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MwiuaiiV Inanity*.—Waver* rc|u.-ate.| lit tlili- lhal |
follow lug pcmoua have M-eii ipj-ii.U-J in the Moeid
..I Hanagara of the Virginia Nrctia.df-a' Inatltuu. to .oh- i
"iJ **• "*ur citiw-na in inning mean. to rnvt a .nil 1
abl.- ball on Nth air.-el, to aremuiumfetc tlie annual wiIiiIm
lion, ami ar liooU In. apprentice*, now •■inputted 0, tl.«
lirmao a.au
Tliomaa II. Wyiiue, Ueo. A. Aiualir,
I Mean.., Wtu. UoJt Kichardaun,
Mil,-a Ambler,
muhu.i w ian.
Samuel S. Oottr.ll, Jamea A. Cowardin,
K. II. Spence, John o^iey,
Win. II. Maelailand.
' konboi; »»ao.
\ rlhn.le «/ Hr,*,.I itrrrl, lu Mr Wet! <>»./ .VerM linn
of In- Oir^ioriiD'uii :
Will Ma. larlane, A. M llailer,
• ieo K CrutchMelJ, Fleming UiiAii,
Tboiuaa I’. Eppee.
Sunt hi,dr uf, tlruaj Si re. I, ■«,/«,/. uy Sanlh Stain.
II II. Ilo-her, K. Y. I. indium,
J.tiuea I). Brown*, Ju-cpli 1*. Jonua,
Ueorge ll.lrg.imin.
S.mlh Stain iirert lu J.imn Hirer:
A. It ir gamin, jr„ William Steptoe,
A. Suldcr, Uomgv S. Loanee,
John II. iinelier.
rim tmk nu at unit.
•"*l" ^ Melrin, , Tlimuaa Sauipeon,
" U. korbea, J. W. la-wello.l,
Sjiimel |*. Mitchell.
The rarioua committee- are reipieated to meet at the
II ill ol ill** Institute* this *ft«*riMM*ii at a o'clock, to «*lo|*i
plan ioi their action, and aa ihi time to lie l i.i n
I* hoped and . xp.-cled that cr.-rv member will be- pre-cut.
II tlie city U piopcrl) Cauraaeed, a. we have no doubt
It will be, by the Wald Uuumiitleea, announced
the .etpil.m- amount ol money for huildiug the Hall ran
b . need iu a abort time, and the edtttco erected and reu
d. I ir me?, by Hie lilh id October coming.
Kxyaar,.l»a -Ipile • -rlmtuti, ... t.,o luerd at 111.
corner m Main and IMih atrect. ye.irr.Uy »r.,t,y i|„,Mp,„.
ain-r- uf a new loi* uiulire of auiln proport ons dr.au by . t«.„
of tinny -naira. Tin. -pleudnl Machine ha. re. .-.illy Ween cuullar
*‘ t«d*«ar Luecuoiire Work,, iu i>... r.lj.ui.d.r u„
Ttet-i.oi Mi. M.Ul.-w 11,1,..,. .1.0 I... no pen, to r.ud.r
, '*■ .naphta eng.na lu .11 reapeeu u«i I... y.i n,.u •• tu,,
ed -ol from llie . .I.ni.ahnienl All ll.e recent luipr-rclueuta In. ■ .
h' * nniodu ed. and the oru»:neul»| aori i... never bera uip.. .
el rile *el*ht . f tile ktlllelure la .Intul 44 .aaj |H*uoda and I.
•I. .. ..It on- elv mra.orr dvr and a half leet In d.auivlrr Th-ba
ui.ue. eav bull lor thrC-uIral Railroad .,.„M,.liv and la tube a-..I
n' !”!p.ca-N.-r t„ ,„,0|dlu„u, y:„,,
. II. r II . Ml • Co <!**• IliAchllif Its* »*rrn «»j| t| Mir ** |{ |> Hfut
“ *'»* »• mach -all.la. no k. the ».a.pai.j
Uni etn n ut Ulttctr liaa done, llirr will I.- no complaint. In r-e . .
I, l' * r*" ,U4,eli ere.li for 1-roVli * In the wo-Id Kiel the *eu>l.
Iie -d u.d hr lurpwal lu the Capability of IU ina .u'arturlra.
l uv ExvUANoa llorct. —The Editor uf the I’etci-lmr
Evprv-.a, aaya “arc hare -topped at in-arli nil the prou -
ii.-nt hot.-la of the Atlantic cili.-a, from N'ew Y.,iL i..
rnai leat.Mi, but we know ol no ie that .-iccll* the E»c nne.
in any patliculni. Mr. John I* Mallard, the p.oprietnr «.
alni not ->ce,tnil it In- i-v-uch a iii.au ... In. lit,.(her, ml.*
w b lieve i-Xereiaea a general -ll|ierriuoti nl the *e*t«b
I »*••» Hl«*l»t. un* lint 111 rail .... I .1. .. i*
j “ l*"P,*lini*» II* wide *pr. *d a* it ig .h-acr.-.l. .
the In *1 pioof* of Hi. manner in which tl„. Kkcltang,- i
k-pt, iiiay he liuiud in »l„. (art, that if „ ,lm„
O..IV, lie i* nev.-r Aabsfl.nl ,|„til he f>nm again. When
K *'** has "'tee pUtvd In* imme ,HI th* i.-giiler, lie i* in,
n» *11 If upon .-dell returning visit to the "city id hill-," i
s«» hook mo "for the Klclustigc,” «* that night Inflow
All ttlullr Aoaix *—Win. Vdleotiue, a rc-i-l.-nt of tl »
*'Hird indi|iid" in, Main street. Us been sojourning in ll .
City Jail for several days |a.i u the guest of Sneesnl
l.i|.,c mil. .01 account ul u I -tocioos attack, lie lately in oli
O'l Id- belter half with a -harp iron rod, while Ulnuii g
iliujer the «dfi*rt* ol hi a o I a a polt brought on bv vleewiu
III diligence id strong drink. I'lic case w ,s brought to th.
... 'la.or seveial .lava since and a* there *„.
evi.leiiilv 11.1 felonio.14 intent, lit. Honor concluded to let
Mr. \ d ■•mine go perfectly duller previous to elite, gu.e
ag.li in ih.o.lter world. Itbllgin this conditi.m v.-t. t
d .y; h. was carried to the Mayor's office, p.upu.ly a'diuon
»w*» u, t Ilfli
I’oHrwttoi ru ItaWs—The ladies ol the Dinwiddle *trr i
Metli.mi-t Church die holding a fair to aid in coiopletini
anew house of woiship. The teceipts of Use Seaboard A
ttnannke H uiru.d fur tin* l.-t fiscal year amounted to tl7.i,.
.Jh ns. I w Murdaugli lias been .lcct.,1 I’lesidetit ol th.
... d"'i I.. Ch.li, which has been lee. i.tlt ...
ginix-tl, With Dr. ties.. W IV. te as I at Vjee ..
\ ih.iixiams i.s Kansas.— Atnnng the arrival* at the I
coni).ton lloose, at I.ecoiiipton, Kansas, from 17th to Uith
Ap.d, se ob-ei-ve tin- name* ol the following from
y irgttiia It M. I,icy, .1 .1 Class. Cha*. W Ulcv ..
ir. M Kinney, J. It i’ritch n <1, A. \V. J..ti.-*, T M. Civs
dei. If \| Nace W H.x.toit, and C. U. Pui'celi. Some nt
tit* «b<irf Hem mini Ulehiuout).
DiecuAtMKU —The three Iroya, Julio Salgrce, Hugh
Salgrre and Tho* Cooper who were summoned heftne
the Mayor u lew Java since tor tresspassing on Ml. C .1
Sinton s property on Church Hill, were brought before the
Mayor yesterday and discharged, the proof Is-ing of such
a nature as nut to warrant their further deteneiou.
Fisc* -The upper part of the brick tenement, nn Clay street
Adaios, occupied by Win. S. Tinsley A Co. n a llakrry!
w S, burned yesterday morn In* about « o'chck. The bulldi e
•tv-k are ts'l.r.al.-,| t„ be damaged to the eiient ,,r :-,l' whl. l
amuuntU fully sowed t.y Insurance. Tt.r huil.iinr Is owned h,
were men' , 1 ? * V* V' Ca',rrl* SCrMeuUI The (!,n.,
Were early ut. tie: g ..und, and it is perhaps vwn.g tv their prompt
T ovvssim* ‘hat » greater destruction did not take place'
About III.. Clock yesterday morning, •.ins* spark, fell. .. He r ,-f
of »b.,nw ...,cuplyd by Mr. limit.mated on It,r.l,re. rn«. ..
and sc,.,,. t streets. The Bee communicated to the st.lngl.s, but th.
wrfc vitiiiKuiihril bffurp luucli tiainafr w a a Jg.j,,
Kxauustiou Pvsrr-.sati.—An Individual named WhlCurtain, was
arra.gi.ed lay..,, the Mayor,on yesterday, f.,r stealing a pair of pants
fn.’".1*?. r"c^*n- Tlw alleged larceny was perpetrated on ihe
“V '*V* "w-filvv. and 'n or-le, to have ti e allend.nce of t|„
w,m. M It Was found i.seenary by his Honor to continue the r..e
till tu-d >j. Ill the meantime our readers may readily Imagine that
bsun-d will he kepi rh.*e.l \y, „
« i^JSek, a 'm ““ ° ' r "r'* ' m, r' *nH .e/this day
" * Ptai.esbsas Tin.., wl... b.iee tl r pleasure uf witnessing
the perh.tmail es of ibis talented tioupe of Ethiopian Mmst-els.
(n..w performing at the Rleha.ot.il Theatre.) are anai.lu.uns It. thr-r
vgprrtsion of pleasure To-night Is th- h,.t of thnlr .tav in 11 ,-b
•nnr»t|, bii I on which b rcry *i»«.i1 Mil ut oflWnd.
OlTUMUTia. lltrra**. will eure l>yapepela and Asthma The cer
tlftcales And statements In Its favor are of tlw highest respectability,
tlirt.id-i.g Members at Congress and other distinguished clllt.10 a.*
4b* I'nltrU tk«l*B.
*! "V FBU7*rWhr° lhr cniniontf-,
? I7,h ‘: Ur Utmnc*'i* ]*<*•« relieved »r, | entirely cured ».y
l.oWlnf the flnirer or p«rl *01.t ied perry Diru' Pain Killer f..»
ha fan hour It hat »ht*o U,orou|fhly letted, and pn.vea a never
foiling remedy. A f»lon I. a tr-uhh ..mu U.Iuk, ,n i «,.uU ad
TlM ml ..I Ir.mlded tn lust Ihe remedy ewm.ia.il
*’*'* K'H «* -Tl.r itiou.and* who I,are t.ren rrllee ■
Will a« the th'»u«*nd« who have In* *Do«t ut.bourd.il n.r.fldenee
i. /V"g A.rfe ivnuw, /•„,« .,iir„,?l:,:;::!!,'.,
clal nolle*. il.l. week, annilier nl Hu additional cldenco of tl.
.power of III* apulicalmo. HT* are doing an acl of humanity, when
uttTZlZZJ.* “ I*0’*"** >l>rma.l»r. of itJ»I</.Ifn (•*»/»
Mr_ft**^l»wjelaTW ln_r»rntly Medicine. ma»t—idrAwTw
v,,,: ’••*»«*>» .-T.
■Wfoao^—ill* lion. Holomun Poole, Mrmher or Coligrrea from
e..^aer ,--o... uSStSo’SniKi,.
crto.l Mrw,a,,(e./ a///,r, - .S-m"',,',"
^mVm!To-»r'mnlly,,I,ul"I;,!m^hI'nto„dr,for^k ih,!’! I,
!». produced In r ai d more or, rc ca.c, ar..„ , Z l.m'ln . ",
m;."d. r. Of i .ngre. with whom I am a, i|ualhird. I Hunk n an ,'n
r ll.m .It lord! Inc, and lo-pe ll.at «ilch circulation will he , ,
I la. -.< Irrlngllwllhln the reach of all who are afRVfrd alih ...
di.lrre«iDg malady. R«p «fully
nia-N r ’ _ !•
mniw nm u A CO . HP» Wa.hingt.u. Bunion.IWim
lore bild by ilieir if- nl. everywhere. -
tr^aaV~ JOrifK.. Tlie Office of the iv,t oftheOliy fla.
Work., ha. hern rriunrnl In Ihr file If.If. h, ihr ...
formerly occupied by the Clerk of the MiidHlg'e CoDrt?
inktll-St T II. IIAMRlmiN, ricrl,
Clly fla. W,«k>.
foUIIIH riHIIM IIIIDIMMI. -Thchour. f r
■ * "/ •wp-rlntfi.dmi attend, .hall i* (ri>m
cto. k. A M, uiilp* hiv |»*fpeto e he then required «i loin* r> ,r«,,,r. „#
«hc Work. ; and he .halt be tircrenl al all 'regular m^UM, ,,( li
"mralllcc Tl* hour, for Ihr rink in alien,I. .hall he freer..*, i-hl 'n
Ote morning until three In th* aflernrmn. during ihr ,cIln| i
Ihr Ar.f day of April and Ural day wf October, an I from nine in |I°
,hr'* •» lh. afirrioo.il daring the rear of the year and
•halt al.n he, on the .lay. for turning ,.|f ,|.r gai from coniumrr.
who have not paid their hi|l», from « P M hap tf dnrh • i In
former period, and from I P M lo 7 P M during ", ,,f ih.
JfV.; •'*•"•« •- —h "-her I,.. me* comm,^ may
dlreci The hour, lor Hw In.pecior to aiirn-l, .hall eared m 11.
fr’m if dkMriblilir,* the n-.arlrrl, hill., be
from 7 in * A M , he.Ween the Am day of a,oil ,,'d A « day ofoT
aim hr'"’i,ii!r,u i" * M ■ ',"rln« the r«l of Ihe year ; and .hail
■“ '7 •< twrnlng it off uniII Iw„ hour, after .uned ; and .hall tike
• -£d’rfo-'w LTh Ih 'u'TLr'Vr.'1"T "nl,“ •» •« "w <lme rn
• gr+i eta, where In th# 4uti«* of i.|« t.mrr
HRSfiSSiS*® ' .■
• n’t lock, AM, and fl ii'tlnck, p m »»«,». «# ^
tlvth of Jun# InHupIve, f«r t|,« Mra„M , # r/ni** *° **'• ll,,r*
•harfrtl frith pity Ufrl, ih« whoUP. r o ! hS
.. -• "• do.f„.m s. .Zfo";:".h*i
m*f h-. p+r rvnltim thereon Tl** Ctderliif in iiJ* 2! **
.ire nMtce.C Aim,,, day. prior ,o .f^eMh^'^.^".^;
I»r will attrnil al l»|p nflke dally, btlvrvH iV,r «hovr mci,iir,f,.d L*,h*1
from Ihe Aiflmntl, io ,h. ihlrty A.. Member locl«lr, h,r~'|l
purpftpp ,f rrorlviuff from any i*rrpmt vhn hM«lrAn«lt na.,i L. i, J#
froJ pf. ,,,m* ,h* rmalal^ dHw Um
front fu< h half Irrt prr renlittn fhrrmn. 1 *
,h* »»**•»• aMiftMlr.1 Itrdlopore |.A.p#d
llth, l<g\8, | will allend al ihe -IA r of II* r-dlrclor'a OfAcr n, the
City Hall, froot the Iftib to ihe IPnh of J.,i,o. f„r rh, purm.m „f
eelrlng la... .. directed pnrpoee „f
N »-It .ill h . . _•! * HrtWOV. C C . Richmond
" , V »m be *nderdnod from Ihr abo.r ordinance, that thoeo
i?f IMITkin Ihl lfob"-aT>e^ VT •►’l“>",i"lly of paying Ihe
l_e 9tn , • J"*h and **h «f Janr. are enthird to no dr In. tion
It* H .iT'i n ,u T’ 'h? *h- h- .10 .101 ol liudr hill. .. mnn
•* "** ®""^‘"r can . all on Hum, Pero.o. de.1
LT'i .ut "! >**r|a|t’l'.g <h* am- untof their la.ea,
o„A. -i.V *"■ ' "" IJ;‘ ^•'•7
^ Ki<dtfnof,d. kfpt May. 1«M. * * *
Ih, o '** -All paril. ufor Attention lo
crisassJsri? — .vs::
"7n\7u^;. OMT^Vf*"*M “ **
h.n-i. u .hich'-. cA.”,heA.,i;;,n“"r; z
«enle.l and comfortable -beta*.l" .
***'.;?.«-tf«mm.. ■*
—— 110 Wain aflpflil.
SI **»:M fl.OI Ill Xft, Our flock of Rammer Cl Ih
lag I. eery large and de.ir.i-i. Th. aemirtmeat imhrlce. ih.
o*H aad laid .tylr. of Oa..lm.re Do. b.Ta fro brace, lb*
P.bl. and Ve.t. Pine Dr. „ d'ele, njerTno. IMl.n^ttolh a" d JuTac '
ca frock#, Plain and fancy 0ilk Veptt, Ac , to whirl* «, ineitTthm
rr'e'pX'a^r .srfT’* •b4 ,h' ^ -SK5
nie.m ffrr ln «• ■*•• “*• price., diet will
* K*«N AAl.tltt |U a ix).
V > * A,MW inttlllHU-, for .ale by
AV maw MOM BLR A OLAlhuRRA, No. 11 p,*,| «. (
1 m m
From (A* Lmmd-.n Timet uf Vey |» .j
Ww have no* had an opportunity of learning, ami bats
Jearnl with very lively lutwr. »t, lire manner in which the
til«Jli|r*‘iioe ol th* attack leveled. we must ray. not only at
the pro.* but at the iiutcpen.lciii • id Belgium, liar been
■ ect-iv.-d he the l,.-g|.lut,we ol tlo- menaced Stale, ai d we
aia proud to aay that il an in every way wmthjr of a no
ble country and a glorious cause. Nerer was a tuuru uu
t •rtunate Urn. ucieewd far a « at injudicious act. than
He- oonclueton ml . gun.i.l treat) ol p-.ee ho „taeh
on llteliltort) uf the press un Hie continent of Kurop*.
We had ju.-l terminated a *>hc« of event* iu which the
Km per or ol the trench had ahown him*. II to the amid a#
a faitlihil -illy, a aiw and reaolute coiiuaellor a Magnani
mous Sovereign, and a Man wlm, |hmm-*m.1 of great |mwer,
had ahown a disposition to use it with singular equity ami
moderation, lie took up atuia lor the deleuee id K.in* ,
peril liberties; He allied hliuat II with two constitution'll
Powers, •ml, having fought ami conquered, actrtlied anv
vulgar uiateiial n-cmupeliau lur Ilia service., and was wise
and generous euutigh to corikrul himaeil with tin- respect
• lei app.olMliun ul mankind. Iluw union mine ibat at
Hiia stiqiiriou* uioment Hu* over eager zeal ol a Mini t r 1
(lor such we prrlcr to cm.id. r it) should have shadowed
hath the commencement ol new troulil.-a ju.l a* the old
were Ceasing, and taught the world to lin.k lor a crusade
igainat human lilierty in the Weal, a* a sequel to the cun
11 Cl again! Kua.iaii domination in the Kn,l! Mow un
lor lunate that we should thus be l.ireed to remem'-r that
ilie present alliance is "atopi* inter mum yI
■ ml that tlie union which lias h,avert so main atorm* ui.- '
•Calltml, may lm al any moment dissolved hv an attempt
Ul extend over neigliliotmg Stales that ayaieiu of oppr*.
-nil. ami c«m*i lion wliieli la *n lort igu to our feeling, and j
htbiu! A c are sell content In leave iI.om: mailer* in
* hit'll the internal government ol Krauc* differ from tliai
■I ie.gland, without comment ol any kind; tint our d -
I.'IICC Iini-l not lie Intel pi Cit'd into 'iiidiff, lem c. We are
on lent with tin* happim-M, we enjoy under oui own iu»i|.
mtioiie, and have not a particle td the proselytizing .pint
niioi.g u*; hut our aympathiea ate quite aa warm lor the
A . at us lor the Utl, lot the fliii-lian aa lor tin- Tu.k. lur ,
•lie flee citizen a. lor the actf; anti wa cam.til witness 1
without tin- liveliest solicitude and an licit, all attempt u<
uii|M>oe oo a true and iutlcpeliJeiit Stale tli it rcprwstuo I
alucli France has, indeed, chooen lor lirrsell by the vole. I
.1 (J,tmil,oik. cun.-.... l.ul which she lias not acquired tl.e !
tghl Ur Impose upon Mate, winch have made a different
i ilk Itki.uiAN 1 rva*.—Tficrv In* m -li^lit ovei i
•n lend flare.,don’s pail, but LonI Palmerston's deelua !
uu. has leiiiedn-d il. "The House might reply," su'd tl.e I
I icinicr, ’that tin* British Irovc iimicnl would he no put, '
o any loie.gu lulerle.tl.ee will, a view ol dicialiug to al. ;
oidepeniii'Ut i,all,,ii thu steps sl.e aht.iilj lake to g »g tin*
.,c**."—,S'A.(field Time*.
liKutiB, Tues*lay. May id. — Kua-ia, Sweden, and Olden
nerg signed a p.ottaml on F'uduv last at fopei.liagt-u,
tgreeiug It, u.lopl tin* last plop os, tu,I, ol Benina.k tor the
.1, •••<». ..I lit-- Sound dues, provided all otlo-i State.
interested do the same.
/•'rim the fern.Ion Sh ijifti Hy t hue Ur of .1/.../ |-J/A.
Tl.e latest advices Iron, Copenhagen state ti.nl l£u-si.i
and Sweden signed a Protocol un Ilu- lull il. tanl, coltacli- I
mg lu the liioile of capitalizing the Sound Uucs propt.-d
>> B.'iitiiii k, hut that the lliiti.li Government In., deliiii. i
licit declined to enteriaiu anv siit-li arial.irciucl.l We !
.»*•• not .*t KuMh, who lias p«*r<*oual an ) Uiu<l%
•itcrcet at »tak«*in the mi*tenance ollhc I)aui<*h rxchi-qin- ,
*r at ill'll, Not wit, m even llanovet, *up|Mirtit.g the
•Uini pul fiNtli by heiiiii.it k ; ami we tru-l the ailhesiuu «.|
»»%e to the scheme lor purcliasing what it i* I* •
lev. d all Mai l til tic nation* lm Vo a right to demand, ail*, e
vim.ited ut it* ptoper Value.
rite i|Uestinti ol theae foreign Casing Tolls being no*
airl> opened, the iigtila claimed with reaped to tliem
| Mmuld not In- admitted until rd.ibli«hi*t|, should not h
oil.promised until proved to Ik* eil«tent, and, ll n »t pro
ed t«» *»« evident, ne.te.td ol being capitalised, should In
dn.halted. Upon what pi. a could the ll.iruili Hovel nniei.t
nine to I'wvli.nueiit and ask tor a grant of l,O*<0,tiUu/. t.
oiii|moiiiim* .1 claim which ha** never reaTU been ed.il*
sf». *l. and to ptiicdia.se a right, the ext-tenco of winch
lie rutted St.it—* are at this lliouieiit denting ? Uur Ito*
.eiitinenl would do welliiot to enter int«» nnv ipn-dion < I
•»m promt***, or blither tin ddle willi th«* *iihj.*ct, than t»»
give hemnaik notice that, at the expiration id tin* Treatv
• t t.f. ~*m« existing h. iwe. n the two countiieH, BntUh •dup*
will claim (utilrss in the meantime Detittiark canalmwgood
•»lae lo the contrary.) tire nghl ol •.ailing mi* free in ll e
tldlie *h tile Kiln , if no Midi tributes a* Sound and
Mate hues hud ever been initialed or exacted.
(From the Boston >wturday Kvenln* llaaettr.l
\ PKIlKl XIKU IIKRATII.~UI.atla.ly ..r frt.tlrmai,
* *»dd rr'»t *ln un !• r tl • . ur*» of »d.«airr*vwl4e l.rc id
» IH-I. »»> ns.nic tUr • /hiIn* nf it TKni*mlt*'l /VorrerV K« j* «h-r.ttfrt.-<
*.•• 11.1 i...i only meter u ««rrt but leavt the teeth white a* alabaster
Many |*«j ftot** do not kn..w their breath l» l>.*d, an I U.. subject U •
Iftii’Ntr their fnrn.1* will never mention It Pour a *iii*te drop.*?
thr “Italni” oil you. tooth brash and wadi thr teeth night »nj luori.
»*• A nfty cent bottle will l*V « year
J* —•—X MIATUIfl MADff ► v - \ R
-TT. « nhrr warm or • old water, |K.Ur ..ii tw«» or thrr. di p»
t ••Itali.i ..f m Thousand Flowers.” rub the beard well and It »d,
"air* * beautiful soli lathrr much facllitatii * the op-ration of Via*
* u*lf. Price only Fifty Cents. Fftmidob A Co., proprte tors.
BKNNKTT, U.Mj.s * FI£||fcR,
A|oAh and all UnutaB
^ by u*lu* thr "Kuhn ./ Tk. u«im/ /7oM>r«.” Ii
will r\ui..%ef<in,ydraplr« and f.wi/M from the akin, leaving it *.f «
w.rt and r.-e.ite hue. Wet a towrl, pour on two or three droits, .oid
• a»l. tl.r fac« 1.1*1.t aud iu»rnn<*.
folk—fftnoa ^'•
nKAiTirri far» m ah itift un • •>
■ » t*PK!Sll, TlIKKK Kni KTIIS ok A Mil k M»K1I| Of Kb II
MoMr. FOR »%FK — Having determined to move to Baltimore-, I
drr rojr farm. In llmrtco county, for aale privately about thr.e
f< Mirths of * imlr North of Irhimnd. .mil. I and kln.wri a* M’KIM,
llll.l.. ailj.dtilug Mr U ll.nni A Roblnaon, Mltchrll’# spring*, and
nror XI. kruJall Ur flu'* ll baa on It a firsi-rale H'-lck l| .u*e, will.
S.x lo. IU. and pasta*.. tw, poichea, a *-V k «. hen with four rore..*,
a lo w meat house, rarrlafr house, stable with our stalls,fe d hou e.
•iieltrrs. au l market house, and otl*er necessary h..u«rs ; a firsi-r »r.
w.llt.f pure water In the yard, a *.>od p art, orchard, and some
h» rry tre« s, and *hrubl*ety of various kinds; and six a-pararua lo-d*
three i.iii.ilr-d fed Ion*, and all kinds of vryeiabn s now *<owl. * on
the land suitable for *..»rkrtlt * |nirpn*e« Tills lorn CoUtalt.s Un
.ere* of land, a* rich a* a plant bed. This farm U well enclosed with
the I.. »t lunher
IS saesslon can be had imraetll Uely by the purchaser. If drsired
1I.C frowio* rr.p ..f Veym.l.:..*, ac . will *.. with the Ixnd. if .|r
* r.d App y to XlrrTs b •t*ius A Arrrft.«ox, Auctioneer.. for ruin,
and other particulars.
n . ; ilffty j H COOK
Thank I?'* a *enerou« community for the liberal patrona** hereto
fore bestow, d, h- respectfully solicit* a continuance, and plwltfe*
himself that n.dl.lii* shall be wanting tu effort on Ins part to *»yr full
aud entire satisfaction
JOHN A BKhVIN. also fire* M. i*ers.»nal attention to the I N
Ilk UT \ K l Nil business—bem* at all imes well supplied with “Xle
tall.- Burial Pasc*,” Mahogany and Poplar Ci fhns. Ilunal Vratments
new Hearse, and all the requtaltet for funeral* Orders left at **Cv
rlthlan Hall” wMI meet with prompt attention. ma?9- |y
■ .loll III:IT.- A two SinrjT Brick Dwelling on Pali
■ Hlreet. hetwefi, Prankhn .n.l airier it. . K».t Hide, m Ai
taming 4 Rnnml : wttli the tie. raaary out building., and a TtliB
well nf mint reorllcnt wafer tn the yard. The whole I. now
going a thorough repair. Apply to
maHit Him of the Circular Haw, 71 Main at.
Iyiioviiii: roK r»i» whmmv a oiicii ax.
.A* Agent nf the New fork l.lfe ln>uranre Company. I have
| Hill day paid tn the ailniinl.lrator nf Dr John N. Paulcon. of Horn
I county, Va., fDJgtR, atnounf due hie hetre on two idle ice !,* the
above company. '
I Incite all married men /..trffcu/urfg, to call and make die fame
j tlnole provi.ton foe fhelr familtee
m*a _CIIAR1,W WORTHAM, Agent
■ .nil:Ml mitn tt til M'linii iinon«. \V.
■ hare lMe .ley received a fre.h aui.plr of Hl'KIMI (limits of
I r'r'f dee-r'iul..one .ting .,f hlark be tie, Italian Clolh, hta.k
Alpaca, flnr Tweed, and linen Coat, nf every grade and tpiallte
•ogethrr wMb Pent.. Vr«a. Crarata. Tire amt C.4lar>. to whirh we
would . alt the atirntlon of all In want
—*_mkrchant, wkirmkr a cq
Itltll s’ mitt vsi 1.40 RI.ACK tilt.
- The atu.ee ara.onal.le Boot, and Rhoee Juat received at No VIA
llroa.l >irrrl. HhocAoe Hill, from one of the m...t eelebralwd manu
faciitf.re of Philadelphia. La diet In want are rrepr, tfully and ear
neatly Invited to call and aunply Ihemarlvc.
,, , , D. B PH tNKI.IN,
Manufacturer and dealer In l adle.' Bo..|. and Hhoea,
rn.lo Nett below the dry g.u,d. an.reol Breeden A P..v
4 Ills. MPIIIRIIAf Rl Is, ,v N
Don of C. ach and Wagon maker., and other. In our Irrgr and
varied aa.nrtrnent of the alu.vr named good., whirh wr will imll at
the Inwaat market price# PMITIf. KIIODKH A CO .
main __ W Pearl .trret
Ir,M ' " »’•'! IPPl.Pk k Mr till im.i s.
■ Jrrat recelerd hy .“.earner Roanoke, from New Vcrk, g.'. h. a. ■
Hweel Urang-e, '/b do Union., feat pine Apple., for aale at He M.h,.
W 4UI„—Prime tai le Oil, Tu*ean and Rordeaua hran.l.
"r *•'» hT ADIP » HRAV.
Druggl.t., 14* Mam .tree!
\ **.• M”* ”ry Iwat and Hne.t red and blue PKN
• CIIH, few ofll. ee, counting hotieea Ar , fr r .ate t.y
m.a ~ . WM "ATn.PR.
Dealer In Artlet. Material*. Iff Main at.
Pill. A PM AYR. Round, fPlortg and other patlrme of Ihf
■ MR1** Imported, in art. or alngly, for .ate hy
\|A< KP.RKI.a pn Kit. No I Maekerrl.
9 barrel* •• do
% 1ft half M •• do.
•air by ^ V- w M do. fn dorv arid for
o . ^*r *•'''•bJ’ DAVPNPORT, AI.I.RN A CO.
Imi r % i ion until % hi vi.
mV by
DA PURPORT, tl I PN A t'.t
elf I «V '* ? ' •’,*'T** MAI tlX kllll N A X Ik
•MAP HI..,.il.hr., for .ah hy
WOWIll.P g Cl AIIMlRNK N || Pect
1VM *** »i it* i t
▼ v KXCHANhK asp Cn/.I.KCT/Otf nr rh K,
14th 4 , opfmette the Rkrhange Budding,
rv ibn « a. « _ _ R*rtmi«fii|, Va.
IX- gV gJ rtf *«*'*•*>**. Wot*y, <V»tn, k , bought an(| *old.
,r»# Virginia and Worth Uar«ll«a mad*
Jl,orb* U.ughi and *old on rnmml**ton.
1m l-and \\ arrant* vantod
y MivrM to
■ TV- !* * 9 honx, Wanbrr*. Worfoti. Va.
£ * 1***nk nf v"innla, -
!} ”" ? "nrlnn Hanker., Richmond, Va.
AND ontl narv* I.ADIP.H, opnti.pmpr. miwph lik.
,*"S fliEgy-T* h*** reeetred and opened a earn of
gwT. bSTrS aml C4.tl.lren'. Root. .„d Hhoea. im
elrB^m^Th^*-?7 m,"'r They are of awpertor quality
bef --2*?rVll77Tf "-rvrheen aeen In thla part of the w rM
m2k«. ef V;.r~ .T ’ ,h* pcemlum bowl and ahoe
mlriVti I-in ; •1b*''b» medal at the World’. Rahlbttlon
ibTwJ **P bo"*» l» Kichm nd, or In the entire
JfttdfT’nmo***’# I1. k*2 *** '"•*»'“»< Nr the ana
! ' ladle? Oallera, of all eolwra. aurh at rannaa he aerpaaa
ml here or elaewhere ALRXANDPR HIM,.
Importer and M^nufarlarrr of
. leadlra and Umtiemm'* fh^t* and JM..
“ Main *treel, RlcHmond ^ •
60,1 from Nr««vl id
/ Ikwk mam P H. BRINKIR A 00 , Cary afreet J
Mohl Extraordinary Ktuinh Known.
»•>: k I. %K* nrnimrr in a.- -air n. ,
»be -BUI IICU'kNMI.AliT « I.W'I Ilk"
ha. o .Vdu. Ul Bn. u Mkllg kuowu total medical world,
wlikh w ,ll at .11 i .onpar. with then. Itoy air ladwrd c.a.'uttry. ol '
ll«r nmrmtnf mtuikmr
I* mar iw told Id thrill, without faar „f awalradirlb.n or proof to
..utrary, that If ihry arr applwd at aay too- prrrkoi. to thr
actual rlamg of III- broad, they wdi promptly alUr all lun.io.ikn, .
rrl.ev, all pan. and prrraol the brraat lr.ua galWtog, al.d lur. |
Ihrr.m.rr. ir Ikr hr raw .toe,id actaally rtaa hrf.wr thu ibdhd car. to
had. the application and cuuataul wearing of ll,ru> will produce eucl.
ac.orMlua of Uto toraat aa to Inaurr Utr apemlteal pnaalh*. curr.
*' "* •■•'hrr (tumid krrp thru by hrr. and follow In Ihrlr war thr j
dlrr. Ilona. Which alaaya arr arid with Own., and oar word for It. ta
WiU loin know whal If la to I arr arrb.ua .off. ring wlfh tor brraat.
I'r‘ * remittance of gl.iai. accompanied by If cn.u worth af 1
roata«e eUnipa, will arrurr U.r prompt tranaiauoo u by u.all of a pair
•' U.ear clotha Ur any part of the L'nitrd IHatra.
They are for aalr n. h.eirely by
Alllh A OKAV. Wto.laaale and Krta.l Arm la,
I A. Mall, all ret, U.« luuoiul, % Irg.ula I
i.r run llrrctbma far applying throe CL.tha, w.M accompany 1
'{-&**;** WKHVOI'f. krm:|ICK«.-A retired 1
J^Wr Clergyman, realuml lu hr.llh In a lew d.y., .flrr many 1
rear, of great hrrruaa auff.rti.g, la anatoua to lo uakt k ho a u thr
Oeana of Caro, VA Ul mlul free thr prrwrlptll.il uar I Ihrort lo thr
Her JOHN M ll AHN IU, No. &g, Pulton atrrrl, Brooklyn N f.
I'.al-i 1 mil Ac
II TMlt1*."? * ‘,1' *‘,U ’* 1 1 ’• »»l »
"■»**«■ «**AAiii»tA li. grand i .. .... „.
rr..m..ti.,« heal h al iblaatoom ol ih. year. I. lor.ln,,, i| , ,
.1 all ...purtt.ra, to mri.urair. to arcor thr Urer Iron, .wpidlty
Ito door ny am■ gentle mrd.ror that m it. action. will hot del.II,
,nt. thr %y *irm, lu.fKttr t» r i.trvf, ur Iwrliu I Ibr n%tu'»l .».!».t.
... which inirpoa. ar know uf no rrmrdy e*,,y.t .... „lad. Ihu. an
to gii. to approach <u . Ill tency thr retehraled Pr.iu um II II. r.
a!.?"!. u .T '"V *",rH7 •u*tota,.rra. by M. Kl yah Ha'.
* •“ 1 ■ '** Ifiraul lh« LtMAkiirjr b«
L»rtg- Tti. •* |l|||tr» »rv (wriiltarll lO»|4ftl u.lkr wuit.ti.rr
.Wil iiu. %«rw ol • K.uihrrt, HtauiUr. •ml whru uk-t. *.. ,.,.j Ul ,j,
tVY *“V. ' “r- ' ' By.|topala. U.an 1.0 Utarntaiy. Cramp
ciool. . I holer a Morton. Ague and tour n,.iu„l. Vr». ,,
Heodachr, and olio-al carry uthef »ltc. turn an.nr In..,. , nor ir
o'l"« Wool, or it, .order r.l a'oma.l. .. ol h .. . to.ui
I.to,"l,h'I? ! K,Lr.r'* B.tirr., a. a lamily iool. be.
«jW«r 4lt rw KltvWti lo I hr c Vilu. I m rl«l. • • ,y |,.,r l#lwr u
.1 ...,g . .. a. Ihey . II og..rd aim. lualaut relief Try II..o. l.y all
Uieau*. Only &<i OrltU fur tpullle. 9 9
lu *h* foul ol all thr |M-itir||«a| IhutfirUU Ih thr rity of R|« l,tn..|,.|
i'Vu'w '-".wing II- Igg„,.. Perl* Ale a .iidr a. V. .
T II M Kenney. I. w .bj.g. I, . To I I. ll.u.oo A T.yl... P-lera.
L,.,.hbo. ... King a i.y, So.i ik.
Va . Haillck A IIwall,i,err. f. rlatoouih, V a .Or. k Catorn. Wnllaii...
hu.g. Va.; Jol.nan.il a Wallace, Order,.-k-burg. Va • J K Callu.,.
A C>. . Hanville. V a . W i„i * Clmpll..r, Wlo-lti^,' V . , Tto. a.
i'1!11*? ^ , Bunthtlrld, Va, lllhb A W Ih.. Cl.arloltraVIUr. \a ;
T * * .r*V."'Tc -'kauuton, Va.; Walla. H. Mbldlcton. Hair..
,7 W- " blppllt. Wdaaiugtou, N.C.. cl.arle. ntoll A |
Waahingtnt. ciiy . Daub y A Hatch, Baltimore, Md . Bodcacr.
A Vlitler, Dovtl.ifton, Ky.; anil Iron, llruggdt. g, t,. rat.y
Dnlera .ddrr.ard to K. iiAKKR,
_ iQH.1 -Iw HI, Mn.m.t, Va 1
•Ct Tl ir Oil. Ill April loll, lk-4
liunuga alrlgh i l.lr ll.la whiter pad, I diw >-r.-dny n.,r. c
raw and ll.r akin og a pl«. . larger limit my I, nd. . it., t,,. , I
rohf.lrg 0,1 Ho* inal.tr id hta thigh. 1 a| p'lr.1 your Tort I. I. and t.
a day or two hr waa well. Another caar A inul. which I wj, Work
li<ic »ny ilrny h.«- itov uiidMr lu w<Uk. On *-s.Aiuirt ti.« ft*.! | i
,1. • ’ Arr, ,1 a nail almut t.„ incf.ra lung up tl. thr brad My driver ;
and .hr I.rlgl.hore arid h. Would to go el T. r l.otl.ltig | dr. w ito ;
hall OUI, ti.arrleel a p.rcr of lint ah,I your Turf OH, ami ml him u.
work al oner, and from iha. no met hr ha. not I.. hour, ton
• II fr , ‘i'l lm° ****** •hwBBf.d four |,uhe*
• Id.. from whirl. Iir w». at If a day or tw.. Your Turf o,l w», .
plird. and it brnytit thnn out entirely miuuJ It truly >• r of thr
rfr at.**t rr,.»r.)l,« f -r «or. • I have ever kowti. and I hav« lived In
a illuf More f .r wvrr*l year*. Um this a* you think proper.
x a. 'tT^r,ru,ir» J II U H ICKR.
To Mri.n, |)oU 4 t o.
.. ^ . „ CliBiTkmriEOi. April 19th, IA54
Mn-io iN.vk 4 O. : liariog u-d you, Turf (M and finding it
to to ..oh a flue medic Ml. I iia it due In y..u that »..u *Im.uI.|
know ■ f it. My daughter, *Ih.ui tw.. yrar* af<>, fell,the rurker «f
a chair and b'ifa«-d her thigh *ery . I» anon a**ume*l the form
a h .'t. and ijuaii.. %.ry .ore | had li la o d by a , h>.iciati, lait
i :*« dal not rrln>ve it; H became a runup.g *..re, an I c.„ tu.u.d
f..r nearly two rear* I tried -very m.d .Lie I could hear «t w d,
I O efT t. until 1 w«» induced n. try a t.oiile or your T..rf u.| • aft^r
u«»u* one I mi ul** and a half it «u entirely he4led. I h «Ve«tnrcu*ed
It f .r I.iher a rea arid found the nine benefit. You *f at I Ur.* to
Pninr. a rt. OllALKLY.
Vt'~xeL~ rcu.cmiiNuooank-iter,
***»*-l JZ* ^«orr a .*• mph te aw. rtm. nt „f UKNTV ft U
M.%lll M» «.t»n|»( to Which 1 iiit ii«* the attention of gentlemen.
a»vurod ihat m point of boautjr and style they carwnof be »U(.
| My aacutmeiji of ti/.u*., Ttiread, tillk and Met ino l‘udrr
llrey •• unprecedented a# r<v «id« quantity and .|Ualkty.
to HUTS, of rver> **yle and .(liality. made in the beat manner,
and . «pre*aiv f..» tnv »«le# llteoui* of every rtrlety. ready to put
hi dmt.. Will, a I nfr and taned aaaoi luo-nt of everyth!..* pertain
inf to my l»u».i.io w p. OM h.\i»
. _Opposite Arne, lean ll ad
*OTlC K» — Having been appointed Agrnt« lor tl*
*»•*• of the . elrhratrd sqawd Cot in M.ti.ufa taxed hr
',l**f* J ■,,n * ?°n», IHaagow, me ah all be * uppii.il atoll I
mi;. - with * full Mment direct from Uir Manufacturer*, ‘for »a!r
' ' * K ■
fully r.juei o. <| •-.Illy to any luxuufa. lured, and with cor.CUebca tr.
• ••turn, ml it t<> the tr ole.
^ KKNT PAlftK 4 CO , A rents.
STlK h-TUPS It n:it K4tO.de
■* r*‘ 1‘* a*y to th. ir customers and t. • imblu , that
il.ry a.. » i r.-vcipt ot a *rry great variety of ai.«r miw-. *,
one of III. II ;«e a 1 he in market mo*t of the *ea*nn. tniyers mar
,Ha-JJ-‘rrU “f lU STY I, Vi* at ail lines.
A complete um nt of Yaunly Lii.ru.. C<4t<iu* and j*er
• - '■ Mm I. .
'rtT,< 1 We have thl. dapreevived mint ..f verr
' ■— * 1 ft.** N aluli)rab.yilk C<>,I., In wloclt ,i* invitr U.r
,llllil|i*i| ul aliilisanl.
Mi ill'll \\ r .Vi t'll. i l: .1 in
BU It It A IXriotULU,
« ».«\ sr.c
next nooK neLow- tiie city wokk.<>.
MAXI ’E Vt-rrui; Mi-am Eiivuitf*. Clr. ut,r lU«r Mill., V-l '*'1
Tot* o*i-i. i'rr... . ,0.1 Eixiurr., M«.-tiliu-r\ I rn-iiA
iw Mill*. »l~ f..r III III ,.||) Coal Mlio r. 4 '■NBwt5jfc
C,r. IO I M».-|i M-rjr ul i-v.rjr ilncnpilon, | , u n
w.irraiite*! . qual to any.
iron anil llr u. UMili*., i oi|t,o|r. and Tlnlthrd Work macirti. or
A > *i|l i* •oliHt.'d fit ni all in wat.t before huving.
tna i9—Hmdacif
Tli»- or.it oar) liraw- r of llr K.y*l Havana Lillrrjr, cololm*tr.l
•»» Hie .y|.anlaii ci. Ti rninrnt. undt r thr n|vriUH.n vi il.r Capt.-oo
t.vurrai ul Culia, sill taki- place al Havana, „|.
\» K l> X i: N i> A k , J I \ i; I IT , . Hio.
•S •'J 1 0,0 0 O ! !
< M'lTM. I’K/ZK JHu.iaWi.
1 Pi le nf. .ik>.ui« l&VTUi.. uT.
• " uf . Vll “ nf '
1 •• uf.. It,nil0 Ikl “ uf I.
* •• <>•. wm mi uf
** •*. V.ivM j If. Apprt xlmallun. I -.-i
t appr .violation, to li e 14kai of |P.1 each; 4 of ItivltnMo o.
4 of I.. Allfilakt; 4 of VI-. tu I'.ia.l
te" Win4, (o-kri. Il'i.no, Halvi. |5,' i>; 4|uarter. |i 5o
Erlvi-e caHi at >»|C .t at |>rr cell!, ili.ci.uiil.
Bill, mi Hie Hank, of Kirhniom! taken at par.
A liras In* sill t» 1. r aanleil a. ,oon the remit hreome, kn.<*D
Cuti.iunnlcatl,.n, aiMreswiI to l»ON lt<>l<i;iii( )7.
mh 17*'*r***tOU* K C"’ U""1 ,l,r "i*'Junr. sill he attenHid tn. 1
\. 4 ■ N v 4i: \ IMOIItltTHIN IIIM'II
1 K tin diarartrr of our ( - 4. can In-ol.laln.'l he euqmr.. r
ul our 1 ii.tunn-rr. all of stii.in rI|nr-s mn.lnction. anil introiluce
new Iriemi. sheiovir ipportutilty 1 tf. r. Thi. of rosrie la arali'r
Inf lu uuraelve., ami five* the moat aubvtamial proof in favor of
nur Romt,.
f AIIMI.IIS’ TATIN Ci>ATS -Made tip In aitprrkor Myle. aoi. svr
rauti-if perfect in all point*. Three coat, are ilnuhte-.litrIn-d ihrnurt,
out and ur-'.-nt * r.I vntN>ar inrr.
TAM Y 01 MMUt Mlfib Coat,. P.„t. .„,| V. .... ,
Marvti 1 « ts.,1 1.1 liPl. Ma-ll ahr.tnL fa,. _a . - .a.
Call at 11*' on
_nnosnosi. * tupmas
\'§:m iau attractFvk hooka
... _ ... AT PRICE A CAHPOZ(l*S
Master Plrcra VI Pulpit Klotjuenrr '2 vole. aro.—f.,1 n
A..cmMy'. three, panda Cadle. ti..n —9M
B.-ok ..f Keel. .!»•!-a. Kt| ;.ii.ol l.| Mr IL,i, aid af Princeton- I ,S
WlnatnV on Mia.,one to India.—f.%
Rrhaiiyl, Cirraeelan Warrior.—15
Youth nf ih- Old Poininlnn—!,<*•
Abide Moll and oilier Knot*—I,* n
Paper Dulla, and lino In Make Them -81
Brcck’a peek o( Hi were, a complete Manual fbr tl.e flower Oar.
dell —I ,lai
Tl.e Aomat. kadi Iy <i|.*lh luie C.aiahl —lyyi
Peler Oot, Ihe Cape Ann PKhcruiail.- Jft
Mnuuira of Chlatiuliil and Jarta.n and duaan Alllb..ne Ac
UT II I' A l NNANi IAWka laia Wheat 1
tl.e Pock, and tor aale b/
maJP-««__Ll'TilKIt UPHV.
'■Atii nipiitn i n i.rnuii \'i ■ %i. on. ion
I MAI HIM HI Hit.rr IliC Intrialui I'.III of Ihe nit by L«. a.
hare ma.I. such I minor. lurnl aa makra li ima one of iheint lu
brlratora ever . IT-i.d «'lh Ihe r». . pllon of 8|iern Oil Machinery
on which Ihta Oil la uaril w It run heller and amoollier. Wear leor.r
and rripiliv leee p ,»,r, than when cnin.oi, oil ia uard r.r.,i,
nnamltlra la anil. PT RCM.L. LADD A CO..
___ DrafRlala,9'. Ma n >i
S'" I ' •»*« »«"« " IM > Af II III pa,
th.xra an.l Haakela, for aale by
Ifiu**iila, W Main at.
% I. A II Oil.
__ PfUMi.t.. Vt Main ai
\l \k SI M I M. a.oons. r it Pai .A l an
ccirin* furtlof au|.|,llra of rich Dreaa On. ,|. at d Maollca
»»•'*»* thain it.11 In foul. I Silk It.,Let, Rare*,. and Vudm de Pole
Rob. a, rich Oipan.f re and Orpandlc R.hca, Decant 8Hk. and l ace
Mamire, ami lull aupply of Alrtandrr'a K I oinrre a|, T K
Pf'Ce brlPk III llw n.aikrl, tin f CB|aclto reel Ire the I'eOcat alnl
eal Milufa .1 can afford T H PRICE A CO.
tlllVflinffTH V Mill'll s| I PHI II
•a” ■ M'RIMiS Th,., pel. *. will lv ..pm for Ihe rcrentlon of
riMtora on Hi.. < at day of June. iwtl.
They ate apaap d In Mni,i». m.-y County. V .yr.la One tod a
half inllea from ll.e Vlrpin.a and Ti ni cer Rail Road, from at.,h
lliere la a Blal.eh Railroad lo Ihe 8prlri*e
l a— ii*tia I. aa n* II Lm. nd or P. ter.hur*. after brrak'aat rrarh
the fj.rinpe by * o'clock, P M aam day, all Ihe- way by A',Of
The arrotnodeOnot hare hern aery much ealendeel atlafr I... ar,.
aim. Ow room, arr lar(e nd . ..mf. .table. amd.apahlr of ircomada
llflpf IlfcH- |H ra.>||«
Tf.r I atnf U.lnrlon Tfliyrti^h rotupftrT «r+now Mill
.1 »»f ft/ /,»pi< tbr Rihflt f.. • |j| hr In
lion fNrl; in Junr.
A trty liifr Bath II- u*r hi* hern built ilnrf l««i penanri
Addieaa HO If M.I8IIV, Prr.'i.
inalla .Dm Monipomery. M' 8 8 Conn any
\l,l*ON<S | | HPPI, (ON I IM | II. The Tarneat
Man. a 8ket. h nl llw I't.arocm r a d Labors , f Advr.lra J,i!
•on. Urn Ml., or are L N ut L,o. hy Hie II c C l am
Tl.e New A*, of llcM, ..f, |lw l.tfe and Adrenlurraof Robert Ilf*
Irr. Romance w,|tten by huneelf
Aaa«alt Merlin, . Nnr*L by Praneia Parkman
Menabti, a Tale, by Wa.lill**too Altai.»t,
Leltera from He I'nifid Statce, Canada and Coha ; by tljia Mur.
ray Purlher aupply
The Phyah al ti. fraphy of ll.e Sea, by M P. Maury. I I. p An
rmira-ly new edition
llitiory nl Pur ope, from Ihe Pall of Napoleon |W the An radon of
Inn la Napoleon, lo |Sf/, by Air ArrhlhaM Allann. Dart.
Vapabond life In M*aleo , by Oabrfrl f, riy.
A Treallar on Arlihmellc, Theoretical and Prartlral ky Pliaa '
I mom la. g, i, |)
Select llr.1,01,a of M T Cicero, by C D Von*e.
Rerrlml and for aale hy A MoRKI*
">«»* No *; M HI ; ,
‘I4MI >•>" *• HTT A1II RHDln III M
•Aa fa W Also*, dally rlpi Ideal, for aale hy
,111 HIHKk MEDTW III.Af K SMI %P, for aale
• IA MRS w | >
It'D" II I ' l a and poaaraaion a rrn lo,m.dlately, two aa
■ lod»ln» rooma o»»r my More, nl Main atreel,
I# • NWA * s II FII I HON Kecelrln* per 8. hr pane lie
■ * aa'c by |auaft] Jllfls
HHOOIIN II MOO ns. Ifalr Sweeplo*. Ralr Puatlr*.
C<,hB Awe. pin*. (Vrr, Onra or CL-the* Rrioama, Walher
lauatera. Wall Dualrra or Cob orbb pro. n.a, with eery Ion* , an.liaa
h.r aale by _[maip.] hMHKAMAN
H'lll lllllailla. t.
A|«m*e. Illp or Alia and Infant'# Baiha . II,. - am rtmei.t in
Wore, for aale by
Ml — ■—',l
HliH RUki* Ml* I IB 14 «*' • ■AIM .
M L KPMT,/V»a f P H HPNTI.PV. 7" |W 3 . HAaOB. Ah',
ivaximi •» tMitlATinn.
XX11,1.1 \VI M IMVMV .•X.iI#-m,.i»
I.AKKIN w I.I.XZMlK, OK. I JAM** M ttrpl'T.
MAX II* i I id. IA I I.III* II cuv.iltw
H tXI.I lit I 114.11 10*11.11 U,
I oVluck. *ITi.'. IrH-l 5 iMudi
"** ■*— I', li« n u I. r»
*'•*' l>.a , . «l A
VIA KIN K M.o -.
"<•' » *ii ' r« «»t hi » » x x'ii’.a ni.iis
•*»* LA. TP pot
Mr. furt. II.vtr. May XI
Kaorl..,,*, \.w v.*rk, ll.tr-, Jo,., X
I—.UI. M-O.*.. IJ»*.,-.|. Jon, A
Nr. Vork. Lia-pod. J.„. ;
i .7- 2*. Vork. LU.ri—l. Jon. II
XI ad>ii,p*on. N,. v..,k. Mr. .. rue,,!.. J u
NwikMar, N.. v..rk. P.uit|..,.,plnn, Ar . Julr «
“>l,|. or*. Nr. Volk. filap ... Jolt IX
H**'1' • Lirripwol, Nr. Vork. M.p It
*lrrx. blrn.ol, \,« V .rk Mkt i:
**».l"»|t<.l., M-Ullouoptoll. Nr. Tnk. Afar *1
Nllfar.. I.lr«t|»»4. H »l ■ 11.11,at. Xl.r «|
JJMatr Albril. Ii mum, X.ak .rk. XI., **
IIIIihA*. A.pli.v.ll, Nr. York. about X|,r j.
k.t.aoN., 1. «. rpo*d. N.. k.ok. Mar *a
Arabia, Li...|»od, N.w York. May XI
MJBX _ Haifa, M.i.. rl.Oowva, Jour t
aox ai.a* t p. M l in. T || MioM . ajax } \ r a
nr.mrr PoraKon'aa. Joura. ll.ln.M.rr mda . Ludlaoa A Wa-aon
M.o p Alalrhai.t... IWM. Nat.* i„.i,d . or- . ft,,..I „,„r . c.
► .1 |l T .1,11 liolf, .,. X c. a.I XV .I. A U.lWur.
5,1 !!tr.Wm ’ Tru,f- Pori land. i»Un»rr. |» a vt (uirn.
,r " 1 *tili»«iu. N rli.U. 6.1,. I. \* Wrhi. A Co
*f ,r J”"* *•'•**• »*-»•« »•. >' C fl f W.H»Nr A CU k-iriir
**Lr Uxii.M<tt. rk vlvrr, il|r»»«
sAit »:i>
t •' *r9 v '* m'* D * * cwn.
J1- I f t J H*cdrV|t. |» rkO|A. n.»l . r..»|
^.kr Jxm k l**w|r. Hj.lej. Fr^lrf * W •!.«»« cow I
N fir L J t; •■irii, \\ riflt*., >». C , liglil
■ *XO t< P II I I. A II I I |>||| k XIV
r CITV POINT AN|J VKRroi.K _TI„ A No I A. fa.
•'.aiwbip XIKI.IXIA. . I:....... . ,« ■tr'fSl
'V1' '*■, *•—■'*, frnrl.i. and *,|i WKO _t«l r*~LA«
MKxllAV. Jun* 4th. at 4 o’clock. P XI
Pol fraipw I.r i*a—ay,, barb,* *op»r„.r armunmodaliona, apply iu
—.-a. ii k nrtLk. A.r,,v
ll.TI.HOMi:. -Tfir *u|pp*lor r»rular p%rk• r.
W *•'>*•' ' Potia.r.pi ! Pl„| p.. |,„ . portion .f Jfe
h,r r.rpo rnpapni. .Ill rail .ul, . k dlapaicb P r I,.I ■ CT
ati. rof Irmglit, apply t„
___ w i, oou)crrr a oo.
|<v'" 'hki'oi.k 4>n pun rxxiiii ru.—
o. \r.r~: '/y ~hf PR irinrNrr. r.p, uvj>
« , , ' * ,h» I'..**ltkti of h,, c.rm. ««
rap dam txd.ltbqolrk dr-pal-h p„r kalatic. of f„„hl. ,p
im»ai— .xj H II COLQI'ITT 4 Co
S r.,it)x.oi,VM..,MV 'MO'*'"• K"K A
faT\.4 *.'* °** -Prr»f*i| rrrrhid iu d>«% (»KI r
MAX,land up to Ih, hourol » ..VI. a P X| N,tul MaMOt
•lay. XI at llfktant.
c.o.a.p. rr. ar, rrq»ralr.| t„ w ,| fut ,|w|r u„4h.
“aluMa»rIpl7^”l^lr’'7*1 7’ '* tfcplr «*n«lf»a*a
mrik?y m • ‘ t ,rlf xNIpn—.U .ill l„ c na*print to .,rd,r
is* R' ... •••- '• Ma
il ix r . Til, aup,. k-.u Sail,up Pel.. J?rr'
llrMi, Captain Tt,„n,.a Lirip. ..._V-zit
■•*««■ r»nSl5fcflS,,TSi,*S““ w',h
Fm"kV ^ rr*ul*r *r*«r
. , I ' " Il.l-Il*. c.pt. Iltfory Creifft.it.n, harlt.* * nor SttL
Z^&K’JSSV* w,u* *" '"•*■*• ™
■'•'•1 W II i Dl.yriTT 1 00
I^OM Ill.s roN —rlK.1T VESSEL Richmond and
I, ®f J*»rkct. —The .ii|«-ru,r, f-i.t-.all ny
"f\r' ClIARM. faiit Frcl’k N • keraon, I arny a portion mBc
tl., m ““'J *u"’* ®“ hoar., will call .lit. all possible
ti«|.%ti n. I<at Lalaii.'v of freight, aj.plj t>>
IIAI.I4 A \i X. N.—The cupcr„,r fait a mi—-t
B cuilii y arhi IN KERMAN Cap! K.i.y. I, .ring
» pTli-n of tier rary, e. yayed and e.ci e „n b,.», j.fcfc&JW—
.ill call with all possible deapatch. For b..lance ..f frelylit apple to
m**" UAVIO A wm . lkuu:
A RE constantly wippllcd atu. a full and coaipWt. nmertment .,f
a m. u.r choice*!
PIANO. »• o It T i: X
m w manufactured In thu ronntry. which are offered lor tale ou rea
loo able term, at the factory I y.H ...rt ,h, ,ba.|ute and
entire Mtl.fartlnn guaranteed to purchasers Tlie Words of a enrrea
lumdent. •• we Anre *■ fleet o.ltl. ,.Ut jj,„.yr,
the truth, that WORCESTER* „r, mn,t. ,y„
,n t et/util fanny In Ur uorlJ,” have bceu and arc dally bch y
iirroluir,i* d l-y tlie hlghcrt lea,lie.. f„.m nearly OXt TlltiC
rAND purchaarra In the p..| TU INTV TEARS.
Alt. niton U acked I., the f. Il„w : y notice. . f the prr*
the A 1. t tentnerritil AdnertUer, April Sn 1 xVi1
' "T Mr. II. Wurce.ter.of 0.1. cl.jVcan—rc.l/h,
lurpateetl It! all the qualities that render at ....trumeni Y.luabl't
u __-1/1' Courier .tnA Et.t/uirer 1
.. V'*^*1* * Ei.iian The conatanily Incrcaclny reputation of the
Ratio Forte, manulactund by Worcester, authone-c our reminding
“ AAorccetcr . lurtnuueuta a.e a. beautiful and r,rr.a
“7m.T.r,‘ic,e“fe!,«W ■“ more eammlal
o-pv [front the A. I t'uuttuercitel A’lrerlleer.1
•n...w dulcet .train." „l which "very truly y„urc" make came
ml from a human ll.riuvt. but Iru... one of II,oe .underMp^c" ,.f
Iic h.nlcn1 known as "Woncter*. IRano. " Ac hare oolTThao
m *•*"*• **‘7 f"rtl> “f*' '<> <*■« melody Ilf the voice In lov.
rhi.penny, the cweelecl and wort perfectly Laru.oi.iou, and arl,.!
Houston.# tluvt we are accustomed to ll-lcti to.
_ A. MORRIS. S«de Ayent. »T Main «t.
nit«is>>i < ri .noi ini i MvruMTv ■■■•
®f ■UmanyVii!
7tllUd 5? ■dlC*1 1,1 U“,f h*'* drier,uionl' 'publish one
ind have authorised the ,»„l„.ly.„J ,u pul.Ml M, _
rhe pr, poeed may-alne will eonetcl of 4l. pane, of reading matter
V 7t a M 7.*"‘lur!‘rt',7 lhr<r etliior*. one . I.. ,ach s' a
y. It a III be purely literary In It. character, aU parilaat, and wj.
artat. mailer beln* cscluded. and will be U.ued at the end of t»,|,
. on". ,tunny „.r c.lfeyl.,, y,., Tl.ougb „ *„ I'undrd 1 *!,.
.u.lc from It. payee, tu.ller from ml rr omccre. vet It. contnhut. r.
■ ill br uvBlnlj Ute IMinImt* nfthe rnfirrr»ttj. «(■•! «. * ptmiulu* ti.
b*lr eurtlum t r ^orkrilr* h»vr dttcrantnr * to «w»rd nt it,*- c\ *.
ifeyety aeaclon a prise or pm... for rontrlhuiion. of m.sliuutti
“• 7!1'; Irrtn.of till, koer l-rllca| a III It TfeVI per wHInn. no cm
»*'“ fir 't “ that, a whole «-„ion. ar.d until the aboec atooum
* reeved . and any one obtalniny In enhec, Iher. nut of tlw I n i.
d Hie l nlver.lty will b. allowed one copy grttfU
Sut-crlption. for I he regular nuntlwr will !«■ received from the he
5u‘ne!ff he .TrV,'v''”'"" «"I he a c,mc|m,„ l.cur In
I’nlr.rLi. ll^i'a. ll'e rrr r' "f *70,1 ran be procured al li t
1 niTr ».tjr Book rtorfi for W i *di» ftch
CT" Kdttor.mf nrwept|ier. In t irytnta and ll.rUiiylioiil u,e South
>re rmpectlully rrtp,r.t„| I. ylvr t 1,. rou.plcuou? place In their
olunin.-and the public yn.rr.lly are ddred to aid u.?n eniu.y
illT.o! ur *,IJr “’“"‘rr "hereby our declyu m.y be .r
itr All cnmmuntcalluiM will U addraaaed to "ihe Editor, af die
( inver.iiy Literary M.ft.lne. V ovrr.uyof Vlre tta
M.L. RANDOLPH. ) Committee «f
CIIAS T Gttlll KIl'K. . tb. Jeffrie, n
THUS G Cnl.KMAN, I Svietv
JAMES HUKRAV. Committee of
?',Vn WINI’HI*TKR, the W„hln£.
ri.FMIXCI J.AMM, I Ion Secieiy
K. PAfk, 1 Conoilttfr of
H. I> TAYLOK, Jm. \ bUk
\Vn,m,"rl5,KM ' lift.IMA nEIHI AI
V ▼ I <>| l.KQff TVf nr*t amiurI T, of Udf ln«:tut «U)
CdtllOIrlH A* III) th* lpt of Ikliila-r .,..4 ...a a ..
May . -*
III..* II M.r.riar, *1 I* , Porofraeor ut fhlrgery and P!.r,1ol*«y
J£r,*ma'" ° ’ ,’'u,r**'r Practice vl Medlcloe and Ob
Manila’ Medllm*"’** l'ofc“u* of A'-atom7, Chenu.try aud
Fr*.(..r al.ule rourar #IOn Matriculation fee |f. M Diaarctlng
llckel tuner only) R]n tHI . Diploma tor $»l (a. * WWing
IccmT '"117' T,"1.1’ t!'*' VKAmtnatlona on the preceding
a . ■W"’.'”' "r“-»nd n"cr m. r. it,an three k m,.,
del.erred tlurir y the day The e,u.ly of practical anal .my may be
rhraenliTn * ,f ,,,Wn,r Chemical Icclurea debarred daring
Kf!le» rTTI'i'* “I ,h*‘ C’cnrral a ramble, ihe College educate.
Set' V?. l >21i .>U,r ' trgl.tla, free of all eh,rye- In,
.e. tl . required that applicant. .l.nnld hr . fgno.1. mural char.
tludlea al tl.etr own einm.ar For
fur»tdT Inforn.Atioh A|>plj to 1
'* ”’w *J WM» I' 11 CKKB.H It ,
Oi t. , ' ",l1 1 1 *•' mi vi iins.
IK An, I a Water I. manufacture! hy . trarleea to nr. Porcelain
... ..'""'''•"'••hF«'>lmpr..e,dr..,,u ..f app.raiu.. r,re,r hrW,
^'. h , ,r r,> *” "ur* llw u“ «* •Inch preclude. ti e
" L’ ' f *°F. potaunnua lurtall.c cuuumtiiat.on, frrqurnt
*herr the cupper fountalna are iterrl
L«|RI.RV 4 RORINAON, Phaailetg,
Pe. Drug gtore. 111, and Frankln .trrera
1IM.IM,, At. FORAAII. Ihlrly
~ hotwjce.r .tram Ft t tic, but little u«ed. ..,.1 rV o-.-CeA.
Sr"' "7'" I'r.e ryll.olrr Ruler. MpW
- 1 frrt lofif. VT inrhrf d AM,ri»r, four drcular-rav MiaR*, » ,.i 4,fl.
caat tron band Wheel. In f.e, e„r Tt.e Rngine and Biturr.
V •• "*w* •»»«* Will hr «old for om hwlf INrlr ?«tur
m.ta!Li* ,r V H*R"AMIN.
malrt dActf__ _Bo. Ml| Main wren
I I « I s Mill,
iregain to eat, . <ia ,.,
rjh.-eoa Unrrrnor ur Thirteenth street,
raalf—Sin ■ „ ,
P til la I It. a I *1 MO i It. ha*. J.l.t , ..
P-raa. a ratlete of , e« an.l beautlfld Fanry (Inode. to ulkh
iney Incite .prv.al allrnliot,. Il.y coneiat t. part a. laiiue,
Rarrge R„tu a
H ark and Colored Par'. Mint..
Hoot and Cambric C, Hat. and Alee ere
Do do Financing*
l.adie,' Fr Wr. ught (*.[H
Thread and Vel,, ., ... . | ,cr.
Pine Thread Can hrlc lldkfa, al 1.
Ih. llrtr,'.I Alllch tl do. al I, Ad
Do Printed leaona, al 11V
■!■• NO 1 13 RAOI F Ayl kRF
HI III f.I (Ml ftlllrttllll II OH I N, - IN He
rege anil >l,f emit. Muelln I! lee. al IvO price*
n«‘ttliPr#l Rlfli R"tv «. Tpty rf>» a|>
|i " pipo « |»r r to-<t I tvi'i. fr• ■ «*• #*( to f.' .frill per r*r4
l.A* flit pU**l And »tf 'pc.t O'f f\ Nffta
l*l»lfi M rrfri Af.d iVnpc HrfefR-f, aII rdnri
He *»lkit a caII from All who wAnf f o-t AMn-lee At l..w i*r . e«
w. f rrriKtx* 4 n»,
N l. i ,
II'IIKI II. > Ml MO A tO„ V Hi r«#f
hAre *r» Af-nesAl r-niprit of O* r,(Ufneh*«. •-,«
flfuttr* a fid MofAff, At irtj I* v pn #• n. ,/*
1^1 ''II II . tor rate |„ arrive hy
, »a*» w II COUlt'ITT A 00
ing Htait Jack a, y. ry te-rlahle, for «ale I y
V%'lii ann. f tiiitrn ri. %%i ih.
▼ ▼ » ad. ngi. n Iimr, lly.Irani, Crreenl, Aa >
Talne, foe aale hy DAVKNPoRT. AI.I.RN A CO
I.TL tl II IH.’kl lll'k, Reeelelng foe aale.
•wi t ,wra ariNiTuN
1VATCH f fIf,l.l HN. For gomforl. eermMny. A. >r
af rorh.ua alar* and pallrrar. for aale hy
m*,‘ 1IM Mam. Corner ISth Atreeta.
||,I "M I H \ ,al «. Ph.nee Aland*, Beaatlhat Flooef y*.
■ ata, toa If of Frenrh. t'hlAA <wr>AmeAi«A| ai»«I pltnl tn.f f «
rr WimU, f<»r mIp at very rtdeceil ptkew hjr
R M. FlN'ti ■ m vs
I INI HMI *V',M "HI IIttlll.K, t lor .air,
■ A FN w to arnee. by
E,'\.MSHHINlim It.
. Am. bed Hereinga, m boeee, C.ulfl.i , tor landed
,"d foe aale i y an t, AN A Mil I KR.
m*' ‘ _ _ __ Comer Peart and Cary «treeta
2? I ttt’i* .11,1. «>l* slit,, |.
of I RFRA. landing per ttromer, kr r»1e by
• No II Pearl dree,
LJMAIN I Kllll IS, Wat |l,ant, W ire Hra. , .al*
* »F Imalo) WM PAI.MKIL
fl»IIN PtHlHlIIvi'.. % I KIIIM I 4 f I ■ u
*' t pern ‘kri'O the Miner. K„oi William »„j
,,w ‘ '*• t“ l '■ (Vttrt* o' 1/<ll, at It I* I i,i,a..l
~ilgHn-“" "f rr",k'"* “* T"",h “"-‘a. •-Pt-'.ite th. mu, '
Addrraa— Richmond. Virginia ma»-tf
r|VIIO R in » . I.onni. attorney at i.aw.
, ■ .. ho ..cm v. OrarAa-Wecataobw^.icI il ’c .
•. -—--_-- -It Ir
\V j JJ,';!." V’ AT *' LAW AitetHi.il*
1*11 PuNog. a. Charlotte Co . II., . Va b.'.YV \,
I \V *’■ 1,1 W * ' »•« »TT,»RN»V AT I AM.
" " Urn* *n all .1 ll* Mart, .f Cltr .f R . .,
I l.mtedT "•** *" '■* 1 >1* mtlKtlnn of all rial.*.
I , V 1 " om'> ror,krr Ooraraor a'd W, „ a. . ,i*
,d R. h V»* n.h»«_ly.
i /*vA,*m *'* %* ATTORNEY AT I.AW. Kc ...
i .Vsir.;wTuu:^s.t.d%,i^,,,r u-c"»"# ... i
“**“ .•.*.. j
.1 %l ' ' S* 'rT"-'>TV AT I AU AVI. N..
7| ,AI<r Tl 1UC. Prat*, in all ll* Court. in,
I O"'' ” th. cltjr of Richmond “ *°
;«r* 'MW* oollth ,U«». Ltwr-n At.li, and Rank n,Ma l,
n* »'• I'llllllMI. AFuKMI AT I AVI f, .
•am.Ai.iWT H'tta. V. •.. .... .
“.II.IHI, Bvl'nltur, and prince tblward o.r.v. |r
,1 ‘ 1 1 •> »n„KM.i A1 LAW Rtf IT•> A. ...
1 H * '“1 •“ Ohm ..I MarkWakar. i
\* ' * *•*« \OLKN. attorney- at lava
R-.kr Wot-ITT. V, , ..II promid a,..| . ... „ ,..
i 7a,Z",'°
^ Add.' a.. •• tat; *uuut. Pratiklln count, Va "
HIM* «IUk'l. '
ja»—da.1, m.a.,1. -"aura.. j
\V " < I • 'I hii.M , .
▼ v h.ru.a rtmnrml • - . . . ...
roa'cla"o'a l,"11.”* *' A*T-*‘* **'d III II* I .real, timn, , ,r tin .
‘. ,T,,. J u‘u'1 "• "• «>‘i *'»«•
l.-nroii . and HI nthar ia.|o. ,« acl a. chAmbar ..un* I
rtaalanaa, Pooihacal e run ol Ma t, and Paranll.
- .. __ mh4—I,
| '• d.I.i llhl. ATMIRRRV AT LAW,. p ,
WF • Wlia OllE.crr., Va., Practleca hla I ... Iba oourta
' ' idlr|7 *’ “*"* C1,J' Xft and llannco “untliT * -
WV,A ’» »»•>■». ATTORNRt «r Law, vM
- ^ Idlnaa, Maali OoAtaga. Ilanori., . o.. A a _\j
|d' J* * »* A «. A. . AT.DKM A aT LAW | a., ... A .
" • 1 *• ,rm",'"l hlk ..IB.Y to the rnoat In trar ol tin TeWTanL
11... I.o do *. hrto. th. E . .. Hank *7 |,
B* \'Vw,?.N"* *> ITiMlil All i,. ATTORN RYR r
R. LAW . 1.1. aa an V , , will |*artir« .. Partner in ih. t:.tr o,
I *““ 'UU* count*, of Choi.rtdd. pc Latao and A mala j
'J»| ' m L.lc'i Bulldit.*, corin' ... Main and U,h.tr,cU. ■
.lll'L •t*‘r* KU IIAR., W PL"l KNOV.
* , * ■ J ,l,N " ,iLT 'O.VC A~»tata.llr: the PrActPr u' LAW.
' Mm ve ,WtU“d'
la ‘ft,.re hui’ “c. .u'r?°Ir„** Lo«“'*<1' OooclUand, and^U* lat
L'H AAhl.lA I llO'i.tv, .ATT iRVEY AT LAW. ,Lara
“»>»u-«t . ptat.1l UwC ITta of Rkiimond ;
iii thr ■ ai.ticH of llt-nnco u.d OlwtkrMtl. J
_'REe* in the Win. buildlhd. naar tha PUta CoorAlmoac. Rich
in, re I, Va. , .
_ aul—Ij
. I.AW PAUTVEKhlllp.
■ A ll VA A Kll R. CIIAMIlERd and A » LEE hare aa...clatad aa
, A partner, in the Practice of Lee. ,,.d *,|| K r. .pr..,i,t* attau
tiot. to all pr.ifaaal. iial hualne.. ei.tru.trd to than. ^
Ad.le... a |. It 1 lllUlil u. i, ,.n . ___
! —' Mecklenbur* ta.IV_jag8-j,
■ 11 I. underalgned lar, aaa«.-iated Ua-inwlvr. lu the practice ol
■ Law. un.Jerthe alyle ut HANCOCK A HlbNALL Thee w-i
''•'uem,1'* *,“l H 0f.a" 0,7 H ' h‘r‘ •'"! U. tl.e ■ ■ .,f
. J '' ,4' *-..e.terne.J and Goochland. Suaticdar alleiitiou paid
| l*- “•« c«*Ilrc»»or* of debts. ' (
0®l r,l,,:k. II'tT’.’J1'"1? ''PI*b*!te OuddlnV Hail
V k ’uill 11A;SVoC* ^ HLNKY HIONALI.
.1' . b, “t “.‘.T*’ N“Ury *ill • tend to all iiolarl
1 bwa*»»mtfuiUd ii f m d-iT_iy
l*l.'.vlON %>!»!. IM> U Util \ > I \ <• I N « \
^IKANKUN NATOiKW*-offer, ho J*!*? ‘la!'‘nf. em,Ue.1
\ Mill . •><" I IM.IIHOOK IIOI I I ,
' Ml 1 1 . .. |
W-U-1 but respectfully aoLr.t . c. nuance c> the for ti
...er pat i on. of the Hotel. and to my Tr i. 1,. | a.k ,,f tn-m n. In
mr My i»bl' Miall alway. h, „.revl w,f. .11 f
I fffi. . **••"»• The .errant, are ,11 alleullTr. The entire e»
I u““h"*n‘ *hall hare the be.i attention that I am ma.i-r of M,
1 ‘i* ’b' I*'-'0" « ’ Mold .hall harcerery
| T'*'.. ’ *f,d all I a»k i. a .:*are ,.f hu.ine.. The houae !• fur
L‘... O V''fy »lyie, and i. healed in a quiet pari .1 ih.
- ty. My Omntbna will alway, be at the different depott to attend L
customer*. to curry them to and fro.
! »*'*—*'_ JOsk.HH I. CAP.K1NGT.IN, Proprietor.
H’C l.l HI IftM vi . u Ili l l iM.. a k.
*”■ M ATSON CAKK, Ha.^aim.a
f|llUS magnificent II. tel. rituated at the corner of Market and

! ‘' T;' ,"11-' " ‘• •uppl ed Wltb erery requiem for theac
I *• ‘ f Ud‘*»» and f* taUeoiirn, cootAins 15»* well rmtiUted
%na (*«!•«• oui rooms, and u within t/iree mtnutra walk «.f tr.*- Hjui -
! more wnd Ohio lUilr.-ad. the Umapeakr and Ohio K*.«/u».l ai d
, >Uiatnbo.t landing The Poat office and Court lloaw .re on the
«nie at«>e, and Kapr... and Stage ..See, lu the baaeinrnl.
«»uiy f. JpO per ds»y.
’ 'Ui'1 ;rr Mway. attendance to oonrry
i paaaenger. and baggaee to and from thi, Hotel.
***** WATSON CAM. Proprietor.
LYNCHBURG 1 it >1 si
>ri»i.K.T. i.vvimi K«, uui.nit*
fc#,_ J*3^ T ranee lent Vletter. I! 80 per day ni
h. nun. . . j
II. I t D A ( (I,, Pn'Pribti t>
I ■'l»V,?l.*?Ki‘drul4 rt*uUr1/ u * »**• R itlruad and
k " * m;k«t L&ndinf oobtisctcj with this houae. ae2*2_1 j
C^heat hi hi rrioi in I'm
w PIllCK OP Hats AM) BOOTS-Prom 18
U> *' I'rr cent awTed by buytnir fruw J if AN
rilO^Y. Columbian Hotel liu»l4».f
M. leakln Hat. of beat quality. ♦.*>•. Do aerned
quality, git,INI; Paahtonable Silk Hat., Iilje P i,»
•'T-r:1 **•.-'•■ ♦»>-. Courier. Gaiter
Bool.. 82.38; F'.ne C.lr.kln V.-d si,.a.. 82.38.
J II ANTHONY ha, ma<le arrang> uienta with
lie of the 1-.I maker. ID the city of Pl.ii_dclpl.ia
to .uppiy him with a handeoeje and .ubatanua'
Ca'.kn, Sewed BOOT, which he will aril al tl r ui 1
precedtnted low price of THUS DOLLARS AND
AI.MS —lliflea.Carblure ai I pond., i ,,nrr V_
w 1 ’’ * h’ - * h. !•. and . an l>e d barged with |
create, rapidity a- d crrtalnty than any . jCTV
r rifle Tl rty cbirge. run t»e Inaitril ,|.» I
j Thr ball le a patent loaded bail, f.n tlw Mtnii principle !
and I. perfectly water proof, an.l g.o. ulwan ur, and ' •
J Ala,, .'harp'. Celebrated K.lle. throw.i.e , ball w|0. pe,feet acCU- '
[ rang -oa. yard. peneei .ecu
. Ann, are on exhibition and f. r aal, ut S SITHKK
| LAND’S Gun Storr. where the public err Inrltcdto -all end t tump e
I|T1 i»* main gTRtn
fjlltl NKv. IIIINKW. I MINKS.- __
k ’ *MAl'KICK •' la. a; agw . r n a. n GS5TT»
, tt.rdi.KTru .. from aere.al of the target North. JwaW^lTV
era factor le. baa on hand the 8 wmg veler laWLJ_IjL_ij
I- . kuUun m
| Leather Truck' and Pr. i el, .trie Brew Trunk, and Ib.r.uet B-.ae. i
Oentlemrn. Iron Frame Tronkv Sde L atl.erTrunk" Mood r,„, ,
| Trunk.. Sole u. d ll.idLe.tbrr Vat.. Hard ..ar^r . I
teari-ei It,,, lor Genlletr.cn. Udl.. and Children’, uar tw«l le. e.. '
| rjr other article In the travelling line lee ete
1 tor", nH*'' wdVn",' ,V°'k ln ,l,r II » great to.ne at far.
! l^ni'eV^heK Ln’t fo,11^,1',?' J"U buy
<•’ * MArnicr.
U»\ Mam «'rrrf. Rich*x I. Y»
** i. • i' r ■ \ s i H 4 > i I* t«
"A/./. M A'.V MOHTAI. Hl'T (H > h'l Vhi r
I** ,::W }mn'\n4 or HioUM«.t dollar, aecurrd to wife and
nr nr'.'i h<in,r* 'V™**1'*- *ogld he Important to them In event
I in ?,?r.<n<h| * ,TW , u: ,,r"' dollar. In m..n.T rare. thnu.ai.da
In property from fore ad ..la., al..., an rtreutor ha< tn par d.ia. -
•»»"! !• prr. n. ,n R chir-nd T.a
Miti.i Havant lira fvara.u.a i\.»r»»T I... paid errr *1h. ...
I Tn *"* ° h*ll of that amount ... Richmond.
Thrrr It no -ay by -nlch a man can we ore a. much to hi, lamllr
| tl die aalnmcoat, a. ti) Life In.utanv'r
r»- ___ . - 0 w KN<»W1.». A«Vnf
* n OfH.-e, No HI Pearl atrret. aaln
1 withkhs hit.Ml t'OH
• » Wiled by Rev I»r IV*ni<
Tf. • watIi I* ^ ti.miuwl of reference in every d«i»ar!tn**l in the
j •*!**»• Mon* of the Metho<H»t K».Ir««|.aJ O.urch, *. iiih Id a.Mu „
. • very fut. are m*ny drtfily inter* »tir g H«’or caI «n,|
I ■rZnZ'!r»,?trtefr N° whr r* r,~ em* * '*•' J'dv.e.1
tifijrmtl'on *hl« contains
J Tbr Nurll Curelliift Ailvoi<flte
| nf er e7T ***.'hodiaMn l l.c Fnulh ah.uil.l pro. orr It, and li.dard all,
or er. rr i reel and of no crrcl, almnld oMalii it a. a re ord of what
..nr..’ Il.rmo.t roller anl powerful >|. nominal.ut.a of Cortattana
i '«»« hern doli.f dm it* pa.l year ”
A i-.rp- d acoun. to nimbler. and other, -ho pur. haer to aell
^n A jdreaa JH II A' |.(.|,pt|. K.. I.u. nj. Va
I The -ill be aent by mad, poat paid, lo aU -ho aen.l #1 in
] money or »Unip» niaVT
\’*V* ’ r I1" [by fire nailer that I harr eon at Holed HAWP
v ‘uv*i\vli WJ.iAl'n '.aim ' OMVU.
.’ourae. a all l.mrt, lo rrmcalt l„
'V. *?•" r“Nv •" 'bereforr uul.rutand Hum Ih* capital in.rap
I e»l In II e huaincaa la mine, and not Mr Jo.w.’
T.> MV FRtrNpp ASP FKRMFR Cl FTOMFRF Thr,.u*. ,h,
i* 0,1 I • M n.’e nf me Ir —r..l. lira lllirnr. f h.n r,b atr • d
, rn p -hvment «« »■«•* «fe>o. nod r,.«„I),p.| ,Mf ,.j| ,|%n.| ,,
■»r*rr.if 'I »tn Ari’l Nlrith «trret«. re | thall or «J'i< t we .rial
1 • M« M * H' vnd • «»MMI*«MS HI j*|M •*» f„r },,t |
• •
promptly crer, th.n, ent.uale.1 lo .nr, and promptly ,c, „„,„ . .r
• i
I r .mera to .oai .In n- MMIkilN J.iVI'.
t*en>for Mr* J A nr>.
IMIt % It I * • I I. I II I Nf. M ,y he found... la. r.
, *
.V. . "k n .or l.i,e -ill m.re aaH.fa.tion lo our o-l...
that la -hrn we c.na.der He a.yle, ..uallly and pel.— thir .... r,..e<t
ira.tr aitrtia. it .rrnppnrta.il.. ,.r rarMy. and -r hare .ra.ie t
.uirael.ea oT retry !•••. Mr adranl.p. l.op‘n( .hrr.hr lo arru.r u
r«TnD<1encr nf |*urrha«rr« ikllir.l K > i.»- .1
V* > • *> » • M N IHII I Nf. I.IMII.v, T. ■ (.nil ..
**’•* l % * ff t Mifen ai 4 I r>eii j*t« rte. Cl *• i !* ’V vi I V •
W *| r»~n vn t Draw, r« H •• «u lHf.«i» Jr1h, an ? |
PraWi ra. h«i tt rr-,.h a larrr • >. a al Hllr. I.,.lr Threw! antKi.l
i.ioer. *■- Hatp.a4rn F.n t.. T r., Craeai. and Mttedho. I ,rN
In fact a full llnr ol th, nta —earint «ppa< rlto —h .l, —r call attention*
„ tiH.kHr.NII 4 TVPMtW.
m*24 11» ■an attrrl.
I »•« I'llPI IHW. .
■ ‘ 1.<P 1 rca.l,.l.«, r,|. TO wattle
printed | .«... Orrandter. da net.. Hale lata, new ...'le. f... ,j,„
an t aaprr r'.h, . Th« tad—a —III pteaar call a I tram ... n ,.
latpc and c mplrle a.urtmrnl. ahrch —ill I— f, r..| u .....Ur I .—
r",rV^ C A, IM* ATKIN.
m"*e OpproHir Kachan*, Hank
L1 1 " Toil * Mini • . Parana, 'a. , , .
■ a
lo pr. ot I them forth—till, properly authrn. .aud, lo th ruh., .IK •
a Ml
'n ad? day i fur • # the
** •bf Xwh.4%# Wortn,** nf«( frw r i < c** R«nk
I AIkal.N *11 Nl in INK I INI N f oi l (tin.
j i
rrehr.„deeed Line., r,.r ... a.,.I Pl-er. ..ala. « .|.,ilr ,
k *n*"’h Ch»P*«. A F'lk Nctta and T^m
mill* Inert for Mai.liltaa
... w. r. PRRKruH » ro.
, Ko 1*1 Rapir aquarr
1VMITT I INI N I O * TH. I hare y—«f pofte;. in «
~ ~ taprrlor le. of white I.u rn Coita. -M h la •..mrtblr.a
new and that cannot be beat Call aud riamtnr them *
_ **"" f-rritt Main and I* h-rer •
K”J « • »* n vt- » . .
■ * **** F'nrer « He. rrmrdy for ammo own., la ni. ndl
Rrat'on. Ic. Preyared and —.Id hr
^ •• ♦ I*. W bhla and ih half do. for -ale hr
™ WOMRtK A CLA IHoRNK, Wo. II Prarl at.
__ *• n •«» i.aas.
ITTMO«»*w KMtr
'Otw J-tomo.\„ »i p.„, „ ,
'l'*** mi » »•» «r>» k •,! < ,
.. -
T«»- Y..r *U •miu« ihoI. r (.'» ..I, r. , l.t , ...
e»**lll. (« HHllltHlI nrfullkbr |r|rr
. « k»t"> .
n'"'1' '»**•! A. II I IS I Vi. I VI*N ««' Alt.
thin it. vv n.Mnnv t-i. j ,.,,
...or 00*10 ..or,,*.’. c. lv-o. « . ...I II.n._..... w
Bu« m#, J*i'| |trr%, Gutter Hi. •
*»«f r | T — Fat* t levlirr Hh..e*
***•'» * Ua»l*C». CuAfWAn 4..
I*'4® ' ** I** H- «l*. \| fi'rr. r*
1 J , i* |Uu^' **,4^'* Wl.C^ntoii, Paf.a«raaa4 German
Wmijtinf Pftl»r. W».te T>.r -nrf. f.
UVYtMuidT a 1.1 I % AO,, ton.
mv diinjiit a AHwabM tim
Mr Ki* **"" W" i,,urr,‘ »* ». u..« t u^.,1 »?
Mr bl .Minln n tract cut. r. f. „ ,y, fr,. «. n * , * I
o.-.. u.hw tt* O.O.,,—.loii..vh,/, ;"^ h:;
Hi- rn..in.
• »t tr. ~ ••" ■■■ ^ ■ **i*«•• •„,« f
.- .1 - r -. ,V ., l!u. " w —■—■■aWN.W Mr M«|
"***’ W* fH»Dl>IN t APPAR.OON. AurU.
V i! 7 n w/vx ■ V*'.,.,Vm? "nVM.Vy'
1 m" O'!.* .. 5 .... ..III. ..04,0.00 towol.n.
. 1 ' 1 M >»-•■]■ 'T,|l I-..I -ol'.Mi. | ,r bond . * i..u -u
V ’ " Ifi Hi* pl>. ,J Wood,dir, Mi
f I- 1 t« < r |.l*ro., «* ft 7f be for f *-t| I,v b44.
‘ ~ .11 I * U ,,t*Pr 1 0,1 ,"",r *"*liu»n ih« *»».«*.
?• tHi » ‘ ? 4«*4K4‘ ^ m . •tjef. . iHit.fen U* inir |»
I ; ndiiiY* , ‘ 1 * * • f •» T,ir n* a *ie»tr*bl •
l t r *.| iu<r i • r- |t t«M» iw.r* n ,»* u»e uiu *« - ....
*»*r*h*. |j n.al» ..u Uj l“1^* *l * ewu*
'***1 ’,,,n - *■ »•' •• •* i* •o.o.ih.. for h*,. .
, ' '■ f-.l bll-d. O.o.-I . . .... Irud or Olio rotolood,
’• 'll IN t ArpUUON, Auru!
«*; V 1 M I I III II HIM. It. to ||t t. A «.
tll.tr HILL, full rvLI tr VlCIION — H.'l hr odd n
; fKIDVV.1.. Ju.,r : -.X, cummer, .,»*
, ' , • : , “ ••• « ■>*' <■■■ "•■ r . ' At ,..d trvh run.
!• b i ‘ ‘soV.m 7J ' 1" ’“m T’ i* P"P-«r ^t", I- »r n of It
... «—ii.orot.u, .Ur or. „f J.„„, fc r,r lh.
orrowd o«..ouu,.. ff,,t Uido. rton.u to tlono <1 rpooM to
*-u.td . *1, .1 Hfit.t, ri.ldn.to. 1
I r»**t; bol.orr bt 4. - «bd tf Dng.|o. for
1-bU 1.0.,. I..I*««M Oitdnl. U.,.1 i„ . ,r...i I™|.„,,|,1, m.,„ d
Tlic loin for -fir pr-MuI >c.r lo to- |..:.t t,/ i,.r mrrtn. r
tifiHItlN 4 APPEKibix. tun
-4 III. t If I I I. Ill N 4, | II I N 4'.A Till 4NI1
' • ' ' • • r*tll W. 7HK ATI, It* JIM .. ,
t,4 O 7. *• *' “'-•'•*1 «• :‘t' .'rrrt, ..|j ..,. , *lb«T..ni,
of Air. H. 0 cm m. roonio* b.o k »<> M ui tn ollrr A o Trm
H r.flj Ini i I <Jround on th. North .1.1, n Oort, Otw.m «.h .0.1
.th.im-u. ruiili.u, b..» |.-i >oriu.o, oil. jr rtie ofmur U.lo or* o.|
fcnrab jr I'TAlvtt for *ry Mfitrm |r«.!t*tiy«
I.oo» —•**.fourth roof, ho toner ot 4. * o,.d If mono.,, low to
Cut.able ro e«. ‘-trr *j i.l jm4. ur»4 b> a tru-t «1.e4. ..r ink- .e
ta.n. 1- ri.« U*r» 1%*? liie prv^aiit yrmr l; tm> |a*^j \,y
___ v
a * AH KII —1 II r fur »• r. ib* K**»i. nr. ah ch I •>»
. d, n ll.t count/ o (T.,.t„n,ld 1/tDf on lf„ AUu, turi |.lk,
ate>ut 0*t . r 0.1 nulev fr«.iu Main h* *trr.
Ttr l.rmc.„i>,n.«.1c„.,„,.,| half tn h,»»/ ooo.ll.nd lit.
l ol.nr, ut.d,r loi|.r,.r. d rultlr.lhm Th, toill.il,,..,, / .,|
r.,w. ond euntfortoMr for o lor(r tomil/. A(,,../ u. li.,ln :. * tpp,r
•on. or Itu- .Uto rllof. vt A, A riltKIC
Tl/*|DAV U,r Jul'r- ®* 1* o’cU* k. M , If fair. If net. be
,„T"? f'h at 4. 1 * and Id montlo, for nr
^ 11A nu*^« tnterret ■«! Im, a* uretl by % tru«f
__ UODU1N a *FF>'Ui*C)», Aucu.
WV'iV.WY,.; '""!'":ZVZ
“u Uw br"'k ,,,*uk
The If. >■■ ut. :.» 17- aura. about tn arm In rixli, ..f which
V” *» T * ‘J'uU '*** T,>"' “• errml l-.utiful l.alMlo«
Len'rip"" *r' mlhflj lupeueed,
bavin* beencultleaird by him a. a market *»rdeu The '
l. crm.rk'Ud, healthy, .ml liie uei*bb..rhuod excellent. Uere
'• • ° fl**e water near lie Jwellti ^
"!* ?’** ••«»«■. ba»lo« been erected
within die .ae. four yarn.in the hai daumr.t .tyle, and of ll - be,t
m. teH.I. The .aim, I. M teel.uu.re. -,ub;„ ,..:i^..n“
Malrway.. Vl I, rle^aatlmnlcnea In Ir.jnl ami rear, an.l contain.
'lT , ” .r0°P'’' *,U‘ Sfe pUcc* tn c ich. and coouecrd by fnldln*
l.n.lok.ur.i.,.1! Tl.e tit.'*h of the Interior taihxatrxnd
he.u Iiuh marl le n..nteU and hearth., an , r, u.n. 4.11,., with the
o. * hmd.ot’ie.y |..|. red. Tlie out-h-dldm*. ere fl-vt-ratr, and
7a‘ i V “V* “J*'* ««• • t1 to k. con r tell o thedwel.
ci Jh ?, «V ’ -K» *•'“ «'d •ehbd.lt h*,u.e f..r ■rrranti,
L.Om L Li. ill Y T ' *U*' “ - bh'-t-iae; Crrrred
with tin waeh-lamer. and one of the I. >t .t.lde. in k irr.uia. harlt t
am.0mmod.U0n h r Id mu..., 4, arr..*., and a u,» x££u,of
T" .(.preclate the proper**, it I. only Decenary to view U • and
th w .ti>p.ieed t. I urchaar. are reaper! fully reuue.led to do tn.
.haJLI “ * "*',0r d'T'dr,‘ «* new. of pur
IkJlTJSMr *ur,"n «r«be pren.iaee on MON
\„ ' YY*“d j • '**?’■ *' 4H 0 c‘och. *1 fa r, I! do; the ; rkl fa.r
■la).—iriiQ« acciiBiOk'ditiiif.
-„.*3~u?»_ _ RICHARD HILL, JR.,
C^n7} 7* ,NS ‘ ” * • "' ' il,t «»»' ink R |nwwaware
Wo »TI Streets’ p TUK CITV ‘.>K HICHM >'! .“.n bROAD
JTKEETS.-Pur.uan; 10 a decree of the Circuit Court of
the city of Richmond, entered on Uih Peb’y, lvM. In tl.e cm- «.f
th. rel.j appointed. will proceed to .ell at public ruction upon ti„
!rm,r’c‘,V Ju»e..ta«v£j p 1 De undivided
1 a ,r *ir Fr' i ""tty <*«*«.* ribctL^H tLr proeerdir f t , f c%tr
the flvan Tavmi p-’4-rfty. i.urTny i front on it,.- NJrtb *,«jr . f
Uro«d “reel, at It. Interaecnon w.th Uth atrrxt, of 1*. f„ t, and run
U'nf back rl»r a* i.«if 4crt depth
***** ujN.r. #lu. *1- from Uih Auyu«t. 1%M. until tl
r-'■ ;;r**-‘V£m!57u
. *‘t . * UT r7 ;iuf.,l° U M *ith *®wrr« In four »-qa*l
1 A f i' "f *’ 1 • ,Sa •r,,, -4 “»•*«»«»• ^ duy of
«cie, lor which deferrnl payment, the Comml».loner. .hall take ne
“0,*.£ *‘u* '•■“lor r., th. imr to ,he property brine r,
tained a. farther »rcur!tj uotU the purehaat moo.y I. paid
T»u..«W,iUim,Aucin__^•Ul Coa^j^ljr;
E|kl< I NT Mil lit TWII \ k t I kill 1 >tw a, .
I Dkk ELLINl.S. ON cm STREET -H, v' .ur Jf MA
,,,r Um- B-db •■■» w,f. be.,,,*
thr Ut of Aiqruet. .MV, +1 d of record tn tlw of thr Hu-t
‘*f «»•;«** II i f in'I on MONDAY,
the .tid Junr, l*s^, at tbr hour of & oMi.ck F 3U w
l.r, m'e ", Hie premia.,'the loti with
iT \rrtC*. if»rrr n. on the u..rti,»r*t >klr «»f 41,
't* Jnncti,,n with . , alley, beiweei. Main and Prankll!,
unl7 imt hih V'y,f ! Wi"m '"V wl0' war ram.
fini d r^ b”. /^"',': /,'ir ' T,:c -• 'ruuu
^k,t,,,*~'4?n*’4oUft4> O . tulanre on a crnld «.f 4 liandu
^ tzv; ."u
■sal^^ndueted by Tom. A Wu!ufi£ In Pl'LUiJ!. Tru.tee
Meu.-Thi.prwp.tly a a. „ .etuly ...ij under tlw d^ „f iro.l
i kVa nt|rrt i: « “ ‘■"'t •‘“,oc* <r "* the troater to
m Z U 11 *'1 U‘ T«. » trale become, necrMarr.
Bk PkNNll.l a SON, AccnnaKaad
>y«4w«ore />|r/V yrj
\ ’ ' I 1 \!il I 1 kMM> ( hi sri HI II I l)

"/n"'-- «'■» “7 ’ •BU' f. I •l.hll .ell .1 a.
.. i hi, * ^ fc W ' ' d '»'• Ulnl he. within one
• t d a half m e* of Pctnwbu . ..h, loir* ih, l.n.l. of kl„.,, j e
o ,*i( IHhb n. Mattraon .n.1 Will am-on It la abundar.ila .«p.
• o.n «,rd PprtOf » ate. ml leal*, in the lmm.di.1. ru-.n.le
Old Tuan Creek lllaadn. • • ly local.d Ihr a Market Harden or
Rrl-cat I « 11 take plea.ure In ahowU.a the
tc» any p raon w ’«h!o» ;o pur* ha*^
*n *.*a»h . bala ■ A. li wn«l 1«* month*, fur approve*!
endoraed ucyoUable n. tea—title t.uioed t.ll dn.l paamrnL
... WM MANN.
maM—dtd_ PANNII.I a SON Auco.
£AI I siii i<a, viii i t\ii i ut i| ion mii,
■ . ... . .. !• ».!u«ir«j on Jaiitn rjtrr
rT win'liiV0S,y r,,r MlM br.ck tJ.u
if. nl rltUBteri. Btl* Will « *«!«»rat to tl.r purp*»«r«.»f BitUtl.g lb
?CT1* ?*** . V» •Yr*‘r,‘* J »••!»* ore r IfUur.
iBi.d «po*> • h tV Mill conia.u. 6>
* con*kW«t>W purilv*. . * which l. ,.f fine fertility, -a,..! all Ca
!** - A of tn«y Improretuent. I he Uffer p rttod >• uocfeBmJ. «n4
ns# n.uct. Out tio.b* r
mtammS/" *' '“M,c ,*J-'"■ TH,'R'*
_ J“M* ">*<1 known on lb* da, of tale. Kettonable time will br
(Ttren if <Jr»tr 4.
Th"" unactiualnleal with it proper!,, wb., mi, with to purthav.
mat obtain an, d—..cd tn'oru Alton b, addrrtalne tuc, at Bu, km*
tiwio C ••urthouwe, • w. p
_u>i»-d*ctd* tlioa M. BONDCRANT
Sai.i of » ii | Am.k mu imi ai.avi*
IN Tilr Cut STY nr If ANOTRR -ln ..bedlme, to a dr ree'nf
‘i'J\ pto'iotinrtd on the i»th of March.
' J’tpMneA Pv.it dr It. .h.||i,t ,od
a*» r..i M , led | ., ... !c HHtlr.llet. Armand llrmrr, tr linaeraradrr
and Loular, hi. u . .nd nll.rrt, tbr undrrtifnl. tbr Ctwnnntti.
ur.at|«. ",pp.." .1, will, on TIICRBDAY, Ibr l»th da, of Junr.
V* I;,,f‘r'. ,l" «f« ftlr da, thereafter, .... Ihr trartnf land
.01 wblrlt Ml.-btl Pi. "I Ir B.d.I. I. I (It'd tr'ard and rtaidrd at Hr
tune nf Mt death, "totted In th* Count, of llano.er, tell the .a.I
Pl"vt* r Km.VlIct * ,u ,he l*>» Mid Mir lot
Tb- land It a I «• » ealuatlr and dnirahlr tract. |t contain,
about t„ hundred t twrnt, B«r arm., and >at pu rhaacd ot R„.
•cc» l.'pt. I#h i -<| It M about rl. rrn utlhi north nf Ricliauu,.|
tw. and a half n. , - r.aM ot the Ktchnw.nd. Prelect, k,burp and Pm
a” i V * '• r W1H dl.li.nc. *e«t .d tbr V,r,lr,la Central
Kan Ki.td AN nr third of tb. tract I. cleared, and tl r part lit
rultlratlon it tu. . - id le 1f, tr I In tbr enurar of a t *t. atatc nf in.
proXetnenl At ttrram rtt I. rirtrlr tbmo*l (be center f tbr
‘farI, on wl.b t . tuatrd ab ot Bn arree of areduw land, at I . ,
Ihr whole of wl nil arr fnnnd t.d. of rxrtllent marl, ret, r».»
aerrt*, at. I al.i !■ b, rX|ee mtnl pr. tea to he w«ll adapted l.. tl..
•tnproTrf -nt .land Tl. unrtrarrd land It bran!, worried
tr.l'. Ilw hr.t kn . 'timber There are (prion afrlrrllrnt water
on the plore. Tl. huildtnira , ontlat o( ...1 fr.m-d dwetlir *
bm.'.-’ "t.rn ■” ' " * • «-»' kitchen, a I r.
c.«r 1 tj*y» ehoat^a *fw1 other re«|«ji*itr -ul I uuw«
« *• '■ ’""Wd an 1, trx.rpl of the bnUre. orchard .ad
*ar ten. wt.lrh wt I be mam. .I unit! tl. flrtt of Jai rare. |A J . ,
Ibr purr! at. r w (a* alt tbr rr p. *e. w i * on Ihr land n.li.ni *
of tlm whual nn aN..t a.. acfea.Ua.il, tu.nned . tb, „n about
to ..f .a tm., and tb, corn mi abotn «. a. ret „f land The .Urrt
arrUn.w'Wtli, ,ad ,„ | .,,, .„d
Tnaua -Par ll.r atarra, rath . for tbr lai d, a rrrtllt o'tlx. twrl.r
awd r'«t.irr" n • a |.t, *,rn. H. pt.r I saar rx.tultif br.,
te nd, of etpial . . It tor theRoerltaar ian. j, rich a.il, » ,,d
a "d tamrlenl « ,i,i. , nr., tart He at wntl.a after dal. .nr
tarltrn. ' tt . ■ ordatr. and o- met. , n* no. rhtbtern amnlht
t'lef date. . 1.1 ►, nd rarer i t.lrrrat fr- ta the J it of tale, and tb.
Hllr in hr retained mild tb, a i. ,«n b»m ..’ . ... i
<t w Rlt tl AItlnniM, I ,
MII.hllMtntri.ltlN, t ' or mltalonera.
«t» l.'. IVi IttxlB- t«. t.l.
N It Attbrugan,' awarded in Injaln tb* rale uft|.rxb. .e
t-rnp. *1, bxa hern .late It .1, ih aa>r bar. in ad.rrttard will rrrtau
i 1, lake place.
II I A I II H lb. Tl At lb * III air,
NO f» :l *1 I I N fTRIIT,
e’er vot, Tk .
VRr Jr".” »'*• b, far Iba twn.t .let r able
■I. tln.'h of BT API b I Nil PANCT
I > K N' (U)ODS
• err Urrin'orr brno«bt to tb,. .oarkbt, and to which the, nrlw the
I **^»**h-'» p' porchB*er«
JI^.TpVp •'•'‘yVr •««. -fkin of iBAlirt Io B tBrr* of
¥.1 .Vr// / A.*, Of the l«lr«| pBriR %'yW |f,|_|f
• I IHMhihS KM I »lHm VI %ll« til K.
i*iik kv. »; .rp..rrikr impkovkh
II hm 4owhle the 14 fifty m <1 ••r. r gth rf mt ,y other.
It for* e , trVll) fiBtarBl color.
It color* frrty .| fmm. Uf t bromu U»jet b<B- k
■ »• 1‘ CB«r •ful rBpWf
l» !• prr* f|<r hBr If** Iff thr tkm.
Vt« rf«s t I , i «tiiBn< t n* •>* I (•* rmanmi.
■* '* *l»* ' v*<’ 4 "f c4r«»/>c*f. bi <1 mtjrM i>ti rrrr m.ttl*.
•Sr f' f, n«r ».-c» mfkwnf eB«-h hot a* 1
Price- 1 i Vi V < * I .’4f | ,.g X m a
I Kfiiere.l Bcr.Tf.Hfif »h, Bel of i . ngre.*. in th# year KV*. hy %.
« M*'ri*on, In the Oe.W « »»flW e o* the l» •tnct Court of Uw l* r
h»r the Kb tern Outrlet of Penn.]
Pi.fBtlehw m.kx Df TAL, inhinotHl. fB
¥fww^r./wrer, APf»Vlo> W llAKKl-ON. In *>u«h Tlh rtfeef,
(ISjRl WlNlSVIPI M A i «>. ,
rtrBlB from Mew fori, nr* <uyi* >r« of
»*l l^O-rONTM,
Thu« rti*Wi j «hem Blw«*. i« ndr I foo4 BHorin«nt of tho Ittrd
and moat faabmnaMe tt rfek
Tl.e» haer Ju«t opened a numhor nf new and haautlUl loelfu.
—cult which, tf pnttible, re, red tn rtchnraa and prandeur of l.’Da
anpiMnf the, hare hrrrt.i'ora oRrrrd Pnr tale upon aprreablr
AI BO— Jan terr a»«|, a htttrr lot of NPW AirPIC mal*
|| * l» M % I I II « | Ml AT, MICTV II UK,
I ■ Peruvian No 1 Ouano, for •*>, h«
"" I . ..11 I
All i 11) >> y i
. • , ’ ■ ■ ■—
J * I 1*4 » IP. I.. —
I t2 V***_*;'•* • •' •-»— •
K1UAM « oeriji, AmM.
HT ««* R|1 IM Mil L t CO •»*,. ”
1 1 lii^M.: h. .: "an
Mcxmana miu.•o».Wtfc
Hit. "»l.» •• • *1. A »» .kUUt.UUt 444. ."71
■» or TMK tkW loan * vitimri** ■**
* raa UU4> a ..aa,^ .area » aatta act ■<.. aaa aaaa —_
> >»»'- a.
lka • pm it i Sr.
•a...., rvataaa „ rra
4-2 *-rssa£s " * *
lj. tt*r I UXUni jHatr, U u r.rltl td. the 33 %m^mhU
*' i.f .i*rtw i«.
7 l** V~ Krft-rUy lo t«* «» t|.« fowl
>J**^ t^l lr. lS! w*n twdMM
St.Ti/tlLT?’ ’4,-'n ••■"’-•—»i. .u.i i.SnflUZL
.1 m-ntbraan »r*n fma, vl,tr...
.7’. .? • ■»••«*«'. liar following u,a.. T-n Ij/j Paawi
U at ll,tr Pau. » tngtll, appmvad |D India, an.I that It la. la
^mi-.a.ih, ra,„ pabuBM, a. -Ml a. U, too., TlJaJS tmta
d.™ .'* fw ,'*rr* ,,,V,7 »t dwi. and II, ajilrarMl
*am."d «Md, ,u i,». h„ tad m man, imnaiia,.
bMafolfend '•■11 • P»h*‘' >*„.t», » varwi, „l nmmm au.’JZZZ?!
mar *w feMsn b, ti, oananai-LKA a lUlKISr «WiiwtaSttSS
S" M --■l‘*-- "a-l^7."' * *J““Uv ',r l**’*'1' <*»“ •«.».,-» df lb. 17
ttii'T.1**c"ltoo mhcai» a to HA.
P«<« • i ii\» *iim. M at iM mm* u*ai I s... n. «.
n‘J 11 r»faUa I f«kr j4wr u
war- '4*1 I.t K. r ' mrT Tlir I .. f ,!.» .i, . . .
aaa o.«*i 1 tloM R< t,,!.., day. not lai. , tbaa .h. „, u_Tl
---v" : ;u,tna * »». p.7,7 it
**rk,rt* Bt« in •» I •tail fli «poa «r. vmikr Ur m I
•m •i.iUki. lo ItBrr t).« .|r«»‘n# UU pUc »l rh. r^rll^
T.^iiMa,. T 1S«?V
IMP. Mitt It. si I Pin ta slttlM.s ium
rpil l Jraih nf u, lata Jama, cil.'.ll, ,h. pMnrlpai MaM» of
, * >h. * «*»t.Ual »ai,rl> i: |.la.-a. ba.in, ^nd.~i 1.5 - ”
f«r a nf h|a ratatc. uat u.» prapm, .[...j a. -ITTkl
To fa.-tl.tau th» aal*. a ll*,ral chart., baa *».n ntdalnml fr..n> u
laa-al.tur* oi »iraPiia. aatlMwiamr 't» parrba,7uTi .77
li7t,.V * J'‘lnt'«U<a raMopaf.,, >1.4 Panmif U.atn proKt
u.»t .. br.-m.,f In. U, in.... tu.l a .d pr-dMabU anJ .,m,h.P r ,7!
wall a. f.., manit-a. torli.* |mri..aaa a»i . .all, ^ 1 "• M
all" 1U7"1*"2 “'.4th* •u,h«r't» *aM.fr»rrd upon tt.am. th, nod-.
»o„'.oi.."r vropwi, for a,U. ,iu,rr lo ln.iia.duaU oil,
ct>"*" orcaoiaad umltr tha rhar.r *
■; un^r;;* ub -
ma, U rtcardad a. a* ;., ont? “irntXa^tfl;'
lObalilr eharaotc, of tlirlr auiwra "umioraodfaab.
«Jii'anT*.';; StTXtTTrr, 7,r .77 ^ •*»» -
I r n a* a 1 _ a •,Uft*lt| «KlUI 11)4, f> ■■ uriftlj
«hr ^,0 «* every yrer uumbere ol »ruiu.MU »rr twiMd
^**r *%l4t romm tn ittciimD iuUIp u»^rn ^
• irTn *1?^* V 77 #,|*rlnc* beretoimrr Btt* n.W) vMh cm
• •I riUt <M»y uni Uuyuv, vUllura c^tOiltHIrd u> travrl -_
%.! tl.e lwa»t.ru and Northern clticw to th, »-—
cmrtll.*. of Uw Spr nys W ,1 |n lu| 1 ® r *
o'' JiP',-2 la-r- ,n tb* county <*f Greenbrier. on th.
•^sS«»Z"££2. "r?rs.. 2^
J’“.n hereof an* n:r»,|.,w U„d ... the Ir.ct, and moreTh^
double ll.ht quantity „f ynod arable upland, tl.e ret,“e
4°ri’ “ £•“; “• •'■orv heii -tooted .ui •sy*. £
*1 r* f *,<< k- **■ '*■' -'.11*11— Of omi>. arum. Ac . Ac oe
I^rn'i, cf »—-Scan be readily ,mid »'5a
U: f* f"r ‘be accnmraodatlMi of »triton are conveniently
r" o' ; V^'!e“‘*'',| r? ! °*«*b architectural bes.iyZ
. , 7 T'. v ' ~tor and haootlftd, pr-eabify a
f,|’h V1 l*.r*■?' u ,,J U.ddalea, aisd fi»t» «.1 Uu crtginal trVra
luce". "V^l Or “l **?n >e-nbvd a. ■• the Paradise of ..ter. nr
! » kv IZJrf ? ft* *,UI *,e •rxualnud with it vho will tall
t*. ack.. fWirdge iu ulaui. to lht9 dtsUui tmo.
i Tt"i ' 1 */** rslaMtshmenl are now eery larye, and It Is bs
llvsed. by salaried accommodations, and with n.etyrtfc and judl
cimjs tuajiryennt-t, they miyht be Increased many fold J
The -sle of the water, winch la lu area! request In ..or nun (w.
vrr» arar me. u,e and m proper hands the net profits la a lew years
Tl’^ .Zlc .-uMrl c 5£f/l« ",,h- I -perty ran he purcll^
, 'holeeountry Contains few su'ijeet., tf indeed It does another
M.K^tir'UrT"' tfr.eloped » they Could won he hy C.,.^Is‘
The title to the estate Is believed to be unquestionable, havtna be.
r- tutors and their ance«„“ ,7; »o„ th«
•^ctity.year- To ta.ilit .te tl,e transfer to the purchaser and to
avoid dip. .-Miles -nlch miyht result from Uis Jeail. of any nr chb
iu'.'.rd 7rVw-iU,ir I ;* b one Of the coder*
chaser' "* prepared to execute the proper deeds to the pur
The sale will embrace all the furniture heretofore used in connee
Uoi. with d«e property for tl.e accommodation of et.in.rs
Persons desirln* to purchase arc requested to communleau with
the umlert.yoed. tk'M. M MACIARLANL,
Of H>chmond, Va.
The national 1 ntePlyenccr will copy, feh^ZiAeaf
IMM.ll .Utmi:> A PlIW ELL.
. 11'-ft u makers, yr.d ,iw.ia.
PBNHE RCftSCKIBERP srs practical workmen,vub _
M lotiy experience and derotiny their r.e.sonal rfj IT i
A!i*n!!ca u*.»1 w"rk 'lone In their d.op, cocfideatly
- tfer • u-maelTea t.» the public for th. nuenufarture sir w
or rrpalnny oi Carnayts. for which they have sui-rlor facilities.
J}‘*L h*" on hand at ibis tlou*. sJ Metr men mnnnjuctmrr, , r..,-d
stock ofl'arrlxyes, R rk sways, Uuyyies, Sulkies. Ac., of the most
oMwhaitSeln' ^ "~Ch lht* J,r »“«““on of those In wan,
executed in the best manner and on thr most reasunabls
CAHIIU6ER1 « tHlti ttif.kii emrm u
caaaiaoa Msarrucrekka. on sqt.ii aau-w kxcn.sCT^vS!,
H» • » ' » L - » ITIUT,
kJ« on hats.! m Urge sj*. rmfnt of br*t qu»Hty. «ml m<MC Fut
lnr’*hf- Ftylrw, C.^t-ftry, C.H.Irr., CbtTl* Hmiikhr*,
•«o,-kuw*y», iUkW &cn.l Ta|y Buggjt. aud Buggy* wuii without
I I»uvr ako at niy Krp«t*it,.ryr a largr aaaortment of Norther* made
i *rriag««. mauufaa'turrd bjr thr mo«t approved maim, raiigmg
frijtn the Hfhtrwt *ty!r of no tup Buggy, to the fine*t order of r.acb«*
1 ■* ,n ,raDl ot fwrltiw will dod it to their lnt«rr»c u. rail aa4
rtAOsii.r my rtAH-k, a* I am drier nunrd to eel! cn the m. si rraaona
blr terms,__ .e»«
■ \W o • jTi.n.e a large a«aortmrnt of 11 %Kt» --
I u ARK AND rrn FRY. Of ForHgit ami !>. nre. ^
t»r maxifaetur*. all of whteh b*vr ben bought on
tf.r it < «t favorable term* fur caum I <lmr. It on flll^bMSSV
nn>^*«,y to mmrati Mk« H lo aaj, that my M i* large and
Oi.mpirir I tisVite n»y obi <u«t. mar« and Mrnd*. and the public
generally, to call on me and exanriiae my good* kfore making their
purr».a«ra THU) R< >BKKTt<OX,
liuporter ai-ti Draper m F reign ar <1 D. n.ftiw- ll.r i-.n. ..1
_ Cutlery, Sir <6 Main street.
, v THE ni Hli STOICF.
II T AY LOR »« aid remind hi# fronds and U « ^
• public fetieraliy that his store is now on
ernor street. where may br found PIANO FuBTF>
MELifDkoNS. GUITAR*, YloUNS, FLUTES, and™ * If V 1
tCCORDEO.N:', of the best quality arid at the fewest prices. He is
s#wit m this e*jr for the sale of the celebrated Nunn’s and Clark's
Pianos, which are not «xn>a*sed by auj *.*W makers, and equalled
but hy few. Ai«. . I»ale A Co.’s superior Plan*.
ir Guitar and rioliti STRING!* f the beat quality
He las the Unrest stock of MUFIC to he found in this feats, aad
• rutistartle recvD .«* the latest pahlicaUnos, which he sill sell at
the most reduced prices, and spun as ft<od terms as can be had alas
fT PUnoes tune.!, repaired, and let on hire.
IT i taken In part pay for ur«
Kill* 1111 1*1 % Mr \M» MOM \ _
E<u •r*’ utidechhd where you ran erf
the l IIKl'iST AND bL*T PI A NOP just postpone the i | | J
' •' (kit >• f F p NAFm** no trill, tm -In
retai'i U»e looney unlit the piano has yien satisfaction.
Il-V. «|TI||.« to five bond and security to hirnish you with a su
l*rru.r Instrument at a low pr.es.
Orders especially entrusted to our selection always receive parti
cular care.
E P NARK. Pi a Rp forte Dealer,
S8, Sycamore. corner of Hank *tr~et,
Petersburg Vs.
MI4M KOI MM Mill! t\ Tf.%1 VVI>|; SHOPA.
KtcHsosn, V«.
ERAtlHnTT A RROTHIK. Proprietor* of the shove
■ in
Ms 'MH
b’ f-df Horse k. wer. suitable for Circular <*aw Mill*. (SHeBI
Threshing Machine*, and other psrpo*e*. which thev flatter them.
•rive* are hilly tqual if not superior loany F.ngmea ever budt hers
or cl*-where
Ti.s wdl alsoferrdsh hTATIONARY .“TEAM ENGINE* from ton
j llor«e to ai'j required jirser.
OlRCft.AR RAW Mil l.«. >.f thr mm) appro.*.! 0.^1 Mr art Ion, nnd
.( ..nirna • >*<••
RAIt.RO.AI) WORK ofr.crf <tr*rr)f>1lpf).
TORIOO l'K)>S) R, ri ITTTMJII) MILIJ inJ all .DVIw .o,
I T‘ 'r.' '"e'l.f »»B -»DIW of BBA-'M .r.«i
I Th>j ar atwiB. r. -'u.lt MarntactRm, In )hta cl)., an*
‘A” »».' rxertj-ton Tot Ml AV.RtCA COBN AM1> COB
t HI ellf H •hh ti tl ey «*<•!.fl.Drily recommsnd in thrlr rs*tosnera
. 1 '• . 1 a. .1 prior ).. ,t,. M 11 of th. t.n.1 nil) .1 ,k if*. ,r.
.npi.D.v.1, a ••■ppl. of •Mch a ill .la.,, k. t.p. ..a Baa*, fa.
aP.I tho. witlrll ootrt) ,p,_ ,/
qw cflrnHi nimmu. v
■ - I .1 aad rnllr,
I comprl. - r er rr ar.l .ari.1* m.nufartumrf for »h. .raoon,
1 wli 1 w-li i*e •..Id at wlmlesale and retail i»n the most faroraMs
,*r7'* Te* smewA .d.^ner* a trtf liberal discount will be made
Gs. W' pr>«sraar . *o lonff knows in the trade, ts now rr.raped
J with ns, and will be Hr«anl ».* •«* hie >4d i sdsan • at any t me
No TA Mats street
E|A M F I. I TINT AFU »TtM t or ^ -
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old *'yles, all of Whtrh tse WsuM Sh>U rs*peclftilly ai.q the at
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Manufacturer ami Dealer m l.adtrsaicl M ««e. Rta.<s and Ahoes,
• N 914 Rrr*a4l street, Foe NIII
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r-* Anikeys. A> This work Maowfa* t«r> d of the best w«na»rhal, bf
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i 1*^ whl' kre thoroufhly a* quamted with the h«^ne*« fli yytrlM
(to wted In the best manner, and n the m«.»( f.ae..» >shle ter ass
10th stre»t between Mam and Cary
\ l U MI Kk % N If OH H MOMFl«*' Just resolved,
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t Alan—Eh. wet e,f *llk Mohan
IMrrefe and Orpandte Rohes
risln Herefea. a’l colors
PresK-n Worked t'nlKrs
Lace and Mwatin Uollars and Meeves. in setts
Alan—A iarfe stock of Lawns and «Hfs«.d • Mosiine, at WW
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L^MI ^11 IIHNI n Ml ITEM P * 0.dua Potwe.
r in tubs for family am. jast rsr* red ref h r *a * hy
MtW CHA* T worth am a 00
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RING* and SHAD, for ml* by
• —^ WOWRLI A CLAIRORRI. ** \\ Panel m%

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