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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, May 21, 1856, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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l**llr Paper, %H |hi annum, MmU Wrrktr, p Woklf, |1; always
In aJvbimv Hmillawn may »- made at me rbk of Ue Publisher*
In .II «'r*e* where rvklrtiif U laden on the tlrpuaM of a letter mi il.«
f j*i ii®«v i ontnhilng Huuirjf
Dim hpars* il# limwkor Ira*. «me tuarrtlou. ?*•
Knelt k/hllil.Hial In* rn««.j V
Oi»r without alteration fr- '!"•
fWp 4* il * l®
e» .« do ..r.a*-*r
.0 d« .e.
fvo Aquaria. Three month*. 15 ill
Sir .Ml,- V* «W
Twrlr,- month*. ftn •*•
jlT Mo advertisement in hr eon*ld*r*d ».y the month « r year un
it wi e«e-l|i4 on ill* Ifanuact tpt, uf previously afmd upon l«*«ween
the pa rile*.
\n Klo rtlu'iirut not m*'krd »m the r.*py for a •fw-etAnl uumhr.
•f luaHrlkia* wtU hr <-onttnued until ohlrrtrf uni. and payment ruct
«d *• A • rdlnrlv
Iff* llwi'Lii ADtiRTucuup. T** avoid iny mlmnderatindlnp
on Ihe part uf the Annual Advertiser*. It l« proper iftrUtr'IWinf/v.
that th *lr p'lnl *e* only i«vtenA« In thetr inmnllau bci«iw Real
A date leril a.id all other Advert!** incut* <cnl by them to br an a.I
Jttnml ••tiara., and no vtna'Mi.
; +f“ II • «l h stale and Ib-uer .1 lo u|«# Advertisements not to be In
•rite-1 by llie year, hut to he .-birred at the usual ralca, tulpil In
•aril Ahiwtnti a- *|||U lid after*I u|e*a
AT Aiictkoiie**t», H«HA* ll«r» uni yearly advertisers. reneralH.
ru«r t fluff one or m oe *quirr«, with t»*e prlvlhire sf rhanfv. ahaII not.
M. thn«r yearly average, lb n'*yntwv.«k, tnnA moti iliau the aiuount
afics-4 up>ii as the *tandiiiy rule under ll»e . ontra.'t, and all rtcred
tur «arh uaouni to It . I. .ft .1 at the usual rate*.
t'lv«rli-<ill<nii Insert* I III lie- .Send Wei Id V Wfdf it T& rents |ier
equar.- *f l*» line* or !•••* f«»r lie Int ln«erti<>n, and .Vi I'enta per
••piare for etdt • .mtluuaoee
t A I1N U A M I II l< I i ft il .
h i .
1 Hillu * fitHi?
2 l * ^ i a t « I | C
J.XO.B. | | 1 9 S| 4 ft Jett . il l, 41 ft
• 7 » 9 m u 12 I t « T x » m II 19
'll 14 Ift It IT lx 19 11 II 1ft Id IT lx |»
"it I 29 '21 2. 2ft 9t,' 9'J 91 92 9k 21 2ft M
2T 2' 29 in 11 I1 9T *x *9 * 11
hun.i I '! Arocdr I 9
,11.ft *7X9 1 4 ft A T X X
l» 11 19 II It Ift It ' III II If II 14 Ift Id
117 14 19 9 I 91 22 21 IT Id 19 fli 21 99 91
,24. !ft Id 97 2i 29 24 ?ft 2. it lx 29 X,
9| 1 4 1' « I X x(rTUIU 111| ft C
9 I" II 12 II II Ift T ' 9 I- II 19 lx
Id IT I' 19 ft' 121 22 14 Ift It IT l> 19 2..
J.I 21 tft 2d 21 <x *1 *1 n H f 1 2ft 24 *;
ki ll . 99 99 ki
krftlL I 9 I Ift .XT'■..« 1914
t : x 9,1 11 11 ft a i x x 11111
11 II Ift It IT IX V> |. II 11 Ift Id IT Ix
in 21 99 91 91 9ft 20 19 >1 91 22 fl 21 2ft
2! 2fl 29 ki 2« 27 fx 2» *1 II
Max 11 1' 9 .imn I
4 ft d T X 9 I" 9 1 4 ft 01 7 x
41'12 II II Ift Id IT V l-i II 19 Id II Ift
14 19 i.1 21 22 1 91 1* IT IX 19 9.1 21 29
ift 2* 27 -2X 99 k. 11 91. 24 9S 2. *7 ix 29
J«>« 12 I 4 ft * Ti liil'ma I ! >1 S t
s i.liill 12,11 1. 7 - 9 10 11 12 1.1
,1ft Id IT |4 19 20 91 1 I. Ift It II lx lx 11,
>2 21 24 9ft 9t 97 »s 2! 21 '21 94'tft 90 9T
|9W Ini 1.....f| t« 99 k. Oil
Sll.lt ft: MIL INMKkNAI lOUI^W, TI.C
l Hi' tim-aid Pbv \*« laiion.t** tl*. pi<>n«vr among thr .<® . r* «n
|hl« ^tsle for this khitlul ln«urait.4,)«ilhtCsih C .pital aid Snplu*
el | rfo are now piepsnrd to i»*ur p*Ji« « on the lir»* of 41 tti«
f*«*i ig ari«’ily a Virginia lunuao««- Company, ils Hoard of hire tor*,
(pet • .natty known to the rotnmunttjj holding Hm-ii im* ting* In this
City, wlien- sll l-saak-s are pr<»iO|*ii> ami llWrdly adjusts-d, entitle* It
to a liUisI *hu» of il*r pul.ii.- polmimge. Ufi< c (al present) - or net
of M .in amt Vth 4rnl«
Reli'-ol KxaiauH*r. I>r. M it.u low
J AMKM c. CRAMP, President
J Ms H HiMIkt, Mr. ii'Ui y ilrll
1 lltirM f» 7*|. IN I RM^Wt fcrvy < .mstanlly ««n IosimI
W lf«h Or.itind Rawer, and oar rare nt the wtrribto It. u» th.
best Wia.U.i- l.u.up Piaster rnabtr« u« to ree.onuiend «l a* llu- i»si
that can be had All order* left at our ott.r an Cary sliest. pi..mpt
Ijcic.uUd rAMAPKKKO A lUlii
N It —Farmers .'an be *upplh d In thrlr own bags, at a red in lion
In price Lib* • al discounts to in*rchmta, fur cash !»*/•
.1 H. HAlieKOVE,
prcrrsKi tu ataj u*«ia,|
a i « ■ • ii * i. ft: ic ,
W ilt HHJrr St I’A.ir/** /fd#/,
WILL .lev.d* Ills wh./l- all*niton to the 4ai. and llo >utf ol Ne
grv »s, Real Fatale, k<- . publi.ly aod |h.lately.
Males »*lt*fa<t. r> «.r on . t.ai*»» made
nr lie has a cotlfrtli* nt plan* for keeping slaves.
Tta* subscriber i» -pcvlfully Inform* his frh ltd* that hr has dis. off
tinuol U.»- au.lion business, and having rented his ..RWe t*> Mr J M
Hargrove, take* pUaswre iu levou.uopdiug his former customer* to
five him a call. MF.NJ l»AV|4
J .Iv 31 _ _ |_
I III I III >1% till I 1113 l % > 1» 4*1 Inn.
FI9HI' *uba. i >her oft-rs for sale a vrrtr hnrjr stork of I’.idAai
P .r »re, t'Kimi iin*l fe/.i »v. |/fi?**es, <\»*€< », /.*«««/>«
u n I Pus.’y i/.H-fa, uf recent mi)",rial .on, aod horn liofi.m 7V.#«/<
To ea«h buyer* und prompt six months payers, inducement* wdl
be |««4d out fully «s|ual to any that mty be uf ml North or els.*
whrie If M P RI'TLPR.
mhJt ImjN.ri. r of (lilnt, Ac , IV Main str.-et
»»s i i riti > i.iis ii % i. i.s"
Mr. »1 Petal Fravrr
F■ 3' * Merchant* and otlarrs wi-hm * Rlst.k llooks. Writing Pipers
I of all kinds. Ink anj Ink Mtan.1%, Letter Copying Prrsa*, Men*,
or an loin Hook*. W ’riling Mind, Hold and M'.vl IVn*. A.* Vkrappioy
Paper*, Cotton and burn Twine*. Marking Ink, (lot rnarkm/hoir*,)
in any .(Uaoilty We <rll in any •pianttiy, al h.w pri. e*
M. It thn aso.rlment of ••IIPRRIMHV" PIKF AMI* HCRt.I.AR
J>ROOF RAFFS 1. large Call and srr them
mi.ilt KNniti R|| t it m FORD
"JtttffCW RPNIRU IHNIIMs Wr nre now
ill lu * few days will have iii store, a Urge slack of staple and
• ney DRY OOObH.eonvUtlng of the following, la part —
Shirting* ami Mlrc ling*. of a very description
PU'.I, striped and til a In Cotton*, f..i «er vault
Large *Uvk Idnen hurtr* ami In .11
Ticking., Oanahurg* ami Furniture Plaids
Table I>ams«k v Mr arl.ed ili.l blown
Napkin*. Toweling* and Ihaper*
larye *t<<rfc of |r.«li Linen*
He*l tjiiilt*. all *i»e» ami qualities
Table Cover*. Curtain Material*
Print*, fllngliani* and lawn*
Alps.-, a*. Hotuliaainea and DvBrgrs
Dvlaksri, plain ami f'.g’.l itereg.s
ttrgaudie Muslin* and Jsrotirt*
ftereges and <Ar**«ia*llOrs, lieicgr Role*, large flock
l.awn. (figaiolie and Milk Kobe*
Milk*, Ribmids, (Moves. If.lkfs and Hosiery of every des«*r1|itloii
l«arge s|«h k of l<ae«*, Muslin, Cambric and Crape C< liar* and
PaniMil* anil l'int»rriU«, Ury* si*..lf
Hklrts, draw Cloth Molutlr Hfclrfi
M slttaf and llntip C»r|>ri:ny*
0«(h«, Oa««lmrrn »ml Ve«tinir*
T< *«*•>»«-r with every ftrlk tr iimsUf found In • dry froo«li hon«e for
yentlemen*« fur.
W*- rr«|»«*etfnlly «ohett a rail from all • i«lian<l priNu|«t lit month*'
haaym. W. P PYUKlN* A CHl .
«w».*4 No t41 Rifle fk|ii%r. .
W i: arr now rrrelvlny onf Hprtny, fl'PM.Y OR IKMI1MI, con
•Utlugr In part of the following artielei.
fi*» t»l»l« Cruahed and Pulverised Hnafar
Crf) 4o C Yellow do
44 hhd«. Net Orleans do
lliltijrs Klo, l.ayuyra i*nd Java Oofw
lur Hoxep UroWii and Hlark H*.ap
l*v» lloxet Adamantine Candle*
III hhdt Ha< on Hides, Hhoulder* and liana
ft*i Kefra *uperfnr Carl* and Hal Hoda
ft5 M»lr Nr* Orleans Mula ***•
|ta« M*ls vioiiuuin l>rv Whisky
do, OM Kyc, Various Hr %r» I*
10 d*. Kerr** PuMituerdran ilo,
fWi M*| ami on Cask* Intliatlon Brandy
VlMi Harks Halt, Ashton and Marshall
• ' Riyr Pi»mr»ii*tr Tot»a« • o
An lloaes flrooinl C«*ff• r
An Pa*Jiayes tlrern and Bl»< k Teat
AVSO Vinegar. Peplmr, Att*ptr» Wrapping Paper. Yea*t P,.w
d«ra, Sroonta. Bio veil*, Holland Oln, Peach and Apple Brand*.
Mr* Mi|l«i Pine Cut Bmnkir.f Tobacco Balt p.tre, and man, other
article* lo« Irdlnn* lo mention In ail nicerli*emen1
SI «i U• II III iN m him) i i .
■ SWIM h)a IHalillen** In Aupu.ta . nuntp, the *ul.x rihcr will All
W* enter*, In anp qtiantltie*, an.I for anp par) of llir (Tnlled Inin,
for thl* celebrated WIIIBKPV. I) •)■ awarded a ria»l .1 *aa
•irtowt at Ih* Pair of the Mechanic*' Inatllule, In Richmond. No.
ve mher HM Th)" Liquor I* intended for faiullp an<l medicinal n«e,
S»d for the beat Hotel* II map be ordered of nnp ape from two to
WTe peara Order* through tb* mall* prompt Ip attend'd to Ad
_ IS dip_ Auunion. Va
HI > I ’S IRPHAVID PtTPtr it III a ■
DRILL --The performance of ihl* Drill the la«t *ea*onwaaen<
tlrelp mtlafactorp.and It wa**pokrnnfln1erni*ofhtph commendation
Lp lho*r oho u*ed II; I ihei efor* feet warranted In recomroendlnp II
•• Inferior tn non* hitherto Invented ll I* ■Implc In Ita conetru.
Don. durable, and not I la Me to pet out of order, and the price *1 ll
la*« than of Dual olhrr drill* Th* *e who map he Ih warn th* rum
,f«P *eax.n, ar* rcapedfullp requested to forward Ihelr order* earlp to
Avoid dlaappolntmant. H BALDWIN,
“>• « 11B Main «lr*«t
Avf f II MAS BlirAHa. Tailor* Bl,ear*, Trlmtnrr*. In
die* Aelaaor*. Ar , of M Wet.dC. relfhrated make, warranted
In quallip. In new and Improved pattern*, and the nnlp complete a*
aortmvnt made, for <al* hp RDWARI) CORNINII A CO ,
Al John atreel, New fork
Apvnu for II Wendt.__mhA^Cino*
M I II. I I PI 4. ti HA V.
Mo AA .1 Second •* rrhnee l ’Ae*f n id , ihutrtt \4 ,
UAVINfl reeelved a *u par lor a**nrtm*al of Watch**, rv
fawtlrp. Diamond*. All er-wara, I would rail alien 17V
tlnn tn the following lot* price*
Sold Watch.-*, from ttni* |)N>
Stiver do A •• AS
Slew Tea Rpooa* ft In ft? per *att
0ohl Per.cd., Chain*, Thlmhlea, Ac All *oo*l* warranted a* rep.
r*mated Call and raamlne mp *toek hel.uepurdiaeiupelxwhere
Watche* and Jrwrtrp repaired In the mn*l arllMIc *lpl»
•P* •**•“ WM A 1IRAV, An Aonth Aec*nd at
Vi.w *T.onr srw oTim k or risr
AS RSADT MADT CI.'iTHIPHI I am aow open In mp new
•tora Room, a eerp large at»ch of Bprtnp and Aumnrer Clothing and
Sant# Burntahlnp And*, which I Invite ihv attention o* mp ru*
turner* and the ouMi, penerallr J D HOtlDMAN,
No 11>. Main <a. neat dn*u to J W Randolph'* Hook Store
nrnsiii: ntammsitt,
M 'N BACTtlRSR and Dealer in Ab.ae*. Range* Sol Air fur
XvM naovaiTln.Jatmnned, Cop,uraud IrruiWace Indies Chan,
roretnp and AucMon Pomp*, W.ter Ram*, lead Pip* , tin . Wheel
Iron. A. Whole,ale and Ikdall M„ \U Main ore.-I, Richmond.
_Cu*tum work dun* lo ord*r Oed'r* pmurpllp Ailed „,u
I* W IS HITT ITT ,d Ih* Bprtnp PaMd, q of tfenile t Si
wwo'a Hat* and t ap* of all th« aarlout Mpt**,t„ which I 1 ■
UtvMa tha attaoUoa *( pur.hamr* d*"»
S M l'»nfe«i.it i A On arv %gv*u fur nearly all IW N«aa|a|wti
In the l aiiel Plata* and I'auada*. ORcti, 119 Naaaau 4ml,
Ntf Ytrl, and 10 Stair afreet, B»,*u a.
officf. w« t John strkitt,
▼*».. ta»*t« non Uanuvu, N*w Y<ai.
FIYIIK un.lersigued. proprietor* uf till* K«ialilli)imrnl, hivt fur I
I a long il e tlh«* aenlor partner of the flrtn, Nathan Harrrtf. |
l*r NT year*,) Iteeti (iriNn uHiiff tliHr tiMtiim ai SLtl+n /a/«j*«/ .
Tier I.are -pared a« effort* or ripen**, r-prc tally In llir la*i few »
year*, U» eaeell lu all the h* inch** «*l flair art, bimI l.atre l*en *n
• e—full in attaining a high d*gife id luipruVeuirnl, a* Well iu the '
machinery and awaralu* f.w dressing diffeveul *tyle* of g..««|*. .*# in
inaeOral irtimte .kill In dyeing aad finishing Loliea Milk a. Path*
and Met mo l»r* •*»«. gi> »l tutpr ovnurWi* have been mad. fi. a I
Erfr pi*n*v#»nai of «*a*ew, these ariUle* are matte, la color and Bn- I
lah, very nearly equal In appearance to new g...*d* Crape Shawl*,
tt'il*. Mantilla*. Velvet (larav-nu, Ac., are also very aurce**fully !
treated. Faded and plained k>n«U r.«loied..c re .|ye«J
MI.KP 4NI» PII.K liKFPPFP 44 4 !*► KlTl#
Lare and Mmdkn Curtain*. Carpet*. Rug* and liUr Cuv.-r* Clean
*e.l A Heffn••hrd. Dauaaak and JAttreeii Curiaiua Beautifully Uy.-I
Ah*. Ribnii*. II*.-trey, illwiea. A*
Order* . Ait ted with car* and de-patili
flood* re.elv.-tl .All returned by Kvpresa.
tlood • kepi nWel It. Um claun ol U.a aw wag, twelve month* !
N John *trvd., 9 ffoora from Br**%dway, N. T.
jaU d«... [PJ
Til lfll.ro I HOT 1*1 PH WOMRIh^
142 CVtifrr strot, Yew York,
l**pe-. Filling*, T.H.h, au! ever? de-«rtpti<»n of apparaim
WHifWfHq with Plena*, Wgtyt or Uat, for Keatiug and lighting
Steamer*, i liurdw**. IlnUla, Private ItWelllug*. Hospital* VllUg. -
Fa.-tor.e* an l Hull-. r
41*« Valve*. Cocke, Pump-. Ouagc*, Holler* and lb.Her Fine* :
made in order •
Our l*-ii W I'utii.g Machine* are rfillrelv new,aid our own Patent
warr .nfrd Ia do <loulde the work ..I any oilier Invention.
thaler* PoUfUnl from all|-< ctn<n- of llw country, and promn't* at
Jsll ly jVj
4 N D1K I WM A J Kffl P,
-T..M hM.iw tm wNui.) «u. .MV1 -KLmra. rrc .
lui|M»lt.r< .mil Uv-aIi-i. in Mnnufat lur.o* illicit-,
N H Atnil. Inr llw Ihi 'Wi.4.ul u. hull Irw I'ikO 1 Nnu
Kn.tl.r. W||,| Holln ,
le ridu.lrr 4(R|«T In !•« V.»rb lo. Machlua-1‘huu'
\|». I'lou-l-' T -..I- ..*» 1/lP )
VI’ J Af’HSO.t A -ON,
»T • OK.TK AND M Mil'll VI AK KK.a,
J>SI .11 y [!•) *4# Fr..nl .ir..l, ,t..| 1*1m Hroadway, N V.
nmnuuN skwinu kbuiiinki iu by hood! pat I
■ a MC1.LK A v o . VV ory.l.r, Ma-... |..t<-i,t«-.l by Kiln- llowc, Ji ,
V (it. i>thri bill. IMA Tlo-ft- ll.ibl,,.. air — arral.lrtt, .with l.refftO
uw.l i.o4 to got out uf ic|*au Pit)' Rti built in ft y<nxl, »u» •tftt.Uftl,
»n I Workman llkr inannarr, mn| will Jo Tailor..' ttwrnukrrft* knit
Aw.blbrft' ooik.ln » mwluo-r wartanUal lo gliy .ftll.lftrllon T*w
.ill. b will m i rl|» any linor tbftii rouiinou uftltiy rtoti. I.y hfth.l
A’lftll wild of. tb. m lu o|wralluli al IllCMISNITKUriV, PbliaiMphlft
U|>-I.lr> W A DAMSON. Anrut.
my* .!!> |m| _
ii. r. WII.EUKI
d * l SKIIII. AlIFNT for K. rriTlny and F.ww.rdlnt MwiufacUwwd
* ■ r..l.»ccn. 44.M. I., *. AC , No. i bu.ft.koft rur, UiiMMoan, V»
lo g. I »y. lu inura hi. ..u. rrr Ibsuk. lo hi. irb-n I. an.) Ifw- lojl.n.
foi Il.« *.*i y llhrrftl iiif.o.r l» .I..W,.I on bln, .lurlny l.u bu.i». ~
n.iinn'llon. wrllh VI. *... Bouk. r A HaUlio. ol ll.o. rlly, *„ I iv
.fwrifully u.llc.1* ft cuailnuaur* i„ hi. or* huuw In ibu. wpir-.r
my ...I Ilo Ibiall. of l«oli.o. aluiir, I d., *. win. full ruaBdrtira In
■uy Vo,.... .. .1iialin. .lion. that thr lot. r. *l of rw.I'or*, will I.
fa.lUoU) rr|ltri*lllnl
i r LH "•fil <*a*h adiamv* made on rn*i»l|mm«-nu of prndin'e in I
Hum.* IU M»-**r* Lewi* Wehh A P*»n. 44 a.I*worth, Turner A Co.,
anti J din BmAri, F-q . liud.in-.nl. J.d.n M tiiey, F*q,Chi*w«ll
i L) hurrVi
I.IMHV «. % I |.|.t4 %
rok patent
Si Iin'HIHKK l.xvlny flit*-1 up « «nlt of roou»« in elryant
I «<vle, at Corinthian llall. i« i«..w prepared n» w*.t «»n lft**- pub
Ik- %i»4 (oruiji them with »u|mm picture*, at iu.*krale price*
Tl** Aiulirtdjpe, U tny lirrmetk-ally aealrtl Mvrrn t»o |4al« • «.f
fine pnll-hed yfaaa, thy a cement which not only rturra, hut vtM
•i*’* beauttfl.. tlie lmpreMk.n.) i« (M .uit ayaiu-i wrtiuu uf waur «.r
^n.U, nr the variation* of climate tu louy •»* vofaye-, and la th**
only kind of uoturr that will icfuaiAuiiekanyed hy t.uie The) cau
l*e taken from Um »• *-* of full lifr In the «uii!le*t miniature, and In
one qu liter the time of the l>*rn. rr» <>t vpe They are not reverted,
can tie •cell in any hyhl a* an eiiyr %v lug , hence are vny •u.lahle
fui Pui-, lackrli, and I iry.- frame*. a* well a* Case*
Ttie eatreiu* |»>|<4ilsr,ly of the Ainhrntype*, ha« ytvrii n*r tutnu. k
itap*-«th>a. t .Miiitern it* up. u yta*», covered with Id**.k vaiinai.,
ate olieii told fur Aiul.roiypc- None are genuine without It*- p*i
ei*i n imp Ttw public *•« Invited to call and examine «pn temn- a
llie AMCanrvr* tl tLLKJU. 11*1 1 , klan, *U*rt,bctWeen *th
ami lull, p. 1C. U|Hll>
Ml. htuotnl, January ¥<J. IS?*
HA \ K in More tn.I are imw r* ‘riving a beautiful assortment of
lie f I dll .Win* UtMitiv* adecteil m I uDilr, by ne of our Cl...
Pt.gli*h Print
&lanrhc»ur and Scotchflltiyham •
Pi mted l.awn*. J*r«.uel* ami if.alike*
While and figured Mi ill,ante*
Pit... Colored. Itlack mil Printed M»u**t!n«
do d.1 peralatm and Ctmli,**
Plain Color. J, lit*. k aiul 2faiiu Striped Marcyct
Colored Cl aped' M«|i«yiie*
Jaconet, Mai eye, and T»-*o«- Kola*.
Mia. k au I Colored Sdk*
MU k Alps* 4* and Italum dolli*
White » mi nr . J t- Mirt*. 4i, I Jw.*« Murllua
Cloth-, (S«-imera, and Vesting#
Iridi blttvM, Ml«y 14nen», II .Hand*, Dauudi,
•OuwIm, loueu thick*, and Dull*
(•la*. d Cmihiic-, Black and Colored Cambrics,
llo-iery, tJlove*. tlxoiitleitr, MitU, Thie-.l*. 1 J,-.
Will, a rariljr i.l ull..i l..i. yi. Uuu.,.. .uilvd u. Ky V.rrhil"
and North Carolina T, ol*
We *1... have an.I will ala »y« are,, „n hand a full .It* k of the letl
Ainerb an f ilei.**, -och a- Print*, U*i,v |i|. ..hid amt ll,„wnMe.i
lug-and In ilflny*. Den,hi., CuUuiiadea, Colb n- Pin.t* and Stripe*.
o*naliniy. Heavy Ihu-k-, Hayyiiif. Kentucky Jean*,Tweed-, Ai.h.ii
Che, k-. Plant.' I- A.- . A,
Tin facility afforded u* by haying a houttr in New Vo.* wdl ena
ble o- it ..II t line- b> <ifl. r in.lu- eiuenl- to our ruatnmer* ami llie Made
yenrrally, equal to any h..u*e in tin- country
I | * If I . I. \ A I Oil w it u X> 41 4 |*l 41 » a* e*. lu*IVe|y m
MW ItKANDlKS. WINKS and ClHAHs. would .all the part.. nUr
attention of the trade to llieir v. ry large and superior Stork, coin
prta.by, tu part
C«>yn*. ami la,ml..n D.m k Mran.lie*, Dark and Paly
Madeira, Sherry .umI Port H u,,-4
Old Schrtdatn Holland Um
Old Jamaica and St CVwftx Hutu
Mock and Claret Wine*
Chanipairiie of varlou* brand*
Old llyr Wlii-key and N Ii Hum
Cordial* and Cherry Itrandy
leriiilon Porter and Scutch Ala
Spat kli»f Tuttle Ale
Philadelphia Porter and Ala
Champagne Cnler
Ot.l Pracli and Apple Brandy
Ihrnilj.din* uf all -iir
0«hh1* warranted pure and genuine.
»*ll DrwLrY. k oo.,
I ll|l OHM *: TONIII AH4-.4NM4C.
■ A h»« now in alorr.
.u|.vri.ir, J O. k l'.i> Sti. k Liuuori'-r,
II ',4 tju |irH...( .1,, 4,Ua
*M *1° l.brk'a .1,1 r.rm.n, %l... Liqui>rl. r.
1* *■• •*>. I’ H du du,
1'.,, II.. HU*'. Aiy.yliua Tim,u. H.an«,
A»M» do do Paru do d..,
AI*o l!i Ua*e* utta Ko*e*, for sale on arr«Nnu>o.|atin|r term* by
JOHN 4 kOl.l\<4iM
Corner Cary ami Va., «t*
UAVINGR nvrmnoxoi kmiimomi.
OAI* c removed to the store of Chrtvtian A Lathrop. No 99 Wain
Hi In cnnsrrjaetic* of th. resignation of David K. Crane Win II
Christian was unanimously rh-cted Cashier. Tl.e olhre ha* l.erh re
moved to the ft ore of Christian A Lathrop. where deposit* will I**
reeel trad, on which an IntrrrM of 4 j ter cent will »*e paid on all *110111
remaining on dep«>ait sty month* or longer, and flve per cent for a
snorter period
Thl* Institution ha* been In evidence twenty eight year*, ha*
loaned over eight million* of dollar# ; ha* no suspended debt ; ha«
nevrr 1o*t one dullar.or failed to nay any rrrtifl^ai* wtien due!
"*M ‘ dly hi <)H W FRIT Ret 1 Ur?
M HOOL Mill I Mill tins.
Director* of the iVnrtsylv «ni 1 Training ft-hoot for Idiotic and '
■ FeeWc minded ChMdren, located at Omnaiitown. P* . ( Within I
Philadelphia cltv limit*) call* He attention of Parrnt* and Guanhau*
lo their Institution |t |« lornrin.ratrd by the Rtale of Pennsylvania,
aud i* very pleasantly •ituitoi 10 one of the nmat healthy nrigt.lr.r
h.»od« known, having ample Grounds. Woodland. A« The Trsining
and Fdm-stit.n of ImNt-lle ai*d Idiotic Chlldr. n at this Institution,
I* now pursued upon the most approved principle* known in lid#
Country, or in kiifti|e The Hoard of Director# having hern *uc
ie«*ful in obtaining tin- aery tees of practical Teacher* and Assistant*,
who** f (for 1. to dev. lope the Phyical and Intellectual rpiRtlltr* of
IN Ir pup,I*, win 1 ^ entirely given to lh»* Institution Term* will I*v
m ide known up..n appli. alloua dir.cUd to 1'rnotylvanla Training |
■<*h«H.| for liutiecila*, Germantown. Pa
The following compose the present Board of Directors
Vies flKStlHtarTs,
Isaac Collins, J a* C Hands,
Hon. G tf Woodward. Jo* Harrison.
Hon O. M Rtrood. W W Baldwin,
B Worri* Wain, Wlstar Wonts,
Philip R Justice, Rtrh'rd M Marshall,
laaac Pugh. Dr Thof R K'fhhrlde,
John Horton. Wm D Parrish,
A I, Plevyn. M D R.d» P Rmtth.
Henry M Almsted
Al.f X ri LLRKToN. Treasurer
fimutTivtm. Rmffari (v»r> -apA Am
PAMSAH mill. clipper ditm.
So. Mo.
ioii> < oi r. joi.% C'OI.T.
STAI UIII I or III* *4 11. It. . K 4»D TWIN*
The undersigned. Role Agent* for the sate of the above well
ki own brand* of Coasting or Hard Dock, and Clipper ”r Rhtp Duck,
have constantly on hand, and olB»r for sale, all Nos from t to ffl.—
Al*o will make lo order at *hof« notice No* nun, and nou. Cotton
fhtcfc, and Yacht Duck of all numbers, It, 14 14, and !• Inches in
width /
JOHN COI.T-M IIPAVr.LIGHT, a»d F.XTK a B A VKNH, constantly
no hand Ruperlor lo any other made
71 rw •*" • * T
■ FOR CAAH — A large and complete assortment new stvie R*r *w
and Hair Bonnets, opening (M* morning, to he aold off chesp for
ea*b only. co«nprl*lng the newest and best spring style* The Ladle*
are moot re*p« ihiBv invited to call and Inspect theee attractive bar
f*1"* bargains for Way sale* The rear part of owe story ha* been
•el apart for the evh.httton of tbe*e goods
Ladle*' Colored Rtraw Bonnet*, at IB rent#
Flowered Braid Bonnet*, at $1 richly Worth ft
Btngte Rtraw. pointed shape, at fl.fB
I Leghorn Flat*, for Ladle* and Mtsaes, at th* low petes of
•1 each
Fine Icfhirn Flat*, fhr An ret mad*
Kngh*t« Htraw Bounels «omrihtng worth fR
Fifteen llraid Bonnets
•iff Mack Bonnet*, at fl each
•lair Bonnets, new «*y|e
Al«" Ribbons, Flower*, Bntrche*, all «»f which we o#*V at a
dlarount fBMu former prlee* off* pr ,-eni
C k OH nTRIN, opposite Pv Bank
WINIkokk «.l AND. 4»u N>ve* 4«iu and lout, f.*r *ala
»? l»b»J DA VBMPOBT, A LI BN A 00
IM* !*Kli.lJM WAO'lIKH ".is t .-iltl l .....a., s,..
»mr«iw« i Xu n« lia • ...» «,. Nn v..«a
H «:«•«»» » WfM I A < ,V«. IS rtif Sir.4, I
Si»r i«>. 4, lummaa * *i ViimcwaiaP Anaii
Chan.V# Knytlsh Crt>en an I Plate W umIov Glm.
fluted Glee# for (%V HftiU, (imu H'rtiu*. elr . etc
C 'dorr,|. Ornamental. Optical aad %l» rnroDk IIUm.
Th* la«ndon and Naim I-*ter Plate Ilia** Company # Tkkk Pol
tahrd Plate lof Star* Window*, Ac Ac
Rouff* HI a## for Kb.r. and Xkylkyht*.
Ati«>it ton I# lift* tied to tUr 0*.*r v >r|ou« description* of Window
Cl Him la u~- tot n- . . i ► - • n . ,
*»f these artbde• la Inferior to no eorrc«|Mt«t4b»y <1 «r m(,,| In I
many *~pect# Miner tor Our IU- . I UbM ardl be found Iwtu-r tfuan
IIm Pr. lu ll in 4t# freed-mu from main. Kn*«. A
R* uur Ayenl* for two of the largest Illy*. Manufacturer# In Ko
r'1h‘. We eiifthl. d to offer d-at* r« and ..l|» r* every advantaire In
pri.v* «>• I larye Moeha. Prtre l ist* will Wfurnia«*ed on ipoln ftti..o
•pW *u p*-|
IKU I*, lilt Hit., I « I I'A.r.oher- .V/reet. .V }’.
■ A twod.srra weftt of llo t*«.«i It. v, i Hi Ir.rd |hp..|. ...hr* to Ileal
rrs and Con*um.ift td. r elehr.UHl br«i.d*of Pr.-nrl* Window Gl*#«
ou umraldr term-. I*art»— «Miinr In formal to* will lo- furn.«l**l
With prn-ea on neetpt ol their addr. aa. UUm .til to any deal red
patwrn. m4 , , w - •
• • r.tri.M HAiiui.i: cunpA^Yt
lHi TnuiKw V Y .
IT* COLl’WN*. nriHL-TAU*. Ac , In Achilla. I»r « «u lie. and all
Ital an Marhlea Till# article, which k ■ pr. |**ratn.n of kJarbl. Ike,
chemically OOwMiiel a I h mineral rulpr*, so a* io h.- im.uld. d ,nto
any form and r.»l»r. by Vlhfli a aiarMe ean he Miiiiufactured at lev
than half the r*.«t of the common material, while It ex.-*!. It In dura
bility ml beauty L’nlibr Mublr n-d Iruti and «*UU. there ^
«urfa<-v work, the • ulor running into the iaa-« of the material, while
no virnl«h I# u-ed to five * i~tnp..r iry beauty fo tl»e «urfa. e. Man
Ue* from ft to It.* Table T.*p.. Ae . equally cheap
K rM* ho the If/MM A), rare *tnJ »// of above for the different
I1**!#**. •Inch will * UMtve Iuiuacuv return* to Ihwfc lble#e»«ltif them
•rive* Information furnished « n application to
PKTKH ItKNNIP. President. or
I.«m» iWretary. NKW YORK
MjYOR Mutiny Hurfiuw*. and f«»r lyntiing Oi«i«cr», b**tti In wet
■ ami dry blasting. of four different kinds. The cut ton and hemp
Puftr, ai»o, the *!njrle cud double Tape Water Puse.
Manufactured and sold by Gf.KNN PI THAN.
d Liberty A., N«w York.
iW" Order* promptly Ailed for all kind a of t*un Powder, of the
moat approved brands. Kdg>’• Hxhibitloual Plre-Worka, Phlp r*t«r
-k He-. A<\_ notff -ly (« * a* |
Gimp: ttihi.i. no*! •—A mp
V manufacturer of lie fiue»t llruio a cheap S
and « I cel lent tuklllulr for Leather •mi Out I a p. r*
cha It ta especially recommended to Planter*. Nurserymen, fir*
Companies, hieanitaml#. Manufactories, Dwellings Ac It co*t
•a*- than half the uric#* ..f I. atber, l* lighter. *t«nd» •• much prvwim
t« %• dui aide, and I* hot «tthjecud for It# preservation to the exprute
.d mllng or rreiiitif, neltlvr ta it Injured by frost
P.n aalr and order • for lm|H*r uttmn receiv.d in *ti>-a fmua 1 to ?
tu. he* iu diau cter.Ly CIMK1.K2* LPXZM INN, H Cedar at . New
Yoik. where certificate# of If* «u|»> n,»r qualitk- can be examined,
from Alfred tUraon, Peq . Cl.Wt Kurineer Of u.e New York Plre Ik
i»anm* iit . frmn Jam.* M. Parian, K-q , Chief l!npiK*r of the roion
retry C'«-mp*u>. *iiJ ala«i from »fB« ial auih. ritle* of »ou>* of tl>e larye
MAM FAlTI UICItS, s4 A.Ml 88 U'aiker Strret,
«»»» KM..4X.W.T, *«W »<■»*,
UKspKt-rrri.Lv .11 n.. ............... .■ .
> tolMr*A.»l4 w.rtnni of «nui-rr....l . fc.A
r>»n.~, . >»i<*l.. for *..la.o. ul lour, dutlclty ..rff § f 1|
load., (»■.«(, .1 BuL-li, vi..I .-.cry li.ii.f tt,.lrender, aVui... |^rf.-ci
arr unvir|.aec.l Tliry wrr» award. 1 th. V.r* P.milaui (or U.ih
*(*■!*. in comp. ltd..n with llir nt.M) lotii.ru.di.d uaken from Uo»
*oa, (Mi.l..dt Ipt.ln \cw York ...<l lUlli.uor* .
Ntw Tkll M»‘ll 8ra.aw,t A S.»- l.acc JU.I Inn awarded the
).rd 1‘rcm.uin li.aj. Mmu (o«. r all romprtltor.) af thr lair /ale of
url*-4F—{*,'«■ J
33 Maiden Lane, Sew York,
II l'L*;}' 11 mchs «»»• r»*»: hoki.o-hk.
1"R nawnkii nalamandk savk*. bank vault*,ac.
lUlt.si..re l>* |H.t, 14s Pratt
—ft If 1 i- 14 MatinlHied g.)
N€«caa.r»ii.i\, HUOi'«« I-; mm a ««».
llrng*, I'uuiK till*. Ityp*. IVrftmifrv, lu*.*
I 70 Wit. /.t V S r/CA' J . St H- Yurt
INVITE tier kiimUoii of il»e trade i.. Us ir l uge and ttuW-d itovk
of Hrug*, PatnU, Oils, Perform iy, A. . Ac.
lu addition to llwir regular imjMtrlalion nf Staple I»rug«. they are
<*»•.. ft!./, direct from the roarer- f prodwrtiun and mauular
l«rc, *upphe- of Tooth, Hair and Nall Brush*-*, I ironies. Cork-, Mjr
lAra, sponge*. Pien. h fti*d Knglufc Perfumer*. L.ddn's Katrarta, and
Uiai.y olliM arth l» * usually embrac'd In Druggist*' slo* k*. wtik f.
fhnh rs. i kkrr in person or by mail, will rtrritr prompt attention
//*if rt Conniiintiy oh A.i/m/, «4/#</ imtnnj’iirtu re to order,
DFVFD A Nil .-KAMI./**,
f..f all u-.-, »bj u( rvrry ilnirill.' ,t)lr iuJ quality.
Tliry w..uW r.firrl illy ...II allruliou lu Ih. ir UDrquallrJ IkrilUiAk
>1 1I.IM. IkU TIIIVriNli
iilns 0I( silks to It
SPICES, &c„ kr„
all nf whirl, ihry fiimi.h to orJrr, ,1, Hr n,..*t iji^ruvi J ,1 y Ir Jr*
iVn ami priul.ny. and will, quirk .|.*],alol>
Alau Ilu)>«.rlrr« ainl It. aiara to
and various k.nde of Thread and Tame, l».,ih |.tnrn and Cot: on. of
which wr are rr.dving (Mtitinubl aupplim. jyia \ j I
HIM SI 1% I 1.1*1.Its I Mi Ill VI.I IIst
71 Fulton Sim*t, and 71 Btu*kmuii Sfrert, NEW loKK,
I^HlNt IP%l. Its Pront street. New v. hr. Factory, Nut’
71. and b* tlu.ta.in Street, Jersey City The Proprietor* of
lids long and w. tl known
corn:* 4ND fpirr ksta rush m pvt.
Continue ».. prepare the l**«t Pk>irtmicfnti<-al p,<u.t*ra in u*r, for |
raising llrea«t. Biscuit, Tea and other Cakes.A. They also prepare
Mustard, Cocoa, tint uo.nv other article* «*f dally use in rtrry fond* I
ly. will. I, they offer npoli tin n.ortl rr*son*l4t terms Catalogue*
Sr III to dealer* who rr«|Ut •! theta.
JT*» Iff***] K || A J tl. ISM A M.
N. II.— Consumers Adv ised to inquire for lion Mim> arlhlr*
I.IOttt.l \\ . | % || Ml ATI,
M*» /M*i.nr»fy, <*/»/- * '• V \irhniaa //o/* /
WilO 1» MEW YORK. tc.gg.) I
— —
••I>1| mxi ON I III.H
ogk-tM- sta rntunrx //.iff.,- v<>. /i mMr**,
B. W. KNOW'I.K*. A(t»L
Pr. A RNKAO, Mr.llral A.lviorr
C«|"t»l January 1«t, KAC ,i;t:i.xsA 0
P.U .I......U ..... I.'.., ... ,a_. a.
Nrtt balance January 1«t, KV.. ff.iHi'.iiA 47
Total amount of dividend* |*ai l In date f 7l\4V»i #4
Total amount of claim* by death to date S|
-M0MS* 50
MMI.fN' 97
All profit* wo lo the in*ur«d Dividend* are mad# annually, and
paid while the insured I- llvlny. II \V K . Afrtil.
N H Hlarc* Injured from one U> four year# In the Alt* mart# In
sane c Company fr|s
m. tn tin* «Ry and of which wr Were of late ih, • .|.t«*r*. havtny
notified the public that II Would In- discontinued after tl»e 1 at of
January, we fake Ihl* Method of InfarwiInfT the Medical PuMlc
th*t w. will continue to pnldUf. a Journal lo I- called the MONTH
Mr mriiom op* anhmkimuai kppiiicipr, wm, h*>n t>- u«u
rd promptly on Hi# )*t uf evert month. Tlie fir«t No will l* i««ued
on U.e 1«l «.f January. 1**5. the Journal will l»e ,.yr Individual in
terprlae and we *h*llendeavour In render it Worthy of U»r paironaye
heretofore «* tended In the raoer .f Medical JonrntlHm in tin*
Richmond a i rwin m iw
PgRNf aubwrIInta amil-l Inform lire cabinet manufacturer*, plan*
1 forte maker*, and other* ofthi* city •• I vicinity, that the?
have opened a yard with *uliaMr huildlny*. at No. Ain WaOdnyton
fltreel. In the ri y of New Ymk. where they have on hand alarffr
and very •upnrtor Mock of tlie finest w«,hI to he found m4he United
•tale* We offer.
|>|'«nni ft. fine and ratra fine r»« wood vrneera
.V'.onti ft do do mott!i d mahoyany veneerv.
Afl.lk** (I do niah yany *hadrd vrneera.
fMM ft plain do do do
«> ft. mahoyany crotch renerrv, varlou* titet.
0n,t**» fine do. draw* uft vrneet*
tfiJNW ettra fine maho/any. do. do
ffijMt ft fine h|i«tered fi*tired walnut, do.
yn.iMMi ft mottled do do do
f" 'Wt ft walnut crotch veneerv, draw hull atte*.
ft# tww* ft do do i|<t varlou* do
fln.'aai ft flue and citra fine aatln Wood vepfvyy.
9f» i**» ft irhra veneer*
«T .***»• ft curled at d fctrd** eye maple teneer*.
7i.«*** ft eeaeoiir-'l ro*r*<»od. mah«*yaay, and aatin fcm.l |
hoard*, plank, and JoM of all tt.M fene** Plano am| Cabinet Moul ,
•liny*, TIN** different pattern*, all tt very l«w price*, and npon «• fa
vorahte term* a* any other evtabfhhmenl In tl«e country. Order*
will he filled with the utmo*t rarw and d)«pat< h.
IIAW ri A W U.l.ol till BY.
No. A7«» Waahlnyton Rtreel, hrfween Reach and North Moore at
ap9 d«m New York City. !
\| INNVk • R F H O IF. f» II TAPIR % Ml
popular machine, which ha* no *iiprrior We aoltcti early order* to
prevent dlaappolnfmettl, a* we *rr maklne a limited number of •
them [aptA) Bll.nWIW, CARDWri.l. A OO j
PfTII •• TOVI %€'< fl PI nri llA.f Wr have now on
I hand a r.„*d *uppty of C B DeRur*’* No I Ammonlaled f>u
per Ph, «phate of f tine, and from It* peculiar adaptation to Tobacco 1
crow*, and the tn«ny *e«t«ftiff„ry r«prr.ment* that have been made
with It,m man* portion# o# the Plate, we feel no hesitation In ad
vlvlny planter* to war It In preference to Peruvian Guano, at pre«rnt
prhy* Retny «o*e Ayenl* f.W the manufacturer In thi* city. iwr*on* 1
wi«hlny to u* • it , an he u*«ure«l of yeftiny a Pennine article 1v„m no ,
ap*t • M,41RUDFR*B moNB
Iffllf TAIII P M t|?l | |4 MIRIJIA A •»•#*. for ha
kmy and Mliftf with little furl and with little heat in the
fctlchen Kop* stall* adapted l«> the want* of *tnaH famille* Alan
Pod a Mr Oven*, and entirely new srth l«* In thi* market and hiyhly
rerommernh'd hy |h,,«e who have u*,d them. iu*t received and for
•ale at BTARRPTT*B BTOTf PTORF. ll« Main *treet. near R*. I
tank M,*l
Urnm: I hl S l'irr«, , l«r ingrinml M
WM,w IJn<*n Ih, k p.nt«, of ,«*««» .rkfo, In Mnrr. mif for 1
M morl,r*U prl.r, RTFS, Kkl flWIM * CO I
• %% INI!. No* ft.. 1* in » i**ve. In More and for
fy ••Why r j *inT«»n tro
••1* *.fn ..f It* Clrklw taw. Jl Mom
Iflik n,l/ IMIkllli HIIHI'TOI Ion |..«
m w ea W i A H Atrlny Rroom*. reett ue I f «ale hy i
■>»• *»ru.irr « douul***
x Utah 'a x. i a xjU)/AX,X(/:n/i.t ,v «t *vr,r txinrs I
AIM I HI IkMIi A M list MirriON Mini l:.
Xu I .'Li «Viiaatt*l Mr*#/. «##/ ./.*.#» fit .Viruaii fl i ni
acw t UHR, IIMl:*ll:> A MM I'll.% *1 H I'OY. '
■ thia Hu- ar» thr VMHIYOTUY, CwUIm K J’i J J”
HPKMANS.rapt Kira tab llunia. a.. Tit. Is 17*
ri.- '■ •kaanarra atop at H..ult.4i,ip'..ii. b.4h pulpy rMlliilk
and r«ltiriilli*
Prom Aiut I. I
Pr.na Prom aiit|#t.m I.r 1
lr* York. Hrr.ltrti. Si 4 York I
•Si if *i r.fo y. ,Si/«r.f.i4 UV./iir—/.f y i
llaaaia. . Jat.'y ?* P.t.'r M M .
W 4dti.4..f'ia / li't II Mir.-htt M.i f*
Hlktitt Marti W April I* April T1 I
Mk.aic.p.a April l» May II Mr, tl
lltamaa Mat II Jour It Jinn* la
sv 4amaoT.il j„„, 14 July it j.,i, tr. I
llkaaiaa July It AaCl » Aor't Id
\S i.Hia.ip.a ... Ao«*l » lArpt'r I Hrpl’r lu
Hkaaiai A-pt r t it. i'r t n. ,-# ,
W icttiao'.iM . (Vt'r « Sor'r I S.irV .1
likata-taa .. .NarV I Nnr'r tV lAta-'r I
Wiammii .Wr If l>«c'r tl IXrr'r It
Htoppina at Hmjttvuapn*',. Holli fftdn,* at.4 riHairnlny, ilat .,ff,,
pauaunrra, prorirdiup .o Landon and II.rr-. adraplapra over any
okliar rout#*. 1.4 Ik# minoiny of lltnr and TO.iary.
r kaa i oa raoa aaa rat to a.ora turruk itMaitta
Ptro CaMtt. Mam Haluop. |I4ii . Pirat CaPm, l#..a#r Hal.-m |ltn
Vaal do |Oi
All Irllcra and nruapapar# mutt pa-* tl>r<*n/ti tlir Poat OA r.
to toll, of ladlnr arUI k# atanrd or partala ravriaed on Uir day of
fW An raparonioal Htargruti la attach'd to rarh al.lp
Par frrlflil or |iaaaa(r, apply to C II HAM!),
II HnoHi William al . Nra York,
e 4 MKISBKKN A CO . Mr*.it,i,.
. ,, , CROHKKY « 00., Hotitf.a.„|4oa
JaII—ly[W]_WM ICTUS llarrr
ati: \ *i III. r« i I N
PltlNHl'Krtll, a.Nti ton.. . Ciaatao V*■
sew YORK. «UW •• ... Knar r.,,0 BJr
tll.AHUttw. I Dot •• * Joa» Itvacaa.
Tlir tila*d»ar ami Nru York Hi. tui.h p Caiiiuany InlHi. I •all..,#
Un-lr lira ami puWrrful Hlramrra from N. «r York for lilaruoa. a#
KlfINIll KOM. X*iur.UA 1 Ttk* Maj.ti li uM...k ooou
Nk* V«M(K,
"MB or PACTMil.
IVm tl»ii. ..|7f.
Third ilm. found with cuuked provUl >n- #•**•
An riperlmc«.t burgeon tUirM to each Hteauwr
for freight or apply to JOHN MotYMOM,
u ^I? Rrwoirav.
New York Oly 11*11* or Onlil only received for P*»«agw.
J /% Yll.fr T. U UU4 C On
"Mil fain Dr u.re*
PnR*TIA ARU AV» I.RMK.II Zl*« , U'ilDk II Uv|R 4 CoV ClUIRtTli' I
l*Mli-at>*irttlA Win* l.««P. » a Lawta A o»*• <X*4>a*. PA• »T*. i
rtv., *>t» u C. If«»nx<>fc A Co’* Smrnni v ik>iaui.s
y<>. 145 WAiOKX l.AXK, SKW Toil K.
JAM PIT LgWlP, i*p!5—Him KAML'KLC t* Ks*T
omci or nm i
com\i ihson km or um »:m »-•* |
Kali.«•»**». April 1*. 1*7^
TYHK under•'■pned. Conuu N*i, Lrf , f L*»uerle« of the Sui- of M«
ryUnd, Uinf In receipt da.ly of I-Her* from r«r.uu< porti.m*
i.f Uie f.mntry. loiktnw Inquiry «« to K.itery s* Wt with which
the cnur.try H Hoot led, and which purport to Ur *de. l*i.d by the
druwtny* «f the Maryland 0uu»oi .Uird Uturiw."ukn tl.l* rndhod
to an»wrr «ii Mtrh letter* hf Inquiry, and iuf..m* the p bile that all
UdUrhw purporting to be decldr^l b? the Maryland Drawing* ar.
rr*.«- fraud* ; that certain part.e* who >iyle ti.nu^rr* M rn* A
Co , and pretend m be Manager- or S-i- Arent« f*.r the Grand Char
t« r U*tirrir> at Cirvetaiid, Ohio, are unpotort, and *ald lutlcrv a
fraud, having neither legal or prrwutuptire riM«oce; aiid that idu
thwf fi.Mltiutta Irm, atyUel Murry A Co.. Cleeautnd. Ohm. are al*.
luipnMor*, and all loUrrte* which they pru(ni to be manager* or
agent* fur, are al*u fraud*.
nil IMRU rKAxtK, uluiii riljr, I* tw Contractor for drawing ;
thr Maryland Urtwln The kuanru t» conducted under the firm '
of R y K 4NCR A CXI , a* Manager*, and ibt-y have no Sole agents it,
the city of llalttB»i.rr Their are, however, *ut».e forty licensed Ten
d-r* for the Plate of Maryland, who ilcnvt ttren«* under him
through this ofltc*, to sell ttrkru in thr Maryland Loiteriw
^ .. G- U Mcplf AIL,
ap-i*— Oommi**..,(, r 0f L *tt -r.e* for the Hute ..f M I
■ .TIKIini. HMDS, Rhhl.s UOOk.s uft %a.i.
1 KIND?, and a Complete Assortment of Tackle In General —
TIIR G«iLT> MPh\l., (The highest p*vt,num.) was awarded at the
la«t Kthlb tt«»u of the CuierK.au lu-litut* Uj A J. C. OO.VKUY No
AT. Pulton tk N Y
Pur the U-d II*/’!*. Reels, Ac . J A J. C C. offer to Merchants,
Dealer* and Amateur-, thr largest and ron«t complete assortment
of tin- above Mtldrt wtudeaale and for private use, at Very redo* rd
AH order* pun. tually attended to. Men l.al.U a .11 find it to their
advantage to |u*pe. t the Nock, winch w.ll l#e sold to __fy
purcha*er« Nets Hein*. Pykes. and Netting of ail kind*. \la. bine
and hand made - ap*i*-1mt»i
% * U T tl It % I f o .
nmriin RtK,
No « rbatl.ua .Urrl. Jt.w v..,k,
OrCC»’()ll,l IVt., 1 l.i. ro.l l, . .1 IU,, . ff. r, fnr «»l. ,11
m l . .!- .1 .-NTO »>..t TOII.I-. •» ... ... r .1 y , „
I.I-, , I’m. . «'i ....r .**ubr ublmmr.ll.> «J.lrr..lu( ,im..r
Tra. »,l»W..|.u.rnl l.ow.J U.f uldnt vl tl,.- klad In
''''*■ __main - ly >
M* l it I .
I %N. « . Ill >T A It I Mi l 1C. Ill >T have con
nected tlurmscive# under the firm of HL'Nr A bKo , for con
ducting a general Commission llu-i:i< »*, and have taken an ofL- - on
tirgmia, MvtvnCarjr street anj Use Dam lie Ih-pot, i rear ..f \|ror.
Harvey, Wood A Co )
They solicit consignments of Tobacco. Wheat. Plour, Corn, and all
kinds of rounlry pi.Miner, promising prompt attention to all con -
liKuiuriits, and quirk returgr
.\KVl UBUCCItt A.MMiE>EttALt6>T.>lissTb.\ IHSIMCS.N
f|AHK undersigned have united themselves under tl*r Ann and
■ style of MCDONALD. HPflTTJ* A IIARYKY, for the pur|K.*e of
corductli r in t 's rlty the at»ovr husiiir** in all its knauilio. They
havel*k«* the targe wrarehouar P» Pearl street, south of Cary,
tre. eutly occupied by Hunt and llarvcy,} and rvpert to l.afr in *t..re
in a f.-w day* an extensive >» ••onion, t of Orocertea, to which they
resiM-.t fully In Tile the attrntii.n of their friends and the public gene
rally Kk}*erietM‘r.l member* of the firm Will give liirlr Ottenli..n to
the sale of Produce generally, and to thr receiving and fowarding of
Tl., usual advance* made on consignment. Prom lung npe
rlenre In the different branches u* our business, and by prompt per
sonal attention, wc hop* to merit a portion ..f public patronage.
JOHN C Mi DON 41.1),
J 4MKj*c. hputts*.
J-»l JOUN «• ?l*.>i iB
DI4SOLI T|0\ 4)» < 4>e|» \ II I M Il K|| | |».
PI1HR Arm of WAHHKN k PERKIN* i* tin* day 4U*« I veil by mu*
■ lual . oust id Either party wdl use the nstnd of the ftrqi u
liqukf itiol). 411 |H-r«..us Indebted to Us will please i iiuu- forward
ami settle their accounts. Longer indulge-nee caaoot br given.
W*M r. W A It KEN,
Mil ll I .
PMNIIP undersigaeO have formed a Co-Partnership under the firm
E *»d •tylr of Ht'KTON A tlKKKNMOW. for Die purp*«e of con
ductin’' a tirocery and C«*nmia*uin business.
They have taken the bou*r on 1 Ath,iietwreti Main and Cary streets,
re«-e ntly occupied l»y J M tlarfand. f.*q .and will krep constantly on
hand a general assortment of PaMilly Groceries Wilir* I t«mcr», A.
and will gUr tlwlr personal attention to U.r **». of alt produce MG
o*lb ly - ( URKKNIIOW
Glim Ellk % > I) 4 OY| ?| flSMON Ml |{( II IMS,
NO. f» PEARL *TKi KT, i*OL*TI| Op CARY.)
aKuanao, IV,
11 A VP and will keep m store, an i atrti«ie« assorimriu uf ORO
frtrial* ami (hr |>uMkc, In «*ul «»f ginxl* tit Uitrlr lin«.
Harliculir attention will l*r given t«» (hr sale of country Produce,
IlH to rfcrlvhif aval forwarding MrrcliatHliie.
The uaual advance* made on conaigmnetit
jno c. McDonald,
ja#. c. j*ivro«.
JNO G. J*ptrrr>»
w« i. obbs*. of Charlotte. nun. w. Klchumnd.
i'NObVi K ('OMX/SSloX MKHi *HA X r<
Kit'll VA frill* —Am
J*«» lUfn, late of the trm of B»wArr A W*tktm. J* wle«vU«ri
MCI INI It N|| || | It INI Mil. 4 NN,
A Oman «»i> i Hair Aari.it r.■«
T” Hr obUined In I*ryt . t •m.lllp.u’.tttira. with direr
lion* for tinny, of the prltiripal 11.inert arid
Druyylata ’tin urt>«ut I he lulled Stale,
p a t it it cituri i.
_fc*h <Wm (P | Saw Tori.
MAS now on hand, a. .1 ..tfe.# f,.r .ate *.u liberal term., the win at
f annullable, bi .1 ina.le atnl . beapear a.~ortment nf
OFxri.i tii:vtt n Hsixiiiss uoodn
to be found In the elfy, emheanny retry approml alyl* amt .ruallty
Ilia Ifooda arr made up from the moat .-holer pultarna of French
Knyliah and Herman importation!
(Jantletiarn wtat.lny Itne Ctothlny arr malted to c»tt anil mininr
MllV*._ apl 7
U INDEX h| f itN.
aae.saopa White lliant. j Lam l.arye Sr„tch
Aar.i U’.aa l a.ye (tlob : Mri.ox Oreen Cltmn Pin*
H*«»* l.arye Lima. atnall .li 1 tpt>l* ; Xulnaer
Rat Cranherry. Scarlet Runner*. W.rat Mam* Plne.l kind
Ri.iadWin.laor I S.arrantu
Sa.rlta.au Parly Trllow. Si Mr»r. an Blank and Whit*
*"'• I. hawk , *io China. (Uku X.lrar Skin W hit,
d . Valenilnr , do Half W.~m P. Mural , T*|low and Red
Rehiyee |s» tw one , Red Cran USa*
berry Pt.e — Kairx Karla , Parly
Duct Pafly Wood Turnip Mar Waahlnyfon . do frame
Rooted, do Trllow do, Inna do Charlefon , Dwarf War Ptua*
Blood . Prenrh Surat . Many. > , .an , do Marrowfat , Blahop
Wuriael Dwarf protiSe
tlwaaiu—Purple Capa . Whlla I rtl.airi-Un, Smooth
Cape I Prrnrh . Iluernaey
O.aatsa Par’y lurk lore P.a-t aa —Curled
do. Turly Suyar ieauf, do Balter Pteraa t ar. e Bell or Bull
**» . dn Otheurt . Plat Dutch Soar . Tomato ahaped . Cay.
Drum Head , l.ary* Ibryea. enne
fireen Curled Ruauy , Drumhead | Prueara l.uiye Trllow field
Saroy Red Dutch fer Pirkllny : Rurataa.-Victoria
C.riiri.'waaa-K a r I y and! Ranpiau tony V artel , Short
Idh | Top. Bcurlef Turnip . White do,
Cai raa White Solid . Red do. | I. II * do, tony Salmon. Rlaek
Catena taany Oranye . earl, , Spaniah
Horn , Alie.nyhant. Wh le Ptehl. | S.LSiry or Vewrlahle Order
Cm * Curled O. Pepper Plant
Rrxee I Sri*as -Round leave.I
CrCTURtaa Party frame; do Sut .au Parly Rnal Bell
ctuaarr, le.oy yreen. tony flrrea. | Taih I-ary. Red <1. Tel
Southyute , llherkln i low. Paw.
Coww Ra.lt Siaywr ; do Tw*.-* | Vpaate Parly Plat Duleh do
naru . do Yellow Red T..-. l.arye White X..rf.dk
PaniT*—Oreen Curled i While flint., Root* Bar , laah-'a
Pnn Pi »WT Hybrid
K .i a Siberian Curled ) H a a a « knnlay . Carr way
1-wTrr. r Royal Whtte Head l.aremler . Sweet Bard Rom
lee lit HO,he«.| . Brown Duleh may . Saye Summer SuTorf
Curled India or Cape | Sweet Warp rom . Ben
HI ACM M Ran h lillTx. Mid, t Pe. i
Ptaehah Deap I'Pt llutl.n Cloth. Alfa . a-ST it......n
PI..o '. Cloth. Alan, a , ..n.plrle amorltwci.t uf Ike late.I
'•*' **,d m*,lr 1,1 *b» lat.at alyl.* »l aarnaet.t. r.i i,t
114 Mato atreat WM IR4 SMITH.
U U.I I >111111 1.04 K lltlsl-l I II,
. I >K. JullNSTON
PBNIIE PH'MDtlt to thl. oMnM Inullulibn. offer, the u>.,at
M certain. >|ed| and only effectual remedy in tl.a a.,rid fur
UtBurrhom. (Heels. Strictures, SeTulnal W earn*... Pam. in the Enins
' 1 ' tl 0 I R rakn , . .
Affection, of tlie Kidney.. Palpitation of tl* Heart. Us-t*....
r.Ht. Irr.tabtlsiy, It-***- of ir* lira.1, Thr..*t. Nt.a. orSh.i "Vr-l .
tl...~ u r.ou. ami melancholy •llu.r.lei. artsli., fr.m. tl* ,le.trtp—
halm-of y.mtli, which .hcdroy huth liuly an.l tulnd 1 Ia.- *-r.
and urinary practice, are no.re fatal to tlo ir rlcllm. than He uii.
of II* oyren. lu the mariner. ..I l ly*.. Iri rhliu, the r mo.! hr I
Haiti l»o|o. or anlh ipatom*. renderinr tuarnarie a- cio-ltde
YlM Nil MEN, ' 1
pt*.-lally. alo. hare l*e.,u* tl* .o l.m. of S-.I.i.r* t - **T Ar.ad
tut and de-lru.lire hahit which annually .we ), to at. ut.l.i, ei.
rra.e tl.ou.aud. to y.oin« lu. u of the too* raalle.1 laiebta and toll.
Ilanl mb lb. t, wl.o atlffht other u*r l.a.r rldr an- ..I li.toults* Setaab
wdh tl* thunder, of ehefueioe, .* wiA d to e. .ta. , the li.mr |.r,
may call with full ruaffdetn . ’ * '»"•
Marrlcl Person. .., T..,*., Men . ..nlemplatlnr Marrtace. t*in,
* ' "•»*•» Weaknem, llrffan* Debility. Urfortutt*.. Ac*
"earn* ,"“D®d“,*',,' “brail Ur. Jtoimdub. and I* restored to perfect
. He wl.o Hyew hituarlf under ll* care of Dr. John.p.n m.y ret
mrmwIUMj f-urr-l %u«l full ««or rvtorr<l
Tl.l. dice a* . tl* penalty m.*t fr-taenil, p.id by tin.* who Kaye
become tl.e slctimauf i IU 1*0 per lnJulrei.ee* Y-Ml off ,*r~.n. are b».
•pi to commit eicrme. front not bnt.r a war. of the dreadful r„„.,
-oenee. that may eurar Now. who that ui.der.land* tl* raided
will Pretend to deny that ll* power to Pr e-r. ati n tm |..t mnuer b,
tine* fall Inc Into lat|*oper habit. than by u* prudent lie. Mr.
1*11* .trpn.rd tl* Irleariarr of to a, thy ..ff.pr t|* tuo.t -fleo. .u
JrM.uct.ye .ymptotn. u. botf bo-ly and ui ndatl-e. Tl* .y.b „
become. derail,'<1. ll* physical and mental power, weakened her
»..u. debility, dy.pcp.ia. palpitation of ll* i*ari. ,n.iure.tior, a w.,
Uu, to the Iran*, eouffh. aympto . . of con.omp.ion e.r
°“*P crTdl.r Phy.se la,. .d.ertMH, to cur.
I nv%u- C.niiplaii.u. |fi« rmirfim *u«l t^aimnit art n.itrrti uii
.11 .Mhera. Krrfur~i from • life if* j4' ,
tali -if lur..pp a .«1 ilte ftr«t in Una «..uuifi, r i IjifUiitl fraxm
U,r IU*T **' • •*»«• • more urcAiicc than
any mher Phym-tan In the world 111. mar y Wonderful . urr. and
apnn .mportont surytc.l oper.Uo,.. . rafh *..l ruar.nlee
, i ° * “ •P"»' IE wbd effectually rel*,ed
i^5i.fj.My tTBr*,r,am* -'»"*• *w*r'
Orrn e-No. 7 SOUTH EKEUEKIt'K STREET, left hand side ro
Itiff from llaltliuor. «reet. meet. door. from u* ...„*/ *
tr- lie particular In obrarvlnff ll* name and number, or you wiP
mt»l»ke I lie |ilatr. '
( iy I ARE N.mCK-Otoerr, the name on the door abd Win
•v" XKRrCR r HR XAl.sSofs /illl'US CSJCO
Meaaher of the Royal C.rilrre of Sorffeon.. LooJon, ffraduate from
one of the ■><*> cnlnaot Cotteffe. „f tl* I n,ted State., and U* rreater
"f?- *** «p«* •» the llo.pl.al. of le.ndoii. Part.,
“ If"*"1 the tot*, a.tont.h
"**':ur~!** «er known M.,.y trouble wl,h rtnym, m the
t;r. J;To“ ,Tr*\»«'"•>***-".,i*ta«.iJrm*i.. .Ud
,imu^diiltoly* d b“*‘,ul:"r“' •ah deranffetnenl of tulnd, were cured
When the mtoffubted and Imprudent rotary of iriea.ure find. h.
’ll?* “ .“‘a1' <“****». I, too Often happen
hat an Outlined *n* „f .hame, o. dr-ad of d.oorery. de.^ h.m
from apfriylur to tho* Who. from ducatl n and re-pevlabillty, cn
alone Ircfrlend hint, dclayu., tdl O* .rtltullonal symptoffu of thlk
horrid ,11*.* make I heir .pp.ar anc-. rut h a. ulceratetl rare throat
hoctornal p.,,.. thr head and limb.. .Imumra ui
.Iffht. deafnes. nu.lt* on the .htu tone, and artua, Uotchee on the
11""1 ,*lru,"lc*- pr.dfTwt.inr with fr.rhtful rapkllty, UII at
V,, '1' V'c*,’.'' '“Lt>fS^lU‘ <*.f U,r bo“'r* -f “>« now f»l! In and the
TlcUtuorthiiawful dlv-a* becume. a horrid olu«t of cummuera
P**1' » period to h.t dreadful .uffonnff., Ly randln*
"That bourne from whence no traertlrr return, ••
To rack, therefore. Ur JOHNSTON pbdre. hlmralf to prerarr,
the tno.. inrlotahle mcrecy; and, from In. eaten..ye practices In U*
l“u P^ »nd America, I* can cunOdebily recom
dto a* A®4 •pe'dy cure to the unfortunate victim of this horrid
ll |s S melat.ch.dy fact that thnu.an.1. rail slctinas to this dreadful
complaint, nwlny to U* undtdfulncss of lynorant pretet-dera. who
•fd^u.tU,c V'a.1 d"idfal poison, mercury, ruin tl.e constitution!
ana nther *n.f the unfortunate raffervr to an untimely artrr Lr else
make U* residue of life mi-erahlc 7 7 ’
TAKE PARTlcri in vctrir-ar
Ur j a.Mrrw all thoae who have 1 toured U.eiuaeWe* hy privau
and improper iu«ial^rnrrt 7 v
,_T^t'T *" ,nw\ ,he »'"* »rlancl.olT rOr.u pcmloc-l t.y
ly hablU of youU., IB Il.ikue.it,, luck »,„i Limbi, p.t„ in
0„ lleml Uof fit,., L - Of MnvuUr P„.rr, Palpiutloo of
U,r.*r2.M* N-fWou* Irratlbfl.ty, DeranfctOet.t of the Di
fe*tivr PuianUdiio, General I* * l ty.iiyu.pu.ma of Con-umottou Ac
Ttie fearful rffecu uq the mind are aiuch to he dreaded- Lo«» of Mr
Aversion to lix ny. Mf l>WnM, Lot* of^ol.tudr, Tun.dity Ac . are
*orr>* of the mil proilut'nl.
Tl.oo«nd. of prrwn.of all ace. can no. Judy, .hat u tl„ enure
ofthclr declining health L...,i.y their i.yoc, becottuhy weak pan
aiNl rma laird, hair a •u.yular appearance about U.c ilri, couyb
abd i]rbi|4iiibi of loiumuipovii.
1 °/ •* luarrtace, f»„lM a« *rr of pt.ygl. *| wemkt.^,.
hernia, imrord,aU‘,y cuu,oh l>r Juha.ton, and be restored to perfect
UviM.yrcat and Important rented/weak nr* of lh,„r,.„, ar.
Idy cur—1. and full v.y.,r rob,red. Thounat.d,„f u.c nay.
I,»u, and dchdllat—1. who had lo.t all hope. Itare been nuuKdlately
fl. . .Nrllou- lrr,.Trcu.U,"!. ahd Hral..-.,„,tl|„u.u„
of the ioo*t fearful kind, *;teedtly cured by Ur. J.ihr.jta.n
who ha'eUuured th^ujelvr* by a • main practice ladul*cd in vh.fi
%l..ne .» hit, t frequently learned from evil companion* or at
the rtr I* of h an f.yhtly Ml, rim .hrn aalevp, and. ,f not
cured, render, m.rruy,- nupoMible, and dotroy, boll, m.r.d and
-hould apply united 14 t.ty
fvhat * |,ty inal a youny man, the hope of hi, country, and the
i*V„o‘f.0f •f'ouW be .natchcifroiu all triap,i> .nden
Jk>yuunu uf life, by thv ioiur>|Udiiyi of devnulnir FiuUi the p*ti, of
* WU,U •'*«* »*•*>“• Such permu-.befon
•honld reflect that a koond unnd and body are the m..,t
reduwi,, to pronude connubial happima, lml—I. . thoul il.. -
th. Journey throuyh Ilf, Income a .eary p.lyrlmayv. the pro-met
hourly darken, to tin ,n; the in.ml la. onie, (hldoWed wtu!'Uana.r
and <111-1 aid, the unUm holy reflection that the happknen ofanotb
cr become, blighted with our o.t,.
tr All SURGICAL OPERATIONS pc.to.-u1eJ.BAtTi* '*‘'
.,.?,r"e!:':i^iJtS' ',rr’,U‘ 'UU-W Wi-tnmLatily,
aKIN l)l?E.%J*l> ‘jenlilj currd
To 0YiUN(iRi».
T,H* many thousand. cured at thi. .n.iluitlonlwlthln th* la»t 13
year, and the numerou- and important #ur*teml op. ration* tM-r
formeil ty llr J . .Ithr.—I l.y the report.- o' the papTra, and many
other ,e... Of Which hale ,j |e,r-l again and again b^
fore II. public. le,Me< I,,, Ban,liny a, a ret,Orman of character
aud re-ip*.nubility, l» a Rufl. .rut ffuarar.tee to the alBo uj
Jt l« with the freatr^t rHuctan. e that Ur JOli.WfON permit* 1,1.
card '..apm ,r M.i, Ibr |.uWa-, deeming it unurofruional f.,r a
phyatktan la adeuniac bul unlr,, In- did «o, the ami, ted. «i»iiy
| •trgiirf. r*. could nut f-«il ta» full into Hir hand* uf the many Impudent
and uni*ariteal InipuMrra, wltft Innutncratde fal«e nanirv.or < «>tuh:r
quack«h. p«, <warmtnv thc^r larire citie«. copytny l»r. J«.hn«..o*a ad
icrtUeuicnt. nr adrertulny ihemwlvc a. phyBclana. tllllcralc, ahal
lo. bralned fell,,.., laty t„ w„rk al O.ir nrhrinal trade .,0.
. an-r t.„ .lea. beyond the brute. «hn, for the purp—e ,,f entietny
and .heeliniy. carry nn fi.c nr . t ,.m ... under a. many differed
falarnaluo »<i U,at the »!lh. 1-1 Branyrr c aplny one.' i« ,urr to
tumble lieadUn.A «'»*« the other. Iiruorant Vfuack* w th c t r
mou, Iflny rrt.B. ate. of yr,.' and a-toumllrff cum w,^„,
not In Wf, k-ev v ,.,m UllMld Oork, W.P,
a«.u nine, package* <*f nlU,y anil worthier* Cotup..und«. curmlt.cN
preparnl to ltn|Mkw. Upon the unf«>rtungtr and un«u-fectn,# Tr nit.'r
UK.nth after month, or a- I. • c a. thr .m.iut r~. » 7 . ... T
»n.l n despair. learn you with ruined health,to alfh ..rer your tali'
In* aliaappolnttiartit. '
It la this routlrc that Induce, l»r. J to adrerilw, r,.r healor.e.an
curry-u T. Ih.oe unacquainted ta ill, r,... w„.
neccary l« aay that h>, cr, le»i *!* ,.i dipaoiu-a alwa/i han* In hi*
* fa- *1 red ut.tr*' pott, all, and cot, lain ta* a tiac.p t« t*
I 4 !»• rt.vni. i t 1, », : I. :* ayr;,pi,*mt. a,.41 dlj
Man Lti.ntr anwiao T. auumca.
.. I.AIIM.I.* A Itnm XSftX,
I'tlARilACY. PRACTli'Al. CUEJtlflTS A.V7>
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and ,,ut uu any pan «* the country.
.. „ „ , LAlDt.KT t ROBINSON.
ocU •"•>*« «»re, «th and Pranklin air ret*. Richmond.
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T« Vila afreet. Ri. \mi-nil. Y.i.
%%Tm- |t*» thrlr un i . d.d atlrnil. . to of *;at and
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■ • • • alw>, special altelilloii to «alet on Saturday' uf II. ra,
Cow,. Carriage*. I* agon* k , A.
AIO., keep conttantly on hand the larged and handaotnett etork . r
Furniture to n, found in thi, market, ronaiatlng u part of
Mahogany and R,War.IrcUt
do Marl,It and Mah.gany top Cahtncti,
tl le hv.ar.lt and W aorta tain la
Splendid Sprit.* Seat Sa.fat. Tor a Tete*, Dirant and Counter
Spri:,* Seal parlor. Cane ami Windsor CT.alr,
Spring OurM K ckrrr So, lahlet, Wtatn. I.
Ain,, a beautiful »t*..rtment of Chamber Sett*, together with a
general a,-.rlm*nl of Housekeeping Hood,
f22i7 'rm;y *" •*> "»»<"* oar collection,
• o ? :*'" »* « rrrJ ttnall adean.-e on c,.,l
I Mil his II . I, | | .t I .
A U O 1 I O N E E R ,
OKElt'K AT OEli .1 St'MVER'S
Will attend lo the rale ol
a r'<r AT' and retry le* rlpl n of MERlM AN DISI
mlaSMf_HOI SKHni.lt rrRXITfRr.de
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_ rxcHARfiK rcii nixo,
Wl roraTaaxm rrarrr aim*.an, r.aoina
»“»"«'<'» to hit new nyletof SpRIXH
a- I SI M»trK WOOD* * w*d_J||y
**».* w oaten , . ,„IWI,
IrHI Mils A IPPI It kola
rrrR for tale a general aaaorlmrnt of genuine Medicine, al
war* freah, and a great sanely of Pancy article*. Per'umerr
• c at pri «« low «• »k,.t -%n Kr * mM th*. (?
I»f* HRCBBS d APPMSON Ro ini Broad el
H Mill H MTTI. I: H ,
lamassa tan i.r.ira t«
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___Vo Itt JVeifn rf.eef. fftcAa/nouf, |-,t. /,,»
I 01 I P II t IHSIIS A to,.
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%V r,T' M ' ••MltlM « » \Mt I.IXIM tl
^WW COMMISSION MPKt'll ANTS, ala.l Dealer, II P rk . lard
ir ilrden reepeetrully tolleilrSl fait tin
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HI f>»nmee, /,i/,Ma*ef, A s.n
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nr>six a in.,
St Fioni Ulreet, New V,.ek .
fttVITR.il. rot Wins I, IV HER, Hi.VI*
Beeeomh t Parlor, B-vt ■* s . rl.U . Hi .gga t Co . R Hi
i | .kllie'1i Mrigt.l. t Co , " , Ihanlop. Mon, lire A Os. ,
| Bcbi II He,dell t Co , NV,| Blchmsaod, T«*
H*w tl y Hraty Mia A Oo , ObartadoB.
AVora th- T'.-t*. Vuv I.
A European Congnw law other u. *, it *een»*. than
| thaw of making peace t>r rectifying bourn)anea. It may
•wwianallr the purprW* of a d-halir.g ancirty. m
whirh th* Mmi.ter* of State* happily exempt from the :
tfirat la.if •Mitieratire aaaemblie. may hold a liitla Pat
liamenl f their own, ami. without th- fear of Mopping th*
xnptJiea. ... or any ol the other unplewaaut in
cident. ah eh wait on popular Iwiiliea, renlilate auch
topi,-. I- * -III | > them mint to retpiire the imprea. nf
h'-h dam n and aulbo.ita to give them currency The
-- . Proto ol give* an in-lance ol «i|-n an raf<-i«....rr
ten han ol l.-cling. «,„| pinion-. Gr.*ce. Ilaif. aim*- ,
I all Napte. r. n-i.e tli-ir -bare ol a.ltmu.iuiai am| relmlte I
andatw lectured according p. thru a veral din mu it. _ I
I I).|I perl.xp. the -V-..-I ie-.... a a. ram-d for a State '
wnieh for the la-t fire and lao.it ,.-0. ha. firen Terr
1 little 1.0 .hie p. European .hphiaun-v, tan low made a ui.-i
gratifying advance it. .|| lie- art- ol |e.ace Old Internal m.
I .. When people apeak of th. h.i .re r..u.Hllon
I ’ll the Danuhiau Principalifle. thev rail tinea hr war o
! «>»*|»liKHta anticipation in* “Belgium ol li.im, Europe.“
I Poeaeaae.l pi a moderate and P-mpered free, him Ivi.ig
i in a [Hellion which uiakea her u—ful 1.1 er-rr Power
I and lon.iidal.le P. uone, B lgiuni ha- rlaini* .... our re-p-ct
I and forl. ara.K-- which the pua—a-KM, of numerou* amiii-a
1 a-.d luge ler.iUrr.ea l.a-- not alw.y* extort. But Belgium
j enjoy• Ir.Wdoiu ol the |>rra., and therrh.rr Belgium ia the
I •rijewjt Id fierce denunciation and menace. It-newspaper*
1 contain do-Pinew dialaap-lul to f, K-,-1 It I. Government*, t-e
1 l’*'CT«ll.» France, and tile writing* which appear under
l ,h-*‘ eltclf-tt of her free C.Mietitutkai are treated by Count
M tl-w-ki aa little lea- than a rural &r/ff, which nothin
! boi the magnanitnity ol hie Government prevent, tier l.om
I i"*»liing to the utfermuat. Tl.ia i. the ncrn-eniling con
tlicu between liorenimenU which alrajri. the Sute into
llietuarlr* and lruvert.iu.-nta which, although at th- h-ad
I are not the whole ol their country. We had alw.r. ,np
I I mow) that, aa between nation, the Govern men t 'of one
I countrv <oul I know notl.ii.gai.il recognize m il mg beyond
i the Government of another, and ae hear now fe,r the fimt i
I time ol a d.-tinctioi. taken by a foreign Power between a
| Sovereign and hi* people. With the Government of Bel
glum Count \V alew-ki *ay- he lia» no groini.l of complaint
whatever. It l.a. .triveti to mitigate the .-leemw-. of a
Pr**J "hich the law doe* not permit it to control. But
10 Belgium hemelf Count Walew.ki employ, retr
.htfereut language “We ah,mid regret," he *a»«'
, It, be ot.lig.-d to make Belgium comprehend the
"-trict nec-.»ity for modifying a legidal.on Which
••doe. r.ot allow to it. tiove nment tin- lir-t ol inter
“uational dutiea—that of not awutiling ,.r allowing to be ,n
I ’**aile.l tl.r internal tranqniUrj of neighboring State. ”
rhw 1. indeed new and -tattling language What ia it, in
1 |“ct> but «'i“U that uo Gorertnu-nt can be tolerated bt
In* own except one which leave, to it* ruhjecu no freedom
ul action, and tbit*, by the only pu**ible mean*, preclude,
them from compromWing the internal tranquilitr ol neigh
bouring State.? We hare happily got rid of the Holy
Alluocr, riiii Count \\ «lew»ki #<***m.« dispos'd to ryriy»»
the Oheol.iti.t Propaganda of 1815, and to inai.i that the
neighbour* Of France .halt adopt an absolute Govern
ment, a. th-only guarantee thev can give that they will
not interfere, by w„ti„g. by apeech, or by action, with t‘ e
. ii-lmg m-titution* of France. If the gieat Power* w ll
•Milv j.>ii» Count al»*mski in hia d^r.uncutjoni* they will
he think*. *0 «tiennhen ilia hand* ul the Belgian Gov
ernmeut that it will be able to exercUe the teomred inriu
ence uvei the prea* I„ other word* the French Mini-ter
. —~ .. rnwrr into • cru
**de «?»»'•< » frtr pres, and lils-ral in-titution., «ik] the*
0. give ir Belgium tlie victory to tlie friends ol reactions
and piiratli tloiuination. The »»r is over, but Count Wal
cwski invites U. to a new crusade, to hunt down and root
ont whatever ha> been lett ou the Continent of individual
.ila-rti and public freedom, and to avail ourselves of the
reunion nf monarch* to cui tail the right* and Dnvilec -
of people*. r •
A- are happen to live in a land which ha. uot vet been
subjected to this corrective discipline, where the nation
still count* tor something, and the Cover ment, though
strong, is neither omniscient nor ubiquitous; where man
is neither trained to submit to degrading compliance* nor
ui mcavuve 1... speech ami writing by th. pattern prrwcri
beil to him Irolu above, we venture respectfully to dissent
fn.ni tile doctrine hud uowoby Count Walewskia* to the
dm, or sovereigns to coerce the Belgian nation, in order
that by such coercion lin y uiav silence the Belgian pre
rhere IS hut little liberty anvwhere; let u. ,t anv rate
1. '.pet'l that remnant ol a stormy pa-t-t!ul hope ,J » I,a,,',
pier tutur,. It the Belgian pr... exceed the hounds ul
legitimate criticism th. tribunal, ol the country are a*
open to the Emperor ol the French a* to the meanest
sunjrct; and, it that jo.-tice cannot from anv cau«e be
obtained, it i* far belt.. that some Inconvenience should
be tell than that the s-ord should be drawn again-t a
feeble Mate, unable tore-i.t, and yet ashamed tOMbn.il to
. uicuuon of ltd powerful neighbour. Moreover, when
t mint Walew.-ki prote-i- so .trongly agoin.1 the ant. im
(n nal tone ol the Bclg in press ougtit to be remember that
a (nutioii of It, with equal impartiality, adopted the
cause of the Emperor of Russia, gaud that there
would not have been the leant ditl’nliy Ul aeitlnc
up another newspaper in Urns^i. *Uppor,
the cause Ul the dyi.a-ty of Xajmleon. Two
centuries ago the immortal author of the Pru
r.tn'i.if in oil, of the noblest pa«*.gc ever
penned bv the hand ol man, pointed out the absolute in
compatibility between violence and truth. "Argument."
lie say*. ••ma\ be overcome by stronger argument and
Innv by greater force, Iml truth and force have no rela
tion-nothing in common, uothmg by which the one can
ad upon the other Tlie, dwell apart, and will continue
to do -o ml ti e end ul ti.ee." When will the continent of
r.urope produce. state im-n wise enough to comprehend
these maxima, wise eu-mgli to know and fed that reason
must he combatted with a-on, and force with force that
the empire ol truth over th - human mind must depend'upon
its lerlmgs and convictio which the sword can neither
make ikk unmake* A Go,eminent lounded on putdic
opinion need* no such means to support it; a Government
founded on violence should teefe a* soun a. possible to
emancipate itself Irom th, ouionecewllv of supporting
one violent .ft by .noil. r. We have terminated oim
cru-.dv again*! a Tower full ol ambition and violence- let
... not commence another again-t men whose oReiK* is
tl.st they are loo free for the repose of their neighbour.
«nd too much devoted to law to tuhniil to it* arbitrary
I curtailment.
The National iutelligui.-er, of yesterday, say*;
It i« generally understood that our Government receiv
ed. on Xiturduv last, tlie answer of Lord Clarendon to
Mr Marc* a despatch id the 2tUh December, in which be
summed U, ill. argument of the Arnerioan aide ot the
Recruitment dispute, and rumor assign* to tlie rejoinder
ol the Hntish S. cietary an elaborate no** vi,ual to lhal
which distinguished the aide pain-r ol the American Sec
rctarv. Kmum el da. llhew we—we arc pUaacd to learn,
but how truly ae arc. *>l cour.c, uualile t« uii—that the
np’.y ot the British l »h> el, while they decline acceding
tome American d -Hand for the recall ol Mr. Cramptou,
adduce* .1 ms - of testimony nut la lore known to our Go
vi-riiliirut, an* .» % iricty ol clui-idating circumstances and
lacts tending tery much to mitigate the gravity of the
offence charged ,gainst th- British Minuter, and altogeth
er presenting ... rottelied a slew of 'be case a* to luslify
our ttovcrmm ... m not only not insisting on the expulsion
ot the uffendin^ Minister, tint accepting the expressed re
girt ol the hutisli tfoymment for iU uninlentiimal
offence a. a Slid, lent reparation fbr the disrwspeellal act
we tune com pi tmed ol
The Washington correspondent of the Philadelphia
North American, speaking of I Ain I riarendon's reply
saya •
It occupies HAt pages of diplomatic paper In Its lone
it IS more gi net wily conciliatory ar.d guarded than the for
mer despatches hare been. AUu relieving the whole cane,
II discredits our .vstuuony .gainst the Hntish minister
and thy iw>; anil prefers accepting the statement of
their own ol! ••*<•. On thi* ground, as well a* on other
new pctnl. ..grated, it declines to comply with the re
i|tie«t of the American rfoeernmeni The reply of the
Administration will be p pared immediately, but it may
rr*|(ati• eight or ten day. as the British replication look
thiee mouths It will ty- as brief as circumstances may
allow, witft no unnecessary discussion of previous i|ur.
1.011*, and will conclu fe hv putting his passport. j|,c
dispoatl id Mr Crumpton. There is little doubt emer
tained that the Hntish Government will promptly retali
ate by giving Mr Dill., his passport*, thus leaving diplo
mstic intercourse • . )ien ted until it shall Ire renewed hv
explanation or friendly Inter venrion for amicable adjust
meld, which may hr e.-ily accomplished There is no
cause of war or aov grave emlsirrasment in our pacific
relations necerwarilv involved in this fact
Mon. Sartige. h» nd-avond. notwithstanding the
•upprwe-i hostility ol i‘ e French Government, to effect
a salisfictmy arrang -m nt l|ia endeavors are predicated
on the alleged an.d->_ * ah.»r. have been made, but which
are not regtided aa M.i cient
Tire «.ttn* cnrrrvpoi.l. ut al-o write*
Mr Crampton ripl ■* his tatement in regard to Mr
Clayton, by awseitin. i^.at th latter railed on Inin to ey
•mine MM oh! English maps on which Krnrtvt and Ja
maica wet* design it d and colored in the Mine wav,
wheieupon Mr. t layfn.i adne.ttrd lhal troth were eei.ieiifiv
claimed as llriliah po-aewaiona. It is possible that rwi«
apprrhetiaion might have occurred in that ioatance, Lit
the rtplanatinn dors not rover th« point a involved in the
J declaration* «t Mr fls-iton, corndaorats-d by -Vilator*
I Crittenden and Fi«h It |. supposed now Mr Cratnpton
will make sow-- pub. .non on the subject
A deatialeh from W i-hinglon ut<
"Mr,Dallas write* t> it he t* now In pnsarasion of an of
M il letter from f.or . (Vfcinkrn to the H. ilish Pa>
lianrent. in which bis r-.rdship gives the precise eonalr'ir
tior* to the I'layton-Hnlwer treaty whichir contendedfrw l.f
mrr governm-id Mi i> mas it ia nnwv cotrekraive thaii
■nvthing h»- has yen s riilerr on the suhjee(, Mr. Dallas
Mj>. also, that Ibiug* look most uu.-ruuiwfug in l.ondoa '
W»«m*uto., Mat 2,. — —Mr. Seward j-,ffrc
tutllf arged the paawage of the H-mw joint raaoiulwj
author,ring the Sorter, uf the Navy to dc^j^h a .emal
-ith pmtie.x.a prtvawljr contributed fur the Cape Je
Vmlr Mlfitrara.
The Con.uUr and Diplomatic Appropriation bill wm
conridered and paaml
Mr D-njiiniu. from tha aConnuittea on Commerce re
P-..P-I a j.4ut rcolutimi repairing the -l u*r ^
Cale.'ta t„ take th.- .. «tep. to obtain u hnmatHM
n-l.alire to the growth and cyneumplinii of tahacco and
■-..iton in tl>e avveral couulne* uf the world. The rvawhi
Mr. Sumner returned and eoncioded hit aprech on Kan
<«< affair*.
Mr Cm* chmerleriied Mr Sumner** .peech aa the moat
ante American one he ever heard.
Ml -r. rkvigU, and Mawa. aim .Hi,.led p, ,h,
and declared that Snowier erne unfit to aaewi.le with gen.’
Uemen Ilia len.aika, they mid, -ere ei.Ural. deatitut.
uf trutli.
Mr Simmer replied in a .train .4 mver, vulgarity.
Tt.ia acenr created great .en ml ion in the ga Her tea u.
hie. and body of the hoorn
//■mw. —Mr. I lei 11 let, of New York, from the (omnnt lea
on Public Linda, reportetl . trill granting l.ntf nun
ul land in ... the eon-troonon
railroad, therm,. embracing an extent* of 4.., .„ttr1
^ Ann,turn l.y ,he bill on the table wa, negative,,
Pending the cuuai.leralioo ol ll.r hill, the llouee ad
joumed. u
Sr leu m, Mat *. -The la.e-t daU. from K.um.^te
that the pt-uplo have r,--,ended to C„„ Shannon-. pr,. I,
■nation Urge nun,here. Si, hundred had amemb.cd
400 a. Franklin, and a Urge company would
leave Kiekapoom, saturtUt for Ucoaipto,,. wilh tw„c-n
non, all well armed and pruvirioned. There wa* great
excite.,,and a ba.tl. waa ant.cpatcd. |, U
tha K.-inter ha* -ucceeried in making hi* eacape .„d ,,
midj.at he carried off coumderald. fend. befeogiag to hie
The Vigilance Committee of Kanaa, City on Saturday
took from the ate.uer Arabia. a large field piec which
waa cunaigned to Lawrence.
WaanmoToa. Mar 20, P M -A rumor Ha. ohu.ned
■ome credence here amce the arnv.l ol th. Northern
tram th* evening, that Mr. r.llmore U dead. A. th,r.
“* been no ..rival from Europe rince the Aria, (he ra
port tiiusi be milouiuit «J.
MIj*OC*I politic*
at l**ia. May Al -Thr Brnlun Urmocrallc C..J*|, Caavratk^
MUwriay —ahmmi fran, P Bl.lr, Jr . ,0, Cm*., ^
Washington items
W.-uomr.,,. M.T »» -|« L. un4.rao<*, urn, Gw* OmoA.
<i*n>..ch^ .„.for,c%lly ntam uor^alUit^ •
oLu«.. •'“ ** “** r~*'‘ °' *r Cr“^“ ~l Uw ■gr.uj.u,
^The decision of ih. Executive Oot * nmm.minw4 for ....
Baltimoee, Met IU-IW liad advanced-a.|«, .,
$6.lia tf.25. Wheat is 1 cent higher-red |.«| . n„
white 1.01 a 1,71, for good to prime lota. Corn und.ai.g
ed saiea ol «h,le at 44 .40 eta , mid yellow at 4* a 51
Saw > oaa — Pour drooping—sales of Suu at |i 50 a
•V. other description* unchanged Gram Arm at ye*,,
dary-s rale.. Southern while Wheat 1,80, Southern ,.d
l,4o. Suuiliern mixed Corn 5ba57 eta.
Stock* generally higher. Saiea of Virginia eiswa at
ThIRTV FulKlIl C05«RKSS—Flfal Se„.on
Washington, May Iv.—Tdo me.sagea were received
trom the President, vetoiug the bill, recently pae*rd f„,
the improvement of tbv month ol the MisrisripTi river
and deepening the Hal, on i|,e St. Clair river Ti e Pre
aident mays l.s retnrus them because be regard, them as
p.u» ol a general system of internal improvement. and
relec* to his message of 1854. veloing the river and liar
hoc bill. The consideration ol the subject .0 pewtponed
till lifit W ednv^Jny. P^*HKjo
in elation Wr the bill lor the improvement of the St
Hair flats, the President says "In considering it under
the I onatitutioii that the power ol Congress u> construct
works ol internal improvement is limited lo case* in which
the work is ui»n,lesiiy needful and proper lor the exeviu
Hon of some one or more of the powers expre sly drier.
U*1 lothe (leiieral lioverumenl, I have not heeii ,ble to
I Unu Urr the proposed expenditure any such leUlive uulesa
It be lo tne power to provide lor the common defence snd
maintenance of the army and navy Bui on a caielul exami
nation of the subject, with the aid of information oflieiallv re
ce.vcd since my last annual ineasage was cou.uiui.ic.led to
l ongress ha- convinced me that the expenditures •.«,«
sc-rve no valuable purpose a-constituting 10 the coin mo*.
defence, because which could be effected bv it would alWd
a Channel ul only twelve leet deep, and ol so temporary a
character that unlesa the work wa> done ..lediatelv tar
lure the necessity lor iu use should arise, it cunhl not b«
1 died on for ves^-ls ol even the smallest draft the oasaae»
of winch if would mi toil. 1
Relative lo the Mississippi improvement, the President
’epe.it* hia constitutiana) objeciions to work* of internal
improvement at applicable to the whole system, whether
they colt*.*i ol works inland or In the navigable water* ut
either of the sea-coasls or interior lakes or rivers.
Mr. Sumner made a vpeech on the Kansas iprestMMl
Without concluding, the Senate adjourned.
The House took up Mr. Wheeler's JyU rMolutiw]
tliorixinif tin* >ccrvLarv of Lhn V*v* .»:__ a.
-•lit provision privately con tri Uted lor tl.ef.ped, Ve.Ja
Mr. Kelly b i. rtv referred to the liberality of New York iu
.1.1.. p the .taffiug people. appealing to the pw„m. mm
palhiee ul the Houm: to paw a revolution lor an appro*..,a
tlon ul money.
Mr Smith, ol Virginia, tail] that while deeply feeling
for tlieir ludrcaaed condition, he waa not willing eveu iu
Inid inning particular to u«urp power.
Mr. (tallowav ««k<Ml l«*av«* to introduce a resolution re
q.nrtnm the IV-aideiil the United State* U. inform the
Ilnuife n hr titer he ha* information, official or oth-rwiar. ol
the wturder of Auteriogu ruiaeua, rending in kaneaa *
tt In Alter h-gai alepe have Im-co taken lor the prum-cmion
<U the murderer. » AlA. whether the preaident lute tarued
any rp.-e.al In.truction* tor the profact ion and preerr.aUun
ol American citizen# iu Kuiaar fintn violence and uaur
dev *
Mr (iailowa.v. at Hie inatancp of Mr Smith, of Virginia
added a clanae calling tor ii.torniation relative to the aiur
• ler of Sheriff June*
i . 1 ’ *•>'* the gentleman had better wait until
the Sheriff would die.
Mr Hnffin waa up (me. J to »uch a airing ol nonaenae aad
tr.er. fnr>' objected
Mr l.alhrway moved a auepention of the rule#, in onler
that lie might introduce the revolution The queetion waa
determined in lha negative—veaa 1(1 i j nava 54. not two
Mr Keitt morel a *u*pen*io« of th# rale# in order to
Introduce a reaolutiqo providing for an adjournment of Too
i v[re« on the 5th of Auguat. Decidud iu th a negative—
ycittd'J. nar* 77
" alkrr moved to di-charge the committee of the
! •b0"’"1’‘hr State of Union from the cone! leraiion of the
Mil for continuing the improvement of the Mot ale river
Thie wa* dieagreed to—veaa It, nay* 47.
Dringle a-k—l, hut did not obtain, leave to Introduce
*' revolution providing for a *<lect committee to ri port uu
the <iil>|ect of the Wa-hingtoa Aqueduct
Mr Smith, of Virginia, introduced a reaointion rolling
upon the Secretary of ilia Vary for information relative u>
I branch of th«» ptiblic wrvief.
The llou«e then adjourned.
Ka<>u Kme**. — A Joapatch dated Si. Louie, May I*.
aaya .
Dale* have been received from K*n«aato the I lib Sher
iff Jone. i« convaleaeent. Mr Brown, the editor of the
Herald of Freedom, had been arn-aled while endeavoring
to leave the Territory Kidiovernor Reeder hod Red. but
it wa# thought he woo'd he captured. Judge Fane uftienr
gta. had baou appointed ShoriR until Shrnff Jouee'la able to
reaame hladutiea It waa reporteil that Fane had been *hot
at twice It wae al«oaaid that I.VKt men were at law
rence. vrmed with Sharp'# riRew. and elrnngtv fort.Bel with
hreaatwork- and Iwn piecew of artillery . and declared thwir
inlentuni hi >•••iet all allemp a at arret. About I .lain men
hvl n-ap.Mi.led lo the M* rah a I’* proclamation and encamped
in the riciniCT of l^wmnoeond Lreomptrai. their avowed
purpooe being b. compel the people of Lawreeae to a«
knowledge the Territorial Iowa
. VT* * M«vS Turn..? |n «»ea Hi* Lira —A raOwwy Me r m
I'1* "t**htre. Tea-net wa - a ho --It r.mrwva ’'Ml me-ma
Man of th- wuHptpe. W -pH* ef aetlv- --g.-ul loam-UV #»# waa
ca It' P*-i m f L-1 "a •" 9 - *l. d, ah. th* h—prrate n me Aa -f tra
rk- cb.m# Ih.i la. cfen.*e<ha emdplp. wa* tarigaO aaoa ha the
-u’f-nn Tha >p*..ina *u mad' a aula <•>..** tha hraamb-aw aad
a tab" b-r him b-hrealh Ihruagh waa Hareim# Tha Igh I*
r*a.»io m far *r»..M a * n« v*u abet, lha nna.aai —- -
phMv rmri. ,1 waa feemeeit. .eg me mnZtXJmTS Tt* ma
Ir »hW ffuin|iMR|f r^<«va>f#if, Rful Kri nw»nl tWv » tfvg |v«,. . .«
no I*. Obh b ba b4l..e. wttb .. m-ab ... .. (7. ,'JJ
tarad tha Jaaperaia eperaUea pertbrowA jp« ha

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