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— " JJ
A Mean tar Paocxxmsu.—Th« Mayor ye*t*rday had a
singular caw lu diapo** of. A parly of young men, named
U<>-diah Kvans, Hualirod Hi.hop, Jamea Him, Win. I.
Ditrnev, (Miver Ciuaamor*, Uaorga Marlin. Richard II.l,
" “i Furguaoti, and |I Dnuond, were arraigned to answer
a c large ol aaaaullnig and ill-treating John UcRob*vt*. a
while man, on (Saturday night last. Tlie ileh-mlaul*. it
ap|M-ared, went to the house ol a notorious negro woman,
named Jordena Mayo, and took McKuhert* therefrom,
t»e.l a rope around hia waial and thrice ducked him in the
Canal. Having put him through thi* purifying operation,
Kiev took him to the house, and proceeded with a mark
ing pot and brush to give hia person a genuine African
hue. This accomplished, they lelt him to hi* medita
The design ol thiaciploit was probable to improve the
luoials nlihe iifighlrurhuod; but as the Mayor dor. not re
cognise tire code of Judge Lynch under any circu-netau
Cea, lie required them all to give security lor their appear
am-e Ircto-e theUraud Jury lu August next, to he indicted
lor uiisdciueauor.
Finns Hi tux Mosul or Mar.—Front a rerurd kepi
by John J. Fry. ki«| . Cbiel Ktigineer ol the Fire Depart
Uie-It, we gather the subjoined inloriiiatiun relating to Urea
an I alarms of lire flour the LI of May to the Lt or June,
1 ; .
Tirw ... *
»uru»v.!..!!!!!!.!!!!!*!”' «
HututiiK iiiimnrjM...!!!!!!.!!**! *** *** «
Out uf Uu cil|..•
Tol*l ... see*.*..,. **********.,,*...,..11
or„ f-regohtg. I »a* lu the 1m dlMviel.S were 111 it* *J, it lu
tli. HI auil t lu Use Oh
Amouul uf property IvM.|
Aiauunt savid ..,,,,. x-i.uuu
Amount of lueuraae*......... ... X,*ee
Dni.au.tTns to rill Whio Comvkntio*.—The chairman
of lire Wing meeting in Lynchburg has appointed tin
gentlemen named in the following li-t to attend a Conven
tion ol the party lor the Siauj iu the city ol Kichinond,
We.llies-lay, the llith of July.
John M. Moved, S. II. Campbell, Jmr. O. Tavlor, ('lit
L. tloslrv, J*S F. Payne. Jno. II Tyree, Jaa. M. Ctayhe
Knbl. J- Davis, Jaa. Kinnier, John tl. I,. Hoggin, Sam i
Pryor. It. (i II. Km u, Kwd. I>. Clinstlan. Ja*. McDonald,
J is. SHinders, F. II. Deane, S. T. Peters, P»ul Jon*-.
Seth Halsey, N. Iziiggeiiheiiner.
Armsi-r at Sucipk.—A whu* man train'd Samuel
K re III is, residing in a collage on tbe alley in the re-r ol
the Kichuiouil lion.,-, attempted to take hi* own ii e yes
terday alteriionn by cutting Ins throat with a razor. He
mHiet.nl a slight gash upon the J'omum AJami, and thi-ii
went lo the hydraiit to wash off the blood. a negro w.e
man discovered him and went iinnieuiatelr fur l*octo>*
l.roaf and liariluer ; hut he tesisted all their attempts to
•I. .-** hi* wounds, saying that lie wanted to die. He final
*v became luriuus that it was thought h*st to leave billl
It IS Saul that he was much Intoxicated, slid this probably
account* lor his rash attempt
\ ittntNl t IWurriiX At rants.—Postinaitcr general
Campbell ha- oidercd the billowing:
h-tahliah My cantor* tirove, Putnam county, and appoint
Klnts Wheeler postmaster. Zion’s Mills, Lee county, Aina
linm l». Zion postmaster. Mill Creek, Amherst couunti
J'liin M. Ktle, piMlmaster. Change Hie site and name n
Poery’s Store, Tazewell eooutr, Ur CrolLvill*, and appori
D.m.l (Veil postmaster, vine ilavid II P.-cry n-signed
Appoint Kviius Voting postmaatei at French Ore. k, U|
ahur county, in place ofl.oicuzo lluut.Mi
Diickim,— rha Wes tun Herald Ui’la a story of two mo
who hod o light in UraiUm couuty, on election day. Ii
the yculMf In.th 1.11 over a bank some It* nr 16 feet in
lioigh'. into the lifer, where the water vu at least In feet
deep .till they clung In each other, and would liavi
dniarned hut tor the timely aid ot the bystander*, win
reiu-v.il them hom ilndr pciilou* situation. Tins mudr
of hpi.Hog i* recommended to thorn who cannot rostraii
their knock- town propensities during the b it weather.
bTKAU.au iovLs.— A slsvi i,amcd llenry wa* punished
yosteiday by order of the Mayor, for broking into tin
lien house ol John X. Davis, last Monday night, end con
siderably reducing the ntiinlicr ol the feathered inmates
A spectator in the court room remarked that lit... r > ws
an appropriate Haute for a hen-roost robber; alien anolh
er a ided to the baseness ol tile pun l»v observing that In
caiue fioio the neiglilmrliond ol f 'AirA-ah.iininy.
t osTist'KU.—Yesterday «a» llie time appointed lor tin
examination of t Iw.ird \V. Ferguson, lor slabbing l.wotg.
W Woodv, on the 4th of May; but in couae<|uenr« ol
the large anioiini of tiusincea on his hand-, the Mayor wa
egaiu compelled to postpone the investigation.
ilouiIso. Louis Colin and K t Harris resterday ap
pertel b-tore the Mayor lo be examined for fighting on
Itth street, ami were both reipiirid to give security n>
keep the peace in Imure.
hoi vu iiiii.it. Isaac Hunter has been tried in Lvneh
burp lor shooting Kdward Vi.», convicted, and scntem-eit
to conlincinciit in the penitentiary for the term ol tlirei
years and two monllis.
TkiaL row Mukiikb.—The trial of young Randal, for
Ihe m ird.T ol Ins lallo-r, commenced in Staunton on Tne*
dav, before the f'until I'ourt.
N.w Movie — IVe have received Irom tbs pulillslisn, Millar A
■eactisin, of Hslllm .rv, « piece of ornate ruiuled “(tumor Ileus.
H.-.dllaeh," which I. pronouoce.1 a very desirable composition II
ronlalua s h indasms colored > sortie ol lb. Ollmor House and list
He Monument, Baltimore. \lr P. II Taylor has il for sale.
I.»v as I -Tile Mafor yesterday riamlnsd Francis Franklin . n a
fbarer ol stealing an iron vice. Tabled al *5, from Kdward Vickery
He drrlared that be pun-bas al ll.e article for H7 \ i-enls, ami alter
w mis sold it for ft . but a. Ilea appeared lo lie a tale trumped up
for l!,e .x-ca.lon, be wa. remanded for Irlal before the lluellng.
A eiri. » rankllu formcrlr occupied a re.pocl.lde po.iilon In
eleijr.het lisa now reached a ino.i degraded condition II- hai be,.,
nn-'c s-f .re tried f.,r peity larceny, and bad b- la-, n . onvlcir.l would
n >w Is-a un.lldadw fur Ihe penitentiary. A. Il was, hr plead gulli.
to lb- charge, aad the Court,tbit.king probably ibnl be wa. dc.lrou*
of going to Jail, acrjullteil l.irti !
Tne FTK.ues Cm or Wrurusii Frsn —A telegraphic dbpalcli
was received In this city yesterday, announcing the sinking of the
City of VVlieelliig, Which occurred on .Saturday n'glil la.t, near Pom
Troy. The ulticcra of the ateamrr K.n-krt alocll arrived yesterday
eiuiitrm ll.e alo.ve, ai. I si He Dial .lie oiuol n rook .bom 4 o'clock'
in Uo- evening, aud went down about dark. III. report that the
boat I* » to-al lose, bur Dial the prior.pal part ol the rsry.i is sited
Fhe was iusurr,| a ll.e Adtemuile In.iiratice Company lor f lisat b
Ihe Lynchburg Fkaai and In the Valley Company WA,.;.o^
Zcw CaXAW.—Ol all llie Compound. designed lo comfort Ilia ojnljrr
man” Hiere Is none more enticing than lee cream. Il tlilllalea ih'
pa'ipe most eiqnl.ltlvrly, and Is Uierrforc aoug'.l afier and reh.hed
Wi ll luflilile gusto by all. Aid.,in. at llie '-Ft. Nicholas' lUtoon' ni,
•leriLiula ihoroagblji the art ol making U.ls dau.ly, and In. estab
lished la Urn rigid daily l.y thorn in ipiest of "cold comfort."
Pl'Hing.—Mr Chrlallsn Faulshurg lately committed suicide In
Bravlou ciMiuty, lu a manner somewhat singular, lie first eU| two
gashes 1,1 f*is 'broal with a pen-knlte, hut falling to edeci t.ls obieci
thus, he walked some distan. e u. Klk River and .Irownrd hiui.eli -
lit wa. mlrml d-1 years of age, and un married.
Vast l.ias a Wills— a cal-Bah weighing ninety.Ire pound, wa.
lately caught lu Kanawha r.ser, by a Parkersburg Baherinsn.
RutUIku ATTHk Ll.wua.—Many just within tin- grasp
■ ' :r. r .. nw.^.rkirrT ity III*' Ulll.lul IH«*
of Ilr. W Ht.»r * INI hi ol \\ iU| ( lie it v. |u Mh'n ill
allaying and curing scene protracted coughs ia rcnunkn
Pgaitr Davi* VtcoicT<aut I’aim Kulak i* deservedly
the itmiM popular family medicine known, lor no oilier
reme iy na* been *o »iicc.>*lul in relieving nil kind* ol
pain. It i* unwt appropriately called I'aln Killer
tuar,™ "KMVOr/l MIIIUIHI.-J retired
VTIV Clrrnyin.il, ru.n.rc.1 u. health in a few dry., >nrr ro,„,
yr»r«..f grral nerrou* .uffrrlng, I. ai.alou* lo to make kuowr. the
mr.1,4 of core. Will *en,| free Uir preemption uard Dirrrl t„ Uir
Krr. JOHN M I>AllNA 1,1,, No. Fijli.in atrret, Brooklyn, N Y.
uilii—I nidge *
If 7 ajr—At I A T ,A It f N n AI.S I T| or At l.l ||
I'llKHRY — From the New York Ktrnlnr Mirror, May
He ».*KI( .11 ll,r Pen..*d*rili*rd for ll,. rurr of human all
mrnla. llirrr |. in,or In which wr harr mure crnlldriirr ll.a,, u la
TAR S RAIdtAMOP WILD OlIKKK Y Wr regard lt*T* otic ofNa
lurr a own |,r, paratlono— *h' plr, cafe. |>h a*enl t„ |.ka ... a|mo«l
rrr.ain to run. all hlltou. and pnlmon.r'y aff.ctl .n. Wr
nraard IIa Wonderful rffreta In enara that were rrgar.tf.1 a> lioprlrrely
v”'m^in^ ro'.rh*n-Thr^"ou”r
ll haa proved more rfllraelou* aa a remedy for Court,.. Cold., In
.0.... .... -*•
None genuine unlraa atgnrd I. III TTS on the wrapper
jfo or Awl w '*
,T b"n *•« old—"Ihl* I. a world o7winder"
... n •'‘''"'"■'l- dally prr.r„lr,l something
. and wonderful, boll. In nalurr and art. Met, or genlua and .kill ,r.
ronalanil, rnana^i reeking nut ll.al whh h may heroine e.ln.hl.
lo Urn pnlillr, and a Ham* rmhlrm In whnllHoa, ... f,„ni |h,,,
woudrra whkli liar. Iron brought before u„ w„rkl, and partlrol.,Ir
iV. a"*‘ " • h« •*"'."dng ** yri auapaaard pj,£
bar.. I all, Kdlrr. which I* ihe moal raluahle f.m ly moiir,,,, n.,m
In U«e. for many Internal dnd riiernal rnmplalnn Ih.i Arab la heir
«... J'""Finer you "f ih* f.ri,y„u hare hul In rail al the drug
Ti’o/mT ,n“ * h""l'-fr""> ■» vein* In »l7rnuee.ee
0 nV" a meana of remnelng pain from IV body
r.''h»* rrer acquIrrH a reputation equal m Perry bar W
1 oln KMIrr. Tin* •*!«• of this Mrtlrlc ll*# Vowtol «l| hrltpf Hot It
A>ml* m,r '' *n‘l " •u«r'*'»l•— .Vew/urrt ,f r t.rfagfrm (A>.)
j*.. *L—. iT»r,A"i wt, n v ^ ,J "I mt
'-npvrfhrtly underatond errn l,y Iho.r
WOO iiitic Ihf frvHtrat iMfhllnm Thr ni.ni »h- i*. u.i.
b,e. Of the day may, L ,v llmr, r„w hi , h,V^ m V
...ere. .I d by a larnl.hed rreen, or „th. r onatonilV amwv.oee
Bogle1. Kir, trie Hair My. I. y„ld of them- „,.lkl, ' prJ,T*nf. |,
Inatenlly .lyra Ihe hair a Vaullful natural black or 'hrmrn whlrh
neither water nor rundilne can tarnlth In the leaat and
aaauranrr doul.ly aute'1 hi* agent, are aathorlied lo’refundIhTa!,
n.r If IV mow p*rle.-f •atuAntm, I. „„t fK'o.
V • IWlwrr.w lorentor, W Hoyle, iClfon, ,„dAdd iV
Drilgglatl erery ahem 1 1 ” ">
ami: Afki OF,rriNf* RtMM
I* your hair turning grey I Do yon wlah to raltlrate good whle
k*ra and mouatachr 1 a lour hair in ha .oft, alike, and »l,.i.,r_
Yortr head lo hr rno|, eomfortahlr, and free „f dandruff Moiiwr. I
"VJW ehlldreu lo bar* hisur.ant heal, „f halr.f Tlmn uv Mo.
Prr. ia li?r"t'',V. mnj-A,Ch 11 '» *•« unrrrln, elf,, _
I rv «• £, rt*. .%» rl« 75 ct# •ml f I f«i ,h , »..,i(tr HmIit. ..r
Mfrin* thTrmlu'.'l’*''"Ir'tr 'r,*4'<,*"n* •»" »"d plm|del.,„ l Van
VHI V H ri-",S'-’lo» Prtrr IVa , pr. prle,m. M
d *"M ^ bromilwaerrrywfwTo
r.u.tr ,, 'M’'"'IU * S'"'' ' C0LI4WI
rr.r.r,T7^h^".ri p'U w h'M‘n
pe^r.’TaS';^ XZX?* X M '«
rlan^ M^UiAATT'/m '• |"Will Ih* Valedlrk.
? J M A i H M)r1t>r«Mt, of M i klfifftiam
Tb, Yaledlrtory *ddrra. •« ,h,n h. lellr,,^ hy A. 1 Bondu
Wednoaday, U.a '/.Sth at II o'elork A Al f " ^ deltrerod on
of'yr.r..,V Her O H Hernl.
A M. TOIIb, [ CommllU.
BRURY LACY, I Uommlltoe
A WAS " ...w «
Tl,l M^TTINO, Ar , whur. Will Im* ..ffrr. «| ,i vnv I w ■>> a ai
IrVJr rod* " "hUh "7£iLT,rlAl"» “ J** '4 •»<«
irp mead*. *17 BlOAIi ft.
democratic national convention.
wsuxasuar *vs*i«o saaaioa.
Cl SCI S* » ii, June 3 —The Convention it-iiwmbM at
2 u clock yesterday afternoon, pursuant to adjournment. i
Mi llitili.ii»l, ot New Hampshire, alter moving to rv
consider the vole by which tlie resolutions were adopted
ill the toreuiMin, moved to lay oil the table the uiotiou to
reconsider, winch was carried.
Thu ■ole was then taken by States on the five dosing
resolutions which were under consideration when the -
Convention adjourned in ihs morning.
The brat ol tlm bve wa* uained— syes 211, noe* 23_ '
and tlie second also—aye* 23V, noe* 23. Mr. Wickhfe, i
of Kentucky, asked that hi* State might have permission '
to change her vote on the first resolution to "aye," which
wa* granted, making the vote aland ayes 223, nuea 37.
The third resolution passed—ayee IVV, noe* 30—Mary
land and Rhode Island voting “nay," and some scatter
Thu fourth resolution passed—ayes 221. noe* 3b_
Rhode Islaud, Delaware, Maryland, South Carolina and
Kentucky voting against it. The tilth passed also—syes
223, lines 3d.
The vote wss then taken on a supplementary reaolutiun
reported by the committee, which read* as follows:
AVao/erJ, That the Democratic party recognises tlie
great importance, in a political ami commercial point nl
view, ol safa and speedy communication by military pos
tal roads through our own territory, between the Atlantic
and I'aclbc coasts ol the Union, and it i* ibu duty ol the
kedeial tinverumeiit to eierciee promptly all coostiln
tinual power for the attainment ol tbit object.
Mr. Thompson, of Mississippi, moved to lay the resolu
lillll Oil lilt* t utile’.
All objection was rai-e-l that the uiotiou was out of or
der. The chair decided that it was in order, ami the
vote Iming tikeii, the resolution was laid on the table_
•ye* 13V. hues I2».
Cheers and lusaea followed the announcement of the
Mr. Coh|tiiU, of Georgia, mored to reconsider ail the
ruanluliima in reference to foreign policy. and recommit
t’i*' subject to tlie committee on resolutions.
A delegate from Indiana moved to lay the motion up
m the table, which wa* carried—ayes 17V, nor*79.
Mr.Mcude.nl \ irgtuia, piesenlcd Irom hi* del. gulinu
■lie billowing resolution, which wa* taken up under a call
for the previous ipicaiinu;
Rr*Wee/, That tlie resolution* uoon foreign policy an
but the opinions of this Convention, and rauuut he con
sidered as article* nl lailh.
Mr. Dock, of Michigan, raised a point of order, that tl.e
resolution must, under the rules, go to the committee on
• evolutions.
Mi. Hubbard, of Tetas, moved a suspension of the
u'v* h>r the purpose ol taking a vote on the resolution.
Is*'id cries of "mi !" answered the call; hut a demand
vis unde (l»r h vote on the luntinn by State*.
(treat confusion now prevailed in the Convention —
The Chairman, after striving in rain to restore order, d -
late I lie would call the delegates lir name who were
nesting the disturbance. Tliia threat occasioned loud
• |>plnu«e.
The Convention retuaeii to suspend tliu rule*—ayes 174,
.ays 188.
Mr. Lowe, of Maryland, offered a resolution for hi* del
• •utinn, expressing the inexpediency ol the adoption ol
lie 1 at live resolution* as a pari of the platform, and di
eeting the chairman of the delegation to vote in the tieg
Mr. Satidsbtuy, of Delaware, declared Ilia concurrence
with this resolution. Ilia Stale was unwilling that any
resolutions should lie Ihtroducnd into the platform, upon
which every Democrat could not aland, [(ireal applause. ]
The President called the speaker to order, stating that
no question wa» belorc the convention.
A committee to appoint « national Democratic coniini'
U-e was appointed f Amotion being made to adjourn
and negatived, calls were made lor the report* ol the com
mllce on credentials. Mr. Pettit, or Indiana, said that
time enough h.td been wasted ; —there was no oceasioti
for the committee oil etodenliaUt to repot t, and lie therefore
mixed that the Clinvention proceed at once to tiouiiuate a
■undidate lor President. (Immense Applause.)
Mr. Sandsbury, of Dels a hi c, thought it wrong to ninl<
..itinalion during the absence ol the delegate* from
Sew York. .
Mi. Iluhbard of Texas took the same ground, and Mi
Pettit withdrew hi* motion.
Mr. Wilson of Iowa was willing that New York should
have a chance in the Convention, but was not willing to
magnify the quarrels ol that State into utnlt..
Three data were long enough to enable rival delegation*
to settle their differences, if they were to be settled at all;
blit II was now well understood, that though glad of her
support, the Democratic party could do without her.
Immense applause lullowed, mingled with about* Irutn
the floor and gallery.
Alter a warm running debate the Convention adjourned
till ten o'clock this morning.
Cincinnati, June ft.—The Convention reassembled at
l<> o'clock.
Two reports were submitted Ity the committee on ere
lentials, relative to the contested case of the New Ymk
delegations. The majority report was rejected ; and the
ininotity report, dividing the delegation equally between
the Hards and soft*, adopted.
The Convention adjourned till 2 o'clock P.M , when thc
bulloiing will continence.
[Srchnu Dispatch)
Cincinnati, June ft.—The majority report of the com
mitteo on credential on the New York case teeogniaed the
Sofia as a regularly organised part of the Democratic pat.
•y, and the Hard* as an organised body; resolving that the
iw i be consolidated, and have a/»n» rubi representation,
namely: the Soil* 44 and the Hards 26 delegates.
The minority report takes the ground that the Hard*
ire the regular Democracy, ami the Hull* seoeilera. ronic
time* acting witli and sometime* independent of llie par
*>■; and conclude* with the following resolution :
/imi/rri/, Tii*l tlie two delegations lie authorised to
"elect 3 • delegate* each, slid each to role separately—llie
Soft*catting llie first vote:
The minority repot! was adopted—area IS7, noe* 128;
Virginia voting aye. During llm progrcee of the ballot
ing, every affirmative vote was greeted with loud cheers,
while there was only slight applause for the negative.
Popular leelmg i* evidently on the side ol the Hard*.
On the announcement ol the vote, the wildest enlliu
«i I*m was manifested, and the cheer* front the hall and
galleries wore loud Slid prolonged.
Cijkuxuati, June A—P. M —J»n re-tasembling in the
•ftemoon, the Convention proceeded to ballot for a can
didate lor Preaident ol the United State*.
The first ballot waa informal, and resulted—Tierce 127,
Buchanan «A, scattering 70.
The balloting tlmn proceeded formally, as follow* :
, . Iturhanan. Pierre. Douelaa Caw.
if. *.•!** .*».... A
V, .2..,l*1* *'n
?J,h .jo ...11* ...SO. An
22 . -» ...As ... An
S 8: :::S
ism • •••• • '2 !?*.. «*\;: aIJ
.im.i*.«. ... »n
|Th« prevalence ol a thunder alorm prevented the Iran*
mlasinii of any further despairhes. |
Sr. Isitn, Junr t—Advices Irom Kanaaatolhe 26th
of May have been received.
The trouble* continue unabated in the territory. A ,lc
lachmrnt of Ml dragoons was stationed at Topeka and I0«i
at Uwrence.
hit rumored ihst a party of Col. •Buford’s men rt,
camped near Usawsiiomte and commuted many deprrds
lion* upon Ihe property of the *<|ii*ller". The Utter, Im
coming enraged, attacked the camp, killed fire and drove
the remainder away.
In the "am* Vicinity, it i* staled, the Missouri pro-slavery
men idem died with (lie troubles in Kansas, were waited
upon by * cemmitteo and ordered to pack up and move
lor Missouri ioetanter. Msny families compiled with Ihe
demand, and the greatest eicitement prevail*. Governor
Hhaanon ha* sent * detachment of troop* there to pr.
•erre order.
The Congressional investigating committee Sdjournrd
Irom I* avenwortlr to Westport on the 8let nit,, and will
lease for Washington on the loth ol May.
A letter dated at Baptiste Peole, Mav 8<rth, (ay* that IS
I'*'*"’.. murder ol pfo.Uvrry nm, at
Oaawaioriue, h.ee he.,, erresud. Report „y. ,h. lnnr
derrra are In. tided on the M.uvais Drarcoygnewi. and as
suring reinforcement" from Uwrence and elsewhere A
horiy of troop", eonsiering ol loo Kao«ea militia and 16
dragoon*, bare a«ee,nbled lo catch the murderer*.
I > moon lr»H KANSAS
Birrsur, June 6-To-day, I An Government Iroopa
passed tlnough thi* place, bound lor Kaneae.
HaUVai, Juna I.—Tin* steamship Niagara haa arrived
here from Liverpool, aiihadrirea to the 24lh oil: Tba
political New* 14 ol no great importance.
Cotton lower <|*ialitiee have .lightly declined—upper
and middling ipialilie* hrui.
Ilrea-I.luff, a ahade lower. Flour show, a alight decline,
and lutle vpeculalive demand. Weetein Canal 3ia. a 33a.,
Ohio 36a. a 37a, Southern 34a a 36a. Wheat loaer
grudea have duclmed til ; Southern red |i>a. a 2d low. 6.1 •
White lua. 1 Od. a 11 a. Corn haa declined 6d. tola., and
cluaed lirm, white 22a. a Sos., yellow 28a. 6d. a 22a. Provu*
ion. weak.
F'orty million, have been subscribed to the new loan,
and llie depoait paid in without preaaure. The bullion in
ilia bank nl Fniglaud hwa iucreaaed £23,non.
A met nan aeciinliea unchanged with a hunted buaineaa.
The ercilemeut un the Italian (juealinn continue*.
llie British 2lui.try have again tiiumplicd on a motion
uenauruig them lor an ahau donuicut of Ui« question of
maritime law touching neutral..
There ia nothing decisive wiUi regard to the Sound
The Ruaaiau successes ill Circaavia are continued,
rut Otarsal asahicaa ucsario*.
Loitl John Kueiell ha. given notice, iu the IIou*o of
Lord., ot Ilia liiletitiuu to a.lt the question whether the
Government intended to interfere between Niuuiagua and
*ml. Rica?
The Timca think* that Futglaiul and tliu United Stale.
■nu*t combine to i HV.t an adjustment of Ceutial Aun-ii
can alluna, and «ugi>.-al. the C*.ir aa an uiiipiru lor Aiucr
ica on the MuMpulo «|Ue.tion.
IIIK llivlau MUMl ncaa.
The protocol on the DaiusIi piopoailion, to which Bua
ai.t, Sweden and Oldenburg agieed, haa been publi*bed in
Denmark. It reuouncea (lie Sound and licit duea lor
3d,'Nei,iani n» dollars, to which all maritime powers uiuat
lira! aaaeiil—Dcmuaik ica>rving llie right to Heat*, pa
rateiy with them. Security lor Un- payment ol tile inoti.-i
la al*o leqtlired by Denmark.
Cixcixnati, June 4.—Mr. George P. Buell, editor ol
the Democratic Review, pubhaned at Washington, made
a *peech la.t night in trout of the Burnett tlouae, de
nouncing tile Kuow Nothing, and Abolitionist*, lie wu*
interrupted by an individual iu tile crowd, and the matter
finally caiue to bkiw.. Iu the melee, Buell waa alalii.-d
in the hack, the kiute penetrating ilia lung* and indicting
a daugcroua wound. Ilia condition tins morning ia ciiti
cal, aa Ilia wound bleed, internally.
Ur. !*• Cl*. June fc- Uiir. Prim- !••• entered llial an rlactlou h* held
- -... «««««, ** mi uir vacancy occasion**] by the
•leatli of lion. Jnliu t* Miller. Ulc r« prrweutailve In Cougrcas from
the 4th district of M Mourt
Ki>dhuui«, H. \ , June ft.—Ma'Un Van llurrn vu thrown from
hi* hurw this morn.ug, receiving a severe though not dangerous
• ouod on hi* head.
HalTimork, June ft.—Kiour unchanged — all brain)*
Mtllii'g a' **>.12. Wheal and Corn lower—market unm t.
New York, June ft—Flour and Wheat firm and un
changed. Corn welimg ut fti cent*.
^ t i i nn NO■ it Ri RiMaa
W 5 I'AV KNptlllT. Al I KS k CO . An tv
Si I \ ▼! tit IMm AUVNTAft. POR n
HALTlMOItK — Pretght recrlve«l to day iKHI >a-'* aq>r
DAY,) and up to the hour ol 2 o'clock I* M Setur* fiOmRKRL
•lay, Xlh luolalit.
Co tsigi.ee* are requested to send for thrlr goods to-day
Ahippera are r«que«trd to Mcftd In the names c.f thrlr con*lgnee«
Saturday afternoon, or their alupuiruta will lw c..u* gned to order
_ LProm the Hostou Saturday Keening Uaiett* 1
I'KHKl MLI» I’.KKAlll.— U tat lady or gentleman
remain un ler the cur*.- of a disarrceahle breati.
wn» n r.y ..-.ng the “/M/n o/ a T\fu«md FUnt+rm” a* a dentifrice
would not only render it sweet but leave the teeth white a* alabaster'
Many wr*.n. do not know their breath !• bad. sod the subject l. so
delicate th« ir friends will never mention U. Pour a •**>’!• dropof I
the “Ualiu" on your tooth brush and wadi the teeth night and morn
ing. A fifty cent bottle will last a year
IHft-ftmua_ t, : . . |. ,.v
either w.un> oi ...Id water, pouron two or Utm droll
I “llano of a Thousand glowers." rub Uie iward well and it will
-nak>- a Ik- n.tiful soft latf.er much facilitating the operation of sha
ving Price only Klfty Cenla. PnaiPua A Co., proprietors
.... . BKNNKTT. liKKKd A FJsHiKR.
fel* SuMM Agents, and all Druggists.
If fi fil A l 11)1 L I OMPI BOON u.-»y easily be a« uuirr.l
by using the“Ai/m./n Tht-u+ind FU.»fr»" It
will r. move /«<*«, ;<<otjJc* and/cc-I/rs from tin.- skin, leaving it of a
«dl and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drop., and
wash U.r face night and morning y
tela Gm.»s ______ IglBlA Kfid lU
Y Jar* AjliEIIICAV DlkTIlK T* i O.X \ | \ j |u>
1,1 lhe l-yncliburg Klectoral District, are requested to send delegates
"ir.,r r”'- «*bH« « Ib-irirt Co.,trim,,,,. t.. br kM in
K.riovlllr, PrtIK II..1.1 co'II.IJ, Oil IIIIIIW U„ *ll||, „( jullr
fof II.* . «• kri-n, Mi iCVrtor for u.r dl.lrt.-t, ii. ,.lar. of
Mr. MrTi-.lnh, wt.o dtclmr. A lull drlrgMIno from .11 iLr cvunllra
lo lac diitrlot i. Ur.lml.
Thr l.jrnrl.t.urir Vlr,intan. N.lion.I Aiurroan, and an. oti„r M.
P"* in ll.rdi.tnol, fanorablr to lb. Am.....a (mu/, will ,,'ub.
"*"• r..ai-„.U2«Jr
TENTIUN !—Pjrul- at tbr City ll«ll, lu lull uni. flA
forM. ud Mil -qulKpcd [riccpt fWen,] on ... JD)
ll.r lb nr.i ,01 5 , ..'clock. A M , to crlrbr.tr llir *c
road «unl.cr«o ufthe Troop Armaand cquIptncrtU to order I.,
la.|>rrtl..n l.y lb. I .•lumaailrr-lnohlrf. %Vw m tuto r, who I,.,.
.. lirlinrl. «-, *T 111 forage
M. lul.rr. »rr rr.|.ir•*. .1 lo lo- polo lual a. lb. roll mil br . alir.l lo
accordance mti, b)-la«a.
Writtrn r<i-u«r- fo.- all prieoni abwnl aiu.t br baudnl to tlir
Com . aiullng ofBcer on that day
By onler of M«JrDiivl«
jr«—cul A. K. GOOCH. O. g.
\r ■ M BOOKS. 1
m , . . ., ”<«««"» " fcs« rr *; Main itrrr.
L.inlT^ViZS-VaS"'^*0- T,'“ra“
l>o do «» V, Id ritinplele.
Prs* ott** Philip 2nd further «upp!ie«.
M« uiolr- ..f P .w PrmiUw-2 Vols
Hoc*r*s Table Talk, furtfirr wu| plies.
The t*|»aiilsl» r inquest |n America, by Helps
Lists SatL.nal Ol sten, of Political Kconomy.
Republican lai.ihiurlii hy haunder*«iu.
Treaty «>D the English i'ons ltutinu
Waller and Gwlln* Com]dele Ang|rr, illustrated
Yankee Trarel#. Tlirough Cubs.
Vagabond l.lfe In Mexico: hy IJxbriel Kerry.
My Kin' Ibanii, by In airier Reynold,
The Kid. r Plater, l.y Marian Jamea.
Mo'andi, by Alalnn.
foixxa Tra*«aly and other Talea, hy (Irace Oreenwtod
_ J«w__
__ /■••"A r" TOC* INTKRKaTM
F|N<t I I III II kSI.lt S ail I |. It '|' |] I \ f, 11 a
■. would my. we h»».. .1 .11 ti„,ra i|,e lar*. at aaanruneal In ihe
<Sjlxaa'isf7 '“'' I* 'u liic manufacture and aalr of
Cl.4> I H I N«j i(MU nuy w;iirr l,ou*r tn »»•• {Ium*.
llaune an . xperh uce ..f near twenty yr«ra In the trade, we can
at all time, ahowW -l.ek aultd toy.ur wai.tt, and pUdce ouraelaea
lo make ,i t„ y„ur Inn real in n„y if ua V* ouraeirea
fW~ A 1*1, (tool*, AYAKKANTKD
Ilf Call aud examine for jouraalvra,
,rt _1(18 Main air* rt.
K°w,n V <»'■« *» I'MIM’KK.-A food aopplyed
White tine,. Coala f..r B«ya-a aanai dr.lmbl and cheap Myla
"coal for Bummer, to which w, ,ak Ihr attention of thoae In want
. KKKn I! (I,DM IN a 00
■ >l It l l lit t.i nil. «■ ire now eetllne I
■ ran Ouitra, direct from the Hoxrrnmeni Aerni. at IW per
lun.ra* i ifrllvrml at an.? of Uir <1 (**#««, of ou t»>ar<l of t'aual Uaat
aud would be plraaed to hare a call from ih -e In Waal
* . Borlh able of flic Baatn.
II V*- * ,,M' * •' A •*•
■ m Boxer, and a few Tone Pi* Uad, for aale by
n\i«(. kiss is utt i i.iatalis. w
.Ineln* oar ai„ck. aa mm I. aa pnarlhle. by the lira, ,.f Anruai.
...-Inch lima w, fake.nr Annu.1 lurawlaey.i we will f,..„. ihe
I,me, (real harralna In all kmda of n.raa and Bummer On »d
aw-h aa Call. >, fllnchama, Plain aud P *reel Rare*.., M u.I.na’
m r set. ^ H,,k «"••> n<urr.i pim,,
III., k, While and Colored P,Ik ManflBaa, Ac., Ac. Ac In all ,,f
whirh we aim hare a eery rood aaaorimenl Call al Ith Main al
_J_ ______ _PCDI.rr A JOIINATUN
\OTMH •<> HI <ui Mm (isionaats
ANII PAKMKRP IIKNKKAI.I.V. I Would moa. reiecVfuilyr.lt
Ihe aiiei.iion ..I all n waul of m.,.., n„,r hareeal r .0(1, u> ma
aaanriount Of hartiMi alone, aa Ihey were bnueht I,,, fan'fall ai
that 1 can afford in tell them al a lower prior, than if thee had hren
pnrrhaaed chi# aprin*. Ihai Is before ll* hraey rlae In leather
. - _ • AI.KX HIIX,
J** N 1 I ’• Al*'1 i Kl. hmnnd Va
\ Hl.ll's I'AIINI I I A s I |t t'| ANII ||
lAIMIIPIVK, ANf. PP.Nflla p„,nk , hTee re" .*, .
irrrn aupp y of Ihear article*, a.. h.*My recommended hr eminent
fn*ii.li Phyai Ian., and hr .11 Phy.h tana o, lh a on. who hae™ tried
II I aullcli the examine! umnf the I'roteaalon for aale al
BkTrAIUPP Pro* and Ct,cm,oal H'.,re,
J__._ Corn* r tlh and Rr„a I •,«
I ? A IIMINI* All III. of ,.ur . wo in a nu far in re — a eery au ■
■ • p* ilor xrtn le, ai 71 . i • i-e* * ,u f ,r aal, .1
•ArrAII.ru pro* ami Chemical Phue.
_J,!k Corner tih and Broad ,t.
g 1 kl /• >11 II I NO k I SI 5a- Me hare nn ha, I a Any
M W aaaorimenl of loldlea, an I ftynlVuirn'a 0(ulr Merit,nVrata
M Ul'IILKY A JOHNSTON, itf. Main all
MAMNI ll.I.la a I I ll.TN, Heanllful While Pren.»,
Maraellle* and iMmtiy Qndta. for aale hy
Jed PI PI.eY ( JOHOTOY, IIS, Fa>te
Kr.ll l» I lit kklllSKI, 'J*b' hh'e , foe aale hy
g A MOI N l» «|.| II (kl I. 1 **at .ache, for aale hy
f|A AAAI IIS' oil, - |bl hhla , tor aale hy
Sill Akk l.nnin. -Wehe* leare lo call the
alien!Ion of all w, „ are in want ,.f
a 1 11 a « i« 00 on,
le our heauliflil (aanrtmeu', e 1
1*1'"' Bearer and loyihori Ri.l II,,a and Plata
l*n I exhorn. Braid and A,raw pl.ia and llloomer*
Children 'a draw ll.-efa. of eerry xaroiy
™u*’ *"d yowl ha' lexhoan and Brawf Data
Is do Ptraw Capa
la.i ''"i' r*n?mAi An,,f •”* »»,(., and
l«al, hill not leaar, thoae hranilfill India Ifata, whb-h lor nea'neaa
cannni he oxerIkd
Braid, a aJoey* aaonrfment of draw flood# for arreante, eort. aa
r* 1 , li Mwnn'aln leehorn and Ho note) Phanehal draw Hal.
. * „ , rT*pe'tf'iliyr all lha alien, .n of on f. lenda and
TtalMra l« Ihe ally. BI.NPORI). PI, KINA,>N » AA'PtAlliPR,
J*® No. 7' Main a,reel
• niiHiiHii iniki I ’lHiioini mi ll
■ I PT opened, a lot of Mnalln pleeeya and CoBan, ha arils al M
#» r,a a (real haryaln
Jn artla Muailn Blreera and Ootlara. from || ;w, lo »A ,w>
J” do Cambric do do. naa-rlaal
ff” «.*n,n do do, tor breahfaat and Ira.
*?*? -* *** "Totlare.ai tt,i. m |i ,v xrea, har*ains
A, Ihe vaah Store AHRlPTlAN A I ATIIROP,
J” • Halo a,reel.
h. l. rent. /"rf | r u ■BrvucT. r~i w a. ut tm. *»•,
umaiTTil o» AUlTUTIOt.
R *>«.»: or ( ••• •« 'Him ■ » m.
r ovi.~k i* ••• •'•<* 5 «•..
June &— In Door« IT 1} n
Out Uoori. T% Si *4
• Vi . V iU N I i .N J-. x\ n.
MIN. Lid* I f<> ||| ma
Fultcm. New York, Havre, m4. tl
lt«r< rioiia. *e% York, Havre, t
Canada. Boston. Uf<rp«l, Jum 4
H* tic. New York, Liverpool, June I
Africa. New Ywk. Liverpool. June ||
"e*liiii|ten, New York, Br«-m. u via Cowee, June 14
b**rth aiar, New Yurt, Aou’t.amptuu, Ac., July f
Kdluoarg, New York, ti’.a-f e, July 1$
riLOM M Km,'l
lUlUc, Liverpool, New York, M e II
Africa. Lienpol, New York, May II
K-nh amptoa. New York May tl
Niacara. Ilvei|.e.|, Hot on via llaltfai. May <»
FriUre Albert, O aeffow, Nr* York. May I*
Illinois, A«p4nwall. New York, about Wey 1
kflraeou, Liverp*ul, N. o York. May 2*> |
Arabia, Uv-tponl, New York. May 41
AnMPP« llaere. Havre via Covn, June 4
POKT or Kit'll MoN r» Jl SI 5 ttA*
4 44—are err* 7 14— uioa w «ru T % e a. J
Schr l Carrul-J, Mrlext, N C; *hihgk*ii, to uHvr.
?<rlir Win Colqtiiu, Dav.«, via Walthall, coal, ;
Schr EarctJofti.*, kuof, Extern .Shore, li|fh|.
AMHIYAI.H %T THtC K.%ilfl4AU|; Moil.
AMI lt\l.|.%|tl» IIOI M,
TlirRjtVtkY. Jrev tin] IxV
J I. Mrhoalfleld. Ur N-lsoo, lady, t bddreu an »* .-rv.v, Lvn. b 1
bur4. tv P Hryani, U P *ro„ie. tl v\ t urner. K b CW a . ,
i. ua. re. Ir W Pram ie. II Hrnlg •, k T U" klnson, S V. J p r diafee
ru, (il.iu.tet. r , V. M lfane>, Hotel,,urt, f*a|*t U.v • ,n k i
S."k 4 J M «* ■> c ; ,mt.“ ,x ;
Oark. J « L.. v r.,l, X., , K nuwy. II D XX
btaunu.n , A J Ueakiua, p. a. W K Ay left. bn* William, UC IV
!?[C*rw4,:»r- * ** Cal Well, W lute Hu pi u., C V\ Ul. . ||anov.r
Ur W Crump ami lady. Hut Apriu*» . W 4L*ud«rwnol Ma«- A vt
m n . J Campbell,* Ken
tm vy . Hr » t>.»«orii«, Alabama , Ur Cruuip, PoWha'an, W h K ni
|*er. (Jordon# v (lie.
B»* O H K E II XII. I i: t| kl.l; iKXIItlui
MEI.I A. DELAWARE On. Pa * “ * '
Tl". Hwmlnary, l.-nawJ Ir. it,r dH jrMful .ml Valor t ii .*> o' 1
M-d'» Uirt-wn link. frnui Y lUifatphia by Railroad will V ..,,,..-1
ou WEDNESDAY.tfaptMub,, imh. Is* , |w"
Ti.r . ..niiuo-iiou. iMilklttm U... in „f wmlon win. ,n ,h.
will co. tain eu> *• accnoimtalatlo H.ih in p.»u«t of u«te an i com I
I 'll » XWII.M l»ll to Mll.ly |.«t»t,t. tb.l Whll, tl~lr <lau,litrr. ,r.
ul a’rrRnld n, °U U* “'**“* «“••»»*. ••>»/ h»»r ,Uo Uw c. mfcrt.
Tv 111,'Rutlui. I. Mtabli.h^l will, k TWw to .ff .rd t., man, bdiw '
til, tsp- fact c .nb n.tio i of Uiuupi fbr u„ ,u» nn . .t of •
U ..rou«h «.d 1WUII.I.M «lucmtl..u. «a.l p.ln. or wd
W .p»r^l t.. TWIMlrr It,,, nwlUj .Ul „ p,.,f«.r, V. .Vh.wl .,1 |
“J*rl»r JU.tiom Uw prln. Ip«|. w». ,t lw l~ „l .f .
"‘.. 7" . r'*'"1' eerloa. to lirr rr.ldctic. In Prnn«lr.ull
»t.d lur'lw l«t .1* m«r. ha.lwoo kn-wg ,o Uw ^Won. of A.u.r,
K'm o m.."*r7, f"’1,1'"* in that la.tttQlion.
t ™ Rt r-»w«<mI » P.'tt.*r. B.Uwp ot Uw Okieo, .dprnn.jlranu )
o»TJ*7 Mxt', w,,,> Pr' f'W. t«. Otwn a Youiie I wilin' <Lmi
nary. In Mnlia, I,, law.,, 0.1, p» , |„ Srptrmlwr n,it ha. Vn, '
u‘f •u*~ f,Vr for ►•■•ral mam put. II, ha. a' l.i^r. op „
loo of h,r rapaoity auifflcraiiiu.fotwlnw, a. an ml ...»t, r . |
ia* ha*l a lar*e and MKcetefu) eiperleoce TT*e UrUi nr p \%
to nr pro. t.-d f,»r Iter u-e will contain evrrv ttvf.mm.4(Ati..l. r. .
■ f "TT"1 ng country are distinguish. d for I,rail . ul.
and U auly, a."l H»- •ui.Mrlhrr ha. c.nftdenee Oi.l py,Mi wh
rntrurt thru daughter, u, Mix IU.tm.r, .III h.re no rebut u, r.
Mu. K.M.OU will be aide! by efficient corps of Teacher.
,.X r:;:,:.’;, !rrr„i *nj •1-^^
Thr Utrrann, {*paut*h awd Italian Lanrui/pf will r-cr v#
du*- attention •
Thr Kat ural A*:itncaa will be taoftit, with the aid of a la rre and
expetirife apparato*. 1
The Mu« cal pet»artmeut will be under U.e char*-of a lady enu
netilly «| la ifle l It. dll the altaulou; and all prrft rr.nx a rnak Track
er on the P^ou or in * '»r»iy, can hare the b^nfli uf a \ l«itinc
Teaclirr from Philadelphia.
Drawing ansf Painting will be Under the direction of a Lady ar
compliehrd In the art. 7
The number of Pupil, .a Halted to forty
The TERMS FOR ROARD AND TUITION. In .11 the Brancbr.
eiceptlng Music, are »!>• per scion of dr. month..
Mlm Ea.tn.ut ha. liberty u, refer to the following gentlemen - I
d»^t!ht•^',*^':I,<, A u U"? kp ^.pal clergy of Pluia
lion. F. Pierce. Preeldent of the u. 8.
Mon. 8 P. Chase, Uov. of Ohio
Hon. X. B Baker, Ex-Unr. of New Hampshire
Hon M W. Tapper. M. C, from New Vork.
Mer. X. Stem, of Nnrrtetown. Pa
Rev A. McLeod, Clearfield. P.
Purree Butler, E-q , of Phdadclphm.
J. II Okie. do
k tv Clerk, R.q . do.
tiro, tvharuui. Esq., do
Chiistophrr Is.sser. Potter I lie, P.,
tleo. tVyiuan, 8t Lottie, Mo
Hon. P. C Johnson. tVashlugton, D C.
For further parbcular. or for circulars, apply to the Principal
Je«—eoSm Menu . ii. .....
Ml III II \ M c ANU ’Mint > It s
• » ALKK t CO
f ■lilt? INSTITl TION lout.nue, to rnr re Depr.it., on win. I, .t.
a interest of .U per rent w.ll !»• paid f,.r all sum. remaining on
deposit Six months, and live per cent for a shorter period
ALEX ti.AHRETT, President
I II tVALKK. Treasurer.
p' ** BUTLER, Secretary
Alei. Oarrelt, H M Smith,
tt Hull R c isrdson, 1 Tl.saa Taylor.
,e !! ^fir Mian. | E K. Dudley,
tv II Turp.n, A tv Rich.rdmn,
T u'*.!'"' ° " Barker,
lo. K Itiiane, | E. S Taliaferro,
J. L. A pin-nwn, | Jaa T Butler,
• • L- Larue, Jno. Nettle.,
J. D. Ousrl,-., I Urn. la-wm.
He... Turner, . A (irony,
I II. tfalkc, P II. Butler,
A. Bmlckrr, | tt'm. Cadin,
tt . II (iwathmey, I T U. Dudlry,
J M TallN.ll, tV. C. Thomas.
Frank I lu J jrg cty
IA'lS*1.'*!* .PVT*-0." BATURDAT, the Uth da, of Jo
A y 1 A, I % .nII offer ...r »ale at public auction, on th» pr* u.
tract of Und calM Drrp Hun. in thr county of fumkr
|a, .|, one and * hNlt mile. frwm the town of Cartrr.r lie. and tw
fn*‘s» l*»« Janir* Rirer Canal, and join* the Und. of Au»t.r«««
rord and other*
There Is a *«.d port loo of fl.e Creek laud ou tl.i. fann. Well ditch -
ed a.ill drain, d. olid llic high land 1- of tnr flriest quality, and sr, 1
• aler.d Tlie tract contains about four hundred acres, tul will b.
survey.si before Uw day of sale. FurU.tr description i, uutirce.sa
r,. a* pers. ... wishing i.i purchase are requested to call ou uir on
llie premises ar.d see for Ihsouelvrs. Terms made known on Uio
dsy ,.r saie. I'.»session given lu time for seeding a cr, p of w!i. »•
“ ■'"* tt'M H. RHODES
I l» A I, 1 III Mil II % > »> fUAt Mill ill SI .
■ d liAILX. "II" .1,1., do ' C " yellow I A. pack ag, for
_lJw«J__ DAVENPORT. ALLI N i i 0
l*B1 I KMH Hi. I pa mission HOI si .
IgYMl'In- sale ot country produce generally, and raerchandtac—
will also give prompt attrnllou lo forwarding g-aal. ansi mar,
Ulacturrsl tobacco, Ac Store No Ss, r-olllnghtook Street, near Oil
Hotel, anti recently occupies! hy Ms-esr. tt ATKINS. ?.lN Aft.
They Will also attend at City Point, for the InuiMcti.in of any burv
nre ii «•■ il place, and lag leave to refer to the following card :
CARD In retiring from the Cotuinlasion business, w, cheerfully
rrcoiuiiietnl to our old friends and patrons, our frlrn-ls. t|s -ri
il ARLAN D A LESTER. who w111os .-upy U,r h* use formerly ... cill'lld
l,y .1., a* »tl nine i(liable business men, believing that the* will
give Aslislai ti i. to any.whojma) cot.fide their huiines. wilb 'then.
Jail. &'»lh. I *N.V) \l t TU I Vk U..V A
Thr underfilled *re the Agents for the fair „f PA 111 R A N K PA
AND 111 lltil.AR IROOF HAFl> . Also, T«»r the boat Farm U*g*.,i
* ver fold In \ ngiina, mvl.- at th- wHI known establishment «f
C’Ll’TK A KKAOLKS, hhmniatlr. Nr* York, for all of which the*
will U: pleased to receive orders from tliclr friend* In tie* rountry.
A II (UBLsaP, (late of l.ynchburg | R. F l.aoiaii
\OTI4F,*—Tbs Arat class * reditor# under D r Trust Deed of
John K Jours, of record In Alhrmarle Clerks' Office, are here
by n Ml fled and requested to present their claim*, on or before tl e
Ift day of May neat, at 'he oltirf of and l*efors Com ants ton or K T
H Duke, In tliarlnttmvilie. so a* to ascertain thr precise amount
respectively due them. And their claim*, »o ascertained, they will
present to roe at my « ffi -e In Charlottesville, on or before the »th
day of Jane nett, with a view to a pro rata dislrtbututlon auux t
th. in of the trust fund which may thau be received and lu hand ap
pltcnblr to (ti.l ubjert.
Creditor. failing 111 comply with the foregoing notice will hr ea
flu'lcd irnm any ymrtlrtpalmn lu thr fund tl.rn lo hand, and U.rlf
cl,Ini. will be pnafponrd uolll a .croud dUlrihiillnn l« made
,p-.’i .Hi riTj V. W.mtCTIIAl.L.Trlw.
arrangement with Prof Mape. (or ihr .air id hta nttrogtn ae.t
Roprr Plxuphalc l.lme, ai manu'.riorrr'. price.. wr r, nfldenlj re
commend It Ui cur farming frtrlnl., lx Hr.lug t to hr .uorrlcr lu any
fr.-ltltter now In ua lla.ing >.rn u. g,..»i rffm. Ia.1 year ou
corn, and haring hear.I an much of It. good eff- t«, wr arc con
■trained lo hrllrTr II cti|irrlor tolhi.no—not hecaure it niakr. a hit
ler crop thr Ural year after application, hut Ixi.ux ..f in, dura
blllty, lia.lng In It a large proportion of hone duM. which thr far
mer know tu be raluahlr For .ale by ihr ion or hag
■Pi —ntf Onrnrr Franklin and I’n-f»ti at>
1,11' »' I, * vnilk.nni a IIIA IK t OI* kAl.l,
I offer prlralrly my FARM on Jame.Ri.er.tn thr rouhlt of
tin. klnfftinm. oppciir In Howard«.lile Thr larm contain. *hr Ann
ifrwfnni/ aAifgjffpe Aem, Rtqry A.rof which, arc flr.t rale ll,.i
loll! I .and, aixl Ihr remainder Bnr red aud grey upl. ,d There at,
ai lea.I eight., or an Inin. I red aerr. of ihr heal quality of Tnhni co
l-atid that may hr rlrared, a. one half of thr Iran la In original
Foret tl l« well known on account of lie planl-laml It contain,,
a. II lo-Crr ra.l, lo |,r.afore an ahundancr of plant, under ordinary
dream«taorra Thu farm l» a ralualdr . nr, and ahoold not lx
overlooked hy Ihoae In want of auch property tfy era.on. f r ■ril
ing are I am prrmanently .efilr I *n R,.anrkr rownty, rngage.l In a
pr.frmional hlr. and my health ha« tern prrrarion. for iwrlrr
month. I refer to l>. J llarlnxik of lloaard-.lllr, Alhemarli Co ,
Va., who will Wm>w ihr land to any one, and who la author ar.l lo
negri'late Iti regard Ihrrrln.
•if J n MAIWiW.
I,too II III k III I IMI lull ally,
IWI 1.1. .rll Ihr trad ,f land oil wl l, n I It. w r»*t,|r, ..p .uchpor
ihm of it a. may mill purrlaarr, ll i. one of ih» Anr.t gr .ting
Farm. In the Valley of Virginia. lying ,-n Ihe Catawba,amt lx.un lnl
hy ihe Jackaon ami CoTlngtoi, mad., 1 t, mile, from Finraatlt, *|a
from the Janie. River Canal, a large l-od. of low ground, in mea.low
and corn. The term* will hr liberal.
or*»V- rtf FI.I/.A M. ftARRIROTOS.
I SOWN AT AIR I i > It i tin any
land lhan I ran culn.a<r, I .11 .ell my Farm mi,taming ton
arre. on which I here la a la.gr and ro.rnlrnt dwelling hnuae with
all nerr**ar. n«r honar., rwn.rnh m n. rhuri l e. ,.f ,11 drnominatinna
amt A llrl.l and I Flouring Mill, vs mile* from thr Atagr R, l l
ronnreled with the Richmond ami Ir.n.ila Red Road nn which
•••"» I. a lll-wrrkly coach funning, ( mitra fr,m Jamr. Rirrr and J
mdr* We.I of it., court hnuar . in an In’rlligrnt and liralth. X, ,,n
Tie farm I. I.nl off Into A Arid. , wnh a atandlng paaturr, A of tha
Arid- and the p«>lutr hare ahowl Jo a.-re«, ra. h rt rn h hoti'.m and
I *111 mil ihr oholi or di.ule il, to *011 purrhamr*
t'otainui.tratmn, .tirreird to Amnh.illr I'. n iiffl.-r, Fowhaian
nhu w"_ jnwAMRMrm
t« *•%•!■! MM* » ON Ml.l'.
•*»* the Farm upon Which I rsstdr. in Dir I. w *nd of Albe
Ji*rlr This farm font alps ik.iii A'*' Acr-*. of best a. mi. \Vr.«
Vf. 'i' tsin Mr».1 If N rifnatrd on fbr Fs*!rrn slope of ihr Ninth
TVr«t Moor rain a, ami wlfMn four ixlt*sf (lord->rm til*, «t which
I»ls T, both ihr f’••rural aipfOrniP wr».f Abtamlrta Railroads flaw
IVpots Th^ nrtfhburhood i**»i ■ •'( thr hr*I in tlir JRafr
I tlrrm if unnrrr«sarf |«. fit* a fall •lr«rrl|4ion of Ihr place, a*
prrtons wishing to pur, base will ilouMlrs* call and rlaiwtm for
thrmsrlrrt I will hnwtvrr sat that I am an*>.’«>* to srll, and that
I do i»ot brltrvr any ftarm In tins r-g ,»n p.>sr«s<ng rquat alrant gc*.
can hr bought for Ip*i money.
m<*' mxt R W AIVMIMM
II M I t> ill m Dll
Inform ihr tradr aod public of Virginia lhat ll»ry have h*en ai>
Puntrd by thr Mr* of lbs famou* IcorrUno estate, near FUrencr,
aljr. *?trir sole agrfits in America for thr asIr of their . rM rstrd
liaban OR vs Ofl This ill t« the pure r* trail of the opt*, and al
tboogb per fee tig cigar and bright, i« not stibrnittsd to any process
•f A lerittf or dank allon, a* a t»*r case with Frrm h . Ha, thereby
retaining all He pMmitlvr (trlMva* flavor first f ipmenl of ll
#nly came to ban-1 In »hr h* qp,.i‘ngof the pn«mt ye*r, hut m has
alfrad? tstrrn Its tand a* thr very h, «t OH rver Impo*frd To
manu'a- turrrt *»f fine tid»a« -o It |« invaluable, having been tried
and f*Ntnd to hr unequalled hy any thing ev.-r w*rd
J**-*'»W l*ff Walar atcaw, Saw Tort.
__ t • f I lt » Id | | N. ""
T*u «iT|:»VH4ti. oi i % iu iilc tkait
H„ _ V* !->%*•** MI.HUIM, Ai.
IMUmtZh tSl ITS J*°- C th.
ink MmnK 1>4.*uJ of rtvwtl r» U.e • UMrrIUI ('.fttitf
v V4' * u* 'b* Tru lre. tSwf. „ I,m nr- I. • I* . r t..r
^ \ |wr'nl«r«, •' |*ukltf «u< to*.. on H«i«4< l*jr Um f||i .}>* uf
J p e. las*. . T-ACr l.» l.,M, „ ,K. c-ub-y ..f O^e.VVl o..
!*" n* ay .n»M .<my Ui: bcr... II I, ..lyaled ,.„ Hi. kory R..WI
Mr T“i **“'*** fr**- Petardrunr. la . he.'ihy ,,. i
hau on II. ulk ,,,, ,i .o..l .n«l
Lu,V ,‘l’l r e*-»***'* «f .«*» The Impr..,. uanl. .. ... .1.1
* * *■ Ml • • «ip*rt. r.|»«,r fti»«J »Ug%i4i|jr | f,.. ♦ *.
:2 * Ul°'‘r- «*"J »*- ««*%• ..*» built utf. c * Urn.
Jl Ti" "*,^wi;*' ,l*ocdu.c u,. put •t.,. t......
.TI J.v'.L .'j/J’ M K rnard. ... r.u.a.unr
Aim. HRk|..\ NH.KI) M. namely—Argun, a » ...... .h. ul V.
,ear. old. a d h.r ■ hll.l about t rear. old. Chamber la ,n ah ol 11
LtleV »b«* '■ ** **"'*' ’*• Rarruoti, about lu. Sum. about », and
A »*• HOC.riltiLU and KITClirX rl KMTCHR of
•rer, dewriptwa. acock, (aria., y own.,la. hor—. way.,.,., carta car
rtaaeu. aod every kind of propettr upon the .aid farm.
Tl**l All the peraonal property a.ll be «.,bl f..r . ».h The re.•
.. » cedit of «. t and i* manta.. rrI„ ,f ,,
ani.ai.it. whch a II be require! In ,a.l. r .r ,l!.
David mat. i ___
D M Hf.lt.AKD. f
tou*>_cidi_PASNIU. A »,IX. Ancfa.
. ALf. If not prerioudjt Mild, of wt.l. I notice will h. a t ...
II.. ..I'.dr.w.l of II. . pol.lK-ul.on. WIHbe .*rrd ... H educed. .
lllh day »r June U. ai. at IJ o’ I. .-k M . :,. f, ,,t „• lu- kl. ,
• n«it V t X- lift-tf*. P^UrmlfUrtf. Ylr/tt»»a, that
UM.I 1/ kui.fl, ft* **tlutf I«!a»kI *f.«i tkr >|kHi,n Colit* . • y —
*>trt y attekUt urpftft, *1 % i>r wren hurntreet *.r.-a «k|, f, ,* .
I'lftb e ft tfr UuA, ftaUcti wt il l»«ft»llj 11rtitor'll ru, .ntfinmi • »,
Mftfe. piikc. *
M-< I« ftt.'l i« *iiu%Url In Bmrrj r«Hin-f Yirg nl«. »lm, ,♦ Aw ml ^
M -* »rf»i.r*’.J ir»tu if* M« t •• j |.u.„;
Urf*k* Bfijr w\ !*•. id* bn ttfw i uv. f tv * .. , j 0u.
Oe.r, yetlorr or inuUur. Ian 1. entirely clear of yrit it l, ferule af..
JT« l •« M |itiMr o' sr* i tin »r«w,| nnpri.f. nrent
The Ilia,at. or o. »!..« laud la a Iwary dara land with a yel!„«
' •> ' .. — * •»»• nrlded tr-un four a. . i ,1 unotodV oad"
• ■f pore be.1. | ay .til tv nur.l, laa.| a. t emba. ke.1 . a
'““’r ** '»•*» winch ha. foot f. t. reclamation .
-a.y, trot., if.e tact u.a. there t. aol a drop of rui.n t € » ,ler «, t|...
ll,e only d. S.u. e I. u, ll,e tolc water alU.aut The arm a. on t
•ereral well. ul n..v eleeHcbt v.ler
It. product Inn. are tlou. comat-n h, Virj-nla. rl« • wheal e.„,
and 'ro.l M ill, .award.. UWe. »„,i
II I eRlaf, aodolbr many i.ml ,t.y wl .re m III. c. uairr H-al.
...d U.mal.w. pr...,d. , w I, nupro.ecllo m.pl.t lot., bmm yath. re.
“,r* on tlw loti, ol Sor.tcher lu.t_ Tie later,e,. ol the autnnit
rr.o>. and lie-al~eace of u.em » tae aprlny e. .,, Ule and earl.
rult. and reyetahlr. ,1. Iter ( eateet prr..u«lo.. f sp ... h |dun •
le ad, a, app.e*. chcrneo. and IV l.kc. barrel, c.e. tail e,. l,
•duatloa of the aetata make all the ed.e, of Ue .caloard ac.-ewl
r..»» f.., tla. I.land and action of kfalu.nnc. two and three
year...qaal .nwaltu Ula . for t a tlmhere.1 lafad, anvthlrd will I.
r- quire,t ... band, an ail approved eadoraed nepbaUe note..
A pUI OilU.e laud may nr eon tt the rrun-lrir r-rm at o' t
..* IS,I‘ •••■' Pcl r.hory Tlie land. •» L nf ..wef't,
k,b in clover. Will We rbewn ay Hr U r Im.rle. re.id.ne o« ,f..
place, bad p.reiar are la rued to natulue the aame. *
.. to ,a T- h R'lMKRTSOX.
Ibalj-cptda___ r.Xecutor W ,n. K.te.u.,.,
V'Vv V\K?ui1 ,"*!n ‘•,MM •«• »>•*«\
” Vl' , , : * *" * U 1 b’ r. v |
• uii-j III . full. | ftkftll. .M. TI‘I.XHAY, the VY*| of Jul« nt»t •. i; o
' , tt .^aiard eoauty. I. .. ntuate.
; ' ** Ioi“ °(u; k,,*c, ^ - ■ r«^k. »i*u ih«0f w *j
ler l> Leftkr. M >ntn J «m«« «i..l . t» rr%.
.The .aid Pact of land coat..,., ?Stilt acre., or Iher about.; about
d... ..r*xftre »cry heavily t.infered. a,..M of the remainder, iwi.e i
"J "a ’ a *C.r'? ",r''cV Sal. , la .a a y od UaLc af .-ttlurauoa, V
lay well adapted Ur the ueta! crop, frown .a thla par. o. the coon
I ,Iv,eT !"’V' “ la In a beautiful aa.l
f.e*ia4y ••tMttno. lu-mtf kubvntirnt u. rvlig.,.u* un«i r«iocftti. u«
|*rirtirtfr* BeftUle* tl.v «!«cittng Ih.uk. u*uitl f*rm h.i&*r*«r«- ui
the p *. r. «m‘!i ft* Oegn. hou*e*. Uarn. <UU«, I.4hic.„ r»ou*e*. Ac.
h‘r<l c**,‘• l,*« wf U.e purchftw IUOOC%
an WYrUlned III the pur,^liter’. h«o«J* f..r •e.erft2ee*r.
t* ,l* "4 o! lru*1 ou a‘e pftU Ja I
»»«* tide t<* this land l* un«ll«|>utrd.
"S'1®* to "bt*,e fInformation, .-*n apply to tt* ,
*u .J*'; Brraxnal y or through mail, at laiol t II
ANN i cuLlfl
\<mr,-lMoMiti,, l ton MLI.-Bl
' ,UT"„ *^,7,"' lrr"J ' j “* Clrcul Coart . f Mout
* ,o*ry. I Ball a,-II ChrUtiamburg. „n Monday ,h* 7 th of Jolt
• ... •• • • Nl *v H 'III « : .
nancer. altuatr In .a d U arti Ti t property embrace. a very valu- i
al l. lot containing about an acre of land, with a Kiu-i.ru
f.oum, l<lal.|e,. Granarim, Garden-., thereon
.TB* *»'* «•> B- “P>>" dr f. u. wing terlna On* third of th* pur
cha~ money to be p.U .loan, and U,e remaining tlro-thlrdTu,
wo e.jual Inatalmcnu „ on* and two yearn, the imrehaatr (Ivin,
u.od with appro red arcurlty, and a tk„ r*taltwd upon U,e proper- ,
Aa the erecutor of n.aabeth Tetuplln I .hall Ml at th. mm.
time and place and up.u He ..me term., all tt* Htmaehold A K.:. h
Tl‘.l5r(WA,lI!"ull““' Mot*'. ConaWhignl Ued.. Mirn.r*.
r.blr.. Cha rt, h-.faa. Vlteea, und ether artirk* too n.nnrroo. to
m.ollon Prraon. dmir.ng b, rngagr ,n llotai keeping would do ;
well to avail th.maehtea °f the opportuuny now prevented of pur
chaaloga valuable profarrty, fr,.,,, t;„ .odlclou. management 01
• hie the very highest profit* cu; be reahc*-d.
June n-ytlSJu!,. Coo“®‘-'“®«. *' ■ of E. Tarnplm. j
V * I 1 **•■»! AI.Hl -n turn | nut anil
▼ >AI.I AT At-CnOH. -1TIU.I T SGH«VL±t7? ,
wl I t ffer for vale on the premia**, without reeerve, or, th* 1.'t . , i
July lab. Ill Imct of land, .ligated in the count* ,»* Allan.*,,, I
nine wnle# tkoah of Charlotte.nil*. Va . and «,e'u,'le fr u, th. I
plank road lea.krgto_!*col,.v,lle, lying In p.,t „n Hardw.r. r r.r
Inteloa-ted by Cptir* and H-m.erilara creek*, and a«L i|, I
land, of I*r U p K.bdolpl., Mr* Edward B,.,i “ d 3^ mw
1810 • •
#rr ' * 'red. of •Inch 1fl* are -reek flats.
Gr?d ®f “•""•O f*rn, Building*. , '
UrUt ai.d . t* Mill, a frarn- Bandi-ng, c»nu ini.,e f..ur nmiut .
Kitchen,taokc-Umu* and Icw-Umm. all . f which arc ,,.,.**1 r*- \
t-n^eland P-giJ.n \'Z !
h**" Bat lb* tbe pent ,1*y, Oi .ceding , Pall crop Por further
!v “v**"' *'1,1r”* ,hT ''ib’T'b7 »'• tarter1. Bridge. Alb*u-..r e roU..
- * _ . Hun;. 1. j,a
C,1,t?k-mg ! AN,» »I"IIMM, \.
Tt»K. . Al.k—In , be|(r cr to a dr-re K . . \•
Court, pr.ibouu.-ed on th* *Jih day of May. than. r> I
Thr.n. a- J M» lUtti a:.4 pllitr* »*. ra.kvel »t Tali* v. i- , '
«r-ntaiir«- of A* rah Mr Item, dec**!., ai.d uchrrs, I shall, un \p »NI>\ Y i
Ihr 1C Ii day of June, 14M, at ti* late rr*druce of Aarah Mr l-oil I
J*f “ ,.nr*r. Marlair, to U<r lower c«d of said cout tv. **ll i, I
thr trfhrat bolder, f«*r »aah,a valuaUr luiddl* afnl n«rr •. n,... I
ai d on* bty Arid at the aaiu* lime and i4m.-r. un a ri«*l t t,. ti «
1.1 January. 1ST. I .,11 alv *11 ail th. . r perwnal | r. , .tv
of bar*!, Mellon, dec d, conalatag of the u«ual lo uo boM and k t
chen I urn I lure, farming ltnpknvnt*, .to. k of rrrry k.nd. Ac
, o ... r/.EKIKL !* TAI-I.PV,
JrT?1 __ 1 ■ • r and A trail r
O it o i «. ii.it it i: i> i hi i .m
« II br wild at jnibl. «i..'ti«a( in TalitMl.ai.i,. k '
MoMMl.the IV-l H-y.Ki M. by Penal, r. ,1am /'C^'v
by II t.pur. «o rai*e>l by Ur d nor. late c,; ■ . .
«|rr lift ri*r of Ijrtrl ClfCU't CoUtt.
".'J1* „ , N J B. WHITLOCK
I, >TI i NKMkhT—The atawe .air ha* be, n po*t|M , *,| t. the
l A-b June._[madT—*u»] N. J.j WHITLGCIL
* i: A II l T II INI.,
TM1HIA drl'ftjtful watering plan l* i w i.prn for tl.r rscrMi r, . f
f*«,h»r» by the day. wrrk. viontii «»r >• a»ot. It a tUoated on
an rIt Vati*d |*-nut ami •-oUtnaudia:i <stcu*ivc and spirndvl tic* of
tlie Bay, llatupti n Ht*ad*. Jauii » River and tlir aurroundtng com,.
Thr ad vantage* f*>r Bathing art not by a>>y oilier water
ing place a ad U.e climate l# pn vrthiai f.»r health
Th- Proprietor pl^lgra himself to make every »g,.rt t«^ render ttse
May of vnhtor* |4ea*ant, ami tak-^ ti.e !;b-rty t*. refer. f..r - . ability
topf .e »i.t. have heretofore Mdotrd •• Chcaa^-ake H«l|" f..r r
• utnnier rrtr.at.
_ Ju>—r6w_r () BANKA. Proprietor,
DUf ’inoii s SI limn .
On Gracf Sirwt, Ktiwern 4ili .imir.iii.
^■RA. JHKKKSON MINOU aid Min A B Min. r are pleased
dk.TE I. W.v rm t.’icir friend* and the public, that their Ac ..- I tor
l «H.n| I wdW* i* t • w in ojieratinn, arid the present *«-*si.»n wdi « ..»»•
JJ |
Mist Mri.ir, in t».•> A’iiot.l dt partimnt. M<*a llowaid »« *o well a.nl
fav. r .M.v known, and gave #och g-ieral aatUfactloi, whiut ates. her
at Bltvj Ara«letny, a* to render comment or eulogy utmeceaaarv .
. I.e ha* beeti engaactl in U-arl.uig hr several year* pas*, in the ftr>t
actVHil in 1*1- Dial net of i'<duml*»a, fvtn Which the brings the hgr>e*t
testimot.lab. ami on her raperirtice kn<>wle«tir« an«l tm.ral condurt,
wr . an implicttly rHy Among her high and var*.y| accompj.al .
juent. u Mathematics, all tin branches of a! v i. she teari.r. Ci.rr^-t
— * brmt»« h of a flulafnnf education both aolul nud orotwu tal
will l>* nm i iti th- school. Mur e, vocal and inttrun>ent«). t|,r
llarp. Ptano and tcuitar are all fnrmsl.rd. and m .1- u„. 1.
ny corcpen dt an*1 very acvoiuplisM teacher*. In tl* COf.1.nuance
f»* r Mr* Minor • object,ta to educate her younger d«uyi
ter* whtclishc Wishes to ds in her own family. The *« >tfl wii; hr
limited to *» in number Ten boarder* and ten dey scholar*.
Trrm« moderate, all will hr charged in proportion froiu tl* «lay
of entrance to the end of U« »«*»:«>n %ppl*r at**»n can l»e madr by
letter or In person. MK> JhFKlR&iN MINOR.

HO*%% KM..U .%Ur.TI% , sewr.’dr.lua/pn. Vi,bp\\* |«
J"MS** —This is a Hoanling fehool for H* jr*, limited in num.
10‘T***1*. Tt* -H-Moii t*gtns lr. of I** ! u mber, and continue*
it» month*, with a vacation of X weeks at Chrinma*.
ler ii #*s», for tuition, board, fuel, washing and lights, pay able
half In advance, and half on the 1st of Kebruary 1 7
KKIkRKNCfca.—Hon. A II If IHuarl. Ju.lg* T P Thompson.
...... A*i»«asu*, A. C . May |«, |«Og. i
Sr.%1.1 l» I'llOPtt^AI a Will be rr »,ee-lat Knoxville
Tennessee, until If ndock.M on WKhN*j»l»A Y. July It;tl.
iMKt.hwthe OKADATION and MANWRY „r thing n.»i,«..f u.e
Hluc K ilge Railroad, comroenci g al Rnoartll* There are several
hravy j. nsof Masonry, among them tl* Masu.i.ry for the Bridge over
th* Hotsbm river, near Ktmxv tile, consisting of sewn piers and the
shut in* fits.
Thr fWany reserve tba rift* to reject any proposal* and to
r»q<iir. the lodders to give sati* aciory *»curKy »*,T D* faithful ex
*>' ‘I'.-T, a,, „rdln, in roi.tro* ■ of Dr a, rk iWr m.y an -rrukr
I1«' » and*pmflr*(>.,n> may V torn. .,,j il.r timr fr r-.n-t.lr
'*"r*. and all other Information obulord at thr ,.f». r ,.f
the nngmorr, utt ati-l ,ft,r th. Ml, July
..... WALTER t.WYNN.
)■ 1 ClltM fhlrf bflaifr Mm Ki.lcr Railroad
\l.l. • •« II Ol NI'H I Nhk. Tl-*. watrrln, pl«. . ,. «.|.
o.trel In thr couaty of M-,r.t,.-n.r,y, t, .on it. bank* ofih,
Huannk* rlfrr. At. nr'*, from tl., \. and Trnnr«.r* It, K %.l
«.<t .urroundrd hy Mountain Ncrnrry on.urpaurd h.r Vantr In thr
hta'r T l.«,,rr i, uuryu.r'Vf u, r]H, .i.tnu* .piaiiltr., | . .1,
Mi'tiii M.'lfr m It,, f.i-n .n-l n-iitaiui -yi.-ln-ht. parti*
cui.nrly ttr <rn nl.irh had nryrr yrt hrrn found 1. . v-l
In any oll.rr Wnrral Aprlnr* |:» u.r I... r,,/,W *n.| ,r/>rr
n,f r,r.r# rrti,t „// .Ifnffrfur at,,l othrr rnfumri inilrr, t ,d
f.ilrrl in I'rreona whhn-, to (atn furthrr Infnr .t|,.|, i„ „.„f,|
lo thr .anally, qual'tlr* of |hl. u.l.r are rr'rrrr-l I-- larrr
whh h wr harr in all ihr pr,nr,pal llofr*. Ftram It. al* |',r. 4
»l.h t'* rllAeafr* app-tijrd f-ou, Hrn-lm-m r,fl>.r In.V.I rharil, trr
ttr h.ir rrcrnlly rr«. Ird 1*,,.* HiVtiny r *t .hi,dun, Mr id all dr,*
rr p. - .. a r- mlrrl.hlr rr.-ryfl-n ... *1 ihr R.-lr.wJ —
vr Ira,my R -hm.-n-l nr hlrnkaff. w II arrlrr al Hr Hprtnr*
Ihr twclih hy 4„Ylork. F M Mr will h-- prrp.rrd l.r*-rel.r
,1 ,1, re 1 y tv Vi day nl Junr Ihir V*t .»*,,• will V , rrn lo
rrndrr , n.it m 11,foanuin of Vaith ayirrahlr ,n,t |,|r,«,ni
mail rill.,An, JNOt, IIOI.T 4 HOSg. rVopn, ,w .
'P" "in .•» t • 1111 n. ann n. kirn 1
■ I1 lr roo, H Arlllr, Irll'rr. -n mnalndrr undrr Ihr wit ..f
tt m Priilr. drrrarrd Vd rr i. Vrrhy ,l«rn. that S,ry Mil, , ihr
1,'r Irnanl nf ihr r.tair „< lV .» .1 Hm.»n, hulr. Srrtod. hi,
law If ,1 *• ,1. and tl al IV «uh«, rtlvr.a. hrr , a>rnlor, I. now prepare,I
and ai.a...,i« to pay orrr lo Ihrn*. or If Ihry rlna,, | hr drad lolVlr
prraoi al r, p,ro-,.iaii> re. ihr .a d r«air. wh.rh rotic.ii of i„. rn y
al d,r. am,,ohlliar t, ah,.,D two hnt.drrJ and „rty or iw,, la d , ,|
and liny dollar* Thr Wlnhry I* ,n hand ready lo hr pa d or, r M
Ihr rnidrnrr oft Vparth. ,* unknown and, . mfrreat will V pad
an M , amnani. a. i.di.rwa. * in, ihr. a*h ihr paprra „l -V d-ah
oL’a }'* S»" hrr drrr„., .„d 1. p„p.
Ii*hrd f,-r iV ihird tlwr, ratlin, u|a,ti ih.ni to r„mr f. fwa< I and re.
rr,y. IV monry tt nll.m VHlr formerly lire! in t ol|»p r ronnty.
tlr, a, and rrlnotid from that r.xmiy i„ UnraMrr aln,ut Ih-riy
orii.d-y Atry.ara a,... and ha* hrrn .had iwrnly or iwmit ft,,
yrar* li i> omlrrMo .l that hr l*t mV* rhildr, n hr.- ,*. 1 v irfa
Irr* In rrmalmlrr. win, n ay hr rnilllrd In H.r . «t*to, -f D-r h In', *
dvd wnh., III rhildrri, T III re f CAM til AX
"•** ' •• t » d tlary !*rlll*
■ / > M t| I HR sill.
r ttMITh ... M„..po„,,„r,.l,rK tt I
c. unty. ahoul our mil. lr. m Ihr Conril -<t.r tVhltr Hank I, a’ IV
h*a.l of .tramhoai naylffailon. and opfsaiiir tv a ilia,, of W»tkr,
l.wi. from whkh pla.r a h.-al runa ,<vularty l„ Norfolk, and it* f.
rlMy. h.r *l-ippi> , ,r*in are oniiyallr.1 It r„ni*ln. l y oirr.y A.|
arrra, at-.-nt Ato ,.f whirl, are In ralilvallon, and hay* hren II nr
ooe»ly marlrel from evrn.trr marl work*, n th, pla. r Th. remain,
drr of IV lan-l l* Vavlty HmVrrel. and , (T. r. ,r. ai Indurrmn.i* fnr
rnlim, rnrd'Wond. fnr w hlyh raah ran V - Maliird th» hook* . f
lh» rt.rr IV marl hank, arr ra.y of ar,*r*«. and rontall, *n li.r,.
I in*t Mr .apply nf IV V*> ,lrromp.4rel r.lrareon. marl, wl-h-h
JI*'1*** hy analy.,. Wiwrtn On and *■ p-r rrnl. of nrarly purr lln.,
Th, bunding. c*.n*i«t of a tw.lln-, h.nuw .ufRrlrnt i„r H-* apr-.m
mmlaiHia of • lar»r family, harr*. *t*Mr*. qaarire*, 4r . and are ,11
la yood repair, wan* of ihrwi harm, hrrn rr, roily twin TV land
h«*. hrr a •'•fhre* f"f npw.rdr of two yrar* on IV #yr Arid .y.l.-n
and I* in a Mfti *iat» nf In,proa, ami PonmiM will V my.i, i„
Ihr fail In lire lo read « re-p „i aV.t r.-r fanhm partlndar. ad.
ilrsw^ile *uberrtt*r. at Xtna Tost office. Iluiovrr c«*umv, Va
J'»HN t'.h.KK
IOI INI k % % nuNN.-» i-ulr. rloan Ma. k M .... jo.t re
* Virod and for ulr hy
■ " - '-L- *»
_auction SALKS.
_ »I1IH» H,« | a.
T',l o# » »I1 T IAMB. tim.
SK&ftSSSHV 'r,
Tl.» anMt ealuahl- portion of the ,'h.n.a, ,ot| . k , m
ZZ2TZ +7Z!?* * •' **~ '*'•* -«ctoA IN be «,.
AIM. tin. Rar H-n.it, r t urn.- .t.w • „f
Tiiaua o# *ALa-Coder #91. caah . that t.„w, *od «TrT .
rr—ht tor eaoefartory mm with .tit-mat added *
*" _ TAVLOR * WILLIAM*. Aucta
F * "**m h'^m.s V:i:r
-;h- * ~»— —»•*..
The fanu coolatn. 4*> acre . at-out half In heaey Wo.nl land thn
halanm under l.opr.,„..| e„l tret,..,, Tin- bwlhl.i n am ne.r'y .IT
1 aitla lor a lar( larally Apply Aoddltt 4 Apt-,.
« «. ur tW «.b« rihwr, w ^ C(H.KK
*' * **lu*bl«r F«rm «i!| tw . *!•»•«! •» ouhJh- bu.m . „
lUhJmtr' ** •/. l..ck. M if Cm i<, if »,«». ts«
* T"7/■“** fh wBi.BMaiww •> 4 T. li at, I 14 at .ntha. ra, an.
* * . ftar. lnutr««* add,;. —rot.d •.* . true, 4n4.
** XiWoU (klWlh 4 APPKKp.jN. Aucta
T»o< IT .*■■“,**•<• tiich>da »*!•.
Ihh.l.y n’J,it,r.K4.il ale. If a-.t. the n al '.,r-lav a, H-.M-a
'I lf'*l P-—on Of u. If.. ... R..an.4- cuoty ow,',*! hr ‘. ..
IW* on Ilia r at.l •1*1*' of U « Turnpke K vl t. nth, a fr..t„ l.tDchb ra
» !*>•'">. ^-umln* hy . mm„- Sure,, |.,6T 1' ; «, W „. *
N.. 1. of, »T acraa. of which #IS at tna am , laar.d. aod 911 acma in
.nrttol r-owli.a-ttl mainly Ha (nr* tobacco l,.,d Th- oth.. .
V. 1 .. 4Jt' a* rra. Of whn-l, 194 ato am eh amd. and »T4
'■-* tt.t*.-„a.h. ...I»,a- a. entn-n-f ttntha larieal lr*.-t
> fCh-o*. .1, y.loaMc. cooal.tlny . |,r»e Itrt. k Itwcll,., '
* ■ • •'• *■ '■••'•■'"I • u. . hr,. . W,nr f.n Kit '.an. 4c . .l|
, .„ ,1. . ,.. „,d palmed, wit , ... ,«.ml—. hMtd. .
. a.y Hr ‘ " .'»."••» .ltd «W pptlw.1 M ,«.dl,», Ural OOr.
„■ , , . *' r •' * Bittr. r. np, tim Bar,, th. I
* ',/brt ’, •,!'•. I • llit.n U-patt year, with I
vf7i|. • u SIVa** ' A * ‘ * fl*r OixhAnl,<J%rdrn ti.ound.Bud ;
II— .-V !%•• «>«• II «« ro..»f t.f th- Ti'iibr.J land |« Trry I
U*vtu* • . nr *. .»! rri. Ml-rfiirr, brtnff rift. Ur 1(4 •|BBllty Ua tl,*
Ur*.J« It. i M Bl.1 h *r' #. i| fc, . Wii. mil • *rr f
r-r h.l «• 4I» i.y tl M SMt . a-.LW *li 4 .•«.. t* . I. Lmithin —
Nr J 3I..I b-BA.iy u. %»• -rj N. « n mi y % «.t. Th - M<*.. [
•**,r,F •'*»•«» MfAiUrw It n.ile at »b. . 14. h*. I \
«.d 1 ran. wo- IU.Iroj.1 , .1 . . tyort.r ,f a ut.la Iroa. a, |
, . « flotir Mil. Co.uM ...la. Mid la w.tl.lp
4«»urt ’-t *i b« Km t.m<.n«i i'l l Frlmliurit, tint «biult«o » our* f oc.4 I
.jlftcKlianr . « • i«»—r o« whvfe |4jm- - t* pr.^lu-1« ail h* cfcly
l* ''*»•* ru^ Tt- ftiU^b. .-I %i».l 4,* *,.*,.

V u< ^•-mllrBfrub.lWUrc*
*n i n »*.r f, i r r-(u«i* r.*t lut* %• H'a-Uur; >|ir<tift
4e the .uhaertber baa Bure toad th.a he baa force h. cultlra-a
iMid hi%.»» » I NU U» IMJ which K* im um+Mnm b» t/ur^iro* 44 Aa,*
rrauii* 4 w|*, *a.|taa rttn.n.p ,/if M>(-BO i4tf ui4Hrrtv rtn do . «;
.ny ri'-tr V .m the day of mle, a„d th. r »rc pa,’. /..I, .IKl r„.
A?'r^ K. in,''' I’" * • V“l *'*‘|*‘r • ' >oVnl ty of o.y '
AI.rnd K. la,ora. who m.ldr. the opp. .it, ..<lr ol U.e Turnt.tk*.
^.*.1. %4 U tlio WUl 1*4r |4c%M*r« Ha .hfBif,* tlir »3tBlr lo Bit
KhinrM. il, - U hr F *^n Ut fWrnil^r nr*t, or mm qpt, ariih th
(•rinlrc- .f -rrtl.f,*- H t're Bt B*U«< »1
TmUM -B#»4«i-flrui cB*h. \»* lu liru tl-MU.f B -Jitirfa U.rilj eudor* |
-ra utKodaol- note, at two, three, or four Ii-.io'hr, tou-rmt atl.l—I , t
*' * 11. I' Olid LI mooUta. lor negot.ahl. lio ea. lutcreel
».lded. 1, cured hy truat deed, tot ere.. I
eram * . . o- a a , FI.KMINll JAMK*.
><< ' B> be ecodurted hy (IOD0IN4 AI PKKM.N, who u aril
a* u.y on A ..-cd will . kl.lbit a map aud twirj ol Un- Fatal.
Ki.KIW.kh May a. IN,d J o ai-Iawhl,
P * A. o.any pero.ua hare aipmkaed a drain, to parcha.. tu
».-re«oii* netate. It liar torn ruaa—u-d that the lennk of payn.ri.t
,rr t.n.kL.r, In order Pi ,61c, » Ml,, at. I L. aec. mtt.odate tl e
- 7 . a * o’Vl,,1'rm*"' *'U U dl aneed to the
h.ih.wuiy via I 9 caah. [o. in lieu ol caah. a aati.ract y ndartnl
.... table hole at 4 n,.i,.l,.. with Inlereet added.] laianr, at I.*.
1 and 4 yeark. for negotiable note., Inlem-t adtle.1. -cured hy a lru.1
C44F>|yfiNOi,#B4.k4*o A 14.1, kkl 4| , |- I \ i.i . |
> OKI. tllJII TV OP TIIF1 BWt\ TAt ERN lHHIIAIt tlrlir
a .*™r » -Pur.uaut lo a decree „f i!„ Cl.ru t Court „r
».r c ?t of lUhiuoud, rtivr-.! on Mtfc F«b'r. \<A.[u V-r cb»t of
t'.—tn.y •i/jairJ will tn Mil at pul I .^.u.-tl.!™ upTt^t !,r
T'T’V’a >,OND‘r- J»*.»l4«Virk P M ...u“ «5iflid
't' ■>«*<• vibcd In the [>roc.„]u.y, „j,f cwe u
*' *•“ T»,rrn property. hae.t.* a fr. i.t un It- No„b al,|r ,j
llroati tirret. a: .t, luter~r. lion w tl. »th .treet, ol Itkj feet, and run
“* hack Ow usual half Acre depth.
to<«r«‘ »ron »lo, pti fr. m 141b Auyu.t. luf«». until it
a p.,.l .nd the .utu u! U.utt and tbe -tprnw of tbw aald .ale to
O’ paid It. ell... and lb* realdue to be paid with Inlcrrat In four. uual
nata ntwnia, at IntrrTalt ..f «. It, |, and -.*4 i.nuit).. from tbe d.» ol
ea r t which dwf.jrrrf J-ymcuU the C n.m,toner. .Li
Cntiablc Slot* t. with cndoraera, the till* u. tl.* pr..p-rty hem* re
named aa farther aecur.ty until the purchase money la paid. *
BV PA SKILL * sms, Ar.-to.eataa.
■V««m»rs Sirr<U I'tUrel^ur^.
* (* * 1 H I. I I Mil |> <||| vri It kill Ik
* W^H^TAmiQN.-ODTI ^Vv. !an“l. 'Ka:T?
'tl .”*..'a^ itpu ?.*“l“a'si‘.r M7^"U' *4chau*r. I -hull tell at 4UC
V * , Rr 9. i-**1’ ^'ceierB-td Th.. land Ilea within . ne
and a L.,f n,"«. of peter-bury. .dj-lt.l,.* the I at. da I Me.tr. J. K.
and W.lliamtot. It 1. abut dat.Uy .up
' } "! fj*1- pnD? *•«'!. and la al*o In the Immediate T&lu.iy
nf 0 ,1 Town t tveli It la admirably located for a Market Harden Jr
a [.leatant hummer Rct-rai. I will lake pl*a.ure In d.owit.y th.
priBii*r« (O any p> t*b.n wishing to |imli|ap.
Tmw-tl"" m ctili , balance 6. 1.* and 1* months, for anorovru
endorsed negotiable note.—title retaord till final pavment PP
m. H M MANN,
maSS—dtd___P ANN ILL k SON, Au«a.
nrain*mHNil ftll.l * > l» I ISM TOR mi i .
■ It I. MILI. with the h arm .attached, la aituatrd ot. J.n.ra r.v-r,
a It. the coo.ity ,.f Bm k.t *‘am Tbe II .11 la a I a rye brick bu i I
my. Well Miuaie.1. anil well adapted lo tbe purpotee ..f mill.ny In
year, yr.ne by It waa ritenalvrly enr«yed it. tl * manufacture ot Hour
T..c tract of'.nt u,.„„ wl.n-b tie Mill at.,..I.. about «...
‘aj * * ‘ portion of which is «.f fine fertility, and all . 4
K- VLi?VZ, u££'tm‘U "" Urtrr >• ut.cleared, aud
j!;reuu ,‘^up*^,3, *i ,>uwic T"rR«
yi vetflV dr*ir^Jtn°9ti 00 "" d*r of “**• Braaonable time wUI be
, r,ttl thr rr-ot-erty. who may wlab to purrbaw.
...» nla.n any d*.irr.l u.h,relation by ad.lret.Uiy me, at Burkin*
t <>art house, it. p
' »mo« •• si »mm srmaHT.
S'l 1 «•» ' M • k HI I I k > II \MI v| \us
1 \ TH I » Ol Nik t » II A\Ok KR — In obcdlencr tn a decree tf
theCIrcolt ( ..on ol liar. .rer. pror un (l.u, tl„ 14th of March.
I\k‘. >a lltr suit i>f Jo» j i me A. P :«.t de B«-wh-dlet and other*.
Mu-hri Picot dr 1 •tsfeUlet, Art..an I llrturry tie Ooasrara<lc<
ti.d l4)Uisr, his wiCr. and ti.ers. thr un.ter»;gr rd, thr Commissi. -
? *.r; therein appointed. * 1. on THl’R^HAY, the 19th day of June,
if fair. If r.ot. thr fir • fsir day there alter. on thr trartnf land
i< w »ch Picot dr i' ufriilrt died seiled and resided at tl r
time of bis death, tiluated n the County of llaboirr. tell the aald
Ptcot^lc^BoPf *{{ \l r ,l,Tr •*clo,,lfin»|o lie estate of the aald Mich. 1
Toe land la a h.*My Ts’uable and .bi rable tract. It contain,
it six huodrrd and t%. • »y fi>« .»crt *, and was pur. haaed of H.
•C-.W l.ip~:otnk t -M It fclHHJt »-i» Vrn tu:h-s forth ,»f RichtBffd.
tw ui'lrs f»*' 1 thr liichtiionil, fTrsIrrlckshurg and P.«
ton ac Hail Hoad, aud tl i . imr dtsiancr w**»t uf the \ irglnia LVntral
•Cm#' K«>ad About oric Ui.nl of th»- tract is cirared, and the i»»rt tn
■ ultivatJ..ti is **;» Cl t.hlr * tild it* thr course ..f a high *t.*tr , f m
pr.ivctuml. A small strra u runs nearly through thr cmtrr *.f thr
tract, ou which » Kituatoi i*l»out 6» arrr* of nira-Iow land, and a*oog
thr sliolr ofwi.ich »rr h I ml brds of excrIWnt marl. Very e**y ..f
a* eras. ar..l whkrhhy rIK, nM.rit proves to tw- evil adapted to th
tuiprovrraer t .*f the land Tl-p- unrlvaied land is heavily wi^wlrd
with thr best kiiois ofUwh-r . There ar** spring* <>f rv. rlh-at wairr
uthepU. e. Thr buildi.-gd Consist ,.f a g.w>u fram-J dwelling,
.irarly n. w. ci i.Utnlnf ah ut vn r«^.»* a g.«.K| kitrhen. a largf
‘•an*. * stable, *arriagr*f ^nd »*thrr requisite out-fious* • pos
-r..., n wil I«- g vm inuiKkilately tnctpf of the hui»*e. orchard and
gaiJri,. abu-h will hr rrtaii.t ,i mud the fir*t of January. K?,) and
the purchaser witl gr» all t cr«pa gr-.wu g .,n tl.r uuq, coOwst ng
a.f tu Whr^t .»ii about 5t! a rts, Uavily r»»bord . the tula on abc.ut
& ..r .>• arrrs. aud the c* ri ... ..Iwmi An a. r«« of land. The slaves
are ter or twr|ee iu uumUi, n»m and w. iucti, and are i.krlv and
valuable. *
~ F^r thr alavr* ra#h . f„r t),r |aiM|, « . redit of six, twrlvr
and rtgh'rrn timnths willhe given, thr purchaser nrcut ng thtvr
b'iiul* of rqual amounts for the purchase nt« t»ry, ca< h with g
and sufft< vnt «"»rur1ty ; i ayabir * x months aMrr date. •<ne
tWfiee m< ntl * aftrr date, auu t*e remaining one e.glitren n.onths
attrr date. ea« h bond i arr\ 4- interest fr-.m the day of sale, and the
title to he retained until the purcha^ motley I* i.a d
(» vv Kir:i %t;i>uo.\. i .
HII.UAM lit.lLUIX, , l-owmlss»wnera.
KV\]Vf ^ mainlands
> U.—A* the injunction awarded lo Injoln tl* sale of the it .ve
ITi.prrty t a* b*en d s*ol?ed, th **le hernu advertised Will certain
ly take place, _
v k l i k hr i. i IKSII1VOBAIVC1BOOI M \
51 mv t Mows rr.gag uu t* In K l>o o id ar. such as to prwsn
* " ra* fr’ ’n fi‘Vrn tha* ttn n«>n to ruy fsrn.ing oper*t ons that
at auction. >n Till'RM»AY. i? h July aett. * ’ 1 >*
II AW HI l.D lv situated • »» . nr of the niMi healUiy, fertile and Id
•M respect- desirable srctioi • ji Virgin!#. bring immediately »t if e
•<x»t of the "foul). West M »*•:<• and has than five nrl. • from U»e
Kapd Aiin Station, on the l) mg e aoJ Alexandra Hair. ad. ala
• itl.ui a *ew m It * of the PI* * Road »rom Orange Court House to
Fredericksburg It contain*. »*y recent survey #f*i a res. of whu h
Af are clearr • and >n a h>gl. slate of Improvement Th* wh.de of
It ts set beautifully in Orchar graW*. Timothy and Clover A large
portM.n of ||„ tra. l Is branrh ratlow land, and as both bottom and
high lar. Ms eery productive of grass, there can be- raised a Very
large guau.. } f liar and stock
It i* w,!l wat- red. having seven constant running streams an It
and Is canabl* f being din.ied into fourteen Aelds of 40 to V acre#
ca* h. with wat r In all oflhem
There Is no * •*!# land on the tract All that I# not cleared la in
original fn-wf of timber, and much of It might h* cleared with
much profit by a tobacco (rower As the rsllrnad from Frederick#
burg, uow being constructed, w.11 pa*s within a mil# of the wmat
land, the tint** ' cou»-’ ha turned to a good account.
The hull In,- are cm mod lot**, and In excellent order. They
constat of a la gv fr»- *eil Dwell ng House with baMnirnt. which, if
finished off. a old g re 10 good rooms. A few year* sg n was pain
ted and put P <otn| *te repair
Larg. Fun: II .-n. Corn IIom and Negro Cabin*. In good nrdar.
to which I hat* added recently a shelter covered with shingles. 1tS»x
.4. feet, with Is.ta I *y loft Above, and cattle shelter 1«v» feet long,
affording « ver; • nvemence for the protection of stock, provender.
iin|4» menta, A . A
Wy ..per4 « s ll AWFIF.I.D for the past seven year* have hewn
W * *• +<*f and permanent improvement of the land.
< t bm «*•
l's-.de* having over two hundred bus) els wheat see
| Jed. I hare h..d ott the farm h.r the past year nearly l.dWl head of
•betJ. aod t| .4 sunk of cattle, which show that I Is well wlaptrd
to gr-.Aing *
11 is rarely >at a farm *n such condition. and haring *u^h ad ran
'• M FlU l>. i# offer* I in tuarkel. Tf r f n-es are in e«c» I
lent repair. I v land l# entirely clean and tn fi.»e heart, clear of
I bushes And n* *. an 1 can he cultivat'd with «• I t Hr la*H*r and »arge
pr..At. as any her tract of ita.tfe li ts.therefore, tn a n«4
t.. pav a pr. fl «t on«t, and as 1 am determined »© sell, I Invite all
Wh.. w««h ti. p .rrh*ae a farm. desirsMe a# a pis o* of residence slid
i pnfr. tnrti me t* urrvnuj * j the day of sale
Tsaws — One t.tirth caab. balance lb equal i stalmenfs of t. A and
* Fvars, With »nt. si from th- Jay of sale, or if m< re desirable to
the pur ha* r terms m /hi f- igre..l up. n
Mr Johu .■* travrs res de* st HAWFIKLD. and will take pleasurs
In showliig t farm to any ime oho wtll visit him
mm o CftKNRIMW,
ma,'> ’ * •JAffawvl*
vii ,vr mih n • 11 > i \m» i on
rSNIlh * hscrihers. as I termors of John M Pr^r. deed, wm ..ffer
■ for ftsle. at publ .wot,,. u the premises, n- \t ► l»NV.*i» %f,
the lath f June next. • ft* t of l-and twh uging to the esta*c of
•a I IV «e. known a* HIP ! I NT MtH NT.AIN
I h. tract containsu ward* «» .\tOia*re*. lying chiefly In the coun
ty id Hoaf.gr. arid • .1 he •*.» -Mire, ne in parr*)# of from N o to
1.'No* acre*, as may I** prrfen.,1. Thr greater part of this land »•
bvr| i ,h|* land, co* I w.-h tlmlwr of every variety and id An*
quality Detached | t o * *fr cleared and have been Ti, mltieatMn
A*r several vrars. *h, * g a s.h well *tMed to the . altnre • f f»br.....
irA..//, (N.ro, rpr rt • -it* Htll tt Is mug admiralJy slspfed to
jr.tmm. and ab*wn»dir»« • t d.-e* In *p, Ir.gs and «tt-aras'. Mf Ala *%% *
«-av he made to aim • say rvent that may he desired It is w th
n r» m l*-# of |h« \a % ?* .* Kadruad, In tl»e direeti-.fi of ea'evn.
and within a boot V m . s of *he AHeg»>ai \ Mg r g* m Montgomery
count* a g,,,sl lure, < • r ad eoniu.ts it with tn* former pi a- e. and
there are pra* bcsN* .,m*e. or mads »n other direct* us
The rsaws wij ts hb- tal, At»d wilt hr made kn- wnoftthw day
«f KOHKhT H NKUMIj r . .
JolIN II FRICK, ir **«* •■*”'•
F n< Astle, ?§., April fh. 1*04. apff_Ufa
JV Nil TlONI % Al l % II HAFIkl ION N«|.|
AT ITfll |C It t'1|«»N
\'t»TICF is hereb) glvet . that by e-rtwr of a d cree made by ths
Circuit Court ..i •{*- k bridg* . on |Ke aih o' Apr'I, A !» . 1 s,V».
to lie rase of W i* |, F gg «t and other*, es the Junction Valley
Turnpike Company, a d others, w«, 'he undersigned, comm svtoner*
fnr Mr purpose ap|n oted. will, on Saturday, the lisb day of July
next, at the front d<» of the C.mrt lf,<us* tn l^exingloa, again offer
for sale th* road of **d <* nipany, aith Ms appurtenances leadmg
Vi*m Nsutitnn to llor. anan
Taaws —Cash In ha d swflR (“nt to pay the expenses of sale and
‘ n*1* ol •u't . *bd th* *. rdm i U.iir egual Instalments, paysM*. In
six. twelve eighteen o »ts n*y four an nlhs after the dais of sale,
lh» purrhavr l> •••! »ii|. apprornl prra.n.T verity. >o<l ill,
litis being retained as oit.auite tn urlty
TlloS»i«J MICHir, 1
WM W »OVD. ! -
* M 1> M.MIRK, | Oo»"r».
g*H 4** *• t Ullill M<K1. W. inrt. Mt.mloaie
I and > Hi the thing foe th* warm weat»»* • For sal# at very low
AlVuoN sai ks!
- >wiim >. **■*■■■ —
It uutviv,. UUM tot
R-*as? wjuk *7“ **>•»— . -
•« *-»- u—fa
•»* km* *«i* +%
1«« Ra.Alli*
XW- TW«i* at •%%.
I ^ ' 1 FV^I I. Itl It |l|>|, | o lx fix A . «a
P HI K*4 HIM. ro* ML* 4T AlTTfON Wyi
r>~**-*• "•, «- ** j«u- ikm. £
liVblV “"'.u 'h'ic?rr-"'4,1 *»S !52J“,i2
-.r;trj r«;5
r'^TTt'*"* '-***• K • tiS*X"£I
fa,« U' "r'*~‘ IM b, uk ^rrb»jT ^
>.«•:»l>IN * aMOOR, tiKii
V* ViI’VVr'/llit!1' 11 •»• 'LwrbIM 1 IN and
" L4K1 STHKITTk r 'H !*»l.r %T Af’PTtflW Wiiik!
U.rprK^,* KKII-AV Til* <T 11 nr Jl Nk7vM ™
of mI m i> it ** IT* 'f ,Ht 7lh •‘^•*1 *4H»*m u*» T«* r*
° "• O**4«nan, niJUinf bvt fu frr* to an ail** aaT • ^
*jr'**>» far' ••' <lr.„m.l ..„ ll„ N„r,k T./
.lh .tbrM. mnbln* hfa-* I.* fai %„ * *2?
l-wfal far Ur«.rmm ^
r**w —«H>*.f.mr0* • a«h . halaiii** al 4 4 ai «l 11^,. *a. a
' ^ U~* **>• P—" T~ wV p.u.\*£. p,i bl^
—-------- A—Ononamw
>t B mm i ihtw, aku. " '
fl \ *KONOI.«».-lll|i OAT, M tkVhlo mm w.n
_L5___roi.mii i nAtii Aurt«.
■ T I’irKIN*)*. HILL A cm. AuoU ~ —
I A u f;,'**V* IMI' *“»■ •' »« •Vlou*. Kill h, ,*J.
4Un. « Nr fro Han. a No l »Urk«n.tth
. If hJ\>M.S, HU LACO.Avgla
k.VZ 'ZUlZ?,?*"’"* "*» *">•» "•»«’- 1- Mrr ,, Ifa-fa,
T th, . p.n ,1. Ur*pn,tfiti,i. utrttrr i|. *ii|-»rr i,i„o ,,i iW Ctwda
*»r.l,r.l ul ca». Kll Uk, pUs. At lU.fa.A, bU IK I. Apr Ala
» tl>Mt,»U.I I , J| >»; (IT If, ||)|,
>3 '-i 1 0,00 0!!
, , «"A 1‘ITA L PH/ZX ttojimn.
r ■ a:n-S"S
M“ ^ a“ «■■■■■■ *»>
sl^-VSs tir;,
H*1U on ihr Hai «* «jf Klchin«ti«l takrn *f par
PH«. o-hkk, f. c.,1 UM„ u„ no
I^>S * ,,0> k • NT* I■ * »’th min thnft I hart i« aa.
* J5r'?5£* ** '«««***- totrrprSr7.„„T,Ik. i
u»r ..f KKhru.ry Tl.r uou-ual Nnnlnroo of u»o rk tor i aTU!/
rn.ir.1 mr from - . inf ai.it •rttltof • it. ...r -r. nt. vH m,, 2! I^Tn
•vx thorn 1 aht> I fl* upon lOMhrr day. Dot laur than a^ ut ti^.
of AufU't. a! Which tint thvdrmnti.f olUrvrtainlv tab t»4arr mm tho
J*JeU C*lUri *U •aJ mfun.leil . atHi th.^U a.r *alr of
■iii»; miiiti: ki i.phi m hi*him>* iuu
rWIH E 'l,»th of th, Ui, J.mr. CaIkiII, uk pni.npfa pr^p^.p,, nf
f r th..*i ' «|r,,r»fa'l Kblrrln* |4fa ». bAvib* r»li.lrrr.l » brunra
rZZZ\".Tn' ;'r.M,‘ ■'“•■■T’ ‘I'* broprrty fa „ld. tbj
Aril lb fc*** ° "• U,r UI*<lrr»KOrJ full |M>K,r UJ
T.. fa-llli.i~ tl. ... 1. _ ..._, ... . »
tcg.*iaiure of Virginia, awth.-rtalbg the pumhawto ImM A. aro!
[7rlJr *" * Jumt aaock company, .u.l grar.tit g U rm aery prmtegu
Urn i. r.rce«aary f.,t ll. m.- full and pmn.al.le emu, „..ut of u mm
•ell a* fur manufacturing pi.rpo.ws gen. . ally ’
Jn pwrauane, ol the authority conferred upon them, the under
T**’*'"1 7 Vff **" brnl,cr,y for aale. either to Indie dual* nr to a
company to be »*ntm u-l under the charirr.
.. * ur ***** Lav# such a Widespread .■elebrtty 'or
tWir medicmal juaiittee ami aa a place of faahmnahlc rrswr*. t/ai It
i. deeme.lumwce auuy u, #-y loach ... regard to Ik. ir altrartlon* -
* C'“U*rj th,J h*,r hem frequented I X cm a... of o
eal.de and per**..., lu que*t 0f pleasure and auioa-ment and tie.
r'*u l'd ** *p -uly to Haratog. ,u the nt-mber and faa..*
it.ruble character of thnr vMtori.
t *•»«* hem e.WWded from t.
t-m.. and ar- now *ufti. lent to entertain about one thousand auea'a
Itor many year* paat. bower, they haa. prueed ,u b, IhkdewSitoto
meet the demand id the public , and It la hattldln* . ,*777...
U.af if they had been sufficient to acCumuaUtr d..«Ue that nulnhe*
Ua-y Would all Imre been prudishly occupied kor store than half
the araanu of carry year number* of appncanu are turned ...,
d*tly f«»r wai.t «,f room to accommodate Uh id. *
.. tTrI»Ii'C|TU> U'77 ***iu** h*» htrrtofcrr h##t> attend'd with cow
•>d« rati# drlay and fautfu#, vUllww Unu* compelled u. ira»ri nnr
nuactj m U. in on wd. 1 .teget. Hut th.OnirHaml L^tlnVui .75
w^*^ U yW,:kh Vr UoW in Mr’***# * construction,
v trK krtJ l\u* of r*11*** com mum cat k»r from
a*i Ihe Eajtern ar.d Northern elites to th. nation.h. u«# wiu,»n t •
carttlr*.- of th*- Mpnnr* Within the last thr## months the C« ntraJ
Railroad ha. horn extended 8.- mi tea Wrst of fitetu.ten, riduun* U^e
nnh s, and avoiding the worst part of the r .ad In
a tew years the other section, will hr finished, aud visitor* can then
leave Baltimore. VI ashtunton. Alexandria, Rich in ud fMershurw
In »he morn *v n.d take tea at the White MuWW ur. V%h. n the Vkr,*
tern section of the Covlnfitoo and Ohio RaUrmol U completed thw
access from the c- uatry border! n* on the Ohm river « ll be euu.llw
eo&TcSicnt, And »t will be difficult to fix a limit to the number who
will annual!v resort t.. these !*prthfa.
The « hit, Pulphur la situated tu the county of fircenbrler. un -he
*1 egt-uy mountain. P - 'state lie. ,n ike
fertile Talley of Howard** cr-rk It contain* .U.ul Xj«t. i^
T"; »*et«ar.d aerra,! eatct.dUlg along the Talley a hoot three one*.
V1''* "ir*'""* r,H« d H"*nn«au*to uo*uf.iatii. Ti.. rr are more
I ..hi ,i ^tr' l"'J in ihe tract, and more than
double that quantity O, good arable upland. The realdue of the
tract conatefa of mountalm.ua apttra, well utMoltd ati l furnt l Ing
g<-d range for ttiek. All tbr -upphea of mrata. grain, Ac.. Ac., nc"
prvm^i f°r ** ”** of hotel#, can be rra-niy raiaed on tha
Tl» bulldinga for tf r accummodatM'n of T.atu.ra ar, runrenl«w*Iy
The grout, daare roil lien {fy'pWTureatiue anil kmaiit.lbV . 1 *~ ** ■
aorfat e dteefMfl.d l.y ladle awd dales, and groae- ..1 the*original'traJa
of the foreat It hit a been described a» •• the Parana, „r ' *
place*," and tier, arr few aho are »-.,ttalnleJ a id. it whaViU af.i
to acknoa ledge Ita claim to thta distlociiu. h lU 6,11
The receipt, of toe eatal.l.d,.nant are now eery large. „,d „ to a,
llered, by enlarged aceummodaltoua. and wiu. energetic »od
clou* mal.agetnri.t, liey might be increased many f,ikf J judl
The Hi* of the water, wheh I. In great requeat |„ <*, ro„.
ifi*. U|. lor tnuiap..nation, may be easily made »( U**lt to
eery large Income, and in pr..per hand, the net pruAi.in,(7!? *
would reirnburar He price at which the property J ‘
T»W Thot, mnr.try routaln. few euhjeeta, if ,„dee,| u do« ..ofh^I'
o.mrjrrur>urw-‘‘"'loped“ a"»roo,>i ■— •- * ***•££*
The title to the relate ta helleyed to be unquestionable liarine b.
Iot.ge.1 loth, prearut pr*q.riet. r. aud the* ancratora tor morefha7
aeyenty years. To fac t,late He- transfer to the pur.hawr .„h,
avool dliBculi e. whirl, might result from the death of „ 7
jo :,t owners, file legal title haa been conveyed lo one of he under*
'halier' Wl''’ *UI ** P,cl**rr4 '« elecnto the proper .Iced* t. tha pur
Tl.e aale will embrace all the furniture heretofore used In onnec
Uon will, the pro|wrty for the arcuwu'.odalton of Tialtors
Pcrw.na dcs.rlbf to purchase are reriuea'ad to ct.mmittilcae with
the undersign ad. ft M |( \| kCy.tRLA((i,
Of RtclimoiJl, ’■
ALK.X H. If m’AKT.
Of StXUllUlS, X
■ * lj^ ,1Al,
mown x—At i
cult C%*«rt of |b« couiAtj of Uvnrlcv, ou kl i.dsy, \|*¥ fWL
N. .k. TUomp*>n hlfh sheriff of ll«novcr c«’Aiutj. who «■.«• 'or th#
b-And M the co#i« of jAtne K Jonr«. aaotgrtor of W.1|‘aiu
i rniif. Jsines C Crwit at. 1 Grorgr Steel, Ult uv-rc-fiant* a>*ti part
oera tiA tiiAf under the firiu and njrle of W A J C Crane A Co.,
a . Piainllffig
Burw-i: Mtukr, «n4 Frances L. flUrkr h- wife, W Iwsr !Sydnor, !fa
tliAti H Clarkr, Hm# Hatchett, the Frrshlrnt, iHriviciM aiid l\» of
Hi# Hank of VireiiuA, and the viikritiwti ehllilrwfi of V* salil Fran*
c#e I,. itUrkc aiol th# said H 4 J C. Crao# A Co.» l>eten<lanta,
Tt-e 1 of tlfte *®it id to tubjrrt the loterret of Iturwrtl 8tarfea
ri the trt.iir of h*« wife*, Fraocra L.. t«# thf data of tte* pUtauff aa
a««ixtir# of W 4 J r, fraiiT A Co of a ju l^ivi- ul rti,d r*-d ,n the*r
r *Famat Hi rsrell ,**ia/kr. In th# late Cir uii Superior Court of
Law and Chancery for th# county of fl#nr co and city of Richn.obd
n lb# Omm *ii Law •:dr. amountmc t- fijp»* . with Inter#w U«#r#on
fr«*n» th# 19th day of tefkutter, l54*i, till payment, also •rveo dol
lar* aud thirty on# c#r.»r cost#.
And aAidaUi h.avn.# b- rn n^.te in.1 itteat iksi ____
•til S'.rae, and Praucaa L Burke >*. all*. Win T. IUu.lo.ti, and
C»«r unknown children of Prance* L A*r fc e, are non teaideuw at iha
Gomiuonw.-al h »f Virrnla. II la ordered Ural Iher appear al it.*
K -in to he hviden in Ih* Clerk'* Ofllee ol the Court of ih* roaoty of
llenrtro, on the Br*i Monday in Ao«u.t i.rii. aud do what w nrcea
ury to protect their lnwre*t in thm *ui«.
A Copy - T. ite
' ’* _WM K'I I KK*. fTk pro tempore.
\V !, ' 1 1 “ \nti.iMi, 'it mi u
▼ ▼ roiol.KOF -TV next annual *»«ion of Uii« in«titut>on will
mmimeucr on Uw 1* of October and continue uul.l the follow inf
If tea II MrOriae. M D . Pnrofe«*>r of birwy and Pfifdotoiy.
J PutUt Huttu, M l> . Ptolnwor «f Practice of Medline and Ob.
Air*ct> B Trcter* M D , Profria>r of Anatomy, Che tot airy and
Materia Medic*.
F*~«** for teltaik court* ftlOu Matrb olallon W f.1 »*» b>e*mrt'ng
ticket ioner only» •liHti PiHofra W fio.oo.
TV pour* pumued H that of da ly rlamination* on the i-reeed ng
lecture generally but tw»>, and her»r more than three tectwre* are
drl rend during the da; The atudy of practical at *t. tnv ton; be
pursued at a 1r tjn.g expense Chmucxl Ivcuirea delivered during
the onion.
H; a r*rent art of the General A**emMf, the Cwlkg* «k**t«w
***** young mm. from the Mak of Virginia, fire of all . l.argea foe
».e* It »• required that appl ar.u ah.xild be of gind. UAOval tbarao
ter. and utiaNr to pur«uc U.eir aludiea at tbalr own expei***. for
further informatiott *t |»l; to
ma! —da B'.w AI.PRPD B. TIXKPR.M D . Penn
iii ith a i rmt.i H,
< I It % V|' M III,
MANl f ACTI BK Blewn, y,.*'ne*. Clm.lar B.w Mill*. ***
Till « ro Tree*., a l P «lur<-v M«Hlo>ry fur VV .1, L
Itrial and Baw M Ha. ale f..r (fold and foal Mine., A*.
Cara and Machinery uf erery d-*ci plum, for Rallr-au,, wad, and
warranted equal to an?
Iri.u and Bra** Ckallnpa, Pur|H.«a and Ptniahed Work madelonr
A ran I# aolkHed ft om a l in want before buying
I malft- -fltndftrif
S' I Y »l IM-IMS lull all I . «. .-l-n
' » r for tale al I-* price*, th* foil, win, BTR.IB f> i.
I KBUIXRB, w ik or wdhctu crealar Baw M.'i* ana-led X'-e
On* Poriahl* Blearn Pnginr. 91 bor**., ..wer
On* da ,1a l« do
One dn do 99 dn
The J%*t one wat iiwd kyu. 'ora *bori Him h..i haahfen thorowfb.
I ly rrcrl.auled. atd will he warranted m r nd order.
I llao. one nnorti bor*. Bf a nonary R* y tie, *hu h tea hnm aaed,
I Hut ha* brefi put III good Working order
The above Ktiflo** and M |la Were all l>ull| by u* In the h^t p..#
athir mariner, and will he e ld for lea# than t|.«ir e*!**
M«cbti »*t« and Founder*,
rtxaAn-itft 1m Ca* v afreet, o. it bel.,w City Oat Wo«ka.
Slrktl IX.hl iAc. FOR f. a thirty
l.,.r«r nn*Hf rfeawi Ft f r>*, hot Mill* um-1. and
I f» a 't, rfruf nth - tor A • . three . rttr.der Ruder*.
*| feet W»ng, f7 nrbe* diameter, four r(renter-mw f*htex«. *n«» ■no
■ *w'e,r..n hat. I Wheel, 1*» feet diar-eier The fug ue «i„t ||ft*rw
•re I (HI »• g.«>d aa new, and will be «otft for owe--h*lf their rate- —
I Apply to V HAH* AMI*,
main - dftrtf V9o «nl Hate etr*et.
If IIIHIMINS Mil l TfHI tV IIAIH l»% ft;.
n\/V I N! %Rt«FI>- RTVI.R IMFRiiA M>
It haa h'nhk the '|i*aattfy and atrer gih -f any other.
It give* a pe?V« tty natural color
It mlorv every -had* hnw fIff* • bmwn u> pt Ma i
It* owe la « a*y and - qp»d
It « prrhH tly harmleaa (n the tblo.
t*a . grx » la lnatantwned.ua and permanent
It it (he >«»< /nick, at atxf fti/nf nra tear ntf/f.
ir litre*-t>r,(,i »or »*e •-< . u.pany rarh hoi al
Fth> 1 -.1 ftt f .a i .%»; 4 -a V. a a ftT^
[Fnlered m*■-«-rd r g |*. t».r act yf CoWgyta% .». th* rear IMIft. he ft.
W Marrlauw, *n the Clerk** tdft,-e of the Dkatrkl C«.an of the C g.
i f».r (he Rwlern INalrktof Frnn ]
! For **»e h* ftl.Fl I»IV*L RWhwkowd, fa
JT'iuu/fn'twrer, ftfOl.MiB W HaRRIMi^ 1« ftt.wlh Tlh ftr-et
nl I I I II . > 't
f B N PRtWRftR ft CO,
)*• __ ____ Bn. K# Gary at feet
SIMM • i»l Ms. still s INK HA *1*. M.p , i
•I ff.r Wile hr M JOWtR

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