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Doiao* or * "Ogffrwffwc* Maa "—Tbe Newark <S. J I !
Advertiser wn that a man recently visited that city, and
while there m.de offers of marriage to several young girl*,
and insulted many more. Ila impudently entered the
boost- ol a lady, who was alone with her daughters, al
though a total stranger, and pretended to lie actuated by
the Inchest motives, matte direct offer* of marriage to the
oldest, about tb years of age. offering to settle
upon bar, to educate bar younger stater, provide a fine
houM, art i alii*, carriage, Ac. Finally, alter frequent per- |
emptory mniiuaml*, ha lelt the bouse. Ur- also made pro
|M>*als of marriage to a young gill employed at a dtces-ms- I
krr’a, aud propo-slr of a similar purport In other*. A young
prl lii a daguerreotype gallery reeeiveda letter from him,
Bfo|NiaiMg marriage, and In- evru had the audacity to m -el
her. When a liieml ol the girl interfered, and after siginti
can't hinUot being kicked out the impoeter lelt. Several
warrant* era out lor bin arrest, especially as a girl four
teen year* ol age ha* mysteriously disappeared Irnui New
ark. The accused Is described as a stout, fleshy man, very
lull under the chin, with a large black eye, black hair,
curled under, high forehead and rather good looking.
Kiaul'lta K«'irt.—A Dutch journal contains the I >1
lowing singular account ol tho escape of s woman of / •
vcnliuueii from being poisoned by her husband, ami tlie
prompt ebaatiseutenl of the latter :
“A tuau whose name is not given, availed hini-elf of
the opportunity of hi* wile quilting the dining table for
aoma domestic purpose, and rapidly mUed (khsoii in the
plate of soup which she had commenced eating.— At j
the moment the wife returned and reseated herself, the
husband arose and quitted the apartment, under |
pretest of having lorgutien something necessary.—
The wile, upon this, was about to re-commence eating, but
ou so doing she discovered a spider on her plate, aud hav
ing great repugnancy to these insect* she changed her |
plate lor that of her husband, who relumed immediately
altri, ast lilioscll down, and seeing that hia wife bad nearly
tini-lied bee portion, ate Irotn tbc pUi» him. In
tlie course ol a lew hours lie began to feel the effect* ol
the | mi son, and although medical aid was mstantly called
in, died, confessing that he was justly punished for his
own intended crime.
Nt* Passxn Miosiui-mxn.—The following is a list ol
mclshipincn, of the date of Ifl&o, who have receutly pass
ed their flnul examination at Annapolis, Mil.:
John G. Walker, Jottn G. Mitchell, Francis M. Ram-ey.
Charivs F. Peck,Richard W. Meade, jr., A. C. Ixard, Mar
shall 0. CaiupheII, Robert Boyd, jr., Calviu F. Thomas,
Ohs*. C. Cai(renter, A. J. McCartney, W. A. KiikUnd,
Win. il. Dana, Edward E. Potter, George Bacon, J. Cros
san Chaplin, A. Bcardslee, Wm. L. Bradford, Cba-. A.
Babcook, .Eneas Armstrong.
Class or 1849.—Geo. Brown and C. F.. Hawley, alter
Passed MiJsbipmen, 11. A. Adams, R. L. May after Pass
ed Midshipmen, W. 11. Ward, J. W. Shirk and Georg-F.
Merri-on. alter Passed Midshipmen 11. Garland.— llsil
i nylon Star.
Philai>kli-hia; June22.—The meicury has reacued as
high a* 98 degrees to day in the shade. The teui|n-ra
ture has modified this evening, however, by a gale ol
wind accompanied by a slight sprinkle of rain.
Washington, June 22—8 P. M.—It has been intensi
ty lint here all day. The mercury has ranged from 92 to
93 degiees and 93 to, 1U0, according to position. It now
stands nt 90.
New York, June 22—The weather to day ha* been
decidedly the hottest of tho season. The thermometer
is variously stated to have ranged from 90 to 93 degree*.
New Yokk, June 21.—Two individuals, named Carl
Birder and Henry Egger, have been arrested at Chicago
on a charge ofobstructing the track of the Michigan
Southern Railroad, for the purpose of destroying the Tole
do cvnres* train. Tin-obstructions were three rros- lies
which had been fastened across the track near Aidsworth,
on Wednesday. They were discovered in time and the
fain saved almost by a miracle.
Brandon, Yt., June 21.—The down mail train from
Burlington was thrown off the track this afternoon about
a mile south of this place. The engine and baggage ear
were precipitated down an embankment. The fireman
was hurt badly, but the passengers escaped without serious
injury. Several cars were broken up. The accident was
caused by an expansion of the rails by beat.
Oonrxeiit'Ro, X. V., June 21.—The submarine cable
eonnesling this place with Prescott, Canada, was success
fully placed in the St. Lawrence river this morning, thus
putrinsr New York and Canada in direct communication.
But liln-en minutes were required to stretch the wire the
the entire distance—one mile.
Sr. Lotus, June 21.—The Democratic convention to
dav nominated Claiborne P. Jackson, trom the fifth dis
tract, to mi «|,0 vacancy in Congress, occasioned by the
death ol J. G. Miilri, —a u.. n .„* .. —. --.mnaleil ioi
the regular term. The former is a democrat, and the |,l(.
toi an old line whig, both nominated by the same conven
Boston, June 21.—A Pieinont and Dayton ratification
meeting look piece on board the steamer Worcester, on
bci trip trom New York last night. Hon. Charles Hudson
presided. Addresses weie made by lion. Moses Kinibill,
of Massachusetts, Hon Daniel Clark, of New Hampshire,
Mr. Peck, of Maine, and others.
Boston, June 22.—The money (orer jl,isio) subscribed
in this city to procure a silver vase ss a testimonial to he
presented to Senator Sumner, will be applied “to aiJ the
recovery and security of freedom in Kn sa-," in uccurd
aure with the request ol Mr. Suiuuer, who has written a
letter declining the proposed testimonial.
N sis Prim a Doana.—“\\ e have had a new print:* donna
here,” write* a correspondent at Naples, “Signora Viola
b» name. She is the w ife of a Sicilian who during the lure
trouble* ill Sicily, was Minister, 1 believe ol justice. Sig
nora Viola, therefore, a* connected with so arch a traitor
was berselt a suspected person, and her r‘turn, and, it is
■aid, engagement at the theatre, were discussed in a
Council- Shelias not a voice ol any great merit, and was
atffirst indifferently revived, but her history suffices for
musical deficiencies, an J she is now greeted with increas
ing applause.
Dcuiso the recent fire in Cincinnati, a frainu black
smith shop, belonging to John Burns, was somewhat
burned,but before the smoke had cleared away there was a
customer there with a horse, wanting him shod. The horse
wa- according led in and while one workman prepared
the hoofs another carried in the bellows which had been
carried out and stuck them in then place, a fire was made
the hammer clinking, and the horse shod while the fire
# was yet raging around.
Mr. Clay ton - K ansah Bill. By private advices Iroui
reliable sources at Washington, we I. urn that Mr. Clayton's
bill for the settlement of the difficulties in Kansas, is fikrly
to pass the Senate at an early period, by a laige vote. Mr.
Oeycr, ol Missouri, it is under>tood, intends to introduce
a proposition on the «ame subject, but tbe impression is
that Mr. Clsyton’s will receive a decided preference._
Phil. X. Arner.
DaaaDrt'L Accident ash Death.—We learn from per
son* connected with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, that
n young man iiann-il lliiiiinernian met with an a win! death
•lay before realerday, in fife vicinity of Mouocacy. Ila
waa riding from a field on home Wk. and having oeca
eion to dianiount, the horse became frightened; hi* feet
were entangled in the gear, and he wu< thus diagged over
the rough turnpike, stone*, log* and bridge* to hi* home.
The tdidv wa* terribly and completely mutilated, (lie skull
fractured, and Id* liuib* all broken. Deceased was a
youth of indtHtiou* habiu, aud a fine looking boy. —
Wheeling Jimee.
Tiik Lais. Kuirr.Ms.NT in High Lire_The New York
Sunday ,f f/»* say* :
A* there has lieen much enr|uiry lespeefing the laic
elopement of a marrh d man, w ho was an officer in th,
Lruled Slalew Army in Mexico, with u daughter of one
our wcall hi ciluens, we hare ascertained that the g, li
lleinati is Major I’liil Kearney, and file ladv a daughter of
Hugh Maxwell. Itte collector of the port of New York.
The resignation of First Lieutenant (icorge B. Bissell
third artillery, has been accepted by the President to tak<
nffect Keptciiilier 1, I«j6.
(III. OKI II lUNSItN Ifl.’llllt.
I p Perry mother should haes a bo* In Ilia buns liandy In rsa
»f aecbfsnu to lltr children.”
!l*nm»u‘s Rrssll Salta.
It I* a Bml.m reuiviy of tblrly years’ standing, audit rrr.ni
"• ndr.l by pliyairisns II I, a sure and spredrrure for Burns.Pitn
■oil*. Corns. Felon*. Chilblain*, and (ltd .Bores of every kind I..
Fever Buses, I’leers, lleh, Braid Head. Hvttle Rash, llunlonr, Bor
wipplr-. tfi nonet,.led by nurses,) Wbltlnwi, *. Fosters. Fie
JWsw.Bjnlresimgs Fr.weti Limb.,Ball Ubuni, Scurvy, Bureau
Orsrkrd laps. Sore N„", Wart. and First. Wound*,II lias,. ,t „
Iwal.lr reined r and cure, whirl, can be test f..,| u. by tb..u«aiid< .
have ua.td It In the rkfy id Hnaton and vicinity for IV Iasi fl.lrf
FWwr* In no ill .tan fr will lilts Bslvedo an Istpfry. os Inlrrfer, w •
a phystrian'* pnecsipiinr,.. It n made purr<t ,,
Irosn a rr-. .pr Vrnwght irons Rus.i. of arilrbs (rowing Inn
eownirr - and Ilm proprlriorv have Irtters from all chsos dsiri
swrii. pilfer,JUS, ars raptalna, nurar., a„d ollirr. win. have’ used
them.elsr., and ri nnii ml It loothr,. Kidding*. Russia False
put In laryr Un lorn *. Ilstr|nl on the rove, will, a picture of a I,or
and a disabled sMdler, whirl, pleiurr Is also engraved on IV arm
pri fsi.si.MTintu , Bob! at ill IV store. In town or mu
try, at "la. be ordered of any wbolnal. druggo
BHMilNlts X CNi . Proortelnr.
fell «.sH*N,<rrT * n'"> K *«'"<•. and all liru*y,.i
€1 » WTW 11 MMlIM 111 LOOPS. The si k a .sort
■ IW style and qua Hy and rowumtn* the mre.ir, artlrle.
* inikp « f |PillfR|.h »hbW
WHIfF Ml ksHI. IF* trBT* W, have rereisrd Wits day a f
line r.l II, It ff.rrnl styles nf While Veeis and inviie the ausr,tint,
pll I'tllll I*
Mil* MrH. AMD mOCRM.f fA<xf ,4Ufimy .tylr and n>«
lk#M, r«Mwfm(at*ir mi.*I frtiird
01 I K I ININ ANI, MAKSFII.I.AS I OATS Pants andfeVr.t
ewlnrs and nws, whirl a. ,i l.,r prlre. Tl e ai.bs and qws
. lies see un. vre|.lo.naMe being writ si,rut,a, g. rel shspe. guarani*
foBi and fad .owtvs OROFIfONO * Tl pit an
J»" 11® M
% IIIII i . I hwfrhy fire Oolkflhll I tarn nvMttutritHIV
sJONW my Afrfi» torondarf a OROrrhY Util (dMH
WON 111 •■ih nalhorH) In Mr mv nan. n makir.fr p<
***** and aa»r*. nf < lira®, a all Jimea, ta rrvncatinn
■»#, and the jwiM.i till th* rofut* nmfrnlanil that th* rapitnl mn
ed la the hi«ln*ff la min*. and n«»t Mr Jonn'
JA\) a QtUWftM
TO MY rmrMOR AMD rnRM)M nVTllMrRH Thro**h
)iin«!(•«*•« #f 4 « (MiMrtn » »»f my fr»*»»d. Mi® Oairvm, I havw .hn.it
na|-li'rm*M a® her »|nri, aft h«r*- rraanM my *M a tan*, at
*nm*r of Main ami Nu*t#i Aff*l«, vhrre I «hall r<*ndu<-t a ».■»«#
OM«hh»» and <'OMIff«WO* HI **INWs* tor her I shall k*^
nar»»*f of %he ch<»k>'e«t artlrka In n.# Ila# for ••%!* | ahall i
»■' ’ > * r r ihlirf >wl»iHM In me, and promptly an naM h r
••*4 fF*^-f4itfll) kill fAhMrnllf I ayfM-al In my old friend® ®r.4 r
... MMfHOH J ft ft
'• __Ofrtil for Mr* J A Oriflln
mkr 1 % >H< %» OI.A^V • ail $*•*•. al manuf» Inrer*®
wW toe *»)• at HATTAlMni Dr«c and *J tftnve,
H* Oomar 4th and Rma l iirrMt
y«»l 4M A'H I. A II II «>ll ®~l* »• I ter • • r
Till ftTKAMkk OlKTIH PICK, Owptam Johuj
IhiTta, h»«ln| )u*4 Minbmiiir a thorough •%< •
hauling, will nmiar ihutvtfwlar mu lwiw«rii
the above leaving the wharf al KtK-krtU, i»n HATl’KDAi
monilng neit, loth tuatant. al |M| oVIovk) |»rr«-Urljr. a»ul every
lWalry, Tbur*»Ujr and Saturday mt.rnlnff* at that hour.
Returning, the Curtis frrk will leave Norfolk evury M«»nday, "
nralaj and Friday ammiugt al U*e aame hour, o'clock.! and
touc*. at all the regular landing* »»u the nv*r going at*J returning.
Prwjicr and meal* a* u»ual K. O. HASKINS.
Tlw iret** „« .n srtUV. to be landed .o .he r.ea, »- be paid
when they are aent to the boat. R ^ ^
i Nio.Y *te.»*jihip eoaeysiv.
STEAMER CITY or UICUMOND. Cap*. 3t- Mle>*- f. .. m-.
... ai...m., PENNSYLVANIA. Captain Dsein ceA. ^.S.
Task, bleanier VIHi.lMA. Capt » R-srn. . S lglill
One I.r tti.ee superior bsrann r* wlU Wave Ik'h HBUm
mond, anlll further notice, errry Wednesday. touching at Cup
Point and Norf.dk to receive freight and paamnnru. Returning, leave
Philadelphia every Wc-tneoday morning at ll> o'clock.
,su smer. are now iu One order. Increased accommodation*
frw Ih* comfort of iMtasvnger* having been added, a* also more r<«>m
for freight, and we hope, by regularity, dispatch and car* In prunel
la, good* committed lo our charge, to receire an tncreaa* of patron
UK- No transhipment by IWs line.
Passage through lo N.-w York, and found. ®S
Do do Philadelphia, and found, l*t cabin. 8 w
Pstsage to City Point and Norfolk same as by the rlrec boats
HP passengers by this line can sto|. In Phlladel|.la two or three
days, and then proceed lo New York by the same ttckrl
ui.«-lf II K. TUTTLE, Agent. Rockett*^
UN. It All. NTKA.lINHIt* JA*KN> Cf.-w |
• f» IT.V."—Laaro Tt sci.tv evening, June ,,'mfjR -f a.v
94th, at 4 o'cl-e k. C-Vl'. 1,Q|
Freight revered to-day. (Monday,) and up to the hour of 9
o'rloek. P. M„ Tuesday, *4lh Inst.
Consignees are requested to send down for their foods to-day.
Shlnpers ar* rt-quesled lo scud In the name* of their conslgnre*
Tue-day ahemoon, or ih. Ir shipment* will l»e consigned lo order.
Passengers are- r*s|Ue*iod to be on board before the hour of depar
ture, 4 o’clock P. M„ Tuesday .
Tickets and Berth# secured at our office bouth side or the Itasm.
Passage lo New York, including meats Slid State room only Rid.
btrerage passage onlv |S.
Passage to Norfolk same as by the river boats.
Si i: a n ik iiei.vidi.hi: -n'«d «-ti
Freight received to day. Monday, and up lo the —
hour of 9 o'clock P. M Tuesday, the 94th Inst.
Consignee* see requested to send for their goods to-day.
FMpper* are requestesl to send In the iisme* of their conslgnrea
Tuesday afternoon, or their shipments will be consigned to order
(.Ill U II A I. T I NIOKKs—The .leaner A nswji
k1 CJLADIATOR leave. King and Queen C » M-i i f|*ffl>( r
everr TIIURbDAY si » A M ; West Polnl TAM. '• ’
Cappahosic * A. VI,; York Town »S A M ; East River 19 noon ;
Pungntrague .1 P. VI . and arrives In Baltimore Friday morning al «
,Mn k. Return If, leaves Baltlinonr every Monday at h P. VI., and
arrives at Pung.deaguv Tuesday •> A. VI.; East Rlv, r 10 A. M.i York
Toun 1 P VI Cappalroslr 8PM. West Potlil 4 r. M . King and
Quern C. II. 6 V. M.
Pa-sage from King and Queen C. II. and West Point to Balti
more, F-i
Passage from Cappahosic, Yorktown and East river, to
Baltimore, * 7.1
Passage from Pungntcaguc lo Baltimore, 4 III
Mi sis included. WM R. KMART,
jrl—w 1 ci* Pres. West Point and Baltimore Strain Packet Co.
steamship PENNSYLVANIA. Capt D. Teal. Is now Ml- TL AT. If*
ready lo receire freight, and will leave on WED
NEbDAY, June 9Alh. at 9 o'clock, A. M
For freight or passage, haring superior acromion.I.lions, apply to
H E. TUTT1.K. Agent,
' r The superior fa-t salllng regular packet schr EMMA dlTt
JANE, Capt. Wm Phillips, haring Ore grester portion of
her cargo engaged, will sail for the abore port* with quick dispatch.
For balance of freight, apply to
)r*i _W, P. COLQUITT A CO.
1 Poston Line of Packets.—The su|>erior fine fast sailing ailiXp
I regular packet schr CKRITO.Caplalo W H. Crowell, haring T *
I the grester portion of tier cargo engsgesl and going on board, will
sail with all possible dispatch. Kor balance of freight, apply to
P Ann \4;»: Id <11. D poivr.-l'l pi 1'V-TI
bteamei Curtla Peek. Capt. John Daeis, will jS. *■> f
I ...S .r. Ti.I.. , lOlb l,..t .-sit he Old ■■ *"W '■
I Point regularly, on her trip* to an«l from Portsmouth and Norf Ik,
w at r tig Season. k. O. H ASK IN•"
I ff1 Packets. The superior first mailing regular Packet
Schooner, Westovrr, Captain, Freeman Rogers, having
the greater portion of htr cargo engaged and going on
hoard, will sail with all possible dispatch. Por balance of freight.—
Apply to
A RE constantly supplied with a full and complete assortment of
ill the choicest
new manufactured In this country, which are offered lor sale on rea
sonable terms at the factory cash raJCE*, and the most absolute and
entire satisfaction guaranteed to purchaser*. The words of a corres
pondent," tee hart afttn Mid. and ut Uile pUaeurt in rtj*aiiny
the truth, th.it WORCESTER S inMrmntuU art made upon honor.
I amt equal la any hi t.\< uarld," have beer, and are daily being
. orroborated by the highest t« »t.menials from nearly ONE THOV
SAND purchaser* In the past TWENTY YEARS.
Attention Is asked to the f. Rowing notice* of the pre««
lFrom tJe X. Commercial AdrtrtUtr, an, ls*>fi.]
Putnot made by Mr. 11. Worcester, of this city, can scarcely be
surpassed »n all the qualittem that render ai« instrument valuable.
Ir.\an lAt A* 1* i on/ Ur and Enquirer ]
| W«uu-r-T*aPuso*.—Tit* <“onstantly tr»r»«»^,a* -^r— pt the
I Piano ForUm manufactured by Worcester, author :•** our reminding
uur readrr• that Worc« »u i"» li mmacsi are a* beautiful and orna
| mental a« they are^dmiUcl to In, unsurpassed in their more essential
I qualities of musical excellence.
IFra.n the .V )' « .anmtrcuit Adrtrtner.)
"Those dulcet strains" ot which “very truly your*” *je ik« came
not from a human throat; hut from one of tho*e wonderful |..« c* < f
1 mevham«m known as “Wore* -ler’s Pianos." As »e hare more than
ionce *a»d, they give forth, next to the melody of the voice in love’s
wtusperinf*, the sweete»t and most perfectly harmonious and melo
I dim.* tones that We are accustomed to listen to.
mad A. MORRIS. Sole Agent,97_Mainjit.
Richmond, hi
ha- sow axaDT r/*a rue nraixo tbadb.
By Wh.JeMlt and EMail, a mayniji< ent ame.rtrnrnt of
and evi ry oilier art.- le Iwlonglng to In- business.
Ills slock of Virginia m&nufa trued g -vls is the largest and most
elegant ever got up by him, and will he found fully equal t* any
tl<irig Imported. His imports! stock al*o t* mure varied and on a
larger scale than he ha* ever before ordered, and cannot fail to
meet, in every respect, the requirements of merchants and others.
n W1LI. be happy to receive call* fr**m thc>*e in want of arti
CIGA1LS, BRUSHES and FANCY ARTICLE*, and will sell an
4A low as ant H »r>» ix R:rHMt»n.
J ar.l l«»th.
■hinVan \ < ».,
C10NSJGNMKNTS of Tobacco, Wheal, Corn and other produce
/ respectfully *r*lls!ted.
| Iff* Office mi Virginia street, next to Fry’s corner.
g ■■ mbit—ly
ii it o> a it i.HKFin it n
HECKIVK consignments uf Tobacco, Flour, Corn, Wheat, 4c..
>and give their personal aUeutioti fo *al«-x of the same; and
j keep constantly on hand a large assortusani of Grocer le*, *eed*. Pr
I ravtea Otian. , 4r
j WilUi M’fllPMR, X. W. a 91 . XX
i nrrxKXTH -ri;» r-r, p.ichm n:. ta.,
I Solicit rondgnmccsa of CORN, WHEAT, FLOCK, TOBACCO, 4o.
JOHN % . 1C O It | \ N O N ,
Ic*'X>xa caar axt> viaoixu XTxxirn*, airmsnxn. vi.,
'UTRT’II-L give bis personal attention to the sale of WHEAT. COHN,
vv TOBACCO. and all other country produce consigned to Ms
Corner of Oort mo r >tu.f f'mrJtlin »tr4tt»,
▼ ▼ ran Pap. r II . *;
dow Curtain*, Gimp#, Coni# MiniTaMrl*. Cornice#, Hand# and Coop*;
Lace and Mu*lin Curtain# ; Floor and Table Oil Cloth# ; llair Cloth
and I1a#h, for Hofaa; Curled llair, Kofu spring#. Twine; Tacks; Mal
ting#; Window .“hades, best Curled Hair and Rhock Mattresses;
Feather Bed#; lauinge*; Rofa Beds; with many other article# in our
line of bovine##, all of which will l» #old on the most reasonable
term#, and Taper Hanging and I’pholstering punctually attended to
In town or country. oc#
EBNHE member# of the legislature and strangers viewing the city,
1 are rt*|'i* «t»d to call at the old establishment* No. Fun cnewer
of Main arid Governor street#, and pn ur#* themselvr# an outfit for
the winter, a# the subscriber ha# on hand a large and elegant a»#ort
Bieut of Oentlemen*# Wearing Apparel, not to tie #wrn#»sed l»y any
house in the city.
A# ari rvid Mire of the superiority of Id# Clothing, he was awarded
the highest premium (a Hllver Medal) by the Mechanic#’ Institute for
lie keep# constantly on hand the best of Cloth#, Ca##lmere#. Vest
ing-. Ac., with a • ore of «up< rlor workmen. He de»in« It unrief --•
#ary, after a trial of |4 year# the public has had of lii« good#, to say
more In their roomie rotation. (||e warrant* .11 Clothing he sells.)
and respectfully solicit# a rail from hi# old friend# and the public
I generally. Rtnrtly on the one price system, F B SPENCE,
del No. Ign corner of Main and Oovi-rnor #t*.
W<MI|y HI. 1*0*1*, — We have drtrrm <1 to ope*), In Con
nection with our !*»#• nt bu#tnv#«, a Wo«*l lb pot, for the
| tale of Wool, and hare engaged the Service* if Mr John Water
house, the former efficient agent of the WooWn Fac tory in this
9 elty Ml# attention, If accessary, will hr devoted exclusively to this
buslne##. '
Ail Wool rot.#!gTie«l u, m will »*• graded,ao that each purchaser
can buy suel, Wool a# he want#, and not t« « om pel led to buy «uej,
, 4. Will not answer In# purpose* T),efe i« gr..«n In Virginia a #uf
’ quantity «»f Word, If concentrated and graded, to attract the
■ attention of manufacturer# and dealers to oar market; arid w#
i ! hope to succeed In eatahli#hlng a good market for the Wool grown
I | near home.
For particular# are our rlrruta*#. CRENSHAW k CO.,
Oroeer# and Go*nr wdow Mer# han't*,
- j.7#
Ifliriri; TO ALI. WHOM IT MAY C-iNrKRN ..
XV 'br HI. t.moirt A.i.l DaiiTtllr Rallr,.a,l C I.,,- Iin.|
■ mUf-.rlunr to I,..*.- fhr'r fr» >yhi to.urr In Ru-lm nil. a. w-ll r, ,„.r
, Hot, o, U,-,r mil,,.* atork. thry Rrrrnn4r.lt. I for tl,r i.rr.rnt
, .rllrrr alM"*n frrlfhl on llir aldii* of il» r ro«.| on thr d-t„
, bit In 11,1. nty, «< anm, a* the Iralu. ahall arrl r, .aid fr, 1.1,1 t., lo
bnamdlatrljr r,.li„T-i! by Ibo.r In whom ,1 m», f* fon-i*r,-d br
*« <•- Oowi|>any wifi noi b> yra|K>nnM« f. r tbr .,f. krrph.r o
i lb- Mmr, ar„l ll,- partV, Infrr-atrd, nr In any way mnrrrn-d wil
»"««' lakr lo.tirr Ibal all -fowl, frriybt, a hrf.rr .lalrrl will b,
, I »< flirtr rlrk a. .nob aa tit,load'd from thr car
^uio-rintendeni of Tran«f»ort*t|f.n.
>•11.1 IMI II IV I."
i|| M F not, a few hundred ».r thousand dollar# secured to wlf# an*
of ■ •hlldren wvLrrr I *-ra*ir««, would he important lo them in ever.
**' «• *»»• fsfret, a few hundred dollar# !r. maftey save# thousand
c# £ pfopen# ,t> « 1 r ,,, ath-, when an escCWI r ha# to pay 4cM#
M#ny Ilk .4»#. t - *ve ufn saved to persot « in K chmonrt Tm
ill ' '* I i a.a. r r ar,„,
II- ' V," ’ '-•'•••• .. . I H.al am,.,, i In Hirhnwnd
•* M SkM^M.C'ijSuS ..... h‘*
I#— 0#<*r, ?to. ?, Prarl .trrrt 8 * «««W. *£#
H ll'Hf.Hka |\ inn ItlNtltR. With i... vf. w of r#
■ » tiff our *»•" k. a- -no is | » r " fir • t x .
» tat which lime •• take mar Anr.uat |„vent » i we Will fro.,,
hf taw*,offer great bargain# n a.I kind# ».f h #.. n0fnrn,-r # , a
au-h «t .1-., Oi-Rbam., i la,., t /lir. , Motwll#
r,ul llai-kr |)> |.a,n->, R.rry- and R:lk Ki- H h .
Wart. RI.,1. and ndoird a,Ik m.m,ii, , ,
whirl, wr nil bara a yrry »or.d aaa-rlui-r,, i ,i i«. Wain 4
3 ‘ ‘ l»l I'. 1 > A J0HNR1OH
b- V'" " ' ' " '• * < 'll 1 fin f • ain„i n.
rt, A«MiMlnilnv,.„itip.i.v |,"J
, a Ibr aii-ni„ n ,.f all... w.ol of e.r... f,„ th,ir ,*
n aa.,.i,n,r-,i ,r| ,,ar >-., Kf or., a, Ib-y w,, ,
II, 1 • »• II,ham at a l<.wrr pr|.» ihan f , . , i,adi.'.r
.. pwr-l.a.-d ihia .prlny, ibal la, b»f„rr ibr I-.., rim in
j „ Aid, 1111,1.,
H So. Itt Satn - }f,
... | I- Mb- HlM.ta tali MNl Hi, ii ., ,
■ dlar, ., , K- I,, , Ho. II ... . . '
w*lrb I o*rr at a m.all a-tyan-r or, m-l
___ Tnro RnprifT-riw.
luporl-i and Irtatrr in F,.,wl«b and l>..„, |t,r4w„, „ 4
• 1 e* CnOrry Ro tt Main 4,
Daily line to the Virginia bpring.h-c inti a l
Railroad extended to Mllboev* To R.<ckWVigp Alum, Bath
Aluiu and Warm (‘print*, and to Lexington In Mt day. To White
HiUphur, Red aud VvM Hpriigt In one and a half days, and to Balt
Sulphur second ‘lay In the evening
The track U uw being laid, and by the 1st of July wlU be open to
IgUburo', .*4 uilira from the While AtMi«r Spring*, from the Heal
ing. 9-1 miles; Hoi tytlngs. *t» mlb-s; Warm tyring*. 15 miles Rath
Alum. mi lea, and from the Rockbridge Bpring*. 5 mile*.
Paaerngrri Wave Richmond alMU A M. dine at Staunton; arrive
at Milbara at 4)g PM, thence by Stag*« to the Warm Spring*, to
M pi ter Leave next day at 4V A M, passing by the Hot and Heal
Ing Spring*, and reach thv White Sulpi ur by 1)4 PM. the Red
Swee t and Old Sweet to dinner, and the Salt Sulphur by uight the
sacoud day
Thr'Uigh Ucketa by llartnan A Brown's Stage*— to the While Sul
phur. $11; to the Sweet Springs, |1»>; to the Salt Sulphur, $18—also,
to all the other Spring* and to Islington.
tW“ See TWket Agent In Richmond.
There are many object* of Interest on this line, hut the MOCK -
TAIN TRACK, passing over the top of Ifte Blue Ridge, at Rookll.li
Gap, will repay a ride of f ve hundred nit.es. It has hevu worked
with perfect success for more than two years
Office Va Central Railroad, Richmond.
Wili leave the terminus of the Railroad ltnroedlaltly after the arri
val of the cars, and reach the Warm tyring* before • o'clock.
This is the old familiar route to the bluings, and Is undoubtedly
the b«-»t. Pram Milbara' to the White Sulphur there I* Urn sf.i^sm-j
bf r<VW f«n/es ihau by any other route, with still a greater differ
cnee to favor of the road*.
The public m*y rely on our always having •rhum/.i*! Stag* «io
»/•«■(/<!/i«>a, without crowding, and every tffort being made to
plca%e Ibc travelers, by having careful drivers aud making good
m flip rnrw inriSiBi
and after this date, the trains on this Road will run a* fol
truk* La a vi xicuwnan rox rxrxaaarao
Express, through Paaaenger dally, |Sun«lay's exc* p
tlrd.lat .ill o*cl*k A. M.
Mail, through Passenger, daily, at..B ** P. M.
Accommodation and freight train ^Tri-Weekly,) via.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at .4)4 M 4- M.
Norfolk Train Mondays, Wednesday- and Fridays 0)4 ** A. M.
mm La*va rwraaaarao rox a»cauoxn.
Express,through Par*.tiger daily at .6 14 A M.
Mad. ** M " VBunday's exewpted.) 5)4 M PM.
Accommodation and freight tralu Til-Weekly, via.
Monday*. Wednesdays and Fridays, at..8)4 M A. M.
Richmond to Clover Hill. A passenger car will be
attached to the Coal Train which leaves Richmond
dally. Sunday's excepted.) for Clover H1U At-$ o'clk, A. M.
Passenger*coming from Clover 1IU1 by this train
must be at Summit Depot by.. 10 “ A. M.
The Express trains will not stop on the way either to take up or
put down way passengers.
The Mall trains will stop when there are passengers to tak* up or
put down at Manchester, Temples,Rice's, Half-Way Station, Clover
Hill and Port Walthall Junctions.
The accommodation train will stop at all the regular stopping pla
ce* when there are passenger* to take up or put down.
The Express aud Mail Trains from Richmond connect with the
Southern Trains at Petersburg for Weldon, Raleigh, Wilmington, Ac.
Through Tickrta to Weldon can be procured at the ticket office tn
The same trains from Petersburg connect at Richmond with the
Northern trains for Washington, Baltimore, Ac. Through Ucketa for
W'ashlngton. Baltimore and Philadelphia, can be procured at the tick
et office in Petersburg.
Fare for white persons.$1 85
M Children over 5 and not over 19 yexrs of age. 45
“ Colored persons In servant*'t ar. 45 i
Colored ugnoBS w.il t.,<t be permitted In the first class cars exrent
when in attendance on Infant children, or sick persons, absolutely ,
requiring their care. In which case the same fare as for white permma
will be charged.
A discount of 1*> cent* will be allowed on each fare when tlckeU
arc purchased at the office, and to persons gvtllug on the cars whore
oo tickets are sokl.
Servants travelling by themselves must l*e furnished by their mas
ters with two passes, so that one can be retained at the office; and It
must be expressly stated on the pass that they are permitted to go
on the cars.
THOMAS ODAMF.AD. Superintendent.
Office R A P R R-Co__ March. 95th 1S54.
Tills K tad Is Boor la oyoratlou to Seven Mile Ford, (14T miles.) and
the track is being extended Westward at the rate of eight miles per
On and a'ter the 1st Mae. the passenger train connecting with the
train from ucmdod4 to PeterMnirg will leave Lyncnourg ai ix.ao r.
M . and arrive at 12 oYloek, M.
Stage connections dally, Sundays excepted,
\* ■ if I d< j*>t, f..r nehlMB, It m l. «
— At Bon sack’s and Salem, for Sweet, Red Sweet and White Sulphur
Spring*. (U miles.
At \« wUrn depot, for the Bed Sulphur ^ 98 mile*) and Salt Sulphur
Springs. The Turnpike Road from Xewbem to the Red Sulphur
ilpriug* has been greatly improved, and If now one of the best In the
mountains. Pa**« ngrn arrive at these Spring* on the evening of
the second day from Richmond, At Seven Mile Ford, for Knoxville
Ttenne«*ee Fare from Richmond |28, through in 2*4 day*.
Tlie Virginia and Te»»ne*aee Railroad passes In the vicinity of
Coiner’s Alleghany, Montgomery, White Sulphur and the Yellow
Sulphur Springs, the accomodations at each of which have been
greatly increased since last season.
The line of Telegraph from Richmond wfll be completed to the
Mouffomery White Sulphur Springs early in June.
«p26—tra General Superintendent.
It «' X » M K It i 2 l».
TO Lynchburg 9-9 S»» 1 Tu Lexington 94 u9
To Buchanan 4 99 | To the Natural Bridge 4 .V)
Fare from both Richmond and Lynchburg to CharlottravfBe, 92 Bo.
Satisfied, on a fair trial, that the majority of travel on the Packet
Boat* arc better accommodated by leaving in the evening, wc return
to the old hours—on and after the 221 in*tant, leaving Richmond
Mondav. Wednesday and Friday, at B P. M , reach New Canton at 9
A M . and Scott«vlik 12 M of the first, and Lynchburg at fl A. M ,
and Buchanan and Lexington at 6 P. M. of the second day
R . urniug, leave liu. har.au at 6 A. M.. and Lynchburg at 7)4 P.
M , 'I nday, Wcdneadav and Fnday, nachSccUsville at 1«*>% A. M .
S'fTir'ftTial* ^nonecl* in At ^ neXt A. M.
and Buckingham C. H., and In ScottavUle with the Stage for Char
lotte* v1lle.
J'#F” Set Time and Distances, In Card below :
L t>i t Rick.aand l/ 'fJiq, i /.mn l.ynckburQ Monday,
WV fu+mtay itrul Friday, at HWn**/ay and Friday, at
B P Jf.
saaivt at timi mils* auiu at timi. mils?
Manaku.town v r u 17 Staple*'Mills, Urn 17
Judes Ferry, 10 r u 22 Bent Creek, 2am 90
Mi-'haui'* Ferry, 12 m kl Tye River, 4 44 8*
Cellar Point, 12)4 am Art liar lw»ck*viUe, l V% 44 43
Jefferson, 2 ” Sk Warminster, 44 48
Pemberton, 4)4 ** 47 , ilowardsville, 8 44 54
Columbia. 6)4 44 57 , Scottsville, 10)4 44 C7
New Otul—, 9 44 64 New Canton, 1V r M N>
Scotuvllle, 12)4 P M 79 I Columbia, SI4 44 90
Howard*vilie, 2* 44 91 , Pemberton, 5\ 44 100
, Warminster, 4\g 44 99 ] Jetkraon, 7 u, ** 1"7
HardswirkviUe, 514 " l«w Cedar Point 9 44 1 14
Tye River, 614 44 1“* 1 Mklrtux’* Ferry, 9^ 44 116
Bent Creek. 8)4 44 III ] Jude’*Ferry, 11 44 124
Staple*’ Mills, 11)4 «* m 129 , Manakirdown, * a m 129
Lynchburg. 5 am 1*6 , Richmond, 5 ’*144
Richmond, October 19,1s55. ocld
P HI LI r it % •«
RA0L8 POUIUKT) Rtehirndi \ ir^inia,
cast ktbekt, srrwiis rxsai. axi* nrrxxxrM,
der*. Railroad Cars, and all descriptions of Rail
road Machinery, Stationary Engines <>f any required
power. Also, Portable Engines, with a decided Improve-! _
meut over any others heretofore madr, (from 5 to 4*i horgwpower,)
011 wheel*, and well adapted to fanning pur|M*e*, getting lumber,*
Ac., with improved Circular Portable Saw-Mills attached, of 1st, 2d
and <81 class. Mining Machinery,Grist and Saw-Mill Machinery,
Fnrgtngs and Tobacco Factory Fixtures of every kind; also, Brass
and Irou Castings made to order. P. KAHM.
KxmaXsvillk, N. C., Dec. 19,1855.
P. Rvhm. Esq., Richmond. Va.
Dear Sir—The |K>rtable Engine (of 22 horse-power) and Haw Mill
we purchased of you u few month* ago, we have put up and Is in
operation. Thua far It performs fully op to our expectation The
Engine works well, and a« for the Saw Mill, that Is undoubtedly att
improvement over anything that we have seen.
We have not saw -d much a* yet. hut hcauiie we are not fixed
with convenience—luive tried it sufficiently to know that It will snuff
the candle over anything in shape of tndls in this part of North
at. uid you have any correspondents from this section respecting
a mill, you can refer them to our mill, as a sight will l>e all that i«
requisite, Ac. You arc at liberty to use this a* you think proper.
P. 8. The Burger Haw Is No. A. ap1$
or *rpxa:->H
ivu/ix/ i Mi/i l-/ i i v i j' / i i i i vjt
Comprising all new styles of spring Dress and Frock Coats, Busi
ness Coats, of fancy cloths, can*infer«»*, merino, Drap d’Kte,
Alpaca, linen and Marseille*; Vests, in entile** va
riety ; black drvs* and fancy rassimerr
Pants; do linen, msraeifles, camhh t, Ac , A •.
Cravat*. Ties and Stocks, of the greatest variety, Suspenders ;
kid, silk and thread Glove*; Handkerchief*, Hock*. Shirts. Collar*,
■ilk and gauxe I’nder-Sliirt* ; silk, merino, linen and bleached cotton
Drawers ; India-Rubber Good* ; I'nihrellas, Ac.
• h uui k amu arrsiL.
fD. GOOD^IA \ hax now open at hi* large new ifore-room,
• M'J 'li . >*r. t. Richmond. Va . a Isrgr and entirely new
stock <*f Spring and Hummer RF.APY MADK CLOTHINt*. embra
cing all new style* of every grade of Coats, Pant* and VrsU, and
Furnishing Gor.d*. Prom hi* very great fartl $ie* In manufacturing,
hu liberal patron* and the pubhc generally will still find all articles
in hi* lln«, from finest to lowest grade*, of th« very best make, and
at unu-ually low pri e* for cash. Call and examine.
. rr- letnember place and No —119 Main street, next door to J.
W Rat l , Bookstore [a pi A] J D GOODMAN
I I >. I ». Kill I\(,
I‘DOT received a largr lot of «u|ivr1or Cloth*, Casalmerea and
Vestings, which he will make up In the best mariner, on the
mo»t reasonable terms, and at the shortest notice.
A Urge and well rejected iV» k of Ready Msde Clothing, which
will compare with any In this or any other market. Our prices a*
low a* at any other lfou«c.
Furnishing Goods In great variety, such as Phlrta, Cravats, ftcharfs.
Ties,A« .Ac.
lit* Invite# hi* friend* and other* who are In search of really deal
rablr goods to ml) and examine Ida stock. m!i?A
rivioi i< niii vir-. AMi mi: pi Hi ll . w.
■ Uke this opportunity of Informing our Friends and the Public,
that we are in receipt of an assortment of Ladles* and Gentlemens*
Angdregs Roots aimRiocstnIuM* for tfgImibgy w*-ir Vi fta
assure our custom*-™ and all in want of flue goods, that our stock
will hear comparison to any !n Virginia or any r Rtate, and we
think we can exhibit. If It were nerev.arv, double the amount of floe
Pb*e*aod iPiot* to any other House in Rh hmonri li |« unnecessa
ry for uc to go Into a detail of all the descriptions. All we a*k i* a
call at»d examine.
H 10.000 W< »UT11
spuing L\b snniKK clothing.
u n. i it * suit ri.
114 Mill PTHI TT, RfOIIMOJffl, VI
IIIAVK now it, .iqrr on. uf *1*. Ur,.-! afnrfc. f HI! s II1 .
l ItlllMMi I l.tr 'f.r. .1 n, ih. V.rwlnl,
. Trad,.
i r„l>nf.i-.ur,d that Ih, pa.4fap,rfmr> nf Kirin, y,<ir* In lht<
| litMinrn, and If, IWOM dont.y If .1 I •, th. h* *1 < Tul.i,, that
1 my g Mul , rlr»a hum h»<n .a(|.fa,tnfy, my ,|fnrt., at hereto
[ lor., will lw lo »-H--r lit, fo/.rf »fyf, of pall- rn and col. ha,- them
| w.lt mad,. and ..'I ,nr|, Rood. »■ low m any .Im'-lar h.>u«* In lb»
j Rial, , »tul in ,|,» of tin appfnatMln, w,.on. I ...In off. r my wi
I r»cr». ,t my * frl aland, wl-,rr I ran hr found at all lionr, nf rhr day
A ill l, rr.yclfolly a-A,.l.
driii ha rx s rvrr.T
Mi« linns is Mint Mti in mi nor.
TIINO rn SMI OIIMr-.T ll laafl.-d f..| lliat tlonly ,.»
■ I Il'nr arrirlwof HfiTTI.r M)f>A WATrn, I, ad, miliH clly. I. p«« u|
hy Vf Vr fN>RMAf K, who flatter* himself that he I* able to com
pete with my maoufartuf* r, either North or South, having been rft
gag* d »n tl»e hu*i # * f..r o,e la d nine year*
WtJflHiV r ndtH-tltg l||* sM* Mi t>* m all i'« branch#* foi
Mr Wm V LADD, and take* thl* rn»ih< 1 of inti rmtny Id* mirneroW
• friends and the patrons of M* old ctaMUbmeM, that nothing on M
partiM nl l*e Wanted to #i>pin it* former reputaiiolft
’. yJZ w’iTr.*"'" ....MrCORM*0#1
f nr •dill* W STTR, *1 I PIPRTIH i|.|i»rr~1 ,n all pari, n
Ili» rlfy ff.» nf • l.aiy,
ie All nrd.r. from r|,y „f country roit/>n.r. promptly all.Tvt.'
lo. Addreim
ap? Am WM F I,ADD. Pearl at. and No. AIM Rr»n*l at.
W ,...
..1 SIR. « SKI-1 r Ms*. • l SI Il f.*, MOV 1 . • I
NTT NOAM AM> ,< IKM.I 1*111, II, r. j
rent arrival*, our Horb i* gerw l#ry« r than H ' # y~*73o
rw't was ►. f ,, at 1 ,0, . „inre w..rih of
» in toe «fK> ve I me Pur ♦ a^r. rNn find any kind ..f Truf.k*. A- tha
•» Uirf viat a> this f»i»H diluent A* it ha* been a matter of *wrprl*
fo sotoe jeof.tu, why o*«r price* are cheeper than other*, we w.-u*
• form hy •■> tng that we %i • tf. .gt nt of arvrral of the target
N orthern factor*.• .and sell Trunks #t ti . >a« tory price*
*«« 0. R. M At RICK, Iftl Main *
I AM mw la receipt of my SPRING STOCK Of w ^ ^
H ARDWARE, of English aad Amtrkta mm* XV^
facture, direct from the manufacturer*, to which l
respectfully Invite the attsotlou of my Mend*. both
la town aad country, asm-ring them that they shall ▼ V ^
have every article In say line aa low aa It can he had la our city.—
My stuck cona*sta |n part of—
Ivory I caudle Knives and Forks, of M plscea, of Rodgers' aad I
Rodgers' Ivory Narvik* Knives, without forks
Double-plated table and dissert Forks, plated on extra fine
German stiver
Rodgers' and various other makes of buck, boas and btfliilo
handle Knives and Forks
Rodgers, Wostenholm aad other makes of pocket and pen Knives
Rodgers' and WosUaholm's Bciasors, in great variety, some of
theta In cases
Wodenholn't and W. A g. BuUher'a Raaors
Pruning and hedge Shears
Walters, single and In setts, sense of them very handsome
Bad Irons,wf An# uuallty
Iron Tea Kettle* and Baooe-Pans, tinned and uatlnned
Bell metal and porcelain preserving Kettles aad iron Furnaces
Hollow-wars aad Five-Dugs, a general assortment
Tall aud flat bottom brass Candlesticks and BnuErrt ; cross-cut, j
hand, panel, rip, compass ami tenant Saws; Braces and Bits, soms
of them of very superior quality ; hand, broad and pole Axes ; nail, 1
brad and carpet llamtucrs, shingling and lathing Hatchets, all
stars ; Baldwin's Planes, a general assortment; carpenter's and rail
road Adas*. Chisels, Gouge*. Squares and Brvds; two and four Add
Rules amt Tape Measures; Blocks and Dies aud Screw Ptates; I
Smiths' so1U1-Ih>\ Vices and sledge and hand Hammer* . horse*slio«*,
cut and wrought Nalls and cut Hidkts, of every slae, Augers and
auger and gimlet Bits,all sixes; Va. |«atcnt P. Locks; pad, stock,
till, cheat, cupboard, mortice, rim aad closet Unki; round, square
ami flat llolts of every site, wrought at -I . > urlalo Pins and
curtain Bands; hank and WWW Wire, all stars; Mason's Challenge ,
Blacking; Amrs* and Rowland's Spades and Shovels, long and short .
handle; mauureaml hay Forks and garden and hay Rakes; Khrol's '
weed lug, billing and grubbing llor«, all sixes; trace, halter, brea*l, 1
log. ox and w« ll Chains; garden Trowels and garden lloes; Butt ,
Hinges, of every star and kind; plate, hook aad eye,strop and T .
Hinges, Iron Hooks and Staple* and Hasps and Staple* ; Files aud
Rasp*, of all sixes, together with alwtosl every other article usually
kept In my line of business. J. W. RATCLIFFR,
Corner of Sth and Broad streets,
apl5 Opposite kF.Ark.ft. Depot. |
A’o. /Wr/ &trrrl% A'« AmK«.,
UAVK now tn store, and are receiving freiu the —sswmw
manufacturers of England and this country a
large and well •elected si.n-k of Good*, especially
adapted to the wants of the Trade of Virginia, North HHHH
Carolina and Tennessee. and we re*peotfully Invite Merchants, Bad
im and others, visiting title market, to call and examine the same.
Our stock Is foil and complete, comprising In part as follows, vis : |
Tools for Carpenter*. Masons, Baddlers, Tanners, Millwrights,
Cooper*, Biulths, Ac., In great variety.
Building Materials, as Locks, Bolt*. Butts,Screws, Ac., Ac.
Heavy Good*, as Cltalns, Anvils, Vices, Steel. Hollow Ware,
Axles. Springs. Axes, Ac.
Safety Fuse. Bcvthes, Snaths, Stones and Rifles
Btraw Knives. Hay Knives, Brier Hooks,
Forks, Spades, Bhovels, Haute*. Hog Bkins
A flue assortment Bridles, Baddies, Stirrups, Bills
Whips, Pat. and Enamelled Leather. Sheep Bkins
Bbce Last*. Boot Trees, Crimp Boards
Cutlery, of Rotifers', Wosteuholm't, Butcher's and olUr
Guns, double and single barrel. Rifles
Ptvtols. a good assortment
Fancy Goods, as Port Monnales, Brushes, Purses, Ao.
W. S. & O. DONNAN.
No. 19 Pearl St., Richmond, \ a.,
ARK receiving oy ship* “Albert Gallatin," “Grrat^sumM
Western." "Isaac Wright" and “ Excelsior,"
snd steamer* “Atlantic" and “Africa." th«-ir
Importation of Birmingham and Sheffield IIARI> HIHH
WAKE, CUTLERY and GCNS; and from manufactories In our own
country, a very full and complete assortment of AMERICAN GOODS,
selected with great care, purchased upon the most favorable U-rtns, !
and embracing In extent and variety a stock worthy the attention -
and examination of purchasers visiting our market.
Of Good* adapted for the season, and in heavy articles particular- j
ly, our stock Is unusually foil aud complete, vis:
Weeding and timing Hoes
Grain, Grasa, Clover and Bramble Scythes
Trace, nof.uou ana outer uinni
Steel — Cast. Double Shear, German and BUstersd
Hollow Ware—Pot*. Ovens, Spiders, Me.
Horse Shoe*, Horse Nall*, Anvils, Vice*, Bellows, Ac.
Files. Locks and Hinge*. Screws, Me.
Axle* and Springs, Fry Pans and Curry Combs
Pen, Pocket and Table Knives
Rasors. Scissors and Shear*.
Together with all other article* usual In our line.
We respectfully solicit a continuance of the patronage liberally be*
stowed upon as for a number of year* past, and ae»ure Merchants
and other* of our drtrrtniuatloii to sell as low as any regular house
whatever, aLd that our best efforts shall be used to give satisfaction.
W. 8. A G. DONNaN
N B — Particular and prompt attention given to orders entrusted
to os. _aahltf |
I AM now opening a Urge assortment of HARD- ^Hana
WARE AND CUTLERY, of Foreign and Domes
tic manufacture, all of which have been bought uo
the most favorable terms for cash. 1 deem it un- ■Kdiil
necessary to enumerate Puffier it to say, that my stork Is large and
complete. 1 Invite my old customer* and friends, and the public
generally, to call on me and examine my gpod« before making their
purr 11 as* * TIIKO R0BKKT8ON,
Importer and Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Hardware and
mhlS Cutlery, No. 6ft Mato street.
C1I.AHKMIN A % \ III' 1C so N , " “ i n
J ]•»€ MAIN STREET, iMmma.' »r Hardw4Rx,
Ccrucar, Gtrxa, •* Anchor ” Bolting Cumi and
Emi root-** of every description, are now In receipt fcHaJ
of their Spring «tock, embracing every article usually kept in their
line,to vnkk they nsyqllkWy lavits tin ittnUos of Tlrgta •.
North Carolina and Tennessee Merchant* noting this tnarkrt. Im
n*-**-** *<■■■>. r—• --'-e*•» —a. ik*m l/t i«ll • •
aa any house North nr South. mh4
To be drawn in the City of Atlanta. Georgia, In public, on THURS
DAY, June 26, lbfi6. on the HAVANA PLAN.
SAMUEL SWAN A CO , Managers.
Prises amounting to
3 1.000 DO I. I, A It S
Will be distributed according to llie following Brilliant Scheme.
I Prise of.$l*i,is*i i«.flO.ono
1 Prlieof. ft,«Nsi is. ft.iso
1 Prise of. 8,000 1* 3,‘st»
1 Pr .A.- .-I. 1 J900 l- . 1,0(10
1 Prime of. l,*«00ls .... 1,(061
ft Pr.sr* of. fttti are.. DOU
lh Prize* of. 90 are. 3,0**u
2ft Pri»-a o. 100 are.
1st Pr *••* of. fttt are. 4.'* o
41 Prises of. 80 are. 1,320
4 Priie* of Id*' Approximating to $10,000 prise, are. 940
4 Pr so. of fto Approximating to ft.OtNi prise, are.. fits)
4 Pr.xe* of 40 Approximating to 8,«*x* prise, are. 16**
H Prise* of 8ft Approximating to l,t*N» prises,are. fSO
9u Pr un of ‘JO Approximating to ft*to prli- o, are. J'*)
4o Prise* of 10 Approximating to 9ou prise*, are. 4on
249 Priser, amounting »o.$84,«xmi
April-'Xihatiun rarzK*.
Tt»e two preceding and the two following numbers to those draw
ing the first Jn prises, arc entitled to the So approximation prise*. In
tne u«ual manner.
141“ Remember that every |*r!»e Is drawn aod payable In full
without deduction.
I# All prtf< « of $l,ixxt and under paid Immediately after the
drawing—other prts*•* at the u»ual time *»f thirty day*.
All communication* strictly confidential. The •l-'avn number*
will be forwarded to purcha» r* Immediately after the drawing.
Whole Ticket* $.*» , Halve $2 ftO; Quarters $1 2ft.
Prise ticket* cashed *.r renewed in oilier ticket, at either office.
l*r Orders for tickets can be addressed either to
8. SWAN A Co . Atlanta, Ga , or
JelO 8. SWAN, Montgomery, Ala.
“INM III Ml ON 1,11 E.w
M ( Tl; \ |* BKNKFIT C<>MPAN Y,
Q0U* itt “ ST A Tin SKIPS HA Aft*. 21 Peart sfreW,
B W. KNOWLES, Agent.
Dr. A. SNEAD, Medical Adviser.
Capital January 1st, 18.V5.$*j;<71,8s6 0
Paid dividend* during year WZ... 141 .>;** ftl
Nett balance lanuary 1st, l\M. . 47
Total amount of claims by death to date . 1 ftk> §|
-9,0fi9,4S8 ftn
(44H«488 V7
All profit* go to the Insured. Dividend* are made annually, and
pa ! whlh the in*'ired Is living. It W K . ||p
N. It. Have* Insured from on« to four years In the Albemarb In
surance Company. MS
[AIRi: INSURANCE, In town or country, and Marine Insurance.
I1 may be effected on the vnn«t favorable term* with this company,
|S' All Losses promptly arranger!.
rtOK Kd A CO , No. 88 Pearl street,
*u27 *4 t.t* for Richmond, Va.
R T .’ 1 * ' - ,11/1*0 l»UO Ire !
m- n. and finishing K ghty Instruments j*er week.
Betwr-w* I7,»it*» and 19,090 of these ri*truments have l»eeo finish*
ed ami are now .n use.
The latest lmprovem-nt In our Metodeonf I* the DIVIDED SWBI.L,
Secured to us l*y Letters Patent. 27d May, 1®6& By means oI this
dwell. 0QL0 I'Aasaua* may )*• pi ywd ffttll Af Ml Mflf jfllf I»
strument, while the Arcouraaiwsat Is soft and sobdoH. Hereafter,
all Mr1.H|r«,t,« mad- by ns will )*• furnished with this aUarhmrnt
WI1 M«n i EXTR * ( RAROf
KrlntH from fAs Commercial A'lrertiwr, July ilth, K'A
"M« s«r* Prince A Co., could reallae a handsome fortune by dis
posing r>f right* to other maaufuwtaswn to was their new h |
men*, kal M ih« y prefer to make if a mftf# In their iBltWWMl, N
can only he onta'ned by purr-ha* ng one of their manufacture.”
I am constantly supplied with an assortment of I’HINCK’d MEI.O
DEONH. and would respe-tfully Invite attention to them. Bold at
Al U rj .4 \ MORItH.
lelA golf agent. If7 M ,
C i l mi I O • in IPRINDI, I
M Just published the vlrg'nla Hpr'.ngs, comprising an account of
all the prlnr'tpal Bpring* of Virginia, with remark*on the nature and
medical a|>pli.*abtllty of sac b, hy J J Moorman, M D; second HI
lion, gn-atly enlarged, with a synopsis and map of the route*.dl»
tan css, and 10 plate* Also, an app-ndlx, containing an accent of
the natural curiosities of the Btate ; price f I
Al***, publ*«hH l*y J. W Randolph, Burke's fluid# to the Vlrylnta
Bpring*, with a map . $1 V*
fl Pi Hoi Bpring* J 1»r.
B'.' k« sent by mail, po*t paid, to those who remit the price.
V AT Tit rt* Wc have just font through our ttirk and marked
d» wn the price of a eerv large I d of Bilk* to Tf* rent,, and It may
not be ont of place to remark here that they w-re considered very
cheap at former prl* ; but we find our stock ton Issey f«»r the rea
son - and have reduced the price that we mav < lose them ont at
once. We have *t||l a lo» of Btlfe Robe*. Worth |i'». which Wc will
sell a* the low price of filfi, also— ?f» or 8*1 pieces of rery heavy and
rich Plaid ■Ilk*, worth 1 tS to $1 W» f**-r yard, which w* will -ell at
|; Any l*dy washing an estra cheap Bilk » II now have nn op*
poftuol y of purchasing one, (We have i,<, douM) for less that they
will »g* n foy years
Purchaser* should not delay as the above wffV soon be sold at these
prices rilRIBTIaw I I.ATIIROP
)*•!•»_ Cash B»>.re. Wo 7
Wallace'* Literary Criticisms and other papers--1JA
Bonner's Chill's History of L' B.; J vofy—1^9.
Henarnyt .n I the Circassian War—-7ft et*.
Memoir of Her Bidney Bmith; 9 ro»# 9/*)
H* p-ibdrao landmark*. Ip-I Leal thunder)- f$9
The Evening of Life, (a companion for old people)— 1
Th.- It«. >k / perb**ia*te« Evf.laln* d, hy Ma dm,aid-1,9V
** K'udllc g,” a stirring b»mfc for H-thbvh H>-h*»ol Tea. hurt- |.nn
Boston'. Heleet Work*. *Vn -?.#*».
K'dgtley'- Body of Divinity . 9rn 9 ml*- 4,hn.
Memoir of Bishop flehrr, hy M* Widow- l,Wt
IVrshyt-, lan A•s^mhly'* Digest 8/s»
Thompson's TVwdsw, -1st Barnett priae- 1,9f# je14
S' n Mi ROOD tie
S I 14 A \% 44 14 O Ik N, j
to tair hcWUllfel a»*ortrrent, pig m
Ladle*' Beaver and leflt<yi. Rhhngllat* and Plat*
Do l^gltorn. Braid and Bfraw Plat* and Mo rawer*
f’hlldrer.'t Btraw Hood*, nf every varletr
Hoy*' and fowfhs* Legtm*n and Braid Hats
Do do Btraw rapt
Dent's IHAtr, Braid, Panama. Ben ate and Hiawatha IValr, and
last, bwt not lea«t, those leautlful India Hat*, which for nratnew
cannot be firtlkd
B«-«ldc*, a larg. assortment i f fcraw Doodp for servants, such a<
Palm l.caf, Myuntaln leghorn and the noted Bhaogl.ai Btraw flat
t*< which wr »W"*t ifgyu ctfuflt r«H th»- attention of our friend* and
visitors to the city, BINEOKD, DlL'RlNHON A WH-jOkR,
jcA No. 78 Malt 4trt
R. R. R. 1
I- H I. chapter we will thaw haw Radwit*t bin Raja* and
Radw.tV tacuiu ««te a lecatbla attack of Cbronte Bhaama
nuu. after Bftoru Phyteriaa* la M county, Ta-, bad triad Orlr (
.kill In rain- AUo.bow country Doctor* aura thab p.tteote ky (
mlM Radw.y*. R. lardte*. Lai n«T ate* who la afflicted WM die
iur read tM« adr»rtli»ai*al. Let all who tab. a pM NrfflUrr
tad Cathartic Medina* try oteedee* of Radway-. Bagulatan*. Lot <
Ihoee covered with Plwatev Rlotctte*. Bora., and whom blood I. fflted I
with hod humor. rvad Um com wo boro publteh. Ktawtrk R.tnr
Ran a*. lUowavb RaWovaiwra Rraaa.n. and BaDw.t*. Rn»u
net mo Ibr only rcmcdioa reunited lo atop the moat torturing I
train., core the nod terrible and nighthil Mini a, end lo keep lh* |
l.utuan ayatrtn lo a regular And healthy ooadtUon. Anna* llbcam.
rad Wat * oo.
* A P w A T‘ tt R MO VIA TO R S'. ,
On* JTeffwIulor jwe* d.tp will Aorp »A» ioA.de Nytee*. Xaffwhir.
1st. They are the moat pleasant Medtetna ta taka, la lb* teem of a ,
Pill In nee.
Id They nr* the meal eate Medicine lo lake, lo lh* form of a Pttl,
foe they do not I ear* the bowate eoetlea, nor deplete or weaken the
■VI. They produce lh* moat drllghlAal effect*, upon the Ayrton. of
any Medicine In Um form of a PM. All who Inks them bar* a regu
far discharge of the ho eel. ot a regular period of Um*.
4th. They remove all bad fading. from lb* mind and corrupt ha
a.'-r* front the body. Krery oo* who take, them rejoice* at the hap- |
nr dte. te they produce upon the bowel., liver, Skin, Kidney.,
^fTM, «|C.
Mh. Thry product* Ihr ••»»>< >HM7 upon »!«• Llrrr, nr Uiry
Ho upon thv b«.*rrl« ; upon Ihr Min u (hry Jo upon Ihr l*»i. rr•• ;
.tpon the Ner.ra, a* they do upon the Kidney*; upon Ihe Atworb
rala, a. Uiey do upon the Lactrob ; upon the Lymphatic.. »• they do
t pon Um uTan..uUr Syetein eta. Regulate each Organ and Byrtem
lo s healthy and harmonlou. action.
6th. They are mild In their operation, pleasant to Ink*. "They
revee turn otte"a atomoch,*’aa an old lady once remarked ta us, no*
do Uiey (ripe, or In any wtee render theaMeleea disagreeable In th.lr
Tlh. They are entirely Vegetable, peenarvd from the Active Prin
ciple only, of Aromatic Uum., Plants, Root., Balaams. dr. They
are highly concentrated, nothing Inert I* la their coat pod lion—they
are mild yet arllve. One Regulator la more powerful, In eapollliig
from the System diseased and acrimonious humors, than tea of Ihe
moat apppoeed ptlli In nee, and yet there are no rloteol purging*.
do grlptug p«lu*, no.tckDcaaat atomarh, or othor uuptra.au’ sen
na uoi.. creeping oeer you from their um. The fact la, Ihelr healthy
proper lbs, Inateed of merely Irritating the bowel*, .pread through
out the whole . Mire system, regulating every organ, and Infusing
health to every tiMwe. Drastic PlUa. Salts, Sens, Ac., act only a.
drain., end inertly Irritate the bowel, to a luuertM**. Ao, reader,
{.Hi see, and If you take a few doM of Regulator., will feel, lo your
>y, the great difference between Railway*. Regulator-, that act up
on the whole ay bra, and common pill* and other dr*.trie purgative,
that cause, by their trrtlallug properties, a distressing discharge of
the bowels.
January llffth, 1SML
Maew. Rip.-t A On.,
I have been agent ml this place. Fnttonsellle, Scott Co , Va . for
all the beat PUD In lue, for nine years, and In right good faith your
R. dilators gives better ssttsfactlon In these mountsln. of Scott, Va..
than alt the Fill. 1 have sold. Everybody down tar* call yuur Regu
lators "The flood Pills.** James Tomlinson has a mu that had been
diseased with the Chronic Rheumatism.
FVtern different physician, has tried lo cure him, but could not
do It, ao he tried at a reuture. Railway*. Regulator, every uigiit. and
In two wees* he was completely cured. I have cured a great many
Cple with yoar Ready Relief, Regulator, and Resolvent, tbal our
I doctor, down her* could not touch—and I believe that where
the <1i<tor* down her* do make a cure, they do tt by the oa* of your
medtetues. Your* truly,
J Aggro*, Ml.*.. Feb 10,1*<M
Mrears. Radway A Oo.: A tew days aloe* 1 bought on* dollar*,
worth of Kadway's Ready Relief. 1 used II for Neuralgia, and, to
my astonishment. It gave me almost Instant relief
7)e<-rmAer2»tt. 19SS | Dvcrwav. Sl.t, IV*
itmu otamvia.
A .Scrcrc Full -I’Sjury U> (Ac A'ueo /Am —ESccraciiWnff I'll in*.—
7Y/.Wff Jrrir il—,<Jb<v*es0o* AWhvi•> of R,ultra y* Rtady R.lirf
Dbomi. Wbielt Co , Tang., December Slat. Idfi.
I, JKPTIIA GARDINIKR of the above place, do publish, that for
manr year* I have been afflicted with Rheumatism, and on the even
ing .if December bull. 1S», white walking lu my yard, I fell with
great rloleoee on ihe Ice, brmalng the knee pan eery badly. I fur
ther certify that on the above day. .Mr. jonnj wwai, a traveling
agent of Radway k Co., arrived at Oil* place, and hearing of my
heavy tell and the terrible complaint that afflicted me, recommen
ded me to apply Radway's Ready Relief, which 1 did, and In a very
short tljnr the pain ceased, the swelling abated, and I am now able
to walk without the use of my cane, free from pain. 1 have tried
several other remedies but found no relief. In esses of extreme pain
Radway's Ready Relief is far preferable to all other R-tuedu • , if
any one doubts the truth of this certificate, let them call on me at
my residence, or write to m* at Dreadeu, Tenn., and I will give
them full Information.
For years Mr Gardtnler had suffered the tortuilng pains of Rheu
matism. he was unable to walk without the help of a stick Ou the
fifth of December he first tried the R. R. Relief—on the 81st he could
walk without any aid and free from pain. Lrt all who are crippled
or bed-ridden, think of thla
Radway's Ready Relief and Railway Regulators, are Positive Cur
atives for Ague *nd Fever. let those afflicted take from‘2 to ft of
Radway's Regulators every night, and a teaapoonfal of Ready Re
lief, ln w:%ter, «*n rising in the morning, and twice during the day—
these will skid free your system from the poison of Ague.
Ppving is a transition season of the body—as well ss of the year,
and the economy of the system demands that Uu- surfeit of Do- Win
ter I _• carried off, to enable it to withstand the depressing cfficU ol
surora .. Radway's Regulator* are a* necessary to keep up the
health of Die iswfy of man. as an occaalonahle nibble of fresh gras*
is t vs ot tht Irncm
Much tmltt and misery, sickness and long suffering would be pre
eenud It, on the first Indication of the system being out of order, a
dose of Rid way's Regulators were swallowed. Every dose that Is
taken w dl infuse new life and fresh *lr« ngth U* lh« weak and um Vou*
artunu PIBEAPRP.
If those who are -ubjet l to or aflU- ted with Ft-ver and Ague. Head
Arh-a, Skin Disease*. Breakings Out, Plmpl.-e, Blotches. Pustules,
Trtt-rs. Ra«h, Boils. Humors, will use our K R. Remedies, we will
gua ntet- them protection against the visitation of these maladies, or
If alUi.-ted, a 'proly and effectual cure.
Is a positive core for Humors, and all eruptive Pkln Diseases.
The ui> 4ii f of Pimples, Blotches, Pustules, Tetters, Rash, Little
Pores, Pa nful ; .rhing*, llut Flushes, At., are sure indications of the
p; senrs .f '<..elgi» and Impure humors in the system, and if al*
lowtst to t..Ingle with the blood and remain In the system, corrupt
ing the blo*-d and filling Die sewers of the body with im| urttL-s, Sore*
anil n .re will bicak out, and cover the body with their repulslvr
The Skin, under these poisonous Influences, becomes an eruptive
volcano, exhibiting to the eye the disgusting lava of disease, in the
foriw of Ml' L'.-utu, Cancers. Ulcers, Fever Pores, Hu*rid Flesh.
Kv I .. 1 the most Frightful Fruj4i<m* of the Skin.
Railway's Renovating lUsolvirnt has cured the most terrible of
ffkin Disease* and Humor* ; it will never fall in the worst case*.
II * done more to relieve the afflicted of Pains and Achev, and D*e
tortan ■ Hlfll te-l iijh n the human race hy dlsrvw, than all other r» -
medics, or (lie skill of 'lie most eminent physicians and surgeon* In
the world. Th- moment Radway's Ready Relief Is applied to the
I aits wh«-r»- |M.tn tr uneasiness Is seated, it* soothing effect is felt,—
the sharp, keen darting paroxysm* of Neuralgia, the severe ami tor
t iring pain * of Rheumatism, the torment* of Gout, Lumbago,
Pytmina, Ptr.tins and ache* of every kind, will quickly give way on
the applk-ulon of Radway's Ready Relief. The most terrible of
acute Inflar ah ry diseases have been cured l>y a few application* of
thiv Ready lb lief The I«aror and huff-jointed. Die crippled and <le>
1 •nued, are soon restored to perfect health by its use.
IPAL8Y-Kill:I n.lTIHH.
f/otr Du R. R /'. Remedies rai*<-t Sir*. S>»rah A. I lough from it
iVijoplnl umt ffeljttf** i'oruHtion. U> ,Sttuud If'olfh, ttfler U.r
drill of four of th* most loaned Ph y*icUin* «n AVtr York hod
failed to x fliers her, l>r*. Parker, /?<w, Wardlt and Jfticle
Jaxcait 8, IsVI.
'Irwin. Rdiwtr A Co.—I tried your Ready Relief, and had my
Joint- rubbed with It, and I never felt pain after the first ten mluutr*
I w».s ruhM with it up to the present time. Hlr*, I do not know
what to c.itnparw It to but a charm: for It Is a my»tery to me. I wae
a ia:n*L* fog two tmis, and had not the proper use of ray limb*
for three years. I was worn down to a skeleton. I then commenced
the use of your Ready Relief, Resolvent, an-l Regulators. The pain
left me ku ten mluutes, and I began to gain strength very fast, and
could walk wiDi ease In a few week* Before I heard of your Kenw
die*. I was '\ktu u> Dr. Parker, Dr. Reese, Dr. Wardle, l»r. Msclelati,
and mativ other physicians In this elty, I cannot now remember. I
a ss completely pulled to pieces by them. My constitution was
me, that did me no good. I could not put a
foot to the ground, nor pick up a pin. I was lifted and carried up
and ihwn stair.i like an infant; and now, thaflk God! by the use of
your It*medics, I am as strong as ever. I had the common rheuma
tism— Inflammatory and chronic—and the palsy. You ran |Mibli*h
this, If you like. PARAII A. IIOUGH,
'241 86Di street, between Die 7th and &th avenue, N. Y.
Fifteen to twenty <lrn|»* of R. 11. Relief, In a little water, taken aay
ever/ 1ft to 9<i ml'iutea, will quickly atop the moat distressing di«
chnrgea of Djsenlcry and DiarrhuM. It will lu a few minute* atop
the pain.
K K K Retii> <llea are sold by all the Druggists In the Htate, and
hy purr. II, Ladd A ( I I; iho, by Adle A Gray. Km h
moud. RADWAY A CO.,
jali— d*wly-mh99 fork
f|R. MNFORDNI iWM.oic non Ian oanend.
I W <*l to Hie publk, relying upon Its Intrinsic excellence to secure
It favor
Pur all Bilious Attacks, It may he truly and safely relied upon as
being fully caoable of removing the diseases for which It Is recom
mended, and for giving tone and vigor to the general system.
Its qualities have been fully tested In a long practice, be the pro
prietor. Through the urgent solicitations of many who have used
and been benefited be It, the proprietor has been Induced to place It
before the |Hibllc. For all (Itllmi* Derangement*, Hick Headache,
Oh sonic DlarrUoa, habitual Costivene*#, lllllous Colic, Dyspepsia,
Pain In the Stomach and Bowel*, General Debility, female Weakne**,
for sale by Druggists generally, and by Pt'RCKhL, LADD A CO.,
So. VI eorner of Main and 14th st* , General Agent*; and by Alei'r
Duval, No 1W Main street; A II. White, 17ft llroad street, and also
by Hanford A Co , N. Y._ fe4—1y
PFJ l/N LONDON 4.1*1 EN 4.1 >4.1 It WINI .
Manu/tirtur**/ from Frenrh Grtipn.tfrern Jnrnithtt Olngrr,
S*rilU ('Urrot, Ac., /Arse »//ra Old.
ARFMAKK Altl.Y pleasant, warm carminative and stomachic
stimuli nt highly beneficial In checking that disordered state of
the stomach and bowels so prevalent In warm weather, and which
frequently, when negl- ted, pr<*d i- • s Dystmlary. Chokra, Ac. It la
also a valuable remedy for Flatulency, Dyspepsia and General De
bility Person* living In districts where Ague prevails find It a great
preventive Prke ftn cents per bottle, $ft per down
r*r Wholesale and Retail Agents, Messrs HKNNRTT A HFERH,
19o Main afreet and 9 Pesrl street. Richmond. nil tf
HOOK t 4. | M 1 .
flNHK Huhwrlber* have established* Nook Agency In Philadelphia,
A and will furnish any hook or publication At the retail price
frra r f postage. Any persons, by forwarding the subscription prke
of any nf tie- f8 Magaslnes, «urh as Harper's, God* v's, Putnam'*,
Graham's, Prank Leslie's fashions, Ac., will receive the maeacine*
for one year, and a copy of a splendid lithograph portrait of either
Washington, Jar keon or Clay ; or, If subscribing In a #14 and a ft
Magaclne, the? will receive a copy of either of the three portrait*.
If •«».• rthing tu a ft worth of Magatlne*, all three portrait* will be
sent gratl*. Mu*tc furnished to those who may wish It.
Envelope* of everv description and tlee. In large or small quanti
ties (urnt'he l *esl presses. Dies, Ae , sent to order
Kv ry *1* arr.fdlon of Engraving on wood eseruted with neatness
I and*! patch View* of bniidlnga. Newspaper Headings, View* of
I' Ma« htn« r. Hook fllustratlons. Lodge Certificate*, Bti*inr«s Cards,Ar.
All rd* • !» h; mall promptly attended to. persons wishing views
of ’heir h ilnin, an send a Daguerreotype or sketch of the huttdfng
, by mat? .m . a; s.
I r*c.n a iManoe having saleable articles would find M to their
I ad«*N.iisgs t i adiieew the suhaerlbers, as we would act a« agents for
j the »nle of the same. HYRAM A PVP.MCE
ftt» Houth Third street, Phlladelpiua, Pa.
I. I STI4M. 9 B4T rtsocf
I asFI fgwll _
III % ' K ffflOtt s. Mil I. |» % !»• If, A • . ' m RAF
ig I »|.PIf ogrrs to merchant* and clerk* an assortment of h«»me
madr HI 4Ng IttiOKH of the various stvles and qualities A Ifn,
HTATIoNI RY of the best quality . Paper ruled for Bill*, at 19. fn
and Ulr , per quire. Those whe Intend, opening new sett* of tlof.fci
In Jo’y, t»dd do well to leave early orders at Ifl Main *t |rlf
I of ear • .• •♦aes and patternr. Rey and Work Bi>Vet«, made o<
*■* gr-se* iifnl wMloW; lor sale by
|i it t • i i i mm s ii i tin itv
A t r keeping clothe*, paper* and other articles ; Hpllt Oak and
Market Ha*kef*; f-r *ale by
J»1A 91 MM*llM t
%b|f || |(s <smpvrs(
TV C lot he* fforsca and Clothes for -ah* by
R M zimm»rman.
i-ld Wfi Mala, rsflNr ifth street.
MAA WII.1T * 1.4kf M. Rowland’s XX. family Flour. Pal
I1 net to hrsnd. warranted to give *at *f»ction In every ra*e or
c*a l*"M«niol; lust received and for sale by
j» Id Corner Pearl and Csry F’rert*
C1t 4 | II || | VI f l TTERM. Cold Maw CnHer*. lies
J Boilers, Arpb pealer* Apple Corer* and Cucumber Hiker* lor
111 f l t l I • > t..
i iTI riov 4 4 White Mailing. W. P I’fcRKINS A CO.,
1 hi No. 141 tag* *qwt.
It nay be said of them. vttmrt fear ef snniswdtotlsn or peeef W
he contrary, that If they are ngpBsfl at Hf Urn pravtsMUthe
actual rising of Ike breast, they win prsmgily aAny all laAamsitoa,
ellere all imln and prevent the bunt ben gntb.rtng, end fnr
hnrmore, If tke breast should setnsRg rtee before ike eAnlka ran be
*4. ike application and resistant wearing of them will prsdnss seek (
i condition of the breast ns to Insure the speediest possible cars.
Every Bother should keep tbens by her, and follow la th-lr «-e the
Urecik tiv which al*ay« are sent with them, and our word for It, she ,
sill never know what It l# lo have serious suffering with her breast* !
mr A resnlstnrce of $ I .OP, accompanied bp It sen Is worth of
MMtage stamps, will secure Ikr prvsspt tnumnslasion bp mall of a
if theoe cloths to any part of tke faked Mates.
They are for sale exclusively bp
▲Dll A ORAT,
feW I4T !
tar Fall directions tor applying
ME :^s F1?«FttVE YOl k hralth.-th**
IKJb "one gran ef preventive la Worth a pound of eurv," will
tansdilj admitted by all who have ever suffered from brifousnr**,
-bills and fevvrs, dysprpela, dtarrUn*, cramp, cholic. Indigestion,
loss of appetite, sour stomach, roithwww, or any of tke other Ills
with which humanity are often affUted All ef these disease# fe
reive their origin from the stomach and blind, and whatever rciac
ly will ke. p these organs In a healthy « ondltlon. cannot fell, when
rr.«*rted to, in preventing their appearance. This foci Ik fog ad
mitted, we beg to remind the reader that tke spring of I hr year,
oheti nature Is donning her winter garb to assume a *ummer one,
when the blood Is get I lug thin and the stomach languid—Is, cf all
other masons, the most prolific of diseases. It Is then that nature
require* an assistant to suable her to perform her functions pro
perty—It Is thru that the stomach n»ost needs a mild and Innocent
tonic to give It strength—It la then that the liver needs a quickening
Influence to enable I* to throw off the superfluous bile—and, II Is
Ho n that the dlgwstlve organs cry aloud for power to dispose of,
properly, the food furnished th-m. If the requisite aid is not given,
Ike patient sickens by degrees—the apprtlte become impair*.1. Ihr
stomach loaths Its food, digestion ceases, and biliousness, dUrrl.<r»,
costive news, continual headache, pain* lu the limbs ai.d Jo.nta,
and want of energy follow ; and soou, ihsroafter, the physi
cian must be railed lu to sure, ftf pusslble, the life of the sufferer.—
Every man and woman In the community knows the Importance of
a “preventive." and thousands of them have had the good fortune
lo And all they iu-rd««l In BakkkV I'xxuiru llmus, Ute greatest
medicinal discovery of the age; but there are other* who hare
tolled to test 11tem, and to the** we address ourselves more parti re
larly, knowing as tr do, that they not only owre most stubborn
raars, but that When properly used, they /»reveal all the diseases
that Hud liter origin lu the stomach. A moderate doer, taken hr
fore eating, will sharpen the appetite and quick m the digestion,
and when taken after a hearty meal, wMt remove all heavisres, as
well as add life and energy U> the system. For indies In del cate
health, ns well ns for teething children, tl»eee |lrrm> are acknowl
edge*I to be the greatest family medicine known U> man. W« have
sewn mothers, supposed to be lu a decline, rendered perfectly
healthy by Ute use of a single bottle As a family medicine, thret
Hires** hare no equal, and because of their pmely vegeUbls pro
pcrUes and grwa» strengtlieulng qualities, may be used by old and
young with alike happ) rcsulU. As the summer approaches, when
complaints, produced by the use of fruits and vegetables are com
mon every where, no family should be without them They cau be
had at any apoUtecary store of note, and will produce the happi
est result when freely used.
To be had of all the principal Druggists In the city of Richmond.
Also of the following Druggists, Feel A Ate mis, Alexandria, Va,
T.U. MeKmncy, Lcwtsburg, Va., Todd. Ulnton A Taylor, Peters
burg, Va., Mahler A Jottea, Lynchburg,Vs; King A Toy, Norfolk,
Va.; (larlick A UwaUimey, Portsmouth, Ya.,Dr. K Oanm, Williams
burg, Va.; Johnston A Wallace, Fredericksburg, Va.; J. R. Cal I tun
A Oo., Danville, Ya; Wheal A Chaptine, Wheeling, Va.; Thomas,
Adams A Co ,Amlthfield, Va.; Bibb A Wills, CharlottcsvUle. Va.;
T. P. A J. B. Kskrtdge. Maun ton, Va, Walter H. Middleton. Farm
vllle, Va.; W. II. Lippi It, Wilmington, M. 0.. Charles fflatt A
Co., Washington city; Csuiry A Hatch, Baltimore, Md.; Bodekers
A Miller, Covington, Ky.; and from Druggists generally.
Orders addressed to E. BAKKK,
Jelll—4w Richmond, Va.
UdA TURF OIL. Ric hxusd, April 10th, lift*.
During a sleigh ride this winter past, 1 disc* vered my bors-'* leg
raw, ana the skin off a place larger than my hand, from the trs< rs
rubbing on the lafflfl <>f hi* thigh. I applied your Turf OH, and in
a day or two he was well. Another caar. A mule which 1 was work
ing to my dray bream# unable to walk. Ou examining his foot I
disco vered a nail about two Inches long up to the head. My driver
and the neighbors said he would be good for nothing 1 drew the
nail out, inserted a piece of lint and your Turf Oil, and set him lo
work at once, and from that moment he has not hfst t»nr hour. but
Is as g'Hxl as ever. I also saw a horse badly snagged on the outside
of his thigh In two places, one about two Inches deep and four todies
wide, from which he was stiff a day or two Your Turf Oil was ap
plied, and it brought them out entirely sound It truly is one of the
greatest remedies for sores I have ever known, and 1 have lived in
a drug store for several year*. Ueethts as you think proper.
Very truly. J H. WKUIGKR.
To Messrs. Do vs A Co.
rur«ntitnKX.n, April 19th, KBI
Mpmh Dovb A O* : - Having used your Turf OH, and finding it
to be such a fine medicine, 1 think it due to you that you should
know of It. My daughter, about two years ago, fell on the rocker «»f
a chair and bruised her thigh very mnch ; It soon assumed ti e form
of a boll, and became vrry sore. 1 had It lanced by a physician, tmi
that did not relieve it; It became a running sore, and continued mi
for nearly two year*. I tried every medicine 1 could hear «*f with
no effect, until I was indu< «-d to try a bottle of your Turf Oil; after
using one bottle and a half it was entirely healed. I have since used
It for other sores and found the same benefit. You are at I'berty t«j
use tins as you think proper A 8. C'llALKLY.
THE till or D V »: I Ni f; III fll>
H AIK Is but imperfectly understood even by those
who tnske the greatest pretensions The most of the popular llah
Dje* of the day tuay, for the time, color the hair, but soon to U
succeeded by a tarnished green, or other unstgntly appearance —
Bogie's Electric Hair Dye is void of these noxious properties. Il
instantly dye* the hsir a beautiful natural black or t»mwn, whkri
neither water nor sunshine can tarnish in the least; and “to mat?
assurance doubly •are" his agents are authorised lo refund the mo
ney if the mn»t perfect satisfaction Is not given. Price 4J cent*
fl.Oti and 1.80 (ter case. Inventor, W. Bogle, Beaton, and Sold bj
Druggists everywhere.
ami: vor getting rai d t
Is you* hair turning grey t l>«. you wish to cultivate g«»od wins
ker* and moustacht• * Your lialr lo he soft, silky, and glossy* —
Your head to l*e cool, comfortable, and frte of damlruff* Mothers
are your r-hihlreu lo have luxuriant heads of hair ? Then u«e Ho
OLa’s IliPKaioM Pun*, which Mt\sa PAILS in It* unerring effect-.—
Prices ’ii cts. fit* Cta. 7fi eta. and f I.fin («-r bottle. Bogle'- Halm n
Cytheria at and • unnvalh d for eradicating tan and pimples, m.| beau
tlfylng the comphxton. Price Niels Inveutor and proprietor, W
btniLE, Boston, and sold by Druggist* everywhere
Je4—dly-lfj_ _ _
MONO COLLEGE will be field on TLK8DA Y Morning
July 1st, at 11 o'clock, at the Kir-t Baptist Church, ou Broad St
The Rfv. Gr«<ar.g •» T t YLnR, of H *1 un^re. will ad-lres* tbeBocieij
of Alumni, and tlir R»v. GicnauK W Hxxr*ox, of Washington, II.•
Mu S-gm* Rho ai.d "hllologian Societies, at the aatne place, llieevt
niug before, at s o'clock jell —dlftd
No1 14 TO COW1M NBMfl oi t. \ -.
Tfie Office of the City Gas Works having Iwcu remove*
t« ilic tiljr liiill,(f«)rintr i-Oi'r of the c!erk of the IlnstL.g ■ ,*tt
Consumer* arc uotibtd to call there to at tile their b'.lU.
Jelfi—If_ T B H HRRIfON, ( ev
J* 1. Kf 1.1, % f N has removed nis Furniture K. tab
S lisfimeut t * t!ie spacious and elegant Ware room limit
••CO It I NTH I AN If A!. L," Main Btrert, al»ovc Dm* Hanks, and lit-it
operation all the appliances incident to an extensive business.
XI^^^BpADTM'Ks—To the Ladles and Gvntlenu u of Rich
anti fAe Country ytmntlly. All I have to sa}
to iny customers, 'riends, and the Public generally. Is: Dial 1 cai
now turntsn ladks and gentlemen with Hoots, Blioe- and Gaiter
Giat cannot be surpassed either here or el-ewf,err .either of my nwi
manufacture, or of the be*t boots and shoes manufactured express
ly for me In Paris, by the premium Itoot maker of France, (that l
Melees of Paris,) so that all In want of Roots am! Shoe*of superb*
quality, such as cannot be purchased elsewhere call at
Manufacturer and Importer of Ladies' and Gentlemen's French
BooU and 8hoe*. No. |?T Main iL Richmond, Ig,
How In store a complete assortment of GENTS El R
MBII1.VG GOODB, to which I Invite the attention of gentlemen
l^ing assured that In point of beauty and style they rmnnot Ik* -.ur
| passed. My assortment of Gause, Thread, Silk and Merino Under
Dre*« i* unprecedented as regards quantity and quality.
BIIIRTB, of every s»yle and quality, made In the best manner
and expressly for my sales. Bosom* of every variety, ready to pu
in shirt*, with a large aud varied assortment of everything pertain
Ing to my business. W. P. 0WF.N8,
Opposite A met lean Hob 1.
INOTIUE.—Having been appointed Agents for Hu
sale of the crletwsted Bpool Cotton Manufacture-1 hi
Dick A Bons, Glasgow, we shall be supplied at ai
times with a full assortment dlreet from the Manufacturers, for sal
at the lowr-t New York prices. We can guarantee this Cotton to I*
fully equal In quality to any roanufacturwd, and with confidence re
commend it to lit* trade.
_KENT PAINE A 00., Agents.
rlf- tire to say to their customers aod the public, tha
they are tn receipt of a very great variety of sxw twisqh, and a
••ns of the llotiac will lie In market mo«t of the Bra-on. buyers rna
b«- assured of finding the most DKBIKAULE BTYLKB at all time*. '
L#T A complete assortment of Kamil v Linens rmt/.n. stul S.r
Nsnf OoftW.______March «.
TALROTT A BROTHKR# Proprietor* of the ahoT*
works, are now building PORTABLE STEAM KN %T|
OINKS, of an Improved conatroctlon. of all alter.from all flJKfl&SM
U» forty llorac Lower, auitahle for Circular Saw Mill*. igAflriur
Threshing MAchlnra, and other purpose*, which they flatter ilrm
•elver are hilly equal If not superior to any Knftne# ever built her
or elsewhere.
They will alaofUrntah STATIONARY STEAM ENGINES from tei
Horae to any required power.
CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, of the moat approved conatroctlon, am
of vartona ettka.
MILLS and IRONS for Mil IS of all klnda.
RAILROAD WORK of avery description.
In Manufacturing Tobacco, together with evrrvkind of BRASS an<
Th«-y are alao Ilia esctoelve Macufarturera, In tfrte city, arx
CRUSHER,*’ which they confidently ruromtnvnd to their customer
and friend- as aupertor lo any Mill of the kind with which they ar
acquainted, a supply of which will always be kept ok hand, fo
which they eotb it orders ap7—tf
IfJST RFCF.IYI'.Df l*er • tmn.r A
thy following at fie* of HOOTH and SHOES
Ladles' Black Morocco Hoots
Colored H "
•• Mack and Krona* Morocco S’lpper*
M *• m m •• Jenny l.tkd#
" CMored Heel Oalt*ra
" Full Trimmed Black and Bronte Kwl Slippers
*• Colored Ualnc Oatt«-r«
Mlsaea' Light Morocco Boot* tipped and plain
" Black and Pane# Colored Boole, tipped and plain
" " M ** ** Heel " " " •
Children’s Black Morocco Ankle Tire
H Fancy Colored ** M
" Patent feather M M
'• Fancy Colored Boole
" Black Morocco •*
Gents Oa»f*kln Owford TV*
" *' Congrtas Getters
M Patent Leather" ”
" " " Ogftrd Tl*e.
Servant* Shoaa of every deecrlpGnn, for summer wear Also,
large supply of Trunk*, of various style* My stock !* now complct
and I feel satis® d that I ran suit all in want of tb* above article
at price# satisfactory D. M FRANKLIN,
No 71ft Broad street, neat door to
into Aug 16. Cm No.117. . Jtfln
-mm * • « jMlf llftn
* * M M " ftin, Arm
#* •' H *• •• lf|«, inn
M " 714, !•»*»
In the name of "Georg* B. Atkinson, one of the F»*re of Merri
WomMe dve’d. Mrs Su«an A. Womble t« reoeive the Interest durlr
her Hi, were among It e papers stolen from the at*.re of tb>mi
Aden.* A Co, PmtibfMd, Is . on Wednesday the llthiune, ar
that application win be marie for renewal of Same,
jc 17 — fm _ one i,Ghe Ba’re of Merritt W.mhle
IN'* i« • % MV. V vi nm || It \ >f.l s
king and boiling a lb little fuel—and with Rifle b« at In t»
I kitchen Especially adapted In the wants of amell famdie* Ah
| portable Ovene, and entirely new article In this market and high!
recommended by thr-e who nave o«cd them, Just received and f.
sale at STABRETT'S STOVE STORE. 1411 Main atreet, near E
Sin % it v |*|9 Mi I RHOMB*
PH mrtment kf Amerloan Shear* and Scissor*, eifr. m« ly low
Importer and Dealer in Foreign and Domeatlc Hardware and
I i*ft_ Outlery, Nr, flft Main at
■ >•>* k e i mimt. i no. i..r.- a ••
I i lhrr rtWiriW IVn and RiiI.m, t,i
1, t. » »n«r * M.df., of Ih. lalral p.ltrrri. and .unrrlnr .nlth, h
mb’by (j-I»] SiMvrtRv.v
Wmil rmHPIT*. Iha-r alary. M nf Carp.
fi» hand »Mrh I will alrta rrdnrrd r,l«. ralhrr than ,
I hr M«.th« ral lh.m up; al«n, a lary. to. of Nr(rr> ffl.ntria. I’u
rlwm till phao call. 0 A. OWAfKIN,
1>M Opf’ .Hr r<. Ii I' |l,
.■/I hii ii A ii »>i» ntliii a. m:ii
filtF n|i.thd jamu w, ?m< *.
jg.__«a» «r *» a»SitLyyfi wSy.
i/^teri'/.rtula "X-,'J'' ‘** A
■»“■ _._ joftNYwoMpwew
- ' I
\ * I
1 I
.romjdrtrt, arr.ogml-10. Wrn7r* Vr«.Ul^d“u.r^ih out IS,
h«m*. TkM U the most rdeaaant end beet unig*l house ee Mein
■Meet TO »feediremUeneleH --- Timig»hli *refr u
Kwauherrlbsr, come Men. B JUNES.
jw* »AT ♦nel—.n BU. nj, lirece dM
-‘"w eae&f
liTOK BRUT.-The no desirable dwelling on nth ,
X etreel between Oraee end VrenUfn, adjoining Lecture
room mi Culled hwfcjbrtM Church. MMMwMe» JZ TOft
The house Ku been thoroughly repaired.
Pousse too glemi let, March, Apply Is
™** __ No. 09 Cmrj iin<t
Ftees?* •—Th« Btnee un Ifltb u~i l—-lj -
_ -a Am ,t
X HRMOTKD — JOHN A. b KLEIN ha. ream- r
erd hi. Poriiltur* Wareroom. Is that well known
building. ••CORNTHIAN HALL," |lhe ohl stud I
of Moeore. Jor.ro A folUj Main wrest, .quaes aboe. the Rank.
“• ^rHeaoure In aaylnf lo hit cuetomrr* generaUy that he hat
estatdtahvd himself In a large factor,. which gtvet Mm decided fuel
kue., and wUb which he U again prepared Intel up the eery beat
■lylca of Kura Hare to order la addltluo to tins, he la conuaatly
manufacturing e»ery article In Ihe ram Pure line, and will keep a
choice and wall arrange 1 amort mem of auch atyle. and qualities aa
he^hnowa are adapted lo tbe varied wauu and taataa of ttw pou
Thanking a generous community for Ihe liberal patmn.gr hereto
forr best..wed, he respectfully aolletta a coanneanre. and pledget
*7‘bto* •h^1 wanting In efiurtun hla part lo glmfall
And toHrv AftllifAdlon.
r.euiI.Nw'to?,’4'Vl.N' “U° *lT** hl" iwraonal attention to the UN
DERTAKING btmlnrm—being at all times well .applied with "Me
talk- Burial Caere," Mahogany and Poplar ColRaa. Burial V.mmenla
,k* reialaliea for funeral*. Order, left at “Co
rltblan UaU" will mart will, prompt attention. maM—ly
No. til Main t*level. Richmond, Va.,
II AYE In .lore a large assortment of One la. I,- _
XX Ion able OOACII KB, C AllMI AllKP, 111 GUI KB, rXVio
Bri.Kll B and IIAKNloSt, aultahle for country and •
city tier, made of tin.- heal material., and pul to- ~ yg
father with much oare, which we will rec.anmend to oar Maude and
the public, and sell on each tcrau aa will accore the mutual Interert
of all who favor u. wltli their potrouage.
Erom loug nperlciice In oar buelnrm, and bypmmpt personal at
tention, we hype lo merit a continuance of past favor*. Order*
pro-pily filled and (hipped to any part of Ihe United t-*r
n H. BOfiHKR. Mwnna or Jang. It on.. _
Ike Haa on hand, a large aaaortmrnt of Carrta- rAP-XJi '
(soaitd liarneaa Anmng which may be found some {Hfcftjf
Bnr Coaches with outside heal*. land « arm Keck- ^
awayo. Slide Scat Buggies, and Uoggtra with and without u.i». to
which he particularly In vita, the attention of thorn In aant ol any
article In tbe Carriage line. a. they will b. deposed of on acc.iu
modallng term, by application at hla manufactory, No. «fi Comer
m mmlm aikJ fill iimu. Ja14—ly
p un n Ft u he ; — ~
W B1NEOKD A PORTER have In store at this
X» Urns, the largest stock of Richmond mad.
Et’HNlTlHE In be found In the city Ttd. fUml- H3p» #
tore Is superb, built by Ihr beet workmen lo the
country, and under the Immediate supervision of the proprietors
who ace thoroughly acquainted with Ihe buslnm. Splendid Ward
robem Chairs, Ued.icads, Ac., Ac., equal to any made In New York or
daewhtrr, may be had of them. Their determination is n> r.elucs
their stock by sales at eery small profit*. Let Dm people come, and
• V"*' uw »mcif 01 rurunure in
Richmond at the most reasonable rates.
SeWFlouT —
WB have been engaged for some time past ri
In getUng up Uie patterns for a new r<\|r *• — -
Plow, especially designed for turning under the 3
heaviest growth of vegetable matter, and wiK^llHMMh
have now the pleasure of Informing our friends, U.at we think ws
have fully accomplished that end.
We would call the attention of the Farmers to this Flow, a* well
as to our large slock of Plow* of every star, Cultivator*. Torn Weed
ers. New Ground Jumping Coalters, Large M Hun* f'ulltvab rs, for
putting In wheat, Harrow*, Ac . Ac. All of which are made in our
own shops, by good workmen, and warranted to give satisfaction.
GKO. WATT A CO.. Franklin street.
—tt Square below the Kxehange, Richmond, Va.
IMS AND IIOK*i:s.-2nn head of Mule* as
ivlanil Horses have Just arrived from Kentucky, a very
choice and superior lot of slock. I have mules well sulUd /< M
for Iron Masters, Railroad Contractors, street and Plantation um , all
for sale or exchange, at fair prices, aud on areommdatlng terms
At R. Blankenship's Stat ics.
N* B. I shall he In receipt of fresh stock, direct from Krniuc Ay,
ercry monlMn Ur jwr. JylT K. w.
l"S I AM now rwrrlrln, lappr uMIUnt.p to my Mnrk of
^ll»u »nd Capa, wlcclrd (in prreon) In th« Nurihori,
which mtkw inj amortmriil Tvry rompl. t.. >11,
or »ny of which, I am dtapoanl to aril on acromm<xlatin; torn.,, at
wholraalr or rwtatlN
KKJ'F vc now prepared to manufacture sw.
▼ ▼ and repair every «l« scrlpUon of AgrU HNj *'
cultural Implements * ow used. We have gone _
In no small expense in putting up the different MUHalAk
machinery required In carrying on our budn«-*« tt e are prepared in
repair In superior style the various Reapers now used. One very iro
P'tlani feature In our ttutinrn is, that w» aril no Implements hut our
• wn‘- manufacture," and they " warranted." We call the stunt Ion of
the Farmers »o our Wheat Thrrsher, Cleaner and Hurse-Power, which
Is In every respect equal, if not superior, to any other now used As
a pn*of of what thr^r have done, we annex the certificates of a few
grntlvtnru who have given our machine a fair trial also tas4
the liberty of referring to other gentlemen who have used the mi
chine :
We purchaaed of Messrs Nsi*oS A Mott, last season, one o
their 2i» in. Drum Straw Carrier and 4 Horse- P. wrr. nd In our hum
ble judgment, we consider their Machine a perfect one We believe
thet the machine um*I by us wdl thresh faster, cleaner, and h.eak
loss gralu of wheat, than any oilier that wc have ever seen or used.
I Henrico, 14th Nov., ISM. JOB. J. PLLABANTH
Misers. Nkijiox A
tJ is ticmen—Yours bearing date firptetnher 2tdh Is to hand, and I
hasten tu reply.
I have used your Machine for two seasons, aud most checrfaFly r«
wtoruvnd It a* tl»e best I have ever used—the draft easy, anil the
mutton given tu the drum such as to get all the wheat fmlithe straw.
Respectfully, your obd’t servant, RICHARD Al.LKN.
Farmville, tiept *6, Ihtt.
Urcxixoatw Co., Oct. 4th, Iffih
Me««r«. Nkuhis A M<»tt!
Get ilemcn—Your favor of 20th tk-ptemher, 14M, was received a
1 few davs ago, going to the wrong post office My post office Is New
Dture, Buckingham county, and 1 do with plea-urc send you U« an
| uexed certificate. Yours, very respectfully,
1 hereby certify that I have used one of Messrs Nil.-* A Monk
Wheat Threshing Machines the present year, and have no hevUtkuj
In saying that It came up to my expectation, and Is the best I ever
worked. Given under my baud this 4th October. W,V
I purchased one of the above Machines of Mutt, Lawn A Will*» ,
and having threshed three crop# with It, making the amount tF rr>hrd
IS^smi bids., I da without hesitation pronounce It one of the best n.a
chines I have ever used, believing that It will thresh rleaner, faster,
and break less grain of wheat titan any 1 have ever used.
[ Henrico, Nov. 14th, laM. F1KNKY COX.
Ccaiwviixx, Kept 1st, 1KM.
CD niletnrn— It Is with pleasure that we record eur evidence In fa
vor ot your Thresbiug Machine. It rrouires less power for tFie work
• It doe* than any we have ever seen, and Is remarkable for Its slmgR
■ city and durability. W’e regard It emphatically the “ FarmerV Ma
I chine," and most < Kt*rhiUy recommend It to the farming commu
Mr. T W. Adams and Capt. B. Davis, who are nice observrrs, and
whose wheat our Machine thrashed this year, are very much pleased
with Us performance. Very respectfully,
i REFKRBNCESOeo. Iloltybecker. Amelia; Wm Archer Cock.
• Chesterfield, Wm M. Harrison, Richmond, Wm. II. Olopton, Ckartso
vny ; r.. n n. marie* IJlty; J. J IVry, Al-poiustle* .
Hr! j N Robinson, King William; Y.x President John Tjrlar. (Katies
City; O. Austin, North Carolina; and Others.
mhlT ____34 Main street, Ri I it - nd
THE Fuhscrlbers, haring reinored to thalr new Factory on Cary
Btreet, between 9th and luth Arrets, are prepared to recetea
orders for ail kinds of Agricultural Machines and Implements of tfca
l lalsrstand most approved patterns, which will to- made of Ike best
I material* and of superior workmanship. They ask a i Isa do a So
“Cardwell’s double and single geared Horsepowers and Threshers,"
which have taken a premium at every Fair at which they have been
aihlblud Also, to "Croakin'* Chid Crusher," Manny's Patent
Reaper anil Mower," the best In use; Fawkes' Faltui Lime and
Ouano Ppreader. highly approved; Hay Presses; Hay Rakes, Curts
. Hhrllrrt, from *10 to gv.. Faith's Patent Blraw Culler, drain Cra
dles. Ac.; Rich’s Patent Iron-team Plow; at carious sires, Ac They
subjoin the opinion of the Hon. WUlltm C. Rives, of these pi,,es.
Richmond, February 17.
. OseTLS Hm 1Mb Dee I-ft
Col. Wu. B. arnefurrug—Dear Wr: I take pleasure In rrroAling
here my Impression of Ihe performance of your Plow (Rich’s Iron
. Dsam patent) at Cohham In day. Ttie work was far more thorough
! and complete than that of any jdow | ever saw In operation heforc.—
Tits furrow ouenetl hy It was very generally 14 Inches de*p and sLoal
*0 Inches wide In hard, rlose land, and most rlfl-slnally and perfectly
’ eleanesl not, none of Ihr sod earth falling bark Into H.
r The trial of the plow waa witnessed hy many of my nelgMsiro,
among whom I will mention Measts. Frank K Nelson, J H heist*,
J. II. Lewis, C II Hopkins, Thomas Walson, of Louts*. Ac., aH prac
tical men and most eti HItnl judges of agricultural ts’pi< met is, sad
there waa bat one opinion among them as to Hie superior li j sad „n
, neeptlonahle performance of your plow
Wishing you et|ual success elsewhere In making this rokiahlr im
plement fseorshly known lo one agtk-uliural hrsthren,
I remain, yours truly,
fa(4 WII11AH c Rtri
SIAI.nl Hi IIIIIIIUIIHIITI n. In order that the
public may uol he misled hy Ihe various misrepresentation*
i are dally being matte hy Ihe enemies of our family <iht Ptnilhs),
I deem It my duly, as one of Us prominent representatives, It. state,
lhat It la not irna that I have given my valuable „ tt„es to th*
various idehlan pnriulla, as reported, and wmrv partleolaeta as a
man of peace, do I deny having tnken charge of that vitiations gun
powder; hut I wish them to remember that I am the proprietor of
Ihal elegant Hot*I, on li e Enro|-can plan, known as Ihr Ballard's
Hotel, In Ihe new building opposite ihr kvrhange Hotel. Richmond,
Va , and In future that they may distinguish me from Ihe •• rest of
mankind " I hope they will adders* me as
* inn** *«»MK i.iii iiNiinni tiKii-tn.
A T a mealing of the Local Board of Directors, st Richmond, for
' xm *he New York Life Inwtrartee Company, on Monday, Feb. 4tb,
1444, (he following resolution was unanimously adopted :
The undersigned. President and Directors -if the Company, hart
riamined the report and eshlhlta of the New York lAk Insurance
I Company for the last year, embracing a full*tafe treat of Ita affairs,
asaefs, Ac , In the 1st January I4h4, and being satisfied with the
prthcl sound condition of the company, eonltaPy recommend It Its
the encouragement and tajtpnH of the whole community
ll commenreil It* operations I* years ago, with a guaranteed
capital nf *3<i,<N>i, which ha* aceopialalsd to IIjM.ntn 44, all la
ve.t.-d In Flute slocks and Hi boo da and mortgages hellerer! lo kw
)t undoubtedly good
, We know of no mode of Investing money more profitably The
, profits are mutual for Iks Insured, and hast averaged not levs than
thirty per rent. agnuaRy on Ihe premiums paid
• AfiORSF W MITNffORD. ffreul
Bee Cast. H. Rstn, I —
Wa. O fferee, f
■Me Jeer- h Ttrto* l *
9*1 W. OlgHHi
Tee* ff A cuvet, * J ?
r Amount of •••M* ionnarjr I, fftft Tn
Amv-ont of rwJpt. ft* pfrmNa* iut«rv«t, ftr . to *»»
». im,iM u
Paid lotncs by dea'h. Interest on dlrtdsn4t
and all ulker *spense., Ml,*4* I*
--— 1VJ4A 94
Accuseufaled Fund, lan’y 1,1364. y\ mmsur 44
* xa^SSST ‘•fc'matioaMd oplanatory books apply'.'Ro. *«
h Main afreet, square abort Virginia Banks, to
HftOllf J'l.A IN FOP Nf T AlffiL Our Rods false »
I. ■ , »"'F PfiRCFI.AIN FOI NTAIN3 wfich en
3 H'r'jr Dcre/ec/es fA« yu-sf/XJ/fg of any polaonouv rontaaiaatloa
si - It .r«ieti,„.s occurs where Ihe thinly lined copper foot taint, oe
eqoally unsafe copper machine*, generallr o*ed, are emnh.red in It*
ne-n*ration. l.AIDl.RY a RoRiNknff.
, . CTieiolsu, Alh aod frankl n it*
r I * D A spec i ms n ,,f our Fountains may M seen la our store
"hers those Interested may ssaialat It. UAH.

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