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Dtlly Ki|*r, |1 per annum, kiul Wtrfclj, R W»**fc|;, R, always
la advaucr KnnHUiK-ti may In* mode »l Hr risk of Ik# hikiitkrr*
la *11 rssra where • *Idrnce Is taken «*n Ur deposit of a letlrr Mi the
Tom t#m. e • outainlng money
Out Ihptarr, llw Unco) nr leas. «.nr tuarvitoa. Tft
each adilltlonal Insertion.
One month without alter *tl«»n.... M ^
Throw do do .10 tUl
Jtls do do .(k>
Twelve do do ... ^6 mu
Two miaares. Three montlie.Ik »**
Hii months .«ft
Tw»1ve months . N» is*
| |T Mo a<lwrits* luriil to he considered bjr the month t r year an*
lew specified on the Manuscript, or previously agreed upon hetwrrn
the parties
An divertisrimml nut maikrd on tli# co|ij for a aprelArd uumhi
•f insertion* will be continued until ordered out, and payinrtil rial
ed an.rdtnglv
iW Hsai la a AnvsartHauaaTH. -To avoid any misunderstand in*
on ttte part of the Annual Advertisers, It Is pro|*rr to slated<*/iucf/v.
that their privilege* only ellettd* to llour immediate business Heal
K »t tie. Urtl and all other A Iverlisetuents sent by Uieu» tube an ad
ditWnitl char#., an.l no variation
l^T Ke tl r*taic and Oeiietal Agents' Advertisements not to I*. In
eerte*t hr the year, but U> be charted at thr usual rale*. satyrci to
each lt« *oant« a* shall he agreed opon
df \uctl.iin-er-, It.-* sellers ami yearly advertiser*, getterally,
gmgagtng one or more S|ssrr«, with thr prit ilege sf change. shall not,
on their yearly average, in any uss work, insert more ilmu the amount,
agree! upon a* the standing rule under ihr contract, and all rinvd
tug *uch amount to he . haiged at tlie usual rate*.
\ Ivert I «em«-nts insert* d lit lltr fleiui• We* kly Whig at Ift cents |»er
•qitare of In lines or less f»»r lire first insertion, and •*"» rents |*rr
•*l »tre for et.h rstlliiuttM’*.
j 41 jj 111 i {1 fill i
2 4 > £ * c u: i 2
incur | l 1 1, I » Jot, I I -i ft »
* I h » iH li ii ft T ■> » l» II l*
K ll Ift Ift IT I- 1*1 Ift II Ift l« II Ift Ift
in I ri ift il ift ift i« il rt tl il ift it
1; <« Hi *i m ' ii ii -i* *■ »i
Tmcar 1 2 Icuwr I ?
A I ft ft I S » ft I ft ft T « ft
In II Ii Ift II Ift 1« Ift 11 Ii Ift M Ift ift
■ II I* l» ift il ii ift II It !» i" il ii ift
‘ (4 *’■ 4*: il i’ ift "4 ift ift il *» i» -4■
Mam i ft'
i ft 4 ft ft I ft ft«rTKili»ft I i ft 4 ft ft
V l» II li I I 14 Ift I » I 11 Ii I I
Ift II Ift l» >• iI ii 14 Ift Ift II Ift in i"
lift il ift ift il i" 19 ii ii ift ift if. ift il
*1*1 ift 19 •*
Arm I * .ft I ft lift!
ft I ft » I II Ii ft « T * » In II
II 14 Ift 1« II Ift l» Ii I* II Ift Ift II Ift
.in il ii ift il ift ift Ift in il ii 2H il ift
iTltft 19 in ift il i' ift An it *
Mat I * A Niitivma I
4 ft ft I ft ft in i ft 4 ft ft I ft
II 12 11 II Ift Ift II * In II Ii Ift II Ift
Ift Ift M il *l il Ift II I* Ift in il
ift ift il ift ift :*i 11 ii J4 ift ift il i- *ft
ft" |
i * s 4 ft! ft I Opera*— i i « i ft
ft' » in n ii (ft ll Ift* l" tl li i t
Ift Ift II IS I* 2" il 14 Ift I* II 1ft Ii M
li; *1 il 1- It il ift il ii ift il ift ift *1
ii* :nl !l i» i* m *l.
Si.ivi: i.iii: nsi imn: ioihpi^i. n.e
K l.iu-.n l Fire Vv».* i .lhoj.i v* tl.i pioneer among the officer* lu
lh>« rkate for tin* Win.I«»t ln«ut alter.) With a t*a*h Capital and H‘ir|»lu
of I/i?.,oUM, aie now prrpai^t !«• issue policie* ull Ihr lives of H m »
Being strictly a Virginia Insurance Conipuj, It* Hoard of Director*
||km *-.nall) known to the community) holding it.nr meeting* hi llo«
city, when* all h»ssr* are promptly and liberally adjusted,entitle* It
to a liberal <harr of the public patronage. Glti.e tat pie*rnt). or tier
of M %Ui and Dih dreaU.
Medic *1 Kaaininer, Ur M Horton
j ii h mmm* -• ■ *• i*< v •••
SI) I’l. IS I l it. Wl kea*fi
■ fresb Ground Plaster, and our care in lie *rU. lions front th.
be*l Windsor Lump l*t**t«r enable* u* to recommend it a* th» le.i
that can be had All orders left at our nflh c on Cary street, prompt
ly execut'd TAUAFMtllt) A HRtt
N 11 Farmer* can hi- supplied In thrtr own bag*, at a rrdu. lion
In price L.bcral discount* in merchants, for cadi J*lt
,) It. HAliQROVE,
inra'ama to ohnj i>irm,|
a i i r i o \ i: i: it,
Wall +trt+t, un-lei St t'hiirU* l/>4*l,
Ra tiwokii, V*.
WILL devote hi* wind- attention to the Hake and Hiring of Ne
groes. Real Fatale, A.- . publicly and privately.
Hale* sattsfartory or tio charge made
Iff" lie has a convenient place for keeping slaves.
The subscriber ri'sprctfully inform* Ids fr»md* that he has d1*oorv
tinned the auction bus*turn, and havmg rented liU office to Mr J H
Hargrove, lakes pleasure in recommending his former customer* to
five him a call. HKNJ. DAVIH.
_July HI _ _
I. Alt I 11 I > %% till, t 11 l > % IMI l.l IS*.
FBI IIP subscriber offers for sale a very heavy stock of K*trtKt>n
B ir ir e, t'Mntl >l*ft (Al«>, /.odia; (r/<lor»,
tin t F'.incg (r«««/«, of recent importation, ami from .lucfioa 7Vm/#
T»# c**h buyers and prompt sti mouths payers, inducement* will
bv held out fully equal to any that may I** offer cl North or else
where VS M F HI'ILFR.
tnhl Importer of China. Ac., ID Mam street
“NT A I lo> I H s HALLfMr
No il PwaaL Htmkit
FB1'» Merchant* and other* wishing Hiank Hook*, Writing Paper*
B of all kind*. Ink and Ink Htand*, Letter Copying Prrs*e*. Mem
oraudum Hooks. W’riling Hand, Gold and Rteel Pen*. Ac Wrapping
Paper*. Cotton and Linen Twine*. Marking Ink, tfor marking h..*e*,»
In any quantity We «m*II In any quantity, al low price*.
N H-Our assortment of HKRUING*" FIRK AND BURGLAR
PROGF FAFKH If large Call and see them.
NFW VPNnt* VSe are How receiving. and
in a few day* will have In store, a large at*ck of staple and
• tic? DRV GOG DR. consist lug of the following, In part -
Hhlrtiugs and Rwvtlnga, of every description
Plai.l, striped and plain Cotton*, for servants
Large stock Linen Duck* and Drills
Ticking*. Otiislairg* and Furniture Plaids
Table Damask*. bleached and brown
Napkins. Toweling* and Diapers
|jng* stock of Irish Linens
ltd| Quilt*, all Stars and qualities
Table Cover*. Curtain .Materials
Print*. Gingham* and Lawn*
Alpacras, Bombasines and Dc liege*
DeLalnes, plain and flg’d Herrges
Organdie Muslins and Jaconets
Bt retres and Grriiadine*, Heregr Robes, large stock
Lawn. Organdie and Milk Kobe*
Rllks, lltlmitd*. 11 love*. ILIkfs and Hosiery of every dcsertpGon
Large stock of (.are, Muslin, Cambric and Or a pw Collar* and
Msntill**, Hhawl* •nd N »rf«
PartmU and l*ml»rrlla«, large dork
Hoop Hkirts, Ora** Cloth Mohair Rklrt*
M tiling and llvmp Carpeting#
Cloth*. C*#*lmerr* and Ve#ting«
Tuyreih. r with every article uiually found In a dry food* house for
gei.ll- m- |*| wrar.
W. rr«|»Tifully *olirit a call from all • •«liainl prompt *1* month*'
W P Pf t< k I N - | i • I
mh?l No l«l K*gtc flquarv.
WA’ are n«>w receiving uur Ppring, PV'PPLY OP GOODS, eon*
•HUIn# In part of On* following article*.
60 l»bl* Crushed and Pulverised Hugar
60 do C Yellow do
W hhd# New Orleans do
Ilf II ig* Rio, l.iguyra and Java Coffee
lift B«.ie* llr ism and Black P.*ap
l**i Rote* Adamantine Candle*
19 hhd* Baron Hide*, Fhouldcr* and llama
6n Keg* superior Carti and Hal Hoda
86 M.l* New Orleans Mola«o «
lull t.bl# Mountain hew Whtaky
*« do, !>k1 Rye. Various Br tnd*
10 do Kerr's Pummerdean do,
6o Mil and 6o 1, Cask* Imitailon Brandy
Wl Pack* Pall, A*hton and Marshall
A1* Keg# PomgranAte Tobacco
6*1 Hole# Ground Odfee
6>» Package* Green and Black TYa*
ALRG Vinegar. pe|iper, AIhtiU'e, Wrapping Paper, Vea*t Pow
der*. Rr.M.m*, Burkett*, Holland Gin, Peach and Apple Brandy,
Mr* Miller fme Cut Hurok mg Tobacco, Halt Petre. ami many other
article* too tediou* lo mention ill an advertisement
u»M9_RATCLIFF A |W»! i.i %pp
si t| VI | VC III % N \% VIIS14 V \ .
I.YROM tits DIG tiler ie* In Augusta ruunty.the #nt»scrther will All
% order*, In any qu an title*, and for any partwf the I'nlted Hlatrs.
for thl* relehrah-d WIIIHKPY It Wv« awarded a riant ci.im
niVLo*t at the Fair of the Mechanic*' Institute, In Richmond, No
vemh.-r KM Thl* Liquor I* intended for family and medicinal itw>,
and for the he,t Hotel* It may he ordered of any age from two to
Ave year* Order* through the tuall* promptly attended to. A l
°ctl dl v Hlauntt • V*
Hi n r'N I n I* |« O V I I* nim \% »• i \ i
hRILL The performance of thl* Drill thela*1 *ra*«in wii en
Itrelv *ati«faetory, and It wa* spoken of In term* of high commendation
by those who u*ed M; I therefore feel warranted In reenvnwinding II
a* Inferbw lo none hitherto Invented It I* simple in ita ruaRnH
tton, durable, and not liable to get out of order, and the price #f It
lc** than of rnut other drift* Thoae who may l»e In want the com
Ing season, are respect fully requested to forward Ihelr order* early to
avoid disappointment II BALDWIN,
MlMf 14* Main *tr«rt
AYITHI4'4YI MIL A IlH. Tailor* Phlar*. Trimmer*. I*a
die* Pe»**or*, Ac , ».f II Wendt'# re Moated make, warranted
In quahty, In new and Improved pattern*, and the only complete a.
•orinient made, for *alr by PDWaRD CORNING A CO ,
*M John street, N» w Y..rk
Agent* for II Wendt. mhf» Amo*
watcher » watchbnii iutche* i i r
u i i, i, i % vv i, i. im.
41 .V Ammd *4 iifnuy ('htfitHf , /’Afhrrfe/oAhr
HAVING received • euperhtr assortmrat of Wat* he*. m
fewelry, Diamond*, Ml er*ware, I would r*M alien
tton to the Mh.w.og low price* j mIA
GoM Watch.*, from lo^TBi
Pllver d*. • " PA
•liver Tea Pp»»on* ft to fit per sett
GoM Pencil*, Chain*. Thimble*, Ae All eood* warranted a* rep
rewnlcd Wl and eVamlne my Mock brfnce purchaalng et*>where
Watch** and Jewelry repaired In Gw most artistic atyle
•P? d*m WM A GRAY, 4a Pouth Recand *1
ifJMir. and YEW hi<h m or mi:
RRADT MADF PfdiTWINO.• I «w» aow open In my new
•tore Room, a Very large stock of Apr mg and Hummer Cloth.ng and
Gent* Purnkhlng Good*, which 1 Invite lie attention of my ew*
tomer* and the wubtte generally J. D GOODMAN,
N® Ilf, Main ct nett door lo J W Randolph'* frmk Btruw
mMAN PAfTPVTRFR and Dealer in Move*. Range*; llot-AIr Fur
AY* nacee, Tin. Japanned. C.qiper and Iron Ware *odl. •• Cha'n,
Pore 1»g a.id Hwetior, Pump* . Water Ram*, lead Pipe , Xtne , Hhert
Irow, A« Wholesale and Retail No I4f Main *lrert, Richmond,
Custom Work done to order Order* promptly filed j*M
I***. Hl»r,nF fashion of Gentle i ||
men • lla«* and Cap* ..f all the varlmt* style*, k which I\M
tPTMe the attention of pwrefcaaer* 4^
I NO liouaie
R. M PgrrgauiiL A Co ar« unti fvr nMrlj ill the NfV«|.«|Nii
Ita the I'yltMl State* and Canada* Otter*. 119 Naaaau street.
New York, and lu Utah street, Hostr a.
omen. No n JOHN BTRYPT.
two non** rano ItMiowtr, Ni« You
flAHK undersigned. proprietors of this Establishment, have for
S. • h»ug 111 * pKr settlor pur liter of the trni, Nathan Barrett,
f«»r 87 year*,) hern pru«rrutlug llietr business at /*/<#*«/
TWjr have •pared no efforts or evprnar, e*pe.tally in lire last few
year*, to nrrll In all the branches of thrtr ait, and have lerii
«ess lull tn attaining a high d-gree of improvement, as well tn the
Machinery and ap|»araiu* for dr- *«lng different style* of goods, a* tn
practical artlsti. •kill In dyeing and flnishluff U<tm Bilks. Palin
and Merino Utria *, great ltayru«r«unto ho«* Ian made In a
large proportion of iuo, llosr articles are made, tn color and An
t*h. very nearly e«|ual In appearance to new g<*ods Crape Bh*wD,
Ctoak*, Manlillaa, MvH tlarn*rius, Ac., o»e also very su'cewalully
treated. Pad-d and Platned yikdi restored or r»-dyed
I-a.*e and Murdm Curtain*. Carpets, Bug* an.I Taldr Covers C**an
•rd A KrAnl«hed. D«ina«k and Moreen CurlailM IhauUfully Dye-I
Ale**, HUm.o*. lloaiery. Hlovea, Ac
Orders et*« uled with rare an.| despatch.
(lo«*U received and returned »»y Kvpresg.
(loud* kept suloect to Uor claim id the owner, twelve month**
A John street., 8 door* from Br-vlwsy, N. Y.
JMI Mm_ tH
144 Cento Mrarl, .lew fork,
K.till,TimiI,. mint rrrrj ilfwrl|itiiin uf ,[i|i«r,tu.
•"unuecletl with Bteaui, Water or fla*. for liraiing and lighting
Straiuer*. c'hurdie*, Iloteis, Private Dwellings, Hospitals, Village*,
Vac lor-e- and Halls
'!*" Valve*, Cock*, Pumps, (luagea. Boiler* and Boiler Plue*
•mole to order
Cur H*nw t'utt'ng Machine* are mtlrelv ncw.andour own Patent
warr nled to do i|out*l<- the Work of any other Invralhm
tinlei* solicited froiu allgw-etions of the country, and |woui|*tly at
‘end. d I. Jail—I) I *
\ > IMIKH s A J Ktti I*.
*ra*N vaunts* a»i» vii «*-, mum star*' v-*a> msliimu, rvc.,
Imporlrr* .uni Ilralrr* ill >1 juufai lur. r-’ Arln |p*.
N H. Agents for tin- ths 'W o-wlrufl and Ilea- h Iron Work* * Steam
Engine* and Holler*
•# K*clu*lve affvncy In New York (or ‘l-owell Machine8i»op
Matktalau t ml* »r89 lylP ]
iySl -dly [PJ 846 Pront st/rrl, and 9&’ Bi. adway, N Y.
Id mu; A 4 0. Wonester. MkM.yaki.lnl l.y Elia- llowe, Jr
6 pn-ud* i Inih. I**IA Tl*e*r Mat l-lltc* air warranted, * with propt-i
j*« ,1 not to grt out of irpatr Tln-y arc limit in a good, -ulwiantlal
«nd workman like manner, and will do Tailors,' Shoemaker*'ami
4 iddlers’ woik. In a manner w arrant*d to give «ati*factlon Tin
silP'li will tod rip any luoir than common srwlng done liy hand
Call and <-r them In operation at I lu CIIKSNCT Sir-• |, PMIa-letphi*
«p *Uir* W A DAWBON. Agent
II. I . X% I III % vis
I’KuDITE foMMISSION mkri'iiaxt,
Cl P.NPKAI. VtlPNT for B« reiving and Porwanllng Manufacture-1
■ Tobacco Oood*. a- , A. , No. 6Baciig Bur, Rumman, V* ,
m g* leave In return his sincere thank* to his fru-n I- anj the puldtc.
loi tin \ery liberal palmnagt bestowed on loui during bts bu->nr—
contuctiod- with M««»o Honker A Watkins, of this city, an l re
*l»e. ttuliv solicits a c»mtinuance to hi* new house, lu thu* ap|»eai
mg on the theatre «d husito s- alone, | d«» so with full confidence in
•n.V bualoen* <|ualifl< .%tt,.ii« that the interest of mtisignees will l«r
faithfully repre-wutrd
( f'* I-dieral cash advances made on consignincut* of produce in
Rsrvas r»> Mc**rs |«rwts Webb A Son, M sd-worth. Turner A (lo
and Johu Itookcr. E-«« . Richmond. John M they, Kxj . Ch.-w. II
l> thner. K*u . M*w*rs Pet* r-, B|w-nre A t’«- , and Messrs M. C-.rkle A
> ■ j rr
biiiitv 4; un it \
\ WHKOTt I'KS A\l» l-lliiTotiU %1'IIS.
TB^IIK H’h *t*MIMl.lt having Ailed up a suit of rooms to rkfinl
I sivlr, *1 i'tKiitUiivi II til. is Mow prepared U. a til oil the pub
IU 4iitl lurnisli (linn with -uj«»ri..r picturo*, at m.»lerate prun
TIm Aiuhn.ly |m*. being hmiteticallv «r*|rd ImI«i*-ii IVo plalrs ••
Aim polished gloss, (bf a iVUimi which llol only secures, hut gildi
ami hesutiA*- the impression.) u pr<n*f against action of water «.i
welds, <w the »ariatioii* of Hi mate In long **» vof age*, and is Ho
only kind of loelnre that will rt mam unchanged by tune They ear
Ih- taken from ll*e m,- of full life to the •luillrut miiiiatuie. and in
one quarter the time of the DagilerreotV|*e They are Hot reversed
can l*e seen in any light as an engraving • bsuce are very suital4«
for Pm*. IsM-kets, ami large frames, at well %» Case*.
The rstream popularity of the Aiutwotype*. has given rise twauuel
• bi|m>s|iion. Counterfeit* u|m.ii glaaa, covered with black varnlsli
are ollro sold for Aiuhrolype* None aie genuine witlmUt the |»ar
etii stamp The public *i« in vile,I to 1 all andexamitt# «|teciiin n* ai
the AM*w*nrs Uiluit, Coaiarmaa II iu, Mam street,between yti
wad I tab p. f OlBtt
Ki« huioiid. January •*<*», KM
•\0. 17 1‘t.lKI. STKKKT,
Have In Store wml are now receiving a l*e muful ws*ttrtmeni «•
Il*e following Hood*, selected hi Kuru|<, by our of our Ann
English Prints
Manch* «i«-r and ,»tch liinghaui*
Prmietl la«n», Jaconets and Ctiwlllcs *
WloU* ami Elgincd Hr ill untie*
Plain l\4«iretl, Black and Prtuled MoUsrlint
do do Persian* and Challie*
Plant Colored, Black and statin Striped Uaregct
Colored Craped* Kspsgue*
Jaconet, Harege, and Tissue K«>l*es.
IU*. k and Colored Silk*
Bis- k Alpacas and Italian Cloths
White Cambr’c*, Jaconets, and Mwtss Muslins
Cloth*. C*s»iinert, and Vestings
Irfh Idnens, Blay Linens, II Uiands, Damssks,
Dowlas, Linen Duck*, and Drill*
(ilated Cambrics, Black and Colored Cambrics,
Hosiery, lllovr*, Oauntleits, Mitts, Threads, A \, Ac
With a great rarity of other foreign floods, suited to the Virglnii
and North Carolina Trade.
Wr *1*0 have and will always keep on hand a full stork of the »*e*
American fabrics, such a* Prints, Lawns, Bleached and Brown She t
Ingsand Drilling*. Denims, Cottonade*. Cotton* Plaid* and Stri|» «
Ovnshurgs, Heavy Ducks, digging*. Kentucky Jeans, Tweed*, Apror
Check*. Eiai.tirl* Ac , Ac
The laeility afforded u* by having a house In New York will etia
hie us at all time* to offer imfucetnent* to our customers and the tr vl«
generally, equal to any house in this country
I Dl.Ft A I Wn..ia*n k Dv *i «as exclusively It
HRANDIEf*, WINKR and CIO AID4, Would rail the particular
attention of the trade to their vrry large and *ui»rrhig Ptock, com
prising, in part —
Cognac and London Dock Brandies, Dark and Pals
Madeira, Sherry and Port Wined
Old ftcheidam Holland tiln
Old Jamaica and fit. Croix Kura
llock and Claret Wines
Champagne of various brands
Old Kyr Whbkry and N. K Kura
Cordials and Cherry Brandy
London Porter and Scotch Alt
Pparklisg Tonic Ale
Philadelphia Porter and Als
Champagne Cider
Old Prach and Apple Brandy
Demqohns of all slacs.
floods war ran ted pure and gvnulns.
•rll DlTDl.rr A on
A ha* now In Wore.
ft*» Case* superior, J (1. ft Co Stick Liquorice,
14 do «lo lleKnii do do,
Itt do do Vabrlea del Carmen, Ala** Liquorice.
14 do do K II do do.
I5»*» It** superior Black Angoetura Tonqua Bean*,
i* SI do do Paro do do,
Alao 15 Case# OUa Hoars, for sale ou a«*cotninoi|ating terms l»y
"'I'*" Corner Cary and Va., sta
0®re removed to the store of Christian A Lathrnp. No 99 Mam
St In con*qurncr of thr resignation of David K Crane Wm II
Chrlatian was unanimously eln-nd Caahlrr. Tlie office has hern rr
moved to the store of Christian k Lathrop, where deposits will hr
reeeivsd, on winch an interest of C per rent will he paid on all sums
remaining on drpocil ill months or longer, and five per retd for a
shorter |H-ri««d
Thu institution ha* been In existence twenty eight year*, ha«
loaned over eight million* of dollar* ; has no siupemtnl debt , has
never lost one dollar,or failed to pay any certificate when due.
JOHN THOMPSON. president,
■M4 dly MrOH Vt run Se* r. tarv
Nt IIINlL foil I f||IM
•I"HP! Directors of the IVnusylvaiila Training ft-h<><»l for Idiotic and
■ K-< Mr mooted Children, |m str.l at Orrinantown, I'a . « w it i>ln
Philad' Iphia city limit*) calls the attention of Parent* and Ouardiam
1 ' I'oil.•!, It I* m. ..ri*.rated by the Slate of I'mi.olvii.u,
and I* very pleasantly situated In one of the most healthy netghl»or
1.» known, having nwlt flwilt, WoodUn i. Ac The Traini**
• »..i HwalkKi of Imbecile and Idiotic (Villdrrn at this fiisfttutloa
pinrawd apwn Um most approved prmcpir* I WWW a In (M
Country, or In Rompe The Ih.ar I of Dlrretor* having been so
reaaful In oMalnlng lire service# of practical Tvarhera and A*«l*iant<,
Whose effort* to deVrlope ih« Pl.ysleal and Intellectual i|M«ltl»e* ol
tl^lr pupil*, will be entirely given to this Inslilutlon Term* will lw
made known upon application* directed lo P. nn.ylvanla Trainiii*
• - hiH.I for IioIn* lies, Oermantown, Pa.
Thv following compose the present Hoard of Director*
rarstnaw. •
ini raamnairrs,
f*aac Collins, Ja* C Hand*,
Hon. II W Woodward, Jin. Harrison,
Hon. (I. M Stroud, M W Baldwin,
R Morrl* Wain, Whrtar Morris,
Pldlip S Justice, Rlrh'rd M Marshall,
Isaac Pugh. Dr Tho* ft Kirkhrlde,
John Horton, Wm D Parrish,
A I. Rlevyn, M D. Rob P. Smith.
Henry M Almsted
AI.R*. PILLRRTON. Treasurer
r*«sn is Ttvtoa, Secretary <var) *pft Him
No. No.
jon* eol.T. join eol.T.
»<!«. VH.
PATKHMO*. N J r»T» n*nN, N J
JOHN ()() I, T* S
SJT % N % l( It • O l Mi\ Mil IIMK 1 NB TWINS
V T* h r* • ■ I. M* 1. ' ' hr I|,r . ||. .f the sh..ve w. I
ki oWM brands of Coasting. r Hard l*o. k, and (Nipper or Ship Dm h
hare e«m«tanfly on hand, and . per f«r sale, all No* from 1 lo In
tl*o wifi m*ke to order at short mdtre N.»* i*mi, and t*m, Cotton
Duck, and Yacht Dm k of all numbers, 19, 14 14, and la Inches Ir
on hand Superior to any other made
SB* ** __ II Pine Si., W T.
B%Kti \l\s 1 BIRUms
5'IICASH 4 large *nd romplefe assortment new *ty|e Straw
I Half - "g i* *• mw»• *»• w k
east, only, comprising the newest sod heat *pvlng style* The Ladter
aw UMast rr*pe, thiny invited lo rail and Inspect these attractive bar
gains bargain* hr May sale* The rear part of ow store has been
set apart 1st the ef|,,btf|nn of |hc*e g t.
Ladles' Colored Straw Bonnet*, at 95 rents
Rlowered Brad Bonnets, at ft richly worth |9
Single Straw, point*! shape, at f 1.95
1JKW l«eghorn Plata, f«v Ladle* and Ml«aea. at thelow prlee ol
• 1 each
flae f^gtwen Plat*, the Bne*t made
tngllsh Straw Bonnets *o*kthing worth |A
Plfleen BraM Bonnet*
• IS Mark Bonnet#, at fl each
Hair Bonnets, new style
AI*o Ribbons, flowers. Roaebea, all id which we ofbr al •
discount from former prices of 95 per cent.
■"•1 «’ 4 t.vt tTR lN, pp «Me K* Bank
1A’ 1 > 141. AIM.
▼▼ by [m%»] BA VRBPuRT, ALLBJI A OU.
9mm MUUJJl, VUffOIICR. OWEN * UHBU «.**aa.i n#w*.
rsrsa Al*va«rnu«<» ll.-ca. N\. 114 Haniitir, Niv Y«*aa
nI HOV, M ill TIIEKs A HI.. A'*- 4* tfftjf
A#»r y»rJt, lumavaiu* tin 'loin.mu-' Auaarv
Chance's English Abort, Crown and <*ijr*tal Plate Window Olaaa
Fluted Olaaa for Fky I ght* On*en Houses. «rt> , etr.
Colored. Ornamental, Optical and Microscopic Ola**
TV* Itondon and N«i.< Imlrr Flatr Olaaa Company'* Thl. k pol
ished plat* tor fitore «Iwloai, A- . Ac
Rough Olaaa for Floor* and J*ky lights.
AtteiilM.ii la lut'lel to the atu.ve vartou* descriptions nf Window
Olaaa In u*e far IMon-a, llw.-lln g., and other pur|«—-« Tlie qual ty
of these article* I# Inferior U» no corresponding d — r i|*tion. and lu
many teepr* ta -uperlor Our Rhret Olaaa Will le found belter than
the French In Its heed, in from Plain. Kut*. Ac
H* tt.tr Agent- for two of the largest Ola*- Manufacturer* in Eu
rope, we are enabled to offer d»al«r* and otl*rr- e*. ry advantage m
prWea and large •kckt Price L*lt will be furnlalM d on application.
1 fftit -l»4*)
■ AIIUHill P. HICK It!* I «| t’bf».'.*r« Nfreef. .V »'..
■ J two.|«**re treat of lludaoti River Railroad lKp4, offer* to liral
er« and Coitsamers his . rl. I.rale-I brands of Fr> n< h Wirtdow Olaaa
•mi favorable term- Parties wishing IrtforrualM.n will be furni*be,|
With price* on n-elpt of their address. Olaa- cut to ariy desired
pattern, and parked free of charge *».r. Iff!** It—j
981 i he 1,00mm i
V. %. PATENT ’ItlCIM.I. loni'ANV,
1M> Timur-.* Htrut. N Y.,
OOLl’MNH. PKDKPTAL*. Ac , in Amnia. Hrocatelle. and all
Ital an Marble* Thi* article, which la a preparation of Marble I>uat,
chemically combined si h mineral rotor*. *o a* t«. la- moulded min
any form and c«4«m. by which a marble ran hr manufactured at Ira
*b in half the coat of the • oaiutoti material, while it excels It In dura
bildy and beauty I’nllke Marbieta*d Iron and n|*te. there i* no
surface work, the rotor running Into tlie mass of the material, while
no varnish I* u«rd to give a temporary lieauty to the surface. Man
tle* front #4 to Apt Tahir Top*. Ac . equally clteap.
R'ghta for the JYiinnArcferr nmJ Akafr of above for the different
Rtab *, which will ensure immense returns to those interesting lltetii
•elves. Information furtnslied on application to
PETEK KEN NIK. I Vest, lent, or
JtwarM It as tb-retary. NKW YORK
1JT—[».?»•] _
|NOR Mm ng Pur|*»se*. and f«»r (gulling Charge#, both In wet
r and dry Masting, of four different kinds Tlte citon arid hemp
Fuse; also, (lie alngtr and double Tape W ater Fu**
Manufacturid and sold by OI.K.NN PITMAN.
HR l.lherty *l . New York.
| fff Or*|er» promptly filled for all kind* of Onn Powder, of thr
most approved brand*. Edge'* KxhihiUonal Fire-Works, Ship Stg.
nal*. A A t
<1 RENtlKI.E IIOM . A ffRglir N
M manufacturer of the finest llcmp- a cheep ^ #
and t-arellcnt sul**<itulr for Lralher and Outta per
cha It is especially rrc..mrarti<lo| to Planter*. Nurserymen, Fire
Ooinpaniea, SteamlHiats, Manufartorte*. Dwelling*. Ac. It cutl*
les* than half the price of leather. i« lighter, stand* a* much pressure
U as duraide, and i» lint subjected for its pie*ervatioii to tlie expense
of tilling or greasing, nelliter is It injured by fr«*t
For sale and orders for Importation received in •!**•• from 1 to T
ltid»e* in diameter.by Cl IA HUM LF1N7.MANN, M Cedar *i . New
York. Where certificate* uf its su|«erior qualities rail h>- examined.
fr..m Alfi»-d Oarson, K*q . Chief Engineer oltbe Nr« York Fire l»e
pMlincnt , from Janie* M.Parlan. K*q , Chief Flngim-er of the I’n on
F« riy C«.tnpaii>, and also from off*. ial authentic* of some of tlie large
S I’ 1;I N w A Y & SONS,
MAM IMITIHEKS. s4 Aftl) 88 Walker SlrrH.
xa*a BXntuvtT, nxw ruas,
UE.ApK4TFI-l.lv .all lh. - ' “ | ‘ HirffTfr Ml
t«. Iheir sph ndid assortment of sun grand *ml
square Pianos, whk It, f**r Volume of tone, rludt.it> off f # If!
pnich, Im kui) uf Hindi, and ever) thing that renders a Plain. perfect,
are unsurpassed Tliey were awarded the First Premium lor both
kind*, in • o*«i|M titton aithilic iu«>«t di-tiiigui«he-| makers from Bo»
ton. Ptilladrlphia. New York and Baltimore
NKW Tllll Mi'll Hraixwav A N.m* have just liven awarde«l the
First I'remiiiin 0«u i» WabiL foyer all • .»ni|M-t.ior*) at the late Fair of
the A morn an Institute, Crystal Palace, for Ho si_-r Plano Fortes
.els If l< to I
3d Maideu Lane. New Vork,
%| "i urn hi its in -i in: « mu tt-nn.
Baltlmirr l»* pot, » C. Pratt 'kr.-et.
»»h ■ ly H*iwti'ii In |M.t. 14 Howard Street (▼ a.)
M II I I I I 1,1 I >. II KOI III KN A to.
l>rti(«. Paint*. UUr, Hyp*, IVrltiiut ry. iu-„
I 70 Wit / i V STMKT. Xnr Yuri
INVITE tire attention of tf*c trade i.. tie ir I arm* and varied «to« k
of llrufi, Paint*, thL. perfumery, ke , Ae
In addition to their regular importation ..f Staple Drujr*, tlo-y an
rreeltinf, direct from the *outcc« of production and manufac
ture, «upplt.-« of Tooth, IIa»r and N ill Hru-U. «. Itrunae*. (\»rk%. Mor
tar*. Sponge*, french au«l KaflUli Perfumery, lathin'* ivtr*. t- and
many other artlehi usually embraced In Druortat*'«to< k», whirl,
they are aloo enabl'd »«• offer on tire liloflt .nlv alllafi-nu* term
Order*, eMiter in priM.ii or by mail, will receive prompt attention
tlAiiH INI! |||DD|!\({(
nkar our sup, sr:w vork,
/Atrt con*tnhtly h.tinl, «j#««/ nmnuj'itrturr to order%
for .11 u.., .i,,l „l r'rry ,l.-,iraMr ,i,lr .n,| quality.
Tliry wutil.l r*|,- rl.lljr . .11 .Itrnllotl In ll.rlr Ulirqu.11,.1 f., Ilitira
riihivi; ou i'kimix.
SPICES, he., he.,
.11 of which (lory furnlab to or-lc-r, In Itir mo.t .|>prorril ,(ylr dr
•lyn .n,l print my, .n,| will, qukk .li.p.l, 1,
Abo Importer* and IK-.lrr* la
and vrariou* kind* of Thread and Twine, butli Linen and Cotton, of
whiA'h we are recti*Inf continual ftuppltc* jy*4> ly
hoi M ki i i i ks %m» iii: ii i:itsi
71 Fulton Street, aud 71 Beckman Street, If EH YORK,
■ JKINTJPAI. Office, In* Front Street. Saw Yokl, Factory. N..*
I Sd. 87, and t* llu'Kin Street, Jrraey City. The Proprietor* of
Uiia loiijr and wril known
Continue to prepare the leit rhttrmdt'euUcol ftdc*l*r* in u«e, for
ralalnf Bread, Biscuit. Tea and other Cake#, a.* They »|-., prepare
Muataid, Coco*, and many .4her article* of d:*ily u#t iii every unit
ly. whieh they offer upon tin* tuo*t reasonable term*. Catah^rue*
•rnt to dealer# who rr«jue«l them.
)y«t> ljrl»*#] R. II A J Cl. IBIIAM.
N II Coimumer# adviwd to inquire for ll<>r« Miii> aril. I. .
Mimiii: u. i timmi,
M E H C 11 A N T TA I 1,0 It,
Mi Brttit/miy, ottpotii* Si Sichoioa H*4tl.
—14 l«■* nm\ YORK *
“ IbM It % b< F o> IJru.w
ofr * 'It •• .vr.4 r/OSKfrS HA l.l.r Ho. 91 /V.aW •//•<**,
lll'Ntfiikll, VI
U W. KNOWI.KP. Agent.
Dr A PNKAD. Medical A.lvlwr.
Capital January t«t, W»6 . . 0
Paid dividend* during yrar ISftft . I4I ,*Nm M
Total amount of dividends paid to date f 71.*».499 M
Total amount of claim* l»y death U. date IJCttiJMlH h|
-9,rtf.9.4*l An
All profit* go to Ihr I. mi red Dividend* are made annually, and
paid while the Ill'll red i* living II w K , Agent
N It Plavr* iti«urrd from one to four year* in the Albemarle In*
wirancr ('oapany. fr|a
■ In tM.oiiy ,n.l»l.i,-h wr w. r«. of i.i. ibr rdilsr.. Iiavlnf
noiiflrii thr piiMlc lh»i li wnuM Iw tllwonllnuril Ultrr il» I.t ,.f
January, wo ukr Oil, MrOnal ..f Infurinuiy ihr M.ilh al firhllo
that Wr will ronlinuo lo inl.li.li a Journal lo hr ralhil Iho MONTH
i,v nrPTHORcricr and mkihoa. kkiuktkh. wm. r, .,n i* t,,„.
•■I promptly on Ihr !■< of rrrry month. Thr Br.l No will Iw iuuml
on Ihr I.i of Januarr, KA. Tlir Journal will l>r our indlrnlurl In
lrrprl*r an*l Wr .hall rmlrafour lo r.o.l.r It worlhy of Ihr patronayr
hrrelofnrr tilrn.lnf hi Ihr caurr of Mr.llral Journal!,ni In Ihlf
| **»<•- (IOODRIDUR A WlljhiN M. D.
PRbMH wiharrihrr* would inform lie cabinet manufacturer*, piano
| forte maker*, arid otlirr* of »M* city and Vicinity, that they
have « prned a yard with suitable huildlng*. at No }I70 W a*h)ngton
Pfrrrt,in the r-| y „f Nrw York. where the* have on hand alarg<*
and vrry *n|irrlor it.« i id the flnt-.i wood to be found In the United
•late* Mmffrr,
lfWi.»*»» ft. Ane and rttra fine r«**eWwnd veneer*
fW»,i«et ft d<> do mottled mahogany veneer*,
ft. «hi malt gany «htdrt| veneur*.
ft plain do do do
CfiJ**• ft mahttgaity crotch veneer*, varlou* *.*ea.
IW*.ihvi Inf do draw* utl vrnerrt
pn.tHMi ettri line mahogany, do do.
Vt.iHRi ft fine Mi*tered figure.I walnut, do.
4m i*m ft mtdiletl do do do
fUi.tMNi ft walnut crotch Veneer*, draw hull *'«e*.
M,'*** f| do do do varlou* do
ypi.iuai ft lint and evtra Ane ••tin Wood veneer*,
ft Rel»r* vvnrrr*
47.»**> ft turletl Rt>d bird'# *W#map9# veneer*.
T7jR«* ft *e*«r>nrd ro*ewood. mahogany, and «atln wood
hoard*, plank, and Joist of all iMrlnm Piano ami Cabinet Wool
ding*, • **' dlBrfrt*l patirrn*. all at vrry low price*, and npt>n a* fa
vnraMr term* a« any other establishment In tlte country Order*
Will l*e II lie 11 Wltblhe Utmo*t rare and di*pat< h
HAWRj* A W I l.|.omII|tV.
No Jti'i Washington Pire*t, between Hearh ami North Mo.re •«
apP tldm New Toyk City.
t>M'i 1 n p 11 oi 1: n 11 i:u*i h ind
A ▼ I
popular mi« htfre, wh». h ha* rn» aaprrlfl* We *.*|. it early orders to
1 prevent disappointment, a* We ar» making a limited number of
I them (ipl*l HAI DW IN. CAHDWn.l. A INI
F|NII MTllHtirn »*•. % N Tl HAtH We have . won
I hand a good *upplv of C H IK-Burg*# No I A turnon I a ted Pu
I per Phnephate of l.lme. and from •«* peculiar adaptation to Tobareo
Icropa, and the many *ati*f*ctory raprr.ment* that have been made
with it,In manr portion* of the Plate, we feel no beattalion In ad
vtatng planter* to u* it In preference to Peruvian ttuano, at prewnl
price-* Being ante Agent* fur the m*tntfa< turer In thl* city, p**r*«.n*
wtotting t<* us it can hr *e*ured of getting a genuine article from »*
apTf P MctmrDPH'P P<»NP
IfrOM T A III ». hi tINIM imiiVN '1 diet. f,.r k
king and boding with Ht'le fuel and with little beat tn the
kitchen Paprcialtf adapted t« the want* of amal? fsiailirr Al*u
Porlabte Ovrn*. »>>d entirely new article in thi* market and highly
recommended he iho«e who have n*rd them, IwW rm-lfol and for
•ale at PTABlirmt PToYR PTORR, 144 Main *treet, near R*
change Bank apt)
Win • i 1 m \ iimv v
While Urten Duck Panta, of vart<ui« grade*. in Wore, and for
I *a»e at moderate price* KKI N. BALDWIN A CO
RRf Ob •' bb' lit Rt No* 9 to l*» Ineluaiee, in store and foe
▼ ▼ *a»eby O J N|NTt>N 4 CO
malA Ptgn nf the Ctrrwtar Paw. 71 Wain *t
Hill ^ ruurr.iP NiiKr.mi hmw,
B B Kb r tl APIrtug Broom*, receli it!* for «*le hv
ANDREW winds
AMKKK 'A X. < A .Vil 1>/A X. KVRuVKA X A WKs T IXlflKS
So. 188 ,V«imh.i Stmt n+rt ihmtr ft* «¥>»***. j Bunt
m:» vokk, HM>:nn a mm riusprok.
rn II »: % »« i »■ s rns PHikinu tinSm-m
■ I hi. Ilnr ,f» th, WkkMINOTOS. Ca'.t.ln K -?£r##TV
Curni , HKRS.-X. Hhw»«-. ~ 11, Eh ‘
These »u »inert tin|i at Buuthaaiptoo, both |ulbg
and returning
From Bouth
From From amplon for
New York Vlo-inen. New York.
Aifur.bv Sutur.taf tv
Mtatstsv . Jm> it Frb’y A Frb’y 8l
V* ArtMiauTt* r,V| 88 Mmr.-l.-n Mar YC
lUaUtsa Mar l, rt Aped IV April 81
W i RiruT.li April IF IT May 81
l|taw«»« . May IT June I« June la
WaaMiauTna June 14 July 19 July 14
Haw www July 18 Aug’t 9 4ug’t I*
VtsNitbtiu .. Aug't 9 Bept'r C BeptV 1u
Haawts* r Bepfr t Ocfr 4 lb >
Wikummi .IK t’r 4 NarV 1 Nov'r 5
■wun N<. v'r I N..r r || In1! A
W a-mi ««<T'»• . Noy'r 89 Dw’r 9T l*re> 81
Fi4*ppmg at MoutlkimpluK. both going and returning, they og. r
pawriip-r*. proceeding «> L.n«l<n and Havre, advantages over any
other route, for the economy of time and money.
rtMAita raoi atw i.ri w. sum a arms agn •acuui
Flr*t Cabin. Main BaJoon, flAn, First Cabin, Lower *alo»a, |11«,
Second ilo |Al
All letter* and newspaper* must pa>s O.rougti the Post Oth. e
No hills of lading will hr signed or parcels fs< rived on the day of
IfC An eipertenced Burgeon Is attached to each ship
For freight or passage, apply to C H BAND.
II Bouth William at . New York.
C 4 HKINEKKN A CO.. Bre.um,
CKGBKRY A OO . Bouthamptoa
jtlT ty(WJ_WM IHKLIN. Havre
«Ti: % 91 HI 1 11 I I >
KIHNIII'KGIIC-.ton., - . . Mi Crua.au -
NEW YOKK. *|!tu •* ... Knar t'anu
Gl.ABGOW, 1908 “ ... JOMS DtBCAB
The Glasgow and New York Bteamahip i'oiupauy Intend satin.g
their new and powerful Bieamcr* from New York fur Glasgow, as !
KIHNHEKUII, Baturday, ITtb May, at 19 o'clock nooo
kATBM og PASsiAQg.
First (*laa«. .|7ft.
Tt r,| Class, found with . mI4 provision* $Jkl. •
An eipertencrd Burgeon attacbed to each Bteamer
For Freight or Paaaage, apply to JOHN McHYMON,
IT Hroadway.
New York City Bills or Gold only received for Passage
dell—dly _
J A.91 KM T. I.I MlaA ( Om
Wh-'I mil DkaLkkiA
Paaa-riVAau aspI.bhu.m Ziac. Niiimlai U«p A ( ••'« CnniATto
PiAiLApsirNiA Wait* I.ssd. f * Ijvm a O.'a Oil., a*. Pa in,
grv , sau H C. Httast a A CoV *t ra**.* Varbiiuibs
so. iv. ma/nes / amr. sew rose
orru i the i
tN>M M I.vm »\Fit OK I.OTTFKIK* i
Hsltimoms, April la. 1afi4
F19IIK undersigned. CommUsloner of Lotteries uf the Btatr .. Ma
■ ryl%tid, hritig in receipt daily of letters from various port.utis
of the country, making inquiry as to Lottery 8rhmn wlih which
the country is ILmmIciI, and winch |.ur|»ort to l«e *de. id—I by th. i
drawings of the Maryland (huts..!,dated Lotteries," takes this meth.«I
to answer all such letters of Inquiry, and inform lie p Idk that all j
D.itmes purporting U. hr decided by the Maryland Drswtng-ar
groaa fraud- ; that certain part.es who style liiemsHve* M..rri« A
Co , and pretend to he Managers ..r B..lr Agents Cur the Grand Char
ter ladteries at Cleveland. Glilu, are impostor*, and -aid lottery a
fraud, having neitirer legal ..r presumptive eiistej.fr. and that am.
ther BrlMiuuk firm, styled Murry g Co . Cleveland. Ohio, are also
tiuposiora, and all lotteries win. h tl*ey profess it. Ire managers or
agents for. are al*.. frauds
KICII 4 Kh KK4NCK, of tin* . |iy, l* the Contractor for drawing |
the Maryland lotteries Tlie im»M*nh Is conducted under the 0rtu .
of K FK4NCF A Cfl . as Manager- and t|H y hate m. Mde agent- ...
Il»r 1 it Jr «>V Tie-re are, I. • WrT*»rv moot forty I M r *•««-. I Vet* |
der* tor like Male of Maryland, who derive license under him. ,
through tin* office,tu aril tickets in il»** Maryland l/ Umr,
n. ii m« 1*11 aii.,
• !►*»—Amtw ) Comuiis*loner of l*>Urrtr* for ll.e ftutr ••« M-l
m.1IMIIM. iihiis BAFFIN Hinikh or %•.«.
r KIND*, and a Complete %*aortuient of Tackle in General
TIIE Gill.I) MEHAI , yTJtr liifliMt pertuiuiu.I «»• awarded at thr
latat Exhibition of ti*e Atuern an ln-tilule tod A J O CONROY, N -
ft.'* Eultou Hi N Y
For thr heat Rods, Reels, kc . J A J C. C. offer to Merchant*.
Dealers an.l Amateur-, the largest and aio*t coiuplrte a-sortiucfil
of lf*e above articles wmdrsal* and for private utr, at very reduced
All orders puncdually attended to. Merchants will rind it to their
advantage to inspect the *t.M k, which W ill he Sold to accomodate
purchasers. Net* Reins, Fykes, and Netting of all kinds. Machine
and hand in id
h * I I I' % A >> T <1 |« A f I O ,
MAM EAtTI'Rt.lt,
No 12 Chatham street. War Ytrk,
Ssnocm IS hotauii, oftrt f. r sale all
“ kinds of *NUFP and T«»ll \CCOS In general use K..r partiru
Urt, ft hUCi ITIkiit can l*e obtained l.y a-hire%amg asshove —
This Kataldid.oient U iM>e of tire oldest of the kind Ira the I’ntird
»f*Gea maU-ly (W )
IIIIII A It Y OF \% I I , HO MAM i A M) It At I
A NE>*, being translations from the | renrh, n« w edition, hrau
tlfully illustrated. Catalogues sent free, on ench>»-ng a tl.rrr rent
stamp to || 8. «. 8MITII k 00 ,
B i Nil, Xvt I I F o.
JA*. C. MI NT A DANII.I. II. Ill NT have con
nected themselves under the firm of Hl’NT A BUG., for con
ducting a general Commission Business, ami have taken an office on
Virginia, between Cary street and the Danville Depot, \rear of Messrs
llarvey. Wood k Co.)
They solicit consignments of Tobacco. W'hrat, Flour, Com. and all
kinds of country produce, promising prompt attention to all con
slgnnients, and quick returns. jsi—1«
P*THE undersigned have united Gieiuselre« under the firm and
1 siyle of McDONAI.D, 8FOTT9 a H ARVEY, for the puriKsrof
conducting In t • city the above business In all its branches They
have taken the large warehouse No. 29 Pearl street, south of Cary,
Vrecently occupied by Hunt and llarvey,) and expect to have in store
in a few days an extensive assortment of Groceries, to which they
respectfully Invite the attention of their friends and the publu gene
rally Experienced mrmhrrs of the firm will givr their attention to
the sale of Produce generally, and to the receiving and fowardtng of
Thr usual advances made on consignment. From long expe
rience In the dtffi-rrnt branches of our business, and by prompt per
sonal attention, we hope to merit a portion of puNic patron***
John c McDonald,
John d iiarykv,
PBNIIK Ann of WAKKKN A PERKIN* .« this day dissolved by mu
M tusl consent Either party will u«e the name of the Arm in j
liquidation All prrsons indebted to us sill please come forward
and settle their accounts. Lotigrr indulgence cannot he given
>oi m
f BNHF undersigned have formed »Co l*artnerahlj* under the Arm
I vof coo
durtln* % < .merry and Cotmuiaah>n tmaineas.
They have taken the houar on I *U», b* t we* n Ma n and Cary streets,
recently occupied by J M HarUnd. Kn* . and will keep constantly ob
hand a general assortment of Family Hroccne*. Wines. U(Ui>n, Ir.,
and will give their personal attention to the sale of all produce en
trusted to their care. K M BURTON,
»-16 ly 0 ( OR promo*
l.lflM 1 It* % M> tori t| ISSION Ml IK II IMS,
an tiMosn, va ,
HAVP. and will keep in store, an evtentire »*ar*rtment of ORO
I’kKlfc*. to which they respectfully invite the attention of their
frauds and t|»e public, in want of g>>«Ml# In their line.
Parti* ular attention will lie given t«< tlie sale of country Produce,
and to receiving and forwanlmg Merchandise.
The usual advances made on consignment#
_ _ _____ JRO.jB.0POm
wu a uaais, of Charlotte. man « iw>a*>a, Richmond
PKoiU i K < iUfM/SN/O/V MKKi ’HA .V 7X
J*o. Hook*,, I.t* nf ll* Arm of Hookrr A W.tklnt, Ail*«tnin.
IwlMitmif * mTin t n.a
To tw ..huinnl In l»r*» or •m.lll^utniiito,. with Jlr*o
lion* for u. rr,. of llw prlnrltMl llnwor. .Fid
DnnMr 'hr.nikto’ni llw rnlir<l Kf.ir,
r v. T * k cmim.
f*Tft .Uni [P ] N«w Yolk
UAf now on hand, at d offers for sale on lil*e,al tern**, the most
fashionable, hrst made and chrapest *«««rmrnt of
reapy-hadk r lotii l no
fjr.NTl.»:rf»**•* f f IInI*Mini; i.ootss
to he found In Ihe rltf. embracing every approved style and juality.
M»# goiHls are made up from the moat choice patterns of French,
Pngliah and Herman importations
Hentletoen wishing Ini Clothing are Invited to ealt and evatnine
hi* at««cfe tp!7
I. % Mill N *i:n»*.
▼ ▼ RPT All.
• arsasnr*-White Otant. I.aaa barge Broteh
Aam'Woaa large Okd»- Waiow-Hreen (Nimn ; Pine
Hat as l.srge lima, small do %pt»W* . Nutmeg
Red Cranberry. * srlet Runners. Watir Minn -finest kind
Hr. ad Winder I Naeriavirw
Ha »r Its«ss Party Yellow B<« MrsrtBD Black and White
We* ks. do W.*haak . «• Chin*. ! livmt «Hr» r Rim \t i,,«f
d<» Valenti«»e , do Half M -»n . I* Mural . Yrlh.w and H—l
Rehigee |t«i to one . Red I'rsn ! Oast
ksrr.r Pass Pvlra Parlv . Parly
B*rr Parly R.I Turnip Mar Washington . do Frame
Rooted do Yellow do; long .h» Char Mon . hear' Blur Prtts
Mood . French Bngar . Mangel j stan . do Marrowfat , Pi shop
W oris* i Dvarf paM
PtHsNUi Purple Cape ; Whita I* • t * a i f » long feumth
Cape , French ; Huernsry
('isstoa Parly York . Urft Ptaturv Cwrle«l
do. Parly Rugsr l^vaf. do Ratter Paerva l*nr,c Pelt or Rvtll
•ra . do Oaheart , Flat I hit h , j N«we , Tomato sha|>ed ; Cay
IWutw Mead . l arge R. rgen . | rnne
Hreen Car led Bare y Drumhead Pi sms large Yellow field
Bavoy ; Red Dutch for Pickling ' Rwr««aa Victoria
Cat ttrt.wsws Parly amll Ratmtan long Bear let . Bhort
L*te I Tow; Bcarlet Turnip , White .In,
(‘mu White Build, Red do, | Yrttnw JL. long feint..t. Black
t'aaa. r long Orange early BftanNh
Motn ; 4ltei«*wh»m , Wh le Field j H«uurv or Vegetable Oyster
Clllt Curled or Pepper ■ I Plant
graaa Pritti It and Leaved
Crerwaaas farly frame, do Burasw Parlv Rush Bell
fNwster. Iioag green, Ifong Hreen T uito barf, fol, A. fel
Bo thgate . Hhrrkin low. Fgg
Oma Parlv Bugar do Taw a Traare Farly flat Ifotch do
mva . rfo Yellow R-d Ton l.argu White Norh.lk
Fatuva Hreen (Nirled WMir H!ot*e, g - u Bags Date's
Ron Pi tut Hybrid
K Biberlan Curled M • a ■ g - Anniw Carr- way;
l.rrvrcr Pr*val White Mead. ; l ave»»»l. r , «w*,i *«.ti R.mw
Ice Dr.imhea«l . Br.*wu Did. h . may . Hage Bummer ifovory .
Cwrlr«l India orCtf* I Bweet Marj«*rum . An.
•r* wu rALMia
MAI.TI tfoif ■: I.M Ik IIOSHI IAI.,
dk. Johnston
.■.Mr PtlL'NDKK ol thl* orl'ti!kU-.l lo.Dtulioi, 'l|.r. th. Bull
m crtatl*. .powiy mud ..nty rtf-. tu.l Mi«li m th. • Id f.„
raciurr dukams,
t.m,..rrt..». ttlwrU. Mrlctum. tkmmul M.**„.*., |^,n,
CouMItutlonal Itrblllly, Itupotrory. Wrak,^.. i th. Ka< . . Lm.l..
A*«-tlon. or tb. Kidt. y. Palpitation . t lb. low . ' „
'"l-Ahll.ty Wk.k. odh. H.ad, Throat. N,a J"k.u vi.d .1
U.«Me «rrtiiua and lucMnrt,.4y liaordm arteing from t»4. ru
haMu «.f youth, which de«roy both M®ly ami mind . TJ «• «rr
and —IMary practice* ar- more fatal to thr.r victim* than th*
of tl^ *yrren# to tb- tntrlnerv of f ly **. . Mightinr t|,e*r w.„*t trll
liant hope* or anti. ipat®.i.*, render.ng marriage. 4, . I. t4M.|t4r
toi;*u ken.
evprcially, who have he,..me the vi. tie.* of *«4i«arv .that Area 1
ful ami de«tru.tlve habit wh-h annually «wvp* p. 4l.
grav. thousand* of young nrn of the tu.»«t -lailed talen.* uial l.j .1
Itant it.telte* t, who might »ih. rwi*» have entranced livurning .^uai
• ith the thunder* of tinfilnw, or vak il to e* atm y U*e living Ivre
may call with full «-on (hie m e 9
Marrk.1 P.ro,.... „r You..* M.t. ci.b-uipUtiup VUrrl.f.. Win)
,“f *•-»»"—. ttryai.t. Ikt.d.ty. Drfurudtb-., k
hriuth votHtUt Itr. Juhnatun. and b. r..t,,r..l to p»rtr.
Il. wt.o pturc Mmk-ir under th. car. of Dr. Johnrton n.ay rvl
rtotwty ruMt in hi. honor a. a *-t,tl. man, and cot.bl.tiUy rvli
upon hia aklll aa a phyat. Ian # *
Immediately cured ami full vigor rvau>r*d
■ T1,“ 'Oh. eoally 0,0.1 frequently pal l by ihwur w|.„ hwv,
bccnuwrlbv victim, of Improper Indulp-Dcc* Imh pcro.n. *rv t..
apt to commit .loan from not bcm« a.ar. uf u.. dr. vl'.il -rnfi
qiicoc- that N..», .ho that und.rK.nd. tb. .ul^., i
.III pr.tcud to deny lf..t th. p,..r .rf Pr.^r.at, n .. hot a.,,, I,,
“*“** full"** Into "opr. p.r habtu than by ttir prudent. Ik.,.! .
deprived the pl.a.urr of healthy „S.|,rl„f. tb. mo.t »rl..u. at,,
deatructive aymptnm. to both b..ly and ralnd artM The ayKei.
be.....w. derane-l. Unr phy.lrat »nd mental pnWc. We.krnnd, her
Vou. debility, dy.pep.ia, palpitation of tb. hwwrt. lotllMUoa a .a.
tin* of ilk frame, couch, lymptom. of con.utnptiou. etc.
Dr JoHSMTllN i. the only rqrular Pbyalclau atmtUa. to cun
Pn.ute Complainu. III. rvmvdk-. and Utattnrnl are entirely ui.
known to all utlerra. Prepared from a life .petit ID the *reat tio'Oi
tal. of Kitrope and the ArK in tht. country, rla . t.o*lkn<l. Prance
Die tile* klry of Ptilladetpbla, Ac., and a more e itnuTr preatn e that
any Ollier Pl.yMctat. In Die World- III. many Wondered cure, aid
mo.t important durglcal operation, arr a .uAh b-l.t *uar.ntee to t|„
alAhted Thowc who w,.t. to b. .pcvldy and efcctuall) r.llevr.l
jbould .bun Die numrruu. trtfll,.* i.„p.,.tcr., ,h» ollI/ ri4ln
health, and apply to him
, 0rrM*r^" : '*0l TI‘ I'KPDKKICK PTREKT, Irft hand .idc *n
Ing from Baltimore vtrret, arven d<x>rv from tike corner
Itr Me particular In oUervm* tt.. name and number, or you wil
tnl.take ti»e place. '
j TAKK SUTICK—Obverve the name on the door and Win
Kemher of tfir R va) College of *urgeori«, Ix>ndon, graduate fron
one of u*e rnovt eminent College, of the I n.led *tates, and the greatei
)**} °! ***** “*» ^ ,*^r» ‘n *he llo*pitalv of London, Pan
rlolaurlphia and eiwwhf-rr, ha* effr-cted voiue of the tnovt avtotilvh
mg cure* that na* ever known Many troubled with ringing In t» *
ear* and head when a*l~-p, great nervouvne**. iwtng alarmed at *ud
d»-n wunda, and b*ahfu]:.e**. with deraugetumt of mind, were curev
Wl.et. thr ml^ulded and imprudent votary of piearorr And. b<
I,a. itublbv.1 tbv k-d. of ltd. painful dltr.e. it too ufu,, bappru
that an ill limed mwd thame, or dread of dik uv.ry, drier, bin
fr*»m apfdying to tliu*r who, from relocation and re*pect«bility, « at
alo?ie befriend him, deigyn.g till tl*e ron«titutl«>nal *y mptoui* of the
horrid ‘j******* make their apfaenrance, *u«-h a* ulcer«u-d vore throat
divraae.1 nove. uokturnaJ pa.xv In the bead and limb*, diimie*# ..
•Ight, itearnev®, ii.wirA on tl»e •itln hone* gnd artu*. Mwtrhev oti Um
beml. (a r ami etiremiUev. pr.arre.dir.g with frightful rapidity, till a
la*t tlie palate of the tuoutii or the bone* of the m«e fall in ami tie
victim of tLi« awful di*ea*e im u(nn a horrid olge. t ..f emmivera
pula a prrh®j b. hia dre«*lful au&rrtugs, by tendtni
**Ttiat l»ourne from whence no traveller return*.•*
To aoch, tlierrforv. i»r JUIIN*TUN pled**** him*e|f to pre*erv,
tlnr tnoat invl.4aide ve* re. y, and. fr.*tu bi* eiu-n*ivr practU'e* in tl.*
Br*t l|..*pltal* In lUir. p. and Amem a, he . an confidently rer.,*,
^*»d *,^ly cure u> the unlortuiiate victim of thia l.orrP
It I* a melancholy fact that thouaanda fall victim* to this dreailfu
c«k<uplaliit, owing in the un«kilfulncma of ignorant pretender*, who
by tt»e uar of that dreadful poi«on. men ury, rum the « oii»iituti-.i.
and either amd il»e unfortunate •offerer to an untimely grave <.rei»«
make tin* residue of life uler.Mp M ’
I>r. J aiftdrvsae* all ihoa* vL t.»«r injured U„-uj*rlve* hr i.rival,
and uupr.>|» r mdulgen
These are •..air «.f the «ad and m*-l«r>eholy effr.u pr.«!uced by ear
ly liamu of youth. Th W.*kt*e«e of th* Rack and I. ndn». pan, ir
Uie ll-ad. t»ituu*~> of Sight, (sou «.f Mu« ular p.ser. Palpitation ..
the Heart, Uy*prp«ta, VrVou* IrraOIrtluy, |w-rang« in. nt of the |».
feaiivt Kun. t.oiia. (teneral IVt.illiy, Sympn.iu* »»l a,
Tl»e fearful eCerta on th* mind are much to le dreaded, L>u of Mr
taory. t onfuvu.ii of Idea*, IVjireoloti of KpirU*. E» d K..re*»Mi.i*g*
Averskui to Su-iety. Self Hi»tru*l, LoVr of S. I.tode, T.nudity. A, mn
•uOir of the evil* produced
Thousand, of —ts.ui. of all ages ran now judge what is the raw
of their ck'linll.g h.altli In.log their rigor, t-. oiumg acak, p»l.
and ema. iste.1. t.sve • . iirtilar apfe-aran. e ale.ul tbe ryes, cowrl
and symptoms uf ronsuii,|KN.n
t»r those ...nlrmpUlitig inarrlagv. being aware of physical weakness
Should itmuediauly consult Dr. J„hti»u,n, and te rra.ro! n. ierfc
By this great aud important remedy. Weakness of the organs ar,
■— eddy . urr.1, and full vigor restored Thousands of the must irr
ToU" and de-t.ilitalr.1. who bad lost all hope, havr been in.iunllsb-l
relvve.1 All imiaslliueuts I.. Marriage. Pby.K .I „r Mental dlsuuai.'
Acallo. , Nervou. Irrltallur... Tr.-mbiingv and M'euklms, . reahau.Uol
of the most fearful kind. Speedily nirel by Dr JolitiMon
who hare injure,] ihemsrlvcs by a rertaui practice Indulged in whel
alone— a habit frequently learned from evil r>.mpahiuns or at school
the e*eeu ol whirl) are nightly felt, even when asleep, and. If no
cured, renders marriage impo.siblr, aud <W»tr.,y. both nuud an,
ho-ly, should apply Immediately.
Hl.ai a pily that a young man, ll.e hope of his country, and th,
darling of his parents, should he snatched from all prospects and rn
Joem* i.l* uf life, hy the consequences of deviating from the path o
nature, and indulging In a certain secret hah.l. *uch persons, befor,
should reflect that a sound mind and body are the most necessari
requisites to promote connubial happiness Indeed, without these
trie Journey through life becomes a Weary pilgrimage the prosper
hourly .tarkrns to the slew; the mind becomes shadowed with dcsnai
and ailed with the melancholy reflection that the happiness of anotb
er becomes blighted with our own.
at Mo
N H. L*t no false delicacy prrvrot yoo, but apply t mined iaul*
either personally or by lr<t*r. 9
I# ?KIN DISEASE? spiTiiilj ' ami.
Th* many thousands cured at thi* in-tftutlonlwithtn th* last II
fears, and th* numerou* and important Surgical operation* per
formed by Ur J . viiivranl by the report*** of th* (iipcrt, an«l ruar.i
othvr persons, notices of whk*h tkUVe appeared again and again be
for* thr public, besides In* «tan«Lnf a* a gentleman of rharactei
and responsibility, i« a su Ac lent ruarar.tr* to thr afflicted
It Is with thr greatest reluctance that l»r. JOHH0TON permits hi
canl to ap|>ear U fere th* puMic, deeming if unprofessional f»*r i
phy*iclan to adr*nt*e, but unle«« he dul so, the aft- ted. esprclaJli
stranger* could not fall to fall into the hand* of th* many Impuden
and unlearned Imposter*, with innumerable false names, or combine*
<)uai k*hop*. swarming these large cities, copying Hr Johnston** ad
vertiserimt*. or advertising themsrlvrs a* physician*, illlleratr. shal
low-l.ralne«l fellows, too laty to work at their original trade, will
ararce ten Ideas hry<>nd the brut*, who. for the purpose of entkini
and deceiving, carry on five or *ti oAce*. under a* many differm
false name*, *<i that the afflicted stranger escaping .»oe, is »ure t.
tumble headlong Into th* other Ignorant Quack* with ,u«r
tmuis I slug cert i A%'ate* of great and astounding cures from per««.n
not to be found, who km you taking Urge bottle* ..f Licorice M ate
and other package* of filthy and worthies* compound*, cunning!;
mouth after nu.nil,, or as Ion* as the smallest frr can U obtained
aud, in despair >eav*« you with ruined health.to sigh ovrr your rail
inf •lisapiM.intiuent
It it this motive that induce* Dr J to advertise, for he alone eai
rare you To iIm»*v unac'iuainted with l.iv rrpulation, he J*«ms \
to say that his credential* or diplomas always hanf In ht
No letter* received wnle«# |m*t paid, and rontafnlny a stamp to tx
used for the reply Person* writ inf *h«>uld state afe. and send th*
portion ..f ndvvrtiarinrnt dem rilnnf symptoms. apil—dly
/'Mart* LiiDLVT. ir*4an r. a<>ata*>>v
•.4IDI.FT A 1(orii>so>.
OPFFK to country phyucian, and famd r. a perfectly n
•< i »«« «- k para ml reliable medicines. M
k*Mk« with Sl'MMna'A laeT.rii.tT-.. hMIMn, E.t. . TW
Hnitm. and all other thing. In the drug III*-, which the, will tm
•ellon iRie hr«t terms
tw~ Chen.lcal and Pharmaceutical Preparation! made to onto,
and vnt ti any part of the country.
ocIT New Drug ,tore, 4th and rcankllo afreet,, Richmond.
i. ami « a Him:,
71 Mltn Irtfl. AV An...n,/, r.i.
aWTIl.l. gt,c their undivided altct.Hmi |<> all «alc, of Real an.
* ▼ Perwuial Itdalr, talc ..f H,>Mrh, Id Furniture, Stock, ' .o- -.1
Ac , Ac ; alan, apmal attention to aalea on Saturday, af II ra.
Ouwa. Carriage,, Wagon,. Ac , Ac
Alan. keep constantly on hand .he Urgent and han.lantncM itork c
Furniture In la. found In thl, market, constating |n part of—
Malc gany and Remewood War.lrohe,
Do do Martde and Mahogany top Cabinet,
Sideboard, and Waw.,tand.
Splendid Spring Seat Sofa,, Trie a Tete,. Mean, and lounge
Spring Amt Factor, Cane and W Indw.r Chair,
Spring IVd Rocker,. Aeichbi, Whatn.d,
Alo>. a beautiful amortment nf Chamber Sella, together with c
general a«..rtn>ent of H»u«rkrrplnf floods
Tt>e my and country trade are Inn ted to camlne our collection
a, Wc arc determined to mil at a eery small advance on coat
• HO 'IAS It. HI I'll,
A U C T I O N K K R ,
IV ill attend to the sale ot
RRAI. FSTATF, and eecry deerrmti .n of MERCHANDtSR.
JOHN < . tlltrl H,
fgf.a w aarum. , , ,mun
hill MRS A 1ITI It SON.
OPFFR fo, tale a genrra%~or1menl ..f genuine Medh-lnee al
w«,. freah. and a great eanel, of fancy arUrb-,. Perfumers
A'- . at price, aa h.w a, tVy can be t-o.iaH hi the city
i'O ItRCRRS A APPRKSUN. No F>1 Broad ,1
AA I III » M llrUKM.
unuti, ,,n tmtiaa ta
_ Mo lit Jf'ifa dreed. To. jail
lost PH CANNON A « o . .
at c. ,<«••»« To
THOS. J. I AK.soAl v TO.,
liout STRrrr, bait:more, md.
Vw <N lM MISSION MKHCH ANTS, and Dealer.,.. P rk . Ur. I
IV Orders nape, ifnlly solicited jatl Am
• purouia, _ a. ..aa,
sm loti it A ntNNiw,
l»A (Amamer.-t.if .•reef, Swam
DFNAM a m„
R front Street, New Tork .
orstRAi roMMissiov mrr, nanii
Aaecowib A TarVw, Sworn-. I Voorhtau. Origga A Co N O.;
R.d ie,.on W.gni. A Co., •• Dunlop, Monrura A On.,
Rob l H Be,dell A On , N V , | R. hmond, Tad
MAS-dip • Haary OuMa A Ou., ChagtaMua.
[C >rr<^i->«(p»r» af (A» ll'Aiy J
LMOMmiy, KiMuTiuiniiT, Mav II, |KM
<u*nm* : — According to promt. , | take this oppor
tunity of giving yon an impartial ai d accurate account ..f
tiling*, a* vibirwnl by a conservative and law-abiding
\ irgiman In the first place, the appearance ot the coon
ti • an I the habits of the people a tic acted my ailmitiou_
Having iMen accustomed lo .ieuse lurvats of pme, as far aa
tin- eye cmild reach, sun ouiuling my native city, one'a
li-etnig. O. tn-lmldiiig Hie prsinea cannot In* analysed—at
Ir a-l mils could not They eitciul lyelore and around you,
u til they are hrsl in u.e distance. and .Tin only wailing
I.M- the sturdy yeoman, with his plow and yoke ofoirn, lo
make It ter m with the product* ol to- labor; while lu-re
and liter*, emlessoiiied in a small giore ol walnnU or rut
toi--wuod, you will espy the liomely tint hospitable hut ol
an rule,p, idug ptmtit, who cultivates a lew acres, far
hi* immediate wanta, and p,*-c. the rest of the year in
| talking politics and hunting, the mam issue being whether
Kansas shall he a free or a slave State, all other question.
tremg olnedete, and the two partiee designate iK_r'-re.s
Brnder Kulhaa* (Slate Stale) and Blue Be Ike* (Aboli
i lionwie )
Last Mu id ay, the 5th In-*.. Judge lecompt con.ened
the Circuit Court lor the 1st District of the Territory, ami
lu Ills chaige to the iyand Jury, he emphatically told
them that the rebellious and treasonable spirit now p,..,.
alent in tlua Territory must he pul dtAvu, and relerrvd lo
the loul attempt lo assassinate a public officer while in the
discharge of hi. official dutiea. ||e nUo called the atten
tion ol the Jury to the tact that H ere we.e men in the
Temtorr prole*..,,g to he (rover,.or* and Senator, and
othe. I.meers. elected by the people of Kansas, and estate
j lulling an independent government in opposition to the
present existing ooe, and lie loiu them that it was th.-ir
duty as law-alndiug dtiieus, made imperative by their
oaths, to arraign those men brlore the recognized tnhu
nal* oflbe country, and make them suffer tin- just Densi
ties o| the law.
On Tuesday the Court iasued a aubpo.ua for Ex-Gover
nor Keeder, tu appear brlore the Grand Jury, and the L
S Deputy Marshal was tent pout host, to Tecumseh, where
Keeder was in attendance on the ('.M.grew ion.I Com
untte.-, and he refused to come. Judge Lecouipte then
.-•tied all attachment lor In. arr.it, and Die officer pro
ceeded to Lawrence, where the Committee had adjourned
to, and found Mi. Kc-der in tha Committee room, and in
formed him ot the attachment he had against him; wh.-rr
1 upon K-edei told the Marshal il lie attempted to si-rre the
wart ant. he would do il at the ri-k ot his life, and spoke
al some length to the crowd which had collected around
and .bout the room, and a- soon as he had delivered him
-. If of I.I-* |mrtinii ol blood and thunder declamation, he
; Way followed by Sherman in a very passionate an I inflam
unitor v *p- «ch, ai.staining Kr.-d.-r in the lie had
taken, and saying that no ••/.«/, Jrrr.tonal Court" had
the right to arrest Mr. Kc-der, and acknowlcjg.-d |,iui as
the Territorial delegate lor Kansas. and told the Mar-h.l
that they (tlie Committee) hail (Miner to arrest everr rneiii
”r of the Grand Jury and officer of the Court, and send
them prisoners to Washington. As soon as In- (Sherman)
had concluded, Howard, the other almliUon tm uils-r,
"spread" hiuuell, and went even lieyond Sheru.an j« |,i«
■nllalnmaloiy remarks. During the delivery of their re
mark* they Were cheered, and much enthusiasm was muni
h ste.l by the crowd. Mr. I Hive, several limes requested
IHMM of thr-lr Ini-mu— Mr Keeler nut Iming * „>».,ix. d
**,• ,mlu,"‘r «* tmngres-, and *», oulv allowed free pri
vilege- through courte-y, and rot by whereupon.
Mr. Keedcr very indignantly lohl Mr. Ol.rer tl.al no man
eallmg himarlf a lawyer would 1 lave give,. ««h an opinion.
.n»» Ilia* UlAltrr with flit* coiuuiilU*«* r*^*tn ai proneut
Tl... morning the Uepuly Mnr-hal -ummoned a poaae id
aeveuty -five men, and inarched again to Lawrence. Thev
are all aimed in the true Kansas style-revolvers, bowh
knite and ride—and 1 expect that they will have a skii
| ?,,d th«y »ve not strong enough to arrest the
, outlaws the t.oven.or will Ire obliged to call out the mill
I ‘,a- a,,d th**" “ w,l> iu a free fight. The excitement
IS Very great, buslneea being partially suspended on account
ol it, ami nothing is bea.d but the poppmg of guns anJ
' pisbd-. and men go lull, armed, not knowing at what uio
uieiil they luay be attacked, a- it was reported that a troop
, ol l*«»t*iice cavalry was within six miles of this place
yesterday drilling. 1 util this difficulty ,s sealed, no man
would ike to bring In- family here, and ol course it re
' tard- the growth of the Territory.
Hu the subject of wages, I have not much to say. If
good caipcnters and wheelwrights would come out thev
: ra'“ a!‘ «"•«■•« vinpl •vmeut a- thev wish at good wages
> a,,J 1,0*rd al five dollars'a week AL-o -u»m’
I mason, ami farmdiaud,; but there are enough ol the
' ilioiies out here now, lor the good of the Territory 1
have seen some thirty or forty printers lounging itwui
r °,.“1 "d*"‘8 b. do any thing; and I hope that thing
will calm down soon, and all will be aupphed will, wurk
II not, the hotel keep- > are bound to
Being in a rough Country, I write this in a rough atvle
on a piece of plank,—my ink bottle being between tnv
leet. to keep per-ou- Irorn trea ling on it, and paper it
I loo expensive an article to copy a letter ou.
You.-, 4c.,' J. T. C.
P S There is a party of some ninety South Carolinian#
just come in town, -aiung for orders to go to Law
, rence. Also, luu of Biilord's men. (jay times expected
__ J.T. C.
rWr-e/rsnirfewc# o/ m WKig
Moan-iaray Warn ScLrava. May l»th. Kd.
KttiUtr* ##/ R, \r/tund IT
I avail myself uf a few menu of leisure allowed me before the
depsrlure of Ibe cars. n. S ,1 you a Hue or tw.. about this place |r
ha. undergone a complete irai.sfurtasilon since the Iasi season -
TT.e .mprn.eu.eat. made „ ,h. wonder ami admiration », ee.ry
twb ider *lovfro9ot super*, cottages baa bean erected on the up
fs>sue Side ..f the lien, corr- pondm* position. style and flmsh to
Shell'7 ;rr /'“' 7“I T '**' >»"*«" have ■>«" elegsnuyflie
Irhia lawde sa l mil. anJ pre, . must picturesque appraranra -
, The round, in froul of the buildings hare been cleared off- la d ou,
III walks finely amide.I. slid ..it. .merited with<Trey esriely of ah.de
trees, common to these mountain forests. These trees hare been
vran.plamed by the prop, let, r. a. vs., „|,ns. and are now coeer
tin e, '‘l. 'U,Ur*,'t : 1 'f' Tb, proprietor, hare .parol
anther trouble aor expense U. ol spring th,. place ro lalls tl.oo
ton’lUn*al'lei' hrd'hL''|r ' m. T’" ' h»" h-*-11 t»Uimrd salooas.
ten pm alleys, and bath houses iu«. .n.tly large t„ accommodate any
I ..under of visitor# The Ha. I ha, abi be," much improe^J
ornameniedi-th. ball-room, h, ih. way, „ . perfect gem' a cur u
mil lr rv?- r 'TV-1 have never seen any Ihu.g superior to II
' ^ PrT*p,,,“ *'•« company. M BuUn| uio« .it.u
J ..P 1 ' of cuii.,4rroM« luifiiifl -otter,
(or th. cccrpiioo of visitor. * brill..ot srason is antt. Ipatv.1. ami
from all I cat, learn, the tbr o( •• fa.hiooablca" will pour in tiers
lostcl ..f th. Greenbrier Wb.t, AbJ Why should Il Dot b, » .
1 VS. W*l'7 r* •/ ^ «““*» 9“*>«7 « "■«•< cf (hat celebrated
vateribe piacr. sfiihtheadd ion of twu other utlnrral sprmy. Tie
■eronimtelation- the buildli.es -the style of lino*—Uie rooms—are
certainly ..per.,, Indeed, there comparl‘n to be^CHlc SI
iwrm thvni; they are a«>t to be mentioar# in th« om *J«y . ai d,
•lK>vr all tlw fa* for rewriting here arr the vrry beat Persoi.s
• V ".f“ ui %rH< P#t*r*to,lr« »*> tfw morn.og. arrive hew at 4
o vlo. kth* «an, day. travelling all thv way by railroad. And Ihra
aoov.- here la the \ How tfulphur, «u.m four aidv« distant, which to
n»e la one of the very swe-teat and m..*t attractive p !*.*•• in Virgi
nia The water* are Justly celebrated in all cutaneous diseases, * <j
in aggravated nw* of chronic dlarrUra Theu l be re are the Alle
ghany (*i'f lift, *>th which you are familiar. The Messrs Ifolt I
h-arti. have bee., dll gently engaged ttn*~* last season m itnpr..v.i.g
l,H? huildmgs. These waters are the n*,..t
ciUhrilel In the * rS| In cases .»f ly*c*{»«ta. NOKFtil.k
u-l u> mention that the l.ynchhurg and %h i.gdon
Telegrap C«> npsm w II have an ofSre here. Th# posts are already
up. and Uie In* will be In uprration to this place In a lew wewks.
_ N
Tbr Washington correspondent of (hr Pbiladclpl.it
, ^orth American write# under date of May 21. a# fol
low# ;
r No correspondence of any aort has occurred heurcett
Mr. t*laj>lon and Mr. Crampton as to the issue U*tween
tliciii. Mutn-d friends hare interfrrnl in the hope «if at
taining «ati«l ««-lory explanation*, but their rff.ut# hav#
1 ,M* i*c**n attended with success. Mr (Vimpton now says
the conversations referred to ill his despat* h, occurred in
the winter uf I *.Vl *51; but admit# that Mr. Hayloii always
maintained h.«i*|{<i»tsn was not in< luded in the depended
«** of the lit h/e. upon which Lord t*larendon rests the
Hritish title .fhi# admission would seem to contradict
the ofT**n»iv. -t .lement of Mr ('tampion, that Mr Clayton
conceded R i d.in to be a Hritish Island, unless Mr Cramp
ton differ# fr >m hi# guv. rinnent on the ground of their
alleged right.
M r Motma is engaged in preparing a protest in behalf
of (Vista Rica ag«in#t the recognition id the Nicarag'ian
The Cabinet deliln* stion# concerning Mr. Cramptnu’s
dismissal w»*re con* hided uatstdi.? Nothing has occurred
to change the former **|*-.l of the case, unless th# Presi
dent receile# from his present purpose, which is m* at all
likelv The v:t will pudubly fie placed on such footing «•
to apply personalty to M- ('rampton, while disclaiming
any offence to his gov •. u u mt, thus preserving the diplo
matic intercourse from sii'peiisioii.fiirilfsv F.ngtaud desires
its interruption, which is not infer? Able from l*ord Claren
d«*n i ri pli It I* believed now that this molr of acmvii
odation will Ire m( -factory, without compromising th#
Hunor id either pa*lv.
The statement that the administration was delayed in
it# Jecisiou owing to th ilar »ee of Hritish documents i#
erroneous. Th#ati«#e, cove s the whole of th# case ne
cessary to be consider• d. l#*rd Claremlon would not send
an imperfect communication on such a matter, or with
h«4d testimony whi« b might *«*t«t hi# own cause.
Two copo»* of the flhie Ho »k, rmiUimn^ all lh# docu
ments, were receivtd at th# B. tli-h and French legation#
by the Asia, though mm# was furnished to Mr I Nil*#
A treaty lietweeu the I’nited State# and Dominica has
been received at th- State lh»partment, Washington. It
merely contain# the usual provisions relative to commerce
and amity.
James Gordon Be.mett, of the New York lleraid, cam#
a passenger In Inc Fu’Mfc from Havre.
(V4 Parker H Fren. h, late Nicaraguan minister pleni
|m«entl«ev to this country, was arrested in N#w York on
Wednesday, for an i4d ilebt
Jss. OuSffci, t r ikf of pvl cvnnn IHion.sf Met OrliUl
lias bwti sswtsu-el to ha bang aw lifts #Mtb stt#t
W»a«„UTov, Mav *3 —dim*,.— \ m-mw,. .u rw
Cened horn tiny President, vetoing the Ull lor tha im
provement of Sc Mary’a n»«r, Michigan.
Mr WiUon, ul Mam , bm-tir alluded. In coudamnaaory
tern,., to the amault upon Mr Samur-r, k-atardey Mr
Se.anl offered a resolution he the .ppotnlment of a Com
nutter* ol tire to inreatigala all the eireuiuataucea coouoct
•mI with th«* «tT>«ir
T»,e resolution o.s adopted, and Mem. Cam. AUao.
D>yd)fe, Pearce and Griwr re elected mid t'uranulloe
Ttte Senate proceeded to the consideration ul the pri
Mr Stewart gave noliee that he aowid, at an early day,
a.k lea re to submit an antendiMei.l to tha rule* ul the Se
oau, deeUriug an, Senator out of ,-r.|er .ho ahsmld urn
language reflecting uprni the rraiduet ire motives ul any
; other Senator, or dtaconrleouslr relleeting upon tha action
ol any Suta other than the on* he lepreaenu.
A number ol private bilk were considered and paawsd
//.raar.—Mr. Washburn, ol Maine, from the Commute*
on KWtiofis, repnrted a resolution deeUriug that W B,
Archer, ol Illinois ,is entitled In tha aeat wa oceupiad by
' J C‘ A,Wn* Mr -^tcplyena has prepared a niunyrily re
porl. The conaiJeraUun ul theaubyect haa beeu puatpuu«4
' until the nth ol June.
Mr. Campbell, ul Ohio, rising to a qHaitian of privilege,
introduced a reaulutton appoii.ung a committee of lire to
investigate the subject ul tha assault upou Mr. Sunnier, by
Messrs, liruoks and Kfitt w principals, ami other mem
ber. .. accessories, nilh power to and lor pawns and
pajiers. A point of order was raiaed, and thereupon a
prvtrti'U^I (IcImu* pii-upiJ
Mr Campbell finally modified his preamble by omitting
Mr. K.-iu’s name, and tlte i evolution passed—a yea #7,
noea 7-.
During the progreaa of the proceedings, Mr. Brook a e«
ooerated all othera from participation in the aaaault. my
ing that no one hut hiiuaelfkiww beforehand tbe lima and
place of the occurrence.
A committee of fire war appointed under Mr Camp
bell’* resolution, consisting ol Campbell ol Ohio, AUiauo,
( obb of Georgia, Greenwood and Skinner.
A number of private hill, pasted.
bsiTos May Vi - n>. attack ... Sunnier. yesterday. .■reals, great
ricilenaent her* sod tbrnufhnut It* State The indignation la pros
ral and Irrespective of party TV Drat arraent af tha affair. r.
eel red by telegraph, was read In the House of Reprvarntatlvea ye.
terd.y, and rauaaj ruts-h eirlteroent. It IS nut uupr-ihsblw that suns
public a-tlno will be taken TV, miming. a ruai .r tb.l Sumner ...
dead gained credence, and mured ai>«t lutense sotlety
l“r>'«» brsrrtcw )
Bosnia. Mav 23 -Id the II ,I|« af Repr.»nt«ll»„ thu morning.
Mr Temple , American) offered »n urdrr fur tbe appointment uf .
joint apsetal committee to cuun.hr what action should be taken ta
reference til the amault unua A minr Summ-r The .inter wu uuan
- ..... ..I UHI
It *w thru •rut u, th« Kmair far tha coor u rrvt** uf tlat
A (Mthlti* IBMH,/ Of citit-‘Q« Hu been for thl. to
ConaUlrr the matter.
naval intelligence.
I Nay *23.—The U. 8. Ship. Potomac and
Saratov have left St. Thomas for St. Crvit—all well. An
American war strainer was passed Mas Igtti, in latiluJ*
30, under full strain and sail.
9t LsW-ls. May 38 —The Democrat publishes Mr Brotan*. reply
t° ,h* b-ttrr apprising him ol his nomination for Governor Ha
neither accepts nor declines the nomination, but says be ulU ktap
the lustier under ronshleraUnu until lilt return to Missouri
The Benluti aut of Platte Coufreaalooal District hare ootulnaied
9. J le.w for Congress, In place of Oliver, the present repress nla
tike The anti-Bentonites of the tame district hate nominated Cape
Vtw Hsvus, C.JUI1 , May 43 —Seserai more torgertual balloting,
were had today for V 9. Sea alar. In place of Mr Toaeey. whoso
term expires on the tlh of March next. The last ballot stood—
Toucey 101, D.xou Pi, trails ring 4?
Wautnxotox, May, £1 — Mr. Sumner la better, and will probably
be able to resume his seal In the Senate in a feu days
BaLTiuoas, May 33 —flour dull and unchanged Wheat actlea
at yeaterday't rates. Coro unchanged.
Nuw V.'S*. May 3d —floor has adrancod — State *~&l l»;
Ohio dll*. Southern, standard, %(. di I* *J7.14 % . fancy
»: 3A.I3. Wheat has ml ran ceil; Southern red |1 73, white |1 38 —
Corn has declined—Sates at 47 cents. Stocks .dull. Sterling eg.
rhangedull atyaaii3\
TaaaiSLU Tnaxxno — A late number of tbc GalTustoo Newt bat
the following notice of a terrible tornado In Dallas county, Texas
Mr M M Miller, of Pleasant Run, Pallas county.lt now in our
city, basing arrived by the steamer from Houston, this morning —
We hare not seen Mr Miller, bet the account he baa given to others
of a tornado that took place in Pleasant Run a week ago, last Tues
day, exceeds any we have ever hear of lo Texas Thr tornado blow
from the South, and commenced about an hour before sun a, t on
the shore day. Mr Miller was fcimsel I absent from home
He says every building he had was carried away, and not a vestige
left His partner. Whose name we hate Dot learned, was killed, atau
hie clerk, and a woman and two children, tusk me he, 1 tree lout on
hl« own premise* Tiers were also four other |>ersone killed In the
Immediate Dctghborhoosl, making nine In alt. and souse six or right
wounded Colne of his g out Were carried to a distance of tfly
miles, m Tarv.nt county ; and one of the children use found d. ad,
half a mile aistanl from Use house. Thu tornado sxtended about
t,Steen mdes n..rth and south, hetng from Ssui h, »u> yards In width
Urrr this tract the tornado swept, carrying away, or prostrating
retry thing In Ha course , killing lames, cattle, hogs and other ani
By the fre«het iq Teonemee Mr Robtagow*a hMN at LtuditIIR
we* cerrled of »Uh Uw family *, r. |«* mi»4 r,„ Wtf0 W9n r*mem*4.
IMI their three rhildrcu w-rr dr.-woed, ** were an uwrveer ami a
' n*’Yro >n the neighborhood BeeenU fatallwt to t»o«l to
Jeare ihrir h*i.i Cation* !»uch a frrahet wu never Mvr« knowu lu
that port uf Tennewoee.
^Atueo or TOO A enact —The «te.im-r Amen-* Mted f,® E.<
too 041 U»e .let !«*•«.. with I4>> p«*«rngere aod |Tl4.U«U ill aprvte
^ ***cr t«' ob Bi atao Alitb.—|q Pmioit, !**t»durty rooo
ty. Oh..*, the funeral m re tort were aho«it being performed o«i tho
t»od> of Han lei Btegrne, K*#| , who war Mi|.|M»«ed to have boo dead
three day*. when a iliffil warmth wm p. repnhte m r« My re
•t<>rati re* were applied, and he la uow recovering.
Krr Jufin K. h!wtrd«. <»f Kubmond, war Id Nopleg oo vhe iAth
alt., about tearing for Biimicr
Hr Hugh f R.»*e. a Yircteigu. aod nephew of es President Uadi
•oti, died m Tripton cv., Teoo , a few day* aute.
A»D KIU.AUD lf§| UK.
^ m . FRIDAY. Uat. 1H64
C I. Hark. J P Cotea, Alcetuarle . M N Pen.||etnn, Jr fee*,n l» J
len.Wwin, Lunenburg. Ur. Parke and ch.KI. Mr. t k fthgeluw. W
l> Urrr.tertbrr. I .rptnla. W II *baw. WllotlaptM,. l> H Ur. A-tin,
i i Z /'ZrSJr- c r "•"o. i Rldte,. K K Krooni. M r
P-'lletl. N Y . W lr, ( Itel.lr,,. W P Itabnr,. Ho.l.l.n : A W filter.
Ko...,'k.; W It Mrrru*, Mar,land. V 4 Da.-n. ImterH. Cap-ala
WhiHlr. I !• N. * A RUhar4H.ii, J C K.ntir,, RtOMOtoO; J M.aianaid,
U A HK, V Jottr., Oranpr , W H Mnrter.athcr. T.lar, C Whltr,
llluiurrr . 4 4 Or-.|..ni Kln| t Mum,. Wat Hr.*..-,, J O tlr^.r,.
It Tnapte, K.i.p William, C Sharp. T T,,l„r II * w.ll.ant., Mu, Mb
iS WaahlBfton, Ur. Warf>ltifl..n, M C; Mim U T Cbratlan. Utdruo
CluteUin, R Kouthlt. lad, an.l iau«htrr. Cbarte. Cil, Ur, Prrattap
art.l "rrraiil. 4uff .l«, llr aud Mr, * J (lr Hb, Culombia, 4 O, J... B
ll»no aa.l lad,. M O. J W M..rpa". L,n.bburp. T P Write.,.11, Ya
A *Mnn, 1-an.h.rlau.l M l. W II Pulnter, T*nn. H » Mtebrte. I'lira,
NY T A Cramp, Prince Rivard.
14th «t, uppu.Hr Uir Kirhanp. Ba.l4.np,
- .... „ Rlrhmawd. eg.
5,n* of Ferhante. Bank Not**, Coin, A, , bought and *o«d
Ooltoctbooa oo the ctUcsef Virgin.* and North Cgroltwa n.ado
od fhvuralde terms
Htairka bought and auM on Twilmum
IV* laand Warrant* wanted
mri* fo
STT* * !* A Bon*. Banker*. Norfolk. Yg.
R W Hnwtlen. Im . (Vdner Rank of Virginia, *•
Memra Miurj I U.rton. Mar ker.. Rt.hm. nd. Ya.
f Wf Pnrrell a i',, mhlA_Art
VKW NII.NR 1>II WII.K MIIMI A. — Jurl rrrrl.rd,
a.* prr Piprru and Mramrr Ruaauta, a bub raupi, A—
Hrsaa Rtlhc. rrr, rAr.ru
Alio—Plowrrrd 4tlb Rnbra •
»-rr«r and <tr(andte Rubra
rail. Hfr.,.« a’l rolur.
Prrnrn Wurkrd Cvllar.
Ur. and Mualln Crdlar. aad Rlrrrri. la artl»»
A «o A large stork of lawn# and fhgandte. UuaHno, ot low
elrr. W P PPRflIMR A ( •> .
_ ** __I»" 141 Raplr ftywr
€4 K t I Yl I H A III I V i.. , M trorr r,. .. .
■ b, frn.lll] WM P»l M PR
r|W» 4 0 • *»M» Will. IMYTA. Imh at
a trollop . rr.|. If,.11, *| tbf H4....I.I a^t .otter tM
ruitttte...nf rrrrf .I,U and ..rtet, a.anafarlorrd hte tbr - 11 I
•hteb *,ll te- «4d at .twteoir and mall ... tbr oowt 'ar..r.bta
| "r*‘ Tn r.f «A.«te.,u„. , ,tr, liborbl dteruont otel ho madr
Innpkbnon I.. Ihr tra.b. M now .upaprd
j o.tb oa, and pill br Hraard to te, hi. ,td . aabteoara at ao, tteoV
... »iBrn»i>. mcKimoii « wnm/lri.
",hl5 *» r. Unto
•fi ri» HI I P JIIWI.M, Pwhlr, in vlmr ttedar ml
'»•* •"* rate 1.0 tTrte«
I __Cororr Prarl aod Oar, MrrrM
WM It... Ml ..
Print* R,rw; 4«u.»r,t llrrrlDpa. In bntr. . C.aMab |oM tin.tad
and for ante ■ p *BLI>BM A Mil I CR.
L __Oomrr P-arl and Oar, MrroW
I V r'"^ J1VAM * Ml W. IP Pi„KteM.r«
”IT _ »A*B!.PiiRr Al l CM A oo
|^l IMM I All .14 111:. t. . „pf
I HWH' Roabrla 4»ft. In purr tip ran.tpniornl fnr tote !«• b,
| "»'r Hirer « okomim,
Iir. tBRAW IHIIIINt; 14 » I M » A W
lrrCrr»ot Pad. a• teal aod (teaIn lr. (tempi Pm*,
ero. of egtHHM «<*e«. i.f *uk* W.w Icy XlWUBRMtN
\| M l. Pll MW, flf gprbr ^wgHty A -party wg b kgnd
.VI and Ate -te . -h, c J a,
Wyw of rtw r r
|'»w PMH Kft MUM, i All BterO kww rt.*i
A UtPna, te obi, (a—l) 0 MABTWCLI »^4»

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