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Asuriiuit (Hr tub Uibth or Hull Clat.—On Sat
urday last, the 7 Vth anniversary ol tin; birth ol llenry t'l tv
waa celelwab'd with appropriate cere atonies at tha Slash
cottage, Uaiturar rouutv, the spirt id hit nativity. \ spe
t Ml train left Richmond, at 3 o'clock, P. M , with a con
MderabJe number of gentlemen who desired to ptiticipale
In this tribute ul reaper! to the memory nl tin- great stales
tutu. On arriving at the Cottage, the gucata were wel
..I by Kdwiu Rotausoti, K*q , President of the Railroatl
CiMtpanr, through whose eierltiMia the most ani|>)e |W»
pa-sliiHta had been made lor the oreaaiou. The train liad
previously arrived front Washington, with a number of
dt-lJiiKuishfd geulleuieii, wlioee pieaemv gave aildititMial
liit*art*st to the Mrtli day festival. We olisrrved among
them (lie Inflowing:
Hon Caleb Cushing, Attorney General of the IT. Slab's;
Hon. John J. Crittenden, ol Kentucky, lion. A P. Bn tier]
til S mill Carolina, Him. James t*. Jones of Tennessee,
II m. s. A Douglas, of lllimus, lion. J .ton's V Maeoi, ol
Virginia, Hull. W D Btglet, of l‘euuavl*aula, Hon. W.
I’ f'essendelt, of Uilne, and lion. O, W. Jonea, ol Iowa
—meuibera ol the I'nited Slab's Senate.
Him W 1, Umleiwnod, ol Kentucky, Hon. John
Cadwallatlvr, ol Pennsylvania, llnu s W. Harris nl Ala
Uam i, lion. T G. Davidson, ol l**mi .Una, and Hon. John
S Ca-kie of Virginia—Representatives in Cmtgress; Siiluev
Wvii.br, Ksq , Private Secretary of the Piesidenl, \l
elial lloorer, ol the District of Columbia; and P Barton
Kcv. K-ij , U. S Diatik't Attorney.
The guests were first ushered into the dining mom of
the Cottage Hotel, where relieahinetits were pnivplnl.—
Th" Marine Hand, of Waaliingtoii, sUtiuned in the room,
plav d a series ol patiiotic aim, and the visitors meantime
Walked about the grounds, or eiigageJ in pleasant censer
nation, until the announcement tif
71c Ihnurr.
All now repaited bi the t’oitsge, where a aimiptmms
repa-t a* iileil ilii'in, the np|H .ii aoee of which was so invi
ting t ist mi one deemed it ueeusAarr to observe cerenuuiv
ill approaching the tables. The Rev. George W. Snll.-y
invoic'd the blessing ol Heaven ii|ioii the f.-aet. and then
the attai'k cniinneiired in downright earnest. Th* cen
• ire table, over which President Robinson presided, was ue
C'tpied by (lie guesta Iriun Wanhingiou, and other well
knovn geutlemeii. Kish, fiesli and fowl, di«appean*d as if
bv magic, and then comnifticed a au**cesaion of altar,* re
ports, which Ir-bikened tile ln*e ciiciilation of a certain
spirit ling liquid, which until this time had reuiaiuutl quietly
in clusely sealed bottles, arranged with military precision
upon the taMes. This being a signal lor the commence
tiieut of the ii trllectna! part of the festivity. President Ro
biiison calleil upon tlu> company to “charge their glasses,"
an-1 ammo -red Site first tegular toast:
I Tile IJth of April, 1777—Amid the thunders of the
R'volution, it cradled the Infant I'l.tr. and through him
p 'rpetuated the blessings of our I'nioii
This wa* received with great applause, slid then fol
!•■* • I successively the second, thinl and fourth regular
i Party Spirit—Oblivion to it for the day and a uni hi
ofallpertiee In honor nf ..lenmry of him who never
►off-red parly spirit to swat liisurflun, wherever the wel
fare nl his country was involve.I
't The County ol Hanover-Heavy is the debt of gratilud •
due her r... giving birth In llle spilits who kindled m l kepi
alive the flame of liberty. Honor, all honor, to the biitl.
plaee of Patbicb IIicMtv and Hkxhy Clay.
4 The Preanleiit of the I'nited States—The position
once tilled by the immortal Wasui-vutii.v is now uccilpieil
by him; may he so guard hia lountry's flunor and pia.leei
her ronstitution, that nt the end of his term lie mat, like
WASill.aoTO.V, b'cure a lasting place in the hearts ol his
coootrv uii'n.
IU nils -•mini,■in, lion i sieti rushing .«a-,illcd „„
resfniml. Ilf said that the President soul.I hire g|„||\
accepted lira imitation lobe present, hut for public duties
which required liiin to reiudii in Washington. Mr. Cush
ing then address'd the company in an nppmpiiale speech,
a sketch of which we are compelled to defer.
•’* flic Public I’rcsa— More poweihil than till- lever ol
Archimedes, it oft,-u moves a world without any foundation
on wnirli it call rest.
11. The Senate ol the United Sutes-Swaycd hv no popular
impulses—,-controlled liv no executive dictation—it is ever
prepared alike to preserve the rights ol the people and
the integrity ol the Constitution.
Senator Butler, of South Carolina, was enthusiastically
called lor, and responded in a forcible speech. Ilis re
mi.o ks, as well as those ol all the other gentlemen, are post
poned lor want of space.
7. The House o' Representative*nl the United State*_
Tin- preparatory school o', the statesman; its diploma a
passport to national confidence and national fame.
Re-ponded tol,v Mr C.idwall ader, of Penn-vlvani t.
» Kentucky—Virginia's fiin-st daughter; like the pm
K"'i.V «f the pelican, she has been cherished by thy heat I
blond nl -her parent; amply however has she repaid the
MCrifiee hy the glory apd renewn wnicli clutter around
her in Senate liulls and nil liattlc fields.
Senator Critlemleti, of Kentucky, made a »rilliani speech
in response.
•' The State of llliuois—Once a portion of the Territory
of the Old Dominion, she will never fail, in the lumr o"f
trial, to sustain the mother which brought her into exis
Senator Douglas responded in a speech which was on
tliii-i ('tit tllr rliftTi'ii
M. Tennessee—Sprung from the side ol North faro
linn, hut always close to the Virginia hue.
Senator .lours, id Tennessee, responded eloquently, and
wa> loudly applauded.
11' sylvailia—She must be right, lor “as she goes.
so goes Hot Union."
Senator Bigler, of Pennsylvania, graecfullv acktio*
ledges) this compliment, and made a brief but patriotic
12. Virginia—Whenever a draft is made upon her for
a scholar, a statesman, and above all for a gentleman, the
draft will he protested unless Janies M. Mason is taken
for payment.
This sentiment was responded to by Senator Mason, who,
like all the others, warmly eulogized the departed states
man, whose memory they had ass.-tntded to honor
13. The State of Iowa—Though youug in the councils
of the nation, her delegation will soon he able to cope
with the Richards and Htladin« ol the land.
Senator Jones, ol Iowa, 'll reply, expressed an ardent
veneration for the memory ol i’lav, and closed with an
allusion to the devoted friendship ol linn. John J Crittrn
den for that great statesman.
A toast was then proposed in compliment to woman;
and vehement culls were made upon Sidney Webster, K-q
to respond, lie did so, though protesting that lie was not
competent' to respond to such a sentiment. He closed with
bcauiilul allusions to Patrick Homy and Henry flay.
The health nl Mr. Key, whose lather wrote the Star
Spangled Bruner, war then proposed, and he responded m
an appropriate manner.
President Robinson, in reply to a sentiment rnuipliuien
tary to himself, responded briefly, and toasted the ladies
of Hanover.
During the progress ol the festivities, Pre .blent Robinson
announced that the ceremony of christening the town of
Ashland was to take place on this occasion, and called upon
Hon. John M. Bolls to conduct the services. Mr. Bolls
consented, and tile locality heretofore known as the Slashes
was duly christened and baptized as the town of Aaunxn,
in honor ol the illustrious inun who there first saw the light
ol day.
The time haying arrived for the departurool the guests,
the tables were deserted, and soon afterward the admoni
ton whistle announced the approach ol the trains. Words
of farewell were then spoken, and as the cars rolled away
from Ashland, there was not • heart that did not expe
rience Sensaliona of pleasure on reviewing the events of
the day.
Dm taram a Kihk.—YntsnUy morning, alaint I o'clock,
a conllIgnition occurred in *!ii« city, resulting in the coin
tilrte de-true lion n| Christ t'liiireli (E ,i*cnpal> with a eon
•iderahlc amount ol vulii tide property in iM immediate vi
cinity, Wiicti rtr*t discovered, thy H mica were bursting
fortli fruui the Idackaaiilh shop ol ||„we A Meredith, on
lHlh street, I,sen whence they cnnuuu.liciiled to tlie car
riage inaimfaclniy of t». A. Kranris on the north. The
buildings on every aide were of tin- most combustible char
aeler, and it was with dillicnlty that tlie sprea.l ol the
flame* in every direction could lie prevented. While Is
boring lo cfT cl lids, the firemen iliscurcred that tin- rbof
of the church, on lirsce street, was in ... The sle.
pic nett caught, and the Haines shot up from tlie spjrc to
an immense height, presently a spectacle of fearful sub
limits In a very aliurt space ol lime the whole intericr ol
the Church, with its line organ, was totally destroyed. Ti e
bell continued in it* place in the lower until there was
nothing lelt to sustain its weight, when it tell will, a cia It
into the limning tuss* lie low
This edifice waa Imllt thirty-seven years ago, ami has
been occupied, of file, by an Episcopal congregation,—
Under the ministration ol ihe R-v. Mr. Webb, '.he pie
Sent rector, the society had in-come rpiite flourishing lie
Saturday evening, a few hours preiinus loltlc|calamity,
the rile of eonfiiniatioli was administered there to an pci’
•on* hy Kt Kev. fhshop Mrails.
The establishment nl Mr. Krancis was cntin-lv destroy
ed, together will, a large gninniit of iinflidsiied work, sev
eral carriages mid-rgoing repairs and the tnnla of the
workmen. I (is loss Is between fl.nnn and $&,iMg), oti
Which there is no insurance. Rowe A M-reditli lose about
f'eai—Insured. Tlirre ia an Insurance, we umlervlainl,
on the church, of some I.',,mar, In the Mutual office, lint
this is insufficient P! cover the loss. A small alum shop.
Occupied hy Mr. Page, was also destroyed, and other
property in the vicinity somewhat damaged.
It is ’ dieved that this fire was the work nl an incendia
rv. An attempt was made to burn Rowe A Meredith *
•Imp three nr four weeks ago.
Tatst. rna Itcanta —The trial of Veaeh for the min
der of hi* wife la onw In progress in the ll.ciiit Court of
Rockingham, ihe Harrisonburg Register my*:
The case rihihii* some horrible revolting features The
■did in convulsion from the cfYecMof alrylmine given to her
It is supposed in paregoric She had so infant a few weeks
•old upon her bosom, wlren the deadly poison was adminia
tcred! In addition to which, she had sercral other chil
dren The husband, who is charged with ihe horrible
crime, was, it is slh-g,-i|, engaged tu In- married In aunt hi r
woman, which ia supposed to have constituted the mot iff
for the murder.
Veaeh is * young man. say S7 years old, with an unpre
possessi,, j laee. Intense eifileinciit prevadea the rum
inp.ity in which li e case I. being pied, mv may re,, r
to this trial, possibly neat week, as there arc h-alnrvs
which we want In touch <\„i„*c| for the prisoner, Messrs
’ William* A .1 H Tucker, lor ihe f'nmmonwealth '
M»rk My ret, K««j.
Di ST —Boreas conducted h^>*-|f In such a rude man
■er last Saturday, that it In-came a fearful erperlment f„r
• lady to go on I shopping. Many of them did an. howev
and encountered .. clouds of dast that even their
vciia could hardly protect their sparkling eves and tosv
cheeks; *o that.. ol ihern eanl.nl home more pow
der naUwlr fteca ,<* ag„vabie. Rictimond waa
■"* unfik- a sandy desert dming the prevalence of the
simoon; and if we don't have rain -non, We may hs.k f.w
even more •fi-agrccaldc day than Haturds* waa Every
body longs for the April ahowara that bring May flower*.
Matos's Unit —A negro wmnva named Matilda and
bar Hire* children, were biought Jbefcm.- tbe Mayor on Ha
1 ‘“nlev for going at Urge in violationlaw. The woman
etated that all* wan lined out iu Kicliiuoud by Dr. John
t». t.alter, of New Kent ; but it appeared fr.Mii the teeli
I ‘“on* that die l>eh.ng.-l to the estate ol Mile* Carter._
Che* were del lined Washington and Yoik, two slaves,
belonging l» Win J Morgan, ol N'. w Kent, were air.-st
od early Su^tey in.•ruing by the watch, for having ui j
. their powxcssi.m lour I mgs of corn, auppoaej to haw bwwn
j at.den. Tliey cams tu town with a load of alien, and
slopped with their wag.ni in Iron! of running am'- gr.r
eery, where they were unvoted. Tile bags Imie the Kicli
lunnd and Danville Kailrou I Company's mark Tha ac
cused s.ii.l they Innight the rum on the nm«l, id a negro
■ whom they did not know ; but the Mayor, in order to give
them a lesson with regard to Inline operation* hi g.aio,
sent them Irnlh down for a Hogging Kliaaheth Msitui, a
ocgio woman who belongs to her mother, an emancipated
slave aith Lynchburg papera, was anesle.l lot going at
large The . ear was continued until In day. Them',
with some other ttiHuig casco, wherein turbulent negroes
and a dissipated while woman named I’allicunc lialhnghl
ligured i-»nspieuoii*|y, constituted tile sum and substance
ol tlie t.ansactioiis on Hitmday
Tlie Mayor will hold bis Court tills morning at o'clock
Ctuct it Cotar.—Charles llarman, a butcher, of liettuau
en action was tried In the Clicuil Couit before Judge
Meredith un Satuidav last lor stealing ihire hogs bom
I John t'. Clarke id llenricu comity. The Jury luund tin
J prisoner guiltv ol |a-tly larceny, and he was sentenced t..
ait mouths iiupiisoiiiueiii in tliu City jail
lu the case id J Caudle, cliarged with unlawful shooting
I the jury are still Unable hi agr.V mi a verdict Un Sllu,
| da*. Win. r. Ila.e waa arranged loi trial lot Stealing a l.or-c
•mm J"h" Brnuer. Ill* counsel were dimuasing la*
points till the adjournment of the Court. The trial will
uruct‘«*«l to «iav.
llt»TI*u* Cotar.—Tlie quarterly term of tin* Conn
aiil commence to-day at 11 o'clock in the City Mali. A
Uige amount of civil, and some lew criminal cane* will oc
| cupy ila attention. Tin* Ju-ticc* were siinMti..iicd togetl.
ei at the Mayor's odiee on Saturday at la o'clock lit ho
! Iln*lor lor the pui pae ol rooigaiiiaing the Court, miiii.
doulit* having berm expressed a* to the hwiuality of tii
I hist organisation. Win. Taylor Rxq., the former ICecoidei.
was re-elected, i K M Dm ton, declining to run.) Mr. (ieo
W. Toler was t ie. ted Senior Alderman.
Tin ttur.—Tlte hottue wa» crowded on Saturday nighl,
I ami tile pe.lunuauce* passed ..IT with spirit. It was tIn
{ b™1 appearance iters of Mr. Dion llourcicault, who, judg
; ing fioui the Ircqueiit demonstrations of applause, crest..
j a most favorable impression. His style is easy and quit,
i pleasing. We are liappy to anno.in-.1 that Miss. Ago.
' llnlrerlsun lias been re-cngagcl lor two nights, tiiougl.
we had iiiucli rather sat lor a week longer. The lull list
to-night is an excellent one.
HaxiM.UK Ct'RTAlaa.—... window shade* ill ti e
! coiiiitiiig-i.Miiii of the Whig office attracted no little atten
tion on Saturday. Tlie devices an- gotten up wilhct
trente good ta-t.-, and w.- rcganl them as the neatest ail.
cl"* »he M.rt we have ever »• eu. They are Irnm ll c
' evtablishment ol Mi J.ilui K Kegnault, Main sired.
| Tua ViBulMla Svaact 1 Law —The steauer Marylai’,
, w i»fl» wa« (li'Liiimd at Norfolk Ihuiim* (lit* cupt liu r« ^
I fiiM'.l ;«» Miller her lu be seiuclied lor ubscoiulitiy *Uv«**,n
ii*cor«Uuct* with the U« teeenily p«i*m«mJ by (lie Sute l.»
-•*! .li.r. , w rt lt iwanl la,t Kritlay, (lie cnpUiu havii *;
pul liu tine of (1 hi.
Mi. J4Miei* I* A<In 111 w o| Alexmitliin I14*. been *|>|><»ntc<l
j by (In* < inventor, imt|>ee(oi ol vevcN tor the Potomac Hi
vet , uiitlei (lie I in provuline tor further iinit*eti.ai. ». .
Tin* «ocoti«l ol the* revenue cutters, cmanctrd for In
tin- I* S Government wi* lntiuclunl from the*\ard «>l
Alien, (ionpuit, uti TliUrailut. .inJ the third m.
Acviwcsr. —Mr* Mary Pegram, residing on Union If III, started
yesterday morning. with hrr little mn.ln a buggy, to visit a retail* *«
and *.n resetting 2J»h street tin* liorse took frlgtit at a crowded boy
daahvd down t'.r loll towards Carv •irret. throwing Mi. p width,
lad and Injuring tin tu wrlrudy. Tl»e horse »a. mi badly lun:
at t* render him wort Mrs*, and Uw buggy da-bed t«. pW-« e* ll«
Injur*, i |H*r«nii« wore taken Into a hs.uae urar by and pro| l> at
trinW t«>
Hlv• • *l-..\l».— Tlie annual inee-tlug of the .boVe .< K-iety vdl be h. hi
at tl.e United l*rr*hytcnan Church, .>n TI»l*AY evening, the If. ».
Imt tut, at 7 V o'e|.M*k Several addresses will le d* llvrretl, and it
|W.M-r«d:ng., it Is eiprct. «l, will l»e highly interesting AC who take
intere-t in the cau*e are earnestly invited to attend apM—2t
iT.^5 toil SlIEHIIt or ItiriMflllAU.
HENRY K. KI.I.YSON, Rag , «rdl Ih> voted for at the
*!»»»*•• ailing M.y elect'oa for SIIEItlffof Richmond
•i*'- • • MANY VOTER*
10 n»r» ms lit iiiMtit o
4 4I| N11 —Having lern necessarily at.srnt from ft..
cstsa.il> ....... the 7th instant, upon tmsineas pertaining u. the C Ire on
Court «.l the (buiity of Henrico. I avail my*rlf of the earliest oppor
tuatty, on iuy return, to announce myself a candidate for the cdb e
of Clerk of »*‘d Court, a vacancy having net nrred l»y the death of
tlie late incnml enl Hiving »*e.n appointed by Judge Cb.|»t. .1
Clerk jo.tlenipore, it will be lmpo«slhle for me to see vou iiti>'-r«<n
bef»»re the day of election, as the duties ml the . fti e WlUr*'|Uir. mv
coti-lanl attention
T . thn%e nf>ou with whom I have had official business, in the ra
pacity of Deputy Clerk, for some tin..-. I most respect fully leave the
decision of tin «|nestion a» to my tpialiA atb.ns
If elected tbs- present efficient Deputy, Mr. A It Wi»odAn w-.ll i.
itmtimn.l as such.
\ tin 11 % Nils' hvi j.
Tl 7 E —A meeting for she election of Officers an t
lisa ar.l ol Manager* of the Virginia Mechanic*. Institute will be held
In the Hall over Mr Ibudh's -tore, on MON'DA Y evening, the Mil.
Inst , at 7*« o'clock Every member who feel* any interest iu il».
future -urcess of the Institute, should be present.
«l -« J. W. LKW ELLEN, .<• rvtarj
Urn .... hi .1 R A K Ctt I
Richmond, AptII 12, l*vV. \
\OlT4F'.—for Hie purpose of repairing Ibr composite 1.0 Its
on tlie 1st division of Hie Canal, tlie navigation will Ik- cl. «e.|
u* fo'lows At Lm-ks No* 12 an«l 22, fn m 1st to Dm- ITtb of Jum
and at la* k« Nos. 2* and 21. from the 29tl» June to the 1 Ath July
There will Ih- no interruption Is. the Packet Line.
v\ M P Ml NPORII El ...
>11 \\ INfl MADE 1 A!Jf —Wet your .«havlug-l.ru*b in
either warm or cold water, p >ur 011 two or three dro|w
| ol “Balm of a Thousand EloWers,** rub the Uard well and it; sill
j make a hadifttl <*of| lather much facilitating the rp-ration • f »b .
vlog Price onlv K.fljr Cent* Ks races A IV. proprirt.ii*
fc?12 Anins_ Agent*, ami all Druggi-t
Ilf ‘jg RBAlWltni onupiwine-prfhM
by using the •*/&»/** of .1 J7sorer* •* |i
**iii rvunindiiM, * and //fr2/r« frmu tlie sk.n, leaving H ot a
•oft and roseate hue Wet a towel. p«.ur on two tw three drops, and
wa«h tl*e face night and morning
Ag. nt*. and all Druggists
• (Erutn the Boston Saturday Evening tiafrtte 1
PER EC M ED 1IKE ATII-Wbatl . lv or gentleman
would remain under tl e curse of adivtgret- »t»le breath
when ny using tlsw '•/£»/*« •>/ 11 A >ii«in./ /7.nf/rs” ,* •» .|-*vittf* •
woubl not only render it sweet hut leave the tevth white a* al»h*,t. iv
Many person* «lo not know their breath I* bad, and the suhj.«1 i» ««,
delicate then friends will never mention It. Pour a single dn pol
the “llalm" 011 your tooth brush and wasli tin- teeth night and im.rn
ing A fitly cent bottle will last a fear.
• ^ and all Ih. .
_ IT SKI.I.* IMI IT 4 4 Ill s. IIKIOMI
\NvrniNn 111 niKHTo inm-ovum. ri«
I-** go*Ki, and the learnnl In Philadelphia tiave d.v l.hd In favor of
t».e • EI.Ei’TKlC Oil.,” mmlr by Dr iMirath, of PbiladrlpliU. called
“iMiratb A 1*0 *4 Electric IMI.* It la now to be had. wbolr*ab- and
retail, of PURCELL, LADD A Co , Eiehtnood.
ttr Wgo Km.ivh Cm 4) a too ? — Ask all the shipping house 4 ...
Maryland, Delaware and Ptdla4le||.hla who he Is.
Wovnsarn Ctan*.— Philadelphia. E-hruary 2fi, I40f.-Mmrs.
Dstlasni A IV. --I inu-t give y4.11 I lie h<.n.>r and praise 4»f having
tin- t>e*f remedy in the World for cal*. When I was con.ld. r,d past
recovery hy all, my son, (It J tir.gr. merchant, tA4 Market street,1
as • last resort, ar nt for your Wonderful “Khvtric tb.,“ audit r.
Iieved th- pain, which W.S4 most intolerable. (InHauimabiry Rb, uu.v
tisui.i in ahi.iii ten minutes I bad the OH continued but a sln.rt
time, and was eurrd Tills Oil is tlie greatest M> ss.ng known l«»
man. I have sent many ps-rsons for It, and I know tha* they |.a«e
ban cured by It. I am well known, an.I mv .
knuwrt, NfM I have Ho ••hje.-tioiM to aryr use you invy nukr of tin*,
** the OH cannot hr ton Mjftity e«tlin»ted Cap« \l irk Cukmj,
Wo.wl and Coal Dewier, 4ft M»r.r.*|| afreet.
Ca|>t. C.rlfK l« *U old clttaefi. and like all who have be. ii cured
fbl« iTralefiil
Olh •• :*V Hoiith Knrhih street, below Dieatmt, Philadelphia.
l*oli| hjr «»«*!*! all rrepertalde dewier* III n»e«lk*lnr.
Tl,r gruulnr till In. I lie » Kill.a .Ignaturr. IMIr.ll. i Co
and A 41 Minllli, P.hd«d«*l|dilw.
P A — Thr tgruuior) "Klecirlc OH" will not af./in, ami I. really
plraaaui even to Infanta ml.T*i
Jfair •«» '•» »ui»:>n«t t hi on i.i.o%% < in.
ZRNKOf jrfRRMHON WARD la t„.i will I. r,||„|
iip.m al our neat May rlrcllon to elect a COMMIA9IUNKK OR rII a*
IO:» RXIIF. (Ilierr la in* l.y a recent art of thr Hrnrral Aaaeml.ly
for each Ward.I I Iruat dial II may In- your |>lra«urr lo confer the
oilier upon me, aa I hrlirre inV0-11 , umprtrul and In need of d II,
» dnln*. you will rrcrlre Ihr heartfelt Ihanka of
.. .. Tour obedient arrranl
aplO- dla _ _ URO. W. Tol.FR
if» ini iiiinisiii rin i in m
44AmJ5t> KICIIMOND fnuia Citim In re,, ,.T, . ,
the many il nicr.i.R call* •M l. ynnr kind,.. .. hi. Induced i„
"iaiiimTiaa*#* ,,.,arr,'1 ,',".r..,n hrr""'"» * randnlalr lor ll.r ,-IF. r
oiFIIMIIFF f..r the rlly nf Richmond, Il afford, mr plraaure lo .„y
that, h • ' 11 If hren (onnectwd w.ih the nfflcr in rpi. Rtton f.r ,.|nr juwr*
1 rl aifaclf coHipcl.nl In dlechargr the dun,, lnrld.nl I.. .1
and ahmild H I* your pha-nre in confer II on mr. my heal .ff „t,
•hall be everted to merit jour entire approval,
•I'1" " Rflll.n- f, WUMTOW.
fit V . ,V“ v<" ' ... »
■'•Si <X'l NT! \ rarancy harlt.g urred In ll.r Oflh .
OII hr, ..I Ihr t in nil Court of llrnrlro, by il.. death of ibr late in
rumh.nl, I annnuncriuyaelf a candidate for Ihr laid Ollier liar
In* acini aa aaaiaiam ami rlrputy In the Clrrk’a idh enf ihr Countr
Cano of aaid County for Ihr Inal four yrara, my official hoalneaa
tranaarllona Will. Iho tutrra generally, hare afforded ihrm an on
portnmiy of lorn,it,g an ffidnlon aa n, my qnalllrailon,, and I moat
rc.|... dully Oil,mu that qur.llon to thaiu for Ihrir .le.lal,,n
wrtmi .mi hsoi rnr.nrroi
J KICIIMlINH.— fnanltrded by one or forty Irtrnd. |
anno.."., mraelf a candidate for All Fill FI of the rlly | hare not
had four yrara rrprrkncr In Ike county or nlnr In ihr rlly, hut
ronabhr myaelf ..prl. nl lo dla, hnrgr Ihr dulira „f |he office and
•olldl your rulra tor Ihr rantr. Reaperirallr,
V* '' WM. It. TINALRV.
BeTma» *«» Tin: %'oti:ms oi rui' iiii
or RICHMOND I rcprrttuny „,n ,','.|r .
, ,nd, In. f„, lh. office of XIIFKIFF for Hr ,1., „f Rtchn.ondal Hm
rnaulng rlrrllon Alomld II hr the plraanrr of my fellow rlllirna In
roofer thr office upon mr, I think, with nlnr yrara rtorrlmre aa
Ahrrllf and llrpaty. I ahall hr able lo diarharge Ihr dulira with «l
itfftrlUm to them wnd cfedtl lo mjartf
•NrVuZT"-' .Irrlo aay lo Ihrir . natomera aad Ihr pwhflr. Ihal I
limy areI it. rrretpl nf a rrry great rarlriy nf aaw nttrua, and at
ana of the II atar will he |n market moat of Ihr Varna hurara in a a
he .....rod nf Aodm* the mo.l DFdlH I III » ATYI.FA al all lltma
a o A rnmpfetr aaanrtmenl nf Family Idnena, t'.iftol.a' ,n I
rant. II...da Murrh t* I
■ »' HIiIAHKD TIMM IMT, Fallon, Jr , ami Heart,'.
. . ,**r* if''i'iifr,1 In Ihr aprrial Cnuil nf App, al. of Tl,
gmia.inrlw.hng m Ihr aamr min r-e a plg-aied Imh • nf tlral-an'a I
R. p„ria - Tie Ftamtnrr aaya, • Tie- annonn, rntrlil, Wr arc rrilaln
” I* • pr»«t»H In Ur ire |W ot#
II.. •« y»d • ■Ib ndered and the wh«4e rirrM.-d in Virgin
m -pp Fftt, prim fff.tai. HFii M »HT, r.d hahe,
I4»h «tfret ftfel.mond V«
S* i ff rii Mini hk. a *..
"PP*T rt *•"*»• oilllrd plain and fancy n-dh Frnk., adap'rd
In ihr hri a.nl ma.on.joM lu hand and whirl, Wr off., al mode ate ’
KRRN, IIAl.dWriN % Cfl,
•P'* ___ No li* Main .Hr. I
dd .**"? h*S* N" ' P'CTlaa tluaao for mlr from
wharf I* I ■(• to "ult pim ha* rt.
.... ■ R ARINKRR • CO.
9? N.W Cary Mrrrl
F|N»% • ftH's | ■lAI Rk.i ,
* mht* W», •ATTLRR, I4« Mala «
HORACE L KENT, /'ruk/ml | wtf B IK ARCS. Am .fur p.
trwijt WRBR. lA.ilr-*..,a
It*'*™*'"'- o I B*',J w tlCBAKDRO*.
N«Vt:.R»;vin OR' M t At ATKANl.llv
<Miir* littt r*»a btd..
AllaaUr, Nr* Y»r», IJ.rrpo.,1, April W
HI . a H arrlor, Mrw V..rfc lUvaua. April IV
Hrri.lt. Nr* York, I on.ton Ar., April If.
V1*; *'« '..rk, Urrrpnol, April IA
Warhu.pton, Nr* York. Imm, April I*
* "’* *fr * Nr* York. Harr*. Ap.il l»
I** Nr* V..rk. A«pli.*all April pi
«t*rrl. a, »•«.«, llreeptwl, April **
Hal.k. Nr* York, 1.1 ret pool. April Y4
Nev York. Llrrr|MK«|, April ki
MOM Kilt'll**:.
V% ««l.itiViA»a, Hr. i»»r*i», S^w York Via Ca«rr, M<r. li T*
C .infer I*, l.l»rr|hRi|, H<>«! •>•, Mark'll t9
•Whir. IrllrrpMl, Nr. York, April *
AfrUa. I.lmp-al, S.r York, April 4
Ai-arr, IkMilknoppp,, N.a York. Apr.I »
Arabia. Ideerpouf. B.rt..u. A|*ll If
Hr..'.~.o, Llr.rp.n.1, be* York. April 1«
„ L Yrrp.aU, Nr* York. A|oll l»
Hr,4.011,.n,pum, N * York. April St
C ana.lt, LitnpNH, Bo«u»tt, April
kllauiK*. I.iv* rpuol, N*a York, April ij
• ik wmm 5II Mrra A.99 mm w*tvm i .-* r n
Alilil v i n
Steamer IVitn*t|v*m.t, Teal. HiiUd-lpliiA mdae. and
liftetiger*. || K Tuttle.
Selir. Ilary Adeline, Power*, Baltimore, dial, SteRrua 4
New tror.Migii, Col Miiati, Petersburg, guano and
wli. at. Hr :tn«'li 4 Co,
SLaijr Manr 11 a in, Kilrtiall. Warwick, grain
Si*lir. Oman IUII. Camden, ice, B Wanlwell 4 Co.
Sk-lir. Jno Kuwlette, Speer, Baltimore, lumber. Gunn
4 Nellie*.
Sclir. Kimly Aim, lletiersoo, Baltimore, gravel JaiIiii
\ ilea.
Steamer Pocalronta*, Jmion, li till more mdae. l.udlatu 4
\\ a 1iii.
UriK A mo* La* relict*. Taller, B.k.ton imlae, I). A W.
•VI,r llopr. C,rKl.lo„.rr.l .1 ball,more 110, Inal. for Kkha.ol.J
nark virp.nian a.uuady.el'dal .Ni.rk.la f.*- Hal.,* oil, inrt
luthlnat. " **"rr*U' C,‘J *■ WiUaJelpiua lor Richmond
a, Jr
AI*o of II|« Nalluual Th.*atr*. Wa.Mm^uhi, afet U« lluliifay Street
TTieaire, Baltimore.
JOM.HH IWranix.Ru* KanaR,,.
Tlir mat,tp.-„M*,it rrsprctfutlr annuunrr a
MISS A i, N K S K II U K K T S O X ,
r« r*.» a,out, u'.rt
MONDAY KYCMNO. A:„ll 14th. II., Performance lo ...mn.ro.r
»,ll. Ihr prill* Comedy of
.. , . „ M • NK » II Ik »: 14 .
Mk.mvluke M m^r Ml
o . "JJ*? Mr Hiaaarr
B itty Maker. .Mire Alim lt-.at aro-r
Afler vlili li, the Sn lo-C«aulc Orauta of
„hVlt, »^oil Yl.rTLtJk.
NrUI*’ Mlm Roatar*.,
t To ,-,.o. |u.lr *,th Ihr M,Ideal Dram of tl.r
.bo, Uand'r " % ' * ' “ *' K »* M » " * «•
gf "» »I*MI*mon H r.. ODrta ami RkrRMltP M
YT.'rnu' C'Ut* • C'*"r* «*»r.y *5 crotr ra.lrri,
IS— J,u"r* »' *. performance la mnimenre at 4 o'rim'k
hr'.rTird’* ,rulc * A M until S IV \1 . where real, may
nC4»‘ICO I II.II i MAKMlili AX* cT‘
TrNTION -Tl.r Captain d.rre't that y.rn aloa-tr .VJi
l»» full Al* • I f«*t ll> Mini fullv rtlirtifk I i. a * i__ JlWk
fr uit of the t'tty II ill. .... M M*MCSI> * V. rid Inst.. *t |. ‘
it dork t M , fur tl»e fHir|n,*e of visiting the lower part of the couu*
tr Arms and .qu nine.,t. In order for Inspection. Forage cap*,
a- Well a* helmet*, will be needed. By order
?!! MAT * v OOOOH o g
\T Bale* held to the Clerk’s offlce of the Circuit Court of Cumber
mud tVuuty. at the «’"urU.gu*f of said County, ou MON’ •
l» % t , tie- 7th d »y of A|ict| l^o«i
Amtnxdah M. It tilev, PUtintiW
<«(/.«/**, *'
rrnlinai.,1 (1 Oolcman. in hi, own right, and alw ax aaccutcr of KI.
i'/w '*’*’•*• ** xdmlntalrxXor with the wd: ani.-t
eil i.r New ton II Cnl.-mati ilee'd, and al*o a* administrator of Ar
chrr A Coleman ,lm M John II Coleman In hi, own right and a,
administrator of W at. 1* Colrmsn tim 'd,Creed 0 Col-man. in h .
own right, and s> rxrrntnr of Uilahyih Colrman dm M, aud «i|.
h im Mlllor and Au.an In. w,le. Lucy K- Colrman.In hrruwn right
a.nl a. administratrix,of Henry Coleman dm-'d. W J Knurs. f»r,
nsds.lindrat.w of J.din All. I. dm d.c.r, Sllru.Tnfsnt *on
of John A Alim, dm .1. slid Carolitir Allrn, In hrr own rietn. and
a. admlni.lratrix nf John A Alim dm-M
/.V flfAJflXRY.
..hjr-l of thl, .nil Is to hare a srltlrnirtit and dirl.ton of tlir
.... I,!. It, Colrman ilm-d, William Coleman d.r’d W,„.T
*,rWI",‘ " Colrman dre'd. and Archer A. Coleman
Xml II appearing hy l-xvlt that .he drf. ndanls William M llrr
and Ihn.nl.,. w,k-. are i.ni rrshlenii ol thi. Ai.,n . it i. nrd. rml il,.at
,%l t drf. ndant, Hm. Mi Irr and .-,1,011 I,Is wife, do .a|i|*ear lerr with
.. —Hr monil, all. r dor ta.ldn allou ol II.1. order, al ,1 do what ,s , r
rre.ary tn protrrt their Ini- rest; and that thla order he |...hl,sl,.d
om-e a we-k for four su.-.-rs.|» r week. in the ..I Whig a new,
p.per puhli.1 ml in II.. City of Kn-lnnoml . and also In. ,n,.lrd at the
fr. ot d.n.r ol t!„- Courlhuuar of this County, ou the Brat day .f the
next County Court.
A Copy — Teste j
*P»W- _ B. B Woo IkAON. c.
ASNIIK eubarrtherv wonl.1 Inform tl... . a>.Inn inanufactnrrr., plan..
forte inak.-rs. and ..the,, of,|,l. cl,y and vlclu.ty, that ,1. y
l.arr . prnml a yard will, sultalde hnildli.g., at So. I.'n Wa.l.li.gi .n
three., In lire cl , of New Vnrk. .here II--, l.arr on hand alarg.
and r.-ry -upnor sl.«-k of lhr Bnr.1 wood to la- loilud h, the I'luP-d
state* W r ullrr.
|Sit.ims* ft /tie and extra fine rosewood Veneer*.
[* *1° do •i»«sttlexl nlslMxjrany fencers
* •*’*" f| do mah /any shaded rrnerrs.
♦MMI ft |»lalii «lu do. do.
6-e*"" ft mahogany crotch veneers, various site*.
6-»,t*on flue do. drawl utt veneers.
extra fine utahxtgaiiy, do. do
’A1"" ft line blistered Agurrd walnut, do
ft nu.tthd do. du do
fWi.iMsi ft. walnut « rot eh Veneers, draw butt sites.
fl ‘1° do v>«rU»u« d..
JJ *»d rxtra fine satin w«„h| vmeera.
*••""" ft xurled ai d lord's cyr maple Veneers.
1 -w iJVjV ~*7','rd Mahogany, and satin wo.mI
*"'* of **’ hslio and Cabinet Mon I
me*. ».»•«! Ui ix nt patterns, all at very low prices, aud iiikaIi as f*
\..r ib|. I. run as an) other establishment In the eountrv Or.!, is
will Ih* Ailed with the utmost xsrr and dispat.n
' ...... „ iuwwi miAovuiiBr,
h 1,0 U a.hiugtnn Alrr.-I, hrlwcrn ll. ach and North ||<«>rr ,t.
• p.i dm Krg York City.
VtOXkla AliEAl t .
r|XIII Hubm-rlhrr, hare rsuhli.h, ,1 a B.„.k Agrngy Is Philadelphia,
S a„-l w.ll furnish uuy hook „i pnl.li. alion si the rrtall pm,
trm. of podag. Any |a ,so„., I.y f..,-W anting Ike suhsclIplloll price
... snyoflh. >l .c ..orh as llarpcr-s. U.sk,Pulnaui'a.
tlr .1, .. kt.ink l.r-l r , Pasliions, Ac . will re.-cirr ll.r inngal.ncs
tor on.- vrar. and a • .|.y of a splendid lithograph portrait of either
o tminifitkii. Jack•<»*» or Clay . x>r. If subscribing u» a f l and i t]
Mx»raaiu**, th. v sill nedvv a copy of rnl»er of the three iMiftrails.
It s-.l.srrihintf to a #*. w.»rfh of Magaaliius, ali three fH.rtralt* will 1^
sent prrslis Music fumlslied to thu«e who tuay ti>h it
F.iivrlop^s of every description and *iae, in lar/v or small quanti
ties, furnished, deal Presses. Hies. Ac , sent I.. order.
Fvery deucrlptioii »,f Rngratring ou w,nN| executed with neatness
xnd dispatch, ties. ,.f butlditirs. Newsna|Hr !lea«ling*. View- of
Machinery. Book lllii*trat..ius, laatge Certificate*. Business Cards, *
Ill order* -rill by mall prompt I v attended to Persons wishing views
of their buildings . in «eud a Dagurrrrxdy pr or sketch of the building
hy mail or express.
Person* al a.|i*tar»«e having saleable articles w. uld fm-l it to their
advantage t*» a«l.|r«*ss tin sul*«erd»er*, as we Wt»uld a* I .»• agents for
the sale of the same. BYKAM A PI FUCK
fm ibkuih Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.
i" * T- w«at*a
dawly •
f'l o I III I tic fllSl* B! % I III. I > | %.
T l AlaliW Mai.. Manufacturer of Agricultural lo.pl. uietit*.
• Aylrtt’s, King H'ilMam county, V« , rrspe* tfully calls ll.e at
lvniton of the Farmer* of Virginia to Ids new
winch for MintJirtty, diirabilHy, aud lightness of .Iraft, I* ut.oiu »l!e,|
by any «»tlier Ke.i|»er in the country
A Working model of tlw machine will be on exhibition at each of
the County Court< of F**» x Kmg ami <|uren, and King M ,11. ,u. f..r
the flMitaths of April and May apl—Itii*
I §■* IM I'*—A small runs gnment of pure. f..r sale by
*•’ Jin. II IVarl rtrivt.
wm\ 1(0 IMIK B:. Ilecelvexl and ...ken several .... L..,g
™ u» w mia (AiMoiigiiir Cl.oTIII\(), direct from uur rnatnif«c
, ^ adapted lo tlir prrwnt wiioii. «nd r~ndermy our u*<>nniriil
lyyc wud riunpktc We hnreon hand and constantly recrlviny ..II
!!y\ r "r" °r. l#r'lr»W«*. •"*! pled*.- our«rlVe«t.t aril aw low i« «Uch
l milling ran he puret.iod In any market Call and eaaminr Mock
and pvlera. I’»»••) KKKN. BALDWIN i CO.
IWflt »« ntyr.nu »taad roit nijt.
" II I. Rent or l^a«e the More luat e,.in|»letcd. neat the .
corner of Cara and Pearl atreeta, oppow.tr |l \\ yry*, irA
afore III* one hundred feet deep and nearly a» .nti.HI, *■ J
niietl up With erery contenienre, Oaa, Water. Ac No heller bual
neaa «taud in (he city. Apply to
im» aw iambi wami, a,
"nm i hi it « > . e.**
IP nirf. • fowhiindml «r ihnnaand dollar*, arrnrrd in nil.
.hildren hr Idra l*.rnaa. a, would hr lmpoM.nl * Ihrm lnm...i
ni nur drath Oflrn • fra hun.lrrd d.-II.r. It. mmicr ..... ihnamoda
m pmprriy from fnrrrd «b«. whrn an rm-utor ha. In par
Man.i lh.ni.an.il I,an Urn aarr.1 lo |*rr... K rhmnn.l Tun
Mi ll II Pra.rir l ira Inrinr. (\«n.i hat paid ,..rr ihauaai
for . to— in V.rfti.. lit If ..f that amount In Khhnn.nd
Thrrr It no way hr *Vch a man can aorurr a. inucti |.. I,|. l.nnlr
al lib aatnr rnat, at hy lofr loturam r.
„ . B. W KNOWI.fR, Aprnt
In iHhcr, No 31 Pt-ail rtrrrI, aplll
414k ••«•*:» «IC k'AOKa r.rrlylnp for .air
’',r *B>* JAR. WIMRTON
(ill 1*1* I*'.’ Hll wottl l: llox | s an \a a,
IMP R 4IPIMR, rorrlrlnp for .air
S? iamb wiaatow.
►(I h"\i:a oil iiih u.aoAin, imi,.
• 1" w aai I
*P14 - J INB 44 INPrilN.
I ORMimai . l.ltHt RACII.Iir MAI, soil.,
• W far aal*. apt! JAMIX ntNRTov
vr.l »M IIM OEM. I am rocHrm, 0,1.
MM day. dlrrrl from thr for ory. mllrr nrw Mort of rhlllrrn'.
Pln*tr and llonh'r flip., Parnurby.. II.M.y Hnrtra. Vrlm-ip,.|ra
Chair#, air, Par .air in*, al N 4f RIMMMonvi.
*p'4 'fW Main, rornrr Ifth atraria.
\| Vr ' ,' 0” •• *<* ' **" Hy- l.borh, "O'Ifnmann"
*’■ .ml' ll P brand., rmrtvlnp and for «,?, on ar mmmnda
llnptrrmt, hy ______ Ill.'NId.P, MOMl.TRP A (Ml
A IM M I 4 I I 4| * H III I a.
dW( rr»die«, receiving and for «»lr hy
d 11111.4 HOI MDUI.AM, 1« hn«f. pnrn iloaat (Nam,
" * ' beautiful article, f,.r Mile l»y
50 I""*" ' **' -TAMn.-Afrr-,
*P14 •* W4I/IP. MnyiTIf I m
WE T I.IBEMM. 44Tr bar. a ran- ,.f Idnm., Wrl on ihr
Roaf>o%c, VU I. we wITI avll at a yr».at hurrah*.
Alto, a fru pwra Tald. Oam.afe., 1,'nrn Mandhrrrt.bf. ami Mam
I ina, wrl al Ob 4a n» llmr fall al onrr
•W C HARTWft I . m
||H * (Ml HM, 44,t|rm l.lre (brat P athrra, Aw .air hy
V°- • ••»'»*» *'*^1 • MO. landtnp ihla day and for
I. «.lr al a 1 iw prtrr hy
w*j a»1 one, Hiry I m
*141(1(1 1 H*. HIHH4’4 Himilll I II
*»4niWF R4HIM HOD IK.I MB, for «V
|*a|l,,m •»•*».»n* 44 o.o r ormiith.
e 4 4IPTIIN PI Al II 4M|l 4PPI » RM 4 V 1*4*, for mb
f O £Vrr*/.!lV,DAO **• *""* •'
_3l, . J4R ir|4l«Tf>M
If 41 B«4 I M O 4 I.M « • | •« PH I Mu | i, |4|)
B "y 4BAMAMT1MP CAMDttR, for aab
— ■ ■■.■ML - I - _ A UP ! !
*■*»*«•n *a §-. attoknmt at i.aw,
Ji CMTU M-.hU'.bu.* ....|L...,,,.
| •*"*
Ww. W. U»!imt| AT -ItRNKK AT LAW. AtM.4.
I'Mirt* uf nurlMUr. Print * LI««riJ, llaltlax and t'wiuo
n D;\Uk •«*. i Alin 1st*, ArroiiNM at law. &»
nw t»uC"uir tl«H*«s, V* . will prw'itr* In thr . ••untie* ..f
rM-»l«nUiit|. H*t-kkit«1.*ui *iMl KrUi.* K.i**r<l mhf.% <1 I- .
Uf P. HI K\H I l, trniHsn it U». i*«n
▼ ▼ t».T-w In alt .<r the Aart* of Ot/ uf Mlel.m.oi.1 tn I the
cnomtlr* of »V4*-rflrl | and P..w» atari
Prompt Iltfntlwi • If hr r**ld t«* the rotle*-1W*» ,J *|| Halm* et».
tru«t*d to idm Gtlt'-e i*nfiirf Governor •■si y «|n •<« < bT .r
of R B. *pet«r* || ||
J \ * . Will practice In I lie Court* of lit* CM/ **f Mrchwon I and
the • ■Kimlrt of lletirlro and HaiMiTrr
r«*iH r of Mam and Uurtrowr nmn, over K R
fMnrttre * . l.4hltH store. tw-/A—1/
f pm i«i i \ • m. AmniNRV at law %\i» >•».
TARV PCHUt . Pra « tr* l„ all the Court* of UuM''ilaut|,
Hearten and 'he * dy of Ru h,u..i,d
Ie UB.V ,* llth «M. u<«.,<■ ||.tn an,I Huk .,Mn i,
fj • 0 4 I. \ . ATTUKJtKV AT l.tw. V. >111
• »ttr,i4 r-trul ,,l> .11 II., C.-urU V- kl,n'».r, L.ttei.hu'*
*•“' >.*, |. "
\ » 4 >41 ATTmtSlV «r u*
K,a .t VI..« \j V , . all |l,v pranipA .1.4 itln.lrai..
*"> •tlru.l I I.. Il-.I., .u . „u..ln^ of Proj.kl.ti P.II..I
, II, ..,,. P.lurk ...4 n.,.|
or i'|.|o n, *• K>ik) Mount, EranWliii couiilr. V* **
luani <mKu.
| ja/9 --dAc-l/
Wl t« l< 1.1 N f* •• i »: % . i imt » I'lni -
l.vr.i.jr Min.re.I to Rl. hnnmd. . ffer* hi* |rmfr*.|*»nal or
*he* m Uw Court* of A|>t»eal« and In the Circuit Court* (.d the
mate and of the CnMed State*) held In the .-it/ lie will al*o /tve
• •Joinon*. and in oilier rope. ta n !*• • -haioh. r ■'••tlkiel
te 0#,r .1 r,.,4,ii.'r,,>.uil.«^t t*,.r,„r *»f Vl.ln .,,4 •rrr,i|),
______ -I,
¥4. CI.4HHR, ATTOKNTT AT LAW. ».i,TiaH y ,,
• rW»OAl». ... A. .»*,«. II— hi. I.„.l„.,.„.
I O, o..rk- J.,..,. City, N,. Kml ai.4 Hr,,,..
lev - I /
M If. WIN>, MImrsm VI i \ v\ A
Pvartl.ve in all the Court* of the Cmintle* of HaitoVrr II* n
n« Cand«ue at,.I tonirhlatid.
j %dKF~ AMwn, **i ».Ii QdMfh llattotrer co., Vp. |gf| __j y
I 11 • ■ Tl .% K •: II* ATTORN M \ r I.
7 •* ’•'*-» tkl* Cocav-llot'**, V*.. wiM prarU*-* In tlte Court* of the
| Counties 0f Pttlaylvaiila and Franklin. and will attend to tl *
I I la 11 faxCU4<a* ^ ■i4^M*»K rountlra of Bedford. Henry and
I %BT Me* Imm-dtakiiy .*m».*ite the Court-IICMMr, la the room
• formerly ..pied by Jr.*e,d. Martin. Jr. orlV-c4m
■d1 J1 • P A U K . AT.ORNEY AT LAW. Ltm/mru, Va.#
■ • hu* rriuoxed hi* otter U» Die room In rear ot the IVIr/rapI,
• Bat, two lojri Mow U<* Fxrawri' Bank. *—t- |o
I |f « V' I'"' * WtlMlLAll.l». ATIi.Hvn? Al
| * u*. «iom..»o. V. , Bill nractle* •• h,nnmiu u,niT.i
i .. of<nwt,HW4. p...i..u„ .,..i a.„i..
I _ CMBc* In LUIr'a HuilJmf. corner » }|«m and I4th*treetc,
ftr*t door above stair*. UCUARd W /|ytl KNOT,
H t*UT l.,r in U„ Prwrllc, ..f LAVA.
»i«l will practice tn ihr c.untlra ul UuocM.ikI, UhiIm. riu»»,.i..
Haimver and PovtitUn.
* . fcn^fr al I-o»ood. Goochland.and thelat
Ur at UoorhUnd ( .n il ... aul-ly
l^ltkNKI ■> I lion tv. ATTORNn IT LAM (Ufa
■ **r UutkUT.) « II practice in ll*e ('«*ufta of Richmond city, and
IP the .‘quotie* of Henrico and Chr*UrfWtd.
IP* >•> l*»« Whlf Muddin/, near Uir Stale Courthouie, R . h
j lli<m4» ___kul^ly
PRACTICE In tl*e counties of Kin/ William, Kin/ k Quesn and
1 _AAdr*a*, KnAeld P. O., Kin/ William count/. apSA—dly
LAM l* % IC l > KNHHIPi
l^TlfWtK!) R CHAMBERS and A S LEE have a*. *te*| a*
® ^ partio-f* in tl*e Pr«.'tice of UtV, and will /ive proinnt atten
tiou h. all prafraalnnal l*u**«.e«* entru*te«| to them
I Addri-m El> K CM A Mill KS at iiu/dbm. and A S LEE at CUrka
r ll.-. Meefclenbiy n . \ , |g^ Jv
LAM no l it a .
; I'lTHT uti.lmlfurd have a««oA-iated tli«nis*-i rc» to U.r practice nt
| practice m all tl*- Court* ofth* City ».f K i .o t. l *ud U*e couru
i of Henrico. Ch-atcrMI sod Ooo.J.Un*l Particular attention p«id
I to tie collection of debt*
U®«v 11th street, nearly >piH>*Ue (loddln** If all
x H —1\ ill.am llanco.it, Notary Public, will a LmJ t*. all u..ian
( w*«|h'^riitruiinl to hiai 'Mf-aly
1*1 .x||*> %>|> | \>|| \% % tC it \ \ I \|,| \ ,
I^IKAVKI.IN tlATTIIk'Vth off. rs Id* errvkrt to claimant* entitle*!
■_ to Pen«ion« and Land Rowdy under the late act* of Congress
wtiyw fdwrala Qjw ..r, Wall street u. ■
Too: phiipkii:toh utnai coon.
TAX IIOIKK s* diet Is the patronage of the member* of AnL
Hie ctciieral Assembly, and ntlw-r* visiting the city thl* win Jfcji
ter, and promise* to spare no pains |n |»b en.icavour* to coiitnlMite
to their rumfort.
The situation of thr hoaae la a., wrtl kic.tr;, ,».| n dnlrtM.. that
it Urmia no furlhrr commendation.
-Tnnn. IIOI I.IM.IHliurK no I I I..
OTU K — In laktny chary.- --f Ihr above r-tabliahrornl I
a* would >n,.m mpcrtfially .ol.ril a ronlli.uanre of Ihr for- /ll
■ •>< Ihr Molrl; . -a lo iuy frlrn.l., I uk of khnu
.-nil and are tar. My table .hall alway. to- spread with all ihr drlh
**r Tl'' ertanu arr all altrnllrr. Thr entire ra
•OTIS'*1 .*>»" *»« t.c*t altrnlb... that I a.u mater of. My
: * '*? wl I Kr that Ihr Udi-> who pair,.mar thr llulrl .lu.ll hare rrrry
W.T *t»d all 1 a*a i* a *b*re of tiusineM. The house >• fur
l!*e "rrJ ^ and i. located *u a ualU part of the
j c4tJr- ** thnr.lbu* will aiway* be at the different depot* u. attend to
uktk.fn. r-, to carry them to and fro.
j JP»Q—«*_JOSEPH I. CAKRINtlTON, Proprietor/
r,,< LI »«l HOI x| , \\ III nix,, t %.
e.w.i.u JU WaT8°n CARR. Panrataroa
f I ■“*n“cwi1 H<*a. situated! at tl*- corner of Market and
. E*0* ,'fr**r» un*nr|k***ed liifluremerd# t..
; thw traveling public It b supplied with cv. ry requisite f..r the sc
j cormu.-d*; on of ladle* and rentle-nen, contain* Ifri well veotdat.d
soil cap*, lout rooiM, and I* within three minute, walk d tie- luln
more and Ul.U* Railroad, the Octspcake otdo Railroad! ant!
i atrambnat land my Th. P„.i off.,, and Court llonar ,rr on thr
I **'"'■ *,l“»rr, and Kxprum and Stay, oilier, in U.r kuu. ii.rut.
I Prior only ,V> per day.
1 <®"»nltwi«r, and Porter. »rr alway. in altrndancr to romry
, paaarnyrrs and hayyarr lo and from Ihl. Hole),
j WATM.S CARR. Proprietor
m ain stui kt, i.vn« inn Kdd, i ihi.ini t
I fr‘*l U^hT* v“***r* tv ,wr day. u.
! “ S»«kD. , , ... ~
H. XN 1-1.4 Ik A CiL, PaoraigTidas
I VJH'MWW run rryularly lo and fr-.m lb.- Kadruad Ih-t-.l and
A w larkt-l Landiny connected will, thla hoiur. ar'.M ly
h P II I N 11 HII.MMlii.
uyira ,.l l-ArTk.liN HATH, whirl, .lw w,n',|
I a|«ulfuHjr rr^.o-.l ihr ladu-a lo rail Mol ra t.iiii,r la-forr purvha-iny
j > au aupply thru, on Ihr moat arrutnaiudatihy
| Ala.,, an rlryahl a.aorlimnl of niRROIUKRT, with alinfl r.rry
j olh.-r a.llrlr rnpor.d by ladit., at Ihr old ataml ahov. thr lUnk.
I u-rajirh|l'ih and l.«h, SO. KIT MAIN STHKlrT.
K^r Tm: piaao ini* moni a —~
ro" •'> u »rc umb--..led wl.cre juu can get F^fT \“ &
thr CHKPK-T AM. IIKxr PIANII* jual .hr TT# i ff
I maiirr pntll tou ran Ukr onr of I P n t>.i - , ,,
I rvtaln Ihr monry until ihr Piano ha. ylvrn aatlafartlon
II. l. wdli.HC lo yi.r h,,;t,| ,„a ar. urliy lo fkirnlal. «.,u with a «u
j perior Instrument at a low |»rire.
I Ordera raprrially rutruatrd lo our arlrrtion alway, rrcrlyr Parti
Icular rarr. r
r. P NAHII. Pi.no p.trlr Dralrr,
US. Sycamore, corner of |iauk alrrrt,
*P°_ P. n.ahn.y la.
raniK rn.niK »tm. >kni*:'i\'^triitisi} ^n«.«.-.»■ ,cn
M lllillll.ANliKU will «tan«l the present *e**oti, one ^
halfolhi.li.oral Mu.ko.yhamf.o.rl llou.r, and Ihr olhrfhMt il
I foa! Illyhlanclrr t. of lltr Moryuu and »|r„,nyer Mork of horara,
, i* a deep h*v. full R fe«-t In indip* high, *ml coinbinr* great mown
laralrrnyth will. Ihr >i.o.t itorI. ,|Hl<,n»l.|r .)n,imari, al proportion.
II la Ihr unlrrraal "p-mon of many of Ihr very I--.I judyr. In tl ,
Ctuinlry, Dial for •i.llon. •trmuV, .i„l i-u...,,.?,., . .
anjr T".r,r trial h«« ever „ ti,r »o<| of Virtftnta ! hatr .*m
of Hie imported r.or«r* that haf at«*o«l in thN o-mitrr.and frH
i !► rnTily iu»tiM in the a>«rrlioti when | «»y tr.at I i.«r«* »et
•ern none Miperfor to hmi.
Iltghlatidrr ha. man/cmlta IkiUi In thr counties of llallfaa and
tharh.ll. -*»mr Mr-re and o'hrra fieri yrar. ,.1.1 -ami
I have nevrr yet «ren nr hrar.l of the rfraf ln.lljTtrtnl.mt among.l
i I hem *
1 deem II Htelava lo •»? mart (nr him, a. Ihoar wishing lo breed
frwm Mm m II. ...far, drrire In are him brh.fr dull , .. . ,nd a . Area,
. itn>( . ’ill.<il rtHmtmtU.m IvUie rrry treat rredtnnirndallon that
mrnld ,u,<rtniv in- given him
AirN.rveII Cohn, Who r-Sidra at Buckingham Cniirl llnusr. will
havr charge nf thr horyy. and hr will In- prompt to n, il.yl all mare,
•entln Mm will hr pruprrly attended to.
ap6—Ire_ tv *i carom i1 i
d t HI.Xfllll.1; llosl;, A mperlor llnse,
MM manufacturer nf th.- |l„rv| llrmp—a rl«-.p k
evrellenl •ul-.lllule fur leather an.l (lima per- ”
| eh* It la rwpeclally rreommemlrd to Planlera, Nurarrrmra, flrr
I I'n.npa.uf.. Nvatnbnata. Manufai-lnrrra. flweltlngs, A. |, POata
leaa than half Ihr price of leather, la l.ghtrr. .land. as mu. h prraaufr
I Ir aa .Iu,al4r.and la Ind auhjrrlrd h,r lla preservation lo tin- ripens,
I of nlllng ur grraalng, nellhrr la II Injure.) I.y froat.
P..r aah* and ordrra for iin|H>rtal|ni. rrcrlverl In alara frnm 1 lo 7
| inrhes In d amrtrr.by CIlARI.PW I.KS/MANV M Cedar <t . N. «
, Anrk. Where rrrtiA. alrr <,f Ht s,i|u-rh,r t|dalttira can hr rtarainral,
fr, m Alfred fl iraun. Pa., | Mr, Pnglnrer of Ihr Xew Yuri rir. In
parim.nl ; from dame Mr Parian. r.,, . Chief engineer aft hr In ..n
Perry I ompany. and aim from I author.Hr. of Vuror ,.f Ihr large
etttea of Kurofu*. api tro
ItimVIllltP f; ti l l Hi. I ha.rrr
I r-v.-rdv.
; 1 handawwr and arrvl.-raMe article, al ft .’a, The? arr Ihr heat
I harr rrer ann at the prlj* for hargaina in lad.rt' and rhildrm't
Rhor*. rail on j C PAOP ia .
Me I* Main airrrl
I lllll'*' HAITI HI AT tt.fMI A rim — .
4 WARR A VTPIt "rr» pair. .■ I d—(Hurra, at tl,. ^reWl
h.w prkr o< II.» a pair, whh h I wdl warrant nnllorlp ..r 1.,,.”
Carry pair that doer <u, I a ll ylve others In |da. e of Ho m.as 1 hav,
made arranffrmrut. with thr Mrnufarlnrrr lo lhl< ,fnl>r paylny
Mm a little mure for Ihrni. eu I ran rrlorn them is Mm If they are
rrlnrard lo lire
Ml AI.PX. mUa
g 1 AHI»I > iCPDi HIM ll'M 11. .-|n Ape I ihr fob
” m loa ...y Rre,|. may n. a..wr Aril liokr. A.parafua. Reef.. Hr,,
rrdl. mans H-.in-al.-, Cabbage, I'aul fl . wrr.Celrn, I' rn Or-aa Car
fola, Cue, >n,her. Kair. leek. Ir-tlm r. Muafard. M.-l-a. H ,at„rt no..
Okra, Onion. Pea., Par.I.y, P-pp-r. Par.. ,,. Radial., Ihala.lv,
Pplnach, fhpaaah. Tors.!.. anl Turnip a eempM- iw.vtn.rM
Ihf aMc In nil thrtr rartrttr*. ainl «<>m# «>f t’.* rirrxt k rr
«*H?rd Mill fur Half by f f fNI'I.R,
*** O'ugyia,. fr>* Main st-eVt
| •«**»» Mill III M mav R ule,.,, ,,o. nth, a, , r
■ CRMltlliW A CO
_^^ ,iMa Ratio Rank.
>'i»m ( in iin trn.r. mmixih. jnidda.i,,.,
reevltrrl on runllgnment ami for aalr low lo P|osr CaIra
HPl.liPR A Ml l.l. PR.
*PV Corner Marl and Cary atrevts.
n«A A A Hi A MM. f oat received ewe rrmHy prime
ami vrry ehrairdyarr, at
I.A IM.PY A RORIRRORf R.tv Itray Rl.wr,
•P* MR ami Pea skill, Streets.
1,^* **** ^ It*, ss hcvea pale Pa,oily Soap, landing and
\s> *•» MOMRI P « CI.AIR .RXP
Rn. II Peart drawl.
tt’flsTI XMnl *1 A itIX'A ( I n ( MX . I
’’ '‘•i"-.’ **' Hr., t It. m the P. I,.,, . l. ,1 ,,
arwtmrot ot P- k-t and Penkntv. a Hues and Srlrmra wl.lehl
wll •• II ai . rm.ll advance Tlirtl liriHFRr*r>N
Imp..,Irr and It tier in foreign and Itoaarrt . Ilardwa . andCnl
»• 7 V N *- \| a • I • gm ^
wt HfMtiiai, I an. in rr. et,w nf a large a.a.rl.n.nr „f ft. ,r, ,,„|
^ Rrlrar.la Tald. , .1 Tra H|«. na Hr. • f m •> Pa* I. nl
w IH ar II low Til P a a Uni t H rn. in
Importer ami Oral, r In P .rrgn and O .me.l , liar Iwarr and Cm
lery. Xu V. Mam vtirrt afj
t| »T» HI Ali t'«»M (HI MAX AMP. Th,
MM dAPTI.PR If?, Main .Orel
\|1,1 AAA|:a, Ihi Mela prime Cuba Muarwsadn Molaaaea.
tecwltlnf «nd for mIp by
•*’'* L«WI» R. WTRR A CO.
■,*'*• PHiMDixruii Twin: I
|r T».e AN.. I '••.o-l.p PKNNPYf. X JTr
1*2* ® T-rf. I« »..* read, t.. re. al.eW T. tr r£
fretphl, ..el mil learr on MONbAT, April I in. ,t Jtgrtiamt,
^rr‘f,w P*******. »*«yiuf iu)«rior ktow>mt»tloci«, ap«Jf to
•% Ml •* %k IlHPt—Th< A 1 <-.,||iirrn| *hi|» Ol.D -
wtiKotti 4rt ,y Kur fr« «t.i .*f T«4«rc« *...i C .»»..»», im > .
,r Rkl.MVR 4 l'Uino«
Id* >•* »l:w tOM RIHPT VKM*r.l.-V r*l,n,
■ line nf K.c‘.....,e| «„.| > a V..rk Packet. - Tie- ! T-h
r..r fa, I aalll..* re* ,|,r packet arh» .uer IMNV|t.|.t(. t;"' A
Ih-ll. T c-er. the pr-Var 1—'1,0 ..f We ear*., ...»-d ,-t
r. . ‘ . r,‘' * " mU I*Oaa.hle dea,P , k.lapee
..f f'lJCht apply lo
l>AVI|r 4 u if iT'URlk
L,l'"1 '';» «Hi » f tiA. msAH. wrrtt htz ;r
■ /AT* it Hi •uf^rW f*4»44'tl-* •.h.Hf.pr K|.|.KX JfrX
,4 O..W loidlf* ft* l!itl|«S..rr| 4i.<iBaK
*.U ••4. 4* 4b..Ijr* Umrt. r«r*«’d~t ... Hjllii t r. ,1|rip*,|
r »%C»I A It r-r* • *ll br r«rm). |.|H .| fr-.. „f t. y „
b *!%»»«• *• i»l frt iflil 41.1*1)1 tu
*!• '1 I'Uii. m » , .
If1****® * *- ** * *1II K . T*-e „jperI -r .. l,u j,. .
Wr pro KUIIM10.CO »aeka. haw ., , m
•.***« *•• •“* •••* •>«*• •nik-‘ ji-paick r... >.,£rr‘
*.e*p.'l apply to
* * " '• • "I I nr 4 INI
4.* It Hf»ff r>** lIRdT V.aapl K.--t „. ....| ....I .
4* It ....... Line of P..4-. T'e f i , c . , ITTk
I ala, pi Ad achr M'KPT.it Fll. Caw Th..«..« .,,,, 4V /,
j P--.I...U .4 her rwf.opiMI ale I r .r.p ... I, ,r.|. .m . . ...k, ,
P“arl‘ I. J.apaU'k. P'.p H .If lee „f Ireipl.t. ...... t..
I _••*_ >>VHl 4 «M Cl
The Ai.al.4l I I * K11 a IKK ... -
*•« a.II, alter It, I(lll *'. J
tp.,1. .u.p ... ...|„C Wlaee.l It... S..rf.ea |.„ , ;
v-elerp.. *M*r repalra. paia, 4< flue taulk-a o' atanlf.r »r , a
I *»t*«»■_[*P4J_ H •> UOKINM
4.1HM M 41.« iniilfl . r. , . ■ .
4* aa.llociviir RUTTPKPLV. C,pl. il.htwr.l ...
fa^ffo* ol Wr eorpu e,p,e|, ei,,
. bailor* of frdflit, to
I _ W. D COIAtUITT f 00
I AM si miin ah**.».!, • Q
l»» »**w *V0’ f"* ™* ""MO Tiibob.
ily Wl.tirt'l n mutpmijlr+mt «#/
; HATS, rAI*t>. STRtH I'l l NIICS. TKI'MII\*iS.
»»••! cyrrjr «»th»r ortu-J* *«i..j.r’ne lo hi# booioe.*
HUaborkof VlrfibU •ni«»t»fAr»u,„| j.^4 I# tl«, Urg^ *,k| m.k.
rV*’r b3f ,*l»i *b*l trill hr foutfl fully Tu;ml to 4i,%
•hiwf .ro,K,rt«J III* lM*rl*4 atork oUo l* ...orc «a^«.| .i*.!
| Urr-r #r.|r Ikon l*r hk« cr*r b*f*rc untried. %(.| 4UM..I foil t.
, **ery rr4|^|,r^uirrmcm* o/ awrchoiiU «nd oUrn
^ l*Klt.‘K OK HAT.** aN|» IkMiTK. -Krom l&
I u. »•» bpr u«-t.t *4Vr«l I»JT bujmr fr«»m J. u am.
TlltlNY, t'olumblarj II..UI thiildinfr.
I Holf«kln IUt4 o» b*-*t I|aihty, |LV‘; |Vi (roditl
•,uaMt r. ftUft-. r.*l.lo,.4Wr K.lk lUl*. K.VJ
C4if*kl:i S^W-d Ibwit*. ( i.i.rr. %- U,H^.
H»u»t*. 92.9f>. Klrtr Calf»kln tb>«rd tif.or*.
J II ANTHONY I144 ru«ilr irrarif rn^nt. «|tii
*nr of thr l*R4t m«k*T* In thr city of HnUdritdfia
u» *U|>i>ly hi*, will, I hktoi. tifir and substai.tli.l
(.nlaklt! »*-»rd BOOT, krtorb hr «IU ^|| u„. *
iTuTl K1***1 ,OW ,'rk*e0, ™ttl:K (HIIUII AK|>
. njpffbjl lS?WK! * HOttin.
f * * •• J* 'I A A. Us 17TM4 mt rill ■< ~rt (Aa 1/ ,, t
F|NIIKPl h.«4 KIBKK.a are _
4 I.M.* eiparlel.ee an.1 der.,ll„r lladr UeInaM) eeJT.,4
| *W»;jon KAl »ork .I..... In U«eir ^..p.m.iwtentlr
.ffer IhetHTdre. lo he pohlle f„r the manillae-tur
. ur repair .,* ... Cam,, . for »hu t, Ihey haae ama-.e.r •. ,e
| Thry hare .... I.an4 at tMa t iw. of tktlr ,ont m.mlr.i.lor. . „ , .
| -to. A of raffiaKe,, R.« L.oay., Bucp.e., Sila.e- A,, of tlo- Oee
TZ'l7iA'& U' •hW' '>“1 u‘' o' Ikoar .....
! JZZ**'* raecalrd in M.r Wat atamier an* on thr wort re.«„.bi.
I_____ ___ mhT—ly
UUHIAI.IM ( UfltMi.i;,!' cJTPjt
ctaaiaoa MtairraCTtrarp, .oiajrtu aaie.* ascuaaoa fairi!
iiiiiiii unit
HAP .". hand a larpe a^.rtn.ent of beat Muallty. and mo« Fa*.
a.,,*h', I^tyle,. C.jrh. ,, C..» leee, Ct.arrlottee,. Bar. u. hr,
' Tell Sr“ T‘’1' Bu«FF». »hj tanyiaWi and auhou’’
! I hare ale. at my Rrpollt ry a lanre aMortmenl of N. rthrr- made
S|f4M HOI' | III Mill V A If II HIM’ Mliil*v
Of CaK% A*D IfX OTROT. *
raiALBorr * BHOTHKK.™on,U*. of Iho„
. .cl1, '!*• *7 ‘“■, buiW“H» Portable steam iv. *rv ,r
of an Improved construction. of all .la, ,fr„n. . a
1.. forty p®*«. fullaWe for Clr.-ul.r .-a,. L1I3 LI*
IrlTT'llr* flf'1""") r‘ ‘"'"'r P'‘T" •*•■•- which the, d . tie rU. m.
"»u*l if Bui superior loan, Engines -trr lm.lt I ,rt
Ti.ry will ala* tarnish STATIONARY STEAM KNOINFS front Ut.
i iiwf»p i«» any r«*t|uirr«l |w»wrr
of'rVro.u^.'H r"' M1UJ- “f thr mo*! approved ronrtrurll n, and
It AI I.Ro V It tt t iRK of every description
Tobacco rtttsSES. FLATTENING MILL* ami .11 article* u—l
.IMSSSS ^.- ««
rim. which Owy t-onAd roily recommend to ih. ir customer
'T’t ,* !* •U'“7W,U‘ M “ Of <hc k.rol w„|, 11 ey are
whlh^’^ITort^. wi" *n- ■•» hy
-* — — -L •l»f—u
P If I I. I I* || % || >|,
EAtiLE FOl M*k\ . Ki(hDH»mJ, Virginia.
__ . l**T ^T»itrT, irrvuit r*til axi» riiTtiNTN
*.■ •,'r*- Kadroad Car*, ami all description. ot R.,l yi l
j r .ad Machinery, stationary Enainra of any miulrrd -fc.^a. 5
le.w.r Alan, Portable PngUM-a, with a deckled improve
tuenl over any other, heretofore ma le. (fr„ni .1 *, > ,,r»
OU wheei., and we 1 vi.p-erl to far,,, ,., pur,mo-. re.t ne lu.ul-r
;» •’ ••■•i" “Ur Port»l»l. saw M !l. attached I- id
1 l ’Y.'i 71'""* Machinery, Grist and Saw M,II Machinery.
. II** *!‘ Tohuccw Factory F,\turea of every kite), vie. Bra —
*fi«l Jron CtaUup made tu unjrr ^ K \!f \|
UK P RAMM. CU”'’ M,U* *“*’“'* '*• '**•
u *inrr J«n' l'«. one of your Enemt-v and
i.'n n * hV'r"U. 1,1 *•>’“* " petfurm. In all re.pr.-t.
to toy mure .allefactlou. And althomrh II *a< a novel limit to our
0 a '' . rt"' »••«■“« threw hour. fmni work l.y anythin* *et
" iuMA* Rwp-clfully yJuc.
SPRING HA Rl" \V A R F„ &e.
1 AM J?2W ',P»,,l,,K » lain- tmeltnnit of HARD _ , , _
1 War* i No OlTl.ERY.uf Foeri*.. anti D-m.-.
t manufacture, all of winch hate Ut h,,ueht on lMW»'
.favorable . , .,^*,7,“" aBE3h»
•« enumerate. Suiter ,t U> my, that . k . Imp , i
Ckiai|4rtr. I invin- tuy oU t u«t..<i».T* an I frlrmli*. «n,| i|»m i- il.l *e
i *° ‘mU 011 ““ “O' tf ool" Is-fur, vkl’.f II e,r
pur.luv.cm THKO ROBERTSON,
lu.p.rtcr and Dealer In Fur. tu an t Domrati.- Hardware and
j _ 1’uU.ry, No Main street
P TIIK. Til Nil Ninitr.
H ■ A \ L«'K w,»ul«l ivmiiiil hi« (rirntla atitTRir
• puhU ycnerallr that hi. »tot. t. now on line ■jdvfcsNB
• rui.r «fieri* may hr f.»un*f 1*1 ANo PORT yFOTl
MKId.ltUlNS, GITTAh*. VI,.I INS Fl'l TFS amJ • V 1 1
ACCoKHEoNS. of the l>e.t duality and at the lowest price. He i
| w.!c agent in 0.1. ctly f„r the talc of Ui.oWLrutaJ Nun..', and Oark'.
hnUf'. k.y '.'“‘■“‘flWMwd by any ollmr mahrrv, and egaalled
hotter, w. Aloe Gale A Co. . .uperior Piar.ua
VtT’ Guitar and Akdln STRINGS of ihr bmt uuallty •
lie ha. tic l a reeat .took of MtSlO to In- found tu thla Stale, and
a wiuunllr iFv-vliliif ihr latest publication!, which he w.ll veil si
the moil reduced prlesi, and upou a. food term! a! can he tad rlae
Ie7- Planoe. tuned, rejmlred, and let on ft.re,
• i **M Plaluw taken it. part pay f..r to w unra.
\e..v., ,‘'”1 *••<•»!•« bllOl.vl
T Ht til gl AlITtltS FOR FASUll.NABLE fid,THING
, Oenile.uen . Furnt-f, r (i,-.,*. ,rll », , If

t ...lUH-re. and t evt.oyv, of terry style »n.l fanrw. In winch hr Wold.l
! *’*r »*\iilit*U of lit* fririiil* not) tin- (nmlly
! ^a,| „ KB BPKffCK.
N IB Arntr f Ifxln and
IMI f.AS si IT.H.-Wr h«vr iu«( rietlrnl ■ A ,
■ a Hi
■ - II ark and Fam-y Pant., Pla t , ,
Pao. linn and F-Furedan.IFat.ee ManrNlea and Sdk Vet., IT
which We w.ll -II a* low a. the -am. r—>lv can be hwuuht anywhrrw
■ lull anil damliK fur your#rlvr«
j 55!_ No. 111 Main street
RSAi u'*1 1 I'1" " W'll'IV MIlKS'm
r f .. o '. ' *7 "p",,n* * Pew O.pply of thus- he.u 1 3k.
I'fiil Hvuttr. n’%.ir riDrr««lr ..nr r.r.U n-. ..
want nr •viuflluiif (•.«.( u litre «nd nnoil. «rt| rivr u« * call
,nM• rcmi. watts a co.
rr» « '**« 'Tin 'IIIKIIAMS. Y ur at
■ tebtton la reaverlfully called U. the .(.lei,.11 aa.l mlire /
near .lock of
! rnmprl.ln* ever* .tjle and variety manufactured for the *ea...tt,
which will Im- ...I I at wl.eleaale an.) retail na the m,..| favorable
. ‘ a v-ry lllwral d .counl will hr made
II f> n In tswtaav. a* Ion* knnw.i to the trade, i. now rbc.ird
With u.. and will he pleated t, hi. ,.| l at .n* tlnof
SE ■ _ __ »tl. I« Main atraeA.
I A m iit i . i i r ■
in, l, . Mala and Capa of all the tarloua atylra, to whirl, I
■ invite the attention of (mrchaarr*. A*
U»**• *> »' n wona At in ii 4xi» nor
Tl INK 1ST AM ISIIAfR XT It,, allvdfa I that the only fen,
nine aril. h. of MtTTl.ti SOHA W ATI R. made in fhla et.y, „ I,".,
hv Al A*.CXiRAt ACK, who flatter* hlltiaelf that be I* able b> . cm
I |» te with any manufacturer, either North or South, hav .ng he. , , „
Wir.-.l nt the hu.lt.e. for the la.t nine year*.
lie Know c..nduetii|t Il.e ahn.e hult,... in all R« hranrhe. for
Air AA in P. I.AKK. and lake* tl-l. method id Infovo lac 11# toinarroua
Iriend. ami the patten. of hi. old e.i.lJM,nt.nl, ih.t nothin* on In.
part .hall hr Wanted lo ni«t*In It. former r. tml.il.m
HfdM HTAriRT"'1 l"',h^"iwoi W ««• ‘ AfilMRAI Al h'S
l*~ SODA WATRR, Af.P and PORTPR deliverrd In all na..
It r ' ,fJ. frrt of ch%i$r.
^ IW M or>1<Tt from citf of , ountrj t u«totncr« prornptly *ttrn«t< T
•P* *m WM. P LAI»D, Pearl an.I So |<r. *|
%| ».»*< *' ' IT*' I'AI HIM | IIIttPIAA Ik*
*’■ rtcimoNP it, t • , ,, (*„ a toftl.reeal a... ..
M* of A iryti.la, t".eo,| Keeemher lata, 1u,Y». entitled '.an act lo in.
corporate the Afrrrhanl.' In.ueanee Compare In the C'ty of Ri. h
mond, we, the un.l'r.lfned. Cooirntwoneea appointed h* the o„|
act, will, on the let da* of May nelt, Opel, tmok. for .iihwtlptlan. to
, the rtm A of the .aid Company, al the olfne of Afeaar. Iloddlt, a Am
permo. al the eorner ,.f Hank at,.I tlih ateeeta.
Tile aei flkr. ihe value nltlw .hatvu at s’et earh, and the capital
•lurk at not le>« than fifty t! . t«and nor more than fire hundred
Ihmt.and dtdlara It anihortara the Company “in make lacrmcv
afalnat all marine rl.k", an.l again*! any damage nr h~a hy Are, or
hy any oklorr llahlllty, carnally of hasard, npe.n an* amt every lie f
"* piolwrty, real, prrtonal or ml fed , to makr inatiran.. on Itve., to
Wratti annuillea, to reeelvt rn-l .atnaita, |«, rnnleaet for reveroona
fV P*k "tent., lu guarantee the p-tym -nl of pr..m aaury n.ete. htt|. of
ev- hat-yr. *n»t otlwr evldencev „* deht.t,* lend money ni bottomry
and reap*.n.|rntla, leran* lle.,1*Ket t„ he Inaured again*! all r *ka
UI“"| the inter. *1. they mav have In any property or tif. • in their
owtt right, nr In virtue of any foat.a of adranrea, of of any 1..4 , ,.r
eontra. l ,d intwr am r," A. Ac w
I.rwis i.ixrrn
. . WAf K PalNW.
ONAIfl oil ITIJP, TV. Seed and Plant. I... .,1, he
'P't* AA Al PAI Mk R
HIHMil fllkkt t x. Juat r.celvr.la m,l: lot I: a.
*<**• C IIARTWM.I. 4 CA>
Kllk l.t fkA »:«, Mil III ft* I X. Aleaat l.r*. h i
IlloVea, a fre.h luffuaA received
_ *Pl" I II ARVAA lilt (Aft
PI X I Mil I I A i Ik Ilk X r l: «**•••. lo t.lda ,
*od Apple*. ,A not. .weel Havana tkrwngee for .ale
•Pi" A AVTt'NI.Sl Nnht <e. Sahon
I*' ” " A 'i, All* I t II M A X Ik A .
SmllhSeld. for .ah hr
RtlAtSi r |(| AIRORNP.Ro II Pearl w
W li I ItTa, a gear. llh A. ry Shirk#, r.w ml. by
•*’* KAAktxlntRT «| I pv * co
IV" *l»ri'i« *•»••» H. fltaat real.... c. .ottrWw ,!l
w W
OKI II A II Ik f. H Axx XI I II, P r ealoh*
I 9 «M Pll Aik R
la* A * x*l % F. —lt*l bote, r.nol, So p, . nlc. .rtlciw.
■ »ttf “tie b* Dl’Nl.OP, AIONCCKK * 00.
»*TI MfC n A VIA.
Br UAtncwmirf. au.in a cm. ahm
Cm "m^a1, thi mimt.
** *•* April. • Will aril, «| lM«rUr|, «t ,m A^-tWii .n
»<*4rt«c|i| of bKlOMIlai, Via : "***» %n
Hi". L-ffUayra aixI jiM I'.jpi
I'uf »*Mar*. Rv-llAcI Whlaby M R R„m
rre..r»t Hr * *0*1 WrappOttf Pap-r
,,fr^ *»»4 *1%. fe T-a. Mu«anl P~rwr
*'**r+r T**are.. Tmimt
U*«i»Ma <• tulle* Ar., Ar
T.A.- I •(.«,AAh. *1... „ol mr 1 n...»ih. fc, ,
pcurol MfWIUAT. tu.lt »ct~ P
*v «I>H|)|V A APPKKftX. Au. u
C'lll’lltMUMII'. «»A.»: or A All AAAI A<
y mil. iifAri u\ Aift hit . >»\ ■,, itn t.>tKnni‘
xL'iir, t?zr?
, 4 «1I » e |f*u. A»A. 41 4<t oVka-h P \| ,f
nMe l«.Kra. lMerc« «|.|«.». «n,| title ref a tie I till t*« pm. baae
;rrj, Cou" u«*
• V'V; .'%.,,v,'a'!-!‘ ..
■T Dcxuip Rinn'n i ..> Al, .,. ...
G.■•■' . . is?!
i ViLm'oTL'*’ * «•“*«*»<. .u4cj.AM.in,
!J,;,S4* '*••*«. Ulr lactwOraiMllU.
•*Ma. pr|i>4r VIAAlalaA a.
*,V ■—*»■ • A.Utt.%.it „r CaotlMra
T.* Ml a c. |f,-A> flw^sr
• .lu
family dury
II f‘••ff-e tinnw* ()ualltr
’» ball |. |H»- H»utora,a
Ull'i|<w«tpv 4'hI P«Mti-h%Alig fra
i 4 f- *«
I tr !Uk aHUmI mini hi Anllw.
5S“ m At.,II- Al IS, :'IK A r.i .Au. |.,
w <WIUl.lt A APPKJUlUX. vi-.-tr,
l 11* I %IH.I. II Al , A . ii I l i, i | % n tl' i u. i,
I ▼ TKNtAtrNTKTIMKKlx. ,.N Jim hTIlM'r KKaU
i as? tS3SS55SS»=
,ntV*7~> ?*•**■ S^r*' *• ,! -Of nmtl.M. n„f„,
* off’ sr*,,r ",,r n.,
r.ir Ke pvartit V-ar to hr p«M by the |*|erh'aer
■p,—trt.__fUlOUIX A APPKKSON, Au.tr
L' V 1 • • «•!«•* *.AI.». Ill \ Al.l AIM I ll a Al
“»/*7« ,x THKtirv «r Kicioiosiilam i*“!u 1
nil KMIAA ll.c till. 4m, April. I'M. mi t|„ O. O.I.. l’i ll..
•r.hr *.l».rt...|, l,„ foil,..,,,, ,.ry ...... i,*. J5.,t x.,’’ .!
to llw raU^- *f the late Jaiur* H»4^r. 4ev\i, via * * *
,0,7*‘."if ^L*W •'*“' fcuntw« *5 fcl .m Ik.
uho.t li'llcl. W* t‘ *',<i L*rir L.C
a>4 A TatunM. ha Iwd .. . Coni J«r,l, frulltlu* 1* trr-l uu I hr
V Urre tlMee..lt.rj b* ic|t UiA.wr*,. u«i |ttr «rR lt..v ^ bih lv.
! TT1* Main ab.| Cut, »tr«cU. frontiuc t$ feet, ruaiilua kuk lb., n
tfn at. J ntn •trcti, f>rar lu late fruiilnu r , \* _ u-.
M o.nj... 'ruul'. I Co>4 fwt. runubi, hnch lift !„1 1,. »:|,t “
■Ml, A^uaW, IACA..IIOI ..ljo no, K., f,on Ohnal
! ZZ . ' ,u,:a nt h- k »° -'f~t 11ft f„, ,u
f.T5L,*I'.'7„7i.7I:u.1' 'lt'‘ ,n P*r” •* "• r“> “ a rr
carli. balance at C 1^ la .41 , ,» .
• /oiUhle note*. Interest a.i<led. mrurcal'bra trurt «le-tl * ^ D<'
! ^ ***** ^ ^ P^ ul year to be |»«hI by tb« purrl.a-er
an?_til# . UCWIJ ft. cfSijCWlAW,
“ , . I*rcnlA*r of 4aa. bo«her. Alec‘d
' Tl»e forrgotpf *aie will C'»«itu-wc« at 4 o'clock p V|
| *p 4 _ _ _U A A . Aucu.
Ctl»»» II'MIIM l«.l > A I. ,: or A-AI I All! A
CKSTATUKRCTOlt’ A,Nr!',r' ' ITV °f R,‘ ,,MOS“. «"*!E
“L. r 'HkaKTu —Aa O mmia->totter* a|>p..ii.te<l h* a .lecree of 1
•e ( ircult Court[of the city ..f Richmond. In llr rur of 0*!Yrtl*a r%
. u or <piM O '*11. Ac, pronoun.nl OU tr., 15U. AUr. h. K< Wr
T'‘ii fr'“'T,1 ,u *' W»l4tc AU.I..H1, on TCK8DAV, IftU. Anrll
*.IT,OC|4’ p • lf '“lr- lf n*A( 'A r .uy, on L
- ",rV'*d'«"■*»* !.«i c»u “
Which lkr,l,r.| O'Neil. ,.U of thv Mid rlty. Ubl ,,
I ' 'J*' UiAt l~rtl.,o If., rcof de,,.ed lo hi, brother Me had O'Sei.tvlJ
1 * A nr* br* * granite front tenement on br .«4 Or»rt .1
I *' '‘j111** * entrml K*»lr<.»d depot, nuw m « upied by L Antella&ll
! jjiJlJEr “'J ,0‘ -
IhfnaW^EtVM "" V*U'/ *°J V'n*W' «C--t,.«xu,.kd by Pa.
4. Two .mail tenement. on Venabk .Creel, in rear of the above,
of Jahii Prtdrty ,U< OU '* l'T *‘r"1' Ur"‘J “PP0**" «•» residence
« * hoow and lot on Talk y Uriel, near I be old dlulllery.
.. A vacant lot on Ho- eul aide of V.lley ,trert. near do ’
« A vacant lot on the »..t ,lde of V,||ry .trert.
? , I" >» »»v of M'ehael Porcrll.
.«di4“h*«JEu" ®" w*r ,c-‘ fr“*“ ►rlSU-B lilt.
!• ®"' i"1 •nJ Itnprovementa Uic;.r..u. near uU dlulllery
IS One Itoua, and |o|, near old dlulllery
1 > One lot .nd Itnproecuent. thrre.o on ITth at reel, near do
of ChrtiCfcMMUrert4'** “ *«• ..' '^.ey
!? S:::£f
I# Utip vacant lot north of n**a«anU «trr«*t, on |'n,lin ||.ii
'I+JSTmT"* MtUl ,Wl 014 VuUM ,,U1, occo*,,*‘d bI Jl*« Wt^Wo. a
t, “ *■ ' »“d >4 Month*, for n*fo.
tunie Hole*. Intere.t added. at J title reUo.nl Idl laat note I. nm,|
I and a eon.rjfan. r HrdrreJ by the coart. The uaes for the pre«-nt'
i year to be paid by Um purchaeer. p
»«*_ Vy A OR CMP,
vf'Cl.ni SAl.l: OR* Y.%1.1 1 H| a- a* *'A I
l UV OP WcilMON^D KAMiSa! *'ARV ‘TKPPT. IN Till:
l ITV IIP KICHMONb —A. trouee In a certain deed of truu d.t,.|
, It >T7i ‘V""r " and dal.^-.EEi
' R*' h(Mond HusInya Coort, I .hall, in execution of the .aid truu
l.r'".Ty r*' at public- auction, on the premier., on Mil KSIiAY
ihr 1#lh day of April. IN-V,. at the hour ot IS o'clock, VI . If fair If
pJiaiU"l !T,,af:"Vn; '*•'•4, the fi le.am* vrry valuable Real
h.tale. v I A certain L-l fronting ni fret, inure or leas, on the b»
• in, running bn. k 4. fret to Cary drert. [being pari ,.f lot No 41s >
end now occupied a* a eoal yard hy Mr Jamra Dtnlop; alao. that
"!Z7k U"rm'“' ?*L'h'‘ I**"1- W-Iwm. |UU, and 11U. atrrel*.
now in thr occupancy of A in p Co*.
Tl.e title la believed to b. prrfeet, hut the truatrr will ronvvy with
the uauid .prelal warrsn.y. The tax. - f„r the pmo.l year to be
' *P 7 ^i'*uuh?rr. . A "Kiw. t4[.E
I S Although thr dead require, a eaal. Mir, yet an arraturnuo.l
will be made au m to make the terma a. follow., via: I,Ih eaalt, bal
4' ' *n“ month., for negotiable note. Intemt added «•
•urv.1 hy a truu deed. tlODHIN A APPKRSON.
Oft* .l* , . . Auctioneer..
P S After the foregoing . .k will be o.ld that vrry valuable hrlek
Lumber houae. on Ih, Ha.il, hank, adjoining .1- Tolldmuto, now *
thrmeuianeyaf Mr T»... J Peyton ll U nearly nrw-lt „
gio-d repair, and I. admiral y adapted to a large rommlaaSou bon
"'**•, Trrm* MwsunutUll g, and*made known at Hi. hour of .air
d to t| II I vMliM.i.v v i|.|- in , I, | till I
! O V r"“’“'‘,k,Tr. h-ra 'I'* 'm- of ttie Circuit Court of
Khlnnind nimh .... tie Sd day of March. IsfA, In the ,u.t of
Hoff .ndw.lr *4.10.1 Roga. ol. Ac we .hall wll at public aue
turn .upon the prrmirc. r. ,-u.ti.rly, TUBbAY. SSd day of
e lMk'"C *" thcot'lcr n... -.1 below, the real eetatr of a bleb tire
r»»r> li- If till.I .1 I II |.CMr«« . a|||e ly
,, A,Ja'■ ' ‘*Y k • a llri. k T ami Lot, fr.ujtlng AY feel on
li e N..,th ode of Franklin ...,et. ..He..u, to Trinity Chnrch. ,ik!
Stn'ei""* ,UlUr'* ’ ,,olc|. u ’- •«-rup..-d hy N Nenarl and Henry
Immediately thereafter w.ll hr .old. the Tenement at the corner of
Franklm and Wall .tree.,. k .. ». „.r " VVh tehall " corner, front
a1,. • and tunning b„ loth. A all Street Ho-rl property
P M**1 riliu o'lT'Vto’li ' " "*?T J*r- Lumo.etielng at 4ft oVIork
V **- *® ^ Hon- m l U,i ... Udl. on J*l Mrrrl,
m fear .(the new Mrthudl.t t.ureh. kud now ocruplnl i.y >|r J B
Mar.ln, Tt... pruprrty will be divided mi u to l»y off aev.ral build
; .tig lot., «r|*urate from tin’ I,on e.
7,““ ,f>r balance on a credit of «
and IF moot ha. with mterr.t ...n, day of tale, for nevoliabtr note,
and title retained until eouveya. ce Ir decreed hy the Court
i Taae, and in.urao.-v for lb- tear to be paid hy purch.Mr
, C C. MeRAE, . Comra.
| T.VLna A W ILUatia. Aurte mhST-ul.
U 11 ' 111 i o i ft i v iti;h iii i lift in- i hi ax,
‘ , Ylrug o' a I- d Ul tru.t etee.ited by John Lynch and
, ‘.7" •» wyM-H a»d W.lllara Finney, aa InMers. bearing
.L.l- the S4rd day of Apr.l. -IT. I •hall. a. the •urvlvlog tru.tee in
deed, on THIUPliAV he S4th of April. KA, .1 the Irnur of
} ‘’.tl0| ten' Ul "!1 •' PAldle auction, on the premia.,.
, to Hie l.ighed bld.ler, for ea-' . a lot of ground In the city of Rich
mond. conveyed hy mhI dee.', front tog on ljth or Valky etrevt forty
l 'tf*' *“d running l>a k . it bundrnl and twenty feet to a ten
foot alky, and known to No & and < of m.iare No. [M, In Adatu.'
1 Wkl.lll Kill.
*m* **y virtue of another lee«| of fni«t rirru|p|| by ••!*! John
l.vn,». ami WiRlat • Dandridge to mywrlf anj Mid Win^m Klunej.
a* tnidtred, b* a»i» t «!•«- Mm* g?tr«l «lay of A»ril. 1^!T. I »h*u
i JhU». «*ii the «»me . ith lay o.* A|»rU, N'd, at the hour of l uVluck.
I •• •urvlvmf tr. |„ the 1a«t mrntf. i.«l .Irwtl. |»roerei| to
at |H;hlk auv M.yn, . the pmniarw. to tlir highest btaldrr. f.ir t-adi.R
| '7' conTrTea njr lt*r «wwl «ltu%trw|t-a lh«
wr.t .Me ..f A ..!.•> -’rcet, In what n> cnjlr.1 Adam.’ Valley, fri.nl
mg .11 ..M .tree; nlmly two feel, and running aluag tie- line of
» artilng’.n .treat ir hundred and twenty-Arr feet, and particular
; ly dcrril*rd in ll» .Id deni of tru«t.
Acting a. try.tr I .hall eonrry .uch title to the .aid properly I
, only a. I. rr.led me aa .urriring Imalee afnrrunl. under the
I ,kl TV •A1* <•*»* «* ■'<>'» ref .led In the
cler* . office ..f t|,. . .urt of Hurting, for tha city of Kl. I.ru. n.l. and
ll.e property I. ... I.y rcuuct an l for Ihe henefft nf A.iu.« C. Bruce.
. U I.r of • mu e. tlir hnlifrr of thr nol**« to •«*< ur* thr t.*»
Udrr*1 fhttcwf the »« I of tru«t *trt rtfculnl
'• Buryi.inf Trurtce.
Vtl Miu t iinri i i Hiii’i irn ion u,
▼ Ml I n. .'tui . jl .1. and wrll.rrt.hll.hrd W A R MS
Kw ' N MOTFI.. In W r>nton. Va„ now in full o|er.ti,^T,
offrre.I or .ale with all It. b i*ding*. loi., Furniture and Auirl'e,
presiding a rare opporluiit'y to a prwu who I. practical!, ac
qaalntrd with the bu.tnra. 1
The »«uer contain. «.*. ch i nbcr. he.idr. parlor. ..itting room., Ac.
K.r and Itdliard R.cx. In a .Mil g irnntnl from the main low
There are eylen.lr. FT AI . Id* atol Abed. which ha.e twen for ihe
P«rt four yrar. renled a. a I .rry r-l»l.lt.|,ineM
T».r pw,r.._ tp-,.f,hr Ham. h«« <[w%y* brrn fowl. From tyring
to Fell .t »* fiilrtl to tt« ntnu, r*|*r)\y with vi«it„r«. %txr%, t-d by ta |
«MlHif «n«t «dt nt-ig. .m * U.'SI'II and thr I»t« a«antnp*« of the
C""in.h. an.l ..•- III. otilr tli mile, frnat ihe Fam 1
Jl. rr tAh.t. o„i|d. r Apr.nf« . and wdh a Railroad lu ihe .e, ,i
lord ,,, ffif-k and unhrohrii communication with Richmond a,„|
» ..h.l giun. allr < many from the ntle. and lowrr eounlr. It
might he made »ei .atualdr a. a branrh of a (Sly II.del
At Ihe o-ai •( Jo- re of a large and wealthy e.Minty. It receive, an
eaten. »e patron ... fr..tn il-r alien,fan*. on the .arlon. Court.,- in
add’llot. I., tie. p. .iaiM.nl le.ardrt. and Ir.n.iroi lr.t.1,
Prrn.n. Inter, . .rr liitUol to rUnltit the property and Refit
l *et of ffnerta for c l.at Are .ear.
T.aa., for the Ileal Fatale ♦(■«•• caah ; Ihe ren.ap .ler In am aal
p.rn-rnlt during . Irrm of -»rn year.. The ,|e|,rrrd paymenl.
with interert to he aecored 0- n ibe proper’y wbirb la In he hilly tn
•nred Other p ..party migl he taken In pari payment II de.irrd, on
fair term.. Immediate preemton (Iren If ,|. rtrep.
*l’|dy *o 1WVAW H PATWR, or
. - . . AWO R woottf.
mhA Warrenton. Ya.
{tllllui. M bo..a , «, Mew Turk mate. I., dng and Ibr
II ^arl atrret
HI M tt.l HUH. . J p,p,em „ „„
rtun.ir.d Ib m-b-uu .1 new .tfle B-far- R.dma. lo who k wr
w Uhl rail He attrnllon o' «r ctirtumrr. .n.) iheVnhit. In genrral
”‘T Wo I Ah Fagt, g, „„
• >41414) Mill '. IIIIIH II III l| mu,
• * r. r. v A...I, * Nirrr brand anal r war. I „j .
*•*’ . IMVPWlSlRT. Al LFW A CO
r|W »» I OlfU l i rri HA »* »»•» M.a. ar„yio, AfI1„
■ h-raaleby Ml AATTI.FK, lAf Wi n rt.
Illtt’a I.TM I VI Brown and White Wtadror, and the
A • I: ... . h -. tl-a • , „
_ W— Drag FI ore,
. ”w _m^_we •»*<• FrgnkRti •IrrrU
It’ll TTH'II Nf P«|*|| IMik, nf tlx Mid.
** lift,INI and brrt PhaMur a,..,.. . ,r, gxal, f.„ ,,
1*11*1 M A KoBINgOV,
*'* cbrml.ta, A Ath and Franklin .trret.
IIV I | II A Ml, » . I bar. j,.rt taeelr.,1 ,
Ain ■*—rtmenl nf Ft- kr< and Pe., R,uyra. A, ff,a„r
Pitapa. A. , dtfw, t from Ihe Fa. I.oy, ft rn ij
. _ Tl|»tl HOBIMrBOW.
|.a|M.rler and Ib-aler in Foreign and Ih.m. .tic llarda.re and
n«. c tu»f w m3T
| %«.i % % 91 % f Of t • • . am Mr« f*iwn Igymyn t*..r
4 r«-( rtvltlni m«*l tor ••Ir hf
*•'* l.h'WIA W tA Mill A CO
PI AT rrcel.rd by rtramdup Adi. Art., *1 hAde CRKAU AlJ
f.f «akr A AWTt*VI
2* -' \ > Fahma
|>t • • V i PIIV r Mil V «.> . tar ml. by
*'* * . HI Wain rtrtwt
gill I I Ml A I Mi FIFIN. I.. luge rar-ty. Cat
WW iwntn . P. o. da and .bur Drau.ng U .1.. ,i irmb ot.iUn.
Jwat rrcwirrd. and lor tala by W M AATTL.R,
So 141. Wain rtrret I
—- 1
-_AI'<'rio\ SAI.KX.
fHM Bo, ———
»T IIO»l>|N A irrtKsrlV A, ■“
It Witt tw + *•»• .•*. La. „r iLftJfe .4, ^ iTl!??? ^
w II W -4.1 . |ar«irli ^ ^ <*—■>»•
TuH.-Onr r.i.rth cut, h«l*w> ti 4 if alka i«_.a. .
...Mr «h, .it
fcr .b. »~nui ,„ h. p.* a, .a, *** Uw*
*' '** * tl-prwoN. itf,
!«»••»• M • I. Th. no a...... „ —
ILt*- * — •• - -is rmTi"" a
^.11,r w.K n'^CITTboO.
Nr. 141 C*ff .irM
W’ V.*? Ml *»■**•
* * *.r //am,. , a v/>, ■„/1 r, 77.1v <>rrt, /
U4h *t ...|.|.Ou»U> thr iKHihT* It.itui.f14
XZ- zzzzzrz zz c-*- * ■
....‘rnrn.uT,.^ »«*’!• ItMlw .ante •
L,ar»4 h irrauU ■«atp,|
?'wrV"« II.
J * ".J—• *3 . 1L1vi.p.m
I EtX l). KKKIilNO *
, MKacilANT TAU4JK A SO CLormKK. | |U, *A’|j, fTItrr
Mf*MISO till MIMHEK blMtUi.
J! rrr *fV'* • Urr U|( of •uprrlor Cloth. — >_
; *• sr m.i, upT.. ,£
I “*r /oa.'irbir b-rot.. .ml .1 II,, d...rwi „albv ' "*
I * lary. amlarll arb. bat O.M-. ,.r Itradr U„L |'W.Kl„ _a a
,-up.r, u.lhai.y m Ibl. any olhr, m!u
I ,oo aa at ai.j other |,1M1W * “—an uur i»k« aa
** •**-■ CraaaU. lb bar*.
, '.'*riiu^r.rd^u.i^:.wj^rIn •~ih«
Kish Hooks JL KMiint; Tneklr,
OK KVKIJV l>KS(‘lt!l>TloN
. __ „ _ CON5MT1V ! iv PART Of
Super.,,. Cart Steel Kirby. Ulurrh-a, Vlntnla. p , -
%»*•! frit -r lliMikt ; f*tlk ll.tr. Liim n. .»•■! Cotton ^^
' Mr,!.; £*'?,"* C*',m ''‘J tfc-lr . -.ruS . ^1^7
1.1,1m, Pr. Oran , K. rt. . ArtlUrUI r«r, . iBrer
rtlk W oral Hat . ran, Kmh . N,ia. hr. ’ ^ l^vh
8 V X H A X D S P 0 R*t7V U iPPlRiTrv
P.iwdrr null, Pb„| mi. llama lau a lrr*» IT1 J,
. a BHU, '^j-ja r-m«un Cap., Ori 'tia,
«’0£?*.V A .V/» OTIIM p/.sro/ji.
- - PM hS IRT mu. a.
!«■" All of abicti I olfc, at U„ ^.a
n.h*4 v .44 4 ^ nlMUXD. Importer.
“ ' ^ M*»n •» . <>T*f«»at'ar
Till) OM.i " fin 1 | \% AKOK,l| it i . 44 • •
*r tlir THK NEW YORKVxHllimoN Ml Jl
to TH« MKOi.1. 04 ranmi ^CCL MAKCV.OTtr.kjna. owttn.
kMtmooT at MRiro'> ^mprrmHu, it *
*U‘“*, T.nmm, . .,a .o„ * LU
UK roirbrity . f .1.1. Sauer ha. e.lrlufad u> auan„ of lb.
a'1*! Hr raleary In prntuotiuy thr arurral a_u
culu'l.jf dally taorr .dbrrvrd and aeiuowtedard
In th. I nllrrt State. II l, hrfal U, ha Uwkuui aarrrahl.
and Ir termed lur it. tunic And lutlpnfalli,, pe. prrtlra, lu habitual
—yV prrb-cUy lu .l^e.i 11, hmd.
On laa tonlUlral of lm.,r. , lieu auahtlm Imre I , . -■- .
bf * feliMraum, vbo wnbra lu LKA A PAKiaKs Um^"
Lbim *o.U*r ®i*voterabIra Sauer ,n a Lour I ban juat .
25?* -V'U. and piutnyml. and Min, I L, nrr^i
‘“‘f. “,1hc*l'hi *“ ,to “**l J’”" bauer la domaej.lc. and I Udnk nwdll
oinal. I ru with truth nj Uu-rr I. n,dl,,t,y iu a narrlrr’r .-—
•“.rr'im ,ulI,u smh*u ** t“’'«
« U found at tin an.. „r e»rry rennet,t. a
umj-eal n-.Urm.., or He. from M.dra. tu lu. bruUlrr in *
Rt Hlift p»|rr, ill the follow tl.ff Irri... ••Ta*ll i a a A It ^
U..I Hmu Sauer I. h*h„ apv,ui^U.-!
■nnnmn.thr muat p«lat.(p, aa wMl aa thr amal «“*
ael^n.h,;b!h*ir7k‘‘7. f'“r 7^ r*'M* U »"J "•« unlrrr,al
^ n H ener I*, arr.led, ha. Ini to many unllall. n.
^ kn, iw,‘ ^ U* “LEA A FFKRJ%.**,*• |J,r.A «.«M
UlfOtiLhr laU-nl uirt il.c « or p«ui»t vIaaw jlvWk-r of liL- I ol
Roly Ab.nU fur tor United .-tale. JOHN DUNCAN A NONA.
__4.* Broadway. Nyw Ytot
THK WHITK M I.fill H M-HIYVH la* '
T”.hl ■,*ro'* C*>»’ "• «*»• principal proprietor .f
thla celebrateI wat-rlnr place, haria* readered it neee...rT
* »r>"en,el.l arid. ctato. U.at the property do.old Uy *4.1 ,{,»
•Hl'Tt” h*1r* “r, U' in con,rrrloy nn the under.ifie.1 full power ta
l JL“j^"IUtr Hi* l***1 * ",!rr*1 , h*r>er hat he»u ..Mamed from ihe
legislature of Yl.gtuia, authorizing the pur<-|.a«er» to hold i|»«- pro
p»ft> — a JulM-.iock company, aud wrai.il.,* them r,e,y nn.ib-w.
II,al 1. IUKe.*ry to, Ihe mod full and pr.dtohle cnu.ymrut „| n il
Well U for manutact..rinwpurp.me, wmlerally *’ 1 *
In purmai.ee of Ihe authorny conferred upon them Ihe Under
tlyned now .,»cr Ue prr,|*rty for «le, euher lo Individual. or lo a
* ••• pany lo »4e organised under the .hart%r
.I1’*' Wo“* ’!U'|,',“r I*W'U». Imre ,uch a wnlu-*prrad cetebrlly for
heir medi. .n.l qualltlra aud a- a place ,.f fathom aide reaort. nfai it
I. Je, r„e,| unuo-emary u, uy much In reward to thHr anractu-n. -
For near hall a century they hare her-, frequent*,! by rrowda ..f
ral:d« and prraou. In .|Ue»l uf pleaeure ami amuo-merit aud the*
***** only h, Saratov, m the nun, tor and to,!,,
loitghlf ckinwirr of thrtr visitor*.
Tt.e mean* of irrumnditlii have been ei tended from thn*- u
time, and are now •uffli irnt to entertain about one thnwaand aueet*
For many year. |.au. I.oweyer, the, have proved lo be inadequate iu
meel the .teman. of the public; and d » I.aaardluw lodhli.y to aay
that If they had been •ufhclenl lo acruttimadaly double that ruy.tor.
tiny Would all l.»rc lu-eu pr-.fltaUy -ecupied y.* aiore than halt m
it “fryery year number- of applicant, are larncd away
daily for want **f room tu MtvtMiiRimUw U«rm.
’H'*'';" “ -I" • ■ torn attended with cun
• idernhlr d.la, aud totlrue. lUlm bring c.impelled lo travel near
■1U..U mde. in crowd, d .lane.. But the Central and Cuvtnytcm and
Ohio Hallrooiti, to.to of wtdeh are now In proyrem .d conatnaeUow,
will .on furnl.h an nnLr.-k. n line of railway communication from
all the larlrru and Northrru rule, Iu to. Watton-botur within th«
carlllewe Of Ih, dpriow,. Wuhln .he lad ihrre month, to. Central
Kallri.a.1 ha. beeu • •t. h.lrd In mile. Wet of Staunton. rednclnw iku
iraccl to All mile., and avul.lmy Ihe w.,r.t part of Urn road lo
a few .ear. the olio r wtm,, will be fluid,ed. and .lador. cm thro
MTr It,11 ltu-.ee. U a.hit.wtnit, Aleian.lrla. Ri< hmond and rvter.l.urw
In lhe n.ortilu* and lake tea al tin- While Kuljduir When the Wr*
tern -ertton of the Co.it,for. an^ uhio Radcml i.'con.pleled
acce.. from ihe country h..r.U-nn* on the Ol.h> river will to- euuall*
Convenient, and It will hr .lillicnll to Ax a limit to the number wl.J
will annually rrv.rt to them Spring*.
The While Awlphwr I. -Hunted to the connly of Urieubrter. on thy
We.tern -aope ofthe Allcylmny mountain. The Ijlate lieu tn thy
fertile vallry of Howard'* creek. It contain* about TjUtM terra, i*r
vrri i»•<.*•*t»d acres*) emending along the vallry about three mil.-*,
and .Iretclduw acrom II frotu mountain to monncaU*. There are luora
than .«• acre, of Hue meadow land to the tract, and more thaw
double that quantity of food arable upland The re.I,toe ul ih*
Iran ronrld. of nmunlainoua .pur., *MI wooded and furnl l mo
yund ranwe tor dork. All lbe .uppltea of meat., Fvain, Ac , Ac , ne
*’.-*-11 y for tin. urn- of thy hotel., can be readily ner l on Iho
Tl.e huildinw* for Ute acrommudatlon of rtatton are eon yen tend*
arranwrd, and many of then. |«.,o--. much archttrrtu, ai beauty -
The Rrouutla are eminently picture,qua aud hrautlful. prcenllt.y a
•urface dlyeralAed hy hill- and dale., and wruvr. ul the ortolnal tree,
of tlo* hml It 1.4* lo-,,,, deorribe-l u - the Faradier of watrrlnw
iih! Ibrfr •!« frw whil mrr ar«|u«iolrU wab it wb«> • ,|| (a||
l«> bau .«lr.lgr lu rlwtui »4. Ilik* iliatlfK'iJvU.
,,f l>,«* «^UWialnu4-nl arr bow vrry Itryp. a().| if |9
I pt* 4j. hy rnUrgnl m<.huui.-Uih.u*, ai..| with rtirrgrtkc an.f ju.li
‘'«*** laanmgwnriil, Ihry might f»r incrf»»r«i many fwM
n.c «j*lr of thr VaUrr, which i« Iu grrat rrc|ur»( in mir cit»r4.whm
l».l up fnr lnu«|p•rtatU’fi. may hr «%«ily ina.lr »f i« furt.fh a
vrry Urge incouir, and u. |»r. |-r haud* thr on |ir.,bt, in «rc«
mM rninborv ihr prk-r at whkh ihr ptoprrtj hr |Hirrl.a**i.
Tin- whoW country . ..uta i*. frw Ma^rct#, if indrrd it dor* atmihur
rtfuitl rraourcr*. <I«Vrloprd a* thry could •..on U by cntei art J
hod capiul. r
Th«* title to the estate ta believed to be unquestionable, having be
longed to the present pr.qirlrf..r* ami ihe.r ai»ce*tov« *h*r more thaw
•evenly vearv. To fanlMate U»e traiivtev to the purvt.aarr anj to
avk.al ilifBrultie* which might revolt from the death of any uf the
j.nnt owner*, the kg»l title has U-rii <*otlVrjrd U> one of Ihr utider
cf^a^r Wt,° W'11 ^ >r***rt< *° Mn-g,tllt proper deeda to the pwr
The «ale will embrace all the furniture heretofore used tn con Me
llon with the pri.jierty the urn ana., dal Ion of vfltor*.
P'-rann* tlevinng u> pure hoar ate rrqoesi eit iu rommualcste with
U« uodervignud. . U\|. II. MtCPAELAJIP,
Of Richw»«»ml, Va
Of Rauhton. V%*
The National Intelligencer will ropy. trt—jgclf
' SPUING GOODS, 185(1.
)«•* ‘»P**nrU a large ami varied aMortmei»l of llent’v
ww M RMSH1NO titkiDS, whkh in ttyle and qailllv Ciiinot
be «ur pa««e«l. and to whkh w« invite «pev al atteotioo, bet? * «*««»rrd
that our assortment cannot be aurpaeacd by any house 9outhuf Nrw
Tory. |
4Hir stock of white ami colored linen and cotton PMrt* t« very
Urge and varied, all Male especially fur us. and by the . ekhratetl
iMuxkin pntUm. whkh In every Instaoce wr warrant 1st giv*- sat's
tleni’s m« msures taken and Shirt* and Collar* made to order
in everv variety of *tyle and warranted to ft.
•>i i> I nurlcaui Hotel.
I« in * s! «.o • ii ii 11 i.*v -n, U’He. «■ — :
* »nd »l *ux HIM.**. No. m Mali. >ireel, all the
•I’ll’ rent kool. of Gutter.. HI pp* r. and Twa. Alan, Mi«~V and
Chll treu'. (laltrf. and H Upper., of all the lalnl and cao.t fashion
aide "ijflea worn U.H Pprlo.r Hr will .ell them L.w for th* quality
iur i’a*b. nr at caah price* to punctual paying ruatomera. »p5
I «Ni:> ..a AT A UNEAT MACHtt'M E
A Wlyhily ilar If 4 mi 0* atean»er Jmi«hU.«ii, to be aoJtl ,.f
Without rrfsnl to i imI
1 «*a*e Ir»ah l,li»ena, at X5 cent*
1 Jo Jo Jo. «t :hi crnta
1 Jo Ter? flue Iriah Unei<, it tik ceota
*" pte.ee ratrw Snr. fur collar., al 6ft, crnta, rlcfclw wwelh *1
Tahl* Linen*. Napkin., tVylb-.. Pillow Linen.,Towrfc. Huckaback
Dlapera. at II cent., u—tally — ,M at #" .-ml*
lh»yllea al ,1 * cwnl. per d>.*en, ami fine plain Hul~ Mo.Hna.h M>
it* i-entato the flnevt. c. A UW tTKII,
Opposite lirhufr Bank
K% • If 111(1 sfli N v
Bath* . laotig Ifar.dU PW-b an.I Both Hru«hr«. Annlmk to More
(of «ale luW bf •
•I*' H M /IMMtkMtN
1 • V-. ten. m Mraic.n i m
**ao, beet Huprr Pho.pha r of Lino - to aalr by
II ttlll H HtlTIXL k N II I, A|l M M A • INU
d’>ll Juaa rr, ,.v.«l a hill a” .. of a .llhr. f ib, b, .»
patrol .lrrlrhr.1 Lralhrr II* hiriy Al—t. y.rblnr IRI, .k’ I we .ell
for He manufacturer., al ibeir pnrea. N.-w In .i..... hu -a’# by
•r'"_ RTINUTON • pt’WpRi.
ttlll l NI . ;.I bo«r« R. D Cbrear, luR reerlWrd nou in
. .aI” by WIS.UTON I II. dm*
^11 IMHN I* III vr Hill If M 1,1’AUIkU »»f>
^ flLI PRIMfNl. Kffl P Pbarp’. Ride eiitnblboa ,’topl’Cliy of
O’liatrui llon. rapMIty ,.f llnny ami x'ra. rilh arp ruf' with per
•ret accuracy and unr.|U.llr.| .af.ty. Pur ml. at
•P* . * ftffniLIADT
git IXlltUI k Ml | A d>o"t .Otpl, brrt | .1 ] No. 1 Peru
" R f'lk Ouwwo, Untliug «n4 tor mle hr
« WrfJRfBirfrji NMK
Hill kill s. 11*|||
variety In itorr, and fur -ale by
| ’ _ W« RAm.rff.Jfo Hi. Halo Wre*
nlf OH kITI Nt Kla Rhower Ifamf, er >> f"t»
,l|ip Of Rita. Infant • and Paet flail,*, of th* be* Japarmd r it
! jii«I reerlfej. (of «ale loW by
•Pl« MMlUitltt
f|lOll.f'T tll!Tfl»—fn «rt< rooaMBig of Ring Bwrbe*. Water
I ^ail and foot Bath, •..me eery beautiful yattprm.iqM rrre<rpf|
for aate tow by /iWMtHVftN
ICE cur. An tM »*/»!««.-Ire greater*. few (Wmi
l. e (>pia Rp.«u»«, ami Pmil«. all rtw*. tot aate by
•pt* /IMktHMtk
laMMII \ II %t ON t k ft k WOK V II HI I I
■ lb. fbnall *.*e II g R..und B lb* 4«„ had Ref for ok
Ay RtXKR h PH A UP, f4 Wain at.
|*A A HCV ffkklRIHI P A IT*. A pueUnairtiaeat
W »' Pam-y IN*almer- P«n»* mar be fowod al IfKBRT «H %
P*B*R Cbribing Kuip.tr um, ttat Malu Wreet agftf
Iglllk Ik tkh 4. I > f. If \ tfk. • an.f yrtUV Myk«
Print*, ami AlnghagM, (nr -ab by C IlIRfWru A (if., •
ap? Ca*h W*»ee 115 Bemad a
%hN|4 l I TI N Al, PI Ik. «
day pea*, for eah by WoMM.K A H t(R»kkl
*».*• B., | | Pratt ktfpft
OM h WAIT! PR. Bp# amt pretty #»*V. • Ik Wan'fcr.
^ i M ttrun i • r .
II \ I f \ •( l» '
A tor aalr by
ap«« WOkfBfwP A M UM.Rkr B . ff P arl W
1.1 %B« \ Blip 1 fa» fa, | »,«*<• Mt*t nnB.fl awnt rr <kg •
■ f Pan. T •"» Beat, of lb. Ul al Mflr* now w«oa AR wb*
are in want «•( aoit-il ii f n>v* Vuobt A. t.*1 #• r«*l early
MPBRT i«tr?|.
apfrt Corner tl«ln |M ^«rl »tre«4a
\ I HltKIMM . Mi MJn J9o • Xv karet. MAkg
tbta Bttrii.n|, and R*r ante by
agio WOWBL8 A CLAlBoRRf, Ba It Pewrl «L

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