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The liame of Fraud.
It is almost a waste of ammunition to xhoot at the
Democratic I’lat farm. It would require a swell
tnur.xlcd gun of hugest calibre to hit the whole of it
in a week’s steady firing. It ix a forest of verbiage
Ol every hue. 11 v a succession ot quadrennial accO
mutations and abrasions, it has come lorcsoinblu the
delta of some great river, where every variety of in
congruous sediment has been deposited.
We see that the uew additions pledge the Demo
cracy to carry out the Monroe doctrine rigidly—that
is, to permit no Kuropean government to colonize
this continent, 01 to interfere with the government
of any |iortion of it. “Free seas and progressive
free trade throughout the world’’ is also declared to
be a cardinal principle of the Democracy. This
would indicate a disposition lor universal war, and
is scarcely practicable short of universal conquest.—
Some of the Virginia delegates made some exception
to this new item of Democratic faith, and protested
that it was not to he regarded as a test of ortho
doxy. liut their objections were little heeded by
the tumultuous Democracy, " tbir ascendancy in
the Gulf of Mexico" was likewise asserted—which
means, we suppose, the conquest of Cuba, St. Do
mingo ami the rest of the neighboring Isles. We
presume the Virginia protest was designed to apply
to this portion of the programme as well a> th.
“progressive free trade."
As a sample of the candour anti ingenuousness
which distinguishes Democracy, we have in one of
the first resolutions a strong denunciation of In
ternal Improvements by the Federal Government,
and the very la-t act of the Convention was a reso
lution in favor of a railroad to the Pacific ocean !—
Such brazen duplicity is part and parcel ol Demo
cratic tactics ; and is not merely discreditable to the
character of the country. It has wrought vast and
inidi'lilvf It tins tnmli* the nolltics of the
country a base and degrading game ; it has substitu
ted expediency for principle, and generated the
brood of sharping demagogues who infest the land.
It has given vitality to the slavery agitation, and fo
mented it into a dangerous element of domestic dis
cord. We see its practical effects in the diverse in
terpretations put upon the Nebraska-Kansas act—
the President anil his Northern followers proclaiming
that act to lie a “measure for freedom," and the
Southern wing, a “guarantee for slavery." This
shameless double-dealing, reduced to-ayslcm, and
put forth under the sanction of one of the great pat
ties of the country, is the immediate parent of the
abolition outbreaks in the North, and the civil war
in Kansas. It lends to destroy the moral hands
which hold society together ; and its baneful effects
will continue to he felt in the future. It may achieve
the success of a spoils party ; hut it threatens ruin
to the country. An election carried by such an
agency si-1tics nothing, except the individual who
shall distribute the loaves and fishes; it leaves pub
lic questions unsettled—it exasperates sections—ii
keeps the public mind intlained Say Mr. Hochaiian
is elected on the principles o the Nebraska act—
with its contradictory interpretations. His North
ern friend* every where sustaining him as the advo
cate of squatter sovereignty and tile Iricnd of /ret
Kan sas, and thereby encouraging tlieir followers io
imitate the conduct of Reeder, in trying to subvert
the government by force: what is gained by it? —
Or lake the Internal Improvement -|uestion : the peo
ple who voted for the Pacific Railroad in the I'm
vention, and those Michiganders, who last week de
nounced lien. Pierce for his veto —they will be dis
appointed anil indignant, if Mr. litiehanan should
put hi* veto upon an Internal Improvement hill .
should he withhold it, he Would incur the wrath nl
his Southern supporters. Hut as propositions foi
improvements will only coiue from those sections fa
vorable to the policy, and as the resolution in favoi
ol the system was of later date than that again-i
* it; the only effect of this double-dealing will be t
pass bills for the benefit of the North and nolle fin
that of the South.
Mew Publication-.
We are indebted to Mr. Woodhouse lor the followin
“ The Prairie,"
*• The ll’nya of the Ilnur " •
being portions of Stringer .V Townsend’s new and cbe.|
edition of Cooper'a novels.
“ Thirtf/ ;/tart in the United Staten .Senate,” vol. ‘2 : L>
Col. Benton.
The volume contains some Hno pages—and its cliarar
ter la in a measure indicated by a frontispiece : “ Pin* »/
the Senate of the United Stales in tension,
Tbe volume begin* *ritU tbe Iiiaugiiriition of Mr. V«i
Buren and conclude* witli the compromise measure* (■
I960. The feeling* and opinion* of the author are free!
•iprewaed on all aubject*—and the IkioIc wn* probably
written quite a* tniloli to indulge sclf-gliritiialion, a* to
a Mai I the riieinie* of the writer. The trickeries, in
trigu**, raooalipo* of politieian* are copiously expounded
The Tyler squad coiue in lor a proper share of commeni
ami condemnation While the author dor* not conceal
the gratification he experienced from the lienefit* to th
Democracy of Tyler'* treachery to the Whig*—he l*>
bare the treason, and holda it and the traitor n0 to th
•corn of mankind. A* lie advance* in hi* work, lie come
down to the tune when the** same traitor*,*ith Ihiiusm
tic allies, played some naughty trick* upon hi* friend*
Van Buren A Co. We are favored with sundry in*id
view* of the Dernwracy ; and a close scrutiny diwlose
quite a* much knavery a* one would wi*h Pi contemplat
at a single silling.
Mr Benton, in <let*iling these triek* of politician*. Ii
which the will nf the j»enp)e was defeated, declares tin
ho see* nothing therein to justify the belief that the pei
pie are not competent to self-government Tli-y alioiih
not be tilamed tor th.- knaveries of politician*. That’s tin
enough—hut it i« hliukiug‘the question. The people an
uot morally censurable lor being duped bv knave* toil i
they are no habitually, it is an evidence of want of anga
city, or of capacity snfdrielit Pi protact Ihomaelve* Mr
BenPci **v« the Convention system ha* etf.-du illy takei
the election of President out of the hand* of the people
The Conventions, composed mainly nf office-holder* am
office aeekers, choose the candidate*, and the people h»»
no alternative lull Pi abide the choice tlu.a forced upo
them. If it be true, a* reported, that he is in favor <
Buchanan, he will supply in hi* own p*r*ou an illuMiatii
of hi* doctrine—the ahseueu of froo agency in the inst
ot the * iff-sgsiis In Ilia leuik Indore us, hi* doe* mi
make l*vor*hte mention «d Mr Buchanan—and on on
occasion, he chsrges him and two others ol Mi Polk'
cabinet with un>lrrmini up and defeating the pruposf tio
cd the President to appoint him. Benton, l.itnt Utnrriu
Tha liook i* swollen to its presold hulk by copious rt
tract* tinni the d.tiale* The original matter might bar
been mmprea*i-d m | i ■ page*.
Eos sale at J. Won.IIhiu*•■ A tVi a.
W« have received tlie May No. from Mr. Woodhouas
and give the tanle of eontant*
I Rngland'a political future
• On Piali Pond* and fish ilig ImmiUi.
% l*#ftpf b from (fin flunk* of fhf Irawifldf,
4 Metainorphiwe*—a tale Part I
4 Tbe Soot nbruad. —Tba man of the sword
fi. The art of travel.
1. Tba Paaee
Tba Petarahurg JJtmvrrmt comet to u* ail blurred am
bkrttad and not a word legible Wonder If tha edito
tnkaa that metb *1 uf mauite-ting bit indignation at lh<
repudiate* of Pierre and the noon nation of Bochanau
tb* poor Pierce rditors1 we era aorry for them.
Northers Sentiment
We give s com mu mention from s gentleman in
llnllalo, which sum ire* u* that the representation*
we have through the abolition press, convey a false
idea of the nenUawnta of the Northern people. We
have no doubt that our correspondent i* to some ex
tent correct. We lietieve thhre are a gnat many
l^pple at the North—and those the I lost of that sec
tion who have no unkind feeling to the South, and
who care nothing alsiut slavery one way or the oth
for, and would be glad never to hear the subject men
tioned again. Itut either their love of quiet, or their
disgust at the excesses ol faction, has withdrawn
them from the arena of politics; or the fact that they
j constitute the minority, lias forced them into retire
ment. He this as it may, they appear to be quite
powerless in the exciting state of affairs, and sutler
. those w ho are seeking to subvert the Constitution, to
stand forth to the world as the cX|K>nenU of Northern
| sentiment. If they possess the power to correct this
condition of things, it is their duty to do it, a ml the
sooner they set alsiut it, the better.
H ilsm, of .Massachusetts.
The Northern papers have been teeming with re
ports respecting the movements and intentions of this
warlike individual. One while, it was said, that he
could not leave his room lor fear of being butchered
in the streets of Washington; then again, that he had
paraded the avenue, surrounded by armed friends,
ami put Brooks amt Keitt at defiance, ami all South
l Carolina at their backs; then, that he had been gra
' eiously permitted by Keitt to walk abroad; then the
Rev. Mr. Parker told us that Wilson had paraded be
i fore Krill’* lodgings ami was not hurt; then we had
a letter from Wilson hunself, to the effect that he hail
walked pretty much all over Washington, for the two
days after he declined lighting Brooks, sometimes
alone, and sometimes attended by friends. The last
version of the matter, wc liml, as reported below, in
I the N. Y. Courier :
■ To the Editor* of the Courier d' Enquirer :
I perceive in the V Y. Commercial Advertiser, of last
! evening, the following telegraphic despatch from Boston :
■'Bustos, June H.—.Senator Wilson denies unequivocally
the statement telegraphed Irotn Washington to a X. York
■ paper, that t'olonel lane had called on him from Mi.
Biooks, with an assurance that lie (Brooks) intended to
1 make an assault on him. Mr. Wilson (ays, ‘1 have sought
no controversy and shall seek none, hut I shall go where
| duty requires, uninfluenced bv thieats of any kind."’
I am euatiled to endorse the statement made tiy Mr. Wil
I son. The fact* are, that Mr. Uullinglun, the colleague and
friend ot Senator Wilson, when he borv the tefussl ol Wil
-sin to fight Brook-, expressed a desire to know whethet
j it was the intention of Brook* to assault Wilson in the
' -trect. Alter some little hesitation, (Ion. Lane promised
i that there should tie no attempt to whip Wilson for a
week; mid aubecquontly lie assured him that Mr. Brooks
' d sired him to say that he did not intend to make ant at
tack whatever upon Mr Wilson at any time for what was
i past; and Mr. Butlingloii so reported before he left tile city.
Die liinitatinti ol a week, within which no attack was to
•e made upon Wilson, was a piece ol fun on the pait ol
• ten. Lane and got up a laugh at Buffington's expense,
tor making so strange a la-quest.
It was indeed a strange application, and by its extraor
1 dinary character, no doubt prevented a street tight, in
which, probably, both the principals would have lost their
lives. ' II. T.
Washington, June 4, iN.'nl.
Dismissal of t'rampton.
Tin* Charleston Mercury speaking of the dismissal
of the English official, says :
| “The disclaimer of the English Government, of any ittten
] lion to injure our laws—the denial ol all its instructions
which could justify such conduct upon the purl of its offi
cials—the tiank expression of regrvi.il these law sjhad been
inadvertently \iolated—ami these ndutissious, hacked hv
the officials themselves—ull make a case in which our Go
vernment might have exeicised a wise am' magnanimous
! forliearance. in that, we lake the same view ol the case
a-it is pr'sented with force and clearness by Senator
Toombs in the debate quoted. With him, we arc of the
j opinion that there never was in the question sufficient
cause lor protracted and warm correspondence between
lh.i two countries, and that a high statesmanship would
not have elevated into importance so inconsiderable a mat
By this it will be seen that others—and those
I hmincrats, arc coming round to the opinion which
we expressed more than six months ago, that there
! was no violation of our neutrality laws by England,
which called for action. We never believed it was
; forbidden for a foreign <i ivernment to let it be known
; here, that person- who chose, might enlist by going
out of our territory, and that the persons might go
| without infringing tile law. Lord Palmerston lot the
i nail on the heal, when he said; “the United States
i- not Russia—it is a free country—its citizens can
go ami come when they please and for what they
i please.” And that fact—their freedom—proved the
absurdity of Mercy's doctrine, that they could not
go to Canada to enlist.
The H hite Motive.
The news from Cincinnati has spread a gloom over
this magnificent Hotel of the Republic. Pierce is
sorrowing, and refuses tube comforted. Old Marcy
is as grunt as a mail bull. But poor Caleb—the man
of all work—bis condition is piteous to behold.—
Old Renton's new book lias just stripped the mer
cenary wretch naked, and exposed him to the ab
horrence of mankind ; and now Old Ruck comes to
strip hint of all his employments—the ill gamed
' fruits of fourteen years of political knavery.
If Rev. is not too full of joy at the rout of the
enemy, will he report daily the condition of these
buttering patriots?
We published a communication some days since ar
raigning the Pension officers for frauds, kr. We dis
avowed knowledge of the facta—but staved that the paper
came from what wo regarded a responsible source. It
flow turns out that the name of the mail tiv whom it pur.
ported to be written was a iorgery—and the real authoi
a person in Georgia, who has been at rested for frauds ii
In the pension office. Ol course the statements ol suet
u character are wholly worthless. .
We are very much gratified that our old Whig friend
Kidder Meade, was selected to nominate Buchanan. I
Old Muck should be elected, that little circumstance can
1 not he forgot or overlooked—it insures Kidder better lull
than he had with (lie Brigadier. We should not be sur
1 prised if it gol him a full misaion. Hone it mav I
| will furniah another proof of the inability of the |)eimi
j eraey to carry on the government without Whig help
proof which make* the old line Democrats mad enough i
I bite tbemaelrea!
[Flit tiik Winn.
, [ Tliia inveiitioii Ira* aolved a problem wliich haa Ira III*
, the ingenuity of man, aim*’ the firat attempta to fatlioi
the deep blue watera of the ocean, '<m| to nacertnin til
[ character of the lied upon which it reata. Upon the te>
j timotiy ol l.ieut. Maury and Profeaaor Hailey, of Wn
, Point, it haa ahed a Ihaal of ligld upon tile acienec of gi
ology ami /oology, and upon many important fact* inti
matcly connected with the physical geography of the aeu
It haa a|-o tliaelnaed a moat admirable ayal'iii of competi
( arlion, by which the atatiia of the ami r a maintained, am
all the foreign ingredient* continually mingling with it
watera abaoitied ami deposited in uiidiatarhed rcpoae upoi
| ile Indium; thua deuioti»ltiding the order and the bar mo
nv which prevtila in all the wmk» ol the great architee
ol the Uiiiverae, and wliieh i« rendered more app’ireut In
every diacloauru of the accrete of nature.
1 The aorreta ol the deep, brought to light by Brooke’
apparatus ha«, Irom the eminent nuthoiitit ar|uoted above
made a large ami ini|Mii taut addition in our knowledge o
Ibe harmonica ol nature, which ao Imautilully illuatraie tin
wiadoni and the gmelneaa of (Jotl. Hut there an- many
practical benefit*, re*ulting from tliia Invention, wbirh cti
I titlea lie author* to the thank- of the whole civilian) world
Hy the uae of lironlte'a apparatna, we can tmw, in tin
eoiln*<' of time, map out the Ijcda of tin* great thorough
far* a ol tin* or* «n, with a ilegree of accuracy •ufficieiit lo
1 all prartical purpoae* Ami, Itttin the leriitnony of l.ieut
i Maury, lari* have already t*ceu aaeertalned, wliieh could no
Otherwia** have been known than from the u«e of Hrooke'i
i apparatna, whieli •leinotiatrab'a the practicability of the mb
marine telegraph, now in the courae ol e**n*trnotion, be
tween Rurope ami America. Such, lor ioaUiicc, a* tba
* the aea on thi* lonte i* nowhere ton deep lor the wirea tr
, aink. ami that the bottom of the ar a ol thia tel* graphn
plateau i* in a atatc rtf perfect ir.impiility; ami that llieri
are there neither ifelauga, enrrenla, or any other abratliui
(troceaa, to derange the wirea after they are Once beige*)
i Vet there ia reaaon to lirlicvi- that an invention whir l
promiaea a* nupo. uni remits practical ami etirntifir, a
any that hae .recurred airier* the invention of the telegraph
i ia lrat little kmiwn to any hut a lew arirntifir men. Pin
the purpoae rtf endeavoring to render the author ol tin
, 1 *ler p aea •minding apparatna" Iretter known, en«l the tin
prrrtant rontrihutioiia to eeienre which hia inventiori pro
ni'aea, | rrupieat the favor of yon to give thia romniuuira
lion a place in your pafrer, (mating that your eiample wil
be followed by all the editor* in our State, who take at
inter eat in the reputation of one of Virginia'a aone, wht
can Irreiat of rur other fortune hut hia pr»l*-«atmial reputa
P. S. The author of thia invention ia Lieot John If
Brooke, U. 8. Navy. •
A 4'atriot a Mas —A few daya aince a gentleman whe
I had juat rented a valuable property in Ifork-Srjnarc, B***
r Ion, Maaa , ia aaul lo have maiated upon having the lot
, lowing r-lanae married in the ieaae : "In rase of war, ami
Lombardrnrnt of Morton, or injerv lit fhe premia*-" in eon
aeijnenee of foreign or rlomeatic war, thia term aball end,
and the Ieaae he eoncclled.''
Br»uo, Jline ft, IMA.
Mr. KJilor :
You are doubtless aware that I lie Black Republican*
ant making a J«*|M-ralr effort to bring their party into no
tice. at the •-&prime ol every principle ol lionor ami pat
riotitui. Ami since tha asaaull of Hu. ScMMKB by Vs
llano**, thrir *lury knows no bound,’* and they (at least
the fanatic portion of them) are holding indignation lure
lings at different points, aa they say. for the purpose ol
vindicating the freedom of speech. Ilut their object in
rvshty, is nothing more nor leas, than to bring their party
into notice, and thrust themselves, it possible, on the
good t-omw-rr Stive people of the North.
Kor this purpose, they called a meeting at the Eagle
Slrvat Theatre last night. A Iriend formerly Iruiu South
Carolina, and myself, concluded to attend the meeting,
and fael the pulse of this |-cop'e. We went, took our
rests in the back pan of the house, intending to Ire silent
spectators, Hut thc/arrr was too good, and we lost our
gravity more than once during the evening.
The meeting was railed to order in the usual way, hv
appointing a President, Committee on Resolutions, Ac.—
The President then stated the object of the call and rv
qiiewli-d those who were forrmvl in getting the people to
gether, to eoiue forward, and address the meeting. Hut
they could no where be found. In th s emergency, it was
necesaaiy to find amir one else, and the Ho*. J. O. IVtsax
being observed in the house, was called for, and made a
short ranting speech, unworthy the man. Ue flourish* i his
beaver with one baud, and by the lime lie got through, it
was pretty well sym-rrr»f; He sat down amid the applause
—ami strange as it may appear to you—the hisses of the
Nett was called a naiarafrr of the fiospel, the Rev. Dr.
Thoinfisou, of the Soft Presbyterian denomination, lie
said tie had a had cold, and could not speak, (providi ntial,
no doubt.) but that his “heart was with them in this mat
ter,” and the A of* man took his seal.
Next called upon was Rev. Mr. Hcacock, of the same
religions denomination. He took the stand with /irryximf
m«/ra in Ins hand. Doubtless, he took these notes into his
"srerrl chamber,” and prayed the liod of the l" *10* to
sanction Ida unholy purpose*.
It was now time (or the Cora mitt-re on Resolution* to re
port, and here is where the fuw commenced. The chair
man of the committee, Mr. Welch, 01 the Buffalo HrptMie,
stepped forward, bowed. Mulled, unfolded the paper*, look
ed over the audience, smiled again very sweetly, and com
menced to read. Hut there was evidently somrfAiny
trrtmp, and the crowd soon discovered what that *o/«c
lAiny was, and hurst into a prolonged fit of laughter.—
The isKsrLitiaA* hyd a “/An-A lun.jur." He however, ral- 1
led, and the ndrtli subsiding, he proeeeded to read the
resolutions. Here one Pat Rya.*, a jolly Irishman, ob
serving that the sposkei's lips were <fry, stepped on the
platform, and offered him a glasa of water. This
“brought down the house.” Quiet being restored again,
the speaker went on with the Resolve*. When he got to
the last part of the second resolve, where It speak- ol
the assault as “brutal, cowardly and mHn/rrusi, some
one desiring to offer an amendment, but an effort was at
once made bv those Abolitionists to put him down, and
thus firrmit the freedom of speech. But it was sun dis
covered he had liiends 111 the house. Another voice wss
henul in another pail of lire house, strong, powerful and
eloquent. It was A. Conkling, K-q , clerk of the I'uiled
States District Court, and son ot the Hon. A. Conkling, and
a gentleman m> much respected lor Ins talents and gentle- I
manly bearing, that the crowd —Km gave way, and the
champion Took the stand and spoke beautifully ami elo
quently, and soon turned the channel of the meeting into
its proper course.
All honor and praise is due Mr. Conkling. Miy laurels
... iivii... iiuwoa oi noi r-uyiug auuurauou
encode In* brew.
Tims it was tli.it these incendiaries were rebuked, and
tin* object ol tlieir meeting lost. And it ia to lie hoped
that the spiiit that pervaded at the close ol this meeting
will spread through the whole North, and at the coming
Presidential election, sweep this lilark Republican party
troiu the face ot the earth.
My object, Mr. K litor, in giving you this account is to
prove to the South tiiat there is a party at the North, true
to the interests of our country, and who will go hand in
hand with you in preserving tho dearest rights of our
common country. UP FfA LO.
hat tor* of the Jlirhinotol W'hicf ;
I observe that the Democratic press is doing aome tre
mendous boasting over the result of tho recent elections.
Every defeat of an American or Whig candidate is he
ralded, kith a grand tlnurUh ol trumpets, as a Democratic
triumph. And yd you take tio pains to ascertain how
tar these accounts are true, or what" have tieeii the cor
r»~|H»nding losses on the part ot the Democracy. I do
not know what have been the n-sults in other jMirtiuns of
the State, hut in the Southwest the election* have becti
anything but tlMteiiug to the pms|M*ols ol Democracy.—
Itelow | giie you a ll-l of Democratic losses just aiound
me. Smet the elections, the untcrriHud insist they were
not party contests, but it does not lie in tlieir mouths to
put in this plea ; the candidal.**, in a large majority ol
cases, were the regular nominees of caucusses and con
ventions, and in oilier cases, tlieir claims were advocated
u|*on mere party giouuds.
In Kloid, Kelterman’s majority over Slicld, the regular
nominee of a caucus, is aliout 8'**.
In Pal rick. Turner, K N., beats Ross, D., lor Sheriff,
Hl*.i vote- Staples. K. X., beats lint well, D., for Com
monwealth's Attorney, litiy.
In Kiwnkliii. Turner, Whig, lieats Keane, Deiuorratic
nominee, 23o votes for sheriffalty.
Iii Koanoke, Diuguid ls*ats Piltchett, Democratic no
minee. more than 2'xi votes tor Sheriff. Ulair beats
Woodson, Dcniucralic nominee, moVc than Dm votes lor
t'oiumonwealth's A t tornev.
Ill Montgomery, Wade beats Taylor, D., lor Comutou
wealth's Attorney—Smith beat* Edmondson lor Sheriff,
by small majorities.
Ill Carrol, llawlv lieaLs Cook lor Cotlimouwealth's At
torney by more than .’iisi majority.
In Uotcloiirt, l'it/.er beats his Democratic opponent liv
more than -ton insjoiity. SOUTH WEST.
[nut Tilt: RICH UOMI WHIR.
WaMIim.tos t’lrv, dune •>, 183ii.
Mr. Editor:—Having aeon the uiaim-eript id the com
munication which appeared ill your i-sue ot the 27th ult.,
signed “Mason,” in which charges ot grosamvllicial lual
vernation in I lie Pension ttftiee are freely made, 1 readily
recognize the hand-writing ol Or. II. A. Raiuaay, of Co
Itiinhia county, tin
As Dr. Ramsay has lately been under arrest lor the
perpeliati.ni of lingeries and peijurics “too numerous lo
ineuiion,” and is now—having escaped from the Marshal
of the State of Georgia—a fugitive from justice, it is cer
tainly needle-* to attempt to exculpate the “clerka" of
the Peusiou < ithce I rum his libelous charges.
We stated last week that the exercises attendant upon
the coming Commencement ol the Va. Military Institute,
would he invested witli great additional interest from the
presenco ol Governor Wise and tbu erection of the bronze
statue ol Washington. It has afforded us very high grit*
ideation to learn that another eminent attraction will be
•uper added lo those before alluded to. Hon. Lawrence
Mi Keitt, ol South Carolina, has consented to address the
Literary Societies ol the Institute, yd will do so upon
llie same day—the llrd of July—on which Gov. Wise dc
livers his address. Our citizens limy well congratulate
r themsrlres on the prospect of so lich an intellectual feast
• This broad Union cannot furnish two more fascinating or
ators that Wise and Kent His bitterest opponents will
at least acknowledge that the first ran talk—and talk lo
wliomt reputation ia already (irmly established for genuine
eloquence of the highest t inea. We chanced the other
day to pick up M'im Murray’s book on the United .States,
, and found tliat Mi Keitt’s name ia prominently mentioned
lit her as that ol the most eloquent speaker whom she
heard on the tloor ol Congress. Nor is this all. He ia a
man ol the right «t inp ot . southern feeling, principle and
pur| o-*o. Hold, h'.iiIc*a amiable, he hi* made tin- Ale
lition harpies who now infest the House of Representatives
quail la-fore his energetic and scathing denunciations. To
, hear such a man, at hi* piirticiilui juncture of our polili
, cal affair is a privilege* which cannot well lie lm> much
magnified and we anticipate for hi* audience such a con -
course as the public days of l-cxinglnn have never known,
t We never fed mi much inclined to pity those unfortu
nate places, Hig Richmond, Little IVteralmrg and er
Staunton, a* about the 4th of July. Then, when |.exing.
ton is in a blaze of glory, with her streets thronged soli
- citizen* ai d strangers, with distinguished sons ol the tihl
Dominion and of other States in attendance, with strains
I ^ of martial music, and patriotic hurst* ol oratory Ironi the
i | Institute graduates, tilling the air during the da* and mag
I lnhi . nl lire works illuminating the night, ihc walls ol
those unhappy towns arc echoing here and there tin- tread
of sonie solitary straggler, who only set ve* to render the
desolation more marked an<l melancholy, link if this Ih> the
case ordinarily, how much greater the contrast now ' Our
i bowels yearn with ronipansiuii at the thoughtCome up
ye unlortuiiiite brethren of ours, leave ytmr hot nod dustv
' summer holes and Irreath the purr- air of the Mountain
1 City. Coine up, big "Molungcoo," of the Hfrlimnnil
Whig, ns aid decamp extraordinary of thy ln-lored ••lii/.
-niril Iwot"—come up those noble Grecians of tin- Knquirer
and air thy white vesture under mountains mine inspiring
- than Parnassus; come up oi l friend ol the Dispatch ami
lament the hard destiny which lias carried lliee from
amongst n*; eomc up old "copper-head" Imm Petersburg
and Haunt the Cockade standard bravely in the lare ol b.-r
decriers—and mine up, especially, ye woful neighlmr* of
the lllind and Lunatic Asylum* as K(e-< tutors of the won
•lets of Lexington, bill Mill Vindicator* of the universal
supremacy of Slatinlou ^
The Alumni of the lostitnte are to have a gland dinner
i on ih- a-l Wo promise you to use unceasing oft'orta with
the Committee ol invitation for vour special Item fit—in
deed we sill guarantee yon a seat ai the lestive board.—
And then. In that presence, a conference may be held
which will throw Orloff noil Wah-w-ki. (tool and Clar
endon quite into the shade, ami the competing claims of
i our four Virginia cities he settled in the moat amicable
and satlafactriry manner.— fo//ry Star.
Csram Lima*.— It is stated that the Postmaster Gen
eral ha* iiistnirted ihc postmaster at N--w York that when
ever any letter is ilepic-ilcd unpaid he must send a circu
lar notice to the parly addressed, that the said letter i*
.Mamed lor want ol pre payment, and that It will lie for
warded on the receipt. In stamps, of the amount due.—
This plan ia intended to prevent the aei'iurndation of un
paid letters, and il sueeesslnl it will be extended to oilier
A Gat at Lsmi Ca*a Dxuhxd— Tlie US. Uonrt at
New Orleanahas deci-b-d the great Texas laud case in fa
vor of the plaintiffs, It was a claim for land founded up
on a grant made bv the Mexican Government outlie 14th
of June, INS .to Jane S-le la Vega, and covered aorne fol
ly or fifty thnnaand acre*, which land i* now Mid to Ire
worth two million* of dollar*.
Dgxrn* in Noami.i— During the month of May there
■ were j:i deaths in Norfolk—while* 11, blacks 1 J
Aisi lA# PKi/mir/j>Aia Inquirer.
A Convention la to be Ml In th* ell* of Washington,
on Tu- a-lay neat, for the purpose of consulting In rela
tion to the high ptio* of Peruvian tiuauo, ami the beat
course to be pursued bjr the Farmers ami Planters of the«
United States upon the subject. Most of the Agricultural
Societies have ap|H>inle<l delegates Tin Peruvian Minis
ter has alrvailv issued a letter, in which he endeavors to
explain sml jus lib tho eouiaeol Ilia Uovernnieiil. lie
savs that that Cioveniuiei.t sends to the United States for
sale, the quantity that it thinks necessary to meet the de
mand ; and it does the same with other foreign markets,
w illicit increasing the pi ice of the article iu the one more
than iu the other. That it is unable to supply the in
r reasing demand trmu Ureal Britain and the Continent,
where it is living brought into general use, and aella at
Ariii per tun. Tnat as tliu United States do not at present
consume one louith of tho guano exported Irom Peru, it
cannot lie reasonably ripi t ied that the Peruvian Govern
ment should make any rvdat lion ol price in lavor ol
Ameiiran agriculturist*, to the prejudice ol thoss of other
nations, whose rapidly increasing consumption of the ar
ticle. Peru finds it difficult to supply, even at the above
mentioned price. That Peru regards its guano deposits
as a sacred trust ol inapprvei sbla value, to he pirscrved
from spoliation, and tu-lcred ami husbanded with the
greatest care ami vigilance (or the present as well as fu
ture hem-fit ol the nation ; and that, in his opinion, in
stead of promoting the increaSssI consumption there
of, it would henceforth he its true policy to diminish
and rrstiict the same to such an amount yearly as may lie
■ leeinrd sufficient to pay tlis interest on ila national debt
and contribute, with the other productive resource* ol the
Republic, to defray tho current expenses ol the govern
lie conclude* by stating that the Peruvian government
will persist in adlirring to the system heretofore pursued
and that no advantage can poasildv result from any fur
ther agitation of the subject. Hut the Fanner* and Plan
ters ol the United Slates do not think so, and hence the
proposed Convention. A correspondent of the New Yot k
Evening Post, who has been employed iu loading a ship
with guano at the Chines islands, has communicated to
the editor of that paper some interesting intormaliiHi con
cerning the trade. He has been at the islands three dif
' terenl times, and ucarly six months in all. The last time
he was then* was in the Summer and Fall of tS&A. He i
says that he louud at lime* five hundred sail of vessels
together loading with guano, generally large ships, flue
ship was tjmi ton* burthen. Not less than three hundred
sail of r esse I - are now at the islands, loading for the Uni- |
ted States, Spain, Portugal. France, and English and Uer- |
man port*. Some cargoes are cent to Constantinople, and
swine to Russian ports in the Black Sea. Thi* was lu-l'ore 1
tlis war iu the Crimea. The Russian tiade will now open 1
again, Isith from the (Hack Sea and the Raltic. Freights |
are high. AY. I'S are often paid per ton fioiu Liverpool
and Hampton Road*. Ucnerallv, ten shillings more a ton •
freight is paid to Europe. At the rate at which guano is !
now shipped at the Chincha Idaiuls, it will tie exhausted
in six to eight years—not a ton will be left. Twenty thou- I
sand tons are sometimes removed from the islands in a sin- .
gle day.
The Chincha l-laud* are about one hundred miles north |
from Callao. The longest of the group is two miles in I
length, ami a quarter ol u mile wide, hut contains onlv a
small quantity of guano. The most northerly is the smal
lest, tietiig ntKUlt a mile ill length, hy hall a miic in breadth. I
Unarm on this island is two hundred and filtv teet deep — j
The island contains a Chinese Settlement of Coolies, alioiit I
ami loading the vessel*.
A task is given them each Jay, and if the gang fail to
get out tlie given number ot wagon loads, ol two tons
each a day, their bondage i* continued a longer period, to
make it up; so many month* or day* are added a* wagon
load* are wanting.
The Coolie* are cheated into the belief that they are to
be shipped Irom China to California and the gold diggings
and are further deceived by the oiler ol a free passage —
The knowing Chinese or tlie Mandarin* ship them. The
ship master carries them to the Peruvian enrol and sells the
cargo ol living Chinese for hi* freight money. All llii*
time the Chinamen are kept in iron* ami confined below
in tlie hold of the ship. Tlie Peruvian government pur
i hase tlie cargo ot living Coolies, paying tlie \ ankee or
Rtigliah captain a round sum for hi* care, diligence and
lalmr in stealing Chinamen Irom their lionira In be sent into
tin-i/hono mines ol Peru lor lile, or tor five to seven
years, and to Ire field in Uunlage or peonage to pay tlieir
(sassage to the gloriou* land ot tlie J/m».
The guano i* hard and can only be broken up with the
pickaxe. It is then broken and shoveled into tin* wag
on* and rolled from the shutera Into the ves*vl. Xn person
ean go upon or come away from these island* without a
pass, as they an* guarded hv more than mid hundred
armed soldiers Udongiug to Peiu.
Tlie Peruvian* send all their prisoner* ol Skate into the
guano mines, say about two to three hundred, where
they are let out to work by day, and at night are shut up
in tlieir ocll*,.with only two meals perday. These prisoners
are generally provided with wive* or female companion*,
who have been permitted to go to the blinds, and hire
themselves nut for work and prostitution. They are moat
| iv Indian*, native* ol the country. There " no freali wa
ter on the island*, aud eacli vessel i* compelled by law to
I carry a ton of fresh water tl ere for every lira ton* Win.ten
j of the ship. The oldest Captain in the fleet lanu each na
i (ion is appointed Commodore, and lioisi* liii flag a* such
on hi* sliip, where all dispute* are settled. Indeed the
municipal laws of the island* and the fleet ire decidedly
ol Yankee origin.
The islands are alanit ten mill-* Irom the unin land, and
arc coin (tossed ol new red sand stone. Tit guano con
sists not only of the drpo-itsol birds, hut of the mud
of the ocean. Messrs tiilib* K lliight, if Liverpool,
have a lease of the island* from tlie Peruvian govern
ment lor live year*. This expire* ill 1*57, lul they hope
to obtain a renewal of ii. Tlie price paid t. the govern
ment is $1 5n per ton, for the privilege ol liking all the
guano Irom tlie Island*, and the tiuvcrnnieiitfuruishe* the
Tiik Cimcinjiati Kuit.—Tlie Cincinnati dazette, ol tlie
1 15th inst., lias the tallowing account ol the slab
! hing ol Mt. Hindi, in that city.
Last evening a Mr. I» K. White seeing the lurge crowd
j around the liuriiel House, concluded loaiakea speech me
; on “The Signs ol the Times.” lie accordingly mounted
! upon a pile of rubbish in a vacant la near tlie IMvidei.
House. When lie had been sileiictd by the crowd, or
bad completed bis speech, Mr ficstgc P. Hindi, of Wash
ington CXl.v, got upon tlie stand and made an attack upon
Know Notliingism.
lie was quite violent in his remaik* ill met with con- I
siderable interruption from-lie crowd. At last exaspera
led bv this treatment, lie dvaeeuded from the stand and a
general mu** ensued, in tin course of which Mr. liuell re- j
ceived a wound in the back Irom a large Irowie knife._ 1
1 Tile blade entered just beliw the shoulder blade, and j
reached to the lung*. It wi* nearly two inehe* wide._
Mr. II w*< conveyed to the luruet House, where aurgical i
attandencc was procured, kn nttem|it w a* made tins- j
dure the assailant, l>ut what success i* doubtful. Two'
men were arrc-tcrl and lakei to the Hammond street Sta
tion Ilnusc. Tlieir name* ire Cary and Caasadv.
We are told by a gentlciinn wlro wa* (rassing on Third
street, that he saw the crowl running ami two men in
front id it, who entered a digger* Inirriediv. lie heard
I they'll hurt yon." The plate waa alter ward* pointed out
j to aome ol the police, who pronounced it a low hole ol
| the worm Kind.
Mr. Kuril'* wound vaa examined hy the lurgeoue. It
waa lotind that the punt id the blade hail penetrated the
lung*, rrnl that he we* bleeding internally A gentleman
who >.»w him l**t eriiiing, intornia u. that he h id hot
little pain, and waa quite enrulortable. The aurgenn*
thought hia recovery doubtful. The rhaneca are rlei i
dedly ag iiii.I him.
Hvatoa *r Ciat t mart.—The Cincinnati Commercial
na y a :
Col. Kenton Ira* lorn railed on hy man* gentlemen, at
Ida parlor in the Headway llnt.l II.. l**lertnmr,,ring
I hard rind lint fix Kcl.anaii, and ia death and won on
j I’ieree and llouglaa lie *ay«:
"Thi- Ailiiniii.trlion i. moat weak ami corrupt air -
Corrupt and weak, n. The I’re.ident dmi’l know 1,’i.nwn
! miml for one lionr ir— not I.a- one I.. lax.k at our 1
Foreign relation*. There i* more danger of tile p. u. e of
th.- world being diantbeil than you an- aware, *ir, more ,
i tliiio you are awareof, *ir,
"The pa.airm* ofUio people are feurfulty armi.ed, air [
I —fearfully anaiaed. Mention the name id Ihmgli* ’»„«(
every I'K'I p**»l<a i. aronaed—«*er v one ...
•ir. He ia a plitieal flllihn.ter, *ir |fe rouhl !
not carry a free Shite. Tim North I* imenwdf
very ju-tly ineenaedit Ida conduct, «jr. Thi* thing ,
shire,y agitatir.il wa all fettled, air; until he broke ji ,,p j
, Tire angry feeling ,,| |„. North i* Very jnal, *ir.
"A*ltrr K'lehanan-never a lemling m in in auv high
.ir .hut a m in d I nr talenta, and a very pore man
in both hi* public anriprifale life, rir. He i* , „(
peace, *ir—eminently, man of peace. The rflrrt of hi*
nomination would lie l re.tnre perm* to the country, *ir." |
I*1 m ■ .. Th Claflottrmill* Advoeal, -h.
The miineniti* amt* hmight aomn year* ago l,v farmer*
of Augnatacom.tr w. Str,Crump and other*of Kichmond.
(or the valrrc of lion amlolher pmdoro taken hy the She.
j f'lf of Allivniarle ti|eu rxectltini* if, hi* hat,da in favor id
fry • 'iiimp and othr* agaioal llocg, Whit more K C.. of
Seott-rrlle, in who.,* warehraae th.- prralrn„
| aimed lor alilpnirtif, rave him In.-illy di*po*ed ol try an
agreement le ..I th Cnom*-l. Thear- cailaee had beer,
| tried hy a jury aome ynra I go aarl were derided in favor |
..oo.rgmnaof th pel,tee, the jury allowing fr,i
i per barrel for lire flue. Th* caeca were taken to the
Court of Appeal., heart aa<| returned to the Circuit Court '
for further treating ; In the Com tael came to agreement
in ref. r nee to the wI,a, hatch, allowing f |j per tierirl
for the Flour. The arWnt of the execution* will reach
arir.mwhvr«r in the nc igtrorhood of t,tKet.
Ttta Sroau, on Thurlay afternoon, waa quite awrern in
Washington The Naonal Intelligencer aaya, ••Toward*
the rlu*e of the gnat re nf the protecting r,e|* „f t(„.
Smithaooion hnilding i* touched, ami aueh a rot,cu..ion
produced throughout t-•••lifie- that th* member* of the
Ifonnconathic In-lit,rbtherc amend,led, all got an electri
cal ahock , equally urmlertetl ami cheap The fluid r rac
kled and ld<*cil along e Horn ol the great colonnadn in
a way not noon to he (gotten by thoac who wltoca*. d it
A hone atanding to a rriage before the entrance to the
huilrliog, Waa -truck upr hi* knee* hy the force of the
ahock No injury attend to he done loth* edifice itaelf
thank* to the protection! the lightning rod*."
Dattaoc to the Corn Ceot.—'Tho late hcary rain* in
aome portion* of South .inline, have done much miachief. I
A higtr f,train t in tho ’atereo river, ha* deatroyeu the |
entire crop of many plater* in Rvhlaml and Sumpter ilia- I
trict*, and it ia loo laic i the *eaa»n to replant eotlou. I
tH a FoRKUtx RciAtioXi —The Washington corrvsfHxn
dvhl of lb# N. Y. Commercial advertiser, wide# a* follows
under dale of June A:
ll is Udieved that our fnrri^n rvlitkmi art Iu a rritkal
stale. Kv«a with regard lo Franco *• are not certain ol
(lo* continuance ot friendly relations. There was wwwe
significance in the application ol Mr. Sarligew, the oth« r
day to Mr. Marcy, in tegsrd to an attack on him, proceed
iug from a autmrdinalv *4 that office Mr. Sartigea at all
events attached so much ini|MN lance to it that, in a per
sonal interview with Mr. Marvy, he demanded that the Se
civtarv should disavow the letter and that he should dis
miss Irom Ole service ol the department its author—all ol
which was promptly done.
There i# an uneasy ami even eicited fading, on the pfll
ol foreign Mi in-ten* hew, in regard to the policy, conn**
and design* <4 this Government.
The platform adopted at t incinnati for the neit Admin
istraton will not serve to lessen thia concern.
Fnatiuft Items. —Sir Henry Harkcly was lo be appoint
ed the new Governor of Victoria.
The foundation stone of a new Military Hospital, nam
ed the Koval Victoria Hospital, wa# laid by Her Majestv
on the 18th nil., with great pomp. The sits selected is
aliout sit iihK-s from Southampton, and hall a mile from
the shore. It will exist about £*nn,nnO. Two seamen
were horribly mutilated and killed by the prematuw dis
charge of a gun on board one el tha gun-lmata ranged oil
the show for the purpose of saluting Her Majesty.
Krr iters or loom mho— A correspondent ol the Wil
mington Herald, writing from Hnuklea's Depot, N. 0 .
June 5, say# :
Thia evening, aliout 3 1-2 o’clock, two negroes, a young
woman and hoy, and five mules and a horse, the property
of Mrs. M. K. Brink lev, were all struck down am) killed
in a pile, at the carriage-house, near thia place. The ne
groes had taken the mule* from the field, and carta to the
carriage-house, to fie sheltered Irom the rain—and the
two negroes killed were on mules.
Divorce Cask.—A letter Irom New York says:
In the Superior Com! Thursday morning. Judge Clarke
gt anted a decree of divorce in favor ot Virginia K'iaa
Jones, Against Walker K. Jones,# name pretty well known
ill this citv. The defendant is ordeiod to pav Mrs. Jones
per annum, as alimouv together with filon.xs cost*
ol the suit. She is allowed the oisUhIv of one child. The
parties have been married since 1818. The ground# for
the divorce consisUsl ot an allegation of improper iiitniu
cy between defended! ami a Mis* Fisher.
The Columbus Sum of the 3d iust. says:
“For two dav* past, vsiioii'* rumors have been circulated
in our city ot the piesence of parli«*s from Montgomery,
AU.t who had come over for the purpose ol fighting a du
el. \\ e learn that the names of the princi|tal* are II.
Hudson and- Lyman. About noon yesterday, the
Sheriff of Muscogee countv arwsted Lyman, and the case
wu* undergoing investigation yesterday evening. So the
luwtile meeting is likely to t»o uipp.*d iu the bud by the
inlet ventiou of the law.**
Tkkkiiu k Art'iUKNT.—The following i# a list of the
killed and wounded by a collision on the N Y. Central
Kailiend, la>t Friday : Mrs. M. F. Stephens, of Charles*
t*Ui, Min , killed, \Vn». ILtynes, fireman, killed; am! Jno
W . Roberts, of New York. Mary Met'nil, of Onondaga
enmity, Jo— pit S Gillctt, ol Fair Haven, Mas*., F.lizuhetli
K Dieiniont, ol l«ebanon, New Hampaliire, Horace Ily
in gt on. ol Springfield, Mass, Jeiemiah- Hawkins, Abra
ham Wheeler, Washington Stockton, Natliam Adam# at*d
Andrew Boyce, enginceis; Kiueraon Wiighf, brakeman :
Geo ge Fitzmayer, fireman; Henry C Black and wife, of
Cayuga county, and Adi ran Gilbuore, a railroad employ
ee, all more or lea# injured, several of them having their
leg# broken.
Drstbivtivr Fikk in PocoiikiilI-siie.— Alaint 12 1-2
o’clock on Tuesday morning, lira was discovered issuing
Irom the large paint and verdogri* factory (the only >rr
d.-gri* laetnrv out of France,) situateil iu Bridge sttvet.
Poughkeepsie, and owned by Lewis llroinlov of this eitv.
The tite i* supposed to have oiiginatcd hum the fric'iou
of the machinery. The lirciucn were ipticklv upon the
spot, but all their efforta were useless, as the hifflding,
machinery and contents were entirely destroyed. The
loss is estimated at from $15 to $2<i,ihmi. Insured lor
$t.:tt)o; $5inmi on the stock and furniture and $ldott on the
Ilot-Ki vssi.t llraaNOtiti.—We regret (savs the Louis
ville Courier) to learn from a gentleman liom Itarcu coun
ty,that the Uon. James («. Ilardy.laeuteiiaut (ioeernnr ol
the State, is deranged, or rather has -link into a state ol
almost mental imbecility. His memory is eutiiely gone,
and his tuiliil is hopelessly shattered*. Ilis phvsii iaua
think he will not recover. Mr. Hardy has long been iu
bail health. During the session ol the legislature the past
winter he was contined to his loom a large portion of the
foBKTKLLINU TIIK WraTHKK.—III a cloudy Ulllrtlillg it is
a matter ol importance to the farmer to know whether it
will be sunshine or stormy in the afternoon. If the ants
have cleared their holes nice, and piled the dirt up high.
It Seldom tails to tiring a good day to tanners, even if it
should lie cloudy till ten or eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
Spidci-wclis will lie very tiuuierou* about the lops ol the
gia«w and grain some cloudy mornings, and fifty years'ob
servation has shown the wiiter of this, that tliose little
weatliet-guraaers seldom tail iu their predictions ol a fair
Hastii raoM tiik Bitk ok a Katt(.k-Sx ark.—The Sa
vaiinah Heorynn, ol the 4th iusl., isports that Mr. Ui-lirv
Ha vis, Jr., a geiitlemsn residing in llulloek county, wa
bitten by a large rattle-snake while walking a lew hundred
\srds Irom hi* house on the previous day, amt died Irom
its effects. He was bitten in the fiircmion and was not
found for some time after, when he was so near death as
to render all remedies unavailable. After he was bitten lie
corded bis legs with his suspenders, anil then killed the
Mkss.vur <ik no: ti ivkhnok ok Nnt llaufsitinK.—Oov.
Metcalf sent liisannual message to the Lcgirlalurc ol New
Hampshire on Friday. About.tliinl of the ikM'timeid
is devoted to national aflairs, principally the slaveiy tjues
lion. Tile tSovernot dennunees the repenlot the Mi—outi
Cbinpi otuisc, the Kansas outiage, and the atlai k on Sena
tor Sumner, and attributes the Uniterm success ot thc
slaee power to their unanimity on that subject; their con
stant threats ol withdrawing from the Union, as well as to
the compactin'** u! their party ties.
I'oi KKT Pi ck i no at Cincinnati .—Malt Ward, of Texas,
a delegate to the Cincinnati Convention, while attending
a crowded meeting in that rity on Tuesday night, wasioh
lied til his pocket Issik containing over $i,gini.
Halifax, June 7.—The steamer Canada frmn Ihiston
with Mr. Craniptoti on Imard arrived here at 7 o'clock,
and sailed again at y o’clock. An address was presented
to Mr. Craioptnn before the steamer sailed.
Two regiments of Hiiii*h troop* from the Crimea arriv
ed here on Monday iu the steamer Himalava.
Piiii tnr.t 1-Hi t, June f..—The PentRivIvan'nn office iIIu
tnlnvli d to night in honor ol the nomiiiation ol Mr. Buch
anan for the Presidency. A number of speakers address
ed the eiowd in front,but failed to gel up much entliusiaam,
most of the “hurrah hoys" being at Cincinnati.
Saw Yobk. June 6.—The Slop Stephen Heath, from
Auslialia for lamtlon, was spoken on flic 14th ull. She
repotted having 2$dona of gold on hoard, with half the
crew in irons for an attempted tuiiuity.
Nkw Vork, June fi.—TRinmany Hall is illuminated to
nigli* in honor o! the nomination*, ami cohgriiiiilninr,
.""K *r« tn-ing held nt nuRieroun place* throughout
the city.
The alnre-hoii.e ami content* ol Me**r*. lUymond, San
ford A Sot., in the lower part ol Ituhluoegw eountv, wit
hurle d on Werlneadny night la*t nlxmt 2 o'clock—lire art
ol an incendiary beyond all doubt lam* ratimaled al
Navai.—Tin* I . S Ship rinmmth dropped down Irom
•he Navy Yard at (ioaport, veatrrday. ami will ahorfly rail
f,w Annapoli., lo fxk.- the place id the xehix.l *hip Preble,
*liich i* ... ot repair* - KnrftAK llrrahl.
Kmr —Tile Tohiteeo rnanufactory of Win. Norman, m ar
Milton, N. C.t a a* tic* Irov ml hy tire Friday night. Mill h
i. \ i t ic«d■: 1101*1:,
•'•rtf, TM fir'i UltOAliWAY.
Till* ••'• and hmulifol marble rdifle i. j„.t r., npleird and rnllrr
Iv •>• w and ltia*ii,«. rutty farnUI.rd, .,,,,1 will l.e opr,,.,11„ Ihr niiMI,
ahuul ihr nr.l I,f Junr n at The I ,,-all.,n nf il.la II,nn- ,„,ka« II
vrry d.nrahlr f..r permanent nr lrar,ah-i,l l.ranler,. loir,* In ih.
m„-l . rfitral part ,,f llr..*dway and In lh» irnmrdlatr vleliiltv id all I
faiMonahl. p|ama „f Afnuw-nu nt, and t. txtn-r adapted in if..-. ,.n,
furl nt fan,In- a, than any .<h. r RmW u, ll.r ,.||y. hxrln* n,,,.
numhrr nf I'arh-ra will, taryr and wrll vvntllafed h* lr.aliarh '
••I. tnyrth-r will, a In*- rmnihrr nf .iu*l. rni.m. fnr lad,, • and m,
ttvmrr, "
Tin. I lunar I. In In- nf Ihr dr./ r/.raa and arrnnd In now* In all ,1.
•!rl",,r"'.-."• "!»•'• 'hr rrf.ilar twrr.ru> planjand I
Ilft.l. r l».r |*T.-f.*l W „( H u If Itf former I
of !^ IfYlrif ||rH.^f lr, (hi. miy, Mw of Iti- franklin ,
llnuar, In Pldladrlphla
TliHIX RTOST * kf Rt-RK/ll’flttP,
Hnt York. Jf.rv TnfA, IVd I ,
<a 11,1, A \\ 11, ■> | r| |; l |; ic .
\0. fir, tmv XT , lllf IMloVII, v i
Mavr p.al „|in,.d a Itnr aamrlnienl nf WATrllT.*, nf Ihr heat
.rut'."!1,'",'1.'*" >r..h hnutlr * and nprr, dial. . all,. ,
' ’•** H-Ht . fftKI, JTTTX, afl.VrH.XII.VrK I'l.ATPI) WAR*,
r. r-r HimvI., fin. I'.nn Oa'levy, tArlaaora in rae*«, *rlM,.rr In
•l"*l. |.alr>, ll,r h. « Trrnrl, IVrlunirry. Trench X..Ap., Pomade.
Ha l. T,« ih audXa I ll-,.h. and -yrrylhlntf In Ihr Taney llnr To ,
" J 9 ,,'l* ? lorpwtlwn ,.f llielr frlrnd. and II* puhl,r
f|fO I «m II IMS, III \ I Ma A Ml VI I Ms
V S PHI i TN*T STTT I am awthnrtaed In I*|rr an ii„, a *'
inrnl.bv W|,|. I. npAf ,..r rml a.It will In- ,„„antr.d 1
pr.oa, „n fr„n, 9-,..i«>n In 1111,0*1 •
I will O-Il nn favnrahlr irrma, riihvr my preonl reach m e, nr mv "
nrw dw ilin* hnu.r, i-nrnrr ..f tlrar* and SO, airrria Aim. other *
taJd'i** *" ,,h •'"* l"w nn T"Wlr upiar.- and , larwhrrv
T»K KXST -The hone* lately ormpb-d by John f. Alena,.I f
whns time riplrr. let A,,),id nrtl; lb- .,!» *r now nrmpird hy R «
ll in,w,anil, and -,'lirr dralrahlr rnnlna In Ihr Law Hull.On* fall al •
m,_a,".»mf'' M" 1 HwIMln*. H R MIXOR
>-* dCrtm
r in.li Ik nni i.tHsiii ntitih TWKNTVDOh
A I All* r kCII Will hr ylren h,r Ihr apprrhrl,. ... r-.,#r X*.
IIHHR... Daniel, Jarkwn, l*mla and I.aar, if takm nut nf Rina A
Qu-eu rnnniy
Dknu l la I* yrara nld, tawnry rnlnrrd, and .1 frri 9 nr in Inrhra
•’***' Ja, ka,.n full a feat, lA. k, aa-a *nhd tan*.ia*r, ,.f *,MM| a,I
drra-, ar.J middle af- lamia .’,y| feyt h.*h, Ida. k Hike I, dly
~- lua aiu.plr, and VI t-ara nf a(- laaar h fee, 9 or 10 Inrhra h«h>
Ware, 71 yrara nld, ,,f al,.w aalt and ralhrr yr|l»w ryra. ,
I have (mat rraenn In think they ara lurking alemt the rMf nf
Rich in nd.
Tm /Whim Will he *lcrn fnr the apprrhvnklnn of re-h nf laid
Rffnea, If taken In K'.ng aial Quern timrily.
M *'* T RO (IRKfRAM.
#•••'•• Nil 1*1. .1STI. M. - lf*> tleya-ea hreeh la.hrr, rwalv.
4 rn m* and fnr ante law hy
>'* rnwix WORTH AM A CO
• J/|‘*SMs II kWS, Sllfll I III Its A SUMS,
r rr,-rfy|„g, f„, aaW. tAMtt WIX-TOR
III •••• » rlPF.R I I ll PRMH MitkMfk.
,M||" Mb hy H JOSIW
fl || •!•*. I ARMS PWIT H l>l , fneadlr hy
OOM M R HO 1 A I*.
Own ■ ng TMa 44 mu. Juns T, 19 1
Ttifw t#tk nu offvriti);4 of Virginia Siim al th# Now
Turk Exchange, first or Hecoad Hoard. ywl,r.lv Al the fire
Hasrd, lo day, D.dW acre sold al W, sellar kit; .lays, and |IU,(IU0
at Ki\.
Tin* "imMiry ** ul ihtt NVxr York lltrraM indulge#
In the following p illion #oonomk^ observation*
“T4»* rap J •ov<iiuslatl»n going on in tie money market must giro
• greater Impetus to Mock* than they Lave rrueited yet this season
The nee ha* u l hardly ». el from etery direction U.e m..st
Uv..rable arcs uuts rea. h us The pro*p*cU for a awe abundant
harvest than ever before known In this country never were better —
from Europ-vwry atramrr brings advksr* of an easier money mar
ker, an advance In stock snsrltkr*, and an active demand tor all
our great Maple products. at satl-tactory prices, from California
•ve*y ekanter com* a freighted With about tWu Uitllioua of g*4*l and
favorable account* of muting operation*. Tl»« return of peace in
Knru|u haa prrmltt«.| a return of immense amount* of gold to the
natural channel* of trade, and a re eatwbtt aliment upon a belter ba*is
»f all the real element* of proap#. Ity. for several years the legiti
mate use* of the enormous g>4d production* of California and A us
traita have been diverted by tLe p rug teas of the war In the Crimea, |
and thr world was not ben. filled in the least by the annual nldltl.o.
of one he mired million of gold lo the cuirency. It was drawn from I
Ha uoual channels of drsulaliww artd scattered broadcast over a se*
lion of the world and among a people where so much specie liad ne- I
f#r k"n ftm before. Mu. n of this will never be seen agalu among
co.uattrcal natt«»us.h«ii the bulk of It will In time .and In the course of
trade, fiud Its wav back scan into acilv# rlreulattoo. and ad I larg •
•y t*» the ba.li of com on-rc I al cre«liu • • • Money is defined to be
co»u* very cheap Lover vales of Interest must soon rule than r*er
Mwr litotn, and the meant to engage In any enterprise of a fea
sible character, with promise of ordinary productiveness, can be
commanded at a uom.ual esai It is estimated that tint t.dal i»m>
do. lions ofp.ll and silver In lh« world ffoos the beginning of tl.e
Christian Era to the preeeut time, am..unt* to twenty « ouaaud mil
lions nr duller* Of this about eight hundred millions were produc'd
In « aliform* and Australia within the pa»l right year*. The pc
il»- tl..ij it going on now a thousand fold faster than previous to lie
discovery of gold la California and Aostral'a. This enortpoos sup
ply must work out a revolution !u fli.fi.nl affairs Mon. y must
decrease in value gradually. hut perceptibly. Its «»|Ue will brc ao
more equalised In d .ffrr eat parte of the world. Product* of all kind*
must become reduced in value through the depreciation of the * ur
rency Real estate will l»e affected aa much as anything rise , but
landed property—the actual a>ll—must Increase Hi actual value.
from lia tmn-produ. lion. We cannot create land ; II cannot be m
creased In quantity at our pleasure or al an rxpensv. except where
It is redsemed frnnt the water. I is value ts. therefore, destined U,
increase under a revolution m the value nf mo ivj. The abundance
and cheapness of money must Increase the value of land, a* It d.w*
of diamonds With the ability which an abundance and cheapne#-*
of amney will give a greater number of people, th. re will I- a grea
ire demand f. r landed property. and aa there Is In fuel only a cer
tain supply. value must be greatly euhaoevd."
The New Yurk Klpresfl, of" yesterday, referring to the
stock market, aavs
••The market exhibits no speculative features. 4%'hether this ab
•on.-e ..f »|e. ulatlvv action 'n the stock market Is attrtlHitahle to tlir
uncertain stale of public matt* ra at home and abroad, while mooes
l* »« abundant, or that stocks In themselves, an.l particularly non*
iHvi.lend sto -k, arv #>> well understood In respect to their value#, as
lo present no ..tyreI worthy of speculation, are now mooted qur»~
lious The public so often engaged hi th# speculative arena, have
apparently abandoned the field, and do Hot engage In sU-ck o|»era
Ib.ns as formerly In foci, as a general thing, there haa been boi
Mile profit real'Brd by such operati«.iis, and besides. It requires a se
r»e# of successful commercial years to bring a new set of speculator*
' -I ward The country I* only Ju*t recovering from a commercial
rt,,*rlf lbt«» winch It had been sunk f«»r two years past The g«*o<i
•ro|»* of the past »r»r, and It Is hoped tl»e equally abundant returns
•f the presrtit, win do much to restore the country to the state of
Nwapo which rrkgticd tier# in I1M, but which then was unfortu
lairly al.usrd by an extravagant expansion of cur vm y, over Im
H»rts, and numerous scliemrs entcre«l Into without cal- ulatlng tlu
•ost. Experience i« a sever# tv u her ; the lessons acquired arv pur
hated at a gnat cost; hut unfortunately, they arc again f«»rgott« r>
n the vxcllrmwnt created hy the whlrl|axd l»f business, and the
-emptatlont of new and ut.tricd enterprises.**
TV Cincinnati 1'iirv Current say*:
The curse of the provision market during the week has not va
'•*'* mat. i-ally from that r. port*.I in our last wrekly review TIn
lenisnd, though not partaking lunch .4 a speculative character lia
wen fair aod price# are well sustained, flour has relapsed into a
lull Stale, but prices, though heavy, are n«4 materially low. r
ira ns of all kinds are quiet. Groceries arv firm, with a (air demand
or tfi# sessnu.
The Wants*™’ H mk of Snvuntiah haa dee la it d a aciui
tonual dividend of ten |#r cent.
A lu^tli.'inl of tulmcni lia# In-on sold in l*cttraimtg, at
f.'l>» |er hundred
i nr. >.,\nir.K. rKMi'j, ic.
tiaoiMU \\ •■ Ii%v«- Jual tir«r«l from Ciil|>. (wr, S|><>tt<;lvaiila aii.
Jarolim, and the universal trs.lui.ui) ts that whrrrVrr «>••* slirai
■ sown cvily lt*rre i* proiuisr of a flue yield-r«|^ iall> ».f ll.r
[usiiuwl slwst In Cul|*e|H*r and the u|>|a*r part uf 8|a»tt«jrlvaut*
I lo.sks remarkably well, is loo far advanced to he mu. I. hurt t> ih.
Iy» chlueli hug and Joint worm, which have almost destroyed th.
Vl.r «t III lower 8|H.itsylvatila an.l part of Caroline In the funa..
he farmers will scalVrlj makr *rrU Tl.rlr chief return will be th.
rs<a.tt that to SOW early, between the 1st and loiii Ai.vu»t. aa thm
’atl.rr* did. is the b***t »• . urlly against their rtu nik-s t , <1; <.* •
-unj Aeir«.
A . <>rtesp..ndriil writing from Fredericks' llall, Louisa county. Til.
nstaiii, says :
"Tlie rain last ad f..r two day* up here. slid hss l,sd s (Inc ,ITrct
rite farmers luve hen pistil.ng l.dSvco. slid Ihr torn I. flourishing
Hu. Ir. Tl.r re ts s great scarcity of plsnU wtUt s great many."
At.hi as iKI.lt \\ tlh tlo- a. . . ptiott of U«* wl.i st crop, which is very
......i, 1!., uruaurt is . f ail othr r , raps la rorseclian are nri >iu„
rtu drouglit who-h h«H last .-I for tt.sny w.rk, hss titslrrlsll, injur..I
tlie cal*, slid afforded no op|H>rtunlty uf plsnln g toharvo |Vn
%rr arwul fears expr, d thst there srr Hut enough mbs. <n plant*
111 '*«■ outoty to -o| plj the ordinary drat Hid, ever. , h. ul.l there .«
•ur a srsprlt tor transplanting.—t'AurliJIrtrWt A Jr,* ,it,
. «txr,x W,- regret to learn that In many purt-nti. cf tl,is ,-uut,
ty tlie wheat has been very utstei tally injured by the tlv, and II.at
the rstagea of the tiler in Oolljmi. Hot. Willi the |.retailing drought
arrulsu.l. a formidable character aa lo.bslruy almustrlillr.lt ll„
prwspcvt «.f even half A crop.
Auurars —For a«.iur time pa-t we have suffer..I a srirese drought
in ihisrrgt.n. Ti.rough tl.r m..d pan »t M*> the Weather w %* .nil
• ndy and dry , au.l on Friday and Saturday nu.rniUg*, the tiutli and
<1*1 nil . Iwavy IrutU Ml In some jM.rtiAin of thl> .••Minty |cr is re
p.rtrd to have .r..seii to the tldckneas of a quarter of au inch ol
^uinlay morning la«t The yui.g corn waa aomrahal damag. .1
•f tliev Id, hul We liave. a* yet, heard of nndttuagr done the w!» al
rnr wheal crop wdl l~ dn.rl m (hi* p.wt ..n ..f the valiey . and if .»
I..es n«>t rain soou. and the weather become more s*aa«.liable, ll.»
fr»*B cr«.p* must l.e severely ttgurrd. He lm|» for U.c best
1 ** s'luce the Above Was m typ.- w« have bad a copious sli. w,-,
"f rain . the weather Is tine and warm, and vegetal*.... is rejok ii.g
ftt the proe|iect. *
^ gentlrtnan who has ja»s| rcturi.c*! from the eastern
d orr of Maryland Informs us that Dm- ravage* .4 the fly In the «|»ra:
arid, in that set tion have l» rn g.eai.an.l li.at Ihr crop lUrr * al
mod totally dr»t «*yr*l.—AU*. (y'lUdh,
Tmv H Kat.- -Our advice* fr...u varkvo* parts of tlie country, wttt.
reftrrn.e t.. tl.r growing crops, are. on the whole. Very fav.*aMe.
He haveCouiplumls of dry Weather, a failure « f the Aral planting ..i
rorn, aim* a •hurtiu-s* cf th. wIm .it plai.t—tail ties complaint* »r.
f»jl> partial Hie icporli* agree in tl.r aomln hi representing the pros
|>eci generally a» quiUr favoraMv. ('is. /V ic, 1’urrtnt.
Kvsr Tfcvvness.—Wr arr gratifl.-.J to learn from variousp«»liit* it.
ha«i rrlnjrssrr, that die wheat crop* m that section are not I krli
O turn .Mil so badly a* was apprel.. nd.d s* veral weeks a*o Tl«
Athens Tost, of May -fc», say*. •• The late rams and favorable wea
:t»r srr brlttg.i.g the gt u* log wlu-st out aslon'elllligly. suit 11.1,1.
l.s; s few Weeks sgu.ll.l not look llkr producing seed. Mow promise
* .cry fair > .1.1 the breadth Siwn last fall w >• our Hurd cr, ale.
bait usmI. au.l .f lit. wheat escape. tlie rust, the prus|trd t.uW u
hat tit re will he nearly. If trot quite as many buttlteli liarvc.tr,I it.
Kast Tenues*, e as last year.
Tltr suction sale* of real date, Is Klchmontl, during the past
s-rk, rtiit.rse.-4 only one offering, VIS l.y Messrs. Taylor A W 1111.10
wn brick terirmenls .Hr 4th street, between Mam .1,4 Krai.kiln si-.,
lot fronting about )H feet, an.l running l.ark slmul »u feel. Tl., bus.
Iiieltl situate,I st tlie Intersection of an sllry bruughl fj.l.'st, soil
the s4jaeeut one i.tsat. There seems lo hr a (rtirrsJ ludlspos.lioo to
irurehsse. and nothing short of a Very desirable off-ring win bring
oge her a company. We have heretofore explained tlie causes ot
ibis depression and deetu It unnecessary now lo repeat our re
We liave met with very few notices of real dale tales, elo wliere,
ilnee the dale of our last report. There la at this time, a eery u.g,
iU.n,lily offering, as tlie advertising columns of this |,sl-er, and .4
tur rlrhangrs generally Utrouglioui tlie fltslr, conetttsively show.—
rtie high price* of grain during the put few y. ars, with a reasons
>le pr.npeet of their conitnuauce, prompted the farmers lo extend
,r lm|troee their possessions, so ss lo employ a larger breadth ,.f
and In the prisiuctton of cereals. Attracted by the saute nattering
•rospects, professional Hint and atbers, residing In lire cities, were
niluced to purchase farm lands, and direct their attention, person
••■y ®r by proxy, lo grain-raising. The uurapeclcd turn of rveot.
n Europe has occasioned the very rational belief that low, and per
tape unremuberattve prloec for cereals, will now prevail for a series
if years. The consequence I* that ai.-lcullurlsts, on a large scale,
*n,| unjtro/rkhnfwl farmers, arc determined either to abandon U.s
-ulltvslloi, of grain aa a source of profit, or to diminish the merit
if their Aeltl operations— now rendered Very ripensIve by Ihr In
rrcae-rl and Increasing coal of labor With this explanation before
re, It la not surprising to observe so Urge a number of extanslse and
raloabl*.farms advertised fsr stile. Ilot the Inquiry naturally arises.
- - ---~r up..ii inf mar
lr<T” MV think that there will he a temporary daptMlatlon, he
•atue the aupply rieeeda ihe demand at premnt, and the competition
irretofore ealrtln* being aei.albly dlmlnlahed, llie high prlrea oh
anted within the |>»at three yeata cannot now he ciprricei earept In
rarorrd lo, al.tiea. The reaaacanirnt and Inereaaed rale nf toiaiton
a alao elerllng a drpreaa.ng ii.H.ien. e up.ni real ratale In anme por
:l..na nf*the Commonwealth. Mo where, we pnhlieb an ri t, act from
he New Vork Herald, In which tlm writer arguea that real relate
will not permanently depreciatellvvalue, whatever may he the •tn-rt
•I the vaat are ret Ion ol gold upon nirr. hantahta roinimalitiea MV
ire inclined to agr-c witti him. The poputalton of the United Mal.-a
■onllnuea to lucrraaa at.ad.ly, and aa a matter of more* the new
'ooiera will keep up the demand for Immeateada. The IT. at jale
I.mlng rapidly occupied With arlllere, hut the tide of emigration
hitherward will iloulrtleaa he interrupted to aome client by llie ea
riling dlalurlaancea wtoeh are ima taking place In Kama* and ,t *
i.,l unlikely dial eotnc of lh.»*r who hare hern I.,..king M . .taar.l
0 ty !»■ adrarir.1 lo Virginia t.y the „g. ring. .,f feri.l. farm* already
•i.eio*e*l, and prepared for Immediate cnlllvadon and oi i-npan. y
r e pruAta of die laal f.-w y. are hare no doubt, t.y d,la time, created
inning "auiall farmera" a dratre i which la the |a* ullarlly „t human
■alure) to pnaar aa them*, Ivea of more eat. naive d.i|iian.e than iboat
If.tr owned, and with due aaplrath.ii to brgrwdllrd. It la hghly p,.g„
•le tl.al moal ot thw large ctatea In the mantel wdl And pur. hae- r.
ri.e "email farm.” then tola* va.al. ,1 a ill in like manner find pur. ha.
*re among a rlaee .if pera.ma who are "cannle wl’ Wile, anil c.nleni .1
t.th malr.” Altogether, Imhlvra of landed property nee,| n.d i_- ,i
OWaged. If they Wlall lo aell, Irt them advertlae In tln.ae riCW-pa
e-ra Which circulate eatrnalvrly among the cla.ae. who have the
"'an* and inrllnalioti In purrhaiar, and •• all will g„ well." w, 411
let -a few nodcea nf recent aalea :
lu.ia.ue TIm- aggregate *al, e oflan.la of ill,- III.to,l* Central ii.ii
■ •ad Co were, in January la.t, f.f*.*<W acre, leav.ng lib’ "
iiienld, whirl, at de- average of the aalea alreadr made w,’.„i,| .pm
bout |f I leaveri. making to aggregate of ftjkai laai The
"* land*, however, are l|. Id hlgt.er than the average of Ihe aalea
fblch hate Ire. n outdo, and a eonalderahle portion f.avr hern will,
*w„ for oon.M.rnhly adraticed pr.cca II, i|, ||m, „|| |„t,j,
,e aoI.|. le I ogli.g lo ihia company, ll.e aggregate yh-|d w.ll proha
v le-Ihiny Ave riiltli.uia nf dollar. The lltinnie "IVoir.l" 1. .,r
■Inly one of the wrraieef *pe. olalloo. of Ihe age, tor Ihe etockho ,1
.an.d only leaved fowl running fill milea virtnally paid i..r hr the
<1 a.Tea) hy do- gen.ral gnvernmenl. I.,„
her Wilt pr.ihal.lv have a aurplna of al le..*| A'l.en mill on* loahlca
after all their rnndrurtion, tree land, and inker bond* nre all
lien op" The road haa enat, about ffn.iaai.iain ,<g (i>a|iy.l/<rr
Vetara* Co .?a Of all the real eatate a.lrerilard if,iw morning
ill one lot fount a purrhawrr It cm,flat, of Are hnndr.d and dll'
r .even and a half a. rea ,.f land, aMnated in Tairfav County about
veil mile, from Un.ri.lrl>, near the l.mle Hirer Inri.plkr ll la
ear tie. Orange and Aloendrla lladr a.|. and I. aald to ennlaln n
ahiat.te »mp .rone guarry a ,Id lor |fo per acre —A Ur .Tenfine/.
Retriuoaa Mee*ra fllha-.n A Co , aold on thr- ,.refti are the rle
aot rcei ten. a of Mr Oae.1, .Ui.tr.I nn N. Chaftea afreet and Nnr
irm Art,me, lo Mr I ml Oner Hodman for flt.faai Th la hu tiding
” ’VI front hy fai feet deep, and la rertalnly on* nf the heat con
fttrM ho«i«rft m Hi*
ArnTlON »Af.*f» MiVKKTIHMl Iff Til* WHICI.
*■•«. lift rn*~mu «?m
,/rrwe loth.- Twr-nly oerea of land, In aame cremly, 1 ty mltcu from
elevtoirg. lo l» a,.Id hy |>. A Ann In front nf Ihe gir hange. Patera,
arg. al I* n'rln. k . M
llth - perrn.ptory ante nf -ling tetand,” Ih Hurry rnnnly. rno
lining a boat UWI acre* - In he aold In Peterahurg,nt If o'clock u
ITth Twe valuable fan.ia In New K< t,I rnnnly, railed " Mul
it't" nod " Vatden a,” l„ ha redd at U.a Court llouee.
lAth —OommluutAnrre' aalv nf a negro woman In Hanover eoun
f. (*vJ I
ITih- A farm nf «an arrea, (half In henry Woodland, In Cheater
eht county, ahmit A mtlea from Mam heater - at l« a’ldnrk M (O.
I tub Kaer-utnf. .ale of the " Rent Mountain ” tract, containing
JV' eotlia^”' , Koam Ae em.-to k* aold on
l^ih.—bole of aavrral valoahlr Irarta nf land (f Jamea'I near
kmancl a. In Honnokr county, at It nclock M ttee.dv*
game day-lh, •• ra""dmrg" m,l| .,„| f*.ra, |„ Rueklogham ro
Alan romrnlaa|.>nera rale. In Hanarer er.aniy, of dfOnrrea of land,
II milea north nf Richmond,) with aever.l m, tiding. there on , and
1 Min* • lift*- frf f»r ttfl»p tUffi
,/w/p I'h - Tire •• Union Hotel '• and Ita appnrlooaarea, in Chrfo
anahmg M ntgomery connly, by decree ol Cobit.
feth Traci of aho.li pei arrea, rail d Darn Run” In Cumber ,
md cutsnty, Ity milaa fr.un Carteranlla |
15th - Peremptory mW uf !•»» mn uf land In AlWwtar**
t| f miiIh f»o« CbarletlrttilW. Twm v«« |lUr«l
lith Valuable farm, known IhukiupboW '* ta Loum
ty. cantata lug a hunt 5W acrun- JRii sixty mIIm tl«a MW hm«M.d 4
17th Valuablr farm, -HauAvhJ.” In iNangv cuunty. « ontuining 1
P6m acres uf land, uf which Ax» are vksml Ace adrf. .
hawtc day - anuthuc valuaMr farm la same county,»outatalng he
tw»kii m.. ei.d War m ree. aUu, a hee «..d lot In the * ilisg* uf V
Orange P II IW »«l»*t signed by " The Rirvulura ’*
fhl -IlsnUtluit In tliau bland «»»unty. ««>utalnli g TM acres, uf
which Vlh are heavily timbered Terms Very liberal .
•Oil. Heaailfwl rr.wlen.e and vniua»4c farm, vailed - L'ndrn."
cuulutotng 'I'S actea. situated In Orange bounty, about I milts
Irusi Hie P II
Ahj 1st. —A tract uf 4IT acre*, lying un the canal. In Plavanna 4
County Teruis litoral
fth -%t the fourt Mouse In Lexington, the franchise uf the June
t'a i \ all y Turnpike kompany, etc
/fre vah -A pi an tat to it containing 8JH> a* res In North Ala
h vu.a
wnaa as
Jmn* fth Aale uf fnmlturv, etc., at Powhatan llowae, by T A W
c« tuurenriug al 1U i.VU k A M
IVth —Hale uf groceries, etc .at the auctlea slur# uf Davenport.
Alien A Co., co amenctng at Iv u(i luck A M
private orriRiNtiA or kral eptatk.
anvsaTissD in raa wmu
Beautiful farm of ten a.tea, called - Anting Milt," a short distance
to'rth 0t Richmond, adr*d hy tl. A A (tHJu )
A tract of I amt, uu lUnisur river, Mallfai county, containing 7*7
scree, (tjjy.)
A f «nii of .Vmi sires In Roanoke county, known as the •• Hcut
M ai«uluH-|fo acr«s cl-aml \t1A.)
A'r .cl of land, embracing l,.uu scree, stiuated in the Valley of
\ try uita, near Tinea silt g|ff.)
The estate call*d ** White Hank,'* gi| acres. In Ring Wiu. county,
on the klatie|mny river, Itt rntlre fno» C. M ttf.)
Karin of to* acre* In PuwhaUu county, with dwtlllt*. etc., there
on ttf) *
The White (tulphur springs, In flr**nl»elcv countv Ve adyT.
Luuntry iaans...ii and farm uf H««i acres al Palnreville. Amelia Co.,
a*» mtlre from Kb liimurd Prtrw $*..*bNi *tf )
Ttie 1*rut called ** Acaford," In Matthews county, containing TAg
acres, uf Which fthtl are arable, (If.)
„ Dom-hland county, ¥# miles fro* Richmond, called
Mount Hrrnanl, containing 7** aero ttf.)
Kami lu Albemarle county of about 4Ati acres, dmr tJordonsvIlle.
Orange county. •
r..'" O" J.m« rtv.r,ln Buckingham coonlj, opposite UoniS
vtlle, coiiiatnlug Ww* acres
An estate, containing *>«» acres In tmella and Nottoway coun
ties. 40 miles from Iti. hn.oud Advertised by |„ Masters i»f >
A term ol .bout Mti aervs, in Kin, William eouuty, Vu *11*. frum
Kl. I.IMnl.rt (If )
Bcmo Her ember «
Ihr. ...... B l,r« -Data Bin In reply I. your i,u Mt»n In re
<»"* to 'he ncIlMli ..I the IKryjm.ilnl a. | furl niu, pleasure
.-'to* th»i fr.Mu u. prou.pt and derisive .Seel u, alleviating and
overcoming a -ever and chronic can of Inhpnu.n and llygp. ...1.
.1. my on family, and from a kn.ialcditr uf lu wonderful rr.ulu in
curingseveral att.rka.pittr a* »m. In nlhcr fan.lllcu ufui. aruualn.
la.K-.-. I consider It a sovereign and Infallltde remedy In that dla
"rmuji, ..m.'.lalnt. and would cordially and car lowly reenmurnd It
tu all who may be thus sftllctrd.
Kesprvtfully yours,
ISAAC liAM'HKTII. 17 South Market Street.
•"? a bore o.rlin.al. I. from a well know., and highly rc.iovtal.la
uirrrhanl of Boston. and U cnllllcd to Urn fullest couBdeuce '
nw" .7,'"" W * W” ,W Wnahlngton St, Uualon. Proprietors
Bold by their agruta r.eeynhetr. i»»—-Ta.llw
dC ,T h** Uu, *nld of old—-thla la a world of wonder”—
and to Il.e oba.,»er I. dally prcarn.rd aomrthl. g new
aud Wonderful, boll, lo nature and art. Mru of genius and >1.111 .ro
nruo'nohl,?'.^^ n rk"‘V,,Ul "*•' *h,'h •••* >->••.«.. .aluablo
10 U*e public, and a living rnthlrm to sdenitgcs, and f«om all th***
hV' lw‘ to ought before the Wot hi. ...d partloulaThr
•■'rnin Kdi'ce" mhhZT "'"I""* ** •'"1‘a-ae.l IV, ry
; " K 'tor. which la the moat taluablo family medicine now
• use, for many Internal dod external romplalniu that O sh Is |,elr
b. To .01...nee you ..III,e fart, you have but to call at the drug
J,‘‘U *“ * toxHo-from » eeuta to *1
T«« I’aig K.l Laa — A, a meana of removing pu>n fromlhebo.lv
00 uirdi. me haa ever acgulml a reputation .oualto IVrrv Hav £’
Pall, Killer. The anle ol th.a article haa kceed.d nil belief llu.lt
hav rval merit, and that la auffielenl.—.Veieyo.rf .# i WWnpfox ( A v )
• Jen—il.angw
I V I II I'. \ H I' Og‘ II | I! I \ I, III VI k %
"Ol HAIK I- but Imperfectly un.br.tu.ot even I,T iho'e
“* me "*e great.at prctenalona Tlu- unit of the popular llalr
tly. . ol the day may. lor the lime, color the hair, hul >...,„ |„ be
;u.xs"d.d by . tarnW'ed green, or other un.tgntly aptworanee -
•gh a I3e.trI. Hall IVy. ta Void of llo ae lioaoma prope.tlra It
■atanllv .IJea ll.e hall a la-aullful naluial Mark or brown aloch
... Ilhrr aaler nor aundnne eau larl.iah lo ll.e Ira.I , and “to make
.-.uiai.ee doubly .u.r” Ida agenla are authnrlaed to rrlun.l ll.e mo
'.'T o. . «u*'*clioa '• Itot g,.e„ P,.c» ;,| rent.,
s Mil l I Ml |*rr c»sr. Invi-ntur, M Itoflc, Boston, sn.l s*.hl hy
%oi i.ij'mt. H%i.u i
l- your hair turning grey* l>o you wld» to cult.vale g«»od whim.
ker» an«l nmustat h*»* tour hair lo be soft, silky, and *!,•«.* f_
' ..nr In ad to In- col, comfortable, kml free of daodl ufl * Mother* •
*1. your children to have luxuriant heads of l.alr * Then u*. |t.
oi a a Inraaata ►trib. which >k\sh »aii_* in it» unerring elT.. t% —
I « •«** 2.. rU. .»' eta 71 da an I ft An j,er Untie B..gle‘. Ilalui of
1 JB#rr % aland* uuriull. »l f»»r eradicating tan and iiimolra and le an
IUN.I> >n,| s.l.l tij OrujocisU ever) where.
■ .11; !
III.*. ION Ml.HI II 1ST. >l,il dealer III nirtal., Mil. .irrrl. l.rar
• nr l.\. | »mrr ||..|,-l. r. for Mir,
Orlraua >11.1 I*, n. V Suy.,r.. various |rr>.lr>
Ir'M. Cru.l.oi, lltiuiuUt.sl >nd IS.o.loml Sugars
C.irusira. Un. and Old liorerunirnl Java Coffer
Oilr.i.. >.,,1 IV..I India Molaaara.
I'urr Chdrr \ in. gar
J*|»crni and Adamantine Candles.
Hi own and Fancy H»a|»«.
5h*lr l.iairier, good and damaged.
Ul » x*-* Flat t Hound and .^luarr Sweth », I
An. rtran lUu.inrml,
I ngllali K. tkn..|, Vruto.
IMirft and kmertcan Boiled \
Kngliali and AmeiM.an Hli*t« i.d Kl*e|.
Herman, I u*i and Shear We* I.
llroad Plough Irou from t» lo 12 Inch.
AuMri. au, Kttgllsli and itunu HI.. • t Iron
Oval. Ilaii ovai.aud Hall round Iron
Ned It--I*. Bwe.tr* and Auini. au.
Hand, her oil and lt.«.|. Iron.
Ilorse Fboea, a>M.iln| **<-*.
Ilorae and Mule Hlme |r. n.
Tin plate, P.g Mild liar ltd.
Hhrrt £ me, Spelter and S|., Her Sal.ler.
Slo at mg, Hr nti* rs and |t..li c*« ppn .
Vl.i'ortultft and Palmer** Mould Board*.
i r,nicul«r aueuiton (t„ the Mir „f WhraJ, »I..UI. >nj
Country Produce generally
H.< %ss m
"'*•« .I..I Inn. II..mi,I »» au-r Can, U-iil .11../
and a r. r; desirable anldr lof Mir l,;
IF* ***••* •’!* I I* 'I'*. -Patrol Therm.otiet.r. Plane dTalli
.7 nV l . Vn .VrS*- K"*‘ ,1,ir,Z <*' «'*•»• Muller Paddle,,
•l-.s I .1. ami liutl. r Prmla.a .anal, ..I siaes will. .
C >UI>, ylowers, rle., I..r Mir •• low prk-rs u> *
* * 1M Main ...,nri IN.., „
< V,*;1 •** ** ,;.M. I'« TTi:K»,-C.,M»l,.Ouut„,iu.
a. It..*lrrAI>|.|. | Mkn. A| pie Carer, an.l Cu. umber Mi. . r- 1..1
MH I I M., fl.l » I !>«..-Ju.lrr.ro .1 C. ...re,. .no,
rlur 4-4 U Idle Mad ln|. H P. 1*11(11 INHA CO
- - _._ Wo. Ml Kaffe M|uarw.
*20 ••••on. Hills mi Mini i.I.l.ltA. rr,ri,
'..r “'r JAMC.s HINBTON.
H* i i riiui i> mijiii.iis,
aa • j Aina. wiiwroM.
•a*F*F f."-«»ir jr ■; JAMK8 WINdTON
1,1 *fWJ-W- 'ol ','*1 1 ’ll’rilA .11*1*1.K IIK A v
Pi.farMk. ia* JAMU WINSTON
I N W1K_>* *VE PEAIII Kill Mil, f„r
■ C^y .air jr » JAMIH WINATON.
*20 S^.TJ1 «’•**•*•* l.niTAI IOlN IIIENI H
ZN1IIK lloant VUIIor, will torrl 00 llir Olh June, «o aiakr an
■ iH.ii.tiriri.li of Ca.IrU III u.r VirKlnla Military Inallulr. A1.1.I1.
*'M,U,'I '*« address--.! |« ihr andrr.ljn.rd In-forr ihr Board
at. el*, \ acancte* for .S/tr/e ( ad< U aill rii«t from the following
drnalurial DHIrkU, „«.K, Ik, «/./ , : ‘ ‘
III Uar«4ltie, Kaaes ami S|N>taylvauia.
X. Halifax and Mrrklenhurf.
V1X,1 Bu»-kmghain, Cain|»bell and Cumberland.
XIII l.»il|*e|»«T, Orange, Ka|.i.aliant«ork. Ac.
Xx I Urrenbrirr, Munroe, Montgomery, de.
XVII CTiarlotte, lajnrnburg. Nottoway, Me.
XVIII. Patrick, Henry and Pirtaylvanla.
\ XI. Kockinghain ami Prmllrton.
X.XVf Brunswick, iHnwhldle and Ore# netvIHe
X X U11 Ifanovcr, Fluvanna, floocl.land and U>aMa
XX X Alleghany, Bath, Botetourt and Pu. akoiita*
XXXI. Ohm,Tylar, Marshall and llrookto.
XXXII Kanawha, Mason, Fayette. 4c.
i Ml *u*'»,|.l'd '« f'» »• »<•» u SUtl, appllr.nla
l.y On Hiiwwlnlrndrnl, on «p,,lirai|„n by Irllrr nr mhrrwl.r
1 e*„iiis **r Hrkaola drnrlu, tr.ohrri from U,r (radualinw ,-1„.
ran hr auppllml by applljaiion lo Ihr Su|wrlt.lrn.lrnl *
The lltuT\M9 Statue of W.nhinyf,,,, preaenfed hr the Stale to the
Irnlr-^wV-n. W ~Z «V «<>
Tl.r (rxluaUon rrrrrlsr, t»kr plarr on Ihr tlh July
*P»*r.mtHI»f I.f It,. Alumni I. ,-»llrd for tbr At of July.
The usual display of flre-wnrka on Ihr nlft'l of ihr tlh of July
.,•> • w*1«tJ-Awjlihio nUN‘:,i' " ""Sx
▼ IH'CKI) I'KICRR—Rur aalr by ’
. . A MOHIMP, »7 Main atrrrl
’ Rr porta , J Tola, «ro, rail, London, Imw.
( aMrrott a Rrporra of Oaara rrlattaff to Ihr .Inly and olB, e of «
JuatKrof ihr I .a,,. I rd, ahrrp, 4p,, London. IT nr
Riowdr.. . Rrpnrla. . ml, Royal Sm, . all, London. 177*
• erimn » lt<-|a-arl« of r*M« Adjiiilirt *| in |)l(. C.'t»url of Kint't x*, ».
"VI1" '*J*lhu,|,'Td s Hadral "*«. U'mlon.’TlM
Mo-torn Rutfka ln n.ffllah. bring a Srlrcl A.ltorll.n of Rtoadlnffa
Inna of Vlrffinla, from I.VIo i„ 17As, I *ol, Roy.l Km
lla, on a A hri,la* lornl, 6 Tola, Royal sro.
A,la of Ihr llmrral Aaarmbly of Virginia for I7W, I Tol., Royal
Ur*r. fro... IWf, lo lAAn , h, Jo, Rrhl.. ; I Tol, H,„.
Rlalulrr al l-arffr, fii.m I Miff In IA7H; | ml, Rt.yal 'To
tin,, many raJuahh- Miarrllanmua Inn Hooka. rtru loH>. |.nw
Ion bargain,, arc rrapr. tlully nn4ur.tr,I I.. . all and run
i«r for thrn.m-lrra ^
f|tf» KIR I'll III! It l»l |(|.|«, a, |«, a
I .-( III I T/, .hr rrlrl.,,1,,1 n.lropaal .1, f,„n. Undo.,.
..Ilofol a Ir.'ll.al ktpoallluh ofll.r llnman Rrrl. rraprrllully
a, ... .Irlalhr inlnh.lanla of R.rhfnond and Ita Tlrlnlly Ilia! hr haa
fi*'arriard Iron. Rnyland, and rradlralra Hard and Roll fnrna.
« ...R'l.a. Wari. and |b-f„rmrd Rail, In all thrir alaffra, ,11 hrr In
, " *•• •»••■ 'oral rxprrt niannrr. and by a u.rtlm.1 of
I.. liornt |.,,1|, aln.plr ami rffl. arlalia, l to* ranar ami rff.rl
•in.'.IIana,,.l,lT and • pr.-lilyrv.vral.aml Ihr |,.allri,l la rnaldral,
Trn" ' *h'r " ’,“lk rllffhlral Inrnn
L’r MV"1' ffllandanrr al Mr ll ffhal'a-a, Ifa. Main at.
•* »rr. fl hn ■ ar I, limn No ralra rl.arffr ir alirndr.i ,hr|r
own i.'*!,,,,, jr*.
\fk ( O V . In ordrr lo afford ihr > Irrka n o.tr rnd.lnrmrnt
;<n opportunity h.r rr. rralh.n .liirloff Ihr Hiiinnnr uionllia „„r
ao.r. a ill Ir rl.-r.l ,<f A In i /• .1/ ... 1,1.1 II ihr'lMh
of t .ff.i.l ora. H. holm Itial ...ir frlrnda (mil. ll, Ihr rl|, <(1d
. 01.01. T "III rrr.dhol II,la, an.l all on ... prrrmna lo lhal hour,
wtiall bf |4*A«r«l lo !)*« rti *
*ft of Hnrtlw.rr, Wo. I<« Mai* it.
| MlOlfr. IA>I \ W«M Ka. |«io Fane* H
" y Uf.mu Wr-ck., to mhU), vr Invite tt.e allnill** of *
f.%1 /.I. ft F- It • > O VII | Ills. A««(.rfr<l In afar and
* ■— •*»
n. HMKHI l.»rillN44 ’ .f all .ra.to. alylr. nrrra
•arr for mm and ynntha *rir, toa.lr np with a# muoh o»rr aa poa
.11.1. from ffnoda •- torlrd nllh an ryr atomy", and appraranr*.
42 nRiWIMI«H| A TCRMAN. IWi Main M
A 'a'aVafia M I'Pf.V Ol Ml% UWffMi
Jm IIHKRt'RN, flit A I'll will rrrrlTa thla moralny, irr atramry
Jamraionn, ihlrly pa, kaff. a of Nrn ll.mda, mnaiailnff of many nm
Tl«b>. M ATTINlf, Ir , •Melt will lie ..ffen .1 «t wrjr • hrirri, an
. Taff.loai.on of whirl. Ihry rra.r. ifully aak of thrir rliy and ronn
r r h " n .a ( J-N <>) *17 RROAII RT
•RH ni »incm ( ■.oTHinii, at no
ivi 114 MAIN PTIIRKT nn arak I k.rr .mrirrd a n„ „„
ply of tdnlMoff for mrn and ynnlha, maoufarinrrd In Um lalaol
•lylr. and of il.r mry brad mai. riala | ala., haTr addrd larffrIt In
for atork of Ihrmr dralrablr frm. h Tokr Rhirta, and ran aaawra
llo.ao In want of any arlirlr connr. lr.1 with Ihr rb.thlnff iradr ih.i
limy will And ll to Ihrlr Inlarrat to rail at
, . wm ira nnru’A.
W* - - No. 114 Main air. .1
»« [«« -*• '"Vun*11 '"f Mm.lT nm. to,
■ rSRM HRRITr-A plaaaant Prom Raarnarnl Room, au.i.hta
foT anolllr, or ahmplngroom, on thr wrM aid. of III. drrrl.
Htf«i Or*« • an«l Franklin A|*|4f fo *
>7—oo4t _ __ J. BROWN, Ja.
(14NIM IS, ho h...r. t i.manllnr Oandlaa
J 4o half-da do do
7# ha. Jaakaon'a ifflloar do tor aal* hy
__' "at T WORTHAM 4 00
ft(il Mil SI WltlliNli INK. TM. ..m.i,
J lo Ihr faror of mrr, hania. , Irrka and olhrra, „n ar. MKPf ll!
•“•I"* ?!*i "I1*?!1* ' RTopratlra. Alt who hart oar,I n ,.k of It
n ih. AytaO imma, in, ..rr.mrd m w.rr MI all
• n a of Ihr monry rr.,.rord Prr|.arr.l an.I .old whhlrrala and ft
*. WATTAllolt I Draff and tVnk«l i»torr,
J • Co row 441k ini Broad fU.

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