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f OsrvaymAims tk» Wkif.
——■ ■ i ■■ —
TR* oniniin tain roiled from lb* depot m your
M»y tbts morning at 4 ocfocl, by thr Km* the rising
M« was vmlble.hmi mR wwUrd.i. |liurw. The
ru.i.iwi.y tM not vary immeiuu', many pm eons Having
Unwisely ,!'Wn.Hunl to »ut the ate.bag of lb* regular
train. Shortly altar aunnar. a deuce fog obecured the vie*
of llw roaulry round about; but Ibis auou lilted up, like
a huge veil, ami dtarloavd a morning aevua of uneurpa*»>
bl.- beauty. Thu rain of Iasi night gave to every object
in nature an appearance of trvebooaa aod vigor, while the
bracing morning air war Ui the higheet degree grateful to
UftO itTIliM,
Tile pease ugem brvekfaated at the Junction, about 7
o'clock. Thu lung morning ride aharpeued their appetite*
t« wh an client that I fear the worthy landlord reaped
but aiuall proAla.
It i. nupoaailJo for a peraon, flylag through the country
iua railway ear, t» judge anything of Uie .late ol the
ciopa. | overheard the remarks of an intelligent gentle
men. however, upon the subject. The Wheat crop L
gen. tally interior. The tobacco, contrary to all expect*.
Hon, l« ia a favorable condition, and with a good season
thn crop will be fully up lo the avenge. Up to the loth
of June the planters had Scarcely cmumeurud operations ;
but Uie continual rmiua muce liars afforded them every
desiraU. laeilUy. Corn looks green and vigorous, and
present sppearanoe* lad tost* a good crop.
Aa tin- train paused along, sd.liUooal passengers joined
.."I^r. •<» that then was a numerous thruuv in rc
rt iv. . hearty wjdtsonte at DanvUle. Several ladle.'!,.,,,
lima added; and I may lie etcuse.1 for .eying that some «•
Ihcu ware very beauUlul. A more eiith.isiaetic patent,
m.^l.t ui a lew words in praise of llieir I deck ryes and is.
veu ir. ,scs; but that will scarcely In, exp. clod of ym.r
htjiiilUt* •urvani. '
l lie puidic nnrw.at.iaie aUiut commencing in Dan
ville Dr late arrivsl prevents any account of the prim ,
nitons here. Tile Arusory Band, fnm, Richmond, a,
ill* oursing utuet clou us ul music; and Uie peo|du, who at.
K Illi-rcd together from the aurrotmdiug country as w. Ii
as Ii.hu a distance, all look “as happy as the day ia long.
Ki. uu.ino PaUALk Usmvra.—Ths Kov. J. Wbeato*
8nnil., .if the Sprue* street Baptist tlhurch Philadelphia,
•me nl the most riniuenl preachers of that favored eilv
lixs been selected, wo UndcraUud, lo preach the srnnul
b.d.Ka the Misaiooaiy Society of tlm lbchiu.mil fciuale li.
atituti-. Thie will Im delivered an Tucsila) next.
Wmlue-iday night, imr tal. iild townsman Him
J..UH S. I’ankle lias woman ted to address the young Lob.
nl tin. Literary S.ictety connected with the Institute. Wr
expect a rich treat.
i MvsosiTr or Va.—The editor ol tin, CliartoUcxvill
Jeffersonian has Imen Informed that an unusual number .«
tlm Students of the University ol Virginia, will this year hat r
coul. rred upon th.-n, ihe degra* ol lUchcfor or Master ..
Arts; |K-rhaps the uuutbec may reach aa high Itt, and evei
cxc«‘d tlda number. At the public exercises, on Die *7.1
lust each ol these young gentlemen will be required to lea
an hsoay, limited iu lime lo I * ur 1 A,mimic, sell. Uwict,
lure mily some three or four Masters and Uorhelora have
read ra-mya, to which no limit ot time was attached, an.
unless tin. elocution of Uio or slur was uuu*ually good, tin
audience became resUeea, and talking unit cenfuaioi'i en
Akxutu, ta WasiHNuroN.—The Wasldiigtou Orean nt
yesterday lUUi that two men, named UuckUnd and Cline,
wer e arrested tliere ou a charge ol suspicion ol rnurd.1
at Richmond, Vi-gi„|a. They answered almost e lac tit
to the description given in a despatch to officer Kimbali
"I he examination before Justice Uollingshead, at tin
gnsrd-houee, elicited several suspicious cumuslaucw
aiming which may bo mentioned liiat oue knew the oilin'
wlnle the oilier did not know the one."
Uoaoas to a VianiaiA».._We leam Irom the San Jo.,
quin H’al ) Republican that Edward M. Howison, K-q.,
foruieily of Fredericksburg, has been elected City Asses
•or in HtockUNi. Wo obytive (hat Mr. H. received th.
largest vote of any other candidate at the election, exl.it,
eltiiig a popularity to be prised, at once gratifying to him
„ ““* '•>« large circle ol Irienda he has tell in Old Vie
111 A.—rrejsrt cA’s6 « rg H* ru /</.
FaxntatcK t o. sir.—The Superior Court, Judge l'ar
ker president, has been in aession since the liith. Th.
only criminal case was that of Patrick Fox, ali.u Solon.,.'
Fidel., arraigned lor the lorgeiy ol a check ou the Valle
Bilik, lie was found gudly. and se.itei.cod to the Pen.
teuliary for two years.
Paoisrr PaVmxkt.—The ux book ol tl.e corporalio.
of Fredericksburg was put into the hands ol the City
Collector, Mr. T A. Cutis, the first week ol this moml
abd by the evening ol the Ulb, the citixeii* had volun
tAIll) CAll«*ii ADtl p«UI luill’4 lo lliU 4'XU‘ltl ol $2g,lKM).
WiscHRSTKB and Tile Kailroao.—Ou Urn 26U, „| ,\u.
gjst, tile voters ot tho Co.poratioo ol Winchester wi.
pass upon rile question of subscribing $3ii,.MSI to tl»
»t,K.'k of the Alexandria, Loudoun and ilampsh.ro ran
Pbo*ftlt Aaamtu.-1The Norfolk I lend. I, ..I yesi.:
d«y, notices the ar.eal in that city ol an Italian, name..
Peter Pudrasta, who was charged with robbing a citibi
of Richmond ol $30(1. U« is uow in jail, awaiting a re
qu.s.uoil Irom Richmond.
" OIT« StlLmua SpRiaee.— Visitors arc beginning t<
assemble at tbo Greenbrier White Sulphur. Preparation
have te en made lor a large number this season.
IJT The absence Irmn the city ol our news oditur will
ac count for the ineagreuers ol this department, this mom
ing. Hi* will be at his post again in a day or two.
A brae Ofss bis a Pei"„.—Mold Uis pari eOecled iu Perry Di
VI.1 Vegetable Pam Killer l«r hall mi. how , and the pa.a »„,|
new sill entirety he removed, but .lon'i lake our word lor It. who.
**>» eeuta will l«.y a holm ot It.
Is Oomraim.•» Ctaiats —We cannot doubt that hi many ns,
»ealed UoliauuipUoO a cure has been rVrrteU solely by tin, use of
Ibe Wild Cl terry prep iraiioo of Dr. Wirier. Its healing effects srr
rrriaioly wooderlul.
AND Rtl.f.AHII flin si;,
TIII'ltMI.AY. June I*.
r P. Kobimon. f P Nicholson, Hilled. Ipt.la; J D Davidson, R W
M. ,i..rwe,| ... r II RiiiIi, Dahlmori; II K „i. Alexau.lr, .
J V LtlMirll, A VI, Sillier, VIis , J II Mure, N I. II Whitlock, T t'r >\
loo, lowly and ,'hUd. Z t> Parian I ai.i lowly, W VV li,,r.l..n o»d .....
v.vul, r«e, a; W II Wilaon and lady. Amrlla, M llyainl, N, w Yoll
J VV Slum, VVytbville; W W Druvtu, l*wly and KM 'oil fj c. Y J
lo-in.lr. Port Dellai,. e, N C; M'.a Norwuoif, Un»l>. V r, r II io" .
Pi ore, a; w J llani«r. Staunton, J R||»M-, Roanoke U dale R I
AUrlnaon. II P June,, Keen, U A Andrew., N--w T..rk ' J II Drawl.)
and a, ream, J kl Ihaal.y, Charl.-vt..,,. VV M Kent and servant
I’anipdon; I. II dbu k, and Lady, N S D Tub) . Pruvideurv Ji
Il.llfak, Cap* U W Dm*...11, A nilaou, Va. J U Hrodtlai |>„
Ylllr, W. K Ui.hIuh, N C; W W Co-1, f, CJuorWjt.,1. V. U Brown
Ilatltmorr; II l> Wrad k IjoIy. Il..l(i I. Mud, Mu P-aatman Hi
vaiinah; J N lira y. Hole'.>ui. Mr. M Mhlir, rl.lld an.l ,,r > .„t u !.
M Wlill,, M rad-vlllt, J F Clttlr a, Hi IjMila.
BT^Ta^-s hi »d itii: MiUiiniATi: «»»- a
KKfltll.AK I'KACTITIIlM'll !
riiT. may c rllfy iI.ai I Itavr uwl F. try llavl.1 Vryrtahlr Fall,
K llrr In uuimrm. r»o., and Ih-Ii.va ii i„ . ,rry v.luahlr mr.l>
f , 1 h»»* F'^CTIbwl II cxtanatarly In bowrl complaint. iparnri.
I. rly for rhlldren,) and It l« in my opinion superior to niy prewar \
II. m I have r.rr uar.l for Urn r.llrl of lli.ar dbwaara. WIh'l. yl.m i..
rl.ll.lrrn I havr nlwaya rniuhlurd II wiili lb, ayrup of yuin aral.l.
•ar ten drop* to a teMpoonful of the ayrup, Well mixed. othei.
have luiml it With milk and molaaaea, equal oartt.
PrKHV DAVIS* PAIN KILUGl, m an internal remedyha.no
e<iu«l. In ron of Cholic, Summer Complilnt. hy-i.. i-*U
ulhMI n 7!m!r,u<<u!!l5nr'. ■W11* hP Ink In, n Inlrrnally,
•od liattnn* will. II frwiy II I. ll.r bral l.lnlnml In Amrrlra Ii
^1'i‘iH "u ™*»lr_1,h,,n rairmail» applkal t„ b».l om, bun,-.
e ", r,vrr,v .."•~,h • m
Bold by tVnral.1. and Meal Irina lb alrra cvrrjwhrrr.
Jclo- il^lvlff
win i in inn KAMA JIB. f
worthy the attention of all wIm» are luim «trd
for them eel Tea or friend*;
Da N. W Fowia; />*<ir Sir In < (f. ring my teetlmonv In favor
«* your W1HTAH-S ll % IJI AM OP HIM) CflKRKV. I .Jak from
my own exparience, having received alffrial beneft from Ute u.e of
one or two botlW. which ware urged upon nt« hy my iipothe. «ry
who backei! up hi. rrcommendation by giv.ng a*.me extraordinary
re«uiu from It. uar. aa having come within hi. knowledge | had
**kfr| * violent rold, followed hy a deep-acated rough, which frr
fluently produced vomiting, with pain In tha aide. I breathed with
dtmeulty, had night aweaf, loat my appetite • In .hurt, 1 waa com
pletely proatratrd My phyalclan idWrrlUd for me, but I found no
relief I commenced taking the ftaUam in amall dote. at Aral, ami
almoat Immediately l*rgan to Improve. My rouxh abated m»
alrmylh and appr.ltr rctwrnad, and In a til ivrk. l w.i aHr b.
allrnd m my hu.lnraa aa uraal I fed Indefctad to Wi.uf. Balaam
f«r my rrruv.ry, and rhrrrfnlly ylvr yaw Iravr »,. makr whalrvrr
uae you pleaae of Uila •(•(« merit.
Very reupectfuDy, your., Ac.,
Boatnn, Drr.mhrr t, OafVB BOTAL BMVTII
Nunr (Irnulnr ur.lr.. .lynrd |. BfTTB on Uir wrapr rr
—d,< Awl*
Mot * * »■ WBitKriT i.»* i mi hoic
COMPART. -Capital, January lat.KVI 47
Dividend, paid the IniuN In date 716.499 M
U>Mca by death paid to dat. 1AM.990 S4
- . . •d.KfrdM 97
Dr. A. Se.»n Rxamlner. p vy t.,,.,..
OIBrr N«. »1, Prarl Btraat. nrat door In H. W. Fry * B. ifT '
..ri'M.'nflm* AC*«V*ly moln.l, and makr. annual dl»id»nd. H
yaya lha DiTldmd. whllr ihr Inatirrd I. Ilyin, Ii In.na half lb.
Sm.mnSZni "772 *: * rr" *h*n m-iE
rn, any IwA.rmallmi rrn-rim, Ufa Inanranr. piraw rail at my
W. KNOWLRB, Ayrnl.
__ Bo.fl, Frarltlrrri.
sss-’tsin'ise.. .«
BI.AOR BKMMP.lt BUm-Madr up I. Hhrln„„ M,,.
form e.lr.mrlv Ilfht, comfortable and genteel. In aty|>* flt >kh h ,
rabllliy, w, rhallmp rnmparlo,,, . m wytr. W and da
•nrltti.nl uf ihr abnrr fnnda, la whlrh wr rail al’rnll ,n know nr
r ruo* e'B*1*' awn In lh« rlly Wr havr'tlu. hiit,.
*“' ‘ OM1 >'»'•' M. word n.ot, -l|,.y
ara lh« rlmapant d.ltu net aoltl r
OROBnoRo a tkpman,
___ no Mam .,,.,1
T'l.t.VvUi XI,or rill: no n.
I. hrrrb, .TJT! ,7,,"U2Cr COWCANV or RII'IIMOND R„"r
adtltrV.1. illT. • WwlaHnn nf Ih. H- ard nf llurrtnr.
ZZ&P.. '"*•
•£. ’<> prr aharr on ih, |« „f j„f
07 e» IM par ahar. on tha IlM July rnaalnw
J H Mnwraww^ Bmraawry * PL*IA»*I»W.
mi '""ii *
BTIIOH P,•", ‘,oW Florvr HlimKiTtJ
2rU ^.:U,*:' -.. ..-..
iaW " Main w ,
J Biyn nf tha llluaainaiad Cloak
UuiLairaLmiA, June 19—Mr. Hue bar tan's Uttar Aim
, —« putoltMlad ibis Birruing. After *1 pressing
«hs gratification rntrrtVmeiFal the highest poltlleal honor
•hirb ooohl bo conferred upow hi**, ho aay tiiat bo U
ihoply aetwible of Urn vaat awl varied reaponailMlitles, re
parUBy at the present crisis. Us carefully selralrn-d from
•oohing tho noutloaliuo. either by word or by dead, and
uowrpU it With difticuce, trusting U elected, to bo able to
aUay doosoatic strife, pn»r«, yaev and IrUndahip with
loreigu uatrona, and |.ioiuot« the beet interest* of the IU
I mi bile. In avcepUng the oouduatlon, be aorvpu la the
same apirit tbe pUdoriu, aud will confine himself to it
throughout the canvass, behoving he lias no right by
anaeethtg iotorrogatariuo to prveer.i new and different is
suee before the people, lie cordially concur* in the sen
Ilioenuot the pUtlnrin relative to civil and religious lilwr
ty, and .Uvery. lie think* tho Utter qusalioo U rapidly
siqtruaahing a finality. Tito K snaas act does mi More than I
give loree of lae to tor oUiuealaiy pnucipU of self govern- ,
nenl Ueaays : “May oe not hope that it U Ilia miaaioo |
of tile Doiuouralic party, now the only aurjdving onvnerv*
uve party ol the country, to overthrow all sectional par- 1
Ilea, restore peace, friendship, and mutual confidence
uuoug all member* of the Confederacy. The foe of ail
geographical parties it must continue to oaist as long as
ihoie is CiNiatitution or Union to preserve. Ttiisconvic
doo lua induced many formally differing from Democracy
lo devote l Item selves to the Constitution and the Uni. Ml._
Under these circumstances, I luost cheerfully pledge my
•elf, should the iMMolnaliou ol the Convention be ratified
by the people, that all the power and It James constitu
tionally po-senanl by the Raeculivo shall be etCrted in a
firm and couciliaUny spirit during tho Angle term which I
-liall HMil« III office, to restore the same harmony among
die Bister Slates which prevailed before the ‘apple ol di»
ord’ mi Uic form ol slavery agiUlion bad been cast into
ibeir aiidsl."
Regarding the foreign policy, be concur* with the
committee that it should ba conducted with wImIomi and
firmneas to ensure the |«v»p.-rily ol the people at home,
• bile tli* Inter sat aud honor of the country aru wisely and
■ilisalbly maintained abroail. Foreign policy, he says,
Jght ever to be baaed upon tbe principle of doing justice
i; «ll n.lion*, requiring justice la return. II elected, Im
• ill U*e Ills Is-A esertio.14 to cultivate peace and Iricud
mp with dl nations, believing tl„a Uw highest policy and
mist imperative duty, but shall uuver lorgct should tin
• o asny arise that our national honor must be preserved
•I all lisaards and at any sacrifice.
( ill. ai.o, June 19.—Seventy-five men, the first compa
ny from the Kmigrant Aid Society, of this city, left yes
terday lor Kansan. Mrs. Brown, wife ol the editor id the
Herald ol Freedom, lias just arrived, having left Istw
reuccon the Utli. on wbiclt day 2511 Missourians were en
camped three miles from tbe town. She met Col. Sum
mer, eu route lor l^wrence with a strong body of troops,
including artillury. The pro-slavery Vigilance t 'ouiaiiitcc
|| laiavenwortb bail renewud tbe notice to tbe free Stale
men to quit the Territory. Col. Sumner bad warned the
Missourian* to desist. Wliilfi. Id was arrested at St. Lou
is, on Monday, eu route to Washington.
1’nn.anu.mia, June 19.—The Conveutiou balloted iu
lurnislly for Vice (’resident this morning. Win. L. Day
.011, ol New Jersey, received 110 votes, Wilmot, ol Ua.,
18 ; Sunnier, ol Mass., 35 ; Banks, of Mass., 2‘J ; Colla
uer, ol \ t., |5 ; King, V ; Uomeroy, 8; Wilson, 7 ; Ford,
4,0. .il. CI»T, -l; b*rey, X ; (•Hiding*, 2 ; Johnston 2 ;
IViitiiiigloii, 1. Tho rominiltm- to whom was rHcrroil •
'•miinunicatinn from the “North American*" rc|K>rtcd that
licy hail am Veil at no coiuluxioii. A committee of three
•vaa ap|iointeil to make u reply. The namea of Summir,
iVilaon, ami B mica, haring been withdrawn, the Couvtn
uon proceeded to lake a forma! ballot H’.«. /,.
**■ noiuinatcU by nearly an unanimous rote. New Yoi k.
, ounce tlcut and Henueylvaitia, gave Lincoln of Illinois 20
rotes; Conn.. give II ink* 4; New Yo;k, gave Sumner 3,
lord I, and King I ; Penn., gave Sumner I, and Eller I.
The vole wax aulMetjuer.tly male unanimous. The t’on
•vntion finally adjourned s.'n* die.
W son sums. June 19.—sen.it*—Mr. Clayton maffs a personsi es
lauatloti, sunns that he hid bean misreiirrsriiteff by lard Clarrn
l.iu In remark, mail, tu the British n<i;s« of Lnnls re. pee tin* Cei.
ral American Affairs. Mr. Be ler npllwl to Mr. Wilson', .lefenc,
I Awmer. He sal,I that the to row hsl alio«eiher mislaierprrtei
•ie constitution of Houtk Carolina. Mr. Cass mad. similar re
•ark. to Mr. Clayton'!. Mr. Petrce auataltnxl the American imer
•reAMlou „f t>«? Clayton.hulwer treaty. Mr T,eab, .Iio.,t™.I with
4r t’lxyton, and was In faeor of arbitration on the Central »n,erl
-aa «|nestlon. Mr. Dryer Knew hotter that he should introduce
upplrnuntal hill to the K in ,i, Nebraska Act. Mr l.ouylsas' re.
•utaoi t„ aifiourn on the first Tuesday In July w.,» po.tpoiie.1 Ad
t>iirii«Hl to M.j4ailny.
Mr Hrldley defended hi* politic*! |.o*it»on »h«
rlrl'jrwuf the Uttiti* newspaper, and vindicated the Bcototi lw
utcr»i«, an far At iheir connection w.U. 1.1a elect loo «im roncariivd.
4.1 lilin»«if from the charg* of brief Uu- iur.-d with free *o!!iaiu -
*lr. Whitfield wa* in lii* trgt to-day.
Naw V..AA, Jam 10—flour h*a Advanced 8*lea of 8t»u. «;
*• •*' , Ohio at $7. >5; Southern #c aft. \ku-at ha* adv*n< ed.—
»!.•* ..f N urif- ri, while at $1 Corn firm At .*4 cU. *rr
■if •*. Male* of V irgmia at &V, — yesterday's price.
IVi«i:c(mi.nowwI..Ii/ri*or vibginu. t.
the Sheriff td( tilau 1 t'.iuu'j (ir»*« tinr: Vi *• rooiiiun>l you
.at you tuuimm. i llK W V.Li.K GOLD MINf SQ C-tupAi.y td. *p
ur it fhd- Rule* At I ha flrr**’* OH of (hr Circuit Cunt I i.f Gooch
»n.l . cMinly, on U* first M.-.hI ,y in >1 trf , t.. au-wer J.u, * T
»ichln«.iii of a plea of dlebt for * a h udred ai.J «ev. nty.itluc .w.llai*
• n 1 for Aff.ty five <1 »llar« and thirty • * , cut*. Damagt** one thou*
••ttdl dollar*. Aud have thr-n there thi* -r r W fnot, NarclMu*
‘v Miller, Cl-rk of our -». ; O^urt, if. • 4th tUv ... March 18NA. in the
^mh year of our foundation. * NAlt. W Ml 1.1.1 R cl’k.
4 ** • lal’N held tu the Clerk'* OflW of the Circuit Court of
Goochland County uu G.c 2d .l*y or June \<tC,
.1 A4ii'*a T. f>t« kin*on, pi.
Hie Waller Hold Mining Company, pePt.
Ii. an » dlon of «Mnf.,r u»o roenvery of $7£4 8C cent* with I.gal
*"9 "" ,,*rt ,hrr*of 1* ”•» 4"h July I \V».»i t| hkc Intere.i
•o fHs.dfi rent* U.c r. tidur thereof, Iroui 2Ul Janu iiy l-.**> nil ie.»*
•oeiit 1 9
Tu* attachment toed out atthi* the KeUie of t!M Defendanl In
i iid rnw bv-.fif r. ■ urt.esj eA-outol, and the n.tol Defendant not
.avlnj: lH-e., M-ffed either with a copy of ih. a*M attachment ..r
with |»rocr«* In tin* *u t, a d il a|n>< ar.iif hy an affidavit til. d ••
• i* c.iac tfiat the aatd P. f ndaut not a resident of th.« Slat ; J:
* .rderrd that ilie *aidl In f uni uu app* ar within one lootnh »ft. r
loe puhhr.'Mtoti of till* order, an.I <|o wh*t |« ,iivf«ury td* protect li»
•iiercat. Copie*—Tr *te:
J’ 19 rw4w Ml Min t u i k
4 T If I la KM held In the Clerk’* Office of the Circuit Court of
Goochland cunty, ..u the «.f day ©f Jnto . |V4
(*!* <dfi*on and J.ime* M fc*te*. merchant* and partner* In
irade uitder the style of lf<>d|f*oii A Kate*, Plain'ill*.
Williaio Dtyhy feymoor and Charlr* V O. Idrlny. Defendlani*.
In an Ad lion of dlebt for the recovery of 81, with hr*! in
’ • ..* — •*“.» eanuney, inan, in, paid
rim »<*»• limeiil «•«! out again.! tho ..late „l llir defendant Wll
i am I' ghy Mi-ymour, In tl,t* . a# , I. ing rrtur lied iin-ulnl, and lie
-d ha*"dt hr. u -er.nl el,hr, with , . ,.py „f lh, „Urhmeul.
T WI"| penoe,*. In Ibl* salt, and It appearing, by an sltl la.lt #1—1 in
**'d •b l'nii mt Will am lilgby ts-vimur I. nol a
.td.-nt ,.f il,l. Aialr 11 t. ordered that In-appear within ona tiiniHh
•fler due publication of thi. order, and dr. vnat I. i.cccary lo pro
tret hi. Internal * Copy- Tr.te
j iv i ..fa_MAR Rf mu,rr, pint.
• A It 1*1 ITS < A III-ATS.
* K M r A K I’ R T VV 4 H E - R 0 0 >1 8 !
C*IIAItl.FH A OWATKtN, ona door from Mrnr. Kent, Paine A
V to . elegant new .tore, opp.ieltr Pirhangc Rank. Hi.-l.mnlMl,
'i*Viau,i,iri‘"«T«1/ nr* .,, rZ Ur**' and complete aaaortinent
of CAKPKTX, RHUS and nil. CIJiTllft, liRrtliltrrg. Ae
lni|*erlal Vl.r.e ply Onrpwta; Huper Ingrain Cariiet.
Pine all W ool Carlo l.. Printed Velvet Carpel log
Klrgant Woven Velvet Carpeta, for double parlora—very flue
and rlrh
RntaaeRaTri|>ratry Carpeta; Htrlpcd Venetian Carpeting*
Prints Dru^rt*; Orrvn FU*a*t IIrIip, Crumb Cloths
Md Tsbtr Cover*; II. mp and R.-tjr i srpctius
Ru# Mrttla, Onros Matlinfr*, WIcidow Kha<]<-«
C.iutnn Milling-. Carj^t HlnHlujrs
Cun.bin Uo«m|«, of all kinds
Psrllri turnUMi.* Umlr houwrf.snd purchasers fenrrslljr. arr mo»t
re«pertfulljr invite! to Insprci this slock We d«tt.-r oursHvss it can
r.:,,v 'rU;:'‘MrL,."rln‘ ,,),k *,ld rheapneaa.any wliere
ill lirflnis. Additions ataile to IIm> stork every wevk
. „ ,, Welt door b. Mean Kent. Pain* A Co.,
jetw—«n _. An i - |.p...it. Kiohange Hank.
(O.OTHI'MJ.-Tbrme who are In pure,It nf MMfelaf r.allv
J eh.de,- lo the way nf nothin*, would .lo well to call at the e.
lenelve Ware-Knoma of KKEN, BAI.DWIN A CO. No IirR Main
• tr.rt, and eaamlnnhelr vnperlnr .tock of Good. It u one that
aannot be rurpasK-.t In point of atyle, material or make by anyoth, r
II . June 7th. MM. f
V MAO Till, ( II P. Ill I «»HW III llll | S| lit' a, a
ei^fled,,^*, l ,AM WAl.LUCf DAY, dee-a.e.l, and all other*'ron
- 1*35 ,,IIS!’y.n'’i",.'2,’,h*' R',r,,,»nee of a daereenf the Clr
n* Che.teffleldrnoniy.pronounced nn the lat dayof M.r,
Ih.*, In the eaae of W. W Hay'a Kaoeutrlr, Ae agatnat ft W. Moore
and Olhera, I hare appointed Ih- I Mb lay of July neat, at my of.
Rce, for taking an arrnunt of the real and personal r.tale nf « m
w Day, decM. and nf Ihe anneal and lea almpla value thereof an
account of the plaintiff'a Iran.aetlnna aa rirrttirli a'nrr.a.d ’and
an aremtut nf tb» debt, of Ihe te.ut„r and the .Itgnltlea thereof, at
widen time and plane jrntt are rrfpi1r.-d to all- nd
Oleen under my hand, a* Omninla-l.iner o' the Clrrull Cnnrl nf
Chr.terfl'1,1 rounty, Ih# day and y#ar #m afnrraald
Jel A—dAclawAw_W tv T OOGBTM,, Com',
\\ I I kl l/IM. | f , || s , . ro CONRI MPT!TAP
* ' ,y" ' ?n nfbigh atanding, and former y a I'rnf.onf i„ Atir
oithe If. ■Ilr.l l.irtltnll. il, ,.f thi, eouotry nnw retired from aetlre
‘"*r'lri'1 *.ho h"‘ •"*" •"* ring fmm I'n m- nary I>lo-a~, dlwnrrr
red, while Irawelllug In Hr.u'h Amerlea lor Ma health, s enre lor Cow
. imp,inn. Brooch ii., Cnugl,a, Cntd-.and general d Willy, and hein*
2r"« annu.lfy hum IM.
. d”* fy "f. *" he la dc.yr, u«. from the prtnrlplea of
humanity of making known Ih'a mnet valuable remedy. Cron me
leerl^ nf flfte.ri Oente. It Po.,.g. Btamp..n, Change he wdl tend
a reeel|d wllh full dlrwtlnna for making and etl.veaafnlly nrtnff It
thr^TmiL'eT' ' U ,pr’^ r''*’**-' •* *»y—• "»
Aildrea.—B P DPVPBfll'flR, M D.,
mt «r [e . * ro, "• T
|i«R »i nun,. j
W Been I red ygaferday, hy Atewiner Jam.-town. an..the, fre-wt,
•ni.piy nf plain Mark and fai y Bmni. er Cna'., white and fancy
cwtnred Pan-a ; whit# and fane* c. lend Maree Ilea Vert* r„r „/
pwvre made ..I., at nneurp-ved price., plea.e rail at in* old
•U.id, No. |l« Main at. |Je|») M M. IRA i*Ml/lf
%| ACKLHI I birr, I. Nil I Mackerel,
1VI 10 half hhle No 1 Mvker, I,
«• qr t.Ma No I Mackerel,
R k'ta No 1 Mackerel.
Bo half klta No 1 Mackerel.
In etwee and foe a*I# hy LffWIB N WCBB A CO
_ _ JO lilt r b IIH I bill ISIS*. 1*1 III |«.
V „ *tt#ulb.., la Invited In our atork of Nlillf — — --
■ MflNp MtDt CaRRMGKH. eonatatlna trjf MIL
IbjWea, Mw eon*rVrrrSogm /•„ t.w .y. *,wa*. lfVlk^rT
Nw/J-fe*. t+r Thla work la ma le of Ih- h-a- mat. Uf
*,>d;",d'’ 1 tnodtat# .,,|e i vt.ioti of the
prnmirtor. Who are t* nf ogI .» .. q.Minted wllh the h„.l,.eae
Alao^nn hand aeveral aaeond band /fullf Oirrtnari ,m,l
MWkRHtaaM to* by AINnui, B.’WPn'a POM?^ ’
i*1* »0AAk aaaat, L avwaaw Mala had Rnry. (
■W—■* T TH tUI.
1 M. L RENT. rrm. | C ■ BENTI.tr. TV. | W. B. ISAACS, NT.-,
Larkin w olaxrmoor. i jameb i. hi;pvt
■ anui: ur ' ' *
AT UNitvLrirB Moot*mat. iu maim fraaar.
T "VVicfc || nVIach ft -T~
Jwm UuM. Tw (ft Tft^‘
,_OMSe^ft, ?♦_B_is
FROM unitkd ntatml
lAifi mi
£:?:& tr;:::- izz z
£:?rt SS"W*
C«T.r Ball.. Ptill.trlpl.m, Livrt|r. ,1', J.JT yd
7^”' " JeB. ljT.rp.ml, Ju... yd
2 I J t’ lUrr. TlkCV.ww, Ju... f.
ijsSstm h.ho>, iu.; l
il-. ;s?:3: SEr*--*'- !
siinaJJ;. 2;: izt is; »
A-irk. . Pl.llml.lpkl., Ju». 4
Aulnik' UwpwJ, J...W rt. HklllWx. Jun. 7
Atl.ntir, IJurriNud. New T.wk, Jnn. ||
J***' IJvcrpool, New Turk, Ju... 14
H*——• fcm._New Tort,___ l»
__4 l*—do. un 7 I* mud Ton «\ r ■ “ ~
r*I'r Twidun-, RuckUnU. Ire. R. Wardwell A Co
* J- Pickup, P.c.up, I1.II..I. IpM, TO, I.p p. M.W«.
Bchr LikertT, -, New York. I.kj. M Downey.
f o'1 ■L"**". Pu « DeiHr.il, lumber, R.yl.n.1 A Co.
Owrto ■ U.HI,e.tn, New York, m.r. Lni.4.», DAW.
Bckr. Chrrlroke, DmTtk, Pdiuunkry .leer, inAkn.
1#'«>P Prmnklln. -, N. C lift*.
ftCtf'JV "KW^OtlM Nl I'll.llKHl.-A rotired
tnernymkr., r. worrd to hekllh In k Irw d.j., .rter m.ny
yenr. of (rent net Town kwKrrm,, l. noil .u. to to no*, known ll,r
OMU.... of euro Will aelHl fr.r the prmrrlplkii nked Dire. I to the
Bee JOHN M. DAUNALL, No. M, Tulton ktreot, Brooklyn, N. Y.
»R>—1 nnl Ac
dr. nr pokco'm 4joir»R.a pn.i,n.
Tur '4 Ingredients la the Pdl» are i^rleit
harioUjos Tbslr eOlmy and turrits ar* based upon u
«rxh>nftire practico r of ovr thirty year*, and fthw- the directions
has* been strictly followed, th»y have never failed tu correct all If.
regularities, retlete ptlnful and d (IW-ult menstruation. i luartkcularlv »
atthe * ha*Mtr of life. They will cure tie Whlir., and rvnftVr all
•baftrwetmna arising fruia «'<dd, rtbururc or auv eftu/r and mav in
Jg** “yrcr**ful,Jr M * Preventive Call op,.n Uir Agents ami get .
Circular for particulars free
Prior $1 per box, with full directions (told wholesale and retail
Pl-’WPRLL LAf>l> A CO .
^ .. tia»KBRi m.r« Au*«t».
. t^rwer of Main ami UiA ar«U, RUhtmaml. Tu.
Dl FAL A NORTON. c«»r. *4 Mm and HHh >ir„ Richmond. Va.
OKl’RHh A APPKKi«ON. N» idl Uroa<l street. » •«
J. W. KVANd, Nu lu Pearl atreot, •• w
Th« ahow Agent* will supt»!y Uo^lers at Pro|>riet«»r'ft nrlrea. and
•end Hit l*llls U> l^tln « (ton Adi nil ally | bjr matl. t« • It her city or
cuuo'ry. «»o receipt of f I througti Kl. hioond Po-t ..ffirr. Va.
N. It —Ktery H. i hears Un signature of J Dt'PoNOO. No othrr
genuine. For particulars, get Clrrulars of AgenU.
j •« ilH.ulf
VJf foil III % Hit mt: A RAID oiNKNTKRV.
-Cliapman’s Speedy Cure for Dtarrhosa and Dysentery
Is superior U» siiytiling In use for Uwwe aRecUons. It strike* at U«e
rout of the disease, eradtealiog It with a crrtaioty unequalled, lu
suoeess Is so great tluU We ran warrant a cure or so imiv. Prtco Sa
rts. For sale, w11.desale and retail, by
W. C. RATTAILF.. (bd« Agot.t,
Drug and Chemical Store, corner 4th and Broad street,
_ __Kkliumnd, Va*
It O II M k ON A Kl. DUGD,
Will uf*en In
On the (tpmar o/ UK amt i ftiy Mr.
I All It.
I roHaim to the fhntth a return for the generous Mtronur
th-i has ever crowned their efforts to |4ra»e, U»«y hate this tfn.lU
And engaged th« world renowned
u> appear In o.iijaucliou wiUj their .(•lendId
ANIMAI. exhibition, cheat SOUTHERN CIRCUS I
Waking In all the most complete. Inter.-tine and aaUafaclory en
tertainment ever err n under any Pavilion and the beat nrrr hit
•H .w eeer ..deled to the People of tlir Republic
jet;—.lilt R IIMK RlfKS, A iron I
■tnvAti uni imni Kami i: oompakVi
\OKh, f«r th« ye*r ending JinoAry Slat, ISM
Asset* on hand Jsn Ml. 1*36, %• p. r tUlcownt, 09.8V>,O77 M
t f«»r amount antt<*lpa’«4 »u U*i •vs'uni.iit front
Agruu and fur mu-rrsl accrued and not due, 1 thjetft 19
Net aurU on hand Jan. 51, 1006, f*,7A4,«4» 87
f r J.rf tn.utns and policies, *90.719 «4
For interest ami aunutties, 181,197 2?
- M
ToUl» $H,61*\«>»s 7*
Paid claim, by death. 99
Paul addition* to value, being dividend*, ll.nui «
*kl .u rr. rider ad pm.cl. a, rcdurtl. o of
premium and *m.ui;ivv. 41, Ida Cl
P...I rent, medical eaamlnation*, **l*rlo*,
■tlRce eapona. v and advcrtlatngaracharigv,
|.".t*ge and foreign Stale and . Ily laxca. M.bSs *7
Oomiaia*ioi.a, XS.IIV yy
-4-t: 44
$:l,i;s,uM ill)
1 tin on hand and In hank, f47,114? SR
Honda end luorig .g-a on real e*i»le, worth
double I be Nli.oui.t I alt.d, 3,11*4 y da 2c
H.b* receivable and P.rr ln.uranco, yum yd
A.noun' d.*|ai«itrd for taa.>, 4.I7C ts
Hue from .gout, in courac of Iranauiiaaluo, XU .'.W it
-— »A.t7S,nS4 to
... E. S W INSTON, Pre.ld.nt.
J. ALavTT, Secretary
O. F liar*** h iving bem appointed Attorney for Hie Slate of Vir
r nia. and Again |„ Hie e.ly oi K„l,i.„,i,.l for thla company, will be
|.lra-d t.. g.Ve any luformallon ujrun tlir vuly el dralred
om a ai Ihe In.uran.-r Co Valley ul V*., Uib .treci, i.l dour front
•tic TOM'Office. O F iii;r,ir !.«.•
Dr. Jina II McCaw, Medical Examiner. * **”“•
Tbe undcr.lg.md having chargi of the above bualnwa. will be
Ideaw-d lo an-wer any ri].|uirlra upon the auhject, or attend to any
"Unifipu Hilruunl !)• him. 9
"• TgQj I. D ffAlfOP
MARSHAS111 i>m imu: hmu-iw or
RIMIMOND. - At a niartlnir of the Hoard of Directors, held
st thrir i.ffl. e «m ti»c 1 ••tli of June. 18*41, It was
“Thai thl» C< np«u> w.ll make no rharre f„r Fire or
Msriiit* losuram i Pul Ian, an.l l»*- iWr'-ury was dim ted lo Inform
ihr oti.crcli> ( uipsn.^of the Eku resolution, that In order to
R-ktArdi-h a iii.ifortn use in the * dy on this suhWf, D«-r b^r-iur-wd
tu untu* with us.’*
Tt.iv Com pane :. now prepared lo lav.tc Plr-- and Marine Inaurancr
1 oik- ea ou aa r-«™,n*ble te-rm. aa i It,or guo.1 oDi.v,
and pad ^ ****** * *" ^ promptly and fairly adjuale.1
No charge for Hi Policy In any .-aae,
• Iih.-C, for U.O prceent, on Hie Kaai vide of I.'lh at., uoar Main up
Malta. ' *
plan, roaa:
Wm. II Clirlatian, Win Breeden,
John Par.-ell, Thom*. R. Price,
Wm a. Paine, J*.. Tl...ma*. Jr ,
L«-wis (timer, J hn Currie, Jr.,
Aux Andereon, Jav punlop,
Ja*. L. Appervon, Win II ll**.*!t,
K-.*.-.ie ii. IlcaUi, J.rf.n D .Jnarka,
John Dooley, Davl.l J Burr,
Ho-b'd-i. llaaklna, Larkin W. niaaebrook,
Lvwiv It t renai.aw |ih Von llro* it,g,
Jo.epii II. Andvraon, K.nanuel Millar,
Jol.n C. Slnloti, Kd II Sklnker,
Prankl.n Sie-trna
, „ „ . A PLKASANTS.Pre.ld.nl.
J. H. MORTAOI a, Sic’/ je-17 -d|w,
I III i M n It S I I ri N nil ntiimn
.8L,-liil,01 a 14.
EBNIIIS Company grant. |*o1lelr. of Life Inaurancr on Ihe Uvea of
C'l"fr whiie persons or »Urr«, u|»<• i» as good trrm* as any other
good company In ihe State The nelt profit. .,! the i....... a....-, .n
Amonir tnt«<* t.,K i,r.. ,M.iu j. *.
SI*Tr* in«urtxl for one or f«nir fear*.
For further Information, call .1 u„. office of the Insurance Co
> alley of *a., where espi an at* >ry hooks arid lopsrs may to* obtain
*"• O. F. hRRIKK,
,, _ _ „ .. Ileneral Agent for tbo (Hate of Va.
|tr F W. Hancock, tlellral Ktaimn* r.
Ifaelng charge of the aims, business. L shall he pleased lo give
any Information upon lie sol.,, t. nr attend to any hnsincss entrust*
ed in me [Jell—I to) T, L. D. WALFIIKD.
.....so ■ •fe-'"***/ iHwr font of r’oeoer Jfoi't rfrrsf 11fA eft |
FBHII.e long cstahhshrtsl and well known Institution I a*. It, tbe
■ Mon description of risks, on as reaaonabl, terms as other
good offices, with a cash capital and surplus of grtn.irOn The Board
Of Directors, (personally known In a large portion of Ore community.)
■adding their mm tings in Ihls rlt», where all losses arc liberally ad
justed and promptly paid, rnuilre it to a due share uf the nubile
patronage. '
f*‘ s" policy fee charged for Fire or Marine Risks taken br tlon
" . ... „ DAVID CL'RRIK, President.
J«o If B.«nr*, grerelary. JcIT—tf
........ ___ Htommen, lfttl, Juna.HM (
^(NHI.N I ON I* % N V will henceforth make no charge for Po
HL llcy In any ease THOU. M Al.FRlKND, President.
"» Is. Cnwsantg,grerelary JelA—tw
XRiruungn, 1 Ath June, Hftg. f
O Fill? \\ l|,|. Hi f HAlfhl ll tf THIN
Agency for cither Fire or Marine Policies Issued afire this
,to., ATOKM A 00.,
_**" I * 1 m Agents, Fourtee nth slrml
\_ . June Ifllt, laf»d f
” s Is f . tin Anil after this dale no chary*- will lie made for
Fire and Marine pollrhs Issued hy Ihls Company.
By order of the Board of Directors
. „ D. Cl'RRIK, Pres'l
Jsn. H. IhtsHaa, gee y. j,.jg_
HfA .-ifceef, fteot/imrs/boot/Wf cciHc. /f/c*A 0.00,f, »Vt f
W.IRO'1 this dale Fire and Mamie risk, w.ll he i.k-n by tht. m.
■ puny at such rates as ars d*smrd rqultabl-. without reVr-ne*
to sglstl igseale of rates tV F. BKKgPK, Actuary.
ISIIft Aug l« Cert N* AIT, Ago
“ " 1*41, llgn
" " *PW. ggn
•* •• Hi*. tmt I
. .. . „ " " tann I
In the name of "(l-«*rge R Atkinson, aoe of the Kt'rt of Merrill
womhle, dec'd, Mrs git an A tVomblc I.* r-celve tbo Inlrtmt dull g
het lie,' Were Amot g me papers Melon from the sA**r. ml TV.mas
Adanis A Co. gmlthfl--Id, Va on Wednesday I he ||th June, and
that application will be nia*le h,r renewal of s.me
JelT- *m an* of the Ks'rs of Merrill Woo,hi.
I'lTAAB PRIAM B 1.1. A sss, - Cons,.ting of R «(..
w. > PI ehere, Fitkls and gugar glands, CrPerles, Dial es, Hoi lets
Tut-blers, Jtllry (Masses. W -nes, »e , Ac
D*eanters In sets and pairs, golsr and Fluid l.srops. Usir 0l*>ha*
tla* gl.ades, Ac , f**r sal* by
ww F Rt’T I FR , T* Main at.
M lAABI.I g, -ft la*sss Adamantine Candles
Ati half bn tea do do
*•' boles Jackson's Till w Canstlrs
J'lg-ht For sale by CM A* T WORTHAM A CO
U' »*» 44 H INN * 4 0., N.* Ml Fagle gquare h*7s
TT • rnarkml d. wn Ihe r stn. k of his. k and Colored Mardlll
Bias k Ian ghawts and g<-arfa, t** eery H>w prices, to sell tk.m <>g
\ Will M4( !»>, h frou' fl »n «rvf for ulc t*
lJel*-*iJ IdMtKFTT A DFNNIA, IWt gi. |
P*W1 ** *1 14 HI Mi l.A AsHONNMI m
XM RINOg, in Store, and for sale by
*•<*-•* DO0K.HTT A DKMNIA, Mlh *4. |
h/vl ree*l«ed tod.p lYRI
op to Urn h-re of *.'cluck P M Itolur
4U, tlM ta.U.1
Jj-to%.rere are reuuwrl.-l to rend fur that, pul. to 4.,
Ulpp.re .re togurelr4 to rend to Ore wm w tore,c_
n'L1*!. * •hdtoto.M .III ho c. Itotonud to_I
-J1W **_M)um A WATRU.Y
I1*" Wl.n»IUI4K VIA MIUIOI.h.- re~
JANr^jr**^"* to "*'•**' ptobel rlf HHH JTtt
JAR*. Oa,.l Wre. ri.Jlipt, ha.ms IK. *. Mrf pwl ... .1 9U6C
I *’ y __w. >, oouii iTT « oo
U' BV1, sl» ‘’•hiiif nm. ^—u ~~ I
• h UKK b are r In r Pi, ml* ATI* AV to rn /.iSjtJ ;
tomal * Atol. PHR RfcW YORK .to *«.*
Pvanpn ilralil.! |„ I.C. Ibhrlrep and roreh-rtol I. ....... t..
Turk, mud leave her. bp Uu IM..st.u.g Cora at ftU „ . |„ .
Aslonlap Inure, ins ‘
Th kel . aud He. Ilm toe.red at our om. e, Utoth .Id., of the H....
**•*’> *lu throu**. Ip Row Y..rk. auk and Rale room tori UJ
n luolam AWATRON
Af*®1* I.OYD«».V.-Thr flr.i rlare abip UUHkk r
to r°<u^V> ,T”' J,,lr »*pe«..l at CK» Point. when .to JWk.
will he loaded with.-at d. lap P-r frri*h< u( hh-la n4ro...
ahd .aulhr packages, or uf flour, opplp to
. .. ko. wjr ruvom a co.; or
ttWH I.IVIlMPIHtl..-The ltr.l Clara ahlp KI.I.PN ja.
W MARIA, now .... her pares*- from Pl.ils4rtpl.is u. CllrjgB*
PulBt. when ahe will he loaded without d. top. Yor Ireisl-tolHI?
ttoaen or Ruur. a,-pip to
jelfl-flUR_ YAI.MKR A CI.relT'lX
MaY«»H Htisrto. piijtt vtatsFi m-mont „..i
r P-etoi I-toe ul Poeketa.- -Tie- superior flur fart r.||,i,r Jtofc
rasular i-a- to u l.r CKRITO.Capt .In « M Cruwell, hart..* %HC
Utosn .tor portion sflwr rarsu er.sas-sl sod *>lng on h..%rd. w.ll
•Ol will, oil possible d upon I, Yor tod am . of freight, spt-lp to
**'•______ path) iwtrohn
PMMBi II) ni.D rTIITT T>| . >*re
Ittcamei Cttrtla Y. 't, C«|d. J..|,n ftavls, will _a * SA^
no and .Iter Thurrd.p nrst l»tf, tool . rail hp Old *Uh«tott
Polnl i-sul.rlp, on h- r trlpa to snd from P. rt.ni-.-ith slid No.I Ik
during the » st- r,t.gl<raa.,u. _K- O. HAimm.
■ .YOU l.l k t:i«H4M)l . -Ths Orel stare torn JOHN .or- '
JT KAVkNPUo' Charleston, will h. at Cup Point earlp ^Yri
**,*1 Week - so I ha. ins stoat of Iter cargo engage-l and tesdp tOCJC
la go on to-arif, will lie his Vd wllhuut drlsp Yor Irelg t ul t.4„r. o
or Ruur. apptp to [jell—«t| PALMKK A CUIPTllN
LYfJU lilkNTOY.— Kehlitoml and Hoatoi. l,n.e of
■ rs- keta. The superior Dirt sailing reg ilsr Packet vhi
NhiM.net, Westi.ver, Captain, Yr. * man kog-rs. having -JTlL.
the greater portion of her cargo engaged and gull.g on XdMk
Agplp' to'" “U W‘“‘ *“ Yor balance of frrghr
to 1>> per usml aavvrl bp hoping front J. II. AN
THONV, Columbian Hotel to.nding
h7"l‘. M>I. Cungrere Hall.,
•oou. ta.^r Flm- CaJ'pklu tVwcd Kltorv. $v
J. II. ANTHONY liu m«tlr arranm mt nta wKh
oor of thw hr*! m*k• r* in the clly of PUIlndl«HpMa
to cui>|*lr him with a haoJtuint »n«l >ulwuiiiuil
CoJskln ttrwvdl Imm»T whirl, hr will pell at the un- ‘
l«» price of TIIUAK IMILLAR8 AND
bi kk a KTTKYHI-R,
i tin vrHi:t:r,
Vff Akl fti’TI R). htr-Aiu Kiigiona, Circular Maw Mi l
AT* T.4.S.C.. Presor and Kiaturre. M .rjilnerv f r ^m.
Orlat and Paw M IU. al.. fur Held and Coal Mlu. a. Ac
..trre..totod«i,:r.T;:f rWT dMcrii"oD-fu'
^Iron and Brass Castings, Purging, »u.| Ylnl.heil Work mad. to or
A call la aoltrltcd fiom s'.l In want before buTlna
nail -HiudAnf 7
JjJXKVY1 »:>!.! Ms IOH SYI.I-. -W,
>~ »*T for sale at low prices, tl,r full..wing ST HA M CW-L 1 -4
RNQINKS. with or with.,in Crcnlsr Saw Min.1."‘. irePHK
One Portable Steam kr-gtoe. ti borer m.m r
One Jo J<> IB Jo
One do do ** do
». kv'g. U* *"• ,s»* been Ihomurh.
ly otrrrltauleJ, an.I *ill U warrat u-J In k.hm! «,nl. r
AI*o, one ftfl«va-lM>r«r Station*rr ii,.r.n. .ktak _ ._
bUl I'M Iwcn pot III f.MMi • ork ny i.rjer.
The shore Engine, ami Mil. ..re all built by u. I„ tbe brat no.
•Ible manner, and will be a.,Id for leas than th,Ir value *>°*
__ ... _ Machinists and Koundrn,
^maol> —HAe] m_Cary itreet, nest below City ilaa Works.
S»rWl »:>«.!>»'. Ac.-rOKmi , || r-, —,a~
•wn. |w.wrr steam Engine, but little u~d, anil I
I...W In *nt r.i(. ,W.r Ala .. three cylf ter IV,d. rs. >
31 «*^t loi y. 2* inihr* <livrurtt r. f«.ur cirt oltr-aav Kkufta iud . •
cast-iron band Wheel. It. r.et .hsmeter The Kngtn, and fixture
are lust vs |oud aa new, and will t-e sold for one-l.sll tl„-l, ealoe —
_ is .r v- BARnAMIS.
_ntald—-lAclf __ ?« Main street
EVVIhrall Sw.V-n.il th’s lustitiitim) will commence on tbe gist
■ day of Auyutt nrxt.
Tuition per s#»*ion of ft moiith*
Hoard “ .... »
Puxl -
Wuhiny4* M 44 •*
Couliogt nt «:ltarye 44 44
Ttn*r Wfhlnf a hnol In wt< eh t»K*lr *fui« or ward* rnay r. f f'l
yfM*«| r-.ll«-yiikU ,*r huMti**** induration art- r»-qu« .sicd to roDixIrr u»«
a«l vantage* heir offif.I The thorough roar** ..! *tudy. bralil.ial
lo« Alton, irn.oft rMdo ircro any U.wo, ol»ok-af.m,. 4t»ctt>Wt |ony rt
p* r.^n. r and ab.luy of ihe Faulty. toff.»ihcr with thr o*
,;M;/wiMlrr f°**14 w,,rth* '*r • 'P^a UI n >rior. For ad«1it«onai
Information or lor a catalogue, ad-liras
.... K- E W1I.EY. President.
Je it—Sat_ _Emory p. 0. Ya.
THE public smorur.ary .f Urn Colon S-ciety will be b,ld on
Tuesday, the ilih , f Jl.m. 1-s.W. 7 u cWk P M
Juu'oc Orations will be delis.red by Messrs. W. G Yield. of Cut
P- P- r. and Jauu-s I. IMnwtdd e. of Campbell
Mr i1 y M'/1"", Cumberland, Udl present the Yal.dlet..
rtan s Medal to Mr A J Bondurai.1. of llm-kiugh. , 1
Valedictory Address will 11,ei. bo delivered by A J. Bon,lu
Presentation of IMph.mas. by Rev. 0. II Read, of Richmond
... , •b-wl nddrtaa ,-cfore the Cion , Sx ,ely w II be Jcll.ered or.
\V • dnewtay, the ‘i.Nih nt 11 i»Y|.*-k. A '1
The K presentatlv. for the pre.eut year Is Hi. Rev. C. II Read
oi Kklunoitd.
-Al l.
\ A , r.i. W M>«au>nr, ?ftth June, IbM
II o’c lock. A. M -Address by It v. 0 V I Seems, D. D , Goldsboro',
N C , K. prfHnm.ff if I'f. Unthrr.pl, {*.** • ty.
irfJ-tfo. wii“an.2IrSfc"^r **" unJ* c<m~r™N~ P«~*
H it the IforlJ item CvntimuaUy P/\>jr,t0ir*f—C C R, *d
KMimwtia, Ya.
Prr*nUtt n of /7r*f /Jon^r M+iol lo J»« || Dav»t »,f \uyu«t t
>a.,l»y Ctia«*. Ariiiiwica*!, CumU rland. Va.
Pro*, mat»on ,.f the f e*t Sj*aJter'n Jfa/ i/to Joi. II ?*i>#y*.I Oran
Title. SC. by Juo.RMcPbsll. Charlotte. Va ^«T«a,..ran
I ib d,. tory lo Ha- Soc.'ly , by James B Hans.
nr Armory band In atlendaiicv.
RO. IlCiltl KELSO. I
... ...... « A WATSON. Com.
jcb—r'I'.'.-Jr _C ARMI.'TSAD, )
TmulrW S| ,rA,,,J: * <>H \, KI.I.SOF
, Ab» nt PTII, throwing nut a constant stream whether tl »
lever ro.,,e. up or down, draw.ng double the tpiantde -fw.-it-r.f
any other single cylinder Pump ; amt aa boll, valvn arr rnnnrrtrd
to one tod. tiny clean raeh oll.,-r of sticks and trash, whi-h i. t,. t
the ,-as. in any i-U.rr Pump All other double a, ling force Pun,ns
work on thr prinrlple of the llllte tuiy's srjmrt gun —are tlgl.t le-tl
war- W|„nalr light Ihiy work tiaid when doing n.dhinr when
Urn air escapes ib<- Rump stops . an,l as this Pump I* not drprnd. nt
on a Slum ,g box When there s t.o water to lift, mile „r no p..w.r
reqt.1,,.1 astbty w„rk upon the principle of expsns,..,, and Contra,•
tVdi ; and as ll- lsrfare throug*. wloeti the air Is liable |„ r- a|w is
Oot more than one tenth as largeJt Is not n.orr than In the -an,e pro*
portn.n liable to get .at of order There is no Rump Hist will last
•o lofty without r#paii*. and nunc r« j*Vr< J m> ra*y. TIiIn Purui- rr»
m yi.ld nitd-.l at th# World'* K»lr. t.rld In U.n.tou, rmfrly
from ilo- drawinyf «#nt, and hat m «-irrd a prrmliim at ffrt t >utr
Fa.r whrrr it ha* beru « Eh.hil. d wllh th« -a.vptini, of Virrmi* —
wh.rr I fatk.l to yd it htN-au*- f Dot «!*- invrntor - the ioiutiiit
te- . bower, r, recommended a S|welal premium.
This Pump l,xs b-en eXaonn, ,f by Chart, - It CM.aw, p,,. , CTIwlI Kn
glmor, and V * nith. K«| , Professor of N.l t-4* Philos,,p|,y -..nth
of the University of Virginia anil pronoun, ed the freshed Pomp
rver invented. As a arc rnglnr, II,err Is nothing In mil II..- aide
range <d Rumps ran equal it drawing from lliehotintn of the will and
forcing In tbe top of the bouse from Id to 17 gallons 1s t minute I
Ii»f (rnmnii »ir.*lii Joi I ' •I»<1 otl»rr«, »Uw |ir:irticil I
knowlr'tjr* i« drrflml to n«ac In thr
I now offer the right of the counties unsold . anil while the Puniu
Is cheap,yet it affords a safe and profitable business. Me addles* is
“Union Mill* Fluvanna."
>“»*’ «*'" W fl CUMI
Norm;, -I -ball make application to the President anil III
rectors of the Hank of Virginia, and in il,r President and Di
rectors of the Farmers' Hank of Virginia, for the renewal of certain
Certificates of Flock issue I by said Banks, in the name of Jaue I.
Crockett, Vis:
I*-nod t*y the Rank of Virginia
Certificate No. If.lll, F. pternher fill,. Kd, for one Fhare.
Oo No lil.tUV, August Ijflh, If,'*'. (or (1st Fharcs
Issued hr l*o Fanners' Dank of Virginia .
Certificate No. In.fiat, December Mb, I-If,, for twrniy Fharcs
Do No. II,IM, January 19th, l»4v, for tw.. Fhares.
Do No. ll.Vli, April tf-'rth, Isfs, fwr twenty Fliares.
_No ll.Vli. June IFtli, |s<y, f,,r thirteen Fhares.
Which said Certificates ar# Inst.
ata.o clawinr > toe Is Crock
PKIt PHOfiPnATE Ol I lv»l . Hseingmadc
►N arrangement with Prof. M.apc* for the sale of hlsNntrugtnisnt
Fujrcr Phosphate Lime, at manufacturer's prices, wc cotifhlri.ly re
commend It to oar farming friends, heller,ng It to tw sooerlor lo any
fe.-tll.ser nsw In use. Having seen its gruel . IV . ■* l ist year on
corn, and haring heard so much of Its go el rffecta, wr are con
strained to Iwllere It superior lo (iuano~not Iwcanse It makes a hel
ler • r.,p the first year after application, but because of Its dura
bility, barlog In It a large proportion of bone dust, which the far
mcr kht.w to be valuable Poe sale by llie ton or tag
*l11 rl* Corner Pranklltl and Cnlntl ■*,
V o T i *••:*-1
i-r H T. I f. I TAI I AFFItntt, is this day dtiwntml by tlw een
•eut of all the parties. The liabilities toe by the said ronrem grew.
Ing out of the nutting business, are assumed by Ilie special partners
All debts dm- said concern, must Iw paid to the special partner* who
are alons authorised lo settle the uir.
JAM IF DINUIP , g.w, ,1
IIFNKYW M lNCt'RR. pi.riiors
_ Klchmond, Ifth May, IfifiA. mail -th?wllw
■ ••►>1 1*1 VI Foil VIII,
■ w trust, of which lire Farmers of Louisa and other routine*. |w*.,.
hare applied It to ihetr Tohaero and other ernp*,l rpcak in ihe high
esf terms Apply on (HIV KHNOK FTRFPT,
maA.1— PFw One door f-<»m Reading K.eun.
Ur at i i it ' m
a Oeriilemsn’s family or Puf'bc Academy lie I* th -rough
ly dual [fled lo learh, lalln. Mathematics, and all the branches of a
life rai Rogllah edora'oo. Can bring uora . pdonable leshn onIV.s
a* lo rharsefer snd rj lallAratlona from the Professors, undtr whom
he rrcenily gradual,.!.
Addrees “INFTKI'CTdR," stating fernts, Ar . If nr,as Mfiv Cigaot-i
Oo, Maryland. Jells-wigedt
%»I'PI r \ I Id ll K It t V I I II,
a deputy, snd am will ■« to give a Idwral salary to one who
I as rspertenee, sod Is well recce ,o ended as in charactr so I in
Mllgu.re. I* M HFKN'.Rr*. Orfk of the
> " D gs I - 1 ,. of Peters* re.
St worn 11 tvn I). 11 , U .1 I,.',"
etperleiMW in teaching a Alslr F. h •. I. wish* lo Inert.- .nag od
II-lgl.hr,h.enl, where r | ricanc ,t Frhool can h* established Fat.
Isfsrlne* reterrners ea. b- g ien .* is , banner and anal ft. alien*.
R *. T„ Vhcmiftf r*ii'i(T, V» jg| i (fa
WW' trials g I KAO. »F MAVF ON HAND A FF« |w»/
▼ ▼ h.Ill,* Flip* ttllskyr id, n la's. We hare all r *
fi,.. Fmok,.t Reef Tongues, f<>r sale by
I®OMT1*ON I Wl > I, I- M regret that I hare to -u
in.unc* that my lewnbut- .r, Fnterpri*. , snnoi lake pise* ,n
Uw lid cf F, binary TV uonrual hsfdnem of Ur* winter b»* prr.
i*nf*d me from seeing and*, tiling will, my sg, nu As soon si I. an
me Ibem I she'l fit u|uu, amdh, r dsy, n.d later than ah-ut the 1st
of August, at whteh time the drawing will certainly take place or Hw
ticket* called In and the money refunded , and should Ihe sale of
ttekets justify me In doing so. I shall fU upon an earlier day. s* I
am amloiM lo hav. ihe drawing take place at the .art -*t p*.t.,
fria list Aug. . V,
\| 11 Nl III I N
Ku *" * •••rAsrel, medium »te. l anding from why.
Ohio ; for sale from vessel by
*',t WBIW A aoMFKt il l r
,1|| .—»» HV1I HLMI PMt lil t. „ .tore snd
‘*Vfofgai.b, JelK-kt LOCKRTT A DKMNIF, Ifth at. |
riTi --■
CinviaioxiiiM N't «.%«,» or v• in*
‘ lampie the cnvwrr or mpneicocJJm.JJL*;
J“V*“ C"Or' Nr lb. MM| .1 H. nrtr... ,
r:T:Tt *3 '.*** **“' of. * Ny and on- area. Irby and uDu „„ iba
**?,J*J' off «taoary. lau*. «. MmII. an MONDAY, the Tib Cat Qr l-. ‘
r’7L‘ Ur* «W<tT Oran M..«r. I
at 14 ..‘ciurk. M . if tb, , if not, Iba KOI blr dray. >11 ai public aa. I
Urrli, laa tbc bfhaal tkldcr. . rrlarn real ratal, donbrd It. ibe url I
*’*'*'• »* '■•■'■••a. U •« . “A oartaM Dar-I aar par al .J led |„ ||„
rouulyo' Mranc.r^uaialula*. br arilmalUa. a> hui.d-d >rra. ke
tmurm or Ira., and callad by lb, naa- of CkW MU iron
Alaa, all Ih, rigfct. lllk- and IsUrol vlbln. lb, ratal |rby .noth.,
jr> l adj.r Oita, Mia. .tar... n.-rlioord. ,b. «, ,
Ul. U 'O.adM. Wo hbudml talkl any two e rr. Or lb, m«>
•Burn a, baa. al.irh f.rmrrl, k. I. hi rad lo Jam.. l.n,rl>y. „H|
bl. doolb ba. wnalind undi. .bd. hut la ahkh Ihr ratal Dby ba.
ar.p.Hed iba ririil k* lo»* aharea. aapial ..na-' iYallhr ab.Ue Dart •
r.: i*.*1 -W" l-k.a lb- rlly „f R>h....n.|. .,M| |
mkl M y4J *** ’*“* wnHfl ri, bl el doaea of lb, a Mb a4 |br .
. T,**» -/ **'' *3 *“ r*l“-*'« "» »U. r. a.u.1.. o„. M..| . o>
a arc-ill rtf.li .nod >Uel»e nv.nlh. Will la-firm f.., p— reaktue ihr
fair, ha, ui rury. TT.r pur hear rpmlinf h|a oarbMr la.lr. a.ll
rta.|.H^I aIII. mler..1 added, for 1.1, defer r* I ,u,» «T, ,7".
lUlr am t> rrlalnrd ublll tb, while |a>r. bear Bk.ue, > ^ , 1
•one.yaiK-o directed by tba Court. ^
_ . . A>DREW JOHNETO*. r _ 1
_ •"•** t aatila _ E. Y \NCI. j Comm'ra.
CinnniNNiirNirHrsbYl.t.ot hi:u i vrin
VZ " ■‘•'»i»<bur«lllara Road, about note itiileo from Ibe
t'.ijr ».r Kkiim..nd
A. omuilterourr appointed by a decree eutarr.l Krb *th. |«M lu
lb- rear of H.tea Itu.rdian af aia.t Pectin. end . tbrr, in lb, Ceim
ty t ourt i.l Henrico Comity, I .1 ,.ll „„ MONDAY, the Tib
d.yr.f July IVd,.! I, aVDck M., lo >11 al pub Ik aai,a.,| i|„
fr-.ui .he.r of lire Court II..«« of Hetirlru. ooe wnall tract of lanj
aon.l.Unf of about 3< AIHIj- Said la ml hr. on h- N..,.|»,„.-k
•if aatal Kr.-I. ala,ut half a urllo rllaiant from It. oith . I , h.-u>
lb-rood, and ala,ul on. acre of cleared laud-u.e kalan. . m II... -I
oanrirtln, of Pm, and Oak.
Tnmaebdi AW IdlllKr.l'uaY
Kale eomlutrd hy Tari.ra A Wltxim. jrlA- it at, la
I %MI» row *.»I.F.-w,il be ntbnd hrral s
A • -unty. on M ► D.NKSDA Y. the ICH, „f July
T7-' Vr.''rV*'*• Helmunl. la- Ur properly ,.f
I CnU fl. if Thin (rteto nli ni hrtwe< o l« <>• ti,.| i.'m
wr *, of «i,kli more than l«» vUarrd. and «*dl mUu!^ i„
ral. n,ll.e u,ual.rop.ofu..t prirt ol Vlrfln a. and ...... lltan fi.r
arfm. auiled U. fmailif ItrbacCO, .f,II lo llie.r f„rea .1 . e |t I . ,
a 11.In 1 ,n mil— ..I the Jam— Eiv.4 . anel, n. ar II,- M laay U II
n*',fbita.rhraid. and, eye-pi a family mUo, u
.11 ll— hurklinra ne.-e.ctry lor a farm or pltntalh.ii P, the uore.
couuDy. and lo fuad repair a larlb. r de>nptk,u I. deome l....
hececcry. aa Ibe nlr,,-, aUl V-oor Ih. la .1 I.. any pern..,
" irT , ,,A* ‘ 'rV'"," W pf* Ip. Create, than may m
1 fof (*»- m -I It*, f trm.uhe aurp'ur tuai he , u* ..If and -..11
tarparaMy, if den red by purrhbaera. Partial poraa-aaluo may Ik .
Sorimbar'1"^ of *'”■*'; ,al1 ... on the llil, .,f
ofT—ieUr”**’ "l“lh W‘n ^ »>» oa-b known no the day
^.a u^'' f‘,r taab for ll> henadt of eertalo of bla
jel» iaa tdt ___LEGATEES
, ,N ciwnty op ciiaki.es cirr -a. f»i>aw«r,
tctior node, a decree ,.f tb, Clr. ul! Court .d Chart.. CHy . .eauly,
,hr Aub <«ru. ol III, oatd Cnurl, in lf.e year lab’.. In ll.o 1
rn'tllimNial Ta' iT^?ln|,< "u«l»ra'A.lui'r and nllta r,. a. ahall.
H.rti-e, lhal brine court day /mil *i pubbT'a*oello'rn D. ih,’I.EV"!!
*" Mar, A tr»4tof Ui.il in lirr Mid ruuntt, roaiAiriln* mhoui 7m»
.if vhkli U»e l«n- llenrj llugtm** .lied Mic d Mid tvp«j*r-««rd —
Mm- «wkl UfMl i« ail u Etr-d lb th* lower |^rt of the Mil.. unlr.'ou
M.wr.- cre. k » ttreani ubrlgal'h- for »cdM-l. ol r.,„.,0rr». I,'•
t he UimI h«. .w. it b i imforUhi. dwelling hoiwe with •.« room, god '
«ll DtM-wwy out b< u*er. Ab«.ut two hut.diwi und nftr Acre* of u.»
«A"1 l*nd h»* l»-^o ch-nrud And la in b g.^jd at%te uf < u!tiration. '
iniMt of it hb«irg hren well limed bud mbrh-d IV leatdora of the ,
Ibiifl bl>Y»uuda lu wowi, and plue, obk bnd other tirnlm-r, mulai4*- f..r
gilding. *4- Tie *oU «»f t»H- wtrtde tro t t« very g..o*|, and «u.
reptlbV of U* higtieat (Utc i>f lut|provnneut. The Mirchbaer will !
'••retlEe privilege < f feeding a crop of wheat in the rbll, and full i
poa^Mlon will br- given on the first dbj of Janobry. 1*67.
An breurbte survey of the iron will b« masle Iwforr the dsy of
•e AtHy^ *r*Ct WlU l>e ,nU> lW0 (vuii, wfuch will U Mild ,
Obsh M to the eS|M-uaes of able and eoatmlfeihina ; Um:
reodoe of tl»«* purciia-e mm.ey will be divided into four njubl ibrt*!
lively after the day of sale, with mterewl fn Bi Ur .las of sale The
|>ur. Iiawr will be required to execute bis bonds for the deferred par
B.euU,wlUi r;-el personal security, with interest from the .lay o!
•ale and payable a. aforesaid, and the title will In retained until the
whole purchase money Is paid and a conveyance directed by the
L"ttr. . K NASCK, . ’
'* _WM. P, HUOmW, f Mb.
f w*'* ' V* ' ** Nt lllllll.- f subscriber, WllLopeu a
N. m school tor girls at fils house on 1st Octoher next Tlils-w ill be
We*? "‘l,^l3r “>* Instruction and superuiuudmce i
■f Mr- It and myself The girls will be uiembersof our family, and
receive the sam- watchful care bestowed on our own daughters —
ilur aim will hr to give thorough instruction In the brain he. usees i
“.'T, I**'1 education, and to tram tle-m for domestic life. f„r I
win 1, l r.iv..lcnce Intended tbein. I do not think It uecc.-sry u, I
">) *-‘f. *■ >•• sch .larslilp, and a disposition to be
raith.ul and -no. . Minus—beii, . a gradual*, a cnll.gs and a min
w* ' r’-l-el. III a Chur, h which rsri.iei a Ih. r mgr. Ii.erars ■
cur ■ h lore admission to iu mln.dry Tlie frl-nds whose uauics
ar. telnw sir a. qaalnted In my family, and can give .uformat.oi, I
MW **•« wrt or nil irncr likely Uj be r&rrt-U Ujrre.
Tb. number of • War* will b- nr<?e««*j4tj wy'limlted. Glen
near I. I. , wed of Charlottesville, within \ a ru le „f lireen
.-nd Depot on th-Central Railroad. The Urn session will be of >
i s- nth*—«iii»*r<jdcutHttliir» lo n»«>oth«
.. T\rrJl>r r9 tnouUj* P-y*W« U»]f In *.lrat.«'«
Pbifflbh Tuition, Hoard, W**hiuir, Ac., |iu
Uiln or French, * ^
Music* on I'nuo ui<l u*e of Instrument, gf, •«,
KeV. H M Wtiie«, GrretitcU, X*.
Hr*. Wu». f*. White, i). |)_, hcurfton, V».
Gro. F llarrlioa. lUq , UomcIiIajmJ C U . V*.
Orti'l John U. Cocke, 7 Ist-tml*. V».
Wn». H. Ilarrisou, Kmj . Ur»n«!«>n, V».
Mr». Juj el Drew, R.. I V*
Kcv J*. |i WiUou, h. 1)., lUmjmiei, F>-lney v*.
ulwnn /. Kiv.H.W ruin.
je.1 et! >_greenwood Is-Albetmarle, ta
Iryvi Hei n or HKiimt. T «
, 1 “p*'!* * “J ' ‘r* nl». having, at a recent meeting, estate
.-..ed s I’eofwtnrjhip Df t>.• t.rcek and Hebrew Languages.aud *
ofe.u.rahtp of Htatory a .4 tier.eral Uterature. sp, ii-atl,.. u dll
•VtToT iune ' UOlU '** rrfui*r tIwrl '*g < f the Board, on tie
The resolution retahlist,.I,g be Pn.fcwa«r.tap of History aod Otne
‘h** l-'-il the true
.' * * "* ‘.'1‘ ’ ““i *‘u ', ' ' h|-u"> • lf« X heral cours.
'* ,,U •*»« *«air*, w.Ui part- d*r <icvcl«pm«tit* *i. j .Uustraiioi • -.f
ritc. h* a*.d event* wl .eh have had n..m* luflucijr* up. o i *•
. , u , •vaf ,,r Tri <•*>•* iurmpru.ieua* uiK>n ihr nu>r»l '
*n' Pfc^*,c** ‘“**'«dttlrtn of ti . ttunuii r«Cc; ihr prmriple* .f h # < rj.
*i rutrtetu. the iuu%t kuibeir'ie aomtm wnd t>. *t AUih nno t«.
■ hi.hliir •tud'bi rhwuM »v r»'e,r,ti (U th, pur.ult of ih«- ?*r ..u
°tl M9U*> • kud the prior pies ..f clvonolowy. {
*..4 (he ii‘uiKDiti of dtv*r»iue« i„ raetkod dio.at< u|m>u threot^h- 1
*' °* '*••«>. *u4 wkaUftr pvrtwin* to Uk l.iatorv of the fri.cml '
l*rot?eM of tiuOiAii civiltk*aioo *’ 1
. “ dm department of Uencrml Literature shall b- taught th. <
de,'"i'V^.: ;*r‘''i*!n a. literature. wUb |,.,tr.:,r
dee. l..pm.nt» and 1llu.irai.ons nt thnw epoch, and author, whuas l
,1 ca. e U|s n that progress lias beet, tin «• marked tli- lust . . I
thoda and author, fur u» study ... he liicratur. ut d.ffuei.t Un. '
r .iagcs Bui II Shall he the r-fecial object of thl. school u. leach
lh. rise and progress „t I gi - uterature. to IhasUs'e ..is ,ugc. it.
its growth wtilct. arr most aortliy ot rctnara.aud to trace the elf-. i
k” inrg*^“‘ax *ulf" " '“,'1 *’•»* Ukaaiers up..t u.e gru»:h .t-,
hi.gt.sh language and literature, lu the I. bool ol 0-neral Llls a
lure, ih. fluJcnt shall bo regularly cacreiaed In t-gtisl. cotat. ,
; ?“J ,lu “tnre«a.ir u.ay Invite any member of bis class to dc
Iivrr lectures nr read essays upon such branchos ..f U. ratur, ar su. I 1
•uthors a- he may I-- likely to illustrate with cred.t b. Inmwlf and
. H,'T i, { 'mwever. that nothing contained In this ‘
nitruuent sl.all I. - con.irutd a. to lake irom the Cfiait. ,.f M .1 1
I lulos. fhy. Ath-I ill and M.eleru Languar s. any of th. ,ubi •. ., „f '
instruction now c,nfldcd t.. them ” ‘
Appllcalu.ua stucul.l In aiblresard to ll.e Re tor ai.d Visitor- of the 1
Lhiver-Itj, care ..t the Chairman of the Vacuity L'uiicrslte ,,f Vir
I®**- v M aTPIV *
__nialtn--rtBnJc_Chairman o. thi Faculty. 1
koi rii i.oH i.i i. misi: u
AMD .'I l D I l A L S C H 0 0 L,
Oaaxnx Cncxrt N. C.
HKV. J. p. HAUBV. A. H . Prliicii.,!.
Mr kh^rr.i || rsftp, A b . A - *tf
Mr 4 0 I'AUSt . A'MSUiit
Mr. Ku* »kj. M ^-4,tt. M. D . Iv.n. lptl of »h^ M^dicul fbhool
i . fi . of U 1 MA,r »»ii runiueiHv on thr lOtb
«7 of Jitl/. T!.» cc-rj»* of m«trucU)rs h«« br^r, incrrt«.4 Thr
rhvrftrtrr ofoor arhowl Is so wrll known u«ai rstri.«|r4 rn.nirnt u
Irvuirti uonrcrgsnry. Suffice it to remark. Ih%t i:< lortlitvmn s-are*
favorably will. -*n> in »» e M»tc, Inith in r ,r»r.i to iltf, sr.4 ni<
rml- livif: rruMtr. »n«l Tf4t h. r* fcrl it .tir.r duly n. tn.-uk.tr
*< und murality *n4 corrtd r»*orr*J views ,.f rrlivU-u . yet. at it.* 1
»an..- t iui* , ifujr wltl : .Lt K|»a.«! rarv that tioti,n * •« t tf^ii «
Milt «to tocher* propnde putac «fVfkf«M
fromul UKunl In cU>i A* adeimes, il»-y d. rrn * of w j:U mor»
iu| t>rfAin-*- that ilivtr <u*tructi«,ii sb- tildlv thorough thwii extrriMvr
Kvriy . U rt will l.r mini to luducc fondt.ma for -iualy,«iui to check
viriiMis prttpensiiles.
T*1 11,11 ,n **» Ftiyltsh I» fsrtui nt flT.V, »D.l in tlie Clkssk'ftI |15
p»*r H-MK'D.
A continjrrot fee of $1 Urr-quirrJ of C4«*f. stu4« nf
(•uudhttanl c*n be ol>i4Stn<*xi, conveiakoi to 0* Ackdcmy mt *7 5<»
p«-r uniuili.
Thr Arwvlstr l*rinr |..il of *mr scfi.n.l is « native of V rth Taro- i
liua, anil a yra iuair of llaui|4lcit "y.litrj t\>ll«V* The priori
l*4i i« a ualii< ofVlrvinu, an ! a gra«lQa:«of iUoU. lpi. Mw.'n r..»
Tt,. Mciical t*. toe I Will commeisre on the I ."oh nf July The mod.
...s. K», Il student will l* required, at •licit limes *a may I*
hsIgimMd by lb, Principal, t„ write ....y, m the aarioa. branch. .
»f iucdWnr, and *m be practiced iu applying banAye. U r frv
ur^ fr ,*nd ,n ****" u%r aargieal liutrumn.tr.
Hr. Scott will rahibli and npUiri th. ranon. kln.lt of turgical
Outrun,rnu. and also apparatus tor the adjutlinrnt of fa.-t.ir. a ami
illalocauons, and, aa nccaakon ra-qulrrs. drawings and charts W II
lustran. ns in Auatomy and iu H.c Practice of Mcdlrln.
II. Winter an ..pporHtnliy will be giacn for r*er. „e In Practical
Anatomy lust, ad of sp-'nk pg more fully ..( our Mr.li.-al Hel.ool
we append a potic, of II, by Hr. Itl. Uard HU.mail, who* wet!
known character as a pbyatcian enables him It. appreciate the Im
Is.riance of yudi lactlltlrr for medical Instru. tion aa we pri.i- e t*.
effer. Pro|xt moral d-porlment will, of course, he calx, led of gen
tlemen who attend ihe Medical Pehool.
Tl.e usnal rater Aard by the Medical Profs salon *t,*i per an
num. 1
of bowj -i« Abort* «ut> d
IUr JOHN A MrM \NNKN, CltAlrtuAn.
K«» II AUnU),
Mr. Jottx II Liitnim,
Mr. Whs Maraiv
Col I>. C. r«m-n. «Wj
V n.—I Uk« pHiurf In rrcomniendiriK Dr Arotl'a MHIcaI CI*m
b» Toiuif men who m»y wl.h to rrAd medicinr
Hr runt I. a natlrr ,.f o„ngr eo , N f. ||, i*# he-n for rnecral
y- ara Hrmonurator in the National Medical Cvlh-go, U C. where
o enure-, he hail all the adeanlagr. ,.f lws-om!ngemlnr(itly qualifle.)
for takn g charge ofa medical Clara. 11
f , r'*”' “o ."T*?”" I lX'rtunillcs afforded by him
for rter. laea In praetleal Anatomy, will be in ad*an- . of thorn who
take the ordinary tours, Iwfore atln.d ng Inure- f..r graduaii. n
rngWltd* ”mT pf *°11 ,‘*rU,or |-r»<'tlc»l Anatomy, la grut rally
** wtm _• MICIIARP B1.ACKNALI-. M. I).
I'*'. • *•«- 'll'lill's M llliiii ,
On Urat-r Nfrgpt. Betuipn 4lli awt Mh.
^■RP JKriKRPON MINOR ,n,| Ml.. A II M r - are pleased
Young nadirs |a ,,.» In operation, and ihe pres, nl Season, . ,li con
hnu.-le (he ghrh Jnly Miss Anna Iff II Ward is ass.s !at-sf w.U.
Miss M III r. In the echo. I d.psrln.cn' M as II.-wild Is so well ao.l
fayoral. r known, and garr such general satisfaction whilst a teacher
al M:.le«» Academy, a. t„ render commenl or cih.gr un„r.-r.wrr
Phe h«s loam engaged n teaching for serersl years past, in the Ann
,n . cartel of Columbia, from which she brings the highest
tesllmontat*. and on tier cyperlrnce,knowledge and moral c.ndnel
we ran Implicitly rely. Am ng her high and car id are-mpltsh
tnei is is A|aib> ,i tires, all the bran,-he of which she teach-s corr vl
T „ arcry branch of a Auished education both mild and ornainruial J
will he taught rn the school Mo. c. T.o.I and .ns-urn. Mat. the
Harp. Piano and fluiiar are an 'iirnl.hcd, and (aught In the fan,'ly
he mpei.o, and v.ry accomplished teachers lu the com- ,nance
rl" ■'or'a,.hj.-i.i*io-do. ste'ae j,.linger daugh !
irts which she wishes to da In her own fan,llr. The sehool will he
limited to ffo In number Ten hoarders and isn day scholar*.
T mu moderate, all will he rharged in p., p .rtlon from ihe fay
n' entrance In the rnJ uw wwnn Apwl .to can h. made by I
I. Hernr Ip person air. JTiri Hat IN MINUH
i mHawlf MIPP AHA ft MINOR.
ffMNHIrt INifTITI TION. o' upward* of *• year. s«a„dfng. la situ
■ a, d In the Pt only of Sl».d i.e, p.,», Yl ala. my. t
mil.-, below P| . I, rtckshnrg and At ahnyy Perl R.- al Th, re la a
gaily. an- e fr.each ,.f ihe ahue-- name.! place, lo this pla--e,
• Mi !• wlt| !h# arrival r*f 1*.
Tt* tick! regular a. ...on comm, cc* eo ihe Itt ft, loher, IW and
ewn'-our. will,, „| Interrupt-, at.Ill Ife Atst July. I
Tl.< t, rm. arc »/•, po mawoi t In m,.nih*. one half |,„il.l,
mliar -c . and the other half on'I 1st March. 1ATA. Tlx IV nc pal
I* a rrsd lie of the Virgin,. Mdlta.y I,..,Mute, and ia as. atr.1 ,.% !
Mr d .h>, AA Jonea. of il,- t nierrsily of A a
A Circular rentalo-,g full Information can h. had by address ,,g |
the Ivin, ipal at Port Royal. C-mllm . unit V*
ws—ctf_TlloMAP R THllRNTlIX, Prlnelpsl j
nil' Mill II till lit , gy R !
JoBWxoa Th a Is s BoalMti'g .» honl for Boys, limited in m m- I
Ixi Intw.irty T1.C a, salon lag,ns 1st cf P>ptemlwr, and continue# !
Iu months, with a eaealiou ,.f . w.,k. al I'hrlsdnas
Tcrtna f-.bai, for oiilO n, hoard, fuel, washing and light*, payable I
hall in adrance. and naif „n the 1st d frhruity
•RffRHKNCIS Mon A II II fftnert, J idg, T t Tfiomp* n. ,
AAaontoo, Profess,* .a Maopln, I'n'eyrslty of Ya. self- ,-rf i '
194 4**01 ti l l »•«. on and after Ihe 1.1 Mm lay in
Jane, a II At K will rut, from loher.* t„ the lh aks of IHicr —
The hnlldlog haa h.en cnla'g,-* will, a t>nmt < r of nral and w,l| for
nlahe.1 rooms. Tlx- ilurriber wdl endcaror to render the ant. urn
at ,-sit,*, pt-asant. A.-.
14' M IPPlkh PAPIR, ear too* Mfl An-I MHAJUir*. for
•*<» 4» U»>*] JOHN N. UORDON. (
_ri Tl Id». ■«(«, —
TR4DK Mil o»
Ult, *i-.
r,u' •** d%^ *«■*•<»•>
im,h' v^ssLrs*:» j-w.
*°° ,r,T * **4*rvtok 0. Unrated lOte, CORDIAL ,
IO WO llot.I.AND Onubw Avan and Dm* or.p.,,. |
.M» i«4< i. CHAMSAONK.
“** LRMMOII A BRimiiikm, Amts.
i!U W 1 h. -Id on U» loan,.— :
• I** ••'d «*>ar poa.r o h mill attached. kttovn a. ,L_ *
loeArtte Mill. a lualol ju« nut-ala- tl. e,|y |H|| , ,mh,». In- |„, N„
non I a,Ml YeA Hirer Railroad |—, elf ...ho* ample troid. ,1
!!d*“* »»lar ponar. a eat la hie l«r il,« erect,.a. ..I mill., I.Balrai
fork and ictilua ..‘.ope ' i
Ind Loa No 7 >.ntaintn* t Sn.tnA arree with i,« uni ,,__
rr.-'l' *° ‘N" "• U" •,’d “NwaIhI from it hr u,a —JSJ |
m. IT. ••-*">» '■•«•! A...I P. | l,r .10.1, front , r <LI and C.I f. „
". -.Id roml and ..raaf, and It® »„d | * ** .Uep
a,,m *' ' TTT"''*- truul'mt .... I hr mill «.l north.
L *«'. r«.„,bo.ndad Itf Undo! Mr*
Tn1*, Tr.*- *«** ..n tha pood and c.n.1 on a.th
ITT^M- n r.yin l if. ‘..I’ : T!" *" "f *hM' *I" BX» 'oil,
ZTIZLZZr™ "‘*p «f .. tha ar. o'
IT!'V*V ;-»'•>>• •• In a.,...l p.rtnani. at «. Id and
' . • ir»trr-«4 fnr nr-irotUl.tr- i.^tr*., peror, I n- . ^ a -
rT*aaa n ,,r» *”+*’* ** lhr d,r4 **<*'*»»*1 *41 pajiftrut *
***- pur. )uu«r to p*j ihm Ul^. tfci. ,ftr K 7
— —— - - — . __Aoctl. m«»r»
| lll-ltllaM.iM ,1'a a 1 |,t. in liVr l miivi
Wm’i’pl-OPPHTY **!* riir ntw1 y'Vr*f< STHKRT
rwm- r,I .,..VTrv. dIr‘i0,,I’V’
t -•» ..
tr—lMrarl, at tl. inlem-.-Uon »tl, *u, air. at „f |«n [„! and run
ilnr hack tin uaual hair arra dcpll. ' a
attnd a. farther mctirlt? until Urn pu.. Law 01..,..% ta paat *
TiTUU a w.MprrclRl luiom-r,
V? J M l >■«»•% Horn toll Ml f-K\
trtur «.f % 0«crr« ri*t|.|rT^| hy Ctrruit Court of Mo.it
•oiurr^r, I «L«ll aril nt OiriuiRrisburr. «»o \loinlar thr 7th «f juiv
»r\t, thRt rw-,„r Court .|R,. thr UNION HOTKL ^Uh .U RpLrU
lMariT' ”‘7lr ,n “I t"n T*11* Pf-d-rt? embraaa. . ra^' a^.
, lot r nuinmr about an acr- of land, with a K.M.*n' M. at
...uae. NtHn,, llranartei. Ourdena, k- , thereon
,,TT •*' P“ T !5* !oUo,,nr '-™. On, third of the |air
haw amnar tab, paid down and the rem.lnln. t.o thlrdV7n
"I™1 ln.taltnenta of one and taro rear., the l.orel.aaer mm.
yud w.thapproeed aecurlt?. and a IL-tf retained ip.,n the proper*
A. the eteeutor of KltaXeth Templln, I dtall wll at the aarnr
' y 5“,^ y1’1 “p**11 **m<* Utmi, Rll t»^ ll .uu-tt. i.l 4 |;trh.
nPurntlare belt.nfit.* n. aanl Hotel, c..:..iatln*of Had., Mirror..
• ble-. LLaira. Sofaa, Settee*, and -the. artlelea too nuinar..ua to
. 7 - i,V.— T""'"* w 10 hoki keeping would do
rll to aval! thrm*clvr« of ih« opportunity now preaetitrd of par*
Ji**1"* • property, from the jj.lt. lotu ...uumcot of
rhich tn« Trrjr highest proflu may be realised
June g—etlSJuly. Comml-lt'nrr. Ac, Kkecumr of £ Templio.
it v mo vai iu n kapike for gu.i
fTICr ,, hereby *1»eu. that by virtue of a decree made by the
C.rcutt Court of R.,k bridge , on the Ml, o' April, A. D., Ksh
h,™!,r. “ L «nd others, vs. Ur Junction Valley
r .T U,“l“nJ,.»0'‘ °'her., we, the undesigned, rommtw.ioi.es
,.r tbc purple appointed, will, „n lAaturday, the liu. day nf July
w si- /“V Co,,^, ,D L*»ln«to« again off.*
Bu^,r,p‘°*- ,u ■w'*--— *«•**■«
7t!*T,;T f I™* *° p»> “•» or mi, »nd
”U.^11 •,*** I*1* rekldue In four equal Instalments, payable in
.. twelve, elgnteeii and twenty four month, after the date' of .ale
be purchaser »..mg bond With appr..ve<I personal seeurlty, and U.e
•tie being retained as ultimate security.
M M. Mf. Ri)VI>. „ ^
B. McD MchiKK, f Corn’s.
£ r. PAXTON,
apl»—ctds. * •
|T 'I ' ‘l«IF ALRLTItltl.l. |,A\DS loll
nil offer for Sale, on the premise*, without mervt.on the Kith of
uly West, his tract of land, s luuted In the county o.’ Albemarle,
tin* miles South of Aharl.itewille, Va., and cue mile fr..m U.e
dank road leading Scot trIUe, I, ng in part on Hardware river,
ntersreted by kpp-s anil Heaverds.n er.. ks. and adjoining the
ands of Dr II E Randolph, Ms. Edward Muon so l ,.lh. r. Hai.l
s t contains hy recent survey, I <130 ACRES, about is., acres
ili’trr J, of j>r»* en tk QaU.
The tniproveritut consist* of all tiw n—r«,ary farm BulMlnr* a
*"•*_*!" fnsme Dwelling, enowintcg four room*,’ a
nictieri, Smoke-House and Ice-House, all o| which arc in good re
Tgaats—On.- fifth cash, the balance in four annual payment,
earing Interest from the day of sale, and se ared by a d.ed of trust
n t — land. I .so .**,.. given the 1st of January. I4it, Ur- pur
,**' • I ;d tin -- » ran cr- p For father par
. . • ' J ’** *’ r "•’■‘Tiber at Carter’s Hndgr. Albemarle enun
I **•_ [leg—olds]_rCUKKR B. COLLS
‘HI.I FAM 1 ■ > till AXt.K (Jot a r\
S my bu.-lr.-as ■ rgsg-n is In Richmond are such as to prevent
!»«« rv»». PW> i**-*1 altcu'iub to iu> farming ..|*vr*: u.ng U at
• y r. qu rr.I *m%r »J. t.-rm .< d t. «c.1 my farm in Oraucr court?
I *uciiur.,on TIH’R^n.kY, 17 li July ont. *
i|JrA',7IMT ’* 00 ; aM,t h(withy. ferule and In
II r. -p-e.-. d- raw- w-ctlona of \ irglnla, I- r.g u.roediafrly at He
-1 of the Booth Wet Mountains *„.t ic. than flv, m.|„ froni th_
; 1 ''. • ■’ ’■ Ai-1an.ir . Railroad.also
.tl I. a f .'u-.l-s ..f the p-,-k K.,^1 T ,n Orsng- Court House u.
rr iirukal urg It . t OUiltf, by rrcrnt »ui t*■? arrm, of w|)|. •
"U are to aied and in a high stste of Improvement. The whole o:
I- wrt beautifully . Or i.ari gr*f. Tio.-dy and Hoy. r Alary.
ri",n of the tract Ll.rm.li mead..*. land, and as both bottom «J.|
igh Ur.d M v.ry productive of grass, dare can b- raised a verv
‘jukti’.iy ol hat anti ato«'k.
*! '* ''cl1 **ot»*ta«t running Mreama an U,
nd is. apahl- of being .hr, ;».l into lourteen 6eUis ot *) u. &n *.-re»
wa it, wuh kdirr Ir ail of thrm.
There is uo waste land on the trace All that 1s not cleared It In
rigtnal growth U. t rnher. and ruu. I. of u m.ghf I- clear.-l willi
u.-f. profit Lj a tohacco grower As the railroad from Frederick,
or*’ LOW being .jnjtn.led, will paoi «Ui,,i, smile of the wo, J
• t.ii, Uw nn»r*rr .-ou.il hr turn.M toafcod tcrwiiit.
The hud ling* at- rr.ni.n.sho.ic, ai d In rkcelleol order. They
U-ge framed Dwelling Hous* « :h haw.mer.t. which, ,1
■ Shed off. a ,-uld girt HI g.Ks| rooms. A few yeas .go It was pain
-xl and pul in «rom|4rtr mutr. ^
u.r A i-tsaWr. lurn, C.wa llouae and .Negro C*b!n*. In onlvr,
r 1 if ’i ro ft Uj i • M lU r covered Vttb afunglca. lM*x
‘i *:ih Uriff '*y ari.l carle Bhiltcr Hal feet lorg
fl t J.nc every «*anr«mmce fnr the protection of Mock, provender,
nptetuenus Ac., Ac.
'ty op.mi.oa, at IIA\\ f I tl.l) fur the past seven yeas haye been
.'i'.','1'* * •'-•■u'lj »n-l permanent improvement of the laud,
nd I think its pti sent c ndltlon will dmw ituti I hsv- not Uxn un
“’.‘■''.s' “f-"If» having over two hundred bushels of wheal •*,
ed. I have had on the r«.u i. r the p..Ty-,r nearly l.oflft he:.d of
heep end s good stock of cattl.-, which afiow that It I, well adabU d
O fTRXAng. r
It ‘ nnJr Mi en m such eon.Hth n. and having .uehadr.n
ake. HAWFIKLD, MoOered In markeu The friscea ar. in ever I
*:.l r..|os:r The land Is entirely clean and in fine hear!, dear of
'iianc* aud r.sk. and can he cultivated with a. 1 tile laN.r and large
•roSt, aa any other tra.: of its sige. It is. ther.f re, in a cond non
<T*y a profl! at on. e, and as I am determined to -well. 1 luyiie all
.t. W... U pur. an a farm.d< rub] .1 , places! Nutdeaceaud
™l. < ksuiinr It previous t . On J ,y .,{ M|e.
TKR“'i- fourth cash, balance in equal instalment, of 1. ! and
year,, with lniert« fr.-,„tl» day „f sale, or. If non Je-ir.ble to
i-t , urk.. i«cr, outer Urrui# ut gl»t l*r «rrrv«l apt n
Mr Johns lirsw. reside, at HAWFIKLD, and will take pleasure
b sh.-wnig the farm to any one wno will vi* t him ^
. ie . MH. O. CRENSHAW,
niklA- -cwtli JjttUvtdf RH.hmor..J V»
tr '■.* U»I.IU>D l\ fifMH III IM) ( Of \
▼ T\. Fo|; t*ALK lnO*i><ltnc to remove my fmnily t*- mnihrr
unry tM, f*ll. I *411. ..n TrB9i>AY. .hr t*d lf
►u 1*1 »c net ion. n>y H‘nt.n.,n in <».»rvuhl»n«l count/. It »« •Ituatrii
m *"/} '* l-»‘'kingholtf .*r.w.k. Arid kt^juuu Um> Uml« of Wnl
» r l> Idsk', )t%rtln Jduidt and ..Utrr<
The said tract ol laud contains 16**4 acres, or thereabouts almut
.6a r--are very heavily t nh-r-d. mo*l ih. r*ma ...le. .which
om»: .. .. %rrr« • t cree* nai#.) I* tu a good state ©f cultivation, be
rf* Wil1 “•M b> u«ual crops grown to this part of the coon
The dwelling Howie Is quite roBra.dw.ui, and is in a beautiful »nd
icaltf y » tuat n. Ulng *hu> roervetiw-nt l« religion* an<i educational
V the iWeHIftg bouse the ***! UrfM ^-Mir uu
r»« p»a*< . such as negro house*, barn, stable, tobacco bouses, Ac.
Tisu-i tine-third cash, the remainder of the purchase'none?
•ao »*e retained it* the purchaser's hand* for several vear*. perhaps
•.ngcr. *evorr.| by a deed of trust ou the land, with Interest'paid an
nually from day of sale.
The title to ties lan«l is undisputed.
I'ersnn* wishing to obtain further Information, ran apply to the
lube, r ter, either personally or through mail, at tinorhlawd C II
—IT-»aw»w_ R. eOU*
‘'V 1 iLBsmau lads rsi
RAI.K.- By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of Albe
: f?u,‘lJr' iwonounod on the M day of Way 1<A> >r, the case
V A.hihlr.-*s guardian against Goolsby and others, the ut d r***u. d
ommUsb ners will on Friday the 1*t day of Augu«t, |f fa|r
.therw,ae th.- neat fair day thereafter, proceed to sell ui» the prewits
** at public auction, a valuable tract of laud situated on James Riv.
r In 11m* County of Albemarle, belonging to the late Nat barrel l>
i.ooMv dec'd adjoining the lands ..f R hrrt Rives. Alexander
A Hancock and otter*. and containing about FOl.lt
llLN|)Rll> ANI> hlGIITY TWO ACKRh, of which about 9u acre*
are James River low grounds of most excellent quality. The high
‘and* are also highly productive It has upon it wood and timber
mm ent for th« purpose* of the farm, a comfortable dwellmg ami
all the necessary out houars, including a Urge anil convenient barn
.n tb-* I»ank* of the Canal, a first rate orchard. Ac
It l« the same tract of land upon whirl, the said Nathaniel I>. Gods
n**’,*'J* ■* ***e time of h«s death, and lies .me mile above the vll
Ixgc of warren and four mile* below Il„w*rd*v41r .n a neighborhood
ansuri sssad «cr good health xnd society.
Taavs One third of the purcharc money In Cash and the rwsidue
a credit of one and two rears with the internal from date, the
»*urehxser giving bond with g-sal wearily an l the legal 'itie reUlo«d
as additional security.
w xi if W’ADKs f t ^mmissfoners.
^ Mr,t Hmlahy who live# ,.n the premise* Will shew them to
iny one washing to purchase. iu|*_
I' SOW Mil...
J IV-. m> t 1.1 of l.an<l. ly.o, on tho Jorv . K.vor ('ana. J
olio* North of MitM<*t«.n Mill., In th* 1-ouoly of P.tiv,m ,, rontain.
"* arm.. aKoul *«> am clram I. <),. haUnm in woo i. (horn t,
. ...» an.l romf. rt.alo trw-ll : < U am. with all oih.rnM.wr. „„
,n * '™1 f-P*1' T*> •—•(.on I. Ii.alth,
^**1 I, k. and A, years credit, bonds with approved «. eurity
jrl _ wi^n. FAYNR.
t* in>\ \ mu ri rm'iki iohmi i
A\, Pl!•**** — Hy v.rtue of m decree mob Ky »|*
'/SlF0*? "1 **' kbrM,rr •• ’*s April term, A. D., IsM. ntV cg-e
‘ » I \ , , , , •
orrpwny and others p* ndtng there r, the „,.,b*r«.pv.d Coma* isston*
”2* *** P«* "•* •Fl'« -•ed. W II om .♦ifwcr/ ty, JfA of A*<j t*%
<A% sell at F-iMW- Au timi to the h.g*. «t HAWf, at the front d*» r
'f {^*ri House «n Uaitigb n, the franchise ,f the *aal Junction
ialbyTuenp.se r-ripi t and its road w th the appurtenances
her. to a..., bed. TW , .ad ». ^vty Pi ties to length, liad.bg fr^
’’ ? 1 VJft: 5*’1’ b*ri,ai..l with jiel*, bius mansgerii* nt may tw m ».le
iprofitsM* invrstn rnt
Tssw* r*«ti|nhss<f aiRfbtii». paj eo*« of suit an.| eapenp**
f «%le. anl or*he> regMne aered?f|r'#*x. twefsg, stghteen at Itwgffi.
y it- months, t. f*ur rap.sl ii 4talsv-.ps. and tmrriuiscr giving bond
slbi approval parser*1 stcurlty
THOR 3 WfCIflF 1
WX| wr tmrti i
r M,|r M.o.nr ( Cmm-n.
m» t t«»M. |r r |. »\T«.N I
■ 1 ■; * ».ih.o of
*»•*. from Wfctrh
heee u X llrxoch Railroad tfu* Faring*
• ^11*.”**’^ n* ‘ f>' mr.t.Su', «frr» hr.akfa.1 maoh .
lo kj.f.00 t<r . O rlook P It niw 4», ,11 th, hy Hi.I
TU_ w-mm .tailor . ham boon rrrr moor, ..tonAml ..ora la«» v»
l-'T-'m.*." ',,*r ••"•*•^4'. »».| aiwWo of amoaiwta
p.- I ynaMoi.p »t.if Ah.no.ofi 7V.(». i/.A r mpar, am now (roll•
l,Hf ** ^ sne. - il fra n oyar,.
*'"T l»nrv hail. H um ha. Nwn hg .l ..no. |,.t oMn
«0 M *( .»BT, Pm, t.
ma.;.-film Sontfnmarr. W S fr. Com^na,
\OHTIIf HN imi HRIttit. »• r.M. n,.ora
and for «alo hy ftp* 4 MILSPR.
Comor Poarl and Cary Strmra
n • HI;L. MA bMfr Hu. | modiom Naokarri, ».ndio«
aod for aala .y U*H I. WUIICO
__r»«iu n«%. —
»» PL LI.ltM A 04V |A, A*M
I A VtLHlII V. TNU AtV. ■ _ .
1 W - ... L-4.1, ■; ZT9J2StJtAr ••
-- rilUAM A MIR.iM.
"T MCKluaoq , a (M -*
•2lk *mmakCfnt* o*r. .. «,%vw* — .
4*z Masir- —* - «•? cnnjcxs
*'** MOUMt, MILL A OOl. am
U- Carta. Oeueral 4 CM wM .iT^r.TT HX«!T’r •*
R K I U A I i J I I, 1 IT H , IMA tl
W‘i <$7,Oi)()M
1 Priawol 4MMNPI . _
■■' •>•..*» I w - •( *r2
J “ •<* *<.»m r» ~ »r -J2
* \.«tu I »> AppruahwalUfM r S *
4 *1 rru«.m%l>v4i« to »».*• $!<»• §«Mfc> m. k a -a ma.u. . 17
4 of*M.... **.«,«,ru,.«.. ~pis\!7.£-^
"b.WlcOu I A' 't. Halve* flcbtaa., Uuartere an ,
« I' •* S l*v *™*- d.acouut.
It lo of the dlci.mo.el f.l, IU. kaof taken at par
r 2X2! *' W r"'"*' l”l aaaooii aa the reault k--, known
roanmicaUMU addr-waed lo DON RODRJIIL'EZ. icaea.ffU.
*: °-) “,“‘l «*f 4th of July, win he a l tended J5'1
•Th, .bee. pern. WM lerUI U Cli .rival ou laat
HIlIfk.lMICUfk .SPRIus
Thu. drlwhi w WaterU , pUcc la pen “ J, r^-tun „
roller, |, the It,.. „f -
JC..I H..l,u.ac,. . .., uwulak ml
beautiful, pk tureaqu. and let tdr port ..i.fVi™* "***
dlately ou the line of Ibe Vir*lr.la ai~l r-.V*.v “J* 2?"*
yw.lt..' .., r.md I tael f, an I dj iSTTS
,le|. .1, onlv a nr » hour, (V.,« lt.ch.ooud and PMerataX
l*o htutra from Lyn.bhunr •• •B“ abeuk
P. veona hav mg Cny Pwat, or Peterabur*. or keUml tm ,a_
•orn.t.T be 0, .-..oli-Bide ,„d DanvUle Hail Road., anTiIa'iw X
cava .,f He \ .rpmu m l Tenneaaee Rail Road al I i,.ehhX,2L!?!
•Outao k . depot, thou. 1 ...clock, P. M.Vo»e l.m u, ?k
Otnntbua, Ac . u.U tueel lle-m and convey them u, the ip-'um"' *"
Tb-re are .1 While and < Ilia, k Mtlpbur nbTae l\irat»v.
Propertiea e»„ ImaltauM by .-ore. .4 perOom wh"h«.£,l> 22?
ly relieved by a.«< Ibe wau-ra. The reputation ol lb. u. ......
'or bail a century pwal baa lew, eetabl2be.l „ tb, ,urr, ut*J1'*
cocmtlca lor honor cured tnohv peraona afflicted with varloue °*
2 "**' *urM»—n* '"I auy m.ieral eater, in Tlrelniafor die
I'vna-pala in IU Tartout forma. ASeelhma ef Ihr L.tu IwT
oeva. a. J Bladder, General Deb.ll.y, eape.-lal!y „f ibeVeTr^lli^
torn, allkle.lt. ef Culaoetul. and Mia, dneaara'ef the kkiu and
ny Ol the dlu-aaea leculiar t„ TemaM •
n-y *»rv*vi»Ujr purimit« «„4 •l ur^tic with & a^_
tun. equal to any to be kaind U u.e moJnuTn. Si
about m.... The Pur,.,and P
'■ «« kltie, Tlie tlrdchn^s oT^hy^i
we Invite .la,ten l“. iamii^ '^.il'^l^^.'^'VCS^Tv*" *'*h
■|.d»rd l„ .4»u nlny the b. alWervanu. »,..| the
'TTV .r1 b^I Aaalatanka for ev-r7 .Uv»rt.mjl,2f ^.
7l MNcI«°r .rrn*TV. ,nT'** a",,“ !* a-t.p2dbrTA liry!
* r!?B BAND OK MCBIO I* «Jrnwl/ •TVurwl. and % Ti l * i u « r*n
OKTlCB will aoon be catablldbcd at P aaarCi denoL ' LLllRAPH
TIIR TABLN will be found equal to any in the inountaina it, . lm
Cll.lle, for auppllea bc,„, Mlupn, rS^c^wM
Je|4-Am_J. A HEPKLF1NQER A CO . Proprietor.
J1'l: 1 ■l r*V 11*40.— In order lo reduce our nock ~t
much aa pawail.le. we mill from this dale .«,r «„ck 0f
sxric’ xtsi.Tnfsjsi.-^1 -.«
aipd Bruwu Frvnrh I.ln^na \
wown »nd Bw-aclo-d Linen Duck, . very cheap.
. ®", do Drilling. )
V’£™vt°JcV'J'‘ *“* *"“* 4 8ao’* “ X-. than la
"‘’v'eTdil^^"^'1'* “j oU*CT to. mol
PU:n and printed Ifcrafc*,
Blvk «atm*«trlpM do
Pr1^1 »l *■* ^w !». T. aoc'n prtcea
Uo Jtcuneti,
■arasr- A,p^ A,p*~* r*m »■><*
Law. Itmbrotdertoa, black and white Crape Collar*
Genuine Threw) Edging*, at importer’* price*
Linen Cambric, Pongee and other IM’kf*
flowery. Glove*, Suepender*. Ac , Ac
rn piece* Mowjulto Lace., from S5 to 10* In. he, wide
bi:i.u:vi i: honpitil.
T,B^re,Tl«£Li:.s?-,--n chi rch hill,
>li****c T*** o^i'-rt of On* ||o«p.*«l t« u, fuminti inTdirml %„1
nur*..,g, and.unable diet to arrant., ..r,bg?« and
have not, when .1. k. home, where attention
w.rd.r'^:,r;rD„:.o,,ii;:r-sa£firt..s: wst
u~r “““X- «
_, ._ TERMS:
Colored Patient*.
white... *® p"..****.
Private Accommodations . "” Tt»10“
micfc"*“,or Bo‘rj’ «*»■•«. H-Bcai
iy* No tfmall-Poi adtultt<d.
. „ . PHYBIClAIfU.
Jaww. Bolto., M D.. , c. R M.ua, M D .
Grace U • 4Ul»nd n** . I liUi, bet. Broad and Maraball.
n , B- ^ M. I) , cor. 4Ui and Graco
A’eaefe.G/<yW...ia-Da Wood,_m*M—elm
kl.I.I (<l| I > | , (li( > | \ I fill l\l I
r*NHl>E SIKIMiS are situated 16 mile, Ea-; of the Gwnhrer
?h"e Suli-hur, o". mil. North nf the Old Sweet, .,u| art inilem
from B »«ck>. „ ib. Virgin,, an I Tennemee Kalln^L from S
_.i*,mr-*on Kent » Co. keep a full supply of cache, running daily
ntghi* travel1'14 “J to lh* W,“' «l’”“0.
Thew water, are Chalybeate, differing In their gaseous and vallnw
Iiif ’d.ei Tirj r.g in their tmipcratuiv from 73 lo U—r»r*
HATMfr'th^^* 172 Udlc#* °m WllemiiT* KKD MVVKKT
VA1 "*• **htUr*ttn#r aa I drllfht ul in the Unfed
if? .isMuTta,’1^ '“'h an.| spring near the Hotal. pr,.
• ,K i temperature and effect, »j the Old Sweet, one mile
Otn thia.giving Vinter, to tin. plane the advantage. Of tbe water,
••f bolh p ..e*. The water, are Tonic. AllerallVe, and Aperient
h.r'a vrW Dmn h«** I’- m •* ubvlln*:*
'V. ,M..V« ~iY’ iu,*t‘''ju* Affctlon., and Chrome dl
■eaae, of Stoinaclt, Liver, Spl. en. *r. (Refer lo iha various au
□•or. on the Mineral spring, of Virginia for the aoaly.l* 1
There (.on th. premia-, . HEADING ROOM. fWnlied with a ra
ROOMSUT7\Pr’INr’i,|T7«^rt.4 .°.f 'h' Cn“*n Aim BILLIARD
„• **•’ • *N ALI r.Y:?, and oti vr »ir" »*"pnt* Tvr (pmeprnf
voi.Avnrs band or Mi ne. »f b.i
1 < jifoprkU r l».ir njt »!*•* *s*:l«far»u»q u. *..<•« that he haa *lT«n
h'* vlel’eva,m l to lu.taib the high reputation
cl th* Rest Sweet,h*. ndoc.-d hlm to extend lit, u-i omodation,, ffat
tetlcg himself thathi, future labor, will lnmre a full portion of th*
public patron*.. ^
Iherel*. IW office at this place, and dally mail* each way
Jr I*— ’.m_ c HIAB.
RX'V’X' ,tl:u s« i-PMI K NI*K INCSI. - Th
handsomely improved Watering Place will be open for th, re
.■p on of Visit rs, on the loth day of June next It is situated In a
-oom,l'jrVn''i,“^!>'' '’“i*- J.n northern p«l 8f0.e be.uUfnl
T .1 c l" ”'n>“>v Turnpike road leading from Salem by
1». «a> Oi StW' '»*«■ 1*» Ih* 1‘Rvrt “prujf*. and within a day’* joor
oty from llichQji.ud or htmturf. 7 J9W
I’asamgrr* iu, the Virginia and Tetuieae.. Railroad will reach Sa
em from Ruhmond.al * o’clock. P M , and w II be immediately u
ken lu Kent A Souimersob < vplrndtd daily Hoe of Stage Coacliea, to
t!»- Roanoke Bed Suli hur. (10 n„le..i where Gey will arrive heforS
suptwr. and find every cuufort that can lempt tha weary traveller
o pr long hi. stay, hot U Giey prefer, to do so. they out leaee In
be Mine line the neat morning, dine stth-Sweat Spr ngs. and reach
T1CFLY"nxvVnivv"r. beforw night. Gus masug an EN
to !beSnliu SMpl.urBL °( ° Uy*' ,ron‘ H!chnlo“'J « Petersburg
,b,wri' f.Ufal';*.r'"m “if -,‘rlr’**’ r»*»>hger» will be brooght from
th, W hit ctdphur to the Boannke Red sclphnr the flrwt day and
after laklbg hrrakfa.1 tbere, reach the Railroad *1 Salem In tlm*
war"iiraMn Gain, *o a* to reach Rlcluuoud or Petersburg tbe
N. etpense or trouble will be ,p*re<l p, make this as agreehle a*
any Watering Place .n Virginia Although, bn. a iw/SSm!
rof ;a.pular favor, the proprietors Batter llie>rselves that It I* desti
ned to tske a big’ position a- well for It* curative qualities aa for tbv
• vie of iu accoiumodAtkins, Mr. Chaa. Yancy. vo well known a* a
Br-l rale . slerer. for the publ . and for his attemk n lo *11 the de
toil. of a public estaMfohroenl, ha. been secured, itogethsr with hi,
wife.) *r manager t i ter thetr manugeuient. vi.u.irs m*v be „.eo
. ' * ' Tm'y ***• irmiment.
. ™ ?yfl-..*.ycl, .co"?*te» » '•H.m,. including a epaclous iu:i
Room, and all the other Improvementhas beer erectec oo the uioet
approved model, ,d taoie and . onv.nU n.-e, furoletong ..commode
tlon for ISn > Kitor, il.e preen* n-e-ou, »sm, mu be Iucremind w aay
extent th^t m.ty hr rrqmrnl hereafter.
» .01- eU HAND Of SIWMf\ ha. t*rn, eny.gn! for lht „wni ,,,4
In all r. »pecl», II wl I t* the conrtant and rarnrei effort of the pro
pretore In r. u-lcr the,r v wines comfortable and happy. V
, . *r of lh- Roanoke Reel hul|.hnr hae not leu fully anolrvel
htit the remarkahl- benefit derived from lu uer. by person. .offer
iny front polni... try r.wiplainu, J.t».ltte. the belief that among other
valual.lc aic-lx-tnal ]oaI.I,. ., it will be found to bar. that wloeb ....
given to the Red hulptiur. of Sfonroe. it. celebrity, vl« r-.lur.ng the
puav. and acting a. a toale at the .ame ilm. It hae alao proved
logtiljr agneRclal u, per-, ri. .offering from lly .pep.u, and other J|.
7—* '/ *** etomach ae could be ahewn by many crrt-.ffcates were It
deemed nt-oraaary. a
liKOKtiR w. KHA.NKh, 1
URKKN 11 HOARD. > Proprietor.
, - DAVID 0. Ml ANR8. J
jelft-gtf_ • '
A •-•-•■•"•lb N k *>1"I* I >»;*.—Thu watering place le ett
j{X nated lb* county of Montgomery. Va.. on the bank, of the
Roanoke rl*P-. mUe.from the Va. and Te„„e«ee Rail Roil.
~ j£T
T., 'J7* t*** ,U -*f»'“• other mtenrul v»/ee< had
felled in. Prveon. wishing to gmiu farther Information In reward
..native guabtle. of thte water are reterrvd to large err/e
n h w. liave In all the prinripal Uelrt, ... at. Roat. Care kt
• III. Cert,Beale, appended from Wemllraeo ofthe hlgbeet charm-iar'.
Bi* h«vr rrrrtitljr ritrted Urp* lh thing • •»•!.n*hmcot» t.f mil
rt 11>|ion*•*>«* a f*»mfortj»hlr Hon*, at iLr Railroad —
l*rr««*na ^av n* It*, hm -’ il or l*«r«hufx, wdl «rnv« m Um t*w -ire
Ole une dry. hy * o'clock, P M We will h, prei4d
xlutora by the lat Wy < f Jut* Our brat rfr*t« will
frrulxr n »l«it to tbM fountain of hr .all h arniMp an«l dI« avaat
mnt: ctlliiAug NO W IIOI.T * RON*, p>!>|»rixu^.
KIW K *« l.rillH HPHIRUI
ril.1 knironir.f thr rxrrvtian of bailor* un the Wt 4*y of
July next. Thry Ae* kitnatnl in (ilka county, Immrllairlx
oil >ew River within e gl t oiile. of the State Pond and twenty of
Mootgo-eevy White and Trllow biilpbor Paring. A Hark will Irave
tble plate on Monday and Thui d .y for Montgomery While Bul|dior
•n«J rr'urn no Tu*«day m l fttJar. ^ *
Ihvar J p* r month, #4*. vmfe, fit* ,|*y, #9
JelB faw .’w_WI f.I.IAM R(tlHI6»fOW
H I T II I N I. ,‘ “
rmaiTia . > 'KK " »'.L. M kMPTON. VA,
P .‘.t£J5h! rt T',,r* '• “If" H- evcaaWan al
■ *’« h>r« h? the day. w*-h. mouth #r It it *itnat«a| yo
•r • h-v*tra| P Mt an4ru«M»«iHW an *xt«n«tvr »n | rk« of
thr Bay. Mampt n R<.a4«. Jumi Riv-r aral ihr rurroundlngroui
Tht •'!» rntax- • for Ba*hir>g nr- no* «arpaa*4*f by Any other «ibr
T,*T*X'*■* •W' rllinv* >• i»r<- verhia' 'c*r r«lth
•t ,n rnrty • fTort U* rarnfox th#
Vk «*• hbxTlf U* rvkr, for ht« ability
t.. lh -r Who h«v« hrrrtofora AtfocWd - CVmj- ah* HaII” for ttwdr
•omm*r rrtroAt.
j.rf-edw_R fl BANRff, Prnpelefoe,
I i ll,v of,,, gglfl . i i . - g> -i tVfflaavv to
. Infeem the -e,d« arid puMienf Virginia that they hart hewn ap
pointed by the l.ir. ,.f ll.e inon, LoVrt no rseab , sear Pleeroce
lialv. ‘heir «ote egente in Am rb a fee thg tale ol tbeie . ilifrifed
Italian Otlvr M l 1 ... ltd i. the pu»e ettrart of ilm nl.ee aad al
Ihoiygl I--f-etly . leer end heigh., m hot eat.mitleioo aay peoewm
ef a nr ng <r . la-'B atom, ae . th* -am with »r dth ..lie, tharehy
refalni-g ,H le pe iadlVe dellctaue ffavor Tt- Brel ehlpoMnt sf H
only r,me n* band in *h- heg*, I tg of the present year, but tt hae
k.r.ady taken te rtand ae He yery bed OH ewe Imparted. Te
mvnoiecturere of Bne t.dmcco II I. nvalualde, haying beeo tried
and feond b. he unequalled hy any ihinff reef o«ad
, . „ CARR. nnwpeTT * OLDNRR,
IB* Waive agree,. New York.
■ N rm CfNT 'Ml -I «m «uthe.r<«r,1 %m ,4for %n
mxnt, hy whs fi right ftr rmt nrtt will h« iiManlml tor hr*
yntrt. on *r»n, to f lo.m " ^ ***
\ WBI evil en fee eable tevma.eitftgg my praeem eWdenaa. eg my
m a dwelling hmw. • ornee of tirae* and *th etrteVe gtaa, aMiev
dvr. g, an fth dree,, and b te on the public ep.erv aad e.eewhare
in "rnnpf
»«R RffNT-Th. ho.,w lately -evupvd by John C Btaoard.
ah. w t me evpirre Id Angne, r.eVt; the nBbe, new aecapw.1 hy R.
R HttWforn, «r*t ntkrr l-«irMm rt>omn in thr l «w BniMtnf i All At
mfi •» * NIBOR
»«• Hi- in
»2."V H"O.S IMRI as, n dorr and for mo. by
*%9 HU M JONS.

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