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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, May 31, 1856, Image 4

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i; TCII MON IV wind.
Ml H K^y-.L —7V./A /AlJ—!«»»<*«—Thl loll .»m<
li.m, it |*4-immi« «r.T4> a|i|wtn|r<l * co.mi.iUw* lo dc»l«* «
|>Un In* III* ii-IkI ill *K' il «i«J JiMibW.I Mliiwtrr*, nn.l
(Ii4* ili»«tit'iU* 4* 1*1*w• ami orphan. ol iumiiU‘14, Tit —
Ju l||i- II IJ. K.*ill
K*t K V Hi><.r*. IV U , rwuj*l|.».t«.
|l4 iiit l<OT'l. K 4 . N >• York.
Tin- «! IVnin, K»4 . Abbr.ill* Cowl Houn.', S. C.
Kid- li J.miw, k<4 , ul lUluiitur*.
Tli • it » Ur Ui'i i.'jr rv« I « p»«t » «l Utter prpparcii b»
i*r*l»r "I tli* .A«*"iiiUt', tu be ~-*il U> th* church*., «rj;iH)S !
thrill lu * IUMV lib-r.il .upport ol the lulukrtrri of 111* *.»-•
Tli# r#|M»rt «||»I that the estimate t»l Dr. Baird a* u>
the average of minister* salaries t>ciiig |>er
nit If It evident that a Urge HO tli bar mui' receive a lunch
aim*tier sum. The report urged the duty »d lutirr lit* ral
mppMHM the ground of justice, rvga*d to the continu'd
of ChHst, the welfare ol the Church, itself to be promo- ,
te«f l»y att increase of • Hi deal laborers. Il answere*! j
of the m Ml popular objection* made to the liheial »upt»oit j
of the NiinMrr; ami dwell upon the depressing mil i -nee
of a tueagre support upon iiilnisiere of the tl wpcl, sod |
th« u d*rtim*Uj tnflueucc which it cauaes U» reset ujmmi .
tin* <’nur«*h iiwll.
Ttte h*pnft was adopted
\kw sii.mil—Tkntii Bat—Ti*aat*aT.—The teller* re
ported that the Ke% B s. S*M*ar and I lat field, and Stephen |
II l^helps, K*m| , we«e rlaclel trustees m the church ex
trnsioo fund.
Ti»e following gentlemen were elected trustees of the
puhhcition fund : M W Bal«lwin, K«|., Jo »n A. Brown,
K««I . R v. t« *o. Chandler, Rev. Dr. Brainar!. aud Jung.- .
Iter Dr Brainard made some statements concerning a |
sorietf In Philadelphia for th-«ahlcd and superannuated j
mi ii-ters. The society ia o|k*ii to minister* of both the I
Ol I a ia! New School-*.
t hirer commissioner* suited fails showing the destou
ii«ni auiO ig ag.nl and disalt « I uiinist. r*. There i- n •
tii.id i>r iMN*iety which reaches atiove a very small fraction
ot i In we who are needy.
Tt*e committee on eburch ettenai«)n presented their
report Rev. T. A Mill*, secretary of the committee, read
the r»*|H*rt.
The policy of the A«*cmhl» and of the committee »- t »
do a business which eannot ho .lone by H«v Amen *»•
11 tuio Mi --I'tu.try Such ty ; the »ork i« not s sectarian c»u
», I * About $*•**> have been expended in church elec
tion , the whole subject is earn rally commended to in
ch.«iche*—those men* tiers ol U»l year** coni mi l tee vlius*
term* of office has expired should lie elected.
The eomtnittec of conference with the American Horn
Mi« nonary* Roddy. reported, recoinuieiiding all the pr***
bytetiew, not lo diminish their contribution* to that so
t*t t\ ami to tin* Pttllad dphta Home Missionary Sah-i ty
Strurv or TttK Has*. Cavalikk.— The fears of th«n*
w ho «*HC«pcd from the hark Cavalier at the time of fu r
collidnn with the Kcystotie State magnified tl»ee\te».t • :
the r jury site received. The lurk, after the collision. r»
r,.li ,cd the lliy . and though much daiu.vged and rvr.dei
ml dm t-handed by the desetlion ol two i*f her olh • r
Mini pa t of the cn-w, arrived here in safety yesterda* —
t’api kirwatt is dcaA*rvedly praim-d for the courage ai d
seamanship wfiich lie displayed. His statement ol th«
collisioti i« as follows:
Capt. K. reports on Monday morning la^t, aUmt 1 *•'’•
chirk, the weather ls*ing <laik though not very foggy.
aud while the hark wa* heading K. l»y S. with the win *
N. N. K . distant ikl utiles^. S. K from Cape Henri w-,
Philadelphia. The simmer striking the bark on the -t«
iMiani-bow just forward of the fore rigging, cutting In r
dow n through tlo* plaukshear and -Urtingvmie of her litii
b>*r- The *te i uer then backed off au l cam-on to her ags u,
tend on, t for tin* purp »v* of rendering awtance, it i- «u;
p»--d, l striking her forward again, and rubbing her all the
war aft; the steamer then slewed her Imiw off and back
a-tern, her wheel-house striking the haik on the quarter
ami con-iderably damaging it, and the steamer** rods
tearing the hark** sail*. The two mate- of tlie lm»k and
three ot the crew got on botrd of the steamer, leaving three
on t»oard with the captain; al-o a -on of Capt. White. O
ot th»i »«• left Chatlr- Scotti a Spaniard, odd the Captain
that he and the otllers would slick by him. They then
Inir** away for the laud, getting info the Capes on Tucs by
nniMiiiig alxiut H o'clock, (’aplain Kuwait al-o states t‘ at
if they had kept any look out on txiurd the steamer, th
ro ild not help having seen hi* vessel, a- her whole broad
si«h* was visible to the steamer, whereas the steamer coni
iug hea I on to the bark could not he seen so reudil* —
C«pt. h. also state* that he saw no lights on hoard t‘ •
steamer until she -truck l.i- vessel. The hark carried *
light in the binnacle, which w.h displayed. To the trutn
ot the toiegoing i-Ulciucnt Cant. K. i- willing to make oath.
[bail. American, J/uy
A “Col'NT Rcaimmi Shakespeare.— Many of your re.v
der- will probably remember an English actor who, -onic
vear-, ago, p lived engagement* in the Cidled Slat «
Mr. George Jones. I Itelievc he afterward- became a nat
ural in-I eilizeiv of our country. For several month- pi-t
thi-gentleman has been figuring in l*m», a- the “Count
Joannes,** which fie -avs is hi- original name, slight!*
••Latini/'d.** Who made him a “Count" no lardy kn*.w*,
I ho igb 1 d »re -ay fie ha- a- much right to the title a a • * b -
Jy else. The fount has commenced giving reading- Iron
iiiMib'th. Othello. A**., a*-istcd by hi- 1 idy, an 1 all under
“di-tingniahed" Pan-i.in patronage.
The Enquirer of la-t Turaday aav- “for the ti -t
time in it- lii-foty the Democratic party i- areal and per
fe**t iniliv’*—thereby confessing that all similar a-serlions
hitherto made were r.ii-uke-. We think of all the nd
take# tlie Fut/uirer Ini* hitherto mad** thi- a—ertioo is the
itm-t unfounded and tf»e nio-t coutnulicted bv fact.—
Frederick*!*urq Herald.
Tki State «»» OEsKMirr.—Ad vices from Salt Lake to the
SAfli of March hare been received. The Cnnvet.tioii for
forming « State Constitution lin t on the 21, wh.-n flip
commiitev reported unanimously a Constitution for me
State of De-cret.
The Constitution as ratified hr the people in con* nt -»n
at Salt Lake City, i- exceedingly brief and plain. It ?»
tain- nothing about slavery, hut annoniire*. free tolers
of all irligioii*. A memorial udopfeii by the«on* n
adopted !*y the convention asking admission into lie
Piiin •; and two delegate* were appointed to present it to
f'nvvrvTto** Ahead. ~ Democratic Conventiofi, Cir: n
uati, Tue- J.i*. June 2
Alsifition [ultra] National Convention, Syracuse, * «*
American [ A on-Fillmore,] Convention, New York ne
Kepuldican Convention, Philadelphia. June 17.
Nation*. Straigfit-\\ hig Convention, Is»ui*vilie, Ji> 4
HmUL EtTkAV.ttttv ► —Tin* - .fit of k-si.faai f 4
ha- he**u pi«r,-d at thedisposalof II. de Mom r. the F b
Envoy fu It .r-ta, to enable him to tepre-e: t Law co V
*•» a ktui g :t»a n* r on ti.eocca-i n of the Emperor A l «- !
d* r • * aUoifc Nap*'loon will fun i-h hirn with sis • i
*»wa onajf'-> N-rrral Europea? t»t>iU birr, i .• 1
• ra0#lf I »•*;*rfW( fO pro f*r.| (*• Si. lVt**» af. '
Ail eu^Af j vj p#a« tb# ti fiO a lat ' »r llinr ©rmc#*
Mi— Lira Stniir HUrkvelS \i3l» r»-pu l HW» r#f
Ar '1 »*V a-x| r> | i< • i(i pS«tLnn lit N* • V k.
i' * » «' i “.?k fi'hi'-'nMt Kir* <J.
Mil ••HI %l III Anm III.HI.U1.
P*i*J 1*0*0 PCrtUO*
*.v •' . . 1 a P i the I -•* Ubl; n M
©f ©rdcatl I# Ihr #1. .dr-t*."
Kii*.4ii, » Rr«ti *uti
It u « B <©.»** r*u«edf «f t|. r«y year# .land ng and # r»*. •:
■ •' • ' 1 ■ - i . .
Pr X ( am*. F* d»*. Ctail’ ^trt*. acf 0< | «.,re. • rv»rT b rwl • f
Fa .< C « 1*1 fa (tel,, «■ « ! I|r»1 •. K,,* I . . , I
N > '«, ir«c<*uu*« » 1"4 b/ Dgrtri. W • *.
0.u». 4(.. laf *U»ga Fmem l.trafcg. Halt RV • H* .ra» j
MPH f u- »j w.d • ire ■
hare u«<»I it *»• c. ty I» •• r, avl r -#n‘tg for dr u.••■ .
U M ruUi«'r fill lU Inlrr >1 a • >*'> r ntrrV». « ■,
a |H.g«.. .a«»*. k-~ '•*»<« t»* It t« tr.ad# fr ••, y^t„.. . . f
Pram 4 fr r Jr *,r rgtit fr oj R j«« » ' |f >• gr ■ g
MMiV-ff —a*. I l'»f proprmtora l»arr Irttar* from all r(■•«.» - g*
in. .
Hi*- »*.|f*«* and fxwri mrftd it bi ollim K- limy • R ... « w, *
|*.t n lor,*- tin ti ui, on t*,r r-r • • •. « j. . ? (r. . • „ >
Md * «■„ l *r r .? ptrtar# al«e. at grai'd •.>. i|*r • «•
pf I I
trj or tu*y »x* offered of any »* ■ w-.a.r df.gr «t
H KIrIrl V«#|»r<. ,f ,.t„fP
f.l» Ar, :TT Mrr'l'‘ * rl'"rK *«' "U ' —»'l l»f f» •»-.
Pl'RrRU, I,ADD a i'o.,
Dltl't KHS’I’H,
!>► AU k* is
r'lvr*. «ll,4. III I N, UIMM.U M.tss, Ar.
i'll Main Ml reef, Corner Fourteenth Street.
R*nm «d, Vi.
#-V*' It,a prim# Inrltgc | »4,f R,iP,r, f*j a* «»
.. - %•* Madder in ra«. • Lamp If *gi,#a a
I ha I. air art Vgt*<-<d %> . *ar# tfar. amtll
l« gr© Cod Uv-r Mil t,**-* g,H„r,. f,|n*^,| on
w» t.hia Itumlng Fluid Ara» k*ga Writ# Mad
B’ l^da V » n f | and Fj*an ff* rVe*rttr>,ne Orean *r,d
Vfj •
nnn nanrn Hol|*h Quinine ^ ra«v» “w-rt Oil
4»» Md. Tanner*# Oil f/«t gall n# Umt f Ml
3f, hr |a Amrrl. an and Irlal. I«i *•«.* Ki.gtut, ffu.fard
Ca-tlV IV.au
g/»a» n.a Ife-fln* J ft*.rat keg. a,,., farh fVN|a
‘i5 M*|| P it*g gf, | |,ia f Hff, ,||M
ff. Md# Cnata't OH tf Mdt Alroliol
ft* M.|a fif. rltaTnrpantlne .*#• r«*.. rtNfar'i |. f.gUa*
f ,#wn I Ha Tonka Id-ail a g r,Ma Rlinhaft, R... .
5 M4a ratnph, r l*i.«d#r
frt Mda Kyrntm Halt# )0 krg. Canary |V r.|
l!IA bf.«r« Kir.f«f. fd'a Htar h | half |,..f,g •*, |.,-f
M l-^e. Or*d Otngef, | irr 1,n»#* l..,|e. Wind* * Olaa.
fit in.«, . OrM Pr|,|(rr. |mr# V* gr. %faann’. Ht*< k >,g
n& »*«g. Pe|,|M f If, gr„ |*rMt<^.r,
fo Hag# Attoftr© fon^ag. Cigar#, all grad,«
F4 mat# f’aaaia
WttH many cd»*«-r arttrie#, amhraetng a g. rural i«o*Mmrtil g re
In Ml In #UH, tetf \i,w 1»t ©#•♦* ,.f rx* , frdlt If. ptm< trial ,|. a
rr* i*rnrri.i., i aim* a ro . i>n»ggi#t#.
•"Hit V.I Rgn MraH.enrixr Ftnirto Ml
%*!•««.«vi« mi ii vvissii rr
▼ R All foil* «t MMVK St HIM It f J ' *W»“"
Till# R"td D nt.e •#. if*rail«,n tr* gram Mtlr Fi,r tr t*T ATt7.il.«, im
lb# Ifark ,4 lading • it«r.d—l It ret ward al lire rat# «*f rigid mil* a
month 1
f*n end a t#» tie l«t May, th# pinetipr trainfortfm*t ng # tht|
t#ai© from R ■ hr*M*t.d to |*rt* raht.rg will I, a*. I,ym l.txirg at ti t.',
M and arr ire at If/, ,».« fc M
Par <*« ■*•-thin# dafla g«ii .lag* r«rr|,*rd.
At H tf«r*f’a dr-pot f«.r H*»- hanat*. 14 m»l.-#
* At IVm*.«rk*# ai*«l Aahxn, f«*r Nxl. Re«| 4«r#t and WhK# f ,||.h
Ppringrvf*! R*#
At Vr©»* rn <fep«d. f,«r t|»# R»d Hulphnr <Rh «nl|. #i atnl Hat p|,
ftp* ..g. T h Tump, b* Re ad fmn* V.iirn. f<> **tr k t Mill.1
Pgrinr* * a* »* m g rally Improvr*!. and »• rmt nir# it y, ,
•n M*ita i * Fnaar’.pr* art tr at iVa- H|x*r g« or t*.. rmtng
•Ha -hI day fr iu K* l.u n.1. At H. a.i \| |. f, r R i«
Ttnir-x f»er from Richmond f fg. tl.r. uft. (Ill ay#
B# I rg nla ar»d T*•».«• aar. Railroad p**# • I t*
C«4n#r*• All.put M.,ntg«xi>rrv. Hl.tt# Hwlphi rdUr T.l:
Awtp*. if Apr-ngo il» #o .midrtiMa at • >. h of wb\r), i«t. b<
pFeatlf I* r* a - I #lf|e«* laat «~ar I.
B- tin d f, l> gr |4| r<*m Rh-liU'41'l Will ho ruf|i|rl«tH to !
Rmfgr xcf WhMa HutpHur Ppringi aari; In Jun#
P II util.
apt* fan 0#t»rra! Pop r t t- rt ln ♦
t%* Mill It IBM MM I till B, of tlx, Mat witty. |
▼ ▼ at a.I pa,, re. for tab l-y
ChrenM# A# . 4th and Prank Itn #4#
. »** pr es . rdar, J
IflRRgM. *•?
•4 CafMf Prarl Md Carp Hnatt
orica r xttRrmr*.v a \ /> soctmcrx mah roctk
« *tNLfe», *• •CTMIKV 4MI» *k«Tt»» ttOkltkU
\l It K DAILY, ODMy night except* I.IMtart Iti, baton,
| anil W‘*»h»ngton City, M l <«oi <l.n.ai li.r «%!»•( AlcSaudrta.
Hour* of ikyoitun- at K>. hmoml C D A M„ a**d T.Jbl I* V
Returning leave W ashing!. t> A M , and I' M
aad arrive at Ktchmon I l *• I' M , and • AM
Bagg *g- Check* and T.. ket*. givn. through between RUInnond am!
being In ex,-etlci.l order. ami C\RK\ ING TIIK GRKAT NORTH
Fkn AND 0OUTUKRN MAIL, gin Dm DM gwaiaata* gf ilnji
•tcuring connection*, a* t« ilmvn t*v arrival* daily al Kichusond *i..l
W mfiington city *n advance «*f the sMesiuboal Hue.
Fare lietweeti Kn l ’q.ii.<l arid Washington $5 .V
As Oxaitix will Ik found •!«*;• ready.to take Wnayk p asset i
get* ami their luggage of wearing upptrvl, between the Depots, frw
nf charge, wilt a"«|dv tun. lor them to take ti*eir me*l«, whether go
ing N >rtb or Moult.
Thrmifh TtcAeO can be obtained between Danville and Washing
U»n al the terminus of the R *ad, u««* nearly completed to Danville
An agent of the company will receive the check* of pas*, i.ger* from
the D«nville R - % t. and attend to their baggage all thr way to Wash
ington «»r the Hai'intorc Ihpol.
T'ie fare the ssiue by t!»e mall line, a* he the old Mfeamhoat route
ja.% J II. T1MH&KLAKK, Mup’t
^ »■ t ftfDkiMf ADA Dm trains on t • n . * I ruu as foj
Tat tag liivi a’«‘nw..xp mi rcTag-mrsa
Kxpres*. thr..ugn Passenger dally. tBumUy's excep
t- 4 - .i M •*«Tk A M
Mall, through l*asaetifvr, dally, at & “ P. Al.
Accomm-nlat -•!» aud freight train \Trl- Weekly,) via
t| lav*. W-dueadmys and Friday* at 'a M AM
Norfolk Train Mondays. W cdnw^Uy* and Friday* - A M
v*«i«* i.awa nrraa?*itt so roa aiCMMoap.
F.xi>re*«, through Ihtsseiigt r dally at . 3 ** A. SI.
Mail. “ M lay'* ex. eptexl.) *• V M
A. ommodation and freight train Trl Weekly, via
Monday*, Wednesday* and Friday*, at ... hV| •* a M
K -hmond to Olnvrcr Hill. A |»a«*eiigrr car will Is
atta'hed til tin- Goal Train which Irate* Rn-hruoti I
dally. tMumlav’* t-xi^epteil.) for t'loTer lldl at <6 oVlk, A. M
PaoM-tigt rar.tinmg fro.n iTover 11 ill by Una train
iIAxmH IhMlbf ..... ..... t# " A M
Trie Kxpres* train* will not atop on U»* way -tthcr to take up or
put down w-*y pasm-uger*
The MkU train* will *t.ip when there are passenger* u* take up or
put down al Manchester, Teinplr*.Kiev's, llalf-Way Station. Clover
Hill and Port Walthall Junction*.
The accommodation train will stop at all the regular stopping pla
ce* When there are pa*m i.gvr* to take up or put down.
The Kxpres* and Mall Trains from Richmond connect with tD
Southern Trains at Petersburg for Weldon, Raleigh. W ilmlngton, A.
Tlir ough TV ket* to Wrldou can be procured at the ticket office In
Tlie *an»c train* fr.*m Petersburg connect at Richmond with the
N irthrrti trait - or Washington. Italtinmn . A* Through ti« krt* for
Washington. Raltiim-re and Phtladi IpiiU, can be procured at Ibclh-k
et office la Petersburg.
** Children over J and uot over IT year* of agv si
" Colontl person* In *rrvant»' car .... vl
Colored per*on* will n»»t »«e prrmittad In Uic Drat class car* except
when In attendan- e .»n Infant children, or sick person*, absolutely
requiring their are. In which case the »atnefare as for white persons
wtd h- chargv.1
V discount of !•* cent* w.11 he allowrd on each fare when th ket*
are purchased at the other, aud to p*r*4»ti» gxtting on the cars where
d,i tickets are *«J1
S rrsnU travelling by tl>etn*rlve« must he furnished by their mas
ter* • th two passe*. th*t one can he retain'd st the office, and it
mu*t he expressiy stated «»n t].e j»a*s that tliey are permitted to go
ou the cars.
TttOMAF ODAMKAD. Superintendent
Office R A P R R Co. March T5th 1>M.
t» t r o it » II TT li.
r*^'> Lynchburg |3i %• To l*-xtticton ft "9
| i i
Fart from both Ric*. uond and Lynchharg to Charlottesville, |T .*-•
Satisfied. on a fa r trial, that the majority of travel on the Pa4'krt
It,.*t* are hett.-r *. .-otnn»o lat»**l hv lest mg in the evening. w«- return
t.> the old hour*—*n and aft-r the TTd instant, leaving Richmond
M lav. Wednesday and Friday. *t P M . reach New Canton at 9
K M and lArottsville IT il of thr ftr*t, ami Lynchburg at 5 A M .
an ! It i haiian and I<exitigton at * P M of thr *ec4>nd .lay.
K -tuni ng, leave Buchanan at A A M . and Lyr. hburg at T \ I*
M . 'I inday, Wednesday am! Friday, rea«'h S diet die at !'"x A '1 .
New Cant -n a* 1 \% PM. and arrtve In Richmond at A next \ M
and ID Wingham C. II., and tn Bcottsrille with the Naft fur Clvar
;fr See T me and P •tarn**-*, tn Omni below :
/.V hiwm*1 V >ndtty. L e • # r t I ynckhury V* *#»«/.;},
ITr>/q#a/ilir <Mi«f F' id ly, >it JTefi#* /.rk tiR*/ Friday, .if
ft P, if. 7y /» V
Manaktntowa 9 ru 17 Staples* M III, II ru 17
Ju lr* Ferry, 10 r m tt Bent Crerk, 8am Ssi
Mu-haux** Ferry, 12 m SI Tye R.ver, 4 44 Hr
Cwlar Point, l*Jf * « ** lNnlwu k-vllle, 5y 44 48
Jefferson. ‘J 44 W Warminster, M 4r*
Pemberton, 4y ** 47 H<>ward«v.lle( S 44 hd
Columbia. 6y 4* ?»7 Scottsville, 101% 44 67
N’t* Canton, 9 44 66 Sew Canton, I y r m
SeotUrllle, IJy r m 79 Columbia. 8y 44 90
II ■•W.irdwvillr, <y “ 91 Pemberton, N1, ** 1««»
Warminster, 4 y 44 \*9 Jefferson, 7y 44 1"7
llvd«wi kttlle, !S*a 44 ltd | Crdar Hi-lnt 9 44 114
Tye Elver, 6y 44 I ok Mtrlwtsx** Perry, ** lift
H nt Cre-k. 6y •» 117 ' Jude’s Kerrv, II 44 124
Staples’ MMls, 11 y r m 1 29 Manak t.'wn, y a m 12V
Lynchburg, 5 am 146 Richmond. !> “146
1 • er Ik IS&a
or wrrrjiioa
Compvvf.g all new wtyL-s ,.f Spring !»re*w and Froc k C >a»*. Bust
nesc C<«u, of fancy cb d.», ••*»» mr'r,, nor-n-., [)r«p d’Ett,
Alpaca, liner* and Mart* .lea, Vests. in endless tj
nety ; black dress arid fancy cam!mere
Pants, du litJen. ir>l*«4ill<s. «*s«nhlet, Ac , Ac
Cravat*. T • and k«. * th* /reatest r.»r1etr. Suspenders
k 1 - Ik AI..1 tl.r. a 1 l. vs, II .■•dkfivhl**'*, s k«. Sr-ei,. Collars,
•Uk audgsuxe Cttder Shirt* . - k . llr.en a*.d bleached cotton
Drawers . In-ha-Rubber (tr.ods ; Cmbrellas. Ac.
Jit, GOOD V| %> Vi- « r*en at h « large new 4». re-rwom,
• ^
• tsK-fe id Spr.ug and Summer RKAPV MADE CLOTHING, end- %*
Ear shu.g Good- F? m ! •• very great facilities »n manufacturing,
h * liberal patrons and the pnbl c generally w !1 .t il find all artici. •
*n In line, from fi;.e*t t.* l..wr*t grades, id the xt-ry best tnske, at d
it il' usually 1 w pr t» tot vh.- CiM and examine.
He- .■ -inh r pU f Atid No —119 Main street, next d.» .r *o J
" E. i pt • ■ x • • [iplfi j I.ODMAIV
^HtCIUNI r A11 .1,. AX CU'IIIU.I I j«, main stufkt
XI’KIV. »M* XI t| *11.1C I.IMIIIX.
Jl’*T re fted a large lot t>f suptrtnr Cloths, Casslmeres and
V“"‘ if • - « h. • .
K large and weil -elected su» k of Ready Made Clothing, wh. h
will compare w th ar y in tilts or huj other market Our prkes a,
low as at any of cr H use
Purr, «hir.g Go*ds «, great variety. such as Shirts, Cravats. Scharfs,
Tie*, Ac., Ac.
lie nrites t. • fronds and others w‘ • are m search of really d~
Irahle go mis Ui call and examine his stock. tui.4*
F|,<» HI II Fill* MIX. |M> I ill IM lll.il ._w.
!l,»: ■ r »rr in rmipi ut at. »«.. rtm.nt ..! Uli*.' »n i timlrn.'t .'
Im l: I* «• 1n • th*fl .... ».
.••urr ,.*,r u«ti,fnrr* ai.fl *11 In »,ni «f lli.r , ih.t our •*.>, k
• i. brar to »• y in ilr< ...» r »r.j !»^r >•««». »r..l
tlitnk *. c ar, .at,,lot, if tt Wrr, Dcu»Mn. .1.,'jtj. it,, amount of fin,
-' • ' IB 1*7 Other U*M i t. '': 1 II . . ...
r7 tor u* to t" into a JrtaJ of all l(.t dncriptlona. All If ,
call amt eaten,.
.-4 | ( t.t X X ) WORTH
WJI. I IC A in IT .
■ 11 ' READY*
A **.,1*1. * I.IIIIIINI. 1 t. »*> « , • r > ■C'-rr 1 \t • ■ , V. r*;\ ,
TI. b
P*~!i't aaa *. I ll.at tl,. ,.«.t tx|>*r-#r. . r M/t-f/aa i,oir. ntt. .«
bus • es«. and it# su‘• e** ij.r.r.f 11.41 t rne. • u,, l*v«t er*«Jen e that
my j ar»d ; W-** hate been sat -fut'.ry, my effort# at herein*
fore, sill a*- t.. i.ffpf t»r latt+i tiytg of pattern and cut, hate them
W.-I made «'d el; g . >• a* %• at*/ Aiojdar l^iiise in t/ e
»< »-F ' -I Ola-.. I <»/. be foaad at ail Loan of tf.c la/.
A ' aii i • f..lly iifeni
M Tf.—gi ICK i-ALK.- A\l> /MALL PROFIT/.
.1 / in J/.4/.V sr/:cKT
Kl « II M o > l* Mint M | I I II l>ll »»««!•
TLTHl# l'7 • ’'! f-i'MlNT I «a fiird Hr% that the or,|y
4 ii' ar* *»■ • * I*' *TT 1.1 I*A H ATHK made fti tPila elf*, »• p up
tf M M 0»P.M M'K. »' • fl*»t~r» Mavlf (iiit I* ii il<le to '•*.»•
V"> • tl. ar.j ir-r, * r.rr .Nur'.t or Sooth, having been e«»
tf d ii 'i • 1 »• r.e* '• r the laat Din* ymr*
H» ‘j »-r* * al*>ve b«i-‘ jr, all lt« l.rar>rh*« for
Mr. Hin I' J.AlfD, KirlUkti •1 •• m«'tP»».»t t,f i. tom. mg l.;» i.bb^l'M
1r~tA* I tl* par .f l.*# ol.| rataMbbmeal, that nothing or. hia
^rt rt t»* •«:r* J u. «i«ia i. >u former reputation
m To | * v*i : r .or.. be #urv to all fog M< C<HIMA( K 'A
SOlia M ATI It *’
l*r MtUh vt Atr.R, ALE i« d EOKTEH J*l ver*d in all nan. f
Iff' *. f. ( . tr ' . *ry • i« --rs promptly att*Ti<S*d
Ui VHo..
H*" M M p I.Af’D Prirt it .inflV' »a Kr'<a1 *t
f - »«; si imt. i.ooais i
AM. blNTIl I V| ft KMSIIINO Doolie luHi
' '.. ; .* U.i
e D . ...
k* • if every *.«4Iaf. jr.lowr > I, be «oviM
• • It « : -a • . /. . / r
P H BM.vrt.
Vf. IS*. corner i/ Main and *. U>
|^| >| lilt l ss sf | | s. Mf l.aniir r nr.tu
' ii
p' *' » r-i- a ira jr Ma»- « l-<\ _JX
ort.J3MSJT« r.W
n S til Mtln .it,.'
I 11)11 a • A A I I I I ><„ Tl , , ..
w 'ft... I.r. ar.A <-,f. la- |.r.| «r,.| *.,r .... ,r, a f. «
- in n«t'«, I. part /art/ „ »,.t r-. .<1. I >
| LAIM.FV A RoltfS/OV,
f'tfi i*» |* ar.d P»a* *J ft §>f
\ • It % •« » »|s \ > |) s| |i| a
f l II
. y. 1 r ’* *• «r.| p't,!, J r.d and very *^r.rr
J of, "J w* >y tVOMlil.l A C|. A IfVHtN p
-in 11 Karl
" >1 '»,V ' "V A KA'IPAI.AI
«L'P Fl/Hnr Cl - .. • r .„. .■ ..a..-- s. . v, , w , '
' ^ _ /H.HF.N A Mil |.»R • ■ l- A,., . f , K
II -%M» I 4l t> al .
I.AVrsi-ttuT, AI.IT n k If.
HI Hill Al.o. I.at' It H II ,,
" • N Mil,, t, . .. V.!' ; . ■ vr‘
Mi feet*1. for «aj. f,|r
I* ",*1, RO*im Wortham a ro
SI’I A II A .IAIK MIA ’> II A \ ||.
• i/-"' . .
r tra flu- «|iiallty, at the . ...,4 Hanntleif*, •otre eg
■ <•'*•«. J) II
t I . Ill It .,,/ ,
v* i-ti.vi-. t m,,s
; ,, IM. , ,s<>
J ' ' ' ,
f**#f PlM,#|nafd, half gall, o «• ( **11,., ,i^ ** *r^ ?Tr. ’,f • “fM%
llr maA w „ *aie * y
■ a * a . M M E1MMEHMAM
, IV •V,'\VIV‘:1V.:"V
,,, j
O I^'fV,1* "*'•’*» »*. - m I : Fain,
H'i<hel« *». *rt* J<, «t, f- .»n ... r. , .
J"”7 llt'RT A HRoT i t.,
. 1 lART»ri,L*f/.
.Tl "
, _,Nl i:\MBO\TS. Ac
mi n*»:u iMH.nui:ni:YTk.
I.VIII MAI \OKh. Tl>« MipptkK tWwbi* ^
■ St. am- |. KOANOKR. !!«*• t. bar JT- a# v
lln-ll, lft|» 7V*W- • \lNB#r, L***«a Ol) I'fiut lt>l RjP
New York, every N«*mU) Mwnlkff, ai 9 k -Mnntfk
l*a m-i f. r» <hw» KV » avo.d wt-hlt g to )«nu hk hip at Ci<y tk.-int,
will kor i i rail) «»a li |Al| A >1 ,!•*» . ar* to |V*e»ab.»i g. « ret V
Saturday i.M.rn • e »'••• • . # .Main through thk. t* to New \ ork. by
applytl g al our • thee, « rath ml» of Huln. wr at the Depot, on Sal
, unl>) n umlbf
a. «l Fire to N Y . Including State Room, $1'»
I (Mrailfi Piw.ff In 4a. If. Ul l*M» I'olul, fi»*»
l‘»*s»fi and tan to Norfolk (r«>iu til) Point, aaoie as by the riv
er aranen
Tin- It >an. k* i* •»r«l* Ini’a.ftllatrly to Norfolk and leaver ll er.
same cv* ulng. tall r arrl* al of Amil rrn C«ra,) lor New York, teach •
*ng *hcr* nrti *ven g, |aar ifni in m Richmond bring only «»**
a ly M on hoanl
Tbl« n.ute w II he found Nr the pl'-aavute*! and m»%*t comfort* l«
' to New York, besides ben g IN t ?i« ape*t, as the du«t and beat of
I th* K% Iroa la are avokhd, and there are no changer from time oi
d par lure till arrival in N w York
H.turning, th* Roanoke leave* New York every Wed nerd ay af
! ..at I oMock
For S?atr Ro.ni*, apply at our office on South Side of H»*ln.
jy T?>e J%wrvt w a. Capt. Parrlfth, leaver tl.r wharf at Rich
rnond on Tut «l \» afterrn on, at 4 lock, touching at City Polat.
and protmlng um nifM t.< Norfolk walb it
si tiTii.u yiim iyi.i n*:vr.
F|NHK STF \ Y| ► R t l RTIS I'M k. Captain John Jt
A Dav • having ).»•• uivbrgom « thorough ' EfeiflW
hauling, will rr« tin. it «regular run brtween thi* a
tl.e above plait--, k-avng tire wharf at Ro« ketta. t.n SATl’RDAY
in rtilvg nett, loth in-tNiit. af «Hek> lerchrlf, akdrVrfy
Tu**eday. Thursday and Saturday morning* at that hour
•. • N i ktvM Maadsj. w it
n»« lay arid Fr day morn t.ga at the same h-mr. 1*1* oYh»ck,) an I
touch at all th«- r>g il«r landing* on the r.vre going and returning.
Par*-ago and met!, m u-ual K O HASKINS.
’ rtVN must be paid
when tlwy are aetit to the bojl.
mvi U ll II
I MON STi: l tlklllP I IOIIMHI.
aix. S.«amri PF.WKYIA AM A. Captain David -ifvfc.
Tan.Steamer MR*.IMA. C«pt It R.a.w* W T,
One ot the- «u|* riot Mr al « ra will b are K'''l<-|N§Vvk
m«»nd, unul furt .f r.iivi. every " dneralay, tou*hmg at Aliy
Point and Norfolk Urmnn freight and passengers tb turning. U ave
Pt<tlftdel|*hU every Htdiurdi) tuornlng at looVlock
Thera Steamer* air now m fine « ter, toerea*ed acixmmrtdatlon*
for Ore Combat of paara ugt r» hat mg tarn added, a* alra> tnorv room
fr*r fr* ight, and m- !.o|a-,hy regularity, dt*p.it« h and care In protect
ing pub com in i tir-1 to our charge, U» receive an Increase of patron
No tran»hi|»«ii«-iit bv this line
Pasatr M * 1 - . I »1"
lhv do Philadelphia, and found, 1*1 cabin * N>
P*«*.VT to City p.ur.t and Norfolk ut%* a» by the rlv«r boat*
I'lwrtip-n »*v thi- line cau atop in PUtlad* l|*4a two or three
datv and thru pr«s.evd to Nr* York t t the same Ikkrt.
tuafi—tf H K. TL'ITLK, Afunt, Rock vita.
iihoi i.iisiiiniiivsii^ vm> iiihu iiiiii'i.
>: • uni m s
Corin'r of f.iry an.I IVarl Strret«.
HAVK In atorv. wt-l ar. rrc 1\ 1:1, fr.tn lh*- North, thr.r I*|.r.i.g
,-t.v-k of (ion-1., wh>. ti will b« largo and ,,r.ol «lwn tvcrtvvl,
! lo which till. ('.11 thr .ttent:".) of rouhtry imrvh.Ml, ,nJ the Itolr
generally—among wfi ,*h will Iv f. ut.d
m.. i ag» R I.ftgn ,>r*. M rricaibo ami Java Coffee
<7 hbd* N o and I* K. >..gvr—aou* very cliwke
Si** package* K« fined Sugar*—all *.«rta
IK PhD N t' W.daaaew and Rettned Sjmtp
.%• hh«la Cuba and Mura-ovado Molaara-a
<10 pa. kag» * 4* I* , lm|>enal and Him k Tra
■::»S V. « Am- r can atnhF*retich tilaa*
Side* S . laeatlHr
N*4l b. xc« Tftllow. Ad .m.vntine an • Sperm Candle*
fin bhU. Tanner'* and Macl.tneDll
l,o u krga a*ra.rted Nail*, vnikiat approved brand*)
J half i « ll*-iin« -»* v Mid iHard, Dupuy A Co. Brandy,
vintage lS4i and KY*
<1 pipe* hnWw Holland iitn
62 ai d 'w |»tp«** F Brandy, Pale and l»«rk
1<*i bb.« • p re Ry«" Wht«Wy, warranted IV to 111 year* old,
<M hbift Ctn inuati WhUk) and AWIiol, dally rejected to
IN* pa Wftg - of other >Ytu*ky'* and Wine*Ktoo numerous to
P» P»tl«. Urm.l.i..ur». Wrapping P»p*r,
W.«.| \V»r*. M< . 4c.
W1 iklhtgri :.«ui pun tuil curtooMn. >
K. C. OIWIO’X A (O..
Grocers and Commission Merchants
cmurn c% it aid 1$tw str*tn>. aicawoiD, ta.,
HVi; i >' -m the r friend* and u*t.>mera. that they hart
received f r Fall > k ..f GltOCkKltiS, LltJl'OK*. WINK*
k . A »pr - i.g the Unrest and best stock they hare ever been
ihlr t j. t . \\. .writ* ty and country dealers U> examine bar
•Cock before parch »* 4. atn r.y which will »*e found:
1»S*' h*g* H • Java and 1.a*u iyr* Coffee
.%» U.ds I* R . N. O and Cuba Mgrxr*
SOU bbti Crated nod Codec do
lv»* M»l« * id us Cuba and N O. Ilolaawi
IN' bbls N. 0. and llal.fa* Herrlnfs
N*» keys Nan*
2«*' 14..« Old Rye and Rectified Whiskey
N' ta !• Southampton and Jersey Brandy
N> b»N F Rum
h ^ P pes Hemn %s< y Brandy, very fine
1»» V I •• V if ;» brand*' Brandy. I*ale and Bark, eery
8n h cask* Sherry and Madeira Wine
rs.*»» Sperm a' I A Umantine Candle*
4*» r.-*r * u *. r. Cap ati*l W rapping Paper
2«s* aide* Sole Leather
N* b- tfs l„.»f Hccar
2h tierce* U tiduti P*»rter
B*»» packages Green and Black Teas
IN* d« Farcy and Plain Candle*
Ni hhU Cider \ megar
2"" holes French Glass
!'*• dotrti H*-d Cord*
|m holes Brown and Pale S*>ap
lbs. CntUm Yarns.
Hnip UlNI, C#ratn and
; . . SutlOegl M '
\ Ml It I \\ »»l / / l > I. < NH • TI'NIK. V f'V baqr
Prsurr. wrold n j- .• . :v , ill the attention nf hi* frleod* t.
nt c.f FRF*!I i Rl IT*, a Ihdr wi
rle». Apricots, P r e Apple*. Ac Also, a variety of
i la rru Al'm ntariea
Pate de Poles liras
I’.te de Foie de Veau
Ctumpignons au Betirre
P .lr .!■ Ik- ««. •
Tr-..ff sat Nalu relies
Pate d- Pcrdrcaux
Fetw. Po'.S
Fresh fi*im« n and I> b*ter.
* ! , irf -• ' F olio of Ms rwti manofartore.
Ill* •• • . • nmp'.eU an ptinall Spared It cater for the
n*b4 - •<!..
>! \ > I 1 : I \ v. MIN III I \s.
* CTT f
•J Moire A • a •
| 1 I do* mote Ca tu* '• f t. ,t a r. K • I pr« r y
F.mfr»>kl*Tr<t V i*i i andfh rd«dbk.rt*
W hat b nr an J 7. | » . Cord do
Ha r Cloth and Manilla firms* d.»
Palm leaf. Ivory and styarUb Fan*
Jar* met. 0(g«r die and * Ilk Kolr*
Cher-1 Qaiit- - fir k- at a low price
fit: all Oeek Fr- »i. h H Ik* f..r M’sses
Fi*-nch fink* at <• and cents, a bargain
B!a- k do at #! per raid do
Ik* (jrenadhi -s. ft «r g* • »rd Chalir*
Bo Br *r ..r • I fiat In Plaid Bareges
Para*o?s ai d l.ad .•* ('rohrellas
<»-tii « ? Ik and Cmihrle d
Gent’s I. • r C*> * n II . rr- ef« n White and Colored border*
a* me verv pretty.
field** fium* rr Ct »rat«. fir k* and T‘*-s. in great varWfv
! • • i n • I I and *1lk half Hare, la Whitt an 4
<» • ' r Shirt* - . • I ye, Mei I • t Ti read lt4 Col*
| ton At the <*%»!• store.
I* SI I I I I* If % II M.
EAGLE FOt'Xl’ttr, Rif »>vn sf»d, % irein&a.
ca*t -Tkur, «rrw*.i> ckaal titnpmxn,
\| AN! KAt rriil.- l.Gt’OM »T!V| KMifNR*. TVS
- TI
road Machinery. Slat .ary Phigl ,»* of any required
lire, P pr*vf _
re mad aStedatwru* mutr j
- - c- - /
A , with improved Cir ♦ Portnl»l« - < * M 11* attarhed. #.f la». id
and U class. M • r,g M*iliinM .Gr.«t at I Haw-Mill Machinery,
if*.egings aod Tobacci F »• pi j F stare* of evrry kind« also. Brass
Mill. V.. I"*''. I"', INV.
P ft.** K*q . Kw I.nwvwl. Xm
i>• a- A r The p I e i'rg - - ind liv Mill
1 pplhmi tl pnv • i • vp « i • u,
Wfllliil l • - nvf riprrtaliM 1 I.*
KAjnw*'rki t'<l. «M Aif ft** »-w M II. that i* undoubtedly an
•B2pr.veluent ortr fit ytl.lr.jr l.at w«- have #een.
f| . * ... nr*- r /.| A fed
know that t wttl mf
(hr aidlr otef ar.ytl g ahape >d n il* In tht* part of North
t»l ul l y-.u hare ar y . nd* * •« frnm fhif #ertion fetprrting
* . • r ' If N •• t flAfM a it b« a'l || at »•
r««juieii*( A*-. You ai> at lllerty to u«*- tl<t« a* to* think proper
P | fl • Hit'f r • t N v apl**
SPI H 914*1 4999 M 9949 9 % . * ■ t
1 bill ran] < * • • ■ . ■. . • and »■«*.*•«• <•' • r . *
• • • i llruuuftmaou
9!if * F’i'1 d r-H <• »• f r •• a> rnfanei' g *arh ring
A • I f M • I I I T |.h *
• lan* *• r a—akfi* •• >1 of tlw *eru<iitn. raue***t |.y «ft««*a*«
' ' / *1 14 * * •» I** Are made *ft* A-«e«t rnateria ■ Prlre «.f
e-r* A art|r|e #r free i r «na<l. I.'l«* »a diefoont to phj*.< tan* and |
detigr «t4 Attr-m letter* to i» * ;w-7 P O.
j c nru^K*K.
JIT l‘l»rjrtie afreet,
IIIt Near % ..rk.
■ ."T f • *1 *>• ir I'. . >■ r i *.♦ floe r,j.«*n PlfAPT*tN and
• W
•Ill'll «*e jiiT.tr t' aft* nt * r. • f *r < • *.* and the p>jh|l<
linnifOCK k OABOHN.
»na.% h*| iare atr.ee the Hank*
If Uh A, \% 9 9191 A i Oi« S', f* Mail masary, offer
J If f • *»*
7" M'df g' < *1 prime V. w Or|**an« Angar
A»ai Mill f'« ff-» * r i« • I and P fed (Hto«rl'i and other
brand*; Aogar
X * fee !« f
1" hhdr pri,ne r*it.a tf'.laee- a
Hn W.le prime V w Or1e,f,e M*.fa*«e«
fr r* 1*a|r g -d to pr me H*'> f’* ffrr
$ Ifiii prlitr' (Aftryn «l*»
pei poekete prhft* J*.* >ln
, IV. * ■ t«•* » •! '.*lfhr»te* Adamantine, ApartnandTlllntr Can

Arei fee *. *. leather
T*i k.ge Nad*
i7 Cnl**iti I. n*e
'Jf» d- Cat.db W k
4 ** k •• V. 1 and 9 W kefrl
per** Outif.y B *g*
A g. i.. f .»l 4• • .riinef t ofT* «• V «gtrj*a •• d Oerrg*a Cotton Yarn*.
• • i 1 *
a-*r. h, ffvl • g. Wrapj- • / P*j-*e. P*io»<-d H r kete, pepper P men
to. I#eed ng I. I.ee. -«rjd V r l-» «p..rMi.g and Bla*«ir»g tnfjAl
> 9 \% ‘I'lflM. 4.4MIIIV.
r I ' 4 * * w •’ r « i h'.j-e «• I- t.'.n of Aar. y art, le# t* r
▼ ▼ •
plam A»» ped, and P*» n lt'a»-k p* Ik*
d d-> d*» I'.l'trrl do
Bla/ k and CVn.rrd « »k IP »-*
Oretiadlti^ at*d It* t»«ge dn
fP^gandl* and I,**" d*i
Pialn and P gwr*d J*e<iftrt«
White and Pr * ted K'llhlM#
plain and P*in‘ed M •»•**l*ine
4‘aet r.ere A .awl* a* *1 f arfe
Nitid **f1e Pif 4 %f4<it|ee
g»*,t*r. I. rrdM I- • .d * eii » r P 'Kr* arid Aletref
Pfrneb Wr. Iglitrr.p and AbeTe*
Witumti g * H i- rr • * %*# • ?
Yfu-* na»«f CorA-rt-k Ha I* and Trlr.iViW f*
r f .fan'e Pr kWal.*#
Ti * ,d Mr - *"d Ua*«
Aletand.i-e A. •! in » - I* fM*-Te*
* I |.4»ii* K- laMlfi'i* (taunlMi
I ( Him 1 hr* I I •
Tati* y A miWt do
I rap ar.d lATe do
. kli|*«I*, i a|»*
luiie I -d and PeTer. Ifdkfe
Mien • Ul«r»* an I II *■, au A a* •
i mhtf. N" I9H Fart. A«|«are.
\f» | fl % \ I | > f 4 % > 91 9 9 *. 4* agent* foe the .air * I
Pra 'r I lit * ••A'l o.antli e Candle* *e arllr Il,r utrn
. t.'.n af llte trad* ♦*. I ** ll.* v r* ** ' *lgnrd dlreetly from CWl
Innal'. and warranf»d f*»*l w* g1 ♦
mi* WOMHI A. k iXAimillN*, J9o 11 Rearl *t
W • HIIIV M M I III *1. JTr • •/ *«
I *9 |.« rloT *,nal *« • more W IflNlW
HtkVfte'h 111 Tf . |*m M*;# I. ■ .** ♦ ^ > K*| m for eat* by
m*i7 Mdri a ro
\'4*a I 4 4M#fa . Wr hare for *a»e pr /atrly, a I Mar
crx*fc ail —l w PI M I All A DATff.
H A Tt T> W A R B .
1AM now In receipt of my KfllXO STOCK Of
II ARI>WAIMC. .if English and Amerman manu
facture, direct fTo«ti the manufactnn r«. t«» »M.h I
» ,-irully invite (hr atte (ton i f my fiIt ml*. Noth
In town and country, a—urii.g lit* in that iley •••all
Nave e%« ry article in my |ln« a* k w a* it cab be bad In our city.—
My u«* k coua *ie in part wf—
Ivory hamiu Knifri and F.»rk*. of 51 plecea, of Rodger*' and
ttlber aiakt a
K -tgvi •' Ivory handle K'llvr *. without fork .
iKmWr plate*! table ai>d dv—« »t Folk*, plated on extra Rite
Hetman allnr
K.d.irV amt vation* other make* of back, bonv and buffalo
handle Knlve* and Forks
R vlrm, WotirtiMm ami other make* **f po*-kel and pen Rn'Vr*
K-alge. •' and Woetcnholm's Sc»**».r*. lit great variety, **-u>e of
i Item in rases
W oateulKilm'a and W. A f Butcher's Kane*
Pruning and hedge S *at*
" alters, single ami In setts, some of them rery handsome
Fad Irons. «f fine quality
Iron T« a Kettle* and Sauce Pans, tinned and untlnned
Hell metal and porcelain pt*«rrvitt« Krill— and Iron Furnaces
lltdl. w war. and Fir* -Ihcv, a general u*<itmrnt
Tall and flat b>>tt«*m l»ra** Candlestick* and fnufrr* ; cross rut.
hand. p *n«I. rip, compvo and tctiatd Saw*. Hracvs ami Hit*, some
»»f theni of very superior quality , hand, broad and pole Ax—; na*l, *
brad ami ca l**-« Hammer*, shingling and lathing Hatchets, all
vise*; Baldwin** Plane*, a general assortment, carpenter’* and rail- i
r**ad ids**. Chl*el*. it.mg*-. Squares and Hevils; two ami four f«4*l !
Kill* • and Tap* M.-a*ur. * . Mocks and IN* • and A rr« Plate*.
Smith*' %olW| box \ ice* and de«lge ami h«ml Hammer* ; horse-slioe.
cut ami wrought Nad* aid cut fttlkrt, o' every star , Aug* r* and
huger and gntlet Fit*, all *.«r*. Va. patent P Lanka; pad, stock,
till. cb«**t, rupl***ard, mortice, r»nt amt ch**« t Lock* . rouml, *quare
an«l tla? Holla **f rvery • . wrought and cast . cortaln hn* and
curtain Haml* . hank and ».*ve U t«v. all alar*; Mvsott'* ChalU-nge
111 veking , Am* *' and Rnw'aml** Fp id* « and Fhwvets. long and short
handle . manure ami hay F**ik» and ghrd* n and hay Rake*. Klw IPs
weed ng, hilling ami gruhlui g Hi* *. all »«ar*. trace, haltrr. brea*t,
l*-g. o* and well Chain*, « vrden Trowel* and gardru ll«ei ; Hu't
llingt**. of every *lx- anti k'tni ; plate. h«»ok ami eye, *tr«*p and T
Hinge*; Iron Hook* an ! Staple* ami llaspa and Staple* ; Ftl— ami
K«*P«, of all sisea, together with alm«*«t every other article u*uall>
kept It* nty line of buslures. J H KATtrl.tPFK.
Corner of Vth and Mr*»ad *trvet*.
•l*W «>| |H-I.e K F A P R K Ih-poi.
M'UIM. II IKM inka flM«
/.VroHTKKS AX1> Ith'A/.hh'S /X
lil'NS, SADDLERY. A.-..
.V*». *2*i /V*»r7 Strrrtt A*n7»»»«>»</, Ph.,
n.WF now tu store, an I are receiving from the
large ami well selected *t«*« k »*f G«h*I*, v*t*rc<ally
adapted to the want* of the Trade of V\rg nla. North fflEjOlfl
Carolina and TVnnes**-*, and »• rr«pectfully Invite Merchant*. Fad !
•Her* and others, v isitltig thi* mark-1. t*» call and examine tl»e same
Our st«*ck I* full Uni complete. comprising In part a* follow*, via
Tools fur C«r|<etitrrs. M**.>ti*. Handler*. Tanners. Mlllwrigtita,
Coopers, Failth*. A** , In great variety
H I'ld'.ng Material*, a* Locks, Holt*. Hutu, Screw*. Ac , Ac.
Heavy IovmI*. a* t*halu*. Anvil*. View, Ftr*’. Hollow Ware,
Axles. Fprtng*. Axe*. Ac
Fafety Fu*e. Fcvthe*. Fnaths, Fiona* And Rifles
Flr*a Kutvr*. 11 ay KuiTr*. Brier lfo«>k«,
F--rk*. Fpade*. Shovels. II a me*. Ilog Sk n*
QBi finr a****rttnent Bridle*. Saddles, Ft irrupt. Bills
Mh‘p* Pat and K-atn*-'dcd Leather. Sheep Fkitia
-*grr Shoe leasts. Hoot Tree#, Cruup Hoard*
Cutlery, of Rodgers*, Wo*w n holin'*. Butcher's and of her
Hun*, double and single barrel. Rides
Pistols, a go*«d assortment
Fancy «l.*od*. a* Port Monnalee, Brushes, Purses, Ac.
kPKi Aii i npuK r mm. i ** .» a .
\V. S. iVr O. DON NAN.
So. I!' Ci.irl SI., Kithimmii, la.,
II \IIOV« llll, « I TIMM A N O «.l .VS,
A Kf receiving ov *l.lps •• Albcrt tl«IIalin." **Grcat a
/ m Western." Isaac Wright" and " Excelsior."
and steamers "Atlantic** and ••Africa." their Fprtng
Importat . f . f lliruilngham ami Hhefll. Id H.tHU ■kflUi
W are. CUTLERY ami Ul'NS. ami from manufactories in our own
country, a very full and complete assortment of AMERICAN GOODS,
selected with great care, purchased upou the most favorable term*,
an.I embrXA* :.g lc extent and variety a stock worthy the attention
and examination of purchaser* visiting >ur market.
Of Good* adapted for the *eaaon. and In heavy articles particular*
ly, our sunk is unusually full and complete, via :
Grain, (irus, Clover and Bramble Scythe* N
Trace, l.og, Coil and other Chains
Steel—Cast. Double Shear, tier man and Blistered
11410* Ware—IVu, Ovens, Spiders, Ac.
llor*e Shoe*. Horse Nalls, Anvils, Vloea, Bellows, Ac.
Files. Locks and Hinge*. Screws, Ac.
A vie* and Spring*. Fry Pan* and Curry Combs
Peu. Pocket ami Table Knives
Kas< r*. Scissors and Shear*
Together with all other articles usual in our line.
We respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage llberallv be
stowed u|».>n us t.*r a number ot years pa*t, and assure Merchants
and others of our determination to sell as low as any regular house
wliatever, at.d that «>ur best efforts »haU be used to give satisfaction
N B.— Particular and prompt attention given to orders entrusted
to as._ _ mhlo |
I) I. *1001(1: A CO.. Importer* imf
« n
-VAN rit ’ HA Jt/> WA A*A*. A'u. 24 r+irt •treet'Op.
l«wrt* II B* /Vp*a, /?iVA»min</, C.i . have recelred
nrataghaaii I Atfl IHAKOWAIIiUmI
from the manufacturers In this country, a full *up|»ly of A merit an
Good* Tbelr sto* k is now Uni and complete, consisting In part of:
• R.Hlger- aiol W «te'.V.t|m*s flog po. kit and Pet* Knives
Pocket Knives of 1. *2. A. 4 and 6 Made*
Hu k. Bone. Ds«ny, Coco*, and Ivory Handle Knives an.l Forks
Ivory Handle Knives and Fork*, in set* of 51 and 58 piece*
K*x>>rs of Wad* A Butcher’s, Rodger*. W..*tefiholm’s, and Greave’s
manufacture, of rv* ry style and quality
lsst.r» and Shears, of var < u* makes and style*
FmgU and lh>uMi Burr*! Guns, • me Vary *u|M-riof
Pistol*. K ilis, it.lie Barrels and Mountings
Trace. 11 »lt« r, L« g. W»II, PPtn and Tongue Chain*
Axes of Collins*!»I turnons’. Virginia aad other manufacturer*
Hand atnl Pamiri Saw*. Hammers ami Hatchetta
Mill. PUt, Cross Cut and Circular Haws
Spade* and Shovel* of Ainn.', Rowland, Clayton and other makes
Anvils. V kes. an J Smith’s Bellow.
Firdge and Hand Hammers. Flock* atnl Die*, and Screw Plate*
Shear and Cast Steel, square and rv-tagoti
Castings, llorse and Muir ahoes, and lfnr*e Shoe Nall*
Wire S ive* and Flfler*. Coffee Mill* atnl Card*
Bridle Fillings, Wo* ted Reit.s and Girths
IforMe and Mule Collar*, flames. Ac..
ks. liiiig i ami S-rrwi, of every description
Planes, Chisels Augers and Kile*, all kind*
Platform and Counter Scales, Pat Balance* and Steelyard*
English. American, and G l». Percussion Caps
Hay and Manure Forks. *2. A, and 4 prong
Hilling and Weed‘ng Ihwv all site*
* yth* It! id. s. Fnath*, Fickle*, Ac.,
Tea Tray* and Waiter*—and all other good* usually found In Hard
ware Flore*
A* our goods have been purhasedfor CASH, on the roost ’favorable
term*, and ««'lerted exclusively for the Virginia. North Carolina and
Tennessee Trade, we feel confident ww can offer strong inducements
to merchants visiting this city, and respectfully invite them to an ex
amination of our stock. a« we are determined to sell as low as any
regular house in thl*, or any of the Northern cities.
I’ t! rders . i i j.r- j * , -if-• -I*--! f. j
| g IMkMn a \\m iiso>. >o, ■
l"« V A IN FTRFET. Iwp. arrKs „ ll vanwtR*.
Hi-.* T<», Le of every description, are now In receipt ^
..f their Spring stuck, embracing every article usually kept in their
one, u. • ch they respectfully Invite the attention of Virginia,
North Carolina amt Tennessee Men hauls visiting this market. Im
port.i.g direct, and purchasing for cash, enable* them to sell a« cheap
*• any h«>uae North or Bouth. mh4
foiiN >. €40KDOM I4TH Midi 1, M ill
tlir Exchange Hotel, ha* In «tore and offer* for sale—
FWrde* .
Am.-ri-an lUmmrrnl -IRON.
English and American 'oiled f
English and American Mistered Fteel.
Broad Hough Iron, T to li Inch.
Flat. Round atnl Square Iron, all stae*.
Oval, half Oval and half round Iron.
Amerlrai'. English and Russia Fheet Iron,
Band and Hoop Iron.
Natl Red*. American and Swede*.
American and Rwede* llurse Fhoe Iron.
Horse Shoe*. assorted.
Tin Plate, Pig and Bar Tin.
Hlrer-t Zinc, spelter and Fpelter Solder.
Sheatlilt g. Draiiar's ami Bur Coppar.
FUd. P.g and IWr Uad
Ground Wag* n and Cart Boxes
McCormick'* and Ptimer Mould Boards.I
Wooden Bucket Ifxndh*.
Bucket Ear* and Rivei*. tinned and black.
Tin Plate*, varfena* siflas.
Hardware and Wrapping Pa|*r.
Cotton and Hemp Hough Line*.
Hole leather, good and damaged.
Fperm. Adamantine and fallow Candle*.
F • *|»s. fanev and brown
all II MOM. I niiu|M..(.| \s> | >h I'll -
i t u». » ii % vii »mi i %< l oitv,
%l I’ll % .^l 14 • PROI'KIFTfiR, would rail attention In hi#
• Rue •• k • f 'I ate r «l* ai.d Pramea now i.ii halol
TllK 0\ sl. KlitMM which lx »• now inanufje tur i.k, are au|x
rlor to anp thin# of tlx kind ever offered lr< th.* tnark-t
Ttx f.dlow i # cofnprtera a portion of *t«* k on hand, which he will
work U. «»r ter, of dli^.w of to the trad* .
Plain and Orn*»n- ntal lillt Fr Ho* •
Miho#a»'T. K v*ewnod and Walnut Frame#
<#dt. U#.*ew.ael, Malnpuip and Walnut O O . IWrll and Plain
M'-nldh p*
T lltt Koir*. |<wlnf hla«o «. |r
I « «.k>np Ilia-* Plate# and Picture fila##
Birk/lnlf. for Frame#
f*«.rd and Teeel*. ..f all description#
Car and K- m Mould! r*. and ll«»*ette« for »*'iild*r#.
Old » rk R*w»lt I’tlnrlnp* Var l#hed, Ac
Merchant#* Card# fr mi d at wholesale# price#
All oriler# w.ll receive prompt attenth.n.
M FRANCK, /tri Broad #tree»,
ittlH dtf Rh ht i \ .
i(|BH HMIlMi l> BI-MiM; Dll k.M
lyitfr Time Ago. Krltiah Me#* hanta , Modern Anti«inl|lc# ; Main
Arnl. H'fo-t, The Capitol rV|ware, fd.l Real lenre#, The Map*
or; The Ifay A* ale M ar Tw" Par >• t.• and Ne'er a Church; (.'rndn
rle# . Citizen# nf Tore: pta-esof Amnaement; Physical.#; New.pa*
|xr# ar»d Printer*. PnMl» in# and Patriot*. Race* and Ball#; Ancle*
lev F.veninp Paaiim*#, A Medlep, tHmfiatrp and Arrhlferturr; Ttx
•-harp «hin > r Afi’n p. ider Currency. The finch Time# in Rot.mou*1;
Th* Jawie# Brer Canal, The R..ad* ; The Bftdffe# and Mam heat*r .
The M-ttual Aoci-ly , Manufacturer# and Mill# , Tohae. o
Waretion*^# . Ttx W*»! ijpon Monument ; Tie Vi#H r»f Lafayette:
Tlx Mua* on . |/MtrrV.t Church Cun ven tint • #, Tlx P##l«*. |f..r#e> and
the T'#cr. (U# and Water, A FUh Atorp, Tlx Co|«• red Ar «t.»* ra< y,
» f»BO. If. IV FAT.
ma7 Ptih||#lxr( 14th alr**et.
We are r. elvir.ff * ur At k of A»ap!# and Fan*' f Dry On il«, In
part, of our own IfitfmffAfl* n. and tm* remain ter from the varl« u#
» arket* in thfw eofintrp, purr-ha## I on the m«xt favoewhfr term# —
T>ir '/')/.// .t,»i ' ./.![/ rntiir/v l\**t OH't fr*nh We offer It to the
'rad* co».|l len’ly twirlfif l ay* r* that (frral Indurvment# map lx et
pert.d It mn#i«t# .n part. •• follow#
l# 'f |IM Itro AMrtlup* and Fleet*. p*
* i»t..r» ll«Tiah,irp* Colt* nad## and N .. k-en
|,v|i Aio* k B1»-*. ♦.#«! fh.me#iic all width#
PI a 1*1. IBripcd ai.*l plain Cotton for Aervant#
Kont«w hr Jean#, A<tin»t« and Tweed*
T •kiofe. F- rttlture and Apron Chech#
Al* a t*ed amt Ihoad Tahlv Cl<dh#, and Dftmwck#
IAfgr At... k |rl*h l.tf»et|#
(loth*. Caaadmt r* and Ve#llr»ff#
Ur|r i|i«N,k of Pnnti, Otfifii un* and Iawik
Alvv < a* and Canton Clcdltf
Printed ChalKe# and B rare#
Plain d la*n# and Challle#, all praile#
I *wu, Mmllle* md Harare Rot* •
Midi# Candwhk#. iarkoneta. Pwlaaaad Mull Mu#lln#
Mantilla#, I nrp* R»n*l. and Ctxap
Urr Mu#fin afidCnntxie Collar#
La. e, i ollar# an«l FI* eve* in A* t#
I .xn Can.tk Flfk and Cuff oft Ifdkf# , with a larffe
*t*e k of nther m.t en*»»»»erate.l, to which w# a#k ttx attenth.n
of .r It Sr nd# and the trade peneratlp
urf.-if. WfM.fWOHAM A TARDT
\ flTff 9 • fl-e aot.«rr her haMnffr.n the /Mh of M«r.hla#t
p i t.**«d Dx lie#m* •« «n h-nff and fartXAMff carried on hp
Mr H | a n ft e I . h* • • M re* |e «fi.'lp ar»|h I* a e».f»tlT.|, ,».re »,t the
|rttrntwy* f».ri<xrip ektend* d to him, and wmld •!•«» cafl fh# alien
ti* r of itir poMx In pen*# at te a larfr and Well arh-cted #t».- k ol
Ib '-rI* tea In* I *»e.r*«en*ly p*>r»htiaed are! added n, |9«e >■#»#>.>%l #t*xk,
W M A W A I.Tt KA,
!*phol#terer and P*p»r Hanper.
T- I♦** M In #tre*#, rorner of lffth.
N. H Mr |t»**iTTt will alWap# I. foon-l at the old cfa.td
and W' old #*t|‘."H « .-.a.tft.uwnce of the patr.»nar# nf alt hi# formal
i»**r»r»xr# I# the n* W rwirrfft apl«
Wl a, ||,-UV»v.ju«l o ' V*d. per I of don Packet Atd|
. ▼ | • t’oft * lox f«ri..ne|t a •mall nvo* r *.f the above Brand o
«/*ard f»uj ur A C.. . v. rv t • #t and oMe*t C<pn«r Brat.dp of tht
Vif.tap . f |fct»r rhe Br#ndP ha# RM etr# peafa If. tha l^x.dnt
hwk# We.*., ........ ..if fPar dy »• hetww the be«t artlrle »<
tw had a* anp prie# Tl oar In want w*l| tfoWrlt !*• leae# their ordefi
Immediately, t. *o pet no .no*• F*-r *#h n**tp he
maJA Corner F arl and Carp Affewt#.
SI t Ihs I. - «ru#twd. m-w.lei.d and •'-#*# Anffar*. 40<
pwekaffe#, for #aie bp DAVKSPOKT. A4*LFN A CO.
--- ~~~ i H. It. K.
■.vroKmT HrvRLATwnai
i n >m* 11.
In ti l* chapter we will show how Iidw»»*» R*au« MsitaranJ
Ranw Av** K sac La Turn cured a ter rtbfe mat of Oknak- Rheuma
tUui.aOef fifteen fhviklana In |tc**t| county, Ya , had tried their
•kill IH tain. A law , l.ow touuiry Doctora cure their patient* hy
using Kadway'* Ktimdie*. IsM rim owe who Is aflllvte.1 with dls
MM- rvad thta advertisement Let all Who Je*«r« a |\kmI Purgative
and Cathartic Mwdhut* try one d«*w« of Rhdwav's Regulator*' Let
tho** nwwwl with PlswWv Blotches, Korea, and «h<«r blood .• Ailed
With bud humors read the cases we here puhJt-h vat>w tt'a Katut
Ralias. RanwsvV Kswovanau Rwoumt. and Rat>w*«V Rentes
Tva'saie the only rems-dte* tespiUed to stop tie most LwtuMUg
Kins, cure th« u»ost terrible and frightful dlaeaaea, and to keep the
tuan sy stem iu e regular and healthy condition (taring Disease*
If A If n A Y'S ft K(3 VLA TOMS*.
One M*uui*»t**r p+r «f.ty wM km*p Ur SyU^n A'«vu/<ir.
let. They are lire nuat pleasant Medicine to take. In the form of a
Pill. In oar.
Ad Thev are the moat safe Medicine to take. In the form of a Pill,
for tlrey do not leave Ore bowels costive, nor deplete or weakm the
Al They pmJuce the most delightful rff- vu. upon the Hy stem, of
any Medicine In the form of a Pill. AU who take U.« ti» have a regu
lar discharge of the bowels si a regular period of t‘a»e
4th. They remove all had feeling* from the mini a ml corrupt hu
tors fhmi ||M t> d» Y *• - » MM *»••• lakes them r»j..-. . • || tin hap
py effect* they pr«*lure upon lie bo w els, Liver, Hklu, Kidneys,
Nere.s. Ac.
Wi. They INo*luce the same happy rffrvl* U|h»u 'lie Idler, a* they
do Upon the boWrlt . up- n the Hkln as they do upon the Pancreas ;
upoO the Nerves, a* they 4o upon the Kidney* . upon the Alesorte.
euts, as they do u|h>ii the Lac tea V* , upon the Lyut|»liaiic», as they do
•port the Glandular HyMem -v» K.guUte each Organ and HysUtn
to a healthy and harmonious act tun
dUi. They are aiild In their operation, pleasant to take “They
never turn one's stomach,"as an old lady once remarked to ua, nor
do they gripe, or In any wise render ll*»ret*eIve* disagreeable In their
• th They are entirely Vegetable, prepared from the Active Prin
cl|J«- only, of Aromatic Gum*. I'lant*. Roots, llaisaiu*. Ac Tt*ey
are highly concentrated, nothing inert ta In their c«mp»**it km»—Urey
are tuild Vet active On# Regulator I* more jeowerful, to rspvUlug
Iron the Hy stout diseased and arriutnuloua humors, than >tt of the
moat •ppjs>rcl pills In use, and yet there are no violent purgmgs,
no griping pains, no sickness at stomach, or otlter un|dv«**n sen
sations creeping over you from tlu-lr use The fact Is, their healthy
pro|»ertic*. instead of mere ly-Irritating the bowels, sprean through*
oul the whole entire systent. regulating every organ, and tnfu.mg
health to every tis-ue Drastic Pills, Halt*. Heua, Ac., act only n
drain*, and tner. ly irritate the bowrla to a looseness Ho, reader,
you at, and If you take a f* w do**» of Regulator*. will feel, to your
Joy, the great difference between Rad way's K. gulalor , that act up
on the whole sy.um. and common ptU* alul otller dr » trt. purgative*
that cause, hy Uwlr Irritating proprrtie*, a distressing dlschaigeo*
the bowel*.
January YVth, 1*M.
Mkmk> Rsowav A Co.,
I have been agent at thl* plsie. Pattonsville, Hcott Co . XV. for
all the best Pill* in use, fur nine year*, and lu right good faith >»ur
Regulators gives better satisfaction in theee mountain* of Dcott, X * .
than all Hm PlIL I have *»»ld Everybody -town here call your Regu
lators “The Good Pill* " James Tomlinson ha* a son that I usd l*eeu
diseased with the Chronic Rheumatism.
Eifteeu different physician* ha* tried to cure hint, but could not
do It, so he tried at a venture. Railway** Regulator, every night, and
In two week* he was completely cured 1 have cure-1 a great many
people with ynur Ready Relief, R gulator* and Re*«4vent. tluti our
best dm* tors down fiere could not touch —amt I I relieve that where
the doctors down fiere do make a cure, they do It hy the U!*e of your
medlclncw. Yours truly,
J icuig, Ml** . Eeh. 10, l\VI
Messrs Kadway A Co.: A few days since t bought one dollar'*
worth of R*d«ay*» IL-ady Relief. I u*en It for Ncuralg'a, and, to
my astonishment. It gave me almost Instant relief
/UrmArr *29fA, IW I Dbccwiikm Hist. ls%i
iimia «Mkt*tKign
.4 .Severe — Injury U> fAe AVer /iifi-Xecnicf.ihnff Arina.—
TunrJy Arririil- .sV<vm/W AJff*ncy i^/f.n/iniy i K* i ly AWi>/
Dimum, XlgiiLT Co . T»t . December Mist. |s»\%.
1, Jt PTIIA GAllDIMKK of the above |4ace, do puhllsfi. that tor
many year* I have been afflicted with Kheumattain. ami on the eveu
Ing of IVcemlier f»Mh. KV-. wfdle wtiklng In my yard. 1 fell with
great violence ou U.e U'e. bruising the knee pan Very badly I fur
agent of Railway A Co , arrived at this place, and hearing of my
heavy fall and the terrible complaint that afflicted me, rrn.ramrn
ded me to apply K.tdway « Ready Relief, which I did. and In a very
short time the pain erased, the swelling abated, and I am m>w able
L. walk without the u»e of my cane, free from pain I have tried
several other reme-ibn hut found no relief |u ras* p of extreme pain
Railway's Ready Relief Is far preferable to all oilier R inrd.es . d
any one doubts the truth of tins certificate, let them call on no at
my residence, or write to me at Dresden, Trnn ., and 1 will give
tli' rn full Information
P**r years Mr Hardliner had suffered tlie torturing pams of Rheu
niatism. lie was unslde In walk without the hr Ip of a stick On thr
Wth of December In* first trleJ the K II Relief—on the Hist lw could
walk without sr.y aid and free from pain Let all who are crippled
or twd-rhtden, th.nk of this.
Radwav’* Realty Relief ami K i ♦ *y Regulators, are Positive Cm
ativrs for Agu aud Fever. I«t tl- «e afflicted take from % to ft of
Railway's Regulators every nigld. and a t«a*pooiiful of K« ady Re
lief, !n water, on rising In tlw morning, and twice dur.itg the day—
these wdl soon free your system from the |h>Isou of Ague
Fprlngls a transition season of the b»-dy—a« Sell a* of the jtar,
and the economy of the system demands that th** *urfelt of the w u
ter be carrwd to enable It to withstand thw depressing rfieU nl
summer Kvtway'* Regulators are as necessary to keep up tlw
health of the b.»ty of man, as an occaaiunabie nint'le of fresh grass
Is to the "t or tlw horse.
Much pain and misery, sickness and • ng suff-ilr-g would be pre
cefiien if. on tlw first Imllratb.u of the svst.m In-lng out of order, a
dose of Railway's Regulators w- re *ssl oWol Fvrry dose that is
t «kcn will infuse new life and fresh -in ugth to tlie weak and nervous
If those who are subject to or afllh ted w th Fever and Ague. Head
Aches, Skin Diseases, llteakiiigs tJut. Pi.npl.-s, Blotches, Pus tub**,
Tetters. Ka*l., Ibuls, Humors, w|1| u*r our ll R. Remedies. »»• will
guarantee tlwm pintrctioii ag«.n«t the visitation of tlicae maladies, r
If alRlctrd, a *peedy and tffcciual » ure.
It a |Hksiitve cure for lluuiurs, and »ll eruptive Fkln Diseases
The pretence of I'impL-s, Blotches, Pustules, Tetter*. R«*h, Little
Fores, Palriful Itching*. Hot Flushes, Ac., are sure indications of t'.r
presence of foreign and unfMirr humors in the tytt tn, and »f al
lowed to mingle with the MinnI and remain in tlte system, corrupt
ing tlw t !o. d wful filling thr M'Wcr* of tlw ImmIj with tin, untie*, S-r*-*
and I'lcers will tweak out, and cover tlw body with their rrpul»ivr
pr earner.
The Skin, undrr these poisonous Influences, becomes an eruptive
volcano, exhibiting to the eve the dl*gn*ting lava of .llsease, tn tlu
form «>f Fait fUtrum, Cancers. Herr*. Fev»r Rows, Pu«rbl Flrsn.
stir.g'* Kvtl. and the mo*: Frightful /'■ uytinn* of /Ac Si in.
Railway's IU novating Resolvent ha* i ured tlw most terrible of
8k in Disrares and Humor* ; It will never fall in the Worst case*
radwavf RFADY RFI.IKF.
lias done more to relieVr the atilt. !• d «»f I* »lns and Aches, and tlw
tortures infla ted upon the human race by dl*ea*e, than all otlwr rt
roedh *. or tlw skill of •!.« most rminetit pbv stclans and surgeons In
the world. The moment Radway's Ready Relict is applied l»» thr
parts where pain or uneastlHwa i* rented, Its soothing rff. ct l* felt.—
the sfiarp, keen darting paroxysms of Neuralgia thr severe and tor
turing pains of Rheumatism, the torments of H»*ut, Lumbago,
Fpraui*. Ftrains and aches of every kuid, will «|tiick1y give wmy on
tl.e application of Kadwav's Ready Relief Ti e most terrible of
acute Itiflamatury diseases have lw n cured by a few applh allot.* of
this Ready Relief The Lame and Ft-.ff-j.nnt* d. the crippled and de
formed, arc soou restored to perfect health by Itw use
% -
Ifoic thr /: // U f! erne* He* mtu*! Mrm Sit rah .1 Hough from a
t’ri.fjt/ff ami /Irlftl*** CtnuHttou. Ut Srotml l/ralth. after the
mi ,U t>r f>mr tf the utomt tear nr >f fhpmit iau* lu ,Vs»r Ym’k hint
fatter/ U» relieft her, /h e. Parker, //eewe, Wat die ami Ma.lt
Jsvrsav t, 1\V>.
MKtr.wsv A Co.—I tried your Ready Relief, and had my
Joints rubbed a ilh It, and I never felt pain after the first ten lulnuh *
f was mMwd W'th it up to Gw present time. Fir*, I do not know
what to compare it to but a charm; for It Is a mystery to me I was
a cairn.* r« a two YB*b*. and had not the proper use of my liuil-s
for three years. | was worn down to a skjrleton. I then« omm> ntrd
the use of four Ready Relief, Resolvent, ai.-l Regulators The pain
left me In ten minute*, and I began to gain strength very fast, and
could walk with rase tn a few weeks lb-fore I heard of your Reme
dies. I was taken to Dr. Parker, Dr. RreA**, Dr. Wardlr.Dr M o b-lan,
and mans otlwr physicians In this city, I cannot now remember. I
was completely pulled to pieces \<y them My constitution was
broken up wtUi medicine, that did me no good. I could not juit a
foot to the ground, nor pkk up a pin. I was lifted and carried up
and d wn stairs like an infant, and now, thank G.-l' by the use of
your RvftMdle*, I am as strong as ever. I had the common rheuma
tism—inflammatory and chronic—and tlw palsy. Too can publish
K44 Mill street, hr t wren tire 7th ami Ml avenue, N. V.
fifteen to twenty drops of K K Relief, in a little water, taken *ay
rvrry 15 to ninnies, will quickly atop tic urast distressing dls
charges of Dysentery and Diarrixna. It will In a few minutes stop
the pain
R it It Re medies are sold by all the Druggists In the 8.ale, and
hy Purcell, I .add A Co, Richmond, also, by Adle A tlrsy. Rl«l»*
RADWA1 I 00.,
jail — dswly—mh/1 I6i Fulton street. Nr* York.
nil. s % WOllirw IM II.OII lion Isrtr* inmrml
*d to tire public, relying upon Ita Intrinsic sxrrlletire to secure
It fav..r
For all Bilious Attacks, it tnay l*e truly and safely relied upon a*
being fully • apahli* of removing tin* diseases for which It Is r* com
mended, %n | f..r giving tone and v.gnr to the general system.
Its qualitt. # have been fully tested In a long practice, by tl*e pro
prietor Through the urgent solicitations of many who have us* d
ar d been benefited hy It, tin* proprietor has been Induced to place It
l»ef*rre »h* ptlMie. F<»r all Bilious Heflltfemetil<i Hick Ifeadaelte,
• D . MM Hal Ml « ■ M-:i..*i- Owl i
pa'n In tier Htomacb and Bowels, (leliersl IMrillly, Female Weakur»«,
For sah* by Druggists generally, and by Pt’RCKLL, LADD A CO .
N*. Ti - * truer of Main and I III »i* . Oewaral Agents, an«l by Ales'i
Imval, N l.V. Main street; H. II. White, 175 Broad street, and atari
by Hanford A Co . N Y fed-ly
KOOK %9.|.*< k •
f BRIIF Hal*«.-rllH rs have . Stahl island a lto«*k Agency In Philadelphia.
| ami will furnish any honk or publication at the retail pri* «
frer of pottage. Any |*ereons, hy forwarding tt»e «ul*acrlptlon |»rk t
of any of I hr fH Mngrttlnes, such a* lf.«rper,s. Oodey's, Putnam’s
Oral.ain’t, Frank larsHe's Fashions, Ac . will receive the tuagas net
for one vear, ami a copy of a splendid lithograph portrait of elthei
Washington, Ja<*k«on *.r (lay . or, If subscribing In a H and a •!
Magaslnr, they Will receive a rutd of sllher of the three portraits
If suliarriMng to a Worth of Magazines, all three portrait* will N
I sent gratis, Music furnished to those who may wish it
i Envelope# of rr-ri description and site, In large or m II quantl
I ties, furnls|»e I Aral prrsae*. Dies. Ac , sent to order.
I Ferry description uf Engraving on wood eiecwtsd with neatnesi
| and dispatch Views of buildings. Newspaper Headings. Views o
, Machinery. IV -k IHtistratlona, Lodge fVrlMV-at**, Business Cards, Ac
AP writers sent hy mall promptlv attended to Per sows wishing viewi
| of their buildings ran send a Daguerreoty pe or sketch *.f the butldfnj
l»y mall or eiprrts
Persons at a distance having saleable articles w* old Ami it totlieli
advantage to address lh« suhserlhcrs, as we wosild art a* agen's fm
the sak of tin-same. HVRAM A MKKCF.
fit) fV.uth Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.
$. H. svasM. T- **V rtaara.
■of1-—daw 1 y
Sf I I) ( oil n, pi bushels eery superior seed corn, Tw»
rora, for sals hy # CRFN*llAW A Co
g 4 II 9. % v| a v II 9 9*N arc constantly supplied with uor par
F-.un«stii, I e cm.I Rods Water, farming a most delicious, coo
and rvfr• stilng drink, prepared by
■ ruaM Chemists Ac., 4sh and Franklin sts
N il. I • 9 9 T 99 A 1.114 \ 11 9 II It I > 4. V In half bar
rela, for sale, hy F II HKINKFK A CO ,
(nsfii Cary street.
HtfnKIvi* t’OITL-A n-w sod fashionable coat jasT.lt
trod nee I hy us to which ws ask attention
! matl v’
■» a B9H.S I IH|I I •• kill- M I'l ll 1094 k»
*> I Pt.F BRANDY f*.r sale.
SI DA II. */14 llhds. good to choice Porto Rle*. Hugs r land I
and for sale hy
IB 9- kb, 904 Bushel* R»«"k Tea*,
•• Rise k Fye do . for sate by
<tl»| 9 9.9. M I* A 94 • * RR barrets entire Hugar, lu .'ore fr
J -ale by
HI 9s k 91 kvl# tlOl.%DBA.Rs
|Al flhds fair to ehole** quality Hogar.
95n Barrets a*rl*»r Mole*#—, In stars for sah by
KI4 » ,»»t|49l !RT%IB nmw k% 9IIM94 k « ‘ Ja*1
. son's Caudle*. James Rieer Itydiaullc Cement, R* u*lan Ui
an*-. 4 I Rum f»*r tale by
g 1 ft r*t >|» PI.4VTI •»
M M ground and very —pefWf qualify. f..r **|* he
R If -R|NKf R A CO ,
rvsW W*. Cary street
Hill It 9.9 I’D 9 % R DMA, In plain and bines hose
.▼I n..« l.ndln,, and for Ml* hy ftai.liKN « MII.I.rN.
Ml! Ooro*r P.*.l and Oar; amn.
>» \» MIK K
e* "" apablaiC m ■!>. mmm cl «| Hue A
H...1. aud prtaln, . (3 »—..InWuI V
II •" A" •{‘b b ». M Ihr allrulWl. of our frlrtt.l* s, I^J
Ibr public b r think •• can Ihu* Ibr boat aurlm.iti Klcbiaoi.O
nmr «a.>rtmml way br fuuml Ibr lulluwlna;
Ln.Oaa* Ilallrra, of irwll r Tory «*ylr
“ n. r M.mrw, lloal and HM W.lkl,.( Hbora
“ f'nr Calfakln k ilim, Aar>, a aupril.o arllrlr
Wbllr KM and WMl, Maill. Kbppri , Mark Kalin do
Mnr Mo , KM and Ouat W alklii* Buuia
“ Over !*ha.e«
tJrnllcmrir. r>ne (Hem and Mmm
** Oouhle A»lf Calf W tier Proof 11 alter •
•• Pairnt Lratlor (Utters
MW and ChlMrvn*. Shoe*
Servant*' lV*.e*, of good quality. for nun and w..mm
All «»f which will he *«dd at the loweat market price* fur cash or
to |Mindml rust outer* urli.
TKMK U.IWa barr burn rrry (rnrrally annoy,.1 lor —
•omr too ar Ihrrr yrarr pari, ollh Kbura and Hal u^K
In• rlH*ln, ; linlrrd. *t U almorl pruvrtblM n.<« a day. Hr Kl., * l..
rip hrlorr Ihr aolrr arr ball worn out. lu » drr, il ^oib,, to rrlu.
r,ly Ihu ui.lvcrral r,H. a ». mi-man of <*,. of Ibr n.olbrrn clll.•
•Ma bu wlta In w..rk lu lnv.-nl r m.ihi.tr to ,1*11.1. and I an, hap
py In Inform Ibr ladtrr hr bar aoccrrilrd admirably, ami la. pro.
dncrd a I'.***(• ra* llallrr Smil, a arry oral, i.U and lady aill.
tlr, Ihr Mho I. abut, rani.nl by any tuna ikal c.mbl br rmiOoyrd,
br arparatad from Ibr upper. Ah ao*..r1mrnt of thr ab.rr | |,a«r
iual receive!, and altall l«r pi. and lu aJ.t.n .Ion. In Ur lad Mo, at
No. IA, Main Kirart.
_■!■** __ __ JNO. C.JiAilK. Ja
k IMMI I b, klllll k, THI >HMn
^ I rr.lm I fully In,Hr all In want of HOllTK.
OK KIIIIKK of any alvlr, lo call al Ibr old
rnahllabrd bland. IK Main Ktrr.1 My atnrk bar all _
hrrn rrlvalrvl or .oalcrr.l frmn Ibr brat Macula, lurra, ...
aiannfacturr.1 l.y myrrlf lio n Ibr m.ol approved Inal, rial
IrolUu. Mlaara and cblblrrn*a. lltaUrr,. Ilallrra dr
Oilt.lrrn*. Kr. nar. Illarh an.l Raney r. I..r..l. Ilallrra. IVIku. d.
YnuUir, H....I. II....Ira,. I'all, Kip an.l hca,y
llrnta, INaua IIm.u, Ilallrra an.l “lined TWa
j llrnta and r.mlha Pair..I Ira lino Kli.oo, dr
And a C.unidrle a.a«inieni.of Krrranl'a Klnou. Trunka.Cariul liar,
1 •l,'l ^allara, all of whk't, util be aol.l ar low aa at any li.ulae In HI. b
I _JOHN C. PAOK Ja. IS Main .1,
si:w sriM k or i all uuoim.
„ X. »V. Il'UVrajm
f|| i11: il J K in il v rb. rAl*s, ihhitk. 4#CH.r'
f Hi Ml.»>. TUI NKK, a. full, .
l*eg« !• %ti e- to the , JEBC9EHHE
th«t l*e I* ttow prepared to offer to the public on^*^h^i»o*M*om
tn.ending itorki In hk* line ever offered in tht* city, lit* «tock t* d«w
complete, end he uki the attention of city and country dealer*. will:
the MswsHCf that hk* (hIov* %hall be satisfactory. «elO
N'OTM-f-!,—| do not know when y*m will get
miMiher *urh a .hence to hU) TKCNR*. of e* WJJ ) i )
fine e qu*li*y. a* you have now, •! the mm. price*. ^m\V| V\A
e* | here ju«( receiv'd a Very large assortment >f%MULLL
Trunk*, of the »*e«t quality. They were UrngM tin- ffict of January,
before the late rise of leader, and consequently WkM he sold at tin
former price* Among them ere Trunk* of extra *l»e and quality —
All In went will do well to r»|| and piaaiinv for tin maelvr* A1*.», *
laige and handsome inTiiumi of Trunk* at all price*.
»hT_ ALKX. HIIX. No. 1*7 Main street
and for sale at low price*, a Urge a**ortment of
Travelling and Packing Trunk* and Carpvt Btg* EKflLLLiJ
■ BOO I N AN MlOPk. — Womeu'a Slioea , IV.i* T
I m iviors nl
Oent'a Oxford Tie* rVl
Heavy heWed Ho i* 1 V^k
Al*.., Brogan* of every drarrlptlAtn, for tale at
aplt* — tf J? Pearl %tr.rt
- move.1 to No Pearl *treet. South of t’ary »|>lit-tf
a .lOl IN DOOLEY, mm
hi tiain sii(u;i, Q
Mta vow rkapt r»»a the araivu tmspv.
By ITA-v/e*.i/e .?*»/ /,VM|V. .1 m.tgai/fd er»f «iM>r(mr*f rtf
artd every otf»er irtH’lf hetonging to hi* hitslnoa
III* *1«m k of Virgtt.la inanufactutcl g.*ak|* I* tie largest and m«*t
. legant ever got up hy Mm, and will l»e found fully equal to any
thing Imported III* Imported •(•^’k al*o I* nn*re van. d and i»n a
larger *« ale than he ha* ever before ordered, and cannot fall *•
meet, lu every rv*|ievt,th« requirenienU of iucichants aud other*.
> !• it ■ > 4. n ■ i, i, ■ hi: u i .
«) K T II K S K A S O X
MK.x K II ClimiOV, |Ul> Mia llW.1 u- ff-'t-'
•urr htr «H n»t*bm iltxl «l>« Iim J.i.i rrturt.r.1 l^gu
from il.r Norlli. whrr* .t.r !,«. UM In, for cl.. tl,. ,n...t
pilpntlv, t 4 mhIi Jio t„« »t,r piMMImI *■■ u * i,ul
>Plil\t! MII.IJNMtV llrr r,p.-r„ - In tl.r . Ir. il,,,, „l .....I.
t. .ucli, llml thv will n„t tllti* lN-f.rll to In* , ,,i,.,lf,| nr *,lr|'..*r,l I Jr
any. 4U»I hai III >iw,r. m.il will ,.|.m on M n.l.v, Uir Til. mu . Do
l.tr.t Pari. Myt«-i I'ArTElIX llaTy.wl.nl, ,l,r wou'rt ,n..« n
•|«*.tfillljr r„|.i, .1 tl.r loi n ■„ rail an.I rx .min,* Inf. rv |alrrl,aa,„>
HW.I.T,-, a, Ibr .-mi aup|.ly lh. ni on ih« ntoti nim.-l.l,.,,
Also, an elegant assortment of KMHKoIlO K Y. with almost every
other article required t>> ladles, at lh-.»ld stand almv. Ih. Hank-,
hetw.-en 9th and lull., NO <17 MAlNhTItKET
tT a meeting of the loocal Itoar.l .if Director*, at Ktchtn.iiid, for
the Near Y.*ik Life Insurance Company, on Monday, Feb 4th,
W*rt, the following resolution was unanimously adopted
The under* fin d, Preaklrttl uml Direct..ra of thr t\.tn|*«ny. hav.
. xaniined the report and exhibits of the New V. rk Idle Itnmrat • «
Company for tl*- Uat >rar, embracing a full *tan merit of Us attain,
asset*. Ac . to the 1st January lfe.%6. and U tng satisfied with tl.
pel feel sound condition ol the rutn|uiny. cordially recommend It to
the . ih-oui agetwrul and support of tl .• whole com inanity
It cm Uir Die. I IU operations 1< years ago. will, a guaianteed
capital of $&i',UN), whlrh has accumulated to 91ft9,i*** fift.alllu
ve«ted In /late docks and in bond* and mortgages believed to h.
undoubtedly gia>d
\Ve know of uo ni lc of Investing money more profitably The
profits are mutual tor the lusured, and haw averaged not less than
thirty |*er cent, auuually on the premiums paid
Kev I'NAA. II lllil),
\Ym. O PA Y Mk,
Krv. JaMXi* II Tavu.x, %
(im \\ Ctt'TTMM,
Tarn* P. Aiui .-T, •
4mount of asset* January 1, W*», 9 ’>rl'4'2 7a
Itnounl of rrceipt* flr.r pr« tuluins. Interest, A** , h* Jan.
1. M 11
Paid losses by death. Interest on dividends
and all other expenses, ]9
-IM.94.ft 9ft
Accumulated Fund. Jan’y I, ISM. |l.uft9.»siH Aft
F-.r further Inh rmattoii and explanatory book* apply at No fig
Main slrett, square strove Yirgtnta Hanks, to
pkki.’s IpOnihin (.mo wink*
Jf-tHH/n* tuml frtxtn /Vgn. A Grtij**, fr'rsoi «/ (iingtr,
Srrjl* ttr.inyr, t ffnni. Ji , TAt tt J’wirt n/if
\KKMAKKAHLY pleasant, warm carminative and stomachic
. stimnient htgldy bmefl. la I In cliecklng that disordered state of
the stomach and bwWels so prevalent in warm Weather, and which
frequently, whet* neglected, pr«>du* •-* Dysentary. Cholera, Ac. It Is
also a valuable remedy for Flatulent-y, Dyspepsia and (leneial l»e
Wlilf Persona living in districts where Ague prevails find It a great
preventive Price .'*• Cents per bottle, $ft |*er dolrti
tw~ Wliole*ale and KetaU Agent*. Me*.r* DENNETT A BKKR3*,
tin Mm. etreet **.-1 .1 P.
nu uoo is 'rVt a pc>Vi i eca h y.
Mil.I, t.e happy to receive call* frotu those In want of artn
He# In hi* !♦«»•- He has a large and complete assortment of
CIO AID*. IIRI'gllK* and FANCY AKTICI.FJ*. and will sell as
aA low as avt Hors* im Ku n *••*!>
Plf Malt* street, between 9th and liitfi ^a t
DO> \ \N A tO..
C40NfMtlNMKNTS of T«d»acco, Wh«at, C«»rn an«l other prialuce
) respectfully s>ll. I ted.
t Offirr ou Yirrinla *treet, next to Fry's corner.
it it i, \ a it INMEHl Hi.
O F N r. H A I. COM M I B 8 11» N MERCHANT*,
■ BM'KIVE «•«.!,■ignmriiu «»f Tobas. •», Flour. Corn, Wheat, Ac.,
■%/ and give their personal attention to sale# uf the Mine; ai d
keep constantly *»n hand a large aasorttueut of Groceries, Herds, He
ruvtan Guano, A«*
i-Hsai tTaactma, a w. ■* -*• aa
M. il'f.lM IM ICtt NOIH,
/ nmmM sraarr. am urn-an vs.,
Pollclt consignments of CORN, WIIKAT. PI .OCR, TOBACCO, Mo.
March 1H. W»Y
JOHN A . Itoims O N ,
coaaaa csav «an viboiwm ataarrs, annao»n, vs.,
mm^n.l.glve hi* personal attention to thr sal. of W IIK AT. CORN,
v ▼ TOBACCO, and all other country produce consigned to hla
rare ap!0
IHHdlF/r r A A \ III llstll.
t’orn/r of Oi»remar am/ Franklin draft*.
rnmniOUCBAl.F. ANI» KKTAIL DKAl.Klih In Freudian* Amerl
▼ ▼ can Paper Hangings; Batin I>sl-*t.e» and l>amask, for Win
•low Curtains; f limps. Cords rtnd Tassel*. Cornices. H*nd* snd Coopt;
l*u«e and Mu«lln Curtains , Floor and Table Oil Cloths , llalr Cloth
and Plush, for 8*fa»; Curled llalr, Bofa Hprtnga; Twine; Tacks; MAt
tings, Window 8h|d-*s; b. «t Curled llalr and Bhu.-k Mattresses,
Feather Reds; Icung*-; Bofa Beds; with in any other articles lit our
line of business. all of which will f*s a*.Id on the tixist reasonable
term*, and Paper Hanging and Cpholsterlng punctually atlsi.drd to
>i»,fry . . *.
t i tiniix.,
f BTIIK mrmbsr* *4 the Legislature and strangers visiting the city,
I are requested to call af the old eHtaMlshmrrtt. No Ign corner
of Main and (lovernor streets, and secure themselves an outfit for
the winter, as the subscriber has on hand a large and e legant assort
moot of Ilrutlrioen,s Wearing Apparel, not to lee surpassed by any
hou*e In tin- city.
As an evkl •ti'T of the superiority of hl« Clothing, he was awarded
the highest premium (a Bilv» r Medal) by the Mrchsnl. *' Institute for
He keeps constantly «n hand the best of Cloths, Cassbneres. Ve«t
Inga, If., with a seirv of super tor Workmen. lie .|. • t»« ll utitarr*
•ary. after a trial of 10 years the public ha* had of his good*. I • >ay
more In their commendation. (lie warrants all Clothing he *♦!!«.|
and res|*eetfully solicits a rail from his ohl friend* and the public
generally Btrlrtly on the one price system F II BPFNffK,
del N»> Igt corner of Main and Governor #t*.
WfHII, IMFf*.—*We have determined to • pate In r«m
tarlkw WMIl I.iif present b*i*l||e**, a Bool tkysi, fof ftn
r sale of Wool, and have engaged the services of Mr John Water
houar, the farmer efficient agent of the Woolen Factory ,u tliti
[ I city Ifts attention. If necessary, Wltl le devoted evrlustvety to IHI«
AH Wool consigned to «■ will l*e graded, so that r»rh purchaser
ean buy #urh W*w>l aa be wants, and not be compelled to buy *?»• fi
| a* will not answer hki purposes There Is grown In Virginia a aof.
ID >nt *|uantIty of Wod. If c oncentrated and graded, to attract tht
I attention uf manufacturers and dealers to our market, and w«
■ hope to succeed In establlahlng a go*nl market for tire Worn grown
near home.
j For particulars see our circulars CRFNHIIAW A CO.,
flrocers and Commission Merchants
! W* Richmond. Ta
tbe Rlrhmond and Oanvlfte Railroad Company have had th*
| m'sforiii'.r to l«M*e their freight house in Richmond, as well a« a pur
| Hon of their ruling Hock, they are constrained h*f the present »r
tMlrr* Afl town i m On MIm <.f (1
I lot In this city, as soon as tbs trains sliall arrive , said freight to I*
; Immediately removed t»y those to whom it may he ronStgned #r be
long, as tb** Company will not be responsible for the safe keeping oj
1 the same ; and the parties Interested. **r In any way enn'-eroed, wifi
J therefor* take ntwigt t».,t all #w#n fr • ght. «• h.-fnre •• at. I eiit.
■ at their risk as soon as unloaded from the cars
• 1*91 - If Ibvnerlnteudent of Traospf<rt,rt«o»
I A HIM A '•III > I are lust in receipt of th^ir Rjwlf g tup.
J fdy of splendid ROBKWOft|> and MAIDWANV Ff’RNITI HP
f ale. a complete ,.e,rirs-nl of OUTT AGE FI RN| ri RF, embraclnp
everv tnlrV necessary fo furnish almost any kind of a private Re
Stdetire. « (Bee, of t'ouuting Room
Clfla» t*« arid tl*e country taade In general w..uhl Rod II In theli
advantage to rtamine mir at*,re before purchasing elsewhere, as •«
are determined to sell on terms lo stilt the limes. spi — tf
r F|N Hit III IMItff HF I IlOf We Invite at* .-Mluf
■ to our assortment of Trleo Caselmrrr Fr*>* k« a* a vegf r heaj
and de*lraMe ».»rt for the prevent Sr aeon rail ami see ilea
*1'^ Ki rv. niLifkts.iro.
11J ITER CfmV.rHk. B« amiful Metglk and Wo<g
w w Caw-ing. Wa*er Coolers 9. R, 4. i and *». g.li-.n slscs. | an
now prepared to furnlefi those articles at a morh mfiifl wlf, fni
salelow hj FlMMFRMtV
Wl I HIM M % I'ONH. i t Reffig 1
• »ent ar kle with Jar* and Water Ceokrt, the most appro
ved aetkls, now «*• d and at r* doced prices,for sak hy
K *n,A 71 'I M Fit'I A N
Hf II H f ABMf f| | H»>: PAR Th.- Rrrrtvei hv ft
press, a full a»«< rftm n‘ 0,,r bla.-k Casstmefe Pent*, sotuf
thlr g realty nice. Call and InUi at them
. !!► MiS RfVkFRR DM M ill
■ .Kill Ml.l;. V.rCnla tuts (Regis'
JT ma. Mj K. II. MAURT k 00.
■ .VHI HIM And p*M*aal*a flFeh IWwr.1 iat-1* . ihe
I1 new and An* large four dun howa* second ito*»r bri. a JRR
U*« corner of mm In A f*A grwU k «..*»» a* the ('bi«W>I IIom*« jJIL
weltrtiiohug lar a fewf* FmuIi w bMtdltg ^uMc*MA|MllM.At
Ivaat AH* rn ruoMM, a pond A He hr n and wale* w*arW** door. **. hi
IWi*. cuoiMleirljr arranged with lmn>ui aMalthed t’-teugh <mi« the
huuar Tlti« U Ihr UMat phwsaot *i>4 hr4 arranged »a M*w
df«1 • To a good truant ike rent will br w««W tMMwabk A|<|>ly io
the *uh*«*rlhv«, corue* who** H JoM>
_ IH **
IjTMH It A'. *1 • The hrlrk d*< lllng on Hk, wear llraer 4W
r Mrvel, euwlalulwg a riMuwa. Hmhmivii |Ihh al am*.— I1*!
A|id* l*> W. |». COLql lTT A co
# «f_ v IM r.rr .ir^i
HI)1\T*-Tkr »rff drtlrkblr <l*rll i f oh Mth
M* dml between (trace and Franklin, a^.tlnli g I-dare Jk*L
r«Mtwi of Lnllrd Kn ehyutMii Church, containing P*«*n cm
foriahtr room* with kiulteii aitaelird. and a largv Harden. and goad
well of water.
The h*>uar l»aa breti thoroughly repaired.
IWuloii firm lal, March. Apply to
^ a M. •KI'*"Klt A CO.
Wl N« Mt I’ary street.
Tkt Hore ou 16th ilmi lately necu
JT pled hy ua
^ MOMm.lC A Cl. A||n*kNK, EM.
JS!_No. 11. r».n gSSSr
MjTOIA s\ll Oil It >> I . A desirable brick dwelttt.g^h
■ "A Id Mrret, hrlwren Main at>4 Franklin, c**iita>i.lng,»*l,t W
rooms, with kit* hen and other out house* Ininrediaie |H>w«*dua
0*en. Apply to
m,‘4 « fAMFl* OKAY'H **< >\ *«
» No. ||J| Man gtrret, Kk'lmioitil, %’a.,
AA K Iti Bh.tr * Urge e-ortm.nl of flt.r taah- M — --
htnahh C<i \rHF]«.CAHHlAU»> III <|«||»jt. qJM-W
mi I.KUH and IIA ItNVNH. aullald* for country and
Hty um mad* of the kwl luat.rtol*. and pji «... W
th. ouWkte,!!U»'ilt'i,,rI* SS*1' *r *,n !?*'>•“"""4 to our friend* and
11 1 l,,r,U* M wMI •Mdrt thr mutual n.t.rrrH
of all who faror ua with th. ir |m Iron age
trnlUn ^hortTlTT IZT* ** primal at
p.uum.1, i s; mTM KLrssk0*
|| ;; wwiiVk!'^^/^V““*‘
H»s *>n hand. a Uritr .....rlusi.t ol Carrta- rje W -■» -
»».l h.i»« Abmim .hid. amyl* found a.,*.
*•••• t uarl.n *111. nnl.klr Hr.l., 4 and • ||..-,. tcTr* C»T
•TO** *«*• fr*' Mid Uuwir, VIII, .1,4 Vlllumt t,.,,..
• huh hr particularly Invlts. i|„ aitcnllnn „f
M.h.rh.IhrC.rrU^ I In,. a. .he, v|,| b, d. ..u-Md oT"
“hta 1,0
F U 11N 1 T U R K ‘ ~
mi li nuMi .11.11,1. *
■ aiNniKo a roRTKR i,.,, ,i*. _
*• lliw, III. 1'ifHI stuck uf Rlchmm.d m.vlr aBR*9l^.
rORNITCRK to hr luund In Ihr 1 lly Tills fund. BJUsOjsvMM
lurr I, suprrli, bull! by thr br,l vurkvrli in ihr
roantry, >nd uu.Wr thr linn.uU.tr «,lv,»i.i.„. Uir ^omblur.
" r *f'Mnu.li.ud ».th l.V husl..«s. n,,|r„d,!t tt
fi.br. Chairs, Urdslands, *r , Ac , r.(U»l |„ any uadr It, Nr. York or
rl. vl.rrr may br had of thrin Tl.lr drlrrmli.alb.l. Is b> rrdu. r
t».rlr .lock by salrs al rrry small |.r..«u l.,i u.r isroidr com.
rrly ..n BINrORl) A l*nKTKK for th. bnt artlclr of Furullorr n.
Rb-hmon.l at ihr m...i rrasonablr fairs.
W_ . HIM PLuk.
k harr brru rnitacr.l lor sous lintr past
in urtliix Up tlv palirri.s for a t.ra *- ■
n*'.. rsprrlally Ursl(iir.l for turuiha un.br thr V >SSSC “
hranrsl (rn.tl, of *r*.ial.lr ...alirr, and ■.*MHMa«d(b
harr no. U.r plrasurr of Infurmlun our frlrnds, U.at .r U.n.k v«
harr fully accompllshr.1 II,al rod.
Wr voul.1 call Ihr aUrl.llou of Ihr Tarnirrs |„ Ihl. Plov. a. v. II
as b. our up stock ol flows of rvrry ... . fulll. al.es, Corn W ml
own Bh»|»a, by guod worktneti. and warranted to gi*v aatUfhctk»n.
aM WATT A CO , Franklin street,
*rT*_Buuare brkiw thr Kb* hang*, Kh hni«ui.|. Va.
M* H^MkElh-lOO In-ad of Mule* /a
and llt.rse* hare Ju*t AT? I ml from Kriitu. k>, a very fTt^V
choke* and Buprrtor lot of stock. I have mule* wrli sulUrl L H 1
for Iron klasu-rs, Kallroatl Contractor*, •lie* t atol Ptaiftatt*iii u**- *11
for sale or exchange, at fair prices,and on arronimdatlng terms.’
Fimi: walk mi.
nu taut * > . At K. tUankriishtp'* t^UUr*.
N H.-I shall he In receipt of fre*h >H«kk. .Hr*«I from K. Mu. kf
•eery month In the year. jy!7 ^ \\ *
\ 1 A" n.wW ^ l^rge addition* u» ruv stock —
and Cap*, selected vt"|**r*.nl In l»*e S.tethern
** rltie*. which nuke* my amortnieiit tery complete, all
or any of which, I am dWpo«rd to aril «.n accowiaodaUng terms at
wholcsalr or retail. *
°‘*4 JOHN Tinmmu>v
I I "K "'•* "!»>■"< tlrtr rnllrr .fork uf F|>rti., uni Fmnacf
u> (hick Ihry Invite tlie uvrljr att«itlou >•' |urrh.-n» Th-.r (i. ..!•
* * rr |.urrli»*.l (■» . ».h, xn.l e«rtjr In Itir •• ■«»■>. »> ,i, Ihayliut
‘•Xrr>. Irnm III Ur.r.l hi ill l ninl.miir rt h|ih k, In
Itelnw tr enumerate a portion t f <>ur pur* ha*e*w v»* :
It dtlant*. fldnta. Ja* our'* Otg»r.dir» ard Lawn*
Haref.-p. Tlom*. t'liallu« lYrvian* Mint linn t»*rry
French, Ei.gli*h, Swl** au»d A loci . a** (in ghauts
Fngl.%h, | mi* h ad Anurtran Print*, all prim
Ja*pi Foulard and oilier tumtni r Milk*
Pt« half’* extra Mark Aik* ai d fif'd do
Black Alpaca*. M< hair an«l Canton Cloth
Tamolati Cloth, Patent Argentine and D. IH ge
Cra|H- l>*VC»pagi . and Hprit r IhT « n.«
Dent's Muuo.or Ca*alijiere*. l*raj il'ht* and lKi«aklii(
Wrllingloti Cord. F-»riiitr*»Hatlu and Cr ne Cun.kU
llaln and fif'ti Hit. M . r*ei|fi** arid Linen V, mii g»
Caahnunlt- Mcrtan Ca»»Uu» res, A i , H>r h« j»* wear
JL oti h tier man and F»*m ♦, l-in. t • Mint Drilling,
lilt m. n» d aim hr.-an |lama»k« Mi d Tahir Cloth*
Linen IIu> W and l>aitia»k Towel* and Napkin*
Hrolt h and Ku*»ta Diaper and Mav. Linens
Linen Hite ting*. Hl.hting* aid pillow Lim n
lilndtol an«l brown fif'd and atr |*.l |.ln»n Drill*
Itr. wn and blra.died Hhirtlng* at .I Mieeting*
Cott.made.. denims. Cotton fuck and iiaml.ro. na
. CambrU a. Jaconet a. tape and H* « becked Muslin
India Twill*. Dimliy and lat|.|wt Hkiriu g*
Nam*, k Muslin, Hoh. p L«n an.l |t.r.» K>r Dta|ar
Ca**br •• an.l Hw|s» !Und». Flouncing* ami Trintnttff*
Kn.h Mvi*lln, C».n.bn. ami Kugettie Hleew* amt Cellar*
Lit.eii, Cand-rlc. Hr. akfaat an.l Mourning Collars
Hetn'd and erob'd Caml.nr and Lawn H un
Gent'* hand wrought and c lured bordered (andtclc N.lkf*
English Thread La. e and nr* sulr Tissue V*l|a
\ alien, enr.e* and Maltese l.arr Reeve* and Collars
Mdk Mantilla*, Ha*qur* and Hprfng Hhaa I*
Gent'* Suiubm r Mock*. Tie*. Cravat* and Collar*
Lolie**. (*. tit'* aud Children** tlo»hry ar.d t.h.vra
Hdk an.l Gingl am l‘ml>rrlla» and Parasol*
Mohair pat* ut and hmfnl Skirts and lira** Cloth
Bonnet* Hash and Cap hiMxmr, newest »tyW«
Alexander'* Kid (Dove*, freah and all * . »ud c.tli>ri
L.ve'a Corset*. M..** Trimming*, .»erp*nt Ine Itr aid. go
Having made a Urge purchase ot Irish Lluen*. of kfi hard.on's
celebrated make, from a house In New York dosing out their FU*k
«f the article*, w« will offer every grade of i» cm to lho*r wanting
Linen* for Hummer or oilier u*r at a real Iniiuo mmt
_f,d i • N. N Brvsd ifrvcti l ,u.»re
%1LT K **•• U“W prepared to manufarttire and repair evrrw de
▼ ▼ scrlptlon of Agrlt ultural Implevrent* tow u*r.l We have
gone to no Fin*ll expense in putting up the different machinery re.
qulr d In carrying on our tnutnem*. We are pr. pared to repair In
■up*rior style the variou* K.«|«r. now u*«d. One very Important
feature In our business Is, Uiat we aril no Inj lem. nt« but our own
•'manufacture,** and they “warranted." M. call the attention of
U»e Farmer* »o our W heat Thresher, Cleaner and llorar-Power, whlck
1* In every re*i»<ct equal, tt not tuperh-r. to any . ther now ustd \»
a proof of what thrv have done, we annex the cerilflcatea of a » w
gentlemen who have given our machine a fair trial WV alaottc#
tfie hla-rty of referring toother gentlemen who have u*.d U,r nis
We purchaar.l of M«»*r* NlLSoji A M.rrr, last *eas.in, one a
their *11 in. Drum Mraw Carrier »nd 4 llor»r-l'. w.r, and In our hum.
hlr judgment, we con*filer U»eir Machine a perfect ot.e We lirlfi-ve
that the machine used l»y u* will thresh latter, cleaner, and break
let* grain of wheat, than any oilier that We have ever seen or used
Henrico. 14th Nov., iHift. J(»H. J. PLKAHANT8.
Me*sr* Nrt*>» A M<rrr
ha#*eti to reply
1 have used your Machloe for two »ru< us, and moat cheerfully re.
roninirtMl It as the heal I have evrr us, d- the draft easy, and ih«
motion given to the drum aurli aa to get all the wheat from the straw
Respectfully, your obd’t servant, KICIIAKD ALLAN
Farmvlile, Bept. iC, 1W
Bri'KixoitAM Co., Oct. 4th, IMA
Messrs NfXjvr* A Movr ?
<Je t lent ell— Your favor of 90th September, 1RKI, was received a
frw davs ago. going to the wrong po*t « Wee My post office la New
Htore, Buckingham county, and 1 do wtth plea-ure send you the an
nra«d certificate. Your#, very respectfully.
. . _ . 0*0. W. KYI.F.
I hereby rertlfv that I have used one of Messrs Nat » n A Motr’a
Wh. at Threshing Machines the present year, and have no )»ee tatioti
lo saying that It came up to my expectation, and Is the best I ever
woiked. lllvsn under my hand this 4ih Ot*tol»er. ]i«A.
I purchased one of the above Marhlnes of Mivrr. I.xwta A Wjij.ag
and having threshed three crops with It. making the amount lhrr*!»ed
IA^nni t his , I ils without hesitation pronounce it one of the l r*t n>*
chines I have ever used, hellevlng Dial H will threeh cleaner, faster,
and break lea* gram of wheat limit any I have ever used
lleurlco, Nov. 14lh, ISAfi. MANKY COX
CrgpftitLi.K. Kept. 1st, 1&NI.
Or title men- It la with pleasure that we record our evldrto. In fa
vor ul your Threshing Machine. It rrquir«a lets power for the work
It does fhatr any Wr have ever seen, and la remarkable for Ita simpli
city and durability. Wr regard It rmphath ally the •• Farmer's Ma- 5
chine," and mo* rkttrfully recommend It to the farming con mu
tiny 9
Mr. T W Adams and Cap! II Davis, who are nlc* observers, arid
whose wheat our Machine thrashed thla year, are very much ph aaod
with ita per for ma ocs. Yery respectfully,
HFFKRFN'CFB —Oro. Iloltyhecker. Amelia; Wm Ardor Cock,
Chesterfield, Wm M Ifarrhon, Richmond, Wm If. Cloptnn, Charles
City, K. H W. Apnrraon, Charles City; J. J Ivey, Apponialtox ;
Bei.) N Robinson, k*ng William. 11-President John Tyler, Charles
City; O. Austin, North Carolina, and others
_ mh17 PA Mam afreet, III-hm« i.d
AliNK I I II ll tl W till lloi HA.
F|YIIR Pultwrlhers, having removed to tRelr nr# Fartory on Cary
1 Rtreet, lie tween 9th and loth Blivet a, are prepared to receive
order* for all kinds of Agricultural Machines and Implements of Hit
latest and moat appr<trd patterns, which will l«e made «if the last
material* and of superior workmanship. They ask attention to
"Cardwell's double and single geared More* powers and Thresher*,"
which have taken a premium at every Fair at which they have l«en
exl IMUd Aim, to •‘CroeklH's Cl**d Crusher," Manny's Patent
R» aper and Mower," tha best In war; Fawkes* Patent Lint* and
Htiano ypreadrr. hiphlr approved; llay Prr<*m; |fay fUk--*, Corn
Rl.ctter*, from #>** to $<■. Smith's Patent Straw Cutter, drain Cra
dles. A*-.; Rh l.*s Patent Iron-beam Plow; of various state, Ac They
ewhjotii the opinion of the lion Wlll'atn C. Rive., of if,*. |j. «•
Baldwin, cardwfll a co
Rlehwtond, February 97.
Coni If if i., 16th Dec KM
Cot W» It Btnrnwtoa -Dear Blr: I take pbasttre In m • rdlnf
bore my Imprrealon of tire performance of four Plow (Rich's Iron
Ream patent) at f'nhham to day. The work was far more th -rough
gnd complete than that of any plow I ever saw tv* op* ration before.
The furrow opened hy It was very g. rv rally | A ho he* d«* p and about
t*» Inches wld* In hard, »■!«*•# land, and tmsH effe . tualljr and pcr'rctly
cleaned out, none of fhe an«| earth falling ha« k Into H
Die Irlal of the plow wa* wltnrsard hy many of my neighbor#,
among whom I will mention Messrs Prank K Nelson, J II llenvtl,
J II l**wla, C*. It Ifopkhis, Thomas Waf«on, of l^>ulsa. Acall p»ac
th at men and most excellent judges of *grlcul*uri»l HnpD met t*. »n<t
there was hut one opltdoti among 0*etn a* to the supriwiiy and un
exceptionable |*rforwtance of your plow.
W ishing you equal •ivces# elsewhere In mshlng Ibl* valoahh iw>
plemetif fav*r*My known to our agricultural brethren,
I remain, yours truly,
I.MISI; It i illlHtuilltM II Is. In order i ha to*
r |*uMle miy not t»e misted hy the various tre.r*presentation#
that are dally bring made l.y the enemies of our fatnliv (the fmithiA
I d« em it my doty, as on# of It* prominent representatives, to state,
that It la not true that I have given my valuable service* to the
various pfeldan put suit #. aa reported, and more partlcularlr aa a
man of peace, do I deny having taken charge of that vtllam.o* gun
powder, but I wish them In remember mat I am the proprietor of
that elegant Hotel, on fhe Rumpean plan, known a* fhe Ballard*#
llofel. In the new ho lding opposite the Kvohsi.gr Motel. Richmond,
Va . ami In future that they may distinguish me from fhe • rest of
mankind." I hop- they will ad»|rr#s roe *«
»: > U I. A \ i».
johs r h.att,
WlirkK *1 h» foori.l ■ fall •worimrnl »f iLlr Jhpirtr ko».
rlftto (of A(nr, ,o.| lion., front., fh.w C,w. tr -
*••». R.iwti <ll«w from I, to I H Itwli,. Il,|r*
, n *'r-,'rn «** r.f* rr.il k. tl„ Nrw Ht.t, ll u.r of
OMo M Columb.1., ahirh i, ,Im.4 with il„ plat. 01... ofll*
mhtlft Am [,,]
v»mno. v.w ... .
ca *|.fln, AV.nfllt,., to wMki.Mok rolo,, A Hf.iilllnl
•nrinif"! ,1 (l,r r*.h aiorr ( IIMI«TMv , MTIIHOf,
*•**" _ ^ Iff* 99 Wain s*ree|.
too 1S.

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