed on the finest sited and cal *
lender* d paper; W" page
tin WiinMiAV, Aran flrg
Hlrhmond In Ity-lionr Da vs,** b*ung lire Rciuinlsrcucea of an Old
Cliiarn, 1 vol , 12 mo . pages fl.
Alsu, received lids day and for sale
Mthop's Commentaries on Crhiunsi law; voL 1. In.No.
Cnrtl*' Decisions of the U S Supreme Court Report* • *J| vols —
|dt For sale.
I OOO NTri> Uw" ,,rr'‘~- “ •' Ur.
1 n Cictus Skirt-, at a r«dmed price
»nn"j,w Chrck Uhi'l.wmw.u IB* rent., worth Ail rrnl. per
In,'-si yds Fancy Prints, of choice styles, such as tferrlmac and
Iw-i Ft gl -h.at much less than such goods are usually told
1.i*«* KiabroMcrol Muslin Collars, at lo and r(a
Mti-.hu ^Ctdlars and Slt rves In sets, some very low priced, some
Print.d Ota 11 lea, at ?A eta. and Ml cts
Plain and Printed Itarepe*. from *25 eta. to finer
IHack and colored Crape Manrty
IIU> i and colored |ds«n a«rltwd Challlts
French Jaconet* and Organdies a very large and beautiful assort
ment •
Ituy*’ wear In Check, Ca*sltneres, Lun ns. Cotlonadcs. and other
seasonable style*.
For every variety of goods for families, rail at the rash Store
rVNIli: Tf-u, tkcM Hill lix.mir H,r Ix-rUUIutr of Trxx. I.
■ now thr l.w „f il,.. St.io *'rr,llt. r* wrr Inkirnird that ih.- un
l. r'ljm.l «ro prrp.rrrf lo .lot »ro |,rn-f„l|t,, „||
W«..r. ,.f ,l*l,i ur.iii.i ll>c Ulr Ko|,ul,l,r of T, xx«. whrlhrr o
XI ... Waxhinrinn r,«y. ( Utmxi.t. ,lr.lrlnir our iht
rlcr, xr* rrqunlrrf In lorw.nl lo ux ll* rvldono*. „f ihrlr .|c|.ti „ll(l
|..w*r of illorwy l„ rfrmuul mid oollri l ll,o -xmr. will, p. wrr »„,|
iull„ ,1'jr lo .lyn nice, all ,fuljr Mithrntlcalr.l Tin ulnh-r.-rix-d
l»rwcotlr,|f .11 ki,„|. of claim. In Trx... Includin' rUlm.
or ll...",i. Land. I„r military -TTI.v. In thr Hcynlnilnu of T,n,,
,l,,l lo- 01,1x1,1. under the law of roloioial'on, r.rardl. ..,,f dal. . All
s«es confided to us jointly anil prompt v attended t.. •
JtMIN W STPVFNs, Abingdon, Va..
W HITE A LOO AN, fe ruin, Texas,
Address J W Prsvgvs, Abingdon. Va . for psym^nt wi2dng.
ton, and Units A !<"»**. for payim r.t at A ii*tlit_ tending all to J
7 fwr papers for payment at either place
BALM I i%ssitii.ui PARTR. IMaai omultt*
assortment of Fancy Ca«*inirre Pant*, for thr spring and
•Himiner, to whhh w»* call attention as rmhraring the stylo* of
’•e- sea-on. made in the very brat manner and offend at a -mall ari
.ru » on . ..si Tlu.se In want of good Clothing at a great saving in
price, will call on KEEN, ItAI.DW f \ A CO .
•S» No lot Main str.it
(UN ini ii pi im i it : i
J (.round Alum Rail; Old and Rectified Whi,kv ; Mafrtv Fuae;
l‘uwder ; R. fin.d and Coffee Sugars , Rio, l.*goa>ra and Java
1 «.D r , f„r salt by
__DAVENPORT Mils t ...
4JR '2 • Y% ■ HATOA A I O., < oMMI.**>IoN MERCHANT*,
■ J* *nd th alers in all kinds of Foreign and Domestic l.lqu«>rs,
Wine , Teas, Ale, Chi*r and Cigars, corner Ifttli and Cary atreeto.
•P* _
mocornTnYmsncvi in is % imtim,oi i«
4 CITY - Intending to deal exclusively In liquors, W lues. Teas*
Cigars, Ale ar d Cider, we would «//e#^wir „» f|„. remnant of our stock
of On rciies at r«*f for r.rsA, or iutermt tn punctual rut
turners. E T WINSTON A CO,
Commission Merchants, and Dealers In l.•€|tl•>r<l. Wirn s, Ac.,
*!“•**_ Corns r Ifith and Cary atrects.
fl vr ii f:ct:i% i i»r
lU bids Cliampegne Cider
1« do Prime Ale
50,fNNi Cigars.
'III l l It I Mllll CO ATM.—Atm CBmI
Sluing wear,al*o a large alnrk of Raney ami Mirk Cam! turn Paula
■.ilh l In Ihe eraaon, the ae.orunenl embracing It,,- nmraaaiy rlylea
«ml pet. . a, in order lo make (lie a a me complete. Remember our lo
'.illon. Iln MAIN HTKKKT, and while (lie Murk la large look In and
examine llie already arknnelrdged toper or liner „f (lent. Clidlilng
and furnishing Honda, u|tened hy the aulmrrlher.
■Id UROSIIONU a TURMAN, no Mala at
I* IIM N, fllAhk. Mill Ml |a,.
UrOOHWARD.PINCKNKY A Cl ARK,I la Rullnn al , New York
Importer* of CIIANCRP' KNIH.lMII MilRKT AN|l HUNf'll
(II.A,-.-, Minn I.KAII. ZINC, »e . Ae , Manularlnrer. of IXTKA
MIRM. ,lry and grtoitol In oil, Imporlcal eaprraaly for the trade, ehleh
we offer on the moat favorable Irrma.
V+~ All go,al. warranted »a rrpreaenlrd. ORIlpRM BY MAIL
nOIRK »>H LOT »OM mam: till IICXT.
I offer for aale nr retd the Lot upon wldeh there la a .mall
frame HweHIng adjoining tor rraidcner. on HI. at eel. North of
■cgl. atreel, fronting on "lb atrret thirty-a. ren feel Are Inrhea, and
extending bark one hundred and twenty feel in an alley Term,
made known on application to me al my r.a'drnre or al my law
office, in Ooddln'a Moll, corntr of llank and 11 th (Ire l,
»pl If ______ R T iMNIPL.Jg.
I BOO TIN roil HINT. Roe rent, I wo rand Itocma oyg'i
IB my alorr, No the! Main alrrct
d A A Him TIIOI.N. A full aca,oim.nl on hand, eurh aa
I V Mhorela, Rakca. Harden floe*. Hardin Mheara, Pruning Mhea.a,
rran planting Trmvrla, OriiMilng Hoe*. M|>ade P..rka Ac, Ar, which
We r ffer ill low prlcea. C J MINTON A CO,
»p* Sign of Ihe Circular Maw, 71 Main atrret
d I.IITIIH IIII.IIVi. We ,ffe, hi, .ah- art mph I •
Id a... runenl of Palrlil Mi. Ii lie Mini, lied leader ftrltli g, aa
o.rted wldtha, from 1 to In Inrhea. AfaehlnlaCa, Al ller'a, Maw.ei'a,
aod all who uae Hie article, are Invited In call and examine Hi fore
purr haring. C J. MINTON A CO,
Jipf* ffiffn of the Clrndir Maw, 7l Main atrret.
<U ilMMI I MR HOOT, for Impxrdng an agr.raM#
J perfume lo the breath, for aale by 0
ApT ________ 1 honi.ii. A, . Alb ami franklin ala
ON%% l.lill i llUA NTAlil II. ' i
for aale by LAIHI.KY A ROMINMON,
Cbi-mlala, Ae_, lib and RrankMn ala.
H.I %* % N A I M* Alfa, Jo-1 rvwrtvad aonie really prime
ami very cheap real llarana Clgara. at
"I* Rrw Hrug alore, 4ili and franklin ala.
HI »* Nl%a. II.ill,. W a Would mdf and
the pnblh* generally Ibal we are now, arid bare hewn lor aome
lime "riling Horning Rtiitd al 75 eenta pee Oalh.n, retail, rail a* ‘Jt'l
Rfnld atreel, OKI (HIM A ARPKKMON
Nl ' H I Tl. ini Mila. N. R Rum, landing and for aale h*
f x« KAOA'k I AffllLKh. ‘ Ifw. Hoxea landing and far
■ BIN! PlHi I I I A III A Nil*—Naldmore Inepeeled A,
■ f for aale on reaeonahle term, by
IP_ ___ Nn.lt Pearl afreet
III 11IHIKA PHI ff I till ail III A I HIIKl
I If MHcbeR'a Camlle*, Adamantine Canute*, fnai handed and
L.r aale hy KRI.HRN A MII.LRR,
"I'* Corner Pearl and Caey alrreta.
|.IHH HINT. T»„ l^otglr.g Room* over my rlore p.*ref.
r vh.n of *,ne can h» bail Immediately, and ihe oilier no li e g,,i
day of nrXI month apln JOHN TlfoMPMON.
I Rill All, Hll-r.. Ift lleree. for aale hy
'l l" IMVINPoRT. A I LKN A I'll
KBTHI I.I.’N HI Tl. aalr hy
■ apt" WoMIII.r. A Cl AIHOHNK. No II R.arl .1
| BOUT I, »NI» Nl «|| p, for aale hv
■ apln WOMIILB A CLAIHoRNIt, No || Peartw.
I It KHPHIII, MAI. Ta—i/m eaek. toe " Maeal.air and
J • J.ffreaa A l»ararv“ brand I .twin .arka Ornand Alom Roe
•*!>M lapt] IUAKNPoNT, AI.I.IN A CO
'll H t YKI.I.IRU INI! PAI KIAIi . ._
ami It aale al low price*, a largo aaaorlio.nl of Id
True, lling ami Parking Trunk* and Carpel Hae. MhJJLJJJ
n'.ll •* •*» * on > i:
,la r ItXIbag* l.ae’.avrx do *
liai hag. Mi. iralm. do
IMi prwkrTr hr wn Jai a .1..
In rtovv, for aale hy

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