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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, May 23, 1856, Image 1

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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Dally l*a|*rr. fa annum Hctnl Weakly, $ft Weekly, f*. atway#
Id d Ivam « lUiuittamra inuy I*, made *1 Uie rtok of lie- hil4Wn n
• In iM Ctart where evidence |« taken uA thr ile|maU of a letter In IK*
|*o«l Oflba • ontnlnluf o»uney.
(ha liquarv, (l« Imm«| or W«, uar utniUM. ... . JJ
Raeti a.»dlUanal ItiMrtion ... ....
Otar n»ot>tli without alteration . . T.
Three do do !»»••*
M« do do ..*1 ta#
Twetea do do .
Two fr|UDre«. Thro# m.»n(fca ...... .. IBM*
inm ...utlii . *«•
Tedn mxithi ..ftn tin
{W Ha ad vert U*mmmt in l«e tiadlfrel he *hr month or year on
j bin «ye IM ,»n the Mitiuo rlyl, or pr* vl>u*l) agreed upon hgtwitii
the part lea
An advertisement Dot marked <>u the copy for a tfr iBed number
af 1neent«in« vtM he continued until ordered out, and payment exact
•d aeeordlmrfy
;W“ Rant'i to AuvvoToiBtMDrr*.—T*> amid any nilmi, lerwtandlne
on the part of the Annual Advertiser*. II l« proper t«.«tal» fMiw. /h'
that ih. tr pi|e\U*tr»i oitly eaten-1* to lieu lan^fl tie Intliw- Kr.i
Rotate Uv il and all otHer Adv. . (lament* arnl hy litem »o »tr an ad
llltonal chare, and n«, variation
fRT Real Ratal# ami tleiir, al IfriiU' t-lvri tlarutml# n«d to I* It,
sera*l hy thr vear, l*ut to i# <ltargMl at the u«u*l rale#, silty ret to
tudi ll«*.mt,t* %« ahall i»- mereed upon
’4T* Aoottuiwer*, lloukellet. tnd yearly adtrerllwr*. generally,
•nr trftntf «w n»o> e *|uare«, will, thr prteklnr*- af chatty. , •hall Mot,
on their »early avera«r*\ Hi any otmormh, it* mm I ntor* ihau the amount
afreet u|hui at the •tau.lmg rule tuidrr the contract, and all ravrrdj
Ing •uch amount to le charged at thr usual rate*.
A Iverttarinento iMvrtml it, Uh- (broil Weekly Whig at 78 1*01* per
aqaar.- *,f lit line* or leas f.n tla 0r*t Invert!.ui. and 5o - cut* per
square 1-r e tdt .-oDlinuaiM e
_t %ii Mini ran 1 *» -• «i.
i. n, .
i i ffil1 f|l
DntlV I I I 1 * I, » •. Jut v | I ~t t l
|d; 1 9 iu!u 12 « :! h 9 in n if
11 u ifv i*; it w 19 n ii i.8 it*, hi- i •
.**• I Ti ti M •*. 2d; 2tl 91 Ti 21 it 28 *•
2,* if M HI ' 27 *a 29 <t • tl
r»Boc*«tr | 2 A rocot I I 2
• 456719 S I 8 6 I *• 4
1*1 nil* 18 14 15 16 In II I* |8 14 15 Hi
I? 1- 14 ft, 21 12 21 . 17 1" 19 .•*• i| T‘ *1
. 4 .A *»; ii 2a .*9 21 2.8 2d 27 29 11
M to* h ,1 11
•2t4t67' 6ttrrroitt* 121486
9.1't 11 12.1 J 14 18 7 *■ 9 l *1 12 It
16 IT lu luL*. ?| T! II If. 16 ll I* 14 2
.* i M 28 26 27 fa 29 21 " 9 ; 21 2. 26 2T
|4U,11 2a 29 An
•Aron I 7, .♦ I 8 ifc-rioto 1 •* «' l
d 7 a 9,1 II 12 8 6 7 a v |„ n
18,11 If* Id 17 la 19 12 18 II 18 16 17 IK
?1 - J2 Ti il V. •H It 2t» 91 22 21 21 5.
*7 2- 29 A*. 26 27 ?1 29 In II
86 IT 12 1 N-iviNin 1
| 4| 5| # 7 h- 9 ly, , 2 M • .8 6 7 a
11 12, 18 11 1.8 16 I.* 9 In 1| | » |*| || |8
♦ la PI 2U 21 « M .*| 16 17*1' 19 \*I2I T»
>28 46,17 fa /y *1 mi T« f| t8 id 27 2' t9
Jvao I. f! H 4 8' 6 7 Dtcioovo 11 4 »' 4 8 6
, HI 9 lU 11 12 11 14 7-9 in II 12 IS
*15 16,17 la 19 iti 21 II 15 16 17 la 19 »u
il i t 21 98 M 27 2-< 11 Ti rH 21 28 Yd 27
129 4*1 .11 fa 99 »i Bit
1,111. aui imm i; ««».?•>»% NY. Tl.,
3 Itf hinond fire AfKA'Ialkili^M the pioneer ailhilif tl»> If. .f -lii
Alii* .«( il* for llio ktwd i.l lii<«uraiio ,|«itli »C**li Capital and Snr)4u*
».f f !■£!»,**»*, *»e Bow |>r« pnr» -l to iaau* pot* k-s ,.ii the lives of !»l»io.
B«-liig diVily a Virginia houian. r Company, It* lh.ai.1 of llir.-. b>< .
tjirr»• iiially known *.. tlie community I holding tlieir mewting- m thi*
C*4>. where alt lo-wr are pimuiwlv and IiU rally o|ju*nd. enlM$i * Il
to A liU-rat -II I|-e of llir public patronage ttttn* pi present) • >*lier
4f Main Mini tth *trve|*.
M, li<- il Kiiuiiiirr, l>r. M Burton.
JAMES C. CRANK, President

i(>*l >i» PI«A>lTJI* We keep constantly ..n Laud
■ • *li Ui uuiel ha*in , 4ii,l otir rare In the *» hvlh»n. fmai liar*
best Vk •it.l'N.i l.«i.o|i PI i'tel ol.etih • US to fgcnliiMieml II a- tl.e ls»l
that » an tie lad Alt order* l*-ft at i*ir offle* mu Oar v «tr.-« t. prompt
iyri.rwPd TALI %K>:KK'» A UK«>
N It Partner* • au Ik *u|>|Jtrd In their own hag*. at a redo* linn
tto pto-e Liberal discount- to merchant*. for ra«li
J II. 11 AIKHtOV K,_
l»i*ocare«ai m inu. t**» im,»
a i < ■ i o >1 »: i. u,
Wall •freet, w«4rr St t'A«ir//a //*4af,
Rkmmoxp. Va.
WILL devote hi* whole attention to lltr Hole and Miring af N
groca. Real KataIr . Ac , publicly and privately.
Pah-* satisfactory nr no charge made.
IW Hi ha* a convenient )*!arv for keeping ilavra.
Tin- ••il»*crlhfT rea|tectfully Inform* hi* friend* that he hi" dt*em»
dnueil the auction luaiitt*. and having rented hi* office to .\lr J It.
Maigrove, lake- pleasure In recommending In* former cu*tom« r* to
give him a can BKNJ DAVIS.
July 81
«-: %ic rn*:* %% .%ic i:. < iii \ % % >i> lliv*.
fllllK *ub*criher o*er* for «ale a very hravy *tork of K>trlMrm
■ ir»rv, 4 KuhI I«N<! (ffat, fading jfitl**e*, I’.fg.ir*
*<it 1 A’i/ncy 0**h/«, uf recent iui|K>rtaiion, and from .4w«7r<*« /Van/*
To o«4t letyrre and prompt an month* payer*, inducements will
t>e hrtd oat fully equal to any that may be offered North or el-e.
where WJJ K BITI.RK.
tnh;i lto|Mirter *4 China, Ac , XV Main street
“Hi i riiiM HH ii tu.,”
No ‘il l*> tat StMfvr
fl^u Mm-haul* ami ottwr* wishing Blank liook», Writing Papers
m «f ail kind*. Ink and Ink Stand*. LHtcr Copying Presses, Mem
nr a ml urn Hook* Writing Hand. Hold an.I Steel Pi-rae. A. Wrapping
Papers, Cotton ami Linen Twine*. Marking Ink, (fur markiaghoSe*,)
in ai * i 11 ill \ 'N • - it In v i qwawttti M law prlrn
N It ih.r aaeortuient of “HKRRINtPH" KIRK AND BCR'il-tR
PROOP HAKKf U Urge Call and *ee |hrnt.
ILT a: W SPKI A «. l.tMllts. N\
1^1 In a f.-w .lay* will have In store, a large g. k «,f staple and
an«ry DRV (KBIDS. CoucUtlng of tlir following. In part —
Shirting* and HhecPngw, of every dt» nptlon
Plant. striped and plain Cotton*. for *t*rvanls
l<argr a«k Llucn Ducka aud hrilli
Ticking*. Otnuhirr* and Kurndurr Plalit
Tahh Damaak*, bl.-ached ami brown
Napkin*. Toweling* anil Diaper*
Large *tock of In*li Linen*
IM guilts, all ..s>* Mini qualities
T»t*le (lorrn. Curtain M tirrUi*
Print*, Bingham* and Uvui
Alpac as. Bombasine* ami DvR-ges
Oi Ulnr*, pta<n and Ag'd Bcregt*
Organdi* Muslin* ami Jaconet*
Berry** and Orvtunllne*, Uei'gr Robe*, larg* stock
lawn. Organdie and Silk Kolw*
Bilk*. Riboiul*. Gloves. Ifdkfs and Hosiery of every description
Large *t.»ck uf Ucr, Caiuhrh and Crape Collars and
Mantilla*, Shawl* arid Scarf*
paras,.l. and ITmUella*. large Mock
lloop Skirts, Oran Cloth Mohair Skirts
Matting and Ifrtnp fTaturting*
Cloth*, Caawttncre* and Ve*liiig4
Together with ercry article usually found In a dry good* house for
genth-iiicii'* wear.
buyer# W r I'YuKlNM • Cl#.
ntl»‘24 No 141 Ktflr Mqiiar.-,
Wf. are now rrcelrlng our Mprlng. W’l’PlY OF IKM)I>M, con
•fating In part of tlo following artirha.
4*i I'M# Crush F-d ami Poltermd Hug ar
hi* *lo C Yellow do
14 Mol* New Oilcan* do
114 Bag* R»*», Laguyra and Jara C* gee
luu Ih.Re* Blown and Blok Boap
liai lloirv Adamantine (7mntlr«
5 IF hh*la. Ha* on Hiilt *. StiuuMrri and llama
®n Keg# •upcrlor Carl* and Mai Pnda
tC* M4a New OtIran* Mn1a««r«
In" M»l* Mountain l>ew vvhuky
^6 4», Olii Hye, Yarlou* Brand*
10«io Herr'a Hummrnleaii do,
IW> l»W', and N» ** C*«k* Imitation Brandy
Bui Mark* Ball, A*!, to a and Marshall
A' Reg* Poingrannte fnBktn
f»i Holes flround I’.if. .
6n I'ackag** Orprti and Black Tea#
ALPO Ylm-gar, I*, pper, A tinner, Wrapping Paper. Yea*t Pftw
dera. Broom*. Bn krtl*. Holland Old. Pra* h and Ap|4e Brand?.
Mr* Miller F.ne Cut Mnmfcmg Toha*«... Malt Pet re, and man? other
article* too Uwflou* to mention in an advertisement,
rnhlt RATCLIFF A IHH «#l Iffl
bl tl M»;HI)l 4IY M MHHtF.I.
IjlHOM Ms DM liter lea In Augusta rcwily, tkr anh* nbrr will fill
W orders, in any •inantitle*. and far any part of the failed Mtat* *.
tor thla celebrated WlVlMRPY It Wa# awm h-d a m t n i(h
PirioM v at the Fair of the Me* ham*-*' I mu tint*, in Rldtunond, No
▼cmIn r lM?»l Thl# l,i*|iior la Intemted for family and me.1 >• mal u*e,
And for the tort Hotel* It may be »r*lered of any age from twu to'
lice year* Ordera through the mail* promptly attend'd lo Ad
—'M M ■ BUn
HI \ • 'h iRPiiflYI.B PATKIT \% ll I % f
I’Mfl.l. The performance of thla l#r»ll thela*t •»«»»•« »n wa* en
IVely autaf actor y, a tot M Wa* spoken of lit term* of high < mmor rotation
by IW wko uacd It, I therefore fret warranted In recommending It
A# Inferl«w lo rume hitherto Invented It I* simple in Ita ronatru*
Mwti, dar aide, ahd not liatde to grt out of order, and the price «f it
Una Ilian <»f m*»*t other drill* Tho*e who may Hr Irww tnt the com
• ,r*F *••'**•!, arc respectfully requeued lo forward their «g**er« ♦ arly to
•coid disappointment »9 BAl.httIN,
* 11B Haiti street
A YII.R M % * kill: Ilia, Tailor* fthear*. trimmer*. 141
am *lic* • e|#aor*. A*- , of H Wendt's celebrated make, warranted
h. <| i-tlkf. In now »nA tmj.n.rr.l poll.rn.,
•urlm'iil ma.lo, for hjr rn>* t MU C.HNIWI * to ,
«l John MTn-l, *r» Vot»
MM* Mr " “*•«. mkr r
W ATI MliS ! M ATI (Iks I I WA fi HM I I I
III III I <1 I, UH4 I.
W A T C tl W A K K R AND J K W R I, |. R r
ttv **Jl Mr.v.ml •* «Wr ro-fowf. /•»//.,’
H lVI.rll rrr,k,r4 , ■iiT. tl'.r ,.*.rlnrMl of W*l. lo*«, rf
IrWolry. ItlamonA,, 1*11 rr-wi.ro, I Would rail Itlot
Hon lo III, r.iilowin, loir nrtrra JL *
ll"M Witthn.lniB |iot.,fiK>
SUrrr .1.. | *
■Inf Tr* Apoont |f lo |1| p,-r Mil.
fft.14 Ftnoila, ofinlno, TY*lmf.lor, Ar AII «o«H* virrantol p pp
rnrnnA. Onll ,i4 .i.mln. my tlorl hrforr pnrrhufinf rt-rwlirrr
WMrhn an* Jrwrlrj rrp-irrd ih, m..*« irMIr .tflr.
•I*' *n WM A ll*AT, l« Aortlh lor..,,I ■«
V'_** arowr a*i» vrw rrm k oi *•»*»:
A.S **»t>T V tor rt.OTin*lll I am now opr* In m» now
Mn" a r..r taro- «t«.rt of -prior Uumm-r Clothm. nr..*
U-nu KurnKhl... flood*. wM.1. I mvltr ih, attmllon of mj rtn
lororr. »r..| rl.r .on. r.ltf J fi iiimiIIAMN,
No ll», tloin H. n-«l AoorloA W n,i„l„lpl1. H - k-l.or
fllllMI.I ITtHHi rr.
^■*** MWBM* anA tiralrr In hatn, Hof Air For
ATR narwa, Tin, J-n-nn-A. f..p,wr a.,A Iron Warr: Ft.AI-m Ok«>n.
For.mr»nA -of< ion K«r, »«lo u«,i !•.,«.; 7j,,r rhoM
Iron, A, Wh..lf«lf ao.l RH.ll No 04 MalnVr-M. RirfimonA,
(MWorn wr.r* Ann* *• o*.|»r Or.Wr< prompt If (ItrA lain
| A * IX Mf.l nrr Of Ik-Aprlnf F-Mlon nf fl-n'l- t ■
a ■•n’t Hat* -nd 0-|* of all tka r*rl.on atpl*-. i. «io. i, 11 W
lo*l*f lb* Mimuua of introbMoro.
■ >* iOMN TIOMnUH.
raoM h m **>TTr.Nitii.i. • c*» •* Nk*arArni advkktu.
* A| Himiuii i 9 Cu arr mg- uu %»r t marly all Uw Newspaper*
In I hr Can..I Ht.tr* ind t'.«nadas Ulwt, 119 Nassau .trrrt.
New York, ami lu Blair itrvrt, BuaU a.
omen. No x joiin HfHttr.
yw»» imxim r«»u Hattiiitv, N»w Y ai
flllir uiuhroffiifd, prwprlrlur* uf Uili l.tUMlthiiiriil, ha TV for
M 1 long tl e (Ur trllui partner uf the Brin, Nathan Barrett. 1
f..r XT tear*.) lent priW*uUu| thrtr bu«ii)»w at St*U*n /aAm.l - I
Tie? have apar«*t ttu « forts ot «l|M9r, r*p*e|*J|v la tile last few '
year*, to .a.ell in all liar branch** uf thrlr art, ami have hewn mi
.ewfull Ul alt a tnlnH a high degree of Improvement, a* Well m the ;
tu .< blurry atol appmalu* f»*t •lii ttiiii -I.IT* rent •tyl** ..lg..-l*. a* In
prarlktl wlBUrnlU lu .i» IbfBml |gMda|uilM IMn IMIm
and Merino lirt-wia, grr*| improvement* have been made In * '
large p«o|M*rtlon of ( %•**, these art** b • are made, lu culof aiol Bn
l*h, very nearly ••put! in appearance to new g. .««d • Crape H|.«wl«,
iA*.ak«. Alanl.lla*. A rivet Harm id*, 9c , are also v.-ry a,, rewfidlr
Inalul Ka>l* d *n.l Hi un*d good* r* <Uv<l nr r. dy*4
La. * and A| 11*1,11 Cuff-tin*, Car|>el*, Hug* and Table IA.»ni Oban
■vd A UrfliilUwl. I'Viiok a i u or re it Curtain* B*auOlwlly bynl |
Ik., tUhonv Hv'kr|, tlluvr*, 9c.
Older* «art uted with care amt «b *|*aleh
U.hn|. rmitnl and return**! by Kipren.
Uwal* left aubieci to the claim of the owner, twe|*e moatlu.
B John *tre**t , t dour* from Broadway, N. Y.
AirttH Lo iNui nrr. uuubs.
112 Ont/e tlffrt, Nr« York,
▲YM P»|w *, Titling*, Tn«.I*. at»d every d» ■** npi|«*n of apparaiu*
coitu*«t« >1 with Steam, Ai mer or Ikt, fur letliii/ and I .at.i n*
Htraiuer*, Ctiur«*lie*, Noted*. Private iHnllii^,, H..*pllal*, Village*.
Ka« tor-y* and llall*
Al*<» A *lve«, Co, I*. P.itup*, Uu-rn, Holler* *im| Boiler llu. >
made (o order.
t»or A r* w Cutt'ng Alaebine* are eatlrrly new. and uur own Patent
warr Bled to «lo d«»ohl«- the w..rk of any other inveiilnm
Order* -.dhited It oar tllpr. t,on* uf Ik- ctMHlrjr, and promptly *1
*—*"»«« __ i*IM| l»'l
% MIN I AX N A ir.Hl P,
lorro.i i,\u ivouu.% mmhixery,
mm aaotMKe mu viu* ., a tea hint*' r.itr ski nau, rrc ,
Importer* uni Ue.ilei* Ui Mauufoi'tlirvrw1 Wltele*,
N It. Agent* tin- the 'AY«hm1iu9 and lb-arh Iron M'o,k« * >4e*jn
Kuglnev and Huilei*
1YT Kirlmlvr tgrtM'jr In N*w York fur 'Lowell Al*. bine HI,op*
Mrn. HftbU T* ub *. | v(P 1
ttr JAI kMlA A SOA,
iy tl dly (P) TIC Kiont ttreri, and rv» Itrwmlway, N Y.
I J n.LU A iu,w»r. ciUr, Ala • , p«ln,led l,y LI,*. How. , J, ,
■'<r|4» wle i tiUi, I>16 Th.-* Ala.hine* al* warrant* d, t with ptap r
a*e.» not to gr. ..ut uf repair Tit* y are kill In a good, *ubataiitlal,
al*.I *.»rkrnaii Ilk* iuaun*r. and will do Tailor*,’ M»<* u,ak. r • and
Saddler*' work.lB a utanuef warranted In give -altafactH.n Tie
•tin I, will r.. i up any u...i« than . outm-.i. «. wifir dnnr by |,*n I
‘ Ml and -Ihrtn In op ration al l*tOML‘Nl Ti,»rr,l. Phda4« Iphta,
opdatr* U A D AMSON, Aw. 1.1
f# «Ny l ■ |
li. I . \% ll l.l IMB
/ X I’NIKIL tt»l NT f..r Keiv.vug and lula aiding A1«nufacturrd
n ■ r. na... tf,...i,, a. , a* , N.. Hu • m*t -i ir. m„ ,<* v*
bvg* Iravr •*» return hi- ,n».. re thank* to I,la frl* n j- a ml the p.,nh.
lui tl.« wry Literal pall oil w* la dowrd on liiiu during ht* bu*io. » •
,iu.. . I. .n* with Al *-,*. Kf.a*, a Malkin*, uf ll..* . i;>, an I r*
-|m*. trull* - « ...itiMiuuio' tu In* ... w l,..a»- |„ thu* ap|*eai
Uig .ll, lb* tin «tr> l.l bualue-a alone | d. mi with lull imuD IHh* in
nt J lotto. * * 4 * * * I. f»• ,tl,»n* lh,t tl.e ktlrfra af •io.»,roe.« aiH U
falU.tully rep e |
<l.ilwral • *d. advance* rutulr „n Cntmlgnmn.ta of pr.alm e 1,.
Rafaa* r.. AL ^.r« le-a,- MVI4> 9 Mon, AY ad ■ Worth, Turner A Cu .
and J .I.I, It ...k< r. K . KtHintmol , Jul.n Al Ot. y, L,M , t'b,*w. ll
Dabney, L*t| , Mew*r* p.let*, Hj*. u> • A Cu., and k|e**r«. A|.f%..kleA
J.I n., hi nrg A «
LlaillV «. % I.I I K %
'■AUK .-'I ir« lUltK.K hating fitted up a «mt of r.Mrni In rlqrant
I sljl* . i( Corinthian II ill. I* imi« prepare*I i», m%ti «.n tl»** put*
l»* and turn id* llo-wi ml. tuprli# piclnrr«.al m*#l*ratr priiv#
The Aiubr**i> |*r, twin* lirrn^lirall; «• *li-«l brl«r«ii two plat*-* of
fine polish* *1 glass, |l*tr a • rtnnil which not **nly *r* urr«, I* it gild*
»*••• •» tulifl** llir un|tre**h*ti,) •• pr**«*f aga u-i a* turn of wat*r«.i
«• »*(•. ui tl». variations *.f ( lunate in long *ra vuvagn, an«l l« tie
only km*l .»» picture il.at «til remain unchanged l*y time They can
be taken from ll»e «lt<> *.f full life («• the siii »llc*t miniature. ami In
one quarter the i itn.- »f the Daffucrrr«4)pr They are not reversed,
can he •.•rn in any light a* an engraving, hence are very sullahb
f*»r Pin#, Uvlirta, an*l larg. Prime*, a- well a- Cat*-*
The eatreiue popular!! % of the kiiil*roty|M*>. hu» given rliw tuiauch
iiuposithui. Counterfeit* upon glass, covered with hlack v.trmdi,
are otteu «4»l«l for Auilimtypra. None ire geuillne without «•». p.«i
enl *Uio|i Tl*e |»ohl(*■ are iiifilr*! to call ami examine *|*e. tun n- *1
Hu- inviui ti tu.aat, OuaiBTMits ll*u., Main street, bet w ecu pn,
and Imh p. V. OI HU.'
•\0. 17 I'HUI. NTUKCT,
HAVR In since ainl are now receiving a Iwauttful assortment *.f
tie- following OiXnIb, selected in kurup*, by oliv of *>ui Arm
ki*rti«li Print*
M«iu*ti*-«u*r au*l B* ote|« Oiiigt.sm*
Printed I• * w i»*, Jaroiicts ami Chillies
While ami retired Brtlllanlr*
I*1aur Co|or*‘-i Illark alol Pril*te«l MoUSelilit
dn «|o Persian* au*t CImIIms
Plain i*olor««J. Ill*- k and liUii .Stnpoi Bareges
Colored Crs|w i|* K*pagrir*
Jacutirt, Uarrge, ami Tissue Knlws.
lU.uk ami Coloml Mlks
HUck Alpaca* ami Italian Clot Its
White Cambrics, J%con*-t«, 4 i*l >si*4 Mudliis
Cloth*, Cas-uiu r», ami \ estli.g*
IrUi Linen*, May Linens, II dl.iuds, l>tiua»ki,
lb*wlas. Linen Du* k*, ami Drill*
Ulab *1 C.imhrt* Ilia* k and C.4ore*| Cambrics,
Hosiery, (Hove*. Oaui.tlett.. Mills, Tlue •*»#. A ., Re.
With a r^at varlty **f ..ilwr foreign (haul*, *uttcd i*. the A’ligtuia
and N,.rt|, Carolina T»a*le
We »!*.. hsv. ami will tlway* keep oil hsml a full dork nf ||.» l*,t
Amen* an fabrics, such as Prints. Lawns, III. ached and ItroVnMe i
lug*amt Drilling*. Denim*. C**ti*>i».«4e«. Ootn.n* Plaid# and fttripe*
Osiiahurg*. Ilraty Dorks. Ilaggii g*. tunitu, k t lgAi.i, Twer.L. Apron
Check*. PI a n in D A.1 , Re. flb
The facility aDurJed u* l.y havhig a house lnm« Ynrk will ena
ble u* at .*11 thiie* to offer Inducement* to our customers ami iht trade
generally, equal b* any house iii till* country
n*l.Y RLLR1 r. VI A LI ► R Dili hi a CO
nl Ik I. I. \ *\ 4 0., liH<>ic*u« Dk «i aa*> ex* lu«l\rly iti
UKANDIKB, WINKB amt ClH4KB, Would rail tlie psftiralir
ad* nt.on of llir trade to their very large ami superior Bio. k.. *.m
prising, in part -
C**guxe >«n*l 1/tn.fon Dork lir iimIUs, Dark and Palt
Madeira Sherry and Port W11..-4
Old Brlwidaiii H-dtand Oln
HI'I Jamaica and Bi Ornii Rum
Hoek and Claret W ine*
Chainpagti. nf various brands
Ohl Rye Whiskey and N K Itum
C**nlial< and Cherry brandy
Lnndoii Porter and Bmtch Ale
Bparklisg Tunic Ale
Philadelphia Porter and Ale
Champagne Cider
Ohl Peach and Apple Brandy
Demijohn* nl all star*
Goods warranted pure an«l genuine.
• 11 DUDI.RY 4 CO..
111(1 nilllTTOiqi A HM44 *c.- Tb»Mfbwribrr
J n„ now In .lorr
8" lN<n Miiwrlor, 1. O 4 Bll.-k l,iquurl<-r,
14 ilu Jo IH It.... Jo Jo,
l» Jo Jo Fabric, del Carrurn. Ma*« Uuoorlr*.
• 4 Jo Jo K II Jn do.
I8**> lb. *u|*rkor III,. 4 Aii,i>*tur■ Tomiua Ife-wn.,
> do Jo P.,ro Jn Jo,
Al«n IS Caw. IHl* law*, for wic on an-ominoUltnn l«*r|n. by
John a. koiiimmin.
Cornrr Cwj mil V.., >t.
Ollb-* removed lo It..- .lore «f riin,ll,n A l.,lhrnp. N .. 99 \| Vm
*1 In .1 II., r.. .,1 lUv.J K Com dm II
» hrimian van unanmmusly Hr. ted Cashur. The uffl.-e ha* |*r|, re
moved to ilie store of Christian A l.aihrnp, where d«-|M.*lts will t*
rrcelvad, on which an inf«-re«l off. per rent will i* pa.d of all iuim
rnwatnlng on d'y»*#H eta month* or lunger, atol five per .vnt f«»r a
ihorlrf period.
TM# Inal lint ton ha* been In raisience twenty-eight year*, ha#
h.aioil over right million* of dollar# ; ha# no suspended ilrM , ha#
never h>#l otic dollar, or failed lo nay any certlfh ate whri due
HM II CIJKlttTJ AN, Cashier,
•nh!4 Uv HI ..II sv flu retawy
r ■1HK Hi rectors of (he Pennsylvania Training ft hool for Miotic and
■ Peetde iiiindt d Children, located at f IrrmvnloWn. INi , (wtlh.n
KMlad«-t|4«la rlt* limit*) call# 1 he allrijlion of Parent* and Iiuardlai.a
to th.-lr Institution It Is inoorportbd hy the Plate of Pcmnylvanla,
and Is very pleasantly situated In one of the most healthy neighbor
lowuf# known, having ample (Hounds, W.K«lland, A. Tin Training
and Pducatloti of ImWrlte and Idiotic Clilldren at thl# Ioaiilislion.
Is now pursued ii|n>u the iimuI approved prluriple# known lu thli
Country, nr In Nuropr Tlie Hoard of IHrcctors harlijr hern #n.
. e*«ful in .ddaining the services iif practical frsrl-er* vn<l A«st«iants,
whs.se . ff-rls to d< v.|o|« III* Phykai and InlHIrtHul quality s..I
their ptipds, will he entirely given to thl* In-tiioti. o Tgr.u* will he
made known upon applo alions dir*-, f.*t t,, p, nnsylvaitia Training
.* h.nd for Ioitir. He*. Ileraiantown. Pa
The f. Alowing comps»*r tl.. p.r#. nt Hoard of llirertor* J
vie* rmipMTs,
f*aar Collin*. J a* r Handy,
Hon. (I W \% ..odward, Ji»* tlarr .«.»>•,
Ho.i O M btroiid. M W. RaJ.lwlp,
not arrow,
0 Morris Wain, Wlcfar Horrli,
Philip N Justice, Hieh'rd H. Marshall,
Isaac Pngti, l»r Tt.os H 0rklr.|<a
John llorton. Wa l> ParrHh,
A I. Plevyn. M II Hot* P Kotlth
Henry M Almrted
AI.PX Pn.I.KNTON Treasurer
Pa vail in T«tio», Pee retar y (var> %pf» Mm
PANNAIf Mill, (I.UTKR urn.
No. Net.
JIHIV a »IT. J4HI> 4 fll.Ts
Td* Tda.
S« I miMMitl ItH kill III I k I All TWIN)
v f' mi -I r . | lr A*- 1 f<*r Ho si- «.f tin ».■ w II
hi.own brand* of C..w*tto* ..r Hard Ihwk, and (liM^rkr 0.i|. p«. k,
hare. ufi«tat«tl* on hand sod <.0. r for sale, all N».« A..m I to I**
AI«o «*tH m*|e |«v ord< r %l sfmrt mdvre N..s «**», «n| non, Cotton
Ihuk, and TaeM Ihy. k of all nwtwtMea, If, II I A, sod ft ln« he* in
on hand Superior to any a4h»* made
A|P Am _ ^p ■" v v
I1 FOH CAPH A large and < »mplete assortment new «tvie Ptraw
and Hal* Rennet*, opening thl* morning, lo he sold sf cheap for
ra*h enVy. comprising the nrwwat and hr*t spring *tfle# The l.adh-a
are moat re*perifk»liy melted to rail and Inspect these attractivehar
gain# bargain# Ibr Mtay sale#. The rear part of owe #4orr ha# been
•** aphri h.f the *ah lotton of lhe*e good*
I .astir •' Oalored Ptraw Honoris, at if* tent#
Plnwered Rea 14 Rnnnets, at f 1 richly worth f!
Ptngte Arse, g .luted dials . at f l.fP
l.tvw Uftwrn Plat#, for l4Mltr« and kflnst. it the low price »{
01 each
Pine 1-eyAwwn Plats, th# finest made
fngltab Ptraw Rowueta ♦.•mething worth 0*
Pi ft *#n Hr *>.l H-r.i.fts
1t«) Mae! Monrets, at 01 aa«ti
Hair R.nnet#, a»w style
Aiwa KiMsons, Pl..w-rs, Non- he#, afl of WhUb we oier at a
said frow for nsrr p.h » - of fQ peC r*i»<
mm 0. A. tlW ATKlk , • I
\a i ^ lH»\t 4. | \sv
f>'« 'hi • in VI « HI I own I *:Um.L, (iiu * Nava- k
r*r«a Amutmux II u *a, No. M4 la >«i*w if, Raw Y«>»* 1
PLVTL w\) mv*m SUM.
nl'.HOYi NTI(I TIIi:M« A ( lh. V. w Iti# 5
.Vrir Yttrk. l4r»au*. tab M *at »*vrt a*»-'Aor»r«
Kii|ti«h «*w«, Iman ami **ry«*al flair Yiii«l»* Ola»a
Ylwtrd lllaa U'f (4) liyl'U. Onvti Hcifaf. etc .etc
«I"I M rrii* v|»|rUt4.«. ,
The L*>n4 m and ftflanehemer rial* UUm Ctwopany’• Thi. k Pol- ! r
Wml Plate tor Store Hliitlv**, Re.. 4c. * r
for Floor* and Ak y liffht*
AliH.lba l* luninl to »ti. atn.r# r.rluia description* af Wi*>d..a
HU*. In uar f.tr ftorva, l»w. On 4%. %im( other p quality , 9
ef tke*» aiii lea U iiilrtim u* wo r«.rrr4p*M»dia.< 4 •rri|dnm, *i,.j In .
■uai.V 1 r*|wn aat|«rf ho «>ur Waei I)I|m «llt W fiMiit.| totter tluaw -
the ft. u«li »u tie >lvr«l<4u fruau Wain, N>n'. 4>
K* mg f--c taw .4 the la«r*«i UUm Maiittli lmr/t In Kw
r«*|»e. Me are ewabb-d lo «4ri d« ah it ai*d »Uh|< r»« if nlvai.liffe ft
[Iikr* ud laifr dinki. Pt»« e |.4Ua w.ll lu- fun.tain d .ii iiiUiratMii
apl-*» Cm l*a»)
1.11*%% %HM I*. MICKII, III. .v/rref, .V I.
A 1»"4«hiH a. at «.f No *•«»ti K.vrr Riilr.i* t |k p.,*, «.i| «• n. U* «i
era aiel C.-it*u«t- ra M* • .1. t.i «U«I braurfr of Yr*i»eh \| m-tow |«ia~«
o4i UtoMblr tiiin* fart tea atdiinr llif.o umIhmi till In fiimt*Wed •
■rill. p#»«r* <u* newf'i of the Ur «4<lira« fllaaa . at to any d--.*r-d
imlb ni, nr1 |*v t1 * fr» e ol « h *r*r l*r. -[»a«J
ntR l‘HK i.mm.iMMl
i. v. p » I »• vr n ihrii: roariNi,
mi Taotror Amaat. H. X..
AurrACTUkwui .4 makhlk ua\tl». tahi.y topa.
COLUMNS. PWlWTUi. 4c , tn AronU. Hr..n,ic!|e, ami %|!
ItaluMi Marbl.a Hna ariiclr, v(iH*h u a pet-parath-w »f M**(4rlh.a«,
cltrMtlcally rmnlilhd at h mineral color*. •*> a* to hr uwhsM*4 into !
aitf form and color. »•» which a mar Me can Im> manufactured at lr»«
than half the i «••( of tto ■ omuoUi tiualcil.l, whil* U rti-tl* it In dur«
bililf and beauty I’ntftfcr MoMrltrl Iron and »Mr. there t* no <
•urfv p w->rk ihr etdor raniili.f Into tie hum ni U.r maimal. wthlr
no varni*ti l« o-. d to gytf a ten.|M.rar» lirauty to tie -u* f%«* II n.
II. • f. nip f I to f !*• T il»4r 4< . «<pi«tlf rhe<p
K phi* for tie- V«IN4^|rfarr if«./ .VWr nl •laife h>r ll.e .lift rent
Stal* a, tirtrli wilt rt.«U4r iioiuru*r retilrna to llt«.*e mtr*r»tiii|f tiinu
ael»r* tnforinathm fmnt*h.-l r n ip|» M-atioh to
PRri'K ItPVNIP. Preal.lrt.1, of
J **w luWB He friary. !U.W \OKK
oct.% ly-lM* I
B^YIH Mm imt P«M|M*ar*. and l«»r h'Mui.r Ch-.rp.-i, both In «rt
r and do Idadiuir. of four different kind* Th« oaten and lwaa|>
Fu*» . ala... lire tintfle an I douMe Ta|ar Water lu»r.
Manufa. tur. d and aotd by (il.KW |M TMAN. I
*d Liberty u . Nr« T..rV I
nr Ord**r» promptly Ailed for all hind* •• t«Uu Powder. of the
»•«»** appioted brand* P>l*r» ’* I ahlbitioiial lire-Hork‘. itfi.p A**
MM. A- . A Wwtff || *.4^ j
I t llOnlftl.l; HAM:. % superior ll*»e,
Ilf manufacltirer nf the Aural ||. mp—4 clorp j
and eio-iteld auliattlute f..r Leather Nudtiotla I' r
cha ll i« e«|e • rally rr. .uinuen.lr.| to Planter*, Xnra rjrmeii, Ylfe
j OnuipanUf, Ateamboat* Mamifa.-tnrb*, l**.ll.»i|rN 4** It
1 • - 1 » - utA idMfM' ,-«• M«n
la a* dnraide.and U not •oi.j.-etetl for it# pr« a* r vatnur l«» the r»|u-n*e
*.f odu.K t»r ytraa.i.K, i.eule r * a mjure«l l.y fro*t
Y*.r aale and order* t- .mp. r tal.oii i»vrf». d In -du-a from ) lal
in. lie. In diati eter.liy CltAKl.tt* I.L.N / \| a N \, M tVdar h.N «
York. »I..Te crrnfi ale* ot it. superior r4.1al.tie. . an t». . aaanned,
*r..Mi Alfred U*rM.u. (.*1.1-1 K.,pit.e.. ..n»e New York Y*re l»
paruneul , Irani J »m« • M. Parian, Paq , Cl.tel Pnp.n—t of il^ l'nt*.».
Ye* ty C -nipiny, amt aim from ofh ial authorttk* ..f aoine ol live I un
< itlei of I nrope. a|*4 i.o
PIK^T I'HKMH M (Hll.tt MP.ltAl. l»IANf» Pti|<l»>
MA.VIPilTl UtRS. AM* SH M ilk.-r St rot,
ni»* Na«.*trV4T, o« foas,
II MfYCTWlLI v .all (h- all. ntioir Mi the publ 1
■ to 11 tear "phiidid wwifUntlil ot 5*111. riaiol n.dKS1 W^^r ‘‘'4^
•qo-ti. frahtta, Wht. It, t..r \ oltilb. of ti.nr,.l..|. t> ••tff S If*
iou.htt.auif «f tti.t-h. and* Very Utii.plhmt retidna aV.aito 4a it.
tr. uitaur).N*«e<l They were I warded til. First Pmiuiumi foi U.ll.
kind-, ill rootp. Itih.it with til*: 1440*1 d*at.t«yu.d».d maker* fioin it..*,
t.i**, l*t*.1**1«-1|.1.1.1, New \ .0 k at.d b dtiiuorr
N'l.M TK|I Mi'll >n in* »r A .An. hate |.r*t lem award-<1 th
Ptr-d Premium Hot 1. MaImi ...rer all eoWJprtiit.raf at tl.r Uu ka.rof
the American I urt.iui. , I!.,-i»| p»»», *, u,r thr aasr Piano Y..ru *
«l® u
I I 14 I t i in AM) MC TAM I 4AN l >,
#•** 'I .mil n Li nr. Yew Yufk.
\V I *« • • l* Mis o» nil. u OKI Ik- it | ;•
H«li.*4.<.i•- |». pot, i Ci IN alt IM|v*t.
•••f* 1 jr Ho-ton I>• (*..!, 14 Howard Sire* t k )
s 4 »• I • I I a I I > . II || III II I HH A I o.
Ilrti£a, Paint- UiL, l)y«*-, Ft* Imurry. iu'M
no WI LI AM STXK!\ AW \\» 4
IN\ IT). tl*e allrtiliou of the trade ■. tlrlr Uryr and varied aUtek
of Orur-. Paint*, Hit* Perfumery, Mr , Mr.
In addition lm Uieir r.yrular importation «.f Staple l>rur«, they arr
alao ree«<tviii|r, direct from (lie M*ur«-e» of prudurtkm and marnabr
lure, «up|die. of Tooth, Hair and N ill ItiHronsea. fork- M.,r
tars, Spoiifp-a, frria li and PuyL-h I't-rfutuerr. lailitn** Kitmi*. «ni|
uiany oilier artl. l. * noisily taikreml in lirunrid*' «iiNk. wl.lcl.
they are al*o enabled to ..ft. r ••«• ilie m..-t .tdvwnUy>..u- t.rm«
Order*. • ftl.ef in peraou or tiy mad, will rrveitr prompt attention
au& lyl»a*]
It \4aH \>D It\f.
NKAR OM) sup, sfw vokk,
lliirf COH*t'lhUy nu ful/nl, Hint tiunntj!ret »f re toonler%
1 >A<iS AM) SACKS,
for *1! u«c«, and u( every desirable ilyle and quality.
They would -<)« l»Jly . all attention lu Ibelr UI>. quailed la. illltv.
SPICES, hi., hr..
all ..f whirl, ll.ry f.trnl.h In order, in (lie n.i*l I(*i T> * ri d *lyle dr*
a'lfl, alid prlliflitF, and with quirk ,li.,*!.t< li
ADo liiifmrtrn, ai.d liral.r. in
• n.l varh.u* kind- rf Thread and Twine, i*.U. I.iuvu and Cotton, of
whii'h we are ro eivliifr eonfoinal suppltra* jjV- ly
him si hi in its %nii im:% i.ikn!
I 71 Fulloii scuTt .mil 71 Bectinau Slrt-el, NEW YOKE.
IJKIMJP.AI i»#ei. Dm Front Ftreel,\,w \ Factory. Noa
Hf-. t:. an*l ‘v llud-nti Street, Jeraey A'lly. Tie* Proprietor* of
till* Iniijf and a. II ti.iiwo
Continue t. pnjiarr the lo--! Phonmoi tmiLui/ l*ntnl,r» tn o«»\ for
rahdnjr Bread. PWult.Tr « and other fake*. A* T Ley «|«. prepare
Miistarrl. (Wna. and many «.i1h r artw lr- of >1 uly u«e in every fami
ly, whi«h liny ofT« r upon tlie mo-t rclKHiEblr term* t**tal«y,ie*
Mil to «l« ah r* aim request tlieiN.
JySe-lflvaa) K II A J G ISIIAM.
N M.^Cnnwimer* adviaed to Inquire fur IL»rr Mm* am, Ira.
4. I oitf.l \| . » IliMIPI,
M K H(’ll ANT T A I 1.0 II,
M** ffriKlffwiiiy, fiifi.i»««/ii Af, Xiclh '.l* //<<#>/
I in NEW \ i »HK it a* >
‘•MSI II 1 W I' ON l.ltfta.”
f»*. a ill *• S I'A r/0.\KKH HA A/..” Jio. i| mu I •hi-H,
l a
D W KNtiAVI.KN, temt
Dr A SNIAP, Mr.llcal A.lvlaer
Capilal January I.I,1V>C . .IMIl.m. f
Paid dividend, dunuf yrar IsV. . . 1-11,arm M
Nett balance fanuary 14, IftC f.'.'/A'.ms’i »;
I Total aqmjWuI of dividend* pwbl to .late f TIN.tiff fifi
j Total iitMittol of riatma l*| tlralli to dal# IJtU*..WM M
- 9,OA?,4Sf] M
• •.9*9,14* y:
i All prdlf yo to Ibr inturcd. Ihvtdcnl# arc made annually. and
p»»d while lli- maurvd ia living |t \\ K Aw id
N II Plate* Inanrtil from one to four year* in the Alt* marie In
Mirauce Company f, |s
f|NHK PKO|*KlkTOK* t)l rili MMUftl JOCKN »I puhl -bed
■ In this city and of which we were of |*tr tbc ed.lwra, haring
notified the puMlC that It Would he dl«rnnt|nued after tin- |*t of
January, we take thU Method of In for tuny tt,. Medical Public
that we will conliiKia to pnbli*ti a Journal to h. called the MoNTM
: tjrrrmitHtNipr ani> mfdic ai, rbpontkr wm. h win i*
, wd promptly ..n lie 1*1 nf every month Tl.e flf*t No w II !«• l-o^-d
j on the I at of January, I *A6. Tl.e Journal will I** mir tndit .dual In
trrpri«e and »r d.all end. av.iur to render It worth* of the patroriacv
. heretofore aa tended to tlu riua of Mrdt«-*| Journal inn in il.ta
* BMaU- OOOfildlMtK A WlliUlNM 11
rokeitood \\u muiiHfv\ \ •
■ forte maker«. and of In ra of *l,tw city ami m inify. Dial H y
' hart • p»wed a fai l with •u<ta!4r building*. at No 47« W aO.lnyt-n
Ptrcet, .it lit. cl y of N. w \ .»rk. thru lief hare on hand alary*
■ ml r.ry «uperlor 4,y| of th. fl.,r-l w....d In In* found in tin- tuHrJ
•’ale# \%. offer
Ifer.iMMi fi Anr ami eitra fin. ru*.WiNd veneer*
ft do ih* HNitilol mtlxyaiif vmrtrt
ft do n»ah party *baded vrtteer*.
ft plain ,|o do do
•9J**» ft mahogany . mt«k veneer*, rarU.ua din.
fin.taai flnr do draw’ uM Veneer*
#n,i*»n eitra fine malHiyany, dn do.
ft fine l»ll*ter»-d figured walnut, do.
•».*■■» ft motfled ,|o do do
t>•«•**• ft waltiul crofrh veneer*. draw hutt «ltea.
fd.'*" ft do do do varlnu* do
wi.raal ft fine and etlra fir e ••tin *.M«| yr-ni-er*.
If* ran ft 1-l.ya tenrera.
fl.dn ft ■ url. d It'll bird'* eye maple veneer*
njoi ft *ea*#-ne«l ro*ew.H-l. mah.ymv, and vatln wr *.l
board*, id auk. AmljoM of all Ihxknre* K.«no and Cabinet Mool
•liny*. 7fin diffrr.pattern*, all al v« ry b.w price*, and trp,.n a« fa
rombl. term* a« my rdlter c*tabli*hm. nt in lie country OnUr* l
will t»e All* d will* the utnn.Hcare and d>«p*tch
No A7»I W* MhlntftoW Rtreet, between Beach and North M.o.ye H. I
J apt -tdo# New V.«rk i’lty. ,
%■ % * N % I b l» II II i V l» II • A p| || % \ ||
popular maclHWe, tkkli Imp in»«i|eii«*r We «•>!•. It eArly of.br* to
Keyent dlwapp.dntm.nl, a* we *r. mnfctnv a I bn tied nwmb* r of
them (*pl*) ItAf fiW IN, CANI>W M |. A Ct»
flAn MTIINIH D Pl.nTKNIli** W# have I,.,w on
I Karol a ( mI *up|dv of C R IvMurg** No I Aatmoniated Ru
per Ph«**|»h*le of I.tn.e, and from it* peculiar adaptation to Tob*. co
• r<•!•*. and the maWt 4ai*«fa. t.*ry ri|yfiwnit« that hare been made
with It, in man. portion* of the *«a»e, w* Wl m> hesitation In ad
rlalnf planter* to u*e It tu preBreen- e »o Peru elan Oaano, at pre*rnl
price* Being * lr Atenta f.W the manufacturer In ’hi# rtty, per., n*
wlalitny la u* • tt can be ■••wred of yetting a yenuiny «rttrCe from <«•
a pit R M«4iRtDFR> RON*
P’VITBftl t: ft« MM I II NIMirK ««Mew. fbfba.
klny and botlmy with Ititle fuel and with hub beat In the
kitchen ?*!►►'tally adapted ,o the want* of «u»sl* htmilie* Al«n
Portable Oven*, amt entirely new article in fill* mtrk**l And highly
I recommended by iIn.u ala have used them. J»»*t recelml a>.d for
*Ab- at NTABHFTTi* WTt»VF BTOBlt, lift Main *tr*«rt. near W«.
' ebany* Bank *pg|
WHITE I i > i > nMs. I
White linen Duck Pant*, of carlo** yra*1e#, tr» «’ .re* and far i
J *«le at moderate jwicea Mff, BAT.DWIN A CM
V %% Mil . No* 9 lo M inelnatye. it. *b>re and for,
▼ ▼ wale by O J y|\T‘» A t'A
W*W Blgrr «f the flttvalar Rad. ?t Main *T I
liUI |M,/ PIIUTIT HI I fl f'.TTN { 1RR.log
■ " eg r 14 SBlrfaf Brow»«, reraiv>ny for rale Nk »
M* MTCl.irr * 1HJUUI.AM, 1
a xriti, 'a x. i •a xa ma x. BvmorKA x * *x\ r ixonr.\
|»U IIIIMM. A M nM KIHI lll> «!»»•<».
V»» IM X*rmii S9r—i «,*.( «V'i In H.< .4
xrw ruKK
*:« toHK. HHt in * mu iHtnpro*.
r»l K » II • P * l'o"»r PKIM1U l.-rr.,
t».i« line are the W AMMINOTON, Captain Y. /«r#w!e
itunv IIRIM iklf, Tapi. Ri>v«a» IIimji* —
hew »f~p at M-mlJ>iKglvO. boil. going
ad rctarund
I’UoFogtD UtTW or MAILING-1**
from Mouth
from rr«»»n am plot. f.u
New Vurl. Bremen %,« Y..rk
t»Af Hr#a «/•»* It. #•#*./ rv.
im.o ti » . K. Yf ?!
ruasat.m PrYy |M Mar h it Mar */C
I taw «.%• Mur'h ti April I# AprP T‘
U-Hiwaa A|wil It Bn IT M«r 41
laaw.aa May IT June 14 Ju«.e la
Ikmdvt.o . Ju.e 14 Jul* 14 J*l, 14
laautaa. . .duff H Aug’l 4 Aug’i |t
laMitnaa .. .. AugN f Lpi'r 4 HrptV lu
la»w*»a M.|U r 4 Ori'r 4 Urt’r a
faaMWU’ow .... Ort’r 4 Nov'r | &..»•. ft
IttOM . .Nvtr'r I Nuv'r ft iK.'f 1
fuHiMiMf ...f (InV'r ft |Vi *r 4T imV II
MVrpp.iur at Mouth implon. bath going and retarwing. they ofrr
artroger*. proceeding '«x hik|nii and Karra. advauiagv* unr aov
thar riajte. far the economy o» tine aud no.to/
rta*«ua raoa saw Toaa to & rnuartng »»r> aarwaa
rirM Cabin Main M*Joo<«. #IAn , Plrg CaMti, luaw <Mb<a. Illif;
kwipI «!*• |4»
All letter* aud newopaperv iwui paw through the Port Off r
No Uni- ..f lading will Im oigned or parrel* received on the day of
iC" %•• et|»erienred Mur grot. >- attached ta each atop
tor freight or paaaage. apply to C H P AND.
11 South William at . New York.
C A NKINBKKN A <N> . Hremea.
CHiMKkV A OH . Mouthaiuotoa
jai: 1yfW) WM DM IS Havre
vri: % ti i:i:a
N E W VO It K A: <11. ASO() W.
l»*IS|H K»rH. tSki U>IW, • ••*>'« CiauiMu.
s»:w yokjc, 4I.SO •• . - R.«f rwli. wi'ftff
ULAMilOW, •• Jm> (»'»< ><
Hie tiu-rg .w and New York MtentWilitp Company lauod %*oo.r
heir »ew aud D.Werful pie an*' r* from New York for UliWw*. o
WiINBl’Killl Saturday, ITlh Mij.tt IS o’clock noon
niv% York,
aotcj* or r4s'»ot
Tirol Cl *•« $:«.
Third OI»M four. I * >*». a M jo..*... MM f Ml
An experienced rturg. on tit a.I red U, each MU amer.
for freight or Paaaage. apply tu JiiliN NcfYNON,
17 Itroadway
New York City Ifdlo or H -M only received Cor Paaaagv.
d. 14- -<lly
J A • n I . I I His A I O.,
I.\ PAINTS? OlLs *v VlL\TsUES, *c ,
AI’.INT- rt>K
Pwt.dLVitu *Hu Laiiiua Zi«t \l .at>». ti local- A ..s*('mum
PifiLapgigflfia WaiTk l.iat, Y v U»i« 4 Of"* O */•*-*. Pa vr*.
*1V . 4KP H V Nona-a A CP*m Pt ranawg V «ajn uw
&U. 14& MAlhk \ LAS A. SKW Y*»HK.
JAMKMT LIWI8, B4MI ► i - v\ ► - r
OmCK t»K Til Y *
H.t 1IM..B*. April 1- I
rBNIft under* ignrut, Commie *..uer i.f Lou crow of ihe N«ir ,.i vj ,
M rylaad, bring in rampl daily ..I letter* fruui vare.u*
.f the uintiy, at iking inquiry t» in Lottery M h io. . anh wt.l. h
hr country •» flmdr.l, ami al.M h purport to I*- *d. , I .1 I., Hie
Iraa nig. .1 lie Maryland i1*h.m4m|«I*<I Indt. rie«."Ukeatt.i«rUrth.»l
° A**oWer all Mark letter* of inquiry, and u.f. ri». tl.« p Uu that all
U»Uer»e» purporting to Ire deeal.-d h> tie Mary I m.| Drawing* are
... . that certain part*e« at... «tyle theiuaHv** M- rrl. A
L*o , and pretend to be M uikgrro ..r Mule Agent* f.w the tirand « har
>r D.Iter*.o.t i'levefai.d. (Milo, ore Mpul.go, an*l oahl lottery a
rond. having nekliier l* gal oi presumptive rtUtriH* , and that «iM
llier n. I4wu« Oru., otyh d Murry A Co . tTeyeland. Ol.U., are jU,
fU|e.«iur% and all toller** wl.lrh they pr..fe*u to Ire manager, or
uyrrd* for, are al«<» frandv
^■'11 ^HD KKASCh, of Uno rity, h llor l’ontra. t.,r f..r drawing
;nrSt.ril.i„| c.flrr.. TI..- _. ..... I . .... I. .. ..
•t R I'll A NCR A CHI , *»• Manager*, ami (ley hate no kul>- *v, m« 1(1
llie riff of Baltimore TVrr afr, l.ovrm, xuiur f«*rtj UriiM-d *e»,
lera far Uae Htate of Maryland. who derive II* m*r under him
li.rougli till* %* 111 * 'r 9 Ut Mil Ik kets In Ihe Maryland Lotteries
H II Mi Pit All.,
a|»1»—in»(w) Commioskaier of lotteries Cur Dm Ht*ie ».f M l
I iaKlliM; ||H|»>. hi I I S, iiookn oj TT7
K|N|)>». and a Complete A-** nu.ei.i *.f Tackle in Hen^ral
TIIK (Hll.II MkltAI , \Tlfte highest premium.) vai a war d-d 4' Die
la-t Kihibitli.n of Uie A Ui* ri«'all l(.«t:lute lo J A J.C. COS'ROY V.
fir. Kn)ton N Y
For the be,i K**d«, Reels, Ao . J. A J. C. C. offer lo Merchant*
Healer* and Amateur-, the largest and most complete assortment
of Hie above articles an.desale ami for private use, at Very redm e.J
AH order- pun. Uiallv attended b. Merchants will rmd ,t u. tlieir
advantage t«, Inspect the Mock, Which will I*- ,,.1.1 t„ %i. ...n.^late
luirrhaprs. Nets ddns. Fykes, ami Netting of all kinds, M ». h.i.e
RUtl I«.ft lid mad-- | -
s > i r i i > ii i <i it \ * » «i.
I' E T E B L 0 R I L L A It D,
No. U Chatham -tr-et. N-w York.
S,tvo>-oRo HimiUkNm i,ui.ri*. ..ift^r. f.,r Hkii
ft lli.h i.l ,-NI H.«l TOUAUCOJ* m general u-e Korp.it
Ian, • P«l|-« roiuai ..lib. obi.,10,1 by addre-rlug attab..,.
Tbi» Ol.Ml-bD.rlil i. one III (lie oblnl of III. Lin,I in the l'i,il..|
__ MIX—It (n
■ lillltlftl III' Uir, HIMIIM ■: AMiiift) I,
Li NR*!*, brbig tran-latiotu fr, in U.r I rrb.-b, n.w rdlUou, h.
tl Atfiy lllu.tr,lr,| Catalogue, rrul fmr.uu encW.tg :» U.r , ,-ftl
lUm|iIn II g ,, shitTi , gg
watt—dm—[w] Box «U), X.w y.,rk. P. o.
I %N. <•. Ill XT A OAMI I, ||. Ill X I* have .ot,
nectnl tliviiibelvrs utider the ftnu of HUNT A BRO , for con
ducting a general Commission Dutlm**, ami have taken an ofth-r on
Virginia. Utw.en Cary street and the Danville I>epot, irear of Meson
llarvry. Wood A Co I
They solicit consignment* of Tobacco. Wheat, Flour, Corn, and all
kinds <•( country produce, promising prompt attention to all con
signment*, and quick return* ja4—is
MW UKlH Eia AVI) fiSSMAl ui.HMISMOV it M>Ef»
FBA1I1 un I. r, gt.e.1 l.avt united tl.ri>.-. Ire. uu-lrr t),r Aril, .0.1
I .tylr of MCDON ALD, SPOTT* A HAKVAY.for U.r purport ol
,'btblu. )tng )n t . rlty Dor abor, bu.iu.a- in all It. brand.., They
l*a»r tak.l. lb., large »»rilu.u«r No. tt Pearl utrrd, m,ulb of I'ary,
trecruily .»-ruplcd by Hum ami llarvry,) ami expect ■« l.a.r ... ,t.,r,
lb . Irw .lay* .in rxl-n.lvr axaortlnent of Mmrrrtrx, i,. abb-1. tl„->
re-pcct/uUy u.yttr ihr afirntlon of ttmr frlrml. and tbr public g-or
rally Ax|irrtrncrd nirnilwr* uf the Arm will gtvr then attention to
III. ralr ..I Produce grurrally, and i#llir receiving and rewarding ol
Th. urual a.lvanor. ma-lr on Con.igniornt. Arum long exp.
rlruoe in ll.r dtffrrrbl branch., of aur bu.lt.rr-, and by prompt prr
•onal attriil.on, »t b.pe to merit a portion of public patronage
JOHN C M Ib.VAl 0,
ions d. iiakvky,
DlkMIM THIN Ol *<»-!■»IfT.N I IIMIII'.
FBNIir Arm of WaRIDV * PARKIN* Ir Ihlr day diawlvrd by iou
■ tuvl cm.-cut Aitlier party will u-e tbr .rani, of If. Arm in
liquld-lthtl. All perron. Indebted to. ur will plra*e com. forward
and artllr tf.elr account. Longer indulgence cannot be given
1*1" _____ W. P PARKINS.
sin it i.
rsvit tiiiftl* rslgwed have farmed a (V-Partnership under Ihv Arm
■ au.l style of BURTON A URKkMlOW . for U*c purpose of rod*
duetto* a iaroccry ai.d ltftiuuiis*U>:i husiurss
The> have Ukeu ihv house on !Xlh.between Main and Cary streets,
recently ocrupiral hy J M Oarlaml F*q.,atwl will keep constantly on
hsnd a general assortrueiil of Faun!) (aviMerips. Wines, Liquor*. Ac
and will give tltrtr pvr*ur.al atUiatiun to the sale of all pr.<durvvi»
trusted to their esnt. R M BURTON.
or Hr—1 * «a n i.mliaiihu
McDonald, spotts * uarvky,
«.IIIX I MS % Ml « 0*1 *| ISSIIIN t| lliill 4 > IV
HO Pi Mil STRRKf, (!**•! Til OF CART.)
kl«'HN<>ND. T|,
HAVF and will keep In .lore, an e*trn*lTe aaaorttnrtit of ORO
I'KKIIV, to Nhk'klhti rr»p ifitlljr Invite the attention of theli
friend* ami the public* lb want of *..*!» hi their fine
Particular attention will he y'vru to the «ale of country Produce
amt t.. recrtvlny ami forwariltny Aferrhandiae.
The usual advances made on «*vn»«|libentr
JNO I) II Alt Vk V,
f*‘* __ JNO it RPflTTP
w« ■ oaaaa, of Charlotte ram m m ► .*, k I i
<ibi:i:n <v iioHS(>n,
i'Kufrl i F MFHi l/.i\ TfC
J..’ Bn ■ lit, of ib, ii, ,u «f liookor * WaiklM, Ralxaman
•II I IH It Mllll I, IslX.I «NH.
FOi BUNT MANUK. TABLE Jl.l.l.Its. hr.,
A Oimip imp . a> *r AuftTik r a
T« be obtain*-*! in la rye * ..allfjuautitto*, will. dlrt-c
Ilona for m«hijt. «d the principal tirmi ri an.|
Oiuf|i*t« •l.r.Mi.'t. »it the fnttrd Plate*
p r t p r c ha p ► r.
' • P J New Yaafl
Kami ionium: ni'kim; aimiisi,.
I I t'.N UY SI 1A I ’l ’.H,
NO. 103 MAIN HTRKfcT. tuKVik UTM.
MAP now on hand, at d offer* f«»e aale on l.l*r,*l term** the mo*
faaliMiuabte. h* *t made and . lienp* «t «*«nrtmrnt *.f
dl NTI I nM’A II ICIIAIinifi teflon*
to be foam I In the rtty. embracing every approved style and finality
III* yood* are made up from the nu»*t choice pattern. «*f frri. h
Pnyh*h and Oevman ltO|a>rtam»ia
Gentlemen wNhiuf line livth.ny are Invited to rail ami ei vm»hh
his *t«a*h. apIT
ft % l< III A Af | |»b.
tHKlATriUKMIl INI. n»M |\» \A|||>|k'Alt ANI
aePia.nr* White tllant I I ary* «. ,.tch
Am-tvat ItOffr tlkib Ofren C iroa ; Pmt
Hm»< l.irfr Itima, «*uaVt I . 1 Apple , Viinw-y
K -d Cr«fit~ rry. ftt-arlel Runner* M u*n Af»U>a K.*.«t k i.d
br. ad tA lml«t*r j S «*vi avii a
fa »r Hr i*i Party f.-t» • »•% A|i«ti*i» Ht%. k and W h.te
We« h a )|.. M ■ >li a * A , • a O.tliN, | 0*1 .% Mlver Rk ri IO1.I4
ill Valentine, .»*. Ital> At P.ntural . V. II.W and H I
Refuyer !«»■• to one; Rdi'rai. Mat «
berrv pH 4* Pair* Party j Parli
br»v firlr IWi D.I Tnrftlp f %f «y . W««h«nyt*n ,|v k*iame
Rooted; do Yellow du. le»*'f 1 dt* ChatIrf.ttt Onar' »»>«.. Pro*
Hhmd ; French f*uff *r . Aflai.y. 1 j «tan . do Marrowfat . ft «», „ ,
Wunyet l»warf pr.dllh
Na.a.at Puf|4e Cape While p « a * a , e a~ l.*n«
Cane Preneh ; tf**ern*ry
CtaaifM - Parly fork letrfr j PlfeWBV thirled
do, Party Riiffar le>af, do Ratter | Paeeaa Dr,e Ml oy pull
•e# , do O* he art . Plat fhtleh . Vow ; Tomato shaped Cay
Oram Read . Drp ft ryen , | emie
Green (Vlr » Ravoy j Drumhead j Pt aryiv I* rye Yellow Plebl
Ravoy ; Red l»nt. h for P><khny K*tmm Victoria
Cuun.'Wit* Ka»l; an.l RiPnt'n Uny * artel . Rh..r1
Db T.»p. R<-*rM Tum p , White ,|
Cyiaav White Rot id , Red do; Velh.W do U.ny Ralmoi. ffla.k
Camnot 14»r.y Orapffe , ear hr Rpantafi
MfWit . Alteii.yt am . Wh te Field. P*l.*irr nr A ryetaMe
flat* Chivied (ft pepper* Ham
FPtaaff • R*-und Uae.d
Cr< 1 *■•■« Farly Frame . d«> Rv* Farfy IVu-b Mil
Ouder. I^oa yreen. Itony Orren T<>ti«rh la rye He*t .do Yal
R*> ttiyate , tVhcikm low. Fyy
fVmw Party Rnvar do Taw a 1<||mP Farly flat Oatch ff*
rwra . do Yetfww R*>l ton, l.arye White !F..rRd^
PiMva Green Curled White Rtol^ H,Wst4l Raya |lu»e*f
Pu*i Pi (it Hviatit
Rkiv NterHw. (%|ol , Hum -dnais* Carr wav
I eyy»a*« *-R.\*al W b»t* llrad , I -a vernier Rwc. 1 Ra.tl , ft. V
Ice llrumbcad BFbWb IhWrb . I mav Raff*- Rriiamee feywvv
Curled India .*r Cape I Rwtev Rarjorum Rrtie.
•r* WM FA L M F R.
'|VIK mlNUK* .1 He ratmr.t.4 luWtMUM,; U.r.41,. «,«
■ certain, <|arl; and unty *<i«l *..—dy M u.« world f.„
ti..te,r.l.,.e. tilert*. NUto-tur*., It*.*,,, at Mrakndat Pain* in the laun*
C .h.t>tut»-n«l Drb.lPy. I»i- i... r. Henan-w. i tfcw then* • Limb.'
AAtIImi tha Kid.u-y*, hltdalia . f Ha !!~*rt, dl>|< .... . v«r
»“*»• IrtlUMIlty.lHe-a**' of ti.r Head, Thr..al Noa, ur |\ ,'„* alt
“•» "trlvua and rnrram I...IJT 1,eor.hr* arlaln* fr..ir, tba.i. rr —
laMt* rtf r««uth, *Wi h JrtftW lirttli Uwlr and uimJ Th<>» « - ,
and aalllary ea«rt!. *....M..r, f.u,l tie,, at. tin,. ,llr
ol ikr i*rrtn. U (V uurturn «f I’lj •<*'«, 14 fhtiiitf ,«t hr** i
liuul bu|Mr« of %*ik‘t»««tk»fA»^iri'h rlfcff uuirriatf*. 4, , i*r.jn«tU4«.
~im, >aMy. vhv baVr farrow* tint , uUmJ .It *«<..|Uar% Vi , U at Jr v.
aud .h«ir.»t.r« halwt «Uh h tun* ally «w~|m u. ** . yt,- .
***** tl.u-.4u.l- uf y wany uum -f lUr ii...m . *-H—I
IU*.« WiUUn t. »Lu ualjTil ..thrrol^ Nat- ^,|4 li# ,,r ,
• Ml. th. tKud.4 . . «.l P|t^n,.V,lr U.«A*4Ua«Utr h,U,w,bf
«M)f (»N«IU.f4lu4lidtl.tP 7 7 •
M UtRI 10R.
Ms»rtr*l Kr*. Y «*i.r M<i. --....l m, UlW,r Ma/narr. bran*
*,f fM.y-*- *1 HV»|r„u. Uurtok irl-ihiy, I*, furiuuu*. *.
l“»“*-,d»Ur4y i.m—Jt |»r Jt.biiWi.K, %i*.i I- rmun4 t_ ^rt. .i
Mr a l.o |da. ra hlmartt under the rare ef nr. Job Baiun a,,
t'"u-f naifdr In M* honor a« a .mtlraiaa. and - ..nhalrnU i rata
d»“ hta Will aa a ph/ato-ten
oat* A NIC W KAK.N L.-yt
-atanllaolf ntfal and full rigor rraoirad
4l**aw la the pm airy inn*. in,u-aiii pant by Uw*. who har.
hacrtaarlha alrtlwi.of aaprpwr lr.dotg.uee* V.m<« perw.n* t..o
apt tn Cota .alt earraa.i Irum n.d bring awarr uf th* drradful rono
admer. that may m.u* Now, who that u..drrat.,rla the oja*.,
Will prated* 10 tfrny that Oat p.arr d Prucrrali n f Inal um'p
,l,,—• 'a1'".a I*la .mpmpn hauua Lhan by Um uiudcbt be.,.I- .
loiw.g drp. .red the plea* tore of haa thy .iT.p. ,..g. ih* n.o.1 -ere-ur *h •
Jed, net. e* ryiupt.an* n. bull, body and m.nd art*. The ...tor.
be. ..tire* derang'd, the phy*taal r..d ueonl poWar. wew,0»d. .0-.
n.u. drhillty, dy-|ep-u, i-.lp.ttl,on ot the haarl. .Maulali.t .a
1 Una of the Iran... . uogh. aymphM.i* nf C(M,*n<nh. *,r
Hr JOIIN.*TuN >• thr only regular Pl.ytto la,, aieeruaing to* rate
Private t ..uipUilita. III* nmto-llea and trraia>rni .rr rnlirHt 01
kniwt. In all nlher. P.epared from , 1,1- .p*.„
talaLump. and Ur dial In thla I'uuhlry, *4 Kngtan.l Pram*
the KJe. kley nf PniladelpLia. A. .. and a tuurr rglenafre prraloethau
, any .dluw piiyrh Ian Id tin World Hi* many annderlui lure, aa I
I m—l unportanl durglral uprralton.a ara a udt. ul gu.ral.lm- lu U r
atRn-te.1 Tin— .1... wul, i„ h« .ined ly eBo luady rrlirroi.
\ •fco^ **? huwaruoa U-lBUig ImpnMrr*. wl„ only run. Ihe.r
, >ir&lt)i, »fA«J l<> htiu
.arm. . -No ; wot TH PUKtaKKICK hTbaAT.lrfl hand *nlr go.
I Ing fmia IUl.oe.rr .trrrt, wean dan.ra from u.. .
nr~ Ur peru, ular In ul— rr.ng the nautr and number, or you w,u
| ruietakr thr place. 9
iTAKt NiaTICR- -dkorrr the name on the dour ah-1 Wli
1 Jo*«.
UR. dull NSTUN,
Wemi— ui lie- Royal College of .-urg.-.m. luiiiJno, graduate frun.
I one of lie* muat ruirurnl Culi.-ge* nr thr I niual hlale., and thr garate*
! tfu *■»» b"" W-nt in Utr II op, 1 .a* „f Lutoduo. Par...
PI. ,1a edpbla and Wa-wnerr. ha* eOr. led tone; ul U.e inu*l a*Ud.l*h
| .n* . urr. that «a. ever ki.-.an Many troubled with ringing In tie
I ran an.I h. ad when ad.*,., great lerroQum, he,r.g alarm.-d at and
let, u.an.l., an* baaf.fuloe.*, with -t*. augment uf mind. Were cured
<nmi> -iifaU-iy
) A CKIITAIN Ul.'h tJk
, Wh-u thr mlefiiitl*.! an* imprudent Votary Of plra«ure And* be
ha* nnl. ’-d thr •*. !. of tfn* painful diftaaar. .1 iu„ „fwi. i.aptao*
lh%i »n lu iiiftul i>f »H4iur- or J ii.m-.rrrw, JrUr* tun
fikgii. 4|»l.l*.it* Ul tiiosr •bo, Ir.ui rJocaUtU ao«| r^w(KN UI>iU* .
j %J ur UTrirfid hiiii, •IHi> .I.jf till tfxr . ui.si.luti w.*v n*|*t..H.» J UtU
l“.rri*l .1,4. »«r m»kr thrlr IMWiarr, %u*tt %» ui<--r 4t.w| *..rr ii,r*ml,
| -flsrasPHl 11,Mr, n-M-twiul bAii.A in Dir (r«J a*U iimU. JiuaUc*# Ji
«Vfcta tArmliM^g «M-W« ur« the «i.ln U.i.m, and »rm«, Uu4rt»r« on thr
) »K 4-1, !•*- 4UJ rfl/riaitm*. K *<rr-.Kitf with fri/f.tful r»wwfity. till »t
. l4*t tl*r ptlfttr ..f thr lOOtith .*f tin* Umn nf t*,r ,..^* fUl in 4iwJ ih.
r*. tlin of this ■•f-l t»Mr«r« I»k-.,inr4 m t»ofrkJ utjn t .if cuiiiUi,*rr»
Ihili, lilt tlr»Iii t*4l* A far ta >1 U. I.la iirrvlful •ufrniiri, I* KliJiiik’
l»lu» Ul '
-TI.U U.arii** from whmnr no tr«trr|lrr rrtnrn« M
To UH,, l»,-rmf..rr. |>r JoHN^UlN hlraitfr, f.uuN. If U> |»rrtrr>r
thr NN« IIIVSjt%J4r •r\nr|; 4U«1. ff-Ul I.U p|lrt»|Vr IRvl^r. in thr
tti-t H..-Mit4lr in l urof* »u.| Aittrm «, hr . 41. . ..naJrndy rww—u
!I3« l.d 4 rnslr 411*1 **urr to ti*r Unl<4ta>lktr Tiriibi of llna LorriJ
li •• » m**ft«nch<»ty fhg-t that fall rntion u>tht« 4rva<lful
i-mii|iUuil, u«uif Ui Uir un*kilfuliM~wwi of itfriorant |>rrtrtidrri, • ho,
1*1 jlir u«p uf Uni dreadful 1-fiwa.n. mrrrury, ruin tlir t onwtitut tui.,
»i»d **ilhrr «riM thr mifortnYiair 4u0,-n r t*. an uutiiurii rn*r < r-i_
rouui* n. IIIV tiu-ralik
take paktri i.ar notice.
Dr J vMmri all those Who have injured ihemartTe* br prirate
and Improper i»dklg< >,-—*. r
Three are some ol ike -ail atol tn.-Ur.eh.dr tJoU produced br ear
ly habit* ot youth, VII VV.-aAr.r- uf Ike Hack a,el lj,ul» P.ln It,
the Head. I* .,r Bight. I..*, of Mu-ular Power. Pal|dtatk.k „f
Uic >l««rt, lly *|» p.ia, Nerv* «• Irrstll. lily, l)er»ii|rrutrul of llir Ui
ffeauvr FuiH-tit.iis, Griirral lability.Byu.pU.m* «f Col.-AitnpiHX. Ac
Tb«* fearful rtf' r 10 on the mint) xrr much t*> U <lr»-aib~|, I,.,** „f J(r.
inory. Coiifu*iob ..f Mr**. iK-prewucn of r>trlu. F» I Fr.r^bodti,^
Atptpion u. Se irty. Self Ic-tru-t. Love of tLmuOr, Timidity, a, are
•oiue of the rrll* pr.iduc-eil. 7
Thousand* • *f prr«ou* «f all age* can now judge wt.at \$ the clwr
Of th. r dr. lining f.ealth l-.lng their rigor. Seoul,,. -e.k p"I
and emanated, have a-mrular appraran. e about the eye., cough
and •> to|>t«>iu« of coh»uui|ki««ii
«y those n.ntem|*Ul!nf marriage, helnr awar. of phrrtral veaknr*
h aitV *,r J*'hn»td.n, aud W rriiorvd to perfe* •
Bv thii great and important reui-jy, w*aki*e.» of the organ* are
‘y cure.1. and full % ir r rr»tored Thom»ai..l* uf the tuofl tier
Toil* and debilitated. w|»o liad lo»t all hupc. hare l^rii Immedtatel*
reUete-1 All lu.pr.lm.ent* t«. Marriage. P1.yi.Kal or Mental disouali- !
Scati.a , Nerrou* Irrttati^i*. lYemMn.gs ^nd W rskurs*. or eal*au*t»on
of U.e at.fearful kind, *pe«dUy carol by Dr. JwliuaUih.
who have injured thrn.wUc* by a car tain prartteg 'ndulgrri In when
alone - a habit r a,-i i.Uy learn*-I fruru evil .Kuupaitiun* or at school,
the pJh'U of which arr n-gbiiy felt, even when a»ieen. and. If riot
•urwl. render* luarriage and destroys both mind and
oo«lir. should .tpi»l% luuncdlaUrlj.
W hat a pity that a young man, the hope of hi* country, and the
darling ,.f h* parent., »h.»uM hr *n»t« brxl fr.tn all pr* .pecU and «*
joy in* n t * of life, by the consequence* of deviating frotu the path of
nature, and u»dulgtiig In a certain secret habit Such person*, before
•hatd'l reflrvt that a sniutd tuind and body ar« the molt ner»M*rv
requisite* to |*romAde connubial happines* Itidreaf, wi:h..ut U.e#»
the Journey thr.mgh life becomes a weary pllgrtmare; the pro»pett
hourlv darken* to \U rVw; the mind leruao shadoae-l with despair
and Ailed with the melancholy reflection that U.e happines* ufaiioth
er becotun blighted with our own.
[T All BCR0ICA1. <vPKR*TIONy r-rf no-I.H’LT",' ,‘'
N B. Mn.l.lv leUc.-fy prermt you, but apply imraedi.t. I*
eltbef l—r—nally or by letter
W SKIS DISKABFB .peed lly cured
The many thousand. cured at tlo* i.sutuUonJwithlr. Ihr la*t 1,
year., ami it- nuiueruu* and Important Surgk-al operation. ter
luru.e.1 by Dr J , witnessed l.y tl.r reports'* „Uhe paper*, and loanr I
other per*,.]., notion of wMch have appeared again and aga.u be
for* the public. Ire-..I.* hu Handing a* a grolkman ol rhara.-t. r
and responsibility, 1* a *ul6.,,-n! guarantee to the attic ted
takf noticf.
It I* will, thr gr, alert rrlurtanre Ibat Dr JOHNSTON permit* hi.
card tc, appear befare the pubik-. deeming It unprofessional for a
phy.|<*iaa U. adeem-, but uniera he did to. the effle-ted. e«|a. Hi tie
“ranger., could not fall to fall Into the hand, of the many Impudent
and unlearned Importer., with innumerable falar nine..,,, ombined
qnarkrt.op.. .war.rirg the— large c,Irea. copying Dr John.tan'. ad
vemacmri.ia. or adrertixng ihenix lee. a. pl.y.ielau*. Illiterate, •hal
low brained kllowa. too laky t.. work at their original trade, w.u
era’ , two I.lra. layon.I the brute, who. for thr purport of rnlo-tug
and deeelelng. carry on (re or all ..(Bte*. under a. many a.lri. nl
fat— name*. —> tkat the attta led stranger eaoaping onr. it mrr to
tumble hradiu»g Into the other Ignorant 4ua a* with euor
mou* lying .ertlB,-ate* of great and artoatidlng cure* ftoo. person*
not to he f, und. win keen you taking targe botllrs of Ln orKr at ,u,
an.l other pa- kag, • of niil.y and wonhiea* rompounj*. anninrty
prepare.! to impo— upon the unfortunate arul un.aspect.ng TrilUnw i
month after month, or as long as the smallest fee ran he ot earned .
and. in despair lea res you with ruined bealtb.to *.ft, orer your gall.'
In* d.sappuiDtmem
It U.ls m.-tite that induces Dr J to adrrrti-. for he alone ran I
J..U Ik, u.t.T « m lilt reputation, hr .frtms «
cm'?*17 *° MT tha* hi# cr*|rfl,i*,f or *»!*■■»• always hang m hw 1
No letters received unit*. port paid, aaJ mnulntny a stamp to hr )
u«e«l for the reply Pi r*.n% wHiinr should state aye. and seta! that
portion of tiimtlwmetit deacnlMny symptom* apftl—dly
talMffT. ai'Wtftp r M lSQff I
i iinin a noni>so>, !
i'll a ffv.irv rHA> r/ra / ri/rv/srs a si/
I-HASS At *r T/STs.
OMKR lo .minlrjr phjran uaua »n l 1. , ■ tl, a I
•aw m> dii im- «■
PtOTHMT, |.< \M
I!." r.«. an.l til olK. - Hi • rt m Of ll.uff lit.- , win. 1. U.. . • CM
•all on Iff. br.l Urn.
err- Chemical and fharmareutkal Preparations ma le to order,
and seat it, any part of Ihr country.
or IT Mew Dmy store. 4th and frauhlin StmU, HI. aimd.
i mr«i a vii i >».
74 Viiis ArsM l .i
UT11*1* ***• undivided attentlub to all sales of Real and i
Personal Fatale. sa«- of t|..u«et.« Id Fumnwre. *l«r k. 4)i»od«,
At 4 also. s|Mi-tal attention tc»«h*on Hatardays «f n »**• 1
CN.w* t'acriarrs W ayons. y. .A
A*s. seep constantly on hand ihr laryest and hand* e*t stork of i
Put wilurt l« h. found u th.. n. tMtri, ...In g In part ..f
Msh vviy and K .sew ,*! W tnln U «
do kiarMr aid Mali fartf |. p CiMtirU, j
dideKiards and W asostarids
8pl. n lid !»|.r,nr I*rat * .fa*. Teir t T»t. s, Divans tad Loan res I
dprinr dtst Parlor, Pane an t t»*o.<K,.r <•>.*,r«
IHwIny Cur'd Rarlirs, HenkF*. What net a
A»*.. a )• autlfiil Hsirlwmi ..» ft, ami r .Vrtis, t -rather with a
yen. rsl awiAtiiv ni of H..u~ keepmy f h ,
Th. . its an.l country trade a re invited to evanslar mir .4h-vl*>n,
as wr are determined u> sell at a very small ad«*i ■ r ufi cvf
*sr9|,,A*W* JAJMICjs N RlllVV <
• lift M W . K I I >1 | ,
*4 'll allri.d In lit. • •!
Rl tl nrf ,TI'1 an.l ..... ,1, » , j. . of MffRrH kNIil.)
mij. ir nocrniii.b ii khii km..
Join i . r ii t r »• h ,
Kxnioic.r RCH.DiNo.
atifi.uit .Ta»rT ai«-aa..ti>( viauimi
% XTHT’I.II |. I- iDiH. ,ll ai,.titu*M In In, i . • .i,i. ■., vi'Ki.i,
▼ ▼
rtr.a ■ naaaaw , , arr..^,
(.Ill Kilt A m*l IIMIl,
rtitTinil DNOftiuirTa
OKIR It*. «lt a ff.nr.al •••trlro.nl <>, nun,* W-.l. in.t, tl
• t.t fr.tli. an.l t ffr.ai .•..•■I. ,.f r.tw. arlM-a P**'.im.r..
M , al I'tf .. t* Inff a* l>w, . ... In K n't In tin. .If,
iff* IIRC HR, ( kHPffRJHIW, R(, >11 ,|
« 11 i i i r mu r h .
ia.tta.va ati> natiaait
r« 111 If'**, ffvwl, kit ln.it.1, Cfi jalt
"IM I'll 1 » II s II S A 4 O . a
atvi rffsoB. T.»
aar l<H US laiat 4 I (Ml |.| M H II
V? IVMMUNOR RrRCIMRTR am! rv.i.„,a »•. ,i Uf4.
IW *Anl.rt m.|m. ii'illf anNciHtl jal?
a .a...a. , ...
SI 4 I'll R H A ill I S IS,
*14 iStwtntf tai strut, ktmtvft.
- Iff* -
RS Frnm tirnat 4.» Vaffk .
Rf...ml> 4 Ta*in.. i * mi,M. H, r»- 4 On . N 0
' RnMn. l, Wlffn. 4«n.. •• | Dw.l..*. Ho kum 4 Co..
| »41 M H. r,MI 4 Ou., R. T , R rhiuoud. Sa.,
4I» Mffory OwMa 4 Oa , Oi(i4mi.»
STK.lVBO.lTs. 4c.
I', 'iui vn tit uur Nut.
* “er‘"kr,JR **" r,,KK *•»-. N,,k Srfi ra i
. ****jrt |a • .Inltea. to tit. tkl, (!o.(. and r,.o*fn-1 ...le ta 1
>-• Ul, hal lea., h* the Peteielaa* U...I Ik u'rtura
‘•" "I*) w..n<k| " • i
T «.t. w,.* N„:t„ mmavd ,i dNeo.Murt. .at. . I ih. It.e,
**" ei 1 “*•''***«" •ta" VurU, meat. and stale,...en in hated
• »«— it tA’IH.aM • WaTSON
LVtH it ti nmiHr. -tv, ar,.., „ IH ,hi. ».
■ M *** *U.IJP, rapt Uei.rv Crete,,, n ha> 11 . p.r A^TTl
■ •« e .-.mu e. |KFI. MU rail w.ll, all pOaalbte dfrbtklH^^Sr
,.tai.,-e o# ft *ati. a|qdy la .
-“**-'*• . w 'a mm‘iw I 10
• •• '••• PIHST VtamCL K.. Inn.... I ..el p,
" **"*'"'! ' Of HnVeln ftlm rope, I*. I a<l.l« J.TT ‘
*?* ' * tttKvt >‘.H Ftr.t'k ttrieiaa, Uut.r apefkw wWC
.1 •« , (VI . ..a,. .1 .ml mmd oil board. w.ll -«H anh all parable
'*•►**' • •■Owrul lr« ■•M . I.. I |
■ __ .IH'lfll Wll CIRRIP
I. IS tl .1 tv. a. TV. e . r f*.t , ,v.«.|
■ INKFKMab.Capt tv.np.l. ilk dr*M«rf> 1
t (win tl i.. . , .. , ,
ml .all will. all paWMe I,, patch f.a ... l.elfhl aH„, ... ,
“•** lltV IU « W’M i I'ttklK
It'*!,® He—Tkaxpiw»».t m i ... act.r. h
■ Mar. Cat»*a-n Ariu.tr. n* Vaiuq lie r,eater pc 'uai^ttXT
4 "Tja enr.pl. am mil with quick til,pa tel. »m ImW^Tf !
• r <1.1. a; ply la,
u‘*1* * W » COlAlUtTf 4 CO. I
r prick or mat* *md huot. - rr.« is
m.*.'.!?-'7?'bT *“■»'•» Trvai J H AN
most . tnl iiubnti, Hole! ttuildinr
Mutma.uHv.ol bed quality »-!,V arrood
aiallly | h-n Fa alt tunable U.lk llai. fi>- Pin.
1***“:..; 'r‘ *■■■**• ***s «
tt-att., |. Jt Klr.e Calf All. Sewed fknaa, $9.45
J. II AVTflo.NT ftaa made arranpett.er.ip with
• tm t>f tbe beat maker. In Ole ,-lty ul Philadelphia
.. ..tp|rfy Mat Will, a li.nd~.rt- .ml .ub.tai.tial
il*» IS a-d BOOT, aha-It he will .ell at tla- nn
v'h a! f1**1 **** T,,ltK*! [M>,-I-A*1' ANli
|,‘uEV‘ "1? cap. ua p-» n«. au re..,I, m' uuTTi
I .. l ame Tla ball la a p.lenl leaded la.ll, no Ibe Mmle principle.
* ^;f*'"/ "**’■' pc oaf, and yne. alw.y. .are .nA arm
-at** iai ,iX' t rm^' K0*’ U'r<,wl"* » b^l wub perfect accu
*7 bl1" " tbd h.r ..le S UCTHI’H
-A V t»-ya (run Stare, **-ree t|». public are lnTite.ltu.-al, .ml rvanuue
:25L_l"-11) 1.1.' main otkitt
tnvi.ii. Htitt i;t s putt i i i ,
...... * ;.v‘" *A**“'■ M-.-1 ZTibVd.
■ till "llist KIBt Us are pra-1n'a 1 w,wkmatt.with
A lui.« rtprrirti.e amj deeutmp their |p^-a..ual
, letii.nn t. all Work dune Intbelr da.p.cia.fttlently
*8er tla-n.M lVea tu the publa fur Ibe nautula lute .
•r r.p. r,..K ul Carr aye., fur wind. I bey l.„, .uuer,..r f»r,lu»-.
rimy l.a**. .I hand al On. l ine, ul lAe.e tmt., m.tamTi. fare. . ...aj
*a V ..I t arnve., Rnrkaaaya. lull ,,, le . „f tie- m. at
.Pt r-tT-tl alrlea. p, which they in.tie tb- ailealtnu uf thum in w.nl
ul «ut I. arlf I* «
Jt^itlrliif f»pcb»h| to b«i muitcrand on ihcoutf
^,U%'_ __mht—lj
€ IKKItf.lv! ItKKItl.lN!! AM.
Craaitna »in*„-tia«, t.aaartraa an.,* .vra«a,.a in%n
Hr a 4 a ( h l a a » a a a r.
4 n 1.40.1-4 l.t,, mmurltoent ,,t bet quality, and mod Fad,
innattle Styh-a, Cttacf.ea, ANmcheea, Clmt rtuliea-r, Itaruu.f.e.
Wl>aiy«, NI4r Seat Tup Hunryi. ami Hutf*ya will, and without
, 1 *' R- l»'.lb.r* a lame aaa.„tnmnt of Nt.rtlern made
narrtaee- niauu-4. lured by ibe mad approved maker.. , (I,time
Vomit.. 1'WMe.l alyfe ,4 n.1 Utp llu«*y , |„ ||m ..flee uf . ... |
TI.e. aaui ul , tit.. w.ll flu,I ,1 In their it.lrre.t p, call aUtl
4» term*. «r*l
SI * II INC, H A l :Y» WAR B, A<.
I V\ ARE AN . Cl TI.KR1. ..! > r.,r„ , ,| -
. -f Have lareti h*..irt.t WT
!.*• u.*.«l Uv«.r i 1*1 y* trrui* for * t*H | deriu it uii
r Ui *'"u"*'*r4,r- r •» **» ^y. UuU my %w*r* Klar«e m.«J
1 .V . .T11" ",y ,4,1. ' ari l (nn„|«,t|M|iWpnlil .r
.• I.er.ll). U. e»u on me Uhl examine iny r--l. In-I„rr making Ih. ,r
pur.l.-h. TIILo KOHIRTSO*.
Importer uni Dealer 111 P..reign ,i,.t Ih.mertlr Hardware and
Cutlery. No. «T. Main Mreet
P . ’I'M I »ll Ml VIUHR.
It TAVItIR ■.ml.] remind hie friend* and lU
• putdn generally that l.i. ken 1, m.w on v B^^^h^B
may be found PIAN I PI HU.
,h« W*1 duality and at the !<■». M price* Hr I*
h.le agent In Oil. City lur the aaleuf Uereleluated Nunn-, and Clark-*
bu*'nwW- ':l/r' b» “P oilier maker., and equalled
bat by few AD... Dale A Co .marine Plano..
P7"U'U, an,| \ mho STKINi,> ,,f u.e peel quality.
« .*» the lirp-d .twk «f MC8IC In be found in thi* Slate, and
I. con-tat.tlj r veiling the laleat publication., whkb be will aell ai
thejn.hi reduced prtcca, and upon a> gaud term, aa can be had eiae
IP ,- a"w» Lined, ratumd, and let un hire.
Ohl PIaiiua Ukmli, J*4ft pay for t*rw one#.
Kty*K MiilO A>It Ho M V__
■JLawaBE^P I
I'rlHKRftrr AND RDM PlANOSjn.: pnatp.,.. Kr 1 T j
mailer ur i: > . . .. . ot* ir'.al vi rin
rebain the money until th Plano Rh* riven aut..faction.
n-i |,"r *7* •'* *,,d "hurily to furnlah ecu with a -a
perior lupiruturnt At a U*«r price. 1
uU^cm ““s'*— d to our .election alwiy, receirt pari!
1C P NASH. Piano Porte Dealer,
. <*• Sycamore, corner of Bank atreet.
Pi anbury Va.
>,IIM KOI Mil MpRI A Tf AC'fVIMF s||of\,
CORNER OF r %RY AN|» 17th STRKIT!* ’
_. litUNoxit, Va.
■ YALB*rpr A BROTHEK. Pruprldufs uf lit# ahure __ I
■ » rk-.*r now bu.t’mf FORI \BI.K ?*TFJIM KV
• •INK-, of at improved' .uu. t,..i.. ,.f all from **t 'wttitA. j
’ 1 ,rty ***'“ MlWrr. »ui:»».|r f«*r Circular .*»*• V| II*. SESc 1
Tl.»~ not V4 « hli.r«, Ai.tl . f|.rr purpo-r». which thry tUttcr them*
r * u wT r, cquml lf n"1 •upvrlor to any Ei.jrti-* ever bu.lt here
T -y win al«ofurutAh KT A TION ARY 9TEAII ENGINE* from t«u
lla.r-^ t*»*ny rrquirrtl p. »er
of\ "*A'V *1 ®°-t *PP*wr«l cunatructluti, aud
mili?1? JVSo'vlTCv, '* 'TtH roRTABtr oust
MILLS and IRONn for Mil.1> fall ku.d«
Railroad mohk ..fr. .. iea.r.nnon
ToHACCO RUV.'SKS rMTTKMM; MILLS and an article, uaed
i ...v c .'.tI'v1 * r <""»f •"»' tv- rv k ud ol RK \SS and
They are ala. the et. u. . Mtcufacturrra. to thia ,-.te and
L *l'*eh they iv ..n.Irmly recommend to Uior curtnn.er
“nl friend- a. «i»rk>r lo .n» M.U of the kind with which they an
acauMated. a .opply cl a.. I. .,11 alw.y, be kept on hand, lor
HlltlN l>ll III! , tt I ||\.
^au,r and I.yleThrrv.f Coder Shirt a
>h«rt« aiid Uriwrr*
Bleached and brown yean, and linen Drawer*
H hltc and f*nry mu*lu.
Cs*UarA. Ctavau itoeft#
llandkcrchklv, UIotm, .<Iu«prriikr>, Me., kc.
• HENRY ."ft AVER.
__ Corner Run And Mth Mi-rt*
^ K. - k tflfnl Ill s in*>rmufr a ’Arjrr sup
piy of tf. hi Aiid .-,lv . \t AWh*«. Wh»• h iu AddltK.D to
*r ; . k prs-M KMiy j , | ^ orir of tin- lirtmA! JR i
I ta® «»»•«»*« beih* auitedlrora our uwrtmn.1,
them fri.iti all Cekhraird manufacturer* Ui K.l..,ie
All Wat. hr., told hy u, are a arrante-l aa repreernlcal
n t-nalr.nr Sn- «u. hn, mch a* Chro
nometer*. Do plea Lerrr A l nine AH wora done bj u* warranted
if u I* . , ■ * ** ^ ^ * ■* ■ ■ * I*’ *i aiii ** r eel.
H H Tl** hiflmt D»il<t 1-rlc* p»!,l for oU ?lv*r In ,aaf. nr in
u,<*''__(MM) ii t j.
V'" hi ll IX. Minus. T R Pn, « * CV . ar, „
among ib-tr. will n. and Ms K,.i— Har.gr and siud.r. drjioir
Rnb. • nrt, i.Ml a*mi l <Vpm.dK- Hots-*. »l.gsnt k ill, and La.-.
"*'*Ur#. and 'a., .upplj of klrttuJrr'. Kid lllon. Mr T K
Pr sr t.|T iii i. trkrl. th« j U rnfrtfr Ih t»v«4 «i.,|
f—I Ih.nr. il cat af-rd. f K pR|lK * CO
ft'lls Ko.limil M A III. rm...bff..nu«,iir
T‘*ul0 from Vi • VnrA, nr# of
I* I i 510. I’ Oil Ii:s,
TKna *natding IIk-i, always to .-fcr a good aaaurtraral of th* lafr.t
ar«<| hkiM r««ht> aU «tylr».
Tl..* h.rr pul .. a uMhr .d nrw and kraatlftel In.lrn
ro. nv,. wl. , 1,. . . 1.1,. rv r*4 In r . bnrnn and frsndrur ,.f f.,nr
?*rn-aWl** ' *T* t,'ri *o!‘,r,‘ odr*rd. Tor mb* upon agrrrablr
*1^1—■*>*•< rr.r rad. a largr lot nf NRW MITIO iual(
* **il ►' I>| 1 alilT.- UKK-- <; "IW, TuRi t'll |rt|.\ K,.i:
Till M"S fll llr Sill Tl I o-l r. fr-.fn IIh-,'o.inlrp aintta. - ill.
ar. .nr.t'.l t»- a . f and «r* dtl. Ihr li.ndwoiint good* .a tbr Rh I.
iron.I markrl
TPli I al. MiTICR
• p*nl- n. I t Pr.atrd I.al C.I i*rr ,ar>l
r.rl. . l..r nrw «t rl. Prrn.-b lawn., at If.If rhaap
] . ••* Pr.nlr-' i iwn Hr.. .1 0 p.l. . al Ibr b.w p.i r of «1 ,arb
• »'«»' Kniaitdl.- SI ...Ini., al tar, rtul. nn
1.1am > wn.l^P I, Plaid airl Pgnrrd .Wilka, al .Vrtal, prr pd
l.»«' pari. K. . I an. Prmlol Mird.il, of nrw .iplra, fin. r,J„ra
l«. h.l.d-O'" V 1.1.1, Holo., nowv if Ik* gltr.l gM..k> IWlpr rird
ftl*anl nr Rohr.
.’»• »»rp I .a a. PI nnrrl Hrr. g R,ihr.,*rrp nlr* nnd |.r*lip
sirgan I. .nrd ddk K,.M.. at •f1' rv*ti -arw and hand'
Ipll. * Kb. I r ra.b, and n , .11 prndla.
mat* C a liWATKIM. Oppo.li* «t Rank
% I »MSI lllls < II » | a. a full an.l ompl.l* namt
. ▼ 1
•fpir a Ml -loahtp, in .lorr, u. whirl. w* a-k ll.r a,f. nfl..Ti of ■!,..•* in
KRTR, Ital IXklN d CO
MMonprsM nil a limn. i..r‘.liinm», r.„
T* hr .1 nifi'Rgrafanp.gg at. n .i
1(H) •III! %. U i i riMl llHIIIvIkl I fur .«lr,
tkmfrr *twtu.i iaa
M% i> • i •< « i mi > r, sum i« m;,
•••ruriof, .V,. 1 » .,,r„ ,„f »«|r |..
imn RRfll|T H » i \ ♦ CO
7 * ’■ »v- *«' 's ’'I- mM vM i . -i I I k of
▼ ▼ - mu«t rill n
A»*l Hr.*»i|
\| III III Hill • |) la* r. Ar. l#|*rkrt« V. « Mark
• * rtfcetn F l«r« . t'<,r|A«l. , |n tivrrr* R ■ . IU<-i.u
At»<*#Mrr*, u-m Iiih|iii| for mIt hjr
Ari.|»fV M MILLAR,
•••If ^ iWnrr Purl aril (Arr MmU.
M 1 %ltWf*Af i a In M»» tkr fwllaiWtat# l« «•/!•
* W "rwft. rl* Dm . R»»ta. Hr. 'agali. Ca»il»R.<#»r,
far.ot. Crpo, - Ufa, Lr<i, Lrtttrr, Mrloia. |«Ip. Hat
laniam, Olr«,fhMoii« Ptrcley. T pf*r^. RaranU*. Pr%«,
Id l *> . Na AaUlfJf r?-rjr »vlH; wm* ,»f the
larrat k f«r bf A t HAM FLA,
f*1 M«tn H
%i fit n %Hf •* • vi%i it % vii » ( fnW IAA,
FHIHCll ih UFA»• F, CM A RM>TTA>V ||.| ft V k
I.1HH IVMlRkVO I. I. #n or roantrf. a#4 llarW In atari**
HI a/ l*r . fllreiri «n "• "V «*t f«TM«kif taffiia # l| hUco myiUJ
fW~ All »**mr*yi n»|.it» arrikrfr.|
-tORtH i CO , Ra» W Fl arl «r~\,
a«»ft i f Ai-hfnoP»wf Ta
I I Isl Sll | | *r l.itr In Ml .r» * •!#•• It f Ca«« <**rl
" »a-,| . : •« ,»f I* up 4 IN. «.*• HN-tid lifnip*, ahirli *r
«*ll • H to Ji-airrt al tHr lv# rtm# r(l h fMlaaar |a wml
SMITH R)lo|>M a CO .
•ISIS ti Faarl alraal.
H I ( II MON |) \V || Ki.
h- -m the ZmAa /'««, April to
The metropolis tuMo •iimaael • ran w,mj wbach
-omndeving H u tort; veanr wne, , pnrnoow t-ecucrewcr
*W <•*-• °* h«*l 'wer lem chraed on a grwodi
•r ucr.«o,i, might have hem, .ne,-m| with j. f
«„l splendour It is WHIM Mug that the West w no longer
it ear with the Kisl. tlia tha le-opl* and treasure of tbe
atreat garter id the aurld are no longer heaped un a
minimal heealowits, and dial rntmarca is no longer Mp
dented lie the messengers ul ileatrurbon. Hut the cere
non, ul >•alerjs; was true to the oM hnglndi up*. **,|
** sl>,lhead, at the I'uk. , funeral, at Halaklara at
ill our repaeu.gs and ..ruing., our gr.mlert achieve -
nents, snJ our e.u.t d....ter. It «„
The people at Ci,a< rn^-crow had hi
. .11 an 1.00. and . hall Ishee they saw tj,„ , of
J.n-e red,Hd.uUe ll.u U.anU -lua„ e.periewc. „ ta„
bvesiing of all nallilarji character. Then f.dloeed trim,
>eter. and d umiuera, and a multitude ul parish beadle*
ben. Ul. troopers’ horses and deep fa. mm.psh.na, . uuw
ier ol elderl; gentlemen, looking exceedingly out of tbeir
dace in U.e must gocgeoai heraldic Costume. Then some
dngular-luohiog yoong u,«u it. black, euh ..ui.n-na* el,lie
Uvnurs, a...| on .hue horse. three dU
ordant elements there moved ahrmt nmmlrj ri
film,, and very unofficial-looking permn.agra, .In,
{ave »hat little Older there was Pi t(,* — —
A. the; had all ametnUrd o>d; at the moment tl.ei, ,hsv
>ugl.t to have started, and had then to hold a Is-e-fd ,i|
, 4r ,U* *.. •'•*» *» Id be done, the elude Pale ui
me chirt art.-r; of the ur-tr,.polls eas stopped, and suss
Inmdied thiuisitnd people kept in a«eet rlpcUliu.
■ e have auid, the better put of the lore,The Pro,
lanutuui. „l course, so not heard. lor oflt. nU docurn. uu
ire never read strove the loeerl couveraubon ,1 luu On.
* U“,'u’* 1,1 r r-«Jem saying aside to the pmuU
’ \ou I ttnd it all ill the papers to-morrow.” The whuhi
looked a rough outline, •I.irh the itnagilmtitrH ul the
lator. was to til up A el. though it certainly Wa- an ap
^slUi the gowlnalur-.d tln-populice. tl>. apu*J .«
W oes.b.1 and wh nth-Prcl.maiun had le-eu read m
juMb vhow. When tbs trumpets sounded and the -,mll
asre heard. the p ople we s more lh,.. mlr-hed The,
‘ V, t*4 **"«••*• l« bmi I*.%UrJ
•ealed. u.d delivered, and thue ... no rm.uks W* j '
ill our lor,,,, in a slovenly way, and the slovenliuew. ol
ll-e ceremony made it the more authentic B> this tuae
irimplu have wvll-ntgh lorgn.ten the so... that
rankling even t«u short mot,Urn ago,—the K*dan
tils hope ol revenge, the ope,, held. the more c,0,
iraign. The; have ream,, t„ be sat,.tied a.th th*
tgnns whii-ti our diplomatists have battled 1.* and eon
filing tel urns, and with it «|| the ol ps.ee, „„
hindered or pe, verted bv a,r * * ue indeed summing
■ p what we have .offered ,„d had, but it lureause ,«
know tbs worst At ihe bottom <.| this -ab-i«, t„ui j, »
leeling fouml. d in fart, and „„t to In- shaken .11 th*
•oplnstry 111 la,-bon.that nor part fa, the .* -nls
ar.d righteous, awl that, though we have .... ,k*
glory we desired. We have vet done our work and nut on
a securer bad- the liln-rties, not onlv of im- ,,
r, • r*ur"»"- .4 It.*- akol. wu.ld
1 he story .4 th.-xr l.u year, ha, fmeo an,mm,- and |.rli£
Ua it lx Hm. wuvkof a century. Fur a century I he „.„k
,« accumulated, h..t «e have wiped it „(T iu two
fully * "1;'W* n'IHM: 1' *"' ,*™Vrlr *»d nobly, 4 im4 skill
lt.it ix England and are tin- other great State* of E„
rope,* way. to go on allowing evilx to riper, till they
all end,.ranee, or till they break out thenixelvea 1*0.
ll.gmtioii? An almighty Power, tor inscniUUk p. in,w a
nwijr miter the ineaeui-" of a n.tWs i„i,,„„v
ed till it call, lor extermination. U..I mortal ruler, ....
not calculate so long. xi. study, <« «, aalely to tl,camel.,*
l nq.i.-xtumahly there ire natiotiai eviU in the eon too-hi ,4
Europe which ire gradually coming to . p.„ —du.c
rou, not meirlv to the naliuna theuiaelvea or tlieir Uriel,
x.ui. but to.H Europe. The condition ot Greece ai.d
l.at ot Italy are no mure purely lireciun .ml Italian que,
Uona U.au the condition ol Turkey wa, . purel, Turkic
quest!ou. Naple, and the State, of the Church ace voka
nm-, only do. maul *o I,mg a, a Irenp-niW prewn.re i. »p
pr.e«- Iron, without, that presenter .Well being, to m, ,k.
U ftnomaU>«;« attd liu aloi lu the true inf*r*l of aU En
• op.-. The inirrt,ml rwiU ihal hav,. called lor 1U1 -
*»nre cauuot hold under it, hut are rather a*«jr»valed tbaa
otherwise. The secular popuUtion ol Home will ,.«eer
ote a sacerdotal rule better because it ia forced on them
by the baronet, of Fnuice. nor will the legations gel over
their dislike to (.anilnils, became.- they ate as^miated »,th
(•ernian* and Croats. Mo doubt even Austrians arc b* t
U*r than anarchy, aud aciilineU than fl-aarainr hut whal
ever lies under the surface is neither removed nor cuied
by the mask of a foreign despotism. It onlv festers be
low; there ta not a Stale in Italy, under whatever ot it.
complicated end .sued conditions, which dm, not irvu •
on the eve ot convulsion. That con vuixion will hardly fail
lo draw in ourselves and the other leading Stab'* of Eu
rope. We are. by a prescrptioi, whkh is not vet broken
by promise* not yet lorgolten, and by an example ahicb
we cannot hide if We would, the friends .,„t pntmn, uf
I taban libeiIt \\ e have the glo. y and the ahatne of that
position We cannot elude ttie responsibility In one
way or anotlier every other great Stale is also inlerexted
more or leas directly, m the condition ot Italy- wuie by
religion, others by political affinity; two by actual inter
vention, founded not only on religion, but on historical re.
Ulioi.a. Thia hold ou the intarest of .|| Europe i. only .
tradition of the times when Koine ws, the m.strcxs ol the
w or Id, and when her Senate* sorutiniied our position as
we now do hers. The affinity ia changed, but not destroy
ed Koine still claim, ax her own millions of our country
men. and boasts more subject* in this metropolis Ilian iu
her own. W ithin a very few year, she ha* ah.ken the tl*
legiancc- of a third part of these realm,.. Even the inter
nsl pence ot this country is imoived in a correct solubou
ol Hie Italian problem, and a just division of xcckaiastl
cal and secular authority A pretension which cannot
maintain itself without foreign ,rm» is mu « sals rleux.it
to enter into our own social state, even though our alliance
with that foreign aid he monger than our sympathies with
liu- ol*j**ct ol it* support.
It "a,, then, a verv natural corollary ot the Trialv that
the I letup,.trmurics should couie to xotur kind ot rom
nion under*taiiding as to the treatment of them- secondary
Mates in which all Europe is interested, and which uulor
innately, Invite or provoke interference From Turkey
T. «»rercr uu» orcu
b> (lit* \\ atferfi 1 owt*r-, «nd ih<>nc<* y. |t*)> ^ ul4.
tier loreign occupation The Henipouiitiaric*,’ indeed
all a. led their part* on this subject with dramatic fidelity'
Ti e Kuiuian cordially agreed in the hoping that the con
ditii.li I will ol (ireece and Italy would noon lie ao |,r in
pruv ul a* to dispense aith foreign aid. otherwise, he had
no instruction*, and could not commit his master Ths
Austrian was glad to hoar that the Western I'ow.r* aid,,
ed to leave (ireece alone a* smin as |Mia*ihle, and a* lor
the le gations and oilier enciuaebiuenU in Italy Iwascon
leni to leave the subject in the hand, ol France,' and even
ol Sardinia. France *aw a great difference tad ween a
••nail and distant intervention invited bv the Sovereign
tuiiMelt and invasion l,y a powcifoi neighbour in thr tare
ot a protest. The Sardinian spoke with great courage and
Ite. dom, but will,out the burden of an rvtensive rrsputi
vitality. I" the lace id a coldness which apprtwrhwl to
Irony, the Ilriush Plcnifinpmliarv pnmevetetl in asking he
., O• opinion .1 U. the condition
ol the Italian Plate*, and on the whole aub
yet id armed inlerveiiliwi. lie liad, indeed. lo
pill Ins ideas into the iimst general lorn, lor the French
I Icmpotentiary could assent to nothing aluch threatened
to re.trlct a State in the assertion of its own dignity. am|
the Austrian would md cumgiit hiinaelt lo any respect )ot
Met., lioveruinenls. ami anticipatrd wane unpleasant -
.,ro'" l,,» vh*»•'•*• ioil ol these topic*, laird I laieii.lou
b id to "hape ilis pniposal so a« to run the gauntlet uf thero
objections, slid the result, conside ring the ditto ull.vs ,i
no small success “The ITenipotentiurie* did not bvs.
tat. P. cgpws in the name of ihrir (ioeeminent* tl.a
wish that States between which any serious uneuidcrsiau
ding may arise ahould, hehwe appealing to arms, hare rr
course, as tar as circumstances might glli.w to the g.aal
oft,CCS „| a ti lenity Power " Though thig lie oi.lv . p,m
ciplc ol common humanity, such as must natuiall? occur
to every ordinary statesmen, yet it. cypress recognition by
a European C.H.grcas give* it new Weight, and convhlulev
the ground o! an appal by every Slap from any rdhrr
State that disreganl, it It make* all Fumpe on* curl
of appeal. It givra every weak Stata a claim P. tin fried
ly offices »f all ila stronger neighbour*. Imh-cl it is the
nearest apprtaach pi that system of universal a.bnratlou
which some thought attainable in ji* rigiMnnv form The
.lav may Cline when its value wdl I.* ......e acknowledged
and Its form more defined; and the owner U cama the
*»-tt. r for the happiness ol Europe and the true .uterevla
,d everv Stale, however powerful and ambitious
tk'll l.ltlt HI HI f t.
» ▼ kaii it Ay uk 4 v/, iDitn rioy >‘rru a,
UO> H , opposite III* Karkange Hu, sling,
k^ Bit, Vt ravhanm, Hank Moles, Cola, Hr , ta.ogkTka* «4*
tff^ CdPelloav on Ike rnlw of Virginia is4 Mortk Ca. el.sv nfi
(*n SfhfkMs twx
nr •toe it hotifM ind *r»M on .-..mmtortoa
I ^ Land Wtrrtnit f»nMf
■«»m vn
'*'•"• * I1 CT',— rrtaloe a Bps*. Hackers. Norfolk. Vt
Jt W MJci. n, . .skier Sank ,,f Virginia. ••
Ne..r, 'Ti.Hlf ra.. Hankers, giel.mnmt ?a
® ^ Nro?N M C«.(
\»l» vn.M tIB MI.H MOM * a.
prr rsprvss arid •Icae.er Roanoke, a ftfa
Press Silks, re/ • • *om«. fr’
Slao r>. reiki Alt R.*es
Brrvgr and Organdie Rekev
fill# Rawg, a. *1 c i4fs e
Wenea W-eked Collars
U« amt Mntfla InMarr a*d Strew* >n *..*
a.w a Iarn nod of Uwn« and gortam at n.e
**"- • C rkngiaa 7»,
M ' ' « *agt. *mar.
^m ’? (•al«f Wu fkl.Ulg

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