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a mw to &tt N1WK.
* rtUMNAM Of a'BwuAn.-Aa .Ugaal sw«* j ni^,
10 ^ 4. P. *• Owwlord, of Mm “r~li i mil .
‘It4, monlou- *v u» w*>av «u mWod l
Oil! method of teetifjriur ihclr personal .sgarj Th!T»
M»y MOMtMd »— «^ y»ory to Um Upitod. and
•X-" •"■Mww *• MosmMmo portion, Hsu • —j-i
•-*■«•**■"«» w^X
pre> oo*ly sissasblnl. Tbe l«wf »u Itarr produ.cJ hr 1
fte- om.mktee of preaaMoMfM. and placed la Urn hsoA Jf i
laUUkorthodoMM. TW gill scabbard of the sword '
la wry hmdsaM.lt wrought, awl baorw Mm iimcnntum
N’leaaatod to Capt. John P. R. Orawfiird, hr hi* fm i.d.'
MM aa aMaot ol l«ma*e laou, but as. t-^Mooiol to am
nl •ikI worth. TI»o Muii U inwviM- 'To mark the
r'rrf^rU“'?rt-»'“J‘« iMop«'lual.' the principle, ol
i* Omitlu. hilt is a repr.-eolation of the cue* of wins
V V'rJruT’ **c **ord »■» mannleetunad by Aims k
tv, oTMprtagftoU, Man, and eoat |lnu.
Advancing to tho trout of tho company, Mr. Crone ad
AMomkU Copt. Crawford a* lollowa :
At Carr. CaawroaD : At the roquaat ol the corpa which
yow command and a nntabt r «I your frienda, tho agree*
Wc duly of pr.-outing you thu sword—a splendid sprn
Mon of the art of which it is a product—ha* bueu devoir*
oil OO um. I »ae au agreeable duly, bo<*o-*, loving a. 1
do all the other inlet mu ul our devoid Vbgtnia, f should i
h» an annatural son iudncd If I did not fuel a deep inter
■JM» In bor poet Military rooown—her present military con- I
•dttwm -and the giom* slio may yet achivro iu th* fi.-ld
*f amis
. V‘,u,‘^ “ 1 *?• «« thU sort of amplormant.
I should be at a loss what to say to you, II tin- inset ip
torsi, on the eoabherd and the blade did not protnpily fur
nlal nm with theiuce to r'dargn upon. On the scabbard
It i« engraven that it is “prvasuUd to you not as an I hi
M.g • to man, but a leatlutonial to merit and worth." This
u l-crmn-J to you; and, I can well conceive, swells your
btaumt with a manly pride to be worthier .till ol so touch
lug a mark of irspert and usteein. But it ioolcn beyond
you. Captain, and (wants you to still higher ar-hirremains
in the estimation of your country and your friend.. I
cannot keow what pease, m your bosom—but I can cou
ccive of nothing ao wall calculated b> wsriu up and nerve
m* own heart a* such a public testimonial of ray com
rade* and Iricod*. Kor, after all—altar wo may bare
ao.ilcved dlvunotion and renown, and hare tilled ill - world
with plaudit*, or sunk 10 Ignominy and dl grace, wbeCL.-r'
su -ccaslul or defeated, we luru with a morn inady ear ami
a more ti listing heart for congratulation or Sympathy to
the wide ci.cle of cotnn.de. and iricuds wuo have been
eye witnesses of our struggles and success.-, or our iui
pol.-dt labors and faihnvs.
Hul her- too I Bn I another inscription: “to maik thr
ptill of civil liberty and to perpetuate the principle, of
*o." Oo too know Captain—but f need not ask, for everv
arlnm! boy know.—vha» ha* Ihjcu llie^uth of civil lb rtv>
It has wm through blood.
I know we liavo iu these days peace men and peace
con Tell luma and men who lieliere that very soon “swords
wiM bo beaten into plough shares and spear, into pruning
hooks." This may be so, but it is evident the time ha<
not yet come—ueilnrr the past history at our race nor iu
preseni condi th.i indicate a -pwedy aUai.iiucnt ol ao deal
■ able a suite. I aiu no advocate for war—hut there I* far
Pro iuotli wliiiuug about tire horrors of wv. I would a*
aoun i.nprarh the wi-dom .nni mercy of i’roriiiencc be
cause the air-purifying Uiuiidei rtorni roods houses and Je
auoy* life, as to judge of the moral effect* of war by its
long »r.U;i of horrible evils alone. Docs not the boot ol
tbe war horse liiat tr imples over the Bfc anJ the Wood ol
Ihs vanquished, strike out also some Hashing .park* nl
light and heal troin the smitten earth. Are there no so
lace* lor iu ills *
Be assured as (J-td govern* tbe elemental world and pu
rifies (lie air, so (hid, by armies and twltles, upholds truth
and light, and advance* ci.illzation, however unseen at
mm* uioiiuMu m> our fiiiori »i^hu.*<2 o?e«.
( romaeil, who professed to fear liwl, said to hi* men on
the eve battle, “put your trual In Qod, but Icttu your
fuunUr dry." Ronaparto .aid “trod wa- on the aide ol
tt.i»< a lio Uad the moat artillery.” I invoke for you nei
ther llie one nor the other—hut I commend lo you the
example ot those men ol 7*1 who rut the pathway ot civil
liberty for our feel, men who drew theii swordsigsinsi
oppienaioti—and never sheathed them until freedom
bade them “peace be still."
I present you thiaaword, captain, in lull eon tidence thai
it will be worthily won—aud I charge mu draw in non.
but a righteous cause, and let it be sheathed never until
it falls from your dying grasp or victory hills vou lay it in
it. scabbard. Knr yourself and your corps accept iny kind
est regards aud continual hopes lor vour prosperity and
honor. err
Ctpt. Crawford received the fwotd, and said :
Mb. Cbaxk—The very unexpected and exalted testimo
nial of reject manifested by my friend, ol the “Continci.
tal 'tuard, ’ in presenting Co me, through voor hands, this
splendid and magnificent sword, completely overwhelm*
jue. 1 regret exceedingly, that I am not iu possea.-ion ol
language in US dentil s'mng to deeciibe the emotion* that
at till. moment swell my bosom.
Sullico it, however, to sav I receive the gift with sin
cere, Heartfelt gratitude, slid will preserve it at every |»e
ril. Nevertheless, I ardently hope that the peaceful and
happy Stan- of our beloved country may so continue as
only pi require the Use im this swoid As all appenilsge to
the military costume. Hut, should foreign aggression or
internal feud, require, 1 pledge my sacred honor lo u.o it
freely and I ear loe.l v m repelling the aggressors, and aim.
in maintaining aud defending the Constitutional rights and
prir.I.-gea uf ,ny native Slate.
In conclusion, sir, all »‘V me to tender you my gratefut
acknowledgment, for trie rhiqiteiil ami compliments!)
inanuei in which you have discharged the duty that has
lawm ...signed you.
After the conclusion of the ceremony, the Continental*
marched to Clarke’s Spring, and a sufficient time having
Im*£ii allowed the men to refresh themselves, the companr
were again formed tor target practice. Subsequent u> thi>
Capl. Crawford exhibited a splendid silver medal, sliicn
had been prepared lor preseuLitiott to the aoldier m iking
the best shot. On one side is a representation of the Co
lonial stub* of the country—a forest, a company encamped.
*•** a continental “standing guard’’ On the reverse are
tho words—“Liborbis rt music solum. Continental tiuard
cor missioned 21«t June, 1S55, K.chniund. Va.” The me
dal was presented lo Scigeoul Oh As. Kegnault, with felici
tous remarks, by Col. August.
The company then sal down b» a sumptuous dinner, af
ter wnich several geuflenicu ms !e brief speeches iu re
sponse fo toasts, and the whole affair passed off jo
vially. la the evening, the company relumed to town and
were dismissed, highly gratified with the pleasant incidents
ol their first anniversary.
City Consult..—A called meeting of the City Council
wa* held yesterday nfternoou at 1 o’clock. M.-wwr*. Dove,
Monies, Quarles, Kppes, Richardson, Whitfield, Uletter,
Robinson. Hoddy, dealt nd Saunders n'eie present.
A resolution, giving permission to the Yoik River Rail
road Company t.> raise the grade of Lc-ter street, came
Op as unfinished business, .ea* amended, on motion oi Mr.
Morris*, so as to provide that the company shall first oh
foi l the con-cut of rhe property holder* on said street,
aud aJopb'd.
On motion of Mr. Scott, the Council took up the ordi
nances reported by the coiniuilteu on police, relating Co
dogs. Tne minority re|W»t was rejected, ami that ot the
rasjoiity was dUoQMvd. amend, d and finally passed The
lending feacures ol this otiiiuaiice are as fon iwa : -
pciruii OIUIISII9 a UO£ Of ItOgS, lO applV lO HlC
Chamberlain for lie. ns* to k.-.p the mine; $1 to oc paid Tor
a lic.-uro for one dog. and $5 lor each additional dog, tbi
Hoeinf to expire on th« I at of March there ifter Krorv
dog to wear a collar, bearing the owiox'a name, with u
iscdal attliched, on which ahull bo sun.pel or engraved
tbo number of the liccu.** , flic i'hamburlaln to fumi-ti tlio
modal, and 25 eenta to Ire paid therefor by the owner of
the dog. When a dog is found goi.ig at largo in flotation
of the foregoing *• ction, the owner shall pay a Doe of flit;
or if a slave or titv negro lie ahull lie puaishad with atnpca
nnlev* the fine if paid. Tbo Mayor to Older out city hands,
hor ©s and carta, whenever lie UiiuU* it necessary, mlta.
bly provi,fed forth- capture of dogs going at large, and
designate police officer* to accompany the carta; but whin*
ove. a dog with a collar is captured, 'the officer is to notify
the owner 'heieof, who can redeem his ilog within six hours
thereafter, by the payment of fl; provided that no dog
when accompanied by his matter, shall bu subject to cap
ture. Any person attempting to rescue a dog from the
ollicers, shall be fined not lees than f I nor more than $10.
Every dog taken up, to Ire kept in a piace provided by
the Mayor, until alter snnact on tho same day, when
they are to he killed—except such aa have born licensed
and the nwnet has not had time to redeem him. Anr per
son may redeom an unlicensed dog by paving the police $6.
The ordinance not to effect strangers bringing dog* to the
city until two day* after llicir arrival. Doga captured
and not redeemed are to be Uken bevond the corporal,
limits, killed and buried. The ordinance to lake effect on
the 1st of August next.
After some other busincM, the Council adjourned.
M> anxa is C vSoi isx Ooontt.—Wc learn that a brutal
murder »«■ committed in Caroline comity last Saturday
week. Our informant elites that a free negro, working
for Theodore Davis of Essex, and a girl named Amelia,
servant of James Davis, of Caroline, inurdeted another
girl, also belonging to James Davis,by knoeaing her in the
head with a slick, at or near her master'* residence_
They conveyed the body to the woods, and concealed it
in a trench, nndcr a lot of brush, where it waa found, the
eye. having been picked out by birds, it appears that
Amelia was suspected of participating in the murder, am!
wae compelled to divulge under the fear of bring put to
•teatb herself. Her revelations led to the dlscov-vy of the
body. An inquest wia held, and the negroes were lodg
ed In the jail at Bowing Oraen, to await examination.
R" ituosn E> M*t x Nsrirurg.—Our remlem will learn
from an advertisement in another column that the com-hi
ding exercises of the pram ni session of this flourishing in
a tit,,ti.hi will commence to-night, at the Ur*#., ttr-et Rn|1
ti*t church. The R-v. J. Wheaton Hmith, of Philadtl
C'' i, who Is to deliver the sd I rev. before the Missionary
#«y id the Institute, la our of the ablest ministers of
the Rvp'isl denomination, in that city, or imb-ed in our
whole country , and we fe. I assured that all who go to
hear him will be well re|stM, even should the weather
ha aa hot and oppressive ns it lias lieen lur two or three
diyn past.
The int -resting con, nciirenteni exercise, of the |n«tl
tnte mm year ago, are anil In si, in the memory , and the
evident grvtiftcvtion felt by ail who were prrsent on that
oevastoo, ensure* a numerous attendance on Thurvrlay
Wfnt lt*lf,
ktBK — We moat deeply regret to learn that the btauM
fal country residence of David Dunlop, Esq., situated some
three mils# North of Petersburg, on tlm Richmond arid
reterobii.-g Railroad waa destroyed by lira kata on Halnr
“~y '"E1'’. "*■ "»Hy on yesterday morning. Wo regret
this, ii.rt so much on account of any pecantaiy lr>«* which
*V have hen sustained by Urn worthy ow..»r-- for he la
well able fo "sustain” if—Imi beenuae wears snrrv that a
Utructure, In the ercctirni of which so much good taste
hail been displayed, and which waa ie such perfect keep
lag with tha k—rthff yndawhlebaammadad it, should
• •• ••• haamHarva torch, aa w« be*.
—J‘H*rtt..rg j
-Ifc/dr* thr Ifavor_John f. (Man 1
uaa. packed up lu lha street, la aa intoxicated condition,
•a. Mid to Ml in tha .a«,W $100, to keep the paata’.
Waa Neal. tar a similar ofme*. Mug a iww cuatoU^T.
*** ”*‘"*‘*fl1 •»* ijlachargud. Wra. Dabney, lor com
******** * "*•*•“* noprwroaed aaeeull upon a luau .
karaad fctotr, am hakl to Ml a. tha .on, if $U.. u,
•••J ruoujjfii^a.Mj i«i | like §uw ior bi« i^>- ,
prantm *k« II u«tiiig« Court, to loiiww au oiJm l
Ci man.- - Richard D, Welaiger, charged with cutting 1
Joarph I’nttiEun the night uf.lhc mb w( June, and John
Matthews. cliargail with aiding and abetting tba aaiur. '
ware arraigned trefarr thr araror yivb rdav. T hr iuveali I
gauon wi, |.r.martod to a lata hour. lie Mayor after 1
renewing I lie testimony, remarked that he lell [conaiiuii. !
ad to send the partie* on to an examining court, and thar
were admitted to bail iu tha aum of $no<) each.
Tna IIkbuitauk Aiibiy.— Henry D-chtuan and Tiro*
"'"Btermau, charged witii participating in the affray l i .
which young Frick waa killed, agelu appeared be!era the ^
Mayor yepi,ir<lat, ai.d at the erau luaion of the leatjmonv I
thu Ma» or discharged Weater man, and Bent Bachman on •
loan examining uoml. Tha prisoner waa admitted to hail I
in the auui of $!,OUO.
RurmcaaiNn Rau..—Tl.c intenaa best of The Atiwoapie-rc, '
under wliieh we bare sutiered f.»e aomc day. part, waa di
minished ycaterdar altarnoon by a rwfumhbg .bower of
rain, accompanied with thunder and lightning. We am
under olrhga!urn* to the circus for this blaming, If It be cor
reel, aa every ho ly aaya, that “the cirru. always brings
Mill.” *
* Ben Orujiit t bun. —Hold th> part a*»c«- ' In r--rrp Da•
rW Ir P».» killer to, bait aa h. ar, and U p a ,nj sorr
i’ITJ **■ rr**"'"1 dm.1 take our were Sir tl, when
Itlg erntawlll hqyjt bnitleer n.
* 'are#.—A fair trial .1 u.« OlypnUW MtUora WIU
conrlnta the iao»i akryUcsl oiffcur. Ural i*.Ia o.edleia* bu so
2J1?, £kmVr7M*.U“ W' •* k*"» »vmn>*i<
Naw Yuan, June Stt.—Ti e steamship Atlantic arrived
here at II o'clock M. last night, with Liverpool advice- to I
the lltli inti. Among her paaaengrra ia ox-Prea>dent 1X11
ruore-, and as soon aa it wan aacertained that he was on j
board, solutes were tired from the Collin’* dock nridj tlie I
The Asia arrived out on the 9th,
The Kiigii-h public were atill without official notice of
Craiupton a disrui.sel hut regarded il aa a fixed fact. Poai
ttve but unofficial statements, per steamer Asia, caused
little excitement. Tlie lamdon papers argue that aa the
case ia a |mraoual ons, il involve* no neccasily tor the dir.
mia-ol ot Mr. Dallaa.
The laniilmi Tiutea i. very bitter towards the (Juried
Kansas affairs excite notice in Enrdnn.l _ltl,...o
generally understood. It is argued that this domestic
question would divert attention from a foreign war.
The Rouse of Commons have passed a bill altering
tbe oatbs so as to admit Jews to seats.
An attempt upon the lite of the Queen ot Spain is rs
ported. A ymuig man presented a pistol at her, but was
immediately disarmed.
The inundation in France has rendered 40,000 human
Wciiigs houseless, and thrown 40,000 out of employment.
The coru crops, it is hoped, will be about an average.
It is repotted nt Iterlin that Prussia and Sardinia have
demanded lobe admitted to the commission fur re-organi
zing the Pnnubian Principalities, and that the demand
has boon seceded to.
Austria lias resolved to eroct the Lombard Venetian
provinces into a kingdom.
Upper Italy and Arabia are still in a state of insurrec
tion, refusing to recoguUo the rule of the Sultan.
More Turkuh outrage* agaiual the Christians are report
The Russian Commissioner to settle aflaiia in the Prin
ci online* lias l» eu instructed to retire from the oumn is
sioii, it Mohlier I’asha, formerly Prince Sturza, is admit
ted to lake pai t in the pi oceeding*.
AMMuaartAt. ivtxm.u.kxck.
CotUm e oust, but not quotahly lower. Sales of three
days reached I4,0o0 bales.
Flour ad.ai.ced fid to Is. Canal, 30*. a 34a; Ohio "5s
fid a 57s fi, Phihnlclptoa 81e fid a 35s fid. Wheat advanced
'id; wnite ins. fid a 11s; red 'Js. 3d a life. 4d. Com ad
vanced la a la. 6d. Southern, white, 29s. fid; Northern,
prime white, 3'>s. fid; yellow aud mixed 29a
Consols 91 I K to 94 1-2.
Wasiiikuion, June 23.—Sxnatc.—Mr. Toomlw gave
notice ef his intention to introduce a bill to take the cen
sm ot Kansu-'; to protect the exercise o! the elective fran
chise in the Territory, and to provide for calling a Con
vention to form a Consolation pluvious to adiuiviioii mto
the Union.
Mr. Uvaii's replied to Mr. Sumner's attack on the hist*.—
ry a id institution* ef South Carolina
Horse.—Tiie House considered and passed a bill autho
rizing the President to cause the Srmthtiii boundary of
Kan-as to be surveyed and markc d.
Mr. W’akctusn give notice nt his intention f • introduce
a bill amendatory to the net ol 1»1S, prohibiting the
introduction or import.diou of slat re.
A bill authorising tile people ot Oregon to evil a Con
vention, preparatory to ihe adoption of a Constitution lor
a Stale Wovi. niuenl, wo consul--red.
Nrw Yoax, June 23.—A severe rain squad occurred
here yesterday afternoon. Many h ints were capsized in
the haitMir, and several lives lost. Building* in the vicini
ty were Mown donn, or struck by ligutuing, and a liumtier
of DemonP kil
New Yore, June 28.—Mr. Fillmore had an enthusiastic
rrr»|ilIon at tha St. Nicholas hotel last night. The aRliitpa
firad on Ilia Rrriral comprised several hundred guns, and
•ont.u'icd till daylight.
Baltimore, June 28.—Flour advanced 12 eta - -sales ol
1 Howard street and City Mills at fd.2&. Wheat 8 to beta
better. Corn advanced 1 to '2 Ceuta.
New York, June 28.—-Flour has advanced; sales of
State at $S itn.JOl.io ♦fi.dft, Soulheru |6.8b. Wheat baa
advanced, but the market la unsettled, and it ia impossible
lo give quotations. Corn higher, sales at i»7 rents. Storks
generally higher. Virginia aiaoa 8t>L
*N» ■AI.I.AH D Hill St:.
t Myers, N ftlW I> WUanu. <» M Moure. J T II UottyJ 8
Rlttcrhand, L A May. N T; It Vaaarr, miss Vaaat, Mrs Er.klne. R W
Vsaser. Al*. Mrs Simms, Miss; J M fhnllli, B Pollard. J 0 Wilkin
son, 0 Chamberlain, Ml..- A sod t Chamberlain, Norfolk, J Hun
ter. Carotin*, Dr J P Harrison, Va, J M Smith, RIctiM, W W T ill*,
term, N Kent; J H Taliaferro, P W Coleman, llsnoeer; A 8 Brown,
Ik I nutr, H Prnltt, Mobile; B Baylor, tear*, J B Rawlln*. La; A B
I Lamb. II of Va. tl N Miller, T W Oilliaro, H C, J P Harrlaon and
Lady. Rlch’d; C D Clarke and Lade, Ball. U M lleaeh, Alei; D W
I lewis, Palrfat; T Mathew., I^wiabura; W P Jarman. Albemarle; J
W W. Ilborn, (I t J T Heavrll ml** M L Brawell, Oloueeder; C While.
I llsnoeer, 0 P Coleman, N V ; H McCoy, Ball, R Wllkma, lia#*..n,
1 MU; J H Poster and Lady, ml** Foster. W A Farward, Via, J II
I Hauling, 0 W Hauling Hnetcn; II W Peeblra and a..n, la, Tho. ll
| Tucker, H 0\ T P Atkinson, Danellly; Dr Brallefnrd and lady. 8 C,
Mi» EA Mnorr, J K Targery, Mallfae; J J McNutt, Levmgton. T P
Wright, Montgomery While Bwlphnr Springs, P 8| <1 Cocke _ml lady,
Mlsa I. B Cocke, Powhatan , Mra Tucker, Mias llalhach, 8 M Vaaa,
v*. w Martin, Hear r
Iticaaoan, VAd Jnnr. I KM. (
■ .8I.I7.AKFTH B Wickham, Marlnrg Wickham, and John Wiek
, Rs ham, Admlnlatralora of J aims M. Wickham, Ac.,
I . ... Halntlff*
; dmrfnef,
1 Julia lelgh, In her own righl, and a* Pteeturit of B W Leigh. Ae
cesacd, Be , Wm. F. W Ickham, and other, Defendants
i M-.clary Wickham and John Wlekham, Be., Plaintiff.
Kllaahrlh B Wkkhaan, Wai. F. Wirkhaa, and others, Defendants,
j Jn'la Is Igh, Plaintiff
I Wm P. Wickham, In Me own right. Be., Be., Br. Defendants.
/af nuevrr t i>rnr rrrr Rh uKosn
) According i<> the decree entered In Iheee , sees, on the lllh June,
| 1AM, The Court doth opnroee and rondrm ihe report ef Commit
I aloner Watson, made under the decree of Mth February, 18.V.. end
doth direct the enld Comwila.emer h. > .ntlnue down Hi# liwnn la ol
Wm P. Wickham aa Admlni.'rater of James Marlurg, dcr-aa. d,
| and Walter Marlurc. ihs-rnsed, snd aa Ftr. ntor of John Wirkhsm
deceased, and irnatee under h's deed, and al»>, aa tdmlnis*rater nl
, Elienbe'h I*. Wlekbam and brisey Wlekham, ami to a|>porMoll
whatever may b" foin.l dtn him 1-y In either rhaynat, r, among ihoa.
aniHIrd I hereto, accruing t„ their respreller right-. id | he aa id
Commits ten, r Is lo report edeh aeeonnio with any mailers apeeial
ly staled, de, med pertinent hy hhnt-lf, or which may he required
la he an alated, and Ihe oarl doth further dlreel tha I noth* r. it„
Hma and place of taking the accounts hereby direct d, hr nuhlf.lt
one* a week for four anccr-slfe srrrka, hi Ihe Richmond Whig, —ft
Illial anr I, pnidica'ion hr rqulralenl lo personal aervler mem the
part Ira
The parlies i« ihe foregoing mils will pirate in lake .oiler that |
have Ated upon Wednesday, Ihe I kl day of July, ISM. si ihe hour
| of l* M., and al this n*-e, as ihe lime aad place al which I aball
I prweaed hi dltrl, ,gr Ihe dulle* required of mr under Ihe decree
meofineed as ahoroatd.when and wrtvre Ih* parlMa Wll el term o|,h
1 say seo hera and papers Uiat wiU ei.abl- air lo properly act In Ihe
PVrWt—* WM F. W ATROS, Com'r.
Jefl wlw
MsWOH Nl AT,- Tvs lermnrnl* an Bant atvret, oe-u JRL
F pte*' hy Mra B<a py aa a boa.nng house. Poaaraainn JBi
I wilt he given on the 1st July.
• BI.O, Ihe Ir, .-mem adjoini.ig, orreplrd by Mr John R. Martin.
Pnaae-s • n Will hr glv.n on Ihe 1st of Del. nest
| Aleo, aaverai la os air u Id near lire upper market Apply to
I JaW-tf Ju«H WRAME. lnk vareet
tr^r^,TM*LAM mm •»
' - ira Ri»*K«aa*»»*4 l«lkf« will M| tia a»u«i%j iBrwti'ic f .9 Im I
—^TTn. <MHr^uimThondaF. u* agu... M
. -T* “?■« be Idlwd < u the now ee.„,ng, te
B*i non! > — Ukmrni, bp A> Ue * T.jlor, A. B , ef I
*_y ?* "'— *■? *"“• angtiogg. _ _ jc**-ffi
wrwvt’■ rom»u.-A nu,^
0*ei*y..i««, restored U health la ■ few dag., eller May
pn«ao» great nmr.ua auffertug, U anitoua to la make kaawa the
mini oftei*. Will mad tree ibe pranrtptlaa naad. Direct to Ibe
A* *. JOHN M DA'INAI.L, Ho. IW, HJim tenet, Brooklyn, N. V. j
_teatei logic
. Tl” c-ad.luetlon * ' lagf.-dlenl. tire I'.IU are perfect
%rmi***' TH^Ir i j at id lutriU vr luttd upon on
r* *"*ll' “•«'•>> year* . and ahem lb* dlmeth na
** ■ '■***' **'*c«ly f.d.une.1. I hr 1 at' a-r-r tolled la -or met all |r.
'7. '• ‘ , ~*~i~i‘f i (panlua'iili 1
T,"’r •'blear, tho at.,In. and mane. *11
' w*" frwm o*M. •\|-**urr ur v >:«uir ; %n«l may Ik
'.fklly aaa Bmnuii. Gall upon (he Agri.ta sill get a
01- alar f » paru. alar, her
Pn« |. per bua, wirh fall dlrecdbuig Sold whole tola tod rrtall
_ liteltu Ft ATI A'.uh,
^ < "'V?"' jf/fauad lilt 4r.li, Mniw, Yu.
natmLaVVuJIr’ifi/ W "* M*-" “I'1 • 4b:i Wehd. V».
V*£ll?l£..A*WaUo*- *•" Utaad tenet,
J 4 RVANH, No 10 IVarl timet, i> *»
J" , ••I* «u| !•/dnlere at Proprietor*, prlre*. and
tond the Pill, to ladle, tcdinjr'itodly) hy mail, lo rtth.r city or
eooHry, on r rc-lp, of f 1 througl Richmond Pud o»re. V,.
n B - r.rtry l>nn »h«- »ik-uatur- of J. IH lDNi o No oth-r
ffvf-utnv. For imromlar*, gat ClrcoUr* of Ajt*..u
1KT-Bg_.«»x»:«lf 4TKD mvil iiv
P4a5Vr..» to^Ktefar, < W/ - for vf /A. /* ••»/ flp.fgna
hM>y. A m AoeA.-dtaannaiau, Ue. .«dwe f. US: -f/m.v _
,ir ,hT rr'B,t*t ►»* " »• T»ae ending
M MM mumninih!, olth - -tubular «Jauu.*» ru, Pit «.f Ihc fw.wtN, Cuu
Otetod with wweorl .Hack, .f U/apcp l. Imrl„g M.
' *■ **• Iblwtollj t k up a paper, eeatatnlcg f.-iimonlnla
rnpteUng|Tnar u.to. r.n.rt, lu on* In.Unew. al»r-r.
L ' * ' ‘ill, TT* , ‘*,r T‘ : 1 ,f U,.d toy own .ye.,, one at. condition
•ooccur\telv drtcrilod, tin, l determined me • poll trying them —
■ b c.'ed, and ,u.r. u —.1 merraJ bottle, and And in
rtnor tpd Mrp|i|th Miii Ih «lih« **kUfa<*trvjr mdette**. Ihnl tu ter
can. they had aix .mplubod all that | r« old wi.‘.
mprc-.foiAjr, your ob Jim' mvuaI.
mor.T"e,'lhi - '* Wath.ngton ter-rt Nod on Pr.^prl
nor. Fubl Uy t an ag< ota «»«rj wlrre. Jr?w-C»wl» 1
Hhtiri .lR PH ACTITIOhl.R ’ I
Tbia tuay ecUto u,at I hAh ufcd peer. UavU’ VryvuMe Pa '
to nutorr .Q* iwo, *n I hflrtc It lalni v«*cy \ ilaaMr to* %it
? . I litre prr*. rlbcd It r*t<•■». ▼,»y :n bvwH L -„,.'nflc ,ptittcu
c» i!.4r. a.> *nd it 1* to my npInUn riv^rlnr to m> prrp\ro
*^?,1 h*ce »Ter u.e<l for the RLefaf thoaedih-aac. When glrTr to
ehll H i have alw.ja i a: ih . d It wllh u. .yrup of gam arable,
•ay ten I top. u. a t*a<|> ooful of Uk ayrup. wtU mixed. Olhera
BATe feiitd il vIUa milk BBvl tu Imic«, oquil utrti
***** DAVIS* PAIN Kll.I.FR,»« bo Intern.! rr«My h.« no
e<)iAaL lo caae. of Cadle, Furnmer C iuplaiut, Drepepala, Dyaen
tery and A.thma, It will cure in one night, t-y taking It Intertuiif.
aod I tthuig with It irmly. It ie tl« heat li.lmeol In America. It.
actl .U ia like magic when riterually applied to bad amh ru«.
•raid, and w-in Fortlmteik icadaclie and toothache, don't fail
to try IL la .hort. It U a I'ain Ktiler.
F**ld by Uraggtu. and Me.ll. iue Draleri t*eryaher».
j-K .1, A.:«
D4I>I,I.H'n WHITE Ml f 1*111 K SPHIMIk
THIIU well known watering place la now u|»eu for the re-wpilon of
. Vlxiicr*
Board pee dap |i <a.
“ “ weak in on
** “ RKKlth ou
, ^ P. A. UATrilKRa I
ir **—ew«w__ Panrxiina*.
f\>raer UoMraur tiaif Franklin .Street.,
H AYR in glare g fine i.eortmeut of tojietb Fumihtrt (Rlch
mnud to.ke.) to which they the .IteoUon of tla: public.
Tlnry cttr.-ai tlictr furniturr of n quality uuiurpiad by .ny ui.no
factored In U.l. country, 'icing practical mn'hanlc. thenuelreg, and
glring direct and p r-onal kup. rei.lou lo utl the detail, of thalr
innnula.during operution. Tliey only aak n .all from thoae who
• waul good furniturr, • iigagiug .Imply to offer them a .plrodhl arti
cle al a *ery reasonable price.
give especial attention to l miertairing, and bold
*■/?*»**£ prepared, »» all hours, and at shortcut notice, to provide
M.Utlu'J Vises,Mahogany ur Pu]4ar Colhus.with ahmods,l!carae and
backs, Ac.
P. 8. One or two varnlsher* and polisher* wanted, to whom per
manent employment will be given, if luuacdlate application Is
__ Je*4
Thin pi.eaeant, ami iicai.tiiy nn.
VISITOR*.—Th- wall-known medicinal qualiLca ul the water, ami
tl.e purr and the whulcaome Mcuuiain aimoaptierv, free from all
kind. I.f -fitl-mlc, muter It not only a lirllytuful rrw.rt for rccroa
Uou a.ij plcaawrr, but a hvultbr and quirt rc~.it for tlir Invalid.—
Paiiryfn lrav ng Richmond or Pc^orrour,. after breakfavt, by lb*
Uatitlllr, or South Stdr and V.rglnlo and Tennrawr K-II Road*,
rea-* 'V- UMaIWuaburg <l*pot by lialf paato'clock I'.M ,uur .lay,
wltrrr tSry will bv taken by good cnachra and LacEa Ur tar Sprtnr.*,
illttanl KJf miter by half palt 6 o'clock.
A Hally Mail .a received, affording opportunity to receive papera
and letter* promptly.
A raperlor Hand of Mnaic la engaged for the aeaacit.
Tcaue It ord per day *2—per Week 112—per mouth »4-.—aer
vanla ami children under l*i year* of age, half price.
Will epen In
On the Carrier vf 4th find Clay
1’ A U D.
I\0»t|SS«>\ * EUMUI)
IVik-Isub to the S<»utli that, as a return for tbr generous patron age
that hs* ever cn-wrud their efforts to pirate, they have tills season
rora crkat shows!
And engaged the world r<Downed
ir ik om uippoonoMr. tboi pe,
to app-rar In coqjaaet'.on wit i th.ir spin. JmI
Making in ail the uiosi couplet,., InUrr*: and r t sfaCfory en
tertain lent ever set-.i under any ruvillon, and the h-«t fifty cjtt
Wt>w t-ver • dried to the People uf the Rrp-blii*
J-l• — H*t Hr? U K8
1JIITCCTI ILiTRI hiimmvs. iiimovn,
MZj Vffarts, Nafla. Ca*’ *«o€ie>, A«* . growing Into the flrsh, and
every disorder of th«- f«s t rvm .red by a Pew and eaty method, and
without the »llgl.Ur>! painty Drd* NIIUETZ, the <'-l«l»rate*1 Margoon.
Chiroj odNt, from Ln. lor.. pafronUed by the Ncbiluy and Gentry
if Oroi lUUin. Dai'y attendin«c, 150 Mam siren, opiKtsiu
M »n K nt, Paine A Keu *«.
J3F"Ladle* w’.ll do well t.» avail themselves of Ms skill, as he la
tlu only able,« Hi i«*«jt and tend - ope stor In tl.c abuvi d:*ea*uS.
Fee, #1 each C\>ru.
I*ad*e* ai.U gentlemen can be waited on at their residence* if de
•Jfvd ._ __ _ _ J*B4- <«»•
. FANCY 0001)8, Ac.—Intending tr dl*Conltn6« bu uw and
with a t;ew t. Hosing up *a speedily a* posr.blr. I shall fr» ui ‘hi*
•lav sH 1 ut ••nd nelow cost, a fl.ie and Urge stuck of T Me a*. J P k
ei Cutlery, Oliver Pinted Ware, Alt* nt a Flat*, hrUantia "Trial Ware,
llaut*- Keeping Hardw.vr-; • tpan Ware; Japan T*aT«avs : Par ler
Madi'.e do; Wonder War*-. \\ ittow Jo, Mats , Krasin# ai.,1 Hri-om* ;
l.aiht"* Apparatus; V%*t OoaLws; Ckv.k* Fins. Me deal In*
str irorrU ; C«»mh4 . P»TJumery. mmm; Looking GU«*c*; lev C cam
Fre« ser# ; (ihongr ; Ref. i* cr . oi - ; Work t< .xr# , Faney and other
coraiMiossrs uu or valuable la yds
INi A f *BI. TI A Ik I I* A* ci mmuiirafri Bp.
l*olnt'-d by tl.c Circuit Court of Alh-marle County, at It*’Hat
tell**, I s'lall off. r f«»r »ule. at auction, at the home place, on A F*>
MC8D.vv, the 4:.. day of August. the four vatuah'r iricta of Ur. f ly
ing In » - county «*f Albemarle, of which if** fate Col VVr. '(.chk
dk»d •eiaed Th««e tracts all Ik- In the jo* ’ r-rti p .ft of the Cvui.ir,
are of r« uixrkabl- f«rtitqr%located In de*‘.-..blc nelgbbo. hoods, and
conv« 'er-.t t«> m ..lad and ml!!»
1—Tho Home IIA4 • •oatainlng 1 31 I *J A-re*, ciurc or los-, <.f
which if »ut 1I«' acrr« i"e w* ll t uiben.l,!o a*«-Uahoat 1 «• inll- #n rth
of Cliarlotu «vi;ic, and u Ijo’ns th« !•« 1 s ..f |>r J H. Regers, li. W.
Mills, lit »rgc Crank :«nd others Th*rr xre up n tl-t* tract a U-g
rowrraknt and sui*oi u». .d ''r'ck at * frame Pwtllmg llou<w, coii
ta iiing elev. U *oinfo* .4bit room# 'ITie p.trt of tlar •!« -Uiurf
has recently uod« .'gone thorough rep.tfrs and is now In good order
rbrr- urt also on this tract a n#w t< haheo House, new Inm and
corufortab.e n(p • cabins an<l o*ti#r oufl. in.
Cod.—flat Quarter Tra't contains ^ a. r*% of which f«o ot CO
acres are In words, and .vtyoins the isnds of Cl. Oanl-,0. Prk-e, John
P. M -f.x* and oiiiers. On lids tract there U an ordinary dw .dll .g,
good tegro cabins, a go -» Bam. toharro !i.»u*es and all n*. e« are
outhouse*. ImkIu* an. k.«Jlc:.t young orchard of choice fruu
*4 —A iract adjoin* (hr Undo of J. T .Yfichke, Rrobn Harris at I
other*. and containing a!-oni So arret of good land. There arc 11 »
tmpr tVCtariiti upon this tract.
4th.—'The Mountain Tract contains!W am, of which |*rhni.«
1 .Ml arr clear* 1. and adjoin* the Ian i* of P. (ioodlor. Mutui.tr and
other. The Improvement# upon (Mstract arr \ commodious f>wel*
ling linu»«. anl all or- re*ay nuth. ua# The greater por. uti of
this tract liar he- n rwiitl; iu«o. and U well taken n Timothy.—
These land* otmrr '’Or ,‘d* rattle Indu -roefitt to person d< sir >ns of In
vesting In Albemurl* land*. The subscriber or Mr. John P Michis
will take pleasure In shewing any of the tract* to tbosr Jrsir-.us to
cgamloe them.
Tanuf* of A*im.—Cash as U> ao much as will he nrersoary to defray
• ipcn*'** of thu sale and suit, and the balance «j. n a credit of one,
two and t‘ re* years, hearing .ritrrest from day of sale. The Interest
to he paid annaally. The deferred payment* to he secured by bond*
with personal security, and the tulv lo be retained until all tbs pay
ments are made. JOHN K. MIC 1111,
i«* 4—wgw Coma'r.
VAt.l ABLi: I'AKM TON SAI.F, On the lHth aT
gnst neat, on the premise*, will be sold at auction, without
reserve, a tract of land situated on llannlster river. In the county
of Halifas, one mile from a turi out on the Richmond and Itanvilte
railroad The Intel contains seven hundred and twenty acre* ol
land, of which tWn hundrrd and ninety acre# ar** best river low
ground, forty acr* • errek flat, and the balsf.se fair highland. The
land I* well watered, with timber on It -uto-'lent tor all plantation
purpose*. It has all the farm building* usuaNy seen on Tobacco
farm*. As persons desiring to purchase will probably ar* the land
for themselves, I derm fnrlher description unnecessary
The terms will be one fourth ea*ii, and the baUr.ce payable m
threw year* with interrst from date, payatde annually , hood* to b*
secured by a deed of trust on the land.
h ashivutos rorm, vibuhm.
Til* fall fb»>U n cl thl, In,.nation *111 conoMnc* on U>« Z1«.
(lay of A11,ii.i n*»t.
Tmtton par MMton of ft bm'Ik *W«j
IVoortl * « <• d/k
rmi ~ " .... «*«
Wa<h!n|" 11 * „ ft,„i
Ooailnfrnl rharfr '• •• l.ftft
TM. ■rrktf.E a arhoo. In wftlnft Ihrlr ton, or waMa map rwlvr a
|mw! r'.llrplatr or ftu. meaa trloroi.on arr rr.iori'.r'l In Mn.l<1,p II,
artran.afra hrrr oflrrr^ Tft» tlmmuah ..f ftra.tl.ful
location, remote..,,, from anp town, »tv>1r«..p>r iltar.p.1 IT, inn, n
l>rrl»nrr and aft.Illp of the Pwnltjr, toprtft.r wi.ft ll.r Mr,./".raa m
i.»r (mu. arr point* wor.lrp of .-.j-, n«l nntirr. Por additional
Information or for a ethlana, addrrar
K. K Wll.rr. frraMrnI
J# 1ft—Ro» t ii.orp IV 0. \*.
.v|M at, PH. M'lTfml,,
On Grace* Strtt*1. PH wo n Ith and ;»lh.
1| RR. JKKritRcu.N MINOb *n.l MwA R M ..w are pleased
a" ■ to inform their friends ar I the puhl c, tha* their A* lu ■ ’ for
Young lads « »• now In ot-ft u.-.n, and lie present sewsK'O will c- n
ttnoe to the ia'dh July. Mis* Anna H lit wur.l i» ass -lat *d with
Mis* Minor, In the ar»*of*l department. Miss II. *. a* .1 Is so well and
tfciwMtl t ■ w •» gav<
at Midway Academy, a« to render comment or eulogy unnecessary
Rbe ha* Iwm t ogmg- d In teaching for several years pset. In tt»e Ant
school in the l>l*»rb*t of C dnmbts, from wMeb *he hy -igs the h»gh~«t
I t*’Stl»onlale, and o» her experience, knowledge and roorsl ronduet,
. ws . i In.; I*, fly rely. Among Her high, an l r. rad aceon*pH«h.
J MStits ** Ms«>
ly. f «cry bf'in b of a flnf«b*d c*ln atlon both solid and ornamental
. will I*.- i* gbt In lb • sebo-il. Mwah-, vocal an* tnetrnmer.fsl the
Mar [•. Plano and Owitar are all famished. an.! taught In lb» 'iirllv
by oampet. m a* I very * «m»p1M»wd * ae*,e?#. Vn ih* contlaoanc*
j of bey •cbfwil, ||r* MlnoV*B ol^.«wt,*s to edu *«e her youngrr d*ugb
' fees, am« hrhc wishes lo .|o in her own totally. The rbmd will > e
j I will** t to tn rwai <-r Ten boarder* sml I o day *t .olaes.
I Terrn* m.» l«n»te, al. Will be ehargt d In peoprrtlnri (V >m tbw tlay
j of enlranf-e l*» the riul of Use session Application • in hr made by
I letter or In per am* MR? #r.KhrR.*b*N MINOR,
i csdUawtf MIAA RHA It MINOR
V M.l ARI.r BRAV. PRlAir «Ni AYR £*
' ▼ RRAR Rl^lfMORM KoRflAl.KtlR RgMT /ORRA1.R E
. OB RINT, - A comffWta* V brick dwrll ag on in«l Hwo-n Ma.n and
Pranttia f ireefs, ennta Intl.g eight rooms with Qns. Wate , Ac
To pmehaorr the trrww wMl hr liberal, or to a geml tenant rent
| Aten, lor *alw one towr acre lot la the town of Ay drwv. upon which
ttorPS M A lOfwa oduHi* brick I*a» Ui. g at 1 Kitchen, now .eruptsI
by Mr. James Up t, and one four acre »n« ir.u. red lately af»ov« tie
last noon wl tcli is a * tr»h rtaW« fr*n*«d I*wet1>r« with Rlirhen Ac.
j Tnewr l«d* a ill I • iw d em*'r# oy ||y»ded to suit bujr rs T. no*
aoco t|»,g, and posar«s»«*n gtvsn flrsl 4>ft »t»er nnt m at once
. B dwalesd. Apply to
OOfhfMN A AIM i il.taN, or to
| Jslft-ldt JAJL (JBAT'S AON8
MirMMNB iw«m» or tract.
U. L. RENT. Area I A A UMTUK. fV | W. A ISAACS, CTk.
•Id a ITT Alt M AAlllTKArtUW.
. __ WH.I.IAM A DOXNaN. I'Mltwa
^DAVID Cl .HUE. I LtfWtA D <-e*>«.d.AW.
HANUr or fNCRHttnKTKMi " 1
A* mAxuoLnra boojcstohk. iti Artry bthhbt
j.. at . I o-alacA. IS a'c lock. ft o'clock
Ju'is tl—|n Doors. *6 III n
Ovi Door.. * W "
_____ PORT OB ItICHNOMD, JL'NkT 2ft, IK*.
*» «wa <■>-»■» -era T la. m. w.vaa n* ‘ a. I
toZnFitT**"9*’ “■ r "*d~ And ,H.«aw. Lot- I
Atrunu I Wl, latere, Prltebell. Baltbinare, BMiee lawllalo A Wihn i
Jc'.r. U a tall. Mu... K. ». nad-e. D Mr Came * ~,‘'
7Tr "•■«'. O.nway. I». I any. Pnd. . mdwt. aundrlee.
* hr May. V V. hay, M Downey. powder, Htoir. A do.
"'hr. Jno. H Wllllalua. New Turk wheat, B A Barter Till.
Mlaop Ntw Packet, Owaltney. Nm tMleld. axlte.
w'^P"rt. RoR-r* aiitlSOa.
Wrjghl, <JUd«»n, from Richmond, arrived at fiostou 19th
mat. Schr. Merchant, Winter*, from Rich mot,tl. arrived
at Now i oik uj u llwl_
to ftutim roar*.
Pu“\*rlJi°*!,!,A BaRXw.-Bjr Barque Roebuck,
Wwb, •*,$«>♦ bbla. hour.
No imports litnt week from foreign porta.
IfOi' hl>|<|-V<.*. HATH < Ol NTl, VA.
om*' i'1'1 ■KlRKIMf t'OH CHROMT I
— T DIMI-AMM.—1Thu water try place U now open foe th» r-eep
taan of vlatUl. The ..toply of rtloeeal water „ abundeni^Tnd
‘V* d-ache and plance but... „f warton. t>i"petalarea
trout *2 o ft4 Eahrervett. a« a remedy In m.ny Chronic d -a — ,'
to ^ b? no’hltif ever known t" the harm, ra’e i
In tint!.. Rhntn-tleni, f leer Dle-a.ee. Darrb „ t
U^J'rSL. *"•***•• Dlmae. pr. a
t> • m f'.hT f . Uaeypwaaew remedial and rura
y. T rVf ^ ' dut lae. In that ... afiteMtumH
Jw. a,;c^r. ,v,^Tr_T rf,drMU,{,nM** "» “*• eletoaeh. Iteer ,..d
sp-rre ,ai.».»of tr rvjU**Ti'« ©f ruar«hjr oouuir. AimI Itatu
by a pale or aai: - cap-.., u«/..l£. *w7'4 £?.
f“ ,r choviontc amtio- or atiy k'cd. tb«e b.Lin .,f ,’n jet
vVii hnrr...iy,i "z: t its ■**•••» o.a,,w .ae.r.
vblcit l.vt re***.! up mw. aai.ifui n*. 4* u ursCUa^t. au<! in whirl
•* ****> had tK«*u used iu t»1d | nr
^T*r nal'- ULTd^.' 1?.' wtb* ‘**V euff.rlr,* with
iaaiA>ii«s. then- arc conparai.rclv few who w. u!d not be • rr
t'CUj rsstneei or frw*U* rri^rwrl by lh- wee of |W . IpJT.
fMars Is Ib^mtlc* froci K.chmoDd, \ ou u*e t|»r.- r-> »rf,ri »h\i
city to the flfwrobrier White Bai'pt.ur ‘W.iiws 'rom wi th T-lf.
taut only ft* mtlea Rarly In Jul> t.ie l>oirnl' R..I K.«d will 'J* n
CM ration In MI 'boro. after which there will he only f.rre:
tn.iv Irnvrl let»e»n the Uwt f «„p and th. n,,ocin.^\, u lr,
and !*o"iSarn r ’u ^id the traveller from Ball r-I,.ri it .,‘ .... _
*4' t.ioas f>tw *rs *i» the tnorrnnir. w»!I h«* i,rt>tie* »
iS/'Ia here lee
b' ^ a,v>Ml'Jvur’“l/ <« w Anwce, ofmoal rot r.h,
Tneie Mpruixi are umated In a vaUey In an e|. rated nv nntain
u,l>on*.^* •c*>>r?J •• »1W, rvmanilp and u suttfi 1 • and tl»
«UnaU ,n aur-rurr dJ.«Ufu]. »: ibrlou. and I^Twilii,, t£
of mnam w.ll to: In attendance thr ucht.jt the , aaou
To tlmw whjd-etre further i for-onion, and will furnlal. me with
**rapMw r-’oui“‘°« *° ■
- __ WX)I>K, for the Proprietor. j
rMk'ifiMpunfnf01?18, ArTIX‘* ROTARY FORTE PI MpT
PINHMpwmphaa JuW been pwentet m America and lu.ylanj
1'^ ae aOJ P“mP hereto tort- Invented - it*i,ni/ar
lie. are aim;/rc«y. re, end < lerin.u. i„ ,iz,
I* nothin* at out It but Iron and . - ■ - -uapoelty tyre
ap«« and put up by any ^STuTfe;^^
Hare In It by hand It*i fret p,.r m.nuie : lor cheap* .a a N* !
r It Mof "I'f'kyT purpoeew) cotnj lete, and My M-t of pipe
ev„y revolution
frZa"£‘ZnuA?Anl',Tln" T1',or *n U,*t “ h*" cU1'-w 1 f " It.
Th* . irniifli Affltruili. after teeing u ja otKTaiioo. *ar« 44T»ito
jT.bW ^•-r'ltnn J<‘“*?"'~tk>0* —« h»ble to get oot order.
SV?Y 7 tw rated at I economical. » regatd It a. an e».
rellei:t Improvement " Circular., with an accurate drXlne and
oh*,T 10 411 1,4ru of ,h* wintry* Nn
“ W ? •“ »V1' UK -arid, and e J££v..,i£
br Jii.Tle'l^i in tEJku T0? h*»"ampanled by the caah, and d.ould
JJZtt Th~ “S*. of •’““P ■•»•«*. depth of -ell, .hpplng
*c;, „^7 -1U meet prompt attention. A pump and pi,a
weigh. about onr hundred and seventy pound*. No charge for ship.
LblV'Taf*' ",U* 0T'r 5,17 ,rrl s»*ouU have -f.rawartrg
-bleb co.u*». JAMES M. EDNEY. Com. MerehmtT
For aa!e also by U. Lixtvrgr, Inventor, U Jubn gtttl, g, .
_ ir^~ __A they in*. N. c.
jfla/Wk —*»>> ""'T ,rom ,ht sobarlbcr, on
Sr*-V ills 'Jtb Inttant, a Vgr.. man named HENRY, whom I
mnJiu, u JHVi1. 'f nr UrnU n**1* Mb-nt for Lis. C...ke, or W -«t.
mordacd county. Henry ha> . w.fe In Richmond county. a- Mr. !
SaaiMl Tyler's. IK-has been hired for the lat tw,»r L\re, y lr,
if t*Tr.?*v0r'l?' 'T,lu«h'"f T’'j r-':i»nnoek. Henry I* Mark, (traight.
and apeak, .lowly ahell m-ken t ,. Two of Hie flngrr. of h|* left ,
hand, near tl.e frat joint, h . re hcen cutoff He b a roane earner 1
ter. He can read and write.
* * j* P*7 4,.KIVr ;'*»»rd H taken out of the Rut-, nr TWENTY- 1
71' *• f5v' “*** lf uk'n tw»ti»lo lb- State, and delcre.i »tr» n
aou A lllll. In the city of Hi. htnund, or lodgeu in tan to that I ret
?ii’Si„t WALE..K HOG VN.
Jvl»—lawtf Hunorff ccaotjr.
l‘*v« to-<l»y marknl down, to iiuurc Immediate amir *
I b«*utiful **«,-rUucnt of new 8i!k»—*
Id ol*C4%o",,h *’l fmn',,}^rd- ■"«ted down lo TSeU.
BO do 1 75 do do l.BT*
***** R'»***» at from ;c lr*f than former price*.—
" r invite tb« »U«nU«u of tf.e ladle* particular!* to £od*.
. W. P. PERKIN!* * C0.#
^ _ No. 1(1 fcaylrSquare.
tf.Vl.I AX ftf.IV K r>lI,.—Thr tnAr.,^1,,'ImvTto
urorm the trade and puhli, of V rglnia that they have Peer ap
1 pointed hr th- heir, of H e famous Lorettno estate, near Florence,
i^n m *‘A', 4*2“ 'n, Ara *. for the aale of th, - clebr.l-l
lullan Olive Od. Thu OH I* the pure extract of the ...live, and cl
Uinnyh iwrfcetly clear a I brigtil. U not euhmitlcd to any proccM I
of tl:ierlttg or clarlflcation, a* u the caw with IreneI. thereby
rrt» .. ing all t. primitive dettclou. flavor. T!te flrvt abipon-nt of it
only came to b.nd lo the begin: Ing of t' e promt year, bat it ha.
already taken !U .land a. the very Intat Oil ever Itapirlrd. To
roanufhctup • » of fine tobaeeo jt u invaluable, having been tried
and found to be unequalled by any iMog ever u<ed
.... „ CAKH, IlfRNETT A OLHNKtt.
!•*—dlull,_It* Water .tree:, New Tork.
—. N rtll Ct:.T NETT.—I ara attth.orlaed to ..if:r an love—
mrr», by which tl H y.er rmi. nrff win be guaranUed /hr jfrr
Jte.tr*. on trom f'v.'u to (lu.iaai.
I u nl • II on 'av.iral' • term*. - ilher mv preset rr*!dene , or my i
new d»e..iug line, corner of Orace an., .th rtrvrta Al»o. otter
dw. lilt on odi .tree:, and iol* on Hie public puare and ei». wlierc '
In Sydney.
S—It RENT—Tie hn.iec lately ccupl.'l hy John C. Stan. I,
W >*c llt—u captre. 1-t Augn ttcil; the otfee now occcpiod by R.
I It. iiuwl.on, .nd toner deairatlr rooms ta the Law UuiM.ig Call at
my la* n®.*e. No l Law Builuing. B. B I1IN0R
Ji-i1 lAltu
\.riltKO'l V'I'i: ft I. AS.N,—To Ambrolypl>u rc.dtng m
tbi. city, and to thoee u.P.g Amhrntypc and I'lgu* rreotyiw
Mock In the c< untry. I would re.pe ifully give notice that I am In
receipt of a large lut of ruperlr.r thick and ihln tmbre-ype Glaas,
which I am -riling in aheeta IMxSO, or cut op to Ct frame of ar.■
rn alter dltocnrioo*.
Wilh tin- eapoctaiion of receiving »nch encouragttnc a. w.V.
• tia’ I. me to ra«ke eve a small p'ollt, tny purpoa-broiironly to ‘n
tronuc. ti a I ranch of S-ialneaa Into thl. city, 1 liarc idarnl the pr,,
veiy . jfc.
A • ill la .elicited. Any ordrrs from the c .ot‘ry will he promptly
attrm.ed to. tt >| s ITTLEB.
| jet6 Pealir in Paint*, (Vl», Glare tkc..1 bj Main at.
| BTAAfl KXftl VI'. AfCa-FOKNALK, , thirty
! homc-power »t« ar Engine, but Ultl- ua-t. and BVJHani
I.uw In if I r,i< ir er Via. , t: ree cyln. ler B>alcr.. VJH-i
V! feet long, »: Itselie . dlae »ter. fuor circular-saw Shafts and : t ,
cast-irc a htt.d Wheel, 1u 'ret iPaciotcr. The Engine and fittnres
are |n i as g.a.1 a* new, ami will be .old for otte half ti.et- value —
Apply to V. HAItftAMIN.
taalfl-dAeif No Sn] Main *tnct
m-M’- V ; i i it O. m DOI1M, ATTORNEY at LAW,
Biapatch and Enquirer will cmy. j«KV—elm
fONaft' sTAVl- o| IJ> II. The nnder«igned rrapeotfuUy
F • <„ u * th, ritir -a . f i.-rhtiionrt tha: be ha* tr- iawd tl.ep. r
*«u»l charge of th- practical branch u? hl» huaine*,, and l« now aup
r‘> "* '■ u .tomer* wilt, -n afic' of PAM [IT IDAF Hitt Alt, ihe
quality of which. t*e Salter* hlmeel'. eaiim t tie wurp -ft u an
e.I <111.1100 of m or thirty y, <ra. Including right year* a. principal
baker for the Atinr llourc, Nr» Yrk. ho can, with aoo-.e c. nfldo. ce,
luvltc Ihe attention of the public to f'» Hoaat* Rolls C*ire, n»e,
etc. Taking tine oewadon to thaoi. the t t:i- ,« of itietnuor ! (or
their I neral patronage dur ngt. o la«t three year*, ho would rggpect
fully aolleit a aontlnuancr of prat faeora JAMFU ADAM.
Haker, Mam Su, uppoalt* A. Dueal'a Drug St re
\| n n i s 'iimi k, v
iTJl •ortment of 8l!k We Mantle-, black Bilk and Moire An
tique do. with lac* in-cried and kaiuMady trimmed.
Atao, a lot colored tui. Mautlca, which w, are offering at eery low
prior* c. IIARTWRLL A 00
CM r no Pit t.kkl it til Is*. -CooafU ng f H «!,.
/ Plichrre, Pkkle and hugat IManda, Cclfcrica. D ihce, Ookh la.
Tumbler*, Jellry (Jlatrai, Winra, Ad , Ac.
Dr -inter* In >eta and palra, Mar end fluid Lamp*, lemn Qtuhoo.
flan rsadoa, Ac., fot aalc by
fal* WM • tCTLn.T* v , .
rniiORE CHEAP LIBI a stirs i u I -dthi.wa
B aon by the auh* rihrra, haro hcooiu* rory popular, both no ac
count of th, ‘r tenter! appearance and low peter. Breton* inlcrroteJ
will do well to look at them
HI.ACK SL’MMKR StlTH-Male up la Skeleton «yle. rendering
thi in retro mole light, comfortable and genteel. In ttyle. Hi and du
rability, we challenge romparlaon
Illl’ROVMi SHOULDtft SF.aM SHIRTS —loat lohtiulan ae
tortitlont cf the ab>to good* to whh-h wo rati duration, knowing
ttiom to be the tnoet popular ablet In the ,-ky. Wo hare the differ
ent ttylee of be a, in and calf to mil the trade, one word more—they
are the cheaper! thtrte eyre told.
J*B* ltd Main atreet.
f|dt' I III • ■ Ilf tk Util III Its l>i ||f| Til R
It hereby gtrrn that in ter a resolution of the H ard of Dtrectore
adop-.don ihe lAth Inal., the foil .wing ntr-tltiimt are eallrd for.
payable on or before the day* mentioned, eit:
So per ahare i n the I at of July
I* SB per abare on tbo 15th July an-t
gA? 5*1-1(10 per ahare on the Slat July caaulng.
A. PLEASANTS, Prothlrnt.
J It M ttncrt, Secretari yeifu—If.
A a deputy, and am willing P gt»,•* liberal aalary • one who
baa oi|*rrlenre, and It well reeotr, . nf~t a* to rhara. rr and In
bdltgence. D M BERNARD. Clerk of lh>
fell—wgl 111Ilf Court of IVeeaburg.
In Ton* Swede# Iron
in* R.in tVi Sorwat Nall Rod*
1ft Tone American ItHateeed Nrol. foe *aV by
i*M If Cary atreet.
S»*l< l;s.
V Cary reel
Hiisoiir* *
r »«. SKINRRR A 00„
I l*M ____ _ No 5*. Cary atraet.
|bNHI I.T1 KAI l INI . fat , • * ty ...
j m u laniity o»,r !0r»* h* ,*,•!*. for *alo apo** reaarr.at.' ■ i<r*na,*«
CHARLES H. IdtClltfH A CO . Balcony Falla,
* tf Booth—It (V
%« II I INI. Ilf s|s I S*
. ▼ H 11 T a > -
at o-*r Flour M It*, will it* More ho managed by ut
| Office corner of Cory and I llh Hr. tta.
Jo I * 1m DI'NIdlT. MoXCl’RE t CO
V I * 1 I < I • • rata*, of
• X M * Ma iy.de a,,I, will per.• on *., roe »>r tankman I
1 and alt person* In debt p .aid oalatrwlll idea.. make oaiornt fo
i Jogn - ,11 w F. creator.
Ui OK II l it Cl MS.XT. ion* KMa , beat quality,
"Jlo « Riv r" hrtr.d, for an I, by
Kill fit tin WHINkl.-W' hhla beat quality, re
_ retell* an.l foe aale by DAVFNFONT, Al I AN A CO
,\fk*Hlt, TA axr.it*' oil,; Or- e«r Tor Mac , ,ery,
• gar X* bbla and keg*, land -g a*t 1 for talc he
»*i ovruivo1' cnniir o axei powpfh
9 A fD sr.i VS, fo* ante hy
p DATRVIM T Al l RN a 00
i)l| linns. *1 IIAHtltll ai, Yltll I.slia jhm,i,
l Ait f lo, for tale by DAYKMMRt, ALLAN A CO.
'*.. Fin-roar. th.i»m day w j.
A IJ I «4Inf Ml* m p*ttte w*\»u. «a lh- ml
"T tr»'t of l»*i 1 c«|lrl Vfl n«o. In tfce ouBilof (V,Ur
■w>-4 •**-■* 1— tow, of O.
r “7 InT-SI. j*1"*" ***** U*“- M«l, >l» U» Unh J ti Arrft
7**''" • «®>A iwrtlow w Omwk land on thla farm. >d «M
** **• h,«h '»■* la of la. l„« quvtltv. and w. *|
watered 1%* tract -oatalua ab-ut U nr l.andred aerwa, hwt will be
aura *e.| befor. tha day r aal,. Farther dvaerlptioo t".nn.ee...
rj. •• i^rA^n* wUhtoy »o mew « rati on i «m
It-Twwwibra ud m. for l'-» .. TVrm. mad. known «a tie
•lavofaal- I wv«M given l| lime for m lr r a rrop of wh -a*
j.f-lwSw_ «M II PllOtlfbl.
V^r\?vn.,.i **•*■ *5 •-«>• I'A i oh S ,11 .
I>r< hfMHIOl.l ll pn.;-*r1y of th- let. Jon,.-. U Tevr.lt
ZJ h" ***'• 41 pnbf- Oort’oo, on U- nr—., „„ «-i-t,
*»«*«. ilm If l. .lay of Joiy neat, if tab- .foot, iw naaitalr ,i,
Tl,,« faro* oalalne about U/‘ ac. ■*, and tier In ll,. eery Lr.irl of U-.
On. h* CO a -owing r-n ,, u. it • , „f l-„im, known a. thr
Hr ...It. land, and ll.. loan , f-ooi. ,.n thl. .etalc kitp Uw high
rat prle-a In inr bl- Wad market. It < -Iw m.l f.v.rable lo il.a
ba*’-4 Wli-et, r rn an 1 oat., and liar aprlrg water ill - very Or I
ll Itoa aOo-.l alaiy n-ila- frwm the nty Of Rich. . ,| and riyot Q.l.ca
Irom Ue Va. Criitral R. "read, north of l-ontra C.rwrf Hoc ar tod
only n mil* o' two further from Te'erartllr. another I Waul on the
aaw.-, road, and —jo-nlne the land, of h *» Kent, J. It. n.k.r, l)r
Bo..lw,n arid ofUre. The nelgblwrUod .« a good one and proT.r
vHAJijr imitliy.
Taaw*—Unr-foorth raah in hand, the l-atanr* on n-gotiahl* nolo
with .Uterral ad IsJ. j .nyahle ll* ft rat of November and dor-1 of tr -•
to a. cur* the da-Trad payments. Poea*~1„o glean tu lima u ...
tor wheat crop.
P.rvon* wlaVng to are the land can apply to thr Omraeer. Mr
liaml woo r-a.daa "n thr ; lar*. Ad-lrraa lb-)Ca-entora at Re.wkk 1
or Coboam luepota, Alben-iartc.
__ J. II. MIVlR.
*”' “* sw* -t Ra*tutor..
Iv A 1.1 aiim: OBANSE FA ten FOH SI! I .
Npurauance of th. pr -na ona of -ho laa. will and te.:. ..<nl of
tha late Oiar'.ea P Howard. decM, ti e uodrrety-i.d. a. I,,, nr-,
ume-, will on TiIVRFDAT, the IK day of July, LOS, ir i,u « ,inl
thaftrat lair day roafler, .Ter lor -ar „o Ibe i-ralalr a, -o the
bp* bidder. at public aiact.on. lh- ra.onNe and w.M k-r.wr, Traci
of Land an which the aald Cl-aulti P. lie ward re.-I d at •!,. -Inn- of
**t4 It lit* lo ibe So«U»-»fi» 14ouii(a1o«, • thiu a mCo ».f the I
pleaaor t Till-g, Of Orau.g-. Onurt M..u-e, la which ther- arc lbtre -
i l.ur.-h-r, and at. oiler a-mat to ha ere- tad, at id a oh cl, Owe. . . 1
d--pct of Hue Orange- and Alexandria Hall R .*!, a pore- - tit . I
Ihe-Tiilagr to Oi-rdooaville, * ben it, oni-r. ta wit* ti t Central !u
Road, there la a plank road fr ten Fred, i lek ahorg u, Or- ,p- Coun
* ‘°uoa- and a rad road *n the c our re of conatr i-tloa h -ween thoa.
fum a’., b- fac bllaauf tranaportaUon lo tin- markeu 1
of Richmond. Alctaodna and Pradcrlckaburg. The Tract - -utain,
between Etgbi and Nine Hundred Acrw. all of which *• Footh-reat '
Mountain land, and la well watered. The .unprov cent, are c d I
and i-wirr.Me, tuJoeoultof a large au.d -l acrna I!ct- c, a So.
bar- .Corn llan-e. fllA-l and all other neccoaar) oufl ur— The I
tei ma of ante ore leu |» r crennm of the pur.-' ue- money, to he paid !
In caah at the time of aole, and the balance In equal annua: pat
menu cf onn and twoyeara, to be aeeur-1 bj good peroonal recur* 1
ty and i -lewd of tr-irt on the land. Poaaea- un for thr p„; , ara of
oeedirg -mail grain will t- giren from -.he day of aal*. ., ».- u „
doe-a not interfere o .*, tlie »rowing -rep. at the tltnr, and full poa
aee.-on on or ! ore U.e lat of December peat
ll rarely ha|*per.a that ao line and dealrabie a tract of land ie in
mark t, comt-ti ,ug to man) adtauiag--- of fertllliy, health and to
ciety. The unoendgn.-l by the laat will and iceUraent of the- l ele
imutrlea P. Howard, ara authorized to aell at privet- eel- to-1
would take pteaaurc in ehowlng It to any g. demon who may dea.ra
to ae-e It, Wllb a Tlow to Ita purebaev. an-l Would divide .1 to ault
purchaecrr. p. j, FKV.
WM. C. JIOOItF, r-a..
. —. u„ . _e LEWIS B. WILLIAM?,
Jon- 3. lsS«—lawtde Bkfutort -
°**•«">* day and upon the like term., will be aold upon I
the pr-miare, and at poldic auction, a llooec and Lot betcng.Lg t„ I
the Cdate of the aald d-oe.»ed. In I e vlll.ge of Orange Court
>-A> n I > VOOCHLA.Tl) cot
▼ ll, rOH —Iv.* n*iir.e Ic rrmofr my family u> an<>ibcr
county Hill faU, 1 ehaiL on Tl l>DAT. the til of July next, a.i. at
imhlle auction, n.y | lantatloo . 0 i .and county. Itiaaltueted
on the w-at fork "f Llcklnghole crt« k, and adjotna tdieUnda of Mai- |
ter 1). Leake, Marliu Jamea and otherr.
The aald tract of land coi.Uuia Tte.if acrea. or thereabout*, about !
z-h a- era arc very heavily timbered, moat of lh- remainder, (which
contain! Id acre* of rreek data,) I* In a goo-1 ataCr of cultivation, be
*bg well adapted to the unual crope grown lo IM* part of the coun- I
The dwrlllog bottae la quite commodioua, and la In a beautiful and I
healthy altoatlon, being alar, -onv.ntent to rvHgto iv and educational
privilege*. He-Idea the dwelling honae, the a«ual farm hourcaare on I
tbe place, aweb aa negro bnnare, ban-., atattobacco houaca, Ac.
Team—Our-third caah; the remainder of Um purebaee mr.ney
can be retai-ed In the pnnc-taaeVa lianda for aeveral yean, tierhapa
longVT, aocarr-l by a dce-l of tract oo the laud, with In ter,-at naud an
The title to this bind it undisputed.
Persons wuf.'n* to cJrtaiu further .uformttioo, cun apply to the
subscriber, rithcr personally or through mail, at Goochland C. H.
rosL—;*i«9s _ ANN K. COLKff.
IklDOE COUNTY, FOR SALK —W shingle change nr loca
Uon and business, and to enable iue to pay off all my liabilities, 1
will sell on the pr< tutses a! au.tion, on thr ?9ih day of July nett, that
TTf J **'ALL ABLE TRACT Off LAND/’ where I line, at Dr Mouth of
North K'.ver, in Kockbrldgr county, Ya.
This trad as a '* Farmer** /I'm*" l« equal In Talus to any tract
of the same size in Ihc Btaie TN . land !s e,*ry pro luctiv* *i*l in a
nigh state of cultivation. As % busin<*» forstftfnu it|. s«*-sse«»u
/>«rsor adci**t*g<+—being situated at Disjunction of Die North with
James H.v«r, and haring upon '.t, imttcdlately on thr bank of the
Canal boats cotxx. to the door—a Large £u>re and
Lumber 11* use.
**•• £ •We*llh> aiid agreeable neighborhood and would be as
admiral > locauon for a country Physician or for a Tavern Keeper
It has all the advantage o* a n eze llctit pro<lac- and vegetable
asarket and cheap water transportation, by Cans!, to and froci the
«AU leave the place after early breakfast and sut
In Richmond 'he same cTetdag.
Tl*« Uihdiop are nearly new and In good repair There arc two
irararob upon the place Tl main dwelling hoq*. win rc I lire
haah gt>ud room*. Them am about tao acre* in the tract and . r*r
acre of them of the very bet R.eer Bottom,
At tic tain* time ar.d place, I .111 mil another tract of abcaj, fi.10
acm. land riuated on Jam** Hirer, near i mile* below the other
tract. On thl* tract them I, an excellent dwelling hoc. —....
TMN *RETRWlT *D'1 WOaM “ 1<lc»lr,u>1' SUMMER MOCK
It i* very valuable for th.- quantity of mod and .’umbtr opon it—
tv g ronvennit to Saw M!!U at, 1 01 ly <5 rn't-o, Ly Canal, from
Lynchburg. w -r- woo-1 Is always 1*a demand and • met dm rowi
•naad* a cry Ai<t* print. 1 util also at the uinc unit *11 „ ,eral
very like!., and \ Al.UAIILE bLA VE8
AUo a quantity of Corn, my crop of w; .at, all th* .lock on the
tea. Vnotev fisr.
gy an,l Harness,•-^nd ha*.d Carr age in«l liar mss. (i «etG,. a new
Be i! ■ Beam ar.d Ft..-, aft my ffarvi.ng iupkiuMiu, a v|u»\u:y of
IE qtthold and Kitchen Furuttere. and a variel . of oth-r . -: .
i will alao mil mj canal boat,—"I. X. L." whic'i La nearly new and
In Food condition, together with 4 home* and all h« ,;..ck and fur
nlturw. arid the boat -Arocrioax*- and her furniture, aim a hattr.ux
boat. W 11! alao h In for the rest of it year * acral able handa
For the I~rnd one-lburi’* down, tse balance In equal paymentaof
1,?. and » year*, inter*** added. lor the *lave* 6 mootii, crcrttu
Interval added. F. r all the ati .r property ,rr: fkv.e o nth* cre.ut,
under #*2o ch. Bono* with thr looit approved •« urltr fibre
<|u red on the credit,, and tie title to the lir.u wiih'olj iit.lt’. par
cha*e money '• paid. For inft.rmatleii adJrew the fulurlber at
Balcony Fa:la P. O.
jcl6 w4t* l_ ECHOLS.
\rAIal ABLE LLBT.MLSLS I. A > d'mik
SALE.—tty virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of Aib -
marie county, pronounc. I on the 4:*, day o’ May 1 vV in i.,e caav
ol Chi’Ire*, itrard’an >kaie«t Oet.iaby and other*. :.e underatg; 4
Comn. .ficncrt wid on Friday th- lat di; of Areu«t, lSf-4, :f lur,
"<her» :ae the nexi fair day the realtor, pror,-.d to «*:ion i.V prru •
C* at public a iction, a valuab! tract of L-jid ulua'cl «. ^me» Ri».
«r in iheCouuty of A. rma-le, beh, ...n, the 1 te FaOiaald It
OooUby uec'J., adjoin..If Oif land, of hJjrit Rl-r*, A' valid,r
RitraUadaTaa A. 11a. *ock andetin-r* and co: tatrr rat, -tF *.'R
HUNDRED ,NE EIGHTY T>V( ACKKS, whi,,, .hont Sv acre
are .tl av lUTer 1 w froqnda cf moft ca.vilent |aal iy Th- tuft,
land* are ala« ldshly prodb'tire It lat open tt wood and Pmt-er
tnfllclr i fer tl. ? rurpoo-a -f the f.tra. a c, mfortablc dwell ...• ami
all the neceuary ,ut hoqaea, Includirr a tnrfe and ecsyrnant barn
on the hank, of the Canal, a Or»t r*ir orchard. Ac
It ,f th- aamc tract of land upon wt htleuil Nathaniel I) (ijol,
by re 'ded at th, ;‘m. of hla death, ar. I Ilea one mile ah. re the all
l,fe Of War--a an J four trllr. hel, w l(0ward<nlle la a nt.gbic’rbood
unjurp-faed for r cd her.lth and aoeety
Tame*: One third cf the purt naae -qnney In Caah and th* r -aidue
on a, r* Ml of one and two year- wtth th* inteem- from d»i ■ the
pjrchater 0eln* b< e.J wit' go al aerarlty and thr Iran! title retained
aa addition tl aecurlty,
SUSAN fi-tOESHY, i „
WM M WADE, f Comnu; ionrn.
ti^’ Mr*. Cool thy who live* on the prom: tee will shew them to
any one wlahP g tc '.urctiare. jail—edw
IIUPoria\r ,u fof ,*i ,t rvan and
Nt .HOES at PI PIJC AUCTION—I . r. r for ... two
very valuable eetalof in f-anea.ter routity. Ya . on U*e Kappahau
nock and Corr.dh -an Mtri, known c« Indian Town and Hill'*
Hoarier, th- fl/et con- dn'-.if !»*’ acre*, the latter 14T.i. chiefly low
froun.lt. and very pro-InctlTr n the «vpK-crop.of tha * . o. On
the.* .atat,. arc heda of marl rnd oyatcr *i>eila, wltli whic'i they
mar he in ,.le a* prte! icilve .. any In the Mate.
Indian Town t* mv highly laiproTed and the other rapidly im
proylre, and ly >g a* ih-y do iromcd ately on navleation for 1,0.1.
o. in* laigm ( into, win. a large portion nr forcer, the timber ar.il
* nod alone wxuld readily ommand a large portion of If purcho-e
money. The oyatera ami flih, for which Cart. r'. creek ie pror.rl.ial
rietdealao a r*>d rertmae I deairr to acJI the -late, wph or wlth
ont a force to work tfe* o. with the growing prop* and eerryti ng to
atoek them, and Would aril prlratriy. If not aold howerer, w.ll aril
them to tire higher: bidder, commencing at Inn n T wn.on TMCRS
DAY, Ihe Uth day of Aaguat neat.contlnulngfromdiyiodayt.il
Should the far-n* be «old pnratety. with neg-oer, Ac. to »iock them,
till] 1 wi i mil to the h#r ret bidder, commencing ir thore, at tenet
100 eafuiblealav . t-.geit.-r w.ih al.rgeaai . .nt of peraowal proper
ty. of eTe-y de*crtptf n, on a. d Cftalea
I w.ll alao rent for Ihe anantng year, or for a terra of year*, the
. elate known aa t er man, ron-ainlng ITS# acre*. Alan, would
hire the tore-, to work It. and aell the growing crop. Will alee tell
the • irplua alarea. Ala., all tu Work of all klnda, firming utantlU
Ac. _
And, on THt’SSDAY, the til day of September next, at I-inertHe,
near IVarmloalcr, Va., | will rent out thr Laaer Tie firm, and with
it fdre a modara'e force to work it. aid If the growing crop be taken,
will aell the at mk of all klnda ,nd other pereonal property.
Alao. at the mine lime, will aril mine f) or SO aUraa. There arc
many ealuahle black*. . .if a, carpenter*. Ac , on kit their rata toe
Ttaim—The land an l any negro** told with H, oa long credit, If
aaourad aatlafaciorlly. The nagram for caah Other properly ala
ntontf a credit.
The managare on each mate will tl.ow them. My ad.l.em How
ardaetlle, Va. l> J flARTSOOK.
Agent for Mr. 'lory W, Cahell.
|MM. pi »vr ITIOY IUK s III
■ effort for rak Ihe plantation lyng * m.lea North wett of
t'o.irt.and, amt g milca Sor-h of the Tn.neaaar rtrer, known aa the
COTTON HARDEN PLANTATION. he,of the bomwwmd of the lata
Cot. Sony. She*.0.1. e. ntaln.ng two thcomnd three hundred Aorta,
one th taati l three hundred of who-h are cleared and Ihe halanoa
I.**T'ly iltul -red. with a portion of rlrer bottom abore orerf *w
There are on the plae a romfartable Dwelling llouae, a flin
ilo.iec, Negro Cnblna, lea lluuae, llorar Mill, and all neceamry eat
Th* pure la Wr't watered by Spring Crerk, two newer filling Walla
and 'our Dceer faU.i.g ftp. tug* of the bail water
Thie plantation la conatjerr ! one of the heat in North Alihi-na ; In
fact, three land la inaurf ward In quality. It Would, beeidan bring on*
■man; the Iwat Cotton Plantation* In Hu-Cotton region,make one of
the beat Mock Term* South of the Potomac,
ALSO, the Work of llor*,-*. Mule*, Hog*. Sheep, Cattle, and Plan
tat ,in Met'lla. together with Cm, Podtl'r. Data, Ae , A«.
Th.wc wlaRlng to examine the land, and le»rn tl>* term*, fwhich
WII be rear liberal.> can *rply on Ih# place, of lo A If kka. Ln
f*range Alabama, by latter
If nut prerlonaly »,>!] at prlrate ml*. th» whole wltl be rfferrd at
Public Sale, on tt,e 17th day of Deer-- her next.
nuS-w.f-.Mt _C. ». RICKS.
%■ MTnonr.H i mhi ■ i si i i-m n
A»i SfRINfl - -Tlem ring* will he ,-pen Ibr Ihe ror. ptlor of
-rt oQ Use 1«f day nf Jnnr. 1RRR
I Tbry .nr# tituf! 4 In N- Mlfotppfy Cjunty. V«rjf‘» ■.%. Oar ftn-l ■
m lp« I- n |N« VirytiiU n»l Rvl Rond, from whkb
ther* »« a Rffu h Rw lift a I In Ih# forlrfi
»fr*r* KUhinof I nr fWr»hurf. after h'fftkfedt rr*oh
•h I,fa by 9 c\U -'k, t. %f *»ro# 4*y, »ll ib# tiy by kali
TIn •rfoTMtUliortf rrrr nnoh • npnd^l tine* u«t m
•on.lhr ro« rt« are Ur**# v>4 roT»fjr»Mf, tmll# nf »r>mc U
ti»** It^,’ ;*r« ' «
Lyrferl St-nr fn«! AHnyilcr TH+jrapk mnprrr %rr now hull
ditty ft a/fta • tfVuir t.tnr If »f i«c», •» .ch writ hr In ,.n>rft.
l*©n curly in June.
A ffty Rath lloo«f hftf Nwn built •»tk*p lift ft «#no
AddfirM, RO II. MOMIT, PrtaM.
**••** ^ ^ W<»ut|r»’TY'pry, W. R R, Ouwt] fttif.
I^r Sft f dl'YT, —It la • -It regret that I hare to *o
i _ noun -e that my D>Mr.button Enterprlie eami.t t*»* place an
th» rad of Pebrti uy Ti e #»■ nadt '.a-d'.to id the winter h.*a prr
rwded mo from ae, 'oa and aetll-rg with o.y agi - ta Aa *oon ae I can
•c* them I w ad Sx tp-n at*-eh r day, not later than nb-mt tv- |<t
I of Aiagna*. at wh h tltn- Uw dr wing wft| aeeumty Uk • 1'aer 'f Uw
| t -kee* -i-*ed in and th- TO- ,y rebttbd ; and aftonld th* aaV of
t eketo ptet fy me in do -* *o. I aholl (lx pen an eartlrr lay, aa I
I am axal.ua 1-knre the drawing lad* plat* tb* earpeat poet bie
"*• JESSK T. HorsiN*,
I frik— Hr Aar l, harry, v»
ll’ISTI H. k ah tatlon. by n Tout M*. a* . n
w W
•y q I»l Bel t » *• I • -I. Mali -mall, a ,o.l al. i* • beat. h . of a
l-beral Rng' ,h ed*i at. »n. Can bring tinex->-jtU-nar-e t-**tmon’ala
a* to obara. ter and itwItSeatlont front the Pr .knet. nder whom
bft rrctrOr fn lmts-1.
A<Mrf«ft "IRFTkUVTOR,** itotlni term*, kr , llor m Viu r«i»>u
On., WvyUnd. JsYi^-WfH*
« wh iitins, ptiinr, wr<rrnt > «»i»i->. w -mut
Id' boekhona, for ante by WOMPLt * CnAlStHtNE,
RR* __ _ It. If Peart ttreel.
»t uw i» t.*s r» tmi
Reaper*, pert. -tl, now and in gowl .-r.br. *a'- he
Hl.taTIMC POM DRR. ■ n, hew ft*
mm by yen* UAt BN PORT, ALLAN A CVa
_etrrt ■l iAki,
nil T. WfitflUN t U), Attl«L
SEswwt ^.v^^^-srsr
6«' bb». P,l®* *“ rhJ1** *■•■"*■ ~car
'M iiM<. ** M't* aftiL, u„uk_
Term, of *d. -far .H moi under *1... ,,* . ow ». , .
er«ld fur .| pr .», i n^, ,4bl. • OT»r Slu-J, 4month.
—j- - 1 ~t<>*-_CHAH T, WORTHAM A CO, Auau.
>T LARCH A dill A A. Aut-mccT ~ 1
SHH R 1)1' |||( | i.miUMTIH rN|. _., .
o.!d at J,„MV •«•■.,.» ,n T1II K-IM V j ' i
'l ***" . zuz.,
■ *** ^ ® “*T fl’** I*. ?abr*f inf ff um • ,’»i i, v .. >■
Uwn.. ** Ida*. • Error* : >1.1, Ia A ,. iT , ~ 1
AUopoodl, LARCH A SHINE. Aueu. I
Rv n: h \- v 'II.L A OO, Aorta
EH;H •,>"“> -\-.v.?qswjsteR
___mtklNAON, MILL A CO , Aorta.
brandies. CLARET WINE
<•1.1, AC.
O’T '"•D'E'B.IV.U'S liar, a: 11 oVIn«», at thr aoc.
_Uor. Korea on Boeharu > Wharf, Baltlmon.
^>0 mundTSTShl- °rl*r*‘ P'u D‘'k
‘ *00<' 32 **“» *?*'"' Bra:«l.: Hi.
uttS'iSZZfZST' a“*'“ »“«
a°° ois* lk'< ‘h * '*»>*«'• -A Cekbrotwd Undon CORDIAL
‘° KJTd U0LLA!*n 0,!*’ *■*•••*«» «d DoraI Grape, In
50 batkete CHAMPAGNE
A » IOWLK RE \l • STATE at iTF«> I
fjlcI^IIjTw W’ •' 4 ,V'~* lh'
*-c5'. ■’" 7* -,**:"“* ^rr>- U roa*ti »Mt, tbe rack of the Riclt
moo«l a«i4 \»»rk llt-r Ral :■ %d JU4»«, *.11 r«Jing «m| l>- fronts, com
•:.andf>gwater power, available Car the erection vf null., f.Aun It:
work aud a .hloe shops.
ft»d. loot So 7, containing C !H>.Tin) acre*. with 9a v MU! there n
•« N°- •» ™ «*» Pouth, aud asperated from a by the county
*rd L*m Woe h, 9 and !•». adjoining, v»t ,A the al*,rr, situated
bet wee a the county road and P ; Ur strte*. fr. ntitg 6t» and « feel
oo aa.d road ar.d alree*. ind t«i 4 ,,} ] 3 f«,t ^
. ?* ?«f * *1 l!".1 f***’ fr**otlrg on tic mJI canal north.
,D l M OUllt* cre»k -'75 f«r?, and on a Hoc «„f Mr
U. Drib, toolbc 1,2 r- et.
_ ^ ' 8, r.'>rth of eald alll canal. Sounded br land of Air
B. Bril’. eonUlnink fT-lon ,er«o. ion a or nr
•th. Lo'.e Noa 3, * and I. lu.Merlbk'in thr pood and eanalonelth
er •.,! ., aod C'.ota!nln|rB-9o-10» acrea, all of which will more fullo
!h^.7iLn7.TaC* ^ m4p of Ul* *”<‘rf' ‘,ro*»rtr l“ «J* Oft Of
TtAte~uoe.tIi.ril uih ; balance in equal parmenti at A. li and
■> “»*•’«>>•. interewt added, for nepotialde no-ee, wound 1 j a de-d of
uuet on the property, or the deed retained till payment la made I
Thr pure barer to pay the taira Um year.
**** _ Aoctiqnrm
did Muikn of tiik tavern abroad btreft
A Hit JTu tfTli r.lr—Pur *uant to a dicree «>f the Circuit Court of
the city of r;*>;h.jond. entered on 14Ui keb'y, Isfift, in the ease of
%n'^ T* (^o4din, tide wbecriha r, a special cr>sinil«stcQcr
thereby a^point.-U. wU! proceed to «<U al poblic auctioov niton the
premise*, oo NoNIMk, *Kh June, at 5o'clock P. M.t one undtrtded
moieey of tl*c property described to the proceedings of said >-aae a<
U»e 8v«n Tavsrn property, haring a front on the fWth side of
Broad street, as lt« mtcr« ctlon witl. 9th street, of 160 feet, and run
ning back the j* la! half acre dept!..
Tnu.' The interest upon |lu.<TW from 14U. August, 1S54, until It
Jf ^ •om o1 s9.*jW and the expin«es of the said sale to
'*e Mid In rash, and :I» n .Mm Km Mkd >■<l -#_ . .
Instalments, at intervals rf «. U, 1, .n,i at month* from the day of
•ale, for which deferred payment* the Comm'Mlonerr shall take n«
r tlvbfo notea, with rodoraerv, the UUe to the property being re
tainwl as farther security until the purchase money Is paid.
- _ . Special CommlMioner.
T*nr>a A Wit rj*w», Aucta. nBM _ ,.u
V ® **1 Vio^i HtTEL » OB~MALE—BY
' rtuc o' a decree rendered by the Circa* Court of Mont
gri iery. I «ha!l sell at Chr'.uUaaberg, on Monday the 7th of July
nc&i,U-at betuf Coun day. the UNION HOTEL, with lu am>urt#
In said town. This property embraces a eery valu
able lot containing about an acre of land, with a Kitchen. Meat
house, SUM-«. Granaries, Gardens, Ac., thereon.
The sale t.» be upon the following terms One third of the pur*
chaas money th be paid duwn, and the remaining two*UiLrds in
two tqaai instalment* of one and two years, the purchaser giving
bjod with approved security, and a Uen retained upon the proper*
Av U* executor of KliaaUth Tcmplln, I shall sell at the same
time and place aud upon the same terms, all the Hoaaetx M A K»tch
en Furultarr M l. ngmg to said Hotel, consisting or Beds, Mirrors.
Tab.rs, Chairs, 8 fas, Settees, ari other articles too numerous to
mention Persons desiring to engage in Hotel keeping would do
w. it., avail themselves of the opportunity now presented of par
’ "* valuable property, frorr. the judicious management of
wh cU the very h*fhcr. profits may be realised.
Jon. ff-eUWufy. “““°“r"*C'’ klMUor of t Tvai’l-o
rle^r " U-amshurgMags Rood, about nine miles from the
City of Richmond.
A. . ommmlooer appointed by a decree entered Feb 6th, ISM, in
Uw *a«* r Rate* Guardian agalast Perkins and other*, in the Coun*
tycoon. Uenrlc. County, I shall proceed, ou MONDAY, the Tth
<.aj of - Jy, N-ti. at 12 o’cscck M , to sell at petite a- cUoa, at thr
iont .! t • the Cocrt II- use of Henricv, ont small tract of land,
coastal.:.*, fa bout 31 A C K k> Said land Uca on the NortLro side
CJ about half a mile distant from it. with a log bouse
t/K-reon, and about uoc acre of cleared land—the balance in Wood,
‘IE*'u£L'hy rV^e a ». Bw "tsftssr
Nat pcbuc auction.
jTICB Is hereby that by virtue of h decree auule by the
Uiren t Court of Rockbridge .on tbe 'th of April, A D 1#
m thr | i« o( "m L. htgjal and others, r«. the Junction Valley
1 . J.DJ kl O tupanj, an 1 others, we, tl.e undersigned, commission,r.
: for the purpo*. appoint ,1. will, on f jtui lay, toe l* h lay of Ju >
next, a*, the front door nfthe Ocurt ll-4.se m Lexlr.gion, ifiua odcr
fjr sale th** ro .d cf tuhl uosjpvny, with lu appuxti. meet leading
f.-om ^amton to Buchans:,.
Taaas—-Carh tr hand ,u*cleot to pay the expellees of sale and
ecu ol suit, and It. rci lu. lu four equ.il Inaultnenta. pay: Me tn
» X. twelve, eighteen and twenty four months after the date of rale
“J puc-haser t T..C bona with approved personal ocoritr, and the
title being retained aa ultimate security.
»■». W. BOTD. _ .
i>. McD. MOOUK, [
«PU—ttda__ k P. PAXTON,
'Ll III1.P A1 Hi:.«l tKI.K lASUk ||)|{
will offer tor sate, -.n Uic prrmtsea, without reserve, on the lirth of
July uext, tu, tra. i of lend, situated In the couutr of Albemarle
nine mile- Soati. ,-f Chari tte.rttle, Va„ a.id one'mlle from the
'» r"*'’ leading lu Sc, usv lie. lying in part on Hardware nv«r.
I lntrr—cted oy Kr.es' and hea.erdam creek,, and adioinir.r the
I and. of Dr B. F Kar.lolpa, Mrs. Edward Moon and oU-ers. Said
: act coBialaa. by teem lurrey, IH3U ACRES, about that acres
I are ctmeed, of which 2l»' are creek flats.
, The Improvement const,t, of sit ti- eeemary farm Buildingi. a
Gris* and Ssw M‘ll, a frame Dwelling, containing four rooms, a
Kitchen, Smoke-II- use and Ice-Uonae, all of which are In good re
I pair
T**We—One-fffth casl , ttie b«lance In four aunoal paymenu.
| bearing Interest frcm the day of sale, anJ wcured by a deed of trust
. ,,n the land. P s#r». .n giveu ti . 1st «,f January. 1W7. the p«r
! ciLjer harfag the pr .v'iege ol «edln. a Pali crop. >or farther par
ucidar-. a-Jdr- . the .nhacr-ber at Carter', Bridge. Albemarte coun
| *E<~a-_[Jeff—Ctrl,] _TUCKER 3. COI.Ec
Lavs iou ^ale,—wtu be offered r
cooniy, t i S,.I»NKSDAY, the IdtJ, of July next, e-l the
i \ ' S*.*™4* “f 'a0,1 known a, Belmont, late the property o»
Jnwpti C. Cabe", dee'd. Thi, tract c»ma u, tw-tw.-eu lboO and 1*W
I acre, <-f which more th^i are cleared, and well adapted to
: raidng the usual cr - of thi, part of Virginia, and more than P«t
acre-, railed to growing tobacco, st II In their forrwt vatr. tt Pes
withtn 1J,' n»ih-of the Jams, River canal, rear the Hldwar Hil’u
. *?r!!W* n<?!fV >rt'ood- «h*i **ept a family re,klc: cr, It ha.
I ,1! the building, necessary for a farm or plantation In the upper
1 country, and In goou repair. A farther description Is deetuej or.
I r eo.ry, as the overwer will -how th- land to st.y perion wuhlr.s
' " *7,r' n« ,n w'v 1 pcnnr* fm«*r Uun stay oc
I ncrwud for the tt*e of tf«e f%rtn, the «ur] l .i o*y? be out off *u>! »oM
mparauiT, if desired by par.dmra-r*. Partial possession may he
“ v 'T Dmc to seed a crop of whoa* ; full poas-sai on on th* IStli of
N< .-ember
ru“’ *Neb wn> be liberal, teftl be made known on the day
Th* land la o3kred for tale .'or the benefit of certain of hla
_je!0—Kawtda _ U8AIIB.
V 'll Hill I kll’l l> mt •. > t.|; ten mi
APfT.J kU A 1 Al 1 now.
ft my hualoeas enppMtta In Kid mon.l are such aa to prevent
me trwn given that attention to my farming opermtlonr that
they rr ,otre. I bare determined to sell my farm in Orange county,
at auction, on THURSDAY, !7»h July neat. *
UAWFIKLD is situated In one of tfie moat healthy, ferule and In
nil respects, di airabl. sratlor. of Virginia, b»mg iramrdatrty the
f'K»t of tfc* **>-nth Wff M ar.tAins and lr*« than Iff railrs from th*
Rapid Ann fitntloo, on th* Orange and Alrgan Iria l.a'lr, ad ale.
within a few mltss of tie Plir.k Road'-om Orange Court liouac to
hr .1 k*. urg It eootam*. by recent vurwey tg-. acrea, of which
Hia* are Irv'cJ a ,d in a high Hate of lirproveroeiu. The whole of
It n art hr. Utifuli)-m Orrh»r.| graea, Tln-mby and Cl over. A largo
auction of th* tract la brmoch meadow land, and aa both bottom and
h ch land ia very prod-dire of gram, there can be raised a aery
large quantity f bay and stock.
It t» Well Watered, having seren eor,Want running stream! an X,
and la anahlr nf being dir fed Into fourteen f.-ld« of An to :•) acres
rarh, with water In alioftheni.
Th. re no waste land on the tract. All Cut! la not cleared I* In
original growth of timber, und much of It might be cleared with
taacb profit by a lobar-o grower. Aa tha r- llroad from Fredericks
burg, now being construct'd. will past wlthu. smile of the wood
land, the tlranrr could b- turned Vo a good a count.
The buildings ere comm and In sv-ellent order They
constat of a large framed Dwelling House wph basement. which, If
fin •I'd off. w. oldg rr 10 good rooms. A few years ago It was pstn.
ted and put In complete repa'r.
large AtaM- Rim, Corn House ard Negro Cabin*. In good older,
to whir’ I hare a !d-d recently a ahrlter covered with shingles Haig
Ira', ir1*b large hay loft above, and cattle shelter I On feet lovg
.g. rd • g eery .-oner -nee for the protection of stock, proTcader,
Ira piemen ha, Ac., Ac.
"f p* ration.. at HAW yiKi.11 for the past seven years have bran
with a View to a sfr-dy and pirminerd Improvement of the land
and | think Its rresent condition will sh. w hat l haw- not been an
successful I'— dei haring over two hundred buabrls of wt .ti*n
dsd. I hare had on Ibe farm for the past year nearly Iga-i head of
dterp and a good sto-k of cattle, which show that it w writ s laotnl
to grzriug.
It wrarc'y that ■ fsrm in such condl lon, and hav rg such adratt
| tsgew as II AW FI FI,Cl, is offered lo utar',. L, The f-n.-ea ar- In gggsl*
lealr-palr. The land Is entirely clean and in fine heart, clear of
j bush. « and rook, and ran hr ndtlwatcd with aa I'tll* labor and luge
| prcflt, aa any other tenet of it* .la- It la, th.r-fors, lu a coad t ion
to pay a pcrftt at mce, and a-1 am drtcrmlnral lo sell, I Invlts all
| who wish to ( irchanr i farm, d—.irabl— aa a placw of re.idatict and
proRt, to examine It previous t * the day of sale.
! Tanas —On- fourth cash, balance n ra,na! I. •talmenta of 1,1 and
, * vrars, wtth inter* .1 front Ibe day uf «aie. or. If taor IctlraMe to
the i"rehater, ether term* might to sgrerd np. a
Mr John F Orars* rrstd-s st H AWFI KLI>. and will take tdeatnr.
hi shew n* th* farm •. any one who a II visit him
..... , wm a.cr»h*haw,
mal«-cwt!7JA*awtds Richmond, Va.
SAl.r Of 7 00 H UM Ol V kl I kill F. I AH)
IN TIIF OOl STr or CIIARIX tTTT At Coma, ralotwrv.
aet'ng under a d.cra- of the Ctr -ult Court of f arlv. city w ,t*'
entered st tl Fa! Hm of the ss I Court, in th. y-ar tall, m th*
SUP rf II- - and • a-a n»t Hughes' Adm'r a id others, wr thill,
on TMI K«!»AV the Ifih day ofjttty, l«M, at Ornrlr. i'ttr Court
House, that b-.-g mid day. aril a! public auction, n. the Mate*t
bidder, 1 -a. of Ur, t m th* said county, containing about 7 *1
a«F*». of which th* late Henry Hugh. . died netted and tmawl -
Tbs said land is situs ed In tb« lower part af the said county, on
Macro* or--1 * .trsim i.avtgst'te for vcsscla of constd* carls alas.
Th- land • It At IRIWlInlf dwelling bouse with sta room* sod
all r .. «iy out ruse* About two fra- dr rat and fifty acres of th*
. .hi land ha* been eh a red ard ln a good .tat, »f cultivation,
ot >t haring keen well limed and marled. Th- rvWdne.f the
■ < *** " *« " »~M, a- I pin.-, nan an t other t win, st, takl- h.r
*h ,* U*i nng. Ac Th# sod .d tha whole tract lo vary pod, and r>*
sept •>!* ef Pm h gbe*- Male of latp- .v-m ot Tb- pur hnarv will
hare the pr allege , 1 seeding a rrvp uf wheat In th- Fall, and VII
pnaw*. .h-n wfU be n I i* firs* lav of January, 1 V>7.
An acraratc aurvey nf !!. ra. ar i mad* hef ire th# day of
I al and the trkri w.l, k,- itvidel lot., tw# farmo, wh eh will ks told
I •-•parat-fy
. Tax •-—Cash si lo the rtpens-* -f sate and eamm.asiona ; the
re* d m of ttw pure* i*. non-y Will hv dlv'd-t ,t. lour equal natal
ii-. Ik. pays'.', |„ .,a, twelve, eighteen ai d twenty mouth* t »pe< -
tlvelv aft.f the dav . f .olv, wtth Intcrct firem the day of >alr Tho
pat retina, t Wifi b» rqul-rd 'o e*. ute hS tat.nda foe Urn dvfiflwdp.y
tneeta, with . d p-r* nal a-cnr-R w..b tntaeagi from the ddp of
1 mle and payable a* ah.raaatd, and he tlile w II bv rrtalaed inul tb*
1 »h d* purchase pmttey If pad and a canv.vnnr* dire ted by th*
f’wirt. V. HA NCR, _
j ; '7 "I* wit p tu;BHRl«,{'>*'r’
«..>•> »<>H « AIK. IwiflaMI .a-he Ira .1^ of Aag.fi,
d HM -it'ra of hand, lying ,.a the Java a River Canal, J
| n.dra North .-f .Mn' "el..- Mill*, tn th- county of Fluvanna, contain
gig «77 aer. a bo- yiw> a-a cleared, tbs bulan— in w,md>, them ia
I1 a new ami 'info, ’.id# Dwelling lion*. , W'tb ,li „t -r t .cramrv out
be*- son the prwwniea,lagaod repair. Tl. mauon is healthy
T*a*«— I, >, Mkl*,yvara credit, bouds wtlii appro red ty
*|L* « iM. M
I ft YRf» NiHCR.—1bi« day as 9% ,, Yleek. *a a* - ■ - ■
•J fora h^., '.J llTtTVr
.-.. .U xMl. „ _l!.*|V .<» HltT^Tnf
TO U« » IM'U, UOfW ~ *
1U Ti!;?: "?*:*■ _Tv*' -t* v^t- N a,M
•Jr ’ ’ ■*“• U*F*. * > .0.0 .-4 nb
^_n-UJAM / DA ns, a aria
U><-Captain U.aacal .if Cwba. will .... (ilaceal IliTaUT. f
»UIU«1, J1 M I T H , ■ HAG
W H 7 0,0001!
. . _ . CAriTM. rarzMH-M,' °
J “ *■ »4H»| i» » of.“”.2
“ •* . lOjUfb# I !f> » Of ,.... *—• 12
, , ■ b,oRu j fn Approtfotatloao . —
BLTyjjS 2Th3r <*U^'M *■ *• ■
j^"**.1** Ul» *»"*» Of taAoo at par
Ada *f>f wtM bp«Rf<|«4 m hob m lb ri■ i t S-nmM __
Comuluotea''. 1. addraaoed to DON RODRJOLmTu2 rf Ote
PwhTtsrWoa.§. C..J ani l J>- «Li -,f July. .01 be -— - - J"*
MThi air da print aw held in Ch wWtaon IwTjal^ *»
tranx i »sScF«SJ&JW ~
THU leUghtfnl Watering pUc, now . ,
"."era. Il It .Hosted 00 the :hte of ■ w-.iTmi 77"“ »*
andBetetocrt. surrounde-l by
loautlfu1, P Intra, w and fbrtlle portianTof \ e-TVJJ}
dlatily on U* tlaa of the Tltglnia and * - -is U_in. „ 122T
S9<‘ yards of tor road Itnrir, and about half a atllr run, w "~fa
•Mpot. oatT t or » boon fro. AarWod „d P^Xa^TT
two boars from Lynchburg. •»* •boat
Persons Marin* City Point, or Petersburg. or RtcfiMwd. in Ik.
morning, by Ibw ionrh-ahto and Dan nil. Rail Rowfoamnai'twl 2!
cars of the Virginia and Tenoaasr* Rail “*
XT*' *vS. fbnw, ra2p%.?S? 1^2^72
^SH^*** Ac* ***** them sa«| coftr-y the in to the Hy'jpq
T?.«re ir> 3 Whit* smf YW-r rnrlini Thr iTLmii,
BSSSZTS *M~Wd b* •“**»3twrwTwhThs A hJmZZtZZ
t fT?T7*d ** ■***• **• ••*•**• Ths rrp iUUHi of mmtrrm
^ ^ •»orVl*rT ***** bhBh-*,. «ubK?-u .„ th« mmZSS
coo&U*« for rur. d nanrpmonY •f*r*ad « th rmriows
nlnoNir and orMrn diaiumS ™
Jf* n#l •arp'-*^«* hf *«*7 n**D«rsl «»•«*« In YtrwtntH tw
rare of Dy^*^)* to it. « forms, Affe- tiuns of U^uJItV^T
****** ***! lilAdtier, timer si Debility. c»|^*tslly of ih* NcrTtTIl n.
Urto, si! kittd.<« of C ittavoas sod othrr I »< *sc4 of the Akin a m
ry of ths diavsbOH p*e«Hsr to Fkmsles.
TV j at wrntly pargat re and dlur- Uo. with n ttrnoc datm-i..
THE htTLDINQdsts spar ana and nranlml. noil sianoat knsi»
ly new, consisting of Hotels, Oottngra, Ac., nfcrdlng t2»x_~7
Uooa cqnal to nny to bo i.mod In the mour tains of
ehool duo persons. The Pnronnre and PUtarr, kra alx oTLil'Z
ITT h^b*** •“'***• *• “°r >ul«- Tba Be,Mina a uc^on?I2U5
Wltb Hair Metier sees ibtuwghkut Ih, eetatl xbu-Vt-^ TTii'.'Kb
wr ‘nnte suiters to utamlna and iudg. for thexwlse. sloIuT
tins* barn spared If otnaDi.ng StW^STSTi. ^222
penanred and be-t qualMM.1 A-uunta to, ,»„y' .•ep.^.S^f £
ititsrfs11^.^ 8v nasal tuaiesgrtnmt fa cooBdadtoT^A HaP
F.I.nN(>KR, leq., late of Our bet oul, MarS end aa. Ste.l h/at
FKFOR. JAMS, and RO. J. Ul'.tD, Iwe cThyncbtH^. 7ho
doubt fir* sstlsfiictto sil wh. msy visit the p£Z
?^:IlH.bSJf0a7y!!G ALLJCTy- A* . for ensfntes.
A PIN K HAND iJW MLA1C Is slrssUy •ri'timJ »»*.< a ytt Mm * bu
OWICI will scon be cs^blM.eU UMSiS^kSi ”
r*BL* w>« R* found equal to any In tvTra^artains, tba fb
cJItias for sacurtng suppt.aa Ving about aa groat as LVy cau*weil
Jsld-utn j. a. HFJKLFI.NGER A CO,, |VnprM9ai..
YORK, for -hr year endmgtaowary rSTiM C0MPaNT °r S*W
Axata on Uanti Jar. Slst, 1SSA, as per statement, BMMiCTM
Orduct for w u,ant,-ipMed in last siaTemeot from
A<eaU sod for -at*rest sccrosd sod not due, 116/00 19
uwli on bud Ju. H, 183ft, a* rj. je- **
w orn oraura tub tih. 4
for premiums and policies, 809,719 o«
For interest and annuities. 191,197 2f
-'- 88*314 66
„ ToUi’ fiffiOlO.lfiTT*
r ~.r't8»M«*Tj
^id claims by death, *»«.«>9 99
Pad additions!*! same, being dividend*. IS, HOT «I
Paid surrendered policies, redaction of
premium aad annuli tea, jg go
Psitl rent, medical exiiatfidtooi, salaries ^
o«ce expenses and t S -rfetrx.exchange’
postage an 1 foreign State and city taxes, 38,856 87
WWlOM, 2H399 99
- 4»7,fi» 64
^ts. tajn,K* w
Cash on hand and In bank, 947,047 89
Bunds and mortgage* on real estate, worth
double the sraouuf loaned, a nag «*a 26
Bills receivable ami 1Tire Insurance, 9346 fit
Amount deposited for taxes, 4,276 88
Due from agents in course of transmission, 89JM 96
_ ^ -99,178394 96
J. ALS ITT. fccrcuwy. r a W,NST0*'
Fr Barm* bean appointed Attorney for tb* Stale nf Vir
ginia. end Agent in th* city of Richmond for this, company. will be
to evc any Information upon the subject desired.
ltMnD™ Oo 'alley of Va, Mth street Id door from
Medic., Ex*uo*,°- *' A"°*'
. •"* anderxignsd having charge of the above business, will be
pleased to answer any enquiries upon the subject, or attend to any
business entrusted to him. . '
iel7—lm_Tllott L. D WaLFOKP.
ilf l1,wlu"f;e co^ipaiT or
well MON D.—At a civeunir of the Board of Directors, held
at their ottce on trel« d» of June, 1834, It was
tbts Ootuoanv vtt s»*~ charge for Fire •»
I’TSifwUh'u.?™ Cl<r °n t^yb* r^uTd-d
yBtt Compvne .* now prepared to lame Fin- and Marine Inaurasre
P<riic*« on as r-a-onahle t.rai as other good office*,
snd'patd ^ ““** "®*50 411 C4°°*’ •* Promptly and fairly adjusted
So charge for tl*e Policy in any case.
suite0*’ <0r tb* i>r**eat’ °n “* *ld* of iau> « ■ near Mala, up
Wm. H. Cbr.atian, Wm Breeden.
J°in ZarJ' - Tboaat R. Price,
Wo. q. Paine, Jaa Tticmaa. Jr!,
Lewis Staler. John Currie, Jr.,
Aug Anderson, Jas. Dunlop,
Jae. I.. Apjaraon, . Wm. H. llaxaii,
R^acoe B Heath, John D UiarW,
?£*&• * David J. Borr.
RlchdO. Uaskto^ Larhlo W Glaaebrook
V*W \Dn Crenshaw D. Von Gronmg, ^
•J°rpB ~ Au l,r»»i Emanuel Miller,
John C. Simon, Ed H. gkioker,
Franklin Steam.
J n A PLEASANTS. President.
J. H. Moyracck, Sec'y __Jell—dlv.
capital and value op annual premium
81,431,013 43.
T”r!5£ -£?'T tnn" nf Ufc Insurance on the Urea of
either white persi.ua or slat es. upon as good terms as any otber
g-ta company In the Stale. Th. nett profits uf th* business are d
Tided among those hotjlcg life policies.
.Saves In »cred for one or four y^srt
‘“““rata ion, call at tbs office of lb* ImaraactCe.
Valley of Va, where eapUnaloir book* and papers may be obtain
”• „ o. r. BHESKK,
Dr. P W. Hawcocc, Medical SSSSl^“‘ * U* *“* - T‘
Haring charge of the above bustuesa, I shall bo pleased to fin
any information upon the subject, or attend to any business sntruet
cd to me._(jell— lm]_T. L. D. WALJORD.
T .«WKf [*<r Trial qf Corwer iind U(A afe i
1118 long established and well known Institution Issuer lA*
shore d*s.-rjptMn of risks, on as res-onabie t. rau a* other
th .-d o II .*, with t e*»h eapilai sod lurphi* „f ,. pi. is Ttw Hoard
of Directors, (personally known to a large portion of there ntufih ity.i
hot Hng thetr mewttngs in ihis city, where all losses are liberally ml
patron sin-* P*1*1- ntitle* It to a due share of tb* pubtir
jar* No policy few charged for fre or Marin. Risk* taken by tk.e
l«* i. . . DAVID CURRIE, President
Jan. 11. Brwnga. Secretary. otr ..
* »«K In Any ca»e TUOS. M. ALKRIKNO, Prae-deni
"A E tow lifts, Secretary. ^,13_*„
__ Riciumiim 18th June, 1SL4.
*K^ win. hi: chahoed at thin
ft. Ageney for either Tire or Marine Policle* laaurd alter thta
jci.v—Im_ Ageota, Fourteenth alreet.
_______ _ Jane llth, I'M. I
**T •* E.—Or and after thta dale no chanrc will be tnada for
AN Tire and Marine Pulicie* usaed by title Company.
By order of the Board of Director*. _
„ __ _ . O. CURRIE, Preet
1*0. II. Rnenia, See y. JelY—if
VVrf *vf °n h*hd a larte ur-ortmrnt of Hold Stone, Cameo.
▼ ▼ Lara. Klorrntlne and Pl«'ti tied Shore. BUTTONS a let
Brens AM .1 nac la w.nt will And It to their Intereal to tiamlae
oar mock before purchasing
, _ MYERS A JANKE, No. TAX Main aL,
f*8” ____ Stiri of the lllomioatrd Clock,
Armdh ic* mi «iu or
<5F‘C Oft fjorernnr or VtirUtttUt efreef,
_mi»l Ha_ aermtKaa, ea.
It h%* double the quantity n»d atrongth of any other.
It fire, a perfectly natural color.
It Color* tecry »(.»de from Itgtit brown to jet Sack.
It* uie 1* ca-r and rapid.
It I* te rib' t!y l.ermle** to the .kin,
. .. ? dWAStanaawi and iwrmaneet
It la tf.* - f. ifwlrbeaf, ,-Aev*y>c«f, and ei/nf nee erer miut*.
HT IMrtctiona for ore accompany each bo* a*
Price—I o*. 11; 1 o*. 1 ,Vi; « eu. A; S ea *S^
^Rntcred according t • 'he act ol Congrr**, in the year 1889. ba A
W Harmon, In the Clerk1* ORhe of the Dl*trtct Ooort of the 0. s!
for the I I item District of Penn.]
r"r “*• hK ALEX. DUTAL, Richmond Tg
Jf.lno/lnforer, aFOLLOS W. HARRISON. I* South Tth Mrrel
PhllalelpMa^ _ * Ifttfy
t«* mi i linn H.i i mm, ■ ■ in H .
W'OUH alt.pi ..n 1*'itTimd lo oar rtock of RICH
■ M"Mi Mtnr f'AI'.HI Mo.e U.. ■ .fr
f VeicAe.,.,t 'VrrhMaa, AWdtnmrm, AaMfra.]
I S-.ltl.t, d-c Tht* Work I* mala "f the boat mate
1 IWh •tewet.'iwrtman' Malo^ndOaey.
hi Nit a i:tt»:hikr,
MANUK hfTUER steam Koftoce, Circular Saw NitlauW1?^ fi
TbhaaBf Freeze and K'r* ir-, Mtrhinery for
Orta1 «:»l *»w M."*, elan f..r 0-4.1 and Oaat Mine*. Ac WR*T w
Cur. an-i M*--Mnery of eeery deaerlption, lor Railread*, taade ami
fVrifilH to «nf
Iron ud Hi .«e Cart.of*. Forging* and Flnlabad Work aiade to or
A run la ent cited ft out aS la want before boy I no. *
me I i*n.|Setr ^
. tfre for wlr .1 t ,w ,, -*#, It, f„lt„W'n# BTKtW
ENOINES. with wip-out.- r-’ilar Saw MSI. .ttweb.d
tjnc PortuMa Steam Engine, 19 horae fewer
one do do 18 da
One do do n d* i
The lael oe w*. need by ea for . Wowt lime, but haa bean tWoew*.
Ip neerhaaled. and wdl be warranted In (nod order.
Alaa, one fifteen bora* StaHenure En*in- . which haa been amd.
toil ba. been put la food o*rkin« order.
The .bee. Engine, and Mtlla were all baltl by aa la the bam new
•Ibte manner, and will ba eold for lew that, '.heir eaina.
Me-Mn let* and K mi Vra,
•** •'* Oary atreat, neat hrl.rw CHy Caa tut*
UltHsorni f|H. Vaa.daAer tbo let f- 'll it
■ Jane, a ft *0K wttl raw Tom Liberty to the Peak* of inter —
The building baa been entered a tth a number nf naal aad aaE «m
ntatird roam. Tb e baertbrr wdl endearer la render A, .jin,
of pM«ol, Ar
OLIb Lift EH Mim /AYAf Ol EPF. SA Fmft.
rta Frtmc Obi Jaaa OaSbr, Iw Ob by
1 *** LM. BRINK EE AOa,N.»M*te«.

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