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To« imi. «i.g Cmm.iuk Pasty.—The Hi I >u II.
publican make* the following atatrtucul concerning the
Chicago tsnpuy, which lately disarmed at Uin>|i
too •
“ It la reported that tha Corn pan? offered the Cap'vln
9l,niio out to land at Lexington. Tba arm* that were
takan from Uiein wwre placed in a nnhoiw for awla
keeping, and a receipt given lor them. During lha scone
no bard woida paused. On the ariival ot tlie bowl at
lanui, Jtiiniff Jonoa, with a yompauji of thirty South
Carolinian*, itoarded. and on thr wav up the river, At.-h
bon, Htriiigh-llow and Kuaaell al*o rarer aboard, and after
betrfag wliat had occurred, they demanded au audience
of the Irodeia of the Company, whom they Informed that
Order* had been given to disl^id ill armed parties in the
Tarrlto*), and that they h»A tt.'r return home. The
Chicagoiana considered t|A advice good, and tie fore the
boat reached Leavci worthtlie whole company had dele r
■lined to return. When the boat touched at the latter
place, a large crowd aaaeuibleU on ahorv. hut being inform
cd that tlie party had cum luded not to land,but to proos-J
to Waat.ni aud letnrn in the boat, they were •* tidied, ami
made no farther demon I rations, but Kent an earort with
tbc comp i ity to Weeton, m$k-r\l ti e emigrants made no
attempt to land, they having given up all idea of witling
ill Kanawa The committee appqjntcd to escort the com
pany back report that on the pv-ssgr down the Stand the
West met the steamer Sut.m.i on her way up, ait'i foitv
more menilK>ra of the same company. The Repu l ean
learns reliably that this company is to be paid secret! by
Ohiragu $ loo each lor gumg to Kansas, s part ol the
mo ley to be expended in arms nud ammunition, and the
remainder remitted alter landing at llieir destination —
Thirty Hay*' provisions were also provided. After leav
ing Alum, the company found tliat tile contract woulo not
be fulfilled, which caused much disaatialactiou among
The following statement comes from an abolition source,
and ptobably contain* parrel ciotia of thr truth :
CuiCaOO, July 1.—Forty-four Worceatei men on their
tray to Kansas went disarmed on board the Sultan, near
L"itn£to,i, by twn hundred Southerner* in a manner sun
liar to tiut in which the Chicago parly were served.—
Suty sharp * ride* were taken and the mmpany detained
prisoner*. It is reported also that a company from Otta
wa lllinnie, wen- treated simiUtly.
The resident* of the river towns lima*' determined not
to allow any Northern emigrants to enter Kansas.
A letter in the St Iamis DerooertU chaiges Governor
Price with hating sent twelve cannon and twenty-two
boxes of musket* front the arsenal to Dr. Stringfi '.low to
a*ei-t him in the conquest of khn-air
LtraTKTTK.—111 the third volume ol the “Lite of
Washington," by Washington Irving, just issued, w e I nd
the following interesting statitneiit, in relation lo 1 -a I... -
ette —
During bis encampment in the neighborhood of P. ila
drlphia, Washington was repeatedly at tliat city, making
hiuia-df acquainted with tlie military capaliitiiie* ot the
plan ami iu aurruunding country, slid directing tlie con
9 eduction of fortifications on the liver. In one of these
visits he became acquaiowd with tlie young Marquis de
Lak y cite who had recently arrived from France, in com
pany with a nuiubet ol French, Polish, and German nlfi
cci*. among whom was the Baron dr Kalb. Tlie Mai
quis was not qttiu- twenty years ol age, vet had already
bet-ii mariied neatly three years lo a lady ol rank and tor
tune. Full ot the lOtnatiee of lilierty. he had lorn litin
sell Irom his youthful bride, turned his hack upon tlie
gaieties and splendors of a court, aud in defiance of im
pediments and difficulties multiplied ill his path, had
ui*do his way to America to join its hazardous lortuucs.
He sent in his lettc* ol recohimemlation to Mr I.ovcll,
rhaiuutii of the Committee of Foreign Affairs; and ap
plied the next day at the door ql Congress to know his
•access. Mr. Lovell came lorih, in lack was embarrassed
bv the numbar of foreign application*, many without mer
it. Lafayette immediately sent in the billowing note —
“After mi sacrifices, 1 hare the right to a*k two favors;
one is to serve at my own expense; the other, fo com
Xui« aim pie appeal had iu effect; it callnl attention to
hi# peculiar moot, aud Congresa reaolved on the Slat ot
July, that in cttiMtlvrafion ol l»i-» zeal, hi* illustration*
taiaiiiv, ai d connexion*, ho should have tiie rank ot major
geiiend in the artnr ot* the l taimJ State#.
It waa nt n public dinner, where a number of nieml»er*
of C»ngrea« were present, lliat Lafayette t;n*t saw Wash
ington. He immediately knew him, he Mid, from tin* of
fic ii* who surrounded him, by .hi- commanding air and
person. When the party was breaking up, Washington
took him aside, complimented him in a gracious minner
on hiii disinterested zeal and the generoait) of his c*.*n.!uct,
and ui.it.*.! him to make headquacora his home. *1 enu
not pi.'inis-v >u the luxuries of a court," said he. “but
a> vuu have become an American soldier, you will lonM
le i- N. i.>iniu«tUio your* ll to the fare of an Atuericaii ar
my "
luroaT.wT rabu llivnii.—A letter dated Havana,
June ^tii *ays:
“fn^in itio » h t- reached here that th- proposition nf
8enor Do i Jose Suarez. A-gudc , a-kin^ for the it tr«» lu< •
tloa of 40,000 Africa:i apprentices inn* Cuba, h »- been
unvdmou'dy disapproved of by the Queen’s Mini*! y.
Tbi* important news ha* imparted new hopes to on. * *•
ole p ante* *. who wore afraid that the well gotten up
•ebeme would tie aurcenaiul."
Biotocs 1>o.*«i* is WamukiTos.—During th- Fillmore demonstra
tion hi Waahi.igtou i u' M inday night. Mayor Mag.-uder, w*..l- ♦ n
dr storing to <uppre«. » disturbance among « crow*! of young u en
In the vtc.nity of the meeting, moat of wh* r.twrere under the excite
ment i f liquor, *it 4urroun4rd and Attacked. Th. j» l*cr art'*. irr
•ral of the old night watch, including Captain Birch, titrat
ed a b-*dy-guard to the Major, who wa, struck with a brick
and % slung shot, hut was n»*« seriously i:»jured The wot* followed
him far half a mile, crying ** kift him,” Ac. Mr. MignxJer tit. *11/
wa» persuaded to enter the Kirkwood House, where, oy permissions,
the mol* *u induced to disperse A man with a slung shot ■ . * is
|k>m-astor was am sled by the Major T!ie riot was confined ehl* tij
to dm>rderiy boys
TllhhKCA l 111 SSI .4 N ItL.llCDl .
Ilf "Kerry rnotlivr should have a box in the house handy in
of accidents m the children.”
llUitHM's Rt sou full.
It Is a Boston remedy of thirty years' standing, an l D re-', in
Deu.tr*! by physicians. It is a sure and speedy cure for Burns,Piles,
B -Us, Coins, Felons, Chilblain*. aud Old K>r« • of every kind I* r
Fever Bore*, Ulcer#, Itch, Mould Head, Nettle Rash, Bun tons. > >re
Nipples, (re.-nniuitaded by nurses,) Whitlows, Mties, Festers, Kir#
BRe*. Hp. *er Bilugs, KroBrti I.nubs, Balt Kltruu, Scurvy, More and
Cracked Lips. Sore Now, Warts and Flesh Wuunds.lt !<• a most va
luable retu** ly and cure, which can be testtfied to by thousands wbo
have uawd it in the city of Boston and vicinity for the last thirty
/ears In imi instance will thi* Halve do an Injury, or inu-rferr with
a physician’s prescriptions. It Is made from the purest mat. rials,
from a r#c«t|H brought from Russia—of arlicit* yroaing In that
country—and tbe proprietors have letters fr..n. aii chtsser. clt tgy
men, physlcisiis.ua captains, nurse#, and others who have in i It
the*ii selves, a u«l recommend it to other* Redding's Russia Mtlvr is
put In iar/c tin boxes. stamped on the rover with a picture of a horse
and a disabled soldier, which pit lure Is also engraved on the wrap
per. Phn i 45 Csisra A Ifox. Hold «t all tfir store* in town or ouu
try, or may be ordered of any wholesale druggist.
KHIDINGS A CO., Proprietors
BENNETT DhKKrt A KlHIILR, Agent*; and all Druggists.
[From the Boston Haturlsy Ev* King Gaietlr.]
EERFL MKD BKi.ATIl.—What lady or gentleman
AvjjS would remain under tbe iurs« . f . <ti*«grr«able hr. ath
when n> aiint the p-AMfrn of a f.\ »umn<! HottirJ* t* a deutifnee
would not ml/ r**»id-r *t uwcel but leave the teeth whit# a-alabaster?
Many * rrs.-i.s do not know their breath is hall, and Use sal.je* i is so
delicate their friends will never m« ntiuo it. Pour a single «lr>*pnf
Uir ”Balm” on your tooth brush and #*«h the teeth night at.d nmm
fng. A fifty cent bottle Will last a year.
fe, • u. « Agents, at.d all Druggists.
If w'aMAViwn MAIIK kloi Wet
either warm r*r col I water, pour on two *.r • r*r«• drops
ol “Haim of a Thousand Flowers," rub the beard well At.d it adl
Dike a beautiful soft lather much facilitating the operation of sha
ving. Price only kifty Cents. Frrainax A Co., proprlt tor*.
• tsl*—4«nos Agent*, and all Druggists.
BKAUTIFUL COMPLEXION may ra*ily be r. 'julred
by using tln fLl'rno/tl Tht-HMinU flow* m ** It
• at r i.» .vrf t'l, j.t'njj** utAfrrmJrU* from the *kin, Ira ring it rf a
toft a.d ntMlf liut MVt « tovrl, pou/ on too or three dn|»s, and
vnii the fan night and tn' r.iing.
bennett. uakrh a fiph*k,
ft)S~t>r.,‘*9 ■_Agent*, and all (bygrtlta
A 1 iA BA M A L«< » I I ERY,
I * mi' >iu/kb ar rua .n*r« or aia* *• a j
To It drawn In the City of Montgomery, Ala , In public, oti TIII'RB
DAY. July 10, J*h6, on »h* HAVANA PLAN
SAVf EI. "WAS A CO . Manager*
fr it* an.iuntlng U>
2 0 5.0 O O fl* o I I. I II K
Win !>• dl*trlbaUHJ »r rdmg to tfm foil .wing Magn.AceM .Scheme
*¥*00 SCIMER4- I5.fi»«i PKIZtX
♦ t
IPs' 1* "I
1 Friar of. f.1*01,1. f..mO»
1 P ><« ol ... .. JfiMXi* .. 9.e**0
1 Pm. of . 1.too it .. (.you
1 F, *- of J.MoJo. l.icoi
1 Friae of . 1 .'**».«
1 P i o . 9*4>
1 pr *-of_ AM* M ... .. *«lfl
1 pr ae of. HO I* . . .. .. * f it*
10 Fr a- nr »49 are . f laid
100 Fr.*-* of .. )«*• are ... |O.W»i
4 Pr re* of f 1*** 4|>|.i»i mtl rif !<• |A* i*#i prig*. are *••<*
4 Fr wi f IJMtAppr » uailrg to »(*,*•<«• pi «ar.- ,. ##• *#
♦ Fr^aof 1imi Appr.'V.matine to f j**i pr a •, are f«tf*
4 Pitae* of •# App'ogt. nal <og In Y ,'*a* |»r.*e*, are. ... HMj
4 Fr»*e* of ;«» A p- ting tn 1J »' pr *> *.are.. 7*»
♦ i
4 Fr *e< .1 i Ipt . tin. it . B to !.*■ •*• pttti.. a <
4Pr,«e«of . i 4}^.r< Aimatii a u* > *• prlie*. are . jfl
4 F' a • of Y- At pr«.c nig* r.g to S'** pftiea. ar • 111
4 Fi «r* of TI Appr. * •.nth 0 to fi>» yt / #, ,,
40 Fr r • of WV Appeo*boating to 9 ** |*rlae>. *r« • ar
14 V' »••• «,l In Appr<■«>.••* < to |«fi |,rur«. are 4.«»gy
l^Wlinpitif 4),. .... .. 1/T ; «
Itr.fiO p f *«, ammintir g tn. . ,j . f t
The |:» !■*• pi . »f > ar-* d. r > mired by the run,*-r w|.< *,
draw, the 41%.* at |.t re If that i.umW >ho >• I h«> ar. odd ntio.t . r,
. M i
I an rv. r r. tV>» every earn number hr*. r will i„. , .j l4J
fto r" In addition to any ..tr r pr‘*e t nrh uny *~ drawn
r.r. •9#M »• Iftna *•* ripi.l f|0*rtt.*y of || | .,* | . > ,-f, n-iaiier
***••»• w-’i W ,.>rta.-r r.f dr*a na «• «r»r ore Half the r«*i „f n,»
l*e. a« il< rhtte.r if rdealnlnr'rthef pr'r •
w£t^ \*\ 1 "* rr*^ fwae »• drawn and p*yat It l
ir AJI yr ii t of |l /am ,'i.f m. ij.f I 1*t,.I.* v nf*. f l)(r
t.*'*'' %'.*|. '^1h t fl l.fit.al th> J>,«rt ni Tilwr.
... • ' I'"' M~>. '•Mk I .I, .Rrf l,^.
■»l. I- fl *M. fill , HuItm It, 0 t‘l c..
"*■ . .' "1 "■■ .'let •. .'I. ,.». •
fW IW. f..f Ii'4..», Mi 1* . Mr.
. .WAR » n.. Aiim.1*. 0«..«r
l*r . fWAfl Mi.ntfnf i. fyt 4f.
KIHMIV. in him i.mitn. w.ik ,k.»,
.Mjr .. 4,o.t> .. pnmiAilr, 4, t>„ ,r.. ( , 4,^., ,
441 II4W .. 1.4. 44f Afi.,U4l ll.Tml-.r,,) •« Vl|) 1,,,^ „ „
fr—I •«>•»"•». .1 k 4..II1.... 4,m,w>. r Ilk ,4.
WA 4f 0»,l. »>, I*" I1 •»*, Ill'll 44 I f fnf*A 4...... || lt
Hlli. l' H>lA»i" !**»,* 4r,f 1*114 , Rirli 1 ,
*U*U. IA WK- 4IHf INlMnl Alik M.t.i 1U4.. A. 4. , 4, , (
W> N «.«•*! N4» 4 "*| Ckl, 41 lif. W..„*.i
_ WDI.rr tjoiiNnos
Pint 1 1 if, n«.
I Ml.lt>' . <>»li* 4k 1 lUli) Jump..*, . *< ry 1.4)t) T
14«l*». f»f Mlf l*f
*1_• riMMrwMAN
€*••11 rot 1 • 'll'
/ Am.U Mr, *rr Ml* If
Jft __ miMtRMAR
rl i«r, M. .0 *k. „M itTH
i« fmm **n»*i4 rrmrU. far •»)> in In*. l„ mil mamn. ... .
Jyt WtWl.l# A DOMKHAII I f
0*1 91 ■ kill «, DlMltMM IAn4rM., CI.M4.I n »n.l fluArA
DM* 4nd [1)0. D im. fmr uM low Oj
I EWI MB.NT.—A lw*0tarjr BHA Dv«4IW oa 9S*h __
BT A*rwt, between Franklin and 4»rac* ota.. Fast Ride, con- M
taming 4 Rooms . vith the Mrtoarj oat buildings, and a .UL
well of most excellent water In the yard. Tbc whole Is now under
otng a thorough repair. Apply to
C J. 81X1»N A CO.,
mgti of the Circular fUw. If Main si.
HliNT.srv! poaarsston given Immediately, tvw Ad
Mr h-lying rooms over my store, t»T Main street Ua
BiKHI It KNT—And poaaesaton given latiuollately, tl«e , ,
K1 new and fine large four story house second door below JoM
ll>e «-««rtMT of mala A IMA «tre« *« kn..a'I a* iQHIM II.<UM JLflL
w*U calculated for a large Family «>r hosrtli’ig liouae.. oiitownog at
lea«t fifteen rooms, a gt—1 Kitchen and water near the door, ga* fix
lure, completely arranged wit), burners attwirl-d through out the
l-oase. This U the most tdcaaani and best arranged Im>us, on Main
■tree! To a good tenant the rent trill be made reasonable. Apply to
the aubst rlber, corner above. M. JONKA.
Pm III' Tt <• I'm. k duelling mi 8th, Dear 41 race Mff
BP stree4, containing ** room*. Possess ton given at once. .
Appiv to D 001 Qt ITT A CO .
bp I tf _ B» H> Obry street.
| .loll HINT. Th< *.f\ »
street between 41 race and Franklin. a lj.doing lecture Am
ro*»m of United IV,*bjrterlan t'hurch, containing Aeven com J3L
fortahlr room* with kitchen attached, and a large Harden, and good
well of water
The housr lias been thoroughly repaired.
Possession given 1st, March, Apply to
K. H. 8KIVMFR * c«.
faW _ No ftA Cary street.
B*init 111 ' l •
r pkd by us
___ Ns II, Pgarl street
■ *N I H N I T1 Hi; \% IHI H4MM1N . .
Mr REMOVED-JOHN A ItFlirS haarvtno*
ved hi* Furniture W*rcr.»on»* u. that well known AJ9|MMDkBf
budding. “OORNTHI AN IIALL." (the old stand
of Mcosts Jor.es A Potts,) Main • ’reet, square above the Hanks.
Lie takes pleasure in saying to his customers generally that he lias
established himself In a large factory, which gives him deckled faci
lities, and with which he Is again prepared to get up the very best
styles of Furniture to order. 1u addition to this, he I# constantly
manufacturing every article In the Furniture line, and will keep a
choice and well arrange] assortment of *urh styles and qualities, ai
h- know* are adanted to the varied wants and taste* of the pen
» hanking a generous community for the liberal patronage hereto
fore bestowed, hr respectfully solicits a continuance, and pledge*
htmsrlf that nothing shall be wanting tn effort on hi* part to give full
and entire *atl*factk>u.
JOHN A RKLVIN, also gives his personal attention tothcVN*
DKltTAKlNO hudtie**--In lug at *11 t iue* well supplied with "Me
tali * Burial Cases." Mchogany and Poplar Coffins, Burial Vestments
new llearse, and all the requisites for binerols. Orders left at “Co
ritidan BllPtil nl wNfc pri t maRff—ly
No. 91S Mgm Afreet, Richmond, Vo.,
HAVE In Store a Urge **m»rtm» nt of fine fa*h--—
lonahle COACH VS, CAKU1 At iV>. HI 4 Jti I L3».
8I LKEY8 and llAKNI^S. sultaUe for country and
city use. made of the h«**t materials, and put to- ■
get her with mnrh care, which we will recommend to our friends and
the pn* it:. |g vff MW the mutual interest ■
of all who favor u* with their patronage.
From long experience in our business, and by prompt |»er*onal at- J
tentlon, we hope to merit a continuance of i*a*t favor*. Orders j
proraptlv filled and shipped to any part of the United Alate*.
M ly__
RII. B08I1KK, 8io »jv*>u «>r J*mk> i*«-i;xh m
• lias on hand, a large assortment of Carrta
g«e and harness. Among which may he found some (
fine Cloches withoutsklc Seats. 4 and 6 seat Rock- *■ - V
away*. Slide Beat Uuggie*. ami ltnggirs with and without tops, to
which lie particularly invites the attention of those In want of any
article In the Carnage line, as they will be dexposed of on acmm
modat ing terms by application at hi* manufactory, No. T2-S Corner
of Main and 9th streets. Jal4—ly.
~F U U -NlT U R E ,
BINFOKD * POKTKK ►,»*«• in Korr ,1 iht.
i n>< . thr largest at.- k •>? K l.uiond made
Kl KMll'Kl t> (•» fnu;:<l :i. the TM* fun.i
»ure Is superb, built hy the best workmen In the
country, and under the immediate supervision of the proprietors,
who are thoroughly acquainted with Die bus.ness Splmd.d Ward*
robe*. Chair*. Bedsteads, Ac., Ac., equal to any made in New Yorker
elsewhere, may tie had of them. Their determination la U> reduce
their stock hy tsle* at very small profit*. Let the people come, and
rely on UINFOKD A PORTER for the best article of Furniture In
UmimmiiI at the most mm ja2.’>
ni:\% PLOW*
TTB^K have l*een engaged for some time post
V w in getting up the patterns for a new
. - . *-*|W*. 'irKfuni .. r luruiMK wiu-r uir WTV
heaviest gr..wth of vegetable matter, and wrfliDBflK9!AJKaKfc
have now the pleasure of informing our friend*, that w* think we
have fully accomplished that end
We would call the attention of the Farmers to this Plow, a* well
as to our large stock of Plow* of ever) Star, Cultivators, Corn Weed
ers. New Ground Jumping CoalUrs, Large H llorse Cultivators, for
putting in wheat. Harrows, Ac., Ac. All of which are made It. out
own shops, by good workmen, and warranted to give satisfaction.
GKO. WATT A Cl)., Franklin street,
••if Square Ih-L*w the Kxehangv. i:. htnon I. Va.
tflir- IMIIIIIUMS. M /vs
a.v Jl and Morse* have just arrived from Kentucky, a v. ry
choice and superior lot of stock I have moles Well suited /X I T
for Iron Master*. Railroad Contractors, *ti~*t and Plat t:«t • i-,, a!
for sale or exchange, at fair prices, and on acccmmdating t- rrrs.
At R. Blankenship's Stable*.
N. B.—I shall be In receipt of fresli *u* k, direct from Kentucky,
every month In the year. JylT K. W.
l All new receiving large addition- to my stock * ^
JL llai* ai d Cap*, selected k ft person) In the Northern <532
or any of which, I am disposed to sell on accommodating terms, at
wholesale or retail.
llrP arr now prepared to manufacture
ww aud rep* r ev. ry dr scrlpttoo of Agri
cultural Implement* now u*«d. We haw g .nr
to no small expense In pun mg up the different I
r.iac h.n, ry required in carrying . n our burner* 1' e are prepared to
reps r In superior style the varh u* Reapers now used. One very "...
|-etaut feature In our business l*,th»t we *11 no Implements but »ur
wn** manufacture,” and they “ warranted.** W* call t?.e attention « *
the Fariui r* »o our W heat Tiutslwr, Cleaner and Horse-Power, which
i-In « very re in-. : rqual, .f not superior, to any other mw used. A*
a proof of wf.at ihry have done, we annex the certificate-of a few
grtitletntu who have given our machine a fair trial W- al-n taae
the liberty of referring to other ftlitlcnn u who have used the ma
chine :
We purchased of M.-ws Nkii.1 A Mott, last season, one o
their $•' in. Drum Straw Carrier ami 4 Horse-power, and in our hum
Me judgment, we consider their Mo bine a perfect one. \t e hchevr
that the machine u?td by us will tbrc«h faster, cleaner, aud t-itak
less grain of wheat, than any other that we have ever seen or used.
Henrico. 14th Nov., ISM. JO8. J. PLKA8ANT8.
Messrs. Nn.*ox A Mott:
Gentlemen—Yours tearing date fV-ptember 2i*h is to hand, and 1
hasten to reply.
I 1*4re used your Machine for two season*, and most cheerfully re
commend it as the best 1 have ever used—the draft easy, and the
motion given to the drum such as to get all the wheat from tl*e straw
Re-pectfully, your obd't servant, RICHARD ALLEN.
Faruiville, 8cpi. Jo, 1 VA.
brcxixuRsw Co., Oct. 4th, 1536.
Messrs. Nkuaig A M*tt :
CJe- tleincii—Your favor of Rntli 8epten»her, 1S5S, was received a
few dav* ago, going to the wrong post office My p-.«t office it New
stork.. Buckingham county, and I do with pleasure send you the an
nexed certificate. Yours, very respectfully.
I hereby certlfv that I have used one of Messrs. Nbu*on A Mon’?
Wheat Threshing Machine- the present year,and have no he* tatton
in saytng that It came up to ruy expectation, and i- the best 1 ever
worked. Oiven under ruj hand this 4th Octot*er, K3.
I purchased one of the above Machines of Mi/TT, Law l- A Will.-.*,
and having threshed three crop* with It, making the amount threshed
Mils.. I de without hesitation pronounce it one of the he-t ma
chine* I have ever used, believing that it will thre*h cleaner, faster,
and break let* grain of wheat than any 1 have ever used
Henrico. Nov. 14th, 1VA. HENRY COX.
CcaXMTtLLx, 8ept. 1st, 18S6.
Gtntlemrn—It 1« with pleasure that we record our evidence it. fa
vor uf your Thre*Mng Machine. It require* lr*a |*ower for tht work
it duA than any we have ever seen, and is remarkable for Its simpli
city and durability. We regard it emphatically the •‘Farmer’s Ma
chine.” and iMMf < A/s/yW/y recommend It to the farming commu
Mr T. W. Adams and Cant. B Davis, who are nice observers, and
whose wheat our Machine thrashed this year, ar*- very much pleased
with Its performance Very respectfully.
REFERENCED:—0*-o. Ifoltybecker, Amelia; Wm Arch*rC"ck,
Ch-Merfkhi. Wm. M lfarri*on. Richmond, Win. II Clopton, Charles
City F.. li W. Apper*on. Charles CUy . J. J Ivey, Appomattox.
Benj. N Kohtnton, Kmg William, Fx-President John Tyler, Chari* %
City; O. Austin, North Carolina. aud others.
M Main itftft, Rlehtaoad.
FR1IIP Pub'Crlber*, having removed to their new Factory *.n Cary
M Ftceet, between 9th anil loth mr- -'*, are prepared to reseivv
•rder* for all kinds id Agricultural Machines and Implement, of the
latest and most approve*! pattern*, which will be made of the Iwat
and of superior workmanship They a«k attention to
“Cardwell’s double and single geared Horsepower* and Thresher*,"
whkl. have taken a premium at every Fair at which they have Utn
exhibited ADo. to "CroakllP# Cl«>d Crudirr.'* Manny . |**tent
ft* *per and Mower.” Ik l*e«t in use; Pawk##’ Patent Lime and
Otagfio hywratWr. highly approved; Hif Pm •••« Uiy Ribas Corn
Plulk-rs, frtm flu to fi*.. Smith's Paten# Atraw Cut ter. Grain C’r%
dl.s. Ac , HI* h’- Pat*nt Iron-beam Flow, of various sixe*. Mr They
Subjoin the opinion of the Hon William C Riven, #»/ Ft»w*.
Richmond, February 27.
CiRTu Ilii.t-, Iftth Dec Wd.
Oni. IVv If Ai<»wniT'»■—Dear Air: I take pleasure in recording
hare n.y Impres.lon of the performance *»f your Flow (Kirh's Iron
Heim pal* nt) at C.-hhan* to-day The work was far more thorough
and complete than that of any plow I veer mw In op# radon befor,-.—
Th- furrow opened by ll war very gmrrally IF t:iishe* deep and thnut
20 In* hes wide in hartl, clow- land, and mo*l eg* *tu ,ily and perfectly
cleaned out, nwne of the god earth falling hack .nto it.
The trial of the plow vi# witnessed by ms 1/ of my neighbors,
among whom I will mention Messrs Frank K Nelson, J II (renett,
J. M lew,#, (’ It l^•pkir•*. Thornas Watson, of leruisa. Ac., all prac
tical mm and most excellent Judges of. agricultural impi* merits; and
there was but on, pinion among Us-in as tr» the superiority and un- I
except,unable \« rfmman* • of your plow.
Wishing you t*|ual nrcras rlwvlirre In making this valuable Im
plement f«v»raMy known to our agricultural brethren,
I remain, yours truly,
(•28 Wll.l IAM 0 RIVP
\\ \ H ! WAR t
DlFlflFF AL OF MU f K 4 MT .'ON.
A *fft wblic all ar.. • n tipfo*- to learn |Ik * .tir^ of U»e f’.ngiish
JM Owvr-i»wwr»f t*» Mr Dallas, f would Invt e th-n, *-» 114 Main
street to procure one of Ikow r*l*»f snmtn* r suit to ro«.i off m
f M IRA Hid rif :
(AHH *1» n r.
R* for rent. Possession gisefi 1st of Jtilv fo a good tent* t the
price shall to- very moderate. It IS the h*-«t staid on fhock*.* if'll,
a •! would still a lady wV« Is a first r »fr nsM' a-mnk-r, brlrr next
door brl'.w the dry good# store of Messrs. Fre* leti % Fox
I* ll FitANKI fN.
, Ro.9IARmdel.8l
g AM k / \ If H V* ft • FHf m: F.RTIIA Mfltfl t|
Jtm* ref M. krr• I, far *al*- by
je*4 WOW BMC A Cl. %f flop 2F. V., || p. *r| gf.
Ill I II III l.« f'lff VIA. Hl« I . for sale fn rn -• re by
fllllll.l If llllh* A. Tea Irsysan-IR* r in
R M*. *■* . 1 /if pb*r., Ki- gant Ivory llag lb- Knives and Forge |
it- I.f ft . /• -i. f.i. ..I. .f fO.1, •»/
11 Min 11. 1 • mu it.
d n ■■ r,r »„>l , :» I. I... <ll- .... r> I.T
j-ih hiwin tohtiiam * co.
1.1 till t II.AI H, A fr» !»*►!• of nn^rtof f.mil. Wlour,
r f. r mIt I., ,rW IDWIN HOKTHAM A C<l
HI.* Mill ll Sl-lll M A«iri. NOI.AH A HI*
Uni oil., r. . .,lr by
OA vnPOUT, A 1.1.0* A CO.
g ll lOIMI'IK IMI. *1 I'l rholr. qmltly,
a v 1
Jr »•• |i| vrNPf.'lT, AI.I.Of A OO. I
Ilk Tlr.H* 1:. II A MH. for Mir
■ S W J,1 UK Wf NATO IT |
«*■»«»» I I •*" * I I.I HK (Ti ll (TKf IA1ATI
■ » WHIM1
\|I»M|I MUM mill. W. I rr on b»..A Mo«,allo
■ • \ n and single bead Bai .,-*g w tt patent screws,
1 19 M'ti. it rr. fit aacrUke, by 7.IMWFHW (V
f 1I 4M HW. V.,r R«|lrn*dy, Flores, Factories and If* nsefceep
W. cr#, •* b.. 1% 1tWv pf\rpg% f,# uy
\1 V ,** * '* 1 »* Ho. t mr.i on, M.rk-r-l, l.odl.(
i.*a Md kf Ml. by USUI*, win a 00.
U>. n aii s n: % mmMP KOA- r
• NOKR have. City Point SATURDAY «**m s4gWMY£.
»ng. at » v*< lock, FOR NKW YORK via NOR ^TViLABT*
... INMcnfm desiring to take this cheap and cftksfortaHe route to
Vow York, uiust leave here by the Petersburg Cars at ft.M o'clock.
Botarday morutng.
Ticket, and Berths secured at oar office, south side of the Bas'.u
Only $10 through to New York, meals and Mate room included,
I OI It I II .111.1.
fffilllR Rtearoboat CUKT1B PECK. Cksptam Joma gi «W f|
1 Hots, Will make an RXCUKBIO.N d»«n the e.
Rtver. on faiiui urxt, P»H a?a Jm. leaving the
wharf at RiH'krtU at ft o'clock prectaely, and return about h o'clock,
r W~ Tickets SO its Music and refreshment* as usual,
jyl-td_ R O HAftKIWB.
1 PORTBMOUTU.—The favorite steamboat Al' ■¥[, if* Mm IT
OUBTA.Capt H m C Hair*, having been thorough
ly repaired and r» fitted lor ttie summer, Ai.d furnished with a new
wrought Iron shaft, now water wheels. Ac., will rr«umc her place
ujkm» the lute tvia Port Walthall) between Richmond and the above
place*, on WKDNIBDAY. U.e 2d day of July.
The car*, running In connection with the \ugu*(a. will leave the
Richmond and Petersburg Depot every Monday, Wednesday ami
Friday, at ft o'clock A M Returning, the Augu.ia will have Nor
folk on Tuesday*. Thursdays and Bat unlay*, at ftS o'clock A. M ,
touching at Old Point during the watering season, and all the land
mg* on the river.
Pare to City Point, $1
Pare to Norfolk, Ac., ft tk)
Pare to landings a* ove drove. 1 N*
Ben ants, through, 1 N>
Do on the rtver, 1 00
Children over 4 and not over 1ft years of agv, half price.
Meals extra, ftO
Mt als for children and servants, ftft
jyl THOS. DOBAMKAJ). Bup't.
■ AOK HO WOT •— First Vesarl. Richmond and Bo*- __
C toston Line of Packets. The superior fine fast sail- kftJOi
lug regular Packet Bchooiicr Puun. Captain, Beth. O.
Roger*, having a portion of her cargo engaged and going dHb
on board, will tail with all poa«tble dt«patch. Vor balance of freight.
Ap|dy to
Davis, having Just undergone a thorough ‘'Vrr
hauling, will resume the regular ruu between this and^
the above place*, leaving the wharf at Rockctta, on SATURDAY
morning next, lUth Instant, at (ft)tf o'clock) prvciarly. and vVery
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at that hour.
Returning, the Curtis Peck will leave Norfolk every Monday. Wed
need ay and Friday mornings at the same hour, \AM o’clock.) and
touch at all the regular landing* on the river going and returntng.
Pa»«agv and meats as usual. IL O, IIASKINB.
The freight on all articles to be landed on the rtvsr must be paid
when they are sent to the boat.
maS R. O. II.
i ikion sir \ 7i\iuI* conPANY.
RLU Steamer PENNSYLVANIA. Captain ™-_
Tkai . Strainer VIRUINlA, Capt. B. Roots*. W. T^H IT»
One of these »up4fc>r Steamers will leave RU h-H|^Bi9Bi
mond. until furtlier notice, every Wednesday, touching at City
Point and Norfolk to receive freight and passenger*. Returning, leave
Philadelphia every Wednesday mornlug at in o'clock.
These Steamer* are now In One order, increased accommodations
for the comfort of passengers having been added, as also more room
for freight; and we hope, by regularity, dispatch and ckre In protect
ing good* committed to our charge, to receive an Incream of patron
r V“ No transhipment hv this line.
Passage through to New Y«>rk. and lound. $10 A)
Do do Philadelphia, and found, 1st cabin .S 00
Pa»«ag** to City Point and Norfolk same a* by the river boats.
fcffiT Passenger* by this line can slop to Philadelpela two or three
days, and then proceed to New York by th«* same ticket.
maft—tf H. E. TUTTLE, Agent, Rocketts. _
■ toit im/riMoHt: via tohiolk.- *«.
M7 The superior fa*t-sailing regular packet schr EMMA sdTT3
JANF, Capt. Wm. Phillips, having the greater portion of
her cargo engaged, will sail for the above ports with quick dispatch.
For balance of freight, apply to
y->.. w D COLQl ITT A CO
■ Til It l!()Yro> . -FIRST VESSEL. — Richmond and
r Po*ton luue of Packets.—The superior fine fast’sailing sAlft^
regular packet schr CEKITO.CapUln W H. Crowell, having
tlie greater portlou of her cargo engaged »nd going on board, will
sa'l with all possible dispatch. For balance of freight, apply to
j.l» I>»VIU * " M CI KKir.
Steainei Curtis Peck, Capt. John Davi«, will Qrrf Wif
on and alter Thurstlay t». xt 1 Pth Inst , call by Old
I'.c’U reguiariy, on tier trips 10 ana iroai rorisiuc-u\n »nu
during the Wat*Ting Benson. It. O. H A^KlV
mi .hai.1 MKi:tr, SK
■ as vow UADf roa r»»a snuxa va*ni.
By Wfod+tale and Retail, a magnificent a»m>rtmnit of
and every other article belonging to hit business.
Ills stock of Virginia matiufactuied goods Is the largest and most
rl.-gantevrr rot up by him, and will in? found fully equal L* any
thing imported. Mu imp-ft-ted stock also Is more saricd and on a
larger scale limn he has ever before ordered, and cannot fail to
meet. In every resj»eet, the rrquirvfbent* of merchant* and other*.
mh*i ___
/1 WILL be happy to receive call* from those In waul of aril*
AHA Ha has a larpc and complete assortment of
Yff C1GAR>. BKUBHEB and FANCY ARTICLE*, and will tell as
4 am low as a xt uocaa t» Richmond.
Main street, between 9th and 10th. Al
DON>\> A to.,
(’lONSlOSMENTS of Tobacco, Wheat, Corn and other produce
J V Office «»n Virginia street, next to Fry's corner.
R. hpioi.d, March 5, laSft._ _■hi*—ly
II.lt h a A It \ sui 111 ILL.
KMC KITE consignment* »f Tobacco, Flour, Corn. Wheat, Ac.,
and g.ve their personal attention to tabs of the »..me; and
kt. .• constantly on hand a large assortment of Groceries, Seeds, P,
t WT
CRAaLxs w'oarntR. a. w. u’eacDaa
H/ tinabxtm -ratrr. a:otu*>«n va..
Solicit con.ignment* of COHN, WHEAT, FLOUR, TOBACCO, Ac.
KjKflLL give M* personal attention to the sale of \\ I1EAT, CORN,
ww TOBAalCO, and all other country produce consigned to hi*
rare. _ splC
Comer o/ Governor and Franklin •frrrh,
mmrifOLBALE AND RETAIL DEALERS luFrenchand Aroerl
▼ ▼ can Paper Hangings; Satin Dslme* and Damask, for Win
L-w Curtain*. Gimps, C*>rds and Tassel*. Cornice*. Bends and C«»ops,
Lace and Muslin Curtains , Floor and Tahir Oil Cloths ; lla)r Cloth
and Plush, for 8vfa«, Curled Hair, Sofa Springs; Twine; Tai\s; Mat
ting-; Window Shades; m.*»t Curled llalr and Shuck Mattresses;
Feather Bed* ; Lounges; Sofa Bed* , with many other articles In our
line of business, all of which will be sold on the moat reasonable
terms; and Pa|»er Hanging and Upholstering punctually attended to
In town or country. ocS
( i.otiiim;.
f RlllE. member* of the Legislature and Grangers visiting the city,
A are requested to call at the old establishment. No. 1<" corner
of Main and Goveriftor streets, and secure themselves an outfit for
the winter, as the subscriber has on hand a large and elegant assort
ment of Gentlemen’* Wearing Apparel, not to be surpassed by any
fiou*e In tlie city.
As an evid-i.ee of the superiority of his Clothing, he was awarded
the highest premium (a Silver Medal) by the Mechanics* Institute for
He keeps constantly on hand the best of Cloths, Casslmeres, Vest
ings. Ac., witii a seuye of superior workmen, lie deems It unneces
sary, after a trial of 16 years the public has hail of his goods, to say
more in their commendation. (lie warrants all Clothing hr sells.)
and respectfully solicits m call from his old friend* and the public
generally. BirtctJj on the one price system. E. B. .“PENCE,
del No 190 corner of Main and Governor ati.
WOOL DEPOT. We ban iIMotiWu I
nertion with our present husinees, a Wool Depot, for the
sale of Wool, and have engage*I the srrTlcs-s of Mr. John Water
house, the former efficient agent of the Woolen Factory in this
city Uis attention, If necessary, will hr devoted exclusively to this
All Word consigned to u* will be graded, so that each purchaser
cati buy h Woo! as he wants, arid not bw compelled to buy *ucr»
a« will not answer his purpose* There Is grown in Virginia a suf
ficient quantity of Wool, if roocentAted aid graded, to attract the
attention of raatiufacturrr* and deal* rs to our market, and we
hope to succeed In establishing a good market for tl*e Wool grown
near home.
Grocers and Commission Merrhants,
JeW Richmond, Va.
the Richmond and Danville Railroad Comr.au/ hare had the
misfortune t«* lose their freight house in Rirlunonu, as writ as a por
tion of their rolling stock, they arr constrained for the | resent to
deliver all down freight on the siding of their road on the depot
lot In this city, as soon as tlir trains shall arrive , said freight to be
immediately removed by those to whom It may tie consigned #r be
long, a* the Company will not lie rrtfM.nsible for the safe keeping of
the same; and the part'*** Interested, or in any way coorwvued, will
therefore t«ke notice that all down freight, as before stated, will be
at their risk as soon as unloaded from the cars
Js91—tf Puperlntendent of Transportation.
i»>i i n m r r % n v i
IF not, a few hundred *.r thousand dollars, aerttred to wife and
. children hr Lir* I warms act, would be important to them In event
of our death Often a few hundred dollars It. money save* thousands
In property from forced sales, when an eiecutor ha* to pay deMa.—
Many thouaands have been saved to persons In Richmond. Trr
Nirtru Itssarrr Lift h raivm Comfast bs* pall over fluo/Mai
fotlotses in Virguda—over half of that amount In Richmond.
There is no way by which a man can secure as much to his family,
at the same cost, a* by Life Insurance.
H W KMOWLKt*. Agent.
|'4P* Offre. Bo. 91 pearl «'r*-«t mil
\OTIIE in »i\ (OIATRI firroitFRA.
AND FARMF.RR GKNKR ALLY. I would most respe* :fully rail
the attention of all in want of Wmn for their harvest lands, to my
assortment of harvest Hhoes, as they wer- bought late last fall, «o
that I can afford to sell them at a lower price, than If tl»ey had been
purchased this spring, that Is, before the heavy rl*e in lead er.
J«*d No. 197 Main strset ■ • i Va
I9M K>m lint.M l>|t M KFIIS-On hand, a
4 ■ srg* as«ortm*n' of Knob f. •• k«. Putt Hinges and Rcrews,
which | offer at a atnall advance on covt.
Importer and P-sler In F<>r*lfti and Domestic Hsrdwsre and
J-ft . CuMere, No <9 Main sf.
NMFTI NNT99NI A fMt%%9;9fN of'v eau get, ami are »n sup
wv ply. of “Pure Mv* '* Which IIm.V defy to In-er|usllf«1 anywhere
This celebrated Whisky Is warranted to be over nine y*ar* old. and
alway* taken back if n*.t approved of ft# sop* rlortty is gaining for
It a |ermst»enf and eytrnd*--l reputation by ronnotsrurs tlifosfbait
ti c city and surrminding < otintry, and In Fredericksburg. Lynchburg,
Califor.ila and New Turk, bv*ld-s many o?l»* r place# ,.f *rnatl not* .
Tho«* who have never tried it, w« invite, and the lover* of a pure
art** »• m i<* rally
.>1:1% IITCM 9% 09 kPH9IKD f.OfllMi.
BV are receiving our W *-k »*f Rtaple and Fancy l»ry Goods, In
part, of our own Importation, and the remainder from thy varlouf
markets in lids country, purchased on the mot favoratdc t*?ram.~
Pi/ rhof* atock htiuy e .ffraf#/ netc ant/ ft rift, we *.ff»-r It to the
trade confidently sscirlri/ buy* r« that great HidticvftM nt« may he eg.
peeled f| consist* In part, a* follows ;
\ % fl ft -1 Hc» Whirling* and RhevHftg*
Cotton Ovnaburg* Clnlfonad** and Nankeen
Large Rtock Pleached Ib,rr>e«U* all width*
Plaid. fftrl|*rd ar»*f Plain CYt,*»n f*»r Repaid*
Ko'do* ky Jeans, Raltiict* an*l |*wee#1*
Tickings, Furniture and Apr**r. fhrck«
Pleached and li. - ad Table Cloth*, and Han.ask*
Uryr dt**ck Irish Ltnrn*
Cloths, CsatinKff and Vettings
Large fftock nf Prints, Gingham# and Lawn*
Alpacca* nn<l Canton Cloths
Printed Challl* • ami Nrrages
Plain delmlns and Challlcs. all grade*
Lawn, Ch a I Iks ami Her age Rob- •
White Catabrlck*. Jackortets. Bwiss and Mull Mnatln*
Mantillas. I«arg*- Rtock, and Cheap
Lace. Mn«lln and Cambric Collar*
Lace, foliar* and Fm*iln Rets
Linen Camhrlck. Rllk and Cotton lldkf#., with a larff
stock of other gmds not enumerated, to which we ask the attention
of nwr friends and the trade generally.
JVA 9« I v: 19 A Tf .% N 94 N. Ble*<*ed Table Damask* . Brown
dodo, Napkins, Pc., Ac, J oat received
r BABTW rr f * « o
HI 9 99 99* 9 It II n9tk. J uat received another supply ol
. Urrakr'* superior Refrigerators Tho*e families wh-. bays
not yet *Mt*ptle«j fhemsetre* should call at slice, and ik*> ore one.
Jyl Ilf I.KI FV 9 CO
09.99 ©994 »l«> 1IMT J4U< OP>i.P.9-4» Pock
et* Prime Old Java Coffee, for sal, by
Jrf* | H RRINRKR A CO , No. 69 Main *1.
Daily linb to tub Virginia spring*-/'bmtr al
Railroad extend al to Mllbvrw'. To Rockbridge Alum, Hath
Alum ami Warm Bpcmg*. aud to Lax lag too in one day. T«* WMt«
Mftlplur. Rad ami Sweet Spring* In an« aud a half day*, and to Ball
Balphur aoeand day la tha evening.
The track ta now bring laid, and by thr 1*1 of July will be open to
MUboro*, 34 miiva from the White Sulphur Spring*; from the Heal
ing. 49 mlMa. Ilol Spring*, to tut Ira, Warm Spring*. 13 tnJUa, Bath
Alum. l'» milra, and from thr Rockbridge Spring*. 3 m«!ra.
T*w» igee* leaer K<< htnoud at AfW A M, dine at Btanntoo: arrlee
at MUbt.ro at 4 k P M. thr nee by Stage* to Ibe Warm Spring*, to
•upper Leaer next day at 4^ AM. pacing by the llot and Ileal
Ing Spring*, and reach the White Snip* ur by ljg PM; the Red
Sweet and Old Sweet to dinner, and the Salt Sulphur by night the
•reoud day.
Through ticket* by Harman A Brown’* Stage*—to the White Sul
p> or. $11, to the Swart Spring*. $10; to the Salt Sulphur, $1$—al*o,
to nil the other Spring* and in Lrxlngton.
1ST See Ticket Agent In Richmond.
There are many ««iy,. u of Interrat on thl* line, hut the MOl’N -
TAIN TKACR. pacing over the top of lie Blue Ridge, at Rockfi*h
Gap, will repay a ride of fee hnndr-d mi’.ea. It ha* been worked
with pert«ct success for more than two year*.
JNO U. TIMlikRL.kKB, Supt.
Office Va Central Railroad, Richmond
Will leave the Wnninu* of the Railroad Immediately after the arri
val of Uie car*, and reach the Warm Spring* before t o’clock.
Thl* I* the old familiar route to the Spring*, and I* undoubtedly
th best From MUhoro* to the While Sulphur there la Aw* r/wptftp
3|r aVpAf mils* than by any other route, with *tlU a greater differ
ence In favor of the road*.
Ttie public m*y rely on our alway* haring «iAw*<#'M*J Nbiy«- nr
without crowding, and evrvy effort being made to
pieaae the travelers, by hariug careful driver* and making good
J«9—ta _ _
ON and after thl* date, the train* on thl* Road will run aa fol
low* :
txaixs Latva eiv'muoxd vox rgrxaxat*ao
Express, through Paaaenger daily, t Sunday’* exrep
ted.) at. .3H o’cl’k A. M.
Mail, through Passenger, daily, at. 5 “ p. M
Accommodation and freight train iTri-Weekly,) via.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at *» v* A. M.
Norfolk Train Monday*. Wednesdays and Friday* 4V§ M A. M.
vaux* LUTk rrrxaaarati roa aicwuoxp.
Express, through Passenger daily at.3 M A. M.
Mall. “ M ** vSanday’* excepted,) 3\ 44 P. M.
Accommodation and freight train Tri-Weekly, via.
Monday*. W'gdneeday* and Friday*, at.8)* M A. M.
Richmond to Clover Hill. A passenger car will be
a tin*'tied to tin- Coal Train which leave* Richmond
dally, ^Sunday’* excepted.) for Clover lllll at_4 o’clk, A. M.
Passenger* coming from Clover lllll by thia train
mp*t »>v at Summit Depot by . 10 •• A. M.
The Kxprewa train* will not Mop on the way either to take up or
put down way paaaenger*.
The Mali train* will *u»u thru there are panartigrr* to take up or
put down at Manchester, Temple*, Rice’*, Half-Way Station, Clove*
HUl and Port Walthall Junction*
The accommodation train will Mop at all tit*regular stopping pla
ce* when there are pamrngers to take up or i»ut down.
The Express and Mall Train* from Richmond connect with the
Southern Train* at Petersburg for Weldon, Raleigh. Wilmington, Ac.
Through Ticket* to Weldon can be procured at the ticket office in
The *atne train* from Petersburg connect at Richmond with the
Northern train*for Washington, Baltimore, Ac. Through ticket* for
Waahlnglon. Baltimore and Philadelphia, can be procured at the tick
et office In Petersburg.
Pare for while person*.$1 S3
*• Children over 3 and not over 14 years of age . S3
“ Colored person* In *e re ants’ car. S3
Colored |*r«on* will not l«e permitted In the flret class car* except
when In attendance on Infant children, or tick person*, absolutely
requiring their care, in which case Uie same fare a* for white person*
Will be charged.
A discount of Id cent* will be allowed on each fare when Ucket*
are purchased at the office, and to person* getting on the car* where
no tickets are sold.
Servant* travelling by themselve* must be furnished by their mas
ter* with two pe**cs, *o that one can he retaln-ni at the office; and It
must he eipremly stated on the pas* that they are permitted to go
on the cars.
THOMAS l ODAMF.Al), Superintendent.
Office R APR R. Co. March. 43th 1SS4
i im.iMi imi i p.nnp.nsi.i: rrriHBtiiar
▼ RAILROAD m k i AAlfr ewaBiggi
This Road t* now In operation to Seven Mile Ford, 04T mile*.) and
the track i* being extended Westward at the rate of eight mile* per
On and a'ter the l*t May. the passenger train connecting with the
train from Richmond to Petersburg will leave Lynchburg at 14.43 P.
Stag* connections daily. Sundays excepted,
At Hu furl's depot, for Bucttanan, 14 mtU*.
—At Hoiisark'* ami Salem, for Sweet, Red Sweet and White Sulphur
Sprlne-. 64 mile*.
At Newbern depot, for the R**d Sulphur (88 miles) and Salt Sulphur
Springs. The Turnpike Road from Newbern to the Rev! Sulphur
Spring* ha* been greatly improved, and I* now one of the best in the
mountain* P*«*enc« r* arrive at thesg Springs on the tveulng of
the second day from Richmond, At Seven Mile Ford, for Knoxville
Tennessee Farr from Richmond through in 9 v» day*.
The Virginia and Tennessee Railroad p**%c* lu tlu vicinity of
Coiner's Alleghany, Montgomery, M hltc Sulphur and the Yell.iw
Sulphur Springs, the accomodations at each of which have been
greatly liicmiwd since last season.
Tfie line of Telegraph from Richmond will be completed to the
Motifgumery Whitr Sulphur Springs early In June.
a|i26—4m General Superintendent.
Hmm l( 1PIOM) AIED DAlvVlLLK It %ilT^ ‘
ger Train leave* Richmond dally tSunday* excepted) at 6
oV . k A. 51 , arriving at the Junction ^Ur. «k'**i IIoum*) !
at !* 4o M and at Danville 1.35 p. 51. Returning, leave Danville
at 12 51., arriving at the Junction 4.30 p. M. and at Richmond T.lb
P. M.
Danville, $5 6n I Alleghany Springs, 00
Fannvdle. 2 9n I Montgomery Spring!, 8 25
Lynchburg, 3 •*» | Yellow Sulphur Springs, * 45
Sweet Springs, 10 nil K no willy, Tenn , 2-1 00
White Sulphur, 11 • 4) I Greensboro'. N. C., I U*l
Red Sulphur, 12 25 j Salem, N. 0., V 00
H E. HU til I SON, Ticket Agent.
Richmond, June 24. 1S56. j«26—tf
O «' T O It i; H 2 2 l».
TV! Lynchburg $3 5*> | To laixtugtou f 4 i*9
To Buchanan 4 HO | To the Natural Bn Ige t 50
Fare from both Richmond and Lyuchburg to Charlottesville, $9 50.
Satisfied, on a fair trial, that the majority of travel on the Packet
Boats are better acvonirmslated by leaving in the evening, v« return
to the old hours—«*n and after the 99ri Instant, leaving Richmond
Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at 5 P. M., reach New Canton at 9
A. M , and Scottsyiilr 12 51. of the first, and Lynchburg at 5 A. M.,
and Buchanan and I.exlngton at 6 P M. of the second day
R‘turning, leave Buchanan at 6 A. M , and Lynchburg at 7* P.
M., Monday, W.dnr-day and Friday, reachS- ottsrUIr at 10* A. M ,
New Canton at 11% P M . and arrive in Richmond at 5 next A. 51.
The Boat* connect at New Canton with the Stage for the Institute
and Buckingham C. II., and in Scotuvillr w.ili the Stage for Char
IT'" bee Time and Distances, in Card below ;
L e a r t /?i*Anu»nd Monday, I /. # «i r e f.ynvAburg Monday,
WWue-w/uy and Friday, at \ W*ln*4day and Friday, at
5 /*. M. I 7* P. M.
Manak intown 9 pm 17 I Staples* 51.11s, 11 r w 17
Jude* Ferry, 10 pm 22 | Bent Creek, 2 am 80
Michaux* Ferry, 12 M 41 Tye River, 4 •• 44
Cedar Point, 12* am 34 llardwick-ville, 5* *• 43
Jefferson, 2 " 89 | Warminster, 61% •• 4s
Pruibei t. n, 41f * 47 | llowardsville, 8 •• 56
Columbia, 6* •* 57 fleotuville, 10* " 67
New Canton, 9 “ M j New Canton, 1 If p m So
Scotuvtlle, 12* PM 79 Columbia, 3* *• >>
llowar.lsville, 914 " 91 Pemberton, 5* " 100
Warminster, 41% “ 99 Jelfersoti, 7* •• li»7
Hards wick ville, 51% " 1*3 Cedar Point » "114
Tye River, 6* "#109 Michaux’* Ferry, 9* " 116
Bent Creek, " 117 Jude's Ferry, 11 " 121
Staple*'Mills, 11* r m 122 Manukinu.wn, Mam 129
Lynchburg, 5 a m 146 Richmond, ft "146
Richmond, October 1*. 1888.
philT? k % it m.
EAtiLE FOUNDRY, Kithmopd, Virginia,
ders, Railroad Cars, and all descriptions of Rail
road Machinery, Stationary Engines of any required
power. Also, Portable Engine*, with a decided Improve
ment ov*r any other* heretofore made, (from 5 to Id horse power,)
on wheels, and well adapted to farming purposr*. grtilng lumber,
Ac., with Improved Circular Portable Haw-Mill* attached, of l«t, 2d
and *d rla**. Mining Machinery,Grist and Saw-Mill Machinery,
Gorging* and Tobacco Factory Fixture# of every kind, also, Bra**
and Iron Costings made to order P. KAHM.
Kuaxsviixb, N. C., Dec. 19,1455.
P. Ribs. F.*q., Richmond. Va.:
Dear Sir—The portable Engine (of 92 horar-power) and Haw Mill
we purchased of you a few months ago, we Itave put up and I# in
operation. Tho# far It perform* fully up to our expectation The
Engine *i rk* well, and as for the Haw Mill, that Is undoubtedly an
Improvement over Anything that we have seen.
We hav» not sawed much a« yet, but because wr are not fixed
with convenience—hav« tried it sufficiently to know that it will muff
the candle over anything in shape of mills In this part of North
nnnuHi you nave any correspondents rrotn inis section re*j... ling
a mill, you can refer them to our mfl, as a sight will be all that Is
requisite. Ac. You are at liberty to use this as you think prnp r
Jj B. The Burger Saw is ILi. A. aplS
M \% ITOKE \>li > I %% s I ol K
09 urnrama
Comprising all new styles of Spring Dress and Frock Coats, Host
urn Coats, of fancy cloths, oasslmt-rn, merino, Dr*p d’Etc,
• Alpaca, linen and Marseilles ; Vests, In endless va
riety , black dress and fancy rssslmere
Pants, do linen, mar**illt-s, camblet, Ac , Ac.
Cravats, Ties and Bbicks, of the greatest rartety; Buspendrr* ;
kid, silk and thread Gloves; IfsodkerchUfs, Bo. k«. Shirt*. Collars,
silk and g«ut<- L'ndvr Bl»lrt» , silk, merino, linen and bleached rotton
Draper* ; India-Rubber Goods , Umbrellas, Ac.
watpiLi sap arran.
I I). IGHIIPIAXhu now open at hla large new at ore room,
t" • II® Main street. Richmond, Va . a large and entirely new
stork of Bprlng and Bummer READY-MADE CLOTHING, emhra
clng all new styles of every grade of Coats, Pant* and Vests, and
Furnishing Good*. Prom hi* eery great fa 'Idle* in manufacturing,
hlf liberal patrons and the publtr generally will still And all articles
In his line, from Anest to lowest grades, of the very boat make, and
at unonally low prices for rash. Call and examine.
fWT Kemembar Place and No —11® Main street, next door to J.
W Randolph's Bookstore. (Apt*] J D GOODMAN.
1% TUNG RBTARI.IBIIMKNT -It isa Axed f.tr| that the only gen
nine article of HOTTLK BODA WATER, niade in this city, I* put up
hy If M( COHMAf’K, who flatters hiutsrlf that he Is able to com
pete with any manufacturer, either North or Bouth, having been en
gaged In the busines for the last ntne years.
Ife U now conducting the above hustneas in all It* branches for
Mr. W'm. H LADD, and take* llikatthrid of informing hi* numerous
friend* and the patron* of his old rstahtUhment, that nothing »>n his
part sb*M l.e eunted to sustain It* former reputation.
T-. pr« rrnt Imp -sltlon, be sure to csll for "McOORMACKH
|'9T BODA WATER, ALE and PORTER delivered In all parts of
tl. H. free of il.atgr
All order* from c‘fy of country rusb.mer* promptly attended
u». Address
apT Ac. W'M P LADD. Pearl at., and No. ** Dread st.
%lr IM I -• NP"
ff -nr .men •• t- k of TIlAVEI INC# S -4
NE.r pflxEH AND BrlltNIL llAGB. Hy re- • J
cent arrival*, owf •to*k is now l*eg«r tt.an It
ev* r w*. hrf. re. and romprisr* wmre than g/t.OOO w«rth of g'-rd*
in the ib >»* line. Purchasers ran And any kind of Trunks, Ac . that
they want at this es’aMlshm nt A« It has been a matter of surpi l*e
to srtine persons, why our prices are rherper than others, we w.,uld
Inform them by saying that we are the *g«>rit of several of lire large*
Nortlw rn Factories ;atid sell Trunks el the factory price*
iei I P. B.MAURICE. fHl Main af.
fl Nil I :< • If, I NAIL—lb order to reduce utir stock a
smell a* po#«tl»lef we will from this date offer our stock of
It greatiy frdqced prices, and w .old especially a«k t!.e attention of
dealer* to the following Goods, v»i •
HI* use and Hrowi, french Linens, i
fir**wn «nd Hle«« Led fJnen Ihick, [ very chgap
I* do d** Drilling \
Irish Mfisfit of Gray's snd EWarl A make, at less than Im
porter’* prices
Apr a ewe'*, Allen's, Dunneli's and other Prints, very Mw and
very desirable style*
Piatn and printed Be rage*, |
iMvk satin str.p'd do I
Printed Chsllie*. e at and below N. Y awe'a prices.
Do Lawes,
Do Jaconets,
Mack and adored Alpacca. Alpweea D-ILdge, grasw, corded and
other Bkirts
% Lace*, fnibroideries. Mack and white Crape Collars
Oenuine Thread Edging*, at importer's nr tee#
fethen Ctmbrlc, Pong*--- snd other Hd’ki*
Hosiery, Glores, Pntprn^eri, Ac , Ac
A! JMl,
BO pfree* Mosquito I.are* from UH to 1* Y Inches w»*fe,
tamerii **** u.iiita rim.i, rrs \*ix
^ DFWFHT «frK.*F «ND FORKR, of 4. ui” ».'»«•; (Mm.4
W»H*-r- ; >.f bkiMMmr (Mtl*rn. . C»n4.-Mkk, , s.pk.n
Air bj
ro» tun iniNu,
1AM »•« la receipt ml my bPRINU IMOK Of w m
HiimKolWAaiiMla. menu VtV
Imctmrm, .ItceM frcm Urn Mtnrirtann, W which I 'jK*'
rv«|ercthiUy luetM Um Ulmllvo ml my ftten4e. both
In town and country, assuring them that they shall ▼ ■ ^
*>»»• »*wp "»*«••• In my Iuh> aw luw mm M can be bad In oar .My—
My stock consist* la part d—
Irory hbi.dlr Knlrrt mn* Porka, of »1 piece., of Rudgrr.' and
•the* asakea
Rodgers' irory handle Ktaivwa, without f..rk«
Douki* I-Iawd table and daaarrt Porka, platad an aatra 8nr ,
German silver
Rudgar.- and rarhma othor make, of bark, boor and bogalo
handle Knives and Porka
Rodgera. WToofotibofm aad other ...km of pocket .n.l fen Ruler.
Rodgeee1 and IIMalolm'. Ribon. In grout vtrtwty. m of
them In cases
Woatenhulm'e and Rf. A ». Uuuba, •« Uaei
Pruning and KeJfe Hbear. ,
Walter., etngle and Mi ntliVne of thorn Trey handsome
Aad Iron*, of fine qiullty
Iron Tea Kettle, .tul lUu.v Paue. Unwed and antlnned
Kell melal and porealaln pi eeeeeing K el Dae and Iron Purnacoa
Hollow-ware and Plrv-Duge, a general amort meal
Tall aud fiat bottom bram Caodleetlek. and AnaRkre , crom-eut,
hand, paaol, rip, compaa. and Unant Haw. ; Braver and Btta, anat '
of them of eery .opener quality ; hand, beoad and pole A km, nail, 1
brad and carpet llammert; ahlngtlug and lathing Hatchet*, an I
Ware . Baldwin'' Plane*, a getieeal a**urtm*nt. rarprwWr'e and rail- ,
road Adieu, Chleete, Uougra. Itquare* and Bee Ur , twn and loar fold
Ruleo and Tap* M*aaune.; Block. and Die# and Screw Plate.;
Mrallh.’ mild l>ok Vice. and .ledge and hand Hammer. . I.orar-ahor, :
cut and wrought Nall, and cut Spike., of .eery .in, Anger, and 1
.Ugcr and gimlel Bit., all alar.. Va. paten I P Lock.. pad. .lock, |
till, cheat, cupboard, mortice, rim and clooet Lock. , round, aqeare
and flat Bolu of every .lac, wrought and cart ; curtain Pin. and '
curtain Banda; hank and wore Wire, a* .lae. ; N.mi'i Challenge
Bio. king , Aar.' kttd Rowland1. Itp.de. *nd ItboeeD, long .nd .Itort
handle ; manure and hay Pork* and gar.ten and hay Rake.; dwell',
weeding, killing and grubbing Hoee, oil Haao; trace, halter, berart,
log, ok abd well Chain.; garden Trowel, and garden lloea. Bull 1
Hinge., Of every rim and kind ; plate, hook and rye. etrop and T
Hlogre; Iron Hook, and Staple, and II..|>. and Staple. : Pile, and
Ramw. of all .lie*, together with almort every other article umally !
kept iu my line of tnuluma. J. W. RATCL1PPE, |
Corner of Sth and Broad .Imti,
*!•'» Oppoaltc 1P.AM.R. Drpoi. |
So. 22 Pearl Stmt, Richmond, Kg.,
HAVE DOW In ator*, an.I arc receiving from the m^ana
manufacturers of England ami this country, a 'Sihoupi
large an.l well selected Kick of Goods, especially
adapted to the wants of the Trade of Virginia, North
Carolina ami Teune«se*, mi l we respectfully Invite Merchant*. Had
dlers and other*, visiting UU* mark* t, to call and caamloe the *aroe
Our stock I* full and gvioplftc, comprising In part as follows,.vis : I
Tool* for Carpenters, M**t.in, Saddlers, Tanners. Millwrights, 1
CtHtpers, Smith*. Ac.. In great variety.
Building Material*, as Locks, lk.lt*, Butt-, Screws, Ac., Ac
Heavy Good*, as Chain*, Anvils, Vices, Flee*. Hollow Ware,
A airs, Spring*, Alts, Ac
Rafety Ku»c, Fcvti.ee, Fnatlis, 8tone« and Ride*
Ftraw Knives, llay Knives, Brier Hooks,
Forks, Spade*, Shovel*, Haute*, llig Sk*n*
A fine assortment Bridies, Saddles, Stirrups, Bitta
Whip*. Fat. ami Fnamelled leather, Sheep Fklns
Fhoe Last*. Boot Trees, Crimp Hoards
Cutlery,, of Rodgers’, Wostml.olm’s. Butcher** and o/Vr
Guns, double and single barrel. Rifles
Ftstol*. a good assortment
Fancy Goods, as Fort Monnair*, Brushes, Purses, Ac.
mb 14 __ _
KPKMO I <1 !■ It If I' All O N. 1 Hill . —
W. S. & Or. DONNaN.
\o. IH Pearl St,, KichmoDtl, Va.,
ARK receiving or ships -Albert Gallatin," "Great
Western," •• Isaac Wright" and M KirfUlor,",^^^^
aud steamers “Atlantic” aud •‘Africa,” their Fpring’
Importation of inruiingham and Sheffield II
W ARK, CLTLKUV and GUNS; and from manufactories in our « wn
country, a very full and complete assortment <*f AM KKICAN GOODS,
selected with great care, i>urchaaed upon the urnst favorable terms,
and embracing In extent aud variety a stock worthy the attention
and examination of purchaser* visiting our raaikft
Of Goods adapted for the season, and in heavy articles particular
ly. our stock la unusually full and complete, vix:
Weeding and llilllug lines
Grain, Grass, Clover and Bramble Scythes
Trace, Log, Coll and other Chains
Steel—Cast, Double Shear, Germ an and Blistered
Hollow Ware—Fi*ts, Owns, Spiders, Ac.
Horse dlii»r«. Horse Nalls, Anvils, Vices, Belli ws, Ac.
Files. Lock* anil lllnre* F.-re«. A.- I
Axle# and Springs, Fry Pan# and Curry Comb*
Pen, Pocket and Table Knlie*
Kaxor«, S-t«#or«and Shears.
Together with all other articles usual In our line.
We respectfully solicit a continuance of the pjlrouag*- -tlhsrallj be
stowe«1 u|K>n u« for a number of years pant, and assure Merchants
and others of our deb rminatUin to sell as low a# any regultr house
whatever, at.d that our boat rffort# »1«*U be need t«. give •*iisfai-ti<m.
W. S. A t». DONNAN.
N. B — Particular and prompt attention given to orders at>trusted
» _ ml.lo
■ AM row . [H-nlng % laree n—.rtimnl of IIAKD- t ■ mmn
M "'Alh' ANi# CUTLER\ of Korelgu and 18>iuc«»
tic uiauu'a* 'urc. *11 «•! which have lern bought on
the most favoratdc . term# for <. »«n. I dc« m it uu
I . rgaa I
complete. 1 inrpe uty old cuslocver# and friends, and the publ.c
generally, to cal) iu*. slid examine ray g«M>d» b» for.- making their
purchase# Tllk.0 RimXUTFGN,
ImpurVr an.l Dealer in Foreigu and Qtnuestic Hardware and
mM;_ Cutlery, No. 63 Main street.
miv»i UA>i i; o> 1,1*'*:.”
OjU' at •• ST A TIOXKK'S I/A ,Vo. 91 JV«irl sfraef,
B. W. KNOWLEF, Agent.
Dr. A. 8NK AD, Medical Advlaer.
Capital January 1st, 1^56.. ... _|9,.i71.H86 u
Paid dirhlends during year 1S33 . ... .... 141.380 34
Nett balance January 1st, 1*36.. 47
Total amount of dividends paid to date, f 713.4*.* 66
Total amount of claims by death to date 1<3*6JN*» Si
-9.109.4*3 U\
94,989.466 97
All profits go to the insured. Dividends are made annually, ai.d
I»aid while the insured is living. B W K , Agent.
N. B Flaws insured from one to four years iu the Albetnarlr In
surance Company. frl5
■ NIKE INSURANCE, in town or onuairy, and Marine Insurance,
^oty be effected on the most favorable terms with this company.
All Losses promptly arranged.
STORES k CO.. No. 88 Pearl street,
kmtJ AjrenUfnr Richmond, Vs.
I ’ O Y N F. R ’ S
'■NHI-8 delightful Watering place I. now open for ihe reception of
a flfllrru. It fa uliuloj on the line of Ihe countries of Roanoke
and Botetourt, surrounded hjr mountain., mM In one of the moat
beautiful, picturesque ami fertile porttou. of Virginia. and iuune
*l;„trly on the line of the Virginia and TrnneMee Rail Red, within
'■fix' yard, of ihe road luelf, and about half a mile fr„io Bonsark'.
depnl, only 8 or 9 hoar, from Kicbmoud and Betersbury, and alx ut
two hour, from Lynchburg.
Bt-rson. leaving City Boint, or Beier.burg, or Klrlmumd, In the
morning, by Ihe South-Side and Danville Kail Koado, and taking the
car. of tlie Virginia and Tenne.<re Kali Road al Lynchburg, learlL
Bon-ar k . depot, about 8 o'clock, B. >1., the »amr d.y, where an*
Omnibu., Ac , will meet them and coneey them to the Bpring*.
There are 8 White and If Black bitlphur Spring., who,e Curative
Bropertle. can be atteated by wore, of perron, who have been enllre
ly relieved by u.lug Ihe water.. The reputation of lhew water,
for half a oentury paxi ha. been e.tabll.l,rd In the aurroundltig
counties for having cured many perron, afflicted with varioua
They are not .urpaMrd by any mineral water. In Virginia for the
cure of Dy.pep.la in if. varlou. form.. Affectum, of the hirer. Kid
ney., anil Bladder, General Debility, especially of Ihe Nervou. 8y».
tern, all kioda of Culaneou. and other dlseaara of Ihe 8kln, and tua
ny of the di-ea-e, peculiar to Prmalea.
They me gently purgative and diuretic, with a atrong determlna
tlon to the akin. \ few certificate, of the many that might he fur
nished, arc given below,
>1111 BUILDINGS are .paelau. and convenient, and almost entire
ly new. rnn.i.titig of Hotel,, Cottagrv, Ac., affording accommoda
tion, equal to any to be tonml In the mountain, of Virginia, for
about «■«! persons. The f urniture and Fixture. are ahnut equal to
Ihoae of the be»t hotel. In our title*. The Hedding i. unurually go.a'
with Ifalr M .ltrcwa throughout the e.lahll hroent— a. to all whk’h
we invite el.lter. to elamine and Judge for llwm« Irra. No pain,
have been .pared in obta.nlng Ihe beat Servant., and the nmrt ex
perienced and tpevt qualified A»l.fanl. for eeery department of ihe 1
•■*'*hb.hn,ent. Ttie general management i. ronfhled to J. A . ||KV
KLFJNOKR, Bq . Ute of Cumberland, Maryland, aagWted l.y Ale- j
doubt give «aiUfacflon to all who may visit the place.
There will In- UOWI INIi A J.I.fcYH, Ac., forexerclae.
hand OF Ml'HlOi* already secare<l, and a TKI.KORA I’ll
QFFIOF. will «o«.n b~^siAbl.rthe«| at Bowsack's depot.
THE TADI.R will he found eijual to any in the mountain*, the fa*
cUitlea for securing supplies being about aa great a* t|*y can well
l j mrnmn«,h: acojptm • ■
lJ^IVI I'O.Mi.tIDNT.—It Is with rerret that I have to an
■H- nnunre Dial my Dlrtrlbutifm Enterprise cannot take place on
the Y*J ol February- The unusual hardnesa of thr winter ha* pre*
?eiite.| me from seeing and settling w.ih my agents As s<.«.n as I can
see ihem I xhe'l fix utwin another day. not later than about the 1st
of August, at which time the drawing will certainly take pi*, e or the
llckots callnl III and the money refunded ; and should the sale of
tickets Justify me In doing %o# I shall fix upoo an earlier day, as I
am anxious to have the drawing take place at the rarllcet potlble
l“5f* . . JEJVK T. HOPKIN
felA-tl.tAue I y,
w»i*k aokxt ro« bkk-ii brack,
Comminnan Urrrhrnl, tu>i>nr1er,Mnnufiirtnrrr, ami Wn,J,.„b
btttltr in h'rn y F*»<-rti,ttnn nf
a »i I. it i *• ,* ix ii % ii ii m t ii
C’HU.s <'* Tin: rm:, -A mim’i* i. iKm>.
J |dete Without . hi,, nf mnr ah.orh.nt powder. from „„r
rarll.it Infancy powder i. a. <1 for dry In, Hie akin with thr frcalrrt
hrnrfll and without Injury to It. rtltl, atr leXturr l|..w then ran M
injurr thr frown individual f Healdra ilrylh* thr rl m and nrorlu
c,n« a rrfrrrMny coolne.., it aoflrn. and mini ,u llir flnr.1 complex.
Tt.r .ubarrther k.rpe mn.tantly on hand a rr rat variety of Pr-arl
Powder*. Parian Whit., ft,»lk Ball", I.||y White, It, u»r, O.ama,
Ar , hr, ullftilly pul up. and rompowd nf Infrrdlrnt.rfrrlly harm.
I»»a to Ilm adult or Infant. 8. p PKMI’f.K. BrnfrUi.
ftv Mala .ir. t
%V 11 If! I III t l*%Nla. M ,d,
w ▼ *t"° ” Idfw L.t,en and Iluck I'.-air „.i.irf, nuvhttt*' .,f , wht, I,
w« call atlr.itinn.
(1A YZI« ftII IK r.Y .,f M. rlno nnd hiik, al*o l.imn aiol Jrti, llraw*
»r«, trail,<t with 7, | hyr (lloac, l,.n!onx and flra*. Serk Tlrj. |
making a *o ,*i a. cool api, r.l a. could hr dr.trrd.
MAP.HKIM./P V|.T“ tnntr a yxrlety of atylra, aa.ortrrl In ,|ir '
and ,|t 1,1/, and rr..r,m.n,lrd a» the I-.t h'tinr .lock In llir i lly,
!•'*' OSnSMOSM A rttPMAN. Il« Yfa.t, at. I
I SlilM.k A IlOlinSO’t'A (.'Hr.AU Nllll »•.
A i' *r rtvh.rh' , ,n .n>, whole,, mr dyrttaw, With tl,* aart- ,
oua fruit tlaat r. *.,„, ,,f tip. ■,..* Juirra of thr ra.prrtlar f.qita, ara I
now .* j.|d* i .’ad'rwifh ,r pnrr, rparkl.itg, ley-uoal Porcrlan
foi.n* tin r , vVtfKI will . I* mat,nfa, lured Ir, porrrlalo futtQ*
fain., and aTlt nra.r r.nnr. I , „nta t with rnpyer, |. »d or other !
pol.onon mdal., may l-r dr .ok wlthont any <4 thr 111 rff-, t. frr
rtin tla re ttlhf ,'noda Water prepared In the , op,,.,
I**u* alii. ,,r it*, topfa r cochin, t now an yrnrrally employed ,1,
manufacture. I.AIItl.KY A KhiUn'BoX,
b-l* 'l.tooU lnrmf Chrml.t., Id, ami Krankl n .1.
g SB CMIYIK ttlHl IHX 81 III H. w'thoot
Bx r l.aeWw,,., for .air t,y WftMHI t k fd Mfutftst
yfi So. II Pearl a*rrr
\r OTICK TO I.AOICX 001X0 TO Tilt;
aa BRSISflB—TV aobarrlkrr I, ,, ha I n.adr rapreaaly A.r la* !
■lie. alaltlnf the .prlnxa.and the rountry, duatnr the Pwrnmrr. a eery 1
lltr OfraPhor aa|.rr,dy for *»mn,er wear They ora lb. la’/.t and
(irate.t atylr of Uarr Pboa that ha# rear bran offer ad for .ol* ,n any
P'*" AIM. Mil l.,
So. I»7 Main tract 1
rgx HI XRV. f ism RM.X, 0,0-.
| VAl.lff*. A, Tt.r .uhamV, c.„
•' » ,l. r-d'h* ret,.rally, the ... tEniSY, . \
a,,,'..* ...I >r *d Trunk.. Caro.I Ray. Yah XRngHei * »
era, Ar , that ran b* found In any II,car In
tht. city, eomprl.inx all lha different .tylra, .hap* r ,* .| onn,;rt^
madr for kale by AbfY HIM- I
So. Iff Main Mr.rt
WIRF. fill t Rt, foe roarrinx hotter, meat. Ar A.
Alra ara aarardtnflf trnnMaaoaaa at pa.-arn*. a remedy ran
hr ftruod hy n.nif there Coaara. wr hoar them of aarlon. ttrra to fit
any plate or di.h.
ni l RI.ST A f t, 117 VI
g mm Tl A 8A:T8, iv-oratrd. rjold Band, and White
Cfdna Tea Ret,. (r.mnrlaloA a Bnr variety to artar* frwm Wa
haraalwaaparati! pPcranf While and fluid Baud China for .airly
if' nrt.SI KY A CO , l« Mato al.
^SfX V dKtvt.y ramie ), ■» lAMrp ufShTON
MHNf.N ll'l'l I * PRAMI HIMMIt.
R. R. R7"
ciurra i l
In this chapter we will allow how Kadwat'v Rnanv Ittjar and
Ra»«*TM RanwLavwa cured a terrible attack af Chronic Rheuma
Umu.after fifteen Physicians In Bcoit county. Va., had triad their
•kill iu rain. Also ; bow country Doctors cure their pattern* by
ualng Rad way's Rrsuedteo. Let rrerr ana who te afflicted with dw
earn read U»U advertisement. Lei all wt*o deelra a gaud Purgative
••d Cathartic Med trine try um duee of Radway's Regulators'. Let
Ihoee covet-d with Plmnl««, MMcl.es, Bares, and whuae Mood la filled
with bad humors re ad the case* we here pntdUh. Kaowav> Re apt
R^ar. Radwat's Rbsuvavtso Rauituv, and Radwat's Rduila
roa'eaie the ouly rvetelio rvuulred to stop the most tarturlog
pains, cure the most terrible ami frightful .Ifeaere. and to keep the
human system la a regular aad healthy condition Boring Diseases.
(Me R^uiaUr y*r Jap %eiU kmp (Ae iM.de System Rr^ular. \
1st. They nr* the moat pleasant Medicine ta take, la the form of a
PU, In ear.
hi. They are lhe nod safe Medkiue la take, la the form af a Pill,
[or ihoy do not leave the lp»wsU costive, nor deplete or weaken the
*d. They produce the most delightful tin U, upau Die System, of
in; Mrdklne la the form of a Pill. All who take them have a regu
lar discharge of the bowels at a regular period W time.
4th. They remove all bad feel tug* from the tnNRl and corrupt hu
mors from the body Every one who takes them rejoices at the hap
py egret* they product upon the bowels, Uver, ffkln, Kidneys,
Nervis, Ac.
5th. They ptodurr the same happy effects upon the Uv«r. as they
do upon Die bowels ; upon Die Bkm as the* do upon the Pancreas ;
upon the Nerves, as they do upon tin Kidneys ; upon the Absorb
tnts, ae liter do upou the Lacteal* ; upon the Lymphatics, a# they do
upon the Glandular Bystem vis. Regulate each Organ and By stem
k> a healthy aad harmonious action.
4th. Thvy are mild In their operation, pleasant to take. “They
never turn one's stomach,"as an old lady mice remarked to us, nor
do they gripe, or In any wtee reudyr themselves disagreeable In their
Tth. They are entirely Vegetable, prepared from the Active Prin
ciple only, of Aromatic Gums, Plants, Roots, Balsams, Ac They
are highly concentrated, nothing Inert Is In their composition—tl.ry
are mild yet active. t>oe Regulator Is more powerful. In espeJIln*
from the By stem diseased and acrimonious humors, than d* of Ihr
most approved pill, in use. and ysl there are no violent purgings
no griping pains, no sickness at stomach, or other unpleasant sen
sations creeping over you from their uss. The fact Is, their healthy
properties, instead of merely Irritating the bowels, spread through
out the whole entire system, regulating every orguu, and Infusing
health to every tissue. Drastic Pills, Balts, Bena, Ac., act only a»
drains, and merely Irritate the bowels to a looseness. Bo, reader,
vou sec, and If ;«ki take a few doses of Regulators, will fed. Co your
j«*y, the grvat difference between Radway's Regulator-, that act up
ou the whole system, atul common pills and olltrr dra-trlc purgatives
that cause, by Dvelr Irritating |>r«*pcrttes; a distressing discharge oi
the bowels.
January *tfth. 1854.
Mbwu. Had* at A Co.,
I have been agent at this place, Pattonsvltle, Bcntt Co , Va , fur
all the best Pills in use, for nine years, and In right good faith your
Regulators gives better satisfaction In these mountains of Bcott, Va ,
than all tl*e Pills 1 have sold. Everybody down here call your Rcgo
latara “The Good Pills." James Tomlinson has a son that had been
diseased with the Chronic Rheumatism.
Fifteen different physicians has tried to core him, but c»uld not
do It, so he tried at a venture, Radway's Regulator, every night, and
In two wee as he was completely cured. 1 have cured a great many
Cple with your Ready Relief, Regulator* atul R« solvent, that our
t doctors down here could not touch—and I belkvr that where
the doctors down here do make acure, they do It by the use of your
medkloca. Yours truly,
J aeon*. Miss., feb. 10, 1854
Messrs Radway A Co.: A few day* since I-bought one dollar's
worth of Radway’s Ready Relief. 1 used It for Neuralgia, and, to
my astonishmeut. It gave me aimost Instant relief.
/tavmfrrr DMA, 1855 | Dsccmskb Hist. 1855
japtha uAamxiaa.
A Axrs Fall—In)*uy to tMt A'arv Pan—BrrrH*'latlnQ Pain*.—
7Yme/y ArrirtU—lmc*'***fuJ Mony Radmils'* Ready tUH» f
liKMUM, W ktlli Co , Tax*, Decetuter Hist. IsW
I. JFPTHA GAKD1N1ER of the above place, do puhlisli, that f«u
many year* I have been afflicted with Rheumatism, and on the even
Ing of December Both. 1855, while walking In my yard, 1 fell with
great violence on tire ice. bruising the knee pan very badly 1 fur
ther certify that on the above day. Mr. John J. Benedict, a traveling
agent of Radwuy A Co., arrived at thl* place, and hearing of my
heavy fall and the terrible complaint that afflicted me, recommen
ded uie to apple ILui wav's Heady Relief, which I did. and Hi a very
snort tuue tlie |>ain ceased, the swelling abated, ami I am now ahi.
to walk without *he use of my cane, free from pain. I have trie*
several other remedies hut found no relief. In rase* of extreme pah
Had way’s Heady fU-lief Is far preferable to all other K-tnedi* * ; i*
any one douhta the truth of this certificate, let them call on me a»
my residence, or write to me at Dtesden, Trim., and X will gin
them full information.
For years Mr. Gardinler had suffer*-*I the torturing pains of Kh« u
m\tl«m, he wa« unahle to walk without the help of a slick. On tin
88th of December he flr*t tried the K. R. Relief—o« the Hist lie could
walk without any aid and free from pain. Let all w!m> arc crippled
or bed-rtddeu, think *»f this.
Railway's Ready Relief and Ka-lway Rrgulato-*, are Po#!tire Cur
atives for Ague and Freer, l«rt those afflicted take from J foffnt
Hadway’s Regulators every i-.ght, and a leas)**a>ufu) of Ready R« ,
lief, *n water, <*n rising in the morning, and twice during the day— (
these will soon free jour system from the poison of Ague.
Spring is a transition season of tl*c l*»dy—as well as of the year,
and tl»c economy of the system demands that the surfeit of thr win
ter l»e carried off, to enable it to withstand ihs- depressing effects id
summer. Railway's Regulators an as necessary to keep tip th.
health of the body of man, as an occasionable nibble of fresh gras,
is to the ox or the horse.
Much pain and misery, sickness and long si fferlng would he pr*
vented If, outlie first IndUatlon of the system being out of order, a
•lose of Railway1* Regulator* wsre swallowed Every dose that b
taken will infuse new life and fresh strength to tlie weak and nervous
If those who are subject to or afflicted with Fever ami Ague, Ilea**
Aches,Hiin Disease*. Hn-aking* Out, Pimples, Blotches, Pustules
Tetters, Kadi, Boils, lluuiors, will u»e our .K It. Remedies, we wit:
guarantee them protection agaiust the visitation of these maladies, «>t
if afflicted, a s|*eedy and effectual cure.
Is a positive cure for Humors,aiul all eruptive Skin Diseases.
Tlie presence of Pimple , Blotches, Pustules, Tetters, Rash, XJtth
Hores, Painful Itclitrgs, Hot Flushes, Ac., are sure Indications of the
presence of foreign and impure humors In the *y«t. in, and if al
lowed to mingle with the Mood and remain In the system, corrupt
tng the tlo* d and Ailing thr sewer* of tlie body wllhluii urltles,S.r*->
and Ulcers will tweak out, and cover the body with their rr|»uls1vr
pr cat nre.
The Hktn, under these poisonous influences, becomes an eniptlv«
volcano, exhibiting to tlie eye the disgusting lava of disease, in tl..
form of Halt Rheum, Cancers, Ulcers, Fever Hores, Pu*rld First.
Alng’o Evil, and the most Frightful Krufdion* of (As Skin.
RadwayS Renovating Resolvent has cured the most terrlhle ol
Bkiu Diseases and Humors ; it will never fail In the Wond cases.
radwayt ready relief.
Has done more to relieve the afflicted of Pains and Aches, and thr
tortures inflicted upon the human race by disease, than ail other re
iuedi« », or the skill of »he most eminent physician* and surgeons ti.
the world. Tlie moment Railway's Ready Relief is applied to the
parts where pain or uneasiness Is seated, it* soothing effect is felt,—
the sharp, keen darting paroxysms of Neuralgia, the severe and tor
turing pain* of Rheumatism, the tormeidg of Gout, Lumbago,
Sprain*, Htraint and aches of every klud. wm quickly give way on
the application of Had way's Ready Rrlief. The most ternld* ol
acute lnflamatory diseases have been cured by a few applications ol
this Ready Relief. The Uur ami Htlff-jointed, tlie cripple*! and de
formed, are soon restored to perfect health by It* use.
ibnr the JR. R. R. Rr:ns*lts» raided Mrs. Sarah .4. Hough /nun a
I 'rippled and Hfifth** Condition, U> Sound If'tilth, after th»
•lilt of four of the nuM Utirnrtl Phy* Irian* in A'#w York haa
failed to reliere her, lire. Parker, Heme, Wardle and Mails
Jaxcamt 8, 1SAA.
MRMeaa Radway A Co.—I tried your Ready Relief, and had my
Joints rubbed with It, and I never felt pain after thr first ten tnlnub*
I was rubbed with It up to the present time. 8»r«, I do not know
what to compare l! to hut a charm; for it I* a mystery touir. I wa*
a f aim.* »vA,rwu tkabs, and had not the proper use of my llml»>
for three Years. I was worn down toa skeleton. I then commenced
UMWis! your Ready Ib v.lvrnt. Al; | K.yul »t..rs I t pall
left me In ten minutes, and I began to gain strength ve'ry fast, and
fould walk with ease lu a few Weeks Before I heard of your Rem*
•lies, I wa* taken to Dr. Parker, Dr. Reese, Dr. Wardle,Dr. Mai Irian,
and baht other phy«iclaos In this rlty, 1 cannot now remember. I
was completely pulled to pieces by them. My constitution wa
broken up with medicine, that dhl ine uo good. 1 could not put a
foet to the ground, nor pick up a pin. I was lifted and carried u|
and d«wn stairs like an infant, and now, thank God t by the use of
Tour Remedies. I ftn. as Utnss aa ever I l.a.t ll.e rin—11 ■• .la.
llsra—Inflammatory and chronic—and the palsy. You can publid
U.ls, If you like. SAKAll A. IIOCGII,
944 84th alrrct, between the Tth and Hih avenue, N. Y.
Fifteen Irt twenty drops of R R. Relief, In a IllUe water, taken «a>
every 16 to 90 minutes, will quickly stop the most distressing dU
charge* of Dysentery and IharrlKO*. It will In a few minutes tloi
the pain.
R- K R. ReinedIrs are sold by all tha Druggists In the S,ate, and
by Purcell, Ladd A Co., Richmond ; also, by Adie A Gray, Rich
nw*>d. RADWAY A CO .
Jal‘4—dawly—mb 99 169 Fulton street, New York.
nits NniOHD’S I JR V ILDIt VIOH I* recommend
ed to the public, relying upon Its intrinsic excellence to secure
It favor
For all Bilious Attack*. It may be truly and safely relied upon a*
being fully • suable of removing the diseases for which It Is rernra
mended, and for giving tone and vigor to the general system
Its qualities have been fully tested In a long practice, by the pro
prietor. Through the urgent solicitation* of many who have u*e«i
and been benefited by If, tb« proprietor has been Induced to place it
l»efore the public. For all Bilious Derangements, Pick Ifeadarb*
Lh'ontc DUrrhura, Habitual Costlvencas, Bilious Colic, l>y«pep*i*
Palo In theBtnmach and Bowels, General Debility, Female Weakness.
Or ral. hy Itruy, 1,1, friwralty, .ml by PtTBCBI.L, IJUll) A C<>
No W comer of Main and 14th eta.. General Agents; and hy Alex’i I
Duval, No 1M Main afreet; R. II White, 175 Broad Mreet, and also ;
hy Ranford A Co., !•. Y. fbt—1y |
I'l > !#*!• tOROOl 69NI I > t.nf.i n uim .
Jf«ihq/lirfHr$d from Frmrh Q, (Jrow J'lrnniot (iingtr,
SrriUr Ornntf/, I ttroti, *#r , TV## )7dre old.
AKFMARKABLY pleasant, warm carminative and stomachic
, stJmub tit highly h»nefl« lai In checking that disordered state of
the stomarfi and bowel* so prevalent In warm weather, and which
frequently, when neglected, prodoc. a DyscriUry. Cholera. A< It Is
also a valuable remedy for Flatulency, Dyspepsia and General Dr
hilltv. Persons living in dlstrtcts where Ague prrvall* 0ro| It a great
preventive. Price 5t» cents pir bottle, $6 peg do* n
| HT W bob sale and ReUII Agents, Mes-rs BKNNKTT A RFKRR.
126 Main street a«»d 8 Peerl street, Richmond. a»*1fl tf
"i’lli mj iai» m tini.it boobs
fl i*T re. . Ived 8 Urv lot of stifierlor Cloths, Caaalmeres and
Vesting*, wine }• be wttl make up In the beM manner, on the
no d r<*«‘nm'.|« teem*. «y,| at (he nlHirWtt notice.
A large and writ set.ctgd stock of Heady Ms Is Clothing, which
w«M romper- with -a/ In this or any otVf market. Our price* as
low a* a; any other House.
Furnishing Good* In great variety.soch a* W.IrG, Cravats, fc barfs
Ties, Ac . Ac. ^ .
lie Inglts s his friends and other* who are In aearch of really deal*
rable goods to call and examine Ills stock. aih94
FBRIfK Pnhsorlhers have established a H.*.k tgency In Philadelphia,
M. arid will furnish any took or publication at the retnll prteA
free Af pottage. Any persons, by forwarding tlie subscription price
of any of the Magasines, such as Harper's, Godey’s, praam's,
l-sham s, Frank l*«lie'« Fashions, Ac., will rec«tft the n *f**ine#
b»r one gear, end a copy of a splendid IHh>*erai<h portrait of rtttor
Washington, Jarkro* nr Clay ; or. If subscribing to a $9 ami a 61 I
'1 ' 1,1 * wll fecrler a cony of *•»>.. r f th- Am iK.rtra»«*
If *ut>*.-r1hlng to a 6* worth of Magatlres, all three portrait# win he 1
s«*.t gratis Music Airmailed hi those who may wish It.
Envelope* of everv description and slac, In Urge t*r *mall quant). I
lies, furnished. Beal Presses. Ides, Ac., sent to order.
Every description of Kngravlng on wood executed with neatness
and rilspetrh. View* of buildings, Newspaper Heading*. View* of j
Machinery, Book Illu*t rat loos, Lodge (Vrtlftcatoe, Business Cards, Ac.
All order* sent by mall promptly attended to. Persons wtsklog views |
of their buildings can send a Daguerreotype or sketch of the belief of
by mall or evprees
Person* at a distance having saleable article* would And It to Iksir
advantage to address the subscriber*, as we would art a* agent* tot
the sal* of tho same HY RAM A PIRACY
M Booth Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.
it 9 avasw V. miv vinca.
Mt dowlv
fl ||i| MIIBB. 1IW OH 1*6*. A MR M HAH
■ sHF 1*9 bbls Crushed do
Iflfl bide <5 Yellow do
fa bbls. Powdered do
In Move, fur ills by
I*** SAOON 4 lURKmVILf..
g «»«• m . t - ND .i • i,
X ' InrM SjriwH arknowl-lr-.l l„ ,u UM^ „ f„ M,,
•* MTTAtl.RII f>ru, «D<I drmtnl Morr,
rt>.rn*r 40 and Hr- «il itnrlr
B^SISIf. H-Vlra., drr i.lt.d (V4
r "1* •" «•"«»» Md., Min.- r.Si, Trout »,*»
£ half M.N.. So, 1 an<l 8 hi M« karri, tn M.|. . .alia No I
MarWrri, la ■,r Milk. No* lamflnr and for «a'f h» I
8r.l.»«N * MILI.RR.
J*w Cor or r Narl and Cory Mr„'|. I
wl wncB,
Most Kttraordlnnr) Remedy known.
m i! r. YRAHI UmincrtiltoalMl
•Oa “•'lOTMKE'k HHKAtT CLOTpn"
ha* naiuOed u. that Own to walking known to Uto mod trot world,
wklch will nl nU compare with itoa. They wo lodood oumfsrtar* of
Ito »«™«v mttrr.
U may bo onld of Uon, without faar of coamdtolWa or proof to
the contrary, that If they are applied at any lime prevtooa to IK.
actual rising of tho breaat, they will promptly allay all laiamalloa,
ralltfo all pain and prevent the breaat horn gathering, aad fur
Iharmnra, If the breaat ahould actually rto* before the slotha eaa bo
had, the application and conataat wsartng of them will produce aucb
a condition of tho breaat a* lo taauro the «p.*dl*to possible euro?
Keaey mother ahould kaep Iham by hoe, aad follow la Ihetr aae tho
dlrorttona, which alwaya are mat with them, and our word tor It. ahe
will never know what It la lo ham me loo. at dee log with her beer...
%m~ A remittance of »100, aaeompaalad by IS cat. worth of
paalagv stamps, wUI amr.ltop«pti«mwim.a hy maU of. pair
of thaw* slotha lo any part of tho liaised Ima.
They aro for sal# by
ADIB A OKAY. Wbnlaiali and EotaU Agvnta,
*•** ld> Mala street, klchmoad. Virginia
And by MKABK A BAKU, ltd Mala .14 Riebatomf. V.
directions tor applying Iham goth., wlU aoeompaay
Bwwu.vu.Ooan., Jane IS, 1*14.
,,AT*» Although a eirangor lo you. I take tha liberty nf
addmaalng a few llara to you, for the purpose of saying a few words
Ui favor u? your Invaluable medicine. I haw mod yow Palu Killer
for a number ol years, for bowel complaint and burns, and in fact
for paint of all kind., I think ll pn-raUneni. I haw had arversl at
rl ,|lhTM>Ur^' "*** VP I*a* attacked kt three o*
clock In the momiug, and al suarta* I waa not aMa laniidmr
“<* do* » twenty Bw aval bouts o» your pita Kilo!.
which I commenced taklng according to directions, and al doVlock
® A* evening mv bo welt wew regular, aad I waa op and utoviuw
.boot, although tome what wmk I .^Ud .eeommmS SuiZriwS
afflicted to avail thowmelvw of your Invaluable mediator. *
doM ky Drwgglili, Avwcer* and Madlclno Dvutol^^uS^jitoi?!*'
KJT* Jff&f mww A HO IT OIR
•SJn, gJ&S&hw winter paw^^'e^^orl^to.
rubbing on thij^ldf of ttofethT' ^TfttorTlofu
a day oe two h. wa. writ. Another cam a mule whleh 1 wa. work°
.1* 10 "!L * ■“***' to *»**• «» •Mmlntag hi. foot I
discovered a nail shoot two laches long up lo tho head. Mr drlwr
and ilia neighbor* *a,d h. would b*Til for n“vT“ I dww JS
nail oul, Invert..I a place of lint and your Turf (HI, and art him to
work at once, and from that moment he ha* Dot lost one hour but
” “ os H»vr. I also <aw a hows badly magged on the oai.lde
of bl. thigh In two place., on. about two Inches dee hand four InJhw
from which he waa Miff a day or two Vawr Turf Oil wa* an
piled, aud It hrouffht Ihrm out entirely sound, ll truly I* on. ol I he
g>eale.t remedies for wore. I haw rear known, aad I haw Heed la
a drug .tor. fur nevrral year*. Cat this aa you think proper
_* _ J. *. Wl&lon.
To Memr*. Dora A Co.
„_ _ ^ _ „ Cmaiaariaam April ISUi, list
'•■wa*. Don A Oh : - Having uard your Turf OH, and Boding It
10 be such a fine medlrlne, I think ll dha lo you that y..u *h..uld
know of It. My daughter, about two year* ago, fell on thoroek-r of
a chair and bruised her thigh eery mneh ; H win assumed the form
of a boll, and became very -ore. I load It lanced by a physician but
that did aol relieve II; It became a running *ore, and continued to
for nearly two years. I tried erery rue.Ik-in- 1 could bear of with
no effect, until I wn Indued to try a bottle ol your Turf Oil after
uelng one bottle and a half It wa* entirely healed. I haw Unce ua*|
11 for other aore. and found the aas»e honeflt. You are al liberty u,
""mass 11,0<* Proper. A. H. CHALK1.Y
—Chapman a Nwe.ly Cura fur Diarrheas and Dysentery
D ...iwrlor to mythmg In uw for Urn, affection. It write*
root of the dl*ea*e, eradicating II with a certainly uudualld Its
•in*rr«* I* «*» great that wr rati warrant a cart* or rto fwiv hln la
cu. For tale, whvletaio an«l retail. by
. . gum W. 0. BATTAILE, Sole Aiani,
1>ru« Chemical Store, corner 4th and Broad *r~-t,
JSS____ Richmond. V%.
_ 7?TJ< E*r"<^r wltl ««» Friday 4th
■^^255^ July, Notr*. Draft*, 4c., falling dun on that day, will
Islrasr l*r >ttended to on Thurday, 3d.
|y«—ft__ R. ff. MATRV A CO.
GF '®*K1aV1IR ha* removed hi* FurntturvKalab
HrSrtWi.I *i? ¥??*£*"* *»**—*** Warworn ut.der
CO KIN rill AN HALL, M«ln Wreet, abov. the Hank a. and ha«i&
operation all the appliance* incident to au ext«nat%-r buiaip«i.
NOTICIIb—To the laadlr* and Oenilrmeu of Rtefv
(\tuntry t/rmrra//y. All I have «•• *a>
to my eu'tntner*, friend*, and the Public feng-eally, |*: | ca J
nt»w furuUn lasln^ and xvtitU tu< u with Bo<>t*, Si„^ and U«lter«
, ' T . . "r,r; * "ssutrrsiirirr oi mj own
manufacture, or of the best bool* and shoes manufactured > r1.1. is
ly for me In Pails, by the premium Boot maker of Prance, uhai is
Melees of Paris.) so Dial all In wanl of Bools and Shoes of superior
<iualtty, such as cannot l»e purchased els.-wliere call al
u . - .. . ALEX. HILL'!*,
Manufacturer ami Importer of Ladles' and Gentlemen's French
Je« Boots,and Shoes, No. 1*7 Main su Richmond. l a
now In store a complete assortment of GENT'S pirn.
NlelllNli GOGHS, u, which I invite the stlcollon of gentlemen
l*eln* assured that In point of beauty and style they ntssm hr sur'
pataed. My assortment of liauie, Thread, Silk and Marino Under
Dress Is unprecedented as recards nusritl'.y and quality
H HI RTS, of every style aod quality. made in the bi*t n^nn re.
• i»«lriprr**lv for toy **le«. Ho*.in* of every v*r irty, rva.ly to out
in ahlrU, with a large and varied *»«mlm*tit of everything |h rt*!r».
ing lo toy burineiui. W. f OWKNH.
_ . _ Opgoaiu Arne-lean Uot«L
NOTICE*—Having l»een appointed Agent* far t>»
PVdS, •*»* Uie celebrated Spool C..lt«.»» M^nu»a- tufvd b»
Mra«r». John Dick A Suns, Glasgow, we shall be RU|q>lWd at all
lime* with a full assortment dlreet from the Manuf«<lursrw, tor **!•
at the low**t New York prices. W# can guaranlo* thu CbMon to he
fully equal in quality to any manufactured, aud with confidence r*
<* mmend It to the trade. * 1
-.**'**_‘ KRNT PAIN* A 00., Agent*.
sire U» say to their ew* turner* and the public, that
they arelu receipt of a Very great variety ot miv and aa
me of the II•’Upc will he In market most ..f the Sea* .a, buyer* toa*
brx<t!?Unfd ,,f lh* m‘,*‘ DKSIRABLk STYLKB at all time.
A complete aaa«»rtmrtit of Pamlly Linen*. Colton* an.I Per
hU« Mar. h H
XW INOs—For aale by 4. MORRIS.
s. , w _, „ 91 Main »tr*«i
Cooper's If aval HUtory.
Hi.tnry of the Navy of the Tolled Plates of America, abridged m
•me volume, from the Octavo edition, hy J. fentinars Cooper con
tinued to lS"4
Western A fries i Its History, Condition, And Proaueou l„ u,.
J. Leighton Wilson ' ’
Alu1*i*B»rf <<Ur' lB *ur"tw' w,lh A prwfAcg by Sir Archibald
Walker's Expedition to Nlcgrsgus; * History of th« Central Amrrt.
CAI1 War; And lhr Honor* And Kinney KiprdltWns. Msp of Centra.
America And Poriralt of General Walker. 1
I J1* £t^*cb* • or ^A'11 8,lck ,0 England, hy Ihr Author of the "Old
John I Ultras, Grnllrmsn, by thr Author of "Olive" Ac
Books mu ki mmeh hlauimT
r Hrrtlm, by Frederlka Brrmrr, Uanslvted hy Mary Howltt —
The PpAirowgrasa Papers, or Living In tlic Country hr t 3 Coa.
arns. V IAS). 7
Brrrnlcr—A Novel. 1 (gl.
.^.T1'CrD?U?.S,‘*l,'»ur, A Pamlly Chronicle; hy tbs au
thor of the llrlr of Redcliffc, Ac 3 volt; paper I no cloth 1 60
I PblllE *nd Klt. Of Life and Raiment; hy Caroline Ch»»,boro —
<, V‘\ no”** p*Pf r*—Irish Echoes; hy John Brougham lllustra
* P7"2 ^AArdJ, and oiler Talcai by Grace Greenwood. 1 On
Abide Knot and Other Knots ; by ' Kallnka “ 1 volume. 1*6
Mnnahle A Tale: hy Washington Alston Jflc
.0^1^“?;^°? ir‘-*ud * rr“,k-'-mi
The New Age of Gold, or the Ufa and Adventure! of Robert Ro
ineinr. I *.».
Morton: 0 Novel; hy Francis Parkmau author of lilslorv
of the Conspiracy of Pontiac. 1*6 mwunj
Mr^Dnnmni** 7m"' Con,OK'B P»,h*: A writ* of American Tala., by
D^rlm!? A^'Tii * N°"1’bT Mr* U“bb,lrk' Anihor af May and
‘,J‘ln»»?ndtb-belntael,cGona from Us
writing*, by A. huycklmk 1 aft.
Miulsni PfriSw1* .Second Journey Round the World 1 9fl
K oT^Zuir Ml<l WUh of hit PUy*. by
T».e Wife's Trials; by Miss Pardo*. fi*»c
*frlr»:ll* "Glory, Condition and Prospect., hy Rg, J
WJJwm, Eighteen yean a Missionary In Africa, with Engraving*
Me^Alhson, BarT—Vmi'" Purop'‘ With a Prefvm By Mr AnM
Tl.r Attache, or tan Flick In Kngtand taper M>. ctalh TB.
lien Walker s Expedition to Nicaragua. A History of ths Central
American War- with a Hap of Central Ano-r k-i and a Memoir of
Oeneral Walker hj W. V. Wells flo.
John lUllfag, Gentleman Ry the Author of “The Head of Um
Family," 4c 64. For Rale by
THAVI'.Im—Instructfre stories of Domestic
Lift*. Literary and Religious lilografd.les, Llterafy Kssaya
and Criticism* lullnlde for Summer Reading, may he obtained at
__ ... „ . PRICE 4 CARDOZOM
CJheeeer's lectures on Cowj.fr 1 00.
Lawrence's Lives oftha British Historians. 2 50.
II II Wanace's l.iterarv Criticisms. 1 2ft
Hopkins' Tooth if the 0»d Dominion. 1 00
Melster Karl's strange Sketch Book. 1 *f..
Dr. Dorr's Notes of Eastern Travrl. 1 fft
Memoir of Ref. Sydney Smith, 2 vols. 9 00
Tlir EnglUhm tn In Ku««ia. 1 2ft.
Collier's New Memoir of Wm Wllberforre. 7ft
New *Jcmotr <* B[*l»o|» lleher, by a clergyman. 1 00
Life of Captain Hear*. 7ft
The ChrMlan Soldier of Sebastopol fft
Tale, from Kngtl.h lllatory- Afrfe Knoll and other Knot. «n„.
ro»gr».a Papera-Feeond Marriage, Ac Ae , at P
- J . - - ._OppnnM. American Hold.
l>'tah"V~nV, na^V". CITCMBWS.-W... Pitch
"ad ttJmT,^T~ ^ T® * nr 4 '"A .tom that bar.
T** ‘r™ "V I»»r rlrcn genera) aaWafactlmi. It I. nn artlcla
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" • reafttimciid I iho* ,hak *n want of anch an article to
* tmallpiece of Ic* Mr a longtime Knrit.l. tt
Ohma More »t **
>rU _ St'I.KLtT A CO.. 1ST Main .1.
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'Inin ■'reel, I. large, an,| contain, nior. varied than la imially In
! 'r,«l'„c.| In one t OATF. PANTH and Visny, mad, from
; mod rerry style of f)..nd* intrnftuoetl for men's wear. We invite
1 !«■ aitont£'a of partM »l.M"#grnteel drc. a. acnnmlc.l c,'",
MRttFHONO A TUPMAN, 110 Main >t .
_ __*”2* 'bo*1- Mitcbcll A Tyler
WK bare on band a large araorunenl of (loM Moor. Can,r*
liira, yiorentlnr and Plain (told Flarvr BITTTONF and
-I". All the,. In .Ill Bnd It to their tatataMtaVt.mil.
«w r stock before pore basing.
. _ MrKM * JANKli. M„. TS* Man at,
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f"_“bfe of the f'leat I'd. of Wiltv and Colcre.l thirl, rrer
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picaae. A lit warrant'd at lit Main at.
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COA, both admirable article. c.f diet for tha alck and eoora
learent. for .ale a, K ATTAII.KF f>,og .ndo£JSl2? '
Alao, Ot.eg,, Com March, for Pnd.llnga. Ae ’ *** n,J2|A
M|V*ra^i^rI.?,byM,rtt *m°
ltvll'^,s,-m| « sms 11 lot of T^ry superior iwns \ loiina
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