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fVoM» (Ar /.omcIt/n Time*, V#iy '24
l^tnt D*rbv may In* considered the mint fortunate or the
rooit ingsmou* ut ur*?«»r*, wIhmi we take account of the
very rare apparently uuupic olMiictit of the topic that
•how* hiru moot to advantage. Ill* present aprcialitv,
indeed »• one that In- ha* taken up lor wilier*, for it *«*,
not at once that he di**ovetvd hi* line. Kvt-ry now and then
** our reader* are painfully aware, the ltiiii*li auu set*
for ever. After a lost, |M».*tivelv the very la*! pailartnanee
«d tin • kimi, ihi the rtvo of a dcpnturc, not to the proviu
r«*a, m to On- Ktatc, or to Kio Jmicro, but to the r«
I'lon o| Malory, to the worl l of the dead, and HuUm
dirk malm*, the H<iti«h mm, we arc ImiuiuI to *ay ought
not in -m If ie*pei’l, to ahnw itself again. Hut nl lend
Derby’* bidding it turn* out aeaiti in ail it* beauts, and in
the Iditnlieal mint of pink tallcta in wldrh it presented
Itself to KulAaffs vinous imagination. At least once iu
five ye«r* |,ord Derby 1* aMe to reproduce tin* sinking
phenomenon, under the most different cireuni laucr*, n*»d
of courae, with varied e fleet*. The sun ot Kngland m t
retvnlly in the murky honxon of tree trade. It *ct the
licit time, with a nautical effect, in a Meet of foreign
•hips, deeply laden from all part* ot the world. On
Thursday night the old "p ope tty," It would seem, had
Imn'ii found in a heap ol illumination tmiis
parwncic*, and Lord Derby allowed it oil on
a topic which it take* a little stiff thinking to
a won ate with the alieolulc rum of tin* Hiitish em
pire. It t* impossible to express the thing in shorter or
siinpl.u ter us, and therefore we must aay at once, that we
have finally and irrecoverably renounced our place auion ;
nation*, ami taken up one somewhere between N.iplea and
Molcua, enurely through having admitted the fatalmaxim
that "live ship* make free good*." Start not, gentle rea
der, or fair reader, a* the case may be; it is l*»rd Derby
who s ty s it, and you must go to liuu for the interpretatio n
Lord* t harem I on and Cowley have relitiquialiud this Pall*
d uni, and left uur ark in the hands ot the Philistine*.
II *i M yvrtvV Minister* have acquiesced in the guilty *ur
render. The IIoumc of ('ominous has consented in silence,
a id now the II »u*c of Lord* In* caught the aoft infection.
L *r 1 Derby, indeed, ha* mustered A band ot true Kngii-U
|»» * ». who would register a vote against the crime, even at
the lo**or delay ol their dinner*. Fortunately, t«io, Uieie
i- a ii 'vor-ending supply of legislative iunocents, who
ein evMtie to l/v»l Derby's aid with a real enthusiasm, and
whose faith hi* iAinlabip Iiims4-ll iuu-t envy, os he pal*
tin* m on the back, and predict* they will be oniaineuts • 1
the I louse and the country. Lord ('artiarvon was the p i
of tender year* protruded on tfiia occasion. Ill- Lordship
wa* hum t ic very day the wcoml llelorin Hill wa* brought
into tl»e Com notis, and weaned about the tain - the tht» I
Mil became the law ot the land, lie is now in Lord Der
by's arm*, and, as hi* Lordship assure* u%, is a very prom
ising child.
Lord Derby hiiuself being not wholly de-tit ito of >t *tc%
in tidike qualities, or quite ignorant of constitutional law,
bad a difficult game to play, for, either tacitly or express
ly, lie had to admit everything, and make Ins tight on what
wa left. lie could not say that the right in question, tin*
-e /urc of enemy's goods in neutral*' vessels, a-.is undis
puted; h * could not deny that it had been waived in M*
baii ol almost every maritime State; be could not say hut
whit it might be always necessary to waive it, be could
not deny that it bad plunged u* into the great* st difh *ul
tie*-, had liven constantly evaded, could not po.*.-ihiv in*
enforced, would M* a must fortiudable engine again-t us
in the hands ot a maritime fix*, and bad, as a nutter ofin
co**itv, been most solemnly waived iu the war now happi
ly ended. lie could not, without tin: givatcsl income
nii-uce, have alluded to the very altered circumstance.- un
der which the right would now have to Ins enforced, at J,
worse (bun all, he could not even assent to the doctrine
literally stated iu the n^solution*, that the Pleuipoten!:a
rie* and file Hrilisli ttoverniucnl had becii guilty of ail
UHfnHKtitntinnai net. Vague as that word is, and much
a- L » •! Derby liiiii-cll has contritmted to ainplilv it- lone
Im* vet shrank from the statement tint tier Majesty eoull
imt make a |nil»|ic declaration having the force of interna
tional la** except in the form of a tieatv. TIicm* arv
some of the difficulties lend Derby had to contend with.
It is raid, however, by acertain class of lawyers that they
never speak so well as when it is rigid against then own
conviction*, for then they know the worst, and can't be
taken by surprise. The declaration war the surrender ul
an alleged right which certain States im i resisted and
I'.riti-lk Ministers had maintained. The right w.t-a proud
one; the States that resided it were also proud, and me
friendly, the Ministers who inaiutlined it were great melt
in their d »y, and thought the right necessary to our mari
time power. There was text enough for Lord Derby,
what more could lie desire? It was a base A u trend* r.
We h id followed in the wake of France; we had conceded
to Russia what she had been pining for a whole century;
we liud confessed a weak apprcheiiMOti ol America; at the
Katnc time by confining the hem fit of the d duration to
those States that adopted the w hoi • we had insulted Auieti
ra even while we yielded to her. I*itt was a great nun;
bo h im Canning, so wu* Lord Mansfield, and some other*;
and l#ord Derhv had no wish to be a greater man tii «tt
they were. What if we had been obliged to maintain the
doctrine single hamh' J against ail mankind? We h id
done so l>efo«e, and Lord Derby had no objection to - e
us doing so again. In fact, lie thought it rather a credit
able po-ition than otherwise, as a man could never b -uie
In; was ijuite right except when he was the on!? person
bnlnii g t t opinion in Hie whole world. Such were the
topics of Lord Derhv'* speech, adorned, indeed, with an
occasional hit ul tin* D ik - ol Aig-II and some il-1 ipi.it i
lions, but suiMfitiriaiiv all spun out ol the small.—t po-*«:
h e mi it-riul—the thesis, that is to *ay, we have «i A d
All this, of course, Is very amusing. <|u1t<* us pretty a*
tin* fireworks we are to see next week, which *•-«»..ly
hope will go of!* as brilliantly. Hut, in-oImt earnest, it
d»H** desei ve some consideration whether it i» patriotic, af
ter the performance ot a great tiatiomil ct, to rise up in
]*ar!iaiiicnt and give it the blackest possible color. W'*,v
is it tube priN’l limed to all (he world that a declaration
which they might possibly think uuule in the cau-c of
roniiiion humanity is merely u haw piece of truckling to
this power or that ? It has been made deliberately
enough. Tim British pul die and all the world have lx . u ■
prepared for it by Or iers in Council issued two years ago,
and l«ord Derby liiiu~.lt does not venture to *hv with what
gn»ce we could have resumed the exercise ol the right,
I»i:« i those Orders, except under the fell necessitn - ol r -
lali ition. Sir Wiilium Mob-worth, though ot u Radical
school, was a member of Iler Majesty’.*Government when
lie advocated the policy now carried out. in a speech
which i* cited as containing the w hole of the case. Hut
the trutli of the matter,—and nobody knows it better
than Lord Derby himself,—it is flint the alleged right
n! -fopping every vessel on tin* surface of the
‘•ce.ui, examining her pa|>ers uml her cargo, nod,
if nerew-aiy, carrying her to port for the pur
|.o*e, is now absolutely impracticable. (Jrvat as
we are, w.* cannot do it. We must carry on th** war hv
more dire* t and appropriate method*, against the enemy
inm-cll ami on hi* own coasts. A merciful thing it i- that
war should In* confined tonne territory, to one shore, to
on* fie*, in-tad of spreading hv a natural contagion over
th*- whole world. Providence its* 11 bus dictated am! com
p<*H***l the surrender. What w.* had to d<K to uke I/ml
!>• rby * own division, relit**.! mtlo-r to tme manner than
to tin* -lib,-dance. We had to surrender an impossible
and nii*clilcvou* pretension a* cheerfully ami gracefully as
we could. For those who are not perfectly good nml
wi-.«, to Ik*gin with, resignation is the next best thing,
and i* a r -portable virtue. That is nil the merit we
claim lor Iler Maj.-sf y’s Ministers on this occosiott, and
w.- do not think they are ambitious of a grander title.
They have had the common sense to ace that they cannot
in oi.tain the alleged right Against the whole world, and
that it i* 1 letter to give it up without mm ado. For do
ing vo they deserve the thank* of mankind, and the only
»• ult of l#ord D**r!#y * s|k-i*c1» ami the division, in which he
Was *o ignrdly deb ated, is to impart to a Minubto net a
slight aii of difficulty.
Tiik A wrhii ,\n Camki.* in Isk.-—Thirty-two cam. U
nrniigtu irnin Smyrna, in the I intitl Stile* .lor «• .hip S' p
pi. , together with two leirn on the pamwge, were ral.lt
landed mi May IK, at linlinnola, in Texas, an.I have «ji ci
l».* n put in ii*i", to Mtir extent, in carrying I .overturn n
store.*, to the great terror ol tile horses ainl mules, and tin
•••(iial delight nt wonder-seekers in tlial vicinity. M>.«t o
tin ni have shed (In ir liair on the voyage, and arc more o
h- - perfectly naked, hut are reprooented an in peril c
he illli and .pint. The dromedaries, nine in nunilier, an
d -igned for "express,” and the camel* for ‘Vina height'
train* aero** the great dry and rontll.’** plain* and prairie
ol the Southwest. They are accoinpaliieil hy two Tilrk
and three Aiah“, andean carry load* on n milk as fn«t a
an ordinary Irul honw e.m trot. The experiment, *•• (nr
ha- Ir en Very Micro ..fill, and it will prohahly soon In- in
die*ted whether the*., oriental tnomu.tr* can he niude .
any material service on this continent — V. Y. Trilmnt
CowniMao ar a Won a*.—We learn from the Cnlum
hia i Mo.,i Statesman that Mrs Anderson, of llnnrhnntoii
rtdoiinisteied to her liege lord about sixty stripes with ,
cowhide, in one of the stores ol that place, on the 21*
nil ll M em. that one ll. W. Amiens.n fa -cIiihiI tench, r
came fo ItonrlHinton and was *n inifnrtnnafe i. to niarrv
hot, In coming tired of hi* conunhiiil c. miner ini, depart •
in a lew days leaving hi. “tx tier hair to mourn’ "liV lov
»o| and early hot " lie only .toyed away a few mniilli
however, when he returned, lint she hail not forgot!.,
him; .he reint inhered her heart left void and hrt h a.il
il olnte Aeeoiilingly having proeured a good. anl.-iaii
lial eowhlde and failed in .nine t.f her Irlotid* to witn. -
the Inn, .lie proceeded to administer to the |mor (cache
Ins own remedy for r uling truant*.
•fudge Mi l,. All has written a letter to (Thief ,lti*t;r
llnrnhlftwcr. *f New Jers-y, t ikii g atttmg Hepotill ,
gtoiind* for Katisas, and inging its ndmissioti under a f
SLite I'.ifistilution, Tim .hi lg" I* evj l.-ntlv |. ,tro.i
r'. iraei r in unwi«e . (i nis to ol.t iin the f're .ide ntial non
inalin i fiom the lU'p'il.nrari parly.
t private■ l> tier fiotn Nun Ktanri-eo inform* ii« that ('
o eel * -.t i, tin miirih fer* fd Mr. King a: il T'liite'l .-ii.it'
M a .1 Hi. Inirdsrm, w< re to In* l.*n - I. t|„. Vigils'..
Co. mitt e at eleven nVIoeh on the mmnll g of the ■>
Mai. the day alter the d. l.arttiif of the .learner.— V
II. r.i 1,1
•I il lij M ». flX 1.1* I,."
op. rt s TA lUtHMr* IIA / A" it /•. h t . ef,
an iiaoan, va
H W KNOVV I.K*, Arent
fir * nr«D, Hslirtl A.lvtsrr.
Owe •*< j». U»ry 1st. IVs; .yy ; ;.g
Past rtlv-tr-va* dnrinf ytar tSAf. . I It ■
Net Mims lawasry I -t. ISM. yy /a I.
. ... wf.l rntia* |.si.| lo 4*t> y TlA.IfT <MI
Total ms.mat of ctatsi* t.f il.-wih |«. .Uts Igfl.iiyi s|
A't |>r *'• r* In the lesernt P rMtrn t, |yr m*U • sni a n.y. n
ps.a at. .. ll, lsm..f httVtn* MW K A*, i,.
N e Mav** tiiMir..l Ifewi woe to towr year- in tl*. yi... n,.r i
■.Mi., f,j«
< t t t i >1 m t tl f t r n ii*t. r,M«i.w i ...... n
r .r*. A i a . Mrsler. A|.p4r fTorer amt f'i • I, . - ...
»»'• •’» /i vt vi 41: vi an
«( VITIV ..tlVTIIM., Is* rr * ■ ■ . . oil
1»“ r>s«<wi . M*iia>*. w f i'himin.- v mi
<» ” W* hi Matt

m n »i t it iKMAM.i.nI >i.
I,A»A«* TO PORT*M'»|*T«l AND NO»m>I.K,
^ Uavts. having J‘»*( nnd. rg.Mo- a thorough over i Wrf^frAg1./*
lnu'm. till t'w» regular run tmtw. cn this nr ■ ■
the ;<b*». |.l I . W aving the wharf at Rocketts, uB 8AT1 KBAV
••••ruing neat. Dm I* in-<*ni, at t5i« o'clock) pr**iwly. and every
Tuesday. Ttiur*.lay *n«l Saturday unmiinp al thai hour
K»turning, the iNirtla I*, ck will Wrvr Norfolk every Monday,Bnl
iHwIvj snd Fr day mottling* at lltr urn* huar, (Sjf sUhA.) an l
*•»«> Ii at all the r« gular I sliding* on the river going ami returning
IN«*ur« .umI mk-ala a* uutal K ih ll \8klN>.
Tt.i- Irright on all artnW * lo W- landed on tin* rtvvr mu«t la* paid
when Ihry are sent to Die UaL
mat K O II
i mon vn i tiMim onrwv.
VIJ, btcanivr l*liv\SYLV \NICapUin Davm *Jfc.
Tvo. H snn r VlltOlNIA, Ca|4 It R**‘V*.
One of lln-ae silpcrWw Mramem will leave KkhdnMinBk
tnoml, until further notice, every IVnlinaUjf, touchingal Chty
Po'ui ami Norfolk U» r< •*clvv freight and pa«aengrr«. Returning, Wave
Philadelphia every \Ve4ne*lav morning at lUe'oiock.
Them HU amen, are aoVT In flm* order. In. rva*ed accommodation*
for the comfort of pM**riig*v* hat nig UtH add**t. as lUi mors r.rm
for frngtd; and «*• Itopc,by regularity. dispatch and cars- In prs4e« t
tng (mah * oiuinittcd to our durg , to receive an increase of patron
iff" No transhipment by thta line.
Timr through lo N. w York, and found . $10 *k»
Do do Philadelphia, and found, 1st cahln . 8 00
P***agr to City point and Norfolk «im* a* hy the river boat*
I'f I'asss'tiger* l»y this lino can stop in Phtlad*-l|w-ia two or three
days, and IImmi proceed U» N* w York l»y ths- same ticket.
MhA-U II K TITTI.K. Agent, Rockett*.
IM lie fiLL~ L \ l> l» i CoTg
PAm% OllilW U\ i:Ss \% IN HOW (ILAffis Ac.
S»*2 >I.im Street. Corner Fourteenth Street,
Rimuoap, Ya.
8J500 I ha. prime Indigo 1 hhl. Balsam Capavta
5 cask* l*e*t Madder If ca*e* lan|> M»guc«l»
8,(**» lb». Kxtract logwood 25 cam* MaceufBCit
In gro. C *l Llvsr <> 1 t.**■ ■•* gallon* l.inaeesl Oil
50 tibia. Hurtling Fluid 6*** kegs White I*-imI
3<i hl»U. Ye net aad Span 25 cases Chrome tlreen and
i. « TdR*
800 ounces Pulpit. QvInltW ft cask* Sweet Oil
4*i hbl*. Tanner'* Oil t,ft«*» gallon* Lamp Oil
25 MU American and Irish ca*ea Kngll*li Mustard
tCue 5»> boxrg Castile Soup
2,**i»i lbs. Rt fiicW Borax H00 keg* Hup. Carb. Bod*
25 bbl*. I*utly 25 hM*. tammhea
95 hhl- Caihr 011 25 hbl* Alcohol
2t» bids. spint* Turpentine N» casr* Oo**|*er’a Islnglasa
1 ,oini |hs. Tonka Beans 2 ca*e* Rhubarb Root and
5 bids. Camphor Powder
2*' hid*. Kikoin Salt# 10 kegs Canary Heed
150 Ik.»c* Kwig-ford'* Htarrh 1 bale W-ng Pepper
5o !»,.*<•* tir'd (huger, pure 1,000 boxc* Window Oltu
A t b.«v* * fir’d Pepper, pure 4ft gr«». Ma*on'a Blacking
8ft l»«g* Pepper 25 gro. Yea-t Powders
2d beg* Allspice 800,000 Cigar*, all gradea
2*** mat* Cat: »-.a
With many oil« 1 viAlc!**, embracing a general assortment. offered
In lota la suit, very low for Cash, or on usual credit lo puitAml deal
er#. PCRCKLL, LAUD A CO., Druggists,
mh19 9*2 Main atreet, corner Fourteenth.
tl|s.|ll> OIIHIUU IIII'IM.
tn.4411 1ST*.
Corner of Cary ami Pearl Street..
HAVF In ulorr. an.l arv iwlvtn* from the North, thrlr Pprtny
Stock ,.f 1., which* ill >«• larfrard varied when rwrlwl.
In which il.. V rail the allei.l „n of VonnUry merchant. anil the trad,
ICvnrrallr—anmng which will Ih found .
- I l.affa R ,. Lacuayra. 'I tricalhn and Java Coffrt
»',T I,tala, s (» and P K. Sugar- a.,mc rrry chulce
Rl > t*»* W»irc* R-flncd Su*ar—all "'ri‘
1W bid. N O. M..la*<a and Kcrtncd Sjrrop
.VI hh.l« Cuba and \lu.c nrad„ Mnlaaae*
Rill pack n: O P.. Imperial and Kla.-il Tea
ttiv I.,\|. 'mrrican and French lilaaa
fr.i Side Foie leather
V.I la.xc. Tallow, Adamantine an 1 Sperm Candle*
ft* rainier 4 an«i *1 * rune am
l,on k«-g» .-»4»ort« «l Nalls, (mott .approved brands)
6 half |>.|h» llrnnesoey \nd Otard, Dupuy A Co. Brandy,
vintage l*'!*! and lafsl
R pijk‘0 • hoU-e Holland Uln
6¥ , and ’a p pm Y. Hrau«ljr. Palo and Dark
list hhl*. *4 P re Itye” Wbbkjr, warranted lu to 1*1 year* old,
210 bbh. Cincinnati W’hUky and Alcolud, dail* expected to
150 pa lu1' « of other Whisky’s and W mcsjtoo numerous to
40 baskets Champagne; 30 cans Claret
*H2,'kM C'gars
Paint, d PalN. Grindstone*, Wrapping Pspef, Spices
W.mm| \Vare, Ac., Ac.
Which they will srll low t*» punctual customers. ml 1$
1 . r. W1BBTON A to.,
(ilrocers and Commission Merchants,
onanaa csaT xat» 19m >tk*ici>. anauoxD, vs.,
HK(1 leave inform their friend* and u*t. m. r*. that *• y hat
received their Kail Block of GKOCKR142*. UvHOKS. WIN>2*
Ac . Ac., c«»mprl« ng the largest and best ztock they hare ever been
ibl . M . rtteeltj .. 1 • ••; try dealer* lo tnnhw onr
su.ck Imfore pure* v«ing. among which will he f. und:
1»mo hag* Rio. Java and l.ag.inyr.a Coffee
ho hhds IV R , N. O. and Cuba Sugars
2nn bid* Crushed and Coffee do
lot* hh!* and t. » Cuba and N. O. Molasses
130 hi.: * n c and Halifax Herring*
keg* Nai's
2*-» hhl* Old Rye and Rectified Whiskey
5* M l* Southampton and Jer»ry Hr indy
5* l.hl* N K Rum
3 ^ plf>es Hennessey Brandy, very fine
1st ^ pi,.. . ^various brands) Brandy, Pale and Dark, very
Rn \ Sherry and Madeira Wine
R*K* Itoxc* S|n rtn ahd A«lamani*ne Candle*
4tai reams U tter. Cap and Wrapping Paper
2**n sides Sole Leather
5* boxe* Loaf Sugnr
23 tirree* London Porter
lai p.». kage» (• r• cu and Black Tea*
15» d> Fancy and Plain Candle*
fill hl*l» Cider Vinegar
2ft* bust* Freti* li Glass
1*M d< l r. Deil Cord*
1:«* Utxr* Brown and Pale Soap
l*m*i h». Cotton Vam*.
AT>»» llroot;.*, ||ix, ket*. Cotton and Hemp TJnm. Grain and
Ground Itta. k I*. p|». r. (Mng-r, All-p'* N ttm c*. M oi l r. Sp •?,
Search, Chgar*. Powder,(Hi»V H »r la* »•!, ****.1 s.Salt IVtr* . In * «••. Ac.,
*<• ill of which will t»e c.ff red low for ca*h «ir to pu*. t*nld. I. r*.
1 Mliiru I’l/./IM. I,"'H
^ m bra* • '. wonhl respectfully ■•all th< :«tt»*n»i.*n of hb frl«n d« t*
the lijg* r.-l cftoice a*-*rtnoi t of I'RK'il Fill'ITS, ill their own
juice, of hi* ini|"»rlntmn from Pari*, embracing Peaches, Mr#w!»r
rles. Apricots, I'ihi A] pie*, Ac. Also, a Variety of
Connerve* Almmtaries
Pate de Foies Gr»*
Pate d* Foie de Veatt
ChAnipigni»iis au Ucurre
pate d lh- asse*
Trilffc* nut N atUrelics
Pate de Perdreaux
Pet 4. |»oU
Fre*h Salmon and 1. .h.ter.
And a large var * *y of Cry*tali-.d Fruits of his own manufacture.
‘ Ills a Bortnwnt Is nmpkhi, tnd no pall ■ U -p»r* 1 t-- iter * • 11 •
tastes ol his numerous friends. mhl —ho
< i K< > I:< HA I ,< >TTER V.
[stthoki/kp nv tiik er»Tx **r uaimiu J
To be drawn in the (My of AM tuta, (}< • rru. In public, 011 T1ICRS
DAY, June 24, KV, n t|»e HAVANA PLAN.
SAW CEL SWAN A CO., Managers.
Pr-xes amounting to
3 1.000 II «» I. f \ It s
I Will he distribut'd according to t»a* follow!* g Brilliant Bchemr.
]»*,««** NL’MHKR*-*219 PKIZtS.
IPr’recf.| lO,I MSI |S ... . f1A.I-si
; 1 Prize of. h.tmin*. h,n**»
1 Pn*e of. Jt,n*#i i« . 8,*#ai
! 1 Prix- of. 1 ,ntm |s. I,***!
1 Prize of . l.HNl l,.... . |.test
• B Pr t-% *.f Ami are. . *2 .%s»
1" Pr - f . tno an. tjMl
! Sf» PS|**i o.. Inn are. 2/*MI
! V* Pr.x- s of. .3*1 are. 4 *«si 1
| 41 Prizes of. Hn are. l.fjn
4 Prize* of Approximating to |I**.*s*i prize, are. ‘2P»
4 Pr ics *»f o»* ApproximaMrig to ft.lzNi prise, are ... 2*m
4 Pr.ze# of 4n Approximating to 8,«w prise, are. 140
** Prizes of Jlh Approximating to 1,mat prises,are. 2*^»
2*» Pr u* of *2n Approximating to 5nn pris s, are. F**i
40 Prise* of 10 Approximating to 2**J prises, arc. •***
j ‘249 Pris* #, amounting to.$9l,*«ou
srra* ixtwzTioa rzizm.
The two precwl t g u.d th* two following number* to those dr*w
ing the fir** 2** prise**, are entitle*! to the an approximation pr 11 *, in
1 Ii»e ti*nnl manner.
or ll«-member that every prize U drawn and payable in full
wilf rnit deduction.
! |,| etlMl.1 .. .1 mill, r I - f. — .1..
drawing t prig* * at the «i«i*al time of thirty day*.
Ail cotmnunk'Wtlona *trictly confidential. The drawn number*
I will le- forwarded to pun h**> n l*nm* d airly after the drawing.
Whole T ■ k»i- $-*' i Halve* f l .I**, tjuarlrra #1
I’r'x.- ti le i« - a«lt*d or renewed in other ticket* at cither office,
ir Order* for ti ket* can le <t|i|r»-««n| either to
H SWAN A CO., Atlanta, Ga .or
S. SWAN. Montgomery, Ala
inti: % mi NutiM nsi imt r.
AT WlitrHR'TIR. V*.
Clltttmt I’EHPETI U.
F|AIII-C panywil n‘ur. fir-t . I . • PRIf K DWELLINGS. »*. r
i i I prtitally. for a‘ingle payment of 4 per cent Tim |»».l • .-twill
he •••n* <1 *»f HuMding.*, M* rt hai» lis*-, Ac , in town or country, at
I current rat* *.
, ; fav •rabla t nil. a* l*y any other rr«pon«iMe company.
ALL I.OSSRH arc promptly and lit*• rnlly a*L<i«tr«l sA thi* office.
, O K lIRt EE, A tarj
Samuel M ,r*. Ca«hi*-r Hank >-f Tirglnia. Richmond.
J. A Sin,th, *l*» E«rrWer<’ Rank of Va. rlo.
«)o*eph It An.leMon, E*<| , d *.
Mc**r«. Ilittill A (<r*., do.
Henry M |!r*■».*. <**•*,let • >f the Rank of the Valley. Wuicheafer.
i J II SI.«-rrart|. f*i«hier of the Farmer*'Rank, W inche«ter.
r Him Janie* M Ma*. .,f s S , Winchester.
i : mhs*» dig
M ill M Mil I INsl II A M t. < OTflMNV*
CHARTERED IAPITAL <400.000—1 IMI H \D >lir,,onO.
I,TI Ite IlfliHtNCt. in 1,-ft r, „n»r,.ii, i Mh.,,1,* lu.iiranrr,
tnnf !■— *■ IT,-(1 .(I ..r, it>» n„ «, t, r,-r i,l-t, trrm. with 1til.r„n,|>.nj,
i | te~ All (..mc promiHly ,rr.,v* <1.
i PTOKH* M CO., ft . m Perl rtr.rt,
to*7 Ar> n<, for R,< tifn,,n<l, V*.
■ II I'l Mi l* n I.AMHI At
r *a pki'-p * otiioiiot.
' tV.II.,-,-'. I.trn-r r-ltli l-n,. und .Hli.r -.1 -r.— I,*.*,
H-.nn. r. Cl. W'. Ilm,,rr „r r .a. i to*.—>.*•>.
i P» ’ tt.ijrl .,,-1 tli. Cir,’j...l.n W.r 77, rt*.
I .. r»l I!' , « lnrjrrii„ll', U l- If.
(( I* l» *•*• ,», 1.-,, l,-.»rk4. Ip--I t>rTl lInmH..) 1/n,
T . I , ,,, I. ,r, (i , „n,(Mi,lfr> f,»r • M j —pi--,—. f,Wh
o TI,-M.. k • tv,-1. P»,.l» i>, « .. .i.| IXS.
. K • r ' » <nrr, r •> ,k <„r ..>,1,411 r>. „l T, .<■i,,^- l.no.
It—,-.-. W„rk,«r,- ;,lr.
It 'r ' >' I li . .ro * mlI «>
H-,n,.-r «• li-.i |. Il.l. r, i,t I I. « l,.w l.i-i.
I'< -i.*t -,,,. a ■ - ,,i,ijr*. |, r •• i.V
• ■ jr]|
1C ,lt .I tl Ii., I ,,-r ,,,
1 - , i
P P • I I * | • , - r i . .I '
I', *••• • • V' • i-l r,,**,. or «. I ..i.
.I V •* ' r V - - „4 ->m|,.n, lt*m. Trrrj, rn ■,. Ill
.I'-nM lr, .. f. r \.y
” i'l* nti.Ki.rv * co.
|>itci ««.• \ « vri m. ah ft, ,„r V„, t..,
J , ■ •’’ ’ • •"v; *7' •" i- > ih- |-. • ,»i. «.« i
■ ”-T »' ' ATI pur' ' ■!, W.irr, -.„r 4,1.. („», lm
•>, I „,.I.„.|T 1,1- !<■.,. tH,|. ,.,,1, rr,t,,„tr 1,-1 k ll»- I brl n..n
,r..ll,h ...fl .,t l.y Hi W-n„ Krn tolnrrmlnr*«• "r«r
•Tr H'* '*• l!« l'in,.t, I 4,1 I 1.41 4l«4,4 k-|,l I* -m wh. r, ■ f„n, uli
" »* '•• •' - I" '• •«! «••* •’.All '- mil,,«r (41 kr. , llwm, IH4.I- >1
I « >r. fr, TI, I--1M nil m,H ,h-|. ,rr )n , .„f | , f,„||, |,M
»• r, V»I„II|,. P.„- A|H>>*' I, . H.r.» Trill* 4,nl lll„kl.r
*7 #7r,'f>T mil UUr* * AI-l'iltroN. Cht-mt.i..
""•H _ Nn. Till Br,.4H .!rr.»,
S! * •* «w t.OHIIA. -*■ -r i—Tr, ,41111, —T,
JJ A T II \ At C Oil lit, g) Jj
( l tw ruir te a*iiifiil a««*rt«n* n*. v t 4 > ’
h»'l C- H. .» r and 1^ rN.n. Rid r » Hat* and Flat*
•*" l*S»orfi. Hr, .« .tnd Straw F*at* a «d Mluontcr*
Cl l.tfrn', >*tr iw fi- "4 , of ■ vni variety
R* v*' oral yiwUW l^-gf •■•*• and Hr*-*! Ilat*
re D do S*r iw Cap*
,vr Gent'* I4pgtr.ro. Reetd. P**.ami*. Senate arid Hiawatha lf*f<. an
la*t, ho* r»».t h •*«*. tlK «e 1 w .i iifut fndta Hat*, wldet, U r uca**,*
r.*t»m 1 be racetl» «|
In »d. 4. t-A .rtm. Ill of straw flnr-d* for -fwant*, meh *
f tl. ■ I,. %r M...11 tain l.« ghofti amt il« iM te.f St angliat Hrww II*
to Which We 11#. -I t< -I* itf t r . ,*| I*.. H||, , • „», , f |
?. ( viot..r* to ft* city. lil.NFORD, Dlt KIN.' *»\ A W K|s|gF|((
** No. 7t Hula *m l.
Dmi.v iin*: to tiis viroima xprimu-ootiu
IU Ir... I >V|||*|| to *lllh»>t..\ To K..-hl«M|n- Alum. It.ll.
.I II ttono Hi*.' ■(.•'. OII.I t.‘ I Vt.jl.,.1 I.„•.»**. To WMI*
CulpAor, It..1 >■>.! !*w»r t H|.rinir. lu wilt- mul a I,.If il.y., .ml to Hall
>«ii|»lt ir *r« *»Mil day in th. evening
The track Is »**-w bring laid. and by the Isl of July will hr open to
Mllbnrw'i mil** frv*ui Mm White sulphur tarings; from the ll< *!•
imr. tW uul.w; llot F|-lug*, id mlb-«, \\ triu tyring*, |ft miles, ltatl>
Alum. In mile*; ami Irom the R. . k bridge Spring-*, ft with*.
I* **s*-i<g* »* leav* It * hm n«| at o U» A \|, dine at StaunPm, arrive
at \| ilhttr.i at 4 ^ I'M. thrnce by Slag* • to thr Warm Springs, to
•upp- • I.. ave next .lay at 4 S A M. panting by the Hot and Ileal
• ng Sj*rl»*tfs, ati-l reach the While hulp ur by 1 ^ p 4|. th* Red
and Old t*wect to dinner, and Uk Salt SuhOmr by night the
svi'ImI day.
Through ticket* by II irman A RrownM Stages —to tl*r While tal
ld.ur. fit; to tl.. Sweet Spring*, flit; to the Salt Sulphur. $18- ahm,
to all toe other Springs nud to l<cxiiigton.
J4f* Sr# Ticket Agent in Rlchmoud.
Tt. re are many <*ljc**U of Interest on this line, but the \|OCM
TAIN TRACK. paaaiilg over the lop of tne Kin.- Ridge, at Keck Ash
tUp. will n pay a tale of fve hundred mile*. It ha* been Worked
with pt rfect auccwgt f*»r iu**rv than two yearn.
II. D. W1IITCOMR, Su|»t.
Office Va. Crulral Radroad, Richmond.
Will leave the termlnu* of the Railroad Itmnedlalvly tftrr the arvl
v «l of the car*, and reach the Warm Spr tug* before 1» o\ 1*** k
This Is the old familiar route to the tyring*, and Is undoubhdlv
llo b*-*t. From Mtlboeo* to the White (hilpbur there is ft** tt-n/mj
f‘.rf fttil+m than by any other route, with still a greater d.ff* r
••net in fav*>r of the road*.
Tm- public may rely on our xlway* having ahmutiamt St'Ojr ue.
• - without crowding, arid every i(?»rt lehg made to
pl* a«cthc trave ler*, by having careful driver* and making good
ON and alter tin* date, tlie trains on this Road will run as fol
low. :
trmv* lwvvw aioiu >*n row rwrwaswt’kQ
Kxpr. ss, through Passenger daily, ySunday's excep
ud,> at.ftj| o'cPK A 81.
'I all, through I'am* nger, daily, at.8 ** p. M.
A> oiwnmodntlon and fi« ght train yTri-Weekly,) via.
Monday*. Wednesday» *nd Fridays at .s\$ 44 A. M.
Norfolk Train M >t»dav«. Wednesdays and Friday*. Ci$ " A. M.
Twatas Lwavw rsTKji.sacau row *icmmo*».
Kxprr**, through Puseiiftr daily at..ft 44 A. M.
Mad, ** 44 44 < Sunday's race pled.) ft If 44 P. M.
Accommodation and freight train Tri-Weekly, via.*
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at.St$ ** A. M.
Richmond to Clover Hill A pasaenger cat will In
attached to the C«-al Train which leaves Richmond
dally. ^Sunday's * xcepted.) for Clover llill at .. .6 o'clk, A. M.
Passengrrvtcoming from Clover llill by this train
uivut in- at Summit IV|Hd l*y. til 44 A. M.
The Express train* will not stop on tire way cither to take np or
put down way passeugers.
The Mail trains will stop when there are passenger* to take up or
put down at Mam h* %ter. Temples, Kiev's, Half-Way Station, Clover
llill and I'ort Walthall Junctions.
The accommodation train will stop at all the regular stopping pla
ce* when tl*ere are passengers to take up or put down.
Tlir Kxpre** and Mail Train* from KU hmond connect with the
Southern Trains at Petersburg for Weldon, Raleigh, Wilmington, Ac.
Through TlckeU t*» Weldon can be procured at the ticket office in
Th*- same train* from Petersburg connect at Richmond wish the
S irlberti train* for W ashiigtcn, Baltimore, Ac. Through tickets for
Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, can be procured at the tick*
et office In Petersburg.
Far*- for white pcr*ona.$1 Sft
44 Children over ft and riot over li ye ir* of age . ^
44 Colored p.-r*otts tn Servants* car’ . Sft
Colored person* w.ll not be permitted in the find class car* exc* pt
whm In atb-n lance «*n tnhnt children, or *ick person*, ab**4uu-ly
requiring t. ir care, in which case the same fare as for while persons
will bo charged.
A diwount of 10 cents epl l»e allow,-,! on each fare when tickets
are pur* ha*cd at t^e office, and to person* gi-ttlng on the cars where
QO ticket* Are Sold.
Benrant* travelling by themselves must l«e furnished hy their mas
ter* with two pas»c«, so that one can t*e rrtalnnl at the office; and it
rau«t l»e expressly staled on the pass that they are |«crraltu-d to go
on the car*.
THOMAP ODAMKAH, FiivrlntradcnL
_ M
Vini.mi \8n i NM vsf i; [ ^ *aara®
▼ KULKOVt> -SI MMI H HCIIF.l>ll> #4
tin track ii extended Westward at the rate of eight mile* per
On in.I a »«r the 1st May, th.- passenger train connecting with the
traiu fr . K. hnioml i-- Petersburg will I are Lynchburg at 114.1 p.
VI . and arrive at 12 o'clock, M.
Stair connection* daily, Sundays excepted.
At Hiifor«l's <lcp.it, f«.r Buchanan, 14 tulle*.
— \t It..ii* . W*s arol Salem, for Sweet, Red Sweet and White Sulphur
Spring-, f»l nnle«.
Spr ga r Ton p ke Road frwn Newbern to the Red Sulphur
Springs ' a« h • i greatly Inprovol, and i* now oi»r of the l*-*t in the
m -untain* Piuikujfrn arrive at tlrw- Spring* on the nine of
th '<• I I iv from It ’ m»»nd. \t S. wn M;b* Pord, for Knoxville
Ti-mir-av. h ire fr.on Richmond Ivil, thro.-.gh iu 2*v days.
* 4 II . i ■ , .
t'om.-r'* Allrgha..y, Montgom ery, White Sulphur and the Yellow
Sulphur Springs, the accomodations at each of which have bevti
gr ttly Im rva-onl since la*t season.
Tin• liu*? rf T.Ugraph from Richmond will be completed to the
Monfgomery White sulphur hprmg* early In June.
r. ii tiiLL.
apK 4a General Sm»-rint-nd« nt.
< 51 [AN< » E 1 >F st l i El )ULE
o < I n II l is :* j i».
r ■ A ♦ I |4
■ To Hichanan 4 I To the Natural Bridge 4 hO
F.itv fr• mu both Richmond and Lynchburg to Charlottesville, $a4 An
Sat »ii.--l. ..ii a fair trial, th.it t*».- majority of travel on the Packet
Boats »re better arcoramodab •! by leaving in t!ir evening, we return
to the old hour*—on and af>* r the 22d instant, leaving Richmond
Mondav, Wrdn- lav Prtd«»>. »t A I* M . reach New Canton at V

arid Buchanan and b turf, ii at OP. M of the *»*c«iud day.
’• I 'I ..J0. II
M . Monday. W lne«day and Friday, re«.T ScottM ille at 1 • • 44 A M ,
it I . i‘ '1
R 1 4 • B he I ■ •
and Bu- * igham C. II., and in S ottsvlQe with the Stage for Chur
S*e Tim*- an-! !> - i»ire*. In Card below :
/Ci* i 4t»n-f .V0U4/.1J/. [* /. e it r * /.'/ucV'Mry t/,»*
WV ln**>Liu tin*/ #Vi»/<»w, <i' 1 HV./we*./.iy «s*«•/ 1*1/
ft /’. J/. /* M
Manakintown 9 »• v IT j Stsph-.* M ils, II ra 17
Jude- Ferry, Id r m 22 , Bent Creek, 2 ah fU*
Mc hanx * Kerry, 12 a .1 1 Tye Hirer, 4 44
Ce*hir P.4nl, ISJf % h JW HardwicWviUe, f.R “ 4*
Jefferson, 2 " 39 1 Warinlnst. r, fl^ 44 4'
P-iuhcitoO, 4)4 44 47 Howard-ville, 3 44 ftf.
Chdumbta, 44 ft7 ! ScotUville, lOJf 44 f,7
New Canton, 9 44 6 *• ! New Canton, 1 r x *u»
ScotUvlIla, 12)4 p a 79 ‘ Columbia, 3^,' 4* pn
iIowanl*ville9 2)4 44 91 . Pemberton, ft *4 44 Ji*.
Wartuln-ter. 4*4 44 99 I Jefferson, 7)4 44 In*
II ird«wh kville, 44 lud ' Cedar Paint 9 44 1 1 4
Tve River, C«4 44 Ins J Mir ban x’« Ferry, 914 44 11C
IW-nt Creek, SYa 44 117 ! Jude%Perry, 11 44 12»
Staples' M ils, ll,1^ r a 129 Manuklntown, \ a h 129
Lynchburg, ft 4 a '. «•- 1: •• 144
0 4,148(1, or 1 1
I* II I I. I I* IK \ ftl M.
KIU.F. FUl VPItV, Hiihinond. Vic'ini.i,
C4Kt -Tlierr. BKTWkKX I'K&Rl. Jljljf rirTMCXTH,
tier*. Railroad Cam, mid nil descriptions of Rail
r. a I Machinery, Stationary Fogim* of any required
p w. r Also, P r:i Rngloet, wit! 9decided lopforg*
nirnt over any other* heretofore made, ^from ft to 40 hor«* • power,)
nn *!..■! , soil w.-!I .dapted to farming purpose*, getting luuil*er,
Sc , a .th improved Circular Portable Saw-Mill* attached, of 1st, 2d
and H.| cl;i«s Mtoing Machinery,CJri.*t »mI Saw Mill MvMiirry,
v rJt 1 g- and Tol.ac. .. factory Fixtures c.f every kind: al*n. Brass
and Iron Casting* uoula to order. I*. IIAIIM.
KKH4X.-4VII LT. N. C., lb*c. 1^, ISftft.
P. Runt, Rsq., Richmond, Va.:
Hear Sir—The portable Knglne (of 22 horve-powrr) and Saw Mill
we | .iA-hs»«ed of you a few month* ago. we have put up and is in
. wi H 1 - for t performs fultj ip • txi rial n Th
Kngn... works well, ar.d a* for the S*w Mill, that I* undoubtedly an
Improvement over ar ythlng that we have *e..n.
We have not sawed much us yet. hut Iwcsose We are not fixed
OTM Ml) ■! Hun IM| p . r f R

Would you have any correspondent* from this section rc«|»ectinx
a mill. y..u can refer them to our mill, a* a sly 1.1 will In all that l*
tfqaMte, Ac. You are at liberty to uie this a* you think proper.
HO J PKA I’.dA l.h,
P 9 T>.. Bury- r H*w i* No. A gp||
m;\v moiu: ami \i:u mock
or -rsKHioa
Comprls'ng all new .ty!. « of Pprlt.y Dr*-« and Kr.-.-k Coat*. Hij*!.
ne.«* Coat*, of fancy rh.tl.«. r;»«- tiirrm, m-rinn. Dr*p d'K.tr,
Alpa..». linen an>| Mar«ciltes ; VriSt, in endless ta
riety ; hla. k tires* and fancy coMirrr
PanU; do linen. tn»r*- ,1k*. mmhlet, Ac , Ac.
Cravat*, Tie* ar. I ?♦*.. k*. of th» greatest variety; ?ij«pmder* ;
kid, silk anil thread Gloves; II »ndk< rcM f*. dock*, ithlrtu, ColUr*,
.ilk indy.use I'r derKtnrf* ; * Ik, merino, linen and M<a*hed cotton
Drawer* , India HuMmt flood* ; I’m hr* II;**, Ac.
fl). htllllPI %% In. n<*w open at I «lary** new vtore-room,

k • **pr ny ho I H imn. r ItKADY MADK CI/iTlIINfi. . ,„l,ra
g all r.-w -tvie* of ev.ry grade ».f Coat*, Pant* and Vest*, and
Kur *» / t, .*..|. Vr. .. hi*\* ry jrr.-at f o » • n manuf e t ur r y,
W» lib*f al patrol illy « ;i .t || fh.d aH nt|j j ,
it. hi* lit.-, from finest to h-w»-«t grad* <»f tl^ very l»c*t make, and
it no i-.rady I .w prl- • * f*-r *■ »*l.. C .1 and examine.
(r It# n.rniher pla* r and No ID* Ma *tr* t, nest door to J.
VY Randolph’* Bookstore. [apH] J D. GOODMAN.
KI>. I ). K EHUNO,
fC.^T received a latge lot of superior Cloths, Ca*«lmer>-s and
V. tiny*, whirl, I,e Will makeup In the I- -t maim* r, on th#
moot re., son aide term*, and at the *h<.rt. sf notice.
\ large ar d well «. |. < »#-d stork of Ready Mvle Clothing, wt.|c|
will ror.psr. with any In this or any other market. Our pr .« - mi
low *« at any other fl#»u*-e.
P-irn'sh'.ngOowd* in gr.ai variety, rurf, as FHrt*,Cravat*. fL-harft
Tie*, A»- . A
II- mvlt- • hi* friend* and others who are In *e.-»rc|, of re.illy deal
rahle goo.I* to call and examine hi* *t«a k. m ‘.N
BOO T S, 8 II O KS A N h T R I N K S.
f|No«H i< i nit \i»v i M) i ni n n« it ,-w.
P take thl* ••p|H>rtufilty of Informing our Vrletid ind the PuMir
tl.al w< ire it, r '-ei».t of mo **«-rtment of I .a *lie«* and Gentlemen,
line dr.-** B***t* artdfllioe*, oiliaMr for the Pumm* r wear We r*i
Mcirp mir customer* and all In wont of fli.e go d*. Ihat our *toc
will »N i,r rotnpavlvon to any it, Virginia of any other F*at.*, ai l w
think we can exhibit. If ,t w. rr »»•-.-• «.r r, *h.,,t-t- t|w amount of fin
?!»«*•« and Hoof . to any oth* r ilou.e in Richmond. It is none e***
ry f-*r it* !« g" into a detail of all ll.e dearrlptlons. All we -»*k I*
call tnd examine.
sphim; \nd si >iw;k < uhhim;.
W n , I It % k tl I T 1-i «
Ilf ATP noa i: i \ «» \
»» %IH f I.OI IIIM. I Iiv- v*r fT- d to th* v.rg.r,
f*-* |lry a**nr. d It.at the past«tper>en«e of IhirUtn y*ttr9 In t|,
hu**n» *« and Itr •M**re-« din# g t) »! I ir, • - the l«.| •vl<b<> t »h
my {/reafs a-.d //rlev* have «nti*f • \< ry, n.y .(Toils, w* he ret
for*. w !l I— to ..fT< r If» /•»/.*! *fy/»- of patt.rn and cut. have th.
Well made, and *e|i so-li g — a- |..w *. ,«oy similar know it. tl
1 Htvt«- , and *t» vo w of th. sppr. *. M*.g*.i« .n. I g tin oSVr toy •.
I v.ces, n,v #1*1 ■*«at»*t. »' • re | ran h ,t all tt#**tr* of |I,«- -I,
A »ll J* r. •! • *■-thilly a*ked.
M*#r» • Q1 ICK HAI.P? AND ?Mkl f, PROfllA,
■ aplA Ml. Ill v t»M!Tlf.
Ml < 19 »l O N •' Mill % W \ i III Mlt f«o |
* TI.INO jrj«TAHM?IIMKNr t* . f.v I f*. t th ,r the Wdy v
If ar .- fe #»f HOTThP .J«*DA WATKR, ti.ad* in thi* rlty, |. j. ,t ,
j by v| k>. COR MACH, who flaltert him««lflhat he t* aide to. -
p-l»- with «ny manttfac:„*er, either N-.ffl. or Jk-rih, having h.s*j» »■
g.g. • tl Ms e*f«r the laet nlti >«
i II* i * now o* mhicflt.g tie* above lnuit.- •* It, all i** i.rar. • f
Mr. Wm, I* I, A I'D, and • •*»•* thl* m*’hcd of .r,l«>r*r,tng hi* rmtrvro
frl* ,»«!* at.d the patrons nf Ids old r*t»Mi*l»*. * r |, that tif.tti i,g * o I
t |aart shall >*e wa*.f«*l to ■u«lain it* f.*rr*i«r repmation.
’ T p»*-v r?t ltnp*.*ilN»n, he *nr» I*, call for "M«?fhiRMACK
PO|) k W ATf'K ’’
(4/~ At IDA W ATP R, AI.K and PORTKK de|.vere*l in all part*
the « i*y. f# « of rharge.
,e- All orders fr*.m ct*y #*f country c», t#»t**ers promptly attend
ap? Rm WM P CADD. Pearl .| . ami No WlR Rrond *f.
I H :,U kl'I’IM. f.tlOiiM
\T IIP kD f|1*AI.TpR.^ Poll PAPIVf'iNARM Cl/vflllNfi
AND fJP.NTI P.\irN»P ri'RM?ll|V(i GDOMP 1
sol ■ rlt r ha. new •*. flora Ins Pprlor ?t*H-k *.f C D,inr .#.*1 tJ
G* • »•••»*,• pnrio-hing G****«f«, a* ••■II ,, a I .rye m#»#1 I* x.,i ■ - -L
I f»»l k**#>r«»n.*f»t *»f |A '•#• Goods, *ocb a* Pre„« l. at.d Pngl **t. Cioil
Da *imer* • and V* stlor*, #»f every style .,(.<1 fa# **y, to «li rh he «ou
l»*V • (Ik- attention of hi* friei.'f* »o>| ft,. poM, g, . ••rally
s # i 1
n#ni No. l‘>»,* orn.-r nf M:» . and UU. -la.
i d O 11*1 HI MtfJI n»! I'llWlif Nf D M
m J * i A It." , H ” •* do , " C '* V- " *v •!•«. 9"" !•-«• t,*r« », f
•h: by [yC\ l)A\KNPoKT, Aid,IN A Of).
»«»»« nit: khhim;.
1**1 now In of n.y MI'HIMI WOCK Or — — -
II VKDWARK. .4 VngllU, and kmy.Vai. maim V* ^
l*ctiir»'l i|lr*rt fhMR the m»tioU. Iur.ii, l« tl.l. Ii I
rr.|». Hull. Invito tin- alto .Unn ,.f my frk nda, I-l I. »k
In t. «n ami ..uintry, wurh-g ll.,u> that ih.jr al.kll I V*
hav- .a.rg atllel. in mjr lit., nli.a aa It c»n 14- l.a.l In nnrrlla.—
My »««w*k in |i«rt of
Ivmy handle Kiiltr* aihI l‘«rk*( of M piece*, of K>»|g« r»' aiu|
Other make*
Rodgers' Ivor* handle Knives. without fork*
l*ouhh |4»inl loltlc and dewrl links |4*led on extra tne '
Uvrwwn «!lvrr
Rodger** and various other make* of hu-k.tw.nr and buffalo -
handle Knlve* and Fork*
R.tol*. r«. H ••l. nliolni an.l o(Im r make* of |mrirl and pen Kldves
Ridge.** and WUstankolnr'a (r.it >vi.l).v,mr „f
ih* n» In cases
Woaten holm's aud W. ff ff. Itutcher** Rasor*
l*rlining and Itcdge 5t*-ar*
" a»trr», *ltigie and In *»tt*, some of tlwtn very handsome
lUd Irons, of fine «|u%llty
Iron Tr» K.ttla-a and Naur- l‘an., Mimed and nnllniual
lu ll nu-tal and |k.r,-rlalii i-rra-n In. K. 111.-a and Iron Purnacv,
Hollow war. and »lrr-IVga, a C- ttrral aaa.-rlm.-til
Tall and Hal tk-ttnni hr.aa <'ai.dlrul . ka and Pnuffrr. ; rruau-al,
hand, i-aii. l. rl|>, coaapaua and irnant itona; Urarra and Rita, aanj
of lliriu of »rr> ouiH-rU-r quality ; h..nd, l-r.-a.l and |u Ir .In,; nail, -
hra.l ,at.J ra-|k t llan.mrra; -Mnglli.g and lathing llatrhyt*. all .
•in-.; lUUln lli'l PI. n.y. a grn.-ral aan-rlnn nl ; rar|-ml.-r'. and rail- |
r-a.l a.lar*. ITiimIu, IK-U.V,Squat.-a and Ik-v.l., Hr., ami fimr n-ld
Kul-u .uni Ta|u- Mraaity. Si-u-ha and In. u an-l h. r. • Pl.lra;
thollh*' a,-Ini la-a \ l.-ra ami rlralgr and Imnd llannm-ra . horaa-aho.*.
cut an-l wrought Sail, and rul Nplk.a, o' a-Trrjr aiar ; Augyf, and
augrt and gtlnlrl till a, all .lara; Vn palytH P In., k». |>ad, alna-k.
till. .-Ik-«l.-u|.l--ar-l, nn.rllrr, run and rluarl Urki; i»un.l, M|ua-r )
an-l flat Holla ..f rtrrrjr ..a.-, nr,-ughl amt .-%•!; rurlaln Pin. and
rnrtaln ltan-1. ; hank and Worn Wiry. all ala-,, klaaon'a Chalk tier
llla. klng. Im. t' and Konland'a IH>ad.-» and Sh..«. I., king and almrt
hunit- . manury and hay Pork. ind gar.!, ti and hay Kakra; Pin. IP.
nr,.ling, hilling and grukl ll.g lima, all aia»; Ira.r, haltrr. l-rra-t,
lug, .-a and wwll Ctialaoal gar-l-ti Tr.-n.-la and gunl-ti II.a-, Hull
llinp-y. Of rmr alar and kind ; plair. h.n.k and rrr, .tr..|. and T
tlingm | Iron ll.mka and Ikapl. . and llao|m and (lUpira : Pilm and
Hi.1*0. of all -lam, togrlhrr alih alm.-.l yrrry ntbrr arm Ir u.u.lly
k. |H In n.y Urn.- of hualnraa. J av. RATCI.IPPK, I
Onrnrr of klh and Hr.-a-l -ir,- u,
»P>5 0|.po.ltr K. r. A P. R R. Hrpot. |
Ursula SARDS l III:. iSMa
/.\f t'ORTKKS A.VD Oh'A f.h'RS IX
. Ill’NS, SADDLERY. Ac.,
AV. 22 /VaW SlrrH, AW A mom/, I’n.,
n.WK now tn store, vnl are recelv iug fr«iu the MopHaw
manufacturers of E.nglsnd ami this couutry, a
laige ami well ale t.sl *t k of Gooats. espa - lsUr
•* * I * p t **d to tin* want* of tl*e Trade of Virginia, North
Carolina and Tctine**.e, and we re*iH.»fully Invite Men haul*, H*d
•llvr* and other*, vistthig till* market, to call ami examine the same.
Our »Uh k i* full and complete, comprising In part as follow*, vis .
Tool* for Oar]tenter*, Mason*. Sadtih rs, Tantirr*. Millwright*,
Oi«'i*en», Smith*, Ac., in great *arlr«y.
Build, ng Materials, as L»*«*k*, B«4i*. Huns, Screw*, Ac., Ac.
Hi avy (lm*d*, as Chains, Anvils, Vices, 8 tee!. Hollow Ware,
Axle*. Spring*, Axe*. Ae.
Rafctjr Fu*c, Scythes, Misth*. Stone* aud Rifles
Ptraw Knives, llay Kmvcs, Brier 11 a > k*.
Forks, Spade*, Shove!*, Harm «. Ilog
A fine a»*ortineut Bridle*. Saddles, Strrup*. Bitta
Wht}*a, Fat. and Knau.- "id Ixather. ,*hrr|t ?»kln*
Nmc (.ast*. Bih.I Tret s. Crimp lUtards
Cutlery, of Rodgers', Wo«tcuUolui**, Butcher'* and ofSer
Gun*, double and single barrel, RiOes
Fistol*. a rood a»««'rtu>etit
Fancy GtHtds,as Fort Maitmale*. Brushes, Fur*, *, Ac.
srit i x. itifou rTi rid.i, is .hu
W. S. a* IV. DON NAN.
No. I!* I’t-arl St.p Kicliiuoiid. 1 a.,
■iakdv i ki:. i iti.kiii lauuiaa.
\K^ receiving oy ->.>p* “>»>-»■ rtmii-gi.." .mi — -. ^ ^ »
Wc*tem," “ In n* Wright" an.I *• hxceUior," |
an I .um r* '‘Atlantic" and “Africa." their Spring
Imp. nation of Birmingham and Sl.« ttl 1.1 II AI(|i-i^BHuSiy9
war. . CLTlaEKY ar.d GUNS; and from manufartorir* t , nr .
country, a very lull anu complete %««ortui«-m vi A >1 Kill IAN GOOD.-,
•elected wit', great care, purchased upon the moat favorable term*,
and embr.ving to extent and variety a st,».-k worthy the attention
and examination of purchaser* vblttng our market.
Of t}ood« adapted for the season, and In heavy arlk le* parltculai •
!y, our stock I* unusually full and complete, vlx :
W* ding and lldllng ||oe«
Grain. Gras*. t1«ur and Bramble Pcythe*
Trace, l*»g. Coll and other Chain*
MetI—Cast, Double Shear, lie* man and IllNtcr-d
tlolh-w Ware—Pots, Ovi ns, Spiders. Ac.
florae Mh«.«t*. Ilorse Nalls, Anvils, Vices, Bellows, Ac.
Files. Locks and Hinges, Screw*. Ac.
Axles and Springs Pry Pan* and Curry Comb*
Pen, Pocket and Table Kntve*
Rn* r«. Scissors and Mhear*.
Together wtth all other articles usual tn our line.
We respectfully solicit a < oiitiuuancw of the patronage liberally be
stowed upon Ur for a number of year- (uit, an*| assure Merchant*
ami ‘>1101* of our determination to s< II .is low any regular Jiou-e
whatever, ut.d that our U »t eflorU -hall l*« use«| to give satisfaction.
N. B.—Particular and prompt attention given to orders entrusted
to ua._nshlO
|"l w ..wntng i Urge assortment of II \R|» ■ ,, mi
WAKK \NR CUTI.KKY, of Foreign and l» .me** yv*
tic manufmrturr, all of which have been bought on
tin* most favorable terms f< r cash I deem it un
neer-«.»ry to enumerate. Mutter it to ny, that mysto k i-large u d
complete. I Invite my old customer* and friends, and the p.ii.i c
generally, to call on me and examine my goods before maklngtln ir
!i.t|*>rter and Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Hardware and
nihlS Cutlery, Nu. 65 Main street.
<11 a \m»i:icso>. mi.
/ 1"4 MAIN t>TRKKT, IvniKtnstir lUutWAU, _ «
i’rri.»av, Him, MAx«~ii“u” IU.itino Cu*th am*
Ko.i Tool* of every dr-crij»ti«.n, are now in r»-c« i|
of tin ir spring •«*** *, embracing every »rti« I. usually kept m their
line. t<* wliich they r***|*octfully“ Invlre the utt. dUon «*( Virginia, !
North Carolina and Trunr—.r Merchant• n* ting this market Im
porting lir. . i, hi.d purchasing for ca«h, enable* them to sell a- cheap
a* any house North or IVmill. tnM I
pitlVI.A lb’s I N| I* IKON |: || Mil tlhl (|>S.

1 n.and finishing K ghtv 1 strum uta per wtth.
Rdvmi IT."•»• and lo^mu of i».*■*• I .«in, ■ ui« haw i < n Ratal)
it*, latent Improvement In our Mel m!« on* tllwDIVIURDIWKIJ^
- r of i i
* . Ihi \. .. Ml AaiMRJn I* - ifl d I . . > II
all M* lo«leon« made by u-will be furnkstud with Ihi* atta* hnicnt
Krtru. t /•••„» the r Vonoir r. i. tl .4i/e#rf*»c, July 27/A, I S5*V
'•Mr-sr*. I’rince A Oo.# could realise a Imndsotnc fortu. I*y ill**
posing of riglit* to other manufacturer* to us*- tlu-ir n* w improve
incut, l*ut as they prefer to moke it n feature in their Instrument*, it
ran only In- old lined by purchasing .-no of their nmnof.i inn-."
I aiu constantly supplied with an i««ortmmt of PRISCK’M MKI.O
DIONM, and wuuld respectfully Invite attention to them Add at
factory pries. a. MORRIS,
_ Pole agent. *.»7 Main *t.
If < I J 4>i: I <> i !f l I NDOLPII has
pd8pi iff of Virginia, with remark* on the nature and
Mte.lti al ap| h. ability of e:r* u, by J. J .Moorman. M l» . »c.*ndcdi
tatiri-', and 1 •* plates. Al-*», art upp- ndtx, containing an account of
the natural i at <.f tl. M.»tc . price f I.
Al*<*, publish,-,! by J. \V. Randolph, llurke's fluid* In the Virvinia
springs, with a map |l ‘25.
Oood's Guide to the lfut ppring* ; 12c.
lt*N k« sent l*y mail, |».**t p n*l, to thorn- who rnnlt the price,
jel U
^ W *'T 75 ct*. We liavr ju*t gone through our dock aid mark* <1
down tl»e prk c of a Very large lot of Pilks to 75 emu; and »i may
not In* out of place to remark here that th-y Were considered Vt ry
cheap at former price* ; but w* find our *t<H*k too !*r»vy for tl»e *ex
•on—and have reduced the price that we tuav close them out at
•due. W> have still a lot of ftflk Rolie*. worth f25, which w»- will
-* 11 at the low price of $15, als..—25 or piece* of very heavy and
rich I'lakl Milk-, worth I 25 to fl &• per yard, which w. will « || at
♦ I m». Any lady w shlng an extra cheap Pllk will now have ,n op.
fH.rtunity of purchasing one, (We have no doubt) for less than they
w ill again for year*.
Purchaser* should not delay a* the above will mwn Iw sold at these
price*. CIIKIMTI AN A I. ATII Klip
Jr|l»_Ca*h Ptore, No 9V M sirs street.
F|1HK first and nly Wrench Invented without a Pcrew. Pus« ep.
"r Not. Which elec* It prr eminence over *11 others In u*e. T»*c
case si I facility, with wlm Ii this Wrench l- aljunUil to any si<«
lb.lt ..r Nut, form* one of it* greatest ml van lay.•*, the article ha-lw-n
,M|* M *f "*t **•>»• ‘t> u*e. and has already attained n h'.yh reputation
among the principal Engineers and Mach niats la the N--rih. ru and
W -terti cities, a* certificate- in our |». •«. ■•ion wdl rIk-v K. r sale
0MI1 ll. RIIODI - v OQ | p i-] ||
UOI.I IM* f I OTII. Ju-t r. reived, direct from the Man
farturer*. a full assortment nfOenuineAachor llolting Cloth
.*11 -tie*, fn m No. 0 to 10 and for sale by
j* l" Importers of Hardware A Bwldlrry, No 93 Pearl st.
U> A%K ItOOKv Kill. P % 1*1.11, A -•#—J. W. RAN
Inti.I'll r.fler* to merchant-and clerks an assortment of horn*.
m*(h- KI.ANK IdMiK.s of the various -tries and qintll**;*. Also.
•WT VTItlNKItY of the be*t quality ; Paper rule*I for Hill*, at 13. 2-’»
He., per quire* Thom who Intend opening n mils of Books
in Ju.y, would i|«. w* II to leave early order* at III Main *t. jell*.
fliit IVEI i >f. IBANK KM s. i ;
■ f,f farW.us «i»e« and patterns; Key and Work Baskets, made of
• • ' I willow; for »mI- by
_J‘l* ___IfMMFII MAN.
I\ it*.i i f o J ii i n \ tin hn. II
A m
Market Da Vet#,™.t sal*- l-y
J*,f* 71 MM I f M \ N
A'‘•I XI IIs*- in n* •»- : H U Ib.ar I*; Clothes Hampers,
T ▼ Clothes lloraes »»-•! Clothe* Ita*fcef< for -ah- by
|{ M 71 If Ml RM A N
_ ir ’** _ IM Main, corner l*Jih slrerl.
A '111,1 f 1.01 |(. Hr,aland’* \\. Family Flour. Pal*
r i.* »to brand, wiiriaot-d I*, give -atufaeflon In every '-asr or
ran he returned; Just re> deed and for sal* by
fr'n Corner Pearl and Cary f*tre. t*.
14141111,1 s* ^ r n%< Kl Kt:i*ln*n
■ v F\ W
. .. Hkl.flEN A MIl.l.l:R,
rl" r*.ru-r »'. *r! n, ’ Cary s,( . . ..
IB«.« Ki:T l l tu:hi.
o»t*er celebrated manufacturers' P- n and Pocket Kn v. » tb
, 1* f. Band 4 blade., of the Iv.st pattern* and «np* rb-r fl i*|, ? „r
!j- lfj /t MM I RMAN
SIM Ml It I %NM f|| Kiv A ,.r v .rim - nt Silk
" arp, and other Summer f'a**im« re-, f..r **|e by
. w* «■ iMirrwRM, k <n
ii n, •' ’** '"'" '"HI f* »>l» lot k » I IIA.
* t.a re Merln . Shirt* and Drawer- . Led n s' i, v,»se Merino
»* , for sale l»y
"_r. HoiTwru. * cn
VV""'1 tlll'l.ls. I -i it, nil,,. . „f (•„,,,,|,
Mx-m up, aim. a l.rirr lotN.„„ fl .>.k. >• |',„
rhaw-r. will iHraw rail. C 4 I,-ATKIN.
c" __ _ rtpp. .1 . r, h,n,. It ir.b
• Si* ’* *l * •* •’ * > I H - «r. |. • |.,r. .1 t .,ir 111 1. in
* t.
, • " 'P *1■ ... .-m ... .M.l.
I* ,, .» prlr. KIK«. IMI.IMVIN 4 CO.
>■ i" IA* Main rlrnt.
■ | IMI I OKI MifCt.-l
■ ■ ' " ■ •
Ii '•) /Mimcms
ll-n.i n>- 1.1 » -mi Mil a. 1iAi1.1t .1
■ 1
•/IMAiritAI AN.
eitt hi 1 i iaii t ii k ti •■to a
•9 iaNII lldl I.IIHI.A ■ ! rp , ,,, t, .
- J'11 Wll*llll.» 4 CMIIUIKNR, N0. )| p, „,| i(.
nun ■ ne-m vo. * lary ...ick.if H.O Mn.n
In, all III. Ki-irini . .Inr. ami lumMir, i„ i
* ond in fli- market
-■'* Kill lui.nwi-* 4 r«..
-I 'll II (imillA. II, min,
>* ’*■ .* al.f». r. r..|. , , • ... .
„ |.|». n.iiiI I iinl, *a, t.i Hiiia. it • ini. a .aHW all ». A-k, hr *•
n- ti ri*lt..-i| In k-II a, l*i» • 1 ii,. ,.I* ,*an Ii. i...u|t,i n,,.
■f * ['■ MrHClMNT, ■Mt'KiMI 4 CO.,
I’1* -u 111 MaIii «imaI.
a (I M.O* (is. MAI.imha, \rtf 1,.ml Mrlm.4
<d *••-.**.* n* . Foft, b ,.| Ant* ri* *•, print , A J » *r. .,v l
snd for *ale by fje|j| 0. IIAKTWKI.I, A CQ.
I <11% I I A llfl If I I.fill, M*r.,t fvrrMsndte
Ki l».. II .1 r.i.k.. III Ml n» hr il^ .lor n, I.» r.u, Nnlr..,
* .. ..I V . Ilf III. ll. I nil .4 A I.VIi AT,
111. h. -I ,|,|*|« tft.|.'ir|i >1, ami A III I. -4| ll l.,« pi n . I.f
L i W IM MaIii, e-n, r ItM •>* !
UJ • I AO vs ll*'*. HIM III till IIA In, 1,1% n.-i f..r
Ml.hr ITOMhl.i: 4 eUim.RNR, Nil 11 I*, rrt .A
-til > ii ill • m ii Aiivt i • ii i» «... ...I. i.y
»#.F J ' WdAAItl.r 4 CI.AIHI-IIVP. Nn ll I". irlAlfiil
- •SUiM.lt*. TIIIKt. till ll: •!■•»* -tit
t C B ■ * Wionkln • I .id ,» tii*t ft r • -I* by
MKl)li'AL. 1
_ PRO RONO pviura.
OT**lhffy mothsr iImhiM have • box la Iha haaav handy In mm 1
of ardcuu to Iho cbUilrvn.H
lUiMNauHi Inou 8uvi.
It la a Boston rraolj of thirty jr«m' standing, aai la rvewn
mrndnl hy physicians It u» «Uf »* *wl •pwlv care fur Burti#,PUr*.
BoIIh, I'wua, hkaa, Chilblains, and OKI Surva of every kind : for
ffvtrvr him, l'lm«, Iteh,IiaI4 Ural, NvttW Kult, Bunion*, Anr
N<i»pl« «t tr«*« oiiiiua iol< *1 t*y uurara.) W billows. Sthi, fr*lrr«, IV« .
Intes, f*|»l>l« • Sting*. Proarn l.liuha. Halt Kheuiu. Scurvy, |K*rv and
Cracked I<I|m, Hor« N<*i , Wait* and PWals Wound*, It la a u*o*l va
'«»Mv re-mm*ly and «unr, winch tan he te«tiB«i| to hy thousand* who 1
have uaod it lu tkv city %*f lt .*t.*it and vicinity for the laat thirty
year* In noInstance will till* Haltedo an It^ury, *»r luwefttr with >
a phystetan'a pr« *e-rtpHowa. It la made froai the purest mat. rial*,
fr«oi a ravlp brought from Kuou of article* gt owing in that I
country—and tlie proprietor* have letter* froai all elamcs, clergy* |
men, ptiyah Ian*. *«<a capt.tin*. nur*% and oilier* who have used it ,
UwtaMvw, and roeoannund It U» others. Bedding's Kuala Halve la •
;«utlu largo tin boar*, slamped on llHM'ovrr wltlia |deture of a l.or*e
and a dUablol soldier,which picture ta ahu» engraved on the wrap
per. Pan s i.'N Ckmt* A ll*t. Kdd at all the *Uwea lu towuue coun
try , or may be ordered of any wln»tr«ale druggist
KKDDINUS A OV. Proprietor*.
IIICNNICTT DEERS A USHER. Agent* ; and all Dmggtste. I
DU. MAN t'O HITS I A V IUUU A Kill —la rrr i—il
ed to the public, relying upon Its Intrinsic exrwilruce to secure
It favor
P«»r all Rllk.u« Attacks, It may le truly and safely retted upun as |
being fully canable of removing the illieur* fA»r which It Is rm*a- .
m# mled, and for giving tone and v»gA»r to the general sy*trm.
Its qualities have Ue« fully tested lu a long practice, by the pro
prietor. Through tlie urgent solicitation* of many who have usta!
and bean Ih u. r.iol by It, Ihe proprietAir has been indued to place It
beteev the public. P».r all Htttous IVrangemente, Sk k IIa adache,
Chronic Diirrhi*, llahltual CVvatlvencas, Itillou* Colic, Dyspepsia,
Pain In the Stomach and Bowel*, tieueral IVbiltty, Peuiah* Weakness,
Por sale by Druggists generally, and l*y PURCELL, LADD A CO.,
No. W corner of Main and lilli sta.. Hrneial Agents; and hy AlcCr
Duval, No 1.V> Main street; 8. II. White, ITA llioad street, and al^o
*•> Baa fatal A a’.. , \ V fet Ijr
PI » l> LONDON f.ItT I N f.INfd H UI.NI).
Jf.rnu/«l. /*A-ed /»*wa AVen. A b'nr/e«, (,' ecs 7.itM.uV,i (nnyrr,
S+9W* f>niwys, (Inni, Ac., /'Area IV.tr* #«/d.
VID 'UiHK tlU.Y }A|ea*ant, warm carminative and stA>machlc
ftUnthiA nt highly ienofl. lal In checking that disordered state of
the stomach end bowels so prevalent In warm weal tier, ami which
frequently, wlteu m-gWrted, |v<Nltnt* Dy*entary. Ctiolera, Ac. It I*
aI*A> a valuable remedy for flatulency, Dyspefute ami Henna) De
bility. Person* living In district* where Ague prevails And It agrvat
preventive. PrKv o«» cent* per l»«»tile, fN |*er do*, n
%*T Wholesale and Retell Agent*. Mea»r« UKNNKTT A BEERS,
11A Main street ami 8 Pearl street. Rk hmond. *el5—tf
MIBB I ON MERCHANT, and dealer In metals, 1 &th street, u« a
the Karhange Hotel, offer* for *ale,
Orlean* an«l tYffe Sugars. various grade*.
l«oaf, t'ru«f caI, tSramiUiANl ami Powdered Mu gar*.
Ugui.vra, llio and Old Hovernmetit Java Coffee.
Orte m* and Wrat India Molasses.
Pure CWIvr Vinegar.
•perm and Adamantine Candles.
Brown and Pancy Soap*.
H«de leather, good and tlamaged.
\H - a - Mai. It -ui.J and Square Swedes,
Ain- Mean Hammered,
English Ra Anrd.
Enclidt and American Rtdled
tnd American Blistered Steel.
Herman, Cast and Shear Bteeh
Broad Plough Iron from A to If Inch.
Amrrk an. KnglUh and Russia Sheet Iron.
Oval. Half oval, and Halt round Iron.
Nall Rod*. Swede* an.f American.
Bund. Scndl and lloop Irou.
Horse 8hoA*s, assorted *lsea.
Horse and Mule Sieve Iron.
Tin olat.- 1*1.- iii.I It»r Tit.
Mm-' &M«SfK*lter and Hpeitrr Solder.
Cheating, Ilrmirr* and Bolt Copper.
RrCornnek an.I Psluirr** Mould II >ar«ls.
iW" Particular attention gtv«n to tin- «ab uf Wlo-at, Flour, and
Country Produce generaBy
| KWIS \. U l lllt A 4 0., A, tw MttN SmiT
MJ (or sale:
• hhiU. go.nl to prime New Or lean* Sugar
*•“ bWc C«>ff«*e, Crushed aud Powdered ^Stuart’* and other
brands! Sugar
S Ntlrr l.oaf
2" hi d*, prime Cuba Molaaae*
H" M*l« prime New (Mpuh* Molauu-a
<h«i hags go.nl to prune llio Coffee m
V*' bag* prmie l.i ruayra do
4*1' pocket* prim. Java do
125 boars and half boxes Adamantine, Sihtiu and Tallow Can
6«I0 Sidra Hole Leather
kegs Nall*
27 bales Cotton Line*
Sft do Candle Wick
4«"» kit* No. 1 and 2 Mackerel
l»kx» Gunny Hag*
A general assortment of Tea*. Virginia and Georgia Cotton Yarn*,
Rl -e, Tar. Vinegar, Tanners' Oil, Shot and l« ad. Ola**. Hops, Snip,
Starch, blacking. Wrapping Paper, Painted Bucket*. Pepper, I'lturu
to, headng Line*, and Poader. Sorting and Itlaatiug. mhStl
m:u stock or m’iiim; i.ooiis.
We are m»dvli*g our Stork uf Staph' and Fancy Dry Good*, in
part, of our own Importation, and the remainder from the various
market« in this countij, purchased on the nm*t favorable term*.—
Ap trkuU mOn'k enffre/y ne»r ./mf fr*4, wr tilfpr it to thu
trade confldt ntly **%ur!ng buyer* tliut great inducement* may Iw ex
pected. It consist* in part, o f dlow* :
*4 *4 Id ft-4 Itm. Shirting* and HI wet lug*
Cotton 0*1 iaburgs Cott..n*d«* and Nankeen
l.urg St«H k Bleached Ih»me*tlc all width* j
Plahl, Striped and P1.*in Cotton for Servants /
Kentucky Jean*. Satinet* and Tc^ni* *
Ticking*. Fi rultare and Apron Check*
Itl .t hcd and Hi. 4*1 Table Cloths, aud Dani.x*ks
Ltrge Stock Irish Linen*
Cloth*, C«*»im« m atid Visting*
Large Stock of Prints, Gingham* and lawns
AI traces* atol Canton Cloths
Pro.I Chall.* * Mt.tl lb rages
Plain «l* lams au«l Chaili. *. all grades
I-aw II, Ctiallte*. and Iter »g- Robes
White CamlrrU ks. Jm konei . Swiss and Mull Muslin*
Mantilla*. Large Stuck, ami Cheap
Li e. M'udiu and Cambric Collar*
l#ace, Collar* and S.. *-ve« In S. t*
Linen t'ambrtck. Silk amt Cotton lldkf* . with a larg.
'•*»* k *»f other g*mmI* not enumerated, to which we a*k the attention
of **ur friend* aud the trade g« u«rally.
It It II VIII.A It I.OOH I A4X.1.AVS A A II |*l€ -
Tl III*. I It \ HI HIM I UTltlll.
i:sr\nLISHKP I sill.
I It kAt K. l*ft:ophlM*»K. would call ulhittion lob.
.fla floe L ,f \| *• rid-u.,d Fratm - now „»» t.nnd
Titk o\ Al. Fit vMKS wli . h lo n m.w mai.i.f eturii.g, are *u|a -
rlor to any thing of tie knot ever -U< red in ltd* market
The following coioprlsr* a fiortlon of *t«M k on liand, who h Iw will
work to order, or di»po4r of to Um- t.adc :
Plain mol Grnana ntal Gill Fr um *
Mahogany, Kum w«mm| and Walnut frames
(Lit, ILc wood, M.ibogaiiy and Walnut O. C-, lt. Vilan.1 Plain
Toilet Itoxe*. Swing.4«la**«'*, Ac
L oklng-tda** Plates atol Picture Glass
Bick.Htuff. for Fra in* *
Cord and Ta**el«. of all description*
Car and Room Mouhlt'ig*. ami l»i**eflrs for hullder*.
Old w..rk If-gill. Painting* \*r idled, Ac.
Merchants* Card* fraun d it wholesales |*riee*.
All order* wdl receive prompt attention.
M FRANCK, ‘Jlu |tr..ad Ur.et,
Hl.tl hxil l 11^ loni s. VI
pMe a*-ortmt nt of IMark'intth** T.h4*, consisting of—
Smiths* fU How*, from 2' to R Inch
MiU4fh.de and common An* I*. from *n to 2dU I Its.
Solid box. kotter-keyM and common N tees
" Attwoud's** *le«lge ami hand llatnnters
St»»ck* and Die*. Screw Plate*, all -ixe*
Fde* ami llorse Rasp*, a large varl« ty
Which we offer for sale on favorable term*.
P. T. MoOUK A CO.,
I r t Hardware 11 »• irl sL
(ill CFIVING hy Steamer Jaiaestowu—
■ % ftn box.** French Lemon.
ftn do do Oranges
litu do R.ii*iu*. wholes, halves and qrs
In ca*e* Preserved Ginger
lft frails Almond*—all fresh and In good order, for *xle.
J«*_ _ __ St. Nicholas' Saloon.
HI It A I A li H.i I IF* of our • wi manatis tare -. .
|*erlor .»rll« Ir, at 7ft et« |er gallon, f.»r *ale at
I* ATT A U.K.’S Drug ami Chemical Store,
J*6 _Corner 4th and b
C1AI2I 'll it I ao uxv. Wei is
■ assortment of lutdlrs, ami Gentlemen ’* Gaute MerinoVr«t4
D1 Dl * 1 A IOIIN8TON l46Mali
UOI.I.OW U AIM ,—We have recently received a large
assortment of Ca*tit>g4, con btlng of Pot*. Ovens. Biscuit
Baker*. Spider*. *«dd Oven l.id*. uml ('■iil.lriin* ..f :tn i.. at
which we offer for sale low. T. I* MOORP A OO ,
j*** Importer* of Hardware, 94 Pearl *t,
C1 %1 Ml imo.MIK A l.lsl I 'I’ll ft VC A 14
■ l'M*KR H1IIKTR—- I have now in More a very large stork,
wl.ieh will he sold unusually low.
J. D. fiOOHMAN, 119. Main st.
Sfllli'fN .% N |4 4 <41.1. lit*. Ju-t r« . elvyd, f*l ifos# n
M*i«lm HMrtr arid I*** drum l.lnen Collars, Thn-c In ward of
tin1 almve |i.m|s from tie most c**h-i*ru'*-d manufacturers, ran now
**- supplied at 119, Main st.
•i D <.OMAN
tH II \% I It I7« Just fume to hand, a fine assortment of
▼ ▼ H’ovt Wire, of every width usually called for
Importer and Healer In Foreign and d<uin*tlr II inlware and
^ Cntlery, No. &'• Main sL
I A * I I l.fl I'ltlN'Cs, I'nteid Thermometer, 1*1-o-H*alls
■ 9 md Barrel Churns, great rari ty of *•*•*, Butter P«i|*tl* *,
Milt, Pail* aiid Buttor Print*, a variety of «ie* with earyln^s of
f’atlle, PloWerr, etc., for sale at low prices by
i** 9 IM Main corner Iftli st.
BAH B I* IfI ri’. I 11444 KM« — A food supplv of Kremfi
MW Dfap d'ft Prorks, of Various gr.idr*. in store and for sale
PI HT 1114 IJVRD PI II .1 % *11 «T44\% N, Bor
dered Towel*. Crn* h. Howlas, Hun.n. r Paid Hr.iff. Brown
; Linen-,Table Dami-k*. Ac C IIARTWPLI. A CO.
RBI4VN \% III I A. IM 4 K *1404 14*. A rood-upt ly >f
I J While Linen Coat* for Itoys a most de«1rvh|e arid cheap <irlr
"f f’oat for Rummer, to which we ask the -t'entton of those in ward,
jeft KK9 N BA LOW t \ A * <»
Rif I 11 11 IMtHIRRI
t f«r..ur.d Alum Hal* l.tam sacks.
Tanners* Oil- •**» l»h «. for sale hy
Jc l«_IMv i mm T tt i i V 4 OO
n 'Mil t I > I'OI > •\ | NS. o
■ manufactured only *• PORC9 LAIN FolNTAlNH. which *n
| t'fdy prfrhnh* th* i#f any p.itsonou* conlaintt atlott
| ah.i !i M.mr'ifiri occurs where the thinly lined copper fonrdairi*.or
erp.ally unsafe copper machine*, generally u •**•!, arc ernt loyed In Its
pr. pitation. LAfdl.PY A RoRINHON.
j*0 Chemist*. 4<h and Pranktin -t*.
N. II A specimen of our Pountains may he seen In otir stoyw9
' I A It
*•1,11 |. I N w | »| % N 4 I: • 4f
IP not, a few hundred or thousand dollar*. *e< 'tired In w|f.- and
childreti l*v Lira la-rasa# a. Would l*r impf.rtard to them in event
of our death Often a few hundred dollar- Ir. mom y saves thousand*
in property from forced • *!«•*, wl,* n *n rserun*r I s* to pay if<M« —
'I my th M-ufol- have Iwen saved f«. |e rsor.p In H*. hmon.l Tit*
Mm it Mrarrtf Lira last ***#-« Cowrsav ha* pa»J over |L*n,nnn
for !*.«•«■« in Virjlnu -#»»«r hslf of that -mould In l(n hninrnl
Tl.« r. *- no way by whir), a man cm secure as mu h to his family,
■it the same cost, as hy Idle In<ntr*i.« f
| *r fHfice, No ‘il p.arl street. spiff
H\ It f • I I >4 IN 14 If \ 44410•!*, Wnh the view of re
hiring ■ r *t»rk, a-. m*» *li a* p*Miuhfe, hy tin- Rr-t of August
j | , wt. * h I r*e w* tak our Annual Inventory,) we wdl from th*s
lltP'-.olf i great h-rgntns „ a.I kind- of dress and Rummer (In ds,
mi* h -is f!i| ■ «ra, flfpgfiams. Plain and Figured H ireges, M*.ii-I'ns
md |lar> 4> |>. Lain* • Mirsf and RBk Rich P»gur.-d Hifk«.
Itl o k. W hile and Colored a.Ik Manilla*. A*. A #• . 4<r In all of
wl . t. we *t«t| have a very gmal Assortment Call at I b*. Main *».
I p4 Mld.PV AJOIfNfriOfl
Nf4TII L III RI 4 441 * III % 4 I W fit *1 I Rk,
ANd PAKMPMH OPNKRALLT. I Would mo* re«pe< tfolly . all
■ l».» attention of aM *n want «*f Rt.^wa for their harve*l I and*, to my
■««««.,fmeni of harvest Hhoes, a* th* v were lNU>gf-l la'e la*# f ,11. *o
that f r it, ,iff.irrl In aell them at a lower pri- e, ituin If th*-y had tarn
iair< ha*» d lhl« spring, that I*, Vf.*re tl*e heavy rise In leather.
J.-R No, |‘J7 Main street Mn-hm*.?,-| Va.
HI * T II*.—*0 tub- fn .I, UiM- n Ituti*. *<-r fWnitl, ii*r, rnr
..I. h, [ >.-71 rtl*l« T. WIIRTIIAM * <*>.
%■ .»usi:m,i,»:m i iit«, hm«- fr-nO
• .V| Sar—nir.-»•* tn> lyi.'.ili- f<>* S t.f
I.rrn>r » .H.IIMXTOM, IW, Karl-' Xqft.rr.
Ol *V •»•*.. «* 11», ml - r y. H -,-hr-r .,t. hr
| i »»♦ KKKOST, |Upl .in
i/.iitii i'ipm tin i'ihm.i mi twit.
... mill (I.r • .1* hr V jnvw
II, «,»«.« Ukl 1*011 r Hiu:,fi.r»l*hr
■ U j.| M .IONKX
Slim I PMIO. Hill* •» on IMS...I i-.r- ,|,.I
PAD -I.II. ..pprIr,l. fer -mil I.T M JfiN.X
g I 111)1 Nil »*l IS Ik rrm ftr* l-m... - , r. •. I»
S B li,( amt fnf pair law hy
w* mr* "*»» opr King an ri.Hr* MV al.xk af Win* W
Boots and Nm>w, comprising a good a*»or latent M
•f all kin**, U> wl*icli V«| Mk the atl. utlvn of our friends and
Uw puM.o W# think Ww caa thaw the bc»t an.«UMot la
Among ..nr aaortmeiit may be found the hdlowii.g :
ImdHw* Ualleyw, wl nearly mry alylr
- Pine Morocco, Coat and Kid Walking Nines
M *»'»* Call Alt* W alktng Nhm, a superior article
z WI.IW IKnl mm* * Him Haim Nipp. « . Black Matin do
Mine Mo., Kid and ll<«l Malkina Roots
M Over HI .ora
HeI.lkwtrii'a FtI.r l>re*s Ro«d* and Hhora
^ Double N4e Call Water lVoof Halter*
, “* Habtil I-rather Halters
Misses' and Children's Mhoes
Her * ants' Shoes, of frud quality, tor map ami Women.
All of whirl, will Im* s*d<l al the lowest mark. I prlr* a f..r rasl. or
to iHint tual mnlsawr* i«U.
■' wwif, wAny punrit.
1RIIK ladles haw barn very generally annoyed i..r
some two or three years 1**1. with Mmm-s and Ual
ter s ripping. Indeed. It la almost proverbial uow-a days fur Hi.*„ • to
rip before the so lea are half worn out. In order, if |»oaalb!e, to root
•tly thl* universal evil, a gentleman of one of the northern eltlee
Ida wits to w«»rk l » invent amnelhlng to ataial, and | aiu hap
py to Inform tlie ladies Im* haa autreed. d adtmrahly. and haa pro
doced a IVngiess tlaltrr Root, a very neat. pleasant and tasty artl
de. the aides o' which » aunot by any force tliat.ouhl In- employed,
U* separated from the unprrs. Ad amor Intent of the above I have
Just received, and shall W pleased to allow them to the ladlea, at
No. II, Main Mtrret,
k ItflOlSMlois. Till >KN A Os ■_
* res,M*.-tf„Uy men,. *jj ,n W!Mlt uf IUHITH,
OB HIIOFH ..f any style, to .-all at the old
established Stand, If Main Street. My stork has all WfidLLliJ
V. II selected «*e ordered from the la-d Mauufacturc*. or ha* been
mauufmtur.'.l by my a. If from the most approved materials, and cm
I •.olios. Misses and children's, llooteev, Haltrra Ac.
Children's llrouir. Black and Fancy Colored, Halters, IVlkas, Ac
Youths. Boots, Root. v.. Calf, Ki|» and heavy
tleiiU, Rrea* Hoots, tiaiters and Oifvnl Ties
Uents and Youths Hat. nL Lea. Dress H}»h s, Ac
And a complete assortment,of Servant's Sh.ca. Trunks,Carpet Bags
and Valises, all of which wdl be sold as low as at any house In Rich
»’>-•>_JOHN C. PAOtt J». IS M.lo .1,
!o:w stock or r.i.i, uoodd.
nr.mi. w. ((■ ini.km.
HI !»► M ► U IN II MS. af*. IKMITJ*. V
rat Ml">-. THINKS. .• . Hull,
»M g" leave t*. announce to tlie piltdtc,
that he Is now prepared to offer to the public one «*t Ue moat. om
inandlng docks In his line ever offered In this city. Ills stock Is n«w
complete, and he a«k» the attention of city and country dealer*, with
the assurance that his prk*es shall he satisfactory. a«10
N» l l(T„-l do not know when you will get • —.
anstlier such a chance to buy TRUNKS. of as * 1,1
One a quality, as you have now, at the same prl. v*. Kat|IVT\A
aa I have Ju»t received a very large assortment oIWMBAJL^J
Trunk*, of the heat quality. They were bought the first of January,
lurfore the late rise of leather, and consequently will lie sold a! the
f.irmcr prices. Among them are Trunks of extra aise and quality.—
All In want will do well to call and examine for themselves. Also, a
l***gv and handsome assortment of Trunks at all prWVs.
_AUOL Mills, No. 127 Main .treat.
FB! K A YBEX1RC AND ivif BIND ■■■ ,
ami for sale at low prices, a large assortment of M
Travelling and Hacking Trunks and Carpet ltap WkaXJ^
IJi'Ois AND Minis • — Women’* Shoes , B«ji»' ^Aa
He Ill’s Ox font Ties vVj
Iteavv w.-d Uh>U 1
Also, Brogans of every desc-Option, for sale at
_ap1#- tf _ 27 Hrarl street.
Kl not II.. Tlie FKNITKNT1 AllY STORK has he-., re
* moved to No 27 Hearl street. South of Cary. aplo—tf
in mai* NTKi:irr« iiininoNiK
VRK constantly supplied with a full and complete assortment of
tlie choicest
V I A * O - y O It TEN
Uf w manufactured In this country, which are offered h*r sale on rea
sonable terms at the factory CAaM raicm«, and the most abudut. and
entire satisfaction guaranteed to purchasers. The wools of a corres
pondent, " ice A.ire often uiiil.amt we take §J»a*nre in re/>« itiny
the truth, fbtf WORCESTER’S instrument* art Wfp/r uj*»n Armor*,
iiuit ejital to any in the u*»r/>t,” have beep and arc daily bring
corroborated by Die highest testimonials from nearly ONE 1*1101’
HAND purchasers in the past TWI NTV YEAR!*.
Attention I asked to the f. Bowing tiotireH of the pee** :
l/Vi»s lAr .V )■ (\>ntintrciui A i>ril JW, 1S.VV]
Piano* made hr Mr II. Wororster, of this rlty. can scare* ly'Is.*
*urpa«s« d In all the qualities that render an instrument valuablr.
lAo*»« lAe S. V. lourii-r ,i*./ K**jmirtr.)
WiMttvrKaV Pi Aik at.—TIm constantly Inert adng reputation of tl.e
Piano Fortes manuf* lured 'ey Worc,-st« r, authorise* our remind** g
our readers that Wore,hire’s Instrument* are as lirautiful an*! ..rn*.«
mental a. they arc 4>lini!tnl to U- uiouriststl >n Ihetrmore gsatnUal
qualities of musical eacellence.
[Fomm t\e S' )' t'mnmtrritil Ad*tril*0r.\
“Those dulcet strains” of wl.l-h *• very truly yiairs” «|*< aka, ratoe
Ml » , humau lliriiatj but from ont -t tho • *<• hU • '»«l pimu . t
^jieehankstu kuown us •• Worcester’* Piano*.” \» »• have more than
9* •- sikl, tl*« > give forth, n, at to the melody o' tl vol«« In |.»v. *s
>whi«|e-rings. the and most perfectly tiarmoulous and melo
dious tones that We arc acctlnlolfied to llslrtl to
A MORKl . 8« •. 97 M I n at
JOHN DO( U J :v,
hi n%iN Miti i.i,
nis now Riii>t »or Tiu sre.iNu rat nsr,
Ry irAi^tn/i1 iiHti Rrtiiit, <i »/
and rii ry oilier article la lougiug to his business.
Ills stock of Virgin « tiianufactiiied goods is Ut, larg>»t rmI most
elegant ever got up hy him, and will la found fully equal la any*
larg, r scale than lie tuts «v»r beh.ra ordered, and cannot fail to
utcei. In every respect,Dir rvquiretneuu of im-icltante ami oih. rs.
l)RU(K; is’l’Vt A l‘<‘>TH K(JAItv.
AMl Hlllll.I.MI I IlKAl.Ol IN
/j WII.L la* happy to receive cads from tho*.- In want of aili
cL - in hie l>lo II* hi ■ u li.r,v an.I i ..iitpl* L .".-rtun ill of
VjX C1GAKB. Itlll Mlk> and I AM V UlTU l.b, *nd wdl * II s*
B i -
{W M»m streel, between 9th and ItiDi.
I m » > N l> f o,,
CfONMUNMENTS of Tobacco, Wheat, Corn and oilier produce
J res|teeftfttlly sollsitcd.
I <T oih« *• on Virginia street, neat to Fry’s corner.
H\tO!> A HAMtl HUU.,
HKCF1VK consignment* uf foburu, Hour. Corn, Wl»eat( Ac .
> and give their |»ersonal attention to sale* of Die same; and
keep constantly on hand a targe assortment of Oro«*« rlc. Heed*. I*
-• «». . is’oaOMm, k. ». m’i.ri mm
h. MT.m IMIICN st»s
J rirryKNTM -raaKT, nu hroud ta.,
Fulirit consignments of CORN, WUKAT, FLOCK, TOBACCO, ko.
March lSjHVi.
J O II N . It O It I > N O > ,
o.BNaa ctar van viamait nTBMrr«, an MMovn. ta.,
YV,LI‘F»ve hl« |m rsonal attention totl.e sale of WIIF \T. CORN,
v v TOBACCO, and all other country produce consigned b. his
mt._ ipli
IHHsfs I I ■ A \ N RKRNO ..
*•/ (}f*T*m**r dm/ Fr»fwl/is s/err/«,
WIIOLKHAI.K AND IlKTAlt. DFAl.KRH In french and Ameri
can Paper Hangings. hut in Dal trie* ami Damask, for Win
•low Curtains; Gimps. Cords and Tasaels; Cornier*, Hands and Coof>*.
Lace and Mu<din Curtain* ; Floor and Table Oil Clotlm ; llalr Clot>•
and Plu*h, for Hwfat; Curled llalr, Hofa Spring-; Twin*-; Ticks; Mat
tings; Window Shades; b»«t Curled llalr and Shuck Matins**-*;
featfter Beds; Lounge*; Hofa Beds; with many other article*In onr
lln«- of business, all of whlcti will I** sold on the tn<«d reasonable
term*; and Paper Hanging and Upholstering punctually attended tn
in town . r «'..untry. ocb
HEAD Ul Alt ri lCH »4llt FANHIONAIII.i:
I I.OTII 1 M..
fMNHK members of the Legislature and stranger* visiting the rlty,
I are requeate«l to rail at the old establishment. No. Pin corner
of Main and Governor streets, and secure themselves an outfit for
th. winter, as tlw subscriber has on hand a large ami elegant assort
ment of Oenth men’s Wearing Apparel, not to be surpassed by any
house tti tin* city.
A* au rvnl •nee of the superiority of M* Clothing, hr was awarded
the ^highest premium (a Hllver Medal) by Die M« rhanles* Institute f<.r
lie keeps constantly on hand the *»est ,,f Cloths, Cass I meres. Vewf
logs, kr., with a wore of sii|»er!or workmen deems it anneo-"
s*ry, after a trial of |6 years Do- public has hod of hie good*, to ny
ami rr*|*-ctfulljr solicits a rail from Ida old friend* and If.*- public
generally. Fir inly on the one price system. K. It. FPRNCK,
'lei No. 190 corner of Main and Governor sta.
WfMlI. IM'.I’OT#—We have determined to o|ko, In ron
nectlon with our present business. a Wool Depot, for th
Pale of Wool, and have engage*I the service* • »( Mr John Water
house, the former t-ffklcnt agent of the Woolen Factory in thl*
city. Ills attention, If ne* r«nry, will hr devoted eaclntlvcly to thl«
All Wool consigned to u» will In* graded, so that each purchase*
can laiy such Wool as lie wants, ar.-l not l>v comprlWd to htty sq.m
as will not answer hi* purpose* There Is grown in Virginia a »uf
flch n» <|uantlty of Wool, if concentrated ami graded, to attract th
attention of manufacturers and dealers to our market; and w
hope to succeed In ««i*Mi thing a food market for the Wool grown
near home.
For particulars sea our clr» ulars. CKFNFIIA W A 00.,
Grocers and Com mission Merchants,
_ Richmond. ¥a
\imci To A 1.1/ WHOM IT MAT <Nt.NO> KN Whereas
the Richmond and Danville Railr.^d Company have had the
misfortune to lo*e their fr. igl.t house in Kirhmoml. as well as a pnr
tlon of their rolling stock, they are constrained for the present |«.
deliver all down fr« -ght on the siding of their road on the depot
lot tn this city, as sooti as the train* shall arrive , *ald freigl.t to l»
immediately removed hy those to whom It tn*y l*e rnn«.gr..d mr In
long, as the Company will not In responsible for tl»e safe keeping »f
the ism* ; and th* p.irtk* Interested, or In any way concerned, will
therefore take notice that alt down freight, ns heforr stated, will l-e
at their risk as soon aa unloaded from the cars
I*V1 —tf Fnt»ertntend«*nt of Transportation.
||mi I IIIIJ.SI *1*1111 t stars. lor ha
km# ond hoiltfif w.th I.UlC fuel- at.d with Rifle heat In ll
kitchen F.*t»reiMlly adapted to the wants of *mal? r,Vnilt*-« Al
I'ortatde Ovens, atid tnfirely m w artkl- In this mark.! and hlghl
r*commend* d l»y th.. w who hive used them, lt»*f received and (.•*
Ml*- at FTARHtTT'H ftTOVF PTiiRR, 14(1 \f .In street, r»e.i, F*
change Rank. _ _ «,.VI
IlH §4 h. Ill O.l s HR iff ms. An » . t
A large assortment of Rnoh Irock . Hnttllinges and fhr.w
which I offer at a small advance on cost.
Importer and Dealer In Foreign and Domr-t • Hardware and
•j.-ft . kry, t • - M -
Sill ft MS IMI Hi 9**9lVt*. ins t received, a fine as
sortmrnt of Amrriran FI ear* and Rels*orr, * *»r* melr h.w
Importer and Dealer In Foreign ami Dome tic Hardware and
H Outlery. No. ftf. Mali. *t
\l f*c M** ftlosf.ft.ua %% %| lift Mm ft > Ir iimi%
RRAORC --Jim* to hind, a large a«»oetm* r.t «.f Angers, hollo*
Aug r* and Iron lira*. *, of good quality and at h.w prk* s.
TIIRO Ip ml'117 ON,
Importer and Dealer in Foreign and D m. tk Hardware and
)• ' 'cry. Is, Ci* Main •'
nr»:%r ri ftsiii i’I.amiim
(ADtlFFfTt) AND FPoNCll* HI INK I have rerelyed s
Iff «h Mfsly »f «h. «e article*, •*. tcgt.lv recommended hy en.lnrt.i
I ngt./h |4.ysP-!ans, and Mr all Ih.vktans of this city who have trie,'
it I •ollrll the examination of tl»r Pr»*t* asion For sale at
R •.TTAII.F.’F Drug and fl.em cal Flore,
I Jr* Opener 4th and Rroad *ts.
»M %SS Vtfi• Nl» 4 %NM. Round O cob Dippers, CVdai
(trass ar.d fmo It..ond Wafer f ans /hr//rim/ //<#»///# on th.
Ab/r. and a very destrat.h article for aah- hy
! b* XYtflflKflRfAll
I I.W ISM MM 9 M11 ft'M« of the hmit quality, and
▼ v at all price*, for sale hy
| ChrmUrntr .Jp franklin rta
Pent i m iii »>«., n., 11».rl|
VA'i IliKf (t, .llfrrl tmm IIk II.«/»rnm.nl A /. rt I, ,, . A ,
l«».rna>i .Mtrrrril ai an, „f ihr rf.notz, «, nn hnnril nf (.'■mil Anal
■ml hr pi.A—I I,. h*Tr * rail from th,.*r in .,n<
rt!,Ny||AW A ro,
H* _________ Nnrlli «Mn nf thr II,.1,1
Olll. IMHI At. SI.An. i
liltuh/p Ihfamtlr MtiMlnr, J.rnnt I R..h* «. Zr
*•' C HARTWri.l, 4 oo.
W ° e I It 1'IH.I.H MII.M II UmiHII . V.»i
hamlanSM rnlhl enter rr.n.h Camtelra
S1« o. i ai-ui AT nn Him .1 \ inuV Al,
* "" «*•*> II' frh- , >' ».. I.,r •■■!. p , » ,, ,
» til l .1-. w.ll In Uppljr . Afljl, nr n ml liirlf < r*r. I
e.i »« r m ti.rn, t-i M .h, i
IS***' 11-IIIA, A vrry te/NIt, r it n ii< /ml I
■ m *1 r. tel In nnrm, f.., »ak l.jr /.I AIM PHM AN,
c1 113 Main, Ouumt I'iih Mz.
£'"U? ‘ Room. . wua the »»«, out bu'ldlag.. .,..1 . Jal
*£!"• ".*."*! '» the y*rd. Tb. «h..I. h ..„. iKr.
° “R • thoavugh repair. Apply la
_ O.J.MNWllm
'"*** W— «» the Circular Paw. tl Mala at
Bd1?*? A ■" MT* and poaacaalon given Immediately, two *-*
■ bulging rnoaa* over my atovv, at Mala atrw. I. £3
»* HNT—Aa4 poaacaal..n given lniowallal.lv, the
* "** -*"• **» *»'«» '*•“» abury houae ace...el door tack..
Ua .wrmr .4 main d tMdnx.Kn.au aa lb. CapiuJ ll.uue M
wrllc.k ul.ud for a Urg, Family hoarding Ermw, containing .1
Waat Bfl.cn rwiai, a total Kitchen and water near the .haw. g». B«.
loroananplrlely arranerd with burner. at latched li.r.ugh out the
*£■• r pKawu.1 and heal arranged Imaa. on Main
t^mJelLT^inTall.; ""l W "***’• "3-Od. At, l> lo
ww »u«Ht riorr, cnciM r >Dutr. H joNkH
It1'"' Ht'.* T.—The brick dwelling on All., near draco MMk
JT dreet. containing H room. Pu^.e... glwu .t J,” Cl
Apply to W. D. 0OLDUITT d VV .
***,-‘f_r Ka. UkSOary atreet.
Bf^**** KFBIX. VM eery dealrahle dwelling on Mh
M. Orfrt bvtwrru Orir* and Franklin, ^uliiliti le cture ill
rtmm of lult.-d l‘r\Mbjirrlmii Urnnh, containing IVvcii com ±»3
mtiTjf wauT" "IUl kJWhr" 'lu,:h«*. «*>d * Urgr tlardM, an^Id
Tin- la.uae haa ben. thoroughly repaired.
Puaaeaaloit glrru lat, March, Apply to
, „ R. II gRI-KRR A CO.
-- -___K" ft* CAry »tr* v4.
I,VIM IIKRT.-'Hlr Store on Idth .trect lately ,a-cu . ~
1 pkd by ua Jk-A
■ _ Ha H. Hart atreet.
W KttllHOO.tHa
*• BKI.VIN ha. rrmn
v««l hl« Furniture Wurrrooiua to that w. II known
bulkllug. "OOKSTHI AN II AIL," tthC.kl
of Mcaara. Jnr.ra A Pull*.) Main atreet, aquare a bore th.- Ilankc.
—. rj!*|k*7m*“*7»T •'•’’"d *° Ida cualouiera generally that hr hag
a. lUlahcd hlmaeir in a large factory, which give, hliu decided fad
'.m ' * ha la again prepared to get up the eery heat
alylea of Furniture to order, lu addition lo thla. I.e la eoudantle
manufacturing erery article In the Furniture line, .ml will keep a
choice and well arrange! aaai.rtn.ciit of auch dylea and unalllUc aa
tn^knowa are adapted to the varied wanU and laaiea of the pen
Thanking a.genrroua community for the lite ral patronage hereto,
m Jl*. ",‘r'.‘,,,1|y aoliclt# a continuance, and pledgee
him* If th a! nothing -hall be w Anting In effort on hU part to fter full
aii«! nit Ire aatlNfartlon. *
i>knri<K^i«|,.K.l‘VIN-*,*0u?lT“ hl* bciwonal aUrattoa to Hie UN
iOKrAKIM. huatueaa—being at all time, well .implied with “tic.
talk- Burial Caars,'' Muhogany and Poplar Collin.. Hurl.I Vratm-me
"•*, .r*!l'*'V? •*> <Uc reqnlaltea for funeral*. Order, left at “Co
nth Ian lien will meet with prompt ailruilon. maSF—ly
HNo. HIS Main Street, Richmond, Va.,
At R In atnre a large aaaortment of fine taah- -™
lonabtr COACHES, CAHRIAORg. 1110(11 ks. /vATV
Hl'I.KKYH and HARNESS.aultahle Idlenunry and
city uae, made of the beat material., amt pul in- tor ' \TJ
(tellur with much care, which we will rccomnui.d to our friend* and
the public, and aell on auch term* aa will aecure the mutual ltd. real
of all who favor ua with their patrunagv.
From long clperlence In our hualnran, and by prompt p, rai.uaI at
tention, we hope to merit a continuance ol paat favor* Order*
promptly filled and ahlpped to any part of the United State*.
OAKBlieu, t \ u i tr.i v.
It BO!4lJt K- •“tvwm,.. or J,.u I’ .K,V „
*»*, ,U* <* baud, a large :.-..iln., i,l of Carrla -jL -
gv« and liarneaa. Among wlik k may U found aolne
n»e Coache. with ougtiilc Scat., I .ml 0 a* at Rock
7“"'"- »"J Kuggica will. „„| without lo
which lie partk ularly Invite, the attenllnu of Ihoae In waul ol one
article III the Carriage line, a* llo y will h.. di apoaed of mi arc im
nu.lutlug term, by application at hia inanufaclory. No «:t Con, ,
t*f .Main and 9il. I »l I 1 >
P U H N I T IJ 1 \ 1 g:
ICI< II UO.M) .91A Hi:.
■ ^INFORD A !*ORTBR liavr In iinrr ai i|»t«.
■ » Urn**, th*' largt-at Atock of Rb hmou.f maih
Kl'RMTl'R!. to b« ftnitnl In thr oily. Thla furfd> C *
ture In AU|Hrri», built by tin- U-.t workmrd In th< raSammR^j
country. And urnl* r thr inmn *lnu. <*up« rvUM>n ot ih. |.rt|t|.i,.rd
win* arc tin>r«<ii|rtd> At quaInt.n| w,U. t.V t»u« n«i» hi*l«ml tl \\ r.i*
r*4». a, CliAlr«, Ih d.tkUd., Ac., A*-., c*iu*d to any made In N« h York t.r
. 1* wh. rr, may In- ha<l of th« ni. Th. Ir dctrmibAUon .» b> reduce
tlirlr 'to* k ht *alcn at »r»y -mall |»r*.flta l^t Hr |h oi I« cortu and
rely on WNhiRIl * l*OHTKR f,.r t!,. beat Article of Fur. tui, In
Kit hint.nd At tbr ra.>«i rcAAOiiAbli* ra*»-a. ...vr,
~ MH ■l.ou:
In getting u|> lb. patterns fur a n, w ^
Plow, especially .le.lgued r..r turning under the V \V-wt
licaVlcst gri.wlb of vegetable matter, ami a AMBSbw
•*•** ‘hv pleaaure of Informing nur Ir.t ml,. It at ■■ it,,.,
nave fully accomplished that end.
MV would call Hie attention of the Farmer* to Uils Plow, a« well
aa to our large anak ol Ploasof every an., Cultlvnt* ra, I-.,, ,,
era. New Hr,.11,1,1 Jumping ('..altera, l-.rg. i II. r-. I'l.h.r ,n.r- f r
putting In wheat, Harrowa, Ac . Ac. All ..f which are made m ,.ur
own .Imps, by gtaal Workmen, ami warranted to give «att»f.u to t
UKH. M ATT A CO., Franklin Mr.el.
If" _Square below tie kg change, Klclfttmml. Va.
Ml I.K' k\l» lltillMA, Star brad of Mule ry
and llora. a bare Juat arnr.d from Ketitu. ky.at.ry Oka,'
choke and aupcrlor lot ol at... k. I hat. mule- a,II .„lted t <f 1
for Iron Matter-. Itallroa t Contractor*, sire, t nn.l ITanlati.,0 n oil
for aale or exchange, at fair price*, ami oti acconimdatltig t- rtn
RUM 11/ M'AI.Rk It,
At R. Illanketiihip'-Stal.lr-.,
N II I shall In-In receipt of frealt stock, direct from Kentucky,
every month in the year. jylj g yy '
a I AM now receiving large addition, to my dick n|
lial. atol Cap., selected yin person) ill the Norll.orii^'J?
cltos. which makes my aseorlno id v.ry ...mpbt., .ill,
..r any ol which, I atn <IL.|h>vsI to sell on a. conimodaimc ten,.- it
who!..ale or retail.
%VF I are now prepared to manufacture gt.
Vw and re|Mtii . wry .1. - rtptioo of Agn- --C\ ■
cultural Implement* .ow used. Meliav g,.ne ' yaaA "
I..mail rxpeti*. in pu ling up thedlObrenl AfcMirfKei- ,
niahlnery r.aiulr..I In carrying on lairhoalm— v». ' ,
repair In >up«r or style the various Heap, is now used o,„. ,,-iy m
pnrlallt feature III our bn.!(Irak is, that We cell mi I t,i|*t>-uieid. hut «>nr
an“ manufacture,” and they •• warranted.•• MV call 11* *tt. ntim., f
•I... Farmer, to .,ur Wheat Tlinslor, Cleaner and II.. t- - Power all, k
ia In every reaiacl equal, t( md superior, lo any otto I now used A.
s pr.e.f of what they have done. We anm X Hot cerlilh-ntee of a I. w
g. ittkmen who have given our maehim a lair Inal M . alo. lase
lh. I twrty ol rvlcrriug to other gentlemen alto lutvc used the n.a.
chine :
MV purchased of ll.a.r. Nets..* A M.n-r, last season, one.
their Iftr in. Ilrnm Straw t'arrler and 4 llorae-p.-w. r, and In ot:r hi r...
Iih jmlgiuetd, wi* sainslder their Machine a |a-rfi ct one. M'i t., |k i..
iliat the tiiacldiiv *. 1 by us will tbri sh fa-tcr, cleaner, atid husk
I* -.* grain of wheat, than any other tlmt wv havr- ever m en or ti-ed
ItOIlT II. STYI.l* l
Henrico, 14th Nov., IaS». JUS J. PI.KASANTS. J
Me-ers. Ngt.-oa A Midr:
lientleroct.—Voore Waring date Septemla-r tUtli is to hand, and I
hftwti'li lo r« |»l> .
1 have in«-d Vour Machine for two '•"•*»ns,and most che« rfnllv »»•
r4*i .it,, i I it ;«m the fowl | have i-rrr U*til—ghr draft ea->, ami ih.»
motion given lo the drum wwh a* u. get all U*r wheat from Ute Mrnw
IC««pc< fully, your ohdT M-rvunt, ItlCIIAUD Al.I.I.N, I
Farmvllk-, 8r|>i. _'f., KV».
IIivk rvoii \ m On., Oi l. 4th, iSftft!
Mrori. Sru-N A M -tt :
fl«v tlvmen—Your favor of 2lHh September, 1$66, wm received a
f< « dayr ago, going to the wrong pom other Mv post .»thr- u \. w j
i’t.»rr, Buckingham county, atol I do with plea* ure wend you Ihr an
t*«aed certificate. Your*, Very respectfully,
., _ . tlKO W. K YI.K
I hereby certify that I havr u*rd onr of Mea«r». Nuxia A Moit’h
H'hv.it Thftwl.lng Machine* the present year, ami hnve no l*e» fallen
in ‘ lying that It carne up to n»J expectation, and lx the Ust 1 ever
worktd. (liven under n»y hand thin 4th (htoher. KA,
I purchased one of the a»w»vc Machine* of M.»rr, l.aaix A M ui.-.iv,
md J saving threshed three crops with It, making Ihr amount ll.irwhtd
Ifi'iMNi l-bl*., I da without lirsitalloii pronounce it oneof the best n.;»
chine* I have ever u*ed, helirvlnr that U will thrmh cleaner, fast, r, H
and break less grain of wlieal than any 1 have ever u«*-d. H
llcurico, Nov. 14th, 1866. I1KNKY COX. H
Craiwvuxa, Srpt. 1st, is.v».
(Imtiemi-n—It in with pleasure that we rer«>rd our evidence in U
vor bl your Ti.resiling Nlarhlne. It rerplire* leva power for the Work
it d.*»-« than any w« iiav*- ever *een, and i* r* markable for it* Ntmpli.
»Ity atol durability. We regard It eniphattcaliy the '‘Farmer'* Ma
chine,” and vu+i i hto fulhj rrcomtueiid It to the farming eon.mu

Mr T. W Adam* and Capt It Darli, who are nkr observer*, and
who*e wheat our Machine thraahed thin >ear. are very much |»l« h». ,|
with it* iierformance. Very rrfpectfullv,
J. v. CRi rr M
REFKRENCCT:—firo. Ifoltybrckrr, Amelia, Win Arrh* r (*•» k,
Chewier field; rn M llarrixon, Kichrn«*nd; Wm II Ch pton, Ch.-irl* 4
OUy; K. It tk . Apperaon, Charle* City, J J Ivey, Appomattov ;
It. nj N Kitldnaon, King William; K«-President John Ttier, Cttnilr4
City; O. Auitin, North Carolina; and others. jH
»»b17___ _ 86 Main *trvrt, RUl.n.und. -
FBI IIK Hu I «rtt*T«, having removed to tl»e|y new Fr»* t..»j on Carjf
B Street, l*etwren 9th and DHh Wrr»U, nr** prepared to yrena. 93
order, (or all kind, of Agricultural M»« hlne. and Iniplnmid- , f the
laU-t und moat approved pattern*, which will I* made (,r ||„ 1-0
material, ar.d of «ti|ier!or workman.hip Thry n«k attention to ^^B
“Cardwell*, double ami .Ingh g. nr. d llnyncpow. r* and Thr. ah. rHBB
whi -h have taken a pr. mlum nt t \-ry Fair ai which th*y huv* I- . n ^^B
citdhtUd Alan, to "Crnakdl'* CI*n| Cru.her,’’ Manny ■ patent ^^H
R* apcr and Mower," the l*—t In uftr; Fawk*.' Patent l.inw nr d ^^H
Ouano Spreader, highly approved; llav Pr*-*~*. , Hay Rake., r. rn
Hlnlh r., from |IM to f.V , Smith*. Patent Ht*aw Cutler, (frail, In
die., A. . Hi h'* Patent Iron U tun Plow, of van. n- n*4A II. y
•uhjoln the opinion of the lion. U til an, C Kim of the* | I. a . ^HB
Richmond, February 27.
Cakti.r Him , Iftth Dec. I-M
Col. Mm It Hmrrjfrr*,* Dear Fir: 1 take ph.Mirr In r,..,d>n* ^^B
her*-rnv lmpre«-o.n of the |a rformance of y,.nr Plow (ItH t.*« Ir .n HBB
B* am patent) a* Cot.ham to day Th. work wa- tar mor* th. ro yh HBB
and < ..rnplele than that ..f any plow ! . », r » • w 1i . p.r n or, I. . BGB
The fnrr->w opened hy it wa* very g. nerally Id H., h. - tie. p ,nd ,h. ,,| HBB
§<• in. I . * w I. Ill hard, cl,... I.md. and nm«f rff. finally arid p. r'.< dy H|
clean* dour <%,* of the *rM| earth fallirg hack In*.. It
I to- trial of the plow wa- *ithe.«*«l t»y many of my ro rght . *■ ■-, HHB
«"*"!'» whom I w >11 rn. nr„.|i M. -*r- Frank R N.-I.nn, J II r.. .•», BH§
J || I * a l». C p. ||. pk 1 tioniN. Wa'.on, nf l/Oiil-a A* . all ( •• ^^BB
to al im n arid ni->-t • «> . II* nt jtNtgf - of agr imlliiral lm|A« lioiil* , oil ^^BB
It., i* wa* hut or:.- opinion among them a- h. th*- aitperiorltr .ml me Ha
«g< rptionahl. performance of font pi* w ^^^B
W i*l>mg y..ii e.jual «w ,e.4 * |.. whey in mat r.g it >» v,,l ,.l J. m, ^HB
plement fav»ratdy km.wn to our *gri nltural brethren, HHB
I remain, ynur. truly, DM
W* ^ ___ Wfl.flAMC RUC* ■■
I "« IIM let till IS « I'MHI « I I It. I* . .... ^^H
■ puhli. may not ».* mi-led l.y (!.* van n* un#•. fir, .., r r ■,, - H^H
tr.il .re ■ I .It t - 'ot» mad. » V I' • • mo . ,.f nr i.urdtv (toe W». •' . ,f ^991
I d- • m it my duty, a. one . f It* pr.-tnln* nf r. pr. .. u’af'Ve., I ^BBB
ha* .* 1* rod true that I hat. give,, my vah ah|. r t.. the BBS
/arlmi. plehlan pnr.tnl«. .i* repof (*■-d. '*>•! n .r,- parfieularlv ' »HH!l
man *.f j* a. * . do I deny havit g taken , t.ftfge ..f «t.M« v|||n . . ^^^H
p. wder , tail f Wi*h them t.. r- member ft,at I am t».r prr pr . t..f ..f ^BBsI
h-r* el. yard Motel, on the For..pear, plan, k *,»n aitl.e H 'l.r HH
Hotel. ,r, rtu* n» W t,.| 1*1,1.g oppo«>t< t tie Fl.hat.ge Hot. I H), ) ,o ,| ^BSl
Va .nd m futur. It it th. y may di.tir.gui.h me front tl,. • * - -1 >>f ^RSi
mankind" I h.-fn il,. y wdl nddrr** me »• HBBB
fHI j VMt(11»«MtN SMITH
• XX «»l< K I I I I l>s| || | ( OMPtM
AT;, no of tl... I ,1 Hoard ..f It r. . at Rh I r>ir^^B
“ ft • N • > 1 k I fe |- oir ,. , . I ..op ,or. ...I M-.nil *v. F. ' It* ,^^^BB
‘^•Ih* hdh.w.og re.o|.dtor. W4- ut.ir.ifr.,.,i.ly a h pled
' ' ' > Pr. *«d> 0» u d Hirer t,,f. ..f i»., (r.o.p... • . \
* * -I *1.. r. port ami . v* ,h,t* ..f it . V » V. rV I It. . ^HH|
‘ ■ '»' "1 • h.r *lo I . • * \ . r „ 'oil .r„r. . • I, , .» , lr ,^HB
• * • *' I*t t.. KVi, *nd I- »,/ -ar.-flrd art, tl e^^HBg
1'* *• " • • •• | • r r I - ,l|> r, ...
!>,. • ». • nr-.if. II,, o. and •iipfe.rt id l|.. wt.,.te comn.un,iy
" to • d ,!. r.pr ration* . , r«a/... n , • , ,, t. .
- •!• I d . f !•'•*'.•*«' wl i. I. ha ■ a- ■ mouUt. I r $ I - Ml.,-.- ,l|
'• • St ,t. -1 ■ - k * ., I . ho, .|. nr,-I I.o rtgair- t. I .. I ,, ,
U*oh.r|tif« dl V gr.rnl HHg
We know of no mode of mv.-.t'og no.n.-y m*.r. p., fPahly f r
I ’r • At- .r, o .,*.,*1 for •>.. in.'ir. .!, I ) . v . > . , ,y. d - * I. .« n ..^HHB
thirty f»er cent annually on th« premium* paid
OROrulk H MI NFORD, Pr. a-t BHHH
R*v Ch«. M R«»t,, ct ^HbS
wm n p.vag, HBB^
Ref .ftMk.lt TiVLng, 1 HHBB
Or*. W Cirrrga, BHH
7»w< P Arum, ^ ^H^^B
Am.mnf nf ft.*et. .1.unary I. |h/v%. |HH|
\o . riot „f r. r, ip»4 for premi.rm*. ,nt. re.t. a ,, fa, v
paid |.■««. « l.y *|. a»h, Infgfgal on dlvidemlft BBB
and all other ripen***, 'ft \ 9 pi 19 ^H||!Bb
Arrrimnlaterl Fund. Jar.’y 1. IVM. ft nT.a lac M
For hr, d • r ltd .rn.e . r.d . apUnalorv l.nr.k > ap> t\ a* V
'I. f, .Ire. t, Mpiarv a»-.v.- Virgl.da flank*, 1,1
f'MARirs WORTHAM Agent ^9^^H
i Mil MMP, * ora, a*h HH
^ 1 • ■ < I * *, HBI
'* • >’ "f» !l'f ' m-l for «at- at It,, r ) * > , r« , 1111111111
A Mil l PR,
*' 1' C..eney P art an«l C*rg *'re. t«
CHag. I.agoyra,
^^ prtnu- Java, landing and fpy *ftle hy HsgHgB^Hf

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