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L®* *•*•»■.** p» «■■«; |fc WmUt, M linn
J* • '*»«><'*■ Remittance* may be made at urn HA of the PohAAera
whmm •TkWoot u oo the degeafc of a letter A the
[Post Office containing money.
L iprnmvo.
Oae Square, III) ltnee) or Wee, one Inaertloa. 75
teeh additional Inaeetioii . «l
One month without alteration ..ft 95
Three do do .;.19 90
5* 4° d° .») on
Twelve do do .85 Ml
Two 5q ware*. Three month# ..I....19 0»>
All month*..95 90
Twelve month* . .!•$ #0
I*1 **» advertisement to he considered hv the month or year an
le*« vpeeffirtl on the Manuscript, or prevlooslv agreed wpon between
the parties.
An *1 vert (semenI eel marked the copy for ft *pectiled number
of insertion* will he continued until ordered out, and payment react •
ed accordingly
Reot*L4« AovreymBtiRWm —To avoid any misunderstanding
en thr pert of the Annual Advertisers, It Is proper to state (fMied/y,
that theU privileges only extend* to their immediate business. Real
R*t«tr. Legal ami eU other Advertisements sent by them to he an ad
dittoes! rh4rg.. and na variation.
0T Real Relate aud General Arrets' AdvrrtWe—at* not to he «%.
•erte I by the year, but to he charged at the newel rales, subject to
mtflhdlsrourat- a« sltaU he agreed upon.
iP* Auctioneer*, Bookseller* and yearly advertiser*, generally,
engageay one oi rooic «ouarv*, with the privilege sf change, shall not.
«a ihe.r yearly avrragv. In any one week. Insert more than the amount
a«n-H upon a* the sundlng rule under the contract, and all exceed
Ing >i*ch tmount to he charged at the usual rate*
Advertisements Inverted In the Vmi Weekly Whig at 75 renU per
•quare „f M Itinr l**v for the Aral insertion, and 5U rents per
Square for evch continuance.
*’ a 1.1: ■> it a it row ih.iu.
Jni . i 11 «i s « :7~
* Ti «| * in n 19
1.1 14 16 14 i; 11 19
*u 9i 9i n u i» it
*J 91 99 *> 31
ABOV9T '..II. 19
» 4' 1| 4 7 * »
19 11 19,14 14 16 1C
1* l« 19 9.1 91 99 9.4
91 » 94 *7 9* 9* 1*1
*■«■«.»«« 1 9 3 4 .1 t
7 « » 1. M 19 1.1
U 1.1 14 17 l« 19 9..
91 11 HI 14 91 It
91 99 Si.
4 1 (Virata .1 9,4
»,l" 11 I? 6 4 7 1 9 111 11
I4.llll8 19 19 13 14 IS 14 17 IK
93 91 91 9.1 19 ?.l 91 It 93 94 91
*' 94 97 91 99 Mil 31
•zi i S'lHi!"*™" -ii .'-J i
Ill Is IS 14 ts 1* IJ V in nit 1R H 16
ji« i» ***i * w*« ' l* H is i»»nti «
ir> jn.ti it. w %> *i ti *4 *6 *4 t; *. **
i AO j 1
J»s« • 11 *, 4 4 6' 4 7 Damn i' *■ 4, 4 6 4
•< t in 11 it in 11 ; » y m n iy i*
16 14,11 IS 19 »l tl u 16 14 17 is ]y m
»!»Vt4*6*«|»S llH0t4iM4 17
*y *il..l.,.|| ystyunni,.
f tltlt' Mt Pl.AftTKH.-Wr toy r.m.untly no hand
MJff fresh Ground Planter, ami our rare In Ihr •elections from the
beat Windsor l.nmp Planter enabl<n n« to recommend it a« the beet
that ran l»e had. All order* left at our nB»e «n Cary street. prompt
\y executed. TALIAFERRO A BRO.
N. II Farmer* ran be eupplied In tl»elr own bag*, at a reduction
1 »t 11•, f».r cash JaJT
VUHxmmrn** to vkhj Dana.)
Wall street, urultr St. Cl\art**
Rrrnuimtt, Va.
devote his wind* att4 ntton to the Rale and Hiring of Ne
▼ ▼ fr4H-*, Real K*tatr, Ac., publicly and privately.
^slr* «aO*fact4.ry or no « hargr tuade.
HF* Hr ha* a convenient place for keeping slaves.
The nhaerlber respectfully Inform* his friends that hr ha* dtsron
tinned the auction huaiuea*. and having rented ha office to Mr. J. B.
Har/r. ce, take* pleasure *u recoR.ni.-nvllng his former customer* to
five him a call. BKNJ. DAVIS.
Julv 81
» ITIF!H M UII.4 Uim \ N II f.|. \ss.
SPKI\^. IHftC 8
FI VIE sabMriber nlsrs h»r »a1r a very heavy stock of A*irfA«*n
M. »/vire, Cki<sa and Ola**, Looting Obi****, (Vfsferf, .
a n't /*m *v ftanfa, of recent importation, and from A u,tu>n Trad*
To cash buyer* and prompt six montlis payers. Inducements will
he held out hilly equal to any that may b« offered North or else
wU*r- WH. F. BL’TLRR,
Iwp«»rter of China. A, . 79 Main street.
Kl< IIMOMi LOOK IX.-t.l,\A> AND P||>
FRAM K. PROPRIETOR, would call attention to his
•"I • line st4*ck of Material* and Frames now on hand
TMC OVAL FRA MU which he ta now manufacturing, are suj*e
rlor *4» any thing of the kind ever offered in tld* market.
Hie following comprises a portion of alork on hand, which he will
work to order, or dUpowe of to the trade .
Plnln and Ornament al|Qilt Frames
Mahogany. Rosewood and Walnut Frame*
Gilt. Rnaevood, Mahogany and Walnut O. G., Bevll and Plain
Tollrt Boxes, Awing Gla««e*. Ac
Looking-Glass Plate* and Picture Glass
Rsrb^tuff. for Franur*
Cord a^id Tasael*. of all descriptions
Car and Room Mouldings, and Rosettes for builders.
Obi work R* gilt, Painting* Vsr- ished, Ac.
Merchants* Cards framed at wholesales price*.
All orders will receive prompt attention.
M FRANCK. Fin Broad street,
_ »**>- dtf _ Richmond. Va.
\TLT K *re now receiving our Spring, FIT PPL Y OF • GOODS, con
v v slating In (kart of the fidlowlng article*.
f>0 hbl* Cm si ied and Pulverised Sugar
5«l do 0. Yellow do
94 hhds. New Orleaus do
11A Dags Rio, Laguyra and Java Coffee
10U Boxes Brown and Black Moap
ISO Boxes Adamantine Candles
19 hhtl*. Bacon Side*. SbouMrrs and Hams
50 Regs superior Carb and Aal Aoda
A5 hbl* New Orleans Mnla«*e*
100 bMs Mountain Dew Whisky
M5 do, Old Rye, Various Brand*
10 do Kerr’s Aummerdean do.
50 Mil 4. and 50 ^ Casks Imitatloo Brandy
900 Hacks Salt, Ashton and Marshall
30 K»gs Pomgranatr Tobacco
!! 50 Boxes Ground Coffee
50 Packages Green and Block Teas
ALIO—Vinry.r, Prpprr, A11.pier, Wrapping Paper, T«M Pn»
drra, Broom*, buckrtt., Holland dm. Pcacl. .ud Appl. Brandy.
Mr*- Mlllrr PI or Cut Smoking Tnbocco, Salt Prtrr. and many oihrr
artklaa loo trdlou« to mention In on adrrrtlarmrnt
_ KATCLirr a nopoua
SI it! MRH UI'.Atf VI lll.kl l .
■74ROM hla Dtatillrrlra in Align .to ounly. the aiib*r-rlhrr trill nil
I ■ urd-ra, In any quantltlra, and for any part of tl.r t'nlird Stair.,
for thl. rrirkralrd WHISKfY, It wa. aoanl-d a *uurr ci .an
aurtnlll at thr Pair of Ihr Mm hanlca' Inalltnlr. In Richmond kin
vcmnsr iwt Tl»i* btquor is intendc^or family and medicinal uw.
and for the best Hotel*. It may be ordered of any age from two to
flv# year*. Order* through the mail* promptly attended to. Ad*
4r*«* .. • WILLIAM KKKK,
*** 11 * SUuntan, Ta
Hv» r* f iw pro v i:» fatknt u hkat
I’SIM. The performance of thl* Prill »he |**t *e»-on wa« en
WrHy *atl*fa< t*.« j . and It wa* *pokrn of in term* of high commendation
by those Wbo nerd St, I therefore feel warranted In recommending It
a* Inferior to none hitherto Invented It I* •implr In lu construe•
tion, durable, arid not liable to get ont of order, and th# |»rlr# of It
than of wet other drill* Thoae who may he In want the com
ing season, are rooperthilly reqwWted to forward their order* early to
avoid disappointment H HM.PWIN,
w 148 Main *4r#d.
A WRIIM % n siii uis. Flail rs Shears, Trim
die* fteiMorv, Ac , of If Wendt** celebrated make, warranted
H» quality, tr» new and Improved pattern*, and the only complete a*
•orln.cnt made, for aale by fPWABD COPININO A OO.,
81 John ft rest, New Tort.
Agent* f«.r II WmM
VOTICK. The vuharr'ber having on the Iftth of March laol
^ * pwr«* baaed the lta*ine«a an long and favorably carried on by
Mr. William Sooth, he would respectfully aollcll a continuance of the
patronage formerly extended to him, and would a»*n call the alien
IWm of the public In general |o a large and well selected stock of
flood* In hto line, recently purchased and added to the original flock,
ah of which will he *«td i.o tlie mod reasonable term*
WM. A WAl.Tnu*.
Uphcliterer and Taper Hanger,
No 14*> Main «tro#t, corner of l ith
N. S Mi w,ui»a Roots will alway* be found al the old *«a.>d,
and won Id solicit a con tin nance of the patmnage of all hi* forrver
•«*ton.*r* to the new CWfMWTB. apl8
I* ^ F. mil. A* the *c*«on for selling the largest portion*!
Spring floods la considerably advanced, we have reduced ^
FJJ** •* of our Dree* and other fancy tlond*, and ,r„
vlte th# a’(onflow of purchaser* parttrnlatly In—
rln# and low priced Sarege (Maine*
ra»H*y Aliks, Rernanes and Sarege*
lawns, Organdie* and Srllliantm
Kngtisb, french and American Calloo#*, every fr*d*
(3ottonades, Denim* and Osnabnrg*
ISt m mcr noth*, Cass i m»r*s and Test logs
IJttew Coating* and fant Pin*
Slew chert and Brown fth##tlngs and Shirting*
Table Idnen and Idnen Sheeting*
Slhhona, fnthrolderle*, Hosiery, Otnves Ac |r
VAI.BNT1NR A tim, 9* ttr..t, .
“__ **IIWl Aqii.r.
AI.P*C< * t OAT*."*. ha»» on haw! a la...
">««" nf AI|»«.-.» Coal, of all rratl.t and prl'.. fo/haromin.
-all at 1*0 lit Molu ttr.»i w *rr"n
*£* wrrcmant. WBTATflm * co
Will ■ I Ml H I I VI *t.—W, --- ,
IM of BVnr.d NH* Tort., wMrh v. would r.ll lh. attention
«r ail in van' MARCH ANT, wriHIORII 4 OO
. Ill Mam
M4RA>:il,l.«a vrsTN.—l/wn Mtr~m». Tm,, m
IT'. T,,W» of «jl* and oo.lllr and *Moh v. ^
*»•*■*» w>»« miMt id..*. Krrv, m f.nwiw * on
MU I IM III m,|:aa, Th. MWIo, Mvaaa. Wf.io
lor* rondnriM ood.-r U>. Arm of H. T 4 B. A. Taliaferro
a« oor Covr Mill., vi|| in Mar. ha aMn.f.1 hy at
Oa*. eorn.r of Cary and I lilt alrr.it
r '* ’* f>nn>ov. movocbb 4 00
fr* - -__ZIMMKRMAM _
CJRK55.1WSaV"**' ""•’* *M ,Vh,W4
-Pi___ n MM BUM AN
O—a* tha Ml. avd land.
..* yxStersaStn*
terra*.-* n*
>#• B R IB INBIB *00, Be. •• Mala al.
p*om a. m rrmwoiu. a oo** (iwaruru iimrii
afeul* «*f Marly all Um Siag »|iu
“< ^m4m- Mm, 111 Nassau atewyt,
*" Tart, and In aula Mrwrt. km ..
OppnalM Um Park, oByr at Wholesale. an lama, alock of
CLOTHING, of all klu<L.
j*l»—d»«tP I “ CALL AND SEE.”
_ TWO aoooa rami Bauaowar, Ngw Tone.
PMTWE uodcrilgned. pruprtatora of thl. Ratabtlshmoot. hato for
■ 1 Uo« N•♦(!>« aMlor partner of the Orm. N. tl.au KarreM,
fcrST ysara.) been proaacutiug UMtr bualaeaa al fO.it*> /tUimt —
Ttacy nay* apared no mSartw or txpenae, eapeclally In the Inal few
yraea. lo aacell In aU Um branch*, uf their art, and hay* Ian aa*.
ccyaAtll la attaining a high degree of Improvement, oa wall in the
machinery and ipaarataa fur dreysing d.Errent .lyl*. of goods, aa la
practical artlaur Atll lo .tyclug and flnttolag Ladle. Nllka. Satin
Merino Drum, great Iropmet menu hare lean made In a
largs proportion uf laaya, thee* arUrlns are made, to Color and ta
tah, refy nearly «uual In appearance to new good. Crape Shawl.,
®°*V> ***"!'“••• 'rl»>d GanneMa, Ar., ary also eery •oeeeaatally
treated Paded and Stalnyd enuda restored or re-dyed.
Lace and Muslin Curtains, C*n-et». Ruga and Table Com* Clean
*M A Rraiilahrd. Damask and Moreen Curtain. Beautifully Dyed.
AJao. Rlhona. Ilwalrry, Glote*, Sr.
Order, rerouted with rare and de.palrb.
Gouda teeriyad and rrturasd by Eaprsas.
Good, kept Mibwct lo the claim of lb* owner. Iwclrr month*
..— * Jo*“ SWL,* d<or.iron. Broadway,N. V.
-As1* w~in_- y_*r__
14* lentra street, New York,
AyR. Pipe*. I Utlog., Toola, and esary .lasyrlpima of apparatus
connected with Steam, Water or Oaa. tar heating and lighting
Steamer.. Cbarrhe., Hotel., Private Dwelling,, Hoapltah Village.
Paetor.e. and Hall. ’
*}•'* -Valrea, Cocks, pump., Ouagea, Boiler, and Boiler Plue.
made lo order.
Our B*rew Cutt'ug Marl,me. are eotlrrlrnew.atidoui own Pai.nl
warr «nl*d to do double Ote work of any other Invention.
Order* .oliriied from all^n-th.n* of the ronniry, and prompUy at
!±__ _ialL-IynPl
t . mi t w s a j i s i p,
man ttnuisre .at, soil**,, warn niMra' aou. wye.
Importer, and Dealer, in Masufacturery* Ankle*,
Jf. H Agent, for U» lb* • Woodnid aod Bear I, Iron Works • Steam
Engine. and Ko.ler.
_*•!“,Ktr5f*,y* “S-0, r *» t'otk for 'Inwall Machine Mhop'
MachlnM*' T ula__ -ly(p.|
' dip [P| ft* Prom .treat, ar t Mu Broadway, N T.
H'VCe1lr'e".ktm ''t.IN" *>P HOOD. BAT
* ^ TM*1.F A CO , Hofrptipr Mw,, pAlnitsU bjr Rl«i i«,,Wr j,
Vpteri.le-r liuh, lt.4* Them Mu blur, are warranted,,will, prop, r
w,l not to ret out of repair They are biult In a good, substantial
and a. rkmanj'kr manner, and will do Tailor.,' Bt.orinai.or.'and
Saddler, work, in a manner warranted to give rottafarUoi, The
stlleh will nul rip any more than rommoi, sewing done by
Onll and to, them In operation at l«n UHEBNIT SuVet, PhlUdefohla!
op «to,r«. W A. DAWHON. Agent. '
It. T. \t II.1.1 % 1|N
CJ FNFRM. Ail t NT for ReeriTing anil Forwarding Matiafartured
* T-hacm, Good., Ac., Ac., NaAIanitiu aur, Rit-uw-sn, V..,
ten Ii-rtp Ui return hi* Mincer** thank* to III* friend* and the iMihlic'
for the eery liberal |*trnnage h.*«tr.«.-d or him during hi* t»u*tiie^
coiiriei tloiiR wuh Hooker A Watkin*, of till* p|t» *„d re*
•pectnilly *olicit• A continuance to hi* new »ou*r. In thu* annear
liig »ui the theatre of t>u*incft» alone. I do ... with full confidence n
M 'r «'n~* qualification* Uiat the intere«t of con*lrhe*** will l«e
laitlir »i|y rrpre.Mrtited.
Ubrnl ca«b advance. m»<lr on conalgnuirnla of product- lu
Kki ku tn : Me-r. lamb Wrbli A Hon, Wad.worth, Turner A Co
»nrt John I looker, Kaq, Richmond; John M III. j. K»q , Chi.wrli
Dsbnoy, ►•«q , Me..r< Prior., Horn, e A Co., and Hwn. McCorkle A
Jon,.,I.ynchbnrg, Va. ja*A—If
THE KITlktCRltiKR having filled op a rail of room. In elegant
.tylr. at < ortnlhlao Mali, I. now prepared to wall oti ttir t,ol.
Jurni<h them will, superior pleturra, at moderate price.
- ™ Ambrolypr, briny hermetically .. aid between two plate-of
T'»htch not only secure., b it gild -
and lieauttAr. lb. I.nprmv-iun.) I. proof again.: action of waler ,.r
variation* of climate in long *«a tot age*, and t* the
only kind of picture that wilt remain unchanged by time They cm
he takan from the alar of ft,11 Ilf, t„ ,h, .m.iL, miniature, and "
,'“*r"T ,b* "mr.n' Dngii-rrv.dype. They are not rr'rrnwd.
can be w-rii in any light a. «n engraving , h,nc, arc very suitable
for Pin., Inckrts, an l large Frame-. is w-ll a- Chin. ’
"f tb- Ambrotypra, har gltcn rise to much
Impudtion Counterfeit, upon gla«, covered with black yarn Mi.
are often .old for Amhr .typ. -. N..ne are geuuin, without the pat
ent .tamp Ttw pul,lie atr melted to call and examine specimen, al
the AMBairycx lliuuf, Ouatimtux Hill, Maiu .treet,between *tb
KDil ItHh p v niHRM
Rictitnoud, January 24, 1856.
1 • Tl Al. I.ll F. >Vil R.ltK'E COtlP.tW,
A*m al rtatemeut or riir %rt aiiin
OF T.IF MLTCAL LIFE l.Ncl KANCF ."Spanv or nfw
l ukK, for the year ending January hist, IH»« :
A.-et. on hand Jan Mm, INSa, aa per statement. tS.8SO,(l77 ftC
Drdud for amount anticipated In la.l iutn.nl from
Agent* and for interest accrued and not due, 115,330 19
Net asset* on hand Jan. 81,1855, 89,784^; ; 17
_ aacorr* nramo ths vkas
For premium* *nd polirte*. 699.71? 06
For Interest and annuities, 181,197 20
- Wo ,916 35
ToUl- *»,Cl.\6tU 73
_ . . wsariusuxxTii.
Paid claims by death, *39«.C99 99
ls»d addition* U» *ame. being dividends, 16,(MS 47
Paid surrendered policies, reduction of
premium and annuities. 42,838 62
P*k1 rent, medical examinations, salarie*.
office rxp*n*e* and advertt*tng,exrhange,
poemgr and foreign State and city uses, 58.868 87
Commissions, 98,999 99
-*— 487.629 44
83,178,034 93
_ . AKsrrjt.
Ca^ oo baod and in bank, |I7,A47 85
Bond* *nd mortgage* on real estate, worth
doutde the am«>nnt U.aued, .8,041,283 26
Bill* receivable and Fire Insurance, 2.948 28
Amount deposited for taxes, 4.176 88
fhie from agent* In course of tran*mU*ion, 8V..M8 56
„ . —-— $3,173,034 *s
J. ALaarf, Heerau,,. F’ " W,J,8T0N
O. F. Bate it having been appointed Attorney for the Plate of Vlr
g nla, and Agent In the city of Richmond for thi. romiwnT. will t*
*° E’er any Information upon the subject dr.lrrd
OIBce atthe ln.uran.-e Co. Valley of Va.. till. Mr ret, 3.1 door from
the Pott Other n > HRMCR
Dr. Jtxp B. McCaw, Medical Examiner.
The undersigned haring ebarge of the above bualneaa will be
pfesaod to an.wrr any rnqulrlr. upon the Mibjrct, or attend tw any
miriness entrusted to him. *
J«17—Im TII08. L. D. WALFORP.
\I,|tD:H^,o;l7!’^?n,,!!,.'', KA:,<'K COTIHAMV OF
M.^7.RICHMOND —Thl. Company I. now prepared to Issue Firr
ficVs 9 lnmirmnr* Polish* on •« reasonable Urm* us other good of
and* paid ** ,<>#*"* Wil1,,n *" e-nmptly sod fairly ailyuated
N«i chargs for ths Policy In any ca»e
fo‘* ^ PWn*’ on *** ^ of 1*th »t. n8»r Main up
W«. D. ChrUtian, Wm. Br^len.
John FurcHI, Thoma- R Prk*#.
HiT9*"' •»•*. Thomat, Jr ,
4fl,*l#T• John Currt#, Jr.t
Au|. Aodmoii, Ja* Dunlop,
Jm L. Jpiwr.cn, Won M. IfataJI,
B lloaih, John D Q.t.r lr«.
■SSPJrty* Ihirid J. Burr,
. d?**^'*- IJirkln W (IlMHirnnii,
lwwK D_ Omahaw D. Von Oronlnf,
Ji»«^pb R An4»-r»on, Rmannrl Miller,
John O. Blnfnn, Ed |( Bklnkar.
Franklin Btoarn*
j h mmmm, m a nowAwa *•**£
III >»<»«» & POHTKR,
< brace fdnrernor and front Hu Strrrln,
FF*-g_ Bnt.mortnw.1 of .uperh JWn««rt ,Akh.
edTTmd|lSTrkJol^i .hlrlI M" Mw“ *M*u»lon of th* public
hTL!57Biii . • 9u*hij an*t>rpamor| by any maun
^ 'h“ ".—»>■ *»I»R pc»MW-«l nwehanlc thcmmlrea. and
Airing direct and pe-onal mper . Lion to all the detail, of ll..|r
”vr%r£zL£r$z*m*r - M-mdk,.n,
.. W^Th*r gt»* -penal an*nll.n lo Vnd*rt<UNmy. and hold
ll££.J.!lV*.*irHt?li *• ** •** honrr.aod at aborted nolle*, »o prorlde
hacha^A*'or , Coign,,with >l,r ii,li,||e*rr and
P A. On* or Ino rarnl.her, and poll<h*r* want*.) to whom n*r
man*m -topic, mem will h* glrm, II ,mmed|*te applleallonl,
(MR— removed lo the Mo** ofChrLt.at, A Uihrop, So. 99 Main
-In ron*. (|uertee of the real,riatmn of Hand R . Crane Wm H
CTirlMlan wa. uri.olmoo.l* elected Cartier The o«— ha* been re
mowed to the More of Chrldlan A Lathrop, where 'lepoatt, will he
r*e*(r*d, nn which an Inter** nf A per cent, will he paid on all m*
rtorier'pertod *1>n—1 *** — longer, and Arr per cent for a
IrtmT-d airri^rmS aHMi ^***)n. >»>*ane* tw*nt*-*tght —or.. hat
"iapende.1 d-M , ha*
n***r lo* on* dnllar, nr failed lo par an* r—tIBcat* when dn*.
/OHM rifOMPAOM. fr**ld*hl,
... .. , WM N.CimifmAR. Cartier,
| ■"■♦-dly_fflrnn w. r«y, a—-tar*
NK W "TfH K. ^o-lred Ihl* morning a large *np l~g
pi* nf Odd and Wecr Watch,, which In addition Io VS
urn Aloe* peer too*!* on hand, c.mprlm. on. of lb* large* AIM
and he* .norm.. <.Arr*.1 to the irade In Ihl* market F . n.
In warn of Watch— cannot fall In being mHedfrmn owr a—ortm—
»* w* ha** them from all Ih* —lehral*l manufacture*, In hr„J
An Welch*., .old h* a* ar* war ranted .. rrprrmm^ ^
ParlLnlar allenilou paid lo repairing Bn* Watch*,, meh a. Ohm
name,era, [hipl*, l<e ver A leplne All work dnn* h* a. warranted
fhr.'WTlremonlh.. MVI AA A JAMBA, TAJ, Main Mrem
B. B.-Thn Mghr* marktt prle* paid for old All*— In cart or In
***__ HU
I fth IMIH I *.It I I H
* ■ ' t A PPMMOW
il4l ""!:!• »•! HI, tlAChlATI Will MAT,
*#y reewlwed, Avr tale bp *
■ w wiMpriiM a no
11’V' * Wor n, Rackrammon hoard.. Cl.'..men and Board.,
M-W Wot and In— Bn*r,. f„ ml* low b*
( "V' ‘. 1' * *>• r*.
aV. .YVll,*_T*» • "Qwiprwmt . An* r.rva* lo Mm from W,
haw. aim mpnr.i. p-em J While and fmid Band China Por ml. h,
*y , , . All.KI.1T A CO , 1ST Main *.
‘20 W&rZ Zt£wkm,S\*lV& fev*
i.i “"•AKn *hooM can al an—, and procor* on*
W 18<mc .»»•»
Vrl WlMBBOR A 00
Tmm “UUJN. VUffUUKE, J»il< TTwiliur Uiiuil Km
rarw Aaiutwiu Ukii, No, M bauuaiT. N«w Yuaa.
! II »■■<»». NTUITHP', iff*• * C O.. .Vo, <1 ctif m~*,
T*»rk% limaTiu in Miimmks*' Awaft*
»«rM* Wlret. Cron and <Vyatal Halo Window Glam.
Staled Olaa. for gky.light*. Green Hmwi. rtc . Ha.
Oolnre, Omamrntal. Optical and Mtcrnakopp- (Mm.
rba London and Mwithnlfr Plata Ola*. OnuYl Thick Pol.
'•*-1 Plata tor fltort Window.. Ac.. A, ^ T F
Rough Glam for floor, and Kb y light*
Attention 1. Ill and to th* ahorr aariown dnrrtpllon* of Window
Olaa. In aao for Atom. Dwelling*. and otbar parpai. TV qaallty
a! thro* .rtlataa la Inferior to no cwre*wpondlng ilorriplun, and In
■any leapeet, auwarloi Our Bbeet Gin.* wlU be found better than
the French in lla freedom from Main. Rwt. Ac.
Bailiff Aranl* for two of tha larffaal Olaa* Mann lac taraar In h
rope, wa an rnabGd to offer dealt r* and other, carry advantage In
Whoe and large atock*. Price LUta will V formatted on annlmatlon
Kowahu i*. Ilium:, («« tw.. ,»>.*,•, * r,
I wo door* writ of Hudaon Klara Railroad D-pot, ofrr* •« l*».l,
ar* and Oonmroer. hi. celebrated brand, of French Window Ola*.
—TV—l!’*' ‘, •*»«»■ wlahlne Informatlou will be tarntaha.1
wttli price* on reeelt.i of ih.lr addrona Ola* rat to any daatrd
pnMam. and pwtel free of charge aplft—lyr._[aa.]
FUK THE 1,000.0001
« . k. PA II Vr tlAMHI.I. CffSPANY,
_ OO Twtntivo PTaarr. N. Y..
. m - “• *«»«»». BrocalaUe, and all
Marhlea. This afileW, which t» a prt |mrtt «nof Marble l»u«,
chenille ally romMnad wl h mineral e.d«u». «ouU>br moulded inlu
» —r«a .... be man^J^XTrn^
than half lb* mat of the common material, while It rare!, n In dura
bility and beauty. I nllkr Marblelaed Iron and Mate, there M no
•utrace work, IV rolur running Inin lb* mnaa of the material while
no aamlah I. uxd tor** a temporary Vauty to Ui* aurfaca. ' Man
tlr« fronitd lo»«o Table Top.. Ac., equally cheap
Right* far Ibr Mimm/Urturr mil .Un/e of aVier for lb* dlffrranl
mate*, which will enure immcnar return, to thorn inter..ting ivo,
aalYea. Information fnrnlahed on application to
-. , ._ TOW IlKNNIK. Preatdam. or
down Lfww. Perratary. NPW YORK
««W ty—t«.aa»]_
^,po*7; *'*‘1 I<*r •*"»'"» CYinag^. both In Wat
■ drT Wauliqr. of four different kind*. The eottun and heron
»Wwvabut. the .ingle and .UmM* Tape Wale, Pair. P
Manufai-lund and aokl hy OLKNN PITMAN.
_ _ » Liberty «t.. New Ynrh.
Order* promptly filled for all kind* of (lun Powder of the
Utoal Appmeed brand*. tidgeN Rxhlbltlonal nrr-Work*. Mhln Wa.
nala.Ar.Ar m.lY-ly [, ,.A* |
Avii’ai.ixim.i-:i.t:mr.NTi r<* ooniumptiikj.,
ofh,Ch »tandin«, and former y a Profe,*..,- IU
or ii»e Wr«li« al luttiUitiun* of this country now retired from active
practice, who haa been suffer.tif from PAtlmnnary I»tsra»e, discover
red. while travelling tn Sooth America for t.u health. a cure for Coa
sumption. Bronchitis, Coughs. Cold', and general debility; and bring
•uflfr‘n* and dying annually from this
mo*» dreadful nf all he i« itaajrroaa, from the prUiciplea of
humanity, of making known this most valuable remedy. I t*oa the
r^Ti« Postage 8tatu|»s, or rh*n«r. he w.U .rod
a »ecei|»t With full directions for making and «<».'« #-»«fullv u«ln* it
Ihl^^L'eT1'”1' ■' '•*' ... —
Adilre,* it y 0R\ CKO It! H. M. I> ,
jell—tf (a.,Aco] ,:i-r °• “roo‘|C N- V
riR*r Pitnui M oolii mkhal piano portpp
MA.M FACTI HtKS. 84 A.\U 88 Ualker StrpH,
R^_ _ aaaa Bauanwar, hkw r<<aa,
E8PECTFITI.LV rail th* attention of th» uiiblic^yK^^
U> U.rir •{ilrnd.d amwortmerit t*r ffa int ^rr^od
aquarr P1au«»a, which, ft.r volume of lone, eljtyaF. it* ufl ! # V V(
b.uch, beauty of fluieh. and every th.ny that render, a P .no i^rfeft
arc ananrpawed Tl.ty were awarded the First Premium for both
'UTSS?"' N* W'r' Vh' flelngulalhat maker, from B.
“••JWmadciphla, New Turk and Baltlm..re.
Nk tV TUt! All'll _Uw.VM.ro Rffroro.k _
FtrwI Premium <*>« i. M«h»L lover all competitor.) at the late Pair of
^Iry^KT)1 “**• ,*UI P‘1*‘ ' • t"r PUno-Portea.
aa Maiden Lane, Yew York,
A\l I'At'TI lll'.Ks til' '| III', |v. || ■ -
Baltimore Depot, ,4.1 Pratt Street.
**•*7_B,*ton Depot, 14 Howard Street. (T. a)
AOHIF.I I'lll.n, It K <> l ■< i u s a eo.
IMPORTERS and dealers in
OruR., pAint., oila, Uye», Perfumery. He.,
Invito . ,7W WIU*X *sTKKT, AW York
■V™ the Attention °f the trade i.. tlo-lr large and varied .lock
of I>rug«, Patou,Oil*, IVrfunury. Ac., Ac.
In addition (•> their regular importation of Staple Drugs, they are
«lw> receiving, direct from the aoureea ot production and m..i,uf.t
tore, Mipidlen of Tootli, llalr and Nall Uru.to ,, llroniet. Cork. Mor
tarv, Sponge., French and Kngll.h Perfumery, lathin'. Extract. at„l
many other article, utuolly embrace.I In Druggl.t.’ .to, k., whirl
they are alao enabled to offer on the moat advantageous term.
"" bv wl" iwumpt attemton
»*A<.N AMI II ILDiv;.
ILite constantly on hand, and munujaeture to unler,
tor all uve, and of every deetrabl. .tyle and quality.
They would especially call attention to their unequalled facllltica
■UfK WHEAT, «• ’
SPICES, He., He.,
all of which they furm.h to order. In the moat approved atyle de
•ign and printing, and with quick diapatrh.
Alao Importer, and Dealer* In
and varlotu kind, of Thrrad and Twine, both Linen and Cotton, of
which We ar t inual •upplic. iyRS—1y
71 Fulton Strrrl, and 71 Bt-rkman Street. YEW YORK
■ PRINCIPAL Office. lOfi Front Street, New Yog*, Factory No*’
Continue to pr,pare the beet PharmaonthM /■t.tc/er. In uae for
«l.lng Brc^l, Bl- U.t, Tea and . 0>. r C.ke., A. They «Uo prepare
Mu.tard, Cocoa, and mnny other article, of daily nv in every fami
ly, Which they offer upon the mo»t rea»,liable term. Catalogue,
sent t« dealer* who rrque*t theia.
r>—ly(va.] R II. t J. O. ISHAM.
H. Coosa inert id vised t.. Inquire f * *r Hors MiLl* artlclf.
SI It A M pOOlM,—We beg leave to rail the
attention of all who are In want of
h ummih, Itrim
to oar beautiful assortment, vl*
Ladies' Bearer and Leghorn Rtd'ng Hat* and Flat*
lf*J*oro* Mr*^ •»xl Straw Flat* BOj Bloomer*
Children i Straw (foods, of every variety
Boy.' and youth.’ Leghorn and Braid Hat.
Ih> do Straw Cap*
t... ‘ Panama, Senate and Hiawatha Hat. and
UM, hutnot lea.t, tho,» beautiful India Hat., which for nealnee.
cannot tie excelled.
Wat?i5lSmilar*r. M*Vfi®rnl ®f Ooo4\9 for servants, such as
Palm I^af, Msnntain Leghorn aftd the noted Shanghai Straw Hat,
to whkh wt moit respectfully rail the attention of our friend* and
visitor* to the rlly. RINFORl), DICKINSON 4 WR1SIGFR
Chartered by the Legi'lat'ire of Virginia Dec. 17th, I8S3.
rpinS .SPTITCTION reeelre. .lepnait, on which infarxt It paid
.1.—.V.Lr . "* prr ctnl prf ^ remaining on deposit
•la month*, and A** per rent far *hnrter nrrin.1.
O. PAISI!, President,
ORO. J. SI'HSKR,Hccrrtarr,
HKNRV W QU A Rl.RP, Treasurer.
Wm. O. Paine, of the firm ol Kent, Paine a Co.,
Jam*, L. Apperw.n, .. A Apperimn.
*"«• Anderwin. “ « " A Aoderwvn A On ,
■ Barknlale, " M “ Barkadale, Morsll A C.w,
HlhLrT,,SrWL*’ “ “ *"n' Baldwin A Co.,
Bnhrrl T Brn.kr,
***;" WM**—, " - “ Olwietlau A Lalhrop,
dm M r.iaihanta,
ino. boolej,
’• " " “ fllnter A Aire,,
K. B
. .Christian A Lathiop,
* 'V't/'ru.hr, .8 MeOriadn •« Son”
■amwal M. Prlre, ..TV. R Prior A Co ,
Hewer W Quarlew, *
Joo. P Roberta, •• “ “ Am.it. A Robert*.
Om. J. laafr.
ino. C. Hrhihr,
* T *<*•". . .Bloke# A Co.
'^Z *',h' *<'>r' •>* Hone* W. Onarlea. No |fl Pearl .Iren,
Blchux.n.l, Va ^*
HAS now on hand, and oiler* for tale on liberal lerma, the moat
farhlonahl*, l»r#t madr unit t-hraprai a*«ortmrnt of
HEADY hams riomisn
iirmniES** n iiviMmu «*oon«
fa hr found In thr rltr. rmhrartnf rrrry apprnrrd rtylr ami quality.
a yr “ft from th<* rno^ pat tarn* of fr-orh.
■Mfkft tod flrnrnn ♦*e*j%evw*yfiona
J'rH* ftVuhlnr arr inrlfrd to rail and rvamtnr
hNrtnrk _ap|7_
Tfff anharrfhrra ronld inform thr rahlnrf mannfartnrrr#, piano
fortr maker*, and nth*™ of *hu rtty and rVlnUy, that fhry
narr oprord a yard with •ulu.htr huttdlnfra. a! So. *7<» Waahtngion
Pfrrrt. In fhr rt*y of Ne* York where fiery harr on hand ahirgr
ami fpff jtipTrlftr atorh of thr ftnrat wood to hr found In thr I’mird
•Utra. Wr offer
I.Vi.imn (v ftm« ami niratnr rowword rrnrrr*
a’!^I! 2 d«. molflr»l mahogany rmrrr#
dB.^nn ft. da tnah gany ahadrd rrnrrr#
ft plain do do. da.
•MB* f«. malngiaiiy «r< t. k « .iMt?f*, rarton* #lgr#
•*»,onti tar do. drawt'wtl ygvtrrr*.
*>/**> rrtra Anr mahogany, do dr
ft Anr Mla*e>rrd Agurrd walnut, do.
BMhf» fl. mt.fUrd do. do. do.
An,Ann ft walnut rrotrh rrnrrr#. dr#w halt «i#r«.
ft do do do rarhow do
AA.ftnn ft gny and r#tra Bowoatin wood rrnrrr#.
BA« ft arhra rrnrwr# "
IT^adi ft. curtra! a ad htrd*« err maptr non r#
i Thrift ft arawnrl roar Wood, mahogany, and aatlo wood
hoard* Hank, and >at#t a#all thktti.raa. Plan y and r»h«.,ft Wool
ding# 7AA differe nt pattrrw#. all at rrry low prior#, and #poa aa fa
Lm‘£!*a!T!T* ,*! *** ******** ^ntry. Ortlrr#
wlU h# ftllrd with th# ntmoot car# and dtapatrt.
w ... — ^ flAWEB A WfLIeOrORBT.
Bo. AT* Waohfiiffm ftlrort. Imtwoan Brarh tad Barth Moor# •*.
tyff-dAm_ Baw T#rk CHy.
1 *2 tieiu ks rvtvsiB nmk
■ hoao# Adao antlnr Can dir*
a aa *•**«>• AUo# In Horo. for «a)r W
JR* , ___ BAOOB A VtAirVRYTfl. |
115 hT' *’ t«H «fa k
So. IM Swu Nod, mart lot.i la Soooun Bn*l,
,EW 1OMM, MKI.ni > Ak Mil TKAnrTOK.
TBf ■ — i r ■ ctni'HiMMj -—
tbla line are the WASHINGTON. Captain R
Ctraan. URRMANN. Capt. Row.an II won. - or.T.ILAh*’
ThM* ■ learner* .top at Southampton. both polo* .JHttiiL
aod returning.
proposed dates or daiunu-iw.
Prom Sooth
From From arapton for
Naw Fork Bremen. Mew York
JMwmfwp Sll*r,l,i*. WtAnoodny
““***».Jany *« Feb’/ li fob-, n
Waaataoeow.Reb'y ** March W Mar M
Haas ike.Mar t. *s April IF April *s
Vaawmon*. April |» Mar IT Mar U
Hamwaaa . Mar IT June M June H
Hunan.. July M AupH » Aup't IS
Waamauenu.Aup't » Sept'r « Sept’r IP
i^lwuJI* . Sept'r * Oct'r 4 Oct'r H
Watunaueua. Oct'r 4 Nor'r I Noe'r ft
Hsawaae.Noe'r 1 Noe'r M Dec'r X
Ruk'kwn. . Noe'r » Dec'r *T Dec'r *1
Btoppittc •* bk-Ui folbf aod retumtnjr, Utty oCVr
pi«fa«cri. i>'oowdlag :o London and lUrr«. adTanUfa* over ii,f
rwrtf' w tho economy of lime an«l
_ *a**a«« r*°“ "*w »«••« to wminnoB ««t> Buxn
. yj^RkH Saloon, lifts; Pint Cabin. Lower Saloon. lilt;
w ' iT’n1'", V”! ""** **“• *•»■«■*•> '•» F.a* Oftftce.
*oUlnbtl1* * f " Mpnad or parrel* received on the day a
A® experienced Surpeno I* attached to each chip
Far freight or paaeape. apply to 0. II. SAND.
II South William ft*.. New York
C. A lil.INRKKN A CXV. Bremen!
tear . rwr CEC8KEY A CO.. Southampton
jaM—ly[W] _WM ISKMN. Havre
*a"0‘«». - • - wHToSSw. -T—T.W
NRtk YORK, IlNt “ ... K -rr Carlo t V- toBB
GLASGOW. ttt* o ... Ji4l, Dele.,
The (lU.pow and New York Stramahlp Comi^nr'riorhd^TTTTl
powerful new Steamer
I* appointed to mil from New York for <»U*p..w, direct, on SATI'I*.
DAY. July 1*0,.,t I* o'clock, nooo. pmet-ly '.“""Art r.
ut* or r.cs.ex.
Flr*t cl*** . . ge,(
A limited number of Third Claa. faueapr* will he
taken, .upplied with provision* of pood nuahtr
properly cooked, at .... 'orjt
An experience.) Surgeon attaclied to each Steamer
For Freight nr Pamapr, apply to JOHN MrSYMON,
New York city Bill* or flold only received fur Pu*ape ''
del?—dly •
mTB nro i M ir
(lap IMmonlco'* Hotel.)
*•* >!*•*» A\u *T UROAUU II,
Oppo dle Howlihp <Ireeu, NKtt VuRB
F«NH>' iiudrr*igo*d arall. h.mwlf of .ho, opportunity of ... .
IK l,^ftn n* **? frlen.1. and the public that hr ha* lra.ed thHk
the above named liou*e for a tern, of year*, and I,a* m«.lr IB'*»
exlenatve alteration, and repair*, and omitted noth.nr that w iTTmd
to the wo *ni mod.it Ion ..r ' ouifurt of gue,|, fhe llouw hue .nr I** a
iuh’a Ilelr ^r1 t',"u*"ut' ln,u“' ihomur*. and modem uylr
with a rlew to rnnrrniruce and comfort and a. n will he conducted
nVT «•'»“' *“*' -I'h ft" r*per.mewl ...erar, an.!
Mtm, iU.” i? f" «o th.-c who f.Vor hmi
Oil. eul patronage, which ha. n-rer failed while In other Hotel, in
New York June lu ,« J,,HN “’“RADT. Ja.
- York. June lrt.iy* jeJS—lm—f)Y]
JAftlKN T. 1.1)11*4 4 ii.. ‘
P»iksnmsmi, w '~Y.V.' l.awu A cwMCm raa.rat.
W.rral.c<i> P. s. U.i.AO.VCuinw, Psist-.,
«n iXD ti. C. Ilotsok a CoV hi rtKj.-K \ (mmskd.
jamkst i phis'"- MA££Z,AXC-XKW rol:r
JAMKST I.PH IS. (apllV—Am) ?Hin:|, 0 »I.-T
l"»/.r.ill|.D TOBACCO.
MAXr ratTV RF.R,
No. 42 Chatham .trret, New Tork,
SlClK^SORor Pm» 4 Oroui liiMLUUi, offer* for uIp >11
kind, of ncrr and TOBACCO* in cen^
'Jtrt't****}****3" <*«■* obtaloed by A4dn**.m* ^aW
TblaEalahtlshaent is one the oldest of the kind In the United
___mal*—ly (w >
I 11*1* A III Ol' U II', Kotl t M I IMIHtll.
IttuRvmuua blL0|'C ,rin,l»Uon* ,,om freach, new edit.., niV-.V
Itlmi ^ ^ CoUloftte, sent free, on cnclovu* . three-,. „t
““•L*®. , , H. ». 0. SMITH A CO.,
maSS-dm—{w] B«* «!•*, N,. V .. |
■***• *• ^T A IMM|;|. It. Ml vr hart con
uected themselves under the firm of HUNT A IlltO . for cor,
V^rfaVr™' 5*“mtariBusiness, an 1 have taken an otter on
Hareejr.’w^ZrACo*)* *,rrTl ani “•* Danville Depot, (re», „f Me..,.
i,iTJ.<fa*0lk“.Cun!!?"D'-nt' "‘Tobacco. Wheat. Plour, Coro, and all
kind, ./f country produce, protm.'ny prompt attention to all.
iu, and qnlck returns, K qwmuqmi oun
PB1HE undervtyoed have united themselve. under the firm and
■ style of AloDttNAI.lt, 8POTTS A HARVEY 'or it,. ,
conducting in t » city the above bu»tnr». iu all IU brum he, *Thrv
havetakyn the laryv warafcouae No. W Pe.H “rlS^tTS <7-7
7 ,,!,nl *n,i Harvey,)aadevpect to hare in .tore
III a fete days an extensive »»s«rtmcnt ot Grocerie*. m wh.oh thev
reepectAiUy Invite Uie attention of their friends and the public on/
Efc^jeS1*- memberv Uf the firm will yiv/o," XntlTn Jo
U^aale of Produce generally, and to the rwcafytny and f. wardiny of
rieoel fJTJili d*iw*“C.'LJn*‘,'‘ on ron“rtotent. Prom Ion* eape.
ITnal d hranebew of our business. and by prompt per
■onal Attention, we hope to merit a portion of public patrons*., ^
John c. McDonald.
Co-Partnership under lha ftrwi
®“d S7** °f B^ ?T°N d ORBKHOW. for the purpoae of con
uiicutiff a (Tracery and tommiaaion huiinm.
They have taken the hnuar on l.Tth, between Main and Carr .tracts
recently occupied by J M Garland. Caq . and will ^p co^n.^n
aSdTdlf^ o. "“run'nt '«■>•» Groceries, WlnS. Uqunr., Ac.,
*u,n“°° ,oU‘,r,MOfBrR?r0Na"en
oel8-ly _8. C. GKP.PNh6w,
McDonald, spotts & haryey,
tdtm i.Hs tMi connnMov .nciiriiAvrH.
H atrwwosn, va.,
rs-RIvmtT'l'hi'T’.ii" **°r'' »h extensive aaaurtment of ORO.
-.C5R.11?’ to »hlcflthey respectfully Invite theattentlon of the.r
lhe P“b,,et,n »*n> of yood. In their line.
aodY,l~*,r •,,'nt,»0# ho firm to the sale of country Produce
and Dt reerlvtny and forwardlny Merchandise 7
The uaual adrances made 00 rnnstynineota.
jno c. McDonald,
jar. c. spotts.
-L .___ _ jno. g. spotts
SHIM KOF. FOnDRl A TIA( MI> t. kU„pv
___ . RieinoND, Va.
fWlALIIOTT A BROTHFR. Proprietor, of the above
n°W *,ttd‘D* PURTABI.K HTFAM fcN
UINBI*. of an improved c* not ruction, of all ••sr»,from »ix iUl
to forty Hotm kower, suitable for Circular Raw Mill.
2EJ”f **5h>w—». .V**1 olher wMeli they fl,
-U^heJi T f 0o,,uP€r,OT 10 *ny Knginr. eTer built here
"tT,0!,*RT"“*» »<"»« '->. un
of rarSupLA« A" Ml‘-1'8’ of n,°*' »PProred construction, and
Mn^rmr^o^^^In'k,*?.'1'^ PORTABLK «RW
, §BgVBgr^ssaraiLA.
. RONnCnA«rNGrs WoH'"" °' ^ " "
frlrnd, m -oparto/to K
st'a!!^*1" -«^;rg:
TjS&ff&11 ", 11,1 7SLS7EZZ.
:jn.?.:'XT.l,,>>r Pc'0'**' hrancli of hla ba.lnraa, and la nr,s «p.
SiS«*hJf ihSnC,J.Il! •zrrttr^r °' ****■« u*** hkkai., <£
r W # "• "* !***•" hlm**lf, raunot be «uri»ukM»d Fnwii an
Inrlic Ih» atiratlnn of thr public to hla Harm Hnua, Cl!* p|^'
Tlwir 'h*nk ,h' '•"'*■"• Richmond for
thrlr llbrrnl patronage daring thr laat Hirer rrara. hr would rraorci
fwllg aollcli a conunuancr , .f part farora J AMO ADAM^
. r' Raker, Main m , ,,pt»., tc A DwraTa ftrug More
■ \ IM I s’ Mill Hs, tad *, wr havr n..w —~
if * "* *** *** -VM» Mira of O.ltrr Boot*. of *T*ry «^W
kind arul nullity Alan, line FI, ..per., Mr 1
_ f *iaTIL . TTV*TB*#'n 1 *• ino •"*•« • tp*ce to enumerate in w*
would be ffUd to bare you rail and look for your«Hrea
• 0>e • ountry *HU»F Richmond will And at tb,« e«
taMUhrornl crrrT kind „f Miora for Ihrmarlrna, thrlr children ,„j
thrlr arrranla Alan, Traveling Trunk., al far tori price.
,i ... u 0. 4 MAP KICK,
- - '-I Main alrrrt, Richmond. » a
H*1** W4« MIMKM. Wr harr agood anppir of H. o
ry * Patrnt Rorlng Marhlnea, whirl wr will Wjl , heat.
m-.— __ __ W Mate atrraA.
R,~ k*. Trlrr* Collar a raod anieir f.„
•o-at 114 Main rt WAl IRAHMITH
€*W4IR 4 H % III. |.w. J. grr. on CiUht't raprrlor flrain
m Cradlat, . tall -ipptg.jum irr-md, for .ale hp
W’V.r'wh r,V**7'1 'f'T'r’">'rT'* ►»» Rock,
way Wheat Fan*, for «ale by
||l 'll i.li lint lv hare mm rwnrrd • hi
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I'A YPN PORT, tl.l.rr A CO
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■JtA **••!««• flail and «.«!, poararlm at III Mam *i
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10,000 Race I . r I,' *' ' h 1 *
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J Oara, and M Wlaaa, la ttarw and tar tala hr
1 •tor* a Miu.ru.
* " Oarwar Paarl and Oarp tta
•lohorrhnm, Ofcwta. Stricture., Sauna) Vt .Uocm. I'mo. ,u u
c..n«»utloo.l Oebdlt,. Impoienc,, Weatnc...
Affbrtioaa of Oh- Ktdnrya, Palplutu.n of tk (Iran, l»r*r>~t» * xef’
T..U. Irnmbmt,. bM.^. Kml, Thru... Urn o?S»T .nd"
thn-mrtou. »nd melancholy dlwcder. .rinlng from the Z.
yvtHJl, which deMroy both My .u l mind Thu. fl-r.
practice. are more fatal to tl.nr victim. thalchr^na
of the Syren I to the mariner, of Ulyme., Mighnng U.eir moat oil*
Rant hope, or anth Ipaiioni, rendering m.rn.«e, Or |a,,,. 00r
__, . YOCNU MEN, ' ' •
fTT *i i To" >‘*T* »*» victim, of Solli.rr Vh . that area...
f«l and deurwnivc hab.t which .nnn.il, .weepo to an uuimi ,
g" ^TT.^igg ■"* "f «*» mo« vtaltM talc... .ml I m
..TTT^'a1 "themiae h. vS .ntraacl llatrntng Senate.
^w^ir'onSrr-- - t - ^
aw.n.'of Ph^!?^ a r!T* *§S5_ '-"templaUng Marriage. hem,
2*2 .•* ehT*1'^ *e«nni, Org.nh OehUlto. beformitw. Ac
! JJjSfu! mo**d1*1*^ Arnault Dr. Johnuon. and u rc.^,1 m pe-fet'
EloIir!^«,R!!r*lnh|!^"i!L*nJ" ***' C*"- °f Dr- JohMt~' »f reh
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... _A. ._A_ . OWAWO WKAKNfe*
imrarriUtHj PurH and foil v«or n-atood
WUI premnd to den, that the power of Pr.n-r-.cn ,.7wt «K
H*-*- f»llln« into imirropee b.hiu limn b, the prudeTt m2
beta* deprived the pi., mm of health, ring, th?^-TmT.^uTttj
Aglrurtirr «ymptoa>« to both body *i,d mind irk Tb* itiLi.
^*rw®r* drrwjful, tk phy*t<*al and mental in.*pp> weak . __
' d,*P*P,t*' polplUtlon of lie- heart, nulgr.i on u'wlv
DrJOHN-T.‘ Ug °f fnnvumption, ctef
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me BwcuMor rMladelplila. Ac. ar,.j a taore *stenclv« prcAlicy *han
any oUier PhyntcUu In the world. }fi« many wonderful cui># and
s^.sy.jXtrxT*,r,au'* ss?
Orrtca—No. : SOITH FREDERICK STREET, left hand .Ide
lug from Baltimore .ir-et.mv-n door, from the corner 1
...l^ike u!ePphI^ ‘r °WrTin* lhr "•"« “'<» number, or ,oo will
T»KE NOTICE—-OWrve 'he name uo the door uni Wln
‘ R"T*' ?/''y °r !<u,R'«“». Goadon, graduate from
r f iTh JTl i'fnrU^Utttt 0f th* lnml St*tee, arid the greater
R” /. . ,c *“* ,>W1 •P*»« In the II .pn.1. of Gondon Pari.
Philadelphia and -1—where, I,a. effort,,! umr of the moat a»ton.*t, -
In, rure. Dm, w rT,r known Mai.y iroubled wlVlT H^taThTtu
ear. and bead nhet. aMeep, great nrrnanww, being alarmed at .u<l
haO.fulucm, null der.ngem-n, nf^mlnd, «re c^
. . """RU»l»d and imprudent votarg of ideanur- find, be
ha. Imbibe! the wed. of 11.1. p*,nful dlmam,' rt tTSSa happen.
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from applying n. Il,..m wl.o, frua.-.lurallon .0.1 r.,r-. ... 1... cin
t-“ «•- ro...Ulut«n.l ./T,pu,n,. , f tho
horrid brur maAe their appearan.«jcb a. ulcerateda-re throat.
,'°,'turt"ll "> ihe head and imu~. dunne d
f‘**‘1- 'l*wfn-o., no-Ira on ihc .hln I-one and arm., hlotckea on tbe
•'•'temlUea, prugrewlist with frigt.tful r.pldn,, Ull el
lac the palau- of the m--uth or lie h-mc. of lie no*e fall in .nd tie
.T^.l“VilVdi'‘!n*"ful •-'-"-..horrid olg^t ol c!^t«
Uoa, UR death put* a pciod u> hi. drea-tful wtSrrmgv, b, mndlig
_ _•««'"«■ from whence nn traveller marni."
mend i°K ^ Ataerk:*» *»«■ '***. • otifldrtiUy rccom
Oltrase M 4011 ****** rurc 10 *** unfortunate victim of Oils horrid
It 1* a melancholy fart that thousands fall victim* to this dreadful
^#^lv5i»,rfclsr:of ,,rT,or*"1 pander., who,
afide!th77^nihrV l!r*i‘al 1,0 **2 • nierrury. ruin the . ..nstiutiou.
and either send the unfortunate %uff«-rer to an untimely rrave crelsc
make the residue of life misrrak>le. 7 ^ ’ cr eU*
n . .. T*** particular notick.
an^mp^TTd'u^n -T Wh° h*" N—«•-«-*»-W P"e»u
I V“?7. •*? *°m': “'">•■ »j »»d melancholy effects produced by ear
ly habits of youth. Tti: Weakness ..f the Back and Limb,. Pain in
«f Sight, u..< of Muscular Power, Palpitation of
the Heart, Dysp, p.ia. N-rrou, Irrattb.My, Derangement of *hr Dl
fwtlre Functions, (■eneral IVn.llty, Symptom! of Consumption, Ac.
Thefcarfu1 effect, on the mind are much’to be dreaded; Lo,. of Me
mory. Confusion of Ideas, lvpression of ttairlL*. Pnl Pnrwknfiin».
Arer.lou u, S.. lety. HI Distrust, Lore of Solitude, Timidity, Ac ,Irc
•omr of the evils produced. '
Thountnl. of [tenon, of all ami can now judge what I. the rau_
Loalng their elgrr. becoming Weak, pale
and emaciated, hare a Angular appearance about the eye, cougt
and symptoms of consumption 'r* “• *
Or those contemplating marriage, being aware of physical weakness
jJSgf “a,ul1 Dr Johnston, and h,Veiored ic^w-rfe-t'
RT Uill grey and Important remedy, weakness of the organ, are
sprollly cur.d. and fuil'.gi.r real, m! ThonaamUof the rm7, n,"
tmus wid deb, Mate. .Wl" had loet all hope, have bom uaasediauly
IT h *** v A lU ** Marriafr. Plintcal or V.cutal duaiualt
r,»mbI,ne and Weakness. creahauetion
of the most fearful kind, «iwe,lily curd hy Dr. Johnsu.n
who hare llUured themmlre. by a certain practice Indulged In when
■done—h habit frequently learned from cell companion, or al seho l
^ w Wh- ‘ *rc “MrbtlyfrB.cvcn when ..lcA> ,!ld. G not
Z£:S2$2“* w-ron ‘~>,h m,n‘)
joymeut, of hit. by the ronmqamcm o( dertatm, KST5S
Mhur.and h.dulglnt In ,certain eecre, habit. Such persona,before
in i U,M * *<mnd m,ud «nd body are the moet nereeaary
requisite. to promote connubial happlneaa Indeed, without!!^7
SK^ajsaarsar- »»WSEfiE
Atber'personaUy'oTbyVetterf P""''U 70“’ *>“' *PP*F Immediately,
SKIN DI£KA£KP speedily cured.
.ITfhbouaand. cured at thi. inatltutlonlwlthln the last 1*
f •f'v.V*'1 numerou* *«d Important Purirlk-al operations r-r*
T,tn*Vrd' ,he r*TOrtrr* of the papers, and miuiy
other pereons, notice* of whk h have apfsrared affaln and aya;n be
fore the public, beside* his *t*r>dlr>f a* a r»,rTT•**,**. ^
and responsibility. Is a soffletent guarantee to the afflicted *rB‘",,T
... . v . TAKE soticr
- llh th< relucan v that Dr. JOHNSTON permits his
card to appear tatare the public, deeming It unprofeswonal f. .
phyA, lan to adeertlw, but unless he did so, the afflicted .
no> Ua *» Wl into the hand. nTtie mani
*'ld “"J*"Dw1 ImpoAer., with innumcratde falae name,.or c.mbmrd
quarkshop,. swarming iliea^largr cities, ropylng Dr. Johnston’s a,I
JJiSJJIjfljr a-lserllAnWliempire, a. pi y.lclan., tlhteratr. ahal
low-brained fellowa, too laxy to work at their nrtelna! tradr with
«y hr'iU‘• who* for purpose ,.f enUcinar
ta itTlI '*■ CXrj u" Br,."r ■** **•«•*• “nd« asmany differl-M
T n ’ '*"■ *lBK <,d stranger reaping one..ore to
headlong Into the other. Ignorant tjuarks with enor
ym* lying wfflfatts of greet and .Wounding ,1,re from [wrmn.
m IcundLwho k7P F«1 taking large bottiee of UcortceWater
*' d ,'1'" peckageeof filthy and worthies, compound., cunningly
mor^Tn 'rap,T upnn ?" nnf”rtuc»te and u-,m.[wctlng TrldinJ
month after tnontl,. or a. long a, the .mallet fee cai, be obta-ne.1
Sdi«proirm^r700 -uh roio'd •«»«>*■ - -v* ss
It is this motive that Induces Dr. J. to advrrtlse for he rIam r«n
cure you. To those unactualM*d with Id. mS&.|L
n«~ary to aay that bla cr^lenUaU or diplomas always han^ m bta
"oe'rrd unk., poA-patd. and eontalnlng a stamp lo he
esedfor tberrply. Per an. wrtting .hould wale age, and w'.l that
portion Of ailrertlwmrTu d.wribmg .ymptom., ap»l-Tly
mcm la:.-,lst aetriaa r. wmtmm.
nn.»...eeA,n,,1 * HOHIMMO.M,
rnARMAcr. practical < ■ rkmists axi>
PEER to country physician, and families a perfectly „
««w and mean stock of pare and reliable MEDICINES fflS
whether With «ra.i».,’« lejrrarecra, pnrrsn, Fa«r, VW
OonDft. and aH Other til nes in *» 1 e. .l-T_... rC
—w on inf r*-«i w -
l*"Tnr»tlo». m.dr Inordrr.
an«i tent to any part of the country
**** Dro* *t°r*. ♦<»> *n<l Pr.nklin atroru, R.hmnnd.
WtI , _ 74 *'»••> Msnrt. KU-Smntut, r<».
‘L/’ •ndlrldrd .ttmtina lo .11 Mira of Rr.1 .nd
Prraon.l PBa ., »l. Of ll<vmehold Parnltorr, Stock. Ooodh
ci.-.'c.rrVu,.:1W^nVT.X "" ',""r'UT• Hr*"
:on.*“".117 °n tand thr Uorr.t .nd h.nd*,mr«t pork „f
Furniture to tw found in this market. , onaistlna In part of
mahi^any and Roaevood Wardrobe.
* . . . +* . _ *nd Mahogany top Cabinet*.
Ptdeboard* and W a an stand*
fcT"f¥ • T*~. D »»n. .nd Iron,fra
E"4 °*n' »nd Windaor Oh.ini
Rprln* Cur’d Rocker*. IV* Whatnot.
AI«o. a beantlfol assortment of Chamber fVtu. t.arether with a
feneral aa^rtment of ff»u~ke*pinff floods
„TJf* W '"s""* •*> '««tn» ot»r roMrrllon,
p n r:»'r,;rm,nM *" •*" •*» *wp .m»n mi,.nr. „n
ari* JANUS N. SHI Nr.
r min «m tv. a i i ni i.
A U(! T 1 O N E E It
own? AT (IRO. J. HI MN HR'S
„.. .. Will .ttraid to lha Mir ol
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_rnrrT,”,» «ti*pt. «tm»..»o. rtkotpi.
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•'HI RIM A iri’IKMik,
rrTR for a.la a (rnrr.l .•• .rtmrni of (rnnlna MrdMora. .1
TV. ***’.—AfW.. I Pan , aolflamPartNNMIS.
S'" “ »• •»» »* "try an hr hv.'-l in thr la
*11 I I I 1 N I TT I | K.
'•»*r?sc’TT am rvMsarva s.n rmiiaa m
Ja •* Milin *'r*At Rk A m. -n.f, p.. jg|.
tift rwoit to
W « r i: h a riioDi i a: aab lini Rii
r*r Ardor. rMpoctfltlly aollclwd. j.lt—«■>
| a ilk %sn niHh imitniM --
“ *' MT"1®' jn.lttr, (or Mia trholoMla nr Mt»!l } f
1.11 ■ r »»N**0* A oo.
**" _ Ooriwr C.ry .ml 1*0, Prart.
f ONDOk HIIOIM sn.IT In .t-.r. , .
Ml.*"’1 T*TT np*rtar r Y WINSTON AW,
**** _Cornpr 0»ry *ad l»ih pro*..
R*< Tirira whiaky-i,®
AronndAlamS.lt I oai m- |.
Tnwi' OO—An Md. -for mi. by
AV*>m tA* T*mea, J*n* 21.
_ - „ *»>‘riment question i. practically disposed of. The
l tilled state* Government ha. acknowledged the aatn
farnwy nature ol tlie explanation, made bv that of thia
rmuntry; ‘t has, however, raised a personal quarrel with
lour of Her Majeaty a agent*, and dismissed ih*m from
25lm ,hu ***** «‘id -nr Go.ernment
liaiT-bll allowed Mr. Il.llaa to remain, in order to negotiate
with him (he haring for the first time now receired pnw
en. for such negotiation) reapecling the affairs of Central
AmeiK-a. A right comprehension of theme affaire, and of
the treaty winch lis* been made, aioee President Pierce's
accession, to power the groundwork lor discuwing them,
i*. consequently, o( interest at this moment. Now, the af
i “,r* °* America may he divided under two heads
i those*which exist independent of the treatr ol 1850_
those which are connected with that treatr. During the
last so years the English have t>een established in Helite
aiel during the halt century and . half (with' a ahoit in
l terregnuiu) on tne Mosquito roast, a. prelector* of the
Moreputo Indians. A question arise- how f.r they have
during the last hall centuiy gone hevotid any rights which 1
j he derived from treaties with .Sp*i„. bv which treaties t
they were bound in 178S and 17 mi. The ooiv matter j
I Minever, Ui be solved here, as Ur a. ibe United Stated 1
< arc concerned is whether the Government of that coun- I
I iry **? *'thou' • x-rt hostile and meddling spirit, inter- I
lere with matters which are not matter, between it and !
I Great Britain, but between Great Hritain and another
W ith regard to the treaty of 18V» the ease ia different I
ita engagement* are direct between the two Government
| ol Great Britain and the Untied States ; and their consr
1 " tho"- HflUMi are-, must be abid
■ ed by. The first questions here to inquire are.—What
j waa the uae of the treaty which created these engage
menu* Was it called for? What were ita object.; and
! bow should it ho interpreted in reference to those objects *
!U necessity and purpose were these:—At the moment
] when it wan made. Great Britain was pledged on one side I
lo protect the Mosquito territory (in which was included
j mouth of the river San Juan I auu.ua/ Nicaragua . and
I , ' 'ut,d -States were equally pledged to protect and di
tend the whole of the river San Juan (including that por
' "”n w‘1,c" tan through the Mosquito territory) }<<r Nica
I n,5°*- <mly remained for the Ameriean company
which had a grant from Nicaragua of the navigation of the
rivet San Juan to commence the operations which it has
since carried on, and by lavor of which the American emi
gration to t alitorni* has of late years been taking place,
I in order to bring tlie two Governments of Great Britain
j and the I nited Mates into open conflict. It was an ur
i gent object, consequently, to prevent this conflict. A noth
j er object was to -'lt'-ct a canal communication between tin
two ocean.-, which communication could not lie made un
less by an agreement between Great Britain and the Uni
ted States with reap.ft to it. construction through tlie ter
ntory claimed by the one partv for Nicaragua, by the other
for the Mosquitoes.
These Lwoobjects were effected by the treaty of ISSri,
I without which war would at that lime have ensued, ami
j all probability of a ship canal tw*cn defeated. Such were
I '***’reton" f°r "hich the treaty in question was made.
" h»* ** *••<' caused fer the difference* which have now
anse out of that treat! ? The two Government. I,.„._
*pTV**'* upon a policy for protecting all communication* bv
. *P canal or railway through the Uihmuaot Central Aiuet
'”*• ,u> ■SI»e »1«> aa to a policy for restrictin';
Imnixiiis in such a manner as would prevent either from
cxcmsiiig an exclusive influence over that isthmus. To
• fleet this it was necessary to choose some form oT words
which should express bow the two Governments in ques
tion were to be restricu-d. It has been said at various
times that Sir Henry Bulwer selected the words that were
employed with a view of what our brethren in the United
***** l a111 “being too sharp" for Mr. Clayton, or that Mr.
(. lay ton had selected them for the same amicable and can
did purpose towards our Minister and our country. The
fallacy of these observations is best shown by pointing out
that the words in question were not orginated either bv
, “«wy Bulwer or by Mr. (.layton, but selected from 'a
letter addressed by Mr. Lawrence, some three or four
months t>ef»rc the treat* was negotiated, to Lord Palmer
slon. The reasons for this selection are obvious. Lord
Palme ston bad assented to the principles which Mr. Law
tei* had used the words in question to asset!; and thus
the gentlemen who were making a treaty in Washington
knew that the expression used lor the purpose of dRvcy
ing the meaning of the two Governments on a very deli
cate quest!, n had already been used in I-oudoti by the
American Mini-ter, and had received the assent of the
British Government.
This part ol the affair is of paramount importance, be
eauae all parties must admit that the United States' Go
| veinment, in selecting words to express a particular idea
, front an American State paper addressed by their own
Minister then residing at the Court ot St. James's to the
British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, must have
I meant tboae words to convey in the treaty the meaning
, rimy h»d conveyed in the document from which they
wen- extracted. What were these words, and what sem*
did \lr. Lawrence mean thmi to convey* On this hin
ges the whole dispute Mr. Lawrence asked Lord Pal
tneraton it the Government of Great Britain “intended to
o.-cupv or colonize any portion ol the Mosquito coast or
of Central America.” Lord Palmerston replied that
Groat Britain did not intend to occupy or colonize an*
portion of the Mosquito coast or anv part ol Central
W hen one person inquires of another whether he in
ten.h to do a tiling, it is clear that he doc* not then think
that that person has done it. It is therefore to be pre
sumed.simply from the phrase above <fWoteri,that Mr. Law
rence at that time did not consider that Great Britain had
doue any of those things to which he referred when he asked
the British Government if it intended to do them. But,
ta show «*»• force of this expression more dearly, it is ne
cessary to show the sense tliat Mr. Lawrence attached,
first, to the word “occupy;” secondly to the term “Cen
tral America.”
Now, the invariable sense given to this word, “occupy,”
when one nation speaks of a territory not its own, is a mil
itary one. Thus the allies "occupied” France bv their ar
and garrisons after the peace of 1815 ; Austria “oc
copied" Tu scans a year or two since ; France “occupies"
Koine at this moment. Mr. Lawrence, moreover, makes
it evident that he did use the word “occupy” in this uiiH
Ury sense; for iu acknowledging Lord Palmerston'* com
munication. written in reply to his own, he thanks him for
declaring that the British Government has no intention to
"'U.iUu/i Military path” on the Mosquito coast or anv
part ol Central America. Now, we had no military posts
in Mosquitia at the time ol Ibc treaty. Thia explain* why
Mr. Lawrence asked whether **u intended to have them
and the United States' Government may therefore fair!;
*1 we have them. The British Government would sav
in reply, we have not (Hi this fact really rests the Mo* quy
to question, for the right ot protecting' the Mosquito I i
dians never was shohshed by tbe treaty, nor even alluden
to, ar.d remains as it stood previous to the treaty. d
But the most important term on which explanation is
required is "Central America.” When Mr. Luwrcncc *«k- I
ed Lord Palmerston if the Government intended to occu
L»V or (Miloniz** ailV nj>rt •»! I'onltal Inuxrioa Km L»_I
our ro«M-Mion, occupation and colonization of Belize —
He couM not therefore have meant to comprehend Belize
within the term "I’enlral America.” The heat authority
however, on this point is Mr Clayton, who staled in the
Senate that it would lie as reasonable to contend that Cali
fornia was in Centra! America a* that that the settlement
of Belize wa* within Central America. He say* and savs
justly the term, the term "Central America” has slwsrs
been considered by the United States ss merely express
ing the five Cenlrsl American States—Guatemala. Hon
duras (Spanish), San Salvador. Nicaragua and Costa' Rica.
Anything beyond these is not in Central America, where
as British Honduras, or the Belize settlement, is known to
lie in Mexico, and the British Government ba- actually
treated concerning it with Mexico since the separation (if
that State from the mother country.
Thus, then, the won!* ol Mr laxwrence, and the expla
natiou ol Ulnae word* by Mr. Claynm. both set the .me*,
lion cl Belize at rett a* tar as the'treaty ot ISitt is
eeim-d. Mr. l-awrcnrr* word* rho* that he did not deem
that our actual possession of Belize could be coosiilered
a* interfering with his question as to whether weinteiiilcd
to “occupy” or hold any portion ol Central America; and
Mr. Clayton's word* show that this was ticcausc Belize wa*
not in Central America.
The only remaining question iu debate rrlate* to thn
Bay Islands. These we had not lormerlv occupied orcol
imiaed in I Sin. We have dime so since. There were,
however, prior to IMn, as ibc Ini led Slates' Government
knew British settler* upon them. If these island* are fair
ly within Central America, all though we might carry on
an argument a* to their being dependencies ol Belize, it
would not perhaps lie worth our while to do so. But if
it cannot be shown that any Central American State haa a
clear and indisputable right to them, then Great Britain
haa the heat right.
Such i* the real state of the Central American question
at this moment. If it i* asked what interest we have in
those right* we defend, and wherher it is sufficient to In
duce us to go to war in support of them, it must frank It be
admitted that our only great interest i* the preservation
ot our honour. Belize might be given np without aeriou*
ly damaging our empire, and the Bay Islanda also In
prot et.ng the ImHsns in Mn*qt»uf* w.- bare no interest
nut tha. of acting with fidelity and humanity, and vimli
eating that national character of which we hate boasted in !
every treaty we hate made for suppressing tiie -lave trsde. '
But honour, and a character for justice, and a tvuaeitr of
Its juat right* constitute the bed property of a nation. :
They cannot be resigned without degradation, and whether 1
the lows ef empire or the lues of anything elae degrade* * I
ration, it i* a matter of indifferei,,-e, the nation sinks that
I# degraded. Moreover, by a constant policy of ronce*
srosi a State nourishes a constant policy ol aggression in
other State# It would be belter to concede at once eve
rything thet can be conceded than Ur concede each things
gradually and Ml by hit; for such a policy know* no peace. *
We cannot therefore concede to the United Mates what
they cannot justly demand and the spirit la which their S
demand* have bees made doe* anything hut invite such
What, then can ee do to end tIrene trrmhlssomv dhpnte* i
<ma way or the other* To abrogate the treaty of lMf<
ii luiinr.u «.
would not, as some hare supposed diminish -it would oolr
meres*)' our diflx-ulner. for previous to the treatr we hwt
pretentions more eateoaire and more vehemently di«aw
ted brthe 1 nited Ktatrx than (bad which the treaty toft
Our Simple and straightforward course in thir To
throw amde ail rofT,.p.«1,wnef> ..k, , ihm** prwpo
sal to the l nited Mates, .-onaiatert with all we bare hith
erto done and stated, but ax consistent w> we can make it
with American interesl*. To he clear.—we should pro
pose, Hrst. to make the town now called C rev low r afthc
mouth of the River S«n Juan, a Ire* and ,t,dependent
town .econdly, to s*-ign legitimate extent of t. rruorr to
the Mosquito Inataiis. .,nd place them equally under oar
protection and that ol the I'nited States; or, 11 the manner
to which the t'nited Statan persist in viewing Indians «
not compatible with our own, let the I'nited States point
out any other mode of duly protection these Indians which
doe* not grant any exclusive light* nr privilege* to Ureal
Britain. Thirdir let u* leare the real condition anil post
tion of the Kay Island* to arbitrators Fourthly, tot ua
declare that we do u«o extend our piswewiona in British
Honduras beyond their limits in 185n, and claim trom the
I nited State* a recognition of tho-c poaacaeini.a as the*
existed in 1850. X proposal of this kind would probable
terminate the negotiation*. If it did nof. the rtiiled
Mate* must desire a quarrel with u* and we must brave
that quarrel, lor it would be equally ignominious and u*e
leaa to attempt to escape from it.
Tux PxgiLK or Lisrtao.—The following is said to be a
veritable incident in the experience of a bishop of the
Protestant F.piacopal Church:—“.V couple brought their
little child to toe one day to be baptised, and upon me
inquiring the name chosen, to my astonishment I heard
sounds which resembled very much one of the title* he
flowed upon the arth cnemr of mankind. Supposing
that idt ear* deceived me, 1 inquired again, when the
■umeword to rnr horror, wax mure distinctly repeat. <1 —
* “> tnyeell -impossible. I cannot bspiUe
a child by such a name,-’I bent over one- more and a
llilrd time asked the question. The »o*w.-r was still tb*
mrac, and repented louder with an emphasis, as iftlie parenr
Wen .i.-terniined to hare that name or none |)r thia
time my situat.on had become embarrastng. Ibe there .a.
I, in the presence of the whole waiting congregation, atan
ding up with lha baby in mv .arms, which, to add u, n,
conaternation, set up a squall ax if to convince me he ...
entitle)! to the Dame. I could stand the scene no longer
so, hastily^ dipping my finger in ihe font and re oliir g
he should hare a good name, ax opposite as possible to t>“
’ ^ I baptized the iutant
beorge W aahlDgton. I thought the parents looked queer
at the timo but the nte was performed, the h*br had got
an excellent name, and I wax relieved. Hut conceive it
you can, my confusion, when after service, the lather and
mother came into the vestry, and the latter bursting into
teat-. exclaimed, “O, thir, what hare von done - Ith t
srl- ,th “tfri) »'>'• you're called her r.c.cgc Washington'
My poor Unto Lathy, my dear httle LathT?" Ala* the
toother/.x/ed, and when I asked for the name, she moan
mg to be very polite, and to tar, -Imcv. air." in replt ...
u-'i. '' *W’“*?«*her, "b.cl, I mistook to,
Lucifer. \\ hat ri, to be done* | console,1 the afflict, d
parents ax well ax I wa* able, and promised to enter the
name in the parish regi-trr and town record* ax Luc,
Which [ did: hut lor all that the girls genuine, orthodoi
name ut (teiir^e \\ islaiigtoii! ’
Wash.roto*. July 8.-ln the Senate, the Committee
on Terri tone* reported back the House K.nsas Topeka
bill, amended by substituting the Senate bill. The amend
raent was adopted, and the bill passed.
The House |>osipuned Ur- consideration o( the Brooks
affair, in consequence of its being before Court tirday.
Mr Orr moved the previous question on bills passed |,j
Si-nat« for improvement of the mouth of the Muatisaippi,
St. Clair's, and St. Mary’s rivers, ail of which were pawed
in the House by a constitutional majority. Mr. Wish •
burn, of Illinois, gave notice that be would move to pass
over the bills now before the Committee ol the Whole, and
ask the passage of all other internal improvement hills
heretofore leported. The House then adjourned.
trial or hon. p. & brooks.
Wo.Hi-.crox, July 9.—The trial of lion. Preston S.
Brooks, before the Court of Sessions, commenced to-day
M. Sumner has left the city to evade the service of a
subjxeua. After the examination oi witnesses, Mr Brooks
made a speech, in which he said, that iu -mu- cases where
the Uvr was inadequate to afford a remedy, while b«
had a liesit to feel aud a hand to strike, he would deter<1
South Carolina, Irom an effort to sum her with obloquy or
dishonor. He now bowed to the majesty of the law, and
awaited the sentence of the Court Judge Crawfrird re
frained from any comments, and sentenced him to pav a
hue of three hundred dollars.
Baltimori, **•—The jury to examine into the cause
of the late accident on the Washington railroad, have
rendered a verdict in which, it is stated that the train was
thrown off the tract, by the displacement ot a switch, by
some person uukuown. The company offer a reward of
$2,0.10 for the arrest of the guilty party.
B.t Ttunat. July S — Flour la very (no. Bales of oH at sod
°ew st |7. Wheat amt Cora sre firm, but unchanged
Ssw Toss, Jolv 9. Flour and Wheat sre firmer, but prices are
un. lunged. Coro l» unsettled Blocks lower. Virginia sixes 9*>,.
THU MON title sir THE 4UE.
^ . k . 1*0 EAT!
If nr.Tnhlas celebrated Vrnetlxn Liniment does not rare Cholera,
!l~i k3 ’ ii“r'?P'kC,’llc' Co0*t'* bhypepsix. Voaiing, Mumps.
!!<2*1? ra*ch*,’ Hand.. Col l reel. M..«fuito Bite..
In*ev t J*t ngw. Chronic Kfir imvtum. Swelling*. Old Korea, Cut*.
Burns, Bruises, and Pain, or W.-skneM In the L.nh*, Back and
„ „ k. k XO HfMBCO—TRV IT
Dr. Tobla. has warranted his Liniment for eight rears wltho-ii
fTtf rwvint \ demand mad* for the return of the money—all that >«
11 *•* u*e li according fo the <ilrection«.
rw>7tr£d brfUfe'1' H JOUt,onolflml better than anything you
*~w Thousand* of Certificate* have been received speaking of
Vrtf** No"»-day* 11 *• practice to fill the paper* with
certificates from unknown person*. or gtv>n hy thoae who here
never used the medtnoe— now Doctor ToNs* offer* to pay
to any one who will prove that lie ever published a falae certificate
durtng tike time be ha* had hi* medicine before the Public
1 all on the agent* and get a Pamphlet containing remains certlfl
cate* A* enrh.u* of the large aale ..f Ui# Venetian Ltm
rnenr have stated it l* Injurious to Uke it Internally, Dr. Tobias ha*
Uken the following
I, " aural I T.mn* of the City of New York, being ewom, do de
‘“*1vallsd Vrxmss, and that the In
trwIUalt of which It I* rotnpoeed are peftctly h«r«n!e«a to take m
tcmo.ly. evm in doable thr •iujtntifj named in the Direct loo* a.
companvlog carl, bottle.
s^re y.trl-.^lMiMfri/ 4<A. InM a ■ -e. vista a
Sworn to this day before me.
D ^ I'fMifnn Wood, Mayor.
**"**"'* ***l Patent Medicine
u#a*’rt Inrcuurhoiit the I mtrd State*.
• AU> fwr “*• ®T* T«*h»a*' Unrse l.inim-nt in pint Bottle* »v
rents, warrant*! *uperlor to any oll«*r
!>r Tobias* o«re. C irtUnd St. New York. feit—wly*.
j-miii I HOOK U.IYU.
TSflll atatriler. h»v. nahl.f -<l . Book Agency in Philadelphia,
,■ f„T' ruT ,h "njr fcooi ®» publication at tho retail price
,PVVu*^<i Any pcreone, by forwarding the .nberrlptloii price
Cl any of the f.A Magaame*. each ai Harper'., Oodey'e. Putnam a.
Graham i, Prank Idle’. Faahtona, An., *111 receive the magatlu*.
tor one year, and a copy of a cplrndid lithograph portrait of either
„ **' "k’on. Jack eon or Clay . nr, if auhw-TlMng to a *» and a (1
,r 'V.lnVh'7 w111 f'Celee a copy of rlthrr of thr three portrait.
iefntai^tHblnm-lt* V »««»«*• portraim win he
wnt gratis. Mash far>n«h«*«J to ihow who may wish ii.
envelope, of »vrry description and .lar. In large or wall menu
tic., torni.hed. Heal Prewo, Up, »r„ mol order. '
', of on wood e»r. ntr.l with neainee.
Bo. a tu"l° 'IMIr*5' M"*pa|-r Heading., Vvew. ,r
Machinery. Book llloatrate.oa, I ..lye c.rtttl. alee, Bu.mem Carl., A.
*e .^T!Wll ^ hr Pr"roP"» attended to Peraon. wWring view,
of their haddlnga ran aend a Itagaerreolype or rtet. h of the bluaru,
«*T mail or eipreaa ^
Perw.ru it a distance hating .aleable article, woohl And n lolhelr
•“'"• '.her., aa we w..„l,l k( .. ajrnt,
tho .ale of the same. BYKAM A PIRBCP
. „ ..... 8" Thin .treet, Philadelphia, Pa.
mia’AIVy *■ “T
<0 17 PBfSl. XTBKKT,
,C. ."-" ’r* *5* *** ,,ow "eelvrng a heantlful a mortmain of
the following flood., .elected in Rumpe, he one of oar Bra.
nnglleh Print.
Man -heeler and Acoteh Gingham.
Printed Lawn., Jaconet, and Challtea
White ami figured Brilllante.
Plain Colored, Black and Printed Monart me
do do Peraiana and Challie.
Plain Colored. Bla. k and Aotln Btnped Barege.
Colored Craped' tUpognea
Jaconet, Barege, .ml THnie Roheo
Mock ami Colored Alike
Mark Alpaca, and I’almr Clotho
White Camhr'ru, Jaeomwa, end Pwtae Mu.lin.
Clothe, Caemmera, and Vesting.
Irteh l.lorne, Mae l.lnone. H Jknnda, Dnmaabe
Doolav I.men Dock*, and Drill.
Illaaed Cemhrlc*. Mack and Colored Cambric.
Hndery, Glov-., Oaomlett., Mitto Thread. *•- Ac
JT^jTcSow'wir** ",r*,*,‘
a Jyjrteitrjtts.'gsa sc^r^ia?
mtpiaml DrlU'og. fhm.mw CnUooad ... Cotton.
'SZzEESrZ:"***"■«*• ’,—b*
gweratly, equal to any houae m tht. ountry
•"* *u.rrr. waUm. dbcht a co
I AV OK,< * M’QI AMAM R0.-fl.WmM.
1J he. now lb .tor*.
90 ‘-e*m euperlor. J O R 0* Mick tAaaorve
H do do DaMw M dw
1" A® d® PahrW-a dot Cormeo Mom Donro*
H do do PH do de *
1»<0 lb, aqolg, Black Aogoetor. Tomwo ■_
AA® do da fu. |„
Atoo H cow OW. hw m*. on .rwwwmbeymw b,
■M*__ ObeweeOary and rg,m
■ ■ARM kill* f KMRMT. WeibM. Wm WnM,
■W "Jnmoo Bleer 'hrond tor ml* be ' *

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