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THE ftl tHtlfflTI# H--H T 1 T I HUNTS
K I (' H MON l> VVIlKi.
Mi nmuit soHsisv. tfi. i*u.
TO «'»KlirwPOtt»K*T*.
|.l(l<r<MVail«iw*iulh lu lit "Stiltor of IS*
^jfit’irUt •rrlllrn on K*\ ti Itt oflAt paptr trill not kt ;>uklltk
ml TV*. It l ru’t of tony itomliny, onyht hi 1«.«m to ail,
and pill in %.i in 1# •Itfrirlml Morn trot miry nottrtt tM'trtl
Iny *1 /VI Uni 111 .'Ailr^m/ Sn* «,ittrtrltrrmmt»
imr I losiaaal.siri.iar trill ht cXarytd Ikt mint tit aJflttt
Tor interesting new*, telegraphic, Ac, we outside
A meeting of the (Vnlnl Kvecative t'onnniitee in called
(or this eveuiiig, at o'clock.
JOHN IHtVK. t'hairman.
A Per fed t ml
The jokes of the Kieliinoml Enquirer are some
turns exceedingly rich and dashing We have on.
of tin sort lu the following paragraph from the yes
turdav a issue of that paper
tor llie In-l lime in its history, the Democratic pally
is s n il ami perfect iiuity. Though conciii ring on cardi
nal doctrines, the Democracy have heirlofuiv betrayed
some dissent in respeei ol less important matters, hut nos
even unclean spirit is duvcii out, every leprous iiuih i*
Cut oil. and the parly has attained the utmost purity ol
principle uni soundiiea* of organisation We ate all in tree
and tiiclnilv fellowship, ae all stand upon the aauie plat
form. Ill a Inch the pet verse ingenuity of party cau delis t
lie unsound plank.*'
‘‘The Democratic party areal and perfect unity!"
Ami tin n the gravity of the declaration is m* wonder
ful I v refreshing. The Enquirer also announces that
its pady is a unit "for the first time in its history."
Now it occurs to ns that this claim has been set up for
tlic Democracy, by all the politicians ami presses of
the party , from time immemorial. The Enquirer it
self has never failed on any occasion—in season or
out ol season—to proclaim the thorough unity and
nationality of the Democracy. And so, it must eith
er have been talking tor Huncotuhe in the past or
dll- it is tnlkilur for llinicoillhe now
Kut how rtut it Ik- -skid that tin- Democratic party
is a real and perfect unity V What reason is there
for any such flippant allegation * Ppon what
question is it not divided and split into a dozen an
(agonistic factions' Take the Nebraska bill, for ex
ample Doe- not at least a third—probably a large
proportion—of the Norlheru Democracy spit upon
and repudiate it v And even among the supporter*
of that measure, is there not a wide and radical dif
ference of opinion between them as to the construc
tion to be put U|nin it? That i*, doc- not the North
ern wing of the party, almost to a man, claim that
it recognize* and establishes the doctrine of squatter
sovereignty, while the Sint hem wingcontend for ju-t
the opposite oUi- In.'ioii y The Enquirer, we apple
bend, i- lull« aware llal such is the tact indeed il
ha- admitted such to he tile fact in divers articles
and on sundry occasions. And yet in tin- lace <d
its ow n repealed admissions on this it coolly
tell us tha* the Democratic party i- a real ami per
to ( unity. \\ e conics- (lint sm li a declaration tab- -
us some what by surprise, although we are hut little
accustomed to have our astonishment excited by any
thing a Democratic journal may say on theeveol a
Presidential election.
Not only in regard to the Kansas hill, but on all
Other public I’llestious, we discover (he same dilfcl -
cnees of opinion in the Democratic ranks. Set- the
t-oiitlieting view - ol the Democracy in Congress in
refcfcm e to Oougn- sinnsl appropriations lor inter
nal improvements Only a few days a--o. an annua
ted di.-s.-us.sion arose in the Senate mi Ibis siibjei-i,
wtii- ]i w a participated in almost exclusively l.i
UlCHlher Hi the Democratic side of (lie bouse. Al|.l
what dnl we witm-s y Did we see a real ami per
fect unity of sentiment on tin- ipiestiou among the
leading DeiiiiH-ratie politicians ami statesmen of thc
country' Very far from it ' We found that ali the
Democratic Senators from the Northwest expre.-.-u 1
Opinions on this subject directly at variance with
those entertained by their allies in this latitude and
throughout the South generally. We saw Senators
Ci*-, St iari, Weller, Pugh, Tnucy, and other Norti -
cm Democrats, arrayed in irreconcilable opposition
to Senators Itntler, Krown, Vnice, and other South
cm Democrats, on this grave and important ques
tion Mr. HroW’ii -tin- Democratic Senator from
Mississippi after listening to the speeches of hi
Northern brothers, had the trankness to tell them
that tin y- had given utterance to sentiments contra
ry to all Ins notions of wliat tlie true Democratic
doctrine was, and certainly contrary to the teach
ings -if the Baltimore platform, lie stated very cm
phatically, loo, that the Democratic party had bee:
guilty of a va-t deal of "rlieaU-ry and humbugging
on this question, and that il was time for it to be :
littic more lione t to practice wliut it prea -lied, ami
vote in conformity w ith its open avowals anil record
ed declarations. And yet the Enquirer'» sagacity
and penetration sees in all this radical and essential
di-acre 'incut biiioiiv the faithful I-iifii-lUvi 1*. a.vbl,.ii....
of a "real ami perfect mill) !" Its readers, we nr*
sure, will be forced to dissent from its very sage cnti
We might allude to various other issues, a»d
show that the same contrariety of opinion exist, i
Stnong the lletuoeracy in regard to them Hut we
deem it useless to attempt farther to disprove an al
legation, which n ally ha no earthly foundation to
rest upon II the Knqnirtr intended it only a- a
joke, why it will pass lor a pretty good one. But it
it meant In lie serious, why, then, its declaration is
almost loo absurd and ridiculous for grave comment.
Tli* Paris I oufereucr..
The thirty ml I article* of the Treaty ot Puce were
qnite dry reading, and even the Protocol* attached were
Dot altogether as interesting as a new novel from Thacke
ray. fhe grisu rrrW ol the t'.inference on the sill of
April, Borne d»r« after the latificatiou of the Treaty, po
se** a general interest for the whole world. The Pleni
potentiaries, on that occasion, took into consideration the
particular and general condition nl the nevaral state* ot
the continent, ami each undertook to express the views ol
bi* Government on the sneersl topics iniioJuced.
Uvintkerno.il this morning for this document -ar
Conipaim d by a c minenl trom the lent don iimt\ on Hi.
French ptoposilion to gig the Belgir press The three
*n*ijecl* of highest interest, which were discussed, related
to Italy, to Belgium, and the new maritime law. Th.
view* of the Conference regarding Italy have cicilej .,
gtaai aensatnin in the Paninsula. The IdbciahsU of that
countrv, feeling themselves sustained liy all the groit pnw
•r». aill insist upot important reforms in their re*pecliv«
tinvrrnmvnt* which, il uot granted, will, it is said. In
•peed'lv mbsulut nl by a general rebellion The propo-i
tion of France in reg.i.l to the free pres* of Belgium tne
With the decided opposition of Kugland , lint the |’|eni|i«
del not speak to the point with the earnest indignation .1
th* /■.««*• Th.. intimation of Count Wale*ski, that
III., ..- complained nl ,||.| „„t .ease, to slice wind
tak< ,. Ire. ini.i it. own hand., was not raic III ate. I 1
make s lieltMl (trie |irojn«*ilKm more palatalile to a In
W.Hi iesp.n*t In the new muitini. Isw, t/ir.| t'lsrendo
gar. Km >1 Old - ,..sent Pi It, w.tli the uiiderstan.Ji ig II.
ita pruvi.cis sl.onl I only enure lo the benefit
Government. wh|. h accedad to It. Tbit, we suppose, a
ili<einte.| lor the I'nlted Mutes If w* do not agree I
at'olist. Privateering, *■• shall not lie entitled to the jniv
•egr* a.. ord.d lo uc.iiral dig. and neutral g.evls \
* eh ~ *e fuse ssked no levors of h .glanl on that ■ .1
in tin past, a d will w-arcelv do so hi the futm fl.
N i**iau Fnili i-*sd..rs forlcne In express anv r. mid mi n
**••• »wh|e*rt , ami wa I-srn hr the last steamer 1 at Ih
Power l.a- in ij.. rxceptioos to llie clause odeti.i^ to Pn
vat..-ring Tlie |. irt.riitsrs hare not reached il* , hut w
« It uecupies the Mine jiostlMMi in respeel to Ih
nistl.-r tl.sf *.. do Bos'll, hk.* m, ha* hul a *tn*ll nav
and *0 renounce the nsa of Ptivaleer* would he taut,
mount to utr ..deling the alisulutc d.nnini.ni of the aei
to F.nglsi.d
•t Rr» Pi-t urery.
The / tsHinr/ l.a nn.li th. discovery that < tl
B.tek wa th. first state man in,America to e-p.ni
|be pun.ip., of if, k to -«» Nel.ra ka bill, il wa
on hix motion, it Mix us, as early ax 18S7, that that
principle was ailopled by the Senate of the United
States. And so 1‘ierce, Ikruglas A Oa, only stole
t Md Buck's thunder' Thus we go. How will the
anti-Biichananitta get out of tliis difficulty into
which the Kftmimtr has so cruelly plunged them 4
It is an ugly scrape, but we suspect they will find
some war of gettine out of it. l-et them hurry up
tlieir horses. If they do not, (Hit Buck will surely
carry the day. The hr.uniutr'* discovery is a per
fect tiod send to him, as lie was evidently liar-1
pressed by his competitors liefore.
The h'nifiiirrr is mightily exercised in regard to
the Old I .me Whigs. It Iw-gx in one breath, and scolds
in tin- next; it threatens and entreats ; it promises to
expand them into rv.xjK-ctahility, and feast them on
the nectar of office, if they will only Iki* down and
worship l.ocofocoism. What can it he that makes
llie worthy Editor so anxious on the subject4 He
say* tlieir votes are not at all essential to the ascen
dancy of the party in the State. Why, then, this
sudden and intense affection for the “traitor Whigs"?
\\ by tliis Inmiitiltil tit this sudden and irrepressi
ble eagerness to force office upon tliem, and to ren
der them respectable4 Hav’nt you loafers and re
negades enough already for all the offices at your
disposal, and whose reputations would he none tin
worse from itifi eased emoluments and augmented re
s|n.n-tability ? In former times, it was a eliaracteris
lie trait of your party rather to diminish than en
large the number of those who might he privileged
to enjoy profitable distinctions. Then you were of
Itciiry tin- Mb's way of thinking the fewer tin- men
the greater share of glory. Now you can't get men
enough to partake with you of the spoils' What can
In- the secret of Ibis strange revolution of sentiment?
Where so much love is substituted for so much hate,
without anv visible cause, is there not ground to
sus|iect that sinister motives prompt the gratuitous
professions of affection 4 If you were not all of you so j
immensely res|Hvtable,and did not holdall offices in so
i much scorn, it might justify the suspicion that y ou ^
were more auxiousto increaseyour own res|>eclahiliiy
I than that ot the Whigs, by being privileged to boast
of hav iug tIn-in as associates. This view is somewhat
confirmed by the extravagant laudations and high
l honors which you lavish upon the renegades now j
j with vou, as though all the rest of the Democracy
were only Ht for menial tasks. A further suspicion
might also Ik-justified: that you are looking forward
< to a day, not very distant, when the dividend will ’
consist more of burdens than honors ; and then it
woulJ be very convenient to have Whigs at hand to
bear an undue proportion of the load. It cannot be J
that the people of Virginia can, for many years long
er, bear the sway of a party, under wnose auspices
ney already wasted —the hardest sort of money’ to
pay, security money not excepted—and who, as long
us they can raise money by the sale of State stocks,
will continue to spend. For we have the authority '
of the Democratic Finance Committee of the last Le
gislature, that it is easier to raise money than to take
care of it. This state of things must sooner or later
In ing about a day of reckoning, and w ilh it a day ol
wrath. It will be very couilortable for the pait\
leaders to bare a goodly number of respectable Wings
la-hind whom they may take shelter, and on yvhose
In-ads tln-y may throw all the responsibility, when
that day of reckoning comes, and when the people
aiv treading the wine press of wrath.
.New Telegraph
The V V. Herald has the Inllowiiig notice of the »
Hughes' telegraph -fiuiu which, we are rejoiced to learn, I
that we are in a !.»•• *..) ul g.-lling rid ol the wretched
hutnhug by which we are now llecced
Tilt Hn.iU-Faivriso Trrruaaru Ivrarwsvr Kimsu
I so —We are gratified to learn that this woudertul inveti
turn Its*, at la-t, received its timshing touch, and will t«c
j jinmediarcly placed upon the hue between this city mi l
1'lnladclphja We arrnassiired, upon undoubted au'iioriti
lli.il the machines, so lar i« it bus been possible t*> test
ihem, tbrnugh aeull ol wur hsi luilea in length, hue
ii aliacd the mo-i sanguine expectations ol Mr. Iluglie
and his Iricinl , and there appear- to In- no reason In
1 donht hot I hit the invention wiil speedily work an entire
t ie>..lull.in iii telegraphing llnniit hnulllie world. Thi-in
1 Vi nlion mar lie e died a punting picas and telegraph n
1 strinni'Ht Ciiililiincd, lor it pnnls all messages, in plain lt.*>
: nian capitals, with uin-riing cnrieetnr -, and at an alino-t
incredililc rale ol .peed, averaging in the ordinary d. -.
I pall I| III hu nie.s, Ii,,Mi -ni.iasi to J.'i,ooi»’per hour The
1 Ilnghe-Jinslriiiiicnr ilear))' ilcinoiiatralcs ii... pracliealilill
'ol sending and receiving message* in opposite diret-linn
[ over ihe same wire at the same instant ul rime, and with
| the iitmo l . a*-, legul.ir ti and ccrtuintv. Ii will conse.
ijneiillv require hut one wire and omvi peiator, at any gi
Veil point, lu send and receive as unien business as em, i„.
tr iiisiuitted bv the a<d ol lour or live operators, and an
equal uumlier ill wiles, under tl|«t Mnise system. A nolle
ei, equally luipnrtant, peculiarity connected with the
; Hughes invention is the undoubted lact that it will work
lieilerily in very long circuit*, and with unerring accuracy
III all slates ol the atmosphere—neither luisk rain nor snow
having any perceptible effect upon it. Therefore at seasons
when the Morse and House ins'ruilienU are utterly power
less, even in circuits ol fifty miles, tlirre IS every reason
to believe that the Hughes instrument will work reliably in
I circuits of one or Iwu thousand miles. The simplicity and
durability of the new machine will compare favorably 1
w ilh the Morse, and it is vastly superior in these respect*,
•o the lluu-e instruinent. The govrming principle ol this
invention is wholly dis.-iuulir to that ol the Morse, House
mid all other teh graph instrument., and consequently,
theie can be no difficult) on the score ufllic patent, which
wc unilei-tmij ha- lieeii sold lor about f'lCS.ius) or gl.’m,
biei to the American Telegraph Company—a new asws u
•toll, having Its head quarters ill this city, but composed ol
gentlemen of lie. highest respectability,'residing in iliffei
enl section* of the Iruiled Stales and' the Hrui.li Nurili
Auerm.u provinces, and ol which it is sufficient to tav,
Di.it Feter I'ooper. Ksq., is the Fresideut, and WiUm li
ii ml, K*q . pi usurer.
PeitHK-racy in ,>ew I’ork.
The New dork hvening I'ost publishes 411 anti-Nehru*
ka document signed by one hundred leading and inliuenc
tod Democrat* nf the Kinpire Hlate, protesting against
Isitli tbi' Hurds uii I lire Softs ns llie true Democracy, and
declaring ilieir deteriniiiatioii not lo be I round by lln- action
ol tbe Cincinnati I onvelition. Here isanotber evidence ol
I hat liaiiuony and "perlect unity" of wldeb the Enquirer to
loudly boasts
By llie si), llie /’-nfuiVer lias not Vet informed us wliat
1 mil bo done at Cincinnati in the caao of the Hard* and
Solis Which set ol delegates will the convention endorse
and admit to seals * That's the rjuestion, and we I
should liku very much to have a satisfactory answer to
ClKixo Cast! KM.—our attention ha* lately been called
to a pamphlet, published by Drs (filbert and Kvunedy, ol
New Voik, wherein they luriiiah evidence of their ability
lo cure cancers, turn >r«, etc., without surgical operations
It has always been our custom lo declare a cancer incur*
ole . and whenever we have met with a person afflicted
with a innlignsiit disease ol this kind, we have been do
| posed to advise him to make bit will and prepare at once
j for a departure 1,. that undiscovered country from whose
1 bourne no traveller e'er returns. It upp. however,
lint Dr '.illicit, who is well known in the South ami
■ ..ithwesl, not only professes to cure cane, r, but loci,
tirpate it thornuglily Iroin the system wilbo.it a resort lo
the knife or lo any other revolting mode common among
surgeons He professes, indeed, to cure at lea»t eight
i-a«'s out ,,| ten, while it is generally admitted that, by
tl." old practice, , permanent cure is very a. Idom effected,
rue New lurk papers tell us that during tb r twoor llnee
year* that Dr «i ha* te-en a re.i,|er,t of that city, scarce
y a s’eek In* pa-* I without bringing in some new and
grateful ... to hr* -ktll an I good for tune. In the
■south, according to Wi ll .uthenlicated .tat ..rents before
, ns. he was enuaTly ..f ,| The ...... , , e, Ifov.-rnor
i Tucker. «•• Mississippi, was a mo-i etlraor lin.rv one -
J The (lovvrnor l.*d long been allbcie.l with „ cancer whirl.
wa< promwiucedmr,liable by the most ,|,.t |iri) „,1T
Sima He W is Operated upon by |rr rt
eured, and ret.I to b.s plantation io Mi.sis.ippj The
; Doctor * curative pr.-v-. is verv Simple II- iiiannl*.
• 1 “77 - -< pias.er* ,h,r c. ,„;!h.,. 1*
! f " Ir, * * * "I". 4>* "•* *"""'l ' > lire It. s|,
, I I'*'- "" .. ^ Kenned, ,r „ No 7
! Ir,«.lw.y r..',.. .y,„,r N y whw„ ,
. ...mors, and ulcer, .re .reared by hi* new pUn,
) wava with N-siilN eitremelv favorat.le
, The lit eat imelirge,** bom Sheriff J..„ represent,
I I '"•,,7 ' V" ‘I'’'! 7 •' be *1101.1.1 get a. || |„.
, Will pruhanls l»e rripple.l h.r life
Hmce the atlempr tr, ,..a..|nalw June. Iii. h,
*! o'1,1'"1.*....wo,,::::
" Emi an I'm ."' j .. . .'••'••J-'la.k'.
, and M- J.,l.,,.„„ ,„d I rm-kell
f V. . ,' (’* .. •• l-.wrenr,
„ ‘"'I 'lecl.r. .'|re.i .... ,
• M "•»» '"I bug ... a, U,.,,
, l'ul .. ..I .. • ill U,c„ I, 1, , 7
. .I, or wfirth. 1 7*1,T
' h-. amlglV.tr; ‘I""... the
"* ll„.,ij \,,v admit /,, , „
. .... , i.'T; ...
misston frtim lha liovxr.. ""Wing.ran
| -.1 If..,. 1;. n.-rsl \ •" ball
dons as .1 in.laiKa. ol tl,.- ''".dilion.il pn
' and w,. sent lo I’, * ‘ .I I’.rebla,
a Uv.r Uayisslen ha. airrsed ai New Mrlc.n,
At one ol llie 1 »-t meeting* of llie Conferences a nwtu
tvr ol subjects ol European interest were di-< ussed, not
necessarily Included in the mission of ilia Pleuipotentis
ne*. which will be lound described iu the following Pro
"Sitting ot April a. lttAit.—(Tranalatioa.)
"(PreaenL—The PleliipoleutianeS of Austria, Fiance,
I tirewt Britain, Prussia, Russia, Sardinia, and Tinker.)
"The Protocol of tlic preceding sitting is read am) «p
"The Flail of Claiendot taaiarhs that in the last meet
eing, and in consequence of the other 1‘leaip.Xentiaries not
twine yet in a position to accede to other propositions,
the t .ingress had confined Xss-lt to agreriug u|Hiu the no
-mg of the blockade*. lie aniHMiucvs lhal the Plenipo
lenti tries ot tiieat Britain are tnrw aiilhorixed to make
ki.i>wit that the restrictive decisions imposed on the oooa
Stott ol the war on eomtncrtv and navigation are .mi the
eve ol lM-ing revoked.
"The Plenipotentiaries of Russia having repeated the
corresponding declaration which they made in the sitting i
..I the 4th ol April, and all the otiior Plenipotentiaries
having expressed a favorable opinion, the Congress deter
mines lhal all the measures, without distinction, adopted
■it the commencement or on the prospect of war, and
having for their object to suspend commerce and navign
tiou With the enemy, shall be abrogated, and that in all
llut concerns either commercial transactions, without ox
cepting horn them contraband ol war, or the despatch ol
merchandise, and the treatment ol merchant vessels, mat
ters are everywhere replaced I rout this date on the fooling
On which they were Ivfore the war.
"The Plenipotentiaries of Russia announce that they
have ie. eiv.il order* to d elate, in reply to the request
which had licen made to them on the subject, that the
pint ol Seba*to|Mil will Is' opened to the vessel* of the al
lic.1 Powers, in order to accelerate the oiuliarraliou ol tlieir
troops and of tlieir material. They add that the instruc ‘
lions which have reached them allow them to give the
assurance that llie evacuation ol llie Ottoman territory in '
Asia by llie Russian army will commence immediately al
ter the exchange Ol the ratification*. tllat,as soon the sea
son and the stale -d the reads shall admit ol it, the trails- i
port ol the magazines and of the material of war will he pro
ceeded with; and that the general movement ol thr Russian
army will he effected simultaneously with that of the allies
and will tu concluded st the same time and within the
periods fixed tor the evacuation of the other territories.
"In the name of the commission charged with the pre- '
paratmn thereof.
“Barun Bourqueiiy reads a diaught of instructions in
tended for the commissioners who will have to proceed to
the Principalities, according to the terms of article 2.1 ol
tlic treaty ol peace.
"The Karl of Clarendon remarks that the Congress, in
taking up the question of llie Danuhian Principalities,
proposed to itself as a primary object to elicit the expres
sion. frevlv uttered, of the wishes ol the people, and llul
this object might possibly not lwrealix.il if the llnapodan. ,
remained in possession of the powers now st their com
maud, ami it might possibly Iw proper to devise some
airang.-nifiit calculated to insure complete freedom to the
l>ivans ad Aoc.
•The first Plenipotentiary ot Austria replies that the ad
ministration should not he meddled with at a period of
transition such as that through which the Principalities
arc about to pass, unless with extreme caution, and that
it would tend to compromise everything it an end were
put to all exis ing powers hclore fresh ones had been con
stituted . that, in any case, the Congress should leave to
the Porte the care ol adopting the measures which might \
be deemed necessary.
"Alt Pasha state- that po-sihly the existing admini.
tratiou dm s not offer ail the guarantees which the Con
e.n.. • < wu'iiu vw oi »'•
wrchy it any attempt were made to deviate trom the legal
“Th" Karl of I'larendon represents that he by no means |
intends to propose the subversion ol Ihe whole of the }
powers, and, w ith other Plenipotentiaries, he remarks that
the authority ol the prevent ilospodars i> approaching the I
leim fixed by the at raugciiieut which intrusted it to them,
and that. Ill ordei to keep within the bounds of legal oi
der, till-is precisely the moment lor deliberation.
“.Several Plenipotentiaries likewise remark that the or
gallic law anticipates the interruption ol the power of the
“Alter these explanations the Congress derides that it
leaves to the Sublime Porte to adopt, if occasion arises, |
on theeipiraliun of the powers ol the present llospvidar-'
the Iin i-up’s which may Is-ins.try and proper l..r lul .
filing the inf«■ iisioi.s ..I iln- t .ingress, l.v -ciiuihiiiiiig ihe
lr»s* expression ol the wishes ..I the I).vans with tin- main
tenance ol oul. r and respect lor Ihe legal slate ol things.
"i »n the Pioposal ol the first Henipoteiiliaries of tii. it
llritam and ol f ram e, and in urd.-r to prevent any con
fit' 1 discus.on. which might give urea-ion lor regret, n
is likcwi-r agreed that tin* firman whieh is t.. decree the
coiiv.Hvtioii.il the Ih.'alH <ij Am shall liv the rules to be
observed in regard to tin- piesidem-v over those assemblies |
and the lUOiie ol their deiil>erations
\lt.u having liken th<*s«* resolutions, Ihe Congress
adopt-, .subject In some modification* which are inserted
in ll.sni, ill- iiisttiietious of whieh \l le Karon K.impien. y
preseule.l the project, and which aie annexed to the pro
•#*nl •
“tk.unt Walewski savs that it is desirable that the Plen
ipoleiiltai ies, l». tine they ss*parate, should interchange Ulcir
i h a- on ititb'iout -ulvp ets whieh leipnre to lie settled, and
which it might he advantageous to lake up in older to !
pie.cut III li roinpliralinii Although specially a -. in '
hied Ini settling the Eastern qiieslmn, the t'ongre-s, sr i
cording to the fii-l Pleni|M>tenliaiy ..I Kniiiee, might r>
proaeli it-. ll lor mil having taken advantage ol the eircutu- i
-lance which brings together live rcpre-eiilahvcr ol the I
piineiple Powers ol Kurope to clear up certain ipie-tions,
inlay down certain principles, to evprc-a intentions—in
line. Pi make Certain declarations, always ami solely with
the View ol insuring Ihe future tranquility ol the wo'rid, l»v
di-p.'lting file rlnli.ls whieh ale still -cell liMlIliillg oil the
pulitie.il horizon ln*lore they become menacing. Ileannot
lie denieil, he sivs, that lireeee isau ahlionualState. The
anarchy to which that eout,try was a prey hue compel- :
led France ami England lo send truops Pi tile Pu-.eus al ft
lime when thejr armies, nevertheless, ml nut want occu
pal in". The fiingri— knows in what state lireeee was.
tieilhet i« it ignorant that in which il now is far Ironi be
ing satisfactory. Would it nut, therefore, be advauta i
geons that the Powers represented ill the I'ongress should 1
uiauilest the wriali to see tint three protecting Courts hike '
mto -ciimis consideration the deplorable situation of tin
kingdom which they have created, and devise means to
in ike provision for it' Count Walewski does not doubt
that the Kail of CUrctidiin will join with him in declaring
•hat tin- two liovcrntiienta await with impatience the lime
when lliey shall he at liberty lo tcruiiuate an occupation
to which, tie vert heleas, they are unable, without tin* most
aerious inconvetiieiicc, hi put an end, w. lung real modi
first ions shall not lie introduced into the slate of things in
lirec. e. The first Plenipotentiary ol France thenolieerves
th it the 1 ontitiral State- are equally tu an ahiuimial -late
that the necessity for not leaving the country to anarchy had
decided F ranee as well as Austria In comply with the demand
ol the lloly S. e, hv cuu-ing Koine lo be occupied hv her
tr.aips while the Altai! tin troops occupied tile Legaliiit*
lie slates that t ranee had a twofold motive for complying ,
without hesitation, with the demand ol tin- Holy See—as
a t’atholic power and a- a European power. The title ol
eldest son of the church, which is the boast ol the Sove :
reign of j**aiice, makes it a duty lor the Emperor to afford
* -.rr"’
ol III*- Homan Jslate- and that of the whole ol Italy affect*
too cftMefy the maintenance o| social order in Europe lor
France not to hare an overbearing interest in securing h
by all the inenn* in her power. Hut, on ihe other hand,
it i* iiapoasilile to overlook the abnormal condition of a
Power which, in order to inaiutiin itvcll, require* to b - sup
ported by foreign troops. Oount Walewski doe* not hesitate
(o declare, and In- trust* that fount II ml will join in tin- dec
laration,that not only is France ready to witlnlraw her troop*
hut that she earnestly de*ire* to recall them no »nun as that
can be done without inconvenience a* regard the internal
tiunqiiilily ol the country mid the authoiity of the Pooh
ticiul Government, in the prosperity ol which the Emperor,
hi* august .Sovereign, tak*-< the most lively intercat. The
hr*t Plenipotentiary of France represent* how desirable
it is lor the balance ol power in E trope that the Koinan
Government should he oonsoiidated in sufficient strength
for the French and Austrian troop* to be able, without
inconvenience, to evacuate the Pontifical Stale*, and hr
considers tli.ii a wish expressed in thi* aente might not
be without advantage. In any case, he doc* not doubt
that the **-urance* which might be giren by France and
Austria a* to their real intention* in |hi* reaping would
have a (aintarv influence. Following up the same order
of idea*, I omit Walewski a»k* hlm-elf if it i* not to he ill
aired that cei tain Government* ol the Italian Peninsula,
by well devised act* ol clemency, and by rallying
to thein*elve* mind* gone astray and not perverted,
should put ail end to a system which i* directly opposed In
it* object, arid which, instead of rearhing the enemies of
public order, lias the effect of weakening the Government*
and of furnishing partisan* to popular faction In hi*
opinion, it would render a signal service to the Govern
ment of the Two Hirilie*, a* well as to Ihe couse ol order
in the I'dian pem-is'ih, to enlighten ih«t Government *s
to the false course in which il is engaged l|e i« ol opm
ion that warning conceived in this sense, ami proceeding
from the Power* represented in th-fongre*,, would le
the better received by the N'eapollUu GoVerunient, a* that
Government could net,doubt Ihe motive- whicli dictated
them. The lirs Pico ip itentisry of Frame then s*y« that
he must call the attention of the f'ungre** to a subject
which, alriiongh more particularly aff s ling France, is not
the less of greal interest for all tin- Power* ol Europe
II-- i-on*i.|eM il superfluous In *| ite that I'refi are ever*
day printed in ll -lgiuin publication* the rno*l insalting, the
most In,-tile againal Fram e and her Goveiuuient, that revolt
ami a- i--io iiion an- openly advor at, d in lh, in, he remark*
II, it quit,- r,-, enllv Hrlgian newspaper* hate ventured to ,-*
Ird th, nt |, Iy i ailed * I., Mai i*lilic,lhe tendencie* and object
nl which nfe known; that all tins** pntdh-atinn* are so
many implcmenls of war direeted against the repo*,, and
fraio|iiilily nl Fram-e l,v lie- •-iiernie* of social order, wltst,
reiving on the irttprmilt which they linil under the slo per
id the Ifclgian legl-lslion, fr-laiti the hope ot evi iiluall* re
ill/' w |f|e|r eiipald-* i|«*sigii* fount W*l» w*hl declare*
if ,t thr- intention and sol-- dewire of lli,- Government ol
* hi- empire i* to maintain fie- lies! relation* wi'h II- h'liiin,
he i«-.-♦• 1*1 * add- that Ftanre ha* leason to ta- -stilled witli
ft * B* Ipi in too, inim-nt sml with it* • Ifirtl* to lliifIv <fe a
btr ol thii-g- hIi|,Ii il is unable to alter, it* I, gishituin
not allowii.r- if < IIher to restrain ill,- evee-s,-* ol |l,r pre*«,
in f-r lake the truoniive in n reform wlueti Its* b* emn«- at#
■olulclv imb-pco dde H e -hf-ol-l regret to lie oblig- il
to make H- li'eim coioprelieod the slricl Ilsurs-ity tie m<el
ifving a l« gislslion which il,a-s not allow it*
Gnvi-rnirn-til to fnllil the first of international du
ll,-- lh ,l nl not assailing or allowing to l„-a-s ,ile-l,
I *„• internal banqiiilily of the iieighlaiuring Slat,-*
He |-r,"*en I 'items , addressed by the -tronger I., the
fhe I, ** sli-eig have ton mill'll tie- appearance of msuarr,
ami Ihul 1* what we ih'sire to avoid Hut if (he retire
•elilsfive* Ol Ihe great Pott, is ol F.Uro|e-, viewing III the
•aim* light with ni|r*clve* tie* necessity, shnuhl fuel il use*
lul In ,-xpres, | heir , minion in thi* le-pcrt, ,| rs lie me than
pro).aide It- it the II* Igiati fiovemnieiit, relying upon *11
* Tie- enliimi ■ooll led having r, l le-en sppoiol-'d,
,1 ** a i i,-il I,* I lie f,eigr,--- 111 x l these i,,strue|,„,i*
vliould not st p,event Is- made public.
pkrauotin Hvlfium, *uuM b* able to put an
•0.1 to a Mat. ol tiling* alinh . annot Tail aouurr or lalar
to giro iaw lo <iilSruiii«^ and rtru roal Jaugora, ohit'h U
ia tlio i'ltarvut ut lWIgiuiu lo avert U-loiolianJ. t'ouM
W al ■ kJ pr.vp«a*a to lh# CungirM to conclude U* wo*fc
by « declaration winch would rtuiMituit a ivuiarkable ad
traitor in liit%*iii4tit»n«l law, «n.l which «oul I Im received
t»v the whole world with « sentiment ol lively gratitude
Tin) Congo** ot Westphalia, he add*, MuctiiNii tl liberty
ot cmuchmOf ; the Congress ol Vienna, the altolitiou ol
the alave-tiade and the freedom of the navigation of riv
er* It would be truly worthy of the Congreaa of Parte
to lav down the basis of a uniform maritime law in time
ot wai a* regards neutral*. The h*ur following principle*
would completely effect t! at obj.-ci -1. Ttie abolition ol
pi it ateei ing 2. The neutial llag cover* enemy's g«N»d«,
except contraband ud war. Neutral ginnl*, except con
tial»*iid of war, are not liable lo rapture, even under rur
nil*** Hag*. 4 lilnrkadea are not binding, except in ao
lar as they art* effective. Tliis would indeed In* a glori
ou* result. In which none of u* could In* indifferent.
•*The Kail ol I'laiviidiMi, abating the opinions express
ed by Count \\ alewiki, dt-clare* that, like France, Kng
I*nd pro|MM«»s to r«*call tin* troop* which she was obliged |
to send 1*1 Greece so soon a* she niiall oe able to do *o
without ilKXMiveuieoce lo tlie public tranquility, but that
it is necesaary, iu the first instance, to pixivide solid gua -
ranteea for the iiiainteiiatic* of a satisfactory state of
tilings. According to him, the protecting Powers may
agree among themselves upon the remedy which it is in
dispensable to apply to a system ii^umm* to the country,
ami which has altogether deptried from the object which
thev had proposed to themselves when establishing there I
an independent monarchy lor tlie well-being and the prx>s 1
pei itx »»l the Greek pt*ople. The first Plenipotentiary ot
Great Britain remarks that the treaty of Match Hit opens
a new era , that, as the Knqieror had said to the Congress 1
on receiving it alter the signature ol the treaty, tliia era !
la that of |»care , but, iu order to In* consistent, nothing
should be omitted to tendei that peace m»lid ami lasting , I
that, representing the pnncipd Power* id K.uope, the •
tNmgrea* would tail in its duty it, on separating, it aaiic j
lioued by its silence a stale ol things which is injurious to
llo* |H»litical equilibrium, and which is far Iroui securing |
|H*acc from all danger in one of the most interesting coun
tries of Kurope *We have just plot ided,* continues the
Karl id Clarendon, ‘for the evacuation of tlie different ter
ritories occupied by lorvigu *i mics during the war ; we
Have just taken the solemn engagement to effect (he
evacuation within the shortest period; how would it be
posable lor us not seriously to advert to occupation*
which took place before the war, and to abstain
from devising means tor putting an end to them?* The
first Plciiipolcubaiy ol ttreat Hntaiu dm** not consider i
it otany use to ii quire as to the cau»os which have ;
brought in foreign at mica upon Various points of Italv
but he considers that even admitting that those cause*
were legitimate, it is not the less true, he says, that the I
result i* au abnormal and irregular stale of things which
can he justified only by extreme necessity and w Inch should |
come toon end as soon a* that necessity ia no longer imperi
ously h-lt; that nevertheless, it endeavours are not made J
lo put tu end to that necessity, it will continue to ex- !
ist; that it we are content to depend upon the armed
force instead of sacking to apply a remedy to the just causes
ot discontent it is certain that a sy»t<-m little lioitoutable
tor the Government*, and lamentable lor the people, will In.* ,
perpetuated He conceives that the administration of the I
K.miuii States presents iucotiveniciices whence danger* j
may arise which the Congress ha* the right to attempt to i
a veil, that to neglect them would Ik* to run the risk ol j
Ubouiiug lor the benefit of the revolution which all the
Government* condemn and wish to prevent, prohleinu •
which it is a matter of urgency to solve to consists, Iu* con- j
ceives, incombining the retreat of the foreign troops j
with the maintenance of of tranquility, and the solution de
pends on the otgaiiizahon id' an administration winch, bv |
revivnigJconfidet.ee, would render the Government indc i
pendent ot foreign support; that support never succeeding :
in maintaining a Government to which the public send
niont is hostile, and there would result from it, in his |
opinion, a part which France ami Austria would wish i
tln-ir armies to nertorm Fur the ».>ll hufnit nf
Seal Stales, a« also lor the interest of the sovereign autho
rity ol the l’ope, it would therefore, in his opinion, he ad
vantageous to recommend the secularization of the govern
ment, and the organization ul an administrative avstem
III harmony with the spirit ol the age, and having lor
iLs object the happiness ot the people. He admits that this
•dorm might perhaps offer in Rome itsoll at the present mo
ment certain difficulties; hut In- thinks that it might easily
In- ariaiiiiplished in the legations. The first Plenipotentiary
ot Ureal Krttaiii observes that lor the la-l eight vears It.,
logua has Iteetl in a state ol siege, and that tile rural dis
tricts an- harassed by Inigaiuls, it uayr be hoped, he think-,
that try establishing in this part of the Roman States an ad
inini-lrative and judicial system, at once secular anil tlis
tinct, mid try organizing there a national aimed force, seen
nly and confidence would rapidly be restored, uml the
Au-triaii lumps might shortly withdraw without having to
■ pprehend the return ol Ircsli troll Ides it is, at least, %ii ex
periment which, in Ills opinion, ought to he attempted, ami
thisrciiic.lv proposed lor indisputable evils ought to la-suh
milled hv the t'ongress to llie serious consideration ol the
Po|h* As regards the N. ipiditan lioveriiiiient, the liirt
Plenipotentiary sal tiieat Itrilaiu is desirous ot imitating
the example given him by Count Walew-kihy passing user
in silence as Is w Inch have obtained such griev »us noloriel v.
lie is ol opinion that it luu-t doubtlcr-a lie adiniln s| in
pi ins iple tnat no liovcnmiciit ha« the light to interfere
ill tile internal affairs ot other Slates, but In- consolers
there are case- iu which the exception to this rule
Iseeolil.-s equally a right au.l a duly The S'eu|Hihtall
tiovelliluelit seems to him to have rulifcrii'd this light,
and to have iiup.>-esl this duty ii|h>ii Kurope; and as the
... r pr.se « d in liic tisigr. — me all cqiiallvilc
mioiis to HUppoil tin- monarchical principle and to rejiel
resoliilioll, it is tils- duly Pi lilt up the voice iig.siu-l a s»s
teni which keeps up revolutionary lermelit among the
IIIMSSS-S Mislead Ol m-. kiug to moderate il ‘We do not
wish,' In- says, ‘that peace should nut Itu disturbs'il, and
three i< no peace without justice; we ought then ni make
known to the King ol Naples ilm wisli ol tlu- Congress lor
the amelioration of los av-ts-iu ol government—a wish
which < annot remain wilhntit effect—and require ol him
an ainue-lv in favour o( the persons who have been con
demurs) or who aie impri-oned without trial ol political
offence-.’ As icgards thr observations obt-red by Count
Wal.-w-ki on the expresses ol the Uclgiun press, and the
danger! which result Ihervlroni lor the adjoining countries
llie Plenipotentiaries of Rnglaud admit their importance ;
but. as the representatives ol a country in which a free
and independent press is, so to aay, one ol the luodameu -
ul institutions, they cannot associate themselves to inci
sures ol con cion agaiu-l tiie pi ess of another Slate. The
first Plenipotentiary ol lireat Britain, while deploring the
violence iu which certain organs of the Belgian press in
dulge. doe- not hesitate to declare that the uuthois ol the
exec, able doctrines to which fount Walew-ki alludes—the
men who preach assassination as the means ol attaining a
political Object—are undeseiviiig of the protection which
guarantee- to the press iU liberty and its imjependenoe.—
Iu concluding, the Paul ol Clarendon oliservc- that, like
Prance, K.iglund at the commencement ot llie war sought
by every mean* to tuitigaia its effects, and that with this
v.ew she renounced, tor the honelil ol ueitrd- during
the sti uggle which lias now come to an end, principles
which up to that time she bad invariably maintained, lb
adds that Kogtand is disposed lo renounce them defini
tively. nruvi.ied that privateering is equally abolished lor
ever, that privateering is nothing else than an organiz.-d
and legal piracy, and that pnvateers are one ol the greut
ese scourges of war, and on. condition ol civilization and
humanity requires tnat an end should be put to a system
•hole of the Congress were to adopt the proposition ol
I'omit \Valew.*ki, it should Ik ••*11 underst*ssl that it would
•nil) In* binding ia regard to the powers who may aecedu
to it, and that it could not be appealed to by Governments
who may refuse their accession.
••Count It.loir observe* that, tire power* with which he
is furnished having lor their sole object Ihe restoration ol
peace, be does not consider authorised to take part in a
dinrussion which hi* instruction* h id not provided lor
••Count Bool congratulate* hmiaell on seeing the (io
vcrunieut* ol France and F.'igluud disposed to put all
end, as speedily aa possible, to the occupation ol Greece.
Austria, lie gives the assurance, wishes most sincerely
lor the prosperity ol that kingdom, arid la equally de
siiou* with Fiance that all the glair* of Fiurope should
enjoy, under the protection ol public law, their political
inilcpaiidenve ami complete prosperity. IJe docs not
doubt that ... til* essential oundiljou* ol *o dcshable
a stale of things i*ii«t in the wisdom ol a It gislain.u mi
combined as to prevent nr repress the excesses ol tile press
which Count Waiewski, with so much rea*on, has blamed
tvhen speaking of a nelgliliouriiig titale, and tlie repreasiuu
of wiiich must be considered a* a F.uropean necessity
lie hope* that io ail tlie .States of the continent whersi
the press presents Ihe same dangers the Governments
will be able to find III their legislation the im all* of
restraining it within proper limits, and that they
will thus lie enabled to secure peace against fresh
international complications. As regard* the priori,
pie* ul maritime Isw which the first I’leniputenlisiy
nf France has proposed for adoption, Count Buol declares
that lie appieciates their spirit and bearing, but that, not
being authorised by his instructions to express an opinion
upon a nutter <>f iuch importance, he must, tor the dine,
confine himself to announcing to the Cougic** that he is
picpaied to request the ufdcr*ol his Sovereign But here
he «*y, hi« task rnu*t end ft would be impossible for
him, indeed, to diseqsa the internal situation of indepen
dent Stile*, which are nut represented *1 tile Congress
Tim I’ienipotenliaries have received no other commission
than to Upplv themselves lo the alfaiis of the la-Vant, anil
they have I,ot been convened lot the purpose ol making
known In iud* pendciil .dovriclgna wi.hr* in repaid to in
lernal organ /.almti ot their Male* ; the fall powers drpos*
lb*d among Ihr si I* ot til*' Congf*.* prove tin* Tin in
•(ruction, of the Austrian Plenipotentiaries, at all event*
having i|i fined the object ol the mi*aioo which ha* been
intrusted lo them, tiny would not be at lifxily Intake
pail in i di " iiaslmi which those 111*1111111011* have not an
ticipated For the sane* reason*, Count Buol conceive*
lhal lie ino«l *h*lsiit liian euti*riiig into the older id eh a*
adverted lo bv Ihe fust Plenipotentiary ol Great Britain,
sod from giving explanation* upon the duration id Ihe
fvcopalio , ,,f the Knuisn Slab's liv ihe Ao*liiili trixips,
allhough adhering entirely and completely 10 ihe wind*
uttered bv I lie hr*t Pleiii|mt*uilisry . I Fi Slice no llii* •■!!,
'•Coiinl Wah-wski nli*erfes fhal there i* no question
eilliei of sdopling ilelliiilise re ohition* 01 • ,f enlclii y 11,In
eng ig. inefil. till | •• of Interfering directly with lit* in
lei nal affair* ol the Gove rnnieiita represented or not rip
rcsculed al ihe Cougrers, hut merely of consolidating id
fnmpli ling the work of peace, l,v taking into seiious
eorisub rafimi Imfixch*nd Ihe (icsli complication* which
inigliI aii*c cither fioni the indefinite sod iinjit*ldiahh pro
kioga'iou id 11111111 foreign oer opal ions, or Irian all ini-ca
amiable and itn|mlilir «y deni ol severilv, or bom a Itttbn
lent lieeiitiotisiiess al variaoee with intemalinual duties
‘‘Barrm Hidiuet replies that the Plenipoteiiliarh-s ol A Its
trl a qte not anllmriynl either Pr give an ae*nyatice of U
expre** wi-lf*, the redo* lion ol lie' Austrian army in Ihr
legation. *ufflclentlv -how., lo Iris opirdott, tlist the Im
perial Cabinet intend* lo withdraw its tionp* as sigin si
•neb s measure shall to* considered opportune,
B it on MsnteulT. I ileelsfe* tlist he kteiws enoujdi o!
tin* ml. ulintis ol It.e Kog hi* aiipnst master, not I.
give lo* opinion on il,e q c*ihhi* * 11 which the Cougtrai
is engaged, although lie lis* no malt in t,on* on tin
• u'^cct Tli* taaribWtv principfcr*. MV* the first PWnl
|»*l**»ti*'i oi PiutaU. which the Congirm ia iavilvd
lo adopt. Iiaa* »!*«»■ he* professed by ftuuia, who
has rousiantly exerted In ia*ff lo obtain their racog
nilion; and he coMlder* himself aulhoilaad to take
part In lb* Big nature of an) act having tor iu wtyeet
their «l«-fitulive a-lmls'iou into ths puhtle Isw of Ku
tone lie eiprrsscn hi* conviction that his Sovereign would
not withhold hisappioval l.om lliv sgrreuieiil winch might
Ik* established iu this sense among the Plenipotentiari*-*
11-11011 Mvntculfcl hr no niesna overlook* lliv great ini|ioi
lance of the utiier question* which hare been diacuaaed,
hot lie olwerve* that an alf.lr of the utmost lnlen*i lor hia
t'ourt and lor Kui npe ha* Iwwn pa.sv.l over in nleiu'v; he re
let * lo the present aituvltuiinl Nenleliatel. lie remark i ilial
this piineipahli I*. |n-ikap*,ihr only point iu Kuiofie where,
iu coul rsdictum lo treaties and to what lias been lormalli
recognized by all the gieal 1‘oaere, a revnlulimiarv poa
er ili-icgard» the right* id the Soveieigu alio liolda sway
Ilium Maulciilfel dcm*m|* that ibis qoeati.Mi should In
included iu the uiiuilter ol I In tee to lie inquired into. He
a-lds that the King, his Soveieigu, anxiously wishes lor
the pros|M-ritv ol the kingdom ol liieece, and that lie
ardently desire* lo witness the disappearance ol the causes
which have produced the abnormal stale of 'things occa
sioned by the prraeure of foreign hoops , be admits, h.iw
*v*r. that il might hr proper to examine into circumstan
ces calculated to present this matter In iu true light. A*
for the steps which it might hr* considered advantageous
10 lake, iu what relates to the state of affairs in the king
dom of the Two Sicilies, lUmn Muiintfa! observer that such
steps might present various inconvenience*. He says that
11 might be well to *sk oneacll whether admonitions such
as thorn' which hate been proposed wool I uot excite iu
the country a spirit ol opposition and revolutionary move
ments, instead of answering to the idea* which il had lieeu
contemplated hi carry out, certainly with a benevolent in
tention lie does not deem il pni|er to enter upon an
examination ol the actual situation ol the r,miilieal Stales,
lie coniine* himaelf lo expressing the desire that il may
Ik- |xissible 10 plate the tioveniuk-ut in a condition whirii
wnul-l lieinvlorth render *ii|ieilliiou* the ucvupatiou liy
loreigil t'liops. Il.non M intriitfrl rxMuiude* liy tleclaring
that the I'lUssiau Cabinet fully admit* the pernicious in
fluence exercised by the press, sub?emiva ul all rvgtilai
orxler, and tlie .Ungers which it propagate* by prx'aclnug
up regicide and revolt; he a.Ids, that 1‘iussia would volun
tarily lake pait in the luquiiy into the measures which
might be deemed suitable for putting au end to such prac
“Count favour doe* not mrati to question the right of
each plenipotentiary not to take pait in the diacussiou of
a question which is uot contemplated by his instruction* ,
it is, nevertheless, he thinks, ol the utmost importance
that the opinion manifested by certain Power*, in regard
to the orrupalinu ol the Komau Slates, should be rex-urxlcd
in the Protocol. The tir»l Plenipotentiary ol Sardinia
• lalra that the occupation of llir Homan Stales by the
Austrian troop* assumes every day more ol a permanent
character ; that it ha* lasted seven years, and that, never
theless. no indication appear* which would lead to the
supposition that il will cease at a more le*s early |ieriod ;
that the causes which gave rise to it are still in existence ’
that the stale of the country which they occupy i» a-wu
redly not itnpioved ; and, that in order Ul be satisfied ol
this, it is enough lo remark that Austria consider* hcr-elt
obliged to maiutain, iu it* ultiiosi severity, the elate ul
meg. at Kologiia, although it dale* from the occupation
ilSc!I He observes that the presence of the Austrian
troop* in the Legation* and in the Duchy ul I’anna de
stroys the balance ol power iu Italy and constitute* a real
danger lor Sardinia. The Plenipotentiaries ol Sardinia,
he says, deeiu it, therelore, a duty to point out to the at
tention ol Km ope a stab- of thing* so abnormal as that
• hi cli result* from the indefinite occupation of a great
pait ol Itali by Austrian troop*. A* regard* the question
ol Naples. Count favour share* entirely the opinions ex
pi. seed by fount Walewski and the Karl of flarendon,
and he conceive* that it is in the highest degree impin'
uam IU au^mi iiiuuiiuiuoiis wmcn Dv appeal.* p*-hsion*,
Mimhl rrtider le*a difficult the regular progrca* ol affair* ii'i
iht* other Stales ot the peninsula.
“Baron Buhner, on his pari, ways that the first plenipo
tenliurv ol Sardinia lias spoken only of the Austrian oc
cupation. and kept silence In regard to that ol France;
that nevertheless the two occupations took place at the
same time, and with the same object; that il was iuipoe*i
ble to admit the aiguinctit drawn by Count favour,ti on. the
pcrmaneiicv ol the slate of siege at Bologna , that il an
exceptional stale of things is-lill necessary in that cilv
while il has long since ceased at Konia and Ancona, this
appears at the almost to prove that the dis|.o-i(ions<d the
people ol Koine and of Ancona are more satisfactory than
those ot the city ol Bologna. lie rmnaiks that in I taly it
is not only the Koroan Slates which are occupied tor toi
eign tnaips; that tin- eoiiiiuunes «,( Menton and of Ibapj.
biuio , lorining pail of the principality ol Monaco, haw
been tor the last eight years occupied by Sardinia, an.I that
the only ditfervuce which exists between the two occupa
Inin* is, that the Au-tiians and the f icncli were uivite.| t.i
the Sovereign ol the eonntry, while thi- Sardinian troOpr
entered the territory of the 1’riuce ol M.uiaeo conlmr y to
Ins ui-lies, and iiiaintain themselves therein notwin.stale
ding the reimHir'ranees of the Sovereign of the country
“In reply to Baton lluhner,
“Count favour says that lie is desirous that the Freneli
occupation should cease a- well as the Austrian
but that lie cannot help considering the one aa being tar
mo. e dangerous than the other lor the independent States ..I
italy. lie adds, that a small (..fits ./ j r'rrr <v, 4| ,, great dis*
l.in. I.uin Fiance, is menacing lor no one; wl.e.eas it is
' vi r alarming lo see Austria renting on Ferrara and un
riacciilia. the tortilication* id which she is enlarging, con
Irary lo the spun ,1 not to letter of the tics tics ot Vice
••», and extending heiself along the Adriatic as lar a An
emia A« Im Monaco, Count Cavum declares ih.it Sar
.Inna is ica.lv hi wiihdiaa tlo* -»u men who is-i-ntiy Men
Ion, il the Prim-c is in a condition to return to the i-oiin
trv without exposing lilnisr-lf to the most serious dangers.
Besides, lie docs not consider that Sardinia ran lie accu
C.l of having contributed to the overtliiovr ol the aii.-ianl
li.iveiliuirul, in order lo iweupy those States, since tla
Piinee has not Ih-cii able br iiiaintain his authority in tla
single town ot Monaco which Sardinia occupied in Is-ls ui
virtue nl the lit-atiea
“Karim Kntnnw thinks it is his duly tu point out a par
lieuiai Circumstance,—that the occupation of Ciicec • liy
the allied liisips took place during the war, and that tela
lions being happily refstahlislicd lad ween the three prn
feeling Courts, the time is arrived for coining to an uu.l.-i
stall.ling as b> the means of reverting lo a situation in noil
lonnity with the comniun interest. Be gives il..- as-ur
auce that the plrnijtotf nti.it i.-s ol Itiissia have recei.r.1
with satisfaction, anil will eag.-ily transmit to their Go
vermnent, the intentions manifested in this respect bv th.
plenipotentiaries ol France and of Great Britain, and llial
Itiissia, with a conservative object, and with a view to
ameliorate the state ol things existing in Greece, wil
readily join in .-very measure which may appear calculated
to effect the purpose contemplated in tile foundation ofthl
Hellenic kingdom The plenipotentiaries of Kussia add
that they will lake the orders of their Court upon the pro
pn4.il' submitted to the Congress relative to maritime law
“Count Wales ski congratulates himself on having in
tlriccl the plenipotentiaries to interchange their UK a* on
the 1)0 stion* which have been discussed. He
hail supposed that it might have been possible, per
complete manlier on some ol the suhjerta which have fix
ed the attention of she fo igrets. ‘But such as it is he
•ays,' 'the Intel change of idea* wl ich has taken place ir
not without advantage.’ The first plenipotentiary n|
Frame states that the result of it i», in cffecl ;_
“I That no one has contested th.- ueceMity ol aeriour
ly ilr-hti.-raiing sa to the means for improving the silnatini
ol Greece, and that the three pro'ecting Courts have re
cognised the impnitance of coining to an undei rtandini
among lliefti*# Ites jo this respect.
* ..»nr pirmrnriiiiarif>i HI .ail-iria acc,(Jt*l
i<» I lie wi-li ci pre-mil l»y the pleni|>oteutjariea of Franc*
for the evacuation ol the Pontifical States by the Fiend
m»l Austrian troop**, as aoon as it can be effected withnu
prejudice to the traiK|uility nt the cou itry and to tin
Cuitaolidatiofi of the authority of the Holy J<cw.
“3 That the greate r part of the plenipotentiaries hart
not (jucMioned the good effect which would result frou
measures of .leniency, opportunely adopted by the lio
retnments of the Italian peninsula, and especially by thato
the Two Hicilie*.
"I That all the plenipotentiaries, and even those win
considered themselves hoard to reserve the piinrlple o
! ,,M’ hbtrty of the press, hare not hesitated loudly to con
I denm the cvre-ies in which the Belgian ncwspaper-indulg.
with impunity, by recognizing the necessity of reifiedyin|
•he real inconvenience* which result front the uncontrollei
hr. ns.- which is so greatly abused in Belgium.
“Thai, finally, t e reception given by all the f'leutpo
tetitiaries to the idea of closing their litl*ours hv a dcclar*
tion of ptiocip|«‘4 m the matter of maritime law, iiiii*tgiv<
reason p» hope that the next fitting they will have receive!
from their re»|»e< live Hover nm. nt- authority to adhere n
! in a. f which, while completing the work of the Congrew
| of Pari-, would effect an improvement worthy of ou
(Tin* signature* follow.)
Fmk Nk aiaiii a Mi vim h A despatch from Washing
foil ««\4
"All the Foreign la-gationa have determined not to re
cognize Padre V»jd socially or officially He nor Marcolef
fa now asserts hi- claim to the British Mission from Nit a
ragua, on the fuith ol a former rommisstfin from the de
poa* d government*, and it ia believed that he will I* n
j cogniaed. Hi- prof*-t addressed to the different legation
| ia not yet completed,"
M» i hoi v Ivi intWT On Thuraday, 24th Ap.il, twi
lilth* children strayed away from Ihe borne of tlicir father
Mr fin, at the foot of the Alleghany mountains, in I nioi
i town-lnp Ibdlord county, Pa . and lor two weeks an un
remitted -eatch was prosecuted, bat without success, un
| til the bfh in-t , when the poor children's bodies wen
found alnrtil -it and a half mdea from home, within s fei
nel- of a public road
•It not. M. I.M4 This gentleman is mil in w letter, ir
, which Ik* take* tin* ground that Congress has the power f<
| prohibit, hut not lo e-tahlisl. slavery in a territory Thi
II i- taken i- an admission that he |« willing to l»e tin* lh-puh
lo an nominee for the Presidency.
Mi IiuIhh-, the N'.'therlnnd Mim-ter, it is stated, is wif
j mg fo fe-trfy in flu fiotnieide case If his simple dcrlaislhr
j of fret- witn.--s.-d will satisfy l.oil. padics The rgn-pf'ioi
I of offi. nd delicacy ahmr embarrass** l.is inclination, as h
Ii- ba.fol ol . .unpromising hi- flovcrnuient
ftio «oo, M iv l'» The sfearrter James Parks, (m.i
J Pill-burg for If •oi.lhal, h.ad* d with railroad iron aod lun
Ih i, burnt, r.igelli. r with s loiidier barge, roar f'sirr
B*.li. are probably s lotal lo-s The insurance it hut pai
A l.rcgv f'airnr Hard* Anna, the rt Ihctafor t
M* tiro, is living in g*« at -Itie at Trbscn, frurr milv- lr<*r
I*»rlh tp.-na, m New lltariads, Soulli America ||« is sat
fo In worth gt,iw*vw*b
Mr Henry Fifing, of the firm of Hat den Filing A Haiti
der«, bra-s fane* t maker* and phnn*H*i«, New York, rnmmi
ted stiietde on Saturday sft* rnooo, by «hn.ding liimv**)! in tl
head with a !»*.»-. pistol lie left u note stating that he In
Irrn diini. In the ar t in cun*. tjuence of an in-unr.i
* uiM|.ao> refusing fo pay hiin$?,6o<i o' the amount of
policy **f insurwiH-e, Iwcau** Ire had iWirid k* anotli
St r»Ns|na The paper of ki no Col. iosn A Hfetrn
of the A foi II. II** Nr w York, »M pM.lc-bd **l» Halil
• lav ls«f II*. hrtn l.a* Ih * n dissolved and the husiliefS
I lh« l.ol* I will Ik* ioiilH.utd by Mr. Stetson
C O M M K H (’I A r..
0»m ... ?■■ Want. Ms? *0, lW
" • B*r* • psMRtitwttl Ian Iio.i to (ho umiaI noUrt
lo order that -or ruad. .. mu? A* foil, a Hatred or IA« meeting to be
Acid la pw.uultow thereof ;
IbrimokA, Ilth Map. I«M (
PNTIIR Annual Meeting of ll.r U -AKb ,>r THAbK will be
» iJV* ,UI1' ““ ***’,,s*i'"*T nrki, tfl.i luatant.al
.. *** rr~‘" «en.beea. aud baet been orerlooked b?
O Y-*^*-* ‘•nujaa.Neaa. aul |hto .all ou ll.c T.eaaurer iR M
It- Oiler. R-U 7) or the Recretkr?, and hand In ihelr-------rrm
lion by dial day. K '
r*~ Ckair will b* taken puacdually al ilia Hour aimed. «nd rtaty
m.-n.b. i la rTtjuv.iFd lu hr p« •ut|»( lu atltiwlauc* My unlrr
m*11 * WM. M. UUA0M, Mar*y. !
He amcetaly hope that lu reap.* uae u» th.. auuuuucemaui, there
will a large atteodau.'* al >'UihI Im,« t(«li*.«#! ouly uf lha n*i
. l.auU au l mauufak torer. uf Hkehmoud, but uf all othera wbu lee|
au litirreal In Iba prosperity of th* vlly Ttww wot Member*, win*
aa*y 4eatiw WyarlktyOa la Iba tifvKvaliitfi, caw as wr that Mlvl
leg* by calling upon iba decretory au4 complying with ihr repair*
uvula ».f iha by law*. Hal whether ihw auaraa ba puroued ur no I My
tndttUluUa hating no ImiaodiaU connection wUh lha n»n antil<
Manufaktaring kutrraeU, II will doabilcM br gratifying lu lha M«>«r4
lu wuoru ilia atU-ndauce uf all |ora>u* uf ludoeocr and puaUlou,
• hu ijraipaMiaa With lha etf *ria of the luvlliatiou la advance uir
cuaiunrrk. Ial loteieeu uf Itlcbaiuud aud pi emote lha fwuaral W«lhr«
of IU clUaona Wa hava recently eaproeaed our vkawa aa iu Iba la
calcalaMv l*uporianca of aocb au orgaulatlloa aa iba board of Tra te
—properly conducted , and lb are loir dram ll uuueccsaary, now, lu
nctierale ibooa trlawi. The •object, however, la ana In whnli Iba
Utcidauu cauiiuI lake loo much lularral. Several important mat
Uf Will coma before the meeting for coualdrratlou . aud II ta I bare
hov, eminently proper that all who cao conveniently aUaud •tumid
do HO. A tar .d ol cbarge# for buy lug, veiling mod alorlof marvhau
dlar, air., WIM wo learn. In. •ubomivl (or dual acikm IV alar
Uuo ol prepayment of ftteigtil* by Ihe rtklruad Compaule* divnging
from Hu bniood, a«f0 w*has HuUrrt u' gieal luiporlanca lo the wri
chaut* a .11 be liidvdaid !••* dettit tc cousVici alum ll Ihcfvforr, *•
rape«i, bk-lMKtvra the luercltaiilr (o show Uietuaelvca In loll force ou
Ibis on caalou Lrl them "pal IbrU ahouidrra lo the wheal," cram
vailing upou Jup.lar k»r relief, aud diaplay a manful and hecomutg
•bird lu thrir owu pru*p%r Ity a* a claaa, and U rr<4oir%a no pruph
cl l*» predict ibai ihr luoai l*utfhial raaulia will Mjw from Ihelr bai
moutoua co operation
t he l -rcit(u t input IR al Nttar York, areatiU laige ; tin
total (or th. ■" t a gain, bulb lu dr? good, aud gc-net al
chandiae, otrrr re.clpta Air to. corr..pondtug period of Iom ?rur, u
will appear from th. auna.ed worn pa i laou .
Dr/good. R-trltl RMts.r*
tt.lMrral mrrrhaadtu 4JM5.4I7 4,9*4,45.,
T-tol for th. wok RH.utpi.4is 44,1*0*19
Pt.tiou.l? reported t«.i*>,M4
Total diu'r J.uu.ry l.t R4P.MU.Ild4 R7R.4al.gA>
Tbu tutporta for the week Include 14 Alt iu book. ; 14.701 10 but
Ion. , :5,!I5I IU ctnua , Pot .S54 in n*. . 5->,.\t.t iu cigar. IJAgg iu
krgot. . If.Cip IU I’cru.lou bilk , Ispul lu olir. oil . *o,IM m ,-ecii.
runar. , lot..41 ui fur. . 4.i.4Un.n uu.prc.Bc-d gla-> , lajctt m (lac
plate ,I,'.5SI lit ut.rTora , 14 154 III k.ir.lath . U,4sS iu hatter*’
( o. I. . If uu> lu turnip , id,l»>4 iu uiuUc al Uutiuuwui. . It.IK ,u
P**J . t*.i<i» lu braud? . 14,AM lu unaprciBva laolhnr . 3l>«t lu
dri'cac l *111. , Hi te) III uiuir-ut du , -k’-.af-o ,u r •hrall-iug ,
R4A.4-* lu lu cutler?; R-t-l.idl In huiiluar , l-Hf.aK iu bar iruu , It
I»» *t* ‘ liaiu. , |IM.|>47 tu Railroad llou . 47^*7 III ■lo-.l IroU , 4d 7til
In .potter . t-'-A-l u.ui.u k In. . 14.7m iu aiuc- . tt-Vu iu uiolaau
Id.Pui ui potai.m . IP-145 ui rag. , 114.0--? Hu plate. . I.'..7V« ui
uu-pecifle.1 .pier. . K.tiit tu lit.M.d . 47?,IS. IU liugUiec-i aud lierct
•ogar . 0. .-v-tl iu U-a aud bag d.. . IBJPM in .lallou.t? . 14 744 lu lu
btcco.0D.4yiUinaU.-IUM. 44.404 lu uu.pec iB.-cl nin. . , H4 6s7 lu
* llalupaglle, and 10.975 iu Wool.
At tiirciiuK lo Mr- Abnun S. lie-mil, ol New York, the
iron prudoct. of the world for Ik’S were a. lollow.
Rogtaini 10 tun. I Pruaala . dcjci.uuc) |MII
Rrauc. U-'-i.iccj do It.lance (ietuian? i-.I.IMN)
ttrlgimu 4.Vi,tkal du | Balance Ruru|-o IIB.I.ai ,|„
“““■» S-al^tckl do I U It of Auieik-a I .taai.uuo do
Sweden .. lAT.UMi du | -
Not wa? Hr.-Vu du Tutal 0.m>p.4UO luu.
Awrla.,_ am,uuo du |
The pr event auuu ll producllou of the w-ild due. not, tli.rrf-.ir,
e'ceei ..CMM.tSai lout, ol wtilcl* Oirat Bittaui produce, rullier inure
thau on. ball A.cuiutog th. populaliou ol tlie world tu be IMu.i.iti,
war, the production, and of cnurae the contuuiptlou I. al the rale cl
I• pound, per bead lu 1740, from the moo reliable -lata, It to r?l
dc'Ul that the eoumuupllou wa. out on. |>.uod per head.
Tin- Manchester Circular, May 2, ol Messrs StewarI
Z g-oataA Co , per steamer Asia, nolle the reeeut ad.auce lu
• The proapect ol an early peace, (.lure mnBrmeil.) produced *
rlw in Uht pr.re of pi* iron al ihr b. (.lining of lau montb, from tie.
Jtd lu 69. for lam wui, Sul* (Uei.lly ll.r allrnlion ..I (perUla
l..r. >>• draai, lo II.. alr.kr a..,ol,*.l Ur ...II.... and miner., ahi. I.
lor ihr I a*l all or arvcn bioUlha l.aa been aprrad.li* I>vrr Ibr art,ol.
ol I lie II..lira al dial! I.la ol 1. i ..land, and a* many lo, I.a* ■ • have hern
blown out lur want ol a •ulU irlil supply ol .'..ala. II. anil. ,pal..I
I. rary rv.lurll..u ol atm k haa mam I i«c lo a an..l.y . ol.tiv. d
liiaod lor Ibr ailu lr, and Hr pru’r l.aaiapally llarli lo T;.a lor ti.'o
Wat raids, tnu< lnii( oiicc • astt.*'
The stock m| tlit* '*Tma -Well CtHiipAU),” til ViiginU, *»•
lesio, bM beta recently placed upon the hooks of the Philadelphia
R ianl «.r Mien. Ti.ta Company, wt have ui.dr, *t.,od, has mo«i
valuable deposits of coal upon their eviemMve tract, runaksling uf
oduuiltiou* ami cauucl coal, fietn which may l» manufactured
oils, pisiafftlle, A- . and aim, for the getter altog id »u*iu and the
•meltlug oi Iron an l miter metals The Company has been lor some
t»4a^ lu operation. Its capital Is uM tuilh.ni of <l«dlars. divid'd Into
sliarea of #l«m each, about one thud of which hate been disposed
of In l*tiiU«h-tphla, New York *nd Haltiuiore
All etU'iiM*^ whip liuiliiiitp film hi New Inn \ |»oit liavt
failed. Their lltbililles a re lUial f.'ikt.iMI, and Ihrli «>».(■, t| nc .1
Mfaa he aaoertarned, and far ftom ffr'.ihMi About Tat tnrehaui.it
were employed by till* bru. t his is the large-*! failure which rvrt
«*. . urr«d In Newburyporl No unfair su«plci.tot air mUrtaimd l.y
the public lu ngard io tf.i* butli i
A joint rvaolulimi In* p aa.se «i butli «d tong mb a,
and approved bf the President, requiring the tfreretaiy uf ll.r T»ra
•ury, to stale In his annual reports of commerce and navigation, ills
kinds, qualities, and v due of anr. haudias, entered and cl.-aml.
coastwise, tub*, and fruw the • olhrcllre districts of the UnilulMair*
Tins law, wlreii carried Into effect, will furnish an imp. riant ani .oni
of statist teal luVoi uialion in relation to li.a domestic commerce of
thr country, which has hitherto been w tilting.
Till- New Yoi I. K»|irc-xx, id imliiniiy, xa j x :
•• Aio..n* Ihr r..-rlp(i of eprclr, Ihla wrrk, la nearly a million by
II. r im manta by a aiuyl. al.ip bar*' aa arrr Ibr ablpmrlit. by
•banker., a •■OKI. nniyranl al.lp l,*a a attired lu return lo ihr . oui.lry
ball the anil! about wlncti all Ibr Banker., Broker., •0,1 the ro.ou.er
rial . 0,1,ll.o,I.|y, bare alarmed IhrnnrtVra for a w.rk."
\Yi* lulH'l .i . ..ii.parAHre nUleuiciil of llie m-i-i|,l- of
Bar Virginia Central II.i.lroad Company, for Irauap*.nation durlny
Marrb and Apr.l of Ibe preaaut year and aamv lime 18.V.:
if.l.vA, IIM. ls&f,
rool.p. foe, 9.4111.81
T"-I*h‘. *1,898,44 *1,l td SI
kitprra* Krr.yl.l, 1,I*| I»| Sn| <i*
Mall, 1,*54.87 l.lfti.vft
t-ik.nn 7* t'l.'.ia*-. to
Ajirtl. ---
l-aaaruyrr Parr, Jii,7*i.>a Di.666 7*
K, ,1*1,1. *8416! 46 IV.*,.8 .-4
Kxprraa l.c.ybt, 45Vin. S77 81
Mail, *.*.14 S7 1.111*0
$11,804.17 »8I,3V9,4*
lurrea»r of the Iwo moiilhr ovrr 1415—$17,C9t.lft
Sulijoinp.l ix a ximilar xtaienienl or Ilia receipt* for
Ira.iapurlallon over lb, South Xlda Railroad, April I8i1 an,l 1156
f’i/v 1‘nfut Hruurh: IsSV |ip*
Paeeei.Krra auii Mad, 41*51 411
Krei*lil, 4,1 IV 11 4,8,'ot 86
Smith Sill•
P4m«i|hi and Mall, t.TMVT 7,. fto ,9
^9.011 II 1C
Total rrrelpu, 19,876 84 *- X84 6I
Increaae In April, t*5A, (9,.07 7ft
RICHMOND MARKhTd, May *, th lav
Tom. .0 —The receipt. do uol appe ar I*, fall off, l.ul when plan
1 ter a are apprtar,I of l|,r rand,lion of II,In*, here, wr pretnu.r ll.at
II,ry will bold op for a du.M lime Tlw n.lrlra at 8I.0. kor Ware
1,1,u*r In the "Itattn* b.»A" arr now aa far ahead aa Ihr Inp, |irot
TV. of rourar prrrrnla Ibr Inaprcl.on Ibarr before that dale, of any
lobar... which now ..IT-ra. no .nailer what It. condition for "keep
In* ’ ,„a> be Wr learn lhai there baa hern aome Hill' ferment...
, aalonnl l.y Ibr enlrlra of Tobacco ary»< fed In arrirt, ao.nr of l|,e
cnimnl—.. 11 merrl.ar.l. r.,11. elrln* Ibal arrieala only at.'.I In- .1,
Irr* .1 Cb 87. arrt |8 ..f the Code tna "Tl— ,,,•■—..,..— .1-11-.
I»r In ■ h..-k, to or k.pt for that purp«te, th- market* and name*
of tl.e o*nrn of all tobacco brought to th. it respective virrlmuwi
for Intpertlon, and ahtll m«pcit the nmr in turn. If required l»y the
owner " Price* are ondtangr.l The quotation" arc a* follow* —
Heavy la**, for report. ; fl»*a lug* flACk; •ornnon leaf,
IfclH . middling. K<hhI . flue 10<*<3 III; extra
manufacturing $> J ^<<^21 V*. |t Ilk* , according to qoaldy
Pum a --Price* have rema n d at about our laat quotation* for
r nmre than two we-k*. There have been »c< a<inn*l * in til «i|. * dur
ing that time, at rale*, varylr g a lillle from the figure* git, n ;n our
report, hut we did not derm it neeraeary to alter qu> (allot.*, In con
sequence. Tlir market for a few day* pa*t, however, h«< betrayed
| a weakneM. »-cca*lnned partly by the In resting warmth of the ae
ther. which Induce* a* to revive our figure* «o a* to more nealry rr
pre«ent tbe ruling price* We liter* fore quote -hipping *11 p* rline
from the lla*ln at aod from More $A't(Ti7 . a frw favorite
braod« are «ft'| held al |7 ',**7 H Kilra . Hye flour $.*.
I Hunt,- Wa continue y.ttrrday’t quotation*, vie l.*<< I4u for
prime red arul while The receipt# by Canal iliwr l»| I del Were
#1,197 bu«het* again*! K4-4 for nmr time laat year
Again onr market I* hraerd by foreign adtlce* of further ad.an
; «•#». la bar* unexpectedly Common barf f .. I. Wale* are now
I q«i ted firm at £* f.* being an advance oft* Ad for torn# in. h
, i.otoen.u* maker* In f*tafford*hire have retorted lo Cinder Pfg f r
•lock, and have thut injured the marker for all fMnmofc bar* oft a*
«litfr ict The Welth are much prrf-rr*d WM*h l«n u. I or..Ion
are quoted at A.*9 lit, in Liverpool at A'** It# ftd to £* 1fk Pi on* ail
dntrkt* we h* ar that the ord- r« are on tl a Increase Rad* mn i •
ue very firm without further advance- quotation £H 1< * Oi#at at
auran* e It etprra*ed that there will be heavy order* from Ru**ia
f n Rrolch re. at IHaaR V, iWtv Ip hMi MMiil idlfltt f
illation and legitimate trade the late*l report give* 14jtt>I ton* a*
fl*e amount of the we*k’t*hipmebf« foreign demand* are lucres•
Ing, and at the differ* m e between the minor* and proprietor* ••III
■ .Minuet, the price of metal ft rftlng (iart*bene Ifo 1 wat telling
at 79- fW|; g .nd rotted brand* fin I at 77* At preterit the »l» mand*
for Am. rlcan pig do not c. mnare with the ord ra *..roe week* elocr.
hut the ag-r. gat* Mir* for fni* year'# dellverv have already hieo
•u* h a* to warrant the prevent apparent Inaetlrity prl<-#« *re
firmly maintained R«r« are quite • < live Nall* hit* jrl.Mrd *0.
> and are now (footed at lo fl Other descriptions of Iroo ar.
Arm About ton Ion* l.i-.fn have been *o'if at #7'(<7|7f., principally
• t 72 if 4 month*, and fkrft Ion* Anthracite Pig No 4, on the Ptiaq If
I. ion«, 1,«i |.-rm« fed p
Twr Wnmt Caor Pro*w the many r-p rt#, wht. h rea. h ut. wr
fear that the wheat crr.p, In many |4are* it dettmed lo turn out
hadlv The fly hat made |t* appearance in **veral portion* of do*
county and many'wheat fl hi* have tnffered •rrlo.iMr The mdt. a
imp* are that the damage t y tie* fly. |« pretty general Ibrouabn.i
!• Wrr Fa«f Tennets* e l»r f>*vi*. In Roane county write* a*
"The wheat crop a* far a* I have s« rnalf seem* d*#tln. dto rfe*ftur
hob, by the Wei*tan fly I bake examined the bon-he* m several
field* and foand fr«<m one to fnrtf . gg* aits* bed lo the *talk* M
» The Mary*vdie fe, Tenne"*eao. of l**l w.-el toy* Fro* t..me of
1 our farmb g frW-nd* we barn that great fe»f% are entertained that
•hey wltt not mat. a half crop of wheat, on accowvd of the flf ft
I.M.k.-d q«.Me pr. wiping iint.l witblu a few wr«fe«, and now vome of
the farmer* are willing to *e|| their crr.p for ihe »eed
Tt.e la*f Athena p..*t *ay* lie Wheat ha* hero Injured by the fly
In that region Po*un« from upper. F**t Toki.h. e it.form u« ttiat
1 flu flv ha* not been null.»«l 10 that trdton, ao.l the wheal crop it
1 quite fwoml"ii.g A a#*rrf//e Ifiiy
* The WlftcheMer |T« ,) R. puMkan, *»y
The tea*, n wt. • h ba« been h«« kward for tie farmer In many r>
•pert*, peM>>ta»« Mf. ednglr well forth# gfo wing wheal in thw
• . nur.tf, ai d the too.w report reachea o* from Clarke and th- *.|j«
rent rowntlea Tl>* wh»*t Mauda Bo. ty 01*0*1 the ground, *od
i«howa nftara* and healthful growth There ha* torf hem mu. b
-oO»|4aiu' Ot .f.eert. at yet
Tav Po *v.. Ca. e Prow* the Handler. prrnioipan of Mty Jib,
we regret to hear that the Potato cr.ip. nop bring d g wdl pn.vc a
. diort one Th. imo*oally Itwl. meat winter whl hhatjml r«a*d
1 aw*y. • "OWnrfM very •m-u* haf.ic am..|.g the fletd* of p..tatne*
t and to OMr |.la« • • the ground Wa* quit, denuded of the growing
| cr.-li (hr or gt. the h>gh wind* aod eery « hllty t. inter attire that pi.
f ***•*• fbuwe plant* r* will not real#- one f«.wrlh, and other* not
a flfth >4 the quantity th< y rafred l**t yrar The Arr..w r.*ot crop
I* •* afro tau. f. lee* it.an Ihe return* of It.- |«*t and pver*-.|)of y» ar
Iticno* **IJ» *r.vrKTi«*D in th* whio.
*• * 1 tan na*»<tii mtiTr
<1 Jf.rg'/!*• Cowiml#«loner«’ tale of land In Henri* o county the
r C d-r Mdl * fra* I, etc., an the prrtoltea, at II M
Rullding lot* on Church Hill, on firace, iMvonflih and Till Mt ,
* at ft o'clock t M
•f Hlli A trad lo Hanover, of 9V9 a* rea, to be a>M uo-h r a Irwtt
deed, at A•fdur.d hour hot me ttoned
TinMe *<• *ate of a Id on Franklin atreef, . pp«»tffee Mdr. pulMtfi
It, Halt at f. o'clock p M
r •.N.ih u*p „f IK- • Ptlmvra Mdfr." In Fluvanna county
- 9"th frw.tl.og and lot at ...iner of firace and Y7lh a reef*, afro,
otlwi Id* on Ct.wrch tf.ll, ip deairal.l« ur»fl4^>rh«.u«lB. A A 1 at
f N oVkx k P M
Mfc -CannWoum' mW of wm%I trarta ot la* 4 In Maaoarr.
nrar ** r«*ck Church." If fair. uUwvW tlw M il aaluMr lair da/
June W —Thr tract mnlalnlng I if am, known a* " W«m4Uwn,M
1H »H*» from Ktchmoi.4 - a country aral- win h« »<dd ua
lh» Mruint al 4k w'rlurk I* M., If ku
W * 4 bar* of l,Ul a.r ra of lain! on Ihc 5«>uth a 4c of Una rinr,
lu llallUl county, V« to b* aukl mm tnc Hrw ult*1
A ralUf* an4 'aim of thirty acre*, on or near Church Mill. (U 41
A.,) lo be *oM on ihc at ft o'clock Y M
4«h Tb. ' H %lla,« lVc*k ** |4aiiiatioa, containing a bool I .ftOO
a*ir», n. O-arMu- county, on Ihc |»r*mtara, al IV o\ h.ch M —u> La
a*44 under a ilml of trual
dth - t\4nnila»l,M>cra* aalc of atore hooae. Hr , aod III ar*a uf
lai 4 al ** Totuakry llrhlg*," m ltkh*roi.4 . ouuly.
Tih -A Uat l ol land. 41? at ran. In ChrctriAckJ coualy. on Hkku
td load. ahuaiV\| u.llr. from Kdcrahurg. al-o h«»u mgioca. lur
i.lture.O T.WmU, (V N«uu.to*, IIO.MOW.H
lb* |»rr«*Ur* hour djI a*cirlh*na4
II.h »Vr«ui|*4oiy aalc of "Hog l4ai»4." In gurry county, cu*
lalnlng skml *>« acre* -U» l*r *ol«l lu IVictaburg, al IV u'«b«rk, hi
IVth Ton rain able farm* lu New Kn,| aoOtait ,all.-d •* |iuL
W. •• - l .Me,,'.." w «*, .hevJJtmOL
iMh ftr.lili.i'i uh of I hr " Hr hi Mountain ** It a* I, c«*ttlalrilng
upwards of fbaar m*rca, lying rktrgy in lUarntr t«. tM be *.»«! on
Ihc |Hrmlam. .
HHh H.lrof dVrikl t vluabic Uarl- of Uaat (f. Jama*') near
Ikniaa.k*. In Kiac.dr Oounly, al If in-ImI M He*- mlv*t
game dav-lha •' ValMnirg** mill and farm. In Knrking4«am ca.
AI*o, -ouiml«al«»itrm' •air. In llano* *r rouniy. <4 #Vh acres of land
it I mile* nor lit of RhhtnonJ.) with actrornl buiMti.g. thereon ar 4
al aaiuc lima lor or Iwrlv* alaaoa
cfo(g IT.- VsluaMr farm, •• llawdv4.l," In Change > .-umj, Uuulalu
*». KIM ul land, or which C II are cleared hue add
.twg R*h.— *| the Court House lu Leciugton, .lie fron.kBr ol lire
Junction \alley Turnpike rumpaof, elc
/re.-, TT —A pUutoilou ranlalulng *dh«0 aero* lu North Alabama
.. rrsumug.
^-TOrof h-mehold and kitchen lurtilli'e, al the Ada
moat llauae, commencing al 10 o'clock, (by T W. E ) *
. , . sDV»u,ksau m tuu ran.
v.JUsiiS'ftsapjs,,,uu *"*•■ •- »•»*»*
c"l*d ** Whi.c (lank,** 6M acres, lu klug Va county
on I be MalUgony Hast. I k mil,. fr »n 0 II <tf \ 9 9*
on ^ *, fr* *u*"*1"* *•*•*•*. with dwelling, aty . ihr«s
A fa. m of hu acres lu Roanoke cotsniy known as ic_ .. o ,
Mountain IIE ueves clrarwd ill A , E*u.
The Mh.te •h.lphor Hprtnec. lu llreenbrler eauuly. (Ve .del
i oiinuy m arm loo and lai ui ol An acreaal Palnesvtlle Amelia llo
Ni mil., it uni Kkt.uii.ud. Price Rh.Nsi .if ) ' *“**"* •
Mnl Kxlraoriliuary Heard) kaowa.
jf--^5» r*rMr:r: vkaek exprrirncr m u.. .»i. ui
has aaUaAcd u« that than- la uolfilug known lo lire iu*4» at wurkl
whkh will al alt cotogarr with them They are indeed courfocUra of
Ihe nnrMrry moiAir.
Il may be -M „| ,h«u. wttluMU fear of coairadkllou or proof lo
Ihe coutrary, Ihol If they are applied al any time previous to lha
actual ruing of tin breast, thry wlU promptly allay all mll.matkui
rehree all lulu and prereai the breast hoot galhetlug. and fu..'
tiler more, II the breast should actually rise before the cloths can ha
had, the application and constant wearing of them will produce such
* ‘‘"•“‘•dton of Ihe breast as to insure tlw s|iecdled possible cure.
Kerry Bother should keep them by her, and (allow la their use the
directions, which always are sent with them, and our word for It, d.s
will never know what it is In have serious suArlng with her breasts.
MR A remittance of ll.uu, accompanied hy II cents worth ul
costapr stamps, will seewre tin pioiupl transmlssh.a by wsaU ol a pall
• these cloths to any part ol tile L'ldn-d Malra.
TTtey are for sale rvclusleely by
AU1K A IIEAY, Wholesale and Ketsil Agents,
IAT Main street, Richmond, Virginia
pr” Full direrlious for applying these ulotba, wdl arcoupane
' f:M'BMATFn PHi:nii xi hit.
rkH^ hfcrnplAiu Meftf.-wi.i. l Tl.e g. sti.l dc sldei stoni In
pronm,,,* health at this warn,, ol ihe year. Is lo.elH vr the stoma, h
ol all impur ties, to inrtoorate. to ar. use- tlw liver from lornidilv r
and to rkpel Iron, llw h..«. |. all unhealthy Secrvtlous This d. old
tie done hy soon gentle medicine that lu It. actions will not debill
Ute the system, Im|ml, li e ueive-. or becloud the nslu.sl spin,. .
lor ableb pur,toci we know ol no remedy ever yel luveuled, 11.11 , su
login to appr.wcb lu efficiency the cell-brand Premk.m Enter,
manufacturedfr .m imrely eegotahta substance, by M. Kl'.Jah Ha- II
kef, Ol Ro hm ml city, aud sold throughout thr routine by ai~.Ho- -
hdljia -Vr*, *rr adapt rd to tlo- ccn.no , «:,d
Idl tin sms Ol a Routbcru climate, and wh. o t.krn on aiding lo dl
r *"r "J-l-P"*- Eiar. hoc a. Dygru-or>, Croup
• Imllc. choirra Morbuc. Ague and R. eer, SoOi ktoms.-li, Nrreous
ol llw blood, or d.n.iderrd .loins. I, To Hume who h.ee not l,-.i,d
tlw suin-tlurlly of Uaker's P,,m oo. Hitlers, as . Ismily a.rdlctiw
over all ..the,s known to ihe civlHkcel Wcibl, wi say lost- no time In
aliuusi liibUl.t rduf. Tiy lb^nt b* all
To tv had ol all III# I»rlllcl|ial Di 0|T||l»ll In Ihr Illy III 1(1, l.lnonJ
oil" 'J 'IT 'oll,,»'"l< frrl» Sl#v#u», Al#Ian d. ia. Va
III M Krun#, iaw.abiug. la., To-M. Ilmlon A Tarh.r IVl,,.
n'*i a!ili#k!A*<|,,,|l.1 J,""o' * >u. hl*.o.V»| Mi,, A T, > Nt4l.dk,
,** , l.arUk A li.alhn.ry, l-.ii.iuoulh. V . 11. » Canin. Hilllama
V»., J.dmMun A VI allaor, Ytt.l.ri.k hurt la i n caiium
a Co . I'an.lllr, \ a ll ho.i 4 Chain In,, WlAllr,.' V, IT. j
Via*.. A lo.Sn.ilh#.U, V a , BlMi a Will., Cliaolnll,., ill#. Il . !
nH . H all#, M Mnidi#toll, bans
.ill# la 11 || l.i|.|dit, 11 iianogtoi.. N.c , Clan a Si. ti a
* n ■ )' «"l>|l*l"“ UJI. I'aoli J A llal.T., Haliian.r. , M.l H..|r«,i.
I Mtlbr, tnUiitfiiiii, Ky , itiil lioui Ui ufiniii|vi. rally j
ih.l.,a addresses! lo * p.\ K KH,
” H IV,
WF.MUMriv 11.11 11IH 0.1 “Tm. I
H^^^ARiilrluiii I It - iu..lv KUwmallMu, (lout, Ni-tiialtfia
‘u Hu. »•• F*-toll*. *r , is mtnuU. (fired
only bv p.ol Cb*a Ife Grail., evervw|.e*e known i» (he original dl*
*• III# old raiaMUhioml. In Klgl.lh Mreel, ttrltiW Ula»kiil, j
N H Thr *|, k. f..r Ihrlr o#i, *aMv. mu* avoid all «• m hie** j
. outtlrf Iriu. fit,111 ||,t uar of Which (He Worst roll at quel.cc» »,«%« p.|
» a.-d lo invalid* who have kfm deceived into buying il.no An
s. iuir which Is MtiilMwiI, in Ibr advent** ui. ut* of ll, to U> an
.iniiatio*i *>f I I.» Charles l»e Graitr* kh.iiu (ill, .•-m n« mo. • .d j
lered I.. I to- public by a per#*... in this cl(y, who prei.n.l# to have
pnkfl tip a kii.iwl.dye t.r Ihr inode «.f |»ir|»aiiiig t., wl.dc in the rat
ploy ..I Prof lb tiialb I
rt.1. I, an #ntii. |> in,l..undrd |.r#«. atioa. A mn at... no* ad
trill ..oil ..I thr Mn-ll.. (III. war onor #l,,ayr.t attl, iTo
ir.nn In Otatlo a. a •took krrprr and cwmpoa.trni,null tl.uaanid#
t. M.t*#l1 kn..un I*, ..it.# . niloui. it; In.I Iu ,, n* v#l ruluiil'lrii a,it.
tn.- ri.idti n an ul lli.- 11*.In in* , «.t arid, h I.# i« mill#l> lynorAht
in till. l-r-o II .I ur.• arm> l.. H| uu.r#, al |>r#-r ol, a« ,.i
‘‘‘ *"**• 1.. *.*• •» i.mhi/n.a, alo-n llnv .'an ot.tan, It.# ... »
*r"*lr- '•> . .... .*.r- . » mari »> ut
I-K ATM, al hu Iona .-tal.ll.l.r.l M.H#, No. ny South klyhlli atrr.'l a
r. w .I.H.rr tak.v On mul. p,,| Al
My'as? '"Tn i: .'it Mi: mints in -rut:
l.IRNli MEN'S C-.IKI'-TIAN A.-.*li I ITION Ala
..-.''.I* la#riu.« i.| Ik# Ri. hou nd Yuan# 11...', ch.l.llaa
l ,m lain.n, add .1. ihr ila-rlurc K .on. of Si H.ul , Chur, h m
Tu-aria, #«#atl.g, March Mil., Ill# luUoBtllf Iraulutlua aa, ado..
Krrol.rd, Thai rack n.r.nhrr of thr AaUK'talloli alll rn.leaaot to
. ..ntrih.ilr a< |»..lu|>ll> aa liru'lNaUa, at Ira.l oil# loluu.r |„ ll.«
.I i
IV ,aflf >O’.'.t IV# hav# thl, day rrr#tv#*a I..I id v«rv
no# hi#, k andlttal.Silk Cuaia, in ahlch a# mail# il,#
aiirmi.ni ol all in want
«*•_MUoniNT, ynnon a oo
WJtr- »• NKBAL NOTICE.-TW ru..#ral of iba
Toe llitiid at.,a and Ca.ai r liiaa.a.i hlhliru of Win |an,i.it
of till, city, aill lak# |ilac# at l.Vtilrliarj Cliur.'h, on ltd, VYr.1i.ra
day.) atlrroinru. al hall |IA,I t uVlurk. Tin frlrud, of the family
MT’iL ’1' K INCE >O l Ml. dwytAb,!
Wm Tempe.anc* Meeting on TIII H.**h A V . (to-morrow>
vvtUlug, at S e'cliMk, at Grace Street Hspl-t Church. The gon* of
rnnp*i *«rr, Ckddi, l.vdtr* and GeulWmeo, and citiaeus generally,
are Invited •«» attend Mr. Green* and oilier Mp< akers will ad.lma
tl»e meeting rnagl— di*.
IfOXOMl §«ft|« It II If AWPIMIR.
At .im i>J 75 ent*, *nch fitmlly rwn nt'ikr i frtrreJ a/
S ft
S4PO.MHkH.or Concentrated l.y* Warranted lo B.akt (b.ap
without Lime, an.I with little trouble.
SO FT SOAP—To one cake of thr Cniirentrated l.ye, add three* I
gallon* of rain or ooft water, a t It bulling, and then put In f »ur
|>oiiids Ol *oa|>-fst, or tallow . when the solution la clear aud the fat
#11 combined, which la seen by Ihe dla«pp«aiance of all Tally eye# or
apt.is on Ihe liquid, add iwelve gslhtna of aoft Wafer, and youi aoap
ia read* for os«-. As *n«.n a* c«4d. Il will b, a perfect Jelly
If it should he found that Ihe above Kerrlpts yield loo sharp or
••'Dug a Soap, lids can la* easily remedied by adding from a quarter
o oils pound more fat to Ihe t*olllng, and as mild a Soap aa uiay be
• ir.iie.l will thus he obtained.
For all other purpose* for wh»#h Potaah i« used, the Com nitrated
Lvewill prove a cheap substitute
IIAHI> .wOAP —To one cake of the Coocmlraled Lye, add ibre*
gallon, of wster, dissolve in a Virile, and l*e«t to boiling . then »dd
four pounds of tallow, soap Ut. lard, or olive *11, ami I# ll until a
. I sr • .iijt.on of uoiforta consistency is obtain* d. W hen the s.»lu
bon ha* attained ibis point, keep on a simmer, and add salt, in an,all
portion*, until the s,,ap. sef.aratlng first Into hard gralna. erase* to
both, and forms slab, and flake#, thrwngh whk h the steam puff* It
I. then finished, and ready to mould If you want to mak* rosfn or
yellow soap, take one third of clean rosin and two thirds of llw
aln.vr quantity of fat. add the rn*ln first, and when it I* ail dissolved
au.l lake it up by the C'uiirrnUalnl l.yr, put in th« fat and finish ub
a* the other
We can »«pp|y any quantity of the above lo soap manufacturers,
or lo families in (own or country, put up io oin pound can*
" »-l DOTE A OO I
I 'I roll I ,% vr TO MM THMIM fM \| | \< .
n HI UN.
nAA ISO received Information that certain pari!** of thl* i.'a< •
have *ent ryent* into the Routh to *eltct« order* for WAN
KI VRTl RIIINU WATER WHEEL we deem It necenwirv r<.rUi«rn.
nta>l«>n of our whirl, and the safe t jr of tin- pot* hr, to #*y t.. «.ur
Routhern frUnd* that we employ no trarellr.y ayent* and arc not
rr«pon>lhlr for the a««ertoln* or warrant* of thoaa claimlny lobe
•t»eh. Oar regular agent* arr /n* *//#</ In rariou* part* of thr roun
tia Ji»v/ Mmitii , of I'ttsi •) *> <j, |7*. I* our agent for
liryn.ia and North Carolina partle* wial.tr y lnf«.rw«ation about
our wheel* will plea«e addrr** him or l»y addr. ««n.g u* will r*celr*'
circular*, crrtlflcat**, engraving* Ac , many of which are from Routb
rrn Manufacturer*
A WAHKFN. /Venturer. JACKRON WAKKFN, Aar*»t.
* / J l« Iff
Ur %'Y|;M A HOI.I M -For comfort, economy, Ac , we
call the attention of purchase* to our Mock of Water Cooler!
of rariou* nin and pattera*. for sale hy
I.Vt Main, Corner Ifth Hir.rt*
IaIMMI CM I IKEN. Flower Rtand*. Rcantlful Flow*r Va
■ •* *. nia le of Erenrh, China ornamented and plaoi. and flow
rr Eland*, for *ale at r. ry reduced price* by
14*111 *< II lift AM DTTF. «®ATN.-Th* ahor*
n.4»d* proml*ed thi* day, hare arrived, and partle* wiablnff a
•r*t «*10 for table and durable garment would do well to e xaratn*- th*
•»<i» Fn.cy Afareeilh* p*ot*. f-fkl pair-^»«*e»rted *ne*. style* and
*1 talll.e*. to which we * all attention Cheap Rummrr Eult*. made
from ffond *toc|, yuaranteeel perfect in color. Wrll *hrurt, and al
ley. Cher nt.kloy * rentrel appearance Rlarfc AU)«« a truck* An
artlcl, ir which We direct attention, with con*iderablr *ali*fa« II*.n.
heiny certain theyarment a*m*e rpoken of and intr.diiml l.r o* will
l*e fouiHl economical and yenteil
•oaf! OROdlfONlI A TCPM AN. ||u Main *1
IIT If I’ . The limited . . p*rtner«htp, under the irai *f
M.T *E R TAI lAFP.RMo. ta thu day dir* dVed hy .he ran
•rat of all the I»#rlle. The llahflltlr* due hr the «*ld f *HVro. y» »
• nr out of tlte milling bu*lne**, arc a**umed by the «p« • tal partner*.
All d. tti* due *aid concern, mart t- paid lo the •penal partner*, wine
are alone authorised to *ett|e the *ame
If T. TAI f aFFRRO, I Heneral
JAMER IH NI.OP . Rpcrial
IIFNRA H M •NCCRE. > Partner*
Richmond, 19th M«y, I**f># mafl — dHwCw
19 » fl N|| I MTIMM. Full wul'h Rlvached And R.own
• Rh’rtiny*. for tab by.
j mill 0 HARTWELL A 0 »
g 1 Al /• , f|| |« INlt % Nik LOT ION « AIM II
" • RM|MTR lient* tlauae, Merino and Cfrfton Corker Mh.ri* and
j ftrswrv*, for ialr by
I mail C flAKTWFLI. A OO
A kPLAMfl flllM Ik A % . Nrn tndrRr.lrr *#y»e*.f Far .ry
" r r««*lo»ere Ru-inea* * '•■at*. W h.te |>u« k. Plain and Earn r Af*r
•rifirr *»d Oerk ? a Mir la Coat* Al«*. Eancy Rilk and Mm •ellb*
I Vest* «|ih a ymal a*tortfueM of Fail'y fla**iu»vrr, Maf|eilte« and
Mfmn Pant*, rendering our as*ori«ient ver y?*ope t b.r, arid which w«
j **»*»'"" «*«C", lit. (.WIN « CO
S*IIH * 04 IS. 4 f..M(,„,hk n.,t luM I,
I.M.Iar.4 l.f ira to *.ikh #r .4 lllrnllftt.
41-fN, Htl.f.M IN 4 CO ,
| "•«*' .1* Main atrrot
I,.. * * * *• 11. % Ml M'«H It I u, for ro y
■ "....hot, an. *arranfp4 I.. I. ii<,t4uftpra>r4 a...) i m fl,
1 to, lo I ha ha •< l-'.Oftol. Mlo.lM lo.lr.l for rflalnllf M. flavor at,4
] atraoflh a. ,11 aaaa.,1.1 MrW, .1% an.I 1*. , an<> a oa .
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