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itrrtrt* whiu.
Pam . run *«i» W«»!»«•« — A eorroaponil.iit of th.- ltd
Uuxm Smi (Im the aotijniand mum III of an affair no
lirej inlaelal HU-U-I till li legrtphn- heml :
WiaiiiNiitua, May l.'i, P M Tftr \a*r 1 an! here i*
all caeitemamt, oaring la a moat melancholy tranaai limi
Uidav, wldrli rwwwll d in the death of on# individual, and
grief In hundred* Yha rficwinalanraw, a« nidi aa I can
learn, aie aa follow* Kafua Sally, a young mail exnplol
rd in the Idarkwiuilh'a dapammil in the yanl, araa ahot
and killed by amKner young man employed in the aame
aliup, named Daniel Jarboc ll apt-ear* that a f«-« min
utea before mie o'clock, ahiial the mi'I'Inlllia iu the yanl
were returning trnni dinner, Jartme, whn nai accompanied
Ll Ini alalel aim i« »anl In . ''ailed »l Ihe
honae at Mr*. Irwin, reanli'ig ne*. the Nav) Yanl, and
waked pcrwiiaabw to wait a lew minulea to ai*e a Irlclnl,
IVriitiwamn waa cheerfully granted and chaira liand.il lo
them Itui a lew minute* had ela|ioed, when Sally came
out from the reaidenee ol hia mother, which waa ill the
ini mediate vtcinitv, on Id* nay lo work. Jailme ami In*
aialer went out Ui mu'l him. charged him with lieiug the
aedurer ul hia aialer, then |ireaent, ami reluaing In marry
her. Tteir obj.Tt now waa an appeal to him to comply
with Ilia alleged oliligationa by marrying the unfortunate
girl. Sally n-tuaed poarlivdy and patwcvcringly. Jarlme
deliheratclv told him then that he inuat Ukn the come,
qii.-neea, and inaUiitlt drew a piatol and tired. The lull j
entered a little lielow Sally'* hrail. Sally haatcnnl hotiK', I
reaeU.il Ina mother'* houM, ami expire.) in a few minute*, j
Jarlme and hia aider calinlv left the acene. lie *> ,
know bulged the deed ami told the excited cmwd which
immediately gathered to be calm ; and that he waa going j
to auricuder tiiniiel! iniiunh iteiy. He appeared before
Jinlicu Brigg* voluntarily, and aaa committed.
t'or*mer Woodward In-IJ an inqueat, ami the jury ren
dered a venliet accordingly.
Salli wa* a menilier of the Anacoatia Fire Couipanv,
which, ill cnn*«i|'lellOO of hia death, have their flag* le
Iimucd at hall maat. A meeting ol the Company » • -
, aud reaoleed to attend the luneial tomorrow after
nnini, to which all the other companice are invited.
N,» HitiiicT ll mV*—Tha fourth and laid rad of the
a*, tin, over tlie Sew market Courac. lor the proprietor* !
p „r gw. at. with an iuaide »uke ol gin, two mtle hea a ,
collie off on Friday. There were live entrii-a. via : Mx I
Ralliid'a e. in Adaigixa; llara'* gr. h.Johti Dod-on. <• Mil t
f in by Ui-venue.aiid f alley‘a gr. b. by Aug i-Uqtir eit - • ■ |
, ii venue. The h. »t heat a a* won by Adi-tgi/a. tl.e aeon.U j
» ,« ,'eelaied a dead hca , aud the third and fourth by An- j
Ti.m-V.,5*i—d«*«l htmi 3.4fi|—3-53 —3.57.
Saw t»aLi.*N-, Fiidav, May 16.
The rvcngnitiaii ol Padre N ijd liy the 1 rimlenl, I -
Minister from Nicaragua, baa given an impetu* to tin |
carag.iail fever. The Smith i* alive in nuin quenee ol u.
The-teaiiialnp llanicl Weirder, which will probalily -til
on Ihe fid in*t. -from thi* port, will have plenty ol re
W riHiMiroi, May 17.—leu.l Clarendon'* reply to S v
ri'laiv Marcy’w dewpab'li, d.'inamling the recall ol Mr |
t'rauiptun, the Briliah Mmiater, Caine hT theAaia.an.il
wa- received at the Sl ue Department thi* morning.
I*, i* verv vohiiuniou*, and it i.< undcnUxid dccliin- tin
roc ill ol Mr I'raiiiplon Tin- Pre-ident, it i* believed
I,., ... *1. diami*a the Briti-h Mini.*ter, whin*' ro
iluet «kiii Ik* cuuinitMiUHl on iii llu* imt nr. u«*,
Ai the Superior U.imt yesterday, Judge Caldwell pi>
sMiiijc'. a I mg contested will ease "a* decided. Il »■
tlio will <•( (Red) John McNeill,*llicli was established ha
the verdict ol the Jury. It had twice before been tried,
hut the Jin le- <*1,1,Id no) agree. Hie estate is woilli ,»i
|,a,*- *|iMi.i«*i, Ihoiigli only the real estate, worth aMut
f lu.ii ai, waa involved ill the issue—Auvet/r fillr ( A t
(Mo free.
MosraKat, Friday, May lit.
Ten house* in Edward slrecl, in this city, were totally
destroyed by tire last night. The amount ot lows not vet
Tjia Nicauai.ua Miabtrka.— A dispatch Iroui Wash
inpt.ui, dated May 17, says:
Tin- official notice usually published announcing the r>
log. ilinu I.l foreign representatives (o this government,
ha- not ictlweii made ill tlo" eaae of the new Millieter lioiu
NiearagUi, and the editorial columns of the l uioii are sl.k
silent on llie subject.
Fviuai A rorrrspoudcnl t»f the Ihiston Journal a
nounces tlie future ot Currier A Townsend, eaten,,»e shin
hull,In-, ol Newburyport, Mass The, liabilities ar.
f Joo.ooo, and their asa«-t. nut lar fioiu fl'.o.lasl.
The authorship ol" the Pres idol it's ri-Cent message on al
lair- III Central America is attributed to Attorney (iem-ral
N i « You a, May 17 —Alinaig 1W Ipa-sengrrs In the
eteaniahiii Philadelphia, which amnd this morning fnun
A-|M-,s ill »i a Havana, are lion. Jolin Bigler, Kv tiovein
Ol -.1 California, Mr- Bigler and M,-a Bigler. A tan Seimr
Ca.eca.iU, the new Brazilian mini-ler l.» the t iiil.-d
Niw Yort, Mac 17 —The steamship Hermann, -ail-.1
at noon lor Smlhsmptou and llreinan, taking out 3im pa
sengers and #1 Ih.i.'eiiu specie.
The sh am saw plaining mill, in Builington, Vt., Owned
by II N Hillard and Brothers, was consumed by lire on
. Saturday morning. Law* about tilt,iddi—insured fH.iaih.
I’i uLi. Wokmiiii* is EauLtsm.—Il appear* that in Lon
don, out of a population ul two millions, only live liundiml
thousand attend any place of public worship at all In
Li. Cl pool only one linid oflhr popuhition, about Tops si,
attend any places of paldlc worship.
The last CSS,? of ••moral sum-ion"' ia as Mow-:—Tie
keeper ul a drinking saloon at N'ewburyp<irt offered a trim
!•!,-*.mu.* CU-tomer a d-dlar a week if he would keep as .
Iroiu III-saloon (or a year, the chap accepted the oil r
and g.e— weekly a d n-oir-a his d-JIar at Uie dour.
Tkomas Howell, out ol the old. -1 ami newt wealthy ■ I
irens ol Orange Co., (f Y , died there on tlo: LSth in. t ,
age-1 S7. 11 was concerned in many financial enterpris -,
ami wa- a loading stockhokier in the New York and K e
Railroad Co.
A Lyra trios o» Will* bv Pairais—Tbrww Run. :i
Catiiolic prie-ta hare lately les-n arraigned in Duldin, .r
altering the will- uf deceased persons, ao as to (all In I ••
p.MSI ot large estates, hr dclmu Jang the rig!.. .1
a __
i iii i.ki: % r lum ui.
ruu Hcaw <>
; W~ itbcr tb.<«JJ uk • Ut *u Ubr Ijm**1 »*•:. 1t r, <■
of * « hJc*U U. UM bH lfab.''
Kim-t'i't Rr«ri» * tut.
|i n t Ibrti.Ri retiMrljr *.f llufiy jrr*ra »X aaaaltnf, %i. i >* r -
mr-i. i 4 |ritr 4ft* li h * Nft Afol af»»4y df*- for KP
|i ,i« tons Cl.tlM urn. »nd «JM i.f nrry k i ' '
Ft vrf SdP* I Ml f«, Hr»i. Hpill# Rad* Bunhitrt, *
Ni|a|»»s-"*. fn*t'»'Mtura4ffil bf i(«fo>,| WlrtUofs, aiM t. rt* t *
#l,u ,4|tt.t«r Mnr«, Irdfit UnbitlbK K?r uui. K »rry, I (
Cr4« h« .| |..|t .“sirr Ntpir, VV»rt« aioj Kl.*f »i i* a i.« -• i
liublr trnit ,|y *I»*I rurr. thn li c*i, L*> InltM U. by Uiumoii U
Ufs| || in ||ir city of IhriUtli aod v*eui»ty fi4 U# la iff v
yrtr* In »••• r Will Ua,« tAlfrilo an ligury, or iltlrrfrK li
f» {RijrMt nit • |tf* *rri|iU«fia, U uumIc Irtrio tli*- purptl ta<al ru.
InilM II I(^r'|r ItftKRftil (fo*H Ku«*i« of iffVlc* yrufftlif • Ifcil
country n*sJ tin |*ro|*rIrUir« hat r IrlU-rr from all iU«ar«,ffp ** I
itrt-ii, |»li««t. itOff.Mff r4)«taif»«, nura**, iaihI wlW* ffJm tu»rr u • ! (
tl»»m*ri»K, m4 rwbwwKfiR IIto Him K' .bi iur'i Knwi« run** •«
|MI hi Urifp Itil Mr«.il«i«H <*n Utr.-nvvr •ttlm px-ture of a Hoi -r
*ifl i tlm»M**sl ffolatirr. pirlurr I* »l«iri frttrt| on tin- *r.p
l***r l*mf a is*. <!irrf J A H"i. JH4.I at nil lie sta.r.% n« i«.Ai,«r root,
iry.or may Hr order*<1 ot any VtmlrMlr ilrnnid
I CO , Pr.,f»r r\urm.
hb NNKrr HKr.HH A Kl-.;: K. \f. ..Iff . »ihI all Hr../tffiff.
Nl \A 4NII A 11 1 11(1,1 |*| ui'm \ ■ IO>*«
Tlx Knybd. Hide, Uy Mr. 1| C V .n .1,1, w;p. ^..itrali f
Tvndab- ami Wt. kttWr. 1 to| MV«»-|,rlre 1./:. 1>»i,y 1. all
Tl,** «,.tk iirrw-idi « CaMllnuM virv Ux pr.,#r> Hrfb
tranrfallou in Ux Fnrlid, Ian# aye, from tlx fir«l v-nii.n l.yV k
ItB*- it* IH^i, t<> tlw 1«M, miA I.y artier of K.nr J »•!»••• In If,!I g.
In# at, a>,-.K«hf „f fix •o.-.-e—lr. Rnffli-I, r#rab,o by \\ . Uif! Tin*
daU. Cukerdal*, Taverner.Cratmer, tie (Jenrt.m Park-*, tu- III. 1,0*0
t»x (Patbolt,-) «> r<iofi. and Km# ll-Ti-i.-t,. tr„| ..1 i».
relation of it., earlxr v«r.„.n« to U„ <„x i„.« Umt
li d tlti y,,,,*rmr*,a u,r badlii# ywIn of Anglo Faxnn rtnlnation
Italian PtghU and Pnp.l him tpalitxv aero III roach Atnerkau
Ft"*' tarle*. I.y Jaitm. author of •• Parkier, Fight- **
TlxK.pt,-1 lie nomination lu llktory, I»tr,n. - and Or In.
If Policy. I*, r-e, lit ton* and Martyr- Pan. ami Fumth. of t‘
Vf a-.ottarr ln-t»tutn,i.«, tM.m.l-t.f Ixarnln#. Ar , tlx md-btedt ..
of tlx W .r|,| t>, H*|rfUt«, and their duty to tl . World b. |i r
Hayne#. »nh «n lntr<-luri«.r, by John Ib.ai »,r. p p . j
Tlx llb<gr*phjr of to tu. Cart j. by J.arjA It.1.r. I». |» a
If lub rr tin# b,..#r«|»by of unr al,.,«e t,atm n« -, tn.», ..f p,, 1 .
Pan • but- I, will erer p rant U, l r " I *.,| , prlrr ,, ,
*’ blult.e W r.oxn. from Pve. the ah of the ftr-t, to Miry.
tb. Mother ot tl.e .I Ad..,,,. I.y I) I Ital ian,, ft p ry,.. (1>i,
bt,iil*d price 1 .MM.
For .ale at No. Main arreet
ti im Miii i Hi iii i,|. on.,.,1,,
ww b *rd ,|UOW , 4. t- an*xn , and jrrt I, iy I.ot , , |r ,
thing for »i« f*, an w-r t** -till h^elt,# • •)<port<inity w» rniina<> d
and merely glre the Information »fm* gent- a No. lg b.ti, „* and y .
nialttn# li'—b may lx obtained at llo Mam -tmt Km,end* r. I in
Ma>r. -tract
WHirM I.INKN PANTF. H-.th P'em ami Arored Par* „t| .
riulte a rarity of -fyle* ndeefed for tlx Fprlt.f ar.,| guaratib«d 1 t
M In *yery reapert Marin# 'had awr f»w«d- at|«hmnA hef.,,. n»
•nadr, Mir r»n«ton»er>. a <11 ha«r yrealer protection in pnrrba- n/
IMPKMVFIr VtlKf tflltKT* .mm arxther arrltel »d he aU.»»of
igtaal male Rm I, day'- -ale- and experience fire, wronger , r
«,f tlx foci llral tlx article (<lrfnl by ooraaftea for - tie are tb. In
__if Ma
HI HI PIHUMM.I A >0.1.HOI >0 »*| %v
1 ter, Ib.ne |»<i*t and Tar. for tale Iry
main WOWHI.P A ri.AllfOKNP No 11 P. .rt .*
\f.MM I in MAI, P»;AH. Mark a„4 Clly P a.,.,
prime <|iiallty. ft»r ole by
■nalM WflMBI.r A CI.AIRORNP, No IIP. arl «t
|l|| ••••Its. MIMA, dally rrp. »d t, , *al
to" P o.alo J AMI.4 W|N<r**N
tl a •« MOW. •« A «H A > O MHtl « Of «f A. t. ,
tod ■ malt. JAMM \A|\t»T‘tN
kJi| HO\M l.l t|0>Mf m froxl .xder, f.r tab
•sir main JAMRF to INFTON.
Ilf I M > V H| | II, ytwl re ,dyed, to# aale by
# WM idiMh!
41M «f > « M AIM g.W. toil I Irani'# Wire lira. fr ..1
SI (• A ft w, le af, rruahed, powd-r-d and e ff e Sir <m, P
pa, ka#e». far -a|> by l» A VPN FORT, A 14.1 S # 0O
% 9*9*1 t. •» ft % > 991 # —li h*d- pore.fr. o. F- , <xr form
■tot ^W- II Pearl «t
9*9 AN A J II K wff> If A > 91. f# % > • 9.. V9 111
^ pm#. Tenon and(%dnfWto Haw* A bid aea»xii t in «t..r. .,
f.x eab bf C J M>rt*NArt»,
ut.f gt#n nf (he (*lmdar Paw, 71 Mt n -t
I'lHblVIl 09 0 IPPII HH4VIII.ory.uv
? 1* 1. |wo« r». etrad, and to db by
malt Corner Pearl and f’a-r Wreeta
%m oAt f*9>«. 9*A9*I H. ream-, land'frf and f
W ▼ *%b by faiU] I*AV9RiPORT. AM.PN A 00
d f| A NO. Ftoto#, i#H Pwarran I nt'.MA
!■ #h, »*N brwt Mexican I ”*
Alan, tool toaper P»...«pbaie d l.tme A.» kab* by
St «■ i . O «■ » . *■ .Mk, tM(rfS JIH. Wrl.r, ..Mil
.... hf uim , V t ,T1 ,
' Mi i» H.tn MrX
okanuk and ai.fxAM»IUA RAILROAD.
*t*KA r NituriiKkx and MtiVrtnritif mail movtm,
• auwvwea*. m-nmh« axi» vwm* rmuAMv.
P|A \% It t: DAILY . iMy night « ko|4«4t) h»-twern Kuhnu-i.-l
and W'%«h.ugt«»n 0»ty. rs*« Uur4»nn illc ami AWa«i».UU
Hours »l iHarlurv at K^ lmwikl 4 4ft A M„ and 7 :h» P M
R.-tornIng leave VA »«hliiftwii AM, and P M
and arrive «| Ifx hiurntd IJ*1 1* M , aud I AM
, H*gg*g»* tlwclu and Tickets, given through between Richmond and
Mat In riivUml irnlcr. and CARRYING TIIK AIR RAT NORTH
RR\ AND HOl'TtlKRN MAIL, give the best guarantee of always
securing esMHMVCWnh. as is diown by arrivals daily at ftbchiuond and
Waahingt«»ii etiy In advance «*f ih* MraiuUsi hue.
Pare between K hnn.i.d and \\ vshingtou .. $ft ft*l
As thtsiacw a ill le li.und always ready,L» takr Mcnu^A p «s«en
get* will their iMsggage of Wearing •|>|Mnl, between the iVpwis, free
af charge, with au«|de time lor tfiem t». lake their meals, wheilnr go
ing North or South
Through T» hel* can be ..Mend between Danville and Washing
tun at the terminus of Um* K>od, n«»w nearly i-.MU|4«tal to DauviUr
Ah agilit of Hie eoiwpany Will r% . • i*r tie i hr. ks of passenger* from
the Dmullt K • *d, and attend to thru bagg age all tie way to Wad.
lugtoii or the Baltimore lh|wt
The fare the same by the mall line, a* by tie okl Steamboat route.
hb iihom) yadi»i:ti:knhi ih.hui huad.
( A> fol
Ri|wes*. through Passenger dally, iSunday's excep
led,I at . M% oVI*k A M
Mail, through Par*.-Hirer, dally, at. ... • “ F. Al.
Ao omni.hlati*4i and freight train fTri-Weekly,> via
Moudaya, W.nlueodaya and Fridays at 'S ** A 'I
Norfolk Train Monday*, Yl'ednosdavsand Friday* ** A. M
nuim na&va parremuii aw Voa akhmosp.
Kxpre**, through Passenger daily at ft " A A|
Mad. “ ^Sunday’s excepted.) ft V “ P M
Ac •••mnnslation and freight train Trt-Weekly, vit
Mondays, W'<H|uesdavs aud Pvtdaya, al >'% " A Al
Richmond to Out - r Hill A pv*s* infer cat » ill la*
attached to Dm tVal Train which leaves Hi hiuoiiJ
d »Hy, ^Sunday's . acvptrd,) for Clover Mill al w oMk, A M
Pa*eeng*rscmiing froui Oover llill by tin* train
Iiuin lie at Sunuinl Depot by.10 “ AM
Tl.r Kx press train* will not ship on Use way either to take up or
put down wit pas*, tiger*.
Tie* Mall trains a ill stop when there are pasaengers to take up or
put down al Manchester, Temples.Rtee*s. H.df W ay Station, Clover
llill and Port W vlthall Junctions.
Ttie accommodation train will *top at all the regular stopping pla
ce* when there are |usenpT« to take up or |»ut down.
Ttie Kxpress and Mail Train* from Richmond connect with the
Southern Train* al IVt.-r*burg for Weldon. Ilaletgh, Wllmlugnui, Ac
Through Tickets to Weldon can be procured at the tk krt office in
Kt. h round
Tl.e same trains from Petersburg connect al Richmond with the
N vrthero trains'<>r Washington. Baltimore. Ac Through tickets for
Washington. Baltimore and Phtlad* Iphia, can f«e procured at the tick
et office In Petersburg.
Pfi |1
" Children over ft and n»d over li ye:irx of age >ft
“ Colored persona In arrvants* ear n*>
Colored person* will not Is* permitted in the first class cars except
wh. ri In attendance on Infant children, *»r ask persuii*. al*»4utrly
requiring tbeir care, iu winch case tfic same fare as fur white persons
will Is* chargrd
A Jlo'vutd of 1«» cent* will U all. w«»l on each fare when ticket*
are jnir* ha*cd at the office, and to |n-rsou* getting on the i ar* wl«ir
tiu tickets are aokl.
Serva nt* traveiling hy thetu** l,*-« most Is- furnished by thrir nn*
ter* with two passe*, «o that one can b»- retains! at the office, and it
mu*t be expressly slated on tbe pa** that they are prnuiltrd to go
oil ttie cars
THOM \P ODAMKAD, Superintendent.
Office R A P R R Co March iftlh laftt
o c r o it i ic tf s? n.
Ljrachburf $8 To l-» xtnft.in f I "V
| T<> Hu. han-*ri 4 i#i | To Ue Natural BrUlfV I .*<*•
F*r- fri m both Richmond xml l.ym t.burf to Char ttr*v.!le, f /
Saitsli.- I. «»if a fa*r trial, tf a i'e in g*>. ty ».f travel mi the Packet
It..at* are U tter accommodated by U-a\ inf in the rvrim f. we return
to the old hour*—.»n and after thr in«tant, h-arpi* Kb-hmoml
Moielav. Wednesday at.-I Friday, at hi* M . r**a.h \t w Canfc.n at V
I '• M M
an I Hii«*hanaii ami l/*tiiiftoti al I* M of the **-<'on«l day.
IC*turninf. leave Hurhanan at «'• % \l . ami Lymhhurf at 7 V| I*
'I , Monday, Wednesday an>l h 'lay. r*» h Sc»4t.*\ ille at 1** t% A M .
N.-w Canton at l S I* M , ami arrive in Richmond at h t»Ml A M
The |l...»t« 1'itulii • t :»t N« a Can tori » th U.e M »jfr for tl*e In.t .tut*
ami Itm ktnfhain C II., an«| In N‘<4txvdle a .th U.e Staff lor Char
JfT See T m>* arid |» •tano-*. In Card beloW :
Lftrr /(nk /. e.ire / i/n< Hf’Urj V- •»./«» y,
|(V./a/Wop iiai/ FW./.jy, •<! II /.iy .tad A>»*/.#y, of
?./•. jfv | ;v /• m
taanx *T Ttva milk* triair* »t via*. mm
MauakuiU wr V r a IJ staple*' M.IU, 11 r v 17
Jobs Ferry, l" r a !i HmtCreek, 8 * •»
M »
Oniar Kiiinl, l'C% i « -V. Ilardwiek*ville, hk% ** 4t
JAfWh tf *' 88 Warwtitialrr, “ 48
P. mbertoo, |l%' '* 47 liowanDvdlv, ** “ M
Colainbta, • *%' •• M SulUTillr, lolf ** Cl
New Canton, V “ fu*. Vw Canton, 1 ^ r a *•»*
Sruttivilk, l.*N r a 7V Columbia, •• V"
lloVardwtllr, tf N ** VI Pemberton, *• 1
W*ru»ln«ter, 4y “ W Jefferson, T|| ** 1«*7
llinhtnittllle, .M| •• D*'. Cedar Point V •• 114
Tve IChrer, €1% •• 1"S Mtrlau**• Ferry, V^ " 114
It ut Creek, •» ** 117 Jmlr’* Ferry, 11 •• 1*4
Staple*’ Mills IIS*** 1*8 Manak intown, N a ■ l -*V
Lynch bury, l> am 14b Ri<hi:i».ml. * -** 14b
K hm ml, u t..u r 1 ~ lv's’> u*'l‘>
Ft Re K 1.1.. L \ l*l> .v « " .
Il.Al.HL- IV
!i‘2 Main Ml reel. Corner fimrlepulli Street, •
Rirun.-xb Va.
S/#** lh« |re.me Indifti 1 Mil Balaam Capav %
?»•*!> ix«t M older In raa » Lump M tfiien.a
8,u»i |b* Kitrm i b^vmitl tf** • Macrarunl
ltl fr-. 0*«*l Lifer till l,11*' fallot.* Lili«eti| Oil
f«t» I»I4# Uuriuiif Fluid t##* L»if« W l itr L> ol
8" 144* \ enel and Span tfft • «*e, Chrwuir Ureeo at. !
Brown Id »•
..Iilife* Siilpl. Quinine ft rank. Sw-el Ol!
4' U.l* Tanner** OU ttf/lb falloh# Lamp t*ll
tf.*. i> l« Aim r an ami Ir.th D* • a*e» F ifIM. Aluvtard
lolue Im.lea Castile S. tap
tf,*#*" lb*. Re fin. • It. ra« Vrf* kef* Sup. Curb Soda
tfft hl»l* Putty 8ft bMa. t imWci
tfh 144* Caster Oil *•'. 14;b. .Ale- hr.I
2" 144* Spirit# Turpentin# M» ca#e* Cooper** N r-fla**
1,iMi !h. T iikv It. ,*n* tf < *•#• Rhubarb R. t and
5 M4.*. Catnpfior powder
T* 144* R|i«.ia 9*lt« 10 ke/> Canary Seetl
li" kiln Kirifaford*# Starch 1 hale LnOf lVf^»er
Vi U»x - firM Oir.f* r, pure l,i*"*» U.\f* Window (*11*«
tir’d P»pper, |>«rc 45 fr.' Maaun** Hlarktuf
Ah laf* rtrpprr tfh fro. Yead Powder*
tf" bajr* AIDpice •>*• ,*■•» Cifar*, all frade*
^«* mat# C **#ta
With many other art*- If#, emhraelrif a fetxral »«*. rtinent. offered !
a k>t# to %mt, Tery low for e«*h. nr nn nail rrr«|lt to punctual deal- i
rr#. PCKCRLL. LADD A CO., DniryM#,
mhlt Ttf Main rtreei. corner Fourteenth.
M U s | o |C I % Ml M U s I o< h
* M * I .
’ tnpr - t.f *11 new atyle* of Spring Dre*# and Frock Bu*(
nca« Cant*, of fane* eh 'h*. ra**linere*( uefinn. Drip d’Fte,
Alpara. litter. a*.d Mar»eille# . Ve#U, In rfatle*# Va
riety . black dr*-** and fancy ra**>merr
Pant#, d»* I ox", mar.-ilb-a, r«u>l.lrt, Ac, 4r
Cravat#, Th-. and St/«-k* of the greate*t variety . Su«|xnder* ;
t.d, #»lk and thread Ulovw; H«m!krr> href*. A.< k« Sh.rt#. Collar#,
■ It and facie ri.4cr Si.rt. . #iik, merit;.., linen and bl--a*’l*ed cotton
Dr*«- r» , India-Rubber Owwlr . I’rnhrrila#, Ac.
wn'iir-aia a*l» trrtiL.
fl>. 4.00 11 t| 4 > . w *f>*n ai ).•* lary* new store room,

>tork of SpniHT and Summer READY MADE CI»THINf). embra
'f •!! t.ew .tyle# of ererr fra ie of Coat# Pant# and Av«t#. and
f if • • f ir - U Fr»*i In* very /real la il.tte* in tnat.ufaeturinr,
txral patroa# ar.-l -?.e pohla* fcnrrall; wdl »t*ll Cod all artUW-#
r. L# Iuia. IrtNi; hu- *t U» u.w-*t fra.|f«, of tlx very be*t make, and
4 i, '.-uasy i w pc ire# (or rok. Call #n«l examine.
| ff* Hn 'ki pu caul S., IV Ma n «tr*et, ne«| d.*»r to J.
A fibilnipti • l*pl*»j J D. tiO* *I#M AN.
Kl>. 1 *. KKKhINrt,
-imciovi taii.-ik am-ci.<iTimk i.io. main .th.-KT
m'Iiim. %vi» vi mu k I.imiis.
fl'*T re.-Iveda larye M ».f «t*perU>r Cloth*, Ot»loirrt« arid
VnHtifr, whw-h lx will make up in tlx l.*t manner. «mi tlx
.,-»*t re •«--nxM* term*, ami at tb •in rte*t notw e.
A lirfe and w-It *-!► fed *to« k ».f lb *dy Made Cb.thlnf, wIim Ii
rl8 r«mpare wuh any in Him or any other market. Our |Xm e# a«
m aa at toy -ther llnu*#
Furni*lufif ii'pnt* .n o>at variety h a# shirt#. Crtrita, Srl.arf#,
r.e.,4 . Ar.
Hr invite# h.# fru ml* and other# who are in m-o/i Ii of really i|r4i«
abi» food* to call and exauilue h.« *t< ck. tui»X*
M) I K I; liXTRA
HOOTS, S 11 o K S AMt Till NKS.
'■AlMII i< nm >|tv « Alt rin n hi.m . w
M **kr ItiK oppnrtOluly of inforiulu*r oijr fmiill aflil fit#* FuMm ,
i(>a< »r arr in r»' <.f an a*»nrtin«ht of Iai»*l Oriillrimiu'
Fl.i* ilfr** !*••**(• Iinl ,ianr». I'nUI*)* (of tlir Hnfiito* f *r.ir Hr « «||
M«*ifr Mir • IKUiWlrfl ainf all if. »in| #,f fti.#> fMidi, that iuir rl*., k
a.II u-ar rot«i|>nri«on «•» a1.7 in V irftaiaor hot nlbar .“up, an«f »r
iini.k a* m rmliAnt, »f ii H»-rr nrrr««arv( «l«<iil.l» ll«r an»<>uM of !•»►»
M.<. «o.| K-of* In inv ofl.«-r If- !-*• m Ri- i.d. i |i ,« nun.. * • ,
. > for «<• f». fit info a «f«*laif *.f aft ll»r ♦§•*•» ri|.(XiMt All w* a«k a
call «m| • tuninp.
•pi* PL’TSKr, watt? A Ft TNfcY
H 10,000 \V< )in’H
tt n . I II A StllT i-<,
IHAVf « f II.. ,.r/• •• .1 «. „• III A|>\.
•I Atil I till IIIM. I I.,.. -i-r (ara.1 so ii,, v.
V' -1 "7 I ll,. t). |ii*lfi|.r>nrtr/ thiritm \f*iim In II.I,
... - I ,rlr r -l.i,' I ■,,-, ,. ||„ M mldHM
Ii.» 7..I / .. ,11, I-... ,*111.1 l..rjr. I fit III. a* tiarrlr.
I .rr. Will l„ i., . IT 11.. I.ilf.l ... |.*t>.fu |,„1 , I.n.r It
• rll 4,..I .. II .... I, ..Ml. %. 1 ** .fly .Dili. l„.„aa l.t 11—
.--l*ir . *1 -I .1 * II," I|»|.r».i 4, 't *• 4t.fl. I 4|.41,• ..fl*r 111V ...
a r-i ''’1,11 ",M' 1' *,,v •' •" --f i<r
Worm M1 UK i-A 1,1,7- aN|i ,«MaI.I. PROnill.
• „ A / 111 MM V STItFKT
U" •*’•••> *» H«l* \ II t l|!| AN 11 ||.If .
-TI.I.v, I |,ni imi-.i I 1 -. , ,1 ,1 ||m 1,
i "*•«*!; '■ • ’ '“ l o * r..|»A « ati 1;. , „.i. 11 . ,
, >’f M M. IllllMAI K. »l„ (tail. >. if 11 ,. |„ . :,i,|,
! »*••*■ »'«*• i.i«i.i.:.iturrr,*|ii,.r V ,-i 11,, 1 .«i„r 1-,,, , „
, t t -I m il- I. ..11... 11,. 1,.. .... ,.
i lie la Im.w .......tlirliriif If— .la.ta I...,1 f.. a. in ,|| Ila I—*,,rl., . ....
*"* I .. ,"4 rn.n.f
r '’Vht "M v,,M‘.. •-• w*
I par- •frill 1.. « in'r-l t * .•' »,o •• f.riurr r. put 'o.f.
19 r or-IT. *,f . lip • n I* . If p, , f M> 4 'ORM A4 K d
' HOIIA W AT. K " '
|«r- I-M.A «Arin,Ai.r,.,.ip.,KTm .H, .,..i .11 p.n. ,.f
r>tT- «»f rhairr 9
I " r,,’nf "rntAtf ra«.om« pr-mpUp .ll.,„|. |
S Apt Am WM V I, A flit. f.Afl.- 41.-1 S,. :*iA Hr'.4.l .1
. "*'*«l HI-11111. 4.4101 Hi
T ...’ 1 Mini;- n.i: m-iiiiin mu > . itiffnixi,
• • * •*; #<- -i-ni„„ jar
", ' "ty*'>A far. ».!.,»!. rh l„ m.tiiA
" ’ »«*H'|| Of ht4 frirful* arnt Ua pt»*4u fr* • r*1fy
haiwi - ► h KFp.wirr.
. ** * ! AVI**, r#—naf Man* 4-..I J 111, .fa
l,OI till I 44 HI tin, Wa l.t .
1 . 42
, ’.II .„!T.'! 1’.," *V,!uVJl'r.r,n' *"»*>,• ra.
m(,pf MOU'IIAHT, wriril.ru A (Vl,
* ri I
Jx^airr,AT*o,u,n ... ..
* ! '’•*•"•'*-1 RrAi-iH.i .*4mhwino MAniiNrru.41 r«,
; • M’t.’HTrVtTrTrM ,w* ti hai. a ...hit.
. A .,H,....■ah.*..., rin.iiMliiAHiin rrrii*
! Ha. VuaA I * ! vV. r,‘ -'••• '*• »•! nraal. H v
» I /*?!• ' ....' a4 .
. »..• k.i . V ., ,4 i.r'.";” "«- .ft
-4. fa..i„ . ..I . 1 I... 4 am.ll
~ *2~>M,V* hi n., ,
' “*** WArtHtU A CLAIHuHNr, Ho. II Paorl H.
HI M Ml K U( It 1 ><• I >1 I > I H,
! ■ Kill XKW YORK. - Tb# superior Double
1 I4 Raguie Steam*hi|» RO ANoKK. 1 irat tutu bar .JsbA^
! then, I'ap* /V»*»<'« Vi (NN/r, h-«o* IS') h*liit
I N. * York, every Saturday mtvniig, at * o*« I** k nPWa
Pa »«(>p r« lr«»«i Richmond vl4ui( to jnui IiU -hip at t'ny Point,
«t|| |. inr In raity train v’»S A H Uf nara to |Nr.-r*»»urg every
] Saturday io«>ntl«*g. ai»«i • an obtain lhi«ii(|H IkkiU to New York, by
' at oar • tttce, south side of Itaaiu, ar at the Ihpot, on Sat
1 urday morning
1 Pk«*agr and Fare* to N Y , Including State Room, f Itt
Steerage Pa*a»ge t« do. fr« m Olty Point. |A
Passage and bit to Norfolk front City Po.nt, same as by the riv
er steamers
The Roanoke proceed* Immediately to Norfolk and leave* there
•ante »v, mug. .at r arrival of Smith*ra Cera,) for New York, reach
■if lhere neat evening. pa«*vi g« »s from RUTuno..d being only ««w#
I " on bard.
Tins route will he found far the pleasantest ami most couifotia le
I.. N. a York. kaaMva being lit, « h. apc*t, a* the dust ami heat of
I lb- Retread* are avoided, and there are no change* from time of
j •lepat .are till arrival in New York.
I Returning, the Koam.kc leave* New York evegy WnliesUjr af
IrflMHHl al 4 o'.Tck
lor S>ate Kooios, apply at our «>IB< e on Snath Sale of Bom
{rrtirji wanT'-wa, Oapt. Parrish, leave* the wharf at Rich
I iitoiul on Tuesday afurmnoiv. at 4 uMivk, towelling at City Point,
»ml pr«H*>edtng same night to Norfolk. malA—Yt ^
raiHF STKkNMl ITRTIH P»VK. faptain J.dvn a *S*n
M. I»av*s. having ju*t undergone a thorough over W>r»jRWf
hauling, will nrswun Da* regular run between this
i ihr Hb»v( place*, leaving tin wharf at Rin ketu. on SATt’RDAY
morning neat, 10th Instant, at {S)j o'clock) prcctaely. and every
! Tu«-—lay. Thursday and Saturday morning* at that hour.
Returning, the Curtis IN*ck will leave Norfolk every Monday. Wed
hi*.lay and Friday u»orumgs at the aaiuv hour, <hjg o'clock.) and
1 touch at all the ngnlar landing* on the river going and returning.
P*«»age and meals a* usual R O IIASKINS.
Tne freight on all articles lo be banded on the nvrr rnuat be paid
when they are cent to the boat.
_ K »» 11
I > ION h IT. \ MHint* COMPAN1.
*.». Steamer PFNNHA I VAMA.t aiua.il Dtviu
| Tau . Steamer YIRtllMA. t'apl It R.-m* ^ UlT
One of the-r superior St* aim-ra Will leave Ksk MMijnBr
mond. until tor liter noiWr. evriy W-dnrstaj. tom long at City
, Point and Norfolk to receive freight ami pa iwrligvr*. Returuing, leave
Philadelphia every Wednesday morning at ItlaVIuck.
I The- St.-anver* are now in ter order, itHwased accoumodath.ns
fi*r tin- comfort of p.*«-ugvr* ha* lug lerii add«*l. a* also un i. room
for freight; and we hope,by regularity. dispatch *nd.»are In |m>Uit
lug goods committed to our charge, lo ifcdre an lucrew-e of pain n
:gT N„ trail ahfpmcnl by thla line
Paaaagc through to New York, and found .. ♦!»» on
Do do Philadelphia, and fowbd. Is cabin S ‘b
I Passage to City point and Norfolk mm. a* by the river boats
jv paMSgrr* by thk> lu»r can "top in Philad. I|a ia two or three
I day* and then l*cv c**d Ui N*» lurk t) lire aau»e tick, t
.ub -tl H K. TITTLK, Agvnt. Kok. tu
Ylfr.Rt II IUV
Corner of Cary and Pearl Street*,
n\VF In *turv, and are receiving fh>* the N.rrth. their Spring
Shoek of Good*, which will be large and varo-d • hen received.
| lo wkkh they call the attention of country merchant* and the trade
generally -among a In. h a dt be h*uml .
*t»: toga R»o. I^guayra. Mark-alb.i and Java t ofT.-e
g; Mai* N O. and P II. Sugar *ott»e very cboift
ft|o package* K. An* d Sugar* all sort*
Hi bid* N O. Mulaaaca and R.-Arnd Sytup
fs» l.lol* Cuba and Muscovado Mola*—*
•flit pa. kag»s ti P , Imperial and Bla* k Tra
YI.V boaea American and French Glass
f*a Snlrv Sde leather
>*• |m Talk**. Adamantine an » *pern» CanJIca
tin hbl*. Tanner's and Machior Gil
1 ,«**• keg- »*-*rted Sail*. ituoH appr« ved hrands)
• half h*-» Hennessey ami Otanl. Dupuy 4 Co. Ilrandr,
vintage I'di and 1*»*
ft p pes choice Holland Gin
Ci *, and V| plp>‘« F Brandy, Pale and Dark
hu. •* t». r»- Uve” WT.i*kv. warrantid It* to 1ft years old.
gin |4v|% cmolunati Whisky anJ Alcohol. daily rq-vir.| to
l.v Wage* of *>tl»er Whisky'* and Winra^too numerous to
«i lu,kri. chviuiagnr; *» rmn, CUrrt
H, P»n*. (Jr1i..l.u,n<-., Wrii’Pl"* Su)>«r,
W«d Warr,tr.,ic.
Wl.ich tl«-> will .rll low u, |>unclu,l tVtomtn.
K, r. wi>vit(N a to.,
(irocrrs and i'onnm»iou Merchants,
uoanaa c%at a an I3n *T*t*T>s aacauuftft, *a ,
nM» leave u. .nforiu Uo »r friend* and • usbuurra, that Urjr Un
ri. ,v~l vl*eir Fall So. k of ORtrCFKlKS. UQI'OK*. MINIS.
4 .A . ...minting the largest and l*e*t *«ock they have ever kerb
aide 1. g. t ,1. vVe u.vite city and country dealer, to exaunoc our
•Ph k le/nfi purr basing, among winch wlU he fouod:
loon bag* Ru», Java and t.agu»>ra i«dh e
I hd«. I* R , N. O. and Cuba Sugar*
2»h» M4s Crushed and C"IT'^ ®°
lUO bbla and U» Cuba and S O Molamea
* 130 bbU N C and Halifax Herring*
%*' k g. Nail*
2*"» bt»l* Old Rye and Rectified Whiskey
50 I.) U Southampton and Jersey Itrandy
3o Idds V K Rutu
3 V* pipe# Hennemcy Itrandy. very fin*
lo V pi pm tvarlou* brand*) Brandy, Pal* and Hark, wry
SO V cask* Sherry and Madeira W.ne
SOU U.xe« S|»eru» and Adamantine Caudle*
4««> ream* le tter. Cap and Wrapping Paper
2*"» side* Sole Leather
3n t*..\e* U»af Sugar
t'< tierce* Uuiluii Porter
Its* packages Green and Bin! Tea*
130 do Fancy and Plain Cai.dle*
fill bbla Cider Vinegar
Jim ttoxe* French (>laaa
Dm doieu Bed Cord*
luu Itoxe* Brown and Pale S-.ap
past lit*. Cotton Yarn*
ALSO Br «.mt. Bu. ket*. Cotton and Hemp Linn, Grain and
Or ;i •! HU. * Pepper. litl.fr, All«p.• e. Nullueg*. Madder. Spues,
I I • I
4v ail ul which wiU Ik oMrnrd low lor % ad. ..r to Imnctual dealer*,
•rlu K. T WINSTON 4 CO.
STMtAT. Would r»- pr*-t#uily call ti*e attei.tioO of l.i* friend* U»
irge assortment f FRESH FRUITS, tlu ■*
juice, . f Ins importation from Paris, embracing Pea*lie*, Mrawber
ne*. Aprk «.ts, Pine a | pi« *. 4c Also, a variety of
Coii*-rve* Al'tnentarle*
Pate de Foie* liras
P*te de Foie .te Yeau
Oi«nipignotiA au Bcurre
P.le de Ueiue.
Troffe* aux NatureU<*
Pale de Perdreaux
Pel.*, Pot*
Frrdi Salmon and I*J*»trr.
And a large variety of Crystalled FrulU of h»* own manufacture.
Hi* amon inert! i* complete, and no pain* 1* spare*! to cater for the
Malt -
»1 \NTII.MV *1 AN rii.i.%%.
Jl ST receive,! a furih. r *«ipply of Uwnillla* of rerent style* of
S Ik. VJoire Antique and Lace, in White, 111*, k and Cubic*, also
14 doc noise Caefu* Skirts, at a reduced price.
FniVroldrml Mu*l»n and Corded SklrU
Whal bone and // |4<. Cord do
Hair Cloth and Manilla Grau do
Palm leaf. Ivory and Spanish Fan*
Jaconet, Oigsndle and S»lk Rde,
Check Canton SUk* at a low peW e
Small t'heek Fr. rich S.lks for Misse*
F.. nch S.lk* at A3 and -TV* renU, a bargain
HI*, k do at $1 per yard do
IH* Grenadli.es, Barrgr* and Challe*
Do Brr^-he Hod Satin Plaid Barege*
Para*«>t* and Ladle*' ('mbrrlla*
Gent*. S Ik and Cambric do
G*rit'« Linen Cambric llander>hi« fs In White and Colored border*
•one- very pretty.
Gent** Sumu.er Cravat*. Slock* and Ties, in great variety
Gent's I -|e Thread. Colton and Silk half BO* ■ ». WMB Ml
Gent's Coder Shirts, In Silk. GauXe, Merino, LisleThread and Ctd
Um. At tfie cash *tnre.
I- if f i i i* ll % ll III
EVULE FOIVUKY. Kh limi'i'X. Virginia,
cany -raarr. ur*i»v n tai **n rirrsaant,
i’l ler-, flails, ad Car*, at I ail description* of Rail JLaI
r..**l Machinery, St itioi.ary Fngine* of any nqulred IhMM
p.W. r A 1*0, p..ruble )| g.i.* *, With % tie. ..ted llliproVt kMPwr
inert ..v r any l*erei,,ftife n»a*le, (fnun 6 lo 4*f h*ir«e |*«»Werj
nn vM*K mm till adapted lo farpHnf porpufkM r ” !-' * • * • • * •»
4* , with improved Circular Purtabb S*a Nl It- at* t. h*d, of 1st. i>i
M*d Ida M g Mar! rri 1 t vt .. \u •
Forj g* and Ttibao Factory Flxtorra ol et«yy kkml; aim. Beam
and Iron Castugi mode to order P- RAIIM
Kkiam WILLB, K C., Dec H, Wi.
P Rsnu. F.*ri.. Richmond. Va
|. .. - I i,. p. »bl ► i . , - tod Saw M.ll
Vc purchased nf y*ua a • * • . ll Bp • •* a
mu • IW far 11 perftirm* fnMy wm • *p« i i
imyrorniritt over anyOitnjr that v*> have seen
Wr have VK»t *»*•'•! INhIi 11 fet. but UrtMRr w*- are not filed
a Iti • •Jitrlurfio have tried •! aiilR. •• idly to kj»«*w that it
the ••»»*He ovrf ai.ylliinff III »Ii *|*e of ftiilh in th»a |*art of Noith
Mrf>ulil yon have tnf r<#rr*-«pnml» nta from IbW arctinn r*a|»filrir
ii , rfti rrfef Imw It ow Mllt( u i A|M VMI kr ilf iImI M
r*.|uivilr, A Vno «r« at l.brrty In uv this a- ft* think proper
» lot J P9UMAI4
P P Th» Wwnrrr Paw te Nn. A apl**
SI* I If *• % I Oil If lit* I %. TI.I* »li«a<»r.-aMr and open
fat *l romptalnt of niffhtly m<. and v »kn^M.f rtflaln
urf in« .1,fill I ff man for h»*a*pleasure and matrimonv, l« • n*
n.f.1 «(• It and |»rrmari*’rilljr rured hf Die impTffd •
Hik-. lull .|irr. l...n* f r u*e areompaavii ff *»ck rinff
Aim Mart * new aiyt* Raap -nitrl—,Mgbtf ne<»miiri>d»4 by phv
•i. HIM f..f tfi-rakiKO of maarh-a of the wrMam, hy di-ea«e
nrffrirfal latitude Arr mailr of Ur lira ijajDrnat" Proe of
e.nA irlirlr |i frrr l*y mail, bilr-ia |||« ..unr^ pb>a*rian« m.-I
«|rwfff>t* AJ-lrroa letters to bn* !J447 P O
j. c nri.MH'K.
tfj Cbrjstie street,
.-.ai r. II* Xrw Y-.rk
If yiT received a* our Repository, nor floe open PIlAPTON and
•ereral flnr TOP-111*001 RR of a«|M-rV»r Anlsh and style, to
who If Wr invite ll*e attrntii.n of our r#«lainrr« and the puMIr
Hitchcock a wHonN.
,n%f, Pquarr abovr thr Bank*
%«rOOII*k PAWII.I mil III IIIIIM.k. •/.*• half
Ww' jriat r<-rr.r»d for sale by
oinmiiw k «•«>
■ ||t| i.s IT WIIOl.l'MI.r. ,1 ... ■ ti.1.1.I
i. ... in H |,ni..ri4 T.,!.».•<••> th* mo*. <t*-IMou« ll»r*-n
.nd aarranlnt An.l rirty Ihl'iK In ll»- l>.nr Bw. wkrJr'jl.
,,, i, s p. -mm,
...v, tirt Mnln «,rnrl.
A ..till | I, I I M il, PKIB. I«»» boatml. Bl»rll «t.d
1 j m Clay, f«.r sub* hy
WOAfflf.R k CI.AlhriRNr.Nf. 11 P^arl •!.
Ur » IM. \1DHII fMlllTKHA.-I.•rnnmviia, W. .Iff* . I
.o.l Poamrlbd Hrfrra and Pr*tlr«.aN stars, for Hotel*, fain
i I ilea an I Hrnfffftst’s, for «ale at l«W prues by.
f|1 W IM Mil |.At, A* H *-w,. <1, l.'ff'-'imvRa an4 Japan
I Twine |». r|«, with a food *to«-k Ru, Ifrmp ai»«l Cm ton
i I wine, ft r *ale low, l.y
nil I NH l.lMIflN. Heraff- and Orffandb Rohr*
Plaifi and P/Wl* «l H* f •$
do do Ofenffdlnea
Oktffhants, Lawn*. 4* Jo«f rrr#dv»d.
PAKKP.lt. NlMMO A (Ml ,
tna 9 HR. Nfl' Kqnire.
IaVINW MMk, Kemtiful I*A| Ptielc . Prffftrb, t Tit near fr%
4 thrr. Randall wood, Curved Ivory, and Htlk Paw*,a very larye
1 rod vumiI MM.rtiiH-til, for nlf at low pnrwa hy
mw 'iMl Ill'll 4 OA rits. Round and Ut*h
J ▼ ▼ I . Mfi In -« »• «.r iffty, from 4 fu 94 Marbea in *,r* vrr> <|e
| • r,i.t. Sf'irl. ff.r the araar.fi. for »ii« h.w hy 7.IMMPRMAN
maff IM Main, rirmer I9*h *ff» rfa.
\l M Ilk* A Rnr •••. ptmrnt of Auffrra for Carpenlera. M.ll
wrifftit* and •htti iinliilm
Til Ml RORRRTRflN. Importer and dealer
In brrlffi arwl 4fiW»e*tle hardware arid
| nitl eutlery. No 4f Main street.
I1II I k, Ju-t In haml tine a*woimrnt of mill 4 rat, band
4 afkd Tenan Paw filni, arid H.#ae rasp and (ls« Riee
THKO RORIRTPflN, Importer and dealer
In Pur. qrn and don rail* hardware and
I ina 9 Cutlery. W* Main atrret
■ .Alt I Nil I Dll f.lYl.M III#.. A new -oppty. Jot rr
W* retvr.lhy bAllH.KV i RORInPON.
I mill Chmilta. k< . Ith ami PranliMn ata
•AW IINI •». IHINI kill MM A Mil I -t' ‘“••H
• f*r iioitai H.n d«t, re» riTii.ff for «alr by
Mri IIIT’k IIM9 4 N ft 1,011 MI1IC4I •« » kll
Pit •ITI ARP. ff.r sale by RltWlN WORTHAM 4 <V»
141 I tM>TI.M* A handaoww aaas.rtfnent larr Ktft
J ties, for *ab by (*na14] C HaRTW'PI.I, A CO.
HI! 4 Mill , I fib ptpaa aaperb.r Knndy for sab- by
main IfAVKNPUkT, AI.I.KN * CO.
roH Tin: kriiu.
IAN now In rrcrl|4 at my Hl'KINM XTIH'R Of n m _
MANIlMTAKR.nl R*»,lwl. an.l ARwfAui mai.il
,wImv. A*ni fr..i.. Umf a.auwfa.-twrvr*. u. w K. I. |
r. .|. ■ tinUy Iwvrtr Mu. uu..lk,n uf m.t hknb. l«.il.
In and .. utilry, auMrit, ll». m Mini Muy al.nlI T I ^
A**- **r*V artkk In my tliu an low wa II ran lu had In oaar city _
Ny at.uk con*<at* la yatl ..f—
Ivory KantlW KnlVra a I. .1 /..rka, of 51 |»l*.o*. of 1 nlgt i .* anj
**Umh Mokwi
R»-lge»s’ Ivor* handle Knler«, without fork.
1 rouble plated table and deaeert Forks, plated ua eat/a doe
tier man silver
Ko*lgT(V and various other make* of buck, bone and buffalo
handle Kiiihi and Forks
R.alger*, VI .eiriitHilin and other make* of pocket and pen Rutvra
R-mlge,*' and W oaten holm's S* inutt. lu great * an«lt , »n»iue ol
I Item lb raare
Vk o«iruiioln.’% and WA 8 Butcher'* Rasors
Pruning and l*r«lge Wears
" •**m* •‘•‘fN* au>l in MU, some of I Item very hsnilanms
Sad Irens, of dite quality
lr»m T.-a Kettle* and J*au«e Pan-, tinned and untinned
lull metal ami |vu. lam preserving K.Ulr. and iron Furua.'es
Hollow ware aud Fire-(her*, a general aaeortuieiit
Tall and dat bottom bra** t'ainlWotkka and Snuffer* . mm rut,
hand. panel. rip. ctHn|«o aitd truant Saw* . Braces ami Hit*, mhuj
of them ol very superior quality ; hand, broad and pole A tea; nad,
brad and ea pel Ha turner*. %h Ingting and lalhii^ llatcbets, all
**ar* ; Baldwin'* Plane*, a general aoortsimt. carprater's and rail
road k'ltrfl, t'htarl*. liouge*. S|uare* and Hevils. tvo and four btbl
Rule* ami Tape Measures; Morhi end Dfcrs end Screw PUte*.
Smiths* solid b»t Vices and sledge and hand Hammers , horse-shoe,
cut and wrought Nails and cut Spike*. <P every stsr . Augers and
*"CrU*lMl mil . srs; Vs patent P Lock*; pad. stock,
lilt, emut, cupboard, mortice, rim and rloarl lock*, round, square
and daft RoH* «»f every *t»e. wrought and cad . curtain Pins and
curtain Rand* . hank and Wove Wire, all slse* . Mason's Challenge
Rl*« k*ng. Ante** and K«>w!*hd‘« Sp«d« » and SIk-vcI*, lA*ng and short
handle; manureahd hay Fink* ami ganlen and hay Rake*. Klwell's
Weeding. hilling and grubblrg Hors, all siar*. tra.>. halt. r. brra*ft,
log. ol ami well Cbaius. ganh-u Trowels and gardeu Hoes, Rutt
Hinge*. of e%e«y *tae and kind . plat*. ho,.k and eye. strop and T
lliugvs, Iron ll.toks a ml Staples and ||a*ps and Staple* . Fib-* and
K**p*. of all *l»e«. together with almost every other article u«uaU)
k. |« lu my lla* of basiaea* J W K ATCI.IFFK.
Comer id sih and Broad stieeft*.
•H* Opposite R F A P R R ih |*A»t.
hFMINU HINDU % M tU iN.'rtl.
IJUroHTKftS alaV/> i>k.i Lh'KS /.V
Gt’NH, SADDI.KKY. 4o.,
*Y«» 't- /VgW S/rttf, A'lcAisoNii, la.,
H kVff no* III Store, sod a/e reeetvltig from the
mauufbctur. r% of Ku glan.l *ml this couaftry. a
large and Well wpAlni stock of It •**(*, especially
a«lapled to the want* of the Trade of Vltgmia. North
Carolina and Tcnnsss... *ud we tv *pr*-ifully iuvtte Merchant*. Sad
•Her* abd others, vWilii.g tins iuaik*-«. to tail and rtamme tb* same
Our st. . k Is hall and a oiuplete. * .noprtaiug part as f.4l«iw*. Vit
Tools ft*/ i'arp-uirii. Mason*. Saddlers, Tauber*. M.nought*.
C.mperSw Smith*. Ac , lu gr« al vartrty.
Budding Material*, a* Lock*. R*»ii«. Butts,iVrewa, Ac , Ac
Heart tlood*. a* Ituilis, Ant its, Vkrt, Steel. Hollow Ware.
Ath*. S|*r>ug«, lu*, Ac.
S*h t> Fu*c. ScvUmt*, Snaths, Stmn* and kd.T
Straw Ki.irt m. list Kui*. «, Rrh-t llo->k«.
F*.rk«, Spa le-. Shoe. I». II tin. *. Hog N ns
A Aue assnrtasrtrft Rrtgie*. Ssddle*. Stirrup*. Bills
Whip* Pat aud Knaim-th-d leath* r. Sheep Skins
Ms • la*«ti, HaioI TV. «•*. tVimp R..ar<ls
Cutlery, of Rodger*'. W'o*uuloJm**, Hatcher's and other
Hun*. double and single barrel. Rifles
Plslotw. 1 good *A.. rtU5ellt
SfHIU IM I'UHTATIOli. | a) to.
\V. S. A: O. DONNAN.
So. If IVarl Si., Ritliinontl. A a.,
IMIMKTHI- .\l> »lll>l » ll.K lit: Alt :MS |\ KINK ANIt IIKAVV
II \K1IVV »MI . • I ri.l H | «>!>«.! Km
K Kb revel* mg oy ship* “Albert Gallatin.** **Gr. at ,
HVucru.’’ “Isaac Hnylil” ami ** Far* !•**-.'
ait.I 'Irimm “Atlantic” and “Ah-ica,” tlirir M|>niiir^^SHPr
I hi |k trial Ion ttl Birmingham ilnl ."*!.« ®.-Id 11A Kl>
W \Kk, Ct TI.FKY uni and from manufactories in our iaii
country. .* v cry full and conaplete assortment «»f AMPIllCAN GOOD?*,
ala ted ult». great care. purchased upon the most favorable Ur ins,
and ciubra* g in eaietit and variety a slink worthy Die attention
and examination of pur* horn ritilinf our market.
Of Goods adapted foi the eaam, and in tieavy at Ik ies part*-oiar
ly, our stuck la unu* ually full and complete, via;
H.-, ding and Hilling lloea
Grain, Urn»v Clover an,| Hramlde Pcythcs
Tra« eel-tr.Coil ami other (Ytaina
M*fl Cast, Iktulde Phear. German and Blistered
Hollow Hare Pots. Unn*. f>pl.|m, Ac.
llor«r !*hite*. Horse Naila, Anvils, Vices, Helloars, Ac.
Fties. U ks and Hinges, pcrews, Ac.
A%le« and UpTing*, Fry Pans and Curry Combs
Pm, Pocket and Table Knlvea
Katoi -. N issur* and Phear*.
Together will, all other article* usual In our line.
H r ropectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage llherallv be
stowed upon u* for « nuniltrr of year* past, ami assure Merchants
and olliers «>f our deteriiiiiiation to sell a* low *» any regular house
whatever, .(«.«• that our l«*st efforts diiU lie u** d i.t give satisfaction
N B.— Particular ami prompt attention given to orders entru-trd
b> a»- mlilti
S !• R I .V b 1 11 I* 0 R T A T I 0 \ , I S ft t>.
IB *1'. ROOHI' *V ( (I., /w/mrbr« tint/, . -
W WhtJcmaU /‘r tf*" in r"RKKi\ "*'! iHh TSe. » r
MK>!1' HARbWARK. So *4 /V»W drMf,
// K AVy**, Rich$mm*f% Fin., have received
due. t from the manufa- turers in Kngl.and, a full and Mr ■ nP
complete assortment ,.f Huuungbam and She®. Id IIAKDW ARF, and
from the manufacturers tu Ihb country, a full supply of American
Goods. Tlirir .lock »• no* large ami complete, consisting In |*art of:
•■Radgers** and Wosten holin'* tine Pocket and Pen Knives
Pocket Knive* of I. *. it, I and 6 blades
Bu< k. Ik tit • . Kbotiy. Cocoa. and Ivory llaudk- Knives and Kurki
Ivory Hamlle Knives and Fttrks. in «eU of 51 and AS pieces
Ra* *rs of H ade A Butcher’s, ll«*tg* r», Wosteiiholtu’s, and Grravc’s
manufacture, of every style and quality
Pcis»or* and Shears, of various tuakes ami styles
Single and Ikstltl. Hartal Gun*, soiur Very superior
Pi-tol*. K lies. Ritk- Barrel* and Mountings
Trace. Ilalter. bv. H«4I, Ftflb and Tongue Chains
Air* of t • tlliiis* Ptmtuwos’, \ irgima aa«l other uianufa* turvrs
Hand and Panne! >aw-. Hammers and Han-hells
Mdlei’itt. t*r... * Cut .sitd Ctr* ular Paw*
J*p*d» * and Miovel* of Ames’, Rowland, Clayton and oilier makes
Anvils, Virst. ami huililiN Bellow *
Pledge and Hand llaamiers. Mam ks and DU*. and S rrw Plate#
DUar ami Cast Bteel, square and o» lag on
Cawing*. llorsr and Mule k’hoe*. and ll»r«r flu* Naila
Win Privrs and iHfWr*. Cole* 'Iill* and Cards
bridle Fillings, Wusb-d Reltis and Girths
Horse and Mule Collar*. Hamas, Ac.,
Locks, Hinges and Screws, of every description
Planes, Chisels Augers and Flk-*, all kinds
Platform and Counter S*ale*, Pat. Balances and Steelyarda
Pi gin* American, and G I> P»-rrusslon Caps
Hay anti Manure Fork*, 2, 8, and 4 prong
Hilling and Weeding Harm all sites
H jrthe HI*dr«. Pnallis, Pickles.
Tea Tray* and Waiters—and all other goods usually found in Hard
Warr Plore*
A- our goods have Dm pun haseil/or CAP II,on the u*o*t|favorable
terms, and arb*. tesl exclusively for the Virginia, North Carolina and
Tennessee Trade. w« feel confident we ran offer strong Inducement*
to merchants visiting this city, and respectfully Invite then to an ex
amination of our stock, as wr are determined to sell as low as any
regular any of the Northern > liU-»
P- S.—All orders carefully and promptly attended to. fe?N
(1|.\ICKNON A \>IH:UMI>, NO. ■!!,„»
J luff MAIN .KTKKFT. lak RTiaiiir IIakhwaii,
f'cvuuif, Graa, “Ascmia” Itoirtao Curru aao
Ft-.a Toole ..f every description, are now lu rere-.pt zSKLzMBm*!I
of their Spring stock, embracing every article usually kept tu their
line, to which they r- .pertfuily invite the aUmtlsa of Virginia,
North Carolina ami Tennessee Mm looU visiting this market. Im
porting direct, md |»ur< basing for cash, ruaMn them to sell as cheap
as any house North or Pouth. iuh4
JtNiN >. 111 ii Min i i, rnmim
the Kichange llotH, has in store and offers for sale -
gwede* a
Amerirau Hammered '-IRON.
Knglfh and American rolled |
Fngll*h and American Mistered Pteel.
Hr ..ml Plough Iron, « to |i Inch
Fla*. Hound ami Pquarr Iron, all -ixra.
Oval. half 0« .1 d.d half round I rob
AioerMMit. ki.gl.-h ami Russia Fheet Iron.
fUntl vml lltNtp Iron.
Nail Rod*. Am* rit-au and Pwcvlra *
AmerKan ami Pwrdr* Horse fltioe Iron.
Horse Phnes. a*, lit. 1
Tin Plat. . Pig and Hu ^in
J*lieet Zuic.Ppeln r Mil Pprlter BuUrr.
Plieaihlng. Hi ’* ami Bar Copper.
•ml. Pig and lUr Dad
Groumi \\ *g«tn an.l t:*n H .tea
MiC«-rim k * cmI 1'iliter Vl-.ukl |btsr>ls|
Wuiskii Bucket llamlks
Bn. k*i Far* and Rive**, Ganed and Un-k.
Tin Plate*, V UloU* siSes.
Ilaidaart and Wrappiug I'sprr.
Cotlufi and Hr rap llttugl* l.uns. •
Pol. U-*U»er, good and daasagtd.
pterin, A'lvm mtinr and Tallow Csndlea.
!*• *sps, fancy ami brown
" tnfiz I
It - S. \% I lilt A to .tar. utter
J r.r aal.
I" hhd* ir"d to pr ime New Or lean* Sugar
ftar i.hl* C IV*- Cradteil an I powdered (Stuart'# and olltcr
brand*) Sugar
y, lu.aea Loaf
Mh|« prime Cnhi Mn|i*w«
An 1*1.1* |.ilme Nr W Or I* »n* M il*# !
ton brig* gr*a| to prime Km* Coffee
bag* prune baguayra d«»
pocket* prime Java do
I-' b-*'e* and liilfl*o«e« Adamant lot, Sperm and Tallnw Can
fdSI Sid* *• Knl# Lratltrr
1M» krg* Nail*
77 bile* Colton IJnra
Vf> d.. Cm.dir Vfbfc
4"" kd* No I and i Mackerel
H**» tiunny M*g«
A general n-...r fluent nfT.a*. Virginia and O-orgla Cotton Tarn*,
Hire. Tar V.negar Tinner** Off. S»...t and Ul. fll »•* lf**fr>. Snap.
Stan h, IHarking. Wrapp «.g Paper. Paint* d Him krt* pepi* r, p.tnn,.
• P • !• Sporting and Blading mMl
► » av*- n*.w in *u*r«- i rhnW **-le<-1ton ut Vanew a tb-lr* for
▼ ▼ Spring. .... baa
Plan. Stuped, and Plain HU. k Silk*
d** *l«» d«# C«*|..r«*d d->
IIU. • and Colored Silk H i-**
Or* online arid lt*-rage do
Organdie and hawn dn
Pla.n and Figured Jaconet*
While and Printed Itrdl.ant*
Pivn and Printed Mon*** I nnr
(VMitrr* Sl.awl* and *. art*
N* we.t *tylr« Pari* Mn.tie
KmtirnMered Kudin and Cambric Collar* and Sleeve*
Pfend. Wrought Collarrtt** and Sleeve#
Motirrnrig ('••liar* in grr*| earictg
Muffin and Cambrics Hand* and Trimming*
Inf.nt* frock Wa»*t*
Thread Pdg. * and Cam
Atciandcr'* Rid and Milk Olovr*
Ladle* Rid ai.d Ik# Oanritleta
Black Thread Veil*
fancy Souffle do
Cr *p> and Lnv* do
Muffin Capa
Pml.roWlered affd Kceere Ifdkf*
Mi**#* Oloer* and It***#, all S #*•*
Na 14»|, Sagte S.,..arr
M %% ST04 K lit Npitlkt. 4*€t41lis,
KV ■ re re* - ving o«ir St*.* k of Staple and San* e Dry Honda, If
part, of *a»r o«rn importation. and the remainder from the vari«*e
market* in l|i»* country, por>baaed o*» Ike wi«*«t favor aide term* -
fir Mb-/. ./**. J Krinj nvfjrr/g *or uni/ /rraA, we offer M to thi
trad* . oAfl |* n*ly * Mining i.iiger* that great indu* »merit a may tie e>
I**-* ted |t r«.fi«i*la it, part, a* follow*
\ 4 |M ftr*. Shirting* ami Sheeting*
t niton 0*naburg* OitlnfilA* and Nankeen
tarp Stn* k Hi*-*, tint lh»me*t|r all width*
Pl*kf. Strlpe«| and Plata Cotton for Servant*
Roiitn* ky Jean*. Satinet* ami Twee da
Tm k H,g«, g. rnltore and Apron CVrfc*
Itle* ImC and Hr.ad Talde Clot ha, and Damaak*
Large St*- k lrt#b Mown*
Cloth*, fhotmeft and Veating*
barge stork of Prlrda. Oingt.am* and Uant
A In*. * a* *r**l Canton Cloth*
Printed fhaltie* aod He rage*
Plain detain* and ChalHe*. all grade#
I iWn, Challtea and Her age Robe*
WhHe OambrW k*. Ja. koneta. Sw.*« and Mall Maaftna
Mint Ha*. Inrge Stork, and Cheap
lev r, K id.o ami Cambric Collar*
l.aee Collar- and Skefo in Set*
fdnen Carobrw-k. Silk and Cotton Mdkf* . With a lar|
at a* k nf other good* n*d enumerate*!, to which we |*k the attentio
of mu friend* and the trad*- generally
KA4 ON. Hi »,»,.!• Shi** and Shoulder*, received on f onatyt
merit , now landing and far -ale by
SKbliPN A Mil b»R.
a* a A Cnrnef Pearl and Oirf HrrrU
Um I 4‘ 49 N siViVN, 7ffJSSt lha. prime Cincinnati Side
19 In -tore ami for -ale by
Slf O 4 9. I» I M MM OS. /fi.i.ai Iba prime Cio. In* a
Shoulder*, In *tore and tor *ale by •
R. R. R.
riiArrcR 11.
In U *S chaplet we win ahtv how Rit>vtT*r Ru»f Kitikt and
Itsw n*» Raavuraa cured a terrible alUrl wf Chronic Rheums
U a Her After o Phttit laiw In Mil county, Va . had tried their
•kill la v ala. Also ; how country iKirtun cure their patients hy
uaing Radwwy's liaelWa let * very on* who I* aAk lol with 41*
raae read Uala wIvrrtiaMrnl. I>t all Who desire a food Purgative
aod Cathartic Medklwe try o«»e •h«ae of Radwav'* HrfiUlon'. Let
thoar roreerd With Pttupk *, blotches, More*. and wlme blood is Ailed
with tied humor* read the - aara w. hetr publish. Ha&wav'a Raspy
kaiiar. KanwavV Rawuyartau kwuLinit, and Rvdwav's Aboil*
ma'am* the only remedies required to stop the bw*4 torturing
pain*, care thr moat terrible and frightful disease*, and to keep the
huiuau *y stem la a regular and healthy oHmIUmi Muring lH*ram.
K A l> W A Y'S K A t, r i. A TO K S\
(Hit #f#yahifor /er «#%«p eW 4sr^ Hr u A.J* N^u/ ir.
1st They are the inoat plraaaul Mcdk’lne tu lake. In thr form of a
Pill, IB use
M They are the moat aale Nnltrliw to take, la the form of a Pill,
for tl«et do uot leave the bowel* cottlrr, nor •W-plet* or weaken I be
^tTrhey produce the moat delightful electa, upon the Mystrm. of
any Medicine In the form of a Pill. All who take them hare a regu
lar discharge of the bowel* at a regular period of lime.
4th Titer restore all had feelings front the intud and corrupt hu
mor# from (he body Every one who take* them rejoice* at the hap
Bf t Ac ts they produce upou the bowels, Liver, Mkln, Kidney*,
5th. They |wodnee the *ame happy tfnU upon the Liver, a* they
do Upon the bowel* ; upon the Mkln as they du upon the Pattcrwa* ;
upoa the Nerve*, as they do upou the Kidney* . upou the Absorb
ent*, aa they do u|hmi the lacteal* ; upon the Lymphatic*, as they do
upon the tllandulsr My stem vit Regulate each Organ and My stem
to a healthy and harmuuloua action.
Mh They are mild In their operatkxi. |*ica*ant to take “They
never turn -tie's stomach,” a* an «dd lady once mtuiirU to ua. nor
do they gripe, or lu any wlar render tl*en»seh r* disagree able lu tbeir
•per at ions.
lib They are entirely Vegetable, prepared from the Active IMu
cipie only, of Aromatic Hums. Plants, Roots, Balsam-, Ac. They
arc highly concentrated, uotliing inert i* In their cmm|ni»itioit they
are iudd v-t active One Regulator I* more |H>wrrtul, In « spelling
bom the My*1 cm diseased and act itu<*nious humor*, limit »t* of t|»s
m -<t apppovr-l pdts ta u«e, and yet there are no Vndvut purging*,
a«> griping pains no sickness at stomach, nr other wnplegssn sen
%*tt<rreef-lug over you from their u«e Tlie fact *». tbeir healthy
prop- rtie*, tuslesd of merely irritating live bowels, spread through
out the whole entire s| stem. irguUling every orffaa, atod lufttslllg
health to every tl*»ae Drastic Pills, Malt*. Mena. Ac , art only as
drain*. at»J merely Irritate the bowels |«» * looseness M-», reader,
JTII4 M-e, and II you take a few doaeS ol KeguIsloT*. will feel, to your
joy, the great illRfeiuv between Kadway** Regulator , that art up
on the whole sy-tem. and common pill- and other dr* trie purgatives
that cause, by their Irrttatlug prv*|*ertle*; a di«trcw»n>g discharge of
the bowels
January fhh. IM5A
Mkhwk RvoWSI A C»» .
I hare been agent at this place. Pattou-vllle, Mcwlt Co , Va , for
all the b- si Kill- in use, fur nine years, and lu rigt.i go-al faith your
R« gulalors give* In-iler salt-fact ion In lh«-*e mountain* of A*oll, Va ,
tbsii all th- IMU I have *<dd Everybody down fn-re call y»»ur K« gu
lalnrs • Th. (IivmI Kills ** James Tomlinson baa a sou that had bet n
d.o ase-l with thr Chroun Rheuiu*l.*ui
Piiteeti diff* rent phr*i« Ian* h*« tried to cure him. knit c«»ul-l not
do It, *tt lie tried |i a venture, lladway's R- gulatot, every night, sinl
III two weeks he Was coiuptelcty »ttred I Imre cured a great many
pro|dr with your Ready Kell-f. Regulator* and Rest4vent, that our
best •l-n-lnrs down here % ould not touch --and I belHr* that where
the doctors down l*err do make a cure, they do It by the Wf-e of jout
medicines Your* truly.
Ntt'RAUiU cnm»
J4it*«. Ml** . Feb 10. iSftA
M« **r* Railway A Ou * \ f»-w day* uiK-r 1 Uituiit dollar'*
Wurth ..I Rad a ay * K. ady K«4*ef. | WHI U tor Neuralgia, and, U>
in* a»i,»ntfhuwut, it gave me aliu»«i instant rrlkf
l*' r'Hl rr*MA. ls\1 I DtTEtfkKB Sid.
ties. I walkkd with ease
MrrHi utKiMRiia
i .Were f\tU btiury U* IA* A'nrr Dm - Kr>> uriot* nj /Wat*
f>mrlp Arrtml jw«vva^W ijlivry ig/jfin/ipdy'* ftnuly !*•!*•>
UtMtta, Wiaku Oo , Ttv> , December :»l«t l\VV
I. JtPlllA ll kKl’IMKK *d tlw aUiff |4a^. •lopuMUli. that Cor
many years I Itair lirtn ••-»! aitli KltruuuiiUiu, kimI oh ihr • vet*
* II.g ..f lb*, -ember *Hh. 1**V», while walking in iu> >srd. I fell with
great violence on tlw kr. bruising ll»r kme pan very bully I fur
ther certify that ou the above day, Mr J«4*nJ Buttnlkt, a traveling
•gent of Had way A Oo., arrived at this place, aud haaring of my
In <i% > fall and tlw lerrlhW- complaint that afflicted uw, rrcomiin n
Ard iue to apply Kadway * Ready Relief. which 1 did. ami in a very
•ln.rt inoe the pain ceased, the swelling abated, and I am now able
to walk a ithoni the u-e of tay canr. free (row pain. I have tried
Several other remedies hut found no relief. In case* of rtlmur pain
K.vis«)'i Heady Relief Is far |»refe«sl4e to all ollwr K medics ; If
any our doubt* the trutli of tbi* certificate, let tlwtu call ott me at
tny residence, or wrtla to we at Dresden, Tcnn., ami I will give
I tin iu full information.
For years Mr. tlardinier had suff. red tlw torturing pain* of Khru
malisoi. he wa< unable to walk wltlnrnt the Itrlp •»( a »tlrk On the
JrtMh of I>eceinl>er he first tried the K R. Rrlicf Oil the Hist Iw Couhl
walk without any a»d ami fn« frotu pain, let all aim are crippled
• or Iwd ridden, think of this.
! Kotwav'* Ready Relief and Railway Regulator*. are Positive Cur
1 atiVeS for Agiw and FeVrr. Iwt those afflicted take from f to ft of
i Itadway's Regulator* ev« ry night, and a tea*pm»nful uf Ready Re
msr, on rMag in tt. non4ng« *"*i twin* Awisg tf
these will soon free yttur system from the poison of Ague.
Kprmg is a transition season of Uw body—a* well as of Uie year,
I and the economy of tlw tf^rm demand* that the surfeit of the w n
' ter Iw carrwd off. to enable it to wiltoUiul the depressing efi.. I* ..l
, »uiuiuer Ka«lway's Regulator* are as necowary to keep up Un
health of the laxly of man, a* an o* • a*»otial4e nibble of fresh gr*-*
Much pain and misery, sickness and long suffering would U
ventral if, onfbe fir-l indication of the sy.tna hr ing out of order, a
dflwnf Kwlwsy's Regulator* were swallowed. I.*vry dose that Is
taken will infuse Dr* life and fresh str« ugth to lltr weak and net vou*
If those who are «ul<j*vi to or uttlicnd with Fev.-r ami Ague. Head
AcIm-s, Fk iu Diseases. Breaking- Out, Puupl.-*, Blotches. Pustule*.
Tetter*. Itaafi. Holla, Humors, will use our It. K Rrmnlles, we will
guarantee tlwtu protection Mgaiu«t Uw violation of tlw.o- maladies,or
if aftli« ted, a -prt*lv and effectual cure
Is a post live cure for Humors, aud all eruptive Fk.u Disease*
Tie presence of Pnupie*, Rlalrhrs, Pustules, Tellers, Rash, Little
Fore., Painful Itching-, Hot Flush.-*. Ac., are .ure indications ,.f lh*
presence of foreign and impure humors iu U»e sysl ui, and if al
lowe.i to rninglr with the and remain in tl*e system, corrupt (
ing Hit I.Iin !) ami Ailing the sewers of tlw laxly with impurities, For*-*
and L'lcer* will break out, aud cover Uw body with Uwlr repulsive
Ttw Hklu, umler the*e polsnnmi* influences, Iwcomrs an eruptive
/olrauo, exhibit ing to Uw eye Uw dbgusttng lava uf disease. III till
form of Foil Kheutu, Cancer*, l’lcer-, FeVrr Fores. Pu'rld Flesh
ding's Evil, aud U»e most f'rtphtful KrujAittn* «/ the Situ
Radway's Renovating Resolvent has cured the uio»l terrible of
Hklu Diseases and Humor* , u will never fail In tlw Worst cases
Has thme more to relieve tlw afflicted of Pain* and Aches, and llo
tortures lnf]n ml u|M.tt ilw human race l*y disease, than all other re
iiwdoa, or Ilw skill itf »lw most eminent physicians uni surgeon* in
the World. The moment Radway's Head? Relief is applied U» Uw
part* where |min or unm»lnru Is scaled. It* «*x.Unng effect is felt.
U»e sharp, keen darting paroxysms of Neuralgia the severe Ind lor
luring pain* of Rheumatism, the lornieiit* of flunk I .uniting
Kprairi*. Strain* and ache* of every kind, will <|UH kly give way oil
the ap|4icallon of Kadwat'a Heady Relief. The most terrible of
acute Inflamatory disease* have been cured by a few application* of
this Ready Relief Ti e Imuie and Ftiff-Joiutrd, Uw crippled and d«
formed, are soon restored to perfect Iwalth by its use.
//•nr Me ft It It llrnmUrm r*ii*r*l Mi* Son IA A IftmpA from .»
r 'ripplni oml HrltJe»* (\unltiion. to fivunJ H-oltA, *%fttr Me
•it// t»f {••>* r »,f Me »••««/ leitritnl I'hp^irotn* in .Vet r Vrrk Ao*t
f,tUni Ut lulu re Arr, fir* P*trkrr% flr*»r, Wontlr «!»»</ Morlr
Jisrtkv R, IxVl
Mimhk* RtbWAT A Co - 1 trie«l vuur Ready Relief, ami had my
joint* rublted with it. ami I never felt pain after thr flr-tten n«luut>«
I w«s rutdx-d wiUi it up t«> ilw present time. K.r«, I r»*4 know
ahat to c .inpaie it to tut a charm; for it if x my**rry tome I •«•
4 cairn * r<»a two vkaa*, and had not the proper U*e of my limb*
for tbraa ran | was vstb Aon to a abalabDB I ibct •"•*"••• rad
the use of your Heady K-dief. Rrsolvrnt, aud RrguUiors The pain
left me ,n ten minutes, and I Iwgau to gam strength very f-4*t, ami
coahl walk With ease In % few w*ea* Before 1 loard of your Rein*
• Iw*. I was tak^yi to Dr Parker. Dr Reese, Dr VVardle,Di Mxclelan,
was nomplrli ly pulled to pwces l*y tie-in My constitution »»•
broken up with medicine that <lbl roe i.o I roahl not put •
fr.ot to the ground, nor pick up a pill. 1 Was lifted him! carried up
and d wn stairs lifer an infant. and now, thank thal' by the u«c of
your Heim-die*. | tin a* strong a* ever i had Uw cutuumn rheiama
tl«m - inflamnial .ry and chrotile— and Uw pal*y You can |*ohlu4i
Oil*. If you like kAKAH A lltfl'till,
/44 iMih street, between Ilw ?ih ami *th avenue, N V.
Fifteen to twenty IIIr.|.« of M R Relief. In a little water, taken *ay
fteif 1*« In in nilnuii *, will quickly Mop UK n>o*t iiianwi»|r«*
rliirfi • of Dysentery and Diarrhcra It will In a few minute* Wop
the pain
K H K Keiuedie* are void l>r all the |>ruggi*t« in the H ate. anil
by l»u». ell. laid A Co, Ki« humn I . al*o, by Adlr A Dray .Rob
in* .ml RADWAY A tO.
1*12- dawly mh‘22 I(K Fulton ■treet. New York.
■ Alt. Sl k I OII It’s IM If.<>It ITOII l«r* ' mmer.d
■ W ed to ttie public, relying upon Its lntrin*H fi.*»llen.« n. *erur*
It favor t
F..r all It.l.oii- Atta. ks. il ni »y la* truly and safely relied up.ti a*
leirtr fully • an aide of removing the <|»-.i«*s f*»r which it i* f» i .»m
iiiei.dt'd, an I for giving tune and vigor to the gen. *«i system
li« qualities have teen fully tested hi a loug practice, by tin: pro
pro lor Through the urg* nt foltcnaltnn* of many who have u«ed
and herd t*rbrtl|«d by it, tie- proprietor ha* been i.nhf *•! In pla. f it
before the public For all Hill..os Inrai.g.mi nis, M»* k llrada* In ,
Ch'oui* Iburlnra, llatotu.il Ooativene**, It.Im.ih I’ol*., Dv*p.-p-i.a,
Fain in thrMisnuas li an 1 Huwtla, tietirral Debility, Female Weakness,
For sale by Druggist* g-m-rally. ami by Pt'RCFI.f., I.AftD A CO.,
No W corner of Main ami I lib *ia., dene.al Agent*, and l*y Ab w'r
Duval. No IVi Main Mrvet; M II White, ITS Broad street, and •!*>
by Hanford A Co., N. Y. Ir4-ly
tl««»K IlIF.RrV.
f|1HK Mil*. rl»*»-r» have , *t *l.|i«l.* <1 « II. >•. k Agrnryln Philadelphia,
I and will furnl«b any bsik or publication at the r* tall price
fre. of postage Any prr*nn*, by f«»rwardingtl»e •nb«.r»pib.n peter
of my of the pt M igugll.es, «nrb a* Ifarper'*. Oud.y's, Putnam's,
Oraham'*, Fran* l*es|ir'« V istiton*. A. . will receive the m igacme*
for on.- year, and a copy of a splendid liiio.grapt. portrait of rltlier
W istntigi.il., Ja> ks«>n or f lay . or, »f sub*, ribmg to a f'i ami a 91
Magatit.r, ll*ey will rmlrr a copy of ritls-f of tf*« tl»r*-e portrait*.
If s ibwritiing to a ff. worth of %| igMKines, at. thro- |*.rtrait* will Is
Ktit grain \fu*ic furi..*he«l to tto.«* who tuny wish it.
Rtivelope* of every d«-«« r iptiofi and site, in largi or •mall quanti
tlr«, furnished. Mc.il pr«««ri, Die*, Ac., Kilt to order.
F very description of F.ngraving on wood egeculed with n eg fuels
and dispatch. VleW* of building*, New*psp.f llendmg*. View* nf
Machinery, Book llluvtration*, Iselge Certificate*, Binii»ea* Card*. At .
All orders sent hy mall promptly all* nded to Pefvo*# wishing view*
of tlielr buildings ran •« nd a Daguerreotype or •ketch ol the building
by rua tl or e»pre*s. .
person* at a distance having saleable article* Would find it lo their
advantage to arldre** the nilie fiber*, •• we would Act *• agrnt* for
the tale of the same. HYIUM A PIFJM'F
fgt Rowth Third wreet, Philadelphia, Pa.
$. m. avatw. ». ■** rtawra.
got* dgwiv _
SAVl n I % • ••«* HOY III HHINONi •'
i.Vi %| Mawd l.ath*
fgat how.* Mtnoke.l Herring*
If. ton* Istmp l*la*ter
Cargo acbr City Ib-lle, front Fast port Me . for sale by
\tlFV kPtlll.N AND *••«»% Fl.k. 'sid.t in Wore
ami for *ale hy C J M|NT«>N A CO .
1 I in*a ptgn of tlie Ctrrwlar Maw, 71 Main Mrrrl.
HI. 49 K € I.DTTf I HOI K f OATA. Jn*t received
at R» D*t Mam *treet, an additional *«pfdy of Rlack Cloth
Fr.e k t'oata, who h are *«|>erlor In MyK workmanship and Quality.
Calf at the Clothing Fmporlom nf IIFNRV MIIAFKR,
0*mw Mala and i itn *Ui
|mAA.N€ \ I uaf HF.Rr* MkTN
r rbou-e patterna of Fancy Caastmev* Pant* ; also, some of yery
J Hue .ptabty, wbb b wdl bw aold b.w by IIRNKY MMAFFR.
...«s . mer Main ami Ikk •'.***•
■ f: AT II V M III I TINf.. A further tnipply of that *w
| J perm* Wretched leather Rel.tng, rwibraclng ell mdtb* from
I H to In inches. just received per M* hr Richmond, and fnr *ah> by
ma* Mtgn of the Circular Maw. 7l Main street.
tin MMVHli 11% MS WltMIni | III ICH It % -
''i'H. IUr sale *f */i JAMFM W|NMTON
r A 90t*P9-:M NIF Vl’N. For Tobacco Manufacturer* f.*r sale
r, ^ ' by C J MINTON A <*» ,
| maA_HM> of the fir nlar Maw, 71 Mam t.c, t
SUM AND f. ACM: NINTI.Ik. J.»*t re. dved per
Fwpres*. a lot nf medium priced new Wyle Mack •Ilk Mantle* ,
Mack lace Mantle*, *t.me of them very handsome
_ 0 HARTWRtl t • «•
it MI s mill v HI fJAfll ♦ WadeN
• F* W brand, he*t (|uallfy, receiving inr Wcamcy f,,r mIc low by
A MNIfl M’* h»I» I I l-IM.l %ss;
| 1 - and Mi,glass i(l every form *nd the new quaffOr* ft r itk by
I.AIDITT A NOfltNyfftf.
* ad t bemi.u aad ApoOteoPrM*. 4il. and Franklm fU
>»:» MW k
■ Bora, mom, *«-. I
W* *" **““* as «Urt Ml ibrt si WIs- g
<^mW«-r ....I HW.. ...isiwkils. . a»~.r<a„„l V
sf sit kind.. Is whirl, wo si Ihr .llssllon si ssr flkml- |sl
Ihr imhllr. Wr think sr rsi, akul Ihr In .I unrlwnl lu kkkwsnl.
dauM>t „sr unflmra, msjr hr round Ihr hdluwlng.
Lsdlr.' Ilsllm, si nssrlr inn M|l.
“ Bs* Msrsrru, llusl uj Kid W.lklni Hnn
“ Blur ('allakll, W »Hln* Khun, a au|>-,ku artl. lr
" Whllr Kkl ami Whllr H.nn Ml|,nr . Ilia, k halls do
« nnr Mu., Kid and Ooat Walkln* Hsola
** t>Veg ftwri
OruUrNH it** Hite Bfv*d Root* and Hh.te*
“ bould* Mr Calf Water IW Mailer*
" Hxlrwt I leather < l alter*
Mtaar*' and Chtldr* «*■ Num
Me*«ant** Whe*. of good quality, fur mm and women.
All si whk-h will hr sdd at Ihr luwrut isarka fra-ra fsr rad,, or
tu punctual tuMuutrn oatv. _
rirrotY, watt* a pittnky.
flllllt lad>«« bare been very generally anuoyrd l.<
■ amir twu or th»e# year* pari, with Mhor• imI ()«| 1
let* tiM>(tig, It*deed. •» U almost prove* h«ul tMiw a 4ayt i.q tthm »Ti
rip belm e I lie *«de« are half Worn mil lu o der. If powtiblr, |u r,„,
edyr tbi* uiilteewal etd, A gentlcnan of ibo of the northern cliter
*« t* hi* wit* !*> work to tuv.-ut enn thing to •land, and | am hap
py to inform the ladie* be baa •ucceeded admirably, ami baa pr*%
ducv-l a Cuugvea* Ualter Rwil, a Very weal, tdea*anl atul Uoty artl
ole, the *»*le* o ahK-k cannot by any finer that could br employed,
br *r pa rated from the upprr* An aaaortmmt nf the above I hair
Juat revetted, and dial I le pl« a*«d to *how tUm to thr ladt#*, at
No. 18. Main Mtrert,
•P*l_ __ JNU C. PAUK, Ja.
Ua IIOOl VMlni s. I IM MIS a . ■
^s ! rr*|*eetfully Inrite all In want of BOOTH, Un : */.*
OR HlltlRP of any *tylr, to Vail at thr >4d iNlW L. lX
.-•tabiidird Stand. 18 Main Mvvol. My *tmk baa all
been *e tec ted or older, d from the bed Manufacturer, or ha* been
manufad tured b> tuyvrlf Pom thr moet approved material*, and rn
|.vl •*-*, \|i**.** and children’*, H»*otee*. Hatter* Ac.
Ontdrrn'* Hroi.ir, Black and Pai.cy Colored, Hatter*. Ptdkaa. Ac
Youth*, Boot*. Bootee*, fall, Kip and heavy
lleiita, l»r. •• R.k..u, Hatter* an l Ihfanl Tier
tleul* and Youth* Patent U* l»rv%* Ml. or-. Ac
And % . ..intdete a-*.., tnnnt.of rtcrvanf* Mime*. Trunk«.Carprt Hag*
and I aliarr, all of which wdl be **»14 a* low a* at any houar tu Rh b
'**b5 JOHN C. PAOK Ja, 18 Mato «i
ir.M HUM K Ot I AI.I. fiOOUS.
£■1 I'kUiK IS II t l>. t Al'S. lUHlTH.
f Ml sill rm N KM, a. re*pe,-tfully
begr leave to announce to the public, BIHHA
that he I* now prepared to ofter to fl.c put It.
manding dock* in hi* liuc ever iu tbi* city. i. ■,.«
i toaplet., and In* a*k* the attention of city ami country dealer*, with
Ihr aaaurauce that hi* price* »hall br aattalartory will
VOTirr.. I do o«4 know when y«>u will gel j— -_
A al analber *ucb a chance to bui TRl’NKM, nf a* fDV) I 1J
flue a quality, a* you bate now, at Iter **tu» ptkv*,^BlTdlVl
a* I have Ju*t received a very large a*«or1itM nt .•iMwdL.LjjLJ
Trunk*, of the Item quality They were thought lie fl**l of January,
before tbc Utr r l*e of leather, and consequently will It *old at thr
form* r price* Among tl*e*u are Tiuuk* of • lira *!*•• and quality
All iu want alM do well to .-all and « a am me lor lh- merit Al*«., a
laic- a»ei kaitdaww •»-*'.<tun i.t of Trunk* at all price*.
m_**t_AIM. MILL, N.» 1ST Main .Urel
and for *.«!»• at low |*rk‘e«, a luge aawortmrnt of Hilt l \U
Tratrlhi.g »nd Po king Trunk* ami Carpet Bur* ^UcLLiLU
aplO _JttllN THOMPWiN.
HfMMs ANU MIIHIS. W f '*’» Sin.* » , |t. > s' . m . I
Shore Mil
tlrnt'* Oxford Tie* fll
Heavy Be Wed Ika.u
Alan, Brogan* of every de*crlplloti, for *al«* at
KRlf «f 5 Pearl «tr»-*-t.
Ill tint kl. Hh HWITINTUI1 STORK Rm Mi «••
RR nikivrd Uk No 8? Pt-arl «lreet. H*Mith of t'arv aplo — If
« JOHN 1 >< )< )LEY,
HI H ll\ siHl.hT,
■ a* aow Riuit >oa tub uraixu tbadk.
By WK**/•■*<i/c iitnl /.V/.W/, «i mitf/ntj$4 *ut of
and every oiler arti* le (•rlongiug lo'til* IhmIut**.
Hi* -to* k of Virginia niauufa* luml g..«-|* ** tie large*! and
• legantrver got up by Inin, ami wdl In- found fully equal to any
thing import, d III* imported »to« k alert I* nmre larbd ami on*
1 »rger •rale titan he ha* rv»-r before or»l«r«-»l, ar»«l rantioi fail to
inert, in every rc*|teci, llte rt*|Ulreno-nt* of uierchanta and other*,
MPum« n hi. nt: u v .
O F T II K S K A 8 0 S
Rf K II CHARLTON. (Lale Mis* Rstn.) begs In a* £p*>-A
1*| sure her old customer* that she U» ju«i returned R^4J
It. in the North. where she has laid In, for • ash. the mo*i
i w f j 1- *' baa ifvf riMMM t-> ti.»- |Mibn. ..i
SPKINt; M1I.I INKKY ller experience ... tl.r .. |r. ih.o „f g....d*
!• such, tl.al »!..• will nut »ll«>w twf»»|l to be • .(ualel or *urp»**ed l.y
any. and ha* in store, and a ill nftwti on Monday, tl.e III. In*t , tl~
Ule.t P*n« style* of PATTKRN II ATP. which she aou'd tuoat re
«l«i tfully nquot the U.lWs to « all and rnwlur to*fore purchasing
clseWliete, a* site rail »U|i|»ljl thru toll the most a* Cull.modeling
AI«o, an elegant assortment of PMItltOlbPRY, with almost every
other article renu.ml by ladies, al tin old stand above tie- Hank*,
between Vth and lwth, NO 917 MAIN PTRLKT.
•|A -if
trw %oick i.ipi: i>m imv i: kmipam.
A T 4 meeting of tl.e Local board of Dlreetors, at Richmond, f..i
/« the Nr w York Life Insurance Company, on Monday, P« b. 4ti>,
I<4, the following reMfltiih.il wa« unanhuoudy sd. pt.il
The undersigned, Presidt nt utol Director* of the Company, f.axe
e a an. I ned tl»e report and rthlUto of the Nrw York Life Insurance
Company f.*r th< la«t year, embracing a full statement of Its .0.,.r»,
asset*, Ac., to the 1st January 1V4. and being -atisflrd with the
(lerfect sound condition of tl.e company, cordially n-> i.miuri.d it to
tlh* encoursg* utei.i and *up|x.rt of tl.e wluilr community.
It . ou.ii.eiM til Its operations 19 years ago, with a guaranteed
rapll.il nf A-’st.iss. wld.-fi ha * *< 'run.dialed to f1,'o9,ts»* 6f», all It.
ve-ted lu M.ste «i.M'ki and tu laind* and mortgage* hrlievril to be
Undoubtedly good.
We kimw «.f no inode of Investing money mure profitably. The
prt.flt* are mulusl h.r tl.e insured, and hats u>«-raged nut le«s than
thirty per • cut. annually ou tin- premium* paid
istMUtrl. \s Ml’NI'URU, PnVl
Rev Cns II Raan, \ y
Rev J*Mk* It Tat loft. • \
(iko W (Xntfl,
Tste P Auur-t, j -
\mount of asset* January I, 1 VX», ter*V*4* 2b
imount «.f receipts h.r premium*, interest, Ac , to Jan.
t I i
Paid losses by tlealh, Interest o«i dividends
and all ither capenses, , 991,940 19
-1 .’4.91.1 9.1
Aerumulalrd Pond, Jan’y 1, Nd, |l,td9,in*i hi
f *r furtlter inforinsttoi. and explauatory tutoks apply at No 94
M ■ • ml| -* J' l s I *■ islH.Vr Virginia BmMMi It
if'lnu/achtretf fr,,m h'muh iira^e*, it rtf* JtfSMffcs 1 Huger,
SrrWt Orange, # VX/ow. *#<\, Three 7«sir* ##/•/
A RKMAKKAbLY (deasant. warm cartulnatlve and stomachic
/m stiiiii.leiit highly treneflcial In checking that disordered state of
the *b»ni*rli and bowels »o prevalent In warm weather. and which
frequently, when itegtertesl. produces Dysei.tary. Ctudera. Ac |t is
also a valuable remedy for Klatulency, Dy*pc|wta and (iertetal De
bility PerMi.is living In districts where Ague prevails ||n«i It a great
preventive Price fin cent* par bottle. |«> 1* r dngrti.
( rr Wholesale and R. Ull Agents. Mrsar* BKNNfTT A ItP.LRf,
I -*• Ms R . .-t ^ I . |N iH -1r. • f. Rh hinoi.d *e|f»—tf
AND Vtlliil.^AU hK.AL.FK IN
ll.l. be happy to receive cad* from thorn* In want of a<tl
t ies in his Hi,.- ||e ha* a large and complete assortment of
CIMAWL RRt’PHRR and PANCY AKTICLKf, and will aril sa
to* Artsy u .1 r is RlOBSmi
%WT~ Main street, letvm. 9th anti luth. 44-1
IIOM 11 A Hh.
CloNflONMPNTH f Tobacco, Wheat, Ootn tn4 ttfm pi i ■ •
V respectfully solicited
IfT tnil. e on Virginia street, unt to Pry's t urner.
Richmond March .1. I -V. ruhll - ly
KPCRMP. consignment* of Yubm co, Plt.nr. Owen, Wheat, Ac .
and give their personal attention to *%let of the sim» ar.d
keep constantly on hand a large assortment of Ihrocerles, Herd*, Pc
nivian flm#t Ac fe97
N. vrt.ltl IH It's SONS,
" ' rirrvRgra -traarr. anumNi* va.,
full, .t. onslgiiine.it• uf CORN, WIIRAT, PUiUR, TOUACCO, An.
March W. Htfi
OtRgrg cut AND ?IRUI«I4 srassr-, ait MMokD, Tl ,
% m r ILL give I . .. f .V Hi M • ORN,
y v TOBACCO, and all other r«.untry prodac* consigned to Itls
rare aolfi
farmer of Gaterno* na>/ F > u^iUin %1r*ef*,
R R r llol.KS Al.V ANI» K»;TAII. DFAl.FKS In French and Amrrl
Tf can h|er llaufiuir*, 8*1 in I'sIum* sod lor Win
•In# t'unaui*; lump*, C..vd« m..l Tim li. t ..rt.h m, P«9id* *ml tn*|U<
la* •- and MimIIii Curtun* , Fluor ami Tahir Oil CI.Hlm , Hair <J.»th
and Plush. for CarM llalr, 8«»fa Spring*. T*inc, T*ck*; Mai
ling •. Window Shad*-*, leti furled llalr ami Shuck Mattr*-«e*»;
h liter H» d* ; l*.unge**, Sofa M« . With itdid i.ikir arludw Mi •.or
line ul all of which will tv wkl on the m**l rv.«*«.mibi,
irrni*. and Paper Hanging and I*ph*dalering pun. lually aininh.l b»
In town nr country or^
HIM ll <|l 4HTKMN Htli Msiiioa iltl
<1,0 I II I > I..
flUlf ttienilirn of the legUlatur and drang.r* flatting tlie city,
I ar« reqoe#«e«J i« oall at Ihe old r<UWi»fMDf»it. No l‘J“» t>mcr
of Main ami iinfwlwf dfvrii, and m ug themaetre* an otitRl for
the winter, a* the auharrlbrr ha* an hand a large and rh y <ul a«a»n*
merit of fAentlemeii'* Wearing Apparel, not tv be «urp»**ed by any
home In the city
A* an er*d •*.-• 4.f the W.tiiy of I.U Ofclftlttig. he wa* awarded
the high* at premiooi (a Wlref M-‘UI) by llw gech.Vilrr' Institute for
Ilr keep# oinatatdly u*i hand tt*e be4 nf (!kilhf,t.'»oiiirri**. Vest
ing*. M‘- , With a wort of superior Workmen. lie d« * tu« It otitte r* .
•ary, after * trial of 14 y..ir* the public ha* had »»f Me go. d«, I*. *nr
more In tlwlr commendation tile w.irraul* alt Chit Idup lie **ll*.l
kikI r* «|- • tfullr •f.hHt* a call front hi* old frond- nod lh« public
generally Strictly on ll»e one price *yatcfii. It. II. SPkNl K,
del No I9«t corner of Main and MrVernor ate. I
Wool, IIIPOI. hr litre detertuloed to open. In rati. |
ue. lion wdh our present lm*li»*-a«, a WTool It. pot, for lh«
awle ,,f W in.!, and tiav. engage«l the trrrlef* of Mr John W ater
hnu«e, I lie former rfhclept agent of the WiKitrn Factory *n Ihla
elty III* attention. If n«rea*ary, will be derated efctoalrelf to .SI*
Im • ••
All Wool c«,n*lgned to a* will he grade.I, on that each purchaser
can buy nyk Wool a* he wanU, and not lei compelled to buy *ucf»
a* will m.t a newer hi* purposes Ttiere I* grown in Virginia a awf-<|
4*lent .plantIty of W'uol. If concentrated and graded, to attract tha’
attention of mannfactnrera and dealer* to oar market, and wa
hope to tneoeed In establishing a good market for the Wool grown
near home.
For parth’wlar* are otlr ctrcuUr* CRFRRIIAW A CO.,
flroeera and (k»wwlwlwi Merchant*.
)dt _ _ Richmond. Va. _
the Richmond and Danville Railroad Company hare had the |
| misfortune t«. Ime their freight hotaee in Richmond, aa welt a* a |4»r
! lion of Ibetr r.dttfiw *»ock they are c«»n*t ralicd for the prevent to
Idellrer all down freight on the aiding of Ibelr road n»* Ihe depot
lot la thl* city, a« soon a* the train* *oalt arrtre ; *al«l frelgfd to be
Immediately removed by those to whom It may he consigned ar be.
I long, aa the t’ompatiy Will not he revpoudbte hr the aafe keeping of
j the *ame . and I to* partle* Interested, or In any way concerned, will
I therefore lake notice that all down freight, aa before elated, will hr
at their rlfk u anon aa wnloaded from the car*
o. lUMrnrij.,
|aft -*»f Rap. rtotendent of Traoap»*rtation I
I1HI N A a|| im: are iwst to receipt of ih» Ir ftprlng -op
4 ply of aplendtd ROURWOOD ami M A MOO AR V F1RNITI Hf I
I ale. * romidete a aaort man I of OfrTfAIK FVRRITTIlIt, embracing
I wrff article nereaaary to tornteh almost any kind of a private Re- I
•Idence, office, or Counting R.-om
CM taena and the nan try trade In general Would 4nd R In their
advantage to .tamlnr o«r More before pirrkwtng elaewhere, «• we
are determined to aetl on l*mw to awR the times, apt - tf
fllftlt ftl Akaltll HI! » HIM MR. Wrlorlleattention
I to nor assortment of Trtco Ca*«tmere Frock* aa a very cheap
and desirable sort for the present season call and *ee them,
agi* RggR, RAl.ltW IS, a it*
W% ri M MMlI.I Hk, ReaMIfttl M-talle and Wood
Caaelng, Water C.eAer* 9. 4, 4. 4 and A, gallon Oars, I am |
**• prepared to furnlrh thesa article* at a nark rolar*4 prtoe, for i
aalrlcw hy _ /IMMFRMAN,
Hr. 9 H If.lM % TON*. -Plane Cheat Refrtgrrgtor*, Fa
lent article with Jar* and Water Ci-olera, the most appro
red article, now »»**-d and at reduced price*,for asle by
m*% _ 7IMMFHWA*
HI... k IM.T*.
k--— a Ml wntn-nl nf In, M.< k Oa«am»,» .»■« —mr
IM"* milk »!,, OaM ,,.4 look at Ih-m
roa* MOOT *1*011. IM Mata •
B.VIH NAI.K, v,r,mla ftala iIU,i.tarr41 kt—k, *4 »»a,, I/,
f rao [».7] II B M*C«V « 00.
laAOil Mi:vr An*l yowntloti given iaim«dlai«ly, the
r •**• and 6ne feme fear *i«ry Imam atennd Unr tortow M
fei »’«»"•» of main A frA •irveUlnovu an Ihe Capitol lloum JgjL
well t ab ulated for a large frail; ur hutdlhf hnuw. rt*n'nl«f at
feast • (teen rooms. • ynxl K Mr Hen nimI water near the 4*w.r. gas As
tare* cosnpletuijr arranged with burners al talc bed i» rough •«< llw
Haw Tftls !■ the moat idrasanl and best arranged houa* on Rain
strm i T«» a gmal tenant the rvr^wih be made nasuwaWr A| |dy u»
Uie atil.w rIber, corner ahov*. |
an W
■ A«»l« MR! T, The hrW k dwrlllngun hU», near tlrare J|
r street, containing A run me. Pusses* ion given at once. • Ij,
*Pplf t*. w U. COLQCITT A CO..
_ •••> -*f _ __ Nn. t*a itory Street
MgVMt RKNT. -The very desirable dwelling un *th .
r street between Grace and Franklin. adjoining Lecture M
ruom uf Lulled Presbyterlaa Church. cuuUining Iteven com- Jfc9
fur (aide rtKMws with kitchen attached, and a Urge Garden, and e*J
• ell ul nater
The house l«as hern thoroughly repaired.
Pusarsaiou glvm 1st, March, Apply lu
. ^ K II pkinvkr a on.
__ Ww MOtrr street
|^h»M ML^VT. The m«tie«»u Ifeh street lately mmm
W P*d by us 7
_ **_No • i. re»i
liN*M Ml. I 4111 MINI, A >M>lreblrtttki 4MII-V
S on SI Mrwl, U-t—.rn Main ami ri.iilllii, rutita.t>liigrtgtM I4]
room... with MU Nm a ...I oihrr owl bowawa U,w^l4l« l-1 r.
*»»«' *1-4, U> w—ioa
■ihi-tf _JAM** UHAY* honk
H No. iM M,in Mlm-i, Rlchiu..i,.l. Va.,
AN R l» Hon a Urcv aooitm.M of Bo. f».h. f w _
L lonabb-CO.trilKS.CAMRIAlirA.HI IKilKH MEgjL'
KWA ami HAHNI3W4.anli.Ma r.^oumr, .nd WS34&
i-Hjf wa, «ia4* of Ibc M wAlilUli, anil pul lu NV
yrr.T1^ -urb rar., nbbb w. -Ill lrc..|um.n4 l„««, ftuml. ,1Hl
Lr.Vi -K . d '”*• »• -"Ur. llw mutual intnni
nl all -bo laror u-.lth II.. ir |.alrona|r«
rrum lo.W f«|-. Unco In our buMioru. and bp mount mm....I
Irnll.u., — a 11.140. Ur nrvrlt a .'onll.tuaur-ol i.a«l favor, two...
W-y-|; •I,,I1“'I lu -up |..r 1 ol Alia l l.lla.1 Buiaa
K.. --yapsusans. ( *HHur«.
II MIIIK, IWum« 04 Jun H..u.a ___
• lla> on liand. a l«f«r-•urrtarrnt ol Canla. rJSJT £
"• l.-f-a— An...np -l.l. b ma> to f.mm! anm* ”4
i oar hr. -,th nul.hb- Ha-la. 4 ami « oral K.wk N^*"^3J
****'•■ NwRHlra -IAh .U.I — ill..0.1 lop., to
-boh bo lwiu.ul.il, UifHra Ilia alUullon ol I bona In nanl ol am
artlrlr in lhaCar.l-Rr Duo. a. Oh, -III ha dcso-aad of . n a. o*m
■■...I.imp mam. b, a|.pll. atlon al hi. uianularloi,. No W. Corner
or Nl ...1 ami Bib HiarU JalA—I,
F t' K N i T 11 R K ~ ~~
Hit !• ilt»\U llAkl .
IIIM'OKU A POKTkR lisr«- in stare st tl.U
Rine thr Isrgt sl slick uf Kh t.mond rus.l, nRHEa
H HMITllf.i.h found In tin .Mlv TldsfU.M- FflUR
»ur.- IS snpw-rb. built by the best w.rko.tn In the
Cuunii y. and under the Immediate supervision uf the pmprtet..r*,
alio are Ihnroughiv acquainted w.Ui lire huslucM*. Stplcudx) W aid
r«d>w* Chairs, lit dslends. A* , Ac., equal to any made m Nr* York or
rU where, may be hs.l ..f th« m Ha ir deter mlnathui is to reduce
tfeir wbK-k l.y «lrw at v» ry %tnall » Ll tl»e t*n,ple cme. and
rely on lilM’Okli A rtIKIMt fur th«- best article a>| iuiuiturt tn
Rb hnnuid at tin- nio«t reason side ralrs. jaV5 '
NKW I* It At.
• K have l»eri» engaged for some tune pa«t
WW III get I lug up liar |.allerns foi a new l~CNu^r *• .
H'*a, r*|M^-tatly ilesigned fur lurulng uiuUr the N '
hr a vli^at growth »• getsMr luatter, and w. i^HBlhRBk
have now the pleasure n( mfurmuBg our Ciieud-. that nr think w*
hsve fully a. l uuipli-IhnI that end.
H. Would call tl.r attention of |iie Parmet* to lids Plow. a> Well
as to i*ur large stock of Plows of every star. Cultivators, t\*rn H red
•rs. "fW Gruund Jumping Coalters. Lsrge M Hor-. f„r
•***.""« "• lUfro.A. . Ac All ..I -I... h mml. li. om
uwn shop*, t.j grsKl workmen, ai.d warranlrtl to give sat! faction
GKO WATT A CO . Krai.kiln .tr,et.
_ _Rquare below the Ks4-hange. Rh huM.ail, Va.
Mil.*:* A* Ik IIOHH*:*. Iwad nf Mules ea
and lltprs* s harejud arrived from Kentucky, a very fTklT
choa r and superior lot of stock I have mult • Well •ulie-l / (Tl
fur Iron Masters, ttadmad Contra* tor*, sires t and plant sti..n am, all
for sale ur «Achange, at fair prices, and un m*sv>iunMU(ing t. iu«.'
M At R lil4iikriiUii|iVXnWfS.
rv h —I shall lie lu receipt of fresh stock, direct from K. ntu ky.
•Very month In Uh* year. JylT g W.
I fe I A\1 ihiW receiving Urge adtlllmns to my dick
Lfell*" and tlapa, sete« ted (In person) in the Northen.
whlcli suits my smortim itt v»r> cumplete, all,
ur any of winch. I am dh-poud to sell on a«-c«*uinwlating terms, at
wind* «al« or retail.
• JUHfl
■ ■ A vit now uprnnl llrlr anllr- alork ,.r au.l' Hutniurr
«o Whk ti lt>»y lnrll» ilir early atlmUoli ot i.urrhawr*. Tl.rlr fluud*
mrrr for ••»•!., an.1 early In ihv -rarun, vkeu (tree had
rhulie la'll* arled lull (ruin Hi laryral and i.an>lr..iiir-al at. . ka in
New York.
N* »..» we eoutnrrate a portion of our pur. I.*-. *, vig
It. ill is nt*, Hunts. J acme's. Organdie* a i ni lawns
H ti.-ffe#. TiwtM *, Uhilliri. IS rstan* an.1 Chau Urty
French, English, Swim and Auirti. an Utigh.-wu#
Kngltsh, I t• iirli and Ann-rlcan Print*, all price*.
Jsapi Foulard and other mwarr Silk*
Pi. Im>F’* extra Mack Silk* and figM do
Black Alpaca*, Mohair and Canton Cloth
T .inolan llolli, Patent Arg.nlno and P* liege
Crape irKupafn* and Spring In l-vti.. •
Ih-nfs Niwturr Ca«-ln»« re*, Orap d’Fir- an.l Dm akin*
Wellington Cord. Parmer'» Satin and Ci*|>r Camlet*
Plan* and flg'd Silk, Marseille* and Linen Yr*t.ng*
('••hmitiiM, Merino Cawimni*, Ae , for hoys' wear
Scotch, tieriiiati and French Linen-and Drilling#
lllca. lied attO brown I'.iuia-k* ktnl Table Ik ah#
Linen lluck and IUma-k Tnwrl* and Napkin*
S'ftlch and Ktt**U Diaper and Rlav. Linen*
Luieu Sin ting*. Shirting* and Pklhiw Lm. n
Bleached and brown Ag'd and strtprdNUtM-n Ihdl*
Hr«>wi» arid bleached Shirting* an.l Sheetinga
Cntlonade#, I lemur*. Cotton l*u. k and Gatnhrooii*
While Cambric*. Jaconet*, tape and Swl%* checked Muslin
India Twill*. Dimity and U|>|irt Skirling*
Naltimi'k Mu*ltn, lb-hop l_*ttt. and Hud F>«- Dia|>rr
Cambric and Sw|»* Hand*. Flouncing* and Trltntumg*
Flub Wu-lin, 4'anihrW and Fugrnie Sleeve* and Coltui*
Line*. Cambric, lirrakla»i and Mournu g Collars
Hr n.’d ami curb'd Cambric and Lawn II Ik I*
Gent** hand wrought and colored bordered Cambric lldkl*
Fogiodi Tlirm.l Larr and new »i>|r Ti*»u«- Yrii*
Vnlirar'ietiiic* and M die*. laic*- Sleet «•* and Collar*
Silk Mantilla*. Ita-que* and Spring Shaw I*
Gent*# Summer Storks, Ties*. Cravat* and Collar*
Ladle*', Gent'a ami Childr. n'» < I osier y and Gloves
Silk and Gingham Umbrella# and Para*o|#
Mnltair patei.l and hoop* d .-kirta ami Grass Cloth
Itor.nrt, Sa«h and Cap Kibhon#, n. west #ty|, „
A lei ander'* Kid Glove*. fresh and all *iac« and color*
Love'* CorseU, Mo*- Trimming*, Terpentine Braid. Ac
Haring made a large purchase of !ti*h Llurn*. of Richardson's
celebrated make, from a hr u*« in New York dosing out their *lock
*f Ure article*, we wtU oiler every grade of them lo Uiom wanting
Linen* for Summer or other use at a rent Induce rural
rahIT No Id Broad atreet, Valentin* Square.
Wk. are now pr« pared to toanuracture and repair every d*
«crtption of Agricultural Implement* now u».d We have
gone to no •mall expen*- m potting up the different martilnery rr
quir- d in carrying on our bualnca*. We are pr. pared lo repair In
superior *tyle the various Reapers now used One very important
feature in iw bu*ine*« N, that Wr *ell no Impleiornti but our own
•' manufacture,’' and they '• warranted " Wr call the attention of
the Farmer* to our W heat Thresher, Cleaner and Herat-Power, which
I* in every rasper t equal, If not superior, to any • (her bow used %«
a proof of what they have done, we annex the certlftcate* of a • w
gentlemen who have given our machine a fair trial W* ikittu
the l.hrrty of referring to other gentlemen who have used the ma
We purchased of Me«*r* Nki.«o* A Mott, U*t *ew*ou. one o
their ‘/o in. Drum Straw Cartier and 4 Horae-power, and in our hum
id. judgment. w« consider their Machine a perhit one. Wr believe
kli**« tlir machine used by u* will threat, flutter, cleanrr. and break
I*-* giaib of wbt-ui, than any oilier Uutl we have ever *crn or uwd.
Brunei., 1«th No?., I*A JOB J PLEASANTS.
Me**r« NriatiM A M«»rr
G. t.tlemen Yodr* beating date September /nth 1* to band, and 1
l.aw. u lo reply
I hAtr used tout Machine forlwo season*, ami most cheerfully re
cotnmeud It *■ Ih*- let! 1 have ever used -the draft *a>y, and the
■lotinn given to the drum •tn h a* to get all th*' wheat from lie- straw
Ke*pe« tfully, your ototPl servant, KICIIARD AI.I.FN
Fatmville, S. pi /€, laU*
Bvt'CivuNtai Co , (k t 41b, 1S5A
M. -*r# Nxi *>•* A MnTT
Or iWm.-n Your favor ot /tub September, IM6, wa« recrlvrd a
trw dav* ago, goiog to the wrong post oBlew My |w.*t office is New
Store. Buckingham county, and 1 do with plea-ur* send you the an
mird err lift, ate Your*, very re*pectfull v.
I hereby certify that I have used one of M«-*«r« Nrtju.x A Mott's
Wheat Threshing Machine* the present year, and have no he* tattoo
In saying that it came up lo my expectation, and I* the be#« I ever
Worked. Given under my hand tin* 4th G< to her, 1*V»
I purchased one of the above Machines of IfoTT, I.twi* A
and having Ihre«he4 three crop* with li, at ah log the amount Hreshc-d
It* JAM) 14.1# , | <|e% ifhout hr *11* I Ion pronounce it one of the 11 «t me
• tones I have ever used, Itelirving that II will thresh cleaner, faster,
and break l« u gram of a lieal than any I have ever u*ed
Henrico. Nov. 14th. K/i. IIANHY COX.
rtnimiiLi, Rcpi 1*t, iff.
Hr ntbnien li I* With pleasure (hat we record cur rvldence In fa
vor ill your Thr* slung Machine It requires lesspowir lor the Work
it doer th in any we have ever aeen, and is r» mart iMr for its *|rupit
city aud darabtldy, He regard II emphatically the •• Parmer'* Mi
thine/* and arurf • k*nJn/Jy recommend U tu lire fanning coii.uiu
Mr T W. Adam* and Capt H Harts, who are Mdeidtrftwi, and
wtu.-e wfieat .rur Machia* tltrasheil thl* year, are very murh plrMol
Witli it* per for manre. Very respect full v,
j. v. cm Tr
R KpgHRNCRR •- Os# Ifottylre. ker. Amelia, Wit. Archer Cork,
Ctie«irrA« Id, W'm M Harrison, Ho lun.-nd. Win II. Cloplon. Charles
City , f II W, Aptn r*on. Charles City ; J. J I try, Appomattox ,
pei»j N Robinson, K.ng William, A* - president John Tyler, Charles
C ») , 0. Austin, North Carolina, and others.
n.1.17 Xfl Main at real, Rk hno.i.d ^
kf.lt M l i l l HAI. \\ ,\ it I'Hoi m:.
f IMIK Hob*, rrtiers, having removed to their tmW f». i.oy on Cary
■ iMnet, l«eiween 9th Insl loth Htrsets, are prepared to receive
erh r* for .ill kind* of Agricultural M M It lire* un.l linplcrnentfl of thw
lab -t and most apprtiVesI patterns, which will •* made of the leal
m il* rial* arid .d «ufi*rlor wr,rkmans|iip They a«k afterdi«.n to
**Clirdwrir« diriitde and <liigf. geared llor*epow. r• and Thr«'b«r*,"
wh»* I hav* taken i premium at ev-ry Pair at whirl, they have l*« u
evMtdted. Alsu, to "Croak ill's Clod Cru-her.** Manny*# patent
K* a per and Mower.** the best in use, Pawkrs* patent l«u«. and
lbn.no Hprrader. hifhlr approved; Its/ Prr»*r* , Hay Hikes, Corn
Pt.tilers, from tint*. fdh; Pmnh’s Patent Ptraw Cutter, drain Cm
die-. A* . HI. h** Psteni Iron beam l*1oW; of thr lows sties, A, They
Subjoin the opinion of the Mon. Wili am C. Rive*, of thro I'h.wa
Richmond, February 77.
Cam • Mill. IMh Her 1MW.
©nb. Wu. H. RT»-reirr**B Hear Mr: I take pleasure In recording
here my tmprrs.l«n of the prrforwanee of sour Plow (Rich's Iron
Ream patent) at Cohham to day 77m work wa« far more thor-.ngh
and complete than lhat of any plow I ever saw In operation before. -.
T)*e furrow opened by M was very generally Ml forks* deep and about
•»» lire be* wide In hard, eb*se land, and moot effeainwlty and perfectly
eleanetl out, none of the and earlh falling back Into It
Thr trial of the plow was witnessed by many of my neighbors,
among whom I will mention Mr«er*. Prank R Nelson. J II tfouett,
J. II l^wla, C R Vfo|rklns, Tli..mas Watson, of l<ntri*a, As , all piac
Ural aaen and most excellent Judges of agricultural Implements, «nd
there was but m»e opinion among them aa U. the superiority and un
evcrpt ion aide performance of ymtr plow.
W(string y*ui eqaat avress rfaewhere In making this valuable tm
pletnerit fararaMy known to our agricultural brethren,
I remain, yours truly,
hm Wll.I.f AM C Kivr
AfU a| fll noHHiNNI l I I l»
I1 public may not he misled by the various raisrepr* senlatlons
(ha* are dally lelng made by the enewvlea of our family (the Pmrths),
f deem II my doty, as on# of He pemnlnent representatives, u. state,
that It I* not true that I have given my valuable serf tees to the
earloua pb-Man pursuits. as reported, and mors particularly aa a
man of pence, do I deny having taken charge of lhat vlllanou* gun
powder. but I wish them In remember that I am the proprietor of
lhal elegant Hotel, on the Rur opr an plan, known aa the RaRard*g
Hotel, In the new building opposite the Rvchaoge Hotel, Richmond,
fa . and In future that they may distinguish me from the M real of
mankind/* I hope they will address me a*
i s u i. a * ».
WABrnocnt run tiir riurrn nt-tba,
It Mnrr*f ft., Tnfl,
WMNRR wrn to frnmA * lull unrlnrnl i.f thvlr fall lor Put
•■kv* rue for *or» ,iwf H*IW Pronto Mim* Comb, Sc —
*'*o. Rnnfh HlMtMi V Li IN Inrkto Miirk
s » tf«,rn ivMm in rvf.rr.il to tto Nro Nut. Horn, of
gut- «i Colombo., which I. (Iivl »Hb th. P1.W ||too, of U>.
*"»•» Am IP j
Sp*t»® v»vtii.j.o, it., is farwcra
Apr Inf M.nlllU., In oMIv, W-‘ * ***) r..|or, A br.litlful »»
«,rtro.nl m Ik. rub onr* CIIIHIATIAN A LATH MON,
-**e • **»•• M-ln -..tot.
I l.fctut^m, lo fowtontor. f.r mtr ~

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