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Richmond daily Whig. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1842-1861, June 14, 1856, Image 1

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mviitiiuNu uini nniu.
r«|wr. |H.r annum. S.mi Weekly, fft Weekly,#*; alwnyi
In x leaner Itrurittanres mxy »*e made at «he rUk of thr hlMWuri
In all 1‘im *h«re rvWiener |a lakwit oQ the deposit wf a letter Ui tin
Tu*t HI*. •? containing money
On# Mquare, 0«» li»e*l nr teas, nor Insertion .. /.V. . T!
Vtaeh x<Mtti.»naJ Insertion .. *
One mouth without \ltrraUou .. .|l HI
Three do do .... .Id IN
*lx do do is
Twelve do do . Hb u
Two dquarrx, Thr*-* month*..15 «s
Hit month* . . . *■
Twrtve months. ..fin is
• W N« x.lv> rtls*-ncnt to la- mnsWIered by the month or year up
let* *l«- ill-d nti the Manuscript, nr previously agreed upon bvtWurl
the parties.
An advertisement not marked on the copy for * *!»•»•. IW-d n urn hr
•I Insertion, will hr « otillnued until ordered .ml, and payment exact
cd accordingly.
" 4T* K«ot*L%* AnvuarrsKursy* -To avoid any ml*andrr*t*».dlii|
on the part of the Annual Advertisers, It |s prn|s-r Uota'edhf/fn tit/
that th. Ir (Htvilcgc* «»nly extend* to their imiurdUn* bualneax. K. a
h«t*te. I*ml and all other Advertisements sent by them to Im- an ad
dlttoual claar*., and no variation
’ W* Krai K«UU- and tfteueral Agvtil*' A.lvcrttarmetits not to be In
aerte-l by lie year, hut to he charged at the usual rates, •ul.jcv* t»
•uch discount* a« shall Im- iyri*.| up»>n
\WCtloPeers, Bookseller* *ud yearly advertiser*, generally
em* wring one nr more square*, alth tlie privl|e|re «f. hat.fr. shall not
o-i 'her warty average. In «ny«»ne week, Insrrt more than the amount
•Uftrl u|»«»ii as tlie standing rule under the contract, ami all exceed
me surh amoU'd io l*e rlivifnl «f tl»e usual rales.
Vdvrrti*eim-i»** ln*ert«.al In 'In* fWinidtV. kly Whig at 75 cents pet
wpiare of ft* line* nr I. ** for the first insertion, and 5n cents pri
•«| tar.* for rich rnnttnuaoce
lAhl^DAH ft O II I NdU.
Si nr i.iii: i\m kimi: t»..
Rl< IihummI Flic \*-MU'tatIon. tas the pioneer among tl»e.>fh ,r«tt
till* Si tic lor lid* ktudul In* T titct.lwuliaCa-h Ctpilal an.| Sorplu
»»f are n s prepared t.. !Mur policies on the lire* of Slav# *
Being iirlr'ljr a Virginia Insuraii i Company, Its Hoard of Director*
i personally known to the community) holding tls lr meeting* In tlil<
city, wlH-re all losses are promptly and liber tlly adjusted, entitles I
to a lilwrol of i!,t public p. iron age. Ofti. r (nt present) cortiei
of M m and 2th streets.
Medical Kxaiuittcr. I»r M Iturtoi.
JAMW C. CKANK, President
J-mn II It twn, SrereUry
C1 It. I %5 I I I II. VV V .. hatu
R fresh Ur omul l*la*ter, and «*ur care In U<e sek-etloua from iha
best Winds..r l.uiup PI ester enables ua lo recommend It a* tin- t»es
th tt mi I*' liad. All orders left at our nlB.f on Cary street, prompt
ly clo uted TALIAITRRO A BRO.
N It Farmers ran be supplied In tl»eir own bsp, at a reductloi
lo price, letteral discounts «*» ns rohaAts, foi
v-mv»4a<B to **UJ. n»vn».)
A I € T ION I . I. It 4
IT.i// sfrrrf. under $t. 4*Knrtea /hdet,
Rrimiiin, Vo.
Wil l, derots Ids wind* attention to the Pah and Hiring of Nr
grrea, He tl Kstate. Ac., p iMi.)y anil pr.vatrly.
Pairs s iilsfartory or no charge nn*lr
Iff" Hr has a eonvculetit place f.*r keeping slaves
The sutiacilbcr respectfully luf.»mts Ids friends that he ha* dlscon
tinned llic auction business, and having rented Ms off).-. t.» Mr J II
llargrotrc, takes pleasure in . ta ou.iin ruling Ms former . iistorum. t.
give him a call. HKNJ UAVfp
Jhilr :»l _
I. A t€ III l.> %% A It i:« <111 N % AMI <»!,.% SN.
SPRING, isfifi!
FBRIIF suMeriher offers for sale a very heavy stork of KartSen
| *r/re, t‘Mml >tnd L**4rinj filtlMoe*, » '-inform, / imj‘>
an I A*fury U,n»ta, of reenit Importation, and from Aurtam Troth
To cash buyers ami prompt six months payer*, inducement* will
he held out fully equal to any that may he olf.-red North «»r else
wher. WM. F ItCTLF.K.
mhX lmp.*rier of Chins, hr , 79 Mam street
••st a r i o \ i: it n i.i.s99
N" 21 Petal, ffruarr
TO Merchants and others wishing HI ink Ibiok*. Writing Papers
of all kind*. Ink and Ink H’and«, letter Copying Press. ■*, Mem
nrandnm Books. Writing Hand, Hold an.l Htrrl P»n« Ac. Wrapping
P ipers. Cott. fi and l.lnen Ts ,r»e*. Marking Ink. (for marking In.a. s,»
In aov qntn'hy We sell In any quantity, at low prices
N It Oor assortment ..f-IIFHHISfCH** FIRF. ANh III Ihil.MC
PlhMtg H AFF> I- large Call and *-r them
V * U spunt. UIHlUAs Wc m
Xxl in » fra day* r U have In store, a large »Uck of staple and
anrj IMtV OOODF. con staling .*1 the following, tu part—
Rhlrtlnga and Hhcetlng*. of rvrry description
I*!.nd, strl|Hrd and plain On* tone, for servant*
Large stock l.lnen bucks and Dr Its
Ticking*, Owahurg* and Furrdture Plaids
Ttide Damasks, hl.-arhel and hrown
Napkhis, Tosr-li- g and Diapers
l*arg.- *ti»ek of Irish Linens
Hrd ijtillli, all sites and qualities
Table Cover*. Curtain Materials
Pr nts, Oirnrliams and l-awns
Aip ii* as. bombasines and DeHrges
In I..lines, plain and tig'd Hcrrgcs
Orgindir \Iii«Iius .and Jaconets
B r.-grs and flrenadin* a, Boregr Kulifs, large stock
hilkr, II'IhmmI#, Glove*. tldkf* mil Hosiery of every de*t riptlon
\Mtfx ffnrk of larr, Muslin, Cambric and Crape Collar* and
M uifillae, Bhawl* and Heart*
P«r tm.l* and tTinhrrtln*. large «lork
Hoop Hfclrts, Gras* Cloth Mohair Hint*
Milling and Hemp Carp* tiny*
rintlir, (' i«ini'Ti■« and V«'<|iiii«
T.iyr'lier with cvny article usually loan I in a dry good* house for
gentlemen'* wear.
We respectfully solicit a rail from all • -««h and prompt *ii month*1
buyer* w p I•% IKIKI * Oil,
»»’hJ4 No 111 Kaffir Bquare
If fl arc now receiving <,tir Hprlng. HCPPl.Y OK UGGHH, con
▼ ▼ »l*t»ng In part of the following article*.
fr» M.l* Crudud ami I’ulvrrGitl Huyar
drtdoC Yellow do
II hl.d* NcW Orfrati* do
Ilf H«ff* Rio, l.a/uyra and Java Coffee
1»«i Hole* Brown ar*d Mark Poap
lie* It..*.* Adamantine Candlr*
19 hhd* Boon Bide*. Hh. .older* and llama
ft*' Knfi superior Carh and Bal (tola
flft I'M* NrW Ottrail* M »la**e*
liHilt.tr Mountain fi-w Wl.l«ky
HT» d... Old Hy- , Yarioaa Br •ml*
III do Kerr** Puiunterdeati do,
hn M.l . and SO C**k« Imitation Brandy
9dn Back* Balt. A*htnu and Marahall
0*' K r« IVtngranate T<>ha« . o
fri Hoae* Ground Coffee
fWi Package* Green Nnd mark Tea*
AIJ1!! Vlnrfsr, pepper, Allspice, W ripplng Paper. Yra*t Pow
drr*. Itr.M.m*. Bit. kett*. Holland (tin, Prach and Apple Hran lv
Mr*. Miller Put* Cut Amoking Toha. ro. Ha»t Prire, and many otlin
Article* too ledlotia to mention lo an advrrti*emrnt
hatci irr a not «;i abp
si *i n • M lit a > \% if inn l \ .
BaIHOM In* ln*t l|erlev in Augusta county, the subscriber will HI
* order*, in any quantities, and for any |»ari of the Coll* d '•tale*
for Ihl* eeMwstcil WHIBRKY. It vu awards! a rnurr ti«»
Otrtnu* at the fair of tl#e Mechanic*' Itiatiiiifc.ln Ulrhmond. No
veirtlrrr IBM Thl* Idqwof la Intended for family and mrdlelnal u«e
and f..r Ihr he*t llotal* It may he ordered of any ay.- from twntr
Aw y«-ar* Order* through the mail* promptly attemhtl to. Ad
At*** WI M.l AM KKRK,
_ H £lf _Ptaowhwi
Ht n • s rupHovni nn m uni \ i
PRIM, ~Th» performance of thl* Hrlll the last seawon wa*rn
Ur. Ir satisfactory.and It wa« «pnken ofln term* of high commendattof
hy lli*« who n**‘4 It; I llterefore feel warrante4 It* rr.-ommending l<
a* Inferior to none hitherto Invented, ft I* *lmptr lo It* ■ on«t/ur
tlon, d'fr*Me, and ord liable to get out of order, and the price mi |i
Ir** than of moat other drill* Thnw who may he In want the r«.m
Ing *ea*.»n. are rr*p« nfatly requested »o forward their order* earlv U
avoid disappointment. II haI.PWIN,
Mlf ,f Iff Main fftrctPt
\ > Hill 1 Ha, Tailor* Bh<*m, Trimmer*, fa
. die* Bcl**of■, A- , of If Wendt'* celebrated make, warrant, i
fit quality, In new and Improved pattern*, and ffo only complete a*
•orlm ut ma le, for sale hy ntWAIID CORNING A CO ,
SI John *trret. New York.
Kv nt* f i H Wendt aihA Amo*
AY I I I. I % *1 %•«;»«%%.
No ff 8 *f of or-- I'Kfiintii , I'hU-offl
HAVING received a «upcrlor iwnrtmmt of W*trhe« rt
lewelry. Diamonds, Ptt.er-WBr#, I would call alien- T7^
IUw» to the following low price* : J . X
Gold Watches, from $?n to fTnn
•liver do A *' BA
ft leer Teafpooa* #4 to $19 per artt.
Gold Penefe, Chain*. Thimbles, A<- All *ond# warranted a* rrp
reeented Call and rffamtne my Mock before purchasing elsewhere
Watches and Jewelry repaired In the mod artistic style.
•P* WM A GRAY, 4* AoWlh Bee end at
' wroit»: aid n:w hum k or m»
4* RKADY MAI»K CMiTHTNG I am now open In my nr*
***** • very large slock mi Pprkog and Hummer Clothing am
Grnle Kurul«hlng flood*, which I Invite the attention of my rue
luaKr»JUKI J l> (KM'hMAV
Ho. Il», Mini M null 4onr«oi. W. Rkii-IoI^.'i ll.mk Rlnrr
iirnNiiK *r tiinrTT,
r ACTITKRR inM IV.W In ilnlrt; R.r lint-Air fur
i*s RRneiOn. J»n»nn*<1. Cnjipnr »ml Iron W«r. RnAI— C(,. n
rnr rlnf rMIMnrilnn Kmi»; W.lnr R,m<i R),V| JEim-, Rhnr
Irnn. *<• - Whnlrwt# Ml >11 Nn 1 U M«ln Ur~A. Rk-hmnml
..« ««i» W la nrAir n-WM.r-*pilr j>1R
niAHUim.A tuini Hni f it » noiim
•» » ron-MnrAWn ra 1.1,1 i|,i, ||m., >„^ nnll.'n. la *
.(f.rlnal an.l I.I..M..I (.rail l»* ,» ■ (.« ha.ua • M FORWA Mill
SHOW, |K»p»r.A an.I anM a. M nri.la « hnlll. ha
>♦'* « r "ten*, m mm. m.
R H FaTTsaunj. A Ou. are ay* „U fvr nearly all tlw N. a*pa|.*r*
In the United State, nn.l t'.n..lw itAc.., Ilf Niaaau atrevt.
Raw Tort, at.J lu MaU street. AaU a
T»..ta»«a .k..a Ratiaowsr, Naw (..ay
TBNHK nn.le.a.ya.e.1. pr..|.. letor* .if this KaliMtohinent, hare f..r
■ a long O »tu.e ae.il.n |uiltner uf the Bum. Natl.an Harr..',
f.w IT years.t been pio—culli.g their bua.neaa al Nt.ifra JWun.f
Tta y harr .pared a... efforts or el|a-.,ae, ..pe, l.lla In ll>. la.t Urn
years, u. eaeell It. all IV braneb. . of tl.elr art. and bare been ...
"-—lull III attainluy a >..«•• d- gree of Itapruv.-M.efit, aa Well In tin
amrlaiuerp and apparalu. fur dr. aCny .l.ffrrrot tale, nlg.-da. a. In
practical ariui.c .kill In .lyeliiy ao.l ffnlaidny Ladle. Put. San.
ai..l Merino l.reawe, great m.|.r.»eanenta bar. lu-en nude In a
larffw p*..|e>. Ib.n uf . aa. a, Itaeae art ..lea are .aaade. In eador and An
lab. Very nearly .<|ual lu appearance lu new g.«.la Crape Shawl.,
CloAka, M Aiilllina, WITH (} krtiia filw, Ac , Nfr nIau Trrjr Mk'cr«*full)f
treated Peiled and Stained r a d. real..re.1 ..r re dyed
anti Mualu. CuaUfeia. Carpels, Rugs and Table Outers Oran
••al A Rrffiilehr.l, l>a'i.e-k ami Moreau C'lrta.ua lb aulilulla lire-1
tike Rtta.li*, llu.wry, tlluve*, Ac.
Order* eiecute.1 wtai. rare ami Ii puli 1
Do.el. lecalved at..l returned by I!a|.r«...
U.HJ.I. kept suhter t to tbe rlaln. of tbe I.wuwr, twelve nao.ittn
A John nrart , t door* tro.n b-.-elv.., N. V.
MKHII.Mt mm fil'l uiikks.
It'J Cttiilri* aiitfi, \i-w York,
t* A el|w*. Tilling*. T.ed*, and every de*rrtptn.n uf apparal...
run... . lad will. Sl.au., tt aler or tlnv for Itealll.y and lighting
bleatuerv, Churl—, Hotel., I'rlgatr Dwelling., Il o.lul-, Village.,
Ta.-lnr.ea and Hall*
Also —Valves, Cucti, Puiup*, (lunges. Rollers nnd Holler Tlue*
uhmIo («* onlvr.
Our S rew Cutt'ny Machines are entirely new,ami ..ur own Patent
wart -bled t.. du double the work of any other Invention.
Orders eula-lte.l Irom a! 1^’ It Inn. „i tlie .-out.try, and prutuolla at
fwtnlaat to,_ __Jail—Ip—JP]
«miAM ihuiiui a«i> H4LUH, Nioi nintn' t»**>. nkltinu, nv ,
luiporltTa a ml Dealers in .MaauLtclur.-r*' Ailiclen,
no. in hint. street. nkiv yokk.
N. H Ayvnl. fnr ll»c U.« ‘WomlruO and Beach Iron Works ' Steam
Engine* «n.l II,Her.
UW Kacluslve agency In New York for 'Lowell Machine Shop'
'I 1 , y ot. •eAA_ly(p ]
Jy»l -dly-[HJ Tiff Tronl .t.. t, and Attn Hroadwsy. N V.
a ivrn,-i.n: REWIND MACHINES—kindle W HOOD. Hat
A TELLE A CO , Wurcwel.r, Mass , |.al. ded by Elia* ||..we, Jr ,
s.-|gemle. loth, 1st*. T ii. Mtatrldbe* are ararrnnual, (a lib prnp-r
u*.-,» uni in gel nut of repair Tiarjr ate built in a g.»*l, substantial,
end workman like iu.inl.er, and will do Tailor*,' Shoemakers* an.l
Saddle. •' work. In a manner warranted In give satisfaction. Thr
•lll-h will ... any more than rotuundi .sli.y done by I,and
Call and aeu Harm In op. ration al I to ClIISNl. TStreet, 1'hlla.l. Il.’de
npsLtir*. W. A. DAWSON, Agent
mp»—llp-|«|__ __
ft. I . VI M l.I \ Ilk
I'RnDt'CE loyvi ISSUIN' M Kill'll A XT,
<N KM .It tl. tuvr for Rrcrtving and Torwardlng Manufactured
* Tobncco, Honda, Ac .Ac. No .* so. .go a sue, \n
lo g. leave I.. return Id. siuo-r. It.ank. 1.. Id. Irlen I. an.l Die public,
for tl.e Very liberal patronage lwvlowe.1 on him during In* buslne..
t-uline.Tti.il.. will, M.-s-n. It auker A Watkin., of ttna city, and re
a|w. tfiilly -.lien, a cuntlnubtarv b, In. new lutu-w In H,u. ani. .t
lug -u ll,e (healre .1 Imsinrse alulae, 1 d.. *.. will, full conA.lei.ee n.
my lm.li.ea* .pl-allfl. alien, that the lutcrcat of culialcneei will la
lalS.I.dly repr-srule.1
1 RE” l.ilteral cash advance* made am consignments of prmiuce to
llrtra. tt. Mcr* Lewi. Webb * S..n. Wa.law.wtb, Turner A C.. ,
an.l Joint H- .-ker. E*,( . Richmond , Jnl.it M liter, K**i, ctil.w. II
Dahn.-y, E.| . Ileatr*. Peter*. Spcn. r A On., and Mc.ra, M.Crktc A
June*, Lyii. l.lmry. Va_ , n
f.Hilts' I. tl l.lillV
TWNIIF ‘U’le'CHIHKIt I.*a ittg flUe.1 up a - Id ..I ..it In elegant
■ *t>le, at Cor.I,llnnn Hull. 1. n,.a- fweltered L, wait .... the pul.
lb* and r.iriii.t, Uu-.n with ..i|arlnr I'kluret. at m.-lerate prne.
Tl.. Amhridypc. bring hern" ticall.a cuh.t lola.vll Iw.t plater ..f
Anr |udid.e-l gl it-, (l.y a cement wl.l.-h not only .. cure., hul gd.l.
an-l leautlA, * the ltil|.re.*n<n.) I* proof a fail,-d ai'tlnli td water or
acid., ..r the tarmti.iu. ..I climate In long *ea v,.ruga,and la the
Ik- take.! from llu- dm „f full In, to lie- .mallet miniature, ami In
n,„- quart,, 'lie lime of the Hague,rentvpe They arrhot r* Terasd,
ran Im aeeu In any Hgnl a« an eiigravlug. henee are very suitable
f..r Pin., laickrta. ami large Pram. ,.aa well a- Caw.
Tl., , all, me |M,|,ularu% ,.f the Amlin.type a, ha. given rt*r to in a h
lm|Mi.|thm Counterion upon glass, covered with black varnish,
are often .III.| fur Amhr-.fy |*-. Nelle are getiuille wiIImiuI th (lit
ent .lamp Tl..- lallille are Invited to call and eiamine -pc, im-n. at
ihe AaiiaiiTvrK H.u.aai, Cnmamita Httx,Main atreei,twtweei, yth
and Hah. p. »: limits
Mu liutotirt. Janutry W, K4S
n A VP Ml .tore and are now receiving a Iwautlful assortment of
•Im- f.sl.-aiiig I1,mmU, «, I, eled In Pur.>|k-, liy one of our firm
Kogll.h Prill la
Alanrh. ,!er and Se,,1,-h lllngh ,ni«
Pi mint l.awna. Jar,met. and Challtes
W hile and Pigureil ttnlltant«*a
Plain Colored. Mark and Print.-.1 Mnuarlinv
do do Peroan, and Challiea
Plain Colored, Ilia, L and Satin Stnia-d liar, era
Colored t'ra|M-d' Pap, g I lea
Jae-.iiel, llar.gr. and Tiaaur Hole*.
Mark and Colored Silk,
Ilia- k Alpaca- and Italian Cl-.ll.a
tVtote Camhriea, Ja.-on.s-. -md Swlaa Muslim
cloth., Caaalmera. and Veal Inga •
Iri-h l.i r.etia, III ay langna, II .Hernia. Ilama.ka,
In-wla,. I. ni ii Hu, ka. and Hriha
1.1 .Seal C.mhrle. Illack and t ..lored Camhriea,
lliMlery, lllovea. tlaunllrlta, Mllta. Thread*. A -., Ac.
With a great rarity oilier foreign ll.aala, aull.d lo the Virginia
and North Carolina Trade.
We also have and will always keep „n hand a full aloek of the heal
American fahr, a, -och ia Prints, l.a* na. Ilh-aelied and BrownShe 1
Inga and Hrlllinga. Hrnima. Colloiiade*. Colt.,li- |*1*|,|. and Plr,|M «
Oanaburgs. Heavy liucka. Bagging.. Keniucky Jean., Tweed., Apron
Check*. PI,.la Ac. Ac
l"hc Ta- ‘Illy afforded na hy having a house In New Turk will elia
| hie ua al all times to offer Iniiuerinenla In our nwtoiner. and tin ti ad.
I generally, equal lo any h.-uae In tin, enumry
I ltJI BRH R mtlRI AIH:.k\s A. — TIn-auU-rllwr
A has now in alorr.
an Case, auiierlor, J tl A C.1 Stick I.l.pmrl. c,
H do do Iteltoaa do do,
'1° <lo Kahrlea del Carmen, Ala a. [.inuurlce,
1*1 do do K. M. do do,
Ifam IH, ,o|a*rlnr Black Angostura T.iinioa lleana,
gtll do do Par,, ,li> do,
Alai, la Caw, OUA Row*, for aalc on accommodating lerm, hy
1,1 hIS Corner Cary ami Va , «U
"d" removed to the atme of Christian A l.alhrop. No. no Main
Si -III . now,Hein e of the re.ignalion Ilavld It Cram- Win If
Christian was unanimously el,-, reel Cashier. The nMer has lawn
moved lo (lie store iif Christian A l.alluop, where deposits will la
received, on which an mlrreat nl fi per cent, will Im: paid on all sums
remaining on i|e|a-all sis months or longer, and live per cent for a
short, r |*rlod
This Institution has been In ,-il.lenee twenty-eight years, has
loaned over eight millions of dollars ; has no au-pendrd debt ; hat
never lost inn- dollar, or faded to |alv any certificate when due.
mliU-.Hr_III OH 'A . PKV. Seer, larv
'I*1, Director, of lh. PrimaylTAii a Training School for Idloile ami
D Pt-eme ml .del Children, ha-airdal Cerinanlowii, Pa , (within
Pl-il oh l|ih,a rllv It.nil.) call, the altentlini of Par.and tliiardiaiis
lo the,, In.lilullon It I. Incorporated by the Stale of Pi n- sylvanla
and IS very pleasantly situated in one of the most healthy neighbor
IiimkI, known, having ample Orr-umls, Wmalland, Ac The Training
and Pill! Slii.n of I inhe.-lie and Idiotic Children al this Inal lulii.lt,
ttfiW |*uruiir‘l iiImii, 111r* riio«t AnnroTcd i.I.-w k ».,« in il l.
t'uuntrjr. nr In I iiropc. Tin- Beset of lllrcclur' I,been -.ic
rwful in nbtiltilnglhr «cr»u-r« ol|ifKln'tl Te.-v lo-r«anil A.-bunl.,
alwo ffcfb t» tbr. I"|n- Hie lijr-i il nml Intellectual «,*• %litU • ,.f
tl»-ir pupils, will lie entirely r'*c u In tl.la li.atltnllnn. Term* will l.e
marie known Uj.nn applications ii.rtcb.l to Pennsylvania Training
•■cbrml for Iml-vil-s, tlermatitown, Pe.
Tl»e following compose the pceSi-nl llnaril of Directors :
tick rntniDurTO,
faaac Collins, Jus. C Hands,
lion. (1 W IVoodwanl, J<n llarrlaun,
Hon. O. M fMrvud. »l. W Baldwin,
B Mnrrla Wain, Wlalar Morris,
plilllp a. Justice, Rlrb'rilM Marshall,
iMac Pogb, I>r Tims it. Ktrhbrlde,
Jobo llorlon. Win l> Parrish,
A I. Klceyri. M. D. Hot,. I*. Smith.
Henry M Almsted.
AI.KX rULLRRTOM, Treasurer
Passu is Tifi.a, Secretary. tmr) i|A Xm
No. So.
JOIIA ini.Tr Jlim CUI.T,
Ttls. Yds.
PATKRmm,S. i PATKIlmiN, N i
.1 <) II N CO LT'S
Tlte under *1*^1, Role Ayrmts f*.r the tale (.f i|,e above w. II
ki.nWu brand* of C-.a*tlnf or Hard Puck, and Rhlp |»,„ k
have constantly on hand, and < CTcr fur anle, all N.*s. from t In pi
Af*o will unke to ord* r at short tintire No* •»*», and »am. Colton
l»iii k, aid T»fht Dark of til damlffi, IV, 14.16, and 19 Inches in
JOHN CNkl.ru Hr AVr.lslOlfT, and FXTIU R AA’FNR, constantly
on hand Rupertor to any other made.
ip*—Am __71 Pine !•» . N V.
%% *T4M K . \: vrd tl • * * irff «up r*N
ply of Hold and Rdvrr Watrhe*. wl.-.li in a«Miti..n to V7V
the R*ock previously on hand, comprise oneofth* larfestJ^jB
and te st assortment* rv»r offered lo trail* In this market |Vr«. ti«
In want of Watches cannot fail In briny •ultrdfnun our a**ortmeni,
a* *r have them from all tli# celebrated manufacturers In Karoye
AH Watches. *old hy n* are warranted a* r. ).rr*ruird
Particular atlenilon paid to repairiny flue Watch.-*, *urh a* Chro
nometers, iniyh v levir A famine All Work done l y u« warranted
fur twelve months Mf¥.HP A JANKF, 7M| Main atrrtt.
N. R —The htytr st market price paid for old Mfrf In raa». .ir In
imm m a j |
men At Al’RlCF (Who ha* an ayeney «.. ..II □) J I I
ardtny Trunks from •* v.-ral of tf.e laryr*t Norit JW| L Vfl
ern factor •*,» ha* on hand the foil- winy styl-* \* dUflLljJJ
dies* l>rr«*Ti unks. Iron Frame Trunk*. Hard leather Trunks Itai or**
leather Trunks and Fret ch style Urea* Trunk* ant Runnel Rotes
1 fl on Hem* n*’Iron Frame Trunks. Rote leather Trunk* Wood Frame
* Atnl Hard Lealher Valtar* lltd Hard leather Valiars,
Carpel Rays l.»r Hentlemen, l.adiea and Children's use .besides eve
ry oilier artkle in the travciliny line
We have the laryetf stork In the Rfate - sell a yr~at man* at fae
tory prices, and all of them a yrrat deal chi ay er than y«*u #ratt buy
them elwwhera Don't for yet thy name ami number
„ © r. MAmicr
. _Main.;, • Va
1 M ®**** n* — As the aras«»n for artllny the laryr«i port on of
9W Rprlnyr Hoo.lt |fl ron*k|rrahly advanced. We have rrduodthe
T*n* n«r Ikrrws and other Fancy Hoods, and in.
kite the attention of purrhaarr* partlctilatly ly
Fine and low priced Rnreye IM-nmey
Fao-y Rllks, ftrrnanc* ami Rareyey
Lawns thffvndle* and RrHllv.tr*
>■ th«h. French and American Calicoes, of yvery frtilc
Cottonadea. Denim* and Ocnahurr*
Runooer Cloths. Caa«tmerr* and Vrstlnfs
14Ren Coattny* and Rant Rtnffs
incachy,| and Rrown Rh^etlny* and Rhlrtln(y
T aMc Idnen amt Linen Rhe^yin^y
Ribbons, Rmbyolderlet, Hosiery. Olo?e*. Ac , Ac
A'Al.RFfTVNR A ROW. No Ft keoad dryet.
I , V aleatlne's Rquare
HI ffT 4:M . ~A0 tubs freah Onahen Rutter, for family n«e. fyf
»*•■ MUUJN, KUWIIU, owiw A KIIU.L Ua-aaTZ Ki.,
Aovaarnuan IImCW, So M4 Saw Y<«i
n»:HOV, NTHl'Tlir.HN A HI.. So. U IT./
AV«* 1’iwA. tar.,ana. *»i> Murii.-nknu' Auaara.
Cl...,..'. feigns. M*.t. Cr.'OU ... I <-rj.lal PUl. WiIm1'.« <)la*a
But.<1 tiluw l..r HA,'IlgMu. Or-rti lliutw., Mr , Mr
INtnnA, 1 triiwfi.riil wl, Mi.iirgl *11.1 All, r.HI***.
Ttn» lu.iul.ui «..*l M«... I—L r Blair UUa. Ci.iulmiir'a Till. A Pol
liluul 11*1. Itum.ru IA i.itl..a«, A.*.,
Ki'.igl. 111*.* for Huun an.I -V y tight-.
All-ntti.n tl Il.vll.ul I*. Ih-- at-.v- . wrlnv. nt H li*|„v
lll*M In ua Au iA'Um, Bw—lltug*. an.I ,,tl„ r |.ui|ur.i Tto t,u-hly
..Ilia*. *>■!. I.. I* lt'l..i... I„ ».. rarrr«|*.irlii,g .1 -rrtnttuii. »M lu
raai.v ,—p.,u .|,|*-.I... Itur HL—t lit*., will W Inu.i.l bMtrr tl.*u
th- hr-in h lii II. ffwkl.un frum l4.*ln, Ku*>. ,.
H. Ilia A arm. l..r IX. .a th- lupa III*.. AI»..ularUjrrr* in A.u
»»r t n*l.i.«I iu. Or, ilmlrra *i..l .al*-r. r«. ry *Ji*i,u(r In
1-'“-* aid lure •*._ A. file. I.I.l. will I*, r.irm.li. .1.... *|.t.l
»|.I.V- Am | va«]
HiE.vni tviMww SUM.
Linwillll A. AAlA'KIl:, III < -A.ru.A-rg tfr—g. A’ .
If «w.. dour. I.U nl II.. xu. Kivrr Ki'lf..*.l In |.u, ..Am. lu In al
rr* *,d C..«*u... r. M. . .1. lu.WI ..I r«-u. I. M.nduw lit*.,
un fav.irablg icmw. I-.til.- wuhlnr liitunual.uii ..II tw forl.lal.Ml
with iirlrr. ul. rte.llU i.f thrlr aihlira*. 1IJr«. rul lu any tl-rtrrg
fmUrru. aid |.*i l-l Ijrrg ..* • li ..... a|>l5— lyr.—
FllN Til* 1.000.000!
«’. *. AITI IT IIAHKI.r IIIDI'lir,
!MI Tniimf- ■ SmBKi. \'. V..
%| ANL*r%rn k*id« i mahulk mwii.d, taiii.k ti»p>
I5ULUMNH. PPDICTA I*. Ac .In Be„i,.a. Him* an ID, ami all
Italian Marble# T»iu article, which n a pr*ptration..f Marble Du«t
chemically iiith'in-«l a | h mineral ctilun. an a* to la- m.uldtd mt«
any l.*nn and color, !•» which a uuultl<- . an Iw manufactured at !i«
than half tin* c%l of the rtHuin«Mi material, *Mlr It elrvli ll ill dura
hility and beauty P’ltlkr MnM. i d Ima and Hlate, there I* n.
*Mr,fcrr **»rk, the tsdor rutitiliif Into the •••%«- of the material, wt.ik
Uu varnish i* unl Umv. » temporary t*e#uty to tl«e surface. Mar.
tie* fr«Alu || to #!*• T.ihle Tii|H. Ac . . qoxlly cheap
K'khta for the JtfnN«/.f«rMr# *mti .We ..f above far the different
htalet, which will ensure immense return* to thoss interesting them -
•elvea. Information furuial*e>l . u application to
PltrKR IIKNMK Prealdent, or
J«want I on JWr.-.ary NI W YORK
[Mb] _
Ma!«»K Min nr Purpose*, and lor (gutting Ch-»rgr*. both In wei
M1 and dry blasting; of four differer.t kladi. Tl*e cotton and hnot
Puae, also, the «ing1e and double Tatar Water Fum>.
Manufar tur.il and m.Id by Ul.fcNN PITMAN.
4 Liberty ,t , New Y'ork.
MT Order* |*roinptly filled for all kind* ..f dun Powder, of th«
moat approved brand*. P-lgc*. Kxhihltlotial Pi re-Work*. 5>hip dig
oala. A .. A> noli ly {, v.A* ]
<1 IIKMUII I. IIOM . - \ * ,m. h
M manufacturer of the Hunt llrtnp—a cheap h— _
and excellent *uh*titu'c fi»r Leather andOutta per v* - *
clu» It Is especially recommended to Planter*. Nurserymen. Pirt
Pompanic*. Btcauile.au. Manufactories. Dwelling*. Ac It c..*t«
It*# than half the jirV I* aii»er, i« lighter. *tand* a* much pr« **ur«
•• •* durable , and .* not *uhjtct*dfor it* preservation to the rx\* n*c
of i.ilnirr or rrca*ing. neldier is It Injured by lr«**t
Pur sale and order* for importation received In *isc* fr»*m • to •
Ir.i hi * in d amrter by i ll \KI.F> l.KN/.M x.N.N. ,%4 Cedar .l . Nc»
lurk, where ccrtificale* of it* superior q itlltlr# «-au be examlt.sd,
fr.m. Alhed CJar-.n. I r lr* Pnrinref of tie- New York Pire l>e
|Kxrtm* nf . from J:»n*e* MoParlan, P^q . Chief Pnyin*cr ..f the rn.on
ferry Company, an.l al*o frA»«u iai authoritlr* of **»mc oi the larye
cities of Kuroiar._>p4—
S'IK l N W A V & SON S,
!>!A.\MAlTl ItkICS. hi A.\D Hh \Valk«*r Strppt,
>«*■ BSUDWlt, HV r»u,
U»>PKCTPl l.l.V . all the attention of the publ
t*. sph ,. n,| ,i.i)pBn|
■quare Pianos, whufi. lor volume of lone, elasticity offT # J ! :
Uaicl., beauty of finish, and m ry thlii# that renders a Piano p.-rv-Jt
arc untur p.i'«« d They were awardt d tbr Pir-t Premium fur b.,tl,
kind*, in . omp. titb-n aiiti lite most d‘*iiti|ruishc«l maker* from Bo*
ton, Philadelphia \% «r Y.- k a*..I Hdflmorc
M t\ mil Mi'll ^niNtir A S<\* have just l«cen awarded the
Pir*t Premium MunL^irr all . .tiniK-uu.nl at the late Pair .»■
fhe Aim rlean ln*f.tute. Cry.fal I'ala. r. f..r the vast Piano P..rU -
Tilton and mcfarland,
■i.i .'laijtii Lane. .New Yurk,
Al V'* * %< " •*! «' nr i in naoiii.ia-hi:.
Baltimore |». |e»t, i4.*» I'ralt Street
•ef» -ly Boston I)cj».it, 14 Howard Btreet. (r. x.)
Mllll M l l.l \ , BKOI II IH!» A to.
nrup;s, I'aint*. OiU, Dvt*', l*t*rfiiuiery, Ac,*
1 7 0 WrLl.AM > / /. A r. Xru Y'orl
I the attention «.f th« trade . their I irjtc and varied Mock
In addition I- t!«rir regular ImpnrUlioii of Staple Ihugs, they ar«
aU<> receiving, dir. »t from tin ...urn - ..f production and tiianufav
lure, * up pile* of To .th. llair ami \ «d Hru«he», |lr..nir«, t:,,rlk*. Mi r
tam. Sponge*, French and K:igli«h Perfumery, UMn'i Ratrart*. ami
many other art cle* iMUally euihraced to Pruggiso.' «i.M k*. wld.l
they are also enabled to ..ffr-r on the moat adnnU|rw< ?«*rtu».
Order*, either In |k r»wi or by mail, will receive prompt attention
au.% - ly[*k»l
r*: KUoAltWAV NKW YORK -TheUi.atio of a AG A
Anmoa havmjf Inen dtoa.ived <»>. tie 1*1 u.*t A Arnom tire
founder of the oririnal firm ha* a**«M Ut.d with lilm*e|f hi* *.», \V»I
lint.. ( tl*«. nf the I %le firm.I for ll*e piirpo*e of . iliUuumr bualliea*
a- \|. reliant Tailor* Th*y have l:;k.-n the *t..rr No .V.T Hr* adway
In tw.. n the Si Nt.-bol** and MetrotMditao H..i»U, where tl**y hav«
JUrt Opened .» hoe MMo'IIUUil of Cll.tlw, Cassitnrrri and Ycatlnc* o
th" Iiewe*t *tyle«.
Our • uatoraera are a«<ttreri that our aim will l***to enhance tire re
|*Halintt which forty year* of attention to lm*u.* .. |,ac ran.nl fol
th. MTiiktr partner . uod that our constant ear* will U- to hare every
t mileut made up In a manner that,for style and workmanship
cannot he *urpa»s**d.
ro« k»— lm (v. o. a (Vr.)
M ACN A rt»|IT*S Sup for itnpiov.d *ix r»«rd y«*t Yd* H|*>oJ
Coil..11 Thrc Ml. H arratiled 6 Cord to No f*» Inclusive, lieing *t No*
a**.%. other I bread *.dd a- C C\.rd . I Cord to N.. frt Inrlualve, in
N..* ata.ve oilier thr. ad, atid't Cord from N’.- *.a» to V. 1>\
F..II a**ortnirni« • .f tht« *u|terh.r article (which U now in ferred
l.v tl...*. who uwSKUING MAt'IIINIW. f.,r both Ipj^r and Lower
Thread.) Ju*t rt. eiVed, and for sale by the caw of In d.»s or p.o k.i
It* • of 6oti dot. by
No. h Pin* Street New York.
General Agent for Oaaa A M tea at out. Glaagow Sample* lor trial
given fire to buyer*
inaAn lm (r o. i (\i )
• I W.S % N || |K \4.t. I M..
/liter fonstantiy on futml% •nut uumuj\irturt to ordert
8l:iVK0 ASI> skami.ms,
f.»r «ll «in, *i,.| of rvrry drurablr »:ylr and quality.
TI..-T Would ntwMIy r,U atlrnllnB lo Ihrlr unrquullid fsrllutra
SPICES, he.., hr.,
■II of wM. I, thry furn.,1, tu or dor, in thr lnoat ■ppr.tTr.l ,tyl« dr
• ... ■lol printing, and with quirk dispatch.
Also Imports.* -.ltd Krai.rs In
and rarlou* kind* of Tfiread and Ta.ne, botli l.incn and Cotton, of
Which we are receiving continual *upplle«. jj14 -]y
■ mi kf:Ki'l:iai.us t mi iw: %l.t:i(sl
71 Fulton Sin vl. .iud 71 Hitkmin Sind. \EIV YORK.
IJKIM ll’ll Oir<*. InS Front S’r.rl.Vaw Inax, Factory, Ho.
Hit HI, amt •'"* llml-.n Hiroci, J. rary City. Tlir Proprietary o(
tlita looy Hint w, II known
Contliior lu |vr|>trv tin U-it /'Aiicmi.i.ml, ,#/ /tim/rn In nar, for
r»t«ifiF Itr. a.I. Illarult. Tra amt oOw r Cakra.A. Tt.ry alar, prepare
M-ntar-l, (Woa, and many otl,rr article, ot H illy u«* in carry f,to|.
ly, Whirl, they oil. r upon tin- moat reasonable Irrrnl. t'alat. gues
arnt to dealer* win. reqih at theta,
jyth^lyja,,] it || « J n tSHAkf
S H —(miaqnwra advised to Inquire for llnpa Mill, arltclra.
fltarlerrd hy flu- LrgM.iliirp of Virginia Dec. 17th. 1853,
' Q tills INaTITITInN reerlvc Hr)—,it, on wlu.-li interest ta paid
■ at thr rale of ala prr cent per annum If remaining on .trpoait
•tx montlia, xml Oar par cent for shorter periods.
*'l O. PA I Si:, Prr,I,lent,
lint J SI MNFH,Secretary.
Iff SRY W. Ql’A HI. 18.Treasurer.
Win. 0. Paine, of Ute Arm of Kent, Paine A Co.,
Jamra I. Apt-re..n, •• “ •• fhrt.lln A Apf-reon,
An* Afid.r«.,ii, “ “ •• A. Amleraoli A Co,,
II Harkwlale, .. Staaall A Oo.,
Tima S. lU.lwin, •• •* •• Keen. Maldwln A Co..
Robert T llr.. ke,
**n. II O.ritiitn, •• •• aa Christian A Uthrop,
•nn II. Ctait»orn0,
Jno Ihx.by,
lsfwt« Olnter, M • « Olnter A Aim,
K H Meath,
I’ ^ithrop, M •• •• Chrlttlan A lathron,
n. W M,(finder. •• •• •• i. MrOnadn** RotS,
M IVk e. •• •• - Tho# R Price A C©.#
Henry W. Quartet, ,
Jno. P. K. im-ri*. •• “ Hmlth A Roberta,
(too J ft'iit.iter.
J no. C. Rchafer,
A V Ptofre*. ** mm # (V*.
IfT-om . It the More of llenry W. Quart* a. Hi. Ifi peart atrrw«,
Richmond, Vs ,*19
w tiM Inform the cabinet manufacturer*. pi#f-o.
■ forte mtkt-rt. and other* ofibl* city end rtctnity, that li.cy
hare opened 1 yard with nlutilr hutld’njfw, at Mi* 07*' H
Atrret. In the cl y of \-w Vork, wlo-re they have «ktt hand alarfe
• n<l rrry auperlnr •%•** k of the Rt»eat wood !«• he found Hi the I! lilted
•tntea. t%r ..fa r,
1W**. f| floe i„| eitra fine ron tiud veneer*
^’•nWl ft tin do mi tllr.l mvlicfaiif vrneert.
**,flt*t f| do mah nnt shaded vetieert.
4*».‘**« ft |dtin do do, do
W,fWt* ft malm# any • retch fencer*. rariou* tile#.
At*,*##' fine do. drit' utl rmecr#
Rn.iwvt pftra |t,r mahofwtty. do do
9ft.«st» f» Hue hllwtrfd Akiuf I walnut, do.
irt.lHMI ft mottled ,|o do *lo
•»».<»nn f| ««tnut crotch veneer*, dr it hull start.
04 ,**(■• R. do do d** vartofi* do
hit.ttiut ft. Ane nod rilra Roe *atln wood rrneert.
Ift,**** ft artim veneer*
47,n»w> ft curled tod Mrd't eve mtple veneer#.
7l,(¥M fl wa*f.f»r*| rfiwwiud, mil unt, tod tnMn Wood
»fd«, |d «nk. »nd jt»W of ntl thlcfcnr** Plano nod (’ahlnrl M od
dlnff*. 7fu» dlf.TrM pattern*. nil nt Vcff low price*. ami upon a« fa
vnrthle term* a* any other fitiMnl fr. nt In lie country Order#
will he Riled with the utmost care and «l'wpat*h.
Iiitvpn A Hit irOrnitHV.
No. R7»» U’awhiofiitti Rtreet, between Bc«ch and North M*. -re «t
•00 «IRm N • * fori Clti
It1' ' »t»»| lit ItltlN*
r J*molcd Ho* 1 Toofiirt Jamestown IUn* for «a'f hy
RRf'DfN A Nfl/pR.
Corner Pearl nod Onry ffreeta
HP All III t t||S I bare |u«l received, dlreet fr.*«n
the factory, a verr Rne a«w*rto*ent of ttnyte nod douWe ('aha,
Veloa lpedeu, Hohhy ||«rte« and children*# Chairs. P.»r ta»e hy
i*11 7IMMVRM
\|i ri M|;U,*t| ( AfHl l s. fooMitl', anil IVtor
10M Mlt hy ft A VPN PORT, A l.l. RN A 00
AMKR/i’AS. < A SA til AS, KCMtifKAX ,r H'*.vr ISItlSH
AUviiHTimx; a ni i*m4 Mia»riti>
So 144 jVijmu.i Strrtt ursrt '/.»,* |*> .Vfiavncf ft.1,1
>►* VoKK
o « vuhk, mo 'ii \ a mm riunpros.
vma ■■ »: ships iiMiPHimmi
■ Oil. iln. ar. it., sv oillNur.iV r.pi.in K
II. inn. IIPKM\nn. i.p. h..,ai. Ilawi.. 1*11.7s ft/**
Vlm*« *u«.u*-r« ... .. at .Vuihain|*.«*u, hull. y. .i 1..
...4 r* lurtiknv
Prmn A.ntl.
Pr..m Pri.in aiu.Hai. U-r
W.w V..rk Hr*....-n N*-w York.
A'l.nf.y. Sf/>m./..y Ra/.*W.|V
ll.au.«u .Jau> It Prb'y A VA'l TT
SSa.mianT.>a P*-b’y ?* Marrbrl M.r ‘ft
ll.au... .. Mar'll Vi April Ik April *1
W.*Hi..r*.. April It M.J IT Map «|
ll.aa.a. M.r 11 Juu. II Jui.r I.
SYa.Hl.up.a .Jui.r IS July IT Jut. 14
ll.aa.a. July IT Aiafl » Aar's IS
SSF • mi».*r*■*.Au»t 9 HrpCr < SrptV lu
llaaa.au .HrpTr « Oc.’r « <la,'r %
..O-S'r 1 Sol'r 1 *.,.'*• &
ll.aa.a. . *ov*r I Xov'r T9 HacV 4
IW'r It |s-^r «|
lAbaip.ar as .. t.»ib pi.lnr aiul rrturtiln*. (Vy ..II* r
|ita*t.r*f*, |ifu.'a*|,|ir .i l*.i,4,.n .al H.frt, ajlalil^a .,v.r Ul
nilirr ruut*-. I**r ila* miamay ..ft mr amt m.nry.
nm.ua ranu ... r.... n* . tmuan.. .at* aaau.a
Plr.l Cabin. Main Auburn, #14... Plrat Cabin, lu.arr. Muloun. 4ltu
Am:.I 4*. 40, *
All Inirr* an.I ti*«.|ia|irr. utu.l |.aa tbrmiirti ll* P...I lifl.-r
V,. hill, uf la.llny will hr ..rnr*1 nr par. ri. r.rrivrd nt. tl.r .lay ..f
PC An rt)urplirr.l Aurymn la attarhrd tn rarh .hip
P.r Irnfbt ur pawapr, apply hi C II * AN I),
II South William al . S'*. V„rk.
CKOAKk V A CO.. Sou than.pb.u
Jal.-ly[W]_MM 1-H.IN I lavra_
M l t 'I Id. ru i.i. a
O'MMA . —
KJilSHCHGII, - . - W* rnmiNo -X
NKAVYoKK. «1.V» •• ... *4 ..T C-M A It. vT CTr
GL4HGOW. 15*2 •• ... J.«m |»l»Cam r^vrA
Tl.r LU«K,iff and New York HteAIU*hi|> Coin|M4iiJ Intend , k
their u. w au4 powerful .Hirimcrt from New York for Gla-qr.w. o
hhlNltf ROII. Saturday, 17th M4j.1t 12 o'clock noon
NkW York,
■ 4TK* Of r*M!AQB.
Fir*t Hmi ..|75.
Third L'Im*. found with cooked proiidmif . .. fotv
An eif»»rtenced t*ir*con attached to eACh Mteamrr
for Freitfht or ****«»*?, Apply to JOIIN M.-SYMON,
M 17 Hmadwaj
New lurk City BUI* or Gold only received for f*a««*jcc.
J V'II.H Ta I.I.UISk* CU.t
" M U'IU DltLCAn
l.\ PANTS, OILS, V lUMSHES, kc ,
PvvM4rtv4Mi4 4Bnl.Mii.tH 7*r«» M man l.rvi* * <*«•» Cnme«r»t>
l*M>L4Mu.rMu Wittr Ijuh, f S* Lkww 4 Ou'e Come, I*a mt*.
m . 4>D li C A CoV 'd-MCmo* VlUMIKA
oYO. 1C. MMtneX /.ASK. \A*H- Vo/ts
t JAMEMT. LIW», (Aplg.—Soi) !*AMCKI. C Mi>T
B*LTII4.*«B. Apr.I I*.
lllr. under*limed, Comin«»iontr t.f Inotlvnr* of ihr Mate M*
rjiat.d. being in receipt daily ..f letter* from var«oa« portion*
• »f tfte- country. «u tkli.ir Inquiry a« n» Lntnry S ii ni—. with which
the country ke flood*d kflj »m, |, (.urjv.rt to he *4e«-i<ltd »*>• ilw
drmwtuc- of the MaryUnd CVmanlidatcd Loth rien," tJ4k>*« lid* u»etl.«-1
to Bn• Wrr all >u< *. letter* .jf inquiry. And o.f..rm ti*e p h||. th tl all
lr..tierlr» pur|M*rt‘inr «•• Is d, Med hy tl# MaryUnd l»raw.r.r.
Bn*** fruud* , thBl certain part lev who *tyle Uirmteltr* \|- 4
Co , und prrtetHl to hr Man-tyer* nr S.lr Aymt. f.,r the Gnutd CliAr*
ter ledtrriea at Cl* veUiot. Oln.t, are «n«l *aH lottery *
frAud. havuijr neitl.rr l* ral ..r preRumptive rvldrncr; An l ti.At ah. -
tiirr flctltiou* Brin, vtylnl Murry 4 Co . OrvrlAiid. tM.io. arv
im|H.*ii.r*, ap«I mil I ttcrk* wl.h h tl»*y nr,d« ta u> i*e tuauaw. r. ..r
Kh'll 4 KD KII \NCK, of thi* rltjr, l« the Poiitri%«-t*»r for driw tif
lh»- Murytirid Lat. ri**« Th*- hu*ut«*** »• ronducted an l-r the firm
•if K KH %NCE A CO , at Manager* «n«l U»*jr have no »o|. .*.•»,t. .
tl»e »-ity *.f |ttlimi.»r« TTwrrr 4tr, however, *<iiuo f. riy In eo»*-<l »*• .
•It-rv for tin- Mate of Maryland, who derive li.-*-n«*- under hiu,
through thtw offl.'e, l*» *rll tkket. ill tin- .MaryUrtd Uvtt**rk
„ „ r» H M. HIUIU
Comtni*«i'.n, r „f L.sUrrtr* for the State ,.r \| j
s W * » t two TOBACCO*
No. 4‘i Chatham itrn-t, New York,
SI'CC»*OR Pkti4 4 (itnRi.R Is.no.Leap. offer' for salr ,11
kind* of 8NI.'TP and TOBAOCOSI ,„i„ Poe parties
Isrs. a Pan , Craassr canbe „l,umnlH addr.-s.ing a* above —
TIP' establishment la *me id the oldoi of ilir kind In Dir t i.md
<*»'•» _ to. 18- ly ,« ,
IiHioio in wii'. umiiv i: \mi uti i.
A NR*H, la-lug iran'lation* from U.e |■, -h, ,, w ...
llfully llluetrab d Catalogue' sent free, on enclosing a three-ceat
'lamp to H S. II SMITH A CO,
matt- —(w) It.,, 4il.i, New York, I", it
><>114 ft a
J AS.C. Ill M A l>AMI I II. Ill >T have enn
tie.'tr«l (lM-lil.*-lve* uinler the firm of Iir\*T A BUO.. ft r r..i,
darting a gemral L'<>mtoi««km Uu*iim«*. and have taken an ,.flhr • n
Virginia. Iietween Cary alreet and liie Danville Dci*»l,(rearof M- w
llarvey, Wo.al A Oo »
Tliey »• ilk'll eotialgnmenla of Tobacco. Wheat. Flour, Corn, aud all
kind* of country produce, promiNiug prompt attention to all ..r.
Migniueiit*, and quick return*. j *4 f a
*■1111: untl. r.tgne.1 have united thnnwlnt under thr firm and
a style of McDON AI.0,Si*OTrs A IIAKVkV, for lie purpose „f
Cotelucllng in I ' 1 uy the ale.ve buaine" in all it, l.rani he. Tliey
have taken tie large warehouse No «» Pearl street,'null, ,.f C.ry
(recently occupied t.y Hunt and llarvry.iand raped to have In store
In a frw days an extensive assortment of Grorerkr*. t., whirl, thrj
reapretfully Invite thr attrution of thrlr friend, anil the pnldle gene
rally Kiperiencrd members of the Arm will give thrlr attention to
the aale of Produer generally, and lo thr receiving and fowardlng ,,f
Tie u'ual advance' made on constgautenl. Prom long ripe,
rimer in thr different branches of our hue ir's, and by prompt j„ r
•onal attention, We ho|w lu merit a portion of piddle patronage
John 0 iiarvpv,
OlkMlI.I THIN III'Clt-IMItTM Itvii ||>.
! fBNIIl Bnn ,.f H \RRKV a PKRKINS i. thla day dl.-olyrd by i„u.
■ lil'l cotisrnt tinker lorry will uar the name ,,l the firm r.
liquet ill..n All persons indebted t.. us will phase corn, lorwarj
and art Ik ihtlr accounts. Is.ngrr Ihdulgrn,■- cannot ks' given.
1 PBYHK u-elersiTr-sl have formed t r.. PirlnrrrMp un.lrr tl v firm
■ and style of BCRTllN A tiKI KNIflHT. for the purl. » oi von.
‘lorllnr a llrmery ai.d CiunmlsShin business.
They have taken the house on 1 All., between Main an I Cary street* 1
recently .e-cupird l.y J Me Garland, F-q , sod will keepror'Untlyoa
har.d a getieral a Mori mint of Family Groceries. U me*, hi.iUors.dc.
and will give thrlr personal allenthru loli.e sab i f all produngan'
truate.l lo their rare. K. M. BCBTON,
McDonald! spotw aiiarila.
4.1(04 IKS » N It 4 4IV| V| IS'IIIV Mllll l| IMS.
no <n pfarl srapi r. (somi op cary.i
aicmioMii, va.i
MAVP and will keep In *t..rc. an . tlenslre »"rwtmenl of ORO.
CPR1», to which thry respectfully melt* tl.e attention of their
friends and the public, In want of g.eels in their line.
Particular attention will he given to the 'ale of rountry Produce,
and to rec. Ivlng and forwarding Merchandise
The usual advance* made on consignments
JVO C. McIKlNAl.n,
f.-9A IV. ■ is mmer. ’
HAS now on hand, aid nSrr* for aale m liberal I.rn<, the moat
fa.lnonahl.. brat mail* and heapi u a**, rimrnt of
OEBTI.IMIEAM n iimniiim; l.mms
lo lie found III the city, embracing every appror. ,| atyie and quality
II * good* arc made op from Hie morl choice pattern* ,.f French,
Knglieh anil Orrman tut portal..
Oentlrmrn wlahlog Bne Clothing are Inrlied to call and raamlne
hla abrek, apt!
«. \ It III > S| | UN.
| lePaaaera —White (llant. I.ecg—l.argr Scotch
Aarirnoae—large (tloh . Mania Ore, .i Citron , Pine
Hr on l.argf l.lma; email do; Apple , Nutmeg.
R.-d Cm nb-fry. Scarlet Ruamrre; Waeea Meum—Pineal kind.
Hroad Wlndaor Naerraeiiu
Pair Katas—Kary Yrllo*. Bn Mt -Taai Black and White
Wr. li. do W hawk . ,o Cliina; Hat. a S'leei Skin White
do Valentine, do Hall Moon; Portugal. Yrllore an I Rrd
Refuge* l*aai to one. Real Cram UBRa.
bprip . Peaa -Petra Rarly ; Rarly
line Parly Bl.I Tnrn.p Mir Waal. ngton . do Frame .
Rooted; do Yellow do. Ian.* do I’harlelon. Dwarf Mo. Proa
BI.nkI . French Sugar . Ilaugr! elan... Marrowfat, ill ah op
Wurigel Dwarf protilb
Ha.Oiu—Purple Cape . White I P a a e a i r a-Icing Bmoolh
Cape j French , tlurrneey.
I'aaeaue—Rarly York . I-urge i Piwui -Curled,
do; Parly Sugar loaf, do Bailer- | Pima Ur r Bell or Bull
era , do Orhean . Rial Dutch . Bow ; Tomalo ah aped . Cay
Drum Head . l.argr B- rgrn , | rune.
Ilrreia Cnrlerl Baeoy , Drumhead | Prurtru -Large Yellow field
Baeoy ; Real Dulch for Ptrkhng j Kurraae Victoria
Cartieiowaae —R a r I y and1 Rannien—Long Scarlet ; Sh rl
trine I Top; Hariri Turnip • White do
Cet ear -White Solid ; Red do. | Yellow do. Long Salmon . Kla.-k
Cassot— Lung Orange , early | S|tanlah
Horn ; AlMngham; Wh le Field. j s Drain -nr Vegelalde Dealer
, C a a a a—CnrM or popper Plrnl
| r»« i Srirag —Round leaved
I Cl-l I uaa*a-Parly Prante , do i Sul ran Parly Hu all Hell
Clualrr. leu g green, terng (Irmn | Tourerr- large Red . do Teh
1 Simthgale . Ilherfcln j low. Peg
I CV.au Parle Sugar , da Tue, a I Iraair Parly Piui Dulch . do
| Dree . rln Yellow , Re.) Too. large While Norfolk.
Patera llr.cn Curled | While III,.he Root* Hag* 11,1. . I
Ron Pure Hfhrtd
Rate Siberian Curled | II a a a a - Annrae Carr-war
IrUTTtUy Royal White IL id larender . Sweet Ha*ll Roar.
Ice Druinload. Brown Dubh, .may, Sage Summer Savory.
Curhd Irelua or Cape | Sw—t Mary-rum . Her.e
•• IBNI It kM I <IB I II | ,**
Ofl-xU •• ST A r/fl.VPRi ff.l.To »l JVetef afrecg,
anmwi.wn, e»
Dr A S*ffPAD. Medical ddaleer
Capital January lei, I'M Rf JI71 But 0
Paid dividend* during year laftd .... iti^na. M
Neil balance fanuare 1*1, IA.VI f*.*tn,isgt IT
Total emootil of dividend, pat.Ho dal. f 71 a IO? AA
Total amount ol clalma hy death to date l,*SA**o 44
-—--(.SM.4BB »
M.n; i«a r
All profile go b> the Ineurrd D v.lenda lf. made an,,nail, and
paid while the Inaurwl la I,ring B W K . Apenl
N B Slaver Ineurrd from one to four yean In the Albemarle In
Sueance Company. Ibis
I'HIIK Hr.RRHIR.R tTOHa. Be the Schr Rich
A mnnd, I hare e-cieed and n*e for tala a dravablr abrek f
l.c Cl,rata, large, molium a»„l will .‘tea, Refr.gr valors, W*tert7oo
lee*, etc , for »tor,c. wnrk.1 mr and famdy nae, tn which the al
j Wntion of patrehaaera it railed, lot aate hy
J°* 1M Malu, corner liih atreete
It k I I I | | <>< IIIINI'I , | , ,
f|Ttir ror.NDKR of ...unf*t,„,?„u,wm lh,
■ Certain, "pcedy ami only effectual remedy l„ u« world f„,
AWKKT MfUflji.
U-noerboa-. UWo-ta. Stricture..Seaa.i.al traliiro. fain. .1. IV |
t'..u.iiiUiiouall>eMlii,.|ulp.4.ury. MeaEm-... 1 u,”, ,
l*-.-ti..na of thr Kidney*. P.lpltatlon . f the || |lrnrl4 a- '
r.Mia IrrttaXIUy, I Kara w „| Ihr Head. Throat. Now -k,,. "ktrl *11
thoa. serious aud rnrJan lady dia-edcra art..!* I,„m in, d. -
habit* of youth, olib ,1 destroy both tarty and nill.,1 I'm, ,
amt aJItary practice, ar. more fatal •„ the,, [llt ,
of the Syren, to the mariner, of n.raw.. ... tbelr hr
kalit hopes or anUelpaUooa. rmdertua mamas-, be , Inn aw. Ode
^pe. 1 arty, who hare bee,.no il* «Him. of Solllart V:, ,• ,1 ,|,_
t.l a,I ,1 I .. h.-o, wl.b-l, atiotaally .weep, ... ,
*ra*r thouMhd. of y.-wns nun of the moat .aalhd taler.a. aoi I r .
"ant Intellect, wn.. m«!.t ..li*,,.*, I,.,, eutran.aai n.....a..
with the ll..mdcr. »| eka|ue<..e, or oat .1 to a. alary Ur "tine lytr, 1
****J <*»II wiUi full couS«l*r»rw * J •
*yr\~l Pt-— ur Yuan* \|n, , aiWw* |>l«tln* M h*| < 1
***?. u* l»*y«icAl Orfmiiu Urtiillljr, lw-f.m.iikd A<
Dr- ilhkkiB,aiwl U r»n. r.d l
Hu wbg |4*c«. h.m-If iruUr U.r <»r* «f |>r. JwkiiMao mat rr -
.mnudatetj cured and <mU rlror reward
Thl. dlaeaM I. th* penalty ntoat Y<|uen>lr pal l by thoae who hare
too-.,ne-the rtctnna of mproper Itrlulfn —a V.-tnw iwrw.na am . .
apt to commit 'Semes lr-o, l.m be, r aw..* ol die dr-a.ir.il .-..,,a.
uu-.'ee. that may No«.wt.„ that un.le.aaml* tbe u,lp.
will pret. d- .ytlalll,. p-a-r-f Pm,
U..—'allihs into Improper haMU th.o hy thr prudent. |h,j. .
hr,.,, -l-prired th- pledaur. of healthy off.,.,...,, morl art.m. J
dr-trucer itibpt.HDi both h..„ *J moulanm \
l-eoioa . I. ran,. I. phy.u.l aud mental p..._. .
r-.u. debility, -ly apep.ta, palpitation ,.f ,1a- heart, lei's-at » ...
til., of ihr frame, coufh, symptom. ..f consumption etc
Ur JoHNeTON la the only r-»ular pl,y„c,.o ml remain* to cure
Ibrltral* Cotnida In ta. Ilia nnielet aud I re at men t are entirely un
.nfr.r,"“r'’1 fr”"‘ • hf' *lwni in il.< (real li.-.,...
twl* of Kufi.j*" ami th* Aral m Uiia rnuhtry, via ftirikixl v*«, , e
th* U]«i klr> of P)illa<i(A|*hia, Ar., and a m«.r» cttaokvr |ifcitlccU.r •»
any other I'l.yalclan iu th. world Ilia many wonderful. ur,,.! 1
moat tin portal" Surtfcal uprrallou. are a eu&ckul suarante. t.. «| *
afHttSad. Thoae who «,.h U- la- epeed.iy „„| Hu„ ,, I
tt££Ta£u*“«"“ unpo.mra.-ho only,am .bet,
Ornca-XaT XOITII FREDERICK STREET, left |.,uj .1,1, r„
Ins f.om Italtlmore atrr. I, at,n d-a.ra from U.e Corner ’
U‘ u'-'rT,n'r "U» and number, or you . II
J,^r~ TAKK notice—Obaerr* the name on 'he door and Win- 1
TWO f>AYt*.
Memher ofthe Royal Collr*e „i Sur»eot,.. London, srailuate from
one of the moat crum-nt Collese. of the t utted State*, and tie /rent. ,
li,,c T'1 *»•« Hoayltal. 0, London. Par...
. hllatwph.a .nd eDewhrre. l.aa , Jecud a. me of the moat aetom.h
ru.'u'll “1 ',",kn,'In Many teoublud with nmrtns it, ,« ,
ear. and hcl el,n a. e»p. *r...t n«r«„u.i,r...*a aUrned at au 1- I
.mmXp-!,*' *lU' •*«•»''Wwit of m:ud. were cured
M lmn the mUEuidedand imprudent r,-Ury of pleasure And. I.
idn lito ,|*TJa', tllr Pa-nful dUeawr.il too often happen.
I'.a, an tll-tlinc.1 art. a , f aha me. r dread „f -i,«-„erry. detcra him
rr»*tTi appl>irc lo thrtfc* who. from v«iiK«U4.n and rvii^ulul i»t. can
alone iwirwnd him. delayins till the .oo.iltulloi.al •yu.,.t.,m. ,,f tbla
horrid laaae make their appearance, tuch as ulcerated a-re throat.
?"-• !,u07ur,,»> pau" in the head and llmhe. dluneta of
•l«ht. drafneaa. nodee on the d,in ,«.n.. and arwu, hlotclera on th«
h. ad face and eltremitiee. pr,*re«tns with frlyhtful rapid,ty. till at
I’*!*1' ?‘outil 1,r lLc "one. Of the nuac fall In. and the
rl tlrn of this awful diaeaae hec-tnrs a hurrt-l olaecl-.1 commlaer*.
drlU‘ P°U * «« hi. dreadful sufferinya, by acndiny
"That laotrite from whence no traveller return* *•
..T- *y.h- ?Tr*arr- ^ JOHNSTON -If tc prcaeri,
the moet In, ^aUtmtery; and. fr..,n hie .stenalre practice, in the
llrat lloapuala In Europe and America, he can onbdeutly ro-„c. I
d'- ee? **'' *1‘J **w,,r cur' *® *** unfortunate rictirn of thu horrid
li la a melancholy fa- t thal tho-taanj. fall rtctlmi to thlr dreadful
complaint, own* .to Ihe unakilfutnea* of Isnoraut pretender*, who,
»|..I either and the unfortunate -offerer to an unumdr rrn>
make the mUut of life miaertkM*. * ^ '
Dr. J Vllrtur. all thoae who have injured ttn-maelees by private
ar.d Improper indulgence,. ^
I !'•* *'l “""r Ot tl.e -ad and tnelan. h.dv -ffe.ta produced hy ear
yhabtU of r uth.Ttt M.-akro-aa ..f the lla. k and Limb,. Pain in
I!" "f L°" "f M“*' “l»r Po.-r, Palp,tat,. -, ..f
U*I„'tcyt’ l’>'l*l>*i». Nerv o- Irratlbility. Derat-gemru ,.r u.e Dt
geatlve Tun. tiotia. General Mlly ,Syrr.^t.,n.a ..f Cnnaumptlon. Ac.
Tl.e fearful effe- u on tl.e mind are UlU I. to be dreaded |„~a of tie
nt-.r). tonfu-n.li uf Id. ta. lapre—uu. of Spirit-. Evil Fnreh.el.ngv
* Ta. S-e l-ly. n. if D..Uu-t. le.Ve of Solitude. T inlldltv, A. ,7rc
*r»fnr uf lfir crlU prf**!u«*r«t.
Th .u-.ind- of pr-.i.- of all urea can noar judge wl.at it the ,-auee
an^' mv'l t l 'T UM-:r vigor, becoming weak, pale
and emaclate-1, have a atngular appearan. - about U.e eyea, tough
and -tympuiin* «f roitsunijkCit.n. * ^
Or Ujo» CuiUerotdmtlr^ m*rriW, 1*.!** -A»*rc ot |dor*l<-*l wr*kn~*,
abould immeiliately con-ult Dr. Jnhnatou, and be removed to p. rfe-rt
| HkAKN^.
wrakn^, ..f n,r ontaiu arr
a|—Illy . ured. Mnl full vtga r reetore.1 Thruaaan.li .f the moat her.
....- ,|,.I debilitated taadlod .11 |„.,~. have h*» Imnmdlalely
r «k\rat All luiprdiiuetji* 1*. M*rri*c Piij,Jv*! »»r Mrutal *1 -mauhIi
• N . ,
of the molt fearful kind, aiee.lily . ured by Dr Johnilon
■ l.o haveliyured U.cn.v-lve, by a certain practice Indulged in when
alone ., habit fr.atuet.Uy lear-.e I .. evil .at.. or „
U.e '■ffe.-t- of which are Lightly felt, even when a-lerp, and. If not
cured, render, marriage Impnaalble, and .le.tr. ya both mind and
r».m!y. •Iioultl »|.j.|* iini'Htllatr-'y
Vi i.aia p.tr if.at a y. uug man, the hope of hia country, and the
dar.ii.gnf hi. pan-nu. ahuul.l tv . 1 ate bed fr..m all |.r.,.,./ia
Joyntd.la of lllr, hy the ronar-juelu t a of dev latiog from the path . f
nature, and Indulging in a certain a- ret habit. Such re-r.oua. before
contemplating '
•hou d reflect that a a-und m.l.d and ho-ly are the moat neerwy
requi.lt. - t.. promote connubial happioet. Ii.de—I. without the./
the j. urney through life become, a Weary pilgrimage. U.e pr.-peci
h®"r!Ed»rLcn. t. tl.e rev, the mind l«.. with d.-apair
and fllh-d with 'Iwtto-laneholy reflection that the happtnea. ofanotb
er Iwomri l*ufrtilrd with our own.
N II. lad 00 r»l-e delicacy preveni y-u.lutt apply Imm-Ilately,
eillu-r |»-rvifi»|l» or hy Idler. 9*
BT .-KIN DISEASES -i—rdil, cure.!
Tl.e many thoumnda curd at U.la inatituUnnlwIU.In the laat II
rrar-. and the ntimeeoca and important Surgical operation* Pe'
forme-1 hy Dr J., witncM-l hy tl.e r. porter. ,.f the paper., and many
fore ll.e puhli. , to. I,, hia at-h.lmg a- a gentlen at, ,.f character
and ruapnn.lbll.iy, 1. a aoftl ie.it guarantee to the atllictcd
It I. w.th the greafeM rrPictan • that l>r. JOHNSTON permit. hia
card to «p|o-jr Mart the patbile,deeming K anprnfamlimal fm a I
phy-.ciat, to adrerit-w. hot unh - he dt.1 ao. the afflK ted. rtpeeiaRv
Mranger., odd nut f.i.l to fall into Hie f and. of lie many ,n,pi,.1,1.1
and ui.l. arnrd Imp-«u-,a. with innumerable false nan..a. ,,r c.unl-in—1
quaek.h p-. .wanning ih. -e large clt,ea. .-opylng Dr J-hntton'a a.I !
vertlaeru-Ma or a.leert,.ing th. n,«lre. »• ph»«l. t.na, dl.terate, ,h.l.
I. w bramd fellowa. Mo |,„ t.. w..r« at tbe.r ,.r»i:i*l trade, with
“ V1" hrTn" ' wh‘'- ’be ptirp.~e of enttc.ng
? :** t".. ■■'?* <•" «ve or - « ,.W ,.. under a- many different
IIiTh1 ,!‘"1 nger ew-aplny „nr, ,, ,urr to
tumble Iteadlong nto th, other Ig-„ r,„t Guack. with en,.r
vrt.fl. atea gr.al and aMoundlng urr. from t-ranna I
not to he f. und. w .. keep, tab I,me la,tile, f l.h oriCe Water I
package, „f nltl.y and worthle., compound., .-unnn glr I
|*r |>i»rril lo !nt|iu«r up. ii Ihf inl. rtunalc a; l itn<u«i)fctitiir
raontl, after tnuaith. or a. lung a- ibe .mallt-ai fee , an be oldalcd, I
mr dl^htimeM™ TUU ru!,>•J ««' **»• 1
li ta thla motive that induce. Pr J. to advertiae. for be atone can 1
. "-r u*mrq'ialnt, t ta.th Ida rrpuuthm.be deem. It
*« »f lh»< bia credential, or diploma, alway. hang In hi. i
-N . letter, r-elvcl unh -a p,.al paid, and containing a .lamp to he
uae-l h r the reply IV.-on. writ t.g abould atat. age, and tend that i
» • apsi —j
laiDiir Buv • HD t fr*i*»nai !
I.%ll>|.i:v A II 011 I % son t I
rin r itA i rr Ttjrn
OPFKR to country phy.Kian. and fain lie a perfectly „
a.» .11 I ra.KH .lock of pure and reliable MFDICIN Fs'. iSmJ
ti-fi-ther * ih St'a..*ia*a larrantairyv. Paarruaay Ftay
O-.ina. and aP other thin*. In the Drug line, which they wdl Cfi
•ell on the tie*I term#. '
trr- Cl*etmcal and Pharmaceutical Preparation, made to order.
wnt to an j part iif the country
Deu* .tore, 4t!i and franklin tireete. Richmond.
I till v A shim ,
74 fill, efreef, RicSnumtl. I'll
aV’y* L1'1' “n,,l»>4i-d allentiun '..all .ale. of Real and
T I er. isl Relate. *a'e of Hnuaeh Id furniture, Stock. 0...«l.
A- . A aleo. .pivtal attention to .alee on Saturday. of II r...
Cowt. Carriage.. Waitone. Ac .Ac
Ala... keep ...nttamly rn hand 'he largest and handKime.t .fork of
fur*,lit.re in h. f.,u„ ! ,o lhl« market, cm • «' r.g In | «rt ol
Mahogany and Rom wood Ward ride.
do Marble an t Mahogany top Cabinet..
Sideboard* and Waanoand*
Splendid Spilng Seal Sofa*, Tnr a Tetea. Divan, and Lout,re.
Parlor, r«nr imt Windsor Omlrt
Spoil* Cor'd Roeker*. Sociable,. Whatnot.
Ala,., a leanUful .eluent of Chamber Sell., together with a
general aaeorirnent of llouaekeepm* lb o*|*
n,e Ctty and country trade are melted to etanilne our collection.
»• *' are detcrmlneal b. erll at a eery email adra e on r.**t
• HO 'Its It hliall,
A U C T I O N R R R ,
Will •ltffi'1 Jo (hr i«|r
RFAl. RSTATf. and erery deacr<pt'on o' 'IFRCHASDlsf
mhh tf HOrsKIIOl.D fI RNITI KIC Ac
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TkllOR and drapfr,
miraryesea eea.ey. aenie an. tiatuai.
»RrOn.Dr *t.e a 'yc*') attcrii. n to bla new .tyle. of SFRINw
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m" * •'"l" a w irr.ua
• 4k III lilts A tri'FHSiix,
OffFR for .ah a general aa*. rimer i *. nnln* Mclh-lnea, al
War. fn»h, and a reeat ear , ty of fa... y art..-tea. Perfumer.
A ftt |»r- .« %• I.* *4 t> •• V «»1 be hkt'ifcht in »b*» r tf
CM II Rt HRS 4 UTHfnS N, SI I Broad .1
AA • I I • A M s | I I | | M .
vitrrtcfntR, r«p<A*r«n b»t> ctn <«
, So. 144 .Villa drrg. /?/. b.,.%1, |',l jald
I «» s I P II « A II s it k A I ||.,
M'Ct'ltaaoBa TO
»Vi:ati ha 1'iiofki i i ,i*n vrxiHti
TT COMMISSION MfBCHANTB, and Dealer. ,n Pork Urd.
1 S
a .Worst*. , owwee.
94 lAwgaterelui Street, A-ct-m.
- t ■ ta
lk » >Aik a rn„
•I Penni Street. New York •
Aer.-i.mh A T.yto, BewPSP, | Yoorbme, Or'**. A On., N O.;
* °° -
|rt*-41f Henry OeMn A Ob , OhnrMMon.
K I (' II MON I) W II I <;.
TillRTV Fut’RTII ru.URKM Find Sess.on
Wasiiisn-roa, June is.
Mr Hamilton a»krd u. to e.ruacd from Irving,.chair
iiiii. ol the cm..... lie aai.i i.m tto nine
.ear. he I ,.| held a -e.t in tto S-.,»te he had toe.,
• "• .«"»to.. I |miii the aahject of slave.,, that had
mwpli sgltal-d tto CHI.,try. he had rarely wtn-led a
• orj. He loved hi. . ountry more than he loved any par
t*- more lliau anything th.l euuld agitate and disturb ii.
..*• He toll, vcd ito repeal ut the Missouri com
promise w t- a great iu.m al and pohneal wrong Since hu..
ever, that wi.M.g ha. lev-,, e.tlonwd „y ,to Cumtonatl
ciMiii-iii.uii, in il> ONiMiiumtiMiii anil nnulu )»« irit it
In. dull lo do lare that he could no .umuiail. pa.tv
•swa iat on. mill any pa.tv that ..tel ii,mh. .„ch doc
trine., .n t he cxdd anp|.wt ..,„ f,„ I’re-olem el...
avowed a id rcogniaed such doru.uca. ||„ motion to to
• leased a us thru agreed to.
Mf Haller proceeded to reply to Mr. Sunnier’, .peech.
The gallmiee were crowded win. audinns.
M. l.oda r said that the nccesMly ha- In* a Idreasiug the
.aeuat.- on tin. i«fusion an U.oagnt aUnal lay evouU over
which to had no CHiUnl—event, which have gn.-n irnt
ol a controversy, t...m I he ouamtl acement of which Inn .
Sa-i st... Ironi M .-such ..sells, ,H.l is.w ... he .Mr
..r ) would to held e»,|,.-.v.lv n-|.M'*ihle l.’v hi. i
iountr> ai d Ills Hud. lie had drUvered a -pewd, the
m.»t extraordinary that ever l ad utterance in any legists- ,
live tss.v recogniaing the saie li.u.s ,d Uw and id the
' onsiii t. -.... All that time Mr Hull, r wa. he... and
what be would have done i: he had been tore it would now
to pert* Clly idle lo say. becailar 1.0 one .an sutoutute tin
dclib.r.,||ou.of a •ube.-tpi.nl period lor wbut .night have
tuk« f» {Ii.ff oil i!iv iui|iui^c ul tLf» Qioui4*tii
Hi. H..| reeaion w... ,fhe had toe., here he would have
asked that Senator, before b. tod finished wane of the
paragraphs pw.won.lly applicable to hint, to pans,-; and .• i
Mr. Sumner had gone on, he would have demanded that !
he should retract or nnality the remarks, so a, to
M.ng then, witl.il, the sphere of pwil.muei.tarv prop,i. tv
It Mr S. had r lused h.do tins, what hr wo d I have don.
cm,1,1 not exactly hut one thing he knew and
that wax he would uot have submitted to it. T.. what mode
,1 ,.d.. a» he would have icsorled U., be could not tell
he would at least have assumed up..,. I,iu,«e|| ,1| the re
spotiejl,I title* eta Senator Iron, South I'aiolmis.lhc m,r.
n r-.‘rt ,b7“. m,"[rv l,,c-T '"‘C1’1 instead of
hat. Il,.4 speech had involved . I„end and klnanmi to
life atVuke^ h,,i ****" °bl,geU 10 PU‘ ,,h r°'tu,"‘«"‘i .
Mr. Haller expressed tlie opinion that the speech ol Mr
' in ner would In- cm,I- u.tod hy the polhc n.ind ol the
country, and would be cona.gi.ed to i. l.u.v hv po-t-ritv
the im^umvous cm.aiquei.crs which have Mowed Iron!
. already, and which wer. likely in the future to disturb
the peace a. d rep.wc of the country. Mr HuU.-r had >.id
".ith.DgP, ju.tdy- the glows personal .Use and durum
with winch he had been assail.-1, he ha I torn verT g,,..'
de.1 in lus remarks during the wh.de ol this exciting de
•ate ludcpet,dehtlvnl the personalities which bad d.s
torte.1 and ,. lag raced Mr. Sumner’.sporch, there was n..ih
eg ... ,t to di'tingu.sh it from .11 l.ia other abolition
Instead oi making hi. own ap-ech here, under the ole
ligation ol the constitution, and In a <iigi,itt.-d manner, th
. 2~ 'lT r ’? 1,1,1 Ki thl’ conduit, the
(mg through which to pour out m-d.gmtv lr justice
lo cm,c.h.u- Theodore I’a.ker, t..e Senator initat make
war on tvM.il. tanJ.iia and on l.iuiself, [Mr. Hutler 1 It
was the purpose ol t»,.t Senau.r to pander to the p„ju.
of H I 4 I* t 14 III 4 »f M It rawrtl lillw, » f _ It .toss C.-s-a ^ ^
Dow here be would make him ha,,; hi. head ,u shame and
prove him a calumniator.
II.- accused \lr .Sumner of bavin; pretended to ..note
.• the constitution of floutli C.rolina ihai which i- „„t
found III It One thing U certsin—eiiher the Senator did
C*’'-«»lut.on. or if he did, he could nut un
It-r-Un I it. |
He i.nlieed Mr. Sumner's charge of the .ha.ueful iml.e.
" Soufli Carolina during Hie revolutionart w„r in
conaet|ueiice of slavery. ,,„i refuted the allegation that but
lor Northern aid the South could mu Imve unstained it. ll
■n that struggle. South Carolina sent \| issachuselt* hem.|
and “Venn barrels „f „ine The Mainf ,u ,,
m operation. lUughu-..] The very powder used by
Ma-achuaelts alter th. bailie ol Hunker Hill ... lurni-li
ed by s I srohna which in the rev.,| .ti.M>. poured
hogsheads ol blood where Massachusetts poured out hut
g .lions ||e characterized the remarks of Mr. Sumner ap
plied to him, aa indecent, and jtterlv unlit to lie a. tin v
wen . uttered in the , resence .d a gallery uf ladies
ilr. Butler stoutl, comlenmed the rvaolutiou of the
Massachu-ctU t.eci-l .lure relative to the a-sault of Mr
Sumner, sating tha. Mr. Brooka had been indicted on
un re liewspa|ier rtmi>>r and witli a precipitancy of judg
ment , neon,p.lible With legislative dignity and justice. Mr
, „could not go I. a drawing room or public place af
cr Mr Sumner s s,m.s , * a-delivered without the ..u.-stion
t«-mg asked “Has South Carolina chivalry escaped ?_
'' l“ 1x1 ‘a" - -iihinission to such insult
'd .."“••I no' look Ilia constituents in the (are
wuhiKit being da.ii.b d Will, dishonor. Tl.e Senate had
l-lor.-hoc,, profaned lo ll.eSe.mlor Iron. Massachusetts.
He i Mr. Butler, won I rather take ten blow, than n,.
dure the gas of the rh tu.ician pouring out calumnies up
on his State. Someth,, g must, therelore. be pard.mesl lo
the sensibilities of a man acting under the dicutes of
lUAiilioOsJ ami (Minor.
Without concluding. Mr Butler gave way for a motion
to adjourn, which piet.nl..!
Horn: uk representatives
Ht.lv one hnmJrv'ltt I umint^n* were pri-aeut mini
Uff wain uf a«|normn. i(,r Hon* again adjourned. *
A ■ " ' * - , S .s — A N. w York de
spatch, ,1.1b d June I 2, s.i is
K rein,>nt , chances . c still hr many considered best._
A portion of the m. m! ,s, however, propose to postpone ,
the nomination until . ... the republicans nominate —
others desire an iminedtit- nomination, and prop,.-*. t«. I
ap|sant a committee ..f., with a s,mil .r committee on I
tile part of the lepubhcao e.mvetilioii. am] thus aeeure the
lioniin ill.in lit IK>lh conv. ntiims of the san.e candidate |
A I. tier has Im-cii ree. ired froin Speak-r Banks, urging
the convention to Meet the strong.-* man, and ,t u,e
same dm* signifying hi. willingness to accept if nomina- ,
WHI l»> l»Oth foil VOI.tl.m*
IlnaaiMK Dsath —The Baltimore Sun slates that on j
tt edncsd.i* last a man named Christian Bav, aged about
thiitv-tor. e tears, and engaged in the Maryland Sugar Be
ftnery ac .dentally tell into a large *e»«el 'of boiling svr
up. Ex rfion. were Pr.„np.lv made b, rescue him Iron.
..tlition, and scarcely a mooirrd eUiised ere ii
WAS don. but not befme he had undergone the horrible
prtsess i ttoiling alive. Nearly Hie entire skin of his
body Was sea led so sevei Ii as to come off Alter un- ,
dergomg the most excruciating agony, he expired Tliurs
, Iruni Panama state that
••varuur had arnvej there, and that
tht difficult! - wan the authorities growing out of the re- '
c nt sanguinary riot had been aniicablv settled Travel
V* "" «he railroa 1 with i.ertect aal.-tv —
tortUnd Cushing died recently at PunU Arena*.
Moav \ i ims — A de-patch front Montreal sutes that
tile recent -leaiid-sl explosion at Ismgeiel proves to have
been more I. -tvin tive of human life than wa* at fi,st*Un.
po*ed So l,., twenty-even dead bodies have been res
cued. and t e *s aecb is Mill progrenaing. Several of ll„we
injured have nutate died.
(’aovs ast» We.Titcr it a* —Theljlvana /*rc«.„
pnbliihca t. ''»n u trom M lUnzas to the 3nth nit., in
Wliicli 'l la -rat. I that aa yet but verv few plantation*
h*d comm- need grinding sugar The plantcrw were still
».r the present e-igtgcd i-t sending to market the remain
der .if the 1,1-crop This t. avid to have been gcnerall*
v M short, the district ol Malania* alone bating made
|.St,.SHI boa s less titan last rear ll-avv ndriMhiug
ram* bad l» gun to |«|| 4I,d cool ln« air and iay the dual.
Tn* Sas fata, « > Muunra—Mr King, who wn lately'
rvnird* ml t th«- «(rrrii nf Fmin’iiro bv r gatnbter
named l «*••>•, i* the #um«- (riitlfiniii *bo on jm-g pumtn-d
f f '* hutiri. •* ol .inking in tint nil, under I he 141110 ol
JjtiH’* Kit g of H m., I»ut wa# «**rried »|o«n bv the great
fRi|i|r»- of ,\ 11 1 * <% (\i, II,* id a iintirr of Georgetown, p,
r . A!.d wt* f .r •ererl t tr* ♦ rnpbnrd hi the banking
bonar of I’.Mdi'in A Higg» at Washington.
9t ■ *• * • H . I <n Oar/UIr
Pa , e» A* •'*•4 r nqrbt laat «'*4 bon**! on Aan.tay evening. v »t,
^ i tart » oe cerrm . .. denerai f •*« an offt -r
•rmy .«u t. the* «V of 1* I *•».« •errr.l W'th 4»etinclmn
clc**- vt tr>- t»r k with other* m ron«o<|i»#ii«'# of tt.r rrdacUoti of
IN* •?wit rrtirrd from the «rrv *
P»ami <*%* m P«rrt. •••?* A yrHjrtf vt.fnAn ha* N*«m w vrklrtg
f ' • * ;• 1 n-».*fte» 1 1 «ir ,g
,h# Ir* % menu.* alt re t ». m »•* eUihre Abe* *rvt*i.«lr4 to b# a
yr.:. f * °f **• ••»». •..» Uif l|«Tan«e mvir at P'r*««l.nf
If II *. * R #•*'-' * «*t •• n* *h# Mount 1a4(#*. an t artr-t htt
part A* .n friitt#K*» ? ty veil tv all ouUr'tr apj.. arat* *• j
Pnti •t'lirm. t| t>*f Cilf (VivtieM to-day rranlod it.# u*«
of Itfa pri.tlv i.,. It at* f f rrsrpl tn of *R PmldeM nitro.>r* -
TNr t .ecr Rt« favor*4 ih i*>< a*urv, vMUl the American* oppoattf It
*«* Toat Jwn# It T* r-mtral tUvoMcan ^vmlllw ha*#
Na4 a mernng. amt pa ‘vwl r* *..lvttr • in favor of CrJ preaioui a ..|
A|-alcr Hao#« for lh* l*ro«hl nff r- .| t|** pr**.i,l*nf j
'Irv Yuli, Jan* !J TN #ni «tm«*n. ra«* of ftenlrf, an attarNo
of (’pmii! Parc lay r» ih# t’nHod Arui, va* tiR®>«##J yr«<*r<lav hr
the f>i#*r»ct Aitornn to prraa % trial
T*v OiitiRR, Ju r II t t!r# ovurrH at Mon^aT
n #Nl nf»|*ietR# (hie tKf, by a .Ich fte, eaiA.i •iv«n.imaii Wr# burnt
a* 4 Ilf* ^ Tt.e- t,»ww *e wet.roan*! At
Mia# I.. Pal#, • a#* Rlrntally Iroword near Treo
ton, T*nr» , oa It*# l*t r ef
It §»*#• o* plwrgr- h N- to *tat* that t|t«i Chvrto’t#
JanoR. 4aogN*,.f of •> *f..# ft eN> p Jan#*. #o *r*#rely bvra
r*l a f#w »lay* *#o by if *tpl >At«>* of a ramiiNrn* lamp, w rom'b
b*tt#r, an I N p w ar# , a net 'W*l no *rri,,u* tonA*«)ti#ner« will
prrroanrntty r«MRlt frov it » #c#»4*nt — .V f < , m .4 Jr
% Movrrv# Pi «f? A et ve* llr*4 r| tb» or v harbor of Holy
Kaa«I, Morib Walee, r<v#«ntft filrh r* q*»lr*4 (Ne tabor of a»* *•*»• to
Ha formation Av t*n month*. anJ % . t %ry# ,>f eta ton* «rH a half of 1
pov«W to *r|»lor§w It Thr qvantHy of Moo* too##tie4 by tba Natl ,
•M ralrota«v4 at too#. 1
NKWS by telegraph.
N«w Voaa, June u — The .(earner K lc aaon ha, „t.
v.-l Imre burn Liverpool, with advice. to tbw SHU, «M -
T le p dilicti n •«! i« nm an artvil
omaunu itTiuiuiroi.
Cotton d«R at • decKnv ol I-A to Jd Salve ut three
day, amounted to IS,t»ai i>.,lee. Hoang aivwdivr
llread-tuff, weak and Uaiweclioii, email. Wheat doll
and drrliued 2.1. R-d 9s. 2.L , 1i. Hour dull and a tnfle
loeer Western Canal3ia. a S4* . Ohio Ma. a Ms. Caro,
yHl.ie aud Uiix.il continue unchanged at 2Sa «d. White
i» e (ride lower—tale. at 2i«. ltd a 2t*a. «d.
Conaol, cl. Med on Wed newt ay at 9i.
am-nuttovi atwa.
A new Ruvim loan ia ,(token ol—part offered iu Loo
d.ni and (.art In Hamburg.
Tbe Italian qn.Mtion conliaoea u next lied. It |. ruatored
that the P.ope pmtear. . CmigreM «l I,.Han Soamigaa
In II.one. Wit!, the pl-nip..i*ntiariev Iron, France Austria
and Denmark, f.w the purp.,« of putting tbe tael lu at,
eff. ctire CHidlliun.
The Spanish government i. taking anargatu- lueaaurea
R£«iti«t M»*nro.
The Emperor Napotoou to Coiwidv. mg , Urn
founding territorial nohihlr in Algeria.
In Hie Drill,*. How ol Lord., the Karl of Elgin mured
r.ir the deapatchm rel„i,e to aeuding innop, to Canada —
D.rcum.,1, ensued, -he,, lew ! Clarendon etpmamd good
I e|„,g toward. the L'nilcd State., but dev lined to rtfmU
Mr. Ciampton.
There i. in. n,wa respecting the ell.-ct of Mr. Cramp
U>T| «* iit!*ft|tw^gl Upon allll«*rtC*J| Affair^
The ui.l ol Palmer, England, lur potooniug, I,ur,.
vulUf*l iu hu conviction.
THREE iuYs later >*..* EiRorE.
Vtw Yoah. June. IS-P M -The .learner Arehiaa,.
med U.H evening. She left Liverpool „„ ,(*
; The .oreign paper, am .
•till tilled with rejoicing, for the re-toratiuo of peace.
There is much antioty in EngUnd respecting Aoterf.
Ctn difficult..... The new, of the reception of Pad,, Vi.
. ", m a SintW' «<'IIo-„,g an Ho.. aiHJD
Lr.nl Clarendon , .mi.-.ble advance,, .erred to incrmre
the eir,lenient. I> to rumored that Lord Elgin .ill goto
aoliinifton hr Minuter Plenipotentiary, >a the la»t chat.c«
ot averting war.
Spmu ia fitting out a fleet to be amploved against Mnl
raxattmi imtuonct.
Cotton had recovered from iu prev inua dcclior, the
market cloning lira. Sale, of the week reachad 4o,ha)
bale,. *
Bread.tuff, dull with a declining tendency. The
weather «„ favorable f.„ agricultural oparaliona.
Money eaaier. Conaol, closed at 94 ].g to 94f.
Tim Bank of England baa reduced the rate of interaal
fo 5 per cent
St. Loci*. June IS.—A letter from Kansas stales that
free State town of Osawalomie.w „ sacked on the 6,h
mat. In a company ot Georgians under Capt Whitfield, and
tiiat I’altuyra had also been aacked. The tree State
m. n were reo.ganiiing. Gov. Shannon haJ gotta lo For*
Messrs. Howard and Sherman, of the t>»ngrea»ional In
vestigating committee, arrived in St. Louis to-daj. Mr.
Oliver, ol the same committee, .topped at Richmond, Mo!
Tli. v will £o to Dftroit and remain « f.*w dayn. Their 10
▼e-tigaiion, it '»«• pro res that out of 6600 votea cajt
in the Legislative election, March, 1955, only 1100 were
WavHixnro*. June 13-.Sew„/r._Mr. Butler resumed
and finished hi. speech in reply to Mr. Sumner. He coo
chided by -saying he had convicted Sumner of error, calum
ny ami misrepresentation.
Mr Wilson, of Mam., ma le a brief replr, and Mr. Clay
>1 Alabama,also spoke. Mr Evans. ,/ South Carolina’
then ohuiiie.lt he floor, and the Senate adjnorned.
The House met. hut there was not a quorum
present, and nothing .d iiuportanea was dona.
Nvw Y-as. Jnnr IS-In the Convention at SecrO.r-. thj« after -
noon, a woOon n. proceed lo ballot for a Prr.uhnit.l candidal,
ina-tc. bat wot,drawn after cooalderat.lv debate. Fremont U vvl
JrtitW thr f«r«>rite.
Tbe ooturnltw ,n revolutions will report to morrow
. a- l-si, Jane 1S.-T»ie vtea.uer Protnelbvua has arrtvvd. tr»m
New 0,h«,. v a l.vaoa. Thv C. S .Warner Vernma. . betov. re
n-rte.1 at Havana, vi. towed to wa on tbe Sth, and wilt proceed u.
.'tarle.b-n (or rvpatra tn her ma<-hinerv.
R.ttiwoRE, June is.—The foreign news hu produced
to effect upon the markets. Flour. Wheat and Com .tea
if •»»•! imchan^iMl.
Nkw^osk. June IS—Flour has declined. Sales of
Kiste at e«t. Ohio *5 90, Southern f-5 flu. Wheal has
declined five cents. Com hrs also declined, bul is unquote,
hie. Stocks higher. No sales of Virginia site* repor
led. r
,tv 'Vv.-rjrmot.iar vhonld haw a b..a In tbv house hands i.
>( arc ideate to thv -•hit-lren." naod/ la cava
„ . Rai-n»»o> Rcaau Hairs.
It N • Hoaton rpiar>ff of thirty jrr«r«' •urxfliur sn-t i« —
..u ^rss r^r&raS^sirw srafas
'"" » Hh *l)«* broufht front KumU—of article. rr.rwm* to lhl'
niTZTTii IT* P'0pr’,,or* h*T' >'»•"• * „> »B*rtTJL,V e?,£j
non. ptifiMtni. m aptaina. aum. anil other, who I,,.* —
E v.r^c.^r^' ttRiWiSSE?*^
w, ^sm a gggg?
* if: 5 •»*••■■»
W»''TK Mi r* Cl ITA - aim. Fa,,.. .„d T^fr^u. .... *..
E" iiteTUS JEMEr Dr’" P*,,U’ •" *“' »•"“ be •*
r*<*cr UARAIMIBK FaNTA The „w,„me«. cm.Utolog «„,,.
Ih 12 f*r ' ** '* F"«aiNv Ha»I0* a large Mack .1 tha
ah rer foie, we or, merkln* them d»wh
rJ™ lfTh”J K Zr «hl*te.l >• m. and ih. .mo,,..,,
rmm wh cfl to eele 1 aa varied aa al any tlm* during ih* oetaoir ia
w. ary . .totlnuallf rmlortog good.. and .war aenktr partaaf a, lag .a
N-w York the antlra eeaoon. wa think our ehaneu 'or noarl.iet aa
|o<et at tha neat. (IRiwtHUNII a TI’FMAM,
t*"_-__ IH- Mato Mreel
W m %\» Minna. Wa bag la*** to .all tha -
* 1 atteoilnn af all wlm art In want ..f
NTH t It 4. 4k 4k lit,
to oor Iwautiful aaaorlnient. at*
lrn.1 .. Heaver and Iwgl.on. Rid a« llata and Plata
If^t’nrn. Hr, ! a ml At,aw Pla't and HI. minora
Children a Atraw Orewta, of array variety
Aid yfilthy’ l,e*l...»n and Hrahl llata
Do do Atraw Capa
llynt'a Leghorn, Bra d. Panama, tonal# and Ceylon Ifata and
V, . i **** ,Dd • Halm, which r„ o.ainaoa
> •llO' l w <|i'«l(ft|
Fa'.'rilr.*-, '“,,'r'Tn‘ of !"r*’ «"~l» •are.nla, aueh aa
Palm Leaf. Mountain l/r«h..ri. and the n.tr.1 At, .nrhai atraw Hat
*•; *’’"-h wa meat reaper ifoMy rail the arlenltoo of our frienda and
ylaltora to the city HINPOKO. HICRINAo.N * Wri-IHrR
Bo ts Mala aareet
'■''VoMT! fsWWr S,,M' * ' A »« F. B I k Ny
■ a P1H l PNP BBTT -| am anthnnaad In ntor an toaea<
"Ml ** /** <•*•
I ■ II aru on favorable lewm-. ..thee «y pay vent renhtewea. ar my
MW ifvHling hna«#. corn*r of Or%r# And ir*P>i %!•«.
** *'•*’ ••*l lot# on Xh0 ***** «•»••*» •»<*
in .•yiin.'f
k“*R lirNT The burn lately occupied hy dot,0 C aaanard,
Whorw limy rtpir-e lit toy oat oalt. thy on.# now orraptad hy R
R M w.«m, a rot Olher l.airthle roomy in the Law Hulhting Call at
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